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Grace 2-The Dark Forest

A romance in Byzantium ... (Part 2 - …so n

... planed and Little-curly-head added quickly that we would take up the Bosphorus and at least 2 days ... can have them in 2 days... May I get a few prints?" - "Good idea... of course you get all! Can you ... in a foreign territory. "Sweety, if we start into the Bosphorus now, it´s dark before we find a harbor. Tell... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... this. You see Jimmy had always wondered what it would be like to have 2 women with him at the same ... that the 2 ladies' back ends were taken, so he took the only available derriere left. Getting ... to the bedroom with Mike and Barbara following close behind. She motioned for the 2 couples to sit... Continue»
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just story telling hope yall like it

... *

*Teeters on her toes then straightens up with a gasps*
"The D-dark M-Master!"

"Who ... !?"

*Looks around in fear*
"The D-dark M-aster....I shouldn't have taken it...."
*Starts wandering ... !?"

*Growls and looks sharply over his shoulder*
"You shouldn't have made me say his name."
*A dark shadow... Continue»
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... , a well known haunt for oilmen looking for sex, so when I walked into the main hall, the place fell ... , which she wore in her bikini shorts.
There were more than 50 girls, so the men were taking 2 and ... relaxed about it.
'Drinks he called', and one of the girls went onto a phone and called down for... Continue»
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... of the unknown. I glanced at the clock. It was almost
9:00PM, and it was dark out. Nobody would be able to see ... in white lace
with dainty pink bows, and Margo in aqua silk with dark blue bows. His
eyes lit up ... not care. I had
found what I should always have been!

The clock said 2:20PM. My mother would soon... Continue»
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... in the darkness.

Chapter 7

Diana rolled over in the bed. Her long, graceful arms
reached out ... in need cock that jerked
and throbbed eagerly from the dark forest of pubic hair
spouted over ... to love looking at you," her hand
tenderly crept up the inside of his thighs.

Long, cool and graceful... Continue»
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... you will see narrative in her own words.

Alexis and I had been married for 2 years. We had met ... curled under her when I walked in that first time. Just sitting there she exhibited poise, grace ... thought I had already asked you!”

Alexis is a tall beauty with long dark auburn hair, and bright... Continue»
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Hookers I Have Known

... and make herself a bit of money as it started to get dark.  I was fascinated and went with her ... for about twenty minutes each and take one walk-by up a dark alley for about ten.  She waved the unopened ... a reputation for d***ken brawls every night.  Walk-throughs got serviced in a dark blind-alley deep... Continue»
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... , pushing out my bottom more,
forcing my hips to sway girlishly. The uneven forest ground ... at 2-o-clock to begin your training, tart. You'll be
on your knees licking my balls and cock, begging ... for, what she had known for nearly 2
years that she must do. I heard a soft tap-tap and then, just... Continue»
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Living among the Kilitoki

... . And then to himself he thought: "No more showers, no more of 'pocket pool'."

- Chapter 2 ... . There were dark people and palms, dry grass and blue skies, scorching heat and bright sun ... medium would have been an understatement. He could see the round, dark circles at the tips of her... Continue»
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Nine Days

... . Delicate features with wide cheekbones, and a long, graceful neck, perfect for the adornment ... .

Day 2.

Rumors had Count Severin owing millions to a number of unsavory types. So it came ... , frozen still during the deed, then quickly blindfolded and ridden away into the thick forest.

I, her... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #3

... through the woods, in search of the inn, and have even found a cabin in the dark forest ... apologizing for Trina, Tori… you've been doing this crap for 2 years."

"I know… but we're friends ... that Tori and Andre were focused on Noelle.

"You guys ok?"

"I'm sad…" the dark haired girl said... Continue»
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Cockatoo Part 2

... thought, ‘No, that
can’t be. It was dark when I fell in.’ The light grew brighter and
brighter and I ... to the
light. I couldn’t focus for a moment; all I could see were shades of
light and dark. I could now ... woke up the next time, the room was dark but with a small light
dimly illuminating the room. I came... Continue»
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Amber hires melanie

... to see that at their
juncture was a forest, a huge thick forest of dark
brown. Amber’s lush ... for that matter).

Melanie’s long auburn hair was in 2 pony tails, her
skin was a honey tan, her ... with a wide belt. She looked like
Lana Turner or Grace Kelly, a classic 1950’s film star.
The office... Continue»
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... , "lose the mustache,
too, okay?" She was gone before I could answer.

Part 2: Fiery Pride

I ... and
forests, there was a little girl borrowing my voice! The Committee
convened in great excitement ... acting
incredibly sexy, moving with that incredible grace? When did I get
graceful? Better start... Continue»
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When I Learn To Fly

... with dark pink buds. Sensitive. When I petted them like this, she went all quiet and breathy ... it on the beach, but she could never know that.

"Yeah. Um. Awesome."

"In the dark, maybe ... of the marshy forest. Not exactly Marbella or New York, but it was good to get away from our crummy little... Continue»
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My Wife's Boss, My Mistress

... and just in time to pick up my wife and we drove home.

Chapter 2

The following week, I got an SMS ... southwards until I reach the forest of honey.

I rubbed my finger through her g-string and is quickly ... on it... By now, my cock head is almost dark purple in color. I told her what she wants to do to my cock? Squeeze... Continue»
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Starting fisting

... and swell away
from the surface about 1/2 inch. The nipples broaden to about an inch in
diameter ... to watch my
boobs flop around under my shirt my nipples started to expand. I could see the
dark ... by FeldStarting Fist 2
After lying spread out on the lounge chair for about ten minutes I started... Continue»
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Not a Fantasy. Just a true story. 1

... gaze away. She did that the whole time.

So after about 2 hours of playing soccer and kicking it ... pass and across the road, making traffic, and skate boarding, it gets dark and I decided to slip and ... every other night." I said, kicking the ball to the wall.

"Lets play for it!" And she... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Sacred Tantric Sexuality
Chapter 3: Kundalini Energy ... Tantra At Tahoe 2
Important Note
The material in this book is for educational purposes ... .
2 only applies to me a little.
1 most often doesn't apply to me.
0 doesn't apply to me at all... Continue»
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