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Helen Loves Jamacia

Helen Loves Jamacia

... Helen Loves Jamaica

Before I start I can say this is a true story and that both Helen and myself ... and talking to a few of the Jamaican guys, who were all obsessed by Helen and her body. She wasn’t ... fitted in the bra perfectly.

One guy Ramon asked if he could take Helen to see his Boat, which... Continue»
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Super Superheroes Part 2

... ………….. Paul has a lovely cock, I just smiled thinking she was just getting her own back on Devon ... was, Monica joined in with what a slut Helen was and all he said was we all knew that and chuckled ... reaction from Devon, she was still hugging me so I put my arms round her too, her skin felt lovely... Continue»
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A Mile High but briefly in Paradise

... of us (Helen, Jodie and me) for 6 passengers – we aim to please, they’ve paid for it! Usually ... and canapés as usual. Helen got to serve the woman but I found myself watching her out of the corner ... Johansson. However, Helen and Jodie were more interested in the men and in dividing up who would look... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 18

... on. The three others loved the music and menu and said it was a great celebration dinner. Ginger and I ... . I asked what he meant by a few, and Rosemary said Tom and Helen, the justice of the peace ... jumped in and said they wanted a nude wedding. They now Tom and Helen wouldn’t mind and Jerry said... Continue»
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Helens Night In

At this instant she manages to rip the clamp off her nipple, and passes out.
Coming ... It is Wednesday evening in November, about 6.15pm. Helen is walking back from the bus stop to her ... , but first she must eat. She considers a stir fry, as she loves the sensation when the hot fat spits... Continue»
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The Wife's Wild Ass Chapter 5

... .

Although they had started making love for the first time, they were
both still shy about it. Both were ... out a pussy
before, but she knew that it was going to be lovely. Anything that
looked as tasty ... the time!"

"What a lovely idea," said Caroline. "But now it's time for me to have
a snack, myself... Continue»
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Hotel Fucking in Atlanta - Memories!

... something in my room earlier. They were having none of it when a middle aged lady named Helen, the wife ... to say a lady called Helen had vouched for her.

That evening when I returned I read the note ... and was stunned. In the bar later for pre-dinner drinks, I saw Helen and asked her as casually as I... Continue»
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... , intoxicating brew.
The cognac had been served by Heather, Helen’s s****r but Lady Mathom had since ... circle of dedicated players.
Margaret loved this room where she had fought so many battles over ... at her mercy. Those people that played the game loved it and studied it avidly using its Byzantine... Continue»
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Life after Divorce

... and onto the floor, revealing a lovely lacy white knickers, and bra set. Helen, looking me in eye ... . It was then that I spotted some people from a few doors away, Helen and her husband whom I hardly knew as he spent ... on a hot tin roof couldn’t wait to get away. Helen on the other hand seemed nervous and not sure... Continue»
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Desert Heat – Part 32 - Wedding Day

... as it was the first time Ginger had ever done anything like that and she loved it. Helen asked if she and Tom could ... against her clit. This always sends up to a really high orgasm and she loves it. Sometimes this orgasm ... that they would not do anyone else today until after the wedding and they made love to each other... Continue»
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The making of a revenge video

... , Helen," Paul tried to reassure me, a combination sympathetic smile and eager grin on his face. Well, who ... , Helen, this is George."

"Who?" My mind was a blank.

"George Thomas." When I remained silent he ... ."

"Wow, well, you're welcome."

He hesitated and cleared his throat twice before stammering, "Helen... Continue»
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Chapter 14 Chrissie Gets Some Payback

... . Mommy had grown to love putting me through
degrading experience after experience but this time she had ... the right amount of f***e she loved, she quickly had a strong
orgasm wrapping her thighs around my ears ... . "After she and
Helen started me on the oestrogen treatment and I was chemically
castrated, Heidi did... Continue»
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Married co-worker part 5

... loved fucking this woman. In the first four parts, I have never mentioned our connection outside ... was getting. My cock felt like what I imaged a volcano must feel like because it felt like Mt St Helens ... love how much she loved my cock. When she felt I could not get any harder She climbed on top, rubbing... Continue»
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Sissy Boy Adventures - Part 1

... ! She’s so overprotective. I’m not a k** anymore.”
“Helen, do you really think this is neccesary ... a handsome and smart young man by now. But look at Helen, she really worries about you and she worries ... sweetheart, be a good boy. Mommy loves you and...”
“...sorry, darling. We’ll be off... Continue»
Posted by icrashyourparty 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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Sean’s Dad Meets Bab’s Mom – WOW

... in record time. Babs swallowed every drop of my seed as she loved its taste but Helen was not big ... and make it a surprise for Babs.

Unbeknownst to me, Babs got a call from her mom, Helen also ... and Saturday was his birthday. Helen didn’t want to be home alone so Babs invited her to spend... Continue»
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The Birthday Present

... , and then gave Helen and Jane a hard slap on their lovely bums. Helen made no noise, but Jane gave a little ... brought her to a noisy climax.

"Oh! Helen, love! ooooh"! she gasped as her hips bucked and thrust ... Helen, Jane and Sam were the ladies in the front office, I was a technology teacher in a large... Continue»
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Nudist Helen Part 2

... to there shorts and me and Helen to our bikini’s. The k**s were loving it and the men were digging holes for them ... and it was a lovely sunny warm day, fantastic, After about half an hour Helen said come on Beth lets ... with the dogs, then Helen said how far is it to the nudist bit, I looked at her and said what, she... Continue»
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A daughter's homecumming!

... , Helen," he said. "It's wonderful to see you, you look absolutely amazing. I almost wish I wasn't your ... towards him, and gave me a lovely big hug, pressing me into his firm chest, and kissing the top of my ... to have to make an effort to make sure I keep your father's attentions all to me. Goodness Helen, you... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 23

... : the 5 of us, the JP & his wife, the photographer, Tom & Helen, Terry & Tammy, Sherry, Colin ... and told him that she loved him and understood how he felt and that made her love and respect him even... Continue»
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The Best Fuck in October!

... buddy Helen, the one with the Hindenburg hooters. Also, Stella and I had a great time down ... of the bed. I have Stella on her knees and elbows and I’m doing her from behind, loving that view ... the upstairs bedroom, bringing her to a halt a couple times to pat that ass of hers. I love the whole... Continue»
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