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Girlfriend, Her Mom & Me II

The Photo Shoot

... daughter told me she will be spending the night with her girlfriend and that she would go to school from her house ... her mom, allowed her fuck him while I ate her pussy. Oh god, what was I becoming?

She raised her skirt enough for me to see her ... ... Continue»
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the photo shoot

... daughter told me she will be spending the night with her girlfriend and that she would go to school from her house ... her mom, allowed her fuck him while I ate her pussy. Oh god, what was I becoming?

She raised her skirt enough for me to see her ... ... Continue»
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Spirit of Alaska

... of those brought their grandc***dren so Mom and Dad could enjoy a vacation in the ... her eyes. “Mmmm yes fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can, fuck me, fuck me hard you won’t hurt me ... a baby in his arms. It seemed his girlfriend who was there with him had ... ... Continue»
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Good Story, to good not to share. Stuck up rich gi

... her throat and looked nastily down at her.

"One blow and you would die, slut!"

"Please don't hurt me!" she gasped.

He pulled her hair forward again, then jerked her out of the chair and slammed her belly into ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... the time of World War II. The world they
grew ... discuss sex and fantasies
with my Mom and turned her on to your book ( ... her marital
relations. She (let me call her Ethel) told me her husband knew
and fully approved, and had in fact joined her and her ... ... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... Zelda pulled out my chair and helped me
get seated. She was treating me as her girlfriend. I noticed Mistress
Rachel was doing the ... that big ass of
yours feel better," said mom, pushing her off her lap
and leading her by the leash to the bathroom.

I ... ... Continue»
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Step-Father's Sins

... much to make me come. I swear!" MacIntyre screamed.

She opened her mouth far.

She relaxed her lips and made her mouth cottony. ... Bernard knew that soon he would be master of the f****y.

Mom and the two daughters would be completely subservient to ... ... Continue»
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Marilyn With The Hots

... "Can we, Mom? I sure would like to."

"What about your 'sort of' girlfriend?" she teased.

"Who needs her?" Donny mumbled, ... ?"

"I wanna fuck her, Mom." he said, his cock still hard in his shorts. "I
gotta fuck her! She's gonna make me come in ... ... Continue»
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Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy

... always losing things. Mom was like that. Dad, however, didn't seem mad at all, unlike with her Mom. Instead, he had a ... , Daddy, do me!"

Her father looked down her nude body, watching himself fuck her. Kat reached her arms up and hooked her hands behind ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

... Jane,
Amelia, Alix
THE LESBIANS.................................................................... ... girlfriend that ... with-Mom- ... her. Push myself against her mouth so that her lips
are pressed against her teeth and her tongue slips into me.
wanting me ... ... Continue»
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A sexy weekend in Spain

... giggled.

"She thinks I'm your girlfriend," she told Ian, hardly able to hold back her giggles.

The receptionist gave ... of her panties, tracing a line down her slit, feeling her heat, her wetness, making her cry out again.

"Fuck me, Daddy, fuck me," ... ... Continue»
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... me
and let me know yr comments n if you have experienced something like
this. After all this is mostly a true story.
II ... girls that were there. Unknown to her at
that time, Vicky's girlfriend Karuna was there eyeing her. She had
seen the way Vicky ... ... Continue»
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A sexy weekend at home

... leant over Susie and whispered to her.

"Let me go and find your toys," he murmured, enjoying her soft moan as she took ... home from college early and had seen her own older b*****r in his room, with his girlfriend, both of them naked, his cock ... ... Continue»
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A little favour

... girlfriend. They were finishing up a bottle of wine and opening up another one. Kathleen invited me ... girlfriend loved him to go down on her with his pierced tongue. He said the ball he wore drove her ... what you mean. My Mom used one on me when I was growing ... ... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... bushes and across the grass showed me that the young guy now had his girlfriend's skirt round her waist and was busy with ... 'd just fucked her that she'd like him to do it again and asking him to bring his girlfriend to fuck me too. (And ... ... Continue»
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... me dear’. Sailaja felt that it is the best way to take revenge over Khadir for his affair with her mom ... ... Continue»
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... saw his mom in that short robe and those fuck-me shoes he had a hard time controlling his reaction to her. He stepped ... her hot little hand twisted around him. His quiet groans made her hornier with each flick of her wrist.

While he watched his mom ... ... Continue»
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The Chamber Of The Goddess by Cactus Juggler

... me," the other woman told her, and the she reached her hands up behind her back.

"Rochelle!" Shelly blurted, as the bigger girl unhooked her ... ... Continue»
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The Journey Pt. 01

... pound into her with rapid strokes.

"Yes, yes, fuck me," Janice whispered, her excitement rising rapidly.

"Fuck me!" Tim thought. ... her thighs. Her hips lifted off the sofa as her hands pulled his head tight between her legs. "Oh God, Dan. Oh yes, eat me ... ... Continue»
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When wishes have come true

... while you stuff me with your big fucking cock hmm? Yeah, fuck me Eric, fuck Nick's girlfriend and make her a cheating ... erupted within her.

"OH FUCK ME! UGHHH YES! OHHHHH FUCK! UHHHHHHHNNNGHH!" The hot girlfriend screamed loudly as she threw her head back ... ... Continue»
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