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Good Girl Gone Better

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Good Girl Gone Better

Most of this is true. I did indulge a few parts but most is true.

At the time she was a 20 year old wife just married 1 year prior. She's a petite brown haired 5 foot girl with 34 B succulent breasts that are very soft yet firm and perky with very excitable pink nipples that begged to be licked and sucked on. Her best feature was and still is her ass. Firm, deep and built to take a good hard pounding. Her ass has and still turns the heads of young guys and older men alike.

Kim has always been told that she looked very young for her age. Much too young to be sexually active for sure. At 18 she looked so naive that most guys in school didn't even pay attention to her since she didn't look like she would be much fun. As I'm sure you know, most guys at that age are interested in either cars or getting into the pants of the girl sitting next to him in history class.

Don't get me wrong, there were guys that took her innocence as a challenge. Guys would take her on dates to see how far this girl would let them go. Some got her shirt off and bra open to feast on her small delicate breasts. In fact that's what she wanted from most of her dates, to have her tits massaged and sucked on while feeling her ass so she could go home and get herself off by rubbing her clit to orgasm.

The space between her legs was totally off limits for a long while and the guys package was taboo for her because she didn't want to lose control and have anything get too far which sent many guys home with blue balls.

Me? I'm an ass man. When I first noticed Kim she was standing talking with some friends. I thought wow she's cute! Then she turned and walked away. What an ass! I had to have her. As luck would have it her locker ended up being right below mine. YES!

A semester later we were dating off and on. While it only took 3 dates for me to see first hand what she looked like topless, it seemed to take forever to finally get my hand between her legs and even longer to get my fingers between her oh so soft lips of her trimmed pussy.

Kim could fill a cup with her orgasmic juices every time we went out to a drive in movie or parking off road somewhere but she was true to her upbringing that penile penetration was for her future husband.

High school was the catalyst for her sexual awakening as many guys got to sample her limited body. She would go to church outings or school functions like a good girl and meet the bad boys that would seduce and take advantage of her innocence.

They would kiss her and bring her to orgasms by fingering her virgin pussy and sucking her sensitive nipples while nobody was paying attention. She never intended to let these guys become physical with her. She just couldn't say no.

One guy in particular that she didn't even like succeeded in seducing her on a bus trip. Kim was just trying to stay warm so he said he would help by sitting next to her and using his body heat. He eventually slid his hand under the blanket she was using to stay warm. She tried to stop him but was so shy that she didn't want to make a scene. He casually wormed his fingers past her shorts and brought her to an intense orgasm with 2 fingers slowly swirling barely inside her tight and inexperienced pussy all the while having a conversation with his friends that had no doubt what was going on.

I'm sure the guy won a bet for his forward and demeaning actions on this embarrassed and naive young nymph.

That brings the true story to me... her husband. The one she presented her virginity to only months before our wedding and the one who has been fondling, licking, sucking, eating, kissing and aggressively pounding that sweet innocent body into orgasm ever since.

In fact it was her idea that we have penetration long before I even asked her to marry me.

Kim was so hot one evening while making out and my forearm was sore from fingering her still tight pussy that she told me to take my pants and underwear off . I didn't argue, I thought this was finally it, That I was finally going to fuck her super hot virgin hole which I did, just not the one I expected.

She turned her hard petite body to me and told me that she needed me inside of her. She got on my side of the car and straddled my raging cock that she had still only touched through the protection of my pants. She stroked my rod while looking into my eyes and told me that she had been thinking about it and that she still wanted to keep her virginity but we could slide my penis into her ass. OH YESS!! I'm not a total fool and it was the greatest feeling as she straddled my hips, grabbed my cock and f***ed my steel hard penis into her tightest virgin opening. It felt unbelievable as she slid down onto me rising up and pushing down little by little again and again sliding my shaft deeper and deeper into her anal cavity being lubricated by her wet running pussy. My full balls were grinding between her ass cheeks fucking her while she rotated her hips and made loud sexually intoxicating whimpering noises of both pain and pleasure.

Nothing mattered to her at that point except for finally having her body penetrated by a cock. Obviously it didn't take long for me to reach the point of no return, after all, I was used to cumming in my pants while I dry humped her for goodness sake.

I told her that I couldn't hold it which sent her into an intense orgasm. She threw her head back riding me with sexual abandon telling me to make sure to cum completely inside her ass and not to let any into her vagina. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock balls deep into her writhing body pumping as hard and fast as I could. I came so hard that I thought the cum would shoot out her mouth.

When she finally got off sliding my shriveled cock out of her bowels. My cum spilled down my shaft making a mess all over my balls. After she cleaned herself up she lovingly wiped up all the cum with a towel she brought with her obviously planning this from the start.

I took her home not knowing what to say. Although we only did anal before we married a couple of times they were great. Especially when we did it in front of her sl**ping roomy in her college dorm.

Kim and I weren't dating exclusively much to my dismay so she would still go out with others on occasion and as much as she tried to stay "just friends with them" she would end up topless. By the end of the night her pants would be open and the guys fingers would be bringing her to constant orgasms but no matter how hard they tried they just could not get her to go all the way so most of them just used her for fun and moved on.

Therefore she was very naive and inexperienced with the main event of hard core pussy fucking until just a few months before we wed.

Over time I discovered something very exciting. She loved to be dominated sexually by me and was easily seduced with sexual fantasies. Yea Yea this is when I tell you that I wanted her to fuck other guys to satisfy my demented mind. Not so fast, that came later.

A fantasy that she seemed to love was when I would mention another man being in bed with her. We would have the hottest sex after I would bring make-believe guys into the bedroom and let them (me) have their way with her. She was always orgasmic but the more I would push the other man fantasy the wetter she would get until one night she actually ejaculated orgasm all over the bed.

I wondered if she would ever really be open to having sex with another man either with or without my permission. I realized that she was an easy target for someone with seductive motives and I guess I was happy that I was the one with the deviant ideas.

I was sexually active before Kim and received many blow jobs and sex from friends of Kim's and I would tell her about what her friends and I would do to each other way back when. I even told her about a time when I took turns fucking 2 of her best girlfriends at the same time even though one of them had a boyfriend which for some reason turned her on to no end. This was before our exclusiveness so the sex talk turned her on even more and as anticipated she started to feel as if she missed out on something.

We had started watching porn from before we married which we both enjoyed but I wanted to see actual sex with a man and a woman besides us. So I thought why not watch Kim pleasure someone in front of me or more exact I wanted another guy to royally fuck her brains out while I watched.

I wanted to use her as my sex toy and watch others use her body with my permission. I wanted to turn my wife into a cock slut that would do whatever I pleased. I wanted to dominate her sexually. Was this self centered? Of course it was. Oh well that's where I was at that time. I didn't want any of this panzy ass cuckold crap either. She was still my wife and nobody had ever do anything to harm her for I am very capable of defending her.

Eventually with a lot of fantasy play and coaxing I made progress.

You have to remember, she was still only a one cock girl and by the way it took a full year for her to even consider giving me a blowjob but man did she learn well!

She sounded very sexual but was really very shy and naive. The only reason that she had any experience at all is because she didn't know how to say no and didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings. Besides, it felt good. And in advance, No I never lost control and am still happily married to her and our sex life has improved tremendously. I would only recommend this to the very strong minded. In hindsight we never used condoms or had any disease on our minds so we are lucky to have no ill effects.

SO this is how I succeeded. How I turned my once innocent, naive petite young wife into a sex hound, a wanton slut. And since money was spent on her by another man I would even say a one time whore. The lifestyle lasted about 6 years and was great.

In high school she thought that one of the upper classmen (as usual) was very hot. He was an athlete like me and she always found him very attractive and he just so happened to be one of my close friends that I grew up with.

Me and Sean talked a lot even after Kim and I married and sex would still come up. Since we always talked about the girls we had experienced my desire to watch a live couple screw came up and I asked him if he thought Kim was pretty.

Since we didn't keep secrets he told me that yes he though she was cute. As I said before, she was only 20 and still looked younger. I asked him what he would think if I told him that Kim had a thing for him and that I would use Sean's name in our sex play to turn her on. He was shocked but wanted to hear more. I asked if he was sexually attracted to her which he was and said that if she wasn't married to me he wouldn't pass up an opportunity to get with her. I told him "tell you what... Next week why don't you come over and help me seduce her. Then you can pretend that she's not married to me so you can enjoy her all you want".

After a few minutes I finally convinced him that I wanted us both to seduce my wife and let him enjoy the pleasure of her sex.

I had been bringing my friend into our fantasy sex sessions for the past few months and purchased a dildo that I would fuck her with telling her that it was his cock inside her body. His name would always get her juices literally flowing. For months I would get more and more graphic using his name more and more often getting her used to seeing him as a sex object. I even penetrated her ass while "he" fucked her pussy. By the way. It's one thing to watch DP on film but it's another to do it in person. There is something about 2 cocks touching that's wrong. But that's just me.

I knew that Kim would never agree to actually meeting someone for sexual purposes so Sean would come over and we would talk and do some swimming so she could see his body more close and personal. I noticed that the more he came over the more nervous she would become.

The nights before and after he would come over, Kim and I would talk sexually and I would bring his name into the foreplay. I would ask questions like "did you see him looking at your body? What if he was in the next room, would you be afraid to have sex and let him hear you"? or "what would you do if he walked in right now while your riding my cock, or would you suck his dick if he all of a sudden appeared in front of you"? She would get the wettest pussy with this type of talk and her juices would pour out of her snatch and run down my full balls. The sloshing sounds of our fucking was mind blowing.

Sean and I knew we were getting to her when she would start acting more shy than usual and look away when he looked at her while we swam in the pool together.

Sean would make sure to get caught looking at her sweet ass or firm tits through her one piece bathing suit. I noticed her look down at his trunks instead of at him when he looked the other way. Once when I caught her looking I asked if she saw something she liked and she actually said yes. I asked what did she see and she blushed and said that she couldn't wait until tonight so we could make love.

On this night Kim went in to get something to drink while I asked if Sean wanted to stay because Kim was ready for whatever we could give her.

Tonight Kim was going to get laid no matter how reluctant she may act. Her body and mind wanted what was coming even if she didn't know it at the time.

We got out of the pool and I told Kim that Sean was leaving and I was going to the store to get a movie to watch. She knew it was a sex video and just said make sure it was a good one. We rented a regular scary movie and a sex flick with lots of threesomes and while we were picking which porno we wanted I called Kim to tell her to make sure she takes a really good shower before I got back so we would be ready for action during the movie. I also told her that Sean would be coming back with me and that he wanted to see her naked.

Kim just thought I was getting her in the mood for fantasy play and she was right except I was ready to make the fantasy real.

We got back about an hour later and when she saw that he was still with me she stopped in her tracks and became beat red. She later told me that she had masterbated while we were gone so when I got back we could have sex but had not anticipated my friend coming along with me. She was instantly wet between the legs and had never been so nervous even though she wasn't sure what we were up to.

During a lot of our sex sessions I would mention to her that I would someday bring a friend home with me and let him have his way with her. She would always moan and have multiple orgasms but she never in a million years thought anything would actually escalate to reality.

She excused herself to the other room with me right behind her as I was going to make sure tonight was the night that the seduction was brought to a successful outcome. I closed the door behind us grabbing her and turning her to me and pushing my way to her body so she was between me and the wall. I aggressively kissed her open mouth deeply while feeling her tits, ass and pussy with both hands mauling her like a piece of meat that was about to be devoured. I asked her if she had taken a bath as instructed. Kim just nodded her head and asked what I was up to. I then turned and returned to the living room where our friend waited.

About 10 minutes later Kim came out wearing an easy accessible pink sundress and acted as if nothing was different but I could tell she was nervous about what might happen. She didn't want to do anything that might confuse her ethics but she couldn't shake the feeling of lust between her smooth thighs.

We put in the first movie and Kim was relieved because it was a normal R rated movie with no sexuality in it at all, therefore Kim thought that I was just trying to get her excited for later when my friend left.

After the first movie we chatted for awhile before I just got up and changed movies telling her that we also got an action movie to watch.

Kim said okay and I asked Sean if he was ready which he smiled and nodded. This was his cue that the seduction of my wife was moments away from being a reality. That he was actually going to get his hands on a married woman and have hot passionate sex with a vulnerable female.

Sean wanted to spread a married woman's legs and take what was the husbands and make his own. He wanted to be the first to soil this hot wife.

We made her sit between us on the couch and pushed play. Instantly the previews started playing. She just sat there watching cock after hard thick cock ram into hot sluts and penetrate every orifice. She stared at the sex on the screen and we watched her as her mouth dropped open, her breathing deepened and her eyes glazed over.

We started breathing hard right along with her but not from the movie. We watched her right before our eyes lose the innocent look that she had to looking like a passionate woman who knew she was about to be taken as a prize.

I put my arm around her and pulled her mouth to mine kissing her deeply while shoving my tongue down her throat. I openly squeezed and fondled her covered tits feeling her nipples harden to my touch. She pushed her hand against my leg and clinched the other into a fist as if to resist once before she was totally gone. I slid down the dress strap from her shoulders and bared her succulent orbs as our friend looked on. I kissed my way down her neck and shoulders pushing her away from me telling her to kiss her new stud like the slut we were going to make her.

Here was Kim, oh so innocent with her soft breast naked in front of another man while her own husband was telling her to mingle her wet saliva with him. To passionately touch lips and partake with someone other that her husband.

She rolled her eyes and let him shove his tongue deep inside her mouth kissing him back with all the passion I had ever seen. She didn't resist as their lips met and tongues mingled. I kissed my way down to her flushed breasts and started licking and sucking her erect swollen, pink nipple.

They were making out pretty aggressively when I took her swollen tit closest to him and told him to have a taste while I took care of the other. He went down and took her into his mouth and sucked like a starved man. Kim had never in her hottest dreams imagined 2 men sucking on her tits at one time and loved it. Only a few seconds of this and Kim had her first ever orgasm by breast stimulation and her first of countless ones for the night. She was totally and helplessly lost in her lust wanting anything we could give her.

What she did next even surprised me. She slid down in front of me while opening my pants and engulfed my hard cock to the back of her throat. We both watched in awe as she sucked my cock like a slut while she reached over to Sean's pants and released his raging pole. I told her that there would be no blue balls tonight so she went over and started stroking and sucking only her first cock ever besides mine. This was going to be the night of many firsts since she has never even seen another dick in person before. The look on her face with another mans prick sliding between my wife's hot lips was priceless, pure unadulterated lust.

We undressed her body while she took turns sucking us off and I told Sean he should taste some of her married pussy before we soil it to much. He went down between her thighs kissing her as he went. He spread her legs and started eating her naive uneducated pussy. Eating, licking and slurping all her cum while he finger banged her to what seemed like continuous orgasms.

I sat there and sucked on her tits since she wasn't able to concentrate on having a dick in her mouth while all these new sensations were coursing through her petite young body.

I asked Kim what she wanted next and she said that she wanted to get made love to by the both of us. I told her we had no intention of making love to her, that we were going to take her body for our ourselves and fuck it as hard and long as we could until she begged us to stop and that her body was going to be used for our pleasure. She moaned in approval as she slid down to the floor getting on all fours and said "do it to me fuck me, use me".
I told our friend he could do the honors of fucking our slut first. I got in front of her and looked deep into her half closed lust filled eyes and asked her if she was ready to have a strange prick shoved into her married cunt. She just said "oh yes please and make it now". He was behind her licking her and fingering her hole. I asked her what a girl is called when she allows strange cock to enter her. A slut she replied.

I then told Sean to slide his cock into this sluts cunt slowly. During the penetration she moaned like a whore and had yet another wet orgasm. When he had slid through her folds and had penetrated her body balls deep I asked her what she was. I'm a slut she said. Do you like being a slut? Yes, please fuck me like a slut. I need to be a slut right now! Please use me, fuck me. do whatever you want to me"

I knelt in front of her and shoved my cock into her throat and started to fuck her mouth while Sean began pounding this petite, young, innocent wife while his hands roamed all over her body grabbing her curved hips pulling her into him pounding her body as hard as he could with out coming himself.

We were so lost in our lust for this girls body that we forgot about each other and used her for our own self pleasure. Me using her mouth as a wet hole to plow, Sean using her cunt as a fuck hole and yes Kim used us as a couple of sex toys to satisfy her new demented desires. He slammed into her so hard that later we found bruises on her hips from his strong hands pulling on her as he banged his loins against her upturned ass, her clit was being ravished by his balls and kept being brought to one orgasm after another.

After a few minutes I wanted a turn at her pussy so she swung around and did another first. She took his cunt soaked cock and greedily licked it off and sucked as if it were candy. I entered her easily and took my turn fucking this wanton slut. We just kept switching off taking turns being licked clean of her juices and fucking her sopping wet cunt over and over again.

I couldn't last any longer and blasted a huge load of sperm into her cum virgin mouth and down her throat and into her stomach. After I fell to the floor Sean shoved himself into her mouth and poured another load into my loves oral cavity for his first cum of the night. Kim swallowed both of us not missing a drop and wanting more.

Kim was no where close to being done so she kept sucking our cocks until they rose for the occasion again.

I wanted this occasion to last as long as possible so I left the room to leave them alone. When I came back she was on her back with her legs spread while he was on top of her between her spread legs missionary style banging her hole as hard as she has ever been pounded. All the while she kept saying fuck me, fuck me. I could hear the sloshing sounds of her orgasmic pussy with each and every thrust.

I watched them screw for another 10 minutes as they switched positions to her riding him. So she could suck me some more.

He yelled that he was ready to cum again and asked where she wanted it. She screamed for him to shoot his cum inside of her slutty snatch and make it deep. I shot my second load into her mouth as she rode her new lover to her first creampie. He said he was going to dirty her married fuck hole with another mans cum as he blasted a thick load of sperm deep into womb. Spurt after hot spurt f***ed its way out of this mans sex tool and into my wife's waiting and willing pussy. Her cunt was now so stretched and soiled I wondered if she would ever be the same. I had hoped not.

When he was done using her snatch as a sperm bank and she was done swallowing me she got off his soft cock and proceeded to lick and suck it clean from both their juices. I have never seen such a sluttier act in person and it was my wife who was doing it. I'm not sure what I had expected but this was a big time turn on and looked forward to the near future. Our first encounter was much better than watching people fuck on film who are not even into the act.

We just laid there while Kim went between us sucking us trying to get us hard again so she could have even more but we were spent for the time being.

I suggested they take a shower together while I waited in the next room. They were gone a good 20 minutes before they came back. She eventually got him hard enough and had fucked in the shower and still wanted more cock so she got on my dick and rode me. She kept taking turns fucking us and we didn't mind one bit.

I didn't know who this woman was anymore but I was falling in love with her all over again.

She would say how much she loved being used and would have one orgasm after another. Sean and I were the ones being used now and we loved it. We commented on now we know what women feel like when men treat them like meat as Kim was treating us like bulls with only one purpose and that was to satisfy the female.

Since we couldn't get it up anymore. Kim let Sean finally leave giving him a hot wet kiss at the door asking him to come back again.

After Sean left and for the next week Kim couldn't get enough sex so we set up another night. Maybe this time we would be lucid enough to use the bedroom.

Two weeks later Sean came over again but Kim knew that the only reason he was here was to fuck this married woman and to leave her sexually spent with cum inside of her body. After he arrived I excused myself and left for a couple of hours to let them consummate alone so Kim would feel even more slutty fucking another man while her husband was not there.

When I finally did arrive back they had already fucked several times and Kim had swallowed 1 load of cum and had his and her cum running from her well fucked pussy onto our marriage bed and she was sucking him again so they could do it some more. She was so into sex now that she just couldn't get enough.

I actually told Sean that if he wanted he could take the slut home to his place for the night since neither she nor he worked the next day and they could do what they wanted.

I wanted Kim to go deeper into depravity and continue with her new found sexuality. He said it sounded good to him and we convinced Kim that she wanted to go with him. This in it self could be a whole new story but I will tell you what happened here. Before they left I walked them to his car, bent her over in the darkly lit parking lot and proceeded to deposit a load of cum into her beautiful ass.

On the way to his place with my sperm running out of her backside she sucked his cock while he drove. A couple of people driving in a lifted truck saw her and started honking there horn but as she tried to pull herself up her new lover held her head down and sped off so to loose them not wanting to share his new found slut with anyone, so he thought.

I won't bore you with the usual details of what happened in the first few hours as they fucked in every position and then some. The hot part is that she didn't realize that his b*****r was also his room mate and when she went out to get a drink she turned around to see his younger b*****r looking at her naked body. We all went to school together and Sean's b*****r is another guy that I would want her to be with. She was totally embarrassed as Mike said that he knew that Sean had a girl in his room because he could hear her screams and moans but had no idea that it was a friends wife! Especially sweet innocent Kim.

Sean came out and explained what had happened and that Kim was his slut for the night. He told him that he would be willing to share his new found piece of ass since he had already fucked her multiple times and was having a hard time keeping up with her. After the shock went away he asked if this was a joke so Sean walked up behind her, grabbed her tits with one hand slid his fingers between her pussy lips with the other, shoved his tongue into her mouth and asked if this looked like a joke. Mike said he would love a piece but he just got home from his own girlfriend and she had done a pretty good job on him but maybe some mouth action would get him motivated again.

Sean embarrassed her some more by telling her "so why don't you get on your knees slut and motivate little b*****r and maybe you two can fuck for awhile while I rest" . She knew that she wanted it and fell to her knees while he dropped his pants showing her yet another cock. She started sucking his rod bringing it to hardness and noticed a peculiar taste she couldn't figure out until he asked "How does it feel knowing your licking my girlfriends pussy from my cock". She felt funny that it turned her on even more knowing how dirty this was.

That night they took turns fucking my sweet innocent bride while she took several showers with both of them to wash the cum from her body they would deposit so they could do it all over again.

Another first was Kim riding Sean through another wet orgasm while Mike got behind her shoving his hard cock deep between her ass cheeks double penetrating her and eventually unloading a hot load of cum into her nether regions at the same time sperm was being deposited into in her overly used cunt.

Kim arrived home at around 11am the next day smelling of sex as they wouldn't let her bath after they came all over her tits and face just an hour before. In fact she gave them both a blowjob and swallowed both their cum just minutes before she walked in. She took off her clothes and had bite marks and hickies all over her neck, tits, stomach, inner legs and ass.

After this we didn't do anymore swinging for several months and the sex was terrific! Kim said she didn't want to do it anymore and that she felt really bad that her emotions had taken over and didn't want to be a slut since it went against her morals. She wanted to be the "good girl" again. I figured I would cool it for awhile since I knew that she was still easy pray for a perv like me. I admit it.


This is the end of the regular story. The following are a few memories I want to share.


One night I called her and told her to shower because I was bringing a guy home for her. She just laughed and said that she just got out of the shower and that I should come home and take care of her myself.

I just laughed back and said see you soon. She blew it off as a joke but an hour later when I walked in with a guy I had just met she got very scared. We talked for awhile but since I didn't have a lot in common with this guy I just told her to sit next to him. I had previously told this guy that I would let him fuck a girl for 50 bucks and he agreed after getting the facts and seeing her picture. He wasn't a good looking guy and that was fine with me. I was going to prove to Kim that once a slut always a slut.

She looked at me and with fear in her eyes shaking her head no. I just smiled and said yes as I took my cock out of my pants took the back of her head and made her suck my cock. I pulled her head as I fucked her mouth and told this stranger to do as he pleased. He got in front of her, pulled her pants down , f***ed her legs open and began eating her pussy while fingering her.

Here she was only meeting this guy 10 minutes ago and she had her legs spread while a total stranger licked her cunt while her husband fucked her face with his cock.

Remember earlier when I said she loved to be taken? Well she was being taken this time. I pulled out of her mouth and told her to show him our bedroom. She reluctantly got up and went to the room as he followed her now naked body. There was no foreplay or preliminaries. He stuck his cock into her mouth for 30 seconds to get it wet as she gagged then told her to lay back. He didn't hesitate as he shoved into her saliva wet pussy and fucked her missionary style. He then pulled out of her now cum wet pussy and told her to get on and ride him. She looked at me while climbing onto his rod and lowered herself onto his cock. He grabbed her ass and f***ed his hips up into her while biting and sucking her tits. They only fucked for about 10 minutes while he would call her names like slut, whore, tramp and then pulled her to the doggy style position and shot his load onto her upturned ass between her cheeks.

After he left I asked her how she felt. She said that she felt like she had become a real slut because she actually enjoyed being taken against her will. The sex was not all that great but it mentally turned her on. I told her that he gave me 50 dollars to let him fuck her and she couldn't believe it until I showed her the cash. She actually got turned on being a whore to a stranger and we used the money to buy her another dildo.

Kim would always say that she didn't want to do anymore of this stuff but couldn't deny that she had become a slut for cock. She didn't know why but she couldn't say no to anyone who wanted her. She proved this by having sex at work one night with one of her co-workers 5 years younger than her. He succeeded in seducing her and fingered her pussy for most of the day when customers were not in the store. He was her ride home but took a detour to his place to "pick something up" she came home an hour later with his cum dripping from her used pussy. He took her panties as a souvenir. Lucky for him I didn't mind. Every time they worked together after that he would ask her to take off her panties and hand them to him which she eventually would.

He would tell her to go to the back room and assume the position. A minute later he would show up, open his pants and shove his cock into her snatch for a few quick strokes then go back to take care of a customer.

After they closed one night I went around to a window and caught him behind her with his cock inside her pussy slowly moving in and out while counting the cash from the register. When the cash was counted she turned around and finished him off by sucking his cock until he blasted a load down her throat.

She eventually quit that job but not before she was used by him often. She would always come home and tell me what he would do with her. He never realized that he was actually the one being used for her pleasure.

Another time later we went out dancing and I told her that I was going to enter in about 30 minutes after her so nobody would expect us to be together. I told her in advance to flirt with men and don't say no to anyone that wanted to dance and that she should be open to advances. I told her that I wanted to see her dance with another man. I wasn't disappointed either. When I arrived she was dancing a slow dance with a college guy that obviously had the hots for her. They both walked right past me to their table after the dance and I saw his hand on her thigh getting higher and higher as they sat at a table. Another slow dance started and they went to dance again. This time he didn't waste any time. He started making out with her right there on the floor. Slobbering into her mouth while fondling her ass in front of everyone. (she has a really nice ass)

I finally had to pee but when I came out of the bathroom I didn't see them. I got a bit nervous and went out to the parking lot to find her and see if she needed help. Come to find out she didn't need any help at all and neither did he.

I saw a car that had the windows fogged up and when I quietly approached I could see a person moving around quite a bit. Upon closer look I saw Kim and the college stud in the back seat her pants were off and she was riding his cock like a whore. I couldn't believe it. I could hear her moaning from 3 cars away obviously having her patented long and intense orgasm. He ended up pulling out of her used pussy and sucked him to orgasm drinking all his cum so as not to make a mess. He was very disappointed when he asked if he could see her again. She told him no because she was married and this was a one time deal.

It was a whole year before we did anything again. This time she admitted her own perversion and was all for it and ready for action. To make a longer story shorter. She ended up fucking the next guy we found in a swingers magazine on two different occasions . We rented a porno while I went to pick him up and for the next 4 hours we took turns fucking Kim's brains out making her dehydrated from lack of body fluids, her cum. This guy had a shorter cock but it was very thick. He was older that she wanted but enjoyed it incredibly as he banged her in every position and every hole possible stretching her pussy, mouth and ass farther than she had been stretched before by a real cock. He said he could set up some girls for me but I declined since Kim was allowing me to live my fantasy of watching. She ended up fucking this man on two different occasions. He couldn't believe his luck in finding a young willing girl to please as she disired.

She had a couple more encounters like when I brought home someone I worked with without telling her. He was 20 years old and had a steady girlfriend. Kim was on the internet talking about sex in a chat room. 15 minutes later the co-worker was between her spread legs fucking her hard and fast. This guy had a smaller than average cock so she could not resist him banging her in the ass. I went outside and watched through the bedroom window as he pummeled my wife in all 3 holes. I came back in so she could finish me off with her incredible oral skills. She gave him a ride home once after work and gave him another blowjob in the car before he got out of the car with his girlfriend inside waiting for him.

Over the next few years she had her pussy eaten by a self proclaimed male lesbian ( a guy who loves to eat pussy) in our front yard on his car hood at night while our k**s were in the house. She innocently gave a friend a ride home and ended up getting fucked at his place. (I told him to go for it without her knowledge). And finally taken to a movie by a guy she talked to on the internet (not smart but it worked out). He touched her body in the theater then took him to his apartment and fucked her mouth, pussy and ass. When she was leaving she noticed a picture of his wife on the wall.

I still love her and protect her but we chose not to indulge anymore sexually with other men. These memories keep her and me hot and ready. She has developed a very wet pussy and can ejaculate when she orgasms. Yes!

She has mentioned a couple of times that she would never go down on a woman but was curious what a female tongue would feel like servicing her pussy. Huh. I wonder.... Continue»
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good girl diary

My husband and I have a static caravan on the coast in Wales and because I have
More days of holiday than him he often leaves me on my own there for up to a week, nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened before but this week was something else! and this is the diary of these extraordinary few days.
My husband drove off in the early evening leaving me own for a few days,its been a lovely day and a lovely evening, been watching some surfers catching waves then went to bed, only to find my husbands alter ego 'Rudie' had left me one of his surprise presents a bag with a small book of readers letters some lube and our large dildo,he should know by now I'm too much of a good girl to consider doing anything rude without him because even when we read them or watch a bit of porn together I don't turn into a bad girl and I refuse to let him cum in my mouth or on my face, I don't even like seeing all that cum flying about in the videos but the rudeness of all that sex does turn me on and my husband does like us to pretend we are having a threesome but as for the dildo I wont do more just plant a kiss on the end.
Last night a car pulled up to the rental caravan next door and hushed voices told me that it was probably be going to be occupied for a few days, the site is very quiet out of the school holidays and the sites owner will be glad to let it. in the morning when I drew back the curtains I could see a estate car with surfboards strapped to the roof and I wondered if they were the surfers from last night.
It's been a hot day and the boys next door did turn out to be the three young men from last night. I walked past the the gap between the van's and they said hello and introduced themselves as Steve (fair hair and skin not usually my type but quite cute) Danny (wow dark hair and nicely tanned skin and just my type) and Simon (also dark hair and my type but no Danny) all three of them just nicely muscled and fit.
They apologized for their noisy arrival, I said it was ok, they look like they are in their late twenty's and like to sunbathe, although their well filled skimpy Speedo's did make them look a little gay. I could only see them out of the side window when I walked about in the van to make coffee or food.I don't think I've ever d***k that much coffee! which could explain why this evening after watching them surfing I'm a little bit restless.
The boys next door did play on my thoughts last night and I imagined them having a threesome while I looked on,I looked at the dildo and pretended it was one of their cocks and imagined how it would look with one of them sucking on it's big helmet and I rubbed myself till I came, that was a first for me as I would never normally Jill myself off and my husband would have been really turned on to have seen that
It's been another lovely day hot in every sense!! It started at about 11.00 o'clock when I saw Danny and Simon walking away with backpacks on looking like they were off on a long walk along the coastal path,l wondered why Steve wasn't going with them and I soon found out that because he's quite fair skinned he had a bit of sunburn and didn't want to carry a backpack so hadn't gone on the walk. I asked if he would like a drink and although I was thinking coffee he said a cold beer would be great so I got him one of my husbands not thinking that that wouldn't be the only thing of my husbands he would be having today. I got myself a cider and we sat down on the steamer chairs outside of the van in the shade of a sun umbrella and exchanged pleasantries about the weather etcetera and although I felt a bit uncomfortable with this very fit and toned young man sitting near little size 10 me while I was dressed in just shorts and skimpy bikini top I tried not to show it. Steve finished the beer and I realized I had nearly finished mine as well which was very fast for me and I got up to get some more, a little later with a drop more cider inside me I was no longer quite so uncomfortable in fact I was begining to think of ways I might be able to take advantage of the situation and getting wet in the process, I asked Steve if he had had any aftersun on his sunburn he said no so I offered to get some he said he couldn't reach the sunburn on his back but the burn on his thighs he could do himself, I tried to sound calm as I offered to do his back he said sure if you don't mind, he took off his shirt to reveal a mildly sore back and I started to wonder who was seducing who. Gently smoothing the aftersun in we tried to make more small talk but with his nicely toned back under fingers I was struggling, I asked about his thighs, without saying a word he stood up and standing between the chairs with his groin at my face level he took off his shorts, his plain white briefs were impressively full, he turned and lay down on the steamer, he looked at me the question in his eyes I lowered mine and I answered by pouring lotion slowly from his knees to his upper thigh, as I massaged his obviously not very sore right thigh, my hands got closer to his slowly expanding manhood I thought he doesn't seem to be gay after all, I changed thighs to the closer left one that his cock lay atop of and as I got nearer and nearer his cock got bigger and bigger until his tiny briefs gave up the struggle and it sprang in to view I looked around in a panic checking the windows of the empty van's of our other neighbours and we are hidden behind the windbreaks, no one can see, I hooked my fingers in the waistband of his briefs and slowly revealed the engorged contents, I don't think I've ever seen anything so beautiful, so big, so fat and all mine, at least for a hour or two, I take it in my tiny hands which only make it look bigger, rolling the foreskin slowly back the head getting even bigger I plant a kiss on the end just like I do the dildo only with this time I then slide my lips over the head and for the first time take a cock other than my husbands in my mouth, Steve groans and so do I, over come by lust I try and get as much of his cock in as I can but because of his size and my small stature I can only manage a inch past the head. Oh how I wish I had practiced with that dildo!! up and down on his cock my mouth goes ,I'm aware that his orgasm must be approaching but at this moment I don't care, but Steve does and he asks me to stop, not letting go of my new toyboys cock I stand and lead him into the caravan bedroom he undresses me and pushes back and lays me down on the bed, at this moment I thank my husband for shaving my Pussy that weekend, he makes to go down on my soaking Pussy but tell him I'll cum straight away if he does and I want to cum on his cock, he gets on the bed and goes to fuck me but he sees the lube and dildo , he picks it up and says who's a bad girl then, not me I say, we'll see about that he says and rubs the head of his cock over my Pussy, he pushes his cockhead in to my soaking Pussy, no stop it's too big I groan let me get on top so that I can go my own pace, what do you mean too big it's only a bit bigger than the dildo, I've never used it I say, I've never even sucked it, Steve rolls onto his back and I climb up onto him, holding his cock in my hand I place it at the entrance to my Pussy, feeling my lips stretch over the massive head I push down on it, oh fuck I think,I've only just got the head in! and I like it, I like it a lot, I need more of his cock, pushing down again more of his magnificent cock slowly slides in until I'm full and cannot take another inch, slowly back up now till I feel the head is about to slip out, and back down, back up again, down, up, down, faster this time! oh fuck I'm going to cum! I close my eyes. Suck the dildo while you fuck your self on my cock. Steve's holding it against my face, I take the head into my mouth, but it's not plastic!!! It's real and just as big as Steve! I take it deep into my mouth. that's it you bad girl, I bet you love that, someone said, With my eyes closed I suck on the new cock and start to cum. Spent I stop riding Steve and try to take stock of what just happened, the boys must have set this up but I was not about to start complaining! The cock in my mouth belongs to Simon and Danny is waiting his turn, I beckon him over and his cock is as big if not bigger I take my mouth off Simon and stretch my lips over Danny's massive helmet , no longer a tiny kiss on a plastic prick but a mouthful of a real one. But what's this Steve is starting to thrust his cock in and out of me, he hasn't cum yet! he's only making small gentle movements his cock is hardly moving but it feels fantastic. Sharing the good feeling I slide my tightly stretched lips back and forth over Danny's fat cock, he responds with a groan, Simon wants some more of my newly found skill and brings his cock back for me to suck again , a little bit longer for Danny because he really is the cutest of the boys, now Simon just a little bit smaller but easier to suck, Danny again and back to Simon, then Danny, meanwhile Steve is starting to thrust his cock in and out of me faster and longer as he heads to his orgasm. And I realized I was heading for another one as well. I went back to sucking Danny, I want Danny's fat cock in my mouth when he cums I thought to my self and I started sucking harder but his cock is just bigger than my mouth can manage and my jaw starts to ache, back to Simon. He will just have to cum on my face!What? this the morning I wouldn't even let my husband do that,now because he doesn't fit in my mouth Danny can cover my face with his cum . spitroasted just like a pornstar I could feel my own orgasm building when I thought of the answer, taking Simon from my mouth I asked Danny to fuck my ass, believe me he didn't need asking twice, Steve stopped fucking me and gave Danny the lube, boy was I going to need it! He got behind me and poured lube on my ass and his cock, trying to relax I could feel his cockhead push against my ass my tight little ring begins to open, the gentle but insistent Danny pushes again and just as I think I might not be able to take it, his spongy cockhead starts to open my virgin ass, Steve begins to move again and Simon offers me his cock to suck which I gladly do, as I let my self surrender to the sensations, Danny's massive helmet finally pops in and takes my anal cherry. I start to orgasm coming again and again. Steve and Danny start on their combined drive to their own orgasms, Simon's fat cock is hardly stifling my groans of delight, taking Simon from my mouth to spur Steve and Danny on telling them to fuck my tight little holes with their massive cocks, fill me your hot cum I demand and they do just that, Simon's cock jerks in my hand as jets of hot spunk start to come on my face I clamp my mouth over that bulbous cockhead and he comes and comes in my mouth, Steve and Danny slowly stop fucking me and slide their cocks from my holes, we collapse in a tangled heap of sweaty bodys and fall asl**p. Its now hours later I'm awoken by whispering voices and hot wet towels as the boys wash my body, tenderly kissing my body over and over, they are very careful around my tender bottom and Pussy but they are starting to French kiss me with a growing passion, and talking of growing passion three cocks are currently regaining their former massive proportions I think two of my holes are off limits till tomorrow mornings erections but now I have a new talent and practice makes perfect.
The boys went back to their own van and left me to sl**p, I woke up late to see them out surfing, I didn't want them to think that yesterdays events were something I was ashamed of so decided to make them coffee for when they got back. Looking outside I saw them returning and got the coffee pot,as I came round the front of the caravan they went quiet and looked a little bit like naughty school boys, coffee's up I say and that seems to clear the air they apologize for setting me up yesterday and I realize that they think they might be in trouble for going too far, Its okay I say nothing happened that I didn't want to happen but I was ashamed of what they must think of me. No not at all says Danny and as Simon takes the coffee he makes to hold me but stopped because of his wetsuit, go inside the caravan Danny says,and we'll talk about it, so in I go, only to realize that once they take off their wetsuits they will be half naked. Leaving their wetsuits outside and still wet they start to apologize again, no I say it was fifty fifty although when I started seducing Steve I didn't expect to get airtight, So says Danny you don't mind a bit of sexy fun then. Well no, but you must understand that was my first time for so much that happened yesterday! and up to then I was a good girl. I see, says Danny, your a good girl till your inner bad girl is coaxed out, hold her!!! Simon and Steve grab my arms, Danny puts his finger on his lips and smiles at me, if you don't want to we'll stop right now, he said I promise we will do nothing to hurt you but if you want to, say nothing. I say nothing.
Holding my arms Steve and Simon stand me up, Danny undresses me and gets a bag off the table inside are a red PVC waspy with suspenders and black stockings he carefully dresses me, they guide me to the bedroom and lay me face down on the bed, pulling my arms and legs to the four corners they tie me to the bed, I start to get worried but they are very careful not to hurt me and I realized that the ropes aren't actually tight and I could slip my hands out if I wanted. Danny puts a silk scarf over my eyes and they leave, the shower is running, I can hear them talking and opening cans of beer or pop, they seem to have forgotten me but I know that's not true, I don't know how long I lay there but the expectations for my fate were starting to get to me, after what seems like hours one of them comes back in puts his face next to mine he asks if I want to continue I say yes, good girl he says, I can tell it's Danny, he moves between my legs, I think he's going to see how wet I am, he gets on his knees and holds my buttocks in his hands, he kisses both cheeks and pulls them apart, after a eternity I can feel him blowing cold air on my still tender rosebud, how can something so simple feel so good, he stops and I bend at the hips pushing my bottom up, another eternity, then the tip of his tongue just contacts my so sensitive rosebud, I've never felt anything like it and try to push my bottom up into his face, he starts to alternate the cold air and his hot tongue, another eternity of just the barest of contact. Then a firm lick of my rosebud with his tongue and I just melt, now licking in a circle, now straight lines, now probing, all the time my clit is crying out for contact, he stands up and leaves, I groan in frustration, someone else comes in and starts to do the same thing, is it Simon or Steve, another eternity of frustration as my orgasm is building, he stops and leaves, someone comes in and starts again, Steve or Simon I don't care, my bottom is soaked with my lovers combined saliva, someone please lick my clit so I can cum I can't lift my bottom up any further for access to it as they worship my rosebud, yes that is what they're doing, worshipping my rosebud, I hear Danny say do you think she's ready?? I let out a groan of anticipation and Steve says you heard the lady, Danny says me first and the lid of the lube bottle clicks, another eternity as I imagine Danny's massive cock as he massages the lube in, I feel the bed moving as Danny gets between my legs, drip drip Danny slowly drips lube on my rosebud, contact between my rosebud and his cock as he rubs the lube in with his cockhead, he pushes and I push back, he stops just as his engorged helmet is hardly inside and I moan with frustration, I'm tied down and just can't get free enough to pop the head in, hey good girl, yes I sigh, does bad girl want her assfucked, yes I moan, ask nicely, please Danny please fuck my ass with your massive cock, what about our friends Steve and Simon, yes they can fuck me too only do it please Danny please fuck your bad girl. And with that he pushes the head in and starts to fuck me, up till that moment I had never orgasmed analy and nearly passed out with the intensity of it, Danny continues to drive onto his own orgasm and fills me with hot spunk, pulling out of me he says who's next and Simon offers his cockhead to my ass and I realized I was going to be fucked in the ass by all three young men and I found I was looking forward to it.

You forget the amazing power of recovery of randy young men especially in sexually charged situations and Danny Steve and Simon nearly screwed my arse off, all afternoon they went at me while I pretended to be helpless thankfully they didn't confine themselves to my wrecking my rectum.
I was exhausted after Wednesdays bad girl good time and slept late again. The boys went out and didn't get back till early evening and I went round for a drink at about eight, I was wearing cut off combats and my hello titty tee shirt, of course the boys were now expecting more sex but I said I was off limits because my husband was coming back on Friday and I couldn't risk having a loose Pussy In case he wants sex and no way were they getting near my by now very sore bottom. looking at me Simon said that's a good idea , what says I, hello titty ,we haven't circle jerked over your tits and I must say your 34b tits are very fuckable I thought what is it about young men and tits and so I ended up naked with my lubed up tits in my hands with three young men's cocks taking turns to titty fuck me and pretty soon I was surrounded by them as they got ready to shoot over me, virtually together they covered my tits and belly,what a sight that was three massive cocks shooting hot spunk on my tits, there was some friendly fire ,and some off target that hit my face, and to think that up to the previous weekend l didn't like it anywhere except inside my Pussy and even then not that much. The boys have got the holiday dates for when I'm on my own and are going to try and be here, they move on tomorrow hopefully before my husband gets back..Strange my tee shirts gone missing one of the boys must have it??
when my husband does get here I'm straight back to being a good girl, our favourite porn site is xhamster so I'm uploading this there and who knows if he searches for good girls he might read this and imagine its his good girl gone bad... Continue»
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A journey from good girl to slut

This is a true story one that began many years ago but came to its conclusion only a few months ago. My friend of many years ago and I made contact thru Facebook and relit the passion of by gone years. Jan, short for Janet, is now in her 50’s and still maintains a nice figure being 5’7’ 145# with her short cut reddish brown hair. She is small-busted B cup bra with a smile that just knocks you off your feet.

We had been friends last seeing each other about 10 years ago when I at a conference in her city in the Midwest for 4 days. We had met for dinner one evening and spent the night fucking like there was no tomorrow. Not sure what happened but that was the last time until about 4 months ago.

Since coming back together we has reignited the relationship and sex has gone from that was a good fuck to she wants more and more. So way not give the woman what she wants. I have asked her how did she deal with here sexuality over the past few years because Jan is so turned on most of the time I can’t imagine this woman not getting some good cock on a regular basis. For about 4 years, ending 2 years ago, she shared that she and a co-worker had engaged in a fuck buddy relationship. Jackson a black man with, as Jan tells it, a black mans cock. She said that they would get together infrequently but when they did it was an all out fuckathon, in which Jan said she relished and got to where she wanted more and more. The sex was not unusual, well some tie downs and a little rough sex but pretty plain Jane fucking. Jan did say that she got hooked on being white fuck buddy for a black cock. She said she always started sucking on his cock and seeing her white hand on his black shaft was a turn on each time. Jackson like to take her in a variety of positions which included fucking her on his dinning room table, bent over the couch in the living room and even out in his garage in the back seat of his car. Different scenes went along with each place that Jackson would take Jan back to each time he fucked her there. The one that Jan found funniest was the front hall way, if Jackson met her there naked and erect it meant she was to drop to her knees remove her blouse or top, and suck his cock until he blew his load, which were always hugh, all over her face and tits and got into her hair. Jan like that but she enjoyed taking Jackson’s big black cock in her pussy even better. This fuck buddy fun last for a lot longer the Jan thought it would because Jackson had told her he had history of fucking one cunt for a few months and then moving on to the next one.

So we got hooked up again like I said 4 months ago and this woman is now a nympho that cannot get enough cock. We started slow when Jan met me for a dinner and came back to my home for the rest of the evening. We were barely inside the door of my house and my hands were felling her tits and she my cock. We were like teenagers in heat. Jan dropped to her knees and I unzipped my pants as she took my cock in her mouth. I told her to suck it like the cocksucker she was and f***ed her all the way down on it. Jan gagged, I am not huge being 6” cut and not very thick, but she still went at it like this was her last cock for a very long time. The rest of the evening was spent fucking Jan in every position and watching her cum and cum again. We laughed when she hit the 8th time and was still wanting more.

Laying next to her naked body as we took a break and enjoyed a little sparkling water, Jan share how much she missed getting fucked and being a very multi orgasmic woman she really missed nights like this where she would just fuck away the night. I asked her what was her experience with more than one cock and she shrugged it off, as no she was a one cock pussy at which we laughed and put my hand into her wetness and fingered her to number 9.

It wasn’t until about a week later that the subject of more than one cock came up again. I had bought Jan’s first dildo and little viberator during that time and we had had some good fuck sessions with the dildo in Jan’s wet cunt and my cock in her mouth. These were so good that I asked Jan if she wanted the real thing meaning to cocks one in her pussy and one in her mouth. I was surprised when she affirmed the idea that a second cock might be fun. We talked about the how of this and I offered a friend that I knew would join us for a 3some whenever she wanted to try it. Two days later Jan called and offered she would like to try that 3some this coming weekend. Called Jess and he confirmed sure lets fuck her.

Saturday could not come soon enough for me as one of my kinks is watch a woman take a cock right in front of me. Jan dressed in a nice pair of shorts; the summer heat was upon us, and a white top with two buttons undone showing her tits off to anyone who looked. I could tell from the minute Jan arrived that she was fucking turned on that evening and this was going to be fun. I was in the kitchen getting our wine as Jess arrived and Jan welcomed him to my home. I returned to the covered porch to find Jess’ hand down Jan’s open blouse and the two of them locked in a hot kiss on the couch. I laughed saying I see you two have met and Jan smiled yes and moaned as Jess sucked on her tits, which I knew turned Jan from a good girl to a wet pussy. Jess had wasted no time getting Jan wet and ready to fuck both of us. Jess had removed Jan blouse and Jan was sitting so as to allow Jess’ hands full access to anything he wanted. Jan smiled and closed her eyes as Jess’ move his hand into her pussy not even bothering to remove her shorts or panties. With that touch Jan give into the total pleasure she knew was going to be hers for the evening.

I placed the wine bottle and glasses on the table and joined Jess in making sure Jan got enough cock. I stood with my shorts down placing my cock in front of Jan’s mouth and when she looked she just slurped down and I pushed her head all the way. Jess stood up and did the same and Jan went back and forth between Jess’ full 8” thick cock and mine. Jess was enjoying gagging Jan and calling her names, which I knew would turn Jan on even more. I watched as the horny pussy went back and forth sucking and gagging slurping our cocks.

Jess asked if I had ever tied this bitch down, which I said no but why not. We pulled Jan off our cocks and told her to stand up and strip. She stood and dropped the top to the floor and the shorts and panties also. Jess kissed her and pinched one of her nipples enough to cause Jan to yelp in pain but still hold Jess’ head tight to her. I said let move to the bedroom and tie her down. Jan didn’t object and we all made our way to the bed quickly. Jan was surprised that I had some tie downs already in place as she climbed in the middle of the bed. She laughed and shared that we two must have talked about what she was going to do this evening laughing. Jess went to one side of the bed and tied her arm to the rope and I did the same on the other side.

Jess opened Jan’s leg and moved down to taste her wetness. Jan moaned as the tongue touched her cunt lips and Jess’ mouth sucked on her clit that was now throbbing with pleasure. I moved over Jan’s face and pushed my cock into her willing and open mouth and began to fuck her mouth harder than ever before. Jan was gagging and slurping and I could see her eyes blazing with pleasure. Jan gets this look when she is turned on I mean really turned on that invites to you to just take her and fuck her anyway you want. This was the look and I was in the mood to oblige this bitch with a face fuck.

Jess was still enjoying Jan’s wet cunt fingering her pussy and asshole before moving into position and mounting her with his fucking big cock. Jan winced as Jess pushed into her with full f***e and going right into a fucking motion with speed and purpose. Well I told Jan she had her two cocks hope she was happy. I knew Jess and I were and from the slurping noise of her mouth and cunt I suspected Jan was also. Jess banged her hard pumping her full of his cock. I had asked Jan if she was ok without condoms and she thought so as long as I trusted my friend. Jess and I had both been tested the previous week which I shared with Jan and she said go for it fuck her bare back which we were doing at that very moment.

Jess suggested that we untie Jan and let her sit down on his cock, knowing that I then to fuck her in she sweet ass. Jess didn’t know that in all her years that Jan had never been ass fucked this would be her first. Untied Jan moved on top of Jess and sat down on his cock filling her wet pussy to the brim. She moved quickly into fucking Jess putting a smile on his face. I moved behind her and lubed up my cock and her asshole, which told Jan she was about to get double penetrated but more imortantly for her this was to be her first ass fuck.

I moved into position and heard Jan say, slow please. I grabbed her hair and told to shut up and just take both our cocks. She knew I was going to be slow as we had talked about her firs ass fucking she just didn’t know that it would happen that evening and with another cock in her front door. As I felt for the right spot Jan reached back and guided me to her ass which then was entered for the first time. Jan let go of my cock as I went into her and slowly went all the way in. Jan moaned and told us to fuck her which Jess and I both said you bet. The motion was hard to get down but once we did Jan was getting pounded with a cock in your pussy and one in her ass. We kept this up for a few minutes as I slipped out and went back in several times.

It was about here that I could tell Jan was going to cum so I grabbed her hips and pushed in as deep as my cock would go in her ass and with that she exploded and the ride was fantastic. I managed to keep inside her pussy though her total roller coaster orgasm. Not sure if this was one or several because each time I though she was done she started right back up and Jess and I each enjoyed every seismic explosion from this hot fucking slut.

I don’t remember who shot first but my load went deep into Jan’s tight asshole with great thrusting action and a damn fucking orgasm for me. I heard Jess telling Jan to take it all in her cunt and he exploded to which made Jan cum again and pushing me out of her ass. One good night of fucking had begun.

Hope you enjoy this the next chapter will be
... Continue»
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Turning a good girl bad

I'd been watching the fat assed waitress swing back and forth for the past hour. At 2 am on a wet New Hampshire night there isn't much else to do but hit the late night diners, find some action, or at least, just pick out the desperate ones. This bitch was definitely filed under desperate; you could tell from the care she'd lavished on her red red mouth. I could imagine her spending an hour in front of a mirror in her lonely apartment painting that signal, getting the definition just right, the dark line around her lips, the gloss. It said feminine, it said wet, it said available and yes, it said desperate.

Why, I didn't know. Sure she had a big ass, but she looked savvy enough to know plenty of men liked that. Besides she had tits to match, and a wide butt and double d titted slut is never going to be short of company. Yet I got the impression this girl was. Pretty, but with sad eyes - stoner's eyes to be honest. Maybe that was the issue, she'd never met a guy that could thrill her as much as a pipe. "Coffee?" I was startled out of my musings by the girl herself, standing in front of me with a hot jug,a nd hot jugs. "Sure, top me up," I glanced at her nametag, "Chloe. Thanks". She bent to do so and I enjoyed the cleavage. I got the impression she enjoyed me enjoying her. "Quiet in here isn't it?" "She looked up, appraising me with those tired sad eyes. "it always is midweek. Besides, it's two in the morning - what do you expect?" "I didn't expect a pretty thing like you, " I shot back. And yes, she did like that."I'm not on the menu, but I can get you something that is" she responded, with less of a smile than I wanted. "You're not even on the desert menu?""Oh you couldn't afford me if I was, " she said, with a little more humour. I reached into my jacket, pulled out a wad. Midweek, so not at it's best, but I still put an inch of green on the table. "I think I could. Wouldn't you say?""Big shot eh? So what are you doing in a dive like this?" she challenged. "Looking for girls like you. That's my business." The levity vanished from her eyes, changed to something like horror, but not quite. And she was gone.

But not for long. As I drank the last of my coffee and stood I saw her watching from the counter, and I walked over, a twenty in hand. "Sorry if I offended you - this is for the service". The way she made it vanish told me money talked with this one. "When you said you were looking for girls like me, what did you mean?" Jackpot, I thought. "Girls who aren't happy with a waitress wage and tips. Are you happy with it? "No. But that doesn't mean I'd do anything." I smiled, "Honey, I'm not suggesting just anything. Take a drive with me, and I'll show you." She glanced around at the short order cook. "I finish in half an hour." I nodded. "Fine. I'll be in the lot. The Lincoln."

Sure enough in 30 minutes there she was, hustling across the lot in her short waitresing skirt, with a jacket pulled over her head against the rain. I pushed the passenger door open, and watched as she slid in. Her skirt rode up high enough to show me a flash of pale skin above stockings. I was going to enjoy this.

"Throw your jacket in the back, let me see you." I let me eyes run over her body - taking plenty of time on her tits. her nipples hardened under my gaze, pushing through her bra and thin white cotton top. " All natural?" "Of course." She stretched her legs out, lay back in the seat, "Where are we heading?" I slid the Lincoln into drive, "Down to the freight terminal. Ever been there at night?" She looked at me, puzzled. "No, why would I? What is there?" I smiled. "It's this fair city's red light district k** - hookers and johns. You didn't know that?" She blushed. "My god, thats' what you want me for." She turned her face to the window. I could see her in the rain streaked reflection. Her voice was angry, but her eyes were wide and lips parted. "You've never thought of it?" "Still staring away from me she snapped back "No, of course I haven't. I'm not like that" "None of the girls are 'like that' when they begin you know. You look at me and think I push women into being whores, but ti ain't so. You know what they call a man who drives a woman into prostitution?" She turned her head, glared at me in silence. "No? Give up? They call him a landlord". Despite herself she laughed, "yeah I can believe that.... How much would I earn? I mean, how much do they earn? " she stammered out, blushing. "they earn a few hundred a night, generally. You, with those tits, youd do three four hundred" Her blush darkened and she looked down. I reached across and squeezed one fat tittie, the nipple stubby and hard against my palm. She said nothing, just threw her head back. "Take your blouse off, now". With a deep breath she reached in front, unbuttoned her blouse, shrugged it off. Her light blue bra glowed in the yellow street lamps, pale globes of flesh spilling over. "I don't know why I'm doing this" she purred. "Because I'm telling you to, cunt". "That's a horrible word," she hissed, but her hands slid over her breasts. "it's what you are isn't it? isn't it, cunt? I said isn't it?" "Christ," the fat bitch breathed, "yes. Yes it is. Why are you doing this to me? You sound like you hate me" "Don't ask questions cunt. Take your skirt off. Show me where the fun happens."
The chubby little bitch reached down behind her, unzipped her skirt, lifted her big butt of the seat and shuffled the skirt down, slid it over her shoes and then tossed it behind her. Lay back as if riding along in a limo in her underwear was perfectly natural, stroking her huge tits, gazing out of the window. She looked across at me, eyes settling on the bulge in my pants, hard and growing.

"Everything's right except for those shoes. You look like you should be teaching history. What size do you take?"

"Four, sometimes three and a half. I'm on my feet all shift I need to.."

"Shut up. And wait"

I pulled over, stopped, walk around to the truck. A minute later I slipped back behind the wheel, tossed her a paid of silver stripper heels, "Those are a four"

"You have a shoe store in your trunk?"

"Something like that. Put them on"

The fat cunt bent double, strapped the slutty shoes over her nylons. I could see red nail polish dark through the stretched fabric. She looked just about ready, smelled good too. "You knwo I can smell your cunt from here, don't you? Try not to piss yourself you wet little pig. And we're nearly here now..."

I slowed to a crawl as we drove along the industrial road - on every corner whore stood, asses and tits thrust out int he tradition fashion. Mostly black, skinny, crackwhores. A few older white women, maybe a few hobbywhores - one or two dressed slutty but expensively, much like my little chubby angel sitting next to me. "What do you think?"

"They must be frozen... They're almost naked... I can't imagien any woman would dress like that, and do this, unless they were desperate. Starving, or need money for d**gs I guess"

"Well you're nto starving, or a d**gie, are you, " I said to the entranced girl, "but you're going to do it. For me."

She said nothing, but her eyes were locked on the whores, and her hand had strayed between her thighs. I wonder if she even realised she was masturbating.

A japanese sedan had pulled over and I could see a young white girl stepping in to it. I followed as the black driver pulled away and turned into an empty parking lot. Killing the lights we sat fifty yards away. My passenger was looking at the couple in the car, her breath coming faster. "Tell me," I said, "What the girl in that car is"

"She's a whore, a prostitute..."

"And what is she doing, " I asked, as the young blonde's head vanished down from view.

"She's sucking his cock. The black guy... she's sucking his cock for money," Chloe was not hiding her lust now, she had her panties pulled aside and was finger fucking herself with three fingers.

"Good girl. Do you want to be like her?"

"Yes. I admire her. I'm jealous of her. All those cocks."Chloe glanced across at me as she masturbated, "All those cocks. SO many. So many men. How did you know this is what I wanted?"

I leaned towards her and spat in her face. "Because I know a whore when I see one.

She came.

I got out of the car, reached in back, walked around to her side. She was still shaking, my spit glistened on her face. "Get out" I said, "And put this on". I handed her her jacket.

She complied, standing there in the cold, wearing panties, stockings, her upthrust bra and short leather jacket pulled over the top. her fat ass wobbled as she shivered in the cold. "It turned you on seeing that whore didn't it? So go take a close look. Go stand next to his window, and watch"

She shook her head and setpped away from me. I reached out, took a handful of her hair and twisted. "You do what I say, when I say it. You do what I say, when I say it. Do you understand?" She whimpered.

"I said do you understand?"


I let go of her, nodded towards the little black car. She walked across, butt swaying. She stood next to the darkened window. I felt my cock throb as the glass slid down. She had her back to me but the movement of her hands made clear she was playing with her huge tits, rubbing and mauling herself as the old back guy watched. He must have been in ecstacy, a little skank deepthroating his dick while some fatassed bitch was clawing her huge tits for a free show. After a minute of this, the door opened, and Chloe dropped to her knees, put her head inside.

I couldnt' see what she was doing, but I didn't need to, in order to know. I watched her butt jiggle and shake, sometimes the black guy slapped her fat asscheeks. In five minutes it was over. She stood, he drove off. She walked back to me.

Her face was wet and shiny. In her hand was a 20. She handed it to me without a word, dropped to her knees and puked.

I shoved her into the car. "Adrenalin. Mixed with lust. Feels like you're in a car wreck, doesn't it?"

She looked at me, face streaked dark with mascara. "I don't know why I did that. Why I'm doing any of this. I'm not like this, I don't need to do it. You've done something to me, d**gged me... That guy, he was old. An old man. And I sucked his cock like I loved him. I buried my face in his balls. The other girl laughed at me, she called me a whore. SHE called ME a whore... And he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it."

I handed her some tissues. "Clean yourself up. You have more work to do." She started to shake her head, but looked at me and stopped. "Must I?" I nodded, and she wiped the smeared make up away, flipped down the sunshade mirror, and started to apply more. Inwardly, I ticked a box.

Five minutes later I was looking at her on the corner. She didnt' look out of place among the other prostitutes. A little plumper than most, but dressed better, the way that jacket exposed her rump was just perfect. Id instructed her i her price list. 30 for a covered bj, 40 without a rubber, 50 cum in face. 50 titfuck. 80 to fuck with a rubber, 150 without. she hated anal so I'd agreed she could charge 150 with, for assfucking. She had no trouble with the figures, laughing that she was a waitress, she could handle numbers. In under two hours I'd turned this cunt from a good girl to prostitute, and it hadn't even been hard. I watched as she thrust her tits out for every guy that drove past, watched as she leaned into their cars. Saw her step into the car for the first time, followed, and watched the buick bounce on its springs, could even hear her yelling. I watcher her with most of the guys, saw her become more confident, more sassy as the night went on, saw the other girls, suspicious of her at first, eventually giving her her space. Saw a few dealers offering her something, pleased to see her reject them.

As dawn neared I drove to the kerb, beckoned her in. She threw herself back on the seat with a sigh. "You asshole, " she murmured, "They all wanted my butt. You knew they would."
I laughed. "Did you start to enjoy it?"

"Yes. And you knew that too I guess?"

I was still smiling. "Hand it over."

She held out the cash - more than a thousand dollars. "Not bad, new girls always earn more their first few weeks. Guys like fresh cunt. And asshole." I handed back 400 dollars and she glared at me. "Cunt, I am generous. These other skanks don't make that."

She snapped back at me "So that's all you want from me, money?"

"No, it isn't". I'll drive you home, and you're going to shower this filth off. And then I'm going to tie you down, and take my pleasure from you."

"And what if I say no?"

"Then I'll do it anyway, and you'll hurt more."

She softened. "You don't have to hurt me. I'll do what you want. I'll do anything you want. I'll do anything at all."

She twisted in her seat, and let her face fall to my lap, unzipping me. "I'll do anything you want me to, always." ... Continue»
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good girl gone bad

Kim and jen had just got to the concert and couldn't wait for the performance but they had about an hour till it started so they decided to check out some of the vendors they seen set up out front. as they where going through the booths they came across one that caught there eye the young k** had long dreadlocks and was selling hemp necklaces and tee shirts, jen being the adventurest one told Kelly to hang on a minute while she checked something out, so while Kim waited jen went up the young man and asked if he knew where she could get some weed for the concert, the young man obliged her and sold her a bag with 2 big joints already rolled in it, she stuffed them in her pocket and returned to Kim and they continued on there way. about an hour into the concert they both had a few beers and where feeling pretty good when kim noticed jen pulling a little baggie from her pocket and pull one of the joints out and then stuff the other back in her pocket. Jen lit the joint took a couple puffs and handed it to Kim, never really having done anything like this before Kim wasn't sure but put it up to her lips and inhailed a little and exhailed she thought to herself this isn't bad and took a bigger puff and started to cough and handed it back to Jen. they continued passing it back and fourth till it was gone while continuing to listen to the music of there favorite band. Kim found herself feeling a little funny and just sitting there and staring out in space just concentrating on the sound of the music not really noticinfg that the band was finishing up and everyone was on there feet. Jen helped Kim up and as the music stopped helped her to find her way out and back to the car. Luckily Jen had drove because Kim was in no shape to drive, with Kim's husband being out of town jen didn't want to leave her at her house alone so she drove them back to her place, she was surprised to find jphn still wasn't home but she figures he was still out at the bar. she helped Kim from the car and lead her into the house and up the stairs toward one of the guest rooms where she helped her to the bed and they both sat and talked about the fun they had that night, then Kim still feeling a littler light headed asked jen to help her get her shoes and stuff off and get ready for bed. jen help get her shoes off and stand up and you pushed your pants down revealing your white silk thong to her and sitting back on the bed she grabbed the bottom of your pants and pulled them from your legs and folded them and layed them on the side table before returning to you pulling your shirt over your head and handed it to her to place with your pants. she turned back around and admired you sitting there in your silk thong and white lace bra, then she moved back to the bed sitting next to you again and starts talking about how great the concert is, you are just looking at her talking and admiring how beautiful you think she is and all of a sudden just lean forward and kiss her, at first she doesn't do anything but after a second she starts to return your kiss. you kiss for a minute when you feel her hand on your bare knee and it slowly starts working up your leg but when it reaches your thigh she removes it and places it on your back and gently leans into you motioning for you to lay back. as you lay back she gets up and stands over you and pulls her shirt over her head and pushes her pants to the floor and kicks .them off standing before you in a matching red lace bra and thong set. she slowly lowers herself back down on top of you and gives you another passionate kiss this time her hand moving along your sides and up across your belly then up to cup both your firm bra clad tits and she gives them a little squeeze and a moan escapes your lips showing your approval of her touch. she reaches for the center clasp on the front of your bra and undoes it letting your tits fall free giving her a very nice view of them, she leans forward and takes the first one in her mouth and gently sucks at the nipple like a nursing baby causing you to again moan out in pleasure. while this is going on john is just getting home from the bar and notices the light on in the guest room and just figures you had decided to stay there tonight and didn't think anything of it till he heard your moans coming from the door that was left open, he slowly made his way down the hall and peered in to see his wife on top of you sucking your beautiful tits, he had always admired your tit since they where larger than jen's but he couldn't believe how great they actually looked with his wife eagerly sucking them, he returned to his room and removed all his clothes and made his way back to the open door and stood there watching stroking his erect cock unnoticed. jen continued to work on your tits for a few more minutes then slowly kissed her way down your body till she reached the top of your panties where she stopped for just a moment to pull them down and off your legs leaving your perfectly shaven pussy in view for her. she stood and remover her bra and panties before once again bending down and continuing to kiss her way down your body starting at your belly button then when she reached the top of your pussy she took her toungue and snaked it out and in one quick movement licked your pussy from bottom to top shending a shiver through your body and causing you to moan out loadly. she settled her face closer to your pussy and began licking steadily at you wet pussy driving you wild, having never been with a girl you couldn't believe how good it felt to have her between your legs licking your pussy. john had been standing at the door watching the show but decided it was time that he joined in, you where both startled when he entered the room but from the attention that jen had been giving your pussy you didn't want it to stop. Jen went back to licking your pussy and john walked up behind her and positioned his cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy and drove his 9 inch cock all the way into his wives little hole causing her to gasp and stop licking your pussy for a moment. as john started pounding her pussy causing her to move against your pussy on his in stroke you felt your orgasm building inside from the attention her tongue had been giving you and the site of his huge cock pounding her pussy. just as you was about to start your orgasm he pulled out of her tight pussy and pulled her back out of reach of your pussy and he told her that it was time he fucked your tight pussy, something he had wanted to do for a long time and was not going to let this chance escape him. as he positioned his cock at your entrance Jess climbed up on the bed next to you and as he slid his cock slowly into your tight pussy you gasped at the feeling of being stretched so, your husbands little cock felt nothing like this, this cock filled you fuller than you thought possible in places that had never been this full before. while you was enjoying this feeling you didn't notice that jen had now straddled you and was lowering her dripping wet pussy toward your face. you suddenly felt the wetness against your mouth and opened your eyes to find your friends wet pussy resting against your waiting mouth, having never done this before you cautiously opened your mouth and snaked your tongue out and began licking at her pussy. then he took his cock and withdrew and started to pump your pussy slowly at first then building speed and was soon fucking your pussy hard and fast causing you to move on the bed and rub your nose on your friends clit driving her wild while you licked her wet pussy this went on for about 10 minutes and you could feel your orgasm building again and in between licks you was gasping for him to fuck you harder to which he was obliging you and slamming that cock into your wanting pussy viguriously. suddenly jen fell forward planting her hands on the wall as her orgasm ripped through her body and her juices flooded your mouth. you could tell from his grunts that chris wouldn't last much longer, and he began pumping into you harder causing your own orgasm to rip through your body when john asks where you want him to cum with your orgasm and jen still sitting on your face and he takes it upon himself to decide that is feel to good inside you to pull out and in one more hard pump drives his cock deeper than before hitting the back of your pussy and unloads what feels like a gallon of potent cum deep inside you pussy, there is so much that it starts to ooze out form around his cock. as he remain motionless his softening cock still buried deep inside you Jen regains her balance and is able to up from your face, your face still glistening with her juices she leans down and gives you a kiss tasting herself on you. john now pulls his soft cock from your cum filled pussy and says how great you felt around his cock and how he is glad that you let him cum inside you since you are on the pill, you lean over to john and tell him but I am not on the pill and this is actually my fertile time of the month, you and your husband have been trying for moths to get pregnant but his pathetic little cock just can't make it happen and you hope that this will do the trick, I will fuck him tomorrow night when he gets home from his trip and then if I am pregnant he will think it is his, john just chuckles a little and you look at him and say wht don't we make sure that it worked and do it again to which you notice his cock start to harden once again. the three of you spend the rest of the night fucking like rabbits and you and jen decide that you need to start having a girls night every week and get together and eat each other out while the boys go to the bar. About 6 weeks later you invite john and jen to your house for dinner telling them you have some good news to share with them, when they get there you are all sitting around and then you tell them that you are pregnant, they both smile at ewach other and congradulate you both.... Continue»
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Another Good Girl Gone Bad!

Chad and I met in middle school where we instantly became the best of friends—never anything more, though often much less. We did almost everything together until the end of school. That's when we started heading our separate ways in life. Chad landed a dream job a few years after high school. It required a lot of travel and paid nearly ten times as much as any two of the jobs he previously held combined. I dropped him off at the airport and occasionally picked him up when he had a chance to visit.

After a year of traveling and saving, Chad finally decided he needed a break. He called and I gladly offered to give him a place to stay, which was to share my room at my parent's house. Little did I know how awkward it would be for us to be cramped in such a small space. Chad had a car but was tired and didn't want to leave. I didn't have a car, but I did have to study and preferred to do so in my room. We spent nearly two weeks carefully existing in the same small space. I nearly turned cartwheels when an ex-girlfriend called and invited him to the club. I drove him clear across town just to get a few hours to myself.

There were lots of things I couldn't do with Chad in my room. As soon as I got home I dressed up in my shortest, tightest dress. I slipped on some stockings and stilettos, and I put on a little too much makeup. It was my usual routine—dress up, drink and flirt on the webcam. Glasses of wine turned into shots of Jack, and the roar of Chad's ride made me quite aware that I had completely lost track of time. I ran to the front room and peeked out the window. Chad and his ex, Spring, were making their way up towards the house. I didn't know what to do.

It was after 3 o'clock in the morning, and Spring and Chad were more than making out before they reached the porch. My nosy neighbor from across the street noticed and decided he needed to water his lawn. Spring sat Chad down in the chair on the opposite side of the window I was spying from. She hiked up her skirt, bent over at the waist and teased his crotch with her mouth. Dan, my nosy neighbor, stretched the hose down to the street and watered his curb and driveway for a better view.

We were never more than friends and I had definitely never seen Chad's cock, though he had brushed an erection or two against my body before laughing it off. Spring unzipped his pants and slowly pulled his erection out to play. He was long and thick and perfect. She swirled her tongue around the head of his dick until it jumped a few times in her hand. He was throbbing hard and ready. She sucked on his head a few times, teasing him, never breaking eye contact. Dan eagerly watched on, creating puddles in the street as he completely forgot how to water his grass.

Spring sucked on the head of Chad's dick for ten or fifteen minutes. She shifted from squatting between his legs to hiking her ass up in the air and bending over at the waist. Dan's neighbor, Joe, happened to find his way down to Dan's curb to aid in watering the lawn. I couldn't help but touch myself on the other side of the window as I watched Spring suck Chad's dick and tease my neighbors at the same time. Chad stroked his perfect dick until he shot a load of warm cum all over his shirt. Spring teased like she was going to taste it, helped him wipe it off and said goodbye.

At first I wanted to run to the bathroom to change back into the Jennifer Chad had always known, but Spring had blown my mind and Chad's dick was so thick and long and hard. I sat on the couch by the front door and slowly crossed my legs. He was turning the key in the door. Things were about to change forever. I couldn't help but bite my lip when he walked in. He had been drinking and he had definitely just relieved some stress on my front porch. He had not managed to put his dick completely away, though.

I grabbed Chad's dick as he approached me. It was still wet from Spring's mouth. He instantly started throbbing back to life. With the front door standing wide open and my two nosy neighbors still watching from the puddles across the street, I took Chad's perfect dick into my mouth and pressed it towards the back of my throat. The light from the other room cast our silhouettes on the front door for the neighbors to enjoy. The taste of Chad's dick set off a warm wetness between my thighs. I clicked the overhead light on and dropped down to my knees in front of him.

I took all eight or nine inches into my throat and held it until I needed air as much as I wanted Chad's dick to explode in my mouth. Precum and drool dripped from my chin and coated my stockings and thighs. I grabbed my heels and let Chad do the work. He fucked my mouth and throat until he couldn't take it any more. He pulled out just as my aunt was walking up to the front door. Time seemed to stand still as Chad's perfect dick exploded towards my face. I quickly took it back in my mouth and swallowed as much and as hard I could. I didn't notice my aunt until I finished cleaning up every last drop of hot, delicious cum from Chad's dick and balls. She winked and stepped aside before Chad opened his eyes again.

It ended up being the best show that never made it to my webcam!... Continue»
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good girl gone bad

I was a quite a quite reserved teen, and my parents were always really trusting. I had never done anything to break the trust they stored in me; therefore when I was 18 my mum was always willing to leave me on my own when she went away for a few days.

I had a long-term boyfriend but unfortunately, when it came to the bedroom, I must say - disappointment would be an understatement. I did however have a boy that I was extremely close to who use to come round when my boyfriend was busy, or mum was at work, or away, and we would both use each other to relieve the sexual frustration that had been building up from the both of us having utterly useless partners. We hadn’t however, ever gone the full way and had sex.

This one time, my parents were away at a wedding and had left me alone for 5 nights. They left late on the Friday night in a hurry, therefore I decided that I would text Matt (my fuck buddy) the next day and arrange a time for him to come round and "service" me. I decided to have an early night after a long week, so I went upstairs, got changed and got into bed. I never sl**p completely naked, but tonight, I couldn’t help but take my pyjamas off. The feeling of my naked flesh on the fresh sheets turned me on straight away. I went to reach for my draw where I kept my trusty rabbit to give myself a good going over, when I suddenly had an idea - I’ll ring Matt! Ten minutes later, Matt was knocking at my door.

I went downstairs and answered the door to him in my underwear. His eyes looked like they were about to burst out of his head, and the budge in his jeans showed he was feeling the same as I was. I let him in and shut the door behind him. I turned around when suddenly he thrust me up against the door and began to kiss me passionately. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as I felt him kissing my neck and moving down on to my breast. He hoisted my legs around his waist as I began to grind my hips on him cock. I could feel his budge rubbing against my clit and it was driving me insane.

I decided it was my turn to show him a good time. I pulled him over to the sofa and sat him down. I stood in front of him and removed my underwear. I then took his top off over his head and stopped him from touching me, driving him wild! I kissed my way down his chest, while gently rubbing my clit. I got to the top of his jeans and pulled them off, revealing his hard cock. I teased him, licking his head and slowly tugging on his shaft, then stopping until he begged me for more. Eventually he was fucking my mouth. I could feel his end hitting the back of my throat. I was eagerly rubbing my cunt at this point, making sure it was in full view for him to see. His moaning encouraged me to keep going.

Feeling he was about to come, I took this as my cue to climb on top of him. As he sucked hard on my tits, I eased his cock slowly inside of me and gently began grinding him. His head fell back in ecstasy. We both began to pump until I couldn’t contain myself anymore and let out a huge moan, closely followed by the feeling of him shooting his load inside of me.

We just sat there, to tired to move. I could feel my pussy contracting on his cock still inside of me. I couldn’t help but smile as I remembered my parents wouldn’t be back for 5 days...
... Continue»
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Good girl gone bad, my first masturbation.

I am a young girl going to college and working part time tutoring k**s. I was always curious about sex, but I've never try it before. Since my hormones was changing, that makes me even more horny sometime. Here's my first experiment with masturbation. On a Friday night, after watching some porn movies, my pantie was so wet I couldn't resist touching my slippery pussy. Since I don't have any toy, I thought of something crazy and run to the kitchen. There I take out a cold bottle of water, then rub it against my wet pussy, wet on wet. I start to moan. I guess this is what they call pleasure. i got bored with one position, so I put the bottle between my leg side way,standing up, griping the cold bottle between my legs and tip toeing back to my room. I didn't want my roommate to see me on our kitchen's floor...While I was tip toeing back, it felt as if the bottle is moving on its own, that makes me want to squirt. So I drop the bottle run to the bathroom to urinate, but I couldn't. It felt weird, my body twitches. It felt as if someone is tickling my pussy. I'm a sucker for tickles. So I burst out laughing and my roommate yell across the room:" Get a boyfriend weirdo !"... Yes I was embarrassed, so I laugh even harder. Later on that night, I had a weird wet dream about my roommate and I. I guess I really need to get a boyfriend already. I wish life could slow down so I could look for one... That's all for today. thanks for reading this naughty anecdote. ... Continue»
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A good girl fixes her plumbing

What does a good girl do when she hasnt a daddy all of her own and the shower is leaking? She fixes it.Now anyone can tell you that as a single baby girl you very often ( and pun intended) have to take matters into your own hands and that dear reader is exactly what I did.Being self sufficient can be a good thing and I figure that , when I finally do meet my forever and ever daddy he will praise and celebrate the fact that I'm a very smart and very resourceful girl.

I have a tendency to daydream , that's just who I am.So when I slipped into the cab and noticed the cabbie's thick black hair with silver streaks at his temples, I just couldn't help myself.I sat in the back seat , legs apart , lounging as if I were a princess on some crushed velvet and teak Edwardian chaise .Listening to the deep tenor of his voice , imagining how it might feel to have those big strong hands gripping me tightly to him instead of the steering wheel.

I hate it when people wake me from daydreams , but that he did and I paid the nice gentleman and gave him a tip , smiling to myself and blushing , thinking , if i was a far more forward baby girl I would have written my phone number on the 10 dollar bill and told him to keep the change and call me sometime.

Some days I really wish I were a slut.An easy going freak that would fuck anything with two legs.Unfortunately I'm just not made that way.Sure when I am in a relationship , preferably a Daddie/daughter one I am Daddy's slut , it's a state of mind and I believe most little ones are apt to similar tendencies . I embraced my need , cravings , desires to be daddy's precious and prized cock hungry princess a long time ago.But I just cant be that way with anyone.The connection and trust involved is crucial and a baby girl ( this one anyways) needs to feel respected , cherished , accepted and loved for the cock hungry whore her daddy's affection and attention inspires in her.If he's a good daddy he will sing her praises and gently, lovingly, encourage lewd and wanton behavior in his little girl.Where was I? Oh yes . getting back to my story ...

There I was in the hardware section , staring up at basic shower heads anywhere between 9.99 and 24.99,water conserving , full flow , massaging . Ohhh .and then I spotted them . Oh there was so many to choose from. extra large massaging heads with 6 function power nozzle , a bit big but if i ever had a kink in my neck that would do the trick .My mind started to wander for a moment and then I saw it . the one that fit my needs and my budget. the head wasn't too big or clunky , lightweight and yet still had 4 settings , it was anti clog and easy to install.Not to mention that the shower head itself was just about the size of my fist and all of a sudden i felt a warm wetness between my legs and the urge to fly home as fast as I could.

I didnt fly home though , I stood there for another few minutes weighing my options , I rarely make a decision about anything without picking it apart and over thinking.And if you ask me my Daddy , if i had one , would expect me to make the smart choice , and the most expensive hardware there doth not make the wisest choice.Plus ,I like it when I'm in public thinking naughty things and my daddyhole starts to drip and gather in my pants.Ask any Daddy out there and he would say I did the right thing.I chose the 24.99 , anti clog , 4 setting hand held shower with easy to install instructions on the back.

I paid for the other items in my cart and phoned the cab company.sat on a bench seat out of the wind and rain telling myself, "soon baby girl" , barely able to contain my excitement.I blushed profusely when the same taxi driver stepped out of the car and told me it was OK he could get the bags and I should get in the cab to get warm.I felt flushed.I watched as he lunked my bags one by one into the trunk .God his hands were beautiful.I felt another immediate gush of wetness and now my clit was throbbing.

I smiled sweetly and thanked him,then crossed my legs for the ride home, having noticed, this time , the gold wedding band on his finger.I'm pretty sure I pouted a little .

The Cabbie carried my bags to the door and I thanked him , gave him another 10 for the fair and a tip.My heart was racing as I put groceries away , haphazardly shoving boxes and cans into the pantry not caring where they went.

I grabbed the scissors and almost had to stop myself from running up the stairs as i cradled the plastic clamshell housing my new and welcome addition to the bathroom.I read the instructions twice.Turned the radio on and then I carefully cut the plastic and slipped the showerhead free of its housing , connected the long snake like hose to the cold steel pipe protruding from the wall and attached the shower head to the hose.

You've never seen a woman throw off her clothes so fast just to hop in the shower.I was quivering inside.Aching.I held my lover for dear life as I began to run the cold and then the hot water taps, pulled up the silver knob and felt those first trickles of warm water rush over my skin.It felt so good as I waved the wand slowly along my shoulders I was frozen from the 15 minute wait outside in the gold and damp and rain.I directed the stream of hot water down my heavy breasts and teasingly over my already soaked and sopping daddyhole.I could hear myself sigh and moan above the din of the shower , the waves of pulsating water cascading over my body, I imagined were my Daddy's strong loving hands.

my thumb flipped the small lever on the shower head to a strong pulsation as I adjusted the temperature the flow and guided the nozzle lower , aiming the stream at my wanting cunt.I groaned instantly as the strong pulsing water vibrated on my clit I fell back agaisnt the wall and lifted my leg , resting it on the faucet , trying desperatly to spread my legs as wide as I could without toppling over and hurting myself.The stream tickled my pussy so teasingly and I could barely take another moment.I crammed the shower head between my bald little camel toe and grinded my clit with it like a rabid sex kitten.

Suddenly I hear a soft whining voice crying out for her Daddy as the waves of orgasm shuddered and shook through me until I was screaming and shaking , realizing as the tears streamed down my cheeks that it me moaning for a Daddy I had to meet , yes to love , yet to serve.

The orgasm crashing through me until it gently ebbed but I wasnt done , not yet.There was still yet to do.My thumb flicked over the small lever again and the water came in a gentle stream as I growled and f***ed the nozzle inside my greedy baby girl cunty and immediatly starting fucking myself.I think I hot my G spot right away cause before long my screams and groans could be heard above the music and I was screaming again " Daddy fuck me!! Ooohh god Daddy ...yes I'm gonna cum ..Daddy ..Daddddy ...DADDDDDDYYYY FUCK IM CUMMING FOR YOU DADDDYYY!!!!"and then I felt the tension and release as I let go and cummed and squirted all over the shower head.I couldnt breathe.I stood there panting and shaking as I slowly pulled the nozzle from my quivering cunt.I whined slightly not wanting to leave the safety and warmth of my bathroom my surrogate for Daddy's loving arms.

I slowed my breath again.put my back against the wall and relaxed for a moment until I begrudgingly turned the taps off and rested the shower in its proper place.I smiled deviously for a moment and then a bittersweet thought came over me.Would I ever find him?Would he come along like I always dreamed , a knight in shining armor to sweep his beloved princess off her feet and gallop off into the sunset?

For now it seemed , that wasnt about to happen any time soon.
But When my Daddy does arrive, I'll show him what a big girl I am and the good job I did replacing the old shower head,I might even show him , all the naughty things I can do with it too ....... Continue»
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A typical day with my good girl darla

Memories of my good girl.

I f***e you into a hotel room. strip you naked, tie you to the bed and rope your breasts. To your own surprise you feel your pussy throbbing. Your clit pulsating while you beg me to "stop". With that I ball gagged you and put a blind fold on you. I use a riding crop to spank your swollen tits. each strike making your back arch. The sting was sending excitement to your engorged clit. Your moans became clear and I tell you to stop it. You were begging. At first I thought you were begging for me to stop but you wanted me to fuck you. I untied you and took the ball gag and blind fold away. You looked at my fat cock and wanted to suck it so bad but I teased you with it. OK, good girl have a taste as you hungrily took it deep into your throat and pumped on it with your hand. I petted your hair and told you to turn around. Stick your asshole up to the ceiling and reach forward. you comply and feel my cock stretching your tight pussy whole. You try to squeeze it, milk it with your pussy but it's too fat. Your sopping wet as your nipples rub against the sheets. You reach down to play with your clit and I tell you "no....reach straight out" yes Sir you reply as I pump harder, deeper into you. You're so close to cuming but I tell you you're not permitted until I'm ready ... "yes Sir" you reply ... good girl as I continue to bang away at your well worn pussy. My sweat now dripping onto your wonderful ass. I love to watch your asshole pucker as I pound your twat ..... I jam my finger into your asshole with little regard. Your such a dirty little whore. Then a second finger as you yell out. I withdraw entirely and lube up my fat cock. (6" in circumference) I nuzzle the head of my cock on your asshole. "is this where you want it?" ... "yes Sir, please please, please Big Daddy" slowly I nudge it forward, deeper. Stretching that ever so tight hole. Ouchy Ouchy (its what I've taught her to say instead of yelling) "thats a good girl" as she takes it deeper. Then with little regard I bang it home and start riding her. Fucking her ass hard. My balls bouncing up against her dangling pussy lips and throbbing clit. She is moaning faster and begging "please .... please .... " it turns me on so much I command darla to turn around ... she does quickly ... "suck me off".... no sooner do I shove it deep down your throat ... I spray my load, she chokes on it at first then sucks me dry.... and as she has a thousand times before ... you finger your pussy like crazy rubbing your clit with your thumb ... cum for me now good girl as she cums in pleasurable agony. It was so intense. I tug your hair as your body trembles and quivers from the explosive orgasm. ..... I smile to myself as I realize how well I've trained her. Knowing that someday some other wannabe might use this slut someday. Thinking he has been such a good master with a special skill. Probably hearing the same words of passion and promises only a dirty little cum slut will say.

We fall together onto the bed. Our bodies fit so naturally as we entangle our bodies. We fall into a blissful state of satisfaction of spent passion. You nuzzle into me. I stroke your hair softly and say "thank you good girl ... " and you reply " thank you Big Daddy" together we fall asl**p, happy ..... and knowing it won't be long until we'll want to do it again ......

... Continue»
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A Certain Perception (c) 2004 by Cherysse St. Clai

A Certain Perception
(c) 2004 by Cherysse St. Claire

Kyra was not the girl of my dreams. I never DARED dream a woman that good would just walk into my life. She was smart, sassy, vivacious, intuitive, resourceful, and a real 'people person'. We met in an Internet chat room called "Working Girls". We're not talking about the kind you find in corporate offices or retail stores. C'mon, be honest; what guy hasn't fantasized about being with a woman like that? The room was filled with the usual posers and wannabes. Every girl was a drop-dead-gorgeous slut who would bang a guy on the hood of a car if the price were right. Every guy was a 'Sugar Daddy' with hundred-dollar bills hanging out of his pockets. At least, that is what they all would have you believe. Kyra was different. There was just some indefinable... SOMETHING that made me believe she was the real deal. It was not so much what she said as the way she said it that spoke of a woman who had truly "been there, done that."

Naturally, a lot of snerts in the room asked the obvious, stupid question: "Are you REALLY a...?" She artfully deflected their inquiries, reminding them of the name and nature of the room and playfully suggesting they draw their own conclusions. Still, if one was astute enough to read between the lines.... Whenever she entered the chat room, people flocked to her. She reigned like a Queen on her throne. I was a little intimidated. I chatted mostly with my own online friends, interacting with her only in group conversations.

One evening, out of the blue, SHE started chatting with ME. Was I stunned? Oh, yeah. Our light, breezy banter in the room took a more personal turn that required private messaging. She revealed that, aside from my courteous, non-threatening manner, there were "little things" I had mentioned in passing about myself that had intrigued her. I hadn't remembered saying ANYTHING definitive about myself. In fact, I avoided doing so. The room was fun enough, but I thought it best if the people in it did not know I really WAS rich (I was blessed with being born into the right f****y). Kyra didn't ask, just as I hadn't asked about her. She simply stated: "Breeding shows."

We clicked - and spent long hours deeply immersed in IM's. This intriguing vixen told me she lived in a city on the other coast. She was a bit older than me, but it didn't matter to either of us. We exchanged pictures of ourselves and I was instantly in lust. She was a stunning redhead with sparkling emerald eyes and a dynamite body. I fervently hoped this vision really WAS her, not some random picture she scammed from Cyberspace. Finally, I booked an airline reservation (ticketless; she was impressed) to have her come for a visit - on my birthday. She promised she would bring a gift I would never forget. "Don't take my pledges lightly, Michael," she admonished. "A promise made is a promise kept."

Meeting her in the flesh was the best birthday present I had ever received. I had expected to wait outside the airport security checkpoint for her to arrive. Instead, she was already there waiting for ME - wearing a bow pinned to her top and holding a lit birthday candle in her hands. She explained her flight had gotten in early. Her pictures hadn't done her justice; she was even more spectacular in the flesh. As in the chat room, there was nothing in her appearance or demeanor that overtly suggested she was a 'woman of ill repute'. She was merely the most beautiful, sensual, desirable woman I had ever seen. Our first kiss was instinctive - and pure electricity. The breathtaking redhead was all over me, oblivious to the scornful/envious stares of those around us. It was all we could do to contain ourselves as we loaded her bags in the trunk and drove home - to my two-acre walled estate with swimming pool, Jacuzzi, guest cottage, four-car garage and thirteen-room, forty-five-hundred-square-foot 'bachelor pad'. The irony wasn't lost on me. Here I was, the rich Sugar Daddy (at newly-turned twenty-one, I had trouble envisioning myself as ANYONE's 'daddy') and his beautiful ex-hooker girlfriend. I thought that only happened on television....

Consummating our physical intimacy was almost an afterthought after the emotional intimacy that had flowed back and forth those past months - almost. I had never dreamed Sex could be so good, so fulfilling, so... well, kinky. Kyra could get inside my head like nobody's business, make me visualize the most outlandish, erotic scenarios in a depth of detail that made them appear life-like. Talk about Virtual Reality! We shared the same tastes in kinky, fetish sex. Our favorites included big-boobed porn goddesses, overdone, overblown, over-the-top hookers, and tall, well-muscled, magnificently-endowed men - especially Black men. Kyra playfully chided me about my attraction to the hooker stereotype ("You boys are all alike!") and was particularly amused that I could see the value in sucking and fucking big, black dicks.

About the only thing we clashed on was our taste in music. I listened to Classical, Blues (B.B. King, Muddy Waters, Lightnin' Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers), and a lot of Rock. She was heavily into Hip-Hop and Rap - a legacy from her 'past life'. I had a deep appreciation for the old Motown Sound and could certainly get into some of the genuinely artistic R&B singers, but 50-Cent? Nelly? OK, OK, Usher was pretty good. So were Outkast and Black-Eyed Peas - and is/are the latter considered SINGULAR, or PLURAL?

Now that she had come into my life, I couldn't see being without her. Money certainly wasn't a problem. My parents had retired and bought one of those huge, sprawling estates in Incline Village, leaving this more humble residence (yeah, right) to their only c***d - me - along with my Mercedes and comfortable inheritance. My lover teased me about being a "trust fund baby". Laughter aside, she confided to me how comforting it was to be able to relax and enjoy life for a change. She vowed she was looking forward to my spoiling her rotten.

I took her to meet them. She was nervous - without reason. They adored her as much as I did. I knew they would. We told them our desire for a small, intimate ceremony, not the usual big, splashy Society thing. Mom might have been a little disappointed, but they both gave us their blessing. We got married right there, overlooking Lake Tahoe, with my parents as witnesses. I didn't think Life could get any better than that.

Did I say Kyra was resourceful? In no time, she was plugged into my hometown as though she had lived here all her life. She found the best beauty salon (naturally), the best sources for clothes, shoes, and accessories (from classy to fetish kink), the best restaurants, theaters, and nightclubs. She even found the best plastic surgeon in a town full of them - a town where cosmetic procedures are considered a rite of passage. I treated her to a few little 'touch-ups' that rendered her beauty other-worldly.

We went everywhere together. We humored each other on our disparate musical tastes, as played out on the car stereo. I was thrilled to be seen with this gorgeous woman on my arm. Kyra was shamelessly affectionate in public, kissing, hugging, nuzzling me without a care who saw us. It was a major turn-on to see other men leer at her with obvious intent and just-as-obviously wish they were me. Eat your hearts, out, Guys!

Having tasted the world of achievement and privilege I inhabited, this love of my life developed a burning ambition to succeed. She expressed a desire to correct a mistake she made long ago; to go back to school and complete her education. She had already begun attending classes a couple of nights a week to earn her GED. I was delighted and promised her a full "scholarship" and that I would "pull some strings" at any college she chose to attend if the school was being a little too stringent on their admissions policy.

Our emotional intimacy included sharing the most intensely private, personal details of our lives. My suspicions had been accurate. Kyra finally admitted to having been a "sex worker", as she put it, for six years; from the time the then-sixteen-year-old had run away from home until we had met in Cyberspace. The experience had changed her, matured her in ways few people ever achieved - certainly not at her age.

Kyra hadn't wanted to deceive me, but she had been afraid to divulge that part of her life to me before we had a chance to meet face-to-face and really get to know one another. As she explained it, most men regarded hookers as 'damaged goods'; suitable for a quick, anonymous fuck, but not relationship material. Kyra had desperately wanted a safe, sane, stable relationship away from her sordid existence. She had turned to the Internet as a way of meeting people in a neutral environment, free from the preconceptions inherent with her life. The "Working Girls" chat room was a very canny ruse on her part. She could meet people who, at least, were INCLINED towards getting to know a hooker as a real person. At the same time, she could easily hide among the obvious phonies and filter out the low-lifes who frequented the room only to find a 'date'.

The more she had gotten to know me online, the more she had been convinced I was The One, the man of her dreams who would rescue her from the emotional trauma of life on the streets. She was quick to point out there was much more to her attraction to me than just that. It was just that she was...complicated. She didn't hate men. In spite of her past, she hadn't lost her taste for sex - especially the kind of lurid, edgy sex that had ensnared her in 'The Life' in the first place. If the truth be known, she still had a special fondness for the kind of overdone sluts whose pictures we both enjoyed. She had simply come to a point in life where she wanted to deal with it all on her terms, not someone else's. She new instinctively I would make her very happy. And, in return....

I swept her up in my arms and kissed her deeply, passionately. When our lips parted, I explained that, although Cyberspace is Cyberspace and anyone can pretend to be anything they wish under the cloak of anonymity, I had suspected all along she was a genuine 'working girl' and the thought had not bothered me. She avowed that part of her life was over and she would never 'date' again, in deference to her love for me. I smiled, gently placed one finger to her lips, and replied even if she did, I believed in her and my love for her was stronger than any jealousy or insecurity that might tear us apart. She liked that a lot. It SOUNDED like the right thing to say at the time, didn't it? I mean, this was my first experience with anything this serious and I was head-over-heels in love with her. If SHE had blown in MY ear, I would have followed her anywhere.

I wasn't a 'hunk' in the traditional sense. I certainly wasn't a 'hulk'. Most women considered me "too small and too pretty", as they often put it, to take seriously. True, I could have had any woman I wished simply by flashing my money around. Does that sound cynical? Anyway, I didn't want to do that and didn't respect guys who did. Then there was Kyra. She and I were within millimeters of the same height. If my diminutive, less-than-imposing physical size and pretty-boy good looks were a problem for her, she never mentioned it. She had giggled about it once, shortly after we had met. She teased that it was nice to finally have a man with whom she could really see "eye-to-eye" - except when she wore heels, of course. "In fact," she purred, "your stature makes you perfect for OTHER PURSUITS."

I suited her to a "T" when it came to oral sex. Although we enjoyed our intercourse, Cunnilingus had always been my favorite form of sexual intimacy. I excelled at eating my (few) lovers out. Since Kyra and I had first begun having sex, I had learned how to push all the right buttons. I knew exactly what to do to bring her to the most shattering, mind-numbing climaxes imaginable. She avowed it was like making love with another woman. That it was a MAN who made slow, soft, considerate, gentle love with such depth of emotion - like a woman - made it even better in her mind. She returned the favor, fellating me to levels of orgasmic bliss I never knew existed.

My love was nothing if not uncannily perceptive - and VERY crafty. One night, in the afterglow of an intense session of sex, she manipulated me into admitting to my most intensely personal, private desire.

"Fess up, Michael," she teased. "The pictures. The lurid pillow talk. The racy, provocative girls we BOTH stare at on the streets. The porn videos we like to watch together. I know you WANTED to be with a hooker all along, even if you don't want to admit it. That's why you were hanging out in 'Working Girls', isn't it? Don't worry; you won't chase me away. I know what a living doll you really are. You are STUCK with me now. Just tell me I am the girl of your dreams and I will be happy."

"No, not exactly," I replied.

She pouted, teasingly. Then, she lightly caressed my naked chest, tenderly raking the flesh with her elegant sculptured nails in that sensual, seductive way she did so well.

"NO? Well then, if it isn't ME, who is it? Britney? J.Lo? Christina? I can show you things those lame-assed bitches have never dreamed of."

"Um, that's kind of complicated."

"I UNDERSTAND 'complicated'. I wrote the book. Tell me more."

I explained it as tactfully as I could, terrified of revealing my sordid secret to ANYONE, let alone one I was truly, madly, deeply in love with.

"You teased me about always having wanted to be with a hooker. That's ALMOST accurate. I have always fantasized about... experiencing Sex from the other side of the gender divide. Oh, there is more to it than that; a lot more. You know me. You know the kind of girls I - WE - lust for. In my fantasies, I never envision myself as the Girl Next Door. I have always been obsessed with the kind of fantasy slut you see in "B" movies; standing on a street corner with Big Hair, too much makeup, long, glistening fingernails, killer curves sheathed in tight, revealing dresses and dangerously high stiletto heels, the works. I want to get inside that slut's head, to know her thoughts, desires, what her life is like. That dream has haunted me as long as I can remember, but I have always regarded it as exactly that; a dream that will never be realized. How would I even begin? I feel so far removed from that world. I haven't known any hookers. I had no idea where to find one until....

As the import of my words suddenly dawned on me, I rushed to put words in my mouth, hoping that, by sheer volume alone, I might accidentally hit on the right ones to cover my amazing lack of sensitivity.

"I love you, Kyra; I really, really do. YES, when we were in the chat room, when I first suspected you might be a REAL 'working girl', my imagination ran wild. I conjured up all the lurid, wanton images that have occupied my brain since... well, a long time, OK? When you started chatting with me, when we began to get REALLY CLOSE, I fell in love with the PERSON, not the sex object. That you were ALSO... uh, 'experienced', was a nice plus. You are out of The Life now. I wouldn't change anything about you. I certainly would not, under ANY circumstances, expect you to go back into it and share your experiences with me, just so I can live it vicariously through you. My fantasy is more direct than that. It's ME that would have to change. I don't want to HAVE a slut. I dream of BEING a slut,"

Kyra raised one eyebrow quizzically.

"Oh? I had a few of dates that liked to act out their own hooker fantasies with me. It was fun. Do you want to play dress-up and be my little B-movie hooker for me around the house?"

"Yes. I mean, no. I mean... this is REALLY complicated. Dressing up might be fun for a while, but it just wouldn't be... enough. I would know it was still ME - a guy in a dress, pretending to be something he wasn't. I think I've been watching too much Reality TV. My fantasies are all in High Definition and Surround Sound now. I don't want to be some old, tired closet queen like those other guys you were with. I want MORE. God, I wish I could just clone you, climb inside your skin and be the 'you' you used to be."

Open mouth, insert foot. REALLY MICHAEL, I thought to myself, YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP. In spite of what she had assured me BEFORE I had begun my little rant, I was deathly afraid Kyra would walk out in disgust, right then and there, and never see me again. She didn't; far from it. She regarded me with her twinkling green eyes, smiled that knowing little smile of hers and snuggled up even closer to me.

"Sweetie, that is the nicest compliment anyone has ever paid me - in an 'out-there' kind of way. It is SO KINKY, too! That explains a lot of things - including why you are so damn good at oral sex. You already THINK like a slut when it comes to pleasuring your partner. In spite of what you might think, I was never quite THAT extreme, but I knew girls who were. You would have loved them. I did - but you already knew that, didn't you? Do you actually KNOW anything about that lifestyle?"

I pursed my lips and shook my head.

"Not a damn thing. Look at me, how I live. I wouldn't know where to go. I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to hustle... JOHNS? TRICKS?"


"DATES. See what I mean? I am completely clueless about all that. As far as living, even LOOKING the part, dream on, Bud. It exists only in my head."

Kyra smiled and gently stroked my cheek.

"That is ACTUALLY a really good way to approach it. You want to see what it's really like to be a slut like that? It's nowhere near as impossible as you think. I hadn't wanted to mention this, but you are a little... well, effeminate. Remember when I told you your stature made you perfect for 'other pursuits'? Look at you. You are almost exactly my height and bone structure. You have that long-legged look that drives men crazy. Those long, slender fingers and perfectly-shaped nails are to die for! I think you would make a GORGEOUS woman with a little work here and there. As for the rest... well, I'll let you in on a little secret. Michael, 'Society' - as you think of it - is a sham. It's all about pretense, image, and spin-control. We are what we PERCEIVE ourselves - and each other - to be. Believe me, I know. You may think you are worlds apart from a whore like that, but you are much closer to her than you could possibly imagine. It's all about the right attitude and how you perceive yourself. If you project the right image, others will perceive you in the same light.

As it happens, you came to the right girl. You want to get inside a slut's head? I know a little something about that lifestyle, Baby. You like the way I get inside YOUR head, don't you? It would be no problem to help YOU get inside HER head, experience her thoughts, desires... her LIFE. Before I say anything else, I have to ask: Do you really love me?"

"I love you more than my life."

"Do you TRUST me?"


She kissed me tenderly and smiled her Cheshire smile.

"Then hear me out. I... have always thought the WHOLE IDEA of a man becoming a gorgeous, sexy woman was a real turn-on. I met a lot of T-girls in my time on the streets. They were among my closest friends. I mean, really close - catch my drift? Some of those girls were really into the 'extreme' look, like you and I are so crazy about. In fact, I had a 'drag mother' who taught me most of what I know about makeup, hair, and just being the kind of slut that drives men wild. Through her and the rest of my friends, I made contacts, met people, and learned the tricks and techniques used to transform them into the sexy sirens they became. Soon, I was HELPING them whenever I could. It was such a rush to help change a cute little man into a soft, shapely, sexy, beautiful woman - and from there into the cheap, trashy slut she wanted to be. I hate to admit it, but I got a little... POSSESSIVE. I didn't mind sharing the girl with dates. Dates are dates; they show up, pay you, get off, and leave. What really ate at me was, as soon as the girl was 'done', she would dash off and find herself a 'husband'.

Michael, do you want to know what I thought the first time I saw your picture? 'Wow, with a little work, he would look GREAT in a tight little dress and sky-high heels!' Now you tell me you have always dreamed of being a girl just like the ones I lust for? Oh, my dear, sweet JESUS.... The IDEA of transforming YOU into a girl like that for ME makes me WET. THIS TIME, dear 'husband', I'm going to keep you all to myself! Naturally, it helps that we enjoy... shall we say, UNLIMITED financial resources? Why not play with this a little, explore your ultimate fantasy - for BOTH of us? I love you so much - and this is just so wicked, we can't NOT at least give it a try. This would be my way of sharing myself, my life with you on a level of intimacy few couples ever experience.

There are a couple of conditions, though. First, we can't tell a soul; at least, not the people from YOUR life. That includes f****y, friends, neighbors, anyone who really knows you. They aren't like us; they would not understand our desires or what we share. They CERTAINLY wouldn't approve of the 'nasty girl' you are going to portray. I don't know WHAT I am going to tell your dear, sweet parents, but I will think of SOME reason why they can't see you. Maybe I will tell them you contracted Berri-berri or something. I can be pretty convincing when I want to be. Second, I will be in charge of EVERYTHING. After all, who knows more about girls like that than me? You must trust me enough to put yourself completely in my hands, without reservation. I crave 'reality' as much as you do. If I think there is something we need to do to make the experience more authentic, more pleasurable for us, then we do it. Baby, I can get you so deeply into a slut's head, you will think you were BORN there. Does that thought appeal to you?"

How could it not?

The pills, diet and exercise came first. I wasn't overweight by any means, but Kyra promised she would have me down to her own sleek one hundred fifteen pounds in no time. I missed my burgers and pizza, but the salads weren't that bad and I wasn't really starving or anything. She said the pills saw to that. She also began "figure-training" me. If I wasn't hungry before she started lacing me into that corset every day, I sure wasn't after. The crushing sensation was really uncomfortable, too. She said I would get used to that after a while.

To take my mind off my physical discomfort, she took me 'back to school' to focus my attention on something else. I began learning what she called "Street Speak", that odd patois of slang, euphemisms, malapropisms and bad grammar that she claimed was the common currency of the life she had known so well. The vocabulary was simplistic, to say the least. The words tended to be slurred, run on, and had a kind of sing-song cadence to them. There seemed to be code words and buzz phrases for EVERYTHING. Everyone is "Baby", "Honey", or "Sugar". She drilled me incessantly, chiding me good-naturedly whenever I slipped up, using a big word or phrase that would have been just as confusing for a street girl as all of this was to me. I was perplexed. It was all so... ALIEN to me.

"Honey, I don't REALLY have to talk like this, do I?"

Kyra put it succinctly:

"Baby, do you KNOW how girls like that talk?"


"Believe me, I DO; I lived it for six years. We agreed we want this experience to be authentic. Before you can experience a slut's life and desires, a slut's WORLD, you first have to understand what that world IS. Baby, the street scene she inhabits is, for want of a better term, a 'Black Thing', and this is the way everyone talks - even the White girls."

"But we've seen African-Americans, both singles and couples, whenever we went out. THEY don't talk that way."

Kyra smiled sadly and shook her head.

"Michael, 'African-American' is a politically-correct term for a politically-correct segment of the population. The 'African-Americans' you have seen do not represent the world your slut lives in, nor do they want to be associated with it. Remember what I said about Perception? THEY speak the way their peers speak; that is, the people whom they PERCEIVE as their peers - and wish to be perceived as PEERS OF. THEY are on their way UP. YOU, on the other hand..."

She kissed me lightly on the cheek.

"...are on your way DOWN. Your kind of girl is a GHETTO HO', not some suburban ingenue. The 'hood is still about flash, pretense, and spin-control - perhaps even more so than the world you know. But it ISN'T about country clubs, trust funds, and social niceties. It really IS a different world, with its own rhythms, values, and customs. The PEOPLE are different, too. Do you imagine the girls turning tricks on the streets are college graduates? Of course not; most of them are dropouts. I was. They know the streets, their own bodies, and that they can make money by making themselves attractive to men. They look cheap, think cheap, and talk cheap - and the men they date like them that way. In short, they are just like I used to be - like you WILL be when I am finished with you. The first step is to teach you how a slut talks."

"But YOU don't talk that way."

She looked down - and far, far away. When she spoke, her voice was very quiet.

"No, but I USED TO. If we had met even a year ago, you would have met a very different girl. I decided I wanted more from life, wanted to make something of myself. One thing I DID learn in my time on the streets is, a certain perception can make or break you, regardless of what kind of person you are. I realized if I was going to have any chance of escaping all that, I would have to change how others PERCEIVED me - and how I perceived myself. I worked very, very hard to UNLEARN the streets and re-learn THIS. Television and Internet chat rooms were my 'classroom' and you..."

She kissed me again, this time on the mouth.

"...and others like you were my teachers and role models. First I learned WHO to emulate; then I learned HOW. YOU were the prize at the finish line. Now, we're going to have a little fun 'deconstructing' you and re-shaping you into 'a girl like THAT'. Who knows? If I can show you what a slut's life is REALLY like, you might have a better appreciation for THIS one. I know I do.

Now, try again. I want you to THINK in this language, just as any other ghetto ho' does. Lose yourself in the role. In fact, maybe we should work more on THAT right now. Perhaps we need to create a whole new identity for you. That might make it easier for you to get into the right frame of mind. Let's see, what shall we call you? I know! How about... 'Gigi'? Do you like it? I think it sounds scrumptious."

"Gigi? Yeaaah, I like it a lot!"

She smiled at me bemusedly, a twinkle in her eyes.

"OK, GIRLFRIEN', from now on, you are 'Gigi'. 'Michael' doesn't exist anymore. You are that street-smart slut from Uptown you have always seen in your fantasies. To a girl like you, this house, this world, this life might as well be on another planet. You are gorgeous, sexy, overdone, and not too bright. In fact, about the only thing you think about is Sex. You down wit' it, Sugar?"


Kyra sighed heavily and rolled her eyes upward.

"I never thought I would say this to any man, but you are too damn smart. Whether or not you are willing, your subconscious mind is fighting it. I'm gonna have to haul out the HEAVY ARTILLERY."

She came home a few days later with a coy smile on her face. She had arranged with a local professional hypnother****t to commission a series of subliminal learning CD's that would aid me in my language study. Sheila Crane was willing enough and had extensive experience with subliminal learning, but knew nothing about this particular subject matter. In the end, a substantial sum of money had persuaded her to embark upon a collaborative effort - and a somewhat unorthodox method of delivery.

The initial 'induction' therapy was to be performed in person by Ms. Crane herself. She would implant certain 'trigger phrases' in my subconscious that would allow me to be 'converted' - returned to the induction (trance) state - easily. She recorded the introductions to the disks, speaking the triggers that converted me, then passed control to Kyra's voice. SHE narrated the training portions of the therapy, owing to her extensive knowledge of the subject matter. Kyra promised they would not be harmful in any way. They would simply break down the subconscious barriers that prevented me from embracing this simplistic form of communication. We were both excited about the prospects of me learning to speak 'properly' and couldn't wait to begin the therapy.

Ms. Crane came to our home consecutive evenings for a week. Each visit lasted a couple of hours, but seemed like mere minutes. I really don't even remember being hypnotized on any of those occasions, but upon her final visit, she assured me my mind had been thoroughly 'conditioned' and was completely receptive to my new training. That night, after we made love, Kyra gave me a pill to help me relax. She popped the first CD into my Discman, placed it on my bedside table, then slipped the headset over my head. "Miss Thing, you'll have this rap down cold in no time, " she cooed in a sing-song voice.

It was a month or two later when I realized there was something wrong with my cock. I just couldn't get it up anymore. I was so bummed! This isn't supposed to happen to someone my age. Kyra was quick to reassure me.

"Baby, it's nothing to worry about. You are going through some serious chemical and hormonal changes to make you feel more like the woman you have always dreamed of being. This is just an inevitable side effect of those changes. I won't love you any less. In fact, I will love you MORE - because you are willing to put yourself through all this for US. It's not like we won't continue to have great ORAL sex, you know? After we've had our fun with this and decide to change you back, your full function will return, as good as it ever was. In the meantime, we'll cope. Don't dwell on it. Just enjoy the changes in you as they happen. I sure am."

Did I say I wasn't getting erections? Silly me! Oh, I was getting erect all right. My nipples were standing out firm and proud! My breasts were developing, too; AA-cup, A-Cup, B-Cup. My hips and tush were filling out just as prominently. Part of me was thrilled. There was still just enough masculinity within me to cause me to question if perhaps we were wrong to take this fantasy as far as we were. Kyra smiled and giggled.

"Wrong? Baby, from where I'm standing, everything is going wonderfully RIGHT! In fact, I think it's time we ACCELERATE your hormone therapy. When I first agreed to do this with you, I wasn't sure whether or not it would be as good with you as it was with the T-girls back in the 'hood. You know what? It's BETTER! I've REALLY gotten into it. Don't stop now, Baby; not when you are just beginning to look REALLY GOOD. Let's just go with it for a little while longer. You're having fun, aren't you? I'm having a ball with this! If not for yourself, do it for me - please?"

Well, when she put it that way.... I could tell she was pleased with my decision. She already had my first booster shot of 'mones ready and waiting. I put my hands on my hips and glared at her in mock disgust. Kyra smiled impishly. She didn't make me wait for it another second.

"Thank you, Baby. I can't tell you how much this means to me - buuuuut... I can show you. I think this is the perfect time to take your fantasy to the next level. There is a whole new world of sexual experience and response just waiting for you to explore...."

She introduced me to her strap-on.

"It's time for you to experience sex the way girls like you do. Relax. Let go of your hang-ups. Enjoy the sensations. Let me help you get in touch with your 'inner slut'."

She taught me the right way to pay oral homage to a cock, showing me all the little tricks she had learned to make a man gush buckets of cum. She also introduced me to the pleasures of being thoroughly, gloriously, exquisitely FUCKED. The first few days, I was SO SORE! While she had fucked my ass, she had stroked and massaged my limp, but sensitive cock ('clit', as she called it now). I came big time, more so than I had ever experienced as a 'Michael'. She just smiled contentedly, knowingly. When we weren't having sex, she made me wear a butt plug 24/7 to make sure my 'pussy' was properly stretched out - and that I became accustomed to having cock in me all the time. "After all, Sugar," she chided, "that's what sluts like you are for." I guess I shouldn't have been surprised the dildos she fucked me with got successively larger, as did the butt plugs.

I don't know why I continued to put up with shaving. I hated the daily ritual, not to mention the constant nicks and cuts. She thought it was pointless, too - and set up a series of appointments to have my beard removed by laser. OK, it wasn't a really HEAVY beard to begin with, but I was delighted it was gone forever, nonetheless. While she was at it, she had the clinic depilate the rest of my body - including the baby-fine, thinning hair on my head. I might not have gone THAT far of my own choosing, but Kyra reminded me of my pledge to put myself completely in her hands. She had a ready answer to calm my misgivings.

"Don't even TRY to tell me you're going to miss that yucky body hair, Baby. I know you too well. I can tell you for a fact, I won't miss it at all. I like you soft, smooth...FEMININE. As far as the head goes, it's not like you had a full head of thick, attractive hair to begin with. This will actually give us MORE options, not less."

We ordered custom-made wigs with adhesive tabs that hugged my baby-smooth scalp securely. Blonde was the natural choice for my fair complexion and Baby Blue eyes. I soon became accustomed to managing my fuller, longer, thicker, more luxuriant hair. My lover spent hours teaching me how to wash, set, curl, tease, fluff, and shape my new tresses, then fix the 'do in place with lots of sweet-smelling, sticky hairspray. "You have an advantage most of us girls don't, Sweetie," Kyra observed. "You can take your hair OFF and really see it from all sides. You can work with both hands, too, instead of holding a mirror in one and brush in the other." My new hairstyle was not trendy in the sleek, straight, contemporary fashion that was currently en vogue. Kyra had dictated a slut like me looks best with a big, blowsy mane of teased and lacquered curls. She purred how much she adored that style on me, that it made me look deliciously CHEAP.

Kyra made an appointment for us to consult with Dr. Bruce Jensen, the plastic surgeon who had worked his magic on her. He revealed from the outset my girlfriend had confided in him about my desires. I was embarrassed she had 'outed' me to a complete stranger. She smiled breezily and squeezed my hand.

"Don't be silly, Sweetie. First, he is NOT a stranger. We have known him for months. You like what he did for ME, don't you? Besides, he has to know what we want in order to give you the best results - and only the best will do for MY baby. Dr. Jensen is the consummate professional. He is here to HELP you, not pass judgment. Please, hear him out."

Dr. Jensen went on to say he was fascinated with my case. Although he had made many women beautiful beyond compare, he had not yet had the opportunity to work with a 'girl' like me. He relished the personal and professional challenge of such an "extreme makeover". Like Kyra, he could already see intriguing 'possibilities' in my attractive features. The handsome surgeon hoped I would trust him enough to put myself in his hands and promised I would not be disappointed. I acquiesced.

"Ain't no thang, Sugar. Do what ya gotta do. I'm down wit' it."

Kyra beamed radiantly.

Surgery is surgery, in spite of what you see on television. If you don't believe it, go in for even a minor cosmetic procedure - and sift through the mountain of authorizations, disclaimers, releases and waivers you have to read, interpret and sign. I dutifully went over each one with Kyra and Dr. Jensen's office manager. It seemed like they would never end! Kyra had mentioned she had found a business school she was interested in attending. If SHE wanted to spend the rest of her professional life doing THIS, more power to her!

Dr. Jensen and my lover coaxed me into having a brow lift and nose bob, plus implants to make my lips and cheekbones stunningly prominent. The fat pads in my cheeks were suctioned out, giving me that hollowed-out 'Supermodel' look and making the cheekbones even more striking. Shaved brow bones and a 'tuck' at each temple reshaped my eyes, opening them more and pulling them up and out at the corners for an exotic, doe-like appearance. After the incisions had healed, photo-facial treatments with bursts of high-intensity light rendered my hairless complexion soft, smooth, and flawless. Dr. Jensen referred me to an associate who practiced cosmetic dentistry. My already-straight teeth were bleached and capped, rendering my smile as dazzling as a thousand stars. In the end, my face was an exotic mix of the best features of both White and Black women. I was stunning - in a supernaturally, almost obscenely full-lipped, prominent-cheekboned, doe-eyed way. Extreme? Fo' sho'. NO ONE from the world I grew up in ever dreams of looking like this - only SLUTS LIKE ME. Girrrl, when the time came, how would Dr. Jensen EVER put it back the way it was? I wasn't even thinking about that right now. I was thrilled with my new face. So was my honey.

Kyra began teaching me to apply makeup. At first, it was just a little eye shadow, some mascara, a little lipstick. The little, light touches became more and more pronounced, provocative. My lover taught me how to achieve the right combinations of light and shadow, to make a feature boldly prominent or subtly recessive. More and more, she removed "subtlety" from the equation. My newly-altered features took well to the heavily made-up look Kyra desired me to affect on a daily basis. With my Big Hair, my appearance was not even close to the understated, minimalist style that was en vogue. It was DEFINITELY the right look to set me apart, mark me as "different" from polite society - and enflame a man's lust. I knew. When I looked into the mirror, I was turning ME on! Kyra agreed.

"A girl has to know how to make herself attractive for her lover, Baby. Now, I want you to practice this every day, until it becomes second nature for you. I want you to be able to close your eyes and see yourself exactly like this. If you want to FEEL like a slut, you first have to know you LOOK like a slut."

Of course, such a "look" required the appropriate compliment. My lover had delivered on her promise for my diet and figure training. My slender, long-stemmed body looked as good in Kyra's tight-fitting dresses or miniskirts and tops as hers did. She insisted her clothes were too tame for me. I needed my own wardrobe; something flashier, more daring, tailored for my own unique style. We shopped several days straight, going only to the little specialty shops which she said catered to girls like me. We found just the right foundations, lingerie, hosiery, clothing and shoes for the 'new me'. My 'couturier' gleefully bagged every stitch of my male clothes and had Goodwill cart them away. She avowed that was just one more vestige of 'Michael' I needed to be rid of to submerge myself into the role of 'Gigi'. Later - after we had had our fun and decided to return me to my masculine self - 'Michael' could shop for a whole new wardrobe. In the meantime, we filled the empty space in my closet and dresser with my provocative new finery.

Kyra had me wear stockings and high-heels (I mean, really high stiletto heels) to properly accessorize my vampish appearance. The stockings were a natural. I was already corseted 24/7, so attaching them to the garters of whatever corset I was wearing (I had about a dozen by then) just seemed the right thing to do. Soon, I became accustomed to wearing stockings, heels and slutwear every day, just as I was always painted and coiffed. I became very adept in strutting in short, sure-footed, gliding steps, one foot in front of the other, rolling my hips suggestively. Kyra cooed appreciatively.

"Lookin' GOOD, Sweet Thang. You already do that so well. Nothing turns a man on like a pair of long, shapely legs like yours wrapped in stockings and perched on a pair of sexy high heels. You like the look on ME, don't you? Don't I deserve the same consideration? I like a sexy-looking babe, too - and you are EXACTLY that."

"Do I REALLY look good, or are you just saying that to humor me? I mean..."

I extended my arms a bit and pivoted expertly on my heels.

"Would I make a good ghetto ho'?"

Kyra embraced me and kissed me warmly on the lips.

"Baaaa-by, you is SO FINE! A little Retro-80's perhaps, but the boys will all go crazy over it. You would DEFINITELY fit in. Who knows? You might just be the Next Big Thing in the 'hood."

The only shortcoming to my daring new footgear was my aching feet, which became a constant, almost crippling annoyance as I strutted gracefully in my stiletto stilts.

Although Kyra dressed appropriately sexy too, the emphasis was on "appropriate". She had earned her GED and begun her course of study through the University's Adult Education program. She was starting slow, taking but a single night class twice a week, as she had with the GED classes. Because this was a professional program, she was required to maintain a style of personal grooming that would be conducive to the business environment. Her wardrobe, makeup and coiffure kept more to the current fashion trends. One evening, I asked her if she would like to 'dress' with me, knowing she knew what I meant. She giggled a little, but demurred graciously.

" Baby, the look is fine for you. Really it is. I get wet just THINKING about you. You are already one hot little hussy and you will only get more so with time. I promise. But I have already DONE all that. It was right for me at the time, but now I'm ready to move on with my life. You made that possible and I will never be able to thank you enough to express the depth of my gratitude. That doesn't mean I can't still have fun with YOU. You are the ho' in the f****y now, and I'm gonna make you the sexiest, sluttiest damn ho' in the city!"

Kyra decided my look was not lurid enough; it needed a little more "drama". I just never got the hang of applying false eyelashes. I may have possessed long, slender fingers, but I was all thumbs when it came to that fashion 'necessity'. She clucked impatiently at my feeble attempts. Finally, she set up an appointment at her salon, observing it was time to take a more PROACTIVE approach. On the afternoon of my appointment, I was pacing back and forth across our marble foyer in a tight black k**skin miniskirt, black and white python-print tank top and python ankle-strap pumps with five-inch spikes. I thought nothing of dressing like a five-dollar whore at home, but I was scared shitless to go out in public for the first time, looking the way I did. I knew I looked pretty good, BUT.... As if my nervousness wasn't bad enough, my feet were already killing me! Kyra pooh-poohed my petty inhibitions.

"Don't be silly, Baby. You want to come out of the CLOSET, don't you? It's time for you to get out there in this brave, new world of yours. Sluts like you are MEANT to be seen, to flaunt their assets for others' appreciation. You live for the attention, the thrill, and you know it. That's what this is all about, isn't it? I GUARANTEE no one who sees you will think you are a man. As for the pain in your feet, it's just one of the things we girls put up with to be beautiful. Still, we do know a few SHORTCUTS...."

She extended her hand to me, palm up. It contained a single pill.

"Take this, Sweetie. You will forget all about the pain in your feet - not to mention your nervousness."

It was small and went down easily. A short time later, I felt a kind of glowing numbness. The pain in my feet faded away. I felt light as a feather - and beautiful, sassy, sexy, and invincible! I was ready to strut all the way from our house to the salon, undulating my hips like a slut should. Kyra popped a Li'l Kim disk into the stereo as we pulled out of the gate. Funny, it wasn't as bad as I used to think it was. As we drove, I found myself really getting into the groove. Kyra couldn't help but notice me waving my hands and moving my body in time to the infectious rhythm. In no time, we were chanting the lyrics in unison.

Kyra passed up several available parking places on the bustling street outside the salon, opting to drop me off at a corner two blocks down. "You go on ahead, Baby," she cooed. "They are already waiting for you. I have to run a couple of errands. I'll pick you up later." I sashayed up the street proudly, shaking my bootylicious butt to and fro, still gettin' down with that enchanting Li'l Kim rap. Baby, did I get the LOOKS. Kyra would have been so proud of me! As it turned out, she was. She told me later she had watched my little show from the car.

Kyra had confided in the girls at the salon, just as she had with Bruce Jensen. Gayle, the owner, and all her operators seemed to be entranced with the prospect of helping my girlfriend bring out the 'slut' in me. This time, high as I was on the pain medication, it didn't faze me a bit. I surrendered myself to their attentions and relished every moment. Semi-permanent lash implants were applied to both my upper and lower lash lines. They were long, thick, curly and really black. The look was very 'Las Vegas showgirl' - or 'Hollywood Whore'. Dita, the esthetician, read my mind.

"You really like the 'Slut Look', don't you Sweetie? I knew you would. When Kyra told me what you wanted, I knew this look would be PERFECT for you. The effect really flatters you, too. It just looks sooo over-the-top. While we're at it, lets try a couple of other little touches...."

My brow lift had already raised my eyebrows far above what could ever pass as masculine - and higher than all but the most extreme of women's style statements. But they were still unruly, with no shape to them. Dita removed them completely with her electrolysis gear, then tattooed in perfectly shaped, pencil-thin, angled arches. While she was at it, she tattooed deep black liner along my upper and lower eyelids, a thick, dark red outline around my mouth, then filled in my plush lips with Softsilver Rose lipstick. As a final touch, she tattooed a 'beauty mark' just beyond the corner of my mouth. The permanent makeup would allow me to look fabulous with greatly reduced effort, while being flexible enough to enhance with more dramatic makeup for any outfit or effect. Then she multiple-pierced each of my ears. Consuela and Rachel, the two nail techs, applied acrylic sculptured fingernails and toenails. That's right; sculptured toenails - with toe rings ("It's all the rage right now, Gigi. Doesn't it just make your feet look darling?"). What could I say? I DID like the look. It just didn't deserve to be hidden away inside shoes....

Kyra took me shoe shopping when she picked me up. We went to three different specialty shops on the boulevard that catered to exotic dancers and others who desired more extreme, provocative shoe styles. We purchased over two-dozen pairs of open-toed pumps and sandals. We also found a dozen or so pairs of boots - ankle, knee-high, and ultra-sinful thigh-high - I just had to have. Of course, they all had ultra-high, stiletto heels; six inches, seven inches, and one pair of fetish sandals with nine-inch spikes. Some had platform soles; many did not. My slender, shapely five-foot-six-inch frame was perched high and proud on my stiletto stilts wherever I went. They made my legs look sensational. After all the time I had spent in them, the sky-high heels altered the way I carried myself - even thought about myself. Pain? Not anymore, Honey! I just popped a pill. I was good to go - anywhere, anytime, without a twitch.

I saw myself in the mirror, day after day, dressed and made up like a tramp. The subliminal disks and my girlfriend's loving, but determined tutelage had done their work. My brain struggled less and less between the two distinctly different modes of communication - and thought. More and more, I talked as cheap as I looked, just as Kyra had promised. I knew I was different than before; one look in the mirror proved that. I was beginning to see the world around me differently, too. For the first time, I realized how phony and superficial the people were. I felt liberated, free to be the real me for the first time.

Kyra took me out often, whether to go shopping, to dinner, even to a movie. She developed a little game we both enjoyed playing in very public places. We would each dress our provocative best - she tastefully sexy, me in my sleazy 'hooker chic'. Kyra always drove our SL500 ("No one would believe a slut like you could EVER own a car like this"). She would drop me off some distance away, then drive on to our rendezvous, valet the car and wait for me. I would sashay up the street, alone, under the collective gaze of everyone. Kyra strategically positioned herself to watch the show. She offered me incentives to do my best to convince my audience I was 'working it' on the boulevard. If men solicited me under her appreciative gaze, I got perks - lots and lots of perks - when we got home.

We had the script down cold. We ran into each other 'by chance'. We were old friends from high school who had gone our separate - and very different - ways. Kyra reminisced aloud - for the benefit of those around us - about our school days, when we were together on the Pom-Pom squad. She talked about her business career downtown. Then, she would allude to the start of my 'troubles'; my bad taste in boys, growing reputation as a 'loose woman', and, finally, the scandal involving d**gs and the gym teacher. That episode had gotten HIM fired and ME expelled. I would go on to reveal my new life and 'profession' in a smug, self-satisfied tone meant to be overheard. I went on about how much I enjoyed doin' the ho' stroll, out on the street where everyone could see me, want me, have me - for the right price.

At first, Kyra would feign utter shock and astonishment ("No! Not you. You can't be serious!") Her uncomprehending reply was peppered with words like "hooker", "whore", and "slut". She would try to keep her voice down, but her 'emotion' would get the better of her, causing her to speak up just loudly enough for the people around us to take it all in. At last, she would feign understanding - and reluctant acceptance. She listened intently, nodding sympathetically in all the right places, yet showing just a trace of sadness in her eyes for her former best friend - the good girl gone bad. Kyra was such a good actress, and I was playing my role from the heart. We would go home after an evening of 'shock theater' and have a good laugh at the expense of the people we had scammed. Then, we would fuck like bunnies.

Kyra had been eerily accurate in her assessment of Society and perception. She, dressed as the young, beautiful, oh-so-chic, upwardly-mobile socialite, was warmly accepted wherever we went; I was not - or only grudgingly so when I was with her. I was different now, not one of them. I saw the looks of scorn in the eyes of 'proper folk' as they recoiled from me. I also saw the covert glances of lust from a number of men who would not want others to know their innermost desires. The shady little pricks! What did I ever think I had in common with them? There they were in their fine, expensive suits, drinking their fine, expensive wine, eating their fine, expensive sushi, then driving back to their fine, expensive homes. They dissed me, talked trash about me to all their uptight friends - and all the while wanted to do me when none of their oh-so-proper friends were watching. Bring it on, Sugar! Just make sure you bring your fine, expensive WALLET, too.

I gradually retreated from my sense of belonging to the uptight, oh-so-correct culture that had sheltered and nurtured me all my life. At the same time, that culture was shunning ME in contempt. The more they glared at me in silent disgust and ridicule, the more contemptuous and defiant of them I became. Here I am, you sanc..., sancti..., little shits; right under your blue noses. And here I stay. You can hate me. You can disrespect me. But I won't let you deny me! I became more and more comfortable in the persona of that cheap, trashy little slut I portrayed.

We continued with our strap-on play, doing it at any time of day, anywhere she felt the urge, and in more positions than I knew existed. Kyra didn't make love to me; she FUCKED me, taking me, using me like the cheap little fucktoy she was transforming me into. She adored talking trash while she fucked me. She called me a slut, a tramp, a whore, a cheap little cum-catcher who lived to suck and fuck, the kind that belonged on a street corner hustling dates. She chided I had better get comfortable with that idea, because by the time she was done with me, that would be all I was good for - and all I cared about.

I adored that kind of talk. It was my perfect fantasy, like she had tapped into my very soul and was playing it back for me verbally. Her repeated, insistent 'mind fuck', in addition to my altered perception of my appearance and persona, gradually altered the way I responded to sexual stimuli. She was fucking me more and more, but stroking my 'clitty' less and less. That did not seem to matter. In time, she brought me to the most gut-wrenching orgasms without touching my hormonally-shrunken clitty-cock at all.

The more I experienced, the more I wanted. We checked out the girls we saw on the streets and in the adult videos we watched together. We both adored the tattoos and piercings many of them displayed so proudly. My lover had a beautiful piercing in her navel and a sunburst tattooed on her left ankle. I had always told her how attractive I thought they were. Now, she turned the tables.

"You know, Baby, since you are becoming this sweet, sexy young thing, it's time for you to be 'marked', too. After all, you don't want people to mistake you for Little Miss Pure-As-The-Driven-Snow, do you?"

I didn't see how there was any danger of THAT, but the idea was appealing, nonetheless.

We made a series of trips to a tattoo parlor - with me dressed like I was workin' it. I didn't even give a thought to appearing that way in broad daylight. I just popped a pill, surrendered myself to that warm, wonderful glow, and set off atop my spike-heeled pedestals. Kyra always knew just the right words to say to put me in the proper mindset.

"Oh, yeah, work it, Baby! Work it GOOD. Isn't this what it's all about, Baby? You need to be SEEN, out in public where everyone can lust for you the way I do. You are the sexy, uninhibited slut you have always wanted to be. That's what people see. That's how people perceive you. Now, walk sexy for me. I just love to watch you strut your stuff in those high heels."

When my "artwork" was complete, I had a scorpion on my left ankle, a 'pole kitty' in thigh-high boots on my right ankle, a barbed-wire band around my left bicep, an ornate scrollwork design across the 'saddle' of my hips, a large, blossoming red rose on my left breast, and the words "Fuck Toy" in flowing script across my right butt cheek. My nipples were pierced with gold rings. My navel had a matching ring. My tongue sported twin barbells. A delicate gold ring pierced my left nostril. The tattoo artist came on to me something fierce. Kyra encouraged me to flirt with him throughout our visits. At the end of our final visit, Kyra instructed me to 'tip' him for all his efforts while she ran an errand. She picked me up forty-five minutes later. I settled into the plush leather seat as she pulled out, a look of smug satisfaction on my face, a load of cum in my tummy, and another oozing out of my love nest.

My lover adored my new look - and taking me out to show off her 'creation'. She changed the rules of our little 'game', too. She began taking me to dance clubs - and introducing me around. A lot of the clubs in the city's nightlife district catered to a mixed-culture, hip-hop/rap/extended dance mix theme. The atmosphere was mostly singles; Whites, Latinos, Asians, and Blacks. It was my first introduction to the difference between 'African-American' and 'Black'. She had been right; there was nothing 'politically-correct' about many of the Black men we met and danced with. Kyra made certain they knew I liked to 'party' and insisted I act the part. If a man came on to me, offered me a drink or dance, or copped a feel of my body, I was not to refuse. Once I discovered how pleasurable it all was, I lost my inhibitions. On more than one occasion, I returned from the dance floor or Ladies' room to discover she had left without me - with some other man. Was I mad? Jealous? 'Michael' probably would have been. 'Gigi' was too busy with her own pleasures. I just got a ride from one or another of my admirers. If I liked him, HE got a ride, too - if you know what I mean.

Soon, Kyra decreed it was sinful for a slut like me to be home, alone, just because SHE had to go to school. She gave me a ride to one or another club on her way to class. As always, she dropped me off down the street, leaving me to sashay up to the club alone ("It's for your own good, Sweetie. Sluts like you don't get dropped off at the door by their mommies"). She made it clear I was a "big girl" now. I was under explicit instructions to stay out late, be 'nice' to all the boys who came on to me - and find my own way home. In addition, she frequently called me on my cell phone to inquire about what I was doing at the moment - and to present me with my nightly 'challenge'. The challenges ranged from giving some lucky guy a blow job in a public place, to not returning home until at least noon the next day - requiring me to arrange 'alternate accommodations' until then. Of course, when I DID return home, I would have to tell her everything. She was really cool about my lovers, noting "That is what sluts like you do." Kyra was the one attending classes, but I was getting quite an 'education' myself; learning how to manipulate the men who came on to me, getting them to do what I wanted. In return, I had to give them what THEY wanted - not that it was any great sacrifice on my part. I couldn't have been more thrilled. Well, maybe a little....

Kyra had told me in the beginning to put myself completely in her hands, that she would do whatever she thought necessary to make the experience "more realistic, more pleasurable". It certainly had been that so far. The surgical procedures, artwork, piercings, hair and cosmetic artistry had made me beautiful - in a distinctly sleazy way. Months of being "pickled" by intensive hormone therapy had filled me out to a D-cup bustline, with hips and tush to match. My whole body was soft, smooth, and supple to the touch. My male appendage had shrunken to a tiny little nub. My balls... well, I could barely find them anymore. I had mixed emotions about that. I didn't really miss them, and my diminished genitalia certainly made my new identity more convincing to everyone - including myself. My well-trained shemale pussy tingled in anticipation of being filled by a big, fat cock. When we finally decided the thrill of it was gone, it would take a long time for 'Michael' to return. I wasn't ready to think about that just yet. I was having the time of my life.

One evening, we were snuggled up together on the sofa, indulging in one of our favorite mutual delights; admiring photos of our favorite busty female porn stars. In addition to purchasing adult magazines and videos, we kept several scrapbooks filled with color printouts of JPEGs we had downloaded from the Internet. We were browsing one of those notebooks at that moment, checking out a new batch of JPEGs Kyra had just printed. In spite of my prominent curves, I looked positively FLAT compared to some of our favorite foxes. Secretly, I was... envious.

"You know, Baby, you would really look good if you were...BUSTIER."

Oh, God, did that thought make me wet! I looked at the print of the current object of our mutual affection, held pristinely within its protective plastic sleeve. 'Endowed' didn't begin to describe her amazing pulchritude. That is was so obviously, blatantly, gloriously FAKE made it all the more alluring to Kyra and me. I looked back at my kinky lover.

"You thin' so? Gee, I dunno. I mean, yeah, I loves th' look, but... I mean, should we?"

She jabbed me playfully in the ribs with her elbow.

"Don't even go there with that 'should we' crap. You KNOW you would love it. I've been really good about making your fantasy come true, giving you what you have always wanted. This is something I want. You know I adore girls like these. I want the real thing, right here next to me - to ogle, fondle, drool over. Remember, you put yourself COMPLETELY in my hands. I have decided; you NEED a bust like this to really understand what it is to be a slut. I told you I was going to make you the BIGGEST damn ho' in the city, didn't I? My cunt is dripping already!"

Mine too. I had a vague uneasiness I had to put to words.

"Wud we stil' b' able t' go out together? I mean, even if I's only has double-D's, I's still gonna be a real sight. Wud'n' you feel uncomf'table bein' seen wit me? Wud'n' people stare?"

She started laughing - and kept laughing until big, heavy tears rolled down her cheeks. She finally composed herself sufficiently to utter a coherent reply.

"ONLY double-D's, huh? I like the way you think. Actually, I had something a little BIGGER in mind. As for people staring, that's exactly the point, isn't it? Think about how people stare at you NOW. I know you are living for it. You WANT to be admired, lusted for. That is what being a slut is all about. Don't you DARE worry about me being 'uncomfortable' about being seen with you. Weren't you listening to me a moment ago? I LOVE big titties. I only wish I could get them for myself, but that just wouldn't be compatible with a career in Business. The thought of making YOU the big-boobed bimbo of my dreams is making me CREAM. So, I'll call Bruce - Dr. Jensen - in the morning. Just think of it as 'one small step for Man' - and one giant leap for me!"

Here we go again with the damn consent forms! There seemed to be TWICE as many this time. I really, REALLY hated this part. This time, I just signed the damn things as quickly as Kyra and Diane, the office manager, handed them to me. There - DONE! Then, there was the procedure itself. Dr. Jensen told me what to expect. The incisions would be barely noticeable after they healed (the bags would be empty when inserted, then filled once they were in place), but he would have to hollow out some pretty big pockets under my chest muscle to accommodate implants that size (WHAT size, dammit? I still didn't know). Due to the extreme nature of my implant surgery, Dr. Jensen preferred I receive a general anesthetic. I knew him well enough by that time to trust his judgment. What the Hell; I had already signed THAT consent form. He really was an attractive man. Maybe....

I awoke in the recovery room, expecting what the doctor had foretold. I knew there would be a stout, long-line surgical bra fastened around my chest. I knew Kyra had chosen something big, but THIS.... My new boobies tented the sheet like twin pyramids, blocking my view of the lower half of my body. I hadn't counted on the soreness in my waist and tush. Although I could not see it, my waist felt like it was tightly corseted. My hips and ass burned. Even my throat was sore. For all the discomfort I was feeling from neck to toes, I swore there was a dildo in my love nest, filling me beyond full! I couldn't move. I could FEEL, but my arms, legs, and torso would not so much as twitch. That was scary. Had something gone wrong? Kyra was leaning over me, holding my hand. She smiled and was quick with her response.

"Hi, Baby. Don't try to talk. I had Bruce do a little work on your vocal chords to make you sound more feminine. He says you may have to work with a vocal coach to get full function back. In the meantime, you should rest your voice and let it heal. As far as the rest of you... everything went PERFECTLY. With your new bigger boobies, we thought you needed a little 'enhancement' in other places to heighten the effect. You got implants in your tush, too; the biggest available. I had him remove a pair of ribs and suction out the remaining fat around your waist. He injected your hips with a new inert dermaplast material that filled them out a lot. You are going to have a killer 'hourglass figure' and a big, beautiful bubble butt, Baby! The orthopedic team worked on your feet and ankles, too. When the casts come off, high heels won't bother you ever again. We thought you would like that. In fact, I think you will love ALL the results. I know I will!

There are a couple of post-op complications I have to discuss with you. No, you are not paralyzed. You have had so many procedures done at once, they have to keep you on a powerful muscle relaxer for a while to make certain you don't move the wrong way and accidentally rip something open internally. That's why you can't move. It's for your own good, Sweetie. Of course, that hasn't robbed you of sensation, has it? That brings me to the best part. You have already felt the fullness in your love nest, haven't you? Well, it turns out they have to keep you that way after the surgery on your tush. They don't want to risk scar tissue forming around your rectum and strangling it off. Normally, they would just use a surgical stent. I pulled a few strings with Dr. Jensen and got him to use something a whole lot better. Wait 'til you feel THIS."

Kyra pressed a button on a small remote-control device. The fullness in my love nest began vibrating. Then, it started to move! It plunged deeply into me, then withdrew, in and out, in and out, again, and again, and again! I would have gasped - if I had been able to. My lover smiled bemusedly as she beheld the glazed-over look in my eyes.

"I thought you might like that. We will just keep that our little secret for now. You will have to stay in the hospital a few days, so they can be certain everything is healing the way it should. Then you will spend the rest of your recovery time in bed at home. But that won't be so bad, will it? Just think; you will be lying there, all day and all night, getting fucked and feeling every delicious thrust. Now, just lie back and relax. The nurse is going to give you a shot that will make you feel REAL GOOD."

They kept me on a nice, dreamy Demerol high, oblivious to everything, for my entire stay in the hospital. I was vaguely aware of Kyra being with me the day of my surgery until visiting hours ended. She returned the next morning, arriving around the same time Dr. Jensen checked in on his morning rounds. She brought the CD player and my subliminal learning disks with her. Dr. Jensen had given her permission to use the technique as a further aid to help me pass the time and take my mind off any discomfort I might feel. She slipped the headphones over my head, turned on the player, and kissed me lightly on the cheek. Then, unseen by any of the nursing staff, she activated the phallus inside me. I sensed, rather than heard, the soft drone of a Hip-Hop beat and Kyra's voice in my head. It was like she was there 24/7, whispering in my ear, comforting me. Her voice spoke to me in that warm, lazy, comfortable dialect that seemed so natural to me now. I responded in my head in that same comforting patter. All the while, that huge, wonderful rubber cock plunged deeply into me over and over....

While I was recuperating at home, my lover made sure I was as comfortable as possible. Dr. Jensen was generous with his prescription for Demerol tablets. Kyra kept me high on the powerful pain-killer to keep the pain under control and make the time pass quickly. She was really apologetic that she had to leave me alone in the evening, but she HAD to go to school. With notepad and paper, I assented graciously, admonishing her to go to class and not worry about me. She made sure I was really well-medicated before she left. She professed I would not even be aware of her absence. Sure enough, in my d**g-fueled stupor, I couldn't tell when she left - nor when she returned. I was barely aware of her slipping the headphones over my head, activating the dildo, and softly kissing me before she slipped out the bedroom door. There were times I would wake up early in the morning, thinking I heard the sound of her just coming in the front door, as though she had been gone all night. Then, she would be right there at my side, rested, cheerful and glowing all over. I dismissed my misgivings as d**g-induced hallucinations.

There were times, in-between doses of d**gs, when I was really trippin' that she had had all those additional procedures done without so much as asking me about it. If I had been able to speak, I probably would have 'read' her up one side and down the other. Yes, she had assured me we could reverse it all when we decided it was time for 'Michael' to return, but all this? I mean, sure, I was thrilled with 'all this', but.... I stewed with it until the casts and bandages came off. The post-surgical bruising and swelling had largely faded, and I was able to see myself - the new me - for the first time. My new titties were HUGE! My full, rounded hips and firm prominent tush were just as gorgeous. I now had the proverbial 'hand-span waist'. My feet had been narrowed and shaped into high, curved arches, perfectly suited to wear my highest heels. I felt comfortable all day gliding around in my stiletto stilts. It never occurred to me to wear anything else anymore. That was probably just as well; I was no longer physically able to wear flats or walk barefoot.

I still hurt - a powerful, all-over ache, with tremors and sweats I couldn't pin down to any particular place or cause. All of that made me really bitchy. Kyra said that was an unfortunate consequence of the kind of radical surgery I had undergone and would last for quite a while. The doctor had offered to extend my prescription for meds and she suggested I take him up on it until I had fully recovered and the pain stopped. I did. The symptoms went away almost immediately! With Kyra's understanding and encouragement, I maintained a nice, comfortable high most of the time. I had to medicate myself two or three times a day, but it certainly kept the aches and pains away - and then some!

I was amazed at how... plastic-looking I had become. I was easily equal to, if not better than, even the bustiest, most provocative of our porn idols. My body measured 42-24-38 without corseting. My bustline was a full eight inches larger than my ribcage. Even with minimal additional makeup, my tightened, refined face was that of "Slut Barbie". Taken as a whole, I had become a walking wet dream, the kind of ultimate bimbo my girlfriend and I - and more men than would ever admit - lusted for. Kyra teasingly pointed out my name - Gigi - was now "truth in advertising", in light of my prodigious pulchritude. She observed out loud it would now be obvious to everyone I had been altered, MADE to look like that, - and for only one possible purpose. "I hope you like the 'new you' as much as I do, Sugar," she cooed. "You won't EVER be able to hide what you have become. You have become that slut you have always dreamed about." I warmed to that thought as never before. Staring at - lusting for - myself in the mirror, I couldn't even visualize the man I had once been, or that I had been a man at all. It didn't even faze me that my shrunken little balls, so difficult to find before my surgery, seemed to have disappeared altogether....

My voice was a real trial. I DID have to work with a speech ther****t. In fact, I had to learn to speak all over again. Kyra found a specialist - a Black woman with impressive credentials for working with film actresses to perfect dialects for their movie roles. Keisha may have had a Masters Degree in Speech Pathology, but she came from the streets and wasn't ashamed of it. She RELISHED the assignment Kyra had given her and threw herself into it with all her passion. It took weeks and she worked me HARD. To my delight, she coached me to speak only that slow, lazy dialect we both knew so well. In fact, that was all we spoke in our sessions together. When she had finished with me, my voice was nothing like it had been; higher by a full octave, hushed, breathy (YOU try resonating when a corset is crushing your abdomen!), giggly, almost c***d-like. When I heard my practice tapes, I thought for all the world I was listening to Marilyn Monroe talkin' trash, like a good little ho'. My lover was thrilled.

"That is so you, Gigi! It is the perfect compliment to your new look. You are such a bimbo now. I just LOVE the 'new you'! Don't you just adore it, too?"

I had to admit; I did. If I had been able to get hard, I would have. Of course, I WAS hard; my nipples were constantly erect now, fully a half-inch long. Kyra took me shopping again - this time for an extensive, custom-made wardrobe of slutwear that screamed: "throw me up against the wall and fuck me RIGHT NOW!" The fashions I wore were designed to reveal, not conceal my big titties, erect nipples, lush, rounded tush. Long, shapely legs, piercings, and body art to maximum effect. I, in turn, was proud to flaunt my considerable charms. I caused near-riots wherever we went. Kyra made the most of her little 'fucktoy', too. Our sex life was better than ever.

Then, it stopped. Kyra had begun a new school term and was taking a full course load. She was gone almost every evening. So was I. She insisted I go out, make friends, have a good time, and get better known around town. I didn't know how I could get better known at the clubs we frequented, but assented readily. The answer to my question came quickly. Kyra began dropping me off at DIFFERENT clubs than we had gone to before. These clubs were Uptown, instead of the trendy nightlife district we had frequented in the past. The mixed crowds were gone; the clientele at these clubs was mostly Black. There were a few white girls, but rarely any white MEN. Still, I loved the heavy Hip-Hop and Rap mixes. I was an immediate sensation with all the men, although there was some initial frostiness from the other bitches. When they realized my attitude and manner of speech were really ME, not just some suburban-MTV-wannabe pose like Carson Daley, I began to feel more welcome.

Baby, did I ever make a name for myself on that scene! Everyone knew me as Gigi, the big-boobed midnight angel of the bathroom stall, dark hallway, back seat, or alley out back. I danced real hard, up on a riser where everyone could - and did - see me. There was never a shortage of helping hands to get me down from my perch. Of course, those helping hands helped themselves to more than a casual feel of my spectacular body - not that I dissuaded them at all. Nor was there a shortage of horny guys who wanted to go someplace quiet and "party." Ecstasy was easy to come by. I loved the feeling of 'rolling' 'til Dawn, with men's hands caressing my body, touching all the right places that the d**g and mood rendered hyper-sensitive. There were so many men, I couldn't remember all the faces, let alone the names. I was getting off a dozen times a night or more. I was getting THEM off in quarts. I wanted to make Kyra proud of her little fucktoy.

After more than a month of no sex with Kyra, I was getting nervous that she might be having second thoughts about the direction our relationship had been taking. A few more days passed and I decided to bring up the subject.

"Baby, iz sumpin' wrong?" I asked.

"No, why? What's up?" she replied.

"Well, iz jes tha' we hasn' ... you know ... for awhile," I stammered out.

She got this coy look and feigned ignorance, "We haven't what, Baby?"

"We hasn' had sex fo' weeks and I wuz worried y'all might be turned off or sumpin' like that."

I was nervous about what her response might be. She gave me a long passionate kiss gently massaging my clitty the way she used to do.

"Now, WHATEVER would make you think a thing like THAT? I ADORE the way you have turned out - and intend to prove it to you. You remember what this Friday is, don't you?"

"Fo' sho'. Iz our annivers'ry. We been t'gether one ho' year. Iz my birfday, too. I'll be a twen'-two-year-old bouncin' bimbo babe."

"You are so funny. No wonder I love you so much. Now, I'm gonna keep you away from the boys for the rest of the week. I want you really horny for Friday because I have a surprise for you."

I was getting aroused as she groped my ass and ran her tongue up the side of my neck.

"Wha's th' s'prise?"

She whispered, "If I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise, would it? Just know it's going to be the wildest, most exciting experience of your life. Now, no partying at the clubs, no sneaking out to visit one or another of your 'boyfriends' - and no masturbating. Promise?"

I nodded in agreement.

By the time Friday came, I was so horny I couldn't stand it. Kyra dodged my questions all day, building the tension and relishing my ever-increasing anguish. Around 5:30 PM, she hustled me out to the car without the slightest warning.

"Let's go, Sweetie. You have an appointment at the salon at Six."

"What's th' rush? Th' salon closes at Eight on Fridays!"

She grinned cattily.

"Not tonight. This is the first part of your birthday surprise. Gayle is closing the salon early. She and the girls will be giving you a private "evening of beauty" to get you ready for what I have planned next. I'm so excited, I could burst!"

"But I's not dressed or nuthin'. I don' even has my purse."

She gave me the once-over, noting my long-sleeved, deeply-plunging, four-way stretch purple spandex micro-dress and matching calfskin pumps and smiled.

"Don't worry about it, Sugar. Everything you need for tonight is already waiting for you at the salon. All you have to do is show up."

I had managed to take a hit of X before she hustled me out to the car. I was rolling by the time she let me out.

"Have a good time, Sweetie. The girls already know what to do. I'll see you later. I can't wait!"

She kissed me warmly, then shooed me out of the car and pulled out into the evening traffic.

Gayle was hustling the last of her regular patrons out the door as I entered. She locked the door behind me, then lowered and closed the mini-blinds on the door and windows. Gayle, Dita, Rachel, and Consuela all sang "Happy Birthday" to me, offered a champagne toast to their "favorite slut", then hustled me onto a stylist's couch. I lay back in detached amusement as they went to work on me.

Consuela and Rachel re-did my fingernails and toenails, respectively. Dita spent almost three hours making up my face. She began by completely re-doing my eyelash implants. As she worked, I could tell my lashes were going to be even furrier than before. In the months since I began my lash treatments, I had been plagued by shedding lashes, requiring me to come back for fills one or two times a week - not that I minded being 'high maintenance'. The attractive cosmetologist assured me, although I could continue to be as 'high-maintenance' as I desired, the shedding problem was now a thing of the past.

"I'm using a brand-new polymer bond, Gigi. These lashes are guaranteed to last for six months! They will look so good with the makeup job I am giving you tonight. Your eyeliner seems to have faded a bit. Let's touch that up first."

The "touch-up" with her tattooing equipment lasted over an hour. She followed that with a session with brushes and paints that lasted nearly as long. I was not allowed to see it, nor the work the other girls were doing. They wanted me to wait until they were done, so I could see the entire effect at once. "It's just like Extreme Makeover on television, Honey," Dita cooed. "In fact, it doesn't get any more EXTREME than this."

Gayle applied some kind of gel to areas of my bare scalp. Then, a new wig was fitted in place. From what I could see at the corners of my eyes, it was a shimmering Platinum Blonde. I could tell by the heft it was long, but I couldn't tell how long. It was permed, too; I could tell THAT by the way it swished and rustled when I moved my head. After a while, she gave it a firm tug; my head jerked, but the hair didn't budge. Gayle beamed her approval.

"Wait until you see it. It's gorgeous, just like you. I had it custom-made for you. I've attached it with the same bonding agent Dita uses. It won't come off until I take it off. Do you see how completely natural the hairline looks? No, of course you can't; not yet, anyway. But you will, soon enough. Baby, this is your own hair now, just as if it had been growing from your head all your life. Aren't you thrilled?"

My hairdresser hovered over my glittering tresses for a long time with a brush and styling comb, lifting, fluffing, shaping. Then, she set the whole of it in place with lots of sweet-smelling spray.

By that time, the anticipation was killing me. My mouth was dry, too; Ecstasy always makes me thirsty. Dita stepped into the back room while Gayle was working the final touches on my hair. She reappeared with a wine glass in her hand, extending it to me.

"This will get help, Gigi."

I was so grateful! It was fruit juice, not champagne, but it was just right.

"Baby, you got no idea how much I needs this right now."

Dita just smirked a little.

"I know. I've been there."

The four estheticians helped me up from the chair and stripped me naked. They confided that part of my surprise was a new outfit Kyra had selected especially for my birthday. My four attendants had been awaiting this moment all week. They couldn't wait to dress me for my 'big night'. The first article of clothing was a black patent leather corset. Dita slipped it around my torso, fastened the front busk and buckled the five buckling straps. Next, she had me brace myself against the wall and told me to suck in as she cinched me up tightly. She stepped back and admired her handiwork

"Wow, this is your best shape yet. Kyra had it custom-made for you. She told me they promised it would give you a twenty-inch waist. They weren't exaggerating. I love how it flares out your hips and ass, too."

The corset had heavy steel boning and heavily-underwired shelf cups that lifted my big boobs high and put them on prominent display. The ornate, interwoven design of the cups created a kind of peek-a-boo effect with my nipples and areola, rather than concealing them entirely.

Next came sheer, jet-black stockings with back seams and French heels. I lowered myself gingerly to the edge of the chair, bunched up one stocking into a nylon doughnut, slipped my right toe into it, then slowly, carefully, rolled the stocking up my right leg. I had to be careful with my new, longer talons. They would take some getting used to, but the girls helped me that first time and instructed me how to handle myself with my new crimson claws. The process was repeated for my left leg. I stood, checked and adjusted the stockings so the seams were arrow-straight, then fastened the stocking tops to the corset's garters. A tiny black patent buckling thong completed my lingerie. My tiny clit tucked snugly away without a trace of a bulge.

Gayle held a skirt open for me to step into. It was real patent leather, identical to the corset; heavy, and as black and shiny as polished obsidian. The back- well, there was no back. Instead, there were three pairs of black patent leather straps which began just below my tush and buckled horizontally, holding the skirt in place. The thong had been cleverly designed to appear part of the intricate series of buckling straps. The skirt was TIGHT. Even with the scanty expanse of material, it hobbled me to short, mincing steps. That caused me to sway my hips and tush even more. When laced, buckled and snapped in place, the corset and skirt looked like a single, continuous fetish garment. My breasts were mostly exposed. My tush was fully exposed. I might as well have been wearing nothing at all! As tight as it was, the heavy patent leather creaked seductively as I moved.

Raising each of my feet in turn, Rachel slipped a black patent sandal on the foot, then buckled the ankle strap. My sculptured toenails and golden toe rings were plainly visible through the reinf***ed toes of my stockings. The sandals had the thinnest, spikiest seven-inch stiletto heels I had ever seen, mated with two-inch platform soles. These were classic "fuck me" shoes, the kind I now lived for. I was breathless in anticipation that when Kyra saw me, she would immediately take me home, lay me back on the bed and ravish me.

The girls were not to be rushed. Jewelry came next. There were several pair of gold earrings for my multiple-pierce ears; small loops down the edge of my ears, ending in huge golden hoops in my ear lobes. There was a cascade of golden neck chains, a ton of bangle bracelets, rings on each of my fingers, and a single slender golden chain double-wrapped around my left ankle. As a finishing touch, Dita sprayed me liberally with Obsession.

Then, my four companions helped me to my feet and e****ted me to the salon's full-length, three-way mirror to see myself in all my newly-minted glory. I was stunned speechless. My hair was, indeed, Platinum Blonde; a thick, full, fluffy, blowsy layered mane of very-80's big, loose curls, dr****g over my shoulder and down my back, almost to my waist. My fingernails were transformed into exquisite bl**d-red talons, two inches long from cuticle to tip, square-cut with gently-rounded corners, an equally-gentle downward curve, and lots of flashy gold nail art; slut nails. My toenails and gold toe rings perfectly complimented my new talons. My eyes glittered from deep within overdone dark shadow, furry lashes, and dramatically broad swaths of permanent eyeliner above and below that tapered into narrow points extending well beyond the outer corners. The hollows of my cheekbones glowered in a deep rose blush. My plush, beestung lips glistened in the same wet-looking deep crimson of my talons. The layers of gold costume jewelry added the right tawdry touch to a girl who was begging to be seen, lusted for, fucked. No self-respecting woman of any color or culture would be caught dead affecting the kind of extreme, over-the-top look I now presented; it was the exclusive province of sluts like me. It all just seemed so much sexier on my Ecstacy high. I was getting REALLY horny! Dita was the first to speak.

"Wow, you are soooo sexy. Gigi, you look really HOT! I think I'm jealous of Kyra. I wonder what she has in store for you?"

So did I. I expected her to be here by now, but there was no sign of her. Gayle might as well have been reading my mind.

"Kyra told me to tell you go to the corner of Sixth and Main and wait. You will receive the next part of your birthday surprise there."

"But thas' fo' blocks from heah! I has no money fo' a cab. How's I git theah?"

Dita smiled coyly.

"We would LOVE to drop you, Sweetie, but we're all going out to Temptations tonight, and that's in the opposite direction. I guess you'll just have to WALK THE STREETS, Sugar. But that shouldn't be anything new for a slut like you, should it?"

This was getting more exciting by the minute. Dita helped me into a snug-fitting, waist-length black patent motorcycle-style jacket to ward off the evening chill. It perfectly complimented my black patent outfit. There wasn't a prayer of getting it zipped up over my titties, but the effect looked even more spectacular unzipped. Consuela had already packed my new purse with lipstick, lip brush, blusher, perfume. Since Kyra had hustled me out the door so quickly, I had nothing else to put in it; cash, credit cards, or even my I.D. Of course, I never showed my I.D. anymore. Who would believe I was 'Michael'? I only carried it out of habit - and in case I absolutely, positively had to show SOME kind of identification. Well, Kyra was certain to have noticed my purse lying on the table by the door and bring it with her when she picked me up. I gathered up my new purse, blew everyone an air kiss, then was out the door.

It was already Eleven o'clock. I couldn't believe my 'evening of beauty' had taken FIVE HOURS! Baby, did I EVER stop traffic on my way to Sixth and Main. I was completely caught up in myself and the moment as I click-click-clicked down the sidewalk towards my rendezvous with - who knew what? My big titties jiggled sweetly with each step. My full, rounded hips and tush smoothly undulated to and fro as though they were mounted on rails. I felt so good, so right. I wasn't a Bad Girl; I was THE Bad Girl, the baddest, sexiest, sleaziest slut to ever 'work it' on the streets of this town.

The streets were far from empty. Cars whizzed by in dizzying succession as their occupants hurried on their way to enjoy their Friday evening revelries. Horns honked at me and men whistled out their windows as they drove by. More than a few slowed and pulled over, motioning me to step over to the curb and talked to them. I smiled at them coyly, but responded I already had a 'date'.

I arrived at the corner, expecting to see our silver Mercedes waiting there. It wasn't. I looked up and down the street in vain. The flashy little Benz was nowhere in sight. I waited, pacing up and down the sidewalk, watching for her. A huge black Lincoln Navigator pulled up to the curb right in front of me. The passenger window rolled down noiselessly.

"Yo, Gigi, how ya doin'?"

I was startled at the sound of my own name coming from this unknown vehicle. I just had to strut over to the big SUV and check it out. The driver was a tall, impressively-muscled Black man with a shaven head and single gold stud in one ear. He was a hunk!

I flashed my sexiest, come-hither smile and my big titties.

"Yo Baby, 'sup? How you know my name?"

He grinned, flashing an impressive expanse of perfect white teeth.

"Ain't nuthin'. I'm Darius. Kyra aksed me to come git you. She said you wuz real fly, but I never 'spected this. Now, git in. We gotta git uptown fo' yo' s'prise."

Lost in the moment, I agreed without protest. That devious little hussy! She had set this up, knowing how much I would adore the perverse thrill of being picked up on the street, dressed as I was, as if I was 'workin' it'. My heart was pounding as I climbed up into the plush, cushioned leather seat. I closed the door with a resounding thunk. Darius pulled out into the night traffic. He reached over, put his right arm around me, and pulled me closer to him. I was thrilled. I could almost hear Kyra whispering in my ear.

"Give him whatever he wants, Baby. You know you want to."

I yielded to him willingly, sliding over and snuggling up against this big Black hunk. I was enjoying being his slut. Curiosity got the better of me.

"Hey, Baby, how you know my girlfren'?"

Darius smiled broadly.

"Oh, she 'n I go way back. We keep in touch from time t' time. She been tellin' me all 'bout you, sayin' you wuz one hot little bitch 'n just my type. She wuz right."

Way back? She's only been here a year. What's up with that?

The bright lights and wide boulevards were soon left behind. Before long, we were driving uptown through a seedier neighborhood. There was still traffic on the street, but it was traveling much slower than downtown. The drivers were taking their time, checking out the sights, as a tourist would. There were people on the street, too, though they were definitely not tourists. Most of them were attractive, provocatively-dressed women - like me. They stood alone or in small groups, sauntered up and down the sidewalk, or leaned over the sill of a pulled-over car and chatted with the driver. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were about. For all my fantasizing, this was the first time in my life I had really, truly seen women like that with my own two eyes. Most of them appeared to recognize the big black Navigator and waived. A few spied me, smiled, and winked. My heart pounded. I turned to speak to my e****t.

"Wher' we goin' Baby?"

Darius just smiled.

"Just sit back and enjoy the scenery, Baby Girl. We'll be there real quick."

I nodded. I didn't mind being patient a while longer. In truth, the 'scenery' could have been ripped from the pages of my fondest dream.

We arrived at a questionable looking hotel. He parked the truck in the lot next door and announced: "We's here, Sweet Thang. Let's go." We got out of the big Lincoln. Darius strode purposefully through the lobby, past the front desk, and directly to the elevator with me on his arm. We exited at the top floor and made our way down the corridor. He stopped before a door, produced a key and let us in. It was comfortable, I guess, but it wasn't exactly Disneyland. Then again, it was my 'Fantasyland'. There was a kitchen, dining area with table, separate living area with couch, coffee table, lamp and television. The carpet and d****ries were nice enough and were at least freshly cleaned. There was a separate bedroom with large, functional-looking bed, dresser, closet and attached bath. On one side of the room, there was even a vanity table and jewelry armoire that closely resembled the ones in my bedroom at home. So much for exclusivity.... Even in my dreamy, d**g-enhanced state, it looked to me like a slightly seedy residential hotel room.

My heart was pounding, actually causing my big titties to jiggle rhythmically. Scenes flashed through my head. The neighborhood. The girls on the street. Me, the way I was dressed and made up. Darius, that big, beautiful hunk of a man standing before me. Now, this cheap, sleazy hotel room. I happened to notice the only decoration on the coffee table was a large tube of K-Y jelly. This was just perfect, the fantasy that had inhabited the inner reaches of my mind for as long as I could remember. Kyra HAD to be here, somewhere. She couldn't possibly have gone to all the trouble of setting up this ultimate birthday surprise and not be there to share it with me. I imagined her hiding somewhere out of sight, perhaps in a closet or the other room. She would want to remove herself from the scene, of course, believing her presence would detract from the erotic tableau. Still, I could feel her presence, watching me, willing me to do what came naturally - at least, 'natural' for me now. Dressed as I was, feeling as randy as I did, I felt ready for anything. I let go completely, allowing all remaining thoughts of who I had been, where I had come to slip away. It was time to let the fantasy take over. This is going to be fun! Darius broke the ice - as if there was any 'ice' that needed breaking.

"You likes t' party, Sweetness? Girls like you always likes t' party."

"Yo, Baby, I luvs t' party. You all got any party favors?"

I had meant that huge bulge snaking its way down the inside of his pant leg. He took it to mean something else - at least, for now.

"You waits right here, Sugar. Makes yourself comf'table. I'll be right back."

Darius went into the kitchen for a moment. I removed my jacket and laid it over the living room chair. He glanced at me. I smiled, spread my feet slightly, placed one hand delicately on my hip, and flashed him a much better view of 'the goods'. I winked, flashing my best come-hither smile. He grinned back. He returned, carrying a smallish tray in both hands. As he approached, I settled delicately on the sofa, slowly crossing one leg over the other with the delicious, prolonged audible rasp of stocking-on-stocking.

Darius sat next to me and placed the tray on the table between us. It was a mirrored tray with a pile of white powder slightly to one side. He took a single-edged razor blade and began drawing out some of the powder into a series of parallel lines, four in all. I was amazed. I had seen this in the movies and on television. 'Michael' had never been tempted to try it. Now, in this place, under these circumstances.... After almost six hours, I was beginning to come down from the X. My stash was in my purse - my old purse, along with everything else. I wanted to keep the feeling going - and the temptation was right in front of me. I knew what Kyra would want her 'bad girl' to do. This one time wouldn't hurt anything, would it?

My companion rolled up a twenty-dollar bill and handed it to me. Mimicking the scenes I had viewed on the big and small screens, I accepted the improvised 'straw', leaned over, held it to one nostril, inhaled two lines, then switched and did the other two in my other nostril. For effect, I daintily tapped the edges of my nostrils with an elegantly manicured pinkie nail. My nose felt tingly, then a little numb. My head - oh, wow.... My 'caterer' gently pushed my legs apart. At the same time, his other hand began fondling my massive mammaries. I spread my legs wide and thrust out my chest, allowing his probing hands free access. At the same time, I began massaging the monstrous meat imprisoned inside his slacks. I could tell we were on the same wavelength and transmitted that fact to him with a low moan and knowing glance.

"Ya know, Baby Girl, bitches like you makes a lot of money just being nice to men the way I know you like to do. A guy like me has friends, contacts, men who's always lookin' for a good time."

He glanced at the tray on the table.

"There's perks, too. Lots and lots of perks."

It was almost as if the words had come from Kyra's lips, not his. I knew she had put Darius up to this. For this little stage play, he was to be my 'pimp' and... boyfriend? Wherever she was watching from, I knew she had to be enjoying every moment of it as much as I. Well, Darius had his role to play and so did I. I wuz gonna make this good!

"Baby, you know what a ho' like me wants. I wan' cock. I wan' be used. I wan' be FUCKED! I wan' take care of bus'ness. I wan' men t' pay me to suck their cocks and fuck 'em. I's gots what all the boys want. You think so, don't you, Mistah Darius?"

He nodded smugly.

"But what about you 'n Kyra?"

"Fuck Kyra! That bitch ain't even laid a hand on me in o'er a month. Can you believe dat? Besides, she ain't even here! I's here. I belongs here. Check out these goods. You want a piece o' dis, don' you Mistah Darius? Don' you think the other boys will, too? I's the ho' here, not Miss 'My Shit Don' Stink' Kyra. Thas all I wan'. Thas all I ever wan'. You down with dat, ain't choo, Mistah Darius? You wan' me t' be the ho' I wuz meant t' be, don' choo?"

He beamed.

"Whatever you say, Sweetness."

Just then there was a loud knock at the door. I heard him mutter under his breath.

"Oh yeah, right on time, Baby Girl. Here we go."

He went to the door and opened it. I heard voices but sat dazed, not even turning my head in my dreamy stupor. My head was spinning. I felt so high - and so horny! Darius reappeared in front of me. There were other men, too. My 'boyfriend' grinned broadly.

"Here she is, just like Kyra promised. Ain't she a sight? The bitch is well-trained, too. She says she WANTS it. Let's give it to her real good. Kyra says she likes that."

I was in a surreal dreamland, relaxed and very aroused. I felt hands all over my body. The tray was removed and I was bent over the table. Fingers probed my tits and ass. One slippery finger invaded my shemale pussy, once, twice, three times, getting it good and slick with generous globs of lube. I let out an involuntary moan like the eager slut I was. I heard someone say, "C'mon bust that white ass!" I felt pressure, then something big - really big - thrust into my ass. I arched my back and let out a whimper. A long, slow push f***ed every inch into me. I felt it bottom out and the tingle of pubic hair against my asscheeks. I clamped down hard on the large intruder with my rectal muscles and heard a man's voice.

"Son-of-a-bitch! This cunt is milkin' my dick wit her ass muscles. You likes dat, don' choo, Bitch?"

I felt a hard slap on my ass and responded by wiggling my butt around.

The next memory I have was straddling a muscular black man. I think it was Darius, but things were a little fuzzy just then. I was bouncing up and down on his long cock.
He pounded my ass hard. I had never had that much inside of me before - and it was real, too. Just then, another hard cock was rubbed across my lips. I opened wide and sucked it down greedily, like a k** with a lollipop. I couldn't have stopped even if I wanted to - and I sure didn't want to. The rest of the night was a kaleidoscopic whirl of surreal images: big Black men with big Black cocks, taking me again and again and again. There were images of me doing more lines of coke, too. I dozed off as the first rays of light peeked between the buildings outside the living room window....

I woke up alone, in bed, with a splitting headache body ache, and chills. My cell phone was on the bedside table. I hadn't remembered seeing it there the night before, but there wasn't much I DID remember. I staggered to the bathroom and perched myself gingerly on the toilet. After a long pee, I discovered a note taped to the mirror above the sink. It was from Kyra.

I hope last night was as good for you as it was for me. The best is yet to come. Your clothes are in the closet and your makeup is in your vanity. Get cleaned up, do your face and hair like the slut you are, get dressed, then give me a call when you are ready. Be sure to wear something HOT!

I KNEW she had been watching from somewhere! I remembered brief flashes of the night before. I clearly remembered surrendering myself to cock, cock, and more cock - and overwhelming pleasures of the flesh. I felt more submissive than I had ever felt before in my life - and a thirst for more. It looked like Kyra had 'more' in mind. This wasn't going to be a single-night birthday surprise, after all. After a night like THAT, I couldn't imagine what she would come up with next.

My head really hurt. I was thirsty, too. There wasn't any aspirin in the bathroom, so I went to the kitchen to find... something, anything. There was juice in the fridge. There was no aspirin, but Kyra had thoughtfully left my bottle of Demerol. I had never taken one for a headache, but pain was pain, ya know? I popped one, then chased it with a glass of juice. The juice was cold and tasted good.

It would take a while for the painkiller to kick in - if it was going to help at all. I needed something NOW. I glanced towards the living room and noticed the tray of cocaine was still there, though somewhat depleted from the night before. I wonder.... I drew out a couple of lines as I had seen Darius do, then snorted them. Oh, yeah, that did it! Feeling much better, I returned to the bathroom.

I followed Kyra's instructions explicitly. I douched to clean my shemale pussy out. Then I showered, brushed my teeth, and gargled with mouthwash. There was a second tube of K-Y and self-stick pantyliners in the cabinet under the sink. Actually, there were several jumbo-sized tubes of the slippery lubricant. Had she bought a case for my birthday? Just what DID she have in mind? I lubed my love nest thoroughly because it felt like the right thing to do. I tucked, then pressed a pantyliner in place to hold everything in. Then, I returned to the bedroom to begin the long, loving process of making myself beautiful.

Kyra hadn't been k**ding when she said my clothes were in the closet. It appeared my entire wardrobe of slutwear was hanging there, awaiting me. All my lingerie, corsets, and stockings were neatly folded in the drawers of my dresser. My shoes were arranged in racks. My boots all hung neatly on hangers. The vanity table and jewelry armoire I had thought resembled mine WERE mine. Every bit of my makeup and all my jewelry were at my disposal. My wife had gone to an extraordinary amount of trouble to make my birthday memorable. 'Overkill' would be an understatement. I would have to change outfits over two dozen times to wear everything that was hanging there. Was this all to create the right atmosphere to make my fantasy seem all the more real? Would Darius and his friends be willing to help us move all of it home again?

I was still learning to deal with my new, longer talons. This time, I would have to paint and dress alone. It was awkward at first, but I was inspired and learned quickly. The permanent makeup helped a lot. I didn't need that much, but I took my time; I wanted to make it PERFECT. When the job was complete, my practiced eye decided I looked just as trampish as with Dita's handiwork, if not more so. The pain pill had long since kicked in on top of the cocaine. Everything was in soft-focus, kinda dreamy. I laced myself into a red satin corset with black lace insets and borders, reducing my torso to the wasp-wasted elegance that looked so good on my physique. I rolled sheer, jet-black stockings up my slender legs, adjusted them to make sure the back seams were arrow-straight, then fastened the tops to the corset's eight garters. I eased the ruffled red satin thong panty up my legs and positioned it over my hips, making certain everything was tucked in just so.

I slipped into a deep red satin minidress with long, off-the-shoulder sleeves and plunging neckline, front and back. This dress was really tight. It hobbled me to a twelve-inch gate and revealed more than it concealed. The matching red patent sandals had open toes, ankle straps, and six-inch stiletto heels. I donned gaudy, eye-catching red lacquered pendant earrings, matching beaded necklace and oversized wrist bangles to accessorize. I double-wrapped that same single slender gold chain around my dainty left ankle. I had some trouble manipulating the spring clasp with my talons, but it was something I had to learn. I got it eventually, and my outfit was complete. Some generous spritzes of Obsession, a final fluff of my hair, and I was DONE, Baby! If this was what my sweetheart wanted, I couldn't be happier. Still, I wondered how today could possibly match the thrill of the night before. I perched delicately on the edge of the bed and speed-dialed home from my cell phone.

"Good morning, Baby! Are you dressed and made up really slutty for me today?"

"Like I'm workin' it out on th' boulevard. You'd be proud o' me."

"Oh, I am proud of you, Baby! So, how are you this morning?"

"Wonderful. I had a headache 'n chills earlier, but I found sumpin' t' take care o' it."

"I'll bet you did. Now, tell me all about last night."

"But you was here, watchin', wasn't you?"

"Of course I was, Sweetie. I want to hear about it in your own words. It seems so much more intimate that way."

I related everything I remembered about the night before. There was one question I had to ask.

"How many was there?"

"Baby, you took on five well-hung Black men last night. Not a single one of them was less than nine inches. I personally made certain of that. You know what they say: once you go Black, you can never go back. How do you feel now? Sore, or what?"

"No, not sore at all. I guess you done a good job o' breakin' me in. At th' time, it was a high I ain't never felt b'fo' - even wit' yo'. I 'member feelin' well-fucked when they wuz done wit' me. Now, I feel kinda dreamy - and horny again."

"Things go better with Coke, huh? It's OK, Baby; I know you are doing d**gs with them. It's all part of the EXPERIENCE. In fact, why don't you do a couple more lines right now? Just take the phone with you and describe it to me step by step. It will be like we are doing it together - like we have done everything together since we met."

I kept talking to her as I sashayed into the living room. I relayed the process of drawing the coke into lines, describing the rush it had given me the night before.

"Did you like it?"

"Oh, yeah."

"How many lines did you do last night?"

"Fo'at fust I thin' I did mo' later, but I cain' be sho'."

"Then do four now."


"Yes, Baby. I want you to share the experience with me again, just the way you experienced it last night. Tell me when you are ready."

I drew out the additional lines.


"OK, do them."

I inhaled deeply, doing two lines in each nostril, then tapping each with my pinkie to make sure I got every crystal, just as the night before.

"Verry nice, Sugar. Isn't that sensation EXQUISITE? All us working girls know that feeling. It's kind of a 'rite of passage' for us. There is only one more little step to go to make your fantasy complete."

"Wha's tha'?"

"Why, you have to go out and DATE of course!"

"Date? Yo' mean, turn tricks - fo' money? Like a pros'tute?"

"That's EXACTLY what I mean. That is what all of this has been about, right? This is Saturday morning - oops, well, afternoon now. The room is paid up until check-out time Monday morning. For the rest of the weekend, you ARE a prostitute, just like you have always fantasized about. Just think of me as your 'Madam'. Now, I want you to sashay that gorgeous ass of yours out on the street and turn tricks for me. You will charge fifty dollars for a blowjob and one... no, TWO hundred dollars for a fuck. A girl who looks as good as you can get that easy. When I see you Monday morning, you will pay me twenty-five hundred dollars for the privilege of workin' it for me. After all, I went through a lot of effort setting you up as a hooker. If you don't have the money for me when I arrive, I may just have to keep you out there until you do. Of course, that would mean renting the room for another day - or more - and that much more expense for YOU."

I gulped.

"I'm a... hooker? Can I do tha'?"

"Sugar, you are GOING to do that. You know you want to. You have always wanted to. Every moment of your life, everything you have struggled for and endured in the past year, has been leading to this moment. You are in EXACTLY the right place, too. Look out your window."

I did. In broad daylight, there were at least a half-dozen brazenly-dressed girls strutting their stuff on the street - just as they had been the night before when I had first arrived. As overdressed as I felt for daytime, I would still fit right in with that group. I watched as one chatted with a man in a car, then got in. They drove away right before my eyes.

"Oh, my God!"

"That's right, Sugar. That neighborhood is notorious as THE place to go in this city to pick up a working girl. Even with all that competition, a gorgeous blue-eyed blonde with big tits and ass can pretty much write her own ticket - unless someone else is writing it for her. Face it; you are located smack dab in the middle of Hooker Central - exactly where a slut like you BELONGS. Now, no more talk. Hustle your sweet ass down on that street and make me some money!"

I remembered that girl, that... hooker getting into the car and driving away - to have sex with a complete stranger for money. The image in my head blurred a bit, then refocused. Suddenly, it was ME in that car, me accepting his money, me going down on him in some deserted alley - or bending over, exposing my sweet shemale cunt to his throbbing fuck pipe. I shivered - in pure, wanton lust.

Riding down in that elevator, strutting across the foyer, stepping out onto that street, head held high, stiletto-clad feet tapping "click-click-click" down the sidewalk, was the most profound thrill in a seemingly endless string of thrills that had punctuated this latest, best year of my life. I didn't care what other people would think when they saw me. I KNEW I looked DAMN GOOD. I KNEW no man would be able to resist me. I KNEW, at long last, I had ARRIVED! There were no words to describe the overwhelming gratitude I felt for my beautiful wife, who had made my dream come true!

The other bitches were wary of me at first, protective of their 'turf'. It was just like my experiences in the dance clubs. I knew how to approach them, what to say, how to say it, how to blend in. As Kyra had predicted, my easy familiarity with their language was disarming. My connection with Darius was the key that flung the door wide open. In no time, it was like we had been ho'in' together all our lives. I hadn't realized how many of those gorgeous girls I had seen the night before were T-Girls like me. More to the point, they were all DARIUS's girls. He and his crew ran all the action in this part of town. The girls each paid him a percentage of 'the take' for the privilege of workin' the 'hood, unm*****ed by cops or other thugs.

The next two days were a nonstop orgy of cock and coke. I hardly ate. I slept but a few hours Sunday morning, after Dawn, when the dates had returned to their homes to sl**p it off. Dating was one long, sustained thrill ride. As I expected, the men couldn't keep their eyes - or hands - off me. Between Midnight Saturday and Three AM Sunday, I was spending more time in cars than struttin' my stuff on the sidewalk. I raised my prices to discourage the 'tourists' and give myself a breather. They paid it. I raised my prices again. They were willing to pay THAT. Darius checked up on me every couple of hours. He filled me up with his huge cock, taking his pleasure - and mine. I think he wanted me to know that no matter how many men I dated, he would always be the biggest and best. There was no danger of me ever losing sight of THAT. His mammoth manhood felt so good, so right, buried to the hilt inside my love nest. He kept me well-supplied with Blow, too. Darius made sure I stayed on a nice, sustained high all weekend. He gave be a beautiful present; an ornate silver vial with screw-on lid. The lid had a small, long-stemmed silver spoon built into it. That way, I could carry my Blow with me in my purse, instead of having to rush back to my room between dates for my next hit.

When he showed up Sunday evening, Kyra was with him. I was more surprised than upset.

"I - I wasn't 'spectin' you 'til t'morra. I don' has all th' money yet."

"Give me what you have, Sugar."

My girlfriend collected the money I had made. I was about $500 short. I knew I could make THAT Sunday night, easy. Kyra just smirked at me, tsk-tsking and shaking her head with distain. Instead of putting the money in her purse, she turned and handed it to Darius.

"A promise made is a promise kept. You were good to me, good for me. Thank you - for EVERYTHING."

I thought she was thanking him for helping her set up my perfect fantasy weekend. Considering the amount I had just handed her, it seemed like a pretty outrageous 'tip' for two days. Whatever.... I was really enjoying all of this. We sat down on the couch - them on either side, me in the middle. Kyra winked and smiled approvingly as I did more lines of coke, then snuggled up with my muscular boyfriend. Then we watched two videos.

The first was a compilation of candid footage chronicling my entire transformation, starting with my earliest attempts at dressing up and makeup, through my surgeries, trips to the salon and tattoo parlor, everything up to and including my exit from the beauty salon Friday evening. There was nothing left to the imagination, no doubt whatsoever who "Gigi" had begun life as. The only thing missing - carefully edited out - was Kyra's guiding hand in my metamorphosis. Instead, reaction shots of her were craftily edited in. She appeared unsure, upset, but putting on a brave face. The overall impression was, this wasn't something she had wanted to do; she had done it to please me. She really was a good actress. If I hadn't been there, I would have believed her.

The second tape included my arrival at the hotel, my 'deflowering' at the hands of Darius and his crew, plus footage of me all day Saturday and Sunday. There had to have been video cameras hidden in every room of the apartment. There I was, popping pills, doing endless lines of coke and being fucked by the amazingly-endowed Darius. There were also scenes of me in my hotel bedroom, sucking and fucking men, accompanied by every whine, moan, and shriek. I was most astonished to see the outdoor footage. They - whoever "they" were, had taped me clandestinely as I stood on the corner, conversing with the other working girls and soliciting my dates. There was even a soundtrack, with me asking the tricks if they were dating, and offering them a "real good time" for the price I had judged them to be good for. I dimly remembered the two phrases "zoom lens" and "parabolic microphone".

I realized Kyra had bankrolled a really first-class professional surveillance to record my entire debauchment for posterity. They caught a good shot of me climbing into a convertible, accepting money from a date, then going down on him and making him come in my mouth. The camera had zoomed in to capture my face clearly, leaving no doubt it was me. There were several 'money shots'; cum shooting all over my face, oozing out around a fat cock stuffed in my ass - and me obviously loving every second of it. There were other 'money shots', too - of me accepting the money up front, like the good little whore I had become. I certainly enjoyed watching all our 'home movies', reliving the highlights of the most eventful year of my life. I was grateful Kyra had gone to the trouble and expense of recording it all. When the time came for 'Michael' to return, it would be wonderful to have this souvenir to remember the most exciting time of my life.

I was flying high and very giggly as we watched. Darius had his hands all over me - and I was encouraging his advances. He was really turned on by the whole scene; the videos, me sitting right up in his business, and Kyra watching it all. Finally, he just pushed up my skirt, ripped away my panties, lifted me bodily off my tush, onto his lap and impaled my cunt on his raging fuckpole. I rode that man-meat like a bitch in heat, whimpering, moaning, and crying out with reckless abandon, oblivious to everything but his pleasure and my own. When he flooded me with his cum, my orgasm went off like a Roman candle, engulfing me with explosion after explosion. Kyra snickered impolitely.

" And you asked: 'Can I do that?' That looks like a pretty good imitation of a whore to me. Are you lovin' it as much as I am, Baby? This is all a real turn-on for me."

How could I argue otherwise? This was way beyond anything in my fantasy, yet it was better than anything I could have dreamed. I searched in vain for the words to express my gratitude to her. She spoke first, startling me with her words.

"Baby, I've been thinking. You are obviously having the time of your life. I'm really happy about that. In fact, this has all worked out so well, I think we will just continue this little... arrangement. Yes, I really like the idea of that."

"Y'all mean, 'til I's can make up th' other money? I's can do that t'nite!"

Kyra pursed her lips, smiled, and slowly shook her head.

"No Sugar. I meant PERMANENTLY. You won't mind if I just... GIVE you to Darius, will you? It wouldn't take any effort to get you moved in; all your clothes, makeup, jewelry and furniture essentials are already HERE. It's not as though you don't 'fit in'. I mean, you are the perfect little ghetto ho' now. Just look at you. You are so plastic-looking from all your surgery. Then, there is the makeup and hair, the scandalous outfits you wear, not to mention all the tattoos and piercings. Your mind and mouth are in the gutter. You are thoroughly, shamelessly hooked on d**gs and sex. You are exactly his type of woman now - and he is exactly your type of man. Don't try to deny it; I have just seen the look of ecstasy on your face while he is fucking you. Actually, I have known all along....

Sweetie, I have a little confession to make. You see, I'm not really from out of town. I have lived here all of my life, just like you. Of course, I never enjoyed the kind of wealth and status you were born into. When I met you online, I lived right here, in this room. It kind of makes me nostalgic to see the old place again. I have known Darius since I began hooking seven years ago. Yes, I was one of his girls, just like you are now. He was, has always been, really good to me. I REALLY owe him. But I could never give him what he really likes. Darius needs to POSESS his girls totally. I have always been my own person and won't submit to any man that way. Without meaning any disrespect to him, I have always wanted, DESERVED more from Life than all this. Finally, he came to respect me for that. Then, you came along and made 'more' possible. You dropped tantalizing little hints in the chat room. It wasn't so much what you said as the way you said it that led me to believe you came from Money. When you finally told me your name, I went down to the library and looked you up in Forbes. Was I ever thrilled to find out you were loaded - and single! I made up my mind, right then and there; the only slut that was going to get her hooks into you was ME!

When the time came, Darius was really nice about letting me go - and helping me snare you. He had originally hooked me up with a computer and Internet access. When the time came, he helped me pack, then drove me to the airport - so I could be there, waiting for you when you arrived. In return, all he made me do was promise to find a girl to take my place - HIS type of girl. I didn't know how I was going to make that happen, but I knew, somehow, I would. You know me; I ALWAYS keep my promises. I was even entertaining random thoughts about you being that girl. You see, Darius LOVES T-girls; the sleazier, more outrageously-proportioned the slut, the better. When I first saw your picture, I said to myself: 'You know Kyra, I can just see dear, sweet Michael with boobs and buns, made up like a little whore, poured into some super-sexy next-to-nothing little slip of a dress, getting fucked six ways to Sunday - and loving it. It was just an idle thought, but....

I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when I experienced your world for the first time. Every day was a new experience in what Life is supposed to be all about. I felt I had come Home - to the home I SHOULD have been born into. AND you were incredibly kinky. AND you knew how to eat me to one mind-blowing orgasm after another, all night long. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world. I really DID love you, you know.

Then you dropped YOUR little bombshell about always having dreamed of experiencing the very life I had just escaped. I know this sounds really petty of me, but I lost respect for you at that moment. How could anyone possibly consider giving up all of THAT for to be a slut? At the same time, I felt I had just been handed the answer to my prayers. Thank you, God! So, I promised to help you. I have to admit, I felt REALLY GUILTY at first. You had been so good to me, so good FOR me. All the while, I knew I was preparing you, getting you ready to be whored out to Darius to fulfill my promise to him. I kept telling myself it was what you really wanted. I told you the honest truth about one thing, though; the farther we went, the more pronounced the changes became in you, the more I really WAS getting into the whole idea of you as a wanton little whore and Darius's personal fucktoy. You were just SO PERFECT. I recognized right away that you were very weak-willed, susceptible to suggestion. That is exactly the kind of dependent personality that is ripe to become the kind of submissive slut Darius craves. You see, he has this darling little way of keeping his bitches in line. He likes to get them hooked on cocaine and that great big cock of his, so they can't even DREAM of leaving him. I don't do d**gs myself, - that was another reason I was not the right girl for Darius - but I always thought it was so amusing to see that glazed look of utter surrender in the other girls' eyes; surrender to the d**gs and Darius' man-meat.

I can't believe how willingly you allowed me to slip you into a life of chemical and psychological dependency. You couldn't wait to undergo the hypnotherapy, could you? After Sheila Crane implanted your 'triggers', it was c***d's play to digitally sample her induction lead-in and record new disks even SHE didn't know about - disks that did a whole lot more than just teach you 'Street Speak'. I changed the WAY you think, Baby. I broke down twenty-one years of high-class education and social conditioning, reducing you to the intellectual level of those drop-out bimbos you admired so much. Then I introduced you to OXY to relieve the pain in your feet. You found out right away it was also a really nice 'mood-enhancer'. You began taking more and more of it because your nightly 'training sessions' taught you to love the high. After your surgery, I made sure you were pumped full of Demerol; dose after dose, day after day. I kept you right on the edge, Sugar, just like sex; just enough to keep you in Dreamland without pushing you off - for that long, long fall. I was saving THAT for later. And all that time, I was in your ear, in your HEAD, via the conditioning disks. I was in your PUSSY, too. Every moment of every day, I was right there, comforting you, encouraging you, convincing you it was all right to LIVE FOR being fucked and being high. Those aches, chills, and tremors you felt later were the first little symptoms of withdrawal. You COULD have kicked it, gotten clean, but I offered you a chance to stay high and like a good little junkie, you took it. By this weekend, I had you ready for your 'coming-out party'. You graduated to a full-fledged COKE WHORE as naturally as you please, without so much as a whimper. All I had to do was TELL YOU to do it."

She gently cupped my chin and gazed intently into my vacant, glazed-over eyes, a satisfied expression on her face.

"Oh, yes, I think we have broken down your higher intellectual processes quite nicely. You have The Look now, Sweetie. Darius OWNS you, body and soul - and after only two days. That must be some kind of record. With your oh-so-willing cooperation, I have now fulfilled my promises to BOTH of you. Darius adores my little 'gift' and says my debt to him is paid in full. He will take good care of you - as long as you are nice to him and give him what he wants."

"But I thou' we wuz gonna go home 'n fuck ourseves stupid?"

She smiled at me coyly.

"Oh, I think you are fucking yourself stupid RIGHT HERE, Baby Girl. Why ruin a good thing? Besides, it would be... awkward to have you dating out of our home."

"But I wudn'...."

"Yes, you WOULD. You will do EXACTLY that from now on. I insist. If you refuse, I will just have to send copies of these videos to your parents, our neighbors, all your old friends, maybe even post it on the Internet. Imagine yourself as the next Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton. Of course, those girls would curl up and DIE if anyone saw them doing the kinds of things you do every day. It's an election year; maybe some do-gooder in City Government might decide to make an example of you - to further his chances for re-election. No, Gigi; one way or another, you are now the whore you have always dreamed of being. I have put in too much time, effort, and money turning you into the ultimate fucktoy to let you go back to your old life now. I wouldn't want to break my promise to Darius - or you. Besides, it's too late for you to go back, even if you wanted to. You would never be able to pass as a man again. You wouldn't even remember HOW. You certainly don't know how to do anything but suck and fuck anymore. Besides THAT..."

She grinned evilly.

" don't have the BALLS for it. Literally."

She glanced around the room.

"You wanted me to help you get inside a slut's head, experience her world, her thoughts, her desires, didn't you? Well, here you are, Sugar - living her life. Now, it is YOUR life. This is YOUR world now. This is what you are; a cumslut, coke whore, fucktoy. You look, sound, and act like you BELONG here, much more than I ever did. I am so happy for you. I'm happy for me, too. For the first time in my life, I have a comfortable home, money, friends, a real man who adores me, and can live my life as I see fit - and I owe it all to you."

"A real man?"

"Oh, did I forget to tell you? It's Bruce - Doctor Jensen. Did you REALLY believe all this time I spent all those nights in school? Bruce and I have been having an affair since we first met."

"My plas'ic surgeon?"

"That's right, Sweetie, but he is MY plastic surgeon, too. Now, he is MINE, period. Of course, I won't ever tell him about my past. As far as he is concerned, I'm just a beautiful, sexy socialite who got in over her head in a really bad relationship. I convinced him you were a real 'head case'. When I told him about your kinky desires and that you had given us a way he and I could finally be together, he jumped at the chance to help. That's why I can't have you around anymore. It's not that he doesn't like the way you turned out, or feels threatened by you; far from it. I mean, he is a MAN, isn't he? How could he not be attracted to a slut like you? I just don't want the... competition until I have that ring on my finger. After that, who knows? Maybe I will have you over for a threesome. It will be my wedding present to him."

"But thas MY house!"

Her smile was pure saccharine.

"Not anymore. Remember all those consent forms you signed before your surgery? There sure were a lot of them, weren't there? About half of them were our divorce papers. You very generously left me the estate, the bank accounts, the car, the trust fund, EVERYTHING. It's all in my name now."

"But I din't know wha' I wuz signin'. Th' courts wudn' never let it stand."

"Of course they will. Your signature is there for all to see - and I have witnesses to attest to your signing without duress. You have made all of this SO EASY for me. I told you in the beginning not to tell anyone what we were planning to do. Like a good little puppy, you didn't. Now, you can't. Everyone in town who has seen you in the past nine months PERCEIVES you to be a whore. You enthusiastically HELPED me reinf***e that perception wherever we went. Better than that, YOU perceive YOURSELF to be that whore. It just doesn't get any more 'real' than that. Enjoy it, Sugar. Please don't make trouble over this. You would lose - and I would HATE for your f****y, friends, everyone to see these tapes. I really, really would.

As it is, I don't see how I can avoid showing them to your parents. After all, they haven't seen you in a long time. They are going to want to know what happened to you. I already have the script down cold. There I will be, tearfully describing to them how you had 'weirded out', begun cross-dressing, transforming your appearance, body, and psyche, sinking deeper and deeper into the depths of depravity, until - well, they will see for themselves. I will avow you made me record it all, and... 'well, I just couldn't keep the secret any longer.' You know how much they adore me - and how convincing I can be. Who do you think they will believe?"

She pointed at the images on the television screen. Her grin was not to be denied. I might have put up a fight - if I hadn't been zoned out on a two-day cocaine binge. I didn't care. Why should I? None of that mattered to a slut like me. Kyra read all of that in my dull, glazed eyes. She smiled and gently stroked my cheek.

"It really DOESN'T mean anything to you anymore, does it, Gigi? See? It's all for the best. We each got what we really wanted in life. Don't even TRY to tell me you aren't thrilled with all this. I know you too well."

I couldn't, and she knew it. She kissed me tenderly and stood.

"I have to go, Baby. Bruce is waiting for me at home - OUR home. He helped me move your things here Friday night, while you were at the salon getting ready for Darius and his crew. I taped that note to the mirror in the bathroom while I was here, figuring you would be too busy all night to notice it. When Bruce and I were done here, we moved HIS things into your closet and dressers. You can't imagine how turned on I was, fucking Bruce all weekend and knowing you were getting fucked by Darius, his crew, and all those dates. Bruce was INSIDE ME when you called Saturday morning. I could barely keep the emotion out of my voice. He was thrusting all ten inches of his cock into me while I was talking to you.

It was all I could do to tear myself away from him to come here tonight, but I wanted to say good-bye in person. I felt I owed you that much. You can never be a MAN again; I've seen to that. But if you will be cool about all this and don't make trouble, I will take your fantasy all the way. Then, you will be able to fuck men the way a slut like you is supposed to fuck. Oh, by the way, feel free to stop in the salon as often as you like. I will be keeping an open account for you. Consider that one final 'perk' for being such a good little slut. The girls at the salon have already expressed their desire to keep you looking your sluttish best - and hearing all about your 'dates'. They have really gotten into the whole thing, too. Bye-bye, Sweetie. Have fun!"

That was...let's see, about a year ago. I'm still at the hotel. I mean, where else would I want to be? Kyra is really happy with her home, boyfriend, and life of leisure. It is all so far removed from the streets where she hustled - where I now do. We haven't kept in touch; she doesn't want to. In fact, she changed their phone number. Bruce hasn't asked her to marry him yet. I wonder if she's worried? I don't really dwell on it anymore. I kept my pledge not to make trouble for her. In return, she granted me my final fantasy; an all-expense-paid trip to Bangkok for my SRS. I now have a tight, juicy pussy with which I fuck my tricks the way a slut should.

The 'mones filled me out even more. Corseted, I now measure 44-20-38. I'm staying 'Gigi', though; 'Eich-eich' sounds like something they would name a Panda at the zoo. Of course, corseting is a must with my heavy titties - unless I want to wear something REALLY revealing when I date. I take Kyra up on her OTHER offer, too. I go to the beauty salon almost every day. I adore being a high-maintenance whore. The girls at the salon are always glad to see me. There are certain things we agree not to talk about; Kyra, Bruce, and how I came to be what I am. We talk instead about the men I have dated, the bizarre, kinky places and ways I have had sex, and what is going on in their own lives. They are extra-special nice to me.

Dita is a little slut in her own right, though I haven't convinced her yet to come out and 'work it' with me sometime. I will. She's weakening - and I can be VERY persuasive. That's something else I have learned on the streets. We agreed upon a look that is right for me all the time. Baby, it is DRAMA, personified. She has filled it in with her tattooing needle. Now, I just need to touch up a little every morning with a mascara wand and lip gloss and I am good to go. My hair, makeup and two-inch talons are always PERFECT. That leaves me that much more time to do the things I REALLY enjoy.

Darius is now my 'husband'. He got me a really good fake I.D. - as Gigi - to replace Michael's. I kept the old one in my vanity drawer as a souvenir. Just the other day, I noticed it had expired - never to be renewed. I shed no tears over the severance of that one last, tiny tie to my old life. I date most nights, get all the cock I crave - with my husband's blessing. It really turns him on to brag his wife is "the sexiest, sluttiest damn ho' in the city." He loves to take me out and show me off - and makes good money pimping my ass to the many men who are attracted to me. Most of the time, I do the ho' stroll with his other bitches. They have been my girlfriends since I first came out. We party together regularly, as well as socialize on the street in between dates. They are so jealous of me for having my pretty titties, tush, and pussy. They should be. Eat your hearts out, Bitches!

Do I miss it all, my former life? Not really. After getting over the initial shock, I have adapted quite well to my new lifestyle. Kyra was right; this WAS my fantasy in the first place. That she stripped me of my REALITY and replaced it with this one does not diminish the power it now has over me. I have everything I have ever really desired. And if I ever need a 'nip and tuck', Bruce has promised he will be at my disposal.

How do I know - and that he hasn't asked her to marry him yet? He told me. I never said I hadn't kept in contact - close, personal contact - with HIM. Kyra doesn't want to tell him about her past? That was HER mistake. I told him. You see, dear, sweet Brucie has a KINKY SIDE. He picked me up one Thursday night. It was my first night back on the street after my SRS. I was still REALLY TIGHT then - and REALLY HORNY from weeks of no sex. I knew Darius had been getting it on with one of his other girls while I was recovering. That had me steaming.

Bruce was out cruisin' the 'hood for a date - a very SPECIAL date - and recognized me right away. It turns out the poor boy has had a major Jones for me for a while. At first, his involvement was just as Kyra had told me. She confided her plan to him; she was playing on my fantasy and transforming me into a REAL whore to get me out of the way so the two of them could be together - and would he help? Just for her?

Brucie had fantasies of his own. I remember sitting in his office and him telling me he was "fascinated" with my case. He told me the rest that first night he picked me up, sitting in his car with my hand gently caressing his naked, angry Jones. What he hadn't been able to tell me then was his attraction to hookers - the nastier, the better. He hadn't really considered a T-GIRL hooker before, but after all my surgeries, and seeing the way I had turned out, and seeing me in action on Kyra's videos....

He would have followed up on his "fascination" much sooner - if Kyra had not been watching him like a hawk. Of course, she wouldn't even DREAM of telling him how to get in touch with me. True, he knew where the hotel was and figured I would still be there, but he didn't dare contact Darius. He knew I 'dated'; Kyra couldn't stop gloating over how she had turned me out as a common ghetto ho', good only for sucking and fucking. She didn't know how much she was turning him on - to ME. Finally, he realized the only way he was going to 'scratch his itch' was to come find me - and date me. "There is just something SO EROTIC about girls like you," he told me that night.

'Girls like me'? Whatever. Honey, you don't have to tell me twice. I came on to him SO NICE, got him SO hot and bothered. He felt SO GOOD in my tight, wet, cunt. Did he EVER cream my pussy! Brucie told me it was the best $300 he had ever spent. There is something deliciously depraved about fucking a cheating husband with a pussy his cheating wife has just paid for! He has been a 'regular' ever since. As Kyra said, he's just a man - and men have NEEDS. I satisfy HIS very nicely - the ones he won't admit to his girlfriend. He fears she would never understand his desire to be with a 'a girl like me', as he put it, and that she would find some insidious way to take it out on him. Of course, I confirmed his fears. After all, just look what she did to ME (snicker!). I promised him this would just be "our little secret".

We've talked. You know; REALLY talked. I don't do that with dates; after all, they're just dates. But this one.... I hate to say this, but Bruce really is a nice guy. It turns out he was not COMPLETELY on board with Miss Kyra's Master Plan. He was glad I had gotten clean while recovering from my SRS. It's mostly true. I still do a little Blow with the girls or to keep up appearances with Darius, but nowhere near what I was doing before. I AM completely off pain-killers. That was the part of Kyra's scheme he genuinely despised. He hadn't proposed to her because of it. If she was capable of THAT, what else was she capable of?

Now, hearing the rest of the story from my side, he is having second thoughts about their entire relationship. He doesn't NEED her money. With his practice, he can write his own ticket anytime he chooses. The damnest thing is, he is causing ME to have second thoughts, too; not about what I am, but who I am with. Let's face it; Darius is just a thug with a big dick. There are other crews out there who are always looking for ways to take over his turf. Ours is a high-risk lifestyle - and shit happens. Besides, he hasn't been faithful to me; why should I be faithful to him? Bruce and I aren't making any immediate plans to be together, but being his 'kept woman' might not be so bad. He can afford it. Who knows? If he is as kinky as I think, he MAY want me to keep on dating - just to have me tell him about it. I have been dropping hints, teasing him; if he ever gets tired of his scheming, two-faced, rich-bitch society pussy.... He's weakening - and I can be VERY persuasive.

Darius and the streets are still my reality, but I'm keeping my options open with Kyra's 'real man' every Tuesday and Thursday night. I wonder if he tells her he is taking a night class?... Continue»
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The Slave Girl (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

"You´ll wear a strip of white, and we want it pretty on you." He gave them his sardonic grin. "Believe it or not, some men pay more for a cunt they can´t see than for one they can."
It was like the stewardess on a airline demonstrating the oxygen mask. Amrah mounted the platform, her chains almost silent on the plush, and proceeded to work a feminine miracle upon her loveliness with a swathe of virgin white, potent against the black on which she stood. She was loving every moment.
"You won´t be tied. No way! Seth continued amiably. "So you´ll have no trouble with that bit of cloth. Now watch! When the time comes...!"

Each girl watched breathlessly. Mentally, they stood as Amrah stood, but above a sea of male faces. They sighed in unison as the girl on the block deftly loosed a knot and stripped herself nude. Arms outstretched, she held the white d**** for several moments, cascading from her fingers. Then let it fall. Corey envied her sang froid. Amrah was a showgirl, and in spite of her pragmatic speech and actions, displayed one of the most exquisite figures for which a man might yearn.
"You girls sell yourselves." Burdett´s tone hardened. "So get this straight. You fight. You sulk. You make yourself ugly, and we´ll pull you from that block so quick it will curl your hair. You´ll go back to the other room and by the time we´re finished with you you´ll wish you´d behaved." He smiled cheerfully. "Or maybe we´ll use you as the preliminary at the next auction. A bit of discipline, nicely presented, whets the boy´s appetites."

They cringed. Each of them uncertain of her Thespian skill. Their eyes widened as Amrah was joined on the pedestal by a muscular male with theinevitable whip. It was a short whip for close range. He was grinning broadly at his proudly eager subject.

It was well done. The white girls exchanged glances of admiration as Amrah demonstrated what NOT to do when being auctioned. She pouted, she sulked. She drooped and sagged, she turned her back, or covered her breasts with shielding hands. She crossed her legs and held them tightly shut. In desperate panic, she fell to her knees and embraced the legs of the smiling auctioneer in a frantic but mute appeal. He thrashed her bowed shoulders with his whip in blow after viciously reprimanding blow until she sobbed in anguish and slowly resumed her required pose as a girl only too anxious to be sold. If the audience had possessed their hands they would have clapped. The whip was simulated. It´s scarlet lines were dye.

"It gives you an idea." Burdett explained blandly. "But I´ll give you a tip. There´s those chaps who´ll buy you just to have a girl around the whip. It´s them that buys the fighters and the sulks...!" For a moment he focused on the white slaves before continuing. "You´ll find yourself looking down at a lot of fellers, most of ´em ordinary decent chaps, and won´t they please help and call the cops..." He paused for effect. "Don´t do it! It´s the one thing you just don´t do!!"
Soberly, they filed back to their cage.
It became a busy time for Amrah. She washed them, she did their hair, she laved them with heavy and cloying perfumes. She gave them good advice. "You see a man you like, you smile at him special. Maybe he buy you." For good measure she added a bit of bitter wisdom: "Ain´t always the big guys have big cocks. Sometimes is little men. Is hard to tell..."
In the morning, in a final grooming, their lips were painted red, their hands were freed, they were given their single swathe of white. The first male face Corey saw on entering the auction room was that of Reid Hunter.

For a girl whose body is about to be sold from it, the auction Block can be the loneliest place in the world. On it, she stands between her vanished past and a frightening future. If slavery was not real to her before, it is real now!
Amrah was the first.
The three white girls stood, under guard, to one side as the auction got under way. Their free hands clutched their scrap of covering, their faces were discreetly veiled. Corey supposed they had been segregated for a purpose, probably to pique male interest. It had been tacitly understood between all nine girls that they constituted the pièce de résistance of the coffle. It was a doubtful honour.
Amrah was knocked down to a nondescript character in a business suit for two hundred and forty thousand American dollars. She had worked hard for the partners and given of her best upon the block. When she stood to have her hands bound behind her back for safe delivery she smiled at Corey in glowing confidence of a bright future. The American girl wryly hoped her purchaser was well endowed.
The veiled girls exchanged startled glances. Amrah´s price seemed a lot of money. It made the whole operation in which they were helplessly enmeshed plausible. But it was frightening. Such huge sums paid for a girl meant she could surely kiss good-bye to any hope of freedom. For such a one it would be iron bars and shackled feet forever.
The other five dusky beauties went to the block and did what they must. Burdett´s instruction had been a practical guide. They sold for sums of money that spelt big business. Only two of them wept as they were bound and delivered. Josie came next.
The atmosphere changed. An electric current touched all present. White flesh on black velvet! It was potent. Amphala was robbed Josie of inhibitions, she flaunted her nakedness with skill, and was purchased by a desert cloaked Arab for more than seven hundred thousand dollars. None present seemed surprised.

Audrey and Corey were shivering. But it was not their turn. The Management was well aware of the value of intermissions and delay. There was also a free show! Whilst drinks were dispensed a space of floor was cleared. To it was brought a naked and terrified cafe-au-lait maiden who, a minute later, hung suspended by her wrists, her toes a foot above the floor.

It was a leisurely affair, as between gentlemen. There was no hurry. The frightened girl hung, kicking and twisting in distress, while drinks were sipped and her physical attributes discussed. After awhile the auctioneer read out her crimes. At the previous auction she had rebelled... She had broken all the rules...! Her punishing would make a pleasant interlude before the main event.
The auctioneer whipped her. He did so with skill and with finesse. No nuance of eroticism was ignored. His arm was heavy but controlled, there would be no cut skin on costly merchandise. After the defenceless damsel had screamed a few times under his lash, he thoughtfully gagged her that the ears of men who mattered be not offended. The gag was neat and cruel and very, very effective. After it was strapped tight it was her body alone whose writhings became the more eloquent for silense.
Corey writhed inwardly. If she had thought of rebellion she would discard it now. To hang naked to be whipped before male eyes...! It was more that she would risk for doubtful benefit. She watched, in a compelling fascination, as the girl was made to open her legs for the thong, to raise a foot that its sole be beaten, and to twist correctly for her breasts to invite their stripes. The suspended slave was petrified with fear. She had disobeyed before, she would not err again! The whip etched its lattice work of scarlet upon her skin, but stopped short of imposing one blow upon another. She had been well punished but was still contorting vigorously in silence when the last stroke fell.
They bid on her as she was. Wide eyed and gagged, she hung suspended from her tether, passive and limp, her head bowed as she turned slowly in short circles to bestow upon her prospective purchasers as total an exposure of her nakedness as might have been contrived.
Corey was puzzled and uneasy. The bidding for this whipped girl was so frantic and determined that a single thought became obvious. Why not whip them all! If whipped skin so aroused possessive lust it was surprising it was not more frequently employed...! And she and Audrey still remained to be sold...!

The sum for which the whipped girl was finally sold sent a stir of excitement round the room. She was lowered and led away by the same tether from which she had hung. Her purchaser generously returned her gag. For the moment it was most unlikely she would scream.

Audrey Cotswold fetched one million six hundred thousand in U.S. currency. During the bidding her features became serene, almost scornful. She was purchased by Reid Hunter. As she was bound and led away by a servant her eyes found Corey´s in triumph. She had been ransomed. In mounting the steps to the block, Corey Gibson found a strange peace. She was a pawn in this game men played for a prize of girls. She was helpless to infuence her fate. Desperately, her gaze scanned the room for sight of Seth Burdett. He was not there. In resignation, she focused on Reid Hunter. He smiled and winked. Corey´s heart raced. If Reid Hunter was bidding sums like this he must be acting for Assef Aslam...! Purchased by Aslam she would still be slave! It was a strange and defeating circle for a girl to make. Bitterly, she recognized that no matter who purchased her she could not win. Audrey would now return to her privileged status. But her own enslavement would pick up where it had left off on Aslam´s hijacked plane.
It was not until the bidding approached the first million that she spied Abdul Nour. It was the moment when Corey must expose herself and stand nude for final appraisals. She copied Amrah, and it was while she initially stood with widespread arms and dropped the strip of white that her challenging survey of avid male faces picked him out. The guerilla Leader sat unobtrusively among the rest, regarding her loveliness with lewd appreciation. He also winked. From him it was obscene.
Corey Gibson on the slave block presumed she did well and obeyed all the rules. Bidding for her person was a steadly progression, frightening in its implications of slavery and the loss of freedom. From one million it progressed to two. The bids were s**ttered, they were not yet a duel. The American girl stood as erect and proud as she deemed wise. Those closest to the block examined her pudendum and pubic hair in zestful appetite. The back seats tended to concentrate upon her breasts. One man was evidently a navel addict, he stared at her´s in concentrated attention throughout the period of her sale. From time to time Abdul Nour raised a finger to top a bid. But the bid came back, higher and higher. For the sum of three million one hundred thousand dollars the daughter of the Planet Corporation was sold to the enigmatic grin of Reid Hunter. As his servant bound her hands behind her back, Corey Gibson supposed she should feel a flood of gratitude and relief. But she did not. Looking for Abdul Npur among the crowd she found him gone. Her purchaser, too, was absent.
So was Seth Burdett.
Naked and bound, Miss Corey Gibson was led to her new slavery by a hand grasping her hair. The hand was far from kind.

It was not the Beverly Hilton. But it was pleasant and the best Ben Sirah could offer. There was an exciting fragrance of coffee. For the time being the large airy room and balcony was a piece of America. Assef Aslam´s money could accomplish anything anywhere.
"If we seem a bit awkward it´s because of the clothes." Audrey giggled. "It´s been so long."
"Being naked on the coffle was so terribly convenient for us all." Corey added mischieviously. "You´ve no idea."
For a moment Reid Hunter looked embarrassed. "Well, I suppose I do have an idea..." He broke off awkwardly and laughed with them. Then surveyed his expensively clad duo with immense approval. "I believe that trek through the wilderness must have done you good. Those figures of your´s...! Wow!"
"You had a damn good look at ´em." Corey snapped.
"Expect me to close my eyes?" He chuckled. "They treat you right here... let you see what you´re buying. I damn near bid on that girl they whipped. But I doubt if Assef would go for her on the expense sheet."
"You mean, seeing that ppor k** flogged did something for you?" Corey was piqued. "You ought to be ashamed!"
"Oh, I am! On the other hand it made me horny as hell."
Audrey was amused. "You mean that if they´d strung us up like that and whipped us the same way you´d have loved every stroke?"
"I wouldn´t have voted for it, sweetheart. But if it had just happened...! Holy cow, it would have driven me up the wall. I´d have had to buy a girl just to find relief."
"Reid, that´s horrible."
"Well, maybe. But that´s why they all bid like crazy... they couldn´t wait to get to the nearest whorehouse."
"You are also disgusting."
He was unperturbed. "You girls care to make a man happy?"
"I´ll get into bed with you." Audrey conceded unblushingly. "But I´m damned if I´ll let you whip me so´s you can get a hard-on first."

Reid Hunter sighed mockingly. "You girls! No gratitude. How about you, Corey Gibson?"
The demand was sudden enough to catch her unawares. Corey was still unsure...! "Have I any say in the matter?" She asked doubtfully. "Don´t notice any manacles on you, sweetheart."
"Maybe not. Sometimes they don´t show."
"Mind you, if you two girls have got so used to being chained...?" His grin became benefiscent. "I can easily arrange some handcuffs."
"Oh, drop dead, Reid." Audrey laughed. "If you really go for that I´m sure Assef would pay for a girl. You could keep her chained to your bed:"
"Why not, Reid! You´ve done enough of his dirty work." Corey was still piqued from her first betrayal.
"Come, come, Corey! If it wasn´t for me and Assef you´d now be bracing a harem."
"If it wasn´t for you I´d never have left New York. Remember what I called you: Judas goat, that´s what you did to me."
"Don´t fret, darling." Audrey patted a quivering shoulder. "Assef would have got you one way or another. Don´t blame Reid."
"Well... I suppose..."

Audrey spoke directly to the man. "The poor darling´s still uncertain where she´s at. I know where I´m at. But is she slave or free?"
Reid Hunter waved the demand aside. "Let´s have lunch." He suggested. "And a drink or two. There´s one or two things..."

It was glorious to be free. Corey could not deny exaltation. Even if Aslam claimed her it would be better than this savage place. She and Audrey Cotswold had bathed and chosen clothes in a frenzy of feminine happiness.
"I told you, Corey." The English girl admonished. "They were bound to find us. All its amounted to is a bad time in the cell and on the coffle. Now we´re home free."
"Am I?"
"Honestly, I don´t know." Audrey admitted reluctantly. "You look free to me..." She paused reflectively. "But I suppose if Assef´s given orders...! It´s his plane out there on the sand... don´t suppose you want to run off in the trees?"
"I would rather than be a slave again."
"But, darling, you´d be picked up by someone... You´d end up on the block again. Or worse...! That´s the hell of it, there´s worse things than being a aslavegirl. Dammit´, look at me!"
"You´re his number one. I´ll be for whipping."

Audrey kissed her tenderly. "I love you, Corey Gibson. Leave things with me and Reid. We´ll make out someway. In his way he´s not a bad guy." Corey had responded. They had made love with a joyous abandon. Perhaps she really was free... perhaps...! Now, looking across the table at her insouciant host, it was hard to believe she was still a slave to anyone. She was listening attentively.
"I think you´ve forgotten poor old Assef had to be bailed out." Reid was reminding them. "I had the job. It cost too huge a sum to mention. As of right now Aslam´s gunning for Abdul Nour. One day he´ll nail the silly bastard." He shrugged at them apologetically. "Actually it was a damn good thing those traders snaffled you away from Amphala. You were Abdul´s ace in the hole. Losing you weakened his hand."
"Can you get in touch with those two men...? Or one of them?" Corey asked with feigned indifference.
"She´s in love with a great masculine hulk named Set Burdett." Audrey informed amusedly. "You´ll have to forgive the poor c***d, it´s her glands..."
"Probably retired to the Riviera or Brazil." Reid sighed.
"That coffle fetched a mint." He eyed Corey in mock concern. "If you´re suffering, dear girl, I´ll be happy to service you."
"You shouldn´t take a chance, Reid." Corey told him with equal frankness. "I´ve been screwed all over half of Africa, thanks to you. Maybe you´d catch something."

They let it go at that. Reid continued. "That left us at square one, except for Assef´s girl Friday and his latest slave who were somewhere in a wilderness on a long chain. We made enquiries..."
"And waited until we got to where handy to pick up." Audrey contributed tartly.
"Well, neither of us was Stanley or Livingstone, y´know! And the local constabulary couldn´t have cared less." Reid shook an admonishing finger. "Like I said, you girls...! I´m not a bit sure that hike on the coffle wasn´t the best thing in the world for yoy both..."
"It got Corey nicely screwed a couple of times and I lost five pounds."
"Don´t keep harping in the irrelevant." Reid´s rebuke was paternal. "I´m trying hard to bring you both up to date." He turnd to Corey. "Your Dad´s O.K. He and Assef have struck a deal. I´ll admit that Aslam´s possession of your delightful body was a factor in negotiations, but what´s a hundred million or so between these tycoon types? The Planet Corporation Has survived its crisis and your Dad isn´t on welfare."
"I´m grateful. Where am I?"
"In a town called Ben Sirah. I´m not sure just where it is myself. You´re having dinner with me and Audrey."
"You know damn well what I mean."
"Corey, let it drop!" Audrey pleaded.
"Don´t you think I´d love to!" Corey retorted. "Give me a bit of hope of freedom and I will."
They kept silent.
"O.K., you´ve said it better than words. I´m some sort of prisoner?"
"Assef wants you."
"Am I expected to go willingly to my dungeon?"
"Well, if you don´t, the only ones to be embarrassed is me and Audrey."
"What about me? I suppose the hired help will tie me up and dump me in the plane. I´ll wake up in Aslam´s New York oubliette?"
"He hasn´t got one of those. I´d thought that if the worst came to the worst you might like Audrey to... sort of... restrain?"
"You mean tie me or chain me?"
"Couldn´t you just enjoy your dinner?" Reid was annoyed.
"Could you?"
"Hold it!" Audrey laughed at their acerbity. "Look, Reid, leave her to me. If Corey escapes I´ll let you whip me the way you want. But she won´t...! You´ve just got her riled..."
"She keeps harping..."
"So would you if you thought you were a prisoner for life and were going to get whipped every day."
"It´s not that bad..."
"Are you sure?"

Reid Hunter waved a despairing hand. "I´m not sure. I´m not into this stuff." He focused on Audrey Cotswold. "You´d know better than anyone..."
"Alright, so I know!" Audrey had the bit in her teeth. "Aslam had me whipped day after day when he first had me. I was k**napped and rebellious as hell. It all seemed so damn unfair. I was never free of chain or rope or straps or wire... He used everything...! He was the overlord, coming to view the aesthetic picture after his help had done their work on me." She made a moue of deprecation. "It took me a hell of a long time to realise it was me who was out of line. I was female and subject to these things. I´d never known that before. Once I caught sight of reality he didn´t have to whip me any more... except for his own pleasure, of course. He still does that."
"He broke you, Audrey." Corey was bitter.
The English girl shrugged. "If you want to see it that way. But if you analyse it Assef simply made me understand my sex and his in relation to each other. I´ve been happy with him."
"Except when he whips you for fun?" Corey demanded.
"Dammit, Corey, Seth Burdett whipped you...!"

They looked at each other askance. Corey knew guilt. These people were her friends. Audrey loved her. "I´m... I´m sorry." She stammered contritely. "I´ll forget it for now. Do what you must later on. Let´s have a lovely dinner. I think I´d like to get a little d***k."
That´s what they did.
"Reid´s position isn´t easy." Audrey said reflectively as the two girls undressed for bed. "He´s been more involved with Aslam than anyone knew. They like each other. If Aslam desires you, Reid doesn´t see it as any different from him wanting to buy a block of Standard Oil."
"Gee, thanks!"
"Well, that´s the way of it. Corey darling, haven´t you got the message yet? Men do what they like with us girls. We can make a fuss to keep up appearances but it doesn´t change a thing. We end up getting whipped or fucked or traded. We´re a part of their possessions like the grand piano."
"Unless we fight...!"
"Don´t be silly. We can´t fight men and win. But if you enjoy getting yourself whipped, go ahead."

Corey stripped away panties and bra´. It felt good to be naked again. Naked was naturel. She longed for Seth Burdett.
"Darling, your whipmarks have faded wonderfully, they´re almost gone." Audrey tenderly fingered the satin skin of the girl who had shared her chain on the coffle.
"Gosh, you´re beautiful!"
"So are you."
"Aslam wouldn´t be bothered with us if we weren´t. Any girl who´s beautiful is lucky. Let´s make love. Look, I´m naked too!"

They made love. They adored each other. d***k with affection and alcohol, Corey remembered something.
"Weren´t we supposed...?"
"You mean about making sure you didn´t escape?" Audrey was herself besotted. "Do´you really want me...?"
"I expect you should." Corey was absurdely solemn. "I´m not to be trusted, am I? I mean, it´s so easy to run away..."

Audrey giggled. "To find Seth Burdett and get yourself fucked? Y´know, Corey, you´re absolutely wanton. Let´s make love again?" They made love again.

"Feel better now?" It was a long time later. Audrey sounded amused. "Dammit´, you sexpot, you´re a full time job."
"I feel wonderful. Think we could do that all night?"
"Corey, you´re a disgrace to hetrosexual relations... and I have to get some sl**p."
The two girls giggled steadily in their search. A pair of handcuffs were belatedly sighted where Reid Hunter had thoughtfully placed them on the bedside table. They sparked debate.
"In front? They´re harmless in front. Just a sort of insignia?" Corey wheedled.
"But they don´t stop you going places."
"No, I suppose not." Corey grappled with what was obviously a major decision involving more than herself. "How about behind my back?" She giggled. "I´d feel awfully silly walking through the brush with no hands."
"Mmmmmm, but you could still walk. I expect you could run?"
"Gosh, I´d no idea things were this difficult." Corey wrinkled her brow in thought. "How about handcuffing me to you? I mean your wrist to my wrist?" "Too much like that damn coffle, darling."
"Huh, I suppose so. Hows ´bout my wrist to the bed someplace?"
Corey possessed a slander ankle. They compromised by handcuffing it to the bedrail. Giggling, they fell asl**p.

It was hours later in the dark when the gunshots brought them back to fear. Audrey was out of bed in seconds, she dragged on clothes and dashed through the door. From somewhere she had produced a revolver. Dazed and fearful, Corey Gibson watched her go. It was all too swift, too much a reversion to what she had wanted to forget. Apprehensively, Corey slid from beneath the covers and headed for her clothes. It took her an appreciable time to understand why she was suddenly flat on the floor with one foot oddly trapped. It was then she remembered the handcuff. It held her prisoner.

Corey Gibson was frightened. She was also angry. She struggled back on the bed and surveyed the metal band round her left ankle in a fury of frustration. To think she had allowed a few drinks and giggles to place herself in this predicament...! But Audrey was fun, it has been a laughing romp between two girls, that was all. Or was that all? Corey Gibson found it all too easy to look into her future and see nothing but a handcuff, a chain, a rope, and the threat of being whipped. She kicked fretfully at her bond, deliberately making it hurt.

But the sounds were still there, and Audrey had not returned. In frantic hope, Corey lifted the pillow atill warm from Audrey´s head. But there was no key. Panting but methodically she stretched her nudity to the limits the handcuff would permit. Her questing fingers found nothing of any help. If the handcuff key was in the room it had to be on the dresser, and for her to reach the dresser she would have to move the bed. Standing on her free right foot, she began to tug and heave...
It was then the sounds became louder. There was one more shot, and another. Heavy footsteps thudded their way upstairs...

Everything was the same except Corey herself. Previously, when she had hung suspended before Abdul Nour´s desk it had been by both wrists, her legs spread wide to present the guerilla with an excellent wiew of her vulva. Now, she hung by one wrist only, the other was handcuffed behind her back to its opposite ankle dragged up awkwardly from a bent knee. It was a hateful posture. It hurt. She was close to tears.
It was all too unkind. Audrey had vanished. Abdul had found her cuffed to the bed like a neat package awaiting delivery. Smugly he had freed her ankle and clipped both her wrists behind her back. Dragged to the waiting plane, she had beheld with horror the sprawled dead figure of Reid Hunter. There had been two other motionless bundles...
That was all! So simple to alter lives and rob a girl of freedom! Now, Miss Corey Gibson awaited her interview with Abdul Nour. If she was about to be offered employment she could guess what it would be.
"I trust you are comfortable, Miss Gibson?"
The Guerilla Leader loved the suavity which so ill matched the rest of him. With hostile eye, the suspended heiress watched him take the chair behind the desk. "You know I´m not." Corey siad flatly. "If you want to talk I´d be grateful to be untied:"
"I´m sure you would."
"At least allow my foot down on the floor?"
"This is a sort of torture. I´ll be gasping all the time."
"But please...? I want to talk to you sensibly. Don´t make me hang here like a puppet on a string. You can torture me afterwards... if that´s what you´ve stolen me for."

He clapped gently. "Well said, my dear. I have your full attention. I have found these strained postures most helpful in interviewing young ladies of a certain social status. Without the help of the rope they have a tendency to quibble."
The suspended Corey longed to tell him to ´Stow it´ or ´Dry up´ or better still: ´Drop dead!´. Instead, she said bleakly: "I hurt too much to quibble. Please... where´s Audrey?"
"I´d like to know that myself. Miss Cotswold escaped my men. We are still searching." Corey resigned herself to the misery of the rope. The Desert eyes were drinking in her strained nudity with avid pleasure. But Audrey was good news. Audrey would not abandon her. Unhappily, she asked: "What are you going to do with me now?"
"Subject you to imprisonment and mild tortures disigned to humble the proud white maiden."
"I´d have thought you and that damn coffle made me humble enough."
"Interspersed, of course, by sojourns in my army brothel."

So that was it! The thing she feared most. Corey wanted to moan in desolation. Instead, she offered: "You can still get a huge ransom for me?"
"Perhaps later, after I have relished your humilities. In a few months it may amuse me to accept a few million to return you to the U.S. with a belly full of my soldier´s sperm."
The penalty of being female! No matter where a girl turned, it would be there waiting. Thrusting away a hateful vision, Corey asked: "Weren´t we going to get married, or something?"

Abdoul Nour was engrossed in contemplation of the well exposed sex of the girl suspended for his pleasure. Corey´s raised leg cuffed to her wrist enabled an examination of her pubic lips at an unusual angle. She could not thwart the scorch of his regard. The regret in his voice was spurious. "I´m afraid I can no longer offer you the honour, my dear. I have lost Miss Cotswold as a hostage. I have sold Mr. Aslam back to his business. I understand he has dealt favourably with your father´s crisis. If I now let you loose in Cairo you will promptly go home."

She could have wept. Everything went wrong. She would be someone´s prisoner forever. Desperately, she pleaded: "Look, there´s such a thing as a word of honour, a parole if you like. I´ll give you mine. Send me to Cairo. I´ll do what you want me to there. I´ll fill the Press with the romance of Abdul Nour, and I´ll come back here with me as your legal wife. Please...?"
She had captured his attention indeed. "Why would you do that?" He asked suspiciously.
"To escape the brothel."
"So!" He was now amused. He was also impressed. "There are girls in that brothel who have been fucked a thousand times... That´s only three times a day for a year. They and their cunts are no different from the day I placed them there. Why be so concerned about that small slit between your legs?"
"You know why."
"The fastidious white mores! But seriously, Miss Gibson, supposing I grant your wish, how can you know I won´t put you in the brothel anyway?"
"I just don´t think you would. Oh, please let me down off this b**stly rope."
He found his cane and cut the upturned sole of her cuffed foot with it five times. When Corey´s sounds of agony deminished, he said calmly: "You easily forget your manners. You would make a man a poor wife." He left her suspended, her raised foot a blaze of pain.

It was absurd to see Achmed as an old friend. But after hanging by one wrist in front of Abdul´s empty desk for enough hours to seem an eternity Corey would have welcomed anyone willing to lower her foot to the floor. Released, she sat on the rug and blissfully rubbed her wounds. "Thank´s, Achmed. Nice to see you again." Resentfully, she asked herself what the hell else she could have said to him.
Achmed patted her hair. "You nice girl. You pretty prisoner. Achmed make sure you never no more escape. Every evening we fuck."
"Thank you."

With the air of having seen it on the movies, Achmed cuffed her right hand to his left for their short journey to the familiar cell. The collar and chain was waiting. "I´ll stand still while you lock it on my neck." Corey volunteered brightly. "You´re nice to me, I´ll be nice for you."
The closing of the metal circlet round her neck brought memories of her former imprisonment. But, far more vividly, it returned her to the coffle and to Seth. She yearned for him with a terrible hunger. No doubt he supposed her safely sold and cared for. He would not have stayed overnight in Ben Sirah so would know nothing of Abdul Nour´s raid. She blinked back tears.
"Poor Miss Gibson sad she be chained again?"
"It´s not much fun wearing a collar and chain, Achmed."
"You think you like brothel better?" He enquired solicitously. "Wear collar and chain there too so no run. But nice long chain."

So Achmed knew that too! Corey Gibson pictured herself servicing soldiers with a chain trailing from its metal band upon her neck. Girls were nothings here, just pets and prisoners. "When am I going to be sent to the brothel, Achmed?"
"You no ask questions."
"Sorry, I´d forgotten. D´you want to fuck me now, Achmed?"
"In one minute. Have not finish chain."

She might have known! She was an escapee. A subject enticing rescue. Unhappily, she watched Achmed´s embarrassment. "Don´t feel bad about chaining me some more, Achmed. It´s orders, isn´t it?"
"Is orders. Both hands, both feet. All locks different." He dangled an impressive ring of keys.
The chain was impressive too. Links were everywhere. To hold one naked girl it was ridiculous. But Corey did not laugh. Fortunately, most of it dragged on the floor. She could bear the weight of the rest of it.
"Am most sorry... so much chain..."
"Oh, go ahead. Don´t mind me. Here´s my wrist."
"You much kind girl."

She watched the band circle her wrist, watched the padlock snap. The weight was surprising. She proffered her other hand. It was becoming a shockingly natural thing to do. When all her limbs had been banded and chained she caught her jailor´s apologetic eye. They both laughed. Achmed immediately saw the bright side. "Can still fuck. Chain not stop open legs."
Afterwards and alone, Corey wept.
Preparing for sl**p, she was compelled to drag up and arrange what seemed like fifty pounds of chain.
"I will visit you often." Achmed´s woebegone apology was shattering. "Is permitted. But perhaps you no longer need?"
"Of course you must come, Achmed. You´re my friend." In the light of morning it was hard to be cordial after the news. Corey was possessed by one big question mark. "What did I do to offend him?"
"Achmed not sure. But is much troubles for him. Maybe he take out mad on you." Achmed knew himself the bearer of bad tidings. "Brothel not so bad. Much fuck. Some girl enjoy."
"Why doesn´t he whip me, or something like that... One of those b**stly tying-up things he´s so fond of?"
"You like?"
"No, I suppose I don´t."
"Brothel best. Is just chain on neck. Plenty lay down." Achmed was searching for silver linings. "You get good whip. Talifa now top girl. She whip each one new.
"What on Earth for? If we haven´t done anything bad!" No prospects were having any silver linings for Corey Gibson.
"Is show she boss. Is make well behave."

It would be rationalised. Corey was sure of that. Whatever was done to her would be coloured by Amphala´s own logic. Glumly she looked at the mass of chain still securing her to the wall of her cell. "Won´t I have to wear all this hardware?" She asked listlessly.
"No one tell Achmed." Her jailor beamed. "How ´bout one chain one wrist?"
"I don´t want to be chained at all. Can´t you ask Abdul Nour?"
"Is gone. Big fast hurry. Leave note."
"And the note said to put me in the brothel?"
"Right! So that what Achmed must do." He shrugged another apology. "Note also says you be flogged every time you try bribe or escape. Use much bad whip."

Miss Corey Gibson shivered. In premeditation, and under the guidance of this amiable Sudanese, she was about to enter a brothel and become a whore without pay. Talifa´s welcome would be to whip her nakedness... Probably severely. She would have no say about any of it. She had become a female facility with an orifice between her legs into which weary soldiers would thrust their hard penis and pump their semen in pursuit of a dream that was not there. It was all unreal. If Abdul Nour was killed in battle, his possessions would revert to the next bandit in line. For her there would be no hope. Bitterly, she wondered what a whore thought about after ten years of guerilla penetration. Once more she thought longingly of Seth Burdett... But Seth was gone.

"Alright, Achmed. I won´t offer you a couple of million. I don´t want to be flogged."
"That same as offer." Achmed retorted shrewdly. "But this time Achmed no flog pretty back. Now we go."
Corey sat on her bunk and watched the padlocks fall away. But there was no freedom there. She felt numb, unable to comprehend the full enormity of what she was about to enter. A whore! When her hands were freed they rose to the band of metal round her neck. "Must I wear the collar, Achmed?"
"I take away chain. Collar stay." He held up handcuffs. "Talifa expect you be fixed proper. I sorry."
"It doesn´t matter, Achmed. Where do you want my hands?"
"Talifa do what she like. Achmed lock in front."

There was something appealing about Achmed. Gratefully, Corey extended her wrists. What a plight she had come to that she gave thanks for hands cuffed above her pubic hair instead of at her back! Bitterly, she suggested: "Click ´em tight, Achmed. I wouldn´t want Talifa to think we cheated." Achmed clicked them tight.
Talifa took delivery of her new girl with an obvious delight in her own importance. It was not every Matron of a bordello who´s stable included a girl of Corey Gibson´s social status. When she passed the word around among the troops there would be tips for the favourable disposition of the socialite´s person. She made a cautious mental note to keep the number of the novice´s penetrations down to not more than a dozen a day. It sometimes took a new girl a little time...!
Corey watched Achmed´s departing back in dolor. He had a male compassion Talifa would not share. Girls were cruel to girls. She remembered the punishment room on her previous incarceration.

"I make you very pretty. But first I whip." Talifa said conversationally. "You going to be good girl?"
"My father will pay you a million dollars for me, Talifa."
"That being bad girl. I whip you harder for trying bribe. Bribe not permitted. You come now to room." In an inconsistent impulse of affection Talifa kissed her new girl warmly. "I think you very nice. We get along fine after whip."
"But, Talifa, why must I be whipped? I´m behaving as well as I know how."
"Is nice introduction. Girls watch. Teach lesson."

Corey had always wondered about prisoners walking to their execution or meekly into a cell. Why didn´t they fight? Why be passive and compliant when you were seething with fear, injustice, anger? Why? Surely they should make a physical protest after words had failed! But she wryly censured herself. She could kick and scream and bite. The handcuffs would not stop that. But she was being abjectly obedient as she followed this cafe-au-lait female into pain and the defilement of her sex. But it was one of those things. She was in the grip of a tide she could not stem. Bitterly, she understood the logic of cuffs and collar. They robbed a girl of will.
Every ring in the place held a handcuff, its other half tight on the wrist of a curious girl. A new girl was alwayswelcome. It spread the workload and the stripes. The smiles were welcoming.

"Talifa has help." The head girl indicated another like herself. "Take place of Amrah. Make you be good. Her name Raynee."
More suspension. The two girls did not lift Corey´s feet from the floor, but the stretch of lifted arms made the handcuffs bite. "Is not for long, just while we whip your nice back." Talifa explained with thoughtful solicitude. "Is good we whip you like this. You be using pretty cunt, so is best not to hurt." It was as though she was being looked after by loving friends.

The pain was b**stly. Corey Gibson hated every stroke. Her loins were not heated as they had been with Seth. With him, each lash had sent an erotic fire coursing through her veins. But this was cold. She was convinced it was useless, serving no purpose other than to make her humble. Talifa and Raynee cut the whip with zest, exclaiming over each red line, planning the next. After a few strokes she gave up trying to be quiet, after a few screams she pleaded to be gagged.
"We don´t mind you make noise and kick feet." Talifa consoled.
"But I´m so ashamed of the noise... it just hurt so damn bad." They gagged her with a mouthful of rag and a strip to bind it between her teeth. The fingers were loving as with a pet who gave pleasure. To the girl who could not now scream, the blows when they resumed seemed doubly severe.
"Lovely back looks very pretty." The two whippers were in no hurry. They traced weals with exploring fingers, discussing possibilities and speaking of other girls and their behavior under the lash. Their reassurance sounded sincere. "We not whip lovely breasts. Soldiers like breasts very much." Corey had lost count of the times the thong had cut at her skin. She had forgotten to ask how many blows she must receive. But what did it matter? What did anything matter now? She looked up the columns of her bare arms to the shining chrome by which she was held helpless for this undeserved punishment. The metal bands were deep in her wrists, compelling her toes to lift her to their limit. She was grateful her toes were still on the floor. But the pain was sickening... Perhaps this was done to a new girl so that the impaling thrusts of a penis would seem of small consequence by comparison. Around the wall her chained s****rhood watched her agony in varying reaction, remembering their own.

"If girls not polite to good soldiers they get whip often." Talifa explained helpfully. "If too much complaint on service we whip her cunt. Is swell and very tender for prick."
It was all well thought out. The moral was obedience. Corey bit hard on her gag as a lash flickered hatefully into her armpit. Why, oh why couldn´t they whip a girl´s bottom and leave it at that? Must these whipping girls always seek her most tender recesses? She hoped they would not tell her to spread her legs.

Satisfied with their work, they released her arms. Then watched, laughing as she awkwardly plucked at her gag with joined hands. In a great relief at the cessation of the strokes Corey grinned with them. Handcuffs stopped very little but made most things difficult. A handcuffed girl must be forever reaching and stretching and twisting.
Corey thought of it as: ´the room where it would happen´. It was a large spacious stone chamber in which rugs, d****s and huge cushions struck a note of luxury and cheerfulness against ringbolt and chain. By the time she was led there the rest of Abdul Nour´s conscripted harlots had been returned to their collar and chain. Once more they bestowed on her striped nudity their interested attention.

In exchange for the loss of her handcuffs Corey got her personal chain and padlock. It attached her collar to the big ringbolt in the wall by a generous span of links. It was comfortable but implacable confinement that would in no way interfere with any man´s enjoyment of her person. Talifa proudly pointed out the amenities.
"sl**p and fuck on nice thick rugs, must never try and cover anything. No blanket. Most comfort! Now you walk."
It was actually possible! But Corey´s collar snubbed her neck just short of the neighboring ringbolt to either side. From one snub to another was about five paces. She could walk the same distance toward the centre aisle. Approving the demonstration, Talifa then proffered a container of small red pills. "One every night." Her grin was lewd.

Corey blushed and put the feminine object in the small cabinet provided for each girl, along with brush and comb and a few other female trifles. At least, the sperm Abdul Nour had promised her would be rendered sterile. But all these small things designed for her wellbeing only intensified awareness of her new condition. Whores were valuable and should be cared for.
"If man not want other girls watch him fuck, is nice curtain."
Corey blushed again. No privacy even for that! Wryly, she watched Talifa emulate a hospital nurse in the tugging of a d**** around a rail to provide a shrouded gloom in which she could give and receive the vulgarities of sex alone with the client who did not have to pay. "But isn´t there a... room... somewhere?"
Talifa giggled. "Is no time. Often all girls being used at once. Curtain plenty good. Some don´t want."
It was becoming frightening real. In minor panic, Corey blurted: "Talifa, I´ve never done this! I don´t know...!"
"You been fucked." Talifa accused reasonably.
"Well, yes... but this...!#
"Is no difference. Don´t be silly girl."
"Isn´t there some sort of... greeting? Something that´s expected of me? I don´t want to be punished just because I dont know."
Talifa laughed at such innocence. "You
pretent you love. Plenty touch, plenty kiss... unzip!"
"Do I have to do anything he wants?"
"Course you do, silly! Unless it injure. Then you shout."

The youthful Matron grinned at such vaivete. "Some like to whip you. Just al little bit... first. It make them very hard. You pretent you like." Remembering a vital service, Talifa added: "You always suck kock at start. It clean it off nice for you."
Watching Talifa depart, Miss Corey Gibson realised she had received her terms of reference and was now in business. The other girls admired Corey´s weals and exhibited their own. In the boredom of living chained to a wall, their visits to the punishment room and its pain made a dramatic interlude. They donated unsolicited advice.
"Please man good. Then no punish."
"Don´t argue. Raynee and Talifa get mad and whip."
"Is O.K. we play with tongue. Raynee and Talifa make us do for them."
"Is early now. Soldiers start come later."
The girl on either side advanced the length of their chain and kissed her. It was a spontaneous demonstration of s****rhood in the oldest profession and made Corey want to cry.
On her first day Corey serviced eleven men, on her second it was twelve. She did not earn the whip. One of the men gave her a chocolate bar. At night Raynee gave her a douche. Servants carried a tub from ring to ring and washed each girl with vigour. It was reasonably hygenic and methodicial. Examining herself and her vagina every night, Corey was puzzled to know if she had really changed at all.

The girls in the bordello of Abdul Nour lived on their chain. More than any single thing it was their life, immutable and omnipresent. In this chamber of slated lusts it was different from the cell. Corey could never be entirely unaware of her iron collar and its weight of links. Like the rest, she was forever fingering it as she might have fingered a Rosary. The men fingered it too. She was surprised at the delight they found in this metallic evidence of a girl sequestered helplessly for their refreshment. Her padlock was tested and commented on until she began to find an absurd price in wearing it. The Guerilla´s need of what the girls provided was spasmodic. A day of incessant thrusting at their loins and lips might be followed by others in which they played hostess to only one or two heroes at a time. As the weary warriors fingered breasts and nipples and pubic hair they imparted bits of gossip. From it, Corey learned of the absence of Abdul Nour on a mission spoken of in whispers. She suspected her relegation to harlotry resulted from a lack of time in which to practice upon her body and limbs those mild tortures he had promised.

And there was Achmed! His visit made her feel like a patient in a hospital, she was so glad to see a friend. She serviced his hunger with all the finesse at her command. Like most trades, whoredom had its own small skills. She was picking them up fast.
"You learn jij-a-jij real good." He was proud of her.
"Thank you, Achmed. Do you think I´ll ever get out of here?"
"You don´t like nice chain and collar?"
"It´s O.K. I meant, have you heard anything about me being sent back to America?"
"No one ever send girl like you away." He sounded shocked.
"I expect you´re right." She shrugged the subject into the oblivion it deserved. "Have they recaptured Audrey Cotswold yet?"
"No search any more. Is gone. Very bad." He gestured f***efully. "If ever find her she get whip much hard."
It was a pleasant visit. Miss Corey Gibson told Achmed to come again soon.
The girls all envied her the prestigious connection.

She had become accustomed to the vagaries of male concupiscence. Talifa had been right. Some wanted to whip her breasts or vulva lightly with a small light whip provided by the house on request. Corey had learned to control her reactions while she disposed her body for their pleasure and gritted her teeth. The marks they placed upon her skin with this pleasantry faded rapidly but inspired superb erections over which she was expected to enthuse. There were also the ´Tie-uppers´. They had their own notions but several had caught on to Achmed´s trick... with hands tied behind her back to arch and raise her loins, a girl delivered a superior joy. When one of the nondescript valiants of The Cause made this want known, Corey provided him with a length of The House rope, kept under a cushion for this purpose, and crossed her wrists behind her back for them to be bound. All these oddities had become a bit of a bore like the husband who wanted chile con carne for supper every night. The gag was a surprise and came as something extra. He had brought it with him, a modern facility filling her mouth with rubber and buckling harshly behind her neck. Corey was as mute as she had ever been. When he pulled away the curtain behind which he had rendered her helpless she realised instantly the depth of his deception. Every girl visible was similarly captive. As other curtains were folded away one by one they revealed other strictured maidens tugging at bound hands and shaking frustrated heads at tight gags. When Corey looked toward the door and beheld Raynee and Talifa in the same plight her heart plummeted. If this was rescue it was not the kind she wanted.

The men looked like all others. They sported no Leader. But they had been drilled. A huge bolt cutter made short work of the padlocks but left the collar locked on each small throat. In the collar was a ring. Through the ring was threaded a new half inch sisal rope. Counting Raynee and Talifa, there were twenty girls. One by one their collars were threaded so that none was independent of the rest. It was not a coffle. There were no knots in the rope, it could slide back and forth. But, nonetheless, the twenty were inexorably joined. One man stood on a chair and answered the question their gags forbid. "We are moving from Amphala. Our Leader is doing battle. You will be taken to a new home. Resistance will earn you a flogging. You are gagged to keep you quiet, we have no time for cackling pullets."
It sounded reasonable.

The truck ride was one of those dreams where you´ve been there before. To Corey Gibson it was poignantly reminiscent of that other jolting journey that had led her to the trek to Ben Sirah. This would simply move her to another brothel. It did not matter. She began to discern a pattern. Slaves were driftwood on a stream, used and passed around as their Masters wished. Looking at her mute and bound companions she guessed their thoughts the same. She wished her wrists had not been tied so tight.

Everything ends. After hours of jolting the truck stopped and ejected its tired, naked, and helpless cargo. The first face Corey beheld was that of Mustafa. He was counting out money to the driver of the truck. There was a cordial shaking of hands in farewell, the truck grunted away in an empty return. The second man remained with Mustafa, no other males were visible. The considerable f***e who had carried out the succesful coupe in Abdul Nour´s bagnio had remained at Amphala. The naked American girl dismally surveyed the scene. It was all too familiar, even the same four donkeys. She was back at square one.

Once more, Miss Corey Gibson suffered the bitter frustration of being female in a land of slavery. There were twenty girls, strong and young and vigorous. But they were controlled with ease by two men. They would never be given a chance of escape, they would be used, they would be punished. Inexorably, they would be taken to where a single man wanted them to go. And there was nothing any of them could do about it... nothing! She tugged at her tied wrists in feminine vexation. If Mustafa knew she was there he gave no sign. But he did indulge in a brief communique.
"You all be slaves." His fierce eye swept them like a lash. "Abdul Nour is big fool, he soon be killed. You not his. You mine." He looked from one to the other of them, contriving somehow to Miss Corey Gibson. "Is no escape. You try escape you be whipped... punished. Best you be good girls. We walk by day, sl**p at night. No one chase us, no one care."
Ruefully, Corey Gibson reflected on Mustafa´s u*********s truth. No one cared. To those who might care about her she must have vanished utterly without hint or clue. Reid Hunter´s death would have put a seal on her disappearance. Her father would be baffled. Assef Aslam had probably written her off as an expensive jinx. Audrey was gone, Seth Burdett was no more. She was alone, a white slave girl on her way to be sold a second time. It was hard no to wince at sight of the two chains. They stretched their considerable length out on the sand in a parallel promise of prisoned wrists and necks. With economy and convenience they would render captive and helpless twenty lithe strong females who would accept their padlocks because they had no choice.

In a continuation of a planned project, the roped girls were marshalled into line by the brandishing of an unnecessary whip so that number one now stood between the far end of the span of links, the rest were prodded into place with a chain on each side. With prudent caution they were coffled one at a time, hands untied, the right wrist shackled, a link padlocked to a collar. Even after the removal of her gag the girl remained obediently mute. She knew her place. Mustafa and his helper moved on down the line. Reaching Corey, the slaver met her eyes for the first time. As he clicked the padlock shut on her collar his words were terse: "Forget him, he is gone. You will not be rescued." Sneering at her evident dismay, he promised: "I will make sure you are well fucked and well whipped."
To Miss Corey Gibson there seemed nothing more to say.

The American girl felt an American irritation with her fellow captives. Most of them felt they had taken a step up in the world. A whore was few prospects, but a girl naked on an auction block is fecaed with infinite promise. If she was lucky enough to be purchased by a wealthy man who was not a sadist...! They beamed happily at a mental vista of good food, beautiful clothes, and a man who might not beat them too often. Talifa and Raynee were as optimistic as the rest. But it was Talifa who first felt Mustafa´s whip.
Camping at the end of the first day it was talifa and Corey who were freed to do the chores. Corey braced herself for a bad time, but Talifa was indignant on the score of protocol.
"Talifa top girl, she not do such work. You choose another."
Mustafa viewed this insubordination with the same surprise he would have accorded a conversational camel. But his reprimand was gentle. "You be good girl. You go now help white girl work. She know how. She been on coffle before." In the false security of a lost authority, Talifa stood her ground. "Me number one girl, same Raynee. Others for fuck and work. Me only for sell." Corey watched the inevitable. She no longer found horror in these incidents. Talifa should have had more sense. She herself would not now dare quibble in such independence. But she shivered in sympathy as the rebel was suspended upside down by her ankles from a tree, her hair falling to the sand, her arms reaching ineffectually at nothing. Talifa´s fine black bush proclaimed her widely sundered loins. Even before the first blow fell she voiced a change of heart: "I sorry, I sorry...! Please not to whip. I be very good girl...! I be very..."

It was the end of verbal negations. The whip sliced between stretched thighs in a manner to make Corey Gibson shrink. The upended girl uttered the first of many shrieks, her free arms flailing uselessly against an enemy she could not touch. She was perfectly postured for the lash. It worked up and down her thighs and across the seperated cheeks of her bottom and the satin loveliness of her unmarked back. Half way through, Mustafa capitalised on the occasion. With one pensive hand gently massaging Talifa´s scarlet and swollen cunt, he suavely admonished. "You disobey, you argue with Mustafa, then you hang like this." Paternally, he patted the well lubricated vulva beneath his hand and resumed his task. The former number one girl screamed steadily until released. She then sped, with a new and ardent conviction, to help Corey with the fire. The coffle sighed in sympathy. The coffle carried its chains well. After the scented sloth of the bordello they found a zest in motion and the fresh air.

To be continued....
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Brian is gone

It was the first time I had gone out to have a little
fun since my husband had left for Iraq. His National
Guard unit had been called to active duty and before we
had time to take a deep breath he was gone. He had been
gone almost three months and I was bored to death. All
I ever did now was go to work and go home and watch TV
and write letters to my husband. I was a little upset
that I wrote to him every night and I got a letter from
him only once a week, if that.

I knew that conditions were rough over there and that
he was having a hard time of it. But just a note to say
that he was okay and still loved me would have been
nice. We had only been married for a little over a year
and I knew he loved me, but I really worried about him
and I wanted a little reassurance. No, I wanted a lot
of reassurance, not so much that he still loved me, I
knew that he did. Rather that he was still alive and
uninjured and holding up alright.

When I let my friend talk me into attending the party
at her house on Friday evening I certainly didn't go
because I was peeved at my husband Brian for not
writing to me in almost two weeks. I went because I was
tired of sitting home alone in my quiet little
apartment and worrying about him. I wanted to hear some
music and talk to some happy people and dance a little
and have a couple of drinks.

I had no idea how out of hand things were going to get.
My girlfriend, Tanya, wasn't all that wild. I had no
reason to believe that this would be anything but a fun
little party for some of her close friends. It was her
birthday and two of her friends were throwing a party
for her and had reserved one of the pools in their
apartment complex.

I intended to have a couple of drinks and laugh a
little and dance a little maybe, and then go home alone
and go to bed all by myself. I wasn't worried about
anything. I was an independent twenty-one year old
married woman and I was capable of taking care of
myself. Or at least I thought I was.

It was hot and sunny and I had a couple of drinks and
danced a few dances. Then I put my bikini on and spent
some time in the pool cooling off. More than a few guys
were coming on to me and it was very flattering. I
flirted with a couple of them, but I eventually made it
clear that nothing was going to come of it and they
started leaving me alone. I was relieved, because I had
definitely been tempted by a couple of the guys.

When you get used to a fairly regular sex life for a
year or so the sudden move back to abstinence is not
easy, or pleasant.

Once it got dark and cooled off a little I danced a
little more. I stayed in my bikini, but there were lots
of girls dancing in their bikinis, and mine was more
conservative than most, so I wasn't standing out or
anything. After a while I was spending most of my time
with one guy. He was really cute and funny and he
really cheered me up. When we weren't dancing we were
sitting on the pool steps in water up to our necks or
sitting at a small table and sipping a beer.

I had made it clear to him that I was leaving at ten
and he was disappointed, but he didn't argue with me.
He was slightly older, I think he was close to thirty,
and more mature. He had accepted that he wasn't getting
laid tonight, at least, not by me. We were enjoying
each other's company though and I stayed with him.
Mostly I stayed with him because he was fun to be with,
but also because while I was him the other guys were
leaving me alone.

At nine thirty he talked me into one last beer and he
got out of the pool and got the drinks and we moved to
a pair of lounge chairs on the side. The volume of the
music was turned down around eight o'clock or so and we
could talk more easily now. I couldn't deny that I was
having a great time.

I sipped my last beer and kept my eye on the time,
fully intending to leave at ten. That isn't what
happened though. I don't remember what happened. I was
sitting and talking one minute and having a good time.

The next thing I knew it was Saturday morning and I was
waking up in bed with a guy! I didn't know what had
happened. I knew that I hadn't been that d***k and I
assumed that I had been d**gged. I looked at the guy in
the bed and I recognized him as the man I had spent
most of the evening with, but I couldn't for the life
of me remember his name.

I was naked and I looked down and saw that I had tooth
marks on my tits and my thighs and my chest and stomach
and thighs were covered with dried cum. I put my face
in my hands and I realized that I had it all over my
face too.

I got up, feeling very much like I had a hangover, and
looked around for the bathroom. As I moved around I
realized that I was in a lot of pain. My vagina hurt,
my butt hurt and my throat was sore. I was no rocket
scientist, but I quickly realized that it was pretty
likely that I had been ****d last night, and by more
than one guy.

I found the bathroom and went in and stared at myself
in the mirror. There was flaky dried cum all over my
face and body and my long blonde hair was encrusted
with it.

I suddenly felt sick to my stomach and I rushed to the
toilet and lifted the seat and threw up for several
minutes. When I finally stopped and my stomach was
under control I flushed the toilet and turned to wash
my face and hands and there he was, standing in the
door smiling at me.

Before I could say anything he said, "What a waste of
cum. We went to a lot of trouble to fill your stomach
with that cum. Now we have to do it all over again."

I found my voice and even though it hurt my throat I
screamed at him, "You fucking r****t! You aren't going
to get away with this. As soon as I leave here I'm
calling the police. I hate you!"

He just smiled and stared at me like I was some sort of
amusing little pet or something.

I washed my face and hands and dried off on the
cleanest towel that I could find. Then I stormed back
into the bedroom to look for my clothes. He followed me
and watched me look around and when I demanded my
clothes he said, "Your bikini is in the living room."

I stomped down the short hallway and came to a sudden
stop in the living room. There were four men sitting
around grinning at me. They all looked like they had
just gotten up.

I realized that they must have all ****d me last night.
I didn't remember it though and I was very embarrassed
about being naked in front of them. I spotted my bikini
on the floor and I went for it and hurriedly put it on.
I spotted my purse on a table and grabbed it, but the
rest of my clothes were nowhere to be seen. They were
probably still out by the pool.

I started for the door but before I could open it he
said, "Don't leave yet. We have something to show you."

"No you don't!" I yelled and continued for the door. I
didn't get that far though. One of the four men that
had apparently slept in the living room stood up and
blocked my path.

I wasn't scared yet. I was still far too mad to be
scared. I yelled at him to get the fuck out of my way
and he just stood there smiling at me. That just made
me even more furious. I charged at him and tried to
push him out of the way and when I saw how little
effect I had on him it made me even madder.

He got tired of me though and he grabbed a handful of
my hair and nearly lifted me off of the floor. I
dropped my purse and put my hands on his wrist and
tried to free myself. He just ignored my efforts and
dragged me easily to the couch and roughly pushed me
down between two of the men that were sitting there.

He said, "Tom asked you politely to stay and look at
something. Trust me. You are going to want to see it.
It is very important to you."

I reached up and rubbed my sore scalp, causing a
snowstorm of dried cum to fall onto my shoulder and
into my lap. I almost threw up again as I realized what
was happening. Instead, I f***ed myself to take a deep
breath and asked them what was so fucking important for
me to see.

One of them picked up a couple of remote controls and
turned on the television and then started a DVD. I
screamed as the picture came on and I saw myself being
passed from man to man in this living room. I was naked
and I was smiling and apparently having the time of my
life. Their hands were all over me and if anything I
seemed to be encouraging them.

I said loudly, "You fucking bastards!" Then I tried to
stand up and leave. I was half way to my feet when the
men sitting on either side of me pulled me back down.
One of them said, "There is a lot more to see Kim.
Trust me. You are going to find this educational."

I struggled with them and said, "All you have here is
proof that you ****d me you bastards!"

Tom said, "No Kim, you aren't looking close enough.
What we have here is proof that you were a more than
willing participant. Look at yourself, your eyes are
open, you are smiling and animated, you are standing on
your own two feet. No one can look at that and come
away with the opinion that you are being ****d. Just
keep watching."

What choice did I have? They wouldn't let me leave

I sat and watched as the men that weren't currently
occupied groping and kissing me started undressing.
When they were naked they took over and the rest of the
men undressed. Then they returned to passing me around
and groping my naked body. It was humiliating to watch,
especially with the five of them sitting there,
watching me as I stared at the screen.

They finally tired of passing me around and three of
them sat on the couch and one of them asked me in a
friendly tone of voice to kneel between his legs. There
wasn't the slightest hint of f***e or coercion. Even
though I knew without a doubt that I had been d**gged,
I couldn't see any sign of it.

My embarrassment increased as I watched myself take the
first man's cock into my mouth and start sucking
greedily. By now I had come to realize that all of
these men had ****d me. That didn't make it any easier
to sit in the room with them and watch it being
replayed on the TV.

As I sucked off the first man one of the others knelt
beside me on the side away from the camera that Tom
must have been operating and he played with my breasts
with one hand and his other hand reached between my
legs and teased my sex roughly. I watched my reaction
as he groped me and it looked very much like I was
enjoying it.

I felt the tears running down my cheeks and it
infuriated me. I didn't want these bastards to see how
upset I was. I wiped my eyes and continued to watch as
I brought the first of them to orgasm and swallowed his
cum without hesitation. I didn't even do that for my

The man that was groping me moved me over to the next
man and as we watched me being repositioned Tom said,
"In case you are wondering, Rory was second. You had
already sucked me off while I was waiting for my
friends here to arrive. My friends and I share

I sat and watched, horrified, as I sucked all four of
them off. Tom came in from time to time and got lots of
close-ups of my smiling, happy face as I swallowed one
load of cum after another.

Once I had sucked off the fourth man I was placed on a
large hassock on my back and the first man that I had
sucked off moved between my legs and easily slipped his
cock into my very wet pussy. I saw that my pussy was
red and swollen and looked like I had already had sex.

I glanced at Tom and he smiled and said, "Yeah, we
fucked too."

They all fucked me, one right after the other. After
each of them came in my pussy they moved around and
after the next one had pushed his hard cock inside of
me the one that had just had me moved to my face and I
eagerly sucked them clean.

I felt my stomach turning and I put my hand over my
mouth and rushed to the bathroom. I made it just in
time and I threw up again. But my stomach was pretty
much empty now and it was mainly dry heaves.

I waited until my stomach was calm and then I washed my
face and went back out to the living room. I was placed
right back between the two men on the couch and the DVD
was taken off of pause my gangbang movie took right up
where it had left off.

Once they had all cum in my pussy the blowjobs started
again. Tom's second blowjob from me was caught on film
and I was f***ed to watch as I sucked them all again.
This time, though, they didn't cum in my mouth. After
Tom had gotten hard he pulled his cock out of my mouth
and turned me over on the hassock and started
lubricating my butt from a tube of KY Jelly.

I watched as he spent several minutes lubricating and
stretching my ass and then he handed me the lubricant
and I used it to grease up his large cock with apparent

He watched me as I smiled and spread the grease over
his hard cock, then he patted my head and said, "That's
a good girl." Then the camera panned back and forth
between my face and my ass as he began to f***e his
cock inside of me.

I watched in disbelief as it went in easily and I
looked back at him with a look of passion on my face.
Tom said, "That was me taking your cherry. That was the
first time you had ever been fucked in the ass, wasn't

I nodded, still staring at the TV incredulously.

They had had the sound turned off all of this time and
now they turned it up and I heard myself grunting in
pleasure and begging him to fuck me harder. While he
was fucking my ass the others took turns sticking their
cocks in my mouth and letting me keep them hard and
ready for their turn in my ass.

They had all had me twice already and some of them took
a very long time to fuck my ass. Not all of them. A
couple of them came nearly as quickly that time as the
first time. Over all though, this round of ****s took a
long time. Through it all I begged them to fuck me
harder and when each of them had cum in my ass, before
I sucked his nasty cock clean with apparent eagerness,
I begged the next one to fuck my ass.

After that they all just sat back and relaxed and from
time to time one of them would call me over and I would
suck him off again. In between, when I wasn't sucking
one of their cocks, I was obeying orders to pose in
humiliating positions, or play with myself, or to scoop
up the cum dripping out of my pussy and ass and spread
it over my face and hair and breasts for their
amusement. It was the most disgusting thing that I had
ever seen, and it looked like I loved every minute of

I realized that there was no way that I could go to the
police. I don't know what they had d**gged me with. The
effects were obvious though, to me. To a cop, or a
judge, or a jury, they would just see a horny slut
whose husband was in Iraq as she eagerly took on all

I looked at Tom and said, "Okay, you win. I won't call
the cops. I know what would happen if I tried to
convince them of the truth."

Tom smiled and said, "You still don't get it, Kim. We
aren't done with you yet. We enjoyed the hell out of
what we did last night. You are a great cocksucker and
you have such a hot tight cunt, and your sweet ass is
even tighter. We can't let you go that easily. Maybe in
a week or two, but for now, your ass is ours."

I tried to stand up again and I was pulled back down. I
shook my head and said, "No, I can't, I won't. I can't
do those things that you did to my d**gged body last
night. I don't even do those things with my husband. I
won't do it!"

Tom laughed and said, "Sure you will Kim. Because if
you don't, your husband is going to get a copy of the
DVD and then he will wonder why you do those things
with everyone else but not him. At least I guess that
is what he will wonder."

Then he held up my address book which had been in my
purse and said, "I bet there are a lot of other people
that would get a kick out of seeing how hot you are
too." He thumbed through the book and stopped from time
to time and asked what my relationship was with various
people in the book and I didn't answer, but the idea of
them seeing that DVD was even more horrible than the
idea of being f***ed to do the things that were on it.

I slumped down on the couch and covered my face with my
hands and cried hysterically. I didn't think at all for
a few minutes and they let me cry. As my sobs subsided
though, I realized I was going to have to let them do
anything that they wanted to me for as long as they
wanted. I was totally in their power. I knew that I had
been an unwilling participant in the sex acts that they
had recorded last night. Even knowing it though, I saw
no sign of any unwillingness on my part in that movie.
Far from it, at every turn I had looked eager,
enthusiastic. They hadn't even ordered me to do things.
They had asked or suggested or simply guided my willing
body where they wanted it.

I tried to tell myself that it didn't matter much now.
They had already done everything that they could do to
me. From now on it would just be more of the same. I
knew that wasn't true though. For one thing, I would be
conscious now, aware of the humiliating things I was
being f***ed to submit to. That aside though, I had no
doubt they had more and greater humiliations in store
for me.

Tom came over and stood in front of me and said, "We
had a great time last night Kim. You behaved like the
perfect little slut. Personally though, I am looking
forward to doing it all over again now that you are
going to know what's happening to you and hate every
minute of it. That turns me on so much more than when
you were oblivious. Why don't we start by having you
stand up and take that fucking bikini back off?"

He reached down and took my hand and pulled me to my
feet and stepped back. I realized that it didn't
matter. They had not only seen me naked; they had all
had sex with me over and over last night. I didn't have
the faintest memory of it though. As far as my mind was
concerned, this was all new to me.

I looked at Tom, standing nearby with my address book
in his hand and my brain spun madly trying to think of
some way out of this mess. I saw that one of them had
begun recording me standing in the center of the room
and I saw the looks on their faces. The anticipation
and the lust were one thing, but I also saw how much
they were getting off on the idea that I hated this. I
was terrified and I was humiliated and that was turning
them on.

I looked down at the stained carpet and reached behind
my back and untied the top of my suit. As soon as I
untied it the cups fell away from breasts, exposing
them. I reached behind my neck then and removed it and
dropped it on a nearby table. There were a few
chuckles. I supposed that they were amused at my
humiliation. It was obvious that they were enjoying
degrading me nearly as much as they enjoyed the sex. I
have to assume that they enjoyed the sex. They weren't
letting me go.

I hooked my thumbs into the waist of my bikini bottoms
and slid them down and let them fall to the floor. Then
I stood naked in front of them again. I fought the urge
to cover myself with my hands. I realized that it would
be silly at this point, and that they would only be
amused by it.

Tom said, "That's a good girl. Now get your nasty ass
in the bathroom and take a shower. You stink."

As I was leaving the room, biting my tongue to keep
from pointing out that I didn't "stink" before they had
****d me, Tom turned to his buddy with the camera and
said, "John, why don't you go with her. Get some good
shots of her in the shower."

John trailed behind me with the camera and I was
acutely aware of the camera recording my every move as
I turned on the shower and used Tom's soap and shampoo
to wash the dried cum from my abused body and my stiff,
cum encrusted hair.

John kept the shower curtain open enough to watch me
and he filmed every embarrassing moment. I had no
desire to go back into that living room and serve as a
sex toy for those horrible men, but I was really being
creeped out by John filming all of my most private
moments. He even recorded me on the toilet when I sat
down to pee, forcing me to spread my legs so that he
could film the urine spraying from my body. I shuddered
in revulsion as each new humiliating experience was

Before I went back out I brushed my teeth with my
finger and some of Tom's toothpaste. I was able to
finally get the taste of cum out of my mouth. I
imagined that it wouldn't be long before they remedied
that though.

When I returned to the living room Tom called me over
to where he was sitting and pulled me down into his
lap. He sniffed at me, sarcastically, as if to see if I
were actually clean enough to touch. Then he smiled and
said, "Much better. Now, my friends and I have been
planning your day while you were getting cleaned up.
You are smart enough to know that the things that amuse
us won't be as much fun for you as they are for us. The
thing is, you know that you don't have any choice,
don't you?"

I nodded. It was true, no matter what happened after
this, they already had enough information to ruin my
life, destroy my marriage and my reputation.

Tom continued, "Good, because I don't want to have to
keep threatening you to make you behave. If you get to
be a problem, we can always give you more of that d**g
I gave you last night and you have seen how you behave
then. Trust me. We are a pretty imaginative group. The
pictures could get much worse if we d**gged you again."

There was no doubt in my mind that these men would take
pleasure in destroying me if I didn't do as I was told.
I just wasn't sure if I could do this. I had always
been a very conservative person. I was not one of those
girls that dressed to thrill and liked to show off. I
had never, before last night at least, had sex with
multiple partners and I had certainly never posed for
revealing photographs.

Brian had tried on numerous occasions to get me to pose
for some sexy pictures. He had desperately wanted one
of me in a sexy pose to take with him to Iraq. In my
mind though, I could just see him showing it to his
friends and I couldn't do it. I love him, and I like it
that he thinks I am sexy, but that is just between me
and Brian. Or at least it had been until last night.

As Tom warned me about obeying his orders his hand
moved over my body as if he owned me. I hated it that
when he touched certain places, those places that only
my husband should be able to touch, I felt myself
responding. I knew that it was just a physical response
and that I had no control over it. It was like my body
was surrendering to him though and I hated that. What I
hated even more was that, until he got tired of me, he
did own me.

He pushed me out of his lap and said, "Come on, let's
find you something you can wear. It's a beautiful day
out there. We don't want to spend it cooped up in

I wasn't sure. I didn't want to spend the day here with
these horny men. On the other hand, I was terrified of
what public humiliations they had planned for me.

I looked around at the cruel faces that continued to
ogle my naked body and there wasn't a hint of sympathy
in any of them. These guys were all older, around
thirty or so I guess. That was all that I knew about
them though. So far I only had names for three of them,
Tom, Rory and John. Before last night I had only had
sex with two guys. I had been with my husband and a
previous boyfriend when I was s*******n. Now the total
had increased to seven over night, and I still didn't
know the names of two of them.

I followed Tom back to his bedroom and he said, "We
just need to find something that you can wear to get
you to where we are going. Once we get there we can
find you something more appropriate."

He reached into closet and pulled out a dress shirt and
handed it to me. I put it on and started to button it
up. He stopped me before I could button anywhere near
enough buttons. I looked down and the shirt's tails
just barely covered my pussy in the front. I doubt if
it fully covered my ass. He had made me stop buttoning
it before I had gotten as high as my breasts. It was
loose fitting and the front hung away from my breasts
so that anyone looking from the side could see them.

I was standing there, waiting for him to hand me
something else to wear but he just smiled and said,
"Perfect! Let's go."

I gasped in shock. I had resolved not to keep balking
at his orders. I knew that he was always going to win.
I could get arrested going out like this though!

I said, "Tom, wait!"

He stopped and turned around and I saw the look on his
face. I knew I wouldn't get anything else to wear. He
was looking forward to humiliating me. I hesitated for
a second and said, "My feet, can't I at least wear my

He looked down and said, "I guess. They're in the
living room. Let's go bitch."

I thought, "I'm not a bitch, you bastard!" I bit my
tongue though. I didn't want to make him feel like he
had to prove my new subhuman status to me.

I stopped on the way out of the bedroom and looked at
my reflection in the mirror. I couldn't believe I was
actually going to leave the apartment looking like
this. I turned around and I saw that nearly an inch of
my ass was exposed below the shirttails. I rushed to
catch up with Tom before he felt the need to exert his
authority over me any further and as I entered the
living room again the guys hooted and laughed at my
degrading outfit. I looked around and spotted my
sandals under a lamp table and I slipped them on and
then the guys all stood up and we went outside.

It was nearly eleven on a bright Saturday morning and
there were people out everywhere. There were guys
washing cars and people on their way to the pool and
heading out to go where ever they normally go on
Saturday. Every person we passed stopped what they were
doing and stared at me. The guys all gaped as they
caught flashes of my breasts as the shirt fell open or
my ass which was readily displayed as I went past. The
women stared in shock and disgust.

This was an apartment complex largely occupied by young
singles and couples who were either living together or
had recently married. I imagine that they saw a lot
around here. I had noticed some pretty skimpy bikinis
at the pool yesterday. So it was pretty obvious from
their reaction that I was exposing a whole hell of a
lot of skin. All I could do, though, was blush and keep
my head down and keep walking.

We walked to Tom's car and it was like a clown car the
way the six of us squeezed into his small four
passenger car. I found out the names of the last two of
my tormentors when Tom said, "Harry, you're the
smallest. You sit in the middle and John and Steve can
sit on the outside. The bitch can sit in your lap."

Rory, the largest of the five, sat in the passenger
seat in front and recorded the struggle as the three
men squeezed into the back and pulled me in after them.
It was impossibly cramped, but they just laughed about

Before the doors were all closed, Harry had my shirt
opened and pulled aside, baring my breasts to the
camera and the many people walking around the parking
lot. They all found this incredibly amusing. I was just

I had no idea where we were going. I only knew that
wherever it was I was going to hate it and I was going
to hate what happened there. I slumped down a little in
Harry's lap to keep my head from bumping against the
roof of the car and as we drove off I had Harry's hands
playing with my breasts and Steve and John both had
their hands on my thighs. They were pulling my legs
farther apart and making it easier for Rory to get some
more humiliating pictures of me.

Tom drove to the an area of town where adult oriented
businesses seemed to congregate and pulled into a
parking lot in front of a place called The Camera Club.
He got out and said, "Wait here. This shouldn't take

As soon as he was gone I was turned in my seat so that
my back was against the door and my legs were across
the laps of the men squeezed in the back seat. They
pushed my legs apart and played with my body cruelly
and laughed at my reactions. One of them took one of my
nipples into his mouth and after teasing it to hardness
he suddenly bit down cruelly and I screamed and jumped
and tried to pull away. They seemed to think that was

When they were no longer amused by that, Harry seemed
to be intent on picking me up by my pubic hair. He
reached down and grabbed a large clump of my pubic hair
in his fingers and closed down and started slowly
lifting. I clamped my hands down on his wrist and held
on and screamed in pain and begged him tearfully to

They laughed and laughed as he kept pulling for several
more long moments. He finally lowered my ass back down
and as he took his hand away they laughed again at the
amount of my blonde pubic hair that remained in his
fingers. It had been pulled out by the roots!

I was crying loudly now and begging them to stop. Rory
was filming it all and laughing at my pain and

Tom finally came back out and his friends stopped
tormenting me. I was crying again and as Tom leaned in
the window and said, "Everyone out." I wiped my eyes
with the shirt sleeves and cried out, "Why are you
doing this to me?!"

When I was standing beside the car Tom turned me with
my back to the car and lifted my head and said, "We are
doing this to you because it is fun. You are a fucking
tease. You led me on at that party last night and then
when I wanted some of your sexy ass you suddenly had to
go home. Well fuck you bitch! You won't be teasing any
one else. Next time a guy wants some of your ass you're
going to give him some. You fucking frigid bitch!"

"I'm not a tease!" I exclaimed. "I didn't lead you on.
I danced with you for Christ's sake! Do you think that
every girl that dances with you is supposed to sl**p
with you?!"

Tom sneered at me and said, "You did a hell of a lot
more than dance with me bitch. You spent a couple of
hours telling me how lonely you were and how much you
missed your husband and waiving your tits and your ass
in my face and making me think that you wanted to get
laid. Then you said, "I have to go now after I wasted
all fucking evening on you!"

I just shook my head in disbelief. It hadn't been like
that. I had not led him on. In fact, I had tried to get
rid of him several times. He would not take a hint. All
I could say was, "It wasn't like that. I didn't lead
you on."

He had a look of hatred on his face now and he said,
"Bullshit! You spent hours teasing me and then, when
you had had your fun you just wanted to go home. It's
time you learned your lesson bitch. We're going to
teach you, you get some guy hot for you from now on,
you had best put out. You think that damned pussy of
yours is solid fucking gold or something the way you
guard it. It's just pussy bitch, and it's meant to be

I was just staring at him in shock now. It was
beginning to dawn on me that aside from the fact that
he liked to d**g and **** women, there was something
wrong with this guy. He seemed to think that if a woman
talked to him and then didn't sl**p with him then he
could do anything that he wanted to her and she had it

He grabbed my arm and started pulling me into the
building that he had just come out of. As we walked he
said it again.

"Remember that bitch. It's just pussy."

He pulled me into The Camera Club and I looked around
and saw pictures of nude and semi-nude women
everywhere. There were a dozen men standing around
inside and they all looked up when I came in.

As soon as they saw what I was wearing, or nearly
wearing, they became a lot more interested. Tom smiled
at them and pulled me along to an office in the back.
He pulled me inside and shut the door and I found
myself looking across a cluttered desk at a large black
man in his mid to late fifties. He looked me over and
said, "Not bad. Lose the shirt."

I glanced at Tom, but he just nodded. So I slowly
unbuttoned the shirt he had given me to wear and let it
fall open in front of me. It no longer covered me, but
the black man said impatiently, "I said lose it girl!"

He looked at Tom and Tom smiled and said, "She isn't
too bright, and she is new at this. Don't worry, she
won't be any trouble."

Then he turned to me and said, "Will you, you stupid

I looked down and shook my head and shrugged the shirt
down off of my shoulders and held it in my sweating
hands. Tom took it away and ordered me to turn around

I obeyed, and as I turned the black man commented on my
body. "She's kind of cute. Her tits are too small and
she doesn't have much of an ass. She has a cute little
cunt though. Yeah, I guess she'll do."

When I had finished turning around he got up and took
me back out into the hall and into a room with racks of
clothing. He looked through some of it and pulled out a
handful of clothes and told me to get dressed.

They stood there and watched as I put on the lacy
underwear and then a pair of thigh high hose with lacy
tops that matched the underwear. I put on the plaid
skirt and plain white blouse and a pair of silly
looking saddle shoes and they looked at me approvingly.
I looked at my reflection in the mirror and I saw that
they had dressed me like a Catholic schoolgirl!

The man asked me, "Do you know what is going to happen

I shook my head. I didn't know, I wished to god I would
never find out. I just wanted to leave. I knew that
whatever it was I was going to hate it.

He said, "You are going back out front and mix with the
customers for a few minutes. You better be nice to them
too. I ain't k**ding bitch. I got some other outfits
and some really kinky studio sets that you would hate a
lot more than you are going to hate this one. So you
better figure out how to paste a smile on your fucking
face. You mix with the customers and smile and make
nice and if someone gets fresh, well, that's just too
fucking bad."

"When you have warmed them up a little I am going to
take you down the hall to a private room and you are
going to pose for them while they take lots and lots of
pictures. You pose any fucking way they ask you to
pose. When ten minutes have passed, a bell will ring
and you take off your blouse. You pose for ten more
minutes and the bell will ring again. You take off your
skirt. At the next bell you take off your bra, and then
your panties. After that, you pose for twenty minutes
in just your stockings. Any pose that they ask for
bitch. I better not get any complaints. Do you have any

I was so scared now that I was shaking. In a quivering
voice I asked the only question that I could think of.
"What if they want to touch me?"

He smiled and said, "They can touch you, they just
can't have sex with you. They have to pay extra for

I shuddered in fear and revulsion and covered my face
with my hands and started crying again. Tom suddenly
snatched me up by my hair and said, "That's enough of
that shit. It's time to start practicing that smile you
teased me with last night bitch."

Tom wiped my eyes with the shirt he was carrying and we
started out of the dressing room. "Wait!" I suddenly
said. I had thought of another question. "What happens
to those pictures? Oh god. What if someone I know sees
them. They could end up all over the internet!"

The black man smiled and said, "Shit happens. Now smile
god damn it!"

I tried. I knew it was more of a grimace than a smile.
It didn't really satisfy them. The black man just
glowered at me and said, "Keep working on it you stupid

He led me back out into the front room and pushed me
towards the dozen or so men that were milling around
looking at the pictures of naked women on the wall. He
then got their attention and said, "Gentlemen, this is
our newest model, Little Kim. This is her first time.
She's a cherry so to speak. Look her over and if you
are interested she will be modeling in a few minutes.
Feel free to ask her any questions."

The men swarmed around me. At first they kept their
hands to themselves. They all looked like a bunch of
weirdoes. They ranged in age from early sixties to one
guy that didn't look like he was eighteen yet. Most of
them looked kind of nerdy and it occurred to me that
this was probably the only way some of them ever got to
see a naked woman.

One of them, the one that I assumed was the oldest
asked, "How old are you honey?"

"Twenty-one," I answered in a trembling voice.

"You sound scared," one of them said. "Are you scared?"

I shrugged and said, "It is my first time, I'm pretty

One of them spotted my wedding ring and asked, "Does
your husband know that you are doing this?"

I blushed even more deeply and shook my head.

One of them asked, "Are you a prostitute?"

I quickly exclaimed, "No!"

He wasn't satisfied though and he asked, "Then what are
you doing here? Do you like taking your clothes off in
front of guys you don't know?"

I didn't know what to say to him. I looked at Tom who
was standing nearby listening and enjoying my

Tom spoke up and said, "I brought her here to teach her
a lesson for being such a tease. I hate a fucking
tease. She needed to learn a lesson."

The men around me all seemed to think that was an
admirable goal.

As I stood there surrounded by the geeks several more
came in and after looking at me they went and spoke to
the black guy and gave him money. When he was satisfied
that there were enough of them he said, "Okay
gentleman, the show is about to start. Do you all know
the rules?"

Everyone seemed to nod or mutter something quietly
under their breath. Then he came over and took my arm
and said, "Okay gents, if you will follow me."

He pulled me back down the dark hallway to a room that
was set up in one corner like a small classroom and in
the other corner like a small bedroom. In between was a
small stage, raised about a foot off of the floor with
a nasty looking fur rug in the middle of it.

I was led to the class room area and then the black guy
stepped back and said, "Okay gentlemen, when the bell
rings your time has begun."

Then he moved out of the way. I looked around nervously
and I noticed that the walls didn't go all the way to
the ceiling. I also noticed that Rory was standing on
something and looking over the top of the wall and
filming us with his fucking movie camera! The others,
Tom, Harry, John and Steve were standing in the back of
the room watching. It was obvious that they were
amused, and it was also obvious that they were getting

The bell rang and I looked at the fifteen men that were
ogling me and waited for some suggestions. One of them
ordered me to sit in one of the small student desks and
they formed a semi circle in front of me and I was
quickly ordered to spread my legs farther and farther
apart. When everyone that wished to had taken a picture
of my panties I was ordered to stand and bend over
until my hands were touching the floor. The short skirt
I was wearing pulled up and I suspect that by the time
I was positioned where they wanted me nearly half of my
ass was exposed.

I stayed like that for a few minutes and then I was
placed on the teacher's desk against the front wall.
They didn't tell me how to pose this time though. Two
of them sat me up on the desk and lifted my legs and
positioned them with my heels on the edge of the desk
exposing my panties again. It seemed though, that
positioning my legs required a lot of touching and
their hands had slid up over my thighs, raising my
skirt as they placed my legs where they wanted them.

I looked down and I was dismayed that the crotch of the
panties looked like there was a slight darkening along
the area over my pussy, as though I was getting wet. I
was sure that wasn't possible though. I wasn't aroused
in the least. I was terrified.

After those customers that cared to had taken the shot,
and I noticed that not everyone was taking pictures
thankfully, they pulled me to my feet and put me back
up on the desk on my hands and knees and made me lean
my head down on my arms. They gathered around and knelt
down and took more humiliating pictures. Then the bell

Two of them lifted me off of the desk and they all
watched eagerly as I unbuttoned and removed the blouse.
As I slid it off I couldn't help being aware of how
hard my nipples were and how obvious it was through
this thin, lacy bra.

I heard a lot of comments on the fact that my nipples
were big and hard and could be seen through the lace
that covered them. I returned to posing as they ordered
me around. I put my hands behind my neck and my elbows
back and thrust my chest out for a couple of pictures.
Then I clasped my hands behind my back and thrust my
shoulders back.

One of them stood me beside one of the student desks
and reached down and grabbed my leg and lifted it up
and set it on the desk portion. My skirt slit up and
again more pictures were taken.

I had time for several more photos, each preceded by a
groping as I was placed into lewd and lascivious poses
before the bell rang and I nervously removed the skirt.

Now the older man, the guy who was in his sixties and
seemed to have taken charge, decided to move to the
small stage and I was led over with hands on my ass to
the small stage. I was placed on the fur on the edge of
the stage and they moved my body into more and more

Things didn't start heating up until the next bell rang
and my bra came off. There was a lot more touching then
and as they moved me around they all took turns
squeezing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. Many of
the pictures featured hands manipulating my breasts or
pinching my nipples.

Then the bell rang again and I was pulled to my feet
and two men saved me the trouble of removing my
panties. One of them moved to each side of me and the
rest of the crowd took pictures as they slowly slid my
panties down.

The pictures got a lot more obscene now. I was placed
on my back and my legs were held wide apart and I was
f***ed to spread my pussy open for them. There were
several pictures taken with fat fingers all the way
inside of me.

I was turned over and placed on my hands and knees and
ordered to pull the cheeks of my ass wide apart and I
listened to the cameras going off behind me. Then I was
left in that position for more poses as hands reached
in and defiled my body.

It was horrible and I had never been so degraded in my
life. What made it worse though were the jokes about
the moisture that had begun to seep out of my
traitorous pussy.

Those last twenty minutes seemed to last forever.
Towards the end of the allotted time men were posing
with me in lewd poses that simulated sex acts and the
crowd was laughing at me and calling me nasty names.
Every part of my body was exposed and photographed and
handled roughly by complete strangers, and it was all
caught on film.

The last bell finally rang and the men slowly put their
cameras down. The black man came back in and I was led
outside by Tom and Steve. The black man spoke with the
men inside that had just spent and hour photographing
me and then he opened the door and pulled me back into
the room and tossed me roughly onto the bed in the far
corner of the room.

Before I realized what was happening two of the men
walked up and as the rest of the men took more pictures
the two men pulled their pants off and got on the bed
with me. One of them moved behind me and as I screamed
he f***ed his cock into my pussy and held onto my hips
and began r****g me violently. The other had taken up a
position in front of me and f***ed his cock into my
mouth. The crowd was loud and raucous as they crowded
around and took more nasty photographs from every

I struggled at first, but these two large men that were
r****g me paid no attention. The one in my mouth came
first and after he filled my mouth with cum he pulled
out and held my head up by my hair so that they could
take pictures of my mouth and the load of cum on my
tongue. Then he moved his head down and in a cruel
voice said, "Swallow it bitch. Come on baby, eat that
cum, it's good for you."

I was crying again and you would have thought that
someone in that crowd would have cared. Not a single
man showed the slightest sympathy for me. They all knew
that I was here against my will. Tom had told them that
from the very beginning. I guess the idea that I
couldn't say no to them was a big turn on for them.

Once the man that was fucking me had his orgasm, both
men let me go and got off of the bed. I lowered my head
to my arms and cried, thinking that it was over. What
can I say? I'm a natural blonde.

I felt the bed move again and two more men joined me in
the middle of the bed. The cameras started clicking
away again as the next pair took up where the others
had left off. It went on and on. I don't think that
they all ****d me. Some of them just took pictures. But
most of them took me on that bed.

When it was finally over the customers were herded out
and Rory came downstairs and got some close-ups of my
cum-covered body. After he had let the customers out
the black man came back in and dropped his pants and
pulled me to my knees in front of him and f***ed my
sore lips down over his large, black cock.

He fucked my face violently for a few minutes as Rory
got a lot of close-ups, then he stood me up and bent me
over the bed and fucked my sore, sloppy pussy from
behind. His was by far the largest of the cocks that
had ****d me this afternoon and I was already very
sore. I cried out as he used his cock on me like a
weapon and when he finally came he pushed me back down
on my knees and f***ed me to clean his filthy black
cock with my mouth.

He finally let me go and after he put his pants back on
he picked me up by my arm and dragged me to a bathroom
and shoved me into a shower stall. I don't know why he
was so violent. It was like he was punishing me for
being a victim!

He reached in and turned on the water and a blast of
cold water sprayed over me. I screamed and tried to
scramble out but he just smiled and held me under the
water as cum from a dozen men was washed from my body.

The water finally began to get warm and I stopped
fighting. I stood under the spray with my legs spread
and let the many loads of cum drain out of me and wash
down the drain.

The black man watched in amusement the entire time and
said, "I could make a lot of money off of your skinny
ass. I'm going to have to talk to your boyfriend about
bringing you back in here more often.

I groaned in despair at the possibility of having to go
through this again. He saw the despair in my face and
said, "I love how much you hate it. It turns me the
fuck on. I may have to set up some special shows for
you. The boys seem to like you a lot."

I finally was clean and he shut the water off and
pulled me out, soaking wet and led me down the hall.
Tom and his friends were waiting out in the front room,
along with a growing crowd of customers. Tom handed me
the shirt I had been wearing when I arrived and I put
it on gratefully. It was instantly soaked through,
though, and my breasts and my pubic hair were as much
on display as if I were naked.

The guys were tired of hanging around though. The black
man handed Tom a wad of bills and said, "Pretty good
haul for a first timer, bring her back any time. We
could make some real money off of her ass."

I was pulled outside and we stood around the car for a
few minutes. We didn't leave though. They decided to go
and get a beer in one of the places nearby. We walked
to a bar and as we walked in we had to pass a by a
large man at the door screening customers. He looked at
me in my wet shirt and just smiled and nodded.

We went in and sat down and I had not realized at first
that we were in a strip club. The first clue should
have been the pictures around the entrance. The second
might have been the waitress who was wearing only a
pair of black panties. I didn't fully understand until
the loud music started and a woman came out on stage
and began to dance in not much more than a bikini. The
bikini didn't last long though. In a couple of minutes
she was dancing in the nude and I was sickened at the
lustful looks on the faces of the customers and the way
they started walking up to the stage and inserted
folded bills into the girls garter, often with long
lingering touches and fingers obviously moving over her

She had a phony smile on her face and I had the
impression that she was only barely aware of what she
was doing. I don't mean to imply that she was d**gged
or something, though she might have been. It was more
like while she was dancing she was thinking about her
car payments or the weather or something.

She did not seem to enjoy her work. The guys didn't
seem to care though. They only cared that she was

The guys I was with sipped their beers. I gulped mine,
trying desperately to get the taste of strange men's
cum out of my mouth and throat. Many of the cocks that
had been f***ed into my mouth had been crammed down my
throat and my throat hurt so much that I could hardly
talk. That wasn't a problem though. I didn't have
anything to say to these guys, and if I had it would
have just amused them. So why bother.

When I had gulped my beer down Tom got up and went to
get me another. I sipped it a little more slowly and
the guys kept their eyes on me, but talked among
themselves a little. There wasn't much conversation
though. The music was too loud to talk over

I finished my beer and sat and waited for them to
decide how they wanted to humiliate me next. They
finished their beers and Tom ordered another round for
us, paying for them with the money he had made pimping
me out at The Camera Club.

The stripper finally finished her act and the music
returned to a background level and conversation resumed
around the table. Tom asked me how I had enjoyed posing
and I just gave him a dirty look.

He laughed and then he said, "Your second beer, it had
more of the d**g in it. Not as much as last night. You
won't be oblivious this time. It's just going to loosen
your ass up a little. The stuff has a cumulative effect
though. So I have to be careful. I wouldn't want you to
turn into a full time slut. I want you to hate what we
are doing to you. If you start liking it then it won't
be nearly as much fun. We have another new experience
planned for you though and I want you to look good on
film, just in case we decide to start sending movies to
your husband."

I could feel the d**g working already. I felt it
tingling all through my body. My nipples were becoming
super sensitive and my pussy was tingling and I was
starting to feel very horny.

I asked him, "What is it? What kind of d**g are you
giving me?"

He smiled and said, "Nothing you can get from your
d**ggist. It is a combination of some d**gs and some
herbs and some male hormones that all act together to
make an uptight cunt like you get real horny. If I give
you a double dose you get like you did last night. You
become a cock crazy slut that will fuck anyone and love
it, but the next day you won't remember a thing. A
single dose though, you just get so horny you can't say
no to anyone, even if you wanted to, and you won't."

"If you took it, a lot of it, over a long period of
time it would start to have a permanent effect. I
wouldn't do that to you though. I want you to keep
hating it. Now drink up. It's time to go. You are
feeling it, I can tell."

He was right. In my entire life I had never wanted a
cock in me as much as I did right that moment. Well,
except for last night, judging by the movie they had
made me watch. I didn't remember that though. Yet I was
fully aware and still dreading the humiliation, which
had not abated as the horniness increased.

I gulped my beer down and we left the bar. We didn't go
to the car. I was led to a nearby building with only
one sign outside. A large, neon sign that just said
'open' in big red letters was blinking over the door.
We went inside and on the inner door was another sign
that warned that you must be twenty-one to enter and
that you shouldn't enter if you were offended by

We passed through the inner door and I came to a sudden
stop. I had never seen anything like it. I had never
imagined anything like it. I knew now what this place
was. I had heard about them. It was what was known as
an adult book store. Everywhere that I looked I saw
images of naked women in the most obscene poses. Along
the walls I saw rack after rack of sexual devices of
all descriptions. I saw all kinds of things that I had
no idea what they were used for, beyond the fact that
they were obviously sexual in nature.

There were movies and books and magazines everywhere. I
was so shocked by what I saw that at first I didn't
even notice the men. There were probably a dozen men of
every possible color and age and description. Each was
moving around checking out the merchandise. At least
that was what they had been doing until I came in. Now
they were all staring at me and my nearly see-through
shirt which was nearly unbuttoned all the way to the

The men all stared at me as I was led inside and we
began to move up and down the aisles stopping to look
at obscene pictures. The guys took great pleasure in
pointing out women being fucked by large groups of men,
or being tied up and whipped. They showed me several
magazines about women with women and asked if I had
ever eaten a cunt. I hadn't, of course, and I quickly
told them so.

Tom showed me one movie about a woman being gangbanged
by twenty-five black men and said, "I bet you could
beat that record easy."

I shuddered in revulsion, but my nipples were still
hard and my pussy still tingling and if I had the
opportunity right at that moment I believe I would have
taken advantage of it. I had become so horny from that
d**g that I had to f***e myself to keep my hands away
from my pussy. I felt like if I could just rub it just
a little I would feel so much better.

We moved over to the racks of clothing. They were the
kind of things that husbands bought to get their wives
to look sexy for Valentines Day or something. The
typical male fantasy wear. Most of it was see-through
and some of it was even edible. They looked through the
racks and picked out several articles of clothing.

Tom called over to the clerk who was watching from the
counter, every bit as eagerly as his customers who had
begun to follow us around. He asked if it would be okay
if I tried on a few of the items and the clerk said,
"Sure, anything but the panties. If you try those on
you have to buy them."

Tom grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head.
Then he handed me a tiny loose fitting, very thin crop
top that had writing across the front. At first I was
grateful for any covering, until I saw what it said. In
big black letters it said, "Well Fuck Me!!"

I heard the laughter of the men around me and it was
obvious that they approved. Tom left me standing there
in the little crop top and looked through the racks and
came up with what was not much more than a loin cloth.
There was an elastic waistband and a piece of nearly
transparent cloth in front and back. There was a gap
down each hip of at least three inches between the
pieces of cloth. The pieces of cloth just barely
covered my pussy and my ass as long as I didn't move.

The comments were pouring in from the men gathering
around and a lot of them were asking how much. For my
part, the d**g had really taken hold of me now and I
really wanted this to happen. I needed a cock in me. If
it didn't happen soon I was going to start begging, and
I still had enough self awareness that I desperately
didn't want to do that.

Tom started to pull me over to the counter but as we
passed by all of the sex toys displayed on the wall he
stopped and reached up and pulled down a pair of wide
leather wrist restraints joined by a twelve inch chain
and a spiked, black leather collar. We went to the cash
register now and as Tom paid for the clothes and the
other items from my previous earnings, the guys put the
collar and the restraints on me, with the chain running
behind my back. I was then led through a door in the
back wall and into a room about the size of the small
living room in my apartment. The center of the small
room was empty but the walls were lined with ratty old
couches and nasty overstuffed chairs.

One major difference between this room and my living
room was that there was a big movie screen in the front
of the room showing a movie. I don't know what the
movie was. All I could see was a large black cock
thrusting violently into an equally large white pussy.
The screen was filled by the couple's genitals! The
sounds of sex filled my ears and between the sights and
sounds of obscene sex filling my senses and the d**gs I
had been given I was desperate now for someone to fuck

I needn't have worried. That was what I was here for.
Tom started it. He pushed my little crop top up over my
head and let it fall down my back and hang over my
wrist restraints. He removed my tiny skirt and wrapped
it up with the shirt I had been wearing earlier and set
them aside. Then he pushed me down to my knees and as I
knelt I felt something wet on my knees. It was not
until later that I realized I was kneeling in cold,
stale cum.

Tom f***ed his cock into my mouth and down into my
throat in one violent thrust. The men that had been in
the room when we came in, and the others that had
followed us in were gathered around, ignoring the movie
now, and they were all impressed as I let Tom fuck my
face for a few minutes before he pulled me up and bent
me over and fucked my pussy from behind.

As soon as I felt his cock enter me I screamed and
came, loudly urging him on. He laughed and called me a
nasty cunt and as he fucked me violently Rory took his
place in front of me and began to fuck my face with his
much larger cock.

Tom and his four friends all fucked me before they
turned me over to the rest of the men in the room. Rory
had returned to filming, but none of them seemed to
care as they lined up to use one of my orifices.

I have no idea how long it lasted, but even though my
throat and my pussy got sore, I never wanted them to
stop. A few of them fucked my ass too, but even that
was making me cum. In the beginning, after I had fucked
and sucked Tom and his friends, there were probably
close to two dozen men in the room. I had already
fucked a dozen or so men at the photo club. That didn't
matter though. Because of the d**gs I couldn't get
enough cock now.

We were there for hours and men kept coming in from
outside and joining us. I could not begin to guess how
many men used my body that afternoon. I swallowed half
of their nasty cum, all of it that they sprayed in my
mouth and throat. The cum that they shot into my pussy
and my ass was running down my thighs in streams. Just
as they were about to cum a lot of the men pulled out
to spray my body with cum and by the time I had reached
a point that they would no longer touch me I was nearly
covered in it. My hair was completely caked with it.

I don't know if the d**g was finally wearing off or if
I had finally gotten enough cock, but by the time they
ordered me out of that room I was ready for it to be
over. The pain had begun to take over now and I could
hardly walk. I was led out of the room naked, but I was
so covered in cum that no one would touch me.

Tom led me to the men's room and the men inside looked
up and laughed as I came in. I thought I had hit rock
bottom. I was wrong. Tom ordered me to lie down in the
large aluminum trough that was the urinal. It was about
eight feet long and there was a stream of water running
through the center of it. It smelled of piss and it was
really gross.

I looked up at Tom and shook my head and started to
back up, even though there was no place that I could
go. My hands were still fastened behind my back. I
couldn't even open the men's room door.

Tom said, "I warned you. Don't piss me off cunt. I am
not going to tell you again. If I have to dirty my
hands by picking you up and throwing you in there,
trust me, you'll regret it."

I was crying again now. I was crying so hard that I
could hardly see. I could see that Rory was filming
again though.

I slowly approached the trough and I raised one leg and
put it inside and into the cold water. Then I tried to
figure out what to do next. I finally leaned down,
resting the rounded edge of the filthy, piss covered
trough between my breasts and rolled clumsily into it.
Once I was lying there, men started coming over and
pissing on me, washing the cum from my hair and face
and then the rest of my body.

In addition to being pissed on I was laughed at and
called horrible names and some of them even spit on me.
All I could do was lie there and sob hysterically.

They left me there for a long time. Men came in and
pissed on me and then stood around to watch while more
men came in and took their turns. Eventually the cum
was washed away, but now I was covered in piss. I
couldn't believe he would want to take me anywhere now,
not like this!

When he had gotten bored with this, Tom offered a free
blowjob to anyone brave enough to help me up. There
were no takers though and so Tom ordered me to get out
on my own. I struggled, with a great deal of
difficulty, to get to my knees and then I finally
stepped out of the trough. I nearly slipped and fell on
the slick floor, but I managed to keep my feet and Tom
ordered me to stay where I was.

Tom went out and came back a few minutes later and
ordered me to follow him. I was led out through a back
door and he turned on a faucet and hosed me down with
cold water. He even used it to spray cold water up
inside of me and then they all laughed at the huge
volume of cum that was inside of me as they watched it
wash out of me and collect on the ground.

When he was finished my hair was still stiff with cum,
but I was as clean as I was going to get without hot
water and soap. He stopped on the way back through the
bookstore and bought me another crop top. But he didn't
put it on me. He put his dress shirt back over my
shoulders and buttoned it just enough to keep it on.
Then we went to the car.

The guys in the back seat were not as anxious to have
me sit in their laps now, and no one tormented my
abused body as we drove back to Tom's apartment.

When we got there I was led through the parking lot
again and my appearance drew a lot more attention from
the other tenants. I was taken straight to the bathroom
and Tom pushed me into the shower and turned on the
water. It came out cold at first and I screamed, but I
no longer struggled. I was broken now.

He turned me around and unfastened my wrist cuffs and
dropped those and my slutty crop top to the floor of
the shower and ordered me to clean up and to clean off
the top and the cuffs as well. Then he left me alone.

I leaned my head against the wall of the shower and
cried hysterically for a long time before I finally
pulled myself together and began to soap up and wash my
hair and my body. I noticed that despite all of the
sperm that had drained out of me while I was being
hosed off earlier, more of it had begun draining out of
my abused pussy.

I shuddered in revulsion as I thought about all of the
cocks that had emptied their loads inside of me today.
I didn't even have any idea how many there had been. I
knew that there were at least fifty men in the two
places that they had taken me. Yesterday at this time I
had been intimate with two men. Now the number was over
fifty, and unknowable. My body hurt all over and I knew
it wasn't over yet.

The water was cold when I finally shut the shower off
and stepped out onto the mat and dried off. I brushed
my teeth with my finger and some of Tom's toothpaste
again, but even after I had done it three times I could
still taste the cum, I could still feel it coating my
mouth where I couldn't reach with my finger.

Finally I wrung out the crop top that was on the floor
of the shower and hung the cuffs over the shower
curtain and went out. I shuffled slowly out to the
living room and I was relieved to see that only Tom and
Rory remained. I hoped that I had seen the last of the
others, but these two were undoubtedly the worst of the

Tom looked up when I came in and said, "Damn bitch! I
was beginning to think you had drowned."

I didn't respond. No response was necessary. I stood
just inside the room and waited for him to tell me what
to do.

He looked me over and said, "Come over here and sit
down. We're going to watch a movie."

I sat between him and Rory on the couch and they
started the DVD in the player. I wasn't even surprised
when the screen came to life and I saw myself being
photographed by a large group of men. They did a lot of
fast forwarding to get to the good parts and Tom
promised me that he would see that I got a good, edited
copy later.

I watched as I posed in fewer and fewer clothes, though
they fast forwarded through most of that. We watched
most of the last part, where I took on almost all of
the men two at a time on the bed and then had sex with
the black man that ran the place.

It was awful, but it wasn't as bad as the next part. I
saw the difference in me as we moved to the adult book
store. I could tell that I had been d**gged. I hadn't
blanked out like I had last night, but it was all a big
blur until we watched the DVD and it all came flooding
back. I was once more an eager participant in my own
****. Right up until the very end. I watched as the men
took me two at a time again. Mostly they were ugly old
men of every description, every race, and every type.
They were not making love of course, just fucking.
Actually, it was more like they used me to masturbate
with. The main goal did not seem to be to have an
orgasm so much as it was to degrade me.

I tried to cover my eyes when they took my cum-covered
body into the men's room. It was just too disgusting to
watch. They made me watch though. They f***ed me to
watch as I crawled into that long urinal and the men
began stepping up and they gleefully washed the coating
of cum from my body with urine. I watched as my hair
and face were frequently singled out by one ugly old
man after another and sometimes several at once and
they laughed and joked among themselves as they sprayed
their streams of urine in my face.

Others seemed to concentrate on my breasts or my vagina
and often there were as many as a half a dozen men
pissing on me at the same time. It all came back to me
now as I was f***ed to watch.

Then, of course, there was the final indignity as I
crawled from the urinal and went outside to be hosed
down, and out. As the DVD came to an end, Tom and Rory
both stood up and pulled their pants down and I was
ordered to suck them both off one last time.

I dropped to my knees and moved between Tom's legs and
he smiled at me and said, "You have really drained me
today cunt. I think I can get off one more time though,
if you really work at it. So get to work."

My jaw was already so tired and sore, but I knew that
if I protested he would make me regret it. So I f***ed
my mouth open and slid my lips down over is cock, all
the way to the base.

He sighed and said, "Damn that feels so fucking good. I
love cunts that can deepthroat. That's good baby, suck
that thing. Get your protein darlin'."

I worked his cock with my lips and my tongue and teased
his balls with my fingers and after a very long time I
finally felt him tense up and I buried my face in his
crotch and let him shoot his cum down my throat.

When he pushed me away I moved over to Rory and I
almost cried. His big cock was only semi hard and I was
so exhausted. I crawled between his legs and began
kissing and licking his balls and then his cock and it
began to twitch and grow. When it was nearly hard I
began moving my lips down its slimy length, struggling
to take him into my throat. Except for the black man at
The Camera Club his cock was larger than any of the
others that I had been ****d with. It was very hard to
take it into my throat. I no longer gagged, but it was
so painful.

I finally managed to get his cock hard and take it into
my throat and I started working on it just like I had
for Tom when I sucked him off. As I sucked him he
reached down and grabbed one of my nipples and then he
sat back and pulled and squeezed my nipple, very, very
hard. I groaned in pain and he turned to Tom and said,
"I love the way her fucking throat vibrates my cock
when she is moaning in pain. That really gets me off."
It may have really gotten him off, but not in a hurry.
It took a long, long time.

When I had brought them both to one last orgasm for the
day I was finally allowed to put on the outfit that Tom
had bought for me and go home. I was ordered to return
tomorrow at ten in the morning.

I put on the loin cloth skirt and the second top that
Tom had bought on the way out of the book store. I
looked down and saw that it too had writing on it. In
big black letters it said, "I Put Out!"

I slipped my sandals on and grabbed my purse. Tom
ordered me to wear what I was wearing now when I came
back tomorrow. I rushed out before anything else could
happen to me and I thought about heading over to the
pool to look for my shorts and my top, but I could see
people hanging around the pool and I couldn't face
anyone in the clothes that I had on now.

I hurried to my car and drove straight home. I parked
in my usual place and looked around. It was Saturday.
It was late in the afternoon and there were people all
over the place. They were sitting around talking or
washing their cars or just coming and going, just like
always. I waited until there were as few people as
possible between me and the steps up to the second
story where my apartment was located. Then I got out
and rushed to the stairs with my eyes down. I was
terrified of meeting the gaze of someone that I knew in
this slutty outfit.

So of course, just my luck, as I was about to reach my
door the two bachelors in the apartment next to mine
came out of their apartment and started towards me.
They spotted my tiny, slit skirt and came to a sudden
halt. I ignored them and fumbled with my key in the
lock, giving them time to read the printing on my crop
top, which was cut so short that the bottom curve of my
breasts was exposed.

We knew each other to say hello to, but we weren't
friends or anything. One of them said, "Hi Kim. I love
your outfit!"

I mumbled a thank you and hurried inside and locked my
door and then I stood with my back against the door and
slid to the floor and cried my eyes out.

I woke up an hour later, curled up in the fetal
position on the floor in front of my door. As soon as I
woke up the memories of my day flooded over me. I
struggled to my feet and went to the kitchen and pulled
out the only bottle of booze we had in the house. It
was a bottle of rum that had been under a cabinet,
unopened, since we got married. I opened the bottle and
mixed it with a little coke in a large glass and gulped
it down.

My stomach warmed up and my brain calmed down a little
and I went into my bedroom and undressed and took a
long hot bath. I struggled not to think about what had
been done to me in the last twenty-four hours. Every
time I started to relax though, my mind was again
filled with those horrible images and I found myself
sinking deeper and deeper into despair. I did not think
that I could possibly f***e myself to return to Tom's
apartment tomorrow for more of this horrible,
degrading, humiliating abuse. Every time my mind
returned to what happened I started crying again.

I sat in the tub until the water was uncomfortably cool
and then I stood up and rinsed off. I put my robe on
and went out and poured another large rum and coke. I
don't particularly care for rum and coke, but it was
all that I had available, and I didn't want to go out.
I didn't want to go out ever again.

I wanted Brian to come home and save me. Yet I was
terrified that he would find out what I had done. Or
what had been done to me. I knew that if he saw those
DVDs my marriage was over. If anyone saw them, anyone
that I knew, I could never face them again. I thought
about getting out the pistol that Brian had left for me
for emergencies and killing Tom and his four friends.
If I did though, then it would all come out. I would
still lose everything.

I realized that I had to return tomorrow. I had no
choice but to put myself back in Tom's clutches and do
whatever he ordered me to do for his amusement. It was
the only possible way to protect the life that I had
built for myself. I could only pray that Tom would feel
that he had tormented me enough, because I could not
take much more of this without losing it. If it wasn't
already too late, I was a little worried about my
mental health at this very moment. I couldn't stop
crying, and I couldn't stop reliving the worst of the
acts that I had lived through today.

I finished my second large drink and when I stood up to
go to the kitchen, I was woozy and I realized that the
only thing that I had in my stomach today, was a few
beers, two large rum and cokes, and god knows how much
cum. I couldn't stand the thought of food though. So I
put my glass in the sink and went to my bedroom and
crawled under the covers and cried myself to sl**p.

It had still been light when I went to sl**p, probably
around six in the evening. I didn't wake up until
almost eight the next morning. I had an awful headache
when I woke up. I struggled to the bathroom and took a
shower and then I brushed my teeth over and over.

I put my robe on, I couldn't bring myself to wear the
items that I was going to have to wear when I left the
house, and I went to the kitchen and had some cold
cereal and juice. I rinsed my dishes out and brushed my
teeth again. I put on some lipstick and brushed my hair
and finally I f***ed myself to get dressed.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I noticed that
from the side, when I moved, the cheeks of my ass were
largely exposed as the rear flap slid to the side with
each step. I knew it was revealing when I had worn it
yesterday but I had no idea just how revealing it was.

The top was just about as bad. Putting aside the
horrible writing on the front, the material was so thin
that my nipples were plainly visible, and it was cut so
that the bottom curve of my breast was visible from
just a fraction of an inch below my nipple. To make
matters worse, as I moved around the top would creep
up. I had to keep adjusting it, pulling it down over my
nipples. All of that capped off by the big lettering
over my breasts. "I Put Out!"

I watched the clock and at the last possible minute I
headed for the door. I thought about yesterday and I
ran back and put my toothbrush and toothpaste in my
purse and took them with me.

I opened my door and stepped out and as I locked my
front door I tried not to think about all the people
that were stopping what they were doing to watch me. I
hurried to my car, conscious of how much of my butt was
exposed by every step that I took. I f***ed myself not
to cry as I drove to Tom's apartment. I parked as close
to his door as I could and then I stared at the clock.
I had nearly five minutes before I had to knock on his
door. I sat there in my car until the last possible

I got out and knocked on his door at exactly ten
o'clock. Steve let me in. Tom was in the kitchen
getting a cup of coffee and Rory and Steve were in the
living room watching the DVDs again.

I didn't look at the TV, but I heard the sounds of me
being ****d, and apparently loving it. I saw that all
of them had hardons and I had a good idea how I would
be spending my morning. I was grateful that Harry and
John weren't there, at least not yet.

Tom came back into the living room and ordered me to
strip. That didn't take long. When I was naked he said,
"You have some morning wood to take care of cunt." Then
he set his coffee cup down and pulled his shorts down
and beckoned me closer with his finger.

I had already surrendered. There was no fight in me or
I wouldn't have been here. My body had recovered to a
surprising degree from the abuse I had suffered
yesterday. My throat was still a little sore, but
nothing I couldn't deal with. I knelt between his legs
and began sucking his cock. I had a hard time taking it
into my throat at first, but after a moment or two I
managed to f***e it down again and once I had broken
that barrier again it became easier. It was certainly
not pleasant, but I could do it.

Once I had gotten started he ignored me and watched my
**** on the TV. They were watching the first DVD again.
It was the first night, when I had been d**gged and
****d, the night that I didn't remember. The sounds of
my passionate moans and my pleas to be fucked harder
and for more cock really turned them on, and they added
so much to my humiliation. I already knew how much they
loved to humiliate me.

The noises in the background were disturbing and
disgusting, but it got the guys off quickly. I was
grateful for that. I didn't so much appreciate what
happened next. I was told to put my slutty crop top
back on and then Tom handed me the bottoms to the
bikini that I had left in his apartment when I went
home last night. They had been altered though. He had
removed the liner.

I slipped into it and looked down. It had been a fairly
respectable garment with the liner in it. Now it was
just as slutty as the crop top. To make it worse he
snugged it up very tight and it started working itself
into my slit. It was opaque when it was dry. I could
make out the individual strands of pubic hair as the
thin material was pulled tight. I knew what was going
to happen when I went in the water though. This tiny
little bikini bottom was going to become invisible, and
there was no question in my mind that that was exactly
what he had in mind.

Tom grabbed a cloth bag with some suntan lotion and a
few beers and we walked out to the pool. The apartment
complex had several pools. One was primarily for small
c***dren, one was for anyone that chose to use it, and
the third was for adults. Not that they permitted
nudity or anything. They just asked that c***dren not
use that one. I don't guess that needs explaining.

We walked over to the adult pool and I was told to sit
in a lounge chair slightly separated from them. I was
also told that I had to go into the water every half
hour, and that when I came out I had to find someone to
apply suntan lotion, front and back. I was also told
that I was not to refuse anyone anything. If I was
invited to leave the pool area I was to go, but not for
longer than fifteen minutes at a time.

I looked around. I was already attracting attention.
There were a few young couples, but most of the people
sitting around were small clusters of single men, and
the occasional woman, or women in pairs for self

Tom handed me a bottle of lotion and a beer and told me
to drink it, and then to go swimming for a few minutes.
Then he and Rory and Steve went to some nearby lounge
chairs. They were close enough to listen in on any
conversations I might have.

I set the lotion down and got as comfortable as
possible. I sipped my beer and tried not to think about
what I was about to have to do. I knew what would
happen to the crop top and the bikini bottom as soon as
I got in the pool. I could see it now. When I got out
of that pool I might as well be naked. There was going
to be nothing subtle about it.

I took as much time with the beer as I thought that I
could get away with. Then I stood up and went to the
pool steps and slowly walked into the cool water. I
heard the comments some of the guys made as I went by.
You know what I mean, the kind of sexist, demeaning
things that immature guys say in that purposefully too
loud voice when a sexy woman goes by.

I just ignored them and walked into the pool until the
water was up to my neck. I leaned up against the side
of the pool and enjoyed the cool water on my skin for a
few minutes. I was dreading what came next though.

I glanced over at Tom from time to time and saw him
watching me and grinning. He got tired of waiting
before I did and he nodded at me. I slowly walked back
to the shallow end and climbed the three cement steps
and stepped out onto the deck. I glanced down quickly
and saw that it was just as bad as I had feared that it
would be. I might just as well have been naked.

I walked quickly back to my seat and tried to ignore
the disbelieving stares as I passed by the people
seated beside the pool. This time there were no
remarks. All conversation stopped. I could only be
grateful for the dark sunglasses I had on. They were
all that I had to hide behind.

After I passed I heard the loud buzz of excited
conversation among the guys. I ignored them and walked
back to my chair as if I were not naked and sat down.
It was only seconds before one of the braver young men
came over and tried to start a conversation with me,
and I had to let him.

He introduced himself and told me how much he loved my
outfit. I thanked him, and then I remembered what else
I had to do. I asked him if he would mind putting some
suntan lotion on me and he didn't seem to mind at all,
if you can believe that.

I handed him the bottle of lotion and lowered the back
of my lounge chair and closed my eyes and tried to make
believe that a complete stranger did not have free
access to my nearly naked body.

As he was opening the lotion bottle he said, "That's a
fantastic shirt you have on. Is it true?"

I looked down to the large black letters. "I Put Out?"
I also noticed my stiff and very visible nipples. I
knew that Tom was listening and I said, "Yes, it's

This guy was working fast. He hadn't even put any
lotion on me yet. He looked down and said, "I'm pretty
horny. How would you like to come to my apartment and
put out?"

I smiled nervously and said, "Okay, but I need to be
back in fifteen minutes." I took the lotion from him
and put it down and I sat up. He helped me stand up and
waived at his friends that were staring in disbelief.
As he led me off I thought, "Oh well, at least he isn't
fat, old and ugly like most of the men that ****d me
yesterday." In fact, he was kind of cute. He seemed
awfully young. I doubt if he was any older than
eighteen. I figured that would work to my benefit. This
would probably go pretty quickly.

As soon as we left the pool area he put his arm around
my shoulder, but it quickly slipped down to my waist
and then down farther until his hand was resting on the
cheek of my ass. When I didn't say anything he began to
squeeze it lightly and he told me all the way to his
apartment how hot he thought that I was.

We never got more than ten feet into his apartment. As
soon as we got to the apartment he was sharing with two
other k**s from the nearby college he lifted my top and
attacked my breasts clumsily. He was rough and
obviously didn't know what he was doing.

After mauling my breasts for several minutes he pushed
my bikini bottoms down and turned me around and bent me
over an easy chair and then I felt him struggling to
find the entrance to my vagina. He was poking me
blindly with his hard cock and it was getting pretty
painful. Finally I reached down and took him in hand
and guided his hard cock to my vagina before it ended
up in my butt.

As soon as he felt my pussy close round his hard cock
he swore loudly and began pistoning in and out of me
like a stray dog. I don't think he lasted a whole
minute, thankfully. He just basically used me to
masturbate. I was even more convinced now that he had
been a virgin. He had managed, finally, to put his cock
inside a woman, but I don't think you could call what
he did sex. I think that after he came in me and pulled
out quickly he was still, technically a virgin. That
just was not sex.

I used a couple of tissues from a nearby box to wipe
myself off and as I pulled my bottoms back up he asked,
"It doesn't seem like you are really into this. Why are
you doing it?"

Like I could have gotten into what he had just done to
me! I wasn't sure what to say to him. I couldn't tell
him that I was being blackmailed. Finally I just said
that I had lost a bet and I tried to evade the rest of
his questions.

Before we left his apartment he asked, "So you have to
have sex with anyone that asks you?"

I hesitated. I didn't want this getting any more out of
hand than it already was. I ended up nodding and he
grinned and said, "Hot damn! That's fucking far out!"

Far out?! Nobody says that anymore! As we walked back
to the pool I asked, "Do you still want to put lotion
on me?"

He said, "Shit yeah!"

College k**s and their rapidly expanding vocabulary!

He followed me to my chair and I stretched out on my
stomach and let him cover my back with lotion. When he
was done he said, "Okay, now turn over."

I glanced at Tom and he was grinning. This was, after
all, what he had in mind, humiliating me.

I turned over, carefully, making sure that my top
covered my nipples. The guy started spreading lotion on
my stomach, but quickly worked his way up under my top
and rubbed it into my tits, after first making sure
that his friends, who were sitting nearby, were

When he had my tits all greased up he moved down and
eased his fingers under my bottoms and wasted all of
that oil on areas that were not exposed to the sun. He
enjoyed it though and his friends thought it was hot.

He was sitting on the edge of my lounge chair as he
applied the lotion and when he was finished he said,
"Thanks for the fuck," and went back to his friends. I
heard them talking excitedly and I knew that it
wouldn't be long before I ended up fucking all of them.

I was right. Before I even had time to get up and go to
the pool and rinse off, another of that small group of
college k**s came over and looked down at me. He read
the writing on my top and asked, "Is it true? Ted says
you'll fuck anyone that asks."

I glanced up at him, then over at Ted, he had never
told me his name, not that it mattered. Ted and six
other guys were watching excitedly as I turned back to
my latest suitor and responded, "Yes, it's true."

He grinned and said, "I'm asking."

I sat up and slipped my sandals back on and stood up
and we walked away as everyone around the pool stared.
I guess it was obvious what I was doing, or what they
were doing to me.

We went to a different apartment this time, but still I
got no farther than the living room. We stepped inside
and he said, "Get undressed," and he slipped his trunks

He sat down on the couch and spread his legs and I knew
what he wanted without being told. I knelt between his
legs and sucked him off. He didn't last much longer
than Ted had, which was good for me, but he had the
most bitter cum that I had ever tasted. I had been
****d enough lately that I had gotten used to the
unpleasant taste of cum. I didn't gag anymore. Not
until I tasted this guy's cum. It was horrible.

I finally managed to swallow it and I stood up and
started getting dressed again when the door opened and
a half a dozen young guys swarmed in. They had
apparently discussed the situation out by the pool and
decided that there was no need to do this one k** at a

I wasn't going to be back at the pool in fifteen
minutes, but there was no way that these guys were
taking no for an answer now. No one asked this time.
They just got out of their trunks as quickly as
possible and I found myself on my knees in the middle
of the room with one cock in my pussy and another in my
mouth for the next few minutes.

It was just drudgery. None of them lasted long enough
to get me excited, even if I could have under the
circumstances. They laughed and joked, all at my
expense, as I serviced them. There was no foreplay,
hardly any touching. They pretty much ignored my
breasts and just filled which ever hole was vacant
after one of the young men in front of them had cum. It
actually wasn't much more than fifteen minutes before I
was on my way back to the pool. I had provided relief
to all eight of them now and it had been disgusting and
degrading, but after yesterday it wasn't so bad. I knew
that it wasn't over though.

When I got back to my chair Tom pointed at his watch
and gave me a dirty look. I shrugged and held up seven
fingers. Then I started to sit down. He shook his head
and I knew that he wanted me wet again.

There were a lot more people here now. Most of the
lounge chairs were in use. I attracted a lot of
attention again as I walked to the pool in my slutty
outfit and hurried into the water.

Once in the water I rested my arms on the sides of the
pool and enjoyed the cooling water. I tried not to
think about what was going to happen when I got out.
While I was relaxing a couple of black guys came up and
took up positions on either side of me. They looked
like they, too, were college k**s. One of them smiled
and said, "I couldn't help but noticed your shirt as
you walked by. It takes a lot of balls to wear that
thing around here. Where did you get it?"

I said, "A friend bought it for me and asked me to wear

The k** smiled and said, "Do you just put out for your
friend, or can anyone play?"

"Oh god!" I thought. "It's never easy."

I finally said, "I can get away for fifteen minutes if
you have somewhere close by to go."

He looked at his friend with a huge grin and said,
"We're sharing that apartment right over there on the
corner. Is that close enough?"

I nodded and he said, "Let's go."

I followed him back out of the pool and across the deck
and I felt everyone there watching me as I left the
pool with two black guys and let them take me to their
apartment. Once we had left the pool area they had
their hands all over me. The one that had done all of
the talking said, "Shit mama! You're just about fucking
naked! Did you know your fucking clothes were invisible
when they get wet?"

I nodded.

He said, "Shit, you must be a real slut, ain't you?"

I sighed in resignation and said, "I am now."

He said, "I got just what you need baby. Me and Nathan
are going to give you all the cock you need baby. And
if that ain't enough, I got lots of friends."

I said, "I have to be back at the pool in fifteen

He said, "Yeah, well, we'll see."

I stopped and said, "No. I mean it. I have to."

He looked at me funny and said, "What's the big deal?"

I gave him a version of the story I had told the first
k**. "I am doing this because I lost a bet. I have to
follow some rules. I have to go with you to your room
if you ask me, but I have to be back at the pool in
fifteen minutes. Otherwise I'm in trouble. If I am
going to get in trouble anyway, I might as well get in
trouble for not fucking you as for fucking you."

He said, "Well fuck, let's hurry up then."

We went into his apartment and just before he started
to close the door I looked up and noticed that I could
see the pool quite well from here and I could easily
see that more than a few people were watching in
amazement as I followed him inside.

He ordered me into the middle of the living room. I
guess nobody around here fucks in a bed! I noticed that
he didn't close the door all the way. I didn't say
anything though. What would be the point at this stage
of the game?

I followed his instructions and took my two slutty
little garments off and dropped to my hands and knees
and they quickly dropped their trunks and one of them
took my mouth and the other my pussy. This seemed to be
just about the only way that I had sex anymore.

I noticed that the stereotype wasn't always true. Both
of their cocks were of average dimensions. The one in
my mouth came pretty quickly. The other one though, the
one that had done all of the talking, he took his time
and used his hands and as much as I struggled not to, I
found myself getting aroused. Just before he came he
started slapping my ass and calling me dirty names and
I don't know what came over me but when he finally
grabbed my hips and plunged into me rapidly those last
few times it drove me right over the edge and I came

I groaned and rested my head on my arms as he stayed
buried inside of me as his cock went soft. He finally
pulled out of me and I rose to my knees and looked
around for my clothes. I suddenly realized that there
were a half a dozen teenagers, boys and girls, standing
at the open door staring in disbelief. I hurriedly got
to my feet and ran from the room as the two guys that
had just used me laughed.

I used the toilet and then wiped myself clean and put
my slut suit back on. They were waiting for me by the
door and as we walked back to the pool together I asked
them if one of them would mind putting more oil on me.
They were, of course, more than willing.

I glanced at Tom as I resumed my seat. I didn't have
the nerve to look around at anyone else. As soon as I
had reclined the guy that had done all of the talking
picked up the oil and started greasing my back. His
hands, like those of everyone else that has been asked
to oil me up, spent as much time under my clothes as on
my exposed skin. It got worse when I turned over. He
poured a bunch of oil on my stomach and as he worked it
into my skin he kept pushing my already very revealing
top up and off of my breasts. I tried several times to
pull it back down and I asked him to stop, but he just
kept moving his large black hands over my breasts and
ignored my protests.

After he was through tormenting me he tossed the oil to
his friend who started at my ankles and worked his way
up my legs until his long, black fingers were under my
bikini bottom. I glanced around and I could see that
there were probably a dozen people sitting around
staring intently as these two young men felt me up and
exposed my breasts for their viewing pleasure.

He finally handed me the oil and thanked me for a good
time and he and his friend went back to their chairs.
He was the only one of the thirteen people that I had
had sex with this morning that had at least been

As soon as I had that thought I thought, "Oh my god!
Thirteen more men! How many more would I have to submit
to today?"

I knew that it was time to get back in the pool and get
wet so that I would have to parade across the pool deck
with my breasts and my pussy and my ass exposed in my
slutty outfit once more. I just needed to rest a few
minutes first. It was only a quarter to one in the
afternoon and I was exhausted.

I was also thirsty. I hadn't had a drink since the beer
they gave me when I first came out here. I was hot and
thirsty and I had the taste of cum in mouth. I was just
about to ask Tom if I could get a drink when he wagged
his finger at me and called me over.

As I approached he reached into his bag and handed me
his keys and said, "Go in and get us each a beer. Then
you can start again once you drink yours. See, I'm
always thinking of your well being."

I didn't say what I was thinking about that.

I walked to Tom's apartment and got four beers. I
paused for a minute and leaned against the refrigerator
and took a few deep breaths. I had to fight back the
tears so that I could go back out there. I didn't dare
dawdle too long though. It wouldn't do to give Tom
another reason to torment me.

I took the three guys their beers and then I returned
to my seat and sipped mine. I wanted to gulp it, but I
knew that when I finished it I would have to get back
in the pool. I took big sips and I used each sip to
cleanse the taste of cum from my mouth. I was half way
through my beer before I could no longer taste the cum.

I was nearly done with my beer when a man came over
and, without even asking, he sat on the side of my
lounge chair. He was older than most of the guys around
here. I would guess that he was in his mid forties at

He smiled at me and said, "I've been watching you.
You're fascinating. You are young and beautiful and
sexy and you are fucking anyone that asks you. You
don't seem to be enjoying yourself though. I'm very

I told him the same story that I had told the others
and he said, "I remain skeptical, but I find the
prospect of fucking you irresistible. Would you care to
join me in my apartment?"

I told him that I would go with him, but that I had to
be back in fifteen minutes. He said that was a shame,
he would really like to spend a little quality time
with me.

I just told him that those were the rules I had been
given and he stood up and held out his hand. I took his
hand and he helped me up and we headed for his

Unlike all the men that had gone before him this
morning, he took me to his bed room and undressed me.
He looked at my body with a look of awe. He was sweet
and gentle and he lay beside me on the bed and teased
my body and by the time he moved his body over me I was
actually getting turned on.

This was the first time I had been made love to since
Brian left and even though I was doing this against my
will, I found myself really enjoying it. Maybe it was
because he wasn't just bending me over and taking me as
though I were nothing but a life support system for a
vagina. His hands explored my body, teasing me and
turning me on. He actually kissed me, despite seeing me
leave the pool with all of those men!

He was very good at this and much to my surprise I
found myself building to an orgasm and before he came I
had a very nice orgasm. I tried not to show it. It was
pretty embarrassing. He knew though. After he came he
supported himself over me and smiled down at me and
said, "That was nice. You don't seem like the kind of
girl that would do this sort of thing, even on a bet.
Is there something that you aren't telling me? If you
are in some kind of trouble I might be able to help."

I smiled at him. It was nice of him to ask. I knew
there was nothing anyone could do though. I just had to
get through this somehow. I thanked him for his concern
and told him that I appreciated his offer and that I
was touched by his concern. I didn't say anything else
though. I didn't think that there was anything anyone
could do. My major concern now was that those DVDs they
had made of me not be seen by anyone.

He finally pulled his soft cock out of me and I went to
the bathroom and cleaned up quickly. I came back in and
put my slut suit back on and thanked him for being nice
and then we went back out to the pool. He walked me to
my seat and I was just about to sit down when I saw Tom
and his two friends stand up and he nodded his head at
me and I went over to see what he wanted. He said,
"That's enough fun for one morning. Let's go."

We went back to his apartment and for the next forty
minutes or so I helped all three of them take a shower.
I stayed in the shower and they all came in with me one
at a time and I soaped them up and rinsed them off.
Then I was allowed to clean myself up.

When I got out they were dressed and I put on my
loincloth and the first top that he had bought for me.
It was that thin little crop top that said, "Well Fuck

Just before we left the apartment Tom put the cuffs
back on my wrists. I was getting a very bad feeling
about this. What had happened yesterday had been
horrible beyond belief. I had hoped, though, that it
had been an aberration. That at least I would just be
****d and humiliated occasionally and then allowed to
go home. Obviously the games were not over.

We went out to Tom's car and this time I sat in the
front passenger seat. Tom started the car and then,
just before he backed out of his parking space he
reached over and lifted my crop top up over my breasts.

Once more I was thankful for my dark glasses to hide
behind. As silly as that sounds, it actually helped
that everyone who saw me riding virtually topless could
not see my eyes. And a lot of people saw me riding
topless. Tom drove slowly through town to a small
restaurant by the river and along the way dozens of
pedestrians and people in other vehicles saw me sitting
there with my breasts exposed.

Tom parked by the restaurant and went around and opened
the door for me and not until he had helped me stand
did he pull my top back down over my breasts. We went
in and through the restaurant and onto the back deck
which was right up against the river. It was a
beautiful afternoon, but a little breezy by the water
and as we walked through the crowd to an empty table my
loincloth was blowing around briskly, leaving me, for
the most part, totally exposed and everyone we passed
stopped talking and gaped at me. There was nothing that
I could do about it though. My hands were still cuffed
behind me. I'm sure that was a topic of conversation
too. I was willing to bet that I was the only person in
the place wearing leather wrist cuffs.

It was getting worse though. As we walked through to
our table I felt my top creeping up and when we sat
down I saw that the bottom half of my nipples was now
exposed. As I sat down the little flap of cloth that
nominally covered my pubic area slid up and then blew
to the side and I was totally exposed below the waist.
I begged Tom to take the cuffs off, or at least
straighten my clothes out, but he just grinned and
said, "You stupid cunt, if I wanted you covered up you
wouldn't be wearing that slutty outfit!"

I could see that everyone on the deck was staring at me
now. Only the ones closest to us could still see my
exposed pussy. What was I thinking! Was I actually
relieved that "only" a dozen people could see my pussy!

Everyone, though, could see that I was wearing wrist
restraints and that the bottom half of my nipples were
exposed. I sat as still as possible and breathed slowly
to keep my top from slipping up any farther. I was
hoping fervently that our waitress would show up and I
would be asked to cover myself.

No such luck. We didn't have a waitress, we had a young
waiter who enjoyed my display as much as the other
customers and only smiled at me and grew a tent in the
front of his pants as he took the lunch orders of Tom
and his two friends. When the others had ordered the
waiter looked at me and I looked at Tom and said, "I
can't eat like this!"

He said, "Order, when your food comes I'll take them

I hadn't been hungry. It is hard to work up an appetite
when you are being degraded. The smell of the food was
getting to me though. So I ordered a sandwich and a
diet coke.

I heard the other customers around us beginning to talk
again. I had a feeling that the subject of their
conversations had changed. I could feel everyone
staring at me and things were getting worse. I felt the
edge of my crop top slowly slipping off of one of my
nipples. Every breath that I took was making it worse.

I told Tom that my nipple was about to be exposed. He
just grinned and said, "If there are any complaints
I'll take care of it."

It was only seconds later that first one and then the
other of my nipples popped free. The three guys at the
table just grinned and ignored me and talked about how
much they could get if they sold the DVDs that they had
made of me this weekend.

I noticed that as people left the restaurant they all
went out of their way to pass our table. I also noticed
that not many people left after we arrived. They kept
ordering drinks and sat and stared at me, waiting to
see what would happen next I suppose.

Our waiter finally returned with our drinks and since
the only way that I could sip my drink would be to lean
forward and sip from the straw I waited. I didn't want
that stupid top to ride up any farther on my chest than
it already was.

It was another five minutes or so before he came back
with our food and finally Tom reached down and
unfastened one of my wrist restraints. I was not
totally freed though. He had Rory fasten the cuff to
the leg of my chair so that I could only use one hand.

I started to adjust my clothing to cover myself but Tom
said, "Don't you fucking dare! You eat your sandwich
and drink your drink and leave your clothes alone. You
look just fine."

I moved as carefully as possible, nibbling at my
sandwich and sipping my drink, fully aware that every
move I made was putting on a show for the people around
me. My top slid up slowly with every move and my
breasts were nearly totally exposed.

I wanted desperately to cover myself. More than that, I
wanted desperately to leave here. I was so totally
humiliated. Things got slightly better when a well
dressed man came over and introduced himself as the
manager. He said, "I hate to have to say this, I have
been watching through my office window and I have
really enjoyed your little show. Unfortunately, I am
about to have to seat a f****y with c***dren out here
and I am going to have to ask you to clean up your act,
at least until they leave."

Tom smiled and said, "No problem man." Then he turned
to me and said, "Okay slut, cover up your shit."

I quickly pulled my top down and covered my crotch with
that little piece of cloth and held it in place. Once I
was covered up the fun was gone and the guys finished
their drinks and after Rory unfastened my cuff from the
chair we left. I was really torn now. I had been deeply
humiliated in the restaurant, but at least I had been
relatively safe. I couldn't help wondering what Tom had
planned for me next. Most of the places he took me I
ended up getting ****d.

When we got outside my hands were cuffed behind me
again and we got back in the car. It was just after
three in the afternoon now. I groaned as I saw where we
were going. Tom pulled back into the parking lot and
parked in front of The Camera Club again. I couldn't
keep quiet any longer. I begged Tom not to do this to
me again. He just smiled and said, "Sorry babe. I had a
blast watching you yesterday, and the money is pretty
damned good."

I was pulled out of the car and we went back into the
club. The black guy that ran the place saw us come in
and smiled. He came over and led us into the back and
right to the changing room. He looked me over and said,
"You know, personally I love the way you are dressed
right now. But the customers want to be teased. They
want some good panty shots before they get to the good

He picked out some normal street clothes for me this
time. I was given clothes that I might have selected
for myself, given the opportunity.

Tom removed the cuffs and while I was dressing, the
manager and Tom walked out of the room. I knew they
were discussing me, making plans for me. I tried not to
think about it. I stood there in front of Rory and
Steve, dressing in normal underwear and a skirt and

Tom came back in, smiling evilly, and when he saw that
I was dressed he said, "Okay, you know the drill. You
go out and mingle with the customers and make nice.
Then you take them back and pose as requested, taking
off something at each bell. If you piss me off he has
an S&M room that we can move this little party into.
But you aren't going to piss me off, are you?"

I shook my head, resigned to the idea that I was once
more going to be a prostitute for their amusement.

Tom smiled and said, "Good girl," and took my arm and
pulled me out to the main room where I mingled with the
customers again.

As soon as I entered the room the men gathered around
me. Some of the braver ones reached out immediately and
touched me through my clothing. A couple of them
squeezed my ass cheeks and one of them put his arm
around my shoulders and let his hand rest on my breast.
The questions they asked were mostly the same as they
had asked yesterday. I told them my first name and my
age and eventually they wanted to know why a pretty,
young, married woman was doing this kind of work.

Tom was right there to answer that one and once more
they soon realized that I was doing this against my
will and they seemed to get a kick out of that, just
like the last group. I guess it was more fun for them
that they got to despoil a housewife as opposed to some
slutty prostitute that was doing it for money to buy

There seemed to be more men this time and I looked
around, trying to get a count. Men kept moving around
and I wasn't sure that I could see everyone in the
back, but it looked like there were about twenty men
this time. It was the same kind of crowd though. Mostly
middle-aged white men, with a sprinkling of younger and
older and this time there were two black men as well.

The manager decided that it was a big enough crowd and
led us back to the studio. It was the same room that I
had been in yesterday. I saw Rory filming over the wall
again. Tom and Steve were standing in the back watching
with amused smiles on their faces.

Since I was not dressed like a schoolgirl today we
skipped the classroom set. We went to the small raised
stage in the center and I started posing as they
requested. Almost immediately they had me lifting my
skirt and spreading my legs and turning around and
bending over and lifting my skirt in back. I had to
hold the poses longer since there were more of them and
they wanted to get some of the poses from different

All too soon I heard the bell ring. I stood up and
unbuttoned my blouse. I slid it down and off and I
heard the sound of camera shutters clicking like crazy.
Then I posed cupping my bra encased breasts and holding
them out to the men pressing in around me. On command I
began teasing my nipples with my fingers.

The hardest part was the facial expressions. They kept
demanding that I smile, and then a sexy pout, then a
shy smile. I don't think they were ever really
satisfied with my smile. I hoped that they didn't

The bell rang again and I dropped the skirt and began
posing in the bra and panties. They got a kick out of
making me pull my panties up tight and forcing my pussy
to bulge out around the crotch panel. They also thought
it was fun to make me reach inside of the panties and
play with my pussy.

I was shocked when I stuck my finger in my pussy, as
ordered, and it came away moist. I was relieved when I
was ordered to turn around and bend over and then lie
down and stick my legs in the air and spread them as
widely as possible. I was hoping no one would notice
that I had begun to get moist, but I heard several of
them point out that my panties were getting damp over
my pussy.

The bell rang again and I sat up and took my bra off.
As soon as my breasts sprang free the men started
posing with me again. More and more pictures were taken
with hands on my breasts, squeezing or pulling on my

I was stood up after a few minutes and two men picked
me up by the sides of my panties. They grasped the
waistband and lifted my feet right off of the floor.
They held me like that as men came in close for
pictures of my pussy bulging out around the crotch of
the panties, and several shots of their hands inside my
panties as well.

Just like last time, when the bell rang the men pulled
my panties down for me and things started getting a
little wilder. They took a few good pictures after they
made me turn around and spread my legs out as far as I
could and reach back to spread my ass cheeks for their
viewing pleasure.

Then they took turns posing with their fingers inside
of me or rubbing their erections over me. I knew that
soon enough their erections would be inside of me. I
tried not to think about it.

After I had posed in every humiliating pose that they
could think of the bell rang again and I was led out of
the room again. I waited in the hall with Tom while the
manager was inside selling me to the customers. I
remembered last time, how frantic it had been. I could
only hope that it would be over soon.

The door opened and I was brought back in and I saw a
bench being carried in from what looked like a small
storeroom through a door in the far wall. It was placed
in the middle of the floor and I was picked up and laid
down on it on my back. A thick leather strap was
fastened around my midsection and my hands were
strapped to the legs. My head hung down and as I looked
out I saw that most of the men had already removed
their pants. I saw hard, drooling cocks everywhere that
I looked.

The manager said, "Gentlemen, since this is a larger
than average crowd, I am going to give you a little
more time. So take your time and have fun." Then he
stepped back against the wall and it started.

As soon as he moved out of the way I had a cock in my
mouth and it slid right down my throat on the first
stroke. I struggled a bit, but then gave up and lay
back as he began to fuck my throat.

I felt my legs being lifted and spread and held down
against my chest. As soon as I was opened up like that
someone shoved a large cock into me violently. I don't
know why all of these men felt the need to be so
violent. It had been the same way last time. I guess
they had a pretty low opinion of women. Or at least
they had a pretty low opinion of me.

As the two men fucked me I became aware of the shutters
clicking again. I could only pray that these pictures
were not being posted on the internet. I doubted if
anyone I knew was the kind of person to search the net
for this kind of thing, but you never know.

It went on and on, much longer than last time. This
time I was taken in the ass more often too. I knew that
after a while they were going around more than once, I
tasted my pussy and their cum on the cocks being shoved
down my throat. I was really getting sore and I started
crying after a while.

I didn't expect sympathy, but I didn't expect what I
got either. They laughed and held my head up using
handfuls of my hair and posed for pictures with their
cocks rubbing the tears around my cheeks and when they
wanted more anguish in my expression they twisted and
pulled cruelly on my nipples.

The manager didn't stop them. He never interfered. He
stood with Tom and Steve and watched until the men were
finished with me. After his customers dressed and he
showed them out I was freed from the bench and led to
the bathroom and allowed to shower.

When I had washed and dried Tom was waiting to take me
back to the room. The manager bent me over the bench
and fucked me from behind and after I had sucked him
clean he handed Tom a handful of money and they went
out of the room for a few minutes.

When he came back in he handed me my slut suit and we
left. We went to the strip joint next door. Tom and
Steve and I went in, Rory said he would be right back
and left us. We went inside and had a few beers. Rory
rejoined us in about ten minutes. He had a bag with him
which he set down beside his chair. I was hoping it
wasn't something for me and I was praying that we
wouldn't go back to the adult book store again. As
horrible as everything that was happening to me was,
that was the worst.

This time Tom didn't d**g me. All of our drinks were
delivered by a waitress and I was the only one at the
table that handled my beers. I hoped that meant we
weren't going to the book store.

Tom kept looking at his watch though, so I knew that he
had something else in mind. It went without saying that
I would hate it, whatever it was.

Tom checked his watch one last time and left some money
on the table and we walked out. As soon as we were
outside we moved away from the door and Rory reached
into his paper bag and handed something to Tom. It
turned out to be a blindfold. Tom put it over my eyes
and I was instantly scared. When I was blindfolded they
turned me around in a circle several times until I was
completely disoriented.

They stopped and when I was steady enough to walk they
led me off down the sidewalk. I was terrified that I
was going back to the book store, but instead we
entered another building.

I knew that we hadn't entered the book store because
there wasn't a double set of doors. It was quiet
inside; or at least no one was talking. I heard people
breathing. I heard footsteps. There were more people in
the room than the four of us.

People started moving around, but I never heard anyone
speak. After a few minutes I was led down a hallway and
into a side room. I heard a lot of footsteps as people
followed quietly after us and gathered around us on all

Once we were inside the room someone took my slut suit
off. My feet were spread apart and secured to the floor
somehow. Then the cuffs that had been removed when I
had entered The Camera Club earlier were put back in
place and I felt more helpless than ever before.

Whoever had been restraining my feet and my hands moved
away and I heard the crowd moving closer. Large male
hands began to explore my body. A lot of hands, I
couldn't count them. I felt my breasts being squeezed
and pulled at roughly and my nipples pinched and
pulled, almost pulling me off of my feet.

At the same time other hands spread my ass open and
explored there while the fingers of at least two men
began to pinch and pull at my pussy. The men seemed to
take turns, feeling me up and then moving away so that
someone else could have a chance to m***** me. This
went on for a while, and the total absence of the usual
raucous and degrading speech was unnerving. I had no
way of figuring out what was going on. I couldn't guess
how many men there were or if they were young or old or
black or white.

The only thing that I knew for sure was that they were
getting rougher and rougher and it was really starting
to hurt. I started crying and when my crying became
noticeable to the men I heard several of them chuckle
as they tormented me.

Someone grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and
began twisting it. I thought at first that someone was
just pulling my hair to torment me, but then I felt it
being tied up, braided with a rope and another collar
was put around my neck. I was bent at the waist and a
chain was stretched from my collar to the floor.
Finally the rope that was twisted in my hair was pulled
back and wrapped around my waist. Yet another chain was
attached to my collar and this one seemed to stretch up
to the ceiling.

I was in a very uncomfortable position. My torso was
level with the floor but my head tilted back and faced
forward. I was unable to move. I couldn't even fall
down if I passed out. I would just hang by my hair.
Then I heard Tom's voice saying, "Gentlemen, Mrs. Kim
Little is now available for your sexual pleasure.

I heard the sound of clothing rustling and I knew the
men were undressing. Then it started. I felt an
unusually large cock being f***ed into my pussy
roughly. At the same time another large cock was f***ed
into my mouth. Both cocks were very large and the guy
fucking my mouth ignored my pain as he insisted on
forcing his cock into my throat. I was starting to
panic. His cock was much too large and I was sure he
would tear something if he f***ed it down my throat. If
not, I would certainly suffocate. There was no way that
I would be able to breathe around it.

The man that was fucking me began to slap my hips. I'm
not talking about love pats. He was beating my ass. I
screamed after one particularly violent hit and when I
started to scream the man finally managed to f***e his
cock into my throat, cutting my scream short.

The pain was excruciating, but at least the guy fucking
my throat let me get a breath every now and then. I
don't know how long the men lasted. It hurt so much
that it seemed like a very long time. When the man that
was fucking my mouth had cum he pulled his long, fat
cock free and as he stepped away he pulled the
blindfold off.

Through tear filled eyes I was able to make out that I
was surrounded by a large assembly of black men. They
were large, muscular black men with long, fat, hard
cocks. I also noticed two professional looking movie
cameras getting everything on film. I didn't know how
many men there were, but I remembered what Tom had said
when he saw that movie in the book store. He had been
sure I could beat the record of the poor woman in the
movie. So I assumed that there more than twenty-five

As the next two men stepped up to use me I suddenly
remembered Tom announcing my full name when he invited
the men to take me. They knew my name! Oh Christ, what
if the cameras were on when he said that?!

The next two men were just as bad as the first two.
They both had oversized cocks and they were both
violent, seeming to take pleasure from my pain. By the
time the third twosome had taken me I was starting to
get numb. That was when they upped the anti. The next
man to step up behind me stuffed his large cock in my
stretched and swollen pussy, but after a few strokes he
pulled out and the man fucking throat stepped back so
that everyone could get the full effect of my screams
as the man behind me rammed his cock violently into my
unprepared ass. I passed out before he got two inches
inside of me. When I came back around they had both
been fucking me for a while. Restrained like I was I
stayed in position to be fucked from both ends.

It went on like for what seemed like a week. I was
certain that I was being torn. I just knew that the
liquid I felt running down my legs was bl**d. There was
no way that those large cocks driving in and out of my
throat weren't damaging me.

I passed out several times after that, but it didn't
bother them. I had come to realize that it was all
about putting the right number of large black cocks in
my body for the movie that they would be selling.

It finally ended. I have no idea how long it had been.
They left me tied up as the men dressed and left. Then
the camera men moved around and got a few more minutes
of film of the damage done to my body.

When the camera men shut off their cameras and left I
was finally untied. I fell to the floor and curled up
in the fetal position and cried like a baby. I had
never hurt so badly in my life. I was afraid to look at
my lower body and see what damage had been done.

I heard the door open and I saw the manager of The
Camera Club come in. Now I knew where I was. He smiled
at Tom and said, "You were right man! I didn't think
she could fucking do it. They were thirty-five of the
best hung men in town. While they were fucking her I
got that other thing set up. She won't be worth a shit
afterwards, but they pay pretty damned well for that
kind of flick."

I felt someone kicking my back and I finally looked up.
Tom looked down at me with a look of disgust on his
face and said, "Get your nasty ass in there and clean
up. You fucking stink!"

I tried twice to stand, but I couldn't. Tom finally
reached down and grabbed my hair and pulled me up. He
unfastened one of the cuffs and pushed me towards the
door. I almost fell, but I managed to make it to the
wall and support myself. I stopped for a minute and
looked down and was surprised that I didn't see any

My legs were shaking almost out of control as I
staggered along the wall to the door and went down to
the shower room. I sat on the toilet and let the cum
pour out of me. Most of it must have run down my legs,
but the amount that ran out of my pussy and my ass was
unbelievable. There must have been at least a quart of
it floating in the toilet when I finally wiped myself
and stood up and moved to the shower. I took a shower
as hot as I could stand it and after I washed I stood
under the water and cried uncontrollably.

I don't know how long I was in there, but eventually
Steve came in and said, "If you don't get your fucking
ass out of here you are going to be sorry bitch."

I looked at him like the idiot he was and shut the
water off. I dried myself off and went back out to the
room that I had just been ****d in. When I entered Rory
tossed me my top and loincloth and I slipped them on. I
looked around and spotted my sandals up against one of
the walls and went and put them on.

The manager and Tom were still talking, and whatever
they were talking about really amused them, but they
shut up when I came in and once I was dressed we left.

I sat in the back with Steve and stared out the window
as Tom drove back to the apartment. I thought they
would let me leave now. I couldn't believe that they
would want to touch me after what I had just been

It seems, however, that they had really enjoyed the
show and they didn't see how three more blowjobs would
be that much of an imposition. They all dropped their
pants and sat down and I went from cock to cock,
sucking them all off. Then I was allowed to leave.

Tom told me to rest up for a couple of days. He
probably wouldn't bother me before next weekend. Unless
he called me sooner, I was to come back to his
apartment at ten next Saturday morning.

I looked around and located my purse and went out and
sat in my car. I couldn't even drive for a while
though. I was crying much too hard. A few people
stopped when they saw me and asked if I was alright. I
just nodded and ignored them.

I wasn't alright though. I was in terrible pain, mental
and physical. I didn't know how I could come back here
next weekend. I couldn't help thinking about what the
manager of the club had said. What did they have
planned for me that I wouldn't be worth a shit
afterwards? What could be worse than what they had
already done to me?

I finally was able to stop crying long enough to drive
home. I was surprised to see from the clock in my car
that it was after eleven o'clock. I had to go to work
tomorrow! I didn't know if I could make it. I knew that
in the morning I would be damned lucky if I could walk,
or sit. Or talk, come to think of it. I hadn't tried to
speak since it ended.

I tried to say hello as I drove and it was an
unrecognizable croak. To make matters worse, the
numbness was wearing off and my pussy and my ass were
in terrible pain, and getting worse by the minute.

I finally arrived at my apartment and parked. I looked
around and thankfully I didn't see anyone. It was late
and tomorrow was a workday. I took several deep
breathes and then I got out and locked my car.

I looked around and, seeing no one, I began walking
unsteadily towards the stairs. I relied heavily on the
handrail as I pulled myself up the stairs and I walked
unsteadily to my apartment.

Once inside I moved to the bathroom and began to fill
the tub with mostly hot water. Then I went to the
kitchen and poured another large rum and coke, mostly
rum. I returned to the bathroom and took off my slut
suit. I looked in the mirror and saw that my tits were
covered with bruises. I turned around and my butt was
black and blue too. I used a hand mirror and checked
out my pussy, expecting it to be horribly disfigured.
It was very red and it was swollen, but I saw no
obvious signs of damage.

I shut the water off and eased into the tub. As soon as
I was seated I thought, "Shit! I forgot to take some
aspirin!" I wasn't getting up again though. I relied on
the rum for pain relief instead. I gulped it down
quickly and thought how stupid I was for not bringing
in two of them.

I lay back after my drink was gone and let my head go
back and my eyes close. I tried desperately not to
think. Not to think about what had been done to me and
not to think about what they had planned for next
weekend. I couldn't though. I couldn't stop thinking
about it, worrying about it, dreading it. Every time I
went to that horrible man it got worse. Maybe it was
time to let him carry out his threats. What was the
sense of keeping this secret if I ended up dead?

I sat in the tub until the water was too cool to be
comfortable and then I rinsed off and went out to the
kitchen. I took a couple of aspirins and made myself
another large rum drink. I took it to bed with me and
set the alarm and sat up in bed and stared off into
space and drank my drink. When my glass was empty I
slumped down and went right to sl**p, or passed out,
I'm not sure which.

I finally heard the alarm in the morning, after it had
been buzzing for nearly ten minutes. I sat up in bed
and as soon as I moved I became aware of all the aches
and pains. My stomach ached, my pussy felt like it was
on fire and my ass felt worse. I went to the kitchen
and took some aspirin and then took a hot shower. I
felt a little better when I got out of the shower. I
found some sore throat spray and that helped a little

I probably should have called in sick, but I didn't
want to sit in my apartment alone all day. I wanted to
see a friendly face for a change. I got dressed and
stopped on the way to work for a large coffee. I went
right to my desk and sat down carefully and got to
work. I thought that all of the damage that I had
suffered was covered by my clothes, but several times
people asked me if I was okay. I came to realize that
it wasn't bruises they noticed. It was the look in my

I got through the day though, and I was pretty proud of
myself. It was nice to have something to take my mind
off of my problems with Tom and his friends. If I had
stayed home I would have dwelled on that all day and
gone mad.

I stopped on the way home and bought some more rum and
another twelve pack of coke. I was developing a taste
for rum and coke. As soon as I got home I called up and
ordered a pizza and made myself a rum and coke. I had
eaten hardly anything yesterday and I was very hungry.
But I was too tired to cook.

I changed into some casual clothes and sipped my rum
and coke and felt the pain in my throat begin to abate
thanks to the alcohol. By the time the pizza arrived I
felt able to swallow. I poured another glass of rum and
coke and only ate two slices.

I put the rest in the refrigerator and went and got in
bed and read my book for a few minutes and then I
turned out the light. I lay there in the dark, just
about to drift off to sl**p when I realized that I had
not written to Brian in four days! I almost got up and
wrote him a letter, but I decided that I was too tired
and besides, let him see what it's like to worry
because you don't hear from your spouse for so long.

The next morning I was feeling much better. I took
another hot shower and dressed and had some cold cereal
and juice for breakfast. I didn't even take any
aspirin. I was still a little sore, but nothing I
couldn't live with.

When I got home that night I found a letter from Brian.
I rushed in and opened it before I did anything else.
It made me so sad. I mean, he said all the right
things. He told me he loved me and that he was counting
the days and that he thought about me all the time. He
sounded tired though, and depressed. He said that there
were things that he couldn't talk about, things that
were upsetting him. Now I was even more worried. Now I
felt even guiltier for the things that I had done, and
more determined than ever to make sure that he never
found out about them.

The next day I felt almost normal. The day passed
quickly and I went home and changed clothes and made
myself a BLT which I had with a little potato salad.

Just as I was putting away the dishes I heard a knock
on the door and I panicked. It was only Wednesday. Tom
said he would leave me alone for the week to recover. I
calmed down and went to the door and looked through the
peephole. I was relieved to see that it was just one of
the bachelors from next door.

I opened the door and said, "Hi, what can I do for

I am pretty sure that he had told me his name, but I
didn't remember it.

He smiled and said, "I'm sorry to bother you, but I
really need you to look at something for me. It's very
important. Would you please come next door for just a

I really wanted to say no. I had no reason not to trust
him, except that he was a male and he was single and I
hardly knew him. I looked at him for a second, trying
to figure out how to say no, but before I could speak
he said, "Please, it's really important."

I know it sounded silly, but I finally said, "Well,
just for a minute, but you'll have to leave your door
open. I don't want anyone getting the wrong idea."

He smiled and said, "No problem. It can stay open as
long as you want it to."

That sounded a little strange, but I pulled my door
closed and followed him to his apartment. On the way
next door he turned to me and said, "My name is Bill,
by the way. We were introduced once, but it has been a

He pushed the door open and I followed him inside. He
left the door wide open, and walked into the room. When
he did that it made me feel a little better. I saw his
roommate sitting on the couch and I nodded to him.

He smiled at me and watched as I followed Bill over to
a desk in the corner and he sat down and moved the
mouse attached to his computer. The screensaver went
off and I saw a dirty picture on the monitor. I was too
shocked to react at first.

But then, just as I was about to tell him off, he
clicked the mouse and there was another picture. It was
me! Me and two men fucking on a bed!

He showed me several more pictures and I realized that
they were all from The Camera Club. Bill smiled up at
me and said, "I have found about two hundred of them.
Would you like to see more?"

I covered my face with my hands and cried. Now what!
How was I going to get out of this?

I finally got myself under control and wiped my eyes
and looked at him. He said, "Don't take it so hard.
There are only two of us, and we aren't into rough
stuff, or kinky stuff. We just like to get laid or get
a nice blowjob every now and then. We don't want money.
We don't want to get you in trouble. We just want to
have a little of that pussy you are passing around so

I looked at him in shock for a moment. I decided to try
to explain. "Look Bill, I am not doing that of my own
free will. I was d**gged and ****d and they made me
pose for pictures. Now I am being blackmailed. I am
doing this against my will. Please, don't make me do

He looked at my naked body between those two men on his
screen and said, "I'm sorry Kim. That is a sad story.
But after all of those men, what's two more?"

I pleaded with him to be reasonable. He replied that he
thought that he was. He said that for the first couple
of weeks they would probably want to fuck me every
night. But they would take it easy on me and after the
newness wore off it would probably be only three or
four times a week.

I gave up. What was the use? I asked, "Here, now?"

Bill nodded.

I took a deep breath and said, "Okay, but the guy that
is blackmailing me is making things hard on me. I am
still kind of sore. Please take it easy."

He said that they would, and then he asked, "Do you
still want the door open?"

I looked down in defeat and shook my head. His
roommate, who I soon learned was named Nick, stood up
and closed the door. Then they waited for me to
undress. I was only wearing a loose t-shirt and a pair
of terrycloth shorts and panties. They came off quickly
and then Bill took me in his arms and kissed me while
he moved his hands down and groped my ass.

The bruises had faded on my ass, but there was still
some soreness. I flinched when he grabbed me there, but
he didn't seem to notice.

While Bill was doing that I heard Nick undressing. I
was soon pulled from Bills arms by his naked roommate
and Nick took over kissing me while Bill undressed. I
was led over to the couch and they sat me down between
them and they took turns kissing me while they both
groped me. The groping was much gentler though, and I
was actually starting to get a little bit turned on.

After a few minutes they each took one of my hands and
put it on their cocks. I was relieved to find that they
were both quite average in length and width. I gripped
them and stroked gently. I figured it was to my
advantage to get them aroused and get this over with

Before very long the kissing stopped and I was gently
lowered to the floor between Bill's legs. I took him
into my mouth easily and he didn't last three minutes.
I swallowed his load and Nick spread his legs and
smiled at me. I walked over on my knees and repeated
the process. He lasted a couple of minutes longer, but
still it wasn't something that I couldn't cope with.

Bill got up and brought us all back a beer and we
sipped and they asked me for more details about how I
got into this mess. I fleshed out the story a little,
leaving out some of the worst of it. Then I asked them
about the pictures. I wondered how many there were and
if they were all in one place.

Bill said that he had found a web site called The
Camera Club by accident. He was actually looking for
information on a camera club in the area. At first he
had just browsed the pictures in amusement. There were
dozens of girls with dozens of men. Most of the girls
were very pretty and being a normal, red bl**ded male
he had checked them out. He had come across my pictures
and recognized me immediately of course.

He took me back over to the computer and showed me the
site. He showed me the thumbnails and there were,
indeed, hundreds of them. That was not the most
disturbing part though. The last frame was an ad for my
upcoming movie release. The movie of that gang ****
would soon be available. It would be a two hour movie
featuring me in bondage being fucked by thirty-five
large black men. They also promised more movies to

I nearly collapsed in despair. "Is that the only site
you have found them on?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "Yeah, but I don't really spend a
lot of time looking around for dirty pictures. I found
yours by accident. The thing is though; guys will
download those and spread them around. They are going
to be posted around. You are too beautiful for guys to
keep them to themselves.

I leaned against the wall and said, "Oh god. My life is

He said, "Once those things are out there, there isn't
anything that you can do about it either."

I shook my head and Bill stood up and said, "I'm sorry,
you really got screwed, and it ain't over yet."

He pulled me down the hall to his bedroom and I didn't
even resist as he put me on his bed and got on the bed
with me and started kissing me again. I just lay there
and let him do what he wanted, until he started moving
down my body, kissing my breasts and nibbling at my
nipples. He licked his way down my stomach and worked
his way between my legs and began eating my pussy. With
all the sex that I had taken part in since I was
d**gged and ****d by Tom, this was the first time my
pussy had gotten eaten since Brian had left.

I wanted to resist. I wanted to lie here quietly and
let him do what he wanted. I couldn't though. It felt
too damned good. I started slowly coming around. My
breathing got shallow and my nipples got hard and I
felt things I hadn't felt in months. Good things.

I found myself reaching down and holding his head,
pulling him closer and thrusting my hips up as he ate
me. I started moaning out loud and then I heard myself
saying, "Oh fuck, that feels so damn good!" Then I
groaned again and I was cumming. I came hard and he let
me finish and start to relax before he started kissing
and licking me again. I was building back to another
climax quickly but he stopped and moved up over me. I
reached down eagerly and guided his cock to my pussy. I
was surprised at how good it felt after what I had been
through. I started lifting my hips to meet his strokes
and we both came very quickly this time.

I was embarrassed that I had given in so easily. When
he had rolled off of me I covered my face and groaned
and said, "Oh god. What am I turning into?!"

He chuckled and said, "Just think of it as therapy.
Something to take your mind off of that other shit you
are doing."

I gave him a dirty look and he just shrugged. He wasn't
embarrassed at all that he was taking advantage of me,
blackmailing me. He was, in effect, r****g me. Fucking

I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned myself
up. When I came out of the bathroom Nick was waiting
for me in the hall. He took me to his bedroom and sat
on the side of his bed. He made me kneel and suck him
until he was hard again, then he just stood me back up
and bent me over on the bed and fucked me from the back
standing up. I never got turned on, but it was easy and
it was over quickly. When he had cum I was allowed to
dress and go back to my apartment.

I hurried back to my apartment and made myself another
rum and coke and took another long hot bath. As I lay
there in the tub I found that what embarrassed me most
about what had just happened was not that two more men
had seen me naked or had sex with me. Or that they had
seen hundreds of pictures of me being ****d. What most
embarrassed me was that I had cum, twice.

On Thursday I somehow muddled through the day
preoccupied with thoughts of the way my life had gotten
so totally out of hand. I got almost nothing done.
Then, driving home, I thought about my two neighbors
and wondered what they would demand of me tonight. I
purposefully avoided thinking about this coming
weekend. I was terrified of what was to come.

I made myself a drink as soon as I got home. I had a
couple of slices of cold, left over pizza and sucked up
a large glass of rum. Then I headed for my room to
change out of my work clothes. I didn't make it though.
There was a knock on the door and I returned to the
living room to answer it. It was Nick.

I opened the door and Nick said, "I just stopped by for
a quickie. Bill and I talked it over and decided to do
this at your house. He fucked you last night before I
got to eat you out. I wanted to go first tonight so
that I could get a taste of that pretty pussy of

I let him in and said, "I was just about to take a
bath. I just got home from work. You might want to
rethink that."

He grinned and said, "I doubt if you worked all that
hard. Let's go see."

I led him to my bedroom and pulled the covers back. He
sat on my bed and watched as I undressed and then he
took his clothes off and we got in bed.

He started out kissing me and touching me gently and
just like with Bill last night it felt pretty good. I
was feeling self conscious though and I wished that he
had let me clean up first. I don't know why. Why on
earth would I want to be fresh for a man that was
blackmailing me into having sex?!

I was uncomfortable though as he began kissing his way
down my body and when his mouth was at my vagina he
smiled up at me and said, "Just as I suspected. Grade
A, Prime U.S. Pussy. It smells just like flowers."

Then he started eating me. Just like last night, I was
unable to resist. I was soon lifting my ass off of the
bed and grinding my pussy in his face and cumming
loudly. I was still cumming when he stopped and
scrambled up over me and sank his cock into me quickly.
I just kept on cumming. I came twice more before he
finally came, and he didn't take very long at all.

After he came he stopped moving and supported himself
over me with just our pubic areas and our legs
touching. His head was looking up and his eyes were
closed and he was silent for a minute and then he said,
"Jesus Christ you are hot! He opened his eyes and
looked down at me and said, "When Bill showed me those
pictures and suggested we use them to get a little of
your sweet ass I thought that after all those guys it
wouldn't be worth the bother. I got to tell you though,
you have a fantastic cunt! Not to be course or

I almost laughed. He was being gross, of course. Still,
it was reassuring. I had been really worried after last
weekend, afraid that I had been permanently stretched
out by those big dicked mother fuckers.

Maybe there was hope for me yet.

Nick got up and started getting dressed. He said, "You
might as well wait here. I'll leave your door unlocked.
Bill will be right over."

I struggled to my feet and said, "Okay, but I have to
go to the bathroom."

I went to the bathroom and let his cum drain out of me.
I cleaned up with some moist towelettes and when I got
to my room he was gone. I sat on the edge of the bed
and it wasn't two minutes before Bill came in. He was
undressing as he came in the door and he piled his
clothes on a nearby chair and sat down and said, "I
love the way you suck cock. Let's start there again,

I moved between his legs and took his cock into my
mouth easily. It reminded me of the huge cocks I had
been f***ed to suck when I was tied up at The Camera
Club. I mean it reminded me of the contrast. After that
night sucking a normal sized cock was so easy.

He lasted a little longer than he had last night, but
not much. After I swallowed his cum he collapsed back
on the bed and I held his cock in my mouth until it was
soft. I pushed his legs apart then and started licking
his balls until his cock started twitching and then I
took it back into my mouth and sucked until he was hard

He sat up and pulled me up onto the bed and after a
minimum of foreplay he climbed up over me and I guided
his cock into me. He was much slower tonight. It felt
pretty good. I knew that I wasn't going to cum though.
Not just from this. Not without more foreplay. I wanted
it to be over though and I put my arms around him and
thrust my hips up to meet his quickening strokes and
soon he was cumming for a second time. I held him tight
and when he had cum I relaxed my grip and let him roll
off of me.

He lay beside me for a while, breathing rapidly for a
minute. Then he sat up and sat on the edge of the bed.
He finally stood and came around the bed and started
dressing. He looked down at my sweaty body as he
dressed and after a long silence he said, "I know I
should feel guilty. I'm not a bad person. I have never
blackmailed anyone before. But you are so fucking hot!
I have wanted you since I first saw you. You are one of
the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. I'm
sorry for what we are doing to you, but I just can't
help myself."

I didn't know what to say to that. There were some
compliments in there, but I wasn't about to tell him
that it was okay if he blackmailed me and f***ed me to
have sex with him and his roommate for the next nine
months until my husband came home and probably killed
all three of us.

After he left I took a shower. I was too tired to take
a bath. I wanted to get to sl**p.

I was distracted again at work the next day. It got
worse though when I returned from lunch and found a
package on my desk.

I sat down and stared at it. It was wrapped in brown
paper and there was no note, no indication of who it
was from. I was afraid that I knew though. I don't know
how he knew where I worked, but I was terrified that he
did, and had left this for me.

I opened a desk drawer and started to put the package
in it. I set it in the drawer and started to close it,
but I couldn't stand it. I had to know. I put it back
on my desk and cut the string that held it closed. I
looked up to make sure nobody was watching and I slowly
peeled back the paper.

As I feared, it was from Tom. Inside was another crop
top. I opened it up enough to see what it said on the
front. It just said, "Sex Slave," in big black letters.

I felt myself getting faint for a moment. I sat back
and took a deep breath and f***ed myself to calm down.
I looked to see what was under the crop top. It was
another of those loincloth style skirts. This one was
even worse than the other one I had been f***ed to
wear. The small flaps of material that hung down from
the front and rear were rounded off, not square like
the other one. Even standing still I would be nearly
naked with this on.

I started to close it up when I spotted something else
under the tiny skirt. It was a tiny, see-through piece
of cloth. It was a thong, not something that I had ever
worn before, or ever intended too. It was almost all
string, except for a tiny patch of material that may or
may not cover my pussy. It would be close. Then I
spotted the note.

I heard someone coming down the hall towards my cubicle
and I snatched the note and shoved the package into my
drawer. Who ever had been coming turned off before they
got to my cubicle and I took several more deep breaths
before I got up the nerve to look at the note.

It just reminded me to be at his house tomorrow morning
at ten. I was to wear what was in the package and my
highest heels. That was all it said.

I put the note in my purse and pulled the package out
and taped it shut. Then I looked at the clock. I had an
hour to go. I sat at my desk, shaking like a leaf, and
stared at the clock.

When it was finally time to go I walked out to my car
in a daze and as I got in I tried to remember how much
rum I had left. I couldn't. So I stopped on the way
home and bought another bottle, just in case. I didn't
figure that it would go to waste.

I got home and went right for the rum. I was still
making my drink when there was a knock at the door. I
said, "Oh shit!" I said it quietly, to myself, as I
went to the door and let Bill in.

He looked at me and saw I was upset and he asked, "What
the hell is wrong? You look like shit!"

I finished making my drink and took a long gulp before
I handed him the note and set the package on the
counter. He read the short note and after glancing at
me he opened the package and one at a time he held up
the three garments inside.

He tried to look sympathetic, but he couldn't hide his
hardon. Fucking men!

He may have felt bad for me, but it didn't stop him
from taking advantage of me. He grabbed the package and
my drink and pulled me down to my room. Then he set my
drink on the nightstand and said, "Try them on. I have
to see this."

"Asshole!" I thought. I got undressed though, and I
pulled on the tiny thong. The tiny piece of transparent
material covered only my slit. It was about three
inches long and no more than half an inch wide. I saw
that I would have to shave off my pubic hair before I
left here in the morning.

I put on the tiny skirt next. The front flap started at
my hip bones and curved around in a semi-circle. I had
to push the waistband down below my naval before the
little scrap of material covered my pubic area. The
rear flap was even smaller and bisected the cheeks of
my ass. It was only about five inches wide in the back
and I turned my back to the mirror and saw that even
pulled down as low as it was there was about an inch of
the crack of my ass showing.

I put the tiny top on then. It was as thin as the
others, so that my nipples were obvious. And it was cut
the same way. The bottoms of my areola were exposed as
long as I didn't move. It got worse when I moved.

I doubt if hookers would wear something like this!

I sat down on the bed and held my face in my hands and
cried for several minutes. Bill may have felt bad for
me, but not bad enough that he was going give up his
free pussy. He said, "You have to admit, you look
pretty fucking hot! Jesus!"

He picked up the phone beside my bed and called Nick
and told him to come right over, there was something he
needed to see.

When he had hung up I looked up at him and said,
"Thanks. Thanks for all the fucking help!"

He smiled and shrugged and then Nick was there. They
made me stand up and pose in my new outfit. Then they
both started undressing. I got out of my new slut suit
and they put me on the bed on my hands and knees and
then they took me two at a time like they had seen in
the pictures.

They both came quickly and then it wasn't long before
they switched ends and fucked me again. Thankfully the
whole thing only lasted about fifteen minutes and they
left, talking excitedly about my new outfit. I heard
them joking about how good the pictures were going to
be. Bastards!

I finished my drink and took a shower. Then I went out
to the kitchen and made another drink. I didn't really
feel like eating. I was getting a steady diet of cum
lately. I decided to make a tuna fish sandwich and I
ate it at the kitchen counter before going to my room
with the remainder of my second drink.

I sat up in bed and stared at the new outfit that was
sitting on my dresser. I sipped my drink and wondered
what was in store for me tomorrow. I started thinking
that I might as well not go. That bastard from The
Camera Club was posting my pictures on the internet and
he would soon be selling the horrible movie that he
made. Eventually people I knew were going to find these
things. Why not just tell Tom to go fuck himself?

I couldn't though. The thought of what Brian would
think when he saw those pictures and movies stopped me.
I knew that the bastard would send them to him too.
There was no doubt in my mind. I knew that my father
would have a heart attack if he saw them. I didn't know
if I would lose my job or not. I wouldn't be surprised
though. I had to go back there. I was trapped.

I got up the next morning and put on my newest slut
suit. I looked outside and to my dismay I saw that it
was a busy Saturday morning. Lots of people were
around, and worst of all, lots of k**s. I knew that I
was going to hear about this. I waited until the last
possible moment and then I made a rush for my car.

Everyone stopped and stared, just as I knew that they
would, but I made it to my car without any problems. I
saw the shocked looks on a lot of mother's faces though
and I knew that there were going to be repercussions.

I drove to Tom's apartment and went to his door. It was
the same three men today. I guess Harry and John were
not a regular part of the group. As soon as I arrived
they checked out my new suit and complimented me on my
close shave. Then I gave all three of them blowjobs.

When they had all cum Tom told me that they were going
to pass the morning and early afternoon just like they
had last week. We were going to the pool, and I would
be taking on all comers. He said that he had come to
realize that fifteen minutes in the apartments was
restrictive and he would make allowances for
circumstances this time. He gave me a bottle of lotion
and a can of beer and said, "We'll do this the same as
last time. You remember all the rules, right?"

I nodded and they started for the door. I called out,
"Wait! Where are my bikini bottoms?"

Tom smiled and said, "Today you just take off your
skirt and wear those panties for bottoms. Remember, if
you aren't being fucked or hit on you go in the pool
for a few minutes every half hour. Then you find
someone to oil you up. Now get your ass out there."

I couldn't breathe for a minute. I f***ed myself to
take a couple of deep breaths, and then I pulled the
top back down over my nipples. I struggle with the
tears as I went outside and looked over at the pool. It
was getting crowded already and as we got close I saw
several people that I recognized from last week. The
college guys were there, and they were obviously
excited when they spotted me. I saw the older gentleman
that had seemed so concerned, but had fucked me anyway,
and the two black k**s.

I couldn't look at anyone as I unbuttoned my skirt and
tossed it under my chair. I heard the people near me
though. The hushed, "Oh my god," and the woman saying,
"Look at that slut!"

There was more, most of it was unintelligible. I could
tell from the sounds of their voices what they were
saying, what they were thinking. I sat down and took a
big sip of beer. The thought of having to walk to the
pool in this tiny outfit, naked for all intents and
purposes, was just about all that I could take. I was
so scared I thought that I was going to throw up.

I almost hoped that someone would come and make me go
to their apartment before I had to go in the pool. I
thought that it would be better to be fucked in private
than to parade around the pool like this. As it turned
out, I got my wish. One of the college k**s came over
and looked down at me. He was grinning like an idiot,
but he knew what he wanted.

I looked up at him and he said, "Sex Slave huh? Does
that mean that you are still putting out?"

I nodded.

He said, "Great, let's go."

I set my beer down under my chair and picked up my
skirt. I stood up and started to put it on but he said,
"No, you don't need that. You look hot as hell just
like that."

I glanced over at Tom and he just smiled.

So I dropped my skirt over my beer can and I was led
off by the college k**, followed closely by his seven
friends. I felt a little better about walking around in
this tiny thong with all of these guys around me. I was
still not looking forward to having sex with them, but
I wasn't as upset about it as I was last week, before I
made that god awful movie.

They were all quick to undress and of course it took me
no time at all. Then it was back to my hands and knees
and two cocks at a time. They didn't seem to last any
longer than they had last time. I doubt if it took much
longer than fifteen minutes to satisfy all eight of

I used the bathroom when they were done and then they
e****ted me back out to the pool. I sat on my chair and
drank my beer which was starting to get warm. I had
enough left in the can to rinse the taste of cum from
my mouth. Then it was time for that walk to the pool.

I knew that thongs were not allowed in a lot of places
in this state. I didn't know the rules for apartment
complex pools. But even if a reasonable thong would be
permissible, this tiny, nearly invisible thing that I
was wearing would be i*****l anywhere but a nudist
camp. No one was going to believe that this was the
bottom of a bathing suit. I was obviously wearing a
panty. I was obviously wearing the kind of panty that a
woman wore for a man, to turn him on. There was no
other reason for a garment like this to exist.

I steeled myself and stood up and walked past a dozen
people, all staring in disbelief at what I was wearing.
I wanted to run and hide. Instead I f***ed myself to
walk to the pool steps and go in up to my neck and cool
off. I didn't relax though, because all I could think
about was how much worse it was going to be when I got
out of the water and returned to my seat.

I was resting on my arms, expecting at any minute that
someone would come over to me and I would be led away
once more to fuck some stranger, or some group of
strangers. I wasn't disappointed. The older gentleman
from last week that had been so concerned and had
offered to help if I were in trouble came over to me
and said hello.

I said hi and he said, "I see you lost another bet."

Despite the terror I felt, I smiled at him. I said,
"Yeah, I must be quite a loser."

He took my hand and said, "Come on, let's go."

I allowed him to pull me out of the pool and he led me
quickly across the common area to his apartment. He
left me standing in the living room this time and told
me to wait there.

When he returned he had a robe and he put it on me. I
looked at him curiously as he guided me to his couch
and pushed me down on it. He left the room again and
came back again with two highball glasses. I didn't
know what was in it, but I didn't care. I gulped it
down gratefully.

He sipped his and stared at me for a minute and said,
"Okay, that's enough of your bet crap. What the hell is
going on?"

I looked at him for a moment, and then I just broke
down. I started crying hysterically and he set his
glass down and put his arms around me and held me and
let me cry.

I got myself under control, slowly, and he kept holding
me until I pushed him away gently and sat up again. I
said, "I'm sorry. It's all a bit hard to take
sometimes. I appreciate that you want to help, but
there isn't anything that you can do. I am in a world
of shit right now, and I don't think there is anyway
out. Not even with help from well intentioned men like

He smiled at me and took a sip of his drink. Then he
said, "What do you have to lose?"

I realized that he was right. I had nothing left to
lose. I asked him if I could have another drink and
after he returned with it and sat back down I told him
the whole ugly story. He listened intently, interrupted
a couple of times with quick questions, and never once
looked at me in disgust as I told him every lurid
detail. It felt good to get it off of my chest. I was
glad that he had made me tell him. I suddenly realized
though that I was way over my time limit and I was
going to be in trouble. He saw the look on my face and
asked what was wrong.

I told him about the fifteen minute time limit and he
said, "Oh, that's okay. Don't worry about that. I'll
take care of it."

I sighed and said, "Mr., I'm sorry, I don't even know
your name."

He said, "Call me Danny."

"Danny, I feel better now. It was nice to get this off
my chest. There isn't anything anyone can do for me now
though. I fucked up, and I don't think there is any way

He smiled and said, "You didn't fuck up. You were
d**gged and ****d and blackmailed. It wasn't your
fault, and I do believe that I can help."

He picked up his phone and I listened as he made a half
a dozen phone calls. Each time he said the same thing.
When the phone was answered he said, "This is Danny. I
have something going down. I could use a hand."

That was all that he said. In fifteen minutes there
were six more large men in the room and he was giving
them the severely edited version of my story. When he
was done, four of them stood up and one of them said,
"Let's go for a ride." Then he turned to Danny and
said, "This shouldn't take long."

Danny stood up after they left and he said, "Kim, you
wait here. This won't take long."

I was really scared now. I watched out the window as
Danny and his two remaining friends walk out to the
pool. They went over to Tom and Rory and Steve and the
next thing I knew Rory was rolling around on the cement
pool deck and Tom and Steve both had their hands in the

I watched as one of them pulled Rory to his feet by his
hair and they marched them all back to Tom's apartment.
I poured myself another glass of what turned out to be
bourbon and sat down and tried not to get my hopes up.

It was probably fifteen minutes before they returned.
Danny had my purse and a camera and a bag full of DVDs.
He picked up the phone and made another call and had
the guy that had sold Tom the d**gs he used on me
arrested. It wasn't until that minute that I realized
that they were all cops!

The others got glasses and we all sat and sipped
bourbon for a while as Danny told me what he had done.
What he had done was scare the shit out of Tom and his
friends. Well, first they had given them the beating
they felt that they deserved. Then they had scared
them. They had taken the camera and all of the DVDs
that Tom had. Then they had taken Rory and Steve to
their apartments and gotten the other copies of the

Danny had taken every penny that Tom had in the
apartment to give to me on the assumption that most of
it had been made by me. Just as he finished telling me
about what he had done his friends showed up. They had
more DVDs, including the ones that had been made from
that last horrible movie. They had gotten every copy,
including the masters. They had sat in The Camera Club
manager's office with a gun pointed at his nuts while
he took down the internet site and then they had taken
all the cash that they could find on the premises.

I was in shock. I wasn't out of the woods. There was no
telling who else might stumble across my pictures as
they were reposted on the internet. But I had a chance
now. I had my address book back and all of the DVDs.
Maybe I would survive this yet.

I started crying again. I ran over to Danny and wrapped
my arms around him and I tried to thank him but I was
crying too hard. He pried my arms from around his neck
and held me until I quieted down again. Finally I could
talk again and through my tears I thanked them all. I
didn't know what else to say.

Danny thanked his friends and I hugged them all as they
left. Then he went into the back and came back with one
of his shirts for me to wear. He put it on me and
handed me my purse and said, "Come on, I'll follow you
home. We have one more call to make."

He followed me to my apartment and I pointed out the
apartment where Bill and Nick lived. He knocked on the
door and when they answered it he shoved it in and I
heard a scuffle inside. Then the door slammed shut and
it was quiet. Ten minutes later he came back over and
handed me the hard drive to Bill's computer.

He smiled and said, "They won't be bothering you
anymore. If they do, call me, but I suggest that you
move out of here anyway. Just to be on the safe side. I
am pretty sure that no one will bother you again. I am
going to leave you my number just in case. Still, I
would feel better if you moved."

I said, "I'll try. I took a big financial hit when my
husband got called to active duty. It may be a couple
of months before I can afford to move."

He shook his head and grabbed my purse and dumped it
out on the table. He said, "This is the money we got
from Tom and that sleaze ball Matthews at the club.
It's yours. You have it coming for pain and suffering
and the embarrassment they have caused you. It's almost
two hundred thousand. Matthews kept a big stash in his
safe. We figure he made a lot of it off of you."

I asked, "You don't think he'll come after that?"

Danny smiled and said, "Not unless he wants his nuts
shot off."

I hugged him again and said, "Will you stay for supper?

He said, "I would be honored."

I ran into the bedroom and took a quick shower and got
dressed in real clothes. Then I went back out and I
said, "I don't have shit to eat around here. Let me
take you out to dinner instead."

He laughed and said, "I know a great place. Do you like

I took his arm in his and said, "I love steaks."

It turned out that the great place he knew about was
his b*****r's steak house. Not only was it the biggest
and best steak that I ever ate, they absolutely refused
to let me pay for it. I said, "Okay, if you are going
to be stubborn, next time dinner is at my house. I have
a real talent for roast pork."

I quickly found a new apartment. And it's a nice one
this time. I moved what I could, with Danny's help, and
paid movers to take the big stuff.

Danny eats dinner at my house once a week now, and
takes me out once a week. I have had a couple of big
dinners for his six helpers and their families. They
are like one big extended f****y, and it wasn't long
before I felt like a part of it.

I never heard from Tom and his friends again. I never
heard anymore from The Camera Club. I was worried about
that because they knew my name and I had a feeling
there were some rough people involved in that place.

Brian is due back from Iraq in three more months. I
suppose that I am going to have to tell him some of
what happened. Danny says I shouldn't. I keep thinking
that if I don't, then one of these days he is going to
come across one of those pictures of me that were on
the internet. I guess I'll take that one day at a time.
I don't want to dump on him as soon as he comes home. I
know he has been through a lot and will need time to

I can't wait to introduce him to my knew f****y. The
guys are all ex military. Maybe they will be able to
help him readjust to civilian life.... Continue»
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The Slave Girl (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1

Upon the rich austerity of David Murchinson´s polished mahogany the silver chrome of the handcuffs were a shining incongruity against the reticence of Corporate good taste. Corey Gibson eyed them with disdain. She was more concerned with what Murchinson was saying.

"On the face of it I should simply shut up, keep quiet. I should allow Planet Oil Corporation to slide down the drain and your father with it. But I don´t want that." He sighed heavily. "This old f****y role isn´t all it´s cracked up to be. I´m going to give you two alternatives and advise against both. I suppose that means I´m telling you something I think you ought to know."

She laughed at his sobriety. "David, do cheer up, please! Are those absurd things on the table for a reason?" She nodded at the handcuffs. "Is one of us going to jail?"
"His name is Assef Aslam." Murchinson gravely ignored her question. "He comes close to being one of the most powerful private citizens in the world." Corey Gibson wrinkled her nose. "I´ve met him..... at functions. He stands still and allows a lot of worried looking men to talk."
"On two occasions you were pointedly rude to him."
"Well, someone had to be.... all that brown nosing! Besides, the way he looked at me....!" Corey Gibson sniffed with all the assurance of great wealth. "I´ve been optically undressed often enough, but that b*****r to the Sphinx takes off a girl´s skin along with her clothes."
"Hmmmmm. Nou doubt it was those two expressions of your disapproval that made a fix in his mind. He wants you bad." Murchinson grinned. "I´ve seen you rude a few times. You do it with a flair."
"I´m said to be a bitch. Probably I am."
"Never to me." "David, you´re sweet - and you want to sell me into slavery."
"No, I don´t."
"No, I don´t think you do. But that´s what Aslam´s proposition amounts to. Next time I shall be very rude indeed."

"Corey girl....." Murchinson held up a deprecatory hand. "Let´s look at it cold. Next week the Planet Oil Corporation becomes a dry hole. Your father will be worse than broke, there´s income tax suits pending. Assef Aslam will save it at a price. The price is you."
"I followed you that far. Does this mid-Eastern jackal want to marry me?"
"No. It´s just as you said. Some form of slavery. Those handcuffs are his. He invites you to put them on your wrists and go down to the floor one of his companies rents in this building."
"David, it´s too bizarre! Chains...."
"Exactly. But consider him. No one knows his nationality. He is self-made. He has never married. He carries a big, big chip on his shoulder about something.... The Establishment probably, and I expect colour is in there somewhere. You epitomise something he envies. You have also hurt his pride. I fully believe his intent is to give you a thoroughly bad time. You also represent a hostage, a useful pledge of The Planet Corporation´s good behavior." "What did the old Kings call them! A ´whipping boy´, wasn´t it? So I´d be his whipping girl! Dammit, David, the bastard probably actually would whip me." Corey Gibson´s indignation overflowed. "Can I go down and throw those handcuffs in his face?"
"Possibly you could. But I don´t advise it."
"David, you´ve something up your sleeve, you old so-and-so. What is it?"
"It´s a last hope." The Vice President of Planet admitted dourly. "But I never underrate the power of a woman. Go and talk to him. Keep an open mind. See if you can touch a nerve."
"And spread my legs! No thanks." "I didn´t say that, Corey. Talk. Sometimes words work magic."
"Before of after he whips me?"
"I know how you feel." Murchinson made a gesture of defeat. "Probably I´m a silly old man. The whole thing´s an outrage. But in business we explore loopholes."

Corey rose and patted a dejected male shoulder. Her voice still held laughter. "Father and Planet won´t go broke. I just don´t believe....! I´m going to take those things on the table, and next time I come face to face.....! You know what I´ll do-"

David Murchinson silently watched one of the world´s most beautiful women scoop Aslam´s handcuffs and drop them in her bag. He accepted her light kiss on his forehead, then echoed her unworried good-bye. Long after she had gone he sat in contemplation of catastrophe. Corey Gibson herself was pressing buttons. The elevator should not have stopped where it had. It should respond to the controls but it did not. When its gate unexpectedly slid open she exited in anger.

"Reid Hunter! Well, how nice...."
"Corey!" His smile was always attractive. "You picked the wrong elevator. Happy chance. Spare me fifteen minutes for a drink?"
"Why not." Corey allowed herself to be possessed. Reid was nice. He was one of the casual ones who admired but did not push.
Doors. The indefinable smell of money. Another office like Murchinson´s but far less austere. A bar. The chairs were for lounging. Corey picked one and watched the mixing of her cocktail. When it was done they clinked glasses to Reid Hunter´s toast.
"To beautiful females. Specially you."
"I didn´t know your office was in the Planet Building?"
"It isn´t." He gestured apologetically. "I´m afraid I´m borrowing it. Really lush, eh."
"Mmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmm! What´s his name?"
"I think you´re about to meet him, Corey. I hear sounds in the outer office. Ah, yes!"
She should have known! Corey Gibson was furious with herself for not guessing. It had been far too slick.....! She turned upon her bogus host. "Reid, d´you get paid for this? It´s a damn lousy trick."
"Friendship, Corey. Just helping out-"
"You´re not helping me. Damn you!"
"This is the time to hurl the handcuffs, Miss Gibson." Assef Alam was politely entertained.

She was on her feet, gulping the last of her drink. Flushed with anger she was on her way to the door when Hunter´s blant voice halted her steps. "The conversation upstairs, Corey - I´m afraid the room was bugged."
"Yoy bastards!" Corey Gibson looked from one to the other in disgust. "In that case you know my sentiments. I need not repeat them. Good-bye." Chin high, she headed for the door.
"I fear, Miss Gibson, you´ll find it won´t open." Aslam informed apologetically.
"In that case you can unlock it. Oh, and take those too." Breasts heaving, she threw the handcuffs at Aslam´s feet. "You know what you can do with them." There was no answer. Just a waiting silence. Impatiently she strode to the door and grasped the knob. It would not yield. An angry rattle and tug achieved nothing.
"I did mention it was closed." The dry voice was only slightly mocking.
Corey Gibson was not yet afraid. The full weight of the Planet Corporation was solidly around her. Reid Hunter was a decent sort who, just at this moment, was being a bit of a bastard, but that was all. Assef Aslam was too ridiculous to consider a composite out of melodrama. The situation was best ended. Coldly she conceded: "I presume the door means you have something to say to me. Let´s have it."
"You already have it, Miss Gibson. David muchinson was reasonably explicit."
Corey glared at Reid Hunter. "What do you get out of this?"
"I´m an intermediary, that´s all."
"Wouldn´t Judas goat be more accurate?"
Hunter waved a deprecating hand. "For this small deception, yes perhaps. Corey, you´re not easy to proposition. Without that locked door you wouldn´t stay long enough to get a message." He grinned a comradely grin. "What are you, Corey? The most beautiful, the best dressed, the richest, the most eligible....? You´re high in the top ten. It makes you hard to reach."

"So you k**nap me?"
"Yes. Somehow, I want to make you understand what´s happening. To grasp an extraordinary power that´s fallen into your hands."
Corey Gibson sneered. "Barter my body?"

The single word caught her attention. Reid was trying to give her a message. It was not like him to be so blunt. Corey´s pulse quickened when he sauntered to the door. Having turned a key, he faced her squarely. His tone unusually sober. "It´s not just your father, or Planet, or me, Corey. What you and Mr. Aslam decide will affect several thousand people." He nodded, shrugged, and was gone. The click of the lock was clearly audible.

"A nice young man doing a difficult job." Assef Aslam commented affably. "May I offer you another drink?" From a welter of emotions Corey chose dignity. "Very well." She agreed without enthusiasm. "Probably by the time you´ve said your say I´ll need it."

The drink was strong. Sipping it, Corey Gibson assessed her host. Aslam had a quality, a presence. But what she was seeing was not the real man. She would have preferred him less polite. "Before I give you a refusal you´d best be more specific." She said bluntly.
He picked the handcuffs from the floor and dropped them in her lap. "It would please me very much if you would wear these." His voice held a note of yearning Corey could not place. "It would set a tone. While you have them on your wrists I will give you their key."
"Nonsense!" She tossed the shining things back at him. "Wear them yourself."
"You are dealing in yesterday." He said gently. "My problem is to make you aware of this moment. You have been k**napped."
"Someone mentioned that." Corey said frostily. "When I´ve finished this drink you will unlock the door. If you refuse I´ll make a loud and unladylike fuss."
"No one will hear."

He was infuriatingly sure of himself. "You are contemplating v******e?" She inquired icily.

"Two possibilities." Aslam said warmly. "You accept the handcuffs. You accompany me to my private plane - and I do assure you we wil not been seen, and you go unquestioningly where I take you. The second is simple. I summon aid and we give you a hypodermic injection. When you wake it is al over."

"Hell, why the talking? Call your help and give me the needle."
"I prefer the other way. I want a wholegirl who is totally aware."
"You´re dreaming. besides, you´re forgetting my father."
"Your father will be very easy to deal with while I hold you."
"What you´re looking for is an erotic kick out of having me abase myself, be a sacrificial virgin?"
"That´s your pathway to profit, Miss Gibson. With the needle you´re nothing more than a k**napped hostage."
For the first time she felt the chill of fear. For the first time she gave Assef Aslam her full attention. "I can´t take this seriously." She pointed out reasonably. "Surely you understand...?"

There was a f***e in Aslam. The same extrusion of power she had sometimes noticed in her father. His features were good, his colour scarcely discernable. He might be forty-five. In previous meetings she had seen him through the eyes of the media. This was different. Assef Aslam was a handsome intelligent cosmopolitan. The voice he was using was not his own. He was leashing his tone in patience.

"Forgive me. I am enjoying you." His smile quenched her protest. "If I stood in your shoes I could not possibly believe in what is going to happen..." He waved a deprecating arm. "I want this done my way. To help you understand I am going to change places with one of my secretaries. Her name is Audrey Cotswold. She is English. She is educated. What she tells you is all true. Here - catch!"

The clutch was instinctive. Corey held the handcuffs with distaste. But this time curiosity won. She examined them. They featured in enough movies...! They seemed functional - and unfeminine! Indolently, she tossed them on a chair. Then looked up in shock.
Audrey Cotswold was naked.

There is a freemasonary in beauty. Beautiful women recognize it. They can assess. Corey Gibson conceded Miss Audrey Cotswold a high score. It was a relief that this poised and amused Britisher dropped no titch or broadened an ´A´. Her´s was a voice which belonged.
"Those things bother you?" A bare arm indicated the shining metal, then swung to proffer a friendly hand. "My name´s Audrey. I´m a slave."
The grip of fingers and the smile were warm. They modified shock but did not erase it. Corey kept her voice even: "Handcuffs and a naked girl! Am I being conditioned?"
"Of course." The admission was engagingly frank. "I have only a little while to tell you a great deal."
"I don´t want to hear."
"Why should you! But I´ll read the lines anyway." The nude secretary retrieved the despised handcuffs, and with an insouciant grin fitted them on her own wrists with a fastidious concern for perfection. Having clicked them most definitely snug she held them up to examine the effect as though they were diamonds bracelets. "They look much better on than off." She observed carelessly. "Oh, by the way, you don´t mind me being naked, I hope? I´m nearly always naked. Slaves don´t wear many clothes."
"Couldn´t you at least be decent?"
"I am decent." The grin was confiding. "I´m decent by my owner´s standards, and that´s what counts."
"I´d take it as a tremendous favour if you´d open a door and allow me to go."
"That´s how I felt the first time." Again the comradely grin. "It´s so damn hard for a girl to adjust to in half an hour. I say, would you mind.....? I mean, taking your clothes off?"
"I mind, and I won´t!"
"Yes.... I know." The cheerful voice turned nostalgic. "I´ve played this scene myself. I just couldn´t believe any of it until the bruiser came in. By the time he´d bruised me here and there they certainly had my full attention."
"Call him in."
"Miss Gibson, you´re bluffing. Here, watch...."

The man who entered could have been a gym instructor. A pleasant athletic type who smiled winningly and picked up a heavy arm chair with one outstretched hand. His query was polite. "Is there something I can do for you, Miss Cotswold?"
"Thanks, Bill. Now run along. But not too far." Audrey nodded a friendly dismissal.

Corey could not slow her accelerated pulse. A picture was emerging. "That was cheaply obvious." She complained resentfully.
"It was also kind. You´re lucky, Miss Gibson, that Assef has a mental thing about you. He wants you humiliated from the word go. He will take you any way you compel him to. f***e is so easy and so trite. He wants you to walk into slavery with your head in the air and without illusions. His concept of your k**napping is uniquely civilised."
Corey began to glimpse the enmity of time. Yet she could comprehend the logic of Aslam sequestering her in a space of minutes. Her disappearance would be slick and unobtrusive. But to cope with her k**napping she had first to believe in it. She was surprised to find herself weighing a preference and inclined towards being manhandled rather than accept the chagrin of handcuffs and following where she might be led. Audrey Cotswold was a smiling enigma. The girl wore both nakedness and handcuffs gracefully. Her linked hands contrived the same fluidity of motion as if free. Never once did they seek to cover breasts or pubic hair. Determined to end an impasse, she demanded coldly. "Help me a little. Tell me what you plan... for me?"
"You will become a slave, subject to both use and discipline."
"You don´t appear to have suffered either!"

Audrey twinkled mischieviously. "To be immaculate is a state of mind. To service a man with your sex, or to have him whip your bare skin need change nothing unless the girl wills it so."

Corey Gibson sniffed. "Can I have another drink? And as for what you´ve just said, it´s a bit of specious nonsense."
"No, it´s not. The first couple of times I met a fate worse than death and got myself whipped because I made such a fuss about it I went all the way to the bottom of the pit. But then I had a chance to look in a full length mirror." The chained hands offered the filled glass, the lovely eyes smiled in an invitation to trust. "I was actually shocked to discover I looked the same as I always had. If I smiled I was right back at square one. Sure, I´d got whipmarks, but they wouldn´t be permanent." Audrey giggled. "I remember doing a lot of pulling and twisting to get a good look at my vulva. The damn thing looked quite pleased with itself. I felt a fool."
"O.K. So I get ****d and whipped! What else?"

Audrey shrugged. "What´s it matter! You´ll be a man´s property. He´ll use you as he wishes. Look at me! I´m used all the time, and I still get whipped when I throw a tantrum."
Corey Gibson took a stiff pull at her glass. "You´re having me on. Dammit. Audrey, you´re happy! You´re loving this!"
"Sort of. I´m loving you too. D´you like girls, Miss Gibson?"
"Not at this moment. Audrey, please! Let me out of here. I´ll make you rich."
"You can´t, remember? Daddy´s broke. And anyway, I´m a faithful slave who doesn´t want to collect any more whipmarks than she has to."
"You can´t tell me you couldn´t walk out into the street."
"I can do that alright. But I don´t want the consequences. And please don´t ask me about those consequences. You´ll pick ´em up as you go along. One more drink?"
"You mean I´ll be more amenable when d***k?"
"Of course."

Corey took the refill and looked the naked English girl straight in the eye as she drank it. Defiantly, she avowed: "That won´t take me over the brink, and it´s the last."
Audrey Cotswold nodded brightly and took the empty glass. "I put something in that one."
"To knock me out?"
"Heavens no! That would spoil things." The naked girl giggled. "I´ve never tried the stuff. If it does half of what it´s supposed to you´ll be a happy girl - and lucky!"

Corey Gibson found herself laughing at the absurdity of things. This girl was nice, she would make love adorable.
"You´ve got the loveliest breasts, Audrey." She said warmly. "And the bushiest bush...."
"They are nice, aren´t they! I like them too." Audrey Cotswold glowed with pride. "But I bet yours... Mmmmmm!"

It was remarkable how a handcuffed girl could be so deft. Corey looked down interestedly at the bright metal and the hands it joined. She had supposed that once someone was handcuffed that was the end for them. But Audrey´s fingers were free in feminine wisdom about zippers and clips and where to look....! It was amusing how the expensive creations fell in small cascades to the floor at her feet. It was not until linked hands touched and caressed her breasts that Corey Gibson realised the clothes wre her own, and that she was naked.

"Now there´s two of us." Corey refused to giggle or be coy. To remove her hands from the temptation to cover something she put them behind her back. "Am I a nice nude?" She enquired hopefully.
"You´re as close to perfection as us girls come." Audrey stood back, making a sober and honest evaluation of something lovely. "I don´t know what Aslam´s done to deserve us both. You are just slightly breathtaking, Miss Corey Gibson.

Corey glowed. It was strange to be naked in a business office and not feel naked at all. She was exploring Audrey Cotswold´s left nipple when something was pressed into her hand. Her exclamation was one of pleased surprise. "Audrey, it´s a key, a tiny little key."
"I can do it myself." Miss Cotswold admitted. "But it´s so much easier if you do it."
It was fun. Two naked girls sharing chuckles as an erratic key sought an equally erratic keyhole. "Seems like you turn it the wrong way, dear, not too hard." The English girl turned her locked wrists to Miss Corey Gibson´s best advantage.
Miss Corey Gibson herself was utterly absorbed. She was imbued with an exiting sense of kinship with this nude beauty whose handcuffs she was fumblingly striving to unlock. The task was no more remarkable than helping with tight gloves or a recalcitrant bra. Corey felt real pride as the first cuff opened and fell away from the slender wrist it had snugly held.
"There! Aren´t I clever -!"

Before the daughter of the Planet Corporation could say or do more, she was enveloped by two bare fervid arms. The loose cuff dangled at her back and beat a small rhythm on her skin as she was hugged and hugged again.
"I´ve wanted to do that since I first saw you." Audrey sighed. "Let´s rub breasts and nipples."

When the frictioning of vibrant flesh began to take Miss Corey Gibson into a roseate world of heavy perfumed breathing she was thrust gently from the communion of four hard scarlet buds. This time the handcuffs were pendent from a single wrist.
"One more, Corey...."

In shared deligt the two naked girls watched the probing key and the slowly opened cuff. "They aren´t ugly at all, Audrey. I can see that now. They looked expensively right on you." In a pleasant glow, Corey looked down to watch her companion catch the freed chrome and playfully clasp it once again upon a femenine wrist. That the wrist felt like her own was a matter for hilaruty. Laughingly, she informed: "I think that´s me you´ve locked it on."
"You?" Audrey Cotswold cocked a surprised eye. "Surely I...? Just turn a minute, dear, and we´ll see...."
It was absurd. It was sweet. It was fun. Corey felt she was one up. To prove it she turned.
"Golly, Miss Gibson, I think you´re right. Just hold still."
Please call me Corey. I don´t want to be a Miss Gibson to you."
"You´re so sweet." A series of clicks made a metallic punctuation. "There! All fixed. You can turn back..."
"Are yoy sure, Audrey?" Corey turned slowly to face her smiling mentor, her arms busily exploring something odd behind her back, her features puzzled. "I think you´ve done it wrong again."
"No. Love, just as it should be."
Corey wished she could stop giggling. "It´s not, y´know. Now you´ve got both my wrists...?"
"That´s right, dear. You were so terribly slow."

Miss Corey Gibson was hazily aware of something out of focus, something not as it should be. She worked her newly imprisoned hands against the metal circlets snugly round her wrists. In sudden relief, she exclaimed: "I know what´s wrong. You´ve handcuffed me behind my back. Girls wear handcuffs in front, just as you did."
Audrey kissed a rampant nipple. "There´s no law about it, dear. I prefer you like you are. You look entrancingly innocent.... and you can´t stop me doing this." Wicked fingers rose to valnerable breasts.
"I don´t want to stop you."
"And I can do what I like with this little treasure down here." Audrey´s hand found the warm moist slit between the heated thighs.
"That´s nice. Don´t keep stopping..."
"See What I mean about handcuffs?"
"I do now. They´re absolutely... Mmmmmmmm!"
"You´re quite helpless, y´know."
"Yes." Captive hands tugged and squirmed to make sure.
"Isn´t it fun?"
"I expect it´s time to go."
"Oh yes...." Corey tried hard to remember. "There was some sort of hurry about me going somewhere." She looked down admiringly at her own nudity.
"Seems like I´m all ready."

It was all erotically exciting. Corey realised the drinks had produced exactly the right degree of euphoria, and it seemed only proper to share Audrey´s nakedness. For some strange reason it was equally in keeping to lose her hands. It was thrilling to tug at the metal bands from which there was no escape. They made her seem so much a part of this English girl and do what Audrey said. There was a lingering memory about becoming a slave....
The idea was hilarious. When Audrey´s lips found her´s and lingered long, and then upon the softness of her eyes... It was all pure bliss. It took Corey a deliciously sl**py minute to realise she was alone.
"You are more beautiful than I hoped." Said Assef Aslam.

It took Miss Corey Gibson several moments to adjust. She felt a need to clutch at bits of herself which appeared to have gone astray and were hovering just beyond reach. It was those segments out there which were feeling guilt, anger, outrage, shocked modesty. She herself felt only an intrigued curiosity pleasantly spiced with sex. "Hello, Mr. Aslam." She said brightly. "You´re a lot better looking than I thought you were too."
"Thank you. You are..... comfortable?"
"Oh, yes. I´m naked. Hadn´t you noticed...?"
"I´m glad you mentioned it." Aslam said drily. "And your arms...?"
Corey wanted him to share the giggle. "They´re handcuffed... behind my back. Audrey did it."
"Charming, isn´t she? Please turn."

The male interest flattered. Corey wanted to share everything. Without thought of exposure, she stepped up to the dark deep eyes, turned her back and flapped her hands.
"You see?" She exclaimed with a strange triumph. "I can´t possibly get loose. I´ve tried."
Aslam tested her locked bonds so pertly presented for his attention. "You are right." He said gravely. "They are snug. You can never free yourself. You may resume your position."

Stepping away, it seemed to Corey only polite to relieve her host of embarrassment. "I don´t mind a bit your seeing me naked, Mr. Aslam." She said with naive innocence. "And please go on giving special attention to my pubic hair and breasts. I´ll stand at attention and spread my legs a bit...."
Assef Aslam sighed. He accepted this cornucopia of riches in silent reverence. His eyes drank deep.
"Audrey mentioned slavery, Mr. Aslam. Should I kneel, or something?"
"Yes, kneel. Back on your heels, head bowed."

She was sure she was very beautiful. She heard his indrawn breath and felt an ecstacy of power in being female. Head bowed in submission she knew a strange triumph. Her hands had ceased to work against their bonds.
"Am I supposed to call you Master now?" She asked without moving.
"I prefer the title of `sir`. It has its own spontaneous subservience. More humiliating. Don´t you agree?"

The naked girl savoured it and found him right. "It is more humiliating to me, sir." She agreed without resentment. For good measure, Corey blandly asked. "Do you wish to have intercourse with me now?"
"You find the prospect agreeable?"
"Yes, sir. Your slave is honoured."
"Isn´t that a hackneyed line, Miss Gibson?"
"I thought so too, sir." The humbled nudity wriggled shyly. "But I´m affraid they´re going to pop up if you want me totally obedient." In a burst of candour, she added. "Audrey´s told me about being whipped. I don´t want to be whipped."
"Do you know what it means to service a man, Miss Gibson?"
"Only because I´ve read about it, sir."
"Service me. Kneeling."

It was like being a c***d again, to walk on her knees. Corey wished Mr. Aslam would share her laughter as she worked at coping with his zipper. It was such fun having no hands, like an old time parlour game. It took her lips, her teeth and het tongue...! Even at that he had to help a little.
"I am pleased, Miss Gibson. Even discounting the potion...!"
Miss Gibson diluted shock at the sudden emergence of her new owner´s male organ by looking up, dewey eyed, and suggesting shyly: "Why don´t you call me Corey, Mr. Aslam? I don´t want you to call me Miss Gibson any more."
She grinned ruefully. "I think Miss Gibson´s disappeared."
Assef nodded, his hands stroking her hair. "Yes, Miss Gibson has gone."
"So why not give me a new name?" Her eyes sparkled. "Give me a slave name appropriate to wherever it is you´re taking me?"
"It shall be as you wish. And now...?"
"Yes, sir. Do I take it all in my mouth at once? I suck it, don´t I? And some other things I read...?"
"Just follow the book." Said Assef Aslam kindly.

Miss Corey Gibson was still savouring the salty taste of semen when the cape was clasped at her neck. It was light, and reached below her pubic hair. No one would see her handcuffs. She kicked her feet back into her own discarded shoes and was ready for her journey. There were waves of disapproval and frantic warnings from those disassociated portions of herself in space but she tolerantly dismissed their naivete in amusement at their absurd concern. With Assef´s hand upon her captive arm, and a femininely complacent smile upon her lips, she walked through a now open door into a new life.

The private elevator was privacy deluxe. A foolish girl seeking escape or help would have found neither. In the underground garage they passed a man alone and a single couple. None vouschafed a second glance. The waiting limousine and its impassive driver absorbed them both in hushed discretion. Settling with Mr. Aslam into the back seat, Corey wriggled deliciously back against her fastened arms. As at a sudden discovery, she exclaimed. "I´m k**napped! I´m a k**napped heiress." Her eyes twinkled at her companion. "Gosh, this sure is exciting."

Wealth paved their way to the private jet. Abstractedly, the k**napped girl realised how little the cape was needed. There was never a chance for that other girl who just might have wanted to run. In the plane it was Audrey Cotswold who took away the cape and shoes.
"Happy, Corey?"
"Oh, yes!" The affirmative was breathless.
"You don´t hate me?"
"Audrey, I love you...!"
"Sit down, darling, there´s a belt..."

The belt went round her waist. Tight! There was a visible padlock which snapped with an emphatic click. "Lean forward, dear, I´m going to change your cuffs."
It was fun to see her hands again. Everything was fun. Corey glowed at her English friend as her wrists were joined above her lap. Considering the belt, she was now more helpless than she had ever been. It was a truly extraordinary game she was privileged to play. In the spirit of the game she tugged at her padlock.
Audrey held up two keys. "Amuse yourself, dear. That´s what I used to do:"

"It´s a lovely feeling." Corey was fingering the belt, the lock, she held up her linked hands and admired her bracelets. "It´s warm and secure...." She tittered happily. "And there´s no way I can get loose. I say, Audrey, am I d***k?"
"Just enough to be happy:"
"Can I have another drink? I want so much to stay like this."
"Oh, you´ll stay like that, my naked beauty!" Audrey teased. "I´ve sat there myself, and a girl just simply doesn´t get up. And yes, I´ll give you another drink." It was lovely to hold up the glass in both her prisoned hands. Corey admired the translucence of whatever it was she was drinking. "This is better than first class." She said thoughtfully. "Have you got this one doctored too?"
"Just a little. Damn remarkable stuff, eh?"
"I know I´m d**gged, Audrey." The captive shook her head as though lost for words. Her eyes were soft. "I want to say something corny and sincere. It isn´t much. Just `thank you`. I know what you´ve done for me. You´ve made the impossible possible."
"I wish I´d had some in my time. It´s ruddy miraculous."
"and the things Mr. Aslam and I got up to...! Wow! And I don´t feel a bit different. In fact, I feel nicer. Just like you said."
"you´re a lot nicer, dear." Audrey´s lips were soft.
Corey leant back and went to sl**p.

Corey Gibson wept. Her tears welled from every emotion save love. "The dirty bastards! The dirty bastards...!" She reiterated the epithet over and over again beneath her breath. "They didn´t need to tie me like this. They didn´t need...!" Painfully, she rolled over on the bare boards of the narrow bunk. But nothing helped. Nothing! The pain from her bound elbows was a steady torment.

The waking up had ben bad enough. She was stiff from sl**ping on the unyielding wood. The discomfort left her ill disposed in her effort to recall. She saw pictures she was unwilling to believe. Impossible outrageous visions of herself doing and saying things to which the daughter of Clifford Gibson would never stoop. She wished them nightmares but knew they were not. Pushing herself from the boards she discovered she was naked, and that she was free.

Her nakedness could not be ignored. It was stark and total. She had been naked in the visions. Sitting up and absorbing her absence of covering she discovered also a flaw in her freedom. There was an uncomfortable weight on her neck, and a trailing chain...! Her fingers explored a metal collar and the considerable length of links attaching her to a ringbolt in the stone wall. It was a debassing way to be constrained, like a dog! She remembered something about being shamed.

The drink or the d**g had left her hazy. It was a couple of minutes before her prison came into focus. It was a square cell. Three walls of stone, one of bars, a barred window high and out of reach. The barred door was a part of the wall which left Corey´s nakedness free to examine by any interested passer by who cared to peer through the bars. Beyond the bars was a view of a sizable courtyard, a lot of sand or dust and a couple of discouraged trees. The air was warm and owed nothing to artificial heat.

There had been a plane... and a journey, and a promise of far away! This was the foreign place. Corey guessed North Africa or the middle East. But what did it matter? What mattered was her condition. Groggily, she got slowly to her feet and went to the bars, glad to clutch them for support. Behind her the chain from her neck trailed obligingly, hindering nothing, save that now she was erect its penal load dragged more heavily on her throat. Holding tight from bar to bar the nude prisoner edged sideways to the door and was sardonically flattered to find she was valued to the extent of three padlocks, top, bottom and centre. The door was very solid indeed. Shaking it, she became aware of her tether as motion brought it into contact with her skin. In fury she saw it would permit her to traverse her cell as though untramelled by such indignity. The collar round her neck was therefore punitive, a punishment, a reminder of whatever it was she had become.
Escape! The word would hammer constantly. She viewed it now. On the face of it, escape was hopeless. A chained neck plus three padlocks made a mockery... but still! Bribery with promised cash or the barter of her body was probably her only weapon. Corey Gibson returned to sit on the bench and to remember bitterly the plush offices of the Planet Corporation´s Office Complex.

The man was in his thirties, possibly Egyption, probably her jailor. His soiled uniform was nondescript, signifying little. His mien and stature were unimpressive. But he was male! Hatefully, Corey Gibson´s hand covered her breasts. Her visitor smiled understandingly and turned his attention to her pubic hair. In an angry gesture, Corey gathered her tether and dragged it to the far wall. Leaning against the stone she offered her visitor nothing but her back and bottom.

"Is very nice." The approval was warm. "You stay like that all day?"
In a cell like this she could never win. But her responses had become instinctive from her lost status. "Go away. Leave me alone."
"I do that, you starve."
She was hungry. Her mouth was dry from the d**g."Push something through the bars." It was the bitterness of Miss Corey Gibson that spawned the order.
"I wish to see your cunt. Turn it round. Put hands behind back. Then you get food."
She was an a****l in a Zoo. To be looked or laughter at, or viewed with lust. The hateful cell quadrupled her nudity.
"Send Mr. Aslam." She demanded curtly.
"He no come. You do not ask."

Corey sighed in defeat. She could not face the wall all day like a naughty girl in school. Presumably others had seen her nakedness, this oaf might as well have a look too. She turned round and walked half way to the bars. "Very well." She said coldly. "Look at me all you like. I´ll even put my hands behind my back. But please bring some water."

He was pleased. After scorching her with the longest leer she had ever known he produced keys. It was whilst he was unlocking the door Corey gathered up the slack of her chain.
"You be good white girl I feed you nice, maybe some wine..."

The nude prisoner flung her chain around his neck and heaved. The plate and the carafe skittered across the floor. His hands reached for her, he was choking. Corey Gibson heaved again.
She might have won. Surprise had given her an advantage. But she was siezed from behind and thrown sprawling. She gazed up fearfully at two dark and resentful visages, one of which was rubbing a tender neck.
"You bitch. We teach lesson."
One went for the rope. The other stood guard. She did not move.
"You stand. We tie."
"Drop dead."

They handled her with expert ease. The weight of knees on her spine pinned her face down on the floor. They tied her wrists with care. Then roped her elbows so that her forearms were welded as one. They went away, laughing. The sound of the door and its locks was, for Corey Gibson, a knell of doom. Weeping, she stayed where they left her, hurt and shamed and without hope. Her breasts thrust against the stone floor without love. She guessed her nipples inverted, they too would sense despair. But after a space of minutes she struggled to her feet and went to the bench. There was no thought in her mind save that that her elbows were hurting, scorched by their bindings, tugging back her shoulders and her breasts. She tried to wriggle her arms and hands but could not. They were tied tight. She was helpless. The collar round her neck became a greater mockery than before.

It was then her experiments began. Surely she could roll or lay in some manner to ease the nagging pain. It was as though her elbows had become enemies, determined to subdue. She thought, longingly, of the handcuffs of hazy memory. It was when she finally desisted that she wept once more.

After awhile she stood again and paced the floor. It was an act of defiance against her tether and the ropes on her arms. Pain was her only companion in the solitary cell. Corey Gibson used it in resentful fury against all that had happened. Driven by the masochism of anger, the daughter of the Planet Corporation lowered herself to the floor and painfully gathered to her lips the spilt food and water her guards had not bothered to remove. She recognized it as the most debasing act of her life.

It was close to evening before her jailor came again. He did not immediately open the door but stood surveying her through the bars, his grin amused, his eyes genuinely curious. Corey forgot her nakedness and her strained breasts. Most of her consciousness was concerned with pain. She had asked herself again and again what she would offer, or be compelled to give, to get rid of the ropes upon her arms. They were now a part of her, deep in her flesh, a persistent scorching misery. She faced him without shame and said a non-commital, hello.

"You be good girl now?"
She fluttered her wracked shoulders in helplessness. "I can´t be anything else, can I?"
"What you give me if I untie?"
"If you´ll enable me to escape I can make you a rich man!"
He shrugged in scorn. "No talk that stuff, is silly."
"I haven´t any money. I haven´t anything... net here."
"You got good cunt."

There it was! Out in the open. Fastidious as she had once been, Corey Gibson knew herself unwilling to face death or injury to preserve her virtue. If the slit between her legs was a weapon she would use it ruthlessly. "I´d be no good." She said reasonably. "I hurt too much, and with my arms tied like this I can´t lay down properly."

"You lay down. You spread legs wide open. If arms hurt more, that good."
"You want to shame me, don´t you?"
"Right!" He glowed approvingly at her perception.
""You lay on arms. You spread the legs. Achmed comes in and fucks."

So this was Aslam´s revenge! She was to be made humble. The bound girl wondered if he was listening beyond the bars where she could not see. Temporizing, she asked: "I´m helpless. You can **** me easily. I can´t do a thing to stop you?"
"Is better you willing. Is nice you spread legs."
Achmed´s grin was avidly anticipatory.
Did this oaf know he was being as psychological in her subjection as his master? Or was it that all men secretly desired the willing submission of the open legs? Was the blatant offering of her bare loins some tribute to their potency? Corey did not know. But, looking her jailor in the eye, she said: "Untie my arms please. I will then do as you wish."
"You do now. Like you are."
"How do I know you´ll untie me after?"
"You trust Achmed. You want I untie now, then tie again tighter after good fuck?"

Corey sighed. Achmed held all the cards. Awkwardly, she lowered her nakedness to the floor, gasping at the pain from her bound arms. Without protest, she spread her legs as far as they would go. In caustic bitterness she supposed a humourist might liken the sound of the three padlocks to her wedding bells.
When the ancient act had moaned itself to consummation he did not help her rise, but stepped away and watched her painful struggle from the floor. When she reached her knees he ordered: "Now you clean with mouth."
Corey Gibson was not surprised. This too would be part of the ancient rite. She took the glistening member in her mouth and dealt with it as competently as she knew how.

"You enjoy?"
"Yes, Achmed, I enjoyed." She was bitterly ashamed of the truth of her admission.
"Achmed enjoy too. You give good fuck. See, I tell! Is better with hurting arms."

She could not hate him. As her captor´s fingers tugged at knots she could almost feel gratitude and a faint warmth that he was actually keeping his word. Corey gasped and cringed in the agony of the peeling of her bonds. When the ropes from elbows and wrists were tossed aside she uttered a heartfelt: "Thank you... Oh, thank you, Achmed."
Then in surprise and shock: "My arms...! They don´t work...!"

He laughed at his tribute to his binding of her limbs, and goodnaturedly massaged her bruised flesh with knowledgable hands. Corey stood in joyous agony, wallowing in the unexpected kindness.
"You make me tie you again, girl?"
"No. I´ll behave. I promise."
"I tie anyway. But not now."
"but why, Achmed, I can´t escape... and I´ve promised!"
"Is for punish. You no ask."

Corey did not ask. She ate her supper hungrily. Achmed stayed and watched, then remained for an hour to share a bottle of unexpected wine. Corey sensed in him a loneliness she might exploit. Wistfully, she asked: "Is this collar and chain locked on mu neck to punish me too?"
"Right!" The exclamation accorded her good marks.
"Am I in a prison?"
"Right! But is most private."
"Does it belong to Mr. Aslam?"
"You ask that too much, you be whipped."

He would answer no more. Exhausted, she slept upon the boards.
The plumbing was simple. A pail of water. Another pail with a broken cover. With breakfast came a bowl and a towel. Both were taken away an hour later. The daughter of vast wealth learned to squat above the empty receptacle in full view of any interested party. She wondered if Assef Aslam had a hidden spyhole through which to view her shame.
"Now I tie for rest of day." Achmed held the rope as for a gift.

Corey did not demur. She needed this man as a friend. Guided by a prompting hand, she thrust her breasts against the bars and looked out across the courtyard. Achmed raised her arm to shoulder level and tied its wrist to a bar, then the other. Miss Corey Gibson stood with arms stretched wide. But not in pain. She was simply tied to the bars of her cell and left alone. The links from her collar trickled down her back. After awhile she would be very tired.

It was not long before the men began to dig. One with a bar, one with a shovel. They were not too distant into the courtyard, and from time to time turned her way and laughed. Corey was surprised and relieved that they did not come and paw her nakedness in its open invitation. She would have had to stand and endure. She could not back away from the bars more than a few inches. It was not until they planted the post solidly in the ground that she knew fear. After the two of them had tamped and pounded and gone away, the seven foot timber stood starkly in its punitive promise of pain.

So she was going to be whipped! The references had not been casual or to tease. The additional refinement of compelling her to watch the implanting of a whipping post for her special benefit was in keeping with the rest. No doubt there would be a considerable period of suspense before she was taken out and bound to the implacable object now awaiting her nudity. Corey wondered vividly how she would behave. Suppose she screamed...! She winced at the mere thought.

But the post was not for her! before long, Corey watched a small procession walk sedately to the newly erected facility. Three men and a woman. The woman might be thirty. She was expostulating vehemently with her companions, but did not drag her steps. All of them spoke a language Corey did not understand. It was an argument of questions and answers, a concerned exchange of views that stopped short of becoming physical. The tied girl watched in amazement through her bars as the woman, with a gesture of disgust, stripped herself of covering. naked, she thrust herself against the post and embraced it with bare arms as though it had become a familiar exercise. Corey Gibson gasped in shock.
The woman was as white as she herself.
One man had rope. He crossed the passive wrists and bound them tight. Another had a hammer and a huge nail. Between them they thrust the tied hands high until their owner stood upon het toes. The nail was inserted beneath her bonds and hammered half its length into the wood. They stood back. Their work was done. The third man held the whip.
Corey Gibson knew guilt. Her tied wrists prevented her turning away. But she could close her eyes. She did not have to watch.
She watched.

Fascinated. Repelled. Curious to assess a punishment of which she knew nothing, but which would almost certainly be inflicted on herself before too long. Was it bearable? By watching, could she gain a comforting reassurance...?

She beheld the lash make its arc. She heard it splat upon bare flesh. The woman flinched and looked back pitifully. That was all. At the fourth stroke the victim screamed and fought the post. Corey supposed a woman would always try to keep silent and would always fail. The victim´s bare legs raised and kicked pathetically. The witnesses exchanged experienced comments. The whip drew back and flashed again. Corey winced at its impact and the feminine scream. She winced fifteen more times before the three men took their whip and went away. The bound woman embracing the post remained standing on her toes. She could move but little. Her legs continued their testimony of anguish. Soon they too were still.

To the naked girl tied to the bars the scene had been in profile. Corey could not properly see the whipped back or striped buttocks. There were marks where the lash had curled beneath a raised arm, angry red welts distance could not hide. But she reluctantly concluded she had not witnessed a true flogging. She could see no bl**d. The woman had not fainted through all her twenty strokes. The whip, therefore, was not lethal. What she had seen was probably normal for this place. Undramatically routine. Miss Corey Gibson shuddered.

The whipped woman eventually became aware of an audience. She turned her head to look at Corey but found nothing remarkable in what she saw. Perhaps naked white girls tied to the bars of their cell was commonplace. The distance between them was far enough to inhibit speech. The day passed slowly. The whipped delinquent remained embracing the post with her tied arms. Corey clutched her bars. That was all.

"Why was that woman whipped, Achmed?"
"She foolish woman. She very rude."
"Who to?"
"You ask questions or you be rude, you go to post too."

Corey sighed. Her conversational gambits seemed limited. She smiled winningly at her jailor. "Tell me, Achmed. Was that a cruel whipping she got or just a light one?"
"Was light. Her master very kind."
"Was it the sort of whipping I´d get?"
"If not too bad." Achmed grinned. "You nosey. You want I whip you? Achmed like whip girls."
"No, thank you. It´s just... well, I´ve never been a prisoner like this before. I don´t know... about anything."
"Is nice for you." Achmed beamed approvingly. "I teach."

"Do I really have to be tied up every day, Achmed? Or do you do that to me for fun?"
"You look very pretty when you tied up. Achmed enjoy."
"Yes, I know I look pretty. But does someone order you to do that to me?"
"You want I fetch whip?"

Corey abandoned her probing. Achmed could be prodded only so far. She was by no means sure he would use the whip on her. But the post in the courtyard was a warning. As things stood he was, in his own fashion, kind and amiable. But why not? He used her as he pleased. She was totally obedient, a model prisoner. Common sense told her it was best to be pliant and await.

To be continued....
Geri Continue»
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He fucked my girl

by xleglover

This happened in college. One night my girlfriend Jen and I were making out in my bedroom. I had one hand inside her blouse and another up her skirt, and it was just getting really good when my roommate Ricky walked in. "Whoa, sorry," he said seeing us. "Don't worry, I'll sl**p on the couch." I felt bad because I knew he'd get no sl**p outside in the dorm common room, so I pulled a blanket over me and Jen and told him to stay a while. I figured the least we could do is drink a beer with him before kicking him out. I could tell Jen was embarrassed, and I felt her buttoning up her blouse and pulling her skirt down under the blanket.

One beer led to another, and Jen and I had already had some before Ricky got there, so we were getting pretty buzzed. Then Ricky rolled a joint, so soon we were high on beer and grass. I started kissing and fondling Jen. The blanket got pushed off and my hands were inside her blouse and up her skirt again. It got so hot we both forgot about Ricky. When I remembered, I looked over to him and expected to see him asl**p (or politely pretending to be asl**p), but he wasn't. Instead, he was intently watching as I kissed and fondled my girlfriend.

Surprisingly, being watched by Ricky turned me on, so I didn't stop or tell him to look away. Instead, I unbuttoned Jen's blouse so he had a clear view of her lacy bra. Right around then Jen remembered that Ricky was in the room, and I felt her body tense. Maybe it was the beer and pot talking, but I whispered "Let's give Ricky a show."

Jen's eyes grew wide. "Are you serious?"

I nodded. Ricky heard us whispering, and must have thought we were trying to figure out how to get rid of him, because he said, "I guess I'll hit the sack outside."

Again, maybe it was the beer and pot talking, but I said "Hey buddy, don't leave on our account." I started kissing Jen again, and she didn't stop me when I pulled off her blouse. I reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, then pulled it off her arms and tossed it on the floor, leaving Jen topless before Ricky's eyes.

Jen pressed her palms on her skirt when I tried pushing it up, stopping me momentarily, but I moved her hands and pushed it up around her waist. I quickly pulled off her panties (it joined her bra on the floor), then moved in between her legs. Jen was embarrassed being topless with her skirt around her waist, and me between her spread legs, so she covered her eyes with her arm. But that didn't stop her from moaning when I licked between her folds and flicked my tongue across her clit.

Ricky looked totally turned on. He motioned to a chair next to my bed and raised an inquiring eyebrow. I nodded, and he moved over to the chair. Jen's arm still covered her eyes, but I think she sensed Ricky sitting next to the bed. Now he was within arm's reach of Jen's naked breasts, her flat stomach, her long shapely legs. I knew he thought she was super-hot. To his credit he controlled himself from reaching out and groping her. But that didn't stop him from unzipping his fly and pulling out his dick. He was big, which bothered me, especially when he gave me a "I know you're impressed" look. He started stroking his meat and if anything he got even bigger. All of a sudden I felt jealous, with him getting hot looking at my girlfriend.

Usually I'd get Jen off with my tongue and then fuck her, but I didn't want to wait. I wanted to show Mr. Big Dick what he'd never be able to do, so I pulled on a condom and positioned my cock between her pussy lips and pushed in. Jen grunted as I did so, and I smiled at Ricky, my message clear: you can look, but she's mine. I cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples as I fucked her, then kissed her. She finally moved her arm away from her face, but kept her eyes closed. I leaned back and put her long legs over my shoulders and then started to really pound her.

My hard fucking caused her to open her eyes, and she looked at me at first, and then turned her head slightly and looked at Ricky. Well, not at Ricky's face, but his hard cock, which was just inches from her face since he was sitting right next to us. I didn't fault her for what she did next. By that time we were all lost in lust, and it seemed like the natural thing to do. But when Jen's lips formed an O, my head practically exploded. Without any hesitation, Ricky leaned forward off the chair and then, just like that, his cock was in my girlfriend's mouth. He pushed in and, to stop herself from gagging, Jen reflexively wrapped her hand around his rod to keep him from pushing further into her mouth. Jen's hand around his cock kind of gave him permission to touch her, so one of his hands went behind her head, his fingers grasping her soft blonde hair, and his other hand went down to her tits. He'd seen how I'd fondled her breasts and rubbed her nipples, the way I'd learned she liked it, and the bastard did it the same way, causing Jen to moan even with his cock in her mouth.

Despite my feelings, the sight of Jen blowing Ricky was too much and I came immediately. Now though, with my lust sated, the sight of Ricky inside my girlfriend's mouth caused my heart to ache. I leaned back disheartened, and my soft cock slid out of Jen's pussy. The condom fell off my dick and onto the floor. I got off the bed intending to get Ricky to stop, but he misinterpreted my actions. Before I could react he'd moved around me and onto the bed, between Jen's legs. Then he pushed in, and just like that he was fucking my girlfriend. Again I didn't fault Jen. She hadn't cum yet, so she was still lost in lust. She wrapped her legs around Ricky's legs and met every one of his thrusts. To make it even worst, the bastard leaned down and started kissing her while he fucked her. My heart sank as Jen wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. Moments later, Jen's toes curled into the mattress and her body shook in orgasm, moaning into Ricky's mouth as he French kissed her through her orgasm.

Ricky had incredible staying power. He put her shapely legs over his shoulders as I'd done, and then pounded her so hard he practically shoved her into the headboard. It was like watching a porno flick, and I couldn't help getting aroused again. Despite the fact it was my girlfriend getting pounded -- or maybe because it was my girlfriend -- I got rock hard again, and I sat in the chair next to the bed and stroked myself as Ricky fucked the brains out of my girlfriend. At one point Jen looked at me in the chair playing with myself as she got fucked by Ricky. The next time she looked a few moments later, I was spurting all over my hand.

I think she came at least once more. Finally, Ricky tensed up and then he violently slammed into her, again and again. Finally he pulled out, and I realized in horror he hadn't worn a condom. The evidence of what he'd done was apparent as his milky cum leaked out of Jen's pussy as soon as he pulled out. Thank god she was on the pill on I'm sure he would have impregnated her.

Ricky had the good graces to quickly get off my girlfriend and get into his own bed. I got into bed next to Jen and we both passed out.

The next morning, we woke up snuggled against each other. Ricky must have gotten up earlier, and he had the good graces to not stick around. I mean, I'd told him I intended to marry Jen, so he knew she and I would have a lot to talk about. It was awkward at first, but soon we were giggling and laughing at how wild things had gotten. I mean, neither of us were prudes, and even though we hadn't planned it, we were young and open to new things as long as no one got hurt. When I asked how it was to have Ricky, her eyes got kind of dreamy, and she said, "Well, I never really thought of him that way, but, well, wow!" Then she saw the insecure look on my face and quickly added, "but of course he's nothing like you." I guess she thought I needed more reassurance, because she got on top of me and we had a long slow fuck.

At first I was pissed at Ricky, feeling he took advantage of the situation. Part of it was my insecurity after seeing Ricky fuck Jen. He's more muscular than me and has a bigger dick, and Jen seemed to enjoy both. But he apologized, so eventually things returned to normal. In some ways we grew closer. We were roommates, but not great friends. But now Ricky often complimented me how hot a girlfriend I had, and how lucky I was.

It was awkward though when the 3 of us were in the same room. Jen avoided talking about him, but sometimes I'd catch her looking at him. I saw Ricky stealing glances at Jen too, even more than he used to. I started going over to Jen's place more to avoid seeing Ricky, but that didn't give us much privacy because Jen's roommates were home a lot more than Ricky.

About a month after it happened, Jen and I were in my room making out. I had Jen's blouse unbuttoned and my hand inside her bra when Ricky walked in. WTF! Didn't he see the hanger on the door? We pulled away from each other. Ricky muttered apologies, his eyes on Jen's open blouse. I looked at Jen and her eyes were on Ricky's crotch. He wore sweat pants and his dick made a huge tent in the fleece material. The attraction between them was unmistakable. The sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

I don't know what took hold of me. But instead of kicking Ricky out, I pulled Jen to me and started kissing her again. I put my hand back inside her bra and rubbed her nipple.

For a while we made out like that, pretending like Ricky wasn't there. I moved down Jen's body and pushed up her short skirt. I pulled her panties down her long legs. They were soaking, and her pussy lips glistened with excitement. I opened her legs and went down on her.

I purposely avoided looking at Ricky. After eating her for a little while, Jen's moans and writhing became more intense. I looked up, not surprised to see Ricky all over her. They were kissing, and Ricky's hands had replaced mine on her breasts. He finished taking off her blouse and bra, and expertly rubbed and fondled her tits and nipples.

"Wait, wait," she panted, out of breath and her chest heaving. She pushed Ricky away. "Mike, come here."

I moved to her. She took out my dick and stroked me, and then took me into her mouth. I groaned and my head rolled back with the pleasure.

"That's so hot!" Ricky said watching my girlfriend give me head. I saw a smile cross Jen's face (even with my cock in her mouth). Ricky moved between Jen's legs, and raised an eyebrow at me. Jen looked at me too, but her face didn't reveal what she wanted. My lust definitely controlled me, all good sense gone. I nodded at Ricky, and he gave me a big eager smile.

He pulled out his big cock and moved up between Jen's thighs. Jen grunted as he entered her. "Oh god!" she groaned.

She took me back into her mouth, but she clearly had trouble concentrating on blowing me with Ricky impaling her with his long thick monster. She gave up altogether on sucking me when he put her legs over her shoulder and began pounding her.

Panting, I moved over to Ricky's bed (just a few feet away), and sat on the edge of the bed. Ricky was more muscular than me and he was an impressive sight with his body all tensed up as he pounded Jen's pussy. He leaned into Jen, pressing her legs against her chest, and she clutched the sheets as if holding on for dear life.

From my vantage point, I had a clear view of how Jen's bare pussy lips (she kept herself hairless except for a tiny landing strip above her clit) strained to accommodate Ricky's girth. His cock was incredibly long, it was like a python moving in and out of her. It amazed me seeing him fucking her. His cock was so long it seemed to take forever to slide in and out of her as he slow stroked her. He definitely had an effect on her by her pants and the ecstasy on her face. It was gut wrenching knowing I couldn't fuck her the same way as him.

To make it even worse, I realized Ricky wasn't wearing a condom. Jen was on birth control, but the pill isn't fool proof. I always wore a condom because she was freaked about getting pregnant. Her older s****r had gotten pregnant and they were catholic, so she dropped out of college, married the father and had the baby. Fortunately her s****r loved her husband, but Jen didn't want that to happen to her. It surprised me that Jen let Ricky into her again bareback (this was the second time), but then she was so caught up in lust (just like me) she didn't realize it. I could stop him of course but then the memory came to me of the last time, how his thick baby making seed oozed out of her pussy. I got lightheaded with excitement and I knew I didn't have the willpower to stop Ricky from shooting his fertile sperm into my girlfriend's womb.

"Oh god oh god oh god," Jen panted as Ricky long stroked her with his cock. Ricky leaned down and kissed her. Jen didn't resist, instead she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back. I could tell from their cheeks that their tongues were down each other's throat.

Jen's toes curled, and I knew she was cumming. She groaned her orgasm into his mouth, her back arching with the pleasure. Moments later, Ricky's body tensed. He pushed deep into Jen and stayed there, and from his convulsions I could tell he was cumming too, ejaculating his seed into her. I wondered if he had just gotten my girlfriend pregnant (I knew this was her most fertile time of the month), and with that thought I came too, without even touching myself, my sperm shooting onto my thighs and chest.

Ricky again had the good graces to leave and give us some privacy. As soon as he left we started giggling and laughing, just like last time. We were in awe at ourselves, how wild we'd been, not just once but for the second time. We weren't prudes, but normal college students (even hot bl**ded ones) didn't do this type of thing, did they?

"I can't believe you actually gave Ricky permission to fuck me," Jen said.

I hid my embarrassment with a shrug. "I don't know what it is, seeing another guy fucking you really turns me on," I said truthfully.

Jen looked wide-eyed at me, and then gave me an excited smile. "Oh my god, that's so hot!" she said excitedly. She got on top of me -- by that time I was hard again -- and we fucked like rabbits.

The next day reality hit. What would we do if Ricky had knocked up Jen? Due to her religious beliefs, getting a morning after pill wasn't an option, nor was an abortion if it came to that. We were so scared we did some research on the internet about putting a baby up for adoption, but Jen got so upset by the concept that she started crying. So I knew if she was pregnant that not only would she have the baby, but she wouldn't give it up. Honestly I didn't know what I'd do. We loved each other and we'd even talked about getting married, but we were both young. I was 24 (a grad student) and she 21 (a senior). Would I want to father another man's c***d?

But thankfully Jen got her period (thank god for the pill!). To celebrate, I got us a bottle of bubbly, and she gave me an incredible blowjob.

Our relationship with Ricky changed. Jen's awkwardness with him was gone. They k**ded and joked around like buddies. It made me jealous, but whenever I saw them together acting so familiar, my cock stirred. So I guess it was inevitable we'd have another threesome.

It started innocently enough. We all decided to watch a movie on cable. But the movie was boring so soon we were laughing and making fun of the storyline and corny lines. We were all sitting on the sofa, and as we joked around there was a lot of touching and rubbing. At first we weren't aware of all the touching, but then all at the same time we realized we were bunched together on the sofa, with Jen squished between me and Ricky. The sexual tension immediately went through the roof. Before I knew it Ricky and I were kissing and feeling up Jen. She switched back and forth, first kissing me, then turning and kissing Ricky. As she kissed me I buttoned her blouse, and Ricky pulled it off her. Then, when she turned to kiss Ricky, I unsnapped her bra and Ricky's hands immediately went into her loosen bra cups to cup and fondle her breasts.

It was like me and Ricky were in sync. He undid her jeans, and then I pulled them down her long legs. He pulled off her panties, and then I dived between her legs to eat her out as he kissed her and fondled her tits and rubbed her nipples.

As they continued to kiss and grope each other, I put on a condom and plunged my rock hard cock into her pussy. God she was so wet. I wanted to see Ricky fuck her, so after a while I pulled out. "Your turn," I said to him.

He eagerly switched places with me, and as he took off his jeans I kissed and fondled my girlfriend. "Ricky's gonna fuck you real good now babe," I hissed into her ear, and she moaned. I looked over at Ricky. He had his monster cock out. I should have told him to put on a condom, but I didn't. She's on the pill, I reasoned to myself.

As he mounted her, Jen hugged me hard and groaned into my mouth. "Oh god!" she moaned, "He's so fucking big!"

Ricky reached down to squeeze her tits, and there wasn't enough room for both of us, so I took a step back to watch. He grinned at me, like that's what he wanted, to have my girlfriend all to himself. He fucked her good and hard and sent to her an amazing orgasm, just like the other times. Then he came hard shooting his seed into her young fertile womb.

He kissed her as they came down from their orgasms. "Come on, get off!" I said annoyed, hitting him on the arm. He pulled out and I got between my girlfriend's legs. Her pussy gaped open and milky cream oozed from her lips. The sight got me so hot I felt like I was going to faint. I took off the condom -- it didn't matter at that point -- and plunged into her pussy. She felt incredible loose, but knowing how she got that way turned me on. I fucked her hard, but I noticed she wasn't responding as passionately with me as with Ricky. I told myself it was because she'd just cum. I came hard, adding my sperm to Ricky's.

Afterwards, Ricky didn't leave like the other times. Instead, relieved of the sexual tension, we all laughed and joked around. It was still early so we decided to watch a different movie. Jen wrapped a blanket around herself. Both Ricky and I put on our boxers (I put on my t-shirt too). Jen sat between us as before, naked under the blanket.

As we watched the movie, I noticed Jen stealing glances at Ricky, at his muscular arms and six pack. I got involved in the movie. Then I felt Jen moving under her blanket, and heard her moan softly. I looked over, and saw the blanket moving. Ricky was fingering her!

Jen saw me looking, then we locked eyes. She wore a desperate, aroused look. I got hard, and leaned over and kissed her, pulling the blanket away. Now that she had my permission, she reached over and slid a hand into Ricky's shorts. I heard him groan as she wrapped her fingers around his cock.

So here we were, me kissing Jen, and she and Ricky playing with each other. Ricky leaned over and swallowed one of Jen's nipples, making her gasp. She turned to Ricky and they kissed, their passion hot and urgent.

As they kissed and fondled, I began feeling like a third wheel. Ricky got between her legs and pulled down his shorts. Almost as an after-thought, he said to me "let me go first this time, okay Mike?" He said it like a question but he was already positioning his cock between Jen's pussy lips. With a huge lurch he impaled her on his shaft, Jen grunting and pushing back to meet his thrust. Pretty soon they were going at it, their fucking desperate and fervent. It was like I wasn't even there. I moved to a chair across from them, and watched as Ricky brought my girlfriend to another massive orgasm.

You might think these threesomes with Ricky would hurt my relationship with Jen, but instead we grew closer. Jen was giddy all the time. She had a normal upbringing, if maybe a little conservative because of her religion, so her hookups with a guy not her boyfriend were exciting "break the rules" kind of things for her. From her point of view, yes, she was acting sluttish, but she had her boyfriend's permission so it was okay. For me, it was so exciting to see my girlfriend taken by another guy. I can't explain it, but just thinking about it made me dizzy with excitement. Yes, it was gut wrenching, but so thrilling.

I didn't like the way Ricky and Jen acted around each other (outside the bedroom). Their actions were a little more intimate, touchy-feely than before -- not like boyfriend/girlfriend, but more than platonic friends. My friends noticed it, and some of them even told me I better watch out for Ricky because he was making moves on Jen.

I tried telling Jen my concerns, but talking about it got me excited and hard (despite the anguish), so it always ended up with us having amazing sex. My reaction got Jen believing it excited me when she flirted with Ricky in front of our friends -- which it did -- so she started doing it more, delighted by how kinky and demented I was.

To celebrate my birthday, Jen threw me a party with about 30 of our friends. She looked amazing. I guess maybe I should describe her. She's a head shorter than me at 5-3, with a petite slim body. She's got soft blonde hair that goes passed her shoulders, and a girl-next-door pretty face with freckles across her cheeks that match her bubbly, happy-go-lucky personality. Her breasts are small (she wears a 32 a/b cup) but perky, and she's got amazing long legs with slim pretty feet. See danced a lot in high school and college, and is kind of tom-boyish, and prefers jeans and flats over skirts and heels.

Jen hates wearing pantyhose, feeling they're too constricting. So it surprised me that not only did she wear a dress to my birthday party (a little black number), but also sheer nude pantyhose, and spiky high heels. I didn't know where she got the high heels, I didn't know she even owned any. But she looked incredible! The dress was low cut so it showed the soft swell of her bosom (I think she wore a push up bra as her boobs looked bigger than normal), and it end way higher than her knees so it showed off most of her legs. And her legs looked even more amazing than usual in the silky nylons and high heels.

Even though it was my birthday party, Jen spent as much time with Ricky as with me. I think our friends thought it was because she was tipsy from beer, but given how touchy-feely the two of them had been lately, I'm sure all my friends thought Jen was cheating on me with Ricky. More than once when the three of us were clustered in a group with other people, Jen ignored me completely, her eyes and attention solely on Ricky.

One time Jen came up to me and whispered into my ear, "Doesn't Ricky look so hot tonight?" She giggled seeing the flash of excitement on my face, then walked away.

Around midnight I looked around for Jen but couldn't find her anywhere. Ricky wasn't around either. They'd been all over each other all night, so I was pretty sure I knew what they were doing. Most of the people were still there so their absence wasn't noticeable, but soon it would be if they didn't show up soon. Just as I was about to have an anxiety attack, they walked in ... together! WTF, couldn't they have at least come in separately?!

Ricky said something about going out for a smoke, but Jen's hair was disheveled, her cheeks flushed, and her dress creased. In other words, she looked freshly fucked! I could tell, and so could all are friends. Many of my friends looked at me questioningly, wondering why I wasn't taking a slug at Ricky. My gut wrenched with jealousy and insecurity, and at the same time my cock was hard as a rock.

After I didn't do anything, the party got back to normal, although there was a lot of whispering and gossiping going on. I tried to catch Jen's eye but she ignored me, still giving Ricky all her attention. Finally when I thought I couldn't take it anymore she came over and pulled me aside. We had a few moments of privacy, and she kissed me open mouth. "Can you taste Ricky, he was in my mouth not long ago," she whispered into my ear. Then she pushed my hand up her dress. The upper thighs of her pantyhose were soaked. "That's Ricky, his cum, spilling out of me."

It was too much, I lurched and came in my pants. Jen smiled delightfully. "I guess you're having a good birthday," she giggled.

"Jen, wait," I pleaded. "Everyone knows you fucked Ricky just now. They all think you're cheating on me."

She shook her head and gave me a knowing look. "They might suspect something, but they don't know." I wasn't so sure about that. I cleaned myself up and we re-entered the party holding hands.

Later that night back at my apartment, I pushed Jen's dress up around her waist. Her black thong panties were visible through the sheer tan nylon of her pantyhose, and the pantyhose from her crotch to mid-thighs were soaked. "Ricky cums a lot," she giggled.

"Where did he fuck you?" I asked hoarsely, my fingers tracing the wet area of her pantyhose.

"Outside, in the back. He fucked me against the fence."

"Weren't you worried someone would go outside and see you? A lot of people already think you're cheating on me." I pulled off her pantyhose and panties and pushed my cock into her. She felt loose and extremely wet. One good thing about this thing with Ricky, she no longer insisted I wear a condom, finally deciding the pill was safe enough.

She shrugged, but I caught a flash of excitement in her eye. The excitement wasn't from my cock though, she barely reacted to my being inside her, but then Ricky was a lot bigger than me. No, her excitement had to do with people thinking she was cheating on me. She'd been raised Catholic, and had always had the reputation of being a pristine, goody-two-shoes girl. Maybe she liked people thinking she had a bad girl streak.

As I moved inside her, she said, "In the middle of fucking me, we heard Sam on the other side of the fence, talking on the phone. We had to stop until he left." She flushed excitedly. Sam was my best friend, we'd been best friends since grade school. "God Mike, Sam wasn't two feet from us, on the other side of the fence, and Ricky was inside me. What if he had opened the gate and saw us. How would you like that? Sam seeing your girlfriend fucking another guy. Would you like that? Or maybe you'd want me to suck him off so he wouldn't tell anyone. Would you like that? If I sucked Sam off and let him cum in my mouth?"

It was too much, I grunted and lurched and came. I collapsed onto Jen, physically and emotionally spent. We lay in the darkness, our bodies entwined. "I'm not sure how much longer I can do this," I said. "I mean, it's exciting, but, I mean, it's almost too exciting."

We talked a long time after that. It was exciting for both of us, but it had drawbacks too. Jen admitted it wasn't the best thing for her if everyone thought she was cheating on me. I was nervous throughout the conversation, because I thought she might break up with me, deciding she'd rather be with the more hunky Ricky. I knew Ricky would take her in a second, he'd always thought she was hot, and even more so now that he'd seen her naked and knew how great she was in bed. But to my relief she never even broached breaking up. Finally we decided to stop it with Ricky.

Ricky wasn't too happy with this. He hit on Jen a few times, and when that didn't work he threatened to tell everyone that Jen was a slut and I a cuckold. He screwed himself with that one, because that got Jen mad at him so if he ever had a chance with her, that was gone now. We told Ricky it would be as bad for him as us if this ever got out -- like, what if a potential employer ever heard about this? That finally convinced Ricky because all of us were about to graduate and we were all looking for jobs.

He moved out and I didn't see him again until graduation. I was graduating from the grad school and Jen and Ricky from the undergrad main campus. After my ceremony, I walked across campus to meet up with Jen. When I got there I saw Jen across the lawn talking to Ricky. It was pretty far away, but it looked like he was doing most of the talking. She shook her head as he spoke. He kept talking. She looked nervously around, then she said something to him. That seemed to satisfy him because he smiled and walked off. When I caught up with her I asked, "What was that with Ricky? I saw you talking to him."

"Oh, um, nothing," she said. "He got a job in California, so he said goodbye." Then she hurriedly added, "Have you seen our parents yet?" I frowned. It seemed they talked longer than it took to say goodbye. But our parents were taking us out to dinner to celebrate, so I forgot about it as we went in search for them.

After graduation, both Jen and I searched for jobs in New York City. We both loved NYC, and we wanted to stay together. Jen was ecstatic when she landed a job in a big advertising firm as an assistant account executive, and I got a job with a big Wall Street firm. Jen's job didn't pay much but it was a good start, and anyway my job paid enough to make up for it. We rented a loft in SoHo and moved in together.

We didn't talk about Ricky, or what we'd done with him. It's not that we were ashamed by it, or regretted anything. We were just too busy with our jobs and it was exciting to live in a big city like New York.

We went out all the time. There are too many great bars and restaurants in NYC to cook at home! I admit I gained some weight with all the eating out, but Jen managed to keep her slim figure by enrolling in modern dance and yoga classes with others from her office.

Jen really blossomed in New York, shedding her tom-boyishness. In advertising, you had to be stylish so she started wearing designer dresses all the time. I think she spent all her paychecks on clothes, but that was okay with me. I made enough for both of us to live on, and with her great legs I loved the way she looked in dresses and skirts, and now she even wore high heels all the time. Her company was old-school, where it was a no-no for women to go bare legged. I thought that would be a problem for Jen, because she hated wearing pantyhose. To my surprise, one morning I found her putting on thigh high stockings. It looked like she'd worn them before; one had the start of a run. That further surprised me. I didn't know she even owned any, and I'd never seen her in them. I asked her about it. She shrugged and said, "I've had these for a while. Maybe they'll be more comfortable at work." Seeing her roll the thigh highs up her long sexy legs made me crazy, and I attacked her. "Maybe I should wear them more often," she giggled. Needless to say, we both ended up getting to work late that day.

I felt proud and so lucky to have a girlfriend as good looking as Jen. She'd always been one of the prettiest girls in the room, but she really blossomed in NYC, and with her new clothes, she looked better than ever, a real head turner everywhere we went. It gave me a charge seeing other guys look at her, and men were so confident in New York that they'd hit on her, even with me standing right next to her. Jen noticed how this aroused me, and she started flirting with other men right in front of me. Nothing as outrageous as with Ricky, but still it was a charge for both of us, and it always led to great sex. Sometimes during sex she'd whisper into my ear how hot she thought a guy was, making our fucking even more exciting.

After 2 years in NYC I asked Jen to marry me. We were young (she was 23 and I was 26) but we'd been going out for years by that time, so we were both already committed by that point. But Jen didn't immediately say yes. She took my hands, looking nervous and serious. "I want to say yes, but first I have to tell you something. You remember Ricky?" I nodded and she paused, as if steeling herself. "After we agreed to stop with him ... well, one time after that, I had sex with him."

My mouth went dry. "When?" I managed to say.

She looked away from me, like she was too ashamed to look into my eyes. "At graduation," she answered. "He sat next to me and hit on me the entire time. So, well ... I went home with him."

"That day?" I asked, confused. I remembered them talking after the ceremony. But after that we were together the entire day. We found our parents and then went out to dinner. Then I remembered that after we found our parents, Jen said she had to run back to her apartment because she forgot to pack her contacts. I offered to go with her, but she told me to stay to keep our parents company. I remember she was gone a long time; when she got back she'd said she ran into some friends and they insisted she have a quick drink with them. I looked at her. "It was when you said you had to get your contacts."

She nodded, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm so sorry," she said, clutching my hand. I thought back to that day. Jen had rushed into the restaurant, apologizing for being so late. She'd looked frazzled. I'd assumed it was because she'd had to run across campus and back. Now I realized it was because she'd been freshly fucked by Ricky. And at dinner, as she sat next to me and as we excitedly talked to our parents about our future together, she'd been full of his sperm.

I loved Jen though. I hugged her and told her it was okay, and said I still wanted to marry her. She told me she wanted to marry me too, and just like that, we were engaged. We hugged some more, and I'm sure she could feel my hard-on against her belly, but she didn't mention it.

We celebrated our engagement that night, going to an expensive restaurant and drinking too much champagne. After diner we continued to celebrate at a nightclub down the street. We drank more and we both were way passed tipsy. I took her onto the dance floor. Jen is a great dancer, she really knows how to move her body. As she gyrated I pulled her against me, my hands on her ass.

Clutching her skirt I lifted it as we grinded on the dance floor. It was already a short skirt, barely passed mid-thigh, but now I had it just below her ass, revealing her lacy stocking tops to anyone who looked. Jen didn't stop me, she just looked into my face as I kept raising her skirt as we swayed to the music. I had her skirt so high, my palms were on her skirt while my fingers were on the bare flesh of her ass.

Finally she reached back and held my hands, preventing me from raising her skirt any higher. She pulled my head down to her. "You like showing me off?" she whispered into my ear, sounding half d***k. "It turns you on when other men see my body?"

I didn't say anything, but she could tell my answer by how hard my cock was. She smiled at me, emboldened by the alcohol. "It turned you on hearing how I cheated on you with Ricky, didn't it?" she asked me, her smile half inquisitive and half challenging. The she leaned up against me, pressing her body against mine, and snaking a hand between our bodies to cup my crotch. "If he was here right now, would you want him to fuck me? Fuck your new fiancée?" God, I felt like I was going to burst! I dragged her out of the bar and into a taxi, and practically took her right there as we drove home. Luckily it was only a 5 minute drive. Upstairs in our loft we had the best sex we'd had in a long time.

Jen and her mom spent a year planning our wedding. During that time we talked about Ricky again, and how exciting it had been when he fucked her and I watched. It turned out Jen hadn't spoken of him over guilt at having cheated, but now with that behind us we both reveled in remembering the excitement of our last year in college. He became a big part of our pillow talk, and we fantasized about him when we had sex. It was mostly me coming up with the fantasies, but Jen was definitely excited by them. Probably the most demented fantasy I came up with was inviting Ricky to our wedding, and then letting him fuck Jen, so he would be the first man to have my new bride instead of me.

These fantasies lead into our real life, with Jen becoming more flirtatious with other men. She'd flirt with other guys right in front of me. It was gut wrenching when she did it, but so incredibly exciting. It was even more exciting watching guys hit on her, now that she was my fiancée and wore an engagement ring. The diamond on her finger didn't deter guys from hitting on her, in fact if anything she got hit on more now than before. I guess guys liked the idea of taking another man's girl.

Sometimes we'd go into a bar separately, and I'd watch as Jen got hit on. We went to bars where it was unlikely we'd run into anyone we knew, but the thought of Jen being seen by our friends flirting with other men (and our friends thinking she was cheating on me) excited me. We always had great sex afterwards.

Our fantasies stayed fantasies, though. Sometimes I wanted to say to her, "Baby, I really want to see another guy fucking you, for real," but I held back. I still remembered how intense it got with Ricky, and I wasn't sure I could survive that again. Jen held back too, I think because she was basically a normal American girl, and normal girls don't have sex with other men. The thing with Ricky had been wild and taboo, but now we were out of college and had to grow up.

Jen even got less anal about birth control. She was still on the pill, but if she forgot to take it one day she didn't have a heart attack like before. After all, we were getting married and we eventually wanted k**s, so if she got pregnant a little earlier than later, it was all good.

Things changed about a month before our wedding. We were in a Starbucks when guess who walks in? Yep, you guessed it -- Ricky.

He saw us, and we invited him to join us for coffee. He'd joined the marines because he couldn't get a job in California. He'd been in Afghanistan and taken a bullet to his side. He was still in the marines (in fact he was dressed in fatigues), but he was assigned stateside in NYC while his wound completely healed.

Later that night in bed, I said, "So what did you think of Ricky?"

Jen gave me a smile. "He looked really good," she gushed. I have to admit he did look good. Ricky had always had a ruggedly handsome look, but with the military short hair and fatigues, he looked even more so. Also, his body looked even more ripped than before, no doubt because of the physical demands of the military.

I gave her a lecherous smile. "I saw you looking him up and down."

"I couldn't help it!" she said, and we both laughed, then we had great sex.

I couldn't stop thinking about Ricky, how he'd fucked Jen, how he got her to cheat on me. We'd gone "soft core" the last 3 year, playing around and fantasizing but not actually bringing another man to our bedroom. I had the urge to do something demented, one last time to sow our wild oats before we got married.

About a week before our wedding, I called Ricky and invited him to dinner. He seemed surprised, but immediately agreed. That evening at our apartment, the bell chimed and Jen opened the door.

"Ricky!" she said surprised.

"Sorry babe I forgot tell you, I invited Ricky over for dinner," I quickly said.

"Oh," Jen said. We got Ricky settled in with a beer in front of the TV and then Jen pulled me aside. "What are you doing?" she said accusingly.

I shrugged innocently. "Just catching up with an old college friend."

She narrowed her eyes at me. "Mike, that better be all this is, we're not k**s in college anymore," she threatened.

"Relax babe, it's all good," I said kissing her. Then I picked up the phone to order some delivery pizza.

Within an hour we were laughing and joking, drinking beer and telling funny stories about college and gossiping about people we knew. Looking Jen up and down, Ricky said, "Jen, you've really changed!"

She had changed too. In college she wore her blonde hair long and straight back. Now her hair was shorter, just passed her shoulders, but layered so it was full and lush while still silky. She never wore makeup in college, but now she did. She'd already been very pretty, but now she was a drop dead knockout, like a model out of the cover of Vogue. She hadn't changed out of her work clothes, so she still wore a Fendi designer dress that hugged her curves and ended mid-thigh showing off a lot of her fantastic legs.

"Well, I hope in a good way!" Jen said, giving Ricky a smile. She made it sound like a joke, but I could tell she was pleased by Ricky's compliment.

"Hell yeah, you look fantastic!" Ricky gushed.

"Well ... it's painful to look good," she said. She flexed her feet grimaced -- she still had on high heels. "My feet always hurt after wearing high heels all day."

"I've been known to give great foot massages," Ricky said with a glint in his eye.

Without thinking, I blurted out, "You should take him up on his offer babe."

Both Jen and Ricky looked at me. I regretted saying it. They'd been joking around, but now I was turning things serious.

Finally Jen said in an annoyed tone, "Sure, why not." She turned on the sofa and laid her feet on Ricky's lap. "Okay, do your magic," she said to him, shooting me a glare.

Ricky took off one shiny black high heel, and then the other, letting them drop onto the floor. He took a moment to look at Jen's pretty feet. They were petite and slim with an elegant arch, smooth and unblemished. The seam of her nylons ran across her cute toes.

Ricky began working her feet, digging his thumb into her arch. "Oh, that feels good," Jen said at the sudden pleasure. Ricky worked Jen's toes back and forth, rubbing this thumb over every ache in her soles. "You ARE good at this," Jen purred, closing her eyes.

Ricky massaged Jen's feet for a long time. She kept her closed, enjoying every second. Ricky slowly and subtlety changed from massaging to caressing, his fingers running lightly over the top of her feet, and around her slim ankles. Jen didn't react -- her eyes still closed -- but her cheeks blushed with growing arousal.

I watched with a growing erection as Ricky's fingers lightly caressed her stockinged feet. Ricky looked at me inquiringly, with a raised eyebrow. I nodded, even without knowing exactly what he intended. At my nod, Ricky grinned confidently at me, like he knew that would be my answer. Then his caresses ventured up Jen's legs, up her shapely calves. Jen still had her eyes closed, but she was definitely breathing harder. His fingertips lightly drew circles behind her knees and she gave a shudder. I followed Jen's legs from her knees to her feet. Her feet rested on his crotch, on the huge tent his erection formed in his pants. She wasn't moving her feet, but there was no way she couldn't recognize his hard-on for what it was.

I moved onto the sofa and shifted Jen so her back rested against my chest. She instinctively turned her head to me and we kissed. I reached to her front and cupped and fondled her breasts. She turned her body completely to me, pulling her legs away from Ricky's hands, and we made out passionately.

I found her zipper and pulled it down, but she reached back to stop me just as I passed her bra strap. She moved her lips to my ear. "Are you sure about this?" she whispered into my ear, so low Ricky couldn't hear. "My god Mike we're getting married in a week."

My lust was controlling me by then, not any good sense. I answered her question by tugging the zipper the rest of the way down. She looked into her eyes. She hesitated, although I saw arousal in her face too, unbridled excitement in her pretty blue eyes. "Fuck it," she finally said. She moved back to Ricky, straddling his lap. She put her arms around his neck and they kissed.

Seeing them like that made me lightheaded with excitement, their arms around each other, their lips locked together. Ricky pulled her dress down, Jen helping him by pulling away so it could fall off her arms. Jen's choice in lingerie had changed too over the last 3 years. In college it had all been simple cotton bras and panties. Now she always wore heavily laced push up bras from Victoria Secrets, and matching lacy thongs. The push up bra pushed her small, girlish breasts together in an enticing way.

Ricky definitely liked the changes, his eyes eating her up. He cupped her tits, rolling her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. Her head rolled back as she moaned, and Ricky took the opportunity to kiss her neck, targeting one of her most erogenous zones just below her ear, and she moaned and writhed under his touch. I had to hand it to Ricky, he knew exactly where and how Jen liked to be touched.

They kissed and fondled each other for a long time. Finally they paused, pulling apart slightly, both of them panting. They looked deep into the other's eyes, and I got the feeling they'd forgotten about me. It was gut wrenching but delicious at the same time, something I'd dreaded but also longed for.

"Let's get this off of you," Ricky said, trying to push Jen's dress down her legs. She stood up to help him, and the dress fell to her feet. He grinned appreciatively when he saw her thigh high stockings, his fingers caressing the lacy stocking tops.

"I wear them all the time now," she said returning his smile, clearly pleased by his reaction. I felt like I was coming into the middle of a conversation, and their familiarity made my gut wrench with jealousy.

Ricky abruptly pulled Jen back into his lap, making her giggle. They kissed again, and their kisses got more and more passionate. Ricky laid her on the sofa, on her back. He pulled down her lacy thong panties, pausing to admire her bare pussy and run a finger along her trimmed landing strip. She pushed her pelvis up towards him. "Come on!" she urged him impatiently.

He smiled, somewhat smugly. He took off his shirt. I heard an intake of Jen's breath at looking at his bare chest. He was even more ripped than before, his pecs and biceps even more well defined, practically an 8 pack instead of 6. He took off his pants. Taking his cock in his hands, he rubbed the big head between her glistening pussy lips, making Jen groan. "Come on!" she said again, this time the words coming out like a plea.

I saw his muscular thighs tense, and then he mounted my fiancée, ramming his cock into her pussy. "Oh god," she groaned.

"You missed me babe?" he taunted her with a smile, pushing more of his thick cock into her.

"Oh my god, you're so big," she moaned breathlessly, "So -- fucking -- big!"

Ricky impaled her on his cock, burying more of his thick shaft inside her. Once he was balls deep, he put her stockinged legs on his shoulders and began pounding her. "Oh god oh god oh god oh god," she chanted over and over again as he rammed in and out of her pussy.

It didn't take long at all, pretty soon I saw her stockinged toes curl and I knew she was about to cum. Ricky sensed it too. He let her legs fall, and leaned forward and kissed her. Her back arched as her orgasm hit. He kept his mouth on hers, kissing her through her orgasm, and in fact she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him close to her. Moments later, Ricky's ass and thighs tensed, and on an inward lurch he kept his cock buried deep in Jen's pussy. He paused there, staying deep in Jen, as his back arched and his head rolled back, and then his body convulsed, his hips jerking over and over, his cock remaining all the time deep inside Jen, and I knew he was shooting his fertile seed as deep as possible into my fiancee's womb.

They lay entwined holding each other as they caught their breath, panting into each other's face. Jen wore a contented post orgasmic face. By chance she looked my way, and her eyes grew wide as if startled, like she had forgotten I was there. "Um, Mike, come here baby," she quickly said. Ricky pulled out of her. I got between her legs. Ricky's milky sperm spilled out of her pussy and streamed down her ass. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I took my cock and plunged into her pussy, and within moments I was adding my cum to Ricky's.

Afterwards it was awkward with Ricky. As Jen had said, we weren't in college anymore. We all got dressed and had another beer. We talked about anything but what we'd just done, which meant we struggled to find anything to talk about. Ricky left as soon as he finished his beer.

The silence continued between me and Jen after Ricky left. Finally she said, "You're mad at me aren't you? I can tell, you're mad. I'm sorry, things got out of control."

I hugged her. "Honey, I'm not mad. Are you k**ding, you were fantastic! That was the most exciting thing I've ever seen!"

She looked relieved. "Ugh!" she suddenly groaned, dabbing at her jeans. They were moist below her crotch. "I've got to change," she said hurrying into the bedroom.

I followed her, and watched her peel off her jeans. Underneath she still wore the thigh high stockings, having dressed in a hurry before. Her upper thighs were moist, as were the tops of her stockings. I knew most of it was because of Ricky. I ejaculated a normal amount, but he always came gallons. Seeing all his cum on her thighs -- and knowing how much more must still be inside her -- got me hard.

Jen moved to peel off her stockings, but I stopped her. I pushed her on the bed and got between her thighs. "Already, so soon?" she giggled. I took off my pants and she saw my erection. "I guess so," she giggled again.

"God you look good!" I gushed, looking at her messy thighs. I opened her blouse. She still wore the push up bra. I ran my hands underneath the cups, pushing the bra above her breasts. I cupped her breasts, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs and index fingers.

She writhed at my touch, pushing her pelvis towards me. "Fuck me baby," she cooed.

I pushed into her. Having just cum less than an hour ago, I knew I'd last longer this time. I caressed her cheeks as I fucked her, looking deep into her eyes. "It looked so good watching Ricky fuck you. Did he fuck you good baby?"

Certain now I wasn't upset or mad at her, she nodded enthusiastically. "You saw him baby! He's sooooo big, he fills me up so good! And his body, oh my god, thinking about him makes me tingle!"

"Is he bigger than me baby?" I asked, slowly moving in and out of her. "Does he fuck you better than me?"

This is something we'd added to our pillow talk since college, her telling me how her fantasy lovers were better equipped than me, how they fucked her better than me. The humiliation angle turned both of us on. But this was reality now, not fantasy, and she hesitated.

"Come on baby," I urged her, kissing her lips and cheeks. "Tell me, you know I love it. Tell me the truth, come one, tell me."

"You want the truth, huh?" she said with a crooked smile, her look part excitement, part taunting. "You want to hear how much bigger he is than you? How he hits places in me you can't? I love fucking you baby, you know I do. But you don't even compare to him. Ricky's soooo good. I practically pass out when he makes me cum. You've never done that to me."

I stopped moving, wanting to make it last. Her words hurt and titillated at the same time. So delicious. Soooo delicious. And I knew she was telling the truth, too, by how passionate she'd been with him, by the pure ecstasy on her face when he'd made her cum.

She could tell I was loving it, eating up all her words. She gave me a crooked smile, and with a twinkle in her eye, she pulled my head close to hers. "You want to know something else?" she whispered into my ear. "Right now, I can barely feel you in me. That's how much Ricky stretched me out."

That pushed me over the edge. I grunted and lurched and came. Afterwards she started taking off the stockings, but I begged her to leave them on. "God you're so kinky!" she said laughing. Twice that night I woke her up and fucked her. ... Continue»
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The Slave Girl (Chapter 2)

The Slave Girl
Chapter 2

Her fall from the immaculate had been so great that she rejected middle class scruples about her body. If her breasts and vagina were weapons she would use them. After Achmed had loosed her from the bars, tended her needs and left her chained alone for the night, Miss Corey Gibson sat nakedly on her wooden bunk and ruefully reviewed her second ****. **** was not the right word. Butt all the other terms she could think of seemed equally inadequate.

"You like me fuck you before I go?" A beaming smile.
"Whatever you want, Achmed. I´m naked and there´s a chain on my neck. I sort of belong to you, don´t I?"
"Not what Achmed ask. Ask if you want good fuck."

The pound of flesh again! Aslam´s trick. In this strange prison a girl was expected to ask politely for her ****s and say thank you after. But the metal collar fastened round her neck was a constant counsel to prudence. There was also another factor which her own honesty forbid her to ignore. She was lonely. All day she had stood tied to the bars. When her jailor had come to free her at the end of day she had been glad. It was good to speak again. Achmed´s conversation might be limited but it was amusing and good natured. Worse still was a final admission of defeat. Achmed was a skillful lover. After the initial shock of social denigration she had enjoyed his piercing of her sheath. In the end her moans had been the most ardent of the two. Without Achmed the cell, the bars, the chain and the collar on her neck would have been doubly defeating. Miss Corey Gibson, daughter of the Planet Corporation, made a frank admission.

"You fuck beautifully, Achmed. Please fuck me again?"
"Much more better."
"But are you certain Mr. Aslam won´t mind? I thought I´d been k**napped for his special enjoyment?"
"You forgot Mr. Aslam. Achmed tie you every day and fuck you every day. You most lucky girl."
"I suppose I am. Are you going to tie me again tomorrow, Achmed?"
"Of course!" Achmed smiled away so stupid a question. "Girls much best with no clothes and pretty tie."
"What position would you like me in, Achmed? A girl can be fucked so many ways."
"Achmed know all ways. You bend over touch floor. You spread very wide the feet. Achmed fuck pretty ass."

Miss Corey Gibson supposed there was no end to what a k**napped girl might learn. With a sense of high discovery, she bent forward and placed her fingers on the stone.
"Much wider legs."

She had forgotten her legs. She could understand their importance in the buggery of a girl. She spread them far apart. The chain from her collar looped down mockingly.
One of the ten most beautiful women in the world awaited sodomy by a socially unacceptable male.

Corey Gibson came to understand captive compensations. The small comparisons by which her days and nights were made to yield perspective. She consoled herself with the comfort it was better to be tied than whipped. When she was untied, and until she was tied again, there were blissful hours in which she could use her limbs as she wished. HEr collar and chain were no more than the warning finger of authority. They irked but prevented nothing. After solitary confinement in bondage her nights and the small communion with Achmed were something to look forward to. It was absurd. But she was intelligent enough to see things as they were and to husband her strength and her courage.

In the morning she could not forbear to ask: "How long will I be imprisoned in this cell, Achmed?"
All she got was a chuckle: "You be glad you here. Much worse outside."
"But why? What´s worse out there?"
"Much hurt. People give you pain. You see post...?"

Corey Gibson saw the post. It stood like a nemesis, as though waiting for her alone. With simulated goodwill, she said cheerfully: !Oh alright. Don´t tell me. Now. how would you like me to stand?"
"Very kind tie. You sit."

But first, the heiress of Planet stood to have her wrists crossed and tied behind her back. It was done with the air of a minor prelude to a major symphony. She was then guided to the bars.
"You sit on floor. Push feet outside."
With tied hands it was awkward, but she was developing a technique.
"No. Not both through same. Two bars between."

Corey shrugged. Obviously her pubic hair must be blatant. She extracted a foot and inserted it to display her loins more shamefully.
"Is better. I push, you wriggle."

She was almost as close to the bars as yesterday, but not quite. The two between her thighs prevented actual contact.
"Very simple. You look pretty."
Achmed freed the long chain from her collar and replaced it with a short length which, with its padlock, rested beneath Corey´s chin. The other end of it was now padlocked to a crosspiece in the bars. She could bend her head forward to touch the iron but she could not bend back.
"Very nice. Not tire."
"But, Achmed, I will tire, terribly. My legs all spread... and I can´t move anything that matters."
"Achmed enjoy. You damn well like."

She supposed that summed it up. She belonged to men now. They would do as they pleased with her. Woefully, she remembered Audrey Cotswold´s explanation of ownership. Undoubtedly she was owned. As a reminder of beneficence, Achmed chided: "You no smile, Achmed tie elbows real tight." Miss Corey Gibson smiled.

It was not a good day. It belied Achmed´s optimism of "very nice". It was demeaning and frustrating to have her feet and legs protruding out beyond control. She could move them, but not withdraw. Any motion to back up was at the expense of her neck. After one vigorous attempt to improve her plight she desisted. Another struggle with her bound wrists was equally fruitless. She would have to sit out the cramped and shaming hours until Achmed chose to come.

She saw the two small boys as implicit to her exposure. No doubt Achmed had sent them. They regarded her with big brown eyes and discussed her merits in their own tongue. Then they tickled her feet. Corey hated them with a passion. Try as she would she could not control the spasmodic jerks and winces their fingertip evoked. She wished her ankles were tied fast, to relieve her of involuntary motion and rob them of the delight they found in her futile efforts at evasion. They did as they pleased with her extruded limbs. She could deny them nothing. When her struggles hampered their efforts one held her ankles while the other inflicted their mild torture. It took a demeaning hour before the reflexes of the bound girl dulled enough to spoil their fun. They then turned their attention to her breasts and hairy thatch. Grubby fingers made what the captive suspected as virgin explorations of a woman´s nipples, breasts and vilva. She was sitting on enough of the latter to deny them total freedom with her sex. Frustrated but happy, they went away to leave her nursing the pain of their pinchings and probings. So far, her day had not been dull. She thought longingly of New York.
The pair of little girls were worse. They came armed with whippy little cuttings from a tree, slender withes that could not injure but would hurt. They listened to their victim´s pleadings as to any other curiosity. Corey could not tell if they understood a word she said. Once more she was discussed, this time with female wisdom. Then they whipped the soles of her feet.

It was as though the bars seperated the woman from her limbs. Corey´s legs fought a lonely and losing battle against the female urchins. They kicked and writhed but could nevr evade the small scorching cuts delivered with intent venom. If Corey Gibson denied them her soles they moved up to the inside of her thighs. They knew where to hurt. They knew where to evoke feminine response. The girl within the cell could gain no relief by motions of her body. She had to sit. The chain from her collar controlled her implacably. It was as though she watched someone else punished yet bore their pain. When they tired of her they left Corey with smarting thighs, inflamed and red, and tingling soles she could not see.

That evening Achmed admired her innocent wounds and coupled with her twice in virgorous ardour before padlocking the long chain back upon her collar and leaving her to tha dark.
The following day brought change. In response to Corey´s spuriously cheerful query: "Well, how are you going to tie me today, Achmed?" Her jailor produced a wide and portentious grin and one single length of rope. "You have very happy day." He promised genially.

The turning of her back and the crossing of her wrists was now an automatic reflex. Achmed´s cordsdeftly robbed the naked girl of arms and hands. She stood, in passive obedience, to be tied. But, within, she was a turmoil of apprehensions. When a black bandage was bound across her eyes, swathe after swathe to rob her of all sight, she cried out in desolation. "Please, Achmed, don´t... Oh, don´t put me in the dark, please. It´s horrible. I... I... Oh, please...!"
"Is nice change."
"But I hate it! Oh... Achmed!"
"You want gag too?"
"NO, I don´t! Oh, damn!"

Corey felt the padlock loosed from her collar and heard the chain fall. Then a handcuff was snapped on her right wrist above the rope.
"We go for walk. I lead."
"Achmed, I´m frightened. Please let me see?"
"Is best not see. Trust Achmed."

Upon her bare skin and within her lungs the air was different from the cell. Corey walked blindly where she was led. Perhaps in this change there might be hope. She wondered how many eyes beheld her shame. Soon there came sounds and voices and then, again, the confined atmosphere of walls. She was thrust sideways against stone, her tied wrists were raised behind her back, but not enough to hurt, she heard the clicks of a cuff. Then, surprisingly, her wrists were freed. Achmed´s pleased chuckle announced arrival.

"You got hand. You take off bandage." His steps receded.

Corey Gibson remembered the games of c***dhood. She would now take off the blindfold and be greeted by hilarity. But, strangely, now she was loath to part with it for fear of what she would see. The cuff on her wrist had been tightened before he left. Its mate was attached to hold her captive where she stood. It would be foolish to remain blind...! Fumbling with her free left hand, she tugged at the knots behind her neck.

It was a sizable square room, flooded with light from high barred windows. Corey discovered her handcuff was clipped to an iron ring set into the stone of the wall against which she stood. Except for the one loosely prisoned wrist she was free to move. Across from her, against the opposite wall, two other girls stood as she was standing. They were young, they were pretty, they were clothed in jeans and shirt, they were lightly coloured. Their right wrist bore its handcuff in the familiarity of resignation. She sensed they had stood thus before.

They gazed at her white nudity with only a perfunctory curiosity. When she spoke, they only shrugged and exchanged a few words between themselves in a defeating dialect. Their apathy was unaffected by a new arrival, marched in by a pair of lithe negresses who cuffed her to a ring and departed without aword as though gald to dispose of a nuisance. The newcomer tested her handcuff, found it secure on her wrist, then leaned back against the wall with the same air of having walked a familiar path. But, seeing her, Corey gasped in joy.
The girl was white.

Corey was agog with curiosity. "Do you speak English?"
"I should, I´m from Wisconsin." The voice held little warmth.
"My name´s Corey. I´ve just been k**napped."
"Good for you! Were you a whore before they picked you up?"
"Good heaven no!"

"You are now. Welcome to the club." "But I don´t know anything about anything." Corey wailed. "I´ve been locked in a cell. I don´t even know what country I´m in."

The girl from Wisconsin evinced a faint interest. "We´re somewhere in the Sudan. I don´t know just where. Doesn´t matter much, we can´t escape. I´ve been here eighteen months."
"What do you mean about... whores?"
The voice became a bitter sneer. "Ever heard of Abdul Nour?"
"The guerrilla? Of course! He´s always in trouble with someone. The Press calls him ´The Desert Despot´."
"That´s who you belong to now. The bastard has an army. I think his troops have more standing cocks than artillery. We´re here to service ´em. They don´t get paid much and we´re for free."

Another arrival made a diversion. A dark beauty who accepted her handcuff without concern. She grinned and winked at all present, then leant back and closed her eyes.
"My name´s Josie." The white girl continued. "I expect we´ll see each other around. What did you do to make ´em mad?"
"I haven´t done a thing. Like I told you...!" Corey tensed in dismay. "What is this room... all us girls... handcuffed?"
"Hell, don´t you know that either?" Josie was amused. "We´re all here to be punished."
"All of us? What on earth for...?"
"To keep us in line." Josie shook her head in comiseration. "You sure are new! Anytime a girl fails to please a soldier he can complain and she´s brought down here and punished. Punishment day comes once a week. They keep a tally. I expect they´ll bring a few more poor little whores down as they get through the soldier they´re with right now. When they´ve got us all standing round the wall they start the show."
"But how many girls...?"
"´Bout twenty. Half of ´em will likely show up here. It´s hard to go seven days without hurting some bastard´s feelings. I´m here because I bit a guy´s cock... I got so mad the way he rammed it down my throat."
Nine girls! All resigned. None fought. They accepted their handcuff and awaited their penalty. The big stone chamber took on the air of a dentist´s waiting room. But lassitude vanished when the negresses carried in the bench. Each girl tensed against her linkage to the ring.

It was the same as with the whipping post. Corey Gibson knew she could not close her eyes. This whole scene was beyond credulity, the passivity of the girls was an affront. Surely they should fight! In some way protest their femininity! Unhappily, the new recruit realised they were only being sensible, just as she was sensible with Achmed. This was a land where girls were property. She watched, breathless.
Josie was first. She made no fuss. When the head harness and the phallus was made ready she smiled in sardonic recognition and opened her mouth for the ugly male thing to be thrust deep inside. When all the buckles were tight there would be no expelling it. She was effectively gagged. The sinister straps compressing her features were oddly erotic. Catching Corey´s eyes, she winked. When her handcuff was unlocked she calmly stripped naked. Without prompting, she walked to the bench and lay upon it on her back.

The bench was versatile. Corey watched, cringing yet enthralled. At the back of Josie´s head a rod rose, at its top a hook. Next, the two wardresses briskly strapped her down. Arms down each side, legs spread, belly cinched tight. Then they produced the glass jar ...!
Josie knew instantly. Corey, incredulously, guessed. In full view of the strapped-down delinquent each negress held the receptacle between her legs. When their bladders were empty the jar was nearly full. Josie eyed the yellow fluid bleakly as the stopper was screwed in place, from it trailed a rubber tube...! When the jar was hung on the waiting hook the loose end of the tube was inserted into the base of the phallus within Josie´s mouth. A tap was turned. Her eyes widened. She swallowed. Convulsively, she swallowed again...!
"When you drink our piss we stop whipping."

The English was unexpectedly clear. Each negro girl now had a short whip. Standing one on each side of the punished girl they began methodically to whip her breasts, one to each of the taut globes. Josie visibly writhed, her head tossing wildly. But she was helpless. Her punishment had begun.

Corey understood. The punishment fitted Josie´s crime. The leaking phallus in her mouth was exacting a frightful price for her moment of temper. The whips were not cutting the skin of her breasts, but they would hurt in a b**stly horrible way no girl would want on two of the most secret places of her being. Josie gulped and gulped in an agonized race against the splatting thongs beating their measured tatoo upon her flesh. After what seemed to Corey Gibson far too long a time, the hateful bottle was empty. The whippers stopped. Josie´s breasts bore scarlet testimony of her penance. When she was freed she was too shamed to meet an eye. Downcast, she pulled on her clothes, said her ´thank you´ to those who had whipped her, and walked slowly from the room.

"You bite a cock, you see what you get." The dark inquisitor smiled benighly at the handcuffed girls. "Never no shortage of pee."

Execution on number two was swift. Taken from the wall, her handcuffs were snapped behind her back. She was laid on the floor, her feet spread and raised to two pulleys high above. When her bottom lost contact with the floor suspension stopped. Dark hands explored the sundered loins, the soft thighs, the plump and pouting vulva so cruelly exposed. Dark heads nodded approval. The bench was pushed aside. On the floor, the clothing the victim had stripped from herself before being tied helpless made a small pathetic pile, infinitely feminine, infinitely pathetic.

Using the same whips, the mahogany mistresses intently whipped the innocent cunt, the loins, the inside thighs. The punished nakedness writhed amazingly but could turn no part of herself to where a whip could not find her flesh. The swish and slap became a steady rhythm. The punished female skin glowed pink, red, scarlet. The girl moaned piteously but did not scream.
Corey understood what she was privileged to witness. This was simple punishment for a misdemeanour. It was not torture. It designed no injury. The girls were valuable, they must not be harmed. But their lesson was severe. When number two was freed, much of her scorched flesh was hidden between her legs. Strangely, she kissed each of her punishers, thanked them sweetly, dressed without haste and went her way. Corey was ashamed of a pulsing heat between her own thighs. Surely... surely... she could not be finding pleasure!

It was all insane. These girls were made of sterner stuff than she. The cuffed audience watched intently but without visible fear. They evaluated each punishment and the receipt thereof. They were connoisseurs. Awaiting their turn they enjoyed the show. Corey wondered if they too suffered the throb within their sex. She suspected they did. It was one more lesson...!
Number three, with an innocent lack of affectation, engaged her punishers in conversation while she undressed. The operation was unhurried, the verbal exchange pleasantly animated. Corey wished she spoke the language. She suddenly sensed that these girls were all in the same boat. The girls with the whips might themselves be whipped next week. There was a happy camaraderie between them. Some sterner authority must have conditioned them to the rules which they now accepted without resentment. They had violated a code. Now they were punished. It was simple.

Yet te punishments were shrewd. The one that took place now left Corey Gibson a´quiver with conflicting emotions. One of the whippers tossed aside her whip and stripped naked. She was a superb mahogany statue. Abdul Nour´s troops should consider themselves fortunate. Any Las Vegas line would welcome these luscious bits of femininity. Corey wondered where they had been k**napped.

The stripped girl stood erect, hands clasped behind her neck, legs wide apart. She was smiling. The one to be punished knelt within the arched thighs and clasped them lovingly while her wrists were joined by the handcuffd to ensure that her loving grip could not be withdrawn. Her seeking mouth raised and nuzzled black pubic hair. Her tongue slid forth like a serpent seeking the sundered slit. A sigh of dark emotion rippled round the room.

"I whip her back until she makes Amrah climax." A new and more wicked whip was in a dark hand. The statement had been made for Corey´s benefit alone. She nodded understanding. Dark eyes smiled. "Amrah fight climax long, long time."
It was exquisitely female. A man might have devised it but it was a punishment for girls. Corey flinched in horror at thought of herself kneeling there with urgent tongue while a whip laced her back. How could a girl possibly apply her energies thus under such awful pain?

The tongue had been busy within Amrah´s sheath for several moments before the first lash spilt crimson across its owner´s shoulders. The dark head thrust more vehemently into the pubic patch, hands strained at metal cuffs. The second lash was delivered after such an interval as to tell Corey this punishment was not beyond consummation. Amrah´s breasts thrust forward joyously, her full lips were moist in heat. The naked girl who bore the strokes thrust herself into female loins with concentrated determination. The whipper changed sides and struck again. The body of the handcuffed nudity swayed and shivered, but the busy mouth did not relax. Amrah´s smile had become fixed on infinity her mouth was slack.

Corey counted s*******n strokes before the dam of Amrah´s control burst asunder. Throughout the explosive orgasm the innocent tongue thrust and probed assiduously until the cessation of repated agony told its task was done. The kneeling girl slumped, her forehead now pessed against the moist heat where her tongue had plied its trade. When her handcuffs were removed she kissed the pubic patch before her face, she kissed the whip that had wealed her back, she kissed the hand that held it. Her ´thank you´ was paasionate. Again, Corey was astounded. The girl was in the grip of sexual excitation. Even whipped as she was, her loins were pulsing. Corey was coming to understand the primitive vulnerability of girls. Almost with love, she watched the slender nudity don its clothes and retire to resume its assuagement of the lusts of men. Caustically, she realised the girl could scarcely wait for the rampant thrusts.

Number four undressed casually. Pulled the bench back into the centre of the floor, then mounted and knelt on one end, waiting. Two smiling girls raised stanchions, inserted boards, the nude delinquent leant down until she was on hands and knees. One more board spanned her waist and was thrust down on its fellow below. The girl was captive by a set of stocks which held down her slender middle and f***ed her to remain as she was. The locked boards divided her. She could look back but would see nothing of that portion of herself which was to be punished. The bench was indeed versatile. It provided a bar to lock across kneehollows, and clamps for slender ankles. Number four had become a well protruded bottom. Corey pictured herself like this. It would be too humiliating for words.

The informant was again helpful. "Fatalla just plain bad girl. Fatalla gets little ass plain whipped."

It would be awful to have your bottom stuck out like that where it was invisible to its owner and to know it was to receive cut after cut of whips also out of sight. Corey watched in empathy as Fatalla supported the top half of herself on rigid hands and arms and looked back apprehensively at the blank wall of boards beyond which her bottom awaited its fate. She was still looking when the first blow fell. She yelped in shock and turned to face ahead.

Amrah and her companion whipped from each side. The whips might not be lethal, but the girl who received their stripes was hard pressed not to scream. Corey saw the sweat droplets form on the young forehead and beneath armpits to trickle down the helpless arms which bore no bond but were captive to their owner´s need to sustain her weight. From time to time one of theother reached back, but they could not find the bruised flesh they sought. Defeated, they returned to their tiring task.
The fleshly impacts were almost without pause. The bare bottom tried hard to weave, to sway, to find any surcease at all. But it was captive to the thrust of boards. It flinched, it quivered as the scarlet grid was latticed on its skin. But that was all. It was perfectly postured for its possessor´s punishment. Fatalla´s moans mounted and progressed to small cries of dark distress. When she screamed, Corey Gibson climaxed into orgasm. Shocked and ashamed, she was thankful no one was looking. All eyes were on the tableau upon the bench.

Corey had lost count of the strokes bedding themselves into the pathetically helpless posterior. It seemed their number did not matter. The whippers and the whipped tallied the punishment by other means. It ended suddenly to leave the room in a hushed silence, broken only by Fatalla´s sobs. The whipped girl had screamed several times. But had borne her punishment with stoic fortitude. Corey felt blushingly certain she would disgrace herself when her own time came. She suspected she was being left to last. Sometimes she tugged at the cuff upon her wrist. It seemed impossible so trifling a bond could hold her captive to await such pain. But hold her it did. She could believe in truth that, from this place, no girl could ever escape.

Punishment day followed its course. Amrah and her colleague dealt briskly with delinquent bottoms., breasts, backs, pudendums and soft tighs. No two punishments were alike. No two responses from punished flesh were similar. Corey Gibson twisted against her handcuff and cringingly and apprehensively awaited her own turn. When the last punished maiden had dressed and gone, she found herself confronted by two pairs of laughing dark eyes.

"Soon we whip your pussy."
"And her boobs and bottom."

They laughed delightedly. Then provided another surprise. "I have been very bad." Amrah informed coyly. "Talifa now punish me." Grinning impishly, she arranged her nakedness upon the bench.
Arms down each side, wrists strapped, tummy cinched tight! Amrah was enjoying Corey´s incredulity. "When girl is bad she must be punished. Is no use to make fuss."

Talifa roped passive ankles, raised them and pulled them back over the tight tummy, over the taut breasts, back and back to tie them down to each corner beside their owner´s head so that Amrah was looking up at her own pubic hair. Her bottom reared invitingly and thrust into view the dark lips of a plump pudendum from between soft tighs now equally accessable. "Now I be caned with nice thin cane." She explained proudly. "It hurt much on bottom, sometimes it hit poor cunt."

Amrah did not scream. But she suffered. Corey could not doubt the anguish, it was written plainly upon the dusky features from which it slowly erased the smile. There were moans and gasps and sad strangled sounds as the whippy cane bit shrewdly where it hurt the most. Sometimes it was set aside to allow Talifa to smile the archly pouting lips of her colleague´s errant cunt.

The short thongs beat down wetly into the female cleft so that the strapped and tied mahogany beauty tested the quality of her bonds with frantic thrusts and surgings which left all of her exactly as it was. Amrah was being most competently punished.

When she was loosed from the bench Amrah sobbed in overtaxed emotion. The two dark girls clutched each other in a spasmodic embrace, seeking and giving forgiveness. The bare arms clung until the sobbing slowly died. Then, as though by preconceived decision, the two of them advanced upon the naked white girl chained to the ring in the wall.

Corey felt like a c***d, a kitten, like any helpless creature handled and directed by superior strength. Muting useless protest, she obeyed the directive of a hand in her hair. She sank to her knees, her right arm reaching up, held by its handcuff, ensuring docility, inhibiting nothing. When Amrah straddled her helplessness to thrust her pungent sex against expectant lips it was no more than the white captive had expected from the start.

Guilt! A wicked excitation! Outrageous tumesence! The fervidly demanding perfume of girl! For Corey it was one more of the revelations of her sex. Amrah was luscious, heart´s ease. Her soft wet thighs and hairy lips swollen by the whip regaled the white captive´s mouth and tongue and nostrils with a nectar wholly feminine. Needful of penetration, the kneeling girl used her one free hand to reach and clasp a beaten buttock and draw closer the scorching slit within which her tongue was searching avidly. Beneath her fingers were the hot red weals left by the cane on Amrah´s female flesh. All else was forgotten.

Corey was not punished. It was as though someone conspired to her confusion. When the laughing dark skinned girls had kissed her lovingly and departed she stood alone against the wall and played idly with the handcuff that held her there. She wondered what it was going to be like to be a whore.

Achmed came in late afternoon. His smirk was wise.

"You much enjoy. Girls tell me you good with tongue."

She was shamed that he knew. But said no word as her cuff was unlocked from its ring and she was led by one wrist from the room. The blindfold lay crumpled on the floor behind them. She hoped it forgotten.

The place was huge, a complex of buildings. Some of stern utility, some of ancient luxury. She saw little as she was hurried back to her cell. But she did discover it one of a dozen in a single line. All simular to her own. The first was empty, but what she beheld in the second stopped her in her tracks, her eyes widening in shock. But her cuffed wrist was ruthlessly yanked, in pain she stumbled on beside her jailor. Achmed was in a hurry. He relieved her of the handcuff, locked the chain and padlock back on her collar, then fucked her with a savage intensity which matched her own erotic arousal of the day. Refusing to answer questions, he left and locked the door, leaving the naked ravished girl still panting on the floor, one hand toying with the chain from her collar, her mind busy with a vision.

As Achmed had dragged her past the second cell she had focused on a scene still vivid in her mind. It was of a naked girl tied against the bars as she had once been. A girl who gazed out wistfully at a freedom denied. A girl whose neck bore a collar and chain as did her own.

The girl was Audrey Cotswold.

Abdul Nour did himself well. Between his military forays and the receipt of Russian largesse he lived in a small degree of splendor. Any political loyalties he might cherish came second to material benefit. His very private office was a case in point. It was lush! To Miss Corey Gibson it was nostalgically reminiscent of the Planet Corporation´s luxury back home.
Corey was alone. The office was waiting, but not for her. She was in it but most certainly not of it. She was a discordant note, an anomaly. She supposed someone had a sense of humour. As usual, she hurt.

Miss Corey Gibson was naked. She was suspended by her bound wrists, a taut strained arm rigid beside each cheek. To emphasise her nude femaleness her crotch had been opened wide and thrust into blatancy by the expedient of roping her ankles far off to each side and slightly in advance so that her lower half was a foot closer to the desk than her top. She could quiver in rippling spasms of effort but could not change position. It was as though her cunt and pubic hair awaited an interview with someone behind the desk while the rest of her watched.

The ring in the ceiling from which she hung, and the stanchions off to each side to which her feet were tethered could scarcely have been installed for her special benefit. Abdul Nour evidently preferred his females at a disadvantage when interviewed. No doubt the long wait in the vacant luxury and the incongruity of their own condition compared to what they saw around was conducive to a softening up of feminine fortitude. Corey cringed in misery at thought of a man seated and regarding her across the polished surface of the desk.

Abdul Nour did not match his office. Probably he rarely used it. He was not as modern, he was not as polished, he was not as clean. He belonged in the desert and wore the clothes for it. He was of no great stature but exuded the unmamed f***e all such men have. His English was perfect.

"Miss Corey Gibson!" His bow was brief before he took his seat. "I am Abdul Nour. This is my headquarters, the home base of our Cause. It is called Amphala. You are my prisoner." His tone was briskly genial. "May I complement you on a magnificent growth of pubic hair?"

The suspended daughter of the Planet Corporation knew herself one vast blush. She would not plead, but waited in silence.
"You were k**napped by Assef Aslam. My men relieved him of you and brought you here. I bid you welcome." He pressed a button on the desk.

A servant girl, a tray, two drinks. A glass was held to captive lips. Corey drank avidly. Her host raised his in a toast. "To the two finest breasts I have ever seen...!"
Her blush could blush no more. Without hope, she pleaded: "Could my feet be allowed on the floor please?"
"Don´t be a silly girl." Said Abdul Nour.
"Then... please... Why am I here?"
"You are a useful property."

Corey Gibson hated the stress of her bondage. How could any girl maintain a rational conversation when nakedly spread and obscenely bound?
"Why are you imprisoning Audrey Cotswold?"
"She is a useful property too."
"You mean you´re going to make us... whores?"
"Not immediately, Miss Gibson. Try not to dramatise. Oh, by the way, I´m Harrow and Oxford in case you´re wondering."
"Didn´t they teach you better than to hang naked girls on the end of a rope?"

The frozen silence told Corey of error. She had said more than a slave girl should. Her pulse quickened. It quickened more when Abdul Nour rose, took the slender cane from a drawer, and eyed her open loins. In stunned stupification at her own stupidity Miss Corey Gibson absorbed the four cuts between her sundered thighs in a reasonable silence. She could not control the wild jerking at her tethers. Her host viewed this evidence of pain with satisfaction.
"You were saying...? Miss Gibson?" His interest was polite.
"I should have kept quiet. I´m sorry."
"Do I detect a slight bitterness?"
"Can you blame me?"

This time it was a single stroke, viciously aimed, delivered upon her sex with f***e. Corey screamed. Gasping and sobbing she made amends: "Forgive me. I was wrong. I was foolish. Please forgive me." She made her voice girlishly contrite.
"Ah, a better tone." He laid the cane on the desk and resumed his chair. "I have granted you a number of demonstrations of the effect of whip and cane on female skin. I hoped you would vicariously benefit. I was wrong. You need a proper whipping from neck to knees."

"Please... please no!" Corey sought the proper words. "I´ll be obedient, I promise I´ll be obedient. You dont have to whip me." In desolation, she added: "I´ll watch my tongue. I won´t be impudent."
"Hmmmmmmm." Abdul Nour was faintly pleased. "Then you recognize the whip as essential to the female rationale?"

Her sex scorching, her thighs aflame, Miss Corey Gibson ate crow: "Yes. Girls need to be whipped. Without the whip we are silly creatures. I was silly and rude. I´m sorry."

The guerilla Leader smiled. "I take your assertion with a grain of salt, Miss Gibson. But you read your lines well. I suppose you have guessed how much I, and others, enjoy the humiliation of a white heiress?"
"Hmmmmm, that one was honest. I understand Aslam intended to mortify your pride. It´s a worthy project which I´ll carry forward myself."
"Thank you."
"Well, well! You give good measures, Miss Gibson."

Corey looked him in the eye. She was weary, her hurts were bitter, her exposure a constant shame. What she said had the ring of honesty. "Since the first chain I have known there was no escape. I determined to do what I must to avoid punishment. It´s silly to lose my freedom and be constantly whipped as well. I accept the fact of my enslavement. I will do whatever a slavegirl must to avoid penalties."

He nodded, assessing her wracked nakedness. "If you were not tied would you lay and open your legs for me?"

Corey tensed, surprised. "If you wanted me...! But surely you know Achmed takes me every evening. Would you want me... after?"

Abdul Nour was delightedly amused. "You are one of Achmed´s perquisites of office, Miss Gibson. Do you feel he has robbed you of something?"
"I´ve been so damn lonely and frightened I´ve enjoyed it." Corey exploded into honesty.
"Could you not enjoy it with me?"
"Yes, I suppose..." She was blushing again. "It´s just that... at home... men don´t want to follow another."
"For fear they might catch something?"

Their eyes met. Corey could not help herself. She laughed with him at the picture evoked. "Forgive me." She pleaded, grinning ruefully. "I´m lost... I´m so damn lost."
"but you would obey me, even in that?"
"Yes, of course. I´ve supposed it the first requisite of obedience in a girl." She twinkled at him. "I´m told the thing between our legs doesn´t easily wear out."
"Miss Gibson, you begin to show a quality."
"Thank you." Her blush matched her stammer. "But if... I mean, if I do what... what those other girls do. If I have to be a ... a sort of a whore for the pleasure of your soldiers... I´d try and be good at it. I honestly would. But then...? Would you want me sexually than?"

He studiet her intently. "That´s important to you, isn´t it?"
"Yes." She twisted against the ropes. I´m not sure why."
"North American mores, that´s all. It once affected marriagability. The principle of soiled merchandise." Abdul Nour gazed, pointedly, at her sex, her breasts, her navel... then her face. "I would want you after a thousand men." He said simply.
"Then you will give me to your men?" Her heart was thudding.
"No, I will not, not yet." Again the intense scrutiny.
"Either you are unusually intelligent or your time in the cell has worked miracles."
"I am glad I please you." Corey´s wits were working hard. "Am I permitted to ask a favour?"
"Not if it´s relative to your being untied."
"No. I realise you want me like this. But could Audrey Cotswold and i be chained in the same cell?"
"You are lesbians?"
"No. But, tied up all day, and then the night... It´s so lonely."
"Suppose I had you chained to opposite walls, a short chain?"
"If that pleased you.. yes."
"Half a loaf better than no bread?"

Corey flung her hair aside. "Is that not the axiom of slaves?"
"I will consider the idea. Miss Cotswold has her uses. I am fortunate in collecting both of you. Would you care to marry me?"
Shock! Outrage! Hastily quenched derision! Corey fell back on a cliche: "You must be joking?"
"I am not acceptable?"
"I did not say that. But I have to ask: Why marry me when you possess me utterly now?"
"Marriage gives me more of you than a whipped vulva."

Corey shook her head distractedly. "I just don´t understand. The way I´m tied... like this. It´s not the way a girl gets proposed to."
"You are privileged. You have a proposal anyway."
Abdul Nour saw the anguish in his captive´s eyes. It was easy to read her thoughts. "May I explain a plan?" He asked gently. It is not a foolish plan."
"Yes, of course." Corey omitted that she had no choise.
"I take you to Cairo, to the best hotel, the finest wardrobe. You announce our marriage to the Press. You grant interviews. It is all of your own free will, your love for a man and for his Cause."
Corey glimpsed logic. "Yes." She said slowly. "Go on."
"The thing a guerilla needs most is respectability, recognition, money. I hold Assef Aslam. You can give me what he can not."
"But I could go to the police! I could fly back home...!"

The obvious burst from Corey´s lips without caution.
"Could you? Are you sure?" Abdul Nour was smiling at her animation. "You have forgotten Audrey Cotswold. I hold her as security for your good behavior. For a minor disobedience on your part she will be whipped. For a major defection she will die unpleasantly."

It was neat and tidy. Corey could pick no flaws. "Please untie me." She begged. "I can´t think properly like this."
Abdul Nour whipped her four more strokes.
He went away.

Miss Corey Gibson hung suspended and alone. She hurt, hurt, hurt! In utter bafflement she wept.
It was Corey´s worst day. Her wrists screamed protest, her stretched legs implored release. She longed for covering, even a handkerchief over her pubic hair! But she hung in shame before the great man´s desk... It was hours before Achmed came.
"You have nice day?"
"Oh, Achmed... Ohhhhh, oh noooooo."
"Cell feel good after. Nice chain."

It was different. This time her hands were tied behind her back. It did not occur to Corey to complain. Achmed was a relief. Soon she could not complain. Her mouth was stuffed with rag, a bandage was wound severaltimes across her lips and tied behind her head. She could utter no word, nor could she scream. A rope to her collar was her tether as Achmad led her from luxury back to prison.

It was a different post. It was placed where she could not see it from her cell. Audrey Cotswold was bound to it with considerable skill and an eye to aesthetics. She was gagged as Corey was gagged. The two girls exchanged anguished stares.
"I do real good job of tie." Said Achmed complacently.

He had indeed. Corey recognized its merit. Audrey could not move. She was clamped tight against the post by ropes above and below her naked breasts. By her neck. Her waist was doubly cinched, her hands were tied at the back as were her elbows. Her knees also bore the tight tight bands... Below them, Corey could not see. The tied girl´s feet were buried by a pile of tinder dry bits of wood, twigs, branches, paper and assorted inflammables. "Is not nice way for girls to die." Achmed insinuated.

The gags were a refinement of cruelty. The need of the girls to speak blazed from their wide and anguished eyes. Corey was choking with the urgency to tell Achmed this must not happen, that this lovely girl must not die by fire, that she herself would do anything... anything demanded... that she must be taken to Abdul Nour...!

But she could utter no word. She turned to her grinning jailor and shook her head again and again.
"Our Leader want you to be very good girl." Achmed explained blandly.
Corey nodded and nodded again. What more could she do? Nonchalantly, Achmed struck a match. Looking straight at her, he dropped the small flame on the outer fringe of kindling.
It flared instantly. Corey screamed against her gag and tore free of her leash. In frantic disregard of pain she stamped her bare feet up and down on the eager birth of conflagration.
"Is lucky girl." Achmed observed complacently. "You love her very much." He looked down at the blackened and s**ttered twigs and at her feet. "Is hurting?"

Corey shook her head. It had been too swift for injury. It was not until she had been led to her cell and the gag taken from her mouth that she was able to seek motives.
"Achmed, she´s not really going to be burned...? She isn´t! Is she?"
"Not if you very good girl."

She sighed in relief. The girl bound to the stake was not a trick, she was a demonstration of intent, a warning. Abdul Nour was serious in his fantastic plan. In one of the swift analyses with which she was constantly confronted, Corey ruefully supposed she would be better off as his wife than as his army´s whore. "Are you going to untie Audrey?" She asked hopefully. "It´s too cruel for her to stay tied like that... not knowing?"
"Give good scare. Very frightened of burn. She be very good girl too when let loose."
"Achmed, please untie her now. Oh please! And what´s going to happen to her... afterwards?"
"She make good whore. When you naughty girl she get whipped. You run away she get burned." Achmed disposed of such trivialities with a wave of the hand and a benovelent smile. "Now you give Achmed fine fuck."

Miss Corey Gibson folded her nudity to the floor. Wryly, she supposed she was no worse off today than yesterday. Laughing, she pointed out an omission: "Achmed, my hands! We´ve forgotten my hands. They´re still handcuffed behind my back."
"No forget. Is good that way."

What did it matter! Obediently, the daughter of vast wealth arched her back upon her manacled wrists and spread her legs.
Alone, sitting on her bench before seeking sl**p, Corey Gibson reflected on the nature of girls. Girls were property. Girls had to do what they were told. Scarcely more than a couple of centuries of social usage had rubbed off on them its patina of equality. But it was easily erased. A few days as the captive of men had brought her to where she was, grateful for the emotional release of being fucked by her jailor every evening, thankful when she was not bound with rope, finding a strange pride in being desired by the male, even as a whore. Escape no longer bothered her. Girls did not escape! It was as simple as that.

Corey was amused by the sudden realisation that Achmed had gone away and forgotten her handcuffs. Even more significantly she had forgotten them herself. A girl must indeed be both physically and spiritually enslaved when such an acceptance of chains was carelessly automatic. She made her familiar tug against the steel bands. They were tight as ever. She would not escape them. She shrugged away the loss of her arms in resigned indifference. She was still sitting on the boards when Achmed returned with Audrey Cotswold.

Corey did not believe Achmed cruel. What he did now must be under the spur of urgency, orders, or a preoccupation of his own. It was done swiftly in silence. Her own exclamations died unborn against the gag he thrust into her mouth and buckled behind her neck. Audrey was already gagged and twisting her arms fretfully against the handcuffs at her back. Her collar was instantly tethered by chain and padlocked to the opposite wall. Corey´s own chain was unlocked, gathered to half its length, then locked again. Two startled girls stared at the bars as the door slammed shut behind their departing jailor.

It was frustrating to the point of tears. Confirming instant suspicion, each chained girl stepped out to touch, to make contact with beloved flesh. Their tethers snubbed their necks within a yard of union. They stood, so close, helpless, defeated, denied, and gazed at each other pathetically. They made strangled sounds against their most efficient gags, they motioned despairingly with heads compressed by straps. Convinced of the denial of their need of each other they returned to their respective walls. Audrey sat on the floor, Corey on her bench. Both were equally hard on female bottoms.

They slept. Both girls had become inured to chains, their metal collars, and an unsympathetic surface on which to lay. It was the deepest dark of night when Amrah opened the barred door and unlocked the padlocks at their necks. Without pause, she used the shorter chain to join their collars four feet apart. Padlocks clicked again. Huuriedly, she pushed them from the cell to the waiting figure of a naked girl. It was Josie. Josie´s plight was a duplicate of their own. She grinned a mute greeting. But gag and handcuffs permitted no more. In seconds she was collared and linked to Audrey´s neck. Where one went, so would the others.

"We get away." Amrah´s whisper was both urgent and demanding. "You better trust Amrah or we get caught."

She emphasised her demand by a firm tug on the leash she had prudently fastened to Corey´s slave neck iron. Dazed, the three helpless girls followed where they were led.

Should she have struggled, kicked, resisted this nocturnal rescue? Perhaps! But Achmed had left the two of them sufficiently helpless to enable Amrah to handle them with ease. There had been little choice. And suppose Amrah was a friend! Suppose she was leading them to freedom! The method of her doing so was not illogical. Three dubious and arguementative girls would have been far more difficult than the three gagged nudities now slipping so silently into the night. They were a package Amrah could control. She herself would be fleeing her enslavement as an unpaid whore. But the keys! Where had Amrah got the keys by which to take thaem from thrir prison? Corey rejected the stress of speculation as she strove to appease the pressure on her neck. If they were being led to freedom by this unorthodox handling, so be it! Freedom, by any means, was vital. Nothing else mattered.

Eight padding bare feet, the clink of chain. Whispers of sound in the desert night. Amrah led them along the great wall to the door. When it closed behind them the sound spoke of no return. Beyond them now was limitless space, but in the foreground the dark shadow of a truck.

Two men in desert garb. Then the incredible! Amrah passed to them keys, like coins in payment understood. She broke a string from her bare waist and gave them the handcuffs it had borne. She turned her back to present them with her wrists. She looked back across her shoulder with a wide grin as the cuffs clicked to make her captive too. Corey´s leash was padlocked to Amrah´s collar so that now it was four naked girls who stood in line to await the convenience of men. One by one they were lifted into the truck by strong male hands. The tailgate was raised and fastened, the engine whispered into life. Corey looked back at the rapidly deminishing immensity of Amphala, a place she had known only as a prison cell. Somewhere within the walls the brigand who intended to take her to wife would be fast asl**p.

It was a miserable ride of snubbed necks and tangled female flesh. Amrah was the only one with speech but she used it little. The others could ask no questions. "Now we get sold in slave market." She informed her companions with an immense and beaming complacency. "Rich man buy. We have fine life. Much better than whore to army."

She giggled happily. "They want you too or won´t take me. Now we all set." The innocently naive admission explained much. Now, Amrah´s proud satisfaction with an astute deal added more. "Men buy our keys. In Amphala they pay much money in bribes to make us free. We lucky girls."

Corey supposed it depended on the way a girl looked at it!

Conversation languished. The truck rumbled and jolted. It was hard to find comfort. She suspected that girls chained together by their collars might easily become irritated with each other. There was a constant snubbing and jerking and the tossing of angry heads. The four prisoners did the best they could by sitting on the bed of the truck and leaning against one unstable side. Three jaws ached from gags, four sets of handcuffs irked eight slender wrists. "Is nice long ride to safe place." Amrah informed brightly.

Corey would have liked to kick her.

It was indeed a long ride. It took them into dawn and a country of s**ttered brush and trees. It took them to a tent and five more girls. Lovely girls in varying shades of coffee, and linked as they were linked. With the truck in view they were marshalled into a waiting line, sullenly curious, enticingly nude. Two sets of chain were joined to make a slave coffle of nine girls. One end of it was padlocked to a tree. Gags were taken from three grateful mouths. Handcuffs were unlocked from thankful wrists. The collars and linking chain would deny escape.

Three men in quiet discussion. The passing of money. One of the trio returned to the truck and drove off in the way they had come. The remaining two turned their attention to their chained merchandise.

Corey was fingering the metal circlet on her neck. It was heavy with chain. Even with her limbs free she had never felt more helpless. But her main concern was the men. They were rangy masculine types, one bearded, one clean shaven. They wore the desert haik. Un hurriedly, they took inventory.

Strangly, no girl spoke. They were prodded and positioned but maintained the silence of resignation. The finality of their enslavement and the obvious intent of their condition left nothing to say. They had been captured into slavery and would be sold. There were no protests. The girls were frightened. Their new owners had steely eyes and a no nonsense approach to their abasement of nine girls. They commented to each other in the desert dialect, pointing out salient features on each slave. There was no other communion.

Corey was made to stand with her hands clasped behind her neck. Their satisfaction with her body was all too evident. She was costly merchandise. Grim lipped, she endured the fingerings and probings. Her fortitude was shattered by a mid-western voice.

"Some sort of an heiress, aren´t you?"

A Yanke slave trader! Why not, they did everything else! Sudden hope wilted under the sardonic gaze. Her response was forestalled by Audrey´s angry outburst.
"You idiot! She´s Corey Gibson... The Plant Corporation. Neither she or I belong on this damn chain. You can get ransom for us. Tomorrow you could be rich and us on the way home."
An amused and interested regard swung upon the girl´s heaving breasts. The voice was tolerant. "Shut your trap, k**."
"But, I tell you...!"
"You don´t tell us nothing we dont ask! You want that little ass of your´s whipped?"
Audrey Cotswold subsided into hurt silence. The sardonic eyes returned to Corey. "M´name´s Seth Burdett, and I asked you a question."
"Yes, I am Corey Gibson."

A rapid exchange in Arabic. Burdett nodded at her and winked. Attention turned to the next in line. Corey felt piqued. She exchanged a cocked eyebrow. But what could they do! The were helpless.

It was Seth Burdett who gave them their set of rules. Like recruits in boot camp they stood attentively in line. His mention of a whip had earned respect. "We march at night, sl**p by day. We´ll cross country where a truck won´t go. That means there´s no one chasing us." He grinned up and down the naked line. "Don´t any of you girls aim to be rescued or escape. That ain´t going to happen. Any of you want to give trouble she gets her back sliced good with a whip. Any questions?"
A long silence was terminated by a pale feminine voice. "Are we slaves... Mr. Burdett?"
"Thought that went without saying, k**. In case you don´t know, that way you´re chained´s called a slave coffle." He guffawed. "Keeps you in line."
"Are we going to be sold?"
"Of course. And let me tell you, you´re damned expensive stuff."
Corey took her chance. "Will you arrange ransom for Audrey and me, Mr. Burdett?"
"Too much hassel, Miss Gibson. Sorry."
"The sum could be huge."
"Miss Gibson, when you stand up on that auction block you´re going to be shocked out of your socks by the price some guy´s going to pay for you. We´re taking you to where the money is."
The chain seemed heavier. Their value as merchandise made them doubly captive. Corey tried another approach.
"Please, must we be chained? We can´t run away in this wilderness. You could control us without all this hardware on our necks."
"You´re dreaming, k**. We take these little coffee coloured cuties off the coffle, they´d melt into that brush like they weren´t even there." He guffawed again. "You probably wouldn´t be far behind, but your white ass would be easier to follow."
"It´s so demeaning. We keep tugging at each other."

Burdett remained indulgent. "Hell, girl, that coffle is about the most humane way we can handle the nine of you. You want to tell me a better way?"
She could not! It was infuriating to think of their condition as desirable or convenient, but for the life of her she could think of nothing else. To be linked wrist to wrist would be far more inhibiting. To be bound with rope would be painful in the walk ahead.

Burdett laughed at her chagrin. "Mustafa here wants we should give you white girls a damn good whipping right at the start, just so´s you know where you´re at and don´t ask fool questions." He winked sardonically. "But with you two I can figure the adjustments you´re having to make... don´t suppose it´s all that easy and seems to me you´re doing O.K. So I´m good natured. But don´t crowd your luck."

"You don´t have to sell us into slavery."

To be continued....
Geri Continue»
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The Dream:

bl**d rushed through her veins, hot and thick with lust. She was in the strong arms of a man with a mask and his naked skin glistened with a thin sheen of sweat as he pulled her close. Sharp fangs pressed against her skin followed by the hot wetness of a tongue, tasting the juncture of her neck and shoulder; her sweet spot. She was wearing a sheer silky slip edged in lace that left nearly nothing to the imagination, her heavy breasts bouncing gently with each shuddering breath she took, her taut rosy nipples pulling the fabric taut, pulling the neckline down ever lower on her breasts. Strong hands teased and touched her body as he sucked on her neck and kissed his way up to her ear, teeth gently nibbling her earlobe.

"You will do anything for me..." The low rumble that was his voice was strong and firm; he wasn't asking. When she didn't answer, he pulled his hands away from her, taking away her sweet pleasure, yet his lips remained at her ear. One strong hand clamped down on her jaw and f***ed her head to nod. His smile was wicked but oh so seductive and sexy...

"Yes..of course." Her lips trembled as she f***ed the words out. They felt unnatural and she had the eerie feeling that she didn't really speak them, as if he were in her mind.

"Good, now please, my sweetest Josephine...wake up" His fingers faded to black smoke and she gasped and turned to find nothing but black silk covering her face, suffocating her.


Josephine sc****d the sheets away from her face and breathed heavily, the bl**d pumping through her veins had yet to slow and she felt as if she wasn't yet fully awake. Swinging her legs over the edge of the bed, she pulled her body up like a marionette, her limbs moving stiffly as if pulled by strings. She shuffled to the bathroom and splashed cool water over her face then looked into the mirror. Wet crimson curls framed her pale round face. She opened her long lash shadowed, almond-shaped eyes wide and examined her iris. They had been changing steadily for a year now, the whiskey colored centers fading and shrinking into a feathered ring around the pupil and surrounded by a jade green. She liked the idea of having green eyes and loved the way that, in the right light, the whiskey and jade would mix to create a liquid honey effect. She dabbed on some chap-stick to keep her plush-lipped mouth silky smooth and wiped away the smeared remains of yesterdays makeup and pinched her cheeks for color. As she pulled back to examine her body she began to wonder when she started doing this to make herself look so pretty in the mornings, there was no one in their large house except for Josephine and her father.

Lifting her black polka-dotted tank top she examined her belly. It was slightly rounded but not obscenely so, with a cute belly button and a tiny waist that most girls would kill for. The bottoms of her breasts showed and she glowered at them. Most girls want theirs at about a C cup. Josephine would like that too, but for a different reason. The fabric of her top pulled up higher and she examined the hefty globes that she was cursed with. At such a small size around and a large cup, she was f***ed to buy sexy bras at lingerie shops because no one but her was a 36F without implants. A loud sigh escaped her rose petal pink lips and she dropped the tank top down and brought her hand down and touched her smoothly shaven mound beneath her black boy-short style panties. Her middle and index fingers brushed against the dampness between her legs and a slight blush crept onto her face. Turning, she took one last look in the mirror at her adorable, at least she thought it was adorable, ass. The bottoms of the pale cheeks were showing and she fixed her panties so that it wouldn't show off too much. Ever since she turned eighteen three weeks ago, Josephine had been relishing in her new found adult freedom. She'd bought twelve "adult" books and even a tiny vibrator that she has yet to come up with the courage to use, but she'd be damned if she wouldn't sl**p and walk around her own home the way she wanted.

In the Kitchen:

Lucas Dylan sat at the kitchen table with one hand around his cooling coffee and the other clicking away at the computer. Over half of the table was littered with receipts, reports and business memos that he'd printed, emailed, made copies of and faxed at least twice since the moment his alarm had gone off. Lucas worked from home most of the time, only going in to the office for a meeting or to meet with high-profile customers. It was hard work keeping everything straight, but it was worth it to see his darling Josephine every day. Lucas was a tall man with broad shoulders and the trim muscular body of a runner. His hair was an uncanny shade of brown that seemed to incorporate every shade of brown in the forest, including a few brown-gray hairs at his temples. With ocean-blue eyes that had a splash of whiskey around the pupil, he was a handsome man with high-cheek bones and a strong jaw.

As he stared into the 2-D depths of his silver laptop he thought of his ex-wife. She had fire-red hair and a thin impish body that, though was the envy of every model from L.A. To Paris, had never truly made him lust after her. What made him fall in love with her, though, was her smile and the way she laughed. If lightning were lavender in coloration and silver could be liquid without burning, that beauty and all the beauty of modern-art rolled into one wouldn't come close to the beauty within her laugh. She had thin lips but a large grin that showed how truly happy she always was. However, the laughter and smiles didn't last long. When they'd met, both Lucas and his wife had been eighteen and starting college. Two months into the relationship and a pink plus on a pregnancy test made the engagement for them. When Josephine was two, though, Laura, his wife, had run off with her art-history professor and the divorce was handled quickly and neatly as she had effectively cut them out of her life and was now living in Reno with the professor who just happened to his the jack-pot while playing roulette. That woman infuriated him.

The squeak of a floorboard brought him back to the hear and now and it took him a moment to realize that the bodacious rump that was settled in front of the coffee maker was his little girl. As she stretched up to get a mug from the cabinet, Lucas could swear he saw the slick outline of her pussy through the stretchy black fabric of her panties. His cock twinged and his red-plaid boxers suddenly seemed a whole hell of a lot tighter. Rubbing a hand across his stubbly jaw, he wiped away the surprise on his face and screwed on his best I'm-the-dad face and waited for her to turn around so he could scold her, yet again, for being half naked in front of a man.

Josephine must have heard his sharp intake of breath, because she sighed loudly, shoulders slumped, and poured her coffee. "I know what you're going to say, so save it."

A wry smile teased his lips. "Oh really, then I don't have to ask you to go upstairs and put some clothes on, you'll just do it? Because I would love the amount of time that that would save me."

She turned and rested a hip against the counter and sipped her coffee and grimaced at it's lack of sugar or cream. "No, but we can both save time by agreeing to disagree and you letting me do what I want because I'm your little princess." Sticking out her bottom lip and batting her eyelashes like a little girl, she looked at her father in a nearly sincere good-girl pose for nearly five seconds before she started laughing. A large slosh of coffee spilled out of her mug and onto her chest.

Lucas was out of his chair in an instant and pressing a towel to her chest and taking the mug from her. Some habits die hard, and hot liquid on his little girl just hurt him on the inside to watch. "Are you okay honey?"

Josephine nodded and let out a disgruntled noise before dampening the towel with cold water and trying to blot out the coffee stains. "Yeah, I'm fine, just making a fool of myself, like usual."

She made her way to the door of the laundry room and muttered a quick "Don't look" as she stripped off the tank top and dropped it on the floor in a damp mess. "I'll go get dressed..."

As she walked away, shoulders hunched, in only her panties, Lucas' cock once again stirred in his boxers and he thought for certain that she would be the death of him. After all, what kind of girl walks around in such a sexy get-up in front of her father? One that didn't know how to grow up, that's what kind. One of these days he'd have to explain to her that she needed to act like an adult... but first he'd have to convince himself that he was ready to lose his little girl.

Slowly walking up the steps, Josephine caught a glimpse of her father and she could almost swear that she could see a lump in the front of his boxers. She mentally chastised herself and told herself that if she was going to start thinking like that about her father then she'd need to release some sexual tension some how.


After closing and locking her door, Josephine rummaged around her underwear drawer and pulled out the little three-inch neon blue vibrator, still in the original packaging. Her face flushed with warmth at the thought of doing something that she'd always considered so naughty but she had to try it, what good would it be if she didn't try it. Though it was cheap, she still hated wasting money. She read the description and the directions on how to work the multiple speed vibe. As soon as she turned it on, a soft buzzing came from the device and her fingers tingled. She giggled like a little school girl then lay back on her bed and touched the vibrator to her panty-clad pussy and felt her pussy grow wet. She moved it up and down along the black fabric, trying to figure out where she was supposed to put it then felt it brush against her clit and a jolt of pleasure shot through her and before she knew it, she was slipping down her panties and writhing on the bed with her legs spread wide and the vibe pressed against her clit. Her thighs began to tremble as she heard her fathers voice calling up the stairs for her. The muscles in her belly tightened as she climaxed, her juices flowing and covering her fingers and the vibrator. Images of a man burying himself deep within her as she climaxed, teeth against her neck, her back arching and her breasts pressing against his chest and her nails clawing down his back. She imagined herself kissing this man, but when he pulled away she recognized his face all to well but she just pulled him in closer and kissed him more passionately, more feverishly. Daddy? She quickly turned it off and closed her eyes as she waited for the little aftershocks to subside, it was the most intense thing she'd ever felt. But what was with the image of her father kissing her... fucking her...? She told herself that it was just because she heard his name, it was a lie, but she didn't want to admit to herself that she had just gotten off by thinking of her father.

Lucas knocked on Josephine's door and for an instant thought he heard a vibrator and heavy breathing, but quickly dismissed the thought, not wanting to face that very real possibility. "Honey?"

"Yes Daddy?" Her voice sounded shaky and breathless when she spoke, and she hadn't called him daddy for such a long time.

Lucas shrugged it off as a fluke and leaned against the door as he spoke. "I've got to run into town for a meeting and it'll run late... I was wondering if you'd like to run around the mall for a bit when I go then we'll go out to eat dinner, maybe catch a movie, wasn't there one out you wanted to see?" He hoped that this would help make up for how embarrassed she felt for spilling her coffee earlier.

Josephine quickly slipped on her white lace boy-short style panties and her white lace bra then stood next to the door and cracked it open a bit so that she could look at him. "Do I get to decide where we get to eat?" She raised an eyebrow and smiled when he did.

"Of course sugar! I'll even buy you an iced coffee, with whip cream...and a lid" He winked at her and she laughed and, in a streak of bravery, threw open the door and wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tight then quickly disappeared back into her room.

Lucas was stunned for an instant. Seeing Josephine like that, having her press against him while she still faintly smelled of sex made his cock instantly hard and he shivered at the thought of her pressing just a little bit closer. Something has to be wrong with me, he thought, no way in hell am I lusting after my daughter... I hope.

The red dress she picked out was perfect for a day like this with her father, it was bright red with big white skulls and anchors. She was still giddy after doing something so naughty, but she couldn't help it, she needed to do it and she would never ever do it again, at least that's what she told herself. After zipping the dress up, she slipped on her red stilettos and fluffed her hair in the mirror then applied a light layer of smokey-shadow and thin eyeliner with mascara to make her eyes pop. She looked gorgeous.

Back Downstairs:

As soon as she stepped downstairs and into the living room, she knew that she'd done well. Despite her love of skulls and black and red, she always managed to look adorable and sweet despite what she wore. Lucas smiled and motioned for her to come sit next to him on the couch. She snuggled up to him as he watched the news and she didn't even notice that it was near three-o'clock when her father stood and stretched and told her it was time to go.

In Town:

Once they were in town it was nearly four-o'clock and he dropped her off at the door to the mall with fifty dollars in cash and his credit card. For the next three and a half hours, Josephine found nothing of interest except for a set of lingerie, that she really had no good use for, and a black European-style bikini that just barely fit her lovely bust. For the hell of it, she bought both.

After the Meeting:

The meeting ran a half hour longer than expected and by the end Lucas was a much richer man for it, yet that didn't change how tired he was feeling. Sitting in a small room around an oval table wearing a suit was not his idea of a good time, at least he had his time with his daughter to look forward to.

"Hey Luke!" Jack Sanders slapped Lucas on the back, a big cheesy grin on his face. "Good work today! It was you we have to thank for landing us that deal!"

Lucas smiled politely and nodded. "Yeah, but now I'm late for dinner with Josephine. She spilled coffee on herself this morning and I figured I ought to do something to make it up to her."

Jack's eyebrows rose in surprise. "Well, I would have thought that a cute girl like her would want to be out with some young stud on a Friday night rather than hang out with her boring old dad." He laughed loudly as they stepped into the elevator, obviously making a curvacious Latina maid uncomfortable.

Lucas' smile faded. "Josephine doesn't date..."

Jack nudged Lucas with his elbow and nodded. "Right, and she doesn't have sex, drink or smoke pot either?"

Lucas wasn't amused. "No, she doesn't. She is a good girl and I'm not sure I like you talking about her that way..."

Jack threw up his hands in temporary defeat. "Hey, all I'm saying is that an attractive young girl probably has some boyfriend she doesn't want you to find out about. Hell, she probably has lingerie and some sex toys stored away for when he sneaks in at night, with the way she dresses I bet she'd into whips and collars and fun shit like that." A dangerous sparkle in his eye sent Lucas' temper to the boiling point.

He turned and looked straight at Jack. "Listen, you don't talk about Josephine that way, she is my daughter, not some hot young slut for you to fuck in the supply room, okay? Next time you talk that way about her I will rip out your heart and feed it to you, got it?"

The doors opened and Lucas turned and left without so much as a thought as to what Jack was thinking or doing. If he would have looked back, though, he would have seen a red-faced monster in a nice suit. Jack was lucky that Lucas didn't know about all the times that Josephine had come to see her father at the office and fled, crying, because Jack had felt her up or slipped a hand under her dress between her thighs despite her cries of protest. Even though Lucas knew Jack was an asshole and an idiot, what he said still got to him. How well did he really know his daughter? It was possible that she did all those things and just didn't want him to find out, she was a gorgeous girl...

Back at the Mall:

When he walked into the food court Lucas saw that Josephine had two bags with her, one from one of the department stores and the other from a store that sold sexy lingerie and other little naughty things. He smoothed his face and tapped her on the shoulder. "Well hello there pretty lady."

Josephine looked up at him and smiled brightly. "Hey you, ready to but me that coffee now?"

At the Restaurant:

Josephine sighed and dropped her napkin over her half eaten plate of fettuccine Alfredo. "What's wrong? You haven't eaten barely more than a bite and you look like you've seen a ghost."

Lucas snapped his attention back to his daughter and frowned. "Nothing, why would you think that?"

She shook her head and nibbled at a bread stick. "I changed my mind about the movie, I'm not in the mood."

Lucas opened his mouth to object then thought better of it. He wasn't feeling all to well either, faced with the terrifying possibility of Josephine being a slut. Though he had no proof and was simply feeling the effects of Jack's suggestion, he couldn't shake the feeling like she was interested in some guy and the bag from the lingerie store didn't help that.

Back at the House:

"Josephine, could you come here-oh, and bring those bags!" Lucas shouted from the living room and rubbed his sweaty palms nervously on his jeans.

Josephine walked in and sat down at the edge of the couch, the bags at her feet. "Okay...what is this about?" She chewed on her bottom lip nervously and Lucas couldn't help thinking about how sexy he always thought it was when women did that.

"What did you buy today?" Leaning back in his chair, he tried to make himself look calm and nonchalant.

Arching an eyebrow at him, she shrugged and pulled out the swimsuit and tossed it to him and frowned. "That's what I bought..." She did not like the way that this was going. "I don't see why you care, I'm eighteen you know..."

He knew all too well and wasn't one damn bit happy about it, but he ignored her question and pointed at the other bag as he touched the sexy bikini he held in his hand. "And that one?"

She sighed and leaned back and crossed her legs, giving him the tiniest flash of white lace panties. "Just some new bras and panties, stuff that I really don't think you need to be looking at."

Lucas scoffed and leaned forward, eyes pinned on her. "Oh, really? Is that why you traipse around here showing off yourself to me? Maybe Jack was right and you are a hot bl**ded little slut!" As soon as he said it, Lucas wished that he could take it back. The wounded look in her eyes hurt him, but there was also something else in her eyes that he didn't understand, then as soon as tears started to stream from her eyes he knew what that look was; fear.

"You!" Her voice was accusing and the feral look in her eyes made her look all-too much like a hurt a****l trapped in a cage. "You would dare listen to that...that r****t rather than your own daughter!?" At this point she was standing in front of him and pointing an accusing finger straight at his nose. "That bastard has been trying to get in my pants for two years and you accuse me of being a hot-bl**ded slut!?"

Lucas was shocked at her reaction, but slowly as the news sunk in, his shock turned into hot anger and his bl**d sizzled through his veins. "...He what?" His voice was calm, deathly calm.

Her bottom lip trembled and he saw a glimpse of the little girl she used to be. "Every time I came to your office he'd try and grope me o-or he'd touch me if I wore as skirt and you-you believed him when he told you I was a slut..." With voice cracking and tears dyed gray from her mascara, Josephine was breaking his heart.

"Oh God, baby..." He reached out to her and felt so relieved when she let him pull her onto his lap that some of his anger dissipated, but a whole new fire was roiling in his belly as he learned what Jack had done to his little girl. Lucas smoothed her hair and held her close and wiped the tears from her eyes and kissed her cheeks. "I'm so sorry...I had no idea. He just suggested that since you were such a pretty girl that you probably just had some boyfriend you didn't want me to know about and you..." His words stuck in his throat and he rubbed her back, some of the anger from earlier returning and only adding to the fury he felt within.

Josephine shook her head and buried her face in his bare chest until her breathing returned to normal, except for a few hiccups. "No...never. I know you wouldn't want me having sex, I'm saving myself for the right man and...and there isn't even a boy that has caught my eye."

Relief washed over him and soothes the fiery anger within him. "Trust me, baby girl, that asshole is going down." He pressed a kiss to her forehead and noticed that it was getting late. "Go to bed and take your new clothes with you.

Josephine nodded and headed upstairs with her two bags and left her father to think about what had just happened. He heard the shower turned on and he hoped that she would sl**p well after this whole messy ordeal.

Needless to say, he was furious about what Jack had done, but if he were to go over to Jack's house and actually murder him, he'd never see his little girl again. Lucas sat up late, just thinking about ways to make that asshole pay for what he did to his little girl.

In the Heat of the Night:

Lucas had finally given up and gone to sl**p after realizing there was nothing that he could possibly do tonight. His door creaked open and as he squinted through the dark, he could have sworn he saw a Goddess. Dressed in her thin black silk robe with the Japanese cherry blossoms, Josephine slipped into her father's room and nervously stood a few feet away from his large King sized bed with it's red silk sheets and soft downy pillows.

Her voice was faint and husky as she spoke. "Daddy..."**d pumped through his veins releasing a hot lustiness all throughout his body. He must be dreaming, but as he felt the silk sheets against his skin and bumped his head against the headboard as he was sitting up, it seemed less and less likely. "B-baby girl?" His voice was hoarse and as his eyes adjusted to the dark, he began to see her pale skin and the outline of her body.

Lucas wasn't sure, but he could almost swear that he saw her nod. "Yes Daddy, its asked me what I bought today and..." The tension in the air was almost so thick he could see it. She untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. Both breasts were framed by red and black lace that laced down the center, just barely obscuring the nipples. The lace met just above her belly button then separated again to wrap around her belly and meat again to cover her pussy yet the sides were left open and laced at the sides. Lucas took in the sight of this gorgeous woman in just a sexy teddy, bearing herself to him, and since the woman was one which was so...taboo, he couldn't help but grow instantly hard, her hard prick bobbing against his belly as he took in the sight of her. "You are the only man that I've ever wanted and the man that I want to give myself to..."

Since he didn't say anything, Josephine began to feel shy and uncomfortable. "If you want...I can just leave and we wont talk about this ever again..." Her voice wavered. She was on the verge of tears.

Lucas pulled back the covers and offered her his hand. "Come here baby girl." She took his hand and pulled herself up onto the bed and sat up on her knees in front of him. He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and f***ed her to look up at him, even in the poor light he could tell that she was blushing and he kissed her; warm, hard and on the lips. Her shock gave way to lust and slowly, she began to kiss back then let his tongue slip into her mouth to taste and explore her.

They broke the kiss with a desperate need for air. The room seemed to be over a hundred degrees and getting hotter by the second. This time, when Lucas spoke, his voice was rough and lusty. "Close your eyes sweety."

She closed her eyes and he kissed her neck, teeth grazing her hot skin, as his large rough hands working at stripping her naked, her teddy falling in a lacy puddle on his floor. She straddled him, his cock pressed against her belly as she ran her fingers through his hair. His lips found her breasts and kissed, sucked and teased until she was begging for him to stop. Lucas buried his face in his daughter's cleavage and moaned. "God baby girl, how is it that you have these big gorgeous tits?"

She laughed and her breasts rubbed and jiggled against his face. His lips once again fastened around her nipple, his teeth squeezing and teasing as his tongue moved in a circular motion against her nipple as his hand imitated these movements on her other nipple. He murmured against the soft skin of her breast. "You taste so sweet..." While one hand worked her nipple, the other slipped from the small of her back down to her ass, his fingers brushing along the cleft.

A throaty gasp escaped her lips and her hips instinctively bucked forward, forcing her clit against the hard length of her father's penis. "Please stop, I can't take much more..."

A moment of disappointment flashed across Lucas' face then was quickly replaced by a wicked smile. "If your nipples taste this good..." He dragged his tongue across her left nipple for emphasis. "Then I must find out what that sweet little pussy of yours tastes like..."

As he pushed her onto her back, she didn't resist, she'd always wanted to know what it felt like to be eaten out and as his tongue slipped across her full swollen pussy lips she knew that she'd love it. Licking her opening and pushing the tip in, kissing all along her swollen lips up to her little clit and sucking then down to her little pink rosebud of an asshole, he licked her and smiled wickedly as she bucked and moaned. He nipped and kissed along her outer lips and began to suck her clit as he slipped one finger into her wet slit and sucking harder as her tightness wrapped around it.

Josephine blushed gently, her cheeks flushed pink with arousal as she watched her father lick her pussy, her fingers tangled in his hair as she pushed him closer and closer to her wet slit. As he sucked on her clit, her pussy tightened and he moved he lips to her opening, sucking and licking until she climaxed and a wave of her juiced drenched his face as he drank her cum. Lucas crawled over his daughter until he was looking into her gorgeous lust-glazed eyes. "Kiss me." He said, his voice hoarse and commanding.

She kissed his lips and chin, her little pink tongue darting out to lick her own juices off of his face. He kissed her hard and grabbed her by her curly hair and f***ed her to look him in the eyes. "This is going to hurt a lot. Are you sure you want this?"

Josephine nodded and kissed him hard and nibbled his bottom lip. "Of course, as I said, the man I was saving myself for was you."

Lucas spread her thighs with his knees and pushed her head to the point where his neck met his shoulder and spoke in a gruff voice. "Bite me, this will hurt a lot."

Lucas was a big man all around and his cock was no exception, at seven and a half inches long and thick, his daughter's tight cunt was no match for his massive dick, but he wanted her and she wanted him. There was no turning back. Positioning himself at her slick opening, Lucas pushed hard and felt the head just barely slip in. Josephine bit down hard on his skin and a load rumbling moan rocked through his chest. Pulling out, he heard a small pop and Josephine let up a bit as her small cunt once again tightened. "It's not over yet baby doll."

Once again, Lucas pushed into his daughter and felt her teeth sink deep into his flesh, his cock already aching for release as it went even deeper. Slowly, he began to rock back and forth, pulling out slightly, then pushing back in farther and father until-POP! Her cherry popped and Josephine gasped and her head fell back onto a mound of pillows. Lucas kisses her cheeks as tears began to trickle from her eyes. "Shhh baby girl, you're alright, you'll be fine..."

Pushing in deeper until he found himself buried all the way inside her, only then did he begin to slowly pump in and out of her. The ache subsided and she slowly felt him inside of her, the hot hard length of him inside her, pumping in and out, his hands positioned on her waist for support as he leaned down and took one of her nipples into his mouth and began to nibble and suck.

Cum rose in his balls and it was all he could do not to cum right then and there, but he needed her to orgasm again, needed to feel her tighten around him. Pumping ever harder and faster, he lifted her calves onto his shoulders and listened to her gasp each time he hit her cervix with the head of his cock. Every muscle in her body tightened as she climaxed, her juices flowing out from inside of her. With one last thrust, he pushed all the way inside her and came, shooting wave after wave of his hot cum inside her, so much so that it gushed out along with her juices and the bl**d from her broken hymen in a thick pinkish liquid that drizzled over her tight ass like icing on a hot cake. He collapsed on top of her, breathless and shuddering from the aftershocks of his own orgasm.

He pulled out carefully and pulled his daughter into his arms and kissed her forehead. Moving a stray lock of curly red hair from her face, Lucas promised his daughter that he would forever be her faithful lover for as long as she would have him.

They fell asl**p this way and didn't wake up until noon the next day, sore and well-fucked.

Good Morning Starlight:

Sunlight streamed in through the cracks in the cream white blinds. Long drawn out slats of lemony early morning light fell upon the tousled black sheets that shimmered and shined in the dim room. Streaks of light fell across her face as she slept, causing her sweet dreams to fade into starlight and sparkles in the back of her mind, ready to pick up where they left off soon as day turned to night and she closed her eyes yet again to rest her sl**py golden eyes. As those golden eyes opened, rimmed in slightly smudged makeup, and took in the room she found herself in, all signs of groggy sl**piness disappeared. Grey walls stared back at her with a broad face of stripes that alternated between glossy and matte. A large oval mirror reflected the room behind her with the black wardrobe, dresser, nightstand and desk. The mirror also reflected her pale body tangled within the sheets of her father's bed. Long deep red curls were sprawled out across the red silk pillows and there was a note left on the pillow beside her head. With long pale hands, she reached out and took the note into her hand.

The Note:

My Dearest Josephine,

When you are ready, come downstairs. I should be making breakfast by now. We have a lot to talk about and it is important.

Love, Dad

Meanwhile in the Kitchen:

Lucas turned on the radio and started the coffee maker with the fine dark chocolate hazelnut grog that he usually only pulled out on Josephine's birthday. With the radio playing classic rock from Billy Joel, Queen and The Doors, he opened the refrigerator and looked at what all he could make for his beloved baby girl. The eggs and milk were fresh and there was a half bottle of authentic maple syrup sitting on the top shelf. He scooped the ingredients up as well as a box of blueberries. Though she liked to watch what she ate, Lucas assumed that she'd burned off enough calories last night that she wouldn't mind having something a little bit fattening for breakfast. He reached into the cabinet and pulled out the flour, oil and, on a whim, a bag of chocolate chips.

Upon pulling the large stainless steal frying pan out of the cupboard above the stove, things went sour. The handle came with his hand but the pan went with gravity and fell straight onto his little toe. He let out a loud keening yelp and bit his knuckle. Lucas had an extreme tolerance for pain, but no matter how manly a man, dropping something on your toe hurts like hell. He sucked it up and tossed the pan and handle into the sink, for lack of a better idea of what to do with them. Behind him, Josephine stifled a giggle then winced as she noticed how her father was slightly favoring one foot rather than the other.

"You okay Daddy?" She whispered, trying not to surprise him too much and make him even angrier.

To her surprise, Lucas turned to face her with a look of pure relief and happiness upon his face. Within a few quickly hobbled steps he picked her up, spun her round and hugged her so tight she was gasping for air. Lucas placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back gently and took the sight of her in. At some point in time Josephine had dressed in a simple white lacy night gown that brushed her thighs and was slightly see-through, something that wasn't usually a problem since she usually wore underwear while wearing it, but today she seemed to have left those off and the effect wasn't lost on Lucas. Already, his cock was stiffening inside his boxers. Her hair was still messy and sexy as ever, a few curly strands falling forward and emphasizing her golden eyes, high cheek bones, petite nose and lush lips that were the perfect pink. Without thinking it through, Lucas pulled her close to him and kissed her with a hard passion that shocked Josephine. When she didn't move to kiss back, Lucas pulled away and turned away from her and pushed his hands down on the counter with a f***e that caused a loud smacking sound to reverberate through the quiet house. He was so excited and happy that she hadn't rejected him after last night that he didn't bother to think that maybe she didn't want to even acknowledge what happened and didn't want him.

Josephine watched her father and mentally chastised herself about not kissing him back. She wanted to, oh God how she wanted to kiss him back and fall into his bed again, but she was just so shocked and now he was feeling guilty over it. Resting a hand on his bare shoulder, Josephine kissed his cheek and then wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her chest against his back.

"I'm sorry about that. About making you feel guilty about the kiss, not the actual kiss itself. I loved the kiss. I also loved last night and I don't regret it at all. Do you?" Her cool cheek rests against his hot back and goosebumps raised up along her flesh as she awaited his response. He didn't say anything. He turned around and took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and kissed her softly, sweetly, on the lips then looked deeply into her eyes and smiles broadly. She loved his eyes. Blue eyes with a splash of yellow-brown in the middle around the iris. Today she saw more than just his ocean blue eyes. She saw passion and beauty and protection. She also saw love.

Lucas wrapped his strong arms around his daughter's waist and pulled her close. Pressing his lips to her forehead, he whispered. "Listen baby, this is going to be hard and you know it. I love you and I have suspicions that you feel the same exact way, but no one can know about this. To everyone, this is wrong. We can make this work, I know it, but promise me that you will be faithful to me, and trust me, if you aren't, I'll find out, after all, I am your Dad."

Josephine smiled and looked up into his eyes adoringly. "I love you too. And of course I will be faithful to you...Daddy."

As she said it, that simple, sexy, i****tuous title, caused his cock to harden and press against her belly. With a slight smile, she kissed him softly then whispered in his ear. "Tell me... What is it like to..suck this...?" Her long fingers with their baby pink painted nails rubbed his prick through the thin cotton of his boxers and a low moan rumbled through his chest.

One large rough hand tangled in her curly hair and he tapped her lips with the index finger of the other. "Mm... Well, for me it feels pretty good, although I'm not sure you'd like it... Have you ever done it before?" The question lit a fire in his belly and he knew that if she said yes that there just might be one less horny teenage boy in the world.

When she shook her head and a shy blush added a cute pinkness her cheeks, Lucas was relieved but also a little unsure. Virgins were usually the worst at giving head, but he figured that he could let her try, maybe she wouldn't be too horrible and even if she was, he knew that there was somewhere else he could put his cock that just might satisfy them both much more... "Alright baby girl, that's good. All you really do is get on your knees... Open your mouth, suck, and take a little but more into your mouth when you're ready... Oh, and using your tongue and hands wouldn't be a bad idea either." Winking and shivering with excitement, Lucas couldn't believe that this hot young thing wanted to suck his cock, or that she was his daughter.

As soon as Josephine's knees touched the cool linoleum floor of the kitchen, Lucas' cell phone rang. "Shit, hold on a moment sweety..."

"Hello." The side of Lucas' mouth turned down as he listened to the caller identify herself. "Oh, Hey Sarah." Josephine frowned at the mention of her aunt's name. In her mind, her aunt was a hypocritical bitch and she knew that her father agreed with her one hundred percent on that. Josephine sighed and rubbed her cheek along Lucas' thigh and mouthed the word "Daddy" and pouted. Lucas ignored her and continued to talk to his s****r. "Yeah, Josie and I are doing well. She just graduated from Northern Pine... Yes, she is a very smart girl, I'm so proud of her."

Lucas smiled down at Josephine. The interruption was allowing Lucas to go soft and Josephine didn't want that. She hooked her fingertips under the elastic band of his boxers and pulled them down until they were around his ankles then pulled on them until Lucas gave in and stepped out of them. Curiously, Josephine ran a fingertip along his balls and listened as her daddy grunted in approval then fumbled to give an explanation to her aunt. "Yeah, stubbed my toe today while trying to make breakfast... No, that isn't why I have a daughter... No, I really don't have anything better to day with my time and you shouldn't either. Your girls should be the most important thing in your life and you have them for a reason other than cheap labor... Fine, it's your life. Now, does this call have a point, I'm in the middle of something!"

Josephine ran her fingertips along the length of her father's large cock and wrapped her hand around it. Slowly, she straightened herself until her mouth was level with the head of his prick and slowly, hesitantly, stuck out the tip of her pink tongue and licked the head and probed the tiny little hole that was already starting to ooze precum. Lucas bit his bottom lip to keep from moaning. "Wait... You want them to stay for the summer? I do have a girl of my own to watch over, and aren't Anna and Liz around twenty, why would they come here for the summer, they should be in college."

Lucas gripped the counter hard and pushed his hips forward as Josephine twirled her tongue around the edge of his head then flattened her tongue and licked the oozing precum off of the glistening pink head of his prick. His hips bucked and pushed his head into her mouth. As the tight wetness of her mouth enveloped him, he was fully hard and almost ready to cum, the only problem was the heinous bitch on the other end of the phone call. "Right... Took a year off, but why here?" Lucas stifled a groan of pleasure as Josephine started sucking and pushing more and more of his cock into her mouth. "Looking at going to a few schools around here... Okay, fine, I'll call you back later and we will set it up, but I've really got to go now. Bye."

With her tongue swirling around his cock, Lucas couldn't hang up fast enough. The hand that was tangled in her hair pushed her head closer as he pushed his hips forward. Within seconds, Josephine's bottom lip rested against his balls and she was gagging on his cock. "Shh baby girl, relax."

As she relaxed, she stopped gagging and his cock was in her throat, squeezing the upper length while her mouth sucked and her tongue twirled and her lips squeezed the base of his prick. Lucas' hand tugged on her hair and pulled her head gently back then pushed it forward. Quickly, she got the hang of it and was bobbing her head up and down on his cock and he could already feel his balls swelling with hot cum. One pale hand wrapped around his balls and gently massaged them, her fingers squeezing and occasionally her fingernails gently scr****g them. His hips moved frantically, fucking his little girl's mouth, then as he pushed all the way in and she gave a subtle squeeze to his balls, he came.

Wave after wave of his thick hot seed spurted into her mouth and she guzzled it down like a pro. He pulled out of her mouth just as the last wave hit and he spurted a long stream of the milky glaze onto her breasts which had popped out with the vigorous motion in which he'd fucked his daughter's sweet little plump mouth. "Holy...fuck..."

Lucas' head dropped back and he stared at the ceiling, both hands pressed down on the counter to keep his legs from buckling. Josephine giggles and dragged a finger through the sticky glaze of cum on her chest and licked her finger. "Was that good...?"

Lucas' chest heaved with every breath and once his legs were stable he stood tall and looked down at her with amazement in his eyes. "I thought you said you never did that before!?"

Josephine smiled back proudly and nodded. "I didn't, but I can do this..." She opened her mouth and formed a clover with her tongue.

As Lucas untangled his hand from his daughter's curly hair he helped her up from off the floor and kissed her hard, the taste of his semen still on her lips. Her body melted against his. When they finally pulled away they were both panting and out of breath. Lucas pulled his daughter's night gown down and stared at her heavy plump perfect breasts, thin waist and wide hips and thighs, the perfect hourglass. Her legs were shapely and long and as he stared, his cock once again began to harden. "Well, there, now we're both naked..."


They both helped with breakfast and because they couldn't fry bacon naked, Josephine ended up wearing nothing but a frilly pink apron with hearts all over it and Lucas wore his white "Kiss the Cook" apron. Josephine repeatedly followed the apron's advice and kissed her daddy over and over again. The fresh blueberry chocolate chip pancakes tasted amazing with the dark chocolate hazelnut coffee and crisp bacon. Everything was fantastic, especially because it was cooked with love.

As Josephine stood to clear the plates, Lucas took her hand and sighed. "Listen sweety, we weren't very safe last night... I ran into town last night after you were asl**p and bought this, it's a morning after pill, I also made an appointment later today for you to go get some birth control..."

Josephine's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Daddy...I am on birth control... Remember how last year I had to stay home at least two days every month? That was because of my period. I was losing so much bl**d I was anemic so Dr. Jill put me on the pill." She smiled brightly then hugged him tight.

"Oh..." Lucas felt ridiculous for not knowing that earlier, but he was glad that he wasn't going to be a father and a grandfather anytime soon.

Josephine sat on his lap and kissed him softly and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Let's do something fun this summer!"

Lucas nodded. "Alright, so, what do you want to do? A vacation to someplace fun, maybe go to an amusement park?"

Josephine shrugged and kissed his forehead. "Let's talk about it later, if I'm not mistaken you are supposed to talk to Sarah again..." She grimaced at her aunt's name. "I'll clean up here, don't worry about it."

Lucas nodded reluctantly and kisses her once again and let her cook the dishes as he grabbed his cell phone and walked into the f****y room and called his s****r.

The Kitchen:

Usually, people came to the front door and rang the doorbell, unless they knew Mr. Dylan and his daughter, in which case, they would simply walk along the stone path that curved along the house and up to the backdoor where they knocked then just walked in. Today, one person who knew Lucas and Josephine had come walking up that stone path. When the knock came, Josephine quickly shoved her father's boxers into a drawer and maneuvered her dress up her body under the apron just before her father's coworker, Jack Sanders, walked into the house wearing a yellow and white striped polo and khaki colored cargo shorts and sneakers that obviously cost a pretty penny and were never used for exercise. Jack was an average sized man who was naturally trim with dark brown eyes and hair. He was tall but not as tall as Lucas, who was just above six feet three inches tall.

Last night, before Josephine had walked into her father's room wearing nothing but lacy lingerie, Lucas had found out about Jack sexually harassing his daughter. Every time Josephine would come into the office to see her father, Jack had tried to feel her up or f***e her into doing sexual favors for him. Josephine, always being a good daddy's girl, had refused. But now, as she was faced with the monster that haunted her dreams wearing a short sexy night gown and frilly apron, she felt all the more nervous, and she very well couldn't call her dad in to help since he was currently in an embarrassing state of undress.

A dangerous lust flickered in jack's dark eyes as he took in the sight of Josephine standing before him in such a cute skimpy state. He slowly sauntered over to her and rests a hand on the counter to the side of her, somewhat trapping her. "Hey there darling." Glancing behind her and spying the coffee pot he smiled wickedly. "How about getting old Jack a cup of coffee...?"

At the moment, Josephine couldn't think of much of anything to do. "Are you sure you don't want me to get my dad? We just finished breakfast and I'm sure he's expecting you..."

He smiled and raised his other hand and twirled a lock of her curly red hair around his finger. "Nah, I tried to call him to tell him I was on my way over to bring by some paperwork for the new account, but the line was busy. You can tell him in a minute. Now don't be rude and just turn around and get me some coffee, please."

She nodded, her mouth dry and her legs shaking. She didn't want to be considered rude but she also didn't want her daddy to be upset at her for letting Jack put her in this position, but at the moment, she didn't have much choice. Josephine turned and stretched up and opened a cabinet and grabbed a clean white mug for his coffee. Jack's hands moved to her hips and her skin prickled with revulsion. As she bent forward and poured his coffee, she could feel him grinding the hard lump in his shorts against the cleft of her ass. One of his hands slipped down the front of the apron and onto her thigh then began trailing upwards.

"Please stop... I'm really really uncomfortable with this." Josephine swallowed hard and tried to pull away but Jack pulled her back against him with the one hand as the other hovered just below her naked sex, still wet from sucking her father's cock earlier that morning.

His lips pressed against her neck near her ear. "Aren't you going to ask me if I want cream or sugar in my coffee?"

Fingernails bit into her hip and she gasped in pain and surprise. Jack had never been this adamant about trying to get in her pants before. She fumbled over the words. "Would you like c-cream or sugar in your-...your coffee?"

With a low husky voice he replied. "With lots and lots of sugar..." His hand pressed against her naked sex and a happy grunt told her that he was pleased with her lack of panties. She pushed against the counter and tried to spin but he held fast and pressed his lips to her neck and sc****d the skin with his teeth.

"Oh what a naughty girl you are, I told your daddy that you probably had someone on the side, or maybe you're just naughty because you thought I'd come over today? I know you want me and I don't blame you. Well, good news, I want you too and I am going to have you..." His fingers rubbed along her pussy. One finger pushed into her as he ground the heel of his hand against her clit. When her daddy touched her it felt good, but this hurt her and made her feel dirty.

"Stop it, I'll call my dad in here if you don't stop it... I'm not afraid of you anymore!" Josephine pulled forward then managed to twist herself out of Jack's hold.

Lucas, who had heard Jack's voice in the kitchen, quickly grabbed his robe from one of the hangers in the laundry room that abutted the f****y room, rushed in to find Jack pushing Josephine over the counter and pulling up her nightgown. "Bastard!"

Jack looked back at Lucas and his face drained of all color. "Whoa Luke, she begged me to do it, I swear." He raised his hands in the air and backed away. Josephine rushed to her father and cowered behind him.

Luke's voice was low and angry. "Josie, is this true...?"

Josephine shook her head and buried her face into the back of her father's plush blue robe. "No, he's a liar!"

Jack glowered at her, his voice growing gruff and his face turning red. "Bullshit, she's a hot bl**ded slut and you know it! I've seen her fuck plenty of guys in the store room when she supposedly came to see you, don't blame me for taking advantage of that!"

Lucas stepped forward and looked down at the man-if you could call him that-that stood before him. "I know for a fact that my baby girl is a virgin and she told me the truth about you last night, how you tried to fuck her in the store room and how she'd run home crying every time because you took advantage of her!"

Jack's mouth was agape as he realized that his dirty secret was out. He backed toward the door and glared at the two of them. "This is bullshit. It's not over. I'm going to have her one of these days and you're not going to be there to protect her, hell if you get lucky though, I might let you watch." Jack backed out of the door then ran all the way back to his car.

Lucas almost ran after the bastard, but Josephine's sobs kept him from leaving her. It took him a while to notice, but he had known that she had been crying ever since he'd come in and now as he looked at her, sitting on the floor and covering her eyes, that Jack had gone way too far this time but he wasn't sure that it could be actually considered ****. Scooping her into his arms, Lucas knew that he had to do something about Jack, and fast. Eventually, after some consoling by her loving father, Josephine stopped crying.

"Daddy...are you ashamed of me...?" She looked so sad and alone that he almost couldn't help himself from scooping her up into his arms and telling her he loved her more than anything in the world.

Lucas shook he head. "No baby girl, I'm proud of you for standing up for yourself there, but you should have done it sooner..." He kissed her forehead and wiped away the last of the tears on her cheeks.

Nodding, her voice in a whisper and a small smile playing at her lips she replied easily. "But then you would have come in saving me naked and then you'd be in big trouble..."

The corner of Lucas' mouth raised in amusement. "Listen honey, if I would have come in naked earlier, he wouldn't have lived to get me into trouble."

She hugged and kissed him as he lifted her up off the floor and onto the table. Unbeknownst to them, Jack was telling the truth about the papers and was about to put them against the back door, knock and run away again, when he looked through the window and caught an eye full of something that was so taboo and naughty he couldn't help but think of all the ways he could use it to his advantage. He stood there and watched Josephine and her daddy kiss for a long while...

Lucas kissed Josephine hard and didn't ever want to stop, but with some begging for him to touch her where Jack did so she didn't feel dirty anymore, he'd stripped her of all her clothed and was pumping his middle finger in and out of her as the heel of his hand rubbed her clit and excited her to dripping wetness. Jack was watching all of this and even recording some of it on his phone as he masturbated. He'd tried to watch Josephine before when she was in the hot tub out back or swimming at one of the company cook outs. He'd even seen her half naked as she changed into a bathing suit before, but nothing like this. As soon as Jack grunted and came on a nearby rose bush, he saved the video and headed home.

By the time Jack was already driving back home, Josephine was orgasming on the kitchen table with her father's tongue lapping up her juices as she came. His cock hard and wanting, Lucas was just about to push into his sweet little girl's tight cunt when his cell phone rang. "What the hell is with people blocking me today...!?"

"Hello?" Lucas was more annoyed than ever at being interrupted and his fuse was already cut short. Now, as he heard Jack's voice he was infuriated and his temper had risen to the killing edge. "Jack you son of a bitch, what the hell do you want now!? I swear I'm going to kill you if I ever see you again!"

In an instant, Lucas' face went from red to white. " what? ...No, no, no, you must be mistaken, I'd never-... Y-you have a video? ...shit..."

As he set the phone down on the table next to Josephine's hip, he was shaking and limp. Josephine sat up and put her hands on the sides of her father's face, worry evident in her eyes. "Daddy, what's wrong? Is someone hurt?"

Lucas shook his head and put his hands over hers. "No. Jack stopped by again to drop off paperwork then leave but when he looked through the window... He saw us. Now we can't call the police or even try to get him fired at the company without there being one hell of a scandal."

Josephine's eyes grew wide. "'re telling me that he basically could black mail"

Lucas nodded and rests her forehead on her shoulder. "We're fucked... but not completely, I guess, he still m*****ed you so it's a double edged sword."

Josephine nodded and sighed. "So, what do we do now? We can't let this ruin our summer..."

He nodded and looked into her eyes. "Well, he said that if I didn't say anything or do anything about today or the other times... That he wouldn't bother us again..."

She smiled, though it didn't reach her eyes. "See...not all bad..."

Nodding, he kissed her forehead and smiled. "So, what was it you want to do this summer?"

Josephine shrugged and hugged him. "I like the vacation idea, when could we go? I say, the sooner the better."

Groaning, Lucas turned and smacked the heel of his hand against his forehead. "Not until late July, your cousins, Annabelle and Elizabeth are staying for a month. Then there is the company ball...!" He quickly ran out of the room then returned with two tickets, grinning like a little k**, some of his color already returning. "I bought two tickets for it, it's a masquerade ball!"

Grinning broadly, Josephine squeaked then jumped up and hugged her father. "Brilliant! I can't wait! I've always wanted to go to a masquerade!" Suddenly the dream she had the other night flashed before her mind's eyes and she remembered the sexy, powerful and fearsome man she'd dreamed of in the mask. Would he be there and who was he? If she were afraid of him it could be Jack and if she were in love with him it could be her father. All that she knew is that what happened that night would spell out the rest of her love life forever.

Later that Same Day:

Josephine knocked on the door to her fathers room. "If that's you Josie, you can come in without knocking..." Her father's voice made her smile. She walked into the room and leaned against the wall. When he looked up to see her standing in front of him with damp hair, a fresh face and nothing but on of his larger shirts on, he knew he was in love. Leaning back, Lucas pat his lap and smiled.

Once she was situated on his lap and comfortable as ever, Josephine finally asked what she'd been wanting to since that morning. "Alright, so there are two things I need to know. Number one; When are Anna and Liz coming. And number two; when can we go shopping for the ball. Oh, I guess there are actually three things. Also, where do you want to go for vacation?"

Lucas smiled and leaned back in his chair. "Well, baby girl, the last two are up to you. I'll be picking your cousins up on Monday morning so if you want to fool around a bit we only have tonight and tomorrow..."

She grinned and pushed him playfully. "Right, and what do you suppose we ought to do to enjoy ourselves tonight?"

"Hmm..." Resting his back against the chair, Lucas suddenly remembered that yesterday Josephine bought a new swimsuit and he touched her rapidly drying hair and curled a damp lock around his finger. "How about we go out to the hot tub and you show me that new sexy little swimsuit you bought yesterday? Oh, and put your hair up so that I can see your gorgeous neck..."

Josephine's cheeks turned pink with flattery as she nodded and scampered off to slip on her new swim suit. The suit was jet black and covered just enough to stave of public indecency. The bikini was a wide black piece of fabric with tiny little straps arching up to surround her neck, the bottoms were the same style, with the straps coming to a tie at the sides of her hips. She pulled her hair up loosely and clipped it with a large pin.

When she stepped out into the backyard she noticed the wet black shorts at the edge of the hot tub and giggled. Sitting in the hot tub, sipping from a long neck bottle. When her father noticed her, she could tell that he definitely approved of her swimsuit. "Oh sugar, you are beautiful and..." He bit his lip and smiled. "Get over here and sit on Daddy's lap."

With a nod of her head, she walked over to the hot tub and slipped into the hot bubbling water. It felt fantastic. Lucas wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her too him. His lips kissed along her shoulder and up her neck then back down to the place where her neck and shoulder met. As his teeth bit hard into that one sweet spot, a loud sweet gasp escaped her plump pink parted lips. Josephine couldn't resist the way that that made her feel.

... Continue»
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Judy Sucks Better then Mom

"I'll get it for you," Judy purred, staring hotly from wide
blue eyes at the customer.
She winked at the leering man and climbed the ladder, knowing
that as soon as she reached the top, he would be looking up her
skirt. It made her hot virgin pussy tingle.
Paul Holmes stood at the bottom of the ladder, his eyes
darting up the slim legs of the sexy blonde teenager. A hot jolt
caromed through his gut as he saw the crotch of her panties and
the swell of her tight ass.
Judy spread her legs and reached for the small fan. She was
quivering. She could feel his eyes burning into her crotch and it
made her pussy seep. She waited, giving him a good long look at
her panty-clad ass and crotch before descending the ladder.
"Here you are, Mr. Holmes," she cooed, handing him the small
fan. "You can pay Tommy at the counter." Her pink tongue flicked
across her lips.
Paul leered at her plump tits under her tight summer top and
his prick thickened in his pants. "Thanks, Judy," he said, his
voice husky. He gave her a lewd grin. "Maybe I should have two
Judy giggled, catching a glimpse of the bulge in his pants.
"You only need one," she said as she brushed by him in the narrow
aisle, making sure her tits rubbed against his arm. "I hope you
come back real soon."
"I will," Paul said, watching her ass swing seductively as
she walked away.
Judy heaved a deep sigh. She leaned against the wall, her
body quivering with desire. "Ooooooo, God," she whispered as she
squeezed her thighs together. "I'm so fuckin' hot!"
She heard the store door close and her b*****r's footsteps.
Quickly, she pulled off her panties and dropped them on a shelf.
With her heart racing, she hurried back to the ladder and climbed
to the top, her legs spread and her silky blonde cunt fully
Tommy came down the aisle and saw her. "I know what the fuck
you were doin'," he said, stopping at the ladder.
"What, Tommy?" she giggled.
"The same thing you always do. You're nothin' but a fuckin'
little prick-teaser. That guy's hand was shaking when he paid me
for the fan."
Judy laughed. "I can't help it if they look up my skirt,"
she cooed.
"If dad catches you he'll beat your damn ass."
"Daddy won't be back till this afternoon," she said. "I only
do it when he's not around."
Tommy glanced up, his eyes popping. "Holy shit, Judy. You
don't have any panties on!" He stared up her legs and ogled her
bare pussy, his cock growing quickly into a hard-on.
"I know," she said. "You like what you see?"
Tommy groaned and his mouth watered. "Did that guy see you
like this?"
"No, silly. I did it just for you." Balancing herself, she
lifted her skirt around her waist, baring her heart-shaped ass.
"Maybe I should have done this for him. I'll bet he would've cum
in his pants."
"You're a damn prick-teasing little bitch," Tommy grumbled,
his hand rubbing the bulge in his crotch.
Judy dropped her skirt and climbed down the ladder. "Did you
like looking at my pussy?" she sighed breathlessly.
"Cut the shit, Judy," Tommy groaned, his eyes riveted to her
nipples outlined under her tight-fitting top. "I'm tired of your
"Maybe I'm not teasing anymore," she said, her desire to be
touched and fondled overwhelming her. "Maybe I want you, Tommy."
"Sure," he mumbled, his prick aching for his k** s****r.
"I'll touch you and you'll run away like you always do." He
turned to leave. "I don't need your shit."
Judy grabbed his arm, stopping him. "Why don't you try,
Tommy? You might get lucky."
Tommy spun around, his palms sweaty as he drooled over her
plump tits hiding beneath her top. "Why not?" he said, expecting
her to laugh and run down the aisle. He brought his hands to her
tits and spanned the plump globes. She didn't move and he
"Ooooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned. "Ummmm." She quivered with
joy as his fingers squeezed her plump, sensitive tits through her
top. "Mmmmm, it feels good."
Tommy's breath caught in his chest. "Jeez, s*s," he groaned.
He kneaded her tits, his cock throbbing in his pants.
"I'm not a prick-teaser anymore," she sighed. His pawing
hands were driving her crazy.
"Take off your clothes," Tommy rasped. "Lemme see you
Judy giggled. "I will if you lock up the store. I don't
want anybody walking in and seeing me."
"Yeah," Tommy rasped. Reluctantly, he pulled his hands away.
"Don't move. I'll be right back." He spun around and hurried to
the front of the store to lock up.
Shivering with pleasure, Judy pulled off her top, her creamy
tits free, the pink nipples swollen and aching for her b*****r's
mouth. She tore off her skirt, leaving it on the floor as she
hurried through the aisle, her tits bouncing and the firm cheeks
of her ass jiggling. She jumped up on the counter and spread her
legs just as her b*****r returned.
"Well?" she giggled as goose-bumps dotted her creamy flesh.
"How do I look?"
"Jesus Christ!" Tommy groaned as he leered at his naked
s****r. "I'll bet that Mr. Holmes would sure like to see you
He walked toward his s****r, his eyes darting from the
glistening gash of her virgin pussy to the round pink nipples that
capped her pert, pulpy tits.
"I don't give a shit about Mr. Holmes," Judy panted. "But, I
sure would like Daddy to see me like this." She spread her legs
wide. "I'd give him my pussy and fuck him just like Mommy does."
She worked her body lewdly, as if a cock were stuffed up inside
her pussy.
Tommy's head was reeling. He came to the counter where his
s****r was sprawled out on her back. "Dad would kick the shit out
of you." He brought his hands to her plump tits and began
squeezing the pliant meat. "Unnnn, God."
"I don't care," Judy moaned as she writhed on her back. "As
long as he fucked me." She reached for the bulge in her b*****r's
pants and gave it a squeeze. "God, you're hard as a rock."
"Unnnn," Tommy moaned as her fingers dug into his crotch.
He mauled her tits with one hand, his other hand kneading her
thigh flesh as he brought it to the hot sizzling vee of her
outstretched legs.
"Touch my pussy, Tommy," Judy whimpered, her hips rolling
lazily. "Oooo, feel how wet and juicy I am."
Tommy smoothed his hand over her thighs and dipped it between
her legs, his fingers gliding up through the wet, slippery slit of
her virgin pussy.
"Damn, Judy. You're soaked."
"I know," she gasped, humping her hips. "I'm always soaked."
She began to pant as Tommy stroked his finger back and forth
through the wet, frothy gash of her virgin pussy. "Oooo, Tommy
... you're driving me crazy."
Tommy jabbed his finger into her cunt and hit her cherry.
"Jeez, Judy. You gonna let me fuck you?"
Judy was out of her mind. "Not now," she gasped, her hand
still mauling his cock through his jeans.
Tommy shot his s****r a dirty look. "You're still a prick-
teaser," he groaned, yanking his hand away from her pussy. "Maybe
I should punch your fuckin' face in!"
"Oooo, Tommy," she moaned. "Don't get mad." She writhed on
her back. "Play with my pussy again." She squirmed her hips.
"It makes me cream."
Tommy was drawn back to his s****r's naked body like a
magnet. "You little bitch," he groaned, pawing her tits and
caressing her hot, virgin pussy.
"I'll take good care of you," she panted as he drove her wild
with his hands. "I promise." She licked her lips and moaned as
his fingers brushed over her pulsing clit.
"How?" he grunted, his fingers soaked with pussy-cream. He
stared at her, drooling, his cock throbbing as she mauled him
through his jeans.
"Ummmm, you'll see," she hummed. "Oooo, I wish you were
"I'm not," he grunted, his hips jerking as she squeezed his
cock. "You keep doin' that and I'll cum in my pants." He grit
his teeth. "Is that how you're gonna take care of me?"
With her hips rolling, Judy moaned. "Ooo, Tommy. I'm gonna
suck you off."
Tommy's mouth dropped open. He didn't believe her. She had
been teasing and lying to him for months. "You're full of shit,"
he said.
Judy squirmed. "You stop playing with me and I'll prove it."
Tommy pulled his fingers from her seeping pussy and stepped
back. "I'm waitin'."
Judy sat up, her tits bouncing, her blue eyes glowing with
lust. She grabbed his hand and licked his fingers clean. "Mmmmm,
my juice sure tastes good."
"You're supposed to be suckin' my cock, not my fingers,"
Tommy grumbled, still not believing her.
Judy jumped off the counter and dropped to her knees. She
rubbed his bulging crotch. "I'll bet your cock is nice and big,"
she sighed, her fingers trembling as she pulled down his zipper.
"Big enough for you," Tommy moaned as her fingers groped in
his jeans. "Unnnn."
Judy's fingers wrapped around her b*****r's stiff prick and
she hauled it out of his pants. "Oooo, it's beautiful, Tommy,"
she gasped, leering at the bloated head of his cock. "Delicious-
lookin' too."
"Suck it, s*s," he moaned. "Christ!" He jerked his hips,
his cock gliding through her gripping fingers. "Suck it."
Judy's mouth was watering as she ogled her b*****r's cock.
"Lemme get your damn pants off," she moaned, struggling with his
She shoved his pants and shorts down around his ankles and
heaved a ragged sigh as she gazed at his long throbbing prick and
cum-filled balls.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It looks better this way." He stepped out of
his pants and shorts, kicking them away.
"It would look and feel a lot better stuffed up your pussy,"
he groaned as she fondled his nuts and caressed his aching cock.
"Lemme fuck you, Judy. Christ!"
"Later, Tommy," she said, glancing up at him. "First, I
wanna suck you off." She squeezed his meaty cock-shaft and a drop
of cum seeped from his pisser.
"Unnnn," Tommy groaned deep in his throat as Judy's tongue
flashed across the head of his cock and swiped up the gooey drop
of cum. "Put it in your mouth."
"When I'm ready," Judy gasped. She licked her lips. "Your
cum tastes better than my pussy-juice." She cradled his balls and
lapped her tongue up and down the length of his prick-shaft.
"Ummmm, it's so hard. So nice and hard."
"Jesus Christ, Judy," Tommy growled. His hips jerked, his
cock jabbing at her face as she soaked his cock-shaft with her
warm spit.
Judy was in heaven. "This is so much better than just
teasing," she purred.
She licked her tongue over his balls, enjoying the rough
texture of his nut-sac. Her tongue slithered up his prick-shaft,
her lips clinging to his throbbing meat.
"You're still a prick-teaser." He jabbed at her face, his
cock swollen with bl**d and aching painfully. "Suck it, Judy.
Judy wasn't about to rush. She had been wanting his cock for
months, but she had always been too chicken until now. With his
cock in her hand she intended to enjoy every second of his hard,
throbbing cock-meat before she sucked out his balls. She used her
teeth, nibbling up and down his shaft as his cock throbbed against
her wet sucking lips.
"I'm gonna blast my fuckin' load if you keep messing around,"
he grumbled. He jabbed, his legs stiff, his hands holding the
edge of the counter.
Judy gazed up at her horny b*****r. "Do you think Daddy
would like me to do this to his cock?"
She caressed his hard-on with the tips of her fingers.
Watching his prick twitch excited her and made the insides of her
virgin pussy pulse.
"Anybody would," Tommy moaned. "But you'll never get to
Dad's cock."
"Who knows?" she giggled. She parted her lips and slipped
the head of her b*****r's cock into her mouth.
"Oooo, s*s," he groaned, the heat of her mouth rumbling the
cum in his balls. "Unnnn, suck it! Unnnn!" He jerked, his cock
stabbing at her face.
Judy held his balls in one hand and wrapped her other hand
around the base of his swollen cock. With the bloated head
trapped between her clinging lips, she sucked. Her tongue swirled
around his cockhead and over his pisser. The tangy taste of jizz
seeping from his tiny slit was making her cream. She moaned deep
in her throat as she inched the head of his prick along her tongue
to the back of her mouth.
"Suck," Tommy growled. "Jesus, s*s. Suck!"
He reached down and grabbed her hair, his face twisted with
lust. He slammed her face hard, spearing her throat, his cock
buried, her gullet stretched.
Judy gagged, her eyes bulging and her face turning red. She
twisted her head and sank her teeth into his hard cock-meat,
choking as he released her hair. She pulled back, gasping for
"Dammit, Tommy," she choked, his cock pointing at her mouth.
"You trying to choke me to death?" Spit dribbled from her lips as
she caught her breath.
Tommy grinned down at his naked s****r. "What the fuck, s*s.
You got me crazy."
"I'll suck your cock but my way. You gotta remember, this is
my first time."
"Not your last," he said. "Now put my prick back in your
mouth and suck me off."
"Yes, Tommy," she cooed, grabbing his cock-shaft again.
She gulped the head of his cock into her mouth and sucked.
Stroking his long shaft and massaging his balls, she eased the
head of his prick toward the back of her mouth. It hit the
entrance to her throat and she relaxed, wanting to feel his prick
deep in her gullet.
"Unnn, yeah," Tommy groaned. He grabbed the counter, his
hips jerking. "Take it all, Judy. Unnnn."
Slowly, Judy pushed the head of her b*****r's prick into her
throat. She f***ed herself not to gag as the bloated head of his
cock stretched her throat. Relaxing her throat muscles, she took
almost his whole prick, her heart racing as his cock throbbed
wildly in her gullet.
"All of it, Judy," he groaned. He jabbed hard, but her hand
wrapped around the base of his cock kept him from plunging his
prick in to the root. "All of it!"
Judy pulled her hand away from his cock and grabbed his hips.
Gulping, she took him to his balls, his prick buried deep in her
throat. With her lips mashed into his groin, she fought the urge
to gag and gnawed on the base of his prick-shaft. His cock-hair
tickled her nose and his prick, throbbing and swelling, stretched
her throat to the limit.
"Yeahhh," he moaned. "Unnn, suck it! Chew it!" He jabbed,
his ass hitting the edge of the counter. "Unnn, suck it, Judy."
She felt his nuts against her chin and the head of his prick
in her gullet. She gurgled, her nails scratching at his hips and
She was overjoyed. His entire prick was buried in her throat
and she wondered if her mother could do the same thing. She eased
back, her lips clinging to his cock-shaft, her teeth scr****g
along the hard, throbbing meat. She slammed forward, piercing her
throat with his prick, his deep growl of pleasure making her
Tommy was out of his skull. He slammed at her face, his
balls slapping at her chin each time he drilled his prick into her
"Yeah, Judy," he roared. "Ahhh, yeah!"
He humped, skewering her throat, her gnawing teeth and
lashing tongue making his cock ache and his balls sore.
Judy absorbed his jabbing punches, wallowing in the hard
tasty meat of his cock. She chewed on his cock-shaft, her cheeks
drawing in tight as she tried sucking the cum up from his swinging
balls. She swiped her tongue over the sensitive underside of his
prick-shaft and sucked hard as he drew back and then chewed softly
as he slammed forward.
There was an urgency in his lunging fuck-stabs and she knew
that at any second he would start spraying her mouth with his cum.
It blew her mind.
Tommy, his hips lunging, his cock throbbing, curled his
fingers through his s****r's thick blonde hair. "Gonna cum, Judy.
Jesus Christ, I'm gonna cum in your mouth."
Judy gurgled on his stabbing cock. Her head was reeling and
the insides of her virgin pussy was on fire. She sucked hard, her
tongue a wet whip lashing across his cock as he pounded her mouth
with his cock. She chewed, her eyes wide as she watched his tight
groin mash into her nose and lips.
"Unnn, Judy," Tommy roared as his balls swelled to the point
of explosion. "Suck! Suck me, Judy!"
Judy slammed her face forward, his groin smashing into her
lips, his balls whacking against her chin. Spit drooled from her
mouth as she began to shake waiting for the first gooey wad to
fill her eager throat.
"I'm cuming," Tommy bellowed. "Oooo, Christ ... I'm cuming!"
He slammed hard, his balls bursting as a thick stream of white
thick jizz blasted from his pisser.
Judy gagged as her b*****r's cum sprayed the back of her
throat. She sucked, the taste of his tangy jizz making her dizzy.
Another squirting glob of cum gushed from the tip of his prick and
she gulped it down, her mouth flying up and down his cock-shaft as
she sucked and chewed on his exploding prick.
"Yeahhh!" he roared, punishing her face with hard, swift
fuck-jabs. "Suck it! Suck it!" His legs stiffened as his hips
lunged forward. "Unnnn, Judy, your mouth. Christ, suck out my
Judy's mouth filled with cum. She gulped at his stabbing
prick, his lust and throbbing cock making her crazy. She clawed
his hips and jammed her mouth forward, his cock piercing her
throat as another stream of stringy white cum splashed into her
Tommy, his chest heaving, stared down at his naked s****r as
he pounded her mouth with his squirting cock. He lunged hard,
spearing her throat, his hips pumping, his cock flooding her
cheeks with cum.
"Unnn, s*s!"
Judy's head was spinning, her cheeks filled with cum. It
gushed into her throat and oozed from her lips. She swallowed the
cum as fast as she could, gulping at his stabbing prick as he
plowed her gullet with hard plunging jabs. She used her teeth and
tongue, urging more cum up from his erupting balls as he groaned
and twisted in her mouth.
"Judy! Aghhhh!" His legs weakened, his balls still churning
out wad after wad of thick, white cum. "Unnnnn, don't stop!" He
slammed hard, piercing her throat as a glob of cum spurted from
his pisser.
Judy was overwhelmed. She gagged on the flowing cum, trying
to swallow every drop. It gushed from her mouth and drenched his
balls. She sensed it was almost over and she didn't want it to
stop. She smashed her face into his humping groin, her mouth
flying wildly up and down his shaft. She sucked maniacally on his
prick, chewing it frantically, trying to keep it hard and stiff.
Tommy's hands dropped to his side and he grunted. His balls
were just about drained. He grunted as his s****r refused to give
up his cock.
"No more, Judy," he panted as he twisted his hips, his prick
trapped between her teeth as she continued to suck on his cock.
Judy pounded her face into his groin, his cock shrinking in
her mouth. She sucked, drawing the last of his cum up from his
now empty nuts. It oozed out over her tongue.
"Mmmmm," she moaned, her mouth flipping off his cock.
"Mmmm." She savored the last wad, letting it slowly ooze down her
"Oooo, Tommy. I love suckin' your cock."
Tommy stared down at her. "Christ. I never creamed like
that in my life."
Judy licked her lips clean and stared at his limp prick.
"You like it better than jerkin' off, huh?"
"Shit, yeah!" he groaned. "You're great."
Judy began to tremble. Sucking her b*****r off had made her
crazy hot and very anxious to cum. "Now me, Tommy. You take care
of me and I'll give you my cherry."
It was an offer Tommy couldn't refuse.

Quivering with lust, Judy stood up. Her legs were shaking
and her nipples were sore. "Oooo, Tommy," she whimpered. "Let me
get on the counter."
Even though Tommy had just creamed his load, the sight of his
naked s****r sprawling herself out on the counter blew his mind.
"Jeez, Judy! Looking at you is getting me hot all over
His eyes swept up her legs to the flare of her slim hips and
the silky blonde hair of her virgin pussy.
"Damn, you're gorgeous!"
Judy shivered with pleasure under the horny gaze of her
b*****r. "Don't just look, Tommy," she sighed. "Touch me. Have
fun with my body." She squirmed, the cheeks of her ass rubbing
into the smooth formica of the countertop.
Tommy brought his hands to the plump meat of his s****r's
creamy tits. He squeezed and she whimpered with joy.
"They're so soft," he moaned, kneading her pliant tittie
meat. "So damn fuckin' soft."
"Ummmm, Tommy. I'm creamin'!" She writhed on her back, her
blue eyes glazed with desire. "Ooooo, it feels so good. So
Tommy squeezed her tits, his eyes watching as his fingers
sank into the soft, creamy flesh. He leaned over and brought his
hungry mouth to one pink swollen nipple.
"Oooo, s*s. I've wanted to suck your tits for so long."
"Ummm, Tommy." Her hips rolled as the heat of his mouth made
her nipple ache. "Suck 'em, Tommy. Suck 'em and bite 'em." She
curled her arm around his neck and crushed his mouth to her tit.
"Ooooo, Tommy!"
Tommy gobbled greedily on the plump meat of his s****r's
tits. His hands roamed her sizzling flesh, exploring and
caressing her silky skin. He chewed on the swollen nipples, his
teeth nipping at the hard bullet tips. He sucked, working his
mouth over the creamy flesh of each pulpy globe, slurping and
licking until he had covered both tits with spit.
"They're delicious."
"Ummmm, so's my pussy," she sighed as his fingers teased
along her inner thighs. She pushed at his head, anxious for him
to bring his mouth to her hot, virgin pussy. "Lick my pussy and
I'll cum all over the fuckin' counter."
Tommy wasn't through feasting on his s****r's tits. "I'll
get to your cunt, Judy," he groaned.
Having waited this long to sample his sexy virgin s****r, he
had no intention of rushing. He brought his mouth back to her
tits and this time his mouth became urgent and demanding. He used
his teeth, biting into the soft meat of her creamy tittie flesh.
He sucked, leaving blotchy red marks in his wake as he moved his
hungry mouth from one tit to the other.
"Ummmm, Tommy ... you're great." She writhed frantically on
her back, his biting and sucking mouth driving her wild. "Ooooo,
harder, Tommy. Bite! Bite!"
The thrill of his mouth had the insides of her cunt bubbling,
the muscles pulsing, and sticky juices oozing out over the puffy
folds of her pussy.
"Ooooo, yeah, Tommy. Ummmm, harder!"
Tommy's hand traveled to his s****r's sopping wet pussy as he
devoured her tits. Hot pussy-cream greeted his fingers as he slid
them up through her steamy cunt-gash. Slurping on her tits, he
gouged his finger through the entrance of his s****r's pussy and
over her pulsing clit.
"My pussy, Tommy," she begged, shoving his hot, sucking mouth
away from her tits. "Eat my pussy or I'll go out of my fuckin'
mind!" She humped her ass on the counter, her cheeks jiggling,
her cunt jamming at her b*****r's fingers.
Without lifting his head, Tommy blazed a path down his
s****r's frantic body. He chewed on her stomach and wiggling
hips, the sweet scent of her virgin cunt making his head spin. He
licked her thighs and pulled on her legs, bringing her seeping
cunt over to the edge of the counter.
"Now, I'll chew you up, s*s," he groaned, leering at her
glistening pink pussy. "Then I'm gonna fuck the living shit out
of you."
Judy d****d her legs over the edge of the counter and spread
them wide, exposing the meaty flesh of her hot scalding cunt. She
propped herself up on her elbows, her face flushed, her eyes on
her b*****r.
"You like lookin' at my cunt?"
"Yeah," he groaned huskily, drinking in her gorgeous pussy
with his glazed eyes. His mouth watered and his prick began to
throb. "By the time you cream, I'll be stiff and ready for your
"Oooo, Tommy. It sounds so good." She wiggled her hips, her
pussy oozing, the cream seeping down her crack to the formica
counter. "Eat me, Tommy. Suck out my pussy."
Tommy nibbled his way along the sticky flesh of her inner
thighs, his mouth getting closer and closer to the steamy gash of
her pussy. The aroma filled his head and stiffened his prick.
With his hands rubbing and kneading her wiggling hips, he brought
his mouth to her pussy.
"Ahhhhh!" Judy humped up, the contact sending hot spasms
through her cunt-hole. "Oooo, suck, Tommy! Suck!"
Tommy sucked the velvety folds of his s****r's cunt into his
mouth as her warm pussy-cream washed over his face. He moaned,
the taste exquisite. He sucked deep then darted his tongue into
her steamy cunt-gash.
"Ooooo!" Judy went wild. "Ummm, Christ! Tongue me! Tongue
my pussy!" Her tits jiggled, the pink swollen nipples aching.
"Ooooo, chew me up."
Tommy's hands skimmed under his s****r's jerking ass. He
spanned the soft firm flesh, his fingers digging into the pliant
meat as he dined ravenously on her sweet-tasting cunt. He sucked
and tongued her pussy, the tip of his darting tongue whacking into
the thin skin of her cherry. Cunt-cream flowed into his mouth and
over his face as he worked his tongue through her pussy-gash and
over her clit.
"Chew me," Judy begged, her ass wriggling wildly on the
counter. "Chew me! Oooo, Tommy."
She stared down between her legs, her wide blue eyes watching
her hips jerk as she ground her cunt into her b*****r's face.
"Oooo, I love it, Tommy. Ummmm, suck me out!"
Tommy kneaded her humping ass. His tongue flashed over her
stiff pulsing clit, driving his virgin s****r crazy. He slapped
her clit with his tongue then sucked it into his mouth. His prick
was throbbing, his balls aching as he gurgled on her pussy-juice
as it flowed into his mouth and throat.
Judy rolled her hips, bathing her b*****r's face in cunt-
cream as she bucked against his gobbling mouth. "Ummmm, Tommy.
I'm gonna cream. Jesus, I'm gonna cum on your mouth!" Humping,
her tits bouncing, she mashed her clit into his teeth.
Tommy had trapped her clit between his teeth. He beat the
pulsing piece of sensitive flesh with his tongue and sucked hard
on it, his hands constantly mauling the meat of her humping ass.
The taste of her pussy had his head reeling. Her wild screams and
thrashing body had his balls aching. He sank his teeth into her
clit and was rewarded with a gush of pussy-juice that washed over
his face and down his chin.
"Oooo, Tommy," Judy squealed as she worked her hips in
frantic circles. "Oooo, I'm getting close. So damn fuckin'
close!" She bucked grinding her clit between his teeth. "Ahhhh,
make me cum! Make me cum!"
With his face drenched with pussy-juice, Tommy destroyed his
screaming s****r's clit with his teeth. He gnawed on the raw
piece of flesh then sucked it, his head twisting, his tongue
lashing across the tip. He dug his fingers into the jiggling
cheeks of her ass and groaned, the sounds muffled by the wet sweet
meat of her ready to explode pussy.
"Tommy!" Judy screeched as she ground her cunt into his face.
"Oooo, Tommy! I'm there!" he jerked on the counter, her tits
flopping. "Ahhhh! Bite! Suck!"
With Tommy obliging her every wish, Judy contorted her face
with lust. Spittle drooled from her panting mouth. Her hips
humped up and down, her ass hammering into his kneading fingers on
the top of the counter. Her arms ached, her elbows sore, but she
kept herself propped up, wanting to see herself cum.
"I'm ready." She bucked. "I'm ready!"
Tommy didn't need an announcement. Her frenzied jerks and
wild screams told him she was going to cum and it blew his mind.
He attacked her clit with a vengeance, chewing and sucking the
pulsing sex button maniacally as Judy reached her peak and
"I'm cuming," she wailed, her head falling back. "Ooooo, I'm
cuming, Tommy. I'm creamin!"
She went insane on the counter, her body convulsing wildly as
hot orgasms tore through her virgin cunt.
"Eat me! Bite me! Suck me!"
Tommy gave her everything she wanted. He chewed hard and
sucked even harder. He slashed his tongue over her pulsing clit,
beating it viciously as she creamed all over his face.
Judy thrashed on the counter, her ass humping, her cunt
mashing into her b*****r's face. Cum gushed from her pulsing
pussy, washing over his face and into his mouth.
"Ummmm, keep suckin' me, Tommy! I'm creamin' so much!" Her
head snapped back, her eyes rolling as she stared up at the
ceiling of the store. "Ooooo. Here I cum again!"
Her legs stiffened then dropped over her b*****r's shoulders.
She clamped his head tight between her thighs and banged her cunt
into his face.
"Ooooo, this is ... fantastic!" Her head jerked up and she
stared down at the top of his head, her mouth open, spittle
drooling from her lips. "Jesus, Tommy. I can't stop cuming!"
Milky-white pussy-cum flowed from her contracting cunt. It
saturated Tommy's face and flowed down the crack of her jiggling
ass, forming a sticky puddle on the slick formica.
"Ooooo, chew me up! Chew me up!" she cried.
Tommy was overwhelmed by the intensity of his k** s****r's
passion. He pulled her jerking ass forward and mashed his face
against her cunt. Her warm thighs had his head trapped and he
jerked his head back and forth, her clit stretching and pulsing.
He sucked on her clit as she thrashed above him, her screams
growing louder and filling the empty store.
Judy went into spasms. Contorting on the counter, her tits
bouncing, she creamed again. She humped up, twisting her hips,
her clit almost tearing away from her body.
"Ahhhhh!" she screamed.
The next instant she shuddered, her legs turning to rubber.
She released her b*****r's head. "Stop, Tommy! Stop!" She
shook. Her b*****r wasn't listening. "Aghhhh!"
Tommy twisted his head and beat her clit one last time.
Gasping, his face drenched in pussy-cum, he pulled his face out
from between her thighs. A wide grin spread over his cum-stained
"You creamed your fuckin' brains out."
"I know," she panted as she struggled to sit up. "It was the
best cum of my life." She looked at his face, "Did you like
eatin' my pussy?"
"Yeah," he groaned, "but I'm gonna like fuckin' you even
Judy giggled. "So am I," she sighed, her pussy squashing as
she squirmed her ass into the counter. "So am I."

Judy stated down at her b*****r's cock. "Mmmm, it's hard
again." She jumped off the counter and grabbed it, stroking the
thick, throbbing cock-shaft. "Oooo, God, Tommy," she gasped,
rubbing her naked body into him, his hard cock pressed against her
belly. "Mmmm, lemme lick my pussy-juice off your face."
Tommy's arms circled his s****r's slim body. He cupped the
cheeks of her ass as she licked his face and rubbed her stomach
against his aching cock.
"Christ, you're a horny little bitch! All this time I
thought you were just a damn little prick-teaser."
"I've always been a horny prick-teaser," she giggled, pulling
off his shirt and rubbing her tits into his bare chest. "Only now
I wanna suck and fuck instead of just tease." She gave him her
mouth and fed on his tongue as he plunged it into her throat.
"Damn," Tommy groaned. "You can't fuck all the men who come
in here, s*s. Christ."
"I don't want them," she moaned, pulling his shirt off. "I
only want your cock--and Daddy's." She reached down and jerked
his cock. "Mmmmm, I'll bet you'd like Mommy to suck you like I
Tommy thought of his mother and moaned. "Yeah, but shit ...
you're dreamin'."
Judy pressed against him, her tits mashed into his chest, her
face tilted up to his. "Wouldn't you like to suck on Mommy's tits
and fuck her pussy?"
Tommy groaned, his s****r's hot breath caressing his face as
her nipples burned into his chest. "Sure, but I'm satisfied with
"I'm never gonna be satisfied until I have Daddy's cock
stuffed up my pussy." She melted to the floor and licked the head
of her b*****r's cock.
"You're crazy," he groaned, the heat of her mouth churning
the cum crammed in his balls.
"I don't care," she purred. "Maybe I'll get lucky." She
sprawled out on the floor, her legs spread, her virgin cunt wet
and ready for her b*****r's cock. "Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck the shit
out of me."
"Boy, s*s, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear you
say that."
He dropped to the floor between his s****r's legs. His cock
jutted out from his groin, the bl**d-swollen tip aimed at her
juicy cunt. He grabbed the thick base and dragged it up through
her glistening cunt-slit. Hot buttery pussy-cream flowed over his
"Unnn," he groaned, pushing his prick-head between the puffy
folds of her pussy. "I'm gonna give it to you nice and hard."
"Yessss," she hissed, the head of his cock pressing against
her cherry. "Just go easy for a minute until I get used to it."
She began to shake, her pussy pulsing for his prick. "Do it. Do
Balancing himself on stiff arms, Tommy lunged his hips. His
cock ripped through her cherry and as she shuddered, he jammed
again, burying his cock to his balls.
"Unnnn, you're so fuckin' tight!" he panted.
"Oooo, Christ," Judy gasped as her b*****r's cock filled her
tight cunt-hole. "Ooooo! You're stretching me!" Pain spread for
a moment as she trembled. "Unnnnn, ease it out, Tommy." She
gulped, her pussy feeling as if someone had just stabbed it with a
red-hot poker.
Tommy groaned and pulled back until only the head of his
prick was still buried inside his teenaged s****r's pussy. He
ogled her tits and face, his prick throbbing, his balls aching.
"You ready?" he asked.
Panting, her hands gripping his arms, she nodded. "Yessss.
Only do it slow, nice and slow." She began to quiver as she
waited for him to stuff her pussy with his cock.
Leering into her flushed face, Tommy inched his prick back
into the scalding heat of her cunt. He groaned as the hot spongy
muscles of her cunt clamped around his prick-shaft. He groaned
again, his groin flush with hers, his prick balls deep.
"Feel better?"
"Oooo, yes," she sighed, twitching on her back. "A lot
She rotated her hips and moaned as the juices in her pussy
washed over her b*****r's buried prick, greasing it for speed.
Tommy felt the hot syrupy juices of her cunt and the heat
swelled his buried cock. "You're creamin' again," he moaned,
easing back then pushing forward. "Creamin' all over my cock."
"Oooo, Tommy." She lifted her ass, meeting his long, slow
steady pumps. "Ooooo, it's driving me crazy." She wriggled her
hips, his prick throbbing deep in her cunt-hole. "Oooooo, it's
Tommy's balls ached. The slow pace was driving him nuts.
"Christ, Judy," he grunted. He eased back then slammed hard, his
cock jabbing into her pussy. "Unnnn, damn!"
The hard, demanding thrusts made Judy's eyes pop. "Do it
again! Do it again!"
A wide horny smile spread over his face. He pulled his cock
out and waited, watching her tremble beneath him. "Whatta you
want, s*s? Tell me." He jabbed an inch of his cock into her
pussy-hole and then jerked back. "Tell me."
"Oooo, Tommy. I want you to ram it in hard like you just
did!" She began to shake, her cunt contracting, trying to suck
his cock back into her spongy cunt-hole. "Do it! Please!"
Tommy waited, paying her back for all the times she had
tormented him. "When I'm ready," he groaned.
"You fuckin' bastard!" she gasped. She lifted her ass off
the floor, trying to gobble his cock into her cunt. "Do it, you
bastard. Do it!"
Tommy plowed his cock into her pussy, mashing her wriggling
ass back into the floor. He twisted his hips as she squealed with
delight, his cock-head gouging at the cushiony walls of her
overheated cunt. He pulled back quickly, slamming his prick into
her pussy again.
"Ooooo, Tommy. It's wonderful!" She went into spasms,
thrashing under him, his cock buried to the hilt. "It's so deep.
So fuckin' deep!" She humped up and twisted, her clit grinding
into his hard groin. "Again! Again!"
Tommy lunged hard, pounding her with long powerful jabs, from
the tip of his cock to his balls. Each thrusting stab mashed his
writhing s****r into the floor as the muscles of her pussy pulsed
against his cock-shaft and drenched it in warm sudsy pussy-cream.
"Jesus, Judy," he groaned, easing back again. "You're
"Unnnn, Tommy." She looked up into his face, her blue eyes
bright with lust. "Fuck me hard and fast now."
She began to quiver, her pussy on fire, needing the hard
stabbing jabs of her b*****r's cock to put out the flames. She
lunged up, swiveled her hips, her cunt greedily milking his buried
"Fuck the shit out of me!"
Tommy's balls were aching. He jerked back, watching her face
fill with shock. Gritting his teeth, he was using all of his will
power to keep from emptying his nuts in his s****r's pussy.
"You want it, you fuck it!" he said as he eased his prick
halfway into her bubbling cunt and grinned.
"Oooo, you're torturing me, you bastard," she hissed as she
thrashed on the floor. She arched her back, her hips jerking.
"Ummmm. But I love it!"
Tommy kept his lean body stiff as his s****r fucked herself
blind on his cock. He watched her face twist with passion, saw
her tits jiggle, and felt the sizzling heat of her pussy as she
rammed her cunt onto his prick at a frenzied pace.
"You're gonna cream, if you keep this up," he said, his voice
strained, his jaw tight.
"I know," she squealed, wriggling under him, her ass thumping
on the floor, her pussy gobbling on his cock. "I'm gonna cream my
fuckin' brains out." She lunged up and twisted her hips, her clit
grinding into his hard groin. "Ooooo, Christ!"
Tommy couldn't take it any longer. He slammed his prick into
her pussy and smashed her back to the floor. He pounded her, his
stroking fuck-jabs short and powerful.
"This is what you want," he grunted, slamming into her body
at blinding speed.
Yessss," she howled, absorbing his deep penetrating fuck-
stabs. "Ooooo, you're in so deep. I can feel your cock
throbbing!" She went crazy, her body contorting beneath him as
she raced wildly toward an explosive orgasm.
Tommy pounded her, his cock slicing through her hot, sizzling
pussy. "Unnn, Judy ... my fuckin' nuts are gonna bust." He
slammed her hard and grunted as his cock pierced the scalding
depths of her clinging pussy.
"Faster, Tommy," she begged, thrashing under him, her ass
lifting to meet each powerful stab of his prick. "Faster and
harder. I gotta cum. Gotta cum!"
Tommy wanted exactly the same thing. He pierced her pussy
with hard, drilling fuck-stabs, his hips a blur as he pounded her
squirming body back into the floor.
"Cream, Judy," he roared. "Cream my fuckin' cock!"
Judy was gurgling on her own spit. She humped up, slamming
her clit into his groin as he hammered his prick into her cunt.
She clawed his shoulders, her tits flopping, her hips gyrating
frantically as she raced madly toward an orgasm.
"Oooo, I'm there, Tommy. Gonna cum! Gonna cum all over your
"Yeah," he shouted. "Cream!" He picked up speed, lashing
his prick in and out of her pussy. "Cum, Judy. Cum!"
Judy went into spasms as her pussy exploded. "I'm cuming,
Tommy! I'm cuming!" She bucked beneath him like a wildcat,
orgasms ripping through her pussy like hot bolts of lightning.
"Ooooo, I'm cum ... ing, Tommy! Ahhhh!"
Tommy groaned, the heat of her climaxing pussy intensifying.
Hot bubbling pussy-cum bathed his stabbing cock, squashing out
over his ready-to-explode nuts every time he plunged into her
cunt-hole. "Unnnn, Judy. I'm gonna cum! Aghhhh!"
Thrashing and bucking beneath her b*****r, her legs stiffened
then curled around his jabbing hips, digging into the tight
muscles of his back.
"Cum, Tommy. Cream me! Cream my pussy!"
The cum in Tommy's nuts erupted. Hot thick jizz gushed from
his pisser, splashing deep into his s****r's hot, sizzling pussy.
"I'm cuming," he howled. "I'm cuming!"
The hot cum squirting up into her pussy triggered another
orgasm deep in Judy's pussy. "I feel it. It's making cum again!"
She lunged up, her hips jerking, her tits flopping. She clung to
him, pounding her clit into his driving groin. "Ooooo, I'm cuming
... cuming!"
Tommy pounded his s****r, his cock cutting through her gooey
cum-filled pussy. The sizzling heat rumbled the cum in his balls
and they erupted again, spewing out a river of jizz that
overflowed and gushed out over his swinging balls.
"Judy," he bellowed. "Jesus Christ!"
Judy was out of her skull. Everything was spinning. She
worked her hips in tight frenzied circles, her clit mashing into
his groin, the action keeping her creaming. She clawed his
heaving chest and banged her heels into his back.
"Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Ooooo, Christ! Don't ever
stop, Tommy!"
Tommy knew he wouldn't stop until he collapsed. He drilled
his squirting prick into her pussy, crushing her writhing body
into the floor each time she lunged up to meet his powerful
thrusts. Hot cum poured from his pisser as his balls continued to
churn out the thick, gooey wads. His face tightened, his hips
working like a jackhammer as he sliced in and out of her climaxing
Judy arched her back, her spine almost snapping as she
wrenched her shoulders at the same time. With her ass off the
floor, she rolled her hips, her clit grinding into his frame.
"Oooooo! Tommy!" she moaned, her head snapping from side to
side as he pounded her twisting body back into the floor.
Tommy's arms shook. His climaxing cock was draining him of
his strength. He groaned as his arms gave out and he crashed
down, crushing his squealing s****r beneath him. His hips never
stopped, his cock still piercing her pussy maniacally.
"Unnn, Judy!"
Judy gasped, the wind knocked out of her. Her body acted on
its own, thrashing and churning as she climaxed over and over
again on his stabbing cock. She circled his back with her arms,
holding him tight as she fused her body to his and shuddered in
bliss as the last of her orgasms washed over her and left her weak
as a kitten.
Tommy lunged hard, the last of his cum squirting into her
cunt. He grunted as he ground to a halt. He lay there, his prick
spent, his balls empty, her pussy still twitching against his
shrinking cock.
Judy moaned. With her passion gone, being pressed into the
floor was uncomfortable as hell. "Get off me, Tommy," she moaned.
Tommy rolled off, his prick popping from the gooey tightness
of her pussy. "You're some fuck, s*s!" he said as he stood up.
He leaned against the counter, his prick hanging, droplets of cum
oozing down his limp cock-meat.
Judy sat up. "You ever been fucked better?"
"Hell no," he laughed.
Judy giggled. "You won't be the best once I get Daddy
between my legs."
"Stop dreamin' Judy," he said. "You got as much chance of
fuckin' Dad as I got of getting into Mom's pussy."
Judy stroked his limp, sticky cock. "Maybe we can come up
with an idea to make both our dreams come true."
She licked his prick and balls, savoring blend of her own cum
mixed with the tangy taste of his.
"When we gonna fuck again?"
"Maybe tonight," he said. "Right now, I think we should get
dressed and open the store before Mom and Dad come back."
Judy tossed him his clothes. "Maybe I'll wait on the
customers naked," she giggled as she stood up. "We'd make a
Tommy slapped her across the ass. "Get your ass dressed."
Judy scampered through the store and found her clothes. Her
body was tingling. It had been a fantastic morning and she knew
as long as she wanted, she would have Tommy to take care of all
her needs. But then she frowned. All of her needs but one--she
still wanted her father's cock.

Judy stood at the top of the ladder and looked down at the
aisle, hoping to spot her b*****r. It had been two days since
Tommy had broken her cherry and she was going out of her mind.
She spotted him at last and shivered as she waved.
Tommy saw her and glanced around, looking for his father. He
heard him at the cash register, then hurried down the aisle to his
"Whatta you want?" he whispered.
"Look up my skirt, Tommy," she whimpered. "I don't have any
panties on and my pussy is drippin'."
"Christ, Judy. Dad's in the store." His mouth dried up and
he glanced up at Judy as she spread her legs.
"He's up front waiting on a customer," she sighed. "Please,
Tommy. I've been so hot since you fucked me. I don't think I can
wait any longer. Look at my pussy."
Tommy groaned and stood under the ladder, his eyes feasting
on the seeping slit of his s****r's cunt. "Christ ... I'll sneak
in your room tonight."
Judy was quivering. "You said that yesterday and I waited up
half the night for you. I wound up playing with myself." She
shuddered, her hands gripping the ladder, her legs wide apart.
"God, I wish you could suck me off while I'm standing up here."
"I'll be there tonight." He rubbed his crotch, the ache
growing worse as he ogled his s****r's bare cunt and ass cheeks.
"I promise."
"Let's go in the back room," she whispered. "I'll give you a
fast blow-job."
"No," Tommy groaned, although he was tempted. "Dad'll catch
us and kick our asses."
"I don't give a shit anymore," she moaned, pressing her body
against the ladder. "If you don't fuck me soon I'll attack you
right, in front of Daddy. Maybe that'll give him an idea." She
giggled, squeezed her thighs together and moaned. "Ummmm."
Darin Lawes, their father, had finished waiting on the
customer and was now standing at the end of the aisle watching his
c***dren. He couldn't hear what the youngsters were saying, but
he had an idea. His face filled with rage when he saw Tommy
looking up Judy's skirt.
"Little bitch!" he muttered. "Teasing the boy like that." He
stormed down the aisle. "What's goin' on here?"
"Nothin', Dad," Tommy mumbled, quickly moving away from the
A lump clogged Judy's throat. She tried a smile, but it
didn't work.
"Hi, Daddy," she said weakly. "I was just asking Tommy to
help me fix the boxes on these shelves."
"Go up front, Tommy, and take care of the store."
Tommy nodded. "Yeah, Dad," he said, hurrying away.
"Get your ass down off that ladder!" he snapped, his gut tied
in knots.
"Yes, Daddy," Judy quaked as she came down the ladder.
Darin grabbed her arm, noticing the jiggle of her tits
beneath her top. "Little slut," he snarled, pulling her to the
back of the store toward the door leading to the stockroom.
"Whatta you gonna do, Daddy?" she asked.
He shoved her inside and closed the door. "I saw you teasing
Tommy," he said, glaring at her.
"I wasn't doin' anything," she said, her body trembling.
"You're a liar. You were letting him look up your skirt. I
saw it! You're always flaunting yourself in front of him. You
don't even wear a bra."
Judy was scared. She blinked back the tears that welled up
in her eyes. "None of my girlfriends wear bras, Daddy," she said
Darin was filled with rage. "You're turning into a little
"No I'm not, Daddy. I'm a good girl." She saw the way he
was looking at her tits and even though she was scared out of her
wits a sexual excitement began to fill her.
"You're a slut!" He grabbed her, dragging her over to a
crate. "I'm gonna beat your Goddamn ass."
"No, Daddy," she sobbed as he roughly pulled her over his
lap. "Don't hit me. Please!"
She struggled on his lap, her young body tensing as she
waited for the first hard whack of his hand.
Darin brought his hand down with a crash, walloping it across
his daughter's ass. "Maybe this'll teach you to stop acting like
a little tramp." He whacked her ass again as she cried and
struggled on his lap.
"Owwww! Owwww!" she wailed as he lashed his big hand over
her ass. "Stop, Daddy! It hurts! Stop!"
Darin paid no intention to his daughter's pleas. Beating her
ass, he let his eyes flow over her twisting body and the smooth
skin of her thrashing legs as her skirt began to ride up. He
paused for a moment to catch his breath. Her struggling was
having an effect on him and his insides began to churn.
"No more, Daddy," she gasped. "Please." She tried rolling
off his lap, afraid he was going to beat her again.
Darin grabbed for her, his fingers latching into her top. It
ripped as she rolled off. "You little bitch! I'm not through
with you yet."
Judy fell to the floor. With her top ripped, one of her
plump, creamy tits became exposed, the nipple swollen and pink.
She gasped glancing down at her exposed tit and then up at her
"I'll be good," she sobbed. "Don't whip me again." She was
breathing hard, her bare tit rising and falling with each jagged
Darin couldn't tear his eyes away from her tit. A lump
clogged his throat as he grabbed her arm, yanking her back up on
his lap.
"I'm gonna teach you a lesson!"
He pulled up her skirt, expecting to see a panty-clad ass.
Instead, his eyes popped as he gazed at the pink cheeks of her
naked ass.
"You fuckin' little tramp," he roared. "You don't even wear
Judy shook uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip, her hips
jerking as she tried to get off his lap. "I forgot to put them
on," she lied. "Don't hit me again."
Darin leered at her ass. It was pink from his beating, the
cheeks jiggling. He smacked his hand down on the bare flesh, the
cracking sound echoing in the storeroom. He did it again and
again, turning her pink flesh to a hot glowing red.
"Owwwwww!" Judy screamed as she thrashed in his lap. Her ass
burned as she struggled. She twisted her hips, her body grinding
into him. "No! Stop! Stop!"
"You little whore," he rasped. He pushed her legs apart.
"I'll bet you're not even a virgin." To prove his point, he
jammed his finger into her pussy.
"Aaaaah," Judy gasped as hot tingling spasms raced through
her cunt. "Aaaah!"
She squirmed on her father's finger, the juices inside her
cunt flowing as the spongy muscles clamped tightly around his
Darin was stunned. His groin churned and his prick
thickened. He couldn't move. His eyes were glued to his
daughter's red ass and the pulsing muscles of her pussy beating
around his finger had his balls aching.
"You're not a virgin," he rasped. "You're a whore!"
Inexperienced though she was, Judy sensed a change in her
father's mood and she began to quiver. She squirmed lewdly on his
lap, milking his finger with her pussy.
"Oooo, Daddy. I couldn't help myself."
Anger and lust raged through Darin's body. He yanked his
finger from her pussy and shoved her off his lap.
"Slut!" he spat.
Judy rolled to the floor, her skirt around her waist, her
pussy, wet and pink, openly displayed. She looked up at her
father from hot glazed eyes and saw the change coming over him.
This was her chance and she didn't intend to mess it up.
Darin stared at his sexy daughter, his eyes darting from her
hot seeping pussy to her bare tit. His cock ached in his pants
and he could still feel the heat of her cunt on his finger.
"Get up," he said, his voice laced more with lust than with
anger. "Get up and cover yourself."
Judy stood, her skirt falling down into place. She licked
her lips and ripped her top off, baring both her plump creamy
"I've only been fucked once," she said softly, her sweet
innocent voice keeping her father spellbound.
She unhooked her skirt and it melted to the floor, her long
slender legs and blonde pussy bare. She stood naked in front of
him, her hips swaying, her legs spread.
Darin couldn't speak. He could only stare at his naked
daughter. His nuts rumbled and he tried to bring his lust under
"What are you doing?"
Judy quivered with passion, her pulpy tits swollen with
desire. "I want you, Daddy." Her voice was laced with lust. "I
want your cock and I'll do anything to get it. Anything, just let
me have your cock."
His daughter's words echoed in his skull. He couldn't take
his eyes off her naked flesh. "No," he said. He was losing the
battle to keep his lust controlled.
Judy knew it and pressed. She skimmed her hand up her
sizzling flesh and cupped her tits. "Tommy sucked my titties,
Daddy," she said, her voice quaking. "He ate my pussy and broke
my cherry."
Darin's head was spinning. He gulped back the lump that was
clogging his throat as he watched her fondle her soft creamy tits.
"How many others?" he rasped.
"None, Daddy," she said, knowing deep inside she was at last
going to have her father. "Just once with Tommy."
She brought her hands down her tingling body and stroked her
fingers through her pussy. Hot cream flowed.
"You felt my pussy. It's always like that. Always wet and
itching to be fucked."
"You don't know what you're saying," he groaned, hypnotized
by what she was doing.
"Yes I do, Daddy," she sighed breathlessly. She turned
around, displaying her red ass. "Did you like beating me?" She
wiggled her hips and bent over, her hands slipping around and
parting the cheeks of her ass.
"Jesus Christ," he groaned, feasting his eyes on the crack of
her ass and the puffy folds of her hot wet pussy. "Stop it, Judy.
I'm your father."
Judy turned around and dropped to her knees. She crawled
between his legs and rubbed his crotch. She fumbled with his
zipper as he sat in a trance and watched.
"I can't help myself," she said. "I want you."
She hauled out her father's prick and gasped. It was twice
as thick as Tommy's and much longer.
"Ooooo, Daddy. It's so big and beautiful." she swooned, her
mouth watering to suck it.
Darin leered down at his naked daughter, his prick throbbing
violently in her hot clinging hands. "You're gorgeous, baby," he
moaned, giving in to his lust. "So gorgeous and sexy."
She looked up at him, her eyes bright with desire. "Can I
suck your cock?" She brought her body close and rubbed his hard
throbbing prick over the heated flesh of her tits. "Ummmm, Daddy.
Your prick feels so good against my titties."
"Suck it, baby. Suck it all you want." He no longer cared.
His lust and desire for his beautiful c***d had taken control.
"Ummmm, Daddy." She pressed his cock between her tits and
stroked his cock-shaft. "When I sucked Tommy's cock all I could
think about was you. When he creamed in my mouth I pretended it
was your cum squirting into my throat."
His daughter's words were driving Darin insane. He touched
her face, his prick throbbing between her plump tits.
"Baby," he gasped.
Judy twisted her head and sucked his fingers into her mouth.
She stared at him and saw the lust fill his face as she rubbed her
tits against his rock-hard dick.
She hummed, taking her mouth away. "I'm gonna do that to
your cock."
"Do it," he said huskily. "Do it, baby."
Judy was in her glory. She pulled at his pants, yanking them
down and off. She purred, caressing his huge balls and long thick
"It looks so delicious, Daddy."
"Eat me, Judy. Eat me."
Judy brought her wet, eager mouth to his cock-shaft. Her
moist lips glided up and down the length of his prick, her tongue
flicking out, teasing at his throbbing meat. She sucked and
nibbled, her mouth working effortlessly up his thick prick-shaft
to his bloated cockhead.
"Nnnnn, baby," Darin groaned, not yet believing he was
actually allowing his young daughter to suck his prick. "Nnnn,
Judy, this is crazy."
"No, Daddy," she gasped, lifting her head. "This is what I
want and the way your cock is throbbin' you want it too."
Darin couldn't argue with her simple logic. He wanted her,
wanted her as badly as he had ever wanted her mother, even on
their wedding night.
"Suck it, baby. Make Daddy happy."
Judy brought her mouth back to her father's thick prick. She
flashed out her tongue and swiped it over his cum-crammed balls.
She coated his nut-sac with her spit then clamped her mouth to his
prick-shaft and nibbled her way up to the bell-shaped head of his
towering cock.
She moaned as she grabbed the thick base. "Ummmmm, so
Darin twisted on the crate, his prick trapped in her
clutching hand, his cock-head drenched with her warm spit. "Put
it in your mouth, baby," he groaned. "Put it in your mouth."
"Yesss, Daddy," she sighed, his words thrilling her.
A shuddering spasm swept through her pussy as she parted her
lips and enveloped the fat spongy head of his cock with her mouth.
"Unnn, baby," Darin groaned, the heat of her mouth searing
his cock-shaft and caroming down to his cum-filled balls. "Unnnn,
suck it, Judy. Suck me!"
With his cock-head in her mouth, she sucked easily, savoring
his prick as she gently stroked his prick-shaft and balls with her
hand. She used her tongue, swirling it around the head of his
dick and through the small slit of his pisser. Hot flashes of joy
bombarded her as she eased the head of his cock along the roof of
her mouth toward the entrance of her throat.
Darin gawked at his naked daughter. His head was throbbing,
his groin churning. He jerked up, the head of his cock clogging
her gullet.
"Unnn, Judy. Your mouth is fantastic! Suck me, baby!"
Judy heard and swooned. Her head swirled in a cloud of lust.
She was sucking her father's cock and it blew her young mind!
Tremors swept through her cunt and she sucked deeper, allowing the
head of his fat prick to spear her tight throat.
The cum in Darin's balls rumbled and he lunged up, humping at
her face, his cock jabbing in and out of her mouth. His prick
swelled, her swiping tongue and deep sucks churning his cum-laden
"Unnnn, Judy!"
Judy sensed that her father was going to cum. She pulled her
mouth off his prick, her blue eyes glowing with fire. She gripped
his prick in both hands, squeezing it rhythmically.
"Oooo, Daddy. When you cum in my mouth I'm gonna go crazy!"
she said as she flashed her tongue over his bloated cockhead,
swiping up a thick glob of cum that had oozed out from his pisser.
"Ummmm, it's so delicious!"
"Eat it, baby. Don't talk." He jabbed up at her face, his
cock-head banging against her lips. "Put it back in your sweet
Judy was d***k with lust. She wanted each second to last an
eternity and talking prolonged it, making it even more exciting
and erotic.
"I like talking about it, Daddy," she moaned. "Don't you
like it, too?"
Darin nodded. "Yeah," he rasped, finding that her voice and
the things she was saying added to his lust. "Talk all you want,
baby, as long as my cum winds up in your mouth and not all over
your face."
"Ooooo, Daddy," she moaned, massaging his balls and squeezing
his prick. "I wanna suck out every drop of your cum and then I
want you to fuck me till I faint!"
"Unnn," Darin moaned, his hips twitching as his daughter's
fingers rhythmically squeezed his prick. He reached for her. "No
more talk. Suck! Suck me off!"
Judy looked at his prick. It made her dizzy. She brought
her lips to his cock and gobbled it into her mouth. In one
downward lunge she took him to his balls, his cock-hair flush with
her lips, his fat prick buried to the hilt, throbbing wildly in
her stretched throat.
"Unnnn, baby," Darin groaned, his prick swelling in the
wetness of her throat. "Suck! Suck it!"
Judy swooned, her body spasming as his prick filled her mouth
and gullet. She dragged her teeth along his prick-shaft, her
tongue slashing at his cock until her gnawing teeth caught the
ridge of his bloated cockhead. She slammed her head down hard,
mashing her lips into his groin as his prick speared her throat.
Darin growled, her teeth making his cock twitch. He lifted
his ass off the crate, plowing her throat. He dropped back with a
thud then humped up, plowing her face with quick, powerful jabs.
With her mouth stuffed with his cock, she used her tongue,
whipping it across his throbbing cock-shaft as he drilled her
throat. She gnawed on his hard cock-meat, her mouth sucking as he
lunged up. She brought her hands to his balls and held them,
feeling the heaviness of them. It made her cream just knowing
that soon all his jizz would be flooding her mouth.
"Baby," Darin gasped as he fucked her face with hard punching
stabs. "Unnn, suck it. Chew it. Lemme feel your teeth."
Judy plunged her head down, catching the rhythm of his quick,
lunging fuck-stabs. His cock pierced her throat, her lips mangled
against his groin. She sank her teeth into his prick-shaft and
heard him growl with pleasure. She chewed, her head bobbing
frantically up and down as he pounded her faster with his ready-
to-explode cock.
"I'm ready, baby," he grunted, humping up into her hot
sucking mouth. "I'm ready."
Judy knew it. His frenzied jabs had her crazy. She sucked
in her cheeks, anxious to have his cum squirting into her mouth.
She whipped her tongue over his plowing prick-shaft, chewing and
sucking her father's prick with wild abandonment.
"I'm cuming," he roared, plowing his cock balls deep into her
throat. "I'm cuming!"
His balls erupted, a thick river of jizz blasting from his
piss-hole and squirting into his daughter's throat.
"I'm cuming, baby! Aghhhh!" he bellowed.
There wasn't time to gulp the first thick wad. She gulped as
another stream of jizz spurted from his cock. Her eyes bulged,
her mouth flying rapidly up and down his exploding prick. She met
his hard thrusts, smashing her face into his groin, his cock
exploding in her mouth and throat. She gulped on his prick, the
cum filling her cheeks and gagging her. It was nothing like
Tommy's climax and it overwhelmed her.
Darin hammered his climaxing prick into his daughter's
sucking mouth. "Unnnn, baby. Suck it! Suck it!" He lunged up,
his groin colliding with her face. "Unnnn, I'm creamin', baby.
Christ, my fuckin' balls are busting!"
Cum gushed into her throat, flooding her mouth and oozing out
from her nose and clinging to her lips. It drooled over his nuts
and soaked the curly hair around his cock. Her head bobbed, her
teeth gnawing, her tongue lashing. She swallowed his jizz almost
as fast as it squirted from his prick. She gagged, choking on the
deluge of cum that erupted from his balls. She felt as if she
were drowning and it made her cream.
Darin couldn't stop. His balls churned out wad after wad as
quickly as his daughter sucked it into her mouth. He grabbed the
crate, his cock drilling her face, his balls aching as they
churned out more thick gooey clumps of jism that quickly spurred
into her throat. Harder and-harder he lunged into her face, her
gurgling gags caroming around in his lust-sopped brain.
His prick was squirting like a river. Cum, instead of
dribbling from her clinging lips, gushed. She sucked, choking and
swallowing as fast as possible as she tried to capture every drop
of his hot gooey load.
Her head bobbed in rhythm to his lunging stabs. She used her
tongue, teeth, and deep sucks to keep him pounding her face. Her
Hand gripped his cock-shaft and she jerked it frantically up and
down, her lips meeting her fingers as the cum continued to flow
out over her hot clinging lips.
"Unnnn, baby," he bellowed, his balls just about drained.
"Unnnnn ... get it all!" He lunged up then crashed back to the
crate, his breathing loud and raspy as he let his daughter finish
him off.
Judy worked like a wildcat on her father's cock. Sucking and
chewing, she jerked his prick-shaft, finally draining his nuts of
the last precious drop of cum. She kept him in her mouth, sucking
lazily, her fingers now caressing his spent cock.
Darin groaned, lunging up one last time. He twisted on the
crate, her mouth still working its magic on his prick.
"Unnnn, Judy," he moaned.
Judy felt his cock begin to shrink in her mouth. She popped
her mouth off and leered up at him from glazed eyes. Cum stained
her lips and dribbled down his chin.
"Tommy didn't cream me that much," she whispered as she
swallowed some of the cum still in her mouth. "God. There was so
much of it."
Darin caught his breath. "Tommy's still a k**," he said
Judy bent her head and licked him clean then dropped back on
the floor, her naked body writhing. "Now me, Daddy. Fuck me!
Fuck me!"

Darin shook his head. "You gotta give me a minute,, baby.
You just sucked out my balls dry. I'm not a fuck-machine."
Judy staggered to her feet, a hot smile on her face. "There
are other ways for you to take care of me until you get hard," she
Darin grinned. "I know, baby," he said as he pulled his hot,
trembling daughter into his arms and rubbed her hot, silky flesh.
"I must be crazy doin' this with you."
Judy leaned against him, purring softly as his hands kept the
fire in her pussy raging. "Ummmmm, Daddy. This isn't crazy.
It's fantastic!"
Darin had to agree. He fondled her ass with one hand and
pawed her plump, creamy tits with his other hand. "You're a damn
sexy little bitch, baby."
"Mmmmm, I just wanna be sexy for you," she sighed, parting
her legs and wriggling her hips. "You mad at Tommy?"
"No way," Darin said. "If I couldn't fight you off, I'm sure
Tommy didn't stand a chance either."
He dipped his hand between her legs and stroked his fingers
up through the sizzling wet gash of her hot oozing pussy.
"I'm glad," she gasped, twisting against him. "Suck my tits,
Daddy and finger my pussy."
As Judy stood in front of him, Darin brought his mouth to one
ripe, pulpy tit. He sucked on the pink swollen nipple, his tongue
whipping across the hard pointed tip. His hands skimmed down her
flesh and over the slight flare of her hips.
"Mmmmmm, Daddy," she moaned as she combed her fingers through
his hair. "Bite me. I love having my titties chewed." She rolled
her hips as his fingers kneaded her flesh. "Bite and suck ...
unnnn yeah."
Darin feasted on his daughter's tits. He worked his mouth
from one plump fleshy globe to the other, soaking her with his
spit. His hands kneaded her hips and the firm cheeks of her ass.
His daughter's sweet young body was driving him crazy all over
again and he knew his prick would be hard again in minutes.
"Don't forget my pussy, Daddy," she gasped as he devoured her
sensitive tits. "Finger-fuck me until I cream." She jerked her
hips, her pussy pulsing for the hard jab of his fingers.
Darin cupped her ripe pussy with one hand, pussy-cream oozing
over his palm. He rubbed her cunt, his fingers slipping through
her wet sticky pussy-gash. His prick began to grow, his
daughter's hot, whimpering voice and soft, eager body giving his
prick new life.
"Inside, Daddy. Finger my cunt-hole." She bucked her hips,
her hands moving his hungry mouth from one tit to the other.
"Ooooooo, Daddy. Shove your fingers in my cunt!"
Darin jabbed his fingers into his whimpering daughter's
pussy. Hot pussy-juice and spongy cunt-muscles greeted him. He
twisted his hand, the blunt tips of his fingers pressing and
gouging at the cushiony walls of her hot, pulsing pussy-hole.
"Baby," he groaned, his prick beginning to throb. "Damn!" He
brought his mouth back to the jiggling flesh of her tits and
"Ooooo, I'm creamin', Daddy." She jerked her hips, grinding
her cunt on his jabbing fingers. "Harder." She pulled on his
hair and scratched his neck as he chewed on her tits. "Ooooo,
Daddy. This is wonderful!"
Darin's fingers cut through the gooey ooze of his daughter's
tightly gripping pussy. His cock thickened and his mouth
slobbered over her tits, nipping and sucking as she squealed with
pleasure. His free hand curled around her slim waist and dropped
to her ass. He mauled her creamy ass cheeks, the soft flesh of
her body driving him wild.
"I'm gonna cum on your damn fingers, Daddy," she gasped.
"Ooooo, Christ." She swiveled her hips, her legs trembling as an
orgasm caromed through her cunt. "Ahhhh!"
She bucked against his fingers, his head mashed against her
tits. "Bite, Daddy. Finger me. I'm cuming!"
Darin jabbed his fingers in deep, twisting them in her
climaxing cunt. He sucked hard on her nipples as she squirmed and
twisted in his arms. He moaned, his mouth stuffed with her tit.
Judy shuddered, her legs turning to rubber as she slumped
against him. "Ooooo, Daddy. I need your cock now! God, give it
to me." She pushed his mouth away from her tits and squirmed out
of his arms. "Oooooo, Daddy!"
Darin watched her melt to the floor, his cock stone-hard and
throbbing. He leered at her hot, teenaged pussy as she spread her
legs wide and rolled her hips.
Judy gawked at his prick, her mouth drooling, her blue eyes
bright. "Get on the floor and let me ride it," she gasped. "I
wanna fuck you. You can watch me when I cum."
Darin got on the floor, his prick jutting from his groin like
a skysc****r. His balls were aching and he grabbed his cock.
"You're gonna love it, baby," he groaned.
"I know," Judy drooled as she ogled his fat, throbbing cock.
She reached for it, pushing his hand away. "Ooooo, it's gonna
feel fantastic!"
"Climb on, baby, and enjoy yourself." Trembling, Judy
straddled her father's body. She brought her dripping pussy to
his prick and pressed it into his groin, his thick cock-shaft
mashed against her cunt. She wriggled her hips and gasped as tiny
spasms caromed through her pussy.
"Ooooo, Daddy!"
Darin leered at his young daughter. Her innocent face and
sweet lithe body had him mesmerized. "Stick it in, baby and feel
how deep my cock goes."
"Soon, Daddy," she moaned. "When I can't stand it anymore."
She glanced down and saw the bloated head of his cock. She
slid her pussy back, exposing his prick. Her cunt-juice coated
"Ooooo, I can feel your cock throbbing."
Darin kept his lust in check. "Don't take all day," he
groaned. The heat from her pussy was swelling his balls.
She jerked her hips forward, the head of his cock brushing
against her pulsing clit. A shudder swept through her and she
swayed as she did it again and again.
"Ooooo, I'm creamin! Ohhhh, Daddy!"
"I know," Darin groaned, his prick drenched in the sticky
juices of her overheated cunt. He grabbed her small, plump tits
and kneaded the soft flesh, her nipples searing the palms of his
hands. "You're one hot little bitch."
A d***ken smile spread across her face. "I'm your hot little
bitch," she sighed, leaning into his pawing hands. She rolled her
hips, her cunt gliding back and forth across his throbbing hard-
on. "Mmmmmm, I'm ready now. Are you?"
"Yeah, baby," Darin moaned.
Judy lifted her quivering ass and reached between her legs.
She grabbed his hulking cock and dragged the bloated head through
the puffy folds of her sizzling cunt. She began to shake, her
tits jiggling as her father grabbed her hips to keep her steady.
"Easy, baby," he groaned. "Put it in."
d***k with passion, she ignored her father, wanting to
torment herself until she was out of her mind. She dragged his
prick through her cunt-gash again until the room started to spin.
"Ummmmmm, Daddy!"
With his cockhead now in her pussy, she lowered her body,
inching his hulky cock into her pussy. Each throbbing inch
stretched the spongy muscles of her steamy cunt-hole. She hummed
as her pussy-muscles closed around his cock-shaft.
"Baby," Darin moaned, his fingers digging into her hips.
"Unnnn, you're tight." He wanted to slam her down on his cock but
he didn't. If she wanted to torment herself, he'd let her. He
was enjoying it too.
Judy teased herself mercilessly. She felt him throb inside
her, her pussy craving all of his cock instead of only half.
"Oooooo! Daddy!"
Quivering, she couldn't take the pressure any longer. She
slammed down, stuffing herself with her father's hulking cock.
She swooned, her body swaying as she impaled herself.
"It's in me. So deep. Oooo, it's stretching me so much!"
she cried.
With his hands on her wriggling hips, Darin feasted his eyes
on her lush young body. His cock was throbbing in the tight
depths of her pussy. She was like a spongy vise of wet clinging
"Daddy!" she squealed as she rolled her hips, her tight pussy
adjusting to the fat meat of his throbbing prick. "Oooo, it's
Darin grabbed her tits and kneaded the soft creamy flesh. He
pulled at her nipples making her moan. "Ride it, baby. Ride it!"
"I'm so hot, Daddy," she gasped as she rotated her hips. "So
hot." Her tongue flicked out over her lips and her blue eyes
dined on his lust-etched face. "Does it feel good like Mommy's
"Yeah, baby," Darin groaned as she squirmed on his dick.
"Wet and tight just like your mother's."
"Ummmm, Daddy!" She lifted up slowly, his cock easing from
her cunt. Then she slammed down, quivering and screaming as she
pierced her pussy with his prick. "Ahhhhhh! Did you like it,
"Do it again, baby," he groaned.
His gut was taut as he watched her young, trembling body lift
off his prick. He spanned her tits, his fingers digging into the
supple flesh.
With only the head of his cock buried in her cunt, Judy
crashed down, screaming as her cunt rifled with her father's
prick. She lifted up and did it again as her blue eyes dilated
and her face turned red.
"Oooooo, it's fantastic! It makes me cream!"
Darin brought his hands to her wriggling hips and lifted her
up, plunging her body down on his prick. He did it again, her
squeals of joy filling the stockroom. He grunted, slamming her up
and down on his prick as if she were weightless.
"Unnnn, Judy! Baby!"
Judy screamed with pleasure. She rocked on his cock, her
tits bouncing as he plundered her pussy with his fat cock.
"Ahhhhh, Daddy. I'm creamin'! Ummmmm!"
The door to the stockroom opened and Dolores poked her head
in. Her eyes widened in shock as she stared at her husband and
daughter on the floor.
"Ooooo my, God," she gasped, her hand tightening around the
door knob, her knuckles turning white. "I don't believe it!" She
stared, keeping the door open just enough so she could see.
Judy bounced on her father's cock, her head snapping back,
her blonde hair swishing across her bare back. "Oooo, I'm
stuffed, Daddy!" she wailed. "Your cock is driving me crazy!"
She rolled her hips, squashing her body down, taking his
prick to the root. She leaned forward, her small tits at her
father's mouth.
"Suck 'em, Daddy. Suck my tits."
With his ass thumping on the floor and his cock jabbing into
his daughter's pussy, Darin gobbled on her tits. He sucked and
stabbed, Judy going insane on top of him as he mauled her hips and
clutching thighs.
Judy shivered in bliss, her pussy crammed with her father's
cock. She moaned as hot flashes of pleasure whipped through her
pussy. She used her cunt-muscles, clamping them around his cock-
shaft as he lunged up into her pussy-hole.
"You feel me, Daddy? Huh?"
"Yeah," he groaned. "Your cunt is fabulous!" He jabbed into
her squishy pussy, his balls swelling as her muscles and cunt
juice attacked his cock.
Dolores trembled as she watched. She glanced back over her
shoulder, hoping Tommy wouldn't come up behind her. With their
voices growing louder, she slipped inside and closed the door,
hiding behind a stack of crates.
Darin mauled his daughter's ass, his mouth chomping on her
tits. He humped up, the head of his cock jabbing into the
cushiony softness of her sizzling pussy.
"Unnn, baby," he grunted, his words lost in the soft flesh of
his daughter's tits. "Unnn, Judy!"
"Daddy!" she wailed. "I can feel it throbbing in my cunt.
I'm creamin' all over it." She twisted her hips slowly, lifting
up then slamming down at the same time. "Ummmmm, your cock is in
so deep." Her pussy gobbled on his cock, her hips rotating
slowly. "Oooooo!"
Darin brought his hands back to her tits, his fingers sinking
into the pulpy meat. He chewed on the nipples, his mouth working
frantically from one pink tip to the other. His hips lunged, his
cock skewering her cunt-hole each time he nipped at a nipple.
Dolores watched them, jealousy and lust raging through her
body. She squeezed her thighs together and whimpered as the warm,
buttery juices of her cunt drenched her panties. She swooned,
gaping at her daughter's bare ass jiggling as she humped her young
body up and down Darin's cock.
"Little nympho," she whispered. "Damn little nympho!"
"I'm getting close, Daddy. Ooooo, I can feel it getting
ready to happen." She moaned. "Ooooo!" She trembled, her hands
caressing his face. "Make me cum, Daddy. Make me go crazy!"
His c***d's begging voice was driving him insane. His hips
lunged up, his cock slicing into her spongy pussy. "I'm ready
too, baby. God, I'm gonna fill your pussy."
"Ummmm, Daddy. I can feel your cock getting bigger!" She
bounced frantically on his stabbing prick, thrashing about like a
stuck pig. "Make it happen. Cum. Cream me!"
The next instant her head snapped back as her father's cock
jabbed into her cunt and his groin mashed her clit. "I'm cuming,
Daddy! I'm cuming!"
She went berserk, thrashing and twisting on his stabbing cock
as orgasms raced through her cock-stuffed pussy.
"Aghhhhh, I'm cuming, Daddy!"
More orgasms whipped through her pussy as she went into wild
contortions. "Oooo, you feel me cuming?" she asked as she rotated
her hips, grinding her cunt down on his cock and mangling her clit
into his humping groin. "Ooooo, feel me cum!"
"I do, baby," Darin roared. He jammed his cock in and out of
her pulsing cunt. "I do!"
Her swollen tits bounced, the nipples ready to split open.
She twisted her hips, her pulsing clit mashing into his hard
groin. Hot flashes swept through her pussy, spreading rapidly to
every part of her quivering body.
"Ooooo, fuck me! Fuck me! I'm cuming!"
Darin fucked his daughter's climaxing cunt until his balls
exploded. His hands clamped on her gyrating hips as the hot jizz
gushed through his cock-shaft and spurted from his pisser.
"I'm cuming!" he shouted. "I'm cuming, Judy! Aghhhhh!"
"Yessssss, Daddy!" she shrieked, her body bucking and
churning on her father's squirting cock. "I love it. Your cum is
fillin' my pussy!" She twisted her hips and lunged forward,
grinding her clit into his powerful body. "Ooooo! Keep cumin'!"
Dolores was in awe. Seeing her young daughter creaming was
driving her mad. She swayed, feeling dizzy, the insides of her
cunt on fire.
"Ooooo, God," she whispered. "I don't believe it!"
Judy screeched as she rocked precariously on her father's
stabbing cock. She rocked on his prick, swaying, almost toppling
off as he lunged up into her pussy. Her tits bounced, her head
snapping from side to side as her blonde hair slashed across her
"More, Daddy! More!"
Darin responded to his daughter's squeals. His balls rumbled
and erupted again, the hot cum spurting from his prick like a
river. Gobs of jizz flooding her squishy pussy, her pulsing cunt-
walls soaking it up like a sponge. He jabbed, squirting his cum
deep until her cunt over-flowed.
"Unnnn, Daddy," she moaned. "Harder! Harder!" She gripped
his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin as she bounced on
his cock. "Faster! Faster!"
Cum filled her cunt and oozed out over her puffy folds. It
drooled down over her father's balls, the filmy white cum coating
the base of his prick-shaft.
With Dolores watching, her husband and daughter battled on
the floor. Darin lunged up, drilling his prick into Judy's pussy.
Judy slammed down, driving his ass back to the floor as she
skewered her cunt on his prick. Their bodies clashed, then
parted, clashed again as more orgasms ripped through them and cum
squished against them.
Judy thrashed maniacally, her orgasms building until
everything seemed to turn fuzzy. She fell forward, her tits
smashing into her father's face. Her hips never stopped moving
and the muscles of her cunt gulped at his spewing cock as she
writhed on top of him.
Darin's hands flowed over his daughter's twisting body. He
gnawed at her tits, his hips lunging, his cock plowing in and out
of her cunt.
"Baby," he groaned, "unnnn, baby!"
Judy began to twitch, the last of her orgasms rippling
through her body. She collapsed, his cock still buried in her
pussy, her muscles still greedily tugging on his prick-shaft. She
showered him with kisses, her hips rolling as his cock began to
shrink inside her pussy.
"Ooooo, Daddy!" she squealed.
Darin groaned and lifted his daughter up as he gasped for
air. "Baby, you're one great little fuck." He sat up as she
rolled off him. "Whewwww!"
Judy giggled. "When can we do it again, Daddy?"
Darin shook his head. "I don't know, baby. There's your
mother to consider."
A smirk crossed Dolores' face as she watched them dress.
Judy smiled. If she could get Tommy to fuck their mother
everything would be all right. "Maybe tomorrow while Mommy is
shoppin'?" she suggested.
Darin fixed his pants and saw her ripped top. "You better
get right upstairs. You can't work like that."
Judy giggled. "Okay, but think about tomorrow." She held
her ripped top over her tits and hurried from the stockroom.
Darin watched her go then left, wondering how he was going to
take care of Judy without Dolores finding out.
Alone in the stockroom, Dolores sat down. She had a lot to
think about.

Judy sat on the bed waiting for her b*****r. She couldn't
wait to tell him what had happened with her father.
Tommy rapped softly on the door and poked his head in.
"C'mon in," she said excitedly. She squirmed on the bed as
Tommy joined her.
"What happened in the stockroom?" he asked. "I couldn't ask
you at dinner. Did Dad beat you?"
Judy giggled. "He fucked me," she said, looking her b*****r
right in the eye. "Right on the stockroom floor! It was the most
fantastic thing in my life." She swooned, the memory of her
father's cock plunging into her pussy sending spasms of pleasure
through her young body.
"Jesus Christ!" Tommy gasped. "God, I wish I could fuck
"Why don't you try? Daddy's out and Mommy's working
downstairs in the store on inventory." Having fucked her father,
Judy didn't think anything was impossible.
"Shit, Judy," he moaned, wanting to try, but not believing it
could happen. "Mom's not like Dad."
"I'll bet you could do it." She winked. "If she's anything
like me ..." She giggled. "I've seen her givin' you the eye. Go
on downstairs and try. I'll hide and watch."
Tommy took a deep breath. His s****r's confidence was
rubbing off on him. "I think you're crazy, but I'll try it."
"Great!" Judy exclaimed as she jumped off the bed. She
grabbed his hand. "C'mon."
They hurried downstairs to their parents' store. Judy opened
the door and peeked out, spotting her mother at the far end of an
"Go on, Tommy," she whispered, squeezing his crotch. "Good
Tommy groaned. "I'm gonna need it." As Tommy walked down
the aisle toward his mother, Judy slipped out and hid in the next
aisle. She quietly moved some merchandise to give herself a
perfect view of her mother. She gulped as Tommy came into view.
"Hi, Mom," Tommy said nervously as he ogled his mother's ass
wrapped in tight satin shorts. A lump clogged his throat and a
tremor caromed through his balls.
Caught by surprise, Dolores straightened up and spun around.
"Tommy!" she said, giving him a big sexy smile. "I thought you
were upstairs with your s****r."
Her eyes dropped to his crotch and the bulge in his pants.
It excited her. If Darin could make it with Judy, she was damn
sure going to make it with Tommy!
Tommy leered at his mother. Her big tits strained against
the sexy halter that barely covered her nipples. He felt dizzy,
imagining his mouth sucking on them.
"Judy's readin'," Tommy said, his voice quaking. "I thought
I might help you with inventory."
Dolores saw the way he was staring at her tits and it excited
her. She turned around and bent over, displaying her satin-clad
ass and long legs. She paused for a second, knowing he was
gawking. Her insides churned.
Tommy's eyes popped out. He could see the way the crotch of
her shorts dug into the gash of her cunt and it made his mouth
"I'll take that, Mom," he said, reaching out for the box as
she straightened up. He rested it on the shelf, his eyes darting
back to the outline of her large, swollen nipples beneath her
halter. He stood there, not knowing what to do.
Dolores could feel her son's desire for her and it made her
head spin. She leaned toward him, pretending to reach for
something behind him. The halter eased up, the creamy flesh of
one succulent tit becoming exposed.
"Oooooo!" she squealed, tripping on purpose and falling into
his arms. "Ummmmm, you're strong, Tommy."
Tommy was shaking. His mother's tits were crushed into his
chest and the scent of her perfume was driving him crazy. He
blushed as she crawled out of his arms, his eyes popping. Her
halter hadn't fallen into place and one tit was still exposed. He
gulped, his eyes riveted to the creamy meat of her tit and large
reddish-brown nipple.
"Tommy," she said, noticing that her tit was showing. "You
shouldn't took at me like that." She brought her hand to her tit,
covering it just enough to tease him.
Tommy groaned deep in his throat, his prick throbbing and
forming a giant lump in his pants. "It's ... beautiful," he
rasped, his throat dry.
"Maybe you'd like to take off my top and really get a good
look at my tits?" she suggested. Her heart was racing and the
insides of her cunt was greased with hot bubbling juice.
Judy's head was swimming as she stared at her mother and
b*****r. Her mother was seducing Tommy and it blew her young
mind! She licked her lips, watching as Tommy nervously pulled off
Dolores' top. A sigh caught in Judy's throat. Her mother's tits
were gorgeous and it suddenly hit her that she wanted to suck
them, too.
"Ooooo, Mom," Tommy groaned, feasting his eyes on his
mother's large, melon-shaped tits. "Lemme touch them."
"I was hopin' you'd want to," Dolores sighed breathlessly.
"You can do anything you want to them."
Tommy brought his hands to his mother's creamy tits. His
palms were sweaty as his fingers sank into the soft, pliant meat
of her tits. He squeezed, the hard, pointed nipples burning into
the palms of his hands. He groaned, his fingers kneading and
squeezing her gorgeous tits.
"Unnnn, Mom!"
"Tommy," Dolores rasped, his pawing hands driving her wild.
"Did you ever do this to your s****r?"
Tommy was hypnotized. He nodded, his eyes glued to her
tittie meat and his fingers. "Yeah," he mumbled, "A couple of
days ago." He didn't care that she knew. All he was interested
in was fucking her.
"Ummmm, did you suck Judy's tits?" Dolores' cunt was on fire.
"Yeah," he admitted. "We did everything."
Dolores caressed his face then brought her hands to his,
making him squeeze her pulpy tit flesh harder. "Mmmmmm. She's a
sexy little bitch, isn't she?"
"Not as sexy as you, Mom," Tommy groaned. "Lemme suck 'em."
His prick was stiff and aching like a bad tooth. His nuts
were swollen, painfully sore in his tight jeans. Without waiting
for her reply, he lowered his head to her tits and began licking
the flesh, his fingers still pawing and caressing her creamy
"Ooooo, Tommy. Your mouth feels so good." She pushed him
down on a box, her tits level with his face. "Suck 'em, Tommy.
Suck 'em like your father does."
Tommy buried his face between her mammoth tit globes and
licked. His moans were muffled as he nibbled on her soft tittie
meat. His hands roamed her body, exploring and enjoying the touch
of her flesh. He caressed her bare thighs and the cheeks of her
ass through the slick satin of her shorts.
Dolores was out of her skull. "Bite, Tommy. Bite and suck
my nipples."
She swayed, her legs parting and stiffening, her dark blonde
hair swishing across her bare back as Tommy's hands and feasting
mouth gave her pleasure.
Tommy sank his teeth into one swollen nipple and slashed his
tongue across the tip. At the same time he mauled her other tit
with his hand. He chewed, his mother's moans echoing in his
Dolores grabbed his head. She rubbed his face over her tits,
panting and drooling as his teeth snipped at her flesh and
sensitive nipples.
"Ooooo, you're just like your father, Tommy!"
Tommy gasped, his eyes bulging, her big fleshy tits a blur of
creamy white as she brushed them across his face. He chewed and
sucked, her white tits turning pink and then red as his mouth
became more demanding and his mother's moans of pleasure grew
louder. He found her ass and began squeezing her cheeks through
her satin shorts.
From her vantage point, Judy watched Tommy fondle their
mother's ass. She squeezed her thighs together, the juices
staining her shorts. She bit her lip to keep from moaning and at
the same time prayed that Tommy would pull off her shorts and
expose her ass.
"Take off my shorts," Dolores gasped. "Strip me." She
crushed his face into her wet tits. "Aaaaah ... bite ... suck!"
Tommy's mouth became ferocious. He chewed and sucked hard,
his groans muffled by her tits. He latched his fingers into her
shorts and pulled them down, his hands quickly going to the bare
cheeks of her ass. He sank his fingers into her ass, his head
spinning, his cock feeling as if it were going to burst.
Dolores wiggled her legs, her shorts dropping to her ankles.
"You wanna see me?" she panted, releasing his head. She stepped
back and out of her shorts, modeling her lush, naked body for her
horny son.
Tommy's head was reeling as he gawked at his naked mother.
His eyes swept up her long legs to the thick patch of dark blonde
hair that decorated her pussy. He gulped, his eyes traveling over
her full hips and slim waist to her huge tits. His mouth was open
but he couldn't speak.
Dolores trembled under her son's hot gaze. "The way you're
looking at me makes me cream," she said as she grabbed her tits,
cupping them, the nipples pointed at her son. "Look what you did,
Tommy. You got my tits all red from biting them."
Tommy saw and his mouth watered. "I'll do that to your whole
body, if you let me," he said, his voice husky with lust.
"Mmmmmm, sounds good. Maybe another time. Right now I wanna
see what you got between your legs."
As Dolores dropped to her knees, Judy drooled over the sight
of her mother's bare ass. She wanted to come out from behind the
shelves and sink her teeth into the creamy meat of her mother's
beautiful ass. She slipped her hand into her shorts and began
stroking her bl**d-gorged clit as her mother unzipped Tommy's
"It's nice and big," Dolores sighed as she hauled out her
son's prick. "Just like your father's." She stroked his cock and
then gobbled it into her mouth.
"Unnnnn, Mom," Tommy groaned. The heat of her mouth
enveloped his cock and churned the cum in his swollen balls.
"Unnn, suck, Mom! Suck me!" He lunged up, driving his prick into
his mother's throat as she gobbled voraciously on his cock.
"Unnnn ... God!"
With his prick in her mouth, Dolores pulled at his pants and
shorts, finally getting them down around his ankles. She sucked
deep, her mouth bobbing wildly up and down his cock-shaft, her
spit coating it as it drooled from her lips. She cupped his balls
then gave them a gentle squeeze as he groaned with pleasure.
"You're delicious," she gasped, popping her mouth off his
cock. "So delicious!"
She gripped his prick in her hand, shifting her fist slowly
up and down his cock-shaft as he squirmed on the box.
"Does Judy give a good blow-job?"
Tommy stared at his mother and nodded. His prick ached and
he wanted her mouth back on it. "Suck me, Mom. Put it back in
you mouth."
"You might cream and then you won't be able to fuck me," she
purred, enjoying her son's agonizing lust.
"It'll get hard again," he groaned. "It did for Judy." He
squirmed on the box, his cock trapped in her gripping fist.
"Mmmmmm. You are just like your father." She flashed her
tongue over his spongy cockhead, coming away with a pearl drop of
jizz. "Mmmmmm, tasty."
Judy was mesmerized as she hid behind the shelves. Watching
her mother play with Tommy's cock was making her dizzy. She
pinched her clit and shivered as tiny spasms rippled through her
juice-soaked cunt-hole.
Dolores squeezed his cock. She was hot as hell, the insides
of her cunt pulsing. She wanted to suck him off and at the same
time, she needed his prick buried up inside her hungry pussy. It
was a dilemma. She squeezed his cock again, soft sighs escaping
her mouth as she tried to make up her mind.
"Eat me," Tommy begged, lunging his cock up through her fist.
"Eat me."
Dolores swooped down on her son's prick and sucked it into
her throat. She gnawed on the throbbing base, her tongue whipping
across his shaft. She lifted her head then slammed down again,
piercing her throat with his cock. She chewed frantically,
wanting to taste his cum quickly. The sooner he creamed, the
sooner she could have his dick stuffed up her pussy.
"Aghhhh," Tommy growled as his mother feasted maniacally on
his throbbing cock. "Unnnnn, I'm gonna cum!"
Dolores welcomed it. She bobbed her head and sucked,
igniting the fire in his churning balls.
"I'm cuming, Mom," he roared. "I'm cuming!"
He jabbed her face, his groin whacking into her lips as his
balls burst. Hot thick jizz sprayed from his pisser and
splattered the back of his mother's mouth and oozed down her
"I'm cuming!"
Dolores gulped on her son's exploding cock. She sucked, the
thick wads filling her cheeks and gushing down her throat. She
caught his frenzied rhythm, her mouth flying up and down his cock-
shaft as cum and spit oozed from her clinging lips. She sucked
then chewed, his humping body battering her face as he stabbed his
squirting cock in and out of her mouth.
Dolores gobbled on his prick, drinking his cum as it squirted
from his pisshole. She gnawed on his cockshaft, her teeth
scr****g, her tongue lashing. She swirled her tongue around his
bloated cock-head, cum flowing out and filling her cheeks.
Tommy's ass hammered the box, his cock slicing in and out of
his mother's mouth. He felt the deep sucking action of her mouth
and his balls responded, the cum gushing up through his prick-
shaft and into her throat. "Ahhhhh! You're suckin' out my balls!
I'm cumming, Mom!"
Dolores stopped bobbing up and down, allowing her son to
drill his prick into her face. She sucked, his groans filling her
head as his cum filled her mouth. She chewed, his stabbing cock
squirting thick stringy cum into her throat. She lashed his prick
with her tongue, his groans growing louder as his frantic stabs
grew more demanding.
Tommy grabbed his mother's head, his fingers curling into her
thick hair. He lunged up, spearing her throat, his cum flooding
her mouth and filling her cheeks.
"Unnnn, Mom! Bite! Use your teeth!" Dolores sank her teeth
into his cock-shaft and gnawed. Hot cum spurted from his pisser,
gagging her for the moment. She gulped it down and at the same
time slammed her face into his groin. She grabbed his thighs, her
nails digging into his tight muscles.
Judy watched. The contorted expression of lust on her
b*****r's face drove her wild. An orgasm whipped through her cunt
and she almost toppled over. She caught herself just in time,
gripping the shelf as she watched Tommy fuck their mother's face.
Tommy plowed Dolores' throat, the last of his cum oozing from
his pisser and coating her swiping tongue. He dropped back on the
box, his chest heaving, his prick shrinking in his mother's mouth.
"Unnnnn, I'm finished," he groaned. "Finished."
Dolores had other ideas. She kept him in her mouth and
sucked, her tongue and teeth working on his limp prick. Slowly
she bobbed her head, the gentle lapping of her tongue and soft
pulsing sucks quickly bringing new life to his spent prick.
"Unnnn, Mom," Tommy groaned as he realized what was
happening. "Oooooo, Christ, I'm getting hard already!" It blew
his mind.
Dolores used all of her talents. Hot licks and gentle sucks,
with an occasional nip, stiffened his prick into a thick steel
beam of throbbing prick-meat. She pulled her mouth away from his
new hard-on, a hot smile on her flushed face.
"You're ready for my pussy, you horny stud."
Tommy didn't believe it. He stared at his rigid cock then at
his mother as she stood up and posed for him.
"You're fantastic!" he cried.
"It'll get even stiffer once you shove it in my pussy," she
Dolores swayed her naked body in front of her son, her tits
jiggling, the nipples swollen to the point of bursting.
Tommy rubbed his cock. It was wet with his mother's spit and
it ached. "Lemme fuck you from the back, Mom," he groaned. "That
way I can look at your ass."
"Mmmmmm," Dolores hummed. "Is that the way you fucked Judy?"
Tommy grinned sheepishly as he stood, his prick jutting out
from his hard going. "I fucked her on the floor over near the
cash register."
From her hiding place, Judy watched as her mother bent over.
Hearing them talk about her made her cream. She licked her lips,
her eyes fastened on her mother's naked body.
Dolores got comfortable over a stack of boxes, her tits
mashing into the top. She wiggled her ass, her legs stiff and
"Give it to me good, Son," she moaned. "Suckin' your cock
made me hot as hell."
Tommy grabbed his mother's full hips and caressed the hot
flesh, his eyes riveted to the creamy cheeks of her ass and the
red glistening gash of her exposed pussy.
"You're gorgeous, Mom," he moaned, spreading her asscheeks
and gazing hotly at her asshole.
"Stick it in, Son," Dolores whimpered. "Gimme your cock."
She wriggled her hips again, her pussy anxious to feel her son's
cock plowing her. "Gimme your cock, Tommy."
Tommy jerked his hips, his cock slicing into the soft,
squishy depths of his mother's pussy. He groaned, jabbing hard,
his groin whacking into the cheeks of her ass.
"Unnnnn, your pussy is so fuckin' hot," he said as he jerked
back then lunged again into her pussy. "Unnnnn!"
"Oooo, yessss!" Dolores squealed, her body quivering with
pleasure. She was creaming, her cunt-muscles tugging at his
buried cock-shaft.
Having had his cock sucked, Tommy was able to control his
lust. He eased his prick out from his mother's pussy, moaning as
her cunt-muscles pulsed against his prick-shaft.
He was determined not to blast his nuts in one fast fuck. He
was going to make it last if it killed him. It wasn't everyday a
boy got the chance to fuck his own mother.
"Whatta you doin'?" Dolores gasped. Fuck me!"
Tommy inched his prick into her pussy slowly, watching her
hot bubbling cunt gobble his cock up inch by inch. He groaned,
the frothy cunt-cream washing over his prick-shaft and burning
down into his cum-filled balls. He stopped, his cock buried only
"Don't stop, Tommy!" Dolores wailed. She jerked her hips.
"Fuck me. For Christ's sake, fuck me!"
Tommy was hypnotized by his mother's wriggling ass. He
smoothed his hands over her flesh, his cock throbbing as he
watched the cunt-cream ooze out from her pussy.
"Unnnn, Mom ... I want it to last!"
Dolores' head was spinning. "Oooooo, you teasing bastard!"
she cried out. "You're just like your father."
She slammed back, gulping his cock into her pussy. She
rolled her hips as a spasm rippled through her cock-stuffed pussy.
She jerked forward then back, fucking herself as his groans filled
her head.
Tommy was entranced. His mother was fucking his cock! He
mauled her hips, watching her glide her pussy back and forth along
his throbbing prick.
"Unnnn, Mom! It feels fantastic!"
"I know," she gasped, twisting her head to gaze hotly at her
son. She jerked back and forth, the spasms in her pussy growing
intense. "Fuck me, Tommy. Smash me into the damn boxes!
Tommy lunged hard, driving his prick to the root, sending his
mother's quivering body crashing into the stack of boxes. He
grunted, his groin fusing to her ass as he twisted his hips. He
jerked back, leaving only the head of his prick inside her pussy.
"Do it again!" Dolores squealed. "Hard! Lemme feel it
She rotated her hips, her cunt on fire. His cock, instead of
putting out the flames, was only making her hotter.
The heat of her pussy and the pulsing muscles torturing his
cock-shaft broke his self-restraint. He dug his fingers into her
squiggling hips and slammed his cock to his balls. His body
tensed and his prick thickened as his lust was unleashed.
"More, Tommy!" she screamed. "More!" She gripped the box,
her body writhing, her hips twisting. "More!"
Mangling his mother's hips, Tommy pounded her pussy
relentlessly, his cock skewering her mushy cunt with lightning-
fast fuck-stabs. His prick swelled, his eyes glazed as he watched
his cock slice into her squirming body.
"Mom," he roared. "Unnnn, Mom!"
Dolores felt her son's cock thicken and grow in her pussy.
"Ooooo, Tommy. Harder! Faster!" She rolled her hips, his hard
punching fuck-jabs mashing her clit into the edge of the box.
"Ooooo, Tommy! You're great!"
With his hips lunging, his cock stabbed into her pussy. His
groin smashed into her ass, his cock being bathed in a vat of
creamy cunt-juice. He jabbed harder, the warm sticky juices
squashing out over his swinging balls.
Judy couldn't move. She watched, her pussy contracting with
each stab. It was as if Tommy were plowing her pussy. She
pinched her clit and trembled, her knees growing weak. She
muttered, both their voices bombarding her skull.
"Yessss!" Dolores hissed as her son pounded her into the box.
"Ooooo, Tommy. Give it to me! Ram it!"
Tommy picked up speed. He slammed hard, his mother's screams
urging him on. His chest heaved. He was fucking his mother and
he was going to cum. It blew his mind!
"I'm gonna cum, Mom!" he roared. "Jesus, I'm gonna cum!"
"Cream me, Tommy!" Dolores wailed. "I want it all! Cream
She was out of her skull. She squirmed, her knees weakening,
her tits crushed into the rough box. Her nipples hurt and her
clit was being destroyed by the sharp edge.
"Ooooo, Tommy. Gimme your load!"
One powerful lunge smashed his mother's body into the boxes.
It mashed her clit and she shrieked, her head snapping up.
"Oooooo, I'm there too, Tommy. So close!"
Tommy drilled his prick in and out of her cunt, his hips a
blur as his balls churned, the cum ready to explode.
"Cum, Mom!" he shouted. "Cum!"
"I'm cuming!" Dolores screeched. "I'm cuming!"
She went into convulsions, thrashing and twisting on the
boxes. Her head dropped with a thud as she worked her ass in
tight frenzied circles, her cunt-muscles milking his cock.
"Fuck me! Fuck me!"
Tommy lunged, his prick aching as if it were caught in a
fiery vise of wet pulsing lava. "Unnnn," he groaned. He jabbed
hard, his prick cutting through the pulsing heat of his mother's
climaxing pussy. "Unnnn, Mom! I'm gonna cum!"
His prick exploded and hot, thick globs of jizz spurted from
his pisser, flooding his mother's pussy. "Unnnn, I'm cumin',
Mom!" he cried.
"Ooooo, Tommy, I feel it!" She pounded the top of the box,
his squirting cum sending her swirling into another series of
intense orgasms. "Fuck me! Cream me!"
Tommy plowed her pussy with all of his might. He flooded her
cunt with his jizz, his balls churning out thick gooey wads that
spurted from his cock-head. His legs jerked, his hips lunging,
his cock spearing her deep as the hot cum gushed out over his
swinging balls.
She battled her son, meeting his fuck-thrusts only to be
driven back into the stack of boxes. Her knees buckled, smashed
into the hard boxes. Each dynamite slam of his cock mangled her
clit and sent another orgasm tearing through her pussy.
"Ooooo, Tommy! I'm cuming again!" Greased with his mother's
cum and his own gooey jizz, Tommy cut through her mushy pussy-hole
at lightning speed. He mauled her bucking hips, his groin fusing
with her ass cheeks on each devastating fuck-jab.
"More, Tommy," Dolores screamed, wanting every drop of cum
that was in her son's balls. "More!"
Tommy gave his mother what she wanted. His powerful fuck-
thrusts pounded her twisting body. His hot cum spewed from his
prick, squirting deep into her sizzling cunt-hole. He spread her
ass, his eyes bulging as he watched her cunt twitch around his
spearing cock-shaft.
"Unnnn, Mom. My balls ache!"
Spittle drooled from her mouth. Her clit was raw, pulsing
wildly, the insides crammed with cock-meat and cum. She slammed
back, twisting her hips.
"Oooooo, Tommy. Don't stop! Don't stop!"
Tommy stabbed her pussy-hole furiously, his balls just about
drained. His legs started to shake, his strength gone. He ground
to a halt, the last wad of jizz oozing from his pisser.
"I can't ..." he sputtered.
A shuddering convulsion swept through Dolores' pussy. She
collapsed on the boxes, twitching as Tommy's cock began to shrink
inside her cunt-hole.
"Oooooooooooo, Tommy ... you were wonderful."
Tommy's cock slipped from her pussy and he staggered back,
leaning against the shelves, blocking his s****r's view. "You're
terrific, Mom," he moaned as he caught his breath.
Dolores melted to the floor. She looked up at her son, a
dreamy expression on her face. "I'm glad you liked it, Son." She
pulled herself up. "Let's get dressed before your father comes
"You gonna tell him?" Tommy asked nervously.
Dolores smiled as she pulled on her shorts and top. "Yeah,
but I don't know how he'll take it."
Tommy was about to tell her what he did with Judy, but he
kept quiet. "Maybe you should talk to Judy first," he suggested,
hoping his s****r would tell her mother.
"I think I just might do that," Dolores said. She blew him a
kiss. "You finish the inventory and I'll find Judy."
Tommy rubbed his crotch, his eyes glued to his mother's
swinging ass as she walked down the aisle.
When the door closed, Judy came out from behind the shelves.
"Wow, Tommy," she said. "I creamed my fuckin' shorts just
watching you and Mommy!"
Tommy grinned proudly. "You better get upstairs. Mom wants
to talk to you."
"I heard," Judy giggled, kissing her b*****r on the cheek.
"I think from now on it's gonna be a lot of fun around here."
"I think you're right," Tommy said, picking up the list of
stock to be checked.
"A real blast," Judy muttered as she hurried to the back of
the store and the door that led to the apartment upstairs. "A
real blast!"

Judy found her mother in the bedroom. She stopped at the
door, her heart pounding. "Hi, Mommy," Judy said.
Dolores smiled at her daughter. "I think we have a few
things to talk about, honey."
Judy giggled and joined her mother on the bed. "I'll bet
it's about what you just did with Tommy."
Dolores' face lit up with surprise. "You know?"
"I was watching," Judy said, licking her lips. "I saw the
whole thing."
"Well, I've seen a few things too," Dolores said, "like
watching you fucking your father in the stockroom this afternoon."
Now it was Judy's turn to be surprised. "You ... you were
"I sure was, honey," her mother said. "Why do you think I
let Tommy fuck me?"
Judy giggled. "He was supposed to seduce you."
Dolores laughed. "I bet it was all your idea."
Judy nodded her head. "I figured if Tommy seduced you, maybe
we could all have fun together."
"Now that's an idea I can get off on," Dolores said.
The phone rang and Dolores reached over and picked it up.
"Okay," she said, nodding. She hung up. "Your father's home.
He's downstairs with Tommy doing inventory."
"Why don't we got down there and fuck their brains out?" Judy
"I was just going to make the same suggestion." She jumped
off the bed. "I can just see your father's face when I tell him I
made it with Tommy."
"Will he get mad?" Judy asked, hoping he wouldn't. She
didn't want the f****y to fight.
"How can he get mad?" Dolores asked as they left the bedroom.
"He fucked you, didn't he?"
"He sure did," Judy sighed, remembering how it had felt to
have his cock jabbing into her pussy. "I can't wait until he does
it again."
"Then let's get the hell downstairs and get things started!"
Darin glanced up as he saw Dolores and Judy coming down the
aisle. He heaved a sigh, his eyes darting from his sexy daughter
to his luscious wife.
"What are you two doing down here? Tommy and I can handle
"For what we've got planned," Dolores said, "you'll need both
of us."
Darin's eyebrows raised as Tommy joined him. "Whatta you
talking about?"
Judy winked at her b*****r. Her pussy was dripping and her
flesh tingled. If things worked out she was sure this was going
to be the best night of her life.
"It seems," Dolores began to explain, "that we've all been
fuckin' around with each other and it's time it all came out in
the open." She looked directly at her husband.
Darin gulped, stealing a quick glance at his smiling
daughter. He was caught and he knew it, but for some reason it
didn't matter. "And?"
"We're all gonna make it together," Judy blurted out. She
ran into her father's arms. "Mommy's not mad, Daddy. Tommy
fucked her while you were out."
Darin's face broke out into a wide, horny grin. There was no
reason to be mad now. "How was she, Tommy?" he asked, holding his
daughter in his arms.
"Great, Dad," Tommy said, his face flushing for a second.
"I think we ought to have a f****y sex party," Dolores
suggested. "Anyone disagree?"
Judy came out of her father's arms and looked at her mother.
"As long as it starts off with you and me making it together," she
said to Dolores, her blue eyes glowing. "We're the only ones who
haven't done anything together yet."
"Then let's get started," Dolores said, taking her daughter's
hand. "We're goin' up to bed. If you guys wanna watch, c'mon."
Darin and Tommy didn't need a second invitation. Eagerly,
they followed Judy and Dolores up the stairs to their apartment.
Judy stood in the bedroom, her blue eyes devouring her
mother. "Oooo, Mommy," she sighed as her mother came to her.
"I'm so excited.
"So am I, honey," Dolores purred.
She fondled her daughter's tits through her skimpy top as
Darin and Tommy got comfortable on the two plush chairs near the
bed. She squeezed her daughter's tits.
"When I saw your ass humping up and down on your father's
cock, it made me crazy!" Dolores said.
Judy sighed as her mother's kneading hands swelled her
nipples. She brought her hands to her mother's halter and tore it
away, baring her large succulent tits.
"Let's get on the bed, Mommy," Judy said.
Dolores gasped and climbed on the bed, her eyes on Judy.
"Take off my shorts, honey."
Trembling, Judy leaned over and pulled off her mother's
shorts, baring her thick blonde-haired pussy. "Your cunt is
gorgeous, Mom!"
"I'm glad you like it," Dolores purred. "You can suck it for
Judy drooled, her mouth watering. She forgot about her
father and b*****r and tore off her clothes. Then she climbed
onto the bed, her eyes sweeping over her mother's naked flesh.
"You look so delicious."
Dolores writhed on her back as she feasted her eyes on her
naked c***d. "Lemme taste you first, Judy," she sighed. "Lemme
taste your sweet pussy."
"When I'm done with you, Mommy," Judy moaned. She straddled
one of her mother's legs and slid her pussy over the smooth skin.
"Ummmm, I'm gonna cream all over you and then I'm gonna suck out
your cunt."
The heat of her daughter's pussy on her leg sent hot flashes
through Dolores' body. She glanced over at an entranced Darin and
"This ought to get you guys creaming in your pants," she said
as she turned her attention back to her teenaged daughter. "Cream
me, honey ... then suck my pussy."
Judy shivered as she pressed her hot oozing pussy into her
mother's leg. She moaned, dragging her pussy along her mother's
calf until her ass banged against her foot.
"Ooooo ... I'm gonna fuck your foot."
"Honey," Dolores moaned as she leered at her daughter, "go
ahead." She wiggled her toes as Judy lifted her pussy from her
Quivering, her pussy on fire, Judy grabbed her mother's foot
and jabbed her cunt down on her toes. "Un-nnn, Mommy," she
gasped, rolling her hips. "Unnnn. I feel your toes wiggling in
my pussy."
Darin and Tommy watched as Judy went insane on her mother's
foot. Both men's pricks began to throb and grow.
Judy bounced up and down, her small tits jiggling. "Ummmmm,
Mommy!" she cried as she rotated her hips, her cunt stuffed with
her mother's foot.
"C'mon, honey. I need your mouth on my cunt."
Judy toppled off her mother's foot and dragged her cunt up
her mother's leg, her eyes glued to her mother's red gaping pussy.
A d***ken smile spread across Judy's face as she creamed her
mother's thigh.
"When I'm ready," the girl gasped.
"You're a teasing little bitch," Dolores moaned. She reached
for her daughter's tits, mauling them in her hands as Judy
straddled her hips.
"Ewwww, Mommy," Judy panted, her cunt greasing her mother's
stomach with cunt-cream. "Pull 'em! Squeeze 'em!"
As Judy slid her cunt up her mother's body to her mammoth tit
globes, Dolores pawed and mangled the girl's tits. "Lemme lick
you," Dolores rasped. "Gimme your pussy."
"You want my pussy in your mouth?" she moaned, grabbing one
of her mother's tits and rubbing the swollen nipple into her cunt.
"Mmmm, I'm fuckin' your tit!" Judy giggled lewdly. "I'm creamin'
Dolores twisted Judy's tits in her hands. "Gimme your
Judy was out of her mind. She squirmed her hips, her cunt
drenching both of her mother's large, flopping tits.
"Say please," the girl giggled. "Say please and maybe I'll
give it to you."
"Please," Dolores gasped. Her body was on fire and she
wanted the juices from her daughter's cunt. "Gimme, honey. Gimme
your pussy."
"Should I, Daddy?" Judy purred as she straddled her mother's
face, her cunt only inches from Dolores' mouth.
"Let her suck you," Darin said huskily. "Give her your cunt,
"Whatever you say, Daddy."
Suddenly Judy brought her hot, sizzling pussy to her mother's
lips and gasped as her mother's tongue darted into her pussy-hole.
"Ooooo, Mommy!"
Dolores grabbed her daughter's twisting hips and plastered
her mouth to Judy's pussy. She sucked deep, the hot buttery
pussy-cream flowing over face. Dolores moaned, her tongue
flicking out and into the steamy gash of her daughter's pussy.
Judy ground her cunt into her mother's face. "Ooooo, suck
out my pussy-hole," she squealed. "Bite me. Ummmm, make me cum
on your mouth!"
Tommy leered at his mother lying naked on the bed, her legs
spread and her cunt wet and inviting. He tore off his clothes and
climbed on the bed, his mouth watering as he fused it to Dolores'
cunt-gash. He sucked, groaning as the sweet-tasting juice of his
mother's pussy filled his mouth.
Dolores bucked against her son's mouth. She twisted her
hips, her cunt grinding into his face. She skimmed her hands
around her daughter's rolling hips and began kneading the firm
ripe meat of Judy's ass.
"Ummmm, Mommy!" Judy squealed. "Bite my clit. Make me cum!"
She leaned forward, her pussy mashed against her mother's mouth.
"Bite me!"
Dolores was going crazy. Sucking her daughter and being
sucked by her son was heaven. She latched her teeth into her
daughter's clit and sucked hard. At the same time she moaned as
Tommy's tongue plunged deep into her pussy.
Judy crashed against the wall, her arms stretching, her nails
clawing. "Ooooooooo, Mommy. Bite me harder. I'm gonna cum!"
She churned her hips, her face flush with the wall, her mouth
Dolores sank her teeth into her daughter's bl**d-filled clit
and slashed her tongue over the tip. The woman sucked hard, her
hips constantly churning, her cunt mashed against her son's mouth.
"I'm cumin'!" Judy wailed as she bucked against her mother's
mouth. "Ooooo, I'm cumin'!"
Darin sat on the chair, hypnotized by the fuck-action on the
bed. His cock throbbed in his pants, his balls aching painfully.
"Cream her, Judy," he groaned. "Cream!"
From glassy eyes, Judy leered at her father. "Oooo, I am,
Daddy!" she cried out. "I'm cumin' all over her face." She
rotated her hips, her climaxing cunt squashing against her
mother's mouth. "Ooooo, bite! Suck!"
With her hips rotating and her cunt plastered to Tommy's
mouth, Dolores devastated her daughter's clit. She sucked hard
and chewed even harder, her nails clawing at Judy's jiggling ass,
her fingertips raking through the girl's crack and over her
wrinkled asshole. Cum flowed into Dolores' mouth and throat and
she gurgled on the sticky juices as Judy screamed and twisted
wildly on her face.
"Aghhhh!" Judy screamed. She swayed, grabbed the headboard
to keep from falling. "Bite, Mommy! Bite hard!"
Dolores gnawed on her daughter's pulsing clit, her own hips
bucking and twisting against Tommy's mouth. She sucked, her nails
scratching at Judy's shitter as she beat her tongue over her clit
and felt her c***d go into spasm.
"Ahhhhhhhh!" Judy shuddered, the room spinning as she lost
her balance. "Mommy!"
She fell back off her mother's face and tumbled to the bed.
She began to twitch, the inside of her cunt still sizzling.
"Suck, Tommy," Dolores moaned. "Suck out my cunt!" She
banged her pussy into her son's face as she twisted and churned on
her back.
Catching her breath, Judy sat up. Her glowing blue eyes
stared at her b*****r, watching him sucking wildly on their
mother's cunt.
"No!" she screamed. "I want her pussy!"
Like an alleycat, Judy shoved her b*****r away from their
mother's hot, oozing pussy.
She was breathing hard, her eyes glued to the glistening red
gash of her mother's pussy.
"Oooooo, Mommy," she moaned. "I wanna eat you so bad."
Dolores began to tremble. "Eat me, honey!" she gasped, her
hips writhing as her large, milky tits flopped. "Eat me off!" She
reached for her son. "You chew on my tits."
"Not yet, Mommy," Judy gasped. "First I want your ass." With
passion driving her on, Judy rolled her quivering mother onto her
stomach. "Ummmm, it looks so good."
Dolores squirmed on her stomach, her tits crushed beneath
her. "Christ, Judy," she gasped, "use your fuckin' mouth."
"Suck her ass," Darin rasped.
"I will," Judy moaned. Her head was spinning as she gazed
hotly at her mother's ass. She brought her nails to the creamy
cheeks and raked them down Dolores' smooth skin. The girl did it
again and again, making her mother moan and squirm.
"You little bitch," Dolores squealed, loving every second of
her daughter's torture. "Ewwwww, I'll pay you back."
Drooling, Judy flung herself at her mother, plastering her
mouth to one of Dolores' ripe ass cheeks. Judy sank her teeth
into the soft tender meat and sucked. Slobber oozed from her lips
as she moved her mouth frantically over the hot flesh, chewing and
sucking until the claw-marked skin was blotchy with passion bites.
"Ooooo, Christ," Dolores gasped as she twisted on her
stomach. "The little bitch is chewing me alive." She jerked
back, slamming her ass at Judy's face.
Judy gurgled on the spit trapped in her throat. Moaning, she
attacked her mother's other ass cheek. With her mother screaming
and her father and b*****r watching, Judy spread the red blotchy
cheeks of her ass and maniacally stared at the vulnerable asshole.
She fused her mouth to her crack and chewed the tender meat around
the wrinkled crack until her mother's screams filled the bedroom.
"Tongue my ass," Dolores shrieked as she twisted on her
stomach. "Tongue-fuck me!" She jammed her ass back at her
daughter's face and moaned.
With spittle drooling from her lips, Judy soaked her mother's
asshole. She plunged her tongue in deep, teasing at the tight
walls of Dolores' shitter. She sucked hard, her fingers
scratching her mother's jerking hips as she worked them under her
mother's thrashing body.
"Oooo, honey!" Dolores screamed. "I love it!" She twisted
on the bed, her hips rotating, her tits mangled beneath her.
"Pinch my clit! Scratch it!"
With her audience enthralled, Judy pinched and scratched her
mother's clit. She kept her tongue buried in Dolores' ass, her
mother's slapping cheeks crashing against Judy's face.
Tommy gawked at his mother. His prick was throbbing and he
swallowed the lump of passion that clogged his throat.
"Suck her cunt, Judy. Suck her off so I can fuck her
Hearing this, Judy pulled her face away from her mother's
ass. Her eyes were gazed as she watched Dolores throw herself
over on her back.
"Did you hear that, Mommy?"
Dolores was out of her skull. She nodded and reached for her
son's prick to stroke it. "Yessss," she hissed, feeling his prick
throbbing in her hand. "Get me off so I can have his cock in my
Judy continued to pinch her mother's clit as she looked at
her father. "Will you fuck me up the ass, Daddy?" she gasped.
"I've got other plans for you, baby," he groaned. "Take care
of your mother."
Judy didn't know what he meant, but it made her swoon with
anticipation. She dropped between her mother's juice-stained
thighs and chewed her way viciously toward the hot, steamy gash of
Dolores' cunt. The heady scent of her mother's cunt was making
her dizzy as she chewed closer and closer to the puffy folds of
her mother's pussy-hole.
"Eat me!" Dolores wailed. "Ooooooooo, God ... eat me so
Tommy can fuck my ass!"
Judy glued her mouth to her mother's pussy. One deep suck
brought all the puffy meat of Dolores' cunt into her mouth. She
chewed and sucked, the warm, creamy pussy-juices flowing over her
face and into her hungry mouth.
Dolores humped wildly on the bed grinding her cunt into
Judy's face. "Ooooo, honey," she moaned. "Ooooo, harder! Chew
me up!"
Judy skimmed her hands under her mother's humping ass and
began scratching at her jiggling flesh. She gobbled on her cunt,
her tongue plunging into the scalding depths of her pussy. Hot
pussy-muscles pulsed against Judy's tongue as she tormented the
wet cushiony walls of her mother's cunt.
"Yessss, honey!" Dolores wailed, twisting her hips while she
twisted her son's cock. "Chew my tits, Tommy. Bite 'em hard and
suck 'em!"
As she ground her cunt into her daughter's face, Dolores
brought her hands to her own flopping tits, offering them to her
sex-crazy son.
Tommy threw himself at his mother, his mouth clamping on to
one large, swollen nipple. He sucked it hard, his tongue beating
across its hard, pointed tip. He gnawed the nipple with his
teeth, his wet, hungry mouth working over the soft sensitive meat
of her pliant tit.
Darin was in a trance as he watched his f****y on the bed.
"Jesus Christ," he mumbled, his eyes darting from his daughter to
his son. "Christ!" He rubbed his crotch, his wife's twisting
body and shrieking moans bombarding his senses.
Dolores went insane under the attack of her c***dren's
mouths. She thrashed on her back, her glazed eyes fixed on the
ceiling. She ground her cunt into Judy's mouth and crushed her
son's face into the pulpy meat of her tits.
"Oooo, Darin, this is heaven! I'm goin' crazy!"
Judy lifted her head for a moment. "Bite her tits off," she
moaned. "Bite her tits and I'll make her cum!" Juice stained her
face, the filmy cream making her lips glisten.
Dolores lunged up, her hips twisting, her cunt on fire. "Eat
me! Eat me!"
Judy thrust her face back between her mother's legs and
sucked on her cunt. Juice flowed and she savored the sweet taste,
her tongue flashing out and into her scalding hot cunt-gash. She
tongued deep, trembling as the greedy cunt-muscles tried to pull
her tongue out by the root.
"Yessss!" Dolores screamed. "Now bite me! Bite my clit and
get me off!"
She went wild, her shoulders wrenching, her son's torturing
mouth destroying her tits. She humped her cunt against Judy's
mouth, the insides of her pussy ready to explode.
"Cum," Darin howled. "Cream, Dolores. Cream!"
While his mother thrashed on her back, Tommy gobbled on her
tits. He chewed and sucked, her flesh red and blotchy from his
aggressive mouth. His cock was throbbing, his nuts churning as
his mind spun with the pleasure of having his mother's asshole
after his s****r was finished eating out her cunt.
Judy clawed her mother's ass, her fingers raking the
sensitive crack. She plunged two fingers into her asshole and
twisted them as her mother howled and banged her cunt into her
face. Her mouth sucked on the sensitive meat of her mother's
pussy as she thrashed on her back. She chewed and tongued,
bringing her mother closer to blowing her mind.
Dolores was in bliss. She grabbed Tommy's cock as he mangled
and chewed her tits. She squeezed it and swooned. It would soon
be plowing her asshole!
"Bite me, Judy! Make me cum!" Her hips were a blur as she
lashed her cunt into her daughter's face. "Ooooo, bite it off!"
Judy sucked her mother's clit into her mouth and clamped her
teeth into the pulsing piece of flesh. She held it tight,
slashing her tongue over the tip like a whip. Judy's face was
mashed against Dolores' pussy, the cream flowing. She sucked
hard, her mother's high-pitched wails telling her she was ready.
"I'm cuming," Dolores screeched as her c***dren gobbled
hungrily on her body. "Oooo, I'm creamin'! Ahhhhh!"
The insides of Dolores' cunt exploded. The spongy walls of
her pussy began to contract and the hot gooey cunt-cum gushed from
the hole and saturated her daughter's face. She slammed her pussy
against her mouth and twisted her hips.
"Ahhhhh ... I'm cuming, Judy. Suck me! Bite me!"
Hearing his mother scream, Tommy almost blasted his nuts. He
sank his teeth into one nipple, his hips jerking his cock through
his mother's fist. He shook his head, almost tearing her nipple
from her jiggling flesh.
Dolores bucked and thrashed on her back. With her free arm,
she grabbed her son's head and mashed it into her tits. She
humped her hips, her ass thumping on the bed as her daughter
chewed and sucked on her clit.
"Oooo, I'm cuming, Darin. I'm creamin' our daughter!"
Dolores' head jerked from side to side, her face red with lust.
Spittle drooled from her panting mouth as her body contorted
wildly on the bed. "Oooooo, it's fabulous!"
Judy chomped on her mother's cunt, the hot syrupy cum flowing
over her face and into her mouth. She swallowed, her mother's
pussy-cum making her dizzy. Her fingers gouged at the tight walls
of her mother's asshole as her teeth gnawed on her clit. The
double action, coupled with Tommy's snipping teeth, kept their
mother reeling.
Wave after wave of intense orgasms swept through Dolores'
body. She convulsed on the bed, the pleasure of her c***dren's
greedy mouths driving her insane. She arched her back and
swiveled her hips.
"Ooooo, more fingers, Judy! Stretch it for Tommy's cock!"
Judy nipped roughly on her mother's clit and plunged two more
fingers into her asshole, twisting them viciously inside her
mother's thrashing body. Her nails raked the sensitive walls of
Dolores' asshole as her teeth gnawed and turned her mother's clit
into a piece of raw, pulsing meat.
"Yesssss!" Dolores shrieked as she bucked and churned on the
She stiffened, her legs lifting as her ass pounded the bed.
She ground her cunt into Judy's mouth and smothered her son in her
fleshy tits. Her thighs closed, trapping Judy's head as she
bucked her cunt into her face.
Judy's face was fused to her mother's cunt. She chewed, her
head snapping from side to side as her mother shuddered then
collapsed back on the bed. One last vicious suck triggered a
scream and a spasm in her mother's quaking body.
Judy then lifted her head, a dreamy smile on her cum-stained
face as she popped her fingers from her mother's ass. "Ooooo,
Mommy," she panted, licking her lips. "You ready for Tommy?"
Bringing her trembling body under control, Dolores released
her son's head and his throbbing cock. "I'm always ready," she
gasped. "Always.

Judy scrambled off the bed. "Go to it, Tommy. Ream her
fuckin' asshole." She dropped to her knees in front of her father
and hauled out his cock.
Dolores leered at her son's prick. A lump clogged her
throat. She touched his cock, caressing it with the tip of her
"Your cock is gonna feel so good up my ass, Tommy," she
sighed as the trembling spasms finally left her body. "So damn
fuckin' good."
Tommy moaned, his prick aching. "Get on your knees, Mom."
Dolores stretched, bringing her mouth to her son's cock. She
flashed out her tongue and slobbered her spit over his balls.
"I'm gonna get your cock nice and wet first," she moaned.
She drenched his balls then brought her eager lips to his prick.
"Unnnn, Mom," Tommy moaned as her hot mouth saturated his
throbbing prick with spit. "Unnnnn, Christ!"
With her son's prick soaked, Dolores rolled over onto her
stomach. She hummed, imagining how her son's cock would feel
stuffed up her ass. She writhed, her hips rolling and her ass
Tommy crawled between his mother's outstretched legs and
gazed hotly at her squirming ass. "Get on your knees, Mom," he
groaned again, his prick jutting out from his tight groin,
throbbing like a toothache. "Lemme stick it in you."
"C'mon, Mommy," Judy urged as she fondled her father's cock.
"Let him fuck you."
Dolores hauled herself up on her hands and knees, her huge
tits swaying beneath her. "Gimme, Tommy. Gimme your cock."
Tommy groaned as he grabbed the flesh of her full hips. He
kneaded the smooth silky skin, his fingers digging into the firm
cheeks of her gorgeous ass.
"Unnnn, Mom, this is gonna be fantastic."
"I know," Dolores gasped. "Stick it in nice and slow so I
can feel every inch." She rocked back and forth, her asshole
twitching for her son's cock.
Tommy parted the cheeks of his mother's ass, his eyes bulging
as he stared at the wrinkled brown crack of her asshole. He
grabbed the base of his cock and dragged it up through her hot
bubbling pussy, coating the bloated head with sticky cuntjuice.
The contact made Dolores shudder. "Oooo, Tommy. Gimme an
enema." She began to twitch, her body hungry for her son's cock.
With his cockhead drenched in pussy-cream Tommy pressed the
head of his prick against the wrinkled crack of his mother's
asshole. He pushed, her ass quickly gobbling up the head of his
cock. He groaned as her hot, tight asshole muscles clamped around
his prick.
"It's tight," the boy groaned.
Dolores twisted her head and looked at her husband. "You
like seeing our son fuck my ass, Darin?"
Darin grunted, his head nodding. "I never thought I would,"
he said, his voice husky as Judy fondled his cock. "But, Christ
... it's a fantastic turn on."
Tommy caressed his mother's ass, his eyes glued to her
beautiful body. He inched the head of his cock into her hot tight
ass, stopping when it was only half-buried.
"Jesus, Mom," he groaned, seeing his cock stuffed up her
asshole. He swayed and lunged, driving the rest of his prick into
her ass.
Dolores shuddered, her ass stuffed with her son's cock.
"Oooo, Tommy. Don't move. Let me enjoy it." She rocked on her
hands and knees, her asshole muscles massaging his buried
cockshaft. "Mmmmmm, I love it!"
Judy gasped, her fingers clenching her father's cock. "I
want it that way too, Daddy," she sighed, her bright blue eyes
glazed with desire as she stared at her father. "I want my
asshole reamed too."
"You'll get more than that," Darin said vaguely, his eyes
riveted on his wife and son.
Tommy's groin was flush with the cheeks of his mother's ass,
his cock buried to the root. Her ass muscles massaged his buried
shaft and his balls rumbled.
"Unnnn, Mom. I can feel your ass twitchin'."
Dolores swooned. "I can feel your cock throbbin' up in my
gut." She rocked forward then back, savoring her son's cock.
"Take it out and slam it back."
Tommy obeyed willingly. He eased his prick out until only
the head was still buried inside her tight ass. Gripping her
hips, he lunged forward, driving his cock balls-deep into his
mother's ass. When his groin whacked into her ass, he grunted,
his fingers sinking into the pliant meat of her wiggling hips.
"Ahhhh!" Dolores wailed as his cock filled her asshole. She
shivered with joy, her head dropping then snapping up with a jerk.
"Again, my handsome young fucker! Again!"
Tommy grinned maliciously and dragged his cock from the vise-
like grip of her ass. He drilled it back, groaning as her greedy
ass gobbled him up. "Like that?"
"Yeahhhh," Dolores squealed.
He gripped her swiveling hips and repeated the long, slow
devastating attack on his mother's ass. Her whimpering moans and
trembling body told him he was pleasing her and the knowledge blew
his mind.
"It's torture!" Dolores gasped, wallowing in the long
penetrating stabs of her son's cock. "Beautiful torture!" She
worked her hips in a slow tormenting circle, her ass cheeks
jiggling each time Tommy's groin slammed into her.
"Ooooo, keep it slow, Tommy. It's heaven."
Judy, holding her father's cock, was mesmerized by what was
happening on the bed. Her own asshole began to twitch as she
rubbed and squeezed her father's cock.
"Oooo, do I wanna get fucked in my ass," she whimpered. "I
know I'll love it just like Mommy does."
Tommy continued to spear his mother's ass with long,
demanding stabs. From the tip of his prick to his balls, he
sliced into her asshole. His balls ached, the cum churning and
rumbling. He groaned, watching her ass rock on his cock as he
stabbed her.
"Unnnn, oh, Mom!"
"It feels so good, Tommy," Dolores gasped. "So fuckin' good.
Go deeper. Deeper, Tommy!" Her hips rolled and she slammed back
at him, skewering her own ass with his prick. "Ahhhh!"
Tommy jerked back and stopped moving. His cockhead was the
only thing inside her ass. He stretched her ass cheeks apart then
drilled his prick to the root. His hips jerked from side to side,
the head of his cock gouging at the tight, gripping walls of her
"You like this?" he panted.
"Yessss," she hissed, her eyes bulging as his cock skewered
her ass. "I love it!"
With his cock swelling to the point of bursting, Tommy eased
it out. "Ride it, Mom. Lemme watch." He waited, his body tense,
his prick throbbing. "Fuck my cock!"
Gurgling on her own spit, Dolores slammed back at her son,
impaling herself on his hard, meaty cock. She rolled her hips and
used her ass-muscles on his cockshaft as she rocked back and forth
on his prick.
"Oooooo, Darin. His cock is wonderful."
Darin grabbed his daughter's hair and slammed her face down
on his prick. With his eyes glued to his wife, he pounded Judy's
face, his prick stabbing in and out of her mouth.
"Fuck her, Son. Fuck the shit out of her."
Judy couldn't watch. Her mouth was stuffed with her father's
cock. All she could do was suck and listen to her mother's moans
and her b*****r's grunts.
Dolores fucked herself blindly on her son's prick. Back and
forth she rocked, her ass gobbling on his cockmeat, her milking
his prickshaft and rumbling the cum in his nuts.
"Faster, Mom," Tommy roared as he remained rigid, his hands
gripping her hips. "Ride it faster!" For a second, he glanced
over at his father. "It's great, Dad. Christ, is it great!"
Dolores squirmed on her hands and knees. She crashed back
into her son, her ass stuffed as her jiggling asscheeks smashed
into his groin. She picked up speed, her ass gliding rapidly up
and down the length of her son's ass-stuffing cock.
"Fuck me! Fuck me, Tommy," she begged.
Dolores began to tremble. Tommy wasn't moving. She lunged
back, her hips jerking, her ass pulsing against his cock.
"Oooo, God, Tommy. Fuck me! Split me open!"
Tommy's chest swelled. The power he commanded over his
mother made his prick thicken inside her ass. He stabbed her
hard, driving his prick in to the root. He kept the pace slow,
drilling her ass with the same measured strokes he had used
before. Long, punishing fuck-stabs, from the tip of his prick to
the thick base, had his mother wailing and begging for more.
"Faster, Tommy!" his mother begged. "Faster!" She slammed
back into him, her tits swinging beneath her. Her head snapping
around, she begged, "Fuck me, Tommy. I can't stand the torture!"
Tommy lunged hard, picking up the pace as he shortened his
fuck-strokes. "Is this what you want, Mom?"
"Yeahhhhh," she squealed. "Ooooooooo, yeahhhhhh ... just
like that!"
"You got it, Mom," he grunted, pounding his prick into her
Saliva dribbled from her lips and her eyes dilated. Her hips
jerked frantically as she met each lunge. "Ooooo, it's so deep.
So nice and deep!"
With his prick stuffed in to his balls, he ground his groin
into her ass, his prick throbbing violently inside her tight ass
canal. He stared down at her twitching asscrack and pulled back.
Slamming forward, he watched her ass hungrily swallow up his
"Fuck me!" Dolores wailed, "Fuck me!" Her body bucked wildly
as she rolled her hips, absorbing his quick, punching fuck-stabs.
She jammed her ass on his prick, her head dropping, her glazed
eyes fascinated with her own swinging tits.
"Make me cum, Tommy. Fuck me faster!"
Mauling her fleshy hips, Tommy pounded his mother's ass with
hard lunging stabs. His groin was like cement, crashing into the
creamy cheeks of her ass with each plunging jab.
"Unnnn, Mom. Your ass is fantastic!"
Dolores crashed forward, her face smashing into the bed. She
clawed her nails under her twitching body and pinched her clit.
Cuntjuice flowed over her fingers as she mutilated her own clit.
"Oooooo, I'm gonna cream, Tommy! It feels ... so good!
Drive your cock up into my belly!"
"Cream, Mom!" Tommy shouted. "Cream while I fuck you!"
The pleasure from his drilling cock and the pain she was
inflicting on her clit brought Dolores to the peak. "Oh! Oh!
Oh! I'm there! I'm there!"
Humping his daughter's mouth with quick lunging fuck-thrusts,
Darin watched his wife and son. "Cum, Dolores. Fuck her, Tommy!
Fuck the hell out of her!"
Judy could only hear, and their voices were driving her
crazy. She gurgled on her father's prick, wanting him to cream
her mouth at the same time Tommy creamed their mother's asshole.
She sucked and used her teeth, feeling his cock throbbing and
swelling in her throat.
"Cum!" Tommy roared as he lashed his prick in and out of his
mother's ass. "Cum!"
Dolores bucked her hips, her ass perched high, her face
smashed into the bed. She squealed as Tommy pounded her asshole
with his cock. She shoved her ass back, taking his prick deep
into her ass as she pinched and scratched her pulsing clit.
"Ahhhhh, I'm cuming, Tommy! Fuck me! Fuck me! I'm
As Tommy lunged his prick into her ass, orgasms bombarded
her. She wallowed in the brutal stabs of her son's cock. Pussy-
muscles contracted, the hot, buttery cuntcum gushing from her
empty pussyhole as she used her ass-muscles to milk her son's
plunging prick.
"Ohhh, I'm cuming. Cuming ..."
Savagely, Tommy speared his mother's asshole. He leered at
her twisting hips and jerking ass. He plunged deep with feverish
fuck-stabs, his own cock ready to explode.
"Unnnn, Mom," he roared as he drilled her tight asshole with
one brutal stab after another. "Unnn, Mom ... I'm getting ready!"
"Cum, Son," Dolores shrieked. "Fill my asshole!"
Her muscles stiffened as another wave of orgasms swept
through her body. She quivered, the violent eruptions in her cunt
driving her insane. She pulled on her clit, the hot creamy cum
flowing out over her fingers.
"Cum! Cum!"
Tommy hacked away at his mother's ass as his father speared
Judy's throat with his cock. He felt his load of cum rumble in
his balls. He plowed her asshole, his speed blinding, his jabs
violent and demanding.
"Aghhhhh ... I'm ready! I'm gonna cream your ass, Mom!"
His balls erupted and his cock spewed out thick wads of
white-hot jizz. It spurted into her tightly gripping asshole.
"I'm cuming. I'm cuming," he bellowed, his hips a blur as he
drilled her ass. "I'm cuming!"
"Oooo, God, I feel it, Tommy! I feel it!" Dolores cried as
she went into spasms as the hot jet streams of her son's cum
filled her asshole. "Fuck me. Faster, Tommy. Cream me!" The
hot cum squirting into her ass triggered another explosive orgasm
in her empty cunt. "Ahhhhh ... I'm cuming again!"
With his mother's asshole pulsing rapidly around his drilling
cock, Tommy lunged hard, his prick spurting out thick gooey wads
as his groin smashed into her ass.
"I am, Mom!" he shouted. "I'm creaming my fuckin' brains
With Tommy flooding his mother's asshole with cum, Darin
emptied his load of jizz into his daughter's mouth.
"Unnnn, suck it, Judy. Suck out my balls!" he spat.
Listening to her mother and b*****r howl, Judy gagged on her
father's cum, gulping it down as fast as she could. She sucked
and used her teeth, the cum gushing from her lips and down her
chin as her father rammed her mouth with his cock.
Dolores shouted at the top of her lungs. She stared from
glazed eyes and saw Judy sucking on Darin's cock. It sent her
swirling into another orgasm.
"Ooooo, here I cum again!" she screamed.
Tommy plowed her ass, his cum greasing her asshole for faster
action. He cut through her cum-filled hole, pounding her
mercilessly with powerful fuck-jabs. His head was spinning. He
could hear his father yelling and he looked over for a second to
watch as his father creamed his s****r's mouth.
"Drown her, Dad," Tommy yelled as he pounded his mother's
ass. "Drown her!"
Dolores battled with her son on the bed. She felt his cock
rip into her ass. She gurgled, her body convulsing. She rolled
her hips, her ass gulping at her son's prick as he squirted cum
into her stomach.
"More, Tommy. More!" Dolores cried.
Tommy gave her everything he had. He drilled her ass as she
screeched and her husband roared. "Yeahhhh!" he shouted, adding
to the frenzied noise in the bedroom.
Dolores went limp, her body trembling. She released her clit
and began clawing at the sheets. "Tommy! Tommy!" she cried, her
mouth open as she shuddered and her eyes rolled into her skull.
Tommy emptied the last of his cum in his mother's ass at the
same time his father emptied his balls in Judy's mouth. Tommy
jerked hard, a drop oozing from his pisser as he yanked his cock
from her ass. He grunted, falling back on the bed, his prick
spent and his strength drained.
"God!" he gasped.
Dolores melted to the bed, cum oozing from her ass. She
caught her breath, watching as Judy finished off her father.
"God, whatta night," she moaned. "Whatta fuckin' night."
Having sucked the last of her father's cum from his balls,
Judy popped her mouth off his cock. Cum dribbled from her lips as
she turned her attention to her mother. Like an a****l, she
jumped on the bed and sucked out her mother's ass until every drop
of Tommy's cum was in her stomach.
"Now," Judy moaned, lifting her face from her mother's ass.
"What surprise do you have for me, Daddy?"
Darin groaned and smiled. "First, we'll have something to
eat to get back our strength. Then you'll get your surprise."
Judy leaped off the bed and grabbed her father's hand.
"We'll make the sandwiches while they rest," she said, tugging on
her father's hand they left, leaving Tommy and Dolores on the bed.

Judy ran up the stairs to the bedroom, her plump tits
bouncing and her ass jiggling. She glanced back over her shoulder
and saw her father and b*****r staring at her ass.
"C'mon," she said. "Let's get back to bed."
Darin ogled his daughter as she stood brazenly at the top of
the stairs, her slender legs spread and her hands on her hips.
"We're coming," he said.
Judy giggled and spun around, running into the bedroom. She
threw herself on the bed and waited.
"What's the surprise, Daddy?" she cooed as Darin came in the
room with Tommy. "My pussy is itching!" She writhed on her back,
her legs wide apart and her cunt displayed for their horny gazes.
"Tell me!"
Darin climbed on the bed with his daughter and mauled her
flesh with his hands. "I'm gonna fuck your ass, baby."
"Oooo, Daddy ... I wanted you to do that. That's no
Tommy climbed on the bed, his hands kneading his s****r's
body. He pawed her tits then brought one hand to her snatch, his
fingers delving into the steamy gash.
"Ooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned as she wildly humped her hips.
"The surprise part," Darin said as he leaned over her face,
"is that I'm gonna fuck your ass while Tommy fucks your pussy."
"Ooooo, God, Daddy," Judy gasped as she grabbed his prick.
"It sounds fantastic!"
"Suck it, baby," Darin rasped as he jerked his prick through
his daughter's fist. "Get it nice and hard for your virgin
With Tommy finger-fucking her pussy, Judy pulled her father's
cock to her eager mouth. She sucked it between her lips and
stroked his cockshaft with her hand. She moaned as the head of
his cock clogged her throat.
Tommy crawled up to his s****r's face. "Me too, s*s," he
groaned. "I wanna get sucked too."
Judy pulled her mouth off her father's cock and grabbed
Tommy's cock. As they leaned over her, she went from one prick to
the other, coating each one in warm spit.
"I'll bet I'm the only girl in town with two cocks to take
care of me," she moaned.
Dolores had finished cleaning up in the kitchen and was now
standing in the doorway to the bedroom. She surveyed the action
on the bed.
"This is one damn sex-crazy f****y," she muttered, joining
them on the bed.
"They're both gonna fuck me," Judy gasped, taking time out
from licking their cocks. "At the same time."
"I want it that way too before the night's over," Dolores
said. She plastered her mouth to her daughter's pussy and sucked.
Judy gasped, shoving her pussy against her mother's mouth.
She gobbled her father's prick between her lips and sucked.
Dolores dined on her daughter's sweet pussy. She reamed
Judy's cunt hole with her tongue and chewed the velvety folds of
her pussy. Warm cream that would soon coat Tommy's prick flowed
over her lips and face as she sucked Judy's clit into her mouth
and began to snip it with her teeth.
Judy, her greedy mouth working on both hard cocks, went wild.
She slammed her cunt into her mother's face and creamed. Knowing
she was going to get both her fuck-holes stuffed had her crazy.
Tiny orgasms rippled through her pussy as she thrashed on her
"Ooooo, I want it now," Judy gasped, her body tingling as she
leered at the two pricks that would soon be ripping into her body.
"I want it now."
"Lemme get your ass ready," Dolores said as Judy writhed on
her back.
She rolled her daughter over and fused her mouth to her ass.
Dolores soaked the tiny virgin asscrack with spit, then darted her
tongue inside Judy's narrow asshole and bathed it with drool.
"Oooooo," Judy gasped as she squirmed on her stomach.
"Ooooo, I feel your tongue, Mommy."
Tommy and Darin watched, their pricks hard and aching.
Judy twisted her hips, her ass thumping against her mother's
face. "I'm ready," she gasped. "Christ, I'm ready."
"She is," Dolores panted, pulling her mouth away. "Fuck the
hell out of her."
Tommy fell on his back, his prick jutting up from his groin
and stabbing the air. His prick twitched, the head bloated and
seeping cum.
"Climb on, Judy," he said.
Judy was swooning and trembled as she climbed over her
b*****r. She mashed his cock into his groin and glided her pussy
along the shaft, drenching it with the sticky juices of her
overheated pussy.
"Oooo, this is gonna be so great!" she cried.
"Get it in, s*s," Tommy grunted. He grabbed her tits,
twisting them in his hands. "Put it in."
Judy moaned. Her b*****r's kneading fingers were making her
nipples swell. She lifted her ass and grabbed his cock, jamming
the spongy head into her pussy and gasped.
"Oooooo! Yesssss," she hissed.
Tommy groaned as his s****r's cunt gobbled up his cock. He
lunged up, pulled on her tits, his cock jabbing deep.
"Ride it, Judy. Ride it!"
Judy leaned into her b*****r's mauling hands. She rolled her
hips, her cunt pulsing against his cockshaft. Hot buttery pussy-
cream bathed his prick and flowed out from her puffy cuntlips and
down over his nuts.
"Ooooo, I'm ready for your cock, Daddy!" she squealed.
"Ooooo, God am I ready!"
"Not yet," Dolores moaned, her eyes riveted to her son's
buried cock and her daughter's gorgeous ass. "Lemme have one more
She crawled between Tommy's legs and used her tongue on his
balls. She lapped around the base of his cock, the juices from
Judy's pussy coating her tongue.
"Oooo, Mommy," Judy gasped as she rode Tommy's prick. "I
want Daddy's cock."
For the moment, Dolores ignored Judy. Getting to lick both
her daughter and son at the same time was wild. She slithered her
tongue up from Tommy's balls, over his fat throbbing cock, and up
through the crack of her daughter's ass.
"Now you can have her, Darin," she finally sighed.
"Yessss!" Judy wailed, her hips rotating as she fucked
herself on her b*****r's cock. "Ram my ass, Daddy. Split me
Darin climbed between his son's legs, his eyes glued to the
wiggling cheeks of his daughter's ass. He grabbed her hips, his
hulking cock swinging.
"Nice virgin assmeat," he mumbled, spreading the cheeks of
her ass.
"Stick it in, Darin," Dolores moaned. "Fuck her good." She
licked her lips, her body quivering.
"Yesss, Daddy!" Judy moaned as she squirmed down on Tommy's
prick and leaned forward into his pawing hands. "Fuck my virgin
Tommy looked up into his s****r's face. His prick was
throbbing deep in her cunt. He mangled her tits and watched as
her sweet innocent face flushed with passion.
"Give it to her, Dad. She's ready."
Darin grabbed the hulking base of his prick and aimed it at
his daughter's tight, wrinkled crack. He pressed the spongy tip
against her asshole and pushed, stretching the tight-ringed
"Unnnnn, Daddy," Judy gasped. "Put it in!"
Holding her hips, Darin shoved, sinking the bloated head of
his cock into his daughter's ass. "You want more?"
"Yessss!" Judy screeched, her eyes bulging. "Gimme more.
More, Daddy!"
She went into spasms as she felt her asshole stretch to
accommodate the hard fat shaft of her father's cock.
Darin eased more of his massive cock into his daughter's
asshole, the tight virgin muscles clamping to his cockshaft like a
vise of hot steel.
"Unnnn, Christ, you're tight!" he panted, stopping with only
half of his prick stuffed up Judy's ass.
Judy thrashed on her b*****r's cunt-stuffing cock. The
pleasure in her pussy blended with the pain in her ass, making her
"Oooo, Daddy!" she squealed, her hips rolling. "You're
rippin' my asshole!" She jerked, the pain spreading. "Ooooo,
gimme it all!"
Darin heaved a sigh and slammed the rest of his cock into
Judy's ass. "You got it, baby," he grunted as his groin whacked
into her ass. "Every fuckin' inch."
Judy screeched as her father's ass-splitting prick ripped
into her ass. She thrashed between them like a stuck pig, her
pussy crammed with her b*****r's cock and her ass filled with her
father's meaty prick.
"Aieeeee, ooooooo, Christ. I feel like I'm gonna bust!"
Darin held her jerking ass and Tommy mangled her tits. Their
cocks throbbed inside her twisting body.
Judy churned wildly between them, the pain overwhelming her.
It felt as if her father's cock had torn into her stomach. She
bucked, her head snapping back, her eyes wide and glazed.
Tommy lunged up, stabbing his prick into her pussy. Hot
muscles clamped around his cock, the sticky juices washing his
shaft and flowing out over his nuts. He twisted her tits and
jabbed up again as she squealed above him.
"Ride it, Judy," he grunted. "Ride it!"
"I can't," Judy gasped, her body trying to adjust to the two
cocks buried up inside her. "Daddy's cock is killing me!"
"I thought this was what you wanted," Darin groaned, keeping
his groin flush with her twisting ass.
"It is," Judy shrieked. "It is. I'm lovin' every second of
it." She wrenched her shoulders, her tits almost ripping away in
her b*****r's hands. "Ooooo, Christ. I don't believe it!" She
began to tremble, her quivering body out of control.
While Tommy drilled his prick into her pussy, Darin eased his
cock from her ass, leaving only the head buried inside her tight
ass hole. He stared down at her stretched crack as it twitched
and contracted against his prick.
"Gonna ram you, baby," he warned. "Gonna ram you hard!"
"Ooooo, Christ ... do it, Daddy! Do it!" Arms stiff, she
braced herself, her pussy pulsing around her b*****r's cock.
"Now, Daddy! Now!"
Darin plowed his cock to the root in one mighty lunge, the
bloated head of his cock cutting deep into her trembling body. He
groaned, his taut gut crushing into her ass.
Judy's head snapped back, her face twisting into a mask of
lust. Pain filled her eyes. She bucked her hips, her b*****r's
jabbing cock giving her pleasure, her father's cock giving her
"Ooooo, again! Again, Daddy!" she cried.
Darin drilled his prick back into her ass, his balls slapping
against her juice-stained flesh. At the same time, Tommy lunged
up, skewering her pussy with his throbbing cock. The action sent
Judy screaming into a fit of spasms.
"Yesssss!" she screamed, bucking between them as they ravaged
her body. "Oooooo, Mommy. I'm goin' out of my fuckin' mind!"
She thrashed as they stabbed, her young shaking body absorbing
each powerful thrust. "Ooooo, Christ. I'm creamin' already!"
"Fuck her," Dolores shouted as she watched them pounding her
daughter. "Fuck her hard! Make her scream!" She rocked on the
bed, her tits heaving. "Give it to her!"
Darin drilled his prick in and out daughter's ass, his eyes
glued to her asscrack as he kept her asscheeks spread. His nuts
ached and his prick swelled, stretching her tight asshole beyond
the limit. He picked up speed, pounding her, his groin smashing
into her ass as she jerked and twisted on his spearing prick.
Tommy plowed his cock into his s****r's pussy, the hot cream
searing his cockshaft and rumbling the cum in his balls. He
mauled her tits, the nipples swollen and burning into the palms of
his hands like hot pokers.
"Judy," he grunted, his ass thumping on the bed. "Unnn,
Christ, I'm gonna cream you!"
Judy went insane on the two stabbing pricks. She rocked her
hips and slammed down on Tommy's cock. The head of his cock
gouged the cushiony walls of her sizzling pussy and she screamed
with joy.
"More," she wailed. "Harder! Fuck me! Make me cum!"
"Yeah," Dolores yelled. "Make her cum!"
Darin picked up speed, his cock cutting in and out of her ass
at lightning speed. His balls swelled and rumbled, the tight
gripping action of his daughter's ass igniting them.
"I'm cuming," he roared as his balls burst. "I'm cuming!"
"Ooooo, Daddy," she shrieked. "Harder! Cream me!" She
stared down into her b*****r's face. "Daddy's cuming in my ass.
Cum, Tommy. Fill my pussy! Drown me in my cum!"
She bucked between them, her cunt ready to explode as she
mangled her clit into her b*****r's groin.
Tommy's prick burst and his hot cum gushed from his prick,
splattering his s****r's gooey pussy. He lunged up, spearing her
cunt as his pisser spewed out thick stringy wads of jizz.
"Aghhh, Judy ... I'm cuming!" he shouted.
Judy went berserk. Hot cum from her b*****r's cock flooded
her pussy as thick globs of her father's cum gushed into her ass.
She churned between them as they stabbed her body with their
squirting pricks.
"Me too!" she screamed, her clit raw as she ground it into
Tommy's gut. "I'm cuming, Mommy. I'm cuming!"
Dolores was stunned, her eyes wide as she watched her f****y
fuck like wildcats on the bed. Darin was plowing Judy's ass while
Tommy was ripping into her cunt. Judy was thrashing and screaming
between them. The sight made her dizzy.
"Fuck 'em, Judy. Drain their fuckin' balls!"
Judy had every intention of doing just that. She slammed
back and rolled her hips, her ass gobbling on her father's
squirting cock. She twisted her head and stared at his tight
"Fuck me, Daddy! Harder! Faster!"
"I am," Darin grunted, plowing his exploding prick into her
ass. He lunged hard, his balls churning out wads of cum with each
Judy slammed down on her b*****r's cock. She twisted her
shoulders, his hands brutalizing her tits. She mashed her clit
into his groin, his hot squirting cum triggering another orgasm in
her pussy.
"Oooooo ... I'm cuming again!" she screamed. "Ooooo, fuck
me, Tommy. Rip open my pussy!"
Tommy gouged her tits with his fingers. His ass drummed the
bed, his cock stabbing her pussy. Cum spewed from his prick,
gushing into her cunt. It flowed out over her clinging pussy and
drenched his nuts.
"Unnnn, Judy. Your pussy is so fuckin' hot!"
Judy creamed and shrieked as they plowed her fuck-holes with
their pricks. "More, fuckers!" she screamed. "More!"
Tommy and Darin fed her quivering body their cocks. Their
cum flooded her fuck-holes and gushed out over their nuts. They
picked up the pace, Judy's body taking all the punishment they
could give it.
Judy stiffened, her mouth drooling as her father sliced into
her ass and her b*****r stabbed her cunt. She went into spasms,
convulsing maniacally on their plunging pricks.
Darin groaned, his hips slowing, the last of his cum
spurting from his pisser. He jerked back, his cock popping from
her ass.
"Christ, whatta fuckin' k**!"
Judy gasped, her asshole empty. She battled her b*****r to a
draw as she collapsed on top of him, her body exhausted, her pussy
still twitching around his jabbing prick shaft.
Tommy lunged up then dropped back with a thud, his balls
empty, his prick shrinking in her steamy pussy.
Judy rolled off. Panting, her tits heaved as she tried to
catch her breath. "Whatta fuck," she moaned. "Holy Christ!"
"Now it's my turn," Dolores moaned.
She turned her attention to their limp pricks, anxious to get
them hard again. In minutes, she had succeeded and took both
their cocks until she and her husband and son were all screaming
and cuming.
It was dawn when they finished their sex party. Exhausted,
they clung together in sl**p, thankful that it was Sunday and they
didn't have to open the store.

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Donkey-loving girl


Denise Chapman found a seat at the rear of the bus, in the very back row. She was thankful that the bus wouldn't be crowded. Only about thirty k**s would be making the trip to the state fair, and this huge old bus had room for twice that many. Most of the k**s were already crowded together in the seats in the front and the middle of the bus. With luck, she'd have the back of the bus all to herself and the trip down to the state fair would be pleasant instead of an ordeal. She'd brought along a half-dozen new teen-romance novels to read. She hoped to get lost in a good story and completely block out this trip she'd been f***ed to take by her parents.

"You need to socialize more," her mother was always saying. "It's not normal for a girl your age to spend all her time with her nose in a book or doing her chores. You need to meet some boys, to go out on dates, have some fun."

It did no good to tell her mother that she enjoyed doing her chores, that more than anything she enjoyed reading her romance novels, that she much preferred the boys in her books to the flesh-and-bl**d boys she went to school with. The boys in her novels were all so chivalrous, so non-threatening. The boys at school, on the other hand, were crude and dirty-minded. The flesh-and-bl**d boys had only one thing on their minds -- how to take advantage of a girl every chance they got. And real boys all carried that hard weapon between their legs, that masculine appendage that gave Denise the shivers even to think about. She didn't dare mention to her mother that she was scared to death of boys, and her mother wouldn't listen to her excuses.

So now she was f***ed to go on this darned old trip to the state fair with a bunch of Young Farmers Club k**s she didn't know. For her own good, according to her mother.

Her twin b*****r Tim was up front somewhere, gabbing with some new boyfriend he'd made a few minutes ago. All the other k**s had paired up, mostly boys with boys and girls with girls, although a few boys and girls had taken seats together and already looked ready to start necking. The boys and girls were all eyeing each other, and Denise knew that by the time the bus arrived at the state fair grounds sometime early tomorrow morning every girl except herself would be paired up with some boy with a tented crotch. And God only knew what would happen in the barns at the state fair, where all the k**s would be spending their nights, sl**ping with the a****ls, and probably acting like a bunch of a****ls.

"And where do you think you're taking that mutt, young lady?" said the bus driver, his voice booming through the bus and silencing all the k**s.

Denise looked up front, along with all the other k**s. A blonde girl wearing skin-tight shorts and a bikini halter had just entered the bus, leading a large black dog by its leash. Denise recognized the dog as a black Labrador and even from the back here she could tell it was a male.

The girl tugged on her long blonde hair, some of which fell over the front of her shoulders and onto her half-naked tits. Her tit-cups hardly captured more than her cherries.

"I'm bringing him along," the girl said. "Isn't it all right if I bring him along? I didn't think it would cause any problem." She spoke in a pouting tone, puckering her lips. She balanced on one bare foot, rubbing the toes of her other bare foot up and down her tanned calf.

"I'm not supposed to let any a****ls on this bus," the driver said. He was a fat, middle-aged man in a gray uniform, and he was sweating heavily in the summer heat.

The blonde girl leaned over, petting her dog on the head. Her tits bulged as they dangled and nearly escaped from their tiny cups. "But he's such a good dog. You won't even know he's here."

The driver gawked at the girl's tits as if he were hypnotized by them. "Well, I don't know..."

"Please, sir, he won't be any trouble at all."

The girl leaned close then, as if she were going to kiss the driver. Instead, she whispered something into his ear.

The driver flushed, streams of sweat running down his chubby cheeks. "Go on," he said. "But you'll have to keep him at the back of the bus. And we aren't making any pit-stops for him. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," the blonde said, smiling as she began to lead the dog up the aisle. "He won't be a bit of trouble sir."

The boys nearly fell out of their seats to get a closer look at the half-naked blonde as she paraded up the aisle, her tits wobbling.

Denise almost panicked. For a moment she had the urge to jump out the window. The blonde was coming straight toward her. She sat there frozen and helpless, however, as the blonde sat down right next to her.

"The old pig," the blonde muttered under her breath for Denise's benefit. "Sit, Romeo," she said to the dog, and the Lab obediently planted its black haunches on the floor.

The driver yanked the door lever and the bus door sealed itself with a sucking noise. He started the bus. Without bothering to turn around toward the k**s, he started shouting. "Now listen here, ladies and gentlemen, and listen good. It's four o'clock now, and I'm supposed to deliver you to the state fair before midnight. That means we're gonna be making just two stops, one at seven and one at ten. If you've gotta go, you just hold it -- it won't kill you."

Several k**s snickered.

"And I don't want any trouble," the driver continued. "You don't give me any trouble and I don't give you any trouble. I'm not being paid to be a chaperon or a baby-sitter. My only job is to get you k**s down to the state fair. So just don't hassle me and you and me won't have any problems."

A few k**s shouted: "All right!" Several other k**s applauded. The driver rammed his shift lever into gear and the bus roared as it started forward. As the bus gathered speed, the k**s began talking faster and louder among themselves and soon the bus sounded like a school lunchroom inside.

The blonde turned to Denise. "I'm Peggy, what's your name?"

Denise told her.

"Sexy name," the blonde said. "And this handsome boy is Romeo." She stroked the dog's head.

"Nice dog," Denise said. She felt tight and uneasy.

"You don't know how nice," Peggy said, giving Denise a suggestive expression. "I mean, Romeo's a real special boy."

Denise smiled, almost giggled, mostly out of nervousness. She had no idea what Peggy was hinting at, nor did she want to know. She picked up her book from the seat beside her and opened it.

"What's that?" Peggy said.

Denise showed her the cover of the book.

"Please Let Me In," Peggy said, reading the title. "Hmm, sounds pretty interesting. So, you like dirty books. Well, so do I."

"It's not a dirty book," Denise snapped. "It's a romance. There's nothing dirty in it."

Peggy looked stunned for a moment. "A romance, huh? That's one of those books where all the good stuff happens between the lines. It's all there, but you just have to use your imagination a little more to find it."

"I'd like to read it now, if you don't mind," Denise said, and she shoved her nose into her book.

Her eyes traveled along the lines of print, she turned the pages, but nothing her eyes saw registered in her mind. She wasn't reading, just going through the motions of reading. How could she read with Peggy just about sitting in her lap and with that big hound gazing up at her with those moony eyes? She was uncomfortably hot, too. All the windows were open and the wind whirled through the bus, but it was a hot, humid wind that failed to cool her off.

"Christ, it's hot," Peggy said, as if reading Denise's thoughts. "My skin is sticking to the seat. What I wouldn't give for a nice cool stream to go skinny-dipping in right now. Do you like to go skinny-dipping, Denise?"

"No," Denise said, offended that Peggy had suggested such a thing.

"I do," Peggy said. "We've got a nice private stream on our farm. Me and Romeo go up there just about every day during the summer. A lot of the neighbor boys come up there, too. Sometimes it gets pretty wild."

Denise didn't say anything. She didn't know for sure what Peggy meant by wild, but she imagined the big-titted blonde dipping down into the stream, as a dozen red-faced farm boys watched her.

"Hey Denise, give me a few of those candy bars you brought along."

Denise looked up to see her twin b*****r looking down at her. She was a little shocked to see that Tim had taken off his shirt and shoes. All he wore now was a pair of threadbare jeans that fit him like a tight skin. His sun-bleached yellow hair resembled the tousled mane of a lion. His eyes moved away from her and roved up and down Peggy's obscenely clad body.

Denise shot her hand down into her overnight bag and pulled out three or four candy bars, which she thrust up at Tim. "Here."

The boy reached for them without looking, wrapping his fingers around them as he ogled the blonde. "Thanks," he muttered.

As he stumbled barefoot down the aisle to join his new friends, he glanced over his shoulder a few times -- at Peggy.

"Cute," Peggy said, watching him. She turned to Denise. "Is his equipment pretty nice?"

Denise felt herself flush. "I don't know what you're talking about. He's my b*****r -- my twin b*****r. I don't know what you're talking about."

Peggy grinned. "Lucky you. Your b*****r, huh?"

Denise sighed with exasperation and buried her face in her book, trying to block out everything around her. She couldn't read, though. She was too riled up. The trip was ruined. Peggy would not leave her alone. The heat was unbearable. She could smell the dog, along with the scent of sweaty teenagers.

She peered over the seat ahead of her. She couldn't see too many of the other k**s, but she was certain that she was the only person on the bus besides the driver who remained decently dressed. The boys she could see all had their shirts off, the same as Tim. Most of the girls wore the scantiest shorts and had rolled their T-shirts up under their tits to make their bellies and backs bare. Every girl and boy she could see were barefooted. They were all sweating, and the bus smelled like a high-school locker room.

"He had a nice bulge," Peggy said, as if to herself. "I bet he's really hung. I'd love to see him without his pants on. All girls should be so lucky to have a twin b*****r like that."

Denise refused to acknowledge that she'd even heard Peggy. Her heart was pounding and she felt as if she would suffocate, trapped between Peggy and the wall of the bus. The worst part of it all was that Peggy seemed to be able to see into the deepest, darkest parts of Denise's mind. The truth was, Denise knew what Peggy was talking about. The truth was, Tim was hung like a horse. Denise spied on him every chance she got, watched him piss in the barn yard, watched him sneak out behind the shed and jack off, followed him and his girlfriends into the woods and watched from secret hiding places as he fucked them.

Tim terrified her. That huge cock he wielded between his legs horrified her. How could any girl endure the torture of being fucked by that big cock? And yet, as much as Denise was terrified, she was fascinated, she was excited, she was in love. All the boys in the romance novels she read had Tim's face, Tim's body. She envied every girl Tim had ever fucked.

"Wanna change places?" Peggy said. "So I can sit next to the window for a while?"

Denise agreed, thankful to be out of her corner at last.

Peggy slid Denise's overnight bag out of the way on the floor and pressed her back into the corner, leaving one bare foot on the floor and plopping the other one up on the seat. The wind coming in the window grabbed her hair and pulled it out the window where it flew in the breeze like gold streamers.

Denise moved away until she was sitting in the center of the long rear seat of the bus and could look straight down the aisle. She pushed her overnight bag out of the way and allowed the black Lab to move into the space between her and Peggy. Peggy had her legs spread, and the dog sniffed the crotch of her shorts.

"I can't take much more of this heat," Peggy said. "I'm about ready to strip completely." She reached under her tits and shoved her fingers up under the cups. She pushed up, and the tit-cups slipped off, letting her large tits fall out and jiggle. The string halter hung around her neck like a necklace.

Denise couldn't believe it. She just stared at Peggy's naked tits. The cherries were very large and full of erect bumps. The nipples stood up like fingertips.

"Don't worry," Peggy said, grinning mischievously. "Nobody can see me here behind the seat. If anybody starts coming back here, let me know, huh? Except for maybe your b*****r. I wouldn't mind giving him an eyeful."

Denise was speechless. She watched with increasing disbelief as Peggy unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and lifted her ass and legs to slide them off. Peggy wasn't even wearing panties. She dropped the shorts on the seat and settled back down with a sigh, spreading her legs so the her left foot rested on the floor and her right foot on the bus seat. She had a very hairy blonde pussy that opened slightly as she spread her legs, revealing the wet pink meat between the furry lips of her cunt.

"Oh, that feels good," Peggy mumbled, curling her toes sensuously. Then she reached between her legs and pulled open her cunt, dug her fingers into the spongy cunt flesh and hauled open the hairy pussy flaps to reveal her worm-like clit and her seething fuck-chamber.

"Peggy, oh God!" Denise muttered, so shocked she couldn't think of another word. She watched a few trickles of clear fluid leak from Peggy's fuckhole and dribble onto the black vinyl bus seat.

The black Lab let out a small whimper and lapped up the cunt juice from the seat. Then he sniffed Peggy's open crotch as if it were the best thing he'd ever smelled. Even Denise could smell Peggy's cunt now -- that pungent, musky female scent she'd smelled so many times coming from between her own legs, that smell that always managed to permeate her own panties after she'd worn them only a few hours.

"Make love to me, Romeo," Peggy moaned. "Lick me, lover boy."

Her toes curled as the dog mashed his wet muzzle to her open pussy as if he wanted to fuck her with his snout. As he started to lick, growling quietly, Peggy lifted her bare ass off the seat, thrusting her pussy at him, her eyes rolling d***kenly as she fed him her dripping cunt.

Denise was sure she must be dreaming. At any moment she thought she'd be waking up from this nightmare bus trip and this unbelievable scene before her. Her subconscious mind was surely causing all this. Over the years she'd had dirty fantasies about getting her own pussy licked by an a****l, especially by a dog, but she'd buried them deep in her subconscious, ashamed of herself completely. Now these suppressed memories were surfacing.

"Oh, Romeo, you lick so good!" Peggy breathed, rotating her loins as she rubbed her open pussy against the dog's fat, slithering tongue.

Cunt juice dripped from Peggy's crotch, splattering on the black vinyl seat. The smell of pussy was becoming stronger, and Denise began to feel a little dizzy, almost high on the aroma.

I've never smelled anything in a dream before, Denise realized, and she looked down the aisle, beginning to believe this wasn't a dream at all. In the seats closest to the back, girls and boys were necking. French kissing. The boys had their hands on the girls' cunts, on their tits, and the girls were squirming as if trying to get away. By leaning forward, Denise could see that one girl had her hand inside a boy's pants and was jerking it as the boy kissed her and played with her tits under her T-shirt. Most of the boys seated with boys and the girls seated with girls had stopped gabbing with each other and were watching the boys and girls who were making out, shouting dirty comments and poking fun. The bus driver focused straight ahead on the road, ignoring the k**s completely.

Denise almost jumped as someone stroked her hand. It was Peggy's hot toes.

"Play with my foot," Peggy whispered. "Lean over and suck on my toes. It drives me crazy." She gasped as the dog lapped up and down her cunt slit.

Denise just stared in shock, unable to believe any of this. Despite the very real smell of cunt in the air, this had to be a dream. It just had to!

"Come on you little bitch," Peggy hissed. "Suck my toes!" She clawed at Denise's forearm with her toenails.

Denise didn't know why she did it. Maybe because she was scared out of her mind. Maybe because she was so weak with shock that she would have obeyed anybody's orders, performing like a zombie. Whatever it was, she slid as close to Peggy as she could. Peggy raised her leg, pulling her knee toward her voluptuous tits. Denise took hold of Peggy's naked foot and started to lick and suck the blonde's wiggling toes.

"Oh baby, yessss!" Peggy hissed. "Oh God, this feels good. Lick me, eat me, suck me!" Peggy sounded as if she'd lost her mind.

Denise thought she'd pass out. The scent of cunt down here was suffocating. And she could smell the dog, too. The dog kept growling quietly and grunting as he licked. His tongue slurped obscenely. He sounded as if he'd never be able to get enough of the taste of Peggy's seething cunt.

"Oh God, I feel tingles all the way up in my asshole!" Peggy moaned. "My cunt's gonna melt. Oh shit, this is great! Keep sucking my toes, bitch. It makes the feeling that much better."

Denise drooled all over Peggy's foot. Peggy's toes tasted salty. The scent of hot cunt excited Denise. She'd never really smelled a girl's cunt from so close before. In the locker room at school there was always that faint aroma of cunt in the air, the mingled cunt-scents of all the girls, but it was nothing like this steaming scent pouring out of Peggy's excited pussy. The smell almost made Denise want to take a taste of Peggy's cunt.

"I'm getting close," Peggy whispered. "Oh I wish it would last, but I wanna come, too. I need that feeling. Oh God, do I need that feeling!"

Denise slithered her tongue between Peggy's toes, chewed on Peggy's bare foot. She was beginning to enjoy doing this. She didn't want to have to stop. And she knew what Peggy was talking about when she said she wanted to get that feeling. She loved that feeling herself, loved to jack herself off until her toes curled with that raw, melting sensation of orgasm. One of her darkest secrets was that she liked to jack off, that she jacked off six times a day sometimes. She couldn't get through her romance novels without jacking off at least once every chapter, sometimes twice. Always when the handsome, chivalrous boy brushed his lips against the heroine's flushed cheek in one of those novels, Denise would manage to bring off her young cunt in seconds.

A slick pool was forming on the seat under Peggy's wiggling ass, and Peggy rubbed her ass in it, sliding on the seat.

"I'm so hot!" Peggy breathed. "I'm so fucking hot! Oh, I wanna come!"

Denise watched the dog's tongue slither into Peggy's gaping fuck-cavern like a snake sliding into its hole. Peggy's pussy appeared to open up more and more as the dog licked her, and her gaping pussy quivered and contracted, sucking at the dog's tongue from time to time.

I wish that were me, Denise thought. I wish that was me sitting there getting my pussy licked by that big dog. Oh God, that must feel good!

She sucked hard on Peggy's sexy toes, inhaled the scent of Peggy's cunt, watched the dog's tongue fuck in and out of Peggy's seething cunt. And she realized that her own cunt was on fire, was throbbing maddeningly, that her panties had pulled up like a gag between her swollen pussy-lips and the material was working up and down in her cunt slit and against her clit as she rhythmically squeezed her legs together. Her loins whirled inside with hot tingles and she moaned out loud.

Peggy was humping, driving her crotch against the dog's muzzle, fucking herself on his slithering tongue. Her toes curled in Denise's mouth.

"Suck my toes!" Peggy moaned. "Lick my pussy! Oh God, I'm gonna come!"

She came with a final explosion of hot cunt juice, which ran out of her pussy and dribbled onto the bus seat. Her body jerked rhythmically and she gasped with each spasm. Her toes clutched madly, nearly tearing the inside of Denise's mouth.

Denise bit hard at the spasming girl's hot toes. She clamped her own legs together so hard that her thigh muscles almost cramped. An itchy tension mushroomed inside her own pussy, her toes tingled in her shoes, and she started to writhe with orgasm, nearly blacking out as the hot sensations surged through her cunt.

It feels so good, Denise thought. It just feels so good! This was the first orgasm she'd ever experienced while doing anything with another person, and there was something hotter and more intense about it, something more satisfying than any other orgasm she had ever felt.

She squirmed on the bus seat, working her legs against each other, sucking on Peggy's toes, nearly passing out as the sensations pulsed through her loins and her brain. She slid her hand down, rubbing it in the warm fuck-slime that had run out of Peggy's cunt, and she couldn't help sniffing it. Then she spit Peggy's toes out and tasted Peggy's slick cunt juice.

The pussy juice was tart and sweet. It tasted like the fluid that came from her own cunt. She'd never produced so much of it though. Maybe if she got licked off by a dog, she would. She lowered her lips to the seat and lapped up the cunt juice until the dog started lapping it up, too. Then she sat up, suddenly horrified by what she'd been doing. It was as if she'd temporarily lost her mind.

As she straightened herself, she realized that she'd glimpsed something, something she had to get a look again. She leaned to the side again slightly, peeking under the dog's black-furred abdomen. His prick was standing up out of its sheath -- red and wet and quivering. What shocked her was not that the dog had a hard-on, but the size of the Lab's cock. His cock looked to be five inches long, maybe six -- the size Tim's had been a few years back, before it had surged in size like a growing cornstalk. She'd never seen a dog with such a thick and long cock.

"Hung like a horse, isn't he?" Peggy said, sitting up straighter. "When a girl's got a hung dog around, she doesn't always have to go chasing after the boys to keep her satisfied." She gave Denise a dirty grin as she played with her own tits.

Denise shook her head, unable to believe Peggy, unable to believe the size of the dog's cock, unable to believe what she, herself, had just done. She looked up front.

A girl was leaning out into the aisle, her eyes rolled back, her hair dangling toward the floor. A boy was clutching her, his hand down her pants and pumping as he apparently fucked his finger inside her cunt. More boys and girls had paired up now and were sharing seats. Half the k**s were engaged in necking or kissing or groping, Denise expected at any moment to see a boy rip off a girl's shorts, pull out his stiff cock, and ram it up her cunt right there in front of everybody. Things were getting out of hand, but the bus driver just stared straight ahead, driving them down the highway.

"You look a little lost," Peggy said. "Like this is your first trip to the state fair or something."

"It is," Denise mumbled.

"Lucky girl," Peggy said. "It's always best the first time. Ain't that right, Romeo?" She stroked the Lab's head.

Denise watched in stunned silence as Peggy caught the dog's cock between her bare toes and started to jack him off.


The dog's long tongue dangled as he panted, dripping spit on the seat between Peggy's spread legs. Peggy no longer leaned back in the corner, but sat facing directly forward, her feet on the floor, one foot under the dog's lower belly so she could stimulate his slippery cock with her toes -- the same sexy toes Denise had been sucking on only a few minutes ago. The dog let out a low growl, and he started to hump, fucking his cock between Peggy's toes. Giggling, Peggy moved her other bare foot under the dog, catching his cock between her feet and letting him fuck between them.

Denise didn't know how to react. She was appalled by what Peggy was doing, and yet she couldn't take her eyes away from the dog-cock fucking between Peggy's feet. A clear fluid leaked from the dog's cock, getting Peggy's feet slippery. Denise noticed a musky, a****l aroma in the air now, apparently coming from the Lab's excited cock.

Peggy stroked the dog's head. "You beautiful sexy boy you. You just can't get enough of rubbing that hot prick of yours against something, can you?"

The dog let out a little whimper, lapping at Peggy's tits, then sniffing some more at her cunt.

"Isn't he a doll?" Peggy said, glancing at Denise. "You wouldn't believe how hot his prick is. God, the feel of it between my feet drives me crazy! Oh, I wanna fuck!"

Peggy suddenly slumped in her seat, kicking her legs up in the air and spreading them wide. She braced her bare feet up on the back of the seat in front of her.

"Take me, Romeo," she moaned. "Oh God, fuck me!"

The dog rose up, prick flexing crazily, and grabbed Peggy around the waist, sinking his claws into her smooth flesh for a good hold. He humped at the air as he moved close to Peggy's crotch, jabbing at her pussy mound until his pointed prick found the entrance to her fuck hole and sank into her cunt, disappearing between her blonde-furred pussy-lips like a red snake.

Peggy writhed, her eyes rolling crazily. "Oh Romeo, oh God, yes!"

She stroked her hands down the dog's sleek black flanks, down his lower back, caressing him with trembling fingers as he fucked her. Her toes clutched at the back of the seat against which she'd braced her feet, getting the black vinyl of the seat slimy with lube from the dog's cock.

Denise could hardly breath. She was scared out of her mind. What if the other k**s came back here and found out what was going on? Within seconds the entire bus would know. Denise would never live the embarrassment down. How could Peggy do such a thing?

The dog fucked faster, dripping dog-spit all over Peggy's wobbling tits. His prick fucked in and out, a red blur between Peggy's swollen cunt-lips. A rapid squishing noise came from Peggy's cunt as the dog pistoned his prick inside it.

Peggy reached over and grabbed Denise's hand, squeezing it fiercely. "God, I can hardly stand it!" Peggy's eyes looked glazed, d**gged. "Oh Denise, the feeling, it's incredible!"

This isn't happening, Denise kept repeating in her mind. This can't be happening. She winced as Peggy squeezed her hand even tighter, and she knew for certain that this was happening.

God, this was embarrassing! Even though Peggy was the one performing this filthy act with the dog, Denise felt her own face burning with shame. The shame came from deep inside Denise, from the part of her mind where she hid her deepest secrets. How many times had Denise imagined getting fucked by a dog? How many times had she jerked off, pretending that the finger in her cunt was the prick of a dog -- or of some other a****l? Too many times to remember. And there slumped Peggy, naked and panting, legs up in the air and spread, acting out Denise's deepest, darkest fantasies.

"Oh God, I'm coming," Peggy whispered, and she nearly crushed the bones in Denise's hand as she squirmed with orgasm, her cunt clutching madly around the dog's pistoning cock. "Oh Denise, it feels so good, oh yesss!"

Denise squeezed Peggy's hand in return, sympathetic to the other girl's pained pleasure.

As Peggy's spasms continued, she clutched the fucking Lab between her thighs, slowing his humping. The dog whimpered, trying to fuck faster. Peggy jerked a few last times and pushed the dog away from her, forcing him to pull out.

"Sorry, boy," she mumbled.

The dog whimpered, humping at the air, his prick red and dripping.

"Poor boy," Peggy said. She glanced at Denise. "Help him out, huh?" She started to pull on Denise's hand.

"Hey wait," Denise said, but it was too late.

Denise suddenly found herself being jerked hard toward Peggy. She fell on her side in Peggy's lap, felt the warmth of Peggy's large tits as they pressed down on her cheek. Her head rested in Peggy's lap. The scent of Peggy's cunt made her dizzy and weak instantly.

"Blow him," Peggy said. "He loves blow-jobs."

Denise stifled a cry as the dog's hot cock rammed against her lips and cheeks, drooling cock-slime on her. As much as she was horrified by what was happening, as much as she wanted to fight and break free, she dreaded even more the rest of the k**s discovering her back here like this.

"Open up," Peggy said. "Think of it as a candy cane." She pinched Denise's cheek until Denise was f***ed to open her mouth.

The big dog-prick slid into Denise's mouth, searing her lips and tongue, jabbing at her tonsils and making her gag, oozing fuck-lube down her throat.

"Suck him!" Peggy hissed. "Suck him off!"

The dog's cock tasted salty and bitter, musky and bestial. Denise tried not to swallow the hot fluid leaking out of it, or the slick fluids she was being f***ed to suck off the dog's prick. She was tasting not only the dog's cock, the dog's fuck-lube, but the juices from Peggy's cunt. Only moments ago this quivering cock had been fucking between the spasming lips of Peggy's pussy. And now Denise had that dog cock in her mouth -- tasting it, eating it, sucking on it.

Denise couldn't quite believe it. Even though the dog's sizzling prick pistoned between her lips, making them tingle and itch, even though it rubbed more tingles into her tongue and the inside of her mouth, even though his prick jabbed her tonsils and made her gag -- Denise kept telling herself that this wasn't happening, that this couldn't be happening.

"Use your tongue," Peggy said. "Lick it just like you'd lick a boy's cock. Romeo loves it, just like the boys love it. Come on, baby, suck that stud off." She pushed on Denise's head, jerked on it, forcing Denise's mouth to work up and down on the dog's cock.

Denise's eyes ran tears. Snot ran from her nose. The smell of dog-cock and cunt made her feel d**gged. Her brains were being shaken loose as Peggy jerked on her head.

"Suck it!" Peggy hissed. "Suck that cock!"

The dog's cock flexed, quivered, seemed to get hotter and hotter, harder and harder. Denise feared the bone-hard fuck rod would split open, that its veins would burst and spurt hot bl**d into her mouth. The bottom side of the dog-cock kept rubbing heat and sensation into Denise's tongue and tingles streamed down her throat. Her entire mouth seemed to be pulsating, her lips swelling, getting tighter and hotter. She realized suddenly that she was sucking, sucking like a baby sucking its bottle. It was almost a reflex. She tried to stop sucking and she couldn't. As the dog's cock fucked in and out, her lips munched around it, her tongue flapped.

"That's it." Peggy said. "Make him feel real good and he'll give you his jizz. It's a real treat, girl -- sweet as syrup fresh from the boiler. Come on, baby, suck him off, make him come."

The dog fucked her mouth faster, growling, whimpering. One of his hot paws was braced on Denise's neck, his claws digging in. For some strange reason, Denise enjoyed the feel of his paw on her neck. She made a tight ring of her lips, starting to enjoy the feel of his cock fucking her mouth, starting to enjoy even the taste and smell of it.

"Come on, boy, give her your jizz," Peggy said. "Squirt it right down her throat."

Denise closed her eyes, sucking, munching, aware of an intense throbbing in her cunt. She tried to visualize cum spurting from the dog's cock and down her throat. She had seen dogs spurt jism before, had secretly watched Tim and some of his buddies jerk off dogs while laughing hilariously. She'd seen that grayish-white dog-cum spurt in long sticky strands -- and she'd always wondered what dog-cum smelled like, what it felt like, what it tasted like. But she'd never had the guts to try to find out.

The dog let out a moaning yelp. His prick swelled, growing longer and fatter, turning harder than steel. As his cock swelled it began to vibrate. Then the dog-cock flexed hard and suddenly Denise's throat was flooded with steaming cum. She started to choke on the bitter dog-cum, her head filled with the peppery scent of jizz.

"Swallow it!" Peggy said. "Don't waste it. Swallow it!" She spoke in whispers, but her tone was commanding.

The dog fucked his cock in and out, squirting more and more slimy jizz into Denise's mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the stuff. It was either swallow it or choke to death on cum. The dog kept whimpering, kept humping, kept shooting stream after stream of hot fuck-slime -- and Denise glugged it down, sucked it down. At first the alkaline taste, the slimy feel -- like swallowing hot oysters -- made Denise think she was going to vomit. Then, suddenly, she was liking the taste, the texture. Suddenly she was hungry for more dog-cum, and she sucked vigorously, slurping down the hot jism as fast as the dog shot it. She drained the dog before she'd had half enough, and she sucked hungrily on his wilting cock as he whimpered as if in pain. As his cock escaped her mouth, her lips smacked together and she moaned.

"You little bitch!" Peggy said, pushing Denise away, forcing her to sit up. "You almost chewed my dog's cock off." She petted the Lab's head. "There, there, boy, feeling better now?" She peeked under him at his wilted cock.

Denise watched with her as the dog's cock slid back in its sheath like a retreating eel.

"I guess you didn't hurt it any," Peggy said, giving Denise a disturbed glance. "It still seems to work. If I'd have thought you were gonna try to bite it off, I wouldn't have let you suck it, bitch."

"Let me?" Denise said, outraged. "You f***ed me to do it!"

"Oh, go read one of your dirty books," Peggy said. She slid back in the corner of the seat, resting her head against the window frame and letting the wind blow her hair. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes and appeared to fall asl**p almost immediately. She had her right foot up in the bus seat and her left one on the floor. Her dog lay on the floor with his muzzle resting on her foot, sl**ping like his mistress.

Peggy's blonde cunt-bush stared Denise in the face, its lips pulled apart slightly and revealing the pink wet cunt meat between them. Denise took off her shoes and socks. For a moment she played with a fantasy of fucking her toe up inside the bitch's crotch and watching her squirm awake. It was a sadistic and wicked fantasy that Denise felt slightly ashamed of.

The sound of a girl gasping pulled Denise out of her own thoughts and made her look down the aisle. She couldn't see the girl making the noise. All she could see was the girl's bare foot, toes clutching at the air and quivering. The girl's foot shivered and she continued to gasp for several seconds before she sighed loudly and her foot went limp. Almost every boy on the bus was standing up in their seat and trying to get a look at the girl who'd been making all the noise. A few boys jeered. Others laughed. The relative silence that had filled the bus as the girl had spasmed and cried out her pleasure gave way once again to gabbing and laughter.

Denise thanked God that she and Peggy were at the back of the bus, that their shameful carrying on had neither been heard nor spotted. The k**s up front were too busy necking and watching each other neck to bother with two girls and a dog far back in the bus. Denise opened "Please Let Me In" and tried to read. She couldn't absorb a word of the book into her mind. Her thoughts whirled through her head.


The sun was heading toward the western horizon and sending brilliant rays through the open windows on the right side of the bus. Sitting in the middle of the long back seat, Denise found herself sweating miserably while Peggy, still naked and asl**p, leaned up against the left side window, shaded and fanned.

Denise thought about moving further up front, taking an empty seat on the left side of the bus, but she was afraid that if she moved she might draw attention to herself. Already some of the boys up front had spotted her and looked ready to pounce. She was sure that the only reason that they hadn't come back here was because they knew Peggy and the dog were sitting back here with her, and most boys were afraid to confront two girls at once. Boys were always so sure of themselves when they could get a girl alone, but two girls together scared them off. Denise knew without a doubt that the moment she took a seat by herself, the boys who hadn't already paired up with girls would be fighting among themselves to be the first to get at her.

She fidgeted, pretending to read, not daring to look down the aisle anymore. She didn't want to catch some boy's eye and have him think she was encouraging him. The grunts and gasps and dirty giggles continued as the k**s made out. As much as Denise hated crowds and noise, she felt nervous each time the noise died down. It was when things got relatively quiet that she was sure one or several boys were staring at her.

They were all a****ls -- boys. They were worse than a****ls. She really wished they'd all just disappear so she wouldn't have to deal with them anymore, so her mother would stop nagging her to go out with them. She could live without them -- she really could. She couldn't understand how other girls could stand being pawed all the time, threatened with those monstrous weapons boys carried between their legs. The cock of Peggy's black Lab was like a little finger compared to some of the cocks Denise had seen jutting from the loins of boys. Tim's cock looked big enough to use for a baseball bat. His was the biggest cock Denise had ever seen. The cocks of the other farm boys she'd seen -- Tim's friends -- had been smaller, sure, but they were still too big. Denise couldn't imagine getting fucked by those boys. If she didn't bleed to death, the pain would kill her. She was sure of it.

She remembered so many days in the woods, hiding breathlessly behind bushes and watching Tim and his friends fucking their pricks into the cunts of girls they'd dragged up there. She'd watched the girls squirm and squeal, whimper and moan, and she'd never quite figured out whether the girls were feeling pleasure or excruciating pain or both. Most of the girls begged for more, clawing the boy's back and growling: "Fuck me, fuck me!" But that didn't prove they were feeling pleasure. They might have been so delirious, so out of their minds from being tortured that they didn't know what they were saying anymore. Girls at school talked about how great it was to get fucked, but they didn't convince Denise. It just didn't make sense. How could anything that looked so cruel, so brutal, bring pleasure?

The bus growled with changing tones as the driver shifted gears. They were entering a small town.

"We'll be stopping at the Burger King here," the driver shouted without looking back. "Get yourselves decent if you want to get off and piss or eat something. It's about seven now, right about on schedule. I'll let you get off here and take the bus to get fueled up. We leave in half an hour. Anybody who's not on the bus when we leave is out of luck. I ain't waiting for anybody. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir!" shouted the boys in unison, then they whooped. Other k**s bellowed laughter. The bus driver ignored them.

A moment later they pulled into the Burger King parking lot.

Peggy woke up. "What's happening?"

Denise told her, keeping her voice as cold as possible.

"Shit!" Peggy said. She grabbed her shorts and slipped them on. Then she hooked her halter cups back over her tits.

k**s were piling out of the bus, resembling a pack of half-naked savages. Denise dreaded joining them. She envisioned a half-dozen boys surrounding her at a table as she tried to eat a hamburger.

"Well, aren't you getting off?" Peggy said.

"I'd rather stay on the bus and read," Denise said.

"You're flaky." Peggy slid over, pushing up out of her seat and stretching in the aisle. Romeo got up and stretched with her.

"Damn, I'm hungry," Peggy said. "I suppose I'll have to miss supper for the old pig."

Denise had no idea what Peggy was talking about. The aroma of hamburgers and fries wafted through the open windows and made Denise's mouth water. "Forget your money or something?" she asked Peggy.

Peggy gave her a cold look. "I've got money, I just don't have time. I've got business to take care of. That big boar of a bus driver didn't let Romeo aboard for free. I had to bribe the old goat, and now I've gotta pay off on that bribe."

Denise still didn't understand.

The fat bus driver stepped back into the bus, glanced up the aisle, giving Peggy a lecherous once-over, then plopped down into his seat with a grunt and sealed shut the bus door. A few moments later, he was driving them away.

They didn't go to any gas station. Instead, the driver took them to a wooded park at the edge of town and pulled the bus onto a secluded road among the trees. He glanced toward the back of the bus as he shut off the motor.

"Come on, farm-girl, let's you and me take a little walk."

Peggy slipped the leash back on her dog.

"Uh-uh, girl," said the driver. "The mutt stays aboard. Your girlfriend there can take care of him."

Denise suddenly found herself holding the leash as Peggy shoved it into her hand.

"Take good care of him," Peggy said. "I won't be long." She turned away and wiggled down the aisle, leaving the scent of hot cunt behind her.

The driver put his fat arm around Peggy's back and e****ted her off the bus. Denise watched through the window as the two of them disappeared into the trees. The bus driver was shoving his hand down into Peggy's shorts and feeling her bare ass.

Denise didn't have time to fret about what was going on between Peggy and the bus driver, because the moment they passed out of sight, Romeo started whimpering and straining at his leash. Denise tried to hold him back, but he just about pulled her out of the seat.

He must want to piss bad, Denise decided, so she got up and had to trot down the aisle after him to keep from being dragged.

Off the bus, Denise winced as she made her way over the ground, bruising her bare feet on hidden pebbles in the grass. She yanked hard on the dog's leash a few times to f***e him to slow down. He lifted his hind leg at the first tree he came to and let loose a hot yellow stream of piss. He sniffed around, pissed on another tree, sniffed some more, pissed again, then began dragging Denise into the bushes.

"Come on," she said, trying to sound f***eful. "Back to the bus. Come on!"

The dog wouldn't obey. He dragged her deeper into the trees and bushes. Denise was about to let go of the leash when she and the dog burst into a clearing. The dog started growling.

"Jesus Christ!" snapped the bus driver. He stood there with his pants down around his ankles, his big stiff cock stuffed into Peggy's mouth as she kneeled in front of him without a stitch on.

Peggy choked on the man's cock, then jerked her head back, letting his cock go. "Romeo, stay!" she shouted, spit leaking down her chin. "Now sit!"

The dog growled, then whimpered and sat down.

"I'm sorry," Denise said, never so embarrassed in her life. "He dragged me out here. I couldn't hold him."

"Sure you couldn't," Peggy said sarcastically.

"Quit jawing and start sucking," the bus driver said.

Peggy waved his cock in the air and lapped at it as if it were an ice cream cone, her pink tongue licking around and around the shiny purple head of his prick.

The man moaned, closing his eyes. "Yeah, lick that thing!"

Peggy worked the skin up and down on the man's cock, slipped the foreskin up and down over the cock-knob. "Look at this," she said, glancing at Denise. "Uncut. You don't see many of these around. Sexy, ain't it, the way the skin slips up and down."

Denise had never seen anything like it. She'd heard Tim and his friends talk about certain boys being uncut and wondering if it felt any different to have an uncut cock, but she'd never quite known what they were talking about. She knew that uncut meant uncircumcised, but she wasn't quite sure what uncircumcised meant either. The boys always talked about the extra skin. Well, that bus driver certainly had extra skin on his cock, enough to slide up almost over the big round cock-knob. Denise dropped the dog's leash and wandered closer, intrigued.

The bus driver grinned wickedly. "So, you'd like to get in on the action, too. Never knew a farm girl yet who was shy about sex. Take off your clothes, girl. Let's see that sexy little body of yours."

Denise froze. She wanted to turn and run, but she didn't have the strength. What had she gotten herself into?

"Come on, girl, I wanna see your tits." The bus driver looked her up and down. "Sexy bitch. Christ, take your clothes off before I rip 'em off you." His arm shoot out and the tips of his fingers hooked the neck of Denise's blouse.

"Don't tear my clothes," Denise squeaked. Her finger fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

The bus driver grinned, letting go. "That's it, strip 'em all off, you gorgeous little cunt. Shit, the guys will never believe this. Two girls together, naked and on their knees, worshipping my old dog. Two farm girls yet. Shit!"

Denise dropped the blouse, feeling herself blush.

"Take the jeans off next," the driver said. "Oh fuck, look at them smooth young legs. Shit! Yeah, mighty pretty!"

"Please," Denise squeaked, trembling all over, wearing nothing now but her panties and bra.

"Mmm, mmm!" Peggy sounded as if she were cooing as she munched on the man's big cock. She kept sucking on the cockhead, kept wiggling her tongue up under the foreskin.

The bus driver pushed her head away. "Slow down, bitch. You're gonna make me blow before I want to. You and your girlfriend here are gonna have to share the cream. I only got time to feed you one round." He looked back at Denise, licking his lips as if he wanted to devour her. "All right now, first the bra, then the panties. Come on, bitch, strip!"

Denise closed her eyes, her hands shaking as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She got the snap open and lowered her arms. The bra slid off her tits, drifting to the ground.

"Christ, ain't they sexy!" The man smacked his lips. "Bigger than I thought, and they tilt up so nice with those big pink cherries. Now let's see your cunt and ass."

Denise's heart was pounding. Her throat was so dry she could hardly swallow. As she leaned over, her tits dangling as she slid her panties down her legs, she felt a powerful throbbing in her cunt, as if her heart had slipped down between her legs. As she stepped out of the panties, she smelled her own cunt and realized she was dripping between the legs, that the inner sides of her thighs were slippery as if with hot melted butter.

"Straighten up," the driver said. "Oh yeah! Fuck yes! Now turn around and show me your ass. That's it. Now bend over a little and shove your butt up in the air. Oh Christ, now wiggle it."

Denise felt absolutely wretched. She also felt absolutely wicked, dirty. She realized that she could run away if she really had to, that there was nothing keeping her here except her own weakness -- and maybe her own lust.

"Goddamn, I've gotta taste that ass, sweet stuff." He pushed Peggy away and fell to his hands and knees.

Run now! A voice in Denise's mind screamed. Run!

The man's sweaty hands clamped around Denise's hips. He spread her asscheeks and started to lick between them.

Denise found herself panting. She gasped as the man licked up and down her ass-crack as if she had honey trickling down it.

"Shit, what a tasty little bitch!" the driver mumbled. He chewed on her asscheeks as if he wanted to devour them. "Down on your hands and knees. I wanna do your cunt, too."

Denise dropped down. She felt her tits hanging heavily as they swelled. Her pussy-lips felt like inflated balloons, tight with hot bl**d and fuck-tension. She turned her ass up, shoving her cunt in the man's face. The pussy juice dribbled down her legs. Suddenly, she was so excited she could hardly breath.

"Mmm, what a pussy," the man growled, his teeth gnawing on her cunt slabs, tugging on her silky cunt hairs. "Beautiful!" He f***ed the hairy pussy flaps apart, opening her cunt up. "Mmmmmmm!" His lips mashed to her open fuckhole and he sucked, eating her hot cuntmeat, eating her pussy juices.

Denise saw stars. She thought he was going to suck her insides out. As he fucked his tongue up her cunt, she felt a stream of tingling fire shoot through her cunt. As his tongue twirled, her cunt started to contract. Suddenly there were spasms gnawing through her loins.

"Uh, uh, uh!" she gasped. "Oh, oh God!" Her eyes rolled back as her pussy exploded. She was aware of her toes curling, of her nipples throbbing.

The man slurped like a pig at a through, lapping up her pussy juices as they dribbled from her clutching cunthole. He gnawed on her throbbing pussy slabs, kissed and licked her ass, lapping up the sweet cunt cream running down her legs. Never in her life had she leaked so much cunt juice when she came. Her cunt oozed pussy cream as if she had a cock inside her shooting cum out of her. As her orgasm subsided, she felt embarrassed.

"Now you," the bus driver muttered as if d***k. "Come on bitch, I wanna lick you, too." He tugged at Peggy until she'd assumed a hands and knees position next to Denise.

"Lick my ass, you old pig," snarled Peggy. "Go on, suck it out." She arched her back, turning up her ass and wiggling it in the driver's face.

Denise expected the driver to kick Peggy in the ass instead of licking her there. But the driver seemed either to ignore or not to hear what Peggy had said. He shoved apart her asscheeks and started to lick, munching at her shithole as if it were a succulent fruit.

"Mmm, teenaged bitch! Teenaged farm girl!" he muttered as he sucked Peggy's ass, breathing as if he were going to suffer a heart attack.

"Oooh, yeah, shove your tongue up my pussy," Peggy sighed. "Lick it all out. Oh, fuck!" She glanced over at Denise, who was still on her hands and knees, still recovering from her orgasm and watching over her shoulder as the driver sucked Peggy's ass. Peggy shoved her middle finger at Denise's mouth. "Here's some honey for you, bitch." She shoved her finger between Denise's lips.

Denise frowned at the tart flavor. The aroma of cunt opened her nostrils. Peggy had apparently been finger-fucking herself with that finger as she'd watched the driver eat Denise's ass and cunt. Denise sucked the finger clean without another thought. She didn't know why she did it. Possibly because she knew it would do no good to resist Peggy. Possibly because she wanted to. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste of Peggy's cunt.

"Oh shit, oh fuck!" Peggy squirmed as the driver started sucking on her cunt. "Oh Christ, that man knows how to eat pussy!" She rubbed her ass in the man's face, churned her loins as if she were fucking a cock. "What a fat wet tongue! Oh, eat me!"

Denise watched the driver over her shoulder. He looked as if he wanted to drive his head up Peggy's cunt, or up her asshole. He was wheezing from the exertion of his wild sucking and licking. He kept growling like a dog.

Denise remembered Romeo. She looked over to see the black Lab sitting on his haunches, quivering all over with tension as if he were going to spring at any second. His huge red prick stood up out of it's sheath, throbbing, leaking pre-cum like clear frosting. His black balls were swollen and appeared to roll in their sack. He was panting, whimpering. For just a moment, Denise felt the nearly irresistible desire to crawl to the dog like an a****l and go for his cock like a calf going for a cow's tit. For just a moment, she wanted to suck off that big dog again. She might have done it, too, if Peggy hadn't started whining and jerking.

Denise snapped her head the other way, watching Peggy squirm with orgasm. The blonde's eyes became glazed slits. She looked as if she would die from the sensations.

"I'm coming!" Peggy moaned. "Ooohhhh, I'm coming!"

Denise didn't know why she did it, since she hated Peggy so, but she reached over and stroked Peggy's head and back until the blonde had made it through her orgasm.

The driver struggled to his feet, wheezing, panting, gripping his cock as if he would break it off. Sweat ran down his face in streams. He looked as if he had a high fever or was very d***k. His mouth and chin dripped pussy-cum. Blonde cunt hairs were plastered to them.

"Okay, bitches, your turn. Come on, do me quick!"

Peggy got up on her knees, going for the repulsive man's cock as if she were actually hungry for it.

"You, too!" said the driver, giving Denise such a glare that she was up on her knees beside Peggy like Jack popping out of his box. "That's it. You both lick it now. You both get me off."

The man's cock looked enormous to Denise, much larger close up. The foreskin was pulled back off the cock head. Pre-cum dribbled from the open pisshole like tears. The smell of sweaty balls and cock nearly knocked Denise out. She thought she would faint. The smell both repulsed and attracted her.

"Lick it," the man said, his hands on his hips, his huge fucker pointing at the sky. "Come on, girls, lick!"

Peggy was grinning, gazing up at the man as her tongue flicked up and down his veiny prickshaft, around and around his purple cock-knob. She giggled like a naughty little girl, cooing as she licked, nibbling and munching, even kissing the man's balls.

Denise didn't know what to do except imitate Peggy. She'd never sucked a man's cock before. She couldn't believe she was doing it now. As Peggy sucked on the man's balls, Denise took the prick-knob into her mouth and munched on it.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!" The man shoved his cock in deeper, leaking fuck-lube down Denise's throat. "Suck it, bitch, suck that cock!"

The taste of cock excited Denise. It was a salty, cheesy taste, a dirty taste and yet an exciting one. She licked under the prick-knob as she sucked, munching with her lips, wishing she could swallow this hot slap of cock meat.

"Oh fuck, you're good!" the man sighed. "All you farm girls oughta turn professional. You got mouths like calves."

"Let me suck it," Peggy said. "Don't hog it."

Denise reluctantly let the man's cock go and watched Peggy swallow half of it. Her mouth was watering. She could still feel that big tasty rod of cockmeat throbbing in her mouth. It was like a big salty salami, and she wanted more of it. She started nipping at the man's lower prickshaft with her lips. She felt arteries flutter against her tongue, felt vibrations surge through the cockshaft. She licked the man's sweaty balls.

"Both of you suck it now," the man moaned. "Both at once. Quick!"

Peggy let his cock slip out of her mouth. She fastened her spongy lips around the right side of the man's cock and started to rub her mouth up and down his fat prickshaft. Denise imitated her, gluing her own mouth to the left side of the big cock and biting it with her lips. Her lips met Peggy's. Their noses almost touched as they rubbed their dripping mouths up and down the man's stiff fucker. It was as if they were kissing, with the man's cock between their mouths. They slid up and down faster and faster, their mingled spit dripping, the man's cock swelling even more.

"Ahhhh!" the driver moaned. "Eat my jizz!" He grabbed his cock, pumping it fiercely as his pisshole gaped and the cum gushed out. "Yeahhhhhh!"

The cum erupted like fireworks, splashing all over the faces of both girls. The girls held their mouths open and took hot slimy gobs of cum down their throats. Denise giggled as the molten cum pelted her cheeks and nose and lips. The wads of man-cum tasted thicker and sweeter than the cum of the black Lab. She f***ed Peggy aside and got her mouth over the flared prickhead, taking hot spurts of cum against her tonsils. The driver let go of his cock and allowed her to suck it. She munched on the cockhead, milked the cockshaft with her hand, sucked out every tasty drop she could get as the big fucker pulsated with its last orgasmic thrills and began to soften.

The driver pushed her away. "That's enough. Now you two lick the fuck-juice off each other. Go on, now, lick."

Denise giggled with embarrassment as she licked the wads of cum off Peggy's face. Then she closed her eyes and allowed Peggy to lick off her own face. Some cum had splashed on Denise's tits, and Denise gasped as Peggy licked it off and gave her left nipple a lip-smacking suck.

"Jesus Christ!" The driver squatted, then yanked up his boxer shorts and pants as he straightened up. "We're running way behind. No time for you two to get dressed. Grab your clothes and get dressed in the bus." He was already charging into the bushes and back to the bus.

Denise grabbed her clothes. Peggy grabbed her own clothes and Romeo's leash. As they stumbled back to the bus, scratching their skin on branches, treading on sharp stones, Denise felt so naked and wicked that she laughed out loud. For the first time in her life, she felt like a naughty, naughty girl.


All the k**s were fucking. Denise was sure of it. Every girl except her was coupled with a boy. Every girl except her had a cock up her cunt now or would shortly have a cock inside her. It was too dark in the bus to see anything clearly. Denise could see dark shapes moving in front of her.

At least three girls crouched on their hands and knees in the aisle as three boys fucked them from behind like stud dogs mounted on bitches. In the seats, heads moved up and down as girls fucked up and down on stiff cocks. The bus reeked of cock and balls, of sweat and cunt. The sounds that filled the dark bus were no longer those of grabbing and joking, but of serious fucking -- grunts, moans, gasps, whimpers.

Earlier, the driver had ordered all the windows shut, and now the bus felt humid and stuffy inside. The driver ignored what was going on behind him, steering the bus on into the night. He'd turned on a small radio and was listening to a baseball game, possibly to take his attention away from all the fucking going on behind him.

"Oh Darla, you're so hot!" a boy whispered loud enough for Denise to hear him. "I love your tits and ass, and, you're so fucking smooth! Mmn, fuck!"

Denise squinted, trying to get a look at the boy. She was sure he was one of those in the aisle, one of those boys fucking his cock in and out of a girl and making his lower belly clap against her ass.

"I'm coming!" a girl whimpered. "Ohhh, I'm coming!"

Denise listened to the girl gasping, and she envied her. Denise wished she had the guts to fuck with a boy, wished she could feel what that girl was feeling. There was no question in Denise's mind now that the feeling was pleasure, pleasure more intense than any she'd ever felt. She'd never been so close to other people fucking before. In the woods, she only dared spy from a safe distance. Now she was close, and although she couldn't see anything clearly, she could feel the electricity in the air, could hear the k**s expressing pleasure as if whispering straight into her ear, could smell their excitement like a dog.

She felt left out, abandoned -- not that it was anybody's fault but her own. She'd been hiding back here in the corner the whole trip. Any boys who'd tried to get her attention she'd completely ignored. Any boys who'd been interested in her had probably forgotten her by now. They were too busy fucking their stiff cocks inside wet, receptive cunts to even remember she was alive. It served her right. She was getting now exactly what she'd asked for, exactly what she'd prayed for -- to be left alone.

She felt hot. She felt miserable. She felt like jumping out of her skin and right through the roof of the bus. The bus smelled like a barn with all those naked, sweating teenagers fucking away like a****ls on a breeding farm. Denise thought she would suffocate on the scent. All that moaning and gasping, all that grunting, all those squishing noises and that obscene sound of flesh sliding against flesh were staring to drive her crazy. She almost covered her ears to block it out.

"Uhhhh, ahhhh!" a boy grunted.

"Shoot it!" a girl whispered. "Fill me up!"

Denise chewed her lip. She wanted to tell them to shut up, wanted to scream that they were all driving her crazy. She was furious with the bus driver for allowing this to happen. Little by little the k**s had tested the driver, getting more and more daring behind his back to see whether he'd continue to ignore them. He did. Now the k**s didn't care anymore. They'd lost all self control here in the dark of the bus.

"Damn it!" Denise whispered to herself, and she unbuttoned her blouse, almost ripping off the buttons.

If she had to suffocate back here, she was at least going to get comfortable. She stuffed her blouse into her overnight bag and felt a slight chill as the air caressed her completely naked tits. After the incident in the woods, she hadn't bothered to put her bra or panties back on. She pulled off her tight jeans and felt the cool vinyl of the seat against her bare ass. As she stuffed her jeans into her overnight bag, Romeo lifted his head from his paws and sat up.

Denise had almost forgotten the dog. When Peggy had gone up front to talk to some boy, she'd all but ordered Denise to baby-sit for the dog. Denise had fought the Lab's efforts to follow his mistress for nearly half an hour before Romeo had settled down. For the last few hours, the dog had lain on the floor next to Denise as if dead, ignoring the commotion in the bus, apparently resigned to the fact that Peggy had abandoned him and that he couldn't be part of the wild goings-on.

Romeo moved up to sniff at Denise's tits. Denise shivered as the hot breath of the dog caressed her nipples. His tongue came out and he started to lick, and Denise gasped out loud.

"Romeo," she whispered. "Stop!"

She did nothing to stop him, though. Delicious thrills streamed through her tits. Her cunt did quivering contractions. She raised her arms so the dog could lick not only her tits, but her armpits as well. This was more than she could stand. She had to push the dog away before she squealed out loud.

"Romeo, oh God, stop it!"

The dog licked her hands. He tried to push his snout between her legs. Denise was drooling cunt juice and the seat was getting buttery-slick under her ass.

The dog growled, trying to lick between her legs, and she feared he'd bite her if she kept fighting him. She moved further into the corner, slipping her ass off the spot she'd been sitting on. The dog immediately lapped up the slick pussy juice on the seat. Then he started to lick her legs.

Now what? Denise was starting to panic. He had her smack against the corner of the bus. Her only escape was out the window. As he licked her flesh, she had the feeling she was the dog's living prey. He tried to push his snout under her ass, his tongue slithering like a snake.

There was only on thing to do -- let him have his way.

Denise raised her ass, turning it toward the panting dog so he could lick it. He growled as he burrowed his wet snout between her asscheeks. His tongue licked up and down her ass-crack and all over her ass. Denise's heart hammered, and she started to breath faster. Her hand moved almost mechanically, gripping her asscheek and pulling it so the dog could lick her shithole.

"Oh, Romeo!" she breathed, tingles flooding her asshole as the dog probed it with the tip of his tongue. "Oh God, lick me!"

She loved getting her ass licked. She'd found that out a few hours ago in the park as she'd crouched like an a****l to let the bus driver suck out her asshole and cunt. As the dog's tongue slithered up and down her ass-crack, as it tried to work its way into her shithole, Denise wished she could open herself up and let the dog fuck his tongue straight up her ass. She slid off the seat -- slowly, so as not to spook the dog -- and she crouched on the floor between the seats, shoving her ass up high, arching her back so her cunt would move into licking range for the dog.

Romeo growled, lapping her pussy wildly, his long tongue flapping up and down her cunt slit. Leaning her head against the vibrating wall of the bus for support, she reached behind her ass with both her hands and pulled apart her cunt-lips. The hot juice was dribbling out of her pussy like melted butter. The dog whimpered as he licked. Denise felt warm cunt juice trickling down her legs. Her open crotch sizzled, her cunthole throbbing as if it wanted to suck the dog's tongue inside her.

It happened so fast that Denise had no time to even try to escape. Romeo rose up on his hind legs and mounted her, gripping her ass with his big paws, digging in with his claws, fucking his stiff dog-prick straight up her open cunt and searing the itching walls of her raw pussy. Her cunt contracted, gripping his cock and trying to pull it in deeper. Denise arched back and whined.

She couldn't believe it! She was being fucked! And it didn't hurt. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She could feel her cunt squeezing hard, as if it never wanted to release the dog-prick. Her loins swelled with a tension, with a feeling that made her want to put her nose up in the air and howl.

She braced her hands on the floor, wiggling her ass in crazy circles as the dog started fucking his stiff cock in and out of her pussy. As the hot cock slid inside her, streams of tingling fire saturated her fuck-cavern. She felt the sensations in her asshole and throughout her loins. The tips of her toes and fingers tingled, as did her nipples. She'd never in her life felt so good, all over, all at once.

The dog drooled on her back, panting as he fucked his cock inside her. She felt his furry loins pounding her bare ass and she churned her ass against his belly, unable to get enough of the feel of his fur. His claws sank deeper into her flesh and the pain she felt only increased her excitement. Her pleasure had a certain amount of pain mixed up with it. The dog's cock kept stabbing in and out of her cunt like a hot knife, jabbing spots in her cunt that made her writhe from the almost painful intensity of the sensation.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Ohhh, fuck me!" Now she knew why the other girls screamed those word while they were being fucked. The feeling of a hot cock plunging in her cunt drove her nearly insane with pleasure, and yet she couldn't get enough of the feeling. She growled, grinding her ass, pounding her ass against the dog's humping loins. "Screw meeeee!"

The dog's cock flexed hard inside her, making her squeal. Suddenly he was whining. Suddenly Denise felt streams of sizzling dog-cum spurting deep into her cunt.

She didn't know how to react. She tightened her cunt rhythmically, milking the dog's cock as it flexed and quivered and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her. She could feel the molten spurts drilling the depths of her fuckhole. She gasped with each explosion, grinding her tightened cunt around and around the dog's jerking cock.

"Shoot it," she whispered, craning her neck and looking over her shoulder.

She could see the hulking form of the black Lab as he humped at her ass, pumping his cum into her. In the glow from passing headlights the dog's eyes took on a greenish-blue glow of their own, as if he had a light bulb in his skull. The sight of the dog frightened Denise. He looked like a monster, riding her, fucking his hot prick into her again and again, shooting her pussy full of scalding canine cum.

"Goddamn!" came a low mumble. "Shit!"

For a moment Denise's heart stopped. For a moment she thought the dog was talking. Then she spotted another dark shape moving up next to the dog, a taller shape, a shape with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

"So this is what you've been doing hiding back here all this time," the boy said. "Goddamn!"

Denise couldn't make out the boy's features. All she could see was the outline of him. He was a tall boy with a good physique, probably one of the boys who had been trying to flirt with her earlier. She was helpless to say anything or do anything. She was trapped, caught, completely at his mercy.

"Down you horny bastard," the boy said to the dog, and he pulled the Lab off Denise by the collar.

Romeo growled, but the boy ordered him to behave, and the dog put up no resistance as the boy fastened his leash to the seat on the other side of the bus.

Denise was so stunned that she watched all this over her shoulder, still holding the position Romeo had fucked her in. She could feel his warm dog-cum starting to ooze from her open fuckhole. She realized her vulnerability too late. The boy dropped down behind her and fucked his stiff cock into her cunt.

"Stop!" she gasped, sensing a tremendous pain and pressure in her cunt. The boy's cock was much thicker and longer than the cock of the dog, and it hurt her as he tried to fuck his prick all the way in.

"Tight baby," the boy whispered, and he thrust.

Denise almost shot through the ceiling of the bus. An explosion of pain went off in her cunt as another explosion of white light went off in her brain. She'd felt something tear in her cunt, had felt it pop like a breaking rubber band. The boy's cock filled her pussy. His hard lower belly collided with her ass.

"I love you," the boy moaned, hunching over her and biting her shoulders and neck. "I'm crazy about you. Christ, what a cunt! What hot soft skin! Yeah!" He straightened up and started to fuck.

Denise thought she was going to die. Her cunt felt raw inside, felt as if it were burning up and bleeding. She had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming as the boy rammed his big fucker in and out of her. She couldn't believe anything could feel so hard and hot -- and so big. She knew it couldn't be true, but it felt as if the boy's prick was as big as a baseball bat.

"Please," she whined. "Go slower. Don't hurt me."

The boy either didn't hear her or heard her and ignored her, because he started fucking her even harder, driving his red-hot fuck-spike deep into her pussy, slamming his rock-hard abdomen against her ass so hard that she felt the vibrations in her skull.

"I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I laid eyes on you," the boy muttered. "And now I've got you. You're all mine. You're the cutest chick on the bus." He dug his fingers into her asscheeks, gripping her at the hips and jerking her back and forth on his stabbing prick.

Denise felt numb -- numb with shock, numb with fear. The pain had passed. At least, she didn't feel it anymore. She kept taking deep breaths as the boy's cock fucked in and out of her, and that helped relieve the tremendous pressure she felt in her loins. She closed her eyes