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Hardonis Academy Info File

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Adventures at Hardonis Academy

New Student=s First Day Part 1
By Victor Lavay

"Welcome to Hardonis Academy." The distinguished looking Principal said from behind his desk as Sandra walked into his office. "Have a seat." He pointed the young girl to a big comfortable chair in the centre of the room. She quickly took her place as ordered. Her parents had told her that the school could be a lot of fun, but it would be strict on discipline. They assured her, the punishments were not something she would ever forget. So Sandra was on her best behaviour.

"As you know, Hardonis is a privet school that specializes in teaching its students everything they may need to know in life. It is well loved by all its graduates for the sexual education it provides, and the countless assignments and opportunities students have to practice what they learn in class." Principle Lazlow explained calmly. Sandra blushed a little at the mention of the sexual education. "In some ways the school is very conservative, in other ways it is modern. You see, Hardonis is co ed, with a dorm for boys and one for girls. Students are allowed to mingle during the day but are expected to keep to their own rooms at night. My assistant Miss Violet will show you to your room when this interview is done." The woman who had e****ted Sandra to the office, was still standing near the door. The young girl glanced at the attractive red haired woman, and got a reassuring smile.

"One very important thing I want to make clear right now." Principle Lazlow said seriously. "Is that your parents know exactly what goes on here. They know all about our curriculum and teaching methods, having been students her themselves. Also, they have given permission for us to do all the things that we will be doing to you." The last sentence stuck in Sandra=s mind ... things that we will be doing to you... did not sound normal.

"As I hope your parents explained to you, the school can be a wonderful place, you may enjoy your classes, you may make lots of friends, and even fall in love. But the school is also well equipped to handle discipline problems, with an authentic dungeon and all the latest equipment to brake a student of his or her unacceptable habits." He looked directly at the young girl in front of him with his dark iron stair. This was starting be scary, but Sandra told herself it was normal hor a principle to want to frighten his students into staying in line. "Do you understand so far?" he asked her politely. She game a nod and said "Yes sir."

"I will let Miss Violet give you a full reading of the rules later, right now I simply want to stress rule number one; You will always obey, to the best of your ability, any order a teacher or staff member gives you. Even if the order shocks you." He smiled and wiggled his finger at her as he spoke. "While you are at this Academy you have no rights, only privileges which are given to you. Do you understand?" He said more seriously. Again Sandra nod and said "Yes sir."

"Very well, Miss Violet, please secure young Sandra to the chair." He said it simply as another matter of business. Before Sandra could think what to say in protest, the red haired woman was pulling her arms behind her back and tying them, very skilfully. Violet then tied the young girl=s feet to the legs to the chair. "What are you doing?" Sandra managed to sputter.

"This is part of the interview, try to relax." Violet whispered into Sandra=s ear as she finished securing the girl to the chair in the middle of Principle Lazlow=s office. She then stepped back dutifully to take her place near the door.

"This is an object lesson my dear." The Principle explained as he walked around to the front of his desk. "Nothing you have is yours, You are in control only of your mind. Your clothes are not yours, your body is not yours. You are simply using them at this moment." The girl looked puzzled. She was tied to a chair and the Principle was explaining some king of odd philosophy to her. Sandra was really confused. Of course Principle Lazlow had seen this sort of reaction before.

"Tell me Sandra, have you ever had sex?" He asked. The question came unexpectedly as far as she was concerned. "Umm no, Iv never gone all the way - if that is what you mean." she answered trying not to dwell on the fact that it was a very inappropriate question.

"So you entered this room a virgin?" Principle Lazlow asked pointedly. Sandra=s eyes grew wide as she read meaning into that question, then she started struggling against the leather straps that held her to the chair. " your not going to do that? You cant do that to me!!!" She started to panic.

"Yes my dear." he said calmly, knowing that the girl would not get free. "You think your body is your own, that no one can touch you or use you with out your permission. That is a social illusion that we her at Hardonis do not subscribe to." Principle Lazlow walked over to stand beside the new student. He reaches out his hand and placed it on her young breasts. She tried to struggle. "People are so afraid of having their personal space violated, of having themselves violated, you will learn to overcome that." He rubbed her chest, gently but firmly. "What we will teach you here will free you from so many silly taboos." He assured her softly, his lips close to her ear. Sandra slowly stopped her struggles.

"What are you going to do to me?" Sandra asked in a small voice, filled with both fear and curiosity. Her mom had been at Hardonis, had she been through something similar? "Im going to strip you of your clothes, Im going to touch you all over, Im going to kiss you and lick you, Im going to make you cum. Then I will pop your little cherry and fuck you like you were my own daughter." He gave a small glance towards the red head standing next to the door. "When we are done, Miss Violet will accompany you to your dorm room, get you cleaned up, and go over the rest of the rules." It all sounded so reasonable when he said it. Sandra found herself nodding ok.

...more to be posted soon...
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Hardonis Academy P-4

New Student's Second Day Part 1
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra woke up and for a moment had no idea where she was. She looked around the small room. It was easily recognized as a school dorm room, neat and tidy with a minimum of furniture and nearly no personal stuff s**ttered around. She noticed that the bed opposite her was empty; she was alone in the room. The next thing she noticed was that she was naked under the covers. This realization brought flooding back all the memories of her first day at Hardonis Academy.

Sandra blushed, the memory of the “interview” with the Head-master bright a tingly felling to her tummy. She had been tied up, helpless in his office; he had done so many naughty things to her, including taking her virginity against her will. Sandra reached down to her pussy and gently rubbed herself. Her young sex still felt tender after the abuse it has suffered the other day.

After a moment’s day dreaming about her ****, Sandra realized that she was not at all upset about it. She giggled and got out of bed to make a more thorough search of her room. She found all her luggage at the foot of the bed, the closet full of school uniforms, and a “Welcome to Hardonis” book on her desk. Still naked she sat down at the desk and started looking at the book.

Part of the Hardonis Handbook was all about the rule of the school, another part outlines the various classes, some being mandatory others elective; some sounding quite normal like; History 204, English 208, Social Studies 205, others seemed very sexual, like; Exhibition 102, Cock sucking 103, Pussy licking 104, Basic intercourse 105,Basic positions 201, Same-sex partners 202, Multiple partners 203, Use of toys 204.

In the back was a calendar with important dates for exams, projects and social events. On the last few pages were photos of the staff. They were posed with students, doing the sort of thing they were well known for doing. Some of the photos made Sandra start to feel moist, the last one just made her giggle. Garry O’Malley – Grounds Keeper, was posed with a teen age girl who was hugging a tree as he fucked her doggy style.

Half the rules in the book were the normal sort, all about being on time for class, not cheating, etc... The other half of the rules explained that the students would be required to have sex with the teachers and with other students, including performing "educational acts" in front of the class. A student did not have the right to say "no" to any order given by a teacher. Punishments included public spankings and being tied up on display in the hall, so that any one could have a poke. That kind of scared Sandra, but at the same time she wished that were pictures of the punishments. Her cheeks turned bright pink at the idea... sooner or later she might be punished. Her previous experience proved that it wasn't a joke.

Wondering just what world she had been entered into, she put the book down and got dressed. The uniform was a classic privet school design, simple white shirt with a Scottish plaid skirt and knee socks, it seemed quite conservative. As she got dressed, Sandra noticed that no underwear had been provided. Not surprising really, so she went to get some from her suitcase. There was none there. Someone had removed all her panties and training bras. Trying to get into the spirit of her new school, Sandra told herself that all the students probably were in the same situation.

On the calendar, today was listed as part of orientation week, there were no official classes, but teachers would be in their class rooms to talk with students. So Sandra looked to see what mandatory classes she had…She felt terribly exposed without panties, even in the mid thigh length skirt. Nevertheless, she didn't want to hide in her room... taking a deep breath, she set out to find her way around the school, at least track down which classrooms and teachers would be hers. Exhibition 102 was listed as the first class of the morning, so she made that her destination.

The school itself resembled a castle or a church, with stone work and fancy glass windows. It was also something of a maze. The other students that Sandra saw were mostly wearing similar uniforms. The boys wore a knee length kilt in traditional Scottish style. A few students, in their young teens were totally naked, except for collars around their necks. They walked meekly behind some of the older students. Sandra tried hard not to stare at the k**s... who were, disturbingly, around her own age, or maybe a year older. She felt very vulnerable, walking alone in the school, no panties... and she tried to ignore just how excited it also made her feel, how turned on she was becoming. She looked for her first teacher, trying not to meet anyone's gaze.

Most of the students ignored young Sandra, a few smiled at her. They could tell she was new; she had that dazed look about her that fresh students always have the first week. A few of the older k**s laughed, remembering their first week. Some of the older boys leered at her, thinking of her as a new toy to use. But they knew the rule; no touching new students for the first month, unless ordered to do so by a teacher.

Eventually she found her first class; it was Exhibition 102.

Sandra ducked through the door and peeked around, trying to see what the teacher was like and whether any of her fellow students were there. The teacher was sitting on the corner of his desk; a teenage girl was standing next to him, looking friendly but official. Sitting down in the front row were a few new students around Sandra's age. They were talking with the teacher and his assistant.

Sandra slowly walked forward, towards a seat in the third row, listening to what was going on. The assistant was explaining how she had always been an exhibitionist, even as a little girl she liked to strip out of her clothes, and flash her friends, she even flashed adults... The k**s were laughing as the teen told about the fun she had at the beach when she was seven years old. The teacher gave Sandra a smile when she came in, but said nothing to interrupt the story.

Sandra listened quietly, biting her lip and blushing slightly as she realized what the class was going to be about, not meeting anyone's eyes. What the assistant liked to do naturally, was what everyone one would have to learn to do. This confirmation of her suspicion made Sandra squirm in her seat a little, very conscious that she had no panties on. Despite her discomfort, Sandra found the laughter of the k**s was infectious and she was soon giggling with them. The assistant was friendly and funny, a tall athletic blond with her hair up in a pony tail. She made all the new students feel at ease.

After the story was done, the teacher, who was also smiling, stood up and said, "So who wants to see my assistant Kimberly strip, right now?"

The young boys quickly put up their hands, one of the girls did also, another was a bit more reluctant, but she wanted to go along with the group. Sandra's eyes widened as she realized the teacher was serious. She glanced at Kimberly, wondering what her reaction might be... wondering what she looked like under her uniform. Sandra was felling horny and very much wanted to see the teenage assistant naked. Then was one more realization, that she'd put her own hand up.

Kimberly giggled at the teacher's question and was starting to unbutton her shirt as the hands were going up. She had no doubt what the vote would be. Sandra bit her lip again, watching closely, occasionally glancing at the teacher or the other k**s to watch how they reacted. Kimberly being a pro at the exhibition and teasing acted quickly but turned her body slightly as she took off her shirt, so the k**s would have a good glimpse of her tits, but not a full view, until she had them a bit more excited.

As Kimberly opened her shirt, she teasingly flashed the k**s in the class a view of her breasts before totally removing her shirt. For a 17 year old her tits were quite small although her nipples were very stiff and noticeable. The teacher glanced at his assistant, but mostly watched the students.

Sandra's cheeks were pink, and she was biting her lip quite hard, but she still watched openly, not giggling now, more serious in her expression. Kimberly true to her claim seemed to be enjoying showing off her body to the k**s. She posed for them, making sure the students got a good view of her tits from the front and the side. They were very perky tits and did not look silly even when she bent over. She often laughed at the girls with the big breasts, who were so proud of their boobs, but who looked so silly in the doggy position with their tits swinging freely.

Sandra felt her breathing quicken. Images of a woman’s head moving between her own legs ran through her mind, had that been a dream or something real? She felt herself slightly dampen, her thighs clamping together as she tried to fight the feeling and take control of her young body. One of the boys, sitting next to Sandra had reached down between his own legs, and was actually rubbing himself, his eyes fixed on the half naked teenage girl in front of him.

Maybe some people did not bother with self control. Once Sandra noticed this, her attention switched between the boy and the stripping teen, blushing even more now and trying to remain inconspicuous in her staring.

Kmiberly giggled and asked "Are you ready class? Do you want to see my pussy?" as she teasingly lowered her skirt inch by inch. Sandra nodded, smiling and still glancing at the others to see if they were as enthusiastic as she was. She'd had suspicions about her own interest in other girls as well as boys, but this moment confirmed it for her... she very much wanted to see the girl naked. A few of the other girls in the class seemed excited, but one looked like she was ready to run out, she was hiding behind her long black hair.

Kimberly dropped her skirt, at the same time she turned to the side, so the k**s could not quite see between her legs. She was teasing them again. Sandra actually pouted, leaning slightly to see, her desire evident in her face. She glanced at the other girl, wondering what the girl was actually thinking, trying to peek at her face through the hair.

The teacher carefully watched his new students, mentally noting their reactions, as Kimberly continue teasing the class by turning fully around, to wiggle her tight ass at the k**s, then slowly turns back to face them. Sandra gazed at the teenager’s bottom, discovering in herself that it was obviously her favorite part of a girl's anatomy. She watched the blond assistant admiringly, excited beyond words by what she was seeing.

Hang in there for the next part, cumming soon...... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy p-6

New Student=s Second Day Part 3
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra composed herself after the rather intense intro session to her first class at the Hardonis Academy, and then joined the rest of the k**s as they left the class room. She was looking around to see what else the school might offer. Many of the k**s in that first class chatter with each other as they walk out. They talked about how hot it all was, others talk about how they would never be able to get up and strip in front of everyone. Of course several of the boys babbled about how they wanted to nail Kimberly the teacher’s assistant, because she was so damn sexy.

The shy girl with the long black hair just shuffles along at the back of the pack, following Sandra for no obvious reason. Sandra joined up with the shy girl, stepping close to her and smiling sideways at her. "Are you okay? That sure was a lot of fun."

"Hum yea, Im ok" she walks a little closer to her new friend, "It was ...mmm fun to see you..." she just could not finish saying it. Having seen the teen age assistant strip and play with herself had been shocking and amazing, but some how not entirely bizarre. Seeing one of her fellow students, showing off her young body, well that was really beyond words for the shy girl.

"Hehe, I guess you saw quite a bit of me... but which bit was most fun for you?" she asked teasingly, grinning at the shy girl. "What's your name, anyway?"

"Im Magan," she said, quickly, trying to avoid the other question, "What class do you have next?" The image of Sandra’s hairless pussy slit was still fresh in her mind.

"You answer my question first, then I'll answer yours." Sandra winked at Megan, and then checked to see where the introduction would take them next. The next class of the morning was actually a normal one, History 204, which would be followed by Tongue Use 103, just before lunch brake.

"I liked looking at your body, you know... I never saw a girl in a sort of sexual way." She was blushing and found it nearly impossible to get the words out.

Sandra showed Meagan her schedule and then turned towards the history class, smiling at the girl as they ended up going in the same direction. "So... do you think you'd like to see more girls in a sexual way?" she asked. As the two girls walk down the hall Magan considers her answer "In this place I guess it will happen if I like it or not.”

"I guess so. That's not such a bad thing though is it?" Sandra said as she hoped that the next class would not be as dull as the name suggested, although she wasn't sure how much excitement like the previous class her young body would be able to stand.

As it turned out, History was taught by none other than the Head master. Sandra wasn't sure if it was a sigh of relief or disappointment that escaped her... when she entered the class room, either way, she had to struggle to prevent memories of her first meeting with him from arising. He stood at the front of the class and made it clear that there was going to be nothing sexual about this subject. The students were there to learn, Hardonis was not just some fantasy play land for horny teens, and it was there to provide an education. She sat down at the back of the class to listen quietly, waiting to finish the class and see where her new world would take her next.

The intro eventually finished with a reminder for everyone to bring a note book next time, and then he dismissed the class. Sandra made a mental note and then gathered herself to head for the next class. Tongue Use 103 sounded... interesting. She felt her heart pound a little faster as she headed there, still looking around to try and get a handle on the school life. Megan followed along after her, like a shadow.

As Sandra walked down the hall, she noticed a small group of older students gathered round in a circle, something exciting seemed to be going on. She was nervous about approaching the older students... the girls walking around in collar and nothing else still stuck in her head... but nevertheless, she wandered over to see what was happening.

Five teenage boys and a couple of teen girls were standing around as a naked girl, one of those with a collar, who lay in the middle of the circle. She was masturbating and moaning quite loudly. Sandra blushed, biting her lip, but watched quietly. She was wondering how the situation had come about, but was far too shy to ask anyone. As she watched she noticed that the boys had themselves well in hand, they were jerking off and aiming at the collared slut... she was gasping, "yes, yes give it to me, squirt all over me guys…I want it… I need it."

Sandra could only explain it by thinking that she was still excited from earlier... either way, she suddenly found herself lifting the front of her skirt just enough that she could touch herself, not surprised to find how wet she was from the sight. Magan who had been tagging along, stood behind Sandra, watching also. As the girl on the floor started to shiver with her orgasm she cried out "Cum on me please" the boys quickly granted her wish. In seconds the short haired slut, had several globes of hot gum splattered over her medium sized tits and her trimmed little pussy.

Sandra quickly plunged two fingers into herself and shuddered with a little orgasm, not crying out, just whimpering, and leaning against the wall as her legs weakened. The teens start to laugh and congratulate the cum covered slut on the floor, they seemed not to have noticed the young k**s watching them. Of course shy little Magan has noticed what Sandra was doing, she watched breathlessly as he new friend finger-fucked herself in public. Blushing, Sandra quickly covered herself and flashed a quick smile at Megan before trying to slip past the teens and head for the next class. "oh god your so...bad " Magan whispers as she follows her friend, very conscious of the wetness between her own legs.

Sandra blushed even more, and then reached back to take Magan's hand, curling her little fingers around it and towing the young girl after her, looking for their next room. They find Tongue Use 103 on the second floor; again the room is full of new students, k**s their own age who look excited and nervous. At the front was the teacher Miss Likensgud, and older stern faced woman who some would have called beautiful in her younger days, and her two assistants, one boy one girl.... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-10b

Direct continuation of Part 10

Billy almost passed out as he exploded for a second time in Ana’s tight cunt. She was riding him hard and showed no sign of stopping. It was a fine line between pleasure and pain as the athletic blond girl on top of him started to cum; her pussy clenching on his cock in shivers of fire.

The new student lay on the bed, his head spinning, as he listened to the squishy sounds in the room. It seemed a bit unreal. Ana was still humping his young cock, which now seemed to slide in and out of her sloppy wet pussy more easily. The other sounds of sex were coming from his roommate’s bed; squishy finger fucking and gasping breath. Zack had Brenda sitting on his lap, one hand at her smooth pussy the other hand on her big tits.

Billy watched the action for a few minutes; Zack was very skilled with his fingers. He would alternate rubbing the black girl’s clit and finger fucking her cunt. Gradually Billy realized that his cock was still stiff, and that Ana was working hard towards another orgasm. He wasn’t sure what would happen, no girl had ever done anything like this to him before. He didn’t think he had any cum left in his balls.

“Hay dude, you like your about to pass out.” Zack said between nibbles at Brenda’s neck “want me to take the bitch off you?”

“Shut up. Im not done fucking my little b*****r.” Ana gasped

“That’s it, you nasty chick, no more fucking my new roomy tonight.” Zack said as he pushed Brenda slowly but firmly away. The bouncy black girl landed on her knees between the two beds, nose to nose with Billy. Then the surfer dude was up and stepping over to the new student’s bed. He grabbed Ana by the hips and pushed her forward, so Billy’s cock popped out of her hot slippery slit.

Almost immediately Zack stuffed his own larger prick into her hot horny hole. He pressed her down onto the boy and started fucking her hard. Ana could feel Billy’s stiff cock rubbing against her pussy mound as Zack slammed into her over and over again. She was cumming in no time.

“Are you my bitch now?” Zack asked as he felt the athletic blond spasm.

“No way, you gotta do way better than that.” She answered.

So Zack got hold of her arms and pulled them behind her back, moving her to face the wall. He pressed her body to the cool plaster and rubbed her tits back and forth as he fucked her in slow deep thrusts.

“Is that the best you got?” she teased him between gasps.

Pressing her firmly against the wall, Zack pulled his cock out of her slippery cunt and aimed at her tight little ass. “Yelp like a bitch if you want me to stop” he said, as he rammed his dripping wet cock into Ana’s ass hole. She clenched her teeth and grunted, refusing to yelp.

Billy watched in a sort of amazed shock as the rough sex happened literally right on top of him. Brenda just giggled, she knew her friends very well. “Ana has control issues,” she explained “but Im easy to get along with, anything you want to do with me is fine.” The new student answered with a nod.

Life at Hardonis Academy was going to be very cum filled

... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-10

Well cum to the Academy P-10
By Victor Lavay

Billy arrived at his dorm room after a great introductory day. This school was a dream come true for any horny young man. Sure there was some bizarre stuff he did not look forward to learning, but overall it was great. So many cute girls and so many chances to see them naked, he was sure he would be getting his cock into some nice hot pussy soon. In particular he thought about the pair of girls he had spent most of the day hanging with; the outgoing dirty minded Sandra and the shy submissive Magan.

Like all dorm rooms at the Academy his was small but comfortable, giving no privacy from the roommate. Although it was a co-ed school, Hardonis segregated girls and boys into different buildings and the rules said they should not invade each other’s territory. Billy had just sat down on his bed and was wishing the room had a TV, when the door opened.

“Hay dude. You’re here, great. I got you a welcome surprise.” said the voice from the doorway. A second later a pair of giggling girls was pushed into the room. “This is Brenda and Ana. Yea, and Im your roomy, Zack.” explained the older student.

Zack looked to be a few years older than Billy, tall and well tanned he wore the school uniform with the shirt unbuttoned most of the way and instead of the usual shoes he wore beach sandals; a classic surfer dude. It was tradition at Hardonis for new students to be put into rooms with those in higher grades, who could act as mentors.

Brenda had big tits. That’s what Billy noticed first. She was dark skinned and very curvy, a sort of Jamaican brown rather than jet black. Ana was almost flat, a well tanned short haired blond, she looked hard and athletic not soft and cuddly. Both girls smiled and said “Hello.” Then they pulled up their skirts to flash him. Brenda was smooth shaved; Ana had a small patch of golden pussy fur.

“Wow, I mean; Hi there.” Billy said, after a second of wide eyed admiration. The girls giggled some more.

“So dude, you know hoe to fuck?” Zack asked.

Billy gave a nod, “Yea, Iv done it a few times.”

“Who did you do it with?” asked Ana, as she sat down next to the new guy. “Yea tell us all about your first time.” Brenda said, sitting on the bed directly across from Billy.

“Well, like every time I saw my cousine Stacy during summer, we always use to play doctor and games that got us naked. Stacy is three years older than me, by the way. I guess a lot of what happened was her idea.” As Billy spoke Brenda leaned forward to listen, giving him a great view down her shirt. “Eventually she started giving me blow jobs and got me to lick her pussy. We did it a few times before I actually started to squirt. The first time I came in her mouth, she looked so surprised, I thought she was going to kill me. But then she said it was ok, she was happy.” Ana licked her lips remembering the first time she had gotten a young boy to cum in her mouth.

Billy looked from one girl to the other; the felling of sexual excitement in the room was clearly climbing. “The first time we really did it was two years ago, on my birthday. Stacy said she wanted to be my first. I dint realize it until later that she had already been having sex for almost a year. Well we got naked and started kissing. No games this time, we were both real horny. Soon her hand was pulling on my cock and my finger was slipping into her hot wet cunt. My cousine climbed on top of me and then slowly sat her-self down onto my dick. It was the most amazing felling ever. I thought getting a blow job was good, but this was better.” As he talked, Billy u*********sly dropped one hand to rub the growing woody he was sporting.

“Did it feel anything like this?” Ana asked with a smile. Then she pushed Billy down onto his bed. Brenda giggled, knowing exactly what her friend was up to. In a flash the athletic blond teenager had her skirt off and was climbing on top of the new student. She took his cock in hand and guided it into her moist little pussy. “ohh, I bet your bigger now than when you first fucked your cousine.” Ana purred as she slowly pressed down onto the boy.

“So what happened next?” Zack asked as he put his legs around Brenda and opened her shirt fully. His fingers playing with the dark nipples made the girl moan. Brenda loved to be put on display like this. Having her tits played with was always fun, but having someone watch was the real turn on.

Billy was finding it hard to talk, hard to think, because the felling of his throbbing cock inside this amazingly tight pussy was quickly driving him to the edge of cuming. Ana could tell the boy was distracted so she sank herself all the way down onto his shaft and stopped moving. “I think i****t is really hot.” She said with a wicked smile. “I often wished I had a little b*****r, so I could suck his cock seven times a day.”

“He could be out little b*****r.” Brenda suggested, as she rubbed her self with one hand then spread her pussy lips wide for Billy to get a good look at her pink place.

“Yea sure.” Billy gasped. His hips thrusting all on their own; his cock needing to feel the slippery in and out movement. But Ana was not going to let things be that easy. She pushed down on his chest and lifted herself up, so at the top of his thrust just the tip of his cock was in her cunt. If he lowered his hips or tried to move he would pop out of her. “Say it, call me big s****r and tell me how much you want to fuck me.” The athletic blond girl demanded.

“I want you, you’re my big s****r and I want to fuck you.” Billy managed to say as he looked up into the older teenager’s eyes.

Ana smiled a wicked smile, “Silly little b*****r, you can fuck Brenda all you want, you can use every hole she has, but Im the one who fucks you.” Having said that, she slammed herself down onto him then leaned way back. Her strong fingers rubbing her hot clit, faster and faster until she started cuming. Billy gasped and wiggled as her cunt squeezed him. The boy wanted to cum, it felt like his balls were on fire, but in this position it seemed like her could not. Zack and Brenda watched excitedly from the other bed.

After her first warm up orgasm, Ana leaned forward again into the classic ridding position. “Grab my tits Billy and hang on, squeeze as hard as you like.” She said then started to ride the boy hard. He was cuming almost as soon as the short haired teenager got going. But she didn’t slow down when she felt him start to squirt inside her. Ana knew what she was doing. “More little b*****r, give me more cum, you can do it, your big s****r wants you to fill up her tummy with your cumy.” She gasped.
... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-12

Chapter 12, Third Day

The three new friends met at breakfast the next day, they were all smiling. Even though they had not had sex with each other, they seemed sure of forming a tight bond. The Academy was centered on the Hall building, which included the dining area, library, club rooms, student council and newspaper offices, and the theater. To the East were the two dorm buildings. To the West was the sports complex, which included the medical office. To the north was the administration building, witch included the guidance councilor’s office. To the South was the large square complex that housed the actual class rooms. The arrangement was perfect for winter weather because you never had to go outside. In practice it made the main level of the Hall building the hub of school activity.

Sandra was smiling because of the great sex she had last night with her roommate Jenny, a dirty blond and her boyfriend Mike, a senior at the school. Aside from her introduction to the head master, it was the first all out sex she had ever had. She was sure her story of wild wet fucking would have her friends drooling with jealousy.

Billy was smiling because of the amazing sex he had last night. His roommate Zack, a surfer dude, had introduced him to Ana, a very aggressive sporty girl and Brenda, a passive cuddly fuck-bunny. It was every young man’s dream. Although he didn’t plan to talk about his experience, he couldn’t resist trying to top Sandra’s story.

Magan was smiling behind her long dark hair because she had the most orgasms ever last night, all thanks to her roommate Jinki, who was naughty and nice all at once. She listened quietly to her new friends Sandra and Billy as they talked about last night. It was making her wet.

Breakfast went by fast, then it was off to class; Philosophy 101 taught by none other than the head master of the Academy, Mr Lazlow himself. The three friends found seats next to each other, with Magan in the middle. Like most class rooms, this one had long tables that could fit several students, not individual desks. The k**s continued to talk as they got settled, focusing on shy little Magan, who hadn’t yet said anything about her night.

“Do you like your roommate?” Sandra asked. “Yes.” Magan answered quickly.
“Is she cute?” Billy inquired. “I guess so.” Magan replied.

“Did you do anything with her?” Sandra asked, putting her hand on Magan’s left leg. “Yea, I bet she fucked you with a giant dildo.” Billy said, as he put his hand on Magan’s right leg. “No it wasn’t like that.” Magan said, looking embarrassed.

“Don’t be a pervert.” Sandra said to the boy, then asked “What was it like?” The shy girl tried to explain how nice her night had been, as her friends distracted her with their hands. They slowly f***ed her legs apart, making her wiggle in her chair as their finger sought out her young pussy. It was a school regulation that underwear was not allowed, exactly so things like this could happen.
Although they had not planned it, Billy and Sandra quickly started working as a team to tease and torment their friend. It would become a game they played in all the classes they shared together, and eventually a game they would play afterschool.

Magan kept stopping in mid sentence to bite on her thumb as Sandra rubbed her clit and Billy pushed a finger into her moist slit. Her friends continued to ask her questions about last night’s sex and she tried to answer them, but it was hard to concentrate. The warm tingling in her tummy was making her so unfocussed. She didn’t even notice when the teacher arrived at the front of the class. As respectable students, Sandra and Billy stopped what they were doing, but left their hands resting under Magan’s skirt.

“Good morning students. What is morality?” The head master said with practiced enthusiasm. “In the most general terms it is the practice of choosing what is right and wrong, good and bad. But how do we know how to make these choices?” Mr. Lazlow walked slowly back and forth at the front of the room. He was a tall powerful man, with a mature yet ageless look about him. Dressed in a traditional black academic robe over his conservative suit, he had most of the girl’s eyes fixed to him instantly.

“Do any of you boys have s****rs?” he asked. Several hands went up in response. “Have you ever wanted to see your s****r naked or to fuck her?” No one was willing to answer that. “It’s quite natural that you would want these things. Being curios and horny young me, you would take a peek if you could and if she opened her legs for you, most of you would not hesitate to stick your cock up her cunt.” Many of the boys looked embarrassed, but a few gave nods of agreement.

“We are talking about i****t here, and according to most cultures it’s bad, wrong, immoral. b*****rs should not fuck s****rs, fathers should not hump daughters, mothers should not ride sons, etc.” Mr Lazlow looked around the room to be sure he had everyone’s attention. “Can you see the problem with morality? Often there is something you want but a rule stands in your way. Society has made moral choices for you, then set up rules of behavior. Our culture and tradition tells us what is good and bad.”

The teacher pointed to a random girl, “If you wanted to fuck your b*****r or your father, what is wrong with that?” The girl looked like a deer caught in head lights. “i****t is like ****, its just wrong.” she said.

“Anyone else have an answer?” Mr Lazlow asked. “If a girl gets pregnant from doing it with a f****y member, that’s inbreeding and can cause problems with the baby.” a smart girl with glasses offered.

Mr Lazlow looked at the nervous first girl. “**** and i****t are two very different things. We will deal with violations later. Right now we are talking about willing sex between f****y members.” The teacher pointed to little miss smarty “She is right about inbreeding being a danger to the genetics of any offspring. Also there is the practical problem of how people will react if they find out what you are doing. Everyone in town may start thinking of you as a pervert or freak. But if you practice safe sex, and if you set aside public opinion, what is the moral problem?” No one had the answer.

“All things in life come down to a personal choice. If you want something, you go for it or not. Morality tells you; don’t fuck your cute little s****r even if she begs you to. Your instincts will tell you; fill her full of cum. Your brain then has two important jobs to do. It should tell you the real dangers in take this or any action, and then it should help you decide, in your particular situation, what is best for you to do.” Mr Lazlow sketched a diagram on the board of the dynamics of the situation. Wants. Social conditioning. Possible outcomes, pro & con. Final decision making.

“If everyone followed morality with out thinking, we would have a very orderly society. But real people have desires, which usually require the braking of some rule to fulfill.” He turned to scribble a few page numbers on the board. “What I hope you all will learn this year is how to make choices for yourselves and recognize that morals are just guide lines for sheep.”

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Hardonis Academy P-2

New Student's First Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay

It sounded reasonable when Principle Lazlow said it, he had that kind of a voice. But a few moments later, when he was actually unbuttoning her blouse, Sandra started to have second thoughts. She struggled against the leather straps that held her arms behind the chair. This time she was trying to more calmly work her hands free, instead of wildly tugging at the bonds.

Lazlow noticed what the girl was doing, but was confident she would not escape. His assistant Violet had lots of experience tying boys and girls up. So he continued to open the front of the new student=s blouse, smiling as he saw that she was wearing a little lacy blue bra, to hold her small breasts in place. He ran his hands over her skin, admiring how fresh and firm she was. Sandra watched the Principle's hands, afraid now to look into his eyes.

After a few moments of caressing his new student's body, Principle Lazlow moves his fingers lower. With a pop and ziip, he opened her pants, exposing a blue pair of panties. "Be a good girl and lift your hips." He instructed as he took hold of her pants. His intention was clear, he was going to pull them down. Sandra wondered desperately what she should do. How could she lift her hips, and allow this man, this stranger to strip her naked? But what if she resisted, would she be punished? What might they do to her?

To the young girl it seemed like an eternity as thoughts raced in her mind, what she might do to escape, what they might do to stop her, what she could say to the police, what she might tell her parents. But the principle's words kept ringing in her ears A Your parents know exactly what goes on here. They gave permission for us to do all the things that we will be doing to you. Could it be true? Some how Sandra just knew that it was. At last she closed her eyes and did as she had been told. Her pants were quickly pulled down, to bunch up around her ankles.

Sandra sat, tied to the chair, her bra and panties exposed to the Principal of her new school. She felt so ashamed, but this was only the beginning. Principle Lazlow places his thumb on her cotton covered crotch, and gave her pussy a small rub. She gasped and opened her eyes. Looking down between her legs as the older man opened his hand, and began to stroke his fingers up and down. He pushed Sandra=s panties firmly against her little slit, up and down, over and over he rubbed her tender young pussy. When he took his fingers away a small wet spot was clearly visible on her Hello-Kitty panties.

Turning to his desk Principle Lazlow selected his favourite letter opener, one that was kept razor sharp. When he turned with the blade in his hand, Sandra=s eyes went wide. "What, what are you going to do with that?" she begged the question a plea for him not to do anything painful. Lazlow smiled "Do not worry, just hold very still" He cut the front of her bra in a skilful stroke of his right hand, as his left hand pulled it away from the startled little student. Sandra's tiny tits were now fully exposed. She had been so proud when her breasts had finally started to develop, but now catching a reflection of herself in the office window, she realized that she still looked so much like a c***d.

Next, Principle Lazlow took hold of her panties, and pulled the waist band away from her left hip. He inserted the blade and in a flash, they were cut. He did the same on the other side, so that the crotch of her panties simply fell forward, opening, exposing the most privet part of her body to this man. Instinctively she squeezed her legs closed, trying to hide her little pussy. The Principle allowed her this modesty for a moment as he returned the letter opener to its place. When he turned around he said in a commanding voice "Spread your legs now.

Sandra hesitated, unwilling to do that. Calmly the Principle walked over to a draw beside his desk. From it he took two ropes, each with a loop already tied in them. He passed one to his assistant. Then almost in perfect unison, they put the ropes around Sandra=s thighs, threaded the loops, then ran the ropes over to rings inconspicuously set into the walls. "Ready sir." Miss Violet said sweetly as she got set to pull. "Now please." he answered her a second later. The adults had little trouble pulling the young girl=s legs apart, opening her against her will. She felt to helpless and humiliated having her pussy exposed like that. She kept repeating uselessly "You can=t do this. You can=t do this to me." as they tied off the ropes securing her legs in the wide open position.

Principle Lazlow walked back in front of the panic stricken young student, as Miss Violet returned to her place near the door. "Now my dear, you are stripped and exposed, how do you feel?" he asked her, as he looked at her small body. "Please, please sir. Don=t do anything else to me. I don=t want to be... to be..." she could not finish the thought. "You don=t want to be violated, to be ****d, to be used like a fuck toy?" the Principle asked as he stepped between her legs. "You feel fear." he stated as his hand slowly reached out towards her. "Fear of the unknown. Even though I told you exactly what I was going to do with you, you have no idea what it will be like, what it will feel like." He put one hand on her shoulder, and the other on her chest, right over the girl=s heart, felling it racing fast. "Everyone is scared of the things they have never experienced." He said soothingly, as his hand slipped down to caress Sandra=s breast. "We will let you free from all sorts of fears." The voice that had been ominous just a few moments ago was now gentle and kind. The touch that she was so afraid of, was now warm and comforting, stroking her, making her feel good.

Lazlow slowly worked his fingers over the little student=s body, telling her to be calm and to enjoy. His skilful touch got her to relax to breath more regularly, and by the time his fingers moved down from her tummy to her nearly hairless pussy, Sandra was not resisting at all. Her legs twitched momentarily, but then she moved her hips slightly to offer herself to his fingers. It was a small movement, one that the girl was not even consciously aware of. But it was an important step.

Sandra had been watching the Principle=s face most of the time his hands were caressing her nearly naked body. But when his fingers began rubbing the soft sensitive folds of her puffy pussy lips, she could not resist looking down. Then leaning forward a little for a better view. It did not feel bad at all, and it looked so damn sexy. His strong slender fingers rubbing her, slipping and sliding as she grew more moist. Then he did it, he opened her lower lips, and pushed a finger up inside her. Sandra gasped loudly, making no attempt to control her self, she lifted a little off the chair, straining against the straps and ropes.

Principle Lazlow finger fucked his new student for several minutes, enjoying the gasps and moans she made, enjoying how her little pussy gripped his finger. Then he began rubbing his thumb against her tiny clit, intent on pushing her to the edge. Sandra climaxed hard and wet. Nearly screaming with the f***e that gripped her young body. It was the first orgasm she had that some one else had given her. Masturbating had been fun, and like most k**s her age she did it a lot. Her parents had never told her not to, never said it was dirty or sinful, simply that it should be done in privet. Now here she was cumming, with a man=s finger up her tight little cunny. Cumming in front of the Principle and his Assistant.

...more to be posted soon...
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Hardonis Academy p-5

New Student's Second Day Part 2
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Kimberly finally turned around, but now she had one arm across her perky breasts, and a hand covering her teenage pussy, pretending to be shy. Sandra just giggled, glancing at the others to gauge their reactions, but otherwise to shy to actually do anything. A couple of the girls were giggling, one of the boys was masturbating his hand fully under his kilt, another boy seemed frustrated that Kimberly was teasing so much and not yet showing off everything, the shy girl near Sandra had subconsciously placed her arm into a similar position, to cover herself, even though she was fully clothed in the school uniform.

Sandra, a sudden naughty impulse running through her... probably spawned by her arousal... scooted over till she could talk to the shy the girl. "What's the matter?" she whispered. "Don't you want to know what it will feel like when you have to do the same?" The shy girl looked Sandra in the eye, shock and surprise on her face, then she quickly looked down and away "I can’t do that." she whispered in answer.

"Didn't you read the handbook? I think we have to... if we get told to, anyway, and I bet that with a class like this, we'll get told to. Didn't you get the full introduction from the Head-master?" She watched Kimberly while she spoke. Kimberly, who had noticed what the boy in the second row was up to, was smiling very much, and after giving a wink to the teacher, she started rubbing her own pussy...slowly moving her arm to expose her tits, her nipples were very hard now. The shy girl looked even more embarrassed, if that was possible, "The Head-master...he ..he ****d me... and..." she looked at Sandra puzzled "and that woman, Miss Violet she took me to my room and she licked me all over, even down there." The shy girl’s hand was protectively held over her crotch.

Sandra nodded. "Me too, well Im not so sure it was ****, because I kinda liked it. Well, Im not sure what Violet did with me, I passed out. Was it really bad, though? For you, I mean?" She was talking to the girl next to her, but her eyes were on the show at the front of the class room.

"It was just so.. so strange, being ****d by a stranger, not at all like when my b*****r or cousins use me." She glanced at Sandra briefly before looking down at her feet again. "and...well Iv never been used by a woman at all"

“Y... your b*****r and your cousins? Like, they fucked you, that way?" Sandra had a hard time keeping her voice down. She knew she should be shocked, but instead the idea was just exciting. She didn't know why she was able to handle everything so well. Perhaps it was just how much she'd enjoyed the ****, and also that this girl was even more shy than she was.

As Sandra was quietly chatting away with the shy girl, Kimberly had taken her hand away from her pussy to show it off, licking her fingers as she sat on the edge of the teacher’s desk, opposite him. She then spread her legs... her pussy was mostly shaved clean, except for a small racing stripe just above her pink teenage slit. Gasps and exclamations of delight came up from the other students. But Sandra was focused on her new friend.

“When your b*****r…fucked you… did it make you cum?” She asked intensely. Her hand slipping under her skirt, lightly touching herself. The shy girl looked puzzled at the question..."cum? The boys cum a lot, on me... but I don’t know how to do that." she admitted reluctantly.

"No, I mean... reach the peak? You know, like when it feels really really good inside?" Sandra had been watching the teen, her own fingers pressing her own slit to try and relieve her arousal, but now she was staring at the shy girl. "You've never felt that?"

The shy girl shook her head, "some times when I..."she looked up at Kimberly who was rubbing herself right in front of a bunch of k**s. How could she feel so embarrassed about everything with this teenager openly doing what she thought was such a very privet thing? "Sometimes when I do that, alone at does feel good" she confessed.

Sandra's own fingers were now pressing deep into herself, occasionally making a wet sound that was possible quite audible to the nearby k**s. "Well, uh... it's even better when other people do it to you." She said, watching Kimberly again, her own hand speeding up a bit. Right at that moment the boy in the second row let out a gasp, and he showed anyone sitting close to him, what cum was... he squirted some right onto the top of his desk

Kimberly having seen the boy cum, and knowing that many of the students were masturbating watching her, pushed two of her fingers deep into her pussy as she tilted her head back. Her f****y always loved to watch her perform like this. She felt her orgasm racing towards its peek, pushed onward by the thoughts of her mom and dad, mouths open wide, hands rubbing each other as they watched their daughter drive herself to a climax.

Sandra gasped and then giggled, as she saw the boy cum. She was quickly getting close herself, fingers and thumb working between her spread legs as she leaned back in the chair, feeling the orgasm approaching quickly. Not quite aware of what she was saying, driven on by the pleasure, she spoke a little loudly to the shy girl. "I'll show you if you want... make you cum..."

The shy girl was looking mostly at what Sandra was doing almost ignoring everything around her. The room was full of heavy breathing and slippery sounds, a few gasps and moans. The loudest of course was Kimberly; the 17year old teacher's assistant was not trying to be quiet at all. She had nothing to hide, no feelings of embarrassment. She would have been happy to stand up in front of an entire elementary school, strip naked, masturbate, and then be fucked by any and all the teachers.

Sandra, her lust pushing all caution aside, pulled up her skirt to show the girl exactly what she was doing. The knowledge that she was being watched... maybe even by the other students... quickly pushed her over the edge and she cried out, shaking hard as she came. "Oooo my god", the shy girl gasped as she was watching what Sandra was doing. Her comment was echoed a second later by one of the boys, who had turned around to watch also.

“Thanks you very much Kimie” The teacher said when his assistant had finished her climax. “And thank you too class, especially you…” He pointed directly at Sandra. "Could you pleas come up front."

Still breathing hard as she tried to recover, Sandra quailed under the sudden attention. When she was pointed at, she rapidly covered herself, although she glanced at the other young girls to see how they'd reacted to the events, and then rose slowly to her feet. The shy girl, who had been sitting beside Sandra, had hidden herself behind her long black hair again when the other k**s all started looking over. They were curious and some of them obviously hopped for more entertainment

As she approached the front of the class she was blushign hotly, aware of all of the eyes on her. The teachers smiled, trying to put his new student at ease, "What is your name?" he asked. "S... Sandra," she stammered, the young girl obviously nervous. She was still a little excited and light-headed from the orgasm, however, so she was still willing to obey anything despite the nervousness.

"Have you ever played 'show me yours and I'll show you mine?" the teacher asked, As Kimberly, still naked, took a seat on top of one of the desks in the front row. Sandra kept her eyes lowered, blushing even more at the question. She mutely shook her head, her pretty, full lips clamped shut. "Well, you don’t seem to have a problem with masturbating in public." he said with a laugh "That is actually a later part of this class, but first we like to take care of the basic getting naked in front of strangers part." Kimberly gave the young girl a wink as the teacher talked.

"Be a good girl Sandra and take off your shirt." he ordered firmly. Under the excitement of the striptease it had been easy to forget the watching eyes, but now Sandra was a lot more reluctant. She could feel everyone's eyes. Slowly, her hands trembling, she undid the school blouse, not showing anything yet though. The k**s in the class were watching her intently; one of the boys had both his hands below his desk, rubbing himself again slowly. They shy girl was looking also, although she tried to hid it.

The sight of the boy touching herself gave Sandra some courage. Steeling herself, she undid the last button and then slipped the top off her shoulders... her small, still-forming breasts were revealed to the class and she glanced shyly at them through her hair, giggling and biting her lip as she felt the thrill of the f***ed public exposure. Kimberly gave a hungry lick of her lips; partly as a way to encourage the k**, but also because she really did want a lick of those little tits.

"Very good" the teacher said as he made a motion with his hand, telling Sandra to turn around, so he could also get a clear view of her young breasts. She didn't see his hand motion at first, still watching the other students reaction to her exposition, and giggling at Kimberly as she caught the girl's gesture. She smiled back shyly, briefly meeting the other k**'s eyes. She was the center of attention, and she discovered that it was a great felling.

One of the girls in the second row, with dirty blond hair, whispered to another, "My boobs are bigger." the other girl, with short brown hair, giggled "Why don’t you go up and show them off." That comment made the dirty blond blush and shake her head. Sandra heard the whisper and felt a surge of anger, she determinedly lifted her hands to cup her own boobs, feeling the size and u*********sly tweaking the nipples for the sensation, biting her lip again.

Kimberly dropped one hand to her neatly trimmed teenage pussy, still wet from her own display. Her other hand mimicked Sandra's nipple tweaking on her own perky breast. The shy girl with the long hair had leaned forward to watch, her hands crossed over her chest, protectively holding her own tiny tits, even though she was still dressed. Finally, realizing that she was again fondling herself in public, Sandra quickly dropped her hands and blushed hotly, glancing at the teacher again to see whether he was happy.

The teacher had been grinning enjoying the inexperienced but natural talent of the new student. "Now pull up your skirt." He ordered, "You must give the class a look at your pussy before you go." Sandra considered trying to refuse... although the tingling of her nipples and Kinberly's continuing nakedness was making her very excited. Also the reaction of the others k**s, who looked on in eager anticipation, was really turning her on. At the same time a feeling of fright ran down her spine, as she recalled some of the descriptions of discipline in the School Handbook.

Slowly, eyes fixed on the ground, Sandra hiked up her skirt to show her little pink slit to everyone. A few of the k**s made small gasps of pleasure as they got their first glimpse of their class-mate's cunnie. The boy who had been masturbating was now rubbing himself vigorously. Kimberly blew the young girl a kiss, and spread her own legs a bit more, offering the girl a nice view of her slightly more mature slit, deep pink, open and wet.

Sandra felt her knees getting weak. Then suddenly the teachers was standing beside her and saying “Thank you very much, that will be all for now. I will be in my office after lunch if anyone has any individual questions. Class dismissed.” She was stunned with a mix of relief and disappointment.

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Hardonis Academy p-7

New Student=s Second Day Part 4
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

They found Tongue Use 103 on the second floor; again the room is full of new students, k**s their own age who look excited and nervous. At the front was the teacher Miss Likensgud, and older stern faced woman who some would have called beautiful in her younger days, and her two assistants, one boy one girl,

Sandra towed Magan to a seat at the back and then settled down with the others to watch... her hand 'accidentally' resting on Magan's leg, to see how the shy girl would react. She did not resist, it was starting to be obvious that she was submissive by nature.

As they got comfortable, a boy sat down next to Sandra, hesitantly..."Hi Im Billy, I hum saw you in the first class, and I just wanted to, I mean hello."

Encouraged by the lack of resistance, Sandra let her grip tighten on Magan's thigh as she smiled at the boy. "Hi Billy, and um, thanks I guess." She smiled sweetly. He did not seem to know what to say next. Magan meanwhile looked even more nervous, now that some one was close by and could see Sandra's hand...on her thigh, almost under her skirt. What could she do, what should she do?

Sandra was pretty much running on autopilot... all she could think of doing was the things her darker subconscious wanted to happen to herself... and so, letting her hand almost move itself, she slid it further up Magan's thigh, pushing up her skirt firmly.

The teacher began explaining that the class was about oral sex. "You will all learn the proper ways to eat pussy and suck cock. Look at the faces around you. By the end of the semester you will have had your mouth between their legs, you will have made them cum by using your tongue." There were a few gasps, and may eyes looking around the room as the teacher spoke.

Sandra blushed hotly at the teacher's words. Still, conscious of the boy beside them presumably watching, she waited till the teacher's attention was elsewhere before turning to Magan. She was still operating on instinct, hunch really, as she looked the shy girl in the eye and ordered in a firm voice "Spread your legs" The moment the girl did so, she pushed her hand up to caress the shy girl's slit.

Magan could not help buy to stair at her new friend, and open her legs, just a little, obeying the command by reflex. Her parents had taught her not to resist the advances of boys who might want to use her. They had said nothing about if girls wanted to do anything with her. So she let her natural reactions guide her.

"Good girl... wider..." Sandra still spoke as if there were no possibility her order would be disobeyed, although quieter this time, and then turned back to pay attention to the teacher, her fingers still seeking to slide into Magan. She bit her bottom lip, but she did as she was told, her legs spreading wider to let her new friend touch her smooth wet pussy. It felt so hot.

The teacher was explaining that the first section would be devoted kissing, it was a skill that should not be ignored. Then the class would turn to girls learning to suck cock, and boys learning to lick pussy. Lastly girls would be required to eat other girls, and yes like it or not, boys you will have to suck other boys.

Sandra let out a little gasp at that news... she was not sure which excited her more, sucking a cock or eating a pussy... and she was also looking forward to watching the boys suck each other as well. Magan tried to keep her skirt down, to hide what was going on between her legs. But the way her skiny body shivered was a sure sign that she was enjoying herself. The shy girl gasped, trying to stay quiet as Sandra's fingers played with her clit.

Sandra used her wrist to push the skirt back up, her fingers making sure that Magan's legs stayed spread apart, glancing occasionally at the boy to make sure he was watching and enjoying. Billy had totally lost track of what the teacher was saying. He had his cock out and was stroking himself as he looked at what Sandra was doing between Magan's legs

Sandra kept her hand moving rhythmically, glancing down at the boy's member while still keeping an eye on the rest of the class. Her control over Magan was as delicious as the sexual happening, and she was thrilled by the sight of the boy's enjoyment as well. Billy was leaning forward, trying to catch a better view of Sandra's fingers in the shy girl's little pussy. "Make her cum." he whispered.

At that very moment Sandra caught a rather disapproving glance from the teacher, who noticed that something was going on in the back she nervously pulled her hand away. That look had been enough to scare many students into behaving correctly in the past, and it worked now. Magan gave a sad little murmur, but quickly smoothed out her skirt. Sandra put both hands on her desk and tried to look innocent. She knew the others would be disappointed by her withdrawal... she would be too... but she decided that it was a good moment for discretion.

She could still feel Magan's wetness on her fingers, a distinct thrill, as she sat quietly waited for the teacher to finish. Miss Likensgud eventually ordered her assistants to demonstrate some kissing. Then she ordered the boy to lift the girl’s skirt, so that everyone can see, and lick her pussy. The teacher let this go one for just a few moments before telling him to stop and stand up. She then ordered the girl to kneel down, flip up the boy’s kilt and suck on his dick. Miss Likensgud let the demonstration continue until it seemed that the teenager would explode. Then she called it to a halt. “That is all for now class.” She said as a dismissal.

There were several dissatisfied murmurings as the k**s walked out of the room. They had all wanted to see the guy cum in the girl’s mouth. Sandra was blushing hotly and breathing fast after the demonstrations, and had also made some mental notes on some of the basics. She could feel herself expanding fast into the new world she had been thrust into, and was quite startled by how content she was starting to feel... although she was still bracing herself for some kind of reality check.

Billy got up and walked out beside Sandra, talking about how cool it was to be in this school, like a dream come true. "My dad told me I would love this place, but he never said why." Magan was following along a few steps behind, her harms folded protectively over her chest, her pussy felling very wet and needy. She kept quiet.

Just before they reached the dining hall, Sandra paused to offer Magan her hand, watching the shy girl to see how she responded. Magan looked at the offered hand, then at Sandra's face.. then over at Billy. He looked like a hungry boy in a candy store who was not quite sure if he was allowed to eat the goodies or not. So after a small hesitation she took Sandra’s hand, committing herself to her new friend. Sandra clutched it tightly, but reassuringly, then towed the girl after as they headed to get some lunch. She felt protective over the girl as much as the desire she was already feeling to torment her.

They found the dining hall easily enough; it was a huge central room with a cafeteria at one end and big doors opening onto a small courtyard garden at the other. Large tables dominated the main floor, while on a balcony that ran around the hall, there were smaller tables. In the centre of it all was a display rack, a wood frame with attachment points for chains and straps. It was an interesting yet frightening thing. The hall of course was full of students.

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Hardonis Academy p-8

New Student=s Second Day Part 5
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

It had been a long day, with a lot of excitement, yet Sandra felt energized rather than tired. She'd left the others with a promise to meet up again before class the next morning and was heading back to her room with a spring in her step. She wanted to be cleaned up before the evening meal, imagining that it would be as different as anything else here, and a corner of her mind was curious about the roommate she would undoubtedly be meeting soon. She finally got to her room, pushing open the door and stepping in.

As soon as the door swung open Sandra could hear the sounds... gasps and grunts...and a slippery wet sound. What she saw stopped her in her tracks. On the bed was a girl ridding on top of a boy. They were clearly in the middle of having sex, right there in her room. The girl looked a year or two older than Sandra, she had dirty blond hair that bounced around wildly, her teen age breasts, of no small size also bounced a lot. The boy looked slightly older than her, he was athletic and had short hair, his hands were on the girl’s hips. Neither of them seemed to notice the door opening.

"Oh, er, sorry..." Sandra muttered. She hesitated at the door, and then decided that it was her room, so she had a right to be there. This, together with the way the school worked, meant she felt quite content in slipping in and sitting down in a corner to watch. The dirty blond girl was actually facing towards the door, but her eyes were closed as she moved her body up and down, her legs wide open, on the sides of the boy's Sandra a perfect view of his thick hard cock slipping in and own to her smooth pussy.
Sandra felt her own hand creeping down between her legs. The excitement of the day, the near sex that she had been part of several times, and the erotic sight in front of her, pushed her over the edge. She couldn't help herself. She pulled up her skirt and pushed a finger right up her dripping wet slit, making herself moan out loudly.

The dirty blond opened her eyes at that sound, and then she instantly smiled. She arched her back, thrusting her breasts out to show off. She looked directly at Sandra as she used her fingers to tweek her own nipples. Proving what a slut she was. Sandra blushed as she met the girl's eyes, then was encouraged by her enthusiasm... her fingers moved faster inside herself, her moans louder as she fingered fucked her own lil cunnie.

The boy sensing that something was up, opened his eyes and looked at the intruder. He smiled as he saw the young girl watching and fingering herself. Taking hold of the dirty blonde’s hips he pulled his cock all the way out of her cunnie to show it off for a sec, then plunged it back in. Sandra was now fingering herself vigorously; her eyes half closing as she watched them, her orgasm climbing fast. Jenny began to scream as the boy hammered himself back into her tight wet pussy, she leaned forward, her hands still clutching at her tits, twisting her nipples as she started to cum.

The sight pushed Sandra into her own orgasm, yelping just once as the powerful sensation shook her, both hands covering her slit as she twisted with pleasure. Finally she lay back, panting, smiling shyly at the pair. They gasped and spassumed at the same time, joining Sandra in a room full or orgasms. Then the boy lay back panting. The girl raised her head, her hair wild around her face. "Hi there, my name is Jenny, are you my new roommate?" she asked in a sweet husky voice.

"I guess I am," she said shyly. "It's nice to meet you. Especially like this." She giggled. Jenny giggled too "This is Mike, he’s like my best guy friend" she made the introduction. Then she slowly raised her body up, keeping her legs open so that Sandra got a good view of Mike's cock as it popped out of her cunt.... followed by a dribble of cum. Jenny enjoyed being a very dirty slut and showing off whenever she could. She reached down to her open fuck hole with a finger and gathered some of Mike’s cum. She licked her finger deliberately slowly.

Sandra bit her lip, watching closely, and then let her eyes drop. "Hi, uh, Mike. So, uh... do you mind me coming in when you're like busy, or should we have a signal, or something?" she asked. Jenny jumped off the bed and took two quick steps across the room, to give Sandra a big naked hug. Although she was a few years older and had more curves, she was the same high as the young girl. "Don’t worry about that, we are going to be like s****rs." she purred "We will share everything."

Sandra giggled again and hugged back, trying to ignore how sexy the teen felt in the hug, but Jenny’s hands slid down her back, to take a firm hold of her young tight ass. "Uh, that sounds really, um, good." She smiled.

Jenny grabbed her new little s****r by the hand and walked her over to the bed. Mike was smiling at them both, and then he sat up to make some more room, making no attempt to hide his naked body. "Im so happy they made us roomies, your just sooo cute" Jenny was saying. Sandra smiled. "Thank you. Um, you're really hot too. I, um, liked watching you... you know." She looked around a little shyly. "I guess I'm still new to all of this. I mean, like, the school and sex and everything. It's... exciting."

"Yea I saw how much you liked watching us." Mike laughed "Mmm yea you may be new, but you really are not very shy are you?" Jenny asked as she flipped up Sandra's skirt to get a peek at her little pussy. Sandra blushed, but didn't resist. "Well, uh, I never really did ..anything much, until I got here." She kept her legs apart, letting them look at her slit as much as they wanted.

Mike's cock twitched just a little bit, as he looked at Sandra's little slit, "Shy k**s seem to always be getting in trouble here, they just don’t know how to follow orders." He and Jenny both laughed. "I, uh. I know how to follow orders. Um, I heard that, um... I'm especially supposed to follow your orders like at any time?" she said to Jenny, blushing again. The girl seemed really sweet, and she wondered what orders she might give.

Jenny let go of her new lil s****r's skirt then smiled and evil smile. "Well if you are not shy, then you will not mind stripping naked for us." She sat back on the bed, Indian style, next to Mike, and put her hand on his leg right near his cock. Sandra took the suggestion as an order, slowly undoing her blouse. She let it fall on the floor, exposing her small breasts, and then wriggled out of her skirt, leaving herself naked in front of them, except for her socks. She stood shyly, letting them look as much as they wanted.

"She sure is cute.' Mike said and jenny gave a nod "Yup she looks good enough to eat" she said hotly, Jenny spread her own legs a little...cum was still all over her pussy lips, Sandra could not help noticing it.

Sandra couldn't help sneaking little looks at the pair's intimate areas, blushing a little, but otherwise she just stood and let them take their fill of eyeing her naked young body. Mike hopped off the bed, as Jenny held out her hands to her new roommate, "Come up here and lay down." she said, licking her lips. The new student took the older teen's hands and hopped onto the bed, acutely aware of the boy's gaze on her bottom as she kneeled on the bed, and then turned to lie down beside the dirty blond.

Jenny stroked the young girls hair "Relax, you are going to enjoy this." she said as she moved her lips towards Sandra's small breasts. Mike meanwhile had stepped around to be between the young girls legs, and then kneeled down to bring his face level with her body. The pair was indeed going to eat her.

Sandra couldn't help sneaking little looks at the pair's intimate areas, blushing a little, but otherwise she just stood and let them take their fill of eyeing her naked young body. Being exposed this way made her tummy tingle. After a few moments, Mike hopped off the bed, as Jenny held out her hands to her new roommate, "Come up here and lay down." she said, licking her lips.

The young girl took the older teen's hands and hopped onto the bed, acutely aware of the boy's gaze on her bottom as she kneeled on the bed, and then turned to lie down beside the dirty blond. Jenny stroked the young girls hair "Relax, you are going to enjoy this." she said as she moved her lips towards Sandra's small breasts. Mike meanwhile had stepped around to be between the k**’s legs, and then kneeled down to bring his face level with her body.

Sandra was tense as the older pair moved in on her, not relaxing but not resisting as they closed in. "W... what do you want me to do?" she asked nervously, watching them. Jenny didn’t use words to answer. As her lips touched Sandra's cute little tits, she took her new s****r's hand and guided it to her own full boobies. Then she began to lick. The young girl cupped the large mounds in her small hands, delighting in the wonderful feeling even as her own sensitive nipples were licked. She moaned and arched up, her hands gripping Jenny's boobs and caressing them.

Thats all for now...
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Hardonis Academy p-9

New Student=s Second Day Part 6
By Victor Lavay & J.F.

Sandra was tense as the older pair moved in on her, not relaxing but not resisting as they closed in. "W... what do you want me to do?" she asked nervously, watching them. Jenny didn’t use words to answer. As her lips touched Sandra's cute little tits, she took her new s****r's hand and guided it to her own full boobies. Then she began to lick. The young girl cupped the large mounds in her small hands, delighting in the wonderful feeling even as her own sensitive nipples were licked. She moaned and arched up, her hands gripping Jenny's boobs and caressing them.

Mike smiled and watched his dirty girl friend sucking on the k**'s tits for a few minutes, his hands resting on the new student's legs. Then slowly, very slowly, he pushed them open. She did not resist. The new student let her legs be spread, flushing even more at the blatant exposure of her damp slit, her pussy getting even wetter for the teenage boy to see, as the older girl worked on her nipples.

Jenny sure was good at what she was doing...she would lick all around Sandra's puffy lil tits then flick her tongue over the girl's nipples a few times before sucking ...sucking hard, then moving away to nibbled playfully on the near by skin ignoring the p*****n nipples for a few seconds, before returning to them. Sandra moaned loudly, quivering under Jenny's activity, aware of how close Mike's face was to her young slit, spread naked beneath them.

"You sure do have a sweet pussy all jucie and pink." Mike was saying as he moved his face closer and closer "It looks baby soft and has not a hair on it" for some reason his words were making Jenny suck all the more intently on Sandra's tits. The young girl shivered, she could feel his breath on her clit as he spoke. Then he pushed his face against her pussy, rubbing his cheeks over her smooth little mound and giving her lower lips a kiss. She gasped again, clutching at the bedclothes and spreading her legs as wide as they could go.

Mike kissed the young girl's cunnie more f***efully, slipping his tongue into her slit. She moaned loudly, one hand going to Mike's head, lifting her slit to his mouth as her other hand kept fondling Jenny's tits. The dirty blond teen stopped her sucking of her new lil s****r for a moment to watch her boy friend work his tongue up and down in slow long licks. She shivered, knowing how good it felt when he did that to her hot wet slit.

Aroused, and suddenly bold, Sandra remembered the brief demonstration in one of her classes during the day. She pulled Jenny's head down to kiss the older girl, lips pressing together before her tongue pushed into Jenny's mouth. Surprised, the older teen held still for a moment, letting the bold p*****n have her way. But soon she was kissing right back, thrusting her tongue into Sandra's mouth passionately. Of course that was not the only place that the young girl was having a tongue thrust into her. After licking up and down her slit many times, Mike started pushing his tongue into her tiny pink cunt hole.

Sandra rubbed her tongue against Jenny's, and then moaned loudly into the kiss as she felt Mike's tongue inside her. "Oh yes!," she groaned, muffled by the older girl's mouth, feeling an other orgasm already rising fast. Mike licked her little hole teasingly, pushing the tip of his tongue into her inexperienced cunnie. Then felling her body respond, he used his fingers to pull her young pussy lips apart, so he could push his tongue deeper into the k**s cute cunnie.

His skills, no doubt from the school, had a very powerful effect on the inexperienced young girl. She was soon yelping out a quick orgasm, her hips jumping as she shook through the wave of pleasure. After one more kiss on her twitching cunt, Mike moved his body up fully onto the bed, taking hold of Sandra's legs, he pushed his throbbing hard cock towards her hairless dripping wet pussy. Jenny, realizing what Mike was about to do, glared at him "You bastard, I wanted to eat her cunnie next" she protested. Sandra hardly noticed what was going on, she bucked and moaned, writhing, before the orgasm started to ebb.

The young girl’s hips lifted eagerly to Mike's member despite her apprehension about being sexually taken again... this would be her second time. She waited to see what Mike would say to Jenny before verbally agreeing, however. Mike gave a smile, Sandra's cunt juice glistening all over his face. "Shut up and kiss me you slut." he said to Jenny. Then with out waiting, he pressed forward... thrusting his big teen age cock head into the tight new student's open slit.

Sandra squealed. The sudden penetration made her sore, but in a good way, and she writhed under it until her tightness adapted a bit. Biting her lip, she slowly eased back down, her legs lifting to hook over his waist. After the first hard thrust, Mike gave a few short ones to work his shaft into the tiny body that lay beneath him. Jenny meanwhile tossed one leg over Sandra's head so she could straddle her lil s****r's face, and leaned forward to kiss Mike.

This was a moment that Sandra had been waiting for, looking forward to. A curiosity about girls, about sex with them, had been on her mind all day. The fact that she could still see Mike's cum in the slit lowering towards her face made it even better. Her mouth opened willingly, the first taste of the girl's wetness even distracted her from the cock sinking deeper into her little pussy.

Jenny licked at Mike's face, tasting her young roommate’s pussy flavour, then she started kissing him wildly..."Fuck my lil s****r," she gasped "fucker her with your great big cock." Sandra rocked with each thrust between her legs, gasping and whimpering into Jenny's slit as his big member pressed deeper into her little body. Her small fingers clung to the bedclothes, her legs tight around his waist. After a few minutes of fucking, she felt comfortable enough to experiment with pushing her tongue into Jenny's pussy.

Jenny pushed her cunt towards the new student's licking tongue, trying not to smother her, but needing the stimulation, needing to cum again. Mike was in no hurry to cum this time... so he fucked the k**'s pussy slow and deep, trying not to let Jenny's kissing get him overly excited. Sandra sensed Jenny's need, licking her faster and harder, her inexperience made up for with natural talent and a strong desire to please. She tongued the girl's clit, and then pushed her tongue deep inside.

Her movements made more erratic by the strong thrusts Mike was making into her small body. Jenny gasped, "yes yes, my baby-s****r is eating my cunnie" and she pressed her self harder onto Sandra's face, "Fuck her Mike, FUCK her hard." she demanded. and this time the boy was willing to give in and let his lust carry him.

Sandra's small body was rocked hard, the girl shaking with each hard thrust. She felt her inner muscles clenching around him without her control, another orgasm already there as she couldn't resist his hard cock, trying to match his fucking with her mouth and tongue on her “big s****r’s” sloppy wet cunt. Mike was gasping now and slamming his shaft deep into the young girl's pussy, as he wildly French kissed his dirty blond girl friend...he was getting very close to cumming.

Sandra yelped through another orgasm, trying to keep licking at new roommate's slit, her long legs pulling the boy deeper inside her as she shuddered and writhed. As he started to cum, Mike broke the kiss...and his hands found Jenny's tits, he squeezed and pinched her nipples hard very hard, making her scream loud, he loved that sound.

A flood of teenage cum exploded in Sandra's young body filling her tight cunt to over the dirty blond slut who was ridding her face screamed. “Fill my little s****rs with your goo.”

“God this k**’s a tight fuck.” Mike gasped as he shot load after load into her small body. Sandra screamed loudly, feeling him filling her cunnie, as her orgasm continued to grip her young body. Her nipples deliciously painful, as Jenny reached down to tweak them, inflicting just a small amount of the tittie tweaking she was experiencing.

The three students came and came, gripping each other tightly as their bodies spasumed. The room was filled with the gasps and heavy breathing as everyone involved in the little threesome slowly came down from the high orgasm. Sandra just rolled slowly between them, overcome with the wash of pleasure through her young body, moaning softly as she felt cum between her thighs, hands reaching out to stroke her two lovers as she tried to recover.

Jenny curled up beside Sandra, pressing her naked body to that of her new roommate, "You were great baby, you were sooo hot." she purred. Mike stagger over to the other bed, to Sandra's bed, and sprawl out on it, his cock leaking some last globs of cum onto the girl’s sheets.

Thats as far as Iv got.
Not sure when I will have time for the next part.
If you have ideas for what you want to happen - let me know.... Continue»
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Hardonis Academy P-11b

New Students Second Day - Continued
By Victor Lavay

"My mom is, a total perv. She enjoyed watching me get licked, she enjoyed watching me suck cock, she loved watching me get fucked and eventually she took that big strap on dildo and used it on me herself.” Jinki finished her explanation of her home life by standing up and giving her plumb ass a good slap. “You lost your virginity at 10, well by the time I was that age I was taking a cock in every hole at the same time.”

Magan just gawked with her mouth wide open.

Jinki smiled, pointed at her new roommate, then started to laugh. “You should see your face, its priceless.” She said, then gave the shy new student a big hug. Magan wasn’t sure what to do, so she just let the older teen hold her. It was sort of nice to have the red head’s boobies pressing against her small body.

After she stopped laughing Jinki took a deep breath, and then pushed Magan down onto the bed. The older teen climbed on top of the young girl, she liked to be in control but didn’t like to be rough or nasty about it. “Just relax and let things happen.” she whispered, as she pushed up Magan’s skirt.

The shy girl said nothing, as the older teen exposed her pussy with its small patch of fur. She tried not to feel embarrassed, but she just could not help it. Jinki gave a mMm of approval as she got a peek at her roommate’s treasure. Then she lifted her own skirt to show off her plump smooth pussy lips. Magan turned bright red as her breathing grew quicker. This was a real first for her. Not the first time she had seen another girl’s private parts, but the first time she had looked in a sexual way, knowing that she would be directly involved with it.

Jinki settled down to straddle her new little lover, rubbing her naked pussy against the girl’s cute young cunt. Slowly up and down she moved her hips, as she looked into the shy eyes. Both girls were getting wet and hot. So after a few minutes of teasing pleasure, the older teen stopped moving, and started taking off her clothes. Off went the big warm sweater, then off went the school vest and finally she opened the white cotton shirt to reveal her big round boobies.

Magan gave a small gasp of approval as the older teen wiggled her shoulders, making her tits dance. She was amazed at how big and stiff the nipples were, like a mother’s breast, perfect for sucking on. Not at all like her own flat chest. Magan watched for long minutes as the plump red head played with herself. She rubbed her breasts, pinched her nipples gently, then sucked on a finger for a moment before rubbing it over the puffy dark pink tips of her tits.

Jinki enjoyed showing off for the little girl. Seeing her reactions and hearing her ever increasing breathing was a thrill that made her so very horny. She just could not resist lifting one of her breasts, up to her own mouth. It was one of the best things about having big tits, being able to suck on your own nipples. As Jinki sucked on her breast, she started rubbing her pussy against the small girl’s slippery slit. It was not long before she shivered in a small orgasm.

“Now off with your clothes too.” Jinki said excitedly and started to strip Magan of her school uniform. The girl blushed, knowing she had nothing to look at under her top. But she let the older teen have her way, cooperating in getting undressed. Normally she had small breasts for her age, but laying on her back as she was, Magan seemed entirely flat. Two small light pink nipples on her chest; nothing to get excited about.

“Mmm you’re so cute.” Jinki purred, then she leaned forward to give her little lover a big kiss. The girls kissed and rubbed against each other, building intensity. Magan let herself be taken; enjoying the feel of the older female body on top of her, pressing her to the bed, rubbing against her, the feel of the girl’s tongue in her mouth.

Soon there were both gasping loud and cumming. As her small body shivered in waves of pleasure, Magan reacted; just like she did whenever her daddy gave her a really good fucking, she reached down to grab the plump girl’s ass. “Please don’t stop, use me more, fuck me harder.” the shy girl repeated over and over.

Jinki was surprised, a happy hot surprise. Her new roommate had a passionate side to her. She was not just a passive innocent little k**.
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Clara Bow's Academy for W-B Ladies Part 4

Greville Hambleton tried hard not to think of the ginger sissy; he was married to a fiercely independent woman who was very much in charge in the bedroom, and who knew all too well of Greville’s weakness for effeminate transgendered she-males. As he was often cuckolded, Tara his wife being partial to sampling cock, she turned a blind eye to his discretions. Like a lot of otherwise heterosexual males who enjoy the assertive control by the superior sex, he had a keen dominant streak which revealed itself with a preference for younger ladies, and even more so for sweet effeminate sissies. His cock stiffened as he thought of the call from Clara Bow, and turned his horse toward Honeysuckle Cottage, which lay no more than a quarter of a mile from the rear of the academy wall; there lay the promise of soft affection.

Martha Blandish smiled wickedly as she pulled the corset stay tight around the incredibly slender waist of Faith Merrick; the soft young thing she had been guardian of since being brought to her in her early teens. The smile broadened as she heard the familiar clip-clop of horse’s hooves outside the cottage. Faith’s cheeks quivered in the silk panties as the stay was tied and Martha squeezed the shoulder of the 23 year old, who still looked as though she were in her mid-teens.

“Well, this is going to be someone’s lucky day! What perfect timing; I told you he’d be along again soon, he knows how you pine for him.” Faith Merrick stood in tight corset, long slender legs in black stockings with a pert little bottom further accentuated by the restricting garment; her nicely proportioned breasts also made a little more prominent by the squeeze of the black Basque. The only thing that gave away her origins as once being Freddie Merrick was the bulge at the front of her panties; a bulge which increased on realising that Master Hambleton was paying a visit. He never came to see how Martha Blandish was respecting the tenancy of the cottage, which his f****y owned, though the amount paid in rental was always affected by his visits. Faith shyly covered herself with a white shawl as Martha put on her coat and opened the door to Greville.

“Oh! Mr Hambleton. I was just on my way out, but I’m sure Faith can make you a coffee.” Greville blushed as the portly woman winked at him as she passed and walked up the garden path. He closed the door behind her and his cock stiffened as he viewed the shapely figure of the T-girl who had attended the academy from the age of 17 until she was 22. She stood perched on high heels, the shawl just covering her panties; her long feminine legs shimmered in the black stockings, and her sweet vulnerable look made her all the more inviting. Greville’s cock stiffened to rigidity as he moved toward her and sniffed at her soft brown hair; his balls tingled urgently as he tugged at the shawl and Faith let it fall to the floor. Faith shivered a little as he squeezed her soft white upper arms and viewed her pretty little breasts and waspish waist in the corset. He smiled warmly as he noted the little bulge in the front of her panties.

“I’m so pleased to see you again Faith, I see you are pleased to see me too; are you going to be a good girl for your master today, or will I need to punish you?” Faith loved being submissive and was partial to being whipped or caned, bur she had not had relief in some time and was anxious to come whilst dressed in her new corset; it made her feel extra girly, not that there was a chance that anyone not knowing her would consider her masculine. Her boy-clitty bulged uncontrollably in her silky panties.

“I will be a good girl today. Please may I take master to my room and suck his cock?” Hambleton licked his lips and ushered the willing sissy to the stairs. He allowed her to walk two steps ahead; it was a pre-sex ritual that both enjoyed, he watched her sweet bottom as she stepped two stairs higher than he; she felt his eyes where his cock would shortly follow. In her bedroom she peeled off her panties and knelt submissively on the hearth rug, her little cock pointing excitedly. Greville stripped urgently, leaving his clothes on the floor; his cock rigid and needy. Faith’s anus tingled with pleasure as he moved toward her and let her sniff and lick his aching member. She smiled sweetly and looked up at her master with loving eyes as her soft lips slid over Greville’s bulbous bell-end, making him groan and shudder with pleasure. He grabbed her hair and thrust his cock deep into the soft warmth of her throat; far from gagging, Faith sucked longingly at the stiff cock she knew would soon be teasing her prostate.

Close to coming, Greville pulled his cock clear of her mouth and pointed to the bed. Without hesitation, Faith obediently lay down with her ass high in the air; she whimpered submissively as a strong hand clasped her hairless little scrotum and a tongue swiftly lapped at the musky perfume of her asshole. She felt the bed sag as he climbed on, then she clenched her effeminate little fists as her wrists were grabbed, and her little cock stiffened as his slipped sweetly in the crack of her ass, then probed deep into her tight pussy with no mercy, making her gasp with pleasure.

Martha stared then smiled wickedly as she viewed the rear wall as she walked up to the academy; at this one point, she could see between a close copse of trees and the rear wall, at a point where the small stream which ran through the grounds, left through an archway in the wall. She watched with interest from behind a large Oak as Bruce Janner lifted the railings like a gate, and tip-toed on stepping stones as he pulled it closed again behind him before disappearing into the grounds of the academy. Her pussy buzzed as she thought of catching him in the act; she would love to be in attendance to watch Clara Bow and other Directors of the academy, such as Tara Hambleton, serve punishment on an adult male. Young Janner would have to agree to whatever punishment or be exposed publicly, and Martha knew all too well how much Clara and Tara loved to cane males.

Pepper was feeling at home as she prepared herself for her first night at the academy; her nails were so pretty in pink and her friends giggled and joked from their beds, as Pepper too, slipped into the soft and luxuriant bed; this was one thing she had not expected of this stark academy. Her little cock stiffened on the silky sheets as her bottom clenched at the ceramic plug. She squeezed her puffy little breasts with her fingers and tingled as she recalled shooting her cream at the picture of the masked man. She was about to drift off to sl**p when she heard Lucy talking.

“Don’t forget, it’s your turn tonight Hannah.” The brunette merely giggled in response, and then there was an audible clunk, which made Pepper look over inquisitively. The tops of the bedside cabinets were to be kept clear, except for a tumbler of water; this was one of the academy rulings; so Pepper was surprised to see Hannah’s ceramic plug also on top of the cabinet; why would she do this? Her question was answered as she heard the dormitory door creak open, and a hooded figure in what looked like a monk’s habit, strode silently into the room. Pepper gasped as she saw the habit drop, and a large male, naked but for a mask, slipped into bed with Hannah. The other girls were silent as gentle, male groans and soft pleasurable whimpering was heard from Hannah.

Cosmo Stafford’s cock remained rock hard as he fingered Hannah’s soft, hot little anus and felt the contours of her body; as a director of the company, he combined his fetish for fondling sissies with the task of checking their development. Key factors indicated their readiness for the outside world; body shape, scent, receptiveness and general submissiveness being the main points. Stafford never tired of the task; wanking as he surveyed them from spy-holes was exciting enough, but the feel and scent of their soft bodies was a real perk of the job. He knew the new arrival would know he was there; the thought of her wondering what was happening to her new friend excited him all the more and he grunted with pleasure as he spurted his cream all over the soft contours of Hannah’s naked body.

He kissed her forehead softly as he then took her little cock and milked her to orgasm. Pepper’s cock was rigid as the fear and excitement took hold of her, though she welcomed the noise she now heard her friend make; she was obviously being pleased. Stafford left as swiftly as he had arrived, and Hannah jumped from the bed, giggling and took herself to the en-suite shower. Pepper watched as the other two left their beds and went and sat on Hannah’s, awaiting her return. Pepper joined them.
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Clara Bow's Academy For Would-Be Ladies: Part

Peter had had no choice in the matter from an early age. As he car drew up to the huge ivy clad castle-like building, having entered through electronic gates in a ten foot wall, he felt doomed yet excited. His cock was erect in the tight panties his Stepmother has chosen for his introduction, his anus tingled and gripped the soft rubber plug she’d also chosen for his first day. His stepmother had allowed his soft ginger hair to grow to shoulder length already, and his dosage of hormones had been already been increased. He had been suitably attired in a gingham dress with pink socks and red sandals; a pink bow in his hair to make him feel extra girly. Stepmother sneered with delight as she saw him adjust his little bra which contained his rudimentary breasts, as the great front door of the house swung open like a prison gate.

“If you think you’re girly now, just wait until you’ve had six months here; I will have seemed like a fairy godmother compared to the treatment you’ll receive here. Clara Bow and her associates will cane the boy from you forever.” Tears welled up as a stern looking woman with hair in a bun, tight pencil skirt, cane in hand, marched out from the house wearing an equally stern expression. She was accompanied by a young lady of about 18 who looked equally strict, and a pretty fluffily dressed girl of about Peter’s age. They stepped out from the car and the assertive looking woman eyed the new internee up and down with contempt before addressing Stepmother.

“You must be Ms Penderton, and this pretty girl must be Peter.” The stern girl giggled audibly as the sissy squirmed in discomfort at this immediate humiliation; now everyone present was assured he would be put firmly in his place. Stepmother smiled wickedly.

“Oh no, from this day onwards, this is ‘Pepper Penderton’; I trust that your academy will ensure she is the perfect lady when I next come to see her.” Pepper’s cock was rigid as she eyed the wicked cane the woman carried; she thought how it would stripe her soft bottom so much easier than Stepmother’s, it was much more vicious than ay cane she’d had used on her. The stern girl gripped Pepper’s hand like a vice as the fluffy girl carried her case from the car; Stepmother smiled and quickly drove off as though she had simply dropped her off at the shopping mall or day school; she would not see Pepper again for several months.

Pepper’s ass tingled about the plug as she watched the car disappear through the gates, which closed with clang as if to confirm entrapment, and the stern girl’s grip tightened on her delicate little hand. Clara Bow smiled with satisfaction and flexed her cane as she saw the bewilderment on the new sissy’s face. She turned to the fluffily dressed girl who held Pepper’s case.

“Lead your new friend to the dorm Tomkins. Grace, ensure our new girl is gowned and brought to see Nurse Wykett and I for inspection as soon as her things are placed.” The stern woman strutted off, her mature pussy swelling at the thought of inspecting the new sissy; it always gave her a thrill, the promise of a new bottom to cane, another male to feminise completely. She so loved to cane sissies to complete submission; the guardians who left their transgendered wards in her keeping, were glad to be shot of them and cared little about their treatment. Clara Bow was very popular woman with certain sections of the community; many a sissy was introduced to extra-curricular activities with such people.

High in a tree overlooking the academy beyond the wall, Bruce Janner grunted with pleasure as his stiff cock sent loops of white semen sailing over the wall. The tree waved precariously in the breeze as he held a branch for dear life whilst working his cock urgently with the other. Bruce loved sissies; especially ginger ones. He gritted his teeth in ecstasy as he shot another pulse of hot semen in honour of the new arrival; he was captivated by her already, even at that distance and after only seeing her for five minutes. Bruce had contacts within the academy and knew how the ‘girls’ were treated; he wanted to comfort the soft ginger sissy as soon as he could.

Pepper was marched inside the staid looking academy, which was richly decorated inside; oak panels gave it a feel of a mansion house, though everywhere there were umbrella stands filled with rattan canes to remind the inhabitants that this was a place of learning, where discipline was no doubt a large part of the agenda. Tomkins minced ahead with the case as the two followed, oblivious to the snivelling sissy who stood naked apart from a white crop top, all too apparent to Pepper. The sissy waited by an office door, her hands above her head which held a cane; her white bottom already striped with red, her little cock in a transparent plastic cage finished with a pink ribbon in a bow. The stern girl tugged at Pepper’s hand as she slowed a little, mouth agape. Grace smiled contentedly.

“Evidence of masturbation without permission no doubt. Disobedient sissies who do so are caned by their respective Head-Girl, caged for one week and caned each day for that week; this sissy is waiting by matron’s office; she’ll have a final caning from her and her pathetic dick will be released. The irony of the punishment is she’ll be aching to come after a week of canings, so Matron will take her to Mistress Bow’s office and she’ll be made to masturbate before her as a final humiliation.”

Pepper’s anus clenched at the plug and her little cock stiffened at Grace’s words; her enjoyment and approval of the scenario was all too evident in her tone, and the thought of a caning, and then being made to masturbate before such a stern woman gave the sissy a submissive thrill as she took in the foreboding atmosphere of her new home Tomkins took them up several flights of stairs until she reached a long corridor in the apex of the roof of this part of the huge building; she opened a door to a room within which were four double beds; Pepper had only a single at home, and wondered why such a luxury would be offered students at such an otherwise austere establishment. On one of the beds was a card; ‘Penderton’ was written across it. Tomkins placed Pepper’s case upon the bed and curtsied to Grace, who then opened a wardrobe and pulled out a white gown which she tossed to the bed also. She crossed her arms in dominant fashion and looked down at Pepper.

“Clothes off; You have an appointment with Mistress Bow and Nurse Wykett, you can sort out your things when you get back” She smiled wickedly as Pepper began to undress in full view of her. She waved the fluffy girl away to her bed.

“I’ll call you to come and fetch her when she’s done Tomkins.” Pepper tried her best, but could not hide her excitement completely; she exposed more of her hairless milky white and freckly flesh as she discarded each item, and fought hard to tame her erection as she removed the tight panties. Grace gave a look of contempt as Peppers little hairless cock and balls poked rigidly out.

“Mistress Bow will be so pleased to see that; she’ll soon have it between your legs. Now get the gown on and follow me.” Pepper followed the strutting girl obediently back down the stairs. As they passed the matron’s office the sissy had gone; Pepper’s cock poked forward in the loose gown as she heard the whoosh of a cane and the cries of the sissy as punishment was served. Grace looked back at Pepper with a broad smile as the cane cut the air again, and the sissy howled anew. She was then led across a large carpeted hallway to a gilded door; the wicked sound of the cane still audible.

Grace knocked, the door opened, and a very timid Pepper was ushered into the room.
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Kylan Academy - Chapter 1: Grace

Chapter One - Grace

"You know that you deserve this, correct?" A stern male voice admonished from beyond the closed door.
"...Your k**ding me, right?! Like, there's no way you can do this! It was my first time!" A haughty, insolent young girl replied.
That comment elicited a smirk from the administrative assistant sitting to the left of Grace. Grace brushed a loose lock of luxurious purple hair from her visage as she wondered why the lady behind the computer was finding the conversation beyond the door amusing. But then again, lower-born people always had their peculiarities; they couldn't help it. It was in their genes. Grace of course had no such issues. Her father, Grant, was the CEO of Asagiri Inc., a the****utic company that specialized in alternative procedures. He graduated from the most prestigious academy in Kylan Island, like his father and his father's father did before him. The Sawa f****y was among the top five affluent clans in Kylan. Her mother was as beautiful as she was creative, and was descended from such. Grace had came from good stock, and her body and mind displayed this.
Grace herself had her mother's looks, and her father's intellect. While she was still just a couple of weeks shy of turning nineteen years old, her body had already blossomed into dimensions that most women were envious of. Her purple hair was brilliantly conditioned, with not a curl to be found. It was split flawlessly down the middle, and it cascaded down below her shoulder blades. Her face was almost perfectly symmetrical. Her almond-shaped eyes were sharp and delicate at the same time, and colored the same as her hair. Her nose had no unsightly angles or bulges, and behind her full lips hid perfectly aligned teeth. She wore a black dress that hugged to her generous curves, and showed a moderate amount of pale, well proportioned cleavage. While she may have not been endowed as much as other girls, she was proud of her naturally perky C cups, and the nice shape they had grown to be. The dress descended to right above her knees; a respectable length, but not too conservative. Her legs had not a blemish on them, and were pale as well. She re-crossed them as she resumed listening to the dialogue emanating from beyond the Headmaster's door, delicately readjusting her dress and sitting with perfect posture.
"Yes, Jenine, I can, and will administer your punishment. Your parents registered you here at this school for a specific reason: They wanted the best for you. We have a long and prestigious history of students moving on to be incredibly successful in their field of study. And in order for us to ascertain the best possible values and education, we had them sign this piece of paper here. Ms. Jenine Brodin, can you read this paragraph aloud? It's only a couple of sentences." Grace then heard the faint sound of paper being slid across a surface.
The form crinkled in the student's had as her voice returned after a moment's pause. "In order for the academy to assure that they are allowed every facet available for the best education possible, we, the undersigned, grant this institution the right to discipline the student in a variety of ways, including the controversial techniques of corporal punishment and public shame. We also understand that we will not be notified of the student's transgression or resulting punishment until after the punishment has been carried out..." Her sweet voice lowered in volume as she continued to read the prose on paper, until Grace couldn't hear anything but a murmur. She would have leaned closer to the door if the crone typing away at her keyboard wasn't six feet to her left. This was Grace's first day at the Kylan Academy, and she was only slightly shocked at the news that this school uses corporal punishment and shame. "Why the hell wouldn't my retard of a Father tell me this?" she thought to herself. While she was far from being a perfect angel, no one that knows her would think there was a bad hair on her body. But that's because she wanted it that way. She did what she wanted, regardless if society deemed it reprehensible. What separated her from other free-spirited girls was that she was smart enough to avoid the consequences.
The purple-haired teen started to question why she was summoned here to abstractly witness this session. "Is this supposed to scare me straight or
something? This farce is bl**dy ridiculous. I bet this happens to all new students on their first day..." she said to herself softly.
The assistant looked her way and asked, "Did you say something, Ms. Sawa? I didn't hear you."
Without a flinch or twitch, Grace responded, "No ma'am. I was just singing to myself." Her voice coated in sugar.
"Well, I know you have been waiting a while Ms. Sawa. Headmaster Dravin should be available shortly. I apologize for the wait." and with that she resumed typing away on her keyboard, her attention no longer on Grace.
The 16 year old lost track of what was going on beyond the door, and the next thing she heard was a chair scooting back.
"So Jenine," the Headmaster resumed, "if you are done wasting both of our time, I'd like to get this done." Heavy footsteps can now be heard. "I need you to bend over my desk. Yes that's right, like that. Grab the other end of the desk... good. Now I'm warning you now: If your hands move from that spot during your paddling, I will start over. If you let go again... well, I'm sure you know what will happen then. Do I make myself clear young lady?"
"Yes." a defeated voice replied.
"'Yes' what?" he calmly, but firmly replied.
"Yes, Headmaster."
More footsteps followed, followed by Jenine yelling, "Please Headmaster, leave my skirt down! No. No!" Grace heard sounds of soft struggling from within.
"Miss Foster, you have just earned an additional three Hard swats to be combined with your initial punishment of six Average swats. I suggest you place your hands back on the desk, and take your punishment with some dignity. You should be glad I didn't decide to have you punished during Assembly. However, keep this up, and I will add you to the schedule." The distressed screams immediately died down.
"Yes sir, please... please I'll be good. I'm sorry that I reacted like that, please don't punish me during Assembly."
Then there was a small pause. Grace imagined that the girl finally resolved herself to her fate, and that the Headmaster was lifting up her skirt. Grace was finding herself amused by the punishment session. Maybe even slightly aroused.
"Jenine, count these out."
A pause was cut short by the sound of wood being laid across buttocks with f***e. WHACK.
Immediately a piercing scream followed, but Jenine recovered and counted, "One!"
After one and a half seconds, the second swat announced itself. This time the scream was louder, and her voice cracked when she counted "Two!"
Grace silently chuckled at the female student's chastisement. Jenine's voice sounded much more attractive when it was in distress. She was never a witness to corporal punishment before, and never had she herself been struck. "The dumb bitch probably deserved it." Grace thought to herself. She redoubled her efforts to maintain a serene countenance before the typing crone next to her.
Again, the scream increased in volume and pitch, and this time she sobbed and sniffled, "Three! Please sir not so hard!"
"Oh my god ow!! Ow ow OW! Four! Please, I'm so sorry, please..."
This time her piercing scream was longer, and ended with her crying in earnest. Between her sobs, she pleaded, "Oh my god, it hurts so bad. I'm so sorry! Waah! No! No... please"
However, the Headmaster would not give her time to recover. "What number was that young lady?"
"... please..." she began as she sniffled. "...five sir."
This time she didn't stop screaming until nearly half a minute after the impact. She was now choking with sobs. "Please! I'm so sorry, I'm sorry, god damn it I'm sorry!" she squeaked as she was balling her eyes out.
"Jenine, you know I don't abide cursing in my office. The last of the three Hard strokes will now be Severe."
Jenine then screamed in what could only be interpreted as terror. "Noooooo!! Please!"
"What the hell makes Severe so much worse than Hard?" Grace wondered to herself. "Whatever it was, it was enough to scare the wits out of out of the dumb girl." Grace was anxiously awaiting how the girl would react to the Hard and Severe swats. Judging from her earlier reactions and cries, Grace was certain that there was no way the swats could increase in impact. "How could it get worse?" She noticed that she was now moist. "I like this school already..." she thought to herself.
SPLAT! This swat had a noticeably sharper sounds to it than the previous six.
"EEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Aaaaaah haah haah haaaaaah! Waaaaaah! Waaaah!" She continued to cry hard with no break besides her gasping for air, just to scream
some more.
"Oh..." Grace thought to herself. "The sharper sound must be because the Headmaster removed her panties. So that's how he can increase the impact of the swats. Nice. Real nice... But if this is Hard, what the hell is Severe?"
The Headmaster didn't bother to give her the chance or time allow her to count. At this point he would be waiting for ever, as the girl Jenine could barely catch her breath between crying like a five-year-old.
The Headmaster spoke up, barely audible over the screams of immense pain escaping from Jenine's agape mouth. "This last one will be Severe, miss Foster.
You know what you need to do."
"Young lady, I'm only going to say this once. If you do not spread your legs, I will repeat today's session at tomorrow evening's Assembly! And the final three will all be Severe!"
Grace's heartbeat sped up at the sound of the Headmaster commanding the bawling girl to spread her legs. "But if she does that, he will have an unobstructed view of her pussy! Can they really do this at school? He is a male after all. So perhaps that is what makes it Severe; the embarrassment of displaying your most private region."
Though Jenine's crying never stopped, Grace heard two foot steps. It must have been Jenine spreading her legs for him. Grace now found herself desperately wishing she knew what the Headmaster and the screaming student looked like so she could get a better mental image.
The resulting sound was almost inhuman, almost a****l like in nature. Jenine's scream was so loud that Grace had to put her hands on her ears. The typing crone casually continued typing as if nothing was happening.
In between her a****l screams, Grace could have sworn that she heard liquid hitting the floor. Did she knock over a glass as she was flailing about?
After a couple of minutes, words were finally mixed in with screams. "AAAaaaah! Waaaaah! My pussy!! Owwww! Waaah! Waaaaaaahahaaha!!"
Grace could barely believe what she just heard. "No way! There's no way he would have hit her pussy with the paddle! Oh my god, it's... awesome!" Her ethical thoughts melted away as she could tell that her panties were now saturated with her excitement.
The screams and crying resumed for a legitimate five minutes. Then it finally tapered off. Grace heard the shuffling of feet again within the Headmaster's
"Don't mind the mess c***d. Take another minute to compose yourself, and then return to class. Jenine, you are better than what your recent behavior
displays. I punish you like this because I will not abide you selling yourself, your f****y, and society short. I take no joy in this."
"Yeah right. I know I did, and I wasn't even in the room." Grace quipped to herself as she adjusted her dress across her lap again.
"I don't want to see you in my office again. You know how much I loathe repeat offenders."
"Yes, Headmaster." She choked back some late tears.
"Good miss Foster. Now return to class."
The door opened and out stepped a girl who looked to be in her late teens, like Grace. She was wearing the school's uniform, consisting of a green and blue plaid skirt that hung similar to Grace's; just above her knees... maybe a little shorter. Grace wasn't happy with the fact that she couldn't see the results of the beating she took at the hands of the Headmaster. However she did find the girl attractive. Jenine's wavy red hair framed a cute face punctuated with green eyes. Tears were still leaking from her emerald eyes, though they were finally shoring up. The areas surrounding her eyes were nearly as red as her hair. Her bust was smaller than average, perhaps a large A or small B cup, but it did fit her well, Grace agreed. Jenine looked at Grace briefly in the eyes before she exited office.
"Janet, please alert the custodian that one of our students had an accident again during punishment. And tell him to be quick about it, as I have an appointment with Mr. Sawa's daughter. I fear I'm already late as it is." The Headmaster's voice blared from the phone on the assistant's desk. Grace couldn't help but lift an eyebrow in response to the proclamation that Jenine had actually urinated herself when the Headmaster paddled her purse. That was all she betrayed the whole time she sat there. She was damn good. A smug smile crept to her full lips as she watched the custodian enter with a mop bucket and some cleaner. Within a couple of minutes the custodian left. "Yes..." Grace thought to herself. "I'm going to have fun with these dumb little girls at this place. I'd almost be terrified if I wasn't so smart about displacing blame."
At the end of her self-satisfied thought, she heard the speaker on the crone's desk project the Headmaster's voice.
"I'm now ready to see Ms. Sawa. Show her in please."
With all of her self-assured notions, Grace fumed that her throat betrayed her by nervously gulping.
"I have nothing to worry about." the teen with the long purple hair told herself. "Not a fucking thing."
Her lithe form gracefully rose from her chair to open the door that deprived her eyes of her first experience with corporal punishment.... Continue»
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Clara Bow's Academy For would-be Ladies Part

The new sissy stood barefoot; naked but for the soft white gown. Though bewildered and a little scared, her little cock poked forward in the gown, partly through fear and partly through excitement as she felt the eyes of the stern woman upon her. Clara Bow rose slowly from the leather chair she sat in, cane in one hand, she wagged a finger summoning Pepper forward. She was accompanied by the buxom Nurse Wykett; her ample buttocks and breast bulging in her white uniform, her black stockings and stilettos a far cry from the usual sensible shoe preferred by most in her profession. Mistress Bow smiled with satisfaction as she pointed her can at the protrusion in the gown.

“Well young lady, I think we’ll have a look at that first; gown off!” Pepper shivered and her softly freckled arms and legs were now accompanied by goose-pimples as Nurse Wykett took the gown from her, and uncovered a screen on the wall. The two smiled wickedly as they surveyed the soft curves of the ginger boy-girl; her nipples now stood firm from her puffy little breasts. Nurse Wykett took great pleasure in teasing Pepper’s nipples.

“You can see how the hormones have helped her; we shall increase the dose steadily; she’ll soon be the perfect little lady. I think we’ll do the ‘preference’ test first.” Nurse gently took Pepper’s little cock in her hand as Mistress Bow picked up the remote control for the screen. Pepper gasped as the buxom nurse softly worked her little pink penis back and forth, the pleasurable sensation made it stiffen and Mistress Bow then clicked the remote. The two women smiled wickedly as Pepper was made to view many pictures as she was masturbated; firstly pictures of stern women had her little cock nicely lubricated and dribbling, and then she was shown pictures of very masculine males. Pepper’s cock stiffened noticeably as she was shown a handsome mature male in a mask; broad tanned hairy chest; his cock rigid and erect, whip in hand. Pepper whimpered with pleasure and humiliation. Nurse Wykett smiled triumphantly.

“Aha! That’s hit the spot hasn’t it? You’d make a sweet little maid for someone like that wouldn’t you?” Mistress Bow sneered at Pepper as she enlarged the picture and whipped the air with her cane with her free hand. Pepper’s knees nearly buckled as Nurse Wykett worked the shiny little pink cock to the only outcome possible. Pepper thought of being rescued by such a male as she squealed like the little girl she was becoming and shot her dainty little offering across the wooden floorboards. Pepper’s anus tingled and clenched at the rubber pug as she dreamed of being entered and used like woman, as her little cock spat small blobs of cream to the delight of the her two mistresses. Clara Bow then pointed her cane at a leather padded bench, as Nurse Wykett wiped Pepper’s little pink bell-end with a soft tissue, the sensation making her wince as she dribbled still.

“We’ll have a look at that little bottom now.” Pepper’s little cock now hung limp as she was made to bend over the bench, and the two took great pleasure in spreading her soft white cheeks. Pepper’s little cock began to erect again as she felt the soft rubber plug being eased out from her hot little anus. Clara Bow sighed with contempt.

“You can say goodbye to this young lady! Why this is far too small for a young lady like you, and it’s soft too! We’ll soon have you fitted with one worthy of such a pretty hole!” Nurse Wykett smiled as she moved with deliberation to a draw, to ensure Pepper would see what she had for her. She removed a harsh looking white ceramic plug, at least half as big again as the rubber one. Nurse then took great pleasure in fingering her little anus to get it used to the idea of being invaded. Clara Bow flexed her cane and her pussy buzzed with pleasure as she watched Pepper’s discomfort as the cold hard plug was rudely pressed home by Nurse Wykett. Pepper whimpered pitifully; her little legs taut, on tiptoe as the smooth ceramic plug was squeezed into her sissy asshole. Nurse pushed it firmly into position with a deep sense of satisfaction. Tears welled in Pepper’s blue eyes, spoiling her pretty face. Clara Bow teased.

“Just think of the man with the mask; one day you’ll cry pretty tears when someone like him takes charge of you; it’s for the best that your bottom is prepared for what’s to come.” Pepper’s cock rose again and her balls and anus tingled as she thought of the picture that had made her come; the ceramic soon warmed making it more comfortable, though its unforgiving body remained rock hard in its tight little haven. Her stretched rectum pulsed and flexed as she tried to get used to it; the longer it remained, the more pleasurable it became. Nurse Wykett made lots of notes and she was weighed, re-gowned, and then sent to the pharmacy office. Tomkins was waiting outside to accompany her; she squeezed her hand tightly when she saw the tears in her new friend’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, it’s not all bad here; the other two girls in our dorm are dying to meet you.”

Back in the office, Mistress Bow was on the phone to someone.

“Yes; pretty, ginger…. Definitely never been interfered with; I’ll put you on the future suitors list then. Bye for now.” Across the town in a huge Victorian town house, Greville Hambleton, about to go riding stood with crop in hand as he put the phone down. His cock was stiffening nicely as he thought of his other favourite pastime; tight little ginger bottoms which belonged to debutant t-girls. He would attend the academy shortly and have an incognito viewing of the new redheaded sissy shortly. He swallowed hard and tried to keep his mind on horses for now.

Tomkins kept hold of Pepper’s hand as they waited for the pharmacist to make up the prescription.

“You’re very pretty… I hope you don’t mind me saying so, I take it you like being a... you know.” The two blushed together like girls half their age and then Pepper’s new friend continued.

“My name’s Marie Tomkins, I’ve been here since I was sixteen; I know all the dodges here, and when you’re ready, I can show you how we can come and go from here just as we please. There are lots of men in the nearby town, all willing to treat you, just for a kiss… and a little something else if you’re daring enough.” Pepper’s cock stiffened as she thought of being allowed to roam free, and as a girl too; the idea excited her no end. The dream disappeared as the haughty pharmacist appeared at the serving hatch. She was as stern as all the other women who policed the academy; she sneered down at Pepper through horn-rim glasses, pursed her bright red cheeks and sucked her cheeks into her high cheek-boned face as she observed the sissy before giving instructions.

“You be sure to take one of these at night and one in the morning. We’ll have you looking like Rita Hayworth in no time; I do like to see sissies develop a full bosom, a nicely shaped girl like you will have no problems at all.” The confident smile the pharmacist gave her before closing the hatch made Pepper’s nipples tingle as though the contents of the box were having an immediate effect; this feeling was accentuated as the ceramic plug nursed her anus; it served a double purpose as it ensured Pepper minced sweetly like the lady she was to become; it also made her little cock stiffen with anticipation as Marie led her upstairs; she so wanted to dress up in pretty girls clothes again.

As the two entered the room, two very cute sissies sat on the edge of one of the beds, both so feminine, one blonde and one brunette; they both said a soft hello to Pepper as the blonde one painted the nails of the dainty and feminine hands of the brunette. Pepper felt a little boyish in comparison to the two; both had really high heels on which made their slender and smooth legs look so sexy; their toe-nails painted so delicately. The blonde gave a warm smile to pepper when she saw her wanting look.

“We can do yours next if you like, and you can tell us all about you when we do it.” Pepper was more than happy to accept, and she hurried to the bathroom to remove her gown and she tingled with pleasure and anticipation as she slipped into her pretty Gingham dress.
... Continue»
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Black knight Academy series ep 1 "homeroom&qu

Into- 18 year old mason savage has just enrolled in the boarding school Black knight academy, a school made up entirely of white teachers and students. This series follows mason the only African American student as he uses his amazing skills to analyze his female classmates and teachers, as well as his various sexual encounters at Black Knight Academy.

Mason took his seat towards the back of the class room, as to not be noticed. After a few minuets groups of students flooded the classroom. Shortly after young looking woman walked in wearing a black pencil skirt and a red blouse. Mason thoroughly examined her body from head to toe. She had long legs,small hips and a bubble butt with perky tits, as well luscious lips. Mason sat back in his chair and smiled to himself " im starting to like this school already" the woman looked around the room. Her eyes stopping at mason. She picked up a clipboard "mason?" she asked. mason quickly snapped out of his daze "yea that's me" the woman smiled " nice to meet you young man, I am Ms. Bell" mason nodded. Ms. belle started to address the class "ok class get out your text books and read pages 225 -300, and id like you to write a short summary" mason looked around "damn no text book" he thought. A soft voice behind him spoke "lookin for this?" mason turned around to see a very beautiful redhead behind him. Mason reached out to grab the textbook quickly analyzing her body. She was very pretty, curvy body and nice rack, not to big though. "she's gotta be a c size at least" he thought. "the names Lexi". Mason smiled "thanks lexi". Lexi smiled "mmm your soo welcome "Lexi said smiling. Mason turned around and started reading. All in all the class was boring, but then again how interesting can history be. As the class ended everyone handed in their summary and headed out the door. Mason walked up to the desk. "mason I have few questions if you wouldn't mind" said Ms bell. "sure" said mason. She closed the door and sat on the edge of her desk with her legs crossed. Ms. Bell spoke softly "I noticed your not like the other students" mason laughs "you mean because im black?". Ms. Bell replies, as she undid the top button of here blouse allowing more of her amazing cleavage to be seen. "well yes and I have heard black males have quite the reputation" mason laughed again "your joking right?" Ms. Bell ripped open her blouse revealing her sleek black bra. "Does this look like im joking, now we don't have a lot of time and I wanna see if that black dick really lives up to the hype" Ms. Belle said excitingly. That's all the convincing mason needed he pulled out his dick, which was rock hard by now and aggressively jerks it. "its so big" Ms bell said looking at his hard cock wide eyed. Mason looked at Ms. bell in amazement as she strokes his dick. He rubbed the tip against her big luscious lips "i wanna see what those pretty lips of yours can do" said mason. Ms. Bell smiled "yes sir". She immediately opened her mouth and began to suck masons dick. slowly at first and then fast, occasionally stopping to lube his dick with her spit. Mason closed his eyes to enjoy this blow job, "damn that's good" he moaned. Ms. Belle didn't stop she moaned as she started to deep throat. Ms. Bell stopped for a moment and looked at the clock. "darn I have a meeting to get to, your ganna have to cum now sweetie". Mason jerked off in front of her chest" I wanna cum right on these tits" says mason. This excited Ms. bell "yea blow that big load on my fuckin tities, right now and give me every bit of your cum ī need it now!" Ms bell moaned. Mason blew a big load all over her tits. Ms bell used her finger to scope up some of
The cum and popped it into her mouth. She does this repeatedly until all the cum is gone. She quickly gets dressed,"thanks for the cum sweety, ill have to suck your dick again sometime" said Ms.bell as she rushes out the door. Mason pulled his pants up and smiles to himself. "this school could be fun" he thought to himself. "I wonder if ill get to fuck that Lexi girl" mason mumbled as he headed out the door.

... Continue»
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crazy Academy of perfect pussies "The c Crazy

crazy Academy of perfect pussies "The c
Crazy Academy of perfect pussies "The principle that"

I present to you, my name is Dani am 35 years old and works as a teacher of mixed martial arts and personal trainer in a gym that I too with a friend. I am divorced for four years and have a daughter, a girl Noe treasure just turned 13 years old, who besides being a beautiful green eyes, hair blacks and a lot 'of the body where you look from his mother, he is kind and friendly as few.
It all started one morning it seemed like everyone else until a knock on the door. I was arranging my gym bag because I was going to go to the gym, went to open the door was my ex and my daughter came two precious.
Hey Daddy (he hugged me and kissed me)
Hello dear, you do so early here (my ex I brought my daughter to 5 or 6 days a month, because she had gone to live in another city far enough)
Dani port before today, I have a photo shoot very important (my ex-wife, despite already having 32 years still rival any model of 18 years, has been very good, I have every time I saw her I thought only back with it, but the our own despite I was finished)
Well well, but you'll have to come with me to the gym (I told my daughter with a smile)
Dad Okay we're going well
Well thank you very much Dani Rs sky (and kissed me gently on the cheek that seemed like paradise)
My daughter entered the giggle because I was red as a tomato.
Come Mom go because I'm with Dad
I leave -Chao
My wife and I went on to get everything ready to go to work. My daughter ran to her room where she kept her old clothes after ten minutes under running calling
Dad, Dad going well and trained
-I He was looking at me as fascinated (wearing a white cotton shorts when I was 11 years to the gym, and for once he did not look my daughter, but her cute face down)
"You have a little 'treasure tight? (It was a vision that my 35 years I could not believe so much like my daughter literally swallowed the chief had a pussy that was crazy, I had never seen lips so marked and so well defined)
If dad is but everything I had, but it is not so bad dad (with a mischievous smile that seemed to understand where was looking)
I swallowed without understanding that giggle and looked away as contemptuous
-OK let's go
I must admit that my ex also has a good vulva very plump and marked and I liked it, but my daughter's pussy is spectacular.
Okay dad to see if I understand (and ran to the car).
I followed and I also appreciate the nice ass as did these short, round, and pert as her mother, but with 19 years younger.
After half an hour we arrived at my gym where Paul greeted very happy and jovial as ever.
-hi Dani.
'As Paul? (My daughter said with a smile from ear to ear)
See if the Noe, how magnificent? how you've grown. What you get to play sports with your dad?
Yes, with my father and you (he said with a smile that made me laugh)
Paul is the typical gym blonde and blue-eyed courage that had all the Broads at his feet and, frankly, for this was, to attract female viewers. I already me the rest beg.
Rather Okay, start the two that I finished and I'll fill in some subscriptions.
We went to the area of ​​the machines and my daughter asked me where to start, I said that we had the first heat and got to it.
We have in front of mirrors, I got behind her and taught her to warm the shoulders and neck, got arms and legs slightly apart began to take turns with the arms, from behind had a perfect view of your ass and pussy that looked gorgeous in the mirror, his fat lips and well trained have been developed to perfection.
Okay dear, now we're going to change, you're going to open your legs and try to touch your palms on the floor (I did not lose the details from behind and started to splice).
Okay dad, and I'm doing well or less (all told me with a mischievous smile, as if he knew my thoughts).
Very well, I see you have not lost the flexibility of these years (almost with his head between his legs looked at me laughing with each other).
I with one eye on the ass of my daughter and her pussy, that does not lose its shape or that position, I did not realize that she looked at me pants that seemed to burst.
Dad, what's wrong there? (With a red face and a smile)
Hey, all this, is that I want to pee, ok ?. Waiting

Red with shame went to the bathroom, where I was greeted by one of my students prepare to teach the class the morning of mix martial arts, starting in 10 minutes. It took me a while 'until I came on, and I went back to the area of ​​the machine, where I met Paul I was doing flexibility exercises with Noe, who was lying on his back with his legs in the air and bringing them to head Pablo .
Paul looked at me and motioned me said it was.
Dani Look how much flexibility is the daughter (and took a hit to the knee shoulders and left it there).
The short in that position is open at the sides, revealing part of the vulva of Noe, who was neither a hair, and so even seen wearing panties. E 'was crazy, that pussy was driving me crazy.
Paul looked at me as if he understood that he had to go to the bathroom just now and with a smile said:
Are you this kind all over the world?
Yes, hey Paul, I think you can let go and legs.
But if love, look.
If Dad, I love you with flexibility, it's fun (and with both hands, which is located inside of the thighs, ankles was behind him. That made her one of his lips off completely, voltage short to always in the depths of her pussy)
Okay, let me, I'll give the class (I regret to go to the class)
When I was going to go Pablo grabbed his shoulder and hit him a look that could melt steel.
Paul understood right away, but I left out a quiet Dani, not very convincing.
I'll be back at 1:30, okay?
Dani Okay, shut up, I worry.
After taking the class, I went with my daughter, and ready to go, and when I entered the engine room I saw an image that I will not forget as long as I live.
My daughter four legs together and hands stretched forward with the full mind pump ass and the two lips completely out, it seemed that wearing a dental floss instead of a short. Paul, in front of her with both hands pushed him back, it seemed that they were nursing, and that's not all, at least 10 boys watching the scene at will, one he was in line over pants. Paul looked at me with a bastard and came towards me.
Dani are you okay ?, You seem to be transposed (still with the joke).
'I see as the staff control, asshole, you're done with the stroke? My daughter and I are going and (with the face of anger).
Easy, I did nothing, but the man, his daughter is a marvel. See how it all uncles, many have asked me, without a haircut, if your daughter was going to keep coming.
And your bastard you told them?
Which did not know, but certainly not (Paul to see my face always he was backing)
But I explained that my daughter does not care in the least that mirasen, and also seems to like it.
I could not hear over and called my daughter, with the same rose by a blow to hear my voice and came running towards me. I never took my eye pussy daughter was coming out everywhere.
'We love.
If Dad, I've had very well with Paul (with his beautiful smile).
Paul grew up hearing this and asked if my daughter came to spend the day with me.
Dad, if I've had a great porfa
'We'll see honey (looking at Paul pissed).
We said goodbye and left. Getting into the car, my daughter has put the music and started singing their favorite music, and do not stop until half way told me that I had to pee, I could not stand. I stopped the car in the ditch and my daughter went down like a bullet, and I began to piss beside the car. Good thing we had left the city and went there almost no cars, because they did not notice much if they saw during urination. While I was wondering if crazy to watch my 13 years, so it was, and keep all the photos that my daughter had given me that morning, I think it is spliced ​​and suddenly:
Daddy look that bad bug
I, without thinking, I left the car and walked over to my daughter, who was still crouching with shorts to his ankles, and with one hand while pointing to bug me with the other big fat lips open. That already was for others and my cock grew at most, and half a meter in the face of my daughter, with a chuckle, looked at my crotch and then looked me in the eyes.
Dad, you also have to pee, have very big dick.
You ', I will, but I stand to go home (red as a tomato just occurred to me to say this and turn around)
Why did you turn around Dad? Are you going to pee here?
I never imagined this, I eventually said yes, that would pee there, and that if he had finished he left the car. Truth wanted to get it out a little 'because it hurt a little'.
He went to the car, and left me alone. When I heard the door close I forward, and empalmadísima had super sensitive, and started tocármela. No time happened when I felt a shiver down my spine.
-¿Papi And that's it?
Hey, no daughter still does not (it took me by surprise, I still had a cock in its fullness, my 23 cm shone in the afternoon sun).
I-and I see Dad, I got very big yet, what's wrong with Dad? (She told me smiling and looking at my cock with eyes wide open)
I tried to get in my pants, but it was not easy, with my daughter and watching my cock burst, when my daughter suddenly without warning, said:
Wait dad to help (I left little hand and with the other I tried to open my pants, at first made the threat of putting it, but as I looked at my face and did not object in the least to the contrary continued touching touching )
Oh dear what do you do? (I treated myself promoted that touch of his hand, I could not say no, and let them do)
Dad has that big, fat and can not take everything, ah ah like to touch you? (My daughter could not understand with his little hand the thickness of my penis)
Honey, I feel very embarrassed to say this, but I really like (I was in heaven and my daughter looked like it was the first time he took a shit)
Dad, I was right? As well, back and forth? (As I looked into the eyes)
Yes, it is perfect, but why do not you go in the car? here we will see.
Whatever, Dad, but I can continue touching in the car?
I nodded and went to the car. I sat in the driver's seat and put on his knees resting on the passenger seat, looking for me, and with both hands at the same time I started pajear. I saw how he did and I could not believe that my 13 years I have been able to play so well. E 'was because I could not, I was going to run.
My life, I can not take it anymore, I will stain your hands.
My daughter looked at me with her beautiful face, and I take a little 'of language in a gesture not to worry, horny face and had got his prize, he continued but faster and with more pressure.
Ah, ah, daughter well! (I came so that reached almost to the ceiling, hands, steering wheel and shirt were full of sperm)
Wow ha ha, what you lost Dad!
I, with great pleasure that they had already lost accounts or words of my daughter, but after a few seconds I could rebuild, I opened my eyes and looked at my daughter. She reclined in his chair looking at me with his bright eyes, as if all this had not happened.
My life, I would like to ask you where did you learn to do this? it seems that is not the first time you do it (I asked him politely not to feel bad)
Ah, ah, you like it daddy? I learned to do in the nudist colony.
-What Nudist colony?
Yes, mom and her new boyfriend bring me every summer. Everyone there is naked and, well, that touch is not taboo. My friends have taught me and, well, sometimes the boys played and (my daughter was as if to say more)
I swallowed, I could not believe my ears, of course, I thought, now I understand many things.
And how old are your friends treasure? (Waiting for an answer less obvious)
Well ... let's see, more than 13 or 14 and 15 years.
And with this age already do things like that for k**s?
If Dad is normal, you want to come with us for a bit 'and you present them? (The latter told me with a grin bad)
'Do not baby, do not be nicer, I've never been in a place like (imagining the situation was putting me Morcillón again and, of course, with cock and untucked could not hide it, I loved both)
Sure you like and also a man so handsome and strong as you will surely leave with their mouths open to all women, ah ah (looking at my horse was returned to its fullest)
A cat jump on my daughter rode on horseback and began to kiss her face, neck and mouth.
The first I found it strange if between a daughter and her father this was the last straw.
-Noah What are you doing dear? (My cock was stuck to her pussy around her with her big lips)
No Dad, I love you so much, and as I see that you love me because you recompense like to continue? (She said looking into my eyes with cornea little girl face)
My answer was a resounding Go on my life. And with me wearing the fever did not care all, and my daughter, and bluntly, I bit my neck and gave me little kisses on the mouth, and hips rose and fell across my cock with her pussy.
Dad, I can take the whistle?
If affected, do with it what you want.
She grabbed my cock and slid down the short side, it was delightful to hear her skin smooth and humidity increased.
Dad, I love to feel your huge cock to touch my pussy, ah, ah (her face is very red and his accelerated pace seemed that I was going)
I do not spend even five minutes, when my daughter literally exploded. It 'was a source, put his legs say no more cock, drenched.
-Noah Are you okay? (To see that after orgasm has remained as brutal as u*********s hugs me)
If Dad, I feel very good, but I feel bad for you.
Why daughter? I'm fine.
Keep up with the whistle, I want to fix (now grabbed my cock, got up and placed the tip into his wonderful entrance and was digging, but it was not easy.
Dad, it's too fat, I do not know if I can (but do not stop trying until he entered my cocoon thick) ah, ah, dad, entered.
Daughter-quiet, otherwise you can not pass anything (he watched his face and looked like they had impaled)
If I papi, you'll see (is stored for more than half, it seemed that he did not fall)
That pussy was wonderful, it was very tight and so wet it was, gave off an incredible heat.
My daughter was a few seconds as it used to, but then began to rise and fall slowly, put her hands on his shoulders and with a smile he gave me to understand that the party has started, he started to ride my cock like crazy.
Oh, Dad, I really like.
And my daughter, are a marvel.
Dad, Dad, I love you, I'm, I'm, ah! (He threw the body back and leaned against the wheel and ran a way that I had never seen, left me all the liquid lost, but I do not stop)
I continued to give and give until you could not stand more weight and went to get out and I ran in the ass.
My daughter was shaking like hugs me possessed, do not know how long we stay cuddled in the car.
Daughter, awake, and we have to go eat (my daughter did not respond fast asl**p)
I got out of the car with her in his arms and put in the back seat. He noticed her pussy, she was very red and completely wet.
On the way home I remembered the words of Paul (your daughter is an omen) does not know, I thought, after 15 minutes of walking we got home and my daughter slept.
I went upstairs where his bedroom and rushed into the bedroom. I went to eat, and while watching TV. An hour passed when my daughter down the stairs, wearing only a long shirt. He smiled at me, and I went through the mochas head crazy to do with it, but would have had time for everything, I had to make good use of these days.
Daughter, do you want me to make you dinner?
Okay Dad, I'm very hungry (sitting on my lap)
Dad, I liked what we did in the car, I would repeat several times (with the face of good girl)
'I also liked honey, quiet, we repeat several times (I got it) what do you want me to eat?
'What you want Popes (there seemed to melt in your life)
I began to prepare the food, and when I least expected it, I felt a hand touching his back, was my daughter. I went with the meal, as it makes me hard, but gradually my daughter went back down to my cock which was already morcillita, and put her little hand in his pants and grabbed her firmly.
'Do not you were hungry c***d? (In tone funny)
If Dad, but I am happy to repeat it before (I said in a voice between mimosota and cornea)
I turned and stood in front of her, she was completely naked, he looked at his eyes, chest, belly, and that pussy so cute that I was crazy and even looked into his eyes and kissed her mouth.
My daughter hugged me tight and I, with the hug, I got my ass with both hands, charging and knocking her to the kitchen table, I spread my legs as I could, I opened the lips who held the see clitoris, and I started eating that pussy which was great, and when he started to get wet, you put a finger, to which my daughter responded:
Ah, yet Dad, I'm enjoying a lot (and I put another finger)
Like daughter? (Silly question, because the crack was beginning to look like a river)
If dad, more, more love, more (for my tender daughter loved the sex, I would think)
Well, now you see (I put aside, and with one hand on her belly and two fingers of the other attached to the bottom of her pussy, I began to move quickly, reaching the top surface of the vagina)
-Ah Ah! Dad no, not so fast, I can not stand!
A pussy source from my daughter every jolt that made him who he was brutal orgasm, even in my wildest dreams have imagined this morbid. My daughter was convulsions on the table while I watched. She, with her little hand, I started stroking the eggs, was the signal. I had between my legs and I was slowly rocked stick his cock in that hole so tight and wet accompanied by those lips that seemed so full and good wrap.
Oh Dad, that makes sense I have, as I noticed that ... ah!
-A See if you can put everything, all right Noe? (Hinchadísima had, I could not believe it was so beautiful pussy swallowing my cock, which was bigger than ever)
Gradually I was getting every inch up to touch bottom, but my daughter seemed to put everything, so I held her tight and closed her legs around my waist.
Dad, I love you, I do not want to take it out.
Honey and see, you'll like this, spread your legs so you can move your hands and take your ass.
If Dad, do whatever you want (even open her legs and ran my hands to grab her ass and charged by weight)
My daughter, who would not or 50kg in the air like a doll in my arms and without warning began to push at full speed.
Ah, ah, ah, Dad, ah (at each thrust reached bottom)
So we were about 10 minutes, I was changing its position legs. They are collected in the shoulders, open as he hugged his neck until my daughter went rigid, threw back his head and ran for the fourth time. I, who had not run me, I left on the kitchen table and I came looking over her small breasts.
Dad, I'm going to go very well these days, I hope the mother leaves us most days.... Continue»
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The Academy

Julia Ponsonby had not taken her parents' divorce well. She had always been a daddy's girl and she missed her father terribly. It had not helped that her mother had remarried almost as soon as she received the Decree Nisi and that her stepfather was extremely unlikeable. Harold was something big in the City and was filthy rich but Julia found him cold and controlling. She was disgusted at the way that her mother fawned on him and seemed to accept his every whim (and there were many) as law, so arguments with the both of them were many and growing ever more bitter.

Things came to a head on her eighteenth birthday. She had been drinking more and more heavily for some weeks, and on this, her first ever legal night she had celebrated to excess. She groaned as she staggered out of the taxi to see that the lights in their large town house were still on. Somehow she managed to open the door quietly, intending to sneak upstairs but her stepfather was waiting in the hall.

"And what time do you call this?" He asked.

"Well I call it 2.30, what time do you call it?" Julia said with false bravado whilst trying to ignore her mother who, dressed only in a dog collar, bustier and fishnet stockings, was kneeling at Harold's feet, staring devotedly upwards like a gun dog.

"I call it high time that your unacceptable behaviour was halted. I am no longer prepared to tolerate your defiance. If you won't discipline yourself then it will have to be instilled in you by other means, young lady. I am sending you to finishing school tomorrow and hopefully you will learn how to behave there"

"Well I'm not going, you're not my father."

"No but I am your legal guardian until you're 21 and come into your inheritance. Until then I have full and absolute control of your body." The way that he stressed these last words and the way that he stared at her as he said them made Julia suddenly very glad that she was going away. After a few minutes of raging and swearing for form's sake, she accepted the inevitable and ran off to her room.

She was hardly expecting to be sent to a top Swiss School, but Miss Agatha Willoughby's Academy for God's sake? What on earth was that? Where on earth was that? She googled and her gloom deepened. It was an exclusive school in the heart of Surrey dedicated to the teachings of its namesake. Agatha Willoughby had been at the forefront of the Suffragettes. Indeed it had been fully expected that she would lead the movement until she was suddenly asked to step down in somewhat mysterious circumstances and she faded into obscurity.

The Prospectus stated that the College was "dedicated to the schooling of young ladies of a refined upbringing between the ages of eighteen and twenty one and who needed to be retrained in the standards of behaviour expected of them which had been ignored or insufficiently emphasised by conventional educational establishments." What on earth did that mean? It sounded as though it was a reform school for posh totty with IQ's lower than their bra size. Julia frowned. Its fees were astronomical! Something wasn't right here. Why should her stepfather want to spend this fortune on her when university was far cheaper and he knew that she would be off the day after she inherited her legacy?

Julia's researches were interrupted by her mother's screams.

The two women had never been particularly close, but Julia was becoming increasingly concerned about her mother. Margaret Ponsonby had many interests and had found the conflicting duties of marriage constricting. As a girl, Julia had grown used to her mother's growing demands for for 'personal space,' yet this goal had been abandoned as soon as she had remarried, in favour of what Julia considered to be an overwhelming obsession with sex. Her high fashion clothes had been thrown out, to be replaced by skirts whose hems had crept ever higher and now rested just below her bum. Meanwhile her necklines plunged ever lower, revealing both a loss of a bra and the gain of many nipple rings. Julia considered that she now looked like a tart.

And she was behaving like a tart too. Julia had had a sheltered upbringing and despite having a classic English Rose beauty had very little knowledge or indeed experience of sex, and it had never appeared to be high on the agenda of Margaret either, but now her mother seemed to be constantly in need of a good fucking.

Harold just had to be hung like a donkey with the stamina of a horse as Margaret made her demands and her passion known at a volume which would have deafened the average Eastern European tennis player.

There was no way that Julia could concentrate with the moans, the screams and the torrid appeals to be bumfucked coming from the bedroom next door. She jumped into her bed and tried to get to sl**p with her head buried under her pillow. Perhaps going to boarding school was going to be a good idea.

So the next day she found herself in the back of the Bentley, being driven to the village of Great Fuckinham and to Miss Agatha Willoughby's School for Young Ladies.

The chauffeur pulled up on the gravel drive, opened her door and drove off again, leaving her clutching her suitcase, surveying the ivy covered walls of a large and extremely ugly country house. She had been expecting to see hordes of schoolgirls running around but the place seemed deserted. Feeling lost and small, Julia pulled the bell rope.

The large wooden door swung open and Julia gaped. In the hall stood a maid. Or rather half a maid. Her top half was immaculately and traditionally dressed, with a frilly lace cap, black high necked blouse and a white bib. But there it ended...literally. Her blouse finished just below her pussy, and then bare legs descended to black rubber clogs.

"I said Can I help you madam?"

"'m a new girl."

"Of course, please follow me." Nonchalantly, the maid bent down to pick up her suitcase revealing a complete lack of knickers and a neatly shaved pussy. A bemused Julia followed her swaying bum through a large Hallway with oak panels and highly polished floor tiles.

The maid came to a solid oak door, marked "Miss Evangeline Hunter, Head Mistress," knocked and motioned for Julia to enter.

Miss Evangeline Hunter sat behind a large oak desk. She was almost a parody of Julia's expectations. A large florid woman with her greying hair drawn back into a severe bun and an incipient moustache. Her buxom bosom was encased in a white blouse, a tight tie and a heavy tweed jacket. In a booming voice she asked Julia to sit down whilst she finished off her correspondence. Julia perched on the chair in front of the desk. It was weird. At first glance it was a traditional straight backed hall chair, but a large hole had been cut into the generously covered seat, and why on earth had it been upholstered in rubber? She was beginning to doubt her senses. Had she really seen a half naked maid flashing her cunt? It hardly seemed possible as she glanced at the normality of the cluttered room with its cabinets full of silver cups, its walls covered by old photos and in one corner for some strange reason a stuffed octopus.

The silence was suddenly broken by the gentle sound of running water splashing onto the polished tiles. Julia looked up in surprise. It seemed to be coming from behind the desk but Miss Hunter was continuing writing unconcerned. Just as suddenly it stopped, Miss Hunter signed off with a flourish and turned to speak in clipped and plummy tones.

"Well I'm pleased to welcome you here young lady. This is an old school with a rich heritage, dedicated to the teachings of a very great lady. I'm sure that you will find things very strange at first. Most of my gels do, but all of them come to understand and love the wisdom and traditions that we foster here. They're all off on a cross country run at the moment. That's one of our traditions, my gels love running around in the fresh air communing with nature and so it seems do the villagers. They're marvellously supportive, they always come out to cheer the gels on. As there's no one about at the moment I'll show you around."

Miss Hunter rose and came round her desk and Julia stared in shock. Just like the maid, the headmistress was impeccably dressed, but again just like the maid her bottom half was...was...well, missing! Her top ended just below her crotch, then thick bare legs emerged, covered in varicose veins and ending in the same rubber clogs that the maid had worn. In a daze, Julia got up and followed the woman. It was surreal. She was walking behind a half naked middle aged woman who was showing her around with a total lack of concern that anything was amiss.

Everywhere was as you would expect, the only unusual thing about the building was its utter lack of carpets. Floors were either of highly polished tile or equally polished wood. The school smelt like every school did, a mixture of boiled cabbage, disinfectant and ... urine?

Julia followed Miss Hunter up some bare wooden stairs, observing queasily that the older woman was definitely not wearing knickers, and then they entered her dorm.

"Well I'll leave you here to settle in, I can hear that the first of my gels are returning. Your uniform is on the bed, please put it on as soon as you can and we'll dispose of your street clothes."

Julia could only nod silently. The dorm was equally surreal. The study desks with their computer terminals looked perfectly normal, as did the bookcases and the posters of various pop stars, but in the corner of the room were two exposed shower stalls and between them a hole in the floor that seemed to be a basic drop toilet, all without any means of privacy at all. She had been told that eight girls would share the room but there were only four double beds. Were they expected to share? She was beyond surprise.

She inspected her uniform, such as it was was. It consisted of a straw hat, a white blouse, the school tie and those black rubber clogs. Her suitcase with her spare clothes was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly the door burst open and in rushed another girl. All she was wearing were the ubiquitous rubber clogs and a sweat soaked running top.

"Hi, I'm Melissa, you must be the new girl. Get your uniform on and I'll take you to Matron for your checkout." She leaned forward and kissed both of Julia's cheeks whist fondling her left tit. Before Julia could react she stripped off her singlet and stepped into one of the showers revealing her well shaved hairless pussy.

"Well, yes, but it looks like they've forgotten the skirt." Julia didn't know where to look, she had never met someone so unconcerned about nudity.

"Oh we don't bother with skirts, they just get in the way and get messy."

Messy? What could she mean?

But there's no underwear here either, and there's no sign of my suitcase with my clothes ."

"Oh you can't wear any of your own clothes round here. Miss Hunter believes that they Foster A Sense Of Competition Between Individual Pupils. Uniformity Promotes Equality And Equality Empowers Individuality." It was as though Melissa was reading from a manifesto.

"Yes, but I've no panties."

"Oh none of us wears those. "Underwear Is The Physical Bondage of Paternalistic Oppression. Casting Off These Shackles Enables Us To Reveal the Enduring Beauty of the Female Form Which We Should Worship And Rejoice. Come on, we'll be late for dinner if we don't hurry."

There was a long pause. This was beyond weird but Julia didn't see how she had much choice. Turning her back on Melissa, she shucked off her dress, buttoned up the blouse and fixed her tie. Her cheeks glowed with embarrassment. The shirt seemed even shorter when worn, her pussy felt every draught and whenever she bent down she would be exposing herself to all and sundry.

Melissa towelled herself dry and put on a matching brief uniform then grabbed Julia's hand and together they ran down to Matron's clinic. This whole place was such a strange mixture of the real and the surreal. This looked like any other surgery anywhere else. There was a whiff of disinfectant and carbolic together with an acrid overtone of...well it couldn't be urine, could it?

Julia could no longer feel shocked when Matron entered. She was a small buxom woman with a wide smile and wearing only a white hip length smock. Her clogs were white rather than black. Slowly though Julia began to feel more at ease as the older woman bustled around in a totally matter of fact manner, taking her temperature, checking her inoculations and enquiring about possible allergies. Finally she asked Julia to unbutton her blouse and climb up onto what looked for all the world like abortion stirrups. Julia lay back puzzled with her bum raised and her legs in the air. Was Matron going to examine her pussy? That was a bit over the top wasn't it? She found out the reason however when she felt shaving cream being liberally applied to her bush. She struggled to sit up.

"Matron, what on earth are you doing?"

"Calm down, dear, I'm just going to shave your pussy."

"But why? I don't want you to do that."

"Now none of this young lady. You know I have to do this, its part of the school uniform. Now keep still. We don't want me to nick you do we?"

Julia was hardly in any position to object. She lay back in utter humiliation whilst Matron shaved her with a fast and expert hand and then rubbed in a soothing lotion.

"Now there we are. We didn't need any of that fuss, did we Dear? You've got a really pretty cunt now that we can see it." Matron bent down and gave her a lingering kiss on her lower lips. "Here's your cream. Make sure that you apply it every day then you won't need to worry about the Pussy Inspection."

Julia buttoned her blouse and left in a daze. The woman had to be quite mad. She turned to Melissa. "What on earth was she on about? She can't possibly have meant that about it being school uniform can she?"

Melissa turned to her in surprise. "Why of course it is! Pubic Hair is the Veil That Hides Our Greatest Treasure. The Vagina Is The Portal To Our Feminine Essence And By Revealing It In All Its Splendour We Reassert The Dominance Denied To Us By Paternalistic Oppression. Women Should Rejoice In The Beauty of Their Pudenda!"

Julia's cheeks burned in embarrassment. The slightest breeze, the slightest movement and the whole world could judge for itself her cunt's beauty. Walking with stiff legs she followed Melissa to their dorm. It was occupied by two more of their classmates.

"Hi, I'm Jenny..."

"...and I'm Jessie."

The twins were identically stunning in their beauty. Talking non stop, together or singly they told Julia in a few minutes how cool the school was, what their interests were, where they came from, and their life history, then giggling they turned to change out of their running tops.

Julia sank back onto her bed in utter shock. She turned and whispered to Melissa. "Did you see what they just did?"

"Oh yes, those two do absolutely everything together."

"But, but they just pissed themselves as they stood there." Two steaming streams ran along the tiles. "They acted as though it was perfectly normal."

"Well of course it is, Silly. What could be more natural than peeing?"

Julia struggled to voice her shock. "But, Melissa, they pissed themselves our front of both of us...without caring..."

"Of course they did. We all do, wherever we are. Urination And All Other Bodily Functions Are Natural Occurrences Which We Should Accept With Equanimity And Of Which We Should Show No Shame. They Are All Part Of The Essence Of The True Female. Moreover, Retention Of These Fluids Can Cause Untold Damage To That Same Universal Essence, And Hence They Should Be Voided At The Earliest Opportunity"

"So are you telling me that we're all expected to pee ourselves wherever we are as soon as we feel the need?" Melissa nodded. "But what about other things? What about shitting?"

"Yes shit is a problem, its so sticky and smelly. But that is why we have the Long Drops in every room so that we can all go without interrupting our education."

"So we should just get up at any time in the middle of a class and piss and shit in front of everyone?"

"Didn't I I just say that? But you don't need to get up to pee. Just do it wherever you're sitting or whatever you're doing. It's A Purely Natural Function Of Which The Modern Woman Should Accept As Part Of Her Femininity."

Julia felt as though she had been hit by an atom bomb. "But what about other things?" She blushed bright red. "What about when, you know, when its that time of the month?"

"Well, what about it?"

"You mean we should just let it all trickle out?"

"Of course. Its not as if we're wearing panties or skirts, Silly. Besides, Elimination Of The Menses Is a Natural Function Of The Essence of Femin..."

"Yes, yes, I've heard that already." Julia couldn't bear to hear any more of that claptrap. Where on earth had she come to? Was this a school or a madhouse? Her thoughts were broken as Melissa smiled and released a small golden trickle which ran down her leg and onto the floor. The tiles Julia realised were set at a slight slope so that all pee could flow down to sluices by the walls. She understood at last why there was a lack of carpets, and why they all wore rubber shoes.

"Hey that's the dinner bell." Melissa grabbed an unresisting Julia and pulled her down to the refectory.

The Dining Hall was like most others, there was a series of tables with long wooden benches on either side. These were covered in rubber and had holes cut along their length, and Julia could see why, for as the girls were laughing, talking at full volume and eating, she could also hear and indeed smell the tinkle of unrestrained piss dripping regularly onto the floor. She ate automatically, dumbstruck by the situation she found herself in. Her parents were now on holiday, but as soon as they returned Julia would let them know what was going on here and get them to take her home.

Once they had finished eating Melissa jumped up. "Come on, we've got a special treat tonight, there's a movie in the great hall."

Most of the school were present, including many of the teachers. Julia could only recognise Matron, sat on the front row with her legs wide apart, chatting and knitting some shapeless thing. The Hall quietened as Miss Hunter walked onto the stage.

"Good evening gels. Tonight's cinema offering is a biology documentary. Now I want you all to pay special attention to it as its extremely instructive and you can all learn a lot. But I don't want you all to think of this as a special lesson as I think that you will also find this ripping fun, so please sit back and enjoy yourselves." She turned to leave but then stopped and addressed a thin girl on the front row.

"Lucinda Littleham-Squires. Just look at your posture, young lady. Yes, you. Sit up straight my Gel, and open your legs. Come on, further! You know very well that School Regulations prohibit sitting with crossed legs, don't let me have to tell you that again!"

She stalked off and the lights dimmed. The credits rolled and Julia struggled to control her laughter. Biology indeed, "Lesley gets Laid Again", was pure porn and it didn't take long for the first tits and bums to appear. She waited for Miss Hunter to leap up in affronted dismay, but nothing happened. She turned and nudged Melissa. "What's going on, Melissa. Surely they won't sit back and let us watch hardcore porn?"

Melissa wrinkled her brow in puzzlement. "I don't know what you mean, I'm finding this most instructive. can't be offended by this can you? The Naked Female Form Is The Very Embodiment of Pure Beauty And The Act Of Fornication Is The Celebration Of That Very Beauty In All Its Many Forms. So Let Us Therefore Rejoice In The Female Body!"
Julia looked around in the gloom. She was no prude but this was extreme. However, everyone including the teachers were staring in rapt attention, all sitting with straight backs and wide open legs as Linda Lovealott was being fucked from behind whilst attempting to swallow a cock so huge that it had to be CGI. Matron was still knitting but it looked as though she'd dropped several stitches. There was nothing for it, Julia smiled and sat back to enjoy the show. It was certainly making her horny. She could feel her juices flowing and almost without thinking her fingers entered her hot and very accessible cunt. She rotated her hips whilst her fingers moved faster, faster as she arched her back and then with a loud cry of joy her tension and all her worries were swept aside as she came in a flood of ecstasy. Guiltily she looked around, but she had been ignored amongst the assorted moans and groans as the entire audience added yet more fluids to the streams of piss dripping onto the floor.

All too soon the movie ended and the lights came back on. The girls slowly roused themselves whilst Miss Hunter came back onto the stage. "Well I think we all enjoyed that very much indeed. Tomorrow there will be various discussion groups devoted to the content and techniques which we have all studied so intently, so as it will be a long day I suggest that we all turn in early tonight." With that she left the stage, smoothing down her blouse and struggling to straighten her tie which had somehow moved round to her back.

The two girls made their way drowsily to their dorm and their double bed. Julia felt drawn of all emotion, shell-shocked by all the weird events of the day. She felt that nothing could surprise her now in this lunatic asylum but she was wrong. She had not been surprised, indeed she had almost been expecting it, to find that nightwear was banned by the school regulations. But she could not help gasping as she turned down her side of the bed.

"Oh My God, Melissa, these sheets are made of rubber!"

"Of course you dummy, cotton takes ages to dry and gets really smelly. This way all we need to do is hose them down at the end of every term."

She had to admit that the sticky feel of the sheets was quite sexy. Julia had never since c***dhood had rubber sheets and never since puberty had she shared a bed with another girl, let alone a naked girl, certainly not with a naked girl who immediately snuggled up and gently fondled her tits, and absolutely never with a naked girl whose fingers snaked round and softly started stroking her clit, slowly slowly building up her desire. And Julia had never in her life responded to a naked girl frigging her clit by turning round and in a torrent of passion pressing her body hard against the other, fastening her mouth on the other girl's, probing deep with her tongue whilst running her hands over her body, stroking pummelling pinching her boobs all whilst thrusting her cunt hard against the other cunt, thrusting, thrusting, cumming in an explosion of joy that left both girls giggling in a tangle of sweaty limbs and tender emotion. Now that was how to Celebrate The Beauty Of The Female Body!

The girls were awoken by the shrilling of the morning bell. Julia looked sl**pily around. Jenny and Jessie were already up and had pinched one of the showers. They were busy soaping each others tits whilst talking to another girl who was standing nonchalantly shitting into the long drop. Shyly Julia entered the other shower. She didn't know what to think about last night's events. She had never before had sexual feelings for another girl and didn't really know how she felt about Melissa. She had been in desperate need for comfort and reassurance which had been freely given and greatly enjoyed, but, she told herself, lesbian fucking was almost normal compared to what was going on here. She did not want Melissa to think that she accepted the lunatic philosophy of this madhouse.

She had just about towelled herself dry when a shout went up from the corridor. "Pussy Inspection Now!" She looked round in confusion, what further madness was this? The other girls were standing to attention, chins firmly in the air, hands clasped behind their back, legs flexed and their cunts thrust forward, so she joined the end of the line just as the door opened. A tall blonde girl marched in. She was dressed in what passed here for uniform, her hair was dragged back into a severe bun and and even more severe expression covered her face. Without a word she walked slowly up and down, staring not at their faces but at their cunts. Finally she produced a looking glass and bent down to stare through it at Julia's pussy whilst rubbing her fingers roughly over it.

"New Girl eh? Well done, that's an extremely smooth pussy. Keep it up and you'll do well here. I'm Veronica Brookes-ffinch, this wing's Pussy Prefect. We won the Smoothest Pussy Cup last term and I'm determined that we'll win it again this time so I want no backsliding or sloppy pussy hygiene, is that clear?" Julia had no idea what she was talking about but she felt it safer to agree so she nodded vigorously.

Veronica made her way along the line, carefully examining each girl's cunt until she came to Lucinda. Veronica bent down once more to examine her hairless cunt but was not impressed.

"What's this? That's a veritable garden down there! Don't you have any pride in your appearance girl?"

"Oh please don't punish me Veronica. I ran out of cream and I didn't have time to get some more. It'll be ever so smooth tomorrow."

"Don't give me that guff. Tomorrow never comes. Kneel down girl!"

Abjectly Lucinda knelt and stared up at the Prefect who cocked her leg and then released a jet of piss over the other girl's head. The golden shower seemed to go on forever, flowing over her hair, her lips and then soaking down into her blouse. Veronica shook the last few drops and stood with legs apart.

"Thank you Veronica." Lucinda leant forward and kissed Veronica's wet pussy lips. The prefect glared at the assembled girls.

"Right, I don't expect to see any further disgusting sights again. I want you all to maintain your pussies to the highest standard so that we can win that cup once more!"

She was obviously expecting a reaction so the girls put up a ragged cheer and she marched out of the room.

Julia stood there gaping at the scene. "What a despicable thing to do."

"I should say so. The Female Body Is A Thing Of Beauty And It Behoves Us To Strive To Maintain That Beauty At All Times. Neglect Of One's Personal Appearance Is A Denial Of The Essential Standards Of Civilisation And Is A Highly Antisocial Act."

Julia stared at her. "Melissa, are you really claiming that pussy stubble is an Antisocial Act and Veronica pissing all over poor Lucinda is not?"

"Of course. She needed to be punished. Would you rather she had been beaten? Modern Female Institutions Will Of Necessity Need To Impose Discipline, But That Discipline Will Be Administered In A Caring Fashion Which Will Educate The Miscreant Without Resorting To The Physical Harm Which Is The legacy Of The Paternalistic Establishment. Come on, Breakfast will be over soon if we don't hurry."

Lucinda was standing by herself, miserably shaking piss from her hair and wringing the the soaking ends of her blouse. The thin material had become transparent under the shower and clung damply to a pair of undersized breasts. Julia went over to comfort her, but decided against giving her a hug. The poor girl seemed so pathetically ineffectual.

"Aren't you going to change out of those clothes at least?"

"I can't, we only have the one blouse which has to last all week. I have nothing else to wear."

This was just ridiculous. Julia's temper snapped. "Well wear nothing then. We're all virtually naked as it is." She almost smiled as she pictured a naked Lucinda wearing nothing but a tie and a straw hat.

Lucinda stared at Julia in shock. "Are you seriously expecting me to go around making a spectacle of myself? I've never heard of anything so disgusting. Clothing Is The Outward Expression Of The Morality Of Western Civilisation. It Is The Differentiation Between The Wholesome Standards Of The Educated Woman And The Godless Anarchy Of The Naked Savage."

Julia stared back. Was everyone here brainwashed into this pseudo religious tripe? Well if the girl wanted to wander round stinking of piss, just let the poor sap. She trudged dispiritedly after the girls down to the Refectory. The noise rang out as the girls ate their breakfasts, laughing and chatting. Julia was finding it difficult to join in. She was getting pretty desperate for a pee, but she was not able to break her conditioning and let go like everyone else. She just couldn't sit there and wet herself whilst calmly eating porridge. Sooner or later she would have to give in, but not here in front of everybody.

The girls trooped off down the corridor for their first class. On their way they were passed by a couple of teachers deep in earnest conversation whilst streams of pee dribbled down their legs and splashed their clogs. Julia became even more withdrawn. Never in a million years would she be able to make such an exhibition of herself.

They reached the classroom and she sat down at her desk. All the chairs had holes cut in their seats and she wriggled her bare bum to get comfortable against the cold rubber. A tall young woman entered, not much older than the schoolgirls. She was wearing a camisole top that clung to her body outlining her jutting tits. Melissa turned to Julia.

"This is Miss Andrews, she used to be Head Girl here and only started teaching last term." She continued talking in an awestruck voice. "She's amazing. She has absolutely no bladder control at all!"

Julia was beginning to envy her. Her need to pee was now extreme. She tried to relax her muscles but she just felt too inhibited to let go surrounded by all these other girls.

Miss Andrews was speaking. "Good Morning Girls. We have a new girl joining us today. Stand up Julia and introduce yourself."

Julia turned crimson red. She had just managed a small trickle but now that she was the centre of attention her muscles spasmed tight. She mumbled a few words of greeting and hastily sat down. Meanwhile Miss Andrews had walked over to the long drop flexed her legs and stood straddling the hole releasing a turd that seemed never ending. She casually continued talking. "Now our first class is on Agatha Willoughby's Emancipated Philosophy of Liberation. With Julia joining us I think that this is a good time to revise all that we have learnt so far so I've prepared a little resume on the computer. If you can all put on your headphones please."

The Computers fired up and Julia sat enthralled. The lesson was fascinating. She had had no idea that the Great Lady's philosophy could be so reasoned, so captivating and yet so glaringly sensible. All too soon the bell rang for the end of class and she reluctantly removed her headphones. She leant back and with a huge smile she relaxed.

It felt so liberating, so good to feel her long pent up flow of warm golden piss gushing out of her cunt, swirling round her seat, washing down both her legs onto her wiggling toes and through the holes in her clogs onto the tiled floor. The stream continued for some time and she felt its biting warmth until finally dribbling to a halt.
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