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Happy Birthday

A Happy Birthday

... tomato red.

"Hi cuz," she said between chuckles, "Happy birthday."

"Uh," I stammered, "I—I, uh--"

I rolled off of my side ... around my neck and breathed into my ear:

"Happy birthday baby b*****r."

"Lisa" I said, semi-stunned, "I missed you." We ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... “Happy birthday. This is Misti.”

“Hi,” Mordred said.

Misti stood up and walked over to Mordred and gave him a hug. “Happy birthday ... on the mouth and stared into his eyes.

Happy birthday, Baby.” She said.

“Thank you,” Mordred wheezed.

“Thank ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Wendy!

... note open pulling it from the screen.

"Wendy!!!! Happy Birthday!!! You better love this present!!! I worked really hard ... Wendy, my xhamster friend, as she stepped inside. "Happy Birthday. I know you will love your presents!!!!" As I said this, ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Roxxana

... in bed for her and have a little birthday card. The card says "Happy birthday Minha princesa, today I have 2 surprises for you ... Roxxana's face become confused. Amy walks in and says "Happy birthday Roxxana, hope you like it". Roxxana then licks her ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... juice at his place and kissed him on the cheek. “Happy birthday, big b*****r.”

“Thank you, Munchkin, this is great. You can do ... one point, Jack’s Aunt Peggy came in and wished him a happy birthday and gave him a sweater as a gift. She saw that everyone ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Cassandra

... of a minor orgasm and he didn't hesitate as he whispered happy birthday to her before lowering his head to hers their ... body being gently turned around and again greeted with another happy birthday before her lips met another mouth .
it almost seemed never ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... her eyes and smiled. I gave her a kiss and wished her Happy Birthday. I loved it when she smiled and she was definitely smiling ... driveway, Melissa called to wish Amber Happy Birthday and judging by the laughter, was equally happy to be going to the spa with ... ... Continue»
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Wife swap Happy Birthday

... pants.
I know my mouth hit the ground as Tonia said, “Happy birthday!” and then she turned and kissed Alicia full on the ... lips and as we broke our embrace, Tonia said simply, “Happy Birthday!!”

Happy Birthday indeed!!!
... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... birthday card with a girl sunbathing. I recognized my b*****r's handwriting telling me happy birthday ... ... Continue»
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... , gave him a slow wet kiss and wished him Happy Birthday! She told him he could play with her ... SURPRISE ~ I brought my girlfriends over to give you a special birthday treat tonight. I hope you like it!" He ... they kiss him goodbye and tell him "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

Robert's hand. This was her second birthday with him
and they still were as happy as the day they began
seeing each ... face lit
up and any thoughts of guilt washed away.

"Happy Birthday, my love," Robert said with sincere
meaning apparent in his ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Chapter 1
I could not pay any attention at work; somehow, commodity futures were not as interesting as my upcoming birthday ... until I recovered.
Lynette gave me a faint smile.
Happy birthday, my love.”
Chapter 2
Brett entered the ... ... Continue»
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Happy birthday

... keen!

On the day of my gf's birthday,i greeted her the usual way,breakfast in ... open and she looked at me,i said 'happy birthday honey' and gave her a kiss...i went and ... lips and said that was the best birthday present ever!....she said she's going to ... ... Continue»
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happy birthday

... head over heels for Ann. Four happy years later, the two were celebrating Ann's birthday. At first glance, Ann and ... cheek, sampling a bit of her own cum in the process.

"Happy birthday," Charlene whispered.

"You're the best girlfriend a dickgirl could ... ... Continue»
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... was on the eve of my fi******h birthday. There was a karate tournament set for the ... and body. A lovely end to a glorious, Happy Birthday !! (or was it?)

When we got ... up my ass thick end first. Best birthday I’ve ever had. I have been gang-banged ... ... Continue»
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A Very Happy Birthday

... were a couple and had invited me out tonight for my birthday. Mark and Daniel worked together at a large firm; Mark had ... piles on each sofa exhausted and very well seen to.
Happy birthday, Erin.” Daniel whispered. ... Continue»
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A Very Happy Birthday

Too bad no one had wished him a "Happy Birthday" today-- Someday this was turning out to be... "Ohh well, I' ... maybe a little-- but I really wanna fuck you beacause it's your birthday today. I know how you are nd I'm guessing you hven't had ... ... Continue»
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Happy Birthday s*s

... .

He spun me around with a big grin on his face. “Happy Birthday, s*s!” along with his tight grip on my waist. “You look ... said. I guess referring to what he thinks as devirginizing me.

Happy Birthday, s*s!” and then he left the room!
... Continue»
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Happy Birthday

... to celebrating her 18th birthday and the beach house was full of f****y and friends, all wishing her a fabulous birthday and the best ... wedding of her Mother and my Father nine years ago.

Happy Birthday . . . little s****r ... Continue»
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happy Birthday Hard !!!!!

...  !!! Pour tes vingt deux années, quelle sera ta soirée ?
Happy Birthday !!!! Bon Anniversaire !!!!!!!!!!!! Merci !!!!!!!!!!! ... Continue»
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