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Hardonis Academy p-8

Hardonis Academy P-10

... Well cum to the Academy P-10
By Victor Lavay

Billy arrived at his dorm room after a great ... with; the outgoing dirty minded Sandra and the shy submissive Magan.

Like all dorm rooms at the Academy ... , Hardonis segregated girls and boys into different buildings and the rules said they should not invade... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-4

... the memories of her first day at Hardonis Academy.

Sandra blushed, the memory of the “interview ... of school uniforms, and a “Welcome to Hardonis” book on her desk. Still naked she sat down ... at the desk and started looking at the book.

Part of the Hardonis Handbook was all about the rule... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy p-6

... the rather intense intro session to her first class at the Hardonis Academy, and then joined the rest ... to be nothing sexual about this subject. The students were there to learn, Hardonis was not just some... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-10b

... with, anything you want to do with me is fine.” The new student answered with a nod.

Life at Hardonis Academy was going to be very cum filled

... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy p-9

... to nibbled playfully on the near by skin ignoring the p*****n nipples for a few seconds, before ... pushed into Jenny's mouth. Surprised, the older teen held still for a moment, letting the bold p... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-12

... . The Academy was centered on the Hall building, which included the dining area, library, club rooms ... , then it was off to class; Philosophy 101 taught by none other than the head master of the Academy, Mr... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy p-8

... New Student=s Second Day Part 5
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

It had been a long day, with a lot of excitement, yet Sandra felt energized rather than tired. She'd left the others... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy p-5

... New Student's Second Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Kimberly finally turned around, but now she had one arm across her perky breasts, and a hand covering her teenage pussy... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy p-7

... New Student=s Second Day Part 4
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

They found Tongue Use 103 on the second floor; again the room is full of new students, k**s their own age who look excited and nervous... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-11b

... New Students Second Day - Continued
By Victor Lavay

"My mom is, a total perv. She enjoyed watching me get licked, she enjoyed watching me suck cock, she loved watching me get fucked... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-2

... New Student's First Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay

It sounded reasonable when Principle Lazlow said it, he had that kind of a voice. But a few moments later, when he was actually unbuttoning... Continue»
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nightgowns to wear (she called them sl**p shirts).
Former vacations were spent hanging around ... me
at a place that I had never heard of called the Petite Fille
Academy. Not only did I have ... . The
Petite Fille Academy was a former girls finishing school, that
decided to admit boys. Although... Continue»
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Lateshay and Eric cum to an Arrangement

... . He and his wife are attending a fundraiser in the early evening for the Happy k**s Academy—you know ... it is to sneak a woman into City Hall and 8:30 in the evening? I sure as hell hope he didn’t get any on his ... , “All better baby?” And then she promptly falls back asl**p.

I awaken to the sounds of the wind... Continue»
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Teacher's Pet

... . He had done this for a year now at Fredrick St. James Academy, it was a private all female boarding ... that Jake was not only a beautiful adolescent he had a huge cock 8 inches and would eventually grow ... of the women he was fucking that he found himself at the Academy. She had given so much money to them... Continue»
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Senior Moment

... and then worked
faster and faster and swallowed more and more of me.
He began fucking his 8" thick boy cock ... and I cleaned up.
Sometime around 8 PM, he came down from the loft and
began rummaging through ... and for all intents and
purposes, a p*******e i thought.

My "love making" became more and more... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... squirrel talking stamps with father he had all he
could do to keep himself from falling asl**p after ... and
tired myself and fell asl**p as sound as a top the moment I popped straight
into bed till ... I do know me come sl**p
with me yes and he knows that too at the bottom of his heart take that... Continue»
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Innocent Mommy Turned Slut

... . I took breakfast and went to academy for classer but I was not able to concentrate as whole scene ... and hornyness.
It was 8 pm and mom went to kitchen for dinner and I went to take bath. I saw my mom’s bra ... came out my mom was ready with dinner. We had dinner and after that mom went to sl**p and I started... Continue»
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Ultimate fetish dressing

... a normal school - it was an exclusive fetish academy, so she deemed herself lucky that she got ... was allowed to sl**p in a normal bed naked, but that would change too. Now she was to get started with her ... the straps to her stockings, first the front, then the back, and it must've taken her ten minutes alone.

8... Continue»
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General Jackson's Unlikely Legacy.

... entrance to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He was well behind the other ... in him however served him well and he became one of the hardest working students at the academy. He ... had a generally good war in 1846-8. He distinguished himself in combat but there are incidents which... Continue»
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... a real treat the next day. The stained gusset was scented beyond
my wildest imagination with her p ... in control. At this
rate, I knew I wasn't going to get nominated for an Academy Award, but I ... promise that you'll let me sl**p with you tonight. We can play with my panties again if you want... Continue»
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