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Help from Sister in law Ch. 2

... in-law. We found
Steph in her bedroom on the bottom floor. She was rummaging through some
of her crap, and was covered in ... Just then
we heard movement from upstairs. Steph's eyes popped ... with
Trish saying that she couldn't help her tomorrow since she had ... ... Continue»
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First Night With Sister-In-Law

Since the moment Kanchana has seen her little s****r-in-Law, Lalitha, the bride of her newly married younger b*****r, Kanchana has been longing to bed with her, by any means. Kanchana has slept with many hired e****t girls in US, Europe and Africa during her business tours. Kanchana is a seasoned lesbian. She could seduce and deflower some virgin staright girls also, but has never slept with any traditional Indian virgin. Kanchana usually liked her women younger. Lalitha had a youthful charisma, innocence in her appearance and body language. Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and so smooth true to her name. Her arms were muscled, but not overly so. Her hips were moderately plumpy to take load. Her blouse is stuffed with breasts and is pushing against the pallu which is enveloped around the shoulders like any orthodox Indian woman to cover their sumptuousness. But what caught and held Kanchana’s attention more was her face.

The girl was breathtaking with kohl blackened eyes and pink lips. Kanchana, a well seasoned, over aged butch, hailing from Kerala, is working in US in a famous multinational bank. Kanchana is a green card holder. Dark in complexion with a strong body, often mistaken to be an African, Kanchana stands 5 feet 10 inches tall. Even though Kanchana can not be considered as beautiful by any means, she got an attractive and muscular physique owing to her regular work out. Obviously due to her gender preferences, Kanchana remained as a bachelor against the wishes of her f****y members. However, f****y members in India never new her preferences. Her only younger b*****r, aged 28 working as a highly paid executive in an Indian firm, is residing alongwith the widowed old mother at Palghat, Kerala in their old mansion. He got married recently.

Due to short notice, Kanchana could not reach for the marriage ceremony in time, but has arrived at Palghat on the Tenth day of the marriage on a one month long trip to bless the new couple as well as to visit India. Her b*****r is visibly happy because Kanchana has come all the way from US to see him after 10 years. Now, the bride groom is preparing to go back to join his duty at New Delhi after the expiry of the leave on that day. Since already ten days have passed after marriage, all the relatives have left and the house became almost empty. During discussion, to the much of the delight of Kanchana, she came to know from her b*****r that, his first night ceremony is postponed to next month due to unexpected periods problem of the Bride on the scheduled day. There are no more auspicious days available till the next month. Hence, he is planning his ‘honeymoon cum first night’ on the next month at Simla and take his bride to Delhi for making a home. He requested Kanchana to stay for a few more days and give company to his new bride till she is accustomed with the new surroundings and help his old mother. Kanchana has jumped with joy inwardly and has readily accepted for this proposal. Things have moved very fast in favour of Kanchana.

Kanchana and the new bride have gone to air port to see off her b*****r. Lalitha is in fully traditional Hindu wear of shining white Pattu saree with embroidery and matching blouse while seeing of her husband at the air port. Kanchana is in her tight Jeans tucked in with white shirt, loose and comfortable. Underneath the pant, Kanchana was wearing her favorite skin colored strap on. Apparently Lalitha is feeling nervous since her husband will be away for almost one month from now on and her eyes are filled with tears. On their ride back home in Taxi, Kanchana could not keep her eyes away from the beauty sitting beside her at an arm’s length. Consoling her, Kanchana repeatedly tried to hug her s****r in law. As they chatted, Kanchana’s eyes returned again and again to the fullness of Lalitha’s breasts covered by her traditional Indian blouse and the neckline. What would the nipples be like? How soft would they be? Kanchana loved the idea of pressing those alluring breasts. The a****l within her has now fully awakened. Kanchana constantly kept on praising the beauty of Lalitha to cajole her. Lalitha felt shy by those complements and by the constant gaze of Kanchana towards her. Her shyness has further enraged the desire in Kanchana.

They have reached home by 9 PM. In the name of taking a few snaps of photo shoot of the new bride, Kanchana managed to keep Lalitha in the same costume for some more time. Kanchana requested the bride not change her dress saying that Lalitha is looking elegant in that dress. The actual reason behind is that she came to a decision to fuck the bride tonight by any means in that pattu dress, even if Lalitha doesn’t agree. Now, the big house remained with the mother, daughter and the s****r in law. They had their dinner joyfully amidst jokes. After dinner, the old mother remained down stairs at her room, while Kanchana took Lalitha upstairs to their lavish home theater room on the pretext of watching their marriage video. While watching the tape, she decorated Lalitha with a costly diamond necklace which she had brought from US for the s****r-in-Law. Lalitha is flattened by this gift. By the time, the video is over, it was 11.00 PM and Lalitha started feeling sl**py.

Kanchana asked Lalitha to wait for a while. Kanchana, went to kitchen, brought a glass of milk for Lalitha. She secretly mixed a blue pill in that milk which instantly creates sexual desires in women. She coddled Lalitha to drink it. Lalitha is not interested to have any milk at that time. However Kanchana pressurized her by pulling her into her lap and brought the glass to her lips. Finally lalitha slowly drank half of it unwillingly while unrelenting Kanchana is holding the glass. Kanchana cheerfully emptied the reamining half glass, while Lalitha was watching shockingly. Within minutes, the medicine started showing its reaction in both of them. Holding the drowsy Lalitha still in her lap, Kanchana quickly bent over Lalitha and sucked the milk stained lips of Lalitha into her mouth and chewed her lips. Kanchana continued her forcible kiss while Lalitha is struggling to get free from her embrace. Kanchana advanced further and started sucking saliva of Lalitha completely till it went dry while squeezing her in her tight hug. The struggle continued for five minutes and the pattu saree of lalitha got completely wrinkled. Finally Kanchana has released Lalitha from her seize.

Lalitha baffled and got little bit scared by this act of Kanchana. She got separated from Kanchana hurriedly. Laughingly Kanchana told “Don’t mind Bahu Rani. You are my b*****r’s wife. That means I am your half husband. Don’t you know? My b*****r kept you in my custody for one month. It is my duty to satisfy you in the absence of my b*****r. I too have got rights on your ripened body.” Lalitha could only a little understand what Kanchana has uttered. Kanchana pulled out a lesbian DCD from the rack which she aready kept there before hand, placed it in the player and switched it on. Lalitha’s eyes inadvertently fixed on the screen. It is the harem of an ancient African kingdom of lesbian women. One white princess in her handsome attire is brought there by the black soldiers as war booty. After some time the well muscled Black queen disrobed the princess and started fucking that skinny white princess with her strap on in a mesmerizing back ground live drums played by young female musicians. Lalitha is looking aghast at the mating of two females. Now Lalitha could fuly understand what Kanchana has uttered a while ago. Preparing to further arouse Lalitha, Kanchana stood and took Lalitha into her embrace and started to dance slowly to the drum beat. In a semi u*********s state, Lalitha too started gyrating her hips alongwith Kanchana’s. Kanchana’s legs were long and so heavily muscled; Lalitha could see the individual muscles moving under the tight pants Kanchana wore. Her waist was slim, leading to her rock hard breasts and heavily muscled arms. Kanchana was elementally powerful, but even in that power Kanchana was all woman. As the slow dance goes,

Kanchana asked, “Little one, I wish to ask a favor,” “Yes?’ “Can you tell me that you don’t find me ugly? I would like to hear it when you aren’t sexed up,” Kanchana said as she leaned close and looked intently into Lalitha’s eyes. Lalitha looked at her closely. Now she came fully under the influence of the blue pill. Kanchana’s face was not pretty, nor was Kanchana exotic, but Lalitha could see the strength in her, the power that rippled just beneath her dark mallu skin. Lalitha found herself wondering what it would be like to be wrapped in her arms once again, held against those hard boobs and protected from the world by that strength. Beautiful? “I think you look fine. If I were into women like in that movie, I would have no problems being with you,” Lalitha said slowly. “Thank you,”. “Your welcome,” Lalitha said. “Are you sure you aren’t into girls?” Kanchana asked finally. “Yes,” Lalitha said, almost too quickly. “Pity,” the tall Kanchana said. “Why do you ask?” Lalitha asked. Kanchana leaned forward, until her face was only inches from Lalitha’s.Lalitha could smell her breath; see the intensity in her eyes and her raw lips as Kanchana spoke. “Well, I was hoping to pick you up with my hands, carry you to my b*****r master bed room which was decorated for my b*****r’s first night, deflower you on that first night bed and fuck you whole night until you can’t walk,” Kanchana said. The words were spoken slowly and each word carefully enunciated. Lalitha felt a knife of desire twist in her tummy with each word.

Kanchana continued in a seductive voice. “I have a nice strap-on underneath. You must be feeling a bulge in my pants while I am hugging you during our dance. I can make you scream with pleasure. How can you wait for one longer month till my b*****r reducing you to a quivering mass of jelly? I am sure that my b*****r can never do you like I will. Once you have had me between your legs you won’t even think about men again. Are you sure you wouldn’t like to try it? I would love to be your first,” Kanchana’s words are hypnotizing “You know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. It’s written all over your pretty face. Won’t you come to sl**p with me, Lalitha?” Over taken fully by now with the effect of the Blue pill, Lalitha could only half nod her head very shyly. Kanchana’s eyes glimmered with passion as she moved closer to Lalitha. Slowly her arms encircled Lalitha. Kanchana’s lips moved towards Lalitha, as their bodies got closer, their breasts pressed each other. Kanchana’s legs started intertwining with Lalitha’s. Lalitha’s heart pounded like a bass drum, anticipating the moment of that first contact. As their lips met, a charge of incredible sensual f***e surged through her making every part of her body tingle. Lalitha’s lips were so unbelievably soft and wet. They were like none Kanchana had ever kissed before. She slid her hand to the back of Lalitha’s head and pulled it into her as their kiss grew more intense. Her hands slid up and down Lalitha’s back and into her long hair, loosening it. Kanchana could feel her breasts rubbing against Lalitha’s through the many layers of fabric as she began moving against her.

The kiss seemed to go on and on. The strong, masculine Kanchana lifted Lalitha into air and took into her arms. Kanchana made her feel so safe in her big strong arms! Kanchana had a smirk on her face and a devilish look in her eyes. Kanchana said. “I want to make love to you on my b*****r’s bed. This will be your first night. I am sure you are a virgin Hindu girl. I will take your virginity. I want mate you on that bed prepared for your First night with my b*****r.” Kanchana carried Lalitha to her b*****r’s bed room. Bolted it with one hand. Lalitha couldn’t help but see the symbolism. She was Kanchana’s young “bride”. And Kanchana, her “husband”, carried her through the bridal chamber. Lalitha realized that the last vestiges of her virgin life were over. The virginity she protected for so many years is going to be broken by this mallu woman. Kanchana was going to make me her lesbian lover, her “wife”, as it were. Kanchana has seen a nervous look on Lalitha when Kanchana is carrying her bride to the decorated bed while planting kisses all over her body. Kanchana placed Lalitha on her b*****r’s bed. Staring down at Laliha’s body in now spoiled saree, Kanchana said. “You are so amazing baby. I can’t get enough of you! I love you baby! I am going to fuck an original Indian virgin bride. I will deflower you.” She slowly descended over the bride. Encircling her fully with her hands and legs, she started kissing the girl on her juicy lips with full a****listic intensity. Lalitha opened her legs instinctively and feeling Kanchana slipping between them. The gentle thrusting motion of Kanchana’s hips created friction against Lalitha’s's saree and petticoat, which rubbed against her mound, causing her to flush with warmth and moisture. Lalitha ran her hands inadvertently up and down her lover’s back, while enjoying the weight of that heavy mallu lady. Kanchana has slided the pallu of Lalitha and hugged her hard.

She slowly brought her arms up and slowly slipped her fingers under Lalitha’s blouse. Her mouth broke their long kiss. Lalitha’s blouse was a tight fit so kanchana trailed her finger up to the hooks. She looked at Lalitha for her approval. Lalitha smiled in shyness. In one forcible gesture, the blouse is torn into pieces and came off. Kanchana started driving her bulge harder between the legs of Lalitha and the slippery saree is slowly getting dislocated on its own. Kanchana slowly removed the wrinkled saree from Lalitha. Kanchana looked at her bride’s bra covered breasts. Lalitha’s breasts looked extremely erotic. Ignoring the reluctance of the shy bride, Kanchana unhooked the bra and freed the breasts from their confines. Kanchana could see the raised mounds of the breasts. She reached up and gently squeezed them. They were so soft and smooth, yet firm. The nipples were hard, surprisingly dark.Lalitha gasped as Kanchana started squashing them with full f***e. Kanchana quickly opened her own shirt buttons and thrown it across the room. Lalitha looked longingly at Kanchana’ss bare strong breasts. Feeling shy to remain with naked breasts even for a while, she pulled Kanchana hurriedly toward herself in order to cover her bare chest. Kanchana’s iron breasts have pushed against the creamy globes of Lalitha’s. Kanchana’s mouth invaded Lalitha’s. Her hands grasping Lalitha’s as they caressed their way around her body.

Topless Lalitha in her underskirt is looking very cute. “Ooohh, Lalitha, my little mallu” she groaned, “I love that.” Kanchana, still in her jeans, started fucking Lalitha in missionery style using her bulge under the pant, over her petticoat itself for few minutes, Kanchana finally separated the last remaining petti coat from Lalitha in one go. Naked Lalitha curled herself into a heap on the bed like a c***d, feeling extremely shy. Kanchana stood and removed her pants. It was time to take her virginity by breaking her hymen. “Lalitha, do you wish to suck my big cock?” Kanchana asked her. Kanchana sat on her knees near Lalitha. She took her own cock into her hand and slowly persuaded Lalitha to take it into her mouth and suck it. As Kanchana pushed more and more inside her mouth until she can’t breathe, but every once in a while she was allowed to take breath. She is inexperienced, but she sucked the cock gently. Holding the knees of Lalitha, Kanchana opened Lalitha’s legs widely and took place between her legs, then applied some oil on her pussy and into the tight hole and around her hymen. Then Kanchana put a lot of oil on her strap-on cock that is 7 inches long and 2 inches thick. She knew if Lalitha gets all that inside her tight virgin pussy, she’ll be in pained agony. So she decided to do softly and with love. She gripped one hand on the strap-on and other on Lalitha’s mouth so if she cries out she can keep her quiet. Kanchana pushed her cock at Lalitha’s tight, wet, oily pussy but it did not go in. Even a little f***e didn’t help. So she rubbed and fingered Lalitha’s pussy for a while until she was ready once again.

Lalitha’s eyes were closed and she didn’t know how much pain it would be for her. She was biting her red lips in tension. Kanchana pushed her cock at her pussy hole, but it still did not go inside of the young girl. Again she tried to f***e it up her channel, but the small hole and its hymen at the entrance kept Kanchana out. This was Kanchana’s first time with an Indian mallu virgin, so she didn’t exactly know how to get inside. But on third try she used all her strength to get the head of the huge cock inside Lalitha’s clasping pussy. Lalitha closed her eyes and whimpered as she felt the dildo push into her pussy coming to a stop after penetrating as the tip came into contact with her hymen. After it pulled back, Lalitha felt a sharp pain as the dildo was thrust forward, ripping through her maidenhead and taking her virginity. “OOHHHH, my god, it hurrrrrrrtss, take it out,” and she was just about to start screaming, and Kanchana worried that the mother downstairs would hear and come running over. She managed to cover the lips of Lalitha with hers just in time to control her screams and shoved her tongue inside. The scream of Lalitha transformed like a moan into the mouth of Kanchana. Lalitha was weeping and giving gestures with wide eyes to Kanchana to stop. Kanchana didn’t stop and she pushed her cock deeper inside her, pinning the helpless bride to the bed. She pushed about four inches. Lalitha is still begging Kanchana to get it out, but Kanchana didn’t. She did stop for a moment to let her tight stretched cunt hole to get used to the monster she was shoving into her. She noticed her hole was tightly pulled around the thick shaft of the strap-on cock. Kanchana started kissing her face and lips, slipping her tongue into mouth so that Lalitha wouldn’t cry.

The kisses made Lalitha feel better. So Kanchana started moving her cock up and down, but Lalitha used her muscles to grip the shaft tightly and stop it from moving deeper into her cunt. “It won’t hurt any more,” Kanchana whisperedr. Kanchana penetrated deeper and deeper into Lalitha’s untouched body, the tightness of her vaginal cavity impeding Kanchana’s progress as she started to rhythmically fuck her. The sharp pain Lalitha had felt as her hymen was breached is now quickly dissipated as the most intense pleasure she ever felt replaced it. Each thrust of the dildo sent shock waves throughout her body and her cry of pain turned to that of pleasure as her pussy began to squeeze and milk the wonderful entity that had entered her body and was gifting her with so much pleasure. Lalitha gripped tightly to her mallu husband’s shoulders and wrapped her legs around the strong lady’s hips. She lifted herself off the bed with the most intense feelings of euphoria enveloping her. Her entire body is shaking from the orgasm. Collapsing back, Lalitha simply laid there, limp, as her body continued to shudder, mewing incoherently as Kanchana gently pulled the dildo out against the tight grip of Lalitha’s vaginal cavity. A feeling of emptiness replacing the erotic fullness she had just felt. Lalitha let out a cry as she felt the dildo push back into her empty void once again. Her hands clenching into fists and she arched her back forcing the dildo deeper within her.

Lalitha could think of nothing else as she felt the swell of pleasure building up yet again as her rock hard clit sent a shock wave of pleasure up to her nipples and back down again as the clit stimulator made contact with every stroke of the dildo. After a bit, Kanchana started fucking her pussy faster and faster. Even though Lalitha is feeling some pain, Kanchana did not stop this time. She was fucking her hard now, her cock now freely sliding into her pussy. The cock deep inside her tunnel now is giving Lalitha pleasure, but also still a bit of pain. Lalitha could only gasp shallowly as Kanchana continued to drive the dildo deeper into her pussy. Her head rested deep in the pillow, drops of sweat beading and running down her face, her hair now wild and matted to her forehead, her body covered with perspiration. Releasing one final moan Lalitha collapsed back onto her bed, u*********s. Catching her breath Kanchana looked down at the sweat-covered girl sl**ping beneath her. Kanchana smiled and brushed some of the hair now clinging to Lalitha’s face aside. The bindi on the fore head of Lalitha got melted and slid to the side ways, giving the most usual look of a well fucked Hindu bride.

This was the first time she had ever seen someone collapse from exhaustion due to sex. “Poor Indian bride”. She was proud of the fact that she had accomplished a task which otherwise reserved for her b*****r. She has plundered the treasure of her b*****r. Kanchana saw Lalitha as the perfect sexual mate. She was beautiful yet innocent, naïve yet bursting to push the boundaries. After half an hour, preparing for a second fuck, unable to wait any more, Kanchana woke Lalitha up with a fanatical kiss by shoving her long tongue into the little mouth of the sl**ping beauty. When Lalitha opened her eyes she saw her pussy bl**d on the cock of Kanchana and all over the sheet. She could not move her hips without pain, so Kanchana took a towel and cleaned her pussy and the strap-on. Kanchana kissed her on the lips and caressed the naked body. Kanchana softly uttered, “You are so beautiful my little Bhabi. You’re my wife! I want to have you again!” Lalitha smiled and drowsily replied, “Again?” With her boyish grin, Kanchana said, “Honey, I want to take you over and over and over again!” Still half alseep Lalitha said, “I just want to get some sl**p right now.” “C’mon bhabi. I want you again. Did you like it when I came inside your body babe?” “What?” Lalitha said. Smiling, Kanchana said, “Remember when I came in your pussy? Did you like that?” Remembering how Kanchana took her, how Kanchana drove her body into hers, turning their bodies into one and how it aroused her, she said, “Yes. It was amazing!” The butche rolled on top of naked Lalitha once again Lalitha spread her legs apart willingly this time. Lalitha felt the heat and weight of Kanchana’s body over her.

She was starting to get aroused again. Kanchana looked into Lalitha’s eyes and kissed her. With a massive grin on her face, Kanchana slid the head of her strapon inside Lalitha once more. Then Kanchana lowered herself on top of the deflowered bride. She spread the legs of Lalitha more apart to accommodate her body. A shot of electricity ran through Lalitha as she felt Kanchana’s hot skin against hers. Kanchana’s breasts rested on top of the bride. The sweat coverd body of Kanchana is giving intoxicating smell to Lalitha. Kanchana kissed Lalitha’s lips as she slowly slide her cock inside. She could feel the full length of her strapon inside Lalitha now. Her pussy wrapped around it tightly, fitting it like a glove. Lalitha was her little concubine, her baby doll and Kanchana was taking Lalitha once more. Kanchana wrapped her arms around Lalitha as she kissed passionately. Her hips slowly started to thrust into the young and willing body. Her tempo was slow and gentle. Kanchana wanted her wife to feel every movement of her body. It felt so natural making love to her s****r in Law on the bed prepared for her first night. Lalitha loved the feeling of Kanchana’s lips against hers.

Feeling her bride groom’s tongue penetrate her mouth as her husband’s cock penetrated her body. As Kanchana drove herself into her wife, the bride raised her hips to meet her husband’s. They kissed each other deeply like a newly married couple. Their bodies were in perfect sync with each other. Their rhythm quickened. They drove their bodies harder and faster into each other. Lalitha wrapped her legs around Kanchana’s waist, keeping her inside her. This drove Kanchana wild. Kanchana redoubled her efforts, thrusting into the tight little body even harder and faster. Lalitha felt her body started to climax. Kanchana drove her cock as deep inside her as she could. She continued to kiss her bride as they both began to cum. Lalitha felt Kanchana’s juices drip underneath her strapon and onto her sex. Kanchana stayed on top of Lalitha until both their bodies were spent. Kanchana took off her strapon and they fell asl**p in her b*****r’s bed, with Kanchana’s arms wrapped around Lalitha’s naked body. The next one month turned out to be a honey moon for the new bride before her husband arrived back from Delhi. Kanchana took her to new palces during her Indian tour. Fucked Lalitha well in all possible angles at various hill resorts. Kanchana left for US with a promise to her wife to take her soon to US and marry her by any means. Yes she is capable. End
... Continue»
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Dream Came True with Sister In Law

For those who do not know, I have a tremendous “lust crush” on my s****r in law. Now, what that means is that I want to have sex with her and I find her body and her ways attractive, from what she wears to how she carries herself. But do not get me wrong, of the two s****rs, I think I picked the better one. But such is life, we want what we cannot have. Now Noreen is 5’7”, pretty statuesque with her athletic build, dirty blonde hair, big brown eyes, pouty lips, toned legs, stomach and firm butt. She has been described as having the body of a professional female volleyball player. She is confident which is also appealing and a disciplined exercise lover. However, when it comes to partying, she enjoys a cocktail as much as the next guy, sometimes even more.

As with every joy in your life, you like to share your happiness with someone and in this case, I cannot share this pleasure with my wife, for obvious reasons. So my friend, Bill, is the person that I share all my stories with, photos and all around feelings about my s****r in law. We talk on line all the time about our trials and tribulations so Noreen (Nor for short) is no exception. I am going to grace you with an inside look as to the latest happenings between myself and my s****r in law. It is not as thrilling or pornographic as you may have hoped, but to me, the truth is what gets me hard.


Ok, so , as I mentioned, my wife and Nor has Bunko (dice game) last night and Nor was the host. I took the k**s. Nor’s husband went to some concert with a friend. Took the k**s to WENDYs to eat and then I saw in the newspaper about a planetarium show with cool music playing about 30 minutes away at 9 pm. So we went to that, wasn’t as good as we hoped. But the k**s had some laughs.

So we get home and I settle them in. About Midnight, when generally the dice game is over, I get a call and it’s Nor. She tells me that her husband just got home a bit ago from the concert and I should come over and have a drink as they are wrapping up the night. Most of the other women have gone. So I made sure my daughter was ok with it and helped them get everyone down for the sl**p over. I drove over to Nor’s house. Her husband was sitting outside with his friend by the fireplace drinking jack and coke and Nor and my slurring wife were saying good bye to a few ladies. Soon as she saw me she came over and hugged and kissed me hello and said " Ahh my favorite b*****r in law!" and asked me what I wanted to drink. I said ill have what you are having so she went off to make me a sweet tea vodka. My wife and I kissed hello and I could tell she was feeling no pain.

We talked about the night and I could see my wife’s eyes were closing while I was talking to her. She laughed knowing that I caught her and I teased her and she said " I’m Fine!" all while laughing. Nor comes back in and says "let’s all go sit outside". We go to go outside and the music was playing and her husband and friend were passed out on separate chairs. We laughed and then agreed to go inside in the den. We sat and talked about the night and I see my wife was falling asl**p and not part of the conversation. I had already started a second drink as they went down easy. So I was mostly listening to Nor ramble on while I just stared at her...nodding along with whatever she was saying.

She told me that we should just stay there with them tonight, as the k**s were ok with my daughter watching them and we can go over my house early in the morning with bagels. Stacy was already passed out as well as her husband, I was the only one close to be able to drive and I wanted to hang with Nor so I agreed. She checked on her husband and then after walking back in the room said she wanted to change and offered me to change as well, but I was in shorts and a tee anyways and said I was fine. She said to walk with her upstairs so I could help her move some things off her twins beds so my wife and I could sl**p there. I was so fired up at the thought of going upstairs with her and basically we were alone, at least in spirit.

I followed her up the stairs, my eyes never leaving her ass in those jeans. She showed me some stuff to move off the bed and said she wanted to change. I moved the clothes and toys, dolls and she keeps talking to me from her room. She has a very small second floor in her old colonial. So we are talking and I’m all done, so I move into the hall to hear her better. Her door was slightly ajar and it pained me knowing she was naked behind the piece of wood. I hear her moving about and then she opened the door. She was there barefoot, in tight smallish white shorts and a tank tee shirt. I moved toward her and then I felt what I can only describe as a gravitational pull. I walked towards her, she had her hands up behind her head putting her hair up, now just looking at me. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I wanted to do something or say something. I found myself opening my mouth and said "Did you know you look good in whatever you wear ?" and I placed my hand on her hip. She gave me a smile and a little laugh. I just froze there like a dope! I couldn’t believe I said something so stupid! But now we are both staring at each other. She put her hands down and brought one onto my arm. I leaned in and said "Ohh know...I love you! " and pecked her cheek. She just smiled and stood.

I looked at her face, quiet in the dim light of her bedroom. "I love you too Timmy" she said softly. I tried to stop staring and didn’t know what else to do so I kissed her neck and pulled her closer to me. She hugged me and we just hugged and I felt my cock growing from being this hands began to run up her back and she released the hug and said " is everything ok in the girls room ?" so I released her and she smiled and walked into the girls room. I could tell she was nervous and I figured I had gone too far. So I guess she wrote it off as a b*****r in law, sensitive guy, drinking kind of comment and embrace. My heart was pounding from being so nervous. I followed her into the girl’s room and said I did what she told me. She pulled down the comforters on each bed while explaining that it is too hot for them and that she can get us fresh pillows if I like. I felt like she was now doing nervous chatter, as I could care less about pillows, unless, she didn’t want us to slobber all over her girls pillows, which is understandable. Now I realize she is standing near one of the beds with her hands on her hips and she says "Can you think of anything else?" and looks around. I replied with "Nope, looks good..." and then, I was like, holy shit! our eyes meet again and we pause and at loss of words. "You look real good, Nor" I stammer out and she again laughs and rolls her eyes " Yeah ! Right…" she mutters. Again I moved towards her. "Nooo! I’m serious."

Again, I find myself reaching out and holding her waist. "You are so attractive, Steve is a lucky guy...." Smiles from both of us and then suddenly....bam! I kiss her softly on the lips. She pulls back and looks at me, our faces inches away and kisses me back and then we separate again. We are just looking at each other now, very solemn between us. "Tim....we can’’s not s****" She pulls away and walks to her room. "Tim....I drank too much...." she says from her room, I’m now standing in the door way of her girl’s room. "Do you want to bring Stacy upstairs and I’ll wake the boys ? "

I was so bumming, let down, nervous for what I had just done. Hoping I didn’t just ruin our relationship, she appears in the door way of her bedroom. She looks at me and sees my face! "Timmy!?! (as she calls me) and give a nervous laugh. It was almost as if it were a question. And I was like "What???" She kind of pouts and say..." Its ok and all but...why did you kiss me?" I suddenly felt a resurgence, as even discussing it brought a charge to me. "Cause... I...think you are hot...." But my s****r! she squeals and I said I know....I love your s****r, I would never hurt her......and then I ask her, why are you asking me this ? She just stood there and pouted and was looking down at the floor and then at me and looking like she wanted to cry....." Listen, I’m not pissed that you kissed me ....I just can’ know....I feel so weird and....uhhh! , I dont know, it’s just not right!" I felt so bad for her but this was a moment I had been thinking about for a long, long, time. And then I blurted out " You liked it ??" and she just looked at me and said " Huhhh ?" almost like she was stalling for time...
"You liked it?" I asked again. "You liked that I kissed you?" and it dawned on me that she was conflicted on how she felt and what she wanted to do. So I had to make a choice, I had to apologize and go down stairs or I could continue to talk or more.

"Nor, we are f****y, I love your s****r, I love you, I love your husband, you are right and I don’t want to hurt anyone. Why did I kiss you? Because it felt good and I love you, that’s why...." I walked to her and took her hand. "I’m not trying to give you any problems Nor....I guess it’s been in me so long that I just reacted...I’ve always wondered about kissing you....." She just stared at me and then said " I know, I mean, how you feel...I have to admit I always wondered if you felt like that or were just being friendly...we both again laughed nervously. After a pause she spoke and said "I’ve always wondered too..." in a soft voice. Looking into her deep brown eyes, I had to move quickly, either run away or dive in. SO I kissed her again. This time we both kissed deep and our hands roamed and I felt elated. I broke and whispered in her ear "Nor, its’s just a feeling, we aren’t hurting anyone...we both like this" and I kissed her neck and she let out a sigh. We stood there making out for what seemed like a while. I got up the nerve to push her backward and she fell knowingly onto her bed. Some more kissing ensued and my hands got to feel her butt and a few caresses of her tits. She did the same but never touched my cock or anywhere near it, even though I grinded it into her leg. I got bold and slid my hand down into her shorts and felt a shaved pussy and reached her lips. They were moist and I began to finger her. I was in heaven! I could not believe we were actually doing this!

This apparently made her hot because then she reached into my shorts and began fumbling for my cock. I slid my shorts down and gave her access. She began pumping my cock as I continued to finger her pussy. I felt like I was in high school again. We went at it for about 10 minutes and I told her I was gonna cum. I turned onto my back and she jerked me off and watched me blow my load onto my belly. Breathing heavy, we laid next to each other. I wasn’t able to finger her to completion as when I attempted to touch her again, she softly motioned me away and smiled. I’m good Timmy, she said. She got up and offered me a towel and I cleaned up and then she sat next to me as I pulled up my shorts. We talked about how nice that was but we have a responsibility to our spouses and such. How we both love each other and are happy we are so close. We promised we would not act funny or be funny about all of this or tell anyone and we kissed a last time before we went down stairs.

Now, in the light and around our spouses, I felt very bad about the whole thing. I told her maybe it was best if I just take Stacy home. She said it’s ok if we stay and we should but didn’t seem to f***e me to stay. So I helped Stacy to the car and we went home. All the time I couldn’t stop thinking about her. This morning, I took a shower quickly, before wife could wake up, paranoid that I had her s****r’s smell on me. I had to work today and had customers to see.

I could not wait until I got into work to send this email to you! I am beside myself with elation, satisfaction and of course, GUILT! I guess you knew all along, she did have something for me, just stronger than I was to ever let something come of it. But as I think about it, maybe she played me and was just so subtle about it to let me take the bait, thereby making her feel as the "innocent party" ??? I had trouble looking at my wife and wonder when I get home how I will feel. She was sl**ping when I left. What do you think I should do now?

Bills Reply:

Well, I hate to say I told you wait: I'm very happy to say I told you so, lol.

Amazing story. Not that it is unbelievable so much as the fact that it actually happened. In real life. Not just as a fantasy. In fact it was rather refreshing to read your account. You two went far enough to acknowledge your heretofore unexpressed desire for each other, yet you didn't take it beyond reasonable boundaries. And taking Stacy home instead of staying was probably the best thing you did.

So, now your mutual feelings have been acknowledged and even acted on in the least possible manifestation. I can understand the complex emotions you are feeling, and I'm sure she is as well. For starters, you must be feeling a deep sense of relief, knowing that the truth is finally out in the open. No more pretending between the two of you. That should feel pretty good.

Then, of course, there is the anticipation of how it will play out in the future. Just the thought of all the subtle teasing, the furtive glances, the blushing, the secret should be a lot of fun, in a naughty sort of way.

Of course, the whole experience wouldn't be complete without feeling the requisite guilt. That makes it all the more intense and desirable: the taboo aspect of your involvement vs. the potential heat that it generates between the two of you.

I think you can maintain some kind of balance if you are both smart about it. But even if nothing else ever happens between you, you (and Nor) will always have that knowledge that you are both attracted to each other, and that will always be there.

Getting to the point of passionate kissing, fondling, and even ejaculating with her fingers wrapped around your cock all sounds intense and mindboggling, for sure. But you could have blown the whole deal if you ended up insisting on going any further. It may have made her feel so guilty that she might vow to never let anything like that happen again. At least this way you both showed some restraint out of respect for the spouses involved.

I think the next thing you should do is write it up as a story and submit it. That way it will give you a chance to sort out your feelings and maybe make sense of the situation.

Let me know what happened when you got home from work, and how you feel about it all now. Do you think your next social event with Dor will be awkward, or will you both feel some relief from acknowledging the truth about your mutual feelings?

Thanks for sharing your story with me. I found it to be pretty amazing.

As far as her "playing" you, I would say you have both been playing each other for quite some time now...not in a malicious way at all, just the subtle steps of the age old mating dance.

Keep me informed.

My last Reply to Bill:


Got home from work today and guess who was sitting at my kitchen table ? It was Noreen and her husband. All the k**s were outside in the pool and my wife was there too. At first I thought there was trouble, but everyone said hello all bubbly like and my wife gave a smile and walked over to me and apologized for being too wasted last night and gave me a kiss. She thanked me for taking care of her and made some sort of joke about how it is usually me that needs looking after. I was guilt ridden after my wife apologizing to me (imagine that??) but seeing Nor made me giddy as a school boy.

So now its getting late and my wife says she has to get ready, as she has plans to meet a friend tonight . I was going to stay home with the k**s. Nor’s husband has a DJ business on the side and says he is not in the mood but he is committed to do a party tonight from 7-12 midnight. To my surprise, Nor says “ you know Tim, if you want, I am going be home with the k**s, you can come over later, maybe about 6pm and we can throw some stuff on the bar-b-q ?” and asks me how that sounds. I am trying to suppress my happiness and say that im sure the k**s would like that instead of staying home with just me. My wife says that sounds like a good idea and was happy I wasn’t going to be stuck home alone as she felt bad leaving me tonight.

Now I am somewhat nervous again and scared at what I might do or say. How do you think I should play this ??
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My Sister in Law

My s****r in Law

I have long been infatuated with my s****r-in-law Barbara. She and I are the same age and even before I married her s****r I was attracted to her beautiful body and personality. Through the years I could not help lusting for her and fantasizing about having sex with her though I knew it was not possible. She was the forbidden fruit that haunted my dreams. We have always got along well and had some great conversations over the years. It did not help that she seemed to get more beautiful over the years as she became a workout and fitness fanatic. Dark flawless skin and brown hair and eyes, she is tall and a strikingly good-looking woman. Well, after 20 years the unbelievable finally happened one day. It was the day after Thanksgiving when all the f****y had been over at her house. I had left my jacket there and it had my wallet in it. When I realized this I called the next morning to see if I could go over and pick it up. She said of course and to come on over. On my way there, I remembered that her husband had left the night before on a week-end hunting trip and that she was alone but I did not think much of it. When I got there she met me at the door wearing a blue house robe and house shoes. I thought it kind of odd since it was 10:00 in the morning. I apologized for leaving my coat and wallet and we talked a few moments at the door about yesterday’s festivities. Then the unexpected happened. As I was about to leave, she ask me if I wanted to come in for a cup of coffee. My heart skipped a beat and I stood there speechless for a few seconds, my mind racing at 90 miles an hour. Should I accept? What would my wife think if she knew I was alone with her beautiful s****r? Was this really happening? I nervously said “yes.” I followed her into the kitchen and sat down and watched her fix the coffee. We continued to talk about yesterday’s gathering and how good it was to get everyone together etc. I was already wondering what she had on under that robe, if anything. I felt a slight tingle in my pants and continued to chat and stare. She sat down across from me and we sipped our coffee and talked. After a couple of minutes I noticed her robe had come undone at the top and I could see her breasts dangling loosely in plain sight. My pulse quickened and I starred wide-eyed at her open robe. She obviously intended this to happen, or did she? I wasn’t sure at first. Then she asked me what I was staring at. “Your robe has come open”, I said with a very shaky voice. Her next words almost floored me. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. There was silence, then I finally found the courage to say, “w-e-l-l yes, your breasts are gorgeous.” Would she be angry, I wondered? What she did next convinced me this was no accident. She grasped the top of her robe and pulled it wide apart and thrust her beautiful tits towards my face. I could see the nipples were getting hard and my heart raced even faster. Then before I could even think, she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. Electricity went through every fiber of my being and I felt a strange warmness over my entire body. I kissed her back first slowly then passionately. She got up and with the robe falling completely open revealing a small white bikini pair of panties she came over to me and bent down and we kissed again this time long and deep. I felt as if I had gone to heaven. Her kisses were sinfully delicious and I felt helpless under her spell. I put my arms around her and we continued to kiss. There were no other sounds in the house, just our sighs and soft moans and the slurping sound of wet kisses. Finally, she said lets go into the living room, the same living room I had watched football in the previous day. This was madness. We could not do this, it was not right. And her husband would kill me if he knew I was kissing his wife. But I could not stop and neither could she. I said, “this isn’t right, we have to stop before it’s too late.” She said we didn’t have to have intercourse, we could just make out a while then I could go. “No one but us will ever know, I promise. I want you”, she said. Before I could answer, she had pulled me down to the couch and we were embracing and kissing again. This time our tongues found each other and it was the most exciting and erotic kissing I had done since I had made out in the back seat of my car with Susie Daniel as teenager. My dick was beginning to throb and felt really constrained in my jeans as my hands grasped and massaged her breasts. My heart felt like it would explode out of my chest and my dick felt like it would explode out of my pants! The ecstasy racing through my body was the greatest feeling I had ever had. Joy and pleasure indescribable! What would happen next? She again acted before I could find the answer. While our lips and tongues were still locked together, she began groping for my rock hard cock stroking it through my pants as she fumbled to unbuckle my jeans and pull my zipper down. At last she freed it and began stoking it firmly. My pre-cum juices oozed onto her fingers making for a really slick hand-job. I knew I would explode if she kept this up for long. I pulled away starring at her beautiful face and then down at the white panties. “I want to take your panties off,” I mumbled excitedly. She said, “Yes, but let’s get your clothes off first.” Within seconds my clothes were off and my hands were on her panties. It is hard to describe the pleasure of gently slipping my fingers under the panties and pulling them slowly off as the sweet aroma of her pussy juices penetrated the air making me even more excited, as if that were possible. I trembled as I starred at her neatly trimmed muff. At last, the pussy I had lusted and yearned for all these years was right there waiting for me. I was shaking with excitement as I slid my fingers into her slit and felt the warm wet moisture as I begin to massage her clit slowly. Her soft moans broke the silence and I could feel her tighten beneath my touch. Her hips began rocking gently with my strokes. “Please, I want to lick your pussy”, I blurted out. She gasped and nodded her approval. She spread her legs and arched her hips towards me as my tongue found her juicy snatch. I started slowly enjoying that wonderful taste and smell lapping up her wetness like it was some erotic candy, only this was much better than any candy. Shivers and waves of excitement again flooded every ounce of my being. Her moans and sighs began to come faster. I slid two fingers in and slowly moved them in and out as I licked her swollen clit furiously. With my other hand I gently rubbed her hard erect nipples. Then she exploded as waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsated through her body. Her hips were thrusting incredibly fast as I worked to keep licking and stoking wanting her to enjoy every possible feeling of sexual joy. Her moans had become screams and then moans again. She pulled me to her face and kissed me madly her tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth. “That is wonderful, “she said. “Now, it’s your turn”. She sat up and grabbed my swollen cock and began licking it and then sucking the head slowly. Then she went deeper alternately sucking and then stoking my cock with her hand. I stared down at her beautiful face not believing this was really happening. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I enjoyed this incredible suck off. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I began to feel that tell-tell feeling deep inside my balls that I would soon be cumming. But this was unlike any orgasm I had ever felt before, almost painful as it began to intensify. I told her I was about to cum not wanting to shoot off in her mouth. She pulled my throbbing cock out and began to stroke it firmly adding a little extra saliva for good measure. I held on as long as I could then let it happen. A long white stream of cum shot over her head onto a lampshade beside the couch a good four feet away from my dick. This was followed by several other jolts of jism that covered her hair, face and chest. All the time she was yelling, “Yes, yes, give it to me.” It felt too good for me to care as waves of pure sexual ecstasy rolled through my body. I fell exhausted into her arms and lay there with my heart pounding unable to speak. “See, I told you we could do it without having intercourse,” she said laughing. “Don’t worry no one will ever know, we just have to figure out how to do this again.” I knew then that I had died and gone to sexual heaven.
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Help from s****r in law Ch. 1

Even though he's been married for almost a year, Tim is horny most of the time and jacks off in front of his computer quite frequently. He loves his wife. They grew up together, have always been best friends and are compatible in every way, except sex.

Tim has the libido of a healthy 26-year-old male, but unfortunately his wife, Sharon, was raised to believe that sex is dirty and disgusting, something only done as a monthly obligation. It was drilled into her, from the time she was old enough to understand; only tramps and whores enjoy sex.

In every other way Sharon is the perfect wife. They enjoy the same music and movies, they never fight and they love just hanging out together. The sexual hang-ups and inhibitions are so deeply rooted, that after a year of trying to change her, Tim has finally resigned himself to accept who she is and just enjoys her as much as he can during their monthly ritual. His frustration is compounded by the fact that she is beautiful, with a nearly perfect body.

Sharon and Tim dated in high school, and then lost contact when each left town to go to college. They resumed their relationship a couple of years ago when they both became teachers, back in their hometown. They dated for a year and Tim respected Sharon's wish to 'save herself for marriage' naturally assuming things would change after the wedding. Because he can't imagine loving anyone else, Tim has never even considered divorce. He's thought about fucking around, but the opportunity has never presented itself, at least, not the right opportunity.

As a handsome young high school teacher, Tim has his share of female students who have made it obvious they wouldn't say no, but he won't cross that boundary. That doesn't mean their nubile young bodies, with their raging hormones, don't invade his fantasies. He frequently gets himself off, imagining one or more of these sexy 18 year olds sharing his bed. But it's only a fantasy.

Surprisingly, his first real opportunity for some extra marital sex comes unexpectedly from his s****r-in-law. He gets his first hint of it at a dinner party, at Sharon's parent's house.

Other than their hang ups about sex, his wife's f****y is generally okay. Tim and Sharon see them every Sunday at church and then have dinner once a month at their house. The dinner parties usually include Sharon's b*****r, Paul, and his wife, Rhonda. Paul and Rhonda have been married about two years and neither f****y has any k**s. Not surprising to Tim, given the f****y's sexual hang-ups.

After dinner, the conversation generally turns to either religion or the declining sexual mores in our society. Rhonda and Tim usually sit quietly while their spouses and their parents passionately agree with each other, citing biblical references from memory as they expand on each other's ideas and pool their narrow-mindedness. For some reason, on this particular night Tim finds himself not wanting to listen to their diatribe. He excuses himself and steps out onto the deck for some air. Their discussion is so intense; they don't even notice his absence.

Standing there, leaning on the railing, Tim sucks air into his lungs as he thinks about Keisha, a beautiful, young 18-year old black student in his senior chemistry class. He closes his eyes and tries to visualize her naked body, imagining dark nipples and guessing whether her pussy is trimmed or natural. His cock stirs as he thinks about her thick lips and how they would feel...

"Mind if I join you?" His thoughts are interrupted as Rhonda steps out on the balcony and lights a cigarette. Tim moves his leg, so his s****r-in-law doesn't see the bulge in his pants as they stand beside each other gazing out over the balcony, enjoying the peace and quiet.

"Not at all," he smiles.

"As hung up as they are about anything sexual, it's a wonder they ever had k**s," Rhonda says, taking a drag on her cigarette and blowing the smoke out over the railing.

"I know what you mean," he laughs. "I just wish they hadn't instilled so many of their hang ups in their k**s," he adds, without meaning to disclose so much.

"You too?" she asks, raising her eyebrows.

"You know, I just meant," he stutters. What did he mean?

"It's okay." She touches his arm. "I understand. Paul's a wonderful man and he treats him like a princess, but sometimes..." Her voice trails off as she shrugs and stamps out her cigarette.

"We'd better get back," she says.

Tim watches her ass sway inside her skirt as she walks ahead of him into the house. He's never thought of his s****r-in-law sexually before, but he swears she's adding a little extra swish to her walk today. So her sex life isn't any more exciting than his. Interesting.

Sharon and Tim had long ago fallen into a routine of having their monthly sex after the dinner party at her parent's house. It is perfunctory sex, with no foreplay and no variety. Sharon goes into the bathroom, brushes her teeth and lubricates herself, from a tube. He's already in bed naked, when she crawls under the covers before removing her nightgown. She lies on her back and spreads her legs as he positions himself over her.

With erotic thoughts of his s****r-in-law making him hard, he penetrates his wife's artificially lubricated pussy. As always, he's gentle and loving, still hoping for a reaction that never happens. As he feels her warmth envelope him, he mechanically pumps in and out while visualizing the sway of his s****r-in-law's firm ass. He has a momentary flash of Rhonda's face, contorted in ecstasy, and her voice urging him to fuck her harder.

"Come on, Tim!" he hears her moan. "Fuck a woman like she needs to be fucked!" He complies with her wishes, slamming his hard cock into his wife's pussy while visualizing his s****r-in-law lying under him. He vaguely hears his wife's surprised gasp as his body's urgency takes over and he drives his cock deep into her unsuspecting pussy.

He rocks faster, his chest pressed into his wife's tits and he can't help but think about Rhonda, wondering what her nipples would feel like rubbing against him. He envisions her face and lowers his mouth towards her moist lips. Before he can complete the kiss, his cock explodes, bringing him back to reality. As his hot cum spews into his wife's pussy, he notices the confused look on her face.

"I love you," he whispers as he kisses her tenderly on the lips, before disengaging his spent cock and rolling off of her.

"I love you, too," she sighs as she gets up and goes to the bathroom to shower away any evidence that they actually had sex. This is part of the ritual too, but tonight she forgets to put her nightgown back on and he is treated to the sight of her naked body as she hurries into the bathroom. His cock starts recovering immediately as he wonders how Rhonda's body compares to his wife's. Rhonda is about two years younger and from what he has seen has a killer body. He falls asl**p dreaming of his s****r-in-law.

Sharon lets the tears run down her cheeks as the water cascades over her body. She hates having to just lie there and not respond to Tim's lovemaking, but it's for his own protection. She can't bring him into her wickedness and curse him too! She loves him too much!

As she lathers soap over her body and his seed runs down her thighs, she continues to cry, remembering that awful night back in college, when she caused herself and her b*****r Paul to be cursed into damnation.

She had gone to a party with a guy she had been dating. Frustrated by his lack of progress with her sexually, he had bought a powerful sex d**g from the campus pharmaceutical expert and slipped the aphrodisiac into her drink.

Paul was studying for a theology test or he'd have been at the party, too. Around midnight Sharon's boyfriend called him.

"Man, I really fucked up, Paul!" the boyfriend said.

"Where's Sharon?" Paul asked immediately, always protective of his s****r.

"Man, I was just trying to loosen her up some, you know, melt her defenses a little." Paul, found out later that he had used three times the recommended dosage of the sex powder.

"Where is Sharon?" Paul yelled into the phone.

"She's out of control, man! She's dancing naked in the middle of the common room with all these guys cheering her on."

Paul ran the two blocks from the apartment he shared with his s****r, to the frat house. Bursting through the door like a madman, he slammed the boyfriend against the wall, punched his face and kneed his groin, before pulling his naked s****r from the room. Grabbing her dress on the way out, he didn't bother looking for her bra, shoes or panties as he led her outside. They stopped beside the house so she could get dressed.

Her d**g-induced sexual arousal made it difficult for him to get her dressed. He yelled, begged and bargained with her to put her dress on. Paul was out of his mind, looking at his naked s****r. This was so wrong! He kept repeating scripture to himself as he tried to get her to put her dress on.

"He hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity," he whispered repeatedly as her perfect breasts brushed against him when he tried to get her dress over her head. "He hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness..." Sharon is not helping.

"I'm so hot, Paul," Sharon pleads. "Don't make me get dressed," she whines, while running her hands over her breasts and tweaking her hard nipples. "I'm burning up inside" she slurs, while her hands glide over her hips and she thrusts her pussy towards him. "Please make the burning stop."

"He hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity," Paul whispers as his cock stiffens, tenting the front of his sweatpants. Paul is aggravated, embarrassed and aroused, all at the same time. "You have to get dressed!" Paul insists. "You can't walk home naked!" Sharon abruptly pulls away from him and runs a few feet away.

"Please!" she begs as she starts swaying her hips and running her hands seductively over her body. "You have to help me, Paul," she pleads again. "Or let me go back inside," she says defiantly. Paul takes in the forbidden sight of his naked s****r, his eyes lingering on the light blonde triangle of pubic hair and he can't control the reaction of his manhood.

"And if a man shall take his s****r, and see her nakedness, it is a wicked thing; and they shall be cut off in the sight of their people: he hath uncovered his s****r's nakedness; he shall bear his iniquity. Leviticus 20:17," he shouts at his s****r. "Snap out of it Sharon!" he yells as he steps closer to her. "Snap out of it!" But there was no snapping her out of her d**g-induced sexual arousal.

"Help me, Paul!" she pants as she throws her arms around his neck and presses her naked body against him. "I'll get dressed if you promise to help me when we get home," she whispers, while clawing his back and grinding her exposed pussy against the bulge in his pants.

Paul has always looked up to, and looked after, his older s****r. He loves her like he loves no one else in the world. He doesn't know what to do. Her skin is warm to the touch and her naked lustfulness is torturing him. He has to get her home.

"Okay," he says, trying to peel her body away from his. "Now get dressed," he says, tossing her dress to her.

"Promise?" she whispers, her breasts heaving as her breath comes in gasps. Her hard nipples are jutting out towards him as he answers. Even though he knows better, he can't seem to avert his eyes.

"Yes, I promise," he answers, not sure exactly what he's promising, but just trying to get his s****r dressed. In weak moments, Paul has had impure thoughts about his older s****r, imagining her nakedness as he lies in bed at night. Now, here she is; standing before him, fully aroused and completely naked. His cock aches at the sight of her smooth skin in the moonlight.

Her breasts, the size of small melons, are capped with perfectly round half-dollar sized areolas and thick, taut nipples. He can't take his eyes off of her as she steps back and slips the dress over her head. Without a bra, her hard nipples poke at the thin material of the sundress.

"Come on, then!" she grabs his hand and pulls him with her as she runs to their apartment. Inside the apartment, he closes the door and she turns towards him.

"You promised," she reminds him, pulling her dress over her head and dropping it on the floor. Stepping towards him, she grabs the bottom of his shirt and tries to pull it over his head. Paul stops her, holding her wrists.

"You need to sl**p this off," Paul says, letting go of his s****r's arms and walking ahead of her towards her bedroom. Pulling the covers back he points to her bed. "sl**p this off and we'll talk in the morning," he says, afraid to look at the tempting sight of her mouthwatering body.

"Stay with me," she whispers. "I'm still burning up. Hold me, please," she begs as she lies down on the bed. Paul looks at his naked s****r as she moves over to give him room to lie next to her.

"Just until you fall asl**p," he relents, lying on his back with his arms at his sides, afraid to look at her or get too close to her warm flesh.

"Paul, the burning itch is getting worse," she says, wrapping herself around him. "It's inside me and it's like nothing I've ever felt," she says, dr****g her leg over his thigh and rubbing her naked pussy against his hip. "You promised to help me," she pleads, clawing at his clothes as she humps his leg. Sharon can't help her actions; her pussy is on fire and she has to quench it. She has no experience with this extreme wetness or the intense burning inside her aroused pussy.

As c***dren, Paul and Sharon were told in no uncertain terms that masturbation is a sin and they would burn in hell if they played with themselves. Sharon took this literally and has never touched herself or let anyone else touch her. Now her insides are burning hot and wet.

"Cursed be he that lieth with his s****r, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. Deuteronomy 27:22," Paul whispers as Sharon tugs at his sweat pants and he grabs her hand to stop her.

"You promised," she cries, tears streaming down her cheeks as she slips her fingers under the waistband of his pants. Paul gasps when his s****r's slender fingers encircle his throbbing cock. He also took his parent's warning literally and his only transgressions have been the occasional wet dream, fueled by his impure thoughts of his older s****r.

"Cursed be he that lieth with his s****r..." Paul repeats, his voice shaking and his body trembling with both fear and arousal.

"Cursed be he that lieth to his s****r when he promises to help her!" Sharon says, squeezing his cock while pulling at his sweat pants with her other hand. "Please! Please! Please! I can't stop the burning itch!" Sharon cries in agony. Paul can't stand to see his s****r tormented and his cock is about to burst. He pushes her onto her back and pulls his shirt over his head. Hesitating, he stares at his s****r's naked body as she spreads her legs invitingly.

"God forgive us, Sharon!" he says, tearing his sweat pants off and positioning himself over his s****r's trembling body. "This is a sin!" he argues, making one final attempt to dissuade her as his throbbing cock probes her wet pussy lips.

"Just do it! Do it! Hurry!" Sharon pleads, pulling her b*****r down onto her.

Sharon gasps when Paul's hard cock penetrates her opening and enters her virgin pussy. The fire is torturous and his cock is about to provide the relief she needs. He's barely inside her and she's clawing at his back and moaning.

"Oh yes, Paul!" she cries. "More! Please! More!" she's digging at his back and spreading her legs as wide as they'll go.

The feeling of his s****r's pussy closing around his cock is overwhelming to Paul. He's never felt anything like this. He pulls back slightly and plunges forward, trying to push his thick cock into her snug, virgin pussy. As slippery as she is, he frustratingly is still only halfway in. Pulling almost all the way out, he pushes her thighs wide open and thrusts his hips forward, jamming his cock deep inside her hot, wet hole.

Sharon is so aroused and out of control, that when her b*****r's cock breaks through her virginal barrier, the pain barely registers. She squeezes him tightly and rocks along to his awkward rhythm. Their shared inexperience does not diminish the fiery pleasure that surges through their bodies.

"Ohmygod!" she screams as her b*****r starts pounding into her more assuredly. Paul is oblivious to anything except the tight, hot sheath enveloping his cock. His brain has shut down and he is functioning on pure a****l instinct as he starts mauling his s****r's tits and kissing her lips.

"Oh Sharon!" he moans. "It's like nothing I've ever..." His voice trails off as the tension builds in his balls and his breath comes in short gasps. He's out of control, fervently slamming his cock into his s****r's sizzling pussy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sharon screams as an orgasm unexpectedly rips through her body with a thunderous roar. She shakes and shivers, squeezing her pussy muscles around her b*****r's cock, triggering his release. She's never felt anything like this either.

"Aaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!" Paul groans as he thrusts one final time, shooting his first load of cum inside a woman's pussy. His pleasure is unknowingly intensified by the fact that his heavy load is being deposited deep inside his s****r's virgin pussy. Jerking spasmodically, he spews several smaller spurts before collapsing on her soft tits.

Sweat-soaked and breathing heavily, they hold each other's trembling body, with neither of them speaking or moving. Scared and exhausted, they finally fall asl**p in each other's arms; Paul's spent cock resting comfortably inside Sharon's newly deflowered pussy.

Sharon wakes up first. Her b*****r's naked body, entangled with hers, brings back the events of the evening before. It's all a d**g filled blur, from the party to her b*****r reluctantly taking her virginity. She remembers feeling blissfully content at the end of it all but can't recall specific details.

"You awake?" Paul asks, not opening his eyes.

"Yes," she says quietly.

"I'm sorry," he says, trying to disengage himself from his s****r's naked body.

"No!" Sharon blurts out. "It was all my fault... the party... I begged you... I remember!" she exclaims.

"You were d**gged!" Paul shouts. Seeing her confused look, he explains about the aphrodisiac powder.

"I should have been stronger. We're cursed, you know," he says quietly. "Cursed be he that lieth with his s****r, the daughter of his father, or the daughter of his mother. Deuteronomy 27:22," he quotes, locking eyes with her. "I'm so sorry, s*s." Tears are streaming down his cheeks and Sharon reaches over and pulls him to her, cradling his head against her naked breasts.

"What does that mean?" she asks, combing her fingers through his hair as he cries. "To be cursed, I mean."

"I'm not sure," he sniffs. "I'll have to do some research to find out what the penance is for..." he chokes back a cough, "for i****t," he breathes quietly, sniffing back tears. Sharon is holding him and stroking his back. She likes the feel of his face against her breasts and her nipples respond, pushing into his cheek.

"Paul," she says, hesitantly, "how did it feel, for you?" She holds his face tightly against her taut nipple as she awaits his answers. Several minutes pass before he speaks.

"Heavenly, Sharon," he finally whispers. "No wonder it's the original sin and the ultimate temptation," he laughs nervously. "When I... um... I mean, when we... it was so... all completely consuming. It's hard to describe." They lie quietly for a minute.

"What about you?" he asks, shifting his cheek and noticing her hard nipples for the first time.

"I was pretty out of it," she admits, pushing her nipple closer to his mouth. "I remember how blissful it felt at the end; like fireworks were going off deep inside of me, shooting pleasure rockets all through my body." Her pussy is starting to send arousal signals to her now as she rocks her tits against her b*****r's face.

"Yeah," Paul agrees, "that pretty much sums it up." His lips brush her sensitive nipple as he speaks. "I'm so sorry," he says trying to move away from her.

"Don't," she says, pulling his face back to her tits. "We're already cursed, right?" she laughs.

"What do you mean?" he asks, wondering what she could be thinking.

"I mean, we're cursed whether we did it once or more than once, right?" she asks, her pussy anxiously wanting that blissful feeling again. She's opening and closing her legs, rubbing her thighs together.

"Sharon!" Paul exclaims, sitting up abruptly, and pulling back from her. "Do you realize what you're saying? We've sinned! We've committed i****t! We're cursed!" He shakes his head, and stares at his s****r's naked body, her hard nipples drawing his eyes to her firm, young tits. His cock betrays his outrage, stiffening at the sight of her glistening pussy lips surrounded by her matted pubic hair.

"If we have to do penance for something sinful, I should at least be able to remember it!" she retorts, staring at his cock as it hardens before her eyes.

"Wow! That whole thing was inside me?" she asks, moving closer to watch his cock growing more erect.

"Sharon!" he says, trying unsuccessfully to cover himself, "this isn't a game."

"I know," she says, seriously. "But you are going to spend the rest of your life worried that you took advantage of me while I was high on some aphrodisiac powder. You think this is all your fault." She reaches for his hard cock.

"We are both to blame," she continues, wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft. "We are both cursed," she says, stroking her hand up and down the length of him, "and I want to know what this feels like, before I start doing penance." She pushes him down on his back while her hand continues to stroke his cock.

"Sharon," Paul moans as his body responds to her touch. He should be strong and tell her to stop but it feels so damn good! He watches his s****r's tits bounce gently as she swings her leg over him. She's right; they are already cursed.

"This was all inside of me, huh?" she asks, laughing nervously as she positions her wet pussy over his fully erect cock. "Okay, here goes," she smiles and lowers herself onto her b*****r's thick shaft. Paul just watches, mesmerized by how her lips stretch to accommodate his girth. When the wet heat of her labia engulfs his cockhead, he sighs heavily, leaning back and closing his eyes. Absolutely heavenly!

"Ahh! Ahhh! Ahhhhh!" Sharon moans as she pushes more and more of her b*****r's big beautiful cock into her enflamed pussy. It feels like nothing she's ever imagined. So full... so tantalizing... so completely beyond description. When her wet pussy lips finally touch the base of his cock, she stops moving and squeezes her vaginal muscles as she squirms around to get comfortable.

"Ohmygod! Sharon!" Paul cries, his eyes bulging at the sight of his s****r impaled on his throbbing cock. He instinctively reaches for her tits, caressing and teasing as she starts rocking back and forth. All thoughts of penance are forgotten as the siblings lose themselves in the pleasure of their forbidden love.

Sharon rides him like a wild woman, bouncing so frantically on her b*****r's cock that she almost bounces off. Her drenched pussy flies all the way to the tip before slamming down around his shaft, sending shivers of pleasure throughout their bodies.

"Oh Paul!" she cries but her b*****r can't hear her over his own moans. Paul has never dreamed of anything remotely close to this. The pleasure is excruciating and he is about to burst. His s****r's fiery pussy continues to assault his throbbing cock and he squeezes her tits tightly as he jerks his hips off the bed.

"Oh! Sharon!" Paul screams as she drives them both to explosive, rocket launching orgasms. She clamps her vaginal muscles around his cock as it spasms inside of her, spewing its hot liquid into her pulsating hole.

Collapsing on his chest, Sharon kisses her b*****r passionately as she bathes in the blissful afterglow of her release, unaware that it may be the last orgasm of her life.

Sharon spends several days trying to seduce her b*****r into more i****tuous lovemaking but Paul refuses any further advances, admonishing her for wanting to live a sinful life.

True to his word, Paul does his research and uses the convoluted logic that has been drummed into him since c***dhood to arrive at the appropriate penance. Neither one of them, he explains to Sharon, can ever enjoy sex again. They can marry and fornicate for procreation but they can never again experience the blissful feelings they achieved during their i****tuous sins.

They vow their penance to each other, Paul changes his major from theology to business and they never speak of it again.

When Sharon returns to her bed, Tim is sl**ping peacefully. She slides in on her side of the bed, wishing that for just one night she could forgo her vow. But she is strong and unwilling to bring her curse onto her husband.

As she lies next to him, she remembers the scripture her b*****r cited so long ago. "If a woman profane herself by playing the whore, she shall be burnt with fire. Leviticus 21:9." He also added. "A man shall not take a wife that is a whore, or is profane. Leviticus 21:7." As she falls asl**p, she renews her vow; she will not be a whore, Tim doesn't deserve to be cursed.

In the weeks following the dinner party, his s****r-in-law starts occupying most of Tim's sexual fantasies. Every Sunday at church, Rhonda smiles and winks at him from across the aisle. He can't tell if it's his imagination or if she's actually flirting with him. He thinks his fantasies are making him read more into her smile than she intends. At the next f****y dinner, he makes sure to go out on the deck again, hoping she'll join him. Several minutes later he's not disappointed.

"How's it going?" she asks, raising her eyebrows as he lights her cigarette. "Any luck in breaking through the sexual inhibitions?" she asks without preamble.

"Uh... no," he answers, staring at her. "How about you?" The more he sees Rhonda, the more appealing she looks. Tonight she's wearing a tight skirt that shows off her firm round ass cheeks and a pull over blouse stretched across her ample tits.

"The same," she says. "He's so gentle and caring, but sometimes a girl needs more, you know?"

"Yeah," he whispers, wondering where this is going. Tim has always liked Rhonda, but they've never had a conversation like this before. Maybe she's as frustrated as he is and wants someone to confide in.

"I don't want to leave him but I don't want to live like a nun either," she says. "It's not that I don't get propositioned. I could cheat in a heartbeat, but there's no one that I'm interested in or trust enough..." Her voice trails off.

"I know what you mean," he tells her, his cock stirring at the possibilities that this conversation provides. She looks up at him, just staring, like she's making up her mind about something.

"I've seen you watching me in church," she says, moving closer to him. "You don't look like you're thinking sacred thoughts."

"I'm not," he answers, looking down at her as she stands inches from him. Her breasts swell against the fabric of her blouse when she takes a deep breath.

"Maybe we could help each other, you know, and keep it in the f****y," she blurts out, reaching her hand out towards his waist. He nervously jumps back and looks around to make sure no one else is here.

"Don't worry," she laughs. "I'm not going to attack you out here." Reaching out again, she unclips his cell phone from his belt. "I just want to program my number into your phone," she says, flipping it open and punching numbers. "This is for my company Blackberry. It's on twenty-four seven and I'm the only one who can retrieve the messages. Text me if you want to get together." She smiles and hands him back his phone just as Sharon and Paul walk out onto the deck.

That night as he fucks his wife's unresponsive pussy, Tim can't stop thinking about his s****r-in-law. As he rams his cock faster, he remembers the curve of Rhonda's breasts and imagines sucking on her aroused nipples. He starts pounding harder as he recalls the swaying of her round ass cheeks and fantasizes cupping his hands around them, digging his fingers into her soft flesh. She's actually invited him to cheat with her! A sudden burst of moist heat emanating from his wife's pussy shocks him out of his fantasy and his cock erupts with a more intense orgasm than he's had in a long time. He stares into her face as he catches his breath, looking for some small sign of pleasure.

"You're starting to get a little rough, aren't you?" she asks, pushing him off of her and grabbing her nightgown as she heads into the bathroom. He doesn't even bother to watch.

While his wife's in the shower, Tim grabs his cell phone off the dresser and sends Rhonda a text message.

He learns that Rhonda will be out of town for two weeks and they arrange to get together when she gets back. The time drags by and Tim starts second guessing his decision. Should he really be cheating on his wife? Is Rhonda the right choice? What if they get caught? His indecision morphs into lustful fantasy and by the time Rhonda gets back in town he can barely wait to push his cock into a responsive pussy.

They arrange to meet at an apartment that Rhonda's company uses for out of town guests. Rhonda is a lawyer and they frequently have clients who need a place to stay. It's cheaper to maintain an apartment than to pay for hotels. Of course, they bill the client the same as if they stayed at a four star hotel. He tells his wife that he's taking on a tutoring assignment and will be late on Wednesday afternoons. Rhonda has no trouble getting away and they arrange a time for the following Wednesday.

Rhonda answers on the first knock and Tim stands there for a second until she reaches for his hand and pulls him into the room. As soon as the door is closed, Rhonda wraps her arms around his neck and presses her lips to his. The kiss is urgent and hungry as their tongues fight for space in each other's mouth and their clothes begin to collect in a heap on the floor.

They somehow make it to the bed, coupling like a****ls. Her pussy is on fire, drenched like a flash flood after a long draught. His cock fires like a repeating rifle, hardening again and again as she demands more fervent pounding. They barely speak. They just fuck all afternoon, both of them releasing months of pent up sexual tension.

They start out fucking face to face with Tim pushing Rhonda's legs over her head as he jackhammers into her underused pussy. Then she turns around and he fucks her from behind, holding her hips and admiring her sweet ass cheeks as he slams his throbbing cock into her hungry pussy. Finally, after sucking him hard again, Rhonda sits astride his cock and rides him like it's the last fucking she'll ever get. By the end of the afternoon, they're just two spent bodies, lying in a tangle of sheets and sweat, trying to catch their breath.

"God! I needed that!" she sighs. No k**ding!

"That was incredible!" he answers, leaning over her and kissing her lips. "I haven't had a blowjob since college," he tells her, kissing her neck and moving his lips towards her gorgeous tits.

"I haven't had a cock in my mouth for probably as long," she smiles. "Next time, I'm going to suck you until you cum but this time my pussy just needed too much attention." That's an understatement but Tim's not complaining, especially since she mentioned a next time.

"Come on. Let's take a shower," Rhonda says, pushing his mouth away from her thick nipples.

"I have to go home and make dinner."

They lather each other in the shower and Tim takes his time exploring her curves with his hands while she strokes his cock and caresses his balls. Her tits are firm and her nipples, surrounded by large, rose-colored areolas, respond instantly to his teasing. By the time they rinse off, he's rock hard again.

"I guess I really don't have to wait for next time," Rhonda smiles as she kneels on the shower floor and slides her lips down his rigid shaft.

Oh God! He's fantasized this exact moment so many times that it feels like it's already happened. After fucking all afternoon, he's surprised he has anything left but as she licks his cock and caresses his balls he feels the tension build again. Her tongue is swirling around his cockhead as her hand pumps him in and out between her moist lips. Goddamn! He grabs her shoulder length hair and thrusts his cock into her mouth. Only her hand, wrapped loosely around the base of his cock, keeps him from gagging her.

"Ohhhhhhh! So fucking good!" he moans as she caresses his balls. The intense pleasure is overwhelming and without warning he abruptly starts cumming inside his s****r-in-law's mouth.

"Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhh!" he groans, shooting more cum than he imagined he would have left. Balancing himself with one hand against the tile wall, he convulses against Rhonda's moist lips while she sucks and swallows until he's drained of every drop.

"Thank you, Tim," she says, when they're fully dressed. She's thanking him? He takes her in his arms and tenderly kisses her lips, momentarily reigniting their lust.

"I told Sharon that I have to tutor on Wednesday afternoons," he tells her, reluctantly breaking the kiss to let her know that they could do this every week.

"Mmmm. Tutoring sounds good. I'm glad we're keeping it in the f****y," she laughs as they leave the apartment. His mind replays this afternoon several times that night and all through the next week but it all seems a blur. Everything happened so fast that he didn't get a chance to savor it. Next time will be slower and more deliberate. God, he can't wait to see her again.

Rhonda apparently feels the same way because when she opens the door the following Wednesday, she's stark naked!

"I figured why waste time," she smiles as she closes the door and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

"Why indeed!" he exclaims as he grabs her bare shoulders and holds her at arms length. "You look delicious!" he tells her and his eyes roam over her body, trying to take in everything at once; her firm tits, her flat stomach and the neatly trimmed triangle of light brown hair covering her pussy mound. She has long slender legs and he slowly turns her around to admire her from the back. When his eyes feast on her gorgeous ass, he lets out an appreciative whistle.

"You're embarrassing me!" she laughs, pushing his hands from her shoulders and turning back around to finish undressing him. "Did you mean what you said about me looking delicious?" she asks, raising an eyebrow as she pushes his pants down to his ankles.

"I can't wait to find out just how delicious," he answers, kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his pants. When he's completely naked she wraps her arms around his neck and presses her body against him.

"I was hoping you'd say that!" she whispers, nibbling on his ear. "I can't remember the last time anyone's had his tongue in me. I'm soaking wet just thinking about it," she breathes, taking his hand and leading him into the bedroom.

"Probably as long as it's been since I've tasted a woman's charms," he answers, following anxiously. When they first got married he tried to get Sharon to let him eat her pussy but she thought it was the most disgusting thing she'd ever heard of so he backed off. Now he's about to taste his s****r-in-law's sweet nectar. His cock is fully erect and throbbing with anticipation.

"I like that," she says quietly as she crawls onto the bed and lies on her back. "Tasting a woman's charms. Very poetic," she smiles and spreads her legs invitingly.

"Wow!" he whispers as he positions himself between her legs. "You really are wet." Her thighs are wide apart and her pussy lips are glistening with moisture. He breathes deeply through his nose, drawing in her womanly aroma. Fuck! It's like an intoxicant, getting him high on the smell of her dripping pussy. Even though she doesn't need much teasing, he licks all around her pussy anyway, avoiding her slick labia for now.

"Mmmmmm," she moans, wiggling around and trying to get his tongue to make contact with her pussy lips. Finally, he leans his face directly over her splayed open pussy and takes one long lick from the bottom of her slit to the top of her clit. The taste, mixed with her aroma, is fucking incredible and he feels like he could almost cum just eating her.

"Oh yeah! Oh Tim!" she moans as he gently sucks one of her pussy lips into his mouth. Swirling his tongue all around it, he lightly nibbles on it before moving to the other one and sucking it in his mouth.

"Oh God! That feels so good!" she sighs. He slides his arms behind her knees, lifting her legs to give him better access to her juicy opening. Slipping his tongue between her wet lips, he laps up her juices and tongue fucks her anxious pussy.

"Oh! Tim! Oh! Fuck!" she cries as he slides his tongue in and out of her slippery hole. She is soaking wet and her juices are coating his mouth and cheeks as he move his head from side to side. Rhonda is thrashing around on the bed, grabbing his hair and humping her steamy pussy against his mouth.

"Oh God! Yes!" Rhonda exclaims as he moves his tongue up to lick the top of her slit, just below her clit. Slipping two fingers into her pussy, he pumps them in and out and lightly flicks his tongue across her exposed clit. By the time he sucks her clit into his mouth, she's nearly hysterical.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck!" Rhonda's moaning and twisting her body around, humping his fingers and pushing her clit against his mouth. "Don't stop! I'm cumming, Tim! Don't fucking stop!"

She's holding his head while bucking her pussy feverishly against his mouth. He keeps sucking her clit, trying to keep it in his mouth as she writhes around on the bed. Just as he thinks he can't stay with her, she clamps her pussy muscles around his fingers and lets out a loud moan.

"Aaaaarrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!" she screams, mashing his head tightly against her pussy as she shakes and shivers through her orgasm. When she finally releases the pressure on the back of his head, he starts lapping up her sweet, delicious pussy juice. Fuck! It's been so long and it tastes so good that he just keeps licking her juices and eating her pussy until she starts rocking against his mouth again.

Once more, using his fingers on her pussy, he sucks on her clit and he eats her through another intense orgasm. This time she's even more frantic, squirming all over the bed, grabbing his hair and grinding her pussy into his face until he can hardly breathe. When she finally cums, it's like someone opened the fucking floodgates; pussy juice is gushing all over his face and running down his chin.

Before she even catches her breath, he moves up her body, trailing kisses across her stomach, nibbling her erect nipples and positioning his hard cock at the entrance to her womanhood. Pushing his pussy-soaked tongue in her mouth, he glides his cock into her welcoming pussy, rocking gently until he's completely buried in her steamy hole. The moist heat surrounding his cock sends shivers through his body as her hot velvet walls tighten around him.

Fuck! She feels so good! His tongue explores her mouth as he slowly withdraws his cock until just the head is resting between her moist lips. With one quick thrust, he slams back in and his balls slap against her ass cheeks. He presses his cock into her, not moving it as her pussy quivers around him.... Continue»
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Help from s****r in law Ch. 2

"Oh! God! Tim!" she breaks the kiss and he feels her shudder beneath him, her pussy spasming around his motionless cock. "I've never had so many..." she doesn't finish because he's started rapidly pumping his cock in and out of her hot pussy.

"Oh yeah! Oh! Tim!" She wraps her arms and legs tightly around him as he pummels her soggy hole. His cock is aching for release now and he pounds harder and faster, driving them both into a sweat-soaked frenzy.

"Ohmygod! Ohhhhhh! Fuck!" Rhonda tightens her arms around him, digging her nails into the middle of his back. He feels her legs loosen from his sides as she plants her feet on the bed and thrusts her hips up to meet his quickening strokes. They're both in a delirious state, slamming against each other as their pleasure builds to a raw peak.

"Ohhhhhhhhh!! Yeeeeeeessss!" Rhonda claws his back and squeezes her pussy muscles around his cock as she shudders through another cock-drenching orgasm. Tim doesn't even try to hold back, plunging into her one final time, his cock erupts deep inside her pulsating pussy. He jerkily shoots several more spurts into her quivering hole before collapsing on her fleshy tits and pressing his lips to hers.

They kiss passionately while their bodies shiver and shake through the after throes of their heat-crazed lovemaking. For a few blissful minutes, no one else exists in the world except the two of them.

"I've never..." she whispers, still catching her breath.

"Me neither," he answers, kissing her again as his cock stirs inside her pussy. She smiles at him questioningly while raising her eyebrows with a look of incredulity.

"It's what you do to me," he answers and starts moving inside of her.

"Stop," she pleads, gently pushing him off of her, "you're going to wear me out." He reluctantly withdraws his recovering cock from the warm sheath of her cum-filled pussy.

"Besides," she smiles, "I haven't tasted you today." She rolls him onto his back and rises up on her knees beside him. Wrapping her hand around his semi-erect cock, she stretches her tongue out and starts licking her juices from around his cockhead.

"God, Rhonda!" he breathes as she moves between his legs and feeds his rapidly recovering cock into her warm mouth. Sliding her lips halfway down the length of him, she flicks her tongue against the sensitive underside. Fuck! He can't remember being more aroused or more pleasured than he is right now. Rhonda sucks on the head of his cock while corkscrewing her hand up and down his slick shaft.

Tim closes his eyes and lays his head back as Rhonda bobs her head up and down and caresses his balls. Her hard nipples brush against his thighs as her very talented tongue dances around his cock. It's too much and he feels the tension building rapidly.

Tim reaches for Rhonda's head, entwining his fingers in her hair as he starts bucking his ass off the bed. Their eyes meet and she pumps his cock in rapid-fire motion with her lips wrapped around the head and her fingers stroking his balls. That's it. He fucks his cock into his s****r-in-law's mouth, spewing cum that she urgently gulps down while he holds her head in place. She sucks and swallows until he's completely drained and he falls back on the bed, panting as his head hits the soft pillow.

"Fuck! Rhonda!" he sighs, "that was fucking incredible." She's still slurping his cock, licking the last remnants of cum off the sides.

"I enjoyed it too," she says, crawling up beside him and dr****g her arm over his chest. "How many times can you cum in a row?" she asks, while cuddling up to his side.

"I don't know," he answers honestly, "I've never really had a chance to find out."

"We'll have to test you," she says matter-of-factly as she brushes her fingers through his chest hair.

"I like the way you think," he responds, putting his arm around her shoulder and pulling her closer to him.

"Mmmmm," she sighs. "I think we better shower, before I fall asl**p and miss dinner."

"Yeah," he answers, looking at the clock. "Rhonda, there aren't words to express..." She cuts him off before he can finish.

"Shhh," she says, putting her fingers to his lips. "I know," she whispers, "believe me, I know."

Leaning up, she kisses him hard on the lips. Halfway through the kiss, she swings her legs over his body and stretches out on top of him, mashing her soft tits against his chest and grinding her matted pussy mound against his spent cock.

"We deserve this," she says, breaking the kiss. "We've nothing to feel guilty about." He just nods and pulls her face back down to his. What an incredible woman!

The following evening, there's another f****y dinner. It's the first time Tim's been in the same room with Rhonda and Sharon since he and Rhonda became lovers. He struggles to maintain his composure all through dinner, barely engaging in any conversation. As soon as he can, he heads for the sanctum of the back deck. Rhonda joins him moments later.

"You all right?" she laughs. "You looked as stiff as a board in there," she says, walking towards him but not taking out her customary cigarette.

"I'm fine," he answers. "Don't you find it awkward or weird?" he asks, leaning against the railing and admiring the way her tight jeans show off her figure.

"Of course it's awkward," she says, stopping next to him and looking over her shoulder into the dining room window. "You can see all four of them from here, can't you?" she asks quietly.

"Yes," he answers, confused by her question.

"Good," she says, squatting down and moving over in front of him. "Tell me if any of them start to come out here," she says, tugging at his zipper.

"Rhonda!" he hisses in a hushed whisper. "What do you think you're doing?" He's nearly freaking out but his cock is already at attention. Rhonda's head is below the windowsill and Tim realizes that while he leans against the railing looking into the house, they can't see her at all.

"This is better than a cigarette, any day," she smiles up at him as her hand gropes around inside his fly. Maneuvering it through his boxers, she releases his hard cock to the air. "Speaking of stiff as a board," she laughs and deftly swipes her tongue across the tip of his cock.

"Oh fuck!" Tim whispers. "I can't believe you're doing this." He wants to close his eyes and savor the feeling of Rhonda's tongue swirling around his cockhead but he keeps them glued on his wife and in-laws, sitting around the dining room table.

Rhonda rapidly pumps Tim's cock in and out of her mouth while her tongue slithers all around its most sensitive areas. Tim is trying to act normal and look like nothing is going on when what he really wants to do is grab Rhonda's head and fuck her warm mouth like he did yesterday.

Rhonda's sexuality has been reawakened by her encounters with her b*****r-in-law. She loves the sensuous feel of his hard cock in her mouth and the salty taste of his cum. She would like to take her time and prolong the pleasure but she knows she better make this fast. Her expert tongue, coupled with the risk-taking thrill of doing this out in the open, has Tim ready to shoot his load in minutes.

"Fuck, Rhonda!" he breathes, closing his eyes momentarily as his cock swells and Rhonda pumps faster. Blasting a heavy load of cum into her mouth, he opens his eyes and panics when he doesn't see Sharon sitting at the table.

"FUCK!" he whispers, glancing all around. "Sharon's not there!" he hisses, trying to push Rhonda's mouth away from his cock as his eyes search the room for his wife. Rhonda hangs on, keeping her lips around the end of his cock until the last little spurt is out.

"Turn around and tuck it in," Rhonda orders as she springs to her feet and stands next to him, blocking the view of anyone coming through the door. "Been saving that up, have you?" she whispers, squeezing his ass cheek and licking the last bit of cum from around her mouth just as the sliding glass door opens. To innocent eyes, they look like two normal people admiring the view.

"Here they are!" Sharon says, leading her b*****r out onto the deck. "We always seem to lose you two," she smiles.

"I bet you hardly missed us," Tim says, turning around to face his wife with his pants looking perfectly normal. He catches Rhonda's eye and wipes his cheek, hoping she'll take the hint and clean off the dab of cum clinging to her dimple. She gets it just in time as her husband walks up next to her. Fuck that was close. Tim breathes a sigh of relief.

"Oh, I know how you feel about those discussions," Sharon laughs as she changes the subject and asks the group how they feel about renting a beach house together for a week this summer. Rhonda says she's all for it, smiling at Tim and almost imperceptibly raising one eyebrow. They all agree it's a great idea and Rhonda and Sharon arrange to have lunch next week to discuss the details.

At home in bed and still reeling from the impromptu blowjob at his in-law's house, Tim plunges his hard cock into his wife's gel-lubricated pussy. Mentally reliving the feel of Rhonda's tongue swirling around his cock, he thrusts into his wife with unprecedented vigor. Her lack of response is obliterated by the images in his head as he recalls the two recent rendezvous with his s****r-in-law and the taste and aroma of her fervently aroused pussy.

Sharon doesn't know what's gotten into Tim lately but she's finding it harder and harder to control herself during his passionate lovemaking. Her body is fighting her brain as her insides warm to his f***eful pounding, emanating natural lubricant and unfamiliar arousal. She tries to think of something to f***e her brain to respond. She focuses on their vacation and her lunch next week with Rhonda. As her juices ooze around her husband's jackhammering cock, she holds perfectly still and wonders about Paul and Rhonda's lovemaking.

Tim feels his wife's pussy responding like never before. The heat and moisture engulfing his cock drives him to speed up his rhythm and try to increase Sharon's pleasure. Rising up on his arms, he looks at his wife's face as he continues to slam his cock into her steaming pussy. Her face is contorted into a level of concentration that he's never seen before. She's fighting it! He can't believe it! He's giving her the chance for a real orgasm, probably her first, and she's fighting it. What the fuck!

He thrusts into her one final time, erupting in a flow of cum deep inside her begrudgingly responsive pussy. He doesn't get it and doesn't know what to do about it as he collapses on her chest.

"You really need to be more gentle, Tim," she whispers, releasing the breath she's been holding throughout his final thrusts. She kisses his lips and gently rolls him off of her. Ignoring her nightgown, she walks naked into the bathroom and starts the shower. Adjusting the water temperature, she steps under the spray and immediately sinks to the floor with her head buried in her hands. What is she going to do? Maybe she should talk to Rhonda.

When Tim shows up at Rhonda's apartment on Wednesday, she's wearing a white babydoll nightie without any panties. He marvels at the way the sheer material d****s over her erect nipples and hangs just below her triangular patch of hair. He's amazed at how being almost nude is even sexier than being completely naked.

"Guess what I've got," she says, with her hands behind her back. He closes the door before he answers.

"I can see what you've got," he says, grasping her soft tits in his hands and feeling her taut nipples press through the thin material into his palms.

"Not those," she laughs, bringing her right hand up and showing him a small box of cards.

"This!" The box reads, "Sex Deck: Playful positions to spice up your love life".

"There are fifty cards with fifty different positions," she says triumphantly, "and we're going to try them all." She wraps her arms around his neck and grinds her pussy against the bulge in his pants. Sliding his hands under the back of her babydoll, he cups her bare ass cheeks as he pulls her against him.

"What did I do to deserve you?" he asks, digging his fingers into her fleshy ass cheeks. God! She feels so fucking good. He could squeeze her ass forever!

"You don't deserve me," she teases, "but we're f****y!" Rhonda laughs as she breaks away and spreads the cards out on the bed. She's bending over, mixing up the cards and the babydoll nightie rides up above her ass cheeks.

"Where do we start?" he asks, staring at her perfect ass while pulling off his shoes and socks.

"Pick a card, any card," she smiles, pointing to the bed. "I figure we can start by each picking one card and then alternating until we're exhausted." She's excitedly bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet and he enjoys the lively spring of her tits, clearly visible through the sheer material. Reaching over to the bed, he picks a card.

"The reverse cowgirl," he says, reading the card. Rhonda's tits are pressed against his arm as she reads over his shoulder. A guy is pictured lying on his back with a woman facing his feet as she straddles his cock.

"Oooo, ride 'em cowgirl. I'm getting wet just imagining how that feels," Rhonda says.

"Aren't you always wet?" Tim asks playfully as he runs his hand up her inner thigh and across her moist pussy lips.

"When I'm around you," she sighs, turning towards the bed. "My turn to choose." She picks a card from the far side of the bed. "Suspended congress position," Rhonda reads. "I'm not sure about this one," she smiles, handing him the card. "Do you think you can do it?"

He looks at the picture. This time the guy is standing and the girl has her arms and legs wrapped around him while she's impaled on his cock. His arms are behind her back holding her up as she apparently bounces up and down on his cock.

"The fine print says it might be easier to maintain thrusts if the woman has her back to a wall, like in a shower," he tells her. "Maybe we should start out that way and see if I can move away from the wall. Let's do mine first," he suggests, "and then try yours in the shower."

"Okay. Let's get you naked!" Rhonda says, attacking the buttons on his shirt.

"The cards are an awesome idea," he tells her. "What made you think of it?"

"I've always been fascinated by the sex position books and wondered if there could really be that many different ways," she smiles as she drops his shirt on a chair and starts unfastening his belt.

"If this works out, there's a book called 365 Sex Positions - A Year of Great Sex," she teases as she pulls his pants and boxer shorts down together, releasing his hard cock. Rhonda kisses the tip of his cock, flicking her tongue against it, before standing up and wrapping her arms around his neck.

"We can use the cards to find out how many times you can cum," she smiles. Rhonda pushes him down on the bed and takes a step back. She starts rhythmically swaying from side to side while teasingly pulling up the bottom of the sheer babydoll. Smiling at his cock's instant reaction, she dances erotically and slowly removes her nightie.

"You are so beautiful," Tim sighs as Rhonda tosses the nightie aside and climbs up on the bed.

"I know I am!" she smiles over her shoulder while turning to straddle his legs, "Ready?"

"I think I'm going to like this," he says, admiring her sensational ass again while she positions herself over his stiff cock. He uses his hand to push his erection into a more upright position and slides it between her pussy lips as she lowers herself down.

"Mmmmm," he moans when her hot pussy glides down around his hard cock. Rhonda leans forward, placing her hands on his knees and forcing his cock to bend with her.

"This is really different," he says as her pussy grips his cock and she starts moving up and down.

"Feels awesome!" he adds, grabbing her hips and trying to speed up her motions.

"This feels sooo good!" she answers and starts rocking faster. He tries to thrust into her but her weight keeps him from moving very much and he finally just lies back and enjoys her being in control.

The position is absolutely wicked. Not only is she moving up and down, she's undulating her hips and stimulating his cock in a way he's never experienced.

Rhonda leans farther forward, gripping his ankles and grinding her clit against him as she rocks faster. Her widespread ass cheeks give him a clear view of his glistening cock disappearing between her wet pussy lips. This position also affords him a great view of her puckered asshole and he moves one hand from her hips to run a finger around the crinkled opening.

"Ohhhh Yeah!" Rhonda moans while glancing back over her shoulder. "Play with my ass," she pleads.

"That wasn't on the card," he teases as he sticks his index finger in his mouth, moistening it with a thick coating of saliva before moving it towards her asshole. Twisting it around to lubricate the opening, he tries to gently push it in but she's bouncing too rapidly.

"Stop moving a second," he tells her and she sits firmly down on his cock, panting as he corkscrews his finger into her ass.

"Mmmmmmm!" she moans, wiggling her ass against his finger, which titillates his cock and buries it deeper inside her hot pussy. With his finger about halfway into her ass, she starts moving again, riding his cock harder and faster than before. Her asshole is tight and he twists and turns his finger rather than trying to pump it in and out as she pistons up and down on his hard cock.

"Fuck! I'm about to cum!" he declares. Rhonda's gyrations on his cock, and the excitement of fingering her asshole, have pushed him to the peak of arousal. The way she's moving and panting, she can't be far behind him. His finger now easily slides in and out of her ass.

"Oh! Fuucck!" he moans, tensing his legs as his orgasm builds. Again, his attempts to thrust up into her are thwarted by her weight on his legs.

"Hang on, Tim!" she cries. "I'm almost there. I'm so damn close!" she begs and he tries not to shoot his load. While she increases the urgency of her thrusts and slams down harder on his sensitive cock, he jams his finger deeper into her asshole.

"I can't hold back!" he shouts as the first load of cum blasts from his cock. He spasms beneath her but she just rides harder while he spews his cum into her fiery pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Fuuuuuuuuccccck!" Rhonda screams, slamming down hard on his nearly spent cock. Squeezing her pussy muscles around him, she jerks upright and sits fully erect. He pulls his finger out as her orgasm rips through her body. Grabbing her hips, he holds onto her as she convulses through the multiple shockwaves surging from her quivering pussy.

"And that's only the first card," Rhonda says, trying to catch her breath as she disengages herself from his cock.

"Lucky me," he smiles. "Forty-nine cards to go!" She flips around and is lying with her head on his chest. Dr****g one leg over his, she cuddles into his shoulder as he wraps his arm around her.

"Think we'll live through them all?" she asks, her breath still coming in gasps.

"If not, I can't think of a better way to die," he laughs.

"I really liked your finger in my ass," she says. "I've never done that before."

"Wow! You fooled me!" he says. "The way you commanded me to play with your ass I thought this was a regular occurrence."

"Some of the cards are for anal sex positions and I want to be ready when we draw one," she says quietly. Fuck! Anal sex with his s****r-in-law! Of course, he's heard about it and seen porn videos but he never thought he'd get to try it.

"Have you ever done it?" she asks, when he doesn't respond.

"No," he answers, "but I've always wondered what it would be like."

"Well, play your cards right..." she laughs and leans her head up to kiss him.

The standing position in the shower doesn't go as well as the reverse cowgirl but they manage to both get off and he does enjoy being face to face while they're fucking.

Afterwards, they dry off and just lie on the bed, talking.

"Sharon asked some weird questions at lunch today," Rhonda tells him.

"What kind of weird questions?" Tim asks nervously.

"Oh, she doesn't suspect anything," she reassures him. "She was more interested in Paul and I?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it's not like she came right out and asked but she seemed very interested in how Paul and I are doing sexually," Rhonda says. "It was weird, because we used to have these girl talks before either of us got married but we haven't in a long time."

"I've noticed a slight change at home," Tim confides. He explains how he's felt Sharon starting to respond during their monthly ritual but seemingly trying to fight it. Rhonda can't believe it when he tells her how Sharon uses a lubricant.

"With your tongue at her disposal?" she says, flicking her tongue out for emphasis. "She's an idiot!"

"So, what did you tell her?" he asks.

"She was pretty interested in how her f****y's religious beliefs affected me in the bedroom and I thought maybe if she knew Paul didn't buy into all that crap she might, you know, loosen up a little." Rhonda is running her hand across Tim's stomach as she speaks.

"I lied," she says, matter-of-factly. "I told her that her b*****r was an amazingly passionate and sensitive lover who took me to places I couldn't even describe," Rhonda laughs. "You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that what he does with his tongue was downright sinful." Rhonda's hand is combing through Tim's pubic hair as she continues more seriously.

"If she only knew I was describing you," she sighs, her hand sliding between his legs and gently caressing his balls.

"What did Sharon say?" Tim asks, spreading his legs to give Rhonda more access while not even trying to hide his fascination with the sexual discussion between his lover and his wife.

"That's what's weird," Rhonda says, still stroking his balls. "Her face got red and... at first, I thought I had embarrassed her but then I realized she looked really angry. She quickly changed the subject and then said she had to go." Tim thinks about the conversation while enjoying the way Rhonda is fondling his balls. His cock is coming to life from her teasing.

"I can't imagine why she would be angry about you and Paul," he says, almost to himself. "Unless she feels like it somehow betrays their parent's beliefs."

"Do you thing she'll stop resisting her own feelings if she thinks her b*****r has abandoned the fold?" Rhonda asks.

"I don't know but I appreciate you trying to help," he says, kissing the top of her head.

"Tim," Rhonda says, "if Sharon starts responding to you... will we still...?" She doesn't finish.

"Oh, Rhonda, no," Tim answers honestly, his cock now standing at attention. "I can't imagine stopping this. What you do to me..." His voice trails off.

"What we do to each other," she says with a mischievous grin on her face. "Speaking of which..." she smiles as she licks her way down his body, dragging her soft tits across his cock, before sucking the head of it between her lips.

In no time at all Rhonda is bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock as her fingers continue to tease his balls. He thrusts up into her mouth, not even trying to hold back and explodes with his third orgasm of the afternoon.

"We aren't even close to finding out how many times you can cum," Rhonda says as they get dressed. "We need more time."

"Once schools out, I have a couple of weeks before summer school starts. We could spend the whole day," he tells her as she runs a brush through her hair.

"Let's plan on that," she says, smiling at him in the mirror. "And of course, we're going to spend a week together at the beach," she adds, mischievously.

"With our spouses," he reminds her. She just shrugs and kisses him on the lips.

Before they leave, Rhonda suggests they draw cards for next week so they know what to look forward to. He agrees and draws a Doggy Style card from the box. The picture is just what you would expect with the woman on all fours and the man penetrating her from behind. He was hoping for something more exotic, before it dawns on him that just fucking Rhonda every week is exotic.

Rhonda draws a Missionary Anal position card. Now we're talking! The woman is on her back with her legs drawn up next to her head and a pillow under her hips while the man half kneels between her legs, penetrating her ass with his cock.

"You look happy about fucking my ass!" Rhonda teases as she playfully squeezes his cock. He didn't realize he was getting aroused again.

"Should we bring some lubricant?" he asks. "I've never done this before."

"You can get some just in case, but first we'll try using some natural lubricant," she laughs at the puzzled look on his face. "I'm sure you can churn up some lubricating juice with your tongue in the right place, can't you?" she asks.

"No doubt!" he says, kissing her again before they exit the apartment.

Sharon is fuming! Ever since her lunch with Rhonda, she's been pacing the floor and trying to figure out how her b*****r could betray her like this. The hypocritical bastard was sucking and fucking his wife into oblivion, while Sharon was gritting her teeth and trying not to have an orgasm because of the vow they took! The vow to never enjoy sex again! Doesn't that mean no orgasms?

What the hell was she thinking? How could she have been so stupid? Women can have sex without climaxing but men never do! While she's sacrificing her sex life with her husband, her b*****r is getting off with his wife all the time, according to Rhonda.

Rhonda's description of their lovemaking brings back vivid images of the day she was gyrating on her b*****r's hard cock. The only orgasm she's ever had, at least when she was fully lucid. She doesn't want to think about that! Pounding her fist against her leg, not for the first time, she tries to make sense of it all. How could her b*****r have deceived her like this?

She needs to calm down and label her feelings. That's what all the self-help books say; label your feelings. Okay, there is anger, of course, and betrayal, frustration, hurt, jealousy. Jealousy?

Of what? Of who? Of Rhonda? Because she's getting orgasms that Sharon's not or... no! She is not jealous of her b*****r's wife! No! That's not what this is about. She hears Tim's car in the driveway and tries to pull herself together.

"How was your day?" Tim asks, walking into the kitchen where Sharon is making dinner.

"Fine. And yours?" she asks, smiling over her shoulder at him.

"Great!" he says, trying not to sound too enthusiastic. It really was a great day, eating and fucking his s****r-in-law. "How was your lunch with Rhonda?" he asks, wondering how Sharon will react.

"Good," she says, not very convincingly.

"Did you guys agree on a date for our joint vacation?" he asks, already knowing the answer from Rhonda.

"Yes," she says, hesitantly. "Fourth of July week," she answers, turning from the stove. "Do you really want to do this? Would you rather take a vacation somewhere, just the two of us?"

"I thought this was your idea," Tim answers, wondering how her lunchtime discussion of Rhonda and Paul's sex life has suddenly given Sharon a change of heart about the vacation.

"It was. I just wasn't sure how you felt about it," she says and he knows she's lying.

"I think it's great," he says. "You absolutely love your b*****r and we both adore Rhonda. Is there a problem?"

"No," Sharon lies again. "We'll have a great time," she says, unenthusiastically. Tim lets it go.

One of the most ironic elements of Tim and Sharon's marriage is that they sl**p cuddled up to each other every night except on the nights they make love. Sharon, in her knee length cotton nightgown, spoons against Tim's naked back with her arm around him, or sometimes he spoons against Sharon's back, being careful not to touch her breasts.

A couple of days after their vacation discussion, Sharon climbs into bed and snuggles up against her husband's back as usual. Tim, who had his back to her and didn't see her come to bed, notices the difference immediately. Instead of her normal cotton nightgown, Sharon is wearing something soft and cool; satin maybe? She cuddles up to him and says goodnight. Maybe Rhonda's right. Maybe if Sharon thinks her b*****r isn't buying into the whole sexual repression, she shouldn't either. He wiggles his ass against her satin covered thighs and says goodnight.

Neither Tim nor Sharon mention the satin nightgown but Tim starts lying on his other side when Sharon comes to bed so he can admire the way it clings to her sexy curves. He cuddles up against her, resting his cock against her satin covered ass.

As exciting a development as this is, Tim is totally preoccupied with fucking Rhonda's ass. He's been doing research on the Internet about anal intercourse so he can make the experience mutually satisfying. He's so excited that he's been jacking off nearly everyday.

The night before he's supposed to meet Rhonda again, Sharon shocks Tim by coming to bed completely naked. Having turned towards the wall when he went to bed, he didn't see her come out of the bathroom so he's completely unprepared when she cuddles up to his back. When he feels the smoothness of her thighs against his ass, he tentatively moves back against her, thinking maybe her nightgown has just ridden up but her bare tits resting against his back assures him she is indeed naked.

She picked a hell of a night to start something, he thinks. All he wants to do is close his eyes and dream about fucking Rhonda tomorrow. The thought of his hard cock pumping in and out of his s****r-in-law's tight ass is so erotic that he can't bring himself to deal with his wife's tentative attempts at seduction. He kisses her goodnight and then turns over towards the wall.

Sharon doesn't know what to do. She thought Tim would react more enthusiastically to her new nightgown but he didn't even seem to notice. After a few nights of cuddling him with just the thin satin material between them, she worked up the courage to abandon the nightgown and crawl into bed completely naked. Cuddling against him and pressing her bare tits into his back made her heart pound in her chest and her breathing become labored. She felt an unfamiliar tingling between her legs; reminiscent of the burning itch she had the night she convinced her b*****r to commit i****t.

The sobering thoughts about her b*****r, combined with her husband's indifference to her exposed flesh, squelches her desires and she dozes off, wondering if she's even capable of becoming a normal wife. While Tim dreams of fucking Rhonda's ass, Sharon dreams about her b*****r and the only orgasms she's ever had.

Rhonda is pacing the apartment, nervous as a schoolgirl on her first date. Conflicting emotions are raging through her brain; she's scared, nervous, excited and, incredibly aroused by the idea of Tim fucking her ass. She arrived at the apartment early, soaked in the bathtub and has barely eaten all day. She thinks her ass is as clean and ready as it's ever going to be.

Taking a drag on her cigarette, she catches a glimpse of herself reflected in the dark television screen and again wonders if she should put on her nightie. After her bath, she massaged flavored oil all over her body and decided to stay naked while she waited for Tim. Then thinking she looked too anxious, she put her pantsuit back on. A few minutes later, she shed the pantsuit and put on the sheer nightie. Now she's naked again, second-guessing herself, when she hears the doorbell ring.

Tim's cock, already excitedly pushing against the front of his pants, springs to attention when Rhonda opens the door. His eyes devour her naked body and her smooth skin glistening from the body oil.

"You look delicious," he says, closing the door and taking her into his arms. She melts against him, wanting to tear his clothes off as he cups her bare ass cheeks and pushes his tongue into her mouth. Sliding her hand between them, she grips his hard cock through his pants, gently squeezing it in a slow rhythm. Tim moans into her mouth as his hands caress her ass. I'm going to be fucking this ass in a few minutes, he thinks as his cock swells in Rhonda's hand.

"I did some research," Tim says a few minutes later as he starts shedding his clothes. "Two things seem to permeate the information about anal sex. First, you have to be at the peak of arousal; I can take care of that. Secondly, I have to be at the peak of hardness. In other words, I shouldn't have cum yet," he smiles.

"You have it all figured out," Rhonda laughs nervously. "I guess I'll just put myself in your capable hands," she says, wrapping her arms around his neck as he drops his underwear on the floor and stands up. His stiff cock bumps against her leg and she reaches down and gently pulls it up, trapping it between their bodies.

"Capable but inexperienced," he reminds her, "and I can hardly wait to change that." As he moves her towards the bed he adds, "my plan is to eat you through a couple of orgasms," he pushes her onto her back onto the bed, "and then, fuck you until you're almost ready to cum again. Crawling up between her outstretched legs, he continues, "then you should be ready for the main event."

"Mmmmm," Rhonda smiles, "sounds heavenly." Rhonda spreads her legs farther apart and Tim starts licking her inner thighs, getting his first taste of the flavored oil.

"Strawberry?" He gives her a surprised look and Rhonda nods. "My favorite!" he says, teasing her smooth skin with his tongue as he works his way towards her moist pussy lips.

True to his word, Tim's tongue works his magic on Rhonda's pussy. With his fingers pumping her pussy and his mouth sucking her clit, he detonates two explosive orgasms back to back.

"Ohhhhhmyyyyygod!" Rhonda sighs, falling back on the bed, while Tim continues lapping up her steady flow of juices.

"Let's fuck!" Tim says excitedly, moving up next to Rhonda. "Turn over," he tells her, gently nudging her body. "We're going to do my card, so I can lubricate your ass while I'm fucking you." Rhonda had completely forgotten about the doggie style card Tim drew last week.

"You've thought of everything," Rhonda says, still gasping for breath. Rolling on to her stomach, she shakily pushes herself up on all fours. Retrieving the lubricant from the small bag he had dropped by the door when he first came in, Tim positions himself behind her gorgeous ass. His cock throbs with anticipation as he lines it up with her frothing pussy.

"Ohhhhhh! Yeah!" Rhonda moans as Tim plunges his cock deeply inside her well-lubricated hole. Pushing himself tightly against her ass to keep his cock deeply imbedded in her pussy, he squeezes lubricant on his finger and pulls her cheeks apart with his thumbs.

"Oh! Tim! Oh!" Rhonda squeals as he swirls his finger around her puckered opening. Rhonda is rocking back and forth against Tim's hard cock while he corkscrews his finger into her tight ass.

"Oh! Fuck!" Rhonda moans, lunging back at him as Tim inserts a second finger into her ass and wonders how he'll ever get his cock into this narrow opening. Twisting his fingers around, he smears the lubricant and tries to stretch her hole.

"Okay. Time to turn over," Tim says, pulling his rock solid cock from Rhonda's soggy pussy.

"Supposedly the trick is for you to try and relax your sphincter," Tim chuckles nervously as Rhonda rolls onto her back and Tim pushes her legs up to her shoulders.

"Hold your ankles," he instructs as he lines his cockhead up with her crinkled opening. With Rhonda bent in half like this all he sees is ass, pussy and tits. His cock is throbbing at the erotic sight.

"Be careful," Rhonda cautions him. "Take it slowly, okay," she pants, trembling with anticipation and arousal. Taking a deep breath, she consciously tries to relax her ass muscles as Tim pushes forward.

"Okay. Just try to relax," Tim is so excited; pre-cum is dripping from his cock, adding lubricant as he pushes it into his s****r-in-law's ass. Fuck! It's so goddamn tight. Rhonda's ass starts stretching around his cockhead and he pushes harder causing Rhonda to lose her grip on her ankles.

"Owwww!" Rhonda yowls. He's going to tear me apart, she panics. "Maybe this wasn't such a good idea," she says, trying to disengage her dilated ass from his cockhead.

"Hold on," Tim pants. "We're almost there," he assures her, pushing down on her ankles and thrusting his thick cock into her compact asshole.

"Owwww! Fuuuuccck!" Rhonda screams as Tim buries his cock into her burning ass. "It hurts!

Take it out!" Rhonda cries.

"Give it a minute," Tim pleads. "It should feel okay in a second." He holds perfectly still as his stiff cock throbs inside her snug little asshole. God! He's never felt anything so constricting around his cock. Rhonda's ass is shrinking around his swollen cock like a fiery vice.

"This will help," Tim says, remembering his research and letting go of one ankle so he can rub her clit. Positioning his thumb over her love button, he rubs light circles as he slowly withdraws his cock. With his cock about halfway out of her ass, he pushes his thumb into her pussy and his palm against her neatly trimmed mound, cradling her clit between his thumb and his palm. Rocking his hand against her clit, he slides his cock all the way back inside her ass.

Rhonda feels completely helpless, bent in half with her b*****r-in-law's cock ripping her ass apart. What the fuck was she thinking? She can't move! Her ass is burning and she's at his mercy. Oh fuck! Her pussy is on fire now, too! Tim is rubbing her clit and thumb fucking her pussy. She starts rocking against his thumb, but it pushes his cock deeper into her ass. Fuck! It's better if her legs are up higher. She grabs her ankles again and raises her ass up to meet Tim's strokes.

Tim starts a slow, steady rhythm, alternating between his thumb and his cock. When his cock is on the downward stroke, he pulls his thumb out and visa versa. Before long, Rhonda is rocking up to meet his cock strokes, pushing her ass into the air as he thrusts down into her.

"Ohmygod!" Rhonda moans, her orgasm building from the dual attack on her ass and pussy. Her ass has expanded sufficiently to ease the pain and Tim's thumb in her pussy is churning her hot juices.

Tim breathes a sigh of relief as Rhonda gets into it. He didn't want to hurt her, but he sure didn't want to stop! Now they're really fucking and Rhonda is rocking up to welcome his cock into her ass. Fuck!

This is fucking incredible! He can't believe he's actually fucking his s****r-in-law's ass!

Rhonda starts jerking as her orgasm hits and her pussy spasms around his thumb. She stops rocking as Tim pulls his thumb from her pussy and slams into her ass a few more times before erupting in a surge of cum that he thinks might never end.

"Fuck!" he breathes, finally pulling his spent cock from Rhonda's ass and letting her legs drop onto the bed. He collapses next to her and just smiles as they catch their breath.

"You okay?" Tim asks sheepishly, breaking the silence.

"Yeah," Rhonda smiles. "It wasn't like I thought it would be," she smiles, "but I came so fucking hard! I can see why women like it but it felt like you were going to tear me apart."

"I'm sorry," Tim says.

"It was my idea but I think I'm going to be sore." Rhonda says, kissing him. "You've nothing to feel sorry about." She grabs a cigarette and abruptly changes the subject. "How are things with Sharon?" she asks.

"Are you allowed to smoke in here?" Tim asks, raising his head and looking around for an ashtray as he avoids answering her.

"No," she says. "But I'm allowed to ass fuck my b*****r-in-law," she smiles as she points out the absurdity of his question. "Tell me what happened," she says, sitting on the bed and lightly rubbing his back. Tim tells her about Sharon's new nightgown and how last night she came to bed naked for the first time.... Continue»
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Help from s****r in Law Ch 4

"I really am sorry about before," Tim says running his hand lightly across her neatly trimmed bush as he lowers his mouth to her moist lips.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Rhonda sighs as Tim sucks her labia into his mouth and rubs the tip of his tongue against it. With his hand resting on her pubic triangle, he slides his thumb down to the top of her slit and finds her swollen love button.

"Ohhhhhhyeeaaaahhhh!" Rhonda arches her back and pushes her pussy against him. Tim presses his hand down to hold her still while he gently massages her clit with his thumb and pushes his tongue inside her hungry pussy.

"Oh! Fuck!!" Rhonda is bucking her ass off the bed and squeezing her own nipples as her orgasm builds. Tim slides his mouth up to her clit while slipping two fingers into her drenched pussy, rapidly finger fucking her to an explosive release.

"OooohhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhHHHH!" Rhonda screams as her orgasm rips through her body. She releases her tits as her pussy floods with love juice. Tim pulls out his fingers and hungrily devours her sweet flowing nectar while she pants for breath.

"Oh God!" Rhonda breathes. "I felt that all the way to my toes."

"You mean these toes?" Tim asks as he lightly runs his fingers up the bottom of her left foot and tickles her toes. Rhonda reacts instantly, giggling and squirming away from him.

"You didn't have to break the mood," she says, with a playful pout while pushing against his shoulder with her foot. Tim lightly swats her foot away and drops down next to her.

"We'll get it back," Tim says, gently squeezing her breast and sucking her nipple into his mouth. As he nibbles on Rhonda's fleshy tit, Tim realizes that it's just this kind of playfulness that is missing with Sharon. He hopes they'll get there as their love making progresses.

"Wasn't the first card a sixty-nine?" Rhonda asks.

"Yeah, but I wanted to get you warmed up first," Tim smiles, releasing her tit and pecking her lightly on the lips. "Do you want to be on top?"

"I think that works best," Rhonda agrees. "I don't relish the idea of my head being trapped against the bed if you get carried away," she smiles.

"I didn't think of that," Tim smiles, "maybe I should be on top." Rhonda pushes him onto his back and flips around so she's facing his feet.

"Let me know if I'm smothering you," Rhonda teases as she positions her pussy over Tim's face.

"Or drowning me," he laughs as he pulls Rhonda's dripping pussy down to his mouth. Snaking his tongue into the center of her succulent pussy, Tim feels Rhonda's hand close around his hard cock. "Don't make me cum," Tim warns her. "I need to be at full hardness to slide into your ass."

"Oh, Tim," Rhonda mocks, "you just think of everything." She sucks his cock head into her mouth as Tim licks and sucks her insatiable pussy. After a few mouth filling sucks, Rhonda relaxes her throat and slides her lips to the base of Tim's hard cock.

"Oh yeah!" Tim moans, his words muffled inside Rhonda's syrupy pussy. Tim isn't even conscious of the competitive spark he ignited when he told Rhonda that Sharon had given him a blowjob. Rhonda's confident that she can out perform whatever her s****r-in-law dishes up and she's determined to keep Tim interested regardless of the sex he's getting at home.

Tim is trying to focus on eating Rhonda's pussy but the way she keeps deep throating his cock is distracting the hell out of him. When he feels his cock head enter her tight throat he can't even think straight.

"Oh God, that's enough," Tim pleads. "If you keep that up, I'm going to cum." He playfully bites her ass cheek and rolls her off of him. "Time for our doggy style anal card," he says. Rhonda excitedly complies, pushing herself up on all fours and wiggling her ass at him. Tim kneels behind her and plunges his throbbing cock into her soggy pussy.

"I assume you want me to use your natural lubricant again, right?" Tim asks as he pumps his hard rod in and out of Rhonda's pussy.

"Mmmmm, feels good," Rhonda breathes just before Tim pulls his cock all the way out and aligns it with her crinkled opening. She takes a deep breath and tries to relax as Tim gently nudges his cock into her ass. Rhonda smiles knowingly, trying to imagine Sharon ever permitting her husband to fuck her in the ass. Lowering her head to the mattress, she reaches between her legs to rub her wet pussy while bracing herself against Tim's intrusively thick cock.

Rhonda's ass is so fucking tight it feels like a second skin stretching around his swollen cock. Tim struggles, inch-by-inch to make his steel rod disappear inside his s****r-in-law's ass. When he finally has it buried completely, all the way to his balls, he runs his hands over Rhonda's hips and caresses her firm ass cheeks while gently rocking against her.

"It's better this time," Rhonda murmurs into the sheets while her hand rapidly strokes her pussy. Tim takes this as a cue to gradually start pumping his cock in and out of her snug rear hole. Rhonda presses her middle finger to her clit and applies rhythmic pressure synchronized with Tim's cock sliding in and out of her ass.

Rhonda's pussy is on fire and Tim's hard cock feels wonderful filling up her sensitive ass. Smiling to herself, Rhonda never thought she'd be using this corporate apartment for sex, let along getting ass fucked by her b*****r-in-law. She's happy that things are improving for Tim and Sharon but she's also glad that she can offer Tim something that he'll never get at home. Even if she is giving him blowjobs she can't imagine her uptight s****r-in-law ever letting him fuck her ass.

"Ohhhh yeah!" Rhonda moans as Tim picks up the pace, his balls slapping out the rhythm while his hands tightly grip her hips. All thoughts of Sharon disappear from her brain as her fingers fly over her pussy and Tim pounds her to a magnificent orgasm.

It isn't until later while lathering each other in the shower that Rhonda asks Tim about Sharon. He explains how invigorating their sex life has become; eating her pussy and making love every night but when he gets to the part about Sharon's period and the blowjob, Rhonda cuts him off.

"Whoa, too much information, cowboy," she laughs while lathering his hard cock. "Seriously, I'm very glad it's working out for you two," Rhonda says, looking directly in his eyes.

"I owe it all to you," Tim answers, his hands soaping her luscious tits and tweaking her taut nipples. "I just wish there was something I could do to help you with Paul. We men just don't generally have those kinds of conversations. Maybe I'll think of something before we go to the beach. That's only two weeks away." Rhonda breaks eye contact and looks down at his enticing hard-on before continuing the conversation.

"I guess you won't be needing your Wednesday afternoons anymore," Rhonda says quietly, while cupping his balls and stroking his hard cock.

"Wait a minute!" Tim admonishes her as he tips her chin up face him. "I have no intention of giving this up, Rhonda. What we have... what we have together... I can't imagine ever having with Sharon. You know what it is?" Rhonda shakes her head, anxious to hear what he thinks they have together. Tim searches his mind for the right words to describe sex with his s****r-in-law.

"An uninhibited playfulness," he announces, "yeah, that's it. An uninhibited playfulness that is beyond anything I have ever imagined or could ever dream of having with Sharon. Hell, Rhonda, I couldn't stop this if I wanted to."

Their smiles compete for worlds most lustful grin as they attack each other's bodies. Tim squeezes Rhonda's ass cheek with one hand and strokes her pussy with the other. Rhonda jacks him off while teasing his balls and biting his nipples. Eventually she turns around and braces herself against the tile wall and Tim plunges into her smoldering pussy from behind. They engage in the most a****listic fuck they've ever experienced, driving each other to new heights of orgasmic pleasure.

"Do you mind if we don't draw cards for next week?" Rhonda asks while they're getting dressed.

"Whatever you want to do," Tim says, raising an eyebrow as he buttons his shirt.

"I love the cards, but if you don't mind, I'd like a little spontaneity once in a while," Rhonda says, winking as she helps him with his buttons.

"Spontaneity with a little uninhibited playfulness?" Tim asks as he lowers his lips to hers.

"Absolutely," Rhonda answers just before their lips meet.

Sharon is oblivious to the tepid temperature of her bathwater. The empty Popsicle stick is on the floor next to the tub, her eyes are closed and her body is completely relaxed. After settling into her hot bath, she immediately started practicing with the Popsicle, sliding it in and out of her mouth and trying to curb her gag reflex. It was too cold for her to think of it as a real penis, but the size and shape was perfect for what she wanted.

Although she never quite got it down her throat she was bursting with pride when she worked most of it into her mouth without gagging. The Popsicle melted quickly as she worked her tongue all the way around it, slurping her surrogate penis like she'd seen in the videos. With her other hand casually combing her fingers through her pubic hair, she sucked the Popsicle like she thought it would cum.

Without consciously realizing it, her fingers had moved down to the top of her slit, lightly stroking her sensitive clit hood. Having never masturbated before Sharon was shocked at the pleasurable tremor her fingers sent through her body. Still pistoning the Popsicle into her mouth, she spread her legs and rubbed her burgeoning clit more rapidly. Having abandoned her deep seated inhibitions against oral sex she guesses masturbation is a small sin in comparison.

When the Popsicle is completely sucked off the stick, she lets it slip through her fingers over the edge of the tub and uses her free hand to massage her breasts and tease her increasingly responsive nipples.

"Oh God!" Sharon moans, bracing her feet against the tile over the end of the tub as she slides further into the water, vigorously attacking her clit and yanking on her aroused nipples. "Damn!"

she cries as her orgasm builds beyond her wildest expectations. Who knew you could do this to yourself?

"AaaaaaggggghhhhhHHHH!" Her orgasm rips through her body, splashing water out of the tub as she shakes and trembles through her intense release. Gripping the sides of the tub with both hands, she scoots herself up and leans her head against the cool porcelain edge of the tub. Completely relaxed, her mind is consumed with her desire to demonstrate her newly acquired blowjob techniques on Tim.

As she's imagining her lips stretched around her husband's thick shaft, her unbridled thoughts unexpectedly wander to Paul's penis and what it would have felt like in her mouth.

"NO!" Sharon sits up. "What is wrong with me?" she asks the empty bathroom, completely confused about why she can't keep her b*****r's penis out of her thoughts. Abruptly aware of how cool the water has become, Sharon climbs from the tub and towels off.

Neither Tim nor Sharon mention their desire for an early bedtime but by some unspoken mutual consent they are both in bed before nine. Tim is completely naked and Sharon has on a pair of light blue panties covering her Tampon filled pussy.

"I've been thinking about you all day," Sharon whispers, briefly pecking his lips before kissing a trail from his chin to his chest and sucking his nipples into her mouth. First the left one and then the right one, she nibbles on them until they harden into taut little bumps on his chest. Even after the workout he got from Rhonda, Tim's cock is responding quickly to his wife's machinations.

He smiles excitedly as she continues kissing down his stomach and plants a big kiss on the end of his erect cock. Holding it between her thumb and her index finger so that it is sticking straight up, her tongue bypasses it completely and starts licking his balls. Lightly stroking his hard cock with her thumb and finger, she licks under and around his balls, gently sucking each one into her mouth.

"Oh yeah!" Tim moans when Sharon finally takes one long lick, gliding her tongue from his balls to the tip of his hard cock. Slipping just the tip in her mouth, she runs her tongue over the end of it like she did with the Popsicle.

"Do you like that?" she asks nervously, lifting her lips from his cock. "Would you like some more?" Sharon is trying to mimic the playful teasing that was evident in every video she explored.

"God yes! Sharon, this is... you are...!" he pants as she keeps licking long strokes up the under side of his cock and nibbling on the swollen head. Stroking her hand up and down the length of his rod, she begins caressing his balls as she closes her mouth over the end of his saliva-coated cock and gently sucks on his cock head.

As Tim is wondering how his wife transformed into a blowjob fantasy come true, her tongue flicks the underside of his cock sending intense pleasure signals that all but eliminate any rational thought. Sharon is pleased with her success but nervous about the taste. This is the part she didn't practice... what if she gags again?

"Ohhhhh! Yeah! Mmmmmm!" Tim moans as she continues stroking and sucking his cock and playing with his balls. Sharon creates a steady rhythm with her mouth while her tongue is in constant motion along the underside of his cock. By the time she starts rolling his balls back and forth with her hand, Tim is jerking his ass off the bed trying to drive his cock deeper into her warm mouth. Okay... I can do this, Sharon mentally urges herself on as she speeds up the stroking of her husband's throbbing cock.

Thankfully, Sharon recognizes the signs and knows Tim is getting close. She squeezes her eyes shut and valiantly stays right with him, stroking and sucking and playing with his balls. She imagines the popsicle about to melt and begins a rhythm of swallowing, sucking, swallowing just seconds before Tim erupts inside her mouth. Oh my God! There is so much of it. It's going down my throat. I'm swallowing it!

"AaaahhhhhhhhHHHH!" Tim groans as his cum spews forth in staccato like bursts filling his wife's mouth as she struggles to swallow fast enough. Sharon keeps stroking, sucking and swallowing but some of it still runs out of her mouth and down his hard cock.

When he's fully spent, Tim falls back on the bed, panting. Un-fucking-believable! He wasn't sure what Sharon would do when he came, if she'd run from the room like she did last night. But there she is, still swallowing, taking every drop. When he stops spasming, she lets his cock slowly plop from her mouth and onto his stomach.

Sucking in a huge breath and smiling from ear to ear, Sharon glides her tongue down Tim's sensitive shaft, cleaning up the cum that overflowed out of her mouth. My god! I can't believe I just did that. It's just like the videos... except it was better than the videos!

"I'm learning," Sharon whispers demurely, releasing his spent cock and snuggling against her husband's warm body.

"You are unbelieveable!" Tim whispers, kissing the top of her head. I can do better, Sharon thinks as she drifts off to sl**p.

A blowjob becomes their new nightly ritual. As soon as she comes to bed, Sharon aggressively attacks Tim's cock, and true to her prediction, she improves her skill with each undertaking. Tim finds himself lasting longer and cumming harder with each night's blowjob. Sharon continues to seek instruction from the Internet, trying new techniques to pleasure her husband's cock.

Once her period subsides, Sharon doesn't abandon the nightly blowjob. She just continues sucking Tim after he cums until he's hard enough for her to mount him with her feverish pussy. She loves being on top and riding his cock to a screaming orgasm, enhanced by the lingering taste of his cum on her tongue.

Sharon's dreams have become lust-filled cock sucking fantasies. Mostly Tim's cock but sometimes she dreams of sucking Paul's cock and a few times she's even dreams of them together. She wakes up in a sweat with her pussy soaking wet after dreaming about her husband and her b*****r naked in her bed while she strokes their hard cocks and alternates feeding each one into her warm mouth.

She can't understand why her b*****r keeps intruding into her sexual fantasies or why she finds it so arousing when he does. As their beach trip gets closer, his presence in her fantasies increases significantly and she even wonders if there will be an opportunity for her and Paul to be alone. As soon as this thought enters her brain, Sharon banishes it. What am I thinking?

A few days before the beach house vacation, Sharon and Rhonda go shopping for new swimsuits. Sharon has always worn a conservative one-piece swimsuit but Rhonda convinces her to try something a little sexier. In the dressing room together, Rhonda raves about a pale yellow bikini that barely covers Sharon's perfect breasts and exposes a fair part of her ass cheeks.

"I could never wear this," Sharon laughs, turning to look at her exposed flesh in the mirror.

"Why not?" Rhonda asks. "You've got the body for it. Take advantage of it while you can."

"Would you wear this?" Sharon asks, cupping her breasts to emphasize how exposed they are.

"I will if you will," Rhonda answers, wondering what Tim will think when his wife and his lover show up in matching Brazilian-cut bikinis. The idea is too good to pass up and Rhonda leaves the dressing room to find the exact bikini for herself.

"Well..." Sharon keeps turning to look at the bikini from different angles, imagining what Paul might think when he sees so much flesh. Damn! Why did she think of her b*****r instead of her husband? And why does that make her pussy tingle?

When Rhonda returns, Sharon averts her eyes as her s****r-in-law slips into an identical bikini. Catching a glimpse of Rhonda's naked body in the mirror, Sharon stares at her ample breasts and neatly trimmed pubic area. When they stand next to each other in front of the mirror they could easily be mistaken for twins. Rhonda's breasts are larger and her hips are more pronounced but with the amount of bare flesh showing the differences are miniscule.

"Let's not say anything to Tim or Paul and surprise them at the beach," Rhonda whispers while they wait in the checkout line.

"That's a great idea. I can't wait to see their reaction," Sharon answers and the two women almost start giggling, each one oblivious to the other's thoughts. Rhonda is anxious to see how Tim reacts to the two women he's having sex with dressing identically while Sharon is wondering what Paul will think of her new swimsuit.

On the drive to the beach house, Tim and Sharon are both quieter than normal, lost in their own thoughts. Sharon is worried that spending a week at the beach with her b*****r will fuel more lustful thoughts and dreams, and at the same time, anxious to see his reaction to her revealing bikini. These conflicting emotions keep her occupied most of the drive, just gazing out the window.

Tim, on the other hand, is busy formulating a plan to help Rhonda improve her sex life with Paul. He figures that since Sharon became more amorous after Rhonda lied to her about Paul's sexual prowess, maybe the reverse will be true. If Paul thinks he and Sharon have an adventurous sex life it might help him shake off his parent's teachings.

If he remembers the beach house layout correctly, from viewing it on the website, the two master bedrooms are upstairs and next to each other. Although not a screamer, Sharon can be quite loud when she's in the throes of an intense orgasm. Tim's plan is to induce such powerful orgasms in his wife that there will be no doubt that she's no longer the prude their parents wanted.

Rhonda and Paul are already at the beach house when Tim and Sharon arrive. Tim excitedly verifies that the bedrooms are just as he expected, only better. The headboards of the king size beds butt up against the common wall. As they unpack, he wonders if he should let Rhonda in on his plan.

It's early evening by the time each couple is settled in and the four of them venture out for dinner. There is a locally famous eatery just down the beach within walking distance. They cut across the sand and up the boardwalk. Over dinner they discuss plans for the week.

"Let's hit the beach first thing in the morning," Rhonda says, while they're enjoying their salads.

"Sounds good to me," Sharon answers, smiling at Rhonda. Both women are anxious to show off their new swimwear.

Over their entrees, they discuss various other activities for the week, with Tim mentioning a used bookstore he'd like to visit. Paul says he'll go along with what everyone else wants to do. Tim is still looking for an opportunity talk to Rhonda when the check arrives. Oh well, she'll know soon enough.

After a nightcap on the balcony where they commit to an early morning on the beach, the couples retreat to their respective bedrooms.

Tim pulls back the covers invitingly. Already excited by the exhibitionist nature of what he has planned, Tim's cock stiffens even more at the sight of his shapely wife emerging from the bathroom. Her naked flesh, basked in moonlight from the open window, gives off a seductive glow as she makes her way across the room. No longer shy about her body, Sharon absorbs her husband's stare and she smiles while relishing the pleasure he gets from looking at her well-toned body.

"You are stunning," Tim says as Sharon crawls in next to him. "And you look delicious," he adds as his hand caresses her hip and his lips brush against her right nipple.

"Tim!" Sharon laughs, "Rhonda and Paul might hear us."

"We'll be quiet," Tim answers, knowing that he has just the opposite planned. His hand moves across her hip and between her legs while his teeth nibble on her quickly responding nipple.

"Mmmm," Sharon rolls onto her back and spreads her legs. "If you're sure," she sighs.

Tim lightly strokes her outer labia, which is already covered with a thin coating of natural lubricant. He marvels at how responsive his wife's body has become when just a few weeks ago he thought it would never thaw. Slipping one finger inside her, Tim moves his mouth to her other nipple, teasing it to it's full thickness.

"Ahhhhhh," Sharon moans, holding him tightly to her breast as his finger starts a steady rhythm inside her aroused pussy. Tim kisses his way down her stomach, replacing his finger with his tongue. Licking all around her puffy lips, he laps up the juice that's boiling over inside her inflamed pussy.

Sharon lifts her legs, spreading them wide apart and Tim slips his arms under her knees before running the tip of his tongue up and down the length of her slit.

"Oh! Yeah!" Sharon nearly bellows when he pushes his tongue all the way inside her and licks around the insides of her wet pussy. "Oh! God!" Sharon squirms on the bed, pushing her smoldering pussy against his tongue. He rapidly pistons it in and out, tongue-fucking her as she grabs his head and humps her pussy against his face.

Sharon's juices are flowing and Tim's face is soaked when he shifts his focus from her sweltering opening to her clit. Licking from inside her drenched pussy up to her exposed clit, he covers it with saliva and pussy juice before sucking it into his mouth. Gently sucking with his lips, he flicks his tongue against her clit several times eliciting loud moans from Sharon.

"Oh! Tim! Ohhhhhhhh! Yeah!" Sharon's moaning is getting louder as she entwines her fingers in his hair and yanks his head against her gyrating pussy. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Sharon realizes that she can probably be heard in the next room but her rapidly building orgasm shuts down any restraint she might have.

"Oh! That's it! Keep... doing... that!" She gasps out the last words while thrusting her hips off the bed, slamming her clit against his tongue. Tim keeps feverishly sucking her clit while pushing two fingers into her soggy pussy.

"Oh God! That's so good! Ohhhh! So good! OHHHHH YEAH" Sharon yells, squeezing her legs together while pushing Tim's face from her sensitive clit. As she falls back on the bed, panting, Tim shakes his head loose from her fingers and begins lapping up the thick cream oozing from her quivering pussy. And that's just round one, Tim thinks.

In the next room, Rhonda is smiling to herself as Paul tosses and turns next to her, putting the pillow over his head. At first she wasn't sure what she was hearing because the wall muffled the sound. But when the headboard started tapping the wall behind them and she heard her s****r-in-law moaning, it confirmed her suspicions. She wonders if Tim is doing this on purpose to get a reaction from Paul or if this is just their normal nightly routine. By the time Sharon yells her last oh yeah, Paul has jumped out of bed and walked out on the balcony in his pajamas.

"Are you okay?" Rhonda asks, wrapping her arms around him from behind, her thin nightgown offering little protection from the cool night air.

"Who can sl**p with that... that... noise? You'd think they'd have a little consideration!" Tim growls. Rhonda can't remember seeing him this angry in a long time. Does he feel his s****r is betraying a sacred f****y oath or is it something else? She tries to sooth him.

"I think they're done, if you want to come back to bed." She smiles as she rubs her body against his back, hoping the moaning might have stirred a positive reaction in her husband.

"Don't you start!" Paul snaps, moving away from her. "Isn't one inconsiderate couple in this beach house enough?" He stomps back into the bedroom and throws himself on the bed with a huge sigh.

Rhonda stays on the balcony, hugging herself and wishing she was in the next bedroom with Tim. Hell, she'd even share him with his wife if he'd make her moan like that. She shrugs and starts back into the bedroom when she hears the telltale squeak of the bed in the next room. Ohmygod, they're not done. She smiles and turns back to the balcony.

Tim never stopped lapping up his wife's succulent cream. He gently licked all around her sensitive pussy, occasionally flicking his tongue between her splayed open lips. By the time she caught her breath and was no longer panting, her arousal was on the rise and her pussy was anxious for more.

"God, Tim! What you do to me!" she cries, spreading her thighs wider and pulling on his hair again. Tim loves the taste of his wife's pussy. He could eat her all day and never get enough. Moving his mouth up to her clit again, he sucks it into his mouth while once again pushing two fingers into her wide-open pussy.

"Oh Tim! That's soo.... SOOO... GOOD!" Sharon cries as he sucks on her clit and pumps his fingers in and out. Sharon is jerking wildly and he's having trouble keeping her clit in his mouth.

"OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD! OHMYGOD!" Sharon is screaming and her whole body is spasming as she gushes a steady stream of creamy nectar over Tim's fingers and down his chin. Tim releases her clit to lap up her thick, syrupy juice. Her body is quaking and her pussy lips are quivering as he licks her inside and out.

Even before she catches her breath, Tim slides his body over hers and plunges his rock solid cock deep into her in one hard thrust. Her still quivering pussy engulfs his cock like a velvety glove and Sharon's hips instantly start keeping rhythm with his steady pounding.

"Oh! Oh! OHHHH! OHHHH!" Sharon's moans mirror Tim's jackhammering thrusts. Her thick, hot juices make his cock feel like it's gliding through hot gelatin as he pummels her inflamed pussy.

"Oh Tim! It's building again! Oh Tim! TIM! TIM!" Sharon is digging her fingernails into his back Her heals locked under his ass cheeks spurring him on. Tim knows what really gets his wife's bl**d boiling and he slips his arms under her, holding her against him as he rolls them over, placing her on top.

Sharon pushes herself up into a sitting position and starts riding his hard cock like a wild woman. Tim just smiles as she jounces on his cock and the headboard starts banging against the wall.

She's slamming her pussy down so hard he's afraid she'll pulverize his hard-on with the f***e of her attack. He grabs her taut nipples, twisting them and stretching them out from her bouncing tits. His cock is throbbing from her ferocious onslaught and he tenses his legs as his balls constrict, ready for the eruption that is seconds away.

"Ahh! Ahh! AHH! AHHHHHHHH!" Sharon's moans are synchronized with her bouncing and Tim can actually feel the pressure of her juices against his cock as waves pleasure flow through her body. Her pussy grips his cock and she slams down hard against him as he shoots his load deep inside her quivering pussy. Her whole body is trembling as she collapses on his chest, her soft tits cushioning her fall, while her pussy pulsates like a vibrator, milking the last bit of cum from his cock.

They're both breathing hard, but Sharon is gasping for breath. Her head is on Tim's shoulder and her blonde hair is wet and matted from her intense exertion. He strokes her hair and kisses her gently on her sweat-soaked forehead while wondering what Rhonda thought of their exhibition.

Rhonda can't figure out why her husband is so mad about the noises coming from the next room. She thinks it's kind of arousing and wishes Paul would do something about it.

Paul can't figure it out either. Why should his s****r breaking their vow making him so mad? As he lies on the bed listening to her moan he can vividly picture exactly what she's doing. He can visualize her naked body and her gorgeous bouncing breasts. He still dreams of how she straddled him and nearly drove him insane.

"Maybe we should make a little noise of our own," Rhonda says, noticing the tent in the sheet as she crawls in beside him.

"I don't think it's a contest!" Paul snaps and then is instantly ashamed that he's taking this out on Rhonda. It isn't her fault. She's the best wife anyone could ask for.

"I'm sorry," he says, turning towards her and noticing she's shed her nightgown.

"Show me you're sorry," Rhonda smiles, pressing her naked thigh against her husband's pajamacovered hard-on. Paul surprises Rhonda by rolling her onto her back and pulling off his pajamas.

As Paul positions himself over his Rhonda's body and aligns his cock with her moist pussy, he's hoping that making love to his wife will take his mind off of his s****r. He doesn't know why he keeps dreaming about that night with Sharon and he's still angry with her about breaking her vows but he gently slides his steel-like rod inside his wife's anxious pussy.

Responding to the noises from the next room, Rhonda is wet and ready. Closing her eyes, she can imagine from Sharon's moaning exactly what Tim is doing to her. She knows from experience how Tim uses his tongue and then slams in with his hearty cock. As Paul continues his mechanically rhythmic fucking, Rhonda bucks her hips, trying to push him to a more adventurous level of lust.

When Paul momentarily speeds up just before he cums, Rhonda is close to her own orgasm. Close... but not close enough. She drops her head on her pillow with a sigh, wondering how she's going to get Tim alone to satisfy her needs.


"Good morning," Rhonda says, joining Tim and Sharon on the terrace.

"I found a donut place," Tim says, biting into a chocolate raised donut and pointing to the box.

"And there's coffee," Sharon adds, smiling meekly at her s****r-in-law, obviously embarrassed by what Rhonda and Paul must have heard the previous night.

"It's easy to work up an appetite at the beach," Rhonda smiles, grabbing a cream-filled Ž-clair and biting one end off. As Tim takes a drink of his coffee, Rhonda sucks the cream from the end of the Ž-clair and raises her eyebrow at him. Sharon is behind Rhonda and doesn't see the suggestive maneuver but Tim nearly chokes on his coffee before he smiles at his s****r-in-law.

"Hey, sl**py head," Rhonda says when Paul steps out on the terrace dressed in his swimsuit and a Hawaiian print shirt. Paul nods as he pours some coffee.

"I thought we were going to the beach this morning," he says although there is little enthusiasm in his statement.

"We are!" Rhonda jumps up and nudges Sharon to follow her. "Wait here while we get ready."

"Be right back," Sharon gives Tim a kiss on the cheek and follows her s****r-in-law into the house. After Tim makes a couple of attempts at small talk without much response from Paul, the two men fall into an awkward silence, watching the waves crash against the sand.

"Are you sure about this?" Sharon whispers even though there is no way she can be heard from the terrace. "The amount of cleavage is bad enough, but the bottom only covers half of my ass cheeks."

"That's the point!" Rhonda says, tying the string behind her back and adjusting the triangles across her ample breasts. "Come on, you'll see." Rhonda says, grabbing Sharon's hand and leading her out of the bedroom.

"Okay, boys!" Sharon calls just before they reach the door to the terrace. "We're ready!" Tim and Paul stare dumbfounded at the exotic site of the two women entering the terrace.

"Ohmygod!" Tim nearly chokes on his coffee again as his eyes feast on the two scantily clad women.

"Where did you get those swimsuits?"

"Why did you get them is more the question," Paul asks, incredulous that his wife and his s****r would be willing to display so much flesh. "Sharon, my god! You can't wear that!"

"Oh, but your wife can?" Rhonda asks, strutting over to where her husband is standing. While Paul's eyes shift to his wife's bouncing breasts, Tim follows the rippling flesh of her half exposed ass cheeks.

"No! I didn't mean that!" Paul tries to recover from his focus on his s****r. "Neither one of you can! Don't you agree, Tim?" Paul asks, looking to his b*****r-in-law for support.

"I think they look sexy as hell and we'll be the envy of every guy on the beach," Tim answers, smiling from ear to ear as he shifts his gaze from his wife to his lover, mistakenly believing that he's the only one who's fucked both of these gorgeous women.

"Then let's go before we change our mind," Sharon says, grabbing her beach bag with one hand and her husband's arm with the other she pulls him down the steps to the beach. Rhonda tries to grab Paul's arm but he pulls away, scowling.

"Fine. Be Mr. Grumpy," she smiles, running to catch up with Tim and taking his other arm. Several male heads lift from their towels as they watch Rhonda run across the sand, her barely covered breasts bouncing against her chest and her ass cheeks dimpling in and out with each stride. Paul shakes his head and runs to catch up with the group.

"I think you're going to need some sun screen so you don't burn," Tim tells his wife as he pulls the tube from the beach bag. They've settled on a blanket in a secluded little alcove near the water line and both women are lying on their stomachs. Tim admires the view of their nearly identical asses only half covered by their bikini bottoms. While certainly not thongs, their swimsuit bottoms are cut high enough to leave a lot of flesh exposed.

"Maybe you should do me and let Paul put sunscreen on Sharon," Rhonda says. "I don't want to lose you two for the afternoon if you get carried away," she smiles.

"Rhonda!" Sharon admonishes but her heart is beating rapidly at the thought of her b*****r touching her naked skin. She squeezes her thighs together and tries not to show her excitement.

"Fine. Whatever," Tim tries to act nonchalant but is very willing to rub sunscreen all over Rhonda's bare ass cheeks.

"That's okay," Paul says. "I can do Rhonda and you can do Sharon." Sharon turns her head to hide her disappointment.

"No, do your s****r, silly." Rhonda says playfully while scooting over next to Tim. "Come on, Tim. I don't want to burn." Paul shrugs and acquiesces to his wife's choice. Not wanting to make a scene, he slowly turns his attention to his s****r.

Rubbing sunscreen on his hands, Paul begins rubbing the back of Sharon's legs, methodically covering her with the creamy lotion. Sharon spreads her legs as he works his way up her shapely thighs. Paul is trying to think about anything besides his s****r's nearly naked body as he spreads the sunscreen evenly across her thighs. His heart is pounding and he's sweating while his brain is filled with the vision of Sharon astride his hard cock when they were in college.

Tim, on the other hand, has turned Rhonda's sunscreen application into an erotic massage. Taking advantage of Paul's back to him and Sharon's head turned the other way, he caresses up her inner thigh and brushes his fingers across her bikini covered pussy lips. Rhonda stifles a moan as Tim gets bolder and, without taking his eyes off of Paul or Sharon, slips one finger inside Rhonda's swimsuit bottom, feeling the moist heat emanating from her aroused pussy.

Rhonda puts a fist to her mouth as her b*****r-in-law's finger glides between her slick pussy lips. With his other hand applying sunscreen to her exposed ass cheek, he makes it look like he's rubbing sunscreen with both hands.

"Don't forget those dimpled cheeks, Paul," Tim says as he watches his b*****r-in-law skip over Sharon's bottom. "We don't want them burned."

"Yes, please, Paul," Sharon murmurs. "Make sure I don't burn." Sharon's pussy is on fire as her b*****r's soft, gentle hands caress her warm skin. She holds her breath, waiting anxiously for him to get to her ass cheeks. She's u*********sly clenching her pussy muscles in an attempt to appease the arousal building between her legs. Paul's cock is responding to his s****r's bare flesh and he shifts sideways to conceal his growing erection.

All pretense of applying lotion is gone and Tim is outright finger-fucking Rhonda while her husband and his wife are only a few feet away. Rhonda is biting down on her fist as she rocks against his hand and her orgasm builds inside of her. Turning her head towards the others to watch for signs of discovery, she lifts her ass up giving Tim greater access. Tim withdraws his finger from her pussy, replacing it with his thumb while his middle finger teases circles around her aroused clit.

Tim's machinations coupled with the risk of discovery drives Rhonda over the top. She clamps her hand over her mouth as a tremor flows through her body, coating Tim's hand in hot pussy juice. While catching her breath, Rhonda notices her husband is still caressing his s****r's ass cheeks. His touch is light and gentle, but Sharon has her legs spread and seems to be rocking with his slow caress.

But the real shocker is that her husband's swimsuit trunks appear tented in the front. My God!

He's got a hard-on over his s****r's ass. Well, Rhonda muses, what man wouldn't react to touching an ass like that, s****r or not. But, still it's his s****r! She closes her eyes and her lips form a knowing smile as she basks in the afterglow of her much need orgasm. Sharon turns her head towards them as Tim applies sunscreen to Rhonda's back.

Sharon's pussy is on fire from her b*****r's lingering caress of her warm ass cheeks. She turns her head to check whether Tim or Rhonda have noticed how long he's taking with that part of his sunscreen application but neither are paying any attention. Rhonda has her eyes closed, almost like she's sl**ping and Tim is concentrating on rubbing sunscreen on her back. Sharon sighs and closes her eyes, undulating her hips to her b*****r's massage.

Paul knows this isn't right but he can't seem to move his hands form his s****r's nearly bare bottom. His vivid memory of her naked body writhing on top of him is fogging his brain and making him uncomfortable. He knows he should stop but his hands aren't listening to his brain. He glances behind him to see if he's being watched while wondering why Sharon hasn't said anything. She seems to be rocking her hips in encouragement. God! This is wrong!... Continue»
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My Sister in Law Finally Comes Around

I have long been infatuated with my s****r-in-law Barbara. She and I are the same age and even before I married her s****r I was attracted to her beautiful body and personality. Through the years I could not help lusting for her and fantasizing about having sex with her though I knew it was not possible. She was the forbidden fruit that haunted my dreams. We have always got along well and had some great conversations over the years. It did not help that she seemed to get more beautiful over the years as she became a workout and fitness fanatic. Dark flawless skin and brown hair and eyes, she is tall and a strikingly good-looking woman. Well, after 20 years the unbelievable finally happened one day. It was the day after Thanksgiving when all the f****y had been over at her house. I had left my jacket there and it had my wallet in it. When I realized this I called the next morning to see if I could go over and pick it up. She said of course and to come on over. On my way there, I remembered that her husband had left the night before on a week-end hunting trip and that she was alone but I did not think much of it. When I got there she met me at the door wearing a blue house robe and house shoes. I thought it kind of odd since it was 10:00 in the morning. I apologized for leaving my coat and wallet and we talked a few moments at the door about yesterday’s festivities. Then the unexpected happened. As I was about to leave, she ask me if I wanted to come in for a cup of coffee. My heart skipped a beat and I stood there speechless for a few seconds, my mind racing at 90 miles an hour. Should I accept? What would my wife think if she knew I was alone with her beautiful s****r? Was this really happening? I nervously said “yes.” I followed her into the kitchen and sat down and watched her fix the coffee. We continued to talk about yesterday’s gathering and how good it was to get everyone together etc. I was already wondering what she had on under that robe, if anything. I felt a slight tingle in my pants and continued to chat and stare. She sat down across from me and we sipped our coffee and talked. After a couple of minutes I noticed her robe had come undone at the top and I could see her breasts dangling loosely in plain sight. My pulse quickened and I starred wide-eyed at her open robe. She obviously intended this to happen, or did she? I wasn’t sure at first. Then she asked me what I was staring at. “Your robe has come open”, I said with a very shaky voice. Her next words almost floored me. “Do you like what you see?” she asked. There was silence, then I finally found the courage to say, “w-e-l-l yes, your breasts are gorgeous.” Would she be angry, I wondered? What she did next convinced me this was no accident. She grasped the top of her robe and pulled it wide apart and thrust her beautiful tits towards my face. I could see the nipples were getting hard and my heart raced even faster. Then before I could even think, she leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips. Electricity went through every fiber of my being and I felt a strange warmness over my entire body. I kissed her back first slowly then passionately. She got up and with the robe falling completely open revealing a small white bikini pair of panties she came over to me and bent down and we kissed again this time long and deep. I felt as if I had gone to heaven. Her kisses were sinfully delicious and I felt helpless under her spell. I put my arms around her and we continued to kiss. There were no other sounds in the house, just our sighs and soft moans and the slurping sound of wet kisses. Finally, she said lets go into the living room, the same living room I had watched football in the previous day. This was madness. We could not do this, it was not right. And her husband would kill me if he knew I was kissing his wife. But I could not stop and neither could she. I said, “this isn’t right, we have to stop before it’s too late.” She said we didn’t have to have intercourse, we could just make out a while then I could go. “No one but us will ever know, I promise. I want you”, she said. Before I could answer, she had pulled me down to the couch and we were embracing and kissing again. This time our tongues found each other and it was the most exciting and erotic kissing I had done since I had made out in the back seat of my car with Susie Daniel as teenager. My dick was beginning to throb and felt really constrained in my jeans as my hands grasped and massaged her breasts. My heart felt like it would explode out of my chest and my dick felt like it would explode out of my pants! The ecstasy racing through my body was the greatest feeling I had ever had. Joy and pleasure indescribable! What would happen next? She again acted before I could find the answer. While our lips and tongues were still locked together, she began groping for my rock hard cock stroking it through my pants as she fumbled to unbuckle my jeans and pull my zipper down. At last she freed it and began stoking it firmly. My pre-cum juices oozed onto her fingers making for a really slick hand-job. I knew I would explode if she kept this up for long. I pulled away starring at her beautiful face and then down at the white panties. “I want to take your panties off,” I mumbled excitedly. She said, “Yes, but let’s get your clothes off first.” Within seconds my clothes were off and my hands were on her panties. It is hard to describe the pleasure of gently slipping my fingers under the panties and pulling them slowly off as the sweet aroma of her pussy juices penetrated the air making me even more excited, as if that were possible. I trembled as I starred at her neatly trimmed muff. At last, the pussy I had lusted and yearned for all these years was right there waiting for me. I was shaking with excitement as I slid my fingers into her slit and felt the warm wet moisture as I begin to massage her clit slowly. Her soft moans broke the silence and I could feel her tighten beneath my touch. Her hips began rocking gently with my strokes. “Please, I want to lick your pussy”, I blurted out. She gasped and nodded her approval. She spread her legs and arched her hips towards me as my tongue found her juicy snatch. I started slowly enjoying that wonderful taste and smell lapping up her wetness like it was some erotic candy, only this was much better than any candy. Shivers and waves of excitement again flooded every ounce of my being. Her moans and sighs began to come faster. I slid two fingers in and slowly moved them in and out as I licked her swollen clit furiously. With my other hand I gently rubbed her hard erect nipples. Then she exploded as waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsated through her body. Her hips were thrusting incredibly fast as I worked to keep licking and stoking wanting her to enjoy every possible feeling of sexual joy. Her moans had become screams and then moans again. She pulled me to her face and kissed me madly her tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth. “That is wonderful, “she said. “Now, it’s your turn”. She sat up and grabbed my swollen cock and began licking it and then sucking the head slowly. Then she went deeper alternately sucking and then stoking my cock with her hand. I stared down at her beautiful face not believing this was really happening. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I enjoyed this incredible suck off. I knew I wouldn’t last long and I began to feel that tell-tell feeling deep inside my balls that I would soon be cumming. But this was unlike any orgasm I had ever felt before, almost painful as it began to intensify. I told her I was about to cum not wanting to shoot off in her mouth. She pulled my throbbing cock out and began to stroke it firmly adding a little extra saliva for good measure. I held on as long as I could then let it happen. A long white stream of cum shot over her head onto a lampshade beside the couch a good four feet away from my dick. This was followed by several other jolts of jism that covered her hair, face and chest. All the time she was yelling, “Yes, yes, give it to me.” It felt too good for me to care as waves of pure sexual ecstasy rolled through my body. I fell exhausted into her arms and lay there with my heart pounding unable to speak. “See, I told you we could do it without having intercourse,” she said laughing. “Don’t worry no one will ever know, we just have to figure out how to do this again.” I knew then that I had died and gone to sexual heaven.

... Continue»
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Help from s****r in Law Ch 5

"Who wants to go in the water?" Tim asks, turning towards the waves as he stands up. Paul's hands guiltily pull away from his s****r's ass cheeks as he considers the idea of using the waves to hide his erection.

"I'll go with you," Paul answers much to Sharon's dismay. Wiping his lotion-covered hands on his swimsuit, he joins his b*****r-in-law and they race towards the water.

"Not me, I'm sunbathing," Sharon says, smiling to hide her disappointment about her massage being interrupted. Paul's hands felt so good and she could tell by the way he was touching her that he... that he... what? Wanted to fuck her again? Is that what she really wants, to commit i****t again? Does she even know what she wants? Closing her eyes, she conjures up mental images of her b*****r lying back naked while she shows him what she's learned to do with her mouth.

Paul and Tim plunge into the surf side-by-side, each with his own motivation. Paul dips under the waves to hide the bulge his s****r created in the front of his swimsuit and hoping the cool water will help it subside. Tim wipes his fingers under his nose, breathing in Rhonda's erotic aroma before plunging both hands into the water and rubbing them together to clean off the pussy juice.

The two men spend the rest of the morning frolicking in the waves, body surfing and wrestling like teenagers. After lunch, with their wives settled in with beach reads under a big shady umbrella, they rent boogie boards and continue riding the waves most of the afternoon. Rhonda and Sharon sit in their beach chairs, reading, chatting and cheering on their husbands, while men of all ages try not to gawk at the sexy women in their pale yellow bikinis.

After showers and a light dinner the two couples finish a bottle of wine while playing scrabble on the terrace. Rhonda smiles at Tim as she runs her bare foot up his calf, reassuring him that even though they haven't had a chance to be alone, she appreciated the orgasm on the beach and understands what he's trying to do for her.

The night is nearly an exact repeat of the night before but this time as soon as the lovemaking sounds begin from the adjacent room, Paul rolls his wife onto her back and mounts her with an urgency she's never seen from him. Still aroused from his morning encounter with his s****r's bare ass cheeks, he drives his cock deep into his wife's willing pussy. With his eyes closed and the sounds of his s****r's moans penetrating the thin walls, Paul fucks Rhonda with a vigor that shows promising signs of leaving her well satisfied.

Rhonda has no illusions about what's driving her husband's passionate behavior. Her brain quickly makes the connection between Paul's earlier erection while touching his s****r and his reaction to the lustful sounds from the next room. Although mildly disturbed by the i****tuous inferences, right now she's more concerned with how he's pummeling her pussy. Always good at compartmentalizing, she pushes her thoughts to the back of her brain, digs her nails into Paul's ass cheeks and bucks her hips as she urges him on.

"Oh God! Ohhhh God! Don't stop! Don't stop," Sharon's cries fill Paul's ears and it's just like she's there in the room with him. He pounds Rhonda's horny pussy while envisioning his s****r's naked body lying under him. The louder the sound from Tim and Sharon's bedroom the harder Paul fucks his wife. He's slamming into her like never before and Rhonda is responding with her own moans of pleasure.

As Tim and Sharon lie on their backs catching their breath, he smiles at the faint but recognizable sounds coming from Paul and Rhonda's room. Maybe his idea is working.

"God what you do to me!" Sharon whispers as she snuggles up to her husband. Now it's her turn to listen to the squeaking bed, tapping headboard and barely stifled moans coming from the other bedroom. Just before she falls asl**p, her brain replays the day's events, with special emphasis on her b*****r massaging her ass cheeks. What did it mean?

When Paul rolls off of Rhonda, he kisses her gently on the lips before turning over. This is a sin!

He admonishes himself. Even though I am not physically sinning with my s****r, God can see my depraved mental sinning. Paul feels his wife's naked body spoon against his back as he fights to hold back his tears. Why can't he be stronger?

Rhonda is up early the next morning and leaves a note on the table that she's gone shopping for groceries so they don't have to eat every meal out. Tim wants to boogie board some more before the 24-hour rental period expires but Paul begs off, claiming he's too tired. As Tim heads to the beach, Paul and Sharon find themselves alone in the house. It's the first chance they've had to talk alone since they arrived.

"What happened to our vow, s*s?" Paul asks, not intending it to sound so accusing.

A few steps down the beach, Tim turns back to get his sunglasses and sunscreen. Returning to the house, he walks in through the door from the garage and just before he calls out to Sharon, hears her voice rise in the living room. Freezing in his tracks, he listens to the building argument between her and her b*****r.

"That's what I'd like to know?" Sharon says.

"What do you mean?" he asks, his face aglow with anger and confusion.

"You come up with this great penance, but I'm the only one who has to live it," she yells.

"From what I'm hearing through these walls, you're not living it very well," he shouts. Tim stands perfectly still, listening and wondering what they're talking about.

"Well, I was living it until about a month ago. I lived it religiously and it almost ruined my marriage," she declares. "I've been lying there like a frigid virgin, trying my best not to lose control and have an orgasm, while you're climaxing every damn time you fuck Rhonda! Am I right?"

"What are you talking about?" he yells. "We took a vow! Penance for our sin of i****t! You can't just ignore that, s*s!" he argues.

What the fuck! Tim's jaw drops as he listens from the kitchen. i****t? Paul and Sharon?

OHMYGOD! That's what this is all about. Oh-my-fucking-god!

"Tell me you don't climax when you fuck Rhonda!" Tim hears his wife yell. "Convince me you're not getting off with your wife, every single time."

"Of course I am," he sighs, "but it's quick and perfunctory and... and..."

"And what?" Sharon yells.

"And it's never like it was with you," he says so quietly that Tim almost misses it.

"I don't believe you," Sharon says and Tim realizes she's about to repeat the lies that Rhonda told her. He backs farther into the kitchen, quickly opening and slamming the door.

"Anybody here?" he yells, bounding into the living room. "I forgot my suntan lotion," he says as he encounters his wife and his b*****r-in-law standing almost toe-to-toe in the living room.

"It's in the beach bag beside the dresser," Sharon says, not taking her eyes off her b*****r. "I think I'll join you at the beach," she adds, quickly turning and following him down the hall.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with us, Paul?" Tim asks, coming out of the bedroom with the lotion.

"No," he says quietly. "I'll stay here and help Rhonda put the groceries away," he says, trying unsuccessfully to catch his s****r's eye before she and Tim leave the beach house.

Tim and Sharon walk to the beach holding hands, each distracted by their review of the brief argument. Tim's brain is in a fog; i****t, penance and a vow to never orgasm, what kind of fucked up perspective is that? He squeezes his wife's hand and wonders what's going through her brain.

Sharon's guilt almost overwhelms her as she feels her husband squeeze her hand. Tim is so good to her, but her impure thoughts of her b*****r keep invading her mind. Why! Why!

Tim and Sharon boogie board the rest of the morning, laughing and playing in the water. Constantly catching Sharon and helping her stay afloat; his hands are all over her gorgeous body. Squeezing her ass, touching her thigh or even cupping her breasts from behind, Tim doesn't miss an opportunity to show his affection for his wife. Without realizing it they've drifted away from the public beach to a less populated area. Tim wants to talk to Sharon about what he heard but not before he's shown her that he's not upset.

With Sharon lying astride the boogie board, Tim starts caressing her firm, round ass cheeks. Much like he did with Rhonda yesterday, he lets one finger slide beneath the fabric at the crotch of her skimpy swimsuit bottom.

"Mmmmm. Someone will see us," Sharon protests as she enjoys the feel of her husband's fingers against her moist slit.

"There's no one around," Tim replies as he undoes the tie on his swim trunks. The water is hip level, which makes it perfect for what Tim has in mind. Pulling her swimsuit bottom to the side, he slips two fingers into her slick pussy.

"Ohh!" Sharon moans. "We shouldn't be doing this out here," she adds without conviction as she spreads her legs, scoots her ass to the end of the boogie board and rocks against her husband's hand. Tim finger-fucks her with one hand while freeing his erection with the other. Before she can protest any further, he steps between her legs and replaces his fingers with his hard cock.

"Ohhhhhgod!" Sharon cries as Tim buries himself completely inside her hot, velvety snatch. Gripping the edge of the boogie board, he plants his feet solidly in the wet sand and pumps himself in and out of her by yanking the boogie board back and forth across the water. Sharon's eyes are wide open and she looks fervently around for any would be voyeurs. Finding none, she settles down onto the boogie board, spreading her legs wider and rocking against her husband's hard cock.

It's the first time he's fucked his wife from behind and even though her ass is partially covered by her swimsuit bottom, he finds the experience incredibly erotic. Based on her moans and the motion of her ass, Sharon loves it too. It gives him hope that maybe she'll agree to the doggie position in bed tonight.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Sharon moans as she grips the sides of the boogie board and bucks her ass up to meet her husband's demanding thrusts. They climax in a torrent of heavy breathing and the sound of his body slapping against her ass as he jackhammers his cock into her inflamed pussy.

"Oh God, Tim!" Sharon cries when her orgasm rips through her body. "We're like a couple of a****ls mating out in the open."

"You bring out the a****l in me," Tim smiles as he extracts his spent cock from her pulsating pussy and draws her swimsuit bottom back over her opening. Turning the boogie board to the side, Tim bends down and kisses his wife, pressing his tongue into her mouth. Sharon lets the boogie board slip from under her while wrapping her arms around her husband's neck and weaving her tongue around his.

"I can't believe we just did that," Sharon laughs, breaking the kiss. You'd think we were a couple of sex-crazed teenagers.

"Just the sex-crazed part," Tim laughs, slapping her on the exposed part of her ass cheek. Tim retrieves the boogie board and leads Sharon to a secluded part of the beach where they sit next to each other, watching the waves and letting their breathing return to normal.

"I overheard the argument you were having with Paul," Tim says after a lengthy silence.

"Oh that was nothing, really," Sharon says trying to sound nonchalant. Tim puts his arm around her shoulder and pulls her close to him.

"I love you more than life itself," he says, kissing the top of her head. "I will always be here for you, no matter what. Do you want to tell me about the i****t, the penance and the vow?

"I... I... don't know where to start... it was all so long ago." Sharon stammers. Tim turns her face to his and kisses her gently but passionately on the lips.

"It's alright," he reassures her. "Start from the beginning and we'll get through this together."

Tim is anxious to find out what happened between Sharon and her b*****r so he can discredit this silly ass vow of penance. It's obvious that Paul has come up with some convoluted process for them to atone for their sins and until recently it has had a significant impact on each sibling's sex life.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Sharon recounts the night of i****t with her b*****r, explaining how she was d**gged the first night but how she insisted they repeat the act the next morning when she was clear headed. Her face reddens with embarrassment as Tim listens intently to her rationalize how she was trying to free her b*****r from guilt. Tim hears the tremor in her voice and senses her heart beat faster when she talks about sex with her b*****r.

Sharon feels like she's going to confession after years of hiding a horrible sin. The tremendous relief of unburdening herself of her guilt keeps her talking about her b*****r and her dreams. Between sobs, she describes her dreams and how wet she got when he rubbed suntan lotion on her legs and ass cheeks.

Tim is flabbergasted! Paul must have been rubbing Sharon's ass cheeks while he was getting Rhonda off right next to them. What a mess! His mind is reeling with what he's just heard. Sharon is undoubtedly still lusting after her b*****r's affection and the way Sharon described his ass rubbing, Paul apparently feels the same way. No small part of this is how Tim and Rhonda's relationship fits into Paul and Sharon's i****tuous fantasies.

"I won't contest a divorce," Sharon says, taking Tim's silence as a condemnation of her actions, "but I don't want to hurt Paul and Rhonda." She pushes back from him and starts to stand up.

"Wait a minute," Tim grabs her and pulls her back down next to him. "I said we'd get through this together, didn't I?"

"But... that was before..."

"No buts! I knew about the i****t before I said that. I knew about it before we made love a few minutes ago. Honey, the last thing I want is a divorce." He lies down, pulling her down next to him and kisses her tenderly.

"Oh Tim, I really don't deserve you." Sharon cries as she clings to her husband. They lie in the sand, holding each other as the waves crash along the beach. Tim is the one to break the silence.

"Based on your dreams and what happened yesterday, I'd say you still have sexual feelings towards your b*****r." Sharon starts to protest but knows it wouldn't be honest so she just nods her head again.

"It's okay," Tim reassures her. "With what happened between you two, I think it's only natural."

"You do?" Sharon asks incredulously.

"Yes, everyone remembers their first love and especially their first time. Yours just happened to be with your b*****r." Tim says with more confidence than he feels.

"You make it sound almost normal." Sharon whispers, snuggling closer to her husband.

"Maybe not normal, but certainly not unheard of. I'm sure you're not the only b*****r and s****r who..." Tim leaves the sentence hanging as he tries to think of what to say next. He's surprised to find himself wondering what it would be like if all four of them knew about each other's feelings. Would they willingly share their spouses? Would Paul be okay with Tim fucking Rhonda as long as he gets to fuck Sharon?

"It's still i****t! It's still a sin, no matter how frequently people do it," Sharon stammers. "I can't believe you're trying to justify it." Tim silently laughs at his fantasy being shattered. There is no way Paul or Sharon would ever agree to live like that. Their upbringing would never allow it. Hell, he doesn't even know if Rhonda would agree to something like that.

"Okay, it's wrong." Tim replies, "but so is how we've spent the first year of our marriage. I don't believe you have to atone for the rest of your life for one mistake. Paul was wrong about the penance and he was wrong about the vow you took." Tim's mind is starting to question Paul's motives. Was it really penance or did he not want his s****r enjoying sex with anyone else? But then why would he adhere to it with Rhonda? Because the only woman he really wants is unattainable? God, what a mess!

"It wasn't some little mistake, Tim," Sharon says quietly. "Shouldn't there be some consequences to what we did? We can't just say oops and then forget about it."

"Apparently not," Tim answers. "Neither of you has forgotten about it. You still dream about it and from what Paul said to you this morning, so does he."

"What do you mean?" Sharon asks, surprised at how anxious she is to hear about her b*****r's feelings even after all that's happened.

"When he said fucking Rhonda was never like it was with you." Tim says, the words coming out more harsh than he intended.

"Oh." Sharon says, her mind wandering to her b*****r and the confused relationship they've had. She watches Tim stare out into the ocean wondering if he's looking for answers or just trying to clear his mind of all the disgusting things he's just heard.

"I think you and Paul have unfinished business," Tim finally says. "Neither of you will be able to give your all to a healthy relationship until you've resolved the sexual tension between you."

"How do you suggest we do that?" Sharon asks, conflicted about what her husband is implying.

"How do you think?" Tim asks, kissing his wife's forehead for reassurance of his love.

"You've got to be k**ding!" Sharon sits up and gapes disbelievingly at her husband.

"As a matter of fact, I'm not," Tim says quietly. "Think about it, Sharon. You lost your virginity to your b*****r, you still dream about having sex with him and you get aroused at his touch. Doesn't that sound like some unfinished business?" Sharon stares into her husband's eyes, searching his soul for some level of insincerity but finds none. He actually wants her to have sex with her b*****r.

"Why?" she asks him quietly, "Why are you saying this? Do you want me to have sex with Paul?

Do you think it will somehow improve our love life? I think we've made a lot of progress in the past month, don't you think this could ruin it? This is unbelievable," Sharon says, shaking her head.

"You two are the ones who are dreaming about each other and have spent the last year abstaining from sexual enjoyment with your spouses," Tim answers. "I think you may have created a mythical sexual experience that only exists in your memory."

"What if it isn't mythical?" Sharon whispers. "And what about Rhonda? There is no way I can do this to her." Tim weighs the merits of telling Sharon about his relationship with Rhonda and decides this isn't the time.

"What's the alternative?" Tim asks. "You and Paul continue to dream and keep believing in a mythical sexual experience that is detrimental to both your marriages. I honestly think you'd be helping Rhonda and Paul's marriage in the long run."

"Jesus, Tim," Sharon says exasperatedly, "You honestly think that adding the sin of adultery to our existing sin of i****t is going to help their marriage? What have you been smoking?" Tim laughs and squeezes Sharon's shoulder, pulling her down against him, before he answers.

"Fine," he says. "Like I asked before, what's the alternative?"

"I don't know," Sharon whispers. "I just don't know, Tim," he feels her tears against his chest as he kisses the top of her head.

"We don't have to solve this right now," he says. "This has been a lot to absorb. Let's let it simmer for a while and see how it looks later, okay?"

Sharon nods, wiping the back of her hand across her eyes.

"No matter what, remember how much I love you," Tim says.

"I could never doubt that," Sharon answers, hugging him tightly. "I can't imagine any other husband being so... understanding or... open-minded? What you've suggested... I love you so much, Tim!"

"I love you, too, babe." They lie quietly on the sand, each lost in their own thoughts.

Although Tim sincerely wants to help Sharon, he also has the ulterior motive of making his affair with Rhonda seem inconsequential in comparison. It's nowhere near what Sharon and Paul would be doing. If he's honest with himself, in some small part of his brain he also finds the idea of his wife fucking her b*****r very arousing. He smiles as he contemplates how to help Sharon make her dream a reality.

Sharon can't even fathom what her husband is suggesting. He wants me to make love to Paul, to not only commit adultery but also i****t again. She feels the heat emanating from between her legs as she tries to come to grips with her internal struggle. Even if she wanted to, she can't imagine that Paul would ever consider it.

"There you are!" Rhonda and Paul round the sand dune and trudge over to where Tim and Sharon are lying side by side.

"Have you two had lunch?" Paul asks, eyeing his s****r for any sign that she wants to continue their earlier conversation.

"No, have you?" Tim answers, standing up and brushing off the sand.

"No, but I've got everything ready to grill burgers," Rhonda says, turning Tim around and brushing the sand off of his back, spending a little extra time with his swim trunk covered ass cheeks. Tim gives Sharon a quick glance but her and Paul seem to be studying each other and not paying any attention to he and Rhonda.

"Sounds great! Let's go!" Tim grabs Rhonda's hand and they start running down the beach, leaving Paul and Sharon behind.

"Do you think we'll get any time alone?" Rhonda asks as they run up to the house.

"Tomorrow," Tim answers with an ear-to-ear grin on his face. "You and I are getting up early to go visit lighthouses," he says with one eyebrow raised.

"Mmmmm. I can't wait," Rhonda says, pulling him into the beach house and rubbing her hand fervently up and down the front of his swimming trunks. Rhonda is wearing a thin sundress over her swimsuit and Tim slips his hand under the hem to massage her pussy mound through her swimsuit.

"I wish we could fuck right now," Rhonda whispers, looking through the window over Tim's shoulder to see how far away their spouses are. Paul and Sharon have stopped about a hundred feet from the house and seem to be engaged in a heated discussion near the water.

"You know the drill," Rhonda smiles, "let me know if you see them coming." She turns Tim towards the window, freeing his rapidly hardening cock as she kneels down and is stroking up and down its length before her knees even touch the floor.

"You are insane!" Tim smiles as Rhonda pumps his hard cock in and out of her warm mouth. Tim grabs her hair and picks up the rhythm, fucking her mouth as he stares out the window at his wife and b*****r-in-law. His arousal is obviously heightened by the imagined dialogue between the two i****tuous siblings.

While Rhonda is feasting on Tim's cock, her husband is defending himself to his s****r.

"I swear I don't know what you're talking about," Paul says, exasperated at Sharon's insistence that he's broken their vow. "I did not break our vow!"

"That's not what it sounded like last night," Sharon retorts.

"Well what do you expect when you're moaning like a banshee and slamming the headboard against the wall?"

"That's because I have finally become the wife I should have been for the past year!" Sharon yells, frustrated that her b*****r won't admit that he's broken the solemn vow they took.

"Well, I'm sorry you don't believe me," Paul says earnestly, his voice uneasily quiet as he lets his hands rest on his s****r's nearly bare hips. "I've never done anything with Rhonda that even comes close to what we did."

Sharon feels her face flush as she stares into her b*****r's eyes. Tim was right, there is unfinished business here. She covers her b*****r's hands with hers, squeezing them gently against her hot skin.

"We should get back," she says, lowering her eyes and catching sight of the bulge in her b*****r's swimsuit.

"I mean it, Sharon," Paul says as his s****r turns towards the beach house.

"I know," she whispers.

"They're headed this way!" Tim says, driving his hard cock into Rhonda's throat for the third time. "I'm so close!" he pants while gripping Rhonda's hair. She caresses his balls as her lips slide down the length of his cock. She whips her tongue around his cockhead and drives him over the top.

"Ohhhh! Fuck!" Tim nearly shouts as his cock erupts in a fountain of cum inside Rhonda's tantalizing mouth. She pumps his shaft, sucking and swallowing his bursts of sperm, finishing just in time for Tim to tuck himself away.

"Let's let the guys start the grill while we get the meat patties ready," Rhonda says as Sharon and Paul walk through the door of the beach house. She's wiped her mouth and has just taken a big swig of diet coke.

"Sounds fine," Sharon says without much inflection and follows her s****r-in-law into the kitchen.

After lunch, Tim heads out to the rare bookstore, Paul settles in front of the TV and the women busy themselves in the kitchen, cutting up the fresh fruits and vegetables Rhonda brought home from the grocery store.

After an uneventful dinner, they all watch a romantic comedy on DVD. Tim makes sure he and Rhonda are the only ones interested in the lighthouse tour and arranges to meet her early the next morning.

Once inside their bedroom he and Sharon resume their conversation from earlier in the day.

"I think you're right," she says quietly as she undresses.

"About what?" Tim asks, climbing into bed naked and watching his wife disrobe.

"Unfinished business," she says, kicking her panties aside and standing naked at the foot of the bed. She waits for her husband's reaction. He just smiles.

"What makes you think so?" He asks, pulling aside the sheet invitingly. Sharon crawls in next to him before she answers.

"Just some things he said this afternoon." She moves her body against his and runs her hands down his sides. "I'm just not sure we should act on it."

"I spent the afternoon doing research," Tim tells her. "First, there is no such thing as lifelong penance. Second, there is no evidence of contemporary churches giving penance for i****t. I even contacted a local priest..."

"You what?" Sharon stares at him disbelievingly.

"Don't worry. I told him I was teaching a theology class and a question came up about penance for consensual sex between an adult b*****r and s****r. The priest said that first of all, the occurrence isn't as rare as people think and secondly, rather than penance he would recommend counseling to help the couple dissect their relationship and make a sound decision regarding their future."

"Really?" Sharon lays her head on her husband's shoulder and tries to absorb what he's just told her. "So you really think Paul and I should..." her voice trails off.

"That's up to you," Tim says, kissing the top of her head. "All I'm saying is that it's okay with me if you do."

"I don't even know how I'd approach it with him," Sharon says, unknowingly accepting her husband's suggestion.

"Rhonda and I are leaving early in the morning and we'll be gone all day," Tim says. "Paul usually sl**ps late. I bet you can think of a way to wake him up that will stifle what little resistance Paul might have."

"Oh you think so, huh?" Sharon smiles and rolls her husband onto his back. "Do you think I should practice a little on you first?"

"Wouldn't hurt," Tim laughs as his wife's hand closes around his burgeoning erection and she scoots down on the bed. Tim still doesn't understand why he gets turned on by the thought of his wife fucking her b*****r.


Tim finds Rhonda all ready to go when he emerges from his bedroom, showered and dressed, at 8 o'clock the next morning. Rhonda is wearing a pale pink cami and tight white shorts that hug her curvy hips like a second skin. Tim feels his cock reacting as he contemplates the day ahead. Pressing her body firmly against him, Rhonda reaches around to squeeze his ass cheeks.

"Everyone else asl**p?" she asks as she moves her mouth towards his.

"Sharon's taking a shower," Tim whispers, letting his lips meet hers and gently parting them with his tongue. They linger, enjoying a passionate kiss and tight embrace until they hear the shower stop.

"We'd better go," Tim says, breaking the kiss and stepping back to catch his breath.

"I hope you're not taking me far," Rhonda smiles as she grabs his hand and pulls him out the door.

"Only to paradise," Tim laughs and the two lovers speed off down the road, leaving b*****r and s****r alone in the beach house.

Sharon takes an extra hot shower, thoroughly cleaning herself inside and out. As she dries off, her mind is a jumble of contradictions but her pussy is tingling like a vibrator set on high. She dabs some perfume under her breasts and on her inner thighs, still not believing what she's about to do... and with her husband's permission... no, not permission, encouragement!

She stands naked in front of the closet trying to decide what to wear to seduce her b*****r. She rejects several sundresses, her nightgown, a long t-shirt and finally... decides to wear nothing.

The door to her b*****r's bedroom is slightly ajar. She quietly pushes it wide-open and stands naked in the doorway, watching him sl**p. Her heart is pounding in her chest and she's holding her breath as she tries to convince herself to step into his room. Her cheeks are flush and her pussy is itching like crazy as she slowly walks to the bed. Taking a deep breath, she reaches for the sheet that's covering him.

She has no way of knowing that Paul is in the depths of an erotic dream when she carefully pulls his covers back and settles herself on the bed next to him. He's wearing pajama bottoms with a snap fly and she's surprised to see that he is already aroused. She briefly wonders what he's dreaming about as she carefully undoes the snaps to reveal his hard, thick erection. Could he be dreaming about her?

Paul is dreaming about his s****r. It's the same repetitive dream that he has been having off and on for years. The one night of sexual debauchery that has come to define him ever since - the night he took Sharon's virginity. He regularly relives in resplendent detail the vision of his s****r sitting astride his hard cock while he fondles her luscious tits and explodes into her warm, velvety pussy. But this time the dream is even more vivid and he feels the moist warmth enveloping him in a way he doesn't remember.

Having freed her b*****r's erection, Sharon licks it all over, leaving a thin coating of saliva up and down the sides before sucking the tip of it into her mouth. With her hand stroking up and down his slick shaft, she flicks her tongue around the head while sealing her moist lips around the tightly stretched skin of his manhood. Sharon's arousal soars as she sucks her b*****r's thick cock into her mouth and slides her other hand around his balls.

Paul slowly emerges from his erotic fantasy and opens his eyes to see long blonde hair bobbing up and down around his cock. He initially believes that he's still dreaming and closes his eyes hoping to extend the pleasurable feelings flowing through his loins.

Wait! This was never a part of his dream. He blinks his eyes and shakes his head, clearing the fog and finding himself staring into his s****r's eyes. Their eyes lock momentarily before he suddenly panics and screams her name.

"Sharon! What do you think you're doing?" Paul yells, reaching to push her head away as he tries to scoot up on the bed. Her b*****r's cry startles her and she reacts by increasing the urgency of her actions.

Sharon jerks her hand more rapidly up and down his saliva-coated cock, teases his heavy balls with her swirling fingertips and fervently sucks his cockhead into her mouth whipping her tongue feverishly around it. Paul's hands freeze inches from her head as the extreme pleasure of her motions overwhelm him and he starts bucking his hips with uncontrollable desire.

"Oh Sharon!" Paul cries. "What are you doing?" His question comes out more as a sigh than a challenge and Sharon responds by sliding her lips farther down his stiff staff. His s****r's attack on his hard cock is like nothing he's ever experienced and Paul thrusts his hips, vigorously matching her rhythm as he unexpectedly starts shooting his hot cum inside her warm mouth.

Paul can't breath... he can't think... what the hell just happened? His chest is heaving as he tries to catch his breath. It started as just a dream but... Sharon is actually... her mouth is really...

she's swallowing his... oh God! And she's not letting up.

Sharon sucks and swallows her b*****r's salty sperm, gulping it down as she continues to stroke his cock, milking out every single drop. When he is completely spent, she continues a gentle sucking motion while her fingers caress his balls and stroke the sides of his thick shaft. His cock begins to re-stiffen almost immediately and she works her tongue around it until it is fully restored.

"Sharon," Paul whispers, completely bewildered by what's happening.

Afraid to give him time to protest, Sharon pulls her lips from his cock and scrambles up over his torso. She quickly aligns her aroused pussy with his stiff cock and impales herself on him in one fluid motion. Before he even knows what's happened, his dream has become reality and his s****r is bouncing up and down on his recovered cock. He reaches for her tits exactly as he did before and gives himself over to the only erotic fantasy he's ever known.

Sharon is in seventh heaven! She's fucking her b*****r! She's bouncing on Paul's thick cock, reliving her rocket launching fantasy of i****tuous love and it was all her husband's idea!

Suddenly everything is crystal clear. She knows this is right and, looking in her b*****r's eyes, she sees he knows it's right, too. She's intent on making this the most memorable experience of his life.

This isn't about reliving a college memory. She shouldn't just try to duplicate the out of control, aphrodisiac-d**gged sex they had before. She needs to give him something new... something better. Gradually, she slows her gyrations and starts squeezing her vaginal muscles around her b*****r's throbbing cock. Undulating her hips in slow motion, she leans forward until her taut nipples are pressing into her b*****r's chest and her mouth is close to his.

"I love you, Paul," Sharon says just before their lips meet and her tongue snakes into his mouth. She lets her tongue match the languid movement of her hips, sweeping its way around his mouth and gently urging his tongue to participate.

"Mmmmmm," Paul moans into his s****r's mouth as his hands close around her smooth, round ass cheeks. His fingers press into her flesh feeling the fluid motion of her hips ripple over his hard cock. He fervently returns her kiss, following her tongue back into her mouth like he's trying to devour her.

Sharon continues the slow, fervid build up, sucking on her b*****r's tongue, grinding her nipples into his chest and teasing his cock with her frothing hot pussy. She hasn't kissed him in years and she's never kissed him like this... with this much passion... like her whole body is opening up to him.

By the time she breaks the kiss and pushes herself upright on his rigid cock, they are both panting and gasping for air. Their arousal is at a feverish peak and they are grinding together with a****listic lust. Paul's hands are mauling her breasts, squeezing and teasing as she slams her pussy down again and again. They are both lost in the frenzy of their i****tuous coupling.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhhh! Paul! Oh, Paul! Ohhhhhhh!" Sharon rides him with libidinous abandon, once again experiencing the insatiable desire in her inflamed pussy.

"My God! Sharon!" Paul cries, thrusting into her and trying to match her feverish rhythm. Nothing has prepared him for the uninhibited pleasure of watching his s****r's jouncing tits. His cock is on fire as she rides him with a salacious fury. He wants to cum in his s****r's pussy. He's never wanted anything or anyone so badly. To hell with the consequences... the penance... the sinfulness, this is everything he's been dreaming about!

"Ahhh! Ahhhhh! AhhhhrrrrgggggghhhHHHHH!" Sharon clamps her pussy muscles around her b*****r's cock as her orgasm rockets through her body. Shaking and convulsing, she gasps for air as she rides out the seemingly endless waves of pleasure before collapsing on her b*****r's chest.

"What are we going to do?" Paul asks after they've both caught their breath.

"What do you mean?" Sharon asks, squeezing her pussy muscles around her b*****r's cock.

"What are we going to do, right now?" She smiles as she kisses her b*****r on the chin.

"No, I mean now that we've added adultery to our sin of i****t." Paul whispers, his cock recovering quickly inside his s****r's overheated pussy.

"First things, first." Sharon says, pressing her mouth to his, while undulating her burning pussy on his rapidly hardening cock. Helpless to resist her tongue or her lustful movements, Paul again gives into the i****tuous desires that have been smoldering inside of him since that fateful night in college.

He wraps his arms around her, feeling her hard nipples press against his chest and their tongues get lost in each other's mouth. Oh God! This is so wrong! He thrusts his hips up and feels the moist heat of his s****r's pussy mold itself around his thick shaft driving him to an agonizing level of hardness. With Sharon on top he has no leverage for driving his cock into her and he needs to drive it hard.

Without breaking the kiss, Paul squeezes his fingers into her ass cheeks, holding her tightly against him as he flips their bodies over. While she's turning, Sharon wraps her legs around her b*****r's torso to keep his steel rod firmly inside of her hot pussy. When her back hits the bed, she spreads her legs wide and stretches them almost straight up in the air. Paul pummels her pussy with a rapid jack hammering of his throbbing cock.

"Ohhhhhhh Paul!" Sharon cries, pulling her mouth from his to gasp for air. Her pussy is on fire and her b*****r's violent assault is fanning the flames, driving her to new heights of arousal.

Paul is out of control, hammering his cock into his s****r with unbridled a****listic lust. He can't begin to understand that this fervent attack is the logical culmination of all the i****tuous hunger and craving that has been building inside of him for years. Sharon's seduction has finally released the inhibited restraint that has kept his feelings for her buried deep in his subconscious. Now the only thing buried deep is his hard cock in her fiery pussy.

Sharon has never felt anything like this! Her whole body is inflamed with desire. Her b*****r's frenzied assault has ignited the deepest level of salacious hunger. She savagely claws at his back and bucks her hips to meet his violent thrusts, driving him deeper inside of her.

"Oh Paul! Oh Paul! Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" Sharon's body stiffens, her pussy muscles contract and she shudders from head to toe as her volcanic eruption sends her hot lava gushing around her b*****r's cock. This is it! Even as she's in the throes of her orgasm, she feels it still building deep inside of her. Her b*****r is bringing back that elusive rocket-launching orgasm from her last time they were together. It wasn't just a virginal memory of her first time; it's Paul!

Sharon pushes her feet against the bed, arches her back up high and throws her head back screaming while Paul plunges his steel rod into one final time. Their simultaneous orgasmic release sends them both into fervent fits of ecstasy. Paul convulses against his s****r's pussy, discharging his hot cum in wild spurts, while Sharon trembles uncontrollably beneath him, her pussy pulsating in time with her rapid heartbeat.

They continue to spasmodically thrash against each other for several minutes before their sweat-soaked bodies finally collapse in exhaustion and they gasp for air. Paul is panting and Sharon is making little cooing sounds as her body continues generating pleasurable erotic pulses.

"Oh God, Sharon," Paul whispers, still panting for breath. "We've really done it this time." His mouth finds hers and he kisses her with all the buried passion and lustfulness that he's been suppressing for so long. Sharon hungrily returns the kiss, entwining their tongues and pulling their naked bodies more tightly together.... Continue»
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Help from s****r in Law Ch 6

"What are we going to do?" Paul asks, rising up on one elbow to look down at his s****r's beautiful face. "We have added adultery to our sin of i****t."

"Is it still adultery if Tim knows what we're doing here today?" Sharon asks her b*****r.

"What are you talking about?" Paul demands.

"He overheard us yesterday when he came back for the sunscreen," she says and then proceeds to tell Paul about the rest of her conversation with Tim, including his research into i****t penance and his suggestion that she and Paul have unfinished business.

"Unfinished business," Paul muses. "That's a weird way of referring to it, but I guess he was right." They lay silently in each others arms for a few minutes with Paul's spent cock still nestled inside Sharon's soggy pussy.

"What about Rhonda?" Paul asks. "That's still adultery even if it isn't for you and Tim."

"I know," Sharon's answer is barely above a whisper. "Tim thinks that if we stop our penance and get this out of our system, it will improve your love life with Rhonda and every body wins."

"Are we getting this out of our system?" Paul asks with a half smile.

"I don't think so," Sharon sighs. "I think we've just permanently imbedded it in our system, at least in mine."

"Mine, too." Paul says, kissing her again to prove his point. Unbelievably his cock stirs again within her sweltering pussy and he starts a gentle rocking motion.

"Let's rest a minute," Sharon laughs, breaking the kiss and squeezing his ass cheeks to stop his movement.

"What are you going to tell Tim?" Paul asks his mind racing for a way to discuss this with Rhonda.

"The truth," Sharon answers. "I love him, Paul. I hope he knows what he started and is as open minded as he thinks he is."

"I'm going to have to tell Rhonda, too. I just don't know how." Paul says and they again lapse into a comfortable silence, enjoying the closeness of their bodies and their synchronized heartbeats. Little does Paul realize that as they speak, Tim is preparing Rhonda for that very conversation.

As soon as they had driven off, Rhonda unsnapped her shorts and pulled down the tiny zipper.

"Feel how wet I am already," Rhonda purred, grabbing Tim's hand as he glanced at his s****r-in-law's open shorts.

"You are incorrigible," Tim smiles sliding his hand beneath her panties and immediately feeling the heat emanating from her moist pussy. Slipping one finger between the folds of her labia, he curls the tip of it into her wet opening.

"I'd say you're ready!" Tim laughs as he maneuvers his finger to her clit hood and draws little circles gently around it.

"Oh yeah!" Rhonda moans, spreading her legs and slipping down a little in the seat, resting her head on Tim's shoulder. As Tim continues to manipulate her clit, Rhonda pushes up to create more pressure on her sensitive love button.

"Oh yes! Just like that... don't stop," Rhonda is almost purring as Tim tries to keep his eye on the road while fingering Rhonda's clit to match her increasing urgency. The day before when he was making his plans, he had spotted a little out of the way motel along the beach and had gotten a room overlooking the ocean. That's where they were headed now, if he didn't pass it by in his distracted state.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaa!" Rhonda grabs Tim's hand to still it's motion and clamps her thighs closed, trapping his finger in her spasming pussy. She jerks a couple of times, flooding her pussy with love juice before turning her head towards Tim.

"How much farther?" she asks through half-closed eyelids.

"Not far," he smiles, "You may want to do up your shorts. A minute later Tim pulls into the motel, parking right in front of their room.

"We don't have to check in?" Rhonda asks.

"All taken care of, just like you're going to be in a few minutes," he smiles. True to his word, over the next few hours they take care of each other in a variety of ways. Tim eats Rhonda to several powerful orgasms, she returns the gesture with her tantalizing mouth on his hard cock and then they fuck to exhaustion. If it's not the rocket-launching orgasms that their spouses are experiencing, it's extremely satisfying and they end up in a tangle of sheets and naked limbs.

"I think there's something weird going on between Paul and Sharon," Rhonda broaches the subject that's been on her mind since they got to the beach house. Tim hadn't made up his mind about whether it was his place to enlighten her.

"What do you mean?" Tim asks, wondering how much she knows. Rhonda explains about Paul's initial anger from hearing them make love in the next bedroom, seeing him get aroused when he rubbed sunscreen on his s****r and how it seemed like he was timing his lovemaking with her to his s****r's moans from the next room. "I think it has something to do with their sexual hang-ups."

"You're right," Tim answers. He and Rhonda have become too close for him to lie to her. "But there is more to it than you realize." He confides in her about the overheard conversation, his follow-up discussion with Sharon and what he believes is happening at the beach house right now.

"Oh God, Tim! Paul and Sharon?" Rhonda is speechless. She thought Paul's reaction was just the natural attraction of a beautiful woman, not the result a prior i****tuous relationship. Tim gives her time to digest what he's told her before he continues the discussion.

"Yeah, just like you and I," he says matter-of-factly, "except they happen to be b*****r and s****r."

"That doesn't bother you?" Rhonda asks, still tying to get her mind around what she's hearing. Without waiting for an answer, she continues, "So all this sexual repression started from this one time in college?"

"Pretty much. I don't think their parents' teachings helped any, but it was Paul, the theology student who came up with the penance."

"Wow." Rhonda sighs, her head resting against Tim's shoulder, their naked bodies still wrapped around each other. "Since you seem to be orchestrating this, what happens next?"

"We know about them, but they don't know about us," Tim answers.

"Okaaaay," Rhonda stretches it out almost into a question. "What does that mean?"

"If today happened the way I think it did, Paul has lost a lot of his inhibitions. I think we should tell them tonight. Not together, of course, but individually with our own spouses. My instincts tell me that we should shower them with loving affection and let them know that they aren't the only ones with a secret. Then tomorrow the four of us can discuss what all of this means going forward."

"You're k**ding, right?" Rhonda asks incredulously.

"I've never been more serious," Tim says, more confidently than he feels. "Think about it, Paul won't want to give up Sharon anymore than I want to give up seeing you. I think we can come to some open arrangement where everybody gets what they want."

"Damn... you really think that's how this is going to play out?" Rhonda asks, even as she's contemplating how wonderful it would be if he was right. She could keep her lover and her husband without any of the associated guilt. Of course that means she accepts her husband's i****tuous relationship with his s****r. It's a lot to think about.

"We can only hope," Tim says. "Come on, let's take a shower and get some lunch. The shower takes much longer than expected, in a nice way. They have a late lunch and head back towards the beach house.

"I'm nervous," Rhonda says.

"I'd be surprised if you weren't," Tim laughs. "Just follow my lead. We don't know if anything happened."

Arriving at the beach house they find Paul and Sharon sunbathing on a blanket near the water. Rhonda and Tim join them. '

"How was your day?" Tim asks Sharon as he gives her a kiss. He can't help but notice how radiant her face looks as she answers.

"Wonderful!" she winks, "How was yours?"

"The same," he answers cryptically. Sharon scrunches her brow as she tries to decipher what he means. Did he have a wonderful day or was his day the same as hers. Not in a million years.

Rhonda sits next to Paul who is lying face down and looking away from the group. She rubs some sunscreen onto his back but he doesn't acknowledge Sharon or Tim. Paul is still reeling from his marathon love making with his s****r and is embarrassed to face either his wife or Tim. He especially doesn't want to face Tim because Tim already knows what's going on.

They somehow make it through the afternoon and have a semi-comfortable dinner at a local crab shack. Arriving back at the beach house, by some unspoken agreement they split into their separate bedrooms even though it's still early in the evening.

"So how did it go today?" Tim asks Sharon, taking her into his arms and kissing her passionately.

"You already know, don't you?" Sharon asks meekly. "It was just like I remembered it, Tim. But you're not surprised, are you?"

"No. It just means that you and your b*****r have a unique love that can't be replicated by anyone else. That doesn't diminish the love that you and I have or the love that Paul and Rhonda share. How did Paul react?"

"Oh God," Sharon almost laughs but catches herself. "When he woke up and I was... you know." Tim nods. "He must have thought I was some kind of Jezebel coming to damn him to hell for all eternity. But you were right, there was so much unfinished business and neither of us could control ourselves."

"I'm glad," Tim smiles as he watches his wife's face light up while she talks.

"Really?" Sharon asks, still surprised at her husband's reaction.

"Glad for you," he says.

"What did you and Rhonda do today?" Sharon asks, changing the subject to avoid more discussion about what her and Paul did.

"The same as you and Paul," Tim answers, watching Sharon's face for a reaction.

"What? You mean? No, you and Rhonda?" Sharon's face is a contortion of conflicting emotions.

"It started a few weeks ago," Tim says quietly. "With you and your b*****r doing your penance, Rhonda and I sort of commiserated over the lack of passion in our marriages. One thing led to another and..." Tim lets his voice trail off as he waits for his wife's reaction.

"Why didn't you tell me last night?" Sharon asks.

"I almost did," Tim replies. "But I didn't want it to influence what you did about you and Paul.

"You and Rhonda?" she says again. "Do you think Paul knows or suspects?"

"Rhonda is supposed to be telling him now," Tim answers. "Then tomorrow I hope the four of us can discuss what this all means.

"You honestly think we can just all share, don't you?" Sharon asks, thinking the same thing Rhonda did about how wonderful it would be if it were true. A sudden flush of color taints her cheeks as she considers the implications.

"I honestly don't know," Tim answers.

"But you told Rhonda about Paul and I?"

"She actually suspected something was weird between you two, but didn't have a clue about the actual events. I filled her in on the college stuff."

"How did she take it?" Sharon asks sheepishly. "Of course, you two having an affair probably helped with her acceptance level."

"A little, but she still has some hang-ups on the whole i****t thing," Tim says.

"Yeah, well join the club. I still think it's weird and Paul is even more freaked out than I am."

"But not enough to give it up, right?" Tim asks. "You both want more of each other."

"Yes." Sharon sighs.

"I only have one more question for tonight," Tim says.


"Did you save anything for me?" he laughs while he strips out of his clothes.

"Is that all you think about?" Sharon smiles as she starts unzipping her skirt.

In the next room, the conversation isn't going quite as smoothly.

"You actually slept with Tim?" Paul almost shrieks and Rhonda stares at the absurdity of the accusation in his eyes.

"You slept with your s****r," she points out defensively. That takes the fight out of Paul and he rolls over away from her.

"Wait! I'm sorry, please don't turn away, Paul," Rhonda says grabbing his arm and pulling him back towards her. "We can talk this out." They were already both naked and under the covers before Rhonda initiated this conversation.

"Talk it out? What do you mean?" Paul asks incredulously. "i****t, adultery... let's just talk about our feelings?"

"Exactly!" Rhonda leans up on her elbow, ignoring his sarcasm. "You can't help how you feel about Sharon," she says, wondering if she actually believes it. Paul stares hesitantly into his wife's eyes. Can she actually accept how he feels about his s****r?

"What about you and Tim?" he finally asks.

"Tim and I only turned to each other because... well... frankly because of the lack of passion in our lives. Like the passion you showed me last night," Rhonda smiles. Paul winces as he remembers that passion being kindled by listening to his s****r's moans in the next room. Then his mind wanders to everything he and Sharon did today and his cock stirs involuntarily.

"I love you," Rhonda says, reading his face. "It doesn't matter how we get the passion going, just that we do." While she's speaking they hear subtle lovemaking noises from the next room and Rhonda moves her hand down to encircle her husband's semi-erect cock.

"This isn't right," Paul protests as his wife strokes his rapidly hardening shaft and the volume of sounds from the next room increase.

"Close your eyes," Rhonda instructs him. "Don't worry about right and wrong just now." With his s****r's moans filling his head, and his wife's hot pussy sliding down over his cock, Paul accepts the inevitable. Whatever is going to happen tomorrow is beyond their concern tonight and he thrusts up into his wife's pussy as his s****r's voice provide the soundtrack to his lust.

The next morning, Tim finds the conversation isn't going exactly where he wants it when Paul interrupts it with one of his typically caustic remarks.

"Is this the part where we all get naked in the hot tub together?" Paul asks sarcastically. The two couples are sitting at the breakfast table attempting to discuss their situation. Rhonda, Tim and Sharon seemed to have warmed to the idea of sharing spouses but are having trouble convincing Paul.

"Paul..." Rhonda starts to answer but Tim cuts her off.

"No, Paul's right. This is a lot to absorb." Both women look at Tim expectantly. "We're here for three more days," he leans forward to make his point. "I suggest we table this discussion until Saturday. It'll give us time to think about everything." Tim notes the disappointment on the women's faces, like they were ready for Paul's naked hot tub idea.

"What's going to change between now and Saturday?" Sharon asks.

"Well, we have three more nights. I suggest we alternate sl**ping partners each night. We slept with our spouses last night, so tonight Rhonda would be with me and Sharon would be with Paul." Tim looks right at Paul to judge his reaction. "By Saturday I think we'll be ready to discuss what happens when we go home." Sharon and Rhonda turn their heads to look expectantly at Paul.

Paul felt the familiar stirrings in his groin as soon as his b*****r-in-law mentioned Sharon sl**ping with him. Visions of their lovemaking fill his head as he stares into his s****r's pleading eyes. A slight smile forms on his lips as he slowly nods his head.

"We are all depraved, you know," Paul says as the group emits a collective sigh.

Tim can hardly believe it. A week ago he was secretly having an affair with his s****r-in-law and now it's all out in the open, his wife is fucking her b*****r and they all just agreed to swap spouses for the next three days.

Sharon is even more excited than her husband, wondering how to make the day go by faster so she and Paul can be together. But Rhonda doesn't even want to wait for nightfall. Over lunch she raises the issue of daytime sex.

"So when does the trade off actually start?" she asks while they are sitting on the deck eating sandwiches.

"What do you mean?" Tim asks.

"Well if tonight is Tim and I, is that just the night or is it like a 24 hour period? You know, could we disappear for a while this afternoon, for example?" she asks, her head cocked to the side and her eyebrows raised.

"My God, Rhonda!" Paul almost chokes on his sandwich but Sharon is anxiously awaiting Tim's answer. She never even thought of that.

"I'm just asking?" she smiles.

"Well, I guess it starts when we get up in the morning," Tim says assuming the leadership role that the group has u*********sly assigned him. "We'll alternate every 24 hours beginning whenever we get up in the morning."

"I feel like a nap after lunch. How about you?" Rhonda asks as she stands up and takes Tim's hand. Sharon watches to see how her b*****r will react to his wife's blatant sexual overture but he just quietly finishes his lunch while Rhonda and Tim climb the stairs. As anxious as he is to be with his s****r again, he is not going to run upstairs in the middle of the day, especially with Tim and Rhonda in the next room.

While their spouses are doing who knows what in the bedroom, Sharon and Paul just cuddle on the couch downstairs. With their arms around each other and occasional bouts of passionate kissing, they acknowledge that what happened in college has never left them. Sharon tells Paul how he continued to fill her dreams and Paul admits that he has frequently relived their one night together. By the time Rhonda and Tim emerge from the bedroom a couple of hours later, Sharon and Paul, although still fully dressed, are a tangle of arms and legs on the couch and their mouths are locked together.

"Hey, get a room!" Tim jokes as they come down the stairs. "Rhonda and I are going to the beach, you guys interested?" Paul looks questioningly at Sharon as they catch their breath. She shakes her head.

"No, you two go ahead," Sharon says, never taking her eyes from her b*****r. As soon as they leave, Sharon starts pulling at her b*****r's clothes.

"Should we go upstairs?" Paul asks as he pulls his shirt over his head.

"They'll be gone a while," Sharon pants while discarding her shirt and unfastening her bra. Paul stares at her luscious breasts as she stands up to remove her shorts. Her bronzed skin from three days in the sun highlights the creamy white skin her bikini covered. Pulling her panties and shorts down together, she momentarily stands naked in front of her b*****r. His eyes follow her tan lines directly to her neatly trimmed blonde bush as his thick erection points towards the ceiling.

Sharon considers sucking that beautiful cock into her mouth but her pussy is too anxious. She steps forward and straddles him, sliding her well-lubricated pussy down onto his steel rod.

"Oh God! I love you, Sharon!" Paul says and then her lips silence him and her tongue darts into his warm mouth. With her knees pushed into the couch cushions and her hands gripping the back of the couch for leverage she starts rocking her hips and bouncing on her b*****r's cock. Paul sucks her left nipple into his mouth as his hands encircle her waist, lifting her up and slamming her back down on his hard cock.

"Oh yeah!" Sharon screams as her b*****r's cock sends shivers of pleasure through her sensitive pussy walls. Through the window she watches Tim and Rhonda walking down the beach holding hands and she almost laughs at the absurdity of it all. A month ago she was a frigid wife with no sex life at all and now she's fucking her b*****r in the living room in broad daylight with their spouses' taking a post-coital walk.

"Oh, Sharon!" Paul screams as his fingers tighten on her waist and he frantically bounces her onto his ready-to-explode cock. Sharon's breath is coming in gasps as her orgasm approaches its peak.

"Ohhhhhhaaahhhhhhhh!" Sharon moans when Paul's cock erupts inside her juicy pussy. Her release follows almost instantly and they shiver in ecstatic harmony as their lips meet in a blissfully passionate kiss.

Over the next three days both couples act like sex-crazed teenagers, prone to sucking and fucking all night, changing partners each day, groping each other on the beach and taking long midday naps. Paul's enthusiasm builds and he starts fucking his wife with nearly the same intensity as he fucks his s****r. Both women are eagerly sucking the mens' cocks but only Tim is eating their pussies. Neither woman has broached the subject with him. His first night with Rhonda, Tim eats her to two explosive orgasms, and then at her suggestion, fucks her in the ass. By Saturday morning whatever inhibitions any of them brought to the beach house are gone.

Rhonda wakes up before Tim and quietly slides out of bed. Seeing her clothing strewn across on the floor, she smiles at Tim's naked body and her pussy tingles as she recalls his eagerness the night before. Not wanting to wear yesterday's clothes, she decides to slip into her bedroom for clean ones. Stepping naked into the hallway she moves silently toward her and Paul's bedroom when movement in the living room catches her eye.

Glancing down over the railing, she sees Paul sit down on the couch with a cup of coffee. Rhonda assumes that Sharon must still be sl**ping and trying to get her clothes might disturb her. She shrugs her shoulders and heads downstairs.

"Is there more coffee?" Rhonda asks as she comes down the stairs.

"Rhonda!" Paul whispers, "why are you naked?"

"I forgot to bring a change of clothes last night and I don't want to disturb Sharon," she smiles, bending over to kiss her husband good morning. "What are you doing?" Paul is wearing a white terrycloth bathrobe that is open to the waist.

"I couldn't sl**p and I've been thinking about... you know... everything that's happened."

"Yeah, it's been crazy," Rhonda says, kneeling on the floor in front of him. "Did you come to any conclusions?" she asks as she runs her hands up the inside of his thighs. Paul's cock has reacted to his wife's nakedness and her tantalizing touch. Rhonda undoes the tie on his bathrobe and peels the sides back.

"Rhonda!" Paul hisses, "Tim or Sharon could get up any minute.

"I know, but you're already up," she smiles, her hand encircling his rapidly hardening cock. "Just one little taste?" she asks, looking him in the eyes as her tongue moves slowly up the length of his shaft.

"Mmmmmm," Paul moans as he watches his wife lick all around his hard cock, then suck his cockhead into her mouth. Before he can protest any further, Rhonda is bobbing her head up and down in his lap.

Sharon wakes up alone and makes the same decision Rhonda did about last night's clothing. Unsurprisingly she also mirror's Rhonda's idea to sneak into her bedroom for clean clothes. When she's halfway between the bedrooms she hears Paul moan and peeks over the balcony into the living room below. The couch faces away from the balcony so Paul can't see her and Rhonda isn't looking up. Sharon stifles a gasp when she sees her naked s****r-in-law sucking Paul's thick cock.

Sharon backs up a step, embarrassed by what she's seen. She takes two steps towards her bedroom before she reconsiders and turns back to the railing. Leaning, forward she positions herself so just her eyes are over the railing. Sharon has never seen another couple having sex, except in videos and those are as real as televised wrestling and just as over-acted. She knows how wrong her voyeurism is, but she is totally mesmerized and can't look away and besides her pussy is heating up like crazy. Bent almost at the waist, she leans one hand on the railing as her other hand moves towards her pussy like it's on autopilot.

The sight Tim sees when he opens the bedroom door is his wife's ass rocking back and forth as she rubs her pussy while looking over the railing. Just like Paul, Tim has on a white terrycloth robe. It must be a guy thing. He walks to the railing and glances over in time to see Rhonda mounting her husband's fully erect cock.

"Peeping Tom," Tim whispers as he runs his hand down his wife's back and caresses her smooth ass cheeks. Sharon is startled but doesn't stop rubbing her pussy. She just looks at her husband and raises her eyebrows.

"Want some help?" Tim asks, pulling the tie on his bathrobe and positioning himself behind his wife's ass.

"Mmmmmm," she nods. Tim aligns his hard cock with Sharon's juicy pussy just as she pulls her fingers away. At first he gently glides it in and sighs at the hot gelatin feel of her aroused pussy but in no time he's hammering into her with enough f***e to make her moan a little too loudly.

"What the fuck?" Rhonda stops moving and looks up into her s****r-in-law's face. "Are you spying on us?" she asks before she notices that Sharon is rapidly rocking against the railing. "Is Tim with you?" she smiles.

"Guilty," Tim responds, leaning on his wife's back and looking down over her shoulder.

"Get your asses down here!" Rhonda says.

"We're not decent," Sharon laughs, the blush rising up her neck and enveloping her cheeks.

"Exactly!" Rhonda says, "If you're watching us, then we're watching you." Sharon doesn't have an appropriate reply so she just nods. Tim pulls out of her dripping pussy and Sharon leads him downstairs with her hand wrapped around his pussy-soaked cock.

"God have mercy," Paul says when he sees his s****r and her husband walking down the stairs. Rhonda starts rocking again on his cock as Paul stares at his s****r's naked body.

"Rather erotic, isn't it?" Rhonda whispers to her husband as his eyes take in Sharon's taut nipples and glistening pussy lips. Sharon pushes Tim down on the other end of the couch and mounts him in much the same way that Rhonda is straddling Paul. The two couples start moving in unison as if their fucking were some kind of synchronized dance routine. They stare unashamedly at each other's undulating bodies as the orgy-like atmosphere takes their arousal to new heights.

Never in his wildest dreams did Tim imagine they all would end up like this. He couldn't have envisioned a scenario where they would even be naked in the same room together. But as Sharon rides his stiff cock, and he watches Paul suck on Rhonda's bouncing tits, he starts fantasizing about having Rhonda and Sharon in bed together.

When moans and gasps signify the telltale signs of impending orgasms, Rhonda reaches her left hand out towards Sharon. After a momentary hesitation, Sharon grasps Rhonda's hand just before their collective orgasms send them into fits of frenzy. As Paul and Tim shoot their cum into their respective wife's pussies, the two women finish out their pleasure rides with their palms clasped together in an unspoken display of unselfish solidarity and sharing.

They stay like that for several minutes, holding hands and gasping for breath until Ronda gives Sharon's hand a quick squeeze and releases it. Rolling off of Paul's cock, she collapses on the couch next to him, on the opposite side of Sharon and Tim. Sharon mirrors her movement, sitting on the couch between her husband and her b*****r.

"I feel like Adam who has suddenly discovered his nakedness." Paul says, embarrassed by the blatant exposure of their sweat-soaked bodies. He is particularly uncomfortable displaying his own spent cock to the group.

"Except Adam only had one woman," Rhonda teases as she leans up to kiss his cheek.

"That's right," Sharon says, leaning over to kiss his other cheek. "And you have two." Paul's face turns bright red and his cock stirs noticeably from the naked contact with his wife on one side and his s****r on the other.

"Mmmm. You like this, don't you?" Sharon says, her hand automatically moving to his growing erection. When her fingers encircle Paul's damp cock, Rhonda smiles and slips her tongue to his mouth. Sharon finds this all very erotic and desperately wants to suck her b*****r's hard cock while Rhonda kisses him. She glances at her husband to make sure he's okay with this and notices his cock responding to the visual stimulus.

"Are you feeling left out?" she asks, reaching her other hand towards Tim's crotch. Ohmygod! Sharon's brain shouts, this is my dream! With her husband's cock in one hand and her b*****r's in the other, Sharon's dream morphs into reality and she lovingly strokes them both. Obviously her husband is finding this whole sharing thing very arousing and she accepts his implied consent and releases his cock to shift her body sideways on the couch. Getting up on all fours, she lowers her face to her b*****r's hard cock, leaving her ass waving in the air towards her husband. He caresses her smooth ass cheeks and contemplates eating her cum-filled pussy.

Paul is helplessly aroused and wonders to what level of debauchery they'll all fall, when he feels his s****r's mouth close around his cockhead. Oh God! Kissing his wife while his s****r is... Oh God! They are all doomed, he thinks as his hips respond and he thrusts his cock farther into his s****r's mouth.

Hearing her husbands gasp, Rhonda breaks the kiss and is dumbstruck by her s****r-in-laws boldness. She looks to Tim for reassurance and sees him playing with his wife's ass.

"Fuck her," she mouths to Tim when he looks up. "Fuck her ass," she mouths. Tim raises his eyebrows then pulls his legs up to kneel on the couch behind his wife. Aligning his cock with her soggy pussy, he grasps her hips as he glides it in.

"Mmmpppphhhh!" Sharon moans around Paul's cock as she bobs her head up and down. With her husband pumping into her pussy, she attacks her b*****r's cock with renewed vigor, dancing circles around it with her tongue. Paul moans and pulls Rhonda's lips back to his, frantically shoving his tongue into her mouth. Rhonda wants more than a kiss and feels like this may be her best opportunity to get him to eat her, while he's out of control with passion.

"I need your tongue elsewhere," she purrs as she pulls her head back and stands up on the couch. Slipping her left leg over her husband's torso, between Sharon and the back of the couch, she positions her wet pussy in front of his face and presses against his lips.

"Your tongue, Paul. I need your tongue," she whispers. The aroma is overwhelming and Paul responds like a junkie getting a fix, pushing his tongue into his wife's saturated pussy as he continues to thrust his cock into his s****r's talented mouth.

Sharon is breathing through her nose, but it isn't enough. She gasps for air around her b*****r's thick cock but that doesn't do it either. Her husband has already ignited several mini orgasms in her enflamed pussy and she needs more air. Continuing to corkscrew her hand up and down her b*****r's shaft, she pulls her head up and bumps her face against Rhonda's ass cheek. What the???

At first she's perplexed as to why Rhonda's ass would be there instead of her b*****r's face, but it quickly dawns on her what they're doing. Ohmygod. Glancing over her shoulder at Tim, the interconnectivity of the four of them becomes apparent. Holy shit! She'd seen this on videos and thought it was totally fake. She had been certain that real people never did anything like this. Guess that was wrong.

Another quick orgasm explodes in her pussy and she lowers her mouth back to her b*****r's cock. Feeling his wife is sufficiently aroused; Tim licks his finger and starts toying with her puckered asshole. His fingers return to his mouth several times until he has enough saliva around Sharon's ass to lubricate his finger's entry. Pushing the tip of his middle finger into her crinkled opening, he twists and turns, corkscrewing it back and forth while he continues to fuck her pussy.

Sharon gasps when her husband starts playing with her asshole but it sends pleasure signals through her pussy and she u*********sly relaxes while she spreads her legs a little farther apart. Sucking on her b*****r's cock, she has a momentary flash of two cocks vying for time in her ass and pussy and she rocks back against Tim's finger when he starts pushing it in. Is this what it would feel like to be fucked by two men, she wonders.

To say that his wife's reaction surprises him would be an understatement but Tim is not one to question his good fortune. While she's in the mood, he pulls out from both holes and quickly aligns his cock with her saliva-coated asshole. Pressing his juicily lubricated cockhead into the opening, he tightens his grip on her hips and shoves his cock deep into her ass.

AgggggghhhhHHH!" Sharon cries just as her b*****r's cum explodes into her mouth. Her ass takes a backseat as she frantically starts swallowing her b*****r's cum, sucking out every drop as he jerkily shoots several more loads before settling back down on the couch. Sharon lets his spent cock plop from her mouth and braces herself against her husband's onslaught.

By this time her ass has loosened up sufficiently to be an almost pleasurable experience but Sharon misses the stimulation in her pussy. She again envisions two cocks alternating their pounding into both openings and imagines her b*****r in her pussy with her husband in her ass. She sighs, but without the other cock, she reaches between her legs to provide her own stimulation.

Once he's cum, Paul's brain seems to reengage and focuses on the deployment of his tongue. What is he doing? He starts to pull his head back, but Rhonda has other ideas.

"Don't stop, honey!" Rhonda pleads, smashing his face more tightly against her fiery pussy and holding it with her hands. "I'm almost there." Ronda is rocking her pussy against her husband's face trying to get his tongue to make more contact with her clit. Paul pushes his tongue deeply into his wife's pussy, thinking that's what she wants.

Rhonda rides his tongue but it's not enough. She shoves her hand down between them scratching his upper lip with her long nails as she rubs her clit towards a powerful orgasm. As she bucks her hips, her ass cheeks smack Sharon in the face and Sharon playfully bites Rhonda's ass, sending her over the top.

Quite shocked that her playful bite sent Rhonda into convulsions, Sharon returns to her own pleasure and fingers herself to a very satisfying release just as Tim starts shooting cum into her ass.

When all four of them have disentangled their limbs and are catching their breath, Tim starts to laugh.

"Well, I guess we don't really need to have our discussion about what happens when we get home, do we?" he asks, looking at the naked bodies sprawled across the couch. Both women laugh with him but all Paul can manage is a self-conscious smile.

"We still need some kind of arrangement or schedule," Rhonda says. "I travel quite often and I don't want to miss out."

"When you're out of town, do I get Paul and Tim all to myself?" Sharon teases, but her heart is pounding in her chest as she imagines the scene playing out.

"You liked having both of them, huh?" Rhonda asks. "I could get used to the four of us together, too," she smiles thinking about the pleasurable bite on her ass.

"I wouldn't mind being the recipient of the kind attention the two of you were giving Paul," Tim smiles, looking at Paul for acknowledgement of the pleasure. He just smiles sheepishly at the thought.

"I'm all for a schedule, but I know you like a little spontaneity too, Rhonda," Tim says, stretching as he gets up from the couch.

"I'm sure we can work something out," Sharon smiles as she stands up to join her husband. "But right now, we need a shower." Taking his hand, she leads Tim up the stairs as Paul watches the dimpling of her ass cheeks with each step she ascends.

"We have a couple of hours before we have to check out," Rhonda says playfully to her husband.

"Shall we join them in the shower?" he asks, surprising his wife.

"Why not just all get naked in the hot tub?" she teases but then jumps up from the couch and reaches her hand out to him before he can respond. Paul takes his wife's hand and they run upstairs to surprise Tim and Sharon. Rhonda's breasts bounce provocatively as they hurry up the steps and Paul wraps her in a tight embrace her at the top of the steps, squeezing her firm breasts against his chest.

"It's been quite a week," he says.

"That's an understatement," she smiles, kissing him before they walk toward Tim and Sharon's bedroom.... Continue»
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Sister In law

I have written some of this before and the internet crashed and I lost all the Info.

I will make it short. I have had a s****r in law who has flirted with me over the last few years, She enjoys flashing her panty covered pussy to me in exchange for some repairs to her house or car. I enjoy this and tend to make the job last longer "nothing like a camel toe in your face to slow the job down"

I have jerked off to the images in my mind of my s****r in law squatting in front of me while I change a Tyre for her, I have done this more times than I can count and I am sure the tight camel toe image in me mind is not what was in my face. One time I remember jerking off 5 times because of her panty covered pussy being in my face and I even measured how far I could come while thinking about my s****r in law, it was over a meter, but I had to do more than masturbate for that result I had to try to pull my cock off,, She made me soo horny.

One time we were alone after drinking heavy she asked to put some porn on, my wife was in bed and her s****r was keen to watch some porn so I hooked up the computer and searched XHamster. "my Favorite Porn site" Knowing full well that my cock will be hard in about 5 minutes.

15 Minutes later I had a full blown Hard On. I needed to do something about it so I apologized to my wife's s****r and said that I needed to have a wank. I proceeded to take my cock in my hand and get comfortable with my self, with in minutes she was kneeling in front of me taking a good look at my technique. I had never had any female sit in front of me during a wank and I decided to show her how hard I could Wank, I tried to Pull my cock off but it wouldn't come off, I grabbed my balls at the same time and stroked long and fast only inches away for her face.she then stared to lick the end of my shaft. I stopped wanking and let her have a good lick around my shaft.

After awhile I suggested I should lick her cunt out, "I was about to blow my load and didn't want to do that just yet" She lifted her skirt and basically shoved her panty covered pussy in my face. I sniffed her and rubbed my face into her crotch and with my left hand I continued to pull that cock of mine.
She was enjoying my mouth and tongue and was eager when asked her to remove her panties for a reward of a clit licking. after removing her panties I pushed the skin of her twat up towards her naval and that popped her clit out from the hood that protects it, I then licked and gently and sucked on that clit as if it was the first one I had ever tasted, Pushing her to the couch I not only tongued her out but I rubbed my face into the wet nest that I was making.
I shoved 2 fingers into her twat as I sucked on her now hard clit and massaged her G-spot.I did this while she pushed her wet cunt into my face even harder.

I needed to fuck her as my left hand has moving as fast as it could trying to pull that cock of mine off, I told her I was going to shove my shaft into her cunt. She told me not too as I was her s****rs husband, But I didn't listen and as she said that as I was pushing my cock into her "too late" I started to count out loud 1 to 10 then took my cock out of her and dived down to eat her out again giving 10 long licks as if licking a ice cream followed by a suction suck on her clit, Pushing my cock back into her again she was ready for some fast action and not to disappoint I gave her the full length as far in and out as I could "with out falling out" and in so far that it made her hips rise and my balls slap against her arse
Then back to rub my face in her wet twat and again count to 10 followed by a clit suck for an extended time.

I made her squirt that night and as she did she hit my belly with her pussy juice, I didn't come then because after she squirted on me and then she came around and realized what was happening with her b*****r in law. She got up rather quickly and rushed off to the spare bedroom for the night.
I was still hard and with my s****r in laws pussy fresh on my lips and cock I was covered in her juices all over I continued to wank my self off . I looked up my friends on XHamster and gave them a Tribute "sorry no video" I Wanked and pulled like there was no tomorrow and blew my load full of jiz into my own hand.
I hope one day one of my XHamster friends reads this and enjoys the fact that although I was eating out a tasty pussy it was you that made me blow my load. I hope you enjoy this story as it is a true event and if you want to watch me pull my cock off let me know.

Haven't fucked the s****r in law since then "not going to happen" but memories still give me a morning wood ... Continue»
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My Sister in law very hot

My b*****r in law and his f****y were staying with us for a while. His wife (Nicole) is smokin' hot!! I've fantasized about her many a time while doing my wife.

One morning the b*****r in law took their k** and went shopping, leaving me home alone with his wife. Mine was gone to work and his was still asl**p. He said they'd be gone a couple hours and that Nicole would probably wake up in a few minutes.

So, I go down the hall to the master bedroom and am straightening up. I hear their door open and then the bathroom door. The next thing I hear is the shower running...the door is still open. I decide it's time to leave the bedroom. I find myself standing in the bathroom doorway watching my s****r in law in the shower. She's got a fantastic body. A gorgeous ass and tits that I soooooo want to play with.

After what I'm sure was only a couple minutes, she noticed I'm there and rather than cover up and scream she asks if I'm "just gonna stand there or what?!" I asked what my options were. She said, "You can either join me or close the door." I asked if she wanted me to join her and she said, "Well, if I didn't I wouldn't have made it an option."

I close the bathroom door and strip down. When I get in the shower with her she turns her back to me and says, "You're sure we have enough time?" "Sure! Plenty. They won't be back for a couple hours."

I pick up the bar of soap and lather my hands up. She raises her arms above her head and I slowly work my way all the way down her incredible body. As I slide my middle finger into the crack of her ass she instictively clenches up. "Don't you trust me?" I ask, "I promise I'm not gonna stick anything in." I spread her cheeks apart just a little bit so I can see this tight, pink little asshole. I couldn't resist letting my tongue tease it a little. "Oh My God!! That feels awesome!" she giggles, "I never imagined YOU doing that to ME!". I work my way down her legs and while still on my knees I ask her to turn around.

Starting at her feet I work my way up. When I'm able to see her pussy I discover she's completely shaved. Just the way I like it! Freshly done too from the looks of it! She lifts her leg up and puts it over my shoulder. I immediately start licking her pussy! She grips my head like she's trying to shoot a 3-point shot! "Oh shit! I'm gonna cum!!" she groans, "We've gotta get out of here!".

She turns the shower off and I hand her a towel. We naturally dry each other off. She strokes my rock hard cock and says, "Race ya to the bedroom!" I let her win!! :) She is on the bed doggy style trying to fix the sheets a little. I ask her, "Did you really like it when I was licking your ass?" "Hell yes!" she says, "I've never had anyone do that before!" So I had her back up where her feet were just hanging off the bed. I knelt down and spread her cheeks apart ever so slightly. I slowly blew on her asshole just to watch it pucker. I then pulled her hips toward me and licked her hole pushing my tongue against it ever so slightly now and then.

After a couple of minutes of licking her ass and finger her now soaking wet pussy she says, "I need you inside me!!" Without waiting for a response she flips over on her back and spreads her legs. I start licking her pussy and she lifts my face up. "Didn't you hear me? I want you IN me!!".

Not one to disappoint, I mount her and she reaches down and guides my cock into her. "Don't you want me to suit up the team?" I ask hoping she didn't. "I don't care! Dave (b*****r in law) will probably wanna fuck me tonight." So, I push in and away we go! She puts her feet way up on my back and tells me to fuck the Hell out of her.

We're rutting like a couple of horny rabbits for what feels like forever. I feel myself about to cum and ask her if she wants me to pull out. "NO!! I want to feel it in me!" I unload this monster load. It takes about 6 squirts to get it all in her. We both collapse panting, gasping for air.

Fortunately she didn't get pregnant; but we never did it again. Every now and then we kinda tease each other a little; but the most we ever do is a subtle grind when we're sure no one is looking!

God! What I wouldn't give to do that again!!... Continue»
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Sister in Law's mouth

s****r in Law's mouth

“You are always fucking eating” my s****r in law Jasmine says as she walks in the kitchen, this chic hardly wears anything when mom and dad are not home, she had on a pink t-shirt that covered up to about two inches of her lower body, I could see her black panties. “Why are you always cussing at me? What have I ever done to you?” I asked before taking another bite of my sandwich. “That’s all you do b*o… that’s all you do” she answered not making any sense to me, she opens the fridge and grabs a bowl of leftover salad and prepares herself a small plate.

Jasmine is 22 and I’m 19, she had just got back from college two days ago and already she is getting on my ass and nerves. For a 5’1 chick she sure talks a lot of trash. I never really liked her; since the first day our parents introduced us it has been nothing but hell with her. My dad always asks me to be patient and respect my older s****r, its been 8 years now.

“Any plans for today?” I asked trying to make conversation “What the fuck does it matter to you?” she answered chewing on her salad and sat on the table in front of me starring at me. “You know Jaz” I said getting a bit upset and today I really didn’t give a shit about anything “If you weren’t my damn s****r I’d fuck the shit out of you for talking trash like that to me” “oh… the shit…. Out of… MOI?” she says getting up from the table, I knew what was coming up next, she always slaps me upside the head and grabs my hair and push my head back, but she actually surprised me today “you think you can handle this pussy you little fuck” she rubs her crotch through her panties “huh faggot, think you can make this ass shit?” she slaps her ass and now grabs my jaw “listen here b*o… you ain’t man enough to handle this pussy and you never will be man enough” for some reason the way she grabbed me didn’t get me upset but truly got me aroused, I could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts. “So you can wipe this fucking thought out of your dumb ass head” she added and grabs my balls, I honestly for a split second saw her jaw dropped “damn Jaz… let go” I said dropping the sandwich on the table, it did hurt.

“Lets see how much of a man you’ve become” she says and grabs my throat and lift me up, well I stood up since she had my balls in her little hand. She let go of my throat after I stood and she could see my hard dick poking the shorts, she pulls the shorts down letting go of my nuts. I quickly pulled it up and ran out of the kitchen “What is wrong with you?” I asked standing on the stairs “didn’t you say you were going to fuck the shit out of my ass? Come on slim… come here show me what you got…” She sat on the table and pulls her panties to the side exposing herself to me, her pussy looked well trimmed and her little fingers started rubbing on it. “Come on s*s, you know I…” “Don’t fucking s*s me you little faggot… all that shit you talk and can’t back it up”
“oh yea”
“yea bitch, look at you, all hard and nothing you can do”
“don’t push me Jaz”
“Ha... and what the fuck are you gonna do?”
“Know what Jaz… “ I shouted “fuck it”
“fuck what? The air?” I walked over to her and lift her little-self up on the table, dropped my shorts and underwear and opened her legs, I honestly did all this (in my mind) in one second, I pushed my hard dick straight into her pussy “What the… oh shit.. oh fuck you.. oh damn” she moaned when I started filling her pussy with my hard dick, she pretended to hit me hard but truly I could feel she was into this hard dick in her pussy. I held her hips and she held on to my hands while I continued to fuck her “yea bitch… yea” I shouted “can’t talk huh?” she didn’t know I had a big phat dick, all I saw was white residue on it. “Oh shit b*o… damn” she said softly “you like that huh you little whore” “damn... damn… oh shit” the kitchen got pretty loud, my body smacking against hers, my dick probably reaching spots she never thought she had and… damn it, I’m fucking her for all the shit she had put me through.

I closed her legs and placed them over my shoulder, I held on tightly to them and started fucking her faster, she started to shake and I grinned, “paw paw paw paw paw” the sound of my body smacking hard against hers “shit b*o….” she said as she squeezed her breasts really hard. “aaaaaaaah shit” she shouted loudly and she squirted all over her own legs, but I didn’t stop, I felt her pussy gripping my dick but it was too wet and juicy to hold on tightly, I picked up the pace.

For some reason I was more into causing her pain then enjoying the moment, but damn it her loose pussy got me heated, sweating and I started to love it.

I pulled out of her and she squirted again, opened her legs and buried my face between her pussy lips, I licked her salty squirt, cleaned her pussy of her cream, I stood up and grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on the floor “get on your fucking hands and knees” I ordered her and she quickly obeyed. Honestly folks, she had very good pussy and now I saw her round ass, I ripped the panties off her and shoved my dick inside of her. This time I started to enjoy her wet hole. Smacked her ass hard many times then held on to her hips, I started fucking her hard again.

Never have I had my dick so hard, I watched it go in and out of her pussy, I pounded it really hard and stopped. I took long deep hard strokes this time. “sshhitt… shit... shit” she moaned, I looked up at the ceiling for a brief moment and I started feeling my balls about to explode, I dug my fingers deeper in her side with my fingers and pushed my dick so hard in her that we both fell down on the floor, I felt my body tremble as I unloaded my hot spunk inside of her, I laid on her back for a few seconds before I could get off.

I pulled out of her and sat back for a second, she was still breathing hard and whining her hips, her pussy was dripping with juices… I mushed her head down and walked off…. “Hey faggot” the bitch had the nerve to call me that after all I did to her just now “thought you were going to fuck the shit out of me… well your dumb ass didn’t”.
... Continue»
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Seeing my sister in law masterbate

Hi this is a true story about my s****r in law called angela I was married to Annette in 92 she is a woman from Jamaica I met online previously in 89 we had 3 c......n it was after the birth of the third one that the encounter took place . Angie came to stay with us for a couple of weeks so that my wife could rest after the birth . She was a stunner about 5 9 150lbs and long legs we didn't have a lot of room in the house so she slept in the sitting room on the sofa . One evening after the c......n went to bed we all were watching TV when my wife said she was tired and went to bed. We continued watching TV for a while and I noticed angie was texting and receiving numerous messages with someone I asked if was missing al her other half she said yes rather nervously . That seemed strange to me but then got up and said she was going to the toilet, whilst she was gone I noticed her phone was left on the sofa I picked it up and scrolled to see the messages I was shocked to see tha t the messages we're from a number I didn't recognise and the content was about her on the doggy position and taking the cock right up her pussy. I now saw her in a different light I heard the bathroom door open quickly I put her phone back on her sofa she sat and quickly picked up her fine I thought of her on all fours getting a pounding it was dark now so I pulled the curtains closed as I was pulling them I struck up an idea I pulled them so that there was an inch gap between them I had to see what she would do on her own. With that I said goodnight and pretended to go upstairs to bed I sneaked out to the back garden and peered through the open window and gap in the curtain my mouth was so dry as I could see her as she relaxed on the sofa she was stroking her thigh gently she had such long legs it was a joy to behold she then rang a number on her mobile I couldn't hear what was said because she seemed to be talking quietly but I could see she was getting turned on by it and believe me so was I , she now had spread her legs open and was stroking her pussy , I was getting turned on myself I had hold of my penis and felt it was hard as rock I started rubbing furiously, she had her fingers inside her pussy now and was master bating I couldn't believe it my s....r in law master bating in my sitting room her nightdress had ridden right up now and she was holding her breasts then she he'd it up and put a nipple into her mouth I gave out a gasp I was worried that she might of heard me she did look up towards the window I held my breath and stood still my cock standing proud out in front of me, she carried on sucking on her nipple only stopping to talk on her lover on her done this went on for about 15mins I suppose when she shuddered and gasped and had an almighty orgasm I could hold back no longer and I spurted my cum all over the window must of been about 10spurts she then got up and went to the bathroom I rushed inside and checked her fine and saw this number that wasn't her husbands I thought I wanted her as we'll there must be a way I could do this and there was I did have her but that's another story ............. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you... Continue»
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Mother in law - seduction and games part II

After our last encounter, I spent the next few days trying to figure out if she remembered what happened that magical night. I am starting to realize that she

A.) Does not remember
B.) She is trying to forget or pretending that nothing happened
C.) She really does not know what happened

Regardless, it was still an amazing night and could not believe it actually happened.

The next weekend was just another weekend, we planned dinner with my in laws at this fancy little steakhouse downtown. We were celebrating my early birthday since my father in law was going to be out of town the next weekend. This really was not my type of restaurant but it was their treat and they insisted.

When we got to the restaurant I saw my mother in law standing in the waiting area wearing this blue dress that hugged her beautiful thick ass, which complemented her piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. Her cleavage was perfect and all I wish for that night was motor boating that juicy tits.

As we walked up to her parents, my wife hugged her mother first then her dad. I went in to hug my mother in law and in doing so I took a whiff of her scent and her tits just pushing on my chest. As she was backing away from the hug, my hand "accidentally" glided down and in a subtle way touching her ass.

When we were seated I purposely sat next to my mother in law and my wife. My wife and my father in law were busy talking about his trip so this gave me and my mother in law time to chat.

We talked about my job, her job, and just things between me and her daughter. While chatting I could not help look down her cleavage, and I could not help looking at it from time to time. She then mentioned her husband's trip and that she would feel lonely the whole week in an empty house. She asked if we can stop by from time to time to keep her company.

I could not help myself but I told her to just stay over our house for the week. She was a little apprehensive worrying she would just get in our way. I told her that is nonsense and we could use another hand with cooking and cleaning.

With excitement she gladly accepts and she will start Monday by making Chilli. It was my favorite meal and noone makes it better than she does.

Monday came and the game has already started. I came home and there was my mother in law wearing a t shirt and short shorts. She looked amazing and I know she was putting on a show again not wearing that bra.

I decided to try to out do her by going to the basement and start running on a treadmill. I knew seeing me running on a treadmill without a shirt and wearing just a basketball short would get her to lose it. To make things more interesting I wore the silky shorts that outlines my package.

After getting the Chilli ready she came down to do some laundry. She stopped by and said hello and just wanted to let me know Dinner will be ready soon. She also told me that my wife called and she will be home as soon as she can just stuck in traffic.

I continued to run on the treadmill and looking at the reflection from the cabinet infront of me, I noticed her checking me out. I stopped my treadmill and walked over to where my mother in law was. She was loading our laundry in so she her head was about waist high. I decided to walk up next to her and grab a towel off of the cabinet above the washer. I turned around and I know she sees my stuff.

Not trying to be obvious I did not give her too long of a preview and walked upstairs to shower. When I came down there was my wife with my mother in law sitting in the kitchen table. It's about time said my wife jokingly. I smiled and replied it takes time to look this good. My mother in law smiled and said to get a room.

After dinner my wife went upstairs to take a shower and I decided to help my mother in law rinse some dishes. She complained about her back pain and asked me if I know a good chiropractor. I told her that I remembered this trick I saw a friend do to crack someone's back. I told her to put her hand crossed and place it across her chest. I came behind her and wrapped my arms around her holding her by her elbow. I then picked her up and cracked her back. While this was going on My dick was tucked up my short and just gently grinded between her ass.

She turned around to look at me and then she said nice try with a big smile. Somewhat afraid that she caught what I did, I was speechless. She then responded that her back was still sore and that didnt help her at all.

Again was she serious? Did she not realize my dick grinding on her ass. My dick is not small by any means. Well I just smiled and apologized. I told her I thought that would have worked. I went to the living room and put on a movie. My wife came down just in time and my mother in law sat in the other couch.

The movie was pretty graphic sexually and was getting me horny. I grabbed a blanket for my wife and I and also got my mother in law her blanket. As part of my ploy to seduce my mother in law, I thought nothing could be better than me finger fucking her daughter. As the movie continues, I put my hand on my wife's thigh rubbing it gently. Then making my way up to her tight pussy.

I pulled her shorts down just enough to give me more room. I started by gently caressing her lips and working my way down. I started by slipping a finger and then two. I started working on that pussy rubbing her g spot and within seconds she quietly squealed and she began spraying my hand. I looked across and noticed my mother in law's blanket moving gently and then in dawned on me. She was having a little solo action herself.

I watched her as she continues to work on herself. Then within minutes she began to shake and her legs squeezed tightly together. That's my girl!

As soon as she got her composure, she said goodnight and went upstairs. My wife was out like a light. I woke her up and told her to go to bed. I then got up walked upstairs. I decided to stop by the guest bathroom and jackpot my inlaws panties nice and wet. I picked it up and took a big whiff. It was amazing. I could not help myself and just started sucking on that juice she left behind. I sucked almost every single drop i could take and could not think of anything better than eating her pussy.

I went back into our room so horny. I could not help myself and just wanted more. I pulled my wife's panty down and started licking her up and down. I worked the clit and finger her at the same time. Within minutes she was wide awake and was ready to have an orgasm. She kept screaming yes baby over and over again until she screamed and began to convulse. I took my dick and started to fuck her. I fucked her harder and harder picturing my mother in law. I kept fucking her harder and harder until she was curling into a ball and now she's screaming oh my god baby oh my god baby. I am cummingggggg!

She collapsed and her eyes rolled back. I came instantly and almost screamed out the wrong name.

We both collapsed and fell right asl**p.

The next morning my wife had already left for work and I was still lying naked in my bed. My mother in law knocked on the door to try to wake me up. And not realizing I was naked she walked in and caught a full view. I pretended to stay asl**p wondering what she would do next. Surprisingly she walked closer to try to get a peak and she started to reach for my cock and before she could touch me she ran away. All I can think off is that her conscience got the better of her.

That night after getting home from work I began faking a sickness. I already got the next day off. I had dinner went to bed.

The next day my mother in law came up to my room to make me breakfast. She asked what I wanted and I told her sl**p. She then came back up with eggs and bacon. Also brought a cough medicine with some sl**ping aid.

She said she would be back soon to check on me. I ate my breakfast and pretended I was asl**p. She checked on me to see if I was asl**p. She started by calling my name and no response. Then she started poking me harder and harder nothing. Then out of the blue she pulled my boxers down and she began to suck my dick.

After a couple of minutes she started to strip and she got on top of me. Next thing I knowthis beautiful woman started to fuck me. She tried different positions and once she got on the reverse cowgirl I could not keep it in.

I came all inside her just spraying her over and over again. She got up and my cum drips out of her pussy and into my cock. Mrs. X turned around and licked every single drop.

Now it's my turn. Should I pretend that when I wake up nothing happened? Tell her I knew what happened? Blackmail her for more sex? Well what ever it is the ball is not in my court and her ass is mine! Literally ;)... Continue»
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Help from s****r in Law Ch 3

"I didn't know what I was supposed to do," he tells her.

"Jesus Christ, Tim!" Rhonda admonishes him. "Can't you see she's reaching out to you? Don't make her grab your dick before you're willing to respond!"

"I just wasn't in the mood," he says, turning onto his side. "I was thinking about today and being with you..." Rhonda jumps to her feet and glares down at him.

"Oh no!" she yells, pointing her finger at him. "That's not what this is about! I am not your girlfriend or your mistress or whatever. This is fucking, just fucking! That's all it is." she tells him. "You are not using me as an excuse for what you do or don't do with Sharon!" She stands there, her firm tits heaving up and down as she clenches and un-clenches her fists.

"I'm not using you as an excuse for anything," Tim says quietly, "and I know it's just fucking, okay!" He spits the words back at her. "I just wasn't in the mood last night, that's all."

"Well, you're going to be in the mood tonight," Rhonda says, crushing her cigarette in a water glass and sitting on the edge of the bed. Her anger starts subsiding as quickly as it arose. "I'll just have to send you home ready, willing and able," she says, matter of fact-ly. "Come on. Let's take a shower. Your dick is nasty," she laughs, smacking him on the ass, before heading into the bathroom.

Tim follows her into the shower, where they spend the next half hour lathering soap over each other's bodies. Rhonda spends a lot of time soaping his genitals, running her fingers along his shaft, and tantalizing his balls with her fingernails. After they rinse off, Rhonda kneels on the tile floor and Tim feels her breath on his hard cock as she lifts it up and drags her tongue along the underside of it

"Mmmmm," he closes his eyes as Rhonda's lips touch his cock head and her tongue flicks the small slit on its tip. Slowly feeding him into her mouth, she sucks her cheeks in and glides his cock head towards her throat. Oh fuck! She's deep throating him! Tim grabs her hair and starts pumping his fully recovered cock into her talented mouth.

"Oh God! Rhonda!" Tim says as the tension builds in his balls and his fingers entwine in his s****r-in-law's hair.

"Huh uh!" Rhonda says, after pulling his hands from her head and letting his hard cock plop from her sultry mouth. "Save something for Sharon," she smiles.

"Come on, Rhonda!" Tim pleads. "I was just about to cum!" She wraps her arms around his neck, mashing her tits against his chest as she grinds her pussy against his cock.

"I know but Sharon is reaching out, Tim," she says as he cups her ass cheeks and tries to lift her onto his cock. "Now you can reach back." She steps away from him and his hard cock springs out in front of him.

Tim just looks at her. She's just standing here, naked in the shower, with her aroused nipples taunting him and her hairy pussy calling to him. Goddamn it! She's right, but that's not what's important right now.

"Okay," he sighs. "I'll fuck Sharon, but that's not until later tonight," he whines. "Can't we just finish this? You know, I can get it up later."

"Look, Tim," she says, stepping closer and grabbing his hand. "Feel that?" she asks, rubbing his fingers through her wet pussy. "I want this as much as you do and I believe you'll fuck your wife even if we finish..."

"But..." Tim says, waiting for her argument.

"But, you'll fuck her more enthusiastically if we stop now," Rhonda says, pulling his hand away and stepping out of the shower. "Want to draw cards for next week?" she asks.

"Sure," Tim says, his shoulders slumping as he follows her out of the shower.

"Hey, cheer up," Rhonda says. "You fucked my pussy, my ass and my mouth today. It's not like I'm holding out on you," she says, kissing him as she picks up her panties and starts getting dressed.

"You're right," he says as they finish getting dressed and draw cards for next week. Rhonda draws a standard sixty-nine and Tim draws a doggie style ass fuck. Raising his eyebrows he looks at her and she shrugs.

"Your wife's waiting," she smiles and they kiss politely as if they were never lovers, and head out the door.

Sharon has dinner ready when Tim gets home. She's been in a quandary all day, worried about Tim's lack of response and the meaning of her dream about her b*****r. She can't blame Tim; she hasn't exactly been the perfect wife. How did she expect him to react? Did she think he'd just forget the whole first year of their marriage and start fucking her brains out?

She went through her classes on autopilot, collecting homework and handing out assignments. About midway through her day, she started worrying that Tim would never respond to her. What if he's found someone else? Would he have an affair? He seems to have resigned himself to their unusual sexual relationship. Was that because he'd found another outlet for his desires?

By the time she got home from work, Sharon had dismissed the idea of Tim having an affair and replaced her worries with something else. What if Tim fucked her and there weren't any rockets?

What if she only reacted that way with her b*****r? Her dream had been so vivid. She relived riding her b*****r's cock and the feeling of the pleasure rockets shooting through her body.

They ate dinner, made small talk and then watched some TV until time to go to bed. Tim thinks about staying up and jacking off in front of his computer but decides that Rhonda is probably right; Sharon is finally reaching out to him. He watches her disappear into the bathroom as he gets ready for bed.

Lying in the semi-darkness, naked under the covers, Tim waits for the bathroom door to open. He's wondering if his wife will come to bed naked again and what it will mean to their love making if she does. Still horny from his unfulfilled final minutes with Rhonda, his cock stirs as the doorknob turns.

Light from the bathroom silhouettes his wife's gorgeous body and his cock springs to attention at the sight of her. Completely naked, Sharon momentarily hesitates in the doorway and Tim views her perfectly sculpted curves with renewed anticipation. Forget Rhonda! She can't hold a candle to Sharon's stunningly proportioned body.

Sharon turns off the light and walks nervously towards the bed. Her uncertainty diminishes when Tim invitingly pulls back the covers for her. He's lying on his side and she slips in next to him, jerking back when she accidentally brushes her thigh against his hardened cock. She settles onto her back hoping Tim will make the first move.

Anxious to explore his wife's body, but aware that this is a big step for her, Tim gently places his hand on his wife's cheek and turns her face towards him. As his lips find hers, he lovingly caresses her cheek.

Sharon shivers and tiny goose bumps dot her shoulders and breasts as Tim's fingers glide down her neck. With his tongue exploring his wife's mouth, Tim slowly moves his hand down to cup her magnificently exposed breast.

"Mmm," a small moan escapes Sharon's lips when Tim's thumb lightly strokes the inner curve of her right breast. Her nakedness feels sinful, but her insides are on fire as her husband's fingers squeeze her breast and his thumb brushes across her taut nipple. Returning his passionate kiss, her legs instinctively part and her thigh again bumps against her husband's hard-on.

Tim wants to further explore his wife's mouthwatering tits and suck on her thick nipples but he's worried about how long her willingness will last. Reluctantly he releases her tantalizing breast and slides his hand down across her flat stomach, combing his fingers through her soft pubic hair.

Momentarily disappointed that Tim didn't spend more time with her breasts, Sharon's heart thumps in her chest as his hand slides between her legs. Forgoing any artificial lubricant in hopes of a more natural coupling, she is surprised at the lack of any friction when his fingers graze her outer labia.

Damn! If Sharon is surprised, Tim is downright shocked at how wet his wife's pussy is. His fingers glide right through her slick lips and slip inside her before he even realizes it.

"Ahhhhhh!" Sharon breaks the kiss and drops her head on her pillow as tremors of pleasure surge through her body. She can't believe she's waited a whole year for this. If she's sinning, then so be it...her whole body is trembling with the more pleasure than she expected.

Tim twists his fingers around in his wife's well-lubricated pussy while his thumb gently massages her aroused clit. When she broke the kiss, he leaned his head down and sucked her closest nipple into his mouth and now he's finger fucking her and devouring her succulent tit.

"OhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHH!" Sharon's body responds to her husband's explorations with a spontaneous burst of orgasmic pleasure. Holding his head against her sensitive breast, she thrusts her hips up, grinding her pussy against his hand.

Feeling his wife's body shudder, Tim doesn't hesitate to take it to the next level. Raising his body over hers, he pulls his fingers from her pussy and lifts his head from her breast. Pressing his lips to hers and pushing his tongue into her mouth, he gently slides his rock hard cock into her anxiously wet opening.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Sharon moans into Tim's mouth when she feels his hard cock penetrate her pulsating pussy. This is what lovemaking should be, she thinks as her hips rock in rhythm to her husband's rapidly pumping cock.

Tim can hardly believe this is the same woman he's been sl**ping with for the past year. Not only is she sexually responsive, she's actually hungry for his cock. Her legs are spread wider than he's ever experienced and she's driving her pussy onto his cock like a woman in heat! Even Rhonda isn't this wanton.

He feels his release building as he rams his cock into his wife's fiery pussy. She's completely out of control, digging her fingernails into his ass cheeks and silently urging him to fuck her harder. He can't hold out much longer. His balls constrict and he slams into her; three long, urgent strokes, exploding on the third downward stroke with a thunderous expulsion of built up cum.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Sharon is right with him, shaking and shivering through her first orgasm since her i****tuous coupling with her b*****r years ago. Squeezing her husband tightly to her breasts, she rides out wave after wave of wondrously intense pleasure. Then his mouth is on hers and she's trying to catch her breath around the warmth of his moist tongue.

As her muscles relax, she savors the feeling of him still filling her insides and pulsating pleasurable shivers through her sensitive vaginal walls. Why oh why did she ever have to fuck her b*****r?

"I love you," Tim says as Sharon squeezes her pussy around his spent cock. Leaning his head up, he kisses her forehead and then each cheek, noticing tiny teardrops in the corner of her eyes.

"I'm so sorry..." Sharon whispers.

"Shh... it's okay," Tim brushes his lips against hers. "It's more than okay... it's wonderful." His cock is stirring within her hot, velvety pussy.

"Oh, it is so wonderful... that's why I'm sorry I made you wait a whole year." Her eyes plead forgiveness but all Tim feels is love for his beautiful, sexy wife.

"You're worth waiting for," he tells her as he gently rocks his hips, trying to coax his cock toward a faster recovery.

"I love you so much!" Sharon sobs, squeezing her husband tightly while her pussy responds to the subtle movements of his cock. Ohhh! He feels so good. "I'm going to be a more loving wife, Tim. You'll see," she vows as her hips pick up his rhythm and her lips find his.

Tim can't begin to understand what caused Sharon's sudden change, but he's not about to question it. With his cock nearly at full recovery, he rocks faster, wondering what else his wife's sexual awakening might mean... oral sex? anal sex? If not, he still has Wednesdays with Rhonda.

True to her word, Sharon becomes the sexually willing wife Tim has always dreamed about, crawling into bed naked and ready every night of the week. Tim is hesitant to change anything in their routine but is constantly thinking about doing more, including eating his wife's pussy. After their fourth night of enthusiastic, missionary position fucking, Sharon surprises Tim by changing the routine.

Crawling into bed, she pushes Tim onto his back and kneels beside him. Pressing her warm lips to his, she spreads her hand across his chest in light caresses before letting it roam down his body towards his semi-erect cock. Tim is fully aroused by the time she wraps her hand around his thick shaft, gently stroking up and down as their tongues entwine in a passionate kiss.

Tim reacts instantly to his wife's touch and begins fondling her tits as she swings her leg over him. With her wet pussy positioned over his cock and her fingers still holding him, she rubs his cock head across her moist lips and then feeds him into her slick opening as she lowers herself down. Fuck! This is what he's been waiting for, Sharon taking the initiative in their lovemaking. Anything is possible now!

"Mmmmm!" Sharon moans, breaking the kiss as she pushes her husband's hard cock into her anxious pussy. When he's fully inside of her, she sits up and squeezes her vaginal muscles as she squirms around to get into the exact position she was in the only other time she has sat on a cock.

With his hard cock sheathed in the buttery heat of his wife's pussy, Tim has no idea that Sharon is trying to recreate the feelings she had on that i****tuous morning back in college. He's just excited by her sexual adventurousness and reaches up to squeeze her luscious tits and pinch her taut nipples.

"Oh yeah!" he cries as she starts rocking back and forth, working her pussy muscles on his hard shaft. He kneads the soft flesh of her full breasts as she develops a steady rhythm on his cock.

Working from memory, with vivid images from her dream thrown in, Sharon tries desperately to recreate the explosive sensations she felt when she rode her b*****r's cock. Her recent lovemaking with her husband has been wonderful and she's completely addicted to the orgasmic bliss he brings her to every night, but it hasn't had the same intensity that she remembers from her forbidden coupling with her b*****r. She wants that same feeling with her husband.

Tim is in heaven as his wife rides him like a wild woman, bouncing so frantically that she almost bounces off of him. He gives up trying to hold onto her tits and lets them bounce freely against her chest as her pussy flies up to the tip of his cock and slams back down. He's amazed that this woman assaulting his cock is the same person who told him he was being a little rough a couple of weeks ago. He grabs her hips and thrusts up into her, matching her frenetic rhythm as he tries to hold back his impending release. Fuck! Tomorrow he's going to eat her pussy! He didn't realize how ready she was for more intense lovemaking. Wait until Rhonda hears about this!

"Ohhhhhh!" Sharon cries as she viciously hammers her pussy onto her husband's cock, reaching for that elusive memory of rocket launches that lives inside her brain from so long ago. Her pussy is on fire and Tim's cock feels fantastic, but it isn't igniting her passion like she thought it would... like she needs it to... like it was...

With her eyes closed, she can see her b*****r's face contorted in pleasure as the rockets started to launch. Stop it! Stop it! She admonishes herself. Opening her eyes, she stares at her husband's face as she feels her orgasm build.

"Oh! Sharon!" Tim screams as she drives them both to intense orgasms, clamping her vaginal muscles around his cock as it spasms inside of her. Tim's release is powerful and he thrusts his cock deep inside of her as he shoots into his wife's reawakened pussy.

Sharon collapses on her husband's chest, depleted, exhausted and... disappointed. She thought it was the position. She can't... won't think about the alternative. She loves Tim. There was nothing wrong with her orgasm. She feels very... warm and satisfied. Maybe there never were any rockets... maybe that was her imagination... maybe because it was her first time... it has nothing to do with it being her b*****r. Then why was she picturing his face? Tears trickle from her eyes as Tim's hands spread across her naked ass. She holds back the tears and presses her lips to his.

As much as she tries to fight it, Sharon is distracted the entire next day by thoughts of rocket launching orgasms. She is obsessing about achieving them with her husband. Since it's not the position, what is it? She teaches her class on autopilot, barely acknowledging her students'

questions as she tries to sort it out in her mind. She won't let herself speculate that only her b*****r who can give her this feeling. That's an unacceptable conclusion that she won't even entertain. She dismisses this notion over and over.

Tim is almost as inattentive to his class as Sharon is to hers but for different reasons. His mind is still reeling from the shocking turn of events last night. His nearly frigid wife riding his cock like a bronco tamer, her firm tits bouncing all over her chest is all he can think about. He sits behind his desk most of the day to hide his raging hard-on. He can't wait to take it to the next level tonight. He can almost taste her.

Sharon and Tim are both nervously anxious as they eat dinner and discuss their respective classes. Neither one can wait to get to bed but they go through the motions of a normal evening, watching TV and commenting on their favorite shows. By the time they reach a respectable hour to turn in, Tim is hard as a rock and Sharon's pussy is dripping with desire.

This time it's Tim's turn to surprise Sharon as he pushes her onto her back and kisses his way across her chest. Sharon, already aroused from a full day of imagining rocket-launching orgasms, holds her husband's head against her chest as he sucks and nibbles on her hardened nipples.

Emboldened by his wife's reaction, Tim slowly kisses his way down her body, licking her smooth skin as he heads for the elusive treasure.

Sharon suppresses a gasp as she realizes what her husband is about to do. Oh no! That's so indecent. Only whores would let someone do that. No decent woman lets her husband do this. She squirms uncomfortably as Tim kneels between her legs. Only a slut would.... Ohmygod!

Tim spreads his wife's legs, looking directly into her pussy for the first time. Fuck! Her lips are so wet, glistening from her juices and broadcasting her arousal. Glancing up, he sees her taut nipples pointing straight at the ceiling and a noticeable look of panic on her face. Uh oh! He better move fast. As she squirms around and starts to close her legs, Tim pushes his tongue against her wet pussy lips and takes one long stroke from the bottom of her slit to her clit.

"Ohhhhhh!" Sharon moans as he repeats the long lick and she u*********sly spreads her thighs to give him more room. She's never felt anything like this. How could something like this be wrong? She feels his tongue penetrate her pussy and she grabs the back of his head, arching her back as she pulls him tighter against her inflamed opening.

Tim responds by taking a deep breath and attacking his wife's pussy more vigorously than before. Her frothy syrup is so delicious, he laps up the sweet nectar while she bucks her hips off the bed and crushes his face into her pubic hair. Her scent is intoxicating as he breathes through his nose and tongue fucks her aching pussy.

"Oh my god!" Sharon cries when Tim moves to her clit, flicking his tongue across it before he sucks it into his mouth. The unexpected sensations drive her completely wild.

"Oh! Ohh! Ohhh! Ohhhhh!" Sharon screams as her orgasm builds and Tim pushes two fingers into her soggy pussy. She is humping against his face like a mad woman, her fingers entangled in his hair so he can't pull away. He sucks on her clit while continuing to pump his fingers in and out of her hot pussy.

"Oh! Tim! Oh! Don't stop!" Sharon clenches her pussy around his fingers, jerking wildly as her whole body shakes. Her head and shoulders come off the bed as her orgasm erupts and she gushes hot cream all over his hand. He slowly extracts his fingers and slides his mouth down to hungrily lap up her delectable juices.

Sharon falls back on the bed, releasing her grip on her husband's head as he licks all around, cleaning up her quivering pussy with his tongue. Oh God! It wasn't skyrockets but it was incredibly close. She doesn't know what just happened but it feels divine. Okay, bad choice of words, maybe heavenly. No! Isn't that how Paul described their lovemaking. Why is she thinking about Paul at a time like this?

Before she can think about it any further, Tim has licked his way up her body and is pressing his hard manhood into her very welcoming pussy.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Sharon spreads her legs and wraps her arms tightly around her husband's back as he plunges into her in one swift stroke. Yes! This may be it!

Tim is ecstatic! His wife loved having her pussy eaten and now she's rocking under him like a house afire! He rapidly pumps his throbbing cock into her as she turns her lips towards his.

Without thinking Sharon drives her tongue deep into Tim's mouth as she bucks her hips up to meet his powerful strokes. Her pussy is on fire and she claws his back as she tries to quench the incredible desire that has built up inside of her.

What the...! It takes nanoseconds for her brain to process that the tangy taste on his tongue is her own orgasmic juices. Oh God! No! This is so wrong! She tries to pull her head back but there is no room and Tim is returning her kiss by vigorously pushing his tongue into her mouth, pinning her head against her pillow. It never occurs to him that she tastes her own pussy juice as he jackhammers his cock into her at breakneck speed.

Conflicting emotions are tearing through Sharon's brain. Her pussy can't get enough of his hard cock while her mouth is repulsed from the taste of her own love juice. Oh God! She is a whore!

She has become what her b*****r warned her about... and she can't even stop! She grabs Tim's ass, urging him to continue his pounding rhythm, rocking him on top of her as another orgasm builds from deep within her cavern.

She never knew an orgasm could build for so long. Her rocket-launching orgasm with her b*****r exploded without any warning. This is totally different. This is mind numbing, life altering, unadulterated lust! Suddenly Tim's mouth even tastes lustfully delicious. She grabs the back of his head and plunges her tongue deep inside his mouth, sweeping it around and devouring the tangy aphrodisiac.

When Tim finally realizes what his wife is doing with her tongue, the erotic imagery sends pulsating sensations to his cock and he has trouble holding back his release. He slams into her, grinding his pelvic bone against her clit and driving her to the summit.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhaaaaaaagggghhhh" Sharon screams as her orgasm rips through her body, momentarily blinding her as she nearly passes out. Her chest is heaving and her pussy is quivering as Tim explodes inside of her and they collapse in a heap on the bed. Tim relaxes on top of his wife's body and enjoys the pulsating sensations around his spent cock. They fall asl**p wrapped in each other's arms.

The next night is almost an exact replay, with Tim eating his wife through a lengthy orgasm before pounding his solid cock into her anxious pussy. Sharon reacts even more enthusiastically to his oral machinations, entangling her fingers in his hair and arching her back as she rocks her pussy against his mouth. When he slides his hard cock into her sopping wet hole, she doesn't hesitate to plunge her tongue into his pussy-flavored mouth. Their bodies rock together in an explosive, lust-filled frenzy that weakens them both and they again succumb to peaceful, exhaustive sl**p.

For the past few weeks, Tuesdays have been a high anticipation day for Tim as he looked forward to his Wednesday afternoons with Rhonda. But this week his mind is fully occupied with thoughts of his wife. Even Keisha's generous cleavage, displaying the swell of her mocha colored orbs as she leans across his desk to ask a question, can't distract him from reflecting on the taste of his wife's succulent pussy. He glances down Keisha's blouse but his cock doesn't respond to the partial view of her dark areolas like it has in the past. He's too focused on what he's going to do tonight at home.

Sharon sighs as she inserts the Tampon into her bleeding hole and pushes the string to the side. Pulling her cotton panties up, she takes her nightgown from the hook on the back of the bathroom door. Turning sideways, she looks at herself in the mirror and smiles at the sight of her jutting nipples. She's never thought of herself as sexy before, but this past week Tim has made her feel like the sexiest woman on earth.

Taking a deep breath, she watches her breasts swell and feels the pull of her skin on her taut nipples. Letting her breath out slowly, she tries to hide her disappointment that they won't be able to continue their love fest for a few days. She's surprised by how much she loves the feel of her husband's mouth on her nipples, not to mention what his tongue has done to her everywhere else. She reconsiders the nightgown, hanging it back on its hook. She'll still be able to enjoy the feeling of his skin against her aroused nipples.

Tim's cock is rock hard as he awaits his wife's exit from the bathroom. He still doesn't understand what caused the dramatic change in her but he's not one to overanalyze his good fortune. When the bathroom door opens and Sharon steps into the bedroom, Tim whips the covers back invitingly. It doesn't initially register that his wife isn't completely naked.

When Sharon sees her husband's rock solid manhood extending like a flagpole under the raised sheet, she smiles shyly and imperceptibly shakes her head. Oh no... poor thing... why does she have to have her period now?

"It's that time of the month," she says quietly when her husband notices her panties and gives her a quizzical look.

"Oh... uh... oh... okay," Tim responds as Sharon slides into bed next to him. Never in their year of marriage has her menstrual cycle interfered with their monthly lovemaking. It never occurred to Tim that it might become an issue now that they were making love every night. Clearly disappointed but not wanting to show it, Tim slips his arm around his wife's shoulder and pulls her to him for a kiss.

Sharon sees the disappointment on Tim's face and when his lips meet hers she extends her arm down his body until her fingers gently encircle his rigid shaft. The unexpected maneuver sends a blast of pleasure through Tim's body and he pushes his tongue deep into his wife's mouth. Lightly stroking up and down with her hand, Sharon breaks the kiss and slides her body down lower on the bed, trailing kisses down across his stomach.

Tim can't believe his wife is moving her head down towards his cock! He pushes himself up on his elbows and watches her move into positions between his legs. As she stares wide eyed at his throbbing hard-on, Tim mentally urges her forward. Come on... you can do this.

Sharon continues her slow motion strokes on her husband's cock while she wonders what the hell she was thinking. Her face is inches from the smooth round head and bulging veins of her husband's thick shaft. She's never seen it close up before. She blinks her eyes, but it's still there.

Oh God, she can't do this! She can't put his penis in her mouth. That's filthy... that's slutty...that's not what good wives do! No, but do good wives let their husbands induce fabulous orgasms with their tongues. What about what Tim's been doing the last couple of days... didn't that feel wonderful?

Sharon's hesitation is surprisingly having a stimulating effect on Tim's cock. As he watches her struggle with what to do, his cock is throbbing ever harder in her warm hand. He knows she's never done this before, never had her mouth this close to a hard cock and it's almost as if one of his student's is performing her first blowjob. No, scratch that... his students are probably all more experienced than his wife.

How bad can it taste, Sharon wonders? Closing her eyes, she slowly extends her tongue and swipes it across the smooth head of her husband's penis. Hardly any taste at all. She licks her lips and does it again.

"Ohhh yeah!" Tim moans as his wife's tongue makes contact with his aching cockhead. Encouraged by his reaction, Sharon slides her hand down and licks a circle around his cock just under the domed head.

"Oh!" Tim gasps when Sharon's tongue hits the sweet spot on the underside of his cock. She jerks her head back.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asks, startled by his reaction.

"No! Just the opposite," he cries, "you're doing everything just right!"

Sharon smiles weakly and returns her attention to his thick shaft. Pulling it straight down towards her mouth, she swirls her tongue around it and starts licking it like an ice cream cone.

Tim is in heaven as his wife licks up and down his throbbing cock. He stifles a moan as her tongue sends electric pulses through his sensitive skin. Pressing his heels into the bed and arching his back, he pushes his cockhead towards Sharon's moist lips. Come on, he silently pleads, suck it.

Sharon pulls her mouth away and takes a deep breath before continuing to lick the sides of her husband's penis. She knows what he wants her to do and she's really trying to find the courage to do it. Licking him isn't as disgusting as she thought it would be. In fact, she's actually enjoying it and becoming quite aroused in the process. But the idea of him ejaculating into her mouth has her scared to death. What if she gags? What if she throws up? What kind of wife would she be then?

Sharon's licking is having it's affect on Tim's cock and he's bucking his hips off the bed hoping she'll take it in her mouth before he cums. Resisting the urge to grab the back of her head, he grips the sheet and continues to push his cock towards her mouth. Forgetting his surprise that she's down there at all, he just wants her to suck his dick!

Sharon experiments a little by sucking on the side of his stiff penis and Tim emits a guttural moan as the tension builds in his balls. Finally ready to take the plunge, Sharon squeezes her eyes closed and opens her lips into a wide, round circle. Tim holds his breath and watches her slowly guide the head of his cock into mouth.

"Ohmygod!" Tim cries as Sharon closes her lips around his cockhead. He tries desperately to push more of his cock into his wife's mouth but her hand has a death grip around it. Her lips are soft and her wet tongue is moving all over his cockhead as Sharon tries to figure out what to do with it.

Sharon feels so slutty with her husband's penis in her mouth but it's turning her on like crazy. She never expected how sensually erotic it would feel. Moving her tongue around she makes room for more of it and slides her lips down a little farther. Her mouth is stretched open and she tries to remember if her b*****r's penis is this wide. Ohmygod! Where did that come from? This is a hell of time to be thinking about Paul or his penis! Before she has a chance to consider the implications, Tim's cock erupts inside her mouth.

"Aarrrrgggghhh!" Tim groans as his orgasm hits and he shoots a powerful load of cum into his wife's warm mouth. He can't believe it! Even as hesitant and reluctant as she was, Sharon actually sucked him off! His body jerks convulsively as he releases his built up load.

Surprised by the blast of hot liquid, Sharon jerks her head back and covers her mouth with her hand. Gagging on Tim's sperm, she jumps from the bed, spitting the gooey substance into her palm as she runs to the bathroom.

"Shit!" Tim sighs, quickly grabbing his cock and massaging the last few spurts of cum out as his wife disappears into the bathroom. He figures that's the last blowjob he'll ever see from her. Damn!

Sharon washes Tim's sperm from her hand and rinses her mouth but it's not enough. She grabs her toothbrush and squeezes a huge dollop of toothpaste on it. While scrubbing her mouth, Sharon looks at herself in the mirror. "Well what did you think was going to happen?" she silently asks herself. Smiling at the absurdity of her question, she watches her breasts swing from side to side as she scrubs her teeth. Her nipples are still hard and she's still very aroused. She rinses her mouth and takes a deep breath before returning to the bedroom.

Tim watches his wife scurry across the room and slide into bed next to him. He wonders what he should say but his wife speaks first.

"I'm so sorry," Sharon says as she cuddles up next to him and kisses him on the mouth.

"What?" Tim asks, breaking the kiss. "You have nothing to be sorry for. That felt so good."

"Until the end," Sharon sheepishly adds. "I promise I'll do better next time." Next time? Did she just say next time? Tim's grin is as wide as his face.

"I love you!" Tim declares as he kisses his wife's face.

"I wanted to make you feel as good as you've been making me feel." Sharon stares into his eyes.

"You did!" Tim retorts. "God, if you only knew how nice that was."

"I don't want it to be nice," she protests. "The way you've made me feel these past few nights has been so far beyond nice. You'll see..." Her voice drifts off as she wraps her arms around her husband and presses her taut nipples into his warm skin. Tim squeezes her tightly and smiles. Damn!

Wednesday afternoon while Tim is racing across town to meet Rhonda, Sharon is doing something she never imagined she would do; she's searching porn sites on her computer. Using google, she types in 'blowjob instruction' and is surprised at how many hits she gets. Clicking through blogs, descriptions and videos, she's nearly overwhelmed by the amount of material.

Embarrassed, and admittedly a little aroused, Sharon checks the clock. Today is Tim's tutoring day so she has time to explore some of these websites. Unsure about whether this is the right thing to do, she reads a few instructional, text only pages, before venturing over to the videos. After seeing most of the key points repeated several times, she takes a deep breath and clicks on a video site that advertises 'mind blowing blowjob techniques'.

"Oh my!" Sharon gasps when a page displays women of all ages and ethnicities performing fellatio on men with just as varied penis shapes and sizes. Her breathing escalates as she watches multiple videos of naked women licking, stroking, sucking and making even the largest penis disappear into their mouths.

"I'll never be able to do that!" she cries at the screen when a young woman, trying to look like a teenager, takes a penis deep into her throat. Before she knows it, Sharon is squirming in her chair and her nipples are pushing against the fabric of her bra.

"This is ridiculous!" she tells herself, when she realizes how sexually aroused she is becoming. For someone who gets embarrassed at 'R' rated movies, this is like the proverbial train wreck that you can't look away from. None of the videos stop with the blowjobs either. She watches men and women engage in a variety of positions for both intercourse and oral sex. Sharon folds her arms across her swollen nipples and squeezes her legs together as she tries to put this into perspective.

"Okay. I can see why this is such a lucrative industry," Sharon says aloud as she presses the palms of her hands against her breasts and tries to calm her breathing. She's never seen anything like this. "I just need to approach this like any other research project," she announces to the empty room. Reluctantly removing her hands from her aroused breasts, she opens a blank page in word and makes notes of the key points she's seen and read. There seem to be five key factors in a successful blowjob:

Stimulate with your hand and your mouth

Keep the penis lubricated with plenty of saliva

Use your other hand to stimulate the testicles

Learn to judge when he's going to ejaculate

Enthusiasm supersedes technique

Sharon smiles when she rereads her notes. It's just like learning any new skill, she tells herself. One of the websites said that 'sperm is an acquired taste' and encourages women to swallow it once and they'll see there's nothing to it. Must have been written by a guy, she muses, but then realizes that she doesn't really remember the taste. It was the idea of swallowing it rather than the taste that made her gag. Well, if other women can do it...

Another website suggested practicing with a dildo, banana, cucumber or popsicle. She certainly doesn't have a dildo... no bananas or cucumbers... she opens her freezer; yes! popsicles. Sharon checks the clock again; she still has a couple of hours before Tim gets home. After deleting her browser history and shutting down the computer, Sharon strips off her clothes and draws a bath before grabbing a popsicle from the freezer.

"You won't believe what's been happening this past week," Tim says, bursting into the hotel room as soon as Rhonda opens the door. "We've been fucking every single night!" Rhonda closes the door. She's never seen Tim this animated. His words fly out of his mouth as he waves his arms around. "She even let me eat her pussy!" Rhonda folds her arms over her naked breasts and stares at Tim with disbelief. "Last night Sharon gave me a fucking blow job! She started her period and..." Rhonda grabs Tim's arm, turns him to face her and clamps her hand over his mouth.

"Stop!" Rhonda says, cutting him off mid-sentence. Tim freezes like a statue and Rhonda drops her hand from his mouth. "You've got a lot to learn about affair etiquette," she admonishes him with a gentle push against his chest. "You don't come busting into your lover's room, ignore her naked, horny body and start talking about sex with your wife."

"You're right, you're right. I'm sorry." Tim sighs, looking at her as if he's seeing her nakedness for the first time. He reaches out for her but Rhonda steps back shaking her head.

"Maybe after I've been well fucked and satisfied, I'll want to hear about you and Sharon's love life." She turns away from him and opens the door. "Now try it again."

"What?" Tim says as his cock reacts to Rhonda's luscious body.

"I said go out and try it again!" Rhonda grabs his shirtsleeve and pulls him to the open door. Pushing him into the hallway, she adds, "Now, see if you can get it right." She closes the door.

Tim smiles as he knocks on the door for the second time. She's right. I should have been focused on her, not Sharon. Rhonda opens the door as if the last few minutes never happened.

"You look delicious," Tim says, before he takes a step inside the apartment.

"I'm glad you think so," Rhonda purrs, "because I can't wait for you to taste me." Tim steps into the apartment, pulls Rhonda's naked body against his, and kisses her passionately. Sliding his hands down her back, he cups her firm ass cheeks and grinds his hard cock against her pubic mound as their tongues entwine.

"Better?" he asks, kicking off his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt.

"We'll see," she smiles as she makes herself comfortable on the bed. Rhonda puts her hands behind her head and slowly spreads her legs wide open for him. Tim quickly sheds the rest of his clothes without taking his eyes from Rhonda's splayed open pussy. She wasn't k**ding about being horny. Her pussy is glistening with moisture and he hasn't even touched her.

"If I remember correctly, we have a sixty-nine and a doggy style anal card for this week." Tim smiles as he crawls up between Rhonda's outstretched legs.

"Well at least you remembered that," she teases him.... Continue»
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punishment from parent in law chapter 3

After informing me I had to return to their house again the following night for dinner, my Parents in Law told me to get dressed, and suggested I go home and get a good nights sl**p. I respectfully asked if I could go into another room to get dressed, but somehow was not surprised when they told me to get dressed in my special little corner of the lounge while they watched.

I quickly dressed, tried to think of parting words to say to my Parents in Law, but ended up just giving them an embarrassed glance as I beat a hasty retreat to the front door.

Once home I sat in my favourite chair and covered my face with the palms of my hands. I was aware I was being bombarded by an array of physical and emotional sensations. My buttocks felt warm and were tender, but surprisingly not as painful as I would have expected given my two severe spankings I had received today. My mind tried to grapple with the events of the day, and make sense of it all. It helped if I reduced events to their most simplistic base. I had foolishly misbehaved and had been punished. End of story. I tried not to think of my Parents in Law deliberately humiliating me, making me strip naked, and having to display my shaved pubic area to them. My Parents in Law surely had my best interests at heart, didn't they?

I also dare not try to make sense of the fact that my clit was swollen and sensitive.

I ran a bath and attempted to block all thoughts of the last 24 hours out of my head. I thought of Michael. My wonderful husband. I must call him as soon as I am out of the bath.

After chatting to Michael for 45 minutes on the phone I felt relaxed, although I must admit I felt a smidgen guilty when he asked me how my day had been. I told him I had had a wonderful dinner with his parents, and he commented how pleased he was they were looking after me. If only he knew!

I was tired but could not sl**p. My mind kept flashing back to the day's events. I saw myself naked, humiliated, and felt the sensations of being thoroughly spanked by my Parents in Law.

My clit continued to throb unabated. I tried to ignore my need, knowing there was no rational association between the horrors of my day and sexual arousal. But in the end I consoled myself that I had already totally humiliated myself, so completing the day by masturbating was not going to make me feel any worse.

I turned on the light, climbed out of bed, and stood in front of my full-length mirror. I pulled my tee shirt over my head so that I was stark naked. I walked closer to the mirror, as if my Parents in Law were beckoning me forward for a closer look. I could now clearly see my shaved pubic region, with my swollen lips protruding underneath. I visualised the look of lust I had seen in Ben's eyes.

I reached down and easily slid my fingers into my moist inner sanctum. It took only a few short thrusts before my body shuddered with a powerful orgasm. My legs briefly buckled and I had to put my hand on the mirror to support myself.

The strength of my orgasm shocked me, and I took awhile to come back to earth. I staggered back to my bed, as confused as ever but at least the tension within my body had been released. Finally I slept.

The following day, Saturday, I tried to focus on the tasks to be done around the house. I moved mechanically from one menial task to the next. I fought to keep my mind focused on what I was doing. I tried to banish all thoughts of what had happened to me yesterday.

But despite my very best efforts I found my mind wandering back, reliving the humiliation. At times the shame made my eyes teary, but I refused to cry. As the day wore on I found myself reflecting more on my upcoming dinner engagement that night with my Parents in Law. Jane had made it clear I would be punished for being late.

'Was that fair,' I asked myself. Probably not, but I am not sure fairness has a lot to do with my situation. If my Parents in Law feel they must punish me to make me a good wife to Michael, then that is the fact of my predicament. I may not understand it, but I will submit to it. Michael would be back in two days. I will have made my peace with my Parents in Law, and I can get on with my marriage as before.

If only I knew the truth. My life was changing forever.

As the afternoon wore on I began to nervously look at the clock. At 5 p.m. I showered and by 5.30 p.m. I was ready. There was no way I was going to run any risk of being late. Time dragged by, minute-by-minute.

I began to worry if I had worn the right clothing. What does one wear when you know there is a damn good chance you may have to strip in front of your Parents in Law? Most of my bras and panties had been bought with the thought of being sexy for my husband. They were skimpy and lacy. But I was sure my Parents in Law would just see them as reinforcing my sluttish behaviour. In the end I selected a white cotton matching set that seemed to me to be the most conservative lingerie I owned.

Shortly after 6 p.m. I could stand the tension no longer and set off on the short drive to Ben and Jane's. I arrived at their home before 6.15 p.m. so drove around the block twice until it was almost 6.25 p.m. I parked the car and strode up to the doorway. I glanced at my watch. 6.28 p.m. I rung the doorbell. I was proud of myself. Finally I had completed a task successfully. I had turned the corner. I would be a great wife for Michael.

My Mother in Law, Jane, answered the door. She welcomed me with a big smile.

"Right on time. Aren't you the organised one", she joked playfully

"Yes, Ma'am", I responded, a beaming grin on my face Once inside Ben greeted me with his usual hug. The three of us stood in the kitchen exchanging conversation, laughing and joking.

The meal was served and the open, friendly conversation continued throughout. I felt relaxed and welcomed in the home of my Parents in Law. It was such a stark contrast to the reception I had received yesterday. I began to believe I had been forgiven. Ben and Jane had reconsidered my situation and decided I had suffered enough. Thank heavens.

Once the meal was finished I helped Jane clear the dishes (like a good Daughter in Law should). We all then returned to the dining table and I began chatting again, but soon became aware I was the only one talking. Ben and Jane were both staring at me intently, and my heart began to sink. I stopped talking. The mood had changed.

After an extended silence Ben spoke. "It is time Kym. Go and prepare yourself. I think you know by now what is expected of you."

"Please, please," I begged, my voice sounding like a young girl, "I have been punished enough and have really, really learnt my lesson."

My Father in Law's response could have not been more direct. "Kym, by continuing to disobey us you are only going to increase both your humiliation and punishment. If you are ever going to mature into the young lady we desire to see as our Daughter in Law you must obey us without question."

Even I could not misinterpret a statement like that. Without hesitation I rose from the table and walked around the corner into the lounge. I had seen a lot of this room in the past couple of days, and it did not hold pleasant memories.

I walked to my corner. That dreaded blind was wide open again, but I knew I dared not make any attempt to close it. Huddled tightly in the corner my fingers fumbled as I began to undress myself. Despite having some past experience at doing this the task was not any easier. My heart was beating so rapidly I felt faint.

Once totally naked I faced the corner and rested my head against the wall. It helped to steady my nerves. Again I was made to wait for an extended period, but I knew by now this was part of punishment. By standing naked in the corner my humiliation and shame were being magnified.

Finally I heard them enter the room, and take their seats.

"Come here Kym," Ben spoke quietly but authoritively.

I turned to see Ben's finger beckoning to me. I walked to the centre of room, taking two big strides as I passed the open blind.

Ben continued to beckon. I walked closer to my Parents in Law, then closer again as Ben was continuing to beckon with his finger. When he finally stopped I was only a couple of feet away from them. I could not help but feel deeply embarrassed.

"Kym, we are going to introduce some rules that you must follow." Jane was now speaking. " These rules are designed for no other reason than to increase your humiliation. We do this with great reluctance, but feel by doing so there will be greater incentive for you to improve your behaviour."

I dared not speak, but I was full of dread. What could possibly be more humiliating than what I had endured yesterday and today?

"The first rule is you must keep your pubic hair shaved. This is obviously of great embarrassment to you, and not surprisingly. It also makes you look like the naughty little girl you are."

I couldn't help but look down at the carpet in shame.

"Secondly, when we call you over to stand in front of us you will put your hands on your head and open your legs wide."

I gasped out loud. I was mortified. I began to cry, despite my best efforts to hold back the tears.

"Please do not make me do this, I beg of you. Anything else but this."

"Kym, I know this will be very difficult for you, and will take extreme courage on your part. However we have deemed it to be essential to your rehabilitation and you will obey. Assume your position now."

I did not move. I could not move. I tried to summons up the courage. Tears continued to flow. Ben and Jane were patient. They could see the intense inner turmoil I was going through. This was a pivotal moment. Could I abandon everything I had been taught about decency and how to act as a lady.

Time seemed to stand still for me. Even to this day I do not know how I found the courage to deal with this situation. Somehow I found the strength to lift my arms and place them on my head. I was aware of how it lifted my pert breasts and made them stick out. But my legs would not move.

My Parents in Law continued to be patient. They clearly had sympathy for my dilemma, but had no intention of changing the demands they had placed upon me.

Finally, somehow, I found the strength to begin opening my legs. My feet slid along the carpet until they were shoulder width apart.


I slid my feet out a little wider


My feet were now so wide I could feel my labia being pulled open. I could only imagine the view I was affording Ben and Jane. "You really do have a delightful cunt", Ben commented with a smile, "Michael is indeed a lucky man."

My Mother in Law gave her husband a playful dig in the ribs, but was obviously in no way offended by his comment.

I glanced briefly at Ben's crotch and caught a glimpse of the obvious bulge. My cunt began to tingle in that manner familiar to me when it was becoming sexually aroused. I could not believe it. I could not understand it.

'Please body, do not betray me,' I silently pleaded to myself.

Fortunately at that moment Jane reached up and grabbed my arm, pulling me forward. Because of my splayed legs I fell awkwardly over her lap, and was sure Ben briefly had a full view of my pussy before I was able to bring my knees together.

"You know why you are to be spanked?" Jane enquired of me.

"Yes, Ma'am."


"Because I was late, Ma'am."


With that the spanking commenced. Despite having been spanked twice yesterday, Jane showed my backside no mercy. I was sure she was spanking with more vigour this time, or perhaps my poor bottom was just more sensitive. I tried to be brave, but was soon reduced to tears. I think I had cried more tears in the past 48 hours than I had in the past twenty years.

To make matters worse, she not only spanked my buttocks but also my upper thighs, which were also sensitive. Jane continued to spank me way longer than she had yesterday. I was squirming and begging for mercy, but none was forthcoming.

Eventually, finally, it came to an end. I lay on her lap, utterly exhausted. I felt Jane's hands reach under me and pull me to a seated position on her lap. She then hugged me close to her. I put my head on her shoulder and felt strangely comforted, despite the ordeal they had just put me through.

"You have been a brave girl tonight and Ben and I are both proud of you. You have a long way to go, but tonight was a big step on your journey."

Despite my weariness I managed a small smile of appreciation... Continue»
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Mother-In-Law – My Sex Slave

i going to share my sex experience with my sex bomb mother in law. Her name is surna reka. Her body stat is 38-36-40. You can imagine how big boobs ,she is not fat but her boobs are awesome and she is 5.5 feet tall fair complexion. Since from my marriage i had an eye on my mil. We used to stay very closer to mil home and their f****y consist of my mil, fil and my wife. On every weekly off myself and my wife used to go their home and spend time with them.

She used to wear only sari at home and the way she wear sari is in exposing stage. Always her deep navel with flat tummy will be visible, her blouse is deep neck and her cleavage is huge half of her mangoes are visible always. I started to enjoy the beauty of her huge boobs without her notice. I used to fuck my wife at her home by thinking that i fuck her mother. All of sudden my father in law died due to sugar. So my mil came to our home to stay with us.

Days are started to pass like that i used enjoy seeing her huge cleavage and brush her ass while walking.

One fine day i asked my wife to keep oil to my head, and my wife was busy in getting ready to office and asked her mother to keep oil on my head by doing massage. My mil hesitated to touch me and my wife said dont feel shy just do nice oil massage to him. Then with hesitation mil started massaging my head . I was sitting on floor and and mil sitting on sofa on top to me and started massaging my head. While massaging i felt something on my back and i realized her boobs are getting pressed while massage. My penis got erected and i was not wear inner wear it was clearly visible .

I started to feel some reaction from mother in law while massage. At that point of time my wife went to office and we both are alone at home and that was my day off. My mil asked me to get up so she can put oil through out my body. I said just head massage will be fine, i will take bath and come but she said i will put oil on full body so it will reduce heat. Go to bath room so oil will not spill on hall.I followed her instruction and went to bathroom with wearing only towel.

After sometime she came inside and said i will apply oil and even her dress will get spoil by saying she started to remove her sari and standing in her blouse and langa. My penis pooping out from towel by seeing her huge cleavage, then she removed her blouse and petticoat in front of me and cover only a towel exposing her half boobs and sexy thigh. By seeing that i could not able to control my sex urge.

She started to rub my body with oil and asked me to remove my towel i was shocked by hearing and said mom i not wearing inside for that she replied i am elder one and you are like my son don’t be shame in-front of me and removed my towel. My penis was standing in full erection facing her ready to attack. She came closer to me and started to rubbing my body and all of sudden hold by penis and rubbed well up and down, i started to moan without my knowledge.

And her towel fallen down and she stood naked in front of me . She started to shake my penis and asked me whether her daughter will take such big penis. She asked whether my wife give good pleasure on bed. I said she will die to have sex with me and without my penis in her pussy she will not sl**p. I put hot water on my body to remove oil then i asked my mil whether can i touch her, she said all my body is yours, fuck me as like you can. Over there i started to press her huge boobs and such her other boobs . She started to moan i did for 15 mins then i came down and i licked her pussy and drank the juice. She was screaming loudly with pleasure , i asked when was her last sex with uncle she said it being more than 5 years.

Then she begged me to fuck her as her cunt become wet and juice started to flow. I gave my huge penis in her mouth she sucked like lolly pop and did for 15 mins and i was at edge of cumming and i asked her she said give it on her mouth. I splashed on her mouth thick load of cum on her mouth and she drank without wasting single drop. Cleaned my penis with her mouth and sucked like slutty dog.

Then i started to finger her pussy she started to scream you mother fucker. Put your long dick on my pussy and screw it harder. I finger her pussy for a while in mean while my penis got erected and we cleaned each other went to bed room. Fucked her deeply shouting fuck me harder harder. She become hungry slut dying for cock. I had ramped her for 30 mins in different position and finally we reached climax and loaded my sperms into her wet pussy.

We slept for while by hugging each other and woke up by afternoon and hat another round of sex before my wife turn back from office. After my wife came we are like usual and my wife slept soon then i went to mil room and had quick ramping session and came back to my room, my mil become sex slave for me and whenever i get small time i will fuck her . In presence of my wife at home i had fucked mil in doggy position. She begged me to fuck her daily twice. Then i took night shift purpose fully . I fucked m mil whole day and we will roam naked inside our home. Always i need her boobs and she need my penis at her hole.At age of 43 she is very active in sex. Over a period of 1 year i am maintain our sex life without getting noticed by my wife.
... Continue»
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Fucking sister in law

My wife and I were invited to a dinner party at Suha residence. I was apprehensive about being in the presence of the only two women I have ever
fucked, at the same time. We arrived early and my wife offered to help her s****r set up the dinner table. From the moment we arrived Suha started giving me horny looks when my wife wasn't watching or around. I was so nervous and horny at the same time I could have fainted.
To make things worse she was wearing a dress made out of some thin, figure hugging fabric, with a hemline too high to be appropriate for a mother of two! I spent the early part of the evening hiding my hard on from my wife and trying to give her the attention I normally would, so as not to arouse suspicions.
Soon the guests started arriving and the party began to gather momentum. I was in the kitchen opening a bottle of wine when Suha entered to collect some more food. She giggled mischievously at me and then bent over at the waist to open the lowest drawer she could find.
I swallowed hard when I saw her dress ride up the back of her thighs and reveal just a hint of dark shadow between her slim thighs. The slut wasn't wearing any panties! My mouth went dry and I felt all the bl**d flow out of my brain and into my cock.
She turned around and smiled cheekily at me, "Do you like what you see?", she whispered. All I could manage in return was to nod my head vigorously. Suha went back out to the party leaving me with my wicked thoughts in the kitchen.
I realized that if I wanted a piece of her arse tonight I was going to have to be smart. I had to get my SIL in a corner, out of sight if I was going to fuck her tender pussy. I needed a bit of luck that evening - and luck decided to shine on me.
My wife took ill half way through the party and started vomiting and feeling faint. With Suha help, and our wicked thoughts shelved for the moment, I moved my wife to the guest bedroom, where I gave her a sedative and put her to rest.
I decided we would spend the night here and that wasn't a very difficult decision to make.As soon as my wife was tucked into bed, Suha automatically took her place. I was amazed at the quick replacement.
I was afraid that her husband would notice her absence from his side but he was too busy cooking at the barbecue to notice. The pre-cum was flowing freely inside my jeans. She was flirting with me, rubbing her thighs against mine, running her hands over my arse,
driving me out my mind....! By the time the part wound down a couple of hours later, the crotch of my jeans was soaking wet. The last guests were leaving. We stood in the door way as Suha husband fare welled them.
She was standing close to me with her left hand around my waist and my right hand was firmly clasped around her soft arse cheeks. The moment was pure bliss. I released my grip when I saw her husband walk back towards us, more than a little d***k.
I excused myself to make sure the k**s were in bed and they were fast asl**p. I walked back into the dining room to find Suha alone, clearing up. "Wheres your hubby?", I asked. "He' passed out in the living room", she replied with a twinkle in her eye.
I hesitated for just a moment. In a flash we were in each others' arms. I pulled her dress off her and she ripped my shirt off. Our tongues were whipping in and out of each others' mouths, entwined and tasting delicious. I maneuvered her into the kitchen.
In a second I had her facing the kitchen top, her hands resting on the flat surface supporting her as she arched her back, sticking her arse up at me, her legs straight. Suha stood there with her back to me wearing nothing but a gold chain around her neck and her black stiletto shoes.
I took a deep breath and ran my hungry hands over her soft firm arse cheeks. I slid my right hand down between her arse cheeks, finding her wet slit and slid a finger up between the folds of her pussy. She moaned so loud, my heart skipped a beat.
I paused to listen if we had woken anyone. "Fuck me", she whispered insistently. Some how in all the excitement she had released my cock from my jeans. It hung hard and ready and soaking wet, outside my zipper. She reached behind and took a hold off it.
"Suck me first", I whispered to her. She looked at me and smiling, twisted around and knelt to the floor. I stood there, watching her sl**ping husband in the living room while Suha wrapped her pouty lips around my hard pink cock head. I wanted to scream with pleasure and had to bite my lips to stop myself.
She started sliding her mouth over the length of my cock. My wife had never been able to take that much of me into her mouth. The feeling was sensational. I gawked at the site of my SIL's pretty head bobbing horizontally over my cock.
She looked up at me and I could clearly see her pink lips stretched around my dark throbbing tool. She was using her tongue tip to paint little circles around my cock tip adding to my arousal. For what seemed like an eternity I stood there letting Suha feast on my tasty meat.
I could feel my balls filling with lust and reaching down pulled her to her feet. I turned her around again and pushed her towards the kitchen table top. I reached down and positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I immediately could tell how hot she was.
Without delay I pushed forward and it was no surprise that I slid in smoothly with no resistance. We were both so hot! She started bucking her hips. I watched her naked body arch and buck back at my cock, her arse muscles contorting and straining,
her pussy muscles gripping and releasing my tool. She was moaning into her arms. My eyes were glazed with the absolute pleasure of her around me. I started ramming my pelvis into her arse. Pulling out just enough so my cock head didn't leave her pussy entrance and then
slamming in again. The kitchen was filled with the sound of my pelvis slapping against her soft arse and her soft muted moans. My breathing was ragged. I looked over her shoulders and could see her husband passed out in the living room.
Behind him was the door leading to the guest bedroom in which my wife lay. The knowledge that we could be busted at any time made me fuck her harder. My stroked became more urgent and her moans deeper. I could feel her pussy muscles resisting my entry and I pushed harder.
It was glorious. My heart was pumping in rhythm with my strokes. My big hands gripped her slim waist providing me the balance to keep my piston satisfying her horny cunt. I could see her little titties jiggling under neat her. Each stroke into her pushed her forward.
Her mouth was open and her jaw was set with the pleasure she was experiencing. She was tossing her head left and right. My arse and thigh muscles were clenched, focusing all their energy into my hard cock. My balls were taut with sexual tension.
I couldn't see clearly anymore. I knew we were still fucking by the tremendous feeling between my legs and the sounds of hot flesh slapping against each other. I was peaking. I knew that any moment I would blow my load deep into my SIL. Was she on contraceptives?
I did not know and honestly didn't care at the moment. My slick cock was functioning like a well oiled machine. Her pussy was overflowing with her juices and I could feel the wet of the inside of her thighs with my hands.
I reached under neath her and wrapped my palms around her ripe titties. I was positioning myself for a big finale. She knew immediately and started moving like a woman possessed. The clenching of her pussy was driving my cock insane.
A million thoughts and feelings were exploding in my head as we humped like a couple of a****ls. I felt her body start to tremble with the beginning of her climax. Her thighs clenched together shuddered and her arse cheeks tightened.
She steadied her self and then she moaned deeply, looking down at the ground. I watched my lover' body shudder with her orgasm and for a moment thought she was going to drop to the ground. She writhed and twisted her waist to keep standing and I had not slackened my
pounding of her pussy for even a moment. And then I exploded. I had to bite my lower lip to ensure I didn't scream out. But I couldn't stop the long lusty growl that emanated from my balls up through my throat and out between my clenched teeth.
I drew on every last reserve of energy I had to keep fucking her as I came and came deep inside her. And then silence descended around us. We stayed in our positions, panting as we tried to steady our breathing. I wrapped my arms around her lovingly.
She laid her head back on my shoulder and looked up at me and our lips locked. We kissed for a long while, feeling our hearts still racing after that tremendous fuck.
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Drove to Sex with My Impotent Father-In-Law

My husband, Saul, and I have been married close to 2 years and our second anniversary was coming up next month in May. Our wedding anniversary is also my birthday. That’s right, my husband and I got married on my birthday. My husband is a very romantic guy, and he planned the whole thing so we could get marry on my birthday. With him putting my wedding ring on my finger was the best birthday present that I have ever received.

Our honeymoon was a little short of about 2 weeks in Hawaii, but I had the best time of my life. Whenever we were in our hotel room, we fucked like crazy, that I swear the bed was at its end of life when we checked out from that room. The sex was awesome.

Unlike in porn movies, in real life, I know a lot of guys will not do what the male porn stars would do to their partners. Case in point would be going down on their wife. How do I know this? I am not proud to say but my husband wasn’t my first lover. And yes, like many other women, I too went through a few lovers before I met Mr. Right. If I could have chose, I would definitely want my husband to be my first and only lover, but we all know that it’s close to important in real life. Anyways, my ex-lover wouldn’t go down on my pussy if his life was depending on it. He thought it wasn’t a manly thing to do and he whether sticks with the old humping and pumping.

My husband is the kind of guy would listen to what his woman wants in terms of sex, and he is not afraid to do things that I like to satisfy me. We always have nice long foreplays before getting into fucking, and sex liked that were very satisfying.

My ex-lover’s cock was really good though, but I just couldn’t stand his male ego in bed, so we broke after 2 months. After a week or so I met my husband through a friend in a social party, and he asked for my phone number, then we started going out and everything went from there.

I was turning 30 next month and I was looking forward to spending time with my husband on our anniversary. My husband is younger than me by 3 years, and his birthday is in July.

My husband’s parents were in a terrible car accident 5 years ago and his mother passed away. Luckily, his father survived, but suffered heavy injuries that took a year in the hospital to recover. It was a good thing that they had insurance to cover his medical bill. Their house was inherited from my husband’s grandfather and it was fully paid off so they had no mortgage to pay as well. My husband was just fresh out of college and got hired by a good accounting firm not too long before the accident. My husband spent much of his time in the hospital after work. When his father finally got out of the hospital and after another year of recovering at home, my husband finally regained his social life. And thank goodness for that, because otherwise we would have never met.

2 years of recovery and months of physical therapy his father was finally back to living like a normal person again. But then, there was a problem. He had erectile dysfunction and became impotent. He was only 45 at the time. Although many men at that age would be like a god in bed, but still should have many nights to come, so because of that, his father wasn’t talking much anymore, at least not about topics related with women.

My husband did try to fix his father up with some of his co-workers at the firm who were close to his father’s age, but his father’s inability to perform really put a load on his self-esteem and denied all dating chances. My husband brought his father to see many doctors and ther****ts but they all concluded that his father’s erectile dysfunction was a mental condition and not a physical inability. A few of those ther****ts said because his wife caused a trauma in his father’s mental health which was the main cause of his inability.

After my husband and I got married, his father left us the house and he moved out to an apartment. Although I even insisted that his father should live with us in his house, but he wanted us to have private times and he didn’t want to get in our marriage life.

My story happened a week before my anniversary which continued to the day of our anniversary.

I quitted my job after I got married because I told my husband that I could always be available to care for his father. I wasn’t a career woman and I enjoyed my housewife lifestyle. Having the house all to ourselves really did give us a lot of privacy, and my husband and I had great sex around the house. And I usually wear sexy lingerie and tight crotchless bodysuits around the house.

My husband had a fetish with me in tight lace see-thru crotchless bodysuits because he said that turned him on the most and he usually fucks me like crazy whenever I had one on, so I brought many different ones for my husband’s eyes only. I actually like them a lot myself because they are tight on my body which shows off my curvy body. The tightness gives a good lift to my breasts for a sex bra-less look. The crotchless opening on my bottom gives my husband a great easy access and an easy access for me when I finger myself when I’m alone. Not to mention the completely see-thru fabric leaving me practically naked for my husband’s eyes. Plus I wear one when I workout at home.

April is an accounting month for taxes, and so my husband had to work seven days a week during that month. On the Monday of the week before my anniversary, as usually I was in one of my tight crotchless bodysuits working on my cycle treadmill in the living room. I was thinking about how I would seduce my husband that night and make him fuck my brains out. In minutes of thinking about, my pussy was already itching for my husband’s cock and I was so, so horny. I got off the treadmill and sat down on the couch. I started fingering my pussy through the opening of my bodysuit. I was really getting into it with my eyes closed and moaning out pleasure wishing that my husband was home to fuck me.

Suddenly when I opened my eyes, my father-in-law was standing right across from the living room couch. I was so embarrass and shocked by his presence in the house and looking right at me. I quickly pulled my fingers out of my pussy, but oh my god were my fingers wet, covered in my pussy juice. I covered my breasts with one arm over and covered my bare pussy with my other hand. Although you can’t say I don’t have clothes on, but with the see-thru bodysuit on, I was good as naked in front of my father-in-law.

“Michael, when did you come in? I didn’t hear you knock. What are you doing here?” I asked nervously.

While his eyes were still looking at my body he said “Oh I’m sorry, I knocked on the door a few times but no one answer the door, so I thought you were out and I just use my key to come in.”

It was a very weird moment because I was there on the couch as good as naked with my hands and arms trying to cover my naked body and my father-in-law was just standing there staring at my body.

“Oh I see. Let me go change first, I’ll be back.” I said, and then ran out of the living room to my room.

When I finished putting back on some real clothes and went back to the living room, Michael had a toolbox in his hand and was about to leave.

“You’re leaving now.” I said.

“Yes, I just came here for the toolbox. I need to fix one of the kitchen cabinets in my apartment.” He said.

I walked him to the door and as he was about to step outside he stopped and turned around facing me. We both paused for a few seconds.

“I’m really sorry for walking in on you like that and I hope you would forgive me, Denise.” He said.

“It wasn’t your fault, so don’t worry about it, Michael.” I replied.

I caught him looking down on my breasts again, but I was already covered up and not even a cleavage is showing. He then turned around and left. Damn was I embarrassed by that moment, but I remembered that he was impotent and probably hadn’t seen a naked woman in years. And to a certain degree it turned me on, and I quickly felt that my pussy was itching more for my husband’s cock.

I went back to do some house work and got to enjoy a cup of tea as well, while of course reliving that moment with my father-in-law in my head. Not long, my husband came home and I welcomed him with a long kiss. But then I noticed that my husband was a little different than usually. He didn’t look tired, but instead, trouble minded.

“You look a bit drained, tough day at the office?” I asked.

“No. But I want to talk to you about some very important.” He replied.

“What’s wrong?” I asked again.

“Let’s go have a sit first and I’ll tell you.” He replied.

He brought me into the living room and we sat down on the couch.

“I talked to my dad on the phone this afternoon and he told me what happened.” He said.

“Oh my god, he told you. I’m sorry honey. I was going to tell you about it too.” I said nervously.

I thought my husband was upset about the whole thing. Basically it wasn’t my fault at all, I thought, but men have their ways of seeing thing and I didn’t know if my husband was mad or not. But I never thought it would be completely the opposite of what I was expecting from my husband.

“No, honey, it’s not like that. My dad told me that he could have sworn he felt his dick having a reaction when he saw you masturbating on the couch this morning.” He said.

He left me totally confused, so I asked “what are you saying?”

“What I’m about to say might sound crazy, please don’t get mad at me, but I think you can help my dad’s erectile dysfunction. And I really wish that you could help me on this.” He said.

“What are you trying to say? Are you asking me to help your father in bed?” I asked angrily.

“No, it’s not what you think. My dad has a fetish with women in bodysuits. I guess I inherited that from him. He was so turned on by you today that he finally felt his first physically response from his dick in years. I just want you to play with yourself in one of your bodysuits while my dad watches you. I just think this might work. The doctors said that his condition is mental and it seems that he is responding to you.” He said.

I couldn’t believe what he was asking me to do. And to hear that his father had the same fetish with women in bodysuits as my husband came to no surprise, like father like son.

“How could you even ask me to do such a thing?” I said angrily.

“I knew you were going to be mad once I bring this up to you, but since we are always honest to each other I thought I tell you about it and hope that you can consider helping my dad. You know I love you very much. Never in a million years would I want to share you with anyone else, but my dad really needs help. You’re my wife, and my dad is your dad. Don’t you want to help your dad? Honey, I promise that if you help me on this I’ll do anything you ask. I’m begging.” He said with a cute sad face.

Damn, my husband was good at softening me up. I really did gotten less angry and more to supporting his concern. And I was already so horny and really needed his cock real bad.

After a moment of silence I said, “Well…fine, I’ll give it a try. But only if you can fuck my brains out right now, so if my pussy is not satisfied, the deal is off.”

His face was finally smiling again and he leaned over to meet my lips with his giving me a kiss. He then lifted me up and brought me into the kitchen.

“I thought you’re going to fuck your wife’s brains out, aren’t we going in bed?” I asked with witty smile.

He sat me down facing him on top of the kitchen countertop. He slowly pulled down my pants and pants. I quickly unbutton my blouse as he took off his shirt. I tossed my blouse on the floor and undone my bra, and when I was about to pull it out, he stopped me with his hands.

“Let me help you with that,” said my husband with a sexy voice.

He kissed me on my lips and slowly worked his kiss to my neck, and then moving down from my neck to my left shoulder pulling down my bra strap with his teeth. He pulled down my other bra strap on my right shoulder with his left hand, and then with his lips, he grabbed on to the bra cup, pulled it out of me and tossed on the floor.

My husband was always good at taking things slow to turn me on. He started to suck on each of my nipples for a good 20 seconds each, while he rubbed on my pussy with his fingers. I answered his caress with my hand on his cock, jerking it up and down preparing it for myself. After he finished working my nipples he slowly leaned me back on the kitchen countertop, and then he went down on my pussy and began munching on it while he had one hand on each of my breasts gently squeezing them in circular motions.

His tongue drove me crazy and my hands were on his head moving my fingers through his hair as I moaned with pleasure. If there was a heaven, I thought I was in it already, lost in the sedation of pleasure.

After minutes of tongue fucking on my pussy and shoved he fingers in and out of me while he came back up sucking on my neck. Shit, I really felt my body heated up so bad with his body against mine.

“Oh…shit, you got me, get inside me now.” I begged loudly.

“You sure, honey. I can hold it a little longer if you want.” He said.

He fingered my pussy faster and my screams of pleasure filled the kitchen.

“Damn it, get inside me now, I can’t take it. I need your cock. We can cum together, get inside me now.” I ordered.

Finally he pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his cock in my pussy. He brought his fingers that were inside my pussy to my mouth and I started sucked on them tasting my own pussy juice. His cock was always a perfect fit in my pussy.

“God, you made me wait for your cock for so long. Shit…keep fucking me, I’m almost there.” I cried.

“Hold it a little more, I’m almost there too.” He said breathing heavily.

“Ah…I can’t hold it. It’s coming, shitttt…” I screamed.

He quickly started pumping faster and harder on my pussy so he would cum sooner then he would be able to cum with me. My husband was always good at meeting my timing as well. We kept our lips together on each other as he took faster strokes on me.

“Fuckkkkk...” I screamed. My arms and legs were tightly wrapped around my husband.

Soon after our orgasm, I felt his warm load inside me, and we were both gasping for air while my husband laid there on top of me. Although we didn’t actually cum at the same time, he cum liked 2 seconds after me, but it was near perfection.

My mind was blinked out. I could only gasp for air and nothing else. My husband really fucked my brains out.

He got up finally and pulled me up with him with his hands. After I sat back up on the countertop, we had a deep kiss. He then lifted me up and putted me back on my feet on the floor. I wanted to pick up my clothes, but he stopped me and lifted me up off the floor again.

“Forget our clothes! We’ll pick them up later. Let’s take a shower first. I’ll help you wash your back.” He cleverly said.

I smiled and nodded my head. “Yes, my king, as you command.” I cleverly answered back.

While we were both naked with me off the floor in my husband’s arms, we kissed as he walked to the bathroom.

After we got out of the shower and in bed, my husband brought up the topic of his father again.

“What don’t I have my dad come over to have dinner with us tomorrow night and we can start afterward?” He asked.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too soon? I’m not ready for it yet.” I answered.

“I know, but honey, I don’t want the feelings that my dad had to go away. I really have no choice. Please honey, I know you will do this for me.” He begged.

“I did say yes already so I’m not going back on my words. Besides, if it does help Michael, I would give it a try. But you have to promise me that you will be in the room with me.” I said.

“Of course, thank you, I love you so much.” He said after giving me a kiss.

On the next night, my husband brought his father home for dinner. After dinner, I wanted to finish the dishes, but he asked me to go to my room to put on a bodysuit and wait for them. I thought I put on the same one that my father-in-law saw yesterday so I picked it out and putted on. But this time I wore my bra underneath because I didn’t comfortable showing my entire body to my father-in-law.

I was sitting on my bed for a while and then my husband walked in with his father. My husband grabbed a chair and placed it across from the end of our bed. My husband came next to me and sat on the bed asking to do my thing whenever I’m ready. So I climbed on the bed and spread my legs open. I could tell that my father-in-law was staring right at m pussy. I started rubbing down on my pussy.

My husband opened the bedside cabinet drawer and brought out my rubber dick. He handed it over to me. I was too embarrassed to keep an eye contact with my father-in-law, so I kept my eyes on my husband while I fucked my pussy with my sex toy.

I knew my husband was turned on by me by the way he was looking in my eyes. But then I got curious and I turned my head to look at my father-in-law. He was already holding on his dick out from his pants through the zipper and was jerking it. But I couldn’t see his dick get hard.

I continued fucking my pussy with my sex toy and the toy started to have my pussy juice covering it as I pulled it in and out of me. I started to keep my eyes on my father-in-law longer and I did notice his dick gotten a little bit bigger than few minutes ago.

“Come on dad, keep trying, don’t give up. You’re doing well.” My husband said.

I started to fuck my pussy faster and moaned louder. Then my pussy was getting tired and sore from my toy, so stopped and I turned my head to my husband and said “I think we had enough for tonight. Why don’t we just try it again tomorrow night?”

“I understand. We should take it slow on this. We should just try it again tomorrow.” He said.

He gave me a kiss and got up from the bed. My father-in-law fixed himself up and got up from the chair. My husband walked him out of our room and then walked him out to his car.

My husband came back in the room and tried to make love to me, but I denied him and went to sl**p. I guess I was still having a bit of resentment from this whole thing that my husband dragged me into, so I thought I punish him a little by denying him his treat, me. But to be honest, I was very horny from fucking myself with my sex toy and I really wanted my husband’s cock. So I didn’t feel too good about denying my husband.

For the next three nights, we did the same for my father-in-law, but I just had different bodysuits on for a change of taste. My father-in-law was really showing a significant progress. I could say that his dick was already more than 60% erected. But after my father-in-law left the house, I still kept my husband’s balls itching by denying him sex for the third nights. I was still upset with this whole thing anymore since I did see progress in his father’s condition so our effort wasn’t wasted. But I thought I kept my husband hanging so we could have hotter sex when I do give it to him. I knew my husband was really crawling the walls by now. And as for me, I was ready to fuck the table edge because I was so horny. The more I fucked myself with my sex toy, the more I long for my husband’s cock.

On the fifth night of our little therapy, his father was liked about 80% erected from watching me play with myself. I was happy for him. After my father-in-law left, I couldn’t take it anymore and was ready to jump my husband’s bones. But to my surprise, he just went straight to bed even after I gave him signs of wanting sex. I was more than confused. He was now the one denying me sex. My aching pussy was driving me crazy the whole night that I hardly slept.

The night before our anniversary, and it was the sixth night of our little therapy. But I was surprise that my husband told me that his father wasn’t coming over. I didn’t what happen, but I could only thought about making love to my husband. I didn’t even ask him why, because I didn’t really care at the moment. I just went up to him and wrapped my arms over his shoulders and pulling him close to me.

“If you fuck me good tonight, I’ll let you fuck me again in the shower.” I whispered in his ear.

He didn’t look too happy, so I said “I brought a new sexy bodysuit. And I thought I put it on for your dad, but I guess I get to put it on just for you.”

I brought this deep V low cut on the front black lace see-thru crotchless bodysuit. To give you an idea of how sexy this bodysuit was, let’s just say that it could get any man’s dick up in seconds after seeing you in it. For those of you who wanted to get your husband as hard as a rock, I suggest you buy a few to keep in your closet.

I took my husband’s hand and walked him to our room. I took off my clothes and putted the new bodysuit on in front of him. But he still seemed upset about, so I wanted to cheer him up. I walked up to him and grabbed his hand, and then I putted his hand on my pussy where the bodysuit had an opening for.

I rubbed his hand on my pussy and said, “Come on honey, my pussy is all yours. Make love to me right now. I have been so horny for the past nights, don’t tease me now.”

I sat him down on our bed and I lie on my back on the bed. I pulled down the straps from my shoulders to expose my breasts. I leaned down and gave me a couple of kisses, then suddenly pulled back.

“I’m sorry. I need to go to the bathroom first. I’ll back.” He said.

“Are you OK, honey?” I asked curiously.

“No problem, I’ll be right back.” He said.

My husband went out of the room. But then after a few minutes I had him walking back.

“Close your eyes, honey.” He said from outside the room.

“What are you trying to do? Sneak attack on me.” I said before I closed my eyes.

Then I heard him turning off the light, suddenly his footsteps moving closer to the bed. He slowly climbed on the bed getting on top of me and I opened my eyes. It was dark but I could see that he was on top of me, though I couldn’t see his face. But it turned me on.

I felt his hand touching on my body as if he was searching for something. So I grabbed his hand and placed on my pussy.

“Here’s my pussy, silly. Don’t tell me you can’t find your way in the dark? Now enough teasing and make love to me.” I said.

I felt his fingers rubbing on my pussy lips then suddenly I felt the head of his cock poking near my pussy. I knew he couldn’t find his way so I grabbed his cock and guided his head in my pussy, and once his head was inside he quickly pushed his cock in deeper.

“Oh…shitttt…I needed your cock.” I screamed.

I didn’t what gotten into him, but he was only pumping on my pussy and didn’t say thing. So I putted his hands on my breasts.

“Squeeze my breasts like you always do, I need you to make love to me.” I demanded.

He started squeezing my breasts and pumping me at a constant speed. After holding out on my husband for the past nights, I was finally getting it.

He moved his head up and started sucking on my neck. Finally I was starting to feel his familiar ways and I became more comfortable. But still I couldn’t hear a word from him, except his moans. I didn’t if he was really in a lot of stress or what, but I could tell he wasn’t in to it like he always was. So I thought I get him excited by fucking him on top. I tried to turn him around so I can be on top, but he seemed lost. He usually knew how to accommodate me in different positions and knew what position I wanted to change to.

“Honey, let me be on top, I want to fuck you on top. That way you can relax a little.” I said.

With that said he finally changed position with me. I guided his cock into my pussy and started humping up and down on him. He started moaning out, but somehow he seemed like he was holding back. I was worry about him but I enjoyed his cock in me. I started to ride him harder.

“Ahh…I think I’m ready. Let’s cum together, I’m almost there.” I screamed.

But before I could reach my orgasm, I felt his cock soften inside me, so I thought ride him harder to get him hard again, but it was no use. I lost my kick to orgasm and I was disappointed. I got off his cock and rolled off of him.

“Are you OK tonight honey?” I asked

I heard him breathing heavily but we didn’t even fuck long. I was worry about him and wanted to make sure my husband was OK, so I reached for the lamp on the bedside stool and turned the lamp on. And when I turned around to check on my husband, I freaked out. It wasn’t my husband next to me on my bed, but my father-in-law.

“Holy shit, what are you doing in my bed? Oh shit, don’t tell me that you were the one making love to me.” I yelled angrily.

I was furious. I pulled the bed sheet to cover myself. He didn’t say anything but just had this guilty look on his face.

“Where is Saul? How the hell can you guys trick me into this? Michael, you are like a father to me, how can you fuck me.” I yelled again.

I knew I wasn’t Virgin Mary, but I had never cheated in my relationships, and I now I not only another man other than my husband but I fucked my father-in-law. I was enraged. Then my husband came into the room, and I threw my damn pillow at his face.

“So that’s what you were up to, letting your father fuck your wife so he can be a fucking man again. You went too far you bastard.” I screamed at my husband.

My father-in-law got out of my bed and started dressing up. But he still didn’t say anything, not even a word of apology or shame, and just left the house. My husband walked to the bed and sat next to me trying to comfort me, but I was burning with angry from betrayal. The man that I love tricked me into servicing his father in our bed.

“Got out of my room, I don’t want to see you or talk to you. And you are not sl**ping with me tonight.” I demanded.

I was so angry but I tired myself to sl**p. Next morning when I woke up, I noticed my husband left the house to go to work. It was our anniversary day, but my happiness and excitement looking forward to this day were diminished by my husband’s betrayal. I decided I give him an anniversary gift that he will not forget.

I called my father-in-law for him to come over and told him to try to be at my place around 15 minutes before my husband comes home. He came a bit earlier than that. I was in my sexy bodysuit that I wore last night and greeted him at the door. I saw the surprise look on his face.

I asked him to come in and I walked him to my room. He had no idea what I wanted to do with him, but I knew he kept his eyes close to my naked body and my open pussy. I sat him down on my bed.

“If it’s about last night, I’m really…” He said but I cut in.

“Save it, I don’t need hear it. I asked you to come over tonight to do me a favor. If you do what I say, then I will try to forgive you for last night.” I said.

“Yes, I’ll do anything to make up for last night.” He said.

Soon I heard my husband pulling up the driveway, so I got on the bed and stood on all four.

“Michael, get behind me now and fuck me. I want you to fuck me right now.” I demanded.

“What are you saying?” He asked.

“How hard is it to understand? I want you to fuck me from behind, and do it now.” I answered.

“Are you sure about this? But I don’t think my dick is hard right now.” He said.

He pulled down his pants and his dick was only about 80% erected. But there wasn’t enough time.

“Just put it in, it should get harder inside my pussy. Now fuck me!” I demanded.

He quickly went behind me and tried to get his soft dick inside me. After a few tries then finally got it hard enough to go in, so he started pumping on me.

“Ahhh….ahh…ahhh, fuck me harder!” I screamed loud enough for my husband from outside the room.

Suddenly my husband rushed in the room with flowers in his hands.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” My husband yelled. He dropped the flowers on the floor.

“I’m giving you your anniversary present, honey. Isn’t this what you wanted? For your father to fuck me every night, I’m just giving you what you want. You didn’t even have to turn off the light.” I said.

He rushed over the bed and pulled us apart.

“Dad, I thought I told you that last night was a mistake and you can’t touch Denise anymore. And now you’re fucking her behind my back.” He yelled.

“Let me explain, it’s not like that.” My father-in-law said.

“I don’t want to hear it. Now leave us alone.” He said.

My father-in-law left the house after fixing his pants. My husband then sat on the bed next to me.

“I am sorry honey. I know it was my fault for letting this happen and I know you’re mad. But it’s our anniversary and your birthday today. I got you a pair of earrings for the anniversary and a matching necklace for your birthday. Can you forgive me?” He said.

I knew it was my fault for getting back at him liked this and with him softening his voice asking for forgiveness and those gifts that he was holding, I couldn’t be angry at him anymore. Besides, I love him.

“I’ll forgive you if you can forgive me.” I said with tears in my ears.

“Likewise, happy anniversary and happy birthday honey!” He said then kissed me on my lips.

“Happy anniversary to you, too, honey!” I said then kissed him back.

After that he made passionate love to me in bed. I missed his touch and his cock so much. We haven’t seen my father-in-law for a while. And after that night, everything seemed to be going back to normal again.
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