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Grace 3-The Client

Grace 7-The Estate (1 of 3)

... only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 7-The Estate (1 of 3)

(Grace is groped at home and at a party ... some friendly small talk. Behind a high garden wall the atmosphere changed. “Grace”, the woman softly said while touching her arm; “Could ... ... Continue»
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Grace 8-The Estate (2 of 3)

... only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 8-The Estate (2 of 3)

(Uni Student Grace Worthington participates in a porno photo shoot and has ... ... Continue»
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Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)

... for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 9-The Estate (3 of 3)

(Uni student Grace Worthington fucks in a live porno Internet ... her chest. To the delight of the voyeurs the woman poured the champagne over Grace’s chest emptying half the bottle. It bubbled ... ... Continue»
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Grace 6 - The Dunes

... only suitable for persons over 18 years old.

Grace 6 - The Dunes

(Grace Worthington goes to the beach, masturbates before a video camera and is being ... ... Continue»
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Grace 4-French Ecstasy

... life. A secret that weighted heavily on her shoulders. The city client experience showed her a whole new exciting world. A ... all over Grace’s body.
The girl watching the podium caught Grace’s glazed eyes. She winked the black guy, showed Grace a leash ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... and reproducible formulas.
The fundamental fact that keeps appearing in our reading, research, and client work is that
each ... with early pagan religions that
believed everything comes from the grace of the supreme mother who watches over us.
Men, when ... ... Continue»
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A Fall from Grace

... with memories she will often return to, however the client had not paid the bill when she left earlier, which falls to ... she manages to convince the company to charge it to expenses - since the client was very, very happy with the service she's received - ... ... Continue»
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The Sitter Part 1

... every tasty inch of her pussy. The more she explored Grace's pussy the more aroused Grace became thrusting her hips upward in ... asked Lauren to take her place on the table. Grace then repeated the process pouring the syrup over Lauren's breasts, sucking and ... ... Continue»
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... squeeze me.

As I slowed, I said, "Happy birthday .... Grace!" The girl
looked dazed from the best orgasm of her short life. She looked
at ... ... Continue»
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Chapter One: Grace Finds "The Bar"

... matter-of-fact voice, looking at the barely hidden fucklust in Grace's eyes. Grace looked him in the eye. Fuck pretense.
“May I ... right in. Make yourself comfortable,” he said.
Grace crossed the room to the office on tottering heels, her legs weak, her ... ... Continue»
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the Office Party

... a tit man I was in a land of the unknown. Grace smiled and slipped into the bench seat beside me. She began with some ... living space to the right. As the door closed Grace Motioned me to head for the living space, Grace turned and locked the door after she ... ... Continue»
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Grace 10 – Graduation (2-4)

... parents packed her belongings and vacated her room at the dorm. Irene (Grace-9, the photographer who shoots for magazines and websites) had agreed ... ... Continue»
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Kylan Academy - Chapter 1: Grace

... replied.
That comment elicited a smirk from the administrative assistant sitting to the left of Grace. Grace brushed a loose lock of luxurious purple ... away on her keyboard, her attention no longer on Grace.
The 16 year old lost track of what was going ... ... Continue»
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Tim and Grace--Round 2

... seemed like another night of sexual fireworks was in store.

Grace opened the hotel room door and all but flung him onto ... rest, and what say we go somewhere outside the city tomorrow?”

“What about the case?” Grace wasn’t sure going out of town was ... ... Continue»
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Tim and Grace--Round I

... For what seemed like an eternity, they reveled in the climax dance. Grace wailed as she continued to orgasm, a completely new ... of relationship before opening their legs—which he understood. The fact that Grace made love to him tonight was a puzzle. He ... ... Continue»
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TALES FROM “THE BAR” Chapter Two Gra

... with fucking, it was nasty.

Grace gave Lana an explicit description of The Bar and the delicious doubledicking she had received. ... her new masturbation fantasy.

Felicia had seen the new white woman in The Bar. Grace, they had said her name was. Boy ... ... Continue»
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The night I turned Bi.

... that changed my night came up: Drive with Grace to the sex toy store and buy dildos for everyone.

I couldn't believe ... a dildo-fuck. I felt flesh against my thighs then, grace pressing forward to push the dildo a little bit further into me, while she ... ... Continue»
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The downfall of Nick or Nick's fall into Glor

... we went home we'd scurry off into the woods nearby. I'd pin Grace against the tree and start unbuttoning that shirt of hers ... after I had been tested Grace told me the great news that we were expecting! When the letter from the doctor came I didn't even ... ... Continue»
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The Cruise on Board the USS Fuckfest

... and I watched as he moved with ease and grace to the very top of the wall before abseiling down.

He removed his climbing ... , frumpy self and walked, somewhat reluctantly, down the gangway to the dock. At the taxi stand I hugged Neil and we thanked each ... ... Continue»
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The Captains Wife (Chapter 10)

... thoroughly than simple pain. The pain is the physical test, the humiliation the mental. Without one or the other the punishment would not succeed. ... blow with honor and grace.

But the captain had other ideas. He sat on the edge of the bed and made me ... ... Continue»
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