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Helping Dad - Pt. 1 (MM, inc, cons)

Helping Dad - Pt. 1 (MM, inc, cons)

... Helping Dad
(Adult son/Father)

Chapter 1

Back in the days of Universal ... near the end of June. School was out so my dad, a
janitor at the high school, was working days ... over because moisture
would mar the finish also. After much discussion my dad and I
volunteered... Continue»
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Helping my aunt and uncle pt 1

... about? Mom and Dad hadn't told me anything about a problem they just told me that they needed help. I ... for the summer." I answered.

"We do need your help Don and I talked to your dad and asked him to send you ... and dad had other plans for me.

"That's right son." my dad started.

"Your aunt and uncle need... Continue»
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My s****r helped me feel better pt 1

... then. So I told my mum and dad I wasn't well and pulled it off..I was such a good actor. Next morning I ... woke up and mum and dad had gone work so it was just me and my play station all day. Then my s****r ... so anything you need give me a shout I'm bringing you your breakfast in a minute mum and dad told me... Continue»
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... of it they had plenty of help around the house. I pulled up and parked my Mustang GT right in front ... off" Mrs. Dewitts demmanded

"Okay, but I'm starting to get an erection...I can't help it" I... Continue»
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First time with dad - Pt. 1

... but to be able to tell you what dad and I did, I’m going to have to take off my jeans and panties so ... , about me and dad, after Chris my b*o and I started making mad passionate love together, we just couldn’t ... immediately went to see dad and told him that me and this guy had become very close and although we... Continue»
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When mom's away, Dad & Rachel play. pt 1

... Rachel, this was the conversation.
"Hi dad,can you pick me up" ?
"Where are you ? It's 1.30 ... "
"Fucking hell dad, just pick me up will you"
"Hey,careful how you speak to me you little slut,I ... will be about 20 minutes"
"Thanks dad,I will make it up to you" she said,with the sad little girl... Continue»
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Enslaving Robert

... /

By The Devil's Advocate


As I regained consciousness, I just laid on my back ...
on the back left side of his head. I couldn't help but chuckle. Bob often
used thin rope to tie barbell ...
stupidity on my part though. I was pretty certain I would eventually need
his help to escape... Continue»
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It happened on vacation and continued at home 2 (

... it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 5

(I don't know why but fucking a girl ... in and all I heard was her yelling from their bedroom "Oh My God, What Do You Mean You Couldn't Help ... simultaneously................................

It happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 6... Continue»
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First Time With My Cousin

... MF oral inc cousin
Summary: Well, his dad had just fucked me for the first time a couple of days ... that I would have been thankful to anyone who would have helped me get started with my dad sooner ... than I did. I look at the years before I first had sex with my dad and can't help but feel remorse... Continue»
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Almost All Lived Happily Ever After

... mistakes. I helped her to fix them. I gave her a reference leaflet for the language. I used ... is it?"

She brought through an old bank book. According to the records there was still £1-00 left ... out, It was all I had."

"Kicked you out?"

"Yes, my step-dad."

"I thought you said you had... Continue»
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Life Change for s****r and I pt.7

... Life Change for s****r and I pt.7

When Mom and I were able to get calmed down some more, we ... jerk dad, would be off of work, long enough to go camping.”

“Yes, it would be, but I think I ... at the window, and the menu is up on the wall inside.”

“Oh, okay. That explains why your jerk dad never... Continue»
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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5

... Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5 - Myrtle Made Solid

Ron Weasely snuck ... .

As the two inc*stuous lovers dressed, amid frequent kisses and caresses Ginny reflected that she would ... to con her mother into a prescription for Muggle contraceptives with a story of irregular periods... Continue»
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Swiss Girls School

... entrance."

to be continued...
This story is a continuation of "Swiss Girls' School, Pt.1"

John ... months, after his dad had got him a job with his company, but now the project was coming to an end. He ... .

"Now then, girls," said Lucy, "This is John, and he had kindly agreed to help our class... Continue»
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The Swing Series 5

... to pick her up by 7:00 p.m. and we
would take her home when we returned from the
cruise at about 1 ... or 1:30 AM.

John and I were going all out for tonight. We hadn't
been out on this formal cruise ...
before and he'd helped me pick out a very sexy
skintight dress at Victoria's Secret. I just love... Continue»
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Aunt Jean's Illicit romance (12 chapters)

... . Ron walked around the car to help her with her door. He and Dad went to this Thai restaurant about ... Jack's dad helping you at the net."

"What? Who?"

"Jack's dad, whatever the hell his name is. He ... Chapter 1

Mortified. If Ron had thought of the word he might have used it to describe how he... Continue»
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Programming s****r

... By Ivan the Terror

Codes: mf+,inc,mc

Chapter 1

I had the hottest, sexiest, nastiest older ... to help her with a TV or computer problem, and even then she rarely even said "Thank You".

When I ... with computers, and with the help of a ton of downloaded code from the net, within a few weeks I had... Continue»
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Andy and Brandy 3

... . Yousefs dad gave the boys their orders and said
they would check in with them a few times in the day ... to see they were ok,
"oh dad don't worry we will be ok we can handle ourselves and we have the
dogs ... showed you" said his dad "yes ok don't worry and
go enjoy yourselves in London" went on Yousef both... Continue»
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It Happened on Vacation and Continued at Home ( I

... It happened on vacation and continued at home.

Chapter 1.

While in the car on the way ... but she just looked good enough to eat. I couldn't help but to give her a quick look up and down. Let ... but it was so incredible and you are so hot I couldn't help it", I said. She smiled and we hugged .
"Lay... Continue»
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Raj & His Mom Spend Their Vacation In Goa

... was living with his mom Nalini in Lucknow. She was a widow. Raj’s dad died 8 years ago, when he was 10 ... good care of him. She made sure that Raj was not affected by the loss of his dad and her only ... .” “So we should help one another in getting things packed up”.

He replied,”Ya, sure mom... Continue»
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My Pet Teacher

... (He turns the table on his teacher)


Man, I fucking hated science. And I especially ... failing report card, my mother sent me to LA to live with, and work for, my Dad for the summer. She ... in her seat. "You see my Dad owns a nightclub, and had me working there during the day, cleaning up... Continue»
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