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Grandpa's birthday gift

Grandpa's birthday gift

... birthday gift for your grandpa you love. Be Betty."

Melinda slowly knelt in front of her grandpa ... Melinda and I were making our regular visit to her grandpa in the nursing home. this week ... was special though as it was his 85th birthday today. He had alzheimers and remembered little and never... Continue»
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... showing quite visibly against his sweatpants.

"Shhh, its OK, honey. Paige is your birthday gift. I ... A Father's Birthday Giftbypaigebere©
Anne had always loved how deeply her husband, David, cared ... birthday in two days, why don't we surprise him and you can be his birthday present? He can have you... Continue»
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Grandpa's birthday party...


Mom said, "Silva don't forget we have to go to Grandpa's birthday on saturday".
Sila ... Russian. Grandpa then anounced as how this might be his last birthday seen as how he was getting ... she loved her Grandpa very much, when she was younger she would spend every summer with him... Continue»
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Daniel's Birthday Gift...

... was to be Daniels' birthday gift, Bruce and Charlie made it excruciating clear that Daniel would have ... '...we'll do this again when our birthdays come around...' it was signed "B&C"

Daniel's Birthday Gift...... Continue»
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... It was my 16th birthday. I wasn't planning on doing much. Just have cake and ice cream. With a few ... his older s****r she was 2 years older that the two of us. She was always the quite type ... the neighbor hood k**s had tried to catch a peek at her changing or getting out of the shower. And once... Continue»
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Carolyn's Gift

... imagination.
Her gift came on my birthday. She invited me to her house and as I enjoyed my drink ... time when she joined us for lunch. I met her husband and k**s, they were high school age and always ... give it to her. They remained married as high school friends only and for the k**s. I was glad... Continue»
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... giving daddy just a small peek of the gift that he was about to receive.

“Oh my God s*s I think ... A FATHER'S DAY GIFT

A tie, I can't remember the last time I gave my father a tie on his ... , and there is always plenty of good pussy to go around.

My s****r Nikki and I always plan something special... Continue»
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A Grandpa's Lust

... *****r since their mother's death ten years earlier.

On this particular morning, Annie had ... granddaughter's tight little cunt. It was almost too much for him to watch as her hole swallowed ... Annie was not an exceptional student. She didn't have many friends, and the ones she did have... Continue»
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Bethany Benton's Birthday Surprise

... started to tease me about my upcoming birthday and my idea for a gift.

"All right, Bethany, have ... of the note.
"I have some ideas for my birthday gift listed here," I told him in the living room as I ... about him.

"Here," he said. He handed me a small white box. I opened the little birthday gift I got... Continue»
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Andrea's Birthday

... .”
this was the most awesome birthday gift. She turned to Kiki and Ty who were sharing a blunt ... Andrea’s Birthday ... permanent, but it was tough. Andrea was especially pissed, because her birthday was only a few days off... Continue»
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My wife's last gift

... 3 days after her 18th birthday (Her first gift). She had only been with one person before me. A boy ... we were until 9/4/2001. On the way home we stopped at her s****r’s house we stayed there for 10 days ... home. She calls her s****r to ask if she could over with her while went to a job about 90 miles from... Continue»
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Inside Grandpa's Toolshed

... Inside Grandpa's Tool Shed

By billy69boy

(Sequel to "Grandpa Tucks Me In")

Chapter One ... coming from my grandparents' back yard. A tingle ran down my spine as I figured that grandpa ... body was about as covered as if I were wearing a bikini. I guess Grandpa knew exactly what he liked... Continue»
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hermione's gift

... 's bead reading the 13 page pamphlet Head Boy and Girl called Maintaining Order and Administering ... why are you getting me presents? That's hardly necesa... Mother of Merlin, What the Hell ... is THAT?!"

Ginny couldn’t help but laugh out loud at Hermione's shocked innocence... Continue»
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Sandy's 40th Birthday gift

... Sandy’s 40th Birthday surprise

Sandy is a 5ft 1in ginger haired divorcee (three times) who ... Dawn’s 40th birthday in July have become more than just friends as they are now lovers as well ... organised Dawn’s 40th birthday surprise and the story of this can be found on: Continue»
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Grandpa's Lessons - Part One

... with Grandpa Mike in Kansas. He lived on a farm outside of smll town and he was willing to take her in.It ... was looking at military school.

Grandpa Mike was her biological dad's father and she had not seen him ... motioned to another old truck outside s hers and told her the store in town had tab for him... Continue»
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Monica's Birthday

... to ourselves.

Taylor and I took off before everyone else was ready, we figured we could pair off in 2’s ... was celebrating a birthday. The girls and I grabbed a booth, ordered a round of shots, left our things ... from the VIP booth that was having a birthday party. It was hard to pick out which was having... Continue»
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s****r's Birthday

... Once again I am getting the urge to re-live my past. I have been into i****t with my younger s****r ... . This was in the early 1960's, the hippy generation.
Before getting my apartment, my friend at work ... was close to a mile away from the shed, so it was very private. Once when Jose's wife and k**s were... Continue»
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grandpa's farm

... sex with Sue there till Sue got too big to be around so her mom then took her to Grandpa's farm ... .

Grandpa and Uncle Roy ran the farm and they took young Sue in. Sue was happy there on the farm ... told grandpa "Doesn't Sue have nice big tits? She has developed a nice big rack." Then Uncle Roy... Continue»
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Sir's Special Birthday

... BUT the evening ahead. i hear about Your day, Your courses, Your birthday gifts, we talk about the weather ... It’s Your birthday. i thought and thought about the most special thing i could get You, what would ... ? My gift to You is not only my body but my mind. However You choose to use it. i give You plenty... Continue»
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Babygirl's birthday bash!

... that shows off the gift your mama blessed you with. we hit the road you spread your legs and show me that you ... voice go ahead babygirl itsyour birthday! i move one finger into you as you pull my pole out ... tonight! i slide you onto the couch so i can lick you like you are the best birthday cake ever made. i... Continue»
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