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Girl Next Door

... better girl, than the cute girl next door. I mean, that’s every teenagers dream, to have a hot girl next door. Since I was Thirteen , I’ve lived next to such a girl. I’ ... day. The day my dream, of getting with the girl next door actually came true.

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The Girl Next Door


I currently live in a 2 story apartment complex and have lived here for approximately 7 years or so. A few years ago a single female tenant moved next door to my apartment on the 2nd floor and declared to have a huge crush on me. She left anonymous love letters on my door every night explaining her attraction and sex desires towards me, but never came forward. I found out she was writing them because when ever we crossed paths she got very nervous and avoided eye contact. I started to write back and left responding letters on my own door the mornings after, before going to work. I was not really attracted to her and played along as if I didn’t know who she was. I wrote and requested for her to come forward, to knock on my door instead of all the letters so we could talk, but she responded that she was too shy and never confronted me the entire time. Eventually, I lost interest in responding and after a few letters with no response, she stopped writing me. The story below is inspired by true events but created with mostly fantasy and imagination. This is a short story with a similar scenario about a very attractive and busty neighbor with an incredible connection amongst tenants that lead to lust and desire. I call it “The Girl Next Door” so here it goes... Enjoy!

The Girl Next Door

It is early November, winter is near so the cold weather is beginning to be felt in the atmosphere. I wake up to a beautiful Saturday morning, the sky is clear and its a bit chilly outside. I go into the kitchen of my apartment and make my morning coffee to start my day. Once the coffee is ready, I grab my cup and decide to go into the balcony of my apartment complex building to relax a bit. I drink the hot beverage and gaze into the sky as the cold breeze hits my face. A few minutes pass and I notice a beautiful raven woman carrying 3 sturdy boxes. She is gorgeous; early 20's, athletic physique, long straight black hair, white pale skin, no make up, big beautiful hazel eyes, sexy long legs, bodacious ass, and incredible huge natural breasts. The boxes seem heavy judging by her slow pace. I immediately ask if she needs help, she answers “its alright, Im fine”, but I insist in helping. I grab the 2 top boxes off of her hands and ask her where she is taking them. She points to the 2nd floor and we begin to walk up the stairs. We introduce ourselves and I ask which apartment number she resides in. She answers me and with a smirk on my face I reply, "Wow you're my new next door neighbor". She smiles, and responds, "Lucky me"! We both giggle as we walk up the stairs. We stand in front of her door, she then puts the 1 box down so she can reach into the pocket of her tight blue jeans and search for the key. The door is opened and I step into the empty apartment to place the 2 boxes down. I ask if she has any more heavy boxes I can help her with, but she states that the rest are light and could manage on her own. I respond, “Well, Im right next door if you need anything”. She then stares into my eyes and smiles, “Thank you, you're so sweet!” I then walk off with a big smile on my face and head into my apartment, grab my coffee cup, and continue to relax on the balcony thinking about the girl next door.

A week has passed and Saturday returns with a bit of rain. I stay cozy inside with the heater on and decide to stay in and make the best of the stormy weather. I turn on my computer to watch some good ol' porn, when all of a sudden I hear a knock at my door. I turn the computer screen off and spy through the peephole in my door. It was the girl next door, I immediately rush into the closet throw on a hat to hide the lazy mess on my head and try and act cool as I open the door. “Hello there, neighbor!” I say. “Hi!” she replies. “How can I help?” I stutter. Once again, she stares into my eyes making me blush and utters, “I was wondering if you have some sugar? I’m baking some chocolate chip cookies and forgot to check if I had enough sugar. Would you be so kind and give me half a cup?” I couldn’t help looking down at her chest, she was wearing a very tight grey sweater that exposed her large breasts. She was not wearing a bra for I could see her hard nipples popping out of her sweater. I focus back into my response and imply, “Yes, I should have some sugar for you. Let me go get it.” I rush into my kitchen, grab the entire bag of sugar, and hurry back to the door where my lustful neighbor was standing. “Here you go, take it all. I hardly use it” I say. She looks at me with a cute gratitude expression and responds, “Thank you so much! I have 1 week here and Im already bothering you, Im sorry! Can I repay you with some tea and cookies?” I smile and reply, “Dont be silly, you are not bothering anyone. We are neighbors! We are here to help each other out. I may need something in the future, you never know. As for your offer, I would gladly accept your freshly baked cookies with coffee, I dont do tea.” She giggles and states, “Ok then! I will call you over when the cookies are ready. Thank you neighbor!” She starts to walk away and I interrupt, “Please, call me Johnny!” She then looks back with a flirt and answers, “I know your name, I just think calling you neighbor, sounds kinda nice!” she winks and goes into her apartment. I was hypnotized! I couldnt believe what she just said... My heart was pumping out of my chest and I felt a weird tingle in my stomach. I then go back to my computer desk, turn my monitor back on and yell, “FUCK YOU PORN!” and shut down my computer. I step into the bathroom, turn my ipod on with speakers plugged in, begin to shave as I sing to some 2pac “How do you want it”, and keep reminiscing on my neighbors beautiful cleavage. I jump in the shower to smell good and fresh. I dance and sing out loud from the excitement. I get out of the shower, throw on a tight white T-shirt and some loose blue jeans. I head back into my bathroom to fix my hair and throw on some gel. I look at myself in the mirror and make sexy faces pretending my neighbor is there in front of me LOL. 45 minutes have passed and I hear a knock at the door. My apartment reeks of cologne, for I nearly sprayed the entire bottle. I open the door and there she is. What a goddess! She looks even more beautiful than before for some reason. “Ready for some cookies neighbor?” She murmurs with a cute face expression. I wanted to eat her alive! My cock wanted to jump out of my pants to say hello. I smile at her and close the door behind me. We head towards her apartment and she invites me in. The apartment is no longer empty. She fully furnished the place, nice paintings on the wall, big screen tv, ornaments all over, and colorful furniture. I compliment her on how nice she fixed the residence. “Thank you!” she answers as she scopes her surrounding. “Right this way!” She says as she walks me into her kitchen. I sit down next to the table inside her kitchen and watch as she bends down to reach into the oven. Her curves are amazing! The way her back arches into her ass its just out of this world. Her ass is incredible, amazing, perfect!!! I imagined being behind her and eating her ass as she reached into her oven. Tasting her delicious vagina and licking her pale asshole all over. I could literally be eating that for hours, just feasting on that peach pussy. Yummmm... I snapped back into reality as she placed the tray of cookies on the table. She placed a pot of water into the stove for the coffee. We conversed as all this took place, just small talk, about personal background and all the jiberish you ask when you start to get to know someone. I could care less I just wanted her naked already! A few hours pass, and I munched on 5 cookies by now. Cup of coffee all gone. We continue to talk and then the conversation took a different spin. “So neighbor... Do you have a girlfriend?” She asks. I state that I am not dating and just enjoying the single lifestyle for now. She agrees with my decision and asks the most unexpected question... “What do you do about sex?” she questions. I was thrown off, I was not ready for that one. I turn red, and try and look at her with seriousness. I respond with a bit of hesitation, “I havent had sex in quite some time to be honest, but if I am in dire need I may visit a bar or possibly a strip club to calm the nerves”, I answer and accompany the statement with a laugh. She is not laughing with me, instead she stares at me in the eyes. She has a serious look in her face. I couldnt make out what she was thinking. Was she disappointed? Was she intrigued? Was she just quiet waiting for something to follow? I didnt know... I was so confused. The silence broke when she blurs out, “Well maybe we should change that!”. I was shocked!!! She continued to look at me, but this time I saw lust. Her straight long black hair covered half of her face and I saw sex in her eyes. I started to stutter for I was incredibly nervous, I looked away because I felt weak. I had a beautiful women in front of me and she is the one making moves on me, it threw my game off completely. I sat there like an idiot, so confused and helpless. She stood up, grabbed my hand, and led me to her room. We began to kiss passionately! Our tongues massaged against each other. I sucked and bit her lips. I savored every second with heavy breathing. I reached for her bubble butt. She jumped onto to me and wrapped her legs around my waist. I threw her in bed and continued to french her down with kisses. I groped her huge breasts, they were soft, delicate, and very firm. I removed the grey sweater and began to suck her pink nipples. They were incredible! So Soft, silky, and they had a sweet taste to them. She moaned and twisted while I continued to worship those breasts with my mouth. My cock was pressing up against my jeans that it began to hurt from the pressure. I took a break from sucking the titties and started to unbuckle my jeans. She sat back up on the bed and waited for the dick patiently. Once I freed him, she looked at it, bit her lower lip, and said... “OMG what a nice cock!” she grabbed it violently and placed it in her mouth. She sucked it so good. I leaned my head back from pleasure. She loved it so much, she used her tongue to lick my entire cock like if it was a lollipop. She wrapped her lips around its head and sucked it hard, then softly, then hard again. I wanted to see her ass so bad, so I asked if she could take her jeans off. She paused and took the penis out her mouth for a few seconds and said, “Not yet neighbor... Cant you see Im busy with this beautiful cock in my mouth? Please wait a bit!” She placed the dick back into her mouth and looked up at me with such joy. I smiled down at her and said, “Ok neighbor, worship that cock with your mouth! Suck it like theres no tomorrow!”. She moaned and quietly made sounds, that sounded something like this... “Mmmmmmhmmmm, slurp, slurp, nom, nom” LOL. After 10 mins of her devouring my shaft, she finally got up and took her pants off. I turned her around and shouted, “OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!” She had a perfect ass, very round, no cellulite, no stretch marks, just thickness all over! I started to kiss and lick her ass. I buried my face in her ass, licked her pussy and asshole. She moaned and tightened her butt cheeks while grabbing the back of my head. I was eating her ass like it was a buffet, all you can eat! Yummm... Soon after I bent her over, grabbed my boner and led it inside her pussy! She yelled from pleasure and gripped her sheets tightly with her hands. I rammed her pussy hard. Her cushioned ass felt nice as it slapped against me while I throbbed my dick inside of her. She was so wet, the pussy and dick interaction started making gushy sounds, foam started to build around my cock from the juices. She screamed, “YEESSS DADDY!!! FUCK ME!?! JUST LIKE THAT!!! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!!! I LOVE YOUR COCK DADDY!!!” This was turning me on more. I turned her over, missionary position so I can grab her big tits as I pound on her cunt some more. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head and moaned, “OMG!!! YEAH...” I felt like a King! I was fucking some high quality pussy. We switched to a few more positions and when I was ready to cum she wanted it in her mouth. I gladly released all my jizz inside her mouth! She cleaned up the remaining cum from my hard cock. She played with the cum inside her mouth and swallowed it. I was sweating like a pig! She stood up and hugged me tightly! Her breasts felt nice against my chest. I reached down with my hands and squeezed her ass tightly. We stayed hugging for 2 mins until she said, “Lets go take a bath! Let me clean you up?”. I nodded and followed her into her bathroom. We sat in the tub all snuggled up together for a while until we fell asl**p. This is the girl next door of my dreams! Dont you wish this was a real experience? Whether you are a man or woman, Im sure you want that type of sexy neighbor! To lust and fulfill your every desire!

The End
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me and the girl next door

this is my first attempt at writing about my experience with the girl next door.

so it was summer last year and we haven't long moved in to our new house.Its been about 3 month and since we moved in i cant help notice the girl next door her and my parents are best friends and have known each other for years, she is 26, 5ft9 slim but has curves in all the right places shoulder length red hair and stunning blue eyes, she doesn't have huge tits but they are just perfect and her arse looks firm but small. i first noticed her when her dad invited me in to sort out their computer issues being 18 i am pretty good with computers, we was sitting in the kitchen sorting out jemmas laptop (thats the girl next doors name) when she came in wearing tight hot pants and a tight t-shirt, she flashed me a smile and asked what i was doing, her dad told her i lived next door and was setting up the wireless on her laptop.

after 20 mins i was done and left their house and went in to my room, i could hear her in her room witch is next to mine, she was on the phone talking to someone she said "i just met the k** next door wow! i am going to have to meet him properly later" i sat on the bed thinking holy crap why dose she wanna meet me? i aint that great looking. any way a few hours later and i could hear voices in next doors garden jemma was laying on the grass sun bathing in a shiny blue bikini i couldn't help but notice her butt cheeks shining in the sun the more i looked at her the more i become aroused, a bang from the front door closing broke my stare, with that she got up and went indoors, i put on my headset and played on my pc 15 mins later my mum came in to my room saying that jemma wanted my help with her laptop next door, i jumped at the chance to perv on her some more, i knocked on her front door and heard her yell "come in its open just come up stairs", i opened the door and slowly walked up the stairs her door opened slightly and she softly said come in hun.

my heart started to beat harder and the thought of seeing her up close in that bikini was exciting me i slowly walked in to see her sitting on her bed with a towel covering her body, her hair was wet and her shoulders glistened in the light, we got chatting about the probs she was having and asked if i had skype incase she had any more probs she could just chat to me, i said sure why don't ya have my mobile number to incase u cant get on the internet, she said hey that's a great idea, we got chatting more and she asked if i had a girl friend
i told her no and she replied thats a shame but would i like to go to a party with her on the weekend i said sure that would be great she asked if her dad paid me for setting up the wireless, i said no, she said there and paused for a few seconds.
she lent forward just enough so i could see her glistening cleavage and asked what would i like for payment stunned i stuttered um..... um..... iam not sure "how about i hook up and one of my friends up" she whispered "um ... how about you and me hook up" i cheekily replied "hmmmm maybe" she whispered she leaned forward even move her towel barely covering her nipples now, i looked her up and down to see if i could get a cheeky look at her pussy but it was covered up by the towel "like what you see" she asked, i replied sure but i wouldn't mind seeing more of that stunning body of yours i couldn't help but notice you sun bathing earlier" she giggled and whispered "if you play your cards right you might just get your wish" with that she gave me a little kiss on the lips and left a little bit of her spit on my lips for me to taste, gave me a cheeky wink and said "i will see you later handsome" with that i left not wanting to push my luck, ran in to my room and pinched myself to see if i was dreaming.

hope ya like this will update more later ... Continue»
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Girl Next Door

I had never paid much attention to Jessica, my next-door neighbor, during high school. First, she was three years younger than me, so growing up we never really hung out, and then in school we never had class together. Second, we just ran in very different circles anyway. Jessica had always been an athlete, swimming and track, while I had been focused on school. And at just over six foot and naturally trim, it wasn't unheard of for me to have a girlfriend.

In my own defense, I wasn't completely devoid of athletic skill, though I would never have been a star. But I had always been above average in the classroom, so that's where I devoted my time and energy.

It all paid off three years ago, when I started school at Stanford. I was pre-law with everything going for me. Including a summer internship with my uncle's law firm, which is what brought me back home to begin with.

The first few weeks went by fine, nothing exciting happening. I still had some high school friends in town, so whenever I had free time I hung out with them. I don't think I even saw Jessica in those first few weeks, but then again, she was still in school. My mom at one point did say something about her growing up, but I didn't really pay attention.

The first time I really saw Jessica was on her graduation day. She was taking pictures with her f****y, dressed in her cap and gown. I certainly couldn't see much, but I saw that her face had become even prettier. When we were in high school, she had been pretty enough, but like I said, I had been focused on school.

It looked like she had lost her baby fat, as her face had slimmed somewhat. She still had that All-American, "girl next door" look to her, but what guy didn't like that? She was blonder than I remembered, but I hadn't seen her in two years or so. I really didn't think much of it all, except that she had grown into a pretty young woman.

A week later, my parents left for the weekend. They were both semi-retired, with the emphasis on the retired. They were gone constantly, with was fine with me. Not that I had anything exciting to do, but I had become used to living on my own. They left Friday morning, before I even got up.

I finished up work and was on my way home when I got a message from one of my friends that "everyone" was going out tonight. What I really wanted was just to sit by the pool and drink, whether or not anyone else was with me. The bars had never really been my thing, but that didn't always stop me from going anyway.

Reluctantly I went out, and did manage to have a decent time. A few people I hadn't seen in a while were out too, so my friend hadn't been completely full of shit. And as always, there were beautiful girls out, making me wish I had the guts to just take one of them home. It had been months since the last time I'd been with anyone.

By the time I got home, I was looking forward to having another beer and a relaxing dip in the pool. My head was just barely buzzing, making me feel relaxed and happy. I pulled into the garage and went straight to my room to change into my trunks.

I grabbed a towel and my precious beer and walked onto our back patio. I didn't' bother to turn on any lights as I walked out. I was drinking my beer as I walked, and what I saw, once I processed it, almost made me spit it out. There was someone already in my pool, and it was female. It took me another full second to realize that this mystery swimmer was also naked!

Whoever it was had an easy stroke and was clearly a strong swimmer. She was blond, her hair probably just below her shoulders. She still had not noticed me standing there, watching her. The water glided over her shapely body and I felt a stirring in my shorts. I took another sip of beer and thanked God my parents had put in the pool.

This swimmer then finished her lap and stopped, wiping the water from her eyes. Still not noticing me, she pushed away from the edge and back into the pool, but this time swimming on her back. I was just about to search for her bathing suit, but immediately forgot about it when her spectacular body came into view.

There wasn't much light, and her face was hidden in shadows, but there was enough to make out the clear mounds of flesh on her chest. They were ample, but not big. Perfectly proportioned to her long slender body, the water flowed over and around them erotically. I looked farther down her body, to where her legs were leisurely kicking, but couldn't make out any details.

Just then, she pulled even with me and saw me. She yelped out in shock and instantly moved to cover herself. It was then that I got a good look at her face and saw that it was my neighbor Jessica!

"Jesus Mark, you scared the shit out of me," she said, out of breath.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you in my pool," I said, stressing where she was playfully. "Do you often break into people's pools in the middle of the night?" It was well past midnight by now, which had made the surprise of finding someone in my pool all the more complete.

"I thought you went with your parents," was all she said. She was still not making any move to get out of the pool.

"You know, it's silly to sit here talking in the dark like this…" I trailed off. I was pretty sure she didn't know I had seen her nakedness.

"No!" she almost yelled, stifling herself in case she woke up her own parents.

"No? Why not?"

"Because I'm…I'm skinny dipping," she said, the first hint of embarrassment creeping into her voice.

"Whoa, whoa whoa," I started, faking outrage and shock. "I come home to find my hot neighbor naked in my pool, and she expects me to leave the lights off?!"

"Oh shut up Mark, and just look the other way while I put my suit back on." She started swimming to the edge and I reluctantly did as I was told. When I heard her get out of the pool, I tried to steal a peek, but couldn't really see much. Still too dark.

"I'm sorry, I should really be going home anyway," she said, and I turned, hoping she wasn't clothed yet. Damn, she was.

"Jessica, I really don't care. You can stay longer if you want." I was desperately hoping she would, the alcohol only heightening my arousal.

"I bet you'd like that," she said, moving her head down to indicate my crotch. I looked down to see a very noticeable bulge, one that I hadn't even been aware of. "See you later tiger," she said over her shoulder, walking towards her own house. I watched the silhouette of her hips as she walked and felt myself get harder. Damn, she had turned into a drop-dead gorgeous woman!

I didn't even bother with the pool after that, going straight inside and jerking off. Her tone of voice as she walked away left me intrigued. It had been quite playful, even flirty. Whatever it was, it left me sure that it wouldn't be too awkward the next time we saw each other.

As it turns out, the next time we saw each other was the very next day. Except we didn't talk, so I'm not sure how awkward it was for her. It was sure as hell awkward for me though.

I was cutting the grass right after lunch, waiting to see if Jessica was going to come over or anything. By the time I got to the backyard, I was sweating through my T-shirt and ready for a cold drink. I was a little disappointed that Jessica had not come over to chat or anything, as our front yards are open to each other.

Our back yards are much more secluded, though by no means impenetrable. A row of short hedges and some trees give some privacy. In reality, it's more illusion than anything else. But right as I started the back, I saw Jessica walk out onto their patio, dressed in what was probably the same bikini from the night before. She had a towel d****d over a shoulder and was holding a glass of cola in one hand.

From that distance I could make out her body and face pretty well. I had been right last night – Jessica had grown up into a full-blown knockout! She waved at me as I rode the mower by, and I managed to wave back. Before the trees blocked my view, I saw that she was about to catch some sun.

For the next half hour, I fought to mow in straight lines, as my head was constantly swiveling and bobbing for the best view of her already-tanned body. By the time I was done, I had caught enough split-second glimpses that I knew I would need a quick dip in the pool. As I already figured I'd be hot, I had on my trunks.

I parked the mower in the back shed and started walking back to the house. Of course I looked over again, expecting to see Jessica just as she had been. My eyes nearly bugged out of my head when I saw that she had taken off her top! I stopped dead in my tracks, unsure of what to do. I desperately wanted a better look, but it was broad daylight. There was no sneaking up on her.

Finally, I decided that even just a few feet closer would be enough. I slunk my way through the trees until I was in the middle of the tree line. There were trees closer, but I figured I'd stay in the shadows.

Just as I settled into a half-crouch behind a thick elm, Jessica lifted her head and I thought for sure she saw me. Instead, she reached over and grabbed her bottle of tanning lotion. I took a deep breath and said a quick prayer.

Thank you!

She started rubbing the lotion over her smooth skin, the lotion only adding to the effect. She started at her legs and worked her way up. Goddamn did she have a great body. Her legs were perfectly toned from hours of training, and the lotion only heightened my awareness.

By the time she got past her toned and flat stomach, my dick was already growing rapidly. Jessica next squirted some of her lotion directly onto her chest, and my jaw literally dropped. I don't think I'd ever seen anything sexier. I couldn't help but equate the lotion to my own hot liquid I would love to spray all over her chest.

As she rubbed the lotion over her perfect breasts she looked around the yard, checking for perverts like me. For a second, my heart stopped and I thought she saw me again, but her head just kept moving past me. I couldn't help but rub myself through my trunks as she leaned back in her chair and continued to knead the lotion onto her wonderful mounds, her tits glistening in the sun.

I could have easily jerked myself off right there, but remembered it was in the middle of the afternoon. Tragically, I tore myself away from my hiding place and snuck back into my house. I was just about to relieve my aching member when the phone rang. Turned out it was my parents just checking in, but it was enough to let my tension ease away on its own.

A quick dip in the pool to cool the rest of the way down and I was much calmer. The rest of the afternoon was spent lazing about the house, doing some light chores in between a nap and some light reading. I ate supper in front of the TV and did some work since I was kind of bored. Calling to my friends revealed they had more of the same planned, so I told them I'd skip the bars that night.

I had no idea what I'd do instead and got ready to watch a movie. I headed to my bedroom to pick out a movie. I just happened to glance out my second-story window and got an even better show. Turns out Jessica must have moved to a different bedroom in their house, as my window now looked directly into hers, through a very large patio door.

And there in her room was Jessica, standing stark naked. Her back was to me, and she was looking at herself in the mirror, probably examining the day's tanning. I immediately felt a surge of electricity shoot through my groin, fixing me in place. I knew that if I kept my light on, she could spot me even easier. After a few seconds, I sprinted across my room and shut the light off.

I got back to the window and let out a sigh of relief as Jessica was still standing there. Now both of us could examine her body. Discounting the night before in my pool on account of bad lighting, this was my best view of her yet. As it was, I could only see her back since she was standing directly in front of the mirror.

But that was more than enough. Every muscle on her body looked to be stretched tight. Her calves were perfectly shaped from miles of running and her thighs were slim but powerful looking. All leading up to the most perfect heart-shaped ass I'd ever seen. Her back was smooth and flawless, like all of her skin, and shone with a healthy tan.

I reached down, gripped my hardening shaft, and started stroking myself through my shorts. This was absolutely too much for me to take. Jessica started moving around, getting different views of herself in the mirror. This gave me a perfect profile of her perky tits, sitting proud and high on her chest. Then she ran her hands up to heft each of them and I almost lost it.

I frantically grabbed a sock from the floor, not wanting to paint my wall. I looked back up to see that Jessica was walking to the far side of her bed. Just a little longer, I thought to myself, my hand starting to stroke up and down my length with purpose. But if I was afraid of her leaving or putting clothes on, I was way off.

She bent over at the waist and reached into her bedside table, giving me more fuel for my fantasies. She pulled something out, exactly what I couldn't see, and tiptoed to her door. Listening for a second, she returned to her bed and laid down on her back. I wondered for a second just what the hell this was all about and then was shocked when I realized what she was about to do.

To confirm my guess, I saw what she was holding in her hand – a light blue vibrator. My cock twitched and I fought down my climax. I watched, enthralled, as Jessica spread her legs and ran her free hand down to her box. I had a perfect profile view of her, but that meant unfortunately I couldn't see the real action. But this was more than anything I'd ever expected!

Jessica gently sucked the vibrator into her mouth, her lips looking amazingly soft even from 60 feet away. I groaned my appreciation involuntarily, and my heart stopped, thinking she would hear me. The window's closed stupid, I thought. Then I noticed that Jessica's patio door was opened considerably and decided to take a chance. Opening my own window, I told myself to keep quiet no matter what I saw.

I finished opening it just as Jessica started moving her toy down her stomach. Her head was lying on a pillow and her eyes were closed, her face the picture of relaxed pleasure. I was beyond fascinated when I watched her slip the vibrator between her legs, wishing I could see her pussy.

I listened intently, trying to pick up the sound of the vibrator but couldn't. Instead, I heard Jessica moan longingly and watched her hand make rhythmic motions between her legs. Her thighs blocked my view, but they weren't bad to look at anyway. I wondered what they'd feel like clamped around my waist if my dick ever replaced that enviable vibrator.

Her hand sped up considerably and I felt myself about to lose it. Her moaning became more obvious, and when her free hand moved up to play with her tit, I felt my orgasm start. I watched her hand gently tweak her nipple, just before I unloaded myself into my measly sock.

Still, I came hard enough that I inadvertently grunted, just a little too loud. This time, my head wasn't the only one to whip up in alarm. Jessica immediately stopped and grabbed a robe that must have been hanging nearby. I dropped my head below my window when she raced to her patio door.

I'm sure she stared out for a few minutes, before I heard her door shut. I waited a little longer before peaking my head up again. This time, there was nothing to see except Jessica's d****s drawn across the window. Fuck, I thought to myself. I flipped my light back on and cleaned up my mess.

For the rest of the night, I half expected Jessica to storm over and bitch me out, or maybe just call to do it. But nothing of the sort happened. I watched my movie and generally wasted my night away before going to bed.

I woke up the next day with that same sense of dread though. She might not have known what to say, or too embarrassed, the night before, but after sl**ping on it, she might have something to say. It was almost lunch when I woke up, so I head straight downstairs to the kitchen for something to eat.

I looked out the big window while I made a sandwich and saw Jessica, my heart stopping. But I saw that she was running down the street, not stalking up my front walk. Her blond hair was pulled back into a long ponytail that swished back and forth to the tempo of her stride.

Since she was focused on running, I took a moment to admire her. And since she was wearing one of those small portable radios, I figured she was too intent to notice. She was wearing just a white sports bra on top, which did a decent job of holding her cleavage under control. Her sexy midriff was left bare, and a pair of those tiny red running shorts was the only other article of clothing besides shoes.

I watched her run until she was out of view, wondering just when the hell she had developed into such a stunner. Shaking my head, I went back to my sandwich. After I ate it, I found myself hanging out near the front of the house, hoping to spot Jessica on her return circuit, but to no avail. In fact, I didn't see her the rest of the day, and believe me I was looking.

After I had eaten dinner, I had given up on seeing her in something skimpy. On the plus side, I figured either she wasn't going to say anything to me about last night, or she didn't know I had seen her. But when she called just after sunset, my breath caught in my throat all the same.

"Hey Mark, what're you up to?" she asked casually.

"Nothing, really," I said, hoping she couldn't hear my heart hammering through the phone. "Why, what's up?"

"Nothing, I'm just bored."

I blew a quiet sigh of relief. My guess was she didn't know I'd seen her.

"Yeah, I am too. I already did some work, so I'm actually ahead."

"Great. Maybe I can come over and use your pool," she joked.

"Just as long as you use it naked, and I have time to hide the camera." Hey, now there was an idea! I thought to my perverted self.

"Great, I'll be over in a few," she said perkily before hanging up. I didn't think anything of it, but I was still hoping….

A few minutes later I was sitting in the living room when I heard the back patio door open and then close. I wasn't even hoping she'd be naked already, but maybe at least a swimsuit.

Instead, she was wearing an outfit very similar to the one she had gone running in. This time, the sports bra was replaced by a very tight, white tank top, and the red shorts were now orange. And instead of running shoes, she had on a pair of thong sandals. If she would just turn around, I could find out if she had on any other thong apparel.

"Hey there," she said lightly, as if we hung out all the time. Honestly, I wouldn't mind that at all.

"Hey," I said, feigning nonchalance and staring at the TV. "You didn't even bother with a towel? Nice."

"What?" she started. "Oh yeah. Eh, I decided against it for now. Maybe some other night." God I hoped so.

For the next hour or so we just hung and chatted, leaving the TV on as background and a conversation starter. It turns out that Jessica was much more intelligent than I had thought, forcing me to scold myself on my shallow judgment. She easily kept up with me through most of our talking, which was impressive for her age. Most high school seniors could care less about what was happening outside their social lives.

It was getting close to ten o'clock, and I knew I should start thinking about bed. But I didn't want to send Jessica home either. She was fun to talk to, and fun to look at too. So far, I had managed to hold back any impulses, avoiding any awkward "swelling."

I was flipping through the channels, looking for anything remotely interesting to prolong the night, when I flipped right past the adult station. There was only a quick flash of a bare breast, and I suddenly grew very aware of Jessica next to me and what I had seen the night before.

"Ooh, wait wait, go back," she said, waving her arm excitedly.

"This?" I asked, more than a little surprised.

"Yeah," she said, leaning slightly forward.

Now plastered across our 48" plasma TV was an extremely buxom woman riding a very muscular man on top of a table. At first I thought I was relatively safe, and that the movie was only soft core, since it was still relatively early. Then the screen snapped to a close-up of the man's penis impaling a very wet pussy. These two were of course not at all quiet, and I felt the first significant stirring in my shorts.

"You watch porn?" I asked incredulously.

"Not really. I've only seen a couple; mostly when guys at a party will put it on to gross out the girls. Mostly, I think it's kind of funny."

I could certainly see that. From the woman's screams, you'd think she was riding a Louisville Slugger, when really the guy was not that well endowed. We watched for a few moments, and I tried to shift as subtly as I could to hide my slightly bulging shorts.

"Her tits are so not real," she said matter-of-factly.

"Oh really, I hadn't noticed," I said, trying to break the tension. She gave me a sarcastic look and went back to watching. My eyes were on the TV, but my mind was clawing for anything else to think about.

"Do guys like fake ones?" she suddenly asked.

"Fake breasts?" I kind of stuttered. "I guess so. Enough do." I wasn't really sure of how to answer that one.

"Do you?" She only glanced over at me, and I saw that she was blushing ever so slightly.

"Me? Not really. Just so long as they aren't too obvious though." I swallowed thickly, wondering what the hell I was supposed to do.

"So you wouldn't nail her?" she said, nodding her head to the TV.

"Her? No, I'd nail her. I'd just bend her over so I didn't have to worry about her fake tits." We laughed a little, and I felt the tension ease a little more. Maybe it was just me though, as Jessica seemed perfectly at ease. Which helped my dick deflate some, as I figured this was a young girl just being curious, at the most.

"You like doggy?" she asked, sounding like she was asking about my taste in music.

"Um," I started, really unsure of my footing. "I guess I like whatever position I'm in while I'm having sex." Which was totally true. But I wasn't sure of where this was going, or how much detail was appropriate.

"I kind of like it," she said surreptitiously. And just like that my dick was back on the rise. Only for an instant, I pictured fucking her doggystyle. But that was enough to send a very familiar tingle to my crotch.

"Really? I would have figured you for an on-top kind of gal." Thank god my voice was miraculously steady, because my heart sure as hell wasn't.

"Well, I like that too. Basically, I just like sex." I could not fucking believe what this girl was saying. She was driving me nuts!

"Ooh, now her tits are real," she said, her attention still on the porn. It was a new scene; a brunette with very nice breasts about to seduce what seemed to be her boss.

"Mine are real," she suddenly blurted out.

"Well, I guess I never really questioned that," again amazed at how off-balance I felt. I was no ladies man, but I wasn't some sixteen-year-old first timer either.

"I've gotten a lot of compliments on them actually," she said, glancing over at me again.

"I'm sure you have," I said, not wanting to go overboard and have her think me a sleaze.

The silence extended itself as the porno moved on. The brunette was now kneeling in front of her standing boss, sucking his dick earnestly. There were plenty of close ups, and I fought a losing battle against biology.

"I guess it would just be silly to ask if you like blowjobs," Jessica said.

"Very silly," I said, shifting again. But just as I did, Jessica looked over at me and saw my hand moving the unmistakable outline of my shaft.

"Is all this getting you excited Mark?" Her voice was full of mischievousness as she taunted me. It didn't help that she was looking me dead in the eyes, her face matching her voice.

"My hot neighbor asking me sex questions while we watch porn? Why would you think that?" I decided that humor was the best defense.

"That's the second time you've called me hot. You really mean it?"

"Of course," I told her. "Every guy over the age of twelve, and this side of six feet under thinks you're hot."

"So you liked watching me sunbathe yesterday?" she asked bluntly.


"Um…well, I uh…."

"It's ok, it's not a big deal. I figured you'd already seen me skinny dipping in your pool anyway."

"Actually, I didn't see much that time. The lighting was bad." She thought that was pretty funny.

"Well, the lighting certainly wasn't bad yesterday," she joked. Whew, I thought I was in trouble there for a second. "Did you see when I splashed my chest with the tanning lotion?"

"See it? My jaw hit the ground," I told her, feeling like this was all just some innocent flirting.

"Yeah, I thought you might like that." I looked over at her and saw that same mischievous look on her face. "I saw you watching me before that, and thought I'd put on a little show for you," she said, smiling almost sheepishly.

"Well thank you, I certainly enjoyed it." This all felt more like a normal conversation now, and less and less something sexual. I was just happy she wasn't pissed, frankly.

"Did you enjoy the show last night?" she asked in the same tone of voice.

I almost choked when I heard her, and knew I had to come up with something fast. She was still watching me, and my initial reaction was pretty incriminating. The problem was, my mind was frozen solid.

"Um, Jessica, look, I'm sorry…" I started, but ran out mid-sentence. She turned to me then, and I had to keep my eyes from looking down her shirt. Her breasts truly were spectacular, and her tight shirt only pushed them up and together even more.

"You know, I should be pissed as hell at you Mark," she said, heat rising in her voice.

"Jessica, I'm really sorry," I tried again.

"How much did you see?"

"Well, I saw you when you were, uh, looking at yourself in the mirror," I started, hesitating then, unsure of how or what to say next.

"And?" Jessica asked, sensing there was more.

"And then I saw you, um, get your, uh, vibrator and, um, use it." I could feel my face burning with embarrassment.

"So you watched me masturbate." There was no shame in her voice, and surprisingly, not a lot of anger. "How long did you watch?"

"Not long, just until I…um, just until you closed the d****s." Shit. She should've known there was only so much I could have seen anyway, and now….

"Until you what?" she pressed.

"Nothing. Until you closed the d****s." This was suddenly so much worse than I had imagined.

"No, you were definitely going to say something…." She trailed off then, and then I saw a look of clarity come over her face. "Were you jerking off watching me?" I really thought there would have been anger, or at least disgust in her voice, but there wasn't any.

"Well, Jessica, it was pretty hard not to," I tried, not a little pathetic even to myself..

"So what was that noise I heard? The one that made me close my d****s?" I couldn't help but notice a slight tone of playfulness mixing with her anger now. Maybe she wasn't as mad as she was making out to be.

"That was uh, that was me, um…."

"You came?" she asked, surprise genuine in her voice.

I could only shrug my response, my face staying beat red. I had never been so embarrassed, but oddly my erection wasn't falling faster than a WWII dive-bomber. And Jessica seemed now totally amused by everything, any pretense of anger gone.

"Well, I guess fair is fair, right?" she said. That impish look was on her face again, and I looked at her, genuinely confused. She only nodded towards the TV, where there was a new porno on.

"What? You mean…." I couldn't believe it.

"You watched me, I think it's only fair that I get to watch you."

I struggled for an argument, looking from Jessica's sweet and innocent face to the porn and back again.

"You want to watch me jerk off?" I still could not fucking believe this was happening.

"Why not? It's not like it looks like you have anything to be embarrassed about," she said, looking deliberately at my still semi-tented shorts.

"Jessica, I don't know…" I had never done anything like this before, but I had to admit the thought did kind of turn me on. Especially with her sitting right there.

"What, you don't like the porn?"

"No, it's not that."

"Well then, strip down and get to it," she said, laughing lightly.

What the hell. I stood up and quickly stripped my shirt over my head, watching Jessica's eyes roam over my chest and stomach. Just because I spent a lot of time in a library doesn't mean I don't know where a gym is. Jessica turned on the couch, bringing one leg up so she could face me when I sat back down.

"You're sure," I said, now half-teasing myself, as I hooked my thumbs on the elastic to my shorts and boxers.

"Quit stalling and let's see it," she said, her eyes glued to my crotch.

With one quick motion I pulled everything to the floor, my semi-hard dick bobbing free. I stood up straight, just standing in front of her for a moment. My heart was racing, and I was sure this was some kind of joke. But with the porno still going, and the look on Jessica's face, my prick just kept filling with bl**d.

I kept watching Jessica's face as I sat down, letting my stiffening cock slapping against my stomach. The air felt cool against my cleanly shaven scrotum, and it was strangely thrilling to be naked like this in front of Jessica.

"You're big," she said quietly. I noticed she licked her lips when her eyes moved from my package to meet my gaze.

"Do you like big?" I had gotten this reaction before, but not from an 18 year old in quite some time.

"I don't know…I guess so. I've never been with anyone that big." I was almost 8 inches, but it was my girth that had caused me problems. Most girls had a hard time fitting me in their mouths without hitting teeth.

"And you're shaved," she said, looking once again to my smooth sack.

"I had a girlfriend who told me women like that, so I just kept doing it," I said, taking my swollen shaft in my hand. Her eyes dropped back down to watch my hand, so I turned back to watch the porn a little.

"Have you ever been with a guy who shaves?" I asked. I wasn't at all sure how much experience Jessica had, but I guessed at least some for her to be this bold.

"No, guys my age are just happy to get into my pants," she said calmly.

"I'm sure they are," looking back over at her. She met my gaze steadily before resuming her watch. Now I watched her face more, using just the sound from the porno even though I didn't really need it. Jessica's sweet face was more than enough.

"Actually, I've only had sex with one guy, Justin. We dated for most of last year, but he cheated on me last summer."

"Moron," I said, meaning it. I was sure Jessica would give her man every reason to stay and none to leave.

"Thanks," she said, smiling at me momentarily. "I still don't know why he did it. I mean, we had sex all the time, and I'd blow him just about whenever he wanted."

Instead of giving her another answer, I moaned softly and dropped my head back onto the couch. I was picturing her sucking and fucking me instead of that Justin twerp, and my hand started moving a little faster. Honestly, I didn't want to cum too fast as I found this whole scenario incredibly erotic.

But when Jessica gave out a small sigh herself, and I opened my eyes to see her hand down the front of her shorts, I almost lost it. Her own head had dropped back and there was no mistaking what her hand was doing.

"No fair," I said, her eyes opening to look at me curiously. "I think it's only fair that we're both naked for this." It was my turn to smile devilishly.

Without saying a word, Jessica stood up, mirroring my smile. She gracefully slid her tight tank top over her head, arching her back as she did. Her tits shook slightly as she did, and I couldn't help but stare. They were even better close up. She had large, surprisingly dark areolas, and prominent nipples that were standing straight out.

"I told you they were real," she said coyly.

She kicked off her sandals, turning around. She slowly slid her shorts over her gloriously tight ass and down her taut legs, bending at the waist. Her ass was prominently displayed, and I could see the clear shape of her young cunt.

She sat back down on the couch, slouching back and giving herself more room to work. We watched each other's hands work methodically, neither one of us in any obvious hurry. Soon enough, our hands were working in unison without us even realizing it.

Jessica then d****d her right leg over my left one, opening her pussy even more for my viewing pleasure. The touch of her silky smooth skin, hot to the touch, sent bolts of electricity through my body. She was also moaning loudly now, enough so that I had forgotten all about the TV.

"Trade ya," I said instinctively, hoping I wouldn't ruin the moment.

Jessica just looked up at me, her right hand moving from between her legs over to mine. I let go with my hand, and moved to replace hers. She scooted closer so she'd have an easier reach, and I felt her hand grasp the base of my shaft.

"Jessica," I breathed out. Her hand was still hot and wet with her juices, and she ran it up and down my shaft, easily lubricating me. She rubbed the palm of her hand over my head, mixing my own pre-cum with her juices before slowly jacking me off.

I slid my hand up her smooth, firm thigh, watching her hips already moving to meet me. My fingers lightly played with her lips, and Jessica took in a sharp breath, momentarily squeezing my shaft. God she was wet. I applied more pressure, using my index and middle fingers to spread her lips, and my thumb to lightly run over her emerged clit.

"Oh fuck Mark," she said, a tiny shudder going through her body.

I pushed my middle finger into her sopping wet hole, curling it inside her. She arched her back and had a hard time stroking me as I started to finger her. As I pushed my finger in all the way and started curling it forward, Jessica was mostly squeezing my cock, only stroking it when she would catch her breath.

"Don't stop Mark," she said urgently.

I used my finger faster and more firmly now, and Jessica was grinding her hips up against my hand in rhythm. Shit, she would be incredible in bed! I started rubbing my thumb against her clit again and Jessica arched her back dramatically and stopped breathing for a second.

"Maaarrrrk!!" she cried out and I felt her pussy contract around my finger as her body exploded. Her hips pushed up against my hand as my fingers kept working. Finally, her body began to descend, and I let my fingers lightly play against her dripping wet sex.

"Oh my God Mark, that was so amazing," she said, catching her breath and looking up at my face. Her hand had moved away from my manhood in all of her excitement, but just watching her cum was more than enough to keep me hard. "I normally don't get off like that from just fingering."

"Glad I could be of service," I said, reluctantly taking my hand away from her opening.

"You were great," she said softly. Jessica shifted on the couch and leaned up to kiss me. The kiss was light and soft, like her lips, barely more than brushing against mine. She pulled away just enough to ask, "Do you want me to get you off now?" Her hot breath whispered against my lips, reenergizing my body.

"Yes," I said, my eyes still closed.

I felt her hand slide down my chest and grab hold of my shaft again. As she slowly started running her delicate hand up and down my pole, I reached up and pulled her head back down to mine. Her mouth eagerly met mine, opening wide to let my tongue find hers.

Our kissing matched the tempo of her hand, growing more and more intense. Hungrily we fucked each other with our tongues, while her hand pistoned along my throbbing cock. I felt my balls tightening and knew it was only a matter of seconds. I moaned into Jessica's mouth and she pulled away.

"Jessica, I'm going to cum," I told her, my voice tight with need.

"Cum for me Mark, I've never seen a man cum before," she told me, her curiosity mixing with a tone of authority.

I thrust my hips up against Jessica's hand to meet her stroke and soon felt my dick swell in her hand and my balls tighten. I grunted wordlessly as my cock loosed lob after lob of liquid hot cum up, and then down onto my stomach. My hips stopped bucking, but Jessica's hand never did, not until I was completely spent. I watched her face as she watched every long arc, turned on even now by her fascination.

I slumped back into the couch, exhausted. Jessica's hand continued to milk my prick, making sure I was truly empty. I felt my own hot seed covering my stomach with its thick mass, but not caring in the least. That was easily the best handjob I've ever had, and worth whatever cleanup there was.

Jessica must have noticed the same thing, looking down at me and saying, "That's quite a mess you made big boy."

"I think you're the one who actually made it," I said.

"Then I guess I better clean it up," she said sensually. I thought she meant get a towel, but her voice and eyes told me that had never occurred to her.

I watched as Jessica slowly leaned down over my stomach and began to lick up every drop of cum on my body. My dick had since gone soft, so she caressed my thighs instead. She stuck her tongue out dramatically, making sure I could feel and see every lick. She worked her way top to bottom, until she lightly kissed just the tip of my head, getting the last of my cream.

"Where the hell did you learn that?" I asked, totally dumbfounded by this sexual being in front of me.

"I told you I've seen porn before. And I wanted to see what you tasted like," she said calmly, although her cheeks did color slightly at that last bit.


"You taste good."... Continue»
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The Country Girl Next Door

Writer's Note: This story is my first ever erotic or pornagraphic (whichever you wanna call it) story. I understand it might not be very good, so take it easy on me. haha

Living in a small town was not easy for me when I was younger. I was born and raised in Chicago, but my f****y moved to Eastern Indiana when I was 13 when my dad found a job with a local engineering firm. I tried my damndest to adjust as the "fuckin' new guy" through middle school and even high school, but didnt really gain acceptance until my senior year. After my senior year I found a good paying job as a welder and moved out on my own into a small house in a small town of around 300 people. Now that I have been living here a while, I've grown to enjoy the peace and quiet as well as getting to know some really great people. But this story doesnt ivolve any of that. It's about the country girl next door and a situation she was in this past summer. This is where this story truly begins.
I was outside on a warm summer day working on my truck when I heard screaming and yelling from the house next door to mine. A few seconds later a guy around my age stormed out of the house with a girl close in tow throwing clothes at him. Grabbing his clothes, he turned around and jumped in his car and drove off, flipping her the middle finger. Not really thinking much of it since it wasn't my business, I finished my work and went back in my house. Around 30 minutes later, I heard a knock on my door which I reluctantly answered. "Hi, I'm Paige your next door neighbor?" she said to me as I stepped on the porch. Continuing she said to me "I am so sorry about what happened earlier with my ex. I noticed you were outside when we had our fight. I don't know why he came back, he's the asshole who cheated on me. Nodding my head I replied, "Oh it's alright I figured he had to have done something big for you to throw clothes at him like that." She smiled and said "Yeah that probably was a little dramatic, but after what he did I think the little bastard deserves worse." Forgetting what she was talking about she then said to me "I'm sorry I never asked what your name is!" Laughing, I said to her "Well my name is Andrew, but my folks and the few friends I got call me Andy. I hope you dont mind me asking, but what did he do?" After being silent for a few moments she pulled a phone out and showed me a picture of herself and a younger woman. "That's my younger s****r." She began as we both sat down on the stairs leading to the house "One night I got off of work early and as I pulled in the driveway I noticed her car was here too. I walked in the door and found him and her fucking on the kitchen table.I was in such a shock that I just left the house and didnt return for a few hours. I came back to find her gone and him pleading for me to forgive him. As you can probably tell, I kicked him out and he still tries to return to see me even though I tell him not to. Shaking my head, I gave her my apologizes for her situation. Noticing it was now dark out, she ended our discussion and returned to her house.
The next day I looked out my window and noticed a very shapely woman sun tanning in Paige's backyard. Not thinking much about it, I turned to finish washing the dishes when it hit me. The woman in her backyard WAS Paige. Admiring her from afar, the same woman I had just talked to the day before looked completely different from the baggy, body consuming clothes she had worn previously. While she was only average height, her large perky breasts and firm, but shapely ass quickly drew my attention as they bulged from the small camoflagued string bikini she wore. Perhaps due to my paying too much attention to her and not to the task at hand, I knocked a glass off of the counter and watched as it shattered on the floor. Cursing under my breath, I began to sweep up the broken glass when someone knocked on the door. Not noticing that Paige was no longer in her backyard, I went to the front door and opened it roughly, only to find her now standing at my front door now wearing a pair of dark brown cowgirl boots on her feet and a towel d****d around her shoulders. "Nice outfit," I quipped as I looked at her from just inside my house. Smiling, she laughed and said to me "Well I am a country girl, gotta look good even when we're tanning. Besides you didnt seem to be complaining much when I looked over and saw you staring out your kitchen window at me." Surprised that I had been caught I said nothing, but looked down at the ground. "It's ok that you peeked, I think you're pretty damn good looking," she said as she walked in my house. Feeling my cheeks turning red I said nothing. As we sat down in my living room and were starting a conversation, I noticed the same guy who had been at her house the previous day walking up onto the porch and knocked on the door. Looking over at Paige, who couldnt be seen through the door from where she was sitting, I got her attention and said to her "Your ex is here." A sudden smile coming over her face, she grabbed my hand and walked to the door and opened it. "What the fuck are you doing over here?" Her ex said as she leaned against the frame of the door. With a smirk on her face and with me standing behind her, she said to him "I'm with my new boyfriend, what the fuck are YOU doing over HERE?" Starting to get mad, her ex glared at me and said "Well I hope you havent fucked yet, I already stretched that pussy out as far as it will go." Getting pissed myself, I said "Well considering how tight she was last night, I'd say you didnt do all that well. Now get off my porch and never come back, or I will kick your ass." With the same glare on his face, he muttered under his breath then slowly turned around and left, speeding off in his car.
"Oh my God Andy! That was amazing!" she said as she jumped in my arms hugging me. Then thinking about what I had said she then asked me teasingly "How did you know my pussy was tight?" Laughing, I replied to her "It was just a good guess apparently. He seems like someone who has little-dick anger." Now looking at me with a devilish smile on her face she said to me, "Well I'm sure you are bigger then he is." Choosing not to put my foot in my mouth I stayed silent until she said to me "Well, can I at least see it?" With a smile on my face I said to her "Sure, if you show me what you got." Walking over to the radio I had in my living room, she turned it on and turned it onto a country music station. Then she started performing a strip tease, first untying the top of her bikini and pulling it just over the top of her breasts, but still exposing a large portion of her more than ample breasts. Then she untied the bottom of her top and threw it aside and started rubbing and pinching her breasts. Walking towards me she winked at me and said "You get do the rest." Grabbing her ass, I pulled her onto my lap where I began kissing her on the lips and neck. Then working slowly down her body, I sucked and licked on her breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth and sucking and biting them. Using my teeth, I removed her bikini bottoms and slapped her on the ass roughly, eliciting a sharp gasp. I then stood up and removed my jeans and boxers, exposing my now rock hard cock. With a look of surprise on her face she said to me "It really is bigger than his." Smiling at her I replied, "And you really are very tight." After I said this, she shoved me onto the couch and took my cock in her hands and slowly started jacking me off. As pre-cum started oozing from the head of my dick, she opened her mouth wide and began sucking me off. The feeling of her sucking my cock was almost too much and I had to stop her once to keep from coming so soon to which she replied with a smile on her face, "Yeah I'm really good at this" then returned to sucking. After a few minutes of her sucking me off, I grabbed her and pulled her onto the couch where I began eating her pussy. Guiding my tounge between her lips, I licked and sucked on her clit, eventually causing her body to shiver as she moaned and screamed in pleasure "I'm cumming!" followed by her squirting all over the both of us. Taking my cock in my hand, I slid it into her tight pussy and began to pump into her eliciting more moans and gutteral screams from her body. As I started to fuck her harder her screaming became louder as she came again this time grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples as hard as she could. We continued fucking until I felt myself about to cum. Feeling her pussy tighten around my cock once again, I began shooting stream after stream of cum deep into her. With my cock still inside her we collapsed in a heap. Then she looked up at me and said, "That was fucking amazing!" Nodding my head in agreement, I noticed a smile come to her face. Puzzled, I looked at her and said "What?" She replied back with the same grin on her face, "Grab my phone and come take a picture of my pussy, but try to leave as much cum inside it as you can." Now understanding the method behind her madness, I carefully pulled out and walked across my living room and grabbed her phone from the top of the radio. Taking a picture of her cum filled pussy, I then handed it to her. Now with us sitting on the floor, she then sent the picture to her ex, along with the caption "Now I'm stretched out." Laughing at her boldness, I suddenly remembered the picture of her and her s****r and something from my past. "Send it to your s****r." I said "Why do you want me to do that?" She replied puzzled. I then told her the story of an ex-girlfriend, also a country girl much like herself, who I walked in on fucking a friend of mine on her families couch. "That ex was your s****r, and while I know this sounds stupid, I always said if I'd get revenge, I'd make sure she'd know about it." Smiling at me then kissing me, she then sent the picture to her s****r with the caption, "Andy sends his regards." After dating for the past few months we have since moved into her house together. And while her ex still drove by every now and then it never really bothered us, mainly because we were usually making out or having sex when we'd hear his car drive by. But the other day I read in the paper that he'd been killed by a husband who walked in on him having sex with his wife. As for my ex/her younger s****r, she has since apologized to both of us for what she did, an apology that while was long overdue for both of us, only makes each time me and Paige make love even sweeter. Life can be a funny thing, but sometimes it smiles on the people who have been fucked over by the same people. It certainly smiles on us.
... Continue»
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The sweet girl next door

The Girl Next Door

I can remember like it happened yesterday . I am your average guy who likes to go to the beach and see all the young things bounce around in the skimpy bathing suits like anyone else. But I never would have believed I could see the best show from my very own garage.

It was a hot summer day in July and I was busy working on the weekend to do list. I had been off on business most of the week so there was lots to do. I was in the garage working on the old lawn mower when I noticed “ Jo “ , the hot young girl next door that would babysit for us once in awhile on the weekend date nights . She was a very hot young thing with full firm breast and the best ass a man could ever dream of. She was only 15 but she had the body of a 20 year old. Her long slender legs were perfectly tanned from her ass to her toes. Her tank tops always revealed a little too much for most the wives in the neighbourhood but the guys were always happy to see her jogging down the street in her short shorts and tight shirts. Her tits were the perfect size and bounced as she toke ever step. I had see her one time swimming in the other neighbours pool with his daughter and Steve could help but say “ Now that is one very hot young lady , too bad she so young “ I laughed it off but in my mind I wished I could have seen her naked . My wish came true that day thru and let me tell ya it was worth the long wait.

So there I stood at the bench in the back of my garage. Little did I know that I was in the right spot to watch Jo strip down and rub herself down with tanning lotion? I was locked on her tits as her lifter her tank top over her shoulders and turns her head from side to side. Her long blond hair floating over her tits with each turn. She was on the second floor deck of her parent’s home. It was an out of the way place that I’m sure she thought no one would be able to c her . But I was lucky to be n the right place at the right time. Her tits were so firm they stood straight out and her large swollen nipples seem to stick out for miles. The large brown circles surrounding them were perfect too. She toke each breast into her hands and cupped them, turning them up to her open mouth. She pecked each nipple with her lips. As if to suck some sweet juice from them as she released them from their holding place. With each peck her nipples seem to grow little more. My cock was so hard it hurt. It was stretching my shorts to the max and seems to be crying to be released. As she bent forward her hair fell over her tits as if to try and cover them up. She was sliding her long slender legs out of each leg of her track pants. You know the form fitting type that all the girls seem to wear now. Leaving nothing to the imagination. You can almost see the lips of their pussies thru the materials. And as she stepped forwards I could see that she also shaved her love nest clean. Her lips were pink and perfect just like her tits. Her clit was in full view and the moistness was the icing on the cake. I could believe the view I had from my spot. I could only wish that I could find a way to record this and view it later. Jo was now covering her body in lotion and working her hands back and forth over her legs and between her legs. She seem to be spending allot of time ensuring she had enough lotion on for the sunny day. I could hold back any more, I reached down and into my shorts. Holding my hard cock in my hand while working the shaft back and forth with each of her moves. Before I knew it I had my shorts down around my feet and was working my tool at full rate. Within seconds my seed was being shot out and all over my hands. The extra amount now spilling down onto the floor below. Jo was now turned with her ass to me and bending over to adjust her lough chair. The sight of her firm tight ass was enough to make my dick regain itself in seconds after cumming in my hands. I didn’t know what I should due but I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for awhile, this show was too go to give up.
What seemed like an hour but was really only a short time I stood and watched as Jo laid down on the chair and spread her legs slightly. From my spot I was now looking directly at her sweet hole , the sweat of her body from the hot day seem to be rolling down off her body and between her legs . I had now jerked off 2 times and was working on the third when I heard the door behind me open. I was quick to get my dick back into my pants just in time for Mike to walk into the garage. Mike was actually Joe’s step father and a good friend. I had always wondered if he enjoyed being around Jo. And with that Mike said “Hey what’s ya doing buddy?” Watching a sun bather?? With a laugh. My heart stopped and just the thought caused my dick to drop too. “No, no just getting this dumb lawn mower to work “Oh then can I get you to come over a little later and help me with a small project. Sure I said – thinking as long as your hot step daughter will suck me off or maybe fuck me!!
We spoke for a few moments and then he turned and left. I ran back to my viewing point to see my next show. There on the deck standing beside Jo was Mike’s wife – Karen. She was a touph wife if I had ever seen one!! She was 10 years younger than Mike and had a body that was just like Jo. Karen was now standing behind Jo and she too was starting to strip off her clothes. Her larger tits swung free of her shirt and her nipples were even larger then Jo’s, her hips were slender and she too shaved herself clean. Her clit was standing out from between her lips and was easy to see she had been rode a few times over the years. But what happened next really toke me. As she turned I saw Jo sit up and slide her hands behind Karnes ass. Pulling her closer to Jo’s now open mouth. Then with a shift she now had her mouth over Karnes love nest and she seems to be licking her with excitement. Karen too raised each of her own tits to her open mouth and sucked on her hard nipples at the same time. Karen was now strangling the lounge chair and holding Jo’s head in place to allow her to continue to lick and suck her. She seems to be fucking her mouth and from my view I could see she was about to cum. With her head back and her eyes now shut I could almost feel their excitement. Moments later she released Jo’s head and looked down at the smiling teen. With her now very wet pussy she was now bending her own body forward and revealing her ass to me as she now began to lick and suck the young girl’s pussy. This whole show only lasted a few minutes but they both enjoyed each other’s sweet taste. After about an hour they both stood and walked back into the house naked. I knew I should make my way there right away and maybe I would see them up close and real.
I almost ran from my garage and around my house. Stopping only to make it look like I had walked over and stepped up to the front door. As I ran the door bell I heard Jo say “ I’ll get it !! “ my dick jumped in my shorts as the door swung open to reveal Jo now standing in front of my in a short towel . Early covering her tits and so high on her hips that I could almost see her lips under the bottom edge. My eyes locked on her cheats and she said “Oh Hi Mr. Brown, Come on in!! Dad just left for work but he asked me to show you what he needs your help with. “My heart did stop, now I was in the house with the 2 hottest bodies on the block and the other man had to go and leave them. I smiled and followed Jo to the bottom of the stairs. She headed up in front of me; I knew that if I trailed behind a step or two I would get a full view. So that what I did. Jo didn’t seem to notice my tardiness and as she hit the second step I saw her perfect ass in full view, her pussy was just pecking out from between her cheeks. My mouth began to water and I couldn’t take my eyes off the beauty of the sight. My cock was so hard again and stands straight out in front of my shorts. I could see the wetness of her pussy and how her tight ass wiggled from side to side with each step. I wished I was going up 100 stories that day but no such luck. I had a few moments of view and then she stood on the top step. With a grin on her face she turned and pointed to a ladder in the hallway. Going up into the attic, Jo said “Dad is a little afraid to go up there and fix the light, he hoped you might be able to help him out. “ I walked pass and toke the ladder in hand. I stepped up and ascended into to the attic. I had forgotten I was fully erect and my cock was now pointing out of the leg of my shorts. With only my top body above the roof line I began to work on the lighting. I had not noticed the fact that Jo was still at the bottom of the ladder looking up at my cock. Within a second of starting I felt a warm hand on my leg and then a finger touching the exposed head of my cock. It jumped with excitement and I was trying to position myself to see what was happening. Acting like I didn’t know what was happening I held my breath as I soon felt the tip of a warm tougne slid over the head of my cock. I was able to position my body so that I could see down but no one could see up. Within seconds I felt both hands on my ass now pulling on my shorts. I looked s=down to see Jo standing on the ladder and Karen beside her. They had both dropped their towels and were stand naked below me. My shorts were soon down and my cock was now disappearing into Jo’s wide open mouth. I almost lost my stance. She was sucking my cock like a pro and she knew just what to touch with her tongue. I was now matching her rhythm and I could see that Karen was now sucking on the young girl’s pussy at the same time. My cock was about to erupt and I knew I had to get off the ladder. I bucked once then on the second thrust I came in her young sweet mouth. She moaned with excitement and she too came with the excitement. I quickly began to step down from the ladder and looking at each of them could not come up with words. Karen reached out and toke us both by the hands and lead us down the hallway. We entered the master bedroom where she quickly got up on the bed. Assuming a doggie style position she motioned for me to step up to the edge of the bed and she reached for my semi hard dick. Jo had stepped past me and was now lying on her back in front of Karen. Her pussy even with Karnes head. My dick was now ready for entry and Karen guided me to her opening. With a firm single thrust of my hips my cock passed thru her lips and slide into her hole. Her hard clit was rubbing my shaft with every movement. Karen had now turned her head ad was burring her face down into the hot young job’s nest. She was sliding her toghn out and running it out and across her bare lips. I continued to thrust forward and within seconds had buried my entire cock deep into her body. As I withdrew she whimpered and then I trusted forward again with even more f***e. I had fucked my wife hard before but she never really enjoyed sex unless she did it to herself. I had now reached around and held her 2 firm hard tits in my hand and I pinched her hard nipples with each finger. I felt a war fluid seep from her left breast and then the same from her right. She was milking and this was too much for me. I thrusted even harder and faster now and I knew I was about to cum. With the milk seeping from her tits and her head buried deep between Jo’s legs, I started to ejaculate my seed deep inside her. She moaned with each shoot of cum fired from my cock. Jo was now also cumming and she was too screaming with excitement and saying “Eat me bitch, suck my cum as he fucks your hole “I trusted 3 more times before my dick began to slip from her hole. Karen dropped to the bed and rolled over on her back. With that she opened her legs wide open and motioned for me to taste my seed from her body. I again reached for her nipples and squeed each one to release the warm milky fluid. I quickly locked my mouth around her left tit and sucked the warm milk from her tit. It was so taste and sweet. With each suck she moaned with excitement and within seconds was also cumming. My limp dick resting on the out edge of her hole. Karen was cumming and so excited she had not noticed the fact that Jo was now sliding off the bed and heading for the bathroom. I continued to suck on her and shihfter between her left and right tit. Momements later Jo re appeared and was now standing behind me. She was reaching round to hold my dick in her hand. With a slide of her hand she had slide a condom over my now hard cock and was working it down over my entire shaft. Once she had it in place she turns me and pushed me back onto the bed. She squabbled on top of my body and was now lowering herself down on to my protected cock. She toke the head of my dick and positioned it at the opening of her pussy. As she lowered herself down over my cock. The head of my tool passed her opening and she moaned in a low sound of pain. Her pussy was so tight I wasn’t sure I could actually fuck her. Karen had now slipped off the bed and was holding Jo’s ass in her hands. She was helping to guide her down onto my pole. With small powerful thrust she was able to insert half of my cock into herself without stopping. Then with a final solid thrust my entire cock slipped deep into her young firm hole. Once she had the entire shaft within her she collapsed on my chest. She whimpered “Your cock is the biggest I have ever seen and I wanted it to be the first to take my cherry “. I knew that I was now this young women’s first so I wanted to make it her best too. I let her regain her shelf and let her control my thrusts at first. I rolled my hips back and forth and rubbed her hard clit with each stroke. Before long we were taking full long strokes and she was thrusting her entire body down on my cock. I tried to keep control of my cock and I wanted to make sure she came at least a few times before I blew my load. As we fucked she came twice within 5 strokes of my entire shaft. And then I could wait, I thirsted my dick deep inside her and withdrew all the way out. The condom on my cock allowed me to drive in and out fastener and harder. I knew I was about to cum so I drove it deep inside her and screamed I was cumming. I began to with draw and then felt my cock slip from her tight hole and into what seem to be something different. It was Karen had pulled my hard dick out and slide it into her mouth just as my cum began to spill. It seems she was watching and noticed that Jo’s tight box had actually ripped the condom off my dick and I would have actually filled her hole with a UN protected dick.
I was only so happy she had done that, I didn’t want to get young Jo knocked up yet!! We all rolled onto the bed and laid together sweetly and exhausted from the excitmtnet. I knew that I couldn’t do it again but I didn’t want them to know that. Just then we all heard to front door open and heard to familiar sound of my friend saying “I’m home guys!! Where are you??
I quickly pulled my shorts on and ran to the hallway ladder. The girls were heading into other rooms as well. Before I knew it I felt Mikes hand on my leg and him asking me if I had things working yet. To this day he doesn’t know that I actually fucked both his wife and step daughter in his bed that day. I have always had a smile on my face when I’m working at my work bench in the garage and I still get a good show a few times a year. Mikes step daughter moved away last year but came home to fuck me last month. She has just got married but says I still have the best tool in the garage and can’t keep away for long. As for Mike’s wife well she got cough fucking the other neighbour one day and they split up. I still run into her once and while. She even gave me a blow job in my garage last week just for old times.... Continue»
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the girl next door

i woke up i was hugry my stoamch hurt but i didnt have any money so i went to my friend ashley she was the girl next door i went in here house i saw here she was wearing black tights and had a cameltoe her shirt was small and white i ask her for food but she didnt have any so we went to the store we bought some chicken and stuff we went back to her house we ate and i got full so i fell a sl**p but when i woke up it was dark everything was turn of then i heard moaning i was sacred because i though it was a ghost i saw that the light of ashley room was on i peak and i saw her she was masterbating with a big dildo her tits where so big and bouncy and her vagina was so wet tight and clean i started to get wet and started to rub my pussy it felt good i start to finger myself i stop i want to the door close the certent and the door i walk in to her room closely the room slowly and she got scared to be continue... Continue»
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Shemale Next Door Pt. I

(Note: This is an excerpt from "The Shemale Next Door" on sale on Amazon now)

It was a warm Saturday afternoon, one of the first really hot days near the end of spring and right before the beginning of summer and Ken was waking up late like he always did on the weekends and found the trashcan in their house completely full. He sighed to himself and was going to call to Roger to take care of it until he remembered that Roger had gone away for a week to visit his f****y and that he had left this morning. This one was all on him. He sighed as he cinched the plastic handles up, tied them off and hefted the bag out of the trashcan, sliding open the sliding glass door and walking out into the backyard only to be greeted by a blindingly bright sun beaming directly into his eyes.

“Fucking Roger,” he muttered under his breath as he stumbled with the bag in his hand towards the garbage can, throwing open the lid and slamming the bag in before pulling the lid back and closing it. “Take your own damned garbage out, man,” he said, louder now.

“Oh, is someone there?” He heard a voice call out from over the fence next door. Suddenly he could feel a knot twist up in his stomach and having a hard time responding. “Hello?” The voice called again as Ken takes a second to clear his throat.

“Oh hey,” he said, turning around to see Alex laying face down on a lawn chair wearing her sunglasses a thong bikini bottom and nothing else. She was leaning up with her right hand to look over her shoulder at him while her left arm covered up her ample breasts. “I didn’t see you over there,” he laughed, awkwardly.

“Yeah, hi,” she smiled, laughing. “Could you give me a hand, please? I’d do this myself,” she motioned with her head towards a bottle of suntan lotion on the table next to her. “... but I kind of have my hands full right now.”

“Oh, right,” Ken turned red and looked down at his feet, rubbing his ankle up against his shin after shuffling in place.

“Just come over, it’s fine,” she assured him, still smiling.

“Okay, just give me a few seconds and I’ll come,” he looked back at her, smiling himself as he headed for his gate before stopping short and repeating his last sentence in his head to himself and cursing. “...and I’ll come?” He said under his breath.

As he reached for the latch on her gate he stopped for a second and took a deep breath before pulling the gate open and finding her laying down again, with her head tilted towards the gate. It took all of his self control to keep his eyes off of her ass which looked two perfectly bronzed scoops of perfection under the sun. Her hand came up and pulled her glasses down a bit, revealing her eyes while she motioned again at the suntan lotion.

“Thanks,” she said. “There are just places on my back that I can’t reach and I was worried that I was going to get burned, but I’m out here anyway, right? Ridiculous. You don’t mind, do you?”

“What?” Ken had to snap himself out of his trance and smile. “Oh no, of course not. I just woke up, anyway, just uh, taking the old garbage out.”

“I saw,” she smiled a warm smile again, biting her bottom lip a bit and raising her eyebrows. “I think I’ve seen you around, never talked to you, though.”

“Oh right,” he nodded, quickly. “I’m Alex-err, no wait,” he turns beet red and takes a deep breath. “Sorry, I’m Ken. Ken.”

“Oh I was going to say,” she shook her head. “My name is Alex, too. That would be too much of a coincidence, right?”

“Yeah, too much,” he smiled again before quickly turning away and picking up the bottle of suntan lotion. He can feel the nerves building up inside of him and pretended to read the label on the bottle, inspecting it very closely as he hears her laugh again.

“Just squirt it on me, Ken,” she laughed as he squirmed at the phrase. “That isn’t too hard, is it?”

“Hard?” He looked back at her, still red. “Oh no, nothing is hard, no.”

“I like you,” she laughed. “You are really funny, Ken, you know that?”

“Well, I gotta be something, right?” He flipped the lid open and held out his hand as he squirted out some lotion onto his hand before he awkwardly placed it back on the table with a clang and kneeled down next to her. He could feel his heart still racing and the bl**d rushing to his cock while he found himself looking down her back and seeing her perfect ass just covered up by what looked like a few thin threads.

He gulped hard, his hands trembled a bit as they reached out over her back. Ken’s hand came down gently on the small of her back and he felt her jump a bit.

“Oh!” She exclaimed. “That is cold, Ken.”

“Sorry,” he said as he began spreading it out over her back.

“That’s not your fault, silly,” she spoke into her arm as she shifted her head to the other side. He could feel her muscles tense up a bit as he ran his hand up and down her back, spreading out the lotion. He was being careful as he spread it to make sure that it didn’t seem like he was groping at her and made sure to put his right knee up to help obstruct the raging hardon that he was developing. “Oh, you missed a spot,” she said, turning back towards him and smiling a sly smile. Her arm moved down to touch his wrist, her grip surprisingly firm as she helped guide his hand down and down until he could feel his fingers resting on her ass.

“Well, I didn’t think that I should...” He started before she shushed him.

“Don’t think, Ken,” she turned slightly towards him now, exposing her breast. “Just do what you feel is right.”

“I didn’t want to give you the wrong impression,” he felt his hand glide over her ass. The hardon growing in his pants is now completely beyond his control. Alex’s hand has let go of his wrist now and has snaked its way onto his knee before he can feel it gently gliding up his leg until it is resting on the bulge in his shorts.

“Well, I think that we’ve got some mixed signals going on here, then,” she licked her lips and shook her head before her fingers wrapped around his cock from the outside of his shorts. It is now completely out of his control now as he cocks his head back and moans. “Because this cock is rock hard and I’m not sure what you want me to do with it.”

“Whatever you want,” the words escape from his lips as if they hadn’t been processed in his mind yet, just a natural flow of words. His hand jutted up to his lips, trying to cover up, but it was too late. Her hand lets go of his bulge and reaches up to grab a sheer green sarong off of the table and wraps it around her hips as she rose out of the chair seductively before tucking it in and finding herself on her knees on the chair, eye-to-eye with Ken.

“Whatever I want?” She repeated, whispering it into his ear. He could feel the warmth of her breath on his neck and the goosebumps arise as he nodded vigorously. “Well then,” she reached up with her hands and placed them on his shoulders, pushing him back, his elbows hitting the concrete with a brief sting while he did his best to situate himself before she tugged on his shorts. “I’m going to start by sucking on your cock, Ken.”

Another tug on his shorts and they were down around his ankles, his cock sticking straight up towards the afternoon sun while her legs wrap around his, her straddling right above his knees. Her hand glided up his thigh, sending chills up his spine before finally finding its home at his cock. In an instant she had a tight, firm grip around his cock and was jerking it roughly while her other hand was down near his balls. He could feel her fingernails just gently brushing up against his balls before taking them firmly in her hand and violently jerking his cock in the other. He cocked his head back, thinking how it was rough but it felt too good to tell her to stop.

Suddenly her lips were around his cock and her tongue was pressing against the bottom of it. He reached up to take a hold of her dirty blonde pony tail only for her to slap his hand away and shake her head, then quickly taking his cock back into her mouth while her thumb and forefinger were wrapped around the base of his cock, her other fingers splayed out by his stomach. The idea of the girl next door, the girl of his dreams having her lips wrapped around his cock almost sent him into shock and he could feel that he wasn’t going to last much longer if she kept up the pace.

She was able to sense how close he was getting as she started to ease off, coming up for air and wiping away the spit streaming from her lips with her wrist while gripping his cock nice and tight, giving it a few rough jerks. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes as she took his cock into her mouth again, relaxing her throat and taking it deep down into her throat while still keeping eye contact with him, only to come up again, taking another deep breath.

“I can feel how close you are, Ken,” she said in between breaths. “I can tell that you want to cum so bad right now.”

“Oh yes, please,” he found himself pleading with her to finish him off. “I want to cum so badly.”

“Not until you’ve returned the favor, Ken,” a sly smile appeared on her lips again while she worked herself up to her feet. “You were going to return the favor, right?”

“Oh yes, Alex,” he nodded eagerly. “Anything that you want.”

“Good,” she nodded. “Because I want you to return the favor without even one peep of a complaint from you.”

“Of course not!” He quickly replied, the wind making his wet cock feel cold in the open air. “I’d never complain.”

“Good boy,” she laughed, standing with her legs apart over him. “Sit up, Ken,” she motioned at him as he pulled himself up to his knees in front of her. “Good boy,” she nodded taking his hand and placing it on her thigh underneath her sarong. Ken felt his heart almost skipping a beat at the thought of feeling how wet her pussy was for him, knowing that he was going to get to taste it and hopefully fuck it. His cock was twitching in the warm spring air while he slid his hand up.

Suddenly his hand stopped and his heart skipped that beat; he felt something that he wasn’t expecting. He was expecting to feel the lips of her pussy through that thong, but instead felt a rather large lump. He thought to himself how it felt odd, but then tried to shake it off while he moved his hand up more, this time finding something else, another lump but this one extending up and up through the bathing suit.

Alex laughed again, reaching down and undoing her sarong and letting it drop to the ground, Ken finding himself eye level with what was a huge hard cock inside of her bathing suit. His world went black for a second while he felt himself reel back, almost falling over. Alex was laughing again before he could feel her firm grip on the back of his head, not letting him fall back. With her other hand she reached down and pulled her bathing suit bottom down, letting what was a huge -- possibly nine inch -- hard cock flop out and dangle right in front of Ken’s face.

“What?” He finally slipped out. “I didn’t, I...”

“You aren’t a liar, are you, Ken?” She asked while she worked the bottom down past her knees and let it fall to her feet, stepping out of it ever so gently and now standing legs at either side of him with her cock almost touching his face. “Because you were going to return the favor and told me that you wouldn’t let me down.”

“But I didn’t...” He began before things started to become clearer to him in an instant. Things that he either didn’t notice or chose not to notice like how her feet and hands were a little bit larger than he thought a woman her size’s would be or how tight her grip was. The tiny instance of a 5 o’clock shadow that he noticed or even the adam’s apple in her throat that he somehow never got a good look at until now, appearing in between the two perfectly-formed breasts that dangled above him. When she got up she had covered up her midsection before going down on him. Ken felt like such a fool and even worse -- his erection was only getting harder and he wasn’t sure why.

“This is what it takes to fuck the hottest girl on the block,” she said, taking her cock in her hand and stroking it gently before his eyes. It seemed to glisten in the sun before him and a part of him wanted to reach up and take a hold of it, to seize the situation and make this goddess happy. It had been almost a year since he’d slept with a woman and the prospects were drying out daily for him, it seemed. Alex would be, without a doubt, the hottest woman that he’d ever slept with, even if she wasn’t quite a woman in the traditional sense of the word.

“Well, I guess I could...” Before he could finish his sentence he felt the head of her cock press up against his lips, her grip on the back of his head tighten and her cock thrusting into his mouth. He tried to speak but found himself unable to at the girth of her cock that was filling up his mouth. Both of her hands were on his head now and her hips were thrusting towards his face back and forth, her cock gliding along his lips.

He tried to resist at first, squirming, but after about a minute he found himself not resisting anymore and actively swaying his head back and forth to maximize each thrust. She began to moan while she thrust and Ken’s hands were firmly on her hips helping to guide it. Alex finally loosened her grip a bit and Ken let her massive cock fall out of his lips, taking a deep breath.

“You aren’t done, are you?” She asked, running her fingers through his hair.

“No, I’m...” She pressed her finger on his lips and shook her head.

“Actions speak louder than words,” she moved her finger down to part his lips again, with his hand reaching up and taking her big cock into his hand, taking a firm grip on it before sticking his tongue out and running it along the head of it. “Mmm, yes,” she nodded. “That is a good boy, see, you like sucking the girl next door’s cock, don’t you?”

Ken nodded as he worked her cock with his hand, his hand moving up and down the shaft, back and forth while feeling every vein and bump and almost trying to smooth it out. Her cock was wet from his lips and made a smacking noise as he quickened his pace. His mouth was watering and he wasn’t quite sure what had come over him, but she had some sort of power over him that he was at a loss to explain, so he simply obeyed and wrapped his lips around her cock once more, closing his eyes and finally letting go of his inhibitions and enjoying it.

This meant moving his hand and and down the shaft of her cock while his tongue flicked at her head inside of his mouth, moving his head from side to side so his lips were twisting around that big shaft. He looked up and saw her eyes closed and could feel her thighs twitching slightly, sending a shiver throughout his whole body knowing that he had finally met Alex and now was making her feel this good. He didn’t care that she had a cock or that she was forcing him to suck on it out in the open, where prying eyes could see. He wanted her more than ever now and was willing to do anything to keep this from stopping.

“That’s nice,” she said, stroking his chin with her finger before removing his hand from around her cock and then gripping onto his hair again. “I want you to take this all the way down your throat,” she said in a soothing voice, with her cock pushing deeper into his throat taking him off guard. Her hands were firmly on the back of his head and holding it in place, her cock past his tonsils and partially down his throat now. He felt like he was choking and wanted to cough, but his mouth was too full for anything to come out, his eyes were watering. “Good boy,” she said, relinquishing her hold over him.

Ken coiled back, a few long trails of spit dripping between them and landing on his lap while he coughed, reaching up and wiping his eyes. He caught a glimpse of his own cock, still rock hard with no end in sight before he turned back to face Alex who was gently stroking her own cock in front of him. Out of reflex he reached up with his hand again only for her to seize his wrist in a tight grip and tug him to his feet. Ken quickly obliged, getting up to his feet and stumbling his shorts off the rest of the way, past his ankles, leading it behind him as she pulled him onto the chair. He landed on his knees on the chair, catching himself before he fell as she moved behind him.

“Such a good boy,” she muttered. “You already know what position I want you in, too,” suddenly he felt a sharp pain and heard a smack, feeling her hand come down across his ass.

“Oh no,” he shook his head, trying to turn back towards her only to feel her strong hands pressing on his shoulder. “I don’t think that...”

“You liked sucking my cock,” she leaned in and whispered into his ear. “Didn’t you?” She paused, waiting for him to respond. “Didn’t you?”

“Yes,” he said, feeling her breath on his ear, shaking his head quickly.

“Then I want you to trust me, Ken,” he felt her hand taking a grip of his hip while the other moved slowly down his back. “You want to cum, don’t you?” He quickly shook his head again. “See, good boy, and I wouldn’t yell out if I were you, that is,” she laughed while she took her cock in her hand and rubbed it in between his cheeks. “... unless you want everyone to hear? I think you actually might want that, huh?”

She gave him no time to respond before he felt the head of her cock pushing against his asshole. He thought to himself that there was simply no way that this would work, no way that a cock her size could fit into such a small hole. Both of her hands were on his hips like a vice grip now and he could feel her cock pushing, harder now, trying to enter his asshole. He began to yell out, but caught himself, remembering where they were. Ken lowered his head and braced himself, feeling her continue to push inside of him until suddenly he could feel her huge cock push through, now inside of his ass. His head shot back and he cried out.

“Oh my fucking god!” He shouted, Alex snickering behind him while she began to sway back and forth, gently pumping away at his ass. Only about an inch or two was moving inside of him and Ken was shocked at how amazing it felt. His cock was twitching and he could feel the adrenaline pumping through his system before, all of a sudden, he could feel her begin to violently thrust inside of him. No longer was it just an inch or two, now it was most of the length of her huge cock moving in and out, in and out, stretching out his ass unlike he has ever felt before.

The pumping continued and the more that she did it, the more that he liked it. He could feel himself moving into it, doing everything that he could to take as much of her cock while he could inside of his ass and more. He tried to reach back to grab his own cock but felt her slap the back of his head and simply say “No” while she continued to fuck his ass. He forgot where he was, who he was or what he was doing, but was just focusing on how good it felt to have Alex fucking him raw in her backyard.

Suddenly he felt a quick breeze across his asshole and the warmth was gone before he felt her strong hands grasping onto him and trying to push him onto his back. Wordless, he obliged and flipped over onto his back on the chair, feeling the small plastic slats on his back while she took a hold of his legs, splitting them apart and lifting them up. He held his legs up while she adjusted herself, moving her cock into position carefully with her hand and guiding it back into his asshole.

He was yearning for it now and when she stopped to spit on her own cock and rub it a few times he almost yelped, but held back. She could see his restraint and just laughed before pressing it quickly into his asshole and taking a firm grip on his legs, pushing them back towards his shoulders and began to violently pump into him. Ken was staring up at her as she was looking down, admiring her own work, her tits bouncing rhythmically while she pumped away at him. His own cock was slapping against his stomach, staring him back in the face while her stomach was moving back and forth between slapping across his balls and summoning the power to fuck him.

“So you want to cum, don’t you?” She said, catching her breath in between thrusts. He simply nodded with an eager, lost puppy look on his face. She leaned back, allowing his hips to dip down and touch the chair while her cock was still moving in and out of his ass. She lowered one of his legs, tucking it under her arm before reaching out and taking a firm grip on his cock, starting to jack away at it while she still kept her cock moving in and out of his asshole. “So fucking cum, Ken, I want you to cum all over yourself,” she gritted her teeth and keep jacking away at his cock.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, looking up at her as she worked on his cock while her own moved in and out of him. “I’m so close,” he heard himself moan. “Just keep fucking me.”

“Yeah?” She groaned. “I’m not going to stop fucking you until I’m done, but I want you to cum right the fuck right now,” she snarled. “Cum!”

Her grip was so tight around his cock but he could feel the cum welling up inside of him, moving past his balls and gathering up in the shaft of his cock just ready to burst. Her grip somehow tightened and he squealed before she finally loosened her grip just a tiny bit and like a flood he felt himself cum, his cock exploding in one swift motion. His cum shot all over him in three big spurts, the first one squirting up and hitting him on the jaw while the other two shot all over his stomach. She laughed while he grimaced but had a look of relief before she gave a few more big thrusts and his relief quickly disappeared.

“That’s a good fucking boy,” she laughed. “Now I want you to take my hot load and I don’t want you making a mess like you did on yourself,” she said, pulling her cock out of his ass before moving over towards the side of his head, taking his hair in her hands again and moving his head towards her cock. He without thinking shifted, reaching over and taking her cock into his hand and wrapping his lips around it. He moved his head back and forth, quickly now, while he kept a grip on her cock, feeling her begin to shake a little bit and knowing what was coming, but keeping his eyes closed and focused.

“Oh my god,” she shouted. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” She panted and then he felt her leg stop shaking, her balls contracted and her cock convulsed inside of his mouth with a sudden burst of hot, wet cum filling him up. It was overwhelming, filling up his mouth quicker than he had ever imagined and him having to work to keep his lips shut, quickly, without thinking, swallowing some to make sure that he didn’t spill a drop.

Alex pulled her cock out and let it flop over onto Ken’s face while he stuck his tongue out and kept reaching for it before she took a soft grip on his chin and held him in place while she bent over and planted a delicate kiss on his lips. His stomach became all aflutter while he found himself watching her picking up her s**ttering bathing suit off of the ground and striding towards the back door to her house. She pulled the screen door open with a creak and began walking inside as Ken felt his mind racing.

“Wait,” he finally squeaked out, Alex turning around to look back at Ken who was still on the chair with cum streaking around his lips.

“Yes?” She asked, holding the door open with her knee, her cock still half-erect in between her legs.

“I,” he started before pausing, not able to find the words. “I’ve never really...”

“I know,” Alex laughed, shaking her head.

“No, I know that you know, but,” he paused again, searching for the words. “When can I see you again?”

“Oh,” she pursed her lips while staring off. “Well you do live next door, I’m sure that I’ll see you around some time.”

The door slapped shut and her image disappeared into the house while Ken found himself sitting in a lawn chair in her backyard completely naked with cum dripping out of his mouth. A pang of shame washed over him, with him quickly scooping up his clothes off of the ground, slipping his shorts on and slinking back to his house. ... Continue»
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The Girl Next Door part one

Joan and Keith move next door a few years ago, middle age couple both full time workers, with their daughter Andrea a lovely looking girl of 13yrs, from the start we all got on very well usual barbecues, often sharing the bottles of wine, Andrea was always there cheerful as ever she was starting to develop into a very beautiful young girl.
It was a few years later by this time Andrea had now grown up a lot well into her teen years she now had a nubile fit body, her breasts had developed into a beautiful firm and well-rounded pair, I would find myself watching her as she sun bathed in the garden , fantasising about her naked in front of me, several times I could sense my cock stirring as she talked to me, sometimes only a quick hello but always friendly, she had a sweet smile and the look that told me she was hot and horny but being 20+ years older than her thought nothing of it just my own fantasy.
It was after a late shift at work coming home I saw the familiar figure of Andrea staggering up the road slightly worse for wear with drink. I stopped at the side of the sidewalk and called her name, she was startled at first but soon recognised me and gave me her sweetest smile, I asked her if she needed a lift home which she accepted willingly explaining she had missed the last bus home from a friends party, hadn’t got enough money for a cab her parents had gone out for the night so she couldn’t get a lift from them, so she had decided to walk the 3 mile or so home, luckily for her it was on the same route home for me.
Andrea got into the passenger seat next to me her skirt riding up her legs revealing a set of white panties, she had a loose blouse on through this I could see her firm young bosom in a black lacy bra she was obviously dressed to impress and she was having making quite an impression on me!
We chatted as I drove back to the estate from the conversation I heard she had had a few drinks of Vodka shots but nothing too, much she was giggly but not d***k, she hadn’t a boyfriend but a couple of guys had tried their luck with her but to no avail, I found myself finding it hard to concentrate as I drove occasionally her hand would touch my leg I was definitely enjoying the company.
We arrive back at my driveway, the car came to a halt and I asked if she was ok, did she want me to walk her to the door, she declined but leaned towards me as to offer a peck on the cheek as I thought, then without warning she kissed me full on her a full snog tongue into my mouth , at first I was taken aback ,surprised, but started to respond, I felt her hand ruffle my hair as she continued to kiss, her hand was on my leg and I could feel my cock starting to harden, this was like a dream, instinctively I moved my hand onto her waist the further up to her breast , I could feel her hard nipples through her bra and blouse, I wanted to go further but suddenly my mind was being adult and responsible, I removed my hand and moved away , Andrea looked slightly disappointed but I think she realised I wasn’t comfortable, she opened the car door thanked me again and made her way home.
I sat at the kitchen table my wife had left my dinner plated up ready to warm up, as I ate my warmed food my mind began to fantasise again about Andrea , I shook my head in disbelief to the way she had been thinking it must have been the drink in her, that night I couldn’t stop thinking about her body her lips her young breasts ,could I, would I , should I, it was morally wrong she was younger than me by 20+ years but somehow the forbidden fruit was there for me to pick.
Apart from a quick wave and smile over the fence I didn’t talk or see Andrea for a few days, a couple of times my mind went back to the night and thoughts of how far she would have let me go, getting me aroused every time.
Joan and Keith had a holiday apartment at the coast and would often go for long weekends there usually taking Andrea with them, but surprisingly Keith called me as I was cleaning the pool, he explained him and Joan were away for a couple of nights, but Andrea did not want to go, he asked if I could keep an eye on her making sure she didn’t decide to invite friends round to party while they were away, he explained that she knew I was to keep an eye on her and we would report back any misdemeanours that occurred.
I saw Keith and Joan wave to Andrea as they pulled out of the driveway and off towards the main highway as I was in the garden at the time I glanced at the open front door where Andrea was she stood there waved and smiled to me, dressed in t shirt and cut off denim shorts she looked insatiable I shook my head as my mind again cast back to the night I had given her a lift home, did she remember? Was it just a one off thing I was soon going to find out?
Barely 2 hrs. had gone by when I heard a knock at the door ,it was Andrea, she explained how the power had tripped and she didn’t know what to do, she had rang Keith who told her to ask me to have a look for her, an offer I couldn’t refuse.
I reset the power and traced the fault down to a spot bulb in the kitchen, replacing this I was rewarded by a freshly pored beer given to me by a gorgeous young female, still in shorts and t shirt braless the outline of her pert boobs plainly visible but most strikingly was the site of her erect nipples protruding out, this had an instant effect on me my testerone levels rising and making their way to my semi hard cock.
I could feel the electricity between us, sparking from her eyes did I make a move or not, I joked nervously about it must be cold obviously with reference to her hard nipples, with this she blushed slightly but her eyes didn’t flicker, then she moved closer to me, edged up and kissed me on the cheeks “thanks for helping me”, not just tonight but the other night as well.
My cock began to rise as I felt her young body near mine her hand slipped down to mine as she then led my out of the kitchen into the main room. I was now in a trance like state my fantasy was happening alone with this young girl, was I reading the signs right, tentavily I kissed her a peck on the lips to start with before full on my mouth over hers probing with my tongue she responded fingers running through my hair as I stooped over her, hands on her waist then slowly under her t shirt, I felt her young flesh at my fingertips and she was starting to respond.
I move her back to the sofa she leant back into it still kissing her lips and neck my hands moved up to her young bosom, pert and firm her nipples like bullets I began to rub my hands over them rubbing her nipples between my fingers gave her extreme pleasure she moaned as I then decided to go further.
Without any resistance I pulled her t shirt over her head removing it completely, she was there in front of my, topless, her young breasts holding firm nipples erect, I moved down her neck kissing and licking to her breasts sucking her nipples I could feel her pleasure shuddering through her body, her hands were under my shirt rubbing my back, I wanted her now, she was there for me to fuck like every man’s fantasy girl.
My mouth moved down her body towards her belly button, Andrea laid back waiting for me to get to the next destination, I moved my hands down to the top of her waist undid the clip on her denims shorts and pulled down the zip, the way she looked and shuddered told me it was her first time, never before had another person touched her sexually down here, with one hand her shorts were pulled down and were cast aside on the floor next to her t shirt only her tiny bikini pants were left, I could see her dark pubic hair through the thin material, signs of dampness and the smell of a girl aroused.
I kissed her again full on the lips, as I did this my hand slipped into her panties , fingers touched her pubic hair then felt the top of her fruit, already damp in anticipation. “your first time I asked?” she nodded, breathing heavily as I kissed her neck and began to nibble her ear, my finger then touching her clitoris which was swollen with pleasure, rubbing it gently she let out a little whimper as then I tugged at the top of her panties pulling them fully down and off, she was naked, youthful sweet and never to be the same again.
I laid her back onto the couch kissing her nipples , fingering her all the time firstly one finger In and out her love tunnel lub ricated with her juices, tight as somebody of her age is, this was the first time for me with a girl so much younger and a virgin, this seemed to excite me even more, I kissed then parted her legs, now it front of me was her tight virgin pussy, surrounded by her well-trimmed pubes love juice glistening I kissed her thigh before moving my head between her thighs to taste her.
I felt her grab my hair as my tongue entered her tight tiny hole, flicking her clit, licking her she began to shudder and moan, I had her, she was helpless, inserting both fingers into her as far as I could whimpering she moaned louder, her first real orgasm was going to happen, faster and harder I shoved my fingers in, same time my mouth at her clitoris licking and biting.
It was time for the ultimate, I stood up removing my partially disrobed shirt removing my pants to reveal my manhood, and Andrea looked in astonishment her eyes widened never before had she seen a man’s cock fully erect in front of her she later confessed.
I moved towards her and felt her hand touch my manhood, along its length she rubbed it like a c***d with a new toy, it fascinated her it felt good, I wasn’t a huge man down below but her tiny hand made it look quite large not for a long time had I felt so hard, dominant, lusty she was going to get it hard.
The a****l in me now started to kick in, no longer gentle and smooth I now grabbed her ankles, spreading her out my lusty tool pointing towards its target. This was it no going back, my neighbours daughter was going to be deflowered by a man over twice her age, this tip of my cock touched the inside of her thigh then the entrance to her vagina, in I went slowly to start with, a little scream of pleasure from Andrea and I could feel her hands clasped onto my shoulder and sides eventually her nails dug in with pain or pleasure I didn’t care.
All the way I felt my cock stretching her tight virgin pussy, her body was beginning to go into spasm’s as my cock began pounding into her now aim fucking her for real, almost withdrawing my penis before pumping fully back in balls slapping against her. She was now getting noisy every thrust being echoed with a cry of pleasure or pain? I didn’t care harder I went breathing heavy never since my early twenties had I felt so powerful and horny with a girl, for this was a first virgin for me and I was her master. I pulled out twisting her around my hand with a grab of her hair I pushed her face into the sofa, she was now bent over ready to accept, “good girl” I spoke as the dominance took over I slapped her firm arse hard causing her to jolt before straight in no messing entered her sweet hole hard now I’am on the last lap her back arched back as I pull her head back by her hair harder harder harder no stopping me now.
I could feel the sperm in my balls reaching boiling point, no condom, was she taking contraception? I withdrew just as the first spurt hit her arse, rolling her over began to grunt and moan as I let my load spit onto her belly and breasts helped by her tight grasp on my cock never before had I had cum so much, eventually my cock began to go limp, it had reached its aim, I had got my wish, I rubbed the sperms into her chest, before wiping a finger of cum on her lips. We laid on the room carpet side by side not speaking, before as if there was an emergency she got up, grabbed her clothes and ran to the toilet, I could hear the shower as she cleansed herself, I dressed and went back home smiling not realising this was not finished with……….to be continued.
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Next Door

Jon was a sixty five year old man and he loved young girls a lot. He had picked up a couple young street whores and took them to his house and loved fucking the young pussies. But he really had his eye on the young girl next door. He had a ten inch cock that still got rock hard and was full of cum. He would jerk his cock as he watched the girl next door in her yard. She was just developing nice tits and looked so sweet and innocent and he wanted to suck those tits and eat that young pussy before he would stick his cock in her and fuck her till he filled her with cum. Yesterday she was outside and he could see she had no bra on under her t-shirt and his cock got hard and he barely had to touch himself before he shot cum all over.

Then his chance came. She came to his door selling cookies for her high school. She looked so pretty and so sexy and no bra again today. He invited her in to look at the flyer she had. She sat on the couch and he sat next to her and sat very close. He watched her nipples through her shirt as he pretended to look thru the flyer. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum. He told her to pick out a few items for him and as she began to choose the cookies he leaned closer to her. She did not move and that was a good sign for him. He then put his arm around her and pulled her to him and then kissed her. She did not pull away and he then pushed his tongue into her mouth and she responded and gave him her tongue. He kissed her for quite a while before he began to rub first her back then around to her tits. He rubbed her tits thru her shirt and her tits were firm and the nipples hard. She was a nice feel in his hand. He tongue kissed her more as his hand went under her shirt to feel her naked tits. He rubbed her nipples between two fingers and she still did not pull away from him.

He pushed her back on the couch and lifted her shirt to expose her tits. He watched his hands massage the nice shaped young globes. He played with the nipples then he put his mouth over a nipple and began to suck it. She let him suck each nipple and rub her tits and did not pull away. He then lifted her shirt up over her head and removed it. With her topless he kissed her neck and across each tit. He could hear her breathe as if she was enjoying his assault with his hands and mouth on her tits. He grabbed a nipple with his teeth and sucked it as his hand went to the crouch of her pants and he began to massage her pussy thru her shorts. He spread her legs and as he sucked each tit he was rubbing her crotch hard. He kept a nipple in his mouth as he unzipped her shorts and put his hand inside and inside her panties. She had a light fuzz covering her pussy and he played with the fuzz then ran a finger down her slit. She moaned not making him stop.

His fingers found her clit and he began to rub it as he sucked the nipples harder. His cock was now throbbing wanting pussy bad. His finger found the way to her young cunt and he rubbed the opening and spread her legs wider so he could get a finger in her. As he put the tip of his finger in her she moaned and he heard her say "Yes." He pushed more of his finger in her tight hole. It felt so good and as he went in and out she was getting very wet. He then told her "Let me take these pants off you sweetie." She nodded ok and he removed her pants and now had her naked. He spread her legs wide apart and looked at her tits and her pussy. He watched his finger go into her fuck hole and was covered with her moisture. He began to finger fuck her very easy and she began to move her hips liking it. He then kissed her mouth shoving his tongue deep as he met her tongue and sucked it. He kissed her long and deep as his finger began to fuck her cunt deeper. He then looked at her and asked her "Have you ever been fucked before?" She answered "Yes, by my cousin last year. He fucked me several times. I liked it." He said "Did he eat your pussy?" She said "Yes, he did. It felt so good." He asked her "Did he have a big or small cock?" She told him "It was not so big. He was a young boy. I want to be fucked by a man and feel a man cock."

The man then stood up and stripped naked showing his big cock. "Do you want my cock baby? I have ten thick inches and you may have it all if you want it." She looked at his hard cock and said "I will love a big cock like you have." He then looked at her fuzzy pussy and put his face to it and began licking it. He licked front to back and then sucked on her clit. He could feel her cum as he sucked the tender clit. Then he licked to her cunt opening and licked the wetness around it. He took his hands and spread her open then pushed his tongue into her opening and began to tongue fuck her sweet hole. She was tight and wet and tasted so good. He ate her like a starving man. She came many times as he ate her wet pussy. By now his cock was throbbing needing to fuck her so bad.

He raised his head and then got between her legs and pushed his cock to her opening. Just before he began to push into her he told her "I will go slow and easy as you are very tight for my big cock. Once I am in you, you will love being fucked by me and I will love feeling your tight cunt on my big hard cock. You are very wet so that will help me push inside you." She told the man "It is ok. I want to have your big cock in me. I love to fuck and I have dreamed of a big man cock filling my tight cunt with his cum. Please fuck me." He kissed her and then began to push his cock into the tight hole. She felt so good and he wanted to bury his cock in her and fuck her again and again. As he got half his cock in her she surprised him and lifted her hips to get him in deeper. She wanted the whole cock in her hole fucking her. He pushed in and soon had all ten inches in the young girl. He then began to fuck her. In and out he went fucking her hard and deep. At one time she yelled "Fuck me harder and faster. Your cock feels so good in my hole. Please fuck me harder." This really excited him and he then began to fuck her tight cunt hard and fast. It was too soon that he filled her with his cum.

He told her "Lay still. I am going to keep my cock inside you as I am going to fuck you more as my cock stays hard a long time and I shall give you more cum. This time I will last longer and you will really get a good hard fucking." She replied "yes, fuck me more. I want that big cock fucking my hole hard as you can. I love to be fucked and have wanted a big cock for a long time." The man kept fucking the girl and she moaned and wantd more and more. He had never dreamed she would be more of a sex partner than the street whores. He put his hands under her hips and grabbed her ass and lifted her so he could ram his cock in her deeper and harder. He had dreams of fucking that ass too. He could imagine his cock balls deep in her tight little pucker.He then took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it as he fucked her deep and hard. She arched her back pushing the tit deeper in his mouth as he sucked and fucked her. As he swapped to the other nipple he saw he had left a bruise on that tit from sucking it so hard. He then planned to suck the other one and leave his mark there too loving seeing the bruise circling each nipple. As he rammed his cock into her cunt fucking her tight cunt he then sucked the side of her tit leaving a mark on it too. He then covered the sides of both tits with bruises. When he was done fucking her he was going to suck on her ass cheeks and leave his mark covering them also.

This young girl loved being fucked. An hour later he finally filled her cunt with more cum. He kissed her mouth as he felt his cum fill her. He then said to her "I have covered your tits with bruises and you will see my mark on them for a couple days. I now want to cover your ass with my mark too. You are so sexy and I love fucking your tight body. I want to fuck you more. Please come over often and get naked with me. You fuck better than any adult or any one I have ever fucked." She laughed and told him "You may mark my ass. I will love seeing your mark across my tits and ass. Leave your back door unlocked and I will come over tonight and get in bed with you. I hope you sl**p naked as I will come naked. You can fuck me as much as you want. I will fuck you like a whore any way you want me. Now put your face between my legs and suck your cum out of my hole. Make my pussy cum some more."

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Girl Next Door Part 2

After I had deflowered Andrea there was a silence she had rushed upstairs into the shower, I had dressed and made my way back home next door, a little guilty maybe, unsure what the outcome was going to be, had I gone too far? Over stepped the boundary, I was a little apprehensive about meeting her next, what would the reaction be? Would she talk, acknowledge me, or just shy away, what if she told friends or even worse her f****y, I could be in serious trouble with the wife if she found out, I was soon to find out what Andrea had planned……
A couple of days had passed I was outside repairing the fence at the neighbours side of the garden when I heard the door open and out popped Andrea with her mother , she was a keen amateur athlete and was usual on a Saturday morning for her to get a lift to the track.
“morning Joan” “how’s tricks” I knew I had to make conversation with them, Andrea smiled at me with a glint in her eye, she had her running shorts on showing off her slender toned legs very pleasing to my eyes, the usual conversation ensued about their weekend away etc., then it was mentioned Andrea was at the local arena later to see a band and talk of taxis etc. to get her home, quite why I did it but suddenly I found myself volunteering to pick Andrea and her friend up and give them a lift home, this had the effect of lighting up Andreas face clearly pleased by my actions, so that was it I would pick them up after the concert finished.
It was about 10:30 and I saw Andrea and her friend Jill standing near the taxi rank, recognising my car they both scampered across the road, lots of legs showing and somewhat skimpy dresses, clearly both girls were out to impress. Jill got in the back of the car and Andrea the front next to me, clearly they had enjoyed there selves and chattered away merrily while I drove back towards the outskirts of the city towards Jill’s house, Jill lived in one of the outlying villages down a winding country road, wasn’t long before we got there and waved her goodbye, this left me alone with Andrea.
I reversed the car back out of the drive onto the lane , at this point Andrea thanked me, I said it wasn’t a problem I wasn’t planning any thing , but she corrected me , thanking me for the other night when we had had sex. This was music to my ears and put my mind at rest, she had enjoyed the encounter and clearly was still willing for more, I drove on felt her hand touch my leg, instantly my manhood swelled and my thought turned to lust.
After about a mile there was a quiet layby, it was part of the old road before the route was altered to straighten out some particular bad bens, I pulled in the car creeping to a halt and I switched off the engine, wasn’t quite sure what or how I was going to go forward with this but all changed as Andrea lent towards me and kissed me passionately full mouthed I reacted instinctively tongue into her mouth fingers through her hair, a dream come true.
We carried on kissing her hands touching my bare back as her she gripped me, this was a raw passion something that I had not experienced since probable early twenties when first with my then girlfriend now wife. I reached over and pulled the lever the seat fell back into the recline position, my hands were groping at her, I groped her breasts through the flimsy dress, braless her nipples stood upright her breasts not large barely a handful but perfectly formed and firm as a girl of her age should be, somehow my other hand slipped behind her and unzipped her, this enabled me to pull the front of her dress down exposing her youthful bosoms, now my fingers tweaked her hard nipples rubbing them between fingers before kissing her neck then down to her bosom, nibbling her nipple, she moaned with pleasure, squirming , scratching holding me tight.
It had only been a few days since our last encounter and here I was in a darkened car middle of the country side with a teenage girl half naked enjoying my attention, to say I was aroused was a understatement I could never remember having such a hard cock, I reached over and pulled the lever lowering my seat, now both front seats were down and I was at the side of Andrea making the move for her young pussy, slowly my hand went lower, then onto her thigh working up towards her fruit. I could smell the juices from us both as I pulled her panties to one side, feeling her soft downy pubic hair; she was already wet as my finger rubbed at her entrance her clit bulging and hard.
It was then she stopped me moving my hand away , no she wanted to do something different, I rolled back onto my back as she moved on top kissing me full lips down my neck her hands now up my t shirt she was now in control seducing me.
I had never been in this situation I was nearing my 40th birthday but not overly experienced she kissed my full on my nipples then began to suck at them, wow! It was heaven this young girl had done something new to me and this I liked. My cock was now bulging like a rod of iron her little hand rubbed the outside of my trousers slowly before fumbling with the top button and unzipping me.
This was good I was being seduced by a teenager who only 3 days before had let me deflower her, her hand was now on my rigid cock up and down the shaft slowly, I looked down and could see a glint of pre cum on the end as Andrea now gripped it tighter slowly wanking me into ecstasy.
Without hesitation she move down my body and kissed the end of my cock, I asked if she had done this before ,she hadn’t touched an erect cock until I had her the other day, now she was kissing the tip something even my wife would do!
I felt her kiss then tongue the end of my man hood and the same time her small c***d like hands slowly wanking me, I wasn’t a large person below but this definitely seemed to make me rise to the occasion, then without warning she put her lips fully around my throbbing cock, she moved her head down taking the first inch into her mouth then again this time a little further, it had been a number of years since I last had a blowjob and the feeling was unimaginable , Andrea carried on sucking further each time, eventually it was too much I held her head and thrust into her mouth, a cough maybe gagged a little but she carried on, now the full length of my man hood was in this young girls mouth, fucking her orally I began to tense up as the eruption of sperm began to bubble, it was me who was groaning with pleasure now as she sensed the moment moved over my cock mouth open as she tugged at me, with a gasp of sheer joy, I came spurting into the mouth of this young now not so innocent girl, her strawberry blond hair was dangling over me as she continued to wink me licking the tip tasting my juice like a cat with a saucer of milk, this was as good as it gets for me I had never produced sperm of this amount since being a teenager myself but she now had me, and what an experience for me.
Suddenly she stopped, startled, I looked up there at the side of the car was a face, staring at us both how long he had been there we didn’t know, Andrea covered herself up as I sat bolt upright, the man smiled put up his thumbs laughing and shot off into the darkness never saw him before or again, dressing and putting ourselves back to some sort of decent attire we giggled like lovers do, how long he had watched we didn’t know had he seen everything? There was a good chance so embroiled in our lust we were, I carried on the short drive back, Andrea getting out of the car as I pulled alongside the drive, she kissed me, smiled, giggled, then skipped down the path to the door and inside, smiling I put the car into the garage, shutting the door and walking back to the rear of the house I saw Andrea at the window, she waved and blew me a kiss a young temptress she now had me trapped with lust I knew there would be more to come…………please!
... Continue»
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Girl Next Door Part 3

My next few meet ups with Andrea were quite brief and quickly over we had sex a couple of times in the car that was quite limiting and we had an brief encounter at the bottom of my garden at the side of the garage which consisted of a good fingering by myself and Andrea giving me a blowjob, very risky as both f****y houses were close and full, but we knew there would be a chance at some point.
The chance came about when Andrea’s parents were out for the day and evening at a close friend’s wedding, Andrea wasn’t going and at the same time my wife was visiting her mother who had recently had an operation and was stopping over, I had to work that shift so was unable to go with her.
This was the chance for some fun me and Andrea had been waiting for, the weekend came and our families both went out on their various escapades leaving the houses empty. As soon as my wife had left and I was sure she wouldn’t return I rang next door Andrea answered and we made arrangement for me to hop over the wall at the rear of her house and to the property back door. Somewhat excitedly heart racing slightly just as the light began to dim I made my move.
Andrea was waiting in the kitchen before I had chance she opened the rear door and I made my way in, to be greeted by the sexiest looking teenager complete with glass of white wine, Andrea was dressed simply in a sarong wrapped around her slim lithe body and obviously naked underneath. She greeted me with a kiss and passed me the wine, then making our way to the lounge, this the place 2 months earlier I had taken advantage of her and took her virginity.
We chatted over a glass of wine all very grown up of her she told me of her forthcoming move to the university and how she was nervous but looking forward to it, all the time I could feel myself wanting to make my move and take her my eyes ogling her gorgeous figure and sweet looks, I put my glass on the coffee table and looked at Andrea, nothing said she sidled over to me d****d her arms around me and kissed me, gently on the lips before more vigorously her tongue twisting around mine, at the same time her sarong had slipped from around her shoulders revealing her pert perfect breasts, nipples already hard in anticipation, I began to move my hands along her beautiful almost porcelain skin, over her breasts along her spine, on her buttocks to me this was a beautiful dream.
Her fingers ran through my hair as we kissed, then her hands went up my t shirt along my spine she was naked and now she wanted me naked as well, first my t shirt then the rest leaving me naked in front of her , my proud cock stood to attention, she knelt grabbing my cock moving her hand along and back on my shaft, I looked up to the ceiling and let out a sigh as I felt her tongue lightly touch the tip, then circled around the head, then all the way down the shaft and back again, this she did several times the feeling was sensational, she must have thinking of the technique because this was sensational, erotic, a man’s delight. Pulling me down onto the carpet we started to kiss again, this time it was Andrea taking control, I laid back as she kissed the side of my neck then my chest then sucked my nipples whilst one hand still rubbing away at my cock which was like an iron rod swelling like never before, further down she went, I’m laid on my back on the carpet as Andrea moved her mouth over my cock then into her fully down working me beautifully , this made me groan with pleasure my hand moved to her head holding her down as my penis went fully in to the back of the throat, she then moved across me, slowly lowering her now wet young pussy onto my face instinctively I began to eat her, nibbling her clit and tongue exploring her as Andrea continued to work the magic of oral sex on me.
After a while and obviously both enjoying she turned her body now face to face to me she lowered herself onto my shaft and began to ride it, her face now a little flushed and her eyes rolling with pleasure, as a newly deflowered girl her expertise was surprisingly good, she was a better ride than any of my previous but few women had been, I felt as she shuddered to a mini climax, but carried on, now she rolled off and beckoned me to fuck her , now my time to work her, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders then entered her fully, fully lubricated all the way in my balls slapping against her I started to fuck her as hard as I could, not for the first time she began to moan louder ever thrust emitting a note of pleasure, this excited me more, pining her further over trying to get every inch of throbbing cock in her.
Quite f***efully and roughly I pulled her over shoving her half onto the sofa holding her hair tightly I began to hammer at her doggy style this making her moan and shriek louder, a few slaps to her bottom reddened her buttocks but now I was in charge I was the man she was my bitch!
Quite why I did it I didn’t know but I inserted a finger into her anus, andrea didn’t stop me in out my finger went , this was not only new to her but me also this was the first time a girl had let me do this and I was excited, would I take her anally? I inserted two fingers into this little tight hole, this made andrea tense up but still no stopping me, still im fucking her and still shes making the right noises of pleasure, time to lose both of our anal viginities, I withdrew from her pussy and offered my cock up to her tight butthole, against it now with the tip of my cock against her I began to push into her, now the tone of her shrieks began to change, it was tight a lot tighter than her pussy but I still carried on pushing, squirming andrea was unsure I could feel her tension but I carried on.
With a final lunge I felt her ass lipsn tight around my cock head now shes hurting and I’m the source of the pain, further in as much as she could take then I began to fuck her , it felt good for me, never before had I got this far with a woman, but I could feel the sperm in me reaching boiling point, after withdrawing I began to wank my self, Andrea turned around and waited for my offload, loudly my cock exploded my cum onto her face in her hair into he rmouth never before had I produced such an amount not even when I was a teenager, holding her head she licked the tip tasting my stroking my balls trying to milk every thing before the hardness began to drop off, we laid together on the floor holding each other laughing, before again out passions became too much and again we made love that was the finest 3hrs of lovemaking I had ever had , we showered together before I made my way back this was the last time I had sex with andrea before she started her first year at university but Christmas would soon be here and this time she would surprise me……….. My final part to follow.
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me and the girl next door part 2

heres the update u been waiting for.

its 7 pm and i get a text on my phone i look and its jemma from next door saying get on skype, i look on and straight away the web cam chat starts, she ask's the normally questions how am i, am i still wanting to go out with her later to which i reply sure i cant wait. she tells me to hang on for a sec and she gets up from the computer, i cant help but notice she was in some silk pajamas, all shiny hugging her body, a few mins later she comes back with a cheeky smile and a glint in her eye i can tell straight way shes up to something.
Before i can say anything she says "i am on my own wanna come round for a few drinks while i get changed?", "sure why not i will be round in a sec" i replied i run downstairs right out the front door, knock on her door and she answers in just just her bra and knickers, my mind goes in to over drive as again i cant stop looking her up and down, pink shiny lip gloss that made her lips look wet, her cleavage so inviting with her tits pulled together tight, her body was so curvy even i noticed the little belly button pireceing this time, then down to the silky thong she had on. "You gonna come in or stand out there all night?" she reached out and pulled me in the door and closed the door behind me, she gave me a little kiss on the lips and looked me up on down, "crap your not going out like that are ya? think i need to make ya look nice before we go out" before i could answer she leads me up to her room looks at me again and tells me to take everything of and get in the shower, i slowly strip down to my boxers in front of her all the time she is just looking me up and down, my heart starts to race as i cant tell what she is thinking, "you know where the shower is i will be in, in a sec with some towels" she says in a playful soft voice.

i step in the shower and after a while i hear the door open, i turn around to see her starring at my body, "dam i didn't think u looked this good naked" she says jokingly i step out the shower and she moves closer with the towels and starts to dry me, i can feel myself get hard as i can feel her gently patting my top half of my body with the towel she drops to her knees to do the lower half and i can see shes looking at my semi hard cock, she pats my balls softly with the towel "wow big boy u almost had my eye out with that" she giggles, she takes hard of my now fully erect cock stares at it a little bit, i look down at her as she looks up at me, "now i believe i owe you something for helping me out earlier" she whispers i can feel my cock throbbing in her hand she slowly moves her lips to my cock, she opens her mouth slowly and pokes out a wet tongue she close's her mouth over my throbbing cock, i can feel her tongue now slowly licking at the tip her mouth slowly moving down my shaft to meet her hand coming up, it feels soo amazing i cant believe my luck who would have though me perving over her would lead to this i don't want it to stop, but it dose her phone goes off in the over room and she tells me to stay there and don't move. so i watch her walk out the room her thong so far up her arse crack it looks like shes not wearing on.

a few mins later she comes bk with some cloths, jeans a black shirt she gives me a kiss and whispers in my ear "hmmm i love ur hard cock we will have fun later but now get dressed and we will meet a mate of mine shes dieing to meet you to"
she walks out the room to her room i get dressed as quick as i can i wanna try and see her change to my heart is racing so much i think it might just jump out i want her mouth around my cock again.
after a while i am dressed i hear her walking towards me "ready? the taxi is out side" she grabs my and and we walk downstairs on out to the taxi.

in the taxi to town she puts her hand on my thigh and works her hand up to where she thinks my cock is, shes on target and gives it a gentle squeeze, she leans in and whispers "that isn't all your getting i will rock your world tonight hun" and places her soft lips on mine, her lips stick to mine and she gently slides her tongue in to meet mine we kiss for what seems like the whole way in to town my cock being teased by her fingers to makes me wanna rip her cloths off right her and now, i have never been this turned on. the taxi stops and we get out her friend is there waiting, jemma holds my hand and pulls me over to her friend.

jemma greets her friend with a hug and a kiss on the cheeks the leans in to whisper something in her ear i cant hear it but a smile appears on her friends face, "this is my friend zoe, and this is james the guy next door i been telling ya about" i go to give zoe a hand shake but she pulls me in for a hug and kisses me softly on the lips, this kiss was soo soft and tender, i thought fuck i must be dreaming, jemma turns to us both and says "lets get this night started then shall we".

we all walk in to the local bar and the girls find a table right at the back of the bar. Zoe walks over to me and takes me to the bar, we stand there waiting for someone to talk our order, she leans in and talks softly in to my ear "so you and jemma are staying with me tonight then?" i turn to her and reply "not sure whats going on tonight" zoe orders the drinks and we head back to the table after a while of talking and them both rubbing my thigh, jemma says "shall we take this back to yours zoe or go dancing?" "i think we should get some more drink and go back to mine i wanna have fun but at mine" zoe replies.

after a short walk we reach zoes place is a nice flat in town we enter and it place just looks huge "make yourself at home james" zoe tells me as both girls walk to zoes bedroom, i look around the place and cant believe my luck i hear giggling coming from the bedroom then it all goes quite i decide what the hell nd lounge bk on the brown leather sofa. zoe comes running out her room with a bottle of vodka i look her up and down and notice she has changed in to a little latex mini skirt and matching boob tube, shes walks over to me and straddles over my legs, she grinds in to me gently till shes comfortable and leans in to kiss me, she licks around my lips softly before easing her tongue in to my mouth i slowly move mine to meet hers and we lock lips for a few mins, she stops and gets off to pour us all a drink, jemma walks out in a tight latex catsuit, she looks really hot so curvy and the latex is so tight on her i can see her pussy lips, i think to myself fuck i wanna lick thouse badly, jemma comes over and sits next to me "this is going to be a good night" she whispers in my ear.

this is all i can write for now didnt think it would be this long will update like normaly tho :)... Continue»
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Erin, the girl next door

We had only been moved in next door to you for a couple of months before I noticed you, I was cutting the lawn and it was sticky hot so I only had shorts and boots on and my shades. I saw you over the garden fence, you were walking about in a tiny pair of shorts and a little string bikini bra top with your long blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail, it swung about in the breeze as you trotted about in your flip flops. It was difficult to judge your age as you were quite tall, had a lovely pert butt and you definitely had a wonderful pair of pert tits and nice puffy nipples. I noticed this as I could see your nipples were quite pointed and prominent as they strained against the thin pink bikini top you had on, it had slipped about a bit when the string ties worked a bit loose, in fact I could just make out the pink outside of your nipples.
You were very chatty and giggly as we exchanged jokes over the fence, your white shorts were very skimpy and the seam had pulled right up into your fanny lips which were very clear so I knew you were mature enough to have a nice pussy and you had probably reached puberty.
We used to chat a lot over the next few months during the summer and I knew that you would make a point of coming out into the garden whenever I was working or watering the plants and that you always had extremely sexy clothes on even though you might not have meant to, tiny shorts, little bikini pants that always seemed to be too little or hanging off, exposing your arse crack and better still the top of your pubic mound with its wispy light blond hair just popping out of the top. There were many times that I had to adjust my cock as it would jerk into life at the sight of you with your tanned legs and smooth back and pretty face, sexy smile with the hint of pink lip gloss and the sweat dripping between your little pert tits and the slight damp patch between your legs as your pants pulled into your fanny lips, you were delightful and so horney. I did very often deliberately splash you with the water sprayer to try and make your cotton tops see through and succeeded many times which meant I could clearly see your pink puffy nipples in all their glory, just waiting to be kissed and licked. What I didn’t know until I caught a glimpse of you last week was that at the same time as I used to take my leave of you to dash into my bedroom for a very slow deliberate masturbate of my thick solid cock, was that you were sneaking up to your room so you could watch me and masturbate your young little sweet cunt and clit at the same time. I would get into my room and not bother to shut the blinds, I knew your room was dead opposite mine and to be honest I wanted you to see me but was slightly scared in case you didn’t fancy seeing a guys big hard cock. The urges I had to fuck and masturbate you were huge and I always made sure I had a good mental picture of you as I lay on my bed slowly pulling my foreskin back and forward, my cock was a splendid b**st, long and thick, the skin would pull right back exposing the big purple head that had the big ridge at the back that gave big thrills as my skin pulled up and over, back and down, stretching hard and making the end bright and shiny, I could pull myself for ages with my other hand gently tweaking my nipples to get the extra thrills as my thick creamy spunk shot in great gushes up into the air to splatter down onto my belly. I could spurt a good six or seven hard long gushes before squeezing the end to get the last drops out, if only I could masturbate into your wonderful sexy mouth, or better still on your tits and cunt and eventually up into all of your holes, cunt, arse and mouth. You were getting hot and horney when you joined into the fun with me in the garden, you knew that by wearing your tine sun tops and bikini bottoms and letting them hang loose and free that I would be able to see your nipples and down into your pubic hairs but it get you excited and you had been playing with your clit and inside your pussy for quite a few months anyway. You had experimented pushing your fingers in your cunt when you were 12 soon after your mum had talked to you about your littler tits starting to bud and that this was ok as all girls had tits and it was nothing to worry about as you were turning into a young lady. Your Dads porno films certainly opened the flood gates and got you so interested in how guys could pull their cocks and shoot that wonderful creamy sperm up and out so powerfully, you wanted to do it for them, feeling the huge strength of the thick stem and big shiny head as the spunk spattered out. You loved to have this in your mind as you rubbed your pert little clit and gently pushed the thin end of your coke bottle in and out of your cunt hole, just far enough to let the coke end lip nudge on the inside you where it felt so good and deep, especially if you could get your clit to orgasm at the same time, this was what you strived for as you practiced masturbating almost every night. You had seen me go up to my room almost as soon as we had been messing about in the garden and out of curiosity you had nipped up to your room and noticed that if you kept your blinds half open and got onto your top bunk you could see me laying on my bed wanking my big fat cock and it felt as thought we were doing it to each other as you tried to time your orgasm to match my spunk gushes. You would strip off completely and lay with your legs stiff and straight pointing at me, slightly open pretending that I could see up them and maybe I could as I seemed to be looking straight up to you as I gasped quite load when I came which you could hear clearly as you left your window upon hoping I could hear your muffled gasps and little scream as you came with me.
I had noticed what you did and that you were in your room, as I could see you strip off and climb onto your top bunk and luckily the mirror on your wall let me see your reflection clearly as you pushed the coke bottle up into your pussy, quite a way for a 12 year old and certainly you were pushing it in and out deeper and deeper as you patted then rubbed your clit, obviously working hard to get as good a masturbate as you could. You looked so beautiful, a young girl awakening to your body and sexual pleasures, fully aware of how to pleasure yourself, aware of your body and its sexuality, aware of men’s cocks and how wonderful it would feel to grasp one, pull its skin up and down, feel its power in your mouth, feel it jerk and gush its sperm onto your cunt or if you dared into your mouth to swallow and eventually like the girls in the porno up your very tight arse, that’s what got you so horney, what would it be like to have a big fat cock jerk its spunk in your very private and sensitive arse. You could see my cock getting so hard, my jerking getting faster, your bottle pushing in and out, your young firm clit throbbing as you patted and rubbed it, you like to feel the sharp stab of pain as you patted and slapped your clit quite hard then rubbed it faster and faster, we were in unison, I think we knew that we could see each other as we both came at the same time, my cock pumping and gushing, your bottle pushed deeper, further harder, in and out, your fingers rubbing your clit harder and faster, my skin pulled up and down, up and down, long strokes, the spunk gushes out, your clit throbs, your cunt muscles grab the bottle and suck it deep, your young clean sweet cunt juices gush out as you splatter all over your bed sheet, we are both finished and slump down our gasps dying out together, we have had a mutual masturbation and both smile. You get up and let your legs hank over the end of the bed, wide open so I can see clearly up your cunt as you wipe it with your sopping wet thong. We would have many happy masturbation sessions before you started to hint at what you wanted me to do to you next?
... Continue»
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Mature lady next door.

When I was growing up I played with the nabor k**s like any other k**. The Girl next door was a couple of years older than me and during our games of truth or dare me got to finger her pussy a few times. I got to see what a girl looked like. Then one day I was over at her house swimming in her pool when her mom came out in her bathing suit. She had a good body slim and petite, but the thing that stood out most to me was the hair sticking out of both sides of her crotch area I couldn’t keep my eyes off it. Then she dove into the COLD swimming pool and when she got out her nipples were fully erect. This sent me on a trend of liking both hairy and mature women. Now that I had seen what I sought I had to see more so I started sneaking over at night to look in her bathroom and bedroom window. When I first sought her fully nude it was like haven. She was part Native American so she was trim with a thick black bush and tight ass. One day I worked up the courage to go over there when she was alone I just knocked on the door and she let me in. She had known me since I was young but what she didn’t know was that now I had the needs of a man. We watched TV and then I told her the story of the pool and how I had been dreaming of her naked body for a long time. She seemed a bit alarmed at first but I knew she had needs as well. She had been a widow for many years now. I told her it could be our secret and she agreed and asked if I was ready. I said “yes” she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock and started sucking it. It felt so good it wasn’t long until I felt the urge to cum. The she pulled my balls up and started to suck on them. Once she went back to my dick I had to cum so I let loose a load I her mouth and she just swallowed it like a pro. I was still hard as a rock so she undressed me and took her cloths of in front of me and led me to the bedroom with my cock in her hand. She lyed on her back and I started in on her pussy I loved finding her lips and clit in all that hair. I tried to get my tongue as far up into her vagina as possible until she told me she was ready to fuck. I shoved my dick into her pussy and got to work it felt so good and at the same time she would suck on my tongue as if it has a cock. I felt the urge to Cum again and I told her I was going to cum soon and she said to do it in her and I asked her wont it get you pregnant she simply said I cant get pregnant so I came all up in her pussy and it felt like noting I had ever felt. The memory of her will stay in my spank bank forever.... Continue»
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Girl next door

I was 22 and rachel was 18 . She'd moved into the house next door with her parents 5 years ago and i'd seen her blossom from a girl into a scorching hot young woman . Rachel had light brown hair and her eyes were a green/brown colour.
She had smallish breasts and a fantastic arse , problem was she had a boyfriend !

She'd been dating this guy who was also 18 for a couple of years , he was quite the looker but they constantly argued ! Our bedrooms shared the same wall and i would quite often hear them shouting at each other and fucking ! Many nights i lay in bed masturbating to the sounds coming through the wall , hearing her groan when he fucked her pussy and ass sent me wild . I wanted her so badly !

Rachel had recently passed her driving test and her parents had bought her an old car as a gift , it was an old Ford Fiesta . I was outside when she came back from seeing her boyfriend, she looked upset so i asked if she was ok , she said that she had gone to his house to surprise him but had seen him going inside his house with his tongue down some sluts throat ! She was furious ! I didn't know what to say to her when i blurted out is there anything i could do to help her get back at him ! Rachel looked at me and said fuck him , I went there for cock and he fucked up , your here do you fancy a fuck ! I didn't need asking twice so i moved closer and she went straight for my rapidly growing bulge , her hand groping my package and our mouths met ,our tongues entwined . Lets get inside she said !

Moments later we were in my bedroom and our clothes were on the floor. I hadn't any time to take notice of her body as she had quickly dropped my boxers and was on her knees with my painfully hard cock in her mouth , her tongue swirling around my bell end ! Suddenly she withdrew my cock and asked me if that was her radio she could hear through the wall ! Yes i said ! Rachel gasped , if you can hear that then ! Yes i said while pushing her head back down my cock , I've heard you and Ben fucking many times , I wank off everytime you two are doing it ! My favourite time was when he done your ass for the first time ! You groaned so loud i blew my load all over my chest ! Rachel went wild , gagging on my cock, I'd been blown before but not like this !
Oh my god Rachel said i'm so turned on at the thought of you listening in on us ! Her spit was running down my shaft onto my nut sack her left hand stroking the bit between my balls and ass ! Ben likes me to finger his ass she said can i do yours ? Fuck yes ! Her finger pressed into my ass and she throated my cock
my ring muscle gave in and her finger slid all the way to her third knuckle ! Godddddddd ! I groaned out loud ! She furiously face fucked me while rubbing my prostate. Fuck me now she demanded ! She got onto the bed on all fours, her pert arse facing me , I aimed my cock at her waxed pussy and slid passed her soft lips, damn she was tight ! Do me hard she commanded , so i pummeled into her wet pussy for all i was worth ! I was so close to cumming , the sweat pouring off my brow ! I groaned out that i was going to cum, she said on my face i want it on my face , i never let Ben do that so you can ! I pulled out and she span around grabbing my aching cock and began sucking and wanking me off.
Ohhhhhh ! The first spurt went in her mouth before she could remove it , the second jetted across her mouth , nose and eye ! The third and forth dribbled down my shaft and Rachel licked my cock clean ! Mmmmmmmmm ! Your cum tastes nice she said before cleaning her face with a tissue ! Thank you i needed that she said then got dressed kissed me good bye and left !

Three days later she got back together with Ben and always made alot of noise when they fucked so i could hear them ! Dirty bitch even sent me some of knickers and a moblie vid of her sucking Ben off with a message saying this was you once ! ... Continue»
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Blackmailing my next door neighbor

I'm a computer tech and I have been doing this for about 10 years. I work for
one of the bigger computer companies and I'm 31 and single. I make very good
money so instead of wasting it on rent, I bought a small home in a very nice
neighborhood. To make extra money to party with I fixed computers systems on
the side. I put flyers out everywhere and would average about one computer a
week or so. It was nice extra money and it was easy for me to do.

I have not had a permanet girlfriend for about 2 years. I've lived in this
house for over a year yet but I just couldnt seem to find the time to get out
and get a girlfriend. My big entertainment now was using my computer at night
on the internet and chatting with girls and reading the newsgroups. But I was
really starting to miss having some female companionship.

One night I was sitting at my computer when the door bell rang. I got up and
went downstairs and it turned out to be my next door neighbor. Her name was
Karen and she was a very nice looking girl of about 27. She was a school
teacher at the local school down the road. He husband worked for a large
trucking company and he was gone a lot of the time.

I had talked to Karen a few times before in the year I was here but not really
that much. I invited Karen in and asked what was up. She explained that about
three days ago, lightning must have hit the wires going into her house because
her tv, stereo, oven, and computer were all blown up. The house insurance
was going to pay for everything but she needed her computer back as soon
as possible.

Her husband was away and she couldnt get in touch with him about what she should
do. She wondered if I could take a look at it because she really needed it for
her school work. I told her I would be more then happy to take a quick look and
see what I can do. She invited me over and I walked with her to her house.
Of course she lived next door so it was only a few steps to her house. We went
to the spare bedroom to where the computer was and when she turned it on. I
could start to smell a burning smell. The computer didnt come on or anything.

I told her I would take the CPU part of the computer back over to my house and
see how bad it is. If it wasnt bad I might have it back to her tomorrow night.
She thanked me and I unhooked the unit and took it back to my place. I sat it
on the table and got a screw driver and opened up the computer. Yea, the
lightning had done a job on it. I could tell right away the video card was bad.
It had burnt chips on it and that was probably what was making the burning
smell. I grabbed a spare video card and then got a spare mouse, keyboard, and
monitor from out of the closet.

The computer now seemed to power up fine. I ran a few diagnostic tests on it
and everything seemed to be fine. I notice they had a 60 gig hard drive in
the system. That was a pretty big hard drive for home use. Just because I
was bored I decided to look around the hard drive. I noticed that the computer
had a directory and everytime I switched to that directory it asked for a
password. I ran a utility I had and it said the directory had 10 gig of data
in it. Wow, that was a lot. Now it got my curiousity up. I looked over the
rest of the computer system and it mainly had word files and some school stuff
from Karen's k**s at school.

I then decided to see if I could get into the locked directory. I tried a lot
of things but nothing seemed to work. I went to my computer upstairs and
logged into the internet. I did some searches and finally found a program that
would tell you passwords used on the computer if you could log into the computer
as an administrator. Well, her computer didnt even make me log on. I wasnt sure
if the program would work but I downloaded it. I took it down to her computer
and ran the software real quick. BINGO, there was a list of about 8 passwords
that the program found hidden in the computers registry.

I tried each one at a time. On the 6th password the computer let me into the
directory. It had a bunch of sub directories. They were labeled with things like
Home: , Town:, Friends:, Outside: ,Sites: ,Videos:
I tried the directory called home first. Up popped about 1000 files. I clicked
on the first one and my whole body just tensed up. There was Karen laying on
the bed in a short little nightie, and her legs were spread and her finger was
inside her shaved pussy. My heart jumped right out of my body. I clicked on
picture after picture and it was all of Karen in different poses. God she looked
so sexy.

I ran upstairs and got my portable cdrom burner. I hooked it up to Karens
computer and One CD at a time I started dumping all the directories to CD's.
It took about 15 cd's to get everything and it took about 2 hours to copy it
all. Part of the reason it took so long was because I was in there looking
at pictures of her while the computer was burning the pictures to cd's.
When I finally had all of it, I turned her computer off and ran upstairs to
mine. My computer was much newer and faster and had a large 21" screen on it.
I took cd number one and put it in my computer and copied everything to a
directory I called Karen. I then copied the second, then the third, until all
15 cd's were copied back into my computer. I was so excited I couldnt believe

I now had all the time I wanted to look at and view the pictures that I took
off their computer. I moved from directory to directory to see what was in
each on. I viewed some from the town directory. It was pictures of Karen
out in public showing off. A lot of them were very risky. Like in the parking
lot of the mall, or at the lake with her top and bottoms off. Each directory
had about a 1000 pictures in it. Her husband must have been collecting these
for a long time. I switched to another directory called friends. When the
first picture popped up I couldnt beleive it. There was Karen sucking on a guy
why another girl was licking her cunt. I stayed in this directory for a while.
Karen had been with two guys, two girls, and all sorts of combinations. Most
the people stayed the same so it must have been some close friends of theirs.
With there being about a 1000 pictures in each directory, I couldn't look at them
all. I moved to the outside directory. I found out these were pictures that
showed Karen having sex somewhere outside. One of them even showed her on my
back patio giving some guy a blow job. Wow, where was I that day.

The next directory I went to was called videos. I clicked on one of the many
files there and up popped my movie player screen. Then the movie started.
It was Karen with a dildo in her hand. She started slowly pushing it inside
her cunt and she started rubbing her clit with her other hand. It lasted about
four minutes and had sound. At the end of the video you could see Karens whole
body shake as she came in one big orgasm. My dick was as hard as it had ever
been. I had to play another video. This one showed her dressed in a real
slutty looking outfit. Then it shows her walk up to somebody in their living
room, pull down his zipper, then take him in her mouth and start sucking him
while the guy is standing there. She sucks him for about 3 minutes when the
camera shows the guy cumming and Karen trying to suck him all down. Of course
she can get it all and some of it flows out the sides of her mouth. It was
just so hot to watch. The movies were so real and the sounds were so good
I had to keep watching them.

One movie had Karen in a little school girls outfit. All of a sudden a guy
comes up and asks her for sex. Karen refuses and the guy grabs her and
bends her over his knee. Karen of course wasnt wearing undies and the guy
reaches for a ping pong paddle. I watch as this guy really whips Karens
ass for about five minutes. Her ass is bright red and I can actually see
tears flowing from her eyes. The popping noise of the paddle hitting her
ass was very loud. With Karen just about in tears, the guy takes her off
his knee and pushes her down till she is on her knees and arms. He unzips
his zipper and presents his dick to Karen. Karen is still sort of crying but
she opens her mouth and lets the guy in. Karen wasnt moving very good up
and down the guys dick. He finally said thats it. He pointed to the paddle
that was laying next to him and a girl came and picked it up. Karen
didnt seem to notice this. The girl walked behind Karen and wound up and
let the paddle fly at Karens already red ass. A loud pop was heard on the
movie and Karens body jerked real quickly. The guy was holding Karens head
and told her she better start doing better. I thought the girl was going
to stop but pop after pop was heard on the tape and you could see the
girl whipping Karen's ass as she sucked on the guys dick.

The camera zoomed in first on her bright red ass as the girl kept slapping
it, then it moved around and zoomed up on Karen sucking on the guys dick.
Karens head was moving much faster on the dick now and you could see tears
flowing down the cheeks of Karens face. The guy came about a minute later
and when he did the whipping finally stopped. Another guy all of a sudden
took the first guys place and he pulled Karens tearie eyed faced down onto
his cock. You could hear the guy tell Karen she better suck him good or the
paddle would be back. Then you saw one more quick slap of the paddle on
Karens ass and she started sucking hard and fast on the new dick in front of
her. About 20 seconds later you saw a girl get behind Karen and the other
girl was naked. But the other girl had a large black dick attached to her
body by some sort of harness around her hips. The camera moved its angle
more to the back of Karen and thats when you could really see how red her
ass it. It was bright red, almost blue on both ass cheeks. The camera view
showed the girls hands squeezing a lot of lotion on the dildo then straight
onto the tops of Karens ass crack and pussy.

You heard Karen start to groan and she was shaking her head in sort of a
no fashion. It only took a couple seconds before the girl had her paddle
in her hand and about 8 quick slaps went to Karens ass. With the camera
at this angle you could see exactly how hard the girl was whipping Karens
ass. It was about as hard as the girl could swing. I could hear Karen
actually sniffling and sobbing as her head was pushed and pulled along
the dick in her mouth. About the same time the girl took hold on the big
black dildo and guided it to Karens very wet cunt. She played it up and
down her crack a few times then quickly she raised it up to Karens ass
and pushed the head into her tight hole up there. A loud grunt came out of
Karens mouth as the head of the large didlo opened up her ass and slid
inside. The girl didnt give Karen anytime to adjust. She just started
fucking the dick in and out of Karen. Then the girl grabbed the paddle
again in her right hand. She told the guy to take his hands off Karens
head and not to move.

The girl then actually called Karen her bitch and told her to start fucking
both of them. Karen didnt move so the girl started slapping her right ass
cheek. In no time Karen was pumping back onto the girls dildo which pulled
the cock out of her mouth. Then just before the cock left her mouth, she
would pull her body forward and this would push the dick deep into her
mouth and pull the dildo out of her tight ass hole. Karen worked like
this for about five minutes before the guy finally came in her mouth.
The video ended right after the guy flooded her mouth. It was about 13 minutes
long and it really did a job on me. I was so turned on i just couldnt take it
anymore. I replayed the movie and slowly rubbed my dick while I watched it.
I came like a rocket in about three minutes. I decided I was going to look
at pictures and watch movies most the night.

I went to bed about 4am and my alarm clock went off at 7am. I quickly decided
I was staying home today and called in to tell them I wouldnt be in to work.
I just said I wasnt feeling well. I went back to sl**p and didnt wake up till
close to noon. When I did, I made some coffee and it was right back to the
computer. There was so much of Karen to watch. I found out from watching other
videos that Karen liked to be controlled and made to do things. She even talked
about it at the end of one of the videos. She thanked everybody for forcing her
to do what she has always fantasized about.

There were about 200 movie files in the directory. Thats what took up most the
guys space. I know why he had a 60 gig hard drive now. I watched movie after
movie and was amazed at some of the things they had Karen doing. I was staying
hard as a brick watching everything. Then I hit a movie and it was actually done
in their back yard. I dont know when or what time, but it looked to be around
noon or a little after. Karen was laying out in a small bikini. Then a girl
came out and stuck a blind fold on her. The video camera filmed the girl
slowly slipping Karen out of her bikini top and bottom and then showed Karen
totally nude on the blanket in the middle of her back yard. What happened next
even amazed me. They slipped a black dog collar around Karens neck. It had a
bunch of studs on it and then they hooked a dog leash up to the collar.
They had Karen get up and the girl led Karen around the yard and kept calling
her a nice little doggie. Karen was still blindfolded and followed the girl
all over the yard. Finally the girl pushed Karen back onto the blanket and had
her get on her knees. A guy came up in front of Karen and pulled down his
bathing suit. He got down on his knees so his dick was level with Karens face
and pushed his dick forward till it touched Karens lip. You could hear the
traffice drive by on the other side of the privacy fence. But that didnt slow
them down one bit.

The girl told her doggie to suck on the hot piece of meat that was in front of
her. Karen sucked for about two minutes. The girl was still standing behind
her holding the leash that was attached to Karens collar. Then the part that
really floored me happened. Another guy slowly brought something out and sat
it in front of Karen next to the guy. It was a large doberman pincher dog.
They had the dogs dick pointing out backwards between its legs. It was very long
and already stiff. Slowly the guy Karen was sucking moved back and away and they
sat the dog in his place. They moved the dog back toward Karen till the dick
was just an inch from her face. The girl told her doggie again to suck the
nice piece of hot meat in front of her. Karen moved forward and opened her
mouth. The dogs dick disappeared into Karens little mouth. You could tell
Karen wasnt sure about what it was. It didnt feel right in her mouth. The girl
was ready for this. She had the paddle in her hand and it landed right on
Karens ass. Suck that meat doggie, suck it good. She slapped Karen hard about
five times and Karen started going up and down on the dogs dick. The girl
got down next to Karen and helped guide her head up and down on the dick.
The guy that Karen was sucking first got behind Karen with the paddle and waited.

The dogs dick kept getting bigger and bigger. The girl at Karens head was having
to really f***e Karens head to keep running up and down the dogs big and growing
dick. She shook her head at the guy behind her. The guy took the paddle and
really started slapping Karens ass. The girl spoke up. Come on my doggie, suck
that doggie dick. I think it is then that Karen really figured out what they
had her doing. She tried to move her head away but thats why the girl was
there. The guy started slapping her butt harder and the girl told her again
to suck that doggie dick. About about 15 hard slaps to the butt Karen quit
fighting as much and the girl guided her head back to a good rhythm on the
dogs dick. It amazed me that they did this right in her back yard. They must
have know that me and the neighbors on the other side were gone or at work.
The camera was doing a close up of Karen sucking on the huge dick in her mouth.
You could now hear the dog start to pant loudly. The girl holding Karens
head in place knew what was about to happen. She looked at the guy behind
Karen and shook her heard. He immediately started whipping her already red

The girl yelled for Karen to suck that dog dick hard. Get more of it in your
mouth. Do it now! Karens ass was really starting to hurt bad i'm sure. The girl
f***ed more of the dogs dick into Karens mouth and the dog was grunting loud now.
Then the camera and the girl saw it at the same time. The end of the dogs dick
was starting to swell. The girl pushed hard on Karens head and the guy was
spanking her ass like there was no tomorrow. Suck more of that doggie dick into
your mouth, do it now. Karen let just a little more of the huge cock enter into
her mouth. That was all the dog could stand. Right before the dog started
pumping loads of thin white goo into Karens mouth, the tip of his dick flared
up to over double its size. The girl gave Karens mouth one final shove and the
entire large bulb finally pushed passed Karens widely opened mouth. Now the
explosion started. The dog yelled as the gooey liquid shoot out his dick and
down Karens throat. The huge sack that was in Karens mouth was keeping his
dick locked inside her for now. The thin wet gooey sperm had nowhere to go
but down Karens throat. Karen had to swallow or gag. The guy kept up the attack
on her ass as the girl was yelling at Karen to suck the dog dry. Karen couldnt
breath because the dog kept the back of her throat so full of dog sperm.
Finally the girl let go of Karens head and Karen pulled her head as hard as
she could away from the dogs dick. In a quick pop the dogs dick came out of
Karens mouth and continued spraying white hot sperm all over Karens face.
Tons of the dogs sperm flowed out of Karens mouth. The guy finally quit hitting
Karens ass and the camera just filmed all the goo running from Karens face.

The last scene of the movie was the camera moving behind Karen and showing her
beat red ass. Then that movie ended. It too was about 15 minutes long. I knew now
I had to get in on some of this action. It was just too hot to pass on. I
hooked the vcr up to my computer video card and put just that one video on
a blank video tape. I then kept looking over all the pictures and videos that
were on my hard drive. I also got Karens computer ready for her. She got home
from school around 4:30 and immediately rang my doorbell. I told her the computer
was done and there was no charge. We chatted for about five minutes before I
carried the computer back over to her house and set it up for her. As I left
I handed her the vcr tape and said play this sometime tonight then see what
you think.

She didnt know what I was talking about but she took the tape and said thank
you a couple more times. She seemed like such a nice girl to be involved in
all the things she was doing. I wasnt in the house more then 20 minutes when
the doorbell rang. It was Karen. He face was bright red and she asked if she
could come in. We went into the living room and sat down. She looked at me
and then asked, why did you give me that tape? I looked at her and told her
I had about 200 more movies just like that. Her head went down to looking at
the floor. I took charge of the conversation from there. You know what you did
there is against the law. Plus your working with k**s, they wouldn't understand
a lot of the other videos I saw. Karen's head was still looking down at the

I decided to just go for it. From now on, every night after you get off
school and your husband is out of town, I want you to go home and take a
hot shower. Then call me on the phone. I will come over and for the next few
hours your mine. If you do everything I say for six months, you will be out of
my debt and I will never tell or show anybody your pictures. But if you
ever go against me, you tell somebody about us, I will publish just about
everything and see that the school gets the same copy of the tape that I
gave you. I then asked if she understood. She didnt move or say a word.
I asked her again, this time she looked up and said, do I have a choice?
I said no. She then said she understood and got up and started to leave.
I told her I expected a call within an hour. I gave her my phone number and
She walked out the door. I went back to looking at more movies that were
on my computer.

I was pretty sure she would call but she waited till the last second to call
me. I turned off my computer and walked next door to her house. I tried
the front door first and it was unlocked. I just walked in. I saw Karen sitting
on the couch in her living room. She asked me to come and sit for a second.
She started on a long spill about her life with her husband. He rescued her
for a small town hell hole about 5 years ago. He took her away from her other
terrible life and set her up here in this house. He only had one condition.
The days he was home, he was lord and master. I would have to do anything
he wanted no matter what it was. I was his slave so to speak. He told me he
was usually home 1 week out of the month and on the road the other three
weeks. He also said he would put me thru school to become anything I wanted.
I always wanted to teach k**s so he put me thru college and I have been
teaching about two years now.

I only do what my husband tells me to do. Sometimes I fight against what he
wants me to do and he blisters my butt with the paddle until I finally give in.
I know I could leave at any time but I really do have it good here most the
time. He gives me everything I ask and he is gone so much everything works
out ok. If you notice on the videos, you never see anybody fucking me without
protection because I have a reaction when I try to take the pill. So usually
my husband tells them just not to even try to fuck me. As you can tell from
some of the videos, I get spanked a lot. I don't go along with a lot of the
things he wants me to do, so I fight back the best I can.

Karen went on talking for about 5 minutes before she finally asked me if I
would consider money or something else in payment. She really liked being
a teacher and didnt want her husband to find out that she was doing things
with another guy. It was a good story and she really poured her heart into
it. But I knew a good thing when I saw it. I looked right at her and told
her she had two choices, be my SLAVE anytime your husband is out of town
for the next six months, or be prepared for the school principal to call her
in. Karen got a really dirty look in her face and said "FINE, WHAT DO YOU

I set the rules down first. Karen would come home from school, shower, then
call me within an hour. She was to leave the backdoor unlocked so I could
walk out my backdoor, thru her yard, and into her house so nobody would
see me. Then for an hour or two, Karen would do everything I asked. This
would start tonight and last for six months. After six months, I will never
bother her again and none of the film or pictures will ever find its way
out of my possession. Karen didnt say nothing, she just sat there and
listened. I then asked her to show me her bedroom. We walked upstairs and
she sat on the bed and I looked thru her closet and a few drawers. I didnt
see what I was looking for. I asked her to show me the spare bedroom. Karen
didn't really want to take me in there. She showed me the room and the
door was shut. I opened the door and I knew right away this is where a lot
of the filming had taken place. There were mirrors all over the wall, their
were special benches and torture looking devices all along the room. Then I opened
the closest and there were all the different looking outfits I had seen her
in. There was a dresser in the closet also and when I opened the drawers,
they were full of assorted toys and devices that I didnt even know what they
were. I had seen enough for now.

I grabbed Karen by the hand and led her downstairs. I had her kneel in the
living room and I was so horny I had to get some quick releif. Karen glanced
up at me as I slowly unzipped my rock hard dick. I pulled it out and held
it in Karens face. This was her last chance to back out. Karen just sort of
closed her eyes and let her face fall forward. She started slowly sucking
up and down my shaft. It had been so long since I had been with anybody.
And Karen was very good. It felt fantastic. Of course because of that I lasted
less then two minutes and when I started shooting I pulled the back of Karens
head deep onto my dick just about burying the entire shaft in her mouth.
This relationship would be totally different then anything I had before.
Usually you have to take the other person's feelings into account, but with
Karen, she was there to please me. I was going to use her to the best of
my abilities for the next six month. After she finally sucked me dry, I
let go of her head and she pulled back and away from my dick. Why she
was wiping her face off I pulled up my zipper and told her this was good
for the first night. I told her tomorrow to leave her backdoor unlocked
when she went to school. And I would expect her phone call tomorrow night.

With her still on her knees, I turned around and left but I used the back
door this time. When I got home I was trembling very hard. I have never
treated another person like that before. I found out it made you feel very
powerful. I turned back on my computer and got a notepad and started looking
between the pictures and the movies of Karen. I took a lot of notes of things
to look for tomorrow at her house and things I wanted to do. I got a
calendar book from the kitchen that I had never used. I was going to use
it to track what I want to do each day with Karen and then log exactly what
I did do. I marked in the calendar exactly what happened tonight. Taught
slave the rules and received BJ in living room. Now I had to start planning
for tomorrow nights action.

I was up most the night again. The next day of course I called in and told
them I really felt sick still. I wasnt going in to work this day either.
I watched the front of the house and around 8am in the morning I saw Karen
drive by on her way to school. I immediately walked out my back door, went
thru the fence into her yard, and tried the back door. BINGO, it was unlocked.
I went directly up to the SLAVE room and started looking closely at everything.
I started putting together devices with movies or pictures I had seen of
Karen the past couple nights. I started really examining the clothes and
toys in the closet. I found the handcuffs, the blind folds, the three or
four different paddles, I found some electronic devices I didnt know what
they were. I wrote the names of the devices down on my notepad and kept
looking around. I looked thru her outfits and it was hard to choose one
I really liked the most. They were all really good and expensive outfits.
They weren't the cheap 20 dollor outfits you can get at some places.

I finally found a cute but very short school girls outfit. I remembered it
from one of the films where they whipped the bad little school girl and made
her do a few things. I pulled that out and found the little pink tennis shoes
that went with the outfit. I put the outfit and the shoes on Karens bed in her
bedroom. I then went back and looked thru the toy store. I pulled a few things
out and put them in a bag that was on the floor. I took the bag downstairs
and looked thru the closets down there until I found a nice large blanket.
I was now about ready. I sat down and wrote Karen a note.

On your bed upstairs is the outfit I want you to have on when I come over
there tonight. I expect you to shower, then grab your razor and shave your
pussy completely bald. All young girls should have a smooth pussy. In fact,
every night from now on that you know I am coming over, I want you to use
the razor and removed any stubble on your pussy, no matter how small you
think it is. Don't disappoint me because today I made up four or five special
videos, wrapped them up and addressed them to places you wouldnt like. The
school, the police department, a couple of the local neighbors, and of course
your parents back home. I found their address in your address book under the
phone. You dont want to ever make me mad. I'll be awaiting your call.

I then put the note on the kitchen counter where she would see it when she
came home. I also put the blanket and bag full of toys out onto her back
patio. I didnt think anyone would bother them. I used the backdoor and went
back over to my house. I grabbed my checkbook and headed out the door. There
was one thing I knew I just had to have. I went to one of the large video
stores in town and bought a very expensive but very small vcr camera. One
tape would record about 4 hours and the camera was just bigger then my hand.
I had plans on doing some of my own recording. I got back to the house after
eating lunch around 2pm. I wasnt even a third of the way thru looking at all
the pictures and movies that her husband had taken of Karen. I continued
to view everything and take notes. Watching her movies always turned me
on a lot. This little girl had done quite a lot of things for her husband
and his friends.

I kept watch out my living room window and around 3pm I saw Karens car drive
by. I peeked at the time and then continued to watch the pictures. I had
a couple pages of notes already about things I really liked. It wasnt
till around 4:15 that my phone ring. All I heard was OK, then the phone
went dead. I knew it was Karen so I turned off my computer and started out
the back door. When I got there Karen was on the couch. She was dressed in
everything I had layed out. I had her stand up and she looked hot. I
walked over to where she was and slowly lifted her skirt. She had on some
white thong undies. I sort of yelled at her. I didnt lay those on the bed.
I reached under her skirt and pulled them down rather roughly. I thought
she was testing me to see what she could get away with. I pulled them off
her feet and then stood up and looked her right in the face. Every day
from now on I will pick an outfit for you to wear. I will put EVERYTHING
I want you to put on right there on your bed. Don't you dare every add
or subtract everything again. Then I had another idea.

I grabbed her by the hand, pulled her upstairs and took her into the slave
room. While she was standing there I opened the closet, pulled open a
drawer and pulled out a ping pong paddle. She saw it right away. She started
shaking her head, no, thats not needed. I yelled at her again, I will decide
what is needed. I pulled her towards me and I sat on a bench and threw her over
my knee. She kicked a little but I pulled her tiny little skirt up and started
the first stroke of the paddle to her ass. I didnt really hold back. I had
never done this before so when the paddle POPPED super loudly on her ass it
sort of scared me. Karen started kicking but I had seen the videos, I then
just kept whipping her butt for a couple minutes. I didnt want her to ever think
I was weak. POP, POP, POP, POP. I watched as her ass turned from light pink, to
light red, to bright red. As her feet flaired around, I also got a view of her
freshly shaved pussy. Boy did it look good.

I spanked her for about two minutes which was about 25 or 30 slaps with the
paddle. Both cheeks were solid red. I pushed her up and tears were flowing from
her eyes. I looked her in her face, do not ever disappoint me again. Her head
was just shaking up and down in agreement. She wanted nothing to do with more
of the paddle. I grabbed her hand and guided her downstairs. I opened the back
door and pulled her out into the middle of it. I had already layed the blanket
out before I walked into her house earlier. Also there was the bag with
toys in it and my new video camera on a tripod. Karen saw the camera right away
and said, please, no more pictures. I had the paddle in my hand and right there
in the doorway I slapped her ass as hard as I could. I yelled at her as I pushed
her out the door, don't every try to tell me what to do.

The power had really gone to my head. I was in love with the power I had over Karen.
For the first time ever, I had a person who could not say no. Whatever my
imagination or fantasy wanted, I could have. It was like a d**g. I sat Karen down
on the blanket while I pressed the record button on my vcr camera. I already had
it adjusted to the right angle. I then went over to Karen. She looked really cute
in her outfit. I looked right at her and told her I would tell her things I
wanted her to do. I would only tell her once, if I had to repeat myself, then
I would use this. I held up the paddle and showed it to her. I told her to
lay back and spread her legs. Now lift her feet forward toward her so her
knees are up in the air.

She did everything fine so far. Now take your fingers, get them wet with your
mouth and start rubbing and fingering your pussy. Karen started do this and
I could hear the cars driving by the privacy fence of her back yard. If anybody
was to look over the fence, boy would they get a surprise. I watched as she
rubbed her pussy up and down and occassionally stuck a finger up her tiny
little cunt. Her pussy was shaved completely bald like I asked. While she
was getting herself worked up I moved the camera a little bit. I then had
her turn over and get on her knees. I again had her reach behind her and
rub her pussy thru her legs. I could see her pussy glisten from here. I went
and looked thru the camera one last time to make sure it was exactly how I
wanted it. I then told Karen to close her eyes and keep them closed. I proceeded
to move next to Karens head and I told her I would be telling her exactly what
to do and say. First time she disappointed me and...... I then rubbed the paddle
up against her still very red butt. She understood what I meant.

With the camera running I slowly slipped off my pants and shorts and rolled
on a quick rubber onto my dick. I slowly moved between Karens legs and the
next thing she felt was a dick pushing to find the entrance to her pussy.
She spoke out and opened her eyes. Please, I cant get pregnant. Please dont
fuck me. I used her hand and put it on my dick. Feel this slave, its a rubber.
Now no more talking until I tell you. My dick then found the entrance and
started to slip in. I could hear the "OH PLEASE NO" come very silently from
Karens lips. I pretened like I didnt hear that one since she didnt say it very
loudly. Her cunt felt so good after two years of going without. I started
sliding in and out very slowly. I noticed that Karens hand wasnt working that
good on her pussy. I had given her one warning, I slid my body aside just a
little so I had a free shot at her right butt cheek. Then I let the paddle
come down. I heard the loud snap as it got her right cheek. Karens body jumped
forward. I put my head down by her head. If I come before you, you will get
30 more hits by the paddle, do you understand me. She quickly shook her head.
I noticed a difference immediately in her hand movements and her body movements.

She was now actually fucking back against me. It felt tremendous. I soon learned
I didnt have to move. Her body fucked forward and back against my body. I
leaned forward and told her I wanted to hear how good it was, how great it
felt, how much she wanted me to keep fucking her. I dont want you to stop
telling me this until you cum. Now start right now. I layed the paddle on her
butt for a second. She knew I meant business. Then she started:
"Oh please, dont stop, fuck me hard. Oh god, i love it, I want it, I need it."
She kept this up for a couple minutes and then her body started slamming into
me. Her talking went to funny sounding groans then she yelled out pretty loud,
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, oh my god, I'm cumming." And boy did she cum. It
felt like her whole pussy just vibrated on my dick. It still took me about
another minute but I finally also came hard and deep in her very moist cunt.
Luckily I was wearing a rubber as Im sure I flooded the rubber full of hot
white sperm.

I let the feeling fade away then slowly pulled out of Karen. She was also allowing
the fading feeling of cumming disappear. She hadnt moved since I pulled out
and I had her turn over on her back and lay down. I looked at my watch. It was
5:00 pm. We had about 2 more hours before the sun would start to go down. I
looked at Karen's body and it was pure white. She had a great looking body but
you could tell she never got out much. She had hardly any sun tan on her body
and it was early june now. I had Karen sit up and I pulled her top off her
then when she layed back down, off came the little school girl skirt. All she
had on now was her tennis shoes. I had her lay back and out of the bag I pulled
a very small version of a blindfold. It was really more like to eye patches on
a band that went around your head. I put this on Karen and told her to lay back.
She did but while she did it she said please dont get mad and whip me but
its getting off work time. All the neighbors will be coming home and the k**s
will be playing. Its not a very good time for me to be out her like this.

She was probably right of course but then I thought about it. I wouldnt care if
a neighbor saw her out like this. Because she said everything nicely, I told
her I would pay close attention to the fence and sounds. Her job was just to
lay there and do what I asked. She gave a little frown to her face but didnt
say another word. I told her I would be here watching and walking around the
yard. She is not to move till I told her. I got up but left the video camera
on her. She did look so good laying there in the sun. She had a very nice body
for a 27 year old girl. I walked into the house quietly so Karen wouldnt know
I had left. I went to the bathroom and found some baby oil. I walked back
outside and started oiling Karens body down. I worked about five minutes on the
front of her. Her body was now all wet and slippery. I looked at my watch.
It was 5:15. I let her lay on one side for 30 minutes. Then at 5:45 I had her
turn over on her stomach and I used the baby oil to do her backside. Again I
made her lay there for about 30 minutes. That was an hour total out in her
back yard under the hot sun totally nude. I finally let her get up and come

I knew I had a lot of days ahead of me so I decided to call it a night. I told
Karen she had the rest of the night to herself and I went back to my house.
I looked over the video tape I took and finally went to bed early for one night.
Today was friday and I decided that I needed to go to work at least for a little
while. I went in early in the morning and pretended I was still really sick. By
noon my boss told me I should just go home for the rest of the day. I told him
I was sorry but I had really been having stomach problems. I went straight home
and as soon as I got there, I walked around back and went over to Karens house.
It was unlocked and I walked upstairs to check out the slave room closet. I
wanted something different tonight, so I looked over some of her skirt outfits.
One was a micro mini black leather skirt, and hanging with that skirt were some
red thigh high fishnet stockings, and a red lace shirt. I picked this outfit
and layed it on the bed. There with all her shoes were some 3 inch red spiked
high heal shoes. I had not seen this outfit in any of the pictures yet so I
wanted to see how hot Karen looked with it on.

I looked thru the drawers and I found what I knew was there. In a bag was about
20 different makeup items, hot red and pink lipstick, bright eye shadow, etc.
I grabbed the bag and put it next to the dress. I picked out the lipstick,
eyebrow shadow, and other things I wanted Karen to put on. I also put a
bottle of perfume there. I also left a note with the makeup, use a lot and I
better be happy. Please dont make me tell you its not enough. You know what will
happen if I do. Now that I had all her clothes set out, I went back to my
house to make plans for the evening. I knew she would be calling again around
4:00 to 4:30. A couple hours went by and it was now 3:30. I played on the
computer awhile looking at more of her stuff. At 4:30 today the phone rang. All
I heard again was "OK". I knew it was time.

I walked over and went in the back door. I figured she would be on the couch.
When I turned the corner there she was. MY GOD, what a beautiful woman when
dressed up. She was one of the hottest things I have ever seen. The outfit
was tight, short, and very sexual. I looked at her face. She had done this
before. The bright pink lipstick was on very heavy and she fixed her eyes
up so they glistened when you looked at them. The short skirt only came a
couple inches below her ass. I walked over and sort of looked her over. Then
I did the final test. I pulled her skirt up a little in the back. NO UNDIES.
I patted her on the back like a possession and told her you did very good
tonight. I grabbed her by the hand and guided her out the back door of
her house. I then guided her to my house and into my garage. I had her
get in my car then told her to duck down. Her eyes got big.

Before she could get anything out of her mouth the garage door started
to open. I could hear her stutter a little, I, I, I can't , I mean, Please,
please dont make me go out like this. By the time she got that out of her
mouth I already had the garage door coming down. I could see the fright in
her eyes. I told her to stay down till I said get up. I drove a couple miles
away from our homes then had her get up. Her eyes were pleading with me.
Please can we just go home. I pulled over on the side of the road and looked
at her with my sternest face. I'm here to give the orders and decide what
we do. Do not keep questioning my decisions or you will not like what I do.
I then reached over and pulled her seat into the full back position. I let
it back down till it layed back at a 45% angle. I pushed her back and
told her not to open her eyes until I said. She looked really scared but
she did as I said. I then looked over and man did she look hot. I reached
over and adjusted her skirt. It was super short already but i pulled it
up some on her waist. When I was done with adjusting her skirt, the bottom
of her skirt rested on the top of her shaved pussy. She knew her pussy
was exposed too.

I then lifted one foot of hers at a time and stuck in up on the dash in front
of her. I spread them out a little then looked at how hot she looked. I decided to
make her work a little. I took my finger and got it as wet as I could with
my mouth and then I started rubbing all the moisture up and down her pussy.
I did this till she was soaking wet. I then guided her left hand to her pussy
and told her to start rubbing. I started the car back on the road and kept
looking at my cute little slave girl. Boy I felt good knowing she had to
do my every wish. It took about three minutes but I finally hit I-98 expressway.
I pulled onto the road and got up to speed. It was still real early and the
sun was out strong. I knew exactly where I was going. But I wanted to have
some fun on the way. Up in front of me was exactly what I wanted. I spoke to
my slave to start fingering her wet cute pussy. I watched as she started
poking her middle finger deep up into her shaved cunt. Just about that time
I pulled up next to the first semi. I eased up beside him then he finally
looked down. His face told it all. He rolled down his window to get a better
view. I looked over at my slave and told her to keep her eyes closed. I
tried to think of something that the trucker would love to see. I finally
figured it out.

I told Karen to slowly pull the finger out of her cunt and take it to her
lips. Then suck it in just like it was a dick and suck it a few times. I
watched and she did exactly as I asked. Wow, my dick even got hard watching
that. The trucker was on his cb talking and laughing. I waved goodbye and
pulled away. He would have loved to keep up with me but his truck was to
big. I went about a mile and looked over and Karen was still slowly
rubbing her cunt. Ah, another truck ahead. I pulled up again and was ready
to give the trucker a good show. I pulled up beside the window and gave the
trucker about 20 seconds to get a good luck. I then looked up to see the
trucker and to my amazement it was a woman. She was stareing closely at
Karen rubbing her wide open cunt. She never did stare over at me. I
decided to give her the same show. I told Karen to take her finger slowly
out of her cunt and suck it again for me. The woman watched in amazement
as Karen started sucking the cunt juices off her finger. I gave the
woman another 40 seconds then I left her behind too. I wonder what was going
thru her mind after we drove away.

I was just about to our destination. It was 5:45 and the sun was still up good.
I just pulled into a parking lot and told Karen not to stop and not to open
her eyes. I went to my trunk and pulled out my goodie kit. I looked around,
there were other cars there but no more then about 10. I went over and opened
Karens door. I stuck the blind folds on her that looked like two eye
patches. I then put a large cheap pair of sunglasses I bought just for the
occassion. I started to pull Karen up out of her seat. Of course she couldnt
see anything. She whispered "where are we". I just told her to grab my arm and
follow me. She was very unsure about it but she knew she had no choice. I
carried my bag in one hand and led her by the other. We walked down a path
for about 3 minutes then I stopped. I looked around and figured this would
be a great place. I opened my bag and spread out a blanket. I then told
Karen to slowly sit down. She held my hand and let her body drop. I told
her not to worry, we were at a fairly secluded spot. While she sat there I
pulled out some of the things I brought including my vcr camera. I then
started working on Karen.

First I started unbuttoning her silk shirt. I didnt pull it off yet, I just
left it unbuttoned. Then I reached for the zipper on the side of my slaves
skirt. I unzipped in and with a quick pull it was out from under her. I started
pulling off her shirt and Karen started shaking her head no. She keep shaking
it no and then slowly started saying no. I looked around. Nobody was there
as of this time. I grabbed the paddle and before she knew what had happened
I started spanking her butt. She tried to grab my hand and paddle but I finally
got her hands pinned. I told her as I was whipping her if she kept it up, I was
leaving and the videos were going in the mail. This settled her down a lot but
her head kept going back and forth in the no motion. I didnt want to have this
problem all night with her so I slapped the paddle as hard as I could against
her ass. I kept telling her, shake your head yes when you want me to continue
undressing you. Her head was still shaking no. I increased the rhythem. I was
hitting her butt about one stroke per second. It was turning bright red again.
I had watched enough of the videos that her husband made to know sooner or
later she would always give in. I was amazed how long she held out. I could
hear her crying and finally her head started shaking yes. I gave her a few
more slaps and then looked at her ass. It was near blue in color. I told her
don't ever argue with me. If you question me, you will have to pay.

I rolled her off my knee and she was still sobbing and tears were still flowing
down her cheeks. I finished taking her shirt off then removed her stockings
and shoes. She was now entirely nude and she didnt even know where she was.
Since her butt was so blue, I let her lay on her stomach first. I poured out
the baby oil and covered her body in it. I looked at the sun and it was still
very bright. I layed her out with her legs spread wide apart. It only took
about 10 minutes before the first people started walking our way. I had
brought Karen to a lake that was pretty deserted but a lot of people used
it for nude sunbathing and throwing wild parties. You couldnt really swim in
the water. I watched the people coming and they got very quiet as they got
close. They stopped behind us and stood there. I decided if they were going
to stand there why not let them watch something.

It was a guy and a girl, about 22 or 23 years old. They were nice and didnt
say a word but they did kind of stand there and stare. They noticed right
away that I was fully dressed and Karent was completely nude. I then told
Karen to turn over. They watched as my young cute slave turned over
and I positioned her legs pretty wide open. I think they were both amazed
that Karen would do that right there on the lake with people in view.
Karen had the blind fold on under her sun glasses so she couldnt see anything.
I grabbed the lotion and poured it over the front of her body. I then told
Karen to rub the lotion into her pussy and make sure the insides were
well coated too. Karen knew what I meant and she started rubbing the
lotion up and down her pussy crack. Then her finger started disappearing
inside her cunt. The girl watching was so surprised. THe guy was loving
every minute of it but the girl was just spell bound. I let her rub
her pussy for about three minutes while the people watched then I sort of
waved the people on by. They understood and the boy grabbed the girls hand
and they slowly walked away. They both kept looking back to watch Karen
rub her pussy. I finally allowed her to stop. I was hoping somebody else
would walk our way but we stayed an hour and nobody showed up.

I grabbed a towel and wiped as much lotion as I could off of Karen. I
then started putting her same clothes back on her. I turned off the camera
I had set up and then got Karen up and guided her back to the car. As
we drove away I allowed her to remove her mask and glasses and I got back
on the highway. Today was friday so I knew neither of us had to go to work
tomorrow. I drove till we hit a little pool bar that I knew about. When I
pulled in Karen begged me not to make her go in. I walked around and
opened her door and helped her out. I didnt make a comment. I just guided
her inside the bar. Of course when we walked in, every head in the place
turned our way. Karen was a talking sex sign. With her very short skirt
and fishnet stocking and heels, every dick in the place was probably starting
to rise. I went over and rented a rack of balls for one hour. I took them
back to the table and set up the rack. I picked out a cue for both of us.
I broke the rack and nothing went in. I handed the cue to Karen and
told her it was her turn. She looked around and the 15 or so guys were all
stareing our way. She turned to me and said she didnt know how to play.
I thought for a second then quickly told her GREAT, I'll TEACH YOU.

I had Karen hold the que in her hand, then I got behind and beside her
and started to put her into position. She fought me and didnt want to
cooperate. I whispered in her ear, YOU QUIT FIGHTING OR I'LL PULL THE
PADDLE OUT RIGHT IN HERE. At first she didnt relax but I told her again, I
mean it, Dont push me in here. At that point Karen gave up and let her
body loose. I slowly bent her over the table and lined up the shot. I
knew and Karen knew what was happening. The very short skirt popped
halfway up her ass. Everybody in the bar got a great shot of her undieless
butt. I lined up the shot with her and it went in. I relaxed and told her
good shot. I looked around and she definately was the center of attention.
I think Karen tried not to look at anyone. I moved her over about a foot
and decided to shoot a shot that would point her ass right at the bar
where most the guys were.

I walked her to position and put the cue back in her hand. I then bent
her over and her dress rode up her ass again. If anybody had missed the
first show, they didnt miss this one. She couldnt quite get her hand
close enough to the ball to line up on it. I figured this might happen.
I got the cue extender and showed her what it was for. I put the cue
extender on the table then put the cue in her hand. I looked down and
before she put the cue towards the extender, I had her spread her legs
a little, then a little more. Her legs were about a foot and a half
apart. I now got behind her and started bending her body over again.
It didnt go down easy but she was finally bent in half. I told her not
to move an inch and I would go around the other side of the table and
line up the shot. I whispered in her ear, do not move your body if you
know whats good for you. I moved from behind her and on my way to the
other side of the table I could see her dress up to about her waist.
Her legs were far enough apart that her shaved pussy lips just stared
at you between her legs.

I walked around the other side of the table and pretened to help her
move the cue around for a couple seconds. This whole time everybody
at the bar had their eyes glued on Karens cunt. I finally said ok,
shoot. Karen pushed the cue forward but she just barely missed the
shot. She stood up pretty straight right after that. I walked around
and grabbed the pool cue and told her it was my turn. She turned around
and for the first time saw the 15 or so guys stareing very hard in her
direction. Her eyes went directly to the floor. She knew what they had
all just viewed. It took us about 30 minutes to finish just the one
game. And of course every shot was a show put on by Karen. I finally
told her we were leaving and the look of releif on her face was

As I paid our bill everybody was stareing at Karen. As we walked out
the door the whole place started into a round of applause. Karen turned
a bright red and I continued to take her to the car. I decided to take
Karen home for the night. I had her duck down as we got into our
neighborhood and I pulled the car into the garage and shut it. I e****ted
Karen back over to her house and took her upstairs to the slave room.
I turned on the radio to a sexy rock station and grabbed my camera. I
started it up and then told Karen to start doing a sexy strip for me.
She just wanted to get the night over. She started gyrating to the music
and I was surprised how good she was. She really danced good and sexy
to the music. Slowly her clothes started coming off and when she was nude
I had her start fingering herself again. After a couple minutes I had her
get onto a chair that looked like a bench. She laid forward onto it
and her butt was at the perfect angle to play with. I told her to reach
under the bench and continue the rubbing on her pussy. I set the
camera in a good angle to record everything then I slide into my pocket and
pulled out a rubber.

Karen was busy with her pussy and I slipped my pants down and slid on
the rubber. Her pussy was just perfect for me to stand between her legs
and slip right into her. I started to push my dick in and Karen opened
her eyes immediately. Softly words came out of her mouth again, oh please no,
not again. I felt her hand leave her pussy and move up to my dick. I didnt
do anything and let her feel that I was wearing a rubber. I then pushed her
hand back to her clit and said again, you better cum before me or the paddle
with come out for 30 swats. Karen started rubbing harder and faster on
her cunt. The feeling of her tight pussy around my dick was still the best
thing I had ever felt. She started cumming in about three minutes and a
couple minutes after that I finally filled the rubber full. I got up and
dressed and told Karen I was calling it a night. I also told her I
would be over at 1pm either saturday or sunday. It was her choice.

Of course I knew she would pick sunday to put it off as long as she could.
That was ok because I needed to recooperate for the great experiences she
had given me. Also I was going shopping tomorrow for something special. I
had seen some special bathing suits on the internet that would be perfect
for Karen. The were very tiny. The just covered from the top of the
pussy crack to the bottom on the her pussy and the rest was all string.
The top had two tiny triangles that covered her nipples and and a silver
dollor size triangle that covered part of her breast. But what was really
great were they were usually a white material that wasnt see thru. The
suit barely made it legal to wear out in public. And the best part of the
suit was it had no liner. And when the suit got wet, it really turned
transparent. It actually allowed you to see thru the suit. It didnt hide
anything when wet. I looked the suits up on the internet and the only
stored that sold them close to us was a beach store that was an hour
away in new jersy. I decided to take the hour trip and pick up the
bikini. When I got to the store, the entire store was made up of bikinis
like this. I was in a candy store. Finally a salegirl came to help me and
she explained the suit to me. We finally made a decision on a suit and
this thin tiny suit cost me $90.00. I bought the suit and a nice looking
white tee shirt that Karen could wear over the suit.

I drove back home and waited for sunday to arrive. I watched more videos
of Karen that her husband had taped. I finally found out why she could
dance so good. She use to have to dance for him and his friends just like
she was a bar girl. She had some great moves that she didnt even use when
I was there. I had to keep watching these films to see what all she was
made to do. By 11:00 pm saturday night I had finally hit the half way point
in watching her movies. I had so many ideas I wanted to try on her. But
tomorrow was already planned. At 1:00 pm I went over to Karens house
via the back door. She was there on the couch sitting in some blue jeans
and a shirt. I had not picked anything for her to wear. I went over grabbed
her by the hand and stood her up. I undressed her right there in the living
room and felt her pussy with my hand. It was still perfectly smooth. At least
she was shaving like I asked her to. I told her to close her eyes and I
slipped the small suit over her body and slowly figured out how to hook it
up. I stood back and it was just as advertised. Without her being shaved she
could never wear the suit. The material started about an 1/8 of an inch above
her pussy crack and was a tiny patch that ended right about where her butt
was. Then strings ran around her waist and tied together on the side. The
top covered her nippled and about 1/4 of her breasts. I then slipped the
tee shirt over her and took her upstairs. I had her put on some of her
hottest pink lipstick that they had bought for her. A little eye liner then redden
up the cheeks and I guided her back to my house. I brought an emergency kit
with me of some clothes, her blindfolds and sun glasses, blanket, radio, and
some other goodies.

I had her get into my car and she knew the routine now. She didnt fight and
got down until I told her to get up. I let her watch the entire way as I
drove out to a nice crowded lake that everybody liked to go to. I found
a nice place to lay down. There were people pretty much all around us. I layed
out the blanket and had Karen lay back on it. Then I had her give me the
tee shirt. This is the first time she got to see the bikini she was in. It
showed a lot but as she looked, everything was covered. She was really ok with
this suit. She had been put on shows so many times that this actually felt like
a lot of clothes. I had her lay back and I turned the music on. I let her sun
about 20 minutes getting her face and stomach all tanned up. It was very hot
outside and both our bodies were sweating up a storm. I had Karen lift
up for a second. She took this moment to examine her suit. yes, it was small
but very exceptable to her. I looked around and many people already were
staring at her small suit. It was the smallest suit on the beach. I then
reached over and grabbed the rather long tee shirt that Karen had worn
over her suit. Put this back on. She did and it covered both her top and her
bottom. I walked Karen out to the water and I waded her out until the water
just came up above her waist. I then turned her around and walked her back
in. I didnt get her top wet. Just her bottom. I had some good plans here.
we walked back in and I told Karen to lay back down. I then had her
close her eyes for a second. This scared her but she did it. I then slowly
helped her out of her shirt. I layed her back down and told her to open her
eyes back up.

Her eyes immediately went to her suit. She could only see the top and the stings
on the sides of her bottom but everything looked fine. She reached down with
her hands and adjusted the bottom a little to make sure it was in place.
Everything felt fine. I told Karen to lay back and enjoy the sun. Under
no circumstances was she to open her eyes or get up. She shook her head ok
as this wasnt bad at all. I grabbed my camera out of the bag. I got up a little
and looked over at Karens bottoms. I could not beleive it. They were
100% transparent. She had nothing on. You could see the strings on each side
of the suit, but the material was like a thin mesh. I couldnt really even tell
she had a suit on. I jumped up and started filming what I was seeing. Her pussy
crack was right there and I reached down with my hands and spread her feet
about two feet apart. This opened her little pussy right up. WIth the sun
beating down on Karen, it was like a spotlight. I could actually see her
little pussy hole between her spread out cunt lips. I filmed about a couple
minutes worth then moved down the beach toward the water. It only took about
10 seconds after I moved out from in front of her that people started
noticeing her. The radio was playing fairly loud next to Karens ears and
people would gasp and some spoke out with how dare she. Everybody had
to walk by and view this woman on complete display. Many guys would walk
by three or four times. I just kept the tape running. I would zoom in and
allow the camera to see what they were seeing. Then I'd zoom out and get
the expression on peoples faces as they walked by. She was very hot out
on show like this.

As the sun dried her suit it became less and less transparent. 25 minutes
later her suit was completely dry and no longer see thru. I noticed she
was starting to get a very nice tan on her body. I knew she was hot again so
I let her lift up. She looked down at her suit and everything was fine. I
handed her my tee shirt this time. It was much shorter and only went down to
about her waist. I got her up and told her time to rinse off again. This was
the first time her butt actually got to be seen. All you could see from the
back was one string disappearing into her crack. Other then that her entire
butt was on view. I think she knew this but this was still more clothes
then she was use to and she looked around and saw other girls in thongs.
None were wearing strings but a few had on thongs. She felt ok in what she
was wearing. I guided her to the water and I waded out until my shirt
just about touched the water. I turned us around and walked back in. I knew
what that meant. I knew I had about 20 minutes of 100% transparency. We
finally left the water and instead of leading Karen to our blanket, I
turned to walk down the beach.

I decided to show off my prize to everyone. I kept us down near the waters
edge but I knew her suit looked like she had nothing on. Everybody no
matter how far away would see all of her pussy crack and ass. We walked
ten minutes up the beach and thru about 200 people. Every one of them stared
as we went by. I then turned Karen around and walked her back for another
10 minutes. I walked slower coming back because I wanted to make sure the
suit was dry. We finally got to our towel and I helped Karen down. First
thing she did was check out her suit. It was perfect. It hide everything and
was in the proper place. I had her flip on her back and I spread her legs out
wide. I told her to stay here and I would get some water to cool us off. While
she layed there I filled up a large glass with lake water and brought it back.
I poured a little on her legs, a lot on her ass, and a little on her back. It
did cool her off, but guess what, her pussy came straight into view. I made
sure her legs were fairly wide apart. Without the material there, she has
just a few strings trying to cover her lower body, they didnt cover anything.
I left her laying there and took the camera and filmed some more. Many
people walked by and pointed and made comments. Karen heard none of them
because of the loud radio. For 20 minutes I filmed the mass of people that
had to walk by for a look. Finally her suit dried again and I decided it
was time to go.

I got Karen up, let her put on the long shirt and we walked back to the
car. Karen looked at me and told me she actually had a good time for once.
I told her that every weekend, I would take her somewhere in her new suit if
she was good during the week. The weekend could be her little fun time to
get some sun and relaxed. She actually told me that would be nice for a change.
I took her directly home and told her to run take a shower. I looked thru
her closet and picket out a skirt and shirt outfit. I left a note for her
to put these on and I would be back in one hour. I also told her to do her hair
and face up the way I would like it. I went back over to my house and took a
quick shower and got dressed. Then I left to pick up Karen to take her out
for a bite to eat.

Karen was sitting on the couch when I arrived. She had put on the skirt and shirt
that I picked out and when she got up and turned toward me, her face was done up
perfect. Her bright pink lips matched the short pink skirt I had picked out for her.
All the skirts in Karens PLAY closet were only about 7 or 8 inches long. There was
no semi short skirts. Every one of them was micro mini's. It made picking out her
outfits very easy. I got her back to my house and into my car. I had her hiding till
we got out of our neighborhood. Karen thanked me again for giving her a near normal
outting. If only she really knew. I told her she can pay me back by not causing
any problems at all for me. She looked over my way and actually said "I will try".
That was a huge start.

I took Karen to a nice little resturant. She really looked good in her tight
little skirt. And she knew exactly how to wear and sit with those short little
outfits. I started our night with drinks and as the dinner went on I never stopped
the flow of alcohol. I had Karen drinking two drinks for every one that I drank.
By the time dinner was done, it was around 7:30 pm. I knew exactly where I wanted
to take her now. It was a dance club around 30 minutes for the resturant. But
this wasnt your normal little dance bar, this club was a hangout of Lesbians of all
type. Karen didnt say a word as we pulled into the parking lot. I didnt know if she
knew what this place was about or not. We got into the club a little after 8:00pm.
It was a little dark and a lot of couples were paired off in their own booths. I
found us a good booth and we both sat down. I looked around and noticed just about
every couple was two girls. I dont think Karen even looked around to see this.
Right now music from a juke box was playing and I ordered us a couple drinks. Karen
actually chatted just a little bit as she drank her drink. We listened to the music
and Karen talked every so often about her work at the school. I tried to keep the
conversation going but I wasnt too successfull. I ordered Karen three drinks total
in the first hour we were there. I had to lift her glass and tell her to drink some
after that third glass. I think she was full and ready to stop but I didnt let her.

Just a little after 9pm an all girls band started to play. I had never seen one
before and they were pretty good. I got another drink down Karen and I could tell
it was finally having the effects I was after. People started dancing and I took
Karen up to dance. A lot of people stared at us, this time not because of the way
Karen looked, but because we were one of only a few boy/girl couples there. The bar
got busier by the hour. I was now sitting very close to Karen and actually picking
her drinks up for her and guiding them to her lips. We danced a couple more songs
and I got a couple more drinks into Karen. She was now really d***k. She wasnt near
the pass out point but she was very very d***k. It was after 10:00 and the club was
packed. I looked around and the girls coming in now were much more hardcore lesbians.
Some in leather, some dressed as guys and their dates dressed as soft little girls.
It was amazing to look around and see everyone and who they were with. I never
stopped feeding Karen the alcohol. It took another hour before the booze had jumped
to the next step in Karens body.

Her head was now starting to droop and her eyes were very heavy. She still answered me
when I talked to her but it wasnt very coherant. It was time to see what I could do
with her. First I walked out to the car and out of the trunk I grabbed a little bag
that had some toys and my camera in it. I came back inside and Karens head was on the
table. I took this time to walk to the bar and chat with a couple different girls. I
found a pair where one girl really dressed like a guy and the other girl dressed like
a cute little girl. I told them that was my date over there and I pointed to Karen. I
also told them that Karen had me bring her here because for the first time in her life,
she wanted a girl to control her and f***e her to do things. The macho girl picked up
on this right away. She started talking a lot more and told me the girl with her was
her property and that she would love to bring my cute girlfriend to her first GIRL-GIRL party.

She told me there was a room in the back that you can rent for $50.00 per hour. She
suggested I rent the room and they all go back there. I told her that was great by me
but I had one request. My girlfriend had to really get d***k to do this, so I brought
my camera with me, I want to sit and film some of what was going to happen. The macho
girl laughed and said sure, why not. I went to the bar and found out about renting the
room and then went ahead and paid for it. They gave me key and said to have it back at
midnight. That was a little over an hour to use it. I went and got Karen and all four of
us went to the back room. When I opened it I was very surprised. It sort of looked like
Karens spare bedroom. Lots of little toys and racks lined the wall. There was a small bed,
couch, chair and it was very bright. I turned to the macho girl and asked how should we
do this. She looked at me and told me to just stay out of the way, she would take it from
her. And take it from here she did.
... Continue»
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All the neighbors complained when the three young men moved in the
apartment across the hall from mine. The cry went up that the new
comers would play loud music and keep everyone in the building
awake with their comings and goings. Everyone complained but me. I
knew three good looking hunks when I saw them, and these guys were
beautifully built. I studied them carefully as they carried in
furniture, boxes of belongs, and stacks of books and records. They
had stripped down to their shorts, and I longed to lap up the sweat
that ran down their well developed chests and bulging arms. I could
not believe my good luck. I would get to see these guys coming and
going every day!

I decided to offer them some help with the moving. No one has
friends on moving day, and I wanted them to know that I was their
friend. Each one smiled warmly in appreciation, and soon I too had
taken off my shirt and was sweating in the heat. The three were
younger than I by about five years. They were in their third year
in a near by community college. It took me no time to learn their
names and what they were studying. Frank was an engineer student
from a small town in the rural part of the state. Rob was a
business major from a small city about a hundred miles away. Jeff
was an English major from a large city in the middle of the state.
Of the three, Jeff really caught my eye. His build told he had
been on the wrestling team in high school. And although he wore
big glasses, when he took them off and looked straight into my
eyes, I almost dropped the box I was carrying. He was the sexiest
looking of the three, but none of them would I have kicked out of

As soon as all their things were in the apartment, we sat down to
take a break. Frank complained that they had not thought to buy
beer. Hardly had he spoken than I was getting a six pack from my
apartment. The three smiled warmly as I handed them the beer, and
I felt Frank's smile was on the knowing side. Had he already
figured me out? Did he so soon know that I was dying to get into
their pants?

We drank deeply of our beer, and when Frank began speaking, I felt
sure he had my number. "Where are the girls around here? We three
fellows are going to need some action. We can't study all the
time," he said looking at me.

My heart skipped a beat. His message was clear enough. Thanks for
the help moving us in, but no thanks to anything sexual. We are
real men, and we want our pussy.

"I'm afraid I can't help you in that area," I said and paused
before adding, "In love and war, it's every man for himself."

"Well, where do you get yours?" Frank asked with almost a snarl.

"I'll gladly lend you a hand with moving or a beer to drink," I
said with a laugh, "but don't ask me to tell you my sex secrets."

"Why not?" asked Frank in a most unfriendly tone. "What kind of
secrets do you have?"

"Lay off, Frank," said Jeff pleasantly but firmly.

Frank took another swallow of beer, and I felt very uncomfortable
and wanted to retreat. I started to stand. Rob said I should not
leave. I said I had to go, but before I could move Jeff stood and
put his hand on my shoulder and firmly pushed me back to the box I
was sitting on. "You haven't told us the things we really need to
know about," Jeff said with his penetrating smile. "Like the best
grocery stores, the laundry-mats etc."

As I started filling them in on the neighborhood, the tension
caused by Frank began to ease, and soon we were telling jokes and
opening more beers.

When I finally left, they all shook my hand and thanked me for the
help and the beer. I thought for sure Jeff's handshake was
stronger than the others, but I was afraid to look straight into
his eyes. When I tried to release his hand, I realized that he was
holding on to me and forcing me to look him in the face. I almost
melted when I did. This twenty-one year old, blond hair, blue eyed
youth had a powerful stare that moved right to your insides. All
my muscles went weak, and it's a wonder I did not fall down right
in their messy living room.

"You didn't tell us what kind of work you do," said Jeff.

"I'm an English lit teacher at in the local high school," I said

"English is my Major. If I need any help, are you available for

"Sure," I answered thinking this guy was too sharp to need help
from anyone.

"You'd better find out what he charges," said Frank darkly.

I said there would be no charge for friends. As I was closing the
door, I saw Frank rubbing his crotch with a sneer. When I got in
my apartment, I decided to lay low for a while. They might have my
number, but I didn't have to confirm their suspicions with overt
acts of friendliness. Christ! What kind of world is it where you
are afraid to be kind to your neighbors?

Several days later, Rob knocked on my door one afternoon at four
thirty. He had a cup in his hand and wanted to borrow some flour.
He readily took a cup of coffee when I offered it, and I soon
learned about the three's living arrangement. They took turns
doing the household chores. One would cook for several days, one
would clean up the house, and one would do nothing. This was Rob
turn to cook. As we sat around talking, he kept glancing at my
apartment and complimenting me on how it looked. Finally, I
realized he was hinting to see it all. I invited him to see the
other rooms. Like his, my apartment had a master bedroom, a
smaller bedroom, and a bath and a half. I wondered what their
sl**ping arrangement was, but I was afraid to asked.

When Rob saw my king-size bed, he gave away their sl**ping
situation. "That's what we need," he said. He went on to say they
had a double bed in one room and a single bed in the other. As
with the house chores, they took turns sl**ping in the room with
single bed which meant two of them were always sl**ping together.
Rob said that he hated it when it was his turn to sl**p with Frank.
I timidly asked why, and he told me that Frank was a rough sl**per
and that sometimes he -Rob- would wake up and find Frank on top of
him. "I sure would hate to be a women in bed with that big...,"
Rob paused and I could tell he was looking for another word to
replace the one he started to use, "..bastard."

As we looked through the rest of my apartment, I began to get the
feeling that Rob had come to spy me out. When he saw my VHS, he
wanted to know if I had any dirty movies. I told him I usually
rented them. He kept pressing to find if I had any films at all.
Finally, I told him I had only one that someone had given me. He
wanted to see it. I told him there was not time, and he said just
let him see the cover. By now I was developing a strong attraction
to this young man and would do about anything he requested. I
opened a drawer and pulled out the video tape. On the cover were
two men and one woman with little to cover their nudity.

"Damn! I bet this is a hot one," Rob said instinctively touching
his crotch.

I told him we could look at it one night, and as I spoke I was
stealing glances at a large bulge in Rob's pants. Just then a
sharp knock at the door broke our individual thoughts. As I turned
to the door, I realized that Rob had left it ajar when he came in.
Now standing in the door way was Frank with his usual snarl.

"What you got there, roommate?" he asked pointing to the video in
Rob's hand. "You're not planning to look at fuck films when you're
supposed to be cooking my dinner are you?"

Without a word I handed Rob the cup of sugar he had come after, and
he handed me the tape. As they were leaving, I marvelled at
Frank's ability to inflict guilt into any situation. I had a
Sunday School teacher like that once. But apparently guilt givers
come in all shapes and forms.

A few days later I was surprised to find Frank standing at my door
with an empty cup in his hand.

"Sugar?" I asked as coolly as I could.

"No," he said very friendly, "I'm making brownies and it calls for
two eggs. We don't have any."

When I asked why the cup, he hesitated and finally admitted that he
hated to break eggs and asked if I would do it for him. As I was
cracking the eggs, Frank groaned. I asked why he did not like
eggs, and he told me with a shudder that he didn't like anything
slimy. I asked about raw oysters, and he said they made him puke.
With a bit of malice, I reminded him that oysters would put lead in
his pecker. He said he didn't need help in that department. Then
with a hand to his crotch and in hoarse whisper said, "Like I told
you that first day, I'm still looking for some action."

For a split second I wanted to put my hand on that bulging crotch,
but sanity took over, and I brushed the opportunity aside. Surely
this was his way of putting me on trial. Had I fallen for his
ploy, he would have called me a faggot and run to tell his
roommates that he had been right all along. Fuck him, I thought as
I handed him two eggs broken in his cup.

Instead of leaving, he asked to look at the video tape that I had
shown Rob. I got it for him, and he looked at it intently and
shamelessly gave me a profile of his erected dick. He was really
hung, but I refused to give in. It was a trap. I took the tape
from him and promised that maybe he and his roommates could all
come over and look at it sometime. I counted on the safety in
numbers. But Frank actually looked hurt as he left my apartment.
Or was it a look of confusion? He had been so cock sure (I love
that expression) that I was after his dick. Maybe my sending him
packing was a disappointment or a blow to his ego. Funny, I would
have given anything to have blown that big dick of his, and all I
blew was his ego.

The next night at ten o'clock, I opened my door to find Jeff.

"What? No cup?" I asked.

"I want to borrow something larger than a cup," he said with a
smile. "I need a place to sl**p tonight."

Quickly and, I hope, calmly, I threw open the door. Jeff explained
that it was his week to share the bed with Frank and that Frank's
girl friend from back home was there for the night.

"Rather than sl**ping on the floor, I thought I'd take a chance on
your letting me sl**p with you," he said with that smile and
penetrating look that forbad anyone to say no. Certainly, I

I told him to give me a hand making up the guest bed, but when we
went into my room to get the sheets, he saw my king size bed, and
asked why bother with the other bed. Mine was bigger than he was
used to unless I minded sl**ping with him. When I told him I
didn't mind at all, I must have given away the whole truth about my
desire for him. He went to the far side of the bed and took off
his glasses and nailed me with one of his bedroom looks. Next he
slipped out of his tee shirt and waited for me to take off my
shirt. I did so. Next he took off his shoes and sox. I followed
his lead undressing piece by piece, but I could not take my eyes
off his beautiful face and captivating eyes. Soon we were down to
our underpants. He slipped his off with ease, and I almost
stumbled taking mine off, for the first glance at his huge soft
dick swinging below a bush of blond pubic hair was nearly more than
I could take.

"Get in bed," he ordered softly, and I willingly obeyed.

In the few seconds it took me to get in bed, his dick had risen
considerably. When he climbed in bed, he kept climbing until he
was sitting astride my chest, and I was eye balling one of the most
delicious looking dicks I had ever seen.

"Go for it," he said in a tone that was at once both sweet and
demanding. I did not have to be told twice. I slurped that lovely
dick right down as far as I could take it. Instantly, it was rock
hard, and I began maneuvering for a better sucking position. I
took his dick out and replaced it with his huge, warm balls. He
sighed deeply as I sloshed his balls one at a time in my mouth.

When I came up for air, I reached for the drawer in my bedside

"What you getting?" he asked.

"A condom," I said.

"No need," he informed me. "I'm practically a virgin. I only had
one girl in high school, and we always used a rubber."

"No guys?" I asked.

"You're my first. Let's make it good, okay?" he said softly, and
with these word he lifted my head and inserted his dick into my
willing mouth. And as I sucked on that wonderful dick, I knew for
a certainty that he was telling me the truth about his virginity.
In no time he was pumping his dick as far down my throat as I could
take it. Soon he warned me that he was about to cum, and I sucked
harder to encourage him. What a wonderful load it was. Hot,
sweet, and plentiful. I took it all, and when he was finished, he
nestled up in my arms and went to sl**p. I could not even think of
sl**p. I lay there with that beautiful, manly youth -a fucking
wrestler- in my arms wondering what I could possibly have done to
please the gods for such a reward.

During the night I awoke to feel a warm mouth on my cock. When I
turned on the light, he looked up and smiled and went back to
sucking on me. I knew by the way he sucked that he was indeed a
virgin. I had to make several requests that he watch his teeth.
After a while I stopped telling him. It was a sheer pleasure to be
bitten by one so beautiful.

"Hey," he said taking my dick from his mouth, "I can't believe
this. I am about cum without even touching my dick."

I told him it happened that way with guys. Quickly I got our dicks
together, and he beat us off using his two hands around our dicks.
When our cums had stopped shooting and was still flowing over our
dicks and balls, he said he had never realized that sex could be so
good with another human being. I promised him that he had only
just begun and that I could show him a lot more. He smiled and
said he was willing. With that he curled up in my arms a second
time, and with our wet dicks touching, we went back to sl**p.

In the morning I heard him slip out of bed and head for the
bathroom. I went to the kitchen and fixed coffee and wondered what
kind of "morning after" thoughts Jeff was having. When I heard the
shower running, I got a towel and went into the bathroom. "Here's
a towel," I yelled over the noise of the shower. "Thanks," he
said. I wanted him to say something else, but I didn't know what.
As I was going out the bathroom door, he yelled, "Hey, Mike, do you
have that dried cum all over you dick and balls?" When I told him I
did, he asked me to join him in the shower and we could washing
each other off. Jesus, did I get in that shower in a hurry!

Drying off in my bedroom he told me he thought something was
probably wrong with him. I thought, Oh no. Here comes the guilt
shit. I told him nothing was wrong with him, and he asked, "If
nothing is wrong with me, why is my dick hard all the time?" I told
him it was made that way for people like me who like to take the
lead out of other guy's peckers. He laughed and taking his huge
meat in both hands asked, "You want to take some out of me right

Within the minute I had him propped up on pillars in my bed, and I
was between his legs sucking everything in sight. In no time he
shot a copious load of cum down my throat. After I had swallowed
it all, I looked up into those beautiful blue eyes and I almost
cried when he said gently, "Thanks." We looked at each other for a
minute without saying a word while his dick grew soft and fell on
my face.

He broke the silence by asking, "What else you got to teach me?" I
asked if he was really ready, and when he said yes, I lifted his
legs and licked the underside of his balls getting very close to
his clean ass hole. He lifted his legs higher and offered me
anything I wanted. At that point, I felt we both knew what we
wanted, but I stopped licking him long enough to roll him over on
his stomach. Then I began licking first one check of his ass and
then another. Each time I switched to the other cheek, my tongue
came closer to the center and that dark hole that awaited my
attention. When I was within an inch of his hole, Jeff began
moaning and moving his whole body on the bed. Finally, he reached
around with his hands and pulled wide opened his ass checks
revealing to me a hairless hole that was already opening itself and
inviting my tongue to invade it. I paused just long enough to
inflict Jeff with the anxiety of anticipation. Then I plunged my
tongue deep into his ass. As I did, he rose up off the bed and
f***ed his ass into my face.

Next he got on his hands and knees and pushed his ass into my face
and moved up and down. I felt as if my mouth was on a bucking
horse, but I was determined not to lose him, and he sure seemed
determined to stick with me. After about three minutes of the
wildest face fucking I had ever had, he turned and put his arms
around me and flipped me over in the bed. For a moment I thought
he had gone wild, but then I realized I had just been thrown to the
mat by a wrestler. Before I could get up, he climbed up on my face
and pushed his ass right down on my mouth and began rubbing it and
yelling for me to stick my tongue in deeper. I had so much of his
sweet ass in my mouth that I could hardly breath.

After a few minutes of that he quickly got off me and said, "Come
on. You know what we have to do next. Let's do it."

I knew exactly what was next. I told him to lie on his back. As
he got ready, I reached for a lubricant, but he shook his head.
"No grease," he said, "just you and me."

"Okay, Jeff, no lubricant," I said, "but you might as well learn
from the beginning to do it right, and doing it right means using a
condom." As I pulled the rubber over my enlarged dick, I added
truthfully, "I have been with other guys."

He nodding his head understandingly, and I lifted his legs and gave
him once last tonguing before putting my hard dick into his virgin
ass. I was easy. After all, I have a big dick, and it was his
first time. However, he took it like a sport, and soon I was
throwing him all I had and he was asking for more. What a sight I
had. His beautiful face looking up at me with lust, his muscular
body soaking up my hard dick. I leaned over and suck on his tits,
and he almost cried with joy. "I am going to cum," he whispered.
I told him that I was too, and just as we both reached our climax,
our mouths came together in a deep and longing kiss.

When I pulled out of him, he pulled me up on his chest, and I could
feel his warm cum sticking us together. "Guess what," he said.
"Next time you get the bottom." I told him it suited the shit right
out of me, and I asked if Frank's girl friend would be spending
another night. He said she was and he sure hoped he could find
someone to take him in again. No problem, I said.


If I fuck a thousand guys, I'll never forget Jeff's look when I
pulled out of him. His virgin ass had enjoyed the hell out of the
fucking I had given him, and it hadn't taken him long to get used
to my big cock and the pleasures of taking it up the ass. But
when I pulled out, he learned another new thing about fucking:
when it's over, there's an empty place in your ass and in your
spirit. I am not sure I can describe this, but when two guys are
really enjoying fucking each other, regardless of who's top and
who's bottom, there is a union of both body and spirit. And when
the dick and ass separate, there is a moment of emptiness. That's
why when I pull out, I always do some hugging and kissing. That
sort of keeps the spirit of the act alive. People who just fuck
to get their rocks off might not understand what I'm saying, but
let me tell you, Jeff was not the kind of guy you just wanted to
fuck and forget.

"Next time, you get the bottom," he said again cutting to my heart
with both his words and his beautiful blue eyes. I could tell by
the way he said it that he had enjoyed my fucking him, and he
wanted to show that he could give the same pleasure to me.
Naturally, I felt in love with him on the spot. Here was a guy who
wanted to fuck me, not just for his own pleasure, but to give me
pleasure, too. That's what fucking is all about.

Jeff spent the rest of the day with his roommates and Frank's girl
friend. In the afternoon they invited me over for drinks. I had a
hard time being so near Jeff, and tried not to look at him, but he
was the same easy going, self assured athlete. He asked me about
my work, background, and schooling just as if we have not spent the
previous night fucking our eyeballs out. Once when no one was
looking, he winked wickedly. Frank was unusually kind. He made
none of his usual petty remarks. His girl was the typical,
uninteresting yuppie. I could not help but wonder as we sat with
our drinks talking quite properly if she had gagged on that big
dick of his. I suspected that she had not even taken it in the
mouth. In fact, she looked so straight, I was surprised she even
slept with him. Maybe she just gave him a hand job. I was so busy
hoping that Frank had had a miserable sexual experience, that I
almost missed a question he directed at me.

"I hope you didn't mind having Jeff stay with you last night. He
behaved, didn't he?" asked Frank with faked innocence.

"I did not mind, and I can't tell you if he behaved." I said.
"Whatever he did, he did in the other bedroom."

"Oh? I thought maybe you two would sl**p in that big bed of yours,"
said Frank with a more of his faked innocence.

Before I could answer, Frank's girl spoke up, "Don't be silly,
honey, guys don't sl**p together in the same bed."

Apparently, Miss Proper did not know the the sl**ping arrangement
of the three. Hadn't she noticed that there were only two beds, a
double and a single? I decided it was my turn to get in a little
malice. "Some guys do," I said taking another drink.

This caused a conversational pause that couldn't be gapped. I made
my excuses and went home. Jeff saw me to the door and asked in a
voice that all could hear if I was sure I didn't mind him sl**ping
in my spare bedroom again. I also speaking for the benefit of the
others said it was no problem and that all three of them were
welcome to use the room whenever there was a need. Then to add to
the innocence of our relationship, I gave Jeff a spare key in case
he came in after I had retired. I thought it was a nice touch
since nothing would put me to sl**p until I slept in his arms.

I was lying in bed grading English themes when I heard him unlock
the door and come in. My heart skipped a beat. I was speechless.
He came in the bedroom and said nothing. I wondered if he was
having second thoughts about sex with me. Neither of us spoke. We
just looked at each other. Finally, he reached over and pulled the
sheet off my naked body. Still no words were spoken. Slowly and
deliberately he began to undress. First, he pulled off his tee
shirt revealing that muscular, wrestler's chest. He sat down on a
chair to take off his shoes and sox. Then he stood to unfasten his
jeans. He tried to let them fall to his ankles, but because of an
enormous erection, he had to pushed them past his crotch. Then he
just stood there with his pants around his ankles and his dick
pointing straight at me. I knew what he wanted. It was my turn to
get fucked, but I really wondered if I could take that huge piece
of meat. I had never had one that b ig. But when I looked in his
eyes, my fears and anxieties melted. Jeff could do wonders with
his eyes. One soulful look from those blue eyes, and my asshole
relaxed and began to itch for him to fuck me.

He came to the edge of the bed. Still neither of us had spoken. I
rose up on my elbow and took the head of his dick into my mouth and
tongued it good. He moaned softly, and while I was still sucking
his cock, he leaned over and opened the bedside table. I could
hear him taking out the lubricant and a package of condoms. I
sucked him harder and thought thank god he is going to use a
lubricant. The night before he had insisted I fuck him with just
my spit, but then I had eating his ass to the point it was ready
for anything.

I sucked deeper when I felt Jeff's hand on my ass. He pulled open
the cheeks, and I felt a well lubricated finger slip into my ass.
I moaned in pleasure, and I knew that I wanted his dick in me more
than anything else.

Suddenly, a thought struck me, and I jumped up and crawled to the
other side of the bed and turned to face him. On my hands and
knees I said in a firm voice, "You want my ass, don't you? Well,
Mr. High School Wrestler, I'm not giving it to you." A look of
confusion crossed Jeff's face. "If you want it, you're going to
have to take it," I said.

Now Jeff smiled broadly, and said, "That ass belongs to me." I told
him to come get it, and in a flash he was on me. I had never
wrestled before, but I was learning fast. I put up a struggle, but
my efforts were nothing for Jeff. In no time he had me on my back
with my shoulders penned to the bed for the count of three. Next
he flipped over on my stomach and pulled my right arm up behind my
back and sat on my butt. He pushed on my arm until I felt the pain
and then asked, "Whose asshole is this?" Quickly, I told him it
was his. He released my arm and stretched out on my back with his
mouth to my ear and his hard dick up against my ass. He whispered,
"You want me to fuck you? Tell me!" I begged him to fuck me.

"You got to help me do something," he whispered again. "What?" With
a laugh he said,"Help me with this damn condom."

We sat up and faced each in bed, and he let me roll the condom
over his huge dick. God! he looked sexy with that rubber on. I
remembered how I hated it when I first started using condoms, but
now they have become a real turn on. The sight of a rubber on a
hard dick causes my ass to juice up and get ready for action.

It was not an easy entry, but I was determined not to stop him or
slow him down. It was his first piece of male ass, and I wanted
it to be good for him. I knew it would be good for me. He wanted
me on my stomach which is not my favorite position when being
fucked by a giant cock. When I'm on my back, I can always wiggle
away from the full f***e of a pounding dick, but when I'm on my
stomach, there is nowhere to go. Being a wrestler, Jeff wanted
his man penned beneath him, and pen me to the bed he did.

I soon realized I was right about why Jeff wanted me on my back.
Fucking did remind him of wresting. I began to wondered if his
mind was on wrestling me or fucking me. Well, of course, he was
fucking me. That pole of a dick kept reminding me of that fact.
But I also had the feeling he was both wresting and fucking every
guy he had been to the mat with.

I asked him who his favorite wrestling buddy was in high school,
and he said a guy name Phil. Then he started fucking me harder, and
while he fucked, he put his arms under mine and his hands behind my
neck. I assumed it was some kind of wrestling hold. Then he drove
his dick to the hilt in my ass. In that position, I was helpless
to do anything except take every inch of it.

I had a feeling I knew what was going through his mind, so I asked
him how he would like to be fucking his buddy Phil right now. He
moaned and said nothing but by the increase of his pounding dick in
my ass, I knew I had been right. Jeff was in bed with me, but he
was fucking his high school buddy. Yet I didn't care. After all,
I was getting the pleasure of feeling that big dick, not some
friend from the past.

By the time he reached his climax, I was about to blow a load too.
As soon as he had finished, he withdrew and turned me over and
grabbed my dick and pounded it to until flying shots of my cum hit
me on the chin. Then without a word, he leaned over and kissed me
deeply on the mouth. I could feel my wet cum joining our touching
chins. Still leaning over me, he put his head next to mine on the
pillar and sobbed. I asked him what was wrong, but he continued to
sob for about a half minute. Then he raised his head and looked at
me with tears in those beautiful eyes.

"You were right. I was thinking about Phil," he said pausing.
"All those years we wrestled. I wanted to... I think we both
wanted to. I hope you don't mind."

"Why should I mind?" I asked taking a tear from his eye on my
finger and putting into my mouth.

"Because this was my first time, and it should have been with you,
not him," he explained.

"It was with both of us, and I'm glad you shared with me your
thoughts," I said truthfully. For a second I wondered how many
times I had fucked or gotten fucked with my mind or or the other
guy's mind on someone else. At least here was someone who was
honest about his thoughts, and that made the act even more

"Let's get a shower together," he said getting up. "And next time,
I promise that my thoughts will all be on you."

I said it was a deal, and as I got in the shower with him, it came
to me that I had just had the best fuck of my entire life and was
due for another from this hunky, good looking wrestler.

+ + + + + +

Sunday night Frank's girl friend went, and Jeff had no excuse for
spending the night with me. We had a hard time seeing each other
alone, and he finally resorted to calling me on the phone from
school. He could never seem to get away from his roommates.
Wednesday he came over, and while we were discussing whether or not
we could get by with a fast fuck in bed, there was a knock at the
door. Both his roommates were there. I felt sure they were
checking up on us. Quickly, I told them I was just about to call
and invite them over for popcorn. Rob suggested we look at a fuck
film and my VHS. So I popped the corn, and put on a straight fuck
film that I usually show to my straight friends or the to guys I'm
trying to seduce.

It was a boring party. After a few comments, none of the roommates
said anything. I noticed that all three had hardons. I also
noticed that Frank kept cutting his eye both toward me and Jeff. I
figured he suspected something, but it had to be all guessing on
his part. Jeff and I hardly look at one another throughout the
film. When it was over, I told them I had papers to grade and that
had studying to do. As they stood to leave, I saw each was still
sporting a hardon. Jeff and Rob tried to cover theirs up, but
Frank made his very obvious and then said something that surprised

"Hey, that made me real horny. Who do I sl**p with tonight? Oh,
yeah, Rob. How about giving me a little bit tonight?" he said
slapping Rob on the back.

"You just stay on your side of the bed, Frank," said Rob. "Beside,
you had your woman all weekend."

"Hell, that's history. Anyway, she wouldn't even..." Frank paused
and then obviously changed his words, "she wouldn't even begin to
take care of all I got to give." So saying, he pushed forward his
crotch which still showed a fairly good size piece of meat trying
to break lose.

"What he means," said Rob to me," is that she still won't give him
any head."

"Fuck you" said Frank.

"Come on! Let go home," said Jeff. "Mike doesn't need to hear all
this bullshit. He hears it all day from his students."

"Yeah," said Frank, "but they are little high school pricks. We
are big..."

"College pricks," said Jeff, and everyone but Frank laughed.

As they left, Frank made a point of being last, and as he was
walking out he cupped his crotch and said to his buddies in a way
that I knew was for my benefit, "Well, I'm still looking for
someone to swing on this and I don't care who it is."

I couldn't deny that I was a lot more attracted to Frank than the
first time I met him. He had gone from belligerent to caustic to
almost flirting. I guess he just didn't know how to out and out
ask someone to suck his dick. Poor Rob, I thought. He has to
sl**p with Frank tonight.

At eleven I was just finishing grading the last paper when I heard
a light knock on the door. I knew at once that it was Jeff
sneaking away from his roommates. I rushed to the door without
putting anything on. I pulled it open enough to see out, and there
stood Rob. Before I could stop him, he pushed the door open, came
in, and closed it behind him. And there we stood, me naked and him
fully clothed.

I had not turned on the lights, and it took him a few moments to
see that I was naked. My mind was racing for reasons when he said,
"I bet you thought I was Jeff."

"Let me get my robe," I said without answering his question. Going
to the bedroom would give me time to collect my thoughts, but he
surprised me by following me and watching me put on my robe.

"Jeff taught you that, didn't he?" he asked.

"Taught me what?" I asked with my heart pounding. I was cursing
myself for messing around with someone so near home. How would we
ever get out of this?

"Taught you to run around the apartment nude. He's always doing
that and telling us that we are candy asses and ashamed of our
dicks and all kind of shit like that."

"Well, in my apartment I feel I can do what I want," I said
somewhat cooling off.

"Yeah, that's what Jeff says."

"How about you? Do you run around nude in your apartment?" I made
boldly to ask.

"Sometimes," he said slowly, "but only if Frank's not there."

"Why is that?" I asked feeling better by the minute.

"Frank is too grab ass for me."

I couldn't believe Frank to be the grab ass type, but then my image
of Frank was changing for the better. Rob went on to say that he
was wondering if he might take me up on sl**ping in my apartment.
He said he just was not up to sl**ping with Frank. I told him it
would be fine and that he could help me make the guest bed.

"Oh, you don't have to go to that much trouble," he said.

"Well, you certainly don't want to sl**p on a bed without any
sheets on it," I said paternally.

"No, I was thinking I could sl**p here in your bed. It's plenty
big for both of us, if you don't mind," said Rob without ever once
looking at my face. I am glad he didn't, because I was in shock.
Was he coming on to me?

"Hey, do you mind if we look at that film?" he asked. "Not the one
you showed tonight. The other one with the two guys and a girl."

I mumbled yes, and then he blew my mind away. He started
undressing. He took everything off, and I saw standing before me a
beautiful young man with a runner's body and a semi hard, long dick
swinging between his legs.

"You said it was okay to go naked in your apartment, didn't you,"
he asked with c***dlike innocence.

"Of course," I muttered looking at him from head to toe. He stood
just long enough for me to get a good look and then started for the
living room calling over his shoulder for me to take off my robe.
I practically tore it in half getting out of it.

I got the film started on the VCR and the popcorn in the Microwave.
Rob was sitting on the sofa and I on a lazy boy recliner. The
movie was in the introductory stage which meant all the characters
still had their clothes on.

"Do they both fuck her?" he wanted to know.

"Of course."

"I mean at the same time," he explained.

I told him everybody would fuck everybody, and he seemed pleased by
the answer. I went after the popcorn, and when I got back, Rob
patted the place by him on the sofa and told me to sit by him so we
could both reach the popcorn. By then the movie was getting to a
steamy session, and I could not help but notice that Rob's dick was
responding. Sitting beside him made it a awkward to steal glances
at his rise cock. I tried to see it every time I reached for
popcorn, and always caught me looking. When the guys started
messing with each other in the movie, he really started getting
hot. His dick was not large around, but it was a monster in
length. Just the kind that slips all the way down the throat with
ease. Finally, I mentioned that he really had a big dick. He
stared at mine and said I did too.

I was just at the point of reaching for his dick when he asked if I
had seen that movie where the guy put his dick through the bottom
of a popcorn cup so that his girl got a feel of his dick when she
went for popcorn. I had seen the film. He said he always wanted
to try that and did I have any large paper cups. As a matter of
fact, I had some large plastic drink cups that would serve the
purpose. I got one for him, and he pushed the bottom out, stuck
his dick in it and filled it with popcorn.

"Do you want someone to reach for the popcorn?" I asked willingly.

"No," he said with a wicked smile, and I was crestfallen until he
added, "I want someone to eat the popcorn."

I set a world record getting on my knees in front of him. I
started eating the popcorn from around his dick, but could not
wait. I pulled off the cup sending popcorn flying, and before the
last piece hit the floor, his dick was out of sight down my throat
and his whole body was responding in ecstasy. He d****d him legs
across my back and ran both hand through my hair. He whispered
that it was the first time he had ever had his entire dick in
someone's mouth. I gave it a few plunges to the hilt and then
started licking his balls. I asked if the girls couldn't take it
all. After a pause, he told me he had never gone all the way with
a girl and then quickly asked that I not tell his roommates he was
a virgin. Just before going back to his dick, I asked if anyone
else had ever sucked him. He said only his best buddy in high
school. They used to do it after track practice.

I sucked a while longer before asking my next question. Was it
mutual with his buddy? He didn't answer. Instead, he stood up and
gently pushed me back on the carpet. He sat beside me and ran his
hands over my chest and stomach. Then he took hold of my dick,
looked at it for a moment, and leaning over, took it in his mouth.
I almost cummed on the spot. He couldn't take it all. I didn't
expect him to, but he sure sucked dick better than Jeff. I could
tell he had had some experience. After a minute I pushed around so
that I could reach his dick, and we stretched out on the floor and
got into a sixty nine position. In no time he was pumping a hot
load of salty cum down my throat. I wondered if it was the cum or
the popcorn that caused the salty taste. Before I could shoot, he
pulled away from my dick. I figured I had missed my chance. But
he told me he didn't want me to cum yet. He had other plans. At
that point I was more than willing f or him to take charge, and
take charge he did.

"I gotta pissed," he said heading for the bathroom. "Don't do
anything until I get back."

I lay there with a stiff dick and listened to him pissing. Then I
heard him open my medicine cabinet and wondered what he was up to.
Soon I saw him coming down the hall with a tube of lubricant in one
hand and a pack of condoms in the other. "What are these for?" he
asked with a sheepish grin. When I told him they were play things,
he said, "Maybe we ought to play with them."

"Whatever you like," I said wondering if this was a dream.

"I like the way you suck," he said matter of factly, and sat down
on my chest and flopped his semi soft long dick in my face. I took
it at once. God, but I love sucking a soft dick after it has shot
a load. But it was not soft for long. With the encouragement of
my tongue and lips, it regained its stiffness. When it was fully
hard, he began gently to face-fuck me pushing his long narrow dick
all the way down my throat. After a while he pulled it out and
laid it across my nose and between my eyes. I was lick its
underside as he moved up enough to lower his balls in my mouth.

"I love your mouth," he said in a husky voice of sexual excitement.
"What else do you like to suck?"

I figured that was an open invitation. I put my hands on his ass
cheeks and spread them open. When I felt his glory hole, I was
surprised to find it already lubricated.

"Want some of that?" he asked still in that husky voice of aroused

Without a word I pushed him off me and turned him over on his back,
and reached for a condom. As I was putting it on, he said he was
not sure he could take it all but that he would try. But I knew
that his ass was mine, all of it. When I was ready to mount him,
he turned over on his stomach and pushed his ass up in the air. It
is not my favorite position, but I thought maybe it would be fine
for starters. When my dick touched his ass, he stiffened up. I
told him to relax as I pushed first one finger and then another
into his tight hole. "Go for it," he told me. I pressed my dick
into him an inch and then paused. He breathed heavily but said
nothing. I figured he was no virgin to ass fucking.

"Did your track buddy get some of this?" I asked pushing my dick in
another inch. He said yes and pushed back on my dick taking
another inch. After that I couldn't talk for the pure enjoyment of
his ass. It seemed to grabbed every part of my dick and suck it up
into his beautiful body. On my knees I was soon pounding my meat
completely into his willing asshole, and he was meeting my every
thrust gladly. I had to slow down. I wanted it to last.

I pulled out and told him to follow me to the bedroom. As we were
walking down the hall, he said he had never been to bed with a man.
He said his buddy and he used to do it after school in the locker
room, in the car, or wherever they could find a private place. He
got on the bed and again raised his ass dog fashion. I told him I
was going to show him a new way and turned him over on his back.
He looked puzzled until I raised his legs over my shoulders. He
made a little gasp as I pressed my hard cock completely up his ass.
Before he could say anything, I lowered my mouth on his and kissed
him. He didn't respond, and knowing the answer, I asked if his
buddy and he ever kissed. "No," he said, "but I think I like it."
And with those words, he pressed his mouth against mine. With my
dick completely up his ass on one end and my tongue down his throat
on the other end, I was in bliss! In no time I was unloading my cum
in a fireworks orgasm. As I was shooting my last drops, I grabbed
his dick. He yelled that he was cumming, and just in time I
lowered my mouth onto its head and caught it. I had to know if it
was the popcorn or his cum that was so salty. It was the popcorn.
This load of cum was deliciously sweet.

We showered together and curled up and slept in each other's arms.
Once during the night I awoke and wondered about his roommates.
One of them I had been to bed with. Would each find out about the
other? Would that cause a problem? And what about Frank? What would
we do about him? As it turned out, they were questions that would
answer themselves within the week. In the mean time, I went back
to sl**p in the arms of a beautiful youth whom I had truly made
love to.


After one weekend with Jeff and then several nights with Rob,
suddenly I had no one. They were busy with their college work and
activities, and I had my school work: grading high school themes,
going to sports events, and trying to act the role of a dedicated
English teacher. After a few days, I was really getting horny. I
caught myself looking at one of the husky school wrestlers and
thinking of Jeff.

What was going on across the hall? After a few more days, I began
to think something was happening. Maybe Jeff and Rob suspected
each other of going to bed with me. Maybe in a weak moment they
both confessed, and then blamed it all on me. I could just hear
them telling one another that I took advantage of them in a moment
of passion. Or I got them d***k or something. Hell, the truth of
the matter is that they both put the make on me. They had figured
me out and came on to me.

Friday at lunch I decided I had to make some kind of move. I would
invited the three over for drinks or to look at another fuck film.
That should do the trick. If they turned me down by making up some
lame excuse, then I would know the whole thing was over. I was so
nervous that I gave my classes free time for the rest of the day.
I kept thinking how terrible it would be having to live across the
hall from three people with whom I had an uncomfortable
relationship. Damn it! I should have never gone to bed with
someone so close at home.

By four thirty I already had a couple of drinks and a slight buzz
when I heard someone enter the apartment across the hall. It was
now or never. I finished off my drink and went over and knocked on
the door. Frank opened the door and stood behind it until he saw
it who it was. Then he threw wide the door letting me see that he
was half dressed. "I was about to get a shower," he said scratching
his balls. When I said I would return later, he insisted I come in
and have a beer. "I've been lifting weights at the gym," he
explained. "Let me get a quick shower." He insisted I take my beer
to his bedroom and wait for him to finish.

In no time he was out of the bathroom with just a towel d****d
around his muscular body. He took his time dressing. I think he
enjoyed showing off his stuff. And he had the stuff to show off!
His dick was long even when soft, and he had larger balls than
either of his roommates.

I tried to make small talk while he took the towel and re-dried
himself. He gave special attention to rubbing his balls and dick
thus causing it to rise a little. It was hard to keep my eyes off
that lovely piece of cut meat swinging between his legs. I did not
want him to catch me looking at his long dong, and I could tell he
kept trying to see if I was looking. After a while, I thought,
What the hell? He knows anyway. Why should I try to hide it? When
he finally put on his underpants, he did so right in front of the
chair where I was sitting. I was practically eye level and just a
few feet from a really great looking cock. Then he said he had put
his underpants on backwards and took them off to give me another
view. By then we both were into the game. His dick had a semi
erection, but neither of us verbalized what was going on. He just
showed me his cock, and I looked.

During this dressing and exhibition scene, I managed to tell him
why I was there, namely to invite him and his roommates over for a
drink and a movie on the video that evening. When he asked with a
wink what movie I had to show, I told him innocently that I was
planning to rent whatever movie they wanted to see. He immediately
suggested we look at another of my fuck films. I said fine and
told him to tell his roommates and be over around eight. As he
walked me to the door, he put his arms around my shoulder and gave
me some bullshit about being a good neighbor.

Back in my apartment, I chided myself for giving in to staring at
Frank's dick. It was true that he had me figured out, but I also
had him figured out. Frank was a homophobic of the worst kind. I
was sure that if I ever made a pass at him, he would scream his
innocence in leading me on and most probably do me v******e. If
nothing else, he was sure to brag to his roommates that he had told
them I was a faggot. I was going to have to keep Frank at a
distance. So what if he had a weight lifter's body, a big dick,
and lovely balls?

At exactly eight o'clock, there was a knock on the door. Before
opening it, I checked to make sure every thing was in order.
Popcorn, beer, film in the video. Everything was in order. I
walked slowly to the door with happy expectations of an evening
with three beautiful youths. When I opened the door, Frank stood
there alone with a sheepish grin on his face. I invited him in and
asked if the others were on their way. He ignored my question and
made for he popcorn and beer. I waited for him to settle on the
sofa before asking again.

He explained that both Jeff and Rob had college activities to
attend that night. Then he said rather un-convincingly that he had
forgot they would not be home when he accepted my invitation. "Am
I still invited?" he wanted to know. I told him yes, and wondered
how I was going to play his little game of queer bating all

"Let's look at a fuck film," he said going to the VHS. "Where do
you keep the good one?"

Before I could answer, he opened the cabinet beside the television
and was looking over my collection of porno films. He pulled one
out and said, "This looks interesting. I've never seen one of
these. Can we look at it?"

To my shock I saw he had an all male film. "Anything you want," I

He slipped it in the VHS and turned on the television. The film
showed two college football players after practice. They were
alone in the locker room horsing around. Next they went to the
shower together and played around some more. I had seen it several
times and kept worrying about what Frank would say or do when the
two got down to hard core action. The hell with it, I thought.
After all, he was the one who chose it.

As the two players were drying off, Frank said, "Hey, that reminds
me of getting dressed in front of you this afternoon."

"Yeah, but we didn't do what these two are about to do," I said
trying to warn him of the direction the film was going. Frank
glanced at me with a grin which I could not interpret.

"That one guy has a great...," Frank paused and then said,

"Not as great as yours," I said before thinking.

"I lift weights," said Frank. He's just an actor." His eyes were
glued the screen when to my surprise, he said, "And look at that
big dick he's got."

"Not as big as yours," I said not caring this time.

"Oh, mine isn't so big," said Frank in a tone that admitted the
lie. I didn't say anything. I had gone as far as I dared. In
silence we watched the actors who continued to towel off as their
dicks grew larger by the second.

"Do you really think so?" asked Frank, and then taking his eyes
from the film and toward me, he added, "That my dick is big?"

I assured him it was very big. He smiled and then looked back at
the film for a few minutes. By this time the two athletes had
dropped their towels and one had dropped to his knees and was
sucking the other's cock.

"God, I haven't had a blow job in a long time," Frank said with
heavy breathing.

"Not since your girl was here last week," I made bold to say.

"Shit! She wouldn't suck dick. She didn't even want to fuck."

By now Frank was shamelessly rubbing his cock, and I could easily
see it was fully hard beneath his jeans.

"I thought sure she would have sucked you," I pressed.

"No, she said it was too big. Hell, I hate to go through life
missing blow jobs because it's too big," he said and without
looking at me asked, "Do you think it's too big to get sucked?"

"I don't really know since I haven't seen it," I spoke hardly able
to breath.

"You mind having a look at it and letting me know what you think?"
he asked, unzipping his pants without waiting for me to answer. It
was so hard, he couldn't get it out, and I suggested he lower his
pants which he quickly did while walking over to stand in front of
my chair. I almost fainted when I saw the whole thing standing
hard and long before my face.

"Well, what do you think? Is it too big for someone to suck?" he
asked practically pushing it into my face.

"Shall I try and see?" I asked.

"Go for it," he said, and without waiting grabbed my head and
pushed my mouth onto his throbbing dick.

What a dick to have pushed into your mouth! It was far too much to
deep throat, but it was sure as hell fun trying a few times. But I
quickly gave up that and went for putting a sucking on that huge
cock head. I don't know when I have had such a prick to suck on,
and I really don't think I've ever had anyone who apparently
enjoyed it more. Frank was all motion. Not only was his cock
flying in and out of mouth as fast as I could take it, but he was
flexing his whole body. He would go up on his toes and them
tighten his stomach muscles. He would run his hands through my
hair and then lean over and rubbed my back, and with all this
motion came a constant chatter of encouragement. "Suck it, buddy,
Oh please suck it. I need it. God! That feels good. You're the
best. Take all of my dick you want. It's yours, baby."

His words alone about made me cum in my pants. I could feel juice
running out of my cock. About that time, he made a loud sound, and
yelled, "Jesus! I'm cummng. I'm really cumming!"

And cum he did. It was like a geyser erupting in my mouth. It had
to be the most cum I had ever had in my mouth -and out of my mouth.
There was no way I could take it all, but I manfully tried. When
he finished shooting, he did not pull away but left his softening
dick in my mouth. As it grew smaller, I was able to take more of
it until finally I had it completely down my throat. At this point
Frank leaned down and playfully bit my ear and whispered, "Thanks,
buddy. That was great." And with these words, he pull his dick
from my mouth and throat and went back to the sofa.

I was bone hard and hot as hell, but I also knew that this would be
a critical time in dealing with Frank. I was wondering what his
next action would be. I was prepared for a guilt trip or one of
those "I have never done that before, but those films made me horny
and I couldn't help my self."

It's the straight's ploy of putting the blame on the other person.

When he got to the sofa instead of pulling up his pants, he took
them completely off and asked if the door was locked. I told him
that it was, and he said that he was sorry he came so fast, but
that he could easily go twice if I was interesting. Was I
interested! He stretched out nude on my sofa and was the prettiest
picture of male, masculine beautiful. "Come here," he told me. I
was there in a flash. "Did you get off?" he asked. When I told
him that I didn't, he said, "I like it when someone licks on me.
Do you mind doing that? I mean, you don't think that's weird or

I assured him I didn't think it was weird, and in no time I was
kneeling at the sofa and lapping up on his muscular chest. I was
going good on his right nipple when I felt his hand rubbed against
my dick. "Hey, you got a big one, too," he said. "Let's have a
look at it." I pulled out my dick which was as hard as marble, and
when I went back to sucking on his chest, I felt his big hand
wrapped around my cock. Next he started jerking it. That did it.
I raised up and told him I was cumming, and just before the first
shots fired, I lowered my face into his crotch and rubbed it in his
pubic hair and soft dick.

When calm and sanity returned to my thinking, I wondered how much a
mess I had made on the rug and sofa. I looked down, and he read my

"No, problem," Frank said. "I caught it all in my hand."

And sure enough, I looked at that beautiful hand of his and found
it full of my milky cum. He raised it and rubbed it on my chest,
and then silently lifted it to my mouth and offered me a taste.
I'm not one usually interested in tasting my own cum, but I
couldn't refuse the sweetness of the moment with Frank.

As I touched my tongue to his hand, he winked and said, "I hope you
like the taste, because I'll have another load for you before the
night is over. And he was as good as his word. Next time we did
in my bed.

Frank was not only good during sex but also afterwards. He was no
bang, bang thank you, man fucker. We lay abed and he told me all
about himself. He said he had been mean toward me, because he
always considered homosexual people weird. On his high school
football team all the players talked about what sissies the gays
were, but strangely enough, it was while he was on the football
team that he started jerking off with his buddies. It was an off
the field event. Is always started with individual masturbation,
but it usually ended with mutual masturbation. Frank said he had
jerked off and been jerked off by almost everyone on his high
school football team. Frank would never consider sucking a dick,
but since he and his football buddies had jerked each other off, he
never minded getting me off with his hand. Truth to tell, he
didn't have to do much. After sucking on him, I was ready to go in
a second. It took just a few shakes of that big hand to get me to
the stars.

When I asked about why he had decided to change his attitude toward
me, he said it was due to the girl who had spent the weekend with
him. He had tried all weekend to get some head from her, but she
refused. He decided then that he was crazy to turned down a steady
blow job so near home. "You are going to be my steady cocksucker,
aren't you?" Frank asked ruffling my hair. I didn't say a word but
slowly slipped between his legs and slipped his dick into my mouth
and closed my eyes as I felt his hand slip around my hardening

For next two years, the boys next door kept me in dick, and I kept
them out of cum. The four of us never did it together. In fact, I
never admitted to a one of them that I was sucking the other other
two. I am sure the three all know what was going on, but they
preferred to play it cool. Oh, by the way, which one turned out to
be my very favorite? Which would you have chosen? I never had to
choose as I had them all three every week.... Continue»
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Jo is my neighbour, I moved in two years ago after taking early retirement when I was forty after I sold my company, so now I have nothing to do but travel and enjoy myself when I'm home. Now Jo is stunningly good looking, she is forty with two daughters, Tori who is twenty and Zoe who is sixteen; both girls are extremely good looking. Fortunately for me Jo’s husband walked out six months ago.
Late one afternoon Jo called me to help her move some heavy furniture in her bedroom. After lugging wardrobes around the room she asked me if I wanted a drink. Sat in the lounge she offered me a beer and sat next to me on the couch.
“Thanks Rich you really are such a help, I couldn’t have done that on my own”.
After a few minutes she kicked her shoes off and curled her legs under her, I couldn’t help noticing her pretty little toes; her legs were quite nice too. She then nudged me with her elbow and said.
“Still it’s not the way I wanted to get you in my room though”.
I looked at her quizzically and smiled, noticing not for the first time her nice tits.
“Yeah I’ve wanted you in there fucking me for a few months now”!
Then she leant over and kissed me passionately. As I pulled her close and kissed back she ran her hand over my hardening cock.
“Wow that feels nice and big, come on Rich fuck me and make me cum like a slut”!
She stood in front of me and pulled her shirt and trousers off, followed by her g-string; her tits were nice and big, with large nipples, my eyes went down to her pussy which was trimmed nicely; she ran her hands down over her tummy and began to rub her clit. She lay back on the couch and lifting and spreading her legs began to frig herself softly as she moaned.
“C’mon rich fuck me and make me cum; I haven’t had a cock in me in months”.
My shorts hit the floor as I moved forward and began to suck and caress her tits. As she moaned I moved down and began to lap at her sweet cunt. Her juices were flowing now. My cock was like an iron bar as I slipped it into her pussy watching her eyes widen.
“Oh fuck yeah, that's it fuck me, I need a good hard fucking”!
I began to pump into her faster and faster as her tits wobbled on her chest.
“C’mon Jo cum for me, and I’ll fuck you again”.
“Oh fuck yes I'm cumming oh fuck yes”!
Jo sat up and pulled my cock to her lips slowly she swallowed it down into her mouth. At this point she went wild and began to bob her head up and down gagging on my cock; so much saliva was running onto her chin and dripping onto her tits.
“Oh shit baby I'm gonna cum in your mouth”!
After I filled her mouth with my seed she laid back and smiling she wiped her lips with her fingers and sucked them clean.
Cupping my cock she smiled as she said. “Mmmm so nice and tasty, but you gotta leave the girls will be home soon; but come round and fuck me soon and you can fuck my other hole as well”!
Smiling I pulled my shorts on. “Jo come round to my house soon and I will fuck you all afternoon hunny, I'm gonna fuck you till you scream, you're gonna love my cock in your tight ass”.
I left after kissing her once more and strolled home, neither of us had noticed Tori had been spying on us through a crack in the door.

Part 2

Three days later in the evening there was a knock on my back door. Tori walked in as I was sat at the kitchen table reading the paper as the kettle was boiling. She was dressed in a pair of tight shorts a tight crop top and bare foot; her toe nails were painted a sexy bright pink.
“Hi Rich how’s things”? She said as she sat down. Smiling she came right to the point.
“I watched you fuck my mom, it was fucking horny especially when you came in her mouth”.
I smiled at her as she continued.
“I told Zoe as well”.
“So what did she say”?
“Well she said. Good for mom. She asked me to tell her everything as she undressed. She got so hot and horny she lay on her bed and frigged herself right in front of me”.
“Wow what did you do”?
“I got naked with her licked her pussy till she came in my mouth, then I made her lick my cunt and ass and came in her mouth”.
This came as a shock to me thinking of these young s****rs pleasuring each other thinking of me fucking their mom.
“We chatted after and we both want to fuck you Rich, Zo?ot really horny when I told her you were going to fuck mom in the ass”!
She smiled widely as she ran her foot up my leg. “I think Zo?ants to try a cock inn her ass, but she is a virgin still and I don't think she could take it, she can barely take a big dildo in her cunt. So Rich did you fuck my mommy in the ass”?
I smiled at her and nodded my head. “Yes I fucked her upstairs in my bed. I filled her ass with my cock this afternoon”.
She grinned back as her foot rubbed along my thigh. “So was it good, did she like it, and was her ass nice and tight”?
I reached down and started to rub her sexy little toes. “Yes it was good, and she screamed the house down as I filled her ass with cum, she dipped her fingers in and licked my cum off them”.
Smiling as she rubbed her foot over my cock. “Mmmm that feels nice and big, do you want to push that into my tight young cunt, do you want to fuck me and make me cum screaming”?
I stood up and walked behind she leant her head back and smiled as I ran my hands over her young tits, they were firmer than her moms, oh god they felt good in my hands. I pulled her top up and began to caress her nipples as they got hard. Her legs dropped open and she began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She began to moan softly and whispered.
“C’mon Rich fuck me, take me to your bed and fuck me make me cum like you did my mommy”!
I pulled her up and kissed her as I led her up the stairs and into my room. Laying her on the bed I pulled her shorts off revealing her young shaven pussy, her lips were glistening with her sex juices her hands came down and began to stoke herself as I stripped off my clothes revealing my nice hard cock to her. She smiled as her eyes widened.
“Oh wow that is fucking big, do you think it will fit in my young cunt, oh fuck Rich let me suck it; I wanted to taste your cock in my mouth. Please let me suck your cock and cum in my mouth”!
I pulled her up and began to rub my cock along her lips as her tongue flicked out over my helmet I grabbed two bunches of her hair and slowly began to push my cock into her sweet young mouth thinking to myself how I was fucking her mouth just hours after I had sodomised her mom. I watched her gagging on my cock saliva running down her chin onto her tits. As she rubbed it in I began to cum, filling her mouth with my seed.
“Oh fuck baby swallow it all down, oh you dirty bitch take it and swallow it”.
She grinned at me as she licked her lips. “Mmmm tastes so good, c'mon fuck me now fuck my young cunt, it needs your big cock, c'mon fuck me hard, fuck me and make me cum”!
As she was saying this she brought both of her feet up to my cock and began to rub it softly with her sexy little toes. I grabbed her legs and pulled them wide open looking at her all the time.
“Baby I'm gonna fuck you nice and hard but first I want to lick that cute little pussy”. Lowering my head I began to lick along her slit with my tongue as I slipped a finger inside her, she began to moan as I moved my tongue to her clit which was standing proud.
“Oh fuck that's so good lick my cunt make me cum, oh fuck yes make me cum”!
Pulling up I watched her fingers flashing over her clit, I edged forward and slowly pushed my cock just inside her cunt. I looked down at her angelic face and with one hard thrust sank my cock deep into her hot wet slippy cunt.
“Oh fuck yeeeeeeeeeeessssss that's fucking good, oh fuck yes, yes, yes. Now fuck me as hard as you can make me cum”!
I began to pump in and out of her pussy feeling her muscles gripping onto my shaft as I pulled out, she was getting so wet her juices were leaking onto my balls. After a few minutes I rolled her onto her hands and knees and began to do her doggy style, managing to go deeper into her as she pushed back onto my cock. Her moans were getting louder now.
“Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, oh god make me cum”!
I gripped her hips and buried myself deep inside her as she went into a prolonged orgasm.
“Oh fuck, yesssssssssssssssss oh fuck yesssssssssssss”!
I felt her cum all over my cock, her cunt going into spasms of pleasure. At this point I began to run a finger around her asshole, but she reached back and moved my hand away, looking over her shoulder she whispered.
“Just fuck my pussy, mommy might love it there and Zo?ight want it there but I don't, ok”!
I just winked at her and rolled her onto her back and began to tease her pussy with my fingers as she again began to rub her pretty little toes over my raging hard on.
“Tori do you want me to fuck you again”? She smiled sweetly and nodding her head said.
“Oh my god yes fuck my tight cunt, make me cum like a fucking bitch”!
“Well you have to do something for me then”.
“What? Not my ass though, anything else just not my ass”!
I passed her the phone and told her.
“Phone Zo?ell her what we are doing and see if she wants to come and play”!
She smiled sweetly and made the call as I sank deep into her pussy again, I began to suck on her toes as she began talking to her sixteen year old s****r.
“Hey Zo?guess where I am and guess what I'm doing. No not that, I'm in Rich’s bed and he's fucking me nice......... oh fuck yes deeper..... Nice and hard on his bed. Yes it’s fucking great, oh fuck oh, oh, oh, yes......... Oh and guess what he fucked mommy’s ass right on this bed a few hours ago. Ummmm yes I did tell him, no don't be embarrassed I think he wants to fuck your ass for you, no I wouldn’t.... oh yes, yes, yes make me cum.... no not in my ass. I wouldn’t let him, ok. Rich she wants to speak to you”.
I took the phone off of her and pulled her up and pushed my cock to her mouth. As s he began to blow me Zo?egan to speak.
“Hello, are you really doing it to my s****r”?
“Oh yes she fucking loves it, she is sucking my cock hard right now, where are you Zo?You're on the back of the bus. Are you alone? Good what I want you to do is play with your pussy then when you get home come right in and show me your wet pussy”.
“Ok Rich I'm touching myself through my pants, oh my pussy is so wet, are you gonna fuck me, oh god yes please fuck me hard I’ll do anything for you, I want you to take my cherry”.
“So you little slut you're a virgin”?
“Yes I've never had anything bigger than a finger and a small dildo in my cunt”. She began to whisper huskily. “Please fuck me and take my cherry, and then fuck my bum like you did to mommy, I think it looks good, it felt good when I fingered my ass last night”!
My heart began to race as this sixteen year old began to talk dirty to me, I couldn’t wait to get my cock in her virgin holes”.
“Get here quick and I will fuck you till you scream”!
I pulled out of her s****r’s mouth and turned her over again then began to fuck her pussy nice and slow as I massaged her ass cheeks. Five or ten minutes later I heard footsteps running up the stairs. The door burst open and in walked Zo?ressed in her school clothing. Dark pants a white blouse and a dark blazer. Dropping the blazer on the floor she smiled at us and said.
“Wow its fucking true then. Wow Tori you look like you're enjoying that her trousers were off in seconds leaving her in her bra and a very small g-string. She leant over and watched my cock going into her s****r’s cunt, I felt her hand reach down and cup my balls. Looking up she smiled and said.
“Let me taste her juices on your cock Rich”!
I took a handful of her hair and guided my cock into her mouth, she struggled a bit at first but began to get used to it quite quickly, and then she began to suck my cock, with pure abandon.
“Oh fuck” she said as she took it out and guided it back into her s****r. “That tastes so good”.
Moving to Tori's head she kissed her softly then pulling her g-string off she spread her legs in front of her and whispered.
“Tori suck my cunt make me nice and wet, c'mon s*s, make me cum like you always do”!
Tori's head went down as she began to lap at her baby s****rs pussy, it might be wrong watching this i****tuous act but fuck me my cock got harder watching Tori pleasure her little s****r. I couldn’t hold back and again filled her up with my seed making her cum again and moan loudly into Zo? young pussy.
I pulled out and offered my cock to Zo?o lick clean once she had done this she smiled and quickly rolled Tori onto her back and then lowered herself onto her face.
“Oh yes Tori lick my clit, I'm gonna eat all that lovely seed out of your pussy”. She smiled at me and began to lap at her s****r’s pussy greedily sucking the juices out of her.
I sat back and watched them doing things to each other that s****rs shouldn’t do, but fuck me it was so fucking hot my cock was getting harder by the second.
Tori looked at my now hard cock and smiling as she fingered her s****r said. “Zo? think he's ready to fuck you now”.
Zo?lanced over and with a grin a mile wide and her face covered in a mixture of pussy juice and sperm said.
“Oh god yes please fuck me take my cherry make me a real women”!
I moved behind this young girl looking at her slim hips and firm little titties, her pussy like her s****rs was shaven bald. It looked so small and tight like a fresh rose just beginning to open up. I rubbed my cock across Tori's lips making her open up.
“Get me nice and slick for your little s****r Tori”.
Her mouth opened and engulfed my cock she began to gag and spit onto it when it was nice and slick she pulled herself up and rolled Zo?nto her back. She began to kiss her face lingering to give Zo? sexy French kiss, her hands began to move down her young s****rs body caressing her firm little tits; as her lips moved slowly down her chest and began to suck her nipples Zo? legs dropped open revealing her sweet little pussy, it was shaven bald and opening up like a flower, her lips were glistening with her pussy juices. I knelt between her legs and began to slowly rub her clit making her moan softly; I slipped a finger into her tight little pussy as Tori's mouth reached her pussy. It was so fucking horny watching these two s****rs i****tuous behaviour. I pulled Zo? feet up and began to suck on her sweet sexy toes, eliciting another moan from her. Tori by now was sucking and fingering her s****r making her pussy really slick.
“Please fuck me make me a woman, c'mon fuck me and please fuck me hard”! As she moaned I moved up and began to rub my cock along her slit, I slowly pushed into her going in about an inch.
This made her moan even louder. “Yes, oh yes, more give me more, c'mon please fuck me”.
I looked at her pretty little face and gripping her thighs pushed deep into her in one long thrust. This had a massive effect on her. Her mouth went wide and the breath left her body in one long whoosh.
“Ooooommf, Oh fuck yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssss”!
I held still deep inside her for a second as Tori leant back and began to frig herself, I then began to fuck Zo?ice and slowly. I pulled out and pushed right back into her watching her face as a look of pure ecstasy passed over it.
“Oh Jesus that's so good, c'mon fuck me make me cum”.
I began going a little faster as Zo?ulled her legs up and rested them ankles on my shoulders allowing me do fuck her a little deeper.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes, oh fucking god yes, that's so good, oh fuck yeeeeeeeeeeessssss”!
Zo? pussy was leaking like a broken faucet, dripping her juices onto my balls; her sweet pussy was so tight it felt like I was being held in warm velvet vice.
“Oh fuck yes Zo?ou're so fucking tight, do you like my big cock in your tight young cunt”?
She smiled up and nodded as she continued to moan loudly. “Oh fuck yes, fuck this young slut, fuck me hard and fast”.
I began to pump into her harder and faster as she thrust up to meet me. Her pussy suddenly clamped down on my cock as she arched her back and shouted loudly.
“Oh fuck yes, yeeeeeeeesssss, I'm cumming, oh fuck I'm cuuuuummmmmmmmmmmming”!
I held still deep in her young pussy as she convulsed in orgasmic pleasure on the bed. She opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“Mmmmmm that was so fucking good, oh god I feel so good”. She reached over and pulled her s****r to her and kissed her sexily the whispered.
“Rich hasn’t cum yet, let’s suck is cock till he cums on our faces”. I leant back as they crawled over and began to caress my genitals. As Zo?rabbed my cock and moved it to her elder s****rs mouth and rubbing it along her lips, smearing her lipstick she grabbed Tori's hair and said.
“Lick my pussy juice off, c'mon slut lick it off”. Tori opened her mouth and slowly licked along my shaft as Zo?orced her face onto my cock, though she was four years younger she seemed to be the dominant sibling, Tori began to smile as she bobbed her head up and down my shaft.
“Mmmmmm Zo?our juices taste so nice on his cock”.
As these two girls began to work my cock I could feel the seed rise.
“Oh fuck girls I'm gonna cum, oh shit I'm cumming”.
Tori gripped my shaft and began to rub me off. “Open up Zo? want him to cum in your mouth, you little slut”.
Grinning Zo?pened wide and pushed her tongue out just as I began to cum, the first shot hit her on the nose and eyes, then she moved her mouth closer and I filled her mouth up with another three shots. She leant back and opened her mouth to show her s****r. Zo?ushed Tori onto her back and grinning she grabbed her tit and squeezed it till her mouth opened up; slowly she dribbled all my juices into her s****r’s mouth with a final kiss she smiled.
“Tastes’ nice doesn’t it now swallow it all down Tori”.
As I sat there she continued to kiss her then got Tori to lick her face clean.
As they were dressing both girls kissed me then Tori said. “We have to do this again”.
Zo?rinned and said. “Oh yeah, and maybe we can get mommy to join in”.
My cock twitched as Tori grinned widely as she contemplated this.
Grabbing her school bag Zo?issed me and thanked me then they both ran off home.
I lay back on my bed with a grin on my face thinking it was great to fuck Jo and getting to fuck Tori was a bonus, but getting Zo?he dirty little minx was beyond my dreams.
I had woken late the next day as it was a Saturday. After a light brunch I step out into my back garden. It was a beautiful sunny day and I glanced next door to see Tori and Zo?unbathing. Zo?oticed me and nudging her s****r she waved at me. Tori grinned and waved too. Tori stood and gathered her stuff and strolled close to the small dividing fence, her bikini was no more than a couple of strips of cloth and string almost all of her was on display. She stopped close to the fence and smiling said.
“Hi Rich like my bikini. Zo?nd I are going shopping now”! She leant a little closer and whispered. “But when we come back we want to fuck you again”.
Zo?ad got up and strolled up and blew me a sexy kiss then slowly ran a finger along her s****rs back and over her ass. “Mmmm I want you to fuck me while I lick Tori out”!
They both giggled and strolled saucily into the house. I strolled back inside and watched twenty minutes later as they walked out to Tori's car; both dressed in short skirts and bikini tops with sandals on their feet. They glanced over at me and waved as they drove off to the mall.
I went out to my car and drove off down to the gym two hours later I was pulling onto my drive when I saw Jo at my door. Parking I got out and smiled as I said hello.
“Rich can I have a word with you”.
“Yes come in we can have drink and chat”.
Jo sat in the armchair and looked over at me. “Rich I overheard the girls discussing how well you fucked them both yesterday”.
“Oh shit, I couldn’t help it they are so hot and they did come on to me”.
“Oh shit I'm not worried about you fucking them, I just don't think it’ fair that I have to share you”!
I walked over to her and knelt down and kissed her. “Hey if you want me to stop I will, but your daughters are so fucking hot, and they do fuck well”.
“Ok Rich can I say something without you judging me”?
“Yeah go on then, Jo, tell me what you're thinking”.
Jo looked down at the floor and blushing a little said. “Look it might sound wrong, but I really want you to fuck me again, and again. But what I really want to happen is for you to fuck me as my daughters watch then maybe fuck me as I lick their young cunts”.
She looked up at me and saw me smiling.
“You don't think it’s wrong”?
“Hey Jo I fucked your daughters and watched them lick each other’s pussies. Zo?old me she wants to watch me fuck you so she can lick my juices out of your pussy”.
She looked up with a look of pure lust on her face. “Oh wow, really, what about Tori”?
“Oh she wants you licking her pussy as I fuck you”.
Thirty minutes later I was fucking her hard on the lounge floor. I had already gotten a wonderful blowjob and had her face down on the couch fucking her pussy so hard she was screaming. Now she was on her hands and knees with her ass in the air and me fucking her hard as I fingered her ass making it nice and loose.
“Oh fuck, yes, fuck my ass, fuck my ass; c’mon get your cock in my shithole”! We were making so much noise we didn’t see the girls come in. Zo?oughed and as we both looked up she spoke.
“Shit mom you’re being greedy let’s share that big cock”. She pulled her short skirt up and began to frig herself through her knickers. Tori got on her hands and knees and crawled over to her mom and kissed her full on the lips; then she pulled her skirt up and her thong to one side.
“Mommy lick my cunt, c'mon mommy suck your daughters tight little cunt”! She edged close to Jo and gripped her head and pulled it down to her pussy. Jo took a deep breath and began lick along Tori's slit. “Mmmm Tori you taste so nice”.
Zo?oved behind her s****r and stood there and stripped off showing off her tight young body; she teased her nipples and then knelt behind Tori and pulled her bikini top off.
“Tori! Your nipples are so hard. Do you like mommy licking your cunt, does it feel good”? She reached down and grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. “C'mon tell me you dirty bitch”!
“Oh yes its good Zo?t’s so good”. Zo?hen strolled round to me and kissed me hard on the mouth. I ran a hand up her leg and cupped her pussy in my hand and squeezed making her moan as I tickled her anus with my finger; she looked down and saw my cock deep in her moms pussy and two of my fingers in her ass.
“Oh let me do that, let me get her nice and loose for your cock”. She knelt down and spread her mom’s ass wide and began to lick around her ass. “Mommy your ass is nice and tight, do you want me to lick it for you. Do you want your baby girl to lick your ass and make it loose for Rich’s cock”?
As she had her mouth deep into Tori's pussy she could only make a noise and nod her head. Zo?ipped her head down and licked around her ring again. I pulled my cock out and Zo?pened her mouth wide to take me into her throat.
“Deep throat me Zo?et it deep in your throat and suck me till I cum”! Her mouth went wide but she struggled to get my cock into her throat. I gripped the back of her head and pushed deep making her gag and choke. I watched the saliva drip on to her tits. She smiled up at me and said.
“Sorry I can’t deep throat you Rich I need more practice”. I winked at her. “Don't worry Zo?get your moms ass ready for me”.
She smiled and spread mom’s ass wide and sank her tongue deep into her rectum. Jo pushed back and moaned softly into Tori's cunt. I moved up to Tori and caressed her tits and pulled her head to my cock.
“I can deep throat you Rich watch”. She took a deep breath and slowly sank her mouth onto my cock forcing it down her throat as it relaxed. Listening to her gag on my cock made it swell a little more. I pulled out and let her spit on my cock then knelt behind Jo
“Is she ready now Zo? I looked down at this little girl with three fingers in her moms’ ass. She smiled up at me and gripping my cock she placed it on her moms ring and said.
“Oh yes I think she is ready for you, fuck her ass Rich”!
I slowly pushed in an inch or so making Jo moan, Zo?ut her hand on my butt and pushed me making me surge into her mom in one hard thrust. Jo's head came up and her mouth went wide in pleasure as she grunted and shouted out loud.
“Oh fuck yes, yes, yes, fuck my ass I fucking love you fucking my ass”! I went deep into her feeling her rectum rippling along my shaft. Zo?oved her head close and dribble some spit onto my shaft as it came out of her ass.
“Tori come and look at this”! Tori scooted round and looked in amazement as her moms’ ring was stretched around my cock. “Wow that looks painful, mommy does it hurt you, does it hurt you to take his big cock in your tight asshole mommy”?
Jo was grunting at every thrust. “Uughh, it hurts, but it hurts so good, when I relax a little it will be fucking fantastic, you girls should try it”!
Tori shook her head and said. “No way, not in my bum mommy, what about you Zo?
Zo?ust grinned at me and said. “Oh yes I want that in my tight little ass it looks fun mommy”.
By now I was pounding in and out of Jo as she screamed to her next orgasm, I came filling her ass and pulled out Zo?ove on my cock and began to lick it clean as Jo rolled onto her back pulling her legs up and spreading them wide she looked at Tori.
“Be a good girl and lick mommy’s ass clean”. Jesus it was fucking horny watching this happen, my cock in a sixteen year old mouth watching a twenty year hold suck my cum from her moms ass.
Zo?inished with my cock and went to kiss her mom. “Was it good mommy, was it good getting fucked in the ass like a slutty whore while you sucked your daughters cunt”. She then reached out and began to twist Jo’s nipples making her wince a little.
“Ouch Zo?on't be rough, and it was fucking wonderful, I now love getting my ass fucked. Oh fuck Tori yes lick my ass and play with my clit”.
Later that evening after I had fucked the all they went home letting me rest. Before she left Zo?issed me. “Rich tomorrow you have to fuck my ass”.
I reached into a drawer and passed her a butt plug my last girlfriend had left behind; it was only a small one. “Put this in your ass tomorrow morning and it will get you ready for me”.
She smiled at me then kissed me and strolled naked after her mom and s****r. Giggling she caught them up in the garden and showed them my gift. Jo looked back at me and smiled then all three hopped over the small fence and went indoors.

The next morning I got a phone call it was Zo?sking me to come around to their house. I strolled into the kitchen five minutes later. Zo?alked up to me wearing not a stitch of clothing and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately. Then with a big smile she turned around and bent over and spread her cheeks showing me her tiny little ass with the butt plug deep inside her.
“Looks good doesn’t it, I've had it in all night. It feels so nice in there”.
“Where are the others”? I asked.
“Oh they are both in mom’s room doing things come and watch”.
We went up stairs, Zo?n front wiggling her sexy ass in my face; I reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy eliciting a little moan from her sweet lips.
“Zo?'m gonna fuck your virgin ass soon, how does that make you feel”?
“Mmmmmm horny Rich, very horny; but come look at these two sluts going at it”.
We stopped at the door way and looked in at Jo and Tori with a large double ended dildo, they had got on their hands and knees and backed up to each and fed the thing into their pussies. Zo?eached into my shorts and pulled my cock out and began to rub it. Then she walked up to her mom and grabbing her head pulled her mouth to her pussy.
“Mommy suck your baby girl’s pussy and make her come”.
I moved to Tori and fed my cock into her mouth as she smiled up at me. “Tori I'm going to fuck your face till I cum in your mouth”. She opened wide and ran her tongue across my helmet. As I fucked her face she began to gag covering me in loads of her saliva. Zo?as moaning as her mom licked and sucked her clit. I pulled out of Tori's mouth and shot a massive load over her face. The other two scooted round and began to lick her clean. I sat back thinking how fucking hot and horny this f****y was.
Zo?nelt on the bed and spreading her cheeks she slowly eased the butt plug out of her ass. It looked nice and ripe hanging open about an inch just ready for me to sodomise.
As I moved behind her and slid into her pussy Jo knelt next to us and began to caress her but cheeks, finally sliding a finger into her daughter. Tori went to her head and kissed her then whispered softly. “Hmmm little s****r, if he fucks your ass and you enjoy it I might let him fuck mine”!
I pulled out and told her to roll onto her back so I could see her face as I fucked her ass. The other two lay either side and pulled her legs up and open, the each ran the fingers over her pussy and into her ass. By now I was as hard as a steel bar. I put my cock on her ring and slowly pushed; but it was far too tight, getting up I went to the bathroom and found some baby oil. When I returned I poured a large amount onto her pussy and watched her s****r and mom massage it into her ass as I rubbed a handful into my cock. I knelt between her legs and slid my cock up and down her pussy lips then Jo grabbed my cock and placed the tip at the entrance to her ass. Tori held one cheek wide while Jo held the other; I began to push slowly in to her ass, I went in about an inch and held still. Her face had a mixed expression of pain and pleasure.
Jo kissed her softly on the lips. “Does it feel good baby, do you like it? Zo?oaned and nodded her head and moaned a little louder as Tori moved her head closer and licked her clit. I resumed pushing into her hot ass.
“Oh fuck Zo?our ass is so tight, oh fuck its fucking amazing”. I pushed deep into her in one lunge sinking my entire length into her rectum. Her eyes and mouth went wide as she screamed loudly.
“Oh fucking hell, yes, oh fuck yes, that's good fuck my ass, mommy your little girl is getting her ass fucked right in front of you”!
Jo smiled and kissed her daughter as Tori watched in amazement. “Does it really feel good Zo? Doesn’t it hurt”?
I began to pump in and out of her ass as she said. “Oh fuck Tori its fucking great; oh, oh, oh, yes fuck me. it hurt a little Tori but it was worth it... oh fuck yes, yes, yes, yes, make me cum. Mommy lick my clit, Tori sit on my face”.
I began to fuck her ass as Jo licked and fingered her pussy; Tori knelt over her face and lowered her pussy to her lips. I began fucking her like a madman pushing in and out of her fresh ass as fast as I could.
“Jesus Christ I'm cumming, I'm cumming”! I felt her ass muscles clamping onto my cock as she had a massive orgasm.
Seconds later I began to shoot what felt like a gallon of sperm deep into her ass. As I pulled out Jo moved her lips and sucked cum out of her little daughter’s ass; then she kissed Tori and spat the mixture of cum, pussy and ass juice into her mouth.
I lay back and looked at this group of girls thinking that to fuck one would be good but all three was fucking amazing.
Zo?issed her s****r and as she caressed her tits she said. “Tori you have got to try that you feel so fucking full, its fucking amazing isn’t it mommy”?
Jo smiled and nodded. “Yes it is, fucking amazing I wish I had done it years ago”. Tori crawled over to me and kissing me whispered.
Tori shook her head and said. “No way it will hurt me too much, fuck my mouth and pussy but not my ass, those are the rules ok”.

Part 3

The next morning around seven o'clock sweet little Zo?trolled into my kitchen grinning widely and wearing shorts and a low cut loose t-shirt. I was sat at the kitchen table eating breakfast and reading the newspaper. Zo?trolled round and kissed me then sat opposite me.
“Hi Rich, how are you this morning”?
I replied that I was fine as she leant forward and rested elbows on the table. She followed my eyes down and saw I was looking at her cleavage.
“I've got nice tits haven’t I, not as big as moms or Tori's but they are nice aren’t they”?
“Yes Zo?ou've got very sweet tits, and your pussy and ass are just as sweet”.
Grinning she looked at me and then said. “So you done me and my mom in the ass, you've gotta fuck Tori there even if she doesn’t you to”!
“What do you mean Zo?
She came round and straddled my lap grinding her pussy onto my hardening cock. “Me and mom discussed it last night and we agreed that if you are willing we will hold her down and you can **** her ass till she screams in pleasure”.
“Jesus girl that's your s****r”!
“Yeah but me and mom think when you get your cock in her she will enjoy it; we just have to f***e her to do it”.
She kissed me sexily and jumped up and strolling barefoot to the door said. “Gotta go to school see you later”!
I watched her sexy ass swaying out of the door and sat thinking about r****g her s****r’s ass. It appealed to me.
Later that day Jo called round, looking extremely sexy in a dress that reached below her knees, but was low cut enough to be interesting, bare legs and a pair of sandals showing off her sexy red toenails.
She walked up to and kissed me full on the lips then said. “Rich I'm bored take me out to lunch”.
I drove us to a nice country restaurant and we sat and ate a leisurely lunch. Jo smiled at me and I felt her foot running up my leg. “So what did that little minx tell you this morning”?
I looked her in the eyes and told her what Zo?ad said. “Well yeah I think it’s a good idea, you fucked my ass and Zo?ot it as well, so we both think she should at least try it; you up for it Rich”?
I looked at her and said. “You do realise you are asking me to **** your daughters ass, you want to hold her down and watch me shove my cock in her arse”?
Jo smiled and nodded her head. “Yeah it sounds bad doesn’t it but believe me she will enjoy it she is just scared to try it, Zo?s more adventurous and I tried it because I thought if I didn’t you wouldn’t want to fuck me anymore”.
I reached over and caressed her hand and told her it didn’t matter whether I got her ass or not I would have still fucked her. I felt her foot move up to my crutch and begin to rub along my now hard cock.
“Mmmmmm feels nice and hard; let’s go I want that in my mouth”!
As she opened the door the sun shone through her dress revealing to all who were watching she had foregone her underwear. I smiled as I walked up behind her and caressed her ass. Before I could start the car Jo dipped her head down and pulled my cock out and began to suck it like a mad woman.
“Oh fuck baby that's good”! I held the back of her head with one hand and drove off; with her mouth working her magic on my cock I couldn’t concentrate on driving so I quickly pulled into a lay by. I jumped out and ran round and quickly pulled her out of the car. I pushed her over the bonnet and pulled her dress up and slammed straight into her wet pussy.
“Holy fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me hard, make me cum like a slut”. She screamed as she reached around and spread herself wide open for me. I reached around and pulled the top of her dress down and grabbed her tits in my hands and began to tweak her nipples making her moan louder.
“Yes, fuck me, harder you bastard fuck me hard, c'mon fuck me like a slut”!
I was hammering into her pussy as I f***ed her forward onto the bonnet, her juices were running out onto my legs; I looked down and saw her holding her ass cheeks open when she said. “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard”!
I pushed my cock deep into her ass in one lunge and felt her muscles rippling along my shaft as she began to scream in pleasure.
“Oh fuck yes, I fucking love it, your cock deep in my ass; now fuck me hard”!
I began to fuck her tight ass as hard as I could fucking my cock deep into her arse as she kept screaming in pleasure.
“Shit I'm cumming I'm cumming, oh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, yeeeeeeeeesssssssss”!
I turned her round and shot my load over her face and tits. She smiled up at me and scooped up my seed and swallowed it down greedily”!
She adjusted her dress and kissed me. “C'mon let’s get home and spend the rest of the day in bed”!
After a lazy afternoon in my bed with Jo we were relaxing on sun loungers in the garden wearing swim suits; when Zo?alked in to the garden followed by Tori. “What have you two been doing; you've been fucking all day haven’t you”?
Jo just smiled at her youngest daughter as she sat on the bottom of my lounger while Tori sat next to her mother. Zo?icked her shoes off and stretched her legs across my lap. “You like my legs don't you Richard”? She ran her foot over my crutch then moved it up to my lips. “I've got sexy little toes also haven’t I”?
I noticed her skirt and ridden up revealing her tiny underwear. I stuck my tongue out and licked her toes. “Oh yes you sexy little minx I love your toes, Tori's and your moms too”!
I sucked her toes into my mouth as she began to touch herself, pulling her knickers to one side and rubbing her clit.
I looked over at the other two as Jo pulled her swimsuit off. “C'mon Tori lick mommy’s pussy, c'mon make mommy cum”.
Tori got herself between her legs in a flash and burying her tongue deep in her mother’s snatch. Jo pulled her legs up and open giving her better access. Zo?ulled my trunks off and then began to rub my cock with her feet. “Rich I think Tori is a real slut now, she loves licking mommy’s cunt”!
Her toes had done their magic on me so I gripped her ankles and pulled her up to my crutch and pushed my cock into her; as she wiggled on my cock I began to suck her toes again. Zo?ay back and watched her s****r licking at her mommy’s pussy; she opened her blouse and began to rub her nipples.
I fucked her fast as I sucked on her toes and filled her pussy with another load.
“Mmmmmm this is so nice your cock in my young cunt and watching my s****r lick mommy’s pussy; let’s have more fun”.
She jumped up and walked over to Tori, she slapped her s****r hard on the butt making her yelp. “Zo?hat hurt stop it”.
Zo?rinned at her wickedly and grabbed her hair and pulled her back onto her heals. “Tori its you're turn to be my bitch for the night so I'm gonna drag you indoors and have some fun with you”!
Tori smiled at this; it seems they had played this game before and she was willing to go along with it. “Ok Miss Zo?’ll do as you say”!
Tori slapped her across the ass again. “Of course you will bitch”!
Jo and I followed her into the lounge where Zo?ade Tori strip off and kneel in front of her. Zo?tripped off. “On your back slut lay on your back”. She squatted over her head and lowered her pussy to her mouth. “Now lick me out slut”.
Jo knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth and started to slowly suck me into her mouth. Zo?eant forward and f***ed her s****rs legs open and began to caress her pussy; suddenly she slapped her hard across her labia making her yelp.
“Owwwww Miss Zo?lease be gentle with me”. Zo?ept slapping her s****r’s sweet cunt as she ground her pussy into her mouth.
“Tori get your tongue into my ass and ream me out make me cum slut. Mommy come over here and lick Tori's pussy while I suck Richards cock”!
Jo started to walk over but Zo?arked out. “Crawl you bitch, crawl over here”. Jo got down and crawled over and began to lick her daughter’s sweet pussy. I strolled over and pushed my cock into her mouth. She sucked me like a fucking pro, surprisingly so as she had been a virgin a few days ago.
When I was as hard as iron she caressed my nuts and smiled at me. “Go and fuck my mom Rich fuck her hard”!
I got behind Jo and slid my cock straight into her pussy and began to fuck her hard forcing her face into her daughter’s pussy. Zo?egan to abuse Tori's tits by twisting her nipples harshly. “C'mon Rich fuck my mommy hard, c'mon fuck the bitch hard”!
I began to fuck her faster as she began to moan into her daughter’s pussy. “Oh yes fuck me Rich fuck me hard make me cum”. She arched her back and began to orgasm again. I pulled out and shot my load over Jo’s back as she collapsed. Zo?tood over her s****r and rubbed her toes around her tits then pushed them into her mouth. “Suck my toes whore”! Tori sucked her toes for a while then Zo?ulled them out of her mouth and rubbed them in the mess on her moms back she then rubbed her toes over her s****r’s pussy before shoving them inside making her big s****r wince.
“Ouch Miss that hurts”. Zo?hen pushed them back into her mouth. “Suck them clean slut”!
When she was finished humiliating her s****r Zo?rabbed Tori by the hair and pulled her round and rubbed her face in the mess on her moms back.
“Lick it all up bitch clean your mommy’s back for her”! She began to slap her ass again making her squeal sexily.
When she was finished she knelt there as Zo?ent upstairs. I looked at Tori and asked if she was ok.
“Oh yes I'm fine we play this game sometimes, Zo?eally likes being dominant more so than me”!
Zo?alked back in with four of my neckties in her hand; she walked up to Tori and grabbed her hair and twisted her head back.
“Who the fuck said you could talk bitch”?
“I'm sorry Miss Zo? Tori noticed the ties and looked quizzically at her s****r. “What are those for Miss Zo?
Zo?ragged her to the dining table and pushed her face down onto it; she secured her ankles to the legs then tied her wrists to the opposite side leaving her spread-eagled over the table. “We are gonna have some fun with you now Tori. Mommy lick her and get her ready for Rich”.
Zo?pread her s****r’s cheeks wide open revealing her pussy which was soaking wet and her little anus. Her ring looked so sweet nice and tight. Jo slid her tongue along her slit and up to her ass and began to ream her daughter”!
Tori's head came up and she began to struggle as she realised what was happening. “No, no, no; not my ass I said no; now untie me”!
Zo?ent to her head and kissed her full on the mouth then with an evil grin said. “It's happening Tori, Rich is gonna fuck your ass and make you scream, so just fucking relax and take it”!
She got a jar of sex lube out of her bag and began to smear it around her s****r’s anus. She then slowly pushed a finger into her ass making her wriggle and squeal a little louder.
“Please don't it’s gonna hurt me”! As Zo?ushed a second finger into her ass Tori let out a yelp. “Ouch oh fuck stop it hurts, stop. Please stop Zo? don't like it; mommy make her stop please”!
Jo cradled her daughters chin in her hands and kissed her softly. “Baby it’s gonna happen Rich is gonna sodomise your virgin ass and make you scream till you orgasm”!
I rubbed copious amounts of lube into my cock and moved behind Tori, Zo?ripped my cock and licked the en then placed it at her s****r’s tight opening. “**** her ass Rich, **** her and make her scream”!
I pushed in slowly feeling Tori clench up trying to stop me, but I just ploughed in a little harder forcing my cock the first two inches into her rectum, then held still as she screamed out loudly.
“Aaaaaaaaarrrggh please stop it hurts, it hurts oh fuck it hurts”! I ignored this and bit by bit I f***ed my cock into her virginal ass making her yelp at every thrust,
“Uh, aaaargh, uh, uh, uh oh my god it fucking huuuuuuuuuuuurrrrts”!
With one final push I was all the way in her ass and held still as she sobbed and breathed deeply. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god”!
I felt her ass relax a little as she began to get used to me in there. Then I pulled out and pushed right back in. “oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck”!
Tori went to her face and licked the tears off her cheeks while her mother slipped her hand under her and began to stroke her clit. “Mmmm Tori your pussy is wet are you enjoying this”?
She shook her head. “No, no, no, no, please stop mommy”!
I began to slowly fuck her tight ass with long strokes feeling her loosen up as she began to moan and push back onto my cock.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck, oooooooh fuuuuuuuuuck yes, yes, yes”!
Zo?ot on the table and pushed her young cunt into her s****r’s face. “Now you are enjoying it aren’t you. I told you, you would didn’t I”
“Oh god Zo?t feels good now the pain as almost gone, oh fuck yes, fuck me harder make me your slut”!
I began to go at her ass like a madman watching her lick her s****r as her mom tickled her clit; it felt so good this was the third virgin ass in one week and I had fucked her s****r’s virgin cunt as well. Damn this was a special f****y all three girls would let me fuck them any how I wanted now.
“Oh fuck I'm cumming, I'm cumming, mommy I'm cumming rub my clit, and Rich cum in me fill my ass with your spunk”.
This was it I shot a massive load deep into her ass and pulled out watching her close up slowly as my seed leaked out. Jo was in like a flash sucking the cum into her mouth then as Zo?ntied her s****r they sat there swapping my cum form mouth to mouth.
I sat back spent, worn out as the girls looked at me. Jo spoke first. “Well I'm glad you moved here Rich and I think the girls are as well”. They both nodded as I led them up to the bedroom so we could get some well deserved rest.
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Pony girl

He caught himself looking at her profile for the thousandth time. Adam couldn’t help himself he just had to check. It was almost as if he wanted to make sure she was still there, that she wasn't gone. Each time left him feeling guilty and c***dish.

The girl was Ashley Walker his next door neighbour. Adam leaned back in his chair, he sighed with frustration. He had known Ashley since they were little k**s. They used to be the terror of the neighbourhood when they were growing up. Their days were spent exploring the windy creek in the forest, or playing pirates in her tree fort. The best of friends, they stayed out late into the evenings until their mothers would yell from their back porches for them to come home.

A smile crossed Adams face as he gazed out of his bedroom window. He could still make out the old tree house. The years of neglect and weather had taken their toll. Boards were missing from the walls and more than one branch now grew though the rotting windows. Yet it still stood proudly like the pirate ship they often pretended it was.

His gaze drifted from the tree to gaze at the house in the yard. The purple curtains still hung in her window. He could remember how often Ashley and he would stay up late into the night gazing up at the stars from their perspective windows. They would defy their bedtimes, if only to spend a little more time together. Now the curtains hung limp concealing the room within.

High school had changed everything. He had joined the hockey team and quickly made new friends. While Ashley’s gymnastics kept her busy. Slowly the inseparable pair had grown apart. Adam could not remember the last time he had talked to her, although he would catch fleeting glimpses of her now and then in the halls.

She had grown up in high school. No longer the little tom boy he had known growing up, her breasts had filled in almost overnight. Gymnastics had helped to shape and tone her body until not an ounce of fat was left on her.

Adam was caught staring at her in the halls more than once. He would be transfixed by her beautiful green eyes. Embarrassed he would quickly walk away eyes downcast. The girls that were with Ashley would giggle and talk in hushed whispers. His cheeks would redden with embarrassment.

Lying in bed that night he remembered back to when they were younger. One of Ashley’s favourite games was playing cops and robbers. Adam always preferred to play pirates but he would often let her decide, looking back he didn’t know why he did. Probably just something boys do for cute girls.

At first they would take turns playing the cop and the robber but soon it seemed that Ashley always wanted to be the robber. Which was fine with him, he liked having the plastic police badge. It made him feel like a real policeman. Each time Adam would give her a head start before he would try to catch her.

Although Ashley never did put up much of a fight. Looking back it seemed strange how she almost wanted to be caught. He would use a pair of plastic handcuffs to lock her hands behind her back. They were just the cheap dollar store kind that anyone could slip out of, as he would often do when he used to be the robber. But she never did, she would insist he keep her as his prisoner.

Adam would often become bored and want to do something else around that point. But Ashley insisted saying that the real cops don’t let robbers go and so she would stay locked up until they were called for dinner.

Those were the good times he remembered, before everything changed. He had been thinking about it for years, the memory etched into his mind.

It was a day like any other, but on this day he had insisted they play something else. Ashley seemed to hesitate, cops and robbers was her favourite game, he had expected more of a fight but instead she had told him to wait a minute.

She came back outside wearing her Halloween dog costume from last year. She had told him they could play pet if he wanted. He was sceptical at first but anything was better than boring cops and robbers so Adam agreed. Being little he thought it was a fun game, and they played the rest of the afternoon.

Adam still didn’t know why but when her mom had come to get Ashley for dinner she was furious with the girl. Ashley’s mom had yelled at her for playing in the dirt and on her hands and knees no less, while wearing that costume!

After that Ashley didn’t come out to play anymore. Adam waited by his window but from that day forward the purple curtains covered her window.

The whistle blew the puck dropped. Adam was caught flat footed as the other player stole the puck out from under him. Damn it he thought as he now had to chase down the other teams forward. His head was down and his arms pumping as he flew down the ice.

Suddenly out of the corner of his eye something broke his concentration again. Was that Ashley in the stands? His focus lost he never even saw the big defensemen come in from the side. With a sickening crunch Adam was knocked into the boards.

A broken arm, it could have been worse the doctor had told him. He was lucky he didn't have a concussion. It didn’t really matter to him though, he thought as he sat in the chair at his desk. His mind was still focused on Ashley, was that her at his game? Did she come to see him play, the thought sent butterfly’s through his stomach.

Reality set in, no she had come because it was the schools team and he just happened to be on it. She hadn't talked to him in years. She probably didn’t even know he existed anymore. Dejected he went back to wasting time, browsing online before dinner. The task had become much more difficult as the cast wrapped around his forearm and hand. Only the ends of his fingers sprouted from the fresh cast. At least I will get some practice being left handed he thought idly.

A notification appeared on his screen. Nothing out of the ordinary all night people had been messaging him from school about the injury. With a sigh he clicked on the new tab. Pup22 he didn’t recognize the usernames. Most people he knew used their full names. He read the message on the screen. “Hey are you okay? You took a nasty hit.” The person had typed.

Another well-wisher in no mood Adam closed the conversation. Whoever Pup22 was though they were persistent another notification appeared, this time he painfully typed out “What do you think my arms broken.” A little harsher then he had meant to be but it had served its purpose. No reply this time he closed the link again.

Several minutes passed before he was interrupted again. Adam could feel his anger building as the notification flashed at him Pup22 again! He clicked open the link ready to unleash a verbal tirade against this inconsiderate person.

His eyes went wide and his mouth opened in surprise. Pup22 had inserted a picture into their conversation, and well it blew him away. The picture would have put a hustler girl to shame. The girl had taken a picture of herself in the reflection of a mirror. Although her face was cut off from view, every curve and line of her naked flesh was displayed before him. Her pert breasts stood out from her chest. Her flat stomach and ribs were clearly defined against her supple smooth skin. He was puzzled by what looked like a dog collar locked around her neck.

His gaze was drawn to her hand, which was covering her most intimate area. In shock he banged his cast against his desk, the pain made him let out a gasp. Her hand wasn't protecting her modesty. The girl was playing with herself!

He was so blown away by her wanted display of lust he almost missed the furry tail that hung between her legs! He realized with a dirty thought that there was only one way for the tail to stay in place like that. At the bottom Pup22 had included a message “Hope this makes your arm feel better.”

Adam was in shock. He continued to gaze at the picture of the girl, drinking in the view of the beauty before him. He was so distracted that he almost missed the purple curtains in the back of the picture.

A call from downstairs interrupted his thoughts. It was dinner time, and he would be expected to eat with the f****y. As his mind tried to process the information before him, should he message her back? What if she had sent the picture by mistake? Or maybe that wasn't really Ashley? There was no way the sweet girl next door would take such a dirty picture.

The decision was made for him as before he could make up his mind Pup22 logged off. Adams heart was racing now, could the girl of his dreams really have been Pup22? A more insistent call from downstairs echoed through the house. He sighed as he made his way downstairs.

Dinner passed in a blur, his thoughts were elsewhere as the conversation flowed around him. He idly sat swirling his mashed potatoes. His mind was filled with the dirty thoughts of a teenaged boy, and Pup22 or more Likely Ashley was at the centre of his fantasies.

A snippet of conversation drew him out of his day dreams. The whole table was looking at him. He must have had a puzzled look on his face as his mother repeated herself. "I said Adam, Mr. and Mrs. Walker left for holiday in Germany on Sunday. It would be nice if you went over to check on Ashley since she had to stay behind because of school."

He couldn’t believe his luck. Adam muttered a quick excuse of not being hungry, as he pushed back his chair and rushed out of the kitchen. The front door was heard slamming shut. "I wonder what that was about" his mother stated. His father could only try to hide the grin on his face.

Adam was standing in front of his neighbour's front door before he realized what he was doing. He rubbed his sweaty palm on his pants, before he rang the doorbell. He ducked to look at his reflection in the window trying to smooth out his unkempt hair.

Impatient he hammered on the door, nothing. Even with his ear pressed against the door no sound could be heard from within the house, and his attempts to look through the treated doors windows showed nothing out of the ordinary. Without thinking his hand slipped to the door handle, the door loudly creaked open.

He had not expected it to be unlocked. Should he enter the house? Ashley was probably out with friends he thought. Better to come back another time, and yet he found himself taking a step into the entranceway. His mind made up he stepped inside and shut the door. He turned surveying the house. The lights were on in almost every room. As he walked around the familiar house he tried softly calling out for Ashley. No luck on the main floor, time to check upstairs.

The sounds of his steps were muffled as they sunk into the thick carpet. His breath caught in his throat as he came to stand in front of Ashley's room. He could see light shining out of the crack at the bottom of the closed door. A knock on the door produced no reply. It felt like his heart was about to burst out his chest. A nervous hand slowly fumbled to open the bedroom door.

Her room had changed from when he was last inside of it. Posters of lead singers now covered the walls, while makeup containers were spilled across her dresser. One thing hadn't changed though still covering the room's window were the drawn purple curtains he had gazed at for so long.

In the centre of the room however was a large wire cage. Much like the ones you would use to hold a large dog. But Adam was shocked to see that it was not occupied by any dog he had ever seen.

He quickly shut the door behind him. With quick steps he found himself gazing down at the cages occupant who was resting on her hands and knees. His eyes were quick to take in the sight before him.

Her body was presented before him, covered only by a velvet furry like material. The suit did little to hide her beauty though as it firmly clung to each curve of her flesh. The contours of her firm bottom were further enhanced even exaggerated by the stretchy material. He marvelled at how the tight material seemed to cup each of her breasts.

Adam was in shock at the sight before him. But like an addict he was unable to stop himself.

This second furry skin seemed to cover her from head to toe, although he was amazed to see a cut out in the suit left her most intimate areas exposed for all to see. A thin strip of milky white flesh ran down between her bottom cheeks. The result was that her womanhood was presented for anyone's viewing pleasure. Her pink lips glistened with her own juices. His own breathing quickened at the sight of her obvious arousal.

The cage rattled as she tried to turn toward the sound of the intruder. The wire walls kept her in place however. She was only able to let out a low whine as he continued his inspection.

The familiar looking tail he had seen earlier, arched across her back. The tail was held aloft by the flared base of an anal plug that could just be made out as it disappeared between its wearer's cheeks. A grin spread across his face, his earlier suspicions had proved correct. He watched as the movement of her steady breathing caused the tail to gentle sway back and forth. The tip of her tail tickling her lower back, while the rocking movement causing the plug to move within her.

Strangely her legs seemed to end at her knees. Her ankles had been drawn up to rest against her butt. A short sleeve of material pressed her calf tightly against her thigh. This had the effect of shortening her legs, and forcing her to stay on her knees. He was amazed at the level of detail of the suit. It not only appeared to effectively restrain its wearer but also to accentuate her natural beauty, and to enhance it even further. Adam had to let out a loud breath to try and calm himself.

A movement from the front of the cage drew his attention. She was trying to turn around again. He watched as she placed her hand forward on the cold metal bottom of the cage. Although it was not a hand at all it was a paw!

She let out a pitiful whine as she failed in her attempt to turn to face him. Moving around the cage he could see now that her arms were covered in the same furry material as the rest of her body, and that her hands were indeed hidden from view. Each was enclosed inside of what looked like a puppy's paw. Much shorter than a human hand, its clever design f***ed its wearer to curl their hand into a fist, so that all dexterity was lost to them once it was slipped in place, effectively trapping them unless another person was there to help free them.

The girl let out another low whine. The sound drew his attention away from her body. For the first time since he entered the room he looked upon her face. A mask obscured much of her face. The half mask gave her a sleek short muzzle that covered her nose and mouth. A cute black puppy's nose tipped the muzzles end.

The muzzle effectively hid its other feature from view. As he got closer to the cage he could see its more sinister purpose. The girl was f***ed to keep her mouth permanently open, by the presence of a built in O-Ring gag. This kept its wearer silent except for the occasional whine or whimper. Leather straps kept the mask firmly in place. One from each side of the mask, while a third ran up from the top of her muzzle before disappearing beneath the hood that covered her head. A last strap was cinched tightly under her chin, to keep her jaw locked around the ring gag.

He admired the craftsmanship that must have gone into designing the half mask. It allowed its wearer to maintain her famine beauty while elegantly molding the addition, of her new canine features. It had obviously been made with loving hands, and must have cost quite a sum.

Below the mask he could see a nylon dog collar was buckled tightly around her neck. He smiled at its pink colour. Always such a girly girl, pink had always been Ashley's favourite colour. Hanging from the metal D ring at the front of her collar was heart shaped dog tag, the word 'PET' was engraved into it with large letters.

Running up from the collar was the suits hood pulled over beautiful blonde hair effectively hiding it from view. The suits furry hood stretched to encircle her head. In addition to the hood two pointy dog ears were perched atop her head. Each was the same colour tan as the rest of her fur, while the inside of each was coloured with a soft white down.

Finally his gaze lowered, but instead of finding her enchanting green eyes, there was only a blindfold. The cloth was tied tightly in place, obscuring her view.

The girl whimpered again, she pawed at the door of her cage, causing the metal door to rattle. He could tell she was anxious. As quiet as he had tried to be she must know that he was in the room with her now.

Adam could only imagine the thoughts that must have been running through her head. Trapped inside of the cage wearing only her revealing furry suit, which did little to protect her from prying eyes. How did she even know it was Adam that was in the room? He could be anyone, while she was just waiting to be taken as a prize.

He couldn't believe what he was seeing. That his neighbour, the girl of his dreams was so kinky, Adam was not naive, and he had his share of kinks just like the next guy. But this was something else, and yet he thought it was kind of sexy. He caught himself staring again at Ashley.

The skin tight furry material did indeed hide nothing from view. He watched as the slow movement of her body caused her tail to swing sensually back and forth. Even just the sight of a girl down on her hands and knees, her breasts displayed for the world to see, was getting him aroused. She was just a pet locked away inside of her cage until her owner decided to come and get her. No choice, no free will, waiting for his command.

He could feel the familiar tightness in his pants at the thought of actually owning Ashley Walker. To take her be his pet. To play with her when he wanted, to train her to be obedient and to punish her when she was a bad girl.

The cage door slowly swung open. The sudden sound appeared to startle the blind girl as she tried to shuffle back inside her cage. She began to whine and gave a frightened yelp as he reached inside. A comforting "shush" from Adam was enough to quite the girl.

Visibly calmed, he was able hook the leash he had found on her bed to the D-ring on the front of her collar. Gently he gave the lead an experimental tug. The girl was still visibly afraid but she started to move forward, led on by the pull of her collar. It was only with much further encouragement was he able to gingerly coax her out of the cage.

As she stopped before the front her cage he took the opportunity to take a seat on the edge of the bed. Adam kept a hand on her leash, but he let her have some slack. He watched the puppy girl explore her new surroundings. With her vision still obscured the girl took each step with care. She stopped many times cocking her head to the side to try and listen for him, but Adam was silent he was enjoying watching her antics.

It was sometime before she finally bumped into his thigh. He gave her collar an upward tug and like an obedient puppy she knelt down onto her bottom. Her tails plug was pushed further inside as her weight settled onto her bum.

It felt like his pants were about to explode. He felt hot and flustered as he looked down at the girl between his legs. He looked down to find her starring up at him, her head tilted to the side in a questioning expression. Even with her eyes covered by the blindfold he could still feel her intense gaze. Her expression was enhanced by her tongue hanging out of her muzzle. The girl was panting trying to cool the intense heat that threatened to overwhelm her. Each breath seemed to shake her tiny frame, causing her tail to slowly sweep back and forth across the rug.

Only able to use his one good hand, Adam struggled to release his raging member from within his pants. With a final desperate tug, his pants fell away revealing his fully erect manhood. He wrapped the end of her leash around the fist of his good hand, and slowly began to pull on the girl's collar. She did not fight him allowing herself to be guided toward his awaiting member.

It was not long before he felt the warm wet embrace of her outstretched tongue against the tip of his cocks head. He let out an audible groan, as Ashley needing no further guidance wrapping her lips around him. Slowly her tongue began to curl around his length as she began to suck and slurp against his hardened shaft inside of her mouth.

With a panting gasp she let his length slide from between her lips. Her breathing was hot and heavy as she worked to suck down air. Adams reprieve was brief as she was quick to return to her work. He was barely able to stifle another moan as he felt her slowly find his length again. This time she was able to take more of him into her mouth. Even with the ring gag in place, he could still feel her heavenly tongue running up and down his erect length. He could feel his need start to build from within.

Gradually she began to move her mouth up and down his cock. Ever so slow at first, just enough to tease him. Each time it felt like she was going to let him slip from between her lips, before stopping and sliding once more back down his length. The feelings were torture to Adam, the cold air on his slick member sent goose bumps up his back. While being quickly replaced by the warm embrace of her darting tongue and pleasant mouth. It was enough to make a man go crazy.

He was unable to stop himself from groaning as he felt her mouth slide further over him. The sounds of her ministrations filled the air as she sucked and licked. Greedily she kept trying to f***e more and more of him inside of her small mouth. The sounds of her heavy panting filled the air. Each time he felt her mouth slip over him a little more. Her tongue lapped and slurped as she worked to bring him closer and closer to the edge. He wasn't far away from release ether. His own heavy breathing now mixing with that of her own.

His hand now firmly gripped her leash, each finger pressing into the leather, as Adam fought to hold back from the edge. Gradually the pull of her leash restricted the free movements of her head. Increasingly she was f***ed to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth in an attempt to ease the constriction of the collar around her neck.

Her pace had quickened substantially now. The ears on her head bobbed up and down in rhythm to her movements. Her tongue played across his member, as she licked and sucked him closer and closer to release.

With renewed vigour she began forcing even more of his rather large length into her mouth. Adam moaned in ecstasy, it felt like was she trying to swallow him whole! He could feel the pleasure threatening to overwhelm him. The suction her mouth was creating felt amazing. He didn’t even realize he was biting the inside of his cheek, the warm metallic taste lingering on his tongue.

The jingling of the tags on her collar accompanied each of her thrusts along his member. He leaned back on the bed slowly sinking into the mattress. His eyes firmly closed as he tried to focus on anything else, anything but the girl between his legs. But that wasn't what she was, was it? She wasn't any girl, she was his girl, his pet girl.

The thought was too much for Adam. He couldn't hold back his release any more, he was done fighting it. Bliss seemed to wash over his face as he gave in to the feelings raging inside of him.

As his body shook and his abdomen muscles spasmed and contracted. The pressure that had been building in his groin seemed to burst like a tidal wave as his cum began to shoot out of his member. She didn't even miss a beat, taking as much of him as she could inside of her mouth. The girl began to suck and swallow the streams of his cum, the milky substance coating the back of her throat. Greedily the puppy girl gulped down his cum, allowing it to fill her belly.

It was several minutes before Adam was finally able to gather the energy to prop himself up on to his elbows.

His girl was still kneeling right where he had left her. Obediently she had not moved. Her body still shook with the movement of her panting breaths, her tongue lolling out from between her lips. Drool mixed with cum trailed from her muzzle slowly dripping onto her breasts, making trails in the fur on her chest.

With the slow exhausted movements of someone who wanted nothing more than to sl**p he reached over until he could grasp the blindfold that still covered her eyes. Gently he untied the knot allowing the cloth to fall away.

She looked up at him with her big green eyes, a look of contentment and happiness upon her face, her muzzle even seemed to give her a playful smile. Adam gazed down at his beautiful girl. For the first time since he entered the room he spoke to his pet "Ashley I love you." Her green eyes went wide, she let out joyful bark, while her tail never stopped happily wagging.... Continue»
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