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Her First Lesbian Lover.

Her First Lesbian Lover.

... Her First Lesbian Lover.

Fran and I had been married only a couple of months, but our sex life ... arrange for her to come over sometime she would be more than willing to have Anna as her first real ... days early.

Anna made the first move and started to softly kiss Fran on the lips, and slipping her... Continue»
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Her First Lesbian Lover.

... arrange for her to come over sometime she would be more than willing to have Anna as her first real ... brought her days early.

Anna made the first move and started to softly kiss Fran on the lips ... and I ask her what it was like and how did it feel.

Fran told me that Andrea was quite d***k... Continue»
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Policewoman And Her New Lesbian Lover

... driveway. My 43 year old new found lesbian lover had arrived and I knew I was in for a long ... me to the many joys of lesbian lovemaking. She was very gentle with me at first and must have eaten ... would soon bask in the scent of my lover’s pussy. But first I always ran my tongue around Gretchen’s... Continue»
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I Fucked Mom and her Lesbian Lover

... ; there first time out since giving birth nine months ago, I would baby-sit at her house while my step ... and kissed her again, licking and sucking her lips like wild lesbians.

Somehow, the pair had swapped ... and down her slit before pulling me in to her waiting pussy.

My first time from behind and I... Continue»
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Secretary and her Boss. First lesbian encounter.

... and breasts, she pulled me towards her and I experienced my first lesbian kiss. Oh, it felt so good. Our ... , my fingers were rubbing my clit harder than ever as I saw her go down on her friend. The cock ... was filling her, but I could see what was really turning her on was the other girls tongue licking her... Continue»
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My Wife Finally Tells Me About Her First Lover.

... . She had a bit of a smile on her face and didn't notice me at first. When she did notice me, her face ... straw, her lips closed mostly at first. Then she let me push my way between them. She jacked on my ... Linda had been moody for several days. I was very attentive to her, but could not seem to make her... Continue»
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My first Lesbian Act and her Uncle

... was exposed, due to her lack of clothing, but in her d***ken state, she was out out of reality, lying ... across the bonnet of this car, u*********s, with me standing beside her shivering.
We were ... waiting for our designated driver, her uncle, who was having a piss, as I stood and watched him, and he... Continue»
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All About How The Beti Pictures Were Taken

... I am NOT the simply sharing

, hot and wetI felt her first kiss on my clit, then her ... , “Beti, you know that I am not a Lesbian, I’m not sure I want to do that!” I looked at her standing ... the covers. I kissed her gently at first, and then started to explore her mouth with my tongue. Almost... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter I

... is that my fiancé was kissing the nurse like he was about to marry her. And you are supposed ... never had... you know...”

“Kissed a woman? Me either, but there is nothing better than first ... time. And since we are talking about first times...”, I said before removing all my clothes, apart hat... Continue»
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BtVS - Dawn's Christmasing

... at the door. "How long has it been?"

"Too long," stated Willow as she and her lover, Kennedy ... with a grin, loving the way her s*ster always told the story, with Giles being the first recipient.

Buffy ... and having a good time. They all struggled to get the large, full fir tree first through the front... Continue»
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Catches Dawn

... moaned as she ran her hands down her lover's back and squeezed her butt.

Dawn was amazed at the sight ... finger was now starting to penetrate her rectum.

"So you like watching lesbians, you little pervert ... and down her lover's slit. She sucked Tara labia and pulled gently out as far as it would extend... Continue»
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Your Heart's Desire

... was her student. We were lovers at the time, so this may seem a little unorthodox to you ... those words lit a fire under Anne and she ate the pussy in her mouth better than any veteran lesbian ... Anne was the typical all-American girl.

She was smart with a sassy attitude. Her mother had... Continue»
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Lesbianism in Modern Literature-9

... lover's swollen and very wet pussy lips. For a moment she wanted to just dive in and eat her like ... game, you know," smirked the professor as she stared down at her squirming lover. "I think that you ... and into the older woman's sucking mouth.

Sam gently licked the juices from her lover's pussy as Sally came... Continue»
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A horny Christmas tale, white thighs, and cupcake

... I thought she was about to commit a lesbian act on me, but it appeared her b*****rs sperm had ... disentangle from her lover, his cock still standing, as if he had unfinished business with me, so I ... Station just as the first flurry of snow started falling, adding to the excitement of Christmas leave... Continue»
Posted by MarieL 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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A Sub Awakes

... .

Then a little later I remembered that I'd seen something like this vibe in one of the many Lesbian videos I ... have in my collection to stir Wifey into action. Like many women she has a strong liking for Lesbian ... sex on video, she especially adores to watch it while I make her cum with my toungue, fingers... Continue»
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My Encounter With Sinead O'Connor (a fantasy)

... slowly at first.
Her pussy did resemble a nun in a red robe and her head was the clitoris timidly ... was appearing at small club later that same evening. I had not seen her in some time and was taken somewhat ... initial meeting I could help but recall remarks she had made not so long ago in praise of her vibrator... Continue»
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End of a Rivalry

... the first shot, slamming Alyssa on the cheek with a hard hook. Alyssa was jarred, but kept her focus. She ... ?”
“Yes. I realized that in order to beat my most hated enemy, I would have to make love to her first ... . While she’s heavy and powerful, her excess weight dampens her endurance, and after 5 or 6 rounds... Continue»
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Lesley part 10

... pussy but really preferred cock...lots of it. In her hometown she had both male and female lovers ... forward and kissing her coworker and lover Meeks. A light flickered as a signal for them both to go ... , and for one horrible moment thought she was going to push her away. Not for the first time Lesley brought... Continue»
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Just For Fun


My first lesbian experience, and now I was going to be expected to eat
pussy. If she was truly ... "Justin Time" before this one.

My back door lover man, Justin, was highly interested in having ... .

For the first we decided he'd been to quote me for plastering, and that
for the second element... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #5

... could feel her pussy tighten, and then her body shivered, as she experienced her first orgasm ... at the lake she and Beck had copulated in, and for the first time in her sex life, felt like she ... kissed the top of her head, which prompted her to slowly awaken, nuzzling her face deeper into his... Continue»
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