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Granny Surprise

Granny Taught Me How

... as nails and granny rub my chubby away like she had always done. I could not wait for my surprise and could not ... my surprise. I told her I wanted my surprise but we should get dressed first and that I could not get dressed with a chubby. Granny told ... ... Continue»
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sexy indian granny's affair

... was

sipping his and having a conversation. then after sometime my granny stood up and he started messaging her breasts through

her ... . we kept fucking like rabbits for weeks like this and granny had a surprise for me on the day i got my results. I ... ... Continue»
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Power Granny meets She Hulk

... everyone of my holes” Power granny Said pushing her hand between She Hulk legs “ Well you surprise how that Superboy screamed. His ... each other tongue down
“Suck my tongue baby” Power Granny Said
Power Granny scream and felt her cum. She Hulk came with ... ... Continue»
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Ride With Granny

... Once inside the movie started to play and granny was watching. A couple of minutes I noticed ... some warm wet pussy, and to my surprise, very tight and great tasting pussy. ... minute of hard fucking and some attention to granny's clit and she was having a huge ... ... Continue»
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Granny's House

... there was not much else to do. Granny was a regular granny, kind of chubby, average boobs, whitish ... room. I walk in and to my surprise granny is still on the bed with her pussy ... worth of my cum deep into granny's cunt. Granny told me that felt really good ... ... Continue»
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Home Depot Granny

... it’s okay, have a seat and enjoy.” which to my surprise he did. Granny smiled and actually started to taunt him. They actually ... ! Take whatever you want, don’t do this!”, she stammered. Wow, granny had a f***e BBC fantasy! I spanked her pussy harder. “well, ... ... Continue»
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... Only a few days earlier, I had been shocked to hear my granny say 'shithole'. Now I chuckled with delight as she replied, " ... came too, a strength-sapping, shuddering release that took me by surprise with its f***e. Then we fell asl**p, locked tight in each ... ... Continue»
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Grabbing Granny

... saw it was me. Her face reflecting a strange combination of surprise, guilt and irritation, she said, "Oh Petey, I wasn't ... I was having this conversation with my sweet grey-haired old granny.

She was clearly genuinely surprised at what I had said. ... ... Continue»
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Turned into a cum eating sissy for granny

... aunt May but you can call me granny." "Ok granny "i reply
She ignores me an carries ... to serve my needs understand "whack " yes granny " I answer quickly but it bring no ... normally masturbate " her question takes me by surprise "lots" is all I can say. She ... ... Continue»
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My wife's BBW Granny continued

... gone the entire weekend. But much to our surprise Janet walked into our bedroom Saturday morning to find ... an idiot sometimes.
"Oh really? So do you think granny could give me some pointers?"
"I.....I......I...... Guess she probably could ... ... Continue»
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First time with real British granny

... lust to have s sexual experience with a granny.

A couple of pints later were still ... again and I'm about 5 minutes from fucking this granny.

So where in the house now she's ... one, she sort of hesitates to my surprise okay baby just gentle tho I can't ... ... Continue»
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Granny Rents A Hotel Room

... having dinner at a posh resort. To my surprise Dawn had rented a room and I had ... her rectum making small circles to relax my granny lover’s rectum before I had her. Then ... slid the whole cock back into her small granny ass.

I continued this rhyme tic deep ... ... Continue»
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Stand In Granny Landlady

... arse feeling the outline of her knickers and to my surprise suspenders! The old girl was wearing stockings and suspenders. ... waist. No suspender belt but a girdle with suspenders attached! Granny Perfection! I pulled her forward and lifted her dress and ... ... Continue»
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Paul's Granny

... is a good guy and I had the honor of fucking his granny recently. Granny Mary confirmed the truth of this story. Please enjoy ... what felt like a gallon of hot spunk deep into granny. I told granny sorry, granny said that it is practice and not to worry ... ... Continue»
Posted by zimabean 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 6298  |  
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Granny's House

... with her. I hesistated but then went inside the shower. I watched granny soap herself and then I tried to not get a boner, but ... load of spunk. We finished the shower and got dressed, granny acted like nothing happened.
The next day everything went just ... ... Continue»
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Granny Sex

... this point I was already squirting all inside granny, I had seen my sticky spunk shoot ... and was thinking about shooting all inside granny. Granny told me she loves the feel of ... till I squirted inside her. I told granny that I wanted to see another guy squirt ... ... Continue»
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My wife's BBW Granny part III

... asl**p before he could reciprocate."
Janet: "That's fine Granny"
Granny: "would you like to join us Sweetie"
Janet: ... her breath.
I asked "Are you ok Granny"
Granny: "Oh yeah Sweetie, Granny is great. Just gotta catch my breath ... ... Continue»
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Shopping Day With Granny

... our pants. She leaned over and whispered something in Granny's ear and granny looked over and then smiled real big.
Here are ... Maggie's cunt and then I watched my own dick dissappear into granny's pussy. It felt just like Maggie's pussy. I banged away ... ... Continue»
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Summer at Granny's

... spending part of my summer with my granny. My granny came to pick me up with ... each if I let them fuck my granny and Flo. Granny yelled for me to take the money ... The last man handed a twenty also and mounted granny. I now had one hundred twenty dollars, I ... ... Continue»
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Granny Taught Me

... size cock. I could not believe that granny said cock. Granny then asked if I had a girlfriend ... other men, then I thought about fucking granny. I thought that would be wrong but ... before me that had also filled granny's cunt.
Granny collasped on top of me, ... ... Continue»
Posted by zimabean 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 7919  |  
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