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Growing Up At Home Part 2

growing up

usual tampon and pad). When I was at home, I put on my
full outfit. We ... parents first."

"If he showed up at least part-way dressed up, would
that show you it was ...
could feel the bulge in his crotch growing. I caressed

His hands slid under ... ... Continue»
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it happened on vacation and continued at home 3 (

... grow.................................

it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 14. The Final Part.

(So what am I to make of ... Mom and Dad are really b*****r and s****r !.
I know growing up we never had much contact with f****y or even ever ... ... Continue»
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A Loving f****y Part Two

... ogling her.”

“You know we don’t cover up at home and I’ve seen Sammy in all her beauty ... leave her behind. That too was part of her punishment. To

be left to ... any

remaining puppy fat, and her growing beauty as she matured in ripening ... ... Continue»
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Stay at Home Break

... taking her virginity.
I noticed a darker part of her panties, but I put this ... up on her knees holding the teddy bear, covering her boobs.
“What you doing home, you should at ... front of my boxers allowing my growing cock to spring towards her opening ... ... Continue»
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13 Going On 30: Growing Up Bridgette

13 Going on 30: Growing up Bridgette

Based on a true story ... I’m not from a conventional f****y. And a big part of the reason for our diverse f****y is because my ... doorbell rang. Mom and I were the only two at home, and she said, “I wonder who that is?” ... ... Continue»
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Vignettes on Growing Up Male

... on Growing Up Male

... mother’s concern. Maybe a unique part of my youth was that by age ... had gone off the war began bringing home small pornographic books. I remember two ... remember one instance vividly. We all swam at a beach where the property owners had ... ... Continue»
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It happened on vacation and continued at home 2 (

... (and continued at home) pt 8

(There is a lot going on in my little part of the world ... I was getting horny and my cock was growing harder.
I turned as I heard leaves ... ", she said.
"What did you two pick up at the d**gstore", I asked.
"More Birth Control ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up

... was popular, and seemed
to bring home a new girl every week.

" ... grafitti for the most part. Poems about getting high ... had the beginnings
of pubic hair growing down there.

"Dude, you ... barely fit my hand around. I looked up at his eyes.
"It's okay," he ... ... Continue»
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Cindy Growing Up

... she found how fast I was growing. And not just because I was ... she
stopped us, and looked up at me. "Look, before you ... a movie, Dutch. And left part-way through,
mutually agreeing it was ... roasted ourselves
before we headed home. Because I was still weak ... ... Continue»
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Strangers at home

... the mouse the other on my growing hardness. I found a video ... at me and at what's on screen.

All I could muster up was a couple "Uhmm.." Trying to compose myself, but a part ... I didn't know there was someone else at home", I answered.
"So....", we both ... ... Continue»
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... herself
into trouble. This had been a problem for her growing up at home,
at school and later on, wherever she worked. She seemed ... watching. Aggravated by Shannon's behavior and embarrassed
at being part of a public spectacle, Erik took his date by ... ... Continue»
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... up further today than it had been yesterday. At any other time of day, he could have been home ... .

The worst part of this whole mess was he knew Trudy was home by now, ... .

Todd swallowed. His cock was rapidly growing now, and straining against his pants. ... ... Continue»
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Growing up in a house full of women (Part 1)


This story is ... him it was getting late and I had to go home. I didn’t want to jack off in front of him ... I started rubbing my cock with my shorts on and looked up at her.
“William, I am losing my patience. Pull down ... ... Continue»
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Growing Up- Fªmî£y Bonds

... that I always felt. Lately I was masturbating at least once a day and sometimes even twice ... Sierra and I already pretty much knew from growing up on a farm . She told us ... things were different and regular sex was a part of our f****y until Sierra left to go ... ... Continue»
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Mayan Sun - Growing Up – Chapter 2

Mayan Sun
Valentino Incanto Profferi

Growing Up – Chapter 2

It was my fifteenth birthday before my mother ... the darkroom inside the student union because it was boring at home within walking distance down Encinal Avenue. But since I was ... ... Continue»
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Growing up with a nudist stepmom & mom.

Growing up started puberty early compared to most boys.
At age 10 I started to grow ... around the house even when my dad was home.
I found out later that he was ... friends over knowing that I may be naked at home also.
Many times I seen her class mates ... ... Continue»
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Attacked at home – Nicks POV

... IN MY PREVIOUS STORY ATTACKED AT HOME SO HERE IT IS HOPE ... head. She looks back at me and up at Jack who still holds ... end of tonight you will be growing my c***d inside you” Tommy replies ... her. A part of me loving what I’m seeing but feeling sick at the pleasure ... ... Continue»
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Taken Part 1

... to refuse, Daisy. Sure she was growing up.
At 12 her hips where starting to fill ... eyes closed and her blonde hair covering
part of her face in wisps, she ... felt really
good. Maybe there was a sick part of me that always
wanted this.

I couldn't ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Emily - Part I

... at my house as soon as possible. She responded to let me know that she would be by later that evening.

Growing up ... as well prefer to stay locked up at home.”

“I don’t know, maybe you ... , threatening to penetrate. I looked up at her as she leaned her face ... ... Continue»
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A sexy weekend at home

... up early, as she was going away today for a weekend conference, and would be away overnight -- which was why Susie was at home ... their tongues moved across each other, as she rubbed the growing bulge in his jeans.

In the front, Ian gasped as ... ... Continue»
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