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Help or give tips please.

Help or give tips please.

... she still came in the next 8min <ddd>or</ddd> 10min.

One T-girl thought it would be ... penetrated her from a reverse cow girl position.

I managed to <ddd>help</ddd> her cum but she was trembling & her ... told me shes going to have to <ddd>give</ddd> me blow jobs instead of sex for like ... ... Continue»
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black male help indian lady

... teasing her and I said to her say <ddd>please</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> it to me, she said <ddd>please</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> me <ddd>please</ddd> fuck me fuck me deep and hard ... just physical relationship anymore (I was not sure if it's true <ddd>or</ddd> if she was bull shitting, but I believed her) she told ... ... Continue»
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Say Please. by:david73

... night, just when he was ready to <ddd>give</ddd> up in frustration, Beth's fingers teased ... against her.

Beth made no effort to <ddd>help</ddd> <ddd>or</ddd> hinder him as he groped her body. ... head against him. "Say it." She barked.

"<ddd>Please</ddd>." Daniel gasped, burning with shame at his ... ... Continue»
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A Walk after a Busted Date part 2 OR My First Day

... to lick it off. So do I go at it slowly <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> him a little jolt right off? I open my mouth and enclose ... was just hanging over the edge.

"Open <ddd>please</ddd>." (Like he really had to say <ddd>please</ddd>) There was this immediate and unexpected gush ... ... Continue»
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my gurl and her friend give me their anal cherries

... long hair with tats everywhere, My gurl 23 5'5 <ddd>give</ddd> <ddd>or</ddd> take
150 white green eyes blonde ... my gurl smiled and said r u gona watch <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> us a cock to play at this ... licking and sucking on her nipples with <ddd>help</ddd> from toni, after about 5mins of this I ... ... Continue»
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Spirit of Alaska

... and turned round stating flatly “<ddd>give</ddd> me my dress now.”

Naturally ... about trying to <ddd>please</ddd> her, <ddd>or</ddd> really even <ddd>please</ddd> himself. It was ... <ddd>please</ddd> Ta’boa, I beg you. You can take me if you must just <ddd>please</ddd> <ddd>help</ddd> ... and odder still the red <ddd>tips</ddd> of their cocks poked ... ... Continue»
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sexy mom

... hard nipples first with my finger <ddd>tips</ddd> and as I flicked them ... "<ddd>Please</ddd> mom...<ddd>please</ddd> make me cum! I have to cum so badly! <ddd>Please</ddd> mom! <ddd>Please</ddd> ... me, you want your younger s****r's <ddd>help</ddd>. Well I think I can do that ... you going jack me off <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> me a tit job? I have ... ... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls Part 3 - Ashley and

... and enjoy. This time, Meredith would <ddd>help</ddd>, a thought that made his cock harden ... inches,
the <ddd>tips</ddd> trapped painfully in the evil grip of the clamp.
"<ddd>Please</ddd>, take them off ... then she would slow down her fingers, <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> her a more powerful fuck to bring back ... ... Continue»
Posted by catherine-belmont 3 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 4743  |  
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A little favour

... she looked sad. Mary Ann pleaded with me, “<ddd>Please</ddd> <ddd>help</ddd> us. It will mean so much to me ... walking in those heels.” She gave me some <ddd>tips</ddd> and I was able to walk a bit better, ... do.

“Well, that is easy. We’ll just sell <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> away the stuff you don’t need and ... ... Continue»
Posted by stig1963 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Shemales  |  Views: 14103  |  
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f****y LESSONS

... me <ddd>tips</ddd>, hints, and methods for catching a man, either explicitly <ddd>or</ddd> implicitly, and like ... "Oh, that's enough!" she panted. "<ddd>Please</ddd>, Jackie, <ddd>give</ddd> me a turn!" I shook my head ... But I couldn't ask them for <ddd>help</ddd> in this situation, <ddd>or</ddd> at least that's what I told ... ... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 47504  |  
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... think of how I'd like to run the <ddd>tips</ddd> of
my fingers lightly over ... that. Instead, we lapse
into sulky silence <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> top-of-the-head answers. The pressures ... be
grateful for readers' <ddd>help</ddd>. I would like to hear your sexual
fantasy. <ddd>Please</ddd> be as detailed ... ... Continue»
Posted by DrunkenDiablo 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  Views: 22804  |  
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... was there to <ddd>please</ddd> him, to be used by him.
I would <ddd>give</ddd> up my mouth <ddd>or</ddd> ass ... yanking her shitter out of shape, the <ddd>tips</ddd>
biting into her asshole, setting off ... she thought, guessing she would get no <ddd>help</ddd>
from the neighbors. Steadying herself, Rhonda ... ... Continue»
Posted by klammer 3 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Gay Male  |  Views: 15689  |  
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

... was
seeing was from embarrassment <ddd>or</ddd> excitement.

As ... came out I couldn't <ddd>help</ddd>
but <ddd>give</ddd> her a wolf whistle ... <ddd>give</ddd> her an orgasm.
Without blinking an eye she said that whatever we
wanted she would do, but to <ddd>please</ddd> ...
an hour plus <ddd>tips</ddd>. I decided not ... ... Continue»
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... on the bed, maybe <ddd>give</ddd> them a few <ddd>tips</ddd> on techniques."

"We'll switch ... surely <ddd>please</ddd> her - she loved drinking cum!) <ddd>or</ddd> whether to <ddd>give</ddd> her a facial. <ddd>Or</ddd> he could <ddd>give</ddd> ... had no pedophilliac inclinations couldn't <ddd>help</ddd> but <ddd>give</ddd> her a second glance and - even ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexualperv72 1 year ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 12565  |  
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Jackie Listens to Her b*****r


"You seem - I'm not sure, nervous <ddd>or</ddd> something."

"I do?"

"A little. I can tell ... needed <ddd>help</ddd> to get relaxed, and I would <ddd>give</ddd> her a back rub, and then..."

"<ddd>Please</ddd>, I wanna ... slippery, and I wiggled my finger <ddd>tips</ddd> against her wet little - her little ... ... Continue»
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... ...<ddd>please</ddd>?"

I knew the next look on her face would <ddd>give</ddd> me my way <ddd>or</ddd> ... of this now without any further <ddd>help</ddd> <ddd>or</ddd> coaxing from me. She stood up, ... nipples a bit more pink, though with cherry <ddd>tips</ddd> that I noticed were extremely hard and well erect ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 6728  |  
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Eudeamon......Latex Bane...

... <ddd>Or</ddd> could it be some Banes’ way of praying for <ddd>help</ddd> <ddd>or</ddd> some kind of savior? <ddd>Or</ddd> it could be a person. <ddd>Or</ddd> ... surface of her skin, from <ddd>tips</ddd> of her toes to the top ... that?

“<ddd>Please</ddd>. Just <ddd>give</ddd> me this. Just let me write, that’s all I ask. <ddd>Please</ddd>. ... ... Continue»
Posted by RGLatex 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Masturbation  |  Views: 2479  |  
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Rural Love

... used to getting <ddd>help</ddd> from my f****y <ddd>or</ddd> his,
I ... <ddd>please</ddd> don't do that. If you <ddd>give</ddd> me back the
money, it will hurt my feelings. You aren't letting me <ddd>give</ddd> ... take a look at the <ddd>tips</ddd> of your
fingers and see ... someone he loved them <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> them a compliment, but ... ... Continue»
Posted by iamyourforever 5 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 8713  |  
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Learning Experiences

... Daaaaaanaaa?’” Dana shook her head. “<ddd>Please</ddd> stop.” Seneca refused. “’Daaaaanaaa, ... tone down the volume <ddd>or</ddd> <ddd>give</ddd> it a rest entirely ... “Yep. I’d start Googling safety <ddd>tips</ddd> if I were you.” Seneca paused for ... wanna <ddd>give</ddd> her the satisfaction, but she couldn’t <ddd>help</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by vagabond90 1 month ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Interracial Sex, Sex Humor  |  Views: 1735  |  
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... would tuck him in and <ddd>give</ddd> him a kiss on the ... like I was letting him get d***k <ddd>or</ddd> anything.

Watching him, ... knew that he couldn't <ddd>help</ddd> but see them.

Turning ... a sentence.

The <ddd>tips</ddd> of his ... to do just that!

"<ddd>Please</ddd>, Mommy, for just a minute—" he ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 1882  |  
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