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Her First Lesbian Lover.

Her First Lesbian Lover.

... Her First Lesbian Lover.

Fran and I had been married only a couple of months, but our sex life ... arrange for her to come over sometime she would be more than willing to have Anna as her first real ... days early.

Anna made the first move and started to softly kiss Fran on the lips, and slipping her... Continue»
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Her First Lesbian Lover.

... arrange for her to come over sometime she would be more than willing to have Anna as her first real ... brought her days early.

Anna made the first move and started to softly kiss Fran on the lips ... and I ask her what it was like and how did it feel.

Fran told me that Andrea was quite d***k... Continue»
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Policewoman And Her New Lesbian Lover

... driveway. My 43 year old new found lesbian lover had arrived and I knew I was in for a long ... me to the many joys of lesbian lovemaking. She was very gentle with me at first and must have eaten ... would soon bask in the scent of my lover’s pussy. But first I always ran my tongue around Gretchen’s... Continue»
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I Fucked Mom and her Lesbian Lover

... ; there first time out since giving birth nine months ago, I would baby-sit at her house while my step ... and kissed her again, licking and sucking her lips like wild lesbians.

Somehow, the pair had swapped ... and down her slit before pulling me in to her waiting pussy.

My first time from behind and I... Continue»
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Secretary and her Boss. First lesbian encounter.

... and breasts, she pulled me towards her and I experienced my first lesbian kiss. Oh, it felt so good. Our ... , my fingers were rubbing my clit harder than ever as I saw her go down on her friend. The cock ... was filling her, but I could see what was really turning her on was the other girls tongue licking her... Continue»
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My Wife Finally Tells Me About Her First Lover.

... . She had a bit of a smile on her face and didn't notice me at first. When she did notice me, her face ... straw, her lips closed mostly at first. Then she let me push my way between them. She jacked on my ... Linda had been moody for several days. I was very attentive to her, but could not seem to make her... Continue»
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My first Lesbian Act and her Uncle

... was exposed, due to her lack of clothing, but in her d***ken state, she was out out of reality, lying ... across the bonnet of this car, u*********s, with me standing beside her shivering.
We were ... waiting for our designated driver, her uncle, who was having a piss, as I stood and watched him, and he... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - The First Chapter

... and said a few flattering words to her lover.

“So, wanna have some breakfast? I can see if it can ... , she made her lover sit properly on bed as she guided herself to sit on his dick, feeling his whole ... . Then Madame started to move her groin, wiggling herself in and out her lover’s penis.

“Uhhhh… God... Continue»
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My Lesbianism and Love of Good Cock.

... I was twenty when I first encountered him, and even then, by accident.

It had started to rain ... reached into her shoulder beg and produced a bottle of partially d***k Vodka, she took a deep swig ... and passed it to her friend, who did likewise.

They swayed somewhat on their high heels... Continue»
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E-Mail from a friend Chapter 1

... to her home.

I was to have my first lesbian experience with Yvette that night

YVETTE INTRODUCES ME ... for her high priced high end e****t services and I was welcome to join her stable.

I was at first ... into her last week. Sorry I missed you. I was only in town for a day. She is very happy. You know I... Continue»
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The Transdimensional Stone - Chapter 03

... that. Let’s discuss you and me, right here, right now”.

The redhead quickly got her lover ... genital. The fire fairy didn’t bothered with that and tasted the liquid sprouted by her lover ... crotch. The changes worked well, with her lover thrusting slowly and in a paced rhythm... Continue»
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Thrown a curve (re-titled after an edit)

... c***d of my wife’s best friend (and occasional lesbian lover). Having three k**s under 12 years ... wife’s to shame. Her smile oozed sexuality and confidence through teeth encased in braces ... into the living room. No Jessica. I looked outside. Nope, not in her car. I even checked the bathroom door... Continue»
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the Campus love in

... her shoulder to see an impish Jessie.

“We couldn’t have your first lesbian experience pass ... connection. Something which at first which bothered her, but now was no big deal.

The three girls ... behind. Both lesbian’s mouths and hands searching all over her hot flesh trying to elicit... Continue»
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... her say “I know a lot of lesbians” over and over again. Then she saw the Chinese lady at the rooming ... , beautiful skirts and light purple lipstick. She was what her former lover, who knew Minnie since she ... , and dreamt of having torrid lesbian sex with her. She masturbated frequently, more frequently than... Continue»
Posted by mib14 2 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex, Taboo  |  
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MONICA (A lesbian tale)

... triangle. Madeleine continued to swear as Rachel slipped her long red tongue inside her lover’s wet ... . The white woman was pulling her lover’s head against her loins and bending her knees, leaving room ... yours…isn’t it ? “, apologized Madeleine who had begun to move her hips against her black lover... Continue»
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My Wife's Female Nordic Lover

... inside her lover’s cunt. Men can only go in and out but a skilled lesbian can go in and out and also ... “yeh, bring it along Saturday, my husband is golfing all afternoon”. My lesbian wife and her lover ... at work and knew she had several lesbian affairs in college, but I thought that phase of her life... Continue»
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Wanted Desires

... was a closet lesbian.

Celebrating with us were like maybe ten males and six of us women. It was the first ... of these pansy-assed little twits go first."

"Yeah. That and you won't see her anymore," Logan told his ... then fucked me against the door.

Shia was the best lover I'd had in my entire life.

Chapter Two... Continue»
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When I worked at the womens prison.

... tell she was a lesbian the way she pushed her titties out of the way and deep throated all 8 inches ... on top of me, that pussy never held a real dick befor in her whole born lesbian life.she quivers ... says.Waterbeds lover licks her girl friends juices off my dick and balls while her two friends lick my... Continue»
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CATHLEEN (diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s).

... to lick her hole. I have to admit I was well-known for my asslicking skills among the lesbian customers ... for that reason.
“Oh can fuck me now, Anna”, cried Helen remembering her former lover.
I ... CATHLEEN. Diary of a lesbian hooker of the 1930s. Part 1.
This diary was found in an old hotel... Continue»
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The Divorcee's Intuition (Proposition part 3)

... first felt for her now ex-husband, when they were young and in love, Donna had brought her to life ... and the dimples of her cheeks deepened. Rachel smirked and put her tongue firmly in cheek as the first ... Memories of the rest of that day flooded her mind ever since - seeing Donna to the door dressed... Continue»
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