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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

... “<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>. This is Misti.”

“Hi,” Mordred said.

Misti stood up and walked over to Mordred and gave him a hug. “<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> ... on the mouth and stared into his eyes.

“<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>, Baby.” She said.

“Thank you,” Mordred wheezed.

“Thank ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Wendy!

... note open pulling it from the screen.

"Wendy!!!! <ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>!!! You better love this present!!! I worked really hard ... Wendy, my xhamster friend, as she stepped inside. "<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>. I know you will love your presents!!!!" As I said this, ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Roxxana

... in bed for her and have a little <ddd>birthday</ddd> card. The card says "<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> Minha princesa, today I have 2 surprises for you ... Roxxana's face become confused. Amy walks in and says "<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> Roxxana, hope you like it". Roxxana then licks her ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... juice at his place and kissed him on the cheek. “<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>, big b*****r.”

“Thank you, Munchkin, this is great. You can do ... one point, Jack’s Aunt Peggy came in and wished him a <ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> and gave him a sweater as a gift. She saw that everyone ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Cassandra

... of a minor orgasm and he didn't hesitate as he whispered <ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> to her before lowering his head to hers their ... body being gently turned around and again greeted with another <ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> before her lips met another mouth .
it almost seemed never ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... her eyes and smiled. I gave her a kiss and wished her <ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>. I loved it when she smiled and she was definitely smiling ... driveway, Melissa called to wish Amber <ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd> and judging by the laughter, was equally <ddd>happy</ddd> to be going to the spa with ... ... Continue»
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Wife swap Happy Birthday

... pants.
I know my mouth hit the ground as Tonia said, “<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>!” and then she turned and kissed Alicia full on the ... lips and as we broke our embrace, Tonia said simply, “<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>!!”

<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd> indeed!!!
... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... <ddd>birthday</ddd> card with a girl sunbathing. I recognized my b*****r's handwriting telling me <ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... , gave him a slow wet kiss and wished him <ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>! She told him he could play with her ... SURPRISE ~ I brought my girlfriends over to give you a special <ddd>birthday</ddd> treat tonight. I hope you like it!" He ... they kiss him goodbye and tell him "<ddd>HAPPY</ddd> <ddd>BIRTHDAY</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

Robert's hand. This was her second <ddd>birthday</ddd> with him
and they still were as <ddd>happy</ddd> as the day they began
seeing each ... face lit
up and any thoughts of guilt washed away.

"<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>, my love," Robert said with sincere
meaning apparent in his ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>

Chapter 1
I could not pay any attention at work; somehow, commodity futures were not as interesting as my upcoming <ddd>birthday</ddd> ... until I recovered.
Lynette gave me a faint smile.
“<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>, my love.”
Chapter 2
Brett entered the ... ... Continue»
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Happy birthday

... keen!

On the day of my gf's <ddd>birthday</ddd>,i greeted her the usual way,breakfast in ... open and she looked at me,i said '<ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> honey' and gave her a kiss...i went and ... lips and said that was the best <ddd>birthday</ddd> present ever!....she said she's going to ... ... Continue»
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happy birthday

... head over heels for Ann. Four <ddd>happy</ddd> years later, the two were celebrating Ann's <ddd>birthday</ddd>. At first glance, Ann and ... cheek, sampling a bit of her own cum in the process.

"<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>," Charlene whispered.

"You're the best girlfriend a dickgirl could ... ... Continue»
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... was on the eve of my fi******h <ddd>birthday</ddd>. There was a karate tournament set for the ... and body. A lovely end to a glorious, <ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd> !! (or was it?)

When we got ... up my ass thick end first. Best <ddd>birthday</ddd> I’ve ever had. I have been gang-banged ... ... Continue»
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A Very Happy Birthday

... were a couple and had invited me out tonight for my <ddd>birthday</ddd>. Mark and Daniel worked together at a large firm; Mark had ... piles on each sofa exhausted and very well seen to.
“<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>, Erin.” Daniel whispered. ... Continue»
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A Very Happy Birthday

Too bad no one had wished him a "<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>" today-- Someday this was turning out to be... "Ohh well, I' ... maybe a little-- but I really wanna fuck you beacause it's your <ddd>birthday</ddd> today. I know how you are nd I'm guessing you hven't had ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday s*s

... .

He spun me around with a big grin on his face. “<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>, s*s!” along with his tight grip on my waist. “You look ... said. I guess referring to what he thinks as devirginizing me.

“<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd>, s*s!” and then he left the room!
... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... to celebrating her 18th <ddd>birthday</ddd> and the beach house was full of f****y and friends, all wishing her a fabulous <ddd>birthday</ddd> and the best ... wedding of her Mother and my Father nine years ago.

<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd> . . . little s****r ... Continue»
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happy Birthday Hard !!!!!

...  !!! Pour tes vingt deux années, quelle sera ta soirée ?
<ddd>Happy</ddd> <ddd>Birthday</ddd> !!!! Bon Anniversaire !!!!!!!!!!!! Merci !!!!!!!!!!! ... Continue»
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Andrea's Birthday

... her. “Drea, before you answer that let me first say <ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd>.” “Hmmm” She thought. “so he looked at a calendar. too late ... Black <ddd>Birthday</ddd> cock as she reached out and took her man’s cock in her hand and started wanking it. “Oh <ddd>happy</ddd> <ddd>birthday</ddd> honey ... ... Continue»
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