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Great ride

Great ride

... hit the road. It was a typical summer week and the <ddd>ride</ddd> was wonderful. As the miles from home got more and ... talk and of course talk about bikes. The bikers were <ddd>great</ddd> and the evening progressed to where my wife was actually ... ... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... He had already been given a <ddd>great</ddd> blowjob, had one girl <ddd>ride</ddd> him to her own ... was enjoying the <ddd>ride</ddd>. And now she was happy to know that a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> lived a few doors ... and Jenny Smith approaching. Michelle was thinking <ddd>great</ddd>, the two biggest mouths this side ... ... Continue»
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T-Girl Rodeo

... . Folks let's give the Tail Buster here a <ddd>great</ddd> big rodeo welcome! Say howdy to ... have her up, hard, and ready to <ddd>ride</ddd>!

<ddd>Great</ddd> Balls of Fire! Would you look at ... her our current leader! That sure was a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> but I think there was somethin personal goin ... ... Continue»
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... emerald green eyes. With a lean, lithe muscular physique with <ddd>great</ddd> muscle definition as a result of being a longtime dedicated hard ... air, Ball Twister launched us into the arena.

Luckily I had a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> with the top score of the evening and did ... ... Continue»
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Great ATV Ride to end Summer

... believe it before the <ddd>ride</ddd>. However now thanks to the October <ddd>ride</ddd> we went on ... she loved it, and that it was <ddd>great</ddd>. Then I also explained to Richie that we ... <ddd>ride</ddd> turned out to be just another wild not and adventure with the wife and I. Everyone had a <ddd>great</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Mom On The Make

... knew that what they'd just done wasn't wrong. Anything that <ddd>great</ddd> couldn't have been wrong.

With that thought firmly embedded in ... cock tire, then falter. He was exhausted, drained. He'd had a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> on this sexy woman. He couldn't really put that down ... ... Continue»
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Truck Ride - 01

... one another better.
As I looked over, Travis smiled saying "I thought a
<ddd>ride</ddd> through the mountains would be a fun and get us
... my fairytale land. "Yeah, that
sounds like it would be a <ddd>great</ddd> time" I said finally
smiling back at his manly face. "Cool ... ... Continue»
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A Really Great Day With Jane!

... my lips. This was going to be a <ddd>great</ddd> day.

I have known Jane for 20 years. I ... orgasm while I was fucking her, telling me how <ddd>great</ddd> I felt inside her, and how hard my cock ... .

I told her that if we wanted to <ddd>ride</ddd> the Harley we needed to go. She acted ... ... Continue»
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Submission 7

... knowing that I can talk to someone about my situation is a <ddd>great</ddd> comfort. But believe this, if nothing else; I accept that ... I thought that if Beverly was this hot, I was in for a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> tomorrow night. Tina was lost in bliss, her head rolling ... ... Continue»
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... same bus for the away games. The <ddd>ride</ddd> home was always exciting win or lose. ... as another was fucking her cunt. She was a <ddd>great</ddd> deep throat expert and was quite popular. ... down your throat. That's a girl. You are a <ddd>great</ddd> cock sucker. Your pussy wants my cock ... ... Continue»
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Taxi ride from hell

... sexiest foreigner that he picked up at the airport for a <ddd>ride</ddd> to nowhere. He already had noticed that she wore underwear ... . The moisture evaporating from her wet sundress and underwear felt <ddd>great</ddd>! Her sling back shoes were soaked, but the open design ... ... Continue»
Posted by sly77 9 months ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  Views: 951  |  1

I just had this great bus ride ... So did I!

... or even a hand. Fully clothed, of course, but I had a some <ddd>great</ddd> teenage cum-in-my-pants experiences, mainly in crowded ... about cancelled trips. I saw a big opportunity for a crowded bus <ddd>ride</ddd>, felt my cock approving the situation, already stiffening in ... ... Continue»
Posted by trevor54a 5 months ago  |  Categories: , Sex Humor  |  Views: 40

The boat ride

... would be a <ddd>great</ddd> day to take a long boat <ddd>ride</ddd>," I suggested to Teasyme over our morning coffee.

"That would be <ddd>great</ddd>," she replied. "We ... of my rock-hard prick. Teasyme gives <ddd>great</ddd> blowjobs, and enjoying one of her <ddd>great</ddd> hummers out on the wather, under ... ... Continue»
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Sojourn: A Journey of Sexual Discovery * Part 1 -

... say," I confided, "I feel underdressed."

"It doesn't matter. You look <ddd>great</ddd>. You got the message?"

"The message? What message?" I was ... I knew that whatever happened, it was going to be a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd>.

"Okay." She said. She put her tongue inside her ... ... Continue»
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Car Ride With Friend's Mom

... did I know this was about to become the greatest car <ddd>ride</ddd> I ever experienced.

Mrs. James was feeling pretty good despite ... and asked, "Are you uncomfortable?"

I responded with the truth. "I am <ddd>great</ddd> except my hands are freezing." They were outside the ... ... Continue»
Posted by KDG 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Mature  |  Views: 6497  |  
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... up with a guy. Karen wasn't known for picking <ddd>great</ddd> guys to begin with and she was ... knew what route his s****r generally liked to <ddd>ride</ddd>; she seemed to prefer riding over the ... beginning to think her b*****r was right; a bike <ddd>ride</ddd> in the forest on a day like ... ... Continue»
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... up with a guy. Karen wasn't known for picking <ddd>great</ddd> guys to begin with and she was ... knew what route his s****r generally liked to <ddd>ride</ddd>; she seemed to prefer riding over the ... beginning to think her b*****r was right; a bike <ddd>ride</ddd> in the forest on a day like ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 1001  |  
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The Ride of My Life

... not to mention I was a happily married woman to a <ddd>great</ddd> guy. What would my sweet husband, ... loved it? Oh yeah that would be <ddd>great</ddd>, I am pretty sure I would be disowned. ... I bit my lip and asked her, “can I <ddd>ride</ddd> you.” Nicky grinned even wider ... ... Continue»
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The Raft Trip

... outside Salt Lake City.Their marriage was <ddd>great</ddd> and produced two offspring a son and ... and uncle,"what's it like anyway?"It's a <ddd>great</ddd> adrenalin rush honey her aunt said ... "it looks like we're gonna have a <ddd>great</ddd> <ddd>ride</ddd> today!" he said to the ladies,I have a ... ... Continue»
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... son?”
“Mom I wouldn’t complain even if the <ddd>ride</ddd> lasted longer.”
Thank you son, I’ll ...
"Oh god mom, that was <ddd>great</ddd>, I mean that was really <ddd>great</ddd>."
"I love your dick in me. I ... my son. It was a three hour car <ddd>ride</ddd> to his college. I kept thinking about ... ... Continue»
Posted by BADBONE 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 10083  |  
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