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He Helped Me Masturbate

He Helped Me Masturbate

... my face. Then he asked me if it was better tan masturbating and I admitted with my head down ... on the bed and he asked me how my first time was and I said wonderful, a large smile spreading across ... in shame that I had never masturbated. “What, really?” He asked in surprise. “Yes, I just never had... Continue»
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that afternoon

... masturbate over me, for me?”

I got a wry smile on my face and leaned toward her and whispered ... that you are very skilled at masturbating.” She looked at me, blushing and very embarrassed. I ... and it was almost 11AM. No wonder I was getting hungry. I asked Ann, “Would you like me to cook you some lunch... Continue»
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The Sweet Torment 1

... more inside me and pulled out.

I wasn't finished yet. She had pleasured me, now I had to help ... , and they pulled my legs apart, each woman holding a leg.

My lover ignored me and said. 'See, he likes ... having his balls played with, he really gets off on me squeezing and slapping them as he jerks, like... Continue»
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Laura Masturbates 3

... two apartments, mine and the one across from me. I had seen my neighbor Steve that morning, and he ... of it though wound up in the bowl under me.

I couldn\'t help it but to put my hand back in my panties ... From PL:

Laura sent this to me, it was pretty hot so after jerking off a few times to it, I... Continue»
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Roof Top Massage

... cock was rock hard as he practically ran to Sara, his cock bobbing in the air.

"Sit down next to me ... at me like a fool. I told him to either fuck me or get out and leave me alone. He couldn't get his ... cock in me soon enough."

"I bet he fucked you nice and hard didn't he!"

"Oh yes...that's about... Continue»
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His Room

... Klein boxer-briefs for me. I touch the unbelievablely soft material and wonder just how he would ... , are you still here?"

I work even harder, eager to cum before he finds me.

I hear his footsteps ... a note."

He steps into his room and looks over me. "Looks like you were doing more than that." He... Continue»
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Ari Takes Control

... to grab a large soft looking robe. She helped Ari slip it on and the two women walked out ... was certain that Jennifer would masturbate again right away.

By the time Ari had gotten back ... and checked to see if her neighbor was around. He hadn’t been around all week. He seemed to work late... Continue»
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Story of my LIFE

... and that's just it so I end up masturbating a lot. The photographer was funny because he seemed ... to make funny faces when I was masturbating.
I couldn't tell if he was enjoying it or confused by it all ... reason the security lady was upset at me.
Like she said 'what are you doing wearing an outfit like... Continue»
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Impossible Virgins Chapter 16 Aftermath

... and Dee Dee sent me to check up on you. Today's your last day on our Island. We've put your ... suitcases at the foot of your beds. Pick out something to wear, and then come with me to the auditorium ... woke up, so she had me accompany Tami here, just in case."
Toppsy sat back down on the bed, next... Continue»
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horny and pregnant pt 2

... go get cleaned up and get back here quick before I pop without you even touching me!" With that he ... by a thin strip of purple fabric of the thong she wore. He could also clearly see the outline of her puffy ... , and stood, bent at the waist, her legs spread, giving him a perfect few of her ass and pussy. He... Continue»
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Zoe the Paramedic

... breathing began to get shallower and she knew he was going to cum soon.
'I want you to cover me ... Zoe loved her job. She had recently graduated as a paramedic and was loving helping people ... chatting to members of the public.
Today had been a slow day. She had been sent to a country fair to help... Continue»
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... masturbate?”
Oh god. Should she tell the truth? If she did he’d know what a horny woman she was.
He ... quickly, Bill was his normal polite, helpful, calm self. The customers were pleasant. The day ran smoothly ... . He made no mention of how she looked. He passed no comment. There was the merest hint of perusal... Continue»
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Home Alone

... tortured me so but your new tormentor says he told me you might ask but I’m not allowed to help you ... laughs softly. You know you’re not. “Do you want me to stop, my beautiful Princess?” he breathes ... you crazy. He whimpers softly, “wouldn’t you want to taste me baby?” You can’t believe that he... Continue»
Posted by LadyLvr1 5 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time  |  
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Flea Market Fun (MFF Groupsex)

... what was happening he pressed herself against my left side and brought her mouth right up to me ear ... and a dance floor!

I am guessing that the ability to let patrons get tipsy helps sell more knock-off ... masturbators rifling through said smut to find the elusive jem that will provide them... Continue»
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Unplanned male bonding

... knew he was gay and he'd seen me leave with girls often enough to know I wasn't. It wasn't ... important. I liked Jay as a person and he liked me.
We settled in on his couch with a couple of beers ... , just relax. I'm not going to judge you."
He was right about me. I'd sometimes looked at cocks on-line... Continue»
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My Cockfriend

... helps to not have masturbated for a few days prior.

He had to be out of town for a few days for work ... I met him on the internet and found out he lived quite close to me. Our arrangement was settled ... of the time.

One afternoon we were to hang out by his pool. He had me strip inside his house so I walked... Continue»
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Tabby Cat: Feline Rising

... cock and Jenny repeatedly told me that he was interested in a threesome, and thought I was cute. I had ... another laugh, the other bartender, Richie, came over to us. He leaned in and told me, "Hey Tabs ... of the night. Enjoy," he smiled at me and walked away.

Brit looked over at the two guys... Continue»
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Excerpts of sexting with a hot redhead!

... tell me your most dirty fantasy??? On the last weeks I masturbate quite a lot within thinking of you ... to fuck you in the ass. He goes to get some lube. you push me down to the floor on my back and lower ... delicate, he knows how to play with me. Then after I came back home, my husband was waiting for me and we... Continue»
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Real Life Masturbation Experiences - Episode 03

... and horny and your mind try to cope with the situation with some bizarre fantasy.
Sometime you can't help ... but make them into reality.
At that time I was fixated in masturbating in a train compartment ... of people but the fact that someone could get me in the act was driving me nuts with excitement.
I tried... Continue»
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Bill and Kate Conclusion

... .

"Let me just pour some coffee for Bill first," answered Kate.

"Jesus. He's domesticated you ... . But something DID happen. After the power went out, well, Bill looked at me in a way he never had before. He ... to spank me."

"Oh, God," Jess chuckled.

"Right? Except he got that look on his face again after he... Continue»
Posted by kap007 1 year ago  |