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Hardonis Academy P-10

Hardonis Academy P-10

Well cum to the Academy P-10
By Victor Lavay

Billy arrived at his dorm room after a ... wore beach sandals; a classic surfer dude. It was tradition at Hardonis for new students to be put into rooms with those ... ... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-10b

Direct continuation of Part 10

Billy almost passed out as he exploded for a second time ... is fine.” The new student answered with a nod.

Life at Hardonis Academy was going to be very cum filled

... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy Info File

... go have a look.


Hardonis is a privet school that specializes in ... her with no respect when she was 10. Sex for her was not a ... Academy and undergoes an interview with the Principle. He gives a speech about how things work here at Hardonis ... ... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-11b

... her plumb ass a good slap. “You lost your virginity at 10, well by the time I was that age I was taking a cock ... ... Continue»
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... am the director of a play being staged
by the Carlisle Academy Girls Theater Company. It's called "The
Fairy Princess in ... with sweet dreams of young girlhood in my head.

The next morning, I woke up at ... ... Continue»
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School Days ( I didn't write this )

... women not
awakened him from his reverie. "It's almost 10:30; if we're
going, we'ld better get ... a pretty young girl. "Oh, I'm afraid that's not
allowed; the academy is cloistered to women."

The boy couldn't overhear the conversation ... ... Continue»
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Senior Moment

... assigned
to Charlie's unit when he graduated from the academy
and served under him until Charlie retired and then
with ... man flesh complete freedom. Carlos
struggled a bit but swallowed the 10" long cock that
was before him. Charlie cried out. "I'm ... ... Continue»
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Teacher's Pet

... for a year now at Fredrick St. James Academy, it was a private all female boarding school ... teachers quarters. Hoping she didn't see his 10.5 inch cock in his sweats.

He was ... " he buried came every inch of his 10.5 inch breeding rod and dumped the biggest ... ... Continue»
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Nathan begins to question the teachings of his chu


Friday Morning, Harmony Christian Life Academy

Public displays of affection were forbidden ... room. It was not until after 10 that he was able to take ... .

Wednesday Morning. Harmony Christian Life Academy

Nathan waited outside the school, waiting ... ... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... grandfather instead of sending her to Skerrys academy where
shed have to learn not like ... stood staring at one another for about 10
minutes as if we met somewhere I ... what was the 7th
card after that the 10 of spaces for a Journey by land then ... ... Continue»
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General Jackson's Unlikely Legacy.

... army because he was a Virginian and served in a Virginian military academy. Certainly his old friend and mentor Robert E Lee joined for ... retreating abjectly back towards Centreville.

Pope had lost some 10,000 men killed and wounded from his army of 62 ... ... Continue»
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A Star Is Born--Naked

... me to show up at the theater at 10 for an initial read.

I asked him ... She said she needed to get about 10 of everything. Marge said she would get ... was, the golden c***d of cinema. Winner of an Academy Award at f******n, darling of the big screen, standing ... ... Continue»
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Beloved s****r Kiran

... on a fitness training to take entrance examination into a military academy that involved physical test like fitness, swimming and interview. So ... examination and waited for the PE test in the next 10 days. I'd just returned from jogging and swimming from a ... ... Continue»
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Beloved s****r Kiran

... on a fitness training to take entrance examination into a military academy that involved physical test like fitness, swimming and interview. So ... examination and waited for the PE test in the next 10 days. I'd just returned from jogging and swimming from a ... ... Continue»
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Hot To Trot Mary Meets Her Pool Guy

... study something or maybe even going to the police academy. I like the cop idea. That would be ... he was saying this I could feel that 10” cock pressing up against my pussy. And ... tighter I felt what seemed like the entire 10” of his cock slip deep inside me. ... ... Continue»
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black mother cheats with daughters white boyfriend

... talking me out of it.

He's 10 years older than me and old school ... . He was usually in bed by 10. I knew Andrea was going to ... 10 years in my husbands bedroom.

"Andrea," he whispered again. I continued laying prone. I threw in a fake snore for my Academy ... ... Continue»
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Winter at Cousin's House

This is story that happened about 10 years ago, and in that time of my ... of junky painter and Melisa whom she met at academy fair in Boston. She was quite good guy but ... me. I saw her last time when she was 10 years old. In that time when she came into the ... ... Continue»
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... sun shining into their room. It was 10 am and they were both famished. William's ... and no one recording the diva. At 10 pm William arrived looking so smashing in ... that some day he could be nominated for an Academy Award.
“Well, doc. I'm willing.”
“OK ... ... Continue»
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My Descent Into Subliminals - Chapter 3 - My Undoi

... vibrations abruptly ceased in my pants.

We drove the remaining 10 miles to Tricia's dorm. We were still early
but Cindy ... butt plug. Cindy's eyes grew wide and
pulled off an Academy Award winning performance. I switched the butt plug
off and we ... ... Continue»
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The Art of the Female Orgasm

... and intense feeling is clearly communicated to the man.
Twitching can occur from the slightest stimulation or during climax ... Kim moved to New York City to attend the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduation, Kim contracted with Universal and ... ... Continue»
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