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Getting to Know You Better

... .

"Yeah, we're all looking forward to getting to know you better next year."

Brooke continued holding his ... getting to take the three of you to the party!" I said to them.

They laughed at that. Amanda said, "I know you're taken, so I'm going to ... ... Continue»
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My s****r brook

I came home from class and heard my mother and s****r, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn't afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weekend. Our parents aren't well off, but we're comfortable. They didn't have the money to send us to college, so I attend the local community college. Brooke wants to go to this elite college across the state line in Maryland, and the only way they can afford it is if she gets a field hockey, or "F'ockey," as she calls it, Scholarship, and their tryouts for potential scholarships is this weekend. She has a good shot at a scholarship. She was the highest scorer for her team, made all district, and her team won the state finals last year, in a very competitive state. From what I heard from outside, mom has to work, and she was supposed to take her, but can't go now. I knew about the try outs, hell, thats all Brooke has talked about since she was invited by the school last month. Mom had me make on-line reservations at a hotel for them last week, but now it looked like the trip was off, and Brooke was all upset.

As I entered the side door, Brooke went storming up to her room.

"Whats the matter with her now? I asked mom, who was standing in the kitchen.

"Brooke has her try outs this weekend, and I have to work and can't take her. I don't know what to do, she has to go if she wants to make the team."

"Can't dad take her?"

"No, he's away on a business trip and wont be back until Tuesday. What about you? Can you take her?" mom asked.

"Aww, come on, I have plans for the weekend. Can't she go with some of the other girls?

I was thinking hard about this. There really wasn't anything more that I would like to do than take her. Its not just her, but all those field hockey chicks are so fucking hot. I've been to some of their games. I didn't really care for f'ockey, but liked to watch the girls on the teams. They wear skimpy uniforms that show a lot of flesh. Booke's team wears something that looks like a tube top and short skirts. They have bikini bottoms underneath, but they sure are fun to watch. A couple of times I got to see some tits and ass, and they're all hot. When they go down for a shot, I always get a good look at their crotch, and they're awesome. I always came home and jerked off after her games. I also enjoyed it when they would come over to the house after practice or a game and throw a party. They're all athletic, especially Brooke, and they all have nice bodies. Spending three days at a college field hockey tryout would really be fun, but I didn't want to appear too anxious. If I held out, there would be more in it for me.

"Can't you give up one weekend for your s****r? She's counting on this, and she needs the scholarship if she wants to go to that college."

"I don't know, mom. Can't someone else take her?"

"She really would appreciate it," Mom said. "You two are growing up so fast, and soon will have lives of your own. It would be good for the two of you to spend some time together. Can't you at least think about it?" she asked.

"I'll think about it, but Brooke will have to ask me, and she has to be nice about it, too. She's such a bitch sometimes," I replied.

"You watch your mouth, Steven," mom yelled back at me. I could tell that mom was really pissed. She only calls me Steven when she's pissed. Usually its Junior, which I hate. The adults in our f****y call me Junior. I was named after my dad, who was named after his dad, so my full name is Steven Thomas Jackson, III. Anyway, I really shouldn't have said that in front of mom. She gets all upset when we use that sort of language.

"Brooke has to go to those try outs, and you're going to take her."

"Do I have to?"

"Yes, you have to. If you wont do it for me, I'll have to call your dad and let him settle it, and I'm sure you don't want me to do that. I'll give you spending money. The room is already paid for, so we need to use it."

"OK, but she still has to ask me, and she has to be nice about it," I replied as I walked out of the kitchen and to my room.

When I got to my room, I started laughing. Mom thought she was forcing me to do this, but I was really looking forward to it. Three days watching all these girls practicing and working out, should be a lot of fun, and three days alone with Brooke in a hotel room could be pretty cool too. I was beginning to like this more and more. I sat down at my computer and logged into the hotel web site, and put in a request to change our room reservation from a double room to a room with only a king size bed. If I have to spend the week end with her, I might as well make it interesting. She'll freak out, but I can make out like its a mistake or something. After sending the request, I started surfing the net for porn to get me psyched for the trip.

After about twenty minutes or so, Brook knocked at my door.

"Can I come in a minute, Steven?" Brooke usually calls me Junior because she knows it pisses me off. When she wants something, its Steven.

After exiting from the porn site, I yelled back, "Yeah, what do you want?"

Brooke walked in kinda sheepishly. I know mom made her come in and ask me to take her, but I didn't let on.

"Did mom tell you about the tryouts?

"Yeah, she told me. She said that she has to work and dad's away, and you're up a shit creek without a paddle."

"Mom said that if I asked you to, you might take me to St. Mary's for the tryouts. Will you take me?"

"What's in it for me?" I asked.

"You get to spend three days with me," she replied grinning from ear to ear and twirling around like she was sort of prize or something, which she really is.

"Yeah, like that's a treat or something."

I looked at Brooke, standing there in her cut off shorts and baggy t-shirt. Even though she's my s****r, she really is easy on the eyes. She's a little shorter than me, has long blonde hair, pretty face, nice tits, slender legs, and a cute ass. Spending three days with her really wouldn't be all that bad, and then there's all those other hotties who'll be trying out. Yeah, I wanted to go, but didn't want to seem too anxious, especially to Brooke.

"Come on, Steven, I need you to take me. Please?"

Brooke really was in a blind. There's no way mom would let her go alone, and I'm certain she wouldn't even be able to find her way there, she's such a ditz.

"Please take me? I'll make it up to you somehow. Please, Steven?"

"Yeah, ok, I'll take you," I replied.

Brooke ran over to me and gave me a tight hug, pressing those gorgeous tits against me, and held me for a long time. I wrapped my arms around her and let my hand slide down to her ass. She didn't seem to mind at all as I copped a feel.

Brooke leaned back and said, "You do this for me, and I'll do anything you want, Steven. This means so much to me." She then leaned up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "I promise, anything you want, I'll do it for you. I really owe you one for this. Thank you, Steven."

I wasn't sure what she meant by, "Anything you want," but I sure as hell was interested in finding out.

"When do we have to leave, and what's the schedule?" I asked.

"We need to leave early in the morning. I have to be there at 10:30 for orientation, and then we have practice and tryouts all afternoon. We'll be on the field around one o'clock or so, and practice until five or six, and then we have to be back at the school by nine Sunday morning for another full day of try outs. Monday we go until three o'clock, and then come home."

"So, what am I supposed to do all this time?"

"Well, mom was going to do a little shopping Saturday morning, and then watch our try outs Saturday afternoon and the rest of the time. You can't tell me you wouldn't like to watch the try outs. I've seen you at our games."

"What d'you mean by that?" I asked.

"You can't keep your eyes off the girls, thats what I mean. You really seem to enjoy yourself when you come to the games. A couple other girls from our team will be there, as well as girls from all over the state, and a bunch of college players as well. They invited about twenty of us for the try outs. I'm sure you'd enjoy watching!"

"Any chance of getting some of them back to the room afterwards?" I asked.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

"Yeah, sure would."

"We don't have anything planned, but some might be able to come over; but if not, I'll be there," she said with a smile. "We'll have a good time, I promise." She gave me another kiss on the cheek, turned, and went out the door back to her room.

As I stood there watching her leave, I swear she was putting on a show. I wondered if she had something in mind for our time at the hotel. We've never messed around, at all, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't, and I sure have thought about it. She's a beautiful girl, and I've beat off more than once thinking about her. She's fairly modest around the house, but there've been several times lately I've seen her walking to her room from the bathroom after she's showered, wearing nothing but a towel. A couple of times I swear she was showing more than normal, and one time, just last week, she stopped in my room and talked a while wearing nothing but the towel. Letting my hand drop to my crotch, I felt my erection pressing against my jeans. "Shit," I thought to myself. "I hope Brooke didn't see that, or, maybe she did? Maybe that was the reason she said we would have a good time."

All night long I thought of Brooke in that towel, and about our weekend together. With a vision of her that night I beat off again, thinking of all the possibilities there might be for this weekend. I was thinking of her hot body, what she would look like nude. All sorts of thoughts came to my mind as I stroked my cock, soon shooting my sperm all over myself. "Yeah, this might have potential," I thought.

Mom got us up just before six, and already had breakfast ready for us. After breakfast I showered, packed my things for the weekend, and headed down to the car to load up. Brooke came down a little later carrying her bag, and really looked hot. She was wearing short shorts, her baggy t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Her long legs made my mouth water. We loaded her bags in the trunk and headed out.

Brooke sat in the seat beside me with her earphone in listening to music. She reclined her seat, leaned back and closed her eyes, trying to get a little more sl**p, while I drove.

I kept looking over at her, thinking thoughts I shouldn't have about my s****r. I looked down at her long legs, which were slightly spread. I stared at her crotch, which was barely covered by the short shorts. Her right hand was on her upper thigh, with her fingers resting on her crotch. I swear I caught her rubbing herself a couple of times. I adjusted myself in my seat, to allow room for my growing cock, as I continued to sneak peaks at my s****r. It was a rough ride to St. Mary's. What I mean by that is that it was hard to drive and look at my gorgeous s****r at the same time. I really felt that she was showing off for me, teasing me as she sat there almost playing with herself. All the way she never opened her eyes, just leaned back and enjoyed the ride, as I enjoyed the show.

While staring at her nice legs, I accidentally drove out of the lane and ran over those stupid rumble strips, startling Brooke. She sat up and asked, "That the hell was that?" I told her I was distracted and ran off the side of the road. She looked at me smiling and said, "Just keep your eyes on the road, Steven."

"Yeah, I'll try to," I replied as I glanced back at her legs before returning my eyes to the road. Brooke leaned back into her seat and closed her eyes again, dropping her hand to her crotch and ran her fingers around the top of her thighs.

It was a little past ten when we finally arrived. I woke Brooke up and asked her where we were supposed to go. She told me to drive over to the athletic field, which wasn't hard to find, its such a small campus. When we arrived at the field, I helped Brooke get her gear out of the car, and walked with her to the building. She was right; there were hot chicks everywhere, mostly high school girls who came for try outs, but several members of the St. Mary's team were also there helping the girls check in. This was going to be a fun weekend.

Brooke went inside, and I left to go check in at the hotel. I got the key card to the room, and took the rest of our stuff on up. As I walked into the room, I noticed that they must have received my message, as they gave us a room with only a king size bed. Just what I wanted, but now I had to convince Brooke to let me sl**p with her. That might be difficult.

After I got settled in and ate lunch, it was about one thirty, so I headed over to the field. There were girls everywhere, wearing their high school uniforms, doing drills. The college chicks, who all had nice athletic builds, were dressed in short shorts and team shirts. God, they looked hot. The afternoon went by quickly as I watched them run drills.

The coach called them together around five thirty, and then they broke up. Brooke came to me and said, "They're having a dinner for us, but I decided to spend the evening with you instead. Thanks again for bringing me, Steven. Want to head to the hotel so I can change and we can go out for dinner? Mom gave me plenty of money for meals."

"Sure," I said. It really was a nice gesture on her part to forego the dinner to spend time with me.

I picked up her bag and we walked to the car. I put her stuff in the trunk, and we headed over to the hotel, which was just a short drive. After I parked the car, I got her stuff out of the trunk.

"Where's the rest of our stuff?" she asked.

"I already took it to the room," I replied.

When we got to the room, I unlocked the door and the two of us walked in. I set her bag down as she looked around the room.

"What's this?" she asked, pointing to the bed.

"Oh, yeah," I replied, "when I checked in I noticed that they didn't give us the double room I booked. I called the desk and tried to switch it, but they're booked solid, and this is the only room they had left."

Brooke stood there for a minute, lost in her thoughts, then said, "Well, it'll have to do, I guess."

"I can sl**p on the couch or maybe call for a roll away bed or something," I offered, hoping she wouldn't take me up on it.

"That wont be necessary, Steven." She replied. Then she added, "Might be kinda nice having someone to sl**p with. We haven't done that in years," reminding me that she used to slip into my bed at night when we were k**s. "Yeah, this might be kinda fun. I'm going to shower, and then we need to get something to eat, I'm starved," she said as she headed to the bathroom.

As I heard the water running, I started thinking of her in the shower, and was half tempted to join her, but didn't want to press my luck. Maybe before the weekend's over it'll happen, I thought. She didn't seem to mind that we'd be sharing a bed. Yea, this may be fun.

In about twenty minutes, Brooke came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her beautiful body. Her long hair, still wet, was clinging to her neck and shoulders.

"Uh, I need to put on some clothes," she said looking at me.

"Go ahead, I don't mind," I replied.

"Not with you watching!"

"Oh, you want me to leave?"

"No, you don't have to leave, just turn your head while I get dressed," she replied.

I really didn't want to miss watching her, but complied, and turned my head while she dressed. In my mind I was watching her, though.

"There, finished," she said after only a couple of minutes. I turned my head around and looked at her, standing there in a pair of cut offs and a shirt hanging over them.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing, just thinking about how nice you look, that's all."

"Thank you. I think thats the first nice thing you've said to me in a long time."

"Well, its the truth. You really do look nice. Lets go get something to eat."

Brooke just smiled at me as we left the hotel room.

As we walked out of the hotel and over to the restaurant, Brooke noticed the pool and said, "Hey, after dinner, do you want to go for a swim? Mom told me the hotel had a pool, so I packed our suits."

Just the thought of seeing Brooke in her bikini gave me another erection. "Sure," I replied, "that'll be fun."

We went to the restaurant and got some dinner. I got a hamburger, fries, and a coke, while Brooke ordered a salad. I don't know how she stays alive no more than she eats. We finished and headed back to the hotel.

Once we got into the room, Brooke went over to her bag, searched through it and pulled out our suits.

"Here's yours. Put it on and we'll head down to the pool," she said, tossing my swim suit to me.

I grabbed the suit, turned around and started undressing.

"You changing in here? She asked.

"Yep. Might as well get used to it, were here for two nights," I replied while dropping my jeans and boxers. She didn't say anything, but I could see her reflection in the mirror as she stood there looking at me as I bent over, stepped into my suit and pulled it up over my ass. I tied it off and turned around.

"You going to change or what?" I asked her.

She looked over at the bathroom door, and I thought for a moment she was going to change in there, but to my surprise she didn't. She turned away from me and did just as I did. I watched from behind as she dropped her shorts and pulled down her underwear. God, she has a nice ass, I thought to myself. She slipped into the bikini bottoms, then pulled her shirt over her head and took off her bra. She was standing in front of me with nothing on but the bottom of her suit as she struggled to put on the top. She really is a sexy girl, perfect body, not an ounce of fat that I could see.

Brooke turned around and said, "There, you happy now?"

"Yeah, very happy. You sure have a nice body, s*s."

"Thank you. Thats two nice comments in one day! The world must be coming to an end!" she said laughing.

"I have to be honest, Brooke. If you weren't my s****r . . ."

"What?" she asked. "If I weren't your s****r, what?"

"If you weren't my s****r, I'd be all over you, thats what." I thought that if I wanted to get anywhere with her this weekend, I better lay it on thick, but really, I'd be all over her if she wasn't my s****r. I still may, if things go well.

"Thank you, and if you weren't my b*****r . . . "

"Yeah, I know. Lets get down to the pool."

As we started to leave, Brooke grabbed a couple of towels and slipped her t-shirt back over her suit.

As we walked to the pool, Brooke said, "Really, Steven, I don't know why you don't date more. All the girls on the f'ockey team think you're hot."

"I'm sure they do," I replied.

"Yeah, they do. I think so, too."


"Yeah, really. For a b*****r, you're pretty hot."

We didn't say anything else until we arrived at the pool. We threw down our towels, Brooke took off her t-shirt, and we jumped in the water.

The water felt really good. We played around a little, and then got out and walked over to the chairs and sat down.

"Do you feel you have a good chance to make the team and get a scholarship?" I asked her.

"I don't know, there were some really good players out there today. I sure hope so, though. There's no way I'm coming here without a scholarship."

"I think you're a shoe in," I told her. "There are some good players out there, but I think you're one of the best from what I saw today."
"Thanks. Tomorrow and Monday will be the real test. We have to scrimmage against the college team tomorrow. We'll see how I match up against them."

"I think you'll do ok."

"You really think so, or are you just saying that?"

"I really think so. Look how good you did in high school."

"Yeah, but they all played well in high school, or they wouldn't be here."

"True, but I still think you were one of the best players out there today, and believe me, I was watching all of 'em."

"See any that you liked?"

"Oh, fuck yeah. Several. One thing about you f'ockey players, you all have hot bodies. Most of you, anyway."

"Yeah, there were a few porkers out there today, weren't there?"

"A couple, but most of them were very hot if you ask me."

Brooke looked at me a couple of seconds thinking, then asked, "Hotter than your s****r?"

"Brooke, I can honestly say, you were the hottest one out there."

"Including the college players?"

"Including the college players. There were several that I'd do, but you were the hottest."

"So, you saw some that you'd do?"

"Oh, fuck yes!" I replied, "but you were still the hottest."

"So, if I weren't your s****r, would you do me?"

I wasn't sure where this conversation was headed, but I liked the hint of jealousy in her voice, and her question.

"To be honest, if you weren't my s****r, hell yeah, I'd do you. I'd do you in a heartbeat."

Brooke leaned over, placed her hand on my thigh, and whispered, "You want to know something?"

"What?" I asked.

"If you weren't my b*****r, I'd do you, too," she said softly, kissing me on the cheek.

I turned my face to her and kissed her gently on her lips and said, "Yeah, I'd do you."

Brooke broke the short kiss, pulled back and looked sort of embarrassed.

"What?" I asked her.

"You kissed me. What if someone saw that?"

"Nobody here knows us," I replied, "anyway, it was just a little kiss, thats all."

"But still, we shouldn't be doing that, out here, anyway."

I heard her last words, when she said, "out here anyway," and wondered what she meant, but didn't go there, just yet.

"I'm sorry, but I just told my s****r that I'd do her, and thought I should follow up with a kiss to let you know that I meant it, thats all."

"Its just that I never thought of us, you know, like that before. Have you?"

This conversation was getting pretty deep now, but I just let all inhibitions go.

"Well, I can't say that I ever really thought of us actually doing anything, but yeah, I've thought about it."

"Like, when?" she asked.

"Like when I see you running around in a towel after a shower, or like the other day when you came into my room after you showered, you know, when you weren't wearing anything but a towel. Times like that."

"So, you've really thought of, like, you know, doing me?"

"God, Brooke, you're fucking beautiful. What guy wouldn't think of doing you if he saw you like that? Even me. I'm human, you know, and you're hot. Yeah, even though you're my s****r, I have to admit that I've thought about it."

"You really think I'm hot?"

"Yeah, I really think you're hot."

"Thank you, Steven," she replied, while leaning in and kissing me on the lips and running her hand over my thigh.

I could feel my cock growing when she touched me and kissed me. I was afraid that I was going to shoot my load in my suit, so I broke the kiss.

We sat there for a while, watching the people swim and talking about the try outs, and her chances of making the team and getting a scholarship. Time passed, and we decided to head back to the room. Brooke wrapped the towel around her waist, but didn't bother to put her shirt back on. She didn't talk all the way back to the room. I was afraid that I was too honest with her and that she would avoid me the rest of the weekend, but that isn't what happened.

When we got back to the room, Brooke decided she needed another shower, and took off her suit in front of me.

"Like you said, its going to be a long weekend, might as well undress in here," she said while removing her suit. She slid down the bottom, stepped out of it, and then removed her top. She stood there in front of me naked for the first time. I took it all in. I looked at her pert tits, perfectly shaped. Not very large, but nice and pert, with nice nipples, which were now hard. I looked down her toned body, and noticed that her pussy was neatly trimmed. Not bald, just trimmed with a thin landing strip above her slit. Her legs also looked so inviting. God, I wanted to take her right then.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," she said as she walked into the bathroom. I watched her hips sway back and forth as she walked away, noticing her firm ass, which was absolutely beautiful.

I couldn't believe she just did that, stripped naked in front of me and stood there for a few seconds before going into the bathroom. I felt my cock, which was now rock hard. I slipped out of my suit and put my boxers on, hoping that my cock would settle down before she came back.

I dropped down on the bed and turned on the television, found ESPN, and watched a game while waiting for her to come back in the room.

She came back in about twenty minutes, with that damn towel wrapped around her again. God, she looked so good. Yeah, I'd do her. I'd do her in a heart beat.

Brooke pulled her night shirt over her head, and then dropped the towel. The night shirt hit just below her pussy and the bottom of her ass cheeks. She walked over and fell back on the bed.

"I'm really tired," she said, crawling under the covers. "You can watch TV as long as you want, it wont bother me, but I'm afraid I'm about to fall asl**p."

"No problem. I'll turn it down so it wont bother you. You need your sl**p."

"Steven," she said, "thanks again for bringing me. This was really nice of you. I owe you big time."

"Yeah, you do. Don't worry, I'll think of some way for you to pay me back."

"I'm sure you will," she said. "Night."

"Good night, Brooke," I replied as she slid the covers up, turned on her side, and quickly fell asl**p. I was sure she was tired with the try outs and the swimming. She needs her sl**p for tomorrow, I thought to myself.

I watched the game for about an hour or so, and then decided to go to bed too. I called the front desk and asked for a seven o'clock wake up call. I then turned off the TV and then slid under the covers. She looked so nice, lying beside me. She had turned away from me, and the night shirt had risen up, and was now about half way up her bare ass. She didn't bother to put any underwear on under her nightshirt. I looked at her for several minutes, thinking about how hot she really was, and about the conversation we had earlier. I never thought I would tell my s****r that I would do her, and never thought I would hear her say the same thing about me. I didn't want to press my luck, but with her sl**ping so close to me, I just had to reach over and feel her ass. I hesitantly moved my hand over to her ass, and traced along her crack, gently. She didn't move. I felt her ass from one cheek to the other, sliding her shirt up enough to give me full view. I gently rubbed her ass, and then moved my hand around her waist to the front, and let my fingers find their way to her slit. I rested my hand on her pussy and gently rubbed it with my finger, while she slept.

I pulled my boxers off, and spooned her, pressing my cock against her ass cheek, while reaching around her felling her cunt. This is the position we were in as I fell asl**p.

I slept fairly well, but woke up about three thirty in the morning. I had rolled over on my back during the night, and Brooke was lying against me, her head on my chest, and her hand on my thigh, just below my balls. Her leg was over mine, between my legs. Her night shirt was pulled up to her waist, and her pussy was pressed against my hip. My cock was soft, but wouldn't stay that way for long.

Reaching over, I placed my hand on her back, just above her ass, and started rubbing her softly, in small circles. I gradually expanded the circle, and finally reached her lower back, and then began rubbing her ass. I felt both of her ass cheeks, touching her lightly, afraid that she might wake up. I lowered my hand between her legs, and felt her from her ass to her pussy, as far up as I could reach. I let my fingers find her slit, and gently rubbed her. Brooke sighed, and I was afraid that I had woke her up, but she seemed to still be asl**p. I increased the pressure against her pussy, rubbing it from behind, and slowly inserted a finger into her. I rubbed her pussy, which was getting wet. I rubbed from her pussy to her ass hole, and my cock continued to swell. Brooke moaned several times, but didn't seem to wake up.

I continued rubbing her, and could feel her nipples harden against my side, as they were pressed tight against me through her shirt. Brooke moved a little, and moved her hand up to my balls and started rubbing them as I continued rubbing her soft pussy lips.

"God, that feels nice," she said softly. She never opened her eyes, but I could tell she was enjoying this, even if she was still asl**p.

Her hand moved up from my balls to the base of my hard cock, and she started sliding her hand up and down my cock, beating me off, slowly. God, her hand felt so fucking good. She continued rubbing my cock and saying how good my finger felt in her cunt, and started moving her hips, grinding ever so slightly against my invading fingers, while continuing to stroke my cock.

I couldn't believe this was happening, but was sure glad it was. This felt so great. I was in bed with my s****r, rubbing her cunt while she was rubbing my cock. I kept this up for a long time, feeling my balls tighten, knowing I wasn't going to last very long. I kept rubbing her pussy as she jacked me off.

I felt Brooke move, and thought that I had gone too far. This wasn't the case, I discovered, as she slid her head down my stomach to my cock, and started licking it. God, my s****r was licking my cock and I was fingering her cunt. I never thought this would happen.

Brooke continued licking the head of my cock, and then the shaft, and then surprised me as she slipped her wet mouth over my cock, and started sucking on it. This was the best feeling I'd ever had. I increased the intensity of my finger in her cunt and slipped in another, and then finally a third finger, and she started sucking my cock harder. Her hand was rubbing my balls and her mouth was taking my six inches all the way. I was buried all the way in her mouth as she continued sucking me off.

I slid my finger deeper inside her and with the other hand, reached down and started massaging her neck and shoulders as she worked on my cock, buried deep inside her mouth. Brooke started grinding harder and harder against my finger as I continued finger fucking her.

"Oh God, Steven, that feels so fucking good. Don't stop. Please, don't stop," she said as she continued sucking me.

I slid my free hand under Brooke, and started rubbing her tits through her shirt. Brooke seemed to like this, as she stopped sucking my cock just long enough to take off her shirt and place my hand on her bare tit. "Rub my tit," she said, as she slid back down to work on my cock again. It was a stretch, but I held my hand on her soft tit and continued rubbing it and her pussy as she continued sucking me off. I was amazed that I was able to last this long. I had been sucked off a few times by a few girls, but never like this, and I never lasted this long before. Just when I thought I was going to cum, Brooke squeezed my cock for a couple of minutes while sucking me, and for some reason this let me last a lot longer.

I kept rubbing her pussy and her tit as she sucked my hard cock. She would go all the way down, and then come slowly back up my cock, lick the head, and then go down again, all the way to my balls, and then do it again. It felt like I was slowly fucking her face. I increased the intensity of my fingers in her cunt, and finally could feel the cum churning in my balls.

"Brooke, I'm gonna cum," I said to her. She didn't say anything, and kept sucking.

"Brooke, I'm gonna cum soon," I said to her again.

"Fuck, Steven, I'm about to cum too, just keep rubbing my pussy, please keep rubbing my pussy."

I kept it up on her pussy and she kept sucking my cock.

"Oh yes, O yes," she said. "Rub my pussy, Steven, keep rubbing, I'm about there."

I kept it up, knowing that I was going to bust a nut any minute. As I felt I was about to cum, I started rubbing her cunt faster while pinching her nipple between my fingers.

"Oh God, I'm going to cum," she said, while grinding her pussy against my fingers. "Oh God, yes," she said as I felt her pussy spasm around my invading fingers. She came and she came hard. I could feel the flood of her juice drenching my fingers.

"I am too," I said, while releasing a load of cum into her throat. Brooke squeezed my balls slightly as I came in her mouth, like she was squeezing all the cum out of them. I shot several loads into her mouth, and she swallowed all of it, squeezing her legs around my hand, while my fingers were still in her cunt.

I bucked my hips against her mouth, driving my cock deeper inside her as I shot my final load. I could feel her lips tighten around my cock as she sucked all the cum into her mouth and swallowed it. Then she started licking my shaft and the head of my cock, "I want to get it all," she said as she cleaned off my cock with her tongue.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt, felt her ass, and then let them drop to her neck and back as she cleaned up my cock, licking off all the cum, and then licking my slit to make sure she got it all.

I pulled her up, so that her lips were in front of mine, leaned in, and kissed her hard. She crawled up beside me, pressing her tits tightly against my chest, with her pussy rubbing against my hip. She ground her pussy against my hip as she slid her tongue into my mouth. I could taste my cum, but it didn't bother me. My s****r's pussy was grinding against my hip and her tongue was in my mouth. I moved my hands around to her ass and held a cheek in each hand, pulling her hard against me. God, I wanted to fuck her, but my cock was spent, and I didn't want to press my luck.

I let my hand run over her ass and up and down her back, then back down to her ass. God, she felt so fucking good. Her skin was so soft, and I ran my fingers all over her body.

Brooke slid up and pressed a tit against my mouth. I opened my mouth and began sucking on her nipple, as she gyrated her cunt against my hip. I continued sucking one tit and then the other as Brooke started moaning. I sucked one nipple into my mouth and started sucking on it, running my tongue around her nipple. She leaned down and slid her tongue back into my mouth, brought her hand to my head and pulled my lips hard against hers as she slid her tongue into my mouth. I felt her ass, her hips, her side, her back, and her tits as we kissed.

Finally, Brooke broke the kiss, looked at me and said, "That was so fucking awesome."

"Yeah, it was," I replied, licking her mouth and lips.

"What time is it?" she asked.

I looked over at the clock and told her it was almost four thirty.

"As much as I liked this, we need to get some sl**p tonight," she said.

"Yeah, we do. Brooke, that was totally awesome," I said to her.

Brooke got out of the bed and went into the bathroom for a few minutes. When she returned, she pressed her head against my chest and let her hand drop to my cock. She rubbed it a couple minutes, and said, "Good night, Steven."

"Good night," I replied. We both fell asl**p, our bodies intertwined.

The phone woke us up precisely at seven o'clock. Brooke still had her body wrapped around mine as we woke.

"I really enjoyed last night," she said sitting up. "I'm gonna get a shower, and then maybe we can get something to eat before I have to go to practice," she said, getting out of the bed. I stared at her beautiful body as she made her way to the bathroom.

Brooke took a shower and then came back into the room, holding her towel beside her, displaying the beauty of her nude body to me. I watched her closely as she got dressed, sliding her panties on, then her shorts, her sports bra, and then her team shirt. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, washed my face, and then walked back into the bedroom.

The nudity didn't seem to be an issue for either of us now, as I slowly got dressed with her watching me all the time.

She grabbed her things, and we headed to the restaurant for breakfast. After we finished, I drove her over to the field house, and she went inside, kissing me first.

"Can't wait until tonight," she said, breaking the kiss.

"Me either," I replied. She turned and walked inside, and I walked over to field to wait for try outs to begin.

As I waited, several parents came to the stands, followed by what looked like a group of college guys. There were about six or eight of them, and they came up the stands and sat right behind me. There were several people in the stands when the girls came out.

Several of the girls, including Brooke, were wearing St.Mary's uniforms. They took the field across from the girls from the college, and began a scrimmage.

Brooke played really hard along with all the girls on the field.

The guys behind me were definitely from the college. All during the scrimmage, they were checking out the "fresh meat," as they called it, making comments about the girls on the field.

"I sure hope that blonde makes the team," I heard one of them say to the other.

"You mean number eleven?" another asked.

"Yeah, number eleven. I'd love to get into her pants. She makes the team, and she's mine," he said to the others.

Looking at the field, I noticed that Brooke was number eleven. I continued listening to their conversation.

"Yeah, she's the hottest one out there, look at that body."

"She sure has a nice ass," one said.

"Yeah, and her legs go all the way up," another stated.

They continued talking about Brooke, noticing how hot she was.

"I'd love to get her into bed," one said. "I bet she's a good fuck," he continued.

"I'd just settle for her sweet mouth around my cock," another said laughing.

"Like she'd ever suck your dick," another added. "Hell, she wouldn't even know she had a dick in her mouth, its so fucking little," he added, laughing.

They continued talking about Brooke and several of the other girls on the team. I didn't say anything, but realized just how hot she really was. All of these guys would do anything to have had the night I had with my s****r, and I was damn proud of it, and her.

The scrimmage continued, and then they stopped for lunch. Brooke went into the field house with the team, so I drove off to McDonalds and got a hamburger, fries, and a coke. The guys from he bleachers were sitting at the table next to me, still talking about the girls at try outs, and mentioned a couple others, whom I had also noticed. They had a good eye for the hot ones. When I returned about an hour later, the girls were all back on the field scrimmaging again.

The guys were there too, so I went up and sat in front of them again, listening to their comments. They kept talking about how they wanted to fuck half the team, taking note of the ones they wanted to make the team and be in the college next semester. Brooke was still high on their fuck list, by the way they were talking.

It was about two o'clock when it happened. Brook was charging the net when one of the college girls cut in front of her to get the ball. They collided, and Brooke hit the ground hard, grabbing her right leg as she rolled on the ground in pain. They stopped the action, and the trainer ran out onto the field, and began working on her leg.
I got up and ran down to the sidelines to make sure she was ok. My heart was beating hard as I waited for something to happen or someone to say that she was alright. It took several minutes before they got her up, and helped her walk to the sideline. I could tell that Brooke was fighting back the tears, as her face showed that she was in a lot of pain. They got her to the sideline, made a substitution for her, and went back to the scrimmage as the trainer continued working on her leg. Finally, I walked over to her.

"Are you Steven?" the trainer asked me.

"Yeah, I'm her b*****r. Is she ok?"

"Yeah, I think so. She took a hard fall, but nothing's broken. I think it is a bad cramp in her calf and thigh but nothing serious. She's finished for today, though, but with rest, she should be ok to go tomorrow. Where are you staying?" she asked me. I told her the name of the hotel.

"Don't they have a hot tub there?" she asked me.

"Yeah, they do. We saw it last night when we went to the pool."

"I think the best thing for her would be a good soak in the hot tub. Make her drink plenty of water, and get some rest tonight. I think she'll be ready to practice tomorrow morning, but she's done for today. Can you get her back to the hotel?" she asked.

"Yeah, I can manage," I replied.

"I'll send one of the girls in for her things," she said, while calling one of the college girls over and instructing her to get Brooke's things and bring them back out. Brooke told the girl what locker she had, and the girl ran into the field house.

"I think you'll be fine," the trainer said to Brooke.

"I hope so," Brooke replied.

"I think its more of a cramp than anything, your leg checks out ok. Just take a nice soak in the hot tub and take it easy this evening. We'll see you in the morning."

The girl came out with Brooke's bag and clothes, and I helped her to the car, got her inside, and threw her things into the back seat.

I looked over and saw that Brooke was crying. "You alright?" I asked her.

"I think so," she said, sobbing.

I reached over and rubbed her neck. "Lets get you to the hotel and into the hot tub. You'll be ok. I'll take care of you, s*s. Everything will be ok."

"Thanks," she said, still sobbing.

I drove over to the hotel, got Brooke's things, and helped her up to the room. She could walk on her leg, but said that it still hurt.

When we got to the room, Brooke sat down on the side of the bed.

"You want to go down to the hot tub?" I asked her.

"Yeah." she replied. "Can you help me with my suit?"

"My pleasure," I replied as I walked into the bathroom and got her suit. It was hanging along with mine on the shower rod to dry. I brought it into the room and helped Brooke up.

"Can you get out of your clothes?" I asked her.

"Can you help?" she replied.

"Sure," I said as I reached down and unfastened her shorts, pulling them down. Brooke stepped out of them, and I reached for her panties. "These too?" I asked.

"Yeah, I can't wear them with my swim suit."

I pulled her panties down over her hips and down to her feet, and she stepped out of them. I looked up, and her beautiful pussy was right in front of me. I looked at it a second or two, the first time I had seen it this close, and then reached over for her bikini bottom and held it as she stepped into it, while leaning against me. I pulled it up over hips, and over her sweet ass. I stood up and pulled her team shirt over her head and then pulled off her bra.

"God, those are beautiful," I said to her while looking at her sweet tits.

"Thank you, Steven. Would you mind giving me a nice rub down after the hot tub soak? I think that would help a lot. I hurt all over."

"Yeah, I'd enjoy that too," I replied while I put the top of her suit on her, stuffing her tits into the cups, copping a feel while doing so.

After getting Brooke into her swim suit, I went into the bathroom and got mine. I went back into the bedroom, and in front of Brooke, dropped my shorts and underwear and stepped into my suit.

"Looks like you got a little excited dressing me," Brooke stated, noticing my erection, as I tried to stuff it into my suit.

"You could say that," I said, laughing. "This boy has a mind of his own, and he seems to like you very much," I said as I pulled the front of my suit over my hard cock.

"I like him very much, too," Brooke added.

I grabbed a couple of towels and helped her as we walked to the pool and the hot tub. I dropped our towels on a chair, and the two of us went over to the hot tub. I helped her slide into the tub, and then sat down beside her.

"Do you feel any better?" I asked.

"A little. Would you rub my leg for me?" she asked, lifting her foot up to my lap.

"Sure," I replied, as I started rubbing her injured leg from her foot to her upper thigh. I rubbed it for a long time, before she dropped it back into the hot tub.

"Thanks, b*o," she said. "It really feels a lot better now."

We sat in the hot tub for about thirty or forty minutes, talking about the scrimmage and how well she was doing before she went down.

"I hope I feel like playing tomorrow, I really need to impress them if I want to make the team," she said with a worried look on her face.

"I'm sure you'll be fine," I said, trying to reassure her. "I'll work on that leg when we get back to the room," I promised.

"Thanks, I think I'll need it. It's still sore, but not as bad as it was."

"You hungry?" I asked her.

"Not really, but maybe later you can go get something for me."

"Sure. We can just eat in the room tonight. Thats fine with me."

"Thanks. I think we need to get out now and go back to the room."

"Sure," I replied, getting out of the tub and then helping her out. I grabbed a towel and dried her off, and then put my arm around her waist and helped her back to the room.

"Could you help me get into the shower?" she asked.

"I can manage that," I replied.

When we got to the room, I helped her into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and helped her out of her suit. I knew she was still in pain, and felt like I was taking advantage of her, but I couldn't help but feel her up as I took her suit off. She didn't say anything about it as I rubbed her ass and let my finger brush against her pussy as I pulled her suit down.

"Can you handle the shower?" I asked her.

"Yeah, just help me get in. I can handle it after that."

I helped her into the shower and then closed the curtain. "I'll be here if you need me," I said as I sat down on the commode.

Brooke stayed in the shower about fifteen minutes or more. I watched her through the translucent curtain as she washed her beautiful body and her hair. I threw another erection as I watched her run her hands over her hot body, washing her tits, ass, and bending over to wash her legs. I peeked around the side of the shower curtain and stared at her ass, being able to see her pink hole. She stood back up and rinsed off as I closed the curtain quietly.

"Can you help me out and dry me off?" she asked.

"No problem," I replied as I opened the shower curtain and looked at her beautiful, wet body. I helped her out, and dried her off from head to foot. Brooke took the towel and wrapped it around her, as girls do, and I helped her to the room.

She dropped face down on the bed, and the towel slid up so that it was barely covering her ass.

"There's some of my body lotion on the counter in the bathroom. Put that on my legs and just rub it in, please."

"No problem," I said as I walked into the bathroom and found her lotion. I walked back to the bedroom, and looked at Brooke. She looked so inviting lying there, with her hands folded under her head.

She looked at me and said, "You better take off those clothes, or you'll get lotion all over 'em."

I sat down the lotion, walked over to the chair, and with her watching me closely, took off all my clothes, except for my boxers.

As I started over to Brooke, she said, "You might as well take them off, too. They aren't hiding anything."

I looked down and saw my erection sticking out through the fly of my boxers. "I guess you're right," I said as I slid them down. Now I was standing in front of her as naked as the day I was born.

"That's better. Work my legs now, please."

"Sure thing," I said, grabbing he lotion and walking over to the bed.

I pumped the lotion bottle and spread it over the back of both of her legs, and then started rubbing it in, beginning around her ankles and working my way up.

"God, that feels so fucking good," she said. "Rub my calves and thighs, that where it hurts most, but then I want you to rub down my whole body; I hurt all over."

I rubbed the lotion into her calves, rubbing it in giving her a deep massage while doing so. I rubbed both calves, and then moved up to her thighs, pumping more lotion and rubbing them from her knee to her ass, adding more lotion and rubbing deeper.

"Oh god, keep that up. Rub my thighs, Steven, right here," she said as she reached back and motioned for me to rub the top of her inner thighs, just below her pussy.

Brooke moaned as I continued rubbing, spreading her legs to give me better access to her inner thighs. I let my hand rub up her inner thighs, feeling their softness, until the tip of my fingers brushed against her pussy. Brooke moaned when I touched her, spreading her legs even more.

"That feels so good, Steven. Keep rubbing."

I let my fingers rub around her pussy lips, and then up under her towel and over her ass cheeks. Brooke reached behind her and pulled the towel up to her waist, revealing her ass to me as I pumped lotion on her cheeks and began rubbing it into her flesh, taking my time on her globes softly. She squirmed as I rubbed her ass. I put more lotion on her cheeks, and shot some along her ass crack, and then began rubbing it on, covering both cheeks, and letting my finger run down her crack, rubbing against her hole, while prodding it a little with my finger. I ran my fingers all over her ass and lower back, as we both enjoyed the massage I was giving her.

Brooke reached back and, grabbing hold of the towel, pulled it off and dropped it on the floor beside the bed. She was now lying on the bed completely nude, as I rubbed the lotion into her ass and lower back. I crawled up between her legs, and let my hard cock press against her ass cheeks, sliding up and down between them as I shot lotion onto her shoulders and started rubbing them. I pumped more lotion on her ass crack, and also put some on my hand and lubed up my cock, letting it return between her ass cheeks, sliding it up and down between her crack as I continued rubbing her back and shoulders.

"Oh, yeah, that feels good. Rub every part of me, Steven. That feels so fucking good. Your cock feels good on my ass, too. That's a nice touch."

I continued rubbing the lotion into her back and shoulders, making my way to her neck. My hard cock was still sliding up and down between her ass cheeks as I massaged her. I kept this up for a long time, when Brooke suggested that she turn over so I could get her front side. I didn't argue with that at all. I got off her, and watched as she rolled over, revealing her beautiful pussy and tits to me.

I leaned over and shot lotion on her legs and started rubbing them just like I did the front side. I thoroughly massaged the lotion into her shins and her thighs, and she parted her legs again, giving me access to her inner thighs. I shot lotion onto her thighs and started rubbing them gently, all the way from her knee to her pussy, which I couldn't take my eyes off. I ran my fingers up her thighs and brushed them against her slit, rubbing it gently, making my way to her abdomen. I pushed her legs further apart and then crawled up between her legs and started rubbing lotion into her stomach and then her chest, putting lotion on each of her tits and rubbing it in. Brooke had closed her eyes and was moaning softly as I worked her tits, paying particular attention to her nipples. I moved up higher, until my cock was resting at the entrance to her pussy as I continued rubbing her tits, feeling her soft skin with the tips of my fingers as I traced them along the side of her tits and circling her nipples.

I reached down and grabbed my cock, and began rubbing the head of my cock gently between her pussy lips without penetrating her. I didn't know for sure she really wanted to fuck, but I thought I'd at least get things started. The head of my cock was soaked with pre cum and pussy juice as I slid it up and down on her slit.

"God, that feels great, Steven. Where'd you learn to do that?" She asked.

"Believe it or not, I've never done this before, to anyone."

"Well, you're doing a great job, b*****r. Keep it up."

I let the head of my cock press against her outer pussy lips as I continued rubbing the lotion into her flesh, adding more as needed, as I felt her luscious tits.

"Rub my neck, too, please," Brooke asked.

I reached up to put some lotion on her upper chest and neck, and as I slid forward, I felt the head of my cock begin to enter her. I leaned forward a bit, and it slid in a bit further.

I reached forward and started rubbing the lotion around her neck and chest, when Brooke leaned up, wrapped her arms around me, and pulled my face to hers. As I leaned forward to kiss her, my cock slid further into her.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked, wanting to make sure she wanted my cock.

"O god. I've never wanted anything more. I want you inside me, and I want you to cum inside me," she replied as she held me tightly, pulling my face to hers, and sliding her tongue into my mouth, dropping one hand to my ass. As I kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth and feeling her tongue in mine, she pulled forward on my ass, causing my cock to fully enter her pussy. I felt my hardness slide into her, and was buried deep in my s****rs pussy. Brooke continued kissing me, while at the same time, lifting her ass so that my cock went deeper inside of her. She kissed me harder, licking the inside of my mouth, and then leaned back and said, "Fuck me Steven. Fuck your s****r."

I thrust forward, driving my balls deep into her cunt. Brooke lifted up as I drove down, causing me to bottom out inside of her. I pulled out a bit and then slid back in, several times.

"Yeah, that's what I want. Fuck me, Steven, fuck me."

I started fucking my s****r harder, driving my hard cock deep inside her, pulling back, and driving back in, while she was bucking her hips driving my cock deep inside.

Brooke brought both arms around my waist, telling me to fuck her harder, which I did.

I pressed my mouth to hers and fucked her harder as I kissed her deeply, feeling her tongue against mine, and her tits pressed against my flesh. My cock kept thrusting inside of her as we fucked hard. Brooke was breathing heavier and her arms were holding me tighter as we fucked. My cock felt so good inside of her, and she was so tight.

I continued fucking her, feeling her tightness and wet pussy surrounding my cock.

Brooke leaned up and whispered in my ear, "You're my first, I want you to know."

That got me fucking harder, knowing that my s****r was a virgin. No wonder her pussy was so fucking tight, I though as I continued fucking her.

"God, this is a great first time, Steven. God, this is good," she said while bucking her pussy over my cock.

We continued fucking for a long time, when Brooke started yelling, "I gonna fucking cum, b*****r. Fuck me harder, I'm gonna fucking cum."

I fucked my s****r harder, feeling the walls of her pussy contracting around my cock. I could feel the familiar tingling in my groin, and this time it was not self inflicted as usual. It was because my s****r was having an orgasm as I fucked her.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," Brooke yelled as came on my cock. That's all it took, as my balls started to empty inside of her. I shot several loads of sperm into my s****r's cunt before I finished.

I looked down at Brooke, and she had the prettiest expression on her face. I licked mouth, her neck, her chest, and then both of her tits, tasting her and savoring her sweet taste.

I licked back up to her mouth and kissed her again. I pulled my lips from hers, and stared at her beautiful face.

"God, I'm glad you brought me to try outs, Steven. I've wanted this for a long time."

"I wish you'd told me, Brooke. I'd have fucked you a long time ago."

"It feels so fucking good with you inside of me," she said.

I leaned forward and kissed her again, felt her tits one more time, slid my hands under her ass, and felt her cheeks before I got off her. Looking down at her, I said, "I'm sure glad mom had to work this weekend, and Brooke, I have a confession to make."

"What's that" she asked.

"The first thing I did when mom asked me to bring you, was to go online and change the reservation from a room with two beds to a room with only one. I wanted to sl**p with you, and hoped that it would end up like this."

"Yeah, and we have all night long," she said as she reached over and took my cock in her hand, rubbing it. "We have all night long."

I got talked into taking my s****r, Brooke, to field hockey tryouts at St. Mary's College, about two hours from home. I made her ask me, but I really wanted to do it. So much that I changed the reservation at the hotel from two beds to one so we could sl**p together. I didn't know if she'd go for that, but she was as anxious as I was. The first night together she gave me an awesome blow job. The second day of try outs, Brooke got a bad cramp in her leg, which led to a long soak in the hot tub, the two of us changing in front of each other, an erotic rub down for Brooke, culminating in the sweetest sex I'd had in a long time. During sex Brooke admitted to me that I was her first, which caused me to cum harder than ever before. I'd never taken a cherry before, and hers was sweet. I confessed to her that I changed the reservation so we would have to share a bed, and she thanked me. It was a wonderful afternoon of feeling her sweet body, and fine sex. I didn't know where this was headed, but I was along for the ride, long haul, wherever it led.

When we finished our first fuck session, Brooke said that she was looking forward to more sex, "All night long," as she stated.

"God, that was awesome, Brooke. I've thought about doing you for a long time, but never thought it would really happen. Was it good for you?"

"O god yes, it was good for me. You gave me feelings I never felt were possible."

"Really that good?"

"Really, that good," she replied. "I can't wait for more."

"How's your leg?"

"Much better. I think another soak in the hot tub and, if you would, another rub down would be great."

"So, d'you want something to eat first?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so, I'm getting hungry."

"Do you want to go out for dinner?"

"Hmmm. I think I'd rather eat here in the room, that way I wont have to get dressed."

"That's fine with me. I'll go to the restaurant and get some dinner for us and bring it back to the room. What d'you want?"

"I think I'd like some spaghetti. They had some on the menu and it looked good."

"OK, I'll get some dinner for us," I said, as I started to get up.

Brooke pulled me back down on top of her and gave me quite a passionate kiss. "Don't be long, Steven," she said before sliding her tongue deep inside my mouth. I kissed her back, and felt my cock getting hard again. I let my hands drop down to her ass and gently rubbed her beautiful, fit globes as her kiss grew stronger.

Brooke then kissed down my neck, chest, and abdomen, and then took my hard cock into her mouth and began licking and sucking hard.

"You keep that up and we'll never get dinner," I said.

Brooke looked up and said, "This is really all the dinner I need. It's all protein, you know."

She continued sucking my cock as I thrust into her mouth. She was sucking me off hard, playing with my balls, and grabbing my ass while doing so. The feeling was great as she continued sucking me.

I looked at her sweet body. It was everything I had ever imagined. Her years as an athlete really showed in her toned body. Many times I beat off thinking of how her nude body might look, and now I've seen it and fucked her. I stared at her mouth as it continued running up and down my hard shaft, and I knew I wasn't going to last very long the way she was making love to my cock.

"God, your cock tastes so fucking good," she said while continuing to suck.

"I'm not going to last long, Brooke, the way you're sucking me."

"That's the point," she said, smiling up at me, and then taking my entire six inches into her mouth and throat. She sucked and licked my cock and played with my balls and ass for a long time, until I knew I wasn't going to last any longer.

"I'm gonna cum," I warned her, but it didn't matter to her, she continued sucking harder and playing with my balls.

"O shit, Brooke, I'm gonna cum," I shouted as I began unloading my sperm into her mouth. Brooke sucked even harder, drawing several loads of cum out of my balls. She never stopped sucking, even after I shot my entire load into her mouth. Brooke swallowed all of it, not missing a drop. She leaned up and pressed her lips to mine, drawing me into a very passionate kiss. I could taste my cum in her mouth, but really didn't care, her kiss was so passionate.

I licked her mouth and then moved down to her tits, sucking one and then the other. Her nipples were rock hard as I licked them and sucked on each one for a couple minutes before heading lower. I turned Brooke over on her back and continued licking down her chest to her stomach. I licked her belly button before I reached down and moved her knees apart and licked my way down to the landing strip just above her slit. I spread her legs further apart, allowing access to her sweet cunt, which was still full of my cum from fucking her just a few minutes ago.

With her knees up and spread far apart, I took my fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart, and gently licked her pussy with my tongue.

"Ah, yes," Brooke moaned, "that feels great, Steven."

I slid my tongue deeper into her pussy, while rubbing her outer lips with my fingers. I continued licking her, driving my tongue in deeper and deeper. I could taste my cum, which was now dripping out of her. I licked it up and continued sucking at her pussy, while rubbing her thighs with my hands, stroking up and down on her inner thighs as I sucked her cunt.

"Keep doing that, b*****r, you're gonna get me off again," Brook said softly.

I continued rubbing her thighs while eating her out. I thought I was in heaven. The taste of her pussy juices mixed with my cum was awesome. Her pussy had a strong scent to it, but not bad. I had eaten girls out before, but never after I fucked them, but this felt so right. This was a first for me, and it was my s****r, which made it all that more arousing. I got turned on sucking her, and continued driving my tongue deep inside her pussy, lapping away at our mixed juices. Tighter and tighter I garbed her thighs as I ate her out. Brooke was now bucking her hips wildly, pressing her cunt against my face. She reached down to my head and pushed it in hard against her spread legs. The harder she pressed, the deeper my tongue dove into her. I moved one hand under her ass and began playing with her ass hole, pressing a finger on the entrance. I slid my finger up to her pussy and got it wet with our combined juices, and then slid it back to her ass, pressing against the hole until my finger slid into her.

"Oh God, that feels good, don't stop. Don't ever stop."

I continued sucking and licking her cunt while driving another finger into her ass. I could feel Brooke's ass tighten around my fingers as she continued gyrating her hips. I was fucking her cunt with my tongue and her ass with my fingers, causing her to buck wildly against both.

"Oh god, keep doing that. Oh god, yes, Steven, keep doing that," Brooke was now yelling as I was getting her off.

After a few more minutes of this, Brooke started to climax, bringing spasms to both her ass and cunt as I finished her off.

I could taste her juices as she came hard, pressing hard against my mouth. She pulled my head in even harder as I drove my tongue deep inside her pussy, causing her to cum violently. Her knees pressed tight against my head as she shivered. In a couple of minutes, her body relaxed totally and her legs, now spread wide, fell flat against the bed. I pulled my face back from her pussy and looked at my s****r, spread out on the bed. Her pussy was red and her lips swollen, and her body quivering as I gave her pussy one final kiss before pulling back and sliding my fingers out of her ass.

I looked down at Brooke, and she was the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. All these years seeing her around the house with her body wrapped in a towel, I never imagined she would be this beautiful in the nude, and never thought I would get to see her spread out like this. She was the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen.

I leaned into her and pressed my lips to hers again, sliding my tongue, which had just left her pussy, deep inside her mouth. As I grabbed her face with my hands and kissed her, I could feel the head of my cock pressing against her pussy. I reached down and slid the head of my cock against the entrance of her pussy like before, and slid in. How I was hard again, I don't know, but I slid balls deep into her cunt, after just eating her out. An intense feeling of pleasure rushed through my body.

"Just leave it in me a minute, Steven," Brooke pleaded, as if I had any intention of pulling out of her.

The feeling of my cock inside my s****r again was so intense. Her pussy was still throbbing from her orgasm, and it was lightly beating against my hard cock, buried deep inside of her. I held it there for several minutes, sliding in and out slowly as my cock continued to grow.

"God, that feels great. Just hold it there."

I tried to hold it still, but couldn't. After just a couple of minutes I started pumping in and out of her again. My cock was fully erect as I fucked my s****r for the second time in an hour.

"Oh God, that feels great, Steven. Oh God, yes, fuck me, fuck me."

I couldn't believe I was doing it again, but I was now fucking my s****r harder than ever before. Brooke wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling my cock deep inside her pussy as I continued fucking her.

I didn't last long this time. "O fuck, Brook, I'm gonna fucking cum. Christ, I'm gonna cum again."

I fucked her harder, pushing my hands under her ass and pulling her into me repeatedly. My balls tightened and I knew I was going to fill her again.

"O fuck, Brooke," I said as I filled her pussy with what little sperm I had remaining in my balls. "O fuck, yes."

"O god, you're the sweetest fuck," I said to her.

"And you're the sweetest b*****r!" Brooke replied.

I rolled off of her and lay beside her, looking at her eyes. She was so fucking beautiful. I kissed her one final time before getting out of the bed.

"Do you have to go?" Brooke asked, "I think I could go another round!"

"Maybe you could, but I certainly can't. I don't have any cum left!" I said as I got out of the bed. Brooke looked amazing lying there in the bed, legs still spread, nipples still hard.

"You really are beautiful, Brooke."

"Thank you."

"I mean it, you're so fucking beautiful," I said, standing nude in front of her with her juices and my cum dripping from my deflated cock.

"You're not too bad yourself," she replied.

I leaned over and kissed her one more time, while feeling her tits. I let my hand slide down to her pussy, and gently rubbed it before standing again.

"I never thought you'd be so gentle and loving," Brooke said.

"I never thought you'd be so fucking beautiful, and never thought I'd get to make love to you," I replied.

Brooke let her hand drop to her pussy, and was gently rubbing it as she replied, "Steven, that was so awesome. I never want to leave this place. Do we have to go home tomorrow?"

"We'll see, but we need to take it easy the rest of the night, you have tryouts tomorrow, remember."

"Yeah, I know, but that doesn't seem very important to me now."

"It is important, Brooke. This is your dream, to get an athletic scholarship and go to St. Mary's."

"Yeah, I know, but I'm not finished with you."

"You are for tonight. You need to eat and get some rest before tomorrow's tryouts."

"I know, but what are we going to do when we get home?"

"We'll figure that out later. Let's just enjoy our time together here, and worry about that later. Again, you need your rest tonight to get ready for tryouts tomorrow. You need to do well to get that scholarship, although I think you already have it in the bag. How's your leg?"

"Doesn't hurt anymore. I should be fine."

"Good. I'm gonna get dressed and get us some dinner. We'll talk when I get back. You need to eat something."

"OK. Don't be gone long."

"I wont," I replied as I got dressed. I threw on my shorts and a T-shirt and slipped into my tennis shoes and headed down to the lobby. When I got there, I went over to the front desk and talked with the clerk a few minutes before heading out.

I walked across the parking lot to the restaurant and ordered a double serving of spaghetti and salad to go, and talked them into providing two plates and silverware. I told them our room number and said that I'd bring them back after we ate, and they complied without any problem. I remembered dad doing that once, so I thought I'd try it. I suppose they've done that before. I also got us a couple of drinks.

I sat down at the counter waiting for our dinner and was just thinking about the progression in our relationship in the last two days, when my phone rang. I looked down and saw that it was mom.

"Hello mom," I said answering the phone.

"Hey, Junior. How are things going? I had to work a double shift and this is the first chance I've had to call. Are tryouts going OK?"

I told mom all about the tryouts, and that I thought Brooke stood a good chance of making the team from what I saw. She was pleased with that news. I then told her about Brooke's injury and how that is progressing.

"Do you think she'll be able to play tomorrow?" she asked.

"Yeah, I think so. Other than being really tired when I left her to get dinner, she said that her leg feels better and she should be good to go in the morning. She wants to soak in the hot tub after dinner, and then have me rub her leg out," I replied.

"You're such a good b*****r, Junior. I hope she isn't being too much of a pain in the ass."

"Not at all," I replied. "Actually, we've been getting along quite well, and I've enjoyed watching the tryouts. She was doing great until she had the bad leg cramp."

"How's your money holding out?" she asked.

"We're fine with the money. I was thinking of staying an additional night if you would let us. I think Brooke will be worn out after practice, and I'd like to look over the campus Tuesday if we could. Maybe check with admissions and see if I could get in, you know, check that out."

"Well, with your grades, maybe you could get an academic scholarship or something. Do you think you'd like to go there too next year? I didn't think the two of you would want to go to the same school."

"I haven't discussed it with Brooke, but I don't think she'd mind if I transferred. It might be kinda neat for both of us to go to the same school. Maybe we could check about an apartment or something like that."

"Do you really think the two of you would get along living together?"

"I think we could work that out, but I'll have to talk with her about it," I replied. "Anyway, would it be OK for us to spend another night here?" I asked.

"If you really want to. It might be good for her to rest up before heading back. Yeah, go ahead if that's what you both want. I guess I owe you for taking her."

"Thanks, mom. I'll check with the admissions director and see if I can get an appointment Tuesday. I'll check on academic scholarships and their programs. I'll have to leave the community college after two years anyway to get the prelaw classes I need."

"It would be wonderful to have you up there with her, that would relieve my worries."

"I'll talk with Brooke about that tonight and see what she thinks, but I think she'll be OK with it." I replied.

"Good. You two have fun. I'll be working when you get home, so nobody will be here, but I'll fix something and leave it for you to warm up."

"That'll be fine, mom. I'll call you tomorrow and let you know what we find out about the tryouts. They're supposed to let them know tomorrow if they make the team or not. Let's just hope Brooke makes it," I replied.

"Let me know what you find out. I'll talk with you later. Give Brooke my love," mom said before hanging up.

Yes, I thought to myself. This will be great! Another night with Brooke, and I'm sure she wont mind at all.

I wasn't sure where all the talk about me transferring up here and getting an apartment with Brooke came from. I think she'd like that, at least I hoped so. I shouldn't have a problem getting into St. Mary's, but I'll definitely need some financial assistance. There's a lot to figure out, and a lot to talk with Brooke about when I get back to the hotel room.

Just then the waitress came over with my order along with the plates and silverware. I paid her and left to head back to the room, thinking about all the possibilities for the next two days and next year, if Brooke makes the team.

As I unlocked the door and went inside, I could hear the shower running. I thought about joining Brooke, but decided against it. As much as I wanted to have more sex with her tonight, she really does need to rest up. I set the table and got dinner ready. In about ten minutes, I heard the water turn off, and then Brooke walked into the room with a towel wrapped around her fit frame.

"Did you get dinner?" she asked.

"Yeah," I replied while looking at her stunning body. She looked so fucking good. "I have it all ready. Are you going to get dressed?"

"Nope. That's why I wanted to eat in the room, so I wouldn't have to get dressed. You have a problem with that?" she asked.

"Not at all, you look great to me."

"I thought I'd just wear a towel; you seem to like me dressed like this."

"Yeah, I sure do," I replied, looking her up and down. The towel barely covered her tits, and hit just below her pussy in the front, showing off half her ass in the back. "I could get used to seeing you like that!" I said to her.

"Good, 'cause I'm not planning to wear any clothes while we're in the room," Brooke replied, with a sexy grin on her face.

We both sat down to eat. I split the spaghetti and salad between us and gave her a drink, taking the other for myself.

"God, this is good," Brooke said while chowing down on her spaghetti. "This spaghetti is fantastic."

"Yeah, it really is good," I replied. "I talked with mom on the phone while at the restaurant. She called to see how tryouts were going and to see how we're getting along."

"What'd you tell her?"

"I told her about your tryouts and your injury, that I was getting dinner for us and then we were heading down to the hot tub for a soak, and afterwards I was going to give your leg a good rub out."

"You told her that you were going to give my leg a rub out? What did she say about that?"

"She thought it was nice of me to do that for you. I think it's nice, too!" I replied.

"She didn't think that was weird or anything?"

"Nope. She was glad that we're getting along so well."

"Well, that isn't a lie."

"No, it isn't. We talked about something else, too."

"What's that?"

"Well, if you make the team and get a scholarship, I was thinking about transferring up here too, and maybe us getting an apartment together or something, that is, if you wanted to."

Brooke's jaw dropped. She got out of her chair and came over to me and gave me a big hug. "You really think that would work out? I'd love that!"

"Well, you have to make the team and I have to look into an academic scholarship, but yeah, it's possible."

"That'd be great!" Brooke replied excitedly.

"Yeah, it would. That is if you wouldn't mind sharing an apartment with me."

"Mind? I think it'd be great! Will you give me a rub down every night?"

"I will if you run around in a towel all the time. A towel or less . . . " I replied.

"I think I like less better," Brooke said as she dropped the towel to the floor, standing before me nude. All inhibitions are gone for sure now.

"I think I like you that way, too." I said looking at my stunning s****r standing there in front of me in all her glory. "Yeah, I do like you that way."

"Well, if we both get in, get used to it, b*****r!"

"I think I can get used to seeing you like that," I replied. "Oh, I have some other news, too."

"What's that?"

"Mom said that we could stay an additional night if you want to."

"Really? That's great, but how'd you swing it?"

"I told her that you'd be tired after tryouts, and that I wanted to see the campus Tuesday and possibly meet with an admissions director or something."

"And she agreed?"

"Yeah, she was really excited that we might both be coming here next year, and didn't hesitate on allowing us to stay another night."

"Oh, God, this is so exciting," Brooke said giving me a wet kiss and returning to her chair. "That gives us tonight and tomorrow night as well," Brooke replied.

"Well, it gives us tonight to get you ready for tryouts tomorrow, and tomorrow night to do what we want."

"I know what I want!" Brooke replied.

"What's that?" I asked, knowing what her answer would be.

"I want to do you again!" she said.

"Yeah, that's what I was hoping. We'll have a good time tomorrow night; tonight as well, but we need to get you ready for tryouts tonight."

"What d'you have planned?" she asked.

"Well, after dinner I thought we could sit in the hot tub a while, and after we come back to the room, I'll rub your leg out again."

"Will you rub anything else?"

"Not on you! You need your rest! We have all night tomorrow night, remember."

"Yeah that makes sense, but once you start rubbing my leg, I don't think I can let it stop there," Brooke replied.

"Well, let's just see. You really do need your rest tonight."

"I know, but it'll still be fun," Brooke replied while finishing her spaghetti.

We talked a while more as we finished dinner. It was strange, but delightful, sitting across from my naked s****r eating dinner. God, she's so fucking beautiful.

After dinner, I cleaned off the plates and table. Brooke stood, displaying her fine body to me, and got her swim suit and put it on in front of me. She handed me mine, and helped me out of my clothes. She unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, and pulled them down along with my underwear, letting her fingers slide along my cock, which was getting hard again. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started stroking, while looking into my eyes.

"I will agree to no sex tonight, under one condition," she said.

"What?" I asked.

"The condition is that you fuck my brains out tomorrow when tryouts are over."

"On the field, or do you want to wait until we get back to the room?" I asked, laughing a little.

"On the field. I don't think I'll be able to wait until we get back to the room," she replied, leaning in for a long kiss, while still stroking my cock.

"It's a deal," I said, pulling her face tight against mine and slipping her the tongue.

I let my hand slide down her back, under her suit, and let it rest on her sweet ass as we kissed. Brooke pushed her ass back against my hand and continued stroking my cock.

"We need to get your suit on and get out of here, or you'll have to fuck your s****r again, really soon," Brooke said.

"I'd really like to fuck my s****r again, but we need to get to the hot tub and work on your leg," I replied.

"Oh, OK, she said, releasing my cock and bending down to let me step into my suit. When she bent over, she licked the head of my cock before helping me with my suit. "That's a down payment on tomorrow night," she said. "There's a lot more where that came from."

As she stood back up I pulled her in for another kiss.

Brooke grabbed a couple of towels as we headed down to the hot tub.

There weren't any people around as we arrived at the hot tub. I jumped in the pool first, and swam around while Brooke sat in the tub. She kept motioning for me to join her, but I thought I'd tease her a little while before going over. Finally, I got out of the pool and joined her in the tub.

"How's the leg?" I asked.

"It would be better if you'd rub it a little," she replied as she lifted her long leg and placed her foot in my lap.

I rubbed her foot for a couple of minutes, and then moved my way up her calf, rubbing it deeply while moving my hands up above her knee to her thigh, causing her to shiver. I looked around, and noticing that we were still alone, I rubbed her thigh all the way up to her suit. Brooke leaned back and sat there moaning softly, "God that feels so good, Steven."

I continued rubbing her thigh, letting my finger tips slide inside the bottom of her suit until they slid along her pussy lips. Brooke leaned back and closed her eyes, enjoying my touch. I slid my fingers out of her suit and rubbed her thigh again, deeply, trying to rub the pain out. I kept looking around to make sure we were still alone as I rubbed up her leg, letting my fingers slide into her again. I rubbed her pussy for a couple of minutes before returning my attention to her thigh. I continued rubbing her thigh until I noticed a f****y enter the pool area. I rubbed from her thigh back down to her foot, which was not resting on top of my erection.

"We've got company," I told her.

She didn't even look up. "So?" she asked. "Keep rubbing, Steven."

"I would Brooke, but people are starting to come in. I say we take this back to the room."

"OK, but I want to soak a few more minutes," she said as she slid her foot over my hard cock, hesitating a few seconds rubbing my cock with her foot before letting it slide back into the water. She moved over closer to me, and put her arm around my shoulders, leaning in for a kiss. "What about . . ." I started to say. Brooke broke the kiss and looked at me saying, "They'll just think we're a couple, thats all."

We sat in the hot tub for about ten more minutes before Brooke said that she was ready to go back to the room. We both got out, dried off with our towels, wrapped them around our waists, and headed back to the room.

As we walked out of the pool area, Brooke took my hand in hers. We held hands all the way back to the room, without saying anything.

Once we got inside our room, Brooke dropped her towel and took off her swim suit, and I did the same. She grabbed my hand and led me over to the bed. I sat down on the edge of the bed with my arms around her waist. Brooke put her hands on my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed and crawled on top of me. With her knees on either side of me, Brooke leaned to me and kissed me hard. I kissed back, feeling her tongue entering my mouth. We kissed for several minutes. I could feel my cock harden beneath her. She scooted up and placed a tit in my mouth, asking me to suck it for a few minutes. I sucked one tit and then the other, with Brooke moaning softly as I licked her hard nipples.

"I've never had anyone suck my tits like this before, Steven. You're good at this."

I didn't reply, and just kept sucking them gently while rubbing her ass.

After a few minutes of this, Brooke slid down, reached behind her, took my cock in her hand and lined it up with her pussy. She moaned softly while rubbing the head of my wet cock along her slit.

"This feels so fucking good," she said.

She held the head of my erection against the entrance of her pussy, and then moved back slowly as I entered her. Once inside, Brooke stopped and remained motionless for a few seconds with my cock buried deep inside of her. "Oh, yes, this feels so fucking good, Steven."

She moved up and back on my cock for a few minutes before sitting up on my cock, facing me. "Your cock feels so fucking good inside me, Steven. God, this feels so good."

I reached down and put my hands on her hips as she started riding up and down on my hard cock. I've never fucked a girl with her on top before, and Brooke was now totally in charge. She raised up and then dropped back down on my erection, assisted by my hands on her waist. She started moving faster on my cock, which was buried balls deep in her cunt each time she came down. She continued driving up and down on my cock, giving me pleasure I had never before felt. It was much different with her on top and in control of the fucking, and I was really getting into this. I would raise up when she came down, driving my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She recached up with both hands and began playing with her tits, pinching her nipples. Just the sight of Brooke riding my cock and playing with her tits was getting me off. I didn't know how much more of this I was able to take. It must have been good for her, too, because her moans became louder and louder as she fucked herself on my hardness.

Several minutes later, still feeling her own tits, Brooke began to cum. "Oh god, this feels so fucking good, Steven. Keep fucking me."

Brooke continued riding my cock, and I continued driving it into her each time she came down. I stared at her face, noticing the intense pleasure she was in as she rode my cock and played with her tits. Her face had such an intense expression on it as she continued for god knows how long.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck," She said while riding my cock harder and faster. "I'm gonna fucking cum, Steven! I'm gonna fucking cum!" she yelled out loud enough for everyone in the hotel to hear. I could feel the walls of her cunt spasm as she had her orgasm, causing me to erupt deep inside her cunt. I raised my hips while I shot my sperm into my s****r. "God, this feels so fucking good," she screamed as she climaxed on my hard cock. "God, this feels so good."

Even after she came, Brooke continued riding my cock, slowing down only a little. She continued this for a couple of minutes before collapsing on top of me, kissing me hard.

She pulled off my cock and repositioned herself on top of me so that her pussy was directly over my face. I leaned up and placed my lips on her pussy and started eating her out, as she continued riding my mouth and playing with her tits.

"Yeah, b*****r, eat my pussy. Eat your cum out of my pussy."

I still can't believe I did this, but I ate her out and started sucking my own cum out of her cunt.

"Save it for me," she said while I continued sucking my cum out of her. When I finished, Brooke backed off and brought her lips to mine, stuck her tongue in my mouth, and lapped away at my cum. She sucked the cum out of my mouth and swallowed all of it, while kissing me hard.

"Oh god, that was great," Brooke said.

I found myself doing things with my s****r that I've never done with another girl, and some things that I never would've done with another girl, such as eating her out after I fucked her. Never would I've done that to someone else; hell, I usually won't even go down on a girl, although they all want me to, not that there's been that many. Every girl wants me to go down on her, but I usually won't. It's just something I never liked doing, until now. Brooke could ask me to do anything, and I'd do it. I don't really know what that's about. I mean, there's just something about my s****r that makes me want to do things to her and to make her feel good. I think I've always been like that to her, although we've never really been so close that I would actually do things for her. That is, until a couple days ago. Now it's all different for some reason. I want to please her, I want her to make f'ockey team and get a scholarship. I want her to be successful and have everything she wants. When she fell and hurt her leg, my heart skipped a beat. I'm not sure what all this means, but I now have deep feelings for her, much deeper than ever before, and much deeper than I've ever had with another girl.

I looked at Brooke, and she had the most content look on her face that I've ever seen. She was really enjoying this, and I don't think it was just the sex, it was sex with her b*****r, the one she waited for so she could give him her virginity. She was happy, fulfilled, and it was because of me.

"Yeah, it was great, Brooke. You're great. You're the greatest thing that's ever happened to me."

"Thank you, Steven," Brooke replied as she threw her arms around me and kissed me one more time.

After some time, I broke the kiss, looked down at her and said, "I'm serious Brooke, you mean the world to me. I want us to come to St. Mary's and live together. I want that more than anything. I want you to make the f'ockey team and get a scholarship. I want to be with you."

"I feel that way too, Steven. I just don't know how we can work it out, and I know there'll be complications, but that's what I want, too."

"Really? That's what you want?"

"Yeah, I do. I was really getting sad about having to leave you if I came to St. Mary's. I wanted the scholarship, but after I hurt my leg and saw the way you took care of me, I really didn't care if I got it or not, because I thought it would take me away from you. I know I haven't treated you very well, but most of that was jealousy. You dated a couple of my friends, and I . . . I guess I was jealous because I wanted you and they had you. Does that make any sense to you?" Brooke shared.

"Yeah, it makes all the sense in the world to me right now. I understand completely how you feel. I feel the same way."

"Do you think we'll be able to pull it off?" She asked seriously.

"I certainly hope so. I'm going to check with admissions tomorrow and see if I can get in and if they have any financial aid I would qualify for," I replied.

"I don't mean that, entirely. I'm thinking about our relationship, as b*****r and s****r. How will we pull that off? What happens if you want to date someone else, or I do? I don't want to lose what we have together."

"Well, I really haven't had time to think through all of this, but I suppose we should, maybe have some ground rules or something; but, anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves a little, neither of us are coming here yet. Maybe we should take this one step at a time and just see where it leads," I replied. "Are you having second thoughts about us, or our living together next year if it all works out?"

"Not second thoughts exactly, just running things through my head. I don't want to ruin our relationship should something happen. I still want us both to come here and share an apartment, it's just that, I don't know what it is." Brooke replied sheepishly.

"I could stay at home and continue at the community college for another year if that's what you want," I replied, trying not to rush her into anything.

"No, that's not what I want. I'm just thinking through things and I'm not sure what to think." Brooke replied.

"Brooke, I've had a wonderful time with you up here, and it's not just the sex, although I've really enjoyed the sex. I've done things with you that I never would've done with anyone else. When you fell on the field and hurt your leg, I realized just how much I do care for you, and it's more than the fact that you're my s****r. I really do care for you, much more than I ever thought."

"I can tell. You've been so caring to me, and I really like the sex too, it't just, I don't know." Brooke replied, still speaking softly, as if she's really given this some heavy thought.

"It sounds to me that you're having second thoughts."

"I don't know, Steven. It's all been so fast and all. I guess I'm scared about what people will think about us if anyone finds out what we've been doing, especially mom and dad."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. We'll have to be very careful about our relationship when we get home."

"Yeah, we will. Do you think we'll still be able to, you know, be together once we get home?"

"Is that what you want? I know that I do, but I don't want to push you into anything," I replied.

"Oh, yeah, that's what I want, for sure. I've really enjoyed our time together. I just know it's going to be different when we get home. How can we be together at home?" she asked.

"We'll have to be careful around mom and dad, and others, but I'm sure we can find ways to be together. It'll be different if we both end up here sharing an apartment."

"Won't people think that's strange, you know, the two of us living together and being together all the time?" she asked.

"I don't know for sure. I imagine there are other f****y members sharing an apartment, maybe we can see the reaction of the admissions person tomorrow and see if it seems strange to her in any way."

"Can I go with you when you meet with them?"

"Sure, I was expecting you too." I replied.

"Good, I'll watch for her reaction and try not to look too guilty to give our relationship away."

"That sounds good. Let's just take this a day at a time and see how things develop."

"That sounds good. I just don't want to lose what we have." Brooke replied.

"I don't either."

"Do you want to take a shower together? I need to clean up before I go to bed."

"That sounds great to me," I replied.

"Good. Lets shower," Brooke said as she got up from the bed. I stayed on the bed for a few seconds just looking at my s****r. She looked so hot, and looks better to me every time I look at her, especially naked.

"Are you coming?" Brooke asked.

"Yeah, I'm coming. I just wanted to look at you. God, you're so fit and beautiful. I know that guys will be eager to be with you once you're here. I've already heard several of them talking about you at tryouts."

"Really? What did they say?"

"Well, there was a group of guys sitting behind me talking about how good you looked, as well as some of the other new girls. They were saying how they wanted to get in your pants, things like that. They were really interested in you." I shared.

"There's only one guy I'm interested in right now, and that's you! Come on, let's hit the shower."

"Sounds great to me," I said as I got off the bed and walked with her into the shower.

Brooke turned on the water and adjusted the temperature, and we got in together. She looked so good with the water cascading over her, dripping off her luscious tits and toned body. Yeah, there'll be several guys interested in her when she gets here. I just hope I can keep her.

Brooke washed her hair, and looked beautiful with the lather running down her body. I reached over and started washing her body with the shampoo. I grabbed a wash cloth, soaped it up, and started washing her tits and the front of her body, down to her pussy, reaching around her and washing her tight ass. Brooke turned around to rinse her hair as I continued washing her back and ass, feeling every inch of her body. I made my way down her legs, thoroughly washing her, not missing anything. Brooke turned around and I did the same to her front side, dropping the wash cloth to soap up her tits, stomach, and privates, while Brooke smiled seductively at me.

"My turn," she said while she reached down and picked up the wash cloth. Brooke started washing me gently, from my neck down to my abs. She soaped up my pubes, dropped the wash cloth, and washed me, taking her time with my cock and balls, while staring into my eyes. My cock got hard as she washed me, playing with it and my balls.

"Turn around," she instructed.

I turned around and braced myself against the shower wall while Brooke lathered up my ass. I could feel the familiar sensation of her fingers as she gently washed my ass, sliding her finger along my crack. I spread my legs as far as I could as she reached between my legs and started rubbing my cock and balls.

"God, that feels good," I moaned.

Brooke continued rubbing my cock and balls, and then slid her hands back to my ass and gently massaged it, sliding her finger along my crack. She lingered at my pucker, and rubbed it in small circles, while reaching back to my cock with her free hand. She gently rubbed my cock and balls again from behind until I thought I was going to ejaculate in the shower.

"You like that?" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, I like that." I replied.

Brooke finished washing me and had me turn back around, facing her. She leaned up and kissed me while still massaging my cock.

"This is the best shower I've ever taken, Steven. God, I could get used to this."
"Yeah, I could too. Just think, we can do this as much as we want if we're living together."

"Yeah, I was thinking about that. I think I've decided for sure. I want us to both come here and share an apartment. I'm the happiest right now that I've ever been." Brooke said.

"Me too," I replied.

We stayed in the shower for several more minutes before we finished. I came close to shooting my load, but Brooke stopped rubbing my cock just before I hit the launch sequence. We got out of the shower and dried each other off before returning to the bedroom.

"Would you give me another rub down?" Brooke asked.

"Absolutely," I replied. Lie down on the bed, face up this time, and I'll rub your leg, and anything else you want."

"Thanks," Brooke replied as she laid down on the bed, face up, placing her hands behind her head. "Get to work, b*****r," she said.

I went to the bathroom and got her lotion and started rubbing her legs. I started at her feet and made my way up to her shins, taking my time to give her a good rub down. I made my way to her thighs, spreading her legs a little to have full access. I looked up at her, and Brooke had her eyes closed, and was softly moaning as I rubbed her thighs. I worked each one good, trying to get her to totally relax. I pulled her arms down so they were on the bed beside her and put lotion on her arms and started rubbing them. When I finished with both arms, I went back to her thighs and worked them for several more minutes. I did this for more than thirty minutes before I heard her softly snoring.

"Brooke, are you awake?" I asked, quietly. If she was asl**p, I didn't want to wake her. She didn't respond.

I continued rubbing her thighs, resisting the temptation to fuck her again. God, my cock was rock hard and dripping pre cum at this point. I wanted to crawl on top of her and fuck her again, but she was asl**p, and I really didn't want to wake her. If she is going to be at her best tomorrow, she needs her sl**p. I rubbed the lotion into her soft flesh, gave her a gentle kiss, and covered her with the sheet and blanket, and tucked her in. She was sound asl**p at this point.

I sat in the chair thinking of all we've done the past couple of days, and how our relationship has changed. I quietly walked over to her and pulled the sheets back off her body, and just looked at her beautiful nude frame. Her face looked quite content. Her abdomen moved slightly with each breath. God, she looked gorgeous. I traced my fingers along her chest, circling her hard nipples, and gently stroked her face and lips. My cock was about to shoot as I did this, so I started masturbating with thoughts of my nude s****r as she lay there, totally exposed. I started pumping my cock slowly, but increased speed as I looked at her. "God, you're so fucking beautiful, Brooke," I said to her quietly, knowing that she couldn't hear me.

I continued stroking my cock for a few more minutes, until I knew I was going to shoot my load. I grabbed a few tissues from the nightstand and shortly came hard, catching all the cum in the tissue. I wiped off my cock and threw the tissue in the trash.

I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was 9:30 already. I didn't want to turn on the TV and wake Brooke up, so I decided to call it a night as well. I called the front desk and asked for a 7:00 wake up call, and reaffirmed with them that we'd be staying another night. I asked about this at the front desk earlier, and they said it would be OK, but I wanted to make sure. The desk clerk said it would be fine, and told me to have a good night. He didn't have to tell me that, 'cause I'd already had a great night. I said the same to him before hanging up. I walked over and latched the security lock on the door, turned off the lights, and crawled into bed next to Brooke.

Brooke turned toward me and put her arm around me, with her head on my chest. I must have fallen asl**p soon after that, because the next thing I knew, the phone rang at 7:00 am with our wake up call.

Brooke woke up a little disoriented at first, asking where we were. I told her we were in the hotel and she had to get up for breakfast before heading to tryouts. She looked at me and smiled.

"That's right. For a second there I wasn't sure where I was," she said. "What time did we go to bed last night? The last thing I remember is you giving me a rub down. I must have fallen asl**p."

"We went to bed around 9:30. You slept all night. How do you feel this morning?"

"I feel fine," she replied.

"How's your leg?"

"After that rub down, it feels fine. I think I'll be OK for tryouts today. Do I have to get up now, or can I sl**p just a little bit longer?"

"I'll let you sl**p another fifteen minutes. I'll go ahead and get dressed, and then you can have the bathroom."

"Thanks, b*o."

"No problem," I said as I got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I took my morning piss and washed my face. I didn't bother to shave as I was only going to the tryouts today. I finished in the bathroom and returned to the bedroom, where Brooke was sound asl**p.

I got dressed before waking her up again. After I woke Brooke up, she got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I could hear her as she went through her morning routine before she walked back into the bedroom, and stood in the middle of the room naked.

"Do you think we can run around naked in the apartment once we're both here?" she asked.

"Brooke, there's nothing I'd like more than to watch you run around our apartment naked once we're living here. Works for me."

"I think it'll work for me too," she said before getting dressed.

I watched her closely as she dressed taking in the sight of her nude body right in front of me. She took her time, sort'a showing off as she slid her panties seductively over her hips, her tits still bare. "You like?" she asked as she turned around wearing her tiny bikini panties that went up her crack displaying her firm ass.

"Yeah, I like very much!" I replied.

"When we get back to the room, I'm gonna have you take them off me with your teeth," she said, looking at me with that, 'fuck me' look of hers.

"That'll be my pleasure," I replied.

Brooke smiled and then put on her sports bra and the rest of her clothes. We left the room and headed to the restaurant for breakfast. I brought along our dishes and silverware from last night and gave them to the waitress.

"I never thought we'd see these again," she said laughing before she took our order.

"I'm getting nervous about tryouts," Brooke said as we waited for our food.

"Just be yourself, Brooke, I'm sure you'll do fine."

"I hope so. There's a lot riding on my performance today, especially missing yesterday afternoon and all."

"You'll be fine," I said, trying to reassure her. "You were one of the best so far as I could tell."

"Thanks. It means a lot to me that you'll be there today."

"I wouldn't miss this for anything."

We talked for a few more minutes before our food came. We both ate like we were starved to death, and soon finished our meal.

"Well, I guess it's time to head over to the school," Brooke said.

"Yeah, we need to get over there. I'll be there all the time," I reassured her.

"Thanks, Steven. You don't know how much that means to me."

We made our way to the practice field and I parked the car. I got Brooke's things out of the car and walked her to the locker room.

"Could you give me a good luck kiss?" she asked.

I didn't answer, but leaned in for a quick kiss on her lips. "I'll do better tonight when we celebrate," I told her.

"I hope it's a celebration."

"It will be. Play hard, but don't hurt yourself," I said.

"You're sounding like mom now," she replied.

Brooke went inside to get changed for tryouts and I made my way to the practice field. I noticed that the group of guys was larger today, and like yesterday, I sat down in front of them.

After about fifteen minutes, the girls came out for their tryouts, and just like yesterday, the guys started talking again, making sexual comments about the girls, especially Brooke. I listened to their comments, and agreed with everything they said about my s****r, as well as the other hotties out on the field.

The morning went by quickly, and the girls broke for lunch. Brooke waved at me before she went inside.

One of the guys asked, "Do you know her?" calling Brooke's number.

"Yeah, I know her. I brought her to tryouts," I replied.

"She sure is hot," he said.

"Yeah, I've noticed that too," I replied without giving away our relationship.

"Are the two of you together?"

"Yeah, were together."

"Lucky guy," he replied.

"Yeah, I am a lucky guy."

He didn't say anything else, but they all continued their talk as the girls left the field. I got lunch at Burger King, not far from the school, before returning for the afternoon session.

They had a scrimmage in the afternoon, against the college girls again, just like yesterday. Brooke played her heart out. She made three goals, and was all over the field. It didn't look like her leg was giving her any trouble.

They continued for the remainder of the afternoon.

"She's the best player out there," the guy behind me said to me.

"Yeah, she's really good," I replied.

"She'll make the team for sure," he commented.

"I sure hope so, she's really counting on it."

"We all are," one of the guys in the group shouted, while the rest of them laughed. I didn't pay any attention to him, or the others as they continued talking about the new girls.

About four o'clock the coaches gathered the new girls at the side lines and talked with them for a few minutes before they headed off to the locker room. Brooke broke away from the group, as did several other girls, and came over to me, while the others went to talk with their parents.

"What do you think?" she asked me. One of the guys behind me answered, "We think you're a shoe in!" as though she'd asked them instead of me.

"You really think so?" she asked him.

"Yeah, we all do. We're looking forward to having you here next year. We come to all the games."

"Well, thank you," Brooke replied. I could tell she was enjoying all the attention they were giving her.

"I'm Tommy," he said, sticking out his hand. Brooke shook his hand, and he held onto it as they talked.

"Yeah, we're all looking forward to getting to know you better next year."

Brooke continued holding his hand as they talked. She really was enjoying this attention, and they were all pouring it on, telling her about all the parties they have with the field hockey players. They shared that they were in a fraternity, and that they hosted parties after all the home games.

"They can be a blast," several of them said. "There's a party tonight for the girls who make the team. The other girls will tell you all about it after the announcement later on. It's a tradition to party with the new players, as well as the girls on the team. We have a good time."

"That sounds like fun, IF I make the team," Brooke replied.

"You don't have to worry about that," one commented.

"You can come even if you don't make the team," one offered. "You can even bring your boyfriend along. He'll have a good time too."

Brooke looked at me and smiled. "Maybe we'll take you up on that offer," she said to the group.

"We hope so," they said.

Brooke looked mesmerized by all the attention she was receiving from the group. I noticed that she was still holding the guys hand and he was sorta rubbing his thumb over her hand as he held it tight.

Brooke looked down at me and said, "I need to get back. They said they'll post a list of those of us who made the team. It should be up in a few minutes. I'll go get my things and wait to find out."

"Don't forget about the party," a couple of them shouted to Brooke as she finally let loose of the guys hand and ran off to the locker room.

"God, you're a lucky man if she's your girl," the guy who was holding her hand said to me.

"Yeah, she's pretty hot," another chimed in.

"I hope you bring her to the party. It'll be a blast," one of the guys said to me.

"There'll be plenty of 'refreshments,' if you know what I mean. We have a good time at our parties."

"I'm sure you do," I replied.

"It seemed like your friend wants to come," another said.

"Well, we will if she wants to," I said.

We sat and talked for about thirty minutes while waiting for the news of who made the team. When the girls came out, it wasn't difficult to tell who made it and who didn't. Several of them, including Brooke, came running out of the locker room looking all excited, while others were walking slowly, some of them crying.

Brooke came running across the field and up the bleachers, and gave me a big hug. "I make it! I made it!" she screamed while holding me tightly. "I'm so happy I can hardly breathe," she said.

I congratulated her, along with all the guys behind us.

"The girls told us about the party, and gave us a flyer with the time and directions to the frat house. Can we go, Steven?"

"Sure, if that's what you want," I replied, not sure that I wanted to go, but this was Brooke's moment and her decision.

"Great," the guys behind me shouted as they swarmed around Brooke, giving her hugs as she hugged them back. I watched as they got very close to Brooke, pulling her in tight to the group. Several of them had their arms around her, and there were hands all over her, with a couple of them feeling her ass. I'm sure that with all the excitement, Brooke didn't even realize what they were doing to her. They were being real bold, I thought to myself. A couple of the guys went over to a couple other girls who were close by and congratulated them and invited them to the party as well. Brooke was all caught up in the excitement and was letting them all hug her and make over her before she had to leave and return for her things.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," Brooke said as she broke away from the group of guys and went running off to the field house.

I stayed with the group of guys, trying not to let their actions bother me. I didn't want to make a scene, and if I'm going to be here next year with Brooke, I'm gonna have to get used to guys giving her attention like this. I just wonder how she'll respond to all the attention. Going to the party might be a good way to find out how Brooke will react to the attention of all the guys at this college. It'll be a test for sure.

I talked with the group like I wasn't upset or anything about what just happened, and they treated me like I was an old friend or something. I knew it was just because they wanted to get Brooke to the party, so I played along and talked with them and got directions to the party. They told me that there'd be plenty of booze and everything else that happens at college frat parties. I've never been to a frat party, going to the community college, but I had a good idea what went on.

As Brooke came out of the locker room, I got up to greet her.

"See you tonight!" a few of the guys yelled at us.

"I'm looking forward to it," Brooke yelled back at the guys.

I met Brooke, grabbed her bag, and we walked to the car, with Brooke talking a hundred miles an hour about making the team and the party we'd been invited to.

"I can't believe I made it, Steven! This is the most exciting thing ever! We've even been invited to our first frat party! Isn't this fucking awesome?"

"Yeah, it's fucking awesome," I said, with a hint of sarcasm in my voice.

As we got into the car, Brooke looked at me and asked, "Is something the matter? I thought you'd be excited that I made the team."

"I am excited, Brooke. I'm really happy for you that you made the team. Yeah, we need to celebrate. The party will be fun!" I said, trying to act excited about it. I knew it meant a lot to Brooke to be accepted and to celebrate, and I didn't want to be a damper on her experience.

"Good, it just seemed that . . ."

"It'll be fine, Brooke. I've never been to a frat party before either. It'll be a lot of fun."

"It'll be fun, for sure, but the real fun will be when we get back to the room after the party. That's when the fun begins," Brooke said to me as she leaned over and gave me a deep, wet kiss. "I just want to see what it's like. I'm not interested in any of them, if that's what you're thinking. I just want to have fun with you tonight, after the party. Remember what I told you, you have to fuck my brains out tonight, and we have all night to make wild love together!"

I kissed her again, and let my hand drop to her leg, just below the bottom of her short shorts. "God, I love you, Brooke," I said, realizing that this was the first time I'd said that to her in that way.

"Steven, I love you too, and not just as a b*****r. I've fallen in love with you, and you're all I'll ever want or need. I really love you, Steven."

With that, I drove back to the hotel. Brooke shed all her clothes, except for her bikini underwear, immediately upon entering the room.

"You have to take these off with your teeth, remember?" Brooke asked.

"My pleasure," I replied, while dropping down on my knees. I leaned forward and bit the top of her bikinis, tugging away at them. I pulled down the sides, making my way around the back side. I pulled the back down over her ass, and licked her ass for a minute or two, before moving around to the front. I took the front of her bikini's into my mouth and pulled them down, just below her cunt. I leaned in and licked her cunt several times before removing them the rest of the way. Brooke stepped out of them as I then stood back up.

Standing in front of me completely naked, she hugged me and kissed me again, taking my hand and placing it on her pussy while rubbing it against herself for a couple of minutes. She leaned back, pressed my hand harder against her pussy, slid a couple of my fingers inside, and while rubbing them inside of her pussy, said, "This is yours and only yours. Nobody else will ever get close. I know there'll be a house full of d***k guys there tonight, I'm not stupid; and I know why they invited all of us over. Some of the girls on the team were talking about getting laid tonight, so I know what's going on, but the only one I want inside of me is you. We don't have to go if you don't want to."

I slid my free hand to her ass and started rubbing it, feeling the softness of her globes, while still finger fucking her. I held her for a few minutes, and while some doubt still lingered, I said, "We can go. It'll be a fun time, our first frat party and all. I guess I'll just have to get used to this if we're here together next year."

"Good. We'll have fun, I promise; and then you're fucking my brains out when we get back. I'm sure we'll both be so fucking horny after the party. Thanks, Steven," she said as she moved away from me and headed to the bathroom. "I know I stink, so I'll get a shower and then we can get something to eat."

Brooke danced with excitement all the way to the bathroom.

I called mom and told her the good news. She wanted to talk with Brooke, but I told her that Brooke was in the shower, and that I'd have her call when she got out.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and thought about the party, and all the comments the guys were making about Brooke over the past two days. I know they'll be all over her tonight, but I'll have to go along with it. Brooke is really excited about it, but I still have my concerns. We'll just have to see what happens.
My s****r Brooke made the f'ockey team at St. Mary's and was really excited about it. This has been a dream of her's for a couple of years. She was now in the shower of the hotel room we shared. We had just left the tryouts, and she wanted to shower before we got something to eat.

The guys from a frat house invited the team and the new girls to a frat party, and Brooke wanted to go. I had reservations about it, but I didn't want to spoil her fun.

While waiting on her to finish up, I logged on to my lap top and googled the address on the flyer, and discovered it was just a few blocks from our hotel, which made it convenient for us to walk. I didn't especially want to drive because I was sure there'd be plenty of beer there, and I didn't want to risk getting stopped on the way back to the hotel after the party.

Looking at the flyer, I noticed that it was nondescript. It implied that the party was hosted by the college, but after the discussion with the guys at the school, I was sure it was a frat party. The presentation of the flyer, I was sure, was to lure unsuspecting girls.

I saved the directions to my iPhone, and just as they loaded, Brooke's phone rang, giving me an instant erection. I probably need to explain this. About a year ago, Brooke asked me to download MC Hammers's song, "You Can't Touch This" and convert it to a ring tone for her phone, which I did. The song has special significance to Brooke, and to me for that matter. Brooke and three of her f'ockey friends have perfected a sexy dance routine to the song, and every time they're over at the house, they practice it. If you aren't familiar with the song, google it and watch the video. The dance Brooke and her friends do is similar to the video, but has some added features.

Their dance routine is highly charged sexually and quite erotic, which causes me to instantly get aroused. When the song starts, they go at it, sexily dancing to the music. Near the beginning of the song you hear the words, 'My, my, my, my." To the four distinct beats, in a synchronized manner which they have perfected, they remove their tops, and perform most of the song in their shorts and bras. Watching Brooke and her three sexy friends dancing like this always gets me hard. I think that's why they do it so much when I'm around. When Hammer sings, "You Can't Touch This," the girls lean back, spread their knees apart and place their hands over their crotch and mouth the words, "You Can't Touch This!" When they did this, they looked directly at me as they sang and covered themselves. They were always teasing me, but I didn't mind at all. I think they were also aware of the effect their dance had on me, which I'm sure was their intent. Her friends were always hitting on me, and I dated two of them, although one never put out for me. Near the end of the song, Hammer sings, "Break it down," and when he does this, in one swift motion, they would sometimes, depending on their mood, remove their shorts and toss them at me, and perform the remainder of the song in their bra and panties. I've seen them do this dance at a couple of parties, but they never removed any clothing. They save that for the practices at home when I'm there. Whenever her phone rings, I think of the four of them dancing to the music in their bras and bikini underwear, and instantly get an erection.

Thinking it might be mom, I grabbed her phone, but noticed the call was from an Amanda. I didn't know an Amanda, so I assumed it must be one of the girls from the f'ockey team. I put the phone back on the desk, and in a couple of minutes she got a text. I picked up her phone again and read the text. It was from Amanda. She wanted to know if she and Liz could go to the party with Brooke and her "boyfriend." They didn't want their moms to know that it was really a frat party, and if they dropped them off, their moms wouldn't let them go.

I thought it was interesting that she referred to me as Brooke's boyfriend. I'll have to ask Brooke about that.

In a few minutes I heard the shower stop, and shortly after that, Brooke walked out of the bathroom, drying off with a towel. I couldn't believe how comfortable she was now being around me in the nude. I was really going to love rooming with her next year if it all works out.

As she reached down to dry her legs, starting with her feet, I got a good view of everything. Her toned, athletic body looked better to me every time I saw it, and right now it looked damn fine.

"You got a call and a text from Amanda," I told her.

"What's she want?"

"I didn't take the call, but her text said that she and Liz want to go with you and your 'boyfriend' to the party, so their moms don't find out it's a frat party."

"Yeah, I thought they might call and ask that. We were talking about the party while waiting to find out who all got on the team."

"What's this about me being your 'boyfriend?'"

"Oh, yea, about that, it just kinda slipped out. They saw you with me a couple of times, and they both think you're hot. If I told 'em you're my bother, they'd be all over you at the party, and I didn't want that, so I told them you're my boyfriend and you brought me to tryouts. I also assured them that you're off limits."

"So, from now on I'm your boyfriend?"

"Yeah, if that's ok with you."

"Fine with me," I replied. "Should make things interesting at the party."

"I told you that I wanted to go with you, and I want everyone to know that you're my boyfriend so they'll leave me alone; and besides that, you and I can have a good time together. Everyone there will think we're a couple, which we are. We don't have to go into the b*****r-s****r thing. Nobody has to know that part."

"Then if we're both here next year, we'll be here as a couple and not b*****r and s****r?" I asked.

"Do you think that'll work?"

"It should," I replied. "I just hope I get in, that's all. I'd hate for you to be here with all those guys from the tryouts and leave your b*****r, excuse me, your boyfriend, at home."

"I don't think you'll have any problem getting in; if you don't, maybe I wont come."

Brooke had finished drying off by this time. She dropped the towel on the floor, and stood before me naked. She walked over to me seductively as I looked from her legs, to her pussy, her tits, to her sweet lips, which she planted on mine. Dropping my hands to her sweet, firm ass, I pulled her in tight, feeling her tits pressed against my chest. As we kissed, I let my hands roam freely, feeling every inch of her back side. God, she felt so fucking good. The thought of rooming with my s****r next year and seeing her like this all the time got me even more excited. I could feel my erection pressing against her through my shorts. Apparently, Brooke could feel it too.

"Do I always have that effect on you?" she asked.

"Yes, you always have that effect on me. If we room together next year, I'll have an erection 24-7."

"Good. I like you hard," Brooke said as she reached down and started unbuckling my shorts. She slowly unzipped them, while kissing me and slipping her tongue into my mouth.

As we kissed, Brooke slid her hand inside my shorts and boxers and started rubbing my hard cock.

"It's getting wet," she said, noticing the pre cum oozing from the head of my cock. She continued rubbing my cock, spreading the cum all over it.

She slowly unfastened and unzipped my shorts, and slid my shorts and boxers down, so that we were standing together nude, with my hard cock pressed against her.

I grabbed her ass again while we stood there kissing. Her tongue was probing the depths of my mouth as I slid my tongue into her mouth. We made out for several minutes with my hardness pressed against her. Brooke started grinding her crotch against mine as I grabbed her ass harder and continued kissing her.

I slid my hands up to her waist, her sides, and to the side of her tits, and then slowly moved them over her tits, rubbing them and tweaking her nipples. Her kiss grew harder as she continued grinding into me.

"God, I love this," she said.

We continued like this for some time. Finally, Brooke led me to the bed, and pushed me back on the bed, spread my legs, knelt down, and started sucking my cock. I looked down at her, watching her mouth go up and down on my shaft. Every time she sucks me off she gets better at it. She was slowly working my cock, with her hands now on my balls and ass.

I started bucking my hips, driving my cock deeper inside her mouth. Brooke continued sucking me off. I told her to move around so I could reach her pussy, so she turned around and straddled me, while never taking her mouth off of my hard cock. Brooke was now on top of me with her mouth on my cock, and her tight ass and sweet pussy pressed against my face. I pulled her up a little so that I could reach her dripping pussy, and started licking it.

With both hands now on her ass cheeks, I started eating my s****r's pussy. I licked it from top to bottom, tasting her sweetness, and then started licking her deep and sucking away at her slit. I rubbed her ass while sucking her cunt. Brooke sucked harder on my cock, while fondling my balls.

"Oh god, yes, Steven, right there. Lick that spot," she said as I found her sweet spot.

I kept lapping away at her pussy, which tasted so fucking sweet. I started sucking on her flaps, which felt so tender to the touch of my tongue, paying special attention to her sweet spot. God, she tasted so good.

Brooke started bucking her hips, driving my tongue deeper into her pussy. I could feel her saliva dripping down my cock and balls, with her rubbing it into my balls. Her saliva dripped down to my ass, and it felt fucking incredible.

Brooke pressed harder against my mouth, as I felt her ass and her sides, rubbing as much of her as I could reach. I loved the feel of her body, which was soft and firm at the same time. While eating her, my hands roamed freely over her skin. I was in a state of bliss.

Brooke stopped sucking my cock and gave me a hand job for a few minutes, while licking the length of my hard cock several times before turning around and pulling me on top of her. She spread her legs and pulled me down against her. With my cock now pressed against her pussy, I reached down and slid my cock up and down against her slit, from top to bottom. I loved it when I looked down at us and saw my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I continued rubbing the head of my cock around her slit.

"Oh god, that feel good, keep doing that, please keep doing that."

My cock was so sensitive to the touch of her wet pussy as I continued rubbing it against her. I watched closely as I pressed the head of my cock against her waiting entrance, which was so fucking wet by this time. I pressed the head of my cock inside of her and quickly pulled it back out. I did this several times as Brooke squirmed beneath me. Her legs wrapped around me tighter.

"Oh god, fuck me, Steven," Brooke shouted.

Slowly, I slid my cock inside of her. God it felt so fucking tight. I loved the feeling of her pussy surrounding my hard cock as I slid into her. I fucked her slowly, sliding in part way, pulling out most of the way, and slowly sliding back in. I kept this up for several minutes as Brooke increased the speed of her grinding against me.

"I can't take this much longer, Steven, I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard. Fuck me!" Brooke shouted louder, while enjoying my cock inside of her.

I increased the speed of my fuck, pushing all the way in and then pulling most of the way out. Each time I pushed in, Brooke brought her hips up and pressed hard against my cock. I looked at her, and she looked so erotic. Her nipples were hard, her eyes closed, her lips parted slightly as she licked them with her tongue. Brooke had the most beautiful expression on her face whenever we fucked. It was like she was in a state of erotic bliss. God she looked so fucking beautiful. I continued fucking her while staring at her beautiful face. While staring at her, Brooke opened her eyes and looked back at me. With my cock slowly fucking her, she mouthed the words, "I love you." When she did that, I leaned forward and pressed my lips to hers, and kissed her softly. I pulled my face back and mouthed, "I love you, too," to my s****r. She smiled and bucked her hips even harder against my cock.

Both of us were losing control at this time. My cock started driving into her harder and harder. Brooke arched against me firmly, and then brought her hands to her tits and started rubbing them as I towered over her. She tilted her head to the side and continued licking her lips while playing with her tits. She was pulling at them harder and pinching her nipples while she started to moan. Her moans were quite soft at first, but grew louder as she made her way towards an orgasm.

"Fuck me, Steven. Oh god, fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck your s****r, Steven."

I started fucking my s****r harder and faster. I reached down, placed my hands under her ass, and pulled her up higher so I could get deeper inside of her. I was balls deep inside my s****r as she continued shouting obscenities and pinching harder on her nipples.

Our movements were as one at this point. We maintained s steady rhythm with my cock pressing into her sweet sex, and she lifting her hips, taking me deep inside of her. I had a strange feeling in my cock, as if it was going numb. I felt like I could continue like this for hours. It was so pleasurable. As I looked at her beautiful face, I realized that I wasn't just fucking my s****r, I was making love to her. There were real feelings between us. This wasn't some date in the back seat of the car, it was my s****r and we were in a hotel room, and it felt so right. I wanted more of her. I never wanted this experience to end. We were one, with my cock buried deep within her.

I leaned forward and brought my lips to hers. "I love you, Brooke. I mean, I really love you," I said softly as I kissed her, sliding my tongue into her mouth.

Brooke started bucking wildly against my cock as she reached orgasm. I could feel the walls of her pussy begin to spasm. I had feeling in my cock now, more feeling than I've ever experienced. I could feel her vaginal walls convulsing rapidly. I could feel it intensely. Her pussy was milking my cum out of my balls, as I felt it pass through my cock and empty inside of her, with her pussy still contracting around me. It was the most intense orgasm either of us ever had. It felt so, so right. I knew for sure then that I wanted her. I wanted her as my s****r and my lover. God I wanted her.

Brooke slowed down, and soon was motionless beneath me. She opened her eyes and looked at me with the most beautiful expression I'd ever seen. The chemistry was magical. We both knew, in that instant, that we had to be together. I knew that she loved me as much as I loved her.

Reaching down, I pulled her up so that we were both sitting on the bed facing each other, with my cock still deep within her. Her legs moved so that they were over mine, her pussy resting on my erect cock.

I pulled her to me, feeling her tits press against my bare chest. I rubbed her back softly, and then pulled her face to mine, kissing her passionately. My hands couldn't get enough of my s****r as they roamed over her back to her ass as I kept moving my hands over her.

Brooke's hands were holding my face to hers as we kissed. I licked her mouth, her lips, her neck, and then, as she leaned back and offered them to me, I licked and sucked on her sweet tits. I could feel my cum seeping out of her, coating my pubes and balls. I pulled her pussy harder against me, never wanting her to leave me.

Brooke hugged me tight.

"God, that was so fucking good," she said softly, as I continued sucking her tits. I licked my way back to her mouth, and slid my tongue inside. Brooke pressed her tongue inside my mouth as I pulled her against me again. We kissed like this for god knows how long. It felt so good.

With her legs still wrapped around me and my deflating cock still buried in her, she looked at me.

"I love you, Steven. God, I love you. I've loved you and wanted you for a long time."

"I love you, too Brooke. I never want this to end."

We kissed one final time, before I pulled out of her. My cock was still semi-erect, and had her juices, mixed with mine, covering it.

Brooke reached down and took my cock in her hand and rubbed it gently, spreading our mixed juices all over my cock as well as my balls.

I placed my hands on her hips, and gently rubbed her hips, sliding my hands to her pussy, and rubbed her lips lightly.

"Sex with you is so fucking amazing," I said to her.

She smiled and kissed me again. Her kiss was softer now, but no less passionate.

After a few minutes to calm down, Brooke slowly got off of me, and we both stared at each other before reclining next to each other. I gently rubbed her tits, feeling the softness that I couldn't get enough of.

I looked at the clock and realized that we made love for over an hour. God it was sweet.

Brooke's phone rang again, and as usual, my cock started to come back to life as I listened to the music and thought about Brooke and her friends' erotic dance.

Brooke got out of the bed and walked over to the desk and answered the phone. I couldn't take my eyes off of her beautiful body.

Brooke talked or a few minutes to whom I assumed was Amanda.

She covered the phone while asking me, "Is it ok with you if Amanda and Liz go with us?"

"I don't mind, if we're still going," I replied.

"They really want to, and I'd like to go, too, if you'll go."

"Sure, they can go with us. I thought we'd walk though, so I wont have to drive. I don't want to risk a DUI if I have something to drink."

"How far is it?" she asked.

"It's only a ten minute walk from here," I replied.

Brooke talked with Amanda and discovered that their hotel was just two down from ours. We agreed to meet them around eight o'clock in the lobby of their hotel. That would give us time to shower, get dressed, and get some dinner before we left. The party would be well underway by the time we arrived.

Brooke confirmed the arrangements with Amanda.

"You need to call mom, too," I told her.

Still standing there in the nude, Brooke speed dialed mom, who immediately answered.

They talked for only a few minutes, with Brooke telling her all about making the team and the party we were going to. She told mom that she had to go because she needed to get ready for dinner. After a few more minutes, she turned off her phone and returned to me.

Brooke sat down on the bed beside me, placed her hand on my thigh, and kissed me.

"That was really great, Steven," she said, referring to our hour of making love before the phone rang.

"Yeah, it really was. I'm looking forward to much more, too," I replied.

"We have to make sure you get in. I want you here and I want to live with you next year."

"Yeah, there's nothing I'd like more than that," I said, giving her another brief kiss.

Noticing that we were both sweaty, Brooke suggested that we take a shower before getting dressed, which was fine with me.

We got up and went into the bathroom. Brooke started the shower, and when it was ready, we both got in. We spent time washing each other, running our soapy hands all over each other's body. When we finished, we got out and dried off. Both nude, we walked into the bedroom.

Brooke started sorting through the clothes in her suitcase and pulled out what she was going to wear to dinner and the party. She put on a small pair of bikinis, a sexy white bra with lace trim, slid on a tiny pair of shorts that were cut to a V in the front, showing off her lower abdomen, which was fit and toned. The waist on her shorts was very low, showing off her hot body. They came down several inches below her hips, and almost to her crack in the back. The legs of the shorts were also very short, with the cuff falling just below her ass cheeks in the back. She slipped a beautiful white top over her shoulders. It fell about midway between her tits and the top of her shorts. God she looked sexy in that outfit. The top was loose fitting, had spaghetti straps, and showed off her cleavage. She looked like something out of a fashion magazine as she slipped on her sandals.
I got out a pair of boxers and shorts and put them on. I then put on a wife-beater followed by an old dress shirt, which I didn't button. I had a pair of dockers that I put on. We both looked good, especially Brooke, who really looked sexy.

"I'm not sure I want you to wear that outfit to the party," I told her.

"Well, I can't wear it at home, mom would have a cow. This is the only time I can dress like this until I come up here in the fall. Do you really think it's, you know, too revealing for the party?"

"You have to promise not to leave my side," I said. "You look really hot, and I don't want those guys pawing all over you."

Brooke walked over to me, kissed me, and said, "Like I said before, I don't want anyone but you, Steven. You have nothing to worry about."

Taking her at her word, I agreed that she looked hot and appropriately dressed for the frat party, knowing that every guy there will want to get at her.

We left the room, got in the car and drove away.

"Let's drive around a little and see what all's here," Brooke said.

I drove over by the frat house to make sure it was as close as it looked. As I pointed it out to Brooke, she said that it was close enough to walk. It really wasn't that far from the hotel.

We noticed some guys carrying kegs of beer from their car to the frat house. Several of them, kegs, I mean.

"Looks like they're preparing for a good party," Brooke said. There was another guy carrying speakers into the house, along with some other stuff.

"He must be the DJ," Brooke said, sharing that one of the guys said that they'd hired one for the evening.

We drove on by the house and around the town. It had all the chain restaurants and several mom and pop places as well.

As we passed a place called "Mangino's Pizza," Brooke said she wanted to eat there. We both loved pizza, and hadn't had any since we've been here, so I turned around and pulled in. The place was full, but we found a corner booth and sat down.

The waitress came over and asked for our drink order. I ordered a pitcher of beer, curious if she would ask for ID. She looked at me, looked back at the counter, and then asked, "Two glasses or one?" I said, "Two." She wrote it down, turned, and walked away.

"I wasn't sure if she'd get it for us or not," I said to Brooke.

"I imagine they do this all the time, this being a college town," Brooke replied.

The waitress returned with the pitcher and two glasses, and took our order. We ordered a large pizza with everything, just the way Booke likes it. The waitress turned and walked away.

I poured each of us a glass of beer, and we started drinking it as we talked. We had another beer each before the waitress returned with the pizza.

The pizza was very good, and we took our time eating it and drinking our beer as we talked. We were having a good time when the waitress came back over.

"You two are really having a good time. Are you celebrating something?" she asked.

"Yeah, we are. My girlfriend made the f'ockey team at St. Mary's, and we'll both be coming here next year. We're really excited about it."

"Congratulations," the waitress said to Brooke. "The next pitcher's on me."

She turned and went back to draw us another pitcher from the tap.

"Did you hear what you told her?" Brooke asked me.


"You called me your girlfriend."

"Well, what am I supposed to call you? You are my girlfriend, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I certainly am," Brooke replied as she kissed me.

The waitress returned soon with our second pitcher of beer, of which we only drank about half. Brooke and I each had three or four beers during our meal. I've never known her to drink much, but I do on occasion; but this was a lot for me.

Looking at her watch, Brooke said, "We better get out of here, we're supposed to pick up Amanda and Liz in a few minutes."

We got up and I paid the waitress, giving her a very generous tip. I think she knew it was because of the beer. She smiled at us and congratulated Brooke again on making the team.

When we got outside, we could hear the music playing from the frat house, which was only a few blocks away.

"The party sounds like it's going strong," I said to Brooke.

"Yeah, it does."

I decided to leave my car in the parking lot and walk back to the hotel. I could get it in the morning.

We got back to our hotel and went to the room. Brooke said that she had to freshen up a bit, whatever that means. After she finished, I went in the bathroom and took a piss and combed my hair. Looking at myself in the mirror, I felt ready to head over to the hotel and get the girls and then walk on to the party.

When I went back into the bedroom, Brooke was putting on a little make up. She doesn't wear much. She doesn't need it with all her natural beauty. She looked stunning sitting there at the mirror.

When she finished, we left the hotel to get Amanda and Liz, who were impatiently waiting for us in the lobby when we arrived.

"Where've you been?" Amanda shouted across the lobby to Brooke as we walked up to them.

Both these girls were knockouts. Amanda was the taller of the two, had long, slender legs, and was a little taller than the Brooke, too. She had an athletic body, but not as developed as either Brooke or Liz. Amanda had long, curly blonde hair that came down just a little over her shoulders. She was wearing white shorts and a tight white top, which was tucked into her shorts. She was also wearing sandals. She wasn't showing any flesh in the midriff like Brooke, which I found to be a little disappointing. She was lean, and her tits were the smaller of the three girls, but she had a beautiful face and sexy eyes.

Amanda walked up to me and asked Brooke if she was going to introduce us, or what. Brooke introduced me to Amanda and Liz, saying that I was her boyfriend.

Liz came over to greet me, and she also looked stunning. She looked like she was Polynesian to me. She had a darker complexion, and her skin was flawless; perfect, if you asked me. She had on white shorts, but they weren't as short as Amanda's or Brooke's. Her legs were more muscular than either Brooke's or Amanda's. She was wearing a top similar to Brooke's, although it was quite colorful. It was not tucked in like Amanda's, but hung down, stopping about three or four inches above her waist. Her breasts were the largest of the three girls, and the front of her top drooped down showing them off. She had a huge rack on her. Her ass was sweet, too. Round and firm. "I'm a lucky guy, getting to take the three of you to the party!" I said to them.

They laughed at that. Amanda said, "I know you're taken, so I'm going to mingle when I get there."

"Me too," replied Liz.

As we started walking to the frat house, I warned them about taking drinks offered to them by any of the guys. I told them to make sure they got their own beer, and straight from the tap. Guys were known to mess with girls' drinks at these parties.

They didn't pay much attention to me, saying that they'd met some of the guys, and they weren't like that at all. I didn't tell them what those guys were saying about them at the tryouts; I figured that they'd have to do it their way.

Brooke put her arm around me as we walked, and we soon arrived at the party.

Once we got inside, we could tell that the party had been going for some time. Several of the girls had already paired up with guys, and were making out all over the place.

Walking toward the drink and snack table, Brooke noticed a mattress on the floor in the middle of the room.

"What the hell's that for?" she asked.

"If we stay long enough, I'm sure we'll find out. I've seen some videos of frat parties, and they always end with a guy and girl, or more, doing it on the mattress in front of everyone."

"You've got to be k**ding! They really do that?"

"That, and more. This place will be hopping in an hour or so, and you'll see plenty of nudity before the night's over. There'll be tits everywhere."

"Are you k**ding?"

"Nope. Unless this is an unusual party, that's the way I hear they usually turn out."

"I need another beer," Brooke said after that.

We walked over to the kegs and I drew a beer for each of us, and handed Brooke's to her. "Don't let anyone else give you a drink, Brooke. Just me. Promise?"

"Yeah, I promise, and besides, I'm not leaving your side!"

Amanda and Liz started mingling with the guys, who were all glad they came. One walked up to Amanda and started kissing and groping her, and she just went with it. Another came up to Liz and did the same. The two guys handed them each a beer. They stood and talked with them for several minutes. Once they downed their beers, the four of them started dancing.

Over in the corner I noticed a guy and girl making out, and she had already taken her top off. "See what I told you?" I said to Brooke, nodding in their direction. Brooke looked over and saw that the girl was naked from the waist up and the guy was kissing her and rubbing her tits.

"Oh. My. God," Brooke said, staring at the couple. "You weren't k**ding, were you?"

Then she nodded to the other corner, and I saw a girl with her top off and the guy kissing her and feeling her pussy through her panties. Her pants were gone too.

"She's one of the f'ockey team members from St. Mary's. She's the one who said she wanted to get laid tonight. I guess she'll get her wish."

I looked at her again, and she really was beautiful, too. She was kissing the guy hard, and letting him rub her pussy in front of everyone. "I doubt her panties stay on much longer," I said to Brooke, who pulled me away so I'd stop looking at her future team mate.

I thought the party was moving along quit quickly, until I noticed the time. It has been going on for about an hour and a half by now, and someone mentioned that the girls who are on the team already came early, so they could get their pick of guys; however, some of them refused to hook up, until the fresh meat arrived, so he said.

Brooke and I mingled around the crowd, noticing that there were other couples going at it in other rooms, however nobody was completely nude, yet. There were several girls topless, and a few down to their panties.

Brooke and I danced some, while warming up to the crowd. Around nine o'clock some of the guys started yelling, "Beer Pong, Beer Pong," while setting up a table in what would have been the dining room.

Liz came running up to Brooke asking if she wanted to play.

"Come on, Brooke, this would be fun!" Liz told her.

"No way I'm playing beer pong," Brooke replied. "Get Amanda to play."

"I've looked all over for Amanda, and haven't seen her since we finished dancing with those guys. She walked off with one of them."

Brooke and I quickly scanned the room, and neither of us saw her, either.

"Come on, Brooke, it's really easy to play. I play with my b*****rs at home, and I always beat them."

I wondered what Liz meant by that; I can't imagine her playing beer pong with her b*****rs. That was an interesting insight into Liz.

Liz ran up to the table and said that she wanted to play. Another girl, who just made the team, joined Liz at one end of the table, while two good looking frat b*****rs stood at the other end.

One guy, not playing, held a mic as he started to explain the rules, which were abbreviated from the normal beer pong rules, which can be rather complicated.

He introduced the players, having them call out their names. Liz and Kristen against Todd and Blake.

"Ok, gang, here's how were playing. This first game will be one of 'Strip Beer Pong."

I looked over at Liz, and she didn't seem concerned at all that they were playing for clothing. The other girl, Kristen, seemed to have reservations, but after talking it over with Liz, decided to remain in the game.

"The rules will be simplified for our guests, who may be unfamiliar with the game. Each player must have on six articles of clothing. Shoes count. Ten cups of beer will be placed at each end of the table, arranged in a pyramid, with four cups in the back, three next, then two, and one in the front."

While he was saying this, two other frat b*****rs set the cups on the table. I quickly noticed that there was much more beer in the cups at the girl's end than the boys end, but I guess that was to be expected.

"There will be ten cups of beer at each end of the table. Each team plays their two balls, and then we see who wins the first round. For instance, if one team gets two balls in and the other gets one, the team that got two wins, and the other team has to drink one beer and shed an article of clothing each. I'll keep track to make sure there's no cheating! After the game, the losing team has to drink all the beer of the opposing team, remove any remaining articles of clothing, and pay the consequence chosen by the winning team. You can toss or bounce the ball in the cup, and there are no blocked shots. Elbow rule applies, watch the red line, please, or your ball will be disqualified."

One player from each side will toss a ball simultaneously to see which team goes first.

Liz took a ball as did one of the guys, and they threw together. Liz's ball went right in the cup, while the guy's hit the rim and bounced off the table. Liz and Kristen were to go first.

Kristen went first, and her ball hit the rim and bounced into another cup. One in. Liz shot, and like before, her ball went right in a cup. Two in.

The guys went next, and neither of them got a ball in a cup, so they had to drink the two cups of beer and take off two articles of clothing each. They drank the beer and kicked off their shoes. The two cups were removed from the table, leaving eight.

The guys shot first this time, and they got one ball in a cup. The girls shot next. Liz's ball went in and so did Kristen's. The girls won, two to one, so the guys had to remove another article of clothing, and drink one of the beers. They did. The girls still had all ten of their cups, while there were only seven remaining at the guys' end of the table. The guys pulled off their outer shirts.

The girls shot first, and neither got a ball in a cup. The guys shot, and two balls went in, so the girls had to drink two beers and remove two articles of clothing. Liz and Kristin chugged their beers and kicked off their sandals.

The next round was a tie, so neither team lost any clothing or had to drink a beer.

It was the girls turn to go first, and neither of them got a ball in a cup. With only seven cups on the guys end of the table now, it was a little more difficult.

The guys went next. The first one bounced his ball off the table and it went in. The second did the same. Two balls in. Liz and Kristen had to drink another two beers and remove two articles of clothing each. They both took off their tops and pants, and were standing at their end of the table in their underwear, as the crowd started to cheer. They loved seeing the girls lose. The girls, who had been drinking for an hour, had just consumed two large beers each in the past few minutes, and it was apparent that they were getting d***k. They were giggly and shouting, generally making a scene.

The guys went first this round, and as they shot, the girls pushed their chests out to distract them, and it worked as both missed.

Liz took her time with her shot, and showing her skill, bounced a ball in a cup. One in. Kristen also took her time, shot a ball in a cup. The guys missed on both shots, so they had to remove two articles of clothing and drink another two beers. They each shed their undershirts and pants, and were now down to their underwear. One wore boxers and the other briefs.

The game was getting serious now. The girls had on only two articles of clothing, and the guys one. This game would be over before long.

The guys started rubbing their cocks through their underwear, telling the girls how much they were going to enjoy having them suck them off after the next round, which was rather bold, since they were losing.

The girls went first. Liz shot very carefully, and her ball went in. Kristen missed. One ball in a cup.

The guys went next, and each of them shot a direct shot into a cup. The girls lost by one so they each had to remove an article of clothing and drink a beer. They shared a cup of beer, and then, very seductively shed their bras.

The game was really getting interesting now. Liz and Kristen were strutting their stuff, and both appeared to be wasted. They were playing with each other's tits, and slapping each other on the ass, which was now the only covered part of their bodies. Neither seemed to have any inhibitions about standing in front of everyone in only their panties.

With both teams down to one article of clothing, the game would soon end.

The guys went first, and one ball went in, one missed.

Girls' time. With two balls in, the girls would win. Liz shot, and her ball bounced off a rim and onto the floor.

Kristen took her time. She tossed her ball and it hit a rim and spun around it twice before dropping in. The game was a tie.

To make it interesting, the leader said that each player had to drink a beer. Liz and Kristen each chugged a beer, as did the guys. There were only three cups at each end of the table, and the leader racked them so that they were in a pyramid. It would make it easier to get a ball in this time.

Liz and Kristen went first. Liz carefully took aim, shot, and bouncing off another cup, her ball went in.

Kristen got a very serious look on her face, knowing that if they lost this round she would have to remove all her clothing, but I really didn't think this mattered that much at this point. I suspected that they would get naked regardless of the outcome of the game.

Kristen shot, and her ball went in. They got both of them in. The guys would have to do the same or they would lose the game, and have to perform for the girls.

The guys looked a little nervous, although I doubt that if they lost it would be the first time their cocks had been exposed at one of these parties.

The first guy shot and his ball went in a cup. The girls, trying to distract the second guy as he prepared to shoot, started making with each other, and then Liz started sucking Kristen's tits, while Kristen slid her hand inside the front of Liz's panties. Christ, that was erotic. I have to admit that I was starting to get hard watching the two of them. Liz brought her mouth back up to Kristen's, and they started making out again, with Kristen still rubbing Liz's pussy. They showed some erotic tongue action, and they were both hotties. I have always enjoyed watching girls make out. Brooke and her f'ockey friends sometimes kiss each other when they know I'm looking, just to tease me.

The second guy was obviously distracted because he was watching the girls intensely as he shot his ball. It hit the rim of one cup, hit the rim of a second cup, and then bounced on the table and then on the floor. To the cheers of all the girls in the room, Liz and Kristen were proclaimed the winners. The guys had to come to their end of the table and drink their remaining three cups of beer. They chugged them right down. All the girls stared chanting, "Take it off, take it off, take it off," as the guys had to remove their remaining article of clothing.

The guys didn't hesitate to drop their underpants, and as they did, it was obvious that they were aroused, as each had an erection. Their cocks popped up as their underwear went down. The crowd cheered as they stripped.

The leader, still holding a mic, asked the girls if they had chosen a consequence for the guys. Liz grabbed the mic and said, "Since they were so eager to get a blow job, they get to eat us out until we cum!" she shouted.

The leader took the mic from Liz and announced that action would take place on the mattress so all could watch. The crowd started cheering again.
We all moved to the room with the mattress. As we made our way there, I noticed that several of the girls had shed their tops. There were tits everywhere. We also noticed that the girl from the team, who wanted to get laid, was on one of the couches with her legs spread and hanging over the edge, with a different guy standing in front of her, fucking her hard.

"I guess she got her wish," Brooke said as we both looked at them. There was another couple doing it on one of the chairs. The guy was on the bottom, and the girl was sitting on his cock, bouncing up and down, oblivious to the people around her.

"Do you see Amanda anywhere?" Brooke asked. I scanned the crowd again, but didn't see her. "Nope," I replied.

Liz and Kristen were led to the mattress and both sat down, leaned back, pulled off their panties, and spread their legs, with their knees up. God they looked good spread out like that.

The guys, cocks still hard, got down on their knees in front of the girls and started eating them out. The cheers were loud at first. Liz was rubbing her tits, while Kristen was motionless. Liz reached over and started rubbing Kristen's tits, grabbed Kristen's hands and put them on her tits. The guys kept eating away at the girl's pussies. After a few minutes, Kristen took the initiative, leaned over to Liz, and started making out with her, while still rubbing Liz's tits. God this was an erotic sight. They continued kissing as the guys ate away. Both girls looked quite excited, getting off with the guys eating them. This continued for some time, until the girls decided they guys had eaten them long enough, and obviously wanted more.

Liz broke the kiss with Kristen, leaned forward, grabbed her partner by the arms and pulled him on top of her. He grabbed his hard cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, and, grabbing his ass, Liz pulled him into her. I was standing at their feet, and had full view of this guys hard cock as it parted Liz's pussy and slid inside. The two of them started fucking hard.

Not wanting to be outdone, the guy with Kristen leaned forward, brought his groin to hers, and entered her. Both girls were getting fucked, and fucked hard.

The crowd cheered as the two pairs started fucking, on the mattress, in front of nearly everyone in the room.

"Well, now I know what the mattress is for," Brooke said, laughing.

We watched Liz and Kristen as they got fucked on the mattress. They continued for several minutes, until each started to climax. The guys were very focused on their fucking, and each continued until they came, along with the girls. The guy with Kristen pulled out as he came, and ejaculated all over her stomach, some of it shooting to her tits, with one glob hitting her in the face. The guy with Liz started to withdraw, but Liz grabbed his ass, wrapped her legs around him tight, and held him inside her as he came. The four of them were exhausted from their orgasms, and fell beside each other on the mattress. The crowd cheered as the first two couples had fucked on the mattress. I suspected that they wouldn't be the last before the night was over.

The crowd started to break up. Brooke and I went to the kegs and got another beer each, and I got part of a sub. There was still plenty of food remaining, and several untapped kegs of beer.

Brooke and I mingled through the crowd. We paused against a wall when Brooke started kissing me. Holding my beer in one hand, I reached around her and pulled her in tight. We made out for a long time, while drinking on our beers between kisses. I finished my sandwich and both of us finished our beers, and as we walked back toward the room with the food, the song started, and I got an erection.

You guessed it. MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This." As the song started, blaring loudly through the house, Brooke started her dance routine. She sat down her beer and started right in. When it got to, "You Can't Touch This," Brooke leaned back, spread her knees apart, covered her crotch with her hand, and sang the words looking directly at me. People started to notice, and soon there was a crowd around us, cheering her on. She did look fantastic as she danced, and her routine was flawless. Soon after the start of the song, I heard those familiar words, "My, my, my, my," and as she had done so many times when she and her f'ockey friends performed this dance at our house, Brooke, very erotically, and in complete rhythm with the music, pulled off her top and tossed it to me. The crowd went wild as Brooke continued her routine wearing her shorts and bra. God, she looked so fucking sexy. Brooke, with her finger, motioned for me to join her. While I'd never performed this routine before, I'd seen it many times, so I joined her on the dance floor. We danced together, with me following her lead. The crowd started singing and clapping along as we danced. I immediately noticed that the DJ was playing the longer version of the song, the one from the video, which lasts over four and a half minutes. I wasn't sure I could keep up this aerobic routine that long, but I was giving it my best try.

Brooke looked awesome doing her routine. I was just window dressing, I knew, but it was fun.

At one point, Brooke broke the routine, swirled into me, and kissed me hard, just before MC sang, "You Can't Touch This," and Brooke broke the kiss, spread her knees apart, covered her crotch, and sang along with MC. Everyone was laughing at this, and having a good time.

It seemed like the song would never end, and both Brooke and I were covered with sweat. It was a little warm in the house, and the dancing was taking its toll on me, however it didn't look as though it was having any affect on Brooke. She kept her routine without missing a beat. It was well rehearsed and she was doing it perfectly.

I felt good as we neared the end of the song, and I suspected that Brooke was glad it was almost over as well.

Just as Hammer sang, "Break it down," near the end of the song, Brooke didn't miss a beat. In one swift motion, she unfastened and unzipped her shorts, pulled them off, and tossed them to me. I caught them and watched her as she performed the final minute of her dance routine in her bra and bikinis, which had pulled down some in the back when she removed her shorts, exposing a small part of her crack. The crowd went wild, laughing, cheering, clapping, and singing along with the song. Brooke had worked up quite a sweat by the end of the song. When the music stopped, she flung herself into me, threw her arms around my neck, brought her lips to mine and kissed me hard, driving her tongue deep inside my mouth. I instinctively slid my hands under her panties to her firm ass, cupping both cheeks, as Brooke bent her right leg up behind her, ending the dance on a high note.

As the crowd clapped, Brooke whispered in my ear, "Take me upstairs."

I grabbed her by the hand and led her through the room to the stairs, and we ran up to the second floor.

"We need to get a room, Steven."

We opened the first door we came to and started to go inside, when we noticed it was occupied. There was a girl flat on her back on the bed, and a guy standing between her legs, which were over his shoulders, fucking her hard.

Brooke looked at me and said, "Well, we found Amanda!"

"That's Amanda?"

"Sure is," Brooke replied.

I looked at her and noticed that Brooke was right. Amanda was getting drilled. Her face was toward us, but her eyes were closed. The guy didn't look up at us either, as we slowly closed the door.

We walked across the hallway, but didn't open that door. The sounds emanating from inside told us that the room was occupied.

We went to the third bedroom and opened the door. The light was on and the room was empty. Brooke and I stepped inside, and just as we entered the room, Brooke started kissing me.

"God," she said, out of breath, "I can't believe I did that. Oh my god."

"I couldn't believe it either, but you did a great job. You preformed the routine perfectly!" I replied.

"Did I embarrass you?"

"No, not at all. You looked great out there."

"Thank you. You didn't look bad yourself. I didn't know you knew the routine that well."

"I didn't either, but once I got started, it came easily. Hell, I've seen it enough."

Brooke plowed her tongue back into my mouth as I groped her ass. She slid her finger down my chest, pushing my shirt off and onto the floor. She then moved her hands to my shorts, unbuckling them and unzipping them as they fell to my feet. Through my boxers, Brooke felt my hard cock.

"I guess you did enjoy the routine," she said while gently stroking my cock with her hand now inside the fly. Brooke put her hands on the waist band of my boxers and slowly pushed them down over my erect cock, letting them drop to the floor, as I stepped out of them. She kissed me again on the mouth, and then licked down my neck, sucked briefly on each of my nipples, licked my chest, and followed my treasure trail down to my pubes. Brooke stopped there and looked back up at me.

"When we get back to the hotel, I'm trimming these pubes. They tickle my nose!"

My pubes are thick. I have just a small amount of hair on my chest, but a definite treasure trail leading down to my full pubes. I had thought of trimming them a couple of times, they're so full, but thought that might be kinda gay, so I never did. When we get back to the hotel, I'll let her.

"We can take care of that," I said.

"I'll just trim them back a little, if you don't mind," she replied.

Brooke then went to work on my cock, taking my entire length into her mouth and throat, sucking me hard.

I dropped my hands to her head, feeling the motion of her head as she sucked me off. God, this felt good. Brooke continued sucking me with no sense of abandonment. She wanted my cock and I was more than willing to give it to her. She continued sucking, swirling her tongue around my shaft, licking from the base to the head several times. One of her hands went to my balls as she played with them while sucking my hard cock.

"I love your cock, Steven," Brooke said, although it was obvious that she loved sucking me off. I have to say that I was enjoying it as much as she was.

I looked down at her, and it seemed like she was enjoying it. She was making love to my cock, licking it and sucking it while still fondling my balls. God this felt good. I loved my s****r, and I loved her mouth on me, anywhere. As she rubbed my balls, she took her other hand and started rubbing my ass. God, it felt good.

I lost track of time with my s****r sucking me off. She never stopped, either, for a long time.

She licked my shaft several times, licked the head, and then surrounded my cock again with her mouth, and slid all the way down to my pubes, which I noticed, were tickling her nose. She had to scratch it a couple of times while she continued sucking.

"God, Brooke, I'm warning you, I'm about to cum!"

Brooke removed her mouth from my cock, looked up at me, and said, "That's the point. I want your cum. Cum in my mouth, Steven, cum in my mouth."

Brooke returned to my cock, and slid her soft mouth over the head while licking it, and then she slid her mouth down on my cock, while licking the underside as she did so. I knew I wasn't going to last long.

She sucked my cock all the way in, then slowly slid her mouth over my cock, dragging her tongue against the underside of my shaft, as she made her way to the head, and then slid her mouth back down. She repeated this, slowly, several times, when I began to feel my legs tingle and my cum rising. I pressed forward into her mouth as I shot my first load. Brooke moaned as the first load entered her mouth, causing her to clamp down harder on my cock as she sucked the cum out. I thrust several more times into her mouth, each time shooting another load. Six or seven ejaculations hit her tongue and the back of her throat as I emptied my balls into my s****r's mouth. Brooke continued sucking my cock long after I shot my loads into her. I could feel the sensation of her swallowing my cum several times.

Finally, she pulled her mouth off my cock, stood up, leaned into me and kissed me. There was plenty of tongue action as we kissed, and as we did so, I dropped my hands to her ass again, and pulled her in as close as I possibly could.

"I love you, Steven. I love you so fucking much," Brooke whispered into my ear.

"God, Brooke, I love you too," I replied.

Brooke looked over at the bed and said, "When we first came in here, I wanted you to throw me on that bed and have you fuck my brains out; but look at it."

I looked over at the bed, and it was obvious that it had been used several times this evening. It was a mess. There was a huge wet spot in the middle, and I also noticed two used condoms on the floor, along with a pair of panties.

"Someone had a good time in here," I said.

"Yeah, I guess so," Brooke replied while looking at the mess. "I wanted you to fuck me, but once I looked at the bed, Christ, I wouldn't touch it, let alone let you fuck me on it."

"Yeah, that is nasty," I replied.

Brooke kissed me again, and then said she was ready to go back to the hotel and finish the job.

"We better see if we can find the girls, I don't want to leave them here," I said.

"Well, we know where Amanda is, or was," Brooke said, laughing.

"Yeah, we'll have to wait until she's finished. We can't leave them here," I said.

"Let's get dressed and go downstairs and look for 'em," Brooke suggested, adding, "I could use another beer, and some FOOD!"

We got dressed and walked out of the room. As we passed the room Amanda was in, one guy was leaving and another was going in, and I didn't think the guy coming out was the one we saw in there half an hour ago. My initial instinct was to check on Amanda, but I decided to leave her alone, as it really wasn't any of my business anyway. It was a decision that I would soon regret.
Brooke and I made our way downstairs and through the crowd to the food table. There was some food left, but most of it had been eaten already. Brooke stopped to fix each of us a sandwich as I walked over to the kegs to get us each a beer. After pouring two beers, I joined Brooke over by the food table. She had managed to sc**** together enough to make each of us a sandwich and found some chips. We finished our food as people came up to us, especially Brooke, and complemented her on the dance routine earlier. It seemed like everyone enjoyed it. Some even commented on my dancing, which I know wasn't nearly as good, or appealing, as hers.

After we finished our beers and food, I went back over to the kegs to get one final beer for each of us before we left the party. While drawing our beers, a d***k frat boy came up and started talking with me like we were old friends.

"Hey man, how's it hanging?"

"Fine," I replied, while trying to get away from him. He already had an arm d****d around my shoulder.

"We've got some good action going on upstairs if you want a piece of it," he said, slurring every other word.

"Not interested," I replied.

"C'mon man, this is too good to pass up. We have a new field hockey player, and she's DTF! You need to get some of this, I did. Hell, we all have!" he said laughing.

I immediately thought about Amanda, and was sure she was who he was talking about.

"You got her on something?" I asked, trying to get more information out of him.

"Nah . . . didn't have to. She was making out with a friend of mine at the beginning of the party and then they went to his room. He said I could tag along. After he did'er, she asked me to fuck'er too, so I did. My friend went to get some others, and she did all of them and more. She's wasted, but its only the beer. She hasn't had anything else that I know of."

I thanked him for the information and went to get Brooke, while he was yelling at me, "Better get you a piece of that ass!"

I gave Brooke her beer and told her what the guy told me. We both knew it had to be Amanda, and decided that we better go rescue her, for her own good, whether she was aware of it or not.

We made our way through the crowd and back up the stairs to the room where we saw Amanda earlier. I opened the door, walked in, and found a guy zipping up his pants.

"She's all yours now," he said, "but I think she's worn out. There's not much action from her. She just kinda lays there and takes it."

I walked over to the bed as he left the room, Brooke behind me. Amanda was on the bed on her back, arms over her head, legs apart and hanging over the corner of the bed, just as the guy left her.

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" she asked me as I walked over to her.

"No, Amanda, I'm not going to fuck you."

"How'd you know my name?" She asked.

"I'm Steven. You came with me, Brooke and Liz to the party. Do you remember that?" I asked.

"Yeah, I remember that, and I remember wanting to fuck you, too. You sure you don't wanna?"

"Amanda, I'm with Brooke, remember?"

"That's ok, I won't say anything to Brooke about it if you do."

"You just did, she's right here behind me. We're gonna get you cleaned up and take you home."

Amanda giggled, looked over at Brooke and said, "Sorry about that Brooke. He's so fucking cute, though."

Amanda was a mess. It was quite obvious that she'd several partners tonight.

"Amanda, I need to ask you something. Did anyone f***e you to do this? Did they give you anything? A pill or anything?"

Amanda started crying. She was talking, but much of it was incoherent due to her crying and her state of inebriation.

"Nobody f***ed me to do anything, and I don't think they gave me anything. I was making out with some guy downstairs. He said I was pretty, and he wanted to take me to his room where it would be more private. Once we got here we started making out and he took off my clothes and said he wanted to do it with me. I'd never done it before, and wanted to see what it was like. We fucked, and then he asked his friend if he wanted to fuck me too. I was willing, at first, and then after the first couple of guys, I thought it really didn't matter, and just went with everything."

"Are you sure nobody f***ed themselves on you?"

She was answering, but not making much sense. She would come and go, sometimes speaking clearly, for someone who was inebriated, other times, barely coherent. As far as I could ascertain, nobody f***ed themselves on her or gave her anything other than beer, but they certainly took advantage of her innocence and state of d***kenness. I felt bad that I let it go on for so long, as I was fairly certain at the time this is what was happening. She closed her eyes as if she was falling asl**p again.

"Amanda, wake up, we need to get you cleaned up and out of here," I said to her several times, getting little or no response.

"We're gonna have to clean her up and get her dressed," I said to Brooke, who looked like she was about to vomit. I was right. She rushed out the door and threw up in the hallway. I followed her outside. Brooke is a very audible vomiter; has been all her life, and this was no different. Just the sight of Amanda made her sick, and she was not quiet about it as she threw up in the hall.

"Steven, I don't think I can go back in there, she looks so pitiful. I can't believe she let them do that . . ."

"Ok, you stand by the door and don't let anyone go in. I'll try to find something to clean her up a little before I dress her. I can't put her clothes back on her as she is, and I'm not going to parade her through the crowd looking like she does now," I said as I rushed down the hall to the bathroom. Why I thought I'd find anything in there to clean Amanda up, I'll never know. The place was a mess. I went back into the hall and found a linen closet, which, amazingly, had some clean towels and washcloths. I wet the wash cloths and I grabbed a bottle of body wash from the shower and took it with me back to the room, where I found Brooke waiting patiently for my return. There was no one else in the hall.

"I at least want you in the room with me when I clean her up, Brooke. I don't want to be in there alone with her, the way she is and all."

"Fine. I'll go in, and I'll try to help, but I'm not promising I won't get sick again, but I'll try not to."

Brooke went in with me, and we walked over to the bed beside Amanda. I tried talking to her again, but she wasn't making any sense at all. She would, however, follow commands. I took the washcloths and put some of the body wash on them and began washing Amanda off enough that we could get her dressed. We would have to give her a shower when we got her back to the hotel, but I wanted to get her clean enough that we could dress her.

After washing her up some, I dried her off. I asked Brooke to look for her clothes, which she soon found in a pile in a corner of the room. Brooke was able to help me get Amanda dressed, and by the time we finished, Amanda started coming around some, and was more talkative.

"Amanda, we're gonna take you back to our hotel room and get you a shower and then try to get you sobered up some before we take you back to your hotel and your mother," I shared with her.

Amanda thanked me, and then started crying. "I don't know why you're doing all this for me, I'm nothing but a . . ."

I cut her off before she could go any further.

"Don't worry about anything now, we'll talk later. We just want to get you out of here. Do you think you can walk?" I asked her.

"I can try," she said, while trying to stand. While wobbly, she was able to stand and then walk, with assistance from me and Brooke. We made our way to the door, down the hall and down the stairs, where we met Liz.

"You guys leaving?" Liz asked.

"Yeah, we need to get Amanda sobered up before we take her back to the hotel room. Can you come along and give us some help?" I asked.

"No fucking way I'm taking care of that slut," Liz responded. I thought momentarily about the irony of that statement, with the show Liz put on earlier in the evening, but I let it slide. "I'm staying here for a while, and then I'm going back to the hotel. I'm not messing around with her."

"Fine," I said, taking Amanda outside for some fresh air. I knew she'd never make it walking back to the hotel. Looking down the street I spotted a taxi. I waved at him, and he started his engine and pulled up in front of us.

I told him the name of our hotel, and he knew the place. I'm sure these frat parties give them much business, at least I hoped so. There was nobody in there tonight who was in any shape to drive home.

I asked the driver to take us to the side door so we wouldn't have to go through the lobby holding Amanda up. The door at the side was next to the elevator, so we could take that to our floor. I paid the driver and we got out. With Brooke and me bracing her, Amanda was able to walk to the hotel and to the elevator. We finally made it to our room, and let Amanda lie down on the bed.

"Whew," Brooke sighed, "I didn't think we were ever going to get back here. This room looks good to me now."

"Yeah, it does. Now we need to get her showered and sobered up some. You start the coffee and I'll start the shower," I told Brooke.

Leaving Amanda on the bed, I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. I left it on the cool side, hoping that it would sober her up faster. We needed to wash her good, and wash her hair, which was matted.

When I returned to the bedroom, Brooke was making the coffee, so I started undressing Amanda.

"Amanda, we're going to get you in the shower to clean you up and sober you up some before taking you back to your hotel. Is that ok with you?"

"Yeah, that's ok. Thank you for taking care of me. I'm such a fuck up," Amanda said as she started to cry again.

I removed the clothing I had just put on her a few minutes ago, and got her ready for the shower. Amanda, with our help, was able to make it to the shower, but was not able to wash herself. Brooke and I got her into the shower, and Brooke held her as I washed her again. I started with her hair, and washed it for a long time. Amanda seemed to enjoy it as I lathered her hair and massaged her scalp, trying to get everything out of her hair. After finishing her hair, I thoroughly washed the rest of her body. Amanda helped some, and Brooke held her steady as I finished up. We got her out of the shower, and as Brooke held her, I dried her off and dried her hair. Amanda was able to brush through her hair, but that was about all she could do for herself.

Brooke got out some panties for me to put on Amanda. We threw Amanda's old ones away. The rest of her clothes were in good enough shape for her to wear home. After we got her dressed, Brooke gave her some coffee, and she sipped at it for a few minutes.

The three of us sat down on the side of the bed, with Amanda between us. Brooke took the hairbrush from Amanda and began brushing her hair for her as we talked. Amanda had one cup of coffee and I got her a second cup. I didn't really know if it would help that much, but it was the least we could do for her.

Amanda admitted that she wouldn't have thought of doing what she did if she hadn't been drinking so much, and was very much embarrassed by the events of the evening. I asked her if she was on the pill, and she said that she wasn't. I suggested that she go to the pharmacy in the morning and get a morning after pill and take it. I also suggested that she go to the doctor when she got home to make sure she didn't pick up a STD. I was sure that the chances were good since she had sex with six or more, probably more, guys. After about an hour, we were ready to take Amanda back to her hotel. I left to get the car, and told Brooke that I'd call when I got back to the hotel. Amanda thought she could walk down to the car, but Brooke insisted that she stay with her until I got back.

About twenty minutes later I had retrieved my car from the restaurant where Brooke and I had dinner, called Brooke, and the two of them came through the front door. I opened the door for Amanda and she got into the back seat. Brooke got in front with me. We drove over to Amanda's hotel and I parked close to the lobby entrance. The three of us went into the hotel, got on the elevator and went to Amanda's room. She said that she and her mother had a two bedroom suite, and she was sure that her mother was already in bed in her room, and didn't think that she'd run into her. Amanda used her key card to open the door. She kissed both me and Brooke on the cheek and thanked us for taking care of her. Brooke said that she'd call her in the morning just to check on her. As Amanda went into her room and closed her door, both Brooke and I gave a sigh of relief.

Brooke didn't say anything as we drove back to the hotel. When we got inside our room, she threw her arms around me and kissed me.

"God that was awful," she said.

"Yeah, it really was. I hope she does ok. I feel bad that I didn't do something earlier to stop her, but it sounded like she did it on her own free will, even though she was d***k and all."

"I'm ready for bed, Steven. This evening has worn me out."

I agreed, and the two of us stripped down and crawled into the bed together. I kissed Brooke a couple of times, but neither of us were in the mood for anything else after all we'd been through. Brooke rolled over on her side, facing away from me. I slid up to her and spooned her. This is my favorite way to sl**p with her. I d****d my arms around her and gently rubbed her tits, kissed her neck, and soon we both fell asl**p.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of water running in the shower. Looking at the clock on the night stand, I noticed that we still had a couple of hours before we needed to be at the school to talk with the admissions director. I lay in the bed for a couple of minutes, waiting for Brooke to finish and return to the bedroom. Thinking of her in the shower, I started to get hard. I rubbed my cock for a few minutes, and then got out of the bed and made my way to the bathroom. As I entered the room, I could see Brooke through the glass walls of the shower stall. She looked so beautiful standing there, rinsing herself with the hand-held shower spray. Her hair was hanging down her back and around her right shoulder. Her luscious tits were pert, her nipples hard, as she sprayed the lather off her tight frame.

I walked over and opened the door, reached in and turning off the water, I pulled her close and kissed her. Brooke stepped out of the shower and kissed me as I wrapped one arm around her, and dropped the other to her firm ass. After kissing her for several minutes, I grabbed a towel and dried off every inch of her luscious body, took her by the hand, and led her back into the bedroom. She fell backwards onto the bed, and I joined her. With her back propped up by the several pillows on the bed, I lay beside her and started kissing her again.

While kissing her, I rubbed her thighs and her chest as she squirmed beside me, her legs wrapping around me. I grabbed her ass while we kissed, feeling the softness of one cheek and then the other. God, she felt so wonderful. I kissed her tits, and slowly moved down her chest, kissing her and licking her. I sat back and pulled her pussy to my crotch while kissing her and feeling her body. Brooke raised her legs so that they were over my shoulders as I started kissing her inner thighs and her pussy, with both hands on her tits. Brooke moaned wildly as I lapped away at her pussy. She sat up, bringing her crotch to mine, sitting on me and gyrating her hips against my cock, which was hard and flat against my abdomen. I reached around her and pulled her chest to mine, feeling the softness of her tits and the hardness of her nipples as they pressed against me. In one movement, Brooke rolled back and brought her legs back over her head, offering her pussy to my mouth. I started licking her pussy and her sweet ass with her legs bent back now to the point that her knees were almost touching the bed. I spread her knees apart and started licking her pussy and gently rubbing it. My tongue darted in and our of her wet hole as she brought her legs back down to the bed, spreading her knees wide apart as I licked her pussy and, reaching up, rubbed her hard nipples between my fingers. Brooke was moaning louder now as I continued sucking and fingering her. Her tits felt so soft, and her nipples grew harder to my touch. She looked so sexy with her legs spread, knees up, and pussy exposed to my every desire. I licked her pussy and her ass, getting her very wet. Brooke moved a hand to the back of my head, pressing my mouth tighter against her pussy. I moved my hands to her inner thighs as I rubbed them lightly while eating her out. Brooke continued to moan in pleasure.

I couldn't get enough of her sweet sex. Placing my hand back on her tits, I continued licking and sucking at her slit, while Brooke continued to moan, bucking her hips up, driving my tongue deeper into her pussy. I could smell the aroma of her sex, which was driving me wild. Lapping away at her pussy lips, I wanted more of her. I used my fingers to spread her lips apart, and licked rapidly up and down the outer flesh of her slit, tasting the sweet juices that were emitting from within. I licked every inch of her pubic area, sucking the juices, taking in as much of her as possible, while massaging her ass with both hands. I wanted her. God, I wanted her. I moved up so that I was kneeling over her, knees on either side of her, and brought my hard cock to her mouth. My s****r leaned forward, and started sucking my cock as I moved back and forth slowly. She continued to moan while sucking on my hardness. She licked the head of my cock. I grabbed it and rubbed it around her face and mouth, with her tongue lapping away at the head of my cock, tasting the pre cum as it oozed out of my slit. I leaned forward, allowing her head to rest back on the pillow as she sucked me, bring me intense pleasure with the softness of her lips and swiftness of her tongue. Brooke grabbed my cock and rubbed it slowly on her tits, with my pre cum leaving a trail on her flesh. While rubbing my hard cock all over her tits, she was looking at me with her sexy smile. She brought the head of my cock to her mouth, licked off my cum, and then took it back into her mouth. She continued sucking my hard cock while I reached around and began rubbing her slit. I wet my fingers to get her moist. She sucked away at my cock as I massaged her pussy with my fingers, driving them deep inside of her. We continued like this for a long time, giving each other the pleasure we each desired.

Brooke got up, turned around, pressed me back onto the bed so that I was facing her. She spread my legs and crawled up between them bringing her face to my face, her tongue to my tongue. She pressed her face hard against mine and kissed me passionately as I rubbed her back and ass. Brooke moved her face from mine, crawled down, and took my cock back into her mouth as I rubbed her back, neck, and tits. She started bobbing up and down on my cock rapidly, sucking it and pausing to lick it from my balls to the tip of my cock. She did this several times before she wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking hard. God the feeling was awesome. My nude s****r was between my legs, sucking my cock and rubbing my thighs. She continued licking me and jacking my cock, licking my shaft and sucking the head of my cock, moaning louder and louder as she did so. I watched her face as she sucked me off, god she was so fucking beautiful. Up and down she went on my hard cock, stopping to lick the head several times. She then licked up the shaft of my cock, through my pubes to my abdomen, and licked her way up to my face and began kissing me again. She moved up so that she was now sitting on my hard cock while kissing me passionately, and grinding here pussy against my abdomen, with my cock just beneath her pussy.
Reaching down, I wrapped my hand around my cock and brought it to the entrance of her pussy, which was pulsating rapidly. I pressed my hard cock into her, and Brooke began raising and lowering her pussy over my cock. Reaching down, I grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands, and helped drive her up and down on my cock as we fucked. She would go all the way down, and then come back up, until my cock almost popped out, and then ram back down on me. I fucked her in this position for a long time, feeling the inner walls of her pussy as my hard cock filled her. Brooke leaned forward and braced herself on the headboard of the bed while she fucked my cock. She let loose of the headboard and dropped her face to mine, kissing me wildly as we continued fucking with her on top. She kissed my mouth, face, and then my neck. My cock continued fucking her sweet pussy as we kissed and ran our hands all over each other.

She now started bucking wildly on my hard cock while licking my face and neck, moaning loudly as she approached orgasm. She had never fucked me so violently. She leaned back and sat directly on my cock, which was now sticking straight up into her as she pounded up and down on me. She turned her face from side to side, shouting words I never thought she knew. God, she has a potty mouth during sex, which only served to turn me on even more. I reached up and started rubbing her tits and playing with her hard nipples as we fucked. Brooke bounced up and down hard on my erection as I leaned forward and garbed her around the waist, pulling her down hard on top of me. Brooke leaned back, bracing herself on the bed with her hands, pressing her pussy to my cock, displaying her body to me. She was so fucking beautiful.

She rolled off me, lay on her back, spread her legs, and had me fuck her while lying on my side, holding her leg up to allow my cock to fuck her freely. I held her leg in the air while I drove my cock into her repeatedly. Brooke grabbed the headboard to brace herself against the thrusts of my hard cock. She was pressing herself hard into my cock. It was a strange position, but the angle of my cock in her pussy was getting me off faster than I wanted, and I knew that I was not going to last much longer, the way we were fucking.

I thrust in and out of her, feeling her body as she started to scream in pleasure. Then I felt the pulsations of her pussy walls as she hit her orgasm, which instantly brought me over the top. Grabbing her tight, I started to violently ejaculate inside my s****r as she also hit her orgasm. She continued to squirm as my cock dropped out of her and I rubbed it against her. She leaned over and kissed me while rubbing my body and still gyrating against me. We kissed hard at first, but then slowed down. We held each other for several minutes, just savoring the moment and the experience.

"Oh my god, that was so fucking wonderful," Brooke said to me. "We need to trim those pubes of your's though. They still tickle my nose when I suck you."

I laughed at her last comment; however, I couldn't yet speak. I just looked at her beautiful eyes and stunning body. I couldn't believe she was mine, all mine. I wanted her more than anything. I never wanted to leave her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, and I knew she felt the same way.

I kissed her passionately, letting my actions be my response to our love. Dropping my hand to her slit, I rubbed our combined juices all over her pussy, feeling the tenderness of her womanhood. We kissed and held each other as we came down from the intensity of our love making.

"I wasn't expecting that when I got into the shower, but I really enjoyed it, Steven," Brooke said to me softly. "Sex with you is so, so real, if you know what I mean."

"It's so real because I love you so much. I never thought I could have these feelings for anyone, let alone my s****r, but I want you, Brooke, I want you forever. I don't just want to room with you, I want you for the rest of my life. I couldn't think of living without you."

"I feel the same way. I felt so out of place last night. That's not what I want out of college. I'm sorry if I embarrassed you with my little dance routine, but once I heard the music, something just sorta took over."

"You didn't embarrass me at all. I thought you looked awesome out there. Hell, I joined in, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you did, and that surprised me, too. I didn't know you knew the routine as well as you did."

"Hell, I've seen it enough times that I have it memorized. When you dance at the house, I can't keep my eyes off you."

"I always thought you enjoyed the other girls, not me."

"To be honest, then I enjoyed watching all four of you; but now, it's only you. All four of you look sexy when you dance, but it's you that I want. You have some beautiful friends, for sure, but none of them are as beautiful as you."

"Thank you, Steven. I take that as a big compliment."

We kissed again as I continued to feel her soft skin with my fingers, and the feeling of her tits pressed against my chest. I could hold her like this for ever. Hopefully, I'll somehow be able to.

"We need to clean up and get dressed and out of here. We need to get to the school," I said, breaking our embrace.

"I want to stay in bed with you all day! That's what I want to do."

"We'll have plenty of time for that, especially if I get into the school and we find an apartment. We'll have the rest of our lives together."

"Do you really think it'll work out?"

"I'm going to do whatever it takes to make it work, I can promise you that."

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear."

"Do you think I should call and check on Amanda?" Brooke asked.

"You could. I imagine she'll be embarrassed once she remembers what all went on last night. She'll have quite a hangover today as well, I'm sure."

"I'll give her a call and see if she's ok."

Brooke walked over to the desk and got her phone, then she sat down on the bed and called Amanda. I was surprised that she got an answer, but the two of them talked for several minutes before the call ended.

"How is she?" I asked.

"Humiliated. She said that she made the biggest mistake of her life, and she doesn't think she can accept the scholarship and come to St. Mary's now. She said she'd be too embarrassed to face anyone after last night."

"I think she's right. She'll never get over that. All the guys will see her as an easy lay if she comes here. I think her reputation here is shot."

"Yeah, I do too. One night can ruin your life I guess."

"Maybe not her life, but I don't see how she can come here now, after last night. Did she have any explanation?"

"She said what she said last night, that she enjoyed the attention the one guy was giving her, and when his friend joined in, she thought it was really awesome. She said that they kept telling her how pretty she was, and she felt really great, but then it quickly got out of control, and she knew they were all just using her. She remembered counting at least six guys who fucked her. She knew that she should have told them to stop, but for some reason she never did, and they just kept coming. She thinks now that there were several more who fucked her. She said she asked each one of them if they were going to fuck her too, and never told them not to. Each one asked her if he could, and she said yes. One tried to fuck her in the ass but she wouldn't let him, she does remember that; but she also said that she sucked off three or four of them too. She said it could have been ten or more all together. She was doing two at a time at one point, she remembers. She did apologize for trying to get you to fuck her too. At least she remembers that you didn't. She was also embarrassed that you had to help clean her up and give her a shower. She doesn't think she could ever look at you again after that."

"Yeah, I feel sorry for her, but it seems like it was what she wanted. I hope she recovers. Did she say anything about going to the doctor to get checked out?"

"She said that she's going for a walk this morning and will go to the d**g store to get a morning after pill. She also said that she would take your advice and go to the doctor when she gets home. I hope she does."

"I still feel bad that I didn't intervene. I should have stopped her when I saw the third guy going into the room, but I didn't know for sure she was still in there. Maybe I could have done something."

"She said for you not to feel guilty about that, it was her decision. It was a bad one, and she was d***k, but she said she still should have told them to stop; she just didn't."

"It's hard for me to know exactly what to do. I just hope I'm never in that position again."

"We just need to stay away from frat parties. I didn't have any fun at all until the dance, and then when you took me upstairs. That part was fun . . ."

"Yeah, I really enjoyed that part. The rest of the night was a nightmare, though."

"Well, it's over now. Amanda will have to deal with it, I suppose. It's her problem now, not ours. We did everything we could to get her cleaned up and back to her hotel. The rest is in her hands."

"Did she say anything about her mother?"

"She said that her mother was watching TV waiting up for her when she got back, but she managed to pull it off, at least her mother didn't say anything about it. She was glad we cleaned her up before we took her back to her room."

"I couldn't believe how Liz took off the way she did after the party. I thought she would help us out more," I said.

"Well, she didn't really know Amanda, or us for that matter. I guess she just wanted to get out of there."

"I suppose. We need to do that too, and head over to the school."

Brooke went into the bathroom to clean up more, and I got into the shower. When I got out and dried off, I went into the bedroom and found Brooke getting dressed. I walked over to the bed and watched her dress. God she is so fucking beautiful.

When Brooke finished dressing, I got dressed, and we left to get something to eat. After we finished, we drove over the school, parked, and went into the admissions office. We were there a few minutes early. In about ten minutes the secretary called my name, and Brooke and I went onto the office to meet with the admissions director.

After some introductions, the admissions director congratulated Brooke on making the Field Hockey team. She knew about Brooke's experience in high school and said that she would probably be a starter even as a freshman.

We told her that I wanted to transfer and that the two of us were thinking about getting an apartment together. She said that freshmen have to room in a dorm; however exceptions are made for students living with f****y members, and that could apply to the two of us; however, it would be unusual, but they have allowed siblings to share apartments before as freshmen, so it shouldn't be a problem.

She asked me about my grades at the community college, and I shared that I was on the dean's list both semesters and had a 3.95 GPA. She said that is wouldn't be any problem getting in. They work closely with community colleges, and was familiar with the one I attended. I would need to get a transcript to her soon, and if it compares with what I told her, there'd be no problem.

She gave me some financial aid and scholarship applications, and felt sure that I would get assistance. She also gave me a work-study application, suggesting that I could work on campus some as well, which could supply any remaining tuition after the financial aid and scholarships I might receive.

I took all the information and forms. She had me fill out a preliminary application so she could get some things started, and then sent us over to the housing office, where we could get some information on off campus housing. It was late for that, but she was sure we could find something. She suggested we find something close to campus, within walking distance. Brooke would have to make early morning practices during the season, so it would be good to be close.

Once we got to the housing office, we had to wait about thirty minutes before we saw anyone. The housing director was a man, and he was all business like, not personable like the other person. He gave us information on several apartment complexes that were close to the school, suggesting that we try three of them first before the others. They had some cool amenities like a work out room, pool, hot tub, etc., and sounded good. He also gave us a map of the area and highlighted the three places he suggested we look at first. He suggested that we do that today because the housing situation is tight, and we should find someplace fast, before they're all gone.

It was about 12:30 when we finished with both meetings, so we went to get some lunch before looking at apartments. We talked about how fun it would be to go to the same college, and how it would be to room together. We finished lunch and went to the first place on our list.

We found the office, and talked with the agent for a few minutes before she took us to see one of the apartments. It was nice, but small. It had two bedrooms, a kitchen and dinette, a living room, bathroom, and a washer and dryer. That was about it. We liked it, but thought we should look at the others too. Before we left, she showed us the pool and the work out room, which also had a small sauna. It also had a party room. She said that the residents, all of whom are students, have occasional parties, but they are strict on the alcohol if they're u******e. She gave us an application and suggested that if we wanted it, we should return the application along with a deposit soon. She gave me her card and suggested that we call before coming back to make sure the apartment was still available.

The second place we visited was similar to the first. We got the same information, and left for the third apartment complex. It was a larger complex, and a little closer to the school than the other two, well within walking distance. It was a newer with the same amenities as the other two, but the pool was larger, as was the work out room, which also had a sauna. The apartment we went through was also much larger than the other two. It had a larger living room, larger kitchen and eating area, and the bedrooms were also much more spacious than the other two apartments. There was a bathroom between and connected to the two bedrooms as well as another half bath in the hall just off the living room. Yeah, we really liked this apartment. The rent was slightly higher than the other two, but we liked it much more. We took the application, and the agent also suggested that we get a deposit in soon if we wanted it. They only had three units to rent for the next semester. He said we would have to sign a twelve month lease, and that if we took it, our lease would begin next month. We took the information, thanked him, and then left.

We walked from the apartment to the campus to see how long it would take, and it was only about five minutes from campus, which we felt would really be convenient. We went into a Starbucks and got a drink and snack, and sat down to talk it over.

"I really like the last place more than the other two. Do you think we could work it out?" Brooke asked.

"I think so. It sounds like I should be able to get in, that's the first thing. If I get a job on campus, that would sure help."

"What did you think of the apartment?"

"I liked the third one too, and the rent isn't that much more than the other two. I really liked it."

"Yeah, I did too. It seems a waste to have two bedrooms though," Brooke said.

Laughing, I replied, "Yeah, it'll be a waste, but I don't think we could swing a one bedroom apartment. If we have friends over, we'll have to make the second bedroom looked lived in anyway. Maybe I can keep my clothes in one bedroom and we can use the other one."

"I didn't think about that. We'll have to set up both of them and make like we use them both. I think mom and dad would be a little suspicious if we got a one bedroom apartment."

We both laughed at that. Yeah, we'd have to get a two bedroom apartment, even if we only use one of them. This was going to get difficult with all the explanations.

"You already told your friends that we're a couple, so won't they get suspicious if we have two bedrooms set up?" I asked. "This is going to get difficult. We'll have to keep our stories straight."

"Well, I've thought about that. We could say that you keep your things in the other bedroom because I have so much stuff there isn't room for both our things in one bedroom. I think that'll work. That way if mom or dad come for a visit, you can just move into your room. We'll have to be careful about that, though," Brooke said.

"Yeah, it'll be complicated. We'll have to think this through."

We decided on the third apartment. It was much nicer than the other two, and closer to campus. We agreed that we'd have to spend some time to get our story straight. To our parents, f****y and friends from home, we'd be b*****r and s****r. To everyone else, we'd be a couple. Fortunately, we don't have many friends from home who attend St. Mary's, other than the couple of f'ockey players who also made the team. Our town is not a wealthy area, so most of the k**s in our school went to community college or to a college in state where the tuition is lower. It would be complicated, but I was sure we could work it out. We'd have to.

After making our decision, we decided to head home and work on the parents. Mom was already on our side, but we still had to convince dad, which shouldn't be a problem. We each have a small inheritance from our grandmother, and we could tap into that if needed, although our dad would have to sign for it. The funds are in a trust, and its in his name until we're twenty-one, which is still a couple years off for me. Neither of us thought that would be a problem though, one thing our grandmother wanted was for both of us to go to college. That's one reason she left us the money.

We walked back to the apartment to get our car, and headed for home. Brooke talked nonstop all the way, working through our story and how we would present this all to our dad this evening. We both shared how excited we were about rooming and going to school together.

Out of the blue, Brooke asked, "How do we explain the fact that we both have the same last name?"

"Hmm, I never thought of that," I replied.

"Maybe we could tell people that we're married, or something like that?" she asked.

"This story is getting more complicated by the mile." I said. I must have had a worried expression on my face, because Brooke asked, "Are you having second thoughts about this?"

"Not second thoughts, just thinking it through. We could do that. I'm sure that people will discover that we have the same name and all. Being married might work. I don't know, we'll have to think that one through. We'll come up with something. If we're married, we'll have to get a coupe rings or something, to make it convincing."

"I have grandma's wedding ring. I could wear that."

"That's a big step, Brooke. Are you sure you want everyone to think we're married?"

"Why not?"

"Well, what if something happens between us, or you meet someone you want to date or something?"

"Steven, I don't want to date anyone, I want you! Are you afraid you might find someone you'd want to date?"

"Not at all. I love you, Brooke, and I'm not interested in anyone else and never will be. All I want is you, s*s."

"Then that settles it. We'll tell everyone we got married over the summer. That should work."

"It could work. Let's think it through before we decide. We'll work it out."

That seemed to placate her for the moment, but she did bring up a good point. We need to give this some serious thought.
When we got home we found a note from mom. She was working another double shift and wouldn't be home until early afternoon tomorrow. She left a meatloaf in the refrigerator for us to warm up for dinner. She also said that dad wouldn't return from his trip until tomorrow night, so we had the house to ourselves. I showed the note to Brooke, who read it, and then hugged me. She moved her face to mine and drew me into a long, wet kiss. Her tongue tasted so good as I felt it enter my mouth slowly. I slid my tongue into her mouth, and held her tight as we kissed. I could never get enough of my s****r. Her kisses are so sweet, and I love the feeling of her body pressed against mine. I dropped my hands to her ass and felt the bottom of her ass cheeks, which were protruding from the bottom of her shorts. Brooke spread her legs apart slightly, allowing room for my fingers to find their way up the short leg of her pants to her swollen pussy lips. I rubbed her slit softly as we continued kissing.

"God, Steven, that feels so fucking incredible. I'm gonna love rooming with you."

I didn't respond, but continued rubbing her slit, feeling it as it began to get moist. I reached up to her waist and unfastened and unzipped her shorts, letting them drop to the floor. I cupped her ass cheeks in each hand as I felt their softness. Brooke reached down, and taking the small waist band of her panties, slowly and seductively slid them off her legs and stepped out of them. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing her tits, as she wasn't wearing a bra. My s****r, Brooke, stood before me totally nude as I kissed her and felt her body.

"You need to lose your clothes, too, b*****r," Brooke softly said as she slid her tongue back into my mouth. She unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop to the floor. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and tossed it. Brooke reached down and unfastened my belt and unzipped my pants, and they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and continued kissing her as she rubbed my growing cock through my underwear. I ran my hands all over my s****r's body, stopping at her ass, and began massaging her cheeks. I love to feel Brooke's ass. It's so firm and soft. I pulled her in tight so I could feel her tits pressed against my bare chest. I ran my fingers up her ass and along her back as I kissed her. Her skin felt so fucking soft to my touch. My cock grew harder as she pressed her crotch against me. She took the waist band of my underwear and pulled them down. They fell to the floor. My hard cock was pressed tight against Brooke's body as we continued kissing each other. Brooke was gyrating her body against mine, and began to softly moan as we continued making out. I ran my hands all over her body. I couldn't get enough of her. God, I wanted her.

Brooke kissed me and then licked my lips, telling me how much she loved me. She licked my mouth, ear, neck, chest, and licked all the way down to my pubes. I was now standing nude in the kitchen of our house, with my s****r on her knees licking my balls and rubbing my legs. I looked around the room. Yeah, it was our kitchen and this was my s****r licking my balls. Just a few days ago she was my bratty s****r, always getting her own way, trying to talk me into taking her to tryouts. I had never as much as touched her before, or seen her nude, and now her mouth was surrounding my balls and her hand was stroking my cock. How much things had changed between us in a few short days. She was no longer my s****r, she was my lover, and we were planning to share an apartment at college. Everything had changed so suddenly, and I really enjoyed it. I looked down at her sweet face. Yep, she was my beautiful s****r, and her lips were now around my cock as she sucked me off. I couldn't believe how far and fast things had progressed between us. It was almost like a dream at this moment. It was surreal to me as I tried to put the events of the past three days into perspective. I started thrusting my cock into her mouth as she continued sucking me.

Brooke was doing a masterful job on my cock. She had come a long way in her technique and was really getting me off as she sucked and licked my cock, taking it all into her mouth and throat and then licking her way from the base of my cock to the head, licking my slit to get the pre cum off the head of my cock. She went back down on me and sucked me into her throat, twirling her tongue around my shaft as she sucked me. I pumped faster into her mouth, grabbing her head and forcing her down on my cock. I knew that I wasn't going to last long the way she was sucking me.

After a few minutes I said, "Brooke, I'm gonna cum if you keep that up."

She not only kept it up, she quickened her pace and the tightness of her mouth around my cock. She started playing with my balls with her hands while sucking me. She slid her wet fingers from the underside of my balls to my ass, gently rubbing the space beneath my balls as she continued sucking me. I increased the f***e of my thrusts, driving my cock all the way into her mouth, over and over. Holding her head with my hands, I gave her one final warning that I was going to cum, and soon. She continued sucking my cock as I began to cum. I thrust forward with each ejaculation, shooting my sperm into her mouth in several loads. Brooke took it all as I emptied my balls into her mouth. I could see some of the cum dripping out of her mouth as she sucked all the way to the head of my cock. Brooke leaned her head back and opened her mouth so that I could see the accumulation of my cum in her mouth. She showed it to me, and then swallowed it all. She stood up and looked at me.

"God, Steven, I love your cum. I never thought I'd swallow it, but with you it's different. It's you, and you taste so fucking good."

I thought about her comment for a few moments knowing it was a Freudian slip. Brooke had never talked or shared about her sex life. Before this trip we hardly talked much about anything. By her comment I assumed that she was more experienced than I had thought. I didn't know who or when, and really didn't care at this point. I'd done a few girls before, so it was reasonable to expect that she'd done some things as well. If she had, I really didn't want to know. That was in the past, and this was now. I wanted her and wanted her for the reset of my life. In a way, it was a relief to know she'd had some experience. I wanted her to be sure she wanted me.

I kissed Brooke and held her tight, and kissed her again.

"You want me to warm up the food mom left us?" She asked.

"Yeah, I'm getting hungry. I'll set the table while you warm up the meatloaf."

Brooke, still nude, walked over to the refrigerator and got the meatloaf and put it in the microwave. I set the table, pouring each of us a glass of wine. In a few minutes everything was ready, and we both sat down to eat.

"Are we going to eat all our meals in the nude in our apartment?" Brooke asked.

"That'd be fine with me," I replied. "I suppose we'd have to wear clothes if we had company or friends over, but other than that, nude is fine with me!"

Brooke smiled at me. "I could get used to this, being naked with you all the time. Are we going to make love every night?"

"As often as we want to. I don't want you to get tired of it though, we need to have other interests too."

"Like what?"

"I don't know, but a relationship needs more than sex. We can, like, study together and things like that. We'll also need time with friends."

"I suppose you're right. Are you going to get tired of being with me all the time?"

"I hardly think so. I've really enjoyed being with you these last few days. I think its only going to get better."

We talked about how it will be living together, realizing that there has to be more to a relationship than sex, and we both agreed that we wanted a real relationship with each other. We talked about some of the things we could do together, and we found things that we both like, like hiking, swimming, movies, things like that. We talked about our plan to act like we were married, but also felt that it might put a damper on us making friends if everyone thought we were married. We both wanted to make friends in college and enjoy the experience, which would be complicated if we acted like we were married. Maybe that was too drastic, we didn't know, but agreed to take our time to work out the details if everything worked out like we planned it would.

We also talked about getting jobs for the summer. If we had to sign a twelve month lease, maybe we could go ahead and move into the apartment in June, which wasn't far off. That way we could get settled in before school started. We didn't know if mom and dad would agree with that, but we thought we'd give it a try, at least talk over the possibility with them. We also agreed that we should go back to St. Mary's next week for a couple of days if mom and dad agreed. We could settle on the apartment and start moving some things in. We had some of grandma's furniture in storage and thought maybe we could use some of it, plus some other furniture our folks had in storage. We should be able to get enough together to fix up the apartment and make it livable. We didn't need much, just a couch and couple of chairs for the living room. We each had a television of our own, so we could take them. We'd need two beds. We really only needed one, but would have to find two for appearances. We thought there was a table and chairs we could use in the eating area, along with some other things that would be useful. We'd have to work the parents to get all this together, and decided we'd start on mom when she got home. If she agreed, we didn't think we'd have any problem with dad.

We decided to clean up the table and get started on my applications and forms that I needed to turn in. I also had to get a transcript from my college and have that sent, but that wouldn't be a problem.

After dinner, we went to my room and started on the forms, which looked almost insurmountable when I put them all on the desk. We decided to split up the work. Brooke started on the apartment application while I logged into the community college web site and filled out the form to have a transcript sent to St. Mary's. The admissions director gave me all the information I needed, so it wasn't bad. It took about twenty minutes to complete the form. Hopefully, the transcript would get there in a few days and I'd get a final answer on my admission, but didn't think that would be a problem. My GPA was a little higher than I thought, which was good.

Brooke was still working on the apartment application, so I logged into the St. Mary's web site and started the application process. It wasn't as complicated as I thought it would be. Transferring made it much easier than it was for Brooke when she did hers. If they accepted all my credits, I would be a second semester sophomore. I took several AP and DC classes in high school, and all of them transferred to the community college, and should transfer to St. Mary's. Brooke and I would both need to schedule our classes for the fall, but that shouldn't be a problem, and we could do that later. I had to be accepted first anyway before I scheduled any classes. I also discovered that I could complete most of the other forms online, including the financial aid and scholarship applications. I had done some of this for the community college, so I could just transfer some of those forms to St. Mary's. Doing all that work last year really paid off, and I kept all the records and passwords, so it didn't take as much time as I expected.

The essay questions on the application were the same as the ones I answered last year, so I copied them and pasted them into the St. Mary's application. I had to word smith them a little to reflect my year at the community college and why I wanted to transfer to St. Mary's, but that was a breeze. I stated that I needed the prelaw classes that were offered there, and that with some other information completed the essay. In just a few hours I had completed the admissions application and sent it. I would still need to take in my deposit, but could do that next week if we went up there. I couldn't complete the application for work study until I was accepted, so I couldn't do that now.

Brooke had completed the application for the apartment, and we left that out to show to mom tomorrow.

"Is that it?" Brooke asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Do you realize we've been working on these forms for hours?" Brooke asked.

"Really? What time is it?" I asked.

"It's almost midnight," she replied.

I didn't realize it was that late, but we did get a lot of work finished; much more than I expected we would. At least it was almost done. All we had to do now was convince dad that this was a good idea, and we would be set.

"I think it's time for a shower and then bed," Brooke said. "Care to join me in the shower?"

"Yeah, I'd like that."

Brooke took my hand and led me to the bathroom. She started the shower and let it warm up for a couple of minutes before we got in.

Brooke looked so inviting with the water running over her nude frame. It trickled down her chest and was dripping off her tits, giving her a beautiful wet look. Yeah, we started kissing each other once we both got under the water.

"I think I owe you something from before dinner, Brooke. I got off and you didn't. It's your turn, now." I said to her.

I pulled her wet body to mine as we kissed under the spray of the shower. Yeah, I'm gonna love sharing an apartment with my s****r. This was really good. I never get tired of seeing her nude, and feeling her body next to mine.

As we kissed, I held her tight, never wanting to let go of her.

Brooke asked me to wash her hair, which I did. I lathered it up good, and massaged her scalp while looking at her nude body in front of me. I kept running my fingers through her long, blonde hair, rubbing in the shampoo. After I lathered it up, Brooke turned around facing me, leaned back, and let the shower water rush through her hair, rinsing out the shampoo, letting the lather run down her chest, over her tits, down to her pussy.

I took the soap and lathered it up and bathed every inch of her beautiful body. I washed her tits, her stomach, and her pussy, rubbing it gently. Brooke turned around and asked me to wash her back, which I did, all the way down to her sweet ass. I washed her ass cheeks, and between them, making her quiver. I washed her ass and then down her thighs to her legs and feet.

As I stood, Brooke took the soap and did the same to me, paying special attention to my cock and balls. She had me turn around so she could wash my back, and did my ass as well. God it felt good having her hands and fingers washing me. I was in a state of bliss.

"There's one more thing I want to do," Brooke said as she rinsed me off.

"What's that?" I asked.

"I want to trim your pubes, if you'll let me. You're so fucking hairy down there, and it tickles when I suck you."

"If you really want to, I don't object," I said to her.

Brooke had me step out of the shower, and standing there dripping wet, she got out a pair of scissors from the medicine cabinet, and started trimming my pubes.

"Don't cut them all the way off," I said.

"I'm not going to. I just want to trim them up some with the scissors, and then will use the razor in the shower."

"Take it easy down there," I cautioned her.

"Don't worry, I don't want to harm anything. I'll be careful, I promise."

Brooke started trimming my pubes, tossing the hair into the toilet. She cut them rather close, if you want my opinion. Much closer than I would prefer, but I let her do what she wanted.

"There," she said. "All done for this part. I'll trim them up a little more in the shower."

Brooke and I got back in the shower as she washed my pubes and my cock. She let the hair run down the drain, and then she reached for the razor and started trimming them a little more. I don't have a lot of hair on my chest, but I do have a treasure trail leading down to my pubes. Brooke used the razor to trim the hair around my cock, and shaved the hair off my balls. She ran her fingers through my pubic area and announced that she was finished. When she felt my balls, it felt much different, and I immediately knew they were hairless; but if that's the way she wants them, who am I to argue.

"You like that?" I asked her.

"Yeah, I like that. I think you'll like it too when you see it. C'mon," she said, pulling me out of the shower to the mirror. "What do you think?" she asked as we looked at my reflection in the mirror.

As I looked in the mirror I noticed that my pubes were almost gone. She had cut most of the hair away and trimmed them so that I didn't have much more hair down there than she did. I pulled up my cock, which was hard now, and felt my hairless balls.

"You really like them like this?" I asked.

"Yeah, I think so. This way the hair wont tickle my nose anymore!" she said laughing.

It really didn't matter to me, and if it would make things easier for her, I decided it was ok. Not really my thing, but it was all right with me if that was the way she wanted them.

"Yeah, if that's what you want. Fine with me. It sure makes my cock look longer this way."

"Yeah, I've always thought trimmed pubes make a guys cock look longer." Brooke replied. That comment brought a few questions to mind, but I didn't want to go there, not just yet, anyway, so I let it drop.

"Now, I want to try it out," Brooke said with a seductive look on her face.

She took my hand and led me back to the bedroom and had me lie down on my back on the bed. She climbed onto the bed, spreading my legs, and crawled up between them.

"Yeah, I think I'm gonna like you this way," she said as she leaned down and took my hard cock into her mouth. She sucked my cock and then licked down my shaft to my balls, and started licking and sucking them, one at a time, taking my balls into her mouth. God it felt awesome with her tongue licking my now hairless balls. The feeling was much more intense than before. I could feel the surface of her tongue as she licked my ball sac. She worked my balls for a long time, sucking one and then the other, causing the pre cum to ooze from the slit in my cock. Brooke noticed that, too, and licked the head of my cock clean, before going back to work sucking my balls into her mouth. God, this felt great. I was afraid that I was going to bust a nut with all this. Brooke sucked both of my balls into her mouth, rubbing her tongue all over them at the same time. I was going to like this. She licked back up to my cock and took it all the way into her mouth, sucking up and down my shaft. After several minutes, she licked her way up my abdomen, chest, and slid her tongue into my mouth as she crawled up on top of me. My hard cock was now between her legs, just at the entrance to her pussy.

She kissed me for several minutes before breaking the kiss.

"I want you to do me now," she said as she rolled off me and spread her legs. I got down between them and started eating her out, licking her slit and the soft skin of her upper thighs. Brooke pressed down on the back of my head, pushing my face to her pussy while grinding it into my mouth. I could taste her as my tongue entered her pussy. I drove it in as far as I could, licking her rapidly as she pressed down harder on my head. I sucked her pussy lips into my mouth, causing her to moan with pleasure. I licked away at her as I pressed one finger into her at the same time, finger fucking her as I licked away at her womanhood. Brooke was getting off, bucking her hips wildly against my face, driving my tongue and finger deeper inside of her.

"God, Steven, I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, now, god, fuck me."
I removed my face from her pussy and crawled up on top of her. She grabbed my hard cock and pressed it against the entrance to her pussy while I pushed forward, entering her with full f***e.

"Oh god, yes, yes, fuck me Steven. Fuck me hard!"

I was so turned on by this time that I almost lost control as I drove my hard cock into my s****r's wet pussy. It felt so fucking good as I slid into her, and the feeling of her almost bare pussy felt so good against my nearly hairless crotch. I didn't know that the absence of pubic hair would make this much difference, but the feeling was fucking erotic. I slammed into her hard, causing her to scream out in pleasure.

"Oh god, yes that feels so fucking good, Steven! Oh god, fuck me harder."

I increased the pace and rhythm of my thrusts as I drove my hard cock in and out of my s****r's sweet cunt. The feeling was more intense than ever as we fucked. I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands as I plowed into her with terrific f***e. We were in a rapid rhythm. She would bring her cunt up to meet my cock as I thrust into her. Brooke kept shouting obscenities as we fucked harder and faster. I watched as her tits bounced with each thrust, which turned me on even more. God, I wanted her. We continued fucking for quite a long time, with each thrust going deeper and harder, and Brooke shouting louder and louder.

My hands were grabbing her ass, pulling her into me hard with each thrust. I reached back and grabbed her legs, and placed them on my shoulders, causing her to move up slightly as I fucked straight down into her.

"Oh, yes, Oh yes, fuck me! God this feels so fucking good," she shouted.

The look on her face was driving me crazy. She gets the most erotic expression when we fuck, and this was the most intense look I've ever seen on her face. It was like she was in a different world as we made love. I leaned forward and kissed her hard, while my hands were still grasping her ass. Brooke threw her arms around my head and kissed me passionately, with plenty of tongue, as we continued fucking.

"Oh god, Oh god," she screamed, "I'm coming, Steven, I'm coming!" she shouted as her body began to shake beneath me. I could feel the walls of her cunt clamp tightly around my hard cock as I continued to fuck my s****r. She shouted louder, with a string of obscenities I'd never heard her utter, which surprised me a bit.

"Oh yes, Steven, that's it, keep fucking me."

As Brooke reached her orgasm, it was like her pussy was milking the cum out of my cock. I lost it, and began shooting my sperm inside of her. They were intense ejaculations. I shot one load and then another into her. I could feel my balls tighten as they emptied inside my s****r. Even though I had cum, I continued fucking her hard, and she continued shouting at me to fuck her harder.

I finally gave out, and collapsed on top of her. I removed my hands from her ass and pulled her face to mine and drove my tongue into her mouth as she did the same to me. Her hands were all over my back, and then dropped to my ass as she pulled me into her. Her legs wrapped around my waist, holding me tight as I emptied the little remaining seed I had into her.

I left my cock inside my s****r as we kissed and she continued rubbing my ass. God this was awesome. I wanted to fuck her all night, but my cock gave out. As we kissed, it slipped out of her as I stayed on top of her.

Brooke continued kissing me wildly as our orgasms subsided.

"Oh my god," she said. "God, that was great, Steven. Will you lick me out?" she asked.

I didn't think twice, and lowered my face to her freshly fucked pussy, and licked away at her, bringing her more pleasure. She wrapped her legs around my head, holding me tight against her pussy as I licked our combined juices from her cunt. Some had dribbled out, and I licked it off of her inner thigh and beneath her cunt. I licked all the was down her ass, getting as much of it as I could. Brooke raised herself up a little, allowing me to reach her ass with my tongue. The aroma was driving me crazy as I licked her, even licking her ass. I lapped away from her ass to her pussy and back to her ass as she clamped down harder with her legs. She finally relaxed her grip on me, and I licked from her ass to her pussy, to her abdomen, her tits, and then to her lips. We kissed hard as we held each other.

"Oh my god, Steven, I loved that. God I loved that."

I rolled over on my side and pulled Brooke over to me. Looking into her eyes, I said, "Brooke, I love you so much."

"I love you, too, Steven. I'm so glad we discovered how much we love each other. We're going to have such a good time. I'm so looking forward to us moving in together."

"Yeah, me too. We're going to make this work, I know we are. There are details to cover, but we're going to make this work. I promise you."

"We'll make it work. We have to. I couldn't imagine going away to college without you now. There's no way I'm going to St. Mary's without you. We have to work this out."

"We will, we will," I said to reassure her. "There's no way I'm going to let you go away without me."

We kissed again, pressing our bodies against each other. Neither of us wanted to move, it felt so fucking good. I reached over and turned off the light, and held her tight as we fell asl**p.
The past several weeks went by quickly, but for Brooke and me, they were difficult. We tried to be discreet about our relationship around the house so our parents wouldn't get suspicious, which made things difficult for us. We managed to get very little alone time. Brooke did slip into my bedroom a few times, but we felt that it wasn't worth the risk. I kept reminding her that we would have as much time together as we wanted once we were settled into our apartment at St. Mary's. That helped, but we still craved each other so much that it was difficult to keep our hands off each other around the house. We had a couple very close calls. Once we were in the TV room watching a movie, which quickly turned into a make out session. Nothing serious, but we were really going at. Fortunately we were still fully dressed; however, I was sporting an erection which I was sure caused a huge bulge in the front of my jeans. We heard someone coming down the stairs, so we broke the kiss just in time. Mom came down to say goodnight before she went to bed. She didn't say anything, but we did get a strange look as we were sitting on the couch and were still very close to one another. She stayed for a few minutes and talked with us, but didn't give on if she suspected anything. As you can imagine, that cooled us off for the rest of the night.

Brooke finally graduated from high school, and her graduation was great. She received several honors, and was voted the most spirited field hockey player, and was also congratulated for her full ride to St. Mary's. It was a proud time for all of us.

There were several graduation parties, and I went to a couple of them with her. Brooke wanted me to go to keep the horny guys from hitting on her. Of course we went as b*****r and s****r, and it didn't seem to cause any suspicions, as I knew most of her friends anyway, and they seemed glad to see me. We managed to talk dad into our living arrangement at St. Mary's. Oh yeah, I got my acceptance letter over a week ago. That was one of the nights that Brooke snuck into my bedroom after our patents went to sl**p. She said that we had to celebrate, and I didn't argue with her. The sex was sweet, but risky.

Dad was surprisingly pleased that Brooke and I would be sharing an apartment. After doing the math, he figured that it would be a good savings over each of us living separately in a dorm, although he had his doubts that we'd be able to get along with each other. Little did he know how much better we were getting along already! He also let us have some of our inheritance from our grandmother to help out with the expenses, which took some of the pressure off me to get a job right away. We went through the furniture we had in storage from our grandmother, and selected several items to take with us to the new place. Dad also sprung for some new things for us. Brooke talked him into a queen-size bed for her room, which was good, as we would both be using it most of the time. I thought that was a good suggestion her part. The Admissions Director told me three weeks ago that the acceptance letter would just confirm that I was in, and told me to go ahead and arrange the apartment and begin looking for a job, if I still needed one.

Dad arranged for a local moving company, Two Men and a Truck, to move our things to our new apartment, and they're coming in the morning. Dad will meet them and make sure they get everything, so Brooke and I have been packing our things all week so we'll be ready for the move. Dad even gave us the old Toyota to use while we're at school. We decided to drive up to St. Mary's today to get the key and to get some things for the apartment, stay overnight in a hotel, and then meet the movers at the apartment tomorrow afternoon. They said they would call when they got to town so we could go over to the apartment and meet them.

We packed our car, said our good-byes to our parents, and headed out. Mom was teary eyed as we drove away, but we told them we'd come back home in a couple of weeks, after we got everything settled into the apartment. She was glad we were going off to college together, but sad that we were both leaving the house at the same time. She wasn't quite ready for that and had little time to adjust to the idea.

"Oh my god, I can't believe we're really going to do it," Brooke said once we got on the road. "We're really going to have our own apartment, and be together as much as we want!"

"I can't believe it either," I replied. "I was surprised that dad went along with everything, but I'm sure glad we were able to talk him into it."

"Just think, Steven, tomorrow we move into our own apartment. No more sneaking around to be together. I can't wait! It really seems like a dream or something. I can't believe we pulled it off."

"And tonight we have our hotel room just for ourselves!"

"Are we going to do anything special to celebrate?" Brooke asked, with a smirk on her face.

"Anything you want." I replied.

"I thought maybe, after we do our shopping for the apartment and check in to the hotel, we could go out for dinner someplace nice, and then go back to the hotel and make up for lost time together."

"I like that idea, but once we check in, I'm not sure I'll be able to leave!"

"Yeah, I thought about that too. Maybe we can just order in like we did before."

"I like that idea better," I replied.

Brooke looked especially sexy to me right now. Part of it, I was sure, was because of what she had on. She was wearing a very short pair of shorts and a halter top, which showed off her fit body extremely well. She also looked sexy because I wanted her so fucking bad. I couldn't wait to get her into the hotel room. It's been too long since we were able to be relaxed and enjoy being with each other.

Brooke leaned back in the seat and spread her legs enough that I could see nearly all the way to her pussy. She caught me staring and said, "Keep your eyes on the road, b*****r, you get this soon enough."

"I know, but It's hard to drive with you looking so fucking sexy sitting there."

She leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, and let her hand drop to my hardening cock, which was pressed against my shorts causing a huge bulge in the front.

"Feels like you're ready for me now," she said while rubbing me through my shorts.

"I am, and if you keep that up, we may have to pull of the road and take care of things."

When I said that, Brooke started pulling down my zipper, and released my raging hard on from my shorts. She leaned down and started sucking the tip of my cock, while moaning in pleasure and anticipation.

"O god, that feels fantastic, Brooke," I said, in short breaths.

She kept sucking me as I tried to keep the car between the white lines on the road, and hoping that nobody driving by would notice. In a matter of a couple of minutes, she had my shorts unfastened and pulled apart in the front, giving her room to reach under my balls and massage them as she continued sucking my cock. I reached down with one hand and rubbed the back of her head, encouraging her to continue, which she gladly did.

The feeling of her wet tongue licking the length of my erection, along with her hands giving me a masterful hand job as she was sucking me, gave me intense feelings of pleasure. Brooke was getting so fucking good at this, and has come a long way since she first sucked me off. She really seems to love sucking me as much as I loved it. I don't know if it was because we hadn't been together much lately or what, but it didn't take long for me to blow.

"Brooke, I'm about to cum. If you don't want it, you better stop now!"

Brooke didn't say anything, but continued sucking my cock and moving her fist up and down on my shaft, twisting it slightly as she moved up and down, while at the same time giving me an awesome blow job. I was true to my word, and in just a couple more minutes I started shooting my load into her mouth. She took it all. I looked down and she opened her lips, and I could see a copious amount of cum in her mouth. Brooke smiled at me, closed her mouth, and swallowed every drop. She then licked the head of my cock clean before stuffing it back inside my shorts and zipping them up.

"I thought that might relieve a little of your tension," Brooke said, smiling at me sexily.

"I owe you one, s*s. When we get to the hotel, you'll get yours," I said.

"I'm gonna hold you to that. God, I can't believe we will have the whole night to ourselves. I have dreamt about that every night this week."


"Oh yes, really. It was so hard sl**ping by myself every night knowing you were just across the hall, and knowing that we would soon be sl**ping with each other every night."

"Do you think you'll get tired of sl**ping with me every night?"

"I hardly think so. God, I love your cock and I love you. I'll never get tired of sl**ping with you . . . and showering with you . . . and fucking you . . . and spending as much time as I possibly can with you!"

"Good. This is like a dream come true."

As we continued on our way, Brooke read through some of the Field Hockey information she received from the school. Their first game comes at the end of August, and practice begins mid-July, so we'd have about a month together before she had to start practice. Some of the girls are starting "unofficial" workout sessions the end of June, and she thought that she should participate in that as well, but that would only take up part of the day. I had to begin looking for a job, as I was still needing to work to make all the finances work out; but with Brooke practicing, it was only fair, I thought, that I be doing something productive as well. We also decided that I would do most of the cooking. I like to cook, and Brooke likes to eat, so it was a natural arrangement. We talked about some of the things we'd like to eat, how we were going to arrange the apartment, what we were going to tell our friends, and said several times how awesome it was that this was all working out.

One we got to town, we stopped at the Rental Office and picked up the keys to the apartment. Dad had already paid the rent for six months to give us a start, so that was taken care of. We were both hungry, so we stopped for fast food before heading over to Walmart to pick up a few things for the apartment. We got some cleaning supplies, a shower curtain, a couple of throw rugs, and picked up a couple of lamps on sale. These were things we didn't have time to get before we left. We also picked up some light bulbs and a set of pots and pans. Mom gave us some money go get the pots and pans and some kitchen utensils. She wanted us to have a well stocked kitchen. We had a list of things we still needed, and got most of it on this trip. After we checked out, we drove over to the apartment to make sure everything was set to move in, and to drop off the supplies we just bought and those we brought with us.

Once inside, we noticed that the place looked really clean. The agent told us that they would have a cleaning company get things ready for our arrival, and they did just that. It looked move-in-ready to me. The apartment we rented was the larger of the ones we looked at. Brooke took the larger bedroom, naturally, and I took the smaller room. My Double bed would almost fill up the room, leaving a little room for a study desk and a dresser. Brooke's had room for the Queen bed, a desk, dresser, and a small couch that Brooke was having shipped with our things tomorrow. It was an old couch from our grandparents, and Brooke thought it would go nicely in her room, and to give us some variety, so she said.

We walked through the rest of the apartment. The kitchenette furniture would fit well, and the furniture we picked out for the living room would also fit, we thought. Dad sprung for a Sofa Bed so he and mom would have a place to sl**p when they visited, and for any overnight guests we might have. He also got us a matching set of chairs for the living room, and a new stand for the TV. Brooke wanted to hang the shower curtain to make sure it fit, which we did, and it did. She put out the throw rugs we bought, and they looked good as well. This apartment had a full bath connecting the bedrooms, and a half bath in the hall. We got them set up with the things we brought with us, and put the cleaning supplies in the closet. By the time we finished all of this it was almost three o'clock.

"All finished," I said, joyfully.

"Not just yet," Brooke said, as she walked over to me and threw her arms around my neck. "We need to break this place in right," she said as she pulled my face to hers and drove her tongue into my mouth. The taste of her kiss and the feeling of her tongue sliding into my mouth gave me an instant erection. I wrapped my arms around my s****r and pulled her in as tight as I possibly could. God, I was going to love rooming with my sexy sibling. Her chest felt so good against mine as I held her tight. I let my hands roam down her back until they reached the soft globes of her exposed lower ass beneath the hem of her shorts, which was now creeping up between her cheeks. I held a cheek in each hand and rubbed them softly as we continued to kiss. Her kiss became more passionate and intense as we stood there making out.

"I want to collect on your promise now, Steven, I can't wait until we get back to the hotel," Brooke whispered in my ear.

I let go of her ass and moved my hands to the bottom of her halter top and slid it over her head. Her pert tits were begging to be sucked, so I leaned down and took one into my mouth and ran my tongue around the hardening nipple as Brooke moaned softly. It had been so long since we were alone together like this, and I wanted her more than ever. I sucked one tit into my mouth and then the other as she continued moaning and squirming in my grasp. Brooke leaned back, offering her chest for my pleasure, and hers, as I continued sucking her. I let one hand drop to the front of her shorts and awkwardly unbuttoned and unzipped them. Brooke reached down and slid them off, along with her sexy black thong, and was standing completely nude before me. I continued sucking her pert breasts as I rubbed her naked ass and pussy.

"Oh god, keep doing that Steven. God, I want you."

Reaching down to her pussy, I could feel its wetness. I ran my fingers gently over her slit, making my way inside. Brooke pressed herself against my invading fingers, encouraging me to continue. I rubbed her softly while still kissing her sweet breasts and her lips. She reached around my shirt and pulled it over my head, and then started unbuckling my shorts. Then she unzipped them and let them drop to the floor. I reached down and took off my underwear as we stood naked together, with my hard cock pressed against her abdomen as I held her tight. My hands roamed to her sweet ass again, and I rubbed her cunt from behind. We were both beginning to sweat, but it didn't bother either of us.

After several minutes on our feet, I guided her to the floor and spread her legs apart. Her neatly trimmed pussy was glistening with her juices as I leaned forward and licked her slit. God, she tasted so fucking good. I hadn't eaten her out for at least two weeks, and I had really missed it. I slid my tongue all over the outside of her pussy and as deep inside as I could, and licked her sweetness for a long time. Brooke pressed my face hard against her pussy as I continued eating her.

"God, I've missed this, Steven. You're so good at this."

I didn't respond, but continued eating her, enjoying every moment. I lapped away at her sex, while rubbing my hands over all of her body. She was in such good shape, and her body felt so good to my touch. Her skin was so soft, and I wanted to feel every inch of her.

"I want you to fuck me, Steven. Please fuck me!"

I spread her legs further apart and lowered my body to hers, as I pressed the head of my hard and wet cock against the entrance to her pussy. It felt as though her pussy was sucking my cock inside as I slid into my s****r.

"Oh, yes, that feels so good, Steven. Fuck me harder!"

I started fucking Brooke slowly at first, but steadily increased my thrusts and intensity. Occasionally I stopped with my cock deep inside of her so I could feel the wet, warm sides of her cunt as it surrounded my cock. It had been so long since we made love, other than a couple of quickies, and my cock felt like it was in heaven. I drove in and out of my s****r as we fucked there on the floor of our new apartment. As I continued, it was as though my cock had grown numb; maybe it was because of the blow job Brooke gave me in the car on the drive up, but I felt as though I could continue fucking her for hours.

We rolled over on our sides, with Brooke facing away from me. I continued driving my cock deep inside of her, while reaching around her and feeling her soft tits. She turned her head and pressed her lips to mine, and I drove my tongue into her mouth as she did the same to me. She was bucking back against me, driving my cock deeper inside of her, with my balls slapping against her.

After several minutes in this position, Brooke got up on all fours, and had me fuck her from behind. I was on my knees with my hard cock plunging in and out of her cunt, with my hands on her hips, pulling her to me as I drove into her. Brooke was moaning louder now as we fucked.

"Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes," she screamed over and over as I continued driving my cock deep inside of her. She turned to look at me, and her face had that, "Fuck me" look that she gets and it drives me wild. Harder and harder I thrust into her as she pushed back at me. Brooke started screaming, "I'm gonna cum," over and over, until I could feel the walls of her cunt contracting around my hard cock. "Oh, yes, Steven, fuck me . . ."

When I felt her pussy contracting and knew she was having an orgasm, I started shooting my load deep inside of her. I grabbed her hips and held them still as I slammed into her and emptied my balls in several shots. It was the best fuck we'd had in weeks.

I pulled my cock out of her, and watched my cum drip from her and run down her leg. Brooke pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, straddling me. She leaned in and pressed her lips to mine and kissed me passionately, while grinding her pussy against my deflated cock. I held her tightly.

"God, that was awesome, Steven," Brooke said as she lifted her face from mine and looked down at me. "I think I can get used to this."

"Me too, s*s. I really needed that. God, I wanted you so much. It was hard to drive up here with the thought of us making love together. I didn't think we'd do it in the apartment, but I'm glad we did."

"We're still going to do it in the hotel tonight, aren't we?"

"Oh yes, we're still going to do it in the hotel. This was just a warm up!"

Brooke leaned back into me and kissed me again as I ran my hands over her back and ass. I had missed the feeling of her sweet ass over the past few weeks. Not since our last night in the hotel on our first trip up here have we been able to take our time and make sweet love together.

Brooke looked at me for a long time, and then said, "Steven, I really do love you, you know."

"Yeah, I know that, Brooke, and I love you too. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

We stayed on the floor, kissing and rubbing each other for a good fifteen minutes, it felt so good. We both knew that we were finally free to be with each other as much as we wanted, and we both wanted it a lot, that much was apparent.

Finally, we felt we should head over to the hotel, but neither of us wanted to get dressed. We were perfectly happy to be together, naked with each other on the floor; but we knew we had to move on to the hotel. We got up, dressed, and closed up the apartment before leaving.
We held hands as we walked through the apartment and to the car. I opened the door for her, and she got inside, as I walked around to the other side and got in.

Brooke leaned over and gave me a final kiss before we left the parking lot.

"What kind of room did you get for us?" Brooke asked as we left.

"It was going to be a surprise, but I got a room with a King Size bed and a Jacuzzi," I replied. "Dad let me put it on his charge card, so I went all the way!"

"What did he say about the King Size bed?" Brooke asked.

"He didn't ask what kind of room I got, and he didn't see the reservation, so he doesn't know," I replied.

"Do you think he's onto us?" Brooke asked.

"I don't think so. We've played it pretty safe, so I don't think either of them have any reason to suspect anything."

"I've kinda wondered about that," Brooke said. "I think mom has acted a little like she suspects something, but that may just be me. I don't know."

"You really think she suspects something?"

"No, not really. She just said a couple of things that made me wonder, that's all."

"Like what?"

"Well, a couple of times she said that it's interesting how much better we've gotten along since our first trip up here when you brought me to try outs. She was also inquisitive about you taking me to a couple of the graduation parties we went to."

"Really? She didn't say anything to me."

"Yeah, she asked why I wanted you to go with me to the parties all of a sudden, things like that."

"What did you tell her?"

"I told her that you wanted to see some of our friends before we went off to college. She didn't say much, but she did give me some strange looks, that's all."

"She hasn't said anything to me like that, not that I picked up on anyway. I doubt that she's on to us."

"She also thought it was strange that I went to the prom with a group instead of a boy like I did last year, and she asked a lot of questions about who I danced with and if I had a boyfriend; things like that."

"It sounds like she has been giving you the third degree, Brooke."

"Yeah, I thought so too. I never said anything to you because I didn't want you to be suspicious of her and then begin to act awkward around her or anything."

"Yeah, I guess ignorance is bliss. She didn't give us any problem about sharing an apartment though."

"Not you, she didn't, but she asked me several times if I thought we were doing the right thing, rooming together. If she does suspect something, I guess she decided not to say anything and just let us work it out."

"That's interesting. Has dad ever said anything about us?"

"No, not to me. I heard them talking one night. I was in the f****y room watching TV and could hear them talking in the kitchen. I don't think they knew I was in there."

"What did they say?"

"Mom was telling dad that she was a little uncomfortable with us sharing an apartment and spending so much time together. She didn't think it was natural, or something like that. Maybe she said it wasn't healthy for us, I don't remember exactly what she said."

"What did dad say?"

"He said that her imagination was getting the better of her, and that he thought it was a good move, saving some money and all. He also said that it was nice that we weren't fighting all the time. Mom said that the change came all too sudden, and that something must have happened on our trip up here, that's all."

"Well, she's right, something did happen on our trip up here. I guess maybe we didn't do as good a job of covering it up as we thought we did; but, she did agree with our plans, and she didn't say anything to me about any of this. Are you worried about this?" I asked.

"No, not really. I just wondered if they said anything to you, that's all."

"Well, if things work out the way I want them to, we'll have to tell them sometime, I guess."

"Yeah, but I'm not ready for that yet, and I don't think they are, either."

"Let's worry about that later. Right now, I just want to focus on our living together. I've been looking forward to this ever since our first night up here."

"Yeah, me too. Let's just take it a day at a time and see what happens."

"Sounds like a plan to me."

With that we arrived at our hotel. We got our bags and went inside and checked in. After taking care of the details at the front desk, we made our way to our room, which was on the fifth floor. Once inside, we noticed that it was much nicer than the room we had before. The bed was huge, which put a smile on Brooke's face. "We can have a good time on that," she said, grinning at me.

We also noticed that the room had a couch, an over stuffed chair, and a large HD Television. The Jacuzzi had sliding glass doors on either side; one opening to the bedroom and the other opening to the bathroom. On the other sides were full length mirrors, going all the way from the Jacuzzi to the ceiling.

"Mmmm, this is going to be sweet, Steven," Brooke commented in a sexy tone.

"Yeah, I thought this would be a romantic place to spend the night. I'm not sure we'll get much sl**p, though."

"I didn't intend to get any sl**p anyway," Brooke replied.

We got settled in and Brooke asked about dinner. "Are you getting hungry?" she asked.

"I am, especially after that work out at the apartment," I replied laughing.

"I say we change clothes and go out for dinner, and then come back for a relaxing soak in the Jacuzzi." Brooke said.

"That sounds great to me. Where do you want to eat?"

"How about that steak house we saw coming in? That looked like a good place to eat. Looked sorta expensive; can we afford it?" Brooke asked.

"I think so. We're still using dad's credit card. He said for us to get a nice dinner, so let's do it!"

I sat down on the bed and turned on the television while Brooke changed her clothes, but I didn't see much of the show; my eyes were on my s****r as she undressed.

"You're staring at me again, Steven," Brooke said.

"You'll have to get used to that, s*s. I can't take my eyes off of you. You look so fucking sexy when you get undressed. God, I love watching you."

"Thank you!" Brooke replied, as she slowly removed her clothes before she seductively made her way to the shower. As I heard the water running, my cock started getting hard again, so I decided that I'd join her. I stripped and walked into the shower and opened the door.

"I was hoping that you would join me," Brooke said.

I got inside the shower and took Brooke in my arms. I held her for a brief time, and then we began washing each other off. Taking our time, we got each other thoroughly clean. When we finished, we got out of the shower, dried each other off, and then went to the bedroom to get dressed.

I watched Brooke dress, taking in as much of her hot body as I could. I never would have thought I would feel this way about my k** s****r, but she is the hottest woman I've ever seen. When Brooke finished dressing, she picked out some clothes for me to wear, and I got dressed. We both looked sharp as we left the hotel room, hand in hand. Brooke was wearing a short and tight black dress, that hit about mid thigh, but a little higher than that. She also had on a beautiful necklace, that hung down to her cleavage. The top of the dress was so wide that it almost revealed too much, but I wasn't going to complain. I just hoped that those puppies stayed in during dinner.

When we reached the car, I opened the door for Brooke, and she kissed me on the cheek, saying, "Thank you for making me feel so special, Steven."

"You are special, Brooke," I said as she slid into the car. I walked around to my side, got in, and drove to the steak house.

All the way over I couldn't keep my eyes off of Brooke. The dress slid up when she got into the car, and was almost up to her crotch, showing off her firm and beautiful legs. I could have taken her in the car, but knew that there was plenty of time for that later.

When we got to the restaurant, I parked the car and then walked around and opened the door for Brooke. As she got out of the car, I got a good glimpse of her crotch, which was covered with another of her black thongs.

We walked into the restaurant and were promptly e****ted to a table. The restaurant was quite romantic. We got a table for two, and I sat in the chair next to Brooke. The waitress, commenting on the way we were dressed, I suppose, asked if we were celebrating anything.

Brooke looked at her and said, "Yes, we are. It was one week ago today that we were married," as she stuck out her hand and showed the waitress her wedding rings, which were the ones our grandfather gave our grandmother. I really wasn't prepared for this announcement, as Brooke and I had not come to a decision as to how we were going to spin our relationship while at college. The rings really looked good on her. Our grandparents were extremely wealthy, so they were beautiful rings. I think our grandfather gave her this set about fifteen years ago, on their fiftieth wedding anniversary, so they weren't very old, and they looked great on Brooke's finger.

"Well, I'll bring you a complimentary bottle of our good wine to help you celebrate," the waitress said after she finished looking at Brooke's rings. The waitress left for the wine, and I looked at Brooke.

I just smiled at her. I wasn't sure how I felt about her announcement, but I didn't want to get into a discussion about it at that moment either, so I just leaned over and gave her a lingering kiss, and then pecked her on the cheek after I kissed her.

"What do you want to eat?" Brooke asked.

"I think I'll have a salad, a filet mignon, and a baked potato," I replied, noticing a special on the menu that featured the 8 ounce filet mignon.

"Then, I'll have the same," Brooke replied.

When the waitress returned with our wine, she poured each of us a glass, and left the wine in a decanter on the table. She took our order. I ordered my steak medium rare, and Brooke ordered her's well done. I don't know how she eats her meat well done, but that's the way she always orders it.

We talked while we waited for our dinner, but I didn't say anything about the wedding ring. I was starting to like the idea of being married to my sexy s****r.

Our dinner finally came, and we started eating, while enjoying light conversation and the romantic ambiance of the restaurant.

After dinner, we ordered a piece of cheese cake to split, and finished it off, along with the remainder of the wine. Between the two of us, we finished the entire bottle, and it was a very good wine, and complimented the steak nicely.

Brooke and I decided to head back to the hotel, so I paid the bill with dad's credit card and we left for the parking lot, walking hand in hand. When we got to the car, which was in a secluded part of the parking lot, I turned Brooke against the side of the car and pulled her face to mine. "I fucking love you, s*s," I said before kissing her. Brooke grabbed me around the waist and held me tight as we kissed several times.

I opened the door for Brooke, and she slid into her seat, holding her legs apart for much longer than necessary before turning in her seat, giving me a great look at her firm thighs and her thin panties. My cock was starting to get hard again as I looked at her firm legs.

When we returned to the hotel room, we were both quite relaxed from the bottle of wine we shared at dinner. Brooke walked to the closet and found two white terry cloth bathrobes, and got them out.

"Umm, these will be nice," she said.

"You look great to me in that sexy black dress, s*s. I could stare at you all night in that dress."

I'll look even sexier out of it, Brook said as she slid it down, along with her underwear, and slipped on the bathrobe, leaving it open in the front. "Why don't you put yours on too," Brooke suggested.

I got up from the bed, undressed, and put on my robe, leaving it open in the front as well. Brooke walked over to me, dropped her hand to my flaccid cock, rubbed it gently, and said, "This boy is going to get some action tonight."

"I sure hope so," I replied.

"I'll get the Jacuzzi started, and then we can soak for a while," Brooke said as she let loose of my hardening cock and walked over to the Jacuzzi and slid open the door. I watched her as she started the water, adding a small amount of bubble bath.

I walked over to the mini refrigerator and got out the bottle of champagne I had the manager place in there for us, for a price, of course. He also left two champagne glasses for us on the counter.

I unwound the wire holding the cork, and it released with a loud "pop."

"What the fuck was that?" Brooke asked, turning to me.

"That was the sound of a party starting!" I said, lifting up the bottle of champagne. The champagne was bubbling out the top by this time.

"Get a glass and save it" Brooke said, excitedly. "We don't want to waste any of it!"

I got a glass and poured some of the champagne into it, and then filled the other glass. I took both of them over to Brooke and said a toast. "Here's to a night of fun, and to the rest of our lives together."

Brooke took her glass, rang it against mine and said, "Here's to the greatest b*****r in the world!"

We sat on the edge of the bed and took a couple drinks while waiting for the Jacuzzi to fill, and then decided to get in.

I set down my glass and gently removed Brooke's bathrobe, revealing the most sexy body I've ever seen. I never get tired of looking at my s****r's body. God, she looks terrific. I can't believe I have her all to myself.

After Brooke's robe hit the floor, I shed mine, and we walked, hand in hand, across the room to the Jacuzzi, and stepped in.

Brooke sat at the far end of the Jacuzzi, looking at me with a sexy grin as we admired the refection of our nude bodies in the full length mirrors.

I slid across the tub to Brooke's side and ran my fingers up and down her thighs as we soaked, relaxing. I moved my hands up to her stomach, and then to her tits, noticing that her nips were getting hard. I gently circled each with the tips of my fingers, causing goose bumps all over her chest and arms.

"God, that feels so good, Steven."

I continued rubbing my s****r, feeling every inch of her tight body, which glistened with the water. Brooke smiled at me as I continued rubbing her tits. Slowly I leaned forward and began licking her right nipple, gliding my tongue over her hard nipple, flicking my tongue against. Brooke's mouth was open as she moaned softly at my tough.

Brooke raised up and pulled me to my feet, with my hard cock sticking straight out, brushing against her lips. She licked the head of my cock with her tongue and started sucking me for the second, or is it the third time today? I lifted my left leg and let it rest on the side of the Jacuzzi as Brooke continued sucking me. She took the entire length of my cock several times as she moved her mouth up and down on my shaft, and then started bobbing her head rapidly up and down on my cock, caressing my balls as she sucked hard. God, my s****r was making love to my cock. Several times she said how much she enjoyed sucking cock. I hoped that she was referring to mine only, but I didn't say anything that would spoil the mood.

I moved back so I could sit on the edge of the Jacuzzi, and my hard cock stood straight up in the air, inviting Brooke to continue what she had started. She crossed the tub on her knees and went back to work on my cock. She sucked me hard, twisting her mouth around on my cock as she squeezed my balls. Looking up at me, my s****r looked like the sexiest woman in the world.

"God, I love sucking cock," she said again as she continued giving me the best blow job of my short life.

She leaned back and started jacking me off while licking the head of my cock repeatedly. I was afraid that I was going to cum with all the action she was giving me between my legs. My cock was as hard as it had ever been the way she was working it. Brooke was really getting off on my cock, as she dropped one hand beneath the water to her swelling pussy and started rubbing herself as she sucked me, licked me, and massaged my balls.

Pressing my hard cock against my abdomen, Brooke started licking my balls, sucking one and then the other into her hungry mouth. She then licked beneath my balls to the sensitive stretch of skin between my ball sac and my ass. The feeling of her tongue on my flesh was making me feel so fucking good. As she licked from my ball sac to my ass, Brooke continued stroking my cock rapidly. She was now stretched out with her feet almost against the far side of the Jacuzzi, with her ass floating above the surface of the water, inviting me to take her. With the water running over her back and her ass she looked so sexy. She continued jerking me and sucking my balls as I leaned back enjoying the sight before me and the feeling of her tongue licking my body.She moved her mouth back to my cock and began kissing my cock from my balls to the head and back several times. She placed her mouth back over my cock as I began gyrating my hips in a fucking motion as I face fucked my s****r, to her pleasure and mine. Brooke kept her head still while I raised and lowered my cock in and out of her wet mouth, while still seated on the edge of the tub.

Brooke commented about the pre cum oozing out of the head of my cock and squeezed my cock to get more of it out the tip, and then licked it off, taking my entire length down her throat. It must have been the effect of the wine and the champagne because my cock felt numb, and I thought I could continue this all fucking night long. Brooke took my cock so deep a couple of times that she gaged, but that didn't stop her from continuing. I'd never seen her get off this much sucking my cock. Shit, she was really getting into it, and had been at it for a good twenty minutes or more.

"You really do love sucking that cock, don't you, s*s?"

"Yeah, I really do love sucking cock, Steven, especially yours!"

Brooke and I had never really talked about our sex lives. We weren't that close until our first trip up here. I'm sure that as sexy as she is, she has had many opportunities, but we've never talked about it. I'm not sure I want to, either, especially now. Maybe at some other time, but not now.

Brooke continued working my cock for several more minutes, and then slowly withdrew her mouth and said, "Now its time for you to do me," as she slid across to the other side of the tub and leaned forward over the edge, offering her ass to me.

Her pussy lips were swollen from all the finger action Brooke had given herself while sucking me, so I bent over and started sucking at her exposed slit, tasting her juices. Brooke pressed her ass back against my face while moaning for me to continue eating her from behind.

I slid my tongue deep inside my s****r's sex, and lapped away, tasting every drop of her excitement. God she tasted and smelled so fucking good to me. I continued for a short time, when Brooke turned her head back, looked at me and said, "Fuck me, Steven. Fuck me with that hard cock of yours."

God, I was ready, too. Reaching up, I spread her slit wide open and brought my raging hard cock to the entrance and pressed forward until the head of my cock entered between her sweet pussy lips. Brooke pressed back, forcing me all the way in, as she began moaning and looking at me with that special expression on her face. I raised my right leg and rested my foot on the edge of the tub, giving me a better angle and support as I fucked her. We could both hear the splash of the water as I drove in and out of her. Brook continued pressing back with enough pressure to keep me deep inside of her while we fucked. I continued fucking slowly away at her sweet pussy as Brooke continued to softly moan, signaling her pleasure. I could feel her fingers rapidly rubbing her slit as I fucked her harder and harder. I dropped my foot from the edge of the tub, grabbed her hips, and pulled her back against myself hard as I continued. Brooke grabbed my hands and brought them up to her tits, inviting me to rub them as we fucked, which I enjoyed. I have felt a few tits before, but never tits like these. There was some sense of excitement still lingering about feeling my s****r's tits and fucking her pussy, but she was becoming more my lover and less my s****r all the time. At first our relationship felt really strange and somewhat wrong, but now it felt so fucking right. How could anything that felt this right be wrong, I asked myself, convincing myself that there was nothing wrong with having this relationship with my s****r, the woman I loved so dearly..
I was lost in my thoughts when Brooke slowly turned around and gently pushed me back onto the side of the tub, spread my legs and held my hard cock in her hands.

"I want to taste myself on your cock," she said as she leaned forward and took me into her mouth again. She started licking my cock like she wanted to get all of her juice off it and into her mouth, moaning all the while. Licking from the base of my cock to the head, Brooke kept sucking me for quite a long time, slowly sucking my cock while beating me off. She moved me to the corner of the tub, turned around and sat down on my hard cock with her feet on the side of the tub. She lowered herself down and then back up, while I grabbed her ass cheeks and supported her as she fucked herself up and down on my hardness. My hard cock was going all the way in as she lowered herself, and then she pulled up, until I was just about to pop out, and then lowered herself down again, and continued this action for a long time, while moaning and almost shouting from the intense feeling this was giving her.

The feeling was much different from fucking her from behind. It was an entirely different angle, and I was not sure how long I was going to last if we continued fucking in this position for long, but it was obvious that Brooke was getting extreme pleasure fucking this way, so I tried to hold on and not cum, which was extremely difficult.

After several minutes in this position, Brooke got off me and got out of the tub, stepping into the bathroom, and lowered herself over the side of the tub, offering her ass to me again, which I took.

I pressed the head of my cock into her pussy and started fucking her hard from behind as Brooke continued moaning, and then shouting obscenities as we fucked in this position. I felt her sweet ass as I drove in and out of her, and ran my hands down her firm thighs, pulling her tight against my cock. I pulled completely out, and then drove my cock back into her, to her shout of pleasure. Brooke was moaning much louder now, and I was sure that she would have an orgasm any moment, the way she was shouting.

"God, fuck me, b*****r, fuck me harder," she yelled several times as I drilled away at her. I thought about moving my cock from her slit to her ass, but wasn't sure she was ready for that and didn't want to spoil the moment if she wasn't. I had done anal with her f'ockey friend, but I didn't know if Brooke would want that, although I know she knew about that episode.

Brooke raised up on his tip toes while I fucked her from behind, and reaching around, spread her ass cheeks wide so that I could see the pink hole of her ass as I fucked her. I thought maybe she wanted me to do it, but I didn't. I couldn't bring myself to do that to her, at least not right now.

I spread my legs further apart and knelt down some to get a different angle on her as we continued fucking, for what seemed like forever. I'm still not sure how I lasted so fucking long, except for the wine and champagne we had consumed. I felt like I could last forever, and wanted to at this point. There was nothing else I wanted to do but make love to my sweet s****r, and to give her the pleasure she seemed to be experiencing at the moment.

After continuing this for several minutes, Brooke slowly turned around and took my cock into her mouth again, with me standing before her and Brooke on her knees. She was getting to be an expert cock sucker now. While she sucked me, she looked up at me and said, "Steven, I want you to cum in my mouth. I love the taste of your cum."

That did it. I had managed to hold off in a miraculous way for going on an hour now, but this was doing it to me. There was something about the look on her face as she sucked my cock and rubbed my balls. I reached down and placed my hands on the side of her head as she sucked me off, with her eyes looking up at me. After some time, Brooke withdrew her mouth from my cock, looked up at me and said, "I want you to beat off and cum in my mouth, Steven."

Reaching down, I held the side of her face with my left hand while jerking my cock with my right. I was almost ready to cum as I started jerking off, with the tip of my cock resting on my s****r's lower lip, her tongue out in anticipation of the load I was about to deliver to her sweet mouth.

I started jacking off in earnest as Brooke slid the tip of her tongue along the bottom of the head of my cock as I beat off.

"Oh, yea," I said as I could feel the familiar tingle that went all the way from my balls to my cock, signaling that I was at the boiling point. I slowed down as I continued jerking off, pressed the head of my cock against her tongue, and steadied her face with my left hand as I felt the cum rising through my hard cock. The first spurt hit the side of her face, with a long white thread of cum clinging to her cheek. The second ejaculation hit Brooke right on her lips, and the third shot directly on her tongue, as did the next three. I emptied my balls on my s****r's face, with most of it going inside her mouth. Brooke took my cock back into her mouth and sucked any remaining cum out of my balls. Pulling off my cock, Brooke took her fingers and scooped up the cum from the side of her face and slid it into her mouth, licking her fingers, all the while smiling at me with a sexy grin.

"God, I love your cum, Steven. God damn, that was intense," Brooke said, almost breathlessly.

"Yeah, it sure as fuck was." I replied. "That was the longest I've ever lasted, Brooke. I thought I was going to cum several times, but didn't. God, that was awesome."

Brooke lowered her face back into the water and washed off, then invited me to sit down in the corner of the Jacuzzi to relax a while. She spread my legs apart and sat down between them with her back to me, and brought my hands around and held them against her tits.

"Steven, I really love you. I hope this works out. I never want to be with anyone but you. Never."

"I don't want to be with anyone but you, either, Brooke; and now that we're "married" we don't have to worry about anyone else!" I said, referring to our grandmothers wedding rings that were still on Brooke's finger.

"Yeah, I guess we really didn't talk that through and all, but I couldn't resist bringing them with me, and it just seemed like the right thing to do. You don't mind, do you?"

"Fuck no. I enjoy the thought of being married to you. So, are we going to be a married couple from now on?" I asked.

"If you don't mind, I would like that," Brooke replied.

"Well, I guess I should propose or something then," I said, while lifting Brook off and getting down on one knee in the Jacuzzi. I took Brooke's hands and said, "Brooke, nothing would make me happier right now than for you to be my wife. Will you marry me, Brooke?"

Although it shouldn't have surprised me, it did. Brooke started to cry. At first her eyes got watery, and then the tears started to flow. Finally, she looked at me and said, "I would love to be your wife, Steven. Yes, I'll marry you. I don't know how, but yes, I'll marry you."

"Marriage is a commitment, Brooke. The ceremony just makes it official, and maybe someday we will be able to make it official, but now, I consider us married. I love you Brooke, with all my heart, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and only you."

"I feel the same way. God, I can't believe this, but I really want to be married to my b*****r. God, I love you, Steven. With that, Brooke leaned in and gave me the sweetest kiss ever. We considered ourselves married, and got out of the Jacuzzi and filled our glasses with champagne and toasted our new life together. Neither of us knew if we could ever make it official, but outside of the ceremony, we considered it done. We were deeply committed to each other, and were about to begin our new life together in our new apartment.

Although it was after midnight, Brooke was getting hungry. I used my iPhone and searched for a late night pizza parlor and found one and ordered a pizza and breadsticks delivered to the room.

"We better get something on before the delivery boy comes," Brooke suggested. We walked back into the bedroom and slipped into our bathrobes, this time tying them in the front for a little modesty for when the pizza was delivered. We sat together on the couch, talking and kissing like newly weds, which we considered ourselves to be.

In about thirty minutes, there was a knock on the door, and I opened it to greet a pizza delivery boy who was about my age. I took the pizza and the breadsticks, paid him and gave him a generous tip, and brought the pizza in and set it on the table.

"He was kinda cute," Brooke commented, referring to the delivery boy.

"Don't get any ideas, Brooke, you're a married woman, now," I replied.

"Just trying to make you a little jealous, that's all," Brooke said, smiling back at me.

"Now that he's gone, can we get rid of the robes?" Brooke asked while untying hers and letting it drop to the floor. I did the same, and we sat down in the chairs, nude, and started to enjoy our pizza.

"Should I feed you the first piece, kinda like its a piece of wedding cake?" Brooke asked.

"Sure, as long as you don't smear it all over my face," I replied. Brooke fed me a bite of the first slice, and I did the same with her. We washed it down with a drink of the champagne.

I leaned over and took Brooke's face in my hands, and pressed my lips to hers. Although she tasted like pepperoni and pizza sauce, I enjoyed the kiss, as did she.

We had a good time as we finished off the pizza and the rest of the food, and both felt a little light headed from the activity in the Jacuzzi and all the champagne.

"I hate to say this, but we really do need to get some sl**p before tomorrow. We're going to have a long day setting up the apartment," I said.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," Brooke replied as we got up and walked over to the bed.

"Seems a shame to waste this huge bed on sl**p," I said, only half joking.

"It wont go to waste," Brooke replied. "I plan to wake you up bright and early so we'll have time to play before we have to leave. That is if I can wait that long to fuck you again."

"I like the way you think, s*s."

Brooke and I walked over to the bed and pulled down the covers. I told Brooke to lie down on her stomach and I'd give her a rub down as she fell asl**p. She liked that idea.

"Did you bring the massage oil?" she asked.

"Oh yes, I brought it. You just relax and I'll get it ready," I replied as I walked over to my shaving kit and removed the oil. I placed it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm it, and went back to the bed, where I found Brooke spread out and looking quite relaxed.

I crawled up behind her, spread her legs apart to allow room for my knees, as I reached up to her neck and began rubbing her neck and shoulders. I poured a liberal amount of the warm oil on her back and shoulders. She must have liked it because I could hear a soft moan escaping from her lips as I started the massage.

While rubbing the oil into her shoulders, back and arms, I could feel her strong muscles, which she has attained through her years of field hockey and working out. She was as fit as anyone. Softly, but firmly, I massaged the oil into her flesh. I lifted her arms, one at a time, and massaged them thoroughly from her shoulders to her hands, taking my time as I did so.

When I finished her arms, I lay them gently by her side, as I started on her back and shoulders. I applied more oil to her soft flesh and rubbed it in, making my way from her upper to lower back. When I got to the base of her back, I gently rubbed her ass cheeks, but bypassed them for the moment and started on her legs.

Her thighs and legs were as solid as her arms. Muscular, but sexy at the same time. The muscles weren't bulging or anything, but her legs were quite firm. I started at her feet, rubbing them gently, and then moved up to her leg and thigh. I put a liberal amount of oil on her thigh, and rubbed it from her knee to the base of her ass before moving to her other leg, and did the same with that leg. Brooke seemed to be so relaxed by this time I could hear a soft snore as she slowly breathed.

God, she looked so sexy laying there. I still couldn't believe that she was mine, and that we were sorta married to each other. I was really pleased with the decision to continue on as a married couple. Sure, we were young, but I really didn't see myself with anyone but my s****r, and I truly intended to spend the rest of my life with this hot sibling.

After I finished rubbing her legs, I started in on the soft globes of her ass. I poured some more of the oil on her ass cheeks and began rubbing them softly at first, and then a bit more firmly. The feeling of her ass was incredible. I took my time feeling her flesh, and then poured some oil along the crack in her ass, letting it run down over her ass to her pussy lips. When I did this, Brooke spread her legs a little more, letting the oil drip deep within her crack. I rubbed both cheeks at the same time, allowing my thumb to wander to her small, pink pucker, sliding over it gently. Brooke moaned in pleasure. I massaged from deep within her crack outwards to her cheeks, and then let my thumbs slide back to her pucker. I did this several times, and then, after applying more oil, began rubbing her pink pucker with my fingers. This must have been stimulating to Brooke, because she reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks apart, exposing her pucker, which was coated with oil.

"Umm, that feels so fucking good, Steven. Keep doing that. Yeah, keep doing that."

I continued rubbing her ass with my fingers, gently sliding them across and slightly within her hole, as Brooke continued to moan in pleasure. I did this several times, and then slid my middle finger into her to the first knuckle and circled the inside of her anus with my finger. Brooke started moving my and down on my finger, so I slid it in further, until it was all the way in.

"Use two fingers, but take it slow," Brooke said softly.

I applied a little more oil to her ass and gently slid in the second finger and gently pushed them in and out of her hole.

"God, I love that. You can fuck me there if you want, but take it slow. It really hurts if you don't do it slow," Brooke said with sort of a moan.

I couldn't believe I was going to fuck my s****r in the ass. I never really considered myself an anal type of guy, although I'd done it a couple of times with one of her friends. I withdrew my fingers, and poured oil over my now hard cock, and rubbed it in for several seconds before placing the tip of my cock at the entrance to her ass. Slowly I rubbed the head of my cock over her ass hole, all the time with Brooke softly moaning. I rubbed the head of my cock against her several more times before placing the head at the entrance. Brooke pulled her cheeks wide apart this time as I started to enter her. As the head of my cock popped inside, Brooke again cautioned me to go slow, which I did.

I fucked her ass slowly, with just the head of my cock gaining entrance to her sweet pucker. After a few minutes of this, Brooke asked me to go further, which I did. I had about half of my cock buried inside of my s****r's ass when Brooke started to lift her ass, causing me to go deeper. I took my time, not wanting to cause her any unnecessary pain, as I continued fucking her slowly.

"Oh Christ, Steven, that feels so fucking good. Fuck my ass!"

I withdrew my cock almost all the way, and then, slowly, pushed it all the way in. Brooke started humping back on my cock as I started fucking her ass a little harder and with increased intensity. At that point I sorta lost it and began fucking her ass harder.

"O god, Steven, fuck my ass. Fuck my ass, b*****r."

I fucked her harder. I could feel her strong anal muscles tighten around my hard cock as I fucked her. This was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced. Her ass was so fucking tight around my cock as we fucked. I started fucking her harder and deeper and faster, while Brooke was raising her hips as I drove down. I could hear my balls, which were covered with oil, slapping against her as I fucked her hard.

We continued for almost ten minutes, until I felt my cum churning in my balls, and then I emptied them inside my s****r's ass. The feeling was so fucking intense as I shot my load deep within her bowels. Several shots of cum filled her ass by the time I stopped.

I don't know why I did it, but when I finished, I lowered my head to her ass and kissed it, tasting the combination of my cum and her juices as I lapped away at her. I couldn't get enough of my s****r, and wanted to continue doing this all night.

Brooke pressed her ass up hard against my mouth and tongue as I finished her off, and she had her own intense orgasm. All she could get out was, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," which she shouted several times before we both calmed down.

Brooke rolled over on her back and I lowered myself on top of her, sliding my tongue into her mouth as she licked the inside of my mouth. I held her tight as we kissed passionately, my cock pressed against her pussy, but not inside.

"This was just the night I had hoped it would be," Brooke said. "I wanted to make love to you all night, Steven, and I think we've accomplished that."

"I think so, too," I replied as I looked at the clock and noticed it was almost three o'clock. I rolled over on my side and pulled Brooke to me for one final kiss before we both fell asl**p. Yeah, the bed sheets were a mess, but we didn't care. We weren't the ones who had to clean up this mess, anyway.
I woke up around seven to the sound of Brooke vomiting in the bathroom. As I've shared before, my s****r was very vocal vomiter, and I'm sure the people in the room next door could hear her as well, if they were still in their room.

"My god, Brooke, what's wrong?" I asked as I rushed into the bathroom to find her hanging her head in the commode.

"I don't know. I woke up about twenty minutes ago and was really cold, and then I got really sick to my stomach. I don't know if its something I ate last night or what."

I walked over and sat on the side of the Jacuzzi and placed my hand on her forehead. She did feel like she was running a low grade fever, but she didn't feel too hot. "You do feel a little warm, and that would cause the chills. I feel fine, so I don't think its anything you ate, because we both had the same meal."

After sitting with her for a couple of minutes, I got up and walked back into the bedroom to get her bathrobe. I brought it in and d****d it over her shoulders to keep her warm.

"Thank you, Steven. I think I'm feeling better now."

We both sat there for a few minutes to see if she was going to get sick again, but she didn't. Finally, I put my arm around her waist, helped her stand up, and started walking her back to the bed.

"Now, I feel a little dizzy," she said. I continued walking her to the bed and had her lie down. I removed the robe and covered her with the sheet and the bedspread, tucking her in.

"I think you should lie there for a while and see how you feel. Do you think I should try to find an urgent care or something?"

"No," Brooke replied, "I'm feeling better now. I think I'll just rest a while and see how I feel later."

"Do you want me to get you something to eat or drink?"

"Mom always gives me 7-UP when I feel like this. Do you think they have any?"

"I don't know, but I'll find out. Do you want me to call mom and see what she suggests?"

"No, I don't think that's necessary; but if you could find some 7-UP, I think that might help."

I threw on my shorts and T-shirt, slipped into my shoes, grabbed my wallet and room key and left. I remembered a 7-11 near the hotel, so I walked over there and got a bottle of 7-UP and some saltine crackers. I also got a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee for myself, and walked back to the room.

Brooke seemed to be much better now and was almost asl**p when I entered the room. I told her what I bought, and she had me pour some 7-UP and she also ate a couple of crackers.

"Do you feel any better?" I asked.

"Well, I'm not throwing up, so I guess I do!" Brooke replied.

I let her sarcasm pass. I knew she wasn't feeling well, and certainly didn't want to get into an argument with her. I really felt sorry for her. She was very pale, and still looked like she was about to throw up again, but she never did.

I slipped off my clothes and slid back into the bed beside Brooke. She rested her head on my shoulder and I put my arm around her and held her for a while, until she fell back asl**p. After that, I got up and turned on the TV and watched the ending of some old movie.

I hoped that Brooke wasn't coming down with something. The last few weeks she has complained of being tired all the time, but she wasn't like that at all yesterday; and then this. Maybe I should get her over to an Urgent Care when she wakes up. Mom had wanted her to go to the doctor last week, but she said that she didn't have time to go.

Brooke slept until around 10:00, when I woke her up to see if she wanted to shower before we left for the apartment. Check out was at 11:00, so we needed to get moving. She said that she was feeling better, so I helped her up and into the shower. Naturally, we showered together, with me doing most of the washing. Brooke was OK to stand in the shower as long as she could hold onto something, so that worked. I really enjoyed washing her off but felt bad that she was sick.

I had her turn around facing away from the shower so I could wash her hair. She usually liked it when I washed her hair, and I wanted to do anything that would make her feel better.

We got out of the shower, dried off, and then got dressed. I had Brooke lie back down on the bed while I took our suitcases out to the car. When I got to the lobby I checked with the clerk and she said that we could stay in the room a while longer if we needed to. I told her that we were waiting for a call from the movers and then we would head over to the apartment; but there's no furniture in it yet, so I wanted to let Brooke sl**p as long as she could before we had to leave. She said that would be fine.

I took our things out to the car and then went back to the room. Brook was sl**ping again, and looked so angelic lying on the bed. Yeah, I know that she's my s****r-wife, but she is a great looking woman. I hated to see her sick.

It was around 12:30 when the movers called. They were about twenty minutes away, and were giving me a heads up call. I told them that I had the key to the apartment and that Brooke and I would be there to let them in. After I hung up the phone, I woke Brooke up.

"That extra sl**p helped a lot, Steven. Thanks."

"No problem; I'm just glad you're felling better. Do you think you can make it over to the apartment? I could try to get the hotel room for another night if you think that'd be better."

"No, I think I'll be fine. I'm feeling better now."

She did look a little better to me, so I helped her up and walked her down to the car, although she was able to walk by herself and did seem much better than she was earlier.

Brooke asked if I thought we could take the robes with us, as she liked them. I told her that I'd check at the front desk and see if they sold them, and that I imagined they did. On our way out I checked, and they had some new ones, so I put two of them on dad's credit card. I didn't think he would even notice, anyway. Brooke was pleased.

We drove over to the apartment and went inside to wait on the movers.

After they arrived, it didn't take them long to unload all of our stuff. They stayed long enough to help me set up the beds and all the furniture. I had never done any of this, and their help was appreciated. They said that dad paid them a little extra to help out with the set up.

Brooke sat down in one of the over stuffed chairs that we had in the living room while I made up her bed. When I was just about finished, Brooke came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me.

"This is our new home, Steven. I really like it, don't you?"

"Yeah, I like it, Brooke, but honestly, anyplace would be fine. I just want to be alone with you!"

Brooke took my hand and together we plopped down on the bed, facing each other.

I reached out and traced my finger along the line of her face, staring into her eyes.

"You really are beautiful, you know, especially for a k** s****r."

"k** s****r my ass. I'm your wife!"

"Oh, yeah, how could I have forgot about that?" I asked laughing.

"Can we just lie here for a while? I don't feel like unpacking anything just yet," Brooke asked.

"Sure, we can stay here as long as you want! We have all day and all day tomorrow, and the day after that. We really don't have any plans so there's no need to rush anything."

"Thanks. I just want to lie here for a while with you . . . naked."

I didn't have a problem with that, either. I reached over and lifted Brooke's top over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra. I then unfastened her shorts and slid them off along with her underwear. After undressing her, I took my clothes off and then crawled back into the bed so that I was lying on my side, facing her. I reached over and started tracing my fingers along her arms, shoulders, and her chest, to her soft moans of consent.

"Do you like that?" I asked.

"O yeah, I like that. You don't have to stop anytime soon,"

In the silence of our room, I continued tracing my fingers along my s****r's beautiful body, with the sole purpose of trying to make her feel better. I let my fingers trace down her chest to her abs, which were moving up and down slowly to the rate of her breathing. I traced them down to the soft patch of pubic hair just above her pussy, and down to her upper thighs, as far as I could reach. In just a few minutes, Brooke was fast asl**p. I slowly got out of the bed and covered her with the sheet before going back to work on unpacking.

I started in my room, thinking that it would be quieter for Brooke. I unpacked my clothes and hung everything up in the closet and put stuff away in the dresser drawers. I sat out a few pictures, set up my lap top, and got my desk organized and made my bed, wondering how long it would be before someone slept in it.

After finishing with my room, I checked on Brooke and she was still sl**ping, so I decided to set up the kitchen. It was small, so that didn't take too much time either. I did unpack the new pots and pans that we bought at Wall Mart, along with all the other kitchen stuff we brought with us, and by the time I was finished, the place looked good.

I went ahead and set up the living room and connected the television, and got that room finished as well. Other than the bathrooms, which I thought Brooke would like to do, and her bedroom, everything else was finished. I was sure that Brooke would want to rearrange somethings, but that didn't bother me. I just wanted to get things set up so it would feel more like home.

I gathered up all the boxes and the packing paper and carried it out to the dumpster, which took several trips. I checked on Brooke again, and she was still sl**ping. I woke her up just to let her know that I wanted to run over to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner and the next few days, and she understood what I was saying. I left her and drove over to the Harris Teeter, which was not far away. It was a new store, and they had a good variety of things, so I was able to get all I needed.

I got back to the apartment in just over an hour, and found Brooke still asl**p. I was getting a little worried, but she's complained about fatigue the last couple of weeks, so maybe this was just what she needed. I put all the groceries away, and then went back into Brooke's bedroom to check on her. She was asl**p, so I crawled into the bed with her, stripping first.

When I got into the bed, Brooke rolled over and faced me, opened her eyes, and softly said, "I missed you, Steven," and threw her arms around me, resting her head on my shoulder.

"I missed you too, Brooke. How do you feel?"

"I feel fine, now. I think maybe it was just exhaustion or something. Maybe dehydration. I felt nauseous, had a slight headache, and then got dizzy when I stood up, but now I feel better."

"You don't think you're pregnant, do you?" I asked.

Brooke smiled and said, "No, Steven, I'm not pregnant. I'm on the pill, remember?"

"Yeah, I just thought, you know, maybe you missed one or something."

"You don't have to worry about that. I'm fine there. It must have been a little bug or something. How about if we go for a walk? What time is it, anyway?"

"It's about fifteen till six," I replied.

"Maybe we could walk somewhere and get something to eat; I'm starting to get hungry now, I missed breakfast and lunch, you know."

"Yeah, that's fine, if you're able to walk. Would you rather I drive?"

"No, I feel like I need the exercise. Let's walk."

Brooke and I got up and dressed, and headed out the door, hand in hand, with Brooke's arm around me.

"I want every woman here to know that you're taken, Steven," Brooke said as she held onto me very tight. There were plenty of residents out walking and playing around. Some of the girls had on very skimpy clothing, what you'd expect for a college town.

We walked for several blocks before coming to a small diner, which Brooke said she wanted to try. We went inside and ordered some dinner and a couple of drinks.

"How do you feel?" I asked her.

"I feel as good as new now that I'm eating something. I think I'm fine now."

We took our time finishing our dinner before heading back to the apartment. Once we returned, Brooke was ready to get started, so she unpacked the bath things and set up both bathrooms with personals and with the throw rugs and all. When she finished, they both looked great. She also worked a little on the living room, adjusting the furniture slightly from the way I had it, and then started on her bedroom. She worked on it about thirty minutes before she announced that she was worn out. She looked fine to me, but she said that she was getting tired again, and didn't want to over due it.

I suggested that we watch some television before going to bed, but Brooke suggested that we reverse that and go to bed to watch television. We could do that now, as there was a TV both in the living room and in her bedroom. We decided to do that, and went into her bedroom after closing up the apartment.

Brooke and I both stripped down before getting into the bed; big surprise there, I know. I put my arm around her and held her tight, with her head resting on my shoulder. We watched something on television, but after just a few minutes, I could hear Brooke softly snoring. I leaned forward and gave her a light kiss on the lips before turning off the light. It was early, but we both needed some sl**p.

I got up around eight o'clock the following morning. Brooke woke up when I was getting out of the bed. "Where are you going so early?" she asked me.

"I'm going to take a piss, and then start breakfast. What would you like?"

"I think I would like some pancakes if you have them," Brooke replied.

"I'll fix them right up. Do you want them in the bed or in the kitchen?" I asked.

"I'll come out there. Just call when they're ready, will ya?"

"Sure thing," I replied as I dashed to the bathroom to empty my bladder. After finishing up, I went out to the kitchen and started breakfast. I got out the new apron I bought and put it on to cover up my cock, primarily. I hadn't bothered to get dressed and thought I should have something on.

When breakfast was ready I yelled for Brooke, who came out of the bedroom nude as expected and sat down at the table.

"Our first meal at home," I said to her as I served her pancakes.

"Umm, they look delicious," Brooke replied as I sat the plate of pancakes in front of her.

"Just about as delicious as you look, s*s," I replied.

"You're just saying that because you didn't get any last night and you want to fuck me after breakfast," Brooke said with a sexy grin.

"Did it work?" I asked.

"Yeah, it worked. When these pancakes are finished, we're getting back in the bed and break it in properly!"

Brooke was true to her word, too. When she had her last bite of her pancakes, she got up, grabbed my hand, and led me back into the bedroom to break in our new apartment properly.

She dropped back on the bed, slowly slid her hands down her thighs and legs, the back up to her crotch, spreading her pussy lips apart, saying, "This is all yours, Steven. Get started!"

I laughed as Brooke was almost ordering me to eat her out, which didn't take any encouragement anyway. I crawled up onto the bed and moved over between her spread legs, took my fingers and pulled her pussy lips apart, and then went down on her, while moving my hands to her ass.

She tasted so fucking good, too. I lapped away at her pussy while rubbing her ass, finding my way up her crack to her back door. Brooke moaned as I stroked her, first grinding her pussy into my hand, and then her ass. She was getting turned on big time and I was glad I was there to help her out.

I licked away at her snatch, licking first the outside and then inside as far as I could reach with my tongue. I licked her inner thighs as well, and it must have felt good because Brooke was starting to cuss. She reached down and pressed my face to her crotch and started grinding her pussy into my mouth as I licked and sucked her.

"I love your tongue in my pussy, Steven, god that feels good."

I pulled back long enough to tell Brooke that I liked my tongue in her pussy, too. Most of my friends didn't like going down on the girls at school. I guess I didn't like doing it either with the girls I dated, but somehow it was different with Brooke. I guess in one way that was because in high school I was out to get as much pleasure as I could, and now I want to give pleasure. When I went out in high school I really didn't care how the girl felt, but now all I want to do is make Brooke feel good. I guess that's what love does to you? If so, this is the first time I've been in love, because I've never had these feelings for anyone else.

I continued licking Brooke, and the juices were flooding out of her. She started gyrating her hips against my face, still pushing down on the back of my head like I was going to try to escape of something, which there was no way I was going to.

After several minutes of eating my s****r, Brooke moved around so that we could get into a 69 position, something we'd never done with each other. Brooke crawled on top of me and lowered her face to my cock, while pressing her pussy back into my mouth. The harder I sucked on her pussy, the harder she sucked on my cock. She held my cock straight up and sucked it slowly, while grasping my balls and rubbing my thighs. I had my hands both between her legs, pulling her slit wide and sliding my tongue up and down her slit. Brooke was taking my whole length into her mouth now, still slowly stroking my cock as she sucked me off. I could see her pink pucker, so while she was sucking me, I dipped my finger into her pussy to get it wet, and then ran the tip around the cute entrance to her ass, and just circled it, which seemed to drive her crazy. I spread her pussy lips apart and flicked my tongue over the lips and continued licking around and inside her pussy while probing her pucker with my fingers.

Brooke continued doing a masterful job on my cock, sucking all the way to the base before sliding her mouth back up to the tip. By this time I had my index finger buried in her ass, about to explode from the feeling of her mouth surrounding my cock. Why we had never tried this position before, I'll never know, but I assure you, this wont be the last time.

The more I worked her ass and pussy, the harder Brooke sucked on my cock. She sorta mimicked on me what I was doing to her, as far as the speed of things. She licked down the shaft of my cock to my balls, and while sucking my balls she began jacking my cock.

The taste of her pussy was driving me crazy. I wanted her and I wanted her bad. The feeling of her mouth and tongue on my cock intensified the feeling I got from eating her out. My face was wet from her flowing juices as I continued sucking her pussy and finger fucking her ass.

Brooke started bucking her hips against my mouth as her head rose off my cock. She then lifted herself off me, turned around so she was facing me, and lifted her pussy over my hard cock. I lined my cock up with her pussy, and Brooke lowered herself onto my waiting cock, while I grabbed her ass and started rotating her up and down on my cock. Brooke leaned forward and let her breasts hang down in my face as I continued fucking her. She was riding me hard now, shouting obscenities as I made rapid thrusts up onto her tight pussy. I held her hips still as I raised myself up into her rapidly. God it felt so fucking good as I fucked her and sucked her tits. Brooke was bouncing up and down on my hard cock now, with the sweat pouring off each of us. I kept pumping into her. Reaching around, I could feel her ass hole, and as I did so, Brooke pushed back against my hand, so I let a finger find its way into her ass as we continued fucking. I was thrusting into her rapidly now, and for some reason started slapping her ass, probably harder than I should have, but it seemed to stimulate Brooke, who was now sucking my tongue as I was fucking her hard.
I started fucking her faster as I could feel her pussy walls begin to spasm around my cock.

"Oh god, yes, yes, yes, I'm going to cum, Oh fuck yes. . ." I heard her say just as she had her orgasm. The spasm of her pussy walls caused me to lose it, and just then I started shooting my load into my s****r. One, two, three volleys of cum shot into her, and then another three. I could feel my cum coating my cock as I continued ramming it inside of her.

I finally slowed down, and then stopped fucking Brooke. We both relaxed as my cock popped out of her pussy, and then I could feel my sperm drip out of her pussy and down onto my cock and balls.

I reached up and pulled her face to mine and drove my tongue inside of her mouth as she did the same. The feeling of her wet body against mine was an erotic feeling. I ran my fingers all over her body while kissing her like it was my last time.

"Can we stay in the bed all day?" Brooke asked me.

"That would be fine with me," I replied.

I thought we were going to do just that until someone rang the door bell.

"Who the fuck could that be?" Brooke asked. "Nobody even know's we live here, except mom and dad. Oh fuck, you don't think its one of them do you?"

"I sure hope not. I'm sure it smells like sex in here. I guess one of us has to open the door. I'll do it while you clean up this room a little and get your robe on," I said to Brooke as I wrapped my robe around me and headed to the front door.

By the time I got there they rang the doorbell a second time, which was about to piss me off. I looked through the peephole, and it was Amanda. What the fuck was Amanda doing here? I hadn't seen her or talked to her since we rescued her from the frat party, and after that I didn't expect to ever see her again.

"It's Amanda," I shouted to Brooke.

"Oh my god," Brooke said, running out of the bedroom while at the same time still putting her robe on.

Brooke opened the door and pulled Amanda in. They were both squealing like two long lost s****rs or something.

I stood back watching the two of them hugging each other, Brooke in her robe, and Amanda in her short shorts and halter top. God, they both looked great to me.

"How did you find us?" Brooke asked, taking Amanda by the hand and walking her to the living room.

"I called the housing office last week to see if you two had made any housing arrangements. I thought it would be good to have somewhere to go to get off campus. I've been here for summer classes. I have to make up an English class to get up to speed, and it's offered during the June term. Anyway, they gave my your address, and I was free this morning so I decided to drive over and see if you were here yet."

"Yeah, we just moved in yesterday. Oh god, you haven't seen this, have you?" Brooke asked, showing her ring off to Amanda.

Amanda screamed again, "Oh my god, you two got married? When did that happen?"

"Just last week. Our parents weren't very happy about the two of us living together, so we eloped. They weren't too crazy about that either, but it's done. We're both pleased, though. It's really been great."

"Well, congratulations to both of you!" Amanda said, giving Brooke and me a kiss on the cheek.

I sat there mesmerized as Brooke told Amanda all about our wedding, in detail. There was no fucking way I was going to remember all that, so whenever someone asked me about the wedding, I just let Brooke tell them.

The two of them kept talking about school, f'ockey, the team, and I learned that Amanda decided to come to St. Mary's even after the episode at the frat party. She had a full ride, the same as Brooke, and her parents wouldn't let her give that up, and there was no way she would've been able to tell them why. She and Brooke were talking about the frat party a little, and Amanda was talking about how embarrassed she was after "doing it" with all those guys. I started remembering the evening, and how Liz and the other girl did it on the floor, and must have got lost in my thoughts, because the next thing I knew, Brooke was giving me this strange look and then looking down at my crotch. I looked down, and my cock, which wasn't entirely hard, but wasn't soft either, was visible through the slit at the bottom of my robe. Amanda was facing Brooke and away from me, so she didn't see it, but had she turned around, she would have.

I reached down and slid my cock back inside my robe as Amanda and Brooke finished talking. Amanda had to leave to get back to class, but Brooke suggested that she come over tomorrow night for dinner, and she said that she was free and would love to. Amanda left, and Brooke came after me.

"So what about that conversation gave you a hard on, or were you just that happy to see Amanda?" It was the first time in weeks that Brooke was yelling at me, and she was as angry as fuck.

There was no way I could lie to Booke, so I confessed that when she and Amanda started talking about that night I pictured Liz and the other girl fucking on the mattress, and sure, I got a little turned on, but I wasn't going to do anything with them or anything. I told her that I wasn't even aware that I was showing until she pointed it out.

"Hmm, does Amanda turn you on, then?" Brooke asked me.

"No, not really, it was just all the talk, I guess," I replied.

"Maybe we shouldn't have her over if that's the way you're going to react."

"Really, Brooke, it doesn't matter to me, she's your friend and teammate. I'm not interested in Amanda, believe me. I'm not the least bit interested."

"You sure?" Brooke asked.

"Yes, I'm sure. Not the least bit interested. I'm in love with you, and you're the only person I want in my life."

"That's all I wanted to hear," Brooke said as she moved in next to me, untied my robe, and put her arms around my waist, next to my skin, bringing our nude bodies together.

"You wanna do it again?" Brooke asked as she held me tight.

"We could, but we have a shit load of work to get done. How about we finish up the house first?"

"Yeah, it'll be great to get everything put away and all," Brooke replied, "but, I want you to promise me that we'll have some fun when we finish. I'm just getting used to us sharing the apartment and I want to get the most our of it."

I had no problem promising Brooke that we'd play around tonight after we got the apartment set up. Hell, that's one major reason I wanted to room with her. We do have a good time together.

Brooke and I worked on the apartment all day. We stopped at lunch for a sandwich, but worked until early evening before we got everything finished and put away. Standing back and looking at the place, we were quite pleased with what we had accomplished.

"I'm gonna take some pictures and send them to mom and dad," Brooke announced as she started taking pictures of the apartment with her iPhone. She had me pose in my bedroom, and she posed in hers. We took pictures of each other in every room, and by the time we were finished, we had sent about a dozen pictures to mom and dad. We were sure that they'd get a kick out of them.

"What do you want to do about dinner?" Brooke asked.

"I could fix something up if you want me to," I replied.

"That would be good. I really don't feel like going out anywhere, I'm worn out from all the work today," Brooke said.

"Are you hungry for anything in particular?" I asked.

"Yeah, but you said we couldn't do that until later."

"Ha, ha. You can have that anytime you want, s*s."

"I know I can. That's the fun of living together, we can have each other any time we want."

"How about if I grill a couple of hamburgers for us? I have the hamburger and some things to go with. I also got some charcoal for that grill outside. Does that sound OK with you?"

"Sure. What are we going to have when Amanda comes over tomorrow?"

"I was thinking about making some Lasagna tomorrow. Does that sound OK?"

"Yeah, I'm sure Amanda would love your Lasagna. God, its good."

"OK then, we'll plan on that."

"Don't fix me a huge breakfast or lunch tomorrow then, I don't want to gain too much weight before practices start."

I got the hamburger out of the refrigerator and fixed it up. I have a spice mix I put into the hamburger along with some onions. I also had some cheese and all the other fixings. While I was grilling the hamburgers Brooke set the table and got some other things out of the refrigerator to go with the burgers, along with our drinks. I stood by the grill watching Brooke getting things ready inside, and thought that we really were acting like a newly wed couple, and I loved that idea. Yeah, I loved being "married" to my s****r.

While Brooke wasn't much of a cook, she was good at setting menus and setting the table and cleaning up afterwards. She even said at home that if I would cook for her, she would do the dishes, and she has continued that practice now that we were living together. I don't mind cooking, but I hate cleaning up the mess afterwards, so this arrangements works perfectly for both of us.

After the kitchen was cleaned up, I sat down on a chair and turned on the TV. Brooke walked into the living room which opened up to the kitchen, so it wasn't much of a walk, and sat down on my lap.

I reached up and brushed her hair out of her eyes and just looked at her for a few minutes before speaking.

"How've you felt today? You really were sick yesterday. I was worried about you."

"I feel much better today. I did get a little dizzy a couple of times while we were working and had to sit down for a few minutes, and I'm really tired now, but other than that I feel fine."

"You still look a little pale to me. Maybe tomorrow we can get outside for some sun. It's supposed to be a beautiful day. How about a hike or something? There's a state park not far from here."

"That would be fun. Could we take a picnic lunch or something?"

"Sure, I could get some things together for that. Let's do it," I replied.

With Brooke still sitting on my lap, I reached up and pulled her face to mine and gave her a lingering kiss, letting my tongue slide into her mouth.

"Umm, I like that," Brooke sighed.

"Yeah, I do to. What do you say, wanna move this into your bedroom?"

"We can move it into OUR bedroom, remember?"

"Yeah, that's right. OUR bedroom."

I lifted Brooke off my lap, took her hand, and led her into our bedroom. We slowly undressed each other before lying down on the bed.

"God, you are so fucking beautiful, Brooke. You never have to worry about me looking at another woman! You're all I could ever desire. You have the perfect body, a great personality, and, Christ, I fucking love you so much."

Brooke leaned into me and kissed me passionately after I said that, letting her hands roam all over my body, as I did the same to her.

Brooke pressed me back onto the bed and crawled on top of me, kissing me passionately and grinding her crotch into mine. I let my hands roam down to her ass, my favorite spot on my s****r's body, and gently massaged her firm cheeks with my hands. Brooke continued grinding her hot body against mine. She leaned back and brought her tits to my mouth, and I sucked one and then the other, while still massaging her ass.

After letting me suck her tits for several minutes, Brooke started licking her way down my front. She sucked on my nipples for a while, and then continued down toward my cock, which was growing rapidly. When she got to my cock, Brooke looked up at me and said, "Time to trim these pubes again, b*****r. They tickle my nose!"

"I don't want anything to distract you from sucking my cock, Brooke. We'll take care of that first thing in the morning! Now, get back to sucking!"

Brooke smiled, and then returned her attention to my raging hard on, taking it back into her mouth and started sucking it again. She used much more tongue action this time than before, and it really felt good. I looked down at her and could see that she was really getting into sucking and licking my cock. She licked from the base to the head, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock, bringing me intense pleasure. Then she started bobbing her head up and down on me while twisting her mouth around as she did so. I don't know where she learned this technique, but it was quite amazing and stimulating. I swear, I've been sucked off before, but no other girl made me feel quite like Brooke does. She sucks my cock because she wants to; other girls sucked it because they thought I wanted them to, and there is quite a difference. I liked the way Brooke sucked my cock.

After doing this for a good fifteen minutes, Brooke started licking her way back up my torso and brought her mouth to mine again, and drove her tongue inside. I sucked on her tongue, while dropping my hands to her ass and massaging her cheeks.

Brooke raised up on her pelvis and brushed her pussy against my erection. I loved how it felt when she did that. She reached underneath herself, put her hand around my hard cock, and brought it to the entrance to her sex and lowered back down on my cock, which entered her all the way. I was learning that Brooke liked to be in control when we were having sex. I didn't notice this at first, but the more we make love, the more I sense that she likes to be in control. She shows this by taking the initiative most of the time, by climbing on top whenever she can, and by switching positions. Like this morning. I'd never done the sixty-nine position, and it was Brooke who moved us around into that position. I mean, hell, I'm not complaining at all, just pointing this out. She also likes me to eat her out, I can tell. When we start to have sex, she usually gets into a position where she's on her back with her beautiful legs spread apart, showing me that beautiful pussy. She knows that once I see it I want to go down on it, so she makes sure I see it. I'm sure that before we're finished fucking this evening, there will be an opportunity for me to eat her out. I just know there will.

Brooke continued gyrating her hips against my crotch, pressing down, taking me all the way, and then raising up, until I almost pop out, and then lowering herself back down on my cock. She likes to be in control of the position and the speed, and thats all right with me.

Brooke remained on top the whole time until she reached orgasm, which come on suddenly, violently, and loudly. With shouts of "Fuck, fuck, fuck," I could feel Brooke slow down, letting my cock bottom out and remain there while the walls of her pussy contracted around my hardness. I lost it when I got a look at her face. She had raised her head, but her eyes were closed as she shouted through her "fuck me" contorted face. It was the sexiest look ever, and that, along with the sight of her beautiful tits and body hanging over me, caused me to ejaculate violently into her. I started bucking my hips beneath her and into her as I came. After I shot my loads into her, I grabbed her cheeks and pulled her crotch tight against mine.

"That was great, Steven. I mean, I love you and all, but the fact that you're such a good fuck is an added bonus. God, you fuck well, b*****r."

"You're a good fuck yourself, s*s. I could stay in bed and fuck you all day long."

"We'll have to do that one day. Just stay in bed and fuck all day long. I think I'd like that; but before that, you have some more work to do."

After saying that, Brooke leaned back and brought her pussy to my mouth and pressed down, causing her pussy lips to smear my juice and her's all over my mouth. I held Brooke by the hips as I licked away at her pussy, enjoying the taste of our combined juices. Brooke is the only girl I've ever eaten out after we'd had sex. I never thought I'd enjoy doing this, but, hell, I think I'd do anything with Brooke. God I love her.

Brooke started getting off as I tongue fucked her and cleaned her out. She started pressing her pussy hard against my mouth, telling me to keep licking her. With our juices running down the side of my face, I continued licking her pussy as she started gyrating faster and faster on my face and particularly my tongue, buried deep within her pussy.

"Oh Christ, Steven, I'm gonna fucking cum again! I'm fucking cumming again!" She wasn't lying either, just as she finished saying that, a flood of her juices filled my mouth. Brooke was panting breathlessly by this point.

"I've never done that, cum twice so close together! God that was awesome. You have a nice cock and tongue, b*****r! I wish I'd discovered that years ago!"

"Yeah, we sure wasted a lot of time hating each other! I'm sure glad we got over that."

"Yeah, me too. What do you think about a shower, now, b*o?" Brooke asked.

"I think we both need one."

We got off the bed and walked into the bathroom together. Brooke leaned over and started the water.

"God, that must have been some wild sex, s*s, you have a bruise on your right thigh, just below your ass," I said, noticing the bruise, which was about the size of a large egg.

"Really? Where?"

I walked over and placed my hand on the bruise and said, "Right here. Do you feel it?"

"No, I don't feel anything. Maybe I bumped into something while we were setting up the apartment today, I don't know what its from."

"Well, I'm sorry if I caused it, but I don't think so."

"No problem, it'll go away in a few days."

Brooke and I got into the shower and washed each other off.

"I think I like cleaning up almost as much as the sex," I shared with her. "I love washing you and running my hands all over your body."

"You can wash me as much as you want to," Brooke said while I washed her front. When I got to her neck, Brooke reached out and grabbed my left hand and was just staring at it.

"What?" I asked.

"We need to go to a jeweler tomorrow. You need a ring on that finger! I don't want any of the girls around here thinking that you're a free man!"

"I never thought of that. I guess I should have a ring if you're wearing one. We'll take care of that before we go to the park tomorrow. I like the idea of wearing a wedding ring."

"And you better never take it off, either."

"Even when we go home?"

"Yes, even when we go home. I never want that ring off your finger."

"So, are you ready to explain our relationship to mom and dad?"

"No, but I still don't want the ring to ever come off once I put it on your finger, and I'm doing that in the morning; and you better not take it off around Amanda, either!"

"Brooke, you don't have to worry about that. Like I already told you, I have absolutely no attraction to Amanda; plus, it wasn't my idea to invite her over for dinner tomorrow night, either."

"I know, I just feel sorry for her. I don't think she has many friends, and I feel like we should have her over some, that's all."

"Well, to be honest, I'm not excited about the thought of her hanging around here all the time."

"Yeah, maybe you're right. I don't want her hanging around here all the time either; but I did ask her over tomorrow night, so I can't go back on that. We'll see how things go."

We got out of the shower and dried each other off, and then Brooke got our robes out of the bathroom closet and we put them on.

"Leave it open in the front, Steven," Brooke suggested.

"I will if you will. I love to look at your hot body, s*s."

We left our robes open and walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch together. We didn't turn on the TV or do anything other than look at each other for a few minutes.

"This really is awesome, Brooke," I shared, "us living together, I mean."

"Yea, it is. I never would have thought things would work out like this when we made our first trip up here. How long had you wanted to do something with me like that?" Brooke asked.

"For the past couple of years, anyway. I got really jealous when you would go out, especially if it was with someone I knew," I told her. "I was jealous that it wasn't me you were spending time with. I think I've been in love with you, you know, more than like b*****r and s****r, for at least a couple of years."
"That's so sweet. I had a crush on you for about that some amount of time, but Christ, Steven, you were so fucking mean to me!"

"Yeah, I was, but that was because you wouldn't pay any attention to me, that's all. I guess we both loved each other and wanted something to come out of it, but neither of us was willing to take that first step."

"That is, until you brought me up here. Did you really want to, or did mom f***e you to?"

"I let on like she was forcing me, and that I didn't want to, but to tell you the truth, when mom told me that I had to take you to tryouts, I went up to my room and started beating off just thinking about it."

"Really? You went to your room and started beating off?"

"Oh yea, and that wasn't the first time I'd beat off thinking about you, Brooke. That happened many times over the past couple of years. Every time I beat off I was thinking about you."

"Who were you thinking of when you dated? Me, or the girl you were with?"

"Honestly, when I dated one of your friends, I was thinking of you."

"Even when you fucked her in the ass?"

I laughed at that, and replied, "Yes, even when I fucked her in the ass, I was thinking of you. I knew she told you about that, and I think the reason she did was to make you jealous!"

"She did, too! I not only got jealous, I got myself fucked in the ass too!"

"You what?"

"I got your friend Jerry to fuck me in the ass after a football game. I was so angry about you doing it with my friend that I let Jerry take me home after a game, and on the way home I had him pull off the road onto that deserted road and started making out with him. He wanted to fuck me, but I wasn't on the pill then, so I told him he could fuck me in the ass if he wanted to, and he did. He asked me to suck him off to get him hard, so I did, but that didn't take too long. The bad thing, though, I didn't get his cock very wet, and when he got my clothes off, he just fucking rammed that thing in my ass and it hurt like fucking hell."

"That's why you told me to take it slowly when I fucked you in the ass then?"

"Yeah, I still remember how bad it hurt when he just rammed his cock in me. It's a good thing he has such a small cock!"

That comment made me laugh. Guys always like to hear that their friend's have smaller cocks than theirs.

"With you, Steven, its different. I can tell that you care for me, and you like to give me pleasure. Sometimes I feel like I'm taking advantage of you or something."

"You don't ever have to feel like that, Brooke, I love making love with you. God I do!"

"How many girls have you made love to?"

"Is this true confession time or something?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. Fuck, I told you about Jerry. You can tell me a few things."

"Well, I want you to know that I'm perfectly happy with you and the way things are between us, Brooke. I've screwed around some, but that is over. It's only you and me from now on."

"I know that, and feel the same way; but I'd still like to know what all you've done."

"Well, there really isn't that much to tell. I've had sex with four girls, two of them were on your f'ockey team, and I'm sure you knew about both of those times."

"Yeah, I knew about them. Who else have you been with?"

"There was a girl at school, the community college, named Trish. She was Asian, or maybe Polynesian or something. She would always hang out with me at the lunch room between classes. She shared an apartment near the school with a friend, and one afternoon she invited me over after a class we had together. I went over, and we, sorta, did it."

"What did you do?"

"Well, as soon as we got inside the apartment, she was all over me, kissing me and all. Then the clothes started coming off, and before I knew what was happening, the two of us were on her bed fucking hard. I had to bareback her, too, as I didn't have any condoms with me. After that I always carried one with me, but fuck, I never needed one after that. Anyway, we were fucking away and her roommate came home, and she decided to join us."

"So, you fucked both of them?"

"No! Her roommate undressed and got into the bed with us, which didn't bother me, but I soon found out that it really pleased Trish. She and her roomy started kissing and all kinds of shit. I watched for a couple of minutes, and then excused myself. Trish tried to get me to come again, but I told her I wasn't into that shit. After that she never ate with me at lunch again, which was OK with me."

"That's so funny!"

"I didn't think so at the time, but I guess it is now. You ever do anything like that with any of your friends?"

"No, but I've had the opportunity if I wanted to. Three or four of the girls on the f'ockey team are lesbians, and one of them hit on me several times, but I didn't want anything to do with that either. One of the girls on St. Mary's team hit on me when I came up for tryouts. She said that a few of the players were getting together at her house the night of the frat party. She put her hand on my shoulder and said, 'we're not really that much into guys, if you know what I mean.' Hell, I knew what she meant and was sure I was going to the party with you after that!"

"That's funny. Which one was it?"

"Julie. I'll point her out to you when practices start up."

"Brooke, I was sure but the way you sucked me and the way you were when we were making love that you'd had some experience, and I admit that I have as well, but I promise you, sex with you is the sweetest I've ever had, and it's all I'll ever want. I love you so much."

After saying that, I leaned into Brooke and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, and she kissed back.

"Steven, I'm really tired, how about we go on to bed?"

"That sounds good to me," I replied, standing up and taking her by the hand and leading her into the bedroom.

When we got to the bedroom, I turned off the light. The light coming in from the window gracefully illuminated Brook's body as I slid the robe off her shoulders. The light highlighted her pert nipples, which I reached out and gently caressed. I dropped my robe and pulled her into me, kissed her on the forehead, the cheek, and then her lips.

"Brooke, I love you so much. The past is the past, and now we begin building our future together. I love you, s*s."

"I love you, too, b*o."

The two of us climbed into the bed and held each other tight as we fell asl**p.

I awoke the following morning around 6:00. Brooke was still sound asl**p beside me, and I didn't want to disturb her, so after giving her a soft kiss on the cheek, I crawled out of the bed, put on my robe, and after a short trip to the bathroom, I went on into the kitchen to begin making the lasagna for tonight's dinner. I liked to make my own lasagna noodles so it would take a little time, but not too much. I already had all the other ingredients in the refrigerator, so I got them out and went to work. I turned on the TV to catch up on world events as I prepared the lasagna. It only took about an hour to get it all ready, so I covered it and placed it in the refrigerator. That way all I needed to do was get it out tonight when Amanda came over and cook it.

I watched TV for a while and then decided to go get Brooke up. It we about 7:30. I went into the bedroom and softly asked Brooke if she wanted anything for breakfast.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"It's about 7:30."

"How long have you been up?"

"I got up about 6:00. I wanted to get the lasagna ready before we left, and its finished. I'm ready to fix breakfast if you'd like some."

"Sure, that sounds great. How about bacon and eggs, scrambled?"

"Coming right up," I replied. "Do you want to come out to the kitchen, or do you want breakfast in bed?"

"You're so sweet to offer that, but I think I'll come out to the kitchen. Just call me when its ready."

"No problem. It'll only be about ten minutes."

I left the bedroom and went back to the kitchen and fixed bacon and scrambled eggs for us, along with some OJ and an English muffin for each of us. I was right, it only took about ten minutes.

"Brooke, your breakfast is ready! Come and get it!"

"OK," was her reply.

I set the food on the table, and Brooke came out of the bedroom, not bothering to dress for breakfast.

"I really like the freedom to roam around the house in the nude, Steven. We did say that once we had our own place we were going to be nude all the time, remember?"

"Sure do, and it still sounds like a good idea to me," I replied as I shed the robe I was wearing.

"Yeah, I like you better that way," Brooke said as I tossed the robe onto a chair.

"I like you better that way too!" I replied.

Brooke and I chowed down on the breakfast and talked about the day.

"What time is Amanda coming over this evening?" I asked her.

"I think I told her around 5:30 or 6. I'll send her a text later to remind her."

"That should give us plenty of time. You wanted to go by the jewelry store and then we'll have plenty of time to go for a hike in the park, if you still want to do that,' I said.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun. Are you still going to pack a picnic lunch for us?"

"Yeah, I'll do that now, and then we can get dressed and head down to the town center."

I got up to clear the table, and Brooke helped. We took the dishes all over to the sink and I rinsed them and put the dishes and silverware in the dish washer. I cleaned off the table, and got out some things for our lunch. I thought I'd make a couple sandwiches and throw in some snacks, which shouldn't take long.

"When you finish packing lunch, why don't you come back in the bedroom for a while," Brooke said with a seductive look on her face.

"You can count on that!" I said to her as I started getting things out for the sandwiches.

It didn't take long to pack lunch, especially knowing what was waiting for me in the bedroom when I finished. Talk about incentive!

I put the food away and walked into the bedroom, and found Brooke waiting for me, lying on the bed with her legs spread slightly.

"Come on up, big boy," Brooke said to me as I entered the room.

I crawled onto the bed, and onto Brooke, pressing my body against hers and kissing her.

"I wanted you earlier, but I didn't want to wake you," I said to her.

"Steven, you can wake me any time night or day for sex. That's one thing that's worth getting up for!"

"Umm, I like the way you think!" I said as I continued kissing my s****r-bride. "How would you like it this morning?"

"Well, if I had my choice, I'd ask you to eat me out for a while, and then fuck the living shit out of me!"

"Sounds good to me," I replied as I kissed her again and then started licking my way down her front side. Brooke hand't showered yet this morning, so her skin had a slightly salty taste to it, which turned me on. I licked her neck, her chest, and then her tits. While doing this I was moving down lower on her body, and could feel the head of my cock brushing against her pussy lips. I was tempted to go ahead and fuck her right then, but decided not to, focusing more on her pleasure than mine at the moment. I did ask her how she wanted it and all.

I focused my attention to Brooke's tits, taking them into my hands while licking the nipples with my tongue, swirling my tongue around them to get them really wet, and then rubbing them between my fingers. Brooke started moaning softly as I worked on her tits. I kissed and sucked each one for a few minutes before crawling back to kiss her again. I slid my tongue into Brooke's mouth and tasted her sweetness. Brooke started sucking on my tongue, drawing it deeper into her wet mouth. I could feel my cock hardening against Brooke's soft skin as I moved my hips up and down against her.

"Oh god, Steven. Forget about eating me, I want your hard cock in me now!"

"Really? I know you like to eat you out, and I was getting there."

"Yes, really. Christ, I'm so fucking horny for your hard cock right now, I just want you to go ahead and fuck me. Please fuck me, Steven."

I reached down and slid my fingers into her pussy to get her ready, but Brooke was right, she was ready. She was already dripping wet, so I brought my fingers out of her cunt and used her juices to lube my cock, and gently slid into her. I had the feeling of intense pleasure as I slid into my s****r, with her warm, wet pussy surrounding my cock. I wanted to take it slow, but couldn't. Something got into me, and all I wanted to do was fuck her hard, so I started ramming my cock into my s****r's pussy. I usually take my time with her, but I lost it this morning.

"Oh god, that feels great. Keep fucking me, Steven. Oh god, yes."

I pushed my arms our straight to the bed so I could lift myself off Brooke slightly. I wanted to look down at her body as I fucked her. I could see my cock driving in and out of her, and that further stimulated me. It looked so fucking cool fucking her.

"That's a beautiful sight, watching my cock thrust in and out of you, Brooke. God, that looks so fucking awesome. Every time I do this I think the same thing. 'I can't believe I'm fucking my s****r.'"

"You're not fucking your s****r anymore, Steven, you're fucking your wife, remember?"

"Yeah, I remember, but my wife was my s****r before I married her, and I kinda like the idea of fucking my s****r too."

"Whatever. God it feels good, though."

I continued fucking her hard. I loved watching my cock pump in and out of her, and loved watching her tits bounce with each thrust. I love looking at Brooke's body, especially when we're having sex.

Brooke reached down and grabbed both my ass cheeks with her hands and pulled me hard against her, causing me to bottom out inside of her before I pulled back out partway, and then plunged back into her. God, this felt wonderful.

We continued fucking for fifteen to twenty minutes, staying in the missionary position the entire time, until I started to orgasm.

"God, Brooke, I'm gonna cum,"

"Cum inside of me, Steven. O god, cum inside of me."

It only took another couple of minutes until I came inside my s****r. She said that she could feel my sperm squirting inside of her, and that caused her to orgasm. Brooke doesn't do anything half way or quietly, and that goes for her orgasms as well. When she has one, there is no doubt about it.

"Oh god yes, yes, yes," Brooke shouted as she shook beneath me. She continued shouting for a good couple of minutes. I didn't know an orgasm could last that long, but it sure as fuck did for Brooke.

I emptied my load inside of my s****r, and then collapsed on the bed beside her, and pulled her over on her side so that she was facing me.

"You are one good fuck, s*s," I said to her.

"You're a good fuck, too, b*o!"

I kissed her twice on the lips before speaking.

"Brooke, you have made me so very happy. You are the most beautiful and wonderful person I've ever known. I love you, s*s."

"I love you, too Steven."

"How about a shower before we head downtown?"

We got out of the bed and walked into the bedroom and showered, each washing the other like every other time we've showered. After we dried each other off, we went to the bedroom to dress for the day.

"I'm just wearing shorts and a T-shirt," Brooke announced.

"You wearing your hiking boots?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess so. Do you think I need to wear a bra?" she asked.

"You don't need to wear one for my sake," I said.

"It wont bother you if I don't? We may pass others on the hiking trail, and I'm sure my nips will show."

"Brooke, it wont bother me in the least. I'm proud to be married to you. You wear what you want. You've got it, so flaunt it!"

Brooke laughed when I said that, but I noticed that she didn't wear a bra under her T-shirt either. She slipped on a tiny white thong and her short white shorts. She looked cute dressed like that with her hiking boots and socks.

"You look like you're ready to tackle the hiking trail," I said to her.

"I am! Let's get started!"

We gathered our things and headed out to the car.

"Do you still want to go to the jewelry store first?" I asked.

"Absolutely," Brooke replied.

We headed to the Town Center, which wasn't far from the apartment. I knew that they had a jewelry store there. Once we got there, we managed to park in front of the store, and went inside.

"How can I help you?" the young girl working behind the counter asked.

"Were looking for a man's wedding band. Nothing fancy but something in white gold to match my rings," Brooke replied.

"We have several over here," the worker replied as she motioned us to the other end of the counter. Brooke and I looked at several of the rings. The girl set out three or four trays of rings for us to inspect. Brooke liked one that was very simple, with an intricate design that you could barely see unless you looked close.

"How about this one, Steven?" Brooke asked.

"I like it."

The girl at the counter took the ring, and then sized my finger. The one we were looking at was way too small, but she said that she may have one in the drawer, which she opened. After looking for only a few seconds, she said, "Here's one in your size. Try it on to see how it looks on your finger."

It slid right on my finger, and I thought it looked great, as did Brooke.

"We'll take it," Brooke said.

"I'll write it up. Cash or charge?"

"Cash," Brooke said as the girl walked to the desk to get a receipt pad.

Brooke looked at me and said, softly, "Steven, I want you to promise me one thing."

"What's that?"

"That you'll never take this ring off. I want you to wear it forever as a sign of our love for each other."

"You don't have to worry about that, Brooke. This ring is never coming off my finger."

Brooke leaned into me and kissed me hard on the lips, while throwing her arms around my neck. We kissed for a couple of minutes, only stopping because the girl returned to take our money. I reached into my pocked for my wallet, when Brooke stopped me.

"I'm buying this. I brought some money along with me to get it."

Brooke took out a wad of cash and paid for the ring. The girl wrote up our receipt and gave me a box for the ring, which she put in a small bag.

"Do you feel more married now?" Brooke asked.

"Yeah, I really do," I replied, "and this ring will NEVER come off my finger, I promise."


We walked out of the store, got into the car, and headed to the state park, which was about an hour drive away, if that long. Brooke slept most of the way, but it only took us about forty-five minutes to get there. Once we arrived, I drove around to find the entrance to the one hiking trail I read about. It is in a more isolated part of the park, and not as heavily used by the public as the main hiking trails. It goes back in the woods a ways, and then runs along the river before coming back to the main road. I had heard some k**s talking about it at the community college. They'd take their dates there on Saturday afternoons, and even then they found it to be quite isolated. They liked it for the privacy, and I thought that would be good, too.

After I found the right hiking trail, I pulled into the lot and parked the car. I had to shake Brooke to wake her from her sound sl**p. We got out of the car and I got the back pack I filled with food. I also included a blanket to spread out on the ground so we'd have something to eat on.

"How do you know about this place?" Brooke asked.

"I heard some k**s at school talking about it last year at school. They said it's a good trail, quite secluded, and goes along a river after you hike back a ways. I thought you'd like it."

"Sounds great."

We started hiking back into the woods and walked about fifteen minutes before Brooke asked if we could stop for a short rest. We sat down on a log, and I asked her if she was OK. She looked a little pale.
"Yeah, I feel OK, just fatigued, that's all. A short rest should help."

We sat there in the shade for a few minutes, when Brooke announced that she was ready to go. I pulled a bottle of water from the backpack, and we shared it as we walked along.

After another fifteen minutes, we came to the river. It was really beautiful.

"Want to go for a swim?" Brooke asked.

"Sure, if you do. I didn't pack a suit, though," I replied.

"There's nothing wrong with skinny dipping, is there? We can walk up river a little and have some privacy."

We turned and walked off the trail alongside the river, far enough that we felt anyone using the trail couldn't see us. There was a gently bend in the river, so we were out of anyone's range of vision should they come along the trail.

It didn't take us long to strip down, and the two of us walked down the river bank and into the water, which was fairly warm. We had a good time splashing each other and gently playing in the water. I loved the look of Brooke's body when it was wet. The sun shining through the trees and onto her wet body made it look like a photo shoot for a model, which I said to her.

"That's sweet, Steven. Do I really look that good to you?"

"You look that good!"

"Thank you," she replied as she walked over to me and kissed me, while the two of us stood naked in the middle of the river.

I brought my arms around my s****r and pulled her body to mine as I continued kissing her.

"I've always wanted to have sex outdoors, Steven. Do you think we could, you know, like do it here?"

"Sure. I have a blanket in the backpack. Want me to get it and spread it out?"

"Yeah, lets."

Brooke and I walked out of the water, and I got the blanket out of the backpack and found a place to spread it out. Brooke sat down on the blanket, and I sat down beside her. I placed my arm around my s****r and held her close.

Kissing her, I began rubbing her arms, back, and then her breasts, which I then took into my mouth and gently sucked.

"I owe you something from this morning," I said to her, knowing how much she liked me to eat her out.

"What's that?" she asked.

"This," I said as I gently pushed her onto her back and gently spread her legs apart. Brooke lifted her knees up into the air and spread her legs wide apart, allowing plenty of room for me to get my mouth to her pussy. I immediately went down on her and started sucking away and licking her beautiful cunt. Using my fingers, I pulled her pussy lips apart, while driving my tongue as deep inside of her as possible.

"God, you're good at that, Steven,"

"I've had a lot of practice on you!" I said as I continued eating her.

Brooke was bucking her pussy up against my mouth as I continued eating her. Her pussy was getting wet as her juices started to release, which not only made her more moist, but tasted great as well. I lapped away at her snatch as I gently rubbed her abdomen and her thighs. She had the smoothest thighs I'd ever felt, and I loved rubbing my hands over them.

"Oh god that feels great, Steven."

I started lapping away with my tongue on her outer lips, which was driving her wild. I would do this, and then slowly enter my tongue deep inside of her, and slowly bring it back out. I loved the taste of Brooke's pussy, so I enjoyed eating her. I licked from the bottom of her slit to the top, repeatedly.

As I reached the top, Brooke shouted, "Yes, right there, keep licking there."

I focused on that particular spot for a few minutes, which drove her wild. She started cursing again, loud enough for anyone to hear us who was within a couple mile range. "Keep licking there, shit yes, keep licking there," she shouted.

I continued working my s****r until she shouted for me to fuck her. As she said that, I promptly slid up and brought the head of my pre-cum soaked cock to the entrance of her pussy, and gently rubbed it against her slit.

"Stop fucking teasing me, Steven, and fuck me with that thing!" Brooke shouted.

I slid my hard cock into her and fucked her hard and long. We were both breathing heavily and cussing before we finished. There was something about fucking my s****r outdoors that was very erotic to me. I'd always been somewhat of an exhibitionist anyway, and doing it in public with Brooke, just made the whole experience that much more exciting to me. To make it better, about this time a group of teenage boys came around the corner in three or four canoes. I saw them coming, but thought that maybe they wouldn't see us, but I was mistaken. They started shouting at each other about the couple fucking in the woods.

"Who the fuck is that?" Brooke asked.

"I don't know, just a group of guys in canoes. Just ignore them. We'll give them something to talk about."

"Fine with me," Brooke replied as we continued fucking on the blanket in full view of the k**s.

We continued like we were before they arrived, with me ramming my cock into my s****r, and Brooke cussing like a sailor as she reached orgasm. I could feel the intense pressure on my cock as her pussy spasmed, and then felt the flow of her juices, which I soon mixed with mine as I shot my load into her.

We lay on the blanket for a while, and then I got out our food and we ate our sandwiches and chips. Sitting there in the nude with my s****r was still quite a turn on for me, and I think is also was for Brooke. We had a great time together being naked outdoors.

"I really enjoyed making love to you outside, Steven."

"Yeah I really enjoyed that, too. I'd never had sex outdoors either. We'll have to do that again sometime."

"Yeah, I really like this spot. We'll have to come back."

Unfortunately, Brooke and I would never return to the park, and would never again have sex outdoors.

After we cleaned up, Brooke and I started walking back to the car. Brooke had to sit down again on the way, which was starting to concern me, but I didn't say anything to her about it.

Once we got back to the house, we showered and then dressed for dinner. By the time we finished our shower it was time to put the lasagna in the oven so it would be done when Amanda got there. I also heated up some garlic bread and fixed three salads. I had some sorbet in the freezer and thought I'd serve that for dessert.

Amanda showed up a little early for dinner, and brought a bottle of wine along with her. Brooke took the wine into the kitchen as I greeted Amanda, who walked over to me once Brooke was out of the living room.

"I thought the wine might loosen you two up a bit," she whispered in my ear as she brushed the palm of her hand across my crotch.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Amanda? You see this ring?" I said, showing her my new wedding ring. "Brooke and I are married, and she considers you a good friend. It would kill her if she know you were coming on to me."

"OK, forget about it then. I just thought the three of us could have a little fun tonight, that's all," she said as she turned and walked into the living room.

As Amanda walked away, I could see that she was dressed for fun, too. Her shorts didn't even cover up the bottom half of her ass cheeks, and her top barely covered the bottom of her breasts. If she wanted to get laid tonight, all she'd have to do is to walk around campus for a few minutes, and I'm sure someone would take her home. All I wanted at this point was to get this night over with, the Amanda part, anyway.

Brooke poured three glasses of the wine and brought them into the living room, where the three of us sat and talked for about twenty minutes, until the buzzer on the oven told me that the lasagna was done. I excused myself and went out to the kitchen and took it out of the oven, and put the breadsticks in to heat up while I made the salads. After I finished putting the food on the table, I called Brooke and Amanda, who immediately came into the kitchenette.

"I'm really hungry, and I'm sure you'll like Steven's lasagna, Amanda, he's quite the cook."

"I'm sure I will,"Amanda replied. From the way she was acting, Brooke had no idea what had happened at the start of the evening, and I hoped that she never found out.

We took our time eating our dinner and enjoying the remainder of the wine Amanda brought with her. After we finished dinner, I got the sorbet out of the freezer and served that. When that was gone, Brooke and Amanda went into the living room to chat while I cleared the table and put the dishes in the dishwasher. Amanda offered to help, but I insisted that she and Brooke spend some time catching up with each other while I cleaned up dinner. I really wanted to stay as far away from Amanda as I could for the remainder of the evening, which I managed. I took my time finishing the dishes, and then made my way back into the living room. I looked over at Brooke, and she looked very tired.

"I think I need to go on to bed, you all," Booke announced after a while. Looking at the clock I noticed that it was only about 8:45, which was early for Brooke and I to go to bed; however she did seem tired. "You two can stay up and visit some if you want, but I'm really tired all of a sudden," Brooke continued as she stood. She walked over to Amanda and giving her a hug, excused herself from the room.

Amanda didn't linger at all, saying, "Yeah, it is getting late, I guess. Maybe I better be going too."

She crossed the room and gave me a hug before leaving.

"Seriously," she whispered in my ear, "if you ever want a little variety, just give me a call." She reached down and squeezed my cock through my jeans before she turned and walked out the door.

I stood there in disbelief. First, that Amanda would act that way, which shouldn't surprise me after the way she was at the frat party; and second, that I got hard when she whispered in my ear and grabbed my cock. I felt somewhat ashamed about that, but had to admit, even if she is a slut, she's still hot.

When I got to the bedroom, Brooke had already stripped down and climbed into the bed. I got in beside her and held her tight.

"Are you OK?" I asked.

"I don't know, Steven. I got a little dizzy during dinner, but thought that might be the wine or something. Then, while we were sitting in the living room, I got light headed again, and thought I better come on to bed. Did Amanda leave?"

"Yeah, she left. I think I better take you to the doctor tomorrow and get you checked out."

"That's probably a good idea. I felt good all day long, other than getting fatigued while we were hiking. I'll see how I feel in the morning."

I thought about calling mom and talking with her, but didn't. Brooke and I both fell asl**p, and slept soundly all night. I guess the hiking and the sex by the river wore us both out.

Brooke didn't go to the doctor the following day, because she said she felt fine. We spent the next week just messing around the house, and I started looking for work. I eventually found a job at the school in food service. They had several openings, and I selected a position in the Athletes' Kitchen. They have a kitchen and dining room just for the athletic department, and I knew that Brooke's meals were included with her scholarship, so I thought it would be good if I could work in the kitchen, and then maybe we could spend some time together when she came in for dinner with the team after practice each evening. I also got a job at a substitute cook at a Mexican restaurant downtown. That was something that might come in handy, especially if we were running short on cash, which shouldn't happen with our inheritance and all, but a little extra spending money never hurt.

Brooke started the voluntary conditioning with several of the members of the f'ockey team in mid June. They worked out in the gym for the first hour and then they ran conditioning sprints outside. They weren't allowed to get out field hockey equipment and use it, or have the assistance of a trainer or a coach due to NCAA regulations or something like that, Brooke explained; but the girl leading the conditioning workouts had everything outlined for each evening, and Brooke was sure that one of the coaches set that all up.

Brooke would come home in the evening exhausted, especially that night.

"How was the work out this evening?" I asked her.

"Exhausting," she replied. "Kathy really worked us tonight. Shit, Steven, this is just voluntary conditioning. What the fuck to you think it's going to be like once practices start next week?"

"That rough?"

"Yeah, that fucking rough."

"Tell you what. Why don't you get undressed and I'll run the bath for you? You can soak while I get your dinner ready."

"That sounds like a good idea, but I'd rather have you soak with me if you wouldn't mind."

I jumped at that. Getting in the tub with Brooke sounded great to me. We hadn't had much physical contact in the past week due to her schedule and mine. She'd come home exhausted, eat dinner, and then go to bed and sl**p all night. Tonight was my night off, so I was able to be home.

"Sounds good. I'll run the bath water. You get undressed."

Brooke went into the bathroom and I went onto the adjoining bathroom and started the bath water. I filled the tub and added a little bubble bath before going into the bedroom to get Brooke. I found her curled up on the bed, fast asl**p. I shook her gently and asked if she still wanted her bath, and she said yes and got up on the side of the bed.

I pulled her up, and we walked into the bathroom, where I undressed and we both slid into the tub.

I sat down first and had Brooke sit between my legs, facing away from me. I pulled her back to me and put my arms around her and kissed her neck.

"Umm that feels good, Steven. I've missed being with you like this."

She slid down a little and rested her hands on my thighs as I massaged her shoulders and arms.

"Oh yeah, keep that up, b*****r."

I continued rubbing Brooke's shoulders and neck area, and down her arms as well. She leaned forward and asked me to rub her back, and I complied. I rubbed from her neck to the top of her ass, back and forth, while reaching around her and gently rubbing her tits.

"God, Steven, you're gonna make my cum from a back rub."


"Yeah. I'm really sexually charged now."

I continued rubbing Brooke's back, arms, and tits for several more minutes, when she suggested we take it to the bedroom, which I was more than willing to do.

I drained the water out of the tub and then dried Brooke off and led her to the bed.

"How long has it been since we made love?"

"Nearly a week, I think. I've missed you, Brooke. I'm sorry our schedules are so fucking busy, I really miss being with you and making love with you."

Brooke turned me around and had me lie own on my back on the bed, and climbed on top of me, and started kissing me. We made out for a long time, enjoying each others tongues, and rubbing each other's bodies. We rolled around on the bed for a while touching, kissing, and sucking each other. I had Brooke roll over on her stomach, and when she did, I noticed a fairly large bruise on her right hip, about the size of my hand.

"Did you have a collision with someone today?" I asked.

"Yeah, I ran into one of the girls during practice. Why?"

"You have a huge bruise on your right hip." I touched it and asked her if it hurt, but she said that it didn't too much.

"How about I give you a nice rub down?" I asked her.

"How about I suck your cock first?" Brooke replied. "I've missed sucking you off."

I rolled over on my back and Brooke crawled on top of me, and immediately moved her mouth to my cock and started working her magic on me. I had really missed the feeling of her mouth surrounding my cock, and this really felt good. Brooke sucked me and twisted my balls at the same time, which felt absolutely awesome. She got my cock really wet with her saliva, and then started slowly beating me off while she sucked me at the same time. I reached down and started rubbing her tits as she continued sucking me.

Brooke continued on me for several minutes, when I shifted from underneath her and, with her lying face down on the bed, I spread her legs, pulled her ass cheeks apart, and started kissing her ass, all the way down to her pink pucker. I kissed her there, and started licking her ass with my tongue, letting the tip penetrate her while feeling her ass with both hands. The musty aroma mixed with her sweet taste was making me very hard. I licked around her anus to her ass cheeks, and to her thighs. She lifted her pelvis up from the bed enough that I could lick her pussy. I kept doing this for some time when Brooke asked me to take her in the ass.

I moved my mouth back to her ass, and with my tongue and saliva, got her pucker as wet as I could before I moved up and pressed the head of my cock against her pink hole. I spit on her ass hole a couple of times to get it wet, and Brooke reached around, spread her cheeks wide apart, and told me to fuck her.

I pressed my cock into my s****r's ass slowly, but Brooke pressed back with such f***e it drove all the way in.

"Oh Christ, that feels so fucking good, Steven. Fuck me hard, b*****r."

I fucked Brooke hard and fast, pumping in and out of her ass. It had been a week since we'd fucked, and her ass was so fucking tight I didn't think I'd last very long, but I didn't want it to be over too quickly! I fucked her in the ass several more minutes, When Brooke squirmed, rolled over, and had me fuck her in the pussy. The difference between her ass and pussy was great. While her ass was much tighter, her pussy was much wetter as her juices were now flowing. I fucked in and out of her, and we could both her my wet balls slapping against her ass as we fucked. Brooke started moaning, and then shouting as we fucked hard for the first time in a week.

"Oh yes, God damn I've missed this. Fuck me, b*****r."

We were both working up a sweat as we fucked, it was so intense. I really had missed having sex with Brooke, and this was great.

"I'm going to cum," Brooke shouted. "Don't you fucking dare slow down until I finish!"

I didn't, either. I continued fucking her hard until I felt her orgasm, which caused her pussy to clamp down on my cock like a fucking vice. That started me shooting my load, and I emptied it into her. Brooke slowed down, and finally let her hands fall to her sides as her orgasm subsided. I spread her legs apart and went down on her, lapping away at her's and my juices, which were dripping out of her pussy. I licked her clean, then crawled up and kissed my s****r several times.

"Oh god, thank you, Steven. That was awesome."

"Brooke, you don't ever have to thank me for fucking you. The pleasure is all mine. I love you so much."

We held each other tight as Brooke fell asl**p. I wasn't that tired, but I stayed in the bed with her as I didn't want to disturb her.

Over the next week, the team started their regular practices, preparing for their first game, which would be in just six short weeks. The practices were long and hard, and were taking their toll on my Brooke. I'd see her in the Dining Hall, and she looked exhausted. She'd leave each evening about an hour before I left, and when I got home, she was often in bed asl**p already. This continued all week, when I told Brooke that we needed to talk when I got home, which we did.

I asked Brooke to come into the living room with me, and we sat down on the couch.

"I've been worried about you, Brooke. You seem to be so tired all the time. You weren't like this after practice in high school. Is this that much worse?"

Brooke started to cry. I reached over and pulled her to me, and she placed her head on my shoulder as she continued.

"I don't know what it is, Steven. I get so tired during practice that I have to sit out for a few minutes. The trainer says that it's normal, but I don't think it is. Then when I come home, I want to wait up for you because I really miss being with you. I miss making love to you, but I am so fucking tired when I get home, I just want to go to bed; and then when I get up in the morning, I'm still tired. Maybe I need some vitamins or something."
"I'm also concerned about the bruises, Brooke. I don't remember you bruising that easily before. Did you get bruises like that?"

"Not that I recall, but I didn't have you inspecting my body every night like you do now," Brooke said, giving away the fact that she knew that I looked her over every night to see if she had any more bruises.

"Yeah, I check you out every night, but I also like looking at your hot body, you know," I said, trying to interject a little humor into a serious conversation.

"We practice tomorrow, and then we're off Saturday and Sunday. Do you think you can get off work so we can have some alone time together?"

"I'll make it happen, Brooke. There's nothing I'd like better than to spend the weekend with you. Do you want to go to a movie or something?"

"Maybe, but let's not plan anything just yet. I might want to just stay at home with you."

I managed to get off work for the weekend. There isn't much activity in the Athletes' dining hall over the weekend, but they usually have me working in other parts of the cafeteria; however, I told my supervisor that I need the time off to spend with my wife, who wasn't feeling well, and he quickly agreed to let me off.

I saw Brooke in the dining hall on Friday evening, and she looked much better. I managed to get away from the counter for a few minutes and went over and sat down beside her, which had become my routine. I always take my break to sit with Brooke a little while to see how she was feeling.

"How was practice today?" I asked her.

"Pretty good, actually. I was tired, but I think things are getting better. The trainer made me take a few breaks, and kept giving all of us water, it's so hot out there. Maybe things are working out. How's your day been?"

"Good. It's been busy in the kitchen, trying to keep all you athletes fed. I'll be off in about an hour, and I got tomorrow and Sunday off, so we can have the weekend to ourselves."

"Good, that's just what I need."

I got up to leave, but not before Brooke grabbed me for a kiss, which caused a little harassing by the other f'ockey players at the table. They were constantly teasing the two of us, which was all in good fun.

I finished up work and headed home, to find Brooke sitting in the living room in her robe, watching TV.

"You must be feeling better," I said, noticing that she wasn't in bed already.

"I do; but I also wanted to make sure I was awake when you got home. I want to play!"

I walked over and sat down beside Brooke who started taking off my shirt, and then turned her attention to my pants, unbuckling and unzipping them. She was ready for action.

"I'm so fucking horny, Steven!"

I grabbed her and brought her face to mine and kissed for a long time, as we managed to get completely undressed while making out.

Brooke pushed me back on the couch and put a pillow behind my head before going down on me. She kissed her way to my chest and sucked on my nipples while rubbing my growing cock. She then licked down my chest, commenting that she thought I had more hair on my chest than before, which I had noticed too. Not much, but more than a few months ago.

She followed my treasure trail to my cock, leaving a trail of saliva all the way down my chest and abdomen. Brooke turned me around so that my legs were hanging off the couch, spread my legs, and then got down on her knees and started sucking my cock. She was horny, and the way she worked my cock proved that to me. She seemed like she was starved for my juice the way she sucked me. I leaned back and watched her work my cock. She was still the most beautiful person in the world to me, and she was getting even more fit every day due to the workouts and practices. They had been working out in the gym at the beginning of each practice this week, and I commented that I could tell by the muscles in her arms and legs, and her tight abs. Brooke smiled at the compliment. She has always been proud of her fit body, which had only improved since her workouts began. I made me a little jealous, and I told her that I was going to start working out more.

I watched Brooke work my cock like an expert. It glistened from the saliva she was pouring over it. As she sucked me she was also rubbing her hands all over my balls and thighs. When she said that she liked sucking cock, she wasn't k**ding. She continued working me for ten more minutes, and then crawled up into my lap, facing me, and in one swift motion, placed a tit in my mouth and my cock in her pussy. I started sucking her hard nipple while she started riding my cock. Brooke leaned back and had that special 'fuck me" look that she gets, that really turns me off. I reached down and grabbed ahold of her hips and helped her as she went up and down on my cock.

It didn't take very long for Brook to reach orgasm, as she soon started moaning. Her moans got increasing louder, until I knew she was just about there. I started thrusting up into her harder and faster, until she shouted that she was going to cum, and cum she did. I could feel her juices begin to flow as she climaxed, which always causes me to come with her. I try to hold off until she reaches orgasm, and manage to do that most of the time, and this was one of those times. As she shook from her orgasm I released my cum into her sweet pussy, filling it to overflowing.

We held each other for several minutes as we each came down from our spirited round of sex. I kissed her several times, and then Brooke suggested that we shower and watch some TV in the bed.

We got off the couch and went into the bathroom and got into the shower. After we washed each other we got out of the shower, dried off, and went into the bedroom. I turned on the TV and turned off the lights, and we crawled into the bed together, and held each other tight.

"I love you, Brooke," I said to her.

"I love you too, Steven."

It wasn't fifteen minutes before I could hear Brooke softly snoring. I knew that she must be exhausted from practice, and looked forward to our weekend together. I turned off the television, and just looked at my sl**ping s****r. God I loved her. This was the happiest I'd ever been in my life.

Brooke and I didn't go to the movie that weekend, we stayed home. We never left the house. Brooke was extremely tired, and just wanted to lay around the house and take it easy.

We made love again Saturday night, and I woke up Sunday morning with her sweet mouth working my cock. She sucked me until I came, and she swallowed every drop, and then licked my cock clean. We spent much of the day Sunday in bed. Brooke had always wanted to do that, so we did. We made love several times that day, and all of it was good.

The next few weeks were very difficult for us. Brooke continued to get more fatigued each day, and once the trainer sent her home before practice was even over. The next Friday they had their first scrimmage, facing a team from a neighboring school. I took the afternoon off and watched it. Brooke played well the first half, scoring two goals. The second half she looked sluggish, and then toward the end, she took herself out of the game. I saw her talking with the trainer and wanted to go down and see what was going on, but didn't want to embarrass Brooke, so I stayed in the stands. I waited for her following the game.

Walking home, I asked her what that was all about when she was talking with the trainer. She said that she felt a little dizzy late in the game and needed to come out. The trainer was concerned and said that she was going to set Brooke up with an appointment at the clinic the following morning to get some bl**d work done and see what was causing her fatigue, bruising, and dizziness. She suspected that Brooke might be anemic, and she was right. The bl**d tests showed that Brooke was extremely anemic. The doctor prescribed some supplements and a prescription for her and told her to get some rest for a few days before going back to practice.

Brooke stayed home, in the bed mostly, for the next three days, before returning to practice. She claimed that she felt better, but I could tell that she was still fatigued when she come home. She got into a routine of coming home and going to bed. I would come home and take care of her. I gave her several massages at night, but we hadn't had sex in a couple of weeks.

This continued until her first game. It was the week before classes started. We managed to get registered for our classes, but unfortunately, we never made it to the first class.

The game was at home, and I got off so I could watch it. Brooke started the game, and did extremely well for the first fifteen minutes, and then something happened. I never knew hat caused it, but while running down the field, Brooke collapsed. They called an official time out as the trainers from both teams rushed out on the field, with me close behind. When I got to the sidelines, they were still working with Brooke on the field, so I went on out. They called an emergency squad for her, and I went with them as they transported Brooke to the hospital. While they were working on her in the ER, one of the nurses came out and asked me all sorts of questions about her situation, I told her everything I knew. Her bl**d work came back and showed signs of serious illness, and they transported Brooke to John's Hopkins in Baltimore, where they were better suited to work on her.

I rode with Brooke during the transport, and called our parents once we arrived. I learned that dad was out on the West coast on business, and mom would call him. When he could get back to town, the two of them would head to Baltimore. I told mom I'd keep her informed.

The next three days still remain a blur. Brooke was admitted and they started running a series of tests on her. They didn't tell me much about what they were doing. I stayed in the room with Brooke all the time, day and night.

The third day I finally got to talk with her doctor. He invited me into a f****y conference room, and I had a sick feeling that this wasn't going to be good news.

The doctor explained that my Brooke had aplastic anemia. That was causing all of her symptoms; the fatigue, dizziness, even the bruising. He said that it was in an advanced stage. Sometimes it comes on a person slowly, and sometimes rapidly. This was the rapid onset kind. Her outlook wasn't good at all.

"Isn't there anything you can do?" I asked, through teary eyes?"

"There are medications, but I feel it is too far along for them to be effective. We could try a stem cell transplant, but her condition would have to improve first, and we would have to find a donor. Does your wife have any f****y, preferably a sibling?"

"I can do it," I told him.

"You wouldn't be a match," he said. "You would have to be a bl**d relative."

"Brooke and I aren't legally married. I'm her b*****r," I told him.

"That changes everything. Let's get some bl**d tests started on you and see if you're a match."

"You wont say anything, you know, about us being b*****r and s****r?" I asked him.

"No more than necessary," He assured me.

He had me e****ted to the clinic where they drew several tubes of bl**d. After that, I returned to Brooke's room and sat with her. She was not responsive, so I just sat there and held her hand for the rest of the day and night.

The following morning, I woke up to several medical personnel rushing into the room. Brooke had coded and set off an alarm. They asked me to leave as they worked on her, so I stepped out in the hallway, stomach in knots.

Brooke's doctor came running down the hall and rushed past me and into her room. After several minutes, he came out. I could tell by the look on his face that Brooke was gone.

"I'm so sorry, Steven. Your wife has expired."

Expired. That word will stay in my mind forever. How does someone expire in such a short amount of time? She was perfectly healthy, it seemed, just six months ago, and now she was gone.

They allowed me to spend some time with Brooke before I had to leave, but I didn't have anywhere to go. I sat in the conference room crying for what seemed like hours. Finally, the door opened and mom and dad walked in. They were both in tears, not understanding how they could lose their daughter so suddenly. I filled them in on everything and the doctor came in and shared with them. We learned that aplastic anemia is a rare bl**d disorder, where the bl**d just stops making cells for some reason. Sometimes they discover the cause, and other times, like this one, there doesn't seem to be an apparent cause. Brooke's illness came on suddenly and took her life just shy of her nineteenth birthday. She was gone.


I don't know how I managed it, but I gave the Eulogy at Brooke's memorial service. I referred to her as "Brooke" throughout the service, never stating that she was my wife or my s****r. I think, looking back, that most people had figured out our relationship, especially mom and dad, but they have never said anything about it.

I had Brooke cremated, and still have her ashes. Mom and dad allowed me to make all the decisions, and never argued with me about anything.

I never returned to St. Mary's or the apartment we shared. Dad, sensing how painful this was for me, had a company clean out the apartment and move everything, except for my clothes, into storage, where it is still.

I returned home for a few months. I became severely depressed, but through counseling and some meds, have come through it all. I continued my education and received my undergraduate and J.D. degrees at George Washington University in D.C. and went on to pass the Maryland, D.C. and Virginia Bar exams, and practice with a firm in the district.

I still wear the white gold wedding ring Brooke bought for me. When anyone asks me if I'm married, I tell them that I was, but lost my wife. Still to this day I haven't dated and don't know if I ever will. Brooke was the love of my life, and still is.
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A Chance to Advance

It kind of started yesterday. Brad came home from work
and it was obvious that there was something on his
mind. He was distracted and at times he almost seemed
like he was mad about something. He kept insisting that
there was nothing wrong, nothing bothering him, but
there was.

Brad was my first and only boyfriend. We grew up next
door to each other in an older, quiet neighborhood in a
medium sized town in the Midwest. We really pissed off
both sets of our parents when we got married. I was
only sixteen and Brad was eighteen and just about to
leave for college.

We had been friends since we were infants, but we had
fallen in love when I was f******n and he was sixteen.
We were not allowed to date, of course. I was not to be
allowed to date until I was sixteen, and the boy that I
wanted to date was two years older than me, so even
though my parents knew and liked Brad, dating him would
have been out of the question.

But we spent all of our time together and as long as we
didn't call it a date our parents didn't say anything.
Long before we became sexually active, I used to give
him little "shows" at night. My bedroom window faced
his across our driveways and I would frequently
"forget" to close my blinds at night when I got ready
for bed. Every time was exciting, but I will never
forget that first time.

I had gone to my room to get ready for bed and as usual
I went towards the window to close my blinds. I saw
Brad in his room across the way and the idea just hit
me. I have no idea where it came from even. I will
admit that I sometimes played with my eager little
pussy at night and thought of what it would be like to
be seen naked by a boy, especially by Brad. But I
didn't think about really doing it!

But this night I moved around my room and thought about
what it would be like. I avoided looking at my window
or even moving close to it. I made believe that I
didn't see Brad across the way, watching me. I fiddled
around in my room, trying to work up the nerve, and
finally I started undressing. I didn't undress like I
was doing it for him. I attempted, as much as possible,
to undress the same way that I did every night.

I took off my t-shirt and tossed it on the bed. Then I
took my shorts off and walked around in my underwear
for a moment. I finally got the nerve to take off my
bra and stood with my back to the window and reached
behind my back and unhooked it. When I turned around to
drop it on the bed I saw that Brad had turned his light
out and I knew that he was sitting in the dark watching
me. I dropped my bra on the bed and massaged my
breasts; they always enjoyed that first moment or two
of freedom when they were released from captivity.

I could almost feel Brad watching me as I slid my
plain, pink, nylon panties off and dropped them on the
bed with the rest of my clothes. Then I went to my
dresser and bent over and pulled out clean underwear
and pulled them on and finally I dug out a sl**p-shirt
and put it on. I put my clothes in the hamper and then
got on my bed. As I lay down my panties were exposed
and I lay there like that for a little while, making
believe that I was reading. But I couldn't concentrate;
I was much too excited to read.

That was the first time. After that I did it every
night. I used to get so aroused, slowly undressing in
front of that window, knowing that Brad was watching
and imagining what was going through his mind, what
affect watching me was having on him. I would take off
my clothes and move around my room, dragging out the
time I spent naked as much as possible.

I knew that he was watching, and he knew that I knew.
And it was terribly exciting for both of us. I don't
know if that is why now we are both still so fond of,
and still enjoy my exhibitionism. I really can't say if
I was putting on those shows because I am an
exhibitionist, or if I became an exhibitionist because
I so enjoyed putting on those shows for him. Whatever
the reason, exhibitionism is still a part of our sex
lives now, nearly eight years later.

We didn't mention those little shows at first. I was
too embarrassed to talk about them the first few times.
But after that first show, when we met outside to walk
to school together the next morning, Brad was all over
me. When we finally did start to talk about it, it
seemed like I was more embarrassed talking about it
than actually doing it. But once the initial
nervousness was gone, we enjoyed talking about it too,
joking about it, k**ding about how hot it made us, and
reliving it as we walked to school.

It was months later, after Brad finally got a car, that
we started moving towards the inevitable sex act. First
there were the many evenings spent kissing and
touching. I found that I loved being touched. It was
every bit as exciting as I had imagined that it would
be. And I loved touching him. I knew a lot of girls
that were put off by a guy's dick. They didn't want to
see it or touch it or they were really intimidated by
it. I had only seen Brad's, and I loved it. I loved the
way it looked and the way that it felt, and before long
I loved the way that it tasted. I felt sorry for those
girls that didn't know what they were missing.

It was months before we actually had intercourse in the
back seat of his car. We were both eager, but nervous.
He didn't want to hurt me, I didn't want to be hurt,
and neither of us wanted me pregnant, at least not yet.
We both hated the idea of rubbers, so I found out what
I would have to do to get on the pill and I went to a
f****y planning clinic and they tried very hard to talk
me out of it, since I wasn't even fifteen yet, but in
the end they gave me a prescription without notifying
my parents. For the next year and a half we put that
poor little pill to the test, big time! Every chance we
got we had sex. If his parents weren't home we used his
bed, if my parents weren't home we used my bed, but
mostly we used his back seat, which is probably the
worst place in the world to have sex, so you know it
was true love.

Shortly after Brad and I were married, he went away to
Notre Dame on a full scholastic scholarship and I
finished high school. After I graduated, two years
later, I went to Middlebury College, also on a full
scholarship. I did all of those things necessary to
work my way towards a degree. I suppose that I rounded
out my education. But since I had never actually
planned to have a career it served no other purpose,
except I suppose to better prepare me to hold my own in
a conversation with the new circle of friends that Brad
and I began to accumulate as time went on.

When he had graduated, Brad had been hired by J.A.M.
Aluminum. He had taken the job, in part because it was
a wonderful job with a lot of potential for
advancement, but mostly because he would be near to me
in Middlebury and we would, for the first time in our
two year marriage, be able to live together as man and

It was a very exciting time. I was a good student and I
had always liked school. So I was able to do very well
without putting too much time or effort into it. We had
a very active social life. His office seemed to have a
lot of executive parties and get-togethers, formal and
informal, and they were a nice bunch of people. We
enjoyed them a lot. According to Brad, I made a very
good impression on his co-workers.

Brad is very handsome, and I am not just saying that
because I love him. He is also very intelligent, and an
extremely personable young man. He was very highly
thought of at work and he was obviously on the fast

For the first two years we had two sets of friends. We
had his friends at work and my friends from school. We
had very few friends that crossed over. Our friends
from J.A.M. were a bit older and more mature. Our
friends from school were, well, let me be generous and
say slightly less mature.

But we enjoyed being with both sets of people and our
social life was pretty active. There was something that
we did, twice actually, with my school friends, that we
never even considered with the people from Brad's job.
We had threesomes. Well, we did it more than twice, but
we only did it with two people.

The first time it was sort of an accident. We had
thrown a party at our house. As usual, I had been
wearing something sexy and revealing and flirting with
all the guys all night. Brad was so horny from watching
me, and I was so horny from doing it, that we couldn't
wait for the party to end and all the guests to leave.
We had snuck upstairs and we were making out on our bed
while the party was still going on.

It was several minutes before we realized that we were
being watched. A good friend of ours, Bob Usher, had
been unable to wait for the bathroom downstairs to open
up, so he had come up to use the upstairs bathroom.
When it, too, had been occupied, he had come down to
our bedroom and used our master bathroom. We had rushed
into our bedroom and started going at it, not realizing
that anyone was in our bathroom.

When Bob opened the door after he finished in the
bathroom, he saw Brad and I doing some serious making
out. My breasts were exposed and my skirt was up to my
waist and Brad was eating me out, only minutes away
from getting on top of me and giving me the good
pounding that I really needed right then.

I saw Bob before Brad did. But for some reason I didn't
freak out. In fact, I just smiled at him. Brad saw my
reaction and then he saw who I was smiling at. He
stopped eating me long enough to smile at Bob too. Bob
took that as permission, I guess, because he didn't
leave. He moved closer and stared at my exposed body. I
can't explain why we all did what we did next, so I
won't try. I will just try to describe it.

I was already very excited from flirting and showing
off all evening. And now Brad was eating my sopping wet
pussy and we were both getting off on the idea that a
friend of ours was standing at the edge of the bed
watching closely.

I reached out and took Bob's hand and pulled him closer
and he bent down and started kissing me and touching my
breasts. It was the first time anyone but Brad had
touched my breasts, or seen them close up. I
immediately had an orgasm from all of the stimulation,
but Brad just kept on eating me.

Bob kept kissing me and soon he was kissing and sucking
my nipples and without even thinking I reached out my
hand and started rubbing his cock through his pants. I
had never touched any cock but Brad's, and the very
idea of it was extremely exciting. I was holding a
friend's cock in my hand while he was kissing my tits
and my husband was eating my pussy and watching me! How
fucking hot is that!

There was no plan. Neither of us knew that this was
going to happen. It was just happening and it was
exciting and we were thinking with our sex organs and
just going with it.

I started struggling with Bob's zipper, trying to get
his cock out, and without removing his lips from my
nipple he reached down and unfastened his belt and his
pants and slid them out of the way, his shorts along
with them.

I reached down again and put my hand around that hot,
soft flesh of his steel hard cock and using it as a
handle I pulled him up onto the bed and guided him
close enough that I could see, and then taste him. He
straightened up, but his hand never left my breasts and
I hungrily took him into my mouth. While I sucked the
first cock I had ever sucked that was not Brad's, I was
looking my husband right in the eyes and I saw that he
was just as excited as I was about it, although I was
so fucking turned on right then that I probably could
not have stopped if he had looked upset.

But he wasn't upset, he was very turned on. He stopped
eating me and quickly wrestled his pants and his
underwear off and then he got back on the bed and
lifted my legs and started fucking me violently. And it
was fantastic!

I came as soon as his cock entered me, and I kept
cumming while he was fucking me and I was sucking Bob's
cock like a crazy woman. Bob was picking up speed in my
mouth and Brad was squeezing one of my tits and Bob was
squeezing the other and I was looking up at the two,
strong, handsome men that were fucking me and having
one wonderful orgasm after another.

Bob came first. He filled my mouth with his cum and I
was surprised at how much different it tasted than
Brad's cum. But it didn't taste bad and it was very
exciting. I like it when Brad cums in my mouth. Cum is
not the most delicious thing in the world, but the idea
of having a man cum in my mouth is almost enough to
make me cum just thinking about it.

I was moaning around Bob's cock while he emptied his
balls into my mouth and he was holding my head tight
with one hand and squeezing the hell out of my tit with
the other and then, after I swallowed. I just held his
cock in my mouth until Brad came in my pussy a minute

After Brad had filled me with cum he stayed buried in
my pussy until he was soft and then he stretched out
beside me and Bob stretched out on the other side of me
and Brad pulled my face close and kissed me
passionately while Bob ran his hands lightly over my

When we broke the kiss I looked him in the eye, looking
for any sign of regret, jealousy, whatever. I saw none
of that. He relaxed beside me and his hand joined Bob's
in gently teasing my body while the three of us talked

None of us was stone sober, but none of us had had so
much to drink that alcohol could take the entire blame
for what had happened. But as we talked, it became
obvious that there was no blame. We had all enjoyed it
and there were no hard feelings or even any discomfort
or embarrassment. It had been an accident, but a very
exciting one. We had all enjoyed it.

I was starting to get turned on again and I tried to
tell them that if they didn't stop what they were doing
with their hands that I would not be responsible for
whoever got ****d next.

The guys laughed and Brad said, "I don't think it would
be fair to let Bob leave here without trying out some
of that hot pussy of yours. I would hate it if he got
the impression that I was a bad host."

I had been holding both men's soft cocks in my hands
while they caressed my breasts and my dripping pussy
and both were getting hard again.

I looked at Brad and asked, "Honey, are you sure? The
blowjob was a wonderful accident. If I fuck him it is
going to be on purpose."

Brad smiled and said, "I just learned that I love
watching you in action. But you have to promise not to
hurt him."

Bob was fully hard now and he said, "I'm not afraid. If
you would prefer though, I can make it look like an
accident. I could pretend to fall down and make believe
that I didn't know that she was there."

I grinned and pulled him closer and kissed him and then
pulled him up on top of me. I reached down and lined
his cock up and it was so exciting, having a cock that
wasn't Brad's enter my pussy for the first time. I was
already turned on from all of the touching and I had my
first orgasm almost in just a few short minutes of
violent thrusting.

Brad started kissing me while Bob was fucking me and
both of them were teasing my breasts again and it is a
good thing that one of them was kissing me at all
times, because I was screaming into first Bob's mouth
and then Brad's mouth and the people that were still at
the party would have been running up the stairs,
looking for the woman being murdered, if they weren't
suppressing my screams with their lips.

Bob came again, surprisingly quickly since I had just
sucked him off, and I had several more orgasms while he
fucked me. As soon as he pulled out of me and rolled to
his side I got up and sucked Brad to a second orgasm,
which was also very quick in coming. I guess there was
no denying that he enjoyed the show.

We all rested for a moment after I sucked Brad off.
Then I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up
while the guys went back to the party. After I had let
two men's cum drain out of my pussy into the toilet and
washed myself off and brushed my teeth, I went back out
and sat on my bed to rest for a minute to get my
composure back. I could smell the sex in the room. And
I was not getting myself much more composed as I sat
there smelling the smell of cum in the air and
picturing what had just happened, replaying it in my
dirty mind. I wished that Brad had waited for me; I was
ready to go again!

I finally got up and went downstairs. I found Brad and
Bob together having a drink and as I approached Brad
handed me a drink that he had all ready for me. I
sipped the drink and thanked him. Then I kissed both
men and started circulating through the remaining

It was starting to get late and some of the few
remaining guests were pretty d***k so I arranged for
them to either get a taxi or camp out somewhere in the
house until they sobered up enough to drive back to
campus or where ever they lived. It was another hour
before things were quiet and everyone was either gone
or down for the night. The only people left standing
were Bob, Brad and me.

I knew that Bob was not too d***k to drive, and I
wondered if he and Brad had decided to go for a
rematch. I didn't have to wonder how I felt about that
idea. It was late and I was tired. But I was not too
tired to try to recapture the excitement of what we had
done an hour or so ago.

I saw Brad and Bob put their drinks down and Brad went
to the door and locked it. Then they came over to where
I was starting to clean up and Brad put his arms around
me and said, "Leave that for tonight. Bob has agreed to
stay and help us clean up in the morning."

I kissed Brad and then I grabbed both of them by the
belt and pulled them to the stairs. I didn't have to
pull hard. As I climbed the stairs, a step in front of
them, I felt each of them put a hand on my leg and work
it up under my dress until each of them was holding a
cheek by the time we got to the top of the stairs. It
was a wonderfully sexy sensation.

This time, when we were safely locked in our bedroom,
we all undressed and did it right, although I think the
first time was the most exciting. The first time for
everything is usually the most exciting, isn't it?

The next day, true to their word, the two guys helped
me clean up, as did one of the girls that had passed
out in one of our spare bedrooms. It only took a couple
of hours. Trust me; a couple of hours to clean up after
twenty d***ken college k**s, that's making good time!
Then I made breakfast for the four of us and then,
finally, everyone had gone, it was just Brad and me.

We didn't know quite what to say to each other. We both
realized that we had enjoyed it tremendously. We both
knew without having to say it that there were no hurt
feelings, no jealously. What we didn't know was where
do we go from here? Did we want to do it again? Did we
want to do it with someone else? I know it is wrong,
but I had serious reservations about doing it with
another girl. I know, that was so not fair to Brad. But
not only did Brad understand, he insisted that he was
happier with the arrangement that we had last night. He
claimed that he didn't want all the pressure of having
to satisfy two women. But we both realized that I was
the more exhibitionistic, and he the more voyeuristic.
And we knew that that was a large part of the enjoyment
we got out of what had happened.

This all took place near the end of my sophomore year.
We had another threesome later that year with Bob. But
then he started getting serious about a girl he had
been dating and didn't want to screw it up. We are
still friends with Bob, and still see him and the girl
who is now his wife, Karen. But it is strictly a
platonic relationship now.

It was almost a year before we had another threesome.
This time we had invited a friend over to watch a DVD
one evening. We had dinner and a bottle of wine, but no
one was under the influence. The movie had been pretty
hot and the conversation started getting kind of sexy.
Brad and I had seen where things were going, but I
think that it came as a big surprise to Jim when it
started to go beyond the flirting stage.

He was nervous at first, not as self assured as Bob had
been. Maybe because he was more sober than Bob had
been, or maybe because he was almost a virgin. But he
learned a lot that night! I had moved into his lap and
started teasing him. He had been afraid that Brad would
get upset and kick his ass, but when it finally sank in
that Brad was a willing audience, things moved along
pretty fast. He was not as good as Bob, not at first. I
think because he lacked the confidence. But by the time
he left that evening he had gained a lot of confidence.

After that night he came back several times to watch
DVDs. Whether there was one to watch or not! And each
time it was better.

Still, even though we enjoyed the hell out of what we
were doing, we had to be careful, especially with Brad
working his way up the corporate ladder. My reputation
was pretty important. And I suppose we were both afraid
that if we did it too often it would lose its thrill.
At least that was what we told ourselves. So we only
did it with those two guys. We didn't do it at all in
my senior year.

Then came graduation and we settled down. I became the
good little corporate wife. I did some volunteer work
in town. I had always been into gymnastics and dance,
and I continued taking classes and though I was a
little too tall to be competitive, I was 5'8" and 115
lbs and just barely a B cup, I enjoyed both activities
and kept at them. I have long legs and the exercise
keeps me limber and slender. I can still get into some
pretty exciting positions!

I have also volunteered to help out with company
functions and I had gotten to meet a lot of the senior
staff at the plant. I had received some pretty
interesting propositions from some of them too. So I
was aware that a lot of the senior vice presidents
where Brad worked were a bunch of horn dogs.

That brings me back to what was bothering Brad for the
last two nights. When he came home from work that
second evening and he was still obviously upset about
something I started to get worried. I knew that he
loved his job and it concerned me that something at
work was troubling him this much. I made him a special
dinner and we had a good bottle of wine and after I
cleared off the table we sat and talked while we
finished off the wine.

Brad and I had always told each other everything, and I
didn't want him to feel that he had to protect me from
whatever it was that was on his mind. Finally I
convinced him that whatever the problem was we could
solve it better together and then he wouldn't have to
worry about protecting me, a concept I wasn't that fond
of to start with.

Brad paused for a second and then he said, "I have been
offered a promotion and a very large raise."

I looked at him, really confused now, and said, "Yeah,
I can see where that would be a problem. You aren't
going to stand for that are you?!"

He laughed at that and took his last sip of wine. Then
he got up and said, "This is going to be a two bottle
of wine evening. Hold that thought."

He went to the cabinet and got out another bottle and
opened it. He set it down to let it breathe for a few
minutes and then he said, "I have been offered a junior
vice president's position. If I accept it my salary
will more than double, with bonuses and perks it will
more than triple. We will have a company Cadillac, a
new one every year, stock options, company trips, use
of the company jet. My salary will be more than we can
spend and the work, the job that they are offering is
so exciting that it gives me a hard-on!"

I waited for the "but" to come, because I knew there
was a big one coming. But it was obvious that he didn't
even want to talk about it. I finally had to ask. "That
all sounds wonderful baby, so what are you not telling
me? What is the catch?"

Brad took a deep breath and said, "EPOD is the acronym
that they use for it."

He was apparently going to make me drag this out of
him. But before I finally got impatient and asked he

"EPOD, Executive Pussy on Demand. If I accept the
position, you will have to agree to become a member of
a secret society of junior vice president's wives. You
will be more or less a call girl. Any member of the
senior staff will be able to have you, at any time and
at any place that they desire. They can call you into
the office and fuck you there, or drop by the house any
time, day or night and fuck you here. Not only that,
but there will be regular parties, well, orgies
actually, where you will be nothing more than a party
favor, you and the other wives. You would also be used
from time to time to sweeten deals with clients."

I was surprised to find that I had two immediate
reactions to what my husband had just told me. The
first, and more appropriate response, was shock,
dismay, maybe even anger. But I was embarrassed to find
that I was also aroused by the concept. I don't mean
panting, tear my clothes off horny, but as I listened
to him tell me what would be required of me I
recognized that little tingle between my thighs. The
concept, in the abstract at least, struck me as quite

I could just imagine being available to the half dozen
older senior vice presidents, and the company
president, as well as the occasional client. Imagine it
as in fantasize about it, not that I could imagine
myself actually doing it.

I gratefully accepted when Brad poured us each another
glass of wine. Finally I asked, "When were you going to
tell me about this?"

He looked at me as if to say, "That's a stupid
question!" But what he said was, "I wasn't going to
tell you!"

"What happens if you tell them no?" I asked.

Brad shrugged and said, "Nothing, I guess. I don't the
promotion, or the raise, and life goes on."

"But what about when some other position opens up? Will
you still be considered?" I asked.

He shrugged and said, "I don't know. Mr. Kennedy told
me yesterday that the primary reason that I had been
offered the position was that my work merited a raise
and I was more than qualified. I was not being offered
the job merely because all of those dirty old men
wanted to get in your pants. That was just a big plus."

"How many other wives are there in EPOD," I asked.

"Three," he answered, "Carol Mitchum, Madison Scott,
and Grace Davis. You have met Grace."

"Grace Davis! Are you sure? She has been married to Tim
for ten years but she still acts like a fucking

Brad nodded and said, "Yeah, I was surprised at all
three of them actually. I mean, they are all lookers.
Well, not as hot as you. And they are all at least ten
years older than you. And except for Grace I suppose I
can picture them going along with it, but not their
husbands. Jeff Mitchum and Carl Scott are two of the
biggest stuffed shirts that I know. Tim is kind of a
wimp. I suppose that I can imagine him going along with
it. I just can't imagine how he got Grace to go along."

I laughed and said, "Maybe she just wanted something
she wasn't getting at home."

Brad smiled and shrugged again.

I asked, "So you weren't going to tell me? Does that
mean you won't consider it?"

Brad looked shocked that I would even ask. "Do you mean
that you would consider it?!"

"I don't know," I answered. "To be honest, when you
were telling me what is required of the girls in EPOD I
kind of got a tingle out of it. Just the concept, mind
you, not that I actually considered doing it. It could
have been just the wine."

I could see that Brad had not anticipated this turn in
the conversation. He was studying me now, trying to
decide what I was thinking.

I said, "Don't look at me like that. I can see you
trying to read my mind. I don't even know what I am
thinking." I really didn't, either. I had met all of
the senior vice presidents. Several of them had made
passes at me, but in a friendly, flirty way, the kind
that you can say no to and just pass it off as a joke.
And I hadn't been offended. In fact, I had been kind of

"How much of a raise did you say?" I asked.

He looked at me in amazement. Then he answered, "My
salary would be $200,000 a year before bonuses and the
value of the other perks was added in. With stock
options and the car and bonuses it would be well over
$300,000 a year."

He looked at me and exclaimed, "You're really thinking
about this!"

I got a little defensive and said, "No, I'm just
exploring our options. I want to know what you know.
What if I was considering it, how would you feel about

He looked at me strangely and said, "I don't know. I
never imagined for a second that you would consider it.
I thought you would be pissed and want me to go kill
someone for even suggesting it!"

"How long would I have to be in EPOD?" I asked.

The expression on Brad's face was starting to change
now. He had not even considered accepting. Probably
because he never believed that I would even consider
it. Now he could see that I was at least considering
it. It was, after all, a very large sum of money to
pass up.

He said, "I suppose that you would have to remain in
EPOD until I was promoted to senior vice president.
Most of the men holding that job now are in their mid
to late fifties or early sixties. But they might decide
to work until they are seventy for all we know. And
there are three other junior vice presidents in front
of me for promotion. You could be fucking those horny
old men for fifteen or twenty years!"

I thought about that for a moment and then I asked,
"But as long as we didn't fuck up, you would be pretty
much guaranteed a promotion to senior VP, right?"

"Yes," Brad answered. "I suppose so."

"What would you think of me if I said maybe we should
talk about it some more, maybe we should consider it?"
I asked him.

Brad gulped down the last few sips of his wine and
poured another glass for both of us. But he didn't
answer. He suddenly got thoughtful, actually thinking
about it for the first time.

After a few minutes he turned to me and said, "You know
that you would be nothing more than a call girl. The
client list would be pretty small, but still, Mr.
Kennedy could come by the house anytime, night or day
and tell you to undress and fuck you, right in front of
me if he wanted to. That doesn't bother you?"

I was embarrassed by my answer, but I had to be honest
about this now, or we would never come to a decision we
could both be comfortable with. I hesitated and then I
said, "You know what I was thinking about? I was
remembering our threesomes with Bob and Jim. I know
what you are thinking, this would be different. But
they were some pretty exciting times. And we didn't
have any regrets. You enjoyed watching me fuck both of
them. And that was just sex, just recreational sex."

"But to be honest," I continued, "even though the money
and the perks are exciting, that is not what made my
stomach flip when you were telling me about it. You
make a very good salary now. I wouldn't be doing it for
the money."

"We have to decide how you would feel about me if I
agreed to this before I can even begin to make up my
mind. If you can't still love me, then like I said,
your current pay check is just fine with me. We have
everything we want or need right now. If you thought
the idea was hot, and don't try to tell me you don't
get turned on by the idea of me fucking other men, I
have seen you watching when I was doing it! If you
thought the idea was hot and you could still love me
and respect me when this is all over, then I would have
a decision to make. If you have even the slightest
doubt, then I don't have a decision to make, you will
have made up my mind for me."

Brad was quiet for a few minutes and then he said,
"When Kennedy first called me into his office and made
the pitch, I was really pissed. I had to really
struggle to stay calm and not get up and rearrange his
face. We had that talk just before I got off work
yesterday. You noticed how upset I was."

I nodded.

"But last night," he continued, "when I was laying in
bed in the dark, and most of today when I was thinking
about it, it kind of turned me on. I didn't want to
feel that way. Today I was mad at myself for not being
mad at Kennedy. But I wasn't thinking about whether or
not to tell you, or whether or not to accept. I was
thinking about you being their sweet young call girl
and having hot, sweaty sex with you whenever they
wanted. And those parties I told you about, most of the
time the husbands are invited. I would get to watch
them with you. But I was thinking about it in the
abstract. I was thinking of the fantasy, not the real

It was quiet for a while. We sat and sipped our wine
and I don't know what made me do it, but I slid out of
my chair and dropped to my knees in front of Brad and
roughly pulled his light jersey lounging shorts down
and off. Then I gave him a loud, raunchy, slutty

He liked it. He liked it a lot! He came in about three
minutes, and that was a record for him. He usually
lasts a very long time.

As soon as he came he smiled down at me and said, "Get
your fucking ass up here slut!" He pulled me to my feet
and moved our glasses and the wine bottle and after
removing my terrycloth shorts he pushed me onto the
table on my back, put my legs over his shoulders and
returned the favor. I knew that I was sopping wet and I
was embarrassed at how excited the conversation had
made me. But then I remembered how quickly he had cum
in my mouth and I was starting to think that I was
about to become a call girl. And that thought pushed me
right over the edge.

He ate me to several more orgasms and finally I was
slumped on the table in front of him and he was staring
at my messy pussy and lightly moving his fingers over
my thighs and my stomach, all around the area. As he
caressed me he was watching my muscles tremble as I
came down off of the sex high. Then he bent down and
kissed my pussy and helped me back into my chair, after
spreading my shorts out so I wouldn't leave a spot. He
is so considerate!

I took another sip of wine and asked, "When would I

He chuckled and asked, "Are we really going to do this?
We are taking a big chance, you know. I love you so
much, and I would hate it if you changed. I have never
met a call girl, but I have the impression that they
are kind of cold and don't enjoy sex. I would hate it
if you became like that."

"Couldn't I just be a sexy housewife that is getting a
little on the side?" I asked.

After another pause I asked, "What if we agree to do
it, and then we decide we can't handle it?"

Brad said, "I don't know. It would be pretty hard to
take a demotion and go back to doing my old job. They
would probably fill my position right away. I suspect
that we would probably have to leave the company if it
didn't work out."

"That would be a shame," I said quietly. "I know how
much you love working there."

Brad looked at his watch and said, "It is time to go to
bed. Let's sl**p on it and decide in the morning."

I nodded and got to my feet. My legs were still a
little wobbly; Brad does such a good job with his
tongue! I corked the wine and put it and the glasses
up. Then we grabbed our shorts and headed for bed.

But we couldn't just go to sl**p. We were both too
wound up. We sl**p in the nude and so there was nothing
to get in the way when he started touching me and
kissing me and in no time at all we were having our own
hot, sweaty sex. I came several times before Brad did,
and when he finally came I was too tired to go clean
up. I thought to myself, "Fuck it, I'll put clean
sheets on tomorrow!" I rolled over and we cuddled and
lay in the dark waiting for sl**p to come.

It took me a long time to go to sl**p that night. And I
could tell from his breathing that it took Brad a long
time too. I know what was going through his mind
though. I lay there with the same images in my mind,
and his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of my

When the alarm went off in the morning I went down and
made breakfast while Brad showered and dressed. I love
to see him when he comes down in the morning all
freshly showered and shaved and wearing one of those
expensive suits. He looks so handsome and so powerful I
always just want to rip his suit off and fuck him half
to death.

He sat down and I brought him his coffee and toast and
cereal. We still hadn't said anything about EPOD, but I
think we had both already made up our minds. I can't
say that I wasn't nervous. The idea of being available
for any kind of sex with anyone who wants me and being
unable to say no is both very erotic, and very scary.
But there was a certain degree of humiliation that that
kind of sexual servitude necessarily brought with it
that I was surprised to discover was really turning me
on. I didn't think I was that kind of girl!

Brad ate his breakfast and we tried to act normal. When
he had finished he sat back and sipped his coffee and
asked, "So, we are going to do this thing?"

I smiled and kissed him and said, "It seems like it
turns us both on. It may be that a week from now you
will be looking for another job because we screwed up
though, you realize that don't you?"

Brad said, "I could stand to lose the job. I couldn't
stand to lose you. We have to promise that if it gets
to be a problem we will say something, okay?"

I said, "Okay, but if you don't leave now I am going to
be humping your leg in a few minutes. And you know how
that always stains your suits!"

Brad stood up and said, "So I guess that is not just a
yes, but an enthusiastic yes."

I stood up and we hugged and kissed and as he went to
work I went up to change the sheets on our bed. Then I
took a shower and dressed casually and started cleaning
house and doing all that housewifey stuff.

I am a very intelligent and well educated young woman
and people find it hard to understand that I enjoy
being a housewife. Most of them don't realize just how
hard it is to do it well. I love it. I love keeping our
house perfect for my loving husband and making him
great meals and just being there for him. The only real
drawback to the job for me is that I am alone most of
the day. It would be nice to have someone to talk to. I
need a friendly next door neighbor that drops by for
coffee every day.

And Brad appreciates what I do and doesn't hesitate to
show me. He brings me flowers and if he has free time
at work he calls me up to say "hi" and "I love you." I
could have had a job, but I never had a burning desire
to be anything in particular, and I get so much
satisfaction out of what I do, why would I want to do
anything else? We didn't need the money before; we will
need it even less now."

I was just about to go out and run some errands when
the phone rang. It was Brad calling to tell me that he
had talked to Mr. Kennedy and as of this moment his new
telephone extension was 1369. He was in the process of
moving into his large new office. He asked me what I
was doing and I told him that I was just about to leave
for the dry cleaners. He suggested that I stop by the
Cadillac dealer and pick out a new car.

Things were certainly moving quickly! I wanted to wait
until we could go to the car dealer together, but he
said that he would be pretty busy for the next week or
so, and he trusted me. Besides, it didn't really matter
what I got. He suggested that I just go around and look
for the most expensive one in the color that I liked.

I dropped off the cleaning and picked up what I had
dropped off previously and, as usual, flirted with the
nice old guy that owned the shop. I had planned on
going to the grocery store and picking up a roast, but
the Cadillac dealer was on the way so I drove in and
looked around.

I was pounced on immediately and the salesman showed me
around. I picked out a DTS in glacier white with every
possible option. I figured if all of those guys are
going to fuck me, it was only fair that I took this
opportunity to fuck them. I explained to the salesman
that my husband worked at J.A.M. Aluminum and that I
was picking out his company car. I was taken inside and
they were already expecting me. I was told that I could
pick the car up in an hour and the papers would be
ready to sign when I came back.

I walked out and went to the grocery store having just
spent a small fortune, and it had really been fun! The
sticker price of that car was very nearly what my
husband had been making a year until today.

I did my shopping and I put the meats and dairy
products in a cooler in the trunk. Then I stopped at a
store called Sweet Nothings to spice up my wardrobe. A
pretty redhead, her hair was almost the same shade as
mine, greeted me when I came in and I told her that I
need to change my image a little. She looked at my
figure and the way I was dressed and then she led me
around the store and picked out a dozen sexy outfits
and the underwear to go with them. I tried them on and
she approved enthusiastically of most of them. I tended
to like what she was picking out and I bought all of
the ones that she liked. She also helped me pick out a
couple of nearly obscene bathing suits.

I followed her to the register and I wasn't even phased
at the several hundred dollars that it all cost. I
would find out later that I would be given a credit
card to buy all of my clothes with. I probably should
have waited, but we were making so much money now that
it really didn't matter.

I went back to the Cadillac place and picked up the new
car after signing only a few pieces of paper and then I
nervously drove it home. I was planning on coming back
later with Brad to pick up our car, but not long after
I got home, someone from the dealer delivered it to my
driveway! You don't get that kind of service from the
Chevy dealer!

I took my groceries inside and put them away and I laid
my new outfits out on the bed and then I waited
anxiously for time to start supper. I had nothing else
to do and it was still early afternoon.

Well, I thought that I had nothing else to do. It
turned out that I had something to do after all. My
doorbell rang at a little before two in the afternoon
and when I opened the door, there was Mr. Kennedy!

My legs immediately got weak, but I smiled and stepped
aside to let him in. He put his arm around my shoulder
and led me into the living room and said, "Jan, I must
confess that I have been looking forward to this for a
very long time. I could not possibly wait another
moment. I was starting to fear that your husband would
say no to our offer. I assure you that I would have
been very disappointed."

When we were in the living room he stepped back and
looked at me, or I suppose leered at me is more
appropriate. He managed to raise his gaze up to my eyes
for just long enough to say, "That's a beautiful car
that you picked out. You have excellent taste."

I smiled and thanked him. I asked him he would like
something to drink and he declined. Instead he asked me
if I would lead the way to my bedroom.

I said, "Right this way sir," and turned to go to the

As I did he said, "When it is just the two of us,
please call me Gene."

I smiled and took his hand and said, "Okay, right this
way Gene."

He paused at the foot of the stairs to let me precede
him. I fully expected feel his large hand on my ass or
my thighs as I led him up the stairs. But he was the
perfect gentleman.

I led him down the short hallway to my bedroom and he
smiled when he saw the new clothes on my bed. I said,
"Just getting ready, I have a pretty conservative
wardrobe. I thought that I would need something a
little spicier now."

While I was clearing the bed off he told me about the
credit card I would be getting. Then he took the
receipt for the clothes I had just bought and said that
he would see to it that Brad was reimbursed today or

I thanked him and then I waited for some sign of what I
should do next. Gene pulled me close and we kissed and
he ran his hands over me for a few minutes. I was
nervous, but I was excited too, and I tried to let it
show when I returned his kiss.

He broke the kiss after a few minutes and ran his hands
down over my hair and said, "I have always had a thing
for redheads."

I said, "That's good, because I have always been a
redhead. Would you like to see?"

"I would like that very much, my dear, very, very

Gene sat down on the side of my bed and I stood in
front of him and slowly undressed. I was wearing a
short, silky wraparound sundress that had a simple
knotted rope for a belt. I struggled for a moment with
the knot, my fingers were shaking.

I finally got the knot out and let the belt hang loose
and the dress just fell open. I had gotten out of the
habit of wearing a bra. Brad preferred me without, and
once I got used to it, so did I. I shrugged my
shoulders and the dress slid down and I dropped it onto
a nearby chair. I was wearing only a thong now. I
usually wear a bikini or briefs, but I had been feeling
sexy after last night and the thong seemed to fit my

I stood in front of Gene in my thong and turned around
slowly. Then I slid the thong off and tossed it on top
of my dress. I moved closer and it was obvious that
Gene approved of my body. He was grinning like crazy
and he had a very large looking tent in his pants.

He moved his hands over my body greedily. I was a
little afraid that he would be disappointed in my
breasts, but he obviously was not. He was a little
rough, but it felt good.

I waited to see what he would want to do. Mr. Kennedy
was the most senior of the senior vice presidents, but
he was not the oldest. I would estimate his age to be
between fifty-five and fifty-eight. He was about 6'2",
maybe 200 lbs, and in pretty good shape. He had what
are normally referred to as "rugged good looks." His
hair was silver and he was very distinguished looking.
I found him to be quite attractive. He was one of the
men that had made a pass at me earlier, and when I had
said no it was because that was what I was supposed to
do. I was attracted to him.

It occurred to me that this would have been a lot
harder if we had not had those threesomes with Bob and
Jim a few years ago. I had really loosened up a lot
thanks to those two guys. And then I thought how sad it
was that Brad couldn't be here to watch us now. But
then, when he got home I would tell him everything that
happened, in graphic detail, so that it would be as
much like he was here as I could make it.

As Gene continued to explore my body I stepped closer
and put my arm around his neck and said, "This is a
first for me, Gene. You are going to have to tell me
what you want me to do."

He leaned forward and took one of my nipples into his
mouth, and after gently biting down he did the same to
the other. I felt the shocks travel through my stomach
directly to my clit and I shuddered in excitement.

Then he pulled back and said, "I like your attitude. I
suspect you are going to be very good at this, and I
look forward to many more of these little get-

He gently moved me back a step and stood up and started
to undress. I took each item of his clothing from him
as he undressed and I hung them up on a nearby rack
that Brad used when he undressed at night. As he took
off his clothes he said, "I was going to hurry over
here and get a quickie blowjob and then go back to
work. But I am afraid that you are just too
irresistible. I have got to fuck you and I can't wait
another day."

I smiled and said, "I am honored. But there is no
reason why you can't do both, is there?"

He chuckled and said, "Yes, you are going to work out
just fine. Not to be too crude about it, but do you
have any idea how long it has been since I stuck my
dick into a twenty-two year old woman? No, silly
question, of course you don't. I don't either to be
honest. But it has been decades. You are obviously
beautiful and sexy, but what you probably don't realize
yet is how sexy youth is once you begin to age. The
older I get the sexier youth is. Your soft skin, your
firm body, even your scent is youthful. I can assure
you, young lady, that for the near future at least, you
are going to be very busy. It is going to take longer
than it might normally for your "newness" to wear off."

I had put the last of his clothing aside and I dropped
to my knees in front of him. I took his cock in my hand
and I was very impressed. It was very nice looking, and
very hard. I kissed the tip of it and licked my lips
and then I looked up and said, "I'm in no hurry. New
sounds pretty exciting to me." Then I took him into my
mouth and he grabbed my head and groaned loudly and I
started sucking his cock.

After a moment he stopped me and sat back down on the
bed. I stood up and pushed him over onto his back and
he slid up and got comfortable. Then I got on the bed
with him and took him back into my mouth and gave him a
blowjob every bit as enthusiastically as I had for Brad
last night.

He cried out, "Sweet Jesus! God damn girl! I don't know
who taught you how to do that, but you are fucking

I took my lips away from his cock long enough to look
back at him and say, "Self taught." Then I took him
back into my mouth. I had my legs up by his shoulder as
I sucked him and his hand was moving over my ass and
between my legs, almost as if they were moving of their
own accord. His eyes were closed and his hips were
moving up to meet my lips and I was soon taking his
cock into my throat. His cock was no longer than
Brad's, and slightly thinner, so it was pretty easy for

He started squeezing one of my ass cheeks very hard and
swearing a blue streak and I could tell that he was
about to cum. I pulled my lips back to the head of his
cock and used my hand to finish him off.

Once he had filled my mouth with cum I straightened up
and smiled at him and showed him that he had, indeed,
filled my mouth with cum. Then I swallowed, noting that
this was the fourth man that I had sucked off, and no
two of them had tasted the same yet. I wondered if
pussies had as wide a variety of flavors as cocks did.

Gene watched, and the pleasure was evident on his face
as I swallowed his load. Then I bent down and licked up
the few drops that had leaked out of his cock as it
went soft. I was surprised when I looked down to see
that he was not circumcised. I hadn't realized it when
his cock was hard. Now I saw the big flap of skin that
covered the head of his cock and I explored it, curious
about the difference. I thought that it was kind of
sexy. And as I explored and teased his cock and watched
it get hard again I watched the foreskin disappear.

"Isn't that neat," I thought, "a cock that does

Once he was hard I turned around and straddled his
thighs and, with a little difficulty I sat up and took
him into my very, very wet pussy. I slid down on his
cock and sighed with pleasure at the sensations of a
nice hard cock filling me. It is a wonderful sensation
and I doubt if I will ever get tired of it.

I paused for a moment, once his cock was buried in my
pussy, and then I started moving up and down, slowly at
first. He watched my face, and my breasts, but mostly
my breasts, as they began to bounce up and down with my
movements. I had to slow down twice; I even stopped
once, as I had a violent orgasm on his hot cock. But
soon I was fucking him hard again and I could see that
it would not be much longer. He started swearing again
and at the last minute he grabbed both of my tits in
his hands and squeezed them and used them to guide my
movements as he thrust up into me and came yet again.
His orgasm, and the pressure on my tits, set me off and
I came for the third time.

When we had both cum, I collapsed down onto his hot
sweaty body and he held me there for a moment while he
went soft in my pussy. When I finally felt like my arms
and legs were no longer made of rubber, I got up and I
leaned down and kissed his very slimy cock. It twitched
at the touch of my lips and, I felt is eyes on me,
waiting to see what I was going to do.

I don't know why I did it. I had never done it before,
not even with Brad, but I started licking his cock
clean and finally I took it into my mouth and sucked it
until all of our juices were gone. Then I kissed it
again and got up and pulled him to his feet and led him
to the bathroom.

I said, "You can't go back to work smelling like me,
let's take a quick shower."

He chuckled and said, "I wish I could keep this scent
on me all day. I would go from office to office and
taunt my fellow workers."

I shook my head and turned the shower on and waited a
minute for the hot water, then I pulled him into the
shower and I washed him, thoroughly. And while I was
washing him "thoroughly" he got hard again, and I
dropped to my knees and sucked him to a third orgasm as
he sat on the bench in the shower with the hot water
running over him.

When I had finished he said, "I'll be a son of a bitch!
I have not done that in many years young lady. The
first thing that I do when I get to the office will be
to give your husband a bonus. You have earned it

I pulled him back to his feet and licked and kissed his
nipples and said, "That's okay Gene, I enjoyed it as
much as you did. Buy your wife something nice instead."

Gene shook his head in disbelief. Then I rinsed him off
and we stepped out of the shower and I dried him off
with a big, soft fluffy towel.

I helped him dress, and then I led him to the front
door, I was still naked, and I told him how much I
enjoyed myself and I thanked him for being so nice,
because I had been really nervous.

He pulled me close and kissed me and said, "I have no
idea how I will be able to stand the idea having to
wait until I can be with you again. I have never been
with such a fantastic, sexual, sensuous creature in my
life, and I have been with quite a few wonderful women
over the years, as you might imagine. Your husband is a
very lucky man Janice. Goodbye."

I kissed him again, a quick goodbye kiss this time, and
held the door for him. He left, finally and I went to
the kitchen and made myself a drink and then sat down
and thought about what had just happened.

There could be no question that I had enjoyed the hell
out of it. It had been exciting and erotic and I had
probably had a half dozen orgasms. And I didn't feel
the least bit guilty. I was only worried about Brad.
His would be the important reaction. If I told him what
happened today and he became upset, that would be a
problem. Somehow though, I didn't think that was going
to happen.

I finished my drink and rinsed out my glass before I
finally had the presence of mind to check the time. It
was time to start the roast and I ended up preparing
the entire meal in the nude!

Just before it was time for Brad to come home I thought
about putting on one of my new slut outfits, or maybe
just some of the underwear, but I decided that he would
like me better this way. I watched the time and had
supper on the table and a drink ready to hand him at
the door when I heard him drive up.

I heard him on the front porch and I threw the door
open wide and greeted him with a smile and a drink and
a naked body. It never occurred to me until after I
threw the door open that someone might have been with
him. But they weren't, and he smiled and took the drink
and hugged me and kissed me and we went inside.

He hurried to the bedroom to change into some casual
clothes and I went with him to watch. He reached into
his breast pocket and handed me an envelope. "Mr.
Kennedy said to give you this," he said.

I didn't have to open it; I knew it was the money for
the clothes.

As he undressed, Brad said, "I have known that man for
several years now. I have never seen him smile like
that before. I think he likes you."

I was pretty sure that I already knew the answer, but I
had to ask, "What about you Brad? What do you think now
that it has happened?"

Brad took me in his arms again and said, "Let me have
your hand."

I held my hand and he guided it down to the front of
his pants and I found myself holding a very stiff cock.

He smiled and said, "I have been so anxious to get home
and find out what happened that I was running cars off
the road all the way home. I love you just as much as I
did on our wedding day. No, I probably love you a lot
more. I didn't really know you very well that day. I
know you pretty well now, and I love you. I love
everything about you. Now, if you don't tell me what
happened today, well, nothing, but quit teasing me, I
am dying to hear about it!"

"I'm not teasing you!" I exclaimed. "I was worried that
you might be sorry now that it has actually happened.
Now hurry up and change you fucking pervert, supper is
ready and I will tell you over supper."

He swatted at my butt, but I ducked and ran back
downstairs and sat there, naked and excited, ready to
tell him everything that happened.

He was only a minute behind me and as he sat down I
asked, "Did you like the car I picked out?"

He rolled his eyes and said, "What car? I don't care
about a fucking car, talk or get spanked!"

He stood back up and carved the roast and when he was
done we toasted each other and while he started serving
himself I started telling him everything that had
happened. I included every detail that I could
remember, every word, every touch, every moan, groan
and orgasm.

I was getting turned on all over again as I told him
about it, and he was getting turned on hearing about
it. As soon as we had finished dinner, and we were
eating pretty fast, we put the leftovers away and
rushed to the bedroom.

I pushed him back onto the bed and I suddenly
remembered that I had not changed the sheets or washed
the bedspread. I wondered if he would notice. As I got
up on the bed and started sucking his rock hard cock I
heard him sniff the air. He groaned and said, "I can
smell him! I can smell Kennedy from when he took you to
our bed and fucked you!" That was all he could say
before he filled my mouth with cum.

Brad was so horny that he didn't even go soft after his
orgasm. I swallowed his hot load and he pulled me on
top of him. He held me tight and kissed me and then he
rolled over on top of me and plunged his still hard
cock into my more than ready pussy and started fucking
me violently.

It was fantastic! I was thrusting back just as hard as
he was driving his cock into me. The sound of our
bodies crashing together filled the room and as he
fucked me I started talking, which is something that I
don't normally do during sex. I said, "God that feels
so fucking good! Do you still smell that? Do you smell
Gene's sweat? He was lying right where I am lying now,
on his back staring up at my tits as they swung wildly
while I fucked him. He loved it! He went crazy and came
like an a****l." I almost let myself get too
distracted, but just as Brad started to cum I came too.
I had lost track of how many times that made today.

And when he had finally gone soft and rolled off of me
I rose to my knees and kissed him, and then I kissed my
way down his sweaty body to his soft, nasty cock and as
he watched in amazement I licked and sucked his cock
and his balls clean. Then I kissed him on the head of
his cock and stretched out beside him, totally worn
out. I had told him that I had done this for Gene, but
I had never done it for him before and he seemed to
think it was a pretty sexy thing to do.

He kissed my lips and said quietly, "Two can play at
this game." Then he got up on his knees and started
kissing his way down my body. I was kind of brain dead
at first, it didn't occur to me what he was doing. When
I realized that he was going to put his face in my well
fucked pussy I grabbed the sides of his head and tried
to pull him back up beside me. I begged him not to do
that. The idea of how gross I must be, and the fear of
grossing him out was maybe a little inappropriate,
considering what I had just done for him, but I
couldn't help what I was feeling. I didn't want him to
see me, or taste me like that. I was afraid of looking
at his face and seeing distaste, or worse yet, disgust.

But he refused to listen. He pulled away from my hands
and as I begged him not to, he kissed and licked his
way down my sweaty body and then started kissing and
licking all around my nasty pussy.

I closed my eyes and tensed up; waiting for I don't
know what, but his lips and his tongue got closer and
closer and finally I felt is tongue slide through my
very messy furrow. I waited for his reaction, expecting
to hear gagging or choking or something. So I was
astounded when after a brief pause he did it again.

I looked down at him, trying to figure out what had
gotten into him. He was smiling up at me and he paused
to say, "You have been swallowing cum for me for years.
And now you are going to be doing it for my bosses, at
my request. I should damn sure have the balls to do
this for you."

I said, "That is sweet Brad, I really appreciate what
you are saying, and what you are doing. But you don't
have to do that. It is different for a guy, I
understand that."

"Bullshit!" he exclaimed. "Cum is cum and it tastes the
same to you as it does to me. And anyway, it isn't that
bad, especially when you mix a bunch of pussy juice in
with it. I wouldn't want to do this everyday, but I can
handle it if you can. Now lay back and relax, I am not
going to bite you, well, not hard."

Brad licked between my thighs a little longer, and then
he started kissing and licking my clit and before I
knew it I was screaming and pulling his hair and
cumming like crazy!

I came more than I ever had before, I could feel it
dripping out of me. But I was so sensitive then that I
couldn't stand one more stroke of his tongue. I grabbed
his hair again and pulled him back up beside me and I
laughed when I saw his messy face. I licked his face
clean and then we kissed and held each other tight for
the longest time.

I was just about to fall asl**p when I looked at the
clock and saw that it was still so early. We had eaten
and then raced to bed before I could even clean up the
dishes. I got up and went to the bathroom and then I
started to dress and go downstairs.

Brad stopped me and said, "Please don't. I love you
like that."

So I curtsied, not easy to do when you are naked, and
we went downstairs naked and he helped me clean up,
even though I insisted that he sit down and let me do
my job.

After the dining room was cleaned up and the dishes
were in the dishwasher, I grabbed a large towel and we
sat on the couch on the towel and had a glass of wine.
Brad's father had always had a glass of red wine in the
evening, either with dinner or afterwards. Eventually
we got into the habit as well. It was just a relaxing
thing to do after dinner.

We sat together and Brad had his arm around me and we
just enjoyed each other's company for a while. We
talked a little more about my afternoon. Brad had
several questions about Gene and how I had reacted. I
was totally honest, I was now not the least insecure
about Brad's reaction to what happened.

I pointed out the keys to the new car on the hall tree,
but Brad said that except on weekends, the car was for
me. He would be picked up in the morning and driven
home after work in a company limo. Whoa! Mister Big

We finally went to bed and we both slept like logs. No
problems with conscience here!

In the morning we went about our normal routine. I made
breakfast and we had coffee together. The limo picked
him up at his normal leaving time, stretch limo no

After he was gone I had nothing to do but put away last
nights dishes and wash the few morning dishes. Then I
went up and made the bed and while I was doing that the
phone rang. I answered, and despite how great yesterday
had been, I was still nervous about the call.

I picked it up and it was the secretary to Mr. Morris,
the company president. She asked me if I would be able
to come to the office and meet with Mr. Morris in two
hours. I told her that I would be delighted and as soon
as she hung up my stomach was in knots.

I had met all of the vice presidents, but I had never
met Mr. Morris. I had seen him. He was a very stern man
who appeared to be in his mid sixties. Everyone seemed
to be afraid of him, or at least they avoided talking
about him to me.

I went upstairs and showered and it occurred to me that
I had no idea what I should wear. I didn't know if I
should dress normally, or more in keeping with my new
part time job. I decided to compromise and wear one of
my nicer dresses, and some of the slutty underwear I
had just bought. I got ready and looked in the mirror.
I wish I knew why he wanted to see me. I probably
should have asked. I am in such a strange situation
that I have no idea what is proper.

I went out and got in the new car and it was such a
pleasure to drive that I was able to relax for most of
the ride to the plant. I had been there many times over
the years that Brad had worked here. And each time I
had been asked to show my driver's license at the gate.
Not this time! I was waived right in and the guard even
saluted as I drove through!

I drove to the administrative office building and as I
was driving down the line looking for a parking place I
passed a vacant spot not far from the door. I was
astounded to see my husband's name, Brad Pittman, on
the reserved parking sign. I parked in the slot and
went inside and a receptionist got up and e****ted me
to Mr. Morris' office.

The people there had always been friendly, but not like
now. This promotion that Brad had gotten must have
really moved him into the upper echelons. I was treated
as if I were someone! It kind of made me uncomfortable.
But I was pretty sure I could get used to it.

I got to Mr. Morris' office fifteen minutes early. His
secretary said, "Mrs. Pittman. Thank you for coming in.
My name is Heather. Mr. Morris is anxious to meet you.
He has someone in his office right now, but if you
would have a seat he will be right with you."

As soon as I was seated in the expensive leather chair
she asked me if she could get me anything and after I
declined she sat with me and made small talk. I asked
her if she knew what he wanted and she smiled and said,
"Don't worry; he likes to meet with the wives of all of
his vice presidents and get to know a little bit about
them. Don't let his stern demeanor throw you, he is
really a sweetheart. He is the nicest man I have ever
worked for, honest."

I was not totally convinced, but still, she was
reassuring. We talked about nothing in particular for a
few moments and then we heard someone at the inner door
and Mr. Morris was showing someone out.

They said goodbye and he spied me sitting with Heather
and came over and with the same dour expression, but a
light and friendly tone to his voice he said, "I assume
you are Janice Pittman?"

"Yes sir," I said, "Please, call me Jan."

He nodded and guided me into his office and shut the
door. He led me to a comfortable leather seating area
in the corner and asked if he could get me a drink. I
asked for a bottle of water, I was so nervous that I
was having trouble swallowing.

He went to a small refrigerator in the bar area and
brought it to me and sat down nearby. But far enough
away that I didn't feel crowded.

He said, "You are a very beautiful young woman Jan. I
have heard a lot about you. I understand that you
graduated from Middlebury College, that's an excellent

I nodded and took a sip of water and waited to see what
this was about.

"Please my dear, relax. I am not nearly as ugly as I
look. And while I can't promise not to bite, I promise
not to bite hard."

I smiled and said, "I'm sorry sir, this is all so new
to me, this entire, strange situation."

He said, "I understand. Just remember that you are not
the first to go through this. We have had EPOD in
effect here for nearly a generation now. We are all
used to how strange a situation it is. We all
understand that you will need some time to learn your
responsibilities and adjust to them. Don't be afraid of
saying or doing the wrong thing, whatever mistake you
might make has been made before, I promise you."

"I had a report on you from Mr. Kennedy yesterday
afternoon and I must say that it was quite favorable. I
don't think you will have any problems adjusting to
your situation here at all."

I blushed, and he seemed to find that amusing.

I said, "I didn't even know what to wear when your
secretary called. I bought some sexier clothes to wear
after I decided to go through with this, but I didn't
want to come dancing in here looking all slutty and
upset someone. There should be a book of rules."

He looked at me and said, "You know, that's a good
idea. Why don't you keep it in mind? Make a mental note
of your questions and the appropriate answers, and
someday when you are feeling like it, work something
up. It would be helpful, wouldn't it?"

I nodded, and then he asked me if I had any questions.

I smiled and said, "What should I have worn today?"

He chuckled, but I noticed that he never smiled. "You
look lovely Jan. I wouldn't have you dressed any other
way. On the other hand, none of the gentlemen that
might call you and ask you to come to their offices in
the foreseeable future would have a problem with slutty

I smiled shyly and said, "I'm wearing slutty

I almost thought he was going to smile there for a
moment. "Jan, I am of an age that pretty much all I am
able to do now is look, look and touch. But I do enjoy
those pleasures, and if you don't mind, I would love to
see your slutty underwear."

For some reason, I suddenly felt completely at ease
with Mr. Morris now that he had made himself sound a
little vulnerable. He really was a nice man. He was
polite and totally non-threatening, and I was happy to
put on a little show for him.

I stood up and moved in front of him and said, "Mr.
Morris, I would love to undress for you."

I reached behind my back and unfastened the catch at
the top of my dress and pulled the zipper down, slowly.
I shrugged and it slid down off my shoulders and I
pulled my arms free. Then I hooked my thumbs in the
waistband and pushed it down over my hips and bent down
and picked it up in as lady-like a manner as possible.
I set it on a chair and stood in front of him in my
lacy bra and panty set and my thigh high silk-look

I turned around slowly and asked him if he liked my new
outfit. He started to reach out and touch me and then
he pulled his hand back quickly and asked if it was
alright if he touched me. I thought that was strange,
he knew that I was now a virtual sex slave to him and
his vice presidents for the foreseeable future. I
didn't understand his hesitation. Perhaps it was
generational. Or maybe he was just a very nice man.

I reached for his hand and pulled it up and placed it
on my breast. As his hand gripped my breast through my
tiny little bra I said, "Mr. Morris! You may touch me
anytime you want."

I moved his hand from one breast to the other, and then
I guided him down my flat stomach to my panties. I let
him move his hand over my lacy, silky underwear while I
reached behind my back and unfastened my bra and
dropped it on my dress.

I heard his breath catch and I was very proud that
someone that had seen so many attractive women was that
moved by my body.

He was quiet for a moment and then he said, "Oh my god,
Fran, you are truly beautiful!"

I guided his hand back up to my breasts and he explored
them eagerly, but gently. His hands were soft and
gentle and it felt very nice, and I told him that.

I let him explore my breasts for a while, and then I
bent down and pushed my panties off. I left the
stockings on and stood in front of him naked but for my
shoes and stockings. He had a look of awe on his face
as his fingers trailed down and ran lightly through my
bright red pubic hair for a few minutes, and then moved
lightly to my well lubricated pussy.

I gasped at his touch and said, "Oh Mr. Morris! That
feels wonderful!" And I meant it. He had a very nice

I could have sworn that I saw twitching in his pants as
he touched me and I dropped to my knees and said, "Mr.
Morris, I know you said that you only wanted to look
and touch. But even if you can no longer have an
erection, I am sure it would be pleasurable if you
would let me return the favor. My husband says that I
am very talented with my mouth, please let me try."

He said, "It is sweet of you to offer Jan, I appreciate
it. But it has been years, and I have grown tired of
the frustration that usually results from any such
attempts. I have enjoyed what we have done. Perhaps we
should just leave it at that."

I had placed my hand on that twitching lump in his
pants and I could feel the heat from it. It just didn't
seem possible that he would settle for looking at me,
or touching me. I was determined, and I begged him for
the chance to try. I insisted that, even if he didn't
get an erection, I would love to take him into my mouth
and thank him for all that he has done for Brad and me.

He looked skeptical, but I guess sex is a very
difficult thing to give up on. He stood up and I
unfastened his pants and pulled them and his shorts
down to his ankles and then I slipped is shoes and his
pants off and spread his legs wide apart.

I was surprised at the size of his soft cock. It must
have been pretty impressive when he was younger, it was
pretty impressive now! It was the longest that I had
seen yet, at least eight inches and still soft!

I smiled up at him as I moved my hand over his heavy
cock and I said, "It's beautiful! That is the nicest
cock I have seen, though to be honest, I haven't seen
that many yet." He ran his hands down over my long red
hair and looked at me longingly; I could see how much
he wished that he could have sex with me. And I became

I leaned down and I kissed the head of his cock and
then I moved it out of the way and began to lick his
thighs, working my way up to his balls as he sat back
and watched in fascination. I gently massaged his cock
as I licked his balls and then took each one into my
mouth and ran my tongue over it.

He was obviously enjoying it, but still there was only
a twitch running down his big cock. I took his cock in
my hands lovingly and licked it all over, and I was
sure that I was starting to see signs of life.

He started to tell me that it was hopeless, but I
shushed him and said, "It isn't hopeless, and even if
you don't get an erection, it feels good doesn't it?"

He nodded and I said, "Good, then let me do this, I am
enjoying it."

I could feel him start to relax and I was sure that his
cock was getting larger now. I worked at it, not
desperately, but gently and lovingly. And then I
remembered something I had read about in Cosmo. I
lifted his legs and d****d them over the arms of the
overstuffed chair he was sitting in and I began to lick
up and down the crack of his now exposed ass.

As my tongue moved over his asshole he shuddered and
gasped and I moved back and forth over it a few more
times before burrowing my tongue right up inside of
him. He was groaning now and muttering obscenities
under his breath. Finally I wet a finger and gently
inserted it into him and began to massage where I
assumed his prostate was located. With my other hand I
lowered his legs and I could see that his cock was more
than half hard now!

I took his cock into my mouth and as I gently massaged
his prostate I moved my mouth up and down his very
impressive cock and with a little effort I was able to
take an inch or two of it into my throat. I looked up
between his legs and saw that he was staring at me with
the strangest expression on his face, like he had just
seen a ghost!

His cock never got completely hard, but in another
couple of minutes he tensed up and he shot a thin
watery stream of cum into my mouth. I moaned around his
cock and worked at it lovingly as he caught his breath
and the muscles in his body began to relax. When he was
done I sat up and gently removed my finger from his ass
and while he stared at me with an expression that was
almost love on his face I sucked my finger clean and
then I leaned forward and kissed his cock and thanked

He looked at me in disbelief and asked, "What are you
thanking me for?!"

"For letting me try," I said, "and for trusting me
enough to relax and let it happen. I am honored that I
could bring you so much pleasure Mr. Morris."

He sat up and pulled me close and hugged me and held me
tight for a long time. Then he said, "Young lady, you
will probably never fully appreciate what you have done
for me here today. You are the most exciting, and yet
the sweetest and most refreshing young lady I have met
in nearly half a century. If, at any time, anyone gives
you a hard time here at this company or at any of its
functions, I want you to call me immediately. Do you

"Everyone here has been wonderful to me. I am sure that
won't be a problem. But I promise to call you if I need
to. But that doesn't mean that I won't be getting used
does it?"

And then he did smile. He bent down and kissed me and
said, "You are truly remarkable. I pray that you are
one of those women that are unchanged by what you will
be going through. I have talked to your husband. I am
sure he will be able to handle it. I would hate to see
you change. You are special."

"Does that mean that we can do this again?" I asked.

"You have my word, Janice. Now, as much as I hate to
say this, why don't you get dressed and I will have
Heather take you to see your husband before you leave.
Thank you for being so nice to an old man, my dear."

He had stood up and was getting ready to dress and I
hugged him and said, "Please believe me, I really did
enjoy it. You are a dear, sweet man, just like Heather
said. I enjoyed pleasing you and I am looking forward
to doing it many times in the future."

Then I dropped to my knees and helped him with his
shorts, after kissing his cock again, and then I helped
him pull on his pants. Finally he sat back down and I
put his shoes on and tied them. Then I dressed myself,
slowly, so that he might enjoy the show.

I grabbed my purse and my bottle of very expensive
water and he called Heather in. She came into the
office and started to ask him what he wanted when she
suddenly noticed that he still had a trace of a smile
on his face for the first time since she had started
working for him.

She stopped in mid-sentence and looked at him
curiously, then she looked at me and then back at him.
He saw her looking and tried to stop smiling and
couldn't. He finally shook his head and asked her to
take me to Brad's office and then come back to go over
some paperwork he had for her.

She led me out into her office and closed his door and
then she stopped and turned around to face me. I almost
ran into her!

She stared at me, apparently speechless, for a moment
and then she said, "I have been working for that man
for more than ten years and I have never seen him
smile. Not once, not ever! What did you do to him?"

I smiled and said, "A lady doesn't tell."

She stared at me for a moment longer and said, "Well
I'll be god damned! You got him off, didn't you?"

I really didn't want to talk about that with her. I had
just met her and that seemed awfully private. So I
didn't answer and she finally took me out into the
hallway and down to a very luxurious suite of offices
at the end of the hall.

There was a receptionist for the four junior vice
presidents in a small reception room. Heather
introduced me to her and she took me to Brad's
secretary. Brad's beautiful secretary!

He hadn't mentioned that part. But she seemed really
nice, and she called him on the intercom and Brad came
out to greet me. He kissed me and led me into his
office. I know that he said that his new office was
nice and big and fancy, but I was impressed. It was a
huge office! And it had the same quality wood and
leather furniture that Mr. Morris had in his office. He
had a bar and his own bathroom. Actually, his office
was not that much smaller than Mr. Morris'.

Brad showed me around the room proudly and then he sat
me down in the small seating area and asked me why I
was here. I told him that I had just spent nearly an
hour with Mr. Morris and he looked like he had been

"Oh crap," he said. "I didn't think it would be this
soon. I was talking to Carl Scott today and he was
warning me about some of the things you should look out
for. One of them was Mr. Morris. He can't get it up
anymore and he gets upset when the girls can't do
anything for him. Are you okay?"

I smiled and asked, "Have you ever seen Mr. Morris

"Nobody has seen him smile in years," Brad said. "So
don't worry, it wasn't your fault."

"Mr. Morris and I got along great," I said. "And when I
left his office he was smiling."

"What do you mean he was smiling?" Brad asked. "He
doesn't smile."

"After he came he did," I said and smiled proudly.

Brad didn't know what to say, so while he was digesting
that I asked, "What else did Carl say that I needed to
watch out for?"

"Mostly he warned me about Gavin Riggs. He said that
most of the VPs are pretty nice, normal guys. Mr. Riggs
is a bit kinky and has a mean streak. Carl said that he
can get rough and he likes to humiliate the girls
sometimes, make them do embarrassing things in public
or, I don't know, he wasn't very specific, just watch
out for him."

Just then there was a light knock at the door and,
speaking of the devil, Mr. Riggs poked his head in and
asked if he was interrupting. We stood up and Brad
invited him in.

He came in and came over to where we had been sitting
and said, "I wanted to welcome you to the club, Jan.
And I have a few minutes before my next meeting, I was
wondering if I would be able to talk you out of one of
those fantastic blowjobs I have been hearing about?"

I smiled warmly and said, "My, word does travel fast
around here. My blowjobs are not all that special Mr.
Riggs, but I would be happy to fit you in to my busy
schedule. Let me help you get comfortable."

I quickly undressed as he watched my every move, then I
moved over to where he was standing and guided him to a
large chair and got to my knees in front of him. Brad
had begun to move back over to his desk to be more
unobtrusive, but Mr. Riggs stopped him. "Don't leave
us, Brad. You might as well get used to this. You will
be seeing a lot of it from now on."

I quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them and his
fancy silk underwear down below his knees. He sat down
and leaned forward and played with my tits for a
minute, and then he sat back and watched as I leaned
forward and began to lick and suck at his balls.

As I worked with my face in his crotch he kept up a
running conversation with Brad. I had the distinct
impression that he was trying to make both of us
uncomfortable. He was not being actually abusive, it
was just the way he talked, the way he said things. It
seemed obvious that he was trying to humiliate us and
embarrass us.

He didn't know us very well.

I gave him my second best blowjob; my best had just
gone to Mr. Morris. Before long he had stopped talking
and was enjoying what was happening in his lap. One
thing he didn't have was a problem getting it up. He
had a nice cock and even though he may have had a
bitter personality, when he came, in a surprisingly
short amount of time I thought, his cum was not bitter
at all. In fact, he had the nicest tasting cum I had
ever tasted!

I swallowed it all down and smiled up at him and told
him that. He cocked his head and gave me a funny look.
Then he stood up and I helped him put his clothes back
together. When he was dressed as he had come in he
shook his head and thanked me graciously and left. Then
I moved over one seat, on my knees still, and sucked
off Brad. He was pretty turned on, he hadn't seen me
with another man's cock in my mouth for a couple of
years and I got the impression that he had missed it.

After he came and he put himself back together he
pulled me up and he got between my legs and returned
the favor. I had sucked off three men and I was pretty
excited, so I really appreciated it. Sucking cocks
really turns me on.

After I had messed up Brad's face with my pussy we both
pulled ourselves together and got cleaned up and he
started to get ready for a meeting. I asked if all of
the beautiful women I had seen running around here knew
what was going on.

Brad said that he would ask Carl, he hadn't even
thought to bring it up. We kissed then and I went back
outside and managed to find my way back out to the
front door. The receptionist greeted me by name again
and said goodbye and they were all just so damned sweet
and polite and sincere that it made me nervous.

I drove home and as I pulled into the driveway I
reminded myself that I needed to ask Brad what we were
going to do with our old cars. They were nice enough,
and I suppose we should keep one of them. But our house
had very little storage space and we kept a lot of
stuff in the garage. So our driveway was full of cars,
and now there were two of them that were not being used
and were just in the way.

I went inside and changed into one of the tiny new
bathing suits that I had bought and grabbed the phone
and a drink and went out into the backyard for a little
sun. I was not that much of a sun worshipper. I liked
to get just enough sun so that my breasts and my butt
were stark white by comparison and stood out more. It
turned Brad on and I thought that it was sexy too.

I stayed outside for about an hour and then went inside
and took a shower and started supper. It was just about
ready when Brad came home. I was dusting the living
room when the limo pulled up and it seemed so funny to
see that thing pull up and Brad get out of it as though
he had ridden in one all of his life. I wonder what the
neighbors must think.

I ran upstairs and undressed and met Brad at the door.
We kissed and then we went back upstairs and I helped
him undress. He seemed unusually quiet and I was a
little worried. I had just been with him a couple of
hours ago and he was happy and upbeat. Now he had
something on his mind and it made me nervous.

Instead of putting on his lounging shorts he put on
some casual clothes and suggested I put something on,
because we were going for a short ride after we ate.

But he refused to answer any questions about why or
where. And he calls me a tease!

I put on some shorts and a cute top and my sandals and
we ate a light supper. He tried to help me clean up
again and I finally had to put my foot down. This was
my job god damn it! He smiled and sat back down and I
quickly put things away and cleaned up. Then I handed
him the keys to the Cadillac and we left.

He drove through town to a large new subdivision on the
outskirts of town, not that far from the plant. The
houses were beautiful, huge, brick homes on lots that
were all several acres apiece. Half of them were still
for sale and we drove around to a house that said
office. I didn't know what was going on. We were
getting a huge increase in Brad's salary, but these
were million dollar homes! No exaggeration, we could
not afford this!

Brad parked at the office and came around and held my
door for me. We stood in the driveway and looked around
at the homes and I felt like someone would come out and
take one look at me and know that I didn't belong and
ask me to leave.

"Brad, what the hell is going on? We can't afford one
of these!"

Brad didn't answer; he took my arm and led me inside. A
man was on the phone at a large desk and he looked up
and held up a finger indicating that he would be right
with us. There were pictures of the insides of some of
the houses and there were floor plans tacked up all
around. They were all very impressive, and all way out
of our league.

The man finally finished his phone call and came over
and apologized and introduced himself. Brad said,
"Hello Mr. Crane. I'm Brad Pittman."

Mr. Crane lit up like a Christmas tree. "Ah yes," and
he turned to me and said, "And you must be Janice! I am
very happy to meet you. Mr. Morris called earlier this
afternoon and I have been curious about you two since
we spoke. Here are the houses, they are all open. If
none of them appeal to you, I promise you that we will
work something out."

Mr. Crane handed Brad a piece of paper with a list of
addresses and a small plat of the subdivision. Brad
pulled me outside and guided me back to the car and
then he went around and got in.

He didn't start the car though. He turned to me and
said, "Mr. Morris called me to his office this
afternoon, after you went home. He invited me in and
sat me in a chair and handed me a drink and sat beside
me and stared at me for the longest time. I didn't know
what to think."

"Then he asked me if you had told me about the time you
had spent with him earlier. I told him that you
mentioned that you had been to his office, and I told
him that that was pretty much all you had time to say
before we were interrupted. He stared at me for a while
longer and then he started telling me how special you
were. I mean, not in detail, like you are great at
sucking cock or anything.

"He was talking about what a nice person you are and
how nice you had been to him. Then he handed me the
directions to this subdivision and told me that I was
to go see Mr. Crane after dinner. He had spoken to him
earlier and Mr. Crane had a list of houses that he
wanted us to look at. If you liked one of them we were
to tell Mr. Crane. If not, let him know and he would
have one built that was more to our liking. Jan, Mr.
Morris is buying you a house! Not the company, Mr.
Morris, and not provisional. No matter what happens,
this is our, your house!"

I stared at Brad for a minute and then I got out of the
car. He hurried out and came around and asked what was

I said, "I can't do this Brad. This isn't right. These
are million dollar homes! I need to talk to Mr.

Brad looked at me, and I saw that he wasn't even
surprised, or even disappointed. I loved that about
him. We went back inside and before we could say a
word, Mr. Crane held out the phone and smiled. He said,
"Mr. Morris is holding for you Mrs. Pittman."

I took the phone and he got up and went outside, Brad
went with him.

I didn't wait; I took the receiver and said calmly but
firmly, "Mr. Morris, you are so sweet, and so
thoughtful. I truly appreciate what you are doing here.
These homes are lovely, but I can't let you do this. It
isn't right. And it isn't necessary. I will cherish the
idea that you offered, but I can't accept one of these
mansions from you."

I heard him chuckle on the other end of the line and he
said, "I knew that we would have to have this
conversation Jan. I knew what you would think and how
you would react. If you had reacted any other way I
would have been disappointed. Now, let me explain
something to you. I am, as you no doubt know, a
multimillionaire. I am a widower and my only son is
already wealthy in his own right.

"I could not spend all of my wealth in the time I have
left if I tried. Most of it will go to charity. The
price of the home that I am going to insist that you
select is nothing to me. I won't miss the money. I
will, however, derive nearly as much pleasure from
giving it to you, as you gave me this afternoon. I am
going to have to insist that you let me do this for
you. And if that doesn't work I will resort to

I couldn't help it, I started crying and he could hear
me over the phone. I didn't know what to say, but
finally I said, "This isn't right Mr. Morris. You don't
have to do this. What happened today, I did that
because I wanted to. You didn't make me do anything.
You don't owe me anything."

"No my dear," he said quietly. "I may or may not owe
you anything. But what you made me feel today was
special, and the way you went about it, your
tenderness, your sweetness, you really cared and I
loved that about you. Please, let me do this for you."

I paused for a moment and then I said, "But if I take
this I will feel guilty. It will be like I am using
you, taking advantage of you."

"No dear, it won't be like that at all. And besides,
this home is much closer to the plant; I might drop
over from time to time and let you make it up to me."

I smiled and said, "You dirty old man! Well, okay,
since you put it that way. Thank you so much, you are

I heard him chuckle again and he said, "You are more
than welcome my dear. I look forward to seeing you
soon. And I meant what I said, if one of those houses
is not perfect for you two, tell Crane and he will
build one that is. Goodbye now."

"Goodbye Mr. Morris."

I hung up the phone and went back outside. I walked
over to where Brad and Mr. Crane were standing and
sighed and said, "Let's go look at houses."

Brad used his finger to wipe a tear from my cheek and
kissed me and we went back to the car.

We drove around to every house on the list that Mr.
Crane had given us. There were f******n houses on the
list and we got out and walked through them all. I
wanted to leave there this evening and tell Mr. Crane
that we loved his houses but we couldn't accept. But I
couldn't. Each house that we looked at was more
wonderful than the last. They were all huge; I think
the smallest was just less than ten thousand square
feet. There was marble everywhere and the smallest room
was bigger than the largest room in our present house.

The paper that we were given didn't even list the
prices, we weren't supposed to know. We didn't find out
until later, at the lawyers office when we signed the
papers that the house we selected was being offered at
one point three million.

We went home that evening, after finally selecting a
new home, in a daze. We got out a bottle of wine and we
each had a glass. We sat in the living room of our old
house and stared at each other without even speaking
for a long, long time. At the time I was figuring the
house at right around a million. I looked up at Brad
after a while and said, "I just got paid a million
dollars for a fucking blowjob!"

The next day I got dressed up, wearing the same outfit
that I had worn the last time I went to his office, and
I drove to the plant. I parked and walked in and
breezed past the receptionist, waiving politely, and
went to Mr. Morris' office. I walked in and told
Heather, "I don't have an appointment, and I am not
expected, but I need to see Mr. Morris."

She smiled at me and said, "It's okay Mrs. Pittman, He
told me to expect you. Go right in."

I started to go to the door and then turned back and
said, "Please, call me Jan."

She smiled and nodded and I walked over and tapped on
Mr. Morris' door and went in.

He saw what I was wearing and I saw something
resembling a smile on his face as I approached his desk
and stood there. Now that I was standing in front of
him I didn't know what to say. I had practiced so many
things in my head, but now my head was empty.

Finally I said, "Mr. Morris, I came here to tell you so
many things, and now I can't remember any of them. You
didn't have to do that. I keep going back and forth
between incredible gratitude and horrible guilt."

"When Brad and I talked about his taking this position
and my becoming a part of EPOD, we didn't do this for
the money. We did this because it was exciting. When I
was still in college we had a couple of threesomes, and
we enjoyed the hell out of them. That was why we did
this. It would bother me if you thought that I did this
for money or possessions. I like you and your opinion
of me is important to me."

Mr. Morris stood up and walked around his desk and put
his arms around me and held me close. He didn't say
anything for a few minutes, but then he said, "Young
lady, as unlikely as it seems, after one afternoon with
you I feel closer to you than I do to anyone else in my
life. Don't worry, I won't be imposing on you, I don't
work that way. But the amount of money I spent on that
house is insignificant to me. What is significant is
that it brought you and your husband pleasure, and in
some small way it expressed my gratitude for what you
did for me. If I thought for a minute that you did what
you did for the money we would not be having this

I reached up and pulled his head down and kissed him
passionately. Then I smiled and said, "Mr. Morris,
please, come to supper, just you and my husband and me.
It won't be a party, nothing fancy, just a simple
dinner and some wine and quiet conversation."

He looked at me, as if to see if I was serious. Then he
said, "When would you like me to be there?"

"Tonight," I said. "Tell me what time you can be there
and I will plan dinner for then."

He hugged me again and said, "You are a precious young
woman. I am so glad that I had the chance to meet you.
I will follow your husband when he comes home at his
normal time this evening, okay?"

I looked up at him and asked, "What do you like to

"I'm not much of a drinker," he answered. "A glass of
wine with dinner is about it for me. Now, you better go
down the hall and have a talk with your husband. We
don't want him having a heart attack when I follow him
home tonight."

I kissed him again and said, "You are special. I am so
glad I joined EPOD."

"So am I," he said.

I left and went to Brad's office. He had someone in his
office when I got there and I sat and talked to his
secretary, Jennifer, for a few minutes. She was really
nice, and she was having a hard time of it lately. She
and her husband were separated and it didn't look like
they were going to get back together. By the time that
Brad was free I had invited her to dinner on Sunday,
her and her two k**s.

Brad had about two minutes before he had a meeting. He
was surprised to see me but I just popped in and told
him that we were having company for dinner. Then I
started to leave but he said, "Who?"

I turned around and smiled and said, "My boyfriend."

I saw the confused look on his face and said, "Mr.

What followed was amusing. First he looked alarmed, and
then he smiled and said, "Good."

I started to leave and then I turned back and said,
"Oh, and Jennifer will be coming over on Sunday." Then
I left quickly.

I went to the dry cleaners. Then I drove home, changed
into more casual clothes and tidied up the house a
little. While I was doing that I imagined how much
different life was going to be when we were living in a
mansion. The house we had selected was beautiful
though. It suddenly occurred to me that we were going
to have to buy all new furniture. Nothing we owned was
appropriate for that place. And then I thought of the
looks on our parents faces when they saw it! I would
have to remember to have a camera handy when they came
to visit.

Just after noon the doorbell rang and when I opened the
door I found two of the VPs, Daniel Grant and Bryan
Newman. I smiled and stepped aside and invited them in.

Mr. Grant waited until I had closed the door and then
he took me in his arms and said, "We have heard a lot
about you, young lady. Do you have a little time to

I smiled at him and said, "Kind sir, I am at your

Mr. Newman laughed and said, "Oh Janice, we have no
intention of disposing of you. We want to keep you
around for a very long time."

"I'm flattered," I said in response. "Would you
gentlemen like to see my bedroom? It isn't fancy, but
the bed is made and is quite comfortable."

Mr. Grant let me go and said, "That sound like a great
idea, please lead the way."

So I did. But unlike with Mr. Kennedy, these gentlemen
did not wait until we reached the room. They ran their
hands up my legs under my skirt and each of them was
holding one of the cheeks of my ass by the time we
reached the top of the stairs.

As I climbed the stairs, and their hands climbed up
under my skirt, I flashed back on one of the threesomes
that Brad and I had enjoyed a couple of years ago, when
I first experienced this sensation. We had had a very
good time that evening. Maybe it was a good omen.

At the top of the stairs I took the hands of the men
behind me and led them to my bedroom. I turned after I
entered the room and watched them follow me in. Mr.
Grant and Mr. Newman were in their mid-fifties. Mr.
Grant had a little bit of a stomach, but other than
that they both seemed fit. Mr. Grant was losing his
hair; Mr. Newman's hair was very gray.

I had spoken with both men several times in the past
and they had been pleasant. Had they not come here
together I might have felt less intimidated. Well,
maybe that's the wrong word. I was just a little
nervous. Two more men were about to see me naked for
the first time and have sex with me. That kind of made
me nervous.

Inside the room the men looked around and Mr. Grant
took me in his arms again while Mr. Newman undressed.
Mr. Grant's hands were all over me and I just relaxed
and surrendered to him until a few minutes later when
he turned me over to the now naked Mr. Newman. I was
taken into his arms so fast that I didn't even have a
chance to glance down and see what I was going to have
to deal with.

He started kissing me and running his hands over my
body. I was only wearing a t-shirt and a pair of loose
shorts and panties and he quickly removed my t-shirt.
When he had bared my breasts he leaned back and looked
down and smiled and said, "Every bit as beautiful as I
knew that they would be!"

Then he turned me to face Mr. Grant, who was just
removing his shorts, and said, "Look at these tits Dan!
Are they not perfect?"

"They are indeed, Bryan, she is a beautiful young

Mr. Grant stared at me as Mr. Newman finished
undressing me from behind. Then he stepped closer and
the two men were both exploring me with their hands and
it was starting to really get to me.

I expected to take them to bed and do whatever it was
that they had in mind, but they apparently couldn't
wait that long. The bed, after all, was a good ten feet
away. Instead, they pushed me to my knees and stood in
front of me and took turns feeding me their cocks. They
were dominant, even a little f***eful, but not violent,
and I found it to be very exciting being taken and used
like this, as opposed to making love.

Before long, both men were forcing their cocks down my
throat and it wasn't long at all before they both came
in my mouth. Not that I was keeping track, but they
were the sixth and seventh men to cum in me, in my
mouth. I realized that I was starting to not pay much
attention to what it tasted like. Not like at first
when I was so fascinated by it, by the whole mystery of

After both men had cum, Mr. Grant stepped away and I
concentrated on sucking Mr. Newman until he was hard
again. As soon as he was ready he stretched out on the
floor and pulled me over on top of him. I guided his
refreshed cock into my pussy and started sliding up and
down while he played with my tits.

After watching for a few minutes, Mr. Grant came over
and put his half hard cock in my face. I started
sucking him again while still trying to concentrate on
pleasing Mr. Newman. I am not that good at multi-
tasking, and it can be difficult to please two cocks at

When I sensed that Mr. Newman was getting close I
started to concentrate on him and I sped up and soon he
was filling me with yet another load of fresh cum from
yet another VP from J.A.M. Aluminum. That makes four
down and two to go, again, not that I'm counting.

Mr. Newman was guiding my hips as he finished and when
he was done he held me still and I sat on him for a
minute and let him get his breath. When he released me
I lifted my leg and dismounted, and then I leaned down
and started licking and sucking him clean. It is funny
how surprised guys get when you do that, even if just
minutes earlier you have swallowed a load of cum from
the end of their cocks. But they all seem to think it's
a sexy thing to do. And I do too.

While I was licking and sucking Mr. Newman clean, Mr.
Grant got on his knees behind me and guided my knees a
little further apart. Then he started putting a finger
in my dripping pussy and transferring Mr. Newman's cum
to my virgin ass. I had known that this was going to
happen eventually, but I wasn't looking forward to it.
I tried to relax though, I knew that it was going to
happen, whether I was tensed up and hating it or
relaxed and going with the flow. I figured the latter
choice would work to my advantage in the end, so to

I f***ed myself to relax and I tried to hold Mr.
Newman's cock in my mouth and nurse on it to distract
me while Mr. Grant did what he was going to do. He
didn't hold me there; he just started to caress my hair
and watch my face, watching to see how I was going to

Mr. Grant moved one finger back and forth between my
pussy and my asshole for a couple of minutes and then
he started using two. He was patient and he didn't
f***e it and so far it was okay. It didn't hurt; there
was just a sensation of fullness, and the embarrassment
of being touched there.

Eventually he started using three fingers, and that did
hurt a little, but not too much to stand, and I figured
that three fingers were larger than his cock and so I
was not that worried.

He worked on me with three fingers for a few moments,
not as long as he had when he was using one and two
fingers. He must have been getting impatient. He pulled
his fingers out of me and moved up behind me and I felt
his cock plunge into my pussy and he fucked me for a
minute before he pulled out and started to gently f***e
his cock into my ass.

I kept telling myself to relax and take deep breaths
and he took his time and it actually was not anywhere
near as bad as I thought that it would be.

He started fucking me there after he had let me get
used to being so full, and not long after he started I
felt something moving against my forehead. I opened my
eyes and saw that Mr. Newman's cock was hard again. So,
since I was in the area anyway, I took him back in my
mouth and started sucking again.

It kind of helped to take my mind off of the cock in my
ass and so I really put my heart into sucking him off.
I was surprised when I realized that I was starting to
get turned on. I wasn't going to cum from being fucked
in the ass, but being taken like this was kind of

Or at least I thought that I wasn't going to cum this
way. As Mr. Grant started getting closer he leaned down
and grabbed one of my tits with one hand and his other
hand reached around and started to massage my clit and
I started moaning around Mr. Newman's cock and to
everyone's surprise we all came within a minute of each
other. Mr. Newman was probably the most surprised when
he shot a third small load into my mouth. When they
were getting dressed he said that he had not cum three
times in an hour since he was in his thirties.

I took that as a compliment.

I wiped my dripping ass and pussy as the men dressed
and I e****ted them downstairs and told them that they
were welcome anytime. They had been very nice and they
both said that I was every bit as good as they had
heard. I couldn't help wondering what these guys all
said about me when they were talking among themselves.

It was time to start cooking my killer recipe for rump
roast. I have a secret recipe. After I have served it
to people they have begged me for it. It makes the most
tender roast and the most delicious gravy you have ever
tasted. It just takes five hours to cook.

After I started dinner I went up and took a shower and
laid out a nice outfit to put on before the men got
home. I considered going for slutty, but I had a sense
that Mr. Morris preferred sweet and innocent. And I
really wanted to please him.

I am a pretty good cook, but I still screw up pretty
good from time to time. I am only twenty-two and have
not been cooking that long. But not tonight, tonight
everything was perfect and was ready at the right time.
I had the wine opened and breathing and when the men
came in I helped Mr. Morris out of his coat and tie and
we had a glass of wine talked comfortably while I
served dinner.

The food was perfect. Mr. Morris loved the gravy and
the wine. Brad was a little nervous at first, but he
finally relaxed and the conversation became comfortable
and pleasant. I was as proud of myself as I could be.

After dinner we talked for a little longer and finished
off the wine and then I stood up and while Brad offered
to clear off the table, I took Mr. Morris' hand and led
him upstairs. I had lit some scented candles earlier to
freshen up the air in there a little.

Mr. Morris resisted a little at first. I didn't know if
he was afraid that I couldn't achieve the same results
if I tried again, or if he was just being polite. I put
my arms around his neck and smiled and said, "Mr.
Morris, I'm desert."

He leaned down and kissed me and said, "We don't have
to do this every time that we are together."

"And we won't," I said. "I really enjoy your company,
we both do. But I have been thinking about this since
the first time. I really want to do this."

"It is the only thing that I can do for you," I said.
"I promise, next time we can just sit and talk. I enjoy
that too. It has been the nicest dinner I have ever
hosted, though to be honest, we don't do this often. We
really had a good time tonight. Now it is time for

I took his hand and pulled him up the stairs. He was
still reluctant, and I knew that he was afraid it
wouldn't happen again. But I was confident. I knew that
he liked me and enjoyed me and I knew that I was sexy.

We went to our room and I sat him in the overstuffed
chair that we had in a corner of our bedroom by the
window. I turned on the CD player with some soft mood
music. Then I slowly took off my dress in front of him
and, after slowly turning around in front of him I sat
in his lap and I put my arm around his neck and started
kissing his neck and his ear while he moved his hands
over my body through my sexy underwear.

We sat that way for a long time, and I was getting very
turned on. The kissing got more passionate and I could
feel his cock moving under me.

I reached between the cups of my bra and released the
hooks and let it go slack and slide free and drop to
the floor. He groaned softly as my breasts were exposed
and cupped them lovingly. I said to him, "You have a
wonderful touch. You must have made a lot of women very
happy over the years. Look how wet my panties are."

His fingers moved down and rubbed the crotch of my
tight, nylon panties and I groaned in genuine pleasure
at his touch. I was getting very turned on, and I could
tell that he was too. I stood up and pulled my panties
down and before I could toss them away he took them and
held them to his nose and breathed softly.

He smiled at me, actually smiled, and said, "My sweet
Jan, I have never smelled anything so wonderful in my
life. This no woman can fake."

I pulled him to his feet and undressed him and we moved
to the bed. I put him on his back and I started at his
forehead and kissed him all over his body. When I got
to his nipples he shuddered in excitement, no woman had
every touched him there before. I kissed my way all the
way down to his feet, everywhere but his cock and his
balls, and I noticed that his cock looked harder than
it had been when he had his orgasm the first time we
were together. Then I kissed my way back up the inside
of his legs and as I moved up I watched his cock. By
the time I had his balls in my mouth his cock was hard.
Not half hard, he had a hardon!

I took him in my mouth and sucked at it for a moment,
and then I moved up over him and slid my pussy down
over it while he shivered in excitement and stared at
my body. I groaned as he entered me and told him how
wonderful he felt, and he did. He had such a nice large
cock. When it was hard it was still eight inches, it
had not gotten any longer than when it was soft, but it
was nice and fat and it felt very good.

"Jesus," I said quietly, "I love your big fat cock!"

I started bouncing up and down while he watched my tits
bounce violently. I was so excited that I had this
effect on him that I came in minutes. I kept moving
though and I asked him, "Do you want to cum in my
pussy, or in my mouth?"

He groaned and begged me not to stop and I didn't I
sped up and reached down and tickled his nipples and he
grabbed my tits and squeezed and swore and thrust his
hips up and came violently.

I stopped pumping up and down and just held his cock in
my pussy and clasped it with my muscles as he calmed
down and got his breath back. I leaned down after a
minute and kissed his neck and his chest and told him
how wonderful he was, and I meant it. I had had a
wonderful orgasm, and I had already had a lot of sex

He reached his arms around me and hugged me tight and
said, "You have made an old man very happy young lady."

I smiled and said, "Apparently you aren't as old as you
thought you were!"

He chuckled and said, "No, apparently not. My god, what
is it about you?!"

I smiled and replied, "Must be pheromones."

We held onto each other for a long time, sometimes
talking quietly, but mostly just being close. It was
very pleasant. I am not even sure how much time had
passed before I got up on my knees and sucked him

He got up on his elbows as I did and said, "I have
never seen a woman do that before. Do you like to do

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, "The first
time was a little strange, but it is just cum and pussy
juice. I have tasted my pussy before and I didn't think
it was disgusting, and I have tasted your cum. And I
like cum. So it is really no big deal. And men really
seem to get a kick out of it."

"You like cum?" he asked incredulously.

"Yes," I replied. "Well, no, I mean it isn't delicious
or anything. I don't care much one way or the other for
the taste, I like the idea of a man cumming in me, in
my mouth. It excites me. Sometimes you can't explain
what you feel."

He smiled again and said, "I wish I had met you when I
was young Fran. I would have loved you so."

I laughed and said, "If you had met me when you were
too much younger you would have gone to jail!"

He chuckled and said, "It would have been worth it."

I offered to take a quick shower with him and after
thinking about it he said that it sounded like fun. So
we did, though it turned out to be not so quick. There
was a lot of soaping up of other peoples body parts and
it took a little longer than it might have otherwise.

We went back to the bedroom and I stayed naked and
helped him dress. When he was ready I put my arms
around him and looked up and said, "Now Mr. Morris,
don't go home and think about buying me something. You
did that already. Okay?"

He looked around and said, "You are going to need
furniture. I know a great decorator. And would you do
me a favor? When we are alone, would you call me Mo?
That was what my wife called me."

"NO! I mean, yes, I will be happy to call you Mo. No
you are not going to pay to furnish that mansion you
gave us. God! It makes me feel guilty every time I
think about it. We are here this evening because I like
you and I like being with you. You don't have to buy me

"Dear, sweet Fran, we have already had this
conversation. I am always going to win. I have met you
three times now. And as incredible as it seems, I feel
closer to you than to anyone currently alive on this
planet. You are a miraculous human being and I intend
to do everything that I can do to spoil the hell out of
you. So you might as well get used to it. If it eases
your conscience, I am extremely fond of Brad as well. I
have been watching him since he started with us. He is
just as remarkable as you, in his own way of course."

"Yes," I agreed, "he is. I adore him. We are the
perfect couple. You know, after you leave, I am going
to tell him everything that happened, and he is going
to fuck the shit out of me, if you will pardon my
French. We both have some pretty strange sexual tastes
as it turns out."

"And I am glad," Mo said, "because I would hate to hurt
either of you."

I said, "Thank you for coming. I really enjoyed it, all
of it. When would you like to come again?"

"Oh dear, I don't want to impose. I'll come by again
some time."

"No, I won't accept that, once a week? I don't know
what your schedule is like."

"I am afraid my heart couldn't take that," he said.

I wasn't sure if he was k**ding or not.

I thought for a moment and said, "The fifteenth and the
thirtieth of every month?" I didn't let him answer.
"That will be it, unless you feel like coming over some
other time. You will be welcome in our home any day of
the month of course. That's only twice a month, your
poor heart can manage that, right?"

He smiled and said, "We can try that and see how it

"Great!" I exclaimed. "Brad makes lasagna that will
knock your socks off. I'll let him cook next time."

We finally went back downstairs and Brad was sitting in
his recliner and reading his book. He got up and
greeted us. Mr. Morris seemed slightly embarrassed in
front of Brad, but I elbowed him and said, "Relax,
remember what I said upstairs."

He smiled; I have seen him smile a lot lately. I don't
know why he doesn't do that more. Then he kissed me
goodnight and shook Brad's hand and thanked him for his
hospitality. I tried to get him to stay for another
glass of wine but it was getting late. I was shocked
when I looked at the clock. We had been upstairs for
more than two hours!

We went to the door and I saw his car and driver
outside and asked, "He wasn't sitting out there alone
all of this time was he?"

"No dear," Mr. Morris replied. "He dropped me off and I
paged him a little while ago. I assure you that he is
not going without dinner."

He shook Brad's hand again and said, "She is a
remarkable woman, one of a kind. You are very lucky."

Brad was smart enough to agree with him.

We went back inside after he left and Brad said, "Jesus
Jan, I was getting worried about you. Did it go

I told him all about it as we were lying in bed in the
dark. As we talked I was holding his cock and I noticed
that he didn't get very hard. Too many conflicting
emotions wrapped up in his boss I suppose. But then I
said, "I had other visitors today. Would you like to
hear about them?"

It was already late, and he was going to be tired
tomorrow, but he wanted to hear about it, so I told him
all about Mr. Grant and Mr. Newman.

He was hard all the way through this tale. He couldn't
believe I had given up my ass cherry without a fight,
or that I had had an orgasm while doing it. I promised
him his chance at it tomorrow. I was still a little
sore. But I happily sucked him off so that he didn't
have worry about turning over and breaking his hard
cock in his sl**p.

It was late and we both went right to sl**p. It had
been a long day. I suddenly realized that I had had sex
with four men today! Sounds pretty slutty to me!

The next morning, Saturday, we woke up a little late.
We usually slept a little later on Saturdays, but
yesterday had been exhausting, especially for me, and I
really slept late. When I woke up Brad was already up
and I went to the bathroom and went downstairs naked to
find that coffee was ready and Brad had already
finished the paper.

He insisted that I sit and he made my breakfast. I
appreciate the sentiment when he does nice things for
me, but I don't like it when he does my only job. It is
all that I do. Taking care of him and the house is my
job and it really isn't that hard, most days anyway. It
will be getting more difficult soon I guess. Our new
house will be about six times as large as the house we
live in now.

By the time I finished breakfast it was after ten. We
didn't have anything planned for today. Taking it easy
was the only thing on the schedule. I had started to
read the paper and sip on my last cup of coffee when
the doorbell rang. Since I was naked, Brad went to the

I heard him come back into the room and I looked up to
ask him who it had been when I saw that he wasn't
alone! I screamed and covered myself with the newspaper
and asked Brad what the hell he was thinking.

He was laughing so hard that he couldn't answer for a
minute. The gentleman with him smiled and excused
himself and went into the living room. I got up and
went over to Brad and started to warn him that he
wanted me to stay naked around the house, this was not
the way to talk me into it.

He smiled and said, "Is it really that big a deal? You
like being naked. You like it when men see you naked. I
like you being naked. I like it when men see you naked.
What is the problem here?"

I started to explain what the problem was, but then I
thought, the hell with it, if that was what he wanted,
did I really mind? I cocked my eyebrow at Brad. I
realized that I had just been more or less dared. I
didn't have to think about it long to realize that
everything that he had said was true. I would be
embarrassed, but that was part of the fun of it, wasn't

I walked around Brad and went into the living room and
said, "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you, I wasn't
expecting anyone and I was startled." I held out my
hand and said, "My name is Jan, can I help you?"

He was still blushing as he held out his hand and
smiled and said, "Hello, my name is Mike. I heard that
you were extraordinary. That turns out to have been a
gross understatement. You are very beautiful."

"Thank you," I said.

"I apologize for coming unannounced," he continued. "I
was instructed to do so. I am here to help you with the
furnishing of your new home. I own Modern Décor."

Modern Décor was the only place to go if you were
furnishing a mansion. We couldn't afford it of course,
but it was the only place of its kind in town that was
a household name.

"Oh no," I exclaimed. "Mr. Morris must have put you up
to this. I told him not to. He is a wonderful man, but
you can't tell him anything."

Mike said, "Yes, he is a wonderful man. And I have
noticed a big change in him this week. I don't know
what is going on, but whatever you are doing, please
keep doing it."

"You know Mr. Morris?" I asked.

Mike smiled and said, "My full name is Michael Morris.
He is my father. And in the last two days I have seen a
change in him that I thought that I would never see. I
have seen him smile for the first time in decades.
Everyone tells me that you are responsible for that
change. I am just as grateful to you as he is. I love
my father, and I love the change you have brought about
in him.

"Maybe you should wait to hear what he has done in the
last two days. You may not be so happy with me. The day
before yesterday he bought my husband and I a fucking
mansion, pardon my French. I tried everything that I
could think of to talk him out of it. Maybe you could
talk some sense into him. And now this, today, you!
This is life, totally out of whack!"

He smiled even wider and said, "Is there any more of
that coffee? It smells very good."

"Oh! I'm sorry; I am not usually this rude. This has
been a strange week, and my husband threw me off this
morning when he decided it would not be a problem if I
were to be nude when we had company now. I have not
always been this brazen. Please, come in and sit down
and let me get you some coffee."

He said, "Don't apologize, you are truly beautiful. You
have made my entire year. Your husband is right, you do
belong this way."

Brad had already gotten him a cup of coffee by the time
we got seated at the dining room table.

He added some cream and sugar and then he said, "My
father, and Heather, my real source of information,
have told me a lot about you. Well, not a lot. But they
have both made it clear what a change you have been
responsible for. I already knew about the house, and
since I am going to be providing the furniture, we have
to assume that I am aware of that as well."

"Please, don't feel guilty. Dad has money to burn, and
from time to time he does frivolous things with it. I
don't have a problem with that. But I don't see this as
one of those times."

"I am not waiting around for dad to die so that I can
inherit. I have my own money. But I have to tell you, I
do not have a problem with what he is doing for you. I
have learned enough about you to know that you are not
a gold digger. But the important thing is that I don't
doubt at all that you have added at least ten years,
ten happy years, to my dad's life. I have not seen him
like he is now since my mother died. Heather said that
he was whistling yesterday! He has not whistled in

"Jan, Brad, I am honored to help out with furnishing
your new home. I look forward to working with you. Dad
said you will need just about everything. I came by to
get some idea of what you like, what your tastes are,
and ask you if you have anything special in mind."

"Mike," I said, still not comfortable with this entire
situation, "you are aware that your father is in the
process of giving my husband and me property valued in
excess of a million dollars because I had sex with him
twice. You should be outraged!"

Mike said, "No, I am not, I am grateful. And I have to
say, having seen so much of you this morning, I don't
blame him. Hell, I almost wish I was straight."

I laughed and said, "If you like we can work on it."

"No thanks, even my father has given up on that. Now, I
would like to look around and see what you have that
you want to keep, and get some idea what you would
like, what sort of styles appeal to you, and offer you
the opportunity to go through some things that I have
in mind. I have been to your new home and looked
around, and I have some terrific ideas."

I had an easy answer for that. "Mike, neither my
husband nor I have any taste. As long as you don't do
the house in art deco, or get too feminine about it, I
think we should let you surprise us. All we ask is that
it be comfortable and relatively simple."

Then I turned to Brad and said, "Unless you want to get
more involved in this?"

Brad laughed and said, "When Mike told me why he was
here at the door I was so relieved I wanted to kiss
him. Let's stay out of this and let him do what he is
famous for."

We talked for a little longer. By the time Mike had
finished his coffee he had asked enough questions that
he had an idea what sort of thing, what sort of colors
and styles appealed to us. I saw him out and then I
went in and walked behind Brad and half strangled him.

He was laughing so hard he could hardly defend himself.
I said, "You could have warned me! We needed to have
that talk before there was a strange man standing in
our living room!"

Brad pulled my arms loose and pulled me around into his
lap. One of his hands went right to my pussy and his
finger slid in easily. He smiled at me and said, "It
does not appear that you are as upset as you claim to

He continued moving his finger in and out of me and
then he stood me up and picked me up and tossed me over
his shoulder and carried me upstairs. Lately it seems
like we just can't get enough sex. That is not a

We drove out to the new house later in the afternoon
and looked around again, trying to imagine what it
would be like to live there. We met the builder and
talked with him for a few minutes. He was very nice and
gave us his card and said that if we found anything
that wasn't right, or anything that we wanted to
change, just call him, anytime. I couldn't imagine
changing anything. The house is so beautiful that it
would have given me a hardon if I was a man!

Before we left we looked out into the large backyard
and saw that they were digging a big hole. We went out
to see what was going on and there was a crew putting
in a huge swimming pool. The supervisor showed us the
plans, which included an oversized sculptured pool
about the size of a small lake, a large hot tub, and a
waterfall. There was also a huge, multi-level patio and
there was another crew building a ten foot high brick
wall around a large portion of the backyard.

The house was nearly finished and the men in the back
said that the pool was going to be finished before
closing at the end of the month. With our heads
spinning we got back in our new Cadillac and went out
for an early dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant.

After dinner we went home and watched a DVD and turned
in early.

On Sunday we got up at a more normal time and had
another leisurely breakfast. Then we read the paper and
did the crossword puzzle together.

I had bought five beautiful rib eye steaks and I made
potato salad and we were all ready when Brad's
secretary, Jennifer showed up with her two k**s. Her
son, Connor was thirteen and her daughter Haley was
fifteen. She apologized for being a few minutes late.
Her old junker of a car was acting up.

It was a pleasure having them. Jennifer was very
personable and her two k**s were great. We had a
wonderful afternoon. We invited them to stick around
and watch a movie later and they were easily talked
into it. While Brad and the k**s went out to rent a
movie, I had a chance to get to know Jennifer better. I
liked her a lot, and I really felt sorry for her. She
was having a really hard time of it. Her statement when
we first spoke, about being separated, had been
something of an understatement. Her husband had
disappeared leaving them in debt and struggling to get
by with an unreliable car and having to move to a small
apartment because she couldn't afford the rent on their

While she was talking it occurred to me that we had two
cars that we didn't drive anymore, and a furnished
house that we didn't need anymore. I was so excited by
the idea of helping Jennifer and her k**s out that I
couldn't wait until Brad got home to ask if we could.

While we talked I made some popcorn and when Brad and
the k**s got home I took Brad aside and told him what I
was thinking. He thought that it was a great idea. Our
house, the one we had now, was almost paid for. We had
gotten it with a large down payment and paid double and
triple payments on our fifteen year mortgage. We had
also fixed it up a lot. The balance on our mortgage was
probably under fifty thousand. We would have to
continue to carry the mortgage until Jennifer got
herself back on her feet, but it felt good to be able
to help her out. I realized that we were getting a
taste of what Mr. Morris must be feeling when he was
helping us.

While Brad was watching the movie with the k**s,
Jennifer and I talked. I should have known better than
to let him and two teenagers go to pick out a movie.
Neither of us was interested in the slasher movie they
had rented.

I asked Jennifer to go outside with me and I grabbed
the keys to my three year old Buick Ultra. We had kept
it up and it was like new. I walked Jennifer out to it
and asked her if she would like it. She looked at me
like I was nuts and I said, "I mean it. We have that
company car now. And they pick Brad up and take him
back and forth to work. These two cars just sit in the
driveway taking up space. I want you to have this one."

I was expecting her to be happy, to smile, laugh,
something, not cry! She covered her face and started to
cry and I took her into my arms and held her for a

She finally pulled herself together and said, "It has
been so long since anything nice happened to me. I
should say no, but I can't. I need a car desperately.
Thank you so much, Jan."

I took her hand and we went up onto the porch and sat
down. I said, "After that reaction, you better be
sitting down for my next proposal."

She looked at me, and I was so excited about what I was
going to say I was almost crying. "We are moving in a
couple of weeks. We have a new home. When we do, we
want you to have this house. We still owe some money on
it, less than fifty thousand. We understand that you
won't be able to handle that for a while. Not until you
get back on your feet anyway. So we want you to live
here, and you can keep any or all of the furniture and
sell what you don't want, or give it away, whatever.
Later, when you can swing it, maybe we will talk about
you assuming the mortgage. Until then, you just worry
about the utilities. How does that sound?"

She looked white as a sheet and she said, "I think I
need to lie down. I feel faint."

I helped her up and took her inside and up to our room.
I laid her out on the bed and put a cold cloth on her

I stretched out beside her and waited while she calmed
down. Finally she looked like she was recovering and
she had tears streaming down her cheeks. I used the
cloth to wipe her eyes and told her that it was no big
deal. We were in a position where we were able to help
out and we were happy to do it.

She turned on her side and took me in her arms and
hugged me so tight. It was kind of strange. I had never
been in bed with a woman like this before. I knew that
it wasn't anything sexual, but still, it felt kind of
weird. I guess all of the sex I had been exposed to in
the last week was giving me a dirty mind.

When Jennifer felt better we went back downstairs and
sat in the dining room until the movie ended. They left
in the Buick after getting their belongings out of
their old car which I was going to have towed to the
junk yard the next day.

Brad and I went to bed that night feeling so good about
ourselves. It was fun playing Santa Claus.

The next day I got a call telling me to report to Mr.
Burton's office at noon. He and Mr. Gordon were the
final two VPs that I had yet to have sex with. As I was
getting ready I decided that it was time to start
wearing some of those new clothes I had bought, the
sexy ones.

I went through the dozen outfits and picked out a very
short, very thin dress, and nothing but a thong for
underneath. I took a shower and got ready and looked at
myself in the mirror. I looked pretty hot, but it was
going to be obvious to the people at the plant what I
was there for now, if they didn't already know.

I drove in and parked in Brad's spot. I already knew
where Mr. Burton's office was and just breezed through
reception and waived at the smiling young women there.
They waived back and I went to Mr. Burton's secretary
and told her that he was expecting me. She told me to
go right in.

Mr. Burton was the youngest of the VPs, and one of the
nicest. I had met him several times and he had always
been very polite, but very friendly, and I was not as
nervous as I had been with the others that I had been
with so far.

He got up when I entered and came around his desk and
he looked at my new outfit and said, "Wow! You look
hot! When the word was passed around that you and your
husband had accepted the position and that you were
going to be in EPOD I was so excited. I always thought
you were such a sexy young thing.

I smiled at him and thanked him for the compliment. I
noticed that he seemed to be, I don't know, not his
normal "in charge" self, though he wasn't as nervous as
me. I asked him if he would like me to take my clothes

He grinned and said, "I would like that very much!
Please do."

I put my purse down and started to get out of the two
items of clothing that I was wearing. As I slowly
undressed I asked him, "May I ask you a couple of

"Of course, what would you like to know?" he responded.

"I have been wondering what the other people know about
EPOD. Do the secretaries know about us? Or the other
people in the plant?"

Mr. Burton looked thoughtful and then he said, "I
suppose that they know something. They haven't been
told anything, and EPOD is a secret program that we
don't discuss except among ourselves. But the ladies
see unusual things, and they gossip like workers
everywhere. So I guess the best answer to your question
is that they know something is going on, but they don't
know what, exactly."

"I just wondered," I said, "Not that it matters. I have
noticed that there are no locks on the office doors.
Aren't you worried about being disturbed?"

"No, I told my secretary that you were coming in to see
me about something and that when you arrived I didn't
want to be disturbed. She is very good about that. And
as a general rule, people don't barge into other
people's offices around here."

I was suddenly struck by another question. "It just
occurred to me that, since this program has gone on for
so long, all six of you must have come up through the
same program! Did all of your wives take part in EPOD?
If they did, they know that you are screwing around at
work! How do they feel about that?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, all of our wives, and us,
went through it. They have had different reactions. My
wife enjoyed the hell out of it, and we still enjoy the
occasional get-together with other men and couples. In
fact, she is looking forward to meeting you. She has
heard a lot of very good things about you."

"Most of the wives enjoyed, or were at least tolerant
of the program while they were in it, but are glad to
be out of it now. It doesn't always work out that way.
Two couples left the program before they could get
promoted out of it. That is how the position opened up
for Brad."

"Riggs' wife left him just before he got promoted, she
should not have gotten into it, and she wasn't someone
who took well to that lifestyle. I suppose being
married to Riggs might have had something to do with
that. I recommend that you watch out for him. Sometimes
I think that he is more than just a little weird."

I had been naked for most of Mr. Burton's answer to my
question and he had begun to explore my body while he
talked. He had a nice, gentle, stimulating touch and it
felt pretty good.

After he finished talking he pulled me close and kissed
me and I returned his kiss with just as much passion.
He ran his hands over my body a little longer, and then
he stepped back and started to undress. I helped, and
we quickly had him out of those clothes.

As soon as he was naked I dropped to my knees and began
to pleasure his already hard cock. I licked his balls
and took them into my mouth and gently massaged them
with my tongue. I licked my way up his shaft slowly,
teasing him with my tongue. Then I slid my lips down
over his throbbing cock and began to slowly pump my
mouth up and down his cock, eventually taking the first
inch or two into my throat. He moaned and quivered with
pleasure as I worked his cock lovingly and it was
obvious that he enjoyed what I was doing because he
came much too quickly, I would have enjoyed working on
him a little longer. I surrounded the head of his cock
with my lips and let him fill my mouth with his hot cum
and then I swallowed eagerly. But I didn't take my
mouth away, I continued to lick and suck on his tasty
organ until he was hard again, which didn't take very
long at all.

When he couldn't stand any more he pulled his cock from
my mouth to avoid cumming again so quickly. He pulled
me to my feet and guided me to an overstuffed chair and
invited me to sit down. Then he knelt in front of me
and ate me to a very nice orgasm. It was obvious that
he enjoyed doing it and it had turned him on as much as
it had me.

As soon as I came he straightened up and lined his cock
up with my sopping wet pussy and slowly entered me. It
felt great and I moaned as every inch of his cock was
buried inside of my hot pussy.

He stayed still for a minute, while we both savored the
wonderful feeling that a couple gets when those two
organs are first joined, and then he started to fuck
me, very slowly at first. As he fucked me he moved his
hands over me, playing with my nipples and teasing my
clit while he took long, slow strokes that soon started
to drive me crazy. I started to moan and groan and soon
I was swearing like a sailor and begging him to fuck me
harder. He was very good at this, and I was really
enjoying it.

He started to comply with my requests and fuck me
harder and faster and very quickly we were both cumming
again. I came first and then I reached up and ran my
hands over his chest as he sped up even more and then
he tensed up and filled my pussy with cum.

He stayed inside of me for a minute, and then he smiled
and told me how wonderful I was and how much he had
enjoyed that. I assured him that the feeling was
mutual, and when he pulled out of me I sank to my knees
in front of him and licked and sucked him clean. As I
did he smiled and said, "I thought my wife was the only
woman who did that!"

I finished what I was doing and looked up and said, "I
have only been doing it for a little while, but I like
it, I think it is kind of sexy."

He kissed me and said, "Yes, I do to. Thank you."

He stood up then and helped me to my feet. He let me
use his bathroom to clean up and then I got dressed
while he watched. When I was dressed he said, "Damn you
are sexy! Have you ever been with another woman?"

I shook my head.

He asked, "My wife is bi, and she is very attracted to
you after hearing so much about you. How do you feel
about that?"

"Curious," I said, honestly. "I know my husband would
like to see it."

Mr. Burton shook his head and said, "You better get out
of here before I decide that twice was not enough. I
have got to do some work today or Brad will be getting
my job."

I walked over to him and kissed him and said, "I had
fun, thanks."

He returned my kiss, and then he kissed my forehead and
said, "Would you and your husband be free for dinner on

I nodded and he said, "Great, we'll pick you up at
seven. Wear something sexy."

We said goodbye and I walked over to my husband's
office. When I entered the reception area I got the
strangest look from the woman at the desk. I said hello
to her and went through and into Jennifer's office.

When she saw me she jumped up and ran around her desk
and hugged me and thanked me all over again for the car
and the house. I had been so distracted by Mr. Burton
that I had forgotten all about that!

I told her again that she was welcome, and she let me
into Brad's office and sat with me for a few minutes,
until he returned. We talked and I was looking forward
to when the excitement passed and she calmed down a
little, this was getting to be embarrassing.

Brad finally came in and Jennifer left us alone. We
kissed and hugged and I told him why I was there, and
how much fun I was having.

He smiled and said, "Good, I would hate it if you were
upset by what was going on."

"Nope," I said, "No hard feelings here." Then I reached
down and put my hand on his cock and said, "But I
detect a hard feeling here. Would you like some help
with that?"

Brad looked at his watch and said, "I would love some
help with that, but I have a meeting that started two
minutes ago. Hold that thought until I get home."

We kissed and I left him alone in his office with a
hardon. I didn't feel too bad about it. I figured that
it would be good for him to remember how much he wanted
me. Let him think about how much he wants me, like he
used to when I would undress in front of my window when
we were k**s.

I headed for my car but when I got to the main entrance
one of the women from the reception desk called out to
me. "Mrs. Pittman! I'm glad I caught you. Heather
called down a little while ago and asked that if you
came in today, please come by the office. Mr. Morris
wanted to see you for a minute."

I thanked her and turned around and went back to
Heather's office. She smiled and got up when she saw
me. She came around and hugged me. I didn't know what
to make of all the affection I was getting around her

She said hello and we talked for a second before she
buzzed Mr. Morris and let him know that I was here. He
had her send me in and I knocked lightly and went in to
his office.

He was already getting up when I entered. He met me
half way to his desk and hugged me and said, "Just
seeing your pretty face brightens my day. Thanks again
for Friday. It was a wonderful meal. And it was the
most wonderful desert that I have ever experienced."

I smiled and told him again how welcome he was, and how
much I looked forward to doing it again.

"But the reason that I asked to see you," he said, "was
to tell you what a wonderful thing that I think you are
doing for Jennifer," he said.

I smiled and said, "But we are just doing for her, on a
smaller scale, what you have done for us. It is fun,
isn't it?"

He grinned and said, "Yes, it is fun. It is very
satisfying. But I had not expected you to pay it
forward, as it were. Most people in your position would
not have been so generous, and I just wanted to tell
you how proud of you two I am."

I smiled and said, "Thank you, and thank you for making
it possible."

Then I twirled around in front of him and said, "Do you
like my new dress? I am wearing it for the first time.
Isn't it sexy?"

"Believe me," he said, "I noticed!"

I moved closer and put my hand on his cheek and said,
"I have some spare time."

He leaned down and kissed my forehead and said, "I love
you for offering, but I am already late for a meeting.
Soon though, I think about you all of the time."

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him and said,
"I think about you all of the time too. You are a
wonderful man. And I love your son too. Thank you for
sending him over to see us."

Mr. Morris chuckled and said, "Yes, he told me all
about it. He said you almost straightened him out."

There was just a hint of wistfulness in his voice when
he talked about his son being gay. I said, "He is a
great guy, and I know you are proud of him. And it is
obvious how much he loves you. That says a lot about

We said goodbye then and I drove to the grocery store,
did some shopping and went home.

The rest of the day, and that evening were more like a
regular day than we had had in the week since this had
all started. We had a nice quiet meal that evening and
we had sex that night, but we made love instead of
fucking for a change. It was nice.

Afterwards we lay together holding each other in the
dark and talking quietly. One of the things we talked
about was tomorrow night. We had no idea what the
Burtons had planned, but we talked about, among other
things, the possibility that for the first time in our
sexual games, Brad might become intimate with another

Brad was afraid of how I would react if that happened.
But as I thought about it I realized that I had no
doubts about how Brad felt about me, and I think that,
especially lately, I had come to separate sexuality and
love. I think I had a pretty good perspective on
things. I remembered being upset with the idea of Brad
with another woman. But a lot had happened to broaden
my horizons since I had been so provincial and now I
thought that it might even be kind of sexy to watch.

We also discussed the probability that I would be
intimate with Mrs. Burton. I was nervous about that,
but Brad didn't have to hide the fact that it turned
him on. We had talked about it before and I knew that
he would enjoy seeing that. I wasn't upset with him; I
knew that it was a popular male fantasy.

The next day, around ten, there was a knock on the door
and I opened it to see Mr. Gordon, the last of the six
VPs. He smiled and asked if he could come in and I
smiled and welcomed him.

I assumed that he was here for his turn with me, and in
a way that was true. He did not ask me to go upstairs,
or to undress, though. Instead he asked if I had any
coffee. I quickly made a half pot and he sat at the
dining room table looking uncomfortable.

I brought him in a cup of coffee and we sat quietly at
the table and I was getting nervous, waiting for him to
tell me what was wrong. Because this was not going the
way I had come to expect. I was beginning to think that
he was here to give me some bad news and I was getting

"First," he said, "let me apologize, I can see that I
have made you nervous. Don't be. I am just
uncomfortable and not sure how to tell you that we are
not going to have sex. I didn't mean that as arrogantly
as it probably sounded."

I wasn't reassured yet.

"Let me try that again," he said and smiled
uncomfortably. "I am the last of the six men to be
promoted to senior vice president. My wife went through
EPOD and she did not go through it well. Thankfully, I
suppose because of her attitude, she was not popular
and was not called on very often. Now that I have been
promoted and am more or less expected to enjoy the
company of the four ladies in the program, my wife and
I have agreed that it would be best if I refrained from
enjoying your company. The problem with that is, I have
to give the appearance of enjoying your obvious charms
or my peers will become…. uncomfortable, I suppose is
the best word to use."

I asked, "So you came over to tell me that you would
not be having sex with me?"

"Well that," he answered, "and to give the appearance
that I was away from the office having sex with you. I
will be required to attend those parties and at those
parties I will be, intimate with you. I am sorry, this
conversation makes me uncomfortable. I know how silly
this must all sound to you. I have to maintain this
charade in order to avoid making the others suspicious.
It is hard to explain. But when I was first promoted I
tried to avoid the parties and I left the EPOD girls
alone and I started finding myself being marginalized
at work. It seems that if I don't take advantage of all
of the companies perks I am not entirely trusted."

"So," he continued, "I make this agreement with all of
the ladies in EPOD. I will spend some time with you
during the day, as often as I need to, to maintain the
charade, and I will avail myself of one of you when I
attend the parties, but to the extent possible, I want
our relationship to be platonic."

I actually felt sorry for him! I smiled and said, "I am
yours to command, if you wish to spend your time with
me drinking coffee and talking, that's fine. If you
change your mind, I am not one of those women who
joined EPOD and went kicking and screaming all of the
way. Unlike some of them, my husband and I are in the
program because it is a turn on for us. But you don't
have to worry about me looking down on you for being
honorable. I would be happy to spend a little time in
conversation. I don't watch television, my housework is
done, let's talk."

So we did. We had a very nice conversation and we were
both sorry when he finally had to leave. It turned out
that he, too, went to Middlebury College, although he
had gone more than thirty years before me. But we
talked about campus life and how much had changed and
how much had stayed the same and we had a very pleasant
morning. When he finally had to go I e****ted him to
the door and we said goodbye. Before he left I told him
that, as uncomfortable as it might make him, I hoped
that he would choose me at the first party, I was
looking forward to getting to know him better.

He smiled and shook my hand and said, "You are almost
too beautiful to have sex with. I have really enjoyed
your company this morning. I don't believe that I have
ever met a more lovely, and more charming young lady. I
suspect that even my wife would love you. Come to think
of it, everyone that has met you seems to love you. You
are remarkable. Don't tell my wife that I said so, but
I am actually looking forward to the next party."

I laughed and said, "Are you sure that you don't want a

"Alas," he said with a sigh, "my conscience, and my all
knowing wife, prevents me from taking you up on that

I kissed his cheek and said, "Come back often, even if
it is just to drink coffee and talk. I enjoyed your

He left and I thought about his strange situation.
Imagine being f***ed to have sex with other women,
against his will! But then I realized that once he was
promoted, Brad would be in the position of having to
have sex with the EPOD ladies, whether he wanted to or
not. How would I feel about that? I hadn't considered
that one day I would no longer be in EPOD, but Brad
would have those four ladies available to service him.
This seemed like something I would need to discuss with
Mrs. Burton when we went out to dinner.

It was still early and I was left with nothing to do.
It was my first real day off since last Monday. And
here I sat, kind of wishing that one of the men, or a
couple of the men, from the plant would come on by and
put me to good use. But nobody did, and so I put my
bikini on and went out back to get a little sun and
read for an hour.

As I sat there in my lounger chair I couldn't help
thinking about the pictures I had seen at the new house
of the fantastic pool that we would soon have in our
back yard. And I thought about our parents and what
they would think of our new home. And then I wondered
what we would tell them about how we could afford what
seemed to be adding up to a 1.5 million dollar home and
furnishings, and a car that cost nearly fifty thousand
dollars. Both sets of our parents had been sure that we
would be so sorry when we married so young. We were
"setting ourselves up for failure," according to my
dad. As failures go, we seemed to be doing pretty well.

I went in when my hour was up and took a shower. Then I
stayed naked, the way Brad likes me, and went around
the house taking serious stock of our possessions and
deciding what would get moved. There wasn't that much.
Our books would have to go with us, and our music, our
clothes, some souvenirs, a very few pieces of art and
our photographs. Our furniture was what we could afford
at the time and we were not that attached to it. Brad
would want his tools out of the garage, and his sports
equipment. We sure wouldn't be needing movers!

I got supper ready and met Brad at the door, stark
naked and with his drink in my hand, just the way he
likes me. He changed out of his suit and we had dinner
and I told him all about the strange visit from Mr.

He said, "I hadn't thought of that. I thought that once
I was promoted it would be over. But it won't will it?
And we might both not want it to be over. But suddenly
having the tables turned, for me to be getting all of
the action while you are left out, I guess neither of
us thought that far ahead."

After dinner I cleaned up and we played dominos for an
hour. I don't care for that particular pastime myself,
but Brad learned it from his f****y and they had played
it a lot. He enjoyed it and I didn't really mind. What
pissed me off was that he always won. At least at
scrabble I had a fifty-fifty chance. Something about
those damned dominos, I mean, I can add and subtract,
but I just couldn't seem to think when we played that
stupid game.

Then we went to bed and read for a while. We didn't
make love, we were both sl**py by the time we turned
the lights out. Instead, we cuddled and he held me
close and kissed my neck and my shoulder and we just
lay there feeling close and in love.

The next day I went out and got some boxes, came home
and undressed and did a little packing. I figured if I
did a little at a time, moving wouldn't even be a

Just before noon the doorbell rang and I looked out and
saw that it was Mr. Riggs, so I didn't bother getting

I went down and opened the door and he smiled when he
saw me and asked, "Were you expecting me sweetheart?"

I smiled back, invited him in and said, "No, Brad likes
me this way. So I stay naked most of the time I am at

"He is a smart man, and a lucky man. You do look lovely
that way. I am looking forward to following you

I said, "Right this way sir," and led off to the

As we climbed the stairs I felt his hands on my thighs
and my ass and by the time we got to the top of the
stairs and I looked around I saw that he had a hardon.
I walked ahead of him down the short hallway, swaying
my hips a little more than necessary to get from point
A to point B.

As soon as we were in my room I started to help him
undress and when his clothes were hung on the rack he
took my in his arms and hugged me and kissed me and ran
his hands all over me. After we had kissed for a moment
he said quietly in my ear, "Grant really pissed me off
last week. He knew that I wanted your cherry ass and he
took it. I am going to have to make sure it's okay
today. It would be horrible if he had damaged such a
beautiful ass."

I would much rather he use any other orifice, but after
all it isn't up to me. I stayed calm and asked him
where he would like to do this little check up and he
told me to suck him off first, then he would decide.

He sat down on the edge of the bed and I started to
take the two or three steps necessary to be at the edge
of the bed and kneel but he stopped me. He told me to
back up until I was at the wall.

I didn't know how he expected me to suck his cock from
fifteen feet away, but it was his nickel. When I was
standing with my back to the wall he ordered me to get
down on my hands and knees and crawl around in a circle
until he stopped me.

Well, I had heard he was a little weird, but I didn't
see the harm in it. I dropped to my knees and started
crawling around while he watched my breasts sway and my
ass swivel and I just counted myself lucky that he
didn't ask me to make a****l noises. It was
humiliating, but I could see where it might be fun to

I went around in a circle three times and he finally
beckoned me over to suck him off. As I was about to
take his cock into my mouth he asked, "Did you enjoy

I smiled as sweetly as I could and responded, "It
doesn't matter, as long as you did."

He patted my head as if I was an Irish setter and then
he let me suck him off. I have to assume that he had
enjoyed the show, he came very quickly. I took my mouth
off of him and swallowed his cum and I was amazed again
at how nice his cum tasted. It was actually pleasant! I
thought that was strange because he was such an
unpleasant person. After I had swallowed his hot, fresh
cum I went right back to sucking, gently at first, and
then with more enthusiasm.

He watched me suck his cock for a few minutes and then
he lay back on the bed and lifted his legs and ordered
me to lick and suck on his ass. I had done this for Mr.
Morris, of my own free will. For some reason it wasn't
the same being ordered to do it by someone who seemed
to already have such a low opinion of women. But I
didn't let him see what I was thinking. I had received
a lot of warnings about this guy. I didn't want to give
him any excuse to make things harder on me.

I licked up and down the crack of his ass for a few
moments and then I began working at his asshole with my
tongue. He was moaning with pleasure as I stiffened my
tongue and pushed it inside of him and I suppose that
he was really enjoying it, because he made me do it for
a very long time. By the time he dropped his legs my
tongue muscles were about to give out.

I sucked his cock a little more, at his direction, and
then he ordered me up on the bed with my knees at the
edge. He stood up and moved between my legs and pushed
his cock into my wet pussy. He chuckled when he
discovered how wet I was, as if it was all the proof he
needed that I was just a slut. But he didn't say
anything. He just stroked into my pussy for a minute
and then he pulled out and spread my ass cheeks and
started forcing his cock into my ass with no warm up,
and no lubricant except my own juices.

I tried to tell him that I had a lubricant, but he just
chuckled and said, "That's okay honey, I ain't that
big, and you ain't a virgin anymore. It feels just fine
to me."

Admittedly his cock was no more than average sized, but
still, I had only done this once, and I had been
stretched out and loosened up considerably first. But I
didn't fight him. I put my head down on my arms and
grunted and gasped in pain and tried to f***e myself to

As I moaned in pain he rubbed my ass cheeks roughly,
occasionally pinching me or slapping me as he began
fucking me with a steady rhythm. As he pumped my ass he
was saying in a very demeaning voice, "Yeah baby, nice
ass. That feels great. Talk to me, let me hear how much
it hurts."

And it did hurt, and I did talk to him. I said, "Oh
please Mr. Riggs. I'm not used to this. It hurts.
Please hurry." And then I resumed panting and gasping
in pain and I guess he liked the sounds I was making
because he came pretty quickly, thankfully.

He left his cock buried in me until it was soft and
then he pulled it out and grabbed my hair and pulled my
face around and made me suck him clean. What I wanted
to do was bite the bastard's cock off. But I had to
believe that if I did that, there was a better than
even chance that it might have a less than desirable
effect on Brad's career.

He let me suck him for quite a while before he was
satisfied and then he made me turn around again so he
could examine my asshole. He made me spread my cheeks
and bend down a little more and he said, "It still
looks beautiful, Jan. You could probably take on an
army and still look beautiful. Maybe we will have to
find out one of these days."

He reached out and scooped up some of his cum that was
leaking out of my asshole and turned me around again
and made me lick his fingers clean.

Then he turned me back around again and as I leaned
back down and spread my ass again he dressed slowly,
staring at me in this humiliating position.

When he was dressed he said, "I am going to come by and
pick you up tonight and take you out for a while, be
ready at eight."

I said, "I can't sir. One of the other VPs is picking
me up tonight at seven."

His face got red and he looked really pissed off. "Who,
which VP?" he asked, in a very irritated voice.

"Mr. Burton," I responded quietly. I had a feeling that
I was going to pay for not being available, even though
it wasn't my fault.

He hesitated for a moment and then he said, "Okay,
tomorrow night then, same time, eight o'clock. Wear
something slutty."

"Yes sir," I responded.

I wasn't too happy about this. People were right, this
guy was scary.

He left me in that humiliating position. I stayed that
way until I heard the front door close. Then I got up
and took a shower and as I washed my tender asshole I
wondered what I should say to Brad.

I thought it best if I said no more than I had to. Brad
would put up with a lot of consensual sex; everything
would be fine as long as nobody was getting hurt. But
if he thought Riggs was acting the way Riggs was
acting, he might just rearrange his face. Besides, I
figured that if Riggs really did get to be a problem, I
could always go to Mr. Morris. I didn't want to do that
though. It would be best if I just put up with the
asshole and got by, just like all the other wives were
apparently doing.

The rest of the day was uneventful and I had nothing to
do but wait until it was time to get dressed to go out.
Brad came home at the normal time and he took a shower
and changed and at 6:30 I put on some of my slutty
panties and a nearly see-through dress with a deep,
deep cleavage in front and a back that dipped so low
that the crack of my ass was almost showing.

The Burtons showed up promptly at seven, with the
stretch limo. These people really knew how to live!
They came in and we had a drink and got acquainted.
Mrs. Burton, Midge, was in her mid-forties and I liked
her instantly. She was funny and sexy and friendly as
hell. We sat and talked for a while and drank our
drinks and I told her that I would really like to meet
her and pick her brain when she could spare the time.

Before long we were on our way out the door and I was
excited about my first ride in a limo. Both the Burtons
complimented me on my dress, and my body, and I
blushed. For some reason, having another woman as part
of the equation was embarrassing for me.

As the limo driver held the door for us I got in first
and as I did I felt a hand on my ass. I assumed it was
Brad, but when I got inside and sat down in one of the
luxurious leather seats I saw that the person behind me
was Midge! She winked at me and sat beside me and put
her hand lightly on my thigh.

She smiled and said, "You are going to see some strange
sights tonight my dear. We are going to a private club
called 'The Slave Traders.' The food and the drinks are
fantastic, and the scenery is too, though it takes some
getting used to."

I had lived here for six years, and Brad for four
years, and we had never heard of this place. One reason
became obvious as we traveled. It was dark and we
couldn't see that well by the time we got there. We
were an hour and a half out of town, up in the
mountains and away from everything else. The club was a
large stone and wood building with no windows that
opened onto the parking lot and no signs or lights.
There were dozens of cars in the parking lot, all of
them very expensive. It was the strangest club I had
ever seen.

We were let out at the door and the men got out first,
then me, with Midge's hand on my ass again, and then
Midge. When she was out and the car had pulled away she
said, "I hope you didn't mind, you have a beautiful

I said, "Well, I have to admit, it is a new experience
for me, but no, I don't mind at all. I have been having
a lot of new experiences lately, and most of them have
been very pleasant."

"So I hear," she said with a warm smile. "In fact, I
hear you are the girl that made Mr. Morris smile for
the first time in decades. You know we talk about you
girls, don't you?"

"Who is we?" I asked.

"I'll tell you later Jan," she said. Then we all went
to the door. As we approached the massive wooden door
it opened and a very stiff and reserved looking man in
a tuxedo stepped out and said, "Ah, Mr. and Mrs.
Burton, it is wonderful to see you again. Your table is
ready, come right in."

We stepped inside and Mr. Burton introduced us to the
man in the tuxedo. He looked at Brad and me carefully,
as though he wasn't quite sure whether or not to let us
in. But then he smiled and held up a finger and a naked
woman came out of nowhere and the man in the tuxedo,
Jeffry, said, "This is Melody, she will be taking care
of you this evening."

Melody was a very busty blonde, with no hair anywhere
on her body except her head, and a beautiful body. She
smiled and acted as though she was fully dressed as she
led us to a table in the darkened club. It was so dark
I could hardly see Midge in front of me as we made our
way to our booth. We stopped at the booth and as Brad
and Mr. Burton, or David as he now insisted we call
him, watched, Midge slid the tiny straps of my dress
down off of my shoulders and helped me to step out of
it. As she undressed me she said, "I hope you don't
mind, I have been dying to see you naked since I met

I didn't have time to form a reply before she slid my
panties off and she handed my dress and underwear to
Melody and then added her own clothes and the two of us
sat down naked on one end of the booth, the men sat on
the other.

I was still speechless, but I had had time to take note
of Midge's body and I was very impressed. If I looked
half that good when I was her age I would be proud.
From the neck down she could pass for mid-twenties, and
her face showed very little sign of aging either. She
was very sexy.

As Melody left to put our clothes somewhere and get our
drinks Madge said, "Comfortable?"

I smiled and said, "I suppose there is a first time for
everything. I am a bit surprised to admit it, but yes,
I feel great! It helps that I am not the only one at
the table that is naked."
Then I smiled at Brad and said, "Doesn't it dear?"

He grinned and wisely kept his mouth shut.

The waitress came back with our drinks and menus and I
opened the menu and looked at all of the strange names
the food had. I looked at Midge and she smiled and took
my menu and said, "That's alright dear, David will
order for us."

The club was very dark still, but my eyes had adjusted
a little and I could see movement as naked women moved
through the club going to the booths. It appeared that
all of the seating was at booths, I didn't see any
tables. The club was on several levels, like an
amphitheater. The booths in front of us were low enough
that we could look over them and see all the way down
to the level of the main floor.

It was pleasantly quiet in here and we could talk
quietly among ourselves. David and Brad talked a little
about work, but mostly about sports. Midge and I talked
about EPOD.

I had a million questions. But the first one I had to
ask was how difficult it was to cope when she was no
longer in it.

She laughed quietly and said, "That was the perfect
question dear! Most women would ask how I had coped
when I was in it. You are going to get a long great! In
answer to your question, I miss it terribly, we both
do. But we have found other outlets. We have a few
close friends that we party with from time to time. And
we do things like come here and play from time to

"Play?" I asked, not sure what she meant about playing
in this quiet club.

"You'll see, be patient," she said.

Then she asked me how I had reacted when I had first
heard about EPOD. I told her about the night Brad had
told me and how conflicted my emotions were, but mostly
how horny I had gotten.

She laughed and said, "Exactly what I felt!"

I asked, "How do you feel now that David is getting all
of the fun and you are out EPOD? It doesn't seem fair.
The wives should still be able to stay in it if they
want to. Don't you think?"

"Well," she said, "the truth is that most of them don't
enjoy it as much as you and I. Some of them downright
hate it. I suppose if ours was the more popular opinion
it might carry more weight."

"Is there any reason why it can't be changed, be made
voluntary? Who would have to make that change?"

"The big seven, although I hear you have a lot of
influence with Mr. Morris and that would be helpful."

"Would you really like it if I could get it changed? I
guess I shouldn't be rocking the boat yet, I have only
met one of the other three wives in EPOD so far, and I
don't really know her. I probably shouldn't piss them
off until after I meet them and get to know them a
little better."

"You are probably right about that, and yes," Midge
said, "I would love to get back in. And David would
love it to. We both miss it. And while we are on the
subject of pissing someone off, now would be a good
time to warn you about Gavin Riggs. There is something
not quite right about that man. He hasn't hurt anyone
yet, but he has, well, he has done some pretty bad
things. Be careful around him."

I glanced at Brad to make sure he wasn't listening and
then I told her about what had happened earlier today,
and how he had reacted when I told him that I couldn't
go out with him this evening.

She got a concerned look on her face and said, "He is
bad news Jan, be careful. He has done some things that
he should have gotten in trouble for. But the poor
girls that he did them to didn't have the balls to say
anything because they were looking out for their

I shivered, and I wasn't cold. I decided that it was
time to change the subject. I asked her about the other
three wives in EPOD.

She smiled and said, "None of them are as well adjusted
as you are. Or as lovely, I might add. Carol Mitchum
and Madison Scott are both taking it alright, although
they give the impression that they would rather not be
in it. That may or may not be a façade to please their
stuffed shirt husbands. Personally I think it is. They
seem to be making the best of it though, and they enjoy
it from time to time.

They have been in it for a while and their newness has
worn off and they aren't bothered every day like you
probably are. Grace Davis is another story. She is a
cold, manipulating bitch and you should never turn your
back on her. She acts so sweet to the men when she is
f***ed to be with them, but is a hateful, spiteful,
gold digging little bitch that would much rather kill a
man than fuck him, if there were a choice and the money
was even either way."

"It doesn't sound like these parties they keep talking
about are going to be a lot of fun!" I said, unhappy
with her description of my fellow EPOD members.

"They won't be that bad. The men will be concentrating
on you for a while. And the other women behave as
though they are having a good time. I suppose that
Carol and Madison enjoy themselves most of the time.
Sometimes Riggs can put a damper on things at the
party, although he usually behaves himself when the
other VPs are around.

You will be putting on informal little performances
with the other wives from time to time. It isn't so bad
with the other two, but having sex with Grace is like
making love to an iceberg. She does and says all of the
right things when any of the men are listening, and I
don't know how many of them fall for her shit. But she
is a cold, calculating bitch."

I don't know if my eyes were getting better adjusted to
the dark or if the lights were getting brighter but
suddenly I realized that there were women, naked women,
chained to the walls all around the room, and to posts
throughout the room.

Midge saw my expression when I saw them and she laughed
out loud. I poked Brad and nodded at the decorations
chained up around the room and he almost choked on his

I stared at the women chained to the walls around the
room and after a while I became aware that there were
people moving around checking them out. They were
walking around calmly looking at them, touching them,
anything they wanted. Most of the people were men, but
I saw some women doing it too. Once in a while I saw
what seemed to be a man pulling out his dick and
putting it into one or more of the women. And then I
noticed that every few minutes a couple of men in
tuxedos would come out and unchain one of he women and
take her away.

I tried to ask Midge what was going on, but she just
smiled and said, "Shhh, don't spoil the surprise."

Our food came; I was surprised because I hadn't seen
David order. The food was definitely on the gourmet
side. I had no idea what I was eating, but it was
delicious. And whatever I was drinking was most
excellent as well.

We ate and as we ate I continued to watch the action
along the walls. Several times I noticed that a woman I
recognized as having been removed was brought back out
and chained up again. I was really intrigued. But that
damned Midge wouldn't say a word.

The meal was delicious, but the portions were small and
it was over and done with very quickly. The naked
waitress came and cleared the table and then she came
back with another drink for David and Brad. Midge and I
were not even asked if we wanted one, and I did!

But the reason for that omission was soon apparent.
Four men in tuxedos appeared at our table and Midge
pushed me out and followed right behind. I looked at
David and he just smiled and said, "Do what you are

I could tell that Brad was curious too, but he didn't
seem concerned, and I figured he was there if I needed
him, I hoped. So I allowed two of the men to take me
away. Midge was being pulled along right behind me. It
was comforting that I was not alone.

We were taken to an empty space on the wall and chained
up. We were lucky, some of the women were in grotesque
positions, and I even saw a couple s**ttered around
that were upside down! We were chained up as though we
were on a cross, with our legs slightly parted, but our
feet were planted firmly on the floor.

Almost as soon as the men in tuxedos had walked away,
men, and now and then a woman, approached and explored
our bodies. Fingers pinched and pulled my nipples and
explored my pussy, and when they were satisfied they
put their fingers in my mouth to be sucked clean.

None of these people spoke to us. They didn't ask us
any questions or tell us what they wanted. They just
examined us as though they were shopping for slaves. A
couple of times a man stood in front of me and pulled
out his cock and bent at the knees and f***ed his cock
into me. I must admit that by the first time it
happened I was already so wet that not a lot of f***e
was necessary.

I had not been there very long when two men in tuxedos
came and got me and led me down a dark hallway and into
a room about the size of a gymnasium. It was not your
normal gym though. Everywhere that I looked I saw women
strapped down to benches of various designs being
fucked by men. Most of the men were dressed; all of the
women were naked.

Sometimes I saw men at benches talking to the other men
and then they would exchange partners, if the woman
strapped down and being fucked could be called a
partner. I was led to a strange looking padded bench
and strapped down and I didn't have time to ask what
the hell was going on before the men in tuxedos left
and a man stepped up behind me and plowed his cock into
me. I turned around and recognized him as one of the
men that had come around and felt me up earlier.

He fucked me violently and I suddenly realized that I
was extremely turned on and I ended up cumming twice
before he pulled out of my pussy and ran around and
buried his cock in my throat and shot his cum straight
down my throat.

I don't like that. I mean, I don't mind the deepthroat
part, but I want to taste a man's cum when he cums in
my mouth. But I didn't have time to complain because
while the man that had just cum in my mouth was letting
his cock drain in my mouth someone else started fucking
me, someone with a very fat cock. It felt great and I
was cumming again by the time the cock in my mouth

My mouth wasn't empty long though. As soon as the first
man that had taken me finished and walked away, another
man put his cock in my mouth. This new cock was only
semi-hard, and I could tell that it had just come out
of some other woman's pussy! I was so shocked, and so
fucking turned on, that I screamed all around his cock
as I had a huge orgasm!

I guess he liked it. By the time I was through cumming
and screaming around his cock he was hard and he was
buried half way down my throat. But this gentleman
pulled out all but the head when he started to cum and
finished himself off with his hand. I got to enjoy a
nice mouthful of cum this time.

The second man that had fucked me, very well I might
add, came around and put his slimy cock in my mouth and
I got to see it. I was impressed! Even soft it was
huge. I wouldn't want to have it every time I fucked,
but now and then, for a little variety, it was very
nice. I was glad that someone else had gone first to
open me up a little though.

I was laying alone on the bench for a couple of minutes
when a naked woman came over and used a damp cloth to
clean me. When she moved away there were two men in
tuxedos who freed me and took me back out and chained
me up where I had been. Midge was gone now and I stood
as more men came by and took advantage of me.

It was about ten minutes before they brought Midge back
out. She looked totally fucked, and she was smiling
like a Cheshire cat. She winked at me and allowed
herself to be chained back up to the wall.

After about ten minutes, two men who were together came
and stopped in front of me. They pulled and squeezed my
tits and took turns sticking fingers in my pussy for a
moment. Then they moved over to Midge and did the same
thing to her.

I didn't have time to see what they did next because a
very large, very masculine woman stopped in front of
me. She leered at me and reached out and twisted my
nipples painfully. Then she reached down and stuck a
couple of fingers into my pussy. It was obvious that I
had been fucked recently. She pulled her fingers out
and roughly shoved them into my mouth and whispered,
"You fucking slut. You need someone to teach you how to
behave. Teach you how to eat pussy. Put you in your
fucking place."

She was the only person that had spoken to me since I
had been chained up, but I didn't like the sound of
what she had to say. I was almost happy when two men in
tuxedos came and unchained me again. I saw the look of
anger and disappointment on that weird woman's face and
I was sure that whatever was about to happen to me was
better than spending a little time with her.

Before I was led away, Midge was also unchained and we
were led away together. We went to a different room
this time. It was a much smaller room with only one
bench. Midge was strapped down on her back on the bench
and I was placed on top of her in the sixty-nine
position and strapped down. This time though, we both
had the use of our hands. The first bench I had been
strapped to had included straps for my wrists and I had
been totally immobilized.

Now, for the first time, I had a woman's pussy in my
face. I also had a woman's face in my pussy. I had
expected that this would happen. I had even expected it
to happen tonight. I just had not expected it to happen
like this.

One of the two men that had chosen us pushed my head
down and I knew what he wanted without a word being
spoken. I began to tentatively lick at Midge's pussy as
I felt her tongue moving over my own. I could tell that
she had recently had sex. But she seemed clean, and I
found that I was enjoying it. Of course, the tricks
that she was doing with her tongue might have had a lot
to do with that. She was driving me nuts and I really
felt like I wanted to please her as much as she was
pleasing me.

We had not been doing this for very long when things
got a whole lot better. I watched as, right before my
eyes, a long thin cock came into sight and slowly
entered Midge's swollen, red pussy.

At the same time I felt one entering me. I had never
felt anything like it. That nice cock was slowly
fucking away at my pussy while Midge was tickling my
clit with her tongue and it was the most wonderful
sensation I had ever experienced. It was all I could do
to keep up with her.

It was so erotic. I had never seen a cock going into a
pussy, except in a porn movie, and that just isn't the
same as having it happen right in your face. I licked
Midge's clit like crazy, stopping only occasionally to
moan in pleasure, or to suck clean the cock that was
fucking her when he pulled out and shoved it into my

Both men were taking their time and Midge and I both
must have cum a dozen times by the time they came. When
the man fucking Midge pulled out he made me clean his
cock one last time, and then, without anyone even
suggesting it, I put my mouth around Midge's pussy and
licked and sucked it clean. She started screaming in
pleasure as I worked on her, but her screams were
muffled and I could tell that she still had a cock in
her mouth.

I had eaten every trace of cum from her pussy by the
time she started to return the favor. And I understood
now what she had been screaming about. It was so
fucking hot, so fucking sexy, in less than two minutes
I was cumming and screaming and the two men were just
standing there watching in amazement.

Finally we both collapsed in exhaustion and we were
released from the bench. Before we left a woman came
around with a damp scented cloth and we were freshened
up again. I tried to ask Midge some questions, like how
much longer this would go on, and what if I wanted to
go to the bathroom, but when I tried to speak she shook
her head and I shut up and waited for the men to come
and chain us up again.

And they did. And the parade of men mauling my body
continued. In fact, if anything there were a lot more
of them now. I was deeply relieved that the butch broad
from earlier had not come back. She was scary.

Midge was taken away again almost immediately. I had
the impression that the man that selected her knew her.
They hadn't spoken; I just thought I saw a look pass
between them, a look of familiarity in their faces.

Before she was returned I was selected again. I was
taken into the larger main room again and this time I
was strapped down on my back with my head hanging down.
A pair of large, black, hairy legs appeared in front of
my face and I realized that I was going to have my
first sexual encounter with a black man. I shivered in
excitement, and then I shivered in fear. He was
standing with his fat nine inch cock pointed right at
my lips. He leaned forward and I opened my mouth and
felt him feed me a couple of inches.

I was scared, it was a very large and very impressive
organ and I was used to more average sized men. But he
was patient and as he moved several inches of his cock
in and out of my mouth he was playing with my tits and
I was starting to really get into it. Then, to make
things even better, I felt someone start shoving
another cock into my pussy. I moaned around the cock in
my mouth and started being less passive, taking more
and more of it into my mouth. The man that was the
owner of that big black cock just let me work at it and
soon I had my confidence built up and I had to see if I
could do it. And damned if I didn't!

I enjoyed his big hands on my tits and his companion's
cock in my pussy as I moved my head up and down his
cock until the head of it finally slid into my throat.
That was the only time I heard a man speak from the
time we had been led to the wall and chained up. He
groaned and said, "Jesus H. Christ on a stick! Look at
this fucking bitch!"

His companion shushed him and that was all the talking
I heard. But just as he was getting ready to cum he
couldn't be passive any longer and he started fucking
my mouth and throat and it hurt, but I was pretty
damned proud of myself, because I took it all and made
him swear. Unlike with the other cocks I had taken down
my throat since I became able to do that, I could not
breath around this one. I felt him bury himself in my
throat and I felt his massive organ throbbing as he
shot his cum down my throat. But I was almost
u*********s when he finally pulled it out of me. It had
been fun though. I hadn't cum, I was too preoccupied
with the cock in my throat, but I'd do it again. I
wished that Brad could have seen it.

I coughed a little when he pulled out and gasped for
air. He looked around and bent down and whispered,
"Sorry. Are you okay?"

I smiled and winked at him and nodded. He smiled back
and moved out of the way so that I could suck his
friend's cock clean. His friend was white, and his cock
was at least as large as the man that had just fucked
my face. I would have liked to have one of them in my
pussy again before they left. I was pretty turned on
right then. But they turned and walked away. As they
left the black man turned back and winked at me though.
I thought that was sweet.

I was waiting for the woman to come clean me so I could
be taken back out when another man came over and
started running his hands over my body. My head was
down and I couldn't see who it was unless I lifted up
my head. I didn't though, not until after this new man
started fucking me. He was doing a very good job and I
had to look up and see what I was dealing with. I had
the shock of my life when I lifted my head and saw the
man that owned the dry cleaning shop that I used. I
smiled at him, mostly because I saw that he was just as
shocked as I was. Then I put my head back down and
enjoyed it. I came twice before he finally came and
then came around to be cleaned.

There was something about this situation that was
really turning me on. It was just something about all
of this anonymous sex, all of these chains and this
silence, and being so available and helpless. It was
just turning me the fuck on so bad. I was cumming and
cumming at the drop of a zipper. I bet I would have cum
if someone just rubbed a cock over my face!

My drycleaner finally walked away after one last fond
squeeze of my breast and the rag lady was there with
her warm cloth. I was washed; face and pussy, and then
the tuxedo men came and freed me. They almost had to
carry me out of the room. I was really getting tired
now. I had no idea what time it was or how long I had
been doing this. Or perhaps I should say how long I had
been having this done to me. I really could have used a
little rest.

But I was taken back out and chained up and Midge was
there looking fresh as a daisy and eager for more. I
felt kind of bad for pussying out and gave myself a
little pep talk. It helped a little, but I was still in
need of a rest. A good stiff drink would be nice too.

As I was hanging there in my chains letting the men
feel me up and look me over it suddenly occurred to me
that I really didn't have much to fear from Mr. Riggs
any longer. After tonight, there wasn't much he could
do to me that I couldn't handle. I hoped.

There was still a lot of traffic, a lot of men coming
along and pawing us, some quite skillfully and causing
a lot of good feelings. Many others rough and verging
on cruel, but still it was stimulating that we were
helpless and had no choice but to submit to these men.

I was starting to get ready again; all that touching by
so many men can be extremely stimulating, but my other
wish came true first. A dozen men in tuxedos came out
of the hallway and started going down the line
releasing us. It is a good thing that Midge was there,
because I would not have had a clue as to where our
seats were.

Midge saw the lost look and put her arm around my
shoulder and guided me back to our booth. As we slowly
walked down the dark aisles she said quietly, "You
loved it, didn't you? You liked it as much as I do."

I smiled at her and said, "Yes, except for that scary
lesbian that almost pulled my nipples off, I had a
great time. Do you do this often?"

She said, "No, it takes a while to recuperate. And if
we did it too often it wouldn't be special. Would you
like to come the next time we come?"

Before I could answer I wanted to talk to Brad. I asked
her, "What were the guys doing while we were chained
up. Were they some of the men moving around picking
women to fuck?"

"They probably went through once or twice," she
answered, "just to take the edge off. But I'm sure that
they saved something for later. Does it bother you, the
idea that Brad went down that wall and picked out a
strange woman and had sex with her?"

"No," I said, "not anymore. We had a couple of
threesomes when I was still in college and we talked
about finding another woman, instead of another man. At
the time I was uncomfortable with it, but not now. It's
just sex."

"Good," she said, "that sounds like a healthy

"How did you like our little foursome back there?" she

I smiled and said, "That was a bunch of firsts! But I
loved it. Not to be presumptuous, but maybe we should
get together some day, some day soon."

Midge smiled and said, "I had that in mind."

We were approaching our booth. I was surprised at how
large this place was. The men were seated and there
were drinks waiting for us.

They watched us as we took our seats and both of us
took big sips of our drinks. I leaned forward and asked
Brad, "Well, did you have fun while we were out
entertaining the troops?"

He grinned, looking just a little guilty, and said, "I
may have strayed from our marriage vows while you were
away from the table. Would you be upset if I had?"

I grinned back and said, "I'd be upset if you hadn't.
You can tell me all about it later while I'm sucking
your cock."

Midge interrupted with, "Or maybe while I am sucking
his cock."

"That would work too," I said. "And I could tell them
about our little foursome."

We finished our drinks and the naked waitress came back
with our clothes. But we didn't dress. Midge and I
carried our clothes out to the limo. It was kind of
amusing; the parking lot was full of naked women and
fully dressed men.

The driver was holding the door open when we got to the
car, but to look at his face you would never believe
that two naked women were getting into his car.

I was first in again, but this time David got in after
me and joined me on the plush seat that I had been
sitting on. Midge and Brad sat across from us. David
was all over me and Brad was all over Midge and for
some reason the ride back to our house didn't seem to
take any time at all. We pulled up in our driveway and
we invited them in. They gladly accepted and we started
to make a run for the door, Midge and I were still
naked, but I stopped and turned around and invited the
driver to come inside.

He looked at David and David nodded and after he locked
the car the driver followed us inside. The driver was a
nice looking man in his early thirties and I wondered
if Midge had picked him or if David had.

When we got inside I took drink orders and when I got
back with the drinks, Brad and Midge were at it again.
I set their drinks down on the coffee table and gave
David his. Then I gave one to the chauffer and after he
took it and thanked me I introduced myself. He smiled
politely and told me his name was Matthew and then he
told me how beautiful he thought that I was.

I thanked him, but I was unsure of the protocol. I
didn't want to go flirting with the help if that was
inappropriate. I was saved from any further discomfort
when David spoke up behind me and said, "Matt, stop
teasing the poor girl. You know I am done for the night
when I leave the club. Even Jan's sweet ass couldn't
get me up right now. Show her why Midge would leave me
if I ever fired you."

Matt smiled and said, "Sorry Jan, but I always do what
I'm told." He toasted me and gulped his drink down, and
I gulped mine down right along with him. Then he took
our glasses and set them down and pulled me into his

His hands were all over me and I was ready. I reached
down between us and put my hand over the large bulge in
his pants. He groaned and kissed me passionately for a
moment before he stepped back and started to undress
rapidly. I would have helped, but I would have just
been in the way.

I had seen larger cocks than his tonight, but his was
very nice. It looked like it was nearly eight inches
long and thick enough to be an 'A ticket' ride at any
amusement park I have ever been to.

I reached for an afghan that was sitting on the end of
the sofa and spread it out on the floor. We got
comfortable and he started using his talented fingers
and his even more talented tongue on my tired, but very
sensitized body. He drove me to orgasm after orgasm
before I finally pushed him away and f***ed him down on
to his back.

I started kissing him at his face and then worked my
way down his very fit body to his cock. He must have
enjoyed himself when he was working on me because the
lube was running down his cock and making his stomach
and his balls all shiny. I licked him clean and started
sucking his nice big cock.

While I was sucking him I heard Midge talking and I
looked over at them. Brad was naked now too, but
apparently they were finished, at least for now. They
were relaxing and sipping their drinks and watching us
while Midge told them about our foursome at the club.

She told it very well, nothing was left out. And I was
getting turned on all over again just as the driver
started to cum in my mouth. I guess he had been saving
up, because I can't remember ever getting a larger load
from any one man. I had to swallow before he was
finished. I never had to do that before!

When he was finished I held his cock in my mouth until
he was soft, then I got up and helped him up and we
walked over to where the other three were sitting. I
did a drink check, and got us each another one. Well,
not Matt. One is his limit when he is driving. So I got
him a soft drink and the five of us sat around talking
for a while longer. It was so pleasant, and I was
having so much fun that I didn't pay any attention to
the time. I had not known what time it was since seven
when they picked us up.

They left when they finished their drinks and we all
agreed to get together again soon. We saw them out and
then I went around picking up the living room. It
wasn't until I got into the kitchen that I saw what
time it was. It was almost three AM! I haven't stayed
up past midnight more than once or twice since I got
out of college.

We realized that we were tired all of a sudden and we
went to bed and fell asl**p with not much more than an
"I love you."

When I finally got up in the morning it was almost ten
AM. I made coffee and I called to see if Brad was
available. I got to talk to him for a minute. He was
exhausted, but we agreed that we had had a great time
and would like to do it again, preferably not on a work

I reminded him that I had a "date" with Mr. Riggs. He
was quiet for a moment, then he said, "I wish I could
say don't go. I don't trust that man.

I said, "I know, don't worry. I'll be okay. After last
night I'm not even worried about it anymore."

I let Brad get back to work and I took a shower and got
dressed and made my trip to the dry cleaners. I didn't
even remember that I had fucked the owner last night
until I pulled up in the parking lot. It was too late
to do anything about it then. Brad needed his clothes,
and besides, he was just as guilty of fucking me as I
was of fucking him.

I didn't see him when I went in. I went in twice a week
and the girls behind the counter all knew me. They
greeted me by name and went to get my cleaning. While I
was waiting the owner came out to the front and saw me
and smiled. I smiled back and we nodded at each other.
He came over and we flirted for a moment, just like we
always do when I come in. It was all as though he
hadn't fucked me while I was strapped down to a bench
last night. That wasn't so bad!

I took my cleaning and went to Sweet Nothings. I
decided that I would look around and see if there was
anything sexier than the dress that I had worn last
night. If not, I planned to wear that dress again.
After all, I had only had it on for an hour, the rest
of the evening I had been naked.

When I went in to the store the owner, Jo, recognized
me and came over and said hello. We talked for a minute
and I told her that I was looking for something that
was only just possibly legal to wear tonight. It should
be something classy, and pretty, but slutty.

Jo thought about it for a moment and then she led me to
a rack with tiny, gossamer like dresses that just
barely covered those parts that needed to be covered in
public, but with a fabric so fine that they did more to
emphasize your body than to cover it. I tried on a
white one, and I wasn't all that sure that it was
something I could wear without getting arrested. The
fabric was almost weightless, and so sheer that my
nipples, which were only just a fraction of an inch
from being exposed anyway, were clearly visible. I
could also see the style and color of my panties.

I reached under the dress and pulled off my underwear
and I could see the small patch of bright red pubic
hair over my slit. When I turned around I could see
nearly an inch of the top of my butt crack before the
dress started, and I could see the rest of it through
the material. I have a small mole on one cheek and it
was plainly visible.

It was certainly sexy enough, but could I actually wear
this in public? I looked at Jo and she smiled and said,
"Well, you might want to avoid going by police
headquarters tonight, but damn! That dress was made for

I thought about it for a moment and decided that Mr.
Riggs had said slutty, this was definitely slutty. I
would wear it and if he didn't like it he could make me
change. So I bought it.

I went home with my new dress and dropped off my
cleaning and my new dress and changed into my exercise
clothes. I drove to the gym and worked out for a while.
It really helped me get my bl**d flowing after the late
night last night. I had been missing a lot of workouts
lately because of, well, because of sex. So it took me
a little while to get back in the groove. But by the
time I finished my workout I was sweaty and smelly and
loose. I mean limber.

I returned to the house in time to start supper and
then I took another shower and put my outfit in the
spare bedroom. Brad would be going to bed right after
supper to make up for last night. I probably wouldn't
see him again until morning. Or at least I wouldn't see
him awake.

I didn't dress after my shower. When Brad got home I
met him at the door, naked and drink in hand. He didn't
change clothes. I had to f***e him to eat a little
something and then I took him upstairs and put him to
bed. We kissed and I turned out the light and told him
that I would tell him all about it tomorrow. He looked
worried, but he couldn't stay awake. I had pulled
enough all-nighters in college to remember how he felt,
I understood perfectly.

I closed the bedroom door and went down and cleaned up
the dining room and kitchen and then I went and got
dressed in my new slut outfit. I wore the tiniest thong
that I owned under it. It just barely covered my slit
with a nearly transparent patch of material that was
just enough, with the dress, to keep my slit from being
exposed. I put on a pair of four inch heels, much
higher than I normally wear. I had not worn them in a
while and I walked around for a few minutes to get my
balance back. I put my ID, my house key, my cell phone
and a little cash in a small clutch purse and I was
ready to go.

I heard Mr. Riggs pull up at about ten before eight and
I was on the way to the door when the bell rang. I
opened the door and it was his driver. I will give the
man credit; he tried very hard to make believe that I
was not nearly naked. He invited me to the car and I
locked the door and followed him.

He held the car door for me and as I stepped inside Mr.
Riggs reached out and pulled me down beside him. Before
I knew what was going on he pulled my arms behind my
back and put handcuffs on me. Then he looked me over
and told me that my outfit was perfect.

I, meanwhile, was looking at the two strangers sitting
on one of the side benches staring at me.

Mr. Riggs noticed their looks and said, "Didn't I tell
you the slut was hot?"

The driver got in and we took off and as soon as the
car was moving Mr. Riggs pushed me over to the two
strangers and invited them to check me out closer.

I nearly broke my neck as I stumbled and fell onto the
men's laps. Their hands were all over me instantly. I
could smell the alcohol in the limo; all three men were
already pretty well loosened up.

My dress was soon bunched up around my waist and my
little thong pulled out of the way and their hands were
groping me roughly. I could see Mr. Riggs watching, and
I had the impression that he was disappointed that I
wasn't all that put out at the way I was being treated.
I didn't want to challenge him, but I wasn't going to
start crying for him either.

After several minutes of pretty rough mauling I was
pushed to the soft carpet on my knees and one of the
men started face fucking me. The other one had his cock
out and was ready. I sucked them both off with little
difficulty and swallowed their large loads of cum
easily. When I was finished I was kept on my knees with
the second man's cock in my mouth for a few minutes
longer, long enough for us to reach our destination.

The limo came to a stop and the driver got out and
opened the door, but before we got out, Mr. Riggs said,
"You might as well come over here and take the edge off
before we get started."

I walked on my knees to where he was seated and with
the door wide open and the driver standing there
watching, I sucked off Mr. Riggs. If you haven't tried
it, I have to tell you, sucking a guy off when you are
wearing handcuffs is a lot harder than when you have
the use of your hands.

Mr. Riggs came in my mouth and after I swallowed he got
out, put his cock away, and then reached in and pulled
me out. I looked around and saw that I was standing in
front of an adult book store, with my dress still
bunched at my waist.

Mr. Riggs asked the driver to straighten my dress out,
which he did, slowly and carefully and with lots of
touching. Then Mr. Riggs' two friends got out and we
entered the book store.

It was a surprisingly large store. It looked bigger on
the inside than it had on the outside. All eyes seemed
to be on me as I walked around with Mr. Riggs and his
friends, looking at dirty books and movies and sex
toys. Some of those toys looked pretty interesting!

At first the men that were in the store just watched us
discretely. But Mr. Riggs and his friends were
constantly touching me and insulting me, and soon men
started gathering around to watch and listen.

One of the men watching asked, "Is that your little sex

Mr. Riggs answered, "Actually, she is married to one of
my employees, and most of the time she is just a happy
little housewife. But tonight she is my twenty-two year
old cum pig."

I didn't know exactly what the term cum pig meant, but
it sounded kind of messy.

The man that had asked the question came closer and,
after looking at Mr. Riggs for permission, he pulled me
close and smelled my breath. Then he reached inside my
dress and pulled on my breast and said, "Smells like
she has already had her first load of cum for the

Mr. Riggs smiled and said, "Three of them actually.
That was just an appetizer."

I was groaning as the man started squeezing my tit
hard. Then he reached up and pulled my hair and when I
squealed in pain he leaned forward and spit right in my
mouth. I gasped in shock and stepped back, losing my
balance in those ungodly shoes I was wearing and fell
flat on my ass. It hurt like hell, because my hands
were useless and I was unable to break my fall.

But the audience was amused and gathered around to
watch as I struggled to get back to my feet. I had to
get to my knees first, but before I could stand up Mr.
Riggs said, "Stay there, I'll tell you if I need you to
stand up."

The audience seemed to be enjoying my abuse immensely.
They closed in around me and I had hands all over me,
pinching and pulling and squeezing. Before long my
dress was nothing but a belt again. And not long after
that someone reached down and grabbed the thin string
on my left hip and pulled it, snapping it and allowing
the little patch of cloth that had been covering my
slit to fall down onto my thigh, exposing me totally

A tall skinny old guy came over and watched for a
minute, then he turned to Mr. Riggs and said, "I hate
like hell to say this, because I am really enjoying the
show. But you are going to need to take this in the
back, just in case someone comes in that might take
offense, like the law."

Mr. Riggs smiled and said, "I understand perfectly."
Then he turned to me and said, "Come on pig, let's go."

I tried to struggle to my feet but he drew his arm back
and slapped the hell out of me, knocking me back down
to the floor, on my face this time.

I looked at him in shock and he said, "I told you to
stay the fuck down there pig! Now get back up on your
knees and let's go!"

I struggled back to my knees and the crowd parted to
allow me to fight to keep up with him as he walked at a
normal pace across the floor. The floor was wooden, but
fairly smooth. At least I wasn't getting splinters, but
I was definitely scr****g my skin off. Suddenly I
wasn't so confident that I could handle Mr. Riggs.

As I struggled to follow him through the closely
gathered crowd of dirty old men, hands reached out and
tugged at my swaying breasts or pinched my exposed ass
as I went by.

We reached a door in the back wall and a buzzer sounded
and one of Mr. Riggs' friends opened the door and held
it while the four of us passed through. We entered a
very dark hallway and paused. I couldn't see because
there were two men standing in front of me. But as they
moved down the hallway my knees were now scr****g on a
cement floor and I realized that we were passing men
standing in the dark watching me in amazement as I
hobbled along on my knees with my hands cuffed behind

There were flashes of light behind me as the buzzer
sounded and the door opened and more of the men from
out front followed us in. Half way down the hall Mr.
Riggs stopped at an open door and looked in. Then he
stepped inside and I followed. The little room was
about eight feet wide by five feet deep and I had not
gone very far before I felt something wet on my knees.
I thought at first that I was bleeding, but then I
realized that the liquid was cool and then the smell
hit me and I realized what I was kneeling in. I was
dragging my knees across cooling puddles of cum!

Mr. Riggs grabbed my hair and said, "If you do
everything that is required of you tonight, I won't
make you clean the floor with your tongue." I heard
laughter from the doorway and saw men gathered around,
fighting for a better view of me as I knelt helplessly
on the cement floor.

Mr. Riggs stepped back and one of his friends came
forward and pulled out a knife. He quickly cut through
the straps of my dress and then sliced through it where
it bunched around my waist, letting it fall away to the
floor. Then he snapped the remaining strap of my thong
and now I was wearing only my shoes, for all the good
they were doing me.

I was pulled down across a padded straight chair and
the three men that I came in with stood back against
the wall. Mr. Riggs said, "Gentlemen, my employee's cum
pig is a three-holer, and it is now open for business."

There was almost a fight at the door of the small room
as men jostled to get in line and soon I had cocks in
my mouth and my pussy, fucking me violently. These were
not the same kind of reserved, relatively sophisticated
gentlemen that I was made available to last night. For
one thing, a lot of these men needed help with personal
hygiene issues. Several times I found myself gagging
and on the verge of vomiting from the smell of unwashed
genitals. But on the plus side, none of them lasted
very long. They came and went very quickly, with little
effort on my part, and no pleasure. It was not until I
had been fucked by three or four men that someone
finally took my ass. He didn't prepare me first, or use
lube, except for the fresh cum dripping out of my
pussy, but his cock wasn't very large and it wasn't too

I didn't even try to keep track of how many men used
me. This wasn't even remotely sex. This was abuse and
humiliation, pure and simple. I didn't have to do much.
I just had to be there for them to use. Sometimes I was
on my stomach, getting fucked at both ends, but
sometimes they turned me over and with my head hanging
down on one side and my legs pulled up onto my stomach
they would use me that way. Nobody cleaned me up in
between fucks and I was soon aware of what a cum pig
was. I had cum everywhere. After a while, I was so
nasty that a lot of the men wouldn't even touch me.
Some didn't care, but mostly they were just standing
over me and beating off and spraying my face and body
with cum.

I had been on my back for a long time now, and my arms
were killing me. There were tears running down my
cheeks, partly from the shame and humiliation, but
mostly from the pain. The line never seemed to end. The
men kept coming and cumming and the line seemed
endless. I could not imagine that using a woman like
this would be a turn on for someone. It was disgusting.
I was disgusting. My eyes were glued shut with cum, I
had to breathe through my open mouth, my nostrils were
covered, and even my ears were full of it. And since my
mouth was open so that I could breathe, the men all
seemed to try to aim for my mouth.

My pussy and my ass and my lips had long since gotten
numb and the only pain that I felt was the pain in my
arms and in my back where the cuffs pressed into me. I
was crying quietly when the chair I was laying on shook
and I heard Mr. Riggs order me to my knees. I suddenly
realized that the line of men was gone. I dropped my
legs and struggled to twist around on my knees. There
were now more than little pools of cum on the floor
around me, it felt like a pond. My knees kept sliding
out from under me as I tried to figure out what Mr.
Riggs wanted from me now. I couldn't hear well, and I
couldn't see at all.

I heard men laughing and then I heard him calling,
"Here pig, come on girl, here pig."

I followed the sound of his voice as best I could and
we went back out into the hallway, still on my skinned
up knees, and continued on down to the back wall. I had
to keep following the sound of his voice as he called,
"Here pig," all the way down the hall.

I bumped my knees on a board and realized that I had
reached the back door and it was open and I was being
led outside. I carefully worked my way over the sill
and moved across gravel, cutting the hell out of my
knees and crying out in pain as I continued to follow
the calls of "Here pig."

I was finally ordered to stop and I heard a faucet
being turned on and suddenly I was hit with a sharp
blast of cold water. I screamed again, from the pain
and from the cold, but still, I was relieved to have
the slimy mess rinsed off. The hose moved all around,
spraying every inch of my body until they were
satisfied. Then they lifted me to my feet and sprayed
my lower legs and my cut up knees, and finally the hose
was shoved right up inside my pussy and allowed to run,
filling me with a much too strong spray of much too
cold water. As it moved around inside of me it hurt
like hell, but it sprayed back out around the end of
the hose and I was grateful to be getting cleaned out.

When they were satisfied that my pussy was clean they
bent me over and sprayed another blast of cold water up
my ass. Then they made me squat and expel it, and
repeated the process. I had been able to open my eyes
after my face was sprayed clean and I noticed that
there were a couple of dozen men standing around
watching in amusement as I was hosed down and given a
cold water enema.

I remembered now my confidence that after last night I
could handle anything Mr. Riggs could come up with. I
had underestimated Mr. Riggs.

When I was sufficiently rinsed off I was led back into
the book store and through the building and back out
front to the parking lot, still naked of course, my
clothing had been destroyed.

We stood there by the door for a few moments and soon
the limo came up and we got in. As soon as we were
seated I was put to work sucking off the three men
again, but my handcuffs were finally removed and it was
such a relief that there were tears in my eyes as I
rubbed my sore wrists.

The men were just as rough has they had been earlier.
They roughly f***ed their cocks down my sore throat and
pinched and squeezed my tits and pulled my hair. The
car came to a stop on the side of the road and the
driver got out and came around and got in the back with
us. I was quickly put to work sucking him off and when
he had cum in my mouth we all got out.

It was very dark and the windows were tinted almost
black. I had no idea where we were. I looked around
when we got out and saw that we were parked at what
appeared to be a campground for the homeless. I saw
dirty old men everywhere, and they were all staring at
my naked body like they had not seen a woman with her
clothes off in years. Many of them probably had not.
They also did not look like they had bathed or changed
clothes in years.

Mr. Riggs said, "I am going to leave you here tonight
and I will pick you up at seven in the morning. But you
had best be standing right here when I return or I will
leave you here.

That was the last straw. I started begging and when he
started to turn away I started screaming at him. I
suspect now that that was what he was waiting for. He
had been trying to break me all along. Well, he finally
did. I absolutely refused to be left here, if I had to
throw myself under that limo, I was not going to let it
leave without me.

The three men started smiling evilly and Mr. Riggs' two
friends picked me up and held me down on the hot hood
of the car while Mr. Riggs took his belt off and began
whipping me brutally. It went on and on. My legs, my
stomach, he concentrated on my breasts for a long time;
he even whipped my face several times. I don't know how
long it lasted because I finally passed out.

When I was next aware of my surrounding I was laying in
the middle of my cold cement driveway. My purse was
beside me and I looked at the time on my cell phone. It
was nearly three AM again. I looked down at my body and
I was a mass of welts. There were several places where
the skin had been broken, but mostly just ugly red

I started sobbing hysterically. I didn't know what to
do. I couldn't go inside like this. Brad would surely
kill Mr. Riggs. I couldn't stay out here much longer
either. Pretty soon the paper would be delivered and
people would be going to work. I thought about hiding
until Brad went to work, but that would be a problem
too. Brad would be worried and come looking for me.

Finally, in desperation, I called Midge. I was sobbing
and I apologized profusely, but she could hardly
understand me. At first she didn't even know who I was.
Finally I got hold of myself and told her that I needed
help. She asked where I was and she didn't even get
dressed, she rushed over in her robe.

I was hiding between our cars in the driveway when she
pulled up. She got out of her car and came over and
looked at me and said, "Oh my god! Jan! What in the
hell happened to you tonight?!"

"Mr. Riggs," I sobbed. "I can't led Brad see me like
this. He will kill him!"

Midge said, "I would be glad to help him. Come on;
let's get you in the car."

She led me back to her car and gave me a blanket to
wrap around myself while she drove me to her house. She
led me inside and went upstairs and got David. He came
down, still mostly asl**p until he saw me.

"Son of a bitch!" David exploded when he saw me. "Jan!
Riggs did that? What happened?" he asked."

I told them all about my evening, right from the
beginning. I kept apologizing for waking them up, and I
even said I was sorry that he ruined the dress, they
would have loved it.

Midge had been cleaning my wounds, but she said, "I'm
going next door and get Damon," and she got up and

I asked David, "Who is Damon? I really don't need more
people to see me like this."

David moved over beside me and put his arm around me
gently and said, "Damon is Dr. Damon Green. He is very
nice, you'll like him."

Ten minutes later Midge was back with Damon and I had
by then calmed down a little. David stood up and they
laid me down on the sofa and he examined my wounds. He
ended up taping one of them on the underside of my
breast. He said that my skin was not just lovely, but
resilient at my age, and he was reasonably sure that
there would be no scarring. He put some strong
antiseptic on my knees and decided it would be best to
leave the cuts there open to the air. I thanked him and
he gave me a couple of strong pills for the pain. They
worked well, and quickly.

I thanked Midge and David, and apologized again. They
kept telling me to stop apologizing for what had been
done to me. I was starting to get worried about David
now. I sat up and wrapped the blanket back around me
and I insisted that he keep this to himself. In part
because I didn't want to get anyone in trouble, but
mostly because when Brad found out he would kill Mr.

David said, "There is no way to hide those marks Jan.
Brad is going to find out. And what's to stop Riggs
from doing this again, if not to you, then to someone

I leaned back against the back of the couch and said,
"Oh god, I don't know, I can't think. I'm tired and I
hurt and I'm d**gged. Great d**gs, by the way, I'd like
to get some more of these!"

I smiled at Midge and saw that she was crying. I tried
to put my arms around her but it hurt too much and I
stopped. I told her to stop crying. I was fine. I just
needed to stay here until Brad went to work, if they
didn't mind.

David went upstairs and started getting ready for work
while Midge made breakfast, well, coffee and toast. I
had some coffee and the warmth of the hot coffee seemed
to help my aching jaw. I couldn't chew though. I
remembered then that I had been beaten on the face too,
and I asked Midge how bad my face was. She cried again,
but she said, your face is fine, there are just some
red marks. It doesn't even look like they are going to

David came down and got his coffee and toast and
ordered Midge to get me a robe to wear. While she was
upstairs my cell phone rang and it was Brad. I told him
that everything was fine. I gave him the impression
that I had too much to drink and it had been very late
and I had stopped off at David and Midge's house. I
told him that I would see him tonight.

Midge came down with a light robe and a pair of
slippers. I was grateful for those; I don't know what
happened to my shoes. I hadn't even realized that I was
barefoot. David looked at his watch and got a
thoughtful look on his face and stepped outside for a
minute. He came back in a few minutes later with Matt,
his driver, and they sat down and had another cup of

Midge looked at him curiously but he just said, "I'm
going in a few minutes late this morning."

A half hour later, David and Matt stood up and David
came to me and said, "Come on Jan, time to go."

I was fully under the effects of the d**gs by then and
didn't even question him. I let him guide me out to the
car and I kind of half slept as I leaned up against
him. The next thing I knew I was being gently shaken
and David helped me out of the car. I didn't recognize
where I was. It turned out to be a private back
entrance for the VPs at the plant.

I came to a stop when I recognized where we were and I
said, "Oh no, Mr. Burton please. I don't want to screw
things up."

He smiled and kissed my forehead and said, "Sweetheart,
relax, you are going to make them infinitely better.
Trust me on this."

I sighed and let him lead me inside and down a hallway
I had not seen before. There were no secretaries or
receptionists here. There was just a narrow hallway
that connected Mr. Morris' office and the six VPs'
offices and a large conference room, the conference
room where they held their morning meeting.

Mr. Burton pulled me inside and the quiet conversation
came to a sudden halt as we entered.

Mr. Burton said, "I'm so sorry for being late."

Everyone was looking at me and I saw that Mr. Riggs
still had that arrogant look on his face. He didn't
know what was going on, but he wasn't worried.

Mr. Morris looked up and said, "Heather, please leave
the room."

I hadn't even noticed that she was in the room!

Damn those are good d**gs!

Mr. Burton put his briefcase down and turned me towards
him and loosened the belt on my robe and pulled it off.
He turned me around to face the six other people in the
room and I just stood there, not knowing what to say or
do. All but one of them had already seen me naked and
had sex with me, though they hadn't seen me with
stripes before.

Mr. Morris said quietly, "David, what happened to her?"

Mr. Burton just pointed at Mr. Riggs.

Mr. Riggs shrugged and said, "So what, she's just a

Mr. Morris leaned forward and pushed a button and said,
"Heather, have my driver come in here."

Then he turned to Riggs and said, "Give me your keys."

Mr. Riggs looked like he had just been punched. He
couldn't believe that what he had done to me even
mattered. He stood up and reached into his pocket and
pulled out his keys and tossed them down the table to
Mr. Morris.

My robe was put back on and I held it closed. The
driver came in and Mr. Morris said to him, "Robert, I
want you to pick Mr. Riggs up at the front entrance and
drive him to his home. You will wait for him there, and
after he has packed a couple of suitcases you will take
him to the airport. You will go with him while he buys
a ticket to anywhere in the world as long as it out of
this state. Then you will wait with him until he has
boarded his plane and that plane has taken off. When he
has taken off you will call me and tell me that he is
gone and to what state or country he has gone."

He then turned to Mr. Riggs and said, "What I should do
is have you killed. I don't know people that do that,
but I know people that know people and more than
anything else I want to have you killed."

Mr. Riggs was now white as a ghost.

Mr. Morris continued. "For the first time in my life I
find myself hating someone. It is an ugly feeling. I am
having trouble controlling it. Here is your only
option, other than waiting around to be killed. You can
leave this state and not come back. Anything that you
want out of your house you had best hire someone to
come and get for you. If you leave the state
voluntarily, and send me your resignation, I will give
you a lukewarm letter of referral if asked. I would
highly recommend to you that you get professional help,
because you are a very sick fuck!"

I saw the looks on the faces of the VPs around the
room. They were all shocked. Not so much at what he was
doing to Mr. Riggs, but they had never heard him say
"fuck" before!

"What I should do now is f***e you to apologize to this
young lady. I would dearly love to beat you half to
death and f***e you to apologize to her. But it would
be meaningless, you would not mean it, your mind is so
screwed up that you don't even think that you did
anything wrong. Get out of my sight. NOW!"

Mr. Riggs stomped out, his face still white as a sheet.
Mr. Morris stood up and came around to me and gently
took me in his arms. He asked Mr. Burton, "Did you have
a doctor look at her?"

Mr. Burton nodded and said, "My neighbor. He is good,
and he won't say anything."

I looked up at Mr. Morris and said, "I'm sorry sir. I
didn't want to make any trouble."

I guess it was the d**gs, but I could have sworn I saw
tears in his eyes!

He turned to the VPs and said, "Gentlemen, as of now
there is no more EPOD."

I said, "No! Wait a minute! Mr. Morris, don't do that,
please. It isn't perfect, and there are some women who
don't like it, maybe even a few men. But some of us
like it, a lot. In fact, I was going to ask you to
expand it."

He looked at me like I was nuts, "Expand it? What do
you mean?"

I smiled at Mr. Burton and said, "I have only met one
of the other VP wives, one of the other junior VP
wives, and none of the junior VPs. So I can't speak for
all of the people involved. I know that some of them
are only in it for the money, but some of us are having
a ball. And some of the senior VPs' wives would really
like back in. It would be nice if you would let them.
I'm sorry, I was given some really good d**gs a little
while ago and I may not be too clear. But don't just
end the program, tweak it."

Mr. Morris kissed my forehead and stepped back and
said, "Is that the d**gs talking?"

I smiled and said, "Maybe a little, damn those things
are great! But I was going to have this conversation
with you anyway. As long as the EPOD program has
existed you have had one jerk that didn't play well
with others. He is gone now. Some of us want to play
some more."

I watched Mr. Morris take a deep breath and go back to
his seat. He looked around him and saw the hopeful look
on his VPs' faces.

After a thoughtful pause he asked, "Would any of you
gentlemen like to ask your wives if they would like to
volunteer to get back into the program?"

"There will be no pressure, it will not be a
requirement, and it will have no effect on your
careers. Just let me know by this time next week."

Mr. Morris told Mr. Burton to have his driver take me
home. He told me that it might be best if I not see my
husband until Riggs was on a plane. I thought that was
good thinking.

I walked down to the end of the table and kissed Mr.
Morris on the cheek and thanked him. Then I kissed Mr.
Burton and thanked him. Then I started to leave. I
stopped and turned around and said, "Gentlemen, pool
party at my place next Friday. Wives invited, but they
should know that it will be clothing optional."

There were smiles all around as I left and made my way
back through the private hallway. I was just about to
pass Mr. Morris' office when the door opened and
Heather pulled me inside.

She said, "Here, you can't go around town like that.
Then she smiled and said, at least not until you heal.
I looked at her, wondering how she knew so much. She
just smiled and helped me pull the robe off. She gasped
when she saw my tortured body. But she was very gentle
as she helped me into a loose dress and a pair of

She hugged me carefully and said, "It is a shame that
you had to go through all of that, but a lot of people
around here are going to be a lot happier now. That man
was bad news and we were all scared of him."

I thanked her and grabbed the robe and slippers that
Midge had given me and went back out to Mr. Burton's
car. Matt started to help me into the back, but I
figured it would be easier to get into the front seat.
He helped me sit down carefully and drove me slowly
home, avoiding bumps and taking every turn in slow
motion. I saw what he was doing and I said, "You are so
sweet. When I am better I am so going to fuck you!"

He grinned and said, "I can't wait Miss."

"Jan, I told you before, call me Jan."

He smiled and said, "I will Miss, when it is

I said, "It is always appropriate with men that I have
sex with."

He just said, "A time and a place for everything. I
love my job, knowing the right time and the right place
helps me keep it. I could not possibly work for a finer
couple. I want very much to never do anything that they
might find objectionable. I get some of the greatest
perks in the world. I don't have a problem with
addressing people properly. The next time we meet, and
you give me that great fuck you promised, then you will
be Jan. Today, Miss works just fine."

I smiled at him and said, "Oh, you're no fun, you old

He smiled and said, "You are home miss."

I hadn't even realized that we had stopped moving!

He came around and helped me to the door. Then he
helped me upstairs and even helped me off with my dress
and my sandals. He turned down the bed and said, "Get
some sl**p Miss, you had a hard night. I look forward
to seeing you again soon."

Except for undressing me, he didn't take a single
liberty! I was exhausted and d**gged and I never even
saw him leave the bedroom. The next thing that I knew,
Brad was sitting on the side of my bed and moving his
fingers lightly over my face, tracing the faint red
marks that remained.

I saw the love, and the concern and the rage all mixed
up on his face and I felt so sorry for him. He wanted
to protect me and he wanted to avenge me and he wanted
to make the pain go away and all he could do was ache
for me.

I smiled up at him and asked him what time it was.

"It's early," he said. "It's only a little after two.
I'm sorry I woke you up."

"No, that's okay. If I sl**p all day I'll be awake all
night. I went through that cycle more than once in
college. I don't want to do that again!"

"Are you alright?" he asked.

I assured him that I was just a little sore. No
injuries that wouldn't be gone in a week.

He held my hand and said, "Mr. Morris and David came
into my office just before lunch and we had a long
talk. They told me some of what happened. I don't think
that they told me everything."

I smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll tell you
everything later. But not until you have calmed down."

"I'm sorry," Brad said quietly. "This is my fault. I
should have told them to take EPOD and shove it up
their asses. But don't worry; I'm getting us out of
this on Monday. I plan on resigning and we can live on
our savings for long enough for me to find another

I sat up suddenly. That was a big mistake. I groaned at
the sudden pain and said, "You will resign over my dead
body! Did Mr. Morris tell you what happened in the
meeting this morning?"

Brad shrugged and said, "He said that David brought you
in and you were covered in welts. He fired Riggs on the
spot, threatened his life and made him leave the state
before he told me what had happened."

I said, "He also put an end to EPOD, until I made him
reinstate it. Riggs is gone now. He was the only bad
apple. We have enjoyed the hell out of EPOD! They
should have known about Riggs and they should have done
something about it sooner. But I can make sure that
doesn't happen again. A lot of us, you and me included,
like EPOD. I even think I talked him into letting Midge
and any of the other wives that want to get back in the

"To sum up," I continued, "you are not resigning, EPOD
is still a viable program, you have nothing to
apologize for, and if you ever get hurt, David and
Midge have a guy living next door to them with some
great d**gs! Oh, and we are having a pool party next
Friday, clothing optional."

"I want to hold you so much," Brad said quietly, "but I
am afraid to touch you."

He carefully peeled the sheet off of me and when he saw
my body he turned so red I thought that he would

I quickly assured him that I was okay. I showed him the
only place that my skin had been broken, on the
underside of my breast. Well, except for my knees. But
that is tough skin and heels quickly. I assured him
that the doctor had said that the marks would all be
gone soon and there would be no scar. I left off the

He pulled the sheet back up over me just as we heard a
noise at our bedroom door. It was Midge! She came
rushing in and told Brad to get into some comfortable
clothes, she was going to start supper in a few
minutes. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled
the sheet down and started rubbing cream from a large
jar with no label all over my body.

She smiled at me and said, "Aside from being a lot of
fun to apply, this cream keeps your skin soft and
supple and helps the bruises fade. I got it from a
strange woman I know that, well, she know things.
Sometimes it's best not to ask questions."

As she rubbed the cream in she said, "David called me
today. He told me what you said at the meeting. It
looks like I am going to be part of EPOD again. Thank
you, sweetheart. I love you for being so nice and
thinking or me. You do seem to get things done, don't

I smiled at her, and asked her if any of the other
wives would want to play again.

She thought about it for a moment and said, "Some of
them would have liked to if it had been ten years ago.
For a bunch of old broads, most of us are still in
pretty good shape. But I suppose you reach a time in
your life when there are some games you can't play as
well anymore. Games like football, soccer, swinging-
from-the-rafters-sex, things like that. Still, they
might like to attend an occasional party if they were

"It has also been decided that you will be the den
mother to the EPOD girls, sort of nominally in charge.
In charge of handling problems and seeing to it that
there are no more Riggs, and no young women who are in
it that should not be, girls that cannot handle it. I
guess we are stuck with Grace, but she could always
quit if she wanted to."

She looked up at Brad who was finally finished changing
and said, "How about you, are you okay Brad?"

"I really want to kill that son of a bitch. I guess
that Mr. Morris did the right thing today. He is a
great guy. David stayed behind in my office after they
came to see me today. He said that it was all that Mr.
Morris could do to keep from having Riggs killed. He
also said that when he saw Jan he had tears in his
eyes. He has a crush on Jan you know."

Midge laughed and said, "Just about everyone that has
met her has a crush on her, me included."

I smiled at her and pulled her hand up to my lips and
kissed her. "It's mutual," I said.

She asked me if I wanted to eat in bed or if I wanted
to come downstairs for a while. She was going to make
supper for the three of them, but thought that maybe
soup in bed would be better for me.

I said, "Soup sounds good, but don't go to any trouble.
I'm not an invalid. I guess I could use a little help
this evening though. Thank you Midge, you are a saint."

"Yeah, Saint Midge, that's me. Actually, it would
probably be best if you moved around a little to keep
from stiffening up. Don't feel like you have to dress
on my account though. I imagine that for a while you
will feel better without anything rubbing on those nice
stripes of yours."

I said, "I hardly ever wear clothes around the house

I stood up, with difficulty, and went to the bathroom.
Then I made my way downstairs. I was finding that the
more I moved around the better I felt. Midge was right
about that too.

I got downstairs just as David arrived. He winced when
he saw me, but I smiled and said that I was feeling
much better. Midge was already in the kitchen making
supper and it smelled pretty good. I tried to help her
out but she turned me around and pushed me right out of
the kitchen. So I sat and talked with David while Brad
set the table.

We had a pleasant evening and, after putting another
dose of cream on my body, the Burton's left early. Brad
and I just relaxed and sipped a last glass of wine
before going to bed.

The doorbell rang at a little after eight. We were just
about to go to bed. Brad got up to answer it and I
pulled a blanket over my bruised body. Brad stuck his
head back in and asked, "Are you decent?"

I nodded and he came in with Carol Mitchum and Madison
Scott. They apologized for coming over without calling
and handed Brad a huge bouquet of flowers to put in
water for me. They also apologized for not introducing
themselves earlier.

I thanked them for coming over and asked them to sit
down. I had wanted to talk to them. Both of them seemed
to be in their early thirties. They were both very
attractive with great bodies. It was easy to see why
they had been asked to join EPOD.

Our conversation started out with them offering their
sympathy, but mostly they wanted to thank me for
getting rid of Riggs. Not that it was anything that I
had done; Mr. Burton was more responsible for his
leaving than I was. I wanted to hush it up.

But I accepted their gratitude and said, "I am glad
that you came over. I have been looking forward to
meeting you. I have a lot of questions, but we can go
over them later. The main thing I have been wondering
about, the one question no one has been willing to
answer, or been able to answer is how you ladies feel
about being in EPOD. I have to tell you, except for
last night, I am enjoying the hell out of it. My
husband is too. But I would hate to think that I am the
only girl that felt that way. I understand that Grace
is not having a good time, and is only doing it for her
husband's career."

Carol and Madison looked at each other and looked
around to make sure that Brad was still out of the
room. Then they moved closer and Carol said, "Madison
and I are having a ball. Our husbands are less than
pleased with it. I think that it's great that Brad
enjoys it so much. You are so lucky! But Jeff and Carl
are not as open minded as Brad is. They are much more
traditional. They are putting up with it for the money,
the perks, and the promotions to come. That used to
bother us, but we finally decided that that was their
hang up. After all, we got into this at their
instigation. In case you are confused, that was a yes,
we like EPOD."

"And you are right about that…..about Grace. She is
very unhappy and the only one that was enjoying her
company was Riggs. And that was just because it was
obvious that she hated it so much. She can be a real
downer at the parties too. She fakes it for the guys,
but they know, and she treats us like crap because we
enjoy it."

"I am so glad to hear that," I said. "That you guys are
enjoying it, I mean. Did you hear what happened at the
plant today?"

They had heard most of it, but not about bringing Midge
and any other interested parties back in to EPOD. They
were both around when Midge was in it before and they
were happy that she was coming back.

I asked which of their husbands was senior, because
someone would have to fill Riggs position. It turned
out to be Grace's husband. So she would be moving up
and I suggested that we try to influence the selection
for the next replacement couple. Not just pick someone
because they are a hot couple. The husband would have
to be worthy of selection. But still, we could try to
make sure that they would be happy with the program. It
would be worth talking about.

I noticed the time; it was time to reply the ointment
that Midge had given me. I told them that I had to put
a cream on my stripes and asked them to wait for me.
They offered to help, and after making sure that they
didn't mind, I accepted.

I got the cream and stretched out on my blanket and
waited for the cooling cream.

They both gasped when they saw my stripes, but both
complimented me on my figure. While they gently applied
the cream to my body I tried to act like I wasn't
enjoying it so much. I told them that I was moving soon
and that my new house had a pool and suggested we could
all get together and apply suntan lotion to each other.

They both liked that idea. I was finding it difficult
to act like a patient while they massaged the cream
into my bruised skin. After they had covered me with
the cream, Madison, who had been working on the lower
portion of my body, began gently massaging my pussy.

I moaned softly and said, "I don't know where you went
to medical school, Madison. But you can practice
medicine on me anytime!"

Carol bent down and kissed me, carefully avoiding
touching my tender flesh, while Madison leaned down and
began licking my pussy, just about the only part of my
body that wasn't bruised.

In no time at all I was panting and kissing Carol back
passionately, and soon I was totally oblivious to the
aches and pains that had been the focus of my life
since early this morning when they were inflicted on

I came in a very short time and they both kissed me
gently while I calmed back down. I finally relaxed back
onto the couch and they sat up. I thanked them
enthusiastically and promised to pay them back soon.
They both promised to hold me to my word. They stayed
around for a little longer and then they both kissed me
goodbye and left.

Shortly after they left, Brad came back downstairs. He
smiled at me and said, "I guess you can find the good
side of everything, can't you?"

I smiled and asked, "You saw them?"

He said, "I started to come downstairs to see if anyone
wanted anything, but I could see from the top of the
stairs that everyone seemed to be having what they
wanted. It almost makes me wish I wasn't feeling good,
I could have used a little of that kind of sympathy."

I laughed and the laughter didn't hurt. In fact, I
think it even made me feel better. I said, "Baby, if
you need nursing you come on over here. If I am
conscious, or even if I'm not, I am always ready to
make you feel better. Let's just avoid the missionary
position for a day or two."

Throughout the weekend and all of the next week,
someone was there to help me, either Midge came by, or
Carol or Madison, or two of them, or all three of them.
We had a blast. They used up a whole jar of that cream
and Midge got another one. And each time they rubbed me
down it got more and more erotic. They were there long
after I needed them. We laughed and joked and told
stories and it reminded me of late nights in the dorm.
The only thing missing was a bag of pot.

By Tuesday I was almost back to normal. The stripes
were all but gone, and the pain was gone. The only
lasting injury was a small, but nearly healed cut under
one breast. And it didn't even hurt, though I would
have been reluctant to put a bra on.

On Wednesday they helped me pack up the boxes of things
that we were taking with us to the new house and on
Thursday, Midge got a truck from the plant, with a
driver, and we moved all of the boxes to the new house.
The girls went nuts when they saw it. Hell, so did I. I
could not have dreamed a more beautiful or more
beautifully decorated home. We unloaded all of the
boxes into one of the five bays of the garage and I
thanked the driver and tipped him liberally.

With the help of my new friends the party on Friday was
a big hit. To everyone's surprise, three of the four
remaining VPs' wives attended and not only got naked,
but let their hair down and joined in the fun and
games. It was decided that, except for Midge, they
didn't want to be in EPOD again, but they would enjoy a
party every now and then, and a chance to cut loose and
not worry about what anyone thought about them

I spent two hours upstairs in bed with Mo and he is
really getting back in the swing of things. I guess the
pump just needed priming. But he still confines his
extracurricular activities to me, and that's fine with

I tried a couple of times to establish some kind of
relationship with Grace Davis and Mrs. Gordon. They
were very cold and unreceptive and finally I gave up.
Luckily, Grace's husband, Tim, made senior VP and
filled Mr. Riggs' vacancy, so nobody ever sees Grace
any more, or Mrs. Gordon either. They avoid anyone that
works at the plant.

Midge and Carol and Madison and I spend at least two
days a week together, usually around our pool. Some
days we go out, but most of the time we stay home and

Brad and I go out with the Burtons, or dine in and play
around, at least once a week, sometimes more. We have
invited Carol and Jeff over and Madison and Carl,
trying to get to know them better and develop some kind
of relationship. But Jeff and Carl are both assholes,
not to put too fine a point on it. They are stuffy and
judgmental and we really don't care much for either of
them. I feel sorry for Carol and Madison. So do Carol
and Madison, I think. I sometimes think that the only
reason the girls stay married to them is so that they
can stay in EPOD.

Things have pretty much returned to what passes for
normal now. It's like Riggs never existed. The girls at
the plant, the receptionists and secretaries, are all
aware that Brad and I gave his secretary, Jennifer, a
car and a house to help her get through the hard time
she was having and whenever Brad needs anything at work
he gets it before he realizes that he needed it. And
when I drop by for a visit with Brad, or to service one
of the VPs, they do everything but run in front of me
and throw rose petals in my path.

I have gone out to lunch with Mr. Morris' secretary,
Heather a few times. She is a great woman, she pretty
much runs that plant from behind the scenes and Mr.
Morris knows it. The last time I came in and spent a
little time with Mr. Morris in his office I suggested
to him that Heather should have her title changed to
Administrative Assistant and get a salary that reflects
what she actually does around there.

As soon as I said it I could almost see the light come
on in his head. Mr. Morris said, "Yes! I can't believe
that I didn't think of that!" Then he looked at me and
said, "You know Jan, when I finally retire, I think I
am going to leave you in charge."

I laughed and said, "You will like hell! I am needed at
home. Someone has to kept their eye on the pool boy and
keep my girlfriends satisfied!"

THE END... Continue»
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Until I read stories on Literotica, I had no idea how many sons had fantasies...or sometimes realities...of having sex with their Mother. I mean, it is not really a conversation one has with their buddies. Imagine this:

"Dude, you know who I would really like to fuck?"

"Anyone who moves, I imagine."

"True. But do you know who my most constant late night focus of my daily stroke-fest sessions?"

"Beth, the head cheerleader?"

"She's in the top five, no doubt."

"Well, who would be number one then?"

"Promise you won't judge?"


"Seriously, this is really embarrassing."

"Fine, I promise not to ridicule you too bad."

"My Mom."

"That's not so bad. I was expecting Big Bertha or Old Woman Burgess. First, your Mom is ridiculously hot and second I have stroked about my Mom many times."

"You have?"

"Of course, and my Mom is nowhere as hot as your Mom."

"So it doesn't make me a freak?"

"Oh it makes you a freak all right. A perverted little freak. But hey, at our age, every guy is a perverted little freak. Christ, even Hamlet supposedly had a thing with his Mother."


Anyway, the point is simple. The older I got the more obsessed I became with the thought of sl**ping with my Mother. My fantasies shifted from cheerleaders and hot blondes to my forty-three year old blue-eyed, chestnut-brown-haired Mother.

She didn't help any either. She was a real estate agent and always dressed-up in skirts and heels. Both of which had become fetishes of mine, probably because I grew up seeing them on the hottest woman I knew. I was a sixteen when I started giving my Mom foot massages after a day at work. She always kept on her stockings and my cock always rose when her stocking-clad legs were on my lap. She had to have known what it did to me, but she never let on and it never went any further then a son giving his Mother a gentle foot massage.

She also knew she was still hot. She flirted with my friends and loved the compliments my friends threw at her. She was a MILF and she knew it, and she revelled in it. That said, I never thought I would have the chance to do more than just her feet...and then Halloween occurred.

Every Halloween my parents got dressed up as a sweet couple and went to some big party. Every year you could see their excitement for the big day. Mom's creative juices always came alive for Halloween too. She always designed and made the costumes, often starting months in advance. I can't recall all the outfits but do remember a few: Bonnie and Clyde with Mom dressed as a very hot flapper girl (Mom looked stunning in fishnets and the cute bob haircut), Fred and Wilma Flintstone, which had my dick thinking Bam Bam all night (to this day I still have a photo of Mom as Wilma hidden under my bed for stroke sessions), her fifties theme icons, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean (which I also have a picture of hidden for play time), and last year she was Princess Leia while Dad was Luke Skywalker (that kept my light-sabre erect for months). This year they were going as Beauty and the b**st. As always, Mom refused to reveal her costume until Halloween Eve.

Now I have always been a believer in destiny or fate. And it could only have been through destiny that the dominos would have fallen the way they me the perfect opportunity to fuck my Mother. First off, my Dad phoned at five o'clock to tell Mom that due to late bargaining (my Dad is a high powered mediator...the guy you hire to end long standing feuds), he wasn't going to make it home in time, although he might get in late enough to meet her at the party. Mom was furious, because this was a night she always looked forward to, and had put hours upon hours into making the costumes perfect. Although clearly mad at Dad, she still planned to go to the party.

A couple of hours later, Mom came downstairs in her Belle costume. My cock was instantly stiff. I have always secretly thought Belle was the hottest cartoon character, in the same way I think Betty is easily the hottest Archie girl. But my Mom dressed as Belle, in the blue dress, her hair exactly the same and the darkest brown pantyhose I have seen, other than Hooter's waitresses, was the sexiest moment of my young life.

I did what I always seemed to do when talking to Mom. I complimented her. "Wow, Mom, you could be the real life Belle. This is your best costume yet."

"You think so?" she asked, smiling and posing rather seductively.

"I know so. Dad would have loved it."

My Mom's smile faded. "I can't believe he ditched me, for a transportation union of all things."

"I'm sure he will make it back."

She shrugged, gave me a kiss on the cheek, like she always did. And she was off.

All the stars lined up perfectly. Even the fact I was home in the first place was a long string of fateful moments. Now usually I go out to a Halloween party as well, but truthfully just didn't feel like it. I had been dumped a couple of weeks before by my girlfriend of eight months, Pamela, and didn't really want to see her. So I was watching "Halloween" for the umpteenth time when the phone rang.

"Is your Mom still home?" dad asked.

"She left an hour ago," I replied.

"Shit," he swore, "was she mad?"

"Think PMS time cubed and you may be close," I warned.

"Double shit," he cursed, "I tried her cell and she didn't answer."

I walked over to the kitchen and saw it sitting in the charger. "She wouldn't. It is being charged."

"Triple shit," he swore, knowing he was indeed in deep shit. After a pause, "Well, can you leave her a note? This is going to be an all-nighter."

"Shit," I repeated, which got a nervous chuckle.

Mom was sexy, and caring, but you never wanted to be on her bad side.

"I better get her some flowers," he rationalized. I noticed an address on a pad of paper in my Mom's handwriting and assumed that was where she was headed.

"Better be a whole garden. This year's costumes were her best yet."

We said our goodbyes and I returned to watching TV. About ten minutes later, a light bulb in my head flickered. A few seconds later the light bulb shoned bright as the sun.

I went upstairs into my parents' room. Lying on the bed was Dad's b**st costume.

I put it on and was shocked at how comfortable the costume was. My Mom had thought of everything as it even had two battery-powered mini-fans in it to keep you cool. I also noticed that she had created a velcro opening at the privates, so you could rake a piss without completely taking off the costume. I looked in the mirror. No one would have a clue it was me. I was the same height as my father; I had the same blue eyes as my father; and I had the same voice as my father. I went downstairs, grabbed the address, jumped into Dad's Mercedes and drove to the party.

I arrived at the party a few minutes after eleven and was met at the door by my Mom's best friend Gloria, dressed in a Snow White costume. Her face brightened when she saw me. In her usual giddy voice, she said, "Thank God, you are here Ted, Alexis is really mad at you."

"I know," I acknowledged, "That's why I hightailed it here."

"She's had a few glasses of wine and you know how she gets when she gets into her wine," she warned me.

Thinking about the few times I have seen my Mom intoxicated, usually on New Year's Eve, I recall my Mom bring extra touchy feely and very flirty, even with me. The sexual innuendo isn't remotely subtle. I responded, vaguely, "Tell me about it."

Gloria, another of my MILF stroke fantasies, took my hand and led me into her house and downstairs into her party room. There were a dozen people there, all people I recognized from many of my parents' gatherings. It also seemed to be a Disney Princess themed party. The dark skinned Elma, who worked in real estate with my Mom, was ridiculously hot, dressed as Mulan. Mom's assistant, the chunky, but very pretty Cassidy, was wearing a too-tight Cinderella costume, but the blonde wig really brought out her blue eyes and dimples. The wife of Dad's partner, a trophy wife twenty years younger than him, was dressed as Ariel with mermaid legs and everything. Her vibrant red hair and hypnotic green eyes stood out even more in her mermaid costume. My dick was so stiff I desperately wanted to give it attention. My Dad's best friend's wife, Katie, six months pregnant, was dressed as sl**ping Beauty. She looked incredibly uncomfortable in the ill-fitting costume. Wearing the always hot Jasmine outfit was my Mom's old college roommate, the big-busted high school teacher, Ellie. Whenever Mom and her got together they were incredibly touchy feely and I had many stroke fantasies of them in college munching on each other's cunts. When they are together they talked like d***ken sailors and hint at a time when they were really crazy. Right now, my Mom, still in her fucking hot Belle costume, was sitting on Ellie's lap and giggling d***kenly. Her face was flushed in the same way Pamela was when she was horny from me fingering, licking or fucking her pussy. I couldn't see Ellie's hand and I wondered hopefully that my sick imagination was right. Just then one more girl walked in from the bathroom. My mouth dropped. It was our locally famous weather girl Miranda Collington. Dressed as Jessica Rabbit, who I don't think is a Disney princess, but who the fuck cares. Dressed in black thigh highs and I think five inch pumps, I looked at her and was weak at the knees.

Miranda had been local weather girl since she was eighteen, back in 1988. She was famous for her long legs which were always, and I mean always, in pantyhose, which was pretty common in the eighties, but was incredibly rare in 2011. Like my Mother, she was a constant focus of my stroke sessions. Distracted by the sight of Miranda, I barely noticed when Gloria announced my arrival. "Look who has graced us with his presence."

Everyone looked up and I was greeted warmly. My Mom got off the gorgeous Ellie and staggered towards me. She fell into me and hugged me tight. She slurred slightly, "You made it, honey."

Attempting to sound just like my Father, I replied slyly, "Baby, I never planned to miss this."

She grabbed my hand and whispered into my ear, "You are soooooo lucky you showed up, Ellie has me so fucking horny."

My cock flinched at hearing my MILF Mother talking so slutty and confirming a long held assumption and stroke fantasy. Pushing the envelope, I asked, "How did she get you so horny, honey?"

Mom just shrugged.

Stunned by Mom's forwardness, I asked, "So what is the plan now?"

Before my Mom could answer, with so many nasty possibilities spinning in my head, Gloria announced, "Charades time."

My Mom smiled and said, "I guess your blow-job will have to wait." She gave a quick subtle squeeze of my already stiff and eager cock and wiggled away. My Mom sat back with Ellie and padded the couch implying I should join her. I obeyed, like an obedient puppy dog, sitting beside my Mom, who was back on Ellie's lap. I hummed and hawed whether I should put my hand on my Mom's silk stocking legs. The decision was made for me a minute later when Mom grabbed my hand and put it on her nylon leg. I had touched and massaged her nylon feet many times, always fantasizing of my hands being on her thighs and now it was happening. I just sat back and enjoyed the moment.

The game started and it was couples. I vaguely watched as the other couples acted things out. When it was our turn, Gloria called me up and handed me a card, I looked at it. Mine was a quote: 'two heads are better than one.' I was happy to get an easy one. As soon as my time began I went to work and Mom quickly got it right.

My Mom slyly added, her tone dripping in sexual innuendo, "I always thought two, even three, heads were better than one." Everyone laughed and Mom winked at me. The wink and hearing my Mother use such innuendo, made me want her even more.

Ellie got up to go to the washroom and I sat back down beside my Mommy princess and she repositioned herself in such a way that she was leaning on me at an angle that completely hid what she was about to do. She slipped her hand inside my costume and fished my cock out of my underwear. I thought I might come right then, but luckily I didn't.

She gave me an odd look and said, "Interesting."

I asked, suddenly nervous, "How so?"

There was a long silence where my Mom seemed to space out before asking me, seemingly sincere, as she gave a solid how-do-you-do squeeze, "Did I get you that hard, Baby?"

Without hesitation I confirmed, "It's all you Alexis."

Her smile went wide and she began to slyly and unknowingly give her son a hand job. "Baby, your cock is so fucking hard."

She kept her hand slowly playing with my cock until Ellie returned to the couch. Mom gave one last squeeze before whispering, "We aren't done here, baby."

I tried to calm down, my head spinning from the fact Mom was just playing with my cock. The next few minutes I watched others play charades and, now more confident, put my hand back on my Mom's thigh. I moved my hand up and down, gently, the touch of her pantyhose covered legs the ultimate tease. The sensual tease continued until it was Mom's turn to act.

As soon as she looked at the card she laughed and gave me a wink. This led to yet another twitch down below. As soon as the time began, she made the film symbol and fell to her knees and crawled towards me. It was incredibly erotic. Once she got to me, she stood up and started dirty dancing in front of me. I was so in awe of my Mom's naughty moves I forgot we were playing a game. Her ass ground on my lap and I whimpered in pleasure. Suddenly the answer was obvious and I shouted-moaned Dirty Dancing. She stood up, squeezed my cock with her hand slyly, and flirted, "I hope you are ready for some dirty fucking, baby."

One of the guys high-fived me after that comment and Mom leaned into me and whispered, "Meet me in the upstairs bathroom in a couple of minutes."

My MILF Mom walked away and I took a deep breath. If I wanted, I could fuck my Mom. The majority of me was screaming 'Go for it', while my conscience reminded me she was my Mother and d***k and unaware that I was not her husband. My cock-head doing the thinking for me, I felt myself standing up and heading to the bathroom.

At the door, I took one last deep breathe, one last brief hesitation, before I knocked on the door. Mom immediately opened the door and pulled me in.

She smiled, making her even more beautiful and dropped to get knees. I watched, frozen in shock, while she pulled my fully-erect cock out of my the very convenient Velcro opening and took it in her mouth.

While I enjoyed the best blow-job of my young life, I pondered the obvious fact that Mom thought she was sucking her husband's cock. I tried to get my head wrapped around this stunning development, but it was very difficult with Mom's lips wrapped around my cock. Pamela never gave me head for more than a couple of minutes, so Mom's eager blow-job was amazing. I just watched from above as my beautiful Mom bobbed up and down on my cock, devouring my dick whole.

After only a couple of minutes of constant deep-throat cocksucking, I could feel my balls bubbling, I warned, "I'm going to come soon."

She took her luscious lips off my cock and smiled, "Do you want me to swallow it Baby or would you like to jerk off and shoot your cum on my face?"

I couldn't believe the choice I was just given. I had come in a couple of girls' mouths, but had never had a chance to be a part of every guy's fantasy, the porn movie finale. I mumbled like a first time teenager, worried I could have given myself away, "Can I come on your face?"

She smiled, "Tell me when you are close, Baby." She took my cock back in her mouth and bopped back and forth, even with more reckless abandon than before.

She sucked my cock furiously fast, seemingly desperate to get me off. It didn't take long before my balls were boiling and I moaned, "I'm gonna come soon."

She took my cock out and jerked me off with her left hand. Her nasty words both shocked me and led to my final vision, "Come on, Baby, shoot that hot cum of yours all over my slutty face. Come on me, Baby, coat my face with your hot cum." I spasmed, and shot a pretty large load all over my Mom's beautiful face. My cum landed on her hair, her forehead, her nose and her chin. Once I finished spraying her face, she took my cock back in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, my cock was still fully erect. She took my cock out of her mouth and smiled, while standing back up, "Fuck I love your cock, baby."

I replied, shocking myself, "And I love your cocksucking lips."

She said, "We better get back, Baby. But when I get you home you owe me a good tongue lashing."

I stammered, "O-o-of course," while pushing my still erect cock into my costume.

Mom asked, while trying to clean my cum from her face, "Still hard, honey. What has got into you? You're like your old 18-year-old self."

Wanting to end this conversation before she caught on to what she had just did, I answered, "You bring out the best in me, Honey," and opened the door, leaving her to finish freshening up.

Returning to the party, all eyes looked at me. I went and grabbed a drink from the bar and Ellie came up behind me and whispered, "Fuck Ted, I was so close to seducing your wife."

"What?" I asked, confused by the proclamation.

"I am going to fuck her again one day, Ted, that is a promise," she guaranteed, before walking away and going directly to my Mom.

The next hour was excruciating. All I wanted to do was get home and hopefully fuck my Mom. Instead we played bobbing for Barbie parts and actually, believe it or not, attempted to do the Thriller dance as a group, which was either damn funny or ridiculously absurd, depending on how you looked at it.

Finally, my Mom, who had ignored me for the rest of the night, came over to me all flirty and asked, "So big boy, are you ready to take me home?"

I briefly flinched, as big boy was the name she called me when I was young. I stammered, "L-l-let's go."

She winked at me and said, "I'll meet you at the car in five."

She gave my still rigid cock a squeeze and went to say her goodbyes. I did my thirty-second byes and waited outside. Each second felt like an eternity as I waited for my Mom to come and be an unknowing accomplice to i****t.

Finally, she arrived and instead of getting in the car, grabbed my hand-paw, and led me to the back-yard. As soon as we were in a secluded spot, she lay on the grass, lifted up her skirt and begged, "Get down here, Baby, I need to come so fucking bad and I want that expert tongue munching on my pussy." She pulled her pantyhose apart ripping them open to reveal she was not wearing underwear, and I was now staring at my Mom's cunt.

Realizing this was probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I tried to make every fantasy I ever had come true. Instead of diving into her glistening shaved pussy, with a sexy trimmed patch above, even better than I ever thought it would look, I took off her heels and took her stocking-covered foot into my hand and began to give her one of my famous foot massages. After I started doing it, I worried she would realize it was her son and not her husband.

She moaned, "Oh Baby, that is so nice."

Instead of talking, I lifted my head off just enough so I could take her stocking-clad toes in my mouth. Something I had fantasized doing to my Mother so many times.

"Oh my Baby, that feels so fucking good," my Mom purred, her breathing changing slightly.

I spent a few minutes kissing, licking, nibbling and massaging my mother's perfect silk-covered feet before I slowly moved up her leg, my tongue moving up, ever so softly, wanting this fantasy-come-true to never end. I reached her pussy, her scent giving away her excitement. My tongue grazed her clit and she involuntarily shook. She begged, "Please Baby, lick my cunt. I need to come so fucking bad."

It took all my willpower to resist the temptation to bury my face in her pussy. Instead, I continued past her pussy and continued down her other leg.

"Damn you, Baby, you are fucking driving me nuts," she whined.

I smiled to myself and took her left foot in my hand and mouth. She moaned again and her begging turned to desperate pleading. "Please, that feels so good, you have got me sopping wet, baby. I need you so bad."

No longer able to resist, I crawled between the legs of my beautiful Mother and buried my face in her pussy, as good as one could with a b**st head on. It was awkward, and slightly uncomfortable, but there was no way I was stopping licking the cunt I had fantasized for years. Her taste was heavenly and I used my abnormally wide tongue, something genetic I had got from my Father, and licked her puffy pussy lips. Her moans were loud and her body spasmed from my touch. Her juices flowed excessively like a constant stream. I sucked her clit into my mouth and she screamed, "Oh my God Baby, I fucking love your tongue. Shove your finger in, baby."

I obliged her request slipping not one, but two fingers in her gaping cunt. As soon as my fingers were inside her beautifully tight cunt, she got overly animated, "Oh fuck, Baby, finger-fuck my box. Make me come all over your fingers."

I pumped her pussy with two fingers while sucking and licking her clit. I felt her legs stiffen and knew her orgasm was imminent. I took my free hand and did something I saw on a porn movie last week. I slapped her clit with my hand. That was the final straw as she screamed "Yes, Baby, I'm coming, keep spanking your slut."

Hearing her call herself my slut was surreally hot. I kept spanking and pumping till her orgasm finished its course. As soon as it had, she begged, "Fuck me Baby. Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours."

It was like every fantasy I had ever had occurred in the same day. I quickly repositioned myself and slid my raging hard-on in her soaking wet cunt. It was heaven. Luckily, I had already come once or this would have been the shortest fantasy come true in history. She wrapped her stocking-clad legs around me and pulled me deeper inside her oasis of pleasure. I leaned forward and awkwardly kissed my Mother. She shoved her tongue in my mouth for a sloppy and passionate kiss. Getting aggressive, she surprised the shit out of me when she flipped me over onto my back and straddled me. She engulfed my cock and began riding me, leaning forward so her still very impressive breasts were in my face, barely covered by the thin costume. I desperately wanted to rip her shirt off and suck on them, like I had so many years ago, but my stupid costume prevented the fantasy from becoming reality. Instead, I watched mesmerized at my gorgeous Mother riding my cock with eager enthusiasm. A few minutes of hardcore bouncing and I knew I was going to come. I mumbled through the costume, "I'm gonna come soon, Mo...." I caught myself just in time and attempted a cover, getting aggressive, "Where does my slut want my cum?"

I was surprised once again when she continued riding my cock and begged, "Come in me baby, fill my cunt with your hot seed."

Such nasty talk was the final straw and I exploded my cum into my perfect slut Mother, a long-lived stroke fantasy coming true. She continued riding my cock, my cum coating her pussy walls. Finally spent, she got off my cock and took me back in her mouth, cleaning my cock with her amazing lips, something no other girl had ever done. After a couple of minutes, she quit cleansing my cock and collapsed beside me.

She looked into my eyes, well my costume eyes, and complimented, "You have always been an amazing lover, but tonight was a new high."

"You bring out the best in me," I slyly complimented.

We lay there in silence for awhile before she suggested we head home. She left her vehicle at the party, as she was too d***k to drive and we went in my dad's Mercedes. Half way home, I felt Mom's hand on my leg and then fishing out my cock from my costume. I let out an involuntary moan when my cock, still hard, was released.

I sped home, hoping to fuck my Mother one more time. For the remainder of the drive my Mother slowly stroked her son's cock.

Once in the garage, Mom asked, "You're still hard, Baby, I can't remember the last time you could get it up twice, never mind three times."

I replied, "It's your costume, Baby, it has brought out the a****l in me."

She laughed, "Now you're being witty. What has gotten into you?"

Feeling confident, "I don't know, but I know what wants to get into you."

She giggled like a school-girl and purred, "You are such a bad boy."

"The baddest," I confidently responded, getting out of the car and then going to the other side and picking up my Mother and carrying her in the house like the dominant man I currently felt. I carried her all the way to my parents' bedroom and tossed her onto the king-sized bed.

My Mother, clearly very horny, a strange smug smile on her face, her voice syrupy sweet, "Do you want Mommy to suck your big cock, again?"

I gasped. She knew it was me. I stammered, "W-w-what do you mean?"

"Oh, Curtis, did you really think I couldn't tell the difference between my husband and son?" she asked, her voice still sexy, her hand reaching for my cock.

I apologized, "I am so sorry, Mom. I didn't come to take advantage of you. I came because you looked so upset that Dad wasn't going to make it."

Her smile never faded as she began stroking my hard as rock cock. "Baby, don't be sorry. I love your Dad, but he's gone so much, and even when he is home, he can never keep up with my sex drive. But you...."

She took my cock into her mouth and, unlike last time, slowly sucked my cock. She made love to my cock with her mouth, slow and gentle. It lasted a few minutes before she took my cock out of her mouth. She asked, coyly, "Do you want to see Mommy's breasts?"

"Y-y-yes," I stammered.

She slowly, seductively, pulled her small costume over her head, releasing her still firm breasts. I stared in perverse awe at my Mom's perfect breasts. I was brought out of my sexual trance by my Mom attempting to take off my costume. "Well, son, don't just stand there. Let's get you out of that costume." Through some fumbling and stumbling, I was finally free from my secret identity and now only in my underwear in front of my Mom. Suddenly self-conscious, my confidence washed away with the costume off. My Mom, maybe sensing my insecurity, built me back up, "Has my baby boy been working out lately?"

In one sentence, my confidence was back. I replied, attempting to be funny, "Yeah, trying to buff up for the ladies."

She smiled, "Well, I know one lady you impressed." Her hands pulled off my underwear. She pulled me back onto the bed and onto our lips finally touched. Soft and tentative at first, the kissing became passionate and eager. Time stood still as we kissed like two horny teenagers. Without words we collapsed onto my parent's bed and ended up in my first ever sixty-nine. I was on my back my cock standing erect like a flagpole while my Mom straddled my face, her silk stocking-clad legs on each side of my head. Her glistening pussy lips were directly above me. I stared like one would a car crash, unable to look away.

I felt my Mother's hand getting a grip of her son's cock and a few seconds later felt her mouth back on my cock, teasing my mushroom top. The slow rotating of her tongue around my cock was teasing heaven. I grabbed my Mother's firm ass and pulled her down, her pussy now in my face and began licking. I savoured each lick, her sweet juice as addicting as any d**g. As she got wetter, she began to get more aggressive on my cock. I lapped her juices like a man who had finally found water in a desert. I wanted to make Mommy come. I began to suck on her clit and pull it down and let it snap back. She took my cock out of her mouth and moaned, "Keep doing that Baby, Mommy loves that."

She kept her hand on my cock, but as I repeated the clit pull, her moaning began to get very loud and she got animated. "Oh yes, Baby, your making Mommy feel so goooood," and "You are going to make Mommy come," and finally her moans so loud that I thought she may wake the neighbours, "Fuck Curtis I'm coming. My son is making me commmmmmmmmmmmmme."

Her juices poured out of her pussy and onto my face and mouth. I continued lapping my Mom's pussy, eager to receive every last drop of her juice. As soon as her orgasm subsided, she turned around, straddled my cock and engulfed it completely. Are eyes met and she smiled, "Do you want to suck on Mommy's titties again, like you used to?"

I moaned, her ass moving up and down on my cock, "Yes, Mommy."

She leaned forward, dropping her left breast into my mouth. I sucked on my Mom's nipple and heard her moan from my touch. In this amazing position, my Mom fucked me forever. I moved from her left breast, to her right and back and forth while Mom continued to slowly milk my cock with her pussy. Somehow she tightened her cunt muscles around my cock, making it even tighter.

She whispered, "I love fucking you, son. Your cock feels so good in my cunt. Do you like fucking Mommy?"

I moaned, "I have wanted this forever, Mom. I have never felt such pleasure."

My mom smiled, "You know this is just the beginning, Baby. We are going to do so many naughty things. What do you think of Miranda?"

"She is the second hottest woman I know," I replied.

"I better be the first," she teased, beginning to ride me faster.

"Mom, you are perfection personified," I moaned.

"Would you like to fuck Miranda?" my Mom asked.

Surprised, I moaned, "Of course."

"She and I have been playing on the side for years," my Mom revealed. "She is one amazing cunt muncher."

"No way," I grunted, the revelation seemingly making my second greatest fantasy come true, not to mention the thought of my Mother as a lesbian was fucking hot.

"Way," she joked, "and she loves young cock. She can go all night long. She is like the energizer bunny, she fucks all night long."

"Oh my God," I moaned, "I can't believe it."

Mom began bouncing on my cock taking it completely and said, "Believe it stud. She is my little sex kitten and she will eagerly be your plaything too. Now tell me when you are close Baby, I want to taste your sweet load."

"Yes, Mommy," I moaned. Watching her ride me like a complete slut, her breasts bouncing in sweet unison, my balls began to bubble in a few minutes and I warned, "I'm gonna come soon, Mommy."

Mom quickly got off and gobbled my cock whole, bobbing up and down clearly desperate to taste my seed. Her fast-paced bobbing was amazing and in less than a minute I was shooting my third load of the evening, the trifecta of coming: on her face, in her pussy and down her throat. Unlike most women, she swallowed my cum completely, and kept bobbing till long after the last drop had been extracted. Finally, she took my shrinking cock out of her mouth and collapsed beside me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight.

I whispered in her ear, "I love you, Mom."

She turned around and looked into my eyes, "Curtis, I love you too." She kissed me again, sweet and gentle.

She broke the kiss, looked back into my eyes and said, "I also love fucking you."

I chuckled, "I love fucking you too, Mom."

She let out a yawn and said, "Sorry Baby, you have fucked me to exhaustion. I need to crash. Will you stay in bed with me?"

"Of course, Mom, I never want to let you go."

She turned back around and I held her tight. In a couple of minutes I heard her soft snores and I too faded into darkness knowing that everything had changed.

Have you ever woke up and let out a sigh as you realized you're vivid, enthralling experience was just a dream?

As I attempted to open my weary eyes, that was the exact empty feeling that was rolling through me. My dream had felt so real. I dreamt I had fucked my Mother last night...twice. It was the most intoxicating real experience and the most alive I had ever felt, so realizing it was a dream was completely devastating. Many of my fantasies have been about fucking my ridiculously hot mother, so such dreams were not new, just how authentically real it felt was new. I had also woke up many times, all sticky after an all-too-real dream. It was then I was startled as the bed moved.

My eyes went deer-in-the-headlights big as I slowly turned to my side to look directly into the eyes of my mother.

"Good morning, lover," she smiled and leaned in and kissed me. My cock instantly woke up. Breaking the kiss, she teased, reaching down and grabbing my cock "It seems you are happy to see me."

I stammered, both thrilled that it wasn't a dream, and at the same time nervous as what to do, "I-I-It really h-h-happened?"

"Twice," she smiled, gently stroking my cock.

"Wow," I blurted out, like a fool.

"Wow indeed," she responded and disappeared under the sheets. A second later, I felt her lips wrapped around my cock. She slowly bobbed up and down, lavishing my cock with her saliva. I closed my eyes, still trying to process my good fortune and coming to grips with the reality that my mother, now sober, was sucking my cock. The slow blowjob lasted for a few minutes, as she seemed in no hurry to get me off. Disappointed, I felt her perfect cocksucking mouth leave my cock and she returned to face me.

She smiled and asked, "Is my big boy ready to fuck his Mommy?"

"Very much so," I responded, moving up and pushing my naked Mother onto her back.

"Oooh, I love a man who can take control," she purred.

I pulled her legs apart and buried my face in my Mom's cunt. I licked, probed and nibbled her sweet hole for a few minutes until her juices were flowing and she begged, "Please fuck me son. Shove that big cock of yours in Mommy's cunt."

Feeling confident and sensing her need for submission, I asked her, "Who's my slut?"

She didn't miss a beat, responding, "I'm your slut. Mommy is your little fuck-toy."

I lifted her legs up high in the air, held them together pushed and ordered, "Beg me to fuck you."

Her face flushed with excitement and horniness she begged like a slut, my slut, "Oh please son, shove that big hard cock in your Mommy. Shoot your cum deep inside your Mommy slut."

Her nasty words were too much to resist any longer and, holding her ankles together, I easily slid my cock into her wet cunt.

As soon as my cock filled her pussy, she began moaning, "Oh yes son, fuck me. Fuck Mommy hard."

Using her legs to balance, I leaned in and rammed her cunt. Deciding I wasn't making love to her, but fucking her, I was relentless with my hard deep thrusts. I could feel my balls slap into her with each deep thrust and her moans escalated with each powerful stroke.

She also got more animated as the hard pounding continued. "Oh god yes, Curtis, your cocks feels so good inside Mommy," and "Yes, son, harder, fuck me harder," and "Your cock fills Mommy up so good, baby," and "Pound me baby, pound Mommy's cunt," and finally "Oh my God, yes son, your making Mommy come, don't stop, baby, don't stop, fuuuuuuuck."

I wish I could say I came at the same time she did, but my morning orgasms take time. I kept hammering away at my mother's soaking wet cunt throughout her orgasm. Once her orgasm had clearly finished coursing through her body, I pulled out and presented my cock, sticky, with her cum.

She asked, all demure, "Does my son want his mother to suck his big hard cock?"

I responded smugly, "A better question is does my Mom want to suck her son's cock that is coated with her cum?"

She purred, reaching for my cock with her hand, "Hmmmmm, yummy."

After a couple of strokes with her hand, she took my cock back in her mouth. Unlike the sweet and slow wake-up call, this time she bobbed up and down with purpose. Watching my hot Mom suck my cock with such reckless eagerness was the hottest sight ever and after only a few minutes I could feel my balls beginning to bubble.

Like a gentleman, I warned, "I'm going to come soon, Mom."

Her left hand, gripping my ass, slithered to the crack, and I was stunned when I felt her finger slide between my ass cheeks and stop at my rosebud. I was about to say something about that being a no touch zone when I felt her penetrate my ass. The violation was like an electric shock direct to my cock and I instantly felt my cum explode out of me and down my Mom's throat. She didn't slow down or remove the finger that was lodged in my ass until long after every drop of my cum had been extracted by her perfect cocksucking mouth. At the same time, she pulled out of my ass and took my cock out of her mouth, leaving me suddenly feeling empty.

We both collapsed back onto my parent's bed. We both allowed silence to linger as we processed last night and this morning's debauchery.

Finally, I broke the silence by attempting to see where this could go after today. "So, you and Miranda Collington?"

Her eyes went wide as she asked, "How do you know about that?"

"You pretty much offered her to me last night," I reminded her.

"Oh," she sighed, "I vaguely remember that now."

Pushing the envelope, I asked, "So is she the only one you play with?"

"Yes," she replied, before adding as if giving an explanation, "she is impossible to resist."

"I imagine," I joked, before trying to stir the pot, "What about Ellie?"

"What about her?" my mother asked, rolling onto her side.

"Well last night, when she thought I was Dad she gave me crap saying, "'Fuck Ted, I was so close to seducing your wife and promising she was going to fuck you again one day."

My mother smiled as she said, clearly reminiscing about her past, "She did, did she?"

"Yes, she made it sound like you two were lovers back in college," I explained, trying to get more out of her.

My Mom gave a cautious laugh. "Curtis, Ellie and my history is very complicated."

Taking a major risk, but a calculated one based on my assumptions, I moved my hand down to her cunt and asked, "Tell me, Mommy."

She let out a sigh-moan and replied, "No, I can't."

My finger slid inside her cunt as I explained, my tone implying a no-nonsense attitude, "I wasn't asking you to tell me, I was telling you to."

Her face went red, and I instantly knew I was right. She was submissive. Mom weakly tried to resist the power shift, "Curtis, please don't."

"Don't what, Mommy?" I asked, fingering her pussy slowly.

"Don't make me your slut," she whimpered.

"You don't want to be my slut?" I enquired, my finger stopping deep inside her wet box.

Her breathing was getting heavier and she pleaded, "Curtis, I can't. I have resisted for so long."

Suddenly confused, I asked, very curious, "Resisted what for so long?"

"Being a slut," she moaned, as she moved her ass back and forth trying to fuck herself with my finger.

"But you fuck Miranda," I pointed out.

"Yes, but I am in charge in our relationship. She is my slut," my Mom explained.

I pulled my finger out.

Mom instantly pleaded, "Curtis, please don't stop, but it back in."

I put my sticky finger to her lips. "Shhhhhh, Mother. I think I figured this out. You were Ellie's slut in college, but once you met Dad you broke away from your submissive lifestyle and attempted to be a good, faithful, heterosexual wife. I even bet Dad is not dominant in the bedroom and before I showed up last night, you were weakening to Ellie's sexual advances, weren't you?"

"Yes," my Mom replied, flustered and frustrated, "Are you happy? I was Ellie's personal pleasure pet, her words, all four years of college. But once I met your dad, I quit cold turkey until a crazy weekend with Miranda in Vegas last year."

I returned my hand to my Mom's wanton pussy and slid two fingers rather easily inside her drenched cunt. "So do you want to be Ellie's pleasure pet again?"

"No," my Mom quickly answered.

"Why?" I asked, beginning to pump her pussy with my fingers.

"Because although we stayed great friends after we quit our odd relationship, she warned me back then that when I came back, which she was confident I would, she would own me completely."

"What does such a declaration mean?" I asked.

"I never submitted to find out, but she is a very demanding lover," my mother answered. Her slight smile implied she was reminiscing about a different time.

"Is she strictly a lesbian?" I asked, reflecting on the fact that I had never seen her with a man, which is incredibly hard to believe for someone as hot and big breasted as Ellie.

Mom, catching my real question, teased, "Does my son want to fuck my best friend?"

"Well in a perfect world I would watch you two in some hot lesbian action and then I would join in."

"All men are the same," she joked, pushing me playfully.

"So is she a dyke?"

"Not completely, but I have never seen her get to excited about any man. She just fucks them and leaves them. Actually she treats sex with men like a man," my Mother concluded.

"Would she fuck me?" I asked bluntly.

My Mom considered this before responding cautiously, "Probably, but it would come with strings attached."

"Strings attached?" I asked.

"Yes, she must always be in control. That is one of the reasons she doesn't keep men for long periods of time."

"What would Ellie say if she knew what we did?" I asked, trying to understand their relationship better.

"I don't know. But I am sure she would use it in some way to lure me back into her web of submission," Mom said, her eyes showing a trepidation I seldom saw in her confident persona. It made me very curious what kind of relationship the two of them used to have.

Seeing my Mom's trepidation, I decided to let it go, even though I already knew I was going to go and see Ellie at school later today.

Instead, I decide to focus on the sure thing Mom had mentioned last night. "So you and Miranda, hey?"

Her face went red as she explained, "Well, I missed the woman's touch, but knew going back was way too dangerous for my marriage, so when a d***ken Miranda hit on me three years ago at the same Halloween party, I gave in to the long burning temptation, although not that night. We ended up in Vegas one with both of us dressed up to tease, and after quite a few thing led to another and she was between my legs in the elevator. She is a nymphomaniac and extremely submissive. Luckily, somehow, Ellie does not know about our secret get-togethers."

"And you think she will fuck me?" I asked.

"She will devour you whole. She will literally fuck you to exhaustion," Mom promised. "And if you compliment her legs she will be yours instantly."

"Can you set it up?" I asked.

"Anything for my new fuck-toy," she smiled, getting out of bed. "But I need to get ready for work."

I watched her disappear into her bathroom; I lay in my parent's bed, a variety of nasty upcoming fuck sessions still in my head like a porn movie.


I was just arriving at Ellie's high school, my Alta Mater, when I received a text.

It was from Mom.

Meet me at 847 Wisconsin Drive NOW!!!

I texted back.


My Mom's response:

That is Miranda's house.

Although I was dying to talk to Ellie, it would have to wait. I adjusted my erect cock that was stuck awkwardly in my pants and started the longest twenty-minute drive of my life. My mind spun and spun with the upcoming potential that I was going to get to fuck Miranda Collington, the pantyhose wearing dream girl of so many of my stroke sessions.

I arrived at her house and Mom's car was in the driveway. I parked and was suddenly filled with anxiety. I took a few deep breaths and walked to the door. It was opened a moment later by Miranda dressed in a black skirt, matching pantyhose and a blue blouse. She looked like she was ready for work tonight.

Her radiant smile greeted me. "Come on in, I have heard a lot about you."

I walked in, still really nervous, and followed her into her living room. Mom was there and greeted me. "Hi, Curtis."

Unsure what Mom had in mind, or what she may have told Miranda, I played it casual. "Hi, Mom."

I sat on a lone chair as Mom explained, "I was just telling Miranda here that you were her biggest fan."

I blushed.

Miranda patted the open spot on the couch and asked, "Is that so?"

I glanced at Mom who gave an affirmative nod and, nervously, like a virgin going to a prostitute, walked over to the couch.

Sitting down, Miranda's hand went instantly to my leg, her voice dripping with seduction, "So tell Miranda, what do you like about me?"

Her hand ever-so-slowly moving up my leg was a major distraction as I stammered, "Um-I-I-I grew up obsessed with your legs. I have a nylon fetish and you were one of the only women on the planet that always wore them."

"Ah-um," my Mom pointed out.

I smiled, "Well, other than my Mom, who is probably to blame for my fetish."

"Do you want to touch my nylons?" Miranda asked.

I nodded my head like some lovelorn boy.

She grabbed my hand and placed it on her knee.

"So your mother was telling me about your little charade last night," she began. "Don't just sit there stud, roam."

My confidence, despite the surreal situation, began to grow and I slowly moved my hand up her leg.

Her hand roamed too, landing directly on my cock. "Hmmm, nice. Your mother was not exaggerating."

I let out an incontrollable moan. Trying to replicate her aggressiveness, I reached her pantyhose covered crotch. She explained, "Sorry, if I would have known I would be entertaining guests, I would have worn stockings...for easier access."

I let out another moan. I looked at Mom, who was smiling perversely.

There was a moment of silence, as we each had our hands on the other's private parts through our clothing.

The silence was broken when Miranda said, "So, your mom told me that you really want to fuck me."

I let out a shocked moan.

"Is that true?" she asked, giving my cock a squeeze, as she leaned into me and bit my ear.

Weakly, I replied, "Yes, ma'am."

"Ma'am? Ma'am is for old people. Am I old?" she asked, pouting.

I stammered, attempting to rectify any insult I unintentionally made, "No, sorry, you are one hot bitch."

She burst out laughing, "From one extreme to another."

I apologized again, seeing my fantasy come true beginning to fall apart. "Sorry, I...."

I was thankfully shut up by her lips pressed against mine, as she kissed me hard. I felt her hands unbuttoning my jeans. Once my cock was released from it's cocoon, it sprang to life and I was surprised to feel a mouth wrap around it. I opened my eyes to see my mother sucking my cock in front of Miranda Collington.

Miranda broke the kiss and watched the i****tuous act. "I never would have believed it," she acknowledged, standing up.

I watched her unzip her skirt, mesmerized. She slowly allowed it to fall down her legs, showcasing her perfect legs in black pantyhose. She slowly unbuttoned her blouse, as my mother just as slowly sucked my cock.

The two working together had me in fits: a striptease by my fantasy older woman while my other fantasy woman, Mom, sucked my cock. It was completely enthralling.

Soon Miranda was only in pantyhose and a bra. I noticed she was not wearing panties.

Seeing me notice her lack of underwear, she smiled. "I haven't worn panties since I was a teenager."

She slowly sauntered back to me, leaned in and asked, "Can you help me with this?"

I reached behind her back and fumbled with her bra strap. After a few seconds of frustration, it popped open and her perky breasts were revealed to me. Instinctively, I leaned forward and took her large, erect nipple into my mouth.

Her pantyhose-covered leg touching mine, her breast in my mouth and my Mom's slow but superb cocksucking were too much and I shot a load of my cum down my mother's throat.

Miranda, seeing I had just come, said, "You better have a second load for me, stud."

Mom got off her knees and got undressed herself. Once naked, except for stockings, she sat on the couch and took control. "Ok, enough of this silly foreplay. Miranda, let's get that pretty face of yours where it does its best work, between my legs."

Miranda obeyed in a heartbeat and I watched in voyeuristic glee as Miranda Collington, the pantyhose wearing weather girl, crawled between Mom's stocking-clad legs and began licking her pussy.

Mom continued in her drill sergeant role as she instructed, "And you, get behind her, rip open her pantyhose, and plug her cunt."

Turned on by Mom's filthy mouth and watching my dream woman on her knees eating Mom's pussy, I quickly obeyed Mom's order.

Kneeling behind Miranda Collington, I stared at her perfectly curved ass, worshipping her perfection.

Mom joked, "Are you going to sit there and drool all day or are you going to fuck her?"

I responded, trying to be witty, "Can't I do both?"

"Touché," she moaned, Miranda obviously doing wonders with her tongue.

I rubbed my hands over Miranda's pantyhose covered ass. Her pantyhose were the softest I had ever felt. I could have done this forever and been content, but I finally ripped her pantyhose apart to get access to her pussy.

I surprised her and Mom, when instead of just burying my cock in her pussy, I laid on my back, crawled between her parted legs and attacked her pussy with my mouth.

She let out a muffled moan when my lips touched her pussy lips. I couldn't believe how sweet she tasted and how wet she already was. Although awkward, I was determined to get her off with my tongue. I lapped at her wetness, slowly sliding my tongue between her pussy lips like I was painting them with a brush: long, wide, strokes, back and forth. I heard her breathing increase and decided to go for the kill. I reached up and took her swollen clit in my mouth and pulled down on it. She screamed into my Mom's pussy the moment I sucked her clit into my mouth. Knowing I had her close, I kept her clit in my mouth and pushed my face into her clit and pussy over and over again, literally fucking her with my face. Her moans increased and her legs buckled and her pussy crashed onto my face. She rubbed her cunt on my mouth, clearly desperate to release the orgasm building inside her. I just extended my tongue as best I could and tried to breathe as she literally fucked my face to orgasm. Knowing it was Miranda Collington riding my face was the second most exhilarating moment of my life, it would have been first if it hadn't been for what Mommy and I had done last night. Suddenly she bounced on my face a few times, my head bouncing off the floor with each bounce, and I was soon been cascaded with a downpour of her juice. The juice kept coming and coming, and I eagerly attempted to savour and retrieve every fucking delicious drop.

Miranda finally crawled off me and collapsed to the floor. Her words filled me with a pride few men can ever have. "Holy fuck, that was the most intense orgasm of my life and I have had thousands of orgasms."

Mom concurred. "I told you. Last night was the best sex if my life. You can see why I can't just stop like a good mother should."

I revelled in the glow of such praise until my cock reminded me it still was raring to go. Suddenly brimming with a confidence I never had before, I flipped Miranda onto her side and slid my cock inside her from behind. From this angle she was so fucking tight, even after her orgasm.

She moaned the minute my cock was buried in her and got animated, "Yes, fuck me big boy. Pound my tight pussy. Make me your slut."

Her dirty mouth was both surprising, because she seemed so prim and proper on TV, and a major turn on.

Having already come this morning with Mom and again with Mom's blow job twenty minutes ago, I was in for the long haul.

I looked up at Mom, who was watching and playing with herself.

Miranda's dirty mouth continued through the fucking. "Your big cock feels so fucking good in my hotbox," and "Hammer my cunt, drill me deeper," and "Fuck me in front of your mommy" and "Holy shit, Alexis, no wonder you can't resist him."

I continued the deep hard thrusts, perspiration already dripping down my forehead, when she screamed, "Oh yes, I'm coming bad boy, I'm coming all over your beautiful cock."

Her body spasmed like she was having an epileptic seizure as she ground her ass back on my cock taking all my stiff rod inside her.

Once she was done her second orgasm, she pushed me on my back and straddled me. I watched in complete awe as my cock disappeared between her glistening pussy lips. Once all eight inches were gone, she began bouncing on my cock like a cowgirl riding a bull. She bounced up and down hard, determined to fill herself with my prick. I just lay back and watched her hot facial expressions and her breasts jiggling all over the place as she rode me. Making it even better, this hot mature woman did something with her cunt muscles that was so amazing. It was like she was milking my cock with her cunt. It was so intense and easily the most amazing pleasure I had ever felt while fucking someone.

Suddenly she leaned forward, my cock staying lodged in her warmth, and she kissed me. At first it was gentle and sweet, but soon transitioned into a man and a woman becoming one. The whole time she slowly moved her ass up and down on my cock.

She finally broke the kiss and said, ever-so-sweetly, completely opposite of her earlier nasty talk, "Come with me, baby. I want to feel your cum inside me as I come."

She leaned forward and kissed me gently. The tender passion mixed with her still amazing tightness had my balls boiling. I reluctantly broke the sweet kiss and warned, "I'm going to come soon, Miranda."

"Hold on, baby, I'm close too," she moaned. Her eyes bore into mine with a sweetness I couldn't explain. She then began the countdown.

"10---9---8---7-not yet, baby--6---getting closer---5---I love your cock, baby---4---get ready---3---yes your cock fills me so completely---2---so close, baby, so close---1---yes, here it comes Baby, ready, set, come Curtis-the-Big-Cock-Mommy-Fucker, come inside me. Fill me with your hot cum."

My balls were bubbling at five, but I held back using every last speck of resistance until she demanded I come. It was the most exhilarating orgasm of my life. It was like our bodies became one and our cum crashed together like waves off the Hawaiian coast.

I let out a loud "Oh fucking God."

She let out a similar "Fuck, fuck, yeeeeeees." She collapsed onto my chest and kissed me passionately as her orgasm spread through her. I could literally feel her body quiver on mine. It was so intimate; a feeling filled me I could not explain. I longed to just hold her.

My Mother broke the intimate moment. "Well, that was fucking hot."

The sex had gotten so intensely beautiful, that I forgot all about Mom even being there.

Miranda looked up too and said, "I think I just found my date for Mark's wedding."

I looked at her, confused.

Mom attempted to fill me in. "Mark Appleton, Miranda's ex."

Mark Appleton was the news anchor for the TV station Miranda worked for. "Oh," I said.

Miranda explained, "The wedding is in three weeks and I have decided you will be my date."

"I will?" I asked, trying to process the news.

She took my still semi-erect cock in her hand and said, "and I won't take no for an answer."

I stammered, not because I didn't want to, but more out of shock, "S-s-sure."

She let go off my cock and stood up. "I would love to chat and play some more, but I need to get going to work."

Thank God, I thought to myself, I needed time to recover.

As Miranda got dressed, she continued, "Curtis, what is your cell number?"

I gave it to her and she explained, "Curtis, I want to get to know you better over the next three weeks, we need to look like a couple at the wedding." Her skirt back on, she pulled me off the floor and explained, her hand back on my cock, "I will definitely make it worth your while."

Her seductive smile and tone had me a complete bowl of jello. I tried to sound strong and manly. "Sure thing."

She kissed me quickly and finished getting dressed. I too started getting dressed, as my mother said, "Bad news, Curtis."

I turned to my Mom and asked with concern, "What's wrong?"

"Your Dad called a couple of hours ago. He will be home later tonight."

"Oh," I replied, pondering how we would be able to keep up our little sexcapades.

Mom stood up too, grabbing my cock through my pants. "So we will have to be more creative."

"Whatever you say, Mom," I agreed, like a good son.

"That is what I like to hear," she said, squeezing my cock one last time.

We all finished getting dressed and said our goodbyes and as I was just getting ready to leave, Miranda gave me on last kiss and whispered in my ear, "I will text you later so you have my number. Any time you want me, just text me." She bit my ear and sauntered away.

I adjusted my cock which somehow had grown again. I left the house and got to my car. I sat there for a few minutes attempting to process the craziness that was the last hour. I had fucked Miranda Collington! I had a date with Miranda Collington!

Just as I went to drive away, my cell buzzed. I glanced at it.

Miranda: U have my cell now. Anytime you need a place to warm up your cock, just give me a call.

I smiled. I quickly texted back: How about now?

I waited a minute and was rewarded by a text back.

Miranda: U naughty boy. I will send you a special keepsake in a few seconds.

A few seconds later another text came from her. It was jpg. I clicked on it and also shit myself. It was a picture of Miranda in white stockings and nothing else. Her legs spread open and her hand spreading was open her pussy lips.

I was staring at it when I received another text.

Miranda: I have hundreds of these, stud. I will send you on every day. P.S.This is one of my tamer ones.

I gasped. I was in man heaven.

I texted her back: OMG-you are perfection.

She texted me back.

Miranda: Play your cards right and you can fuck perfection any time you want.

I decided not to respond and attempt to be aloof and strong. I drove home thinking if I died today I would die happy.

As I drove home, my phone vibrated again, but I waited till I got home to check it.

Once home, I checked the message, it was from Miranda.

Miranda: I am still horny. U have five hours to recover. I expect you to meet me at 11 at the studio. If you want to watch the show live, come at 9.

A second text came as I read this one.

Miranda: Have you ever fucked someone in the ass?

I gasped. I had tried on a couple times to convince my ex, Pamela, to try some backdoor play, but she wouldn't even remotely consider it. Now the woman I had fantasized over for years was implying I could fuck her ass.

I decided I needed a long cold shower to calm down and a nap; I expected tonight might be a long one.

Dad was home and greeted me as I ran inside. "Hey Curtis, how was last night?"

I lied, "Uneventful."

"Is she still mad at me?" he asked.

I shrugged. "I don't think so, I covered for you pretty good."

"Thanks son," he said, patting me on the back, "You always have my back."

I held back a laugh, knowing that he didn't remotely catch on. With any luck, he never would.

"I need to go take a nap, Dad, I have a late night date."

He smiled, "Oh, to be young again."

I went upstairs to my room and collapsed on my bed, wondering what tonight and the next three weeks would bring.

The next three weeks were a whirlwind of sex.

That night (after my crazy threesome with my Mom and my new older girlfriend), after a good nap to recover, I made it to the newscast half an hour early.

Security wouldn't believe me so I had to text Miranda who came and pulled me inside, her tongue greeting me.

She entwined her fingers with mine and led me into the studio where I was promptly introduced to her ex, Mark.

"Mark, this is my new boyfriend, Curtis," she said, her arm hooked in mine.

Mark looked at me with such disdain I was suddenly rather nervous. Ignoring me completely as a threat he turned to Miranda. "Isn't he a bit young for you?"

"Isn't Brittany a little dumb for you?" she countered, sharply.

"Whatever," he said, walking away.

Her smile was big as she pulled me into her dressing room for a quick blow-job. As soon as the door was closed my fantasy jerk-off woman all these years was on her knees devouring my cock. Once she had swallowed my seed, she stood back up and kissed me sweetly, her tongue darting between my lips, the last remnants of my cum given back to me.

I watched the show live, which was surprisingly boring and frantic, and once done I was face to face with Mark.

"How old are you, k**?" he asked, sizing me up.


"You know she is just using you, right?"

I shrugged. "Well, if that is true there could be worse things to be used for."

He laughed awkwardly before threatening me. "I don't want to see you around here."

Miranda showed up just as Mark poked me in the chest with his finger. Miranda joked, "Mark, you had your chance with me. Leave my boy alone."

He sarcastically agreed, "Boy is the right word."

Miranda shot back. "Be careful about your word choice, tiny. Curtis is a real man and unlike someone I won't mention can get it up more than once. On that note, Curtis let's see how many times you can get it up in one day. So far it is four if I recall."

She grabbed my hand and pulled me along as I blushed like an embarrassed schoolboy. Once in her room she closed the door and tore of my clothes. "Curtis, I am so fucking horny. I want you in me now."

Like a k** in a candy shop I grabbed at everything. I squeezed her ass, I cupped her breasts and I slid a finger inside my dream woman's wet pussy. Each action had her moaning like a porn star and gasping like she was down to her breath.

Once on her couch, I dove between her legs and sampled her heavenly taste. On contact her moans increased and continued as I eagerly lapped her pussy. I don't know if I was that good or she was just that horny, maybe both, but she came hard only a couple of minutes in. As soon as she was done, she straddled my rock hard cock and bounced up and down on it. She easily devoured all eight inches with ease and I just watched, in complete awe, as my most common stroke fantasy, other than my Mother, rode me. She purred, "Do you like this, Curtis?"

"Fuck yes," I moaned.

"I love your quick recovery time, stud," she moaned.

Acting studly, my confidence brimming, I replied, "I can go all night."

She smiled, "Don't make promises you can't keep. I have just hit my sexual prime and I crave cock constantly."

My balls bubbling from the reality that Miranda Collington was my girlfriend and was riding my cock with reckless abandon, I grunted, "I'm not going to last much longer."

I expected her to get off me, but instead bounced faster as she begged, "Fill my cunt with your cum, baby. I want to feel your cum explode inside me. Come baby, come for Miranda."

I needed no further encouragement as I shot my load deep inside her. She didn't miss a beat as she continued riding my cock, milking every last drop of my cum. Finally getting off me, she moved beside me and kissed me passionately. One would think I would be spent after five loads today, two in my Mom and three more in Miranda, but my cock never lowered.

We chatted for a few minutes, where I learned the wedding was actually in Las Vegas and that she wanted me to come for a four-day trip. I couldn't believe my past twenty-four hours. I had fucked my beautiful Mom and I had begun fucking a local celebrity. Life could not get better than this...could it?

One more lengthy fuck and I headed home exhausted with my cock raw. I don't think I even stroked myself six times in one day. I crashed in my bed, still dressed and fell into a deep sl**p.


I was awakened the next morning by my mother's lips wrapped around my cock. It is easily the best way in the world to be waked up...a blow-job from your mother. Even though I shot six loads the day before, it didn't take long to get me stirring. Once awake, Mom straddled me and allowed her hot lava to engulf my just wakened cock and said, "I hope Miranda didn't wear you out, I need some quality time with my son."

"She is a minx," I moaned as Mom bounced up and down on my cock, but added, "But I will always have time for you, Mom."

"You say the sweetest things," she purred, squeezing her breasts together and leaning forward. I took her stiff nipple in my mouth and bit gently.

She let out a soft moan and teased, "Don't leave any incriminating evidence."

I bit harder and teased back, "Is my Mommy-slut telling me what to do?"

She moaned, "Yes, I am. Now fuck me, big boy."

Never one to refuse such a request, I began bucking my ass up, my cock pistoning inside her like a well-oiled machine. Her luscious breasts bounced in my face and her moans of pleasure increased proportionately. "Oh god baby, fuck Mommy. Your cock feels so good in Mommy."

Her constant reference to being my Mommy only made it hotter, a constant reminder of the taboo act we both were participating in so eagerly.

"You love my cock don't you, Mommy?" I asked.

"I fucking love it son. I can't get enough of your big stiff cock," she moaned, as I continued to fuck her.

Getting tired from this position, I ordered, "On all fours Mommy. I am going to fuck you like a dog, like you're my pet Mommy."

"Oh God, Curtis. That is so fucking hot," my sexy Mother replied, obeying my order and getting on all fours.

Getting behind her beautifully tight ass, I put my hands on her hips and allowed my cock to roam and tease, rubbing against her lips, but not in her. Mom who has never been overly patient, demanded, "Shove your cock in me, Curtis, now!"

I spanked her ass gently, before sliding my cock inside the burning warmth of my mother. "Sooooo demanding, Mom."

"Aaaah, fuck, yes," she moaned the instant I filled her. "I can't believe how good you feel in me, son."

"Right back at you, Mom."

My first load of the morning usual came really quickly and this time was no different. Only a few minutes into my hardcore fucking of my Mom, I felt my balls boiling and I warned, "I'm going to come soon, Mom."

In lightning speed, my Mom turned around and devoured my cock with her perfect cocksucking lips. She furiously bobbed back and forth like the eager slut she was and I rewarded her with a very full load of my cum. Swallowing every drop, she continued bobbing up and down on my cock until I asked her to stop, the sensation now making me have to pee.

When I returned from the washroom, my sexy Mother was lying in my bed waiting for me. She said, strangely like a rather insecure teenager, "Don't you forget about your Mother's needs now that you will be spending so much time with your boyhood fantasy girl."

I corrected her. "Oh Mom, you were my first and still are my most constant boyhood fantasy girl."

She slapped me playfully. "I bet you say that to all the older women you fuck."

I leaned and kissed her tenderly, with the passion of a man in love, gentle, intimate and yet still with the lust that accompanied my feelings for her. Breaking the kiss, I said, "Mom, I love you."

"I love you too, son," she answered.

I stood up, suddenly hungry for breakfast, and said, "Did you know the wedding is in Vegas?"

"I do now," she quipped.

"I'm not even old enough to get into the bars and casinos," I pointed out.

My Mother, always the witty one, quipped back, "But you will be old enough to get into Miranda."

"Touché," I replied, still bathing in my good fortune.

Mom got up, and said, "Go shower, I will make my big boy some breakfast."

"You really are the best mother in the world," I complimented.

Walking to me and firmly grabbing my semi-erect cock, "And don't you forget it." She gave one last tug and disappeared.


I put on hold my attempt to find out more about Ellie's past relationship with my mother, as I focused on Miranda and the upcoming wedding, which had become a full-time job. Miranda paraded me around at work, flaunting me in front of her ex every chance she got and played with my trombone over and over again.

A few days later, I had just finished fucking Miranda in her dressing room, which had become a daily routine, when she said, "I am going to buy our airline tickets tomorrow. You are still good with coming?"

I replied with sexual innuendo, "I love coming with you."

"Oh you dirty boy," she teased.

Throwing an idea out there, I asked, "What do you think of having Mom and Ellie join us?"

She asked, pouting like a school girl, "What, I am not enough for you?"

"On the contrary, Mom clearly misses being with Ellie and needs to be pushed past the point of no return and well...what happens in Vegas...."

Her devious smile crossing her radiant just-fucked face, she asked, "You want to play lesbian matchmaker with your married Mom?"

"Well, that is an interesting way to put it," I reflected with a grin.

"You know that Ellie used to Domme your Mom right?"

"Mom hasn't said much more than that if she ever gave into Ellie again it would be impossible to ever break free again."

"Tell you what, I love the idea. But how are we going to get Ellie to go along?"

"I already thought of that. You invite her as your 'plus one' and she will be pleasantly surprised when Mom and I are on the plane."

"Hmmm and I assume you have a plan while we are up in the air?" she guessed, her hand slowly stroking my already growing cock.

"In my head I have a million different variants," I admitted.

"Do you want to fuck Ellie?" Miranda asked.

"Well..." I began, knowing answering such a question was dangerous.

"It's ok, baby," Miranda said, "I would love to see you fuck her. I would also love to play with her as well."

"It will be a pleasant surprise for Mom," I said, as I tapped my cock on Miranda's sweet lips.

"I will make arrangements tomorrow," she promised before taking my cock back in her mouth.


The next day and few days since I had last fucked my mother, she came up to me in the kitchen as I was getting ready to go meet up with Miranda. Her hand went onto my cock while Dad was in the other room watching the news, and she pouted, "Have you forgot about Mommy?"

My stiff cock gave its own answer as I moaned softly, "God no, Mom. I am always ready to assist you in any way possible."

She unzipped my pants and fished out my cock. She stroked it quickly. "Fuck, I want your cock in me." Surprising me, she lifted up her sundress, bent over the counter and whispered, "Fuck me, Curtis."

"But Dad is in the next room," I protested.

"Do as your mother asks," she ordered.

Mom had blown me in the bathroom quickly while Dad was downstairs, she had rubbed my cock with her foot during supper a couple of times as well, but we had never fucked while Dad was home.

"You sure?" I asked, still unsure, even as her tight ass bent over had me raring to go.

"Yes, fuck Mommy, Curtis, now!" she begged, with a whisper.

Obeying my Mother like a good son should always do, I went behind her and easily penetrated her already very wet pussy.

I did slow strokes, still pretty scared of getting caught by Dad fucking Mom. Mom's moans were quiet and controlled, unlike when we were alone and she was an animated slut.

I continued to fuck my mother for three minutes or so when the phone rang. My Dad never answered the phone and it was in the kitchen anyway.

Mom cursed under her breath, "For fuck sakes," and went to the phone reluctantly allowing me to slip out of her. Answering the phone, she rolled her eyes. "Hi Mom."

Knowing that this would be a long conversation, I put my cock back in my pants, and winked at Mom, whose red cheeks would have been excellent CSI evidence of our crime. She said, "Mom, give me a second. Curtis is just leaving."

Mom put the phone down and came over to me. She whispered in my ear, her hand firmly on my still stiff cock, "Don't forgot about Mommy while you are out gallivanting with Miranda."

"Of course, not Mom. You will always be my first choice."

She kissed me on the lips, shoving her tongue in my mouth, before saying, "And don't you ever forget it."

I quipped, "How could I Mom, you are my MILF slut."

She smiled and mocked authority, "Don't you use such language with me, unless you are in me. Fuck, I wish your Dad was gone. I guess I will have to fuck him tonight."

"Oh, the sacrifices," I mocked.

"Don't get me started," she sighed, before asking, "Have you fucked Miranda in the ass yet?"

"No," I admitted, even though the thought had crossed my mind when she was bent over and I was fucking her in her favorite position, the submissive doggy style.

"Have you fucked anybody in the ass, son?" she asked, rubbing my cock firmly in my jeans.

"Noooooooo," I moaned.

"Well, tomorrow your Dad is heading out of town and I am going to be your first. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mom," I agreed, very enthusiastically.

"Good, so tomorrow you are mine, all day, understood?" she asked with one final squeeze.

"Yes, Mommy," I replied.

I watched her saunter, purposely using her sexy wiggle. She went to the phone and began talking to her Mother, seconds after promising her son her ass. My life was fucking amazing.


I headed out and to see Miranda again.

When I arrived at the studio Mark confronted me in the parking lot. He had clearly been waiting for me. "I thought I warned you to stay away from Miranda."

I replied, "Are you not getting married to someone else? I think such a commitment prevents you from any such authority."

"Don't get smart with me," Mark threatened.

"Or what?" I asked.

"Don't mess with me."

I walked past him and countered, smugly. "I am not here to mess with you. I am here to mess with Miranda, over and over again."

"You fucking punk," he began, as I walked into the studio.

Confused at the guy's threats, I shrugged them off and went to shoot my usual pre-load show in Miranda's perfect cocksucking lips. As soon as I entered her room, she smiled and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

I eventually told her about my encounter and Miranda cursed, "Fuck. He just won't grow up. Fucking men they don't know what they got till they lose it."

I asked, although I was scared of the answer, "You don't want to get back with him do you?"

"I'd rather remain celibate and you know how much I love sex," she replied, before her anger shifted into mischief. "Oh, but two can play at that game."

"What do you have in mind?" I asked curious.

"You will see. But I will have to wait to swallow your cum until right before show time."

I shrugged, "Whatever suits your fancy."

We talked about the Vegas trio for a while and Ellie was in and she planned to talk to my Mom tomorrow. Miranda smiled, "Your devious plan to get your Mom to be a dyke to a Mistress while you watch is almost all in place."

"Don't forget, the plan also includes fucking Ellie too," I added.

"Don't you be getting me jealous. I already have to share you with your Mom," Miranda teased, falling to her knees.

She took my cock in her mouth and after a couple of deep bobs asked, "Was your car recently parked in your Mom's garage?"

I laughed at the horrendous visual. "Yes, we fucked for a few minutes in the kitchen while Dad was in the living room. But the phone rang."

"Oh you poor boy. You didn't get to come in your Mom," she mocked, before asking, "Will I do?"

I grabbed her head and lead her mouth back to my raging hard-on. "Yes, baby, you will more than do."

Ten minutes later, which is as long as I usually lasted in the sauna of lust that was Miranda's mouth I began shooting my cum in her mouth.

Unlike her usual swallow every drop routine, she moved back and caught my cum like a basket. Once done, she stood up and left the room.

Curious as hell, I pulled my pants up and followed my devious girlfriend, who went directly to Mark, seated at the anchor's table and leaned forward her mouth open, apparently showing her mouthful of my cum to her ex.

He went red as Miranda clearly swallowed it all. I was just in earshot enough for her to say, "Remember when that was your pre-show routine?"

"What the fuck, Miranda?" Mark questioned.

Miranda, now mad, threatened, "Leave my boyfriend alone."

"Boy is right," he quipped back confidently.

Miranda laughed, a laugh dripping with scorn, "Don't you dare judge, Mr.-Can't-get-it up-for-round-two-without-a-nap."

Others in the room couldn't help but let out a quiet laugh as Miranda turned and walked away, leaving a red faced Mark utterly speechless, probably for the first time in his egotistical life.

Miranda walked right to me and shoved her tongue down my throat for all to see. I could taste myself on her tongue, but was thrilled to finally have the public affection she had not given me until this second.

Mark glared at me and I smugly winked back at him.

Miranda and I fucked after the show for a lengthy hot marathon session where I deposited two more loads in her, one in her pussy and another in her mouth.

As I was getting ready to head home for the night, I mentioned, "I am going to stay and hang out with Mom tomorrow, sexy."

"You are, are you? You are such a mother-fucker," she teased.

I retorted, "Jealous?"

She shrugged, "Maybe." As she kissed me goodbye she threw me for a loop as she finished with, "Of course, the question is, am I jealous of your Mom for getting to fuck you or jealous of you for getting to fuck your Mom?"


The next day, Dad left for an overnight meeting somewhere and I replaced him in my Mother's bed. I had just deposited a load in my Mom's cunt to start the morning when she informed me, "Hey baby, I am coming to Vegas with you."

Acting surprised, I said, "Really? How did that transpire?"

"Didn't Miranda tell you?"

"No, but we don't do a lot of talking when we are together," I joked.

"You are such a male slut," Mom joked.

I corrected, "When a girl fucks more than one guy she is a slut. When a man is scoring with two women he is a stud. Unfair I know, but those are the rules of society. I don't make them, I just follow them."

Slapping me playfully, she questioned, "Are you calling me a slut?"

As my finger traced her firm breasts, I answered, "You are my slut, Mom."

"Well then," she began straddling my still semi-erect cock, "if I am going to be labelled a slut, I better make it worthwhile."

"Slut away, Mom," I replied, watching her engulf my cock and begin riding me.

Another deposit inside my Mom, her eager pussy this time, and I already had visions of going for the triple play in one day: mouth, pussy and ass. Like the cycle in baseball the last one is always the hardest to complete.

As we lay there in the morning, both of us in after-sex glow, Mom said, "We are going to go out for supper tonight as mother and son and then come back here for a very, very, special night."

"I can't wait," I replied.

School was a bitch as the thought of a date with Mom and the promised ass fuck was all I could think about. I was a walking erection with a mind of goo all day. I returned home and there was a note on the kitchen table.


Sorry, but I had a last minute call for a house to show. I will have to meet you at the restaurant at six. I booked us a table at Rizzo's.



Wow, Rizzos was the classiest restaurant in the city and therefore meant suit and tie. I went to my room and my suit was already laid out on the bed. I went and had a nice shower and got ready, making sure to look my best for my date with Mom. At the last minute, I decided to go commando; never know when I may have to release the b**st in a flash. I finished getting ready and sped to Rizzo's. I arrived ten minutes early and was led to my table.

I waited a bundle of excitement at what Mom had promised me. Mom, being Mom, arrived fifteen minutes late, which was fifteen minutes early for her, but all was forgiven the Moment I saw her. Her hair was down, which I loved, but it was the gold cocktail dress, that stopped just below the knee, and the mocha colored stockings, my favorite shade of nylon, that had my cock on full alert and begging to be released.

Mom hugged me, tight enough that she could feel my attention and asked, "Is that for me?"

"All eight inches of it," I flirted back.

"I can't wait," she responded, giving my cock a subtle squeeze before I moved around and pulled out her chair like a gentleman. "Oh, how sweet! But you don't have to impress me baby; you are definitely getting laid tonight."

I replied, "It's the small things Mom, they are always the first to go when a relationship begins to falter."

My Mom, suddenly in reflection mode, agreed, "No truer words have ever been spoken."

I returned to my chair just as our waiter arrived. He took our drink orders after taking more than a subtle glance at my Mom's generous cleavage.

Once he was gone, I pointed out, "Mom, he was staring right down your dress."

"Was he?" she asked, oblivious to the distraction her beauty still caused many, many men.

"Indeed he was. Of course, who could blame him? You are easily the sexiest person here."

"You and flattery, I told you, you are definitely getting laid tonight. Actually, I am hoping to go for the Trifecta all in one evening."

"Trifecta?" I questioned.

"Yes, where you shoot a load of your white stuff in each of my three special places," my mother informed me, her stocking-clad foot now on my crotch.

"Oh fuck Mom, my first load may end up in my pants if you keep teasing me," I admitted, my balls already begging to be shot.

Her foot stayed there, not moving, as the waiter brought our starter salads. My hand rubbed gently the top of my Mom's foot, the silk nylon the greatest feeling in the world.

As we ate our salads, Mom asked, "Ever had a foot job, baby?"

"No," I answered, after a brief realization that I never had. Pam, my ex, had rubbed her stocking feet all over my body in a sensual foot massage of sorts, but her foot only rubbed my cock.

"Well, then obviously you have never had a stocking-clad foot job," my Mom deduced.

"Apparently," I agreed, "are you offering?"

As her foot tapped on my cock, she shrugged with a devilish smile, "Well, we already have a Trifecta to complete, but maybe we can fit that in. Seeing your cock squirt it's cum all over my stockings would be pretty hot, don't you think?"

"Shit Mom, I am not going to make it much longer," I admitted, thinking I might come like I did when I started my self-exploration when I was younger, just by touch.

She smiled, "Don't you dare waste that precious cum."

The waiter returned with our meals and Mom thankfully relented, moving her foot away. We ate our dinners and discussed non-sexual things like school, Mom's job, and plans for a summer trip to see the grandparents. If anyone was listening there would be no evidence of our sexual relationship, the taboo sin we were planning to commit very soon.

Once dinner was done, my beautiful mother suggested, "I say we skip dessert and we find a place where I can get some dessert directly from the source."

"Cheque," I quipped, knowing my hard cock, which had never shrunk throughout dinner, was not going to make it much longer before it begged for attention.

We paid the bill and once we were outside, night time just beginning to set in, Mom asked, "Where did you park?"

"In the underground parking."

"Perfect" she smiled, grabbing my hand, our fingers entwined as if we were boyfriend and girlfriend and not mother and son. "Lead the way, baby." Just the way she said baby with such syrupy sexiness had my cock twitching.

As we walked down the secluded stairs, Mom pulled on my hand. I stopped and looked at her. She pushed me against the wall, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock, fell to her knees and devoured me whole.

I couldn't believe she would be so risky blowing me in a stairwell, but logically we would hear the door open and probably be able to cover up in time.

Her warm mouth, her nasty teasing the past hour and the crazy setting all had me on the brink in record time. My balls were boiling when a door above us opened. I told Mom, "Someone's coming."

She quit and said, "Well, then you better come soon," and devoured my cock again, oblivious to the reality that we were about to get caught.

I closed my eyes, even as I heard steps above me, and allowed the oral sensation to take over. Within seconds, I shot a load of my sweet cum down my Mom's throat as the steps got incredibly close.

They were almost upon us when Mom stood up and shoved her tongue in my mouth, swirling the last remnants of my cum back into my mouth. My cock was still out but hidden by Mom's body crushed against mine, hiding my cock seconds before a middle age couple dressed for the opera or some other fancy shindig walked past us. The woman's facial expression displayed clearly her disgust at such inappropriate displays of affection, while the man watched with a regretful look at a time long past for him.

As soon as they were gone, Mom dropped back down to the floor and cleaned my cock, looking to retrieve any last minute escapees.

Five minutes later, we were in my car when she asked, "Can we stop at the Love Boutique? I need some lube if you are going to drill my ass tonight."

I gasped at my Mom's shocking blunt language, but of course pulled into the store a couple of minutes later. Once parked, I planned to stay in the car, but Mom asked, "Don't you want to come into the sex shop with me? Maybe pick out a costume for your mother to wear before you sodomize her?"

Such nasty talk had my cock revving to go again and my imagination spinning in overdrive. I quickly unfastened my seat belt and followed Mom in, leading with my cock.

As I entered the store, I realized I had never been in a sex shop. I had considered it a few times, but never had the guts to go in. Yet here I was with my mother shopping for lube to fuck her ass. I really had the best life in the world.

Once in the store, I was like a k** on Christmas morning, so many sweet things that I didn't even know where to start. Mom went to the toys section and I followed. She grabbed some lube and tossed it to me, before looking at some other toys. I couldn't believe the variety. I was looking at the double-ended dildo in confused awe when Mom, holding a strap-on, said, "Would you like to see Miranda and me scissor fuck ourselves with that?"

"I have no idea what that means, but yes."

"And which strap-on should I buy for the next time your girlfriend and I play?" Mom asked while showing me two separate dildo cocks.

I shrugged, "Well, Miranda likes them big."

"Good call," my Mom concurred, returning both and grabbing a huge ten inch cock. "This will have her whimpering like the slut she is."

"Mom, that is my girlfriend you are talking about."

"Um, must I remind you she was my personal plaything first?" Mom smiled, tapping me on the head with the big cock.

"Fair enough," I agreed, already imagining my Mom and my girlfriend in a variety of dirty situations.

"Now let's go check out some costumes," she said, grabbing my hand and leading me to a corner of wall-to-wall costumes.

"Wow," I said, overwhelmed by the many kinky fantasies I envisioned role playing with my mother. "I don't even know where to start."

"Well, real role play is about creating real situations and becoming the costume," my sexy mother pointed out.

"Ok," I said, unsure what she meant.

"So, let's see," she paused, pursuing the many different options. "Ah-ha," she said, reaching up a bit and grabbing a cat woman costume. "Find the Batman costume, stud."

I found it pretty easily, my mind already role playing ideas of Batman disciplining Catwoman. Mom put on the mask, and sauntered over to me seductively, parodying the old Adam West cartoon over the top action scenes, I used to watch on reruns, "So Batman, do you think you could BING BAM BOOM me into submission?"

The innuendo had me weak at the knees as I tried to come up with a witty comeback.

When I couldn't, she purred, actually purred, "What is it Batman, does the cat have your tongue?"

She rubbed my stuff cock through my pants and teased, "Oh does Batman want to come out and play?"

I moaned, unable to come up with a complete thought.

She took the mask off and reached for another outfit. She grabbed a red outfit and disappeared into a change room. I looked at other outfits: princesses, nurse, Superwoman, Lady Gaga...every one creating a new fantasy for me.

Mom came out in the skimpiest red outfit ever, her mocha coloured thigh high stocking tops completely visible. She walked over to me and teased, "Well, hello there Mr. Wolf, do you want to go back to my grandmother's house and eat me?"

My mouth dropped open, my Mom's sexual implication so fucking naughty.

Her hand slid down my chest, her finger like lightning and thunder to my cock. "Imagine helpless l'il ole me with a basket full of toys and no one to use them on me?"

"Aaaah, fuck Mom," I moaned.

"Does baby want to fuck Little Red Mommy Hood?" she asked, her hand again on my crotch.

"Oh god, yes," I grunted, like a babbling fool.

Mom looked around and quickly pulled me into the dressing room. She pulled out my cock, pushed me onto the sitting ledge of the small room and sat on my cock, engulfing it completely. Her wet warmth coated my cock and she bounced up and down eagerly, taking every inch of my cock with each downward bounce. My Mom was clearly really horny as I could feel her excess juice leaking onto my legs as our bodies collided. Her moans, although controlled because of our location, were becoming louder the longer she fucked me. I could tell she wanted to scream, to talk dirty, and the restrictive location was holding her back from the pure pleasure she usually received when we fucked.

I whispered, trying to push her past the point of resistance, "Come for me Mommy, come like the son-fucker you are."

"Aaah, fuck Curtis," she whispered back, "keep talking dirty to me. Treat me like your fucking personal sex-slut."

I wanted to bend her over and take control, but the room didn't allow it, so I continued the sexual verbal assault of my perfect, beautiful, slut Mom. "Keep bouncing slut. Who owns that wet cunt of yours?"

"You do," she moaned, loader than she meant to.

"I do what?" I asked, slapping her ass.

"Aaah, fuck, you own my cunt, baby."

"And I can use it whenever I want, right Mommy?"

"Oh fuck, yes, Curtis, I am always at your disposal," she moaned.

"My personal live at home Mommy cum bucket."

"Oh my fucking God, Curtis, yes, baby, more, I'm so close," she moaned, getting turned-on by the humiliation and taboo sin of fucking her son.

"Come for me now, my Mommy-slut, come like the dirty, i****tuous, son-fucking whore you are," I demanded, my own orgasm incredibly close from my Mom's furiously ride.

She began to scream and I covered her mouth as her orgasm quaked through her, almost simultaneously my cum exploded inside her. She didn't slow down, my cum filling her cunt as her juice leaked out. A minute later, she got off me, and said, "Shit, I should have worn panties, I am leaking like crazy."

I laughed, as I saw her juice and my cum slithering down her leg.

"Get out of here, before we get caught you dirty boy, you," she teased.

I returned to the outfit area where an older woman, a sales-lady for the store, glared at me, obviously knowing what we had done, although I assumed she had no idea of the fact that i****t had just occurred in her store. I avoided eye contact and looked around for another outfit.

Mom returned a Moment later, the outfit in hand and said to the older woman, ignoring her accusing eyes, "I think we will get this one, the Catwoman and Batman and one more."

"Which one?" I asked, curiously.

"That is for me to know and you to find out very, very soon," she teased. "Go to the car so I can pay for all this."

I obeyed and waited in the car, bubbling with anticipation to complete the promised Trifecta.

Mom returned and I drove us home. Mom said, "I can't stop leaking."

I shrugged, "I can't believe we fucked in a stall of a sex shop."

"I can't believe all those things you called me," she countered, seemingly offended.

I quickly apologized, "Sorry Mom, I...."

She slapped my knee. "Oh Curtis, you still are as gullible as you were when you were young. When I am revved up like that I want to be treated like a slut, it gets me off like nothing else. I can't explain it, but it is true. When you called me a live-in Mommy cum bucket it brought me over the top. And now I am leaking like a sieve."

We pulled into the driveway and Mom smiled. "Think you can get it up one more time, son?"

"Oh Mom, I can go and go and go. I am the Energizer fuck-bunny," I quipped.

"Let's go and see if you can back those words up, stud." She smiled, getting out of the car.

Once in the house, she took her bag of goodies with her and said, "I am going to shower and get into costume. Why don't you go shower too, and pour me some wine?"

I did as suggested, taking a long hot shower, my cock never completely shrinking, the curiosity of what Mom had bought for tonight and the thought of fucking Mom's ass constantly spinning in my head.

In my room, I got dressed again and noticed Miranda had texted me. I clicked on the text.

Miranda: Have u banged Mommy's ass yet? Here is something for you to think about for our time together tomorrow. When I let you bang mine.

I gasped. It was a picture of Miranda bent over holding her cheeks open and her enticing rosebud staring at me begging to be fucked.

My cock was again in missile mode and I adjusted myself before heading to the kitchen to pour us some wine and put together a plate of appetizers.

I had finished almost a full glass of wine when my Mom called out from the stairs, "Are there any Jedis down there?"

Being the ultimate Star Wars geek, I was instantly curious and was not disappointed when I turned the corner to find Mom dressed exactly like Princess Leia, hair and all. In her hand was one of my collectible lightsabers. She seductively came down the stairs and quipped, "Well you won't have to be using your hands solo tonight, Jedi."

She put the tip of my lightsaber in my mouth. "Any guess where I found this light saber?"

I could smell my Mom's heavenly scent. She teased, "Of course, I would like a very different lightsaber in me, Jedi."

"Oh, I think the f***e is with me, Princess," I quipped, confidently moving in and kissing my beautiful mother. Being aggressive, I pushed her against the wall and she whimpered. I demanded, "It is time to reward your Jedi."

I pushed her to her knees, on the stairs, and she quickly unbuckled my pants and took my lightsaber in her hands. She quipped, "You sure were concealing a deadly weapon, my Jedi."

"I think I have found the perfect place to hide it for safe keeping," I shot back, shoving my cock in her mouth. Unlike our last couple of times, I was much more aggressive, grabbing her sexy Princess Leia hair and pumping my cock in her sweet cocksucking lips. A couple of minutes of this and I ordered, "Go get on your bed, my slut."

"Yes, sir," she replied, unable to conceal her true submissive nature once she had a taste of my dominance.

I watched her stand up and turn around while I went and got the wine. I returned and she was on the bed as instructed. I handed her a glass of wine and I joined her on the bed. I asked, "Does Dad dominate you like you crave to be?"

"No," she admitted, before adding, "I have hidden that naughty dirty part of me for years."

"Why?" I asked, my hand moving to her white stocking-clad legs.

"I am an adult now with responsibilities and I had to let go of my past," she weakly rationalized.

"But you have always, subconsciously, craved submission. Wanted Dad to just take over and use you like a slut?"

Mom nodded, and gulped her wine.

Surprising her with my conversation shift, I asked, "So Mom, what really happened between you and Ellie?"

In a heartbeat, her facial expression transformed from confident and sexy to shy and nervous. "Curtis, that was a long time ago."

"I know," I pushed, my voice soft and tender, like a ther****t trying to draw out their patient's past. "But clearly you are not completely over it."

"I am too," she said, attempting to be strong, "I have resisted the temptation for years."

"Sorry," I said, trying a different route. "I meant you still have lingering feelings for Ellie."

"Only being friends and not being drawn back into her web of seduction has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I probably would have succumbed on Halloween if you wouldn't have shown up and saved me," she explained, her hand falling onto my leg.

"But why is she trying to get you back now after all these years?"

"Well, you are old enough to not need a mother figure I assume," she pondered.

"I have never needed a mother figure more than I do now," I quipped back.

She laughed at my naughty implications. "Plus, she knows my relationship with your father has not been great. I even have wondered if she was not attempting to conspire with your father. Ellie's comment to you when she thought you were your father only enhances those suspicions."

"But you still love Dad?" I asked, this conversation getting much heavier than I had originally planned.

"I love him as a provider and as a person, but I no longer love love him, if that makes any sense," she explained, her facial expression showing her frustration with her married life.

"So if that is the case why not go back to Ellie?" I questioned, getting the conversation I wanted to have back on track.

Her hand just made small figure eights on my hand as she considered my question, a nervous habit of hers. "Well, I don't think you understand how domineering and demanding Ellie is."

"Give me an example," I asked, trying to figure out my Mother's insecurity, when she was otherwise a very confident woman. My hand was now at her slightly wet and uncovered pussy, distracting her slightly.

She was silent for a while as she seemed to be reminiscing her past with Ellie. "Well, as I mentioned. With Ellie it was clear that she was the Domme and I the sub. For example," she began, but stopped, struggling to put the experience into words. She explained, "You got to understand I was and probably still am in love with Ellie. But while she was comfortable with her sexuality, I was too weak to ever tell my parents of my sexual preference at the time. Being bi or a lesbian back then was a lot more socially condemned than now, when it is apparently in fashion."

o you loved Ellie," I asked, trying to open Mom up completely.

"Unconditionally," she whispered, a tear forming in her eye.


"But I also wanted a normal life. And I couldn't see how I could have that and be in a lesbian relationship. I wanted k**s, Ellie didn't. We were completely polar opposites in every imaginable way which made us great friends, amazing lovers, but a horrible couple."

" And then you met Dad...."

"And got pregnant with you and I just quit with Ellie cold turkey. She was furious at first, but she missed our friendship as much as I did, but eventually we moved on and pretended the past never happened. But the last year or so, Ellie has suddenly been giving subtle and not so subtle sexual hints, although never enough for me to be completely sure it was anything more than witty comments, until she gave herself away at the party."

"How so?" I probed.

"First, by her hands teasing me like she used to, slowly making me weak and vulnerable. By the way, I probably never would have ended up fucking you on Halloween night if she hadn't had me so fucking horny."

I quipped, "I will have to thank her. Maybe get her a thank you card, something like 'Thank you for priming my Mom so I could fuck her'."

Mom smiled and playfully slapped my hand before she continued, "Second, she kept making sexual innuendos which implied she wanted to make me her sub again. Third, of course, she admitted it to you when you were in costume." She paused, before adding, her facial expression showing her confusion, "I just can't figure out what Ellie and Ted were up to. We're they conspiring somehow? Why else would she say that to you when she thought you were Ted?"

"Are you not worried that Ellie and Dad will talk about Halloween night and expose the truth?" I asked, realizing a potential problem.

"I wasn't until now," she responded, a look of panic suddenly on her face.

"We need to deal with Ellie," I suggested.

"How so?" Mom asked cautiously.

"Well, I am still working on that. But my idea does include you submitting to her again," I tossed out.

"Why?" she asked, a clear mixture of nervousness, excitement and curiosity.

My finger parted her very wet pussy lips. "Well, it is obvious you need it. It is obvious you crave it and I believe you regret the decision you made."

"I don't regret it, I got you," Mom said, kissing me gently on the lips.

"Well, that is a very good point, a very good point indeed," I concurred, "but be honest with me Mom. What are you scared of now?"

"Her power," my Mom admitted.

"How so?"

"I can't say no to her. I was completely at her every whim and some of those whims were crazy."

"You can't say that and not continue," I pointed out.

"She loved to take risks, it was the only way she seemed to really get off," Mom explained.

"Like what, Mom. You're being rather vague."

"Well, there were many examples. They started simple. She fingered me to orgasm in a nearly empty theater. But then she did the same thing in a very full theater, where the older woman beside me couldn't help but notice what was happening. I was her personal live-in maid. I bathed her, I washed her hair, I made her meals, I even cleaned her cum-filled pussy the rare time she went on a date and got laid. She literally owned me. She continued to push the envelope too. Fucking me in the shared bathroom early in the morning with a strap-on, making me go down on her at a restaurant when the waiter disappeared, and even when she was President of the student union she would have me under the table between her legs the entire meeting. The bigger the threat of being caught, the bigger the thrill."

"Well, that certainly explains your outrageous public adventures today," I pointed out.

"I suppose so," she reflected. "I really hadn't thought about it, but the thought of getting caught is very exhilarating."

"Agreed, but this just proves my point that you need Elle," I pointed out, before asking, "so how did you break free of her hold over you?"

"Well, it was my wedding day that was the final straw. She made me eat her out minutes before I was married to your Dad and she fucked me in the honeymoon suite a couple of hours before your Dad and I consummated our marriage. It was clear that she wanted to still completely own me even if I was married, so I ended it. Even though I have been tempted for years, the craving to go back has only escalated this past year."

"Wow," was all I could say.

Mom added, "She joked during her first year of teaching how if I was still her lezzie-slut she would have had me under her desk during her parent-teacher interviews. I have many, many times fantasized about that suggestion becoming a reality."

"Well, maybe you should," I suggested.

Mom warned, "If I ever submit to her again, there will be no turning back."

"Oh Mom you are too melodramatic."

"No seriously. I know if I submit to her again that I won't have the will power to quit her again. I never felt more free than when I was completely Ellie's disposal, which makes no sense, but yet is how I felt."

"Is that a bad thing?" I asked, before adding, "based on your soaking wet cunt I would think not."

"Dammit Curtis, enough about making me a dyke and more about finishing our little adventure," Mom said, her hand going to my fully swollen member. "Hmmmmm, I see making your Mommy a submissive lesbian has got you nice and stiff."

"Everything about you makes me go nice and stiff, Mom." I leaned in and kissed her. For the next few minutes we were not mother and son, but two passionate lovers who couldn't get enough of each other.

Finally, Mom broke the kiss, took off my shirt and slithered down my body, splattering me with pecks of lust. She tongued my belly button, making a very useless part of my body an erogenous zone. When she got to my pants, she pulled then off and continued her exploration of my body: kissing my inner thigh, my legs, even my feet. When she moved back up to my cock, she resumed the role-play, "Is my Jedi ready to play?"

Her tongue slid up my cock and I moaned, "Oh God, yes."

She continued the oral tease, taking each of my balls in her mouth separately, before returning to my shaft. Finally, she engulfed my cock with her mouth for a brief minute before quitting and asking, "Is it time for the Trifecta?"

I answered with actions as I flipped her on all fours and asked, "Where is the lube for my bottom slayer?"

Mom pointed to the dresser and I quickly retrieved it. Mom said, "Lube my ass first, baby and finger me. Get me ready for that big hard cock of yours."

I obeyed her request, lathering her puckered pink back door generously, before slowly sliding a finger in.

She moaned and begged, "Now wiggle your finger around in there, son. Get Mommy's ass nice and wide for you."

I again obeyed, moving my finger ever which way inside her, slowly loosening her incredibly tight ass. "Slide a second finger in baby, and do the same thing."

I again obeyed, squeezing a second finger inside ever so slowly. Once two were in, she whimpered, "Now turn your wrist back and forth slowly, baby. Get it nice and gaped for your big cock."

"Yes, Mommy," I replied, like a good son. Then I surprised her. While keeping my fingers in her ass, I slipped my cock inside her wet, wet cunt.

She screamed, "Oh my God, Curtis, fuck that feels so good."

I began pumping both her pussy and ass simultaneously with my cock and fingers. The sensation of the double pleasure was clearly driving my Mom wild, and her moans of ecstasy began increasing exponentially.

"Oh God yes, fuck Curtis, fuck, Mommy. You have Mommy soooo close," she screamed, loud enough for the neighbors to call 911.

I sped up the double assault on my Mom's pussy and ass eager to bring her to euphoria. The euphoria came Moments later when I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her ass clamped around my fingers as she screamed, "I'm coming, you Mother-fucker, double-fuck Mommy, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!"

She quivered uncontrollably with tremors of pleasure as her orgasm quaked through her entire being. Still breathing heavily, she begged, "My ass baby, fuck Mommy's ass with your big lightsaber."

I slid my fingers out of her ass and moved my cock to her gaping rosebud. I hesitated and Mom leaned back onto my cock. I watched in youthful amazement as my cock slowly disappeared in Mom's ass. I couldn't believe how tight it was, like trying to fit on a glove a size too small. Mom continued pushing back and I could no longer she my cock. Mom moaned, "Is baby ready to fuck Mommy's ass?"

"Oh God, yes," I moaned.

"Pound me, son. Fuck Mommy's ass," she moaned back, wiggling her ass.

I grabbed her hips and slowly began fucking her, getting used to the warm sensation of Mom's tight ass. After a couple of minutes of slow fucking, Mom demanded, "Harder baby, fuck my ass harder. Make me your Mommy-ass-slut."

I obliged, no longer worried about hurting her. I began deep hard thrusts into her ass. Her screams increased as did her nasty language. "Oh fuck son, your cock feels so fucking good in Mommy's ass."

I responded, "Does Mommy-slut like her baby's cock in her whore ass?"

"Oh god, yes. Use Mommy baby," she whimpered.

"Tell me you will obey me always," I demanded, a devious plan spinning in my head.

"Oh god, yes baby, I'm yours baby," she replied, clearly getting into the submission to her son.

"And I own all three of your cock holes?" I questioned, pushing the envelope.

"Oh yes, baby, they are yours to use whenever or wherever you want, Mommy-fucker."

"So you will never disobey me?" I asked.

"Never, baby," she whimpered, as my deep hard thrusts penetrated her ass fully.

I pulled out and ordered, "Ride my cock, Mommy. Ride your son's cock with your ass."

She pushed me onto my back, her smile sexy as hell, and straddled my cock. "You want to watch Mommy while you fill my ass, don't you, you dirty boy?"

I put my arms around my head and smiled, "I could watch you all day, Mom."

She slowly lowered her ass onto my cock, biting on her lip, taking my cock back in her ass, but from this different position I could reach new depths in her ass. Her eyes closed as the last couple of inches filled her up. Once completely inside her, she opened her eyes and wiggled her ass on my cock. "Hmmm, baby, that feels so good."

I smiled, "I love you Mom."

"I love yoooou too, you naughty fucker," she moaned back, as I bucked my ass up, surprising her.

She began riding my cock, her beautiful tits bouncing as she rode me. I watched memorized, every single fantasy of mine combined into this Moment. Mom dressed as Princess Leia, riding my cock in her ass was the epitome of sexual perversion. "Hmmmm, Mom, I do have a naughty plan for you when we are in Vegas."

"You do, do you?" she moaned, beginning to ride my cock faster.

"I do, indeed," I teased.

"Are you going to tell Mommy?" she asked.

"Of course," I replied, "when the Moment comes."

"Damn you, Curtis. Tell me. You know I hate surprises," she demanded, now bouncing up and down on my cock like a nasty porn star.

"Beg, bitch, beg to be my slut," I ordered.

"Oh yes, baby, can Mommy be your slut?" she teased, all soft and seductive, a subtle pout on her lips. She added, "Your personal live in cum bucket, your complete submissive slave."

"Who will never disobey me?"

"Never," she moaned, really riding my cock now.

"Ever?" I pushed.

"Fuck, Curtis. You own me. I will do anything you say. I will suck your cock right in front of your Dad if you want," she declared.

"Wow," I moaned, and began "I want...." But my balls were boiling, "I want...." I stammered, "Oh fuck, I want you to submit to Ellie."

"Yes, Master," she moaned. "I will submit to her unconditionally. I will eat her cunt in her classroom. I will crawl on all fours like a dog for her. I will become her lez-slave. Is that what you want, baby, for me to be a little lesbian slave?"

That was the final straw and my cum coated her asshole as she continued riding me. "Oh that is what you want, you dirty Mother-fucker. You want to make your Mommy a dyke, a lesbian slut who is f***ed to please cunt after cunt after cunt."

"Oh yes, Mommy, yes, oh God," I moaned, my orgasm not wanting to end.

"Aaaaaaaaah, fuck," Mom screamed, her own orgasm shuddering through her again. I tossed her onto her back in one swift move and buried my face in her sweet nectar, lapping up her cum as it squirted out of cunt. I spent a couple of minutes cleaning Mom before she pushed me away. "Stop baby, I can't take it anymore."

I moved away and we cuddled both comfortable in the silence that followed such extreme ecstasy.

Mom turned and looked into my eyes and asked, "So, you really want me to get back with Ellie?"

"I think you want to, don't you?"

"A small part of me has always wanted to, but I have always resisted the temptation. By being with Miranda and being in charge, I had got my pussy quota, but avoided the submissive trap I had once been involved in."

"But, now?"

"I will offer myself to her if that is what you want, but I can't even predict what she will want me to do."

I shrugged, "Let me take care of that."

"What do you mean?" She asked, curious.

"Every female Domme like her needs a strong male Master," I answered cryptically.

My Mom's eyes went big. "You are not seriously considering domming Ellie?"

"The plan is already in motion," I smiled, standing up and pulling down my pants.

My Mom smiled, "Well, you have me incredibly intrigued, but how will you even start such a plan."

"Well, they say what happens in Vegas...."

... Continue»
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I Want to Fuck Linda

MF oral adultery

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Jerking Off About Linda
Chapter 2 - Masturbating While Thinking of Linda
Chapter 3 - My Present for Linda
Chapter 4 - Wants and Wishes

Chapter 1 - Jerking Off About Linda


Of course, I would look better than that guy! At least happier! By the way,
Kristi looks the same, the same beautiful legs and smile, and I will say, that
might be one of your better pictures. Have you lost a little weight? Also, I'm
starting to like you as a blonde.

I'm so tempted to take a picture of me and send it to you. (In action photo) I
don't know if I ever will. But, just so you know, I think of you a few times a
week and wells, Miss Wells, this was a few days ago!

Hi Linda,

It's 4:00 A.M.---It's pouring rain outside, I can hear the raindrops on the
roof, and the pitter-pat on the rain gutters. I'm laying on my bed after a few
beers, and now I have finally peace. I lit a candle, and I'm writing under
candle light for you.

My muscle is soft and not horny yet, but when I think of you, I know I will get
arroused and I will want to masturbate. I wish you and Kristi were here right
now. A few minutes ago, I didn't think I had a chance of getting hard. But as
I write on my stomach, my cock starts stretching out. I'm thinking about being
passionate with you, as my mind wanders to other girls I dream about or have
been with. Such quick thoughts.

I will have to admit--I like to get my dick hard and pleasure myself; it would
be so much better if you were here. (If Kristi ever wrote me I don't know what
would happen). I like your dialogue--that turns me on!

I'm getting harder, I enjoy it. I know I need some pussy, but the only thoughts
are about you. Not only that you enjoy it but also how i wish to be inside you.
It's been a while, and I forgot how you and I both like the pleasure of stoking
myself as I think about you and Kristi.

As I get harder, I know, as times before thinking of you, my dick is getting
harder, and sooner or later, my dick will harden, and then really hard, and I
will fondle the tip of my dick with my lubbed hand, and sperm will start
trickling, and then I will cum for you in three large gulps full of sperm all in
your name.

In the last four days, I masturbated three times--I can't believe at my age--my
dick is getting bigger--and bigger. I really enjoy spewing out the sperm. My
thoughts, "Oh, I just want to find and give some good looking girl my love."

I'm going to lick my fingers now and touch myself, and think of your mouth.
It's so pleasurable. I wish you were here. I lick myself again. Once I start
licking and rubbing, its very hard to stop and write. I should put a pictue of
you and Kristi on my bed.

"Oh, your asses are beautiful."

I wonder what it would be like to be in your pussy. "Lick me, Linda and Kristi."

I going to rub myself with some lotion. That feels so good!

It feels so good, and smells good! I don't know what will happen from here! It
is so good to have a hard dick--rub me, K and K. "Lick me Linda." I rub the
head of my dick, and pull my balls. I'm not totally hard.

I say, "Linda are you mad at me? I haven't heard from you in awhile. I was
probably mad at you because you would never meet me! I want to know, and Yes, I
always wanted to meet Kristi, but I guess it not going to happen.

The caress is so soft and gentle.

I'm going to lay on my back and get a feel for your mind, because everytime I
write to you it is a different script, but they all end of the same; thinking
of you gives me so much cum.

Will it work tonight?

Five mintues go by. I'm 3/4 hard, and love rubbing me and little traces of pre-
cum emerge. The little bits of sperm ignite my shaft, "Oh if you were here, the
process would be so much faster." My mind imagines, "Oh, if you were here, I
dream how much I would like to fuck you."

I'm on my stomach, my dick in hand. I say outloud, "Oh, Linda how much would I
like to fuck you!"

I hear a train whistle. I grab myself, I wish your mouth was giving me pleasure!
I bet your so good. Oh, I want to pull on your hair, I want to caress your
body, hug it;squeeze it. Oh, I want you so bad. Oh, I want to put my cock on
your tits, then ease it up to your mouth. Where you take it in like a fish goes
for a lure.

My dick is so hard! I want it NOW in your pussy!

I'm thrusting my hips into the bed.."Oh if you were here, I wish I was kissing
you and fucking you. I want to hold your hands behind your head as I thrusted
deeper and as deep as I can get my muscle in your pussy. I want to see your
eyes, and feel you organsm. I want you to know I really do love you/lust for
your love.

I can' even read my writing anymore. It's just scribbles...

"Oh, Linda let me fuck you!" I want to get deeper in you. I want to cum in
you! I want to look at those eyes. I want to hug you so hard.. Oh, I want to
fuck you harder. God, I want to fuck you. I want to squeeze you and hold you.
I'm not going to stop--I'm going to keep ramming you.

I'm thinking, "Oh, your such a bitch." Oh, I need you! I'm not going to stop
now, I'm on the edge. I'm breaking a sweat!

I can feel your juicy pussy! My dick loves it. Oh, I want to cum in you--you
feel so good!

Thinking of you,


Chapter 2 - Masturbating While Thinking of Linda

As soon as I received your E-Mail, I got busy! Why I want to please, I don't
know, but I too!

I rubbed myself. I'm stiff. My hips quiver. It feels so grand! I want to
please Linda. It is so relaxing, rubbing myself for you. A little lick on my
fingers, and rub the tip of my cock. Ever so gently. I love it, I take a deep
breathe of air, I have a little cum. It feels so good. I get the thought of
jumping on my stomach--thinking about fucking you, but no I'm going to make this
feeling last--instead I lick myself again, my dick gets harder, now my whole
hand is stoking and alternative between my hard shaft, and my sensitive tip. I
imagine Linda's mouth on me, I can smell that musty sperm scent. My hips start
a little motion, my tip of my penis loves the arousal. I know now it will be
hard to stop rubbing, the next time I write my pen will be all gooey. I feel
Linda mouth getting closer to me. I'm laying on my back. I try to write left
handed. Ghr.

My tip is gooyed in sperm, now it creates a reaction of more attention, I rub
harder, my dick likes being caressed by my sperm. Its so pleasurable, I'm
rubbing my whole shaft. I lay on my back, oh, I want to grab Linda's hair. I'm
so hard! I can see and imagine Linda and Kristi both licking me.

My balls are hot and sweaty--Oh, it feels so good!

I think, "Linda take me all the way."

"Yes, that it--I love it."

I can't handle this any longer--I want to cum so bad.

I lay on my stomach. "Oh, I want to put my hard dick in Linda so bad.

"I want your pussy so bad."

I'm pushing hard on cushions, I want to push you so hard.

I want to put my hard dick in you so much.

I do put my hard dick in you.

I'm pushing on you--I'm getting ready to cum. I want to pull out. I mange to
pull out, I know I'm going to cum soon. I rub forward and graze them against
your tits. I'm looking at you and saying "Oh, Linda, I can't wait. I can't
tit fuck you anymore. You know so well.

I get on my knees over your face. Your mouth dives for my cock, like your
bopping for an apple, you take my cock, an extreme pleasure, and you mouth and
suck me. I can't believe I'm doing this, but it feels so good. Your sucking
me. I'm fucking your mouth, now I'm cumming. (It's all scribbles, I can't read
what I wrote) You feel so good--take me all the way. Deep down. My cum is
coming. Take me deeper, Linda.

My dick is really big. I'm just thinking, "just take me Linda, I'm going to cum
in you--I know you love it. Oh, Oh, Oh. Ohaaaa!

I had sperm everywhere!! All for you!

But I was relaxed. I wanted to write you this because I might have a girlfriend
soon. You have been my girlfriend when I don't have one. I have cherished our
friendship, but you never want to meet so you understand me finding someone

I do love our unique friendship, and you are the only one that I have ever done
this for. Yes, of course I wanted to meet you and Kristi. All I can say, is
thanks sweetheart!

Chapter 3 - My Present for Linda

I'm taking a hot bath getting ready for church. After the 3 mile run in 0
degree weather it is real relaxing. Usually, at 6:00 I go to church. Also the
Packer football game is on. My friends are all going to the bar to watch the
game. Today, was a great day because I received your pictures you sent me, and
I made 8X10 photos. But eversince, I saw your picture in your striped green
sweatshirt, I had forgotten how beautiful you are. I think of you as a great
friend, you almost always reply to me. That's so nice. All day I've been a bit
horny, and after reading your articles for three years, I have gotten to know
your mind, and my desire often leads me to masterbating about being with you.
Oh, yes, I often materbate about old girlfriends, but I yearn to get to know you
intimately. Today is your night.

I looked at my relaxed cock in the bathtub. I like to refer to my cock as my
muscle. I watched my muscle relax in the bathtub, it was like my cock just
started easliey stretching out and bathing in the water. My thoughts all day
have been about you. I decided right then, this isn't going to work, I'm going
to skip church, and spend an hour dreaming and masterbating about being with
you. I was so relaxed getting out of the tub. My muscle penis was chubby, and
the bathtub experience, I figured my muscle wanted to play! My cock loves to
bathed in sperm, and pussy juice. Well I'm fighting this desire, so I put on a
pair of sweats and crawl into my sl**ping bag to watch the Packer game. I grab
a notepad, and a pen. I lite a candle in a glass jar and turn off the lights.
I put two 8X10 photos of you and Kristi on one end of table next to couch.

My muscle is aching to play. I stare at your pictures. Wow! How beautiful you
are. I love your smile, those dark eyes, and your long hair. My sweats come
off down to my boxers. I finally touch my strong muscle. I quickly lay and
moisten my fingers with saliva. I rub my head of my penis.

"Oh, that feels so good!" Sofely I caress myself, meanwhile I gazing at your
picture. I easily enjoy the soft rubbing, I can feel the sperm throughout my
harden shaft. After a minute of massaging pleasure, I'm really arroused.
Eventhough, it the biggest football game of the year, its an annoying and
distracting me.

I pick up the candle, the notepad, the pen, and your pictures and head to the
bedroom. Oh, Linda, I want to tell you I know this is going to be an awesome
time. My boxers come off, I 'm watching myself stroke myself, I lick my hands
often, I can see beeds of cum as I rub the right side of my muscle's head. My
cock is starting be more like a missile. I stop to write about the feeling. My
notebad and my pen are full of sperm. I must tell you as I like to rub the
head of my thoughts are all about you...I wish you were here. I feel
you watching me your encouraging me then I visualize you with me...I'm looking
at your grab my hand, and we stroke my penis together. your
smiling. I will rub my penis harder, and sperms bleeds out massaging my dick
more, which, gets me even harder, I'm rubbing harder--then I fanatazy that your
stroking me and you start in with your mouth. "Oh, the feeling is so hot!" I
love the feel of your hair around my cock. I need you!

I stop and grab your ass, and say, "Linda its our first time, I must put all my
warm sperm in your juicy pussy! Know, I'm staring at your eyes, thrusting my
hips, like I'm fucking you. I dream of putting my hands in your hair and
tugging it a bit. It is Heavingly. I see Krisiti picture and notice her tight
ass, and beaufiful face too, but I tell Kristi, it is not her time, this is
Linda's. I hear Linda's voice, "Fuck me, Fuck me, Dan. I envision as my hips
are thrust unto the bed, thoughts of 69, your ass, I want to sqeeze your
shoulders, and kiss you. I grab your ass and all the pleasure, and my missile
muscle climaxes with large amounts of warm sperm. I say I love you Linda. I'm
so relaxed and content! Your happy, and so am I.

The phone rings and a girlfriend wonders why I wasn't in church.

I tell her, the Packer game is on.

She says, "Whats the score?"

I don't know, but Linda just scored.

Chapter 4 - Wants and Wishes


It has been almost an internet love affair, but not really, it has been a
friendly dialogue, between a young inspiring writer named Linda who writes her
diary about her sexual experiences. I become interested in her manner, one I
like to write, and two she writes about something I have never tried. I like
her sexual attitude and we, Dan and Linda, meet online.

It's been three years as we exchanged small dialogue, and the twenty year old
young brunette, and the forty year old man E-mail each other on their sexual
and regular life activities.

Linda chats with many of her followers giving sexual advice, and her ideas of
God, f****y and sexuality. I might question her ideals, but learn to
understand her, and have a desire to meet her. Although, one problem exists:
she will never meet someone online that she has dialogue with.

Well, I'm puzzled with her, and have a great desire to meet her, so I finally
figure out her passion (beside sex) and figures out a way to try and to meet

Dan writes, "Linda" (I know she has a weakness for waterskiing), "I happen to
be leaving Minnesota this summer to deliver a jet ski to my tennis friend, Maria
Sharpova who lives in Florida. I'm going to be driving through Pittsburg and I
was wondering if you wanted to hang out, and either go waterskiing, or jet
skiing while I'm there. I'm a bit of pro water-skier, and maybe, I could help
you in your talent." Actually, two years ago, when I got to know you, I was
at an old coach's house, and he gave me at a garage sale price, his hand built
wooden trick water skies. The first thought that came to mind was I wanted to
give them to Linda. They are priceless, matter of fact, he wouldn't give them
to one of his sons, because, it would start a war.

So for two years, I've had a plan to give these to Linda.

Stubborn as she is, I finally got the nerve to tell her I would like to meet
her, and give her this present for being such a good friend.

I approach her online, and tell her my intensions. Stubborn as she is, Linda
turns down the offer.

I'm bit humbled, I answer her e-mail, and tell her, "C'mon Linda, I really would
like to give you these water-skis, we don't have to have sex, I just want to
meet you and have fun for a day. Let's just go out on the water, and see what
happens and have some fun. I really want to see how you can perform on these
handcrafted trick skies. If you like them you can have them."

I was tickled and amazed that the pretty brunette of 22, Linda wrote back and
said, "O.K. Dan we got one day and I'll give you the benefit, I'm breaking my
rule of meeting anyone online, but you've been a good friend, and I would like
to go waterskiing. My Dad and Mom said I could use the boat, as long as I have
it home by 10:00 P.M. I will work those little two and half foot skies on Lake
Wobegan, and show you some tricks that you don't know," Linda said.

We make arrangements, and I book a hotel next to the bar which is the partying
Mecca of Lake Wobegan.

I had no idea that the weekend we picked was the summer festival of Lake
Wobegan. My hotel is next to a bar, with a lot lake shore and docks. A
pontoon sits on the water, and is the stage of the band. When I show up, 75 to
100 young girls are dancing in the two to three feet of water in their bikinis.
Meanwhile, a hundred boats are anchored outside the harbor. The temperature is
in the 90's, the party is on! Drinks are flowing.. Swim suits are the only
clothing, and even guys don't have to wear a shirt on at the bar.

I look around and know even if Linda doesn't like me, I'll meet one or many of
these little phillys My first impression is wow, I didn't know Pittsburg had
so many pretty women.

I leave the bar, and go to the boat landing. I'm supposed to meet Linda at
2:00. I've been holding those waterskiies, and can't believe how many people
talked to me about them. Of course, I told them "I'm from Minnesota, and I'm
from the area where waterskiing was invented. I even told some cocky k**, that
my Grandpa invented the water ski, the same place Grumpy Old Men was filmed, in
Lake City, Minnesota.

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, to meet Linda. I have always
have had a crush on her, but I've never met her. An internet fantasy, but she
was real, and I was going to meet her. I have given up (mostly) the idea of
romance, and lessened my wish to meeting her, and having fun. A let's see what
happened attitude.

We have exchanged photo's before—I would recognize her right away.

Suddenly, a bronze SUV shows up towing a ski boat.

Linda waves at me, as like she was expecting me to be there. She backs the boat
down the ramp, a rare trait for most gals, and get out of the truck and we
introduce ourselves—we exchange a quick hug, and then she tells me to loosen the
line of the boat. There is a steady line of boats and everyone is in a hurry.
She pulls the boat away, and I look over, and my eyes are stuck….My mouth drops…

Her passenger carrying a towel, and a purse, and mind you not wearing much but
some short—short pair of cutoffs, unbuttoned in the middle.

I'm holding the boat line waiting for Linda, and this little princess, wearing
just a bikini top—a bikini that's shows a great set of breasts.

I'm shell-shocked — "Wow" who is this! Her ass checks show as she walks around
the boat. I'm strumstuck as my eyes look at hers----then I notice her long
blonde hair pulled to one side of her shoulder. How could I not notice her
sweet smile, her lively facial check bones as she walked with an attitude
towards me. I haven't even met her—but her smile and her body spoke of being
fun and sassy.

Meanwhile, I break out of my trance and concentrate on pulling the boat along
the shore up to the loading dock.

Linda walks up, and like we having known each other for a long time, she
introduced me, and said, "Dan, this is my cousin Kristi."

"Let's go waterskiing!" Linda said.

I jump in the boat to help Linda in, and next Kristi is about ready to jump
aboard, but then says, "Linda I forgot my sunglasses in the car. Throw me the

Linda fires up her parents nice 26 foot ski boat that has couch like cushions
all the sides. Linda and I are ready to talk, its hot so I take my shirt off,
suddenly, Kristi comes jogging down the boat dock barefoot, and wearing her
Paris Hilton sunglasses. I must say beauty in motion. But just as she's ready
to board the boat, I extend my hand to her, and she trips and begins falling. My
strong arm pulls her threw the air, and both hands grab her around the waist,
but the momentum carries us falling unto the other side of the boat couch
cushions. She's laying on top of me.

My arms are around her waist and her back! Were both a bit shocked. Kristi is
laying on my chest. Her soft skin, tanned petite body feels nice, firm and
soft. I ask her if she's alright! She doesn't answer at first, instead, she
slides her soft facial cheek bone down my belly. She kneels on the ground, and
grab my thighs to get up, but slowly, then she rests her chin in my crotch.
Now my hands are holding her long golden locks of hair. I like the way her hair
caresses my body.

Kristi looks up at me, with a big open teethed smile. I know she starting to
feel me getting hard.

I say to her, "You probably won't of tripped, if you didn't have these
sunglasses on," simultaneously, I move my hands from her head to putting up her
sunglasses. Then our eyes connected--we both enjoyed looking into each other's
eyes. I put the glasses back over her eyes, and Linda starts, "Kristi, leave
Dan alone he has been on the boat not even a minute and you look like you are
giving him a Blowjob."

Kristi jumps up, "Dan saved my life."

Linda rolls her eyes.

Linda pulls the boat into throttle, and we head down the Wobegan river towards
Wobegan lake. Kristi decides to wiggle her ass, and pull off those 4 inch long
cut off shorts, and didn't mind showing me. Wow! what an ass!

Even though I came down to see Linda, I'm starting to get turned on this 20 year
old model that should be in Hollywood.

I give Kristi a beer, and I walk over to Linda, and say, "Hey, I drove all this
way to least get a hug from you."

We exchange hugs, and its nothing special--its weird, Linda and I know each
other so well, our meeting is no big deal. It's a bit odd to finally put a body
and a personality together. It's almost like being best friends or being
married. Linda and I talk about where we are going to ski, and how much she's
looking forward to trying out her new gift of trick skis. Kristi, meanwhile is
bathing in the sunshine at the stern of the boat wearing a mini bikini,
sunglasses, and holding a cooler cup with a beer.

After a few minutes, the tunes are cranking, and the feeling of being on the
water is awesome. I like the wind in my face. It's a hot day. sometimes I
fantasize about putting suntan lotion on Kristi's body, but Linda asks me first,
and she pulls off her T-shirt top and hands me the lotion. Wow, I'm pleasantly
surprised, I really enjoy rubbing Linda's back, her brunette hair is tied up in
a bun. She looks pretty.

Linda then says, "I happen to have champagne and strawberries for a treat." She
hands me some berries. I do love the taste of strawberries.

As Kristi lies upon the couch, I toss a strawberry at her medium to large
breasts. The berry bounces off her right tit, up into her chin, then slowly
rolls, in between her tits, over the middle string, like a Tiger Woods golf
shot, then rolls onto Kristi's beautiful little belly, which this belly might
even be made out of baby fat--the strawberry stops between her belly button, and
her small bikini bottom.

Kristi goes to grab the strawberry, puts up her glasses, arches her back, and
says, " I love eating strawberries" She spreads her legs a bit, leans back,
looks up into the sky, without looking then takes the strawberry and rubs it
against her pussy, Just a couple times, then rubs the berry around her belly,
up her body and then she seductively nipples the lucky strawberry, looks at me,
then tongues the berry, and slowing eats it, never taking her eyes off me.
Immediately, my cock begins to grow, my tip of my cock would like to have Kristi
mouth taste me! I'm now being able to see her whole body in a different light.

Linda is the first to jump in the water to go skiing. I'm running the boat, and
Kristi is the deckhand. We have another beer. We argue over the CD selection.
I couldn't read the CD clearly. She teasing about wearing bifocals. She wants
harder rock like Def Leopard, put sugar on me, and I want James Taylor. That's
when Kristi started teasing me about my age( so I am double your age), Kristi
has a fun sense of humor she puts on a pair of glasses, and wears them at the
tip of her nose like she's a grandma. Then with beer in hand she acts, like a
grandma. I laugh, and yah I'm older, and say "Kristi someday you make a great
grandmother." I give her a little hug, and slap her ass!

Linda is tearing up the water with the trick skies. I thinks she likes them.
It's fun to watch her spin, glide, and turn, and her body has pretty good

When she's done i comment to her, "yah, you might want to arch your back here,
and then when you turn you can put more weight on her knees."

Of course, I told Linda I was once a professional water skier.

Next Kristi goes--she should be topless, and she is half the skier Linda is but
she handles the waves, and does good.

Next, I'm up! Little do they know I was fibbing Linda about being a one time
champion water skier in Minnesota. I told them I skied in water parades, and
had girls standing on my shoulders. Hey, I was trying to Linda's attention.

So it's my turn, and I can't even get up on one ski. After three run arounds, I
play that my knee went out, and maybe, I'll be able to get up on two skies.
O.K. I get up on two skies, I finish, but now Linda and Kristi realize, I was
all bullshit, and I wasn't a professional coach and skier that I bragged about.
(Anything for a date with Linda, right.)

I show up at the boat, and Kristi starts ripping on me. I listen to her, Linda
wants a word, but is quiet only because I brought her trick skies, that are
cool, and gives me the benefit of the doubt.

As I'm claiming my bad knee story, and bring out the knee brace, a boat pulls up
and idles back down, then I hear yelling, "Hey Linda what are you doing?"

It's a old high school friend, and they exchange a few sentences, and Wha la,
Linda's hormones get turned on, and jumps ship, saying she's going skiing with
her old friends.

Kristi, and I look at her and say, "Right". Linda looks pretty excited, and she
hasn't been with us.

Linda zooms out into the blue of Lake Wobegan.

Kristi, and I both comment, boy those guys are in for it!

Kristi and I realize we have no distractions. Know what do we do?

We try to compromise over music, and get another beer, the boat sits idle.

It's odd, we have had this attraction, and now we are alone together.

There is a long pause, and I'm quiet. We sit down and Kristi asks what I do for
work? I answer I bartend, paint, and trying to be a writer. I tell her other
various jobs, that I've worked commercial fishing in Alaska, stock trading in
Chicago, and dog mushing in the arctic.

I ask her, "What have you been doing?"

Since, I knew the answer from Linda's diary, Linda has written about Kristi told
the readers she works for an e****t agency, and like to hook on the side.

Kristi didn't hesitate, "I like sex, and getting paid for it."

Then our talk continued, "I like having sex with girls i love, and I don't pay
for it. For me it takes away the beauty of it."

Then, Kristi comes on to me, kneels in front of me, and grabs my thighs.

I look at her, and my swimsuit starts to go in up periscope mode. It's hard to
imagine a beautiful vixen like Kristi coming onto you. She is so sexy, and I
haven't even figured out what part of her body I like the best.

As Kristi starts to massage my muscle beneath my swimsuit, she is closer to
winning every argument.

But I refuse to pay her any money. (It's the hardest thing I ever had done in my

Kristi I want to know you better! I love making love to a women I know. I love
a women that is true, honest, and loving. (I don't say it but, I need to love a
girl that is beautiful, but I have to love her personality.)

I kind of bitch at Kristi, and tell her-"hey, I came down here to meet her
cousin Linda, I've always had a crush on her, but when I saw you, and saw your
fun, flitty, sassy, attitude, I started falling for you." I admit, "Kristi, I
like you a lot, but not for a one night stand, your better than that. What do
what to do for the rest of life after you get done hooking. Are you addicted to
the money, the sex, what else do want for the rest of your life."

Kristi answers, "I do like the money, and I love sex. I'm not sure."

We get another beer!

As we sit down, Kristi sits next to me.

It's quiet at first, and then I say, "Kristi, I'm pretty old, never been
married, no k**s that I know of, but I've never had the day where i want to wake
up next to someone, and plan a day with. It's sad, and loney, but all the
freedom anyone desires. It's been a pretty lonely life, and for what I can see,
a raising a f****y under God would be a great blessing.

As I grab her shoulder to rub it, she's passive. As I rub her more, and we both
take a few sips of our beer, its relaxing.

Then she pipes out, and says, "Nice job Mr. pro water skier". She's giving me
shit about my water skiing adventure, and then says, "You were telling us how to
better our game, and you don't even know how to ski."

I shrugged my shoulders, and said, I had to meet Linda's somehow.

Then out of the blue, the sassy, attituded women, Kristi grabs my cock. "Don't
tell me how you what a girlfriend, when your rubbing my back, and caressing my
ass, and you have a stiff cock."

"I can't help that Kristi, your so beautiful!"

I ask, do you want to jump in the water--its so hot in this boat."

She answers, "No, if you jump in there will be a piranha in the lake."

I look at Kristi, and say, "Kristi I'm not looking for one time fuck, and to pay
for it. I'm looking for a girl, girlfriend, that has bigger goals in life.
Your probably the prettiest woman I have ever seen. I want to know you better."

Just then, as I had my hand on Kristi shoulder, I placed my other arm around
her, and we started to hug, and even though, Kristi never kisses, our lips were
coming together, when, suddenly, this romantic moment was interrupted with this
loud engine boat, and we hear, Linda, "Hey what is going on?"

Our lips never touched, but that split moment love was in the air.

Linda jumps on board, and is all smiling and happy. I look over to other boat,
and the two guys who were so actively wild, are now is a slumber like they
didn't know what happened to them. The one guy is sl**ping on the bow of the
boat, smiling as he sl**ps. He looks like a dog that had a good dinner and went
to lay at the fireplace. He is so content. The other guy looks so tired that
he is yawing about driving the boat.

Linda is grinning ear to ear, knowing very well she fucked the living shit out
of both these guys.

It didn't take long to notice, Kristi fired out--"Those guys look like they been
through a war. Didn't you give them a break."

Kristi and I both laughed.

Linda said "What did you do?"

At the same time Kristi, and I said, "Nothing."

Linda said, "That's too bad! I thought you might hit it off."

I answered, "she charges to much."

As talk changed, Linda made mention that she had to get the boat home for her
parents to use for tomorrow.

We grabbed another beer, and headed for home. As the sun went down, Kristi put
on a sweatshirt and we sat in the back of the boat enjoying the moment.

When the boat was back on the trailer, and it was time to say "goodbye".
Kristi and I had talked, and I said, "Even though, I don't pay for sex, I would
like to hire you for an e****t tomorrow, I'm going jet skiing." I asked Kristi,
"If she would like to go jet skiing, and I would pay her for her time."

She said, "Yes"

I gave her a hug, and we kissed on the lips.

Linda said, "C'mon you guys!"

My hands moved from her back to her ass, and kissed her again on the lips."

Kristi answered, "I'll be at the hotel at 7:30 for breakfast."

My dick was hard, and I hate blue balls so I went to the hotel bar for a few
drinks to relieve the pressure.

Usually, I take the pressure out chasing other women, but tonight, even though
there were so many hot young women there, I couldn't help stop thinking ab0ut
Kristi. I sat at the bar and was content. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, the
thought of being with Kristi.

From: Dan Wells <>
To: Linda <>
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 3:37:31 PM
Subject: Day Two

Hey Linda,

Is this what your looking for? What do you think?

I leaving for Chicago tomorrow with 25 dogs.

When I get back, I'll have to find a job, so I don't know if I can write all the

Day three would be about you, though!

Love, ya Dan


It has been almost an internet love affair, but not really, it has been a
friendly dialogue, between a young inspiring writer named Linda who writes her
diary about her sexual experiences. I become interested in her manner, one I
like to write, and two she writes about something I have never tried. I like
her sexual attitude and we Dan and Linda meet online.

Its been three years as we exchanged small dialogue, and the twenty year old
young brunette, and the forty year old man E-mail each other on their sexual
and regular life activities.

Linda chats with many of her followers giving sexual advice, and her ideas of
God, f****y and sexuality. I might question her ideals, but learn to understand
her, and have a desire to meet her. Although, one problem exists: she will
never meet someone online that she has dialogue with.

Well, I'm puzzled with her, and have a great desire to meet her, so I finally
figure out her passion (beside sex) and figures out a way to try and to meet

Dan writes, "Linda" (I know she has a weakness for waterskiing), I happen to be
leaving Minnesota this summer to deliver a jet ski to my tennis friend, Maria
Sharpova who lives in Florida. I'm going to be driving through Pittsburg and I
was wondering if you wanted to hang out, and either go waterskiing, or jet
skiing while I'm there. I'm a bit of pro water-skier, and maybe, I could help
you in your talent.. Actually, two years ago, when I got to know you, I was at
an old coach's house, and he gave me at a garage sale price, his hand built
wooden trick water skies. The first thought that came to mind was I wanted to
give them to Linda. They are priceless, matter of fact, he wouldn't give them
to one of his sons, because, it would start a war.

So for two years, I've had a plan to give these to Linda.

Stubborn as she is, I finally got the nerve to tell her I would like to meet
her, and give her this present for being such a good friend.

I approach her online, and tell her my intensions. Stubborn as she is, Linda
turns down the offer.

I bit humbled, I answer her e-mail, and tell her, "C'mon Linda, I really would
like to give you these water-skis, we don't have to have sex, I just want to
meet you and have fun for a day. Let's just go out on the water, and see what
happens and have some fun. I really want to see how you can perform on these
handcrafted trick skies. If you like them you can have them."

I was tickled and amazed that the pretty brunette of 22, Linda wrote back and
said, "O.K. Dan we got one day and I'll give you the benefit, I'm breaking my
rule of meeting anyone online, but you've been a good friend, and I would like
to go waterskiing. My Dad and Mom said I could use the boat, as long as I have
it home by 10:00 P.M. I will work those little two and half foot skies on Lake
Wobegan, and show you some tricks that you don't know," Linda said.

We make arrangements, and I book a hotel next to the bar which is the partying
Mecca of Lake Wobegan.

I had no idea that the weekend we picked was the summer festival of Lake
Wobegan. My hotel is next to a bar, with a lot lake shore and docks. A pontoon
sits on the water, and is the stage of the band. When I show up, 75 to 100
young girls are dancing in the two to three feet of water in their bikinis.
Meanwhile, a hundred boats are anchored outside the harbor. The temperature is
in the 90's, the party is on! Drinks are flowing.. Swim suits are the only
clothing, and even guys don't have to wear a shirt on at the bar.

I look around and know even if Linda doesn't like me, I'll meet one or many of
these little phillys My first impression is wow, I didn't know Pittsburg had so
many pretty women.

I leave the bar, and go to the boat landing. I'm supposed to meet Linda at
2:00. I've been holding those waterskiies, and can't believe how many people
talked to me about them. Of course, I told them "I'm from Minnesota, and I'm
from the area where waterskiing was invented. I even told some cocky k**, that
my Grandpa invented the waterski, the same place Grumpy Old Men was filmed, in
Lake City, Minnesota.

I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, to meet Linda. I have always
have had a crush on her, but I've never met her. An internet fantasy, but she
was real, and I was going to meet her. I have given up (mostly) the idea of
romance, and lessened my wish to meeting her, and having fun. A let's see what
happened attitude.

We have exchanged photo's before—I would recognize her right away.

Suddenly, a bronze SUV shows up towing a ski boat.

Linda waves at me, as like she was expecting me to be there. She backs the boat
down the ramp, a rare trait for most gals, and get out of the truck and we
introduce ourselves—we exchange a quick hug, and then she tells me to loosen the
line of the boat. There is a steady line of boats and everyone is in a hurry.
She pulls the boat away, and I look over, and my eyes are stuck….My mouth drops…

Her passenger carrying a towel, and a purse, and mind you not wearing much but
some short—short pair of cutoffs, unbuttoned in the middle.

I'm holding the boat line waiting for Linda, and this little princess, wearing
just a bikini top—a bikini that's shows a great set of breasts.

I'm shellshocked—"Wow" who is this! Her ass checks show as she walks around the
boat. I'm strumstuck as my eyes look at hers----then I notice her long blonde
hair pulled to one side of her shoulder. How could I not notice her sweet
smile, her lively facial check bones as she walked with an attitude towards me.
I haven't even met her—but her smile and her body spoke of being fun and sassy.

Meanwhile, I break out of my trance and concentrate on pulling the boat along
the shore up to the loading dock.

Linda walks up, and like we having known each other for a long time, she
introduced me, and said, "Dan, this is my cousin Kristi."

"Let's go waterskiing!" Linda said.

I jump in the boat to help Linda in, and next Kristi is about ready to jump
aboard, but then says, "Linda I forgot my sunglasses in the car. Throw me the

Linda fires up her parents nice 26 foot ski boat that has couch like cushions
all the sides. Linda and I are ready to talk, its hot so I take my shirt off,
suddenly, Kristi comes jogging down the boat dock barefoot, and wearing her
Paris Hilton sunglasses. I must say beauty in motion. But just as she's ready
to board the boat, I extend my hand to her, and she trips and begins falling. My
strong arm pulls her threw the air, and both hands grab her around the waist,
but the momentum carries us falling unto the other side of the boat couch
cushions. She's laying on top of me.

My arms are around her waist and her back! Were both a bit shocked. Kristi is
laying on my chest. Her soft skin, tanned petite body feels nice, firm and
soft. I ask her if she's alright! She doesn't answer at first, instead, she
slides her soft facial cheek bone down my belly. She kneels on the ground, and
grab my thighs to get up, but slowly, then she rests her chin in my crotch.
Now my hands are holding her long golden locks of hair. I like the way her hair
caresses my body.

Kristi looks up at me, with a big open teethed smile. I know she starting to
feel me getting hard.

I say to her, "You probably won't of tripped, if you didn't have these
sunglasses on," simultaneously, I move my hands from her head to putting up her
sunglasses. Then our eyes connected--we both enjoyed looking into each other's
eyes. I put the glasses back over her eyes, and Linda starts, "Kristi, leave
Dan alone he has been on the boat not even a minute and you look like you are
giving him a Blowjob."

Kristi jumps up, "Dan saved my life."

Linda rolls her eyes.

Linda pulls the boat into throttle, and we head down the Wobegan river towards
Wobegan lake. Kristi decides to wiggle her ass, and pull off those 4 inch long
cut off shorts, and didn't mind showing me. Wow! what an ass!

Even though I came down to see Linda, I'm starting to get turned on this 20 year
old model that should be in Hollywood.

I give Kristi a beer, and I walk over to Linda, and say, "Hey, I drove all this
way to least get a hug from you."

We exchange hugs, and its nothing special--its weird, Linda and I know each
other so well, our meeting is no big deal. It's a bit odd to finally put a body
and a personality together. It's almost like being best friends or being
married. Linda and I talk about where we are going to ski, and how much she's
looking forward to trying out her new gift of trick skiies. Kristi, meanwhile
is bathing in the sunshine at the stern of the boat wearing a mini bikini,
sunglasses, and holding a cooler cup with a beer.

After a few minutes, the tunes are cranking, and the feeling of being on the
water is awesome. I like the wind in my face. It's a hot day. sometimes I
fantasize about putting suntan lotion on Kristi's body, but Linda asks me first,
and she pulls off her T-shirt top and hands me the lotion. Wow, I'm pleasantly
surprised, I really enjoy rubbing Linda's back, her brunette hair is tied up in
a bun. She looks pretty.

Linda then says, "I happen to have champagne and strawberries for a treat." She
hands me some berries. I do love the taste of strawberries.

As Kristi lies upon the couch, I toss a strawberry at her medium to large
breasts. The berry bounces off her right tit, up into her chin, then slowly
rolls, in between her tits, over the middle string, like a Tiger Woods golf
shot, then rolls onto Kristi's beautiful little belly, which this belly might
even be made out of baby fat--the strawberry stops between her belly button, and
her small bikini bottom.

Kristi goes to grab the strawberry, puts up her glasses, arches her back, and
says, " I love eating strawberries" She spreads her legs a bit, leans back,
looks up into the sky, without looking then takes the strawberry and rubs it
against her pussy, Just a couple times, then rubs the berry around her belly,
up her body and then she seductively nipples the lucky strawberry, looks at me,
then tongues the berry, and slowing eats it, never taking her eyes off me.
Immediately, my cock begins to grow, my tip of my cock would like to have Kristi
mouth taste me! I'm now being able to see her whole body in a different light.

Linda is the first to jump in the water to go skiing. I'm running the boat, and
Kristi is the deckhand. We have another beer. We argue over the CD selection.
I couldn't read the CD clearly. She teasing about wearing bifocals. She wants
harder rock like Def Lepoard, put sugar on me, and I want James Talyor. That's
when Kristi started teasing me about my age( so I am double your age), Kristi
has a fun sense of humor she puts on a pair of glasses, and wears them at the
tip of her nose like she's a grandma. Then with beer in hand she acts, like a
grandma. I laugh, and yah I'm older, and say "Kristi someday you make a great
grandmother." I give her a little hug, and slap her ass!

Linda is tearing up the water with the trick skies. I thinks she likes them.
It's fun to watch her spin, glide, and turn, and her body has pretty good

When she's done i comment to her "yah, you might want to arch your back here,
and then when you turn you can put more weight on her knees."

Of course, I told Linda I was once a professional water skier.

Next Kristi goes--she should be topless, and she is half the skier Linda is but
she handles the waves, and does good.

Next, I'm up! Little do they know I was fibbing Linda about being a one time
champion water skier in Minnesota. I told them I skied in water parades, and
had girls standing on my shoulders. Hey, I was trying to Linda's attention.

So it's my turn, and I can't even get up on one ski. After three run arounds, I
play that my knee went out, and maybe, I'll be able to get up on two skies.
O.K. I get up on two skies, I finish, but now Linda and Kristi realize, I was
all bullshit, and I wasn't a professional coach and skier that I bragged about.
(Anything for a date with Linda, right.)

I show up at the boat, and Kristi starts ripping on me. I listen to her, Linda
wants a word, but is quiet only because I brought her trick skies, that are
cool, and gives me the benefit of the doubt.

As I'm claiming my bad knee story, and bring out the knee brace, a boat pulls up
and idles back down, then I hear yelling, "Hey Linda what are you doing?"

It's a old high school friend, and they exchange a few sentences, and Wha la,
Linda's hormones get turned on, and jumps ship, saying she's going skiing with
her old friends.

Kristi, and I look at her and say, "Right". Linda looks pretty excited, and she
hasn't been with us.

Linda zooms out into the blue of Lake Wobegan.

Kristi, and I both comment, boy those guys are in for it!

Kristi and I realize we have no distractions. Know what do we do?

We try to compromise over music, and get another beer, the boat sits idle.

It's odd, we have had this attraction, and now we are alone together.

There is a long pause, and I'm quiet. We sit down and Kristi asks what I do for
work? I answer I bartend, paint, and trying to be a writer. I tell her other
various jobs, that I've worked commercial fishing in Alaska, stock trading in
Chicago, and dog mushing in the arctic.

I ask her, "What have you been doing?"

Since, I knew the answer from Linda's diary, Linda has written about Kristi told
the readers she works for an e****t agency, and like to hook on the side.

Kristi didn't hesitate, "I like sex, and getting paid for it."

Then our talk continued, "I like having sex with girls i love, and I don't pay
for it. For me it takes away the beauty of it."

Then, Kristi comes on to me, kneels in front of me, and grabs my thighs.

I look at her, and my swimsuit starts to go in up periscope mode. It's hard to
imagine a beautiful vixen like Kristi coming onto you. She is so sexy, and I
haven't even figured out what part of her body I like the best.

As Kristi starts to massage my muscle beneath my swimsuit, she is closer to
winning every argument.

But I refuse to pay her any money. (It's the hardest thing I ever had done in my

Kristi I want to know you better! I love making love to a women I know. I love
a women that is true, honest, and loving. (I don't say it but, I need to love a
girl that is beautiful, but I have to love her personality.)

I kind of bitch at Kristi, and tell her-"hey, I came down here to meet her
cousin Linda, I've always had a crush on her, but when I saw you, and saw your
fun, flitty, sassy, attitude, I started falling for you." I admit, "Kristi, I
like you a lot, but not for a one night stand, your better than that. What do
what to do for the rest of life after you get done hooking. Are you addicted to
the money, the sex, what else do want for the rest of your life."

Kristi answers, "I do like the money, and I love sex. I'm not sure."

We get another beer!

As we sit down, Kristi sits next to me.

It's quiet at first, and then I say, "Kristi, I'm pretty old, never been
married, no k**s that I know of, but I've never had the day where I want to wake
up next to someone, and plan a day with. It's sad, and lonely, but all the
freedom anyone desires. It's been a pretty lonely life, and for what I can see,
a raising a f****y under God would be a great blessing.

As I grab her shoulder to rub it, she's passive. As I rub her more, and we both
take a few sips of our beer, its relaxing.

Then she pipes out, and says, "Nice job Mr. pro water skier". She's giving me
shit about my water skiing adventure, and then says, "You were telling us how to
better our game, and you don't even know how to ski."

I shrugged my shoulders, and said, I had to meet Linda's somehow.

Then out of the blue, the sassy, attituded women, Kristi grabs my cock. "Don't
tell me how you what a girlfriend, when your rubbing my back, and caressing my
ass, and you have a stiff cock."

"I can't help that Kristi, your so beautiful!"

I ask, do you want to jump in the water--its so hot in this boat."

She answers, "No, if you jump in there will be a piranha in the lake."

I look at Kristi, and say, "Kristi I'm not looking for one time fuck, and to pay
for it. I'm looking for a girl, girl fiend, that has bigger goals in life.
Your probably the prettiest woman I have ever seen. I want to know you better."

Just then, as I had my hand on Kristi shoulder, I placed my other arm around
her, and we started to hug, and even though, Kristi never kisses, our lips were
coming together, when, suddenly, this romantic moment was interrupted with this
loud engine boat, and we hear, Linda, "Hey what is going on?"

Our lips never touched, but that split moment love was in the air.

Linda jumps on board, and is all smiling and happy. I look over to other boat,
and the two guys who were so actively wild, are now is a slumber like they
didn't know what happened to them. The one guy is sl**ping on the bow of the
boat, smiling as he sl**ps. He looks like a dog that had a good dinner and went
to lay at the fireplace. He is so content. The other guy looks so tired that
he is yawing about driving the boat.

Linda is grinning ear to ear, knowing very well she fucked the living shit out
of both these guys.

It didn't take long to notice, Kristi fired out--"Those guys look like they been
through a war. Didn't you give them a break."

Kristi and I both laughed.

Linda said "What did you do?"

At the same time Kristi, and I said, "Nothing."

Linda said, "That's too bad! I thought you might hit it off."

I answered, "she charges to much."

As talk changed, Linda made mention that she had to get the boat home for her
parents to use for tomorrow.

We grabbed another beer, and headed for home. As the sun went down, Kristi put
on a sweatshirt and we sat in the back of the boat enjoying the moment.

When the boat was back on the trailer, and it was time to say "goodbye".
Kristi and I had talked, and I said, "Even though, I don't pay for sex, I would
like to hire you for an e****t tomorrow, I'm going jet skiing." I asked Kristi,
"If she would like to go jet skiing, and I would pay her for her time."

She said, "Yes"

I gave her a hug, and we kissed on the lips.

Linda said, "C'mon you guys!"

My hands moved from her back to her ass, and kissed her again on the lips."

Kristi answered, "I'll be at the hotel at 7:30 for breakfast."

My dick was hard, and I hate blue balls so I went to the hotel bar for a few
drinks to relieve the pressure.

Usually, I take the pressure out chasing other women, but tonight, even though
there were so many hot young women there, I couldn't help stop thinking ab0ut
Kristi. I sat at the bar and was content. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, the
thought of being with Kristi.
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"Just calm down, Carolyn!" I commanded as she paced around the bedroom.
My brain felt like it was disconnected...I was on the verge of passing out, but I needed to diffuse the situation, and quick.
"Don't you dare tell me to calm down, William! What was Cassie saying? I'm still waiting for your brilliant explanation!" she barked at me.
I sat on the edge of the bed and began to rub my forehead with the tips of my fingers. I could feel a headache cropping up.
"She was recalling something from earlier tonight," I answered cautiously. I was ready for the look that Carolyn shot me.
"What was she recalling?" Carolyn asked between clenched teeth.
I knew there wasn't going to be an easy way to explain it to her, so I did my best to tell her as much truth as possible. Maybe that way it would sound convincing.
"Okay...I know you won't like everything I'm about to tell you, so at least let me explain everything first."
I took a deep breath, trying to get my thoughts in order so I wouldn't reveal too much. I exhaled noisily and stood up. I couldn't sit still at the moment, so I began pacing.
Carolyn took my spot on the edge of the bed, looking at me curiously.
"I went to Bruce's to find Cassie. I saw her car in the parking lot, so I went inside. She was at the bar, drinking. I took a seat where I could watch her, but she couldn't see me. I noticed she was flirting with some guy that was sitting beside her. I think he was buying her drinks.
"I kept an eye on her, because she was obviously plastered. After a while, the guy finally convinced her to leave with him. There was no way in hell I was going to let her go off alone with this dude in her condition, but I didn't want to just stop her. I figured she would have made a scene, and I didn't want to get her thrown in jail because she wasn't old enough to be drinking."
Carolyn shot me another look, and I knew what she was about to say before she said it.
"I know! I know! I will talk to her about that tomorrow. I will get to the bottom of it, and I won't tolerate that any longer if she's going to stay in the house, okay?"
"Good," Carolyn muttered.
"So anyway, I decided to follow them. She got into his car and they left. I followed behind them at a safe distance, but he only drove a few minutes away to the park. When he pulled into the parking lot, I knew what was going on. I wasn't sure what to do at that point, so I parked in a different lot and got out.
"Luckily, or maybe not so lucky, I suppose...they got out of the car and he lead her over by the lake. She was so d***k she was stumbling behind him.
"And can probably figure out what happened next," I finished quietly.
Carolyn gasped in shock as the words sunk in. Her eyes popped wide open and her mouth gaped.
"What? She had sex with some stranger in the park?" she whispered.
"Yes. That's what she's remembering, although I don't know how. She wasn't even able to recognize me at times...that's how wasted she was."
"Wait!" Carolyn snapped. " watched? You watched while Cassie was having sex with some stranger in the park?"
I knew there would be some anger from her, but it was nothing compared to what she would think if she really knew what had happened out there.
"I tried not to, but I didn't want to just leave her there! I didn't know what else to do! I can't stop her...she's a damn adult! But I sure the hell wasn't going to let her drive off with some guy! He could have been some psychotic killer for all I knew! She was toasted and didn't have the ability to think clearly!" I blurted in frustration, hoping it would be enough of an explanation to calm her down.
"Shit, Bill! That's disgusting! Fucking disgusting!" she spat at me. However, I could tell she wasn't nearly as mad as she had been before. It was working.
"So tell me then, Carolyn...what should I have done? Tried to grab her in the parking lot? Huh? Wrestle her in the bar where we both would have gotten in trouble? Or try to snatch her in the park? I didn't have a lot of time or a whole lot of options! I just followed her to make sure she stayed safe! Cut me some fucking slack!"
She didn't respond immediately. That was a good sign. It meant she was thinking things over instead of just shouting at me. She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders before speaking again.
"I can't say that it was the smartest choice, but I agree that you shouldn't have just let her leave with him. With that being said...I will not condone this behavior from her while she's here. I know she isn't my daughter, but I can't handle this stress. And quite frankly, I don't think you can either. You look like hell," she explained. "And you smell even worse," she tacked on.
"Yeah...I was in the bar for a while. Stank like old cigarettes and stale beer. I'm going to go hop in the shower real quick," I said. I would be glad to wash off in hot water, making certain no traces of my actions with Cassie were left behind.
Carolyn didn't say anything else as I turned and headed for the bathroom. I sincerely hoped she bought my story and didn't probe much more.
I showered as quickly as I could. I was fading fast and barely able to stand on my own two feet. When I was done, I tossed my dirty clothes in the hamper and got dressed.
Carolyn was already waiting in bed for me. She looked worn out. I felt bad for putting her through so much tonight. It wasn't fair to her.
I climbed in bed and pulled her into my arms. She didn't try to fight me off, so at least she wasn't angry anymore.
"Sorry, honey. Didn't mean to stress you out tonight. I promise I'll talk to her tomorrow. I will make it work somehow."
"It's not your fault, Bill. She's just a teenager and she's a bit wild. We'll figure it all out. I don't want this summer to be stressful," Carolyn murmured.
I didn't know what else to say, so I just hugged her tighter. After only a few minutes, Carolyn was snoring lightly.
I could feel myself falling faster into u*********sness, but I couldn't stop my mind from reeling. All of the things that had happened tonight came crashing down on me. Reality was starting to sink in.
I was torn between disgust and elation. I replayed the events between Cassie and me over and over in my head as I sunk into a deep and peaceful sl**p.

The morning sunlight filtered through the curtains, forcing me awake. I noticed right away that I was alone in bed. I heard noise downstairs, so I figured Carolyn was already up and cooking.
With the haze of alcohol and sl**p deprivation gone, I was suddenly very anxious. What if Cassie remembered what happened last night? I suppose in the heat of the moment I didn't realize that things could come back to bite me in the ass.
I never considered the very real possibility that Cassie would remember having sex with me. I had counted on the alcohol to erase her memory, and now I realized how foolish that truly was. Frankly, I was scared to leave the bedroom and face what was waiting for me.
After splashing my face with cold water, I got dressed in my favorite gray t-shirt and plaid sl**p pants ensemble. Then, I slowly crept out of the room. I didn't hear voices, so I was hoping that Cassie was still asl**p. I went into the kitchen and found Carolyn there.
She was cooking breakfast, but I could tell by her body language that she was upset. She was still in her pajamas and her long dark green cotton robe. It didn't look like she had even bothered with her hair. She looked tired, with dark circles under her eyes.
She didn't greet me when I walked into the room, and that made me uneasy.
"Good morning," I murmured. Carolyn didn't turn towards me or stop what she was doing.
I heard her grumble something at me, but couldn't make out what it was. I was beginning to sweat. When we went to bed last night, everything had been fine. Or so I thought. So why was she upset now?
Had Cassie woken up already? Remembered everything and told Carolyn? Surely not. I was certain that Carolyn would not be making breakfast if Cassie had told her that we had fucked last night.
She would have been beating me senseless or packing her bags to leave. Or possibly both. I realized I wasn't breathing.
I inhaled sharply, and that caught her attention. She turned and shot me a dirty look. She was pissed.
"What?" she demanded.
"Nothing," I replied.
She grumbled under her breath again and turned back to the stove.
"What's wrong?" I asked after a few moments of silence. It was obvious she wasn't going to speak to me willingly.
"You really don't want me to answer that right now. I'm a little upset so it would be best if you would just leave me alone." She was stirring the eggs with a bit more f***e than usual.
"No, I'm not going to leave you alone. I want to know why you are upset. I thought we were okay when we went to bed last night...and now you're upset. So what happened?" I wasn't really sure if I wanted to know, but not knowing was driving me nuts.
" really want to know? I heard you in your sl**p last night. You were talking all damn night. Couldn't sl**p because of it," she fumed.
My heart was pounding harder than ever, and once again I wasn't breathing. What in the fucking hell had I said in my sl**p? That was about right. I was going to rat myself out without even knowing it. I couldn't remember much about my dreams last night, other than they were all about Cassie.
"What are you talking about?" I asked hesitantly.
"You were talking about Cassie all night long. What in the hell were you dreaming about exactly?" she asked brusquely.
"I have no idea. I don't remember dreaming about anything at all," I lied smoothly.
"Really? That's interesting. Cause all you were babbling about was her tits."
"Well, excuse the hell out of me. I went through something last night that I shouldn't have. I'm not surprised that I had nightmares about it," I rambled, hoping that my voice sounded innocent enough.
I stomped over to the dining room table and sat down without another word. I was so close to having my cover blown. I wasn't sure how much longer I was going to be able to keep this charade up.
I heard Carolyn sigh quietly. Then, she was behind me, hugging me tightly.
"Sorry. I know last night must have been hard for you. And I know I could be a little more understanding. It was just kind of weird to hear, is all."
I was trying to come up with a clever response when I heard Cassie coming down the stairs.
"Don't forget our agreement last night. You need to have a talk with her," Carolyn whispered in my ear.
"Mornin' honey," I said as cheerily as possible as Cassie stumbled into the kitchen.
At least she had changed out of that tight little top she had been wearing last night. She was now in a loose-fitting light blue t-shirt and a pair of blue and white striped sl**p shorts.
Unfortunately, she still wasn't wearing a bra. I did my best to avert my eyes before she could notice that I was staring at her chest.
She looked like she had been run over by a truck. She had a grimace on her face as she stared back at me.
"Uuuhhh," she grumbled as she shuffled over to the table and sat down beside me.
"So, how are you feeling this morning?" I queried. More importantly, I wanted to know what she remembered, but I couldn't very well question her about that.
"Ugh! I feel like shit! What the hell happened last night? The details are kind of fuzzy," she mumbled while she stifled a yawn.
Relief washed through me. If she had remembered what happened between us, she wouldn't be sitting next to me asking questions.
"Well, you had quite a night!" I said loudly. I knew what it felt like to be hung over, and I wasn't going to take it easy on her.
She was still my daughter, and she was still too young to be drinking, so I was going to have to talk some sense into her. I didn't want her driving d***k or getting arrested. Or sl**ping around with random strangers.
She might be a legal adult, but she was still my responsibility while she was living here.
"Not so loud!" she protested.
"Sorry, honey. I forgot that you went out partying last night."
"Seriously...what happened?"
"You don't remember anything?"
"Not much. I went out to find a place to clear my head, and I drove by Bruce's. I saw a bunch of college k**s hanging out in the parking lot, so I went in to check it out. I had something to eat and then some guy came up and asked if he could buy me a drink.
"I followed him to the bar and he bought me a couple of drinks. When he realized I wasn't just going to throw myself at him, he left. I stayed at the bar and got slightly plastered.
"Some other college guy came up and started flirting with me...and then he asked me if I wanted to have a good time. He gave me a pill and told me to take it...that it would trip me out. It was stupid, I know...but I took it and that's pretty much all I remember. I think he gave me another pill after that...but I can't be sure." Cassie kept her eyes on the table as she spoke, apparently ashamed to be telling all of this to me.
It was hard to be mad at her. She was a stupid teenager. I had been ten times worse than her, so I had no right to judge her. But, I was still her father and I had an obligation to look out for her. I might not be doing the most awesome job of taking care of her, but at least I was trying.
"You remember quite a bit of it. I called you not long after that, worried that you hadn't come home yet. I could tell you were d***k, and I was concerned about you driving yourself home. When you told me where you were, I drove over there to get you," I explained.
I wasn't sure if I should tell her that she took off with Chase. She was obviously upset with herself, and I didn't want to make it worse.
"The guy that was with you tried to get you to leave with him, but I made you come home with me instead," I lied.
Cassie finally met my gaze, and she looked relieved. Carolyn, who had been silent through our entire conversation, cleared her throat. She was heading to the table with a plate full of bacon and eggs, which she put in front of Cassie.
Cassie's expression of relief changed to an expression of disgust almost instantly as the smell of the food hit her.
"Oh God! I'm gonna be sick!" She clamped her hand over her mouth and went running for the downstairs bathroom.
We both stared after Cassie as she streaked out of the room. As soon as Carolyn heard the bathroom door slam, she turned her attention to me.
"What in the hell are you doing?" she whispered angrily.
"What?" I asked, though I knew exactly what she was talking about.
"Why didn't you tell her what happened last night? She needs to know!"
"I don't think it's a good idea. She doesn't remember it at all. Besides, I don't think it's very smart to tell her that I followed her and sat by while she boinked some stranger in the park!"
Carolyn was thinking through what I had just told her. I hoped that she would agree with me, because the thought of having to tell Cassie more details about last night was making my stomach churn.
Carolyn sighed heavily and put her hand on her hip as she responded.
"Fine...if you think it's best for her. I still think she should know. Maybe that would keep her from getting into trouble in the future."
She had a point. If Cassie knew that she had gotten d***k and slept with someone as a result, it would surely influence her future decisions. However, I still thought it would be best to keep quiet about it.
"Look, let me talk to her. I will find out how she was buying the booze. If she's got a fake ID, I'll take it away. We'll set some rules about her behavior, and if she breaks the rules, we'll punish her.
"If she's smart, she'll listen to us and straighten up. If she keeps being stupid, though, we'll tell a deterrent. Sound good?" I waited for another minute as Carolyn deliberated.
"Okay. But you need to be firm with her. She needs to know that we are serious," Carolyn replied.
The rest of the morning went by quickly. Cassie eventually came out of the bathroom, and passed on breakfast. She sprawled out on the couch, and Carolyn brought her cold ginger ale to help ease her queasiness. After a few aspirins and some rest, Cassie started to feel better.
I waited until she was fully awake and headache-free before I started in on my lecture. She knew it was coming when I sat down beside her on the couch.
Carolyn was nice enough to go outside and soak up some sun while I tried to talk some sense into Cassie.
"You know we need to talk, right?" I asked quietly as I took a seat.
She straightened up on the couch and flipped the TV off.
"Yeah, I know. I figured it was only a matter of time. Thanks for at least letting my hangover go away first."
"Look, I don't want to drag it all up again and talk for hours. You know that's not my style," I started.
Cassie shook her head, knowing damn well that I hated having personal conversations like this...especially with her.
"You messed up last night, and you could have gotten into some serious trouble. How were you able to buy booze?" I inquired.
"I got a fake ID from a friend before I came here," she admitted.
"You know I'm going to take it, right?" I asked. I was fully prepared for her refusal, so her response surprised me.
"Yeah. It's can have it. I don't know what I was thinking. I could have been in some deep shit last night if it wasn't for you, dad. Thanks for bailing my ass out. It won't happen again." She was fiddling with the hem on her shirt as she spoke.
I was blown away. I was expecting screaming and yelling and rebellion from her, but she just gave in. She was more grown-up than I gave her credit for.
"Wow. I'm not sure what to say to that, honey. Not that I'm not proud of you for being an adult about this..."
"It's fine, dad. You don't have to explain. I'm just really relieved that I didn't do something really bad last night. I was afraid that I had done something I would have regretted for the rest of my life. But you were there to stop me and keep me safe. I'll make it up to you by being on my best behavior. I know you and Carolyn didn't have to let me move in, and I really do appreciate it. I'm not going to take it for granted."
Guilt flooded through me. If only she knew that I hadn't saved her last night at all. I had taken advantage of her, and had allowed someone else to use her while I looked on. And then, due to my own guilt, I kept it all a secret.
It was almost too much to handle. I was on the verge of telling her everything that occurred. I stopped myself just in time before I spilled my guts.
"It's okay, honey. You made a mistake. God knows I've made more than my fair share of mistakes over the years." And still am, I tacked on mentally.
Cassie didn't say anything else for a few minutes. I sensed that she had something else she wanted to talk about, so I waited patiently. When she began crying, I almost lost it.
I leaned over and put my arm around her shoulders. For once in my pathetic existence, I wasn't turned on by her, and for that I was grateful. I was just her dad...there to comfort her and make it better if I could.
"What's wrong? Are you still upset about last night?" I asked.
"No. Well...yes, but not about anything that happened at the bar. It was before all that...something with work. I got freaked out and needed to get out of the house for a while. I was so stressed. I don't normally act like know that. I can't believe I was so stupid," she said with remorse in her voice.
I was frozen. Somehow, I had completely forgotten about the incident that had caused her to flee the house. My stupidity in the chat room...revealing that I knew who she really was.
I knew I had scared her senseless and she went binge drinking. It was all my fault. But, I couldn't fess up to it without giving away my secret. I would have to try to find some way to calm her down and reassure her.
"Stop worrying about it! It's over now...and we can put it behind us. Really. Carolyn and I aren't even mad at you. We were just worried about you...and now you're home safe and sound and you have learned your lesson. Now, what about work has you so upset?"
I could tell my voice was a little shaky, but I was hoping she couldn't hear that.
"It's nothing...don't worry about it," she whispered.
"I will worry about it. It will help if you talk about it, you know."
I released her, sensing it was hard enough to talk about it without having to be so close to me. I scooted over to my end of the couch and waited. I could tell she was trying to figure out what to tell me.
" know what I do. I'm perfectly fine with my career. However, I never considered the idea that someone I know would have a session with me. It's almost impossible that someone I know would stumble across the site I work for and find me by accident.
"But, it happened. Last night during a session...a new customer came into the chat room and all was going well until they referred to me by my actual name. I always use a fake name in my sessions. It kind of freaked me out. When I questioned him, he disconnected our chat.
"That's when I left. I thought about telling Carolyn, but I wasn't sure how much she knew about my work. I didn't really want to drag her into it. So, I decided to go out. I just wasn't thinking right last night. I'm still freaked out. I don't know what to do about it."
I concentrated on my breathing, working to sound calm when I answered her. I had to find some way to make her believe that this incident wasn't worth looking into.
"You know a lot of people, Cassie. Isn't it possible that someone could have found you?"
"No, I don't think so. Do you know how many sites there are out there that do what we do? Tons! What are the odds of someone finding the site I work for? And not to mention there are hundreds of models on our site alone. I don't really think it was an accident."
"Okay...then let me ask you this. Besides me and your mother, does anyone else know you do this? Any of your friends from school?" I asked, hoping desperately that she had confided in someone that could have potentially shared her secret.
"Well...I did tell Fiona after we graduated," she said slowly.
Relief again. I was able to breath. She had told someone. Fiona had been her best friend for the last couple of years. They had met shortly after Cassie relocated.
"But there is no way Fiona would have said anything to anyone. She promised!" Cassie said.
"She might have let it slip. Or she might have confided in someone she thought would keep the secret but didn't. It's possible, honey. I don't think she would have done it to hurt you.
"I'm just's possible that someone you know found you. Either by accident or by word of mouth. It's probably some dude from school that had a crush on you," I teased, hoping to convince her.
"I don't know. It's still creepy. Most guys video chat with me...they want me to see them. Very few come in anonymously. I don't know if I'm going to be comfortable working for them anymore."
"Well, don't. Didn't you just say that there were tons of sites out there? Go find another one. Ask your friends said there were a couple of people on the site that you talked to before. I'm sure they know of other good sites.
"You can probably even retain your old customers if you wanted to. Just let them know what site you're going to and I'd bet they would follow you. That way, whoever had found you most likely wouldn't be able to know where you went."
Cassie had a look of amazement on her face. "Wow. I figured you would tell me to get out of the business entirely, and now you're giving me advice on how to stay in it," she said with a chuckle. "You're way too laid back nowadays. What is Carolyn putting in your coffee to make you so mellow?" she said jokingly.
"Haha...very funny. I don't particularly want you to stay in the business, but you should be able to do what you want. And like you'll never be able to make as much money at any other job while you go to school. As long as you're getting an education and being safe, then I don't care."
"Thanks, dad. You always know what to say to make it better. I'm going to go email my friend online to see if she has any suggestions. I think you're right. It's probably just some loser from school.
"Oh well. No harm done, I guess. I'll just move sites and I won't worry about it anymore. And this time I'll keep my mouth shut about where I'm working," she said as she stood up.
She leaned down to give me a hug as she passed. I hugged her back, glad I could help her.
She took off up the stairs and I heard her door slam shut. Well, that was one crisis taken care of, I hoped. On the down side, I wasn't going to know where she was working now, and I wouldn't be able to have any other sessions with her.
And that was fine. I made myself a promise that I would get over my infatuation with her for good. I had crossed the line last night, and it could have blown up in my face. Luckily, it hadn't. But, if I kept it up, eventually something would get me.
I swore to leave Cassie alone. I would not think about it again. I had Carolyn, and she was more than I deserved. I should learn to appreciate her before I fucked it all up.
I headed to the back yard to find Carolyn. She would be pleased to hear about the progress I had made with Cassie.
Things were going to be good now. Like they should have been all along. I would try to enjoy the summer with Cassie before she was off to college, and once she was gone, I would put all of this nonsense behind me.

Several weeks went by without incident. We all fell into a comfortable routine around the house. I went to the office only when necessary so I could be around the house as much as possible. Carolyn was happy that things had calmed down, and she settled back into housework and cooking.
Cassie happily handed over her fake ID and had been on her best behavior. She switched to a new site after her friend had given her a few good places to start, and she was pleased with her new employers. For a select few of her clients, she had given out her new site information, and they dutifully followed her.
It wasn't long before her clients were built back up again, and she was surprised to be making more money than ever. She stayed pretty busy during the afternoons and evenings.
When she wasn't working, Cassie spent as much time with me and Carolyn as possible. Carolyn was happy to have a shopping partner, and I often came home to an empty house.
I should have been upset that they were always out spending money, but I was just glad things were back to normal and happy to see Carolyn and Cassie getting along so well.
I was beginning to think I was over Cassie, since several weeks had gone by and I hadn't felt the need to spy on her. I still found myself thinking about her occasionally, but I would f***e myself to stop. I was hoping that since I had finally gotten what I had desired that I wouldn't lust after her any longer.
Things were better than ever between Carolyn and I, and she noticed the difference. She probably figured I was just happy to have Cassie around. Our sex life was rejuvenated after a couple of years of repetition.
All in all, things were great. Cassie still had over a month before she was off to college, so we were making the best of our time with her.
I should have known that it wouldn't last. It was all a little too good to be true, and that should have warned me. It was heading downhill, but I didn't realize it until it was too late.
It had been almost a month since the "park incident". It was already after dark that day when I got off of work. I had just gotten home when I noticed that Carolyn's car was gone. I assumed that she and Cassie were off shopping again.
My assumptions were confirmed after walking through the house but finding no one. I headed upstairs to change out of my work clothes. I was planning on having a few beers on the deck in the backyard...or maybe even turning on the hot tub and soaking for a little while.
I padded downstairs wearing only a pair of thin cotton shorts, in case I decided to soak. I grabbed a couple of cold beers out of the fridge and headed out the back door. As soon as I opened the back door, I realized that I had been wrong.
I was not home alone, after all. I froze halfway through the door as I spotted Cassie. She was getting out of the hot tub, wearing only a bikini bottom. She was dripping wet, breasts hanging out.
She was reaching for a towel she had put on the side of the hot tub when she realized I was standing frozen in the doorway.
I turned and walked back into the house, mortified. I didn't know she was home...much less half-naked and in the hot tub. If I had known that, I wouldn't have gone outside.
I stood in the living room, unable to move. I was less than surprised when all of my previous feelings for Cassie came rushing back. And of course, my penis was starting to get erect. All I was wearing was flimsy shorts...which wouldn't hide my dick at all.
I quickly made my way up the stairs and changed into some blue jean shorts and t-shirt. I heard Cassie pass by in the hallway on the way to her bedroom. When I heard her door close, I quietly went downstairs and turned on the TV.
I didn't want to tempt myself by staying in the bedroom with an erection. I knew where that would lead.
A few minutes later, Cassie came downstairs and found me flipping through the channels. I didn't say anything as she walked into the living room.
"Dad...about earlier..." she mumbled as she hesitated by the couch.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know you were home," I said sheepishly.
"It's my fault. I never should have taken my top off. It's your house, you have a right to be in your own back yard without having to worry about catching me naked," she explained. By the tone in her voice, it sounded as if she thought I was mad at her.
"It's okay. I'm not upset with you, if that's what you're thinking. I just didn't want to embarrass you any more than I already had."
"Dad, I show my boobs off for a living...I let go of any embarrassment about being naked a long time ago."
"Well, I guess that's a good point. Let's just forget it happened, okay?" I suggested.
I was sincerely going to try and forget about it, but I seriously doubted I was going to have much success with it.
Already the image of Cassie being naked and wet was occupying my thoughts. It was everything I could do to carry on a conversation with her and keep my dick from bulging through my pants.
"Okay. It never happened," she said. Her voice didn't sound right.
"What's wrong? Is something else going on?" I asked, concerned.
"No...I just haven't been feeling very good the last couple of days so I thought maybe a dip in the hot tub would help me feel better."
I noticed she looked a little pale as she moved over to the recliner and sat down.
"You getting sick?" I asked stupidly. I didn't know what else to say or how to comfort her. I was out of my zone.
"Yeah, I think so. My throat is sore and my head has been hurting. I think I've been working too much. I haven't been getting a lot of sl**p because of all the crazy hours I've been working."
"You should take a day or two off and get some rest," I recommended.
"Yeah...I think I will, actually. I wouldn't mind getting a break from the computer. Besides, Carolyn wanted to have a spa day with me. I think I'll take her up on that offer."
"That sounds like a good idea. Carolyn will love that," I said with a smile.
Carolyn came home a little while later, and we all ate dinner together. Cassie informed Carolyn about her intentions to take a couple of days off from work, and Carolyn immediately began making plans.
After dinner, we watched a little TV, but Cassie went to bed early and Carolyn wasn't far behind her. I stayed up late, watching TV in the dark. I couldn't get Cassie out of my head.
I could feel the obsession coming back stronger than ever. I thought I had been over my infatuation with her, but all it took was one look at her naked body to start it all up again.
I was already thinking of ways to spy on her again, trying to figure out how to be discreet. Thanks to my stupid chat room occurrence, Cassie had switched sites and I had no idea where she was working now.
I had gotten away with peeping at her once, but didn't dare try that again. I didn't know how else to watch her. And maybe that was a good thing. I knew I should have just let it go, but I could tell that I wasn't going to be able to do that.
As I sat up late that night, a brilliant idea came to me. The girls were having their spa day in two days, and they were going to be gone for hours. Maybe...maybe I could get some tiny cameras and put them up in Cassie's room. I really had no idea about how to use those spy cams, but it couldn't be that hard.
I immediately jumped up and grabbed my work computer. I connected to the internet and did some research. I found a wealth of information, and quickly educated myself. I found some awesome cameras that were so tiny and discreet they would never be found by anyone.
Since Cassie was in our guest bedroom, there were items already hanging on the walls. I could hide the cameras in numerous places and she would be none the wiser. What reason would she have for moving any of our things around?
I did a quick search and found that I was in luck. There was a small electronics store about twenty miles from here that sold the cameras I was interested in. They could be set up to record the material to a computer or a DVR. It was long as I could get them set up before Cassie got back home.
I could record her sessions to my laptop and watch them later when I was alone. No one would know what was going on and I wouldn't have to worry about getting caught.
I knew it was wrong and a huge invasion of Cassie's privacy, but I made a mental promise to delete anything that didn't happen during one of her sessions. That way, I wouldn't be seeing anything she wasn't already showing to someone else.
I went to bed feeling a surge of excitement about tomorrow. I could sneak out and buy my equipment, and then install them the day after while I was home alone. Everything could be charged to my business credit card, and saved on my business computer.
I would be free to obsess in privacy without hurting Cassie or Carolyn. Plus, I would have files for future reference to watch after Cassie left for college.
I was eager to for the next morning to come, so I could get started on my convoluted plan.

The next day, I went to work as usual, but left early to stop by Mike's Electronics on the way home. The store had everything I needed, and I headed home with my stash of surveillance equipment.
The salesman that helped me thought I was setting up a system to catch my wife cheating. I felt a little guilty about having to lie, but that guilt was pretty pale in comparison to the guilt I was having over spying on Cassie.
I would learn to live with it. I stashed my equipment in the trunk of the car and patiently waited for the next day so I could install it.
The morning came, and my mood was exuberant. Carolyn was also excited because she was going to be pampered all day. Even Cassie was energetic as she bounced down the stairs.
"How are you feeling today?" I asked.
"Much better. I think I was just exhausted. No more sore throat or headache. I'm looking forward to the massage today," she said enthusiastically.
"Me too," Carolyn chimed in.
They headed out the door, and I gave Carolyn a kiss as she left.
"Have a good day, you two."
"We will, don't worry!" Cassie called as she hopped into the front seat of Carolyn's car.
"See you tonight," Carolyn called as they pulled out of the driveway.
I waved as I watched them drive away. As soon as they were out of site, I went to my car and got the bags out. I dashed up the stairs and unloaded all of my goodies on Cassie's bed.
The salesman had shown me a handy little camera that was installed in a casing that looked like a smoke detector. I swapped out the smoke detector that was already in Cassie's room for the new one.
There was a detector in the hall, so I wasn't really worried about taking the old one out of her room. After that camera was put up, I got the micro camera out and installed it in the a/c vent that was on the sidewall.
Now I had a view of her room from both sides, since the smoke detector was installed on the wall instead of the ceiling. No matter which way she was facing, I would have a view. I followed the instructions that were given to me and set up the software on my laptop, then I tested the cameras to make sure they worked.
They did. It wasn't as good as if I were watching her through the door, but it would have to do. I had the ability to leave the cameras running constantly, or to turn them on via my laptop at the time of my choosing.
I kept them off, and would only turn them on at night when I knew she was working. That would minimize the chance of catching her doing something more private.
With everything installed and ready to go, I was now impatient for the girls to get home. The night passed slowly, and nothing held my interest for long.
I tried to do some work, since I didn't get much done at the office this morning, but that didn't last long. TV wasn't interesting, and I was too restless to sit in the hammock or hot tub.
To keep myself occupied, I decided to be nice and make dinner. I knew Carolyn would appreciate being able to come home to dinner after a day of relaxation.
I opted to make chicken and steak kebobs on the grill outside, since it would take longer and keep me busy.
By the time Carolyn and Cassie got home, I had dinner ready and waiting. Carolyn was thrilled, and, as usual, Cassie was starving.
After dinner, Cassie had to head upstairs to get ready for work. She claimed she had taken more than enough time off and was anxious to get back.
As Carolyn helped me clean up the dishes, we chatted about their day at the spa. I was in a rush so I could go to my laptop and set the cameras to record.
"It was so nice to relax. I wish we could do that more often. Cassie really seemed like she had a good time!"
"That's good. I'm glad you two had fun," I said enthusiastically.
I finished drying the dishes and tried to make my escape. I didn't want to seem to impatient, but I didn't want to miss anything that was going on upstairs.
"Honey, I need to go check my email real quick. I promised my boss I would review something for him tonight, but I haven't gotten the file yet. I'll be back in a few minutes, okay?"
"Sure, honey. Take your time. I think I'm going to watch some TV. Don't feel like doing anything else," she said as she put the dishes away.
I went into the living room and pulled out my laptop. I opened the software and activated the cameras. The screen flickered and then Cassie was visible.
She was changing into something that looked promising. I reluctantly closed the screen, hoping that I had set up everything correctly and that the files would save.
I put my laptop away, and would check the files later when I was alone and able to enjoy them. Carolyn got finished in the kitchen and we watched some TV together for a couple of hours.
Cassie came downstairs to get a drink and tell us she was done for the night. She was worn out, and was heading to bed.
"I think I'm going to go take a bath and go to bed myself," Carolyn informed me as she got up and stretched. "Doing nothing all day sure is draining," she teased.
"You go ahead. I'll be up in a little while. Not quite tired yet," I said.
"Okay. Don't stay up too late, tiger." She winked at me as she climbed the stairs.
I waited until I was sure neither of them were coming back downstairs. When I was sure I was alone, I grabbed my laptop and headed outside. I didn't want to be in the house while I was watching...just in case.
I sat in one of the lawn chairs and angled it to face the back door. I wasn't risking the chance of being caught.
There were two new files saved to my computer, and I nervously opened up the first one. This one was from the angle of the a/c vent. But, Cassie had her laptop positioned in the corner, so I was only seeing her back.
I closed the file and opened the next one. This one was from the vantage point of the smoke detector. This time, I could see Cassie from the front. It was almost as if she was performing for me instead of the loser on her computer.
I adjusted the volume so I could barely hear it. I didn't want the neighbors to know what I was doing in case they were outside this late.
I watched carefully, waiting for the good stuff to start. Cassie changed out of her shorts and shirt. She went into her closet off screen. When she stepped back into view, she was wearing something that nearly stopped my heart.
She looked like a dominatrix. She had what appeared to be a whip in her hand. Her outfit was and red, and super tight. It was a snug fitting top and bottom...that didn't leave much to imagination.
She was so fucking hot. I watched as she put on some lipstick and jiggled her boobs around to make them fit in her top. Then, she strolled over to her laptop and typed a few keys.
She waited for a minute, tapping her foot impatiently. Finally, she reacted to something on her screen. A smile lit up her face.
"Well, hey there, studly. I haven't seen you in a while," she said to the man on her screen.
"It has been a while. I was so glad you contacted me to let me know you changed sites. That was really cool," the man replied.
"You are such a great customer. I really enjoy our time together...I didn't want to lose you," she said warmly.
"You amazing. I really love that outfit," he complimented.
"Well...I hope you don't like it too much. It's about to come off," Cassie teased.
I watched her as she slipped one strap down on her shoulder. The man on the screen groaned.
"What's the matter, Angelo? Is this turning you on? I'm not going to go too fast...I want to take it nice and slow tonight."
So Angelo, was it? Now I had a name for the asshole. I watched as Cassie reached over and turned on her stereo beside her bed. Some sort of weird techno-pop music came on, and she started dancing around.
Apparently Angelo enjoyed that quite a bit.
"Oh yeah, baby. You know I loved it when you strip for me! Oooh! So fucking hot!" Angelo whispered fiercely.
I tried to tune him out...he was ruining my buzz. I focused my attention on Cassie as she continued her strip tease. She looked like a professional stripper. She wiggled around the room, dancing seductively.
After a few minutes of dancing, she began the stripping part. My dick was already hard and waiting. She eased her straps on her top off. I heard Angelo grunting. He must have already been spanking it.
Ugh! It would be so much better if he weren't on the video. Oh well...I'd have to take what I could get. I hunkered down in the chair and pulled the laptop even closer.
I felt like a damn stalker! Here I was, sitting in the dark in the back yard, spying on my daughter as she was stripping for another man. All I needed was a frickin' hooded sweatshirt and I would be complete.
At this point, Cassie had stripped out of her top. Her enormous breasts were bounced up and down as she continued to dance for Angelo. She grabbed a bottle of what appeared to be massage oil off of her nightstand, and doused herself with the liquid.
I drooled as I watched the thick, clear liquid ooze down her chest. She flung the bottle on her bed and began massaging her breasts. They were wet and slippery, and I was about to die. If only I could have slipped my dick between them again.
I remembered how wonderful it had felt to titty-fuck her. That had been almost as good as fucking her pussy. I wasn't sure how in the world I was going to be able to stand watching this without wanting to fuck her.
She slid her wet hands up and down her breasts, massaging her nipples as she passed over them. They were erect...and magnificent. I wished I could put them in my mouth. Angelo seemed to have the same idea that I did. Stupid asshole.
"Oh, baby! If I could only be there with you. I would treat you right. Mmmm...I bet those nipples taste so good. I want them in my mouth right now!" he exclaimed.
"I's a shame. I wish you were here too, sexy man. I'd love to see that big, fat cock in person," Cassie said seductively.
I was glad I couldn't see her computer screen. I didn't want to see Angelo's dick being pumped.
Cassie began dancing again, and I was mesmerized by the way her tits jiggled and swayed as she moved. She rubbed all over her plump belly as she bounced, sending Angelo into a frenzy.
"Come on! I can't take it any more! Please! I'm begging you!" he pleaded.
Cassie stopped and looked at the screen as she answered him.
"What, baby? What do you want?" she asked with a grin.
"I need it! Please! I need to see it! Come on! Show it to me! I've been dreaming about your pussy since the first time I saw you! I can't take it! I need to see it!"
Hah! Good luck with that pal. She doesn't show that off to her customers. But I felt for him. Cassie had such an amazing really was too bad for him. I knew what it looked like, what it smelled like, and what it felt like. It was the most remarkable pussy ever.
And it wasn't for him. it wasn't for me, either. But still. At least I knew something about her that all the jerk-offs online didn't know.
So I was shocked when she broke her own rule about not revealing anything below the waist.
"You know, really are my most favorite customer. You've been good to me. And you're not creepy like most of them are. So, why not? Let's go for it!" she squealed with delight.
"What? Are you serious? Don't play with me! It's not right to mess with me like that!" he said in exasperation.
"Who said I'm messing with you, hot stuff? I think I'll bend my rule for you. I'm not saying I'm gonna do this every time...but I think you deserve it."
"Holy shit! Holy fucking shit! I'm gonna put my dick away...cause if I don't I won't be able to hold off for long! I can't believe this! This is the greatest night ever!!" he said jubilantly.
I was fuming. What in the hell? So much for her rule! Now she was just going to show it off to whatever low life she was chatting with?
I really shouldn't have been upset. This meant that I got to see her pussy as well. And that was good news for me. I was worried that I wouldn't get to see it again.
I observed Cassie as she backed away from her computer screen and began dancing again. She reached down with her hands and slid them under the edge of her leather panties.
She slowly pulled them down, watching her screen. Just a bit of her crotch was showing. She was gauging Angelo's reaction.
It must have been good, because a wide grin spread across her face.
"Are you enjoying this, stud?" she asked. She had stopped pulling her panties down, waiting for his response.
"Fuck! You have no idea. Please! Stop teasing me! I'm going to explode! Just rip those bitches off and shove your pussy in the camera!" he requested.
"Mmmm...I like it when you tell me what to do! It turns me on!"
She yanked her panties off, and they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them, and kicked them across the room. Then, she took her laptop across the room with her and put it on the bed.
The view was still okay. Not as good as it was, but it would do. Cassie propped one leg up on the bed, close to the laptop. She was showing her crotch off...putting it right in the camera, just like he asked her to.
"Holy...fucking...shit! That is the nicest twat I've ever seen! Oh God! I bet it's tight and delicious! I would pay a million dollars to be there right now. I can only imagine how it would feel to slide my dick in there and pound it!" Angelo said.
His reaction seemed to please Cassie. She held one finger up to the camera.
"Hold on...I've got something for you." She ran to the side of her bed and knelt down. I knew what she was planning to do.
She got back up, with her giant purple dildo in hand. She climbed onto the bed and repositioned the laptop to face her. She spread her legs on either side of the computer, giving Angelo an up-close view.
"How's that, baby?" she asked.
" can't get any better!" he assured her.
Cassie reached down and spread her pussy wide open. I could tell it was already dripping wet. She must really get off on what she does. She was always dripping wet! Dammit! I would have given anything to fuck that pussy right now.
Cassie held her pussy wide open with one hand, and used her other hand to lightly massage her clit. She had her head propped up so she could watch Angelo as he watched her.
I could hear him beating his meat...and I was jealous. I wished I could spank off to her while she watched.
"Oh, sexy girl! You have no idea what you're doing to me!"
"I think I do! And I'm enjoying every second of it!"
Cassie shoved two of her fingers deep into her pussy. They slid right in, since she was already lubed up. She leaned her head back and moaned softly. She began pumping her fingers in and out of her swiftly.
She kept that up for a few minutes, occasionally looking up at Angelo and smiling at him. Fucking asshole. I hated him.
She had apparently turned herself on, and was really getting into it. She yanked her fingers out, and hastily grabbed the dildo that was beside her. She thrust the massive dildo into her twat, ramming it in as far as it would go. She dildo was buried in her pussy.
"Fuck yeah! Shove that bitch in deep! Oh fuck! I wish it was my dick! I would tear that pussy up! I would fuck your damn brains out, baby!" Angelo huffed as he wanked off even harder.
"Oh yeah! Keep talking, baby! I love it when you talk dirty to me! I wish you were here too! I've never wanted a dick as bad as I want yours! I wish you could get behind me and just fuck me hard. I love it doggy-style...I bet you'd be so fucking good at it!" Cassie said breathlessly.
She continued to pump the dildo in and out of her as fast as she could. She was grinding against it, gyrating her hips to make it go deeper.
"Oh, I'll talk dirty to you! Fuck yeah! Anything to see that beautiful pussy of yours! I would ram my dick so deep in you! I'd get behind you and grab that sexy ass of yours...slap it and watch it bounce as I fucked you.
"I'd grab those massive tits of yours as they bounced back and forth. Then I'd flip you over and put your legs up over your head while I kept on pounding you! And those nipples...mmm...those nipples would be in my mouth."
Cassie was definitely turned on by Angelo. She was breathing heavily as she pounded her pussy with her dildo.
"Oh yeah...put that dick up in the camera. I want to see you jerking it! Fuck yeah! Just like that! Oh God! Your dick is so big! I want to put it in my mouth! I would suck the fuck out of your dick and make you cum in my mouth!" She grunted and groaned as she watched the computer screen.
My dick was about to bust out of my pants. I didn't think I was going to be able to ignore it any longer. I quickly unzipped my shorts and pulled it out. I gave it a couple of quick strokes with my right hand and balanced the computer with my left hand.
I would have to be very careful. I couldn't make too much noise, and I didn't want to shoot my load all over my work computer. My dick was actually beginning to ache, so I began to rub my hand up and down the shaft, enjoying the sensation.
It wasn't as good as Cassie's pussy by any means, but I could pretend. I focused on Cassie as she pulled the giant, dripping dildo out of her and flung it on the floor.
She used two of her fingers and began to stimulate her plump clit. She was watching Angelo as he spanked off, enjoying it more than I cared for.
Her back began to arch as she neared climax. She rubbed her clit vigorously with her fingers, moaning and whimpering under her breath.
"Cum for me, baby! I need to see it! Please! Cum for me! Show me how much you want me!" Cassie panted.
I was beating my dick even harder now. I was getting close to cumming, but I wanted to prolong it, so I slowed down a bit.
"!" Angelo grunted one final time and then I heard him explode. It was disgusting sounding. I could literally hear the liquid shooting out of him.
Cassie's face lit up and her mouth popped open as she watched. She rubbed even harder on her clit, really grinding it with her fingers.
"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Just like that...right there! Right there! Oh yeah...fuck yeah...fuck yeah! Oh baby!" she gasped.
She threw her head back and closed her eyes. Her legs drew up as she tensed her entire body. Her tits were jiggling as her body rocked back and forth. Then, Cassie finally orgasmed. She cried out as she began quivering with pleasure.
"Fuck yeah, baby! Get it! Cum for me, princess! Oh yeah! Cum for Angelo!!"
Finally, Cassie exhaled loudly and her whole body relaxed. She dropped her hands to her sides and started giggling.
"I can't believe I just did that," she admitted.
"I'm so glad you did. That was amazing. You have the most beautiful body I've ever seen," he complimented her.
He wasn't able to really appreciate her. He had no idea how truly amazing she was. The computer didn't do her justice. I jerked on my dick, remembering my time with Cassie in the park.
I wasn't going to be able to keep it up much longer. I could feel it building up inside of me. I was a bit smug, knowing that Angelo would never get to be with Cassie...and yet I had. What a schmuck.
"I'm glad you liked it. I've never done that before, but dammit you just get to me!" She sat up on the bed and leaned in towards the camera.
"I kind of like that I get to you!" Angelo teased.
"Look...I don't normally get involved with my clients. Well, I never get involved with my clients. It's kind of a general rule. You never really know someone online.
"But, we've been doing this for a while now and I kind of feel a connection with you. I've never felt that with anyone else," Cassie admitted.
"Wow. I can't believe this. Why in the world would you want anything to do with someone like me?" he asked.
"You seem like a really great guy. You're not just here for the sexual aspect of it. You get know just what to say and how to turn me on. We always end up talking when our time is up. You care enough to get to know me," she said softly.
"Well, that's because you're someone worth knowing. I wish you'd give me a chance, Shanna."
At least she hadn't given him her real name, but I didn't like where this conversation was headed.
" I think I should tell you that Shanna isn't my real name," she confessed. "I just use that name keep my real identity safe."
"Oh. I guess I hadn't thought about that...but that's pretty smart.'s cool. I'll call you whatever you want me to."
"I want you to use my real name, Angelo. It's Cassie."
"Cassie? That's really fits you much better than Shanna. So...Cassie...why don't we get to know each other? I mean...outside of chat."
"I would like that. Why don't I give you my email address? We can talk about something other than sex." She gave him a friendly smile.
"That would be really great. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Thanks for trusting me," he said. He hesitated for a moment before he spoke again. "Look, I gotta go...I have to get to work. I've kinda got two jobs right now. Saving up for something and the night shift pays really well."
"Oh...okay. Well, I typed my email into the chat box. Email me if you want. I know you're probably busy."
"Don't worry. You'll have an email when you wake up in the morning. I wish we could talk longer, but I've gotta jet or I'm gonna be late. Have a good night...Cassie."
"You too, Angelo. Talk to you soon," she replied.
She sighed and hit a few keys on her laptop. I watched as she collapsed back on her bed, throwing her arm over her face. She moaned to herself and began grumbling.
"What the fuck was that, Cassie? What in the hell are you doing? You know you can't get involved with these guys! Argh!!"
It didn't seem like anything else was going to happen, so I closed the file and turned my computer off. My dick was still stiff as a rod, but my hand just wasn't doing it tonight.
I was too caught up with Cassie and her new friend. I tried to push it out of my head. She was an adult and she was allowed to do what she wanted.
I stood up, and tried to zip my pants up, but realized my dick was too hard. I gave up, letting it poke out of the top of my shorts, and walked into the house. I put my laptop back in its bag, and tiptoed up the stairs.
I was hoping Carolyn was still awake, because I was horny and in need of some pussy. And I was trying not to think about**ping at the end of the hall. She was probably naked in bed, her wet pussy all alone and in need of some cock.
I picked up the pace as I strode to the bedroom. I stopped dead in my tracks when I reached the top of the stairs. Cassie was walking down the hallway towards me. She was completely naked, breasts swinging as she walked. She was looking straight at me and kept on walking. I wondered idly if I was dreaming.
My breath caught in my throat. This wasn't going to help my boner at all.


... Continue»
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But Hon It Was Only Sex (A wife needs someone to c

A wife needs someone to compare you to.

"But it was only sex. That's all," my wife of almost twenty- five years said for the umpteenth time to me. "I don't love him. I love only you," she said crying as I tried to ignore her while she followed me from room to room. "You have got to believe me hon. I really do love you and I'm so sorry I did this to us. Please talk to me, Steve, will you?"

What brought us to this point? What made my loving wife cheat on me? Stupidity, on her part; plain and simple stupidity.

Beth and I had known each other since we first met in the eighth grade. We dated almost exclusively throughout high school and were married as soon as I graduated from college. I was never what you would refer to as a hunk, but at 5'8" and 165 pounds, I wasn't a dwarf either.

Beth, on the other hand was always a ten in my eyes. At 5'3" and 115 pounds, with long, brown, hair, she was my angel. I was smitten from the first day I saw her and proposed to her during the summer between my sophomore and junior year of college. Beth made it perfectly clear, after we got engaged, that there was going to be no sex until our wedding night.

"Don't even ask me Steve. I'm going to be an untouched virgin on our wedding night," she informed me. "I want my gift to my husband to be as pure as new fallen snow." After a statement like that, would you push the issue?

Well I did, but it got me nowhere. In fact, I also was also a virgin. I had gone as far as second base with a couple of girls, prior to Beth, but that was all. No one, including Beth, knew that I was still cherry, so to speak. I desperately wanted to get some experience before our wedding night, but there was no way I was going to cheat on Beth. So I did what every red, bl**ded, American, boy did; I watched porn and wacked off.

I must have watched over a hundred DVD's, and read nearly twenty sexual-related books before our wedding night. A few of my buddies even hired a hooker for my stag, but all I did was talk to her, and ask questions about this and that all night long. The next day, when they asked how she was, I winked at them, and told them that I'd learned a lot from her. It wasn't even a lie.

For over four hours, Karin, the hooker, showed me what women liked, didn't like, and what I could expect on my wedding night; with Beth being a virgin. Above all, she told me to go slow. "You've got your entire life ahead of you, but you're going to have only one wedding night with Beth. Go slow, be gentle, and you'll both remember it for the rest of your lives." She thought it was sweet that I was also saving myself for our wedding night, but I swore her to secrecy. After all, I was a guy, and had my reputation as a stud to uphold.

The wedding was something out of a fairy tale. Beth was dressed in white, and was the most beautiful bride I'd ever seen. With our friends and f****y in attendance, I made sure we had enough food and drink to make sure the party would be memorable for everyone.

We slipped out just after 11:30, and took the limousine over to the Radisson where I'd rented the bridal suite. The room seemed to go on forever, and there was even a Jacuzzi at the foot of a king-sized bed. If I had expected Beth to be shy, I was in for a rude awakening.

"Help me out of this hon," she said to me while trying to unzip the back of her dress. "I can't wait to get you into bed," she said, sounding was more than a little anxious.

With her dress now lying over a chair, we broke open the complimentary bottle of champagne, and made a toast, to ourselves. The champagne was awful, but I'd thought ahead. I had also had, two bottles of Beth's favorite wine sent up, along with a six-pack of Corona. I was taking no chances. With drinks in hand, we hit the Jacuzzi and got to know each other's bodies a whole lot better.

Believe it or not, this was the first time I'd seen Beth completely naked. She had about 34C breasts, a very slim waist, a nice round ass, and a full bush. "Screw second base, I'm swinging for the fences tonight," I said to myself as I pulled Beth from the water.

I pulled the blanket back and on red satin sheets, we made love with our lips and tongues, for the first hour. Beth had full lips and, a very wet tongue. She used both expertly as we kissed and traded spit as my hands moved from one breast to the other. I loved it when she quivered and shook in anticipation, as I licked or sucked on her nipples. After about twenty minutes, they were red, long, and almost too sensitive to play with any more.

Even though she had a full bush, it was neatly trimmed and shaved on the sides. I teased her unmercifully. I stroked her bush, just touching the tips of the hairs, and gently pulled on them with my lips, as Beth waited for what was next. Every time I touched her pussy, Beth would raise her ass off the bed to give me better access. She was more than ready. I moved my finger, through her thick patch and stroked the area just between her two lips and found that she was already wet. When Beth started breathing so hard I thought she was going to hyperventilate, I went up to her face, kissed her softly, and told her to relax. "I'm in no hurry, my love. We have all night," I whispered to her.

I slid down to her pussy and started massaging her clit as well as her now moist hole. Damn Beth was tight. It took me a couple of minutes to work in just one finger, as I used my thumb to rub her clit.

I guess she couldn't take it any longer. "Oh my God," Beth screamed as her pussy clamped down on my finger, and shook as if she was having some type of seizure. Did it scare me? Hell yes. I moved up to the head of the bed, kissed her, and continued to finger her as I drove my tongue into her mouth.

Beth grabbed me so hard that, I thought she would smother me, as she mashed her lips against mine. "Now. I need you now," she told me in no uncertain terms. "I want you inside me right now. I've dreamed about this for all of my life, and I want you now."

I moved in between her hips, put my rock-hard, dick, against her pussy, and eased in. All right, I'm not a Greek God and I have just over six inches, but there was no way, without a bit more work, that my dick was going all the way in there.

I'd never eaten pussy, but Karin of my bachelor party instruction fame, had instructed me on how best to do it.

"Your bride is going to be pretty tight if she's a true virgin. You'll need a lot of lubrication and more than one finger to loosen her up," she had explained. "Just lick up and down her slit, flick her clit with the tip of your tongue, and then slip one and then two fingers into her. That should make it a lot easier for you to enter her. You don't want to tear up her pussy, because if you do, you'll get no nookie for the rest of the week," she said with a laugh.

I did as Karin had instructed. I expected Beth's pussy to taste nasty or bitter, but was pleasantly surprised; it didn't have much of a taste at all. So, as I licked, and prodded, as her juices began to flow out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass. I had just eased in my second finger, and was moving it in and out of her, when Beth climaxed again. I dove into her pussy with my lips and tongue, and sucked on her clit as I finger fucked her.

I could feel her body climaxing, but surprisingly she was quiet. Well, for a few seconds anyway.

"Ohhhh Christ," she screamed loud enough to wake up the entire floor of the hotel, as she held my head against her pussy. "Now, now, now," Beth cried, as she pulled me up from her pussy to between her legs. Carefully, I eased in, like before, and started stroking slowly before Beth took charge.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and, pulled my hardness into her with a resulting scream. I felt her teeth on my shoulder as I rammed my cock into her; again and again. I did my best to hold off, but it just felt too damn good, and I was so ready.

My moans mixed with her muffled cries as we both climaxed, almost together. I felt myself shoot what seemed like at least three loads into her unprotected cunt, as she held tightly onto me. We must have been laying there motionlessly for a couple of minutes before she started smothering me with kisses.

"Oh God. That was so wonderful. God, I'm so glad we waited," she said while smiling at me. "I never knew you were such an experienced lover. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for making my wedding night so special," she said while kissing me again. So that's the way our life began and continued on, well until a couple of weeks ago anyway.

We had two k**s back to back named; Keith and Carla. We moved on with our lives, and even though money always seemed to be a little tight, we were happy, or so I thought. It took most of our savings to put the two of them through college, but it was worth it. Keith went on to get his MBA and Carla finished nursing school.

"Not bad, not bad at all," I said to myself while looking back at my life.

Beth and I, for the last three years, have been saving for a vacation, for just the two of us, something like a second honeymoon. After going through all the travel brochures, we decided on the Hawaiian Islands. We planned a two-week stay for our twenty- fifth anniversary.

Thursday afternoon, I got a call from a buddy of mine who works with Beth. "Hey Greg, how the hell are you?" I asked.

After a bit of small talk and bullshit, Greg hit me with a shocker. "Steve, are you and Beth doing ok, you know marriage-wise?" he asked.

"What the hell kind of question is that?" I replied. "Come on Greg, if you've got something to say, spill it. What's going on?"

"Look, maybe it's nothing, but the rumor mill in the office, is saying that Beth is hanging out with the company coffee salesmen," Greg told me.

"Coffee salesmen? What the hell are you talking about? Come on, don't beat around the bush, Greg," I said while getting a little pissed.

"Steve, Beth is in charge of buying all the office supplies and that includes the coffee and stuff. This guy comes in once a month to restock our inventory, and lately Beth has been going out to lunch with him."

"Is that all? Hell, Beth probably goes out to lunch with a lot of the vendors. It would take a lot more than that to make me jealous," I told him.

"Well, I thought so too, until I over heard two women say that, they were having lunch at the Super 8 Motel and they weren't there for the food. I don't know if the rumors are true, but I thought that you should know. By the way, I told those two busybodies to stop spreading rumors or they'd be looking for another job. Unfortunately, I don't know who else is talking," Greg told me.

I asked him who the hell this salesman was, what company he worked for and when was he scheduled to come back again.

"Steve, that's why I'm calling, he's going to be here tomorrow.

"Please don't you do anything, and I'll take it from here," I told him. "I don't think there's a chance in hell that Beth is fooling around on me, but I'm gong to check it out anyway." I thanked him for his concerns and told him to say hi to Peggy, his wife, for me. Could Beth be cheating on me? "No way," I said to myself. But if there's something going on, I was going to find out.

Beth came home at her usual time and dinner was nothing out of the ordinary. I took a shower, shaved, and was waited for Beth when she came to bed. I attacked her with lips, tongues, fingers, and a hard dick. She never knew what hit her.

"Wow!" said a breathless Beth. "I don't know what the hell brought that on, but I liked it," she said while kissing me. "We haven't done it like that in quite some time. I may not let you out of the bedroom all weekend, you a****l," she growled at me.

We spooned until we both fell asl**p. "There was no way my Beth was screwing around on me," I said to myself as I dropped off to sl**p.

I woke up Friday with a big smile on my face and a bounce to my step. I tried to kiss her before I got out of bed, but Beth pushed me away.

"Morning breath," is all she said.

Work was going pretty smoothly when I looked at my watch. "It's now10:45, I know that I'm wasting my time, but I might as well check it out anyway," I thought to myself as I drove across town to where Beth worked. I parked in an inconspicuous place outside her building entrance and waited.

"Now, what the hell do I do?" I started to say to myself, as Beth and a tall blond guy walked out of the building.

I followed them for ten minutes until they pulled into the Super 8 Motel. "Damn. There's no restaurant in this place," I said to myself while starting to get pissed. When he came back with a room key and helped her out of the car, I was beyond pissed. I was so angry, that I was shaking. I watched them go into room 202, as I sat in my car and started to lose it.

I'd love to say that a pizza deliveryman came or that they came out two minutes later and went off to a restaurant, but that didn't happen. After ten more minutes, I got out of my car, went up to room 202, and pounded on the door.

"Beth Moore, I know you are in there. God damn it. If you know what's good for you, you had better open up this door right now," I screamed not caring who the hell heard me.

I heard, "Oh shit," and "How did he find out?" shortly before the door opened.

"It's not what you think, Steve," was the first thing out of her mouth.

"Beth, you have no idea what the hell I'm thinking right now," I replied. "My wife shacking up in a motel room, cheating on me with a damn coffee vendor, is that what I'm thinking," I asked while looking for the asshole.

I found him cowering in the bathroom, behind the shower door. I kicked it open breaking the glass. Grabbing him by the back of his hair, I pulled him through, what remained of the shower door. Ramming his head into the porcelain sink, his nose exploded as bl**d sprayed everywhere. Lifting up his bl**dy face I whispered in his ear. "Listen to me very carefully," I said in almost a hushed voice. "You will take Beth back to work and never speak to her again. Do you understand?" He nodded. "And, if I ever see your face again, or hear that you've said one word to my wife, I'm going to rip out your tongue and shove it up your ass." Turning around, I told them; "you two have five minutes to get the hell out of here; starting now," I said walking out the door.

"Steve, we have to talk," Beth started to say before I shut her up.

"Beth, don't say a word. Don't say another damn word," I told her. "I'm so angry right now, that I just have to get away from you before I do, or say something that I won't be able to take back," I yelled while walking back to my car and driving away.

By the time Beth got home, I had moved all of her clothes and stuff into the spare bedroom. She came up to me crying and telling me how sorry she was, but I was in no mood to listen.

The crap about it being "only sex" came on Saturday morning as she pleaded her case to me. By Sunday afternoon, I was tired of it, and tried to avoid her, but she followed me around like a lost puppy dog.

Finally, I'd had enough. "Beth, shut the hell up," I told her. "There is nothing you can say that can explain the fact that you've been cheating on me for God knows how long," I yelled.

"Three months," she said through her sobs. "Three times. I'm so sorry Steve. You have to believe me," she said while now openly bawling.

"And if I hadn't caught you, how long would it have gone on?" I asked. That shut her up. "Stay away from me and shut the hell up. I don't want to hear your winey voice, until you're ready to say something I want to hear. Do you understand?" She shook her head and went into the spare room to cry in peace.

The next three weeks were something out of a dream, or should say; a horrible nightmare. We lived like roommates and finally Beth broke the silence over dinner on a Wednesday night.

"It wasn't planned, Steve, it just happened," she began. "We were always teasing each other and one week he asked me out to lunch. It was just lunch, nothing more, at first. Then, something changed. He started telling me what a lucky husband I had, how beautiful I looked, and how I must work out at the gym every day to look so fit," she said now crying. "I didn't realize it had gone so far until we ended up in a room together."

"Can't you see he was playing you, Beth? You can't be that stupid?" I replied.

"Hell, I haven't heard any compliments, on how good I looked, in such a long time. I let it all go to my head. That's all."

"Don't push this back on me, Beth. Just because I don't tell you every day how good you look is no excuse for your cheating on me," I said while getting pissed.

"I know that. I just lost my head. That's all. After the first time, I felt so bad that I was going to confess to you that night, but you were in such a good mood when you came home that; I decided to wait. The second time, I told him that it was a mistake and we couldn't do it ever again, but we did. I was too weak. He wasn't any better than you, only different. He's a lot younger than us, and could recover in about twenty minutes," she was now babbling. "Steve, I was experiencing something that I'd never had before. Someone to compare you to, Steve. I know you had lots of women, but you were my only lover. Hell, I only dated two other guys before you, so I was about as virgin as you can get when we started going out."

"So you went looking for a young guy with a big dick so you would have someone to compare me to? Beth, I'm not buying it," I told her.

"You don't understand, Steve, I wasn't looking for anyone. I was happily married to you. You have to believe that. It's just that, after the first time, I compared everything he did to me to what we've done for the last twenty-five years. We tried different positions and other things that I've never let you do with me. It was like I was learning all over again."

"This is crap," I said standing up. "You make it sound like you were taking a damn college class. I tried to bring a few things into our bedroom, but you shot me down every time. Remember? Now you are telling me that you and that shithead were doing things that you always refused to do with me? Think about it, Beth. How am I supposed to feel?" I said as I slammed my fist on the table. "The women I loved more than life itself, screwing around on me. You make me sick."

"I'm so sorry Steve. Please know that it's over. I know we can work through this, hon."

"The only reason it's over is because I caught your ass. That's why it's over. I don't have a clue what I'm going to do, but right now, it would be in your best interests to stay the hell away from me and let me get my head around this," I told her. "So, if you don't mind, I'm going out to get d***k, and try to get past this, if that's all possible," I told her as I grabbed my car keys.

After my third beer, I knew that drinking wouldn't solve my problems. Did I want to stay with Beth? I thought so, but I was still livid about the whole situation. I wanted payback on Beth, and I also wanted to get her partner fired from his job as well.

I was about to leave, when I turned around and took a hard look at where I was. There were a lot of couples, of all ages, but mostly singles hitting on one another. "To be young and single again," I said under my breath as a middle aged woman sat on the stool next to me. She was blonde, about 40, and average looking; whatever that meant. She got her drink and then turned around to face me.

"A real meat market isn't it?" she said with a small smile. "Everyone is trying to say just the right thing, to get the other into the sack. Pretty damn pitiful, if I do say so myself. Hi. My name is Sue, and yours?"

"Steve, Steve Moore," I replied. "Do you come here often?" I asked.

"Not really. I had a bad day at work, and decided to have a quiet one before I went home to the hubby and k**s. Are you married?"

"Yes. For the moment," I told her.

"Your wife cheating?"

"Yup. I caught her trying someone new on for size," I told her. "After twenty- five years, I never would have expected it, I guess I was too naive."

"Sorry to say that it happens every day," Sue said while nursing her drink. "I caught my hubby with his pecker somewhere that it shouldn't have been, and almost threw him out. It took us a while to work through it, though. I made the bastard pay, but we finally came to an arrangement and have gone foreword."

"What did you do? Kick him out for a while?" I quizzed her.

"Something a whole lot better. I brought home lovers and had sex with them in our bed," she said in a cold matter of fact tone.

"I gave him a choice; suck it up or leave. At that point, I didn't care which. After a couple of weeks, he asked me to talk. Hell, he begged me on his knees to take him back. He said that if I gave him another chance, he would never stray again. To make a long story short, that was nine years ago, and to the best of my knowledge, he's been faithful ever since. However, he knows that if he screws up again, it's all over, but the crying. Well, I wish you the best of luck, and remember that, we are all human and we all make mistakes," Sue said while grabbing her purse. "Some mistakes you can forgive, and others are deal-breakers. Only you can decide which is which," she told me, as she turned and left.

"Interesting," I said while finishing the last of my beer. "I could really get into that kind of payback, but did I want to take it to that extreme?"

The next day, I flipped through the Yellow Pages until I came to e****ts. I found an ad that was on the small size, and gave the agency a call. "Lovely Lady e****ts," a girl on the other end answered. "How can we help you today?" she asked.

"Good morning," I replied. "I've got a couple of questions about your services," I told her.

"Have you ever used our agency before?"

"No I haven't," I replied.

"Can I get your name, address, and a phone number that, I can call you back on?"

"No problem," I said while giving her everything she had asked for.

"Someone will call you back shortly. Have a nice day," she said before hanging up.

Twenty minutes later, a man returned my call. "Good morning, Steve, sorry about the run-around, but we can't be too careful these days now can we? My name is Dan. What can I help you with today?"

"I'm looking for a girl between the ages of 28 and 40 who can satisfy my needs, if you know what I mean."

"White, Black, Hispanic, or any preference?" he asked.

"Not really. Just so she's good looking. I want to really piss my wife off," I said with a laugh.

"Looks like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar," he said with a snicker. "This happens a lot. Believe me." We set up a time and Dan said he would take care of the rest. "Don't worry. If your not completely satisfied, just let me know."

I was on pins and needles throughout dinner with Beth that night. At 7:30 someone rang the front doorbell. I let Beth answer it as I cleared the table. "Steve, there is a girl at the front door, and she says she's here to see you," Beth said with a puzzled look on her face.

"She's a bit early," I replied as I walked to the door.

"Hi Steve, I'm Kathy," she said as she held her hand out to me.

"My, my, my. You sure are a lovely, little, lady. Aren't you?" I said holding her hand and twirling her around. "Let's go somewhere, where we can get a lot more comfortable," I said while leading her up the stairs to my bedroom, as a shocked Beth looked on.

Kathy was about twenty-eight, and had what I would call the body of a sixteen year old. She was thin, had small, breasts, and a tiny, but firm ass. What she lacked in size, she made up in enthusiasm. To give you a quick blow-by-blow, she balled my eyes out. Within twenty minutes, she had given me the best blowjob, I'd ever had, and she was feverishly working on my dick to get it hard again. Thirty minutes later, she rode me, cowgirl style, until I got off for the second time. We took a shower together, and though try as she might, she couldn't get me up a third time. I paid her the agency fee, and gave her a $50.00 tip on top of that. She kissed me at the door and said to call her, if I felt the need again.

The same story played out twice more that week, with a big titted black girl, and a short, but plump, oriental sweetheart. Through it all, Beth said nothing. After the second time however, she refused to answer the door. The girls were nice, and took me to new sexual heights, though there was something missing.

"Morning, Dan," I began. "I need to discuss the girls that you're sending over," I told him.

"What's the matter Steve? Are they not doing it for you?"

"Hell, Dan. I think they could get a dead guy off, but I was expecting something a bit more. They don't watch the clock, but there's no personal connection, if you know what I mean."

"I think I know what you're looking for. It's called a girlfriend experience. Let me send over another lady tonight, and tell me tomorrow what you think," he told me. "I want to make sure that you're satisfied. After all, I've got a reputation to uphold. By the way, how is your better half holding up?" he asked with a laugh.

"She's not saying a word," I told him.

"Give it two to three more girls, and I can guarantee that she's going to want to talk with you; if for no other reason, to see where the two of you are going."

I thanked him and told him that I would call him in the morning. He was probably right. Beth was giving me the teary look, every time I took one of them to, what used to be our bedroom. I wasn't ready to talk to her just yet, but it would have to be soon. I couldn't keep this up forever. It was costing me a bundle.

"Right on time," I said to myself as I walked to the front door and opened it. There in front of me, had to be the most beautiful Hispanic women I had ever seen. I think I stood there staring at her for twenty seconds, before she spoke.

"I see from your expression that, you like what you see. Aren't you going to ask me in?"

"Excuse me. Of course, come right in. It's just that you're so beautiful," I said babbling like a high school k**.

"I'll take that as a compliment. My name is Ann, and you must be Steve," she said while holding out her hand. "Dan never said that you would be so good looking, too."

I think I blushed. Hell, I know I turned bright red.

"I brought us a bottle of wine for tonight. Do you have a corkscrew handy?" she asked.

We moved into the kitchen, and I found the corkscrew in our junk drawer. "You have a lovely home, Steve, did you decorate it yourself?" she asked.

"Yes, my wife and I did it ourselves," I replied before realizing what I had said.

Taking a small sip of her wine, she grabbed my hand and said; "Maybe we should take this somewhere a little bit more private."

I led her upstairs and closed the bedroom door. Ann surveyed the room and looked into the bathroom. "What do you say we take a quick shower, and get to know each other a bit better?" she asked while moving over to me and pressing her lips to mine.

We didn't screw. We made love, in a fashion. There was some kissing and a whole lot of caressing. She let me lead the way in the beginning, but took over when it came to the actual act. She wanted to be on top to, control the action. It was wonderful, and when I closed my eyes, I almost felt like I was with Beth, which made me sad.

Ann and I were together for almost two hours. We both knew when it was time for her to leave. She showered again, got dressed, and I walked her out to her car. We kissed, like parting lovers, and then she was gone. It was nice, but it wasn't Beth. As I walked in, I could see Beth looking out from behind the d****s.

"Dan, she was nice, but it still felt like I was screwing a hooker. A gorgeous hooker, but nonetheless a hooker," I told him.

"Steve let me make a call and get back to you. There is someone else I can offer, but she's an independent and calls all the shots." Thursday afternoon, he called me back.

"Are you available Saturday?" he asked.

"Yes. Why?" I asked.

"Her name is Sandy, and she has agreed to meet with you," he told me. "She has made dinner reservations at Anthony's for 8:00, and she will meet you in the bar at 7:30 sharp."

"What does she look like? How will I know her?" I asked.

"As I said, Sandy does it her way. She'll be carrying a flower, and she told me to tell you that, she'll be the best looking woman there."

"That's all?" I asked.

"That's it. The rest is up to you. Oh, by the way. She's about $200.00 more than any of the other girls, and it's payment up front."

"I gave Dan my Visa number, and closed the deal. What happens if I'm not satisfied?" I asked.

"If Sandy doesn't do it for you, you're dead," he said with a laugh before hanging up.

"Going out tonight?" Beth asked, as she looked into my room.

"I need a night out, and away from the house to think," I told her.

"Can we talk tomorrow?" Beth asked.

"Are you going to give me the same bull shit like before?" I asked.

"No," she said while looking down at the floor.

"Well then, tomorrow afternoon it is. And if you'll excuse me, I have a dinner reservation that I don't want to be late for."

I walked into the bar, and saw four couples and six single women all at different tables; and three of them had flowers. The blond was built like a brick shithouse and had a set of knockers that would make a grown man cry. The brunette was a bit shorter and built more like a hard-bodied athlete. Finally, the redhead was about 5'6", with shoulder length hair wearing a conservative skirt and white blouse.

I walked over to the redhead. "Good evening, Sandy, I hope that I haven't kept you waiting too long," I said while holding out my hand.

"What makes you think my name is Sandy?" was her only reply.

"Dan said to look for the most beautiful woman in the bar, so it was pretty easy," I said still wondering if I was right.

She took my hand, gave it a gentle shake, and asked what I would like to drink. "Just a glass of Crown Royal neat," would be nice.

For the next three hours, this red-haired beauty mesmerized me. She wasn't shy and I found that all topics were on the table. I told her about Beth, and her cheating, but she came back at me with both barrels firing. "What is the difference between what she did, and what you are doing right now?" she asked. "You are still married, and two wrongs, still don't make it right, in my book, anyway," she told me. "But, I think that it goes a little deeper than that. You haven't decided whether you want her back, have you?" she asked.

"No, I haven't," I told her while finishing up my desert and asking her if she wanted coffee or an after-dinner drink.

"Coffee would be great, but getting back to Beth; how long are you going to leave her hanging?" she asked.

"I don't have an answer for that question right now. I also was a virgin, and was perfectly happy, sexually that is, with Beth. Yes, I wished she had been a little bit more daring, but I also loved her the way she was. I don't know if you can understand, but Beth took something away from me when she cheated. She took away my innocence, I guess you could say. I was living in a dream world, something like being in a bubble, and she burst it," I said while playing with my coffee cup. "She released a new me, who doesn't want to go back to his old life, but doesn't know if what's out there, is what I'm looking for either," I told Sandy.

"It was a lot easier for me because, my husband died of cancer. We had a good life, and now I find that once a month or so, I can let my hair down, have some fun, and then go back to my normal life. Also, the money is not bad either."

The next thing we knew was that, the waiter was telling us that the restaurant was closing and that we would have to leave. "Do you want to head over to your place?" Sandy asked.

"I've had such a wonderful night. Maybe next time," I told her.

"But you've already paid," she replied.

"And so?"

"What makes you think that there is going to be a next time?" Sandy quizzed me.

"I don't know, but I hope there will be one," I said with a smile.

"Give me your cell number," she asked. "If I am interested, I'll call you. Ok?"

"I guess that's all I can ask for," I told her.

I walked Sandy out to her car, and told her again how much fun I'd had. She responded by giving me a full-lip kiss with a lot of tongue. "You still have time to change your mind," she told me.

"I think that taste, will make me want you even more the next time," I told her. "That is, if there is a next time," I said just before I walked back to my car.

I slept in on Sunday morning and it wasn't until almost 11:00 when I came downstairs. Beth was on the back deck reading the paper when I found her. "Have you eaten yet?" I asked.

"No, I was waiting for you, but there is coffee made," Beth told me.

I got a cup of coffee and took a seat next to her. "Beth you weren't the only one who came to our wedding night a virgin. I was one also," I began. "I didn't want to say anything because of my macho pride and especially after you went on and on about what a great lover I was," I told a shocked Beth. "So when you said you wanted someone to compare me to, how do you think I felt?"

"I never knew. Why didn't you tell me? Even after what I did?" she replied.

"I told you why. It's a man thing. Ok? I wanted you to think that I was experienced enough to please you, but that's not the point now. Is it?"

"I'm so sorry. I wish I could take it all back, but I can't," she told me. "Would I have stopped seeing him? Yes. I was getting ready to end it," she now said looking down at the ground to avoid looking at me. "I felt so dirty afterwards, and I knew it was wrong. I just couldn't say no to him," she sobbed.

"Why don't I believe you, Beth? Do you know, that the women at your work suspected that you were cheating on me? Hell, Greg was the one, who called me, to ask if our marriage was in trouble, because you were screwing the coffee salesman. How embarrassing is that? To have one of our friends, call me to tell me my wife's a slut," I said now screaming. "I wanted to wring your damn neck," I told her.

"All right, I screwed up. But now you have whores coming here, day and night. How do you think that makes me feel?"

"Bad, I hope. I hope you feel awful, that you've driven me into others arms," I said staring at her.

"When is it all going to end, Steve? When can we to try to pick up the pieces and start over," she said in a now pleading manner.

"I don't know, Beth. Maybe when the hate I have inside me goes away, or when I just don't care anymore. I don't have an answer for you right now."

"Well, I can 't live with you bringing hookers home every night, so you can rub them in my face. I'll be out by the end of the week," Beth said while standing up.

"Where will you go?" I asked.

"Does it make a difference? I just need to get away," she said as she walked back into the house and went upstairs.

When I got home on Tuesday, she was gone. No note, or anything else, to say where she had gone. I tried to call her at work but Greg said that Beth had taken a leave of absence and hadn't left a forwarding address or phone number; I was getting a little worried. A casual call to her parents and s****r didn't provide me with any more information and I wasn't about to call our k**s and ask. "Did I push it too far?" I asked myself. "No. I didn't think I had."

Sandy called me on Thursday night to see what I was doing on the following Friday. "I know a quaint little place, outside of town on 318 West Street, that I've been dying to try," she told me. "Are you game?"

"What time on Friday do you want to meet?" I asked.

"Why don't I pick you up at about 6:30? It'll take us about forty-five minutes to get there. Bring a change of clothes. You owe me. Remember?" she said with a laugh. I started to give her my address, when she stopped me, "I know where you live. Just be ready."

As I looked out the window on Friday night, there was still no word from Beth. "What the hell am I doing?" I said to myself. "My wife has taken off to who knows where, and I'm waiting to be picked up by a sexy woman who wants to bed me tonight. What is wrong with this picture?" I asked myself. It wasn't ten minutes later, that Sandy pulled into my driveway and honked.

"Get your butt in gear," she shouted. I grabbed my bag, locked the front door, and threw my stuff on her back seat. "Better buckle up, because I drive pretty fast," she said, as we roared off down the road.

"Easy girl," I pleaded as she flew down the road. "I don't want to lose my appetite before we even get there," I said with a concerned tone in my voice.

"If my driving makes you nervous, please close your eyes, sl**p, or pray. Take your choice."

I tried to do all three, but by then, we were almost there. "Are you sure your husband didn't die of a heart attack?" I said in a joking manner.

"Please just get the damn bags while I check in," she told me while heading for the office.

It was a bed and breakfast, and I found out that we were only one of three couples, spending the night. The room was Victorian in style, and had a huge, wrought iron, king- sized bed. "This looks interesting," I said while bouncing up and down on the bed. "Maybe we should just skip dinner and go directly to desert," I said trying to hide my nervousness.

"You can't be that horny, and besides, I'm starved," Sandy said as she grabbed my hand.

The restaurant had only four tables and the food and service were impeccable. "I've never seen a place like this before. How did you ever find it?" I asked.

"I friend of mine told me about it and suggested that I give it a try," she said while sipping on her wine. "Kind of romantic, isn't it?"

"I'll say," I replied.

"How are you and your wife doing?" She asked.

"Beth left me last Tuesday and just disappeared off the face of the earth," I told her. "With the exception of calling the k**s, I've spoken to everyone else and nobody has heard a word from her, I'm getting more than a little worried."

"Not worried enough to cancel our date for tonight?" she said.

"Believe it or not, I almost did, but I had no way to reach you; remember? You have a blocked number, and Dan sure as hell wasn't going to give me your home phone number," I told her. "I put a message on my answering machine for Beth to call me, because we needed to talk. I'm afraid she is looking to divorce me, because of all the women that I have been parading through the house. I wanted my pound of flesh, but I think I went a little overboard," I told her.

"So, have you made up your mind about her yet?" Sandy asked in a serious tone.

"Yes, if she's still willing, I would like to try to save our marriage. After twenty five good years and raising two wonderful k**s, I'm ready to give it another shot if she is willing to make some concessions and wants to move forward," I told her. "There is only one problem. I haven't a clue where in the hell she is at," I said while finishing my drink.

"So in other words, no hanky panky for us tonight?"

"Sorry, babes. As much as I know I would love it, you were right, two wrongs don't make a right," I told her while almost sounding disappointed.

"Well, lets go up to the room anyway, because I understand that there is a beautiful view from the deck off the bedroom," she said as she grabbed my hand.

Did I want Sandy? Hell yes. But I wanted Beth more.

"If it doesn't work out with Beth, why don't you give me a call and maybe, I can pay you back for dinner or at least give you a desert you'll never forget," she said with a smile as we walked into the hotel room. "It's a shame that this room has to go to waste tonight. Are you sure that I can't talk you into staying?"

"With the way you look tonight, not a chance. I may have a strong will, but I'm a man also. I know that once you got undressed, I wouldn't stand a chance."

"Well please go out on the deck, and I'll join you in a minute. I just need to check on something," Sandy told me.

She was right. The view of the lake was spectacular with the reflection of the moon highlighting the shoreline. I was about to ask Sandy where she was, when the patio door opened. "Beth?"

"Hi, Steve."

"How did you know where to find me?"

"You can thank Sandy for that," she replied. "She set this up to see how you felt about our going forward. If it was over for the two of us, she would have been the one standing here instead of me, and I would be on my way back home. Instead, she has just left and we have the room to ourselves for the night," Beth said with more than a little apprehension. "So, Steve. Where do we go from here?'

"Beth, I still don't understand, how..." I started to say when she stopped me.

"Sandy and I were in the same sorority in college and I had seen her only three or four times since then. "From out of the blue, she called me up and asked me if I was the Beth that had gone to FSU and was married to Steve Moore. She called me last Monday, and we met for lunch. She told me about your date, and what you'd talked about. She had all ready put two and two together on who I was. You sparked her interest, but she wasn't going to knowingly break us up. Sorority s****rs do not do that. That is when she came up with this idea. If you were done with me, she wanted to get to know you better. If you wanted to try again, she would step aside. So like I said before, where do we go from here?"

I must have kissed her a thousand times before picking her up and carrying her to the bed. Now I know why they say that makeup sex is the hottest sex that you can have. We made tender love all night long and even had a quickie in the morning before breakfast.

"You are switching vendors on Monday; I don't want that asshole anywhere around you," I told Beth.

"Don't worry. It seems that after your little discussion with him, at the motel, he hasn't been seen or heard from. He left his truck in his companies parking lot, with a note, saying that there was an out of state emergency he has to take care of. No one has heard from him since.

The only thing that Beth insisted was that we get a new mattress for our bed. It was something about the lingering smells of other women.

Are we back to where we were before all this crap happened? Yes and no. No we haven't solved all of our problems as of yet, but yes, we are having one hell of a lot of hot and sweaty sex.

I still think of Sandy once in a while, and wonder where we would have been if I had taken her to bed that first night or had never mentioned Beth by name. Would Beth and I still be together?

That's one problem I'm glad to say that I don't have to worry about presently. But I wonder if Beth and Sandy would be open to a threesome? Now, that's something to think about. ... Continue»
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Moving to a Retirement Community

Chapter 5

I stood there in the open doorway with my mouth wide open, unable to say a word.

"Well don't just stand there," Ed told me, as he entered the house and went over to where Gene was sitting on the sofa. "You're wasting a perfectly good opportunity here," he grabbed Gene's cock and started pumping it up and down, drawing a few beads of precum as a result. He plucked the first one with his finger and licked it up. "Tastes good to me," he said. "You sure you won't be joining us?"

After catching me off guard all I could do was close the door and make sure the lock was engaged. After all, I was still new to this part of the world and I had no idea what might be waiting out there, be it good or bad. And besides that, I was always careful in my old place and I didn't see any reason not to continue with that here as well. As I approached the sofa I began to shed my clothes, and by the time I got to the sofa there was a trail of clothing behind me and the only thing I still had on was my shorts, with my hard cock making a tent in the front, clearing indicating that I was enjoying, and about to enjoy, the events in front of me. By the time I finally got to the sofa and got on my knees, Ed was already deep-throating Gene, massaging his balls at the same time. Gene was laying back against the sofa with his eyes closed and his mouth open in a loud moan as he enjoyed the oral manipulation he was getting done to his cock.

While Ed was enjoying his oral work on Gene I started by opening his belt and then unzipping his pants and struggling to get them down his legs. As much as he could, Ed helped me by moving his body one way or the other, never removing his mouth from the cock he was working on, and in about five minutes I had his pants off and thrown across the room. Thank goodness he wears boxers, because his cock was already sticking out the front, leaking profusely. I didn't hesitate at all, I moved my head forward, opening my mouth and taking in as much of his uncut cock as I could, not stopping until I felt his sparse pubic hair against my lips. I felt his abundant skin slide down the back of my tongue and groaned in pleasure myself. I found that I was taking to being a cocksucker quite easily. I never imagined that one day I'd be on my knees, in front of two men I barely knew, sucking on one cock while the other was sucking on the other one, waiting patiently for his cum to shoot out of this wonderful bone and into my sucking mouth. Before I could even account for the time, the jizz was being deposited into my hungry mouth and, I could tell by the increase in vocal volume by Gene, another cock was also erupting. Once we were all finished we collapsed and just lay there for a few minutes to collectively catch our breaths.

"Does the Welcome Wagon always meet you like this the first day at home?" I asked.

Both men laughed, with Gene telling me, "We just wanted to let you know how much we were looking forward to getting together with you."

"But I didn't even know you until today, Gene!" I protested, but not too strongly.

"Yes, I know that. I've known Ed for a couple of years now and when he told me his new friend would be moving in shortly we got a plan together that we were sure would make your welcome as lovely as it was."

"Hey! I'm not complaining at all you guys. I was surprised and when Ed showed up at the door and I realized that all this had been planned, I was happy. I don't think anyone could've welcomed me any better."

"Well then," Ed said, "You're going to like the next surprise we have for you."

And before he could say anything else, there was a knock on the door and I suddenly had more company.

"Better get something on," I told them, as I got up and pulled on my pants and shirt, casually moving the rest of my discarded clothing out of the way and discreetley behind one of the chairs where it couldn't be see.

Neither of them moved.

I unlocked the door and opened it, to find James standing there, wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt with a Smiley Face in the center of it.

"Welcome to the Community," he told me, as he entered my house for the first time and gave me a bear-hug.

Then he saw the other guests, still sitting naked on the sofa.

"Damn! You just couldn't wait for me to get here first before getting stared, could you?"

Again, I was confused. "You mean you all were in on this together?" I asked.

"Yes, we were," James answered. He'd already crossed the room and briefly hugged the other two men, quickly looking at their limp organs hanging in front of them. "Looks like everyone had a good time, too. Sorry I missed the action, but I got tied up at the office and couldn't get here any sooner."

"That's ok," I told him. "I've had a great introduction to Gene and I'd already met Ed before I moved in."

"I know," James answered. "I've known Ed for years now and once I talked to you about moving down here he and I got together and planned this Welcome for you. Gene heard what we were planning to do and it was his idea that he be the first to get here and get you 'warmed' up for us. Originally we all wanted to be here at the same time, but we agreed with Gene that since you didn't know him at all the welcome would be more of a surprise if he met you first and then we came in afterwards. Ed and I were supposed to be here at the same time, but as I said, I got tied up and couldn't make it here on time. I do apologize," he said to Gene and Ed.

"Hey, don't let it bother you. We understand these things."

"Well, I certainly enjoyed all the attention just now, but now I'm thursty and would love something to drink, would anyone else like something?" I asked.

"What you got?" Gene asked.

"I've got Cherry Dr. Pepper, sweet tea, Coke and water."

"I'll have some of the tea," Ed said.

"Tea for me, too, please," said James.

"I think I'd like some water," replied Gene.

So I got up and went into the kitchen, which is quite open to the rest of the living room, with a huge arch along the wall that separated the two rooms. Across that wall I'd had a bar installed so company could sit and we could chat if I was in the kitchen. I didn't like closed rooms and, while not afraid of enclosed spaces, I preferred to be able to see what was happening while I was in one room or the other.

As I got back to the living room Gene was picking up his clothing and folding it, then placing it in one of the chairs. Ed had removed the rest of his attire and has also folded his pants and shirt, placing it on the table. James was already naked and his things were just piled on the floor beside his seat. I was the only one now who had anything on, but quickly rectified that by removing my pants and shirt and sitting on the sofa next to Gene. Ed was on the other side and he took his drink and sat back to enjoy it. I had already handed James his glass of tea and Gene his water. Only when we were all comfortable did we begin to chat again.

"Mike, I do hope you'll like this place," James started. "I've been here a couple of months now and made a lot of friends, both male and female, and everyone seems quite nice."

"I think that what I like the best," chipped in Gene, "Is the quiet. If you'll notice there are no k**s running around hollering, with parents or grandparents screaming after them."

"You mean no youngsters at all?" I asked.

"Oh there are k**s around, but only on the weekends. It's one of the rules set up when the community was first stared. We can have visitors over the weekends with f****y and friends, but the k**s are only allowed on those days and there are no sl**povers for them at all."

"Why?" I asked.

"We have a lot of older citizens here and, after asking for a vote by the members, the Board of Directors decided that it it was to be a Senior Living Community, then all that would be allowed to stay would be the seniors and the older folks. Some of the f****y didn't agree with that but later agreed it would probably be better for all involved. That's why we only have the weekend visits by the grandc***dren under the age of 18. Anyone older than that is welcome to spend Friday and Saturday night but that's all. The only exception are if an older grandc***d is helping with the daily care of a resident."

"Are there many of those?" I asked.

"More then you'd realize. There is a part of the Community were those cases live, closer to the hospital and medical centers. Right now we're situated on the outer areas of the Community, which I prefer. I like being away from the 'hustle and bustle' of the active centers of the Community. We have a Mass Transit system here and the buses run on a regular basis. You'll notice that there are no private vehicles here. No one has their own car and that was part of the plan, too. If you have to go anywhere, either in the Community or within a 30 mile radius, the buses will take you there and bring you back."

"But I still have my car, " I told them.

"You won't for long," Gene said. "In a couple of days the Admisistrator will send someone to talk to you and arrangements will be made to sell your car, with all the proceeds going into an account in your name."

"I think that's one of the things that I like about this place," I said. "I learned that we don't use cash around here but instead use a system based on Debit Cards for all our transactions. Keeps it safe as well. No robbery, no theft, no unwanted people in the Community to worry about."

"Well," James stated, "we are a 'retirement' Community, so why would we have anyone here who didn't want to be here. All our needs are met and we're well-cared for. It's a model Community for this state and other states are watching us closely to see how it all turns out. Being one of the first to join us, Mike, you'll find the benefits fit you quite well. Most of the things you'll need are easily available and you have easy access to them as well. Most of the stores are withing walking distance of your house, as with ours, and the exercise does you a world of good. With only the buses there's less smog to ingest and we're a lot healthier. The buses are all electric so there are no diesel fumes to choke on. You'll find that a lot has been invested into this place."

"Sounds like I'm going to like it here guys. Thank you, James, for telling me about this place. But I have to tell you something. I'd already heard of it by the time you first told me about it and had already visited and made up my mind to think about moving here."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I wanted to surprise you, I guess."

"But I found out about it anyway, didn't I?" and he waved his hand around the room, indicating the other two men present. If I hadn't, this welcome wouldn't have been possible."

"I still don't know how you found out, but I'm glad you did. I enjoyed this get-together immensely and I thank you all for it as well. It's nice to move into a new place and know you've got friends there that you weren't even aware of. The welcome is most appreciated by me and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better, and I do mean..........BETTER!"

We all laughed and smiled at each other, knowing what was in all our minds at that particular instant.
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I have to admit that coming home for my sophomore Christmas break wasn't thrilling me. I did briefly toy with the idea of just not coming home, but I knew that would be wrong. With Dad and Mom's divorce now final she would probably need me through the holidays. I knew this wouldn't be the merriest Christmas I had ever spent.

I hadn't been home except for a couple weeks here and there in close to a year. During last year's Christmas break, I could tell things were tense between my parents. They only spoke to each other when I was in the room, and then only when they had to. I wasn't surprised when Mom called the following February to tell me they had separated.

She tried to explain that they'd been together since they were teenagers, they'd married when Mom got pregnant at s*******n, and now that they were alone to pursue their own lives as adults, they seemed to be moving in different directions. I knew that what she really meant was Dad had moved in a different direction. He worked almost constantly at his successful business and I have to admit that Mom had let herself go a little over 19 years of marriage, so it didn't seem to be a surprise to hear that Dad shacked up with his much younger secretary. The hurt and betrayal practically dripped through the phone as she told me.

I spent spring break in Panama City last year and was only home for a couple weeks after the spring semester, having opted to take some summer courses. And during those couple weeks I spent as little time as possible at home, not wanting to deal with the whole scene.

So here I was, headed home, finally having to deal with the situation. I got in late the first night and after dropping my things in my old room, I found a note from Mom saying that she would probably be out late. I was glad she was out, maybe she'd started working on a new life while I was gone and wasn't just moping around the house. Maybe things would be better than I thought. I was exhausted from my long drive and collapsed in my bed. I never even heard Mom come in.

I woke up fairly early, being used to a semester of eight am Bio. I was surprised to hear sound from downstairs. Since Dad had just wanted out, Mom got a very generous settlement in the divorce. She got the house as well as enough alimony to keep her comfortable without working. I figured Mom must have gotten in late last night and with nothing to do, she would sl**p in. I stumbled downstairs in my t-shirt and running shorts and then to the kitchen.

I could tell something was different as soon as I came into the kitchen. First of all, Mom's formerly frumpy, short housewife hair was now just past her shoulders, with a little wave, and seemed to glow like an ember in the morning sunlight. The real difference, however, was immediately apparent when she heard me in the kitchen and got up to greet me. The shorti nightgown she wore clung high on her thighs under her unbelted silk robe. This woman could not be my mother. The woman who had been my mother when I left was a sullen, soft, doughy housewife carrying around an extra thirty pounds. This woman had a tiny waist, full hips, and very firm, large breasts. Mom had obviously kept herself busy while I was away.

"Dean, it's so good to have you home. You have no idea how much I've missed you," Mom said, kissing my cheek.

"I missed you too." I said, disengaging myself from her.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.


We chitchatted, catching up, while Mom whipped up some pancakes and bacon. I offered to help, but she told me that I'd only just gotten home and to relax. So I concentrated on not checking her out. I know how that sounds, but she was just changed so much it was hard to think of her as my mother. She looked a good ten years younger, with a body at least as good, no better, than half the girls I knew back at school did did. It was just…weird.

I told Mom that this past semester had gone pretty well and that I'd gotten the chance to play in a couple junior varsity games. And yes, I did have a girlfriend, her name was Heather. All pretty normal stuff, run-of-the-mill for your average nineteen-year-old college student.

Mom told me that she was pretty busy too. She was taking classes at the local community college and she got to the gym about four times a week to workout and play racquetball. I told her I'd have to challenge her to a game. She suggested that afternoon and I told her she was on.

"Why don't we make it interesting?" Mom asked with a sly smile.

"What do you mean?"

"Loser is responsible for breakfast tomorrow."

"You're on." I said. I had to be able to beat my own mother.

Over breakfast she told me she'd had a few dates, but nothing that really amounted to anything. She asked if I was okay with that and I said, "Sure, why wouldn't I be." When we finished, she said she was going ahead to the gym to workout and I should meet her there around noon. I told her it was a date.

* * *

I got to the gym a little early, but Mom had left my name at the desk and the girl said it was okay for me to just go in and find her. I wasn't familiar with the place and it took me a few minutes to find her in the weight room.

Mom was on her back on a narrow weight bench, with a blond mountain of a guy leaning over her, spotting. She just finished a set as I approached.

"You're a regular iron-woman, Mom," I said. She sat up and flexed obviously sore arms. All she had on was a black leotard that contrasted nicely with her light olive skin. If I thought she looked good that morning, I would have creamed my pants watching her in the shiny, skintight little outfit, with legs spread on either side of the weight bench, if she was not my mother. The mountain started massaging her arms.

"Hi, honey," Mom said, obviously enjoying the massage, maybe a little too much, as her nipples were plainly visible.

"Mom? He can't possibly be your k**. You're way too young." The mountain said.

"Afraid so. Guess I'm not the chippy you thought I was. Still love me, Bill?" Mom said with a light in her eyes I had never seen before. She seemed really happy.

"How could I not?" He replied.

Mom stuck out a hand and I helped her up from the bench. She pulled her auburn locks back with a scrunchie from her wrist and said, "Are you ready to get your butt kicked?"

"Let's do it." I said.

And to my amazement, get my butt kicked I did. Not to take anything away from her, Mom was good, but I was playing a little distracted. She played in the same outfit, just adding knee and elbow pads. I felt a little ashamed, checking out my Mom, and I realized that not all of the possessiveness I'd felt seeing the mountain's hands on Mom was of the Mother-Son variety.

Mom needled me about my loss as we sat panting on the racquetball court floor, passing a bottle of water between us. "Sure you don't want a re-match?" Mom sighed. God, she was in shape. The last two games she'd swept me in almost killed me.

"No, it's okay, I concede defeat." I said. We were both covered in sweat and I was consciously trying not to stare at Mom's breasts, which heaved under the wet leotard that clung like a second skin.

"Well then, I'll expect breakfast in bed, nice and early." Mom teased.

"In bed? Jeez, I didn't know that was part of the bet."

"Yep and I want my OJ freshly squeezed." She laughed musically.

"Of course."

Mom got up off the floor. "I have plans tonight. It's just a movie. You're welcome to join us if you'd like."

I immediately pictured a clutch of bitter divorcees bitching about their ex's and politely declined.

"I'm sure you have your own friends to hang out with anyway."

As it turned out, I was the first one home for winter break and there was no one to hang out with. I got a six-pack and spent the evening with Must-See-TV, finally going to bed around midnight, bored with the lameness of it all. I couldn't believe I was in bed before my mother.

A banging and then giggling downstairs awakened me. I rubbed my eyes clear and saw that it was almost three am. Half asl**p, it didn't even occur to me that it was my mother stumbling in and I got out of bed to check things out. Indeed, it was my mother, and she wasn't alone.

I knelt in the dark at the top of the steps, looking down on the living room. Mom was just coming out of the kitchen with two beers. She handed one to someone sitting on the couch and sat beside him. It was dim and their backs were to me, but I could see them pretty clearly since on of our living room walls is mirrored.

"Thanks, Janine." The guy said. I looked closer. Jeez! The guy couldn't have been much older than me! Actually, I could almost swear he'd only been a year or two ahead of me in high school.

"Shhh, try to keep your voice down, Ty. I told you, Dean's home, and I saw his car outside. He must be asl**p upstairs." Mom wasn't very quiet herself.

"Good. As long as he's asl**p." Ty said with a laugh. He set his beer down on the coffee table and took a thick joint out of his pocket. He slipped an arm around my Mom and pulled her closer.

"Oh my. I haven't done that in years." Mom giggled.

"It's not something you forget how to do." Ty busied himself readying it and fumbled for his lighter with his free hand.

"How do you think you did on the final?" Mom asked him.

"I try not to think about it." Ty said then took a deep hit. He finally released the smoke and handed the joint to Mom, who took it hesitantly. "C'mon Janine. Just suck it deep. I think you can do that. Suck it deep and hold it." Ty grinned at his own joke and watched my mom inhale deeply from the joint. She coughed on the release, but followed that with a hearty laugh.

After a couple of hits, Mom was toking like an old pro. I was stunned and just sat at the top of the steps. Ty had moved his one hand to the swell of Mom's breast, caressing it softly through her green velvet dress. Mom was cozy in his arms and asked dreamily, "What are you doing?"

"Trying to get the best piece of ass in our class." Ty answered confidently. I expected my mother to smack him for that, but instead she looked up at him, then locked her mouth over his.

I watched, fascinated, while their kiss grew in intensity. It wasn't long before Ty was pulling down the zipper at the back of her dress while they necked. Ty tugged the dress off her shoulders and down to her waist. "What a set of tits," Ty exclaimed. My mother's rack did look great in the lacy black bra.

"You think so?" Mom asked with mock surprise. She reached between her breasts and popped open the front clasp, releasing them. "What do you think now?" Freed from her bra, her breasts did not sag one bit.

"Let me show you, Janine." Ty said, lowering his mouth to Mom's globes. He noisily slurped a nipple and she groaned. "Oh, Ty." Mom's had dropped to Ty's crotch and she massaged it.

I was stupefied watching my mother being scored on like a horny coed. From the sounds she was making, I could tell Mom really like whatever it was Ty was doing to her. I was watching my mother hooking up with someone my age and I was jealous. The only thing that rivaled my jealousy was the hard-on in my shorts. I was a turned on by Mom's hot body as old Ty. What did that mean?

Mom gasped and I saw Ty had the dress pushed up to her waist too, showing sexy stocking tops. "You know how to dress, Janine." Ty said. He took the words right out of my mouth. "Oh, I love the thong."

"Shhh, Ty. Just touch me, please." Mom pleaded. She had Ty's cock out and was fondling it lovingly. It wasn't as big as mine, but I wondered how many she'd seen beside Dad's. Mom was whimpering and Ty pushed her down on her back. He put her legs over his shoulders and moved his face between them. "God, Ty, what are you doing? Should we be doing this?" He made contact. "Oh, God, Ty…"

She pulled her thick crimson nipples as her breathing got heavier and her moans became louder. She locked her thighs around Ty's head and started thrusting her hips. Almost without realizing it, I had my cock out and was jerking myself off. "Oh God, Ty! God, Ty!" Mom grabbed one of the pillows that had been knocked to the floor and bit into it hard, trying to muffle her screams as she came. I'd never heard any screams coming from my parents' bedroom. Mom shook violently as she rode Ty to orgasm. He continued licking her through several orgasms, until she was left quivering on the couch. Finally, he climbed from between her thighs.

"God, thank you, Ty." Mom breathed.

Ty scooted up between her legs, moving on top of her. He took his cock in his hand and moved to rub it over her pussy. Mom put her hand down to stop him. "What are you doing? No, Ty, you can't, we can't." Mom protested.

"C'mon Janine. I just made you cum hard." Ty said.

"I know, thank you, but we can't do this. I have to draw a line."

"What about me?" Ty sounded pissed. He practically waved his cock at her.

"I'm sorry, Ty. There must be something I can do to make it up to you." Mom said seductively. She pushed herself to a sitting position and stroked his cock. "There must be something I can do." She shimmied out of her dress, leaving her naked except for black thong and stockings. Mom slid to her knees on the floor and began kissing Ty's thighs. "Is this a good start?" Mom asked. She lifted Ty's prick and licked the length of the underside. She cupped his balls and kept licking his cock, eyes locked on his, her auburn hair framing her pretty face.

Ty shuttered "Yeah, that's a start. Less talk, baby." He was treating my mom like a whore and she responded by deep throating his tool.

I shot my load all over myself watching my mother's head rise from his lap, cheeks hollowed, until just the tip was between her full lips. Then Mom descended again. She sucked him slowly, teasingly. My cum coated my thigh. Mom was slowly bobbing while massaging his balls and shaft. She had some technique. I was so jealous.

Mom kept popping Ty's prick out of her mouth to lick it, and then she'd suck it down again. She did it for nearly half-an-hour, until Ty held her head and began thrusting into her mouth. Mom didn't seem to mind at all. Ty humped her face and she slurped him right down to the base every time. The faster he moved, the harder she seemed to suck.

"Fuck, Janine, you know how to suck. That's incredible. I'm, I'm, I'm ready…ready, I hope you are." She better have been, because Ty grunted and came. Mom kept her mouth locked over his glistening tool, sucking down his load. A little ran down her chin when his flaccid cock finally slipped from her lips. She got it with her finger, then thoughtfully took a long pull off her beer before she sat in Ty's lap and kissed him deeply.

"Sorry about the little that got away. I'm not too in practice." Mom said.

"We'll have to do something about that."

"I hope so." Mom answered. She got off his lap and her body was stunning when she stretched, nearly naked. "Sorry I have to kick you out, but it's very late."

Ty pulled his pants on and Mom walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye in the open door, without concern. When their good-byes were over, Mom put the beers away and gathered her dress and bra, while I scrambled back to my room. I heard her bedroom door shut.

sl**ping was hopeless after what I'd just watched. Instead I lay in bed, beating off, pretending it was my cock Mom was sucking.

* * *

I was already awake when my alarm went off. I'd gotten hardly any sl**p. I couldn't think about anything except what I'd witnessed last night. And it seemed like I had a perpetual hard-on. I changed into sweatpants, hoping to hide it. When I walked through the living room, I seemed even more aroused.

Mom wasn't up yet, but that was hardly surprising. I found the ingredients for an omelet and cooked that up with a stack of toast, jam on the side, and a small pot of tea. I piled all of it onto a breakfast tray and headed back upstairs. When I nudged the bedroom door open, I found Mom lying on her side, still fast asl**p. Her dress, thong, bra and stockings were thrown across a chair. Seeing them, I felt my arousal surge anew.

I set the tray down on her dressing table and buttered a piece of warm toast. I crawled onto the bed beside Mom. The sheet was at her waist and the strap of her nightgown down off her shoulder, half exposing her breast. It was so beautiful. I could clearly see her large, rose coloured nipple. I pulled myself together and wafted the toast under her nose. Mom stirred a little, shifting, her hand falling across my thigh. My cock throbbed when she brushed it. Then her hand was resting right on it. Oh Jesus. It took all I had to not cum right there. I couldn't believe what I was doing, but I bent and softly stroked Mom's bared breast. She moaned in her sl**p and her nipple flushed and hardened. I felt like a fifteen-year-old virgin again. I could swear she was stroking me now. In all this I forgot the toast, which suddenly smacked her in the nose. As Mom snapped awake, I leapt off the bed in fear.

Mom seemed to smile as she stretched and yawned. I felt stupid standing there, holding the toast and half-turned so Mom couldn't see my erection. Stuttering, I said, "Breakfast is served, sl**pyhead."

Mom stretched and moaned then rolled onto her back, fluffing her pillows and sitting up. She just seemed to notice then that her nightgown had slipped down. She adjusted it without comment. Mom smiled at me. If she had any idea what was going on at the moment she woke up, she showed no indication. "I should be awakened like this every morning," she said.

I fetched the tray and leaned over to place it across her leg, then moved back. Just being tha