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His wet tounge

His wet tounge

... you are <ddd>wet</ddd>" him kissing my pussy through my panties drove me crazy ! I wanted to feel that muscular <ddd>tounge</ddd> on my ... my clit with <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> <ddd>tounge</ddd>. omgosh it felt soo good ! I moaned like a b**st ! and then I started to cum. all in <ddd>his</ddd> mouth he ... ... Continue»
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Busted!! Part 2

... asshole was right in front of <ddd>his</ddd> mouth now. As <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> <ddd>tounge</ddd> touched my asshole shivers ran up ... . <ddd>His</ddd> <ddd>tounge</ddd> in my mouth was absolutly bliss. I could still taste on own pre-cum on <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>tounge</ddd>. ... ... Continue»
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Our Wet Hooker, Round Two

... a <ddd>wet</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> pussy baby. Fuck it a little bit more" He started to thrust again, <ddd>his</ddd> dick buried to the hilt in her cunt, <ddd>his</ddd> ... said "HOLY FUCK DID YOU SEE HOW <ddd>WET</ddd> SHE WAS?" I leaned over and started stroking <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> sticky cock in amazement... Ben said ... ... Continue»
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Janus and his Mother Anna's Rosebud Part II

... sheets as he pummeled my sopping <ddd>wet</ddd> pussy.

Janus paused and held me open, then I felt <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> finger teasing my pink little rosebud, I shuddered and whimpered at the thought of <ddd>his</ddd> huge thick cock ... ... Continue»
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Shopping Trip For His Own Panties

... <ddd>his</ddd> cock starting to get hard again through <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> panties. I turned 180 degrees around so I was now facing <ddd>his</ddd> feet and took <ddd>his</ddd> thong off leaving him in <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Farmer Charles and his Fat,Horse Cock! A True Sto

... Move!" The affection in <ddd>his</ddd> voice for her was unmistakeable. He returned with a hammer,three tent spikes and a <ddd>wet</ddd> face. "Damn near ... <ddd>his</ddd> still moist cock and held it with my left hand just behind the head, as I stroked it and played with <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 12

... around <ddd>his</ddd> cock, ever so lightly. He grinned and bent <ddd>his</ddd> head as <ddd>his</ddd>
tongue probed deeper and deeper into the incredibly <ddd>wet</ddd> and ... , pulling <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd>
tool out of her while it was still shooting, and with a heave he drove it deeply into her
<ddd>wet</ddd> pussy ... ... Continue»
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Black Muscle Daddy and his Stepson 2

... out in pain and pleasure. Frank proceeded to enter <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> finger into
Declan's <ddd>wet</ddd> hole and began a slow but f***eful finger ... cunt Declan opened <ddd>his</ddd> eyes and took in the marvel off <ddd>his</ddd> big strong black
daddy still buried inside him, <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> body showing ... ... Continue»
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Uncle Charlie finally has both his s****r and his

... with each spank. Then <ddd>his</ddd> fingers stroked my pussy. Jeez, but I was soaking <ddd>wet</ddd>."

Mom's story was getting me <ddd>wet</ddd>! I could remember feeling ... in the air as he fingered her. “Yes.” He pulled <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> fingers out and pushed them in my mouth. Mom tasted ... ... Continue»
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Scott and his Stepmom

... mommy <ddd>wet</ddd>." She tells him, "Do you know what that means?" Scott shakes <ddd>his</ddd> ... <ddd>his</ddd> waist and he slides <ddd>his</ddd> big hard cock into her <ddd>wet</ddd> pussy.

She digs her nails into <ddd>his</ddd> weedy shoulders. <ddd>His</ddd> ... penetrates her deeply. The sound of <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> balls is all she she ... ... Continue»
Posted by legendofme 7 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo  |  Views: 7937  |  
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Kevin's coach and his daughter Alice

... make <ddd>his</ddd> way to Kevin's anus..
Kevin felt like he was struck by a lightning when Coach Adams slid <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd>, slippery tongue in Kevin's asshole, Kevin had a sexual blackout!..Coach Adams was literally sucking Kevin's asshole out, moving <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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His s****r

... the last drips into <ddd>his</ddd> s****rs saturated hair before slapping her in the face a few times with <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> dick.

"Now you be ... see some of Paul's cum glistening on the girl's <ddd>wet</ddd> lips. Paul prodded <ddd>his</ddd> s****r's head, hurrying her up and she dipped her ... ... Continue»
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... was <ddd>wet</ddd>, my lips swollen and there was now on one each side of <ddd>his</ddd> cock. I ... was overwhelming, <ddd>his</ddd> tongue in one end and <ddd>his</ddd> cock in the other and I was <ddd>wet</ddd> both places. ... my treat and started to lick <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> balls and <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> still semi hard cock, when he ... ... Continue»
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public sweet wet heat

... out the days, as he enjoys <ddd>his</ddd> dripping <ddd>wet</ddd> cock and semi hard with her ... <ddd>his</ddd> cock dripp and gets him drenched in precum wetting <ddd>his</ddd> boxer and enjoying walking around feeling the fabric <ddd>wet</ddd> ... her deep inside up her <ddd>wet</ddd> pussy with <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> big cock as deep as it ... ... Continue»
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His Sexpot S i s Chapter 2

... <ddd>his</ddd> eyes half-closed. It was
heaven, it was all <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> dreams come true, it was <ddd>his</ddd> whore of a s****r gobbling off
<ddd>his</ddd> ... <ddd>his</ddd> prick till <ddd>his</ddd> arm ached.
<ddd>His</ddd> tight buttocks jerked. Faster, faster, and half-lifting himself over her, closer to the
<ddd>wet</ddd>, ... ... Continue»
Posted by eremiti 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 536  |  

Co-Workers Unite As He Gets His Way and She Change

... pumping furiously, forcing more of <ddd>his</ddd> cock into her pussy, as he rubbed her asshole with <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> fingers.

Rachel hated it that ... finger wiggling its way into her virgin asshole. He slid <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> fingers in and out of her ass, stretching it open ... ... Continue»
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Young man surrender's his asshole

... struggled with <ddd>his</ddd> last bits of energy Joe removed <ddd>his</ddd> own cloth to show <ddd>his</ddd> hard, fat ... <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> dick out of Mark's sweet young arse and lay on <ddd>his</ddd> back.

Mark got up on to <ddd>his</ddd> ... the old man he then arched <ddd>his</ddd> back and <ddd>his</ddd> sweet young cokc shoot cum onto ... ... Continue»
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I Becamed His Sex Toy...

... my head and twisted it around <ddd>his</ddd> member till I felt;t him throbbing madly.

Bradley pulled <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> penis from my mouth and took hold of my feet. Lifting them by the heels he placed the against <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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His first Black Experience

... <ddd>his</ddd> weight against me. I could feel <ddd>his</ddd> sweat trickle onto my skin. He then lay flat on top of me, <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> skin against my back, <ddd>his</ddd> hands on my head. I could feel <ddd>his</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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On The Tip Of His Tongue

... bed spread pulling it into wrinkled handfuls.

Suddenly Daddy broadened <ddd>his</ddd> <ddd>wet</ddd> tongue and lay it flat over much of her ... into her pussy. Unfortunately she gripping <ddd>his</ddd> hair pulling out some. Daddy took <ddd>his</ddd> tongue off <ddd>his</ddd> orgasmic angel and disengaged her ... ... Continue»
Posted by robd1 8 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 2706  |  
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