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Granny Annie

Granny Annie

... Granny’, she replied ‘thank you very much but less of the Granny please I’ve told you before call me Annie ... good fucking bitch Granny Annie’ he called out as he slammed into her, Annie moved ... and smiled and said ‘Oh granny Annie you are an even better fuck ... ... Continue»
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Annies farrmhouse experience

... ”.
“You’re too good for her. Get them ready” said granny. Annie didn’t know what was meant, but she was grateful that ... was wanking them!
“They look ready. Move that one” said granny. Annie felt the rough but fantastic sensation of the dog’s tongue ... ... Continue»
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My s****r Annie

... We heard her laughing, as I lay suspended above Annie. I saw Annie's knees kick apart just enough to accommodate me.

Beth ... eating Annie hard and she was cumming herself. I remember thinking that Annie and Beth had simultaneous orgasms that night. Annie ... ... Continue»
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Roy and Annie try something new.

... nothing. Roy was a little freaked out and pulled Annie's skirt down just a bit. Annie was a lot d***k and maybe too playful for ... Beth began to cum and pulled Annie's head so tight to her that Annie could barely breath. Annie's hair was completely mused up ... ... Continue»
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Annie has a new boss!

... such lovely tits Annie I am going to enjoy sucking and biting them' Annie's blouse was ... his friend and Annie's husband Robert had told him was true that Annie was a slut ... now go get ready for work!'
As Annie showered Robert went through her wardrobe and ... ... Continue»
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ANNIE teasing, masturbation,

... so different from our fingers,"
she grinned at Annie.

I looked up at Annie and saw that she was staring open-mouthed towards ... a man touching me," she murmured to Annie.

"I told you it would feel good," smiled Annie. "Do you want him to make
... ... Continue»
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trouve sur le net :annie et son......

... .

- Ohh ! Oui ! Je vais éjaculer Annie. Avale le tout.

Patrick gicla dans la bouche d'Annie qui arrêta de pomper. ... de ses pattes avant sur le
corps d'Annie.

- Non, non lâche-moi, lâche-moi.

Annie savait que son chien voulait maintenant péné ... ... Continue»
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... can't have one..."

Teddy held me tight and whispered, "Oh Annie, please don't be upset - please..."

"You don't understand - I ... Then, in a kind of panic, Nina stammered, "Oh god, Annie - I... I..."

I begged, "Pleeeeease!"

She moved her head so ... ... Continue»
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Annie and Selene

... that with the little stub of a tongue you’ve got, Annie.”
Annie ignored her friend’s little challenge. “Do it for me, Selene ... soft virgin pussy. Selene did the same for Annie. Then they rolled together, Annie lying on top of Selene. Their lips brushed ... ... Continue»
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Annie's surprise

... but first something to keep that bitch Annie quiet………. Danny walked slowly Back to Annie’s room and went in and closed ... body and easing his still cumming cock into Annie’s mouth, almost instinctively now Annie swallowed and was rewarded with the last ... ... Continue»
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Annie has problems

... , Eric and Cindy arrived and they all had a few beers. Annie was getting a little d***k and had unbuttoned her shirt a little. As ... and sliding his dick into one of Annie's holes.

After an hour or more of Annie being tossed around like a rag doll ... ... Continue»
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My Annie

... , pulling her nipples fully erect when I noticed he’d moved to Annie’s passenger window for a close look….with his medium sized cock ... hardness” I told him and he leaned against the door as Annie reached and held his cock, before adjusting her position and ... ... Continue»
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Another Annie Story

A phone call interrupts you hazy thoughts of today's events, “Annie speaking” “Hi Annie, It is Peter, I need to see you immediately!” ‘ ... . I am excited about today's agenda with Annie and the excitement build quickly as Annie is doing a great job of cock ... ... Continue»
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Annie Shows Me How

... her tits and even her pussy. Annie was my older s****r. Annie had dark hair and very ... a little pink.
I reached out and touched Annie's pussy, i pushed my fingers around her ... in pleasure and I collasped on top of Annie.
Annie told me that it was the ... ... Continue»
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... no panties whatsoever.
“Why no panties?” say’s Mrs Brown
Annie is presently undergoing punishment” say’s the Headmaster
“Oh, I see” ... , it is very secure indeed deeply inserted in Annie’s shitter. Annie blushes as usual, she never quiet got used to ... ... Continue»
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Annie with the wondeful fanny

... friend helping her with the move Annie had separated and was taking some time out . Annie said she needed a good local kennel ... of days later it was a crisp January morning unusually warm Annie looked glorious she had been for a 5 mile run and was ... ... Continue»
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... in their early thirties and a good lokking couple. Very friendly. Annie's husband is gone alot and she and I became good friends ... .
As I said at the start, this is still ongoing. I knocked Annie up three times, I am the father of her three k**s and ... ... Continue»
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Annie's Craving for Cum

... an former girlfriend of mine.
(names changed of course)

I met Annie right after her divorce. She owned a small business and I ... but he just ignores her. “Mine does too.“, Annie said.
Stacy looked at Annie puzzled, and said: “Well, if he jerks off ... ... Continue»
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Annie getting done in the forest

... although it happened quite a while ago.

The summer my twin s****r Annie and I turned eighteen and graduated from high school, our ... who signed up were boys, but they didn't discriminate so Annie and I could both go.

There were seven guys including ... ... Continue»
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The Hay Trailer and Annie.

... fucking you and she gets some really nice hard fucking.

Annie clapped her hands together and asked me for the panties ... again after that.

When they left on vacation, I would find Annie's worn panties inside a ziplok back. She wrote a note the first ... ... Continue»
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