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Did I Get The Job?

... for what seemed like days.

As we began to come back down to earth he asked, "Did I get the job?”

I ... wanted to make money another way. He asked, how? I told him we could go back to my office I would suck ... his dick. He wanted to know how much. I explained we would discuss that when the time came.

He... Continue»
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What did I get myself INto?

... , and told her I was getting ready to go to bed. She said, "Okay, have a good night." While in the shower ... stomach, I asked her how long she had been standing there, b/c I "fell asl**p" and didn't hear her come ... in front of her. And so I did. I swear I shot the biggest cum load in my entire life, watching it shoot out... Continue»
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How Did MaryKay get pregnant II

... . Ted whispered in Marykay's ear as he did this how badly he wanted her,she responded by slippng her ... As previously writen here is the other version of the story.
I moved away from my home town ... used to bowl together. Ted asked me how Jay was and I told him I couldn't tell you, we don't keep... Continue»
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How on earth did I find this man?

... , mouth and throat. I did some famous deep throating, getting messy, gagging, and working my throat ... pussy pulsed in anticipation for a good fucking.

I did not know what he would do or want ... this time. I was very pleased when he finger fucked me with several fingers in the way only he knows how. He... Continue»
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How on Earth did I find this man?!

... , mouth and throat. I did some famous deep throating, getting messy, gagging, and working my throat ... pussy pulsed in anticipation for a good fucking.

I did not know what he would do or want this time ... . I was very pleased when he finger fucked me with several fingers in the way only he knows how. He... Continue»
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How I did LSD & lost my virginity for the firs

... the teachers didn't real care what we did as long as nobody got caught or hurt. So I found her ... her dark tanned naked skin just gave me the overwhelming urge to kiss her, I did. It was like a bolt ... & is on top of the covers completely naked again. I get naked as fast I can. & after a little 69 I ask her... Continue»
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How did I become a cum slut?

... and cumming all over her. Well I ended up playing out their fantasy and getting my face covered ... be in middle school, when a boy I was seeing wanted to get into my pants, I kept saying no and he asked ... why. I told him I didn’t want to get pregnant. He suggested I suck on his cock; I must have looked... Continue»
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Did I let prosty get pregnant?

... on our baby. But I didn't believe in her getting pregnancy. Whoever believe in prosty's words, who ... she loved me. But when I sent her just for love mail like loving couples did, she ignored it. So I ... , to get money for life, for delivering baby because it was too late to abortion.

Oh did I... Continue»
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How did Marykay get pregnant?

... could get a look at her attacker in the unlit room her pants were already off. Her attacker was a black ... ago. Until recently I had not been inspired to tell about it in light of a different version ... christmas shopping with her girl friend. They stopped at a favorite local hang out at the end of the day... Continue»
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How do i get my 1st sex with man.

... tell how I get my 1st sex with men.

one day I went my friend house by bus.the bus was full of people ... .

but I was midlle of the bus.after few minitse I get somthin around my was rubbing ... cant I don't know who u are.he said no no just trust me and please get in the taxi.i said ok and we... Continue»
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crowder ave arcade part the final abuse pt4

... i don't know how long i had been sitting in the blindfolded dark struggling to get loose, when i ... ear say, "i don't know who you pissed off, or what you did for someone to leave you here like ... felt, more than heard someone come into the booth. i jumped when i heard a voice hot and close to my... Continue»
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... and she is who I’m here for. Scott is also here for her, but he is married to her.

As I ... and such a nice, slutty, round, white ass. I love how slutty you are. Pet Scott, get the camera out ... after a trip. I walk to her, almost numb with excitement, and she holds her arms out and embraces... Continue»
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Phone Sex in my Hotel - Chapter 3

... , the more we did. I spoke of long strokes and short strokes. She spoke of having removed her sweater ... anytime!" I said, "Let's do it" and intensified my strokes. I could hear her breathing get louder ... on my tongue!" Amanda said, "Shit, that's hot!"

I asked how her pussy was doing. She said, "I have... Continue»
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... but yet i have it all in physical and emotional, u wonder how i bet, when u here it u will know why ... .

let me start from the end, how i woke up with a very big erection and my underpants had a very ... sl**ping heavily by my side, i woke up with a certain sense of serenity a feeling u get only... Continue»
Posted by solo340000 3 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVII

... and showing her anus.

“I know you were waiting long for that, Gordon, so here is my ass. You can ... clothes and I started to lick her ass.

“I am lubing you, Renee, so you cannot get too hurt when I ... her. I heard her moans and screams, telling me how stud I was, how I fucked her good, how she felt... Continue»
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A teaser...

... to get ahold of the edge of her panties and yanking them down to her knees and then I run my hand up ... **This is just a teaser of what I am working on at the moment**

So, here I was, staring ... . But why did this make me lucky? Han on, I will come to that.

I splashed my face with cold water... Continue»
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PART ONE...Having fun with a good friend on public

... was impressed, he did probably about half what I took which was still a good
So ... about 20 min. into our journey I complain how bored I am, and ask if he wasn't to play a game. We play ... it will be a
GAME BEGINS: Alex starts and ask me, I choose truth. Do you really get daring and horny... Continue»
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A Dream

... is this person?, how did they get in here? Did I set the alarm? What is going to happen to me and why am I so ... breast are tingling, almost sore. You text me, get out of bed and grab some coffee. I text you back ... The k**s are at their father’s house for the weekend, but unfortunately I am stuck in VA. After... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter V

... I did to him. You will address me as Mistress Janet. Now get on your knees before me ... , she proceeded to help her out of her rich leather coat.

“Here, let me help you out ... and taking a seductive sip while gazing at Angela with her bright piercing green eyes, seeing how tightly... Continue»
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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch6/P3)

... the lion still pacing back and forth in his prison.

Leandra turned to Kaliko,"How do I get ... ,"Dorothy come back here, I don't want this cum to go to waste". Dorothy got up and walked around behind ... to her kingdom. "My name is Leandra, daughter to the great Nome King Roquat the Red. I claim... Continue»
Posted by teflonsamurai 4 years ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  
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