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Growing up with My Sister, our early years

Growing up with My s****r, our early years

... a vaginal canal, I swear my beloved s****r ate more sperm than protein, through her formative years, but then again, I was ... our mother, dependant on sex, eventually finishing up in an institution for therapy, leaving me with my pedophilic uncle Joe, soon my ... ... Continue»
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my life. the early years

My Life
Chapter one
The early years
I was born in the early sixties on a farm about two miles from anywhere, I never knew my ... my fingers slipping inside my wet pussy, I reached up with , my other hand and found the clip holding the front of my ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up with a whore

... to what most people believe, growing up with a prostitute for a mother is not ... them through all those difficult years. You can see the ... mom is much cleaner and careful."
On our way out, Andy grabbed ... I met her in one of my mother's party. Sage was almost 60 ... ... Continue»
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... up with my girlfriend in early September and and went back "home" to my Dad's ... with my girlfriend, with her dressed as a nurse or a maid. I also missed the girlie things like knickers and bras s**ttered around our ... she was only about 35-years-old. She was ... ... Continue»
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Meeting up with my fuck buddy

... few weeks back I met up with my fuck buddy. I went round to her house knowing that I was ... from my face. I looked down to see V holding stinging nettles against my cock. She continued to wank my cock with her gloved hand with a bunch ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... my
discovery as I’d been alone while growing up, with my other
female thoughts about my femaleness. Logically, I accepted my ... ... Continue»
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... my parents making love in our ... with a little laugh saying, “Damn Brenda, now I know why you dream about him. God I can’t imagine growing up with ... my pictures years ago doesn’t mean that he would actually fuck me today. How would it even get brought up ... early. ... ... Continue»
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First Time With My Cousin

... years I only had sex with boys although I have always masturbated a lot with my girlfriends and especially my cousin. My first true sexual experience with a girl was actually with my ... growing up ... ... Continue»
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Cross dressing with my sister

... slowly lick his bell end, I felt it growing in size, I took him into my mouth and began to suck. He tasted divine ... with pleasure, off the feel of my tongue deep in side her. I bought her to orgasm, her juices flowing over my chin. I stud up ... ... Continue»
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Sharing my sister part 3

... free with just myself and my 2 s****rs as my dad would have left about an hour earlier. As usual I had woken up with my ... our bodies swinging to and fro getting closer and closer to my face, before moving my face up and grabbing her left nipple between my ... ... Continue»
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Swinging with my Sister

... Is anyone here with who they came with?" I asked my
s****r. She just smiled and pulled harder on my cock.
Nobody was looking our way ... throat her with
my fucking motion.

As I shot my cum down her throat, I noticed the two guys
walking up to the car ... ... Continue»
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My experience with my sister - first story

... our encounter happened and it was a warm day and jade had been sunbathing all day in her bikini and I was busy with my ... hid my dribbling hard cock with my hand until she pulled it away
Wow that’s nice now come up here and lay down!
I scooted up ... ... Continue»
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Holiday with my sister

... help showering. " with what she asked" looking at my hard cock.
"That's up to you" I said
She dropped to her knees, with my cock inches ... with cock holes. We shoved our erect cocks into the holes. The girls went one by one and sucked all our cocks, my Pru ... ... Continue»
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My first experience with my mother

My dad had left us when I was around 6 years old, it was only my ... my mother from behind. My semi erect growing cock was pushing against her ass, she was kissing my ... up with my two fingers and took it to my ... ... Continue»
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Growing up with a nudist stepmom & mom.

... Growing up started puberty early compared to most boys.
At age 10 I started to grow noticible hair on my ... our pool and I seen how she always looked at me and my big dick ... my precum from the head as I watched her standing in the bathroom with my speedo at my ... ... Continue»
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Camping with my girlfriend

... My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years which led to her becoming the dominant person in our ... our camp site. Once we arrived, we noticed that group of guys, roughly in their early to mid 20's, set up ... ... Continue»
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Breakfast Fuck with My Young Son

... early morning, I woke up and I enjoyed waking up with my son next to me. Getting out of bed with my son still in it made my ... ... Continue»
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Living with my Older s****r Lucy

... my Older s****r Lucy which goes in to more detail about our early years, but you need not read it to understand this story.

I live with my ... over my cock. My thick cock sprung back up, its purple end glistening with pre cum.
I stood offering Lucy my ... ... Continue»
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Amazing sex with my friends new stepmother

... first time. She was 28 years old and incredibly sexy, 5'9" tall with a curvy figure and ... his cock began growing hard in front of me as he spoke.

I slid my shorts off and ... at the end of our last class and I met up with Tony at our lockers. We walked the ... ... Continue»
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my first time with a woman

Growing up i had a best friend named Robert. Robert and i were best friends since 3rd grade. I knew all his f****y and he knew all my ... up with my girlfriend of two years for over a week. We had never had sex because my ... was at a our football championship game ... ... Continue»
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