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Her Sweet Pet 3

... the previous night.

Her hand gently caressed down his face. So gentle so as to not wake him. Her sweet pet deserved all the rest he could get. Her fingernails trailed down his cheek to his ... ... Continue»
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Her Sweet Pet 3

Chapter 3, she takes her pet in more ways than one!

Dustin awoke with a start on the cold kitchen floor. The freezers hummed around him as he blinked several times and slowly regained his senses. His heart was racing in his chest and it took several moments to calm down. He groaned feeling stiff all over from being on the hard floor. With another groan he tried to move his arms and legs to get up off the floor. His knees popped as they bent under him and pushed him up to stand. His first step was so wobbly he lost his balance and fell to the side barely catching himself on one of the nearby freezers.

His back felt so stiff and his chest ached from laying down so long.The scratches and cuts all over his body stung and he still felt exhausted. His skin felt cold and clammy and showed patches of bruised skin where the skin had been sc****d off. Using the freezer as support, he began to move again slowly step by step until he could walk without fear of falling. The kitchen around him was dark. Darker than it had been when he had pulled himself through the floor.

What time was it he wondered? How long had he been out?

His pace grew more steady right as he reached the entryway to the kitchen. Peering out into a long hall, his eyes scanning the darkness for signs of Aksana. He was not sure where she slept or if she was still asl**p but he did not want to take the chance of her sneaking up on him.

Dustin made his way down to the other end of the hall, passing many more doors presumably locked as well as more shadowy paintings and portraits on the walls as he went. Each step was silent as possible. His breathing was careful and measured. Though he did not know why he was being so cautious.

You can't possibly sneak up on a vampire dummy, he mentally chided himself.

He peeked out around the doorway slowly, mostly because his neck still ached whenever he tried to turn it, and looked into the next room. His eyes widened at what he saw.

The room was a large dining hall. In the center of the room was a long table d****d in frayed cloth. There were ten oak chairs on each side of the table. Unlit candles and dusty, old flower pieces adorned the middle of the table. Windows a foot apart let the night in through their open panes along one wall.

"Damn night already." he cursed under his breath.

It wouldn't be long before Aksana was up and about. His heartbeat quickened as a glimmer of hope blossomed in his chest at the sight of the windows. Windows meant outside. Outside meant there was a way out! Quickly Dustin grabbed the nearest chair and hoisted it upside down by the back end and prepared to swing.

The chair felt heavier than it looked. His arms ached in protest as he carried it slowly towards the closest window. Putting all the energy he had in his weary, hurting body he swung the chair like a baseball bat at the window.

Glowing, Orange-red eyes met his in mid swing as Aksana came out of the darkness standing just outside the window. Her eyes peered deep into his and he started to hear her voice in his head. His arms felt so tired and the strength left them, stealing the chairs momentum. His fingers lost their grip on the chair and it left his hands to crack against the wall at the base of the window. One of its legs snapped off and rolled on the floor.

Dustin stared in Aksana's eyes falling ever deeper. His legs buckled, too weak and weary to stand as he listened to her sweet voice echoing in his mind. His aching, heavy body crumpled to the floor and curled up in a ball by the window. His eyes locked on hers as he listened to the words that sweetly repeated in his ears.

Aksana watched him sink down and crumble to the floor. Her bl**d stained lips curled in a smile as she held the boy's mind enthralled in her hypnotic gaze. She cooed and sang soft lullabies to his mind coaxing him to lay down and to sl**p.

She shivered with excitement and arousal as she felt his helplessness through the window. Her crimson lips mouthed the words good boy as she held his gaze.

Dustin whimpered as he lay there weak and powerless on the floor. He saw her lips move as his eyes grew heavier and heavier. His eyes became slits then finally closed as dark slumber claimed him.

Soft, gentle touches roused him him from his imposed slumber. His eyes flickered open slowly feeling the gentlest, touch upon his cheek. He felt himself laying down against something soft and warm and as he came to realized he was floating.

No, not floating, he suddenly realized as his feet came into view. He was being carried. He was suddenly aware that there were arms holding him. Aksana smiled down with dark eyes, pleased to see him awake.

"Ah You're up my pet. That's good." She said as she carried him in her arms.

One arm was tucked under his legs while the other held on to his shoulder. Her fingers caressed his cheek as she moved further down a dark hall with him. Her caramel breasts rubbed against his side as she held him close. He noticed her lips were stained with bl**d and that she like him was naked.

"How did I-?" He started to speak.

"Shh Don't talk pet."


"Hush pet and don't think of escaping my arms," She warned in a motherly tone, "Don't make me remember that you tried to escape."

Aksana turned a corner and went down another long hall before coming to an open door. The soft light of many candles spilled out into the hall. Dustin had to squint since his eyes had become accustomed to so much darkness. She carried him in, seemingly unaffected by the sudden light.

Aksana went in and carried him toward a large, ornately carved wooden sauna. Candles of all sizes littered the floor and the edge of the sauna itself bathing the room in light. The scent of vanilla was strong in the air. Dustin's eyes widened recalling the sauna from a dream he had before. His body trembled in fear at the recollection.

Aksana smiled showing a hint of fang as she stepped up the wooden step and over the lip of the tub with him. She felt him shaking against her caramel flesh and it thrilled her. A soft moan escaped her lips as she lowered herself and him into the milky, white water. Dustin let out a whimper as she stepped into the water, expecting it to be like his nightmare. His body trembled even as the hot water flowed over his skin as he was lowered in. She let go of his legs as she sat him in front of her a little between her legs. Her left hand gently stroked his bare back.

"Why are you so afraid?" she asked coyly, for she already knew the answer.

"I thought..I thought.." he stammered. His skin tingled from her touch.

"You thought I was going to feed on you right here, didn't you?" she prompted.

"Yes" he replied simply.

"No...least not yet,"she teased.

A smile formed on her lips seeing him shiver with that. She leaned her head on his shoulder, ear pressed to his neck. His pulse thumped quickly in her ear, exciting her more. He sat deathly still, afraid she would strike him if he moved. His nerves were on edge and his muscles tense. Her arms wrapped around his waist tightly and hugged him. Leaning in closer, she whispered into his ear.

"I am not pleased to find you trying to escape after I offer you a choice." she hissed in his ear.

Her words came out harsh, sharp, and deadly. Her arms slid effortlessly from his waist as she moved around to face him.

"I just wanted to go home-" he started to protest.

"Hush." Aksana cut him off sharply.

Dustin went silent, his eyes lowered..

"Good boy. You are learning," Aksana praised. "With enough time and training you will be an excellent pet."

Dustin's eyes went wide with fear and his stomach turned into a cold knot. He could not keep himself from shaking or blurting out. The words left his mouth before he had time to think of the consequences.

"But I'm Not you're pet!"

"Yes you will be,"Aksana corrected. "Or you will die. That is the only choice. You forfeited the bargain when I found you smelling of death."

Aksana moved before Dustin had time to register she had, hand wrapping tightly around his throat and squeezing. Her face came right up to his bare neck, her fang's exposed, poised to bite. He trembled, body stiff with fear as he began to choke. His heart thumped in his chest as he felt her lips move against his skin.

"Do you wish to die?" Aksana asked, hand slowly closing tighter.

"N-no," he choked.

"Nor do I want you to," she admitted.

He let out a strangled whimper as her hand continued applying pressure. Aksana held on for a long, torturous moment then let go. She rose gracefully to her feet and turned away from him, grabbing a nearby sponge and soap. She dropped them down into the water before him then stepped out of the sauna.

"You will wash and be clean when I return shortly," she instructed.

Her face was soft and gentle again but her eyes still held that fire. Without hesitation, Dustin picked up the sponge and soap and began washing himself.

"If you leave this room," she added, "Your life will be forfeit."

Dustin continued washing, not daring to stop for fear that if he did she would rip his throat out then and there. Confident her point had been made, Aksana left the room without a sound. The door was left wide open as both bait and invitation for him to defy her. Dustin scrubbed his body as clean as he could, too preoccupied with not angering the vampire further to notice the door at all.

When Aksana had returned a short while later, carrying a folded vanilla scented towel in one hand, she found Dustin still in the sauna. His attention came upon her fully the second she entered the room. He was shaking, more from fear of what she would do than the cold. She smiled wickedly, showing fang.

Dustin recoiled, hands raised in a defensive posture instinctively at the sight of her sharp fangs. Calmly she walked over and opened the towel wide and held it out to him. Dustin sat petrified.

"Up. Come out and dry off," she calmly instructed.

Dustin did as he was told, getting to his feet, and stepping out of tub onto the cold stone floor. His nipples hardened and the hairs on his body rose as cooler air touched his skin. Aksana gently wrapped the towel around his back and shoulders then stepped back to give him room. His eyes watched her as she came in closer and relaxed when she stepped away.

Aksana sighed quietly and frowned. She did want him to respect and obey her but she did not want him as a frightened a****l. There would have to be steps taken to repair the damage she realized. Slow, careful steps.

Her frown disappeared into a warm smile as she left her thoughts. She noticed in that time, the boy had almost finished drying off. She stepped closer to him, wiped the bl**d from her lips, and wrapped an arm around the back of his shoulders.

Dustin stiffened immediately and flinched at her sudden movement. When he had realized she had only embraced him, he relaxed some but still kept his guard up. Her soft skin and lovely figure also made his cock twitch and tingle but he was still in too much shock to act on it.

"What are you going to do with me?" he asked tentatively.

"Come with me," the vampire implored him.

He went along with Aksana out of the room and down the long, dark hall. He shivered still more than a bit uncomfortable with the situation, but realistically he had no choice. Well he did, but death wasn't a preferable one. She smiled, arm still d****d around the back of his neck. Her fingers caressing his naked shoulder every couple of steps that sent shivers up and down his spine.

"You need to relax pet," Aksana gently urged him." I can feel your fear of me."

"Sorry." he replied meekly.

He was barely able to keep his fear hidden too deeply with her so close. She turned her head and smiled wide, fangs showing as she leaned in and met his gaze. Her eyes shimmered and grew a bright orange- red in he darkness. His lips moved in protest but no sound came forth as a finger pressed against them.

"Shh now, no need to speak," Aksana whispered soothingly to him, "Just walk with me and relax. Look into my eyes and let your thoughts fade away."

Dustin couldn't help but stare as her gaze ensnared him. His mind screamed at him to look away, to turn away from her, to resist her somehow but he could not. That thought would drown along with the rest of his will into the molten pools of her eyes. He was distantly aware of himself moving along with her, her arm gently resting on his shoulders, her lips moving as they moved. All else became a blur as he sank deeper into her eyes and under her power.

Aksana led him down deeper into the very depths of her home. Past several closed doors and down a long stone spiral stair they went. All the while deepening his trance as she kept her eyes locked on his. She saw his shoulders and head slump onto her shoulder and felt his mind give way as she swallowed him up in her hypnotic orbs.

Her heart raced as she saw into his thoughts and hopes. Even his wants and desires were laid bare for her to see. The V between her thighs began to drip with wetness as she reveled in the sheer power she had over him.

She could see that he was submissive and had deep, hidden desires to be controlled. Oh how she could mold and control him to her darkest whim! That thought alone made her heart beat rapidly. She was beginning to pant hard as they reached the doors to her inner sanctum where she slept.

Aksana pushed her thought and desire down and exercised some control. Pushing the doors open, she whispered into his mind for him to enter and she watched as she let him go in first. Her eyes ate up the vision of his naked body moving in front of her. His slender but taught body teased her senses as she bade him to walk to the black, silk covered bed in the middle of the room and lay down upon it.

Licking her lips hungrily, Aksana followed him in, stalking his movements gracefully, like a panther hunting prey. She did not follow him completely to the bed, not yet. She softly instructed him to lay there quietly while she prepared. She watched him a moment, making sure he had obeyed, which he had completely then turned her gaze from him as she disappeared to a side room.

After a few long moments, Aksana came out into the bedroom once again, this time dressed, and slowly climbed onto the bed and straddled his mindless body. She leaned down over him, pressed to him tightly and breathed down the side of his neck. The goosebumps growing over his flesh made her body quiver with arousal. Her tongue glided up then down his flesh savoring the sweet taste of warm skin.

Aksana moved her face mere inches from his, her tongue flicking over his lips as she stared into his glazed eyes. She pressed her now emerald colored lips to his then softly whispered,

"It's alright Dustin my sweet. You will enjoy this. Don't resist and you will have everything you desire. Wake now and feel me."

Aksana gently but firmly placed her hands onto his wrists and held his arms down to the bed. Still atop him just mere inches from her pussy sliding down over his manhood, she watched him come out of the trance. He blinked and was suddenly very aware of her weight on him. She smiled like a Cheshire cat as she gently, suggestively, rubbed her body against him.

Dustin moaned as he felt her body slide against his flesh and felt latex rub over him causing him to tremble and grow stiff. His eyes widened as she pressed up close again and made his body quiver. He couldn't believe his eyes, She was clad shoulders to toes in a tight, emerald green latex catsuit.

Aksana smiled wickedly down at his growing erection then looked back up to his eyes. Dustin felt his mind start to swim again as their eyes met.

"Please...stop." he begged weakly.

Her glowing, fiery orbs stole his will with each passing second. Her eyes closed for a moment, giving him a reprieve but also showing her matching eyelids. She pressed her latex covered breasts to his chest and kissed his lips. His cries were muffled by her lips as he squirmed futilely. His arms stayed pinned by her superior vampire strength no matter how much he willed them to move.

Aksana finally broke the kiss and opened her eyes once more. He gasped for breath and averted his eyes as best he could to not fall into her spell again. But the vampire had other means of control.

Slowly, she lowered her waiting, wanting sex down onto his erect member, moaning in pleasure as his length went deeper within her until she'd taken him in all the way down. The rubber squeaked as she rocked her hips and began to ride him, her breasts sliding up and down his chest as she moved.

"Don't fight it pet. I know it's what you want," She hissed in his ear as she continued to ride his cock, "I know how much you love latex."

"H...How do you know what I want?" he groaned.

Dustin winced, trying his best to resist her. His body yielded to the latex and her temptation, rocking back into her hips slowly.

"Poor boy. I have seen into your mind. I know you've wanted someone to take you, to comfort you, to love you. To give you all you need." she replied," You have been so lonely, so needy. Just submit and be mine."

"NO! You'll kill me and I will be like those bodies in your basement!" He refused her.

It took all his will and concentration to keep his eyes shut to block out her powers. His body however could not stop reacting to her.

Dustin moaned louder, feeling himself grow warmer and more aroused by the second. The soothing, soft, smooth latex was making him weaker and want her and it more. Panting, he doubled his efforts to resist and block out the pleasure.

"Not if you just relax and let me take you. I want to help you Dustin," Aksana coaxed softly, "Can't you see that?"

Her body rose up then slammed down on his cock in one quick movement, forcing his shaft to strike her clit. Using her wet, slick, warm walls to grasp and milk his cock, Aksana let out a low moan and watched his body writhe under her.

"I don't wish you any harm. I am lonely just like you." she pleaded.

Dustin's eyes shot open wide as her pussy's wet lips slid down his length. He shuddered with blissful ecstasy. His lips moved to speak but instead all he could do was cry out. His body quivered as his hips continued to roll with hers, unable to stop. The latex of her gloves and suit teased and tormented him. Oh how he deeply wanted to give in but he knew he could not!

" Please..S.s.stopppp.." he stammered.

He was unable to stop shaking as she continued to fuck him relentlessly. His heart pounded in his ears. He could feel himself aching and throbbing inside her. He wanted to surrender but it was a trap.

Wasn't it?

It was so hard to think. She made it feel so good. The latex felt so good but he had to resist!

Aksana caught his gaze once more as his eyes went wide. She did not pull him deeper instead she read his thoughts. Seeing his fears and his feelings, she slowed down to a barely there roll of her hips to try and calm him. Her eyes turned from orange fire to their dark natural color. She rolled onto her back with him and wrapped her rubber arms around him, holding him tight while she pushed his body up with her hips and take him into her from the bottom. Gloved hands caressed up and down his back.

"I could break your mind very easily Dustin," she said calmly, "But I want you to trust me. I want your companionship. I want you to feel cared for as well as care for me."

Dustin whimpered as he listened to her words. The reality of them stinging him profoundly even as her soft, velvet sex made his balls fill and ache. Even as her latex soothed him as he was held, he knew he was trapped.

He could not move. His body shivered in fear as he laid his head upon her smooth, shiny, emerald breast. The scent of the rubber filled his senses and calmed him a bit but he still resisted the urge to give in.

"I will keep you fed, give you a place to sl**p, pleasure you, even protect you from the others," Aksana went on, " All I ask is your obedience, your companionship, and your bl**d when I require it."

Aksana could feel his breath through the suit as he lay on her chest. Her hips bucked gently up into him, wanting to let him enjoy it and see how good she could be to him. Her fingers stroked the back of his neck and she heard him whimper. he was relaxed but still resisting.

"I am sorry You had to see my darker side and that I had to be rough with you and cannot let you go now," She confessed, her voice soft and calm, " And I hope you can forgive me for what I am about to do but I will make this as enjoyable for you as I can."

Dustin started to speak, to protest, to do something but before he could, her gloved hands cupped his face tightly and f***ed his eyes to meet hers. His mouth opened and started to say something but Aksana sat up slightly and gently pressed her right latex covered nipple into his mouth.

His head tilted as she guided him to her breast, leaving her with the perfect opening to sink her fangs in.

Dustin's eyes widened as he let out a muffled cry of pain around a mouthful of rubber and breast. Her eyes met and pulled him in as they turned their mesmerizing orange color. Her pelvis moved up and down, effortlessly sliding herself along his throbbing manhood.

His body relaxed as she continued to take him deeper into her gaze and into her wanting, wet core. Her moans echoed off he walls of the room as she continued to milk him. Her eyes promising him deep, blissful sl**p as her mouth opened and sharp fangs sunk into flesh.

A soft whimper managed to escape his lips before he succumbed to her powers and the pleasure. His cock soon followed with his mind and surrendered to the unending bliss that filled his body.

Dustin writhed and shook, sucking gently on her nipple as he came and began to mindlessly fill her with his warm cum.

Aksana held him to her tenderly as his body gave out and succumbed to sl**p. She smiled inwardly as she fed on his sweet, delicious bl**d. Her eyes closed as she lay there with him in her arms, cradling him close.

Tomorrow, she would help him understand, but for now he would do just fine.
... Continue»
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Her Sweet Pet

Another Vampire Story by popular request, Hope you all enjoy the read. This could run into a running series, but for now I'll be posting 5 chapters.

Thunder rumbled in the darkening clouds above him as Dustin walked along the sidewalk heading towards the store. The cold wind blew through him making him shiver as he tugged his blue denim jacket tighter around his body, his exposed fingers closing firmly along the front lapel in an attempt to keep the cold at bay. His blue jeans weren't offering much protection either as cold rain suddenly began pouring down on him the minute he turned the corner. Thank god the store was already in sight.

"Damn it," cursed Dustin as he complained to himself, "Just had to get hungry during a thunderstorm." His dirty sneakers sk**ded along the asphalt of the store parking lot as he weaved around cars. Lightning flashed suddenly followed by the roll of more thunder. The sound louder than before, the center of the storm was getting closer to town it seemed. He was in such a hurry he didn't notice the figure watching him intently from behind one of the empty parked cars as he walked into the store.

The muffled rumble of thunder could still be heard above him as he pulled an empty cart from the line in front of the check out counters. Pulling out his crumpled list from the inside pocket of his jacket he began to read the three items he had written down. Deciding on the frozen food aisle first he pushed the metal cart along listening to the wheels rattle against the tile floor.

"Hmm let's see," he said out loud as another shopper with a cart full of groceries walked by. Quickly pushing his cart over to where the meat displays were, he bent down and picked up two packs of ground meat then headed to find noodles and spaghetti sauce. It didn't take him long to procure the rest on his list before making his way to the ten items or less aisle.

The female cashier was young and really hot, she had graduated three years after his class. He never knew exactly what to say around pretty girls so he gave her a small smile and she nodded back in acknowledgement as he placed his items on the conveyor belt.

"Hi, how are you today," she asked as she scanned and placed his items inside one of the plastic shopping bags.

"I'm okay, I guess," he said as he gave her a weak smile.

"You guess," she inquired.

Dustin blushed, "I... um," trying not to sound perplexed he continued, "What I mean is I'm alright," he finished giving her another weak smile.

She quickly smirked at another female cashier across from her then totaled up his items. "That'll be eighteen twenty-five."

Dustin fished his wallet out of his right pants pocket and pulled out an old wrinkled twenty from it and handed it to her. She gave him the correct change and a receipt. Lowering his eyes to not make eye contact he took them and the plastic bag holding his food and walked out the exit door.

The rain had started to come down harder, almost in torrents. Dustin stood waiting a moment under the canopy of the store's welcome sign as he pondered running through the rain. "Jeez why did it have to be today?" he complained. He didn't notice the shadowy figure watching him from behind a vending machine as he stood there weighing his options. He quickly decided to make a run for it, bolting through the parking lot against the pounding rain. The spaghetti sauce jar jiggling in the bag as he ran as he vainly tried to avoid being soaked.

Stopping once under a building's awning to catch his breath, he didn't notice the figure that pursued him. The rain continued to fall in a deluge as he decided on a shortcut towards his home. He felt a tingle run down his wet neck half way through the alley he turned on. Something felt wrong. He looked around frantically. A weird feeling filled his stomach. He shook his head not seeing anything but the brown bricks of the buildings around and the black asphalt beneath his feet.

Turning around he kept going when something suddenly rammed into his back and f***ed him to the ground. "What the," was all he got out as he hit the ground hard. Pain shot up through his right shoulder and he rolled onto his back trying to see what had knocked him over.

A pair of pale grey hands groped and grabbed at his throat from a mound of tattered cloth and fabric knitted together to form a make shift cloak. Dustin scrambled back, using his hands to push away from the grabbing hands. "Get off me," he screamed at the mound. A tuft of black hair popped out form under the fabric. The hair was attached to a pallid face of snarling, hungry fangs and mad red eyes. Hands raked down and across Dustin's arms forcing him to yell out in pain as dirty yellowing nails cut through his jacket sleeve as if it were wet toilet paper and dug into his arm. He could feel the sting of open wounds running up his forearm.

He began to kick frantically in an attempt to strike at his assailant's head but to no avail. The soles of his shoes connected with the thing's body but it didn't seem to phase it at all. "Get off me dammit!" Dustin growled defiantly as the thing's right hand grabbed his chin and f***ed his head to the side roughly. Dustin tried to resist but the thing was too powerful. His head felt like it was in a vise. The creature hissed and its bl**d red eyes widened in anticipation as its decayed and curved fangs inched toward Dustin's throat.

Dustin's eyes widened with terror and despair as he continued to squirm futilely under the thing that held him. He could smell its breath over his flesh. It smelled like rotten eggs and spoiled meat and something else he couldn't identify. Dustin winced as the fangs got closer to his flesh. It would only be a matter of time now he knew. His hands beating at the things sides, tearing at the patchwork of cloth that covered it; though it did nothing to deflect the thing, the creature held on tight and prepared to rip out his jugular. The rain poured over them, but neither did he or his attacker seemed to care.

Dustin's eyes opened as he shook with fear in the thing's grasp. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a shadow dart towards him. He thought it was someone but who would want to come near this thing that had him pinned down. The creature licked its cracked and withered lips before it bent its neck down to bite into Dustin's neck. Dustin winced again and his body tensed steeling himself for the pain and inevitable death.

He heard a snarl and felt the thing lift off of him. All the weight and pressure of the thing's body was gone. Dustin lay there for a second thinking himself dead before slowly opening his eyes. He was lying on the ground, soaking wet. His groceries had spilled out and were ruined along the pavement. His eyes widened as a slender female hand reached out before him. Blinking back the rain from his eyes he looked up confused. His hand went instinctively to his throat, shock to feel his smooth flesh, no wound or bl**d. Nothing! What had happened to the creature?

"What happened," he said slowly. His eyes looked to the hand before him. He took it and was promptly lifted back to his feet. The dark tan skin of the woman's hand felt soft; softer than any glove. Smooth and gentle and surprisingly cool. Letting go gently he looked to the woman who had helped him. "Um... thanks... Did you," he started to say, his head turning in either direction expecting to see where the creature went.

"Don't worry. He's gone," the woman said. Her eyes seeming to glint even in the dimness of the alley. "I took care of him. Are you alright," she asked looking Dustin over.

"Yeah I think so," Dustin replied, albeit still confused. Slowly checking him self to see that he wasn't hurt anywhere else besides his throbbing shoulder and arms. He looked to her soft tender face. His eyes went immediately to hers and he found himself staring for more than a few seconds.

He shook his head coming back to reality. "Did you... how did... what was that," he stammered stumbling over the questions in his mind as they left his lips.

Her lips were covered in a caramel colored lipstick, curled into a kind smile before she said, "don't worry about that. It's all over." Her face then turned into a disappointed and concerned frown. "You're all soaked and cold. You need to come with me. I'll get you dry and somewhere safe." Her voice came out in a soft velvet purr as her eyes met his again.

Dustin stared into her eyes feeling something drawing him to them, into them. He shuddered as a thought came to him. "I... I don't even know your name, " he stammered. His head turned to look at his ruined groceries.

Her gaze followed his then her right hand took his in hers."Aksana," she said almost in a whisper, sliding her body close to him, her arm slipping around and over his shoulder. It was then he felt the soft texture of her robe over his back as she held him in a half hug standing against his side. A sharp tingle ran up his spine as she spoke her name.

Dustin began to introduce himself but then her soft caramel finger covered his lips forcing him quiet. "Hush sweetie. Come with me. I'll be sure to feed you." she coaxed. Her eyes suddenly coming into his field of vision and he felt something flow over him. Her eyes weren't red like he thought at first more like reddish orange, like a flame. He tried to think of a better way to describe it but his mind felt slow like he was falling in a pool of jello. He could hear her voice as she spoke to him though it was distant. He was moving but he wasn't sure why or where. He could feel her arm around him, holding him close as they walked together.

Her hand held his head as her fingers brushed through his hair. His lips parted letting out a soft moan. Her touch felt so good. His eyes stared into hers and he felt very dizzy all of a sudden. He watched her lips move though he couldn't make out what she was saying. His body felt weak, tired and extremely heavy as he felt her arm slide under his legs. She picked him up and cradled his head to her shoulder.

Dustin tried to speak but all that came out was a soft whimper, soothing warmth enveloped his mind and body. He began to feel as if he was drowning. His mind felt so foggy and something strong told him it was perfectly normal to do as Aksana said. He saw her lips purse as she shushed him gently again then she said a word over and over again. His eyes felt like weights and began to close. Then they shut and he fell into warm darkness.

In his dreams Dustin saw himself walking among a landscape of cobalt blue clouds. Everywhere he looked it was night. His skin felt warm though there was no air or breeze. A soft voice echoed around him, speaking to him but he couldn't make out what was being said. He looked around, turning in place trying to spot some familiar landmark amongst the landscape but found nothing but endless clouds on which he stood. Dustin turned to look behind him in hopes of seeing something he recognized. Fear began to creep into him as he saw only more clouds.

A shadow flew over him in the shape of someone. He could make out a human shape, a female. His eyes furrowed in confusion as the shadow had wings! Wings like a bat or perhaps a dragon. A shudder ran through him as his gaze followed the shadow as it flew over him. Suddenly he felt soft smooth female hands touching the sides of his shoulders. He whirled and saw Aksana standing there.

No not quite Aksana. Her caramel skin was completely exposed. Her hands ended in those soft slender fingers but instead of nails there were sharp four inch claws. Aksana smiled baring her teeth. Alabaster white fangs protruded out of her mouth. Her flame like orbs burned into his eyes as she slowly moved closer. Dustin shivered feeling soft leathery wings wrap around him as she wrapped a hand behind his head. She smiled a wicked fanged smile, pulling his head firmly to the side.

"Hello sweet pet," she said before opening her mouth wide, her head lunging forward to his throat

Dustin shook and gasped for breath as he awoke. His legs felt stiff and were somewhat falling asl**p as if he'd been in a place too long. His eyes slowly focused as he looked around. He was in a large den. A black stone fireplace took up the wall behind him. He could feel the heat of the fire as its warmth flowed over him. His eyes looked ahead. There was a large burgundy red leather chair set just six feet across from him. A small oak table was beside the chair. A clear glass bottle half filled with some blackened liquid stood on the edge of the table near the chair's arm rest.

He couldn't see any doors through the shadows that filled the far end of the room. The fire only seemed to reach half way as if darkness had drawn a line where the light was unable to pass. Dustin let out his breath slowly. The fire made him feel hot. Sweat dripped over his skin. It was only then that he noticed he was naked! How had that happen, he wondered frantically, his eyes roamed over the parts of his body that he could see. Someone had obviously stripped him of his clothes and that except for the sweat on his skin.

Terrified he tried to move and get up. That was when he discovered another surprise. His arms were tied, no cuffed, behind the wooden chair he sat in. He groaned forcing his arms to strain as he tried to break free but he only accomplished tiring himself out. The metal cuffs around his wrist connected to chains that were chained to the floor behind the chair. He gasped feeling the heavy heat of the fire.

"What the fuck is this," he yelled his voice full of terror and disbelief. His eyes darted around trying to see if there was a way to get free. His arms ached from his earlier attempt and he had re-injured his shoulder. He could feel the burning of his muscles in his arms as he sat there helpless. During his struggle he noticed his feet were not chained just his arms. He sat there feet flat upon the stone floor as he waited for whatever would come next.

Dustin didn't know when but at some point Aksana had walked into the room and stood before him. He blinked making sure it wasn't the heat playing with his mind. "Where am I," he asked in a raspy voice, his throat dry. Aksana smiled showed her alabaster white teeth. Dustin expected to see fangs remembering his dream but instead there were only perfect teeth.

"You're in my home sweet pet." She cooed softly in reply. Her eyes glittered with the light of the fire. She held up a bowl of something to his face. Dustin smelled the scent of freshly made stew and his stomach churned.

"Hungry," she asked softly, taking the steel spoon in her soft lithe fingers before scooping up a spoonful of meat, carrot, and potato. Bringing it closer to his lips, he gulped looking at the spoon; then nodded and she smiled wide approving of his answer.

"You need to keep your strength up pet," Aksana said as she spoon fed him the stew slowly till it was all gone. Dustin sat there appreciating the fact he was being fed but the chains and shackles holding him reminded him he was very much her prisoner.

"Please. Let me go," he begged; his arms taut from the pull of the chains.

Aksana closed her eyes and smoothed out her crimson satin dress. He could see that her eyelids were painted light blue and her lashes had been curled. She smiled sweetly before speaking.

"I like your company pet. You wouldn't want to leave me here all alone after I saved your life, would you?" Her face grew pouty. Dustin frowned not wanting to be rude but not liking being chained either.

"No, but this hurts," he said, keeping his arms relaxed. "Can't you let me out of these chains?"

"I'm afraid not sweetie." Aksana batted her eyes. Her right hand reached up, caressing his cheek and he felt that soft warmth flow through him again. "I could let you go but I'm afraid I can't." Her hands gently roamed over his chest, sliding down to his abdomen. Dustin gasped and shivered. Her hands were making him tremble. His body shook as his arousal began to awake from her touch. Aksana smiled seeing his body react. "Mmm yes I think you should stay." Her hands drifted down below to his thighs and between them.

Dustin moaned as he felt her fingers curl around his growing manhood. His body tensed causing the chains to pull at his arms. He winced in pain. "Ow!" Dustin grimaced as he tried to relax his arms to relieve the strain. Aksana frowned and her hands left his body. Her smile renewed as she gently cupped his right cheek in her right hand.

"You've been such a good boy. I think I will give you a treat," she smiled though Dustin could see there was some wicked thought going through her mind.

"Treat? What do you mean," he asked, not understanding. He looked to her face but kept his gaze away from her eyes.

"I have kept my end of the bargain. I fed you and got you warm and out of those wet clothes. Now I want you to do something for me," she said, setting the empty bowl and spoon on the floor and rising to her feet. She stepped over to him and lifted her leg over his lap. Slowly she lowered herself over him, straddling his lap as her hands rested on his shoulders.

"What do you want," he asked, tilting his head slightly back as she sat atop his legs. His cock tingled feeling her moist pussy rub against his hardened shaft under her dress. Raising down and guiding his manhood to the opening of her sex she slowly lowered herself down on him. She always loved feeding this way.

"Your bl**d," she answered smiling. Sharp pointed fangs protruded from her lips as she leaned in close, breathing into his neck. "Oh you smell so good," she whispered into his ear, her fangs grazing his flesh sending a shiver through him.

Looking to her in horror he whimpered, "p-please let me go... please Aksana." His body tensed, his arms burning from the strain of his restraints.

"No! I saved you. Saved you for me, you're all mine," she whispered, her voice husky, dripping with sex. She placed her index finger over his lips. "Hush pet, it's going to be okay. You'll enjoy this." Her voice took a soft reassuring tone like a mother reassuring a frightened c***d. "Just look into my eyes and relax," she cooed as her eyes became leveled with his.

He shuddered with terror but as he stared into her red-orange orbs that thought and all other thoughts melted away. His head slumped to the right slightly and she smiled. A soft whimper was the only protest he gave before her head snapped forward and her fangs plunged into his neck.

Dustin's consciousness swam in a pool of pleasure and drowned in her smoldering eyes as Aksana drank his life's bl**d. She fed and gorged herself on him. His bl**d tasted so sweet. Sweeter than she could remember and she couldn't fathom why. Her body shuddered in orgasm as she felt his mind captivated by her, held in her grasp helpless and it aroused her even more so, made her writhe on his lap with pure ecstasy, cumming again. She continued to drink of him until she felt his pulse slow. When she had finally pulled free of him and licked her crimson stained lips, his head slumped forward.

"Good pet," she purred and gently cupped his face in her hands, raising his head she looked into his heavily lidded eyes. Aksana leaned forward and kissed his forehead sweetly.

"sl**p now sweet pet," she cooed into his ear. His eyes slid shut as his mind obeyed. His head slumped onto her shoulder. Aksana smiled pleased with him and herself. She hugged his sl**ping form then rose off of his cock. Her fingers gently caressed his softening exposed manhood as she turned to leave but then a thought came to her and she smiled. Leaning back to his ear she whispered to his u*********s mind, "Tomorrow I will give you a choice before I feed from you. Whatever you choose will determine your fate." With that she turned and left him slumbering and still chained to the chair as she headed deep into the catacombs of her estate for her bed.... Continue»
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Her Sweet Pet 2

Chapter 2 in a (for now) 5 chapter series. this one deviates a bit from the sex you all want to read about but is essential to the series.

Warm, soothing water surrounded him. His legs were bent comfortably at the knee as he sat inside a old style wooden tub. Dustin relaxed letting the water come up over his knees and exhaled comfortably.

His arms rested along the round lip of the wooden sauna. His breath came out slow but even as he languished in the comfort of the moment. His eyes closed as he laid back.

A soft plop in the water made him stir slightly but he disregarded it, slipping more into relaxation. Something wet, hot and very soft pressed against his shoulders and he felt it slide across his flesh. A soft low moan escaped his lips and his muscles melted from the sensation.

"I need to keep you clean. Can't have my pet dirty." she said in a soft voice.

Dustin's eyes shot open wide as he turned his head to see her behind him, washing him with a wet sponge. He froze, suddenly rigid with fear. Her eyes burned with that deep, fiery red-orange glow.

Her supple, tender lips were stained with crimson. She smiled devilishly, Her bright, white fangs showed. bl**d dripped from he mouth all the way down her chin.

Her body was of luscious caramel skin and curves. He felt sharp prickling stinging aches where her fingers touched. he looked at her hands and saw they were lithe, slender digits but ended in long sharp claws already stained in bl**d. Aksana let out deep husky laugh as she looked into his terrified eyes.

"What's wrong my pet?" She asked sweetly.

His eyes followed her hand as she dipped the sponge into the water. He tensed in shock and his voice caught in his throat as he realized what he was sitting in was a pool of fresh bl**d.

Aksana slowly brought the sponge back to his flesh, guiding it up the exposed section of his chest towards his neck. Rivulets of bl**d ran down his skin as she squeezed the sponge. Her leathery wings brushed against the back of his shoulders, sending shivers down his neck to his toes.

"W-why is this h-happening?" he stammered.

His dream now a nightmare. Aksana tilted her head so that she was looking directly in his eyes. His skin tore open suddenly in fresh gashes along his chest and shoulders. Dustin howled in agony as his body spasm in pain. Aksana began drinking hungrily from his wounds oblivious to his torment.

bl**d flowed freely from fresh raw wounds and was slowly filling the tub. The bl**d was gaining a darker, ruddy color.

"Because I want it to pet". You will learn to crave, to lust, to want to give me every drop of your bl**d," She answered softly between licks. Her tongue swirled over his bl**dy right shoulder before leaning her head up and continuing, "Your mind, body, and your soul will belong to me. Don't worry, you will learn to love what I do to you," she reassured him as an a hand reached down and caressed his manhood under the red water, " Just as I will enjoy tasting every part of you."

She let out a cacophony of wicked, laughter that echoed all around him. Her head snapped down and her fangs pierced his flesh. His mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out.

Dustin awoke with a sudden jolt that sent fresh agony through his arms. The chains grew taut and reminded him he was still bound. Cold sweat covered his naked body as he gasped in a silent scream. His skin burned with phantom pain from his nightmare. It took him several moments to regain his breath and relax. Only when the pain dulled and his heart slowed, did he feel the heat from the still blazing fire behind him.

"sl**p well?" Aksana asked in an amusement.

Dustin jerked slightly again at the sound of her voice. He winced feeling another pull on his arms. Aksana came forth from the shadows wearing a long, midnight blue silk dress that came down to barely cover her bare feet. The sides were slit open along the length of her leg showing smooth, caramel thighs and hip. The dress covered up to the base of her neck and the tops of her shoulders. Her hands were clad in perfect fitting black elbow length skin tight latex gloves.

Dustin let out a soft moan from the ache in his tired muscles. His legs were already cramping and going numb from being in the chair for so long and his feet were beginning to feel the same way. He kept his gaze down to the floor though did not answer her.

She walked over to face him and leaned down to him so her face was mere inches from his. Her right hand reached up and mussed through his hair. A pout formed on her lips as she stepped closer regarding him with a concerned voice.

"Aw, did you have bad dreams?" she asked

Gently, she lifted three fingers under his chin and raised his head so he looked directly at her. The latex gloves tickled his skin and caught his attention but he did his best not to show reaction though he could't help feel arousal mixed with fear and helplessness inside. She giggled then smiled at his attempts to resist her.

The fear was intoxicating as it oozed from his pores like a potent fragrance. She reveled in its exuberance as she stood close to him. Her chest rose as she inhaled and closed her eyes. Her body shuddered in ecstasy for a few moments then she opened her eyes and looked back to him. "I hope you remember what I told you last night my sweet," She reminded him in a soft, sultry tone, "I am here to give you a choice."

Dustin trembled and his stomach became a cold tight knot. He winced expecting her fangs to come down plunging into him that instant.

Instead Aksana laid a gentle hand on to his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes and gave her a puzzled look.

"You're..not gonna eat me first?" he asked, suspicious of her behavior.

She smiled, shook her head then answered, "You have no need to fear. I have already gone out and fed, so to speak. I will not need to feed from you in that way ." Then with a thought she added, "Not tonight at least."

He calmed down some but he still felt a lingering dread from the choice of her words and anxiety of what choice she would lay before him. He knew whatever it was, it would not entail letting him go.

"What's the choice?" he asked.

Her tongue flicked out over her lips then disappeared back into her mouth. Her smoldering eyes stared into his. Lowering her gaze to his cock, she moved her hand to lift it in her hand. gripping it softly, she lowered her head to take just the head of it into her wet mouth.

wincing in mock pain Dustin gasped at the new sensation. Her mouth though wet was not what he would call warm but almost cool adding a new sensation. bl**d rushed to his manhood and inflated it quickly.

Aksana, loved how his hardening shaft grew in his mouth. swirling her tongue around the head, she slowly worked his impressive length to the back of her throat taking great care not to sc**** her teeth against his flesh. The urge was almost to great to resist teasing him this way but she wanted, no "needed" him to make the right choice

In no time at all Dustin's cock was has hard as he could ever remember, pulsing and throbbing in the sultry vampires wet mouth. The pain in his shoulders from the restraints pulling against them paled in comparison to the feeling he was feeling in his loins. "My God" was all he could mutter as he realized he was getting the best blow job of his life.

Only moments passed as the feeling of the need to cum gradually but quickly built in his balls. Aksana worked is cock over with her skilled mouth like no one ever had. Suddenly, between the painful strain on his arms and Aksana's mouth, Dustin's release was powerful and strong.

Feeling Dustin's cock flex in her mouth, Aksana buried her face in his lap swallowing him completely at the onset of his orgasm. Skillfully swallowing his hot cum it was almost scalding to her, but she took every drop of his nectar.

Sucking him until he was completely spent, and his cock beginning to soften in her mouth she released him from her mouth, only to say, " Your choices I will now tell you, now that I am completely finished "feeding" for the night".

"You can stay chained in that chair while I drain you night after night until you expire," she began, her face flushing with blissful thoughts before she suppressed them back down and continued, "Or..."

She let the word "or" hang in the air for a long moment teasing him with it then gave him the second option.

"You pledge yourself to me and be mine. You would live here and serve my needs," She paused then continued again, "In return I would let you out of the chains and chair and you would be given free reign of my home, hospitality and other benefits."

"What other benefits?" he asked curiously considering her words.

She shook her head lightly, "We would discuss those only when you have chosen." "and besides, you've just sampled some of the benefits".

He sighed. She was toying with him. Anger rose in him making him tense, This in turn tugged on the chains holding him there. pain overrode anger as his bonds refused him any slack. His head slumped down in defeat and his body relaxed, giving out from exhaustion.

She shook her head, "Poor boy. You need not struggle needlessly."

Gently, she cupped his face in her hands and lifted it so that she could look at him. He gave a weary whimper as he looked to her. his eyes looked down trying to avoid eye contact with her smoldering orbs. She frowned seeing his reluctance to meet her eyes and gently let his face drop back down. Turning away, Aksana began walking back into the shadows. From over her shoulder she said," I Will go get you something to eat boy. I will return shortly." With that, she disappeared leaving him alone.

Dustin sat in a long silence as he mentally digested the two choices she laid before him.They did not seem like choices at all. Either way he was at her mercy. Only difference was one ended some way in death.

He concluded his only way to escape would be to play along and pledge himself to her now and try to find a way out when she slept. After all She had said she had left to feed earlier so there had to be some way out right? Aksana returned with a bowl full of steaming, hot vegetable stew before he could give it more thought.

Pressing the spoon past his lips into his mouth. He felt too weak and too hungry to resist her feeding him. With loving care, she spoon fed him until she set the bowl down to the floor empty. Seeing a bit of stew caked on the corner of his mouth, she wiped a leather finger to collect it and gently pushed her finger into his mouth letting him suck the morsel from it.

Dustin moaned around her finger, tasting a hint of potato on his tongue as he worked it over her digit. Aksana smiled seeing the apparent pleasure show on his face before removing her finger slowly. His cheeks flushed pink.

His member twitched from the sensation that coursed through him. He blushed a deeper red, lowering his head quickly to hide his face and his feelings. He could hear her giggle then felt her soft , gloved fingers caressing his hair. A soft moan escaped his lips as his body quivered. His muscles tensed and this brought a sharp tug from his chains which brought him back to reality. "Please just let me go." he pleaded.

His skin tingled from beads of sweat that now covered his body from the heat of the fire. Aksana shook her head slowly and leaned her head forward until her lips were a mere inch from his forehead.

"I cannot. You taste and smell too good," she admitted in a hushed tone as she rested her hands on his shoulders, "I don't know why you do but I want to find out. Besides you have been given a choice."

Dustin's heart and hopes sank and he once again had to consider her offer. He sighed feeling it was hopeless. His body ached all over and he was miserable chained down like this.

"Would you please let me out of this chair?" He asked weakly hoping she would show mercy. "My arms hurt so much. Please?" His whimpers of pain were genuine and sincere.

Raising a leather finger to her pursed lips, she considered his words for several moments. Wheels turned in her mind and it showed on her face that she too did not take his offer lightly.

Her piercing eyes glared at him sending chills down his spine and rattled his insides, "I will allow you out of this chair ....But only until I awaken tomorrow," she added harshly

"Do you understand?" she asked quickly.

"Yes I understand." he said eager to be out of the chair and the way she was acting now terrified him. He shivered.

Without so much as a word she glided behind him and began unfastening the locks on the cuffs that held him. Tension eased from his left arm then his right as chains clattered to the wood floor. Cold metal slid away from his wrists and he gratefully rubbed each in turn, flexing his arms and fingers to get the soreness from them.

Forgetting about his numb legs, Dustin rose to his feet to stand but quickly lost his balance as the bl**d had not returned to his limbs. He began to fall forward but then he felt latex covered hands grasp under his arms and gently lower his naked body to the ground.

Pressing his palms against the floor, he lifted his upper body up enough to look up to her. She was smiling calmly again. this unsettled him much more than the sudden harshness. She had turned that on and off like a switch. That thought frightened him and made him shudder once more.

"I go now to rest. If you get hungry again there is food in the kitchen." She said softly.

With that she turned from him and walked away into the shadows. He watched her feet as she went, her bare feet eerily not making any sound before she disappeared from sight and out of the room.

Dustin lay there on his stomach for several breathes waiting for her to be out of sight and earshot before he slowly began to push himself back onto wobbly legs. Keeping his hands out in front of him to catch himself if he fell, he took slow stumbling step after step, eyes searching for a door or way out of the room.

His left leg regained feeling first as he carefully made his way through the darker parts of the room. Dragging his still numb right foot as he stepped, his foot touched what he perceived as a wall and started to feel along it blindly with his hands for a door knob or latch of some kind. In the shadows he could see the outline of a large portrait higher up on the wall to his right.

He could barely make it out in the darkness.The figure wore a red riding jacket and white pants which ran down shapely legs until they disappeared into a pair of knee high black leather equestrian style boots. His eyes lingered on the portrait trying to make out more of the person but then his thoughts returned to escape.

His spirits rose as his hand grasped at the round knob of a door and turned it. The door opened ad with renewed hope, Dustin quickly pulled the door open and stepped out of the room. His legs had regained some feeling as he peered around the long hallway he now stood in.

His eyes scanned the hall discovering many doors identical to the one he'd walked through along both sides of the hall. Though not as dark as the room he had been in, the hall was still dim. There were no lights lit anywhere along the walls though moon light streamed though a tall window at the far end of the hallway.

"This place must be a huge mansion," He thought out loud, "but it feels like a prison. Who the hell locks all the doors?".

Carefully and quietly, Dustin went door to door turning each knob to see if he could find a way out. But to his dismay, each door was locked and would not budge. He kept going down the hall determined not to give up. By the time he had reached the last set of doors before the window, he had grown frustrated and was beginning to lose hope.

"Come on. Come on," he pleaded as he tried the knob of the first of the last two doors, "Please open."

But to his despair it did not. Desperation grew into anger and he lashed out at the door, punching it hard with a closed fist. He had assumed it made of wood but it felt as hard as steel. The door made a thud noise but stood undamaged. His hand however was a different matter.

Explosions went off in his head as pain shot through his hand and arm. His knuckles stung and fingers throbbed. He had to bite down on his lip to keep from cursing out loud as he cradled his hand in the other.

After a long couple of moments the pain subsided and his thoughts cleared. Turning around , he stepped over to the door on the other side of the hall that was left. In the pale light that came through the glass window, he could see the door was actually made of dark wood and had Golden trim and ornate carvings in the middle. The knob itself was polished metal of some kind.

In gold lettering the words " To Waste Room" were written upon the door. Waste room? That's odd, he thought. Slowly turning the knob the door opened. It was no room but a flight of stone steps that led down somewhere. Half a dozen steps were visible but after that there was nothing but inky, darkness the rest of the way down.

Dustin hesitated a moment and considered where it might lead. It could lead to a way out, he thought. maybe. He hoped it did. But then what was the waste room for? In his mind he pictured a giant room full of trash that slowly compacted in on itself like the one from Star Wars. Dustin shuddered. He definitely wanted no part of that. On the other hand, this seemed to be his only option. He was not about to go try more locked doors in the opposite direction.

Raising his head out of the chute , he stood there silently a moment and considered things. Despite her hospitality and somewhat gentle manner and the fact she had rescued him, Dustin was terrified of Aksana and the thought of her feeding on him again was something he desperately wanted to avoid. If he stayed there was no doubt he would be stuck here forever doing whatever twisted things his "rescuer" came up with.

He shuddered at that thought , let out a breath and slowly took the first few steps down. He could feel the smooth, cool stone steps under his feet as he kept going. The air around him too was getting cooler as he descended. A breath of cool air tickled his naked flesh as he kept one hand on the wall as he went so as to have something to keep steady.

After ten steps down, it too changed from smooth interior walls to moist, slabs of uneven stones piled together. His bare feet made a gentle, slapping noise upon the stone with each step. How far down does it go, he wondered?

The steps seemed to keep going down deeper into the darkness. Save for the light at the top, he could hardly see anything. Suddenly the stairs curved around and changed direction. Keeping his hand on the wall and feeling with his feet he slowly made the turn and followed the steps until he could see dim yellow light coming out of a doorway. His hopes rose and he hurriedly stepped down the remaining to reach the bottom.

Light! Finally! He thought.

His heart began beat ecstatically as his legs moved as fast as they could toward the doorway. He had reached the last three steps when his right foot crossed behind his left in his haste and became entangled.

His momentum took over and he tripped falling forward in a roll. Stone sc****d and tore his skin as he barreled down the last steps and through the door way. Screams of pain filled the air as he continued to roll past the door.

He stopped rolling as the floor abruptly ended and dropped off another at least thirty feet. Eyes wide, Dustin clawed and grabbed on to the edge of the floor as he now dangled precariously from the lip of a pit of some kind.

His arms ached and screamed as he struggled to hold on. breath came through clenched teeth as he turned his head to look down.His heart thumping rapidly in his chest as fresh terror spread through him at the thought of landing on some stone floor with a splat filed his mind.

"Oh come on! Who the hell keeps a pit under a house anymore?" he exclaimed at the ridiculousness of his predicament.

His feet dangled back and forth over empty air. Groaning, he tried his best to pull himself up on the edge of where he hung but his tired, weary muscles only allowed him to rise up enough to peek up over the floor he now clung to. The stones under his hands began to crumble and break away from his weight.

"That's not good" He muttered to himself.

The stones pulled free and plummeted down along with him into the pit. He screamed, eyes clenched shut as he fell all the way down. That is until his body landed hard on a bunch of something. He smelled a foul, acrid stench all around him

Slowly he opened his eyes and looked around for the source of the awful smell. His eyes widened further as he realized what he landed on. His mouth opened to scream but a lump formed in his throat.

Bodies. Dead bodies. He was laying on a pile of dead people!

Instinctively he curled up into a ball trying to get away form them but they were everywhere! his eyes scanned up and around the pit he was in. torches lined the walls every few feet above him. He could see the walkway also that he'd fallen from. His eyes lowered, frantically looking for a way out. His eyes met the gaze of a balding man's head that stared at him from atop a lifeless female torso.

Legs, arms, heads and several whole bodies lay under him. Bile threatened to crawl up his throat at the stench alone. His skin crawled with revulsion as his body touched the discolored corpses. He could see several tears in various places among some of them. Those that had necks were punctured in several places by little neat holes.

Dustin shuddered and tried to keep from throwing up. His eyes shifting rapidly around looking for an escape. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a metal rung on the other side of the pit. His eyes followed the rung finding another and another and another.

A ladder! It was the most beautiful thing in the world to him at that moment. Unfortunately, in order to get to it, he would have to crawl across the pit of bodies over to the wall. Dustin gulped and tried to keep his lunch and his focus. Taking a few slow breaths, he began to crawl over the corpses a little at a time.

"Gross! Fucking Gross! Why did it have to be corpses?" He wailed as he made his way towards the ladder.

He gagged but f***ed his nausea away as his hand curled around the forth rung of the ladder and began a slow climb back up. Rung after rung, he climbed until he was out of the pit and away from the corpses. The ladder kept going up even after several feet. His ascent took him past the warm glow of torch light and back into darkness as Dustin's climb continued.

He stopped after awhile and rested against the metal rungs. He felt tired and his body ached all over from both the fall and the climb. his lungs cried out for fresh air. Tilting his head up, he could see far above him bits of Grey light coming down through a grate of some kind. Taking a deep breath and bolstering his resolve, he began to climb again.

When his hand rested on the last rung, he could go no further. He didn't't know how much time had passed but he was certain he had been climbing for hours. His feet hurt where the rungs had dug into the bottoms of his feet. His arms ached from pulling himself up every rung. He felt dizzy and tired from lack of food. His mouth and throat was dry with thirst.

The grate loomed over him. It taunted him. He did not have anything left on his weary, sore body and it knew it. Still he could not just lay on the ladder. If he lingered, he might pass out and risk falling back down to most likely his death.

"I don't want to die here," he whispered with a hoarse voice.

He kept repeating that in his mind over and over until it became a loud, deafening voice in his head. Slowly, his hands reached up and curled his fingers through the holes in the metal grate.

The metal screeched as it was pushed up out of its hole and pushed over onto the floor above. First a hand rested on the floor. Then an arm. Then Dustin's head peeked up through the hole followed by his other arm.

Carefully balancing his feet on the rungs, he pushed up with his arms and what little chest that hung over the onto the floor. Slowly the rest of his body slid out of the hole until he lay naked upon the cold tile floor.

He took in deep breaths of air as he lay on his back. The hum of mechanical motors filled his ears. He opened one eye and tilted his head to the side. There inches from his head was a pair of freezers. turning his head to look the other way, he saw an old fridge. He was in the kitchen, Dustin realized.

Then exhaustion took him and he passed out on the floor.... Continue»
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Her Sweet Pet 4

Chapter 4, sorry no sex in this one...

Megeara knocked on the door to Dustin's apartment. Silence hung in the hallway as she stood on the second floor.

"Hello? Dustin are you home?"

She knocked again but no one answered. She was really worried. Carefully she looked around the hall, making sure it was empty before reaching down and getting his apartment key from the secret place he put it in.

They had been friends for years, and he trusted her enough to tell her where the key was in case of an emergency and she needed someplace to go. Quietly she unlocked his doer then quickly replaced the key in his hidden spot.

The room smelt stale though the furniture looked clean. There was a small black couch big enough to seat two in the middle of the room as well as a TV.

There were a few pictures on the walls of various a****ls that had been put there for decoration. The living room lead into a small kitchen and a bedroom.

The kitchen was clean and everything was in its place. It seemed like it had not been used in sometime. She opened the fridge and found it only contained a half opened can of Coca cola and a few slices of cheese. Shutting the door, she turned and walked out of the kitchen to the rest of the apartment.

Her boots made a muffled sound as she walked into the bedroom for any sort of sign or clue as to where Dustin could be. Her eyes scanned the bedroom as she stood in the doorway.

The bed was made, the dark blue comforter neatly covered it and the pillows. The dresser on the far wall was closed though a bit dusty. There was no sign of a fight or trouble anywhere.

Megeara frowned as she began to feel hopeless. It was really beginning to worry her. It wasn't like Dustin to not tell her where he was or what he was doing for more than a day and she had not heard anything from him in almost three.

Something was wrong, very wrong. She didn't know what was going on but she was determined to find out and get her friend back.

Brushing one of her long silver braids out of her eyes, she went back into the kitchen and started searching through the drawers for a pen and paper to write her friend a note just in case he returned. Halfway through the third drawer, she found what she was looking for; and started writing.


If you come home please call me. you have my number

I am worried about you.

Love Meg

Megeara thought about adding more but decided she was satisfied. She went over to the fridge and secured it to the front of the freezer door with a magnet.

Since there was nothing else she could do here she turned and walked back to the door. She pulled the hood of her hooded seat shirt over her head ,covering her long silver locks then opened the door, making sure it was locked, and went out.

She stuffed her pale hands into the pockets of her hooded sweat shirt as she walked down the long hall and carefully went down the steps to the ground level of the apartments. Her boots barely made a sound as she walkrf over the thick carpet. Cold fall air greeted her as she opened the the heavy door leading outside.

She really hoped Dustin came home and saw the note.

Megeara genuinely cared for him. She thought he was cute although very shy. She had liked his sense of humor and how she felt safe and could tell him anything.

She wasn't used to having to ask the guy out but she didn't mind. He was kind and fun to be around. She could tell he liked her very much by how she caught him looking at her or the way he smiled when she was around or how his face brightened whenever they got to talking about something.

Granted he got quiet whenever she tried to talk about relationships and things but she just figured he was nervous and shy. So she had planned three weeks ago to ask him out to a Halloween party. Of course that was before he had suddenly disappeared, It was only a week until Halloween now.

Megeara deeply frowned. Where could he be? What could have kept him away so long?

At first she thought she had done something but there was nothing really that she could have done to make him act this way. It was not like Dustin at all. They were best of friends and he had never once just vanished before.

Something was keeping him from her she just knew it. Her thoughts kept running over the facts that she knew as she walked down the block and found her car parked where she left it.

The keys jingled as she took them from her pocket and unlocked the driver side door of her black Miata.

Her small body slid in comfortably into the black leather seat as she closed the door, stuck the key in the ignition and listened to the engine purr to life.

The car was one of her few prized possessions she had purchased it when her great uncle passed a year ago and left her a very nice sum of money.

She had bought a nice house, big enough for herself and one other person and saved the rest. The house and car both helped make things easier since her new job behind a mall kiosk selling cell phones did not pay very much. She turned on the radio so she could listen in on the news as she drove.

Her thoughts returned to Dustin as she turned the corner and headed downtown to the police station. Since he had been missing more than a week, there had to be a missing persons report by now she thought. If there wasn't, Megeara would make one.

The voice on the radio was advertising half off on Halloween costumes at the local store as her car went across the familiar steel suspension bridge and entered entered the downtown area. She had picked out a Halloween costume already for the party.

She had wanted it to be awesome for Dustin since she knew he liked things that were a bit different. Besides she needed something to catch the eyes of everyone else and to keep people from staring at her pale skin and silver hair she had had since she was thirteen. Her lower lip quivered and she bit into it nervously at the reminder.

That was another reason she liked Dustin. He never made fun of her.

The costume she picked out was a cyber goth girl outfit complete with gas mask and goggles as well as the outfit. She had even made an appointment to have her long silver hair dyed and made into multicolored dreadlocks just to complete the look. All that planning and purchasing seemed pointless now since he was missing.

The car stopped as a light up ahead turned red at an intersection. The radio host came back on right as the light turned green. She turned left and cruised down to the nearby police station.

It took her a bit longer than she would've liked to find a parking space but she managed to find one behind the precinct.

Megeara turned the car off and opened the door to get out. The evening gloom was just now taking over the sky as she stood up. A sharp, cold wind blew past her and chilled her hands to the bone.

Leaning back into the car, she got her black leather gloves out of the glove compartment and slid them on before closing the car door and heading towards the station.

A officer dressed in dark blue uniform nodded to her as she walked past him towards a pair of automatic sliding doors.

"Evening Ma'am " greeted the officer as he headed in the opposite direction.

Megeara just nodded and gave him a warm smile that she had often given Dustin when he was with her. She caught a hint of blush on the man's face as she walked past and went through the doors and into the building.

Her black stiletto heel boots echoed loudly on the white floor as she made her way in and up a flight of stairs to the front desk.

Officers were bustling about in all directions. The phones at the front desk were ringing repeatedly nonstop. The tall dark skinned officer at the desk did his best to answer each one as fast as he could as she waited.

So caught up in what he was doing, she didn't think he had even noticed her approach. Finally after many moments and rings of the three phones, the man looked in her direction and acknowledged her.

"Evening Ma'am. How may I help you?" the officer greeted politely.

"Yes I'd like to make a missing persons report Officer-??" she answered while looking for his name tag.

"Officer Shepard Ma'am" the tall man answered quickly.

Megeara nodded "Ah Officer Shepard. I have a friend who I would like to report missing."

"Very well. Come with me Ma'am" the officer said.

He turned away from the desk and lead her down a corridor and to the right where he stopped at a wooden door with a golden name plate on it. The name plate read: Detective Derrick Blake. Megeara glanced at the door then back at Shepard somewhat confused,

"You don't handle any cases?"she asked.

"No Ma'am I just work the desk. Go on in. Blake'll help you Ma'am" Shepard answered.

He turned and went back the way he had gone towards the sounds of the ringing phones. She watched him go then turned back to the door and slowly lifted her hand to the wood and gently knocked.

"Come in " a gruff voice answered.

Pushing the door open slowly, she walked into the office of Detective Blake. Well more like the closet of Detective Blake. The room was a little bigger than an office cubicle and full with mountains of papers and assorted folders.

The desk was the only piece of actual furniture and it was only three feet from touching either wall.

The man behind the desk looked much too big for the desk much less the room itself. He had linebacker shoulders and arms to match. His face was handsome at least it could have been except for the ragged growth of facial air that had invaded around his mouth and the lower part of his face.

He stared at her with sharp, steel blue eyes that still had intensity to them even though the man looked in his mid forties. His hair was a sloppy light brown comb over that was slowly graying toward the back of his head.

" I'm Detective Blake, " the man the man with the gruff voice introduced himself, "What can I can do for you?"

It took a moment for her to remember what she was doing before she could answer the question. the way his voice boomed at her and his eyes stared through her made her feel very small and insignificant.

"Um..Yes I was directed here by the front desk.,"she began slowly, " I need to file a missing person report on a close friend of mine."

"You and everyone of these over the last three weeks " he replied

Blake leaned back and opened his arms wide to indicate the numerous mountains of papers on and around his desk. She blinked as her mind gave up trying to figure out how the big man had room to lean back at all in the small room.

The detective took a clipboard with a pair of papers from the top of one of the stacks that was on his left and handed it to her along with a pen.

"Fill this out with all their information" Blake instructed her.

Megeara scanned over the papers she had been handed then carefully filled out the information in their proper fields. She wanted to ask the detective for a place to sit but judging at how his office was, she doubted he even had space let alone a second chair for her. So she toughed it out and stood while she worked on the forms.

She could feel Blake's eyes watching her as she did. It felt like he was trying to bore into her very being with his eyes, trying to get some sort of information that was hidden.

She supposed that was his ability as a detective but it was really unnerving to the point she wanted to just scream at him to stop looking at her like that but she suppressed it and instead focused on finding Dustin. She really hoped this guy could help.

Once down she politely handed him back the clipboard and pen then waited to hear what he could do for her. She watched his massive hand hold the clipboard in front of his face. With hands like that he should have been a boxer or a wrestler she thought. She could hear hmms and mhmms come form the detective as he scrutinized the information.

Blake set the clipboard down on his desk in front of him then folded his fingers together in a steeple then spoke.

"Miss...Ah what did you say your name was?"

"Megeara" she answered.

"Miss Megeara," he repeated. "When was the last time you saw your friend Dustin?"

"About three days ago. We were at my work at the mall. We are really close friends. We talk everyday."

"But after that day did you hear or see your friend?"

"No I haven't. I have tried to contact him several times but he did not answer." She said, biting her lip some. "I even went to his apartment but he's not there either."

"I see that," Blake said. "You say that it's been three days since then?"

"Yes three days today." she recalled solemnly."Can you help me Mr Blake?"

Blake sighed then shook his head. "If only I could. There's been so many missing persons though in the last three weeks our department is overrun."

Her eyes sank low as she heard his response. Her face darkened. "Is there nothing you can do?"

"I am afraid not at this moment. Your case will have to wait in line until we get all these others out of the way." Blake answered with a tone of finality.

Megeara felt so disappointed.Here she was trying to get her friend back and the person who could help her told her she had to wait in line! She shuddered to think what could be happening to Dustin if he were in trouble.

Her fists clenched into fists as anger grew inside her from that thought. She blinked when she realized Detective Blake was speaking to her. She let out a breath and let her hands relax.

"Is there nothing you can do? Nothing at all?" she pleaded the detective. Desperation and sadness found its way into her voice.

Blake paused and seemed to consider things for a moment. His eyes seemed o focus on a point on his desk as he sat in silent thought. His mouth creased and his lips twitched suddenly as if he was struggling with some internal debate. After another moment he exhaled and looked back to her.

"Miss, what I am going to tell you is off the record and not to be repeated, understand?"

She simply nodded.

"Good. You did not hear this from me," he said seriously. "But I have found a few things odd with all these disappearances."

"Like what?" she inquired.

"Like how none of these cases have come back as homicides," he answered, putting his hands behind his head. "There's been no sign of all these people for weeks and not one body."

She considered the information then asked. "Has none of these missing people been found?"

"That's just it. No one. Not one of these people have been seen or heard from since there disappearance," Blake answered, his face scrunching up in frustration and disbelief and his voice grew louder as he continued.

"And what is even more baffling is that no one has seen any of the perpetrators or has any idea who is behind it or why."

Blake ran his big hand through his hair a moment then let out a breath trying to calm himself. She watched him for a moment trying to think of what she could do.

It all seemed very puzzling to her. If detectives who were trained to find people did not have a clue, what could she possibly do?

She shook the thought of giving up out of her head. It would not help finding Dustin one bit. He needed her and she knew it. Her hands balled into fists again as she bolstered her resolve within her mind.

"Detective I really want to help. I think my friend is in danger. What can I do?" she asked quietly.

A resigned look passed over the detective's face as he searched for an answer. He straightened his shoulders and rested his hands on his desk in front of him.

"Well, the only thing I could say to do if you really want to help is to go around places you think that person would be and look for clues," Blake gave the only advice he could. "Ask around and see if anyone has seen your friend. Just make sure to be careful."

She nodded "I will. Thank you Detective."

"You are welcome," Blake replied. "Just do me a favor and don't end up as a report on my desk."

She nodded again and smiled politely. "I won't."

Derrick Blake nodded back as she turned to the door and left his office.

Megeara felt more determined in her search when she left the detective's office than when she had began. Her stride was more purposeful and her thoughts more clear.

She did not have any leads but she knew at least where to start. Her boots thudded softly on the hallway tiles as she made her way to the front of the station.

Officer Shepard still at his desk, nodded a quick goodbye to her as she went down the steps towards the exit. A biting cold wind picked up right as she stepped through the automatic doors. Night had completely fallen over the city leaving the parking lot looking ominously dark and spooky. Even more so with it being so close to All Hallows Eve.

Glancing left then right, she spotted her car and made her way as quickly to it as she could without looking too frightened. Except for a few empty squad cars the lot was deserted. Shadows gathered and pressed all around her as she pulled her keys from her pocket and got into her car.

She put on her seat belt and slid the key into the ignition. She was about to turn the key when she looked into two bright red eyes staring back at her from her rear view mirror. She froze instantly as the two red eyes narrowed. Her stomach turned to stone as fear crept through her.

A raspy hissing sound filled her right ear but she was too afraid to move. The bright red eyes held her there paralyzed and helpless. Flesh on her neck tingled and she could feel the ice cold touch of a hand wrapping around her throat.

"Such sweet flesh." the voice rasped.

Megeara felt her throat tighten as the cold hand around it squeezed. A terrified whimper left her lips . A gurgling sound that she guessed was laughter came from the shadows.

She could not see anything but the red eyes in the mirror, but she could tell it was a male from how its hand was rough and calloused against her slender neck.

A shiver ran up her spine as she heard the shadows draw in a ragged breath then another fit of gurgling laughter. She willed her body to move- to do anything but it refused.

Her arms and legs felt like lead weight as she looked into the eyes of the the stranger that had her.

"So sweet" it hissed again.

Goosebumps crawled across her skin as the hand tightened more around her neck, cutting off her whimpers turning them into little wheezing sounds. Terror stabbed through her consciousness as she sat there helpless against her shadowy assailant. Her heart raced in her chest as she struggled to breath.

She felt sharp, jagged nails digging into her throat as icy fingers coiled ever tighter. A warm wet sensation pooled between her thighs and went slowly down her leg as she felt her attacker's hot breath on her skin.

Her stomach lurched as the putrid, rotten smell reached her nose. Her throat muscles tensed even more as the urge to gag came over her.

Her lungs burned for air as she was slowly choked by the dark passenger hidden in the shadows of the back seat. Her mind screamed at her to struggle but all she could do was gasp and stare at the red orbs in horror. Something sharp grazed the side of her neck.

Megeara screamed.

A sudden knock against the driver side window broke the hold on her body and she suddenly lunged forward, hands gripping the steering wheel tightly.

She felt dizzy as she gasped for breath. Her lungs thankfully drank in the much needed air. A knock on her window came again making her jump and in her seat. With a shaking hand , she reached over and pressed the button to lower her window.

"Ma'am are you alright?" Officer Shepard looked concerned at her and shined his flashlight into the car.

"I...I am f..fine..." she said shakily.

Her arms were visibly shaking as her hands clenched the steering wheel in a death grip and it took a conscious effort just to let go. It was then she realized that the hand on her throat was gone.

Her eyes went to the rear view mirror.It was empty. No red eyes. Nothing. It- who ever it was- was gone! Her breathing came in short, quick breaths. She had to squint as the light form the officer's torch reflected into her eyes.

"You sure?" Shepard sounded unconvinced.

"Yes I am sure." she kindly reassured him.

"Detective Blake sent me out here to give you this," Shepard reached over, holding small business card with Blake's name and number on it. "He said if you have any questions give him a call."

"Thank you very much Officer." she smiled gratefully and took the card from him.

Shepard slowly pulled his arm from the car then nodded with a smile."Its quite dark out. You be sure to wear your seat belt and drive safe Ma'am."

"I will. Thank you again." She returned the smile and turned the key, bringing the car engine to life.

Shepard stepped back form the car then waved before turning and heading back towards the station. Only then did she roll up her window and turned on the small overhead light.

Frantically, she turned her head to the side and looked at her neck in the rear view mirror. Her eyes widened as she saw a bruise and swelling around her neck where the hand had been.

Her head whipped around to the backseat.There was nothing there. Empty just like she had left it. Where had her attacker gone? Her eyes scanned the back carefully then darted down to the floorboards.

Nothing there either. It was as if her assailant had vanished into thin air. Her hand went to her throat. The marks proved she had been attacked just now. But how had they just up and disappeared?

Megeara shuddered in her seat and was suddenly aware of the dampness between her legs. Her foot stomped on the gas pedal. Her tires squealed as she sped out of the police parking lot.

She would look for Dustin soon but for now she just wanted to get home. Her thoughts returned to her friend and what had just happened. She cringed in thought as she drove.

Should she have said something to the officer about the attack? No. She had no evidence except the bruises on her neck and she had no clue how the man or thing had left the car without her or the officer noticing.

It was very unreal but She had not imagined it. Still she could not just admit to being attacked by something she could not even identify except by a raspy whisper and glowing eyes. The cops would think her crazy.

Her home came into view before she knew it. She pulled into her small driveway and parked her car. She turned off the engine and got out quickly and hurried for her front door which she quickly opened and shut behind her.

Megeara leaned back against the door and took a few deep, steadying breaths. Her heart was racing.

Her body slid down to the floor as she willed herself to calm down. She was safe. She was home. No one was here but her. Megeara kept repeating those words as her heart slowed back to normal.

Slowly, she got to her feet and walked through her living room and down the little hallway to her bedroom.

She locked her bedroom door just for her piece of mind then walked over to her closet and began pulling off her clothes. Leaving her clothes in a heap on her bedroom floor, Meageara made her way into the bathroom and turned the hot water on to take a bath.

She went back into her room and began getting clean underpants and pajamas while the tub filled. Her mind once again thought of Dustin and she found herself looking at the hung up costume in the closet.

Did that thing that attacked her also attack her friend? Was that what was keeping him? She hoped not.

Her legs trembled and buckled at the thought of that thing and what nasty things it might be doing to Dustin.

She shook her head. No. That won't happen. I'll find him, she vowed as she laid out her clothes on the bed and went back into the bathroom.

The water was hot and already causing the mirror to fog up with steam. She left the bathroom door open a crack before turning off the water and climbing in.

Megeara let her knees bend as she slid all the way down into the bottom of the tub letting the water come up to her chin. She desperately needed to figure out a plan to help her friend and to figure out what was going on.

The hot water began working on her muscles more than she realized and thoughts of plans soon evaporated . She let out a soft sigh and soon found her eyes closing as she rested her head on the back of the tub. ... Continue»
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A Pet's Performance, Part II

The Mall...

He walks around the little platform. She follows a little ending up turning around in the center. His eyes are on the crowd. Judging the people he sees. Rejecting most. He points.

"You three. Come on. How can you not want to? She is just sex. Everything good about it. No complications. Willing. Eager."

He is talking to three college students. One a rather large wide guy. The other two looking fit and healthy. They look at each other. There are some grins and then they come down and around to the platform.

"Strip down guys. On the platform. One of you on your back. And one at each end. My little pet in the middle. She has three very sweet little holes. Fill them up for her." the Master instructs from the other side of the raised surface.

She almost leaps off the carpet in joy. Bounding over to the three and grabbing at their clothing as they strip. Hands reach out to fondle her and she loves that too. Just beaming. The young men don't waste a lot of time. Soon the one is laying down and she is climbing on top of him. He has a good sized cock and she guides it into her and them slams her ass down on him. Groaning and purring.

As the second comes up behind her she reaches back to spread her ass for him.

"Stick it in hard please. Make kitty squeal like the little bitch she is. He likes that. Me too." she begs oh so very well. Putting real emotion into it. Real need.

Those instructions are followed as he kneels down. His cock is a long thick 7" but he does not hold back. One moment of positioning and then a hard push. Getting past the outer ring she howls. Holding the sound as long as she can. It turns into a high pitched scream as he rams his hips forward.

The third has to catch her face in his hands to get her to notice his throbbing cock. But when she does she opens wide and sticks her tongue out. She looks up at him the poor guy almost cums. The look of need and desire is so strong it just kills him. His cock throbs. She closes her wide beautiful eyes as his hard shaft slides between her lips. Sucking lightly and licking at him with her tongue.

They start to move. Slowly and awkwardly at first. But she knows what she is doing and she rides them well. Getting each to move at the right times. Cocks in ass and pussy working opposite each other and her mouth moving naturally.

Then she starts to purr. Somehow it is loud. Louder than it could be but everyone can hear it.

The first effect is on the cock in her mouth. He takes a sharp breath and starts to piston into her. Rock hard dick going deep. But it also seems to push the guys ravaging her lower body too. The pick up the pace. Starting to smack into her with loud sounds.

Time has a way of slowing in moments like these. They go on for some number of minutes but it seems like a very long time. The guy with his cock in her mouth goes first. Groaning and panting hard as he explodes into hot streams of cum. She tries to pull back as far as she can so as not to lose any. Considering she is getting banged around pretty good she does well. Only a few dribbles escape her greedy little mouth.

Just a moment later there is first a groan and then a hard slam from the guy in her ass followed by the same from under her. Cum blasting her into her own hard violent orgasm. She shakes and howls in pleasure. Grinding up and down all on her own. Milking the cocks in her but also just driving herself crazy.

"Yeeesssssssssssssssssss." she moans.

They start to slow. She finally just hangs her head down. Hair brushing the chest below her. The three guys move away and she slowly slumps down onto the platform. Silly grin on her face. Movements slow and sensual. Feeling very alive. She shift her legs and arms so she is displayed fully but then closes her eyes.

"Had enough my pet." her Master asks.

She speaks without opening her eyes, "Yes master unless some cute girl wants to lick kitty clean." she says with a wicked little smile.

He chuckles. If she is awake enough is really never an option. Looking up again he scans the crowd but this time he is looking for something different. A particular look on a face. He sees flashes of it on some. Even on some of the guys which he just skips by. Then he sees her.

Looks about 20 but dressed so prim. Long pleated skirt. White shirt all buttoned up. The look just screams repressed. But on her face. Ah there was hunger. She actually licked her lips just before she notices him look at her. She blushes and looks down. When she looks back his eyes are waiting. He merely raises his eyebrows in the question and her eyes widen.

She shakes her head. He looks at her. Looks down again. Slowly she brings her eyes up to look at his before nodding.

Down and around the steps and next to the platform rather quickly. She is thin and blonde. Hair all tied up at the top of her head.

"So what.... what am I supposed to do?" she asks in a very high pitched girly voice.

"My pet is all covered in boy and girl cum. Just lick it all up for me." the master replies.

"Please." says the pet opening her eyes and looking at the new arrival.

The girl starts to pull at her clothes as she crawls up onto the platform. The pet rotates and spreads her legs wide. A blonde head dips down and takes her first long lick right across the cum covered slit. There are more licks as she pulls off first her own top and then her skirt.

In black bra and panties she gets to work on the girl before her. Licking first one thigh and then the other. Not random licks but a nice pattern. Not missing an inch. When she gets to the crotch she licks slower. The combined cum of the guys and the pet a white sheen in places. It takes a while to deal properly with the pussy though. All the folds have to be licked. Hard to know what is really clean. She giggles from between the trim legs.

When she is finally done the blonde looks up. Her eyes intense and hungry looking.

She moves up the other girl's body and starts to lick her cheeks and neck. Not much cum up there but she does not want to miss any. She has always done her work well. When she gets to the lips there is a deep kiss.

Sitting back a little she asks, "Was that alright? Did I do it well?"

The pet reaches down to slide her hand inside the girl's panties. Stroking the wet pussy she finds.

"So well I am going to reward you. Cum for me. I can feel you want to already." the pet says.

The blonde takes a sharp breath as her ass starts to move all on it's own. She is hot and feels ready to explode and the fingers are pushing her hard. There is another hard kiss. Both taste of cum.

Fingers move fast. Humping panty covered butt driving against them. She cannot believe how hot she is. How intense this feels. When she cums it feels like it starts at her toes and rips her spine out with the convulsions.

She screams and gushes all over the hand pressing into her. The pet pulls her hand out and starts to lick it.

"My name.... my name is Anna. thank... thank you."

She gets kissed soundly.

"You were very good thank you. If you want to see me again give your number to him and ask permission. He owns me mind, body, and soul but he likes me with girls." she whispers.

Anna nods and moves away. Getting dressed she pulls a piece of paper out of her purse and writes on it. With a smile and getting a wink from the girl on the platform she walks over to him.

"Sir I would like to... see her again. With your permission." she asks holding out the paper.

"I think we can do that. What do you have to do for the rest of today?" he asks on a whim.

"Nothing. I live alone and don't have to be anywhere until tomorrow morning."

"Would you like to come home with us?"

"Yes.... Yes I would."

He smiles.

Pitching his voice a little louder he says, "Get dressed my pet. It is time to go home."

He sends the two of them to the car. Waiting until they are outside of the building before raising his hand. Again there is a pulse of energy that goes through the crowd. Everyone goes back to what they were doing. None will think this was real. Most will just forget and those who do not will remember it as a crazy, dirty dream. The spell on Anna was intact and would be tricky. He was enough of a devil to wonder how it would go.

Walking out he gets into the car to find the two of them wrapped up in each other in the back seat.

"Clothes stay on until we get home. Anna I need to talk to you so try and pay attention."

"Yes. I'm listening." Anna replies pulling the pet's hand off her right breast.

"Yes sir. He likes that." the pet says.

"Yes sir. I am listening." Anna repeats.

"Anna you are under a spell. What it did was make what happened today seem normal to you. When I take it off you are going to either forget what happened or possibly be very angry about it. The spell made you forget certain attitudes or beliefs." he says in a very conversational voice.

Anna looks confused. The pet nods a few times in agreement though.

When Anna speaks it comes out in a passionate burst.... "I do remember that my whole life I have been afraid to be sexual at all. I just thought something finally snapped inside of me today. I don't believe in magic. I am a good Christian girl. But... Well yeah now that you point it out I cannot believe what I did today."

"First pussy you have ever licked baby? You are a natural." grins the pet.

Anna blushes but also runs her hand over the other girls body.

"So. If I leave you as you are then we can have an interesting night. If I take the spell away you are probably going to want to leave. And maybe call the police which I cannot allow. So we have a small problem." the Master explains.

"No. We don't. Leave me as I am. My whole life was planned out for me and I did it. My parents are very religious so much so it touches every single aspect of life. I live alone. Never had a boyfriend. Afraid even to touch myself most of the time and feeling guilty when I did. Let me have tonight." she explains with more than a little passion.

"You can... you can take pictures of me with her. I will give you my parent's address. If I know you have them I will never do anything. It would kill them. Please sir. Let me have this night with you and with her." Anna pleads now. Gripping the other girl hard.

He considers. She is an interesting girl. Consequences though. Hmmm.....

"Very well. I hope when you can make the choice freely you do not hate us." he finally says.

There is a pair of girly yipps from the back seat.

The night has just begun.
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Eight

The two smiling woman assisted me in leaving the car, increasing my feeling of femininity; Elaine took particular pleasure in this, as a host of guests had arrived, some of whom were well acquainted with Elaine who was keen to show off her new pet. She made a deliberate point in using both hands to ensure my leash was at choking point; thus emphasising her dominance over me. A huge woman, whose feminine shape was dressed in a full length one piece dress, which accentuated her bountiful arse and breasts, came over to Elaine; a leash led my eye down to her pet dressed as a dog, on all fours with canine mask and butt plug which doubled as a tail.

“What a pretty maid Elaine; I can see already you’ll not be passing this one over to Anita yet, I do hope he enjoys his first show.” The woman looked at me with a look of utter contempt as she turned and pulled sharply on the leash to let her dog know who was in command and we all walked toward the large entrance. En route I saw many more maids, many so much more effeminate than me; I thought they had simply had more practice, Elaine and Hortense smiled at each other as I ogled them, I would soon learn that it was more than practice which added to their sweet effeminacy. I saw men dressed in pink as baby girls and many others dressed abstractly, but all were dressed to be exposed to maximum humiliation for the titillation of their dominant mistresses. We followed the flow to a large hall with raised central stage. There we were greeted by Anita, who was sat facing the guests with another woman next to her, middle aged and sexy, her plump thighs crossed. The woman smiled contentedly as she looked down at her naked male who knelt, leashed and hooded, between the two women. I could see he wore no cage, though he was butt plugged, as his semi-erect cock was very prominent; his pubic hair had been shaven off. He looked down at the floor and trembled as Anita and his mistress stroked his back and arse with their canes, as guests arrived, to ensure he remained the focus of all attention.

Anita was dressed in black leather; thigh length leather boots, leather slacks and tight black leather waistcoat; her breasts bulging over in a black satin blouse, the sleeves of which were puffed out at the upper arms and tied tight at the forearms, her hands were clad in tight black gloves. She had the look of an executioner, and this was not unintentional. She looked me in the eyes and smiled wickedly as she commented on my appearance.

“Well well well! Can this be the same person who begged for relief last night? You’ll witness true submission tonight!” She sneered as she looked down at the naked male; his cock flexed visibly at her words, it stiffened all the more as she leaned down and lifted his balls clear and then smiled up at me again.

“Take a good long look at these, and think of your own balls too. Call Cindy over, we’ll show him the two extremes, and how beautifully a male can progress.” Anita beckoned to a friend in the front row, again a mature woman of about 55 who came over accompanied by a very slender and attractive girl. The figure had soft hairless arms and legs, a sweet face with well-developed breasts; nipples pert and excited protruding through the fabric of her pink blouse. She was made to say hello, and curtsied effeminately, her voice soft and girly. She seemed extra excited to be confronted with a maid who was quite obviously a male in woman’s attire. Anita had her turn and lift her dress as she faced away. My cock pulsed at her shapely round bottom and soft white thighs. Anita smirked at my apparent approval.

“Now turn and show him your pussy Cindy.” Cindy giggled as she turned and then lifted her dress to reveal a tiny flaccid penis. The women all laughed as they witnessed my shock. Anita lifted the tiny penis with her cane; no scrotum was evident, this was no lady-boy, Cindy was all but a woman except for the one tiny detail. Anita withdrew the cane and looked down to the cowering male who was centre stage.

“Tonight someone else will begin their journey to womanhood. Men are so much better behaved the instant they have been neutered, and progress daily as hormone treatments are given. We always allow them to retain their cocks, so that they may enjoy the waning of their masculinity and be reminded that their purpose is to serve true women. Cindy here has learned to get enjoyment through servicing her mistress and is very popular at events such as this. She has learned to be obedient to all women, and has forgotten what it was like to be masculine.”

There was a hush when it was apparent that all guests had arrived. Suddenly there was a round of applause as a very elegant and shapely woman in a white latex nurse’s uniform, strutted smiling across from the back of the stage; she carried a tray on which were several hyperdermic syringes, scalpels and medical needles and thread. This was placed on a stand next to an array of padded benches. Wheeled mirrors were arranged so that proceedings could be seen by all from many angles. The naked wretch was led on all fours up a flight of steps to the stage and on to the benches; his cock and balls swinging as he progressed, accompanied by a slow hand clap from the crowd of watching eager women. Their pets arranged before them on their knees; I had a grandstand view, and Elaine sat behind me, holding my head to ensure I did not look away.

The whimpering male was asked by his smiling mistress if he knew why he was there and if he wanted to proceed. With a broken voice, he confirmed that he recognised he was a slave to his balls and wanted to give them up for his mistress, and for womanhood. This was greeted by cheers and a round of applause by the eager audience; some women comforted themselves with softly buzzing vibrators as they watched the spectacle unfold, others with previously treated pets like Cindy, enjoyed their pets services whilst they watched; the event having no impact on their slaves. Having agreed to continue, the male was laid out on a padded bench; his legs splayed up and apart in stirrups, his cock stiff and erect with excitement on having his wrists and ankles secured, then large belts were strapped round torso and thighs to prevent him bucking in ecstasy; there was no going back now. His mistress took her position behind the bench and smiled lovingly down at her pet as she grasped his erect cock. Anita now walked slowly up the steps to further cheers and applause from the watching women. She looked at the male without smiling.

“You have chosen to give up your manhood for your mistress and all women; you will be allowed the enjoyment of one final orgasm by the hand of your mistress, you will be injected so you feel no pain; the anaesthetic will be administered immediately and will take effect whilst you are being milked. When you have given up your cream for the final time, I shall have the pleasure of removing your balls.” A great cheer went up as Anita stood dominantly over the male and the smiling nurse gently lifted his ball-sack; his cock stiffened in his mistress’s grasp as the nurse lifted the first syringe for all to see, squirting a little of the contents in the air, mimicking the ejaculation which would shortly follow. She smiled all the more as she eased the needle into his sack, making him yelp, much to the delight of the audience. His mistress smiled and began to slowly stroke his eager erection; he now knew his balls were doomed and he was on his way to womanhood, he did not feel the second needle. As his mistress stroked longer and firmer, the nurse applied four more syringes; the women cheered and taunted as Anita lifted a vicious looking scalpel and showed it to him; this ensured he would come very shortly.

He began to pant and moan with pleasure as Anita deftly made preliminary cuts to his numb sack, he tried to hold back but could not escape the smile of his dominant mistress, the elegant nurse, and the leather clad dominatrix who would have his balls. Anita laughed and gave the encouragement that was needed.

“Give me your cream now! I am going to have your balls this instant!” She showed him the scalpel once more and smiled wickedly as she squeezed and pulled his balls up. His mistress stroked his rigid cock relentlessly, squeezing his bell-end as she smiled. He erupted in wave after wave of pure ecstasy as he shot generous loops of hot cream in the air; the women jeered and clapped as they waited for the crescendo, many moaning as slave and dildo did their jobs. Anita sneered down as she applied the scalpel swiftly and expertly on the male having shot his last. The women screamed and cheered as she lifted his severed balls and displayed the wicked trophy to the women.

The male whimpered a little as his mistress comforted him, whilst the nurse sutured his empty scrotum. His journey had begun and he would be as docile as a lamb for his mistress now. I was in shock as Elaine put her hand down to my panties; they were sodden with the pre-cum I had leaked.

“I think we may allow you to take this off tonight, we are going to have a little role-play with your balls.”…
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A Pet's Performance Part IV

In the pet's rooms...

After a short walk Tabitha showed off her little suite.

Anna was in awe of the game room with actual arcade machines including a wall of pinball games. At the other end of the room was a huge multi-screen video game set-up. 3 people could have their own space for any sort of game from playstation to x-box to Wii. A whole bunch of stuff she did not even recognize.

One whole room was her wardrobe. The girl had enough clothes to open a small shop. Dresses, shoes, A wall of cabinets for purses and accessories. Another fantasy come true for any girl. From this room Tabitha selected 2 outfits.

Then it was off to the showers. Anna's butt was sensitive and the water stung like crazy. When they got out Tabs gave her a couple of shots of a cooling spray. It both made her feel better and helped her skin return to normal.

They get back to find a table set up with various fruits along with a few cheeses. There was also a stunning array of exotic chocolates. He was sitting in his chair with fruit and cheese on his plate. The TV was on.

Anna was first entranced by the food and especially the chocolates but when she looked to the TV she froze and then had to remind herself to breath again. On the screen she saw herself twitch and writhe as the rod came down on her ass. A very clear image with very crisp sound. He was watching her when she looked over at him. She smiles softly if a little awkwardly.

"Chocolate!" the pet almost yells.

"Yes you did well today at the mall. So a reward is in order. You can have anything you wish of course Anna. You did well too."

Anna blushes at the compliment. Tabitha beams but then makes a beeline for the sweets. Grabbing a plate and piling a bunch of different types on it. Anna is a little more sensible and gets some of everything. Although she does try a few of the fruits she has never seen or tried before. He changes the TV to a music channel.

Eating is fun. The girls are barely dressed of course. Anna in basically a purple belly dancers outfit. But the panels of the outfit don't cover all that much and are transparent anyway. Under it she has a very tiny light purple thong. The pet going darker. Her outfit is mostly a web of straps and rings. Between some of the straps there is leather but not over anywhere important. Her breasts were nicely framed with metal rings above and below them. She has a tiny black thong. Her collar around her neck.

They eat and talk. They two girls cuddle on the couch to his left while the food is cleared away. The servants are silent and very efficient. By the time the room is clear and he is sipping at a glass on wine the girls have been whispering for some time.

He frowns just a little, "Might have to set a time limit on whispering. Don't like having to ask. But..." he turns to look at the girls, "What?"

They look at each other.

Tabitha is the bold one this time, "Well master we were just wondering how much Anna has to do to prove herself to you. She wants to stay and be your pet. You told me magic is forever unless it is broken or changed so can't she just stay like this? I really, really want her to."

He looks at them for a long moment.

"My pet you know I live by my own rules. My abilities make that very easy. I can do almost anything. Because of that I have always tried to draw a sharp line between what is right and what is not. Anna did not choose to fall under my spell. She would never have chosen that. The Anna you have in your arms now is my creation." he explains.

"I would have. If I had known. If I had not been afraid. Deep down I would have." Anna says passionately.

He tilts his head slightly. Shaking it slowly.

"Perhaps. And if that is true then when I remove the spell you will still stay won't you? Because now you do know."

Logic is kinda a bitch sometimes. Both girls frown. They look at each other. They do smile at his next words.

"But. We can stack the deck if you wish. I do not have to remove the spell tonight. You can stay until tomorrow evening. Then I will undo the magic and you can decide what you wish to do. That is if you can convince me you really mean it. I am not entirely convinced yet."

"Your wish is my command master. Anything you wish me to do I will do. Anything you wish to do to me you may. My body is yours. My mind is yours. And with each passing second it seems more of my soul is yours." Anna says clearly and with a lot of conviction.

"Yeah he does that. He takes everything. But then he gives... well everything." Tabitha giggles.

He stands up. Waving both of them to follow. They go deep into the house and then down a spiral staircase. A long set of black stairs. When they reach the bottom there is a huge wooden door. Carved and ornate. Dragons roar and claw along the outer edges.

The door swings silently open as they approach it.

"This door only opens for me. Works that way from both sides." he says as they walk into the huge room.

An oversized 4 poster bed is center and against the far wall. At the foot of the bed was a large circular pet-style bed in pink. The bed was done up in black. Very sturdy and somewhat ornate. A large cage sits in one corner. There is a large desk and tall black chair facing into the room. A couple of big overstuffed black leather chairs sit around the room. The center is open and carpeted. One wall is covered in closed cabinets. There is a bathroom visible through one door. Two more doors are closed.

The pet points as she talks. First to the little bed. Then to the cage. And finally to the big bed. She starts out with a very happy upbeat tone.

"When I am good I get to sl**p in my pretty pink bed. When I am bad I sl**p in my cage. When master is very pleased he lets me sl**p with him. I loooooove that. I sl**p in my own room when I am sick or... well if I am really bad and he does not want to even look at me." she finishes much quieter.

"Anna I will be blunt. I don't want another pet. Tabitha is all I need. But I can see how you could be both. Perhaps. You could be her handler. She would be yours in a way. You would fuck her, whip her, and do all the nasty things she loves so much. When I am not of course."

The pet drops to her hands and knees. She rests her face against Anna's leg. There is purring.

"But I should warn you. I rarely let other men touch her. That is a treat she almost never gets. But I have brought in many women. Some very skilled with other girls. Some very used to taking control and they did make her scream quite nicely. So you cannot just play with her. You have to take her. Make her yours. Convince me and yourself that this is what you want."

Anna reaches down to grab Tabs by her hair. She pulls her up and kisses her hard. Making her squirm with the pain from her hair and melt with the kiss and the dancing tongues.

"I understand master. May I begin?" Anna asks just a touch out of breath.

He climbs up onto the bed. Sitting up in the center a pile of pillows behind him.

"Yes. You will want to look in the first and third cabinets from the left. Use what you wish."

"Biggggggg....." the pet murmurs as she clings to Anna. Standing up and holding tight.

"What?" Anna asks confused.

"In 3. Go big please."

Anna walks the two of them over to the 1st cabinet. It swings open at a touch. Covering most of the height of the wall it contains a nice selection of items. A couple of whips but a full range of rods, paddles, straps, and a few things she does not even recognize. There are also a few different lengths and styles of leash. She takes a light chain. She also takes a 2" wide leather strap. Closing the cabinet she moves to the next.

It opens like the first. Where the first was about pain this one is about pleasure. The first was lined in red. This one in pink. There is a selection of strap on cocks. Vibrators. Plugs. Straps and harnesses that Anna does not understand. Objects she does not quiet understand.

The strapons have a strange fascination for both. Some distant part of Anna said 'no' but the rest of her feels a primal pull. A desire to step into the skin of the other sex. To be one of them for a while. For the pet they were all memories. Every one had been used on her including that insane scary one at the end. As much as she loved them all she really did not want that one right now.

Anna throw the strap over her shoulder. She clips the lead to the pet. "Down."

Tabitha drops to all fours eagerly. They walk to the nearest chair. Pulling on the chain the blonde puts the other girl's arms and face on the seat of the chair. Ass sticking out.

"So I guess I need to tell you what I want right? What I want is to prove to master that I won't hold back at all. To follow his example and find new things to do to you." Anna states as she swings the doubled up strap in her hands experimentally.

When she swings it down on the girl's butt it makes a pretty satisfying Smack! The pet flinches forward but pushes her ass out more a second later.

"I doubt I can match the creativity of the other women. But I know what I wanna do. Fuck you. I am going to pick out my cock and then use it on you. Constantly. You will be sucking on it or bouncing on it as often as possible. Before... before you two I did have one fantasy. Some shadowy man who would just appear and fuck me. Anywhere. Never even gave him a name. But at times I would just sit and think about it over and over. I am gonna be him. For you."

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.

She goes hard enough and fast enough that even the very used to being punished pet is having a hard time keeping her ass presented properly. Grunts of pain and long moans tumbling from her lips in a steady stream.

On the bed the master was a little impressed with Anna's plan. He drinks some wine and watches.

Tabitha eeeeppps in surprise when she is jerked off the chain by a hard pull on the chain. She wants to rub her sore bottom but she drops to the ground and follows. They go back to the open cabinet.

"So which one will be be? Go big huh? I would like to be able to be able to maybe sorta hide it under a pair of jeans. Except. I don't understand. Sir. I realize I don't know much about dicks but these all look well soft." she asks trying not to sound too ignorant.

Tabitha chuckles. He answers.

"Those are all very expensive. 4 buttons. Soft, full, hard and cum. As close to real as it gets. If you want to know how big they really are take them down and see." he explains with a small grin.

They were very expensive indeed but they made the illusion very real and that was all that mattered. For the next few minutes there is an almost intolerable amount of giggling. Anna decides to really take the choice seriously and starts with the first one. There are some ooohs and awws as she hits the first button and the small dick turns into a moderately thick 7". The next button makes it jut out from the harness with the same strength as a real one. She giggles about the last button only to be told.

"It won't have anything in it. Have to." giggle "load it with those silver things." Tabs explains.

The last 3 were all judged as more than Anna wanted although the pet seemed a little disappointed. Anna jerks on the chain.

"Hey! It's my dick bitch. Quiet." she orders in a mildly harsh voice.

"Sorry.... um.... ma'am."

In the end Anna selects a cock that goes out to a good long 8". A very thick slab. She strips out of her outfit and the pet helps her get into it. The straps fit very well and secure very solidly. When Anna reaches down to gave the foreign member it feels very connected to her. Sitting high on her pussy too. The back side of the harness a very soft material that conforms to her body. She pumps the cock and sighs. Ok that feels gooood.

Pressing the second button the cock gets nearly it's full length. A jerk on the chain and the pet has both hands and her lips around it.

Anna feels... powerful. Different... again. She looks over at the man on the bed.

"Can we use your bed master? For the first time." she asks suddenly feeling a touch shy.

He considers that for a moment and nods. The pet is hauled up. Hands not actually leaving the very real feeling cock. The hands do let go when her new handler pushes her the rest of the way onto the bed. The other girl jumps on her. Landing on her ass.

"Didn't think I was going to be all romantic did you pet?" the blonde asks

She presses a button and the cock gets a little thicker and a lot stiffer. Just like a man's at full arousal. Rampant and wanting. Anna grabs the pet's thighs and pushes them apart a little. Tilting her own body and shifting down to point the tip of the cock down. Trying to think of what little she has actually seen of sex.

Anna does well enough. Finding the other girl's wet pussy and pushing into her. Rewarded for her efforts with a deep groan. It is a very big piece of meat and the pet is a small girl. Anna leans forward supporting herself on both arms as she starts to roll her hips. Each time going in deeper.

She finds it easy to drop into a steady rhythm. The girl below pushing back. There is a twisting mix of pleasure and pain inside Tabitha. The cock pulls and almost tears her it is so big. But it also scraps the gspot and that is getting her hotter with each stroke. When she pulls herself down as Anna goes up she grinds her crotch into the blanket.

There is a soft chorus of ooooos and little sighs. The pet's body adjusts. Pleasure takes over. Anna goes faster. She looks up at what she hopes will be her new master. He seems to approve. Sipping from his glass of red wine.

"oh fuck yeah." is one of the somewhat coherent things that makes it out of the pet's mouth. She is drooling on the bed a little.

"You like that pet?" Anna asks.

"Ooooooooooohhhh yesssssssssss."

"So you are going to worship my new dick? Suck and fuck and do everything I tell you?"


Anna is fucking her really hard now. Driving her down into the bed. Smacking her ass with slaps of her hand now and then. The little butt is nicely red from the strap and each slap does bring a howl of pain. But mostly they both breath harder and moan a lot. The pressure back against the blonde's crotch really pushing her as fast as the fat fake cock with pushing the other girl.

The new arrival was obsessed with making both of them cum now. The feeling of control totally new but she liked it. Her way. After his always. But her fucking way. Her new pet was going to spend a lot of time just bent over getting fucked. And the list of things she was going to squirt into her mouth as cum was growing. Nothing too gross but a lot of very inventive ideas.

Someone, probably a woman, once said that if cocks shot out chocolate no man would ever be in need of a blowjob. Her's probably could she giggled to herself.

Under her Tabitha grips the blanket hard in both fists. Her breathing nothing less than a hard a****l-like panting. Thrusting back hard against Anna.

The two cum one after the other. The pet first with a loud howl than winds down into a sort of mewing sound as she grinds. Anna is gasping and just freezes for a split second and then explodes. Fucking hard and seeing flashes of light the pleasure is so intense.

The blonde slumps down across the pet. Both lay panting and lightly nuzzling against each other.

"Nice start." he says dryly.

Anna shakes her head and climbs off Tabs. The cock comes out of the girl with a slurp. There are some snapping sounds as the harness is unhooked. Reaching down she grabs the pet by the hair. Anna moves right next to him. Laying back on the pillows and pulling the other girl down between her legs. The pet needs no orders and starts to lick her wet pussy.

"Thank you master. That was amazing." Anna says with a bit of pleasurable sigh in her voice.

She looks down. He is wearing very light silk pants. His cock a long visible lump along his leg. She smiles an impish smile. He follow her gaze and looks back up at her.

"I said nice start." with a hint of chuckle.

Tabitha presses her face hard against the wet slit. Thrusting her tongue in as deep as possible. Anna strokes her head as she works.

"You know I will keep her busy master. Do you have any other reason to doubt me?"

"I don't doubt you. It is not that at all."

"Then what?"

"I like you far too much. Tabs is a pet. She lives to serve and I love her for that. I want her because she gave herself to me. She knows her place. Knows what she cannot do. It is natural for us it seems."

He rolls on his side and reaches over to pull the pet by the collar. She resists until she is well away from the pink slit. She ends up just off to Anna's side.

"Rub your little pussy and watch pet." he orders and she nods.

Rolling on her back grabbing a few pillows. She spreads her legs which are pointed in their direction. Bending her knees to get closer. He moves above Anna. Hand between her legs. Fingers moving slowly.

"You little girl are different. Dangerous. I like you. Too much. Right at this moment I have to take you. You will challenge me. I am not used to that and it can get old."

He moves directly over her and his cock finds his desired target. When he penetrates her she sighs in happiness. She feels alive and every touch is electric now. After the rush of fucking the pet she suddenly feels very much like a girl again. A different primal feeling as his manhood fills hers. The weight of his body on hers both a cage and home.

Tabitha has a huge smile on her face. Her hand a blur between her legs. So charged up she is cumming and shaking in a couple of minutes. Watching her master fuck her new handler made her so hot it was almost frightening. The truth was Tabitha was always in heat. Granted living with him had brought it out completely but it did not start with him.

As a teen she had discovered her oral fixation. Picking up quite the reputation but she went through a lot of boys. Seeing her disappear with some guy at a party and then seeing them come back 20 minutes later was common. The guy with a dopey smile on his face. Her looking pleased. She lost track at the number of cocks she sucked when she hit 100.

She did not have sex until she was 18 and that was with a girl. But through it all she was horny. All the time. Going to the girl's bathrooms to rub her pussy hard and fast before someone came in. Locking her door at home and riding her toys all night long. Her body reacted fast to almost anything sexual. She came hard and long. Had to work really hard to keep quiet. Usually she was very loud.

So now she explodes again. Groaning... loudly. Anna lost in what he is doing to him. Her legs locked around his waist. The view from the pet's angle very graphic and erotic.

As the feelings build and he knows he cannot hold back he kisses his new toy hard. Capturing her lips and chasing her tongue. Almost lashing it into submission. The smack together harder and there is a groan that seems to come from both. The pet watches as they both explode at the same time. The almost frantic grinding and the kiss that does not seem to end.

The pet cums again. Adding her growls of pleasure to the mix.

They slow.

He unhooks her legs and falls over onto his back. They all lay and breath. Anna shifts her hand to touch his thigh. The pet extends her legs. Her foot on the back of the blond's calf.

"Both of you on all fours right here." he says patting the bed next to him.

Both girls move a little slow at first. There is some bumping but both end up close to him side by side.

"I am pleased. Tomorrow I have to go out a hour after breakfast. You two will have much of the day to yourself. I will be switching on all the house camera's so I expect a good show. Now pet take her to your bed and lets all get some sl**p."

He leans up and kisses each on the forehead. They scamper down the end of the bed and crawl down into the soft pink circle. It is set high enough off the floor that he can see them when he is sitting up even a little. He watches as they wrap around each other. Cuddling up in the little space.

Tomorrow they would find out.

He realized how much he wanted her to stay. So much that if he had not already pronounced what would happen he knew he would never remove the spell. But once he had spoken on something he was loath to go back on it. Being moral had come back to bite him on the ass he snorted lightly as he closed his eyes.


Has it only been one day?

Seems... longer.

He sighs and drifts.

I may be in trouble here.

He chuckles and falls asl**p.
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Seven

Having fully asserted her dominance over me, Elaine soothed my glowing arse with the antiseptic cold cream and told me how she was pleased with me thus far. She allowed me beneath the black silk sheets and made me watch as she stripped completely naked. She took delight in parading her shapely mature body before me; my cock raged in its confinement as I viewed her glorious curves, ample arse and full breasts, which sagged only a little, somehow enhancing her sexuality. She was a very sexy woman and knew it. She smiled at me as she took a thin patent leather belt which she buckled about her waist; I noticed this had two loops at the rear. Elaine climbed into bed with me, taking my leash and tying it to the loops, loosely at first.

“I can adjust this to the required length, when I’ve finished with you comforting me, I shall draw it tight, you’ll sl**p with you face close to the bottom of your mistress; you will take in the scent of the woman who owns you, even as you sl**p.” She then embraced me and our lips met; my arse clenched at the plug and my cock bulged in its cage; this new soft pleasure toyed with my emotions, I was not sure how to feel, but enjoyed her warm affection; Elaine intended to own me completely. She had me lick her breasts and nipples which stood proud, then allowed me down to her sex. Her sweet scent alone had my cock trying to burst free, her divine taste as I licked the soft clefts and lips of her pussy made me yearn for relief; the Viagra still having an effect despite the rigours my balls had been through. Elaine came with some satisfaction, shuddering with pleasure at being serviced by her new acquisition.

I was made to thank her for being allowed to lick her, and then she had me move a little lower in the bed before turning and nestling her beautiful rear toward my face, pulling the leash tight in the loops. She giggled as she bent her body slightly, allowing my nose access to her sweet button. I viewed her ample rear and inhaled deeply, taking in her feminine scent for as long as I could, before the soft comfort of the bed made me close my eyes. My cock pulsated in its cage and the plug squirmed in my rectum with the slightest motion. I now knew I was well and truly owned by a woman, and the Viagra had me dreaming of the dress, shoes and wig, and the haughty and superbly dominant Anita; what would I witness whilst enduring my own humiliation?

As soon as I awoke, Elaine led me to the en-suite bathroom and sat me down on the toilet to ensure I could pee whilst wearing the cage.

“You’ll get used to sitting like a girl; you will need to because you can no longer aim.” I found my piss dribbled out from the slot at the front of the cage, so I would have to sit, else have run down my legs. I was allowed to ease the plug out whilst I did what was necessary at the rear; it hung from the ring about my cock. I was allowed to shower, and after I dried off, Elaine took great pleasure in helping me ease the plug back in. I was then taken downstairs for breakfast. Shortly after we had eaten, the doorbell rang and I was sent, still naked, to answer the door. Hortense grinned and walked straight past me as I opened the door.

“Follow me! We have to get you ready!” I watched her as she strutted down the hall; she looked absolutely stunning, her buxom figure in a tight pencil skirt, accentuating the beautiful round arse I had lovingly worshipped the night before, her full figure balancing on the tallest stilettos I had ever seen, a tight white silk blouse doing the same for her breasts, and sexy red lipstick with her hair in a pony-tail. She wore skin tight black leather gloves which completed the picture of a confident and dominant woman. I followed meekly to the room where we had been last night; Elaine was there already, smiling victoriously in anticipation of the humiliation I was to endure. She had taken some other items from a draw. The two women giggled as they began to prepare me. Elaine commented on Hortense’s appearance.

“You look very nice; when we’ve dressed him, I’ll go and put my outfit on. You can get him used to his new shoes.” The women giggled as they began the task of feminizing me for the first time; they quickly ran an electric shaver up my legs to remove the obvious long hairs, and then had me slip on some red silk panties. My emotions were mixed as the two dominant women took control of me, I dare not protest and my cock bulged in the cage at the feel of the soft panties; my arse tingled as I saw the obvious enjoyment the two women got in humiliating me. I was truly their pet and nothing more. They hummed contentedly as I was fitted with a garter belt and black stockings were slipped over my now smooth legs. I was adorned with a padded bra which felt very uncomfortable before the frilly French maids outfit was put on me. Elaine and Hortense clapped their hands with delight after I had been fitted with the tight stilettos and I was then made to look into a full length mirror; the two ensuring to flank me, grinning with pleasure as I viewed myself as a woman for the first time. My cock pulsed uncontrollably as I thought of what other males and females would think; I looked and felt very feminine. The outfit was completed with the application of the long wig and a ‘dolly’ mask to hide the obvious masculinity of my facial features. I was pleased at this as it saved some of my shame in hiding my identity, allowing me to indulge in a new and curious erotic feeling; to my horror, I was beginning to enjoy the humiliation.

Elaine came down after preparing herself, to find Hortense looking very pleased with herself, having instructed me on how to walk like a woman and being pleasantly surprised with the results. If Hortense had looked stunning, I was positively breathless at Elaine; she too was a picture of dominance in a tight business skirt and black blouse; her red hair in a bun, giving her an air of strictness and severity. My collar and leash were re-applied, in confirmation of Elaine’s ownership of me, to add to the eroticism of my new circumstances, the red silken panties already felt cool as the breeze met with the wet patch; my cock dribbling pre-cum as it pulsed in the plastic cage.

The women smiled as they led me through a side door to a car in the drive. I was sat in the rear with my mistress and felt all too comfortable; the black leather seats feeling soft through the thin stockings I wore. Elaine carried a small riding crop which she rested on my lap, to remind me of my position. The tinted windows of the vehicle obscured the view of would-be onlookers, though did not obscure my view of the world I used to know. Elaine seemed to sense this and lifted my frills to expose my ensnared cock.

“This is your life now. Your only purpose is to serve womanhood, and what you witness today will help you enjoy what you have at the moment. You will see what it is to be crushed into submission and truly serve womanhood.” Hortense laughed wickedly at Elaine’s words as we drove down a long driveway to a huge detached house, outside which were parked many fancy vehicles; I was amazed at some of the people I saw arriving there…
... Continue»
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Sparrow spend the summer with her DAD

Sparrow Salvatore was looking forward to a great summer. Over half of
it she was going to spend with her father, in his apartment on the beach in
Florida. That sounded like great fun, to her. She'd bought a half-dozen
swimsuits, and all kinds of other clothes, in preparation for the visit.
She was a little excited to see her dad, she hadn't seen him in almost a
year, and hadn't stayed with him in three or four. She felt like she would
get a chance to re-acquaint herself with him, after all this time.

Her mom and dad had split up when she was only six or seven, and her dad
had traveled for a while, after that. Plus, him and her mom had departed
on less-than-friendly terms, and her mom had done all she could to
discourage Sparrow from seeing him. Sparrow had finally seen through that,
and now pretty much ignored her mom's barbed comments and silly
suggestions, where he was concerned. She loved her father, and wanted to
see him. And getting to live on the beach? That was just icing on the

The plane trip was exciting, if a little nerve-wracking. She finally
walked down the ramp, and there he was. He looked good, fit and tanned,
wearing a polo shirt and Bermuda shorts. She felt overdressed. He grabbed
her and hugged her, and she kissed him on the lips. She was honestly glad
to see him.

They picked up her suitcases, and he led her out into the parking lot.
Shit, she thought, he has a nice car. She was hoping for some driving
lessons from him, in less than a year she'd be getting her license. That
would be funner than ever, in this car.

He took her through town, the scenic route, showing her everything. She
fell in love with the city, and they finally stopped at one of his favorite
restaurants for dinner. She was shocked at the prices, but it didn't seem
to bother him a bit. She knew he was loaded, anyway. Just the money he
sent her mom astounded Sparrow. And he must make lots more than that, to
live like this, she thought.

They finally pulled up in front of his building, and parked in the
basement. He waved to a boy in a blue suit, and the boy brought a trolley
and got Sparrow's suitcases loaded on them. This was like a motel, Sparrow
thought. They went up the elevator to the twenty first floor, almost to
the top. He unlocked his door, and she entered, excited to see his place.

It was smaller than she thought it would be, but it was still the
coolest thing ever, she thought. One bedroom, a large living room/dining
room/kitchen combo, and, of course, a bathroom. She wondered what he paid
a month for it. She figured it was a high number.

He rolled the trolley into his bedroom, and piled her stuff on the bed,
and took the trolley back out into the hall. When he returned, she turned
to him.

"Daddy... where are you gonna sl**p?" she asked, honestly curious.

"Don't worry 'bout me, I'll sl**p on the couch. I'll be gone most
mornings before you get up anyway, it won't matter..."

"Oh, daddy, you don't have to give up your bedroom, I can sl**p on the
couch!" she said, feeling bad for him.

"No, I insist. It's just for the summer, remember." he smiled at her,
and she knew that the matter was decided. She hesitantly nodded.

"Hey," he said. "Put on some shorts, or, hell, a swimsuit, and we'll
walk the beach. It'll be dark in an hour, but we can make it to the
boardwalk in just a few minutes and see the arcades and stuff. Remember
how much you used to love that stuff at Myrtle?"

She laughed. He'd taken her to Myrtle Beach the first few summers after
he'd split with her mom, and they'd had a lot of fun. Maybe this will be
like that, she mused. Like old times.

He got a change of clothes out of the closet, and disappeared. She shut
the door and changed into the swimsuit she liked the most, a white
one-piece that was almost a thong in the back. She thought it felt sexy
the way it fit up into her butt-crack, and she'd already worn in around the
house under her clothes, trying to break it in.

She finally left the room, and wandered into the living room. He came
from the kitchen, and stopped and stared at her.

"Damn, girl," he finally said, and she giggled shyly.

"What," she finally said.

"Nothin'..." he said. "Just... I guess little Sparrow has grown up..."

"Daddy!" she said. "You know I have. I been grown up for a while now,
you just haven't been around to see it."

That seemed to make him sad and pensive, not what she'd intended.

"Darling..." he finally said. "I know that's true, and it breaks my
heart. We got a lot of time to make up, this summer. And I promise not to
ever miss a single time with you again."

She instinctively went to him and hugged him. They stood for a while,
in each others arms, and she felt his hands on her waist. She smelled his
familiar smell, his deodorant or after-shave or something, a smell she
remembered from her earliest memories. She closed her eyes and just leaned
on him, and he held her.

They finally separated, and he led her out in the hall, and locked the
door. She went into the elevator first, and when the door closed, she
could see him frowning in the mirrored wall.

"What, daddy?" she said, laughing.

"Nothing," he replied. "Just... that suit... it doesn't hide much, in
the back..."

She laughed again, and turned her butt to face him. He shied away from
it, and made a an anti-vampire cross with his fingers. She giggled again.

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to see that much of your butt," he said.
"You are going to drive the boys crazy wearing that."

"Daddy," she finally blushed. "It's nothing compared to what I'm sure
we'll see on the beach. It's not even really a thong."

"Yeah, I know..." he sighed. "It was different in the old days. You
got to be surprised when you unwrapped the prize, back then. Now, it's all
out in the open, up front."

She giggled some more. "Dad," she finally said. "You're a guy. You
like it. You like getting to see girl's butts. Admit it."

"Oh, I freely admit it," he said. "I just said it was different. I
didn't say it was better."

She giggled some more, and shook her head. She freely accepted that her
dad had a sex life, she was glad for him. She'd met one or two of his
girlfriends, even, over the years. They were usually younger than he was,
and highly attractive. She knew how guys were. She figured he even stared
at the teeny-boppers, on the beach.

"Dad..." she thought this might be a good time to approach a subject
that she'd thought about a lot, over the last month or two.

"Yes, darling?" he gave her his attention.

"Is there... anywhere around here... is there a nude beach?"

He got a funny look on his face. She held back a giggle.

"Why, yes," he said, though. "Just a mile south of here. Dusty Beach.
I gotta admit, Sparrow, I've been there a time or two myself. Why, do you
wanna go?"

Well, now she was the nonplussed one. Her dad had been to a nude beach?
She had a hard time imagining that, for some reason. He was hip and cool,
but still... her dad? Nude? That would require some thought, later.

"Uhm... I thought about it, I dunno... I have a suit that's... a
little more revealing than this one... I might go there in it..."

"Well, ahem," he said, and about that time the elevator door finally
opened. "Darlin', just let me know, I'll drop you off there whenever."

"Okay, thank you daddy," she said, kind of miffed that he'd upstaged her
by admitting that he'd been there himself. She wondered if he'd gone
nude... what would be the point of going to a nude beach, though,
otherwise? Just to look at the girls? Wouldn't that be a bit obvious, for
a guy, though? Not as obvious if he were naked...

They walked down the walkway to the water. She took off her sandals and
he carried them. They headed south, and soon were at the boardwalk. They
had a fun evening, playing in the arcade, finally walking down to the the
end of the dock and looking out over the water as night fell.

They had held hands most of the evening, and finally he crowded close to
her and put his arm around her waist. He whispered a few silly things in
her ear, and she laughed.

"Those boys were really checkin' you out," he said. "Especially as we
walked away."

She giggled. She'd seen them, too. Sparrow knew she had a nice ass.
Well, she knew she had a nice body, period. She was stacked. Her waist
was slim and attractive, and her bust was comfortably large-ish, she
thought. Not grossly large, but just right. She was pleased with how her
body had turned out. She'd been a gawky, knock-kneed k**, but she'd
matured into a well-proportioned, beautiful young woman. She had no real
body image issues, she was very pleased with her body.

She was comfortable, in his arm. She knew he looked considerably
younger than his thirty-five years, and she wondered if people that saw him
would realize he was her dad. We could be a couple, honestly, she thought,
and it secretly pleased her. She would be proud to have him for a
boyfriend, she thought. Or a lover. Well, she'd at least be proud for it
to appear that way, she thought.

That first night they stayed up late, and sat on the couch and talked.
He'd turned out the lights, and the dark ocean spread out before them, lit
occasionally by the lights on ships moving through the darkness. It was
beautiful, Sparrow thought.

She wiggled her way down the couch next to him, and cuddled up on his

"Thank you, daddy, for letting me spend the summer with you. This is
going to be the funnest summer ever, I think."

"Me too, darling, me too. I hope you understand I will have to work,
some. But I'll try to do everything you want me to. Just ask, darling,
just ask. Don't ever be afraid to ask. Just like you did with that nude
beach thing."

She giggled. "Daddy..." she said, wanting to know. "Daddy, did you go
naked on the beach? Did you... let it all hang out?"

He laughed, almost embarrassed. "Yes, I gotta admit... and it was very
enjoyable, the freedom of it... it's kind of habit forming... I still go
quite often. I went yesterday afternoon, in fact, before I picked you up."

"Shit," she said, trying to imagine him walking about the beach naked.
She tried to think of when she'd ever seen him naked, but she couldn't
remember a time.

"Watch your mouth, dirty bird," he said, laughing, and saying something
she used to say to him when he cussed. She sighed, and burrowed under his
arm, happy to just be with him. He was soft and warm. Well, really he was
hard and warm. He just felt good to her.

When she got up the next morning he was gone, and she puttered around,
fixed some toast, and finally put on her skimpiest swimsuit, the one she'd
talked about yesterday. She wanted to get a good start on her tan, and
this was the suit for it. She was looking for beach towels when she heard
the door.

"Hi, darlin'," he said. His eyes widened as he saw what she was
wearing. It was a true thong, just a little string of dental floss ran up
the back, and of course it was buried in her ass crack. She laughed
self-consciously, and felt the need to explain.

"I was just going to get some sun on the beach," she said. "Where are
the towels?"

He fetched her a beach towel, and told her that there was a tanning area
on top of the building, if she didn't want to walk down to the beach.
That's where I usually go, he said.

"Yes, that would be cool," she said. "Will you come?"

"Sure," he said. "But I don't want to elbow in on all your time here."

"Oh, you won't be," she said. "Please. I'll wait on you. Get ready."

He disappeared into the bedroom, and quickly returned with a pair of
shorts on. He got another towel, and they climbed two flights of stairs to
the roof. He was right, there was a nice area set aside, with a few dozen
recliners. They settled into a pair, nodding to the half-dozen or so folks
already there.

"Darlin'..." her dad said, and she turned to him

"I don't intend on getting in your way, this summer. I know you're a
pretty-much grown-up young lady, and who knows, you might even meet a boy
or two you like here. Please, tell me if I'm ever cramping your style, or
however you say it. Know what I mean?"

"Daddy!" she laughed. "I will. But I know you won't. And I've got a
boyfriend at home, I'm not in the market, not for that. I'd almost rather
make some girl friends, than get into a mess like that."

"I understand. But, seriously. I know there'll be times when you want
to go off by yourself, don't let me get in your way. I know you're a big
girl now, and you can take care of yourself."

"I'm not that big, daddy, I'm barely fifteen. I can't even drive yet."

"Yes, well. You know what I mean."

They passed the afternoon in more small talk, catching up on the last
few years. He was interested in her stories about her mom, and she told
him everything, the good and the bad. They both laughed at her mom's silly
life, her way of screwing up every good thing that ever happened, and her
way of blaming everyone else for her problems. He was glad the girl had
turned out so level-headed, in spite of it, in spite of his crazy ex. More
and more his worries and fears about her were turning out to be unfounded.
Good thing, that.

They finally went back to the room, and she put on shorts and a t-shirt.
He put on a shirt as well, and they went to the cafeteria and had a nice

"Well, darlin'," he said, "I've got some charts to go over. You find
something to amuse yourself, and we'll catch back up this evening. Maybe
we'll go to the mall or something tonight, get you some clothes or
something. Or any bathroom stuff you need."

She changed suits, back to the one-piece, and put some cut-offs on over
it. She took off down the beach, headed down towards the arcade, but for
some reason when she got there, she headed on south. She was idly
wondering where the nude beach was, she'd gathered from what he'd said that
it was in this direction. To her great satisfaction she finally saw a sign
warning her that naked people might be ahead of her. She kept going, and
finally passed through a gate, and sure enough, for the first time, she set
foot on a nude beach. She noticed immediately a lot of the girls were
simply topless, so she stopped, and pulled the arm straps of her suit down
her shoulder, and let the whole thing just dangle from her waist. She felt
a great satisfaction of being topless, and she felt daring. Daring, and
sexy. She knew she had nice breasts, and she was not afraid in the
slightest of showing them off.

That quickly, two boys crossed her path, and she almost felt an almost
physical touch as their eyes gazed at her tits. Oh, this is fun, she
thought. She almost felt a touch again as an older man stared at her, and
she giggled to herself, thinking perv alert! She stopped, and thought for
a minute, and retracted that, deciding there was nothing pervy about an old
man staring at a nice pair of tits like hers. It was natural, basically.
She realized with a shock that she'd been staring just as hard at these
men's penises. So far, though, she hadn't seen one that made a major
impression on her. She had the internet in her bedroom at home, and she'd
looked at a thousand dicks, over the last few years, some of pretty sizable
dimensions. She hoped to see a few like that here, although she realized
that monsters were pretty rare. She spent thirty minutes going down the
beach to the end, walking out in the water, and then back to where she
started from.

Two boys stopped for a while and chatted with her, and one of them had a
interesting penis. She had to try hard and not stare. He was
uncircumcised, and the little tube of flesh at the end of his cock
fascinated her. She realized it was getting smaller and smaller, and his
cock was growing larger. Oh, shit, she thought, he'd getting hard. She
wondered if she was doing that to him. That really turned her on.

The guys finally broke it off and left, she figured because both of them
were getting hard. Am I that sexy? she thought, laughing to herself. She
was glad she was a girl, and didn't have that problem. She did realize,
though, that her nipples were harder than shit. She was pretty turned on.
Even her pussy felt wet and juicy. She just laughed at herself, and
finally started the long walk back to the apartment, remembering to put her
top back on when she left the nude part of the beach.

She went back up on the roof, and spent the rest of the afternoon up
there, soaking up the sun. Luckily, she had a small bottle of sunscreen in
her pocket. Finally, at about what she figured was dinnertime, she went
down to the apartment.

Her dad was on the phone at the kitchen table, with papers spread all
around. He was glad to see her, and wound up his conversation. He asked
about her day, and she told him, except, for some reason she left out the
part about going to the nude beach. She just told him she'd walked to the

They got in the car, and went downtown in search of food. After some
enjoyable junk food, they went to Walley-world and bought Sparrow yet
another swimsuit, and a few more shorts, and some bathroom stuff.

Back home again, and Sparrow settled in front of the big-screen, and
thumbed through the channels. To her great surprise, she found a porn

"Daddy!" she called out, giggling. He was in the bedroom, but he came
at her call, and she was tickled to see him get all embarrassed.

"Well, yes," he said, "I noticed that too, it's on the line-up but I
didn't order it and I don't pay for it. Must be a mistake."

"Yeah, yeah," she giggled, staring at the screen. A man with an
enormous dick was getting a blow-job from a woman. She wondered how many
guys out there had big dicks like that, and where they hid. She certainly
hadn't seen any of them today, at the beach. Just teeny weenies. She knew
size wasn't everything... but still... just something cool about a really
big dick. She realized she was wondering what one like that would feel
like in her mouth. Oh, really, she thought, laughing at herself.

The next day her dad worked most of the day. She explored some more,
going the other direction, and seeing what was that way. She spent some
more time sunning, and finally, late that afternoon she made her way back
to the apartment. He was done, and they tried to think of something to do
that evening.

"I know," she said, feeling wicked. "Let's go to the nude beach!"

He got a funny look on his face.

"Darling..." he finally said. "How about if I just drop you off there?"

"No!" she said stubbornly. Suddenly it was an issue with her. She
wanted their little f****y to be cool and hip enough to do things like that
together. This will be too cool, she thought. He'll see me and I'll see
him, and we'll be okay with it. We'll survive. We are a modern f****y of
the 2000's. We can survive nudity.

"Come on, Daddy," she said. "It'll be fun. We're both grownups, like
you said. Come on!"

"Well, shit," he finally said. "Okay, if that's what you really want."

"Yes," she said. "That's what I really want."

He disappeared in the bedroom and put his trunks on, and they went down
the elevator and walked south along the sidewalk. They made small talk,
but Sparrow was secretly gloating to herself. I'm gonna see my dad naked,
she thought, and he's gonna see me. This will be cool.

After ten minutes they saw the "naked people" sign, and Sparrow
remembered to pretend like she hadn't already been there before. They went
through the gate, and she thought, now. The moment of truth.

"Well," said her dad, "Let's find some chairs."

They found a couple of unused recliners, and she dropped her towel on
them. She had already checked out all the people around her, lots of foxy,
tight hardbodies, and a few fatties. No giant penises, sadly. The quest
must continue, she thought.

She stripped her top down, and kicked her suit off. Damn, she thought,
being naked feels good. She wondered if anybody was watching her, thinking
about her. How can you be naked and not think of sex? she thought. The
two are inseparable. Or they were to her.

She was aware of her dad moving around beside her, as she arranged her
chair. She quickly ran her hands over her body, feeling her hard nipples,
and she squeezed and pinched them, hoping somebody was watching. She hoped
it looked sexy. She turned, and saw two women sitting up and watching her.
No, she realized, they weren't watching her, they were watching her dad.
Watching him, and whispering among themselves. Crazy snoopy bitches, she

She turned to him to say something, and all rational thought fled from
her mind.

He dad stood there, facing her. He had just finished adjusting the
chair, and he stood up as he prepared to lay down on it.

Holy goddam jeezus fucking goddam shit, Sparrow thought, her mind in
overload. She stared at her dad. Fucking goddam shit, she thought again.

Her dad had the biggest cock she'd ever seen. Well, she'd only seen a
dozen or so of them here, for real, here on the beach. She'd seen
thousands on the internet, though, and her dad's, soft, was as big as any
of them. Bigger than some of them hard, even. And his balls! she
thought. Damn. Those things hung down, over half as long as his dick. He
had nice fat balls, she thought.

Shit fucking fire, she thought. All that time, all that looking, and
there it was, all the time. Right there. Shit. She knew, deep inside,
she knew that her life would not be complete until she saw her dad with a
hard-on. She wondered if she could get some foxy girls to come talk to
him, if it would get hard. She wondered, and shocked herself, if she could
get it hard. Surely, she thought, surely I turn him on a little.

Sparrow was a girl, and didn't know her inches and feet that well, but
she figured that, soft, his weenie was hanging down at least eight inches.
She tried to calculate how long it would get when it was hard, but she
didn't know the multiplier. Damn, she thought, damn. This is gonna be one
hell of a summer. Goddam. Hangin' out at the nude beach with my
big-dicked dad. Fuck.

He finally noticed her standing there staring, and it seemed to
embarrass him a little. He finally sat down, and let his dick fall down
between his legs. He smiled at her, a tight little smile, and she smiled
back. She wanted bad to say something about his monster, but she didn't.
Pace yourself, she thought. Pace yourself.

They sat, and soaked up the sun for a while. Sparrow noticed with
amusement that the two women she'd noticed earlier got up and walked by
them. Then they walked back by. She knew they were staring at her dad's
penis. He's mine, bitches, she thought.

Why the fuck did Mom kick his ass out? she wondered. With a hunk of
meat like that... where would she find something better? She reminded
herself again that size wasn't everything. Still... goddam, she thought.
Goddam. My dad is a b**st. A fucking b**st.

She turned to speak to him, and he was looking right at her. Right at
her tits. Oh shit, sorry, she thought. He looked away, embarrassed. You
can look, she thought. Please. Please look.

"Daddy, I'm gonna get a coke. You want something?" He ordered a coke,
and gave her five, and she set off down the beach, looking for a
refreshment stand. She got two cans of Pepsi, and returned. Shit, you
bitch, she thought. A woman was standing next to her dad, talking to him.
He's mine, bitch, she thought, amused at how possessive she felt.

"Sparrow, this is Virginia, a friend of mine," her dad said, introducing
them. The woman nodded, and Sparrow nodded back.

"Pleased to meet you. Your dad talks about you constantly," the woman
said, and Sparrow giggled. The woman pulled a recliner over, and placed it
next to her dad's. Sparrow, on impulse, turned hers around, so her head
was at her dad's feet. She gave him his Pepsi, and lay back down. Ha ha,
she thought, she could look right up his legs, and see his monster dick.
She remembered she had sunglasses perched on her head, and she placed them
over her eyes, so he couldn't tell she was looking at him. His dick seemed
a little bigger, now, and she wondered if it was because of the other
woman. The woman did have incredible tits, and Sparrow wondered if they
were real or not. And shaved, she was shaved smooth. That looked kind of
sexy, and Sparrow decided right then to shave herself tonight. Hairy
pussies are so old-school, she thought. Shave that shit.

They sat and talked, well, Sparrow mostly just sat and listened. She
realized from the conversation that her dad and this woman knew each other
pretty well. Well, she thought, that's no big deal, he had a life before I
came. I understand. She wasn't even really jealous. She wondered if the
two of them had ever had sex.

Virginia finally excused herself, and left. The day progressed. The
hot sun felt so good on her, Sparrow thought. She could lay here forever.
She checked out her dad's dick, for the hundredth time. It had gone back
to it's original size. Something needs to happen, she thought. That baby
needs some exercise.

Sparrow had to tee-hee-hee when she realized that another woman was also
cock-watching her dad. The woman was standing right behind him, pretending
to look out over the water, but Sparrow saw her eyes return again and again
to her dad's penis. Look but don't touch, she thought, giggling. She
realized that she was going to just simply have to talk to him about this,
tonight. Dad, you have a big cock, she wanted to say. Not really, she'd
have to be much more subtle about it. She didn't want to embarrass him, it
was just that... for some reason, she really wanted him to know that she'd
noticed it. That she was impressed, and proud of him. My dad, she
thought, the biggest cock on the block.

She pulled a tube of suntan lotion from her bag, and was suddenly seized
with a wild, sexy idea.

"Daddy, would you put this on my back?" she said, turning over and
laying the recliner all the way down. She held the tube out to him.

She almost thought for a moment he wasn't going to do it. Finally he
grimaced, and stood, and went around to the side of her chair. He said
gingerly, taking the tube, and squeezed some out on her back. He carefully
rubbed it in, and it felt good just to feel his hands on her hot flesh.

"Uhmmm," she said, sighing with pleasure. It always felt good to be
touched. And he had strong hands. She decided she would ask him for a
back rub tonight.

"There you go," he said. There we don't go, she thought.

"Daddy, you barely got started," she said. "Do my hips and butt and
legs, too. The sun is going to get me everywhere, you need to do it
everywhere." And then, she thought, then I'm going to roll over.

He sighed, and finally she felt him squirting more out of the tube, on
her lower back. Ha ha, she thought, I got you now. Let's see what you're
made of. If you can stand to feel a sexy young girl, even your own
daughter, and not get a boner. Let's just fucking see. She turned her
head and lay it down, closing her eyes until she could just barely see out
of them. She couldn't see his dick, yet. She wiggled around some more,
and finally she could barely glimpse the top of it, where it went into his
body. Okay, she thought, let the fun begin.

He massaged the lotion into her back, and got closer and closer to her
butt. Will he do it? she thought. Finally, at last, to her great
satisfaction, she felt his hands on her ass. He smeared lotion in, and
carefully rubbed both her cheeks, his fingers light on her. Push harder,
she thought. Make me feel it.

Sparrow realized at some point how turned on she was. My dad, she told
herself, it's my dad. So fucking what, she thought back at herself. He is
a sexy old fart. I am a sexy young bitch. We can have a little fun, at
the old nude beach. It don't mean nothing. And what the fuck if it does?
Sparrow was a modern girl. The word i****t held no fear for her, not if
that's what she really wanted. Sparrow really wasn't that spoiled of a
brat, but in her mind, what she wanted was right, and what she didn't want
was wrong. It was that simple. Silly man-made ideas and contrivances like
the concept of i****t didn't enter into the equation. Plus, she'd spent so
much time away from her dad, he really wasn't a parental authority figure
to her. He was more like a buddy, a pal. A friend.

He went on down her thighs, and rubbed lotion into her body. On a whim,
she reached back, and seized an ass cheek in each hand, and spread her ass
apart. She got a real thrill thinking that he could see her asshole. She
knew that any other guy on this beach would kill to see her pretty little
rosebud. She hoped her dad was the same way.

He just ignored it, though. Well, she didn't know, he was looking for
all she knew, she couldn't see behind her. But she didn't feel his hands
in her asscrack like she wanted to. She wiggled her ass, and went "Bzzzt!"

"I see it, but I'm not going there," he said softly, and she giggled.

"I'm sorry daddy," she said. "But you don't want me to get burned down
there do you?"

"No," he said. "And you won't, if you keep your legs together."

"Daddy..." she whined in her best pleading voice.

He sighed loudly, a little theatrically, she thought. At last she felt
his hand enter her asscrack, just an inch from her asshole. Oh my, she
thought, that feels sexier than shit. My dad with his hand on my asshole.

He smeared some lotion down her asscrack, and rubbed it in, and then
returned to her legs.

"Thank you daddy," she said, sweetly. He snorted.

"Girl," he said, "You are hard on an old man."

She purposefully raised her head and looked behind her as far as she
could. To her disgust, he had his towel in his lap, hiding his dick. Oh,
shit, though, she told herself, I know why. I know what that means. Hee
hee hee.

He finally made it to her feet. He rubbed her feet for a while, like he
used to when she was little. It felt good. She loved having her feet
rubbed. When he finally stopped, she thought, okay, her goes nothing.

"Okay!" she said brightly. "Half done!" She turned over on the lounge,
and smiled up at him. He frowned down at her.

"Sparrow," he said. Oh shit, she thought, he hardly ever uses my name
unless he's upset.

"Sparrow, darling, let's end this right here. You can do your front. I
understand you couldn't do your back, but you can do your front."

Awww, she thought. Shit. Her mind raced. She realized that she was
totally prepared to fight unfairly on this issue. She badly wanted to feel
his hands on her body some more, and especially on certain parts of her

"Daddy..." she said, drawing the word out, like she used to when she
begged for something. He sighed, exasperated.

"Daddy... I just like it when you do it... it reminds me of when I was
little... please? Just this once? Please? We're adults, we can be...
adult about it, right?"

He shook his head. "Sparrow, darling, in this case, being adult might
mean something different than what you think."

"Daddy, please..." she begged, melting him with her eyes. He sighed.

"Okay, just this once," he finally said, and squirted lotion in his
hand. She cackled to herself, and lay back and relaxed. He started at her
neck, and rubbed her shoulders. She presented her arm, and went all the
way down it to her fingers. Then the next arm. Sequentially, she thought,
boobs should be next. And, to both her surprise and satisfaction, he
dribbled lotion all over both her boobs.

His touch felt electric. My dad is rubbing my boobs, she thought. My
dad is feeling me off. Damn, it felt sexy. She'd had her boobs rubbed
before, by more than one boy, but this felt way better. And not just
because of the lotion. His hands were firm and strong, and slick from the
lotion. She felt him rub over her nipple, smearing lotion on it, and then
return to rub it in. Oh shit, she thought, that felt divine. Simply
divine. Way better than when I do it.

He rubbed the underneath side of her boobs, even, and damn that felt
good. She almost always itched there, and it felt great to feel his strong
hands rub her there. He finally went on down her stomach, and that even
felt good. He should be a masseuse, she thought. He's good at this shit.

She wondered what he would do when he got to her pussy region. He
smeared lotion on her lower belly, and rubbed it in, until she felt his
hand touch her pubic hair. Tomorrow, she thought, if I can get him to do
this again, that shit'll be gone. He didn't go any further down than that,
and she let it go. He finally rubbed it into her thighs, and once again on
a whim, she spread her legs wide, so he could get her inner thighs. She
knew her pussy was fully exposed, now, and there was no way he could fail
to see it. That's not the first time you've seen it, she thought, don't
freak. She thought she heard a slight grunt from him, and she giggled
silently to herself. She knew it was mean, but dammit, he deserved a peek
at her pussy. He was a guy, and she knew what guys liked. Guys liked
anything to do with pussies. He would be no different.

Finally, he rubbed her kneecaps and shins. He was done. Shit, that was
way too fast, she thought.

"Thank you, daddy," she said, smiling at him. He returned the smile
weakly, and returned to his chair. He still had the towel over his waist,
and she was pleased to see something beneath it, rising substantially. I
did that, she thought. I made that happen. The feeling of me, beneath his
hands. I made him hard. She was proud of herself.

They lay silently for a little while, but her mind was racing. She
thought about her relationship with him, and about how it seemed to have
changed, somewhat. Until this moment, until he'd laid his hands on her
body, squeezing her breasts, even, he'd seem kind of stand-offish compared
to the way he used to be. She knew that part of that was just the way it
was when you grew up, plus, she was just a bigger girl now. He couldn't
grab her and whirl her in a circle like he used to. He couldn't hold her
over her head like he used to. But he no longer touched her, held her like
he used to. Maybe that will change, now, she thought. Now that he's
gotten a feel of me.

Tonight, she thought. Tonight, I'll ask him to rub my back, and I'll
take my shirt off. We'll see how he'll react to nudity in the home. She
wanted to feel his hands on her body again, that quickly.

She looked at him again, trying to see what was beneath the towel.
Trying to see where it was. She wondered if it was going down any. It
didn't look like it was. She giggled silently. Poor daddy, she thought,
stuck with a boner at the beach. And sweet little me gave it to him.

The afternoon passed. Finally he dropped the towel, and she could see
that his dick was it's normal soft self. She wondered if there was
anything else that she could do, here at the beach, to get it hard. She
wanted bad to put suntan lotion on it, and rub it in... that would
probably look a little obvious, though.

Sparrow had jerked off a boy or two, in her time. One of them, Albert,
had almost talked her into sucking him off, but she chickened out at the
last minute. She did kiss it, though, and she'd always remember the soft
hardness of the end of the boy's cock. She found herself wanting to do the
same thing to her father. I'd suck his, she thought, I really would. That
magnificent thing? I'd put that sucker in my mouth in a second. She began
to wonder how to bring that event about.

Finally, the sun was setting on the city behind them. They'd had a good
time, several other of her dad's friends, both male and female had found
them, and Sparrow had enjoyed watching his guy friends watch her. Men, she
thought with a giggle. How predictable.

Finally, it was time to go home. They'd been there for hours, Sparrow
realized. She felt comfortable being naked, and she almost didn't want to
go back to the real world, where you had to wear clothes. The packed up,
and dressed and Sparrow said goodbye to her dad's wonderful dick.
Tomorrow, my little friend, she thought. Tomorrow.

They got back to the apartment, put everything away, and tried to figure
out what to do for dinner. Finally her dad warmed up some prepared meals
he had in the freezer, and they ate on the couch, watching TV. Sparrow's
mind was churning, thinking wicked thoughts mostly, and trying to figure
out ways to approach her dad with some ideas she'd had.

"Daddy," she finally said, bravely. After all, all he could do was say
no, right? "Daddy, since we did so good at the beach today, and had fun...
you had fun, right?" she looked at him seriously. He nodded. He'd had
fun. "Anyway, why can't we do that here? Just go nude, whenever we're at
home? What will it hurt?"

He looked uncomfortable. "Darlin'," he finally said. "I don't care if
you want to. If you want to, do it. I don't care. But I'm not sure if
that's for me. I'm a guy, remember... things are a little different...
things show up worse, on guys."

She giggled. "What do you mean? Boners?"

He sighed, exasperated. "Yes, boners. Darling. There is something I
must tell you, that I must make you understand. I don't want to let it
become an issue."

"Yes, daddy?" she gave him her best innocent little girl look.

"Darlin'... you might have noticed I had a problem today... you must
understand, that with guys... well, with guy's dicks," she was slightly
scandalized to hear him say the word, but it turned her on. "With guy's
dick, it don't matter. There is no b*****r slash s****r, no mother slash
son, no father slash daughter."

"What do you mean?" she acted puzzled, although she knew exactly what he
meant. She just wanted to hear him say it. She wanted to make him say it.

"Darlin'... when a guy sees a naked girl, it doesn't matter who she is,
he gets turned on. You have to understand that, and forgive us for it.
We're just guys, it's the way we're made. We can't help it."

"Okay, daddy. I understand." she said, wanting to shock him, wanting to
be naughty. "That's why you got a hard-on today when you were rubbing me?"

He didn't seem to be shocked, though, he just gave a little laugh.
"Yes, darling, that. That exactly."

"Daddy," she said. "It don't bother me. It don't bother me any, and...
truth be known... it was kinda sexy, to me."

"Girl," he just looked down and shook his head. "Let's not go there,
okay? Let's just leave it at that."

She giggled. "Okay, daddy. Gotcha." She wasn't ready to stop. She
wanted this particular train of conversation to keep on going. It was
exciting her.

"Daddy," she said, and he looked at her, inquisitively. "Daddy, I was
proud of you today. You were the best man on the beach. Totally."

He just looked puzzled, and she thought, you silly man, you know exactly
what I'm talking about.

"Darlin'," he finally said, shaking his head. "There's more to it than
just... size. Don't be fooled by that."

"I know. And I'm not fooled. But I was still proud of you."

He shook his head one last time. I sure do make him shake his head a
lot, she thought.

He finally made his nest on the couch, and she retired to the bedroom.
She found her phone, and held a long conversation with a girl named Sandra,
he best friend back home. She told Sandra all about the nude beach, and
seeing her dad's giant cock. Sandra was impressed. Sandra had had less
real world experience than Sparrow, but her mind was way more active, and
she knew a lot of things that Sparrow didn't. She knew Sandra thought just
like her, and sure enough, Sandra asked her if she was thinking of doing
him. Her dad. She laughed, and told the truth.

"Sandy, I dunno... if I thought it wouldn't totally fuck up our
relationship I would, I would in a second. It'd be cool and sweet for him
to pop my cherry, it'd be... symbolic or somethin'. Yes, if I thought I
could, I would. You know me. When I want somethin', it don't matter if
it's right or wrong, I go for it."

"Well, you got somethin' there... you wouldn't wanna fuck things up
between you... I know you could handle it, but you gotta ask yourself,
could he handle it? Do you think he could?"

"I dunno, Sandy, I dunno... I'd like to say he could. He's pretty hip
and modern and all that... I'd like to say he could do his own daughter...
I know he don't got religious issues or anything like that keepin' him from
it. Maybe I got hope, who knows."

"Well, you got what, two more months to figure that out? How long you
gonna be there?"

"Yeah, two months."

"That should be enough time, if you decide to try something. Hey, keep
me informed, this is interesting. You, fuckin' your own father."

Sparrow giggled. "Well, maybe not fuckin' him... maybe just giving him
a BJ, or something... or lettin' him lick me..."

"Oh, that would be sweet. Your dad is hot, I seen pictures. Like I
said, let me know."

The next morning when Sparrow woke up, her dad was gone. She laid
around a while, and finally went in the living room, still as naked as
she'd slept. She laid around and watched TV, impatiently waiting for him
to show up and notice her nakedness. Finally, after lunchtime came and
went, she gave up and put her thong suit on, and wandered down the beach.
She stood out in the water, letting it push her to and fro, and enjoyed the
beauty and power of the ocean. She finally turned back towards the shore,
and noticed a man standing close to the water's edge. She walked back out
of the surf, passing close by him, and was surprised when he spoke.

"Howdy!" he said, and she looked at him, and nodded a reply. He was
maybe her dad's age, maybe a few years older, ruggedly handsome, and in
pretty good shape for an old fart, she thought. He didn't even have love
handles. Damn. This guy takes care of himself, she thought.

"The ocean's beautiful, isn't it?" the man said, and she smiled at him.

"Yes, very. I love it out here."

"You live close?" he asked, and she shook her head.

"No, I actually live in Texas, I'm just here visiting my dad for the

"I see, I see," the man said, nodding his head. He turned, and began
walking down, paralleling the water's edge. She followed, staying beside
him. It was the way she'd intended on going, anyway.

"My name is Brad," the man said.

"I'm Sparrow," she said, and he presented his hand. She shook it.

"Sparrow. What a beautiful name," he said, smiling at her. She decided
she liked him. She smiled back.

They walked past the arcade, and just kept going. She was comfortable
with him, he didn't seem threatening in any way. He just seemed like a
plain, nice guy. They made small talk, and as it tends to do at times, the
small talk turned into big talk. She found herself telling him things that
surprised even her.

"I'm going through a crisis, I think..." she said, and he nodded

"There is somebody in my life that I love very much... and I'm ready
to... ready to give myself... give myself to them. But they believe it'd
be wrong, for a multitude of reasons. I was just out here thinkin',

"Well," Brad finally said. He looked pointedly at her body, and she
almost blushed. "First, he's a very lucky guy... if it's a guy, that
is..." she nodded. "Dear... you are young, and youth is always intense
and in a hurry... just let it happen, would be my advice. If it happens,
you were right. If it doesn't, move on. Don't spend too much of your
valuable time on a dead end."

"I don't think it's a dead end... I just think that he might not like
me... like I like him. You know?"

The stopped, and he nodded seriously. "Well, darlin', like I said.
Don't put your life on hold for too long. Before long you're gonna end up
like me if you do, an old fart, still waitin' for life to happen."

She giggled, and he smiled. They walked some more. She could feel his
eyes on her, at times, and she knew he was enjoying her bikini. As well he
should be, she thought. They finally turned around, and headed back to the
populated part of the beach. She realized with surprise that they'd walked
right past the nude beach without realizing it.

They were just passing the "naked people" sign. She motioned on up the
beach, to where the crowd of chairs and nudists were.

"Brad. You ever go there?" she asked. He smiled.

"I used to, a lot. Haven't been in a while, no."

"Wanna go?" she asked. He looked surprised that she'd mention it, and
finally said, "sure! But..." she looked at him. He finally said, "I just
hope I don't embarrass myself, in the company of a beautiful young woman.
You'll forgive me if I do? I don't have a towel..."

She knew what he meant. She giggled. "Sure, it'll be okay. My dad had
that problem, yesterday. When he was puttin' lotion on my back."

"Your dad?" he seemed surprised. Then he said, "I guess I can
understand that. You're his daughter, but still a foxy, sexy young lady.
I'd probably have that problem, if I had a daughter like you."

She giggled some more. They approached the recliners, and she picked
two of them out, and put them head to tail like she'd done with her dad the
other day. It made it easier to talk, that way, too. She stripped her
bikini off, and stepped out of it. She saw his eyes automatically go to
her tits, and she smiled to herself.

When Brad drew his shorts down, she was mildly surprised. He was no
monster like her dad, but he had a very nice dick, she thought. It was
plenty big enough, and she knew that because it was about half hard,
sticking out from his body at a forty-five degree angle, or so. It looked
cool to her. She remembered her boyfriend Albert and how hard his cock had
gotten when she'd played with it. I'd play with this one, too, she
thought. I would. It would be fun. And I'd go a lot further than I went
with Albert. I was young and dumb, then, I didn't know how much fun it
could be.

They sat and talked for an hour or two, and Sparrow was glad once again
of her sunglasses. She could stare right at his cock without
embarrassment. Way cool. She found herself telling him about her plans to
go nude around the house, after finding she loved it so much at the beach.
He just shook his head.

"Darlin'," he said. "Your dad is a very lucky guy. I'm sure you'll
really make his day, if you do that."

"Yeah," she giggled. On impulse, she spread her legs wide, putting a
foot down on the ground on each side of the recliner. She could see him,
gazing at her pussy.

"Brad," she said. "I'm thinking about shaving off my pussy hair. Do
you think I should?" She wanted to shock him a little bit, and titillate
him a little more, even. She did just that. He was having a hard enough
time not just staring at her pussy.

"I dunno, Sparrow," he finally said. "I'll go with whatever you decide.
You are the most beautiful girl on the beach, no matter what you choose."

She laughed. That was pretty noncommittal. They finally gathered up
their stuff, and made their way to place where they had to put their
clothes back on.

"Where do you guys live?" Brad asked, and when Sparrow told him it was
the Dorne building he laughed.

"I live there too, the nineteenth floor. You should come see me
sometimes." She promised too, and she tried to memorize his room number.
The finally arrived at the building, and went up the elevator. She said
goodbye, and he got off on his floor, and she went on up to hers.

Her dad was home, at least. She gave him a quick run-down of her day,
minus a few details, like Brad's age, she wasn't sure if he'd understand or
not. She just told him she'd made a friend.

"Daddy," she finally said, "Like I said yesterday... I'm gonna start
going in the nude here at home... I hope you really don't mind..."

He shook his head. "No, sparrow, I don't mind. It's not that much
different that what you're wearing right now, anyway." They both laughed.
Sparrow dropped her shorts, and stripped the little suit right off. She
felt free, and she felt good. She loved being naked, she decided. He just
stared at her, and shook his head.

"What have I created?" he asked. She stretched, and scratched herself
under her breasts. Damn, that felt good. She was conscious of his eyes on
her, and it turned her on. I know I look good, she thought. I know I look
sexy. Anybody would stare. But it turns me on the most that he's my dad.

They passed the rest of the evening without really doing anything, until
about eight o'clock, when he convinced her to get dressed and they went and
saw a movie. It was almost eleven when they stumbled back into the
apartment. Sparrow went to the bedroom and undressed, and put her clothes
up. She walked back in the living room, nude, and he was on the couch,
thumbing through the channels. She sat beside him, and then, on impulse,
she crawled up in his lap. That was kind of difficult now that she was so
big, but she managed, and he gingerly held her. She wiggled around and got

They watched TV and talked for a while. She realized she was very
horny, and she kept wanted to direct the conversation to sexual subjects,
but she didn't. Except... she did think of one thing.

"Daddy," she announced. "I'm gonna shave my pussy in the morning. What
do you think?"

"What do I think? Sure, go for it. Whatever you want. Does my opinion
really matter?"

"Yes. I think it will be fun. All smooth. And sexy."

"Uhm, yes." He squirmed. She realized that the hard lump she'd been
feeling for some time now was his erection. She giggled some more. She
squirmed some, then, squeezing his lump, trying on purpose to make him feel
her feeling it.

"Daddy..." she finally said, determined to get a rise out of him.
"Daddy... what do you think of my pussy? You saw it pretty good the other
day, right?"

She turned and looked at him. He had a look on his face... she
couldn't really tell what kind of look it was.

"Sparrow, honey," he finally said. "Darling, you are making me wonder
if I've been to lenient with you. I'm still your dad, right? Do you
remember that?"

"Yes..." she said, still kind of giggling.

"Darling, daddies don't talk with their little girls about their
pussies. It's just not done, dear. Please. Don't make this difficult on

"Daddy... I'm sorry... I guess I was kinda teasing you... I'll stop."
she turned around, and kissed him on the cheek. "You are very sweet to put
up with all my crap. I know I've been kinda wicked... but it's just

"Well, fun is one thing... but let's not let it get ourselves into
trouble," he said. She nodded.

"Daddy... just tell me one thing... please?"

"Yes, dear?"

"I know you don't believe in... gods or devils and such... you
remember how you used to say you were a heathen?"

He laughed. "Yes. Okay."

"Daddy, you used to say there was no right or wrong, save what we
make... what we believe, right?"


"Daddy... if there is no ultimate right or wrong, then can you make
love to me? Can you be my first time?"

He was silent. She waited.

"Sparrow... darling... Is that what this is all about?" he finally

"All what? Me going nude? No, I'm doing that because I like it and it
feels good."

"What are you really saying?"

"Daddy, I love you very much, more than anybody in the world. I want
you to be my first, I want you to pop my cherry. And I want to show you
how much I love you. It'll be... symbolic. Symbolic of our love for each

"oh, darlin'," he said, putting his head down on her shoulder. He
clasped his hands around her waist, and she was very aware of his fists
resting in her lap, an inch from her pussy.

"Daddy... I'm not trying to put you on the spot... I just want to love
you... and you to love me... we deserve that, daddy. We love each other
that much. And, like you say, there's nobody to tell us we can't."

"Darlin'... what you're talking about is i****t, it's just not done..."

"Daddy, if there's no right or wrong, so what? Why can't we?"

"Sugar, there is right and wrong, we humans have developed a pretty good
sense of right and wrong, for good reasons."

"What is the reason against i****t?"

"Oh, there's a lot... birth defects, deformities... relationship
issues... you should look it up, on the internet sometimes..."

"Daddy... I don't wanna cause you any grief... but I love you very
much and I want you to make love to me. That's it." There, she thought. I
said it plainly. What he decides will have to be enough for me, I guess.

"There won't be birth defects because momma put me on the pill a few
years ago, just in case. I won't get pregnant. And I think our
relationship is strong enough to survive a night of love."

She turned, and finally was straddling his legs, facing him. Her
breasts were right in his face, and she hugged herself to him, feeling his
warm body beneath hers. She could feel his leg pressing into her pussy.
She put her hands around his head, and squeezed it to her body. She felt a
touch as he put his hands on her waist, right above her butt. They just
sat there like that for the longest time, not moving.

"Darlin'..." he finally said. "You are very persuasive. Can I get back
to you on this?"

She giggled. He sounded like he was making a business proposal or

"Nope," she said. "Gotta know right now."

He sighed. His head was wrapped in her arms. She could feel his breath
on her tits. Her nipples were hard, damn hard.

"Honey," he said. "I'm sorry, but the answer has gotta be no. I'm
sorry, darling. I have to do what I feel is right."

She was sad, but she understood. She hadn't really figured he'd give up
that quickly. She didn't plan on giving up, either, though. She'd have to
decide on another plan of attack. At least he knows, now. He knows I want
him to do me. And it didn't seem to bother him all that much.

The next morning she got up, and hit the shower. She located one of his
disposable razors, and carefully shaved all her pubic hair off. God, she
thought, that is way more sexy than I even thought it would be... her
pussy felt smooth and sexy, just incredible. And damn... it looked cuter
than ever. She wondered how to show it off to her dad. She wanted him to
do more than just simply see it. Her mind raced for ideas, again.

She puttered around until noon, and then, on a whim, put on her thong
and went to the elevator. She got off on Brad's floor, and found his room
number, and knocked. She heard him stumbling around inside, and finally
the door opened. He seemed pleased to see her, and invited her in. She
entered without any real reservations, she totally trusted him, for some
reason. They sat on the couch a while and talked.

"Darlin'," he said. "You look stunning in that suit. I wanted to say
that yesterday."

"Thank you," she giggled. She knew that, already. I'd look good in a
paper bag, she thought.

Sparrow realized how almost desperately horny she was. That deal with
her dad was really eating on her. She wanted something to happen, bad. At
this point she didn't really care that much what it was, even. Just

"Brad..." she said, thinking furiously. She didn't see how he could
turn her down. He didn't have the i****t thing to worry about.

"Yes, dear?" he said.

"Let me show you what I did this morning," she said, and stood. She
pulled the front of her suit down, exposing her clean-shaven pussy to him.
She could tell he was shocked, but he stared at it, almost hungrily.

"Yes, uhm," he finally managed to say, "that is very... cute...
smooth, yes?"

"Smooth yes," she agreed. "It feels cool."

"I bet it does," he said, almost enviously. She giggled to herself.

"Brad," she finally said. "Would you... uhm... would you lick my
pussy? Please?"

"Oh shit," he sat back heavily. He just stared at her.

"I'm sorry I can't let you fuck me," she said, "but I'm saving that for
somebody special. But, you can lick me. Is that okay?"

"Darling..." he said, "are you sure that's what you want? There's no
going back, if we do... what's done is done..."

"Yes, I know. Yes, I'm sure. I'm just so ready... so ready for
something to happen... and my dad wouldn't..." she stopped, realizing she
was telling him more than she'd intended.

"Yes, your dad... kinda thought that, yesterday..." he mused. He
looked thoughtful.

"Darling," he said, staring her straight in the eye. "Honestly... I
would like nothing more in the whole world than to lick your sweet pussy...
but I don't want you to regret it, later. Promise me you won't have any

She stared back at him. She was sure. "I promise," she said slowly.
He nodded, satisfied. He slid off the couch into the floor, and moved over
until he was between her legs. Just the touch of her cool smooth flesh
gave him chills. He couldn't believe what was being offered to him.

She slid the straps over her arms, and carefully pulled the suit down
her legs. Her tits felt good, being freed. Her whole body felt good. A
man is going to eat my pussy, she thought. A man I barely know. And I'm
going to love it.

Love it she did. The feel of his tongue on her clit electrified her.
Every touch she felt intensely, due to her freshly shaven snatch. Her
pussy was very sensitive, and it felt great. He was good at what he did,
she thought. She knew she wasn't his first. Probably not even his
hundredth, she thought.

He licked down the outsides of her pussy lips, and back up. He licked
inside her pussy, and then all the way down to her asshole. Oh, she
thought, that feels good, she squirmed and spread her legs all the wider,
letting him get deeply in there. She finally ran her hands down underneath
her legs, and spread her ass chicks wide apart, to make it easier for him
to lick her asshole. He kept coming back to her clit, and she loved that.
She finally wrapped her legs around his head, and squeezed him to her body.
He alternately licked and sucked, and she wiggled all the more, gasping for
breath. She realized she was going to cum.

She came, and within ten more minutes, she came again. He was good. He
just chewed and slobbered and licked, and let her do what she had to do.
She was gasping for breath by the second, and he seemed to show no desire
to stop. She got ready for number three.

At some point that afternoon, she realized that she was in love with
sex. She was hooked on it, on the feelings her body could provide for her.
It seemed to matter little who was doing it... although... she thought
again how special it would be for her dad to be doing this... maybe, she
thought... maybe I can convince him to do everything but straight-out fuck
me. Maybe he won't feel so bad if we don't go all the way... I would love
for him to do this, she thought. This would be way better than nothing, at
least. This would be special.

She plotted and planned as Brad nuzzled and slobbered on her pussy. And
her clit... damn, she thought, keep going back to the clit. He knew where
her pleasure center was... he tongued it unmercifully... she squirmed and
her pussy juices streaked down his face... she was loving it. Every
minute of it.

He finally flipped her, and pulled her ass up in the air. He buried his
face in her ass, tonguing her asshole, pressing his tongue into it as far
as he could. She tasted as sweet as honey back there, to him. He licked
and licked, tasting sweat, and salt, and a little bitty bit of shit. He
was in love with her ass. He rubbed and squeezed and spread her ass with
his hands, his tongue staying right on her asshole. This girl. She was
too much. He loved her dearly. He was glad again he'd took a chance and
spoke to the girl, on the beach. This was the end result. She was the
sweetest, sexiest most perfect thing he'd ever got to play around with...
and he'd played with a lot. He hadn't had one this sweet in years... she
was too much. He hoped this wasn't just a one-time deal.

Finally her poor forgotten titties got some time, she thought. He
nuzzled and licked and smooched on them, and her hard nipples responded.
She decided she loved having her tits played with. He squeezed them, and
spread them apart and squished them together, everything. God, that feels
good, she thought. Jeezus. Do that some more.

Sparrow had no idea what time it was. She felt like she'd been here for
hours. She figured her dad was home by now, at least. Finally, sadly, she
told Brad she needed to leave. He kissed her, their first kiss, and
thanked her for the wonderful afternoon she'd spent with him. She just
laughed, and thanked him. She left, adjusting her suit, and walked up the
stairs to her apartment. Her dad was home, sure enough, and she gave him
an imaginary rundown of her day. She didn't tell him she'd spent the last
four hours getting her pussy licked.

They spent a quiet evening at home, just watching TV and cuddling.
Sparrow finally took her swimsuit off, and was deliciously naked. Her dad
cuddled her again, and she felt warm and loved in his arms. I guess it
don't matter that much, she thought, this is enough, for a while... just
letting him hold me... she was almost surprised, though, at his willpower.
Holding a sexy, beautiful naked girl... he was tough, she thought. When
he thought something he stuck to it. She finally tottered off to bed, as
he made his nest on the couch.

The next morning her dad was gone, as usual. She got up and lounged
around the house, and finally, on a whim, dropped a t-shirt over her head.
No panties. She went out into the hall, and down the stairs to Brad's
room. She could tell that she woke him up, but he was glad to see her. He
knew what was coming next. He was right, kind of.

"Brad," Sparrow announced. "You licked me, yesterday. We'll do some
more of that, today, but today I wanna lick you, too."

He stared at her, bemused. This girl. She knew what she wanted, and
she wasn't afraid to ask for it. Amazing.

She approached him, and wrestled with his pants. He finally helped her
get them undone, and she pulled out his long cock. He reached down and
pulled out his balls, too, and she giggled. Silly balls, she thought. She
dropped to her knees, and stared at the fat cock in front of her. This was
her first time, she mused, her first real time sucking a cock. She hoped
that she was able to please him.

She opened her mouth, and drew it in. Oh, he thought, she's a natural.
That quick, he realized it. She sucked, hard, and his knees almost
buckled. She started an in-and-out motion, and he already had felt a twitch
from his prostate. He was pretty turned on. His dick was hard, hard.

What did I do to deserve this, he thought. This foxy angel shows up
from out of nowhere, and within a day she's got my dick in her mouth.
Where the fuck did she really come from? What the fuck is going on? He
finally forgot that shit, and just enjoyed her.

He warned her that he was about to cum. She nodded, and kept sucking.
He filled her sweet mouth with sperm, almost choking her, but she managed
to get most of it down. Some of it spilled down her front, and she turned
him on more by rubbing it into her tits. His dick finally went down far
enough that she stopped sucking, and leaned back from him.

"Now!" she said. "Now you can lick me for a while!"

He was glad to get to do it again. Another day in heaven, he thought.
Her pussy was sweet, and aromatic. He realized that she hadn't taken a
shower since yesterday. She definitely had a taste, today, and it was
good. Her whole body was a little sweatier, and a lot sexier. He licked
and lapped and sucked, filling his mouth with her sexy sweetness. She was
just too much. How on earth, he thought, can her dad resist her? How can
he resist this? He's a stronger man than I am.

He ate her out for an hour, at least. Finally, she came back to earth,
and pulled him up from between her legs, and seated him on the couch. She
knelt, and took his cock in her mouth again, and she was pleased that he
was able to get hard again. She sucked as hard as she could, until her
throat hurt, and he came again, filling her mouth with his musty cum. She
loved it.

That night, Sparrow and her dad drove along the coastal highway, just
for something to do. They had a nice long talk, and she felt like now he
understood her better than ever. They talked about everything, sex, and
her desires for him, and he finally admitted to her that he found her
extremely desirable.

"See?" she told him. "Your body knows. Your subconscious knows. You
just need to get the message."

He laughed. "Sparrow, Sparrow. You are wearing me down. But, I still
don't feel like I can do this for you. I still don't feel like it's

"I understand, Daddy. And I respect that. But, if you ever change your

He laughed again. "Yes, darling. You'll be the first to know."

The next day, she thought about going to Brad's, yet again, but she just
stayed at home. When her dad came home they walked again down to the nude
beach, and she spent an enjoyable afternoon staring at her dad's pet
monster. It strengthened her resolve, if anything. I'm going to feel that
thing in my mouth, before this is over, she thought. I'm going to taste
it. I'm gonna have it for lunch one day. One day soon.

She was amazed and a little jealous of all the women that tried to chat
her dad up. I'm his girlfriend, you bitches, she thought. Stay away! Did
everyone somehow know she was just his daughter? Were these people that
had seen him on his trips before? With a cock like that, she knew he'd be
remembered. He still had the biggest cock she'd seen on the beach. He was
king of the beach.

They finally wandered back home, and he fixed some bacon and eggs. She
ate with gusto, even thought it was breakfast food. He finished up a
little paperwork, while she watched TV.

She got up to go to the bathroom, and remembered that she was a nudist,
now, so she stripped off her shirt, bra and shorts and walked back into the
living room, blessedly nude.

Her dad didn't seem to react, which miffed her slightly. I shaved this
little bitch, just for you, she thought. At least look at it. Apparently,
he did, because later that evening he pointedly looked at her, at her pussy
and said, "Cute."

She giggled. My dad just complimented my pussy, she thought. That is
cool. He's gotta wonder what it feels like, now, if he's halfway human.

He finally sat on the couch, and she sat, then turned, and lay across
his lap. She took his hand, and then he moved, and placed his arm right
inbetween her two breasts. They sat like that for a long time, not
talking, just holding hands. She thought and thought of ways to start the
ball rolling, again. To her surprise, he did just that.

"Darling..." he said, hitting the mute button on the TV. "I've spent a
lot of time thinking about what you've said. And here's what I've

"Yes?" she said, almost holding her breath. She felt, she knew inside,
for some reason, that momentous, important stuff was about to be said.

"Darling, okay. I accept that you want this, more than anything. And I
can't deny that I want it, too. I can not and will not deny a great
attraction to you. I love you more than life itself. I want what you want
for you. Even this thing, although I know it's not right."

"Okay..." she finally said, when it became obvious he was waiting for a

"Most of all, darling, I don't want to screw up my relationship with
you. That would be the worst thing to come of something like this. It
would take a very strong relationship, which I do think we have, by the
way, anyway, it would change things considerably. Sex just does that, like
it or not. It would change everything."

She was silent. She finally nodded.

"Here's what I'll do for you," he said. "You keep this on your mind,
keep thinking about it, deciding. I will too, I can't help it, it's all
I've thought of, lately. Anyway, if you still want this, after you're
eighteen, I'll give in. I'll do it for you."

Eighteen? she thought. Holy fuck, that's three more years. That's
forever. She knew there was no way she could wait that long. Shit, she
thought. She did appreciate what he was saying, what he was giving her.
He was giving her hope, more than anything. And he hadn't said no, like he
had up until now. Can I wait three more years? she wondered. Shit, shit.

"Daddy... thank you..." she finally said, her mind racing. "I know you
love me, I feel it every day. And I appreciate what your doing for me, and
what you will do for me. I don't know if I can wait that long, but I'll

"Darlin'... you don't have to wait... if you meet somebody you love,
go with them. Don't waste your time waiting on an old man like me. But,
like I said, if you still want me, I'll be there, when you're eighteen."

"Thank you, daddy!" she said, and turned, burrowing her face into his
stomach. She thought she was going to cry, for some crazy reason, and she
didn't want him to see it. She lay there for some time, and finally got a
grip on herself.

"Daddy..." she finally said, and he looked down at her. "Daddy,
there's... there's lots of other things we can do, than just have
straight-up sex... can you give me something like that, to give me a
little hope? To give me something, at least?"

He just stared at her. She could feel the wheels turning in his head.
She restrained an urge to giggle.

"Darlin'..." he finally said. "Like what? What do you mean? Do you
want me to kiss you?"

She did giggle, and that. "Yes, and a little more. I want you to lick
me. Lick me, in all the right places."

"Sparrow..." he seemed frustrated. "Darling... I'm not sure if I could
stop, if I did something like that... to me, that's still having sex..."

"I know, Daddy... but I want something so bad... I'm just dying
sometimes for something to happen... I want to feel it, I want to know
what it's like... all the girls in my class have already had sex, and I
haven't had anything. I'm ready, I'm just ready."

"Darling, I understand. I of all people know what the feels like, to
feel like you're the last one in the world. I spent most of my c***dhood
feeling like that."

They sat for a while longer, in silence. She finally figured it was
over, that the die was cast. Three more years, she thought. Three more
fucking years, before I get my hands on that damn dick. It'll be worth
it... and I don't really have to wait... actually I haven't waited, the
crap I've done with Brad... I can still play around, and then let my dad
fuck me when I turn eighteen... it'll still be worth it...

"Darling," he spoke again. "What do you really have in mind? Can you
be more specific?"

She giggled. Maybe he was interested. Maybe he did want to play, a

"Mostly just licking... maybe you lick my pussy, and I lick your...
dick..." she said, almost blushing to say the words to her dad.

"Shit," he said. "Shit."

They sat for a while longer in silence. He thumbed the sound back up on
the TV, and muted it again.

"Darling," he said. She almost tee-hee-heed. She knew he was wrestling
with this. But she had a new feeling now, a feeling that something, at
least something was going to happen tonight. Oh god, I hope, she thought.
I hope.

"Yes, daddy," she said.

"If... if you are double damn sure, if you can promise me, come hell or
high water, that whatever we do doesn't impact our relationship in a
negative fashion... I'll go for that. I'll do that. But I want you to be
double-damn sure. I want you to promise me that you won't regret it. I
want you to really think about this, and promise me."

Oh shit, she thought. He's basically said yes. Oh holy fucking shit.

"And," he said, pausing dramatically. "And, you can never tell anyone.
No one. Not your friends, no one. Absolutely, because it would get us in
no end of trouble, and probably get me thrown in jail."

"No, daddy, I won't," she turned, and stared up at him, love in her
eyes. "And yes, I promise. I've thought about this a lot, and I can
promise you that I'm sure, yes."

"Okay, darling, okay. Just make sure. I feel like I've just got you
back, and I don't want to lose you. Especially over something stupid like

"You won't daddy. It'll just make our love stronger, I know it will."

"I hope so, darlin'. I hope so."

Weirdly, they just lay there for the longest time. She didn't feel like
there was any hurry, now that she was kind of getting what she wanted. And
she wanted to give him the impression that she was still thinking about it.
She was still thinking about it, that was all she was thinking about. But,
her mind was made up. She knew what she wanted.

She finally sat up on the couch. She looked at him, and he looked at
her. She giggled slightly. He shook his head. She giggled some more.

"Daddy," she finally said. "Daddy, dearest... please lick my pussy...

He sighed and shook his head again.

"The things I do..." he said, and she giggled some more. "God forgive
me," he finally said, and crawled off the couch into the floor.

"You don't believe in god, remember?" she said.

"I'm thinkin' about it now," he said. She sat forward, and placed his
elbows on her knees. She spread her legs wide, and sat forward on he
couch, hanging her ass over the edge. Oh, she thought, this is gonna be
good. This is gonna be fucking good.

"One last time," he said. "Are you sure?"

"Hell yes," she said. "Daddy. I am sure I want you to lick my pussy."

He just snorted, and leaned towards her. She was breathless with
anticipation. In just seconds, she thought, in just seconds my dad is
going to be licking my sweet little cunt. In just seconds.

Unerringly, his tongue touched her on her clit. Bingo, she thought.
Home run. His hard tongue plastered her clit against her cunt, smashing
it. And damn, it felt good. It felt as good as when Brad had done it, with
the added thrill of it being her father that was doing it. I could get
used to this, she thought. From now on, this is going to be a daily
occurrence. Twice daily. Fuck. Every time I can get him to do it.

He licked and licked, tonguing her clit, mostly, with a few little
forays down into her pussy proper, and she knew, that quick that she was
going to cum, hard. It was going to be a good one. And it was, she stuck
her legs out, and tensed so hard her knees almost popped. She arched her
back, harder and harder, and came. She bounced and wiggled around on the
couch, and grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him into her.

When she finally came down, she sighed, deeply. He was still licking
away. He never stopped. Good, she thought. Let him.

She knew, just like she had with Brad, that a second one was not far
away. Let's just do this all night, she thought. She wondered if he was
enjoying himself as much as she was. Surely he is, she thought. Guys like
shit like this. Guys like pussy. He's a guy. I'm sure he's having a good

He licked further and further down her cunt, and she scooted forward
some more, and spread her ass with both hands like she had for Brad. Her
dad licked her asshole, rubbing her little puckered hole with his tongue.
She finally felt him pushing his tongue into her, and giggled. Guys, she
thought. All the same. Holes must be probed. Sphincters must be
penetrated. It felt good, though. His tongue felt good inside her body.
She badly wanted to feel his dick the same way. Can you wait until you're
eighteen? she thought. If I get this every day, I can.

She felt a stab of sadness when she remembered at the end of the summer
she'd have to go home. She began to wonder about the possibility of moving
in with him. After this, she thought, surely he'll want it as much as I
do. She knew her stupid mom would fight it, though. What the fuck ever,
she thought.

He finally licked up the outsides of her pussy lips, in the crease of
her legs. That alone feels good, she thought. He fell back onto her clit,
and she felt the familiar sensation in her legs start, again. Oh shit, she
thought. Here comes another.

He harbored another secret, but he did not tell her. This was not the
first time he'd tasted her sweetness. Twice, years ago, in motel rooms
when they were at the beach, after she had gone to sl**p, he'd licked her
beautiful little pussy. He'd been in love with her then just as deeply as
he was now, she was the cutest, sweetest little thing, and after an
exhausting day playing she had just totally crashed. He'd pulled her
panties down, on a whim, and carefully laid her on her back, and bent his
face into her sweetness. She'd tasted like heaven to him, just like she
did now, and he'd thought, at the time, that he'd made her have an orgasm
as she'd slept. He'd licked and licked her little clit, wanting the moment
to go on forever. Her breathing had quickened, and she'd tensed up,
goosebumps running up and down her legs, and finally she'd sighed deeply
and relaxed. He was pleased, and happy that he'd done it for her, even if
she had been asl**p. He still thought of that moment often, of how good
she tasted, and how much he loved her. He knew that his moment would
supersede it, though, this moment was intense, and incredible. He just
hoped, again, that he didn't have cause later to regret it.

She felt like hours had gone by. She just floated on a placid sea of
pleasure. This was too cool, she thought, too cool. And it's only

He finally took a breather, and she sat forward on the couch. He slowly
stood, and looked down at her. She smiled, and he smiled gently back.

"Daddy," she said. "Take off your pants and sit down."

He gave her a weak smile, at that.

"Once again, you're sure?" he asked. She nodded. "Damn sure."

He slowly slid his pants down his legs, and kicked them off. He stood
before her in his briefs. She smiled encouragingly, and nodded at him. He
slowly slid his briefs down, and his hard cock flopped free.

Ha-ha, she thought, at last. You are mine. You are all mine. She
slowly slid off the couch, and settled onto her knees on the floor in front
of him. Remember this moment, she told herself, remember this moment
forever. Rarely in a person's life does a moment like this come, where you
get something you wanted so badly. Remember this.

He sat back, a helpless look on his face. He was wrestling with his
conscience, majorly, at the moment. This is what he wanted, more than
anything, but he didn't feel like it was right. And he hoped, more than
anything he hoped it didn't negatively affect the loving relationship he
seemed to have with her. He hoped she was right, that it would just make
it stronger. I am a weak man, he thought. When beautiful young ladies
press their charms in my face, I am a weak man.

He felt her touch him. She took his hard cock in her hands, and pulled
it down slightly. She was content just to play, for a while, and she ran
her hands up and down it, and cupped the hard cap in her palms. He felt
her fingers on his balls, even. She finally jacked him some, and it felt

He knew she loved his cock. Most women did. He knew he had an unfair
advantage over most men, harboring something like that in his pants. Most
women fell all over themselves, after seeing his cock. He knew Sparrow
loved it as much as she loved him. He accepted that. He knew he had a
nice cock. Not just in size, it was well-formed, and aesthetically
pleasing, for a cock. He'd known since he was a young man it was a nice
one. It had gotten him a lot, over the years.

Sparrow was finally ready. This is the moment, she thought. She held
his cock up, and carefully licked the end of it. Some slippery stuff had
come out of it, and she tasted it, although it didn't seem to have any
taste. She opened her mouth, and sucked his cock into it.

Oh, she thought, that feels good. His cock felt huge in her mouth. She
cushioned it on her tongue, feeling the cap run along the ridges on the
roof of her mouth. Damn, it felt sexy. she swallowed it as deep as she
could, almost gagging, but it felt good. She cupped his balls in her hand,
and sucked.

She sucked hard. She was good, he thought. He'd had a thousand blow
jobs over the years, women, after seeing his cock, couldn't seem to wait to
get it into their mouths. He'd had a lot of them, but never one as good as
this one. He knew most of it was just because of who she was, his
daughter. He knew she was young and inexperienced, but still, it was a
special one. It was the one he wanted to remember the most, out of all of

Sparrow knew that this wasn't the first cock she'd sucked, Brad's, the
other day had actually been her first. But she figured her dad wouldn't
know. She wasn't that good at it, yet. But she knew that even a bad BJ is
pretty good. She didn't worry. She knew he was having a good time. And
he was.

She just went on and on. He could hold it forever, he'd gotten good at
that, over the years. And he wasn't sure, yet, if he wanted to cum in his
daughter's mouth. What the fuck's the difference, though, he thought. As
far as I've gone now, what does it matter?

He finally decided to wind it up, and he touched her on the shoulder.
She opened her eyes and looked at him. "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop,
darlin'," he said, and she nodded at him. She showed no inclination to
stop, so he thought, what the hell.

He felt his prostate clench, and a few seconds later his orgasm began.
Damn, he thought, damn. This was a special one. Just because of who it
was? Was that all it took? He was suddenly wracked with guilt. I'm
cumming in my daughter's mouth, he thought. Shit. I'm cumming in my own
dear daughter's mouth. He tried to console himself with the knowledge that
that's what she'd wanted, but he still felt guilty.

Finally, she could feel his hard dick becoming soft again. She licked
to the end one last time, cleaning all the sperm off it. She'd enjoyed to
no end when his sperm flow had started, she'd swallowed and swallowed,
gulping it down. Even better than Brad's, she thought. Even better. More
of it, too.

"Darling, sit up here." he said, and she rose, and sat beside him. She
wiped her chin off, feeling a few drops of something on it.

"Darling..." he said. She could tell he was upset. "Darling, I'm
sorry. I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have let that happen... I
was just so horny for you... please forgive the weaknesses of a sad old

"Daddy," she needed to nip this in the bud, she thought. "Daddy, don't
start. Don't feel bad. What's done is done, and it was beautiful. I
loved it. Don't feel bad about making me so happy, okay? We gave
something to each other, and it was beautiful. Think how rarely fathers
and daughters share what we have, today. Don't cheapen it with regret,

He stared at her. Finally his gaze dropped, and he put his arms around
her and hugged her.

"Daddy," she said. "You never sucked on my titties. Suck on my
titties, please."

Later that night she talked him into taking a shower with her. She
didn't have to talk too hard. They crowded into the tub, and let the hot
water beat down on their bodies. It felt good, and she stood there, and
let him hold her. She felt his hard cock pressing into her pubic area, and
she widened her legs and trapped it between them. She moved back and
forth, jacking him off, and he sighed in pleasure. His hands dropped to
her ass, and he squeezed and kneaded her. He finally slid a finger to her
asshole, and rubbed and played. She loved it. "Daddy," she whispered,
"stick in it. Stick it in me."

He slid his wet finger into her body, pushing against her sphincter. He
began to move it in and out, and she sighed with pleasure. That's probably
not as good as actually getting fucked, she thought, but it's pretty damn
good. My dad is finger-fucking my asshole, she thought, turning herself on
even more. My fucking dad is fucking my fucking asshole. How fucking sexy
is that?

His body gave a jerk, and the shower filled with the odor of fresh
semen. He grinned at her, and she giggled back. I get something too, she
thought. Now I need to have a cum. You had yours, now I get mine. He
dropped to his knees before her.

He slept with her, that night, and every night after. They were both
naked, of course, and she stayed awake and held his penis as he slept. She
jacked it a few times, and it would get hard, and then go back down,
amusing her. She finally slept.

She was afraid he would be wracked with guilt again, in the morning. He
did pretty good, though, and they had a nice nude breakfast. How, she
asked herself, how can we live like this, and he not fuck me, pretty
quickly. She didn't see much fear, now, in actually having to wait three
years. Together, she thought, we seem like an old married couple, this
quick. We are comfortable together, even like this.

They sat on the couch, and she lay down and put her head in his lap.
His dick, as it was most of the time, was about half hard, and she finally
placed it on her mouth, and sucked the bottom of it. He just looked down
at her and shook his head. She was one dick-crazy little girl, he thought.
She laughed up at him.

She knew this was going to be a great summer. She'd barely been here a
week, and look where they were, already. She figured that before the
summer was over, his resistance would crumble. and she'd get fucked by
him, proper. She knew she was blowing his mind, now, and she would just
blow it a little further, before this was over. And maybe Brad, she mused.
Maybe after Daddy does me, after he pops my cherry, I'll give Brad a try.
The summer was shaping up nicely. She was happy. The was pretty goddammed
happy, all it all.
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Six

The women chuckled gleefully as they snapped away with cameras at my lying prostrate, leash pulled tight by my smiling mistress, my nose millimetres away from the pungent yet honeyed scent of the sweetly puckered anus of another plump and assertive woman. My cock was rigid again; the Viagra already taking effect, such was the nervous energy I had burnt, my body consuming my reserves as the women worked on consuming me. Hortense flexed her anal muscles so that her sweet hole clenched and dilated, adding to my yearning, she smiled victoriously at me from between her vast, luxuriant thighs.

“When I give you the command, I want you to thoroughly clean my arse. As you can no doubt smell, it’s nice and sticky; you shall commence by licking the perimeter, making sure the ring is clean and lubricated. You shall then probe deeply with your tongue, as far as you can get it in; I shall please myself whilst you do so. Though you are forbidden to come on the sheets; you will be caned once more if you do, I know you will not be able to resist it. It will please me doubly if you do come whilst worshipping my arse, as your orgasm will signify your submission to me, and I will then have the pleasure of caning you.” My cock was ready to shoot on hearing her words, and the other women added to the eroticism by flexing their canes and teasing my sore arse with them. I sniffed and snorted at her delicious arsehole; the last few seconds before her command were exquisite agony.

“Lick my arse!” The women cooed as I immediately extended my tongue and tasted the rich tang of an utterly dominant woman’s anus for the first time; I lovingly lapped at the soft puckers, as she softly stroked her moist pussy, my nose now entreated to her sweet arousal as my tongue sampled the savoury elements of her femininity. My cock pulsed on the sheets as the other women softly taunted me, teased with the canes to make me squirm and bring on the inevitable disgrace from me. Having savoured the beautiful exterior and lapped up and down the fragrant cleft of her cheeks, my senses buzzed as I probed the warmth of her gorgeous anus for the first time; Hortense moaned as I did so, caressing her clitoris as I entered and clenching her rectum about my tongue, enhancing my feeling of captivity and absolute submission to the women. The other women cackled and sneered, using their canes and hands to ensure my movement on the silky sheets, to ensure I earned a further caning.

I was in absolute heaven as Hortense moaned with pleasure, her juices running down her divine cleft to greet my tongue as I serviced her anus. The women taunted and laughed as my rhythm quickened on the sheets, toward my inevitable punishment. As Hortense moved closer to orgasm she pointed her feet skyward and moaned softly as she worked her clitoris hard; I sniffed and snorted, lapping her sweet juices as I probed the welcoming warmth of her rectum, transfixed by her gorgeous pussy and magnificent thighs. The women had me just where I belonged; in service to, and pleasuring a woman’s arsehole; my rhythm quickened too, my cock now pulsing in ecstasy, there was no way I would avoid another caning and the women taunted me because they knew this. The buxom matriarch Anita would ensure I messed the sheets.

“You are going to look lovely in your new dress tomorrow, and you’ll see how a male can really submit to a woman. But for now we’ll just see you mess in honour of a woman’s lowest point, and then enjoy your tears once more. You are worthless, and I can’t wait till Elaine gives you up to me.” The thought of my glorious humiliation the next day, the mystery of Anita’s threats and the teasing strokes from the other women were all too much for me; Hortense’s moans were reaching a crescendo and her juices flowed, dribbling from my chin as I did my best to swallow her offerings as I probed, my cock began to pulse and spasm as I thought of being plugged and caged later, Hortense moaned loudly and her huge thighs tensed; I imagined the caning I would receive from her as I reached the point of no return and spurted in ecstasy in the silken sheets. The women laughed aloud as I bucked and shot again and again; Hortense recovered as I was still mid orgasm, to ad her personal taunt.

“Oh! I am going to give you such a thrashing; I’ll teach you to mess the sheets!” She grabbed my head and pulled my face tightly to her beautiful big arse as I spent again and again in absolute heaven as I thought of the caning.
I was duly punished severely by Hortense, and sampled all the women’s nether regions during the evening. I was whipped mercilessly by Margot and spanked like a small boy by Stella, Anita brought me off by face sitting me as she teased and tormented my balls, taking me to the point of orgasm many times before denying me; allowing me to come only after I had begged her. Finally, when they had had their fill of me, I was made to stand by the table where my new items lay, the dress, wig and shoes all placed prominently. The women sat and watched as Elaine made me view the things as she took my cock in her hand and masturbated me.

“Tomorrow your new life will begin in earnest, you will truly start to know your place beneath women, and you will witness complete submission. After you have given up your cream I am going to lock you. Your cock is mine and you will only be allowed relief when I choose to allow it from tonight and forever. Now give me your cream!” The women applauded as I duly spunked my last from a very sore cock; I was almost relieved to be faced with the cage and shot healthy spurts as I viewed the dress and thought of the sweet humiliation. The women looked on eagerly as I was first made to bend, and the butt plug was applied by my mistress, she having coated it with Vaseline. I yelped as the nub was pressed home; my eyes watered as it stung at first, I thought my arse would split. Elaine then deftly applied the cage while I was still flaccid; the women all gave a loud cheer and clapped as Elaine snapped the tiny padlock shut. Instantly my cock swelled to fill the plastic in a vain attempt to erect. My arse tingled as I felt truly emasculated. I was led on all fours by my leash to the door, and made to kiss the feet of my guests as they left. They all expressed how tomorrow could not come soon enough.

Elaine picked up her favourite cane, and I was led upstairs to see my new mistress’s bedroom for the first time. The butt plug teased my prostate exquisitely, making my cock bulge painfully in its new cage as I ascended the stairs. Elaine had me lie face down on her huge black satin covered bed.

“You have one more caning, and one more arse to lick, but you’ll not be allowed relief again until I think you have earned it.” I lay there, my cock imprisoned, my arse stinging internally and externally; I thought of what tomorrow would bring, as Elaine brought the cane whooshing down once again...
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Eleven

Elaine strutted over and made sure I walked on all fours to service Hortense; she smiled with satisfaction as I did as I was told without question. She stroked my arse viciously with her cane as I cowered before her formidable figure; my cock stiff with excitement. It pulsed and dribbled as I studied the black stilettos and stocking clad legs in tight pencil skirt, standing so dominantly before me.

“What are you waiting for! Undo my skirt now. My arse is so sticky; I want it refreshed immediately!” I hurried leaned up from my kneeling position, put my arms about her waist and fumbled with the buttons of her skirt at her rear. My head resting on her soft voluptuous belly, as I fumbled with the tight buttons. I heard the cane cut the air and felt the sharp agony as it bit into my arse.

“Get a move on! I haven’t all day!” Despite the sharp pain in my arse, my cock throbbed as I enjoyed being humiliated by this magnificent mature woman. The buttons came undone, her hips wriggled tantalisingly before my eyes as the tight skirt slipped down; my cock dribbled pre-cum as I sniffed the glorious scent of her panties which were wet with excitement. She pulled my face into her crotch, allowing me to indulge in the hot taste and aroma of her womanhood. Having given me a taste she immediately pulled me away.

“Get my panties off!” She barked as Anita and my mistress stood close to watch my humiliation, both sneering and giggling with enjoyment as I did exactly as I were told; they teased my aching cock with their canes as I peeled Hortense’s panties down her huge and magnificent thighs. She had worn them over her garter belt, so I was still treated to the beautiful feminine vision of her milky skin, contrasting with black sheer stockings. Her scent was heavenly and I yearned to lick her again. She lifted on foot out of the panties, and then held them up with the other sexy stiletto.

“You lick the crotch of those; I want them clean! Pay special attention to the rear of the crotch where my arse has been; if you leave any brown marks I will cane you severely!” She had no need to worry about my leaving any marks; I sniffed and licked lovingly at the panties so richly perfumed with her glorious womanly essences; my cock throbbing and pulsing as I tasted the sweet tangy juices to the rear of the crotch, my tongue rasping at the fabric to ensure I did not miss any sweet gift offered by this utterly dominant woman. I was close to ejaculating as all three women laughed at my efforts and teased with their canes.

Hortense snatched the panties from me when she thought I had taken long enough; I would gladly have eaten them had she ordered me to do so. The three women inspected the crotch as I knelt submissively before them. Hortense smiled down at me wickedly.

“Now I’ll have my arse cleaned.” She turned smartly and bent over a chair; the action exposing and opening the huge and beautiful cheeks of her arse; my nose was instantly hit by the rich sweet honeyed scent of her hot sticky anus. The two other women held my head and I was made to sniff and take in her rich anal aroma before I would be allowed to lick; the women made thoroughly sure I knew my place and was owned by them completely. They were in their element and were going to get maximum enjoyment from my complete and utter surrender to them. My cock was bobbing and dribbling, aching like hell in need of relief as I too thoroughly enjoyed my submission; I was ready to die for the women at that point. The order was given to commence cleaning and the women cooed with pleasure at my eagerness to service Hortense’s delectable anus; each tart tang of her sweaty rectum savoured by me as I quivered with delight at the excellent taste of her dominance. Hortense applied a buzzing dildo to her clitoris and was soon moaning in ecstasy; her pleasure owing as much to her haughty dominance over me and the actions of my tongue, as to her dildo.

My disappointment must have shown as she drew her sweet arsehole away from my loving tongue, as I felt the cane from my mistress and Anita, and was told to behave. I cowered before the women as Anita and Hortense made ready to leave. I was made to kiss their feet; my cock ready to explode, as they bid my mistress goodnight and walked past me as though I were not there.

I was now faced by my glorious redheaded, mature and thoroughly dominant mistress alone. She smiled down at me as she strutted in her pencil skirt, placing her glorious arse on an open chair, crossing her legs assertively.
“Well? What have you to say for yourself, pleasing other woman in front of me like that! Get over here now; I am going to give you such a spanking!
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Twelve

The pencil skirt was removed to reveal her glorious full thighs and I lay over her knees. My formidable red headed mistress made sure her legs were kept apart, so that my aching cock would not spurt between them as she delivered her spanking. I felt her muscles tense as she brought her hand smartly down on my bare cheeks; the stinging pain of her wicked hand making my arse glow and sting. After about 25 slaps I was made to beg her forgiveness, was then allowed down and made to lie on my back on the bed. I watched as mistress peeled off her panties and climbed on to the soft bed. I looked up in wonderment as she straddled my face; I had no need to sniff vigorously, the scent of her hot pussy and arsehole already sweetened the air.

“Now we shall have some fun, I’m going to see how long I can stop you from coming; you shall now enjoy the most exquisite of tortures!” Elaine slowly descended on my face, making sure I was treated first to her hot spicy anus; the smell was incredible making my cock bone hard and aching more than ever. As I licked the tangy reward and probed lovingly, I felt my mistress’s sharp nails run up the seam of my cock and brutally tease my bell-end; my stiff cock strained and dribbled as the wickedly giggling domme enjoyed watching me twitch in a mixture of agony and ecstasy as she inflicted pain wither razor sharp nails. She pressed her bottom down in pleasure and I felt her hot moist pussy slipping on my chin as my tongue willingly serviced her hot and aromatic anus.
After about five minutes of scr****g and flicking my poor cock, Elaine lifted slightly then slid back; ready for my tongue to service her moist and deeply aroused flower; the scent and taste were now absolutely heavenly, my aching needy cock accentuating every erotic taste and texture. I was ready to beg to be allowed relief, but knew if I did so she would torment me all the more.

Elaine grabbed and squeezed my balls with one hand and slapped and pinched my helpless member with the other, as she rocked back and forth on my face, her juices now flowing freely; I was now also struggling to breathe as her beautifully round and soft crotch and buttocks smothered me, her juices creating a wicked vacuum. I was f***ed to snort through my nose as she slipped on her forward stroke; my lungs inhaling heavily the sweet aroma of her excited and now sweaty anus. I felt her grip my rod viciously as she moaned in ecstasy and ground her pussy into my face as hard as she could. I thought I would die as I could no longer catch my breath; Elaine knew exactly what she was doing. She sighed and moaned and leaned forward as her body writhed in a beautiful orgasm; my nose sniffed gratefully at the cavity of her luscious arsehole, the mixture of air and beautiful womanly scent was exquisite, I felt truly owned.
Elaine recovered and sighed with sweet satisfaction; she adjusted herself so that my nose was pressed lightly against her sweet anus.

“Now you shall come for your mistress. I want you to thoroughly enjoy the scent of my arsehole as you come. You will learn to associate that scent with your orgasms which will be few and far between; the scent will reinf***e my dominance over you, you will beg to be allowed to lick my arse in the vain hope that you’ll be allowed to come each time.” I sniffed lovingly as Elaine now stroked my eager cock; her scent was now divine and I now tried to hold back, wanting to sniff my mistress and enjoy my submission to the full; Elaine seemed to sense this and cupped my balls with her free hand.

“I shall have your cream now; you shall not smell my scent for the next few days but you will sample many sweet bottoms and will be punished by their owners. I shall punish you when you are returned to me; you will know discipline, and Anita will help break you.” Elaine stroked long and smoothly; I was hers and she knew it, there was no holding back.

In a multitude of thrusts and spasms, my balls pumped hot lengthy squirts of jizz as I was enveloped in a fit of pure ecstasy; Elaine owned me and laughed at her prize; I came again and again and again as she pressed her bottom down and I sniffed deliriously at the rich anal aroma of the woman whose slave I had become. I felt the hot spunk land on my thighs as I moaned in pleasure.

“Good boy, good boy.” Elaine mocked as I spent and snorted at her arsehole. Sated, Elaine had me lick the dribbling come which had also shot all over her. I was allowed to clean up and my cage was refitted by my smiling mistress. The key was placed on a cabinet to await use by Anita and the new women she would have enjoy me. I slept soundly, leashed, plugged, caged and with the scent of my mistress embedded in my nostrils.
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Teacher's Pet

Jake Trenton woke up at 5:30am, went for his run on the treadmill, showered and then went to work. He had done this for a year now at Fredrick St. James Academy, it was a private all female boarding school in rural Main and he was the English/Drama teacher. Jake was 34 and had been and actor in New York for 15 years and wanted to try something different so he decided that he would use that degree he had for something. He landed this gig because of his connections, he was fucking the school's biggest donors, a 47 year old wife of a man worth $720 million dollars. Well lets' explain a few things, you see Jake is beautiful. He is 6"1 185 lbs with a lean muscular build basically a runners body. He had coal black hair with really light blue eyes and he had a slight beard he was stunning.

All Jake's life people had been drawn to him even at a young age because of his looks and by the time he was in in middle school he had received his first blow job and piece of pussy from a chick who was a senior in High School, she was his sitter and though he tried to convince his parents that he didn't need her while they went out of town for a week they were not about to let their 13 year old have the keys to the castle.

His sitter turned out to be hot as fuck she was blonde with blue eyes and huge tits and a tiny waist and he had no idea what he was in store for. From the moment she saw him her pussy was wet and for the first day she tried to ignore her lust and kept telling her self he's 13 but he was so hot not to mention tall for his age. It was on the second day when she saw him walking to his room after taking a shower. Jake's wet hair and piercing eyes in addition to his 5'11 body which was still growing but already was a lean and chiseled body were too much to handle "no one will ever know" she told herself and that night after he had taken his shower she waited for him in the hallway and when he opened the door she told him she wanted to show him something and followed him to his room. Now though Jake was naive at this age but as with all guys his age it didn't take much for his cock to get hard and she was so hot.

His cock began to grow and it just so happens that Jake was not only a beautiful adolescent he had a huge cock 8 inches and would eventually grow to be 10.5 by adult hood. He asked her to let him put on some clothes as he stood still with his back to her. She got a sly seductive look smile on her face and asked Jake to turn around and he begged her not to make him especially now that she had put her hand on his shoulder thus making his cock rock hard solid she made him turn and face her and he was so embarrassed he kept his eye closed and when she saw his massive cock she gasped and he thought he was done for but when he felt her warm hand on his dick rubbing it he opened his eyes in shock and before he knew it she was on her knees pulling his towel to the side and took his cock in her mouth and was sucking his fucking cock to such a degree that porn stars would be proud because of this along with the face that this was his fist time he shot his load almost immediately his moans became uncontrollable as if he was possessed with lust this shocked him and he seemed as if he was out side his body as the only feeling he seemed to be aware of was the sucking of his cock and suddenly he grabbed the the doorway to brace himself his knees bent slightly and he moaned out "OOOOOOh SH..SHIIIT UUUUUUUUGH..UGH..UGH...UGH" and he shot his load in her throat. It was as you can imagine the most intense thing he had ever felt.

He had never had his cock sucked before and she kept sucking as he was cumming never stopping "aaaaaah..sssssss..aaaaah..oooh fuuuuck yeeeeees" he uttered. She swallowed every drop of his young load and stood up and kissed him. Without saying a word she turned and went down stairs, Jake fell back on his bed absolutely amazed at what just happened, he just got his cock sucked by a high school senior. That night after he came home from his friends house he took his shower and when he opened the door to his bed room there she was naked on his bed.

His cock instantly got hard "Jake I want to show you something" she said as she parted her legs revealing a hairless pink pussy that was dripping wet. He noticed that his entire room was filled with a scent he had never smelled before and it was intoxicating and it made his primal instincts come out. Her scent was so hypnotizing that even if she had changed her mind at that point there was gonna be no stopping on his part this 13 year old male was in primal mode. Her scent was sweet and fresh and as he got closer it became even stronger and with each intake of breath through his nose the smell of her pussy filled his nostrils. She lay there playing with her tits and she could see the effect she was having on him but he was effecting her too. Jake was so beautiful to look at that any shame this 18 year old cunt had about fucking a 13 year old, went away. She didn't give a fuck and she motioned for him to come closer and he did as if he were under a spell his towel fell to the floor and his cock was so hard that the head was beet red and pre cum dripped from it. His breathing became deep and Jake's anticipation was apparent as she sat on the edge of the bed and made him get on his knees. She spread open her legs and when she did this her pussy was right in his face and now her scent was so strong that that he licked his lips uncontrollably.

He looked at her his eyes begging for her to give him the go ahead, after she nodded slightly he began to eat her fucking pussy with such fervor that she came in a matter of seconds filling his young mouth with her young cum. "ooooooooh Jaaaaake ah..ah...aaaaaaaaah" her high pitched moans music to his ears. Then came the moment when he was about to lose his virginity, she laid back legs open wide and he sank his cock inside her. It was at this moment that his life changed and he knew it.

His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he sank deeper and deeper, her pussy was so wet and so fucking warm and so fucking tight on his cock. Being his first time he knew nothing about holding back not that he could have if he wanted to her pussy was too good and to her his cock was so big and she was so turned on by him and the naughtiness of what they were doing that she came after just a few strokes and to be honest he only had a few more strokes left before he would have cum as well anyway, but when she came on his cock, her pussy getting tight around his prick. It was to much and he came with such an intensity that his body bucking intensely "FUCK I'M G-G-GONNA C-C-CUUM UGH UGH UGH OOOH OOH" she saw his face drop as if he had taken some d**g as his lips parted and after his initial moans he went silent and his eyes glazed over and no sound came from his mouth which was parted as if he were say "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH" and his face got red.

He was cumming and cumming deep inside her. He collapsed on top of her unable to move and she stroked his head and kissed him as he lay on her, cock still inside her cunt and he was still hard. He wasn't done and in five minuets he was cumming again. By the time it was all over he had cum 6 times more times in her only taking his cock out once because her cunt was so full of cum. He would never forget every sensation, her taste, the smell of her pussy and his cum, and of course the way it felt to be in her and to think he was trying to convince his parents to let him stay home alone.

For the entire week he fucked her and it was then that he realized his power, because she was practically begging for his cock. He realized that look in her eye he had actually seen before in both men and women. He saw it in his best friend's mother's eyes and never understood what it was or why she would get flustered when she spoke to Jake. He saw it in the eyes of the females at his middle school and come to think of it he saw it in some of the guys at school too not just the theater guys he hung out with, who he could easily tell were gay but some of the jocks too. It was then that he started to use sex as a way to get what he wanted and whether it was just plain sex or favors. By the time he graduated H.S. he had fucked three teachers and had been sucked off by more females than he could count and being an equal opportunity kind of guy, he had laid that pipe in some boi pussy too and had been sucked off by every attractive queen in the school and had several jacking buds.

He also used his looks and cock to live a lavish lifestyle that as a struggling actor he would never be able to afford and it was because of one of the women he was fucking that he found himself at the Academy. She had given so much money to them that all she had to do was pick up the phone they jumped. At first she though he was Joking when he told her he wanted to leave acting for a while to teach but realizing that he was serious convinced him to teach at the private Academy "it will look good on a resume" she said, not to mention he wanted to get away from the city and that it where this story begins.

The one thing that Jake failed to take in to account was that this was an all female school ages 15 to 18 and it never crossed his mind how much trouble it could be for a guy like him. A guy who was so attractive females always flocked to him, a guy who had a large libido and was always down for some pussy. It hit him the first day of school when he saw so many hot students and he knew that he had to be extremely careful because trouble was all around. A week after he started his rich milf who had gotten him the job sent him an card and on it she wrote "here's to a wonderful start darling but what ever will you do...All that pussy around and you can't have on bit xoxo" he laughed at this truth but he knew caution had to be exercised. He had no problem and though there were flirtatious students many hot he was very professional and was able to focus on being their teacher, actually he was able to fight off any attraction that he might have. This was until a new student came to his class and when he saw her he knew that if she showed a hint of interest he was done for because he wanted her pussy. She was so stunning and hot that every night he jerked his cock he fantasized about her. "it's just fantasy" he told himself.

Her name was Aurora and she had long auburn hair and she was at 15 so developed she was 5'7 115 lbs and her tits were perfect and he was so turned on by her that and needed release so bad he let one of the female professors suck him off on the regular just to deal with it and she was not attractive at all but all the other female teachers were old and the two attractive men he had no idea what their preference was. He hated even crossing that line but she knew what it was and was all to happy to blow him and knew she was being used and he had to admit she could suck one mean cock. It was during Winter break however that he would find that he would cross a line and never be able to come back once he did.

He had made plans to go home for the winter break but due a huge snow storm he found himself stranded and the roads were gonna be blocked for weeks "dammit I should have left yesterday when I had the chance" he said to Andreas the only other person there (except for some of the staff who stayed to make sure that the pipes did not freeze and to look after a chaperon who looked after any student who did not go home for the holidays.) He was the caretaker. He was very attractive and very Latin, he was 43 and had taken over his father's position at the school, now he was no janitor or some maintenance worker he was in charge of the entire kitchen staff, cleaning staff and saw to the daily running of those departments. He was 6'2 lean framed but muscular and he had a goatee which accented his high cheek bones.

He too was stranded and he and Jake hung out in Jake's private apartment which looked like one you might see at oxford it had wood paneling on the walls a fire place and there were shelves of books. It had a private study a bedroom and he had a large brown leather couch, soft thick carpet and he even had a bear rug. The lighting was very low and this made it even more cozy. They drank and smoked pot(Jake was really shocked at first but so pleased that Andreas was so laid back) They did this every day "might as well make the most of it, shit" Andreas said when they had made the decision that they would get high every day "cause what else we gonna do" he said as they laughed and passed the joint back and forth.

Thank goodness he had a huge stash to last them for those weeks Jake thought. It was on the third day that Jake's life would again change, he had gone down to the kitchen to get some food and was astonished to find Aurora peering in the fridge. "Aurora?!" Jake said, "what in the hell are you doing here, why aren't you away. Your parents are gonna have a fit" she turned quickly "calm down Mr. Trenton I'm not going home for the break." Jake had totally forgotten that occasionally students stay behind although it is very rare. Aurora stepped closer to Jake and he saw it that look, it was clear it was that look that his sitter had all those years ago and he knew this young beautiful teen that stood before him wanted his cock "Mother Fucker" he thought. He quickly grabbed something and headed back to his private apartment in the teachers quarters. Hoping she didn't see his 10.5 inch cock in his sweats.

He was high as fuck too so it made his hard on even worse. He got in the door and went straight to the porn and had a session so intense he was glad all the apartments were sound proof because he shot a load so hard that cum flew on his chest, face, computer screen and even hit the wall. The next day he sat at his computer chair smoking some weed when a small hidden door opened and through it walked Aurora. "what in the hell are you d-." He stopped because he then realized that she stood there in from of him rubbing her tits and his 10.5 inch cock got hard instantly. "Mr. Trenton my young little pussy is so wet, please slide your cock inside me and make me cum on your cock." Jake sat there high as fuck his cock hard as steel and he licked his lips "Aur-rora um I think you should stop okay we can't do this." he said those words and knew he didn't mean a word of it. All he wanted was to slide his rod deep inside her 15 year old cunt and fuck her with his man cock.

"I promise to keep it secret i promise I won't say talk about our naughty play time" she stood there her hair in pigtails he nipples hard, Jake's cock pulsed as he watched her and already he was pre-cumming something fierce and his 34 year old cock jumped because he was so horny. "you-you promise not say a word, you it's our secret right?" he said his breath getting heavy and he began to grind his hips as she stepped closer to him "come over here and suck on my cock, come taste my man dick with that teen mouth. She walked over to him and got on her knees and started sucking his cock with in seconds she had his cock in her throat and was working his man dick over in a way that had never been done and as she sucked and stroked his dick she looked up at him with those young teen eyes.

Jake was moaning loudly and he played with her nipples his cock deep in her throat now. "suck my fucking dick..suck my fucking dick" he said. He was filled with lust so much so that he didn't even think to ask about her coming out of a secret corridor that he didn't know was there. He could smell her pussy as it filled the room and he saw that her white panties were soaked through revealing the shape of her swollen pussy lips yes plum from arousal and in need of a grown man's rock hard cock. He stroked his dick as he got on his knees. he looked at this fucking young teen whore that lay in front of him, this young teen slut was so hot and nasty to want her little teenage cunt fucked nice and deep. This beautiful young thing made him so horny and his big hard heavy cock dripped with pre cum and his vein covered cock pulsed. He knew it was wrong but he didn't care "fuck what they say I gotta feel that pussy I can't fight it or pretend any more" he said out loud to her "I'm gonna fuck you, you want it don't ya little young teen cunt? Yea you want it I can smell your fucking pussy from here, it's just gone be between me and you, our little secret huh?" he said to her, his voice filled with lust and perversion.

She squirmed with her young legs spread open humping and begging for his big cock "fuck my pussy please put your big man cock in my little young teen pussy it's so wet oh it's so fucking wet." she was horny as fuck "yea you fucking cunt begging for my cock to be in that pussy, you asked for this. Walking around looking so fucking Hot, making me so hard I'm a predator who's gonna love fucking your young pussy" He got on his knees and hiked her skirt up and started to rub her pussy through her panties. They were soaked right through and he put his fingers up to his nose and took a nice whiff of her young snatch. It was intoxicating and he moaned softly as if he were trying to fight off an orgasm and his body shuddered in ecstasy. He then tasted her juice and then put his fingers in her mouth so she could taste herself. He slowly pulled her panties to the side revealing her hairless pink pussy. Her cunt lips were nice and fat and her clit was swollen from arousal and trickles of pussy juice trickled slowly out of her, she that fucking wet.

Jake took his finger and slid it right in the petite bitch and she moaned and cooed with pleasure, then he slipped in a another finger and she moaned louder and here eyes rolled in the back of her head "ooooooooh" she let out her soft young teen voice so innocent and pure. He finger fucked her pussy slowly at first and she she squirmed and bucked her hips and he gradually got faster and she really started to moan "OOOOOOOOOH OHHHHHHHHH....Y-Y-YES MR.TRENTON!" Jake was finger fucking her rapidly having found her G spot and soon he knew from the look on her sweet young teen face she was about to cum and she did just that all over him.

Turns out she was a squirter and her juice gushed out of that pussy and soaked the cushion. Her whole body shook and convulsed as this man finger fucked her young teen pussy and gave her her first orgasm. He ate her pussy out and she came again in his mouth, this was too much and he could no longer hold off he positioned himself between her spread open legs and taking his fingers he got them wet and slick from her pussy juice.

He then rubbed it on the head of his cock to wet it and taking his dick he rubbed the head on her clit. He teased her by putting the head between her lips rubbing his cock back and forth and then came the moment when this Man teacher and authority figure would fuck this sweet young innocent looking teen student, who begged for her pussy to be fucked by suck a person. He slowly pushed himself in her and he was so big and she so tight that she moved back off his cock but he put his arm around her back and pulled her forward "oh no baby no no my young little teen, when you crave and want man cock you take that cock, It's gonna feel so fucking good" he said "but your your so big..I've never been with one that big" she said sounding both nervous and horny she wanted his big cock so bad but could she take it? Jake slopwly kept sliding in and then bam he just sank all the way. Everything seemed to stand still years later when he would share stories about this moment with jerk buds and other perves he would tell them that time seemed to stop. The feeling of his cock being inside her young teenage pussy is something he thought every man should should not live with out.

He bit his lip and whimpered out "ohhhhh shiiiiiiit" her pussy was the wettest, tightest mother fucking warmest cunt he had ever put his prick in. He bit his bottom lip and lust and ecstasy came across his face. His brow furrowed and then with his mouth hanging open he slowly began to pump back and forth. His body shook and he gasped and made high pitched sounds and looked as if he could barley move too much. This was because her pussy was so fucking amazing that and felt so good on his man cock that he was nearly about to cum. He took his cock out and shook, he had to wait a minuet because he was right on the edge.

He slowly slid in a again and began to fuck her he began to pump her deep and she moaned and begged for it, loving every second this man fucked her his huge rod felt so good deep inside her young teen pussy "OOH OOOH OOOOH It' feels sooooo goog Mr. Trenton EEEEEEEEEEEEH!!" and soon she was cumming, Jake pulled out and she began to squirt again. She writhed around and humped her pussy back and forth having slid slightly on off the couch crouching down as jet streams of pussy juice shot on the floor And she made deep low moans and with out missing a beat Jake took his Adult cock and slid it back in her sweet Adolescent cunt and he started to slowly grind his cock inside her balls deep. It felt unbelievable he was so glad he smoked right before she walked in because being high made it feel even better. "oh....ugh..oh shiiiit. you feel so fucking fucking tight on my cock...your little young teen pussy feels so good on my big man cock" he whispered in her ear or looking her right in the eyes close to her face. She loved the look of perversion and sick lusty in his face, she was glad to bed violated by him and loved cumming on his cock with her pussy.

His cock felt unbelievable inside her deep in side her pile driving her lushes wet young pussy. He was so glad he was a pervert he was so glad that he liked young teen females, the taboo nature was such a turn on the sound of his body thrusting against hers as she moaned and moaned for his 34 year old dick, which was about to shoot inside her 15 year old pussy. He began to pump faster and she could feel his hard muscled body tense against hers and his breathing sped up and he started to moan and whimper "ugh..ugh..ugh..ugh..oh..oh..oh fuck..UGH..UGH...P-P-PUS..UGH..YOU PUSSY IS SO FUCKING GOOD...UGH..UGH..I"M GONNA CUM....OH GOD I"M GONNA CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUM.....AHHHHHHH JESUAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH.UGH..UGH..UGH..MMMMMM..UN-HUH...MMMMMMMM" he buried came every inch of his 10.5 inch breeding rod and dumped the biggest load man cock milk deep with in the Adolescent cunt that he had been fucking with reckless abandon he kept pumping deep then entire orgasm his fists clenching the pillows on the couch he whimpered in her ear and moaned as if he were about to cry and trust be told he was about to not because of guilt no fuck that but because the orgasm that he had was so fucking amazing that he could not believe that this was happening to him and that he had never known such pleasure in his life her pussy was lethal and he knew he was hooked the moment he sank his cock in the bitch. Silence filled the room except for their heavy breathing, Jake slowly slid his still rock hard dick from her cunt and he shuddered as his sensitive head slid out.

His whole body fell warm and gooey and when he went to stand up his leg turned to putty and he fell to the floor literally going weak in the knees. He kissed her and asked her about the secret door and she said she found by accident and she did but what she didn't know was that it had been put there when the school first built the building and the head mistress had the secret corridor put in because she wanted to be able to appear in the student's suites at any moment. She kept it a secret and when she died they moved the H.M.'s suite Closer to the Student's and because that suite was no longer the Headmistress's time had forgotten about it but Aurora had discovered it earlier that year and she was the only one who knew about. She knew it was his because she decided to walk it one night to see where it led and she was amazed to find that though it had probably been locked for years is was surprisingly clean and when she got to the end of the tunnel she clicked the door open and she had watched him jerk off. He had his earphones on so he did not her her and it was dark in the room so he never noticed that his wall was slightly cracked open. Seeing him massage his huge cock made her teen pussy wet on the spot and she vowed right then to get that dick. The conversation was just about to get good when there was a knock at the door.

Part two on it's way please leave comments, it turns me on!!! I am working on other continuing stories don't worry
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The Landlady's New Pet-Part Ten

The three women all teased my balls and put their sharp nails through the tiny slit in the end of my plastic cage, torturing the tip of my engorged bell-end exquisitely. I was near frantic as I viewed the two ample bodied women in their pencil skirts and the formidable dominatrix in her tight leather. At last, Elaine took the tiny key and undid the padlock, unclasping the cage in a moment to emphasise the ease of control she had over me. My cock hurt like hell at first as the urgency of bl**d pumped my member to rigidity almost instantly. The women clapped gleefully at the sight; Anita gave it a sharp slap with the flat leather end of a riding crop, and pointed sternly to the floor.

“It was hardly worth allowing you out! You’re no bigger with the cage off! Get down on the floor and help me remove my boots and leathers; you have some cleaning to do before you are allowed the privacy of discipline from your mistress tonight. Besides, I want to give you the opportunity to learn my scent and taste before a little game you will play in my company tomorrow. If you let me down, you may return home minus your balls after all!” The woman all laughed at my expense as I climbed down from the bed and cowered timidly before the magnificent woman. My cock poking rudely out, lifting the frill of my maid’s outfit; my silken panties, wet with pre-cum, lay forlornly on the floor, mimicking my utter defeat at the hands of these superb females. My balls tingled as the scent of Anita’s leather entered my nostrils and I expected to receive a thrashing at any time. The women giggled as I jumped when Anita broke the silence.

“What are you waiting for! Unlace my boots; I can’t wait to get these leather leggings off, I am so hot and sticky, you are going to clean them thoroughly for me.” I immediately did as I was ordered, my cock pulsing and bobbing as it jutted out; the smell of women and leather intensifying my yearning. My mistress and Hortense strutted either side in their tight pencil skirts, canes at the ready in case I did not perform quickly enough. I was mesmerised by the ample thighs of Anita as I unlaced her magnificent boots; I could make out her mound through the tight leather; she was obviously very aroused having castrated one male and now enjoying the humiliation of another. My arousal was obvious as my stiff cock dribbled; I so wanted to help her off with those leggings and lick the crotch clean. The women giggled wickedly as I was made to take each boot to the corner of the room in my teeth whilst on all fours, before I was allowed the honour of undoing the fastenings of the leggings, which concealed the plump and mature pussy I yearned to sniff.

My cock went harder than ever before as I peeled off the tight leather and the rich scent of that dominant woman’s most feminine and intimate parts invaded my nostrils. I leaned forward slightly to sniff her heavenly aroma, only to receive a sharp and wicked stroke of the cane from my mistress.

“Patience! You’ll do just as you are told and no more or I’ll have that cage back on you! Kiss Anita’s feet and beg forgiveness!” The women laughed wickedly as I did so; my emotions running wild at the sheer ecstasy of being completely and utterly dominated by them, I so wanted to cum. Anita slipped her graceful, mature and shapely legs from the leggings and pointed to the sticky sweaty crotch; the shape of her pussy still embossed in the luxuriant leather.

“Now you get your tongue down there and lick that gusset clean; I want you to pay special attention to where my arse has been; remember what I told you about the game you’ll entertain me with tomorrow. When I’m satisfied you have done a thorough job, you shall be allowed to lick my arse and pussy clean too, and then you can do the same for Hortense before we leave you with your mistress for the night.” I was in absolute heaven as I began the task; I lovingly sniffed and licked the sweet feminine essences from the leather and wondered about what the ‘game’ would entail tomorrow. As I sniffed and licked my way to the rear of the gusset, I was close to ejaculating at the glorious honeyed scent of Anita’s anal residues; the women teasing me with their crops and canes as they witnessed the eagerness I displayed in my work. Not till I had licked the entire expanse of where her buttocks had been were the women satisfied I had completed the task. Anita looked knowingly at me as she took her time in settling softly on her bed, slowly lifting her legs as she smiled, displaying at last her hot and sticky anus. I knelt there in agony for what seemed like an eternity with the women giggling at me as I awaited her command.

“Get over here now and lick my arse! I shall give you a thorough thrashing if you don’t perform to standard!” She knew damn well she would not be disappointed, my cock bobbed and dribbled as I shuffled toward her on my knees whilst given encouragement via the stinging canes of Elaine and Hortense; both now eager to have their tight pencil skirts removed and their arses serviced. Anita looked at me with utter contempt from between her magnificent thighs; her ample bottom rippling erotically and invitingly as she fingered her moist pussy and awaited the pleasure of my tongue in her arsehole. She pulled my head by the hair with her free hand and had me sniff her glorious scent as I knelt before that beautiful prize. She flexed her anus tantalisingly as I gorged my lungs on her tangy feminine scent.

“Beg to lick my arse you cur!” I had no hesitation whatsoever; she had me, I was hers and I revelled in the divinely erotic humiliation served upon me by this formidable and gorgeous woman.

“Please Mistress Anita; please let me lick your arse.” The women all burst out laughing; Elaine having caught the whole thing on video; I would be taunted later. Anita barked again.

“Lick my arse now!” Elaine continued to film as I eagerly tasted Anita’s hot sticky anus; the delicate tang had my cock dribbling uncontrollably as I licked lovingly around the juicy perimeter of her anus, ensuring all the sweet puckers were cleaned and freshened. The scent of Anita’s pussy was divine and increased as she slipped her fingers through the moist flaps, making her juices dribble down to my tongue; Anita sighed audibly as I then probed her sweet interior for the first time, the taste and texture was incredible as she flexed her anus, squeezing my tongue as if to emphasise it being captured and owned too. I desperately wanted to cum. After licking and probing for a good ten minutes Anita moaned in ecstasy and stiffened her glorious thighs as she brought herself to an inevitable climax. I was then pushed away like an unwanted toy. The vicious noise of a cane cutting the air brought me to my senses as I lay on the floor; Hortense looked at me with wild wanton eyes.

“Get over here and help me out of this skirt!” I was about to be treated to another fabulous and dominant scent; when would I be allowed to cum?..
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Her Mom and A Condom - An Adult Story

I was picking up some groceries at the super market when I met her. Valerie Fields was in her early twenties. She had just graduated from college. She was still living at home with her Mom. I made a funny joke about a cucumber in the produce section. She turned with her friends to laugh. I thought she was very cute. She was a little bigger than her friends. Maybe that why I was attracted to her. I've been loving bigger women more and more. Valerie was no different. She had long dark hair down to her shoulder. She was maybe 5ft 5 with a very curvy body. She was a little bigger around her ass than up top. But she made me stare at her as she walked passed me in the super market.

She had her best friend give me her number as I slowed down when I saw them in the parking lot. They were all going to the beach. I had to work but gave them a smile. I did not get much work done that day. It was not until a few days later that I called her. She was heading to sign up for classes. We met for some coffee. We kinda of hit it off. I was not sure if there was a spark. But I did want to see her again. I smiled and gave her a kiss on the cheek for our first date.

Our second date was dinner and a movie. It was her choice. She wanted to see a horror movie. I just wanted to get to know her better. We sat in the back row of the movie theater. It was the last movie of the night. During the movie we held hands. I drove her home. I parked my SUV and walked her to her front door. It was kinda of late. I was just about ready to give her a kiss when the porch lights turned on and off. "Oh! Sorry! That my Mom. She is kinda of protective of me. She had me when she was real young. Thats her telling me to come in. I had a nice time Buck. Thanks." said Valerie

A few days later I got a text message. "Hey big boy. My Mom going out for the day. Do you want to come over????" I smiled as I text her back. "Yes!" A minute later I got a return text. "Bring your bathing suit and that sexy smile." I smiled again and sent her a text back . "See ya Soon"

I went to take a quick shower. I cleaned up some small hairs on my face. I checked my body for any hair. I had a small patch of hair above my cock. The rest of my body was bare. I combed my short hair. Put on some cologne and body spray. I did not put on underwear as I pulled up my Hawaiian shorts bathing suit. They were a long pair of shorts down to my knees. I put on some sandals. Some dark shades over my eyes. I put on a simple short sleeve white t-shirt. I checked myself in the mirror. Not bad for 24. I love to run and workout still. I smiled as I picked up my keys off my night stand.

It took me about 30 minutes to get to Valerie house. I saw there were no cars in the driveway. I parked next to the garage. I got out and walked up to her front door. Valerie had a nice two story brick house. There was a nice big front yard. Her neighbors were about 30 feet from her house on either side. I knocked on the front door and waited. I looked around. A few seconds later the door opened.

"Hey! Come on in. You just missed my Mom. She is going across town to visit my grand mother. She goes there every Saturday. I love your bathing suit. You can take off your sandals over there. Follow me." said Valerie. I walked behind Valerie. We walked into kitchen. She was wearing a big blue one piece suit that covered her body. She had a white skirt covering her ass. I smiled when I saw she had on some blue flip flops. I finally got to see her cute feet. She had painted her finger and toenails to match her sexy purple lips. She had on some purple makeup that was just right. This was the first time I had seen her with makeup. I was feeling a little bit more excited when she stopped to see me staring at her curvy body.

"This is our kitchen. Would you like something to drink or eat?" she said. "No! Thanks! I'm good." I said. "Ok! Follow me outside. That's our pool. Over there the hot tub. Only my Mom gets to use that. I'm not allowed. My Dad left my Mom for his skinny secretary last year. My Mom been kinda of depressed ever since. She got the hot tub last week to make her feel better. I hope I'm nor boring you." said Valerie. "No! Sorry that happened. What time is your Mom coming back?" I said. "Mmmm not for awhile. She usually comes home late. She kill me if she knew you were here. She can very over protective at times. She always warning me about guys." said Valerie. I smiled as we walked over to a table and some plastic chairs.

I held Valerie chair as she sat down. I walked around to sit opposite of her. We made some small talk for about 30 minutes. "I'll be right back Buck." she said. I watched as she walked across her lawn to a small wooden swing set. There was a large Oak tree next to the swing set. There was a even a small tree house on top. There was a big tire swing on the main branch of the tree. There was even a small slide. She reached into the tire swing. Just inside the tire. She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. She walked back.

Valerie was standing behind her chair. "Do you mind if I smoke?" she said. "No! Feel free." I said. "It's another thing I hide from my Mom. She hates it." said Valerie. "Mmmmm... Just curious. Anything else, you keep from your Mom?" I said with a big smile. "Ha Ha...Oh I bet you like to know. Maybe! Can I ask you a question first?" said Valerie. "Oh...things just got interesting. Sure you can ask me anything. But just one question. Then you tell me a big secret. Something your Mom does not approve of." I said. "MMMm..I really can't think of a question. Can you just take off your shirt so I can see your muscles." said Valerie

If your not aware of this big gurl fact. Most big gurls, not all. Want sex more than regular size girls. I find this to be a true most of the time. They don't beat around the bush. Most just say what's on there mind. So Valerie wanting to see my body was no different. I laughed as I pulled off my white shirt over my head. I dropped it on the grass next to my chair. "How's that?" I said. Valerie smiled as she brought her menthol cigarette to her mouth. She took a big puff as she blew the smoke over her head. "Buck! You look nice...I really like your blue eyes but those arms and your abs are sexy. Your making me get hot." said Valerie.

I sat in my chair checking her out. She moved her free hand down to her big hips. She puffed on her cigarette some more. She flicked the ash in the air. She put her big sexy lips around the end as she puffed on it some more. "What's my question? I will tell you anything." she said. "MMMmmm... How about a big secret your Mom does not know. If she found it would make her very mad." I said. I watched as she smiled and moved her hand down the front of her white skirt. "You promise not to tell right. I mean this would make her very mad." said Valerie. "Oh you have my word. I'll never tell. Cross my heart." I said. I secretly crossed my fingers behind my ass as she looked around her back yard.

"Buck! She thinks I am still a virgin." said Valerie. "I could see that might make her mad. You did say she was over protective of you. Mmmm.... So how did you loose it." I said. "I was a good girl all through high school. Then I went to college. I woke up one night in my dorm room. My roommate was having sex with her boyfriend. I watched. The next night he came to see her. She was not there. One thing lead to another. We had sex. I really liked it. A week later I slept with a professor to get a good grade on a test. OMG I can't believe I am telling you this." said Valerie. I smiled. "So you became a little party girl after that." I said. "Oh god yes. I dated a few guys." she said. "A few. I think maybe more than a few. What happen to your roommate? Did she find out about you having sex with her boyfriend." I said.

"Ummm.. Yeah she found out. She was mad at first. Then she invited her best friend from her home town to stay with us in the dorm. The first night they tied me up and spanked me. Then they used as there sex slave for the weekend as punishment. Were still cool. She coming in next week to see me. My Mom would kill me more if she knew I liked pussy as much as good hard cock." said Valerie. My cock was semi hard before. It was rock hard now. All 9 3/4 inches wanted to bust out my Hawaiian shorts. She dropped her cigarette butt in the grass. She put it out with her right foot. Her flip flops went back and forth. She arched her back as she licked her middle finger on her right hand. She let out some smoke in the air. She then curled her finger in her mouth. "That a pretty good story. I think your Mom would be very upset. Her little daughter not so little anymore." I said with a big smile.

"I think you right big boy." said Valerie. "Did you learn anything while you were at college?" I said. "Mmmm..I think I did. Why don't you come over here and I'll show you." she said with a big wink. I got out of the white plastic chair. She reached on the small round table. She put her white towel in the grass below her feet. She got down on her knees. I walked over standing right in front of her. She reached up with her long nails. She slowly untied the white string keeping my long Hawaiian shorts on. I saw her lick her lips. She moved her free hand to push the soft material on my cock. She gently outlined my cock in my shorts. "I guess you might be bigger than that cucumber at the super market. I better make sure." said Valerie.

I watched as she pulled the knot on my shorts open. She then pulled down the side of my shorts over my ass. She had my shorts around my ankles as my cock shot back up hitting her in the face. She gasped. "GASP!!!" I looked down to see my cock resting on her purple lips. She licked the pre-cum of the tip. She moved her lips around my cock. She gagged as she got a few inches in her mouth. She started to stroke my cock. She then let go of my cock in her mouth. "God! You shaved this monster. Damn Buck! Your big! I never seen a cock this nice before." she mumbled as I shoved my cock back in her mouth. I could feel the saliva falling off my shaft as she moved her head up and down on my cock. I pulled out smacking her face with my cock. I bounced my big naked balls on her chin as she opened her mouth wider.

She might have did bad in class but she did learn how to suck cock very good. It was quite nice as I watched her suck my cock. I reached down to put my hands on her brunette hair. I pulled it up making her spit out my cock. She slapped her wide tongue with my cock. I then unclasped her swim suit top. The once piece was barely on as she let go of my cock to catch her top falling around her waist. I looked down to see her nice large firm breast move in her hands. I jacked my cock as she kept looking up at me. My mouth was open as she tried to suck the tip of her left breast. Her big nipples were wet as she spit on them.

"VALERIE!!!!!!!!! What are you doing???? OMG Honey!!! What is this boy doing to you. Stop!! Young man stop that. What are you doing to my innocent daughter?" said a female voice. My head turned with Valerie as I saw an older lady come out her back door near her kitchen. She was about 5ft 8 with short platinum blonde hair just over her ears. She was wearing two large gold big hoop earrings as she strutted across the wooden deck toward us. She was in her mid thirties. She had on some very tight dark blue jeans. She had a tight yellow blouse over her very large breast. She had on white shirt that blocked her big boobs from falling out. She had on some very long red nails with white tips that matched her toenails. She was wearing some yellow 4inch heels that matched her blouse. She had a small yellow leather purse under her right arm. She was moving faster as she got in the grass.

"Hi! Mom! What are you doing back so soon? How Grandma?" said Valerie. My cock was still sticking straight out. I was completely naked standing there. Valerie had covered her big tits as she was still on her knees. She moved to look at her Mother from the grass. "I forgot something. I did not even make to your Grand Mothers. Can you imagine if she was coming back with me. She might have had an heart attack. Who is this? Wait! Why am I explaining this to you. I am glad I came back. I told you about boys. They just want to have unprotected sex with you. Just like when I was younger. Do you want to get pregnant?" said Mrs. Field. "This is Buck...No I don't want to get pregnant Mom. I mean, we were not even having sex." said Valerie. I stood there and watched Valerie Mom get more mad. "Oh my goodness if your Dad could see you know." said Mrs. Fields.

"Your not going to tell Dad. Are you???" said Valerie. "I am going to call your father and tell him the truth. His daughter a little whore. She was out sucking cock in our back yard. I am so sure he like to hear that. Did he do this to you? Did her dare you to suck his big cock?" she said. "Mom! Your embarrassing me. It does not mean anything. I was just curious. Buck was just trying to be nice." said Valerie. "Trying to be nice. I'm sure! Is this the first time? Have you done this before Valerie?" said her Mother. "With Buck yes!" said Valerie. "OMG there been others. I can tell by your face. You smiled. My daughter likes sucking cock. Your suppose to wait. I can't believe how my day is going. What that smell?? Who is smoking. Valerie get on your feet. Breath in my face. NO!!!!!!! You smoke to. It's like I don't even know my own daughter. Have mercy on me." said Valerie Mom.

I still had not covered up. My cock was still rock hard sticking straight out. I put my hands on my hips. I squeezed in my hard ass. I flexed my abs. I waited for the next shoe to drop. I should have ran over the big fence covering the back yard. I could still as they gave each other mean looks. "Valerie! Be very honest with me. Are you still a virgin..........OH!!!!!!!!! Heaven help me!! I can see by your face again. Was it Buck? Was it that a dirty high school gym teacher. Who was it? Tell me!!! Speak up." Her Mom said. I leaned back to catch a glimpse of Valerie Mom big ass. She had a nice hour glass figure. She had very big breast. A tiny waist and a very nice big ass. If I had to guess maybe.... 48HH breast - 28waist - 38 inch ass. I gulped as I checked her out some more.

Valerie shot me a dirty look when she saw me checking out her Mom. "No it was not Buck. It was a guy at college. It was a one night thing. I accidentally was given some alcohol. Then he gave me a cigarette. I was light headed. I am so sorry Mom. Please don't be mad. I promise to be good again. I won't be bad anymore. You can trust me." said Valerie. "Did you use protection? Did he wear a condom?" said her Mother. "No! He told me he did not like the way they felt. Then the condom fell off of his tiny dick." said Valerie. "Did you know how to put it on? Don't they teach that in Sex Ed anymore?" said her Mother. "No! Budget cuts. I never learned. Don't be mad. It won't happen again Mom. I promise to be good." said Valerie.

Her Mom looked at Valerie standing there holding her breasts. She then looked at me. Then back at Valerie. "I don't think I can trust you. Next time I come home. I might find a bunch of guys back here. I might catch you doing more than just oral sex. I could not live with myself if you made the same mistake as I did and got getting pregnant. I have to show you. This is going to hurt me more than you Valerie. I have to put my foot down. I can't trust you. I see the way men look at you know. They all want the same thing. It's been a whole year since you father left. It's been almost 2 years since I had to worry about using protection. Your father and I always were prepared. I used to be on the pill. I still carry some of his condoms in my purse. See!!" Valerie Mom unzipped her purse.

A second later she pulled out a small green pack of condoms. "Mom!" said Valerie. "Ummm come here young man. I need to show my daughter how to put these on. Can you do me a favor and slip this on." she said. She handed me the green foil packet. I was now about a foot from Valerie Mother. Valerie eyes got big as she saw me me rip open the package. I looked down. It was for a very small guy. My eyes got big when I pulled out the condom to take a look. I smiled when I watched both of there faces. The condom would not go around the tip of my hard cock. I did not want to cut of the circulation. "I don't think it will fit. Mmmm it's a little small for me." I said. "Those were my husbands. I had no idea there were different sizes. I just picked up the small size box. He was not all that gifted when it came to sex. But he always wore one. Even when I was on the pill." said Mrs. Fields.

I stood there naked with the condom in my hand. Mrs. Fields looked around. I heard Valerie let out a soft moan. She was rubbing her left breast. Her Mom shot her a dirty look. She then looked back at me. "Damn you young people don't know how to do anything. Damn MTV warped your minds. Come here young man. That is it. Here help me to the ground." said Valerie Mother. I held her hand as she got on her knees in front of my cock. She was inches from my cock poking her in the eye. She looked up to see the bottom of my cock. My naked balls sat there as she looked me up and down. She put her hands in the grass to steady her balance. Her jeans were so tight she could not move. Her heels finally fell out as she moved up on her knees toward me. She then looked at her daughter who was still holding her big breast. Her nipples poked through her fingers as she looked at her mother.

"You can't tell your Dad I showed you how to do this. He would kill me. He thinks your still a virgin. I promised him that you would not get pregnant before you got married. I guess I have my work cut out for me. Now watch Valerie." said her Mother. I looked down to see Valerie Mom reach for my erect cock. She grabbed her small hand half was around the base of my cock. She used her other hand to grip my cock all the way around. She gave it a nice big squeeze. "Young man. You are very big. So much bigger than my husband. I can't believe how round and hard you are." said Mrs. Fields. I watched as she stroked my cock. She then let her hand fall under my cock to my big naked balls. "Damn your shaved and so smooth down here. I never felt that before." she said. I looked over to see Valerie eyes get big. She was watching her Mom jack my cock.

"First you get the cock ready. Valerie are you watching? Just pull on it a few times. You then roll out the condom. Hand it to me Buck. Ok! Now you put the tip on his cock. Just like this. MMMmmmmmmm....RIPpppppppppp OOops. I guess that one was a broken before we tried. Lucky I have a few more. Ok! Now lets try that again. RIPPppp...Damn!!! Another broken condom. Am I hurting you honey?" said Valerie Mom. "No! I'm good." I said. She was making me so hard. I was loving what this hot older cougar was doing to me. I was breathing heavy as I watched Mrs. Fields reach in purse to get another condom out. She peeled open the foil wrapper. She then looked at my cock starring her right in the face.

"Maybe! I got an idea. Just relax young man. Let's try making him wet. Maybe the condom will slide on easier." said Mrs. Fields. With that she took my cock and spit on the tip. She then wiped her small hand down making my cock wet. She did this a few more times. Her spit was hot as she kept starring at my cock. Valerie was pulling on her nipples as she looked at her Mom spitting on my cock. I kept my feet shoulder length apart as she tugged on my cock. "Still a little dry. I never did this for my husband. But his condom would fit on him. I better try." she said. I looked down to see her lick her big red lips. She then stuck her tongue to lick my cock. She swirled around the tip of my cock as she began to suck my cock. Some saliva came out of her Mom mouth onto my cock. I watched as her saliva dripped down to her massive cleavage under her small white shirt.

"Mom what are you doing?" said Valerie. Her Mom did not answer. She had half of my 9 3/4 inches cock buried deep down her throat. She pull my cock out and it was very wet. She looked at me with a big smile. She then took the next condom out of the foil wrapper. She placed it on the tip. "Ok! This should work now Valerie. Watch please!" said Valerie Mom. She tried again to roll the condom out over the tip of my big purple head. I watched as she struggled to get over the tip. I was nice and wet put it kept falling off to the side. She was making my cock feel great as she started to fondle my balls. "Let me see if I can do something with these big balls you have. Maybe if I put them in my mouth we can fit this condom on." said Mrs. Fields. I liked were this was going.

She opened her big red lips to start to lick my balls. She stroked my cock with her free hand. She handed me the condom as she sucked on my balls. She bounced my cock on her forehead. She pushed my cock onto my abs. I felt the tip touch my belly button. She had both my big balls in her hot mouth. Valerie moved to the side to get a better look of her Mom sucking my balls and cock. I kept a straight face as she sucked my cock in front of her daughter. I leaned forward to see down her back. I could see her big ass was bursting her jeans from the back. I could see a small white thong buried deep in her ass crack. I could feel her knees touch my feet as she sucked on my cock. She then let go with a big moan. Valerie eyes got big as her Mother looked around.

"Can you think of anything young man that would help me show my daughter how to put this on you? I want to teach her so she does not get pregnant." said Mrs. Fields. I was going to go for broke. I had to see the rest of her MILF body under her clothes. "Since you can't really get your small hands around him. I once had a girl put the condom between her breast. My cock went right in. You push your breast around him. It should work." I said. I was waiting for one of them to say no. I was still waiting as Valerie was starring at her Mom. Mrs. Fields was unbuttoning her big yellow blouse. She pulled it off to the right side. Her big white shirt was a huge tube top. I had not seen that on a woman in quite some time. She was a sexy cougar on the prowl wearing that top.

Her big fat puffy nipples stretched the front of the white tube top. I was praying she take it off next. She pulled on the side but could not get it off. Valerie dropped her right hand in front of her bathing suit. Her big breast fell down in the cold air. "Can you help? I have seem to grown since I put this on this morning. I took the tag off before putting it on. I had it in a box for sometime. Thanks!" said Valerie Mom. I reached down to grasp the sides. I pinched her soft skin to get some of the white tube top. Like a dream. I pulled up causing her huge breast to fall out the bottom. "WHAM!!! BAM!!!!" Her two large orbs were loud when they smacked her soft skin. I looked down to see her huge nipples expand in the cold air. She looked up at me. "Your only the second male to see my gifts. My husband hated them . He said more than a handful was bad."

My eyes got big. Valerie eyes almost fell out seeing her Mom huge breast. They made Valerie look very small. I smiled as Mrs. Fields stuggled to push them up toward my cock. "Is this Ok? How do you want me young man?" said Valerie Mom. "OMG Mom. Is this even necessary. I mean it Mom. I learned my lesson." said Valerie. "Shhh Valerie. Pay attention. It because of you, I am having to put myself through this. Now be quite." said Valerie Mom. I looked down not missing a second of looking at her huge chest. Her aeroles were the size of a small pizza. They were topped off by two big dark pink nipples. About the size of the tip om my big thumb. My mouth was grinning from ear to ear. I gently moved my hips forward. My cock rested on top of her left breast. She smiled as I then slapped her breast with my cock. I held the condom in my right hand.

"Oh that is perfect Mrs. Fields." I said. "Call me, Holly. Mrs. Fields make me sounds older. You don't think I'm old? Do you Buck?" she said. I shook my head "NO!" I then moved my cock all around Holly big breast. She watched as my cock circled her very soft skin. I reached down finally to feel how heavy they were. "Oh those are very nice Holly. Your husband doesn't know what he has been missing." I said with a big smile. Her breathing had increased as I palmed the front of her breast with my two big hands. They oozed out the sides of my big hands. They felt like to beach balls filled with sand. They were so soft and natural. It was the opposite of what I was expecting. She had not stretch marks as far as I could see.

I pushed my cock into her huge valley. Her skin was white and she had some small freckles buried deep in her cleavage. I was sure she never sun bathed with these beauties out for everyone to see. She would look very hot with a nice tan. I could feel her warm skin began to wrap around my hard cock as she looked down to see me cock in her cleavage. She smiled as I pulled my cock out and then back in. She pet out a soft moan as she spit on my cock. "Just need a little. I've never done this before. Your teaching me new tricks young man." said Holly. I let out a soft moan. I could feel her warm skin began to pick up friction as I fucked her huge breast. I then dropped my hands to her big nipples. I began to fondle them between my fingers making her warm all over. I heard Valerie trying to take off her one piece swim suit. She went to get a chair. I heard it move in the lawn.

My cock barely saw the light of day as her cleavage was huge. I then felt her spit a big globe inside her cleavage. I was enjoying myself so much that when Valerie said, "Are you ready enough Buck for the condom." It broke our rhythm. I stopped as Holly opened her eyes. "We better try. Valerie stop enturpting us." said Valerie Mom. I ripped open the next condom. I placed it inside her cleavage all the way deep inside just on her chest. I pulled my hands out pushing her breast together. I then put my cock back inside. I could feel the condom on the tip of my cock. It just moved around not going on. "Push them really hard together Mom." said Valerie. Mrs. Fields pushed then together very tightly. My cock was being crushed in a good way. A second later my cock flew out the top along with the condom. All of us turned to watch the condom fly in the air. It landed in the middle of the lawn.

"Valerie! Are you naked now just like you Mom and Buck? Pick up my purse. Look inside please. How many condoms are left?" said Valerie Mom. "Ummmm!!! Looks like just one more is left." said Valerie. She held it up in her right hand. "Toss it to Buck." said her Mom. I grabbed the last condom out of mid air. I looked down to see Valerie Mom was turning red. She blushed as she looked me up and down. My cock was still erect as I looked at her. "My husband would have cum by now. You must be really good at holding out." she said. I smiled. "Any ideas for the last one." I said. I was smiling as Holly looked around. Valerie was sitting down again. She was holding her breast with her arm. She had her left hand over her big hairy pussy.

"Sometime when my husband would enter me from down there. His cock would shrink. Maybe we can just try putting the last condom on the tip of of your cock. Then just moving on the outside of my skin. Not putting your big cock inside me. It's been so long since I felt a man. I am not sure how I will react down there. Plus we have to show my daughter how to use them correctly." she said.

I just smiled as Mrs. Fields held out her hand. I helped her to her feet. She was still wearing her heels as she gained her balance. Her huge breast shifted on her chest. They were hanging down passed her waist. She had to move under them to pull her jeans together. She got the first button undone. As she moved her hands down her right hip to unzip the side. Her small hip hugging jeans fell open and slowly she shimmed in place trying to make them fall. She pushed her hands down her sides and pushed her tight jeans over her large ass. She was now standing there with her jeans around her ankles. She had a small white thong that hugged the front. A small string went up her ass holding them high on her hips. I could tell she was cleaned shaven by now signs of hair under her see through white thong. She had soaked the front and all of the string from her wet pussy. I could really smell her scent now as she looked at me.

Her sweet perfume was now being drowned out by her sweet pussy. I reached down to hold her jeans as she put her hand on my shoulder. Her breast brushed against my face. Her nipple cut through my small hair on my head. I kept starring at them on my face as I held her jeans. I pulled them over heels. She was now standing with her breast on top of my head. Her jeans were in the lawn and her heels touched together. She leaned up as I stood up next to her. My cock poked her soft breast flesh as she looked around. I saw a big beach towel in the grass near her purse. I walked over and unrolled the towel on the lawn. I could feel the sun on my back. It just moved under a cloud as Mrs. Fields walked over and laid on the towel.

Valerie Mom spread her legs. I looked down to see her white thong ride her big cunt lips that were now trying to fall out of her pussy. She looked at Valerie. "Mom what are two doing now. I can't believe this. I am going to tell Dad." said Valerie. "Shhh! I'll tell your Dad how much of a big whore you are with the boys in the neighborhood. This is for your own good. Trust me nothing is going to happen. I used to do this to your Dad. His tiny cock shrunk when it got near my vagina. Now be quite. I need Buck to be good. Ok! Go ahead young man." said Valerie Mom.

I got on my knees and crawled in between Mrs. Fields legs. I sat back on my ass. I put my legs under hers. I pulled her toward me sliding up my thighs. "Go ahead take off my white panties." she said. "Mom! That a thong for goodness sakes. Did Grandma buys you those?" said Valerie. "Yes! She bought me them and the white tube top. She also bought me a small viberator and the big hot tub. She wanted me to feel better. No be quite you spoiled brat. Watch this. It's more for you than me. I know how to put on a condom. Ok! Buck! You can take them off now." she said.

I wanted to play with her pussy before I got them completely off. I was going to act like I never took them off a woman before. I reached down feeling her big cunt lips slide on my two fingers. She moaned. Her pussy got more warm. I then traced her pussy lips with my middle finger. I could see she was breathing heavier. She was also tossing her head back and forth on the beach towel. I saw Valerie drop her hand and stick a finger in her pussy. I then gently peeled down her white thong exposing her wet pussy to the cold air. I then pulled them down her legs. She put her heels on my shoulders as I pulled them over my head and onto the grass. She was now completely exposed to me and her daughter. "Mom!!!! You shaved your big bush. When did you do that?" said Valerie. "I got it waxed the other day. I got my nails done and I joined a tanning salon. Now watch what Bucks does next. He is going to place the condom on the tip and then roll it down is large cock. Leave a small refuge at the tip to collect the sperm. You don't want to burst the tip." said Valerie Mom.

I moved closer as I put my cock on top of her pussy mound. She looked down between her large breast to her flat stomach to see the tip of my cock looking back at her. She smiled as I ripped open the last condom. Valerie watch as she looked over her Mom and I from the side. She could not see my cock as I dropped it between her Mom legs. I massaged Holly perfect thighs with my two big hands. I placed the condom on her stomach as I spanked her exposed cunt lips with my cock. I could hear the slapping of my cock on her big wet pussy lips. She bite her lower big red lip. I smacked her lower pink lips with my cock. I reached up to tug on her big nipples. This caused her to moan very loud. "God Mom! From that moan I am thinking you might be liking this. I am so glad your showing me how." said Valerie.

I bit my lower lip as I moved my cock on the tip of her labia. I could feel her pussy lips move around my cock. I took the condom and place it on the tip. It look like a lid going on to a container that did not fit. After a second it fell off causing my cock just to go inside her pussy. Just the tip nudged in. Maybe a 1/4 inch of the tip eased in. Mrs. Field moan from that. "Is it still on?" she said. I placed it back on tip as I moved up and down her pussy lips. "How does that feel?" I said. "Feels nice. Valerie pay attention. As Buck cock shrinks. Then the condom fits around his cock. Then you stop at the base. There a reservoir tip at the top. You can also get the ones with ribs for your pleasure. Not that I am saying to go out and buy some. But I don't want you to get pregnant young lady." said her Mom.

I kept playing with the outside of her pussy with my cock. I dropped the condom on the beach towel as I massaged her thighs with my hands. After a few minutes of making her pussy more wet. She reached down with her left hand to touch my cock. She moved her hand from my balls to the tip of my cock. She looked at me in my blue eyes. "Ok! Nice! Good job! Buck! Glad to see you got the last condom on the cock of yours. Now lay on top of me. I will show my daughter how to have sex with out the condom falling off. Buck put you hands right there. Let me guide you in. OHhhh UUMMmmm your much larger than my husband. God it's been to long since I had a man inside me. I never had someone this big before. Valerie just listen. Observe honey. It feels like your not even wearing a condom young man. Great job sweetie." said Valerie Mom.

The first inch of my cock was pushed out a few times from her under used pussy. It had been some time since Mrs. Fields had a man in her. Now I was going to take full advantage of this huge breasted MILF as she opened her legs to allow more of cock insdie her. A few minutes I had half of my cock in her. She moved her head to the side as my hard abs fell on her flat stomach. She put her hands around my hips cupping my muscular ass. I felt her long nails push down as more of my cock was inside her. A few minutes later I had all of my cock buried deep inside her. "YES!!! Fuck!!! God your so big young man! Faster! Faster!" said Mrs. Fields. Valerie mouth dropped open as she saw me pound her Mom pussy with my big cock. She got up to walk behind us. She looked down to see my unprotected cock inside her Mom. She was naked standing there as her Mom gripped my ass with my cock deep inside her tight pussy.

I looked up to see Mrs. Fields great big breast falling to her sides. I leaned up with my mouth to lick her nipples. I grabbed her right nipple in my teeth as I tugged on it. "Yes! Faster! Fuck me! God it's been so long....I forgot what its liked to be fucked by a man." she screamed. I moved to bury my cock in her and roll to the side. I move her on her right side. I inched my hard cock back deeper in her. Mrs. Field was moaning. I looked to her feet to see Valerie walking back to her chair. She was rubbing her breast and had her left hand playing with her big bush. I reached around to tug on Valerie Mom breast as my cock pounded her pussy. I felt the unused condom on my knee as I slammed my cock into her tight pussy.

After a few minutes I started to bite Mrs. Field neck. I slapped her big ass with my free hand. I then reached over to play with her exposed labia. She them had a big orgasm on my cock. Her mouth fell open. Her eyes were watering. She could not saying anything but to let out a big grunt. I heard Valerie sit down on the chair behind us. She could see my cock going in and out of her Mom wet pussy. I could not last any longer. I felt Mrs. Fields close to another orgasm. I held onto her hips. I faked like I was taking off the condom from my cock. I pulled out long enough to watch Mrs. Fields slam her tight pussy on my cock. I grunted in her ear. "Fill me up! Cum deep inside me. It's been to long young man. Fuck my pussy. God your cock." said Valerie Mom. "No! Mom don't let him cum inside. I don't want to babysit your k**." screamed Valerie. I tried to pull out. But it was to late. She held onto my cock with her pussy. I felt one huge explosion. About 8-10 squirts later I fell back on the beach towel.

Mrs. Fields eyes were closed. Her breast stopped moving. I looked down to see her pussy was oozing my sperm. She was pushing my big load out onto her bare skin. I looked at my cock that was dripping. A second later Valerie moaned in her chair. She got a cigarette out and started to smoke. A minute later she walked over to her Mom. Mrs. Fields reached up to take the smoke out of her daughter hand. She took a big puff. I then watched Valerie go inside the house. Mrs. Fields rolled over and stuck my wet cock in her mouth. About 30 minutes later I came down her throat as she deep throated my cock.

A week later:

"Wow! Nice to meet you Mrs. Fields. I'm Brandy. Valerie roommate from college. It's nice for you to allow me to come visit. I did not realize you were a nudist. You look very nice." said Brandy. "Your welcome sweetie. You and Valerie have fun. This is Buck. He going to be staying with us again this week. Valerie up in her room." said Valerie Mom. We both watched Brandy walk toward the house. I could feel the hot water from the hot tub on my skin. I could feel Mrs. Fields small hand jacking my cock under the bubbles. Over a game of truth or dare two night earlier. I told Holly about her daughter and her roommate from college.

Mrs. Fields got off the couch in her bathrobe. I had just fucked her in the ass as we watched a porn movie. We had not heard from the girls all night after dinner. I followed Holly up the stairs. I watched as she pushed the door to her daughter room open. I looked over her shoulder to see her daughter tied up on the bed. Brandy was using a big huge strap on as she fucked Valerie. Brandy slapped Valerie big ass as she fucked her pussy harder. Holly dropped her hand on the inside of my bathrobe to feel my cock getting harder. Brandy stopped what she was doing. She looked back at us in the door way. "Valerie looks like your Mom watching you this time. I can't believe you watched you Mom fuck a boy you liked. That hot!!! Now your my bitch again. Stay here. I'll be right back. I need to go check out your Mom fucking that big stud Buck." said Brandy.

I followed Valerie Mom to her bedroom. "Oh! Buck your hard again. I am so glad Brandy you like my daughter so much. I guess I don't have to put her on pill again. I am so glad I don't have to buy her some XL condoms from the d**g store. I do however need to pick up a home pregnancy test. My breast are getting bigger. My nipples are so hard lately." said Valerie Mom.

Its Buck!! Its Buck!!!!!!!!
Giggity Giggity!!!

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The Landlady's New Pet- Part 13

When I awoke my mistress Elaine was gone; I daren’t move from the bed, I feigned being asl**p when I heard voices outside, my cock strained to erect in the cage, such was my excitement despite the rigours of the night before. The sweet aroma of my mistress’s anus remained embedded in my sense of smell; her words about Anita had my anus tingling and clenching on my butt plug, I WANTED to be broken by her; I had lost all self-respect and dignity and wanted to be owned and broken completely. The two beauties that entered the room did nothing to dispel my ardour; both barely 18 and dressed in latex cat-suits, they pulled the sheet from over me and thrashed me with short leather whips.
“Get off that bed and down on your knees this instant!” The black haired vixen laughed wickedly as she fixed a collar and leash; I was not to be allowed to dress, wash, or eat. I was to be punished. As I knelt, clear sticky pre-cum dribbled down to the floor from my cage; the other girl, blonde haired, whipped me three times savagely.

“Lick that up now!” The two laughed as I bent and licked the floor before two girls who were less than half my age; their dominance over me had my cock yearning for relief already and I had only been awake about twenty minutes. One picked up my key and I was commanded to follow with a tug on the leash on all fours. I was led into a plush room which was predominantly white, a huge bed sat in the middle covered in white silks and satins. The two vixens made me go face down with my arse in the air, and then thrashed me again; six or seven strokes each, before making me assume a ‘begging’ position; they laughed at my submissiveness before putting the key in my mouth. The black haired one smiled at me wickedly.

“I do hope you enjoy the show, and I hope you still have balls for us to squeeze when Mistress Anita allows you to service us when she’s finished with you later.” My cock pulsed and dribbled as I watched the two slender latex clad arses stroll arrogantly from the room; I wondered how they would taste and relished the idea of being thrashed by one whilst I licked the other. I waited timidly and shivered a little as I heard the ominous click-clack of stilettos approaching the door. Anita smiled with contempt as she saw me; my cock pulsed and strained, aching for release from the cage as I viewed the gloriously dominant mature redhead. This woman could have me any way she wanted and she knew it. Her legs were visible to the crotch in a short tutu type skirt, and were perfectly formed, at nearly 60 she was truly a goddess. She carried a wicked looking cane and wore a black chiffon top; her magnificent breasts sagging only slightly. She walked over to me, told me to bend over, and gave me three smart strokes with the cane, then as I was allowed to kneel up again, she took the key from my mouth, stooped, allowing me to take in her feminine scent and unlocked my cage. She tapped my bell-end wickedly with the cane as it sprang forth on release. She moved forward and put her crotch to my face.
“Remove my panties immediately!” I did so, gulping as I felt the warmth of her delicious body as I unfurled them down her legs; the beautiful scent of her arousal had my cock bobbing impatiently; Anita creased my cock with the cane once more as she saw it.

“I will so enjoy having you on that stage and taking your balls; it will happen, and you will thank me for it. But for now, I want you to sniff those panties and lick that gusset clean while we await our first guest.” I did not need any further prompting and inhaled long and hard on the spicy gusset of those silken panties. Anita chuckled with contempt as she directed me to lick at the soft brown mark she had purposely made in the rear of the gusset by poking her finger deep into her anus. I licked lovingly at the tangy mark; oh how I wanted to give my balls to this magnificent woman there and then. The sight of my enthusiasm must have prompted her into allowing me a special treat; she snatched the panties abruptly from me, much to my disappointment, then smiled wickedly and turned, bending and holding her cheeks apart.

“Lick my arse!” I very nearly came as I sniffed at the heavenly scent and licked and lapped at her spicy, honeyed anus. Anita sighed and laughed, making her anus clench sweetly at my tongue.

“You have a great deal more licking to do today, and you’ll know the cane by the end of the day; I intend to see you completely broken before sundown.” I quivered at her words and tingled all over, my cock dribbling all the time, I wanted more than ever to be broken by this woman now. Anita pulled gently away as the sound of more stilettos sounded in the hall.

“Now you’ll witness something special, and be put to good use.” I gasped as the Amazonian black woman who I’d been promised to by Elaine at the castration party entered the room. She merely nodded and smiled at Anita who did the same. She stood next to me and pulled my leash tight to remind me of my position. The black woman laughed at my little cock as she lay back naked on the bed; her beautiful shapely chocolate brown limbs and breasts shimmering under the bright light, the contrast of her ebony flesh against the white silk adding to the eroticism. Suddenly she clapped her hands and a huge black male strode in; his cock was huge, he didn’t even give me a glance as he acknowledged Anita who smiled warmly at him like a coy schoolgirl. She pulled the leash tight.

“Now you’ll see how a real man performs; he’ll please her in a way you could never hope to, you are inadequate and useless.” My cock stiffened as the black man’s huge member did the same; the Amazon beauty used both hand as she guided his huge pole toward her beautiful glistening labia. She looked at me, not him as he assumed his position and she raised her deliciously supple thighs and legs high, allowing me a grandstand view. The buck grunted as he eased his massive shiny bell-end into the amazon, she moaned sweetly as he slid his thick black tool deep into her; it looked as though he might split her, it seemed so tight. Anita teased my cock with the cane; she was thoroughly enjoying the spectacle. The big male stroked back and forth, his pole probing as his sack swung, huge balls ready to unload into the Amazon, she kept staring at me and whimpered as she neared her goal; this fired up the male’s passion and he grunted and moaned as he slapped his balls against her ebony cheeks. She cried out a little and pointed her toes skyward as if to command the male into making his delivery; he roared in triumph and pumped furiously as he duly presented his ample seed to the goddess. They both sighed in unison as he slowly withdrew his great length; hot white jizz dribbled from his cock and out from her satisfied pussy. She pulled her legs back and allowed it to dribble into the small pit of her beautiful black anus where it mingle with the sweat she’d built up. She looked at the black man.

“Thank you carl; your money’s on the table in the hall as usual.” He smiled at her and Anita, not giving me a glance, and strode off, his huge spent member flapping like a limp baby’s arm. Anita struck me with the cane for sheer pleasure. The Amazon looked me in the eye.

“Get over here white boy and clean me up; Carl didn’t quite satisfy me, so you’ll finish me off with your tongue too.” Anita tugged on the leash; not that I needed encouragement. The Amazon laughed as I knelt between her huge thighs and smelt her gorgeous pungent scent for the first time, mingled with the distinctive whiff of fresh jizz.

“You lick my arse clean first white boy; you do a good job and I might let you masturbate for me.” I was in heaven as Anita whipped my arse again as I put my tongue down to the Amazon’s beautiful sticky anus for the first time; she laughed and sighed a little as I tasted her deliciously pungent arsehole, nicely salted by the sticky jizz. My cock was as rigid as a bone as I sampled the not unpleasant salty mess and licked and probed lovingly in that arsehole. When she was satisfied she pulled me up to her hot sweaty pussy which smelt divine; I lapped at the spunk which dribbled out as I Iicked her sweet black folds clean; she then grabbed my hair and pulled me to her clitoris and had me lick long and hard; she moaned sweetly and wrapped her thighs about my head as she came with great satisfaction; Anita whipping me with the cane like a jockey to ensure I completed my duty.

The two women laughed at me when the Amazon recovered; Carl’s jizz was dripping from my chin. She pointed to my cock and crossed her legs. Anita stroked me with the cane teasingly as I stroked my cock gratefully; the two laughed wickedly as I groaned in utter ecstasy as I shot my meagre offering over those glorious black legs. Anita continue to cane me as I licked my mess from those legs; my humiliation was just beginning...
... Continue»
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Sharing her like she always wanted

It seemed my wife Dee and I had picked a good weekend for an overnight stay in town. It was a lovely hot sunny Saturday morning as we drove in and both were in a relaxed and playful mood. Dee was feeling quite flirty and contented so even wore a nice thin cotton dress to travel in and, as I discovered within the first ten minutes, no panties! I had slipped my hand up onto her bare thigh, which I could never resist, had a little stroke upwards and felt the soft bareness of exposed pussy on the outside of my hand. Dee had eagerly permitted my intrusion by silently looking straight ahead and opening her legs for me to obtain a good feel.

This was a pleasing development so as I teased Dee to wetness with my strokes and nudges, I made sure to discuss what mischief we could get up to in the evening. Maybe a meal and while away a few hours in a nightclub so Dee could chat up a few guys and dance, tease them into having an erection by rubbing herself against them in the slow dances and all the while let me sit as if a stranger and keep an eye on things. Dee loved this new flirting game of ours so I knew I would be getting her excited when we just talked about the options!

However, I already had made plans for the afternoon, unbeknown to Dee! I was tossing up in my mind whether to tell Dee or surprise her, but once we had got half way, I had resolved to really get her juices flowing and confess what I had lined up.

“Well.” I announced in a matter of fact manner, “I’ve actually got the afternoon all planned.”
Dee could tell by the cheeky grin on my face that I was up to mischief.
“Oh?” Dee asked, trying to hide the eagerness to know what.
“Yes” I continued, “there’s someone I have been eager to introduce to you and they are going to come and meet us at the hotel.”
“Who is it?” Dee asked excitedly as her mind started racing. Dee were wondering what this was all about and why the mystery.

I pondered again whether to just keep her guessing.

She was going through scenarios in her mind and based upon my cheeky demeanour and the way I had been idly arousing her with my touching, concluded that it was going to involve a great deal of sexual pleasure… Could it be a couple we had encountered online? Maybe it is another woman? Or, Dee wondered, even maybe a guy?

Dee started asking me, like a game of twenty questions and I was economical with the clues. In fact, what I had planned had taken me a few weeks and if Dee had known what I had already arranged and the exchanges of facts and information, she would have probably been cross with me!

This was going to be my finest hour. I was filled with some trepidation because I had such mixed feelings about it, but I knew it would be the ultimate idea to pleasure Dee and my love for her and love of pleasuring her were the key elements in my decision to proceed.

I had scanned different people online specifically looking for one particular guy that I thought might provide Dee with the ultimate experience. I had contacted a few and settled on this one guy, been to meet him, talked with him about Dee and found him to be a really nice guy. Physically, he would be everything I knew Dee would enjoy the most. Just to whet his appetite I had shown him pictures of Dee naked in all her glory. Described her lovely skin, the softness and fullness of her breasts, Her wonderfully sensual kisses and every little detail of the woman I knew. He was certainly keen to help me with my quest and was eager for us to make it happen.

Her excited questioning and badgering me for an answer finally took their toll.

“Ok.” I said flatly. “I have arranged for a guy I met to come and meet us. I’ve spoken to him at much length, met him and he’s a lovely bloke. In his early thirties, very good looking and he had an amazing big cock that, after telling him about you and showing him pictures of you naked, he now desperately wants you to have it!”

There was a stunned silence. Her mind stopped racing through alternatives and the reality of what was on offer began to sink in. Also, the fact that I had shared so much about her with some stranger including erotic images of her naked!

“So you’ve arranged for this guy to join us?” Dee asked in a way that was as if she were struggling to believe it to be true and also put an emphasis on the word “join” to express it in a sexual way rather than a social connotation.

“Kind of...” I replied. “In fact, what I have in mind is that you and Kane, that’s his name by the way, are going to spend some time alone together this afternoon in our hotel room and also in our bed.”

I chose the words carefully because I wanted to make sure I used the key words and phrases that I knew would excite and arouse Dee most. “Alone together,” “hotel room” and “bed.” More than this, he had a big cock in my judgement and I was going to leave Dee alone with him to have sex!

Suddenly, Dee felt filled with a mixture of blind panic and excitement. The anxiety was outweighing the excitement as soon as I had told her my intention, but my words started to dance in her mind and her sensual side started to surge. This was a ‘fait a complete’ being presented, my tone told Dee it wasn’t negotiable and she was now feeling a hotness and buzzing between her legs as her nipples hardened and she felt herself blushing with arousal.

Dee turned to me and gave an ironic smile.

“I love you baby! What a wonderful thing to give me. I’m sure I shall love it.”

Dee said it in an almost reassuring way but tinged with reluctance as if to assuage my own doubts and jealousy.

“I have no doubts you will.” I stated and drove in silence and allowed her mind to get to work on anticipating the experience. Was he good looking? Would Dee actually fancy him? How big IS his cock and if I liked him then Dee probably would too.
Once at the hotel we checked in and went up to the room. As arranged, there was a king sized bed which dominated what was essentially a standard arrangement for hotel rooms. It was a large open plan room with a bed, two armchairs and round coffee table and a nicely appointed bathroom off the hallway as you entered, plus luggage rack and small fully stocked fridge and shelf with kettle and various hot drink sachets. There was a large dresser with huge mirror installed at the end of the bed. As soon as we had unpacked, I sent a text to Kane, which was his signal to come on over in exactly one hour and gave him the room number and floor.

“You’d better get a wiggle on and shower and change” I instructed. “He will be here in exactly one hour.”

Dee threw her arms around me and gave me a lovely warm kiss.

“I’m scared!!” Dee confessed.
“Well don’t be” I reassured. “He really is a nice guy and very good looking. Besides, he fancies you something rotten!”

I took the time in our embrace to gently unclip her bra behind her back as we kissed a long, lingering and loving kiss. I slowly slid my hand up under her dress to between her legs and gently stroked her pussy, which was now soaking wet. I noted just how soft and smooth Dee felt, having given herself a shave and moisturise that morning. I unzipped her dress and let it gently fall to the floor around her feet exposing her nakedness, then I gently suckled her engorged nipples sensually and lovingly, my hands stroking her neck, back and buttocks.

I desperately wanted to fuck her there and then, but didn’t want to maybe spoil the anticipation Dee held regarding events that were going to take place in an hour or so.

I slipped out of my clothes and led Dee by the hand to the bathroom. I turned on the shower and once the temperature was right, stepped into the shower cubicle with her and we washed each other lovingly. Dee washed her hair and conditioned it and stepped into the fluffy towel I held open for her when she finished rinsing.

“No need for you to worry about what to wear” I stated. “You are going to be wearing this…” as I grabbed a big white fluffy towelling robe from behind the bathroom door.

Her pretty eyes looked up at me and suddenly she looked vulnerable, beautiful and loving. Her nails were all painted. She was clean and soft and all that was the difference between her looking like a sex goddess was a hairdryer and some mascara!

Once she had brushed her teeth, I led her wrapped in her towel and sat her on the stool to the dresser and she used their hair drier to start drying her hair.

Whilst Dee got herself organised, I grabbed one of the two bottles of Merlot we had brought from our case and opened one, pouring her a glass and placing it alongside her on the dresser.

“Get this into for Dutch Courage” I insisted. Dee gulped a couple of mouthfuls and I sat watching her get ready and apply her eye make-up. Every now and then I fussed over her whilst keeping an eye on time and refilled her wine glass.

Once Dee had finished and applied perfume (a swift squirt to her pussy too, I noted!) I took the towel and slipped the robe over her shoulders as I stood behind her standing naked assessing herself in the mirror.

================= oOo =================

I checked my watch.

“Ok. I’m going down to meet Kane. He will be here in five minutes so I shall send him up when he arrives. Ok?”

Dee gave me a worried look and feigned a cry.

“I’m not sure I can go through with this” Dee pleaded.
“Well too late. No choice” I stated. “I love you baby, don’t ever doubt it! I want you to have a wonderful time. I will be back in a while to see you.”

With that, I kissed Dee and stroked the side of her face and neck. I needed to make the break clean as I was having second thoughts too and fighting to quell my jealousy and self-doubt, so I simply walked to the door. I turned and gave her a smile and she f***ed one in return, then I opened the door and left her.

The sound of the door slamming brought on a brief moment of panic. Five minutes. And then a stranger will be knocking on the door!

Her feminine sensuality took over. Dee studied herself in the mirror, adjusted the robe to conceal her nakedness beneath as far as possible and secured the belt with a firm bow. Dee checked her hair, make-up and all the details that were going to form the first impression and started to try and visualise the coming face to face with a stranger. What to say, how to act. Dee felt herself blush and, noticeably, her nipples hardened and sent shocks of pleasure down her tummy to her pussy. Dee quickly rubbed her hand over her pussy to make sure it wasn’t too wet and rushed to the bathroom to have a wee, being careful to douche afterwards and wash her hands. Then she brushed her teeth yet again and patted her tingling pussy dry with a towel, then readjusted the robe in the bathroom mirror.

Suddenly there was a gentle knock at the door.

Dee jumped, startled from her gaze in the mirror and took a couple of deep breaths. She gently padded to the door and peered through the spy-hole. There was stood a good looking guy looking down below the viewing hole as if trying to hear movement. Her heart jumped. “Wow! He’s very nice!” Dee thought to Herself and felt the excitement surge within her stomach.

With a final deep breath, Dee reached out and took the door handle and gently opened the door and peered at the visitor around the half opened door with a soft smile.
The first thing Dee noticed was his piercing blue eyes and a nice set of teeth in a broad smile. He was over six foot and therefore taller than me, athletic build and wearing a loose checked white and blue shirt, grey chino style jeans and casual brown loafers.

“Hi! I’m Kane!” he announced. “Dee isn’t it?”

“Hi Kane. Yes! I’m Dee.” She opened the door and Kane stepped past her into the hallway.

As he passed Dee noticed he smelled clean, kind of soapy and fresh with a hint of a pleasing aftershave. He had short mid brown curly hair and he was very nice indeed!! He was about six foot two so towered over Dee barefoot and he had a good build, slighter than me but looked very athletic.

Kane stopped as he entered the main room and turned to Dee as she followed.

Offering his hand he said “Your husband has told me a lot about you. I’m really pleased to meet you at last.”

Dee put her hand in his and noted its size and softness as he gently grasped her in a hand shake, returning his smile. Not sure what to say and somewhat overwhelmed at how sexy this guy was, Dee blurted “Can I get you a glass of wine?”

“That’ll be nice” Kane confirmed and Dee filled the empty glass for him and topped hers up again. As she did so, she could feel him eyeing her up and down, looking at her bare feet and legs and gazing at her breasts cosseted within the towelling robe but with nipples totally erect and by now tingling in anticipation.

Handing him his glass he returned her eye contact and simply said “Thank you.”

Her nervousness was clear during these opening moments and she wasn’t quite sure what she felt about the situation.

Kane broke the awkward silence.

“You know” he stated. “It has always been a fantasy of mine to meet a woman who is as attractive as you are but older than me and to be alone with her like this. Women I usually meet don’t seem to be as relaxed and as confident as you are.”

Dee emitted a chuckle at the irony of his statement. She felt anything but confident and in fact, found him to be very open and confident, a trait she rather liked about him as well as his good looks.

“I can assure you that I’m not as confident as you think!” Dee blurted.
“Well, you seem more confident than I am” observed Kane.
“I can assure you that I’m actually shaking like a leaf inside right now!” Dee offered.
“Oh? Well please don’t be nervous” Kane assured her and reached out and placed his hand on the side of her face, cupping it in his hand. He gently stroked her hair and tucked it behind her ear with his finger. His touch was electrifying.
Dee felt shivers run down her spine and her pussy ached with arousal. She wanted this man and her body was betraying any sense of calmness she was trying to portray.

================= oOo =================

Kane placed his glass on the dresser and stepped toward Dee. Still with his hand cupping the side of her face he stooped from his position towering over her and gently kissed her on the lips. Dee raised her face to receive it, placed her glass down on the dresser and closed her eyes to enjoy the warmth and softness of his lips, breathing in his scent and feeling her heart thumping in her chest. Her legs were shaking by now too, as Kane put his arm around her waist and pulled her to him in an embrace, which Dee returned by putting her arms around him and hands on his back.

Dee continued the kiss and felt Kane’s tongue gently probe her mouth and toy with her own tongue. The kiss deepened and his hands were now exploring her through the robe, stroking her back and bottom, holding her against him as he kissed her and she felt his groin pressing urgently against her belly. Her excitement and arousal at the feel of his cock swelling against her were becoming too much to bear. She wanted to know this man. She wanted to see and feel how big he was but she wanted to make the anticipation last. But the swelling that was evident was definitely large.

As Kane kissed her, he held her bottom with his hand and freed the other to raise each foot in turn and untie his shoes and slip them off along with his socks. Dee remained engaged with his kiss and felt his firm muscular body through his shirt, stroking up his back to his broad shoulders. Once he had removed his shoes he moved back from her with his chest, still pressing his arousal against her and slipped a hand into the fold of the front of the gown seeking out her bare breast with a soft, strong hand. It found its target and brushed over her nipple, which sent shocks like static electricity to her clitoris which throbbed and ached for touch as she rubbed against his thigh.

Dee decided she needed to investigate; to know this man with her hands. She slipped a hand between their bodies and sought out the big bulge that was pressed against her belly. Dee stroked the palm of her hand over it and it was immense! Her hand wouldn’t fit all the way round it and as she stroked down to his balls and up along its length her excitement almost peaked. Dee could feel an orgasm welling inside of her at the sheer excitement and anticipation of having this immense cock pulsing and throbbing in her hands, her mouth and penetrating her…

Kane broke off the kiss and looked Dee in the eyes.
“Time to give you what your husband wants you to have” he stated and stepped away from her. Dee immediately gazed at the focus of her recent attentions, a massive cock that was bulging rudely and straining against the front of his trousers. He stared Dee in the eye as he unbuttoned his shirt in an instant, discarding it with distain then retaining her gaze, quickly removed his trousers and boxers in one fail swoop. He was totally naked there stood in front of her in his magnificence and he calmly went and lay on the bed….

Reaching a hand out to Dee as he reclined, he beckoned her to join him.

“I need your help over here to deal with this” he stated, glancing at his magnificent erect cock that was propped upwards off of his belly by the fingers of his right hand for her to admire.

Indeed, it was an incredible sight. There was this amazingly handsome man reclining naked on the bed with the most beautiful cock Dee had ever imagined, there presented to her for her enjoyment and inviting her interaction.

Dee couldn’t take Her eyes off this magnificent sight and her first orgasm swept through her as she untied the gown and slipped it from her shoulders seductively, causing the material to stroke across her nipples and down her back triggering her body into climax. Dee gave out a sigh and moved almost stealthily, cat-like and crawled onto the bed between Kane’s legs and knelt there taking in the vista, she reached for him with her right hand and stroked its length almost like she would pet an a****l, from the top of the shaft down to his large, masculine testicles. Dee felt his cock pulse powerfully and jump as she stroked him and felt the softness of the taut skin and his huge balls. Taking his magnificent cock in her right hand she grasped the shaft and gently tugged downward. Kane sighed loudly and closed his eyes, throwing his head back onto the pillows he had propped himself up with. Dee placed her other hand on him and with one hand near the base and one near the top gently jerked his erection seductively.

Immediately, the thought crossed her mind; how would this feel inside of her? Could it fit inside her? Could she possibly ride this magnificent cock?

Dee leaned forward and licked the trickle of clear pre-cum that oozed from its tip, up over and all around the ridge of the purple, swollen head and took it into her mouth as far as it could go. Kane moaned with appreciation. Dee held her breath and took the head deep into her throat as far as she could and with it jammed in her throat it was only still half in!

Kane gave out a moan of pleasure and submission to her attentions. Dee gently sucked and licked the head of the cock in and out of her hungry mouth and felt the shaft twitch and pulse with every flick of her tongue. Her pussy was now so wet that her juices were running down her inner thighs and her calf was soaked with her sweet juices where she had settled onto it to kneel in comfort as she worked this beautiful organ.

Dee wanted no more foreplay or attention, just to have him inside of her, so she crawled up and over Kane and straddled him grasping his stiff cock in her right hand and steadied herself with her left hand on his chest. Slowly she backed up onto the head of it, guiding the tip to her waiting and slippery gaping pussy and lowered herself so the head was inside her. Her pussy stretched painlessly to accommodate it and she felt a second orgasm overtake her. “Oh My god!”

Just the sheer girth of his swollen head as it slipped into her was enough plus the fact Kane had placed his right hand around her waist and his left stroked her breasts and toyed with her nipples in turn. He was rubbing his thumb over them and gently squeezing them and that sent her into oblivion. Dee allowed herself a brief moment to adjust and placing her other hand on his chest, Dee gently sat back and his cock slid into her until she felt the head pressing against her cervix. “Oooh! My GOD!”

Looking down at the sight of herself impaled on this monster, Dee could see she had taken all but about an inch inside of her. Dee rotated her hips round and round as she was completely filled and the feeling was just of immense pleasure and elation. Her body was alive, nerve ends electric and she could feel herself glowing with perspiration and arousal, uttering guttural moans of pleasure.

Dee wanted to take it all and gently, gingerly sat right down on him. She felt his cock pulse and throb as she did so and this again triggered an orgasm, coinciding with the feel of his pubic bone on her now twitching and swollen clitoris. “Ahhh!”

Dee sat hard down and started to buck with her hips forward and back, rubbing her clit on him and feeling the delicious sensation of being completely filled and the head of his cock pushing up into her, jammed against her cervix.
“Yes babe, fuck that cock. Do me!” Kane gasped. His girth was amazing and Dee felt stretched to the limit but without pain, only pleasure. Her orgasms continued to overcome her in waves and she was clamped onto his thick shaft milking his cock with all she could muster.

The look of sheer ecstasy on his face with eyes half open looking at her groin as Dee rode him was an arousal in itself.
He had now grasped her waist with two hands and was pulling her down hard onto him. She could feel the massive head of his cock circling her cervix and he was bucking his hips up at her.

“I need to fuck you! I need to fuck you!” Kane pleaded.

He lifted her from him and she felt the huge suction as his cock left her, tugging at the walls of her vagina.

He quickly got round behind her and positioned her so he was stood at the side of the bed and she was on all fours presenting to him. With one hand on the small of her back he guided the head of his cock into her as she still gaped from his penetration.

Grasping her waist with both hands he pressed into her fully until she could feel him pushed on her cervix. Then he pulled out and then pushed back in. He slowly started pumping it into her, immediately causing her to cry out as a massive orgasm racked her and her head collapsed forward onto her arms. This just encouraged Kane to pump harder into her and faster, which made Dee ride a wave of continuous orgasms as this b**st of a cock plundered her exposed womanhood.

Kane reached the point of no return and pulled out of her with a loud cry. “Oh God! I’m cumming!!” Dee quickly flipped onto her back and propped herself up to see Kane jerking his cock with head thrown back and suddenly it exploded a huge jet of cum onto her neck. Another spurt and it was on her breasts. The spurts continued to deposit hot semen over her breasts and down onto her belly and she grasped his cock in her hand to feel it throb and spasm. Dee leaned in and took the last remaining pulses in her mouth and sucked for all she was worth, draining him of every last drop of hot, salty semen as he pulled her mouth onto him. As his climax subsided his cock became less rigid and Dee sucked as much of him into her mouth as she could.

Dee held his now flaccid cock and slowly stroked it and looked up at Kane. He returned the gaze, smiled at her and said “Wow! Simply, wow!!”

================= oOo =================

“Seems you may have needed that” Dee remarked, smiling up at him and enjoying the passionate, yet spent look on his face as his blue eyes gazed down at her. She was enjoying the feel of his hot semen on her neck and breasts, lazily rubbing it over her nipples with one hand whilst her other hand felt the weight and thickness of his turgid penis, cupping it in the palm of her hand.

“Let’s have a quick shower and clean up. I’d love to have more of this..!” Dee said enthusiastically nodding at his cock and stooped forward to kiss the shaft with butterfly kisses all the way up to the head, pulling the foreskin over it and licking at the final drop of his cum that pooled there.

Taking Kane by the hand Dee led him to the bathroom and ran the shower, stepping in the cubicle as temperature reach warm with him climbing in behind her.
Kane took the bar of soap and started to gently wash her down, rubbing up a thick lather between his hands and softly rubbing his hands over her wet body. She marvelled at the strong yet soft hands on her and felt him pressing against her as he stood behind, both soapy hands stroking up and down her body, over her breasts and down between her legs. Dee could feel him growing, the presence of his swollen cock pressed along the valley between her buttocks as he started to gently rub his turgid cock onto her.

================= oOo =================

I’d been glancing at my watch almost every five minutes, it seemed. I felt pangs of anxiety, jealousy and desperation that Dee was up in our room with a good looking guy who had an amazing cock and athletic body, yet I had arranged with Kane to allow Dee to be alone with him for an hour to get properly acquainted without my crowding them and preventing Dee from relaxing and being herself. I had sat alone in the bar having a couple of drinks to try and calm my beating heart and found it hard to concentrate on anything aside from visuals of what Dee might be doing right now.

I set off back up to the room 55 minutes after I had left. I couldn’t stand the waiting any longer. As I approached the room I felt myself creeping stealthily on tip toes so as to avoid any advanced knowledge of my return.. Pressing my head against the door I strained to hear any sounds of lovemaking that would betray what I might walk in on. I couldn’t hear anything, so gingerly and silently unlocked the door with the electronic swipe-card and slowly pulled down on the handle…

With the door now unlatched, I gently and slowly pushed open the door and could hear the sound of the shower running in the bathroom and the tell-tale splash of water as it hit the floor caused when a body (or bodies) move in a shower. I saw her discarded robe on the floor at the end of the bed, so I gently closed the door behind me by pushing the handle down so that there wasn’t a sound to alert anyone of my arrival and peered through the opening of the bathroom door, which was about a foot ajar.

There they were, both naked in the shower, with Kane stood behind Dee and his hands running all over her body. She was arching her back and pressing her bottom outwards at him with head held back resting on his shoulder. I watched as he was washing Dee, caressing her and he bent his knees and kissed her on the neck and shoulders, He was bending and straightening his legs with legs together and rubbing his groin against her from behind and I couldn’t tell from my position whether he was inside her, fucking her in an upright position or not…

I felt pangs of jealousy surge through me, the adrenaline coursing through my veins, yet I also felt arousal at the beautiful sight of her naked body, arched and presenting, with a man a foot taller than her and bigger in stature attending to her feminine desires.

I continued to watch. What was I to do? I was tempted to just barge in and spoil the moment but decided that was not what Dee would want. With the feelings of excitement and arousal I was experiencing, nor did I.

================= oOo =================

I continued to watch, fascinated, as Dee continued this dance of passion oblivious to my observation; a slow motion performance that was both erotic and exciting. I watched as Dee reached behind her back toward his cock and realised he wasn’t inside her, but was rubbing against her.

Placing one hand outward on the wall of the shower cubicle, Dee turned forty five degrees to her left to face the corner of the cubicle and Kane shuffled around to follow from behind and moved slightly away and off of her. Now I could have a clear, almost sideways view of what was happening. I saw his cock hanging heavily between them, it was truly a very thick and long penis and her right hand reached behind her back and grasped the turgid shaft, pulling it upwards to lie against her lower back and started to gently stroke him up and down. Kane responded by grasping her waist with his hands and leaning back with his chest as Dee gently teased him to make his enormous cock swell by slowly stroking the shaft up and down.

I felt my heart pumping in my chest and my breathing becoming deeper and louder and there was ringing in my ears. Thankfully, the sound of the shower drowned out any noise I was making and they were totally oblivious to my gaze as I watched with fascination when Kane’s hand moved in under Dee from behind. I could see his fingers rubbing her exposed pussy as she arched her back to present it to him. As he rubbed, I saw his middle finger go inside her, in and out, several times, lubricating and arousing her as his cock grew remarkably to a solid, stiff and impressive erection.

I stood mesmerised. I knew what was going to happen next. A part of me didn’t want to watch, to turn away, indeed to flee. Silently leave and return downstairs to the bar. But it was such a beautiful sight to see Dee naked, aroused, being adored and enjoyed by this man, his arousal plain to see and the biggest cock I had ever seen in the flesh about to be pushed inside of her.

Dee raised herself on tip-toes as I watched Kane back away slightly whilst she guided the huge swollen head of his cock to her. I watched her hips rotate and wriggle to position him as he gently grasped both her hips and looked down to admire the incredible sight of himself entering her. He bent his knees to lower himself to the right angle and I watched him enter Dee very slowly, about two inches pressed into her, then pull back slightly. Dee moaned loudly “Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” as he went into her and pull out again, the inner lips of her sweet, stretched vulva pulled outward as they were clamped around the ridge of his swollen head. He worked at her patiently and gently which pleased and aroused me as he started to fuck her with the first four inches of his long penis, Her moans and sighs growing louder, which caused my cock to throb and swell in my trousers.

From my concealed position, I continued my secret vigil and rubbed my hardened cock through my trousers. Kane leaned forward with the end of his cock inside her and turned off the shower. I saw him kiss Dee on the neck and she twisted her torso to kiss him in a sensual lingering kiss as he was gently fucking her from behind in a standing position, with Dee straining on her toes to meet his gentle thrusts.

Suddenly, I felt a surge of panic. Dee had turned toward my vantage point and might notice me there. What should I do to best introduce myself to the situation if I was discovered?

I quickly moved away from the door and into the room proper and sat on the armchair to wait for them to finish.

================= oOo =================

Kane broke off the kiss and kissed Dee on her neck beneath her ear.
“Let’s take this to the bed. I want to fuck you properly” he offered and withdrew from her. Dee felt his cock leave her with a gentle “Pop!” as the vacuum caused tugged at her vaginal walls.

Kane grabbed a towel from the towel rail and handed it to Dee and she wrapped it loosely around herself as he dabbed himself dry with a hand towel and left the bathroom.

As soon as he turned to face into the room he saw me sitting in the armchair.

I immediately smiled and raised my hand in a silent wave of “Hello” and raised my thumb questioningly as I raised my eyebrows in anticipation. Kane returned the smile and raised a thumb in reply as he stood naked at the end of the bed, his full erect penis pointing rudely upwards.

Dee soon followed and stepped out of the bathroom and spotted me sitting and leaned sideways to look past Kane. I gave Dee a reassuring smile.
“Hi baby! Everything ok?”

A sudden guilty look came over her face and I could see her blush as her eyes met mine. Dee noticed my reassuring smile.

“Oh yes!” Dee reassured me gushingly and put her tongue out in a simulated pant, smiling broadly.

“Well” I insisted. “Don’t mind me. You carry on!”
I was tempted just to leave it at that but added “I’ve been watching you guys take a shower!”
This caused Dee to blush further, but thankfully, she also smiled broadly and gave out a playful chuckle.
“Oh you have, have you? You cheeky thing!”
With that, Dee looked me straight in the eye and let the towel drop to the floor and brushed both hands up her body and over her breasts, then cupping them to point at me and wiggling her hips.
“We will do just that. Why don’t you lend a hand? I’m well and truly ready…” Her sentence dropped away and she turned to Kane, who by now was stroking his cock to maintain his erection and standing ready at the end of the bed.
“Like I said baby, you carry on” I insisted flatly.

Taking Kane by the elbow Dee led him alongside the bed farthest from my position and gently pushed him onto it. Dee glanced at me as if to check I was paying attention.
Kane lay on the centre of the bed on his back and continued to slowly stroke his cock. Dee stared straight at me and climbed onto the bed beside him on her knees. She glanced at his cock and took it in her left hand and he released it into her care.
Kneeling and looking straight at me Dee gently masturbated it and stroked his hair with her right hand, then stooped and took the head of his cock in her mouth and took his cock as deep into her throat as she could, causing her eyes to close.

“Umm!” Dee emitted an exaggerated series of hums and started to give Kane a good sucking, now taking his enormous shaft in both hands and all the while looking at me when it was possible to keep her eyes open. Clearly, she was absolutely enjoying the moment and even started show-boating, masturbating Kane who by now was moaning in appreciation with just her left hand and rotating it round the huge shaft like she were revving a motorcycle throttle.

The sight of Dee with her hand grasped on his huge cock, sucking it and adoring it was too much to bear. I stared in amazement and started to rub my cock along its length through my trousers as I feasted on the sight of my beautiful woman pleasuring this man. She was giving me satisfied and cheeky grins as she watched my reaction and by now, Kane was squirming with pleasure.

“Like I said” growled Kane menacingly, “I want to fuck you properly” and he immediately sat up. Shuffling, he turned to his left with his back toward me and pushed Dee onto her back to lay with her head on the pillows. Dee looked up at Kane and saw the passion in his eyes and knew what was coming.

================= oOo =================

Glancing across to me, Dee quickly raised her hips and shuffled herself so she was at an angle with her feet facing diagonally across the bed and past my right shoulder. Now Dee had made sure I could see everything! Kane reached under her and scooped her down the bed by her hips slightly, but her head remained propped up on the pillows.

Kane crawled over her between her open legs and mounted her, with his now fully stiff cock laying up her belly and his legs open too, inside of hers. He supported himself on straight arms and lowered himself to kiss Dee sensually on the mouth and started to move his hips and rub his cock up and down across her exposed vagina. I marvelled at the sight. When his balls were nearing her exposed pussy, the head of his cock was up beyond her tummy button and I concerned myself that he was too big and might harm her.

Whilst continuing the kiss, Kane moved his hips away and down so the head of his cock lay on her exposed vulva. Moving slightly away his swollen head dropped into position and he slowly started to ease forward and press the tip of his enormous cock into Dee. He broke off the kiss to look down at himself entering her and I stared in fascination at the same thing. Dee looked over to me with an almost shocked look on her face and I saw her eyes roll back in her head and she shook suddenly in orgasm.

I felt it hard to contain myself as I watched Kane slowly push into Dee further then withdraw, pause then press his huge penis back into her further. I immediately undid my shirt and trousers and hastily undressed from my seated position and felt compelled to stroke my throbbing cock as I watched.

By now, Her legs were wide open and raised, calves and feet round his back and her back was arching and her pelvis gently thrusting forward to meet him as he entered her stroke by stroke, deeper and deeper.

He continued to hold himself above Dee in a position you would adopt for press-ups and I got a clear and very graphic view as his huge cock was gliding into her. Each time he withdrew completely, I could see her juices reflecting on the shaft and head of his cock and it trickled from her gaping cunt down over her puckered bottom and onto the bed. He pressed on and entered Dee again and again until eventually he was fully inside her and she was gasping loudly and moaning. He fucked her tenderly but sensually, with slow thrusts and I could see his balls slapping gently onto her anus when he reached full depth.

Suddenly, Dee gave out an enormous moan and her body shook in an incredible orgasm. I stood from my chair and crawled onto the side of the bed and her face was a picture of complete ecstasy; Her eyes rolled in her head and her mouth was open. I placed my right hand on her breast and stroked her and my left hand stroked her hair. Dee looked up me with a loving and satisfied smile, as Kane withdrew and climbed off her and stood on the far side of the bed. He leaned over and pulled her hips toward him and rolled Dee onto her front, then pulled her hips up to present to him. Dee complied in an instant and got on all fours across the bed, so I slid myself into a position on my back with my cock beneath her face and legs open each side of her. She let her arms go so she was resting on her forearms and took my throbbing cock in her right hand.

Kane now guided his throbbing penis to her opening as Dee took my cock in her mouth and deep-throated me. As he entered her, I felt her gasp and held still as she swallowed my erection. He started fucking Dee deeper and deeper and she timed each foray onto my now throbbing erection to coincide with his thrusts. I reached under Dee and kneaded her breasts and nipples and looked up past her to see Kane grasping her waist and pulling her onto his weapon with a frown of passion on his face as he watched himself bury it into her. Every third thrust or so, Dee had to release my cock from her mouth to gasp and moan and her eyes were rolling again as she reached climax.

Suddenly Kane reached the point of no return and gushed his hot load inside of Dee, causing her to go over the edge and to orgasm again…

His thrusting subsided, but Dee continued to ride the waves of her orgasm, gently rotating her hips onto his now rapidly subsiding erection until he popped out of her flaccid and let her hips go.

She was still at the edge and riding waves of orgasm and needed to finish, so she crawled forward and straddled me. Placing her hands on my chest Dee lowered herself and slid backwards onto me easily, Her gaping cunt soiled and slippery from Kane’s load. Dee immediately sat forward and down on me with her hips and started bucking wildly at me so I could feel the head of my cock on her cervix. She was sweating and flushed and I pulled at her nipples with one hand and pulled her onto me with the other as she reached a crescendo of bucking and crying loudly as she fucked me.
“Ah! Ah! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Dee cried and moaned loudly and I felt her vagina walls suddenly spasm and clench in orgasm, clamping onto me and milking my cock.
I exploded inside her as she continued to ride me more gently, slowing and circling with her hips, head thrown back with eyes closed and mouth open.

Finally, Dee collapsed forward onto me with head on my chest and I held her close and kissed her lips and face.

“I know a little girl who will sl**p well tonight!” I stated.

I looked past Dee at Kane who smiled and raised a thumb in agreement, as he turned and went to the bathroom to shower….

================= oOo =================

... Continue»
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s*s AND HER b*****r

My s****rs: Jill is 24, tall, slender, brunette, dark brown eyes, wears her hair very long and straight; she's got beautiful mid-sized but pointed tits and large puffy nipples. She has a tattoo on the small of her back and one around her navel. She may not be hot in a 'centerfold' sense, but all of my friends think she's the hottest girl in town. They're probably right. She's smart, in college, and has a very serious relationship going with another student. Jenna is 18, short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, short and petite, with small, rounded titties and an absolutely perfect ass. She's a real tight package and a real troublemaker who loves to party.

How do I know all this about my s****rs' physical attributes? Read on...

Last spring, my s****r Jill came back home during her school's spring break. She had shared a bedroom with Jenna and had simply moved back in for the month. All 3 of us partied together alot those first few days; I had just turned 21 and could now drink legally in the bars with my big s****r. We would get together with a bunch of friends and go barhopping until the wee hours. Unfortunately Jen wasn't old enough to go out on the town with us yet. We used to come home after closing the last club just before dawn and I would immediately crash. Jill was in college and had a few more years of heavy duty drinking on me; I tried to keep up with her but usually failed miserably.

One morning after one of these long nights of drinking, I awoke with the strangest feeling...I tried to think back to the details of the night before for something that could explain it. My memories of the last few hours of those types of nights was non-existent; I would have what Jill called 'black outs' where I just couldn't remember the last hour or so before passing out the night before. She told me it was a symptom of over-doing it and that I should watch it. At least I wasn't driving, I'd say, and we'd leave it at that. Anyway, this was a little strange. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It seemed that my cock was a little sore; did I get laid last night? I'd have to wait until I saw Jill later on; If anything like that happened she'd be sure to tell me. And I'd be pissed that I couldn't remember it!! More likely, I'd jerked off before passing out.

I saw Jill just after lunch that day. I asked her if she had a good time the night before; fishing for information. She looked at me as if puzzled; then said 'Oh, blackout again, eh? Well don't worry, you didn't embarass yourself or me or anything. Your big s****r took good care of you and when we got home you were out like a light. You really ought to slow down, though, Andy. You worry me with these blackouts. Sometimes I think an atom bomb couldn't wake you when you're sl**ping like that.' I guess I didn't get laid, I thought. Must have just beat my meat. Oh well.

The next big night out was a house party a few streets down. Jenna was there and yes, she was causing trouble; the kind of trouble that a really hot young girl can cause at a party full of horny guys. Girfriends were pissed at her, pissed at their boyfriends; guys were fighting over who might take her home. Nobody did. Jenna got a charge out of this kind of scene, but she wasn't easy. Jill was getting hit on as well, as was I, but we weren't there to hook up, just for the social thing, catching up with friends and such. That night, during my deep sl**p, I dreamed of sex. A blow job, to be specific. When I woke up sure enough, I had that strange feeling again; and the pee-hole at the front of my boxers was sticky with drying jizz... I strained to remember and yes, I remembered having a sex dream, but...well, I had never had a wet dream before...Maybe I jacked off in my sl**p. This was starting to severely bug me.

That weekend, I didn't go out with Jill or Jenna; instead I went out with the guys. We went to a local strip club where the beers cost 2x as much as anywhere else, so I hardly drank at all. I got home super late, though, and went straight to bed. I had just drifted off to sl**p when something woke me. I opened my eyes to my darkened room and saw what I thought was one of my s****rs standing in the doorway, silhouetted by the light in the hall. Just before I opened my mouth to ask what was up, she took a step forward. Then she stopped again. She seemed to be trying hard not to wake me. This was just weird enough for me to let it go and see what she was up to. She reached the edge of my bed and ever so slowly sat down on it. At this point I could see that it was my big s****r Jill. She was watching my face intently but she obviously couldn't tell in the dark that I had one eye open just a tiny bit. I could barely make out that she was wearing nothing but a nightshirt and panties. What the heck was she up to? She reached up to the top of my blanket and slowly, noiselessly, pulled it down at the corner to expose most of my body, clad only in boxers. I was being careful not to change my breathing one bit; I had to let her think I was sl**ping so I could see where this was going. My s****r then reached straight for my crotch with both hands and delicately unsnapped the button in front. Then, my entire world was rocked: Jill reached inside my boxers and gently pulled out my flaccid penis.

Not reacting to this was perhaps the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. At first I was embarassed that my s****r might see my cock; then she was holding my cock in her hand! Suddenly I knew: this was the source of my morning mystery. Jill was coming into my room at night and playing with my prick while I slept! She must have thought I was blacked out tonight as well! Before I could think any further, she lowered her head to my groin and popped my soft dick into her warm, moist mouth. Dear God in Heaven!! I thought about putting a stop to this, but just as quickly, that wonderful 'blowjob' feeling overwhelmed me. To my partial embarasssment, my cock started stiffening in her mouth, but I could see that this is exactly what she wanted. As her head gently bobbed up and down, swallowing a good portion of my 8 inch dick, she kept looking up at me for any signs of my waking. Jill gave me head gently, quietly, lovingly; my head spun as I tried to understand just what all of this meant. She slathered her hot saliva all over my big dick and pulled her head off for a moment while softly stroking it with her hand. She looked up at me to be extra sure and then leaned back over to continue her slow-motion sucking. To my amazement, I saw Jill reach under her nightshirt with one hand and begin to fondle her boobs as she moved her lips over my now fully-erect cock. She pulled and pinched on the puffy nipples that had begun to poke against the inside of her nightshirt. Her sucking became a little more urgent then. Watching my s****r play with her tits was too much; soon I felt the cum rising to my cock. But she didn't stop. Quickly I thought, well, I never woke up before, so I better not 'wake up' now! My hips were moving involuntarily; Jill didn't stop so this must have been normal. When I saw Jill's hand quickly move to the front of her panties and rub her crotch I couldn't stand it anymore. I came into my s****r's mouth, trying not to thrust too hard. I made a little noise, hoping it was ok, and just kept cumming. I watched Jill swallow almost every drop of cum in 2 or 3 quick gulps without releasing my cock from her mouth; I marvelled as she sucked (and I mean Sucked) the remaining cum from my dick. Cleaning off my cock with her tongue, she took another quick look to see if I was waking and, satisfied that she had gotten away with this again, slowly got up and whispered across the floor and out of my room. My door shut with a click. There I lay for what must have been an hour trying to come to terms with what had just happened. God it was good! But was it OK? Should I have stopped her? I didn't know what to think. All I knew was that the next day whe I awoke, I would know exactly what had caused that 'strange feeling'...

The next few days at home were strange, to say the least. I acted as if I had no idea what went on during that night and so did Jill, but I found that I was looking at my s****r in a whole new way. She had blown me, for god's sake! I was fully realizing, when our paths would cross around the house, just what a gorgeous babe she really was. I found myself craving another night like the one where perhaps more than just head might take place...but I was confused. If it was OK with her to suck my cock as I slept, would other stuff be okay too? How about while we were both awake? I decided to play it by ear. And to make it happen again, of course.... So the following Thursday evening we went out barhopping. I tried to make it look like I was drinking hard; I wasted alot of beer and money that night, but I hoped it would be worth it. After calling it a night (though it was really early morning), we headed home, Jill at the wheel. Hey, what the hell, I thought, and pretended to pass out in the car. Sure enough, after calling my name 5 or 6 times and after giving me a few not so gentle pokes in the ribs, her hand was at my crotch. She massaged my dick through my jeans with one hand as she steered with the other. I kept my eyes closed for the entire ride, not risking a look. When my dick was completely erect, I felt her fumble with my zipper for a bit but she must have decided we were too close to home and let it alone. I wanted more, however. She had gotten me hard again and I prayed for my s****r to blow me again once we got home.

She helped me in the house; I put on quite a show by being 'too d***k' to get out of the car on my own and 'too d***k' to climb the stairs. When we got to the front porch, Jenna met us at the door and helped Jill get me inside. Jill whispered 'I told you--look at him! He's trashed! He won't remember a thing!'

Really pouring it on, I said 'Hi, Jen!' far too loudly and headed for the couch.

'Oh, no, big guy, you're going to your room. Straight to bed! You had a bit too much tonight; I told you you better watch it!' She swung her arms around me and led me down the hall and into my room. Jen just stood and stared. I mumbled goodnight to both, pretending a d***ken stupor and hoping for Jill to make a move on my prick once we were in my room.

But she didn't. She lay me down onto my bed and I immediately pretended to be out cold. Then Jill clicked off the light and left. That was it. Hmm...Maybe she was waiting for Jenna to go to sl**p? Maybe she wasn't falling for my act. To tell you the truth, I was a little d***k (I had to drink some that night; Jill's no dope) and after listening for her return I fell asl**p. And was re-awakened soon after...

My room was dark. My jeans were being removed; then my boxers. I lay there, completely exposed, before…who? Was that 3 hands I felt? Clad in only my shirt, I waited for my s****r's mouth on my cock. But instead, I heard her speak: 'Just sit down! Don't worry; he's out, trust me.' Another person was in the room, too; I heard Jenna's voice but I couldn't hear what she said as she whipered. Jill continued. 'Be quiet and watch, I'll show you.' Then, finally, I felt Jill's hand on my dick. She stroked my balls with the other hand and soon she massaged me into a full 10 inch erection. I heard Jenna say 'Move over a little, I can't see it!' I felt Jill move on the bed as she continued stroking my shaft. My eyes were adjusting to the light from the hallway and I could see Jenna sitting in the chair near my bedroom window, wearing a grey cotton pajama set consisting of shorts and a top. She wasn't wearing that when she met us at the door...Jill wore a white nightshirt that ended just above the knees. Jenna was staring at my cock.

'Wow...I've seen a few, but not like that...'

'Like what?' Jill whispered.

'So...big...You really put your mouth on it and he doesn't wake up?'

'Yeah! Watch this...' And with that, my s****r proceeded to give me the second greatest blow job of my life. She took care not to block Jenna's view of the action; pulling her hair out of the way if it fell into her line of sight. Jenna watched, amazed, as her big s****r slurped and sucked their b*****r's cock.

'Do you think he can feel it?' She asked.

Jill slid her head up and off my dick. 'Oh, yeah--he moves around and moans a lot, especially before he comes. Sometimes he even opens his eyes. But he never wakes up. And he never remembers anything about it 'cause he 'blacks out' when he's this d***k!'

'What do you do with his...cum?'

Jill just looked over at her with a look like 'what do you think?' and continued to suck.

"Have you ever fucked him?' Jenna abruptly asked.

Jill shot her a look as my dick popped out of her mouth. 'No way! That would be cheating on Mark!'

'And this isn't?'

'SHSHSH!! No! It's just oral sex! And besides, it's not like this is another guy; he's my b*****r! And he doesn't even know. C'mon! Be quiet and let me finish. I told you you could watch only if you were quiet.'

Jenna's questions stopped. Jill concentrated on my member, blowing me just like the night before. My s****r's warm mouth felt phenominal. I started moaning and writhing; Jill didn't stop and Jenna leaned in for a closer look. She leaned forward in the chair with one hand pushed into her crotch. 'Ohhh, yeah, he likes it,' Jenna whispered. "Suck it, Jill. Yeah, suck Andy's cock.' The hand in Jenna's lap started to move. She began masturbating her 18 year old pussy through her pjs. 'Suck that big dick.'

Jenna's hot talk seemed to heat things up for both of us. Jill sucked me harder and deeper and I felt the jizz rising. Peeking out from under one eyelid, I watched as Jenna pulled the crotch of her pajama shorts over to one side, exposing her cunt. The hall light shone through my open door and spilled over the chair she sat squirming in, illuminating her pretty pink pussy. I didn't get much of a look, though, as her other hand started quickly rubbing the exposed mound of her cunt. 'Suck his big hard dick Jill. Suck it for me.' An a****l look crossed her face as she played with herself and watched Jill inhale my long, fat prick...I caught sight of Jenna sliding a finger into her pussy and finger fucking herrself...This was just too much for me. The cum was ready to blow and Jill knew it would gush any second. She let out a series of moans as my hips fucked her face, 'mmm, Mmm, MMM!' and I let flow another throatful of thick, hot cum. Jenna watched, writhing in the chair, her hand slapping at her wet mound as Jill swallowed all of my load hungrily. I spied Jen biting her lip and shaking to orgasm, grinding her finger into her puss. I let out a loud "Ohhh!" and they both froze momentarily; but I just smiled and rolled over.

I couldn't see either one any more, but I heard Jill say 'See? That's the fourth time I've sucked him off and he has no idea! It's great! I can get off while I'm here and it's harm done!' Jen lay back in the chair, panting. Jill looked down at her baby s****r's still-exposed cunt. 'Wow. You really get off on that...' Jill said, as Jen slowly straightened her pj's.

I'm assuming Jenna nodded her head in the affirmative. 'But how do you get off? Just by sucking his dick?' she asked.

'No, I sometimes play with myself while I do it; sometimes after when I'm in my room.' Jill replied as she slowly got up off the bed.

'Well, I'm wondering...If it's okay to do with your b*****r then it would be OK with your s****r, too, right?' Jenna said as she took a step toward Jill. She was unbuttoning her top as she spoke.

'What would be OK?' Jillian asked, truly surprised. She watched mesmerized as her little s****r opened her top and exposed her pretty pert boobies. 'I’m so fucking hirny, Jilly. I bet you are, too. Let me get you off. It'll be OK. You won't be cheating, right?' Standing directly in front of Jill now, Jenna took her big s****r's hands and brought them up to her tits. Jill offered no resistance. Jenna moved even closer and whispered in Jill's ear. I could hear every word of their exchange. My dick was already hard again. Had I died and gone to heaven? 'Let me eat your pussy', she breathed into Jill's ear.

Jill let out a breathy sigh as she felt Jenna's breasts. Jen put her hands on Jill's ass and started kneading her cheeks, reaching around and under and feeling through her panties for her now-wet vagina. Jill never answered, never gave permission, but it was clear she wanted Jen to lick her. Jen led her big s*s the few steps over to the chair and slowly slipped her panties down from under her night shirt, feeling Jill's long slender legs all the way down. Jill started a sentence; 'Jen...', but she never finished. They were totally oblivious to me at this point; I watched their every move. Jenna sat Jill down at the edge of the chair and spread her ankles, one over each arm of the plush chair. Jill's beautiful pussy was fully exposed to me. It was the most perfect pussy I'd ever seen: Neat and closely trimmed patch of soft brown hair, mostly-exposed fleshy pink lips, pouting partly open, slightly glistening with her moist lube. Then Jenna's head obscured my view as she began licking Jill's gash up and down in long strokes. Jill threw her head back in ecstacy as her little s****r licked, sucked and kissed her vagina. Soon she was panting; I think Jen inserted a finger; maybe two, but I couldn't tell. Jill removed her nightshirt in one amazing move, it was over head and on the floor in a split second.

And there they were, Jill's beautiful tits. Not 'big', but long...they stood straight out from her body for what seemed like a foot and their ends were capped with big puffy pink nippples. She was squeezing and pinching them as Jenna ate her pussy; she tried to speak again and failed. 'Jen...Ohhhhh, ohhhhh, Jen....' I was wishing I could see some of the detail work that was going on over in my chair, but counted myself lucky and reminded myself that the view from over here was just fine. Jenna and her perfect ass with her short-short pajama bottoms riding up her crack; on her knees in front of Jill's long lovely legs spread wide; Jill pulling on those fantastic naked tits I'd marvelled at since I was a k**. My two gorgeous siblings were getting it on and I had a front row seat. God I wished I could fuck them. Jill shook in the chair as she came, pushing Jenna's head into her groin with a grunt. Her nipples looked brown and hard; Jenna reached up to play with them as she brought her s****r off. As she orgasmed, her face contorted into what looked like agony. But I knew better. For a second I thought she might scream, but she held her breath instead. Red-faced, she fell completely limp in the chair. Jenna leaned up to kiss her and said something I couldn't make out. Jill reached down and took Jen's face in her hands and kissed her.

The sun was coming up soon. Jen left first; Jill followed moments after. I fell asl**p wondering if this entire week had been a dream.

The next two days were even more difficult; we had a pretty tangled web of secrets going on and it wasn't easy to interact naturally. While Jill and I could deal with each other pretty well, never letting the other know something was up; Jenna wasn't very good at it. I caught her looking at my crotch regularly; she stammered when speaking to me, avoiding eye contact; and she asked what Jill's plans were for the night about 5 times a day. Jill gave her 'cool it!'-looks every so often, but poor Jen couldn't help herself. She was obsessed with what had taken place the other night. Jill didn't want Jenna to ruin a good thing, sure, but she also knew our parents would have strokes if they ever knew what was going on between us. So saturday night, Jill wanted to cool it for a bit and went out with some old friends from the neighborhood. Instead of making plans myself, I decided to stay in and watch a movie. My parents always retired at around 10, and Jenna was sure to be out 'causing trouble'; I would have the entire downstairs to myself. But my assumption about Jen proved incorrect; when she found out I'd planned on staying in, she was thrilled.
'What movie are you getting?' she asked, excitedly. "I don't know...why?' I was intrigued at her enthusiasm.

'Well, I don't feel like going out either. Maybe we could grab some beers and watch a flick?' Jen was always trying to get me to buy her and her friends beer; she was 3 years away from legal drinking age. This, however, was getting more interesting... Once again, I decided to follow my instincts. They'd been good to me so far...

'OK', I said, 'I'll bring home some flicks and something to drink. Just be cool, OK? Mom and Dad can't find out I bought you beers. They'd boot me out on the street. Alright?'

Jenna agreed and we decided on some movies. I returned about an hour later with a case of beer and 2 videos. I brought the goods downstairs into the TV room; essentially a finished basement where the big screen tv, stereo system etc. were kept. Jen was waiting for me there. We watched the first flick; Jenna and I downed about 4 beers each. I was very pleasantly buzzed but Jenna was on her way to d***k. She had made the same mistake that I used to: trying to keep up with a more experienced drinker. The more intoxicated she became, the more I caught her stealing glances at me crotch. She had a strange, far-away look on her face as she gazed at the front of my cut-off shorts. 'Want another beer?' she seemed to ask every few minutes. Soon I could sense where Jenna was going with this and happily decided to make it a little easier for her. The next time she got up to pee, I dumped 2 beers down the wet bar sink and put the empties in the pile of beers that I'd d***k so she'd think I drank more than I really did. As she emerged from the bath, I said, 'Oh, man Jen; I don't think I can watch that other movie. I'm pretty trashed. No more beers for me.'

'AW! Bullshit, Andy! You said we'd stay in and party so that's what you're gonna do! There's plenty more beers and it's early! C'mon!'

'Ok, Ok, I'll have one more. But I'm really beat.' As I drained my beer and got up off the couch to get another I stumbled a bit, trying to create the impression that I was sloshed. Jen laughed. 'Wow, you really are d***k!'

'I told you! Now we're gonna have one more and I've gotta call it quits. I feel like I'm gonna fall asl**p.' I cracked another frosty for my self and one for my s*s. We gabbed about this and that; I really hammed it up with my sloppy d***k routine. She watched me intently all the while, searching for a sign. I gave her one. In mid sentence I pretended to nod off.

Jenna called out my name. She repeated it over and over, more and more urgently. Satisfied that I was out, she laid me down on the couch and took off my sneakers. Checking for any response, she said my name a few more times. I began breathing more loudly. She seemed to stand there staring for a few minutes, unsure of what to do next. Then she walked over to the fridge and grabbed another beer. Then she walked up the stairs and left me. Wait, I thought. Just sit tight and wait. I bided my time by fantasizing about what my 18 year-old s****r's mouth would feel like on my cock. I was blessed with the 2 most beautiful s****rs in the world and they were both blowing me! At least that's what I thought Jen was up to...I had begun to wonder as I lay on the couch alone in the tv room.

Thankfully, she returned. She was wearing that same pj set from the other night. She turned out the light and walked to the couch. Just to play it extra safe, she called my name a few more times. I ignored her. As she knelt by the couch, I opened one eye just that tiny bit (I had gotten very good at this in the last 2 weeks...) to see Jenna's small round tits inches from my face. Her nips were hard and poking at her soft pj top. She reached over and unbuttoned my shorts; then she unzipped my fly. Soon my shorts and boxers were being slowly pulled down to my knees. She must have been terrified that I'd wake up! There. My cock and hairy balls were fully exposed to my younger s****r. She knelt there for a full minute watching it as it pulsed with the beat of my heart. Her breathing became more urgent as she reached over and grasped it in her delicate hand. She didn't jerk me off; rather she stroked it with her fingertips like she might pet a cat. She ran her fingers along the veins of my dick and across my balls. As she watched my cock grow, stimulated by her feather-light touch, I was overcome with the desire to feel her mouth on me. Was she going to suck it, as Jill had? The suspense was killing me.

My 10"cock was now fully erect. Once again, Jenna was impressed. She could barely get her fingers all the way around it; she let it go and breathed, 'Whoah.' Then suddenly, I felt her lips on the head. They were warm and incredibly soft. She repeatedly kissed my cock head gently and softly. Next, she began licking it up and down, pausing to smooch my balls with long, wet, sucking kisses. It felt exquisite. Finally she lifted the head away from my stomach and slipped it into her mouth. She wasn't as good as Jill was at sucking cock (she needed practice with her teeth) but it was still fantastic. I was so big and her mouth so small that she gave very noisy head. Slurping and sucking noises filled the tv room. She began a series of ultra sexy (but very quiet) moans and groans while she continued sucking me; I saw by the position af her arm that she was playing with herself again. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm...' My cock slipped from her lips to allow her to catch her breath, give her jaw a break and concentrate on her cunt for a bit. She panted in barely controlled lust. Then she was down on it again. Absolute heaven. Soon she was fingering herself so furiously that she temporarily lost control of herself. Her sucking became more f***eful; her moaning became loud grunting. She must have caught herself just then; for she stopped everything suddenly and disappeared from my secret line of sight. I lay motionless, hard on aching and head spinning. Damn. She must have felt she went too far and decided to quit while she was ahead. I'd have to finish this myself after she went upstairs to sl**p. Oh, well, at least I'll have the memory of my lovely young s****r blowing me while she played with her pussy to aid me in jerking off.

She was still in the room; I could hear her heavy breathing, though I couldn't see her. Had to keep up the illusion that I was out cold. I lay in the darkened room, fully exposed and waiting for whatever might come next. Then I heard her approach the couch again. With eyes closed, I thought I felt her place her elbows on either side of my hips, so she could position herself between my slightly spread legs and suck me straight on. Then I felt her lips on my cockhead again....but it was very she inched my dick into her mouth I slowly realized that it wasn't her mouth at cock was sliding into Jenna's hot, wet cunt!!

My eyes immediately popped open. I saw Jenna squatting above my crotch, totally nude, one hand on the back of the couch and one holding my pecker steady as she eased herself down onto it, slowly bending her knees at my sides. After the initial penetration, she slid down the full length of my steel-hard 10 inches effortlessly. It was a very snug fit; she was red hot and dripping wet. I felt the tip of my cock find the end of her wonderful wet hole; if she wasn't so wet, we might never have fit together as she was such a small petite girl and my erect dick was pretty damn big. In fact, at that exact moment, it never felt bigger. In shock, I looked down at her, fully expecting us to be looking each other in the eye and finally dealing with the reality of what was going on. But all I could see was the top of her head as she looked down at our genitals as mine disappeared into hers. Her short blonde hair almost grazed my chest as she watched the penetration. Her little teenage cunt gripped my cock tightly, especially the muscles just inside her lips. Still looking down at our connecting groins, she slowly and carefully started moving her hips, resulting in a very slight inch-deep fuck-motion. It was probably all she could take of my massive dick. She raised her head up towards the ceiling and I awaited eye contact once again...but her eyes were squeezed shut as she arched her back in pleasure. She was obviously convinced that I wouldn't wake up. Now her sweet little titties were staring me right in the face; 2 erect nipples poked out of the small but perfect mounds and begged to be bit and sucked. But I resisted. She was lost in a haze of lust and desire and was concentrating on the feeling between her legs. I felt that if I shocked her out of this, it would end. And stopping my hot teenage s****r from fucking me was the last thing I wanted to do.

Jenna had increased the length of her hip strokes. We were almost at the point of really fucking. She brought her head up again and I quickly went to sl**p...She was still holding herself over me on her bent knees, arm on the back of the couch, never really coming down all the way; her ass hovered inches off of my balls with her every downstroke. Eventually she increased her fucking until most of my big dick was swallowed up into her sopping pussy with each stroke. She could take the whole thing in with ease now. My hips started moving; the pleasure I was feeling was too much to ignore. She felt me moving with her and put her hands on my chest. She transferred her weight from her knees and arm onto my body. Our pubic hair finally met, grinding together as we fucked. It was glorious. My hands found her ass and helped her up and down. She started making noise again and looked up into my eyes...I looked straight back. No more secrets. The look that immediately appeared on her face was strange; a mix of great pleasure and kind of a pleading... She kissed me on the lips and quickly blurted out, 'Please don't stop Andy. Please don't stop. Just fuck me it'll be OK just' I smiled back at her and said 'Jenna...You're so fucking good I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. And I don't want to...ever...'

She stared at me, her face inches from mine. 'Oh...Yeah...Ooooo, Andy, fuck me with that big cock....Oh, it's so's so good...Oh....that's it...Ever since I saw it...saw Jill sucking it...I had to have it in me....Uhhh...I had to fuck you...' I was matching her thrust for thrust; her ass was moving like a jackhammer. My hands found her hardened nipples and pinched them hard. 'Aauughh!! Ooooh, yeah baby...Fuck...fuck...FUCK...'

Suddenly the lights snapped on. 'You two better keep it down before you wake Mom and Dad.'

It was Jill.

She was standing in the doorway at the bottom of the stairs with her arms crossed, looking at us very disapprovingly. Jenna and I froze like 2 sexy statues; My dick began shrinking instantly.

She smiled. 'Oh, don't stop on my accout; the cat's out of the bag now, might as well go with it...' She stepped into the room. 'Go ahead.'

Jenna's stared in shocked disbeleif as she watched her big s****r walk over to the couch and stood just a few feet away from us. Jen looked up at me, the scared little s****r asking her big b*****r what to do. I was totally dumbfounded. As my dick rapidly diminished inside Jenna's puss, I looked sheepishly up at Jill and said, 'Um...this is really...she...we're...'

Jill looked very seriously down at us and replied, 'Andy, really; go ahead. I want to watch. Fuck her.' Jenna looked at her s****r, smiled, and looked back at me. She started moving again and guided my almost-but-not-quite limp dick back into her cunt. She moved her hips back and forth until I felt the bl**d rushing back to my cock. Jill watched intently as we resumed our fucking. My little s****r bounced up and down on my dick with renewed fervor. Soon we had resumed our previous rythm. Jen began grunting with every in-stroke.

'Yeah, that's right,' Jill breathed. At first, I sort of felt 'on display'; I'd never had sex in front of anyone before. 'Yeah, Jen, fuck him...fuck his big fat cock...' Her words spurred me on. As my big s****r watched me and my little s****r fuck, I became more turned on than ever. Jill looked on with an evil look as we slammed away at each other. Jill took a few steps back to take everything in and then began stripping out of her clothes. She kicked off her shoes, unbuttoned her blouse and slipped out of it. As I watched her removing her black bra, revealing her beautiful tits, our eyes met and I reached a level of sexual excitement that I never dreamed existed. Still furiously fucking my baby s****r, who was making increasingly intensifying a****l noises in my ear, I watched as Jill stepped out of her jeans and removed her pink panties. Jenna looked over at her older s****r, now completely nude, and came intensely with a thunderous groan. She squeezed my neck so tightly I thought she'd break my back. When the tremors subsided, she grabbed my face between her hands and we kissed passionately; I slowed my upward strokes considerably and we made out for a few minutes, Jill's hungry eyes on us all the while. I didn't want to stop but Jenna gave me a gentle kiss and rolled off of me. My hard dick slid out of her hole with a nearly audible 'pop'. 'Jill he's so good,' Jenna said dreamily. 'It's so fucking big...' She leaned towards me and kissed me on the lips again. She gazed over at Jill, now seated on the arm of the couch behind me. I stil wasn't sure what Jill was up for; watching or participating; so I figured I'd follow their lead.

'So were you really awake all those times?' she asked, her eyes flitting between mine and my still swollen member at Jen's side.

'No. The first few I wasn't but I caught you walking in the room one night and decided to fake it and see what you were up to. It wasn't easy...' It was hard to talk. I was still in a combination of shock and sexual frenzy. I had one beautiful s****r lying naked at my side and one sitting right in front of me and I needed to come badly. Jill sensed the urgency on my face. She reached down and put her hand on my dick. I was still hard as a rock.

'Did you like it? Andy? Did you like it when I sucked your cock?'

I let out a big sigh as she started man-handling my meat. 'Yes. Jill, you blow me so good...I loved cumming in your mouth.'

'Mmmm...and she swallowed every drop...'said Jenna as Jill popped down onto the couch with us; I had to fight the urge to jump her right then and there and fuck her silly. Keep it cool, Andy. Keep it cool. You're gonna get what you want, I thought. I was staring at her boobies; they jiggled as she stroked my meat. 'That's right,' Jill whipered, a slight tremor in her voice. 'I love swallowing your cum. I crave it. I couldn't stop myself. I want some right now...' She had snuggled up against me and was whispering directly into my ear as she jacked me off. 'I couldn't wait 'til the next time I could suck you off...Maybe from now on, I won't have to wait...maybe we can do it every time we're together...' My heart was pounding like a hammer in my chest. I reached up and put my hand on Jill's breast; a dream from my c***dhood come true at last.

'Yeah..sounds good to me!' Jenna said as she sat up on the couch. "Jill--let him fuck you. Don't you want it in you? Look at it!' Jen still could not get over how big my dick was.

She looked down into my lap at the big cock in her hand. ', but...' Jill was worried about her boyfriend back at school.

I could take no more of this; I had to shoot my load and I wanted Jill bad. 'I want to do you too, Jilly. But I understand...' My hand dropped from her breast down to trace the tattoo around her navel; then further down into her neatly trimmed bush. I found her cunt wet and warm, slippery from her own juices. 'But would it really be cheating if you did it with your own b*****r? It's not like I'm some pick-up in a bar or something...' Jill lay back against the arm of the couch and spread her legs wide, providing full access for my probing fingers. I found her little hard love-button easily and gently rubbed over the top of her pussy lips with my thumb. She closed her eyes and sighed heavily. 'C'mon. Jilly. Let me put it in you.'

Without a word she turned around on all fours and faced the opposite direction, tilting her awesome ass up in the air and presenting her pussy to me from the rear. 'Oh, yeah...put it in! Do her, Andy! Fuck her!' Jenna was thrilled that her s****r was about to experience the same sensations that she had minutes ago. I got into position on my knees behind her and pressed my cock head up against her moist mound. After a bit of gentle probing, I slid my cock into my big s****r's dripping wet hole. She let out an agonized wail; for a moment I thought perhaps she was in pain, but she made no effort to stop me. My hands on her ass, I began pushing/pulling her back and forth. Jenna got up and walked around to face her s****r. 'See? You like his big dick, Jill? Huh? You like it?'

'Mmmmmmm.....Mm Hm...' was all she could manage. I watched my s****rs tits swing as I fucked her from behind. Jill angled up and her and Jenna were face to face. They began making out; tongue kissing each other and fondling each other's breasts. My big s****r's pussy was not quite as tight, but to my surprize it was even warmer and wetter than Jenna's. I could feel her wetness spreading down over my balls. 'Ooooooh, fuck.....Ooooooooh, fuck....,' Jill pleaded. I reached around and grabbed Jill's tits, one in each hand and continued banging against her fine ass. Jenna sat on the arm of the couch and spread her legs wide facing us. She pulled the petite pink lips of her pussy open with two fingers and demanded, 'Eat me, Jilly. Eat my pussy. Please!' Jill bent down and pushed her face into Jenna's groin. She beagan licking and sucking her s****r's slit with a vengeance. 'Ooooooooooh, Jill....Eat me...lick my pussy, baby....lick my cunt while he fucks you with that big fat dick...Oh, yeah....' I looked down at my glistening cock sliding in and out of my big s****r's pussy; her little brown butthole opening and closing with each stroke. Jenna's eyes met mine; there were tears in her eyes as she gazed at me lovingly. 'Jill's eating my pussy, Andy. It feels so good...Mmmmm....How do you like your s****r's pussies, Andy? You like to fuck your s****r's cunts?' I couldn't respond. Coherent thought evaded me. We had a classic 3-way going on and there was only one thing left to do...I bent towards Jenna and we began to suck face. All three of us were moaning like mindless idiots as we built our fucking and sucking into a crescendo...we all 3 came together. Jill raised her head up to the sky; on all fours she looked likea wolf baying at the moon. 'Ahhhhhhhhhhhh......' She shook and bucked against me as the inner walls of her vagina squeezed. I pulled out of Jill at the very last second; come shot from my cock in thick white gobs. Most of it hit Jill's ass and back but one squirt ended up in the beautiful brown hair at the back of her head. Jenna bit her lips together as hard as she could as she came, trying to stifle the scream as she pressed Jill's head into her pussy. We collapsed in a heap on the couch and feel asl**p, a tangle of sweating, naked bodies. Life for us would never be the same.

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The Landlady's New Pet - Part Five

The padded caning bench was all too comfortable, though there was no danger of me falling asl**p on it. My arse clenched involuntarily as Elaine strutted behind me and cut the air menacingly with her wickedly flexible cane; this delighted the women no end, as they saw me flinch. Hortense removed a cover from a standing object before me, and opened the object up to reveal full length mirrors which she arranged at various angles; I was to be allowed to witness my punishment and the enjoyment of my audience. Elaine strode round to the front of me once more, parading her elegant and formidable figure; my cock was throbbing to a full erection again already, the smiling women who were smugly viewing my predicament made me yearn to be punished. I was ready to know my place. Elaine moved to within two inches of my nose, ensuring I not only had a good view of her delicious mound nestling between her corset and black stocking tops, but could have a good sniff too. She then drew the cane between the protruding lips of her sex and had me lick the cane clean.

“Taste the essence of the woman and the cane that is now going to taste you. You shall now learn who is truly in control; you have earned 24 strokes, prepare to cry like a baby as I administer your first caning of the night.” The women grinned with eager anticipation as Elaine moved to my side and measured her distance, ensuring I could see her, myself and all our guests in the mirror. She smiled more wickedly than ever as she raised the rattan and brought it home for the first time. I cried out in pain as the vicious sting of the cane warped through my body; my arse felt like it was on fire. Elaine showed no mercy whatsoever as she worked her elegant and dominant body in an athletic arc as the cane was brought whooshing down again and again; the crack it made as it left it red lines across my arse encouraging pleased smiles and taunts from the delighted women, as they helped themselves to many more pictures. Elaine smiled even more contentedly as I began to weep like a c***d; such was the pain of my mistress’s deliveries.

After twelve strokes, I cried like a baby, after fifteen my arse seemed to go a little numb and I noted the wicked satisfaction on the faces of the smiling women, after eighteen the squirming induced by the cane had my cock fully erect beneath me as I watched my dominant mistress work her way to breaking me. I could not quite believe it but the sense of eroticism mow outweighed the pain; I was now enjoying the torment, I wanted to be broken. After 21 strokes I was close to coming on the bench and Elaine smiled knowingly at me; she would ensure the last three strokes were made to tell. Though the last three strokes were delivered with aplomb by Elaine, I did not ejaculate and felt almost cheated.

The women applauded as I was left tearful and broken, the pulsing of my cock on the padded leather matched by that of my sore arse. I was allowed just a few moments to recover before my leash was tugged and I was led to the bed by Elaine. I was made to lay face down and the women sat around the edge of the bed, admiring Elaine’s handiwork; my arse glowing. A tub of antiseptic cold cream was produced, and the women took turns in applying it to my battered backside. Though it stung like hell at first, the action of the women’s hands smoothing it in had me squirming on the soft silk sheets, teasing my erection. Hortense climbed to the top of the bed; her messed panties in hand, and sat in the pillows.

“Poor baby! Now you’ve had cold cream at one end, you’ll have cold cream at the other!” The women laughed as she showed me the panties. These would still need cleaning; the evidence of my earlier disgrace still very prominent, though no longer warm.

“Don’t worry baby, you shall have a nice warm treat when you’ve cleaned them.” My cock went rigid as she laid the panties before my face, and then pulled her legs back, and upward, showing me her huge arse and the beautifully puckered anus which she would have licked. Anita lifted the panties to my lips and I licked my mess from them as hastily as I could; Hortense giggled as I ogled her heavenly bottom and she toyed with her sex with a slender finger. When Anita was happy I’d done my duty with the panties, she tugged my leash and I eagerly scrambled forward. Hortense barked at me assertively.

“Don’t you dare lick until I tell you! I want you to have a good sniff first.” I writhed on the bed and was on the verge of begging her to allow me to lick; my nose virtually pressed to her sweet arsehole, the tangy aroma was driving me mad. I was truly learning how I could be a slave to my own balls…
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