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Getting shaved in prison

It was my first night in prison and the most unforgettable
night of my life. The day ... three men in the cell with me. I didn't know
how to react at first. I had heard stories about people getting
****d in prison but this ... ... Continue»
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My time in prison.

So I was in prison for about 4 years on some false charges, I was 18 when I first wen in, about 5'9", the months while the trial was going on I worked out, thinking it would help me in prison, because I figured I was probably losing. With long dark brown hair, and almost hairless body, it just made me look like more of a pretty boy. Anyway, I lost, and had to go to prison.

They threw me in a tight cell, just 2 bunks with thin matresses, 1 blanket, 1 pillow, a sink and a toilet. I looked at my new cellmate, Billy, who was just reading a book, he was huge, probably 6'3" and arms as big as my head, tattood all over, and bald. He looked pretty mean so I kept to myself and tried no to bother him, fearing that he will beat me. Soon as the guards left and we could hear them get down the hall, he came and stood over me and my bunk. He said "I could tear you apart, and so could 90% of the prisoners here, but since your my cellmate, im going to take you under my wing, and protect you, but first things first." He pulled his pants down and waved his semi hard cock in my face. I asked "Is this a test to weed out the fags or what?" He replied "no, your going to be a fag weather you like it or not, unless you want to be killed."

I grabbed his cock and started to slowly stroke it, I just got the mindset "Im gay, be as gay as possible" even though im strait, It was either embrace it or fear it, so I embraced my new lifestyle. I took his 9 inch thick cock into my mouth, my first cock ever, he was not forcing anything, letting me go at my own pace. I started by going up and down his shaft with my lips, and going to work on his head with my tounge. I did this for a while, sometimes taking it out to rub it with my hand, I didnt know what else to do. I actually got hard, the hardest my cock had been since the first time I fucked a girl, maybe I was gay. After about 15 minutes he came, overflowing my mouth "swallow" and I did as he asked, taking 4 gulps to get it all down, then licking his cock clean. He said that later my as was going to get it, and that I may want to take the few hours between now and then to "loosen up" so it wouldnt hurt me. He wasnt totally selfish.

I spent the next little while, with my new gay attitude, spitting on my fingers and widening my ass, one finger, then two, some rest, then 3, and fucking myself with 3, I got naked and told him I was ready, Billy just stayed silent, and read his book, half hour later he got up, already shirtless, took off his pants and rubbed his cock hard. I got on my bed in doggy potion, and he got up behind me, shoved my face into the mattress and quickly shoved his whole length into me, hitting the back of my ass, not painfull, but made me tremble and I screamed out a moan then yelled "fuck me." He started and a quick pace, in and out, and got faster, and faster, in a minute he was going more rapid than I ever imagine. I moaned and moaned, drooling onto the pillow. My first cock ever, had pressure on hot spot, and each thrust was hitting the back of my ass, another hot spot, and the sensation of his cock rushing in and out of my ass, all together. It felt like I was at my peak and about to cum, but it didnt end, just continued and got more and more intense as he fucked. I couldnt even think of where I was, It felt like I was just on a cloud in heaven. He fucked furociously and came in my ass, filling it.

I now knew that I was gay, or bi, because after that, there was no way I could live my life, denying that, that was the best thing I ever felt, and better yet, I was going to get this all the time now.

To be continued???

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another prison story

My friend Craig and I were supposed to be watching each other's back but that only lasted as long as it took for him to make friends with a big dude on the bus ride to prison.

The first few hours after being in-processed into jail went fine. My three cellmates were other guys in on bullshit d**g charges, all of us just looking to leave as small a footprint on the place as possible.

Trouble was that there were a bunch of hardened criminals shoved into the mix with those of us wanting to mark time and get the hell out. I met one that first afternoon in the cafeteria. My job was to wipe down the tables before chow.

As I entered, I saw a black guy sitting in an otherwise empty room. He had on the faded blue scrub top they issued us but was naked below except for a white towel around his waste.

He had his legs apart exposing a thick black cock and heavy nut sack. His legs were muscular. He looked like a porn statue with that dark black pipe hanging between his thighs. It was so outrageously raunchy for him to be sitting there like that no person could help but stare.

He looked at me looking down. I didn't say anything. I just marched by him and walked up to the serving counter.

"Where do I get the towels to wipe down the tables?" I asked a guy dropping a tray of mashed potatoes into the steam table.

"Nave has them," the guy said without looking up.

A wet towel hit me in the back of the head. Nave had another one. Now he was naked from the waist down. He walked up to the table nearest me with that cock swinging in the breeze.

"Get on your knees and wipe the seats," Nave said. "I'll let you slobber over it some more. Maybe I'll let it swing around and slap your face a few times."

I walked away from him and started wiping tables. After fifteen minutes of him pursuing me with his cock swaying between his legs, a guard came in and shouted, "Nave, get your fucking pants on."

The guard turned his attention to me. "Bitch, did you have his dick in your mouth?"

"What?" I asked. "Fuck no."

"Don't get smart with me," the guy said rushing to close the distance between us. "Did you touch it?"

"No," I answered after taking a few steps back.

"Was it in your ass?"

"No, this is my first day. I just want to do what I'm told to do for the next ninety days and get out of here."

After lunch, I tried to walk up on my cellmates in the common area and they ran me off. Ten minutes later a huge white dude covered in swastikas blocked the door to my cell.

"Now that you're in play, which side are you going to play for?" he asked.

"In play?" I shouted. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"Better use your inside voice bitch, or I'm not going to give you an option."

"Look, that nigger came up on me naked," I said trying to act tough. "What was I supposed to do?"

"What I would have done?" the guy answered closing in on me a little more.

I back up against the wall. "Yeah, I'm not as big as you and I'm not trying to get into any trouble. All I want to do is do my time."

"Come here Lady Mike," the guy said. A few seconds later a bitched out punk looking skinny black dude stepped into the cell. His shirt was tied up like a bra exposing his fat belly.

"Pull down your panties," the skinhead said.

The punk dropped his pants and bent over exposing an asshole that was bigger than most pussies I'd ever seen.

"How many days you got left?" the skinhead asked.

"Fifteen on my sixty five day sentence," Lady Mike answered.

"Was you a virgin your first night here?"


"Don't blame us. I didn't set up the prison system so that you bitches got to comply to get out in the shortest amount of time," the skinhead said. "The Latinos will be over here next. Better get to deciding which color meat you think looks best in your mouth."

The comment caused something to stir inside me. I didn't want to admit that the feeling started between my legs. The image of Nave's black cock was stuck in my mind but when I thought about it in my mouth, it made me sick. There was no way I was sucking a cock.

I walked out and asked to see the Captain on duty. He walked me to his office and shut the door.

"I need protective custody," I said. "That Nave guy showed me his junk and now the gangs think I'm a punk."

"You are a punk," the Captain said. "Don't try to play now that you've gotten yourself into trouble. The guard saw what was going on in the cafeteria. Unless something turns violent or we catch you getting it in the ass, there's nothing we can do over a lover's spat."

"Then what do you expect me to do?" I asked. "That Nave guy is a fucking murderer. He's twice my size.

"How much money do you have?" the Captain asked.

"A few hundred," I said. "My parents bought a bunch of credits for the commissary. They'll probably pay much more if it will get me out of this mess. How much do I need to come up with?"

"That's plenty," the Captain said. "You're lucky because you're already pretty by prison standards. Shave down. Pay one of the bitches to fix up your hair. Paint your nails. Get yourself some panties and buy him a pack of Chesterfields. He likes those. Douche real good and use lube. The guy's got a horse cock."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I blurted out, "All this because I smoked a few joints?"

The Captain rocked back in his chair like the matter was settled. He picked up his pen and pointed it at me. "Oh, and he loves kissing," the Captain said. "And you'll have smoked more than a few joints by the time you get out of here, but these will be more than a mouthful and black as night."

"What kind of place is this?" I shouted. "I'm not some kind of pacifier for these crazy psychos."

The Captain stopped smiling. He pushed up to the edge of the desk and shoved his finger at me. "Fuck you, runnin' game on you hoes keeps the crazy ones calm. Nave's got a rap sheet full or murders and beat downs. A pacifier is exactly what you'll be. You'll be like a 90 day lollypop to occupy him. Why am I going to do something?"

I walked back to my cell and sat down. I put my elbows on my knees and covered my eyes trying to think of what to do. Seconds later I felt a presence in the room.

Nave stood in front of me with his dong inches from my face.

"Just say you like the way it looks and I'll let you go," he said. "Let me call you Sweetheart."

"Dude, come on," I said.

"You're pretty with your cheeks all flushed like that," Nave said. He extended his hand toward my face. In all the discussion I forgot there was a fat cock staring me in the face.

I turned my head away and asked, "Do you have to stand there naked?"

"Admit you liked what you saw and I'll step away," he said. "You might as well get your enjoyment out of sucking it. They're all going to treat you like you have."

"I really don't care what people in here think. There's a big difference between that and actually doing it."

"Give me something," Nave said, "Has anyone ever called you pretty before?"

I struggled deciding whether to answer and if I should tell the truth.

"Yes," I said.

"I think you're pretty too. I think you have a soft side to you and I'd like to see it, Sweetheart."

Nave reached out again and touched my face. My cock got a little stiff. The heat of his hand made me tingle. He guided my face back to his cock. He didn't touch me with it but I could smell it and feel it dominating me.

"I told the truth so should you," he said. "Did you look a little too long at it?"

My mouth was dry, my heart raced. "Yes," I said.

"And you don't care what people in here think?" he asked.

"No," I said.

"Well, I have to punk you or the skinheads or the Latinos or some of my other b*****rs will. You are way too pretty to stay away from," he said. "Let me mark you in some way, and they'll leave you alone."

I thought he meant he was going to tattoo his name on me or brand me or something. He saw my fear and said, "Nothing permanent, Sweetheart. Let's go back to my cell and I'll cut your hair. Just shave it all off when you get out and no one will know a thing."

What choice did I have? Nave had completely changed his attitude from earlier in the morning. The guy was going to protect me. He wasn't one of these other slobbering fools that wanted to skull fuck me to death just to pass away the time. He was promising to treat me decently.

He stood over me and waited until I helped him put on his pants before we walked out together. It got quiet in the common area as I followed behind him to his cell.

It was a long walk. My mind kicked over or something. All the non-verbal cues from the other inmates suddenly screamed at me. Magically, I was able to tell a bitch from a daddy and all the ones undercover. I wondered what vibe I was throwing off but already knew the answer.

All the chafe fired out there to deceive was useless. I could see right through it now.

The days of walking tough were over. They all knew me whether or not they saw a dick in my mouth. Funny how easy it was to fool the outside world but there was no faking in prison. The world was muddled and segregated and stratified enough to begin with, but here, everyone was on the same level standing in the open juxtaposed against stark white walls.

The fact I followed Nave back to his cell in front of two hundred guys stripped away my manhood. I couldn't have announced it and made it any clearer that I was surrendering all those things I'd spent nineteen years telling myself.

It was an odd struggle to figure out how to act. I didn't want to make all those crazy exaggerated motions of the flamers. As I walked I realized I'd been so busy being something I wasn't I didn't really know what I was. This was shit that was supposed to come out in therapy over years of analysis. Though I knew it to be true, I wanted time to swallow it, to accept it, before having to live the way I was.

"You go in the cell first," Nave said. "From now on, you walk in front of me. You're an orderly, clean girl, a sweetheart. You have good parents that took real good care of you. That's what I'm going to do. I'm going to take good care of you."

He stopped inside the cell. There were only a few inmates milling around but we were on the first floor facing out to the middle of where all the tables were and they were full. Everyone could see inside.

"Sit on your heels, Sweetheart," Nave said. "Take off my pants."

I started to say something but he said, "You are what you are."

Without further argument, I dropped to my knees and sat back on my heels.

"That's it," he said. "Look up at me. Put your hands up on my waist and wait until I give you a nod."

My cock raged hard as soon as I looked up. I fucked my share of girls and looked at porn on the internet but never got this hard. Touching a man's waist made me even harder. I was panting my breaths by the time he allowed me to remove his pants. But believe me, I wasn't enjoying any of it. How could I be revolted and hard as stone at the same time?

"That's a good girl," Nave said and ran his hand over my head like I was his lady. He had me kneeling in front of that monster cock of his looking up at him for a minute then said, "Worship it in your mind."

They all saw me staring at that fat cock but there were no comments. It took a while but I finally let go of the outside world and looked at his black dick and those big balls. It was like a supermodel was in the room. I couldn't stop staring at it. I hated to admit it, but I wanted to be near it and please it. Not like a decent looking girl, but like a real supermodel. My heart pounded at getting that close to it.

Nave stepped aside and said, "Stand up."

When I did, all of them saw my cock poking up the material of my scrubs.

He pointed me to pull out a stool and told me to sit.

"I can't believe no one is laughing at me," I said.

"There's bitches out there missing teeth that wish they'd done what you're doing. There's ones that did what you did behind closed doors that are happy to know they made the right decision. None of the bulls are gonna say nothing because what you just did makes it easy for all of us to punk those that thought they might make it."

Nave retrieved scissors and a comb from a trunk at the end of the rack. His cell was much bigger because it only had a single set of bunk beds. It was so weird how things were coming to me but that's the moment it hit me that I was on the way to being the woman of the house. This was more than sex.

"Did it make you feel feminine to get on your knees?" Nave asked as he put my head back into the sink and began washing my long brown hair.

"I guess."

"Look, I'm trying to help you, Sweetheart. Answer me honest. Does it get you more excited to just start sucking cock or do you want to feel like a submissive little girl about it."

"I like the way it feels when you tell me I'm pretty. I like the way it feels when you're washing my hair, but I don't want to be gay."

Nave didn't say any more. He scrubbed my hair twice with shampoo then put in conditioner and massaged my scalp. It felt so good it was hard not to moan. He finally rinsed me and gave me a towel to dry my hair. By the time he finished, I was getting used to be touched by a guy. It had never happened to me before that day. My dad acted weird when he shook my hand.

With expert motions, he cut my hair. I can't deny how erotic it was or how I was getting used to that cock being so close to me. When he went to cut my bangs, he lifted my chin and had me look him in the eye with his cock just above my lips.

"Good girl," Nave said. "You already look hot, Sweetheart. Do you want to look like a girl for me?"

He washed all the stray hair out and used a flatiron to straighten it. All the contraband in his cell, the cell's location, he was a king bull in our cell block.

When Nave was finished, he looked down at all the hair on the floor. He moved up to my side. There was stray hair all over his cock.

My role was clear. He could have been a total asshole about it, but Nave stood waiting for me to settle it in my mind. I remained sitting on the stool and spun around to the sink. I put some of the shampoo into my hand. With soapy hands, I cupped his balls and began washing them. I ran water over his cock and balls until free of hair. I took a washcloth and wiped down his legs. When finished, the front of my scrubs were wet with my pre-cum.

Nave sat back on his bunk and I wiped his feet, then he watched as I wiped up the floor. It made me so hard, I don't think my cock was ever so large.

When I finished Nave said, "Put your tongue down on the floor, Sweetheart. Then show it to me."

I did.

"That's how clean, baby. Now lick that toilet seat."

I did.

"Understand, girl."

"Yes," I said.

"Stand up and look in the mirror," Nave said.

He'd cut my long hair shoulder length with straight bangs. He'd stuck a powder blue hair band in it. "It looks good," I said.

The shift commander ordered us to chow. I walked in front of Nave down the hall. A feminine sexy feeling came over me. I knew he was checking out my ass.

No one said a word to me. I felt protected and that thought got me tingling. He sat as soon as we entered the cafeteria. I filled a tray and served him.

"Go sit with the girls, Sweetheart," Nave said in front of the table full of hard looking black men.

None of the bitches were eating. They were all ugly looking fags. It was all drama and calling each other bitch and acting stupid. After five minutes, I excused myself and went to the commissary.

"It's forty five," the guy said before I ordered anything.

"Two packs of Chesterfields too," I said.

Back in the cell, I opened the brown paper bag. There were several pairs of panties, an enema bottle, lube, make-up, nail polish, and hormones.

Nave stayed away from the cell the rest of the afternoon leaving me to stare at the hormones so long I forgot to do anything else.

"Time to see all of you," Nave said as he entered the cell. "My kit's in the trunk, Sweetheart."

I packed our things and walked in front of him to the shower. I was so nervous my teeth chattered as we entered the exchange room. My cock constantly stayed hard, my emotions were all fucked up. The reality of being naked in front of Nave scared me to death.

Nave stood in front of me. "Take that blouse off real pretty," he said. "Boys come watch this."

Before the shirt went over my head I was surrounded by menacing black men. They closed in to the point I felt the heat of them.

"Look at that pretty little body on her," Nave said, "Now your panties."

I hooked my thumbs under the waistband and slowly stripped the pants and boxers over my hips then let them fall to the floor. I felt weak and tiny. I was naked inches away from eight huge black thugs.

"That's it," Nave said. "Just bend over at the waist and pick them up. Throw them away."

As I did, I felt a man's hand on my hip. "Don't stop moving, Sweetheart," he said.

"It's so cute," the guy holding me said. "She's trembling."

Standing naked, having given away my clothes, I lifted Nave's shirt over his head then went to my knees and took off his pants.

He guided me over to the black corner of the showers using his hand on my hip. It was getting easier to take orders and be touched or maybe I was just numb with fear. I stood in the water until it was the perfect temperature then Nave moved forward and water pelted his muscled body. His pecs were massive and covered in kinky hair. I felt so small standing in front of him. I was half his size. I was embarrassed by my small cock especially since it was rock hard. He waited for me to lather his body.

My hands were shaking. The other white bitches in our group were staring at me.

"Go on and wash me down," Nave said. I lathered him up running my hands over his chest until a guard yelled out, "Keep your hands off your nigger...I've got my eye on you from now on you faggot."

Nave laughed and pushed me under the water. "Don't worry, Sweetheart. Now they'll register you as a bitch and you can have regular check-ups and let the taxpayers pay for your hormones if you want."

He handed me a razor and I got to work shaving my underarms and chest. He shaved off what little hair was on my back and butt. We had only fifteen minutes in the shower. I was in such a frenzy my legs were bare by the time I realized the permanence of what I was doing. Everything was coming out at me so fast I didn't have time to think, I just did.

Many of the black guys in our group were looking me over when I was finished. I hurried into a pair of tangerine panties and got my new issue of scrubs from the exchange before they rushed us back to our cells.

All the bitches wore white scrubs. They were nearly see-through and with my bright panties, there was no mistaking I was a bitch. These corners, I kept turning them without time to wonder about the consequences. In less than twelve hours, I committed to being a full on bitch for my entire stay. There was no turning back.

Locked up for the night, I stripped down Nave and he settled back on his bunk naked. Of course, I was in nothing but my panties my cock giving away my excitement. The constant sexual arousal fueled the momentum of my willingness to change.

"Go ahead," he said. "Finish painting your nails and putting on some of that make-up, be pretty for your daddy."

"Which color do you prefer?" I asked. My flirting instantly turned my skin red.

"Paint them black," Nave said, his voice so calm it enflamed me more. "Ain't no denying you're hot for cock when you wear black polish and I like skinny fingers like yours that color."... Continue»
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Hell in a cabin

This story is written for the enjoyment of adults only.

Hell in a Cabin

My wife Mary and I had met in college and got married soon after
graduating. We were both in the business world and doing quite well.
We both worked long hard hours but made a nice living. After more than
two years without a vacation we had purchased a townhouse and furnished
it nicely. When we finally managed to arrange for a week off I had
gone on the internet and reserved a nice cabin on a secluded lake. It
was the only cabin on the lake and fifteen miles from the nearest town.
It had indoor plumbing and included the use of a boat and outboard
motor. We would have privacy and some fishing together.

The drive to the town closest to the cabin took us 5 hours. We stopped
at the only gas station in town and filled up our tank. Mary went into
the little store and bought some food to supplement what we had brought
with us. I asked the attendant which road I needed to take to get to
the Rollins cabin. He pointed to the road beside the station. I had
been on the right track all right. As Mary came out of the store
carrying a sack of groceries she was whistled at by 4 rough looking
men. I asked the attendant who they were, and he told me they had
drifted into town yesterday and he didn't know them although he knew
everyone in his small town. We quickly left and headed to our cabin.
The rest of the day we got settled in and went fishing for a bit.

We caught a half dozen nice walleyes in about 4 hours and headed back
to our cabin.
I tied our boat to the dock and we walked up to our cabin. I was
carrying my tackle box, fishing rod and a stringer with our walleye
pike on it. As we walked into the cabin I was shocked to see four men
waiting there for us. They were the same four bums that had whistled
at Mary back in town. I asked, "What the hell are you doing here?
This cabin is rented to us." The big man in the red flannel shirt
slapped me hard across the face and said, "Shut the hell up you sissy
bitch." I was stunned both by the blow and his statement. He told me,
"Put that stuff down and take off your clothes sissy boy." He suddenly
had a big hunting knife in his hand. I knew he could easily kill me
here and nobody would ever know. I set down my rod, tackle box and the
fish. He bellowed, "I told you to strip for us and you better obey.
If I have to cut those clothes off of you there will be bl**d." I
unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. His
stern gaze let me know that I had to keep going. I kicked off my
sandals and dropped my pants around my ankles. I stepped out of them
and stood there in only my briefs. He said, "The panties too sissy."
Blushing I pulled my briefs down and stepped out of them and stood
stark naked in front of these strange men.

These brutish men had us terrorized and they laughed at my naked body.
One of the men said, "I told you he had the body of a girl." The Big
man with the knife said, "We can have some fun with both of these
sluts. Tie his hands behind his back." The smallest of the men got a
rope and tied each of my wrists to the elbow of the other arm pinning
my arms behind me and causing my chest to be f***ed out some. I was
now naked and helpless and very afraid.

The man with the knife now ordered Mary, "Now you sweetie, strip slow
and sexy for us." Mary answered, "No, I won't do that." He just
smiled and went to my tackle box and took out some big fish hooks I had
in there. He grabbed my right nipple and shoved one of the snelled
hooks clear through the nipple causing tears of pain to flow from my
eyes. He repeated that with my left nipple so I had two snelled hooks
hanging from my nipples. He told Mary, "You can save him some pain if
you strip for us." She slowly unbuttoned her shirt. The men started
clapping in rhythm and told her to dance while she stripped. She had
stripped down to her bra and panties when she stopped and pleaded with
them, "Please, I have never been nude in front of anyone but my
husband." The big man took another fishhook and shoved it into the
head of my penis causing me to scream in pain. He then took a big snap
swivel and connected the loops on the leaders of the hooks which
stretched my nipples down and my penis up causing me to stoop over to
ease the pain. They had no mercy on me at all.

Mary was soon totally naked and they made her bend over in front of
them. She was crying but obeying them. Each of the men shoved a
finger in her pussy and finger fucked her for a few minutes before
having her move to the next man. They made her moan like a wanton slut
for them. I was powerless to help her tied up and hooked up as I was.
Even the slightest move on my part sent waves of pain through my
nipples and penis. These brutes had made me totally helpless and at
their mercy.

The big man who was clearly their leader was named Jake. He stood
behind Mary and demanded, "Spread your legs and bend down and grab your
ankles bitch." She begged him, "Please don't do this to me. I beg of
you leave us alone." He laughed and said, "We will leave you alone
but first we are going to have some fun with you two. Now do as I say
or do we have to hook you up too?" He nodded to Joe and that cruel
bastard shoved a fish hook into my right testicle. It hurt like hell
and caused me to scream in pain. Joe then quickly followed that up by
doing the same to my left testicle. Mary spread her legs and bent over
to grab her ankles.

They left her standing like that for a good five minutes before Jake
said, "Sissy get over here and lick her asshole to lubricate it for
me." I shuffled slowly towards him when John grabbed the leaders
attached to the hooks in my testicles and pulled me roughly forward.
The pain was horrible but I had to follow him. John said, "We have him
by the balls now." and laughed at his own remark. Jake shoved my mouth
down on Mary's asshole and said, "Get it good and wet sissy. Work your
tongue inside of her hole and get it as wet as you can. You will save
her some pain if you loosen it up for me. I knew she was a virgin
there and tried hard to get it wet and loosened up some. I licked and
worked my tongue inside of her all trying to spare her some pain. They
laughed at the sight of me preparing her asshole for another man to
violate. They clearly enjoyed degrading us.

Jake finally pulled me away and roughly shoved his big cock into Mary's
virginal hole. She squealed in pain which they seemed to enjoy. He
****d her hard and fast before coming deep inside of her. When he
withdrew from her he left her crying and quivering. Jake demanded,
"Tell me you loved it bitch." She snapped back, "It was horrible you
a****l." Jake motioned to two of them and told them, "Shave the bitch
bald all hair gone should strip her of false pride." They grabbed her
and threw her to the floor. One man used his knife to cut off her long
beautiful hair the other man got my shaving kit from the bathroom and
used my razor to shave her head bald. He also shaved off her pubic
hair. My beautiful wife looked strange with her hair all gone. They
wanted to ruin both of us for their amusement. They let her kneel
before Jake and he once more demanded, "Tell me you loved me fucking
your asshole bitch." They had broken her spirit now and she lowered
her eyes and quietly said, "Thank you for fucking my asshole sir."
Jake smiled at her surrender to his will.

Jake then told the two men "Shave the sissy to match the other bitch."
They then shaved my head, underarms and pubic area and even the few
hairs on my chest and around my asshole. When they had me hairless he
told Mary, "Get over here and prepare sissy's asshole for use." She
obeyed and started licking my asshole and even worked her tongue inside
of me. I never dreamed my prudish wife would do such a thing. Jake
told me, "Sissy, tell the bitch you love her as an ass licker." By now
I knew that displeasing them would cause me a lot of pain and quickly
said, "Bitch I love having you lick my asshole." They kept her at her
disgusting chore for a long time before Jake told her, "Now go kiss
sissy so you two can exchange asshole tastes with each other." She
came around and gave me a big tongue kiss so we tasted each other's
assholes. He made us tell each other how good we tasted. Neither of
us had a shred of pride left. These brutes had reduced us to mere
slaves in a very short time.

John got behind me and rammed his cock up my ass. He told me, "Moan
like a slut for your owner sissy." I moaned earnestly. "Good girl."
he praised me. He then said, "Move back and forth on my cock sissy.
Fuck yourself with it." I humped back and forth on his cock and
embarrassingly spurted some semen. He had made me come by fucking me.
John laughed loudly at this and said, "I knew this sissy was a girl at
heart. It comes from being fucked." He made me fuck myself faster and
faster until he shot his cum into me. He then pulled out and told me,
"Look at the mess you left on my cock, lick it clean sissy." He was
right; his cock was covered with shit and bl**d. It was disgusting but
I was in no position to refuse. I had to lick his cock clean. I
thought I would puke but managed to lick his cock clean. His semen was
leaking out of my asshole and running down my legs.

The other two men were using Mary. One was fucking her pussy and the
other fucking her mouth. As they shoved her back and forth between
them her breasts were swinging to and fro. They were laughing as they
ravished her. When both men had come in her they shoved her to the
floor. One man demanded, "Thank us for making you a cum dump bitch."
She was crying too hard to answer him immediately. He took off his
belt and lashed her bare bottom a few times before she quickly said,
"Thank you for making me a worthless cum dump. That was the best
fucking I ever had." The poor lady had cum dripping from her mouth as
she said that.

Jake told Tom to clean the fish so that bitch could fix them something
to eat. He also said, "Save the guts in a bowl for sissy to eat." I
knew I would have to eat raw fish guts while they enjoyed the walleyes
we had caught. How much did they want to degrade me?
They were turning me into a mere a****l. When Mary had cooked and
served their fish dinner. Jake set the bowl of fish guts in front of
me. He commanded. "Kneel and eat it all sissy. You don't have the use
of your hands so you will eat like a dog. It better be all gone when I
finish my meal." I hurt all over and had no wish to feel even more
pain so I knelt down and f***ed myself to eat the disgusting bowlful of
garbage. They chuckled watching me eating that slop. Those bastards
should all go to prison for a long time.

While the men ate their meal they made Mary squat on her haunches like
a dog begging for food. They fed her scraps from the table. They even
made her bark for them each time they gave her a scrap of food. She
looked so pitiful crouching there bald and barking. I hoped they would
not kill us, but knew they were capable of doing so. We had to try to
survive. My nipples had been stretched grotesquely long and my penis
was bleeding. The hooks in my testicles made me wonder if Mary and I
would ever be able to have k**s.

When the men finished eating, they had Mary wash the dishes. Jake
came over to me and took another big fish hook which he f***ed through
the cartilage of my nose by going through one nostril and out the
other. It hurt a lot but I was powerless to stop him. He did the same
thing with another hook through the other nostril. He then took some
of my fish line and tied the leaders of those two hooks to the leaders
of the hooks in my testicles by running the lines over my shoulders.
He pulled the lines so tight that my head was f***ed as far back as it
would go. My mouth now gaped open as I was unable to close it. Jake
now commanded, "Kneel sissy, you are going to get your first throat
fucking." I got down on my knees with difficulty as every movement
sent waves of pain through my body. I knelt there f***ed to look up at
him by the lines connecting my nose to my balls. Jake shoved his cock
into my open mouth. As he got hard he started pumping his big cock in
and out of my mouth going further in with each stroke. He had me in
the position of a sword swallower with a straight path down my throat.
He told Mary, "Look how sissy's throat bulges with my cock in it. See
how your sissy husband gobbles cock." I was choking and gagging and
felt sure I would die from his brutal **** of my throat.

After what seemed like an eternity, Jake shot his cum down my throat.
He held my head in place with my nose buried in his pubic hair while he
softened after his orgasm. Then he started peeing in my mouth. I had
to swallow it as fast as I could or drown. He said, "Sissy makes a
good urinal guys." He grinned down at me and said, "I knew you had to
be thirsty sissy. Thank me for giving you a drink." With my head held
way back as it was all that came out when I tried to thank him was an
unintelligible babble. He roared with laughter at my babbling. They
had even deprived me of speech.

John also came over and urinated into my open mouth. He peed so much
that some dribbled down my chin and some even came out through my nose.
I swallowed as much as I could. By now my tummy was full of urine and
semen and my bladder close to bursting. I tried to beg them to let me
go potty but all that came out was babble. Finally I could hold it
back no longer and released a stream of urine which flooded up over my
chest and stomach. Some of the urine even came out of the hole the
needle had made in my penis. John laughed at the sight of me soiling
myself. He said, "Sissy's little peewee is leaking now. Sissy will
have to sit to piss now like any girl."

Jake had Mary busy licking his asshole. He asked her, "Does bitch
enjoy eating my asshole?" She pulled her tongue out of his hole and
said, "Yes Master." He smiled at her submission to him. He had ruined
her life and knew it. He then asked her, "Would you rather I fist fuck
your ass or you do your sissy husband?" She knew he had very big hands
and quickly said, "Master, I would rather fist fuck my sissy husband."
He grinned and said, "A wise choice bitch." He took her by the hand
and got a can of Crisco from the pantry. He led her over behind me and
pushed my head down to the floor leaving me with my ass up in the air.

Jake had her dip her hand into the Crisco and told her, "Smear that ass
pussy full, work as much as you can inside. Grease up your forearm
too. Now shove two fingers in there." She followed his directions
carefully but was soon working those two fingers around inside of me.
Then he had her work a third finger inside of me and work all three to
loosen me up. When she had done that for a few minutes I felt her
fourth finger in as well. She was going to have her fist in me soon I
knew. When her whole hand was inside of me he told her to make a fist.
She did as he said. He then told her, "Now fuck sissy hard with that
fist, ram it hard and deep. I want your forearm clear in that pussy."

Jake now cut the fish lines connecting my balls with my nose and told
me, "Tell your wife how much you love her fucking you this way Sissy.
I know she loves it and you must tell her how good it feels to be her
bitch." I was finally able to speak again and had to say, "Fuck me
Mary, it feels so wonderful. Fuck me harder please." As humiliating
as this was I did shoot some semen. I had come from being fist fucked.
He kept her at her task until she had her hand and forearm inside of
me, clear to the elbow. Jake helped me to my feet with her arm inside
of me so I was bent over at the waist. Jake told Mary, "Steer Sissy
down into the lake deep enough to wash of the piss she sprayed on
herself. Keep your arm in her until you get back." Mary obeyed him
and shoved me down into that cold water until only my head was above
water. She softly told me, "Dunk your head in the water and drink some
to clear that piss smell from your breath dear." I hesitated as the
water was very cold. She exerted a downward pressure on the arm she
had inside of me forcing my head under water. She held me there for a
few seconds before bringing my head back up. She seemed to enjoy
having me in her power. Our life had been turned upside down by these
men. She steered me around and pushed me rapidly back to the cabin.
We were both shivering from the cold water.

Back in the cabin Jake told Mary she could remove her arm from my
pussy. She pulled it out with a flourish leaving my asshole wide open.
Jake looked at my gaping hole and said, "Wonderful! Bitch has rose
budded sissy's asshole." I did not know what that meant at the time,
but later found out that she had pulled part of my colon outside of my
body where it was to remain. He told Mary, "Bitch put some lipstick on
sissy's pussy lips. Red if you have it." She went to her purse in the
bathroom and returned with a tube of red lipstick which she applied to
my rosebud. Jake told me, "Sissy that rosebud will always be very
tender and easily chafed. You should always wear lipstick there." He
then told Mary, "Go ahead and put makeup on sissy. Make that sissy
look pretty for us."

Mary got her makeup stuff and proceeded to make me look very feminine
except of course for my bald head. She used eyeliner, mascara,
lipstick and blush on my face. She showed me in the mirror what I now
looked like. Jake said, "Thank your wife for all the trouble she has
gone through for you sissy. Kiss the hand she fucked you with and tell
her you love her." I obeyed him causing Jack to tell Mary, "You should
have married a real man not some gay sissy. I said, "I am not gay sir,
you ****d me." He laughed at my remark and said, "No real man would
let himself be put in the position you are sissy. You look like a girl
and come when getting fucked in the ass. She needs a real man." I
could only blush and kneel there.

Jake now just to be mean and demonstrate his control of me ordered,
"Tip your head back sissy and open your mouth wide like before, If you
assume that position on command, I won't have to retie those hooks with
new line." I quickly obeyed remembering how the strain on those hooks
had caused me much pain. He told Mary, "Your husband is waiting for my
cock or piss like a baby bird awaits a worm. How could a woman like
you ever marry such a wimp?" She replied, "He won my heart when we
were very young. I did not know what a real man was then." I was
shocked; she was actually falling for the line he was feeding her. The
bastard was turning her against me!

Jake once more urinated into my mouth and I had to swallow it all. He
then took Mary by the hand and said, "Let's go to the bedroom where I
can make love to you." As they walked into the bedroom, he told Joe,
"Why don't you use the sissy again?" Joe got off of the couch and came
at me smiling evilly. He said, "We are going to have a fun time sissy.
You are going to tell me you love me before I'm through with you." He
dipped his hand into the Crisco can and got a big gob of grease which
he proceeded to shove up my ass. "Ask daddy nicely to fuck your ass
with his big fist." he demanded. I sobbed and begged, "Please don't do
that to me sir." He snarled, "Do as I told you sissy." He took his
razor sharp knife and slit my scrotum open along the line of the two
hooks embedded in my balls. My testicles fell from my body hanging by
the tubes attached to them. "Beg daddy sissy." He was very demanding
but he could easily castrate me and I was helpless to stop him. I
said, "Please daddy fuck me with your big fist. I beg of you please
fuck me hard now." He chuckled and said, "I know you want it girly."

John began forcing his hand into me and shoved it roughly deeper until
his whole hand was inside of my asshole. Then I felt him clench it
into a fist. He greased up his forearm and began pumping his fist back
and forth inside of me. I felt like he was ruining my insides. The
power of his pumping caused my whole body to rock back and forth and I
could feel my dangling testicles swinging wildly. I was terrified that
they would fall off entirely. He kept ramming that fist up me until
his entire forearm was inside of me. He was actually pushing me across
the rough floor. He made me tell him that I loved him fucking me like
he was and made me moan like a slut for him.

Mary and Jake had returned from the bedroom and she was glowing from
the pleasure he had given her. John ordered me, "Tell your wife that
you love being fucked by daddy and that you are now a gay slut." He
squeezed my testicles again harder. I said, "Mary I love being fucked
by daddy and am now a gay slut for him." She looked at me with
disgust. John then got some thin leader material from my tackle box
and tied both of the tubes connected to my balls shut. He told me, "A
sissy like you has no need for balls. In an hour or two they will be
dead and useless. He got a jar of honey from the pantry and used a
spoon to coat my dangling testicles with honey. He then led me outside
and tied a rope around my neck to fasten me to the base of a pine tree.
He left me kneeling there naked with my ass in the air. It was not
long before those deer flies found me and I soon had a cluster of them
on my cut open scrotum. I felt them biting at my tender parts.
Mosquitoes also found me and started feeding on my bl**d. The worst
were those big black ants who were feeding on my testicles. I wiggled
my ass to try shaking them off to no avail. I was miserable beyond
belief, but all I could do was wait for someone to release me. I must
have been kept there for a couple of hours.

John finally came back and asked me, "Is my sissy slut ready to come
back with daddy?" I said, "Yes daddy pleases." When he let me loose
from the tree to lead me back into the cabin, he saw that dangling
testicles had turned black being covered with ants and my scrotum was
crawling with maggots. My skin was covered with mosquito bites. He
grinned and said, "Too bad sissy, no woman will want you now. If you
want a partner it will have to be a gay man. Come with daddy girl I
will take care of you." I meekly said, "Yes daddy." When we got back
in the cabin, Joe took his knife and cut off my testicles right below
the knots tied sealing off the tubes. Just like that he had robbed me
of my masculinity forever. He put each one into my mouth and made me
chew and swallow it ants and all.. He said, "You will always remember
where they went sissy." Joe unfastened the snap swivel connecting the
leaders from my penis to my nipples. He untied my hands and told me to
jack off for him. "Show me you are still a man. Get that little thing
hard and cum for me." He said. I started stroking my penis gently as
that fish hook was still embedded in the head of it. I must have
stroked it for 15 minutes but it still remained limp and useless.

John told me, "You are now a girl sissy. You will be begging men to
use you as their slut or go without any sex at all." I replied, "Yes
daddy." Mary was sitting on the couch kissing Jake. John told me, "Go
beg your wife to clean out and sew up your empty sack. Then ask her if
she still desires you." I went and knelt before my wife and begged
her, "Will you please clean out my scrotum and sew it up for me
darling?" She looked at me with pity and said, "Are you k**ding? I an
not a surgeon." Her reply startled me but I said, "Yes mistress,
please." She told me, "If I do that for you will you be my slave? I
know you are now useless as a man and are meant to be used by me and
real men. If I allow you to stay with me, you will be my maid and obey
me and the men I choose as lovers." I blushed with shame. These crude
men had turned me into a girly thing to be used by men and serve my
wife. I had no place to go and did not want to lose her so I agreed to
her terms.

She took some whiskey and washed out my empty scrotum before getting
her sewing kit. The whiskey burned my sensitive skin and I yelped in
pain. She snidely said, "You must be a big girl and bear the pain while
mommy tends to you." Once she had disinfected the area she took a
needle and thread and began stitching up my scrotum. It hurt a lot but
I had to thank her for each stitch. I knew that I could easily become
infected and die from what had been done to me. As she sewed she told
me, "Jake gave me three orgasms in the time we played together. You
never gave me one." John casually mentioned, "I knew you were a girl
at heart the minute I saw you. You just never knew it." He heated the
end of a straightened out coat hanger in the flame of the stove. He
used that glowing wire to brand the word 'bitch" on my chest. The pain
was intense but I was beyond shock now. I had eaten my balls and I was
doomed to be used by my wife and men from now on.

Jake said, "Don't feel too bad sissy. Don't blame me for long. Your
wife deserves a real man. She is a woman." Mary said, "My hair will
grow back in time but I now know what sex with a man is supposed to
be." She snickered and added, "So do you, you sissy slut." She
crafted her stitches so that the empty skin of my scrotum now resembled
a pussy. She told me, "The guys will love this sissy." When she
finished sewing me up, she made me go to each man and show them my new
look. I was ashamed to be naked in front of them, but had to act like
I was flirting with them.

When I stood in front of Jake who had started all of this, he made me
bend over and spread my ass cheeks to display what they had used. He
roared with laughter and told all, "John you have given sissy another
ring on her rosebud. She will have a regular flower there if you keep
this up." He turned me around and told me, "You will assume the urinal
position sissy." The devil was going to pee in my mouth again. I got
down on my knees, tilted my head way back and opened my mouth wide. He
stood back a couple of feet and sent a stream of urine into my open
mouth. I drank it down as fast as I could but some ran down my chin.
He made me thank him for the honor of drinking his piss. They had
reduced me to an "it" without a shred of pride left. All I was good
for as far as they were concerned was obedience and degradation. At
least he took the trouble to rip those hooks out of my nose. They had
left holes so there was a sort of whistle when I breathed in and out.

Jake told Mary, "I think bitch owes you the pleasure of being fist
fucked again by you. After all you did for that bitch she owes you
that." He told me, "Go beg her to fist you bitch." I knew there was
no use in protesting and meekly went to Mary and said, "Mistress Will
you please fist fuck me again?" She smiled and said, "Yes bitch I will
do that for you. Assume the position." I got down on my knees with my
head to the floor. She got the Crisco can and applied a liberal
coating to my asshole as well as her hand and arm. She shoved her hand
into my loosened up asshole and made a fist. She rammed it in me
deeply and withdrew it part way before ramming it in deeply again. I
had never realized she had a mean streak in her before. She was
actually enjoying doing me like this. She kept at it for a long time
in front of everyone and made me moan and tell her how much I loved it.
When she finally got tired of this sport, she told me, "Lay on your
side bitch." She actually f***ed me to my side with her entire forearm
inside of me. She got a pillow off of the couch and lay behind me with
her head on the pillow and her fist and forearm inside of me. "Go to
sl**p bitch, you have had a difficult day." She had me go to sl**p
with me impaled on her arm. She let me sl**p a few minutes before she
started ramming her fist in and out which of course woke me up. She
told me, "Get back on your knees and hump back against me bitch." She
had me rocking back and forth on her fist and made me tell her I loved
being fucked by her. She reached around and grabbed the leaders of the
hooks still in my nipples. She pulled on them to control my tempo. My
once sweet wife was now on a severe power trip.

Mary kept using me for quite some time before she pulled her fist and
forearm out of me. She told me, "Thank me sweetly for doing you bitch.
Do it now and every time I please you this way." I said, "Thank you for
fucking me Mary." She yanked hard on those leaders causing much pain
to my tortured nipples. She snarled, "I am Mistress or Mistress Mary
to you bitch." I quickly told her, "I understand Mistress Mary." She
was quite serious about owning me now. My poor nipples had been
stretched out farther than I ever imagined possible. I was now a
freak, no longer a man and only a sort of woman." Mary now told me,
"Lick my hand clean now bitch. What is on there is there from pleasing
you so you will have to clean it for me." I knew I had to obey her so
I took her hand and started licking. She made me lick her fingers one
by one and even her arm clear up to her elbow. I realized that all I
had to eat since the men showed up were some fish guts, my testicles,
and some ants that I swear were crawling inside of me now. Even a dog
would have been fed better. When she was satisfied that she was clean,
she praised me saying, "Good bitch, I think our new relationship will
work well for both of us. I will be the breadwinner and you my maid
and toy."

Mary had me go and get a pair of her thong panties. She pulled my
penis back into the folds of my scrotum and pulled up the panties. She
grinned and announced, "Look guys bitch now has a camel toe." Even
though they had all watched my being naked, degraded and mutilated all
day, I felt ashamed of how I looked in those panties. She had me twirl
around to showcase my appearance. She then painted my nails bright red
on both my hands and my feet. She was very determined that I was to be
as girly as possible.
She asked John, "Do you still have those hooks you pulled out of
bitch's balls before you fed them to him?" He assured her he had. She
asked him, "Would you please put them through bitch's earlobes for me?"
He smiled and nodded yes.

John told me, "Come here and suck daddy off bitch." I knelt in front
of him and took his cock into my mouth and started sucking. As I
sucked him, he f***ed those hooks through my earlobes saying, "This is
as good a way as any to pierce those ears for earrings bitch." bl**d
ran down from the holes he had made in my ears. He came in my mouth and
made me show him the semen he had deposited there before having me
swallow it. He then took the leaders from the hooks in my nipples and
tied them to the leaders from the hooks in my ears. He told me, "We
want you to have perky nipples bitch. With the skin of my skin
stretched out like it was it looked like I had the titties of a young
girl. Now every time I moved my head it tugged on my nipples. John
gave me a slap on the ass and told me, "Fix us something to eat bitch."
As I walked away from him on my way to the kitchen, he told me, "Put a
nice wiggle in your ass when you walk bitch." I started walking with
an exaggerated swing of my ass. They were doing everything to make me

After they ate their meal, I cleaned up the kitchen and washed and
dried the dishes. I had never washed dishes before thinking that to be
woman's work. As I moved my head my breasts also moved. Mary told me,
"They jiggle nicely bitch." Jake took Mary by the hand and led her
into the big bedroom. John told me, "You get to sl**p with me tonight
bitch. Come with me." I meekly trailed behind him into the other
bedroom. He made me undress him and fold his clothes neatly on the
chair. He pulled back the covers and got into bed. He told me, "Join
daddy in bed bitch." I crawled in beside him in the regular double
bed. He was a big man and we had to be close together. This big brute
had totally changed my life today. I knew he held my life in his hands
and that I had to be sweet to him in order to survive. He told me to
suck on his nipples one then the other.
While I was sucking them on his hairy chest he talked softly to me.
"The minute I saw you, I knew you were meant to be a sissy girl. You
may not have known it, but I did. I know this is a big change for you
but you will be much happier once you accept that you were meant to
serve men." He pulled my face up close to his and softly said, "Tell
daddy you love him." I hated this man, but sweetly said, "I love you
daddy." H smiled and kissed me lightly on my forehead. He then
allowed me to roll over on my side and he curled up behind me. "Good
night bitch.", he said, I sweetly said, "Good night daddy." We fell
asl**p that way, nestled together with his strong arm around me and his
hairy body pressed close to mine.

It was light when I awoke to John fingers running circles around my
nipples. They were very sensitive stretched out as they were. He
asked me, "Did my bitch sl**p well?" I replied, "Yes daddy." He said,
"Good girl. Now slide your pussy onto my cock bitch." I took my hand
and guided his cock to my asshole and moved my body back to f***e it
into me. "Now use that pussy to milk my cock bitch." he ordered. I
humped back and forth on his cock until he finally shot his load into
my ass. He then slapped me on the ass and told me, "Fix us some coffee
and start breakfast now." I felt so used but scurried to obey him.

As I was frying some eggs, Mary came up behind me and said, "Show me
your pussy bitch." I bent over and spread my ass cheeks so she could
see the semen leaking from me. She said, "I see you pleased your man
like a good girl. Let me put some lipstick on your rosebud." She
applied a thick coat of red lipstick to the new rings of flesh there.
Then she used the same tube to apply a coat to my lips. She saw my
look of disgust at having the lipstick that had been on my ass used on
my lips and said, "You have had your tongue in assholes bitch. Get
used to that taste."

When breakfast was ready I served everyone and stood beside the table.
John said," Fix some food for yourself bitch." I was grateful and
thanked him. I was very hungry by now. They even let me sit with them
to eat. I knew then that if I accepted being a girl they would treat
me decent.

After breakfast was finished and I was cleaning up the mess and
washing the dishes, Jack and John were making a list on a piece of
paper. They handed it to Tom and told him to go to town and get these
things. He left. I suspected the list had something to do with me but
could have no way of knowing for sure.

Mary took me to the bathroom and showed me how to put on my makeup.
She also plucked my eyebrows to make them have a thin feminine arch. I
asked her, "Why do you want me to be a girl Mistress?" She laughed and
said, "You don't think you are a man do you bitch?" She reached into
the front of my panties and fondled my empty scrotum to emphasize her
point. She ran her finger back and forth in the slit of what had been
my scrotum. She said "You have a pussy now bitch." I knew she was
right but still I blushed.

Hours later, Tom walked into the cabin with a big sack full of things.
Jack had Mary and I kneel in front of him then told us, "I know we
altered your plans for the week drastically so John and I bought you
some jewelry to make up for that." He called me over to where he stood
and said, "I bet you will be glad to get those fish hooks our of your
ears bitch." I eagerly answered, "Yes Master." He worked the hooks
around to enlarge the hole before he removed those damned fish hooks.
He then inserted a silver ring in the holes and snapped it shut. He
told me, "It is made from nonalergenic material so you should have no
problem with infection bitch. I now had a nose ring. It will be there
forever and signify your submissive status to all who see it." He
repeated that procedure on each of my nipples and also on my ears.
When he finished I stood there with a silver ring in my nose, a silver
ring in each nipple and a silver ring in each earlobe. Jack then said,
"Don't worry about that hook in the head of your little dickie, it will
rust out in a few weeks." He let me go to the mirror and see what I
was to look like from now on. He had made me into a freak. Nobody
would hire me looking like I do now. At least now I could move my head
without pain in my nipples.

Jack then told Mary to come to him. She who had been so bold with me
was in fear of Jack. He told her, "We have some jewelry for you also
bitch." She said, "You would not mark me up like that. You said you
liked me!" He laughed at her and said, "I also like my horse, but
branded him too. You will never forget me bitch." He grabbed her left
nipple and shoved a big needle through it to make a hole for the ring
which he quickly inserted in the nipple. She burst out in tears from
the pain. Jack ignored her tears and did the same thing to her right
nipple. She now had two silver rings in her nipples to match the ones
in mine. She saw him get out another smaller ring and started begging,
"Please Jack, don not put that in my nose. I will have to work to
support sissy and myself." He said, "You could always be a whore with
a nose ring. But to make you happy I will put it through your clit
instead. It will be more painful for you but will not show when you
have clothes on." She told him, "Thank you sir." He then told her,
"Play with yourself bitch. Get that clitty hard for me." Mary began
fingering herself, red faced with shame at masturbating in front of
others. When she got it hard and jutting out, she told Jack she was
ready. He grabbed it with a pair of needle nosed pliers to hold it
while she shoved that big needle through it to make a hole for the
ring. She screamed out in pain at this penetration of her most
sensitive spot. As the ring snapped shut, Jack told her, "This should
keep you turned on and horny all of the time bitch. Enjoy it and think
of me." She knew it would be there for ever.

John then said, "One more little thing Mary. I have to brand you too.
Do you want it on your chest like your husband or on your ass cheek?"
She said defiantly, "Neither you bastard. I won't hold still for
that." Jack grabbed both of her nipple rings with one hand and her
clit ring with the other hand. He laughed and said, "Yes you will
bitch. Heat up that wire John. I'll hold her still for you." Mary
was held motionless while John heated up the wire until it was glowing
yellow. He walked over to her and branded the letter B on her right
ass cheek. She screamed in pain. He then reheated the wire and
managed to brand the letters I and T before having to reheat the iron.
The last two letters took a little longer but she then had the word
bitch branded on her ass. Mary like me was branded for life.

Jack then had Mary and I stand side be side while he took pictures of
us. He had us pose for him in all sorts of positions. He took my
driver's license out of my wallet and put it in his pocket. He also
took my checkbook. The bastard now knew where our house was. He also
took my keys. He said, "I or some of my friends may be dropping by
from time to time for a visit. I like to keep tabs on my slaves."

Jack stated, "I have decided that you two need some shared experiences.
I think some real togetherness will bring you closer." He took out two
small padlocks and locked our nipple rings together forcing us to be
face to face and very close. He then ordered us, "Lay down slaves."
We had to struggle to lie on the floor on our sides. He told us, "I
want you to kiss each other with tongues and all and keep it up until I
tell you to stop." We kissed each other for the first time in two
days. Jack told Tom and the man whose name I never learned to fist
fuck his two slaves. Mary had not been fisted yet and she broke the
kiss to protest. Jack took his belt and slashed it hard against her
ass. "Obey me bitch!" he snarled at her. His blow left a welt across
her fresh brand and had to hurt a lot. She resumed kissing me.

The two men dipped their hands in the Crisco can and lay down behind
us. I relaxed to make it easier for what was about to happen, but Mary
was scared and tense. As the men worked their hands into us we kept
kissing each other but Mary was moaning in pain.
I put my arms around her to comfort her. Those men were soon ramming
their fists in and out of us. The man using me did not go clear in to
his elbow but Tom did that to Mary. They got into a rhythm and were
both on the in stroke at the same time pushing Mary and I into each
other and causing us to slide across the floor a bit. When they tired
of their fun they finally stopped and withdrew their fists. Tom
exclaimed, "Now this bitch has a rosebud too."

They left us lying on the floor hooked together for several hours.
Jack finally undid the padlocks so we could get up off the floor. He
asked Mary, "Did you enjoy your shared experience bitch?" She was
crying but managed to tell him what he wanted to hear when she replied,
"Yes sir." He told her to bend over and spread her cheeks. She obeyed
and he smiled and said, "Tom was right, you do have a rosebud now. You
two bitches can put lipstick on each other's rosebuds." He giggled at
his own remark. Jack then told her, "You may control you husband but
you are still my slave bitch. I will use you whenever and however I
wish. Do you understand bitch?" Mary answered, "Yes Master."

Jack now tossed me a bag and told me to get dressed. I took out a
short skirt and put it on glad to finally be able to cover up part of
my nude body. There was also a low cut white blouse in the bag and I
put it on also. My nipples and the rings in them were visible through
the sheer material. He also had a pair of pink sandals in the bag and
I also put those on my feet. John told me I looked pretty enough to
fuck. The bastard already had done that with his cock and his fist.
Mary had brought along a wig and John put that on my head.

Mary was given a bag of clothes and when she put them on we were
dressed alike. She felt her bald head and looked at Jack as if to ask
what she was supposed to do. He said, "When you get home you can buy
another wig," He handed Mary her purse and told her, "Get going before
I change my mind and take you two slave bitches with me." He added,
"Mary you had better drive since the other bitch has no license now."
We hurried out the door and to our car, leaving all of our other things
behind. Mary still had her keys and driver's license so she drove the

As we drove along afraid to stop anywhere, Mary said, "Give me my wig
bitch. You can ride home bald." I put it on her head while she was
driving. In a couple of hours we reached a highway and got off of
those dirt roads. The only real embarrassment on the trip home was
when we had to stop for gas. I had to get out of the car and pump it
and pay for it using Mary's credit card. My short skirt barely covered
my bare ass. The Attendant looked as me strangely, but said nothing as
he rang up the sale. We arrived at our house long after dark. We both
took a shower and crawled into bed too exhausted to talk. We slept
soundly for the first time in days.

In the morning Mary told me, "Fix me some breakfast bitch and wear the
outfit Jack gave you until we can buy you some more feminine things to
wear." I did as she wanted. When breakfast was ready, Mary came out
wearing jeans and a flannel shirt. As we ate she told me, "You know
that our relationship has been changed forever bitch, you are now to be
the nice, feminine submissive one in this house. I can wear wigs to
work and my regular clothes but nobody would hire you looking like you
do." I knew she was right and that if we were to survive she would
have to be the breadwinner now. I was going to have to do all of the
housework and cooking for her as my duty.

Mary next went into the sexual side of our new setup. She told me, "I
will need to have men here to make love to me at times since you are no
longer capable of doing so. You will be out sweet little maid at those
times." I shuddered at the thought but said, "Yes Mistress." She
continued saying, "You will dress and act feminine at all times. This
had better be the last time I see you without your makeup on. The
least you can do is to make yourself look pretty for me." I said, "I
understand Mistress." She went on to tell me, "You will do oral sex on
me whenever I want it. I will fist you to give you some pleasure
occasionally at my whim. You are now at my beck and call and must obey
or leave this house. Do you agree to my terms bitch?" I had never
imagined she would take matters so far. We had loved each other until a
few days ago. She had me trapped and knew it. I hesitated but finally
said, "Yes Mistress. I agree to your terms." She had just got me to
agree to be her slave girl!

Mary told me to get my lipstick and apply it to her rosebud. I did as
she said and she applied it to mine as well. She said, "You realize
that this will become a daily ritual for us now. That skin is very
tender and needs to be lubricated to keep from being sore." I said,
"Yes Mistress Mary, I know that." When that was finished, Mary fixed
herself up and left to go shopping. I put on my makeup, cleaned up the
kitchen then decided to check my e-mail. I only had one message and it
was from Master Jack. Mary must have given him my e-mail address. My
hands were trembling when I opened the message. That cruel bastard was
not going to let us go.

The message started out, "Hello my slave bitch." He then went on to
display the pictures he had taken of Mary and I, including some taken
while we were kissing while being fisted. That one made it look as if
we were enjoying it. He let me know that he was prepared to post those
pictures on some very kinky web sites along with our names and address
unless I obeyed him. He told me to sign up for Skype and leave my
computer with the camera on at all times. He would contact me with
instructions there. Jack also included a list of links to sites where
he would post our pictures and information. I checked out those sites
and all were sites catering to perverts, sadists or gay men. I knew if
he posted us on those sites we would be flooded with men looking for
kinky sex. I saved that e-mail message to show Mistress when she got
home. I signed on to Skype using the name "Master Jack's slave bitch"
as I had been directed. I left the computer on with the camera

When Mistress returned from shopping she showed me her purchases. She
had bought a couple of new wigs for her to wear, some feminine clothes
for me to wear and a couple of bottles of estrogen. She explained the
estrogen by telling me that I was to take it to replace the
testosterone I would no longer be producing. I said, "But Mistress
that will make me more feminine." She smiled and said, "Yes bitch.
You will never be a man again so you might as well be as feminine as
you can."

Just as I was telling her about the message I had gotten from Master
Jack, the computer beeped and I ran to open the Skype file. The only
one who would call that name would be Master Jack. He had his camera
on also so I could see him as well as he could see me. He said, "I see
you can follow instructions bitch. Good, if you had not done so, I
would have to dispose of you, permanently." He was dead serious about
that. He told me, "Call my other slave bitch in front of the camera."
I called Mistress to come appear for Master Jack. When we stood side
by side he commanded, "Take off your clothes bitches. I want to see
you naked now." We both took off the clothes we had on and stood there
naked in front of the camera.

Master Jack said, "Master John is here with me. We will be coming to
visit you soon." Master John asked me, "Did eating your nuts satisfy
your hunger bitch?" I said, "I was helpless and you made me do that
sir." He said, "It was better than throwing them in the trash." I
guess he was right. Master Jack asked Mary how things were going with
us. She told him, "We have sorted things out ok. I will be the
breadwinner and bitch will be the housewife. I am putting bitch on
estrogen tonight." Master Jack said, "As it should be." Mistress then
added, "The problem is now bitch is unemployable and we may lose this
house." Master Jack then sounded concerned when he said, "I
understand, perhaps, I can arrange a job for that worthless bitch. I
will get back to you on that." There was a long pause and he clicked

Mary took me to bed and had me do oral sex on her until she had two
orgasms. She also made me tongue her asshole before she would let me
sl**p. The incision in my scrotum was itching and as I scratched it
softly she said, "Isn't that cute? Bitch is playing with her pussy."
She then told me, "Get me the can of Crisco bitch." I got out of bed
and went to the pantry and brought back the Crisco. I handed it to her
with trembling hands. "Assume the position bitch." She commanded. I
knelt on the floor with my head touching the floor and my ass up in the
air. She greased up my ass and her hand and arm. She worked her hand
into me and then made a fist. She asked me, "Does my little bitch want
me to fuck her pussy for her?" I said, "Yes Mistress." She rammed her
fist forward and back going deeper inside of me with each stroke. She
had me moaning like mad as she ravished me. When she wanted to she
stopped and wiggled her fingers deep inside of me. She asked me, "Who
owns you bitch?" I was panting but said, "You do Mistress Mary." She
asked me, "Body and soul bitch?" I hesitated and she pinched the
inside of my colon. I quickly said, "Yes Mistress, body and soul."
She said, "You are a good girl bitch."

When she finished and pulled her arm out of me she took me to bed and
made me lick her arm and fingers clean. She kissed me lightly on the
cheek and rolled over to go to sl**p. I had experienced a sort of
orgasm from her fisting of me but still felt very used. She as well as
those men was determined to make me as feminine and obedient as
possible. She even had me tasting my own shit now. I cried softly
over the loss of my manhood. I was now useless as a male and only fit
to serve other people. That last fish hook was still embedded in the
head of my cock making it painful to even wear panties.

The next day was Saturday and we were due back to work on Monday. Our
brief vacation was coming to an end. It was a much different ending
than I had planned on for certain. I had taken Mary for a week of
fishing and relaxation to a remote cabin in the woods and come home
emasculated and enslaved. I fixed us a nice breakfast and while we
were eating, we got a message on my computer from Jack. I ran to
answer his Skype message. He started out by saying, "Good morning my
bitches." I answered, "Good Morning Master Jack." Mary was standing
beside me by now. Jack informed us, "I have good news for you two. I
have a friend that wants to interview sissy bitch for a job. Be at
this address at 3:30pm today." He gave Mary the address which she
copied down. He told me, "Wear the outfit I sent you home in bitch and
full makeup. If he finds you satisfactory he will hire you. Do not
shame me in front of him." He signed off.

I washed my skirt and blouse and dried them. I even ironed both items.
I took a shower and shaved carefully before putting on my makeup.
While I was getting ready, Mary made a map showing us how to get to the
address where a possible job for me awaited. We left in plenty of time
to get there. I was nearly naked and felt very vulnerable in this
outfit. We had never been to this part of the city and found it to be
a very seedy neighborhood. Most of the people we saw were black. Mary
wore slacks and a nice blouse. With her heels on she was taller than I
was. We went to the door and knocked on it. A bit hairy man opened
the door and let us enter the place. I told him. "I am here to
interview for a job sir. Jack sent me here." He led us back to an
office where the boss man was.

Once I told the boss that Jack had sent me here to interview for a job,
the man told me, "Jack told me all about how you came to be like you
are now sissy. Did you enjoy eating your balls?" My eyes filled with
tear as I told him, "No sir, I was f***ed to do that." He smiled and
told me, Take off your clothes. I want to see your body." I took off
my blouse and dropped my skirt to stand naked in front of him. He
looked at my still unhealed brand and my nipple rings and lightly
pulled on my nose ring. Then he told me, " Bend over and spread your
ass cheeks bitch." He examined my asshole and said, "Jack was very
accurate in his description of you. You do have a two ring rosebud and
it is covered with red lipstick." He said I will hire you to be a
waitress here starting now. He took me to the dressing room and had me
put on a short black leather skirt and a matching vest. "This will be
your work uniform, leave the vest open so people can see your brand and
those cute nipple rings." He gave me a pair of high heeled shoes to
wear as part of my uniform. He told me, "Your shift will be from 4PM
to 2AM. This is a private club catering to the gay leather crowd. I
will pay you minimum wage but if you hustle and are charming to the
customers you will make a lot more in tips. Some men may want to take
you to a private room in the back and you set your own rates for those
services." He was suggesting that I whore myself out to strange men
for money. He said, "You are allowed to dance with the patrons since
this is a private club. If they buy you drinks we will serve you tea
and charge them for real drinks. He told Mary, "Come back at around
2:30 to pick up your sissy." She walked out of the room and left me
here. I was going to be a B girl in this seedy place.

As the place filled up I got very busy taking drink orders and carting
them across the crowded room to the booths. Men would pinch my ass as
I walked by and I had to smile sweetly at them. I was the new girl
here and attracted a lot of attention. Most of the men here seemed to
know each other and somehow the word about my condition had spread
through the crowd. When I carried a tray of drinks to a booth full of
black men the one closest to me told me, "Open your vest and show us
your brand and your nipple rings girl." I blushed but obeyed him. He
tugged lightly on my nipple rings and dropped a $20 bill into my apron
pocket. I thanked him sweetly for the money. He had me set my tray
down and took me by the hand and led me to the dance floor. He held me
close to him and while we danced he worked his hand up under my skirt
and fondled my bare ass. I felt trapped by this big strong black man
but smiled sweetly at him. He told me, "I have reserved a private room
for 11:00 and I will give you $100 to join me there sissy." I was
being asked to whore myself out by him. I blushed and asked, "What
will I have to do there sir?" He smiled and said, "Be my slave girl
for an hour." I told him that I would have to ask my boss if I could
get away as this was my first night on the job. I was told not to worry
about that, he had already cleared it with my boss. I then told him,
"I will be there master." He led me back to his booth and had me lift
up my skirt and show my rosebud to his friends. He gave me a $50 bill
for the dance and showing as well as a slap on my ass as I went back to
the bar to get more drinks. After only a short time of walking in
those heels had made my legs and feet sore but I needed this job. I
had to keep going.

By 11:00 I had some nice tips in my apron and I headed back to private
room #1 to meet my date. I was very nervous as I knocked lightly on
the door. He opened the door and said, "Come in my little slave." He
put a $100 bill in my apron pocket and told me to get naked. I blushed
as I took off my clothes and hung them on a hook on the wall. He tied
a cord to my nipple rings and ran both of the ends through a steel ring
mounted below waist level on the wall. He then tied both ends to my
nose ring leaving me bent over and firmly fixed to the wall. He told
me, "I love having a white sissy as my slave and can afford to pay for
my pleasures." He slapped me on the ass hard bringing tears to my
eyes. He gave me 20 swats on each ass cheek before stopping. My ass
was fiery red and hurting. He fondled my empty scrotum and told me, "
I would have given you $10, ooo dollars for the fun of emasculating
you sissy but someone has already beat me to that pleasure. I have
already had my money's worth from you, but I will give you a $500 tip
if you let me fist your ass. I want to add a third ring on your
rosebud," What do you say sissy?" I said, "Yes Master, please do
that." He greased up his big hand and began working it into my
asshole. I figured that my poor ass had already been fisted for free
by my tormentors in the cabin and $500 was a lot of money to me. The
big man rammed his huge fist in and out of me for over 30 minutes
causing me to dribble fluid on the floor. When he finally pulled his
fist out of me, he put some bills into an empty beer bottle and shoved
that up my gaping ass hole. He then untied the cord and had me kiss
his asshole to thank him for his business. He let me get dressed and
walked me back to the bar area.

I picked up a tray of drinks from the bar and delivered them to a booth
full of men
I could not help but walk funny with my ass still on fire from the
spanking, my nose and nipples aching and that beer bottle up inside me.
I was now a professional whore. When I got a chance I went to the
ladies room to relieve myself. I looked in the mirror and sure enough
I now had a third ring on my rosebud. I refreshed my lipstick coating
on the newly enlarged rosebud and thought to myself, "I can't do that
every night." I had to use muscle control to hold that beer bottle
inside of me now. If I kept this up, I would soon loose all muscle
control there and be wearing diapers.

By the end of the night I was exhausted and sore, but after sweeping
out the place, I counted my money and had over $2,000 in my apron
pocket and more in the beer bottle inside of me. This was more than I
made at my former job in two weeks. While I waited for Mary to pick me
up, I thought about what my black client had said and wondered if I
would have sold my testicles for $10,000. I had lost them with no
compensation anyway.

When Mary came to pick me up I gave her all of my money and she drove
us home. Once in our house I put a towel on the bathroom floor and
passed the beer bottle out of me. He had put it in me neck first so I
had to f***e the blunt end out of me first. When I removed the cork
from the beer bottle and shook out the money, I found that there were 8
$100 bills in there. My first client had been very generous with me.
Even though I now had a third ring on my rosebud for life, it had been
a profitable evening.

After 3 weeks of Mary having to pick me up in the middle of the night,
she told me, "This is ridiculous sissy. I can't get a full night's
sl**p having to pick you up at 2:30 or 3 in the morning. You need to
rent a place near where you work so you can walk to and from the club."
I was shocked. Mary wanted me to move out of our house. So it came to
be that she made some phone calls and then took me to see several
places. She rented a cheap one bedroom apartment on the third floor
above a store. The next day we moved my few things into the apartment.
When all was in place she kissed me lightly on the cheek and left me
alone in a dump in a bad neighborhood. I was afraid to leave my place.
I knew she wanted me to live in fear as a whore for real men. I cried
myself to sl**p that night. My life was in shambles.

Every Sunday Mary would bring me some groceries and collect the money I
had made that week. She would leave me a few dollars for incidentals
but take the rest. She was like my pimp now. She was doing none of
the degrading things but enjoying the money I brought in. The first
month or so she would take me to her house on Sundays and I loved the
former luxury I had taken for granted. Sunday evening she would drive
me back to my meager apartment in her new Mercedes. She was living
high style and I was poverty stricken.

After a few more months she told me she now had a live-in lover and
could no longer bring me home with her. She took my money and left me
some groceries and a new supply of female hormones. By now I had grown
B cup titties. I had become a freak. She needed a real man for a

It was only another month after that when she told me that she handed
me divorce papers and told me she had sold our house and she and her
new lover were moving to California. She kissed me lightly on the
cheek and wished me well and walked out of my life forever. I was all
alone in the world with a job as a whore and waitress. At least now I
could keep whatever money I could earn.

That same night at work my first client returned to the club and when I
delivered his drink he told me to open my vest again. I did and he
smiled when he saw how my breasts were developing. He told me to sit
down beside him for a bit and of course I did. He then told me, "I
really like you girl and have a proposition for you. I am ready to pay
for you to get breast implants and am willing to give you a $10,000
bonus if you have the surgery done. Think it over and let me know. You
would certainly get better tips with bigger boobs." I knew he was
right and that was a lot of money to me now. I said, "I need to work
here to survive sir. I would have to take some time off to recover
from the surgery." He told me, "I will arrange for the time off with
your boss. He works for me." I was sorely tempted now. He then told
me, "One other thing girl, you will have my mark tattooed on your new
boobs so everyone will know who paid for them." I blushed at the
thought of being marked for life but since I already had been one more
mark seemed a small sacrifice for so much money. He told me to meet
him in private room #1 at 12 midnight. I told him I would be there and
got up to serve more drinks.

The more I thought about his offer the more I knew I would take him up
on it. I could no longer be a man and having bigger boobs would let me
earn more money. When midnight rolled around I knocked lightly on the
door of private room #1. He smiled when he opened the door for me to
enter. "Come in girl, I want to own you as my slave."

I meekly said, "Yes Master." He asked me, "Do you accept my offer
girl?" I actually fluttered my fake eyelids as I told him, "Yes Master
and will also be marked by you as your property." He smiled broadly
and told me, "I am very pleased girl. Jake told me you were just what
I was looking for." He knew Jake? I asked, "You know Jake Master?"
He replied, "Yes, he works for me. Tonight I will not tie you. Just
spend our hour holding my black cock in your mouth girl." I knelt
between his legs and took his big cock into my mouth. He caressed my
hair as I knelt there and softly talked to me about the wonderful woman
he wanted me to become. My knees were killing me after kneeling there
so long when suddenly he began peeing in my mouth. "Drink it down as
quickly as you can girl I want my fluids in you." I gulped it down as
fast as I could but some leaked out of my mouth some even came out
through my nose. Once his bladder was empty he told me, "Now you may
suck me off girl."

With the taste of his urine overwhelming me, I started sucking his big
cock. As I worked on it it became huge and threatened to choke me, I
fought back the gag instinct and took him as deeply as I could.
Eventually he shot his load of semen down my throat. He then had me
thank him, gave me some bills rolled up and said, I will see you here
Monday morning at 9am. Pack a toothbrush and nothing else. I
answered, "Yes Master." He gave me a shot of straight vodka to cleanse
my breathe he said. I walked back to the bar area and resumed my

Monday morning at a quarter to nine I was standing in front of the club
holding my purse and nervously awaiting my Master. At 9 on the dot a
black Cadillac pulled up and the chauffer got out and opened the back
door for me. I slid into the back seat alongside of my Master. He had
me put on a pair of dark glasses so that I was unable to see where he
was taking me. We drove for some time before stopping. Master led me
into a building and into a room where he had lie on an examining table.
Someone injected me with something that put me to sl**p very quickly.

When I awoke I was laying in a bed with my chest wrapped in bandages.
I could feel a heavy weight on my chest and I was strapped to the bed.
I had no idea of how long I had been out or what had been done to me.
Eventually a nurse in a white uniform came in to see me. She said, "Ah
you are awake. You will love your new boob's sweetie. The Doctor did a
great job on you." I told her, "Ma'am I have to pee." She told me,
"Go right ahead, you have a catheter in you honey." I did. I noticed
there was a tube going into my arm and knew there was a tube draining
me now. I was helpless and merely processing what went through me.
They kept me this way for 3 days before undoing the straps and having
me sit up. The nurse removed my bandages, washed me and then applied
fresh bandages. While my breasts were bare I could see that they were
huge. When I mentioned that to the nurse and she said, "Yes sweetie,
they are now 42DD's. You will need to wear a 5 hook bra to hold them
up" She got me up and put my shoes back on my feel and led me down the
hall for a walk. The new weight on my chest took some getting used to,
but I knew that those boobs were now there for life.

A couple of more days later, Master drove me home and saw me to my
apartment. He handed me a bank book with my name on the account. I
opened it and saw it had a balance of $20,000 in my account. I told
him, "This is too much Master." He smiled and said, "It is worth it to
me. In another couple of weeks we will get you tattooed." He turned
and left me to recover in my own place.

With a month to recover I watched TV and played with my new breasts. I
did have to shop for new bras as the few I had were worthless now. I
even bought myself some new clothes as the few feminine garments I had
no longer fit over my new breasts. I drew a lot of attention from men
as I walked the sidewalks. I now knew how women feel when men ogle
them. I was also very careful where and when I went.

Then one day Master showed up at my apartment accompanied by Jake. I
was still in my robe after taking a shower. I had not even done my
makeup yet. Master told me to drop my robe and I obeyed instantly.
Master looked carefully at my big breasts and felt them up. "They are
very nice indeed girl. The doctor did a beautiful job on you. Now
jump up and down for me so I can watch them flop." I began jumping up
and down and sure enough my breasts were flopping as I did. Jake was
laughing out loud at me. Master just smiled.

When I could stop jumping Jake asked me, "Been fishing lately sissy?"
I meekly replied, "No sir, I have been busy working." He said, "I
know, as a whore and waitress. I started you on a whole new career."
He was right but it was certainly not a career I would have chosen
without being desperate for a job. He asked me, "Has that little
peewee of yours been hard lately?" I answered honestly, "No sir." He
asked me, "Would you like to see it sticking straight out again sissy?"
I nodded my head yes. He looked at Master who nodded his assent. They
had obviously discussed me before this and had some sort of plan. Jake
came to me and grabbed my limp penis. He then shoved a thin metal tube
down my urethra. It hurt like hell going in there especially at the
end. The end was barbed so it could not be removed. When he finished,
my penis stuck straight out in front of me. Master remarked, "You look
good that way girl. Your skirt will now be tented for all to see."
Now slip on some clothes it is time to get your tattoos."

We spent the rest of the day at the tattoo parlor with me undergoing
the stinging needles. When they were done with me I had a black cock
and balls tattooed on my left breast, the word "useless" on my penis
and on my lower back was "Fuck me please" with and arrow pointing
towards my asshole. I was now a freak marked for life. No normal
person would ever want me. They had even put a stud through my tongue.
Master told me that stud would allow me to give better blow jobs. Jake
urged Master to get "Whore" tattooed on my forehead but fortunately
Master declined. He decided I was marked enough at least for now.

They drove me home and gave me a sheet of instructions on how to care
for my new tattoos. As I got undressed for bed I stared at my new
tattoos in the mirror for a long time. Nobody who had known me before
our trip to that cabin would ever recognize me now. I had a feminine
hairdo; big boobs and my penis pointed straight out in front of me and
would do so from now on. When my bra was off my boobs sagged. For the
money I had made in a couple of months on my old job, Master had
altered my body beyond imagination. What Jake had started, he had
embellished considerably. With my penis jutting out like it was I
would no longer be able to wear panties. I knew that the short skirt I
wore at work would barely cover my ass now.

The afternoon I went back to work the doorman told me the boss wanted
to see me. I went to his office immediately hoping I was not in
trouble. I needed my job badly. He had me strip for him and handed me
a short black silky skirt and a frilly petticoat heavily starched to
wear under it. The petticoat had a wire hoop inside of it. For a top
he had me wear a short red velvet vest that barely covered my breasts.
I knew the tattoo on my lower back was showing clearly. He gave me a
pair of red heels to complete my outfit. Once I was dressed in my new
uniform he told me that I looked very pretty and reminded me that the
petticoat would have to be washed, starched and ironed every time I
wore it. The petticoat made my skirt stick out. I knew I was totally
exposed below it. He then tied a red ribbon around my penis. I got up
the courage to say, "But sir, I can't go out there like this. This is
worse than being naked." He looked sternly at me and told me, "You
can and will wear this outfit every night. Your Master picked it out
for you." I protested, "But my tattoos will show wearing this outfit
sir." He said, "Better them than the scars you will have if you don't
wear it."

When the customers started filling up the room I was clearly the object
of interest. I thought people were just ordering drinks to get a
closer look at me. I tried to avoid standing still very long in one
place. I got a lot of dances and tips that night and several trips to a
private room.

Around midnight Master and Jake walked into the club and sat in his
reserved booth. Master waved me over to him. He told me you look very
pretty tonight girl. Shake those boobs for me. I shook from side to
side and my breasts popped out of my top. He smiled and said, "Leave
them out girl, they need to breathe." I clasped my hands over my
nipples in shame. Master told me, "Do not cover them. Be proud of
them. They cost me a lot of money." I dropped my hands to my sides.
I felt like a slut walking around with my boobs hanging out there for
all to see. I had to stay that way for the rest of the night. Master
and Jake enjoyed watching me work barely dressed and doing a woman's
job at that. Jake knew he had changed my life forever and it pleased
him a lot. Many a man was to grab my nipple ring and look at the black
cock tattooed there this night and many other nights. All I could do
when that happened was smile pretty at them. Some men even flicked
their hand to make my stiff penis bob back and forth. I was now a toy
for anyone. I held back my tears to avoid streaking my makeup, but,
wanted badly to cry.

Two months after I was back to work and wearing my new uniform I saw in
the paper that a major d**g ring had been broken up. The leader of the
gang was Master, along with him were pictures of Jake, and John both
employees of him as well as several other men I had never seen. They
were all being held without bond and facing long prison terms.

The Feds seized all of Master's assets and quickly shut down the club I
where I worked. As happy as I was to see Jack and Jake about to pay
for their misdeeds, I was now out of work. After a couple of weeks I
secured employment in an Adult book store. The money was a lot less,
but at least I could wear regular dresses to work.... Continue»
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Rural Love

Chapter 1


I heard the yell of my Aunt Paulette clear out to the barn. She and my
Uncle Nick had taken to raising me after my mom and dad died. It wasn't a
good memory.
At least Mom and Dad died together. All I had was a mess of memories and
a lot of nightmares to show for our house burning down and taking them
away from me.

The metal of the wood stove burned through, and the hot coals landed on
the floor. The problem was, I had thrown buckeyes in it, and I felt
guilty as hell. Maybe they would have lived had them buckeyes not gotten
thrown in there.

Everybody told me it wasn't my fault and the stove would've burned
through no matter what. But, I could tell how people really thought. I
saw them when I walked into the church. All the eyes were on me, and they
all thought I was a murderer, or, What kind of person would do that to
their own parents? They said I lived because I was the furthest away.

Me, I didn't mean to do it. Heck, I was meaning to have some fun. I'd
done it before and the way everyone jumped when they popped made for
everyone getting scared and then laughing afterwards. Only this time, no
one was laughing. They were all dressed in their Sunday's finest and
laying up there in them closed caskets .

When the funeral was over, my Aunt Paulette and Uncle Nick took me in.
They were nice, but I could tell they blamed me. Both were real quiet and
would whisper when I left the room.

My Aunt Paulette thought they should take me to a shrink. I didn't need
no shrink, I needed to be taken out somewhere and ran down with a brush
hog and chopped up into little pieces.

So, rather than sit and listen to them whisper, I went out to the barn.

After not coming when my aunt yelled, my Uncle Nick came out and walked
cautiously into the barn. He saw my tear stained cheeks and said, "Billy,
your aunt called, didn't you hear her?" The tone of his voice told me he
felt sorry for me.

I said, "Uncle Nick, she's just calling me for supper, and I don't
deserve to eat. I just deserve to die. So, if you'll just start that
tractor up over there, I'll lay down and you just run over me with the
brush hog." I began to cry real hard.

He looked at me and said, "Billy, it...wasnt....your......fault." He said
it slow and deliberate like, like he really meant it.

All I heard was "****r!" I started crying harder
and he hugged me to him.

He knelt down so he was looking me in the eye and said, "Billy, we know
you threw buckeyes into the wood stove. I told your daddy that thing was
going to burn through. We were going to go on Saturday and get you all a
new one that would've been better. So, if anyone is to blame, it's me
because I didn't want to go get it right then. If I had, the buckeyes
wouldn't have done a thing to it."

I looked at him and really cried hard now feeling sorry for him.

He said, "Billy, sometimes, things happen and there's not a thing we can
do. All we can do is to try to be better people afterwards. I love you
and Paulette loves you, so let's go in and eat and then we'll talk some
more after supper."

I walked with him and he held me real close to him. I had a head ache
from crying and snot was running out of my nose. I wiped it off with my
sleave and he said, "Billy, when we get inside, I'll wash your face and
then we'll get you an aspirin. It should make you feel better. I've got
me a whale of a headache going too."

How he knew I had a headache, I'll never know, but I'm glad he knew.

When we got inside, Aunt Paulette took a look at me and came over to hug

Uncle Nick said, "Hon, Billy's blaming himself just like I am. I told him
it's nobody's fault and that things just happen. So, we're going to wash
him up, and get us an aspirin, and then we'll eat your fine supper."

She smiled and patted me on the back as I walked by her. I could smell
homemade biscuits from the oven.

We went to the sink and he took a washcloth out. The coolness against my
skin felt nice and afterwards, he poured us some milk and gave me an
aspirin. I stood looking at him and together, we drank our milk.
Afterwards, I couldn't help but smile because he had a milk mustache just
like me.

He laughed and said, "Billy, we're going to get through this, and
hopefully, you'll find that one day you're glad you live here. Right now,
a lot of decisions are needing made for you, but those will settle when
everyone gets used to the situation."

We went over to the table and I saw Aunt Paulette had my favorite, fried
chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, and biscuits. I liked fried
chicken and proudly reached for a drumstick.

My aunt smiled and said, "Billy, let's say grace and then you can eat all
you want."

During grace, I thought about my mama and daddy being in heaven and said,
"God, please tell my mama and daddy, I love them. I know they can hear
me, but I want you to tell them I'm sorry so they know it's true."

My aunt dabbed her eyes, and my Uncle Nick had tears in his eyes too. I
didn't care if they heard me, I just wanted mom and dad to know I was

After supper, my Uncle Nick said, "Billy, we're going to town tomorrow as
I've got to pick up some supplies. Afterwards, we'll go to the livestock
auction as I want to pick out some calves. Would you like to go with me?"

I nodded as I liked the livestock auction. All the a****ls were neat.
They had horses, cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, and even goats!

I then asked to go outside and my Uncle Nick went with me. He hugged me
as we walked and said, "Billy, your mama and daddy had quite a bit of
money invested. They also had a lot of insurance and that farm over there
had owner's insurance on it too. Now, you're too young to run it, so I
was thinking that we put some livestock on it and that would be your
operation. I'll help you run it and we can hire someone to work it. You
don't have to if you don't want, but letting that land go to waste isn't
something that should be done."

I looked up at him and said, "Uncle Nick, that farm's yours. Mama told me
the land came from Grandad and you should've gotten it when he died. She
never felt right about them getting it instead of you."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, the farm is yours. My dad thought your mama
should've had it, so he willed it to them. He willed me money with which
Paulette and I bought this one. Fortunately, it was up for sale and it
was so close to that farm, I was happy. I always enjoyed living close to
them and not once did I hold a grudge it wasn't left to me. You'll find
your mom and I thought different on things."

I looked at him and said, "Uncle Nick, you do whatever you see fit. I'm
not old enough to run a farm and it's not fair you now have to run two.
So, you do with it what you want and take the money from it as yours.
You're raising me and that's enough."

My Uncle Nick smiled and said, "Billy, we're raising you because we
wanted you. Paulette and I haven't been blessed with k**s, and some day,
the way I see it, this farm will be yours too."

I looked at him and said, "Uncle Nick, what if I don't want to be a
farmer. What if I want to go to the city and be a hellion?"

He laughed real loud and said, "Billy, do you know what a hellion is?"

I said, "Well it must be fun because they sure do get on t.v. a lot!
Everytime they'd be on the television, my daddy would turn the channel
and would say, 'Them hellions are taking over the television.' So, one
day, I asked him where the hellions were and he told me in the cities. I
figure I'd like to go see some."

My Uncle Nick said, "Billy, your daddy thought that anyone who didn't
believe as he did were hellions. I'm sure he found hellions right here in
our little town."

I looked at him wide eyed and said, "Really? Could I meet one?"

He laughed again and said, "Billy, I'm sure you'll meet people in your
life you'll think are hellions and you don't need to be runnin' 'round
chasin' your daddy's."

I got quiet and thought about it and said, "You're probably right. I'll
just have to find my own."

We walked to the creek and he said, "Billy, is it o.k. if I invest that
money of yours in some more farm land?"

I said, "Uncle Nick, that would be fine. Mom said land was the best
investment because no one could take it away and it wouldn't be frittered
away like some people do buying all them things."

He said, "What I'm going to do is start putting your money into land
around here and then when it's time for you to do what you want in life,
it will be worth more. Right now, land isn't going for as high here as it
is in other parts of our state. The only reason for that is the roads
aren't that good. I've heard talk they're buying up land over near
Charlotte to build a super mega highway, so then the roads will be
reaching somewhere and people will want the land more. With the money
you've got, you should be setting on quite a nest egg when that time

I said, "Uncle Nick, what happens when that kind of egg hatches? I'm not
going to be raising no fowl am I?"

He laughed and said, "Billy, you won't think it's foul at all when that
day comes."

We began walking back to the house. I said, "Uncle Nick, couldn't you and
Aunt Paulette adopt?"

He said, "Billy, we had talked about it, and then this happened. So, we
did get someone. We got you. I think you're enough."

I said, "Well keep it in mind because with me sitting on some egg waitin
on it to hatch, I'm gonna be busy."

He laughed again and said, "Billy, you'll be busy alright."

I said, "Uncle Nick, can I tell you something?"

He said, "Sure."

I said, "You promise it won't go further...dead man's promise?"

He smiled and said, "Yeah, I promise."

I said, "No, you gotta promise the dead man's promise, or I can't tell

He said, "Billy, I promise the dead man's promise."

I said, "Uncle Nick, I think I like boys in front of girls."

He looked at me strange and said, "What do you mean Billy?"

I said, "Well, at school, I like looking at boys...not girls."

He nodded and said, "Billy, when I was your age, girls weren't my
favorite either."

I looked at him and said, "Really!"

He said, " you gotta promise to not say anything about that
either. Because now, I like Paulette, so maybe someday some girl will
sweep you off your feet like she did me."

I said, "So, did boys give you a funny feeling?"

He said, "Billy, you're too young for me to talk to this way, but since
you asked the question, no, they didn't."

I said, "Oh, well they do me...especially Bobby."

He smiled and said, "Well, Bobby probably likes you too."

I said, "No, Bobby likes Sally, he doesn't even know I'm alive."

Uncle Nick said, "Well, Bobby probably isn't the one for you then."

I said, "Uncle Nick?"

He said, "Yeah hon."

I said, "Thanks for not thinking I'm strange."

He laughed and said, "Billy, you're not strange at all. You're just a k**
growing up and getting used to things."

I said, "Well, hopefully one day, I'll be used to them then."

He said, "Billy, I'll let you in on something. I'm older and I'm not even
used to everything yet."

I said, "Well, maybe you'll get used to them after a while."

He laughed and said, "Billy, when that day comes, I'll tell you know and
that way it won't be such a secret."

I said, "O.k."

When we got back to the house, Aunt Paulette said, "Billy, you need to go
take a bath."

I said, "Can I take a shower?"

She smiled and said, "Yes, you can take a shower."

I ran into the bedroom and got some of my Tonkas and then ran to the
shower. I liked taking showers because I could play with my Tonkas in it.
No one would let me go out in the rain, but they'd let me play in the
shower, so I liked showers.

When I got to the shower, I began to play and my Uncle Nick said, "Billy,
you need to wash your hair and body before you play. After that, you can
play all you want."

I said, "O.k." and then washed my hair. I figured the water would wash my
body. I played Tonkas until the water got too cold. I shut it off and
then got the towel down from the rod which was mine and began drying off.

My Uncle Nick came in and said, "Billy, here's your p.j.s, so put them on
and you won't be so cold."

I took them and began putting them on. My Uncle Nick said, "Billy, you're
a good k**. Don't let anyone tell you you're not."

I said, "Well, Uncle Nick, you're a good uncle, don't let anyone
tell you you're not."

We went to the living room and I saw Uncle Nick had lit a fire in the
fireplace. For a brief moment I thought about buckeyes and began crying.
Uncle Nick hugged me close and said, "Billy, I'm sorry."

I said, "Uncle Nick, it's not your fault. I just thought about putting
buckeyes in the fire."

He hugged me close and said, "Billy, let's save the buckeyes for the
fires outside. O.k.?"

I nodded and he said, "Maybe tomorrow night, we'll build a fire outside
and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. O.k.?"

I nodded and he said, "Billy, when you get a chance, we'll go get
buckeyes and we'll throw them in the fire together. That way, you'll see
they're still fun."

I never heard him all the way, I'd fallen asl**p.
Chapter 2:

The next morning, I found myself in bed between Aunt Paulette and Uncle
Nick. I felt warm and cozy and liked the feeling of being hugged all

I had to go pee, but being in betwen them, I couldn't figure out a way to
go to the bathroom without waking up them.

I decided there were two ways to go. I could either come up out of the
covers or slide down the covers. Either one would do, but all I knew was
I had to pee so something had to be done. I decided to come up out of the

Someplace on my way up, I didn't realize me sliding up wasn't working so
good. It made a lot of movement, and they were getting restless.

Just about the time my butt was up to their pillows, my Uncle Nick woke
up. He looked up at me and siad, "Billy, what are you doing?"

I said, "I have to pee, so instead of waking you up, I decided to climb
up and out of the covers. Well, I made it this far and you woke up."

He sl**pily said, "Come out this way, and whatever you do don't wake up

Well, that was the wrong thing because the combination of us talking and
us moving, Aunt Paulette woke up. She said, "What are you all doing?"

I ran off to the bathroom while Uncle Nick explained what we were doing.
When I came back in, they were snuggled up together and Uncle Nick patted
the bed beside him.

He said, "Billy, you lay down here and I'll lay in the middle. That way,
your moving around won't wake up Paulette."

I lay down and he put his arm around me and suddenly I could feel his
warmth envelope me. In no time at all, I was back to sl**p.

Later, I was woken up by movement in the bed. Apparently they were waking
up and were moving to get out of it. I started to get up and Uncle Nick
said, "You go ahead and go back to sl**p. Paulette and I are going to get
our showers and get breakfast made. We'll wake you up in time to get
ready, o.k.?"

I answered with snores probably because I was already back to sl**p.

When I was awoke later, Uncle Nick said it was time for breakfast. I went
to the bathroom, and then went into my room to get clothes which weren't
mine, but someone had donated to me. Mine weren't any good anymore due to
the fire making everything smell like smoke.

I put the outfit on, and then headed to the dining room where Aunt
Paulette had everyone an omelette made with slices of ham and hash
browns. I took my toast and began slathering it with a whole lot of peach
preserves. My Uncle Nick smiled at me and said, "You got enough there
bud? I can go down and get you another jar if you'd like.

I smiled and said, "This stuff is good!"

Aunt Paulette came in and we had fresh made biscuits. I looked at the
piece of toast I had in my hand and said, "Why are we having buscuits and
I'm having toast?"

She smiled and said, "I made you toast so you would be able to get the
head start on us you usually want to do. I figured it would tide you over
until we had the biscuits ready. It worked, so you finish that toast and
then you can have a fresh biscuit."

I smiled and said, "Thanks Aunt Paulette."

She paused me and said, "Let's say grace so we can all eat."

I bowed my head and grace was said. Then we began to eat. I made it a
point to tell Aunt Paulette how good everything tasted. She smiled and
thanked me for my compliment.

After breakfast, Uncle Nick and I went to the barn and began to get feed
out for the cattle. We were a beef operation which meant no milking had
to be done. I did pick up a bottle to feed a couple of calves and uncle
Nick smiled at me. He said, "Today, you can pick out yourself a heard of
cows and we'll get them on your property over there. Your daddy was
meaning to go to this auction today to get a few head, so he'd be happy
you can get some."

Him bringing up my daddy made me sad and tears come to my eyes, but I did
my best not to show it. My uncle Nick said, "Billy, you can cry all you
want and I'm not going to say anything. I know there's going to be times
in which I think of them and cry myself."

I said, "Uncle Nick, it's just that they weren't old like everyone is
supposed to be when they die. Momma told me she wouldn't die until they
were old, and now I just feel so guilty."

He said, "Billy, please don't feel guilty. I feel guilty too, but you
know that accidents happen and no one intended for it to happen. It's
just that something bad happened, and your momma and daddy aren't here
anymore. You know they'd be here if they could, but we don't ever count
on something like this happening. To make a point, I'll ask you this.
Would you have put the buckeyes in the stove if you'd known this was
going to happen?"

I said, "No uncle Nick!"

Tears came to my eyes and then he said, "You're right. You wouldn't have
because you're a good boy. Just like I would have went and gotten that
new wood stove if I'd have known it would burn through as fast as it did.
It happened and that's all I can say. Your daddy knew it was bad, but he
didn't do anything either. So, does that make him a bad person? No. He
thought it wouldn't burn through as fast as it did either. So, when we
think of them, we feel for them because we wish we could have done
something different, but we couldn't. It was one of those things which
happened and we can't change."

I hugged him and he said, "Let's get these cows fed and then go to town."

I could tell he was looking sadder by the minute and I really wanted to
help him. I didn't like it when people around me were sad.

When we got done feeding, we went to the house and got washed up. Uncle
Nick gave me a hat and a bandana. He said, "Billy, you're getting these
because you're going to be around the livestock today. If you get your
hands dirty, you can wipe them off on the bandana instead of having to
run to a bathroom. The hat is so your hair doesn't get covered with
anything that might fly about."

I chuckled and said, "Uncle Nick, you're funny."

He smiled and said, "No, I'm tall and you're down closer to the action
little guy, so I want to protect you all I can."

Aunt Paulette had walked into the room and smiled. She said, "Nick, you
could protect him more by not letting him that close to those a****ls."

Nick said, "Honey, you've never been a boy. Boys tend to go where they're
not supposed to go, so thinking in advance, I'm doing what I can so Billy
doesn't have to ride in the bed of the truck all the way home."

She laughed and said, "Never the mind, he's not going to ride back

Uncle Nick started to say something, but a firm look by her told him

We went out to the truck and I noticed he had the stock trailer hooked to
the truck. He said, "Billy, yours will be hauled out here by semi, so you
get any you think you'll need."

I said, "Uncle Nick, I've never bought anything like that, so I don't
know how many I should think about getting."

He said, "I'll let you know when you're getting close to getting enough.
So, don't worry. You just get the one's you think you'd like to have on
the farm."

I said, "Uncle Nick, would you help me? I don't know what kind are the

He smiled and said, "Billy, what I think are the best and what others
would think are the best would probably be too different opinions."

I said, "Well, I'm going to agree with you on whatever kind they are, so
don't worry."

He said, "Billy, when we get there, we'll have to get you an auction
account. They might balk at signing you up, but I'll sign behind your
name. That's your farm over there, and it's your money, so if they don't
like those apples, we'll go someplace else."

I said, "Daddy had a auction account, couldn't we sign me onto it?"

He said, "I'll check, but I'm not sure if they'll allow it."

We got to town and Aunt Paulette got dropped off at her momma's house.
She kissed Uncle Nick goodbye and then gave me hugs. She looked at me and
said, "Billy, you get yourself the best money can buy and don't hold back
on cost."

I nodded and hadn't thought of it before she said it, but I didn't even
know how much a cow cost, or how much I had to buy them with.

We got to the auction barn and the smells instantly excited me. A lot of
people are probably repulsed by the smells, but to me, I knew it was neat
to see all those different sorts of a****ls in one spot.

As we walked around, a lot of the men in the group spoke with Uncle Nick.
He told them he was here to get a few head for himself and that we were
setting up myself a heard. More than a few times, I heard the words
brangus and limousine (not as in car, but lime o sun as in breed of cow)
being mentioned. They must've been a good kind of cows because everyone
mentioned them.

As we walked into the barn area, I said, "Uncle Nick, show me the Brangus
and Limousine, everyone mentioned them and I want to see why they think
they're so good."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, they are real heavy breeds of cattle. The breeds
are great producers of beef and everyone pays top dollar when they go
back to sell."

I said, "Uncle Nick, until Aunt Paulette mentioned cost, I never thought
about the cost. How much do they cost and how much do I have to spend?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, the cost of a cow varies. There are a lot of
ways a cow can cost a different price. If one's pregnant, it will cost
more than one that isn't. If you are buying a bull, it will cost the
most. The best thing I'll tell you is look for a real good bull and quite
a few open heffers. Open means she's ready to breed."

I said, "How much do they cost?"

He said, "Well, a bull will cost quite a bit. The heffers will cost about
$500 each."

I said, "That's a lot!"

He said, "Billy, yeah it's a lot, but you've got enough money to not
worry about it."

I said, "How much do I have to spend?"

He said, "Billy, you've got enough money to easily buy every a****l here
and then probably about 3 times more, so don't worry about cost."

I said, "That's a lot!"

He smiled and said, "You can thank your daddy on having so much

I looked down and he said, "Billy, don't feel sad. He had that insurance
because he wanted you and your momma to not have to worry about a thing
if he should die. He just didn't count on her dying too."

I said, "I understand and now he's taking care of the farm with that
insurance money."

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "Billy, we have to look at the a****ls. We
don't want any that are sick."

We looked at the cows and every one of them looked healthy. There was one
Uncle Nick didn't like the look of something about her and he made a note
to mark it's number in a little spiral notebook he had with him.

We then went over to look at bulls and when we got there, Uncle Nick told
me, "Billy, these are really dangerous so don't go near the fence and
don't be climbing on the fences like you did over there."

I said, " O.k."

We got there and they all looked the same. There was one that just looked
way bigger than all the rest. Uncle Nick pointed at it and said, "Billy,
that's the bull you want. Now, if they have any who are sons of that
bull, we'll look at them, but that's the one we'll bid on the most."

I nodded and said, "Why do we want that one?"

He said, "The way it carries and the sizing of it is what's going to earn
you money. It's c***dren will carry it's traits and make them bigger than
the other ones will."

I said, "How much does a bull cost?"

He said, "Billy, this one is going to cost a lot more. Don't be surprised
if it goes for 35 to 50."

I said, "Dollars!"

He said, "No, thousand."

I said, "Oh, that's a lot huh?"

He smiled and said, "Yeah, it's a lot. But you want it because the
bl**dline will get you more money in the future."

I said, " O.k., then that's fine."

I noticed a lot of people around the pen and all were talking about the
bull and it made me proud we'd made the decision to get it.

We then walked over to another section and I saw some buffalo. I made my
way over to pet a calf and said, "Can I get one Uncle Nick?"

Uncle Nick smiled and said, "If you'd like, but don't get too many of

I said, "I only wanted one."

He smiled and said, "Billy, have you ever heard of beefalo?"

I said, "No."

He said, "It's where they breed a cow with a buffalo. The meat is the
best of all of them."

I said, "Oh really?"

He said, "Yeah, I was thinking about starting a string of them to see if
we could do any good."

I said, "Well, which would you get?"

He said, "I'd be female buffalo and then pay you to use your bull."

I said, "You don't have to do that Uncle Nick."

He said, "Billy, that's the way business is done."

I said, "Well, how about we consider the use of my bull payment for you
taking care of me."

Apparently, Uncle Nick didn't like what I said. He said, "Billy, come
here son. Please don't ever think I'm going to ever charge you a thing to
live with us. And, please don't ever think you've got to pay a dime.
Paulette and I are doing this because we want to. We're getting just as
much enjoyment from you living with us as you are living there."

I nodded and said, "Uncle Nick, I don't want you to think you ever have
to pay me a thing to use that bull. You're telling me families do for
each other, and then you're telling me you want to pay me. Now, if I'm
not to pay you and you're to pay me, how stupid is that?"

He smiled and said, "One is business Billy, and the other isn't."

I said, "Uncle Nick, don't think I'll take a dime from you...that's the
end of that conversation." I was upset with him and I hoped he knew it.

We walked over to another area and he began looking at cattle. They
weren't the same kind and I said, "Uncle Nick, why are you looking at
these kinds of cows?"

He said, "Billy, these are the ones I'm going to get for our farm."

I said, "Why are you getting these?"

He said, "Billy, I don't have enough money to afford the ones you are

I looked at him and said, "Uncle Nick, you're telling me that I've got
all that money and you don't have enough for you to get the kind you
want, so why don't you use some of my money to get the kind you want?"

He said, "Billy, that's your money and this is my money."

I said, "Well, Uncle Nick, you said that one day your farm would be mine,
now when I get it, I'll be putting on the kind of cattle which are the
best, so why don't you just save us time and money and go ahead and get
them. You just put the money you were going to use in with my money and
we'll get them together."

He smiled and said, "Billy, are you sure?"

I looked at him like he was nuts. I said, "Uncle Nick, if I didn't have
enough money to get a matchbox car, would you give me enough to get the
one I wanted?"

He said, "Yeah, but it's not the same Billy."

I said, "Yeah it is. You're just making it more difficult."

He smiled and ruffled my hair and said, "I'll do it, but your Aunt
Paulette is going to have our hides over this. You know that, don't you?"

I said, "Uncle Nick, just don't mention it and she'll not worry."

He said, "Billy, she's the one that looks over all the bills, there's no
way I can't mention it to her."

I said, "Uncle Nick, then I'll just go in and have a talk with her. You
two just make things difficult."

We walked over to get our numbers and Uncle Nick began speaking with the
guy about getting my number. The guy didn't think he could give me a
number. He said, "Why don't you buy the k**'s cow and then have his dad
sort it out with you when he gets home."

My uncle Nick said real loud, "Man, if you were paying attention to the
name, you'd see this k**'s parents just died. He's living with me and my
wife and he's setting up his own farm. If I do that, the tax man would be
all over me. Now, if his money isn't any good here, then mine isn't
either." Several guys standing around said their's wasn't either.

The guy said, "It's an awful lot of work for just a few dollars."

Uncle Nick said, "Well apparently, you misunderstood me because this k**
is going to be spending a few hundred thousand dollars here today."

After he said that, it suddenly got quiet in the room. The man who was
speaking looked sick and everyone else looked at Uncle Nick with wide

I looked up at Uncle Nick and said, "See what I told you. Adults make
things more complicated that they should."

Uncle Nick chuckled and suddenly everyone else started chuckling too. The
man behind the desk said, "I'll use his daddy's tax number and it should
be alright. You really need to get with the state and get that changed."

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "I'll get right on that tomorrow. Today,
we're spending the day here getting him everything he wants. The least I
can do is to see he's happy and set up in business to take care of that

When we left that office, I had my own number. #008. Uncle Nick smiled
and said, "Billy, that number was my daddy's number when he was doing
business here. I think it was his daddy's number too. What I know is they
started doing business here before anyone else did in this parts. I'm
glad you got that number because it belongs to your farm."

I smiled and said, "Our farm Uncle Nick."

Uncle Nick said, "It's your farm Billy. I'm just helping you."

I was going to argue further, but about that time, I saw a k** my age
walk through that took my attention. Uncle Nick saw me looking and
smiled. He said, "Billy, is that the boy you were telling me about?"

I smiled and said, "No, I don't know who he is, but man, he's someone I
want to get to know."

Uncle Nick laughed and said, "Well, how about you go over and introduce
yourself. I'll stay right here and get us good seats."

I went the direction of where I saw the k** go and saw he was out by the
bull pens. I followed him and he went to where everyone was standing
looking at the bull I was going to buy. He didn't have any parents around
him, and immediately he jumped up on the fence.

I was standing right behind him and saw the bull look in our direction. I
said, "Get down from there, that bull will get you."

He looked at me and was just saying, "That bull isn't...."

When I yanked him back. The bull had turned and had ran at the fence.

The k** looked at me wide eyed and I said, "I told you he would. Now stay
away from the fence. He's mean."

The k** said, "Thanks, I thought I was a goner there for a second."

I said, "I wouldn't have let that happen. My name's Billy, what's yours?"

He said, "My name's Michael. People call me Junior. My parent's call me

Right then and there, Jr. became the most beautiful name in the world to
me. I said, "Jr., you like that bull?"

He said, "Do I? That bull is awesome!"

I said, "I'm going to buy that bull."

He said, "You mean your dad's going to buy that bull, don't you?"

I said, "No, I'm buying that bull. My uncle and I are buying me a heard
and we're going to put it on the farm I just inherited because my parents
died. So, it will be mine."

He said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings."

I said, "Oh, you didn't. You didn't know."

He smiled and I said, "See those cows over there, I'm buying them."

He said, "My dad raised them cows and we're selling them. I hope you get
them though because they're real good. It's just that when my dad gets
them sold, we're going to be moving because the man who owns the farm
doesn't want to raise cows no more."

I looked at him and said, "Who's your dad?"

He said, "My dad's up front. His name's Michael Johnson too."

I said, "Oh, well, let's go tell my uncle because he's looking for
someone to take care of the cattle I'm buying. Maybe we can get your dad
to working on my farm?"

I started walking towards where we were seated and had totally forgotten
about Jr. When I got back to Uncle Nick, I said, "Uncle Nick, his name's
Jr. His daddy is looking for work. The man who is his boss doesn't want
to raise cattle anymore. Do you think we could talk with him about
working my farm?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, we don't have a house over there for them to
live in yet."

I said, "Well, maybe we could get one built for them. Would you talk with
him? Most of the cattle we're looking at for me he raised, so he knows
how to raise good cattle."

Uncle Nick said, "Oh really. Well, that would be Mike Johnson then. I
grew up with him. He's taking care of that place those city slickers
bought. Those are some good cattle. Yes, I'll talk with him."

I looked behind me to see where Jr was to tell him, but I saw him
standing over by a man talking real excited. The man looked like him
enough to be his dad, so I pointed towards them and told Uncle Nick.

Uncle Nick nodded and then did some sort of whistle. Suddenly Jr's dad
returned the whistle. He looked over towards us and then smiled real big.
In no time at all, he was over shaking Uncle Nick's hand and giving him
huge bear hugs.

Uncle Nick said, "Mike! How are you doing?" He looked really happy to see
Jr's dad and Jr's dad looked really happy to see him.

Mike said, "Nick, my son said you all were going to be buying those
cattle and that you were looking for someone to run a farm."

Uncle Nick said, "Yeah, Billy right here is Jenny's son, you remember
Jenny don't you?"

Mike said, "Yeah, I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Such a tragedy."

Uncle Nick said, "Yeah, we're going to miss them, but the reason we're
here today is to get Billy set up with that farm over there so it will
make him money. I heard you raised the cattle we're looking to buy, so I
know they're good head."

Mike said, "They're all good, but one of them isn't going to bring much.
She's old and she's not fit for much."

I knew that was the one which Uncle Nick had written into the book.

Mike said, "You going into breeding, or inseminating?"

Uncle Nick said, "He's going into breeding. He really likes the look
at Ragin' Dawn out there."

Mike said, "That's the best bull I've seen in this whole area."

Uncle Nick said, "Yeah, he wants that bull because he wants the best
bl**d line in this whole area."

Mike said, "With those cattle, he'd have a real fine head start."

Uncle Nick said, "Mike, could you work for him? He'll pay you what you're
worth and since it's going to be basicly a start up, you could do things
the way you want with no restrictions. Right now, there's not much over
there which I think he should keep. It's not been much since our grand
daddy's ran their farms."

Mike said, "How much is going to be in tillage and how much in the

Uncle Nick said, "Well, there's approximately 1600 acres, but it's split
a thousand for grazing and the rest for tillage. The rest of what was
fed was bought."

Mike nodded and said, "How many head is he going to run?"

Uncle Nick said, "He's going to run 250 for now, but we're going to be
buying him more land. A lot more land. His dad left him with enough
insurance money, he'll never have to worry again."

Mike nodded and said, "That was good. I never knew who Jenny married, but
I never made my way over on that side of the area after my dad sold his

Uncle Nick said, "Yeah, I wish he'd let you have it and then you could
have gotten to know everyone."

Mike nodded and said, "Well, that's all water under the bridge. You know
how he was, and I'm just glad he retired to New Mexico. We're all better

Jr said to me, "Do you want to get a Coke?"

I said, "Sure, let me tell my uncle so I can get some money."

I went over to Uncle Nick and said, "Jr and I are going to go get a coke.
May I have some money so I can get some lunch?"

He nodded and said, "Here's your money, don't spend it all in one place."

He gave me a twenty. I was amazed and knew there'd be no way I could
spend it all there.

Jr and I ran to the snack shop and found ourselves a seat. Just as soon
as we sat down, the waitress came over to take our orders. Jr ordered and
then I did. He ordered a cheeseburger and french fries. I took a look at
the menu and then ordered chicken strips with ranch sauce. He looked at
me funny and said, "You want chicken when you can have a cheeseburger?"

I said, " I like chicken and the ranch dipping sauce makes it even
better. I'd like to have chicken breast strips made into a sandwich with
ranch dressing and swiss cheese."

The waitress heard and said, "I'll get that for you hon."

I smiled real big at her and said, "Could I get some of that pie over

She said, "Which one?"

I pointed and she said, " O.k., I'll bring it with your order." She then
said, "What would you like to drink doll?"

I blushed and said, "I'll take iced tea without sugar in a tall glass.
Not much ice."

Ordering made me feel important.

Jr said, "I sure do hope my dad comes to work over at your farm. It'd be
neat to live near you."

I nodded and said, "It will have to be after we get everything ready
though, there's not a house over there and it needs some barns and pens."

He said, "My dad will know how to set it up. There are a lot of things
you need in order to raise cattle."

I nodded and said, "I would like to have a barn which is just for the
sick a****ls. That way they're seperate from the rest. I'd also like to
have each a****l have it's own stall."

Jr said, "You need to talk with my dad as he'll need to hear everything
you want."

He said, "How old are you Billy?"

I said, "I'm 8 ½, and you?"

He said, "I turned 8 two months ago. Do you go to school at East Pine?"

I said, "No, West Pine here and that's where you'd go too."

He looked bewildered and said, "I never thought about losing my friends."

I said, "Don't think as it losing your friends, look at it as gaining new
friends. Also, you'll meet up again with your old friends when we go to
middle school, so it won't be long."

He smiled and said, "Well, you'll be there, so it should be nice."

The way he said that, made me real happy.

I said, "Yeah, and you'll be too busy over at our farms playing with me
and having fun."

Just then, "The waitress brought our order and laid the ticket down on
the table."

Jr looked disturbed and said, "She should have gotten mine seperately."

I said, "That's o.k., I'll pay and then take the change back to my Uncle
Nick with the receipt. He shouldn't mind."

We ate and he said, "Yours looks good, you wanna trade?"

I said, " O.k., we're both about half way, let me take another bite and
then we'll trade. I'll split some of my pie with you if you'll share some
of your fries."

He smiled and said, " O.k."

He pushed his plate over and I put some of the fries on the plate holding
my sandwich. I then cut the pie in half and put some on the plate he was
getting too."

I slid it over to him and he said, "That's neat, we both get to eat a lot
of stuff and it doesn't cost more!"

I bit into the cheeseburger, and it didn't taste as good as the chicken
sandwich. He smiled and said, "This is good!"

I said, "Yeah, this isn't though, but I traded so I'll finish it. Just
remember the next time so neither of us ends up eatting something the
other doesn't like."

He smiled and said, "I hope it's soon otherwise, I'll forget."

I laughed and said, "I'll remind you."

He tasted his pie and said, "This is really good too. Maybe the next
time, you should order for the both of us."

I said, "No, two of the same thing wouldn't be good. Then, we couldn't

He said, "Well, you wouldn't have to order two of the same thing."

I said, "Well, I know I liked that, so that's what I'd order."

He laughed and said, "You're right."

When we were done eatting, we got up and I went over and paid. I got the
receipt and then we went back to where Uncle Nick and Mike were sitting.
They saw us coming and Uncle Nick said, "Did you have a good lunch?"

I handed him the change and the receipt and he said, "Your first business

I looked at him and he said, "You can write this off your taxes."

I said, "Uncle Nick, I don't pay taxes."

He laughed and said, "You will Billy, that's a part of being a

The auctioneer was just starting and announcing the names of everyone
helping him in the ring. I stood up on my seat and was watching what was
going on. I turned to Uncle Nick and said, "Uncle Nick, you'll help me
get the cows we want, won't you?"

He said, "Billy, I'll put you on my shoulders and then you hold up your
card whenever you want a cow or group of cows we talked about. You just
hold the card up there until you get them. O.k.?"

I nodded and then the announcer started off on a bunch of cows we didn't
want. They weren't the ones I wanted but some of them were the ones Uncle
Nick wanted. He looked like he was about to bid and I said, "Uncle Nick,
just get the ones which are best. I'll help you."

He looked like he didn't want to do it, but let the cows pass.

It went like this several more times until the ring announcer announced
the cows we were looking at. Uncle Nick put me on his shoulder and I
tilted back the cap I had on.

I held up my card and the auctioneer began calling the auction. He
stopped and pointed at me and said, "Mister, you need to tell that k** to
stop bidding on these cattle. I've about sold them to him. He looked over
to the other guy who was bidding and said, 'Sold!'"

My uncle Nick put me down and ran up to the booth. He got real loud and
said, "That boy was buying those fucking cattle dickweed, and you just
sold them out from under him. You're going to tell me you're not selling
them to the highest bidder!"

The announcer said, "I don't sell to k**s."

My uncle Nick said, "Let's see if you sell another fucking thing."

He went out into the ring and said, "Gentlemen, that boy over there is
Billy Jacobs. You all know my s****r and b*****r in law's son. He's in
here today to buy cattle for his farm which he just inherited. He WAS
planning on spending about a quarter of a million dollars. We are now
walking out of this arena and if you want to do business with that k**
the rest of his life, my suggestion is you walk too."

He climbed up over the fencing and came back to where we sat. Mike was
down at the ring and said, "NO SALE ON THOSE CATTLE". He looked at the
auctioneer and said, "You violated the contract by not selling them to
the highest bidder. Don't put another one of the cows I brought in that

Suddenly, the man who had given us problems about my number was down at
the ring. His face was red with anger and he told the auctioneer, Y"ou're
a bl**dy fool. Do you see what number that k** has? That means by
inheritance, he's on the board of directors of this auction company. How
fast do you want to lose your job?"

The auctioneer said, "I don't sell to k**s."

A man in the audience yelled, "You're not selling to me either!"

Suddenly a whole bunch of people were all yelling the same thing.

I looked at Uncle Nick and said, "Uncle Nick, I want that bull!"

He smiled and said, "Billy, I think you'll get your bull. They're going
to sell you those cows too otherwise they'll see themselves in a whole
lot of trouble."

The auction man and the auctioneer both began talking quietly and the
auctioneer then said, "Gentlemen, the k** has a tax number and he has a
farm. Apparently, he has a banker too who has verified the money is in
his account. So, it looks like we have ourselves an auction."

He looked at the guy he told "Sold" to and said, "That's a no sale on
that consignment. We'll have to re-bid it."

The guy said, "I wasn't aware who the k** was. Let him have the cattle
for the price I bid."

I looked at Uncle Nick and he was smiling. He looked at Mike and said,
"Is that alright with you Mike?"

Mike said, "Oh yeah, that's about $25 a head more than what I expected."

Uncle Nick said to me, "Billy, when I put you on my shoulder, you tell
the man you accept the deal."

I got up on Uncle Nick's shoulder and yelled, "I accept the deal."

Suddenly the whole place began to applaud. I looked down at Uncle Nick
and he said, "Billy, you just started your farm. Everyone's now behind
you, so don't disappoint them son."

I nodded and said, "Uncle Nick, that felt good." The smile on my face was

He said, "It does, doesn't it!"

The next consignment was some more of the cows Mike was selling. I knew
Uncle Nick wanted these, so I got down. I went over to Jr. and he said,
"Do you have any more cows you're going to bid on soon?"

I looked at Uncle Nick and asked him. He motioned his head no, so I
turned to Jr and he said, "Let's go out here so I can show you that Emu
they have."

I went with him and he said, "Billy, I was afraid they weren't going to
sell to you."

I said, "I was too. But, I knew Uncle Nick was upset enough he would have
walked out of there before he bought anything else from them again."

He said, "I think my dad would have hauled them all out of here too!"

As we walked, a lot of farmers were suddenly patting me on the shoulder
and patting my head. I heard one say, "He's the youngest farmer in this

It made me feel happy, but at the time sad. Because if I had the choice
to make, I would gladly have my mom and dad back.

We got to the alpaca and llamas and to me they looked like camels. Jr was
looking at them and said, "My dad says they are going to be the future of
the business. He said, a lot of farmers don't know the benefits of having

I said, "Can they be raised with cattle and buffalo?"

He said, "I think so, they eat the same thing."

I said, "Well, I'll get some then. If your dad says they're good, then
I'll trust his judgement on them. You'll help me raise them won't you?"

He nodded and said, "I really wanted some but with dad not being sure
about us even having a place to live and no job, it wasn't likely I'd get

I said, "Well, consider it that you have some now."

We went over to the buffalo and I showed him the ones I wanted. He nodded
and said, "My dad said the beefalo would be real good to invest in also.
He said the market is catching onto them and everyone's starting to buy

I nodded and said, "Well, I'm hoping. Even though I don't like beef much,
I think it'd be neat to eat buffalo. You know that's where they get
buffalo chicken wings from, don't you?"

Jr smiled and said, "un uh...." and shook his head no.

I said, "Well, I don't see any wings on them myself, so maybe they take
them off when they're real young."

He laughed and said, "You tell my dad that one. I'm sure he'll know where
they come from."

We went back to the ring and I saw Uncle Nick bidding on some more of the
cows we'd spoken about. He bought 6 head and I said, "Why didn't you take
them all?"

He said, "Billy, I can't afford all of them."

I stood up and said, "I'll take the rest at that price."

The auctioneer took my number and I turned to him and said, "How many
others have you let go while I was gone. I thought we had a deal."

He said, "Billy, our deal was we could do what I could afford."

I said, "Uncle Nick, let me get what you can't. O.k.?"

He said, "I don't have a choice, you just bought the rest."

I said, "Well, I'm sure you'll get over it."

He looked at Mike and said, "Just like his mom."

Mike laughed and said, "You never won an argument with her either."

Uncle Nick laughed and said, "Yeah, but I think he has her beat. He makes

Mike laughed and said, "I never won any against her either. The biggest
mistake I ever made was not going out with her."

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "Yeah, you broke her heart."

I looked them and said, "Uncle Nick, Mom would be o.k with me hiring him
wouldn't she?"

He said, "Billy, she'd love having him there working for you."

I said, "Good, because I want to have Jr there too."

Uncle Nick gave me a look and I nodded. He smiled and nothing was said.

Just about then, the auctioneer said they were going to take a short
break and then would come back and begin selling bulls. The first would
be "Raging Dawn".

I looked at Uncle Nick and he smiled. I said, "Did you hear if they have
any of his c***dren up for sale here?"

He said, "Billy, the man that brought him is right over there, why don't
you go over and ask him."

I went over and tugged on the man's shirt sleeve. I said, "Mister, did
you bring any of 'Raging Dawn's' calves today?"

He said, "No, they are back at my farm as they aren't big enough yet."

I said, "Would you sell me one?"

He said, "How much would you pay for one."

I said, "Well, my uncle says "Raging Dawn" is going to bring a lot, so I
figure a calf of his that's a bull should bring in something less, but
not that much less."

He said, "Did someone send you over here to ask me?"

I said, "No, I'm looking to buy it myself."

He said, " There are two of them and I'll sell you one for $10 grand."

I said, "Sir, are you sure?"

He said, "Yes, now if that's what you want, then I'll offer it to you for
that, but not a penny less."

I said, "Let me think on it for a moment."

I thought to myself..."The daddy is going to go for a lot. If the son is
as good as him, then it should go good too."

I looked at the guy and said, "Good bl**dlines on the momma's side of

He said, "Pure bl**ded."

I said, "I'll buy it."

He looked shocked and said, "Son, that's a lot of money."

I said, "Yeah, but I'm told I have enough, so I'll risk it. I'll go tell
my uncle and he'll tell you when we want it delivered."

I went over to Uncle Nick and said, "I just bought one of the two baby
bull calves for $10 grand. I hope you don't mind."

Uncle Nick looked at Mike and Mike said, "Billy, that's a $25 thousand
dollar calf he just sold you for $10 thousand. What's wrong with it."

Just then, the guy walked up and shook Uncle Nick's hand, he said, "The
boy wants the younger bull, I'm selling it to him as his grand daddy and
your daddy made me some good deals through the years. I'm now returning
the favor."

Uncle Nick said, " O.k., We'll let you know when to deliver it, but I'll
get you a cheque over from the bank tomorrow."

The guy said, "I'll meet you at the bank and then you won't have to send
it and I won't have to deposit it. I'm about to sell my farm, so I'd
rather use the money to go somewhere else and start over."

Uncle Nick said, "Where's your farm and how come you're selling?"

He said, "It's over on country rd 428 and taxes my boy, taxes. They're
eatting a whole in my pocketbook."

Uncle Nick said, "Do you care if Mike, Billy, and I come over to look at
the farm? Maybe we can save you the cost of listing it."

The man nodded and said, "Well, how about I take you out there after we
meet at the bank?"

Uncle Nick nodded and shook the man's hand. The man went back to his

Mike looked at Uncle Nick with raised eyebrows and Nick turned to me and
said, "Billy, that might be a good farm for you to buy. I believe it
might back up to the place right down the road from your place. If you
could get one of the other adjoining farms, you'd have an open range."

Mike nodded suddenly becoming aware of the plan. He smiled and said,
"That'd be a sweet deal if we could swing another one like it."

Uncle Nick said, "Once word gets out Mike, I bet Billy will have all
sorts of offers to buy."

He looked at me and said, "Mike, do you think "Raging Dawn" is good
enough himself to buy?"

Mike said, "The bull carries damned good and the bl**dlines are
incredible. If the sires all carry like him, they're going to really hold
some weight. From what I know about that man, he doesn't believe in
steroids so what you're looking at is natural."

Uncle Nick looked surprised and said, "Man, that's got to be excellent
lineage then!"

Mike nodded and said, "Nick, I think Billy couldn't go wrong getting the
older bull too."

I said, "Do I have enough?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, you have more than enough, so don't worry about
that. The only thing I'm worried about is putting all your eggs in one

Mike nodded and I said, " O.k., say we breed the bull with a buffalo and
the buffalo has a bull calf. Can we rebreed that calf back in to get a
good heavy line?"

Mike said, "That would work for the beefalo, but not for a good solid
line of cattle."

I said, "If we're selling them for slaughter, what's it matter?"

Mike said, "Well, nothing, but if we're going to hope to sell the semen
and sire future lines, then we need to have a good line so the customers
can see what they can grow with it."

I stood there looking at him and then turned to Uncle Nick and said,
"What's semen?"

Uncle Nick said, "Mike, you tell him, you put me into this mess."

Mike said, "Billy, um uh....they're going to start the auction here real
fast, so let's get ready."

He looked at Uncle Nick and said, "Sorry."

Uncle Nick said, "Well, one day soon, you'll have to explain it to both
them because they're going to have to learn. It's probably safe now, but
my advice is to take them out to the barn or bull pen and show them."

Uncle Nick smiled and said, "Mike, you might have bought yourself some
time but you didn't buy yourself much."

Uncle Nick turned to me and said, "Billy, here's a bit of advice on
buying the bull. When the auctioneer starts off, he'll start off at the
price he thinks it will go for and then he'll lower it to where someone
will start it. When he starts off, you lowball the bid and yell at the
top of your lungs 25. That will start it at 25 thousand."

I said, "Uncle Nick, if it's going to go for 50 thousand, why are we
starting it lower?"

He said, "Billy, if I told you we were going to race and told you the
race would be 500 miles long, would you race me?"

I said, "No, I'd be too tired."

He said, " O.k., if I told you the race would only be a half mile would
you race me?"

I said, "Yeah because that's how far it is from the house to the

He nodded and then said, "But, if I raced you lets say several times and
then one day said to you, let's do it again, you'd do it, wouldn't you?"

I said, "Yeah, if I wasn't too tired."

He said, "Well, what we're doing by bidding low is we're getting everyone
into the race to see who is wanting the bull. Then, we're going to race
them to see what they really thought the bull was worth. If you
immediately bid the $50 thousand, and everyone else thinks it's $35
thousand, then you over spent the money you paid by $15 thousand. If you
get it for the $35 thousand, you get the bull and the bull calf for less
than what you'd paid for the one."

I nodded and said, " O.k., it's like going to the store and getting two
for the price of one. Why didn't you just say so?"

Uncle Nick said, "Well, Billy, I didn't know if you would understand."

I said, "Uncle Nick, I'm not dumb."

Mike smiled and said, "Nick, quit while you're ahead. Believe me, I've
had practice at this...he'll have you really thinking you're old by the
time he's done. Just quit now and admit defeat."

Nick laughed and said, "Mike, I agree because I had myself confused

The auctioneer then got back on the podium and said, " O.k., into the
ring is Raging Dawn." He then begin to give the bl**dline of the bull and
who it's daddy was and went right on back to it's great great grand daddy
was. He then paused and said, "Do I hear $65?"

Uncle Nick patted my leg and I yelled $25 at the top of my lungs.

The auctioneer chuckled and said, "I believe the boy wants the bull, so
we'll start it at the $25 he just offered."

He then began to cry the sale and the numbers were going up real fast. At
$37,500 it paused and he said, "Do I hear $40?"

Uncle Nick said, "38" to me.

I yelled "$38" and then someone else yelled "$39"

Uncle Nick tapped my leg again and said, "$42,500"

I yelled it and then the other guy didn't say anything. I looked at it
and then looked down to uncle Nick. Uncle Nick looked over to the guy and
smiled. The guy had shook his head and sat down.

The auctioneer said, "Do I hear more?"

No one said anything.

He said, "Going once....Going Twice....Last Call....SOLD!"

Uncle Nick patted my leg and Mike jumped up and down. Uncle Nick said,
"Billy, between the two, you got them both for only $2500 more than you
were expecting the one to come in at. You did good."

He put me down and Jr came running over and hugged me. He said, "Wow! You
got it!"

I said, "Yeah, now I'm going to have to make friends with it otherwise
it's not going to ever be nice to me. What are bulls favorite foods?"

Jr said, "I don't know, but I bet you it would like carrots. Everything
likes carrots."

The man came over and said, "Well gentlemen, I'll see you tomorrow. It
looks like you got yourself two bulls." He patted my head and said, "Son,
you're learning quick how to be a rancher. You won't ever forget today as
I've not forgotten my first time here."

He went out the door and I looked at Uncle Nick and said, "If the alpacas
and the llamas come in, get 6 each of the female and 1 each of the male."

Uncle Nick looked at Mike and Mike smiled and said, "Jr got to him."

Uncle Nick smiled and said, "If I recall right, I remember a time when
you got to me on a few goats. My daddy liked to whip my tail over them
goats for the next few years. Fortunately, there going to be at your

I looked at Mike and said, "So you'll take the job?"

Mike smiled and said, "Billy, if I didn't, Jr wouldn't ever forgive me."

Jr smiled and then ran over to give me another hug. I hugged him back and
said to Uncle Nick, "Would you talk to him and see what all he needs for
a house so we can get them on built?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, tomorrow, we're going to see them, so we'll talk
about it then."

I nodded and then asked if I could go see Ragin' Dawn.

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "Thirty minutes and then the buffalo will

I nodded and then we ran to see Ragin' Dawn.

When we got there, Jr said, "Billy, the younger one will probably like
you more as he's had more time to get to know you."

We looked at him and I said, "Jr. he's a beauty, isn't he!"

Jr smiled and said, "Yeah, he is."

Jr turned to me and said, "Billy, can I ask you a question?"

I said, "Yeah, what?"

He said, "Do you notice boys more than you do girls?"
Chapter 3

That night, on the way home, I was really excited and probably relived
all the experiences to Aunt Paulette twenty times. Each time, Uncle Nick
would interject in with, "Be sure to tell her about Mike Jr.!" He'd laugh
and I'd be sure to tell her about Jr. again.

When we got back to the farm, Aunt Paulette got out of the truck and went
to the house. I rode with Uncle Nick to the livestock ramp and we began
to unload the cattle from the trailer. The cattle we had were Uncle
Nick's and he sure seemed happy.

He said, "Billy, what you did today was really special to me. I really
appreciate it."

I looked at him and said, "Uncle Nick, I love you and you're doing more
for me than this, so please don't mention it again."

He said, "Billy, we're going to have to go over it again as your Aunt
Paulette is going to hit the ceiling when she realizes what I did."

We fed the cattle and Uncle Nick said, "Billy, we're going to be keeping
these in the holding pen until we can get them ear tagged, so please
don't open that other gate."

I said, "Uncle Nick, what all are we going to need to be doing to get my
farm ready for Mike to go to work there?"

He said, "Billy, we need to talk about that. Mike will need a house and
the barns over there aren't really good at all. We're going into this at
a disadvantage because we don't have much for the cattle to eat. We'll
have to feed them, and I'll order up a bunch of feed, but it's going to
cost a lot."

I said, "Do I have enough money?"

He said, "Billy, you easily have enough money, but I'm not sure how
strong the fences are over there. Your dad was really a private man with
those sorts of things and didn't want any help. You probably know more
about those things than I."

I said, "Uncle Nick, he never mentioned it to me. He'd mention going to
repair fences, but I never got took out and he never even tried to show
me more than feeding."

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "Billy, we've got to get a holding pen set up
and we'll be f***ed to use the old barn. I do know Mike and I talked
about getting new barns built, but that's going to take time."

I said, "Well, we need to get them a house so they can get over there.
From what Jr said, they're going to be without a place to live soon."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, let's get these head fed and then we'll get on
into the house. Your aunt has several surprises she and her mom made this
afternoon, so I'm anxious to see what they are. If anyone can cook better
than Paulette, it's her mama."

He smiled and I said, "Well I know Aunt Paulette is a real good cook."

He said, "Billy, you need to tell her more things like that. It'd make
her feel good."

I nodded and said, "Uncle Nick, will it hurt your feelings if I start
getting closer to Aunt Paulette? I don't want her to think I don't want
anything to do with her."

Uncle Nick looked shocked and said, "Billy, do you think it'd hurt my

I said, "Well, Uncle Nick, you two were talking about sending me to a
shrink and I don't want that. I was worried she didn't want to be around
me." Tears sprung in my eyes, and I didn't want Uncle Nick to see me

He said, "Billy, we didn't know how to handle the situation. We think
it'd be better if you had someone to speak with about it who knows how to
deal with these things with k**s."

I said, "Uncle Nick, you've known me all my life and how is someone who
doesn't know me going to know how to help me better than you? Just
talking to you about this has helped me more than anyone. I think if I
have Jr's friendship, and you watching over me, I'll be fine. It's just I
feel sad a lot. I miss my mom and dad but talking to a stranger isn't
going to stop that."

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "Billy, I'll talk to Paulette, but you can't
be wanting to kill yourself or have me kill you, and not go. The next
time you say anything like that, or just disappear, I'll be taking you to
that shrink myself."

I said, "Uncle Nick, what if I forget and go to my farm?"

He said, "Billy, we'll do what we can to make a board in the house which
will have a way of you letting us know you'll be over there. Then, if
you've not marked that board, I'll be speaking with you. You've got to be
letting us know."

I said, "Uncle Nick, will you be sure to stick with me the first few
times I go over there. I've not been back over there since the fire."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, I'm really worried about you seeing the
condition of the place. I don't think that's going to be good for you.
Would you mind if we went through slowly and you got a chance to speak
with me about everything which is on your mind while we do it?"

I said, "Uncle Nick, as long as I hold your hand, I'll not be so scared."

He smiled and said, "Billy, I'll probably more scared than anything about
you being hurt by all this. I'll be holding onto you tighter than your

He came over and picked me up and hugged me. He said, "Billy, today, for
a few moments I looked at you more like my son than I did you being my
nephew. I can't take the place of your mama and daddy, but I don't think
I could handle losing you too."

I hugged him back and said, "Uncle Nick, I'm not going to die. I want to
get to know Jr more and I think he's really neat."

Uncle Nick smiled and said, "Mike knows about his son. He was worried
about you not liking Jr if you found out. When you two went to lunch,
Mike and I had a talk about it. I told him you'd be fine with Jr."

I said, "Uncle Nick, he's really a nice person. I think he's cute and all
that, but the more I'm getting to know him, the more I like him than as
being someone who's cute."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, just be careful and don't do anything you'll not
be sure you want to do. Having friends is fine, but don't let everyone
know as they'd not understand."

He put me down and I said, "Uncle Nick, what's there to not understand? I
like him and he likes me. If they don't understand that, how stupid can
they be?"

He said, "Billy, just be careful not to touch him more than a buddy would
do out in public. People can be really hateful."

We walked towards the house and when we got to the kitchen, it smelled
really good. Aunt Paulette was sitting at the table and she had the
invoice from the livestock auction in her hand. She said, "Nickolas,
would you sit at the table and William, I need to speak to your uncle, so
please go to the living room and watch something on t.v.."

I looked at Uncle Nick and he said, "Billy, go on to the living room. I
need to talk with Paulette."

I went to the living room and sat on the couch. I turned on the
television and watched the Power Rangers.

Soon, Uncle Nick came to the living room and said, "Billy, your aunt
would like to talk with you. Would you come in here please."

I saw him and he smiled. I went into the kitchen and Aunt Paulette was
still sitting at the table. I went and sat down and she said, "Billy, I
was looking at the invoices from the livestock auction today and noticed
your uncle spent quite a bit more money than what he went with. He never
told me he got any money from you, so I was immediately worried about how
we were going to pay the bill. When you two came in, I asked him about it
and he told me you were kind enough to offer. Billy, I want you to know
the money you have is for your farm and not to pay us one dime. We've
taken you in because we love you and want to raise you. Not because we
want to use you for your money, While it is true that someday, this farm
will probably will go to you, I really wish your uncle had spoken with me
about this before he went ahead and made that decision. What's done is
done, and as much as I'm not used to getting help from my f****y or his,
I understand you two did it with good intentions. All I'm asking you is
to ask your uncle along with me to make these decisions in the future.
What I want to let you know is when those cattle are sold, your portion
of their sale will be returned to you."

I looked at Aunt Paulette and said, "Aunt Paulette, I was just trying to
help. I didn't know it'd make you mad."

She said, "Billy, I'm not mad, my feelings are hurt. Your uncle and I
have a partnership in this. How would you feel if you had a friend who
you two went into a partnership on a kool-aid stand and you came home for
lunch and when you went back, you suddenly saw your kool-aid stand was
selling ice cream and popcorn and lots of candy. Wouldn't your feelings
be hurt he would do that without asking?"

I said, "No, I'd ask him which I could eat first!"

She laughed and said, "Well Billy, what if your partner told you it was
alright for you to work there but you couldn't eat anything."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, I'd look at him and ask him who he thought he was

She said, "What if you saw he was serious?"

I said, "Well, it depended if we could still play matchbox cars on the
counter, because if we couldn't, I wouldn't want to stay working there."

She said, "Billy, your uncle did the same thing to me this afternoon. My
feelings are hurt, but I'll still work here and I'll still play matchbox
with him, but when the profits come in from the cattle, you're going to
be repaid every cent your uncle took from you."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, please don't do that. If you give me back the
money, it will hurt my feelings. You aren't letting me give you anything
and yet, you can give me everything. Is that fair?"

She said, "Billy, it's not the same."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, I don't understand. If I bought you a mixer and
you made pie crust and then took it to the county fair and won a blue
ribbon, would you give me the ribbon?"

She looked at me and said, "That's not the same."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, it is the same. I gave something freely from my
heart. No, uncle Nick didn't speak with you about it, but it was a
gift...just as I'd be giving you a gift. Now, you're telling me the gift
was a loan and you're going to make him repay his gift back and your's is

Uncle Nick smiled and said, "Billy go on to the living room. I think your
Aunt Paulette is seeing things your way now."

Aunt Paulette said, "Billy, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were doing
this to help us and was thinking about what everyone else was going to
think if they found out. I'm sorry."

I went over to Aunt Paulette and said, "Aunt Paulette, I love you and I
want you to know you're a real good cook. If I get you a mixer it's
because I want you to be the best cook around, not because I'm wanting
you to cook better. It's the same with Uncle Nick. He could have cattle
which aren't the best, but when I went into the livestock auction and
heard how all those farmers really liked the cattle because they were the
best...well, I wanted the best for myself and I also wanted the best for
you all too." I hugged her and said, "I just want you all to know I think
you're the best and that's it."

She said to me, "Billy, your Uncle has said some really kind words to me
through the years and I love him all the more for it, but besides him, no
other man has ever said anything as sweet. I want you to know how special
you are to me."

I smiled and said, "Aunt Paulette, that's what I think."

She said, "Billy, I don't normally do too many things about this farm,
but tomorrow, I'm going to be over there with you guys to make sure you
aren't getting too sad. You'll make sure to tell me what you're feeling
won't you?"

I said, "Aunt Paulette, I'll tell you and Uncle Nick everything, just
don't send me away to no shrink."

She said, "Baby, we wouldn't send you away. Is that what you think?"

I said, "I didn't think you two wanted me." I started to cry and she
hugged me to her bosom.

I cried for a long time and then finally, I stopped. She hugged me to
herself and said, "Billy, no one is ever going to take you away from us.
Please don't ever worry about that again."

Uncle Nick was squatted down by us and said, "Paulette, he's been worried
about this because he's been overhearing us talk about it. In the future,
I think we should speak with him about all these things and us just
working through them with him.Yes, tomorrow is going to be a big day, but
I think if we take it slow, we can talk with him and get to know
everything he's feeling. We can share some of our feelings too and he can
know it's alright to feel sad, and remorseful."

Aunt Paulette said, "I understand."

Uncle Nick said, "Today, Billy asked me if it was o.k.. if he could be
around you more because he was worried about what I thought. I think just
as much as he needs me to be a male role model in his life, he needs a
woman in his life too."

She said, "Billy, please don't ever think you can't come talk with me. I
can't replace your mom, but I think your mama wouldn't mind one bit if
you came to me and told me things you went and spoke with her about."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, this may be hard to understand but my biggest
fear right now isn't what everyone's going to think but it's about what I
think. My biggest fear is forgetting them." I began to cry and said, "I
don't want to forget them."

Tears came to her eyes and said, "Billy, tomorrow, we're going to be over
there, and I pray there are a lot of things we can get out of what's left
of the house. There are a lot of regrets I have regarding your mama and
that's we didn't spend enough time together and we didn't share enough
with each other. The only photos I have of them are their wedding
pictures and that's just not right. I now pray there are some photos
which weren't damaged."

Uncle Nick said, "Paulette, let's wait until tomorrow and not worry about
what we are going to find and not. I'm sure everything we find will be a
blessing to Billy."

She nodded and I said, "Can we go to my bedroom? I have a lot of things I
want to get from there. Mama and daddy's bedroom is it burned real bad?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, it's not burned real bad, it was a whole lot of
smoke in there which they died from."

I said, "Well, Mama kept the photo albums by their bed as she said it was
the one thing she wanted to get out of there in case of fire. She just
never had a chance."

I began to cry and said, "Why didn't they have smoke detectors?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, I bet they never thought about it. Otherwise,
they would have had them."

Aunt Paulette said, "Billy, not once in my knowing them did they ever
think anything bad would happen. They were so excited about tomorrow and
seeing what you'd be doing they never thought a bad thing like this would
happen. Let's remember them like that, o.k.?"

I said, "Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette, do you all have smoke detectors?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, let me show you where they are. Each month, I
change the batteries. The extra batteries which come out of them, I use
in the sensors from the electric fences, so they are always fresh in the
smoke detectors."

He carried me through the house and then he showed me where the fire
extinguishers were located. He told me, "Billy, if there's ever a fire,
you get out of the house and don't you ever try to fight it yourself. Run
and go call the fire department."

I said, "Uncle Nick, who called the fire department when our house

He said, "I don't know."

The look on his face suddenly became alarmed and said, "Billy, your mama
and daddy were found asl**p in bed, and we live the closest, so I don't
know, but tomorrow, I will know." He said, "Billy, let's go downstairs as
I want your Aunt Paulette to know what you just asked."

I went downstairs with him and he said, "Paulette, Billy just asked a
question which has me perplexed. If his mom and dad were found asl**p in
bed and we're the closest people who live around here, who called the
fire department? Everyone's assuming the fire started in the living room
as it was in that wood stove, but I don't think anyone checked it."

I said, "Uncle Nick, daddy said at supper that night he had seen one of
them hellions in town that day and had words with them."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, I'm going to find out who called them, but let's
not be thinking it was anything more than what it was."

Aunt Paulette said, "I'm going to call my father and ask him to speak
with the fire chief. They're good friends and he should know."

She went and got on the phone and Uncle Nick said, "Billy, there are
times we have questions we don't know the answers for. Sometimes, they
are one's which perplex us. So, what we're going to do is not go into
your house tomorrow until we have someone in who will answer the question
to our satisfaction. It wouldn't be good for us to not fully find out
what the cause of the fire was without knowing."

Aunt Paulette got off the phone and she said, "My dad is going to call
the fire chief and ask. He'll call back when he's spoken with him."

She went over to the refrigerator and pulled out a pot which she put on
the stove. She said, "Guys, today, my mama and I made up some Hungarian
Goulash. I'll reheat it and then we'll have it with French bread. Billy,
would you mind setting the table for supper?"

I said, "No, I don't mind, mom always asked me to do it at home, so I
know how to do it."

I went over and pulled the step stool up so I could get out the dishes
and then took them to the table. I set the table just as we did at home
and put out glasses for everyone to drink from."

Uncle Nick had taken the invoices from the auction and went to the room
which he used for an office.

Aunt Paulette said, "Billy, would you take that loaf of french bread out
of it's package and put it on a baking sheet?"

I did and she then said, "In the drawer over there is a long knife which
is a bread knife. It's got a wavy blade and isn't real sharp. Would you
use it to slice the bread and then butter the slices?"

I said, "Sure." and began to do it as I had done it at home. It made me
feel good I was able to help

The phone rang and Aunt Paulette answered it. I listened to her end of
the conversation and she told her dad she's be sure to keep us away from
the house. She got off the phone and said, "Billy, tomorrow, we're not
going to be able to go to the house. The fire chief is perplexed like us
as to whom called it in as the call went to the 911 dispatch center. He's
going to get the records and wants to call in the state fire marshal as
an actual investigation was never done. Usually it's done, but in this
case, they were sure it was the wood stove as you and your Uncle Nick
both told the fire department it was the wood stove."

Uncle Nick came in and she told him. He said, "Paulette, if it's the wood
stove, right now, I'll be relieved. I'd really hate it to be something

I said, "Uncle Nick, I threw the buckeyes into the wood stove. Will I get
into trouble?"

He came over to me and said, "Billy, I don't think you'll be in trouble
at all if it's the wood stove which caused the fire. Billy, is there any
other thing you can remember your daddy saying for you to be careful of
as he thought it would start a fire?"

I said, "No, not that I can remember. He always said it about the barn
with the hay and to always turn off the light out there, but nothing in
the house."

Uncle Nick hugged me and said, "Billy, tomorrow, we're going to put your
livestock out in the back pasture. Your bulls we're going to put in a
metal pen we're going to have over here."

I said, "Uncle Nick, why don't we put all the livestock over here until
things can be built over there?"

He said, "Billy, there's not enough space."

I said, "If we use the hay from the barn and I buy the feed, will it work
out better until things are built?"

He looked at Aunt Paulette and said, "Honey, what do you think?"

She said, "I think until you have someone over there to watch them full
time, and until we know something more definite, I think we should have
them over here. It's an awful lot of money and I don't want anything to

Uncle Nick said, "Tomorrow, I'll call the livestock barn and tell them we
want the delivery to be made here. Billy, we're going to go to the Kubota
dealer and we're going to get you a RTV."

I said, "What's that Uncle Nick?"

He said, "Billy, it's an atv which is 4 wheel drive and is enclosed so
you can go out with to the cattle and be able to tend to them. I'll feel
safer because wherever I see it on the farms, I'll know that's where you

Aunt Paulette said, "Nick, isn't that an expensive toy for him?"

My Uncle Nick said, "Paulette, he's going to need something, and if we'd
get him a horse, then it'd not serve the purposes around here like he'd
need. With the RTV, he can hook any of the wagons to it and be able to do
the chores better."

She said, "Nick, when you go, I want to go too to make sure it's safe."

I was perplexed. Yes, I would love to have a bigger bike, but Uncle Nick
was getting me an ATV. How cool is that!"

Uncle Nick said, "Paulette, you can go, but it's a choice. We can get him
a tractor which would serve the purpose, or we could let him drive one of
our tractors, but I'd feel better if he had something with a lower center
of gravity which wouldn't tip over as easy."

She nodded and began putting the goulash on the table. Uncle Nick pulled
the french bread out of the oven and put it out on the stove. Then, he
put it into the bun bowl which had the lid on it so it'd keep it warm.

Aunt Paulette said, "Billy go ahead and sit down. Would you like milk, or
iced tea with your dinner?"

I said, "Aunt Paulette, I can get it. Mom and dad used to let me get the
drinks at home."

She smiled and said, "In the future, you can get them, but I'm up
anyways, so I'll get them."

I said, "I'll have milk."

She got it and poured her and Uncle Nick a glass of tea. They sat down
and we said grace.

As we ate, she said, "Billy, those cattle are a huge responsibility. Your
uncle thinks you're old enough to be a farmer and handle the
responsibility, but I'm going to make sure it doesn't affect you in any
way which it shouldn't. Hopefully, we can get Mike and his f****y moved
in over there soon and things in order so it's not on you to help. I just
don't feel right in putting that on you."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, I'll help in any way I can. I want to help."

She said, "Billy, I understand, but I also think a puppy would have been
more responsibility that you should have had."

I laughed and said, "Daddy wouldn't let us have a dog. He said he didn't
like them."

She smiled and said, "Billy, I understand, but handing a c***d a whole
heard of cattle isn't a way for anyone to learn responsibility. I'm
thinking it's a whole lot more than what should be done."

Uncle Nick said, "Paulette, by the time I was Billy's age, my daddy had
me out doing all the chores to run that farm. No, I didn't help bucking
the bales, but I sure drove the tractor while they did it. A farm k** is
just different than a city k**."

She smiled and said, "Nick, I'm not saying that. I'm just saying we need
to let him be a c***d as long as he can."

He smiled and said, "Billy, your aunt and I aren't having a disagreement,
o.k.? I understand she's concerned and I am too. I just you to know I
think you're capable of doing anything you set your heart to doing. I,
myself, don't feel comfortable with you being around all the working
machinery on this place. For those times, I'd rather I do it. With you
operating an atv which can't go real fast and can pull the trailer, there
shouldn't be no harm. I'll load the trailer and then all you'll have to
do is drive it to the pasture and unhook it so the cattle can feed off

I nodded and Aunt Paulette said, "Nick, you take him down the first few
times and make sure he knows how to do it safely."

He smiled and said, "Honey, I'm planning on doing that, so don't worry."

We ate and carried on the conversation about the RTV. About the time we
were done, I looked at Uncle Nick and said, "What's semen?"

My Aunt Paulette began choking and said in a panicked voice, "Billy,
where'd you hear that!"

Uncle Nick smiled and said, "Honey, that damned Mike today mentioned
semen at the auction barn when we were discussing the bull."

She looked pale and said, "Oh Lord!"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, semen is something the bull gives which you can
sell to other ranchers to make money from the bull."

Aunt Paulette said, "Nick, not at the supper table. Leave that sort of
talk out at the barn, o.k.?"

He smiled and said, "Billy, one thing you learn is women get all
flustered when you discuss a bull. Leave the talk about them out at the

I said, "Can I discuss cows in the house?"

He said, "You can, but not the bulls."

I didn't understand it, but I didn't understand girls either.

Uncle Nick smiled at Aunt Paulette and he said, "I'll remember to tell
Mike you appreciated hearing that at the supper table." He winked at her
and she smiled weakly.

I learned one thing about my Aunt Paulette during that conversation. She
had my Uncle Nick thinking she was strong, but all she was was a girl.

After dinner, I said, "Uncle Nick, I'm not interested in a bonfire
tonight, can we save it for tomorrow night?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, sure, maybe tomorrow night we can have Jr over
and you two can have a bonfire and a weenie roast."

I said, "That'd be neat!"

Aunt Paulette looked a bit better and said, "Billy, tomorrow is going to
be a big day, so after supper, why don't you go take your shower and get
your pj's on and then we'll watch some television."

I said, "Good, I like taking showers."

I then looked at my plate and said, "I'm done eating, may I please be
excused from the table so I can go shower?"

Uncle Nick said, "Sure, your pj's are under your pillow, so just go ahead
and get them. You know where everything else is."

I left the room and as I left the room I heard my Aunt Paulette say,
"Semen! Nick, you just wait until I see Mike tomorrow!....." I heard my
Uncle Nick chuckling.

I never heard the rest as I was running upstairs to get my Tonkas.
The next morning, everyone got up and as soon as breakfast was done, we
got prepared to go to town.

I was upstairs when I heard the telephone ring and didn't pay it any
mind. When I was dressed in my town clothes, I came back down to see Aunt
Paulette speaking with Uncle Nick. Apparently, the fire chief and the
state guy who investigates fires was going to be over at the farm today.

Aunt Paulette said, "Billy, when they're done, they'll want to speak with
you. I've been told to have you prepared."

I said, "Am I going to be in trouble?"

Aunt Paulette said, "No, hon, they're just wanting to ask you some
questions about what happened the night before the fire."

I said, "O.k., because I don't want to be in trouble."

Aunt Paulette hugged me and said, "Billy, don't you worry your mind about
that. I just wanted you to know what was happening so it didn't take you
by surprise when we got over there."

I said, "Well, after that, can I go to my bedroom and see what I can get?

She said, "Billy, if they say we can't go in, then we can't. "

I said, "Well, I hope we can."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, go over and put on your coat. We're going to go
to town now."

Aunt Paulette stood up and Uncle Nick put on her coat for her. She told
him thank you, and then we were on our way out to the truck.

Driving into town, I said, "Uncle Nick, those houses over there are
already built, could we get one of those for Jr to live in?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, those are called manufactured homes. I was
thinking one of those would be a way of getting them a place to live in
fast, but I've heard a lot of people complain about the fit and finish of
them isn't what they hoped over the long run."

I said, "Well, as long as we have them someplace to live now, they can
move in. After a while, we can get them something which will last

Uncle Nick said, "Let's see about one of them some other time as we need
to get to the auction barn to get the cattle delivered to our place."

We drove through town and went to the auction barn. Aunt Paulette said,
"I'll stay in the truck, you two hurry along."

We went in and went to the office where I got the auction number. The man
was there who gave me my number. Uncle Nick went over to him to tell him
we needed to have the cattle moved to his farm.

The man replied he was glad we had came in as he needed to know how we
wanted everything delivered. We had the bull, cattle, the buffalo, as
well as the alpacas all coming to the farm.

Uncle Nick told him to bring the bull and the cattle first and then we'd
find a place to put everything else.

The man told him he'd gladly have it done and Uncle Nick told them to
bring them by at 4 pm.

We then went out to get into the truck and drove to the atv dealer. When
we got there, they had a bunch out front. The store salesperson came out
and said, "May I help you with something?"

Uncle Nick said, "We're needing to get him a RTV 700."

The man said, "Isn't that a bit big for him?"

Uncle Nick said, "Well, he's going to be needing to pull some wagons
loaded with hay and feed around the farm, so rather than getting him a
tractor, I think this will be safer."

The man said, "A wagon loaded down will be too heavy for that...the
tongue weight would lift the front wheels off the ground. My suggestion
is to get him something a smaller tractor."

Uncle Nick said, "The roll bars are good enough. I want him absolutely

The man then said, "Well, here's what I suggest. We have them Bobcats
2300 over there. It's an enclosed roll cage. It can be equipped with a
wide variety of options which can make it user friendly on a farm. We
have one on a horse farm and they're real satisfied with it."

Uncle Nick said, "I want him safe. So, put a cab on it and make sure he
has heat."

I went around looking at all of the different items they had while Uncle
Nick picked out what he wanted me to have. The Bobcat which was a sk**
steer was neat. I played on it while Uncle Nick finalized the deal with
the man.

Uncle Nick came out and said, "Billy, would you come in here for a

I went in and he said, "Billy, the man's going to come out on Saturday
and bring the Workcat with him and teach you all you need to know about
it. Is that o.k.?"

I said, "Sure, is it going to be like that one out there?"

I showed the man the one I was referring to and he said, "No, it's going
to be like this one over here, except it's going to have an enclosed

I said, "So, it's going to be like a pickup truck!"

He said, "Yes, except one you can use on the farm and the other you have
to have a license for on the road."

Uncle Nick looked happy about the decision, so I didn't pursue it any

We loaded in the truck and Uncle Nick told Aunt Paulette what he'd
chosen. She looked apprehensive, but he said I'd be safe, so she was o.k.

We then headed over to the farm & home store and Uncle Nick ordered up
some feed for the livestock. While he did that, I stayed in the truck
with Aunt Paulette.

While we were in the truck, I said, "Aunt Paulette, is it always going to
be this busy?"

She said, "Billy, right now it's busy, but things will settle down once
we get everything situated. Nick has just taken on an extra load and he's
wanting to make sure everything goes good for you."

I said, "Well, he knows I love him no matter what, doesn't he?"

She said, "Billy, it's because we love you we're doing all this. Your
grand dad instilled in him a sense of responsibility which drives him to
the point of exhaustion sometimes. He'll need our help and I'm going to
do everything I can as I'm sure you will too."

I said, "I'll help every bit I can, I'm just afraid I don't know

She laughed and said, "Billy, I don't know it all either, but I'm sure
Nick will be patient with us."

Uncle Nick came back out and he said, "Billy, I ordered you a couple of
barns while I was in there and some gate fencing for corrals. That way,
you'll have a good head start. The man said he'd pour concrete and get
everything built so all we have to do it decide where it needs to be."

I said, "Uncle Nick, wherever you think's best is fine with me."

He laughed and said, "Billy, you'll help me to decide this, but I'll
speak with you about it when we go to the farm later. Right now, we have
to go meet Mike and then we're all going to go out and look at that

We drove to the diner downtown and as soon as we pulled up, I saw Jr..
Instantly, I was excited.

Aunt Paulette saw how excited I was and chuckled. She said, "Billy, wait
until we stop the truck before you get out."

I waited, but some people can be so slow!

As soon as we parked, Aunt Paulette and Uncle Nick got out. Me, I was
already out and Jr was there to greet me. The smile on his face was as
big as mine.

We all went into the diner and Aunt Paulette greeted Mike's wife Amy. I'd
never met Jr's mom before and she looked real pretty. Between Mike and
Mrs. Johnson, I sure could see where Jr got his looks.

Jr and I went over and sat at a table which was just for two people. He
said, "I already ordered yours and I got mine too."

I said, "Chicken strip sandwich with ranch and swiss cheese?"

He smiled and said, "Yes, and I had them cut it in half so we could

I said, "What did you get? I hope I like it this time."

He said, "I got their corn dogs with french fries. You got onion rings."

He smiled and I said, "This is neat, we can each have twice as much as we
normally would choose."

I went over to Uncle Nick and asked to have some money for the jukebox.
He fished out some change from his pocket and handed it to me. He said,
"Did you get ordered?"

I said, "Yeah, Jr already ordered for us. He knows what I like."

He smiled and said, "Let Jr pick some of the selections on that jukebox."

I ran over to get Jr and we went to the jukebox. We found out we had
enough change for 7 selections. I said, "O.k., we each have 3 selections
and we get to pick the last together, so tell me what you like and the
ones we agree on, we'll pick as the last one."

As it turned out, Jr and I liked most of the same songs. We picked 5
which we liked together and then he picked one and I picked one. As they
began playing, we went back to our table.

He smiled at me and said, "Daddy says you're going to have a whole lot of
decisions to make here shortly."

I said, "Uncle Nick is going to be doing a lot of that. He's already got
me a Workcat ordered and ordered the barns today. Tomorrow, I think we're
going to go pick you all out a house to live in."

I said, "Excuse me, I'm going to go remind Uncle Nick about that."

I went over to Uncle Nick and whispered in his ear, "Remember to tell
them we need to pick out them a house tomorrow!"

He smiled and said, "Billy, I'll tell them, don't worry. Go enjoy Jr
while you can."

I whispered in his ear again, "See if it's alright if Jr stays all night

Uncle Nick said, "O.k., you go over there now. "

I went back over and when I got there, our food was on the table. I
smiled at Jr and said, "Why didn't you tell me it was here! I would have
come running!"

He laughed and said, "You were over talking to your Uncle Nick. I'm not
supposed to disturb other people's conversations."

I said, "I wanted him to see if you could stay all night tonight."

We ate and sure enough about half way through, we traded plates. This
time, he picked good tasting food, so both of us enjoyed the meals."

He said, "I wish we could do this at home. This is fun."

I said, "Me, too. Maybe when you get moved to the farm, you can eat half
your supper at your house and I can finish eating it for you. You can
come over to finish eating mine!"

He laughed and said, "I think that'd be neat, but I don't think my
parents would let me."

I said, "Yeah, I know what you mean, so maybe we'll just have to trade
off eating at each other's houses. Did I tell you I asked if you could
stay all night tonight?"

He smiled real big and said, "Really! That'd be great!"

Quick as a flash, he went over to his dad and I saw him talking with him.
He turned to his mom and then got a real big smile on his face and came
running back over.

He said, "They said, I can!"

I said, "Good, we can play Tonkas in the shower!"

He smiled and said, "You like playing with them too!"

I said, "Oh yeah, they won't let me play outside in the rain with them,
but they'll let me play with them in the shower. It's the same."

He laughed and said, "We'll have to get all our toys together when I get
moved over there and then it'll be like having twice as many!"

I said, "I never thought of that, it will be great!"

We then compared toys we each had until it was time to leave. I didn't
realize it, but the man who had Ragin' Dawn was now there and wanting to
take us out to see that farm.

Everyone went out and Jr rode with us. We sat back and played Nintendo on
the t.v. in the truck. When we pulled up at the farm, I saw the name was
called Dawn Ranch. It had a big picture up above the driveway of Ragin'
Dawn, or it looked like him.

I mentioned it and Uncle Nick said, "That's Ragin' Dawn's daddy. His name
was just Dawn"

I knew better to discuss bulls in front of Aunt Paulette, so I told Jr,
don't discuss bulls in front of women. They sure get upset!"

Jr said, "That's crazy! Why don't they like to talk about bulls?"

I said, "I don't know, but I got told we could only discuss bulls out at
the barn."

I looked up at Uncle Nick and his face was red and he was trying not to
laugh. He kept looking over to Aunt Paulette but I couldn't see her face.
From her ears, I could tell her face was red too. She looked at Uncle
Nick and said, "Don't you say a thing Nicholas!"

Uncle Nick laughed and I said, "I don't know, but I mentioned semen at
the table last night and Aunt Paulette nearly had a conniption!"

Jr said, "Oh man, you didn't!"

I said, "Well, I didn't know!"

He said, "No wonder."

Aunt Paulette said, "Boys, I can hear you!"

I said, "Sorry!"

Jr said, "Sorry, I didn't know Billy was so dumb!"

She chuckled and said, "I told him to ask your daddy what it was, but out
at the barn! Nick's definitely going to be there too."

Jr smiled and his face was red and I knew he wanted to say something, but

We finally stopped driving and when we got out, I saw the farm was really
nice. The barns were beautiful.

The man, Mr. Anderson, was really nice. He had a tractor all hooked up
with a hay wagon on it and told us all to climb aboard. He started
driving and soon, we were way out in a field. He stopped and pointed and
said, "That's your boy's calf over there. That one's name is 'Gray Dawn',
the other over there, if you buy the farm, I'll throw in. His names is
'Delta Dawn'. My grand daughter named him."

We continued to drive around and occasionally, we'd stop and he'd show us
something else like the ponds, and where the fence lines were. I wasn't
really paying attention, but the idea of fishing in the ponds sure
sounded fun. I mentioned it to Jr and he agreed. He said, "Daddy says
having lots of water on the farm is going to be imperative."

I said, "What's that mean? Can I say that word at the table?"

Jr smiled and said, "Can Billy say imperative at the table?"

Aunt Paulette said, "Yes, that's acceptable ...and while I'm on that
subject Mike."

Mike turned to look at Aunt Paulette. Then she said, "When you go to
teach Billy words, you need to tell him 'semen' is not an acceptable word
to use at the supper table!"

Everyone busted out laughing and Mike said, "Billy, we've got to have a
talk son."

I said, "Yes sir."

He said, "Words I use in the barn, stay in the barn. O.k.?"

I said, "Well, I didn't know what it meant, and still don't!"

Mike laughed and apparently Mr Anderson heard too as he was really

We got to a gate and Mr Anderson said, "Guys, this gate adjoins the next
piece of property. Wilbur Thompson owes it. He's told me to show it to
you. Now, it has approximately 400 more acres than mine, but we've always
ranched it together. It runs the full length to the back of your farm
over there and goes all the way to the county road over there. I'm pretty
sure it ends where yours does at the creek."

Mike and Uncle Nick looked at each other and smiled. I said, "That's good

Mike said, "Nick, what do you think?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, what do you think?"

I said, "I'm asking you!"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, that will give you way more than you need over
here. You'll have the largest ranch in the county and it will all be
adjoining. The price is really good. Let's just wait and see what all it
has on it."

Uncle Nick and Mike were really looking over everything. Each was making
comments and Aunt Paulette was really writing in the spiral notebook. Amy
seemed to be making comments to Aunt Paulette and Jr and I were playing
in the hay.

We got to the next farm and pulled in. Uncle Nick said, "Mike, the barns
over here are all brand new. That hay barn has to be the biggest."

Mike said, "Wilbur sells a lot of hay. If you buy this farm, you won't
have to feed as much this winter."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, come here. I need to speak with you."

I went up and he sat me on his lap. He said, "Billy, The farm of Mr.
Anderson's is a steal for the price. Mr Thompson's is a really excellent
deal. If I were you, I'd snatch the deal."

I said, "Uncle Nick, you do whatever you think is best. You know I'll
help you all I can, right?"

He smiled and said, "Billy, when we get out to talk with Mr Thompson, you
tell him you'll take the deal but we can't sign until next week, o.k.? I
think I need to speak with a lawyer first and make sure your daddy had
your farm incorporated. If not, we've got to get you incorporated real
fast. It will save on a whole lot of taxes."

I said, "Is Mr. Anderson incorporated?"

He said, "I don't think so. A whole lot of the farmers hereabouts don't
believe in it. Nowadays, it's the only way to go as it saves a lot of
money on taxes. That's probably why Mr Anderson has to sell."

I looked at him and said, "Why don't we tell him?"

He said, "Billy, sometimes, people hear what can help them and still make
the decision to not do it. I'm sure he's heard."

We pulled up at the Thompson farm house and stopped. Everyone got out and
Mr. Thompson came over. He shook Uncle Nick's hand and Mike's. Jr went
over and looked into the barn and I was about to go too when Uncle Nick
put his hand upon my shoulder."

He said, "Mr. Thompson, this here is Billy Jacobs. His parents had the
farm out back there."

Mr Thompson said, "That was a terrible tragedy. I sure hated to see that
happen to them good people."

Uncle Nick said, "Mr Thompson, Billy here inherited quite a bit of money
and he's the one who is looking at your farm. Mike and I are just going
to be working for him. The deal today is going to be with him."

Mr Thompson, looked surprised and said, "Well, Billy, I'm going to speak
with you like an adult. The terms we're discussing are adult terms."

I said, "Well, Mr Thompson, then we have to go to the barn."

He looked like he wanted to laugh and looked up at Mike and Uncle Nick,
and said, "O.k., we have to go to the barn."

We went to the barn, and I said, "Wow, look at all that hay!"

He said, "Billy, this farm has brought me in a lot of money in hay sales.
It's all free and clear of debt, but the tax burden is what is bringing
me to my knees. I have the option of incorporating, or I have the option
of selling. Corporate farming isn't for me. It goes against everything
I've ever believed in. To me, it says I answer to an accountant rather
than the good Lord and I'm not about to do that.

Mr Anderson has told me the deal he is making with you on his farm and if
you want, I'll sell you this one for the same price."

I said, "Mr Thompson, could we sign the papers next week as I have to
speak with my attorney."

He smiled and said, "Billy, you're a young whippersnapper and I'm sure
you just starting out in farming could get used to corporate farming. Us
old timer's, well, we're made of different stock. I'll wait to sign the
papers if you'll shake on the deal."

I shook his hand and said, "Uncle Nick, what's the price?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, you have enough."

Mr Thompson said, "I'm sure glad his parent's thought of him."

Uncle Nick said, "Us too."

He said, "Mr Thompson, the night of the fire, did you happen to see
anything out of the ordinary over here?"

Mr Thompson said, "No, can't say that I did. Why?"

Uncle Nick said, "Well, we're still trying to figure out who called in
the fire call. Billy didn't do it and his parent's were asl**p."

Mr Thompson looked alarmed and said, "I see what you mean. Out here, if a
fire gets called in, then someone has had to seen it. That's suspicious."

Uncle Nick said, "Yes, that's why I was wondering if you happened to seen

Mr Anderson was standing close by and said, "Wilbur, didn't you say you
saw some tracks out in your back pasture which didn't belong to your
tractor and ask me about it shortly thereafter?"

Wilbur looked at Mr Anderson and said, "Why I sure did. Let me get my hat
and I'll take you all out there."

He grabbed his hat and suddenly he was moving fast. Mr Anderson said,
"Boys, I sure never thought to put two and two together until you said
something, but I'll tell you now is there's any shenanigans going on,
whoever did that is going to answer to some back road justice and just
pray they can get to a marshall." He looked really upset.

We all climbed upon the wagon and Mr Thompson led the way in a nice new 4
wheel drive. We got to a back gate and stopped. Everyone got out and he
took us to the gate. He said, "There's the tire prints. They don't belong
to nothing I got."

Mike took a look at them and said, "Those belong to an ATV, but they have
both turf tires and ag tires on it. See the waffle print with the imprint
of the paddles?"

Uncle Nick said, "Mr Thompson, when you get back to the farm, could you
call the fire chief and tell him what we have here. The state fire
marshall is over there at the farm investigating, and I'm sure they'll
know who to get ahold of to investigate this." .

Mr Anderson came over and said, "Boys, I'm sure sorry we didn't think of
this sooner. It just makes me plum tankard to think something like this
could have happened."

Uncle Nick said, "We're not even sure it's the same thing, but I know
they didn't have an atv over there and you all don't, do you?"

Both of the men shook their heads no and Mr Thompson said, "I can't even
think of anyone around here who even have one. I know I haven't given
permission to anyone to be on my property."

Uncle Nick thanked him and said, "We'll be back with you next week on the
papers, but thank you for your help."

I shook Mr Thompson's hand and we climbed back in the wagon. We drove to
Mr. Anderson's farm. When we got there, we all climbed off the wagon and
I went over to shake Mr Anderson's hand. I said, "Mr Anderson, I really
appreciate you helping us. The same deal goes for your farm. I have to
wait until next week to sign paperwork. Just as soon as we know something
from the attorney, Uncle Nick will get ahold of you. O.k.?"

He smiled and said, "Billy, I appreciate how you do business. You listen
to your uncle because he's teaching you how things should be done."

I felt happy about the compliment and said, "Mr Anderson, thank you. I
really appreciate the compliment, and I'm sure Uncle Nick does too."

He said, "Billy, if you ever learn one thing, know this... your great
grand pappy and your grand daddy both were honest upfront businessmen.
They never took a dime more than what they needed and they always made
sure the other person was satisfied. I've done business with both and
believe me, I've never regretted a decision I made in dealing with them.
I'm real satisfied you're getting my farm as I know it's going to someone
who deserves it."

I said, "Mr Anderson, is it possible I can come over and bring a tape
recorder and have you tell me some stories about them? I don't get to
learn from them and mama died, so the only person who knows is Uncle
Nick. He's helping me all he can but I'd like to know other people's
opinions too."

Mr Anderson said, "Billy, anytime you want, you can come and talk with me
and I'll tell you all I know. I'm sure Wilbur would have some stories
too. They cleaned out a lot of fence rows together."

He patted my head and we all got into the truck.
Chapter 5

Everyone loaded up into the trucks and we all headed over to my mama and
daddy's farm. To me, it wasn't my farm, it would always be their farm. We
went in the back way, and when we reached the farm next to ours which
backed to Mr. Anderson's farm, I asked Uncle Nick, "Who does that farm
belong to?

Uncle Nick said, "Years ago, it belonged to Mike's mom and dad, but I'm
not sure who owns it now. Maybe Mike knows."

I said, "It'd be nice to get it, then we'd have a whole great big square
of them put together."

Uncle Nick smiled and turned to Aunt Paulette, he said, "He's getting the

I asked, "What fever, Uncle Nick?"

He chuckled and said, "Billy, when you Aunt Paulette and I were talking,
she told me you'd get what we call the fever of wanting more and more.
It's not a bad thing, we're just finding it amusing."

We pulled into drive and as soon as we turned, I could see a lot of
different vehicles parked there. A big red truck which looked like a
station wagon was parked there and I could see three men all around the
shell of our burned house."

Aunt Paulette turned to me and said, "Billy, when we get out, I want to
be sure you hold my hand, o.k.?"

I said, "O.k., Jr, will you hold my other hand?"

We got out and Mike walked over and said, "It sure is sad here."

Uncle Nick said, "Every time I see it, chills go through me. "

I took Aunt Paulette's hand and Amy called for Jr to come over and be
with her. Aunt Paulette said, "It's o.k., Amy, he's helping Billy here so
he will feel more secure."

As much as I tried not to. I kept looking at the house. We walked over to
the back gate to the yard and stood. Uncle Nick was speaking to a man
dressed in uniform. I didn't recognize him, but apparently Uncle Nick
did. The man came over towards us and said, "Paulette, it's good to see

Aunt Paulette hugged him and said, "Daddy get out here yet?"

He said, "Your daddy's already went back home."

He looked at me and said, "Billy, it's nice to meet you son. My name is
Ben Gentry. Is it o.k., if you and I talk for a bit?"

I looked at Uncle Nick and Uncle Nick nodded o.k., so I said, "It's o.k."

He came over and said, "Billy, is it alright if I pick you up and carry

I nodded and he picked me up.

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, what all those men are trying to do is figure out
why the fire started. Is there anything you can tell me so I can know how
it happened better?"

I was really scared, but Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette said I wouldn't get
into trouble, so I told him. "I started the fire."

He said, "Billy, how did you start the fire?"

I said, "I put buckeyes into the wood stove."

He said, "Billy, why did you put buckeyes into the stove?"

By this time, I was getting really sad and started sniffling. I said, "I
used to do it.......So everyone would get scared when they popped."

He smiled and said, "Billy, did you do anything else?"

I said, "No, that's all I did."

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, you putting buckeyes into the fire didn't start
that fire."

I looked at him and said, "I know I killed my mama and daddy." By this
time, I was really crying.

He hugged me to him and I said, "I'm sorry."

His voice cracked and he said, "Billy, you've been dealing with this for
a long time haven't you?"

I nodded and he said, "Billy, from this day on, you just understand what
happened here wasn't your fault."

I pulled back and looked at him and he had tears running down his face.
He said, "Billy, do you know anyone who would want to do anything mean to
your mama and daddy?"

I said, "No, but daddy said he talked to one of them hellions that day."

He smiled and said, "Did he mention anyone by name?"

I said, "I don't know. He went to town and when he came home, he
mentioned it to mama at the supper table."

"Billy, do you know where your daddy went when he went to town?"

I said, "He went to the hardware store and he went to the farm and home
store. I don't know if he went anywhere else."

Mike said something and Mr Gentry, holding me, went over towards Mike.
Mike was crouched down looking at the ground and said, "These here are
the same as what's out by the back gate."

Uncle Nick by then was looking at them and agreed. The man holding me
said, "Billy, I'm going to put you down. In a moment, I'll be needing to
ask you some more questions. Would you go back to your aunt?"

I went over to Aunt Paulette and she picked me up with a grunt. She had
her handkerchief out and dabbed my eyes. She said, "Honey, I'm so sorry
you have to go through this."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, he said I didn't start the fire."

"Billy, I knew you didn't."

I said, "Well, if I didn't, then who did?"

"Honey, that's why all these people are out here."

Mr Gentry came over and said, "I'm going to have to call in the highway
patrol on this to investigate it. They'll probably bring in someone who
will want to ask Billy some more questions."

He went to his truck and started speaking into his radio. After a while,
he came back and said, "Billy, can I carry you again?"

I nodded and he took me from Aunt Paulette. He took Aunt Paulette's
handkerchief and said, "Honey, we need to have everyone leave here so no
one walks on any prints if they're still here. Why don't you all go to
your farm, and I'll bring Billy when I know something more. This whole
farm is now a crime scene."

Aunt Paulette said, "O.k., but Nick needs to stay for Billy's sake."

Mr Gentry nodded to her and then I looked at him and said, "What does
that mean?"

"Billy, I'm going to carry you around and as we walk, you tell me what
your daddy did that day. Hopefully, something will be information I'll be
able to use to help find out what happened here."

I said, "Do you know who called the fire department?"

"Yes, Billy, we do. That information is coming to us right now."

I said, "Well, they probably know where the fire was when they called."

He looked at me and said, "You're right Billy. In order for them to call,
they had to see it."

He put me down and said, "Billy, as we walk, I'm going to ask you
questions. I think it will be better if you show me what you did in here
and then I'll know what you touched."

We walked towards the barn and as we walked, the man was looking down. He
said, "Billy, when your daddy got home, do you remember what he did that

I said, "Well, he was gone when I got home. Mama was here and she had
oatmeal raisin cookies. I had to go out to the barn to feed old Bessie
and I was sure to turn out the light like they told me to do."

I went in and then I said, "Where'd Bessie go?"

The man said, "Did your Uncle Nick take her over there?"

I said, "No, I'm sure if he had Bessie, she'd come to the fence when I
went out to feed."

The man called Uncle Nick over and said, "Nick, do you know what happened
to the cow they had?"

Uncle Nick said, "No, I never thought of the cow. Bessie is a
Hereford./Holstein mix. I'm sure the livestock auction would have records
when she was purchased."

I said, "Her ear tag is #803."

The man said, "O.k., Billy, let's go into the barn and see if anything
else is missing."

We went into the barn and I looked around. Everything was the same as I
remembered it. I was looking around and as I did, the man was looking
over in another area. He said, "Billy, did your daddy do anything with
the gas tanks to this cooking grill?"

I said, "Not that I know of, they were with it when we put it out here
last fall. I helped daddy push it out here. He said he didn't want it to
get rusted."

We looked a little further and he said, "Billy, what was sitting here?"

I looked over and said, "That's where the trash barrels sat. They didn't
have trash in them, but they had wheat in them. One of them that sits
over there has rye in it."

I looked over to where I pointed and a huge pile of rye was on the floor.
I said, "Why would someone want to take the barrels?"

We went further back and suddenly the man stopped. He said, "Billy, don't
come back here. We need to go back up front."

I said, "What's back there?"

He said, "Someone killed your cow and what's left of her is back there."

I said, "Did she starve to death?"

He said, "No son, someone butchered her."

"I know my daddy didn't do it. He always does it out in that tree. He
uses a come along and mama always helps. When he does it, it's a whole
day long chore."

Just then, I remembered my mama and daddy weren't alive anymore and I was
talking like they were. I started crying and he came over and picked me
up real fast. I said, "They're dead and I keep forgetting."

He took me out to Uncle Nick and said, "Nick, the barn's a crime scene
too. Don't let anyone go in there either."

Uncle Nick came over and said, "Billy, talk to me son, what are you

I said, "Uncle Nick, I keep forgetting mama and daddy are dead."

He said, "Billy, in our memories, they'll always be alive. You're not
forgetting, you're just remembering them. They'd enjoy that."

I said, "It just hurts." I started crying again and the man handed me to
Uncle Nick. He had Aunt Paulette's handkerchief and wiped my face. He had
tears in his eyes too and said, "Billy, I promise you, I'll find out who
did this and I'll make them pay."

I said, "They can't pay. There's no amount of money I'll take for them."

Uncle Nick started crying and said, "Billy, he's meaning they'll go to
jail for it."

I said, "Well, I want them to die just like they made them die."

The man said, "Billy, when the highway patrol gets here, they're going to
need you to answer a lot of questions. I'm sorry, but you're the only one
left who knows if something is missing, or not."

I said, "O.k., but I might not know everything."

He smiled and said, "Billy, just tell us what you know and you might be
surprised at how much you help. You've already done a lot."

Just about then, a little beagle dog came running over and sniffed me. I
leaned down to pet it and she licked my face. I said, "Where'd you come

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, this is Missy, she's a special dog. She sniffs
things to see if anyone used anything flammable to set a fire. She's
doing her job right now, so we need to let her work, o.k.?"

I said, "O.k., but can I pet her later?"

He smiled and said, "Billy, I'll talk to her owner and I'm sure we can
let you pet her."

Missy's nose went back down to the ground and she took off again
sniffing. She went into the barn and I saw the guy following her give Mr
Gentry a look. He nodded his head and Mr Gentry said, "Billy, we need to
go over here."

He said, "Billy, I'm going to have your Uncle come over with us, and
we're going into the part of the house which is still standing."

I said, "Aunt Paulette wanted to be with me when we did this. Both her
and Uncle Nick."

"Billy, I'll be here with you. And, your Uncle Nick will be too. If you'd
like, I'll have your Aunt Paulette come back over."

I said, "O.k."

He turned to Uncle Nick and said, "Nick, could you have Paulette come
back over? I'm going to take Billy over to this out building and we're
going to see if there's anything missing over here. After that, we're
going to need to go into the house."

Uncle Nick nodded and said, "Billy, if you need me, I'll come running."

I said, "O.k. Uncle Nick."

We walked over to the pump house and as we walked, Mr Gentry said,
"Billy, what was this building used for?"

I said, "Mr Gentry, this building is the pump house. Daddy said this
house used to have a windmill sticking out of it and it's where we get
out water. "

I stopped and started crying again. He stopped and leaned down and said,
"Billy, remembering them is a good thing. I know you love them and them
being alive as we talked about them is just natural."

I said, "It just hurts right here." I held my hand up to my chest.

He said, "Billy, we're going to find out who did this. When that day
comes, they're going to be really sorry."

I said, "You promise?"

He said, "Billy, if anyone ever did this to one of my k**s, I'd do
everything I could to see I found a way to come back and tell everyone
helping them what happened. Your memories are a way of your parents
telling us. So, just think of it as them telling me. O.k.?"

I said, "o.k., maybe it won't hurt so bad thinking of it that way."

We went over to the shed and as we were opening the door, I heard the dog
bark. I said, "She sure sounds happy."

He smiled and said, "She does that, doesn't she."

I said, "My daddy wouldn't let me have a dog. He said they chased the
livestock. He was planning on getting some more cattle."

We went into the pump house and everything looked the same as it had when
I'd been in there last. Daddy's lawn mower for the yard was in there and
so was his other yard tools."

I said, "Mike will need these things for when we get their house out

Mr Gentry said, "Mike Johnson's going to live out here?"

I said, "Yeah, I'm hiring him to watch over my cattle I bought."

Mr Gentry said, "You got cattle?"

I said, "Yeah, we went to the livestock auction and I got a whole bunch
of them. They're being delivered today over at Uncle Nick's because we
don't have anywhere to put them here now. But, Uncle Nick has ordered a
new barn and we're going to get Mike's house tomorrow. Is it alright if
we get their new house?"

He smiled and said, "Billy, that might have to wait for a few days, but
when they do, it will probably have to be set someplace besides where the
house and the barn are now because I'm sure if this goes to court, the
jury is going to want to see everything."

I said, "Well, as long as we can get my things out of the house and Aunt
Paulette can get the photo albums out, we'll be fine."

We went to the shed over near the pump house and I couldn't get the door
open. I said, "Daddy had a hard time with that door. It slides on them
rollers up there. He kept saying he needed to get out here with WD-40 and
oil it, but he never got to."

I stopped as I had to cry again. It wasn't so bad this time and Mr Gentry
was there touching my shoulder. I said, "Mr Gentry, it's just sad, daddy
never got to do everything he wanted to do here."

Mr Gentry said "Yes, we just don't know how long we have."

I looked at him and said, "Well, I'm going to make sure I let everyone
know I love them as long as I'm here. My mama and daddy made sure I knew
they loved me."

I paused and said, "Are you sure the buckeyes didn' t start the fire?"

He said, "Billy, Missy smells where people have poured gasoline or
something flammable on the floor to start a fire. Whoever started the
fire, used something on the floor in the house. They poured a path
leading through from the front door to the back door. Did your mama and
daddy lock the doors at night when they went to bed?"

I said, "I don't think so. Daddy said he'd hear someone and be up with
the shotgun if he heard someone. With them being in bed, I don't think he
heard them."

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, it's probably better he didn't. They probably
would have made sure to kill you if your daddy had found them."

I said, "Mr Gentry, why would they want to kill us?"

He said, "Billy, I don't know. I imagine they were stealing things and
then didn't want to get caught. Their problem is they left all this

I said, "What's evidence?"

He said, "Billy, it's like pieces of the puzzle which individually
doesn't look like much, but when it's all added together, it makes up a
big picture."

I said, "So them killing Bessie is a piece of the puzzle?"

He said, "Yes, and them taking the gas tanks off the grill and the
barrels too."

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, I don't think they came this way. I can't get
this door open. Let's look around on the ground and see if we can see any
of those tire prints."

We looked out by the gate leading to the side pasture and didn't see
anything. As we walked back towards the house, I saw Missy going towards
the back fence barking. She was sniffing at the ground.

Her owner lifted her off the ground and then put her on the other side of
the gate. Missy took off barking and running out through the pasture.

I said, "She sure is having fun!"

He said, "She is."

I said, "Her owner better go catch her, it's a long ways out there!"

A man came over and said, "There's a trail of gasoline all through the
barn. Either it didn't catch, or they decided to not burn it. She's
trailing the scent of gasoline out through that field."

Mr Gentry said, "They were probably in a hurry."

I said, "There was more than one?"

The man said, "Yes, I think there was three. We have a good dna swatch in
the barn from at least two. When they were butchering the cow, someone
cut their hand. Another one left a jacket out there which has hair

Mr Gentry smiled and -said, "Billy, we just got some more pieces of the

He smiled and I said, "How can you tell something from those things?"

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, did you ever take a look at the tips of your
fingers and see your fingerprints?"

I said, "Yeah, we did that in school."

He said, "Well, in each of our bodies, we have bl**d and in that bl**d,
we have dna. It tells us who the person is it belongs to. The person who
bled in there just told us who he or she is. The person who left their
jacket probably told us who they are too."

I said, "So, my mama wrote my name on my book bag and didn't need to. She
could have found out it was mine anyways."

He laughed and said, "Billy, if your mama worked down at Jeff City, she'd
sure be able to."

I said, "Well, mama worked at the house and I could tell her cookies from

Mr Gentry said, "I never thought of it that way, but I imagine you're
right. No one made cookies like my mama either."

Aunt Paulette arrived with Uncle Nick and she came over to me in a hurry.
She said, "Billy, are you o.k.?"

I said, "Aunt Paulette, Mr Gentry told me something which is helping me.
He said my memories of mama and daddy are them telling me what he needs
to know in order for them to help find out who did this."

Mr Gentry said, "Nick, Paulette, the barn has a lot of evidence in it.
It's absolutely off limits. Billy told me you all are planning on putting
a house out here for the Johnsons to live in. My suggestion is to not
tear down the house or anything here until after the trial. If a jury
wants to see the crime scene, they'll have it. You have no clue how much
it affects a jury to go to the crime scene. The conviction rate is
staggering when they want to see one. My advice is to keep everything as
it is."

Uncle Nick said, "We were just talking about that and I think Mike and
his f****y could live in either the Anderson or the Thompson place until
then. Billy's buying both farms, so they can live there."

I said, "That's a long ways and I won't get to see Jr."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, Mike's done told Jr he can have a Workcat like
yours so you two can see each other. We can teach you how to go through
the gates and you won't have to leave the property."

I said, "Well, when mine comes on Saturday, will Jr's?"

Uncle Nick said, "I don't know. I'm not sure when they're getting him

I said, "Can I buy him his?"

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, let me get the farm incorporated and then it
will be covered as a write off."

Mr Gentry smiled and said, "We need to get into the house. We're not
going in that end as it's a designated crime scene. Whomever it was,
poured gasoline from the front door to the back door. They never entered
the bedroom end of the house. If we go in through the window which is in
Billy's room, we can get what you need there. There's a lot of smoke
damage, but everything is still in good shape."

We went to the house and I said, "Can I take what I want from my

Mr Gentry said, "I would get everything I could from the house as long as
it's not in towards the burned section."

He paused and said, "Whomever called in the fire had to called it in
before it was set. I'd say they had a guilty conscience and didn't want
to do what they did. It doesn't make them less guilty, but it sure helped
to save Billy."

Uncle Nick said, "How do you know that?"

Mr Gentry said, "When a fire is started with petroleum based chemicals,
it gets real hot and real smokey real fast. In instances where a fire
alarm is nearby, that's going to alert the people in the dwelling. In
this instance, there was no alarms. So, as I said, it goes real fast when
it's set. In three minutes a fire can be so hot it can consume a whole
room. In seven minutes, it can be so smokey, it can kill everyone. The
fire response out here was 32 minutes at best. Are you getting where I'm
going with this?"

Aunt Paulette said, "They called the fire in 25 minutes before they set

Mr Gentry said, "Yes, and I'm going to say something else, so keep real
quiet on this. The person who called in the fire, was on the rural fire
department. He's also the person who is credited for getting Billy out of
the house. There's evidence over in that barn a flammable was used to set
it. Either they ran out of time, or they got scared. My guess is they
realized what they were doing was killing someone and had sense enough to
get Billy out."

I said, "I don't remember who it was."

Uncle Nick said, "It doesn't matter who it was. They still killed you

Mr Gentry nodded and said, "They left dna evidence in the barn. At least
two of them did. Whomever that comes back to is going to talk and believe
me, they're going to tell on each other in order to try to get out of the
death penalty."

He paused and said, "What I'm not getting is their motives. They killed
the cow and butchered it. Cows aren't like dogs and seem to remember
trauma to the f****y. All I can figure is they decided to carve it up to
have a cookout or feed their f****y. The second thing is they took the
propane tanks and the barrels which tells me whomever it was probably
cooks meth. Meth chemists usually are so tweaked they don't make rational
decisions like waiting to call the fire department. They're usually
calling the fire department when the place is burning down around them."

I said, "The person whomever it was, you said, had a conscience. Maybe he
didn't want to be here with the others. Maybe he decided it was a bad

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, that doesn't make him less guilty. He had the
options of stopping all that when they were on their way over here. Just
as soon as they stepped foot on this property, it went from idea to
conspiracy even if they didn't do the crime. They did, so all are guilty
of the same thing...conscience, or not."

We climbed in through the window and I started gathering up my toys. Aunt
Paulette pulled my sheets off my bed and used one to place all my toys
and everything I wanted in it so it'd be easier to carry.

Uncle Nick and Mr Gentry went into the hallway probably to mama and
daddy's bedroom. I heard them coughing as the smell of the smoke was bad
still. I remembered that night and I said, "Aunt Paulette, the guy had a
big tattoo on his arm in the shape of an eagle...right here. I also
remember he had on a denim jacket and had black hair with a bushy beard.
He smelled like pipe tobacco."

Aunt Paulette called in Mr Gentry and said, "Billy, just remembered the
guy had a eagle tattoo on his left forearm and wore a denim jacket...had
dark hair with bushy beard and smelled like pipe tobacco.

I said, "He handed me out the window to a little guy who was wearing a
red shirt. It had a Nike emblem on it. He wore glasses. His hair was
light brownish blond. He wore blue jeans that had a rub spot in the back
pocket like a can of chewing tobacco. He also had on them kind of boots
which looked like a Harley rider. He talked like he had a mouth full of
chewing tobacco and was complaining about his boots getting messed up."

Mr Gentry said, "Did either of them have any bl**d on them?"

I said, "No, but the one didn't have on a jacket which I thought was odd
as how cold it was out there."

Mr Gentry said, "What did they do after they got you out?"

I remembered and began crying, "The one who picked me up went in to get
mama and daddy and when he came back he said, "You dumb fuck you've gone
and killed them, they're both dead! He was really upset. He was coughing
a lot."

Mr Gentry said, "Where'd they take you Billy?"

The one took me out by that tree and said he had to go meet the fire
department. It wasn't long until the fire department pulled in. I
remember that."

Mr Gentry said, "Do you remember seeing them anymore?"

I said, "The one took me to the firetruck and put me in it so I'd stay
warm. The one with the denim jacket. I never saw the other anymore."

We heard a vehicle pull in the drive as I heard the tires crunching on
gravel. Mr Gentry heard it too and said, that's probably the highway
patrol unit. I'll go speak with them. We need to get someone back here
and get what Billy's saying."

He went out the window and it was strange seeing my window being used as
a door. The curtains were laying outside."

I said, "Aunt Paulette, the guy that wore the denim jacket, he woke me up
when he broke the window. I remember it being really smokey in here and
suddenly the air whooshed in and it was better. I was coughing
and....and...then, he lifted me up. I was still really sl**py."

Mr Gentry came back with a man and he said, "Billy, this here is Adam.
He'll be listening to you and he'll ask you questions."

Aunt Paulette filled Adam in on what all I was remembering. Adam had a
pocket radio he was using to record everything. He held it out and said,
"Billy, hold this and speak into it as you remember things."

I held it, but all I remember was it was so smokey.

I said, "Can I go into my mama and daddy's room now?"

Aunt Paulette said, "Let me go with you Billy, it's going to be tough to

I walked int the room and as I walked, I felt the carpet crunch under my
feet. It was strange as it was supposed to be soft. I turned to look at
Adam who was behind me now and I said, "Adam, catch these people. My mama
and daddy would want them caught."

When I went into their room, the first thing I noticed was the mirror on
their dresser was really blackened. When I always came into their room,
I'd look at the mirror and make funny faces at myself. Now, I could
hardly see myself. I said, "Mama and daddy's door was open. That's why
the smoke killed them. My door was shut as the light from the hallway
kept getting in my eyes."

I looked at the bed and I immediately knew why Aunt Paulette said it was
hard. The bedclothes were really sooty from the fire and where they laid,
wasn't. It was like someone had taken dust and poured it over them as
they slept.

I turned to Aunt Paulette and said, "Did you get the photo albums?"

She said, "Yes, and we got your daddy's shotguns out of the cabinet."

I said, "In that drawer over there is where daddy kept all his records
for the farm. He'd do it sitting at the desk. Aunt Paulette said, "Mr
Gentry, would you carry that drawer out for me please?"

I turned to Adam and said, "Adam, the last man had on a long trench coat
with real long stringy black hair. He's the one that got on the atv. I
remember now. He was cussing up a blue streak to the other in the red
shirt to get on the atv so they could get out of there. They left through
that gate. He got on the atv over there. They had a trailer on the back
of it. The trailer had white wheels but the rest was black. The one in
the denim jacket ran over and closed the gate."

Adam said, "Billy, could you show me where they got on the atv?"

I said, "O.k."

It was strange because I felt really tired. I felt like my shoes weighed
a lot. Adam must've figure it out because he lifted me up and carried me.
I said, "Adam, I'm really tired."

Adam said, "Billy, this has been rough on you. Just show me where the men
got on the atv, and we'll be done. You've done a good job."

I took him over to the right of the barn. It was by the tree my daddy
used to hang the deer and the cattle on we slaughtered. Adam saw the tire
prints and said, "I've got to put this peg in the ground Billy so we can
get a g.p.s. locator on this."

He leaned down and I said, "Why are you doing that?"

He said, "We map a crime scene according to where the evidence is

I said, "Adam, if they used gasoline, did they get it from the well

He said, "I don't know."

Mr Gentry said, "Billy, let me go check. I didn't think to look for a gas
can if it was in there."

I said, "Adam, if they knew how to do all this, were they at our house

Adam said, "I don't know Billy, just hold onto the recorder there and
I'll be sure they're asked those questions when we find them."

I looked at Adam and said, "I want to know why they did this and why my
mama and daddy had to die. How would they like it if someone went to
their house and killed their mama and daddy."

I said, "Adam, when you catch them, would you tell the one in the denim
jacket I said thank you. He didn't have to save me and he did. I just
wish he'd gotten to them sooner.

Adam said to me. "Billy, I want you to hold onto that recorder. I'm going
to be after it in a moment. Right now, I'm going to give you back to your
aunt and uncle, so they can take you home. I think you need to get some
sl**p. It's been a real trying day for you."

I said, "Adam, before you do that. The man that had the long trench coat.
He took my mama's flowers from the pot out there and he put them in the
left side pocket of his coat. I don't know why he did that, but I bet you
he pulled up some of the dirt when he did it. That dirt in that pot was
really sticky."

Adam said, "Billy, show me the pot."

I took him to the pot and I said, "The trench coat guy's name was tooter.
That's what the red shirt guy called him. The red shirt guy's name was
Jimmy. The trench coat guy kept yelling at Jimmy to get on the atv and
finally the red shirt guy yelled back 'tooter, shut the fuck up, I'm on
my way'. The trench coat guy was really mad and the red shirt guy was
getting upset because the trench coat guy was yelling at him. Just as
they drove through the gate is when the fire truck pulled up. The denim
jacket guy was over in the front yard pulling the bushes back from the
front of the house. He had an axe...maybe that's what he used to break in
my window."

Adam nodded at Uncle Nick and said, "Billy, you're doing great hon. Keep
talking into the recorder."

Uncle Nick picked me up and said, "Billy, we're taking you home.
Paulette, will you drive so I can hold him?"

All I know was I was confused. My home wasn't my home anymore. I was
tired and it felt good to be hugged so tight by Uncle Nick....just like
the guy in the denim jacket...I fell asl**p.
Chapter 6:
When we got to the house, Uncle Nick took me up to my bed. He sat me on
it and said, "Billy, you take a nap, I'll be up to get you."
My voice was tired and yet, in a pouty voice, "I wanted to play with Jr."
"Jr. will be downstairs waiting on you when you wake up."
"Could he take a nap with me?"
"Honey, I don't know if Jr wants to take a nap, but I'll ask."
My spirits seemed lifted with the hope Jr would come up, but I also knew
he might not want to take a nap.
I kicked off my shoes and lay down. Uncle Nick covered me up with a
blanket. He kissed my forehead and said, "Billy, I think you gave them
enough to catch the guys, I'm just so sorry you had to go through this."
"Uncle Nick, I really thought I started the fire and those guys saved me.
I didn't know they did this."
"I know Billy. I know."
He turned and went out the bedroom door.
"Uncle Nick?"
"Yes hon, could we start closing our bedroom doors? If mama and daddy had
shut theirs, they'd probably be alive."
"Yes hon, we'll start doing that. I admit our door handle to our bedroom
gets used as a coat hook. That's going to change."
He left and shut the door behind him which made me feel better.
I was just starting to get about to sl**p when I heard the door open and
a few moments later, I felt weight on the other side of my bed.
"Billy, I'm going to take a nap with you."
"O.k., get under the covers here."
"You smell like smoke."
"Yeah, I had to go into the house."
"I'm supposed to take a nap with you and got told we're not to be playing
or talking. Let's talk when we wake up. You look tired."
I rolled over and hugged him. "Jr, I'm glad you're here."
"I like you Billy. You've got smudges on your face."
"Oh, maybe I need to take a shower."
"No, just go to sl**p. If they hear us up here, I'll probably have to go
back downstairs."
"Can I hug you and fall to sl**p that way? I used to like to do that with
my mama."
"Yeah, you smell like smoke though."
"I'm sorry."
"It's just strange. I'll get used to it."
I don't think I heard him all the way, I was asl**p.
When we awoke, I could smell something cooking. I started to get up and
looked out the window over Jr's shoulder. It was dark out. I wondered how
long we had been asl**p.
Jr woke up and said, "What you doing?"
"I woke up, I've got to go pee."
"Me too."
"Let's play water wars."
"What's that?"
"I'll show you, but we can't make a mess."
We went to the bathroom and I said, "O.k., we pee at the same time and we
see if we can pee in the same spot. It's like a canon. We imagine we're
fighting a war and that spot is our enemy."
I started peeing and he did too. It was hard to concentrate as I looked
at his peter. It was the same size as mine. I looked down at the spot and
realized I was away from his.
"You're losing."
"Yeah, I looked at your peter."
His suddenly veered off course.
"Now you're losing!"
"Yeah, I just looked at your peter too! We're the same size."
"Well, we're the same age."
"My dad's is huge!"
"Yeah, we were out on the tractor one day and he had to pee. I saw it."
"I've only seen yours."
I ran out of pee, so I stopped and zipped up.
"I'm going to take a shower, then I'll be downstairs. Would you tell
Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette what I'm doing so they will get me a towel.
Mine's not on the bar."
"You can shower too if you want."
"I don't know if they'll let me."
"Ask Uncle Nick."
He left and I started taking off my clothes. Uncle Nick came in and said,
"I forgot to put the towel on for you. I'm sorry."
"No, you forgot, that's o.k."
"Are you alright hotshot?"
"Yeah, my head doesn't hurt as bad."
"O.k., if it gets to hurting again, tell your Aunt Paulette and she'll
get you an aspirin. I'll get your clothes for you."
Jr came into the room and started taking off his clothes. "It's O.k.!"
"Yippee! We'll have some fun, my tonkas are over there."
I turned on the water and got under it. Jr stepped in and said, "Ooh,
it's cold!"
"Yeah, it'll warm up."
Just then it warmed up.
"We'll only get to play for so long before it gets cold again, so we have
to wash our hair and our bodies before the hot water runs out. It's not
fun to do in the cold. You shiver."
I got the shampoo and accidentally poured too much into my hand. "Here, I
poured too much, I'll put it on your head."
"That feels good, put yours on so I can scrub your head too."
I did and as he scrubbed, it did feel good.
"That's neat, we could scrub each other's bodies too!"
"You wash me and I'll wash you."
He grabbed the soap and started even though we hadn't rinsed off our
heads. I was afraid of getting soap in my eyes. "Jr, let me rinse so I
don't get soap in my eyes."
"O.k., I wanted to wash you so bad, I forgot."
"I understand, I want to wash you too, but I want to see you when I wash
I stuck my head under the water and soon was rinsed off. When I came back
out from the water, he stuck his head under the water. I soaped up the
wash cloth and with a great amount of giggles, began to soap him.
"Wait!......Wait!" he sputtered, I already was washing his butt.
He was laughing, "That tickles!"
Uncle Nick knocked at the door and said, "Boys, you need to get out of
the shower as there's someone here that wants to speak to Billy."
We looked at each other and he said, "Billy, you still have smudges on
your face, let me wash them off."
He washed my face and washed my neck. It really felt good. "Maybe we can
shower again before we go to bed so we can still play tonkas."
"O.k., I wonder who it is that wants to see you."
"Maybe it's Ben, he was real nice to me today."
"Well, you better hurry up then, what am I going to do while you talk
with him."
"I don't know. Maybe you can talk with him too."
"I don't know anything."
"No, but you can sit with me."
We got out of the shower and new sets of clothes were laying out on the
bed. We swatched each other with our towels and somewhere in all the
playing, we managed to get dry enough to put the clothes on.
When we were dressed, he said, "Run a comb through your hair boy, you
look a mess!" He giggled, "My dad always tells me that."
I went in to comb my hair and he followed me. I combed mine and then for
fun, I turned and combed his.
"I could have done that!"
"I wanted to. It's fun taking care of you."
"O.k., as long as I can take care of you too."
"O.k., let's go downstairs."
When we went downstairs, a man I'd never seen before was sitting at the
kitchen table. I went over to Uncle Nick and stood by him.
Uncle Nick turned to me, "Billy, this man here is Clyde Cramer, he's the
Prosecuting Attorney."
"The what?"
"He's the man who is going to see those men who did this to your mom and
dad go to jail."
"Oh good, because I want them to be punished."
Clyde spoke, "Billy, can we go to the living room to talk?"
"Can Jr come with me?"
Uncle Nick said, "Billy, this isn't play time, Jr needs to stay in here
with us."
"He wanted to go in there and take care of me."
"Clyde is it alright with you if Jr here goes in with Billy?"
"I don't see any problem with it. Everyone can come in if they want, I
just want Billy to be more comfortable. There are quite a few questions I
will need to ask."
"I'll go in, but everyone else can stay out here except for Jr. Paulette,
do you want to come in?"
"No, Jr will be with him, but if he gets upset, then come get me."
I looked at her and said, "I won't."
We went into the living room and Mr Cramer sat down on the sofa. "Billy,
would you come over and sit next to me?"
"O.k., Jr, you can sit on this side."
"That's good. Well, that's what I want to talk with you about. I
understand you had quite a day."
"Yeah, it was the first time since the fire I got to go home...but it's
not home anymore. It was sad."
"Yes, I imagine it was."
"From what I hear, you remembered quite a bit of information. My reason
for being here is I need to get questions asked so when we take the men
to trial, you won't have forgotten what we talked about."
"I doubt if I forget what happened." I looked at him and thought he was
"Billy, time has a way of making us see things differently. People can
say something or you could hear something in town and it could change
what you thought happened. The reason I'm here is to make sure we have
you answer the questions so the men's lawyers can't make you think things
differently when we go to court."
"O.k., we did something like that in school. We all lined up and then the
teacher said something to one person and that person said it to the
person behind him until we got to the end of the line. It was funny
because what the teacher said was "My dog has brown socks." and by the
end of the line, Jeremy Sanders said "His horse had a long tail." I
started to laugh remembering it.
Clyde Said, "Billy, yes, it's something like that, is it alright with you
if we video tape you answering the questions?"
"O.k., I'm glad I combed my hair." I giggled looking at Jr. "I'm glad I
combed Jr's hair too!" Then, I really giggled.
Mr Crane laughed and said, "Well, we're glad you did too. I'll set up the
video camera over there and ask the questions. It shouldn't take me very
He went over and took out a suit case. When he opened it, Jr and I went
over to look. He had a tripod like what my daddy used when he worked with
his rifles right before deer season. He'd practice and make sure his
telescope got so it'd show him where he was going to hit the deer.
Mr Crane put the camera on the top of it like daddy did the gun and then
took a remote control out and hooked it to the camera. He said, "Billy,
when I go over there, tell me if I'm all in the picture."
He went over and sat down and then I saw his head was partially cut off.
He said, "Would you make it so my head is in the shot?"
I looked at it and then made an adjustment, at first the camera went down
and then I figured it out and then it went back up until I got Mr. Crane
in the shot to where his head wasn't cut off.
"O.k. It's looking good now." I felt proud he had me help.
"That's good Billy, see, the camera isn't something which you should be
afraid of is it?"
"No, it's just a camera."
"What I'm going to do next Billy is I'm hooking the camera up to my
laptop computer. That way we can see ourselves. It makes a better
impression on the jury if we watch it as we talk so they think we're
looking them in the eye as we speak. So, be sure to watch the laptop,
"Yeah, My mom had jury she wore all the time."
"No, that's jewelry, a jury is a group of people who all sit and listen
to the evidence and make the decision if the person is guilty or not."
"They're guilty, I saw them!"
"Billy, we need the jury to hear that because they didn't see it. They're
counting on you telling them what you saw."
"O.k., because I saw a lot."
"Well, let's set this up and then you can tell them, O.k.?"
"O.k., but Mr Cramer?"
"Yes, Billy."
"They killed my mom and dad I want them to die. The Bible says and eye
for an eye, so I want them to die....well, all except for that guy who
broke in my window and saved me. I don't want him to die. They didn't
have to do that to my mom and dad."
"O.k., I'm glad to hear that Billy because I think I'm going to ask they
die for this. You could have very easily have died too and will have to
now live without a mommy and daddy, so I don't want them to have a chance
to ever get out."
"Me neither because who knows what they'd do to someone else."
"Yes, and we don't want that."
By this time, Mr. Cramer had the laptop hooked up and turned on. I turned
to Uncle Nick, "Can I get a laptop?"
"Maybe when you're older."
"How about if we get you a desktop first and put it in your bedroom?"
"O.k., because then I could do my homework on it and send it directly to
the teacher's computer for her to grade."
"We'll tell your Aunt Paulette as I'm sure she knows quite a bit about
those sorts of things. She has one in the office for her to put things
into for the taxes."
"Oh, that would be good. Maybe we should get one for Mike so he can take
care of things for my farm too."
"We'll check to see if Mike thinks he needs it."
"Daddy has one over at that farm he works at now."
"Well then, I guess that decides it, we'll go shopping for computers
soon, o.k.?"
Mr. Cramer sat on the sofa again and looked at the laptop. "Billy, you
want to come over and we'll get started."
"When we start, you just look right at the picture of us and answer."
"Now, before we start Billy, we're going to make all the funny faces we
can because once we start, we need to be serious, O.k.?"
"O.k., Jr, come over here, we get to make faces!"
Jr came over and we were really getting into making different faces and
all the a****l noises we could think of while we did it. We did that for
a moment and then Mr Cramer said, "O.k., We need to get started."
In making the faces, I'd gotten up and had been acting like a dinosaur,
so I went and sat back down.
Mr Cramer started, "We're here today to do a deposition in regards to the
house fire which occurred on January 17th of this year. With me, I have
Billy Jacobs."
"Billy, speak up nice and loud to the camera, and would you please tell
those who are watching your full name and your age please?"
"Billy Jacobs, I'm 8 years old."
"We need your full name, Billy."
"It can't get any fuller, It's Billy."
"Did your daddy and mommy name you William?"
"No, they named me Billy. William is stupid. That's why I like Billy."
"Oh, o.k. Billy, I guess I now know your opinion of William, let's just
hope we don't have anyone on the jury named William."
"Well, he probably thinks it's stupid too and prefers to be called
He chuckled and said, "You might be right." Under his breath he said,
"Lord help us."
"You said we needed to speak up loud and clear and if you're prayer
starts off "Lord, help us", I need to bow my head."
He laughed and said, "Let's get to the next question and forget the
prayer. Billy, in your own words, can you describe what happened the
night your house burned down."
"Well, I was asl**p and something woke me up. I saw a bunch of smoke and
suddenly the window in front of my bed just exploded inward. It scared
me, I nearly peed the bed. Then I saw a guy and got real afraid because I
thought he was breaking into my bedroom. I lay really still because I was
afraid. He finished busting out the window and then said, "Your house is
on fire, I'll get you out of here!" really loud. I could hear a bunch of
sounds like a bonfire and a sort of roar, so seeing the smoke, I knew
what he said was true. He lifted me out of bed, but before he did, he
pulled up the sleaves of his denim jacket and I saw the tatoo on his
forearm of an Eagle.
He had black hair and a full bushy beard. I knew because it tickled when
he bent over to pick me up. He smelled of pipe tobacco, that vanilla
kind. He took me over to the window and handed me out to a littler guy
who wore glasses who was wearing a red Nike shirt.
The guy in the red shirt took me and then put me down on the ground. He
had light brownish blond hair. I was in my pajamas and barefoot. I looked
at the guy in the red shirt and he had blue jeans on that had one of the
skoal can marks on his butt. He had boots on that a Harley rider wears,
the kind that has a strap and a motorcycle on it. The boots had a lot of
mud on them and he was complaining about it a lot to the bushy beard man.
The guy who had saved me came back into my bedroom and said, "You dumb
fuck you killed them, they're both dead." to the red shirt guy. The denim
jacket guy came out of the house and they took me to the tree over by the
road in the front yard.
When I got there, a man in a long black trenchcoat that looked bluish
greyish black was over by the shop door entrance of the barn and he was
yelling at the man in the red shirt telling him to hurry up and get on
the 4 wheeler.
Th 4 wheeler was camouflage and had a trailer on it that was black with
white wheels. I could tell as the light out by the pump house showed the
whole parking area. The 4 wheeler was parked over towards the tree where
daddy used to hang deer and butcher a****ls with mama. The man who was in
the trench coat at sometime came over to the front yard to get the guy in
the red shirt as the guy in the red shirt was looking at the house
burning. He was cussing the red shirt guy and saying for "Jimmy" to get
his ass on the fucking 4 wheeler as they had to leave. Before he went
over to the 4 wheeler, he grabbed the flowers out of mama's planter and
put them in the left pocket of his trench coat. He must've been left
handed as he did it with this left hand.
The trenchcoat guys was named "Tooter", I remember it because I thought
of him being named after him farting a lot. He had long black stringy
hair, like that one guy on Harry Potter. He had a cut hand! I just
remembered that! His right hand was cut! He must've been the one that
killed Bessie my cow!"
By now, I was crying and I felt Jr slide over to me and hug me. Mr Cramer
said, "We can stop for a break if you want to Billy."
"No, I've got a few more things to say and then it's done. The guy who
had saved me was out at the front to the house cutting and pulling bushes
away from the front of the house. Jimmy went to the four wheeler and got
on and it drove through the gate by the barn and across the pasture.
That's when the fire truck pulled up."
The guy in the denim jacket took me over to the fire truck to get warm
and told me to stay in it as I'd be in the way. I remember the man in the
denim jacket went in my bedroom with a fire hose as the others went to
the other end of the house. I wonder why he went in that way when he knew
my mom and dad were dead? He must have wanted to act like he was saving
"Is there anything else you can tell us Billy?"
"Yeah, the man in the denim jacket, to me he was a hero and I wanted to
tell him thanks, but if he was a part of the guys that killed my mom and
dad, he's no hero. That's sad. He just wanted me to think he was nice."
"Billy, you've done a wonderful job tonight. If we have any more
questions, I'll be asking them to you, O.k.?"
He pressed the remote control and the screen of the laptop went black. I
looked at Uncle Nick and said, "Something tells me the guys name who
saved me is named Ray."
"Close Billy, his name is Gray."
"You know him?"
"Yes, he's my age and I went to school with him. I'm willing to be the
guy who was with him in the red shirt is named Jimmy Darnell. They were
always around each other and the description sounds like him."
Mr Cramer nodded and said, "Tooter is the nickname of someone who is
Darnell's cousin. He's a real piece of work. I've had dealings with him
before and have sent him to prison before. It should be easy to call him
in for questioning. Gray is being arrested tonight and with luck, they'll
bring in Jimmy. Jimmy's a good k**, but from what Billy says, he just got
himself into a whole lot of trouble."
As Mr Cramer talked, he was putting away his camcorder and the tripod. Jr
was over watching him. I went over to Uncle Nick and hugged him. He
lifted me up and said, "You did good again. I'm proud of you."
"I just wish it was my daddy saying that, but he never said anything like
"Your daddy had his own way of saying things Billy. He couldn't tell
someone he loved them or give them a compliment, but he'd do something
for them that let the person know."
"Well, he always said I was too little to do anything with, so I guess I
was too little to love."
"Well, your mom said she loved you, so you knew she did."
"Yeah, Mom showed me she loved me and said it a lot. She even would put
raisins in my oatmeal raisin cookies in the shapes of hearts. She said it
was so I'd know she loved me inside."
I started crying again and Uncle Nick hugged me. Mr Cramer came over and
said, "Billy, you've been so strong and I'm going to do everything I can
to make sure those guys know they did something really bad to you."
He spoke to Uncle Nick, "We have a fund for k**s like Billy which
provides for his care. You and Paulette need to contact them so you are
"That's o.k., we don't need charity."
"Son, it's not charity. It's a fine added onto fines everyone has to pay.
The people who do bad things to other people are the ones who are the
ones who ultimately have to pay. These guys who did this aren't ever
going to see the light outside of a prison, so it's no use for them to be
ordered to pay restitution. But they will pay one hundred and fifty
dollars for each victim they have, so that's times three in this
"Make that times four, they killed my cow." I said sniffling. "Bessie
didn't need to die. She was a real sweet cow. She always come over to the
fence to meet me."
"I'll do what I can to be sure they're charged with cruelty to an a****l
Billy. The law doesn't provide a death penalty for killing someone's pet,
but I think the jury won't even bat an eye on finding them guilty. They
each have pets and know what they mean to them......And, I'd say killing
an a****l is pretty cruel treatment."
"Yes, they cut her head off."
"Billy, don't think about that."
"I try not to, but I try not to think about a lot of things and it
doesn't happen. I still think about it a lot."
"I know Billy. Just remember your mama and daddy and the good things
which happened. I'll take care of the bad things."
He looked at Uncle Nick and said, "I sure wish I had that recorded. That
k** would've ripped the hearts of the jury out of them."
"He's a good k**. He even wants Gray to know he appreciates him saving
"I'll see he gets that appreciation when I'm there to witness his miranda
rights being read to him. He left a trail a mile wide telling us he was
there. The phone company GPS tracking showed he made a phone call to
someone from that location about a half an hour before the phone call to
9-1-1. I've got all the evidence I need to go get the warrants. I just
needed Billy's statement to confirm things and give me more evidence."
"Did I help?"
"You did great Billy, you gave us plenty of help."
"Well, I'm glad because my mom and dad would have been upset to be robbed
and have Bessie killed, but they would have forgiven them. They don't
even get a chance to forgive them for killing them. Mom always told me to
forgive people and I try, but I don't think I can forgive them."
"Billy, I doubt if a jury will either. Let's just make sure of it."
He carried his suitcase to the door and said goodbye to everyone. After
he left, Uncle Nick said, "Let's get some hot chocolate."
We made up our cups with marshmallows in them and Aunt Paulette ladeled
the cups full. We took them to the living room and Aunt Paulette said to
me, "Billy, Jr is going to stay here tonight. His mom and dad have
already left. We all think it will be a good idea for him to sl**p with
you so you have someone to hang onto."
"I think that's a good idea to. Can we take another shower so we can play
"How about you bring the tonkas down here to the living room and play
with them in here."
"O.k., come on Jr, let's go get them."
As I ran out of the room, I heard Uncle Nick say, "That fucking Gray
Chapter 7

That night, I was really tired. Jr came up to sl**p with me, but even
then I could barely keep my eyes open.

When I did get to sl**p, I had a nitemare of my daddy and mommy coming to
talk to me. Daddy said he was proud of me and the only thing I felt was
sad. I asked him why they had to walk away from me. Each time I tried to
catch up with them, they'd leave me again

I woke up crying and Jr was laying there comforting me. Aunt Paulette
came into the bedroom at a run and sat with us while I told her what they
said. She told me I was having the dream because of us going to the house
and everything being so stressful.

When I finally calmed down, Aunt Paulette asked me if I wanted to go
sl**p with them. Knowing Jr would be with me helped and I told her I
would stay with him.

We lay back down and Jr and I hugged each other really tight. As I dozed
back off, he told me he loved me and he'd not run away from me. Finally,
we made it through the night and the next morning, we awoke to the smell
of breakfast cooking.

Right after breakfast, Uncle Nick told us Mike would be coming over and
we needed to discover some things about the farms. He also congradulated
me on the other farms and said Mike thought it would be great as they'd
all tie in easily.

I then said, "Uncle Nick, What do you know about Gray Daniels?"

Uncle Nick's voice got a bit louder and took on an angry tone. His face
went a bit red, "Billy, he was the meanest guy in our school. He was
really sly about things, but the end result was people always got hurt
whenever he was in the area. If he's involved in things that went on with
your mom and dad, I can believe it. I'm just wondering how the others tie

"I just hope they catch them."

"Well, what I'm worried about is if he gets bailed out when they catch

"Did they catch him yet?"

"Not that I've been told, but maybe they're keeping things quiet."

We went out to see the a****ls which were brought in yesterday and it was
neat to see the different ones. Jr's favorite were the alpacas. He said
they were real smart and looked forward to teaching his some tricks.

We walked around and then we were told not to go near the buffalo. Uncle
Nick said the young ones wouldn't be accepted back from their momma if
they smelled us on them. We'd never heard about this before, so we were
happy Uncle Nick told us.

We continued to look at the different a****ls and feed them. When we were
done, we drove the tractor back up to the barn and saw Mike's truck
parked. He wasn't outside, so we put the tractor away and went into the
house. He was in showing Aunt Paulette some computer programs he used for
different aspects of the farm.

He said, "Billy, how you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, Uncle Nick said you wanted to discuss some things about
the farms."

"Yes, I do. What we're going to need is to seperate the a****ls. We think
the buffalo and the bulls will be good on one farm and the alpacas and
cattle will do on another. As long as we keep a pasture between them
open, the two can be corralled out to the other farm and moved so
nothing's over grazed."

"Which farm do you want to live in?"

"I think it will be fine for us to look at Mr. Thompson's farm. The barns
are better there and all we'll have to do is build a veteranary building
and an office and we'll be set up."

"How much do you want to work for me?"

"Here's what I made at the last place. It was a good living and we were
happy there. I made thirty thousand and Amy got to work outside of the
home. If she works for you, then it will be another twenty five. One
other thing we got was a truck to drive and full medical."

"Well, it really doesn't matter, I want you no matter what and Uncle Nick
said I can afford it. What matters is Jr gets an allowance and gets one
of those little trucks like I'm getting. Uncle Nick said to tell you as
you would be able to get it so it could be written off."

"O.k., but Jr doesn't need one of those."

"I'm going to have one and in order to get over here to see me, he'll
need one. So, I'd really like for him to have one."

"O.k., you're the boss, so I'll let him have it. I just don't want him
getting too spoiled."

"He won't. He can help me when I'm over there working."

"How much do you want him to make?"

"He can make what I do. Right now, Uncle Nick is giving me an allowance
but is paying me eight an hour on the weekends to feed. Jr helped feed
today, so he can be paid today."

"Jr, is this o.k. With you?"

"Yes daddy, I didn't know what I was doing was work, but it's fine with

"O.k., The next thing I would like to talk with you about is the barns
for over at your paren'ts place. Do you still want them there?"

"Yes, do whatever you need. We can't do anything inside the barn lot or
near the house, but they didn't say anthing about the other areas."

"O.k., I'm thinking about having that area as the main a****l center and
feed storage. We don't want to have too many things in one area and spend
time driving hay and feed from one spot to the others. What I think is
the bulls and buffalo can pretty much graze and the alpacas and cattle
can graze but will need more vet care."

"So, you're going to put them on the Thompson place?"

"Yeah, I think it will be best. We can still pull hay from the farms, and
rotate the a****ls at the same time."

"What are we going to do with my parent's place?"

"I think it will be good for some grazing, but it's really begging to be
a feed crop farm. We can grow milo, corn, soybeans, and wheat there with
no problems."

"Will we need any different equipment?"

"We'll need a few pieces, but the tractors and the wagons are already
there. We'll need a combine sheller and some wagons, but what we'll need
is some bins put up."

"Whatever you think, then get them. Just keep in mind I'm going to be
adding more land as we can get it."

"We'll do that, I'll make some calls and we'll get things going as soon
as you all get the farms bought."

"Uncle Nick, when will that be?"

"I'll get the papers handled this upcoming week. Hopefully the week
after, you'll take possession because those guys want to be out of it as
soon as possible. I think Mr. Anderson's content on staying over at his
place, but will probably be moving. I did get a hint Mr. Thompson will be
moving in with him."

"They must be good friends."

"Yeah, they grew up together and both had families and stayed on their
farms. For as long as I can remember, they farmed together."

I turned to Mike, "That reminds me, Uncle Nick said you probably knew who
had your old farm ."

"Some people from the city own it. They don't use it for anything other
than hunting. Are you interested in purchasing it?"

"Yeah, but what happens if they don't want to sell?"

"We'll have to find something else. What I do think is if you make an
agreement they have lifetime hunting rights on the place, they'll
probably sell."

"They can't shoot any of our cattle though."

"They won't. They're really safe."

"Well, just make sure they know that. I don't want to have any cattle

"I'll give them a call and see what their interest in selling is..."

"O.k., that would be neat."

Uncle Nick said, "Billy, on Monday, you'll be going back to school. While
I'm in town, I'll run by the attorney's office and we'll see about
incorporating and what all needs to be done."

"O.k., will Jr be going to my school?"

"Jr will need to continue going to his own school until we get moved.
Then, we'll get him transferred."

"Uncle Nick, Mike said he'd go along with Jr getting a toolcat, would you
give them a call so they can get one of them sent to him?"

"Just as soon as I know if the corporate account is open, I'll get one
ordered for him. Mike, you and I will be getting one too. They're really
neat and ride on a path the same size as a gator. I think rather than
running trucks all over, we can have them for on farm use and can be just
as safe. It might be good for us to order one for the Anderson farm too."

"O.k, so we're needing to order four more?"

"Yeah, but you might want to order another."

"That's like a hundred grand!"

"Yeah, but the advantage is they have attachments like a tractor and
don't have to be licensed or insured like a truck. They'll pull wagons
just the same."

"I see what you mean. The savings on the license and insurance is going
to be about a grand a year each."

"Yeah, and if you really think about it, most of the time, on the farm,
we don't really need to fire up a tractor or a truck. And when's the last
time you ever used your tractor or truck to mow?"

"Wow, that's giving me all sorts of ideas now!"

"Here's a brochure, the attachments are awesome. They attach easy and
basicly give us the use of everything we need in short easy to use
attachments. They're so easy to drive, the boys won't have a problem and
be safe as they don't have a high speed."

"I'm seeing what you mean. That flashing light on top is something Amy
will insist on."

"Yes, we ordered Billy's that way and I've also added safety stripes so
even in the dark, they will stand out."

"That's good. I'm sold on them now. Heck, do I have permission to get
attachments ordered too?"

"Yeah, get what you need."

"These fork lift hooks tell me we can probably get hay hooks for round
bales. That would be awesome as it'd be a lot easier....and it's even got
a three point hitch! Who needs a tractor now with one of these things?"

"That's the idea, but we'll still need tractors for some things, but the
savings in fuel will be a huge benefit."

"I hear you. Let me see if I can get a discount on an order of six and
throw Billy's in on the invoice."

"Billy's is already bought, but if they give a discount on six, then get
the guy to put the money taken off onto the savings of the others."

"Will do. Now, when do you want me to get the other items going like the
barns and bins being put up over on the Jacobs land?"

"I need to call and see if they're going to need us to make a new entry
in so we don't have to keep going through a crime scene."

"O.k., but it will be good as I think the homesite and that barn would be
good for a sick a****l center and veteranary care. That barn would be
good for that, and where the house is would be good for that."

"So, you don't want it to be over at the Thompson place?"

"I'm torn between those two. We could use the Thompson place as the main
implement storage and hay storage, but the feed could be what is known as
the B side of the Jacobs place with the vet care being A."

"Whatever you need Mike, know I'll be in to help, and just remember
Paulette will be in on these plans too."

"Are you and Paulette going to be incorporating your land in on Billy's

"Paulette says the decision is up to me. She's fine with either way. At
first, I wanted everything to be seperate, but now I'm thinking if we
throw in, then it's not going to hurt us. Whatever we do, know we'll be
doing everything we can do to help."

"Well, if you throw in, then Paulette would really help a lot by doing
the paperwork and the accounting. She's already doing all that for you,
and she'd require an office. She could receive a paycheck from the farms
and could sublet her work to others if she really wanted. There is a lot
of demand for that and not many local accounting agencies know the
intricacies of farm management."

"Let me call her in and ask. I think she'd be happy, but we need to

"While we're doing this, why don't I ask Amy to come in. You know she's a
veteranary tech and she can do a lot a vet can do?"

"I wasn't aware of that, but it'd come in great."

I was sitting back and listening to everything. What excited me about it
all was it was falling together like a big jigsaw puzzle. Everyone had a
job talent which would be vital to the whole unit and even Mr.s Anderson
and Thompson could have a part of it. That reminded me I needed to go
over and speak with Mr. Anderson sometime to get his memories down on my
grand and great grand dads.

Aunt Paulette and Amy came in and sat down. When they heard the plans,
they were really excited. Each could work for the farm and each could
sublet their work to others in the area. The plan formed where Aunt
Paulette would have an office based out of the same building Amy would
have her vet building. Amy said the veteranarian she worked for probably
would be happy to work at the building as he didn't really have a
location which afforded him the space to care for sick or injured
livestock. She said his building in town was primarily for smaller

When she brought up the fact horses would probably need boarded and
tended, Mike added oats and rye down on the things we'd need to farm on
the my parents farm which was now being called the Jacobs farm. That made
me feel strange them calling it that, but I thought my parents would
really be happy knowing the site of sadness for our f****y would be one
of hope to a lot of people.

We carried through the conversation into lunch time. Aunt Paulette
brought in makings for sandwiches and we all made ourselves lunch with
chips and some pickles. Jr and I sat and listened to the conversation. Jr
was excited about having such a wide variety of a****ls as I was which
was neat. We both were excited about tending to different a****ls. He his
alpacas and me, my baby buffalo and beefalo.

As the converation continued, Mike was drawing diagrams of what each farm
would do and what the layout should look like. The only thing I saw was
the homesite and barn lot there being a huge obstacle. They didn't think
so, so I didn't voice it.

What was good about everything was sometime during the conversation, Mike
made the phone call to the man he thought owned his old farm. It turned
out the man who owned it had sold it and gave him the number of the one
who now owned it. Mike called him and the man was eager to sell it. When
he was offered lifetime hunting privledges, he was really excited about
the sale. Mike then said he would call his old boss and see if he was
interested in selling. He did and another farm was agreed to be bought.

I was worried about the money and whether I had enough. Uncle Nick kept
assuring me I had enough and at some time in the conversation he said I
had a lot of millions of dollars... like fifty. He told Mike a double
indemnity clause kicked in or something which made things a whole lot
better. I'm not sure what all that means, but apparently it meant
something good. I wasn't realy sure how much a million is, as I can only
count up to a thousand and that's a lot. What I was told was a thousand
thousand is a million. Well, that's a lot.

Jr looked at me and said, "Ask them if we can go buy some candy since
you're so rich."

I said, "Let's wait and see if we can get some after church tomorrow."

He agreed and asked me, "Am I going to be your employee, or your friend?"

"You're my friend, but you get paid to do what we did this morning. Isn't
that neat!"

"Yeah, I wonder if we can buy a cart for my alpaca with that money, I
want to teach it some tricks."

"We'll see. I bet we can."

The conversation continued until there was a knock at the door. No one
was expecting company, I thought, but believe me as soon as I saw who it
was, I was running out to his truck. My new tool cat had arrived!

Jr was right on my heels going, "Oh man, that's so cool!"

"You're getting one too and so's everyone else, but just as soon as I
can, we're going out to drive this one. I promise you can drive it too."

Everyone else had came out to see it and apparently Mike was really
excited. He spoke with the man (who also was the one who sold it to us)
and the man was so excited at the prospect of a huge order he gave Mike a
fifteen percent discount and would include the discount of mine in the
deal too. That discount was like getting another free, so Mike ordered a
seventh one for Aunt Paulette and Amy to share.

The man and Mike soon got to talking about all the attachments we'd need
and the more Mike spoke, the more the man was excited. He was stuttering
and saying all sorts of things like rebates, discounts, and percentages
off. It sounded to me like if we bought one thing, we were going to pay a
lot, but since we were buying a lot, they were throwing the things at us
for free. I wished a candy store was like that!

The man showed us how to drive it and at first, Uncle Nick showed me how
to drive it. We drove in it with Jr in the bed of it looking through the
rear window. We stopped to turn around and Jr got up on Uncle Nick's lap
and I drove. I was nervous, but within a few hundred feet, I had the hang
of it. It was real neat and the brakes on it were real easy.

When we got to the house, I took Jr out and when we got to the turn
around spot, I let him drive back. His face lit up like Christmas he was
so happy.When we got back to the house, I got out and Mike got in with Jr
driving. They went down the lane towards the lower field and when they
came back, Jr got out and Amy got in. She drove real good and Uncle Nick
then asked Aunt Paulette if she wanted to drive. She said she did and
when Mike and Amy got back, they took off with Aunt Paulette driving.

Mike was so excited he was telling the guy he wanted a total of seven of
them. One for each of us and then one for Mr.s Anderson and Thompson. All
of them would be equiped the same and the man selling them was sure

One of the items which Mike really liked was the post hole auger. He said
with all of them running an auger, putting up fence wouldn't be a chore
at all. It didn't sound like it to me either, and fences on a cattle farm
were a chore. It required stretching and lots of hours digging holes.
With the holes taken care of, the job was going to be a breeze.

Things went good all the way up until dark. Jr and I drove around and the
adults all stayed in the house talking. Uncle Nick and Mike made plans on
going over to Mike's old farm and the one he used to work at so they
could see them. I didn't need to go to Mike's old farm as I'd snuck over
there often enough. What I knew of it was there were a lot of sticker
bushes over there and lots of trees. They'd let it grow up and become
terrible. Mike said we'd have to have someone come in and clear it off.
Uncle Nick suggested we rent a dozer and do the work ourselves and have a
huge bonfire. Then Mike said he thought the wood from the trees could be
used for firewood and then once again they got excited about all the
little trucks we would be having.

At some time about dark, Jr and I was down the road and he said, "Billy,
can I kiss you?"

I said, "Sure, come here!"

We kissed and I felt really happy all over. He said, "When we get back to
the house, let's ask if you can stay all night over at my house."

"O.k., but I doubt if they let me as we have church tomorrow."

"We go to the same church, so that's not going to be a problem. We can go
and you can go home with them then."

"I'll ask, but I doubt if they let me."

"O.k., let's ask. You never know..."

When we went in, Uncle Nick and Mike took us out to the barn and showed
me where I was going to be parking my little truck. Mike made a joke
about putting numbers on them to be able to tell all of them apart. I
said, "Can I have a name on mine instead?"

"Sure, what name would you like on yours?"

"Old Bessie, she was the best cow I ever had."

"Then Old Bessie is what your little truck will be known as from now on."

I was really happy. I wish I had a picture of her, but having her name on
my little truck was good too. Jr said he wanted to call his a name he
wanted to call his pony he'd always wanted. So, he was going to call his
little truck lightning. Mike said, "If you call yours lightning, then
I'll call mine thunder, then when you see us coming you'll be able to
say, 'here comes lightning and thunder!'"

Uncle Nick said, "I want mine to be Old Blue, that's the name of my first
pony and I bet Paulette will want hers called something named after a
flower. She did ask me to have the wheels painted pink on hers."

"Oooh, Pink? That's a girls color!"

"Billy, she's a girl, she likes girl colors."

"Oh, I forgot. Well, that's o.k., then."

We went in the house and Aunt Paulette and Amy were making supper. They
were turning out to be good friends and I was happy for Aunt Paulette.
And, just as Uncle Nick said, once Aunt Paulette heard the names of ours,
she wanted a girl name of Petunia. Amy wanted hers to be one to match
Mike and Jr's. She wanted hers to be called 'Rain'. It sounded cool to
me, 'Lightning', 'Thunder', and 'Rain'.

As we were beginning supper, Uncle Nick said grace and the phone rang.
Aunt Paulette answered it and handed the phone to Uncle Nick. As he was
speaking, she said, "The sheriff's calling to tell us they've apprehended
the guys. We can sl**p easier tonight."

"Who were the other two?"

"I don't know honey, but I bet Nick will know when he gets all the

I listened to the conversation Uncle Nick was having and he was finding
out who the other guys were. The sheriff told him the guys names as he
said the local news would be having that information just as soon as the
press release was given.

After the phone call, the conversation shifted over to who the guys were
and the adults knew the names. It turned out they were all living at the
same house and were making d**gs at the house. The evidence they had at
the house showed the items missing from our barn were in that house.
Uncle Nick said it was really a open and shut case as they had a lot of
meat in their freezer and he was sure DNA evidence from Old Bessie would
match. He said they'd also found a lot of other evidence at the house,
but didn't say what it was.

Jr and I asked if we could spend the night together again, and
surprisingly, Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette agreed for me to spend the
night with Mike, Amy, and Jr.

We were through eatting, so I excused myself along with Jr and we ran up
to my bedroom to get things I would need.

When we went downstairs, Uncle Nick said, "Billy, would you please come
with me to the office?" The look on his face looked like he was upset
about something and I got worried I was in trouble for something.

We went into the office and he said, "Sit down, I need to ask you a
question which I didn't want anyone else to hear."

"O.k. Uncle Nick, am I in trouble?"

"No, but we should be because I feel like just as big of an ass as you
will when I tell you what's on my mind."


"Yeah, it's a big oh."

"Ok, what's wrong?"

"Billy, how would you feel if Jr and his f****y came over and were making
all these plans like we're making and they wanted you to help?"

"I'd think it was neat and feel honored they thought enough of me to
allow me to help."

"Wouldn't you feel a little left out?"

"Not if I could help them."

"That's the way they feel right now because they need someplace to work
and we're offering it to them. But, how would you feel if after
everything's done and you've worked real hard doing everything. Wouldn't
you feel a bit insecure that they got everything they wanted from you and
now, you're nothing more than an employee?"

The realization suddenly hit me. "Oh, I never thought of that Uncle Nick.
I'd be scared."

"Yeah, and we've been doing all this thinking and Mike's been so excited
and he's anxious to do everything he could for us. You, well, you're
throwing in an awful lot of money. Me and Paulette, we're throwing in
everything we've worked for all this time. Them, well, they're throwing
in all that knowledge and both of us know their work and knowledge are
going to help the farms grow bigger. Right?"


"So, why don't we ask them to be a partner in this effort too. Not an
equal partner, but just the same, I'd like them to know that when it's
all going, they'll have an interest in it which won't be sold out to
someone who will work cheaper."

"That's good Uncle Nick because I sure wouldn't want them to feel bad
enough to take away Jr."

"No, and I wouldn't want them to take away their friendships either. Mike
and I have been friends for a long time and I don't want them to think it
is in jeopardy."

"Me neither."

"So, what do you say we call your Aunt in and tell her and ask her what
she thinks and then afterwards, go out and tell Mike and Amy. O.k.?"

"Sure, I'll take Jr upstairs after we talk and that way you all can tell

"You can stay if you want."

"No, I think it'd be better coming from you. It was your idea."

"O.k., but you're a partner in this too."

"O.k. But all I want is Jr to be my friend."

"I understand and that's what I want with them."

"You want Mike for a boyfriend?"

"No, not in that way, but there once was a time I could've...but don't
let anyone know. O.k.?"

"Wow, you two would have made an awesome pair!"

"Yeah, but we were young just like you and Jr. That's why I don't think
either one of us will ever stop you two. We both remember that if things
were different, we'd be together."

"That's sad."

"No, that's reality and that's life. My daddy knew and to be quite
honest, that's why his daddy moved away. I think that's why my daddy
never left your farm to me."

"That is awfully mean."

"That's the way some people thought. Your mama knew and Bless her soul,
she never told anyone. If your daddy had known, I'd probably be on his
hellion list."

"My daddy didn't like gay people?"

"Your daddy would still love you Billy, but he never would understand

"Well, he will understand now between Jr and I as he can see us from up
in heaven."

"Yes, and I'm sure the good Lord is telling him he approves of people
loving each other no matter what."

"I think so too. Why won't people just mind their own business?"

"That's the way people are Billy. You just remember so when people judge
other people for whatever reason, it's to make themselves feel superior
to someone and that's all it is. It's sure not loving someone if they do
that, is it?"

"No and I won't like them because of it."

"Me neither. Well, let's call your Aunt Paulette into the office here and
then we can let you go stay the night with Jr."

He left the office and soon Aunt Paulette came in. The first thing she
did was come over, look at me and say, "You o.k. Baby?"

"Yeah, I'm o.k."

She looked at Uncle Nick. "What's going on?"

"I thought of something and just as soon as I did, I felt like a mule had
kicked me in the stomache. I saw something was wrong, so I called Billy
in to see if he was o.k with what I thought. Once he was o.k with it, we
agreed to ask your opinion."

"O.k, what's on your minds?"

"We've been making plans for this all day hon, and not one time have we
really thought about Mike and Amy's feelings on this."

"We've offered them a lot, how can you say that?"

"We've offered them jobs and that's it. How do you think they'll feel
down the road when they've worked their hardest for us and see they could
be replaced by someone cheaper?"

"Oh" Her voice faltered and said, "Nick, you go out there and tell them I
want them to be a part of it. Whatever you do, make them feel they're
secure. I'm building friendship with Amy and I'd sure hate to think she
wasn't getting treated fair."

"That's what I realized and then told Billy. He feels the same way. It's
just making me sick we never really thought of them in all this. But, I'm
glad we thought of it now and we're correcting that mistake."

"Me too."

"Can I go upstairs now?"

"You go on upstairs and Paulette and I will go out and tell them it's

"What's mutual?"

"It's another word which means agreed upon as in feelings."

"Oh, o.k. So, it's mutual that Jr and I like each other."

"Yes, that's a good way to use it."

"Well, I'm going upstairs."

We all left the office and went into the kitchen. I looked at Jr and
said, "Come upstairs, Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette need to talk with your
mom and dad."

He gave me a look which asked me if I was in trouble and I just said,
"Come on!"

He took off running and said, "I'll race ya!"

Like a heard of thundering elephants we raced up the steps.

As soon as we got to my room, he grabbed me and hugged me. "You're not in
trouble are you?"

"No, but I should be, but Uncle Nick's taking care of that right now."

"What did you do?"

"Well, all day today, your dad and mom have been here helping us and
thinking of different ways they could make things better so we could make
the farm a success. Right?"

"Yeah, daddy says he's going to really like working for you guys and so
does mom."

"Well, right now, downstairs, Uncle Nick's making your dad and mom a
partner in the farms."


"Yeah, we felt bad about not inviting them, so now we're correcting that

"Daddy's going to like that!"

"I'm liking it too. It means you won't ever have to leave me."

"Billy, I would never leave you."
Chapter 8

"Nick, I'm not doing this to better myself. I'm doing it to help that boy
upstairs. Now, if you want to make me a partner in these farms, I'll
gladly walk out the door right now. All I'm bringing to the table is my
know how on raising cattle. There's not a penny I can invest and that's
not enough."

"Mike, listen to me. I'm putting our farm on the line. I'm putting
Paulette and I's future on the table. Yes, it does have monetary value,
but it's also Billy's future because he's just as good our son. Billy
thinks, and I think, you've brought enough to the table. You being here
means we can have a life away from the farm. We can live a normal life.
We're not a slave to some b**sts whose very existence depends upon us.
You'll be there to step in and that means the world to us. Now, if you
think you've not brought enough to the table, then tell me what your
knowledge means to you, because I'll tell you now, it meant enough to us
when we bought the cattle you raised to know we were getting damned fine
cattle.We paid for them because they were the best cattle there bar none.
It means the world to Billy to have your son with us to be a friend. That
might not mean much to us, but it should. You remember how much your
friendship meant to us when we were little. I was there for you, and you
were there for me. I love you like a b*****r and there were times, you
were the only one there for me. Now, you tell me it doesn't mean much to
me? Get real man!"

"Nick, let's go outside and discuss this rationally."

"Mike, this is one time I've got to say no to you. Paulette's futre and
your wife's future is dependent upon the decision. I don't want to take
any guff over this. I just want you to agree."

"You say you're doing it for the boy's future. I'm doing it for Jr's
future. Yes, I raise cattle for a living, Nick, but if it's really known,
all I'm doing is trying to put meat on the table. Our goals are similar
here. We're just trying to make a future for the k**s. Now, if you want
to put anyone's name on the dotted line, then put Jr's name on it. I'll
work my tail off just the same, but I'd prefer my name not be on it.
Don't ask me why, but I don't. I'll stay and secure their futures, but I
don't want to share equal billing when I didn't bring anything to the

Nick walked around the table and shook Mike's hand. He turned to Paulette
and said, "Babe, we've got him on the best way he'll stay. It's better
than nothing, but now we've got to get Billy to agree. Tomorrow, we'll
ask him what he thinks."

Paulette looked across the table, "You better ask Jr what he thinks too.
He's the one who's going to be sharing it. Now you two go outside and
leave us women out of your haggling."

They all laughed and Nick and Mike went outside.

When they got outside, Nick turned to Mike, "Mike, you know as well as I
do we just gave those boys what we couldn't have. I've got an oath I gave
and you do too, but you know I loved you more than that land over there."

Mike had tears in his eyes, "Nicky, if things had been different and our
daddies hadn't found out, we'd be together. They did and it nearly ruined
our lives. I loved you too. I loved you enough to put up with the hell
that old man put me through after we moved."

"I'm so sorry. If we hadn't gotten caught, we'd be a lot better right
now. But we did. Let's just make sure the boys get a chance we didn't. If
in the future they don't like each other, then we'll deal with it, but
Billy's already told me he likes Jr."

"Jr says he likes Billy too. We were the same age, you remember?"

"Yeah, it was a lot further to walk to school then, and I'm just glad the
boys have it easier."

"Amy says she's going to support him in anything he chooses. I think she
knows about how I felt about you. There were some times when I saw you in
school, it nearly tore my heart out. She saw, and she picked up the
pieces. She's not let it be known, but I think she's figured it out."

"She's smart. If she didn't see you looking at me, I'm sure she saw me
looking at you. It was damned tough. I don't know how many times I saw
you and had to duck out someplace because I was crying."

"Me too." Mike paused, "Well, that's all under the bridge now. We've got
what we've got and we're going to have to make the best of the

"I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad the boys finally have it so we can
join those two farms together and get a chance at what we'd hoped back
then. Heck, they've got it better because they've got all those hay
fields. They're going to have it made."

Mike looked at Nick, and then said, "Nick, did you ever go see Brokeback

"No, was it any good?"

"Oh hell man, we went and saw it and the only thing I could think was it
was our story. I can't tell you how I finally had to go to the restroom
because I was losing it. By the end of the movie, I'd made myself sick. I
don't think even cold water on my face hid my eye's from Amy."

"I'm glad I didn't go then. Paulette's understanding, but I imagine she'd
be a lot less understanding than Amy. She'd probably be in town now
living at her mama's."

"She going to be fair to the boys?" Mike asked with concern.

"Oh hell yeah, she's understanding about them. I just don't think she'd
be as understanding about me though."

"Well, I don't imagine. If we'd gotten together, I don't think I'd
understand you mooning over someone else."

"You wouldn't have to. We'd had what we wanted."

"Well, We've got now, so let's work on it. I'm just going to tell you
now, don't let on such the boys catch wind. If the time comes, we'll tell
them, but I don't want them to know."

"Mike, you were always strongest of us two."

"No, I was a weak motherfucker when it came to you. You knew me better
than anyone and you had my heart. That's why it was so unfair. If it'd
been us that split us up, then we'd be a whole lot better about things
now. I'd probably not speak to you, but we'd sure as the world wouldn't
be where we are now. There are times now, I still look at you and think
about what might've been."

"Me too....Me too."

"Well, we can talk, but let's not cross the line to cause us any more
grief than what we've got in our hearts. We'll have these conversations,
but that's all I can offer."

"I understand. I appreciate what you're giving. I really do."

"I know you do."

By this time, they were out at the barn.

"Nicky, you and that boy sure bought some fine cattle. Their breeding
program is going to put them in the top of the state's herds."

"You'll be there to take credit for it too. I want you to be."

"I'll be there, but I'm going to point the finger back."

"Mike, what's the shit about you not bringing anything to the table
financially. You know money doesn't mean a thing to me!"

"Nicky, you gotta let me do it how I need to do it. Amy would have really
had me out of there if she'd thought I wasn't entitled. She's been around
me too long to know that's not the way it is with me. You are the only
one I'd even consider it with and having you in my heart with her and Jr,
is enough."

"O.k., but that's not what I was intending. I just didn't want you
building up resentment in the future and have you hauling tail."

"I doubt if I go anywhere Nicky. We're back where we belong and that's
how I want it."

"Me too. Well, what do you think about the alpaca's?"

"My boy's got it in his head he wants to raise some. I've done some
looking into them, and they're a sign of the future, I think. Their coats
can be shorn like sheep and their meat is going for a nice price...better
than cattle. One thing you'll learn about alpaca's is they're a docile
a****l and a smart a****l. A cow will shit all over it's own pasture and
feed right next to their excrement. Alpaca's have a communal dung pile
and won't feed near it."

"Wow, I didn't know that!"

"Yeah, the boys couldn't have picked a better a****l for pets. They don't
bite and rarely if ever do they spit. They're docile and if one spits,
then that's either a sign the boys have done something wrong, or we've
got to watch that one and get it to the sale barn. They've got
temperments and each is individual, but a bad spirited one, we don't

"I'm going to switch subjects on you. What do you think of this with Gray

"I've not kept up with Gray, but he's always been a real asshole. I think
he knew about us and he didn't say anything because there were times I
thought he was looking at me in the showers at school. Now, him doing
what they did with his cousins? I think the one cousin talked the other
one and Gray into doing what they did. That's just my thought, but I
can't see Gray just going out and doing something like that to a total

"We don't know them, or him anymore. They said they were involved in
making d**gs. So, what else they might've been capable of, we don't

"Nick, stop a second and think about it. Gray isn't on the stuff. He's
not, because all the times I've seen him in town, he's been full weight
like he was in school. The other two, I don't know. I can't remember
them. The one...the best thing I can say is the dude looks like a vampire
he's so pale. I'd be willing to bet you he's the one that put the other
two up to everything."

"Well, they're all in jail now, so I imagine one's going to talk to save
his hide. From what Billy said, the one that was up by the house is the
one that probably poured the gasoline through the house from what Gray
said to him."

"Probably so, but the one that's the ring leader probably was the one out
at the barn. He sounds like he's the sort that will hide out and
slaughter a defenseless a****l, but send the others to do the dirty

"Well, they're all going to go away for this one. It's just a shame they
didn't have dogs over there."

"Speaking of that, I'm going to tell you now, I prefer to have a dog
around and I'll probably have several. I just want you to know now."

"I'm not going to mind as long as they're not the attack kind."

"Any dog will attack, but they're the best form of defense a cattleman
can have. They'll bark when a cow will only moo. A dog will let out that
alarm when a cow is too far away for us to even here. I'd just prefer it
if we have an alarm system that will give us a chance to get out a
shotgun and go out to stop something from happening. Also, a dog will
tend to keep a coyote or a wolf away. They just don't encroach on each
other's territories."

"O.k., let's just make sure the boys have a choice in the matter because
they're likely to make them into a pet."

"Yeah, I know Jr will."

"You've got a fine boy in him. He looks just like you did back then."

"Billy is the spitting image of his mama. I saw him and instantly thought
back to that time and it was just uncanny."

"Well, I'm glad they're taking a notion to each other. I'm just glad
you're back around. For too long, I've not had a friend I could call my
own....well, not since you left."

"I know. It's been the same for me. Now, I'm going to do a subject switch
on you."

"O.k., shoot. "

"Those two guys over on those farms...Anderson and do
know they're lovers don't you?"

"I guessed it, but all I knew was they'd farmed together all these years,
but the one had a f****y."

"Well, when we went through all the troubles we did, my dad told me the
history he knew and it turns out they were lovers way back an the one
went out and got the girl knocked up in the military during the war. He
kind of shelved his love life with the other when he brought her and the
k** home. The first thing my dad did was beat the tar out of me and
question me if we'd went over and got taught to be faggots by them two."

"Oh, Mike, I'm sorry."

"You knew my dad. He'd put one and one together and come up with ninety
six, Nick. He wasn't the best when it came to brains. He just was too
paranoid to give us credit for coming up with us liking each other on our

"Mike, we just need to make sure they don't catch the flak we did."

"I'm not going to stop them. In fact, if they want to go over to that
farm over there and learn how to see two guys living together as role
models, then it's fine with me. I want them to have the best future they
can have."

"Me too. Speaking of them, did you know they were together back then?"

"Heck no! I didn't know a thing the whole time...not until my dad said
it. Then, afterwards, I kicked myself for not getting us to go over as I
think it'd probably been better for us not to get caught."

"Mike, if we hadn't gotten caught, where do you think we'd be today."

"Oh, I'd say, my dad probably would've still died and I would have gotten
the farm. You'd probably came over there to live and we'd still had Billy
with your s****r and her husband as neighbors. That would have been

"Yeah, s*s accepted us. You knew that didn't you?"

"Well, I didn't know she knew, but I suspected. The amount of time we
spent with each other had to gotten people suspicious. I just kick myself
for not taking the truck that night and us going somewhere different to
park. Then, things wouldn't have happened like they did."

"As you know, hindsight's twenty/twenty. We didn't know we'd gotten
caught, and who's to say we wouldn't have gotten caught at a different
time? It happened and at least we've got each other as friends now."

"You bet 'cha. I'm thankful for that myself."

"One thing I need to ask you Mike, is to measure the distance from the
Thompson place over to here. I think we need to put up another fence
along that one and put in some wind breaks so the boys can drive those
trucks back and forth....well, the women too for that matter. What I'm
getting to is I don't want us to inadvertantly have a bull in one of
those fields and it to charge a truck."

"I was thinking about that myself. What I was thinking about how we
should pour gravel, or blacktop a strip of pavement because as easy as
those are going to be on the soil, they're still going to wear down the
grass in the Spring and we'll have a mess. I don't know how much a strip
of pavement or gravel for that matter will cost, but that's the best
thing I can think."

"Let's go with asphalt. The one thing I want to teach the boys is to do
things right the first time as it'll save problems down the road. If we
go with gravel, yes, we'll save money, but if we've got to put down
asphalt later, then we're time ahead if we do it now."

"You're right. I'm just not used to having a budget that's allowed me to
do that. If that's what you want, then we'll do it. I agree totally it's
the right way to be and I'm sure we're going to be doing things right by
having Amy as an onsite vet."

"True. That in itself will be a savings just in potential problems.
Paulette will save us money and make us money, but Amy's going to be a
busy woman."

"Yeah, that's what I think. She doesn't realize how many people have
needed a place like we're proposing."

"Nick, can I suggest something else I want the boys to learn?"

"You don't even have to ask, Mike. You know it's just us here, tell me
what you're thinking."

"Well, I feel strange about taking Billy's care for granted. That's why I

"Treat him like you do your own, that's all I ask and I know you'll do
that, so what's on your mind?"

"I want us to get on the board of some of the things with the county. I
want the boys to have a hand in making their future better. For so long,
I know I've felt some of the decisions being made there haven't been ones
I agree with and there's no one to blame but myself. I just think if I'd
been there doing more, I could've made a difference."

"You're probably right. Those guys take care of their own and some of the
things done just scream of them taking care of themselves. Foley's the
highway commissioner and he has asphalt all the way to his
other farmer can say they went from a dirt lane to asphalt, but he sure

"Yeah, that one didn't even look suspicious. He built that new bridge and
the way the highway looks out by his place just says to me they certainly
know where their funding comes from."

"What sort of offices do you want to try for?"

"I don't know. Ag commissioner....rural power....well, being road
commissioner wouldn't hurt us any!"

"I agree, but if the road out there gets to be too well traveled, then
we've got to be careful with the boys and their little trucks. I'd have
to have them hurt crossing it."

"If it gets that well traveled, I'll go to the county and get a box
culvert put in that's big enough to allow them to drive under the road as
well as allows cattle to move from over here to over there. With them
being the biggest rachers in these parts, I don't think they'll be
ignored...or at least, they better not be."

"That's why we should be on different boards. You protect our interests
in one area and I'll protect them in another area. If we could get the
women on some, we'd have it sown up!"

"Well, Amy would be better suited on the Ag commission and Paulette would
be better suited for finance. She knowing the budget would certainly tell
us where the money's headed."

"You're right, let's go in and talk with them about it."

The two went back into the house. When they got there, the women were
seated at the table doing some scrapbooking.

"What you two up to?"

Paulette smiled, "We just thought we'd take some of these receipts and
make the boys some scrap books of the beginning of their farm. Later,
when they get older, they can look back on it and see we were thinking of

Nick smiled, "That's a good idea. Do you care to have company? Mike and I
have a few ideas we'd like to run by you two."

"Sure hon, you sit here and you can be designated scissor man. Mike,
you're in charge of glue. Now, what's your your mind? Because our jobs
got a lot easier!" She said with a chuckle.

Nick chuckled too and looked over at Mike, "Do you wonder how we got
roped into this?"

"I all started with the words, "I do"!" He said with a laugh.

Everyone chuckled and Mike began, "Nick and I have a few ideas we'd like
to run by you."

Paulette and Amy looked up at him.

"We're wondering if you two as well as us would like to take on the
challenge of going to the county meetings and getting ourselves on a few
of the committees or boards."

"Don't we have to be elected on them?" Amy asked.

"No, sometimes, they form the committees just from interested parties.
Others, yes, we'd need to get elected, but that wouldn't be bad either as
it'd show the boys how to be a part of the voting process."

Pauletted asked, "What sort of committee? I for one sure don't want to be
on a committee which oversees the county fair. That'd be a real

"No, what we're wondering is have a professional ability to
oversee finance, so that'd be where we'd focus you. Amy, you're better
with a****ls, so ag would be better where you'd excell."

Paulette looked at them, "What's brought this on?"

Mike without missing a beat said, "Nick and I were out at the barn and
one thing led to another and we were discussing different things which
we've felt would've benefitted us if we'd been better at participating.
We discussed it and we think it'd be good for the boys as it'd show them
to be more active in the county's governing and it'd not have them
thinking they're a vital part of things if they only reach out."

"So, this is a way to help them learn to be better citizens" Paulette
said, "I like it! I've thought a few things needed changing down there
myself. One of them is the distance the fire and emergency units are from
this part of the county. A satellite office could mean the difference in
someone living or being severely maimed over here in case of an accident.
I can't help but to think that if a fire truck had been closer, Billy
wouldn't be an orphan now."

"That's true. Maybe that's a committee Nick could be on. With you being
on a committee over finance, you will know where the money's spent and
ear marked, so we can know what's going to be in the future."

Nick stepped in, "And, you'd know if something's not going to benefit us
down the road by knowing where the money's going."

Paulette smiled, "Amy, what do you think?"

"I think being on the Ag committee would be great. You don't know it, but
that committee oversees who is the one that pays for things like food for
the elderly at the county home and it's just now the crops and livestock
like most people think. Someone who is in on the committee now is going
to be making decisions for the upcoming baby boomers that are retiring
now. You may not realize it, but the county home is in deplorable
condition. Most people don't think about it until they need it and once
they're in there, it's really too late to improve it. I'd like to see
about doing something now to have it be a better facility. If given the
right foresight, we could get a facility built that would be one the rest
of the state would wish they had."

"That's a good idea!" Paulette said, "I didn't know that! Our parents are
getting to an age now they might not have any other choice soon and I've
really not thought about the home out there. We should see if they give a
tour and then, we'd know what it's like before we went into a committee
meeting. I'd like to be on that committee too."

Mike smiled, "So, you're in agreement this is something we need to set
out to start doing?"

Paulette paused and then said, "Yes, I'm in agreement. I want to be
involved, BUT, I don't want to become so active the boys suddenly see us
gone all the time. If given a choice of helping or the boys, I'd make the
choice of them over anything."

Nick interjected, "Most certainly, that's not what we're saying. What
we're saying is we need to be active, but not over extend ourselves."

Paulette said, "I think if we did things right, my parents would be more
active in either being on a committee too, or they'd be happy to watch
the boys on the nights where we have commitments that overlap. I'll ask

Nick smiled, "Why don't you ask your parents what they know about things
and what they've heard. I'm sure they probably know someone who is on one
and could give us some advice on how to go about being more involved."

"I'll ask, as I'm sure my parents would know someone. Mike, what all are
your interests, so I can know what we'd each be best in asking about.?"

"As you know, ranching and raising cattle, but I'm really interested in
the roads, or something which would help us in the long run. The school
is one which I know is going to affect the boys, so I think it'd be good
to get some influence there."

Nick said, "I do know the school board appointed someone from this area
the last time because they didn't have anyone run. It's an elected spot
and you'd most likely run uncontested for that seat. That's a good plan.
Also, the commissioner's positions are elected, so we'd each have to run
for one of those seats, but it'd be good to see us on the seats in the

Paulette smiled, "I sure never thought about it, but it'd be something
I'd really like to do. Guys, this is a great idea!"

They sat there and cut out scrapbook tidbits, photos, and receipts as
they talked. Eventually, Mike and Amy left agreeing to meet together for
Sunday dinner after church. They agreed to bring makings for a feast of
Beef roast, carrots, potatos, and all the trimmings.

After church, I rode home with Jr and his f****y. When we got to the
house, Amy and Aunt Paulette went into the house. Mike, Uncle Nick, Jr,
and I went out to the barn and Uncle Nick got a wheel thing and said for
me to drive my little truck to my parent's farm and then we went through
the side pasture gate instead of the gate which the other guys used when
they left the main parking area.

Uncle Nick took the wheel thing and measured to the fence towards the
lane and then told me to drive a straight line towards the Thompson farm.
When we got to the fence, he used cutting pliars to cut the fence and
then said for me to drive over to the fence and drive along it to the
farm. While he rode, he kept the wheel on the ground and measured how far
it was in feet. When we got to the Thompson farm, he told Mike the
distance and then we parked the little truck to go across the fence and
tell Mr. Thompson we were there.

Mr Thompson wasn't there, and Mike said he was probably over to Mr.
Anderson's house. Mike took a slip of paper and left a note for Mr
Thompson telling him we'd cut the fence but it was o.k., as it joined to
our pasture. There was no livestock in the field and Mr. Thompson didn't
have any lifestock, but Mike said he wasn't sure if Mr. Thompson ever put
any of Mr. Anderson's bulls in there. I didn't want to correct Mike in
telling him the bulls were mine now.

When we drove back, Uncle Nick and Mike talked about spacing for
evergreen trees. Mike thought two rows on each side would be enough
spaced eight feet, but Uncle Nick said he thought we ought to have three.
I didn't understand what they were talking about and asked, that's when
they told me they were going to lay a strip of asphalt for us to drive
on. They said they thought a strip eight feet wide would be enough for
everyone to be able to pass side by side. The advantage of it, was it
would be big enough to drive a truck on also.

When we got back to the fence we'd cut, Uncle Nick used his pliars to
mend the fence. I watched and he did a good job. If I hadn't known it was
cut, I wouldn't have been able to see it.

By the time we got back to the house, Aunt Paulette and Amy had a really
good lunch for us to eat. Mike and Uncle Nick talked about getting a pipe
and putting it in the ditch for us to drive over. They talked about the
entrance to the new office being there and then about wondering who they
should contact with the county to get permission. They got involved in
that after lunch and Jr and I drove down to see the a****ls.

The alpaca's were really neat. We fed them and they came over to the
fence for us to pet them. Jr said he'd have to ask for us to grow a bunch
of carrots this summer so we'd have a lot of them to feed them as snacks.

We drove around the farm and as we drove, Jr and I held hands. I'd sneak
glances over at him and he'd look back at me. We shared driving and it
was fun. One thing which rested at the back of my mind would be going to
school tomorrow and not having him in the same school with me. I told him
and he seemed just as bummed about it as me.

We were down by the creek when we heard the truck horn off in the
distance. Jr said that usually was a sign he needed to get home, so we
hurried back up to the house. Mike and Uncle Nick were standing outside
and said Mr. Anderson had called and one of the bulls was in need of
medical care. He said Mike and Amy were going to use my little truck to
go over to help.

I asked if I could go, but Uncle Nick said I'd probably get in the way,
so Jr and I went inside to play Tonkas in the living room while Uncle
Nick watched sports on t.v.. Soon Aunt Paulette came in and asked Jr and
I to come to the kitchen. She was making some popcorn balls and wanted us
to help.

We went in and I think we ate more than what we made. At least I knew I
was full! But, we had a good time popping popcorn and mixing it all up.
One trick Aunt Paulette used which was neat was she put the mixed stuff
into zip lock bags she's sprayed cooking oil into so it didn't get our
hands all greasy. We moulded them from the outside and then would turn
them out onto wax paper when we were done. Jr and I had a good time
making popcorn ball men on the wax paper. Aunt Paulette helped us because
she got into her gingerbread house supplies and got us gumdrops and candy
corn for the various eyes and mouths.

After a long time, Mike and Amy came back and said Delta Dawn had a
problem and was very sick. Amy said he'd gotten some soured hay and
basicly the only thing they could do was feed him lots of milk to get him
over it. She said medicine would work too, but milk was the cheapest way
of doing the same thing. Mike said she and Jr were going to go on home,
but he'd go over and sit up with Delta Dawn and Misters Thompson and

Jr left with Amy and Uncle Nick decided to go with Mike to see the bull.
I stayed with Aunt Paulette and we went through the photo albums taken
from my parent's house. Everything smelled like the smoke, so Aunt
Paulette scanned the photos into her computer and made me a photo album
to view on the computer. There was a photo of mama and daddy when they
got married that she made larger and printed out. She put it into a photo
frame and we put it in on a wall in my bedroom.

One thing she wasn't expecting was me asking her to make me a photo of
her and Uncle Nick's wedding so I could put it on my wall too. I told her
she and Uncle Nick were like my new mama and daddy and she got tears in
her eyes and hugged me. It was then I told her I wished I had a digital
camera so I could take pictures of Jr, Mike, and Amy. She said she'd get
me one this week and said it'd probably be good for us to have several
photos of the livestock so we'd have proof for insurance purposes. I told
her I wish I'd had a photo of old Bessie. She said, "Maybe we can get you
another cow and you can call her "new Bessie"" I told her I liked that

About eight o'clock, Mike and Uncle Nick came back and got something to
eat and filled a thermos. They took a few of the popcorn balls and filled
two of the old milk cans with milk. We didn't have milk cows, but a cow
that was nursing could provide just as good milk We had several of those,
so they rounded them up and got about ten gallons which they said would
be enough.

I went back into the house and Aunt Paulette said for me to go take a
shower and get ready for bed. I didn't even ask if I could play tonkas
because I'd already played them with Jr.

After my shower, I went to bed and Aunt Paulette came up to tuck me in
and say good night.

That week at school, nothing much went on. One boy said his daddy had
gotten arrested, and I wondered if he was related to the guys that burned
our house. I made it a point of staying away from him in case it was as
he was upset about it. Other than that, the week was like any other.

During the week, Uncle Nick went to the lawyer and got all the paperwork
done for the farm. I had to sit with him and he had to explain a lot of
what each paper meant. It was hard, but he put things into terms I could
understand. The main question I had after everything was when we could
begin doing everything and if Jr's f****y could now move into the
Thompson farm. Uncle Nick said they could just as soon as Mr. Thompson
moved his belongings out, and he and Mike were going to help Mr. Thompson
do that the upcoming weekend.

After that, Uncle Nick asked me to sit down and explained to me what all
he wanted to do. He said we'd need to have a stock trailer and a semi and
since we were going to be getting a semi, he thought we ought to get
several trailers so we could haul hay bails to deliver them to people
that bought them. He said it would be a good living just from the hay
sales and he'd get used equipment which would save us money.

I agreed with everything and then he said to me he would be teaching me
how to drive a tractor because in hay season, I could drive one and it'd
help. I thought that was neat and asked if Jr could learn too. He said he
and Mike had discussed it, and Jr would be taught too. He said he didn't
want us near the moving parts of a tractor, and if anything went wrong
with a tractor, we were to shut it off and not to touch a thing until an
adult got there. He said most of the accidents on a farm were either
a****l related or machinery related and the machinery accidents were the
worst because it could hurt or kill a person real fast. He showed me with
a pencil and a string how people get caught up in the pto of a tractor. I
knew then I didn't want to do that. It just scared me with a string!

The rest of the semester, nothing much happened of significance except
the new barns were built and the new office building was built too. The
new road coming in was built and it was neat driving over on the asphalt
to what became the Johnson's farm. Jr and I didn't get to go to the same
school as the Thompson house needed renovations and it was nearly the end
of the semester before they moved in. They said Jr would start the next
year with me, but he'd finish the school year at his old school. Jr was a
little upset about leaving his friends, but knew we'd only have one year
before everyone got to rejoin at the middle school as it was combined.

Jr and everyone else got their little trucks. Misters Anderson and
Thompson both liked their and they soon started coming over to the office
to help with the various chores around it. Both of them were really proud
of what all we'd accomplished and knowing they were happy, made me feel
good about everything too.

I liked those two guys. They didn't show how much they cared for each
other physically, but I knew they loved each other just by the way they
looked at each other. It seemed a spark would carry between them and I
just knew.

What was neat was sometime in May, we did the baling for the first time.
The two older guys came over and showed us how to go about everything.
Uncle Nick and Mike spray painted everything on the tractors bright white
that we weren't to touch. It didn't seem like much, but knowing those
parts weren't what we were to be around kept me from even being near that
part of a tractor.

What was good was I learned to drive a tractor and it made me feel like I
was growing up. Seeing Jr on the other tractor was a neat feeling because
he looked just as proud as I felt. We both knew that Uncle Nick and Mike
both were seeing we were growing up.

One other good thing was sometime during the Spring, Jr and I got to
start helping with the feeding. It wasn't hard, we just had to be careful
of being in amongst the cows, or buffalo when they realized it was time
to eat. One time, I was in the middle of the big O shaped fence we put
the bales in a little too long. By the time I was ready to leave, I
looked around and all I saw were buffalo! Needless to say, my truck was
about fifty feet away and so was my cell phone. I couldn't call and I
couldn't even beep the horn. Finally, Jr came to see what was taking me
so long and saw what had happened. He laughed, but for a moment, it was

Another interesting thing was the way we now herded cattle, or buffalo.
Most of the time, herding lifestock, it takes several people as cattle
will dart back and forth. It was Jr who realized cattle don't have eyes
like ours and they see things more from the side than from the front. He
said it came to him one day when he saw a cow stuck in a corner. The cow
was standing in the corner with it's nose facing inward like I used to
have to do when I was in trouble. He said the cow thought it was boxed in
because all it could see was fence out of it's eyesight.

That led us to putting more rounded corners into the pens and fields. It
also gave Uncle Nick and Mike an idea to put on of the roung hooped
things which goes around the bales when we feed onto the front of a
truck's front hitch. The cow would see it an would be driven forward. The
plus side of it was if we drove either a mama or a baby, the other would
follow and soon the whole herd was following us!

A few other things which happened that Spring was Aunt Paulette got me a
new digital camera and gave me the chore of going out and taking photos
of the different a****ls. I took a close up of the a****l's face with the
ear tag and then one from each side. Jr helped in a big way as he liked
the downloading of the camera onto the new laptop we were given for the
job. He got to be really good about documenting them and making files so
everyone knew how to access it. It made it easier to care for them as
that file held the individual a****l's vet forms and documentation.

Sometime in the Spring, Uncle Nick, Aunt Paulette, Amy, and Mike all
started going to meetings with the county. It started off rather slow,
but soon it was going on a few times a week. On nights when they'd be
gone, Mike or Amy would watch me. On nights when they'd be gone
too...which usually were either Wednesday, Thursday, or Saturdays,
Misters Thompson and Anderson would watch us two over at their house.

It was neat because I began to take my voice recorder over, and then Jr
figured out how to hook up the microphone onto the laptop so all we had
to do was set it up and let them remininsce. The good thing was we
learned a whole lot about farming from them two. They'd tell us different
things and then, later we'd ask how to do things when we were out in the
barn, or out in the field. They'd show us and it was amazing how much and
how fast we learned. If you'd gave me a pop quiz in farming, I'd passed
with an A+. One side benefit from all this was the two older guys
insisted we get involved in 4-H.

We found out 4-H didn't have a chapter locally, and the closest one was
over an hour drive. They decided to set up a chapter and we began to have
meetings at the livestock barn so it'd be centrally located for everyone
to drive. We decided to have the meetings on Wednesdays and we advertised
in the newspaper for a month before the first meeting. I was wondering if
anyone was going to show because I hadn't heard anyone talking about it
at school. Jr said he hadn't either so we thought we'd be the only ones
there! Boy, were we wrong! That first meeting had over one hundred and
fifty boys and girls at the meeting! It made us feel good because they
had so many, they decided to have a junior group and an older group. Jr
and I got elected to be the Vice President and President. Jr got
President, but it didn't matter. Where he was, I was, and we were at
every meeting because we liked it so much.

For Jr's project, he did it on Alpacas. Mine was a baby buffalo whose
mother didn't want a thing to do with it. I nursed it with cow's milk
several times a day and made it a huge hay pile in the barn with blankets
over the hay so it could lay and feel secure like it's mama should have
done. The result was the little girl thought I was her mama! When I'd go
out in the truck, she'd follow me and wherever I went, she'd go. I had to
be careful about driving too fast otherwise she'd stop and start
squalling. Then, I'd have to turn around and go back and get out and
nudge up against her like her mama would to tell her I loved her. Then,
she'd shut up and I'd have to give her a bottle. The bottles for her were
huge! Each one was a half gallon and she went through a lot of them!

By the time Summer came, we'd also gotten a garden in the ground and Jr
and I made sure we had rows and rows of carrots. With all the a****ls we
had, we had to treat each one like they were the only one. Each would get
a carrot and soon, we didn't have to herd them anymore as they'd follow
us looking for their carrots. This led to side racks on the little trucks
because they figured out real fast that's where we kept them. Then,
they'd be eatting them and not letting everyone get their share.

One interesting thing of note was the buffalo would eat beets and potatos
like the cows would eat the carrots. Jr and I tried it and once we
discovered this, we made plans to add this to our list of things we
wanted to grow in the garden. I don't think they liked the taste of them
all that much, I think it was the crunch and the texture which they
liked. That's the only thing we could figure out which was similar in all

As time passed, Jr and I were more and more affectionate with each other
when we were about our chores. It was like we were one in our actions and
thoughts. One would start the sentence and the other would finish it. It
got to be so much, the adults were all calling us "the twins". One
benefit was when school got out, we were sl**ping over at the other's
house so much, no one cared. Everyone knew where we were and what was
neat was the adults were all really close. Even Misters Anderson and
Thompson were over quite often. They'd come around and it was like a huge
extended f****y.

Then, sometime in June, news came which everyone dreaded. The trial for
the guys would be in mid July. When I heard this, a sickness hit me in my
stomache and I just knew it was going to be bad. I won't go into it here,
but I'll wait to tell you about it later.

One advantage with the weather being warmer was we got to swim. What I
had hoped was we could swim in one of the ponds, but the two older guys
said we couldn't because of the fear of water moccasins.

I hadn't seen many snakes out on the farm, but being told about one of
those snakes really made my skin crawl. I do know when I did see a snake,
if it wasn't a black snake, I was to call one of the adult men and they'd
be along shortly with a shot gun. I learned that after the first time of
seeing one and not doing it right away. Later that night at supper, I
told the story of seeing it and asking what kind it was. When they
discovered it was a copperhead, they wanted to know why I didn't radio it
in. I told them I didn't know I was supposed to! That's when I was told
how much one of them could do if they bit a cow and how much it would
cost for vet bills.After that, I made sure I called it in real fast! I'm
just glad I didn't see one often, but we did have rattle snakes and
copperheads on the farm. The black snakes were o.k., I learned and they
weren't to be shot.

One other event I need to tell you about is the excitement of birth! As
you probably know, we bought a bunch of cattle and some of them were
pregnant. The first full moon when it was time to give birth, we had
three which decided to give birth on one night. It took everything Amy,
Mike, and Uncle Nick could to bring those little one's into the world. I
know it took everything Jr, Aunt Paulette, and I could to run them
whatever they needed to make sure they didn't need to leave the cow. That
was when we decided to put in pens into the new barn and make sure the
cows which were about to give birth were in there. It kept them in the
same area and we didn't have a problem getting the cow to the barn while
trying to give birth. We learned that lesson because the first full moon
happened to accompany a severe rain storm. Two of the cattle decided to
give birth out in the middle of the pasture!

I won't even begin to tell you how much of a mess that was! But, let me
say this...after all that water, and after having to hold an umbrella for
that long, my arms were sore and we ended up soaked anyways. What I do
know was Amy was a lot smarter because she had Jr go get her their
folding picnic shelter. It was like a building with a tent awning top.
They fastened some roll plastic to the sides and them lucky ducks were

The next day, Mike and Uncle Nick moved all the pregnant cattle into the
barn...I wonder why!
“Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All rise for the Honorable John Blanton. Please remain standing until the judge is seated. Then, we request quiet in the court.”

The judge sat down and his flowing robe made him look really huge. He rapped the gavel and then everyone sat down.

The Bailiff came forward and the Judge said, “What do we have today Ricky?”

“Your honor we have Case Number 897650238 State of Missouri Vs James, , and . Murder First Degree. We have Cramer representing the State and Jack Offenhauser representing the defendants.”

The judge rapped his gavel and said, “Have any motions been made for plea agreements?”

Ben stepped forward and said, “Your honor, the state will not allow a plea agreement in this instance due to extenuating circumstances.”

“What's the circumstances?”

“The one lone victim requested none be offered sir.”

“Does the victim realize this is bordering on these gentlemen's rights?”

“I don't think the victim really cares sir, he's being raised without parents due to these gentlemen's actions and....”

“Your honor, I object!”

“Sustained, Cramer, refrain from incriminating statements in front of the jury please. He turned to the Defense Attorney and said, “If you wish to object before I have a chance to speak, I'll most certainly grant similar rights to the prosecution. I know the law very well and can run this court room without your input. Give me a chance to do so and you'll see I do a right fair job.”

“Ok your honor”

“Jury's selected and everyone agrees?”

“Yes your honor, we have thirteen in case one becomes ill.”

The judge looked at the Defense Attorney and said, “You do realize bench trials are more lenient than jury trials, don't you?”

“Yes, your honor, I believe I can defend my clients with a preponderance of the evidence.”

“It's not a preponderance we're looking for...but a verdict. Remember that and you'll give your clients a better value for their dollar. Mr. Cramer, let me see your witness sheet and evidence list. Ummm hmmm, ummm hmmm, ok, you do have all the witnesses subpoenaed and your statements taken?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Defense, bring forth your witness statements and evidence sheets.”

“Here you are your honor.”

“You've got three clients and they're going to serve as each other's witnesses?”

“They requested this sir.”

“You gentlemen do realize one speck of evidence will not only throw out your statements, but will also put you in contempt?”

They looked at him and he growled out, “Will the three accused please stand!”

The stood and he said, “I believe I asked you a question. Believe it or not gentlemen, I'm trying to get you a fair trial here! Did you hear me?”

“Yes sir”

From the line of guys when they sat back down, the courtroom was filled with a statement, “Fuckin' kangaroo court”

“Will the defense please stand back up and would the person who made that statement please step forward?”

No one stepped forward. The judge said, “The next outburst in this courtroom will have you ejected and tried in absentia, am I heard?”

“Yes your honor.”

“Then sit down and remember, you are to remain silent.”

The judge looked at Mr. Cramer and said, “Mr. Cramer, make your statements to the jury and then, please make them brief.”

Mr Cramer nodded and stepped forward. He made his statements and told the jury what happened in a story version. Afterwards, he said, “The state will prove. Evidence, dna evidence, and physical evidence will prove the defendants were at the Jacob's residence on the said evening and they set out to rob the farm of items, beef from a cow slaughtered on site, and to kill the f****y by burning the farm to cover their tracks.”

He then went over and sat back down.

The defense attorney stood and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. What I'm going to do is give you a different scenario in which the gentlemen here standing accused couldn't possibly have done what they've been accused.”

He sat back down and the judge said, “Sir, you do realized that statement sounded a bit like a first year law student making a statement? We're not seeking a retrial here, but we're seeking a fair representation of the law. Am I understood?”

“Yes your honor, there's not much to say. He points the finger and I do what I can to make him out to be mistaken.” he said with a smile. “If that's law 101, it seems to work every day in every court room.”

The judge frowned and said, “Ok, I'll refrain from making any more assumptions. Please do yourself a favor and make these fellas believe they paid for an attorney which cuts it to the quick like you.”

The defense attorney nodded and then, the judge said, “Mr. Cramer, call your first witness.”

Mr. Cramer stood and handed the bailiff a card.

“The State calls the County 911 dispatch operator, Lois Barnes.”

A woman got up and stepped forward.

“Do you promise to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help you God?”


And so it began. He asked her questions and then after she was through, they let her off the stand.

“The State now calls Detective Max Lithrow.”

The defendants looked at each other. A man walked forward and took the stand.

“State your name and qualifications if you will.”

“My name is Max Lithrow. I work for the State Highway Patrol Crime Lab.”

“When you're called in to investigate fires of this nature, how do you proceed?”

“We check the situation to see if it was a fire which started of natural origin, or if it was deliberately set. If was set, then we take test samples to see how it was set and where it originated.”

“And was this a natural fire?”


“So it was set deliberately?”


“How did you find it was set?”

“In the photos I took, you can see char marks which show a trail of a flammable substance. Also, there was a dog there which sniffed the trail.”

“How do you determine where it was set?”

“When a fire starts, it burns there longest. However, when it begins, there's a flashpoint and then the flammable substance ignites. Because flammable substances have fumes, they spread and as that substance ignites, those fumes ignite.”

“Based upon the photos, can you show us where the fire originated?”

“No, but our dog revealed it started at the front door and then trailed the substance. Based upon char marks, we saw the trail led through the living room, in through the dining room and on into the kitchen leading to the back door.”

“And you could tell what the substance was?”

“That's based upon other tests. We took samples of the carpeting in the living and dining rooms as well as the kitchen linoleum and determined it to be gasoline.”

“This was done in your lab with the state?”

“It was done with the lab in our offices as well as the labs of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the F.B.I.”

“Why did you send it to the other labs?”

“We always get other opinions so we have three sources of verification.”

“And they all revealed the substance to be gasoline?”


“Did you send the sample to the carpet to the lab for a determination to see where the trail of gasoline led?”

“No. We have a dog which can sniff that trail.”

“And the dog revealed the trail?”


“Did further tests corroborate the dog's findings?”


“How did you arrive at these findings?”

“Based upon flash and charring of the carpeting. With the tile, it was a different.”

“What do you mean it was different?”

“Due to the tile being a hard slick surface which won't absorb liquids, it spreads.”

“How do you test it?”

“It's rather interesting. Different chemicals react differently with the finish of the tiles constructive material. You have to do tests on different tiles and see how something eats into the finish and then, see how it burns afterwards. Fortunately, the manufacturers send us tiles to use for these tests.”

“Can different cleaning solvents deteriorate the finish?”

“Yes, but no one washes their floors with gasoline and stays around long. Gasoline was the liquid used in this instance.”

“Is that all you can tell from the finish?”

“No. Interestingly, we can tell the container used as well as the rough height of the person who poured it.”


“Different containers have different flow rates. If you notice, a metal can has a different filler neck than a plastic container and based upon those containers, the flow rates are different.”

The judge interrupted, “Can we move this along?”

I looked at the judge. I was listening and paying attention. I knew Daddy had both metal and plastic jugs out in the well shed.

I turned to Uncle Nick and said, “Daddy had all of those jugs out in the well shed. They had to go there first.”


The prosecutor asked, “Were you able to figure out how tall the person was who poured the gasoline?”

“Five foot nine inches tall.”

I saw the defense lawyer begin writing franticly at his desk.

“Uncle Nick, that guy in my room was taller than that.”

“Yes, but look over there at the shorter guy. He was the one out there in the barn.”

“Yes. Do you think he came in the house?”

“It looks that way.”

“So he's the one that set the fire?”

“I think they're pointing the finger that direction.”

The prosecutor turned to the judge. “Your honor, may we have a recess? There's a lot more information here than even I anticipated.”

“Yes, I believe we can have a fifteen minute recess.”

“Your honor, may we have thirty?”

“Any particular reason?”

“Sir, I've got someone testifying who is an expert witness. He's giving information which could if refuted could potentially get this case brought up to appeals if it's found faulty. I'm sure the defense won't argue he'd like to look into this information as do I.”

“Ok, please keep it to thirty.”

The judge stood and we started to get up. The prosecutor came directly over to me. “Billy, I need to ask you something.”


He leaned over so his head was between Uncle Nick and me and asked, “If I can get the other two guys to testify the shorter guy was the one who set the blaze, will you let me get them twenty years?”

I looked at Uncle Nick and he said, “Get them forty and I'll let Billy consider it. We don't want Billy to see these guys out before he gets out of high school when they get good behavior.”

The prosecutor nodded and said, “I hadn't thought of that. I'll push that, but I'm not going to bargain for anything less than thirty five years for them because that can get knocked down to twenty four real fast with good time in our state.”

Uncle Nick nodded and said, “What do you think Billy?”

“I don't want them out. Mama and Daddy aren't going to get out of their graves sooner.”

“Billy, we know that, but if we can get those two guys to testify against the one, then it will have them all worried what the others are going to say.”

I looked at the prosecutor and said, “Offer it to the guy, Gray Daniels, who saved me, but don't let them get out.”

“Ok, I'll go over and see if I can strike a plea with him.”

He went over and spoke with the defense attorney. I saw the man shake his head no, but then Gray shook his head and said loud enough I could hear him. “I'll take it.”

The prosecutor went over to his table and quickly got on his cell phone. He came back and said, “He took it. We'll get him questioned and get him on the stand. If he doesn't testify against them, the deal is off. We'll throw them all in until hell comes to get them.”

Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette stood up and we went out into the hallway.
A lot of people were there. Immediately to the right is steps which go down to a landing. We saw Mike and Jr over at a bench. Uncle Nick went over to them.

Aunt Paulette said, “Billy, go use the restroom.”

“I don't have to go.”

“Honey, go try. We'll be sitting there a while and it'll cause a disturbance if you are getting up and down.”

“I won't get up and down. It's interesting.”

“I know honey, but please go try. I've got to go myself.”

“Ok, I'll walk you down the steps and go.”

We went down the steps. The line for the womens restroom was long. There were probably fifteen women standing out in the line.

“Go ahead honey.”

“Ok, I'll come back over here.”

I went to the restroom. As soon as I went in, there were men standing inside. One of them said, “Them sons of bitches did it. Did you see the look on that short one's face when that man said it was someone his height!” He chuckled.

I looked at the men. I thought It doesn't bring back my mama and daddy.

I went over and used the bathroom. The one man who was speaking came over and ruffled my hair. “Son, you rest easy. Them guys are guilty and if they get out, we'll see to it they don't make anyone be bothered again.”

I looked up at him and said, “They won't get out. I saw them. They're going to have me testify.”

“Son, if you ever need anything, you come over to the bank in Jacksonville and speak with me. I'll get it so you don't have a worry.”

“Ok. I wish you were there before my mama and daddy died.”

“So do I do I.” He shook his head and went out of the room.

I went over and washed my hands. The roll of cloth was laying out all over the floor and was all used up. I wiped my hands upon my pants legs.

I went back out. Aunt Paula wasn't there, so she must be in using the restroom.

I stood and waited for her. An older lady came over and handed me a handkerchief. “Honey, if you got to cry, use this. It's just so sad what they've made you have to go through. It's just so sad.”

The way she put it out towards me, I couldn't do anything other than take it. I took it and put it in my pants pocket. Aunt Paulette came out and came over to me. “Billy, your pants legs are wrinkled.”

“The towels in there were all used up. I had to wipe my hands on them.”

She smiled. “At least you washed your hands.”

We went back up the steps to the courtroom. Uncle Nick came over and said, “We're going to get Mike and Jr in our row. They got here late and the courtroom was already full.”

Aunt Paulette nodded.

Jr came over and hugged me. “How are you doing?”

“It's interesting. That man who testified had a lot of neat information.”

I filled him in on everything and then Uncle Nick said, “Billy, come on they're getting ready to start again.”

We went in and sat down. The prosecutor and the defense attorney were over speaking. The bailiff came in and told us all to rise again. We stood and the judge came into the room. The judge sat down and then everyone else all sat down.

The prosecutor told the judge about the plea offer of forty seven years offered to Gray Daniels, the man who rescued me, and it's being in effect if the man would work with the prosecution of the other men.

The judge nodded his head and said, “I'm guessing you need time to question him to get his statements before he testifies.”

“Yes your honor.”

“Ok, bailiff remand that man and be sure to tell the Sheriff to get him into protection so nothing affects his testimony.”

The defense said, “Your honor, in light of this event, can we get a continuance?”

The judge's face got red. His lips pursed together until they were white and then, he looked towards the jury.

“Sir, you're attempting to get me to continue this circus putting the juries lives on hold until you attempt to build a defense. It should seem to me you either know these men's innocence or guilt and have contingency plans for circumstances such as these. I'm thinking I'm being generous to give you until tomorrow morning to have your dogs and ponies in order so they can perform. This show is going to roll then.”

He looked at Mr. Cramer and said, “You two get together and get up there so that man is questioned and you have him on the stand at nine a.m. Because if you don't, I'll nullify that plea agreement and we'll go on as we are.” He paused and said, “You get that boy in my chambers because I want to speak with him.”

“Which one sir?” The prosecutor.

“Billy Jacobs. It seems to me you're affecting his life with these decisions. These men are facing considerable time. If they are found innocent or you're making offers which has that c***d enduring more pain in the future, I'm not going to take it lightly.”

The prosecutor nodded. The judge stood and looked at us. “Nick, would you and your wife please bring Billy back into my chambers?”

Uncle Nick nodded and looked at Aunt Paulette and I. He took my hand and then turned to Mike. “We'll be right back.”

Mike nodded.

We stood up and then Uncle Nick took us forward to the door the judge just went through. The bailiff opened it for us and we went into the judge's office.

The judge was taking off his robe. He hung it on a coat rack and then sat down at his desk.

“Nick, did you agree to that agreement?”

“Yes your honor. They wanted to offer twenty and I told the prosecutor to double it. I didn't want Billy having to deal with them before he was out of high school.”

The judge smiled and said, “So he went and offered forty seven?”

“Apparently. I wasn't within hearing distance.”

The judge looked at me and said, “Billy, come around here please.”

I went around his desk and the judge put me up on it sitting so we were looking eye to eye.

“Billy, I'm doing what I can out there to try being fair. The amount of fairness I'm giving is with YOU in mind first and foremost.”

He shook his head and continued. “I didn't know your mama and daddy personally, but I'm just damned sorry I couldn't put those idiots behind bars longer than I could when they were in front of me previously. I think if I had, your parents would be alive.”

I said, “Sir, you have a job and if you had known, I know you would have. Mr Thompson told me once he got kicked by a mule. He said had he known the mule was going to kick him, he sure would have took the shoe off it so it wasn't wearing them.”

The judge chuckled.

“You're right. I can sort of tell someone is bad business when they're in front of me, but all I can hope is they're going to get their lives in order and then stay out of my court. Most do, but there's others who are gladly taking their places. We don't have many murders in these parts and thankfully so, but when one happens it's usually got me to thinking what I could have done different.”

“Sir, I understand. I raise Alpacas. There are good ones and then, there are those that spit. When they're little, you don't know which ones are going to be spitters and not. They usually learn it from older ones, but just the same one learns it, another standing right beside it won't ever spit.”

He laughed and said, “Yeah, I'll have to try not thinking of any of the people who come in front of me as alpacas. It gives those beautiful a****ls a bad reputation.”

He paused and asked, “Billy, why did you agree with that offer?”

“Because I saw them guys. The one who took the deal saved me. If he hadn't, I'd probably be dead too. The other one was outside. That short one was the one who was in our barn and killed Bessie.”

“It looks like he killed your parents too. What do you want me to do when that man comes up in front of me for sentencing?”

“Make sure they never get out. If that one is the one who killed my mama and daddy, then do what you can to see he dies...if you can.”

“Billy, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but I don't think there's enough on him to get him the death penalty. What I will do is get him life without a chance of being released. That way he won't ever get out. How about I give that other guy seventy five years?”

“Sir, can I say something?”


“If those men told me my mama and daddy couldn't see me for seventy five years, I'd think they were some awful people. I'd wait that long to see them, but as it is, I'm not going to see my mama and daddy ever again. That's why I don't ever want to see them again and don't want them to get to see their families again.”

He nodded and said, “You have a good point. Let me see what I can do about that. You don't know it, but I can make recommendations with the prison system of where they're put. Usually, they try to put them close to their f****y for their convenience. What I'll do is request the man be put way far away so their f****y finds it rather hard to see him.”

“How far away?”

“There's a prison down in a town which is five hours by car which they can be placed.”

“Can you make it so they don't ever see each other in there? If they can see each other, then they'll gang up on someone else.”

“I'll put that in my recommendation. What I'd like to ask you is if you'll speak to a woman who is a friend of mine named Fannie. She's over the parole board. They're the ones who decides when guys get out.”

“You're going to let them out!”

“No Billy, but she has a lot of pull inside with those people and I'd like for her to be pulling for you so what you've requested.”

“So you've already decided they're going to go to prison?”

“Billy, you're going to testify, aren't you?”

“Yes. They've already asked me to do it by video, but I didn't want it to be done that way. I want them to see me tell what I saw and I want them to know I'm plenty mad at them.”

“I promise you I've already seen the video you made. If you tell the jury what you told the video, there's not a one of them who is going to let them men get out.”

“Your honor, you want to know what I wish you could do for me?”

“What's that son.”

“I wish you could make it so I could remember my mama and daddy's faces. I'm already forgetting them. I have to look at pictures and then, when I do I get sad all over again.”

The judge had tears in his eyes. “Son, I wish I could do that. Do what you can to remember your mama laughing and your daddy and you were doing something together and what he looked like when you were doing that. It helps. I'm older than you and that's the only way I can remember my mama and daddy.”

“Your mama and daddy are dead too?”


“It makes you sad, doesn't it?”

“Yes, it hurts like all get times. That's why I want you to speak with Fannie. She's a great gal and I just know if you spoke with her, she'd get everything you wanted done.”

“Ok, I'll speak with her.”

He looked at Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette and said, “I'm going to ask a favor because a lot of what's been said in here needs to be kept in here.”

Uncle Nick said, “Don't worry about that with us.”

“No, what I'm going to ask next is right up there with lightning bolts on ethics.”

Uncle Nick nodded and said, “As long as it doesn't hurt Billy, we'll agree.”

“I want her and Billy to go out there to that farm and talk. I want her to see where it happened. If I can make her see his parents were alive one moment and then his life was damaged over what happened, I want her to never forget this boy.
She's the type of woman who will not forget and will make it a point of every time she thinks about him, she'll make a call to see those men's lives won't ever be peaceful in the prison system...I'll tell you that.”

Uncle Nick nodded and said, “Billy, is that ok with you?”

“Yeah, I don't have a problem taking her there. I don't know her, but I'd like it if she'd be able to make them have mean friends in there.”

The judge paused and said, “Nick, video tape everything out there with Billy telling what he if he's giving a complete accounting of the night over. We'll get it put onto DVD so it goes to Fannie. I just know she'll show it to people in there in confidence so those people who are their caseworkers will remember Billy all the way through the years.”

Uncle Nick nodded and said, “We'll do that. That way, their deeds follow them.”

The judge paused and said, “Nick, Paulette, I know you two have loss too. I don't want you to think I'm negating that fact.”

Aunt Paulette said, “We know that. We understand what you're doing. It's fine with us. If it gets justice done beyond the court room, we'll gladly do it.”

The judge said, “Why don't you do a part of the DVD telling about the Jacobs so they know it was your f****y who was killed. I think it'd be good if those people see it and immediately think of their f****y members and the loss they'd feel.”

Uncle Nick asked, “How long do you think this trial will take?”

The judge scrunched his nose and said, “The trial portion should take less than two weeks as long as the prosecutor will keep witnesses like todays off the stand. The man on the stand today was giving valuable testimony, but I began to wonder if he was deliberately throwing in enough questionable material to help the defense for retrial.”

Uncle Nick look startled. “You don't think!”

“No, as you saw, I interrupted and was thankful the prosecutor got the point. I will tell you I came back in here during recess and called that man's superiors to tell them the transcript was being emailed to them so they could get him to not jeopardize anyone's case in the future.”

I looked at the judge and said, “I thought what he said was neat.”

“It's interesting Billy, but that defense attorney previously had nothing to grasp ahold of to save his men. Now, he's got fine threads which he'll use to try saving them. That is how these people get out of these things.”

“They're not going to get free, are they?”

Mike looked at me and had the worst look ever on his face, “Those men won't ever be free. If they do, they'll face back road way!”

Uncle Nick looked at him and I asked, “What's back road justice?”

Uncle Nick said, “Billy, don't worry about it. Mike is just doing what he can to make sure you know they're not going to be let loose.”

“Ok, you had me afraid there for a minute.”

I heard Uncle Nick and Mike talking. Jr came over to me and said, “Back road justice is when someone gets in trouble and a bunch of guys take them out on a back road and beat the tar out of them.”

“You don't think they're going to be getting out! Do you?”

“No, what did the judge say?”

“He wanted to ask me if I was agreeing to the deal they gave that one guy.”

“Did you?”

“Yeah. He'll tell on the other guys and get to get out after forty seven years.”

“It doesn't sound like that's a good deal to me.”

“It is when the other guys are facing never getting out.”

“It still makes him a rat. He'll never be able to show his face around here again without being told that's what he is.”

“No, but I don't want to think about that. If it helps get the others put away forever, that's what I want.”

He nodded and hugged me. “I know it's hard for you.”

“The judge wants me to meet a girl named Fannie. She's probably got a big fanny!” I said smiling.

“Who would name their daughter Fannie?”

“I don't know, but that's what her name is.”

“Who is she?”

“She talks with the people in the prison to make sure the guys don't get treated good. That's what the judge said.”

“I'd like to have that job.”

“Not me. I don't think I'd want anywhere near them.”

We started walking down the steps. We were about all the way down when someone started yelling for Uncle Nick. We all turned around and saw the prosecutor running down the steps towards us.

“I'm sorry Nick, but I have to ask Billy a question.”

He looked at me and said, “The defense attorney wants to have me ask you if you'll agree to giving them life with a chance of parole.”

“What's that mean?”

“It means they'll get life in prison, but they'll have a chance for parole eventually.”

“What's parole.”

“A parole meeting is when the guy goes up in front of the parole board and they think about letting him out.”

“So they'd get to get out?”

“Not for a long long time. The way it goes is a guy has to wait for twenty five years before he even gets to see them. With the circumstances of your mama and daddy dying, I'll tell you the parole board won't let them go. They'll tell them to come back in five years and when that happens, they'll most likely tell them to wait another five years. They'll keep doing that, but what's good about it is when they have that meeting, you get to be there and tell the parole board about what happened and then tell the parole board you don't want them to be set free.”

I looked at Uncle Nick and he asked, “If they each have both murders is that going to be in twenty five years? Or, is it going to be they go up for parole in twenty five years and then, have to start doing the next twenty five for the second murder?”

“That's a good point. I can ask it be done that way.”

“Do that and then I'll let Billy consider it. I don't want those guys to ever have the privilege of even thinking being set free until they're old and gray.”

The prosecutor nodded and said, “Billy, you stay close to a phone. I think those guys are worried now that one of them is willing to tell what happened. I think they're going to grab ahold of any deal we make.”

“What happens if they want to use what that one guy said to try being set free?”

“The good thing is if they take the deal, it's like this trial didn't happen. There's no chance for them to get a better deal because they're saying this is the best deal they could have gotten. They can ask the judge for leniency, but I'll tell you now that judge isn't going to give it to them.”

Uncle Nick said, “You get them to run them separately and we'll think about it. Until then, he's scared those guys are going to be set free. Let's not scare him any more than he's already been.”

The prosecutor nodded and said, “I'll make that offer that way. Will you consider that if I do?”

“You put it in writing where we can see it and we'll take a look for ourselves it's actually that way.”

The prosecutor nodded and said, “Ok, how about we just go ahead and agree to it being that way because I sure won't offer them it being the other way.”

Uncle Nick said, “How about you just go ahead and run all of those charges they're facing that way? It'll buy time for us and give them more time.”

“Nick, here's the problem with that. The deal is they'll plea to the murders and we'll sweeten the deal with the other charges of arson, cruelty to a****ls, burglary, theft, and all the others to get them to take the worst ones.”

Uncle Nick said, “It doesn't sound good enough.”

“What I'm afraid of Nick is they can take this through trial and use that witness' testimony to get the time reduced on technicalities.”

“Then why in the hell did you let that man on that stand!”

“I'm sorry about that. If I could have told the man to shut up, I would have. Instead, I'll be calling his boss and telling him he sure didn't do us any favors with his testimony.”

“What's his bosses name? I really would like to give him my opinion too.”

“I'll get that for you.”

Uncle Nick said, “I know you didn't deliberately put that man on the stand to do this. If you can get those charges of murder to be ran separate, then we'll consider it. A lot of time is better than no time. I realize it's your job to try to get them the most and their job is to try to get the least, but you tell them we won't even consider it not being that way. We'll take our chances their guy and Billy's testimony will sway that jury to be upset enough to give them the maximum they can.”

I said, “No matter what, I want to know why they did it. They have to tell me why. If they can't, then I'll tell you now I'm not going to let them get out without telling me.”

The prosecutor said, “Billy, I'll see if I can put that in the agreement. We'll do it so they have to make a full confession and write it all out what they did and why they did it. It'll secure the convictions and it'll keep them from ever trying to make themselves a better deal later.”

“How can they make better deals?”

“It's a slim chance at all. What they have to do is they have to hope the judge will even consider it. That's why I'm saying it's a slim chance. Sometimes a judge will do that, but this time isn't one of them. I don't think.”

Uncle Nick said, “You can rest assured it isn't. We spoke with the judge and he's all for giving them a hard time in there. He's wanting to have Billy speak with a woman who can make that happen.”

“Did he happen to mention her name?”

“Fannie Lawe”

“Oh man, I'll tell you now the judge is baiting a bear trap then. She's head of the parole board. If he's wanting Billy to speak with her, I'll tell you now he's going straight to the top and not holding anything back.”

“Well, he wants her to know what happened and what Billy thought when it was happening. He wants it on DVD so it can be played for their caseworkers and everything.”

The prosecutor smiled. “She'll do it to. I've heard she has the ability to go in and make life miserable for those guys.”

“Well, get that agreement done the way we asked and we'll consider it.”

He nodded and said, “Nick, I'm sorry that man did that.”

“It's not your fault. Let's make it a point of complaining to his boss so no one else is jeopardized in this manner again. They ought to have them practice giving testimony. For a moment, I thought he was deliberately saying things to help them.”

“I think his problem is he's taking the “whole truth and nothing but the truth” a bit far. He's supposed to answer questions and not go on and on like he did.”

“Well, get me his bosses' name because I'll be writing a letter of complaint.”

“I'll do that. Stay here in town because I'll have that agreement done in about an hour.”

“So fast!”

“You have to strike while the iron is hot. If those idiots get a chance to go back to that jail and hear what we're doing, then they'll not take it.”

“Does this make the other guy's deal the same?”

“No, unfortunately not. We made that deal so that's what we're stuck with. The good thing is we'll get his side of things because that's already a given. How much he'll say, I'm not sure, but if it's not good enough, I'll request the judge to disallow the agreement and he'll have to either stand trial or take their agreement. The plus side of it is I can tell him that's what will happen once they take it and he'll make sure he gets that better deal.”

“In a way, I hope he doesn't so he has to take the same deal they're getting.”

“I don't think he'll be that stupid. The plus side of it is his f****y is going to be on him something awful for even thinking about testifying against his own f****y. Then, when he's released sooner than the others, he'll have to face all of that again.”

“I guess that's a plus, but it really isn't in my eyes. I'd just as soon Billy not ever have to see them. What's the likelihood of what he'll have to do with good time and everything....honestly?”

“Honestly, they get a chance of parole at fifty percent. That's twenty three years. I'll tell you now, that parole board isn't going to give it to him, so what happens is it automatically goes to two thirds which is thirty one or two. When he gets out, he'll have to do five years parole and what we'll do is we'll make it so there's a lifetime restraining order on him to stay away from Billy. If he so much as attempts to go near him, then he'll have to go back and finish that sentence.”

“Little consolation if he wants to come at him and finish the job.”

“I don't think he will. He had opportunity to finish the job, but chose to rescue him. I think it's a situation of a good man being caught up in a bad crowd. When it counted, his true colors showed and Billy is here because of it.”

“You sound like his lawyer.”

“I probably do, but what I'm saying Nick is I don't think he's one Billy will need to worry about. I'm trying to give you some hope there.”

“Ok, I understand. It's a shame he didn't save everyone.”

“Yes, but we have to take our blessings as they come.”

Aunt Paulette said, “Nick, I think you guys are on the same page. He's telling you not to worry and you're still worrying.”

Uncle Nick said, “I'm just worried what prison is going to do to that man. The best person in the world could go in there and still come out an a****l. My worry is he'll aim that fury at Billy and I'll not around to protect him.”

“Hon, please. I know you mean well and I'm sure this man here means well.
He's telling you to count your blessings and you're spitting in the eye of God. How would you feel if that man had went ahead and finished the job? It took Billy telling us what they looked like. All we would have had was another person to bury and not have anything but suspicions. Be thankful the man was there so we could have Billy to tell us so we got this much justice!”

“Ok, put that way, I understand better. I'm sorry.”

He went over and put his head on her shoulder. “It's just I have to be strong when I have to raise him and know I'm getting to see everything my s****r should have been able to see. His first love. His graduation. Heck, he even learned how to drive and she didn't get to see that.”

Mr. Cramer said, “Nick, what I want you to do is make a victim's impact statement. Have you done that?”

“No, what is it?”

“It's a letter you write which gets read at the parole hearings. You can do it on DVD if you'd like, but the way it's normally done is via letter. What is good about it is it's put in the file and each time they come up for parole, it's read just like you being there.”

“I'll do that. Maybe it would help. Right now, all I can think about is everything my s****r isn't getting to see in regards to him.”

“I know. It's hard. What's good is you can add to it and all of them will be read. I think you need to really consider that.”

“We will. I think Paulette needs to do one too. Her life has been impacted as much as mine.”

“Is that why they're having me do it on DVD?”

Mr Cramer nodded, “Yeah hon. I think it is. They want you to do it because a little boy your age shouldn't have to ever go through this. I think they're having you do it so when it's viewed, those parole board members can look at it and say, “My God, he's just a baby.”

“I'm not either!”

“You might not think so now Billy, but some day you're going to look back on it and think they really robbed you of a lot more than you think.”

“I know they took my mama and daddy. That's more than enough.”

Uncle Nick dropped down on his knee, “They took experiences you would have had with them. That's what he's trying to say. It's not that you don't get to experience them, but you're having to do them with people who aren't your parents. It's not that I don't enjoy doing things with you, but I think your mama and daddy should have been the ones to do them with you.”

“I understand, but I don't want you and Aunt Paulette to think I don't love you for doing them with me.”

“We know that.”

The prosecutor blew his nose in an handkerchief. I looked up and he had tears running down his face. I stepped away from Uncle Nick and went over and hugged him. “It'll be alright.”

He smiled and said, “Billy, you've had to be so strong. I look at how you are and I just know your parents were some fine people. I need to go get that agreement done so we can get you guys to look at it.”

He looked at Uncle Nick and said, “Nick, if I didn't think that man jeopardized this case, that right there would have me still fighting this thing to the end. Instead, we got what we got and now we have to give them the hardest deal we can.”

“Are you doing this because of that man's testimony, or because we have them on the ropes?”

“Both. We have them on the ropes because they're afraid of what their guy is going to say.
I'm feeling like I'm on the ropes because of what that man said. I know if we take this on through, they'll get a retrial based upon his testimony and could get it.
With a retrial, their guy's testimony could be disallowed as they could say it was in his best interest to make them look bad. I think us offering this deal is our only hope to get something set in stone.”

“Ok, get the deal made up as we've asked, go ahead and present it. BUT, you tell them if they don't take it there won't be another. We're not going to whittle this thing down until there's nothing. You've got the best you're going to get. I'll take us being on the ropes and make a noose out of it to hang them myself if need be.”

He nodded and said, “Do you want to look it over?”

“No, because if you didn't give them the deal we agreed to, I'll personally see you're not re-elected. Furthermore, the judge is going to ask Billy if that's what we agreed to and once he tells him no, then you're going to be on the front page of every newspaper being viewed as the man who sold out a little boy's parents.”

“Don't worry, I'm not going to change a thing.”

“Just don't. You now know how far I'll take this. I'd rather have you know it up front. Personally, I think you should have known a little bit more about how that man would testify than you did. It's upsetting, but I also have to tell myself you always have that guarantee. That's why I'm going to be off talking with his boss.”

“Nick, when this is over, I'd like to sit down and talk with you. Have you ever heard of court appointed liaisons?”

“No, what is it?”

“What it is, is someone who comes into the court acting on behalf of people who can't act in their own interests.”

“I've got my hands full as it is.”

“You're not understanding me. Let me explain it better.
The reason I'm suggesting it is because you're not afraid to tell me how you feel. A lot of people view me and judges with a bit of intimidation.
I'll tell you now there are times when I get a head of steam and don't see any other thing except what I've made in briefs. It takes someone with common sense to not be afraid in open court to say, “Hey, that's stupid. Do you really think you're acting in the best interest of this person here?”

“What sort of people get court appointed liaisons?”

“k**s get them. The elderly. The mentally handicapped, and so on and so forth. Heck, people in comas get them because we need someone to speak on their behalf.”

“Am I legally liable for doing it?”

“No, not at all. The plus side of it is it gets you experience. It gets you networked with the people of the court. You can use it to branch out politically, or do what you want.”

Aunt Paulette said, “Nick, look into it. You're wanting to be a county commissioner, that'd be one way of getting your foot in the door.”

“Ok, I'll look into it.”

“Hearing you want to be a commissioner, let me give you a bit of information. Your county commissioner isn't really interested in the job. He's ran the past three times because no one else has ran. If you want to be one, let me get you in contact with him and he'll gladly support you on it.”

Uncle Nick smiled and turned to Aunt Paulette. “Hon, this might be what we've been hoping for.”

He paused and asked, “How much time is this court appointed liaison thing going to take?”

“The plus side of it is it's usually one afternoon a week.”

“How much time do I have to look over that person's file?”

“That's the bad thing about it. You would pick up your files on Friday afternoon and have to be ready for court on Monday afternoon.”

“Is that fair to the people who are represented?”

“Nick, most of the time, it's either for k**s who are getting adopted or for someone who is elderly who can't speak for themselves. They are unable to take care of what is normal capacity and/or themselves. What happens is you basically have a lot of reports in the files which are from doctors, health care professionals, or whatever which say exactly that. You're given the access to the person if you would like and can actually see for yourself, but that's how it goes.”

“Then why do you need a liaison for them?”

“Because sometimes things get screwed up. I'd like to say it nicer, but just a couple weeks ago, we had a mess because we had three people with the last name of Brown who were up on the dockets. Needless to say, somewhere along the way, we had a patient in one of the nursing homes who got remanded to a different nursing home in the court records. In that circumstance, we didn't have a liaison who was there, so we sat the file on the table and had court without one.”

“Is that legal?”

“Unfortunately, it is. And, unfortunately, that's why things get screwed up.”

“Ok, how much does it pay?”

“That's the part I wasn't wanting to say. It's donated time.”

Uncle Nick said, “Ok, how many files a week?”

“Sometimes one or none and sometimes, it could be ten. We never know.”

“And looking over those files all takes time. I'll tell you now I'm the sort of person who is going to take it seriously.”

“I know, that's why I'm telling you about it. What I need to tell you is there are some cases where if the file takes a considerable amount of time, then you're paid.”

“Like what?”

“Let's say someone is elderly and has no f****y. They lived at home, something happened and now, they're going to be confined to a nursing home the rest of their lives.
What happens then, is a liason is appointed and that liaison is charged with the power of the court to auction the person's belongings off and in doing so, a percentage of the proceeds is given to the liason as payment in kind.”

“Sounds like a lot of work.”

“It can be, but I'll tell you there are a few unsavory persons in this county who seem to want to snatch those up. They make deals with only certain auctioneers and or real estate people and they in turn see a sizable portion of those moneys in return for only dealing with those people.”

“You mean to tell me they're taking kickbacks on it!”

“I'm not going to say yes, and I'm not going to say no. All I'm going to say is if it smells like a snake, coils up like one, and slithers along like one, then most likely they're snakes.”

“Is that legal?”

“Yes, unfortunately. That's why I'd push strong to have someone of good moral character to be in there so I can get those people out.”

Mike said, “I'd be interested. If it's bodies you want, then I'll do it providing it's ok with Nick.”

“Sure Mike. I've got no problem with that. If it's something you want to do, then go for it.”

“Ok, I'll get you guys some information on it and make plans on having you in there. Without knowing it, you just cut the odds of those people getting all of them down by half.”

Aunt Paulette said, “I can up the odds by throwing my hat in if you'd like. We can get other people told and then, we can make it so they're not getting many at all.”

“I'm sorry, but I can't let other f****y members do it. The reason for that is you might in some circumstances be in with files which have you standing across the court from each other.”

“How's that?”

“Ok, I'll tell you a circumstance and then, you'll see.
A man and woman have a car wreck. They've got four c***dren. Unfortunately, the man was driving and he was killed. The woman probably would have been killed, but instead they did all the resuscitation measures and kept her alive. Now, she's in the nursing home living the rest of her life as a vegetable. Paulette, that's your file.
Nick, your file is the k**s. The parents didn't have a will, and they didn't have much f****y. They've got a f****y member in some distant state who lives in a trailer filled with beer bottles and likes to beat up on his women. He's got four pit bulls outside and he's just not real clean about himself.
Now, do you take custody and give it to him, or do you fight to put them in better circumstances and Paulette, is that person really in a vegetative state? or could she possibly come back with better care only to find the k**s have all been adopted out?”

“Oh man.” said Aunt Paulette.

“Yeah, it can be messy.”

Uncle Nick asked, “Why isn't f****y services handling these things?”

“Because it's not viewed as impartial if one state agency is handing k**s over to another agency without independent persons who aren't afraid to stand up and say, “Hey, Bubba' down there is a poor choice for any parent of the year award. If you're thinking about doing that, get a new hole drilled in your skull because the ones you have are holding in too much stupidity.”

Everyone laughed.

Uncle Nick said, “I can see why you don't have f****y members doing it.” He looked at Aunt Paulette and said, “Hon, if you want to do it, that's fine with me.”

“No, you go ahead. I was offering to throw my hat into the ring to help make the pot a little thinner for those other people.”

The prosecutor said, “I'd hate to change the subject, but have you guys noticed how much f****y support those guys have gotten?”

Uncle Nick said, “I've not been paying attention. Is there any?”

“Absolutely none. They monitor the calls and visits at the county jail and they've had no takers and no one comes to visit them. We reserve a bench behind the defendants for f****y and not one person was sitting there. Finally, they gave it to the spectators who were having to stand.”

Aunt Paulette said, “At least their f****y has some sense. I think if anyone in my f****y did that, I'd not come either.”

I said, “I would. It's too easy to hate someone. We're supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin. I'd go because I'd want them to know I still love them.”

Everyone looked at me and Uncle Nick said, “Out of the mouths of babes.”

He turned to the prosecutor and said, “We'll stay in town for lunch. Give us a call when you have those agreements. We'll come and give them a look.”

“Ok, I've got your cell number.”

We went out onto the front steps of the court house. Uncle Nick said, “Mike, we'll be down at the diner. Would you guys like to go?”

“I need to check some things out at the farm. Jr can stay, but I've got to be there to check them.”

“Ok, we'll take him and get him lunch. We'll see you guys later this afternoon when we get home.”

Jr came over and said, “Come on, I'll race you to the truck.”

We took off running and I barely beat him tagging the door handle.

“Billy, do you mean it that you'd come see me if I got in trouble?”

“Yeah! But I'd probably be sitting right beside you because we'd be in trouble together....but you're not going to kill anyone.”

“I'd be there for the back road justice to be delivered if it had to happen. So, if that's what we decided, then I'd do it too.”

“I wouldn't. It's a whole lot better to hate someone than to kill them.”

“So you don't think they deserve the death sentence?”

“The court is deciding for them not to get it, so we've got to follow what they want.
I think them being put away for that long is fine. They don't get to see their f****y and stuff, so it's just like what they did to me. So, they're getting their eye for the eye for an eye.”

“I'd want them to get killed just like they killed if it were my parents.”

“If it happens to you, you'll see it gets pretty old having everyone feel sorry for you.
It's like when you're sick and get better. Everyone still wants to give you cough syrup when you're not even coughing. It's that way for me with everyone feeling sorry for me. Life is getting better, so I'm not going to worry about it.”

“How was it for you at first?”

“It's like when you slam your finger in a door. It hurts and then, it really hurts for the first few weeks, but then, after a while you don't think about it anymore. I've got you and everyone else to keep my mind off of it, so it's getting better.”

“You don't think about them?”

“Yeah, but I don't walk around thinking about them all the time, but there are several parts of the day when I think of them and get sad.
One of the times I think of my mama a lot is when I first walk in the door from school. I really think about her then because she'd have cookies for me and a big glass of milk from Bessie. Now, mama and daddy aren't there and neither is Bessie. I just know Bessie is in Heaven with them.”

“I guess you're probably right, but I'd miss my parents something awful.”

“I do, but it's getting better. You're making like I never think of them.”

“No, I'm not doing it to argue. I just know how it'd be for me. I'm sure it's the same for you, but it'd be awful.”

“Do you think we can sl**p together tonight?”

“We'll have to ask. Are you guys doing anything special?”

“I don't think so, but even if we were, I think you could come. You usually do.” I said smiling.

“Yeah, but after today, they might not let me.”

“I'll ask. I know your dad and mom would let you come over if they thought I was going to have a rough night of it.”

He smiled and said, “Are you?”

“Not if you're there. I always sl**p better when you're there.”

“Me too.” He said smiling.

“I wonder where Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette are?”

“They're over talking to that couple.”

“Well, wait here, I'll go over and see what the hold up is. I want to eat!”

I ran over to Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette. They were talking to the couple.

Uncle Nick looked down at me and said, “Here he is. Billy, this is the parents of the two guys who are b*****rs which killed your parents.”

“I thought you said they weren't here?”

The man spoke with a bit of a sneer. “We're not here for them. We came to tell you how sorry we are our boys would do such a thing to you. As far as I'm concerned, they're not my sons any longer.”

“Can't you forgive them? I'm trying to.”

“Son, They weren't raised to do that.”

“No, but their choices weren't yours. They made them.”

“Yes, but I've got to live in this town knowing. And others live in this town knowing. They and I don't take kindly to what they did.”

“I don't either, but the Bible tells me to love the sinner and hate the sin.
Jesus also said to cast the first stone if you're without sin. He did that because he knew everyone's done something bad. Your boys did that, but it's sure going to be hard for them to not have you. I know what it's like to live without parents and it's hard.”

He looked at his wife and a tear slid down his face. “Son, we've came here to let you know we just went to the lawyer to have you put in our Will instead of them. I can't sl**p at night knowing they would stand a chance of receiving everything I've worked my life to achieve.”

“You sure?”

“Without a doubt. You're a good k**. Mine are disgraces.”

“Would you ask them one question for me?”

“What's that?”

“I want to know why they did it. They didn't have to do it, but they did. I'd like to know why.”

“Son, I can tell you my one son that was at that window was there because he knew it was the right thing to do.
My other son who was stealing and killing wasn't there. He's always been no count and I can tell you he's the one which put them all up to no good.”

“Yes, but I get into trouble just as much as Jr when we do something wrong. I know if I'm there and don't talk him out of it, then I'm just as wrong as him.”

“And that's why I want to see all of them go to prison. That's why I'm trying to make sure you're taken care of instead of them.”

“But don't stop loving them! It's just as bad as killing them! I thought when you're a parent, you were supposed to step in and make sure your sons were corrected and then help them to do better? You're killing them just like they did my parents...only you're not killing them!”

He looked up at Uncle Nick and said, “Nick, would you please tell others what I've decided. I can't make up for his loss, but I sure can make sure my sons don't benefit from it.”

Uncle Nick said, “I'll do that.”

I was upset. I went over and hugged Uncle Nick and said, “Are you going to stop loving me if I do something bad?”

“No son.”

“Good. Now, would you tell those guys I forgive them even if others can't?”

“I'll do that, but why don't you tell the judge that. I'm sure he'll make sure the word is passed along.”

“Do you hate them too?”

“Billy, I'm not in the least bit happy about what they did. I can see your point, but this is in the hands of grown ups.”

“Well, I guess I want to be a Judge when I grow up so I can tell parents to love their k**s no matter what.”

I ran back to the truck. Jr asked, “Who are they talking to?”

“The parents of the two guys.”

“Oh. What did they say to you?”

“The guy changed his will to love his k**s. He doesn't love them anymore.”

“That's stupid.”

“Yeah, but Uncle Nick said he'd still love me if I did something bad.”

“Well maybe that's why they killed your parents....their parents aren't nice.”

“The guy seemed nice. It's just that he's thinking loving his k**s is like a light switch. If they do good, then it's “on” and if they do bad, it's “off”.”

“Do you think ours do that?”

“No, I know even when I'm getting a spanking they still love me.”

He looked at me and said, “You were over there an awful long time, is there something else they said?”

“No, he asked Uncle Nick to tell everyone else of his decision.”

“So he wants your Uncle to tell everyone he's dumb?!”


“I can do that!”

Aunt Paulette came over. “Boys get in the truck. Your Uncle is coming now.”

“Aunt Paulette, why are they like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“They stopped loving their sons!”

“Hon, they still love them. They're not happy with them right now.”

“But the man said he changed his will to love them?”

“He changed his Will honey. That's the thing they read when someone dies. It gives their property and all their belongings to someone else.”

“What does that mean?”

“He wants you to get what was going to his sons.”


“To make up for what his sons did.”

“They didn't take that property from me!”

“No, but they took your parents from you, so he's trying to give you what means a lot to him to make up for it.”

“So if it'd be like me giving Jr something if I broke something of his?”


“Then why doesn't he still love his sons?”

“Billy, different people have different ways of showing their love.”

“That's dumb.”

“It's not up to us to decide how he loves his sons. I don't agree with it personally, but I can understand why he's doing it.”

“I don't. So he wants you and Uncle Nick to run around telling how he doesn't love his sons?”


“Then don't do it! Let him decide he's made a mistake and get back to loving them.”

Uncle Nick got in the truck. “Boy, I'm hungry!”

He looked at Aunt Paulette. “What? It's quiet in here.”

“Hon, Billy doesn't want you to tell anyone what they are doing.”


“Because he thinks it'd be broadcasting the man is a fool.”

“I don't think so!”

“You will when you hear what Billy thinks.”

“What's he think?”

“He thinks the man is an idiot for picking and choosing when to love his k**s. He thinks the man is choosing to stand away from them because of what they did, but if they were up there getting an award for doing something good, he'd be there taking credit for being a good parent.”

“Well, the man is going to have a hard way in this town for what they did.”


I said, “Uncle Nick, when that happens, I'm going to tell them what the Bible tells us to do. It's not loving and it's not being nice. We're supposed to love everyone and hate their sins. That man didn't do a thing.”

Uncle Nick looked at Aunt Paulette and said, “Man, the k** is going to be a preacher. I'm learning more about what the Bible MEANS through him than I've learned sitting in church.”

Aunt Paulette said, “Hon, it's forgiveness. He's moving on because he can forgive. It's us who are stuck here because we can't get past the past.”

He turned around and patted my knee. “Billy, I'll tell everyone what you think instead of what that man thinks. I think it'd be a lot better if I do that.”

“Can you make that man keep his land?”

“No, it's already been decided.”

“I think it's a mistake. If someone is making a mistake and trying to give me things, why can't I refuse it?”

“Some things don't work out that way.”

“Then I'm just as in the wrong by accepting it than he is in giving. I don't like that.”

“Billy, I can't tell him what to do. He's an adult and his decision was made before he even spoke with us.”

“What can I do to change it?”

“Not much I'm afraid.”

“What's going to happen to those guys when they get out? They're not even going to have a home to come home to?”

“Don't fret about them Billy.”

“Uncle Nick! They're going to be old. They're going to need someplace to live, or they'll come looking for me!”

“No, they'll stay away from you.”

“Well can't we give them back that land?”

“No, absolutely not.”

I looked out the window. Junior's hand found mine.

Aunt Paulette said, “Nick...”

“Paulette, I'm not going to have him giving those guys a thing!”

“Human Compassion!”


“Nick, the way I see it, that man's mistake is like sin. It keeps on giving and it's sure wrapped around you to make you make mistakes. I can see where Billy is coming from and fortunately, THREE of us in this vehicle aren't choosing to play a part in perpetuating the mistakes.”

“What would you have me do? REWARD THEM!”

“No! I think if it's in Billy's heart, then they can get out and go home. I think if it's not, then it's up to him to cast them to the streets. He's not casting stones here. He's choosing to drop his. I'm going to do the same.”

“So I'm throwing stones of hatred here?”

“I think you're not helping to disarm the situation.”

Junior said, “Nick, Billy told me him choosing to continue hating them was like being sick and then getting better.
Everyone's still treating him like he's sick and wanting to give him cough syrup. He's better now, but you're still treating him like he's sick.
Instead of stones, I think you've got a big bottle of cough syrup you need to put away.”

Uncle Nick looked at Aunt Paulette and said, “Hon, I'm afraid.”

“I realize that. I'm also sorry for arguing about this in front of the c***dren. Unfortunately, it's the c***dren which are teaching us how to be adults.”

“What do you think I should do?”

“Let Billy make the decision. If that's what he thinks, then support him. If it's not, then support him on it.”

“Fortunately, that's going to be a long time coming.”

“Yes, but just the same, we can't poison his mind to hating them.”

“Ok, but I will NOT take him to see them in prison!”

“I didn't ask that. He's going to speak to the judge.”


“He decided. I'll support him and whatever he wants, I'll support him. You do the same, or else!”

“Hon, let's not argue. Things are changing and I'm trying to find out what he wants!”

“I realize that. Billy, tell him what you want dear.”

“I want that man to love his sons no matter what. I want them to go to prison for a long time, but I also want them to know we're not choosing to hate them when I don't.”

“So you don't want them to get out of jail soon?”

“No, they did it, so they've got to go. Just the same, I think the man is dumb. It's like he turns “on” his love and turns it “off”. I think that's stupid.”

“Billy, I think you're right.”

We pulled into the diner's parking lot. When we went in, the place was loud with a lot of people talking. Then, suddenly it got quiet and everyone looked at us.

Uncle Nick said, “Folks, I realize you guys are probably wondering how we're handling things. Let me say I've learned a lot today on how to be a Christian from Billy. He's not choosing to hate those men, but he's choosing not to like their actions.
Today, two of the men's father signed his farm over to Billy in his Will to make up for what his sons did. Billy doesn't want it because he views that man's actions as a mistake. Yes, it's viewed as the thing to do because it's that man trying to atone for his sons misdeeds, but Billy thinks it's wrong because the man didn't actually do the deed. So, please don't hate that man for what his sons did. Billy isn't.”

A big farmer in a pair of bib overalls came over. He took off his John Deere hat and got down on his knee. “Son, everyone here is just worried about you.”

“I'm doing fine. Yes, it still hurts occasionally, but it's not ever going to take away the love I had for my parents. I'll miss them, but I've got a lot of other people who love me just the same.”

“Well, I certainly hope you know all these here folks love you too.”

“Do you love those guys who did it?”

“Son, I'm afraid we don't.”


“We can't support their actions.”

Nick put his hand on the man's shoulder. “Folks, when you listen to Billy, you're going to realize how much he can teach you. Go ahead and speak son.”

“Here's what I think. The Bible tells us we're supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin. You love me because my parents got killed, but you're choosing to not love them because they sinned.
We're the same. I didn't kill my parents, but I still love them. Love them and their father, but choose to hate what they did. The Bible tells us who is without sin are the ones to throw the stones, but I'm going to tell you I'm not throwing that first stone.
Now, they're going to go to prison, but I don't want everyone hating their dad because of what his sons did. If it wasn't for one of those sons, I'd not be here.”

The place suddenly got loud. The farmer said, “Son, that lesson just bought you lunch!” He turned to Uncle Nick and said, “You ought to have him tell everyone at church. I'd come to hear it again.” He turned to the waitress and said, “Maggie, put this group of people's lunch on my card. I'm buying.”

As we walked through the diner to go sit down, folks reached out and patted me all legs, my shoulder, my butt, they ruffled my hair, and one older lady even put her hand upon my face. By the time we were sat down, I felt like a doll that had too many c***dren playing with it.

Maggie came over and said, “Hon, that's the best thing I've heard in here all day. Everyone was talking bad about them, but you made them see how it is for you. What will you have?”

“I want chicken strip sandwich with swiss and ranch dressing. and he'll have a cheeseburger. Cut both in half. He'll have fries and I'll have onion rings. Both of us will have a large glass of sweet tea.”

“You sure that's all you want?”

Uncle Nick said, “They might have pie after lunch, but that's what they always get. They asked to have them cut in half because they trade the other half.
I'll have a cheeseburger, fries, and a large Coke. Paulette will have the open faced roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy over everything.”

“You get another side with that ma'am.”

“Green beans. I'll also have a Coke.”

“Ok, anything else?”

“Not right now.”

“Ok, it'll be right out. I'll have the cook put it to the top of the list.”

She left and I said, “Why'd she have us pass everyone else?”

“Apparently, she's supporting you in doing the right thing. She can't do anything else, so she's making it so you don't have to wait as long.”

“Well, I don't like it. Is this the way it's going to always be?”

Aunt Paulette said, “Hon, in time, people will treat you more normal, but this trial has stirred up a lot of feelings with them.”

“What are they going to think when they find out there isn't going to be a trial?”

“I don't know. Do you want me to make another announcement?”

“Do you think it would help?”

“I think it'd get your opinion out a lot faster than anything else.”

“Ok, then do it because I don't want everyone to think I'm not happy about it. I just want to be treated normal.”

Uncle Nick stood up and clanged his fork on his glass. “Folks, Billy would like for me to tell you about today's court proceedings.
He's afraid you're all going to be upset when you find out there's not going to be a trial.”

Everyone suddenly started talking.


The talking got quieter and then Uncle Nick spoke again. “As you know, Billy didn't want any plea bargains. As you know, we had a man on the stand today who really did us no favors. He brought up a lot of things which very easily could have had us going through more trials and never getting this thing over.
Rather than do that, the prosecutor asked us to consider a plea bargain. One of them got forty seven years and the others are getting lives in prison with a chance of parole for each count of murder with each running one after the other.
It's not the death penalty folks, but it sure beats them possibly getting out. They stand a chance of getting out when they're in their seventies, so we're fine with that.”

Someone asked, “What does that do to help the boy?”

“It keeps him from having to go to court for appeals. Someone who takes a plea bargain doesn't get to appeal it. They don't get anything except what the bargain is. They either take it, or we keep having to go back and back and back until it finally ends up at the state's supreme court where they decide the man who testified put enough doubt into the case he's screwed this boys life up.
You know they did it. I know they did it, but it's called rights folks. They get them, but this boy gets the right to be inconvenienced more by not having parents and not having a normal life because he has to keep going back until he sees his rights and those of his parents were stripped so bare we don't get squat.
All I can say is Billy now says he wants to be a judge. He wants people to love each other, but where's the love in situations like this? All I can say is I hope they take it so he can live the best life he's afforded because what he had isn't there anymore.”

“So you want him to not take the man's farm?”

“That man didn't do anything to Billy! He raised c***dren who chose the decisions they did. They made that decision and because he's a parent, he thinks it's up to him to correct them.
They're adults. They made those choices. It's admirable he wants to step forward just like all of you with your compassion, but ultimately, it's up to those guys to pay for their crimes. We're not denying them that, but we're sure not wanting people to give who isn't guilty.”

Everyone got quiet and I said, “Uncle Nick, can I say something?”


I stood up and then, Uncle Nick said, “Billy, step up over here to this chair.”

I stood on the chair and said, “You know, when it first happened, I was really worried. I lost my parents and then, my whole world was messed up. Each of you can only imagine what it must feel like, but then it was a thing which healed with the funeral, the love of my Aunt and Uncle, and then my getting a lot of insurance money.
I'll tell you now, buying things doesn't take up for your parents. It makes the world more fuller, but even now, I still think about my mama and daddy all the time. It's sad, but that's the way it is.
Everyone tried telling me to hate those men. The Bible tells me I'm not supposed to. The Bible tells me what is right, and everyone else tells me I'm supposed to follow it or go to hell. It also tells me to not believe some people because they could be wrong and it'd help me when I need it. Now, I'm needing it and it's helping me.
For a long time, I needed you folks. I still need you, but not as much as I did when it first happened. It hurts still, but I understand you know it hurts. I'm telling you it'd still hurt if we saw those guys killed, but it'd hurt their families too. I don't want that.”

Uncle Nick spoke up “Folks, it's the pain factor. Most of you have heard 'an eye for an eye', but at what cost? You and I would most likely sit there until the end and wait for that price to be paid. I can't sit there because the cost is too much and the risk is too high for him.
I know a lot of you probably don't agree with it, but the price he's paid has already been too much. He'll still have to pay it after most of us are dead and gone.
Those guys will be paying in ways we only can guess. What we do know is the judge is going to have a victim's advocate speak with him and video his thoughts so when they do come up for parole, the video is played even if he's unable to be there.
Please, whatever you do, support him and lay your anger at me. My shoulders are big. I'll bear it, but don't blame him for a thing except being a k** who has to live without parents.”

Someone said, “Nick, you spoke of this victim's advocate and that she's going to video the impact it's made on him.
Can some of us who knew his parents and did business with them speak on his behalf so they know what sort of people they took from our community?”

“That's a good idea!” several of them agreed.

Uncle Nick said, “When she speaks with him, they're going to be out at the farm. What I'll do is I'll take names and phone numbers of those of you who wish to speak. When she comes, I'll give you a call and have you come out. I think if there's enough of you who are wanting to make statements, she can't but help to listen to you all and take those statements.
Furthermore, I'm going to ask for a copy so your memories are placed on a disc for him. It might not make him feel better on a personal level, but it'd sure make him feel better knowing his parents were good and valued in your eyes.”

Maggie came over carrying our food. “Nick, here's your meals. Go ahead and eat. I'll make up a sign up sheet for you guys and that way they'll all get on it.”

“Thanks Maggie”

She lifted me down from the chair. “Hon, I want to be at the top of that list. I went to school with your mama and know what a doll she was.”


I went over and sat down. Jr smiled at me and asked, “Was it scary speaking in front of everyone?”

“No, they're all people who love us. If they were standing there with rotten tomatoes in their hands, I'd ask you to stand in front of me, but I'd still speak.”

Everyone laughed and Uncle Nick said, “Junior, what he's not saying is his daddy was someone who could speak in front of a crowd. He taught me and your daddy how he did it because each of us was scared just like you. He said the same exact thing!”

I said, “Daddy would tell me he'd practice speaking in front of the cows. They'd moo if they agreed with him and if they didn't, they'd walk away.”

Uncle Nick said, “That's what he said too. You don't know it, but his daddy took speech class with us. He didn't have to, because he'd taken it before, but he really liked speaking in front of people.”

I said, “Daddy used to get up in church and talk.”

Aunt Paulette said, “It was the local events. He did it because he could do it better than anyone. He'd throw in funny bits of humor and then it'd be a lot more interesting.”

Uncle Nick said, “He'd do funny so people would listen. He knew if he went up to read it as it was written, no one would listen. So, he'd do it funny so everyone would pay attention.”

Junior asked me, “Did you really mean it when you said you wanted to be a judge?”

“Yeah, it'd be neat.”

Aunt Paulette said, “You'll have to do good in school. In order to be a judge, you have to be a lawyer and that's not easy.”


“Yes dear.”

“So I'd have to defend people like that?”

“No, not necessarily, but you'd have to be a lawyer.”

“Ok, well I'll be a lawyer and then, I'll just be a judge.”

Uncle Nick smiled, “Why don't we ask the judge to have you sit with him during some trials. That way, you'd get to see what they do.”

Junior said, “I still want to be a farmer.”

I said, “I want to be one too.”

Uncle Nick and Aunt Paulette both laughed.... Continue»
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Prison Bitch (for all my little sissy fag boys)

I'm sure many of you have seen a number of movies or television programs based on prison life behind bars. Having recently spent some 29 months in an undisclosed New England State Pen, I’ll now share with you first hand, some of the wildest and most unbelievable sexual experiences one could ever imagine. While still on parole now, I will change my name here and not mention the state facility involved. Other than to substitute a few names for some of the real ones involved, all of what I'm disclosing here actually happened between late July of 2001 and December of 2003. My work release program date.

I was three months short of my 22nd birthday when a state superior court judge sentenced me to two to five years for grand theft auto. Something my dumb ass lawyer promised me would never happen. Instead of going home to my f****y that day with a fine and probation, I instead found myself shackled and later placed in a State Police Van and transported far up state.

It was near supper time when I was delivered and partly processed. This included my being stripped naked, made to bend over and have some fem looking gay male RN with coke bottle glasses probe my virgin asshole for contraband. Once showered and in my new orange numbered uniform, I was lead into this giant mess hall that housed the entire inmate population of some 700 plus. Instantly on my guard e****ted late arrival, a roar of cat calls and whistles erupted from the vast majority of the seated eating inmates. I guess between my baby face, my long uncut blonde ponytail and my 5' 5" 126 pound frame, more than a fair share of the inmate population viewed me then, as a new exciting sexy desirable young piece of innocent ass!!

Having not been processed fully yet, I was made to eat by myself at a small isolated table perhaps 12 feet or so from the last end inmate seating isle. It was then that I sat shivering in complete fear as dozens of nearby seasoned hard core prisoners began individually informing me of their plans to use my body in a number of homosexual ways! While I tried to eat my meal, I only looked up once. It seemed to me that every single con I viewed wore lewd smiles and seemed so big and strong. After supper, I was interviewed by the night captain of the guards and assigned a cell on the first floor main cellblock tier. Having worked some two years in a civilian restaurant kitchen, I was assigned to work in the prison kitchen to start off with. Designed to originally contain only 400 inmates, the vast majority of the cells were now housing two prisoners instead of one! Now without my watch and holding a face cloth, two towels, a roll of toilet paper and three pages of typed out instructions on confinement behavior rules, I was at last lead into my new cell.

Instantly upon looking at my new cellmate, I swallowed hard as he was an obvious faggot complete with black eye lash and brow makeup. His name was Paul but he told me I could call him/her Pauline! While I was given the top bunk, I noticed many pictures scotch taped to the two side walls. Most were of Ru Paul the drag queen while a few were of Madonna in sexy black lingerie. With some three hours to go before lights out, I talked very little while mostly listening to Paul clueing me in on prison life and what to expect. I must have swallowed my adams apple more than a few times as he informed me that just like him, I would have no choice at all and was soon to be a prison sissy bitch to be selfishly used by most of the other inmates whenever opportunity arose.

About then I began to openly weep. I had never in my entire life even thought about gay things. While not very experienced at all in sex, the only cock I had ever thought about was my very own. Yes like most young men, I loved my cock. In fact till that point in time, I had only had sex with only one girl throughout my teen years. Her name was Charlene and we liked each other a lot during high school. Charlene was raised a devout Catholic and was determined to remain a virgin until her wedding vows. So the sex we had was mostly oral with each other. I should also mention that soon after I talked her into trying to suck my cock, she took to it like a duck to water and used to blow me just about every time we were alone together.

It was maybe a good hour after Paul and I began talking that footsteps out somewhere on the tier approached our cell. Looking out, a real husky Italian looking inmate with a red trustee hat on stopped in front of the bars. Then next thing I knew without a word ever having been spoken, Paul was off his lower bunk and sank to he knees in front of his inside bars. Next that prisoner unbuttoned his pants and brought out the very first erect cock I had ever seen. Almost the instant it was pushed forward between the bars, Paul went down on it as I looked on from almost directly overhead. It was so strange actually seeing a homo sucking a cock! I found myself unable to turn away as something about it somehow had me drawn to watching! That blowjob lasted perhaps two or three minutes before the trustee shot off in Paul’s mouth. Then he was gone as quickly as he had arrived!

Paul then told me that he was deeply addicted to cock and on a good day, would service well over a dozen either in his mouth or in his ass if he got lucky! As I again began to cry, the realization of what was in store for me struck home. Paul then told me about the inmate code of honor. He said the penal staff looked the other way to many things including most inmate sex acts. Then he added that if I told the screws anything or ratted, I would be signing a death wish on myself! So there I was some 235 miles from home facing up to five years in prison. I was young helpless shark food to the prowling inmate population (as Paul put it)! I was small, too weak to physically fight back and doomed for sexual abuse without hope!!!!! Well after lights were out, I found myself silently taking out my cock and masturbating as I needed a friend more than anything!

The next morning I followed Paul, both in the outside cell lineup and count, as well as arriving in the kitchen. It was still dark outside as along with 35 other kitchen detail inmates, we began to get breakfast ready. When serving time arrived, I found myself on the front line with a ladle scooping lumpy oatmeal into the tin trays of the countless other prisoners who paraded by in a single file line. Many made lewd sexual comments to me as they stopped in front of me to be served. One of them was a very tall and well muscled heavily tattooed con around 35 years old. He somehow saw the fear in my eyes and briefly told me that he was one of the convict leaders and if I became his private bitch, he would make sure no one in the joint would ever lay a hand on me. Back in our cell maybe an hour later, I told Paul about what he had told me. I learned then that his name was Bruno and that no cons ever messed with him.

I was surprised when shortly afterwards, Bruno showed up at our cell. With it being morning recreation time, all the cell doors remained open and Bruno just walked in. He seemed to know Paul quite well and talked to him briefly about some woman’s panties, bras and nylons he was getting for Paul. Then his gaze and full attention turned to me! He asked me my name first and seemed quite friendly enough. So we chatted for a while before he told me that my pretty looks had given him a big hard on! I felt uncomfortable and blushed and declined his offer of him exposing it to me. I told him I was completely straight and that instantly had him breaking out in laughter!

Stepping a few feet back from our bunk bed, Bruno undid his pants buttons and released his cock. As it came into my view, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was to openly stare at it. Maybe it was its gigantic thickness and length that caught me completely off guard, but in any event, I did the complete opposite of my intentions by locking my eyes onto it with a look of complete mystified fascination. So Bruno began to play with it using the tips of his fingers to tease himself. He was looking right at me before I finally came to my senses and looked away.

Then Bruno asked Paul if he would like a nice hot tube steak snack? Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement coming off the lower bunk. Paul had gotten down on his knees as I soon heard deep groans coming from Bruno. It was then Bruno ordered me in a very deep in charge voice to watch what was going on. He had Paul move over to his right side as he too turned facing him now. As I followed Bruno's command and watched from overhead, Paul’s mouth got instantly busy!

I soon found myself completely amazed with Paul’s ability to take every available inch of it into his mouth and down his throat. Bruno was now looking at me while telling me to watch closely as very soon his cock would belong to me! For a while Bruno just stood there letting Paul do all the work. Now two other kitchen inmates showed up just outside our cell door. Neither entered our cell but instead just stood there closely watching Paul sucking the living shit out of Bruno's giant thick prick! Finally reaching the stage of selfishness, Bruno suddenly began to wildly pump it deep down Paul’s throat! I couldn’t believe how it was humanly possible for Paul to get it all into his willing mouth. Bruno hotly mouthfucked Paul for many minutes before getting his nuts off. Both he and Paul moaned together as Bruno's ejaculation happened! One of the cons outside our cell, told Bruno to gag the sissy on his big hot load!!!!!!!!!!!

Just after getting off, Bruno pulled his still big prick from Paul’s mouth and held it firmly in his hand. He then told me it would be great if I came down and cleaned it off for him using my virgin mouth. I didn’t answer him as my mind raced in horrible fear! Before he left, Bruno told me I had two choices! One was to be his special fully protected private bitch sissy or instead I could foolishly choose to be fair game to hundreds of prison predators who would **** me over and over again every single day! The last words he told me before he left, was that he would give me two days to think about it before he would be back!!

I became terrified when Bruno showed up just about twenty four hours later. However, he was delivering Paul’s lingerie in a plain brown paper bag and left without saying a word to either of us. Soon Paul had slipped into them and was prancing around the cell like a pink clad panty princess. He or should I say she was so happy and gay! Somehow in viewing her, I noticed for the first time that Paul or Pauline indeed had a sort of girlish body.

Not long after, a prison screw (term for prison guard) showed up. He was slender with light brown skin and wore glasses. He told Pauline how cute and sexy she looked and I was amazed when he took up Pauline’s offer to give him a BJ. Soon I was watching my fem cellmate sucking his third cock since my arrival. I now discovered that sex behind bars also included the state prison staff as well. With his eyes closed and Pauline too busy to notice me, I watched from maybe four feet away as that light brown pink headed long but very thin cock repeatedly went in and out of Pauline’s craving and skilled mouth. Maybe it was me accepting my future ill sexual gay fate in full, or a life long part of my sexuality finally being awakened for the very first time, but non the less as I laid there intently watching, my cock had grown rock hard and my trusty right hand was now squeezing it in embrace! Shortly after that guard was fully serviced to completion and had left, I told Pauline that I had wicked hard-on. I knew full well that I was asking, in a hintful way, for her to blow me!!!

In my limited past, I thought Charlene’s blow jobs were the greatest thing on earth. Pauline’s mouth seemed 100 times better. She was an expert when it came to oral sex play. I instantly found her mouth the most pleasurable thing ever in my life! It was pure magic as she slowly teased and pleased not only my stiff sensitive cock, but my balls as well in submissive fashion! It was absolutely incredible when I shot off inside her tight whore mouth. No mess to worry about or catch, no work needed to bring myself off. All I had to do was lay back and enjoy her literally sucking the come right out of me!

After she finished, we talked a great deal about my situation. I honestly told her that while I wasn’t looking forward to being queer and submissive to another male, for my safety sake, I would submit to Bruno's wishes! Pauline told me then that she was sure that once I got a taste of hot cock, I would fall in love with it just like she did some four years earlier when her sentence had started. I was surprised when she told me she was completely straight and married with two k**s before hitting the joint.

That night, just before lights out, I lay back on her lower bunk completely naked while watching her make slow love to my excited cock! As I did, I found myself studying her techniques. How she held it, how she licked and kissed, how much she truly loved it! After a while she stopped and looked over at me! Somehow I must have been wearing a new look of fascination and interest that she recognized. Suddenly while my eyes were riveted to her face, she began to teach me with both spoken words and mouth and tongue actions, how to service and please another man. Many times I found myself on the verge of shooting off! Each time as my cockhead got rock hard, she would stop and give it a rest. Over and over she brought me to brink of ejaculation before denying me.

Some twenty minutes or so into that great teasing blow job, Pauline got up from her kneeling position and suddenly pulled her new pink shear panties down to her knees. Immediately my eyes were feasting directly on her short but very thick penis. Its purplish shiny swollen head was now pointing directly at me. Covering most of her vertical piss slit was a giant pearl like bead of precum clinging to it! Had she been straight, I probably would have looked away. But Pauline was a 100% queer homosexual which made it ok for me to look at!

Her voice was soft and low as she asked me if I was her true new friend? When I assured her I was, she told me that it had been months since anyone had last pleased her. She continued by telling me how she always gave to others unselfishly but never received anything in return. I found myself suspecting what she was leading too. She wanted me to suck her cock! I was surprised when, instead, she pleaded with me to give her a hand job! She told me that I might even be greatly surprised discovering how erotic and thrilling it was to touch someone else’s dick! Somehow she had worded everything so perfectly that I found only one lingering fear remaining. I worried that other inmates would find out and know I had played with a cock! Pauline swore to me on her c***dren’s lives that she would never ever tell a single soul. She would even stand by the front bars and play lookout so no one would catch or see us.

Without waiting for my acknowledgement, she went over and stood sideways leaning slightly against the bars waiting for me to join her! Getting off of her bunk, I stood while looking at her twitching thick cock! Somehow it was like turning the clock back when I first discovered masturbation some 7 years earlier. Her stiff cock seemed so powerful. I was getting this erotic feeling mixed with naughtiness in my mind. Finding no reason not to, I excitedly whispered to Pauline to keep a sharp eye out as I meekly walked over to the side of her. Sucking in a deep breath for courage, I slowly reached out and wrapped my fingers around her thick stubby cockshaft!

Almost instantly, both my mind and my trembling left hand received together a strange new naughty thrill! That cock was very hard and seemed warm as well. I felt it twitch under my grip! Somehow the very same feelings of arousal and excitement when touching my own cock now consumed my mind. So I squeezed it many times finding yet more excitement building within me. Then just like I had done to mine countless times, I began to jack it back and forth. Under my pumping hand, it hardened yet more. Now I was reacting to it in a mild state of fascination as well as looking down right at it. Yes my hand was holding and jerking off a cock that wasn’t mine, yet was exciting me as if it were!

Not used to using my left hand on myself, I removed it and substituted my right on in its place. I found it much easier to hold and pump that way. Somehow the thought to play with myself as well sprang into my mind. So I soon was holding and pumping two different dicks at once! Between Pauline’s long teasing blow job, and my current state of deep arousal, my cock suddenly reached the point of no return. I pumped both our pricks equally hard and fast as my cock began to blast off. The first few spurts hit Pauline on her upper right thigh. Then she bent forward and wrapped her wonderful lips around it, catching every single goblet deep within her magical mouth. That climax was both the strongest and longest lasting of my entire life. I thought I would come forever until it finally subsided. Pauline kept her mouth on it gently sucking as I continued to pump to bring her off!

Maybe a minute passed before I felt her cockshaft suddenly throbbing in spasm under my tight pumping grip. Looking down, my right hand was like a blur on her shaft. Just above it, her shiny cockhead was ejaculating big shooting sperm goblets every few seconds. My hand could actually feel her full climax taking place as I pumped her dry! Once done, no words were spoken between us. While I got up on my bunk and laid back, Pauline used several sheets of toilet paper to wipe up her spread out load that covered a few feet of our gray cell floor. As I lay back on my upper bunk again alone, many new thoughts consumed my active mind. The last one I remembered before finally dozing off, was thinking about being f***ed to suck Bruno's cock! Would I enjoy it as much as I just did giving my first hand job? Yes I guess in looking back, I had taken a giant step in exploring these new found feelings and discoveries toward prison homosexuality!

I was so glad the next day when Pauline acted as if nothing had happened or changed things in our new friendship. Somehow I trusted her completely! It was after serving lunch and returning to our cells, when these new feelings in my mind again surfaced. I was on my bunk with my hand inside of my pants gently caressing my cock! I knew all I had to do was ask Pauline if she wanted to blow me. Yet another different thought was turning me on even more.

I found myself wanting to see her erection again. Also I guess, wanting to touch it and play with it some more! Getting off of my bunk and peeking both ways down the then empty tier, I moved to the side of her lower bunk and smiled down on her. She instantly smiled back before casting her eyes to the pop tent buldge in my orange prison pants. “I know what you want!" she giggled. She seem startled when I boldly informed her that first I wanted to play a little bit with her cock again! Pauline told me the screw working tier duty that day was Baker who himself was very queer. At worse if he showed up, he would want to watch and maybe even get a BJ from Pauline. So Pauline slid down her pants to her ankles and laid back.

Now she became Paul to me as his cock was soft and seemed so innocent and harmless as I sat sidesaddle on his bunk and stared at it. My eyes took in all of its many different parts. His cockhead and the thick shaft beneath it. His balls and pouch were thick and large as I noticed the seam right down the middle of them. It began to slightly stir and grow before my very eyes before I reached out to sample it and expedite its growth. Again the very same exciting thrill just like the night before consumed my mind as I began to caress it in exploratory finger tip manner. Soon under my touch and probing, it grew into a full erection. Now in its hardened state, it looked much sexier and masculine to me. Somehow craving to be yet queerer with my cellmate, I brought my second hand into play also.

It was like I was being drawn to it like a magnet. It held a strange new power over me that had me totally powerless to resist its temptations! I had always loved my own cock right from puberty yet found that Paul’s cock excited me in a far greater new way. So our session lasted a long time with neither of us in any particular hurry. It was a good half hour or so after we started fooling around, that I pumped it into a big bursting jizz load climax. It was me this time that got out sheets of toilet paper to wipe Paul’s cum mess up. His sperm was all over his lower belly as well as covering a great deal of his lower cockshaft and even his balls. Once completed, I sat on our seatless porcelen toilet and let him suck me off!

That evening, shortly after returning from our dinner duty, it was one of our twice a week shower and new laundry nights. Our tier contained 80 inmates so the fist forty cells went first before we were allowed to. Once reaching the shower facility, everyone had to strip naked and chuck all of their clothes into a big dirty laundry chute. Somehow as I stood there naked, I couldn’t help but look around. I was practically surrounded by 39 other naked prisoners. Many of them were checking out my small slender naked body with eyes that betrayed pure selfish lust! With only two dozen shower heads, many were soon shared by two at a time.

In short order, a large cloud of misty steam began to take over that shower room. Hairy asscracks were everywhere as well as many exposed cocks of all different sizes and shapes. I couldn’t help but notice; more than half of them were now in full erection as I stood near the entrance waiting my turn. It was then in looking down the far end, I saw an inmate named Clark, right down on his knees blowing Pedro the Hispanic guy. Then to the left of them, I watched Paul place both his hands shoulder high against the shower room wall while spreading out his legs. Soon JC a redheaded southern boy got behind him while heavily lathering up his now erect cock with a bar of white soap. Others besides me were also watching the sudden homo action taking place.

Soon JC had his cock in Paul’s ass and was fucking away in urgent need. It was then that I heard a voice telling him to hurry the fuck up and quit hogging the faggot's bitch ass! This is when a guy named Foster came over and tried to get me to kneel down and give him head. I was later to learn that during showers, the screws conveniently became low profile as to allow the prisoners some private sex time! I guess it was their way of letting us vent and release some pent up feelings. I was glad when Rudy told Foster that I was Bruno's private stock and was not to be touched by anyone.

It was just as the second guy screwing Paul's ass was finishing up, that a shower right across from them became completely vacant. So over I went and while washing, watched a third guy fucking Paul while Clark was now very busy sucking in fast turn, a few other inmates’ dicks. Finding my cock starting to get hard, I changed my water from warm to cold to make it get completely soft again. That first shower night, I didn't want anyone to see that I had sexual feelings.

A while later with a fresh new uniform with extra socks also, we arrived back in our cell. Paul laughed while telling me it was now tier jack off hour. He explained that most of the inmates were completely turned on by the shower room nudity and sex. That many had to display their macho images at all times but deep down harbored gay thoughts and feelings they couldn’t openly act on.

Then I asked him all about his being fucked by three guys? Paul smiled telling me that getting fucked was wonderful. That our bowels had a series of nerve endings just as sensitive as our cocks were. He told me that in being submissive, one craved a mental state as well as a physical one. That the more submissive and used a fag was, the deeper the arousal and enjoyment for him. I confessed then that I was also horny from our showers. Paul smiled and asked me how he could please me? When I opened my mouth I didn’t plan on saying what came out. I just seemed to flow without any thought from me. “I’d like to see what it’s like sucking on a cock!" Then I added that shortly Bruno would be forcing me to do it to him anyway. Paul smiled but didn’t say anything as he got off his bunk and lowered his new pressed pants.

Like earlier that day, my hand went to his dick in exploratory manner. Soon I had it hard and throbbing. Not choosing to get on my knees, I bent at the hips bringing my curious mouth to his swollen taunt cockhead. Once arriving there, I could only give it a soft exploratory kiss. Instantly I received a dry soapy taste. It felt strange to me. New and so different than anything else I had ever done in my entire life. Not sure yet of the physical part, but getting a wicked new mental stimulating high, I kissed it a second time deciding I liked doing it. So many other kisses followed in short order. With each one, I got more daring and bold. It was like I was discovering sex for the very first time in a whole new manner. Just like those incredible new discoveries during my first few times of masturbation years ago, kissing Paul’s cock in queer manor had me greatly excited.

Next I swiped my tongue right across his cockhead. It seemed dry but hard giving me a slightly salty taste. Inside of my mind, I found myself fighting an inner battle. One was the mental part that said I was wrong and in no way should be doing this! While the other was trying to take me into a brand new sexual identity. Somehow at that time, I reasoned that I had jacked it off, had kissed and licked it. What possible harm would come by taking it in my mouth and seeing what it was like? Pauline seemed to adore and love sucking so I knew there might be something to it. Less than a half hour earlier, Clark had displayed the same love and want in the shower stall sucking off five inmates right in a row.

Wanting answers, I parted my lips and tightly slid them well down over Paul’s throbbing cockhead. Instantly I discovered how perfect it seemed to fit inside of my mouth. Just like it belonged there. Between the last few days with Paul and the recent shower room viewing, I had somehow then fully accepted homosexuality. Now as I felt and tasted Paul’s stiff prick in my mouth, I knew I was beginning a whole new exciting kind of sex life.

I sucked tentatively those first few minutes. Like every new first time cocksucker, the feelings and dirty urges had reason behind them. No one back home would ever know and I was free here to explore and act upon them. As I sucked and explored with my lips and mouth, my tongue also became active. Paul’s cock was giving me such intense pleasure and excitement. I found myself spellbound and unable to stop myself. I was liking it and seemed to be constantly craving yet more. I was fully aware in my mind then, that I was blowing a queer. Instead of turning me off, this thought only increased my now uncontrollable brand new passions.

Both of Paul’s hands found the back of my head and held it steadfast. I was trapped now and almost instantly relaxed as he pushed a few more thick inches far deeper into my mouth. Oh it fit so perfectly! At that moment I fully realized that I was actually queer! Not only did I fully accept that fact, but found myself wanting to be as queer as I could possibly be. So I began to suck it harder as I tightened my lips around his shaft. I began to bob my head and remembering how Bruno made me watch Paul sucking him, I tried to copy Paul’s actions and techniques. With each new second and inch, I got myself hotter and hotter.

I realized that there was two parts to a good blow job. The sucking was one; the part when it came was the second. So with dirty thoughts that it would shoot off lots of come into my mouth, I was now on a mission! Being perhaps five 1/2 inches at most, I was taking it deep with my lips stretching on the bottom of Paul’s much thicker base. Its size and length were perfect as I was now taking it all in blissful glee. Now Paul was helping me by withdrawing his cockhead to just inside of my clinging lips before shoving it as far as he could back toward my throat. Now loud sloppily sucking sounds were filling our 8 x 12 cell. Paul was the man now while I had become the woman!

I wish I could say when Paul came it was great for me. While I wanted it and sucked for it, I was totally unprepared when his big ejaculation arrived. Suddenly his cockshaft throbbed in a powerful spasm. Next I felt the first large thick blast spray my tonsils. Even before the second one followed, my taste buds were stung by musky pungent rancid flavor. It instantly tasted terrible and sickening to me as Paul held my head tightly in place while blasting his cock off. Closing off my throat so as not to dare swallow any of his sickening sperm, I fought my desire to pull away as I didn’t want to cheat him in his moment of need. So holding my breath and impossibly trying not to gag, I let Paul fill my mouth almost right up with his awful semen.

I was greatly in need of air and had just started to push his cock away when instead Paul pulled his dick out of my mouth. Immediately I ran to our cold water sink and began spitting that thick jizz out over and over. Some stuck to my lips and rolled down my chin. Then I felt like I had to throw up and knelt down in front of the cell toilet. Shortly afterwards, Paul came over and gave me my tin cup filled with water. So I rinsed my mouth out many times before those urges to get sick finally left me.

Later Paul explained to me about taking a mouth load. I was told most guys loved taking cum, while a few just couldn't handle that part at all. He told me like drinking scotch, one had to acquire a taste for it. It was his favorite part. Then we talked with me confessing to him that I had indeed loved the sucking part of cocksucking. Paul seemed to know and understand exactly how I felt and thought. Then he told me that he hoped for my benefit, I would learn how to swallow and to completely please. Bruno shot gigantic loads and would f***e me to drink him completely down!! He also told me that at first, he to got sick and repulsive swallowing jizz and that he mastered it by eating small bits of his own jacked loads to get used to it. He advised me that the next cock I sucked, to just quickly gulp and swallow it down instead of getting mouth filled with it. Now I was worried and more afraid of Bruno than ever before. Thank god he had a tooth abscess and was in the infirmary for three days.

The next day, the second we got back from breakfast duties, I again blew Paul. This time I held my tin cup for him to shoot into when he came. Again the sucking was incredible for me and I dearly loved every exciting second of it. When Paul's climax arrived, I let him shoot one single big first blast into my mouth before catching the rest in my hand held cup. Somehow maybe it was the small volume I took or just knowing what kind of a taste to expect, but I didn't gag even once nor get a bit sick. In fact I let it remain in my mouth for many minutes without difficulty before swallowing it right down my throat. That night, I let it squirt three times with the same positive non sickening results.

On the one week anniversary of my consignment there, Bruno entered our cell during after supper hour recreation time. Paul was terrified of Bruno finding out that he was having gay sex with me. So I had to act like a straight innocent virgin about to be corrupted. Bruno made Paul leave our cell and then wasted little time exposing his gigantic prick to me. Thank god I was so afraid of him I was actually shaking all over. He had me touch and explore his cock and seemed to surprisingly show a soft side of himself. I was afraid of betraying my new gay feelings but as it turned out, everything went perfect. Bruno wanted to corrupt me with his powerful nearly 10 inch long prick.

Somehow he was treating me like I was 13 and not twenty-two. As he exposed himself to me, he kept telling me how big it was and asked me how it made me feel looking at it? I told him it really scared me a hell of a lot! That I didn't want him to turn me into a fag! This only seemed to make Bruno even more determined and turned on. Finally while laying flat on Paul’s bunk, he had me jack him off. As I did, I did my best to be crude and unskilled. As I pumped that giant pecker with both hands at times, I kept telling Bruno I didn't want to be queer.

When Bruno came, Paul had been absolutely right. Bruno shot off a load at least three times larger than any of mine had ever been. It shot everywhere and made such a mess. Instead of letting me use cell toilet paper, Bruno had me take off both of my socks and use them to clean it all up. After I was done, he made me put them back on before leaving. As he walked out though our open cell door, he told me that tomorrow night, he would be back giving me my very first lessons in bitch cocksucking!

Now alone, I somehow found myself as hot as a firecracker! I guess my innocent role-play along with Bruno's majestic cock really had me worked up. Since that first second he had taken it out of him pants, I had wanted him to shove it right into my mouth. But instead had to act like his complete straight terrified new bitch. I was hoping Paul would come back then as I wanted to share every erotic detail with him. While waiting, I took off both wet soiled jizz coated socks! Somehow I soon found myself smelling one of them. It was a seafood smell that reminded me of raw oysters in a way. Taking out my cock, I rubbed one on my cock for a long while. Then I began doing the same thing with the second one when Paul showed up.

It seemed with the right night screw on duty in the rec room, Paul along with four other inmates, were allowed some private sneak off time using the shower room to frolic in. I listened to Paul give me all of the hot homo details before telling him all about Bruno and me! Somehow when I got to the coming and socks part, Paul suddenly got real hot and bothered bringing out his cock. Looking at it, it seemed maybe 1/2 the size of Bruno's to me.

Soon I was fondling it in a teasing manner before asking him if he would let me suck it completely off? After maybe ten minutes of delightful sucking on my part, it exploded its entire load right into my fully excited now gay mouth. Maybe it was because I truly wanted it, or maybe because I was too hot to even think about it when it happened, but anyway I found myself welcoming it and easily swallowing every bit of it right down my gullet. Even its aftertaste in my mouth was pleasing and erotic to me as Paul then expertly sucked me off!

Thank God I had no deepthroating experience when the following night arrived. Using some tips Paul had given me, I let my teeth get in the way and didn’t breathe through my nose when Bruno introduced his big prick into my mouth. For effect, I even pretended to gag on the very first few thick inches. In my mind I was every bit a complete virgin and easily fooled Bruno. Wanting to take me step by step into cocksucking, Bruno settled for feeding only five inches into my seemingly unskilled mouth. He didn't even come in my mouth during that first lesson he gave to me. Instead he made me get my soiled socks from my small corner laundry pile and jack him off into them.

At this point in time, my mind seemed to be consumed with thoughts and cravings for cock. Paul and I were blowing each other at least twice day with me always taking his loads first. By the time my second shower night had arrived, I found myself excited, hard and jacking my lather soaked dick while watching Paul, Clark and a new inmate named Steven, mouth servicing some 10 or so other cons. Afterwards in our cell, I got my first rim job from Paul before he switched his mouth to my cock. While he blew me, Paul wet his middle finger and introduced his first two knuckles into my bowels. Somehow it felt so fuckin good up there, that I shot off in near record time.

It was while setting up the trays for lunch time the next day, when I first heard the news about Bruno and five other prison inmates. They had all been declared to be disruptive gang leaders and had been transferred to other different out of state prison facilities as part of a federal exchange program. This had happened around 4 am and some 7 hours earlier. Once this news had gotten out, almost instantly I was finding myself approached by many different kitchen inmates that were attempting to lay claim to me. For three days, Paul and I closed and locked our cell door for my needed protection. Despite this, a handful of them would still come over to the bars looking to get head or a handjob from me. I think I forgot to mention that I have somewhat of a baby face that makes me look more like a very young high school student.

On the third day following Bruno's transfer, Paul somehow managed to sneak a large contraband wooden stirring spoon from the kitchen. It was maybe a foot long with a thick tapered handle. The next day, he also smuggled a fair sized napkin of cooking lard to complete his plan. It was that very night after lights out, that he rimmed me again before inserting some four or five greased inches into my bowels. While it hurt a bit at first and felt as strange as hell, in time I found myself truly loving the new sensitive sensations it was giving me up inside of my ass. Yes Paul was right again, getting fucked was second only to cocksucking for true faggots. I wanted Paul to fuck me after that in the worst way. But being submissive and a true bottom, he steadfastly refused. Soon we got wind of upcoming cell to cell shakedown so Paul sold that makeshift dildo and the slippery lard to Clark for three cartons of Marlboro 100s. I might add just in the nick of time.

While the now daily sex with Paul was enjoyable to me, I found myself craving a bit more. I wanted to get fucked and also found that I was now finding attractions for some of the more masculine hunks in the joint. Now as some came on to me daily in the chow line, I would flirt and tease and soon discovered the power of being maybe one of a few dozen bitches amongst the 700 inmate population. Fully making my mind up to become a prison whore, I discussed my feelings and wants with Paul. With Officer Goodman on shower patrol that evening of my third group shower since arriving, I decided the time was ripe for me to come out of the closet and to act on my urges toward cock and not suppress them any longer.

Paul helped me in part that night by giving me a pair of black fishnet thigh high nylon stockings that must have had at least a dozen long runs in them. So as we reached the step area in front of the laundry bins, I shed my prison regulars but remained in both of those sexy black flower top fem stockings. Instantly I was the topic of interest for the other 30 plus inmates around me. Officer Goodman informed us all that it was the full time duty captains night off and instead of the usual 20 minutes of shower time, we were getting an extra 15 minutes. He also added while lewdly smiling, that he didn't want to see a single drop of cum hitting the shower room floor! Looking around, I saw that many cocks were already in full erection as Pauline and I were the last inmates to enter the steamy room!

Having chosen Smiddy, a well built Irishman that had been nicely buggering Pauline for months now, I sort of pranced in an exaggerated feminine manner over to his far corner shower. I was quickly and closely followed by a good 1/2 dozen erect inmates as I arrived there. Smiddy was facing me, now holding his long thin already erect cock in his hand wearing a big cheshire cat type smile. Looking him straight in the eye, I asked him if he would like to be the first inmate to throw a wild fuck into my virgin ass? My mind was racing then a million miles an hour in a state of very turned on lust I had never know before. Smiddy's answer was to grab a bar of soap from his nearby wall holder and carefully drop it on the wet floor just in front of him. Never breaking eye contact, he ordered me to bend down and pick it up. He also added that I should take my sweet ass time!

Tightly closing the gap between us, I deliberately turned my back to him before slowly bending over. Before we had left our cell, Pauline had carefully lubed my anus with some of her new cooking lard she stole during our supper duties. For foreplay, she had also given me a very erotic two finger assfucking so I was as slippery as a greased pig back there. I guess the sight of my exposed lubed shiny new fuck hole was too much for Smiddy to stand! Almost instantly he moved forward placing his hard cockhead against my tight anus.

True to his dominant male nature, Smiddy took me fast and hard. Pauline had always been so gentle and careful in her anal play with me, that I never dreamed that a stiff cock could or would hurt so much! I was totally unprepared for the horrible pain that felt like a red hot branding iron going deep inside of me. My instant reaction was to scream and instantly move myself away successfully managing to escape Smiddy's punishing cock. It was then that several inmates moved in on me and I was grabbed by many sets of strong hands and f***ed to bend over again while now being securely held in place!

Smiddy seemed ripshit and wasted little time lining my anus up for a second attempt. Again he greedily shoved it deep into me with the very same painful results. This time I was completely helpless to break free and escape. I began to openly weep then, while he began pounding every inch of his rock hard cock deep into my punished flaming bowels. In looking back, I’m sure without that lube I would have been split in half or had hemorrhage. Thank god my before hand lubing Pauline had skillfully given me was coating his cock with every new thrust as the friction on my linings became slippery. Also my sphincter muscle which had caused me the most pain at first, began to finally fully relax and expand in resignation.

It was then that JC came over and presented his cock to my downturned face. He too was in a state of selfish lust and roughly pulled my blonde ponytail upward while ordering me to open wide! I got just a brief glance of his cock then before he was shoved it deep into my mouth. Now from both ends at once, I was taking hard humping cock while being held by four or five others. From the steam now surrounding us all, I felt both of my nylons sliding down my legs past my knees. Some inmate unknown to me, was now beside me tugging them both back up so that again they both clung tightly just below my balls. Now I found myself wishing I had never given in to those gay temptations Paul had put before me since my arrival in his cell. I wished I had never stolen cars for resale and was praying this brutal **** I was now a victim of would somehow mercifully end!

Now I found that my ass was suddenly beginning to feel quite strange and very different. Something was happening back there that I couldn't see. It seemed to suddenly be expanding and contracting on its very own around Smiddy's rapidly deep pounding prick! Then I suddenly couldn't feel any of Smiddy's still fucking cock anymore? Maybe 5 seconds later, I went into a muscular anal climax. It was much more intense and far stronger than my cock ejaculations had ever been. Far more powerful as well at it took over my body. With JC's cock practically throat fucking me, I was powerless to speak or even protest! At first it greatly scared me. Then as I took in some well needed air, I just let myself relax and ride it out. It seemed to be coming from under my stomach right down to my inner asshole. I closed my eyes now and let these body sensations take over.

I could still feel JC's prick fucking my mouth and tightened my lips around it as I tried to suck. He was doing all the work and then I felt it beginning to ejaculate right down my throat. I didn’t even have to gulp or swallow as I felt his wildly pulsating cockhead embedded just past my tonsils while its thick lower shaft swelled against my tight clinging wrapped lips! Right then I was also feeling my anal entire cavity compressing and contracting like a trash compactor. Unknown or unrealized to me, Smiddly had just blasted off and was quickly pulled away from my public quivering fuck pussy!

Almost instantly, a newer much thicker and longer black cock took its place. Now Leroy's deep voice was at my left ear telling me his ten inch fuck pole was going to make me the happiest faggot in the joint! As he began to ram it home to the hilt, I couldn’t keep myself from beginning to fuck it back! Seeing I was now wanting it, all those inmates that had held my arms suddenly let go. Instantly I reached up to hold JC's balls in one hand while reaching down for my cock with the other one. It was then that queer Clark knelt down there and moved my hand away. Instantly his warm mouth took my stiff cock over. Now I was not only fucking back that huge black dick in my climaxing ass, but also getting a selfish exciting wonderful ball load from JC as well!

Once spent, JC then withdrew his dick and quickly moved back out of the way. Instantly Pedro the Hispanic guy laid next claim to my mouth. His cock, while average in size, was uncut and I complied to his wishes of some foreskin worship. Now I was on fire with primitive cravings that had both my body and my mind well out of control. As I sucked and tugged on Pedro’s loose sloppy foreskin, his hand pulled it down over his cockhead as the taste of his three day old head cheese stung my taste buds. Somehow Pedro's musky male smell and taste, made me aware of loving his manliness.

All around me were naked sex starved men with stiff cocks wanting in on some of the action. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted some hairy asses in a small circle. When one of them moved aside a bit, I saw Pauline on her knees sucking one of the many cocks near her face. She was also tightly holding two more she would soon be loveably taking in her needy whore slut mouth. I guess my spastic contracting bowels were pure bliss to Leroy. I next heard him moan and knew without even feeling his spurting load, that he too was excitably getting off.

Now as each new con got their loads off from my mouth or community asshole, others quickly moved in to take their places. I now could feel a great new feeling that seemed to coming from within my balls. I could no longer feel Clark’s mouth sucking my dick. Looking down it was like my dick had been shot with Novocain. The next desirable stiff cock offered to my dick hungry lips, must have just shot off. The sight of a good five inch long and very wide stream of thick rubbery looking sperm extended from its piss slit running down past its mid shaft. Craving even more erotic behavior, I snaked my tongue and tried my best to entirely lap it all up. However it was too slippery to lick up that way, so I had to finally slide my excited mouth far down over that cock to get my lips well past where that hot jizz stream ended.

Now yet another horny convict began pounding my cum leaking fuck pussy without mercy. Looking down I could see Clark's mouth madly sucking away on me but I couldn't feel a thing? Now I had my lips tight around the hard cockshaft as I began to move them back up toward the head. Like a squeegee, that huge deposit of bonded sperm was being pushed upward. As it reached near his glans, it suddenly broke free falling downward to cover most of my tongue! Its strong pungent taste instantly treated my taste buds to blissful exciting cocksuckers cocktail. Oh how I relished its strong texture and taste. So much in fact, that I groaned in pleasure which caused him to begin violently fucking my tight mouth in savage lust and need!

From behind me the sounds of rapidly pounding balls hitting my bent over bitch ass filled my ears. Whoever was now behind me was now holding me in place by strongly holding the tops of my fem nylons to keep my pussy ass in perfect position. Briefly removing my mouth to take a look around, I spotted Officer Goodman in full uniform using the end of his short stubby nightstick on Pauline’s now bent over asshole. Also caught up in that explosive erotic male orgy I had triggered and initiated some 25 minutes before were three of the most straight acting and masculine convicts from the kitchen. Yes not only macho Foster, but Bateman and another lifer were all kneeling in more or less the same fully submissive positions while taking stiff cock willingly into their yielding mouths. Looking beyond them, I also saw one neglected inmate pumping his prick wildly while discharging his spurting load over the upper chest of Collins who was in full liplocked worship of another impressive prick.

Now I felt a kind of heat on my balls that felt like someone was holding a cigarette lighter under them. Perhaps my anal climax had triggered or short circuited some nerve endings inside of my scrotum? Another inmate that was nicknamed Rabbit, who was usually very shy, was now kneeling by my left leg and tugging down its stocking. I lifted my foot slightly and quickly to allow him to remove it from my foot. Soon he wrapped it around his cock and was jacking himself wildly. I guess he just had to have sex but was too timid to interact with me. As he beat off his silky clad dick, Foster - always the opportunist - moved behind him and put his arms tightly around rabbit. When rabbit tilted his head back against the side of Fosters neck, the kitchen had yet a fifth new faggot come out of the closet that very same evening.

When my ass became empty with no more takers, I needed to collect myself and gather in some air. So I removed my mouth from the cock I had been sucking and walked over in front of a vacant nearby showerhead. I turned the water to a cool refreshing level and then looked around. Paul still had his fair share of erect cocks around his face and seemed to be in homo heaven. Officer Goodman now had one of the kitchen kiss asses cleaning off the end of his naughty nightstick with soap and water. To my left, Foster had now gotten rabbit down onto his knees and was rubbing his cockhead on the k**s willing puzzled but longing lips! Looking far over past the shower stall opening, I saw Officer Goodman pulling his little pud with his right hand as he viewed this almost out of control cock lust orgy taking place directly in front of him.

It was then I felt something wet leaking out of my asshole. Fearing I might be bleeding, I dipped my right hand back there to collect some it. It turned out to be oozing soupy sperm which I soon put to good use by licking it off my fingertips. Instantly its taste re-triggered my homo cravings. So I walked over and knelt beside Paul offering my bitch mouth to the nearest stiff prick. A short time later Officer Goodman, whose little dick was now safely tucked back where it belonged, announced we had five more minutes of shower time left and to finish up.

While Pauline and I sucked two stiff hard cocks, a good 8 to 10 inmates formed a tight circle around us and started to excitably beat themselves off. Soon both Pauline and I abandoned the cocks we were sucking in favor of capturing, with our wide open inviting mouths, the hand f***ed ejaculations that began going off one after another in rapid order. Oh how I loved it more than anything when a cockhead was brought scant inches from my shameless new cum loving mouth. Yes the feel of jello like blasts of pungent man sperm being shot into my starving mouth. I also loved watching Pauline take four different loads the same identical way. Then standing as Office Goodman blew his whistle to assemble us to dry off and get dressed again, I stroked my cock in front of Pauline’s extended tongue for no more than 20 seconds at most, before covering it with perhaps a dozen good sized jets of my exploding jism. My only regret that night was that I didn't wash off the leaking cum from my new whore asshole. Yes my brand new boxers were really wet and sticky even before I arrived back at our cell.

While serving breakfast the very next morning, our kitchen crew was met with smiles and countless propositions from the inmate chow line. Word travels fast behind guarded walls. I couldn't begin to count the number of prisoners that told me they wanted to fuck my brains out! Each time I was told this, I would look down and crotch stare with a big smile wondering what kind of exciting cock meat lie hidden under all those orange prison uniform trousers? Perhaps I should deliberately let myself be violated by my parole officer? With 29 months served and 31 more possibly remaining on my sentence, that sure would be a lot of COCKS TO SERVICE! Lets see, averaging 12 a day time like Pauline (and I'm much cuter and sexier than her), that would be somewhere slightly over 10,000 hot selfish prison loads to take and enjoy! What do you think? Should I let myself be VIOLATED???

... Continue»
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Prison Love

I never expected prison to be like it was. Sure, I had heard all the stories about **** in prison, and the gay guys, but I never, ever believed it. I would always laugh, and punch them. But then, I got into real trouble. It was the day I took a chair and threw it, and it shattered, blinding a person by hitting him in the eyes. I got three weeks in prison and then 40 hours community service. I was very stressed.

So, I was practically being dragged down the dark, murky hallway of the prison cell, the guards telling me to stand up and move right, not layin' around on my lazy ass. It was bad enough I was in prison, let alone being dragged into it. My knee's sc****d the floor mercilessly. All around, the men yelled out jokes to me, a few whistling. I've been regarded as good looking by most people. I've had my share of girls, sure, sex, love, whatever. But never before prison had I even thought of getting fucked or being fucked by a man. It . . . Was somehow too strange. So, naturally, when I was thrown in my prison cell, that wasn't what I was thinking about. I was more planning a way out, hardly noticing the big, husky male sitting on the bed, looking at me. After about an hour, I sat down on the cot, and turned to see him. I was a bit startled, but I really didn't care that he was there. Not yet, at least. The guy was big. Really big. His arms must've been twice the size of mine, and he had half a foot on me. I was strong, but no where near that strong. He looked at me for a while.

Finally, the guards yelled lights out, and suddenly, all the lights went out except for a few dim lights in each cell, barely illuminating it. Suddenly, the cot creaked, and in the dim light I saw the man stand up and stretch. Good, I thought, I can lie down now. I was just leaning over when he grasped my shoulder and pulled me to my feet, hard. He pulled me in tight, and looked at me, and once again did a grin. It was a wide, meaningful grin. As I got closer and closer, I could feel his cock beneath his uniform. It was semi-erect, and wanting me. I knew it. I tried to step back, but he held me tight. I couldn't yell for some strange reason.

All I knew was that he was suddenly kissing me, tongue flying deep in my mouth, licking the inside of it. He began to take the zipper on the orange suit down, slowly as he kissed me. I didn't kiss back. Once again, I attempted to break loose, but couldn't. It was too hard to. Pretty soon, the zipper was all the way down, and he began to remove the suit, finally lifting me up high, and getting it from around my legs. All that was left were my boxer shorts. He seemed to hate them, nearly ripping them off, which he could have with his grip. He continued to pull them off until they were on top of my suit.

Still kissing me, he put me down naked, cock d****d down limp. Finally, he stopped and began to strip down fast. The kiss wasn't bad, just like every girl-kiss, just from a guy. In a few seconds he was totally naked, bare penis exposed. It was amazingly huge, about one and a half times the width of mine and almost twice as long at 16 inches. It was a true mammoth. I had never seen something like that before. My mouth dropped. He smiled, and turned me around. It was then it suddenly hit me he was going to **** my ass, with that huge slab of meat, my ass which had never even had a normal sized penis in it. I knew if I resisted it would hurt more, so I meekly bent over, cock limp and down. Then, I felt it on my cheeks, grazing them until it reached the hole, slowly entering in.

The mammoth head moved with purpose, flowing into me, and suddenly pumping deep inside. It hurt. But it was amazingly good. My cock was erect as stone in a flash, and he somehow knew it, and grabbed it in his powerful hands, jacking me off slowly, pumping in behind. It hurt so good, and I remember his huge width and length sliding into me, pumping in and out. I was in ecstasy, near crying out in pleasure. I never realized guys could be so great to have in you. I felt a build up inside of me, and my prick began to throb lightly, sperm building up. Soon I would explode into his hand. I could feel his wonderful manhood begin to vibrate slowly, and I could only imagine what it would be like, a cock of that size, and his huge sac, erupting in orgasm, his warm cum flowing around inside of my hot ass.

His pumping of manhood and stroking of my cock became more and more rapid, more fierce, more pleasurable. In and out, over and over, he stroked and pumped, until I could stand it no longer. In a cry of pure orgasm, I erupted in his hands, shooting a load over his hands and outward. Again and again I came, stronger than I ever had cum before, my sperm flowing freely. It stopped a little while later, and I grew limp in his hands. Suddenly, on an huge inward thrust, I was hard again, and suddenly felt warm cum flow into my ass wall. It was so amazing, not only in f***e and pleasure, but in amount. It seemed never-ending, a continuous flow of amazing liquid inside my tight ass crack.

Finally, he came out of me, limp again but still huge, and kneeled down, and immediately began to kiss the head of my cock. The cum dripped out of my ass and onto the floor, as he began to kiss and lick all over, including my sac. He got me harder and harder and almost vertical before he took me in. Looking up and me, he slipped his mouth over my erection slowly and with skill. He began to slide his mouth along the head and shaft, up and down with speed and skill, twirling his tongue around my pre-cummed head, until finally, he slipped it down. I felt it press against the back of his throat, and yet he pushed it down his throat.

He got all the way down the shaft until no more was left, and cupped my balls. Orgasm was once upon me, my body racking with burst after burst of warm, tasty cum. I felt it all around, swishing in his mouth, around my cock, warming it, keeping it hard despite ejaculation. Finally, it was gone. He swallowed every last drop. Now, me still in his mouth, he moved me to the cot. Pushing me down, he actually got under me by lifting me up, and laying' me horizontally, gazing at the giant penis, amazingly stiff

Struggling, I spread my lips wide and took it in, determined to get it down and into my mouth. Finally, I got the wide head and a few other inches in, until it pressed against the inside of my throat, warm pre-cum tipping it, flowing very slightly. And then he thrust it forward. I nearly gagged as it went straight down my throat and back up again, but it was great to have this 8th wonder of the world in my mouth. This was the Mount Everest of cocks, tall and vertical. Mine was not as large, but he had his fun with it. However, I was more interested with his luscious manhood now, twirling my tongue around it's head and part of the shaft, licking the pre-cum off. It went on like that in a 69 position for a while, sucking licking and kissing the beautiful cocks of each other. Then it happened. In a flash, the white cum burst into my mouth, warm, yet wonderfully tasting. I swallowed it as fast as I could, but couldn't keep up, and some of his cum dripped out of my mouth, running down his cock or off my face.

We did a lot that night. By the time the guard patrol was on its way down, we both had cleaned up and had clothes on, sl**ping on the cot. The guards never knew. We knew the guy across had watched, but he kept his mouth shut, wanting to see the fucking action between these two hot studs as they rammed each other every night. We were amazing until I got out of prison. I did the service and then I went looking for playmates. I had sex with a lot of guys, although I still screwed girlie pussies once in a while, and both were exciting. Gang bangs were fun, and the guy got out of prison one day. Turns out he was in there for r****g someone. Funny . . . If he hadn't f***ed himself on me, I might never have been able to have one of the best fucks of my life!... Continue»
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3 MILF's in 24hrs - An Adult Story

I had just got paroled after serving 4 years for a crime I did not commit. We'll maybe I did, but fuck if I was not going to tell anyone. I took a reduce sentence for time served. It was minimum security at a federal prison outside LA. I flew back to NY to live with my folks. I was to start college courses next week at the local community college. I figured before I had to go study or look for a job I better fix the thing I missed the most in prison. PUSSY!!!!!!

No doubt I had missed pussy. I had been locked up with no visitors or women for almost 4 years. I had learn to masturbate pretty quite at night, not to alert the guards or my cell mate. I really enjoy women with large breast, curves and a nice ass. I am not to picky, just they have to be able to fuck good, look good and enjoy a big cock in there holes.

I was just about ready to stit next to a women on a bench outside the bus terminal, when I heard a horn from my dad car. He motion for me to get in the car before I could say hi to this blonde girl with big breast about 2 feet in front of me. I laughed as I passed her and jumped in the front seat. We drove home in about 30 minutes and pulled into the driveway. There was a mini van in the driveway next to my Mom's car. "Welcome home. We left your room as you left it 4 years ago. Your s****r is at college and won't be home until this summer. Before I forget, your mother invited a friend of hers to stay with us along with her husband, for two weeks while there house is getting painted. So what ever you do be nice or else. Got it!!!" my Dad said.

I smiled. I hugged my Mom and went upstairs to take a nap from the long trip. It was about 8pm when I got up and went down stairs. My Mom was sitting on the couch next to my Dad. I walked by them heading toward the kitchen. I warmed up some tacos in the microwave. I was eating the tacos with some hot sauce when the kitchen door swung open. This small dude shook my hand and introduced himself. "My name Bob and this is my wife Sarah." he said.

I glanced over him and stared at his wife. Sarah was about 25-27 years old with dark hair down to her shoulders. She had a great big smile to go along with huge boobs. She had on a red cocktail dress that showed off her long legs, tight ass and great big tits. Her nipples were alomst popping out of her top. She wore 4inch black heels and had the hottest looking curves I had seen In such a long time. I instantly got a boner. I shook there hands and remained seated hiding my bulge in my shorts.

They grabbed some drinks and headed up stairs to my s****r old room. I finished my tacos. I went out to the living room to watch some Tv. It was about 11pm when I was the last one in the house still awake. I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall passed my parents bed room. I walked passed my s****r room and heard Bob snoring. I looked and the door was open slightly. I took a peek inside. My s****r had two double beds in her room. Sarah was in one bed and Bob was clear across the room in another. I closed the door, shook my head and walked back to my room.

I rolled over and my cock hit the wall next to my bed. My cock was fully erect. I reached under my sheets and felt my big balls. I ran my hand down my 8 1/2 inch cock stopping above the massive purple head. God damn I missed getting laid. I heard the garage door open and my dad head out for work followed by my Mom. I sat up on the edge of my bed. I reached over and pulled off a towel on my chair. My Mom had left me some towels the night before. I wrapped the towel around my waist. I looked down and my cock was creating s big tent under the towel.

I walked over to the door and open it very quietly. I heard Bob at the end of the hall in front of the bathroom door. "Sarah I have to go to the bathroom. Open the door." he said. I then saw the door open. A few seconds later the door opened again and out came Bob into the hallway. He was on his cell phone talking to work. "Ok! OK I will be right there. You guys can't open a darn thing with out me. I know I have to work until 7pm tonight. Yeah! Yeah!!" said Bob. I watched him go down the stairs and open the front door. I heard the Mini Van start and then he backed down the driveway. In a matter of ten minutes the entire house was empty with just Sarah and I left.

I waited a few seconds. I wanted to make sure no one was coming back to the house. In case anyone forgot anything. I walked down the hall with the towel still wrapped around my waist covering my cock. I crept up to the bathroom door. I could hear the water from the shower running. I heard Sarah talking to her self. I open the door slightly letting a big puff of steam outside into the hallway. I looked in through the crack. I rub my eyes with my right hand. I finally could see Sarah taking a shower.

I looked on the sink next to the toilet. She had a yellow towel underneath a big large purple bra and matching panties. I walked into the bathroom. I reached down and checked her bra size. "32HH". I looked toward the shower, I could see her right hand above the shower curtain. I could tell she was standing facing the shower head opposite of where I was standing. I dropped my towel on the floor. I walked over to the shower curtain and open it slightly peeking in. She was washing her body. She was working the soap into her pussy and massaging her big breast. The water cascaded down her back and over her thick big ass onto the bathtub beneath her feet. My dick was hard and I was stroking him a little with my right hand. "Honey is that you? I can hear you Bob. Stop breathing heavy and get in the shower. You little devil!!!" Sarah said. I looked at her body and then back at my cock. I was thinking what the hell. If I get caught looking it might be worse than not fucking her. I mean right!!!

I open the curtain wider and climbed into the bathtub. Her head was still down under the shower head. I got a little closer trying not to make a sound. I touched her lower back with my right hand. I lowered my right hand onto her big ass giving it a squeeze. She moaned slightly under the water. I ran my left hand around her waist touching her big beautiful breast. I fondled them and she kept her eyes closed. I then ran my right hand down her ass crack stopping between her legs. She spread her legs slightly giving my access to her pussy. She had a small mound of hair covering her pussy. I slipped one finger inside and she moaned loudly.

"Bob you making me so horny. Stop it!! Your getting me so wet you little devil." said Sarah. I looked down at my hard cock. I reached around the head and slowly slipped my hand down my cock to the base of my balls. I then stood behind her and she arched her back. I stuck my cock at her entrance to her pussy. I slowly inserted my cock into her tight pussy. She tighten her pussy lips around my cock as I inched farther into her hot box. I grabbed her hips with my big hands. She was breathing heavy and moaning as I fucked her faster.

"God damn Bob you cock is so big today. When did it get bigger? Over night or something. What gotten into you?" said Sarah. I smiled as looked down and she was bent over slamming her ass on my big cock. She was very tight and wet. I slapped her big ass and slid my hands around to grip her big boobs. Her breast hung over my big hands. Her nipples were erect. The water bounced off her chest onto the bath room wall. I pushed her head down using my hands on her neck. Her face was inches from the tile. I fucked her harder causing her pussy to squirt on my shaft.

"Fuck yes! Fuck!! Fuck me Bob!! I love you big cock. Show me how much love me. Cumm inside me. Drain your cock inside me big boy. Fill me with your seed. That's it. Please don't stop. Oh my god, I, I, I, am cumming again. Ahh!! Yes!!!!" She came on my cock again and her hair hung down across her face. I could not take any more. I stood on my tippy toes and empty a huge load into her pussy. I could feel it leak out on to my cock head and run down the inside of her leg into the bath water. I looked down and big gobs of white sperm were mixing with the water and going down the drain. She was still breathing heavy with her eyes closed when I quickly open the shower curtain and stepped out. I picked up my towel from the floor.

"Om my god Bob that was great!!" she yelled. Sarah was still taking a shower washing out her pussy as I was down the hall into my bedroom. I got dressed quickly and put on my shoes and headed toward the front door. I could here a blow dryer in the bathroom as Sarah was drying off her hair. I walked outside heading downtown.

I went to check in with my parole office at his office. It was close to 1pm when I got a bite to eat at the mall. I ran into a buddy from high school. He invited me to a house party a couple of streets over from my house. After I left the mall I went to hang out at the movie theater in town. It was close to 8pm when I got to the house party. The music was good and I only had a few beers before I left with my friend to his car. Mike invited me to his house to catch up on old times.

It was just after midnight when we got to his house. We walked in and sat in his kitchen making some pizza when his parents came home. The front door open and his Mom called for Mike to come to the front door. We both walked down and saw his dad passed out in the lawn. His Dad was a big guy about an inch smaller than me (6ft 3) and about 200lbs more than me. We picked him up and brought him inside the house. Mike Mom followed us up the stairs to the master bedroom. I was taking off his shoes and Mike was taking off his Dad shirt. Mike Mom took off his pants. His small cock was peeking out his underwear and his Mom smiled. "He does this every time we go out. Tonight he embarrassed us at his office party. Well at least he his passed out for the rest of the night." she said.

"Mom this is my friend from High School. He got into some trouble awhile back and just got released. Is it ok he spends the night?" Mike said. His Mom smiled and said "My name Alicia, nice to meet you. Hmm released from where?. Not jail you look harmless. Ok!! No problem honey, you two have fun. Your old Mom needs to get some sl**p. Ok, good night." Mike Mom was in her mid forties with curly platinum blonde hair. She had very cute feet and long legs. She had on a small black mini leather skirt and a red top that showed off her huge cleavage. After seeing Sarah big boobs this morning I had to find out the size of Alicia juggs. I went down stairs with Mike.

I watched as he had a few drinks in the living room. I could here his Mom upstairs walking around in her high heels on the wooden floor in the hallway. I heard the toilet flush upstairs and then two doors slam. "Mike where is you bathroom, I really have to go." I said. "Upstairs second door on the left. Be quite don't wake my parents." said Mike. He cracked another beer as I got off the couch and headed upstairs. I opened the bathroom door. I leaned back and peeked down the hall before going inside to use the bathroom. I turned and walked down the hall quietly.

I went to his parents room and the door was closed. I could her Mike Dad snoring. I turned the knob to the door and peeked in. Alicia was sitting on a white fuzzy chair in front of her makeup table. She was taking off her makeup in front of a big mirror next to her bed. I could see her husband had rolled over and was looking at the wall breathing heavy. I looked back towards Alicia and she stood up in front of her mirror. She had a black lace thong that sat high on her hips. She placed her top on the bed followed by her mini skirt which fell to the floor. She then slowly took off her huge black bra causing her big juggs to fall on her stomach.

She was stunning. Her huge boobs were exposed to the light next to her bed. She was almost the size of Sarah but just a tad big bigger. I would later find out she was a size 38FF. She had a small waist probably about a "26" and a nice big firm ass maybe a size "34". She brought her right hand up and played with her big nipples getting them nice an hard. I watched Alicia tug on her breast. She was watching her reflection in the mirror. After 20 minutes she finally had enough of playing with her big breast she climbed into her bed under the top silk sheet. She turned off her light on the night stand and went to bed.

I closed the door. I walked down the hall and took a long piss trying not to jack my cock before I went back down stairs. I got to the living room and Mike had passed out in his chair. I turned off the lights in the living room and fell asl**p on the couch. About an hour later I heard Mike wake up and go down the hall to his room on the first floor. I rolled over on the couch. I could feel my dick was rock hard in my underwear. It was almost 2am know and everyone was sound asl**p. I decide to get up upstairs to use the bathroom again.

I took another piss for a few seconds. I washed my hands and turned off the light in the bathroom. I walked down the hall towards the stairs. Before I got passed Mike Parents door I heard some moans from inside. I had to peek in to see what was going on. I looked in and could make out both Mike parents laying in bed. Mike Dad was still facing the wall snoring. Alicia was rolled on to her side with her back towards her husband. Her huge breast were outside the top sheet glistening in the moon light. Someone had open the window shade letting light from outside into the bed room. I smiled as I could see Alicia had her right hand down inside her thighs. I could tell by her breathing she was probably playing with her pussy. I figured it was now or never in making my move.

I waited for Alicia to stop playing with herself. I opened the door slightly and walked into the bedroom. I looked over at the window and could see a small love seat for two was in front of the big bay window. The curtains were pushed open letting the moon light fill the room. I took off my shirt followed by my shorts. I was standing next to the bed with just my underwear on. I looked down at Alicia. She was completely naked with half of her body under the sheets. Her huge breast hung out gently falling over the bed on the side. Her big nipples were erect. She had huge silver dollar aeroles that were brown with tiny bumbs on them.

I got down on one knee in front of the side of the bed Alica was laying. I looked over her huge breast at her husband who was still passed out. I brought my left hand up to her waist. I ran my left hand down her back feeling how hot she was. Her breathing increased. Her eyes were closed. I reached with my right hand towards her huge breast. I ran my fingers down her neck to her huge breast. I traced a outline around her huge breast stopping at her big nipples. I tweaked her left nipples causing her to moan. I rubbed my fingers in my mouth getting them nice and wet. I brought them down to her nipples alternating between each nipple.

When she did not protest or wake up, I leaned forward and stuck her huge melons into my mouth. I looked up at her face as I sucked on her left breast. I was making disgusting noises with my mouth on her breast. I started to run my hands inside her cleavage making it feel like a big dick between her huge mounds. A few minutes later I felt a hand move up my leg to my underwear. I looked up again towards Alicia face. Her eyes were wide open. She was biting her upper lip as she watched me suck her huge juggs. She reached down with her left hand to my stomach. She let her hand fall onto my underwear. She traced my cock with both of her hands and smiled as she felt my cock get bigger inside my underwear.

I let go of her breast with my mouth. I reached down and pulled my cock out of his confinement. She gasped at its size. She mouthed I have to suck him. Be both got up and walked towards the window. I sat down on the love seat. Alicia got on her knees in front of the love seat. She quickly deep throated my cock and balls. I watched as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She played with my balls. Her breast rested on my thighs. She brought my cock inside her cleavage smashing her big breast against my cock. I watched her suck the tip of my cock as I fucked her tits. After a couple of minutes she got up on her feet. She started to play with her pussy. I played with cock as I watched her bring herself to an orgasm.

She pushed me back so I was laying with my back on the arm rest of the love seat. She climbed on my cock facing me with her big tits on my stomach. I reached up and fondled her huge breast as she rode my cock. Her ass slammed down on my thighs. She moaned, screamed and pulled on my hair as she continued to fuck me faster. She tensed up and came again causing a big puddle on her love seat. My lap was wet from her big orgasm. I rolled her onto her back onto the floor. I stood on my tippy toes and fucked her pussy. I was doing push ups ramming my cock into her pussy. After a few minutes she orgamsed followed by me. I pushed my cock inside her and started to cumm deep inside her pussy. Some leaked out her pussy running down her thighs. She smiled and we Frenched kissed before I got up and collected my clothes.

I looked back when I got to the bed room door. Alicia was playing with her pussy. She had got back to her bed and opened her night stand. She had a big fake dick between her tits and a red vibrator in her pussy. She waved to me as I shut the door. I went back down stairs and fell a sl**p on the couch. It was 8am when I heard Mike Dad come down stairs to make himself breakfast before he left for work. I then heard Mike who woke me up. I left a few minutes later walking back towards my house.

I got home around 9am. I went to my room and took a long nap. It was almost 2pm when I woke up. I rolled out of bed. I put on some tan cargo short. I slipped on my flip flops and head down the stairs. Everyone had gone for the day. My parents left me a note they were going out of town for two days. I went to the kitchen to grab a drink. I heard a loud vacuum cleaner coming from the back yard. I went to the kitchen window to see what the noise was. I looked out the back yard to the neighbors house just beyond the big wooden 8ft fence. I put my drink down on the kitchen table.

I opened the sliding glass door. I walked back toward the fence separating our properties. I had only met a few of the neighbors before I went to prison. I figured the Nixon had moved since I left. I got to the fence. I could not find a vantage point to look in to the neighbors yard. I walked down in front of a big tree and found a hole cut into the fence. I got down on my one knee and looked into the backyard of the neighbors. I almost fell over on my back from the sight.

There was an older women in her thirties with some of the largest pair of breast I had seen. She had a leopard print design one piece bathing suit. Her huge breast made the front of the bathing suit sag almost passed her waist. The middle of her bathing suit was separated by a big gold ring holding up the bottom of her g string. How her huge juggs did not fall out I was not sure. She had two large thumb size nipples that were erect from the breeze. She had a pair of sunglasses on her blonde head. She had a pair of 4 inch wooden high heels that when she walked made her whole body shake. She had a medium size waist "34" and a great big ass "40" that looked great spread from the bathing suit. I got an instant boner watching her try to clean her pool. She had a long hose stuck in the pool and was vacuuming the deep end while I watched.

I stood up and looked down the fence. I saw at the far end of the fence a door. I ran down to the end of the fence. I pushed down on the latch holding the door in place. The door swung open towards there back yard. I shut the door behind me. I turned around and looked for the women vacuuming her pool. She had her back toward me. I walked toward her across her grass. I could feel my dick getting bigger inside my shorts. She bent over to pick something off the concrete next to the pool and I almost fainted.

I stopped when my shadow passed her body and could be seen in the pool. I was about 4ft away when she turned her head towards me. She smiled. She tuned off the vacuum and dropped the plastic hose into the water. "Hello, you must be the neighbors boy I heard so much about. My name Mrs Smith but you can call me Gina. Nice day to do some yard work. My husband and the k**s are at his Mom for the day. It's just little old me." said Gina. I smiled. I inched closer to her. She looked down and saw my bulge in my pants. "How long were you away. Your folks said you went to prison for 4 years. Is that a long time? You sure don't say much." said Gina.

"Four years is a long time. I sometimes have a hard time talking to strangers. I am not use to seeing women. Especially someone so beautiful." I said. She giggled, "Well I'm no longer a stranger. Were neighbors and your more than welcome to anything you want at our house. Do you like to swim?" said Gina. I was now standing behind Gina in front of the pool. She pushed her ass back onto my bulge in front of my cargo shorts. Had all mother gone completely wild since I left.

"Maybe we can going swimming later. First I need to do something I have been needing to due since I saw you." I said. I reached around her waist and pulled down her bathing suit top freeing her big juggs. "My god!!!! Help there is a young man touching me." she said. "Shut up bitch. I am going to teach you what they do to people in prison." I said. I reached down freed my big cock. I slid my erect cock up her ass separating her g string to one side. I plunged into her wet pussy causing her to moan. I pushed her over holding onto her big hips slamming my cock in her pussy.

"Do you want me to stop? Does my new whore want me to stop. Do you bitch!!: I yelled. "No! No!! Keeping fucking me with that big fat cock. Yes! Yes! God Damn!! Your fucking the shit out of my pussy." she moaned. Gina orgasmed on my cock. I laughed as her head thrashed back and forth in front of me. I started to slap her ass causing her to scream. Her knees buckled causing her almost to fall.

"Get on you knees and suck your juices off my cock. Get it nice and wet. Yeah that it lick the tip. Now deep throat it. I know you love my big hairy balls. Rub them on your face." I said. Gina was sucking my cock and licking my balls. She put my balls in her mouth and looked up at me. She had a big smile along with my hairy balls in her mouth. I started to jack my cock. She grabbed my cock and aim it at her mouth. "Ugggh here it comes bitch.!!!!!" I said. Spurt after spurt it her mouth and face. she leaned up bring her mouth around my cock head. She got the last spurt deep in the back of her throat.

You pulled my cock out of her mouth. She began to rub my dick on her face. Big globs of semen smear all of her face as she licked my cock. "God damn that was great you young mother fucker. Can I get off my knees now?" she said. I laughed and shoved her face to the left causing her to lose her balance and fall into the pool. "SPLASH!!!!" She stuck her head out of the water. "Wipe the cum off you face and big old boobies. Meet me in the shallow end. That it followmy cock. Come .. it!!!" I said.

Gina got to the shallow end. I pointed for her to face the house and arch her big ass. I slowly walked up behind her. The water was just covering my stomach as I finally got to her ass. She looked over her shoulder as I slowly whacked my cock on her ass. "This is what they do to prisoners. Spread you ass cheeks with your fingers this may hurt!!!!" I said. I smirked as I jammed my cock into her tight anus. She screamed "Fuck!!!!! It's too big!!!!! Yes! Yes!!" she said. I looked down into the water. My cock was sliding in and out of her ass. She griped her ass cheeks spreading them as far as she could. I reached around and brought her huge boobs on to the concrete in front of her face.

I reached up and tweaked her big nipples. Her head fell back into my face. I kept fucking her ass faster, faster as she begged for more. I tensed up after about 20 minutes. I left my cock in her hot ass causing my sperm to be stuff farther into her ass. She screamed as I rub her tits with my right hand. I brought my left hand down around her waist and played with her pussy. She orgasmed again and clouded the pool water. I looked down and my sperm, her orgasm and the chemicals mixed together in the water. I fell back into the water. I swam to the deep end.

We both got out of the water and were towling off. I turned around as she was bending over putting on her high heels. I looked back towards my house. On the second floor I noticed there was a window open. I stared as I saw Sarah was standing next to her bed. She leaned over picking something off the floor. It was a big purple vibrator. She licked the tip. I turned around and looked down at Gina. "Follow me, your training has just begun. My parents are gone for the next couple of days. I need dome help with something." I said.

Gina and I walked through my house. I looked out in the driveway and saw no cars parked. I climbed the stairs as we were both still naked. Gina placed her bathing suit on my floor next to my cargo shorts. I laid om back and motion for her to come over. I left my door wide open. Gina climbed on with her big tits smashing my chest as she rode my cock. I reached up and slapped her ass. Gina moaned.

I felt the bed move at the foot of my bed. I then felt a knee touch my foot. Gina kept fucking me as I finally saw Sarah brunette hair over Gina shoulder. Sarah smiled. She touched Gina back causing Gina to turn her head. They both started to french kiss. I watched as each girl took turns sucking each other big breast. Gina got off and both girls started to suck my cock. I came quicker than I had before. both girls kissed swapping my sperm back between there mouths.

Gina crawled over and rested her breast on my chest. We were french kissing when Sarah finally spoke "Bob came home last night. He went to sl**p early. I crawled into bed and pulled down his underwear. Not only did he get mad for waking him up but to my surprise his dick was still small. I finally figured it out when I got home and looked out my window. I saw you fucking the next door neighbor with this big cock. MMPPHHH!!!" Sarah deep throated him again. Gina giggled as I fingered her pussy.

Ring!! Ring! Ring! Ring went the phone. The answering machine in my room clicked on. "Leave a message!" said my voice. "Hello!! Is this Mike friend from last night. God you were so good. I got your address from his wallet. I should be pulling in your driveway in a few minutes. I need some more of that big cock."

Sarah smiled, and Gina got up when the front door rang. I could here the two women coming from downstairs there high hells clicked on the floor. Alicia stepped into my room and took off her clothes. All three girls took turns fucking my cock for the next three days. I have to go see my parole officer on Monday I hope I have enough strength. At least 1 of the 3 MILF's can give me a ride

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Bastard in The Making

Kathy is still a very attractive woman even at the age of forty. Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, milky white skin, 5’3” and 145 pounds with a big beautiful ass that could make a man drive up a telephone poll. Kathy had been married twice, both ended in bitter divorces. Now living in her parent’s home, both dead, she has no boyfriends or any prospects. She is a shy woman that to her own frustration, always waits for the man to make the first move. This makes meeting men difficult for her. Consequently she has had not intimate contact in two long years. Kathy is a highly passionate woman with strong subservient tendencies. She has a strong desire to be dominated by her man, even allowing her previous husbands to tie her up and take her by f***e. Fact is she longed to be a dominant man’s love slave again.

On this particular day Kathy has the day off from work because she was expecting a new refrigerator to be delivered. She was told to expect them around eleven and since it was only ten she decided that she had time to shower and primp before they came. Wouldn’t you know it there was a knock on the door at 10:15? Scrambling she jumped out of the shower and into her robe. Not a robe you answered the door in but it is what she had and she did not want to let them get away. As soon as she got the door she knew it was a mistake. Through the chest high window was a big very scary looking Puerto Rican or Mexican man. Kathy grew up Woodbury, Connecticut, a very affluent, lily white community. Having little experience with people of color they frightened her. This man was not only dark but had scary looking jailhouse tattoos. He was around thirty, about six foot, jet-black hair and a very muscular physics. She would not have opened the door if he did not have the proper uniform which was unbuttoned to mid chest exposing a few of his many tats.

Tentatively she opened the door. He greeted her and to her surprise spoke in a very articulate manner. Confirming he had the right address he called to his partner to prepare the delivery. Turning back to Kathy he stared at her scanning her chest admiring the dark outline of her nipples showing through the sheer robe. The silk robe was low cut in the chest and high cut in the thighs. He drank in her exposed soft milky white skin and it was obvious to Kathy that he liked what he saw. She felt her nipples become erect and her could feel her pussy pinging her for attention. Standing there he strained to see through the fabric to her pink nipples erect with excitement and wondered whether she shaved her pussy or not. He preferred the latter. His partner yelled out, “hey you going to help me or not!”

As he left the house Kathy could hardly catch her breath. He was really scary but somehow very sexy. She felt fear yet she was drawn to his raw a****l like masculinity and it filled her with extreme sexual desire. Jose grew up in the streets of Hartford. A tough k**, a gang member since he was 13 he had served four years in prison for severely beating a rival gang member. He really needed this job as he was trying to get his life together. Fucking with this white bitch was the last thing he needed.

Jose and his partner completed the transfer of appliance and Frank; the other man was showing her the controls. Jose was sitting at the table filling out the paperwork. Kathy did probably the bravest (possibly the stupidest) thing of her life. While Frank was explaining the controls at the bottom of the fridge Kathy bent over directly from the waste, no knees to listen to Frank knowing she was exposing her freshly bathed pussy to Jose. His cock jumped in his pants at the sight of that mix of blond and Red haired vagina. Finishing with his lessons Frank left for the truck. Jose asked Kathy to sit down to complete the paperwork. Standing behind her explaining where to sign he could see down her open robe all the way to her beautiful erect pink nipples. He took a chance and laid his hand on her right shoulder. Kathy confirmed his suspicions by tilting her head down and rubbing her cheek on his hand!

Jose said he would be back in a minute to collect the paperwork and when outside to talk to Frank. She heard the truck running and though she lost him. Then he was there helping himself in the door. She turned to him and in one motion he grabbed her robe between her breasts and pulled it down exposing her bare chest to him while locking her arms at her sides. Looking directly into her eyes he bent down and kissed her roughly. She kissed him back driving her tongue deep into his mouth. He then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her to his nipples telling her to bit them hard. Kathy breathed in deeply to catch his aroma. She liked the way he smelled, sweaty but not dirty just very manly. Picking her up, he laid her on the kitchen table and tore the robe open. Taking a moment to drink her with his eyes Jose sucked and nibbled on her tits. He then moved down to her pussy and surprising to Kathy made love to the entire area with his lips. Jose kissed her thighs, running his tongue down to her anus and then straight up her vagina lips to her swollen clitoris slowly and patently making oral love to her driving her to have a wonderful orgasm.

Desperately wanting to suck his cock, she did not have a chance. Jose needed pussy and needed it now jamming his 8-inch cock into her. “No, no! I could get pregnant” she screamed. His unexpected reply was “GOOD”! Oh my god, he’s going to impregnate me! I’m going to bare his love c***d. Instead of fighting Kathy opened her legs wider than she ever thought possible. “Yes, fuck me you prick! Make me carry your c***d she screamed, make me yours, leave me your bastard”! Jose was totally carried away now, focused only on driving his seed deep into her womb. Loosing all control Jose fired spurt after spurt of cum into her while both staring into each other’s eyes connecting on the most primal level. Finally he slipped out and moved back. She rose off the table and attacked his pelvic area diving to her knees and wrapping her arms around his ass pulling his still hard cock down her throat and swallowing what remained of his seed.

The woman suck his cock like it was her last meal of earth and to her great delight he started to grow again. She could feel the head expanding in her throat and was determined not to let go. Jose’s prison time taught him to enjoy rough sex. Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her to him pounding her face with a****l like passion. He clamped down on the sides of her head and walked stepping over body and dragging her by the head into the bedroom mouth still attached to his cock. Still on the floor and her head resting on the side of the bed he pounded her relentlessly. With just his toes on the floor and his hands on the bed he drove his full weight behind his cock to violate her throat. Kathy started to gag. She had long since mastered the art of deep throat but this was too much for her and she gagged like she was choking to death. Her brutal lover showed no sign of caring if she lived or died as long as he got his pleasure.

Wondering if he would ever let her breath again suddenly he pulled back. Kathy found herself moving forward following the retreating cock not wanting to give up her hard earned hot liquid prize. Jose pushed her back and slapped her face. You will do what I tell you bitch and no more of less he shouted. Stunned she just stared wide-eyed at him with a tears flowing down her cheeks. Now, get on the bed and put your arms behind your back he commanded. Scared as she was she complied immediately. Jose ripped a pillowcase up and tied her hands up tightly behind her back. Moving to the other side of the bed he grabbed her hair and shoved his cock down her throat again. He was only interested in the lubrication her mouth had to offer as he moved back to the other side and lined up on her asshole. He was used to rough anal sex with his she bitches from prison and learned to like it. Her pussy was extremely pleasant but he learned to love ass fucking and wanted hers.

With no regard to her comfort, he pushed deeply into her ass with one motion. Kathy’s eyes crossed and all the breath left her body. With no pause he rammed her ass like a jackhammer. He really enjoyed the feel of her soft milk white skin and watching her ample shapely ass move with his f***e. The she boys had hard muscular asses very unlike a real woman. Kathy moved with him the best she could but he was much to fast for her. Finally she buried her head in the mattress and stuck her ass as high into the air as possible totally succumbing to the assault. Jose’s entire body stiffened in climatic spasms as his cum boiled at the tip of his cock. Quickly pulling out he rammed himself back into her pussy in another attempt to inseminate his new found bitch. Kathy knew what he was up to and contracted to pull his seed deeper and deeper into her womb. Screaming the entire time, “impregnate me, please give me your cum, I want to have your bastard c***d, please, please, please” the woman begged.

Jose collapsed onto the bed. Kathy cuddled up to him in post-climatic bliss. She had never felt as warm or complete as a woman. She heard the truck approaching and without a word Jose put his clothes on and left making it very clear to Kathy that if a c***d came from this union she alone would bear the responsibility.
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Prison story

My first cellmate in prison was a black guy named Nathan. He could barely string a sentence together and was not the cleanest guy in the world. That first night Nathan tried to have sex with me but I refused. He socked me so hard in my stomach that I literally saw stars.

Each night I refused his advances he would hit me. Finally, after a week, I decided that having gay sex with Nate was better than being beat to a pulp, so I sucked his 7-inch cock. As he came in my mouth he told me to swallow it and I did, mostly to avoid another beating. The next morning he asked me if I enjoyed eating his cum and I just kept quiet.

Over the next week we did more and more, me sucking Nate, me rimming Nate, me letting Nate fuck me. It was pretty awful cause Nate was brutal, especially during anal sex. He would pull out and then stick his cock quickly back into my ass. He would insert fingers into my asshole then make me lick them clean. Later, he would make me suck his cum-covered black dick that tasted like my asshole.

To humiliate me he would give me to one of his black friends with the understanding that I would do whatever they wanted. This was pretty easy for Nate cause a couple of the guards were his friends. If Nate was bad, these guys were worse. First of all, a couple had bigger dicks than Nate's and one was particularly interested in weirdo bathroom games.

I hadn't told Nate when the guards came one afternoon and pulled me from the cell. My girlfriend Anna had arrived for my first (and only) conjugal visit with me. After having a wonderful night I returned to the deep dark recesses of cell life with Nate.

"Ja enjoy fuckin' ya bitch?" Nate asked. I said nothing. "Next time, I'm gonna fuck her."

Nate had gotten easier to live with over the first couple of months, but the beatings began again after my girlfriends visit. To stop getting pounded every night I asked her if she would see Nate. I explained he was violent, but she agreed anyway, only to make life in prison easier on me.

Nate gave me instructions on how she was to dress - surprisingly not like a hooker, but in a short yellow dress with nothing on underneath. Inmates were only allowed one conjugal visit a month, but since it was a different inmate, she agreed to come the next Thursday. Nate did not beat me before making me suck his dick that night.

The rest of the story is my interpretation of the events that night is based on what Nate told me in prison and what Anna told me in visits and later on.

Anna had a hard time walking into the prison in the yellow dress. With no bra and no panties, as Nate had ordered her to do, the guards could see her nipples and her hirsute pussy (this was several years ago before bodyscaping was in vogue). A matron took Anna into the room and showed her both the bed and the bathroom, plus a large red button beside the door -- a panic button in case things got out of hand. Finally, she showed her a small tray attached to the wall with condoms, something Nate would not use, and a small plastic bottle of lube.

Then they brought Nate into the room. Anna could not look him in the eyes as Nate said hello. I had not told Nate about her natural blond hair or the small 5-foot 5 frame with B-cup tits, but he told me later she looked sexy. The matron walked out of the room and locked the door from the outside. Anna's only means of escape would be the panic button near the door.

"Look at me, bitch," was Nate's first words with her when they were alone. "Ya gonna make me happy." he said as he wrapped his muscled arm around the back of her neck and used his hand to keep her head up.

"See this, bitch," Nate said pointing Anna head at the red panic button, "Touch it an I gonna pound yo boyfriend to hell." I am not sure if he meant with his fists or his dick, since he had done both. Nate then pinched her nipples hard with one hand as he continued to hold her head up with the other.

After a minute of pinching Anna's nipples he pushed her on the bed, spread her legs and fucked her without any other foreplay. Anna said it was painful because she was so dry. Nate came very quickly inside my girlfriend's pussy, telling her "If yo boyfriend was here, I'd make him eat it."

Nate dropped on the bed beside Anna and after a couple he started to play with her ass. She took this as a cue and moved to suck his dick figuring that if he came again Anna's ordeal for the night might be over. She got off the bed, onto her knees on the floor, brushing back her blonde hair to give Nate a good view of the action. She took Nate's dick almost all the way into her mouth to get some moisture on the base, then began using her right hand as an extension to her mouth. With her left hand she massged his massive balls, moving it back until she touched his asshole. When Anna and I played we called this a "two-hand blowjob." Now she was using this like a whore, trying to make a black man come.

Nate leaned over and began playing with her ass, pushing his fingers roughly past her anus and into her rectum saying, "I'm gonna fuck ya there." He pulled her off his dick (three-hand blowjob and all), and made her taste the ass juice on his fingers. "I think you like suckin' nigga dick, just like yo boyfriend, don't ya?" Anna whispered "Yes."

Nate stopped Anna from sucking his dick after about five minutes and turned her around to ass-fuck her. Anna, who was good at keeping her wits about her, ordered Nate to wait. Before Nate could respond, Anna had taken some of the lube and used on her tiny hole, working it in to expand the sphincter muscle that protected the entrance. Nate told me he enjoyed watching Anna do this because he knew that he would get some anal sex.

Nate breached her asshole easily thanks to the lube, and kept pressing until the entire length of his black dick was inside my girlfriend. Nate said he hurt her on the way in, but her screams turned to whimpers once he started a rhythm. He reached around to play with her nipples again, but when Nate got too rough, Anna knocked his hands off her tits.

Nate began a pretty rough pounding of her butt, holding the arms above the elbows in part to make it impossible for her to stop him. Anna took Nate's dick in stride, I assume because she had a chance to lube up first. The cum, of course, found its way to Anna's mouth when Nate f***ed her to do some ATM.

Nate fucked Anna a couple of more times that night, once in the ass and once in the pussy. Anna also sucked him off once for a total of five nuts. Anna had kept quiet for most of the fucking and Nate slept the following morning until the matron came in and ended the affair. At the end Anna turned to her first black fuck and said, "I don't thing for a minute that this will make it any easier on my boyfriend, but if you want to tap this phat white ass again, you'll take a shower before you get here and we will use the lube and condoms the prison provides, AIDS boy. And by the way girls like oral sex as much as guys, so come prepared to eat some pussy and ass!

Nate is counting the days until his next meeting with Anna.
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Jack & Junebug Go To Prison Ch. 01

Jack & Junebug Go To Prison Chapter 1 by KenUnknown

This story is a fictional story. This story takes place in prison. Jack was arrested for arm robbery and sentenced to 2-Years and Half in Prison. He had a good lawyer, and that's why he got less time. With good behavior, Jack could get out with in 21 months. He needed help and protection. So enters Junebug!

Junebug is a career criminal. You name it, he did it! He has earned a lot of respect in prison. Especially among the older inmates. He wasn't much of a talker. He usually kept to himself. He's been in prison for 18 years now, with 2 years left to go!

Jack enter the Merrytown County Prison as the new fish. He feared the other inmates, he hoped they weren't going to mess with him. He didn't want to be someone's bitch. Jack was a good-looking chubby guy. And he didn't like the idea that he could be called Piggy, by some tough muscled-up inmate. He seriously needed protection, badly!

He was bunked with Junebug. Jack didn't know anything about him, but he sense power and respect within him. And especially given to him. Junebug sat on the bottom bunk. He didn't pay his new cellmate no mind. But Jack did, he saw a quiet and strong medium to stocky build guy. He didn't see Junebug's face. Junebug's head was down, he was reading a book. The guard who brought Jack to his cell, said "here's the new fish!"

Junebug still didn't look up. He normally didn't like new fishes. They usually started trouble, trying to act tough. He usually ignored them. He was trying to change his life. Trying to do the right things. So he pay no attention to Jack. And went to sl**p! Jack climb up to the top bunk. He felt good that his cellmate didn't mess with him today. But he wondered when it would happen. He hoped it didn't happen!

That next day at lunch, Jack spoke with some of the other inmates. He asked about his cellmate, Junebug too. The older inmates told him that Junebug is well respected among almost all the inmates. He now knew who would protect him. Now he just had to ask. And that was the problem.

Jack hoped Junebug would protect him. He went back to his cell. When he entered, he saw Junebug was reading a magazine. He tried to start a conversation with him. It didn't work, Junebug didn't say a word. So he bluntly put it out there, that he needed protection. Junebug still didn't say a word. He said that he didn't want to be somebody's bitch! He said that he would do anything, as long he was protected.

Junebug heard what Jack said. But he still didn't speak. When Jack asked for protection, he thought it. He was never asked to protect anybody before, he look up and saw a nice looking chubby guy. He thought about it some more. When Jack said he would do anything, he wanted to tell Jack that he didn't have to say that. Because he was going to protect him for free. He liked that Jack showed him respect, and that Jack was upfront with him. But Jack continued, he added that he would suck his cock. And let him fuck his virgin ass!

Junebug listened clearly. He wasn't gay and never had sex with any of the other inmates. He didn't know what to think. He just met this new fish, he didn't even know the guy's name. Then this new fish is asking for protection. And he's offering oral and anal sex. What could he do? Say NO! He didn't have sex since he went to prison.

Junebug thought about it, kinda interested and kinda turned off. Jack was eager for a response, and said the same things about giving oral sex & anal sex. He was not gay either, but he has always been open-minded. He never sucked a cock before, but he would try his best to protect his life. He would do anything to protect it! He has never been fucked in the ass. But he did have his ex-girlfriends play with his ass. Not all the time though! But he did enjoy it some.

Jack worried when Junebug didn't respond. He got bold and went to his knees. He took the magazine from Junebug's hand, and threw it on the floor. Junebug was shocked. Jack pulled Junebug's cock through his pants. Junebug's cock got hard.

He couldn't believe it, he never got hard by another man before. Jack boldly started to pull down Junebug's pants. Junebug saw Jack's expression, when he looked at Junebug's very big and hard cock. He was amazed at the size and the bulk. Jack thought it was between 8-to-9 inches, he'll maybe 10 inches!!!

Jack got back to reality. He bent his head down and stuck his tongue out. He licked Junebug's big cock. Junebug closed his eyes and leaned his head back. He wanted to say something, but the only sound he made was a light moan. Jack licked up and down the big cock, he tasted Junebug's pre-cum. He sucked on the tip of the big cock. He soon took more and more of it into his mouth. He then grabbed the base and jerked Junebug's cock while he sucked on the balls.

Junebug groaned somewhat loudly. Jack felt good that he was pleasing him. He sucked that cock like his life depended on it, which it did of course. He remembered how he use to get blow jobs from his girlfriends. He copied what they did to him. He sucked Junebug's cock real good.

Junebug knew he was going to cum soon. He grabbed Jack's head and f***ed him deeper on to his big cock. Jack didn't want to admit, that he liked it! He liked pleasing Junebug's big and bulky cock.

Jack felt the big cock grow larger in his mouth. Junebug grabbed his cock and groaned loudly as he shot his thick load, in Jack's mouth. Most of the cum went in Jack's mouth. His tongue was cover in cum. Cum was on his lips and a little was on his chin. Junebug told Jack to swallow all of his cum. He didn't want to not do what his protector told him to do. So he swallow every last drop. He secretly loved it! He sucked out every drop from Junebug's cock.

To be continued...... Continue»
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Blond Boy Gets Lucky in Puerto Rico, Part Two

This story has much more which was left out. This second part is the rest of the story. Please enjoy and don't forget to leave a comment if you enjoyed my writing which will encourage me to continue.

In the morning both boys woke up, the brilliant sun shining into their room. It was 10 am and they were both famished. William's feet were still sore but felt better. Sean's ass was sore too, but he felt wonderful.

“What do you want to do for breakfast Billy Boy?” Sean asked cheerfully, stretching and then rubbing his sore butt.
“I don't know, why don't you order me a bottle of arsenic, Mr. Sunshine” William took his top sheet and covered his face.
“Oh, come on Billy Boy, he will be back tonight,” Sean said brightly, knowing full well that he wouldn't.
“I am hungry though. Maybe I will feel better after a light breakfast.” Nothing could cheer the fat boy more than food, well, maybe something else, but he wasn't there.

The light breakfast that Miss Piggy chose consisted of Pancakes, Sausages or the local version: Chorisos, a three egg Omelet and three cups of coffee with heavy cream and lots of sugar.
“Why don't you switch to Sweet and Low instead of all that sugar,” Sean suggested with a smile, “Don't you want to keep your girlish figure for that big stud of yours?”
For the first time that day William produced a smile and continued his light breakfast.

Sean, on the other hand, enjoyed his half a Papaya , a great antioxidant, two poached eggs, a good source of protein, figuring it was important to have through his mouth since another orifice had already been well fed with plenty of protein, toast and a cup of tea. Yet he was still bothered by his need to make a decision. Sean was not accustomed to going back on his word and he was afraid that by canceling his plans to spend the whole weekend with Juan would surely hurt the man. However, who could resist spending more time with this Puerto Rican Adonis. The man that had defined for him what gay sex should be about as he never dreamed was possible. When the thought of what had happened to him last night struck him fully, he cock immediately got rock hard. That's it, he thought to himself, there is no decision here. This is my first Spring Break and as a gay man I am supposed to have fun. Its not like I live here, although the idea of spending the rest of his life in this tropical country full of dark handsome men appealed to him, he was going home in a few days and its not like he would marry either Juan or Antonio. Which now set the course of his mind as to what to tell Juan about canceling their weekend. Just as Billy was obeying his mommy's admonition to finish everything on his plate and Sean was working on his second cup of tea, Sean's phone rang.

“Oh Juan, Hola amor! Como estas?” All Sean heard in response was a chuckle.
“I hope you don't invite that little Spic over too early, Momma has to get a beauty nap.”
“Oh, OK amor. Yes I know where that is. Espera, please. Oh Billy baby. Do you mind if I spend the night at Juan's place tonight?”
“Hell no. I don't want to be the only fag in San Juan without a date watching you have fun.” William again was being such a good friend.
“OK Papi. Si, I will bring a small bag with me. Besitos. Muah!”
Antonio put away his phone and smiled as he walked into his gym.

Juan woke up late, after the noon hour. He was the only son and had to share the house with four s****rs. But as the youngest, he was spoiled rotten. Momma cooked, cleaned, did his laundry, paid for his gas and took good care of her little baby boy. At 22 yo, Sean worked as an accountant, a job he hated but with no expenses he had plenty of disposable income in a country where the unemployment rate was much higher than on the mainland. It was a beautiful cloudless day and not too hot so Juan, after Momma fixed him his favorite breakfast, decided to take a ride near the old neighborhood where he grew up, and walk around the now poor hood. He knew he had plans with the cute blond tourist later but he figured he could call the k** when he had time. He walked past his old High School and thought about the k**s he hung with and how they all had gone their separate ways since graduating.

Juan had gone on to the local Community College where he earned an Associates Degree in Accounting. Lots of his buddies in the rough part of San Juan followed the path of d**gs and were either dead or in prison. It is not well known that lots of d**gs are sent from Columbia to Cuba, where the government makes a lot of money smuggling it the short distance to Puerto Rico which is part of the United States and therefore no customs to the Mainland. This makes d**gs relatively cheap on the island and it is a blight on this beautiful country. Juan looked up and thanked God he was coaxed and then threatened by his mom facing the fear of God if Momma ever found out that her little Juanito ever did d**gs. He kept on walking another twenty minutes to a much nicer area uphill where the upper income folks lived. As he kept on walking he passed what looked like a familiar face washing his small car. The cute white young k** was just wearing tight fitting jean shorts fashionably ripped and worn thin. The boy had to be around 16 yo or so with dirty blond curly hair almost to his shoulders. But where did he know this cute white k** from? As he pass righted by the boy, the k** looked at him and smiled, his deep blue eyes shining through the long blond eye lashes with pearly white teeth and full pink lips.

“Hola, soy Juan,” was his greeting, extending his right hand in a firm handshake.
The boy responded in the local accented Spanish, “I know who you are. But I am sure you don't remember me.”
And then it hit him like a ton of bricks and Juan did not know what to say.

Sean was now deep in thought as he looked at his watch. Maybe he should go to the beach in front of the hotel and work on his tan some more before his exciting weekend started later.

William, having not heard a word from Antonio decided that he better set his standards a bit more realistically or else he would be totally frustrated. But having experienced superb cuisine how could he enjoy some local rice and beans. Sean had suggested that he face reality, but dammit as a gay queen or Contessa, “Who needs Reality when One could have Fantasy!” Oh, that has to added to my gay Thesaurus.

“Oh Well, Nena, I guess I will join you at the beach and give the local yokels a chance on enjoying my oral skills. After all, look how I wore out Antonio last night.” Sean only smiled and carried both their towels, her Highness still finding it difficult to perambulate.

“I am Roberto and I have never forgotten you,” the young boy said with a broad smile that cause Juan's heart to raise.
“I am so sorry Roberto. I asked God to forgive me for what I did to you that day.” Juan was being sincere.
“That is fine Juan. No need to worry. I remember everything as if it was yesterday although it was five years ago. I was so scared when you approached me, I thought you worked for the building and I had been warned not to go there. When you put your hand on my ass, I didn't know what to say or think. That's why I froze with fear. Then when you started finger fucking my ass, it actually felt good that's why I was harder than I had ever been. Then when you stuck your brown cock out and had me touch it,
I actually liked it. I had never touched another guys cock before and it felt nice. Then when you pulled my shorts off and felt my dick and balls, I had this big rush as if I could cum, although I still had gone through puberty yet. Finally, when you pulled me into the corner and was going to fuck my ass, I was so ready and wanted it bad. That is why I didn't complain and kind of bent over some. I was so disappointed when that big man came and broke us up. That is why I came to your defense, not wanting you to get in trouble and hoping we could meet again.

Juan, I can not tell you how often I have jacked off thinking about you and here you are in real life.”
Juan was speechless. His mouth just stayed open in complete shock. He too had jacked off in the past imagining how it would have been like to fuck this pretty young white boy, but then felt guilty as he would have been a r****t and c***d abuser.

“So, Roberto what do your parents think?”
“Hey Juan, they are so cool with it. It's so different now than it was with our people in the past. Both my parents and whole f****y know I am gay and they are so understanding. They love me for me not some false lie about me. Come on in, let me introduce you to my mom who is home.”
What the Fuck! Your Momma? Shit! My Momma would beat me with her cast iron frying pan!”
Both guys started to laugh and then hugged.

When Roberto introduced Juan to his Mom, Mrs. Cordiva welcomed him warmly and asked: “Juanito, are you able to stay for dinner?” Juan thanked her warmly and agreed. She then suggested that the boys enjoy their backyard swimming pool and have fun. Juan went into Roberto's large bedroom and found a pair of swim trunks he liked and the two boys changed and went back to a beautiful large pool with a lovely patio in charming marble and tile. Obviously, the f****y was well off and very relaxed about their prosperity.
Juan asked Roberto if he had a boy friend and found out that he was single. Juan told him that he was also single and was not seriously seeing anyone. Mrs. Cordiva, who was a tall natural blond lady in her mid 40's, came out and asked Juan, “If you and Roberto are more than just friends, you are more than welcomed to spend the weekend with us. And for your information, I am involved in the Gay Pride Movement here on the Island.”
Juan was flabbergasted! He then knew he had to call that blond tourist and cancel their plans.
But before he could dial Sean's number, his phone rang and Sean was on the line.
“Sure. No problem. Great. Have a great time Sean. Bye!” And that was that.

While Sean got ready to meet his date at an exclusive old world Spanish Restaurant only a short cab ride in beautiful and chic Old San Juan, William made his own plans for the evening. He found out that at a luxury hotel only several blocks away, there was a major convention of American Auto Dealers. So after doing a bit of research, Miller discovered that there was a party for the group at the end of their convention. Willie guessed that after the party there would be all these men who had enough booze at the party and had nowhere to go. How many women would attend a convention about cars? All those tipsy straight men with all that testosterone and no release? That was certainly Miller Country. William laughed at his own pun. So the Contessa would play it butch straight tonight. Oh my, he said to himself, so many roles to play in life and no one recording the diva. At 10 pm William arrived looking so smashing in his silk black slacks, black silk open collar shirt showing off sever strands of thick 18k gold chains and a white fedora to cover up the receding hair line. He saw two guys at the bar that were alone just looking at a television screen with some stupid sports show. The rest of the guys at the bar were with their wives or girl friends or whores, who gives a shit, he thought. How gosh, women, how unnatural, yuk. The man that caught his interest was a blond man with short hair who had to be in his late 20's, cute face, nice body and the cutest chin dimple, “Oh How Cute!” he said to himself as he licked his own lower lip. The guy was wearing what looked like grey suit pants, with the matching jacket on back of the bar chair, the man's waist size was no more than 34. Good, he thought, he just hated fat guys. So he pulled up a chair next to Mr. Wonderful and order them both a drink. Before long they were the best of friends. William was telling jokes and attracted a small group of guys around them. Billy bought a round of drinks before others reached into their pockets. His new best friend's name was Roger Something, who can keep track of these unimportant details. Roger had never been this popular before not even with his wife. Before long guys were coming over to find out why the small group at the bar were laughing so loud and having a great time. William would find out the names and then introduced them to his best friend in the whole world, Roger. Miller had one joke after another, others tried to chime in with their jokes but they would bomb and so Willie boy had to save the show with a better joke or hilarious story. Before long William Miller was a medical doctor in San Juan for some R&R before he returned to New York for all his famous patients. By now, William had his hand around Rogers shoulders and down his back, as the guys all laughed and carried on till after midnight. When William had worked his hands down Roger's butt and saw that his married best friend was oblivious to his being felt up, William suggested they go to another bar which was ever better.
The general manager of his dad's auto business agreed and so they took a cabby back to Billy's hotel.

“Listen Roger, baby, let's drop the doctor stuff, this ain't no hospital. Ha Ha Ha!” William told his buddy at the hotel bar that was pretty dead. So after a couple of drinks, William asked Roger to come upstairs he wanted to share something with him that he would totally enjoy. “I guarantee it, my boy!”
It only took the good Dr. Miller another thirty minutes to have Roger Something in his bed, his pants and underwear around his knees and his cock in the former Contessa's mouth. After Mr. Something came twice. He said, “Hey buddy, why can't my wife do that for me.”
And with that Roger passed out.
The kind new physician practicing oral medicine without a license, gently undressed Roger completely and after inspecting his conquest congratulated himself on his good taste in men. As his new best friend was obviously athletic with a trim body which was unusually smooth. He also had a lovely ass, full firm and also naturally hairless. Should he or shouldn't he. Oh well, he had given this handsome auto man the best blow job of his life. So he positioned himself behind Roger and lubed his hard cock and deflowered his new best friend. Of course he used a rubber, who knew where that ass had been. Roger did not awaken as Miller penetrated him, in fact the guy moved his hips in rhythm with Miller's thrusts as he fucked him until the good ass doctor came. In the morning Roger woke up dreaming that he was in a hurricane. In the dream, he was worried that the hurricane would cause him to not be able to go home which caused him to worry. As he finally opened his eyes, the terrible noise from the storm was the young Dr. Miller that was snoring loud enough to wake the dead. He then knew that he had to pee, so he found the bathroom and relieved himself, oh what a relief. However, his ass hurt like hell. Maybe it was his hemorrhoids again. He got back into bed still sl**py when William's arm reached around his waist and moved him closer. He shut his eyes and then, “Shit!” “What the hell? I am fucking nude in bed with another dude. Fuck!” When Dr. Miller heard Mr. Something swearing loudly, he woke up all cheery.
“Good morning, Roger!”
“What the fuck am I doing naked in this bed with you? I am a married straight man, no offense but I ain't no fucking fag.”
“I am not gay either, Roger. I have a wife and k**s at home. But shit happens, its no big deal.”
Then William grabbed Roger's dick which was not homophobic, but had its own mind choosing pleasure irrespective of whomever gave it pleasure. Roger's cock started to get hard as he remembered the great blow job he enjoyed the night before. When Miller sensed that Roger had relaxed and was enjoyed his cock being played with, he knew that he was in complete control, but had to be careful with this straight guy and time his movements very carefully. One thing that Willie boy had mastered brilliantly even at his young age was his ability to manipulate week willed straight men. Roger found himself in a very comprised situation and rather than extricating himself from this, he chose to ignore it and go with the flow. Miller now moved the married man's legs apart and positioned himself between his legs giving himself complete access to this guy's most private parts. He licked his balls while stroking his dick, something that Roger's frigid wife would never do. The best friend for a gay man like dear William were woman that didn't work at meeting their husband's sexual needs, along with providing some new excitement to keep their men motivated.

After Roger started to feel ever so good being serviced for the first time totally sober, even though it was a fat guy doing it. Miller lifted his legs and started working on that really sensitive area between the balls and the anus. With this, Roger started to moan as that tongue was working wonders. Willie sniffed the cute blond man that had unusually hairless arms and legs for a guy more than ten years older than himself. For a man that had yet to shower, he didn't smell bad and even his ass hole did not smell, so this guy must be very clean. This gave license for William to start licking Roger's anus. Roger Norris never imagine anyone doing this to him and man that felt so damn good. He just relaxed and let this young hairy guy give him pleasure where he never imagined pleasure existed. The tongue was replaced by a wet finger as Miller went back to sucking Norris' cock using his teeth lightly. Miller found the prostrate which started to harden. This sent Norris pleasure pangs that were so unusual and so intense. Fuck! He knew he would never see this guy again so he didn't have to worry about anyone ever finding out what he did in Puerto Rico. Now Miller was sucking and finger fucking at the same time. Roger was ecstatic, his dick leaking and Miller's mouth suctioning ever drop. He never heard of a guy actually enjoying another guys spunk. Willie picked up the pace his finger was stroking that gland and the ass hole was not resisting it was so relaxed. Now it was time to add another finger. Again there was no resistance. William looked down at his fingers and there was no sign of any fecal matter which was good. All of a sudden Roger's ball constricted and he shot a big glob which was quickly swallowed. That big glob was quickly followed by a second then a third all nice amounts of cum, but the master cock sucker swallowed every drop and drained the shaft of every single bit of semen. Roger had never remembered coming so powerfully even when he was much younger.

Now Miller released the 7 inch cut dick that was now limp, but the fingers remained in Roger's ass.
“Oh man, dude. I wish you would train my wife to do that.” Roger was trying to catch his breath as he had an intense orgasm that made him feel weak. Miller continued the two finger massage of the prostrate gland as he said: “Hey I am flying blind here, I've never done anything like this before, dude.”
“Really? Your not gay?”
“Hell no, dude. I'm no fucking fag. But remember when we were k**s and we played around? This is like that.” Under his breath Miller said to himself. “You are so stupid, bitch.”
The two fingers continued to fuck, massaging the now soft prostrate. Roger's dick got so hard again and this surprised him.
“I know what you need, my buddy which will make you cum even better; but I'm not sure I can do it. Remember I know the body as a doctor.”
“Why not?” Roger complained.
“Well, I've never done anything like that before.” William tried his best to sound sincere, secretly hoping that some day he could be nominated for an Academy Award.
“Well, doc. I'm willing.”
“OK then, but you have to relax and do what I tell you.”
Miller took the older man's muscular legs, this guy must be a jogger, he thought. Placed them on his shoulders, noticing the light blond matting on the lower legs which strangely looked as if he shaved his legs, but he knew he didn't. He pointed his 6 and half dick right at the slightly open ass hole and gently pushed in. Miller's head broke through and was comfortably inside the married man's ass. Roger winced in pain but said nothing.
Now Miller said,” breath hard, baby”
Roger seemed to respond to being called baby, he smiled and started to take deep breaths from his mouth.
So William decided to push the envelope.
“OK sweaty. Push your ass hole out like you are taking a shit. That is it, honey.”
Miller felt the anus open and he drove his cock in all the way and held on to his new bottom tight.
Now Miller began to move in and out slowly, leaning in so his face was a short distance from the older good looking man he was fucking. William noticed Norris' pretty blue eyes and perfect light blond eye brows, his eye lashes long and curled, as if he had been done up by a beautician, but all this was natural. Miller's mouth was just inches away from Norris' and now he was picking up the pace. Willie could see the beads of sweat on the good looking man's brow. So William grabbed the man's face and brought right to his and planted a big kiss right on Porter's mouth. Sure enough Roger did not flinch or pull back but allowed the big man's tongue to enter his mouth. Now the man was owned and he seemed to like it, moving his hips in rhythm with with Miller's thrusts.
“You like it don't you, sweaty?”
“Oh yeah, feels so good”
“I told you baby, you are my little bitch now, aren't you?” Miller was going to play this for all that it was worth. He had gotten a straight married man that had never ever dreamed of have sex with a big fat hairy guy like him, and he loved it and if they lived near each other, he would be his little fuck toy.”
“Oh man, fuck me.” Roger said as he moved his hips faster to Miller's quick pace.
Finally, Roger was able to grab his dick and start stroking. Miller was now so close to cumming. Finally, William Miller started to cum into the rubber, as his fat stomach was quivering, this caused Roger to shoot into the hairy stomach. Five sharp spurts and both men collapsed.
For several minutes neither man moved or said anything, Miller still holding him in his big arms.
So again, figuring that he had nothing to lose decided to make his move. He took his right hand and cupped Rogers soft hairless ass and stroked it. Norris said nothing. So Willie moved his hand further down and felt the man's ass hole and probed it gently, taking Roger's head and planting a big wet kiss on his mouth. Norris wrapped his arms around the hairy fat man and kissed him back.
“Hey, man I'm a bit wiped out.” Norris said softly.
“That's OK baby, let's take a shower together and we can get some breakfast. I don't want much, but I think we can enjoy a light one.”
So the two men got into the shower together, which was the first time Roger had ever allowed another man to scrub his back and ass, particularly cleaning his ass hole.
The two guys after breakfast sat outside the hotel enjoy the beach. Miller now wearing more conservative beach wear. After all he was supposed to be a straight professional man, a very difficult role even for an award winning actor. If he wasn't performing, he would have had to laugh at himself. Norris noticed how many men were walking around holding hands or holding their partners by the waist. Others were laying on blankets kissing and being romantic. He thought that this was so strange for a Latin country that he leaned back and asked, “Hey William, what kind of beach is this?”
“Yeah, I noticed when I first came here, but that is cool with me, as long as the fags keep to themselves.”
“I know, I don't want any homo diseases around me. It is so disgusting. I mean I'm no homophobe but why would the cops or this hotel allow this shit?”
“I have an idea Roger boy, I don't want to draw attention to ourselves so just go along with me OK?”
With this William put his arm around Rogers waist and brought him closer. Roger froze a bit, but did not protest. It was one thing to act queer in private, but to show that shit off in public was just not normal and weird. But he didn't fight off Willie's holding him so close occasionally giving him a little kiss on the lips.
A couple walked by and asked Roger, “How long have you and your husband been together?”
“Ah Ah Hum Hum Hum” Roger just stuttered and was so nervous he couldn't speak.
“My love is kind of shy. But isn't he cute?” Miller spoke right up, taking Roger by the waist and kissing him passionately.
“But we haven't been together too long. In fact, this is our honeymoon.”
Again he kissed the handsome married man passionately on his lips, slipping his hand under his swim trunks and holding him by his bare ass.”
The effeminate younger one around 25 yo with an obvious lisp said: “Don't be shy sweaty. Its obvious you are the wife too. We girls have to stick together.” The younger fairy poked the older guy who was around 40 yo in the ribs and the two laughed. Roger did not laugh and looked horrified.
Then the older hubby said that they were down on their 10th anniversary.

William joined the two laughing historically, massaging Rogers ass firmly and saying: “Is it that obvious?”
“It is nice to see two guys so much in love, I think you guys will be together as a married couple a long time. And if you are ever in Chicago, we would love to have you for dinner.”
“That would be great, guys, maybe Roger and me will visit sometime.”
With that the two Americans continued their romantic walk, holding hands.

“Can we go back in, please?” Roger was pissed.
“Oh I'm so sorry sweetheart, I hope I didn't embarrass you.” William finally removed his hand from inside Rogers swim trunks. Both men walked back in and went directly back to the hotel room.
Roger said nothing, he just removed the borrowed swim trunks put his clothes back on and headed for the door.
William blocked his exit and said: “You sure you want to leave this way, honey?”
Roger Norris screamed loudly: “I am not your fucking honey. I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated like this in my entire 32 years on this earth. I just wanted to die when you pretended we were a married couple on our honeymoon and made me look like the biggest fucking fagot on that god damn homo beach.”
“Oh come on, my love, you know how much you loved me making love to you.”
“You were not making fucking love to me, OK? Now let me go, PLEASE! I am trying to control my temper and not get violent.”
William decided to go for broke. So he grabbed Roger's ass and held him close and then kissed him passionately on the lips. He could feel Rogers cock get hard and he stopped resisting.
“That's my boy,” Miller said lovingly as his hands now were under Roger's underwear spreading his ass, his middle finger now probing the hole.
“You promise not to embarrass me like that again?” Roger said softly, his beautiful blue eyes starting to tear.
“Yes, darling. I promise. You still my pretty little boy?”
Roger could have cursed himself for just nodding yes and being a total wimp. However, his dick was in complete charge and he had never had orgasms like this fat hairy so called doctor had caused him to have. He knew that he had ceded control to the fat man and it was beyond his control to fight him off.
Roger Norris had always been the pursuer. He had also been solicitous to his wife who only gave him sex reluctantly when she wanted him to do something for her. At first their sex life was great, but after their second c***d, she seemed to be disinterested. Now for the first time in his life someone thought he was beautiful and went out of their way to try and please him. So it was another guy. That was weird but soon he would be back at home where all he was good for was working his ass off and providing for his f****y and that was it.
William picked Roger up, like a bride and carried him back to bed. Roger smiled and for the first time initiated a passionate kiss.
“Are you mine now, my love?”
“Yes, William. I belong to you again. I only wish we lived closer. You are from Long Island, I am from New Jersey.”
“I know honey, but that is only four hours apart. We can rent a motel and be together as long as I am your only man. I don't want another man to ever touch my baby's pretty hole.”
“Oh, don't worry Willie, I would never let a man ever touch me like you have. I would fucking beat his brains out.” And seeing from his nice athletic body, he believed Roger could too.
“I love your smooth body, my love.”
Really?” Roger was amazed that men concerned themselves with such trivia.
“It is so strange, Willie. I have never been able to grow much body hair. In fact I never needed to shave until I turned 30. Now I shave a couple of times a week. Isn't that weird?”
“Not at all, my love, it all depends on your heritage. Its all in the genes. I love my pretty blond smooth little boy.” With that Miller kissed him with more feeling than he ever had.
William had been slowly taking his clothes off while they spoke this way and now had the older man was nude.
“I guess this is why your body has little or no body scent. Usually most guys would stink after they have been drinking. But even your ass hole was fresh and clean tasting.” William said romantically.
“I always have had the most fanatical personal hygiene.” Roger said proudly.
“Good boy, sweaty, cause from now on, your ass hole is my personal pussy.” William held his breath wondering how Roger would take this obvious feminine reference.
“Really? You like my pussy?” Miller was shocked and thrilled at the same time. His dick was now rock hard.
“Yes, baby, I love your pretty hairless pussy and your big bear is going to enjoy it a lot. Now I want you to tell me. Who does this pretty pussy belong to?”
“It's all yours, Daddy Bear.”
“Good Girl,” Willie said softly holding his pretty newly turned out pussy boy with his left arm, and probing the newly owned male cunt with the other.

Roger inexplicable blushed, smiled like a new bride and moaned softly. Without being told, he lifted both of his smooth legs, so that his man could have access to his newly stimulated and awaiting boy cunt. However, William moved his hips up and instructed him to get on his knees with his head down, which the converted pussy man obediently followed as he slowly moved his soft tender formerly straight ass into position, doggy style. William realized that for the first time in his young life, he might be falling in love.
After William had fucked his smooth baby, he held him tight and told him: “I love you, my pretty baby wife.”
“Oh darling, I love you too.” And he took his big bear and kissed him softly, feeling the bear's fur on his back and knowing that he was about to enter life as the object of a man's love and desire.”
After that Roger called his wife and told her that he was f***ed to delay his departure,he moved his luggage into William's room, as they would return back to Newark's International Airport together as lovers.
So for the rest of the Spring Break, the two men would hold hands at the beach and later on at night, the honeymooners would make passionate love.

The elegant old world Spanish restaurant, with pristine white table clothes, white linen napkins, waiters dressed formally had the finest menu and genuine Spanish cuisine on the Island.. Sean held his breath and walked in elegantly dressed, thanks to William. Antonio dressed beautifully with a white silk shirt with an open collar, which looked so well against his tanned muscular chest, stood up as his blond date walked to their table. The mostly older older crowd could not help but notice that the two most handsome men in this exclusive eatery were Antonio and Sean. William took forever picking out and dressing his young roomy, whose blond hair being bleached by the local sun with no small help from Ms. Clairol looked golden on his freshly tanned face. Mama Miller had sprayed enough hair spray so the wind would not affect his natural wind swept look. It took so long to look natural, Ms. Miller complained, as he just added a bit of make up to cover up imperfections which a boy his age unfortunately had to suffer through, with all those hormones.

Sean had never been on a real date with a man before and he felt so special. The food, typical Puerto Rican cuisine mixed with old Spanish entries was served European style at their special table which Antonio's good gay friend, the Maitre D, had chosen carefully for this first date.

After dinner, the couple drove in Antonio's small car to his friends home, a magnificent home overlooking the water in one of Puerto Rico's most exclusive areas.

Juan Antonio de la Rosa was an older highly respected attorney, a Yale School of Law graduate of 1981. The mature solicitor of 52 yo was in excellent condition, with dark tanned skin and perfectly quaffed white hair. His lover of ten years, Mariano was an attractive young medical doctor 32 yo, with light brown hair and piercing blue eyes, sporting a great gym body.

Antonio and Sean were taken by one of the servants that lived in a small cabin on the 12 acre property to their modestly yet elegantly appointed guest room, affording them plenty of privacy and easy access to a very large sprawling swimming pool. Sean had no idea of what to bring so at William's insistence he had brought his suitcase with several options of what to wear. One of the things that had attracted Antonio to Sean was the boy's totally unassuming personality. While William wore obviously expensive clothing and jewelry, Sean had high quality but simple clothing and very little jewelry. What the many gay tourists that visited the hotel did not know is that Antonio had come from a moderately comfortable f****y but a very old one with a lineage that dated back to 14th century Spain, with Indian and mulatto mixed with European bl**d on his mom's side to make it interesting. His highly respected paternal background gave the understated concierge access to seriously wealthy people, especially the gay ones that lived comfortably with the major hetero upper crust as long as they kept their lifestyle private. Sean seemed to be well educated for a young lad and with perfect table manners which showed a good f****y background, he was obviously comfortable with himself and therefore did not have to impress. This along with a natural beauty, Sean had pierced through the layers of protection Antonio had used to keep himself free of uninteresting involvements.

After getting settled in their charming quarters, the new couple joined the older one in the library for cocktails. The room had mahogany walls with a collection of paintings in antique thick gold leaf frames. The furniture was comfortable yet rich brown leather. The room looked like an old British gentleman's club in London. The older man servant brought their drinks and the lawyer pulled out a cigarette.

“I'm sorry guys,” Juan Carlos said in a soft yet firm deep voice, with an educated but obviously Hispanic accent. “This is my only bad habit. The rest are all vices.”
They all laughed except for the younger doctor that looked at his husband with obvious annoyance.
“I know, I know darling, but I want our guests to relax and be themselves, so obviously, if you two were not here, I would smoke, but I am only allowed to smoke in this room or outside away from my doctor.”
“That is fine with me, my mom smokes, although not inside the house,” Sean said, the doctor now smiling kindly at the beautiful boy that very much reminded him of himself when he was that age.
After a couple of rounds of drink, the attorney got up and excused himself hugging both guys and welcoming Sean to his home, “Estas en tu casa, entiende?”
“Si, muchas gracias, doctor.” Juan Carlos was impressed that the young blond knew that in Spanish nations as well as most European countries lawyers are referred to as doctor.

When the new lovers were back in their large room, Antonio sat in a comfortable chair, Sean sitting on his lap and kissing him gently. Oh how Sean felt so good, the big strong arms holding him tight, feeling the hardness of his man's muscles over the soft sensual white silk.
“I never knew that gay couples could live like this!” Sean was so pleased that he had been exposed to what seemed to be two gay men totally comfortable with themselves and living so naturally.
“Can I confess something Sean.”
All Sean did was nod.
“I only agreed to William's deal so I could get close to you.”
Not that I couldn't use the cash. After all I still live at home with my f****y that are not so open minded, but I have been offered a lot more than 500 bucks to prostitute my myself, I mean a hell of a lot more. But there was something about you that I had to have and now I know why.”

“There is only one thing that bothers me Antonio.”
“I know what that is my love.”
“You do?”
“Yes, I do.”

With that Antonio went to his beautiful cordovan leather bag and pulled out a file. Handing it to Sean.
After reading the officially written in both English and Spanish Department of Health documents, showing the handsome man was disease free, tests being conducted every two months for the last six months, the last one being taken three days before their intimacy, Sean finally relaxed. The boy was prepared to enjoy the weekend with his man but no longer have unprotected sex and then rush home to be tested.
“I know it was a dumb thing to do, but after you drove me crazy while your roommate worked on me, I had to have you, estaba loco, amorcito lindo” Sean enjoyed his stud's use of the masculine gender a lot more than Juan's feminizing.
“I must confess to you that when you came deep in my gut, I had a great orgasm, feeling the eruption. It was the first time in my life my insides ever felt a man's gushing stream of semen. It was like a volcano shooting its hot lava and I just fucking loved it. Of course my Roman Catholic Irish guilty cut it short. Ha Ha Ha!”
Antonio carefully and ever so slowly took the boy in his arms and laid him on his back on their bed. Removing his shoes, socks , black linen trousers, white heavily starched shirt and Calvin Klein black boxer shorts exposing the small, by Rican standards, uncut hairless cock which stood at attention in front of the captain in charge. There he was, the object of his desire, without need to hurry, all his and with the boy looking as if he wanted him badly. Sean wanted to unclothe his hot stud, but the captain was in control and the private must lay on his back perfectly still. Now it was Antonio's turn to perform. He slowly disrobed as a male stripper but with perfectly timed movements, causing Sean to wonder if the big man had ever done that professionally. Once Antonio was nude, the big uncut Latin cock standing at full attention with a pronounced curve upwards, which facilitated his ability to produce such masterful friction on Sean's prostrate gland as well as other hot spots inside his body. The blond, with his hair still sporting its wind swept look, despite all the activity, tried to mentally measure the magnificent organ by multiplying his own which he had actually measured in a moment of boredom. He arrived, to be conservative, just under eleven inches and at least six inches in circumference. The pronounced dorsal artery was a rich brown supplying the considerable amount of bl**d necessary for the piston to stay hard, the large brown piston that was going to run the boy's engine. After appraising the big dick from different angles, the boy finally told his brain, “OK Sean stop it! This is not Biology 101. Just enjoy it and put the fucking brain into neutral.”
“I am going to take my time with you this time, baby. You will find out why Latins make the best lovers. And Puerto Ricans are at the very top. Sabes amor?”
“Oh si, mi machote.”
“I want to savor that big uncut head Papi. Please?”
“Claro bebe. This cock is now yours to own.”
Oh how Sean wished it was so. He could never imagine meeting a man that was cut closer to what he had always longed for in a perfect husband. If he had ever had a type. This was it. Every time he was in close proximity to this man, he was hard, whether in the restaurant, the library the brief encounter in his hotel room, he cock leaked. Once he came and his thoughts could then settle on other things, his dick never got soft. Although he was not the expert cock sucker William was, he had watched the master enough to be able to do the basics and after that he would wing it, using his imagination.
Antonia laid back and relaxed as the inexperienced lad went about servicing his penis. Except this time rather than closing his eyes and thinking about the soft blond k** killing time on the terrace, he was watching the object of his affection performing with increasing aptitude.

Sean paid special attention to the muscle man's extra large hairy testicles, outdoing his mentor.
“Oh SI, Mamame Mi Bicho!” Sean knew his man was ready to be sucked, Bicho being the Puerto Rican word for cock, which was a word he never learned in Spanish class. In other countries the male member is called Pene in Cuba and in the Dominican Republic Pinga a gay boy has to learn these things.
Sean sucked the big brown bulbous head, knowing it contained nerve endings and glands. He carefully big on it before using his suction and then tongue. He massaged the balls and used both hands to stimulate the shaft even as the mouth worked his magic. Then Sean instinctively headed south to the perineum that special triangle between the base of the penis and anus. Sean decided to take his time lifting and massage the big bull balls and slowly massaging with just one wet finger Antonio's anus while working the triangle with his tongue, moaning softly and using Spanish terms of endearment.
Antonio had never experienced being stimulated physically and verbally with such gentle and yet expert attention to such detail and this drove him crazy when you considered it was the love of his life giving all this to him. It was so much more than he had ever imagined Sean was capable of doing.
Sean then decided to move on the Latin's foreskin which is pulled back normally upon erection. However, the inside of the foreskin has many nerve endings and can be the source of sexual pleasure if stimulated correctly. Sean guided his tongue under the pulled back membrane and expertly licked this often neglected organ, causing his man to gasp. Now Antonio was ready for the main event. Sean took in as much of the monster into his mouth as he could, his throat opening so that he could take even more, the wet finger passed into uncharted waters as for the first time the macho man allowed a human to go to what was previously his “exit only” orifice.

“Oh Dios mio! Ahi con-yo. CARAHO!!! FUCK BABY!!!” Mt. Vesuvius was warning its pending eruption. So Sean went back to the volcano head and was barely able to get the bulbous gland head into his mouth, his right middle finger, having been made wet on his saliva, circling the big man's virgin anus.
Without further warning Vesuvius erupted, with warm molten semen gushing into the boy's untrained mouth and down his throat. Sean thought he might gag, some of the precious fluid spilling out of his mouth on down the shaft and making the thick black pubic hairs speckled with pearl white cum. Not to worry, after Sean had licked all of the excess off the shaft he carefully went through the black forest and cleaned every bit of it up, enjoying every drop of the salty protein food.

“Where the hell did you learn how to suck so well?”
Antonio was amazed, as this was the best blow job he had ever received.
Sean just smiled at the compliment, blushing slightly, making his blue eyes even bluer. “I guess its just fagot instinct mixed with a bit of imagination.”
Both men were now intertwined, their naked limbs holding and clasping and kissing, as if they had never kissed before; as if they were last two humans alive in the world and they needed each others love to continue their existence.

Antonio felt Sean's dick leaking against his stomach as each man felt and probed each other.
“I want you to fuck me, Papi!” Sean whispered to Antonio.
Antonio didn't say a word, he nodded and smiled turning Sean on his side, his ass pushing back on the large Hispanic cock that was leaking precum that would be all the lube the boy needed.
Sean was more relaxed this time, having been reassured by the Health Department. His ass tilted up as the big Latin cock positioned itself at the small tight entrance within a short time Antonio had his boy so ready. But decided to tease the k**'s waiting pussy. The recently satisfied tool pushed through the first line of defense and the big man felt his bottom boy tense up. So he just left the huge mushroom in place until the boy could adjust.
Now Antonio decided to stimulate Sean's dick and balls, massage them expertly. The stud knew each erogenous zone expertly and the soft manipulation cause the euphoria in the boy's brain which also acted as a sedative calming his anxiety and allowing the anus to relax and open, relieving some of the pain. Also calming erotic words spoken in Spanish, which became their language of romance. Sean's nipples proved to be unusually sensitive and Antonio was a quick learner. Antonio's tongue knew how to lick the back of the boy's ears, neck, shoulders, while both hands worked their body of Sean's many points of eroticism. It was then when the macho man's cock head felt the gates of heaven open slowly, the profuse precum lubing as the cock moved in slowly and gently finding its eternal paradise. The stud looked down and saw his his intruder, usually too large for most even experienced bottoms, totally inside the tender white ass. He then withdrew slowly, so the just the tip was inside the first wall of muscle. Now Antonio was ceding control to Sean, who instinctively sensed that. So as the sharp pangs of euphoria reached his brain, Sean pushed back and puckered his hole, and the huge shaft crept in slowly, now past the second wall being summoned back to its future resting place. Sean wanted more, his intestinal channel desirous of being completely filled, having only been fed once with the warm high protein semen that had satiated his young hormone infused sexual desire. In a short time, Sean could feel the black forest of the man's plentiful pubic hairs against his young soft white ass. All ten inches were inside and he was filled completely with man cock and this to a bottom boy like Sean was a sexual Nirvana.

The tall strong muscular Puerto Rican decided not to fuck the boy this time, he would just twitch his curved dick, while he worked over the boys tits, dick, balls, chest, tummy, the tender skin under the balls and then back over the rest of the boys body. This drove Sean crazy and then when he had calmed down, the big cock twitched and then twitched again, the prostrate that had been pressed hard due to the size and hardness of the Latin cock sent even more sharp pangs of pleasure until Sean could not stand it any longer and his dick erupted in his man's hands, as Sean moaned loudly and shook. Consequently, the entire rectum and anal passage went into a spasmodic eruption which sent Antonio out of his mind and he erupted for the second time in the boy, which in turned caused the boy two more orgasms because he was no longer worried about their unprotected sex.
“Do you mind if I can leave my cock inside you all night? It feels so nice and warm in its new home.”
The two just laid there in complete silence.
In a few minutes Sean spoke.
“Actually, it feels so good, my love. I could get so used to this.” Sean hoped he had not said too much as he turned his head and kissed his man, who was holding him tight his ripped muscles feeling so great on his back. Antonio nibbled on Sean's ear and felt his smooth chest and then lightly pinched his nipples, feeling them get so hard and pointed. Then he reached down and felt that Sean's cock was rock hard again.
“Te gusta, Papito Rubio?”
“Oh Si. Me encanta. MMMMMM” With that Sean started to move his ass slowly in and out. The Latin liked the way the boy was using his ass to to fuck his big light brown pole. So the man decided to increase the pace, but Sean not only kept up, but moved even faster causing his cock to ooze. That was it. Antonio pick the boy up like a feather sat on the edge of the bed and lowered the boy's ass on his cock that hit the mark perfectly and disappeared into the hole. Now he held Sean by his ass, each hand on a cheek. Sean held on for dear life anticipating what what was coming, both arms locked tightly around Antonio's neck. When the big man felt the boy was securely in place. He got up from the bed and fucked the boy in mid air. He lifted Sean up and then gravity provided the f***e that brought him down hard on the curved dick the went in and hit the mark. Antonio swerved his hips which caused the huge cock to hit every spot inside the boy's sensitive insides then he would hold him tight and twitch his cock the which caused the shock waves going through Sean's system to increase in power.
Sean was now the bull rider holding on for dear life and he decided that this career as a cowboy was worth pursuing as a life long profession. In no time the first orgasm built and struck Sean's brain causing him to almost loose his equilibrium. Now Antonio knew that all Sean needed was to be held lovingly and his cock would do the rest. Sean then grabbed his own cock that was begging to be stroked and with just a few moves it erupted more than he had ever blown. Shot after shot until there was no more left. But Antonio was not finished. Without exiting the boy's ass, the Latin laid back down, the boy now full of sweat which mixed with his own. Antonio moved his big cock again, this caused shots of euphoria to reach the the boy's brain which was not as strong but a close second to the orgasm he had received through his penis.
Now Sean was exhausted and so was Antonia. So both men lay still, the bull cock still in place.

“How was that baby boy?” Sean could not talk, his heart racing. So Antonio reached up and pressed a button which was located over the headboard. Within five minutes the man servant appeared “Mande?”
“Dos botellas de agua fria Por Favor!”
“Con gusto caballero!”
When the silver tray appeared with two bottles of water, two glasses and a bucket of ice, the man handed both boys glasses of ice water.
“Muchas Gracias, Jose”
“De Nada, Don Antonio.”

Sean was embarrassed laying naked with a cock in his ass as the older man in the white uniform served them without comment or expression. It was as if nothing was happening.
Antonio started to laugh deeply and loudly, sensing the problem.
“Were you embarrassed?” Now the laughter got even louder and deeper, the huge semi hard intruder moving inside the boy.
“Well, honestly, yes.”
“These servants have been here a long time and believe me they get paid well to ignore a lot more than this.” This caused Sean to start laughing too.

“Antonio, do you mind if we go to sl**p? I'm kind of wiped out.”
“I should hope so, my love. Good night. sl**p well.”
So Sean and Antonio finished their water and passed out into deep slumber as Antonio's cock rested all snug in its new warm abode.

Sean woke up hearing the birds chirping in the gardens which surrounded the meandering pool that were just outside the bedrooms, dining room, living room and library, glass doors separating them from the beautiful water. He felt the cock still in his ass twitch again, now fully hard. Although the Latin man behind him was still sound asl**p, breathing heavily but not snoring. That movement cause his dick to get hard again as he wondered how he could enjoy life without it and its owner. He looked over and noticed the large wall clock which showed that they had slept a long time as it was almost noon. He had to pee so bad, but he hated to unplug himself from his man, he slowly moved himself and finally, his ass was his own again.

He sat on the john, as he realized that he was also full of cum that had no where to go, maybe he had digested Antonio's seed. MMMMM That idea got his dick hard again. Then sadness filled him as he again thought about how little time he had left in this place. How could he go back to his previous life and forget this man? Well, he will deal with that when the time comes, which gave him some hope but not much.

His next thought was feeling a bit guilty about poor William. What a shame that fatso came all this way just to sit in a room all by himself. So he decided to call him, still feeling a bit guilty about having found real love with a guy that William propositioned first. How would he ever explain to him what had happened? Well, he shelved that until the right time as well.

After taking a shower, cleaning himself thoroughly and then carefully douching (if his mom ever knew that her only son douched more than a daughter. Ha ha ha This he really found funny), he quietly walked all nice and fresh back into bed, his cell phone nearby so he would call. No sooner than the boy got back into their bed, when his strong lover pulled him close and pushed his big cock, that was now hard, right back in inside his ass, which hurt like hell, although the boy had douched and then lubed just in case. Antonio, who was now awake, said: “I don't know what my cock is going to do for comfort when you go back to New York, my darling” With that he planted a long wet kiss on the boy's mouth. Sean turned as much as he could, although he was still impaled.
“I feel the same way, mi amor” Sean's heart was raising with equal measures of hope and sadness.
“Really? You think you could love me?” Antonio was serious, this was not a trap.
“Honestly, I am in love with you right now. For the first time in my 18 years on this earth I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am hopelessly and helplessly in love with you.” Tears now flowed, as his blue eyes were fixed on his lover's big brown ones.
“Ahii mi amor preciouso, I am in love with you too.” Antonio now licked Sean's tears and held him as tight as he could, his cock now having a mind of his own and moved inside his boy. Every time the big light brown uncut dick moved, it caused Sean's small dick to get hard and start leaking.

“I don't expect you to make any commitments Sean, you are only 18 and have almost all your life in front of you. You must focus on your studies and further dedicating yourself to a profession before you can make a serious commitment. But,”
Before Antonio spoke further, Sean interrupted him.
“You live here in the wonderful country. You could have any man that you wanted who have so much more to offer you than I do. You have the finest body of any man I could have ever hope to meet much less have. You have a job which causes you to meet and know so many other good looking guys that are probably a hell of a lot better than skinny me. I would hate to have you settle for a k** that still has so much to learn.” The tears flowed faster than Antonio could slurp them.
“Sean, I have a proposition for you. But I have to disengage from you, my dick has to perform less important duties now. OK my love?”
“That's fine.”

So Antonio pulled out slowly as not to hurt the boy of his dreams and excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Sean laid back and wondered what the proposition could be. Then he started to speculate as to how Antonio felt and what plan he was going to suggest. After a few minutes of racking his brain, he finally concluded that if he continued the wild speculations, he would drive himself crazy. So he just had to wait and be patient. Damn, he thought, he hated being patient. Maybe he should join his man in the shower and demand to know what he meant. Shit, he hated to wait. He was just like his mom. Neither of them wanted to wait till Christmas morning to find out what was in all the fancy wrapped boxes under the large real tree they always had.
While Sean was still fretting, Antonio walked out still drying his curly black hair, his big soft cock swinging from side to side, his muscular body heading in his direction as he plopped himself behind him in bed. Sean knew instinctively to move his ass back until the large now hard cock wanted to back home. Antonio slowly slipped his dick inside the young ass, having lubed it well to help with the pain. To Sean's surprise the pain didn't last too long before he was conveniently full again. By being so pliant and obedient, he was reward with two pronounced strong twitches, causing the usual hard on.
“Did you miss me, Sean.”
“No. But my ass sure did.”
“OK Mr. Wonderful, what is your proposition, I have been dying waiting, and I hate to wait.”
“Ha Ha, Probesito.”
After a long wet kiss, Antonio was ready to make his suggestion.

“Sean, as I said before, it would not be fair to you at your tender age to be making a commitment before you find out who you are and what you want Second, you live in New York and I live in Puerto Rico which is a very long distance. Long distance relationships don't usually work.
My suggestion is this. Why don't you and I stay in close contact speaking every day on the phone, texting, emailing or we could even get cams and use yahoo to communicate and see each other. I will make plans to come to New York, as I have great friends there during a convenient time when we can spend a few days together. If you and I still feel the same way about each other then we can proceed with my plan. You should also be honest with your heart. If you meet a man that sweeps you off your feet that is also nearby, then you should be honest with me so I can go on with my life. That doesn't mean we can't be friends. But not lovers. In a few months your school will end during the summer. If you still want to, you can return and we can spend time here and see if our love has gotten deeper or it has changed. If, in case you and I are meant to be together, then may I suggest that you transfer to one of the excellent Universities here and we can build a life together as lovers, similar to our hosts.”
Then Antonio held him tightly and said:”Before you commit, think about it OK?”
Sean was thrilled.
“You think that you could be really happy with me?”
“Yes, my darling boy, I know I could.” To prove that he smiled, Antonio's big brown tool twitching deep inside Sean's gut, causing the blond's eyes to wince as the familiar electric pang of euphoria went through his body.

“Sean, I have had the best sex in my life the short time we have been together. Better sex, or should I say love making than in the five years I have been sexually active. And that, mi amor, is the truth.”
Now Antonio put the full f***e of his full lips on Sean's and gave him a long romantic kiss, his hands holding his torso and the pole reinforcing that fact more erect and pressing more firmly on the boy's “G” spot.

Sean melted, as the term “being in love”, finally had full meaning. He was lost and had no desire to be found. He was stricken with a disease that he hoped he would never recover from, he was at peace which he knew must never end. No matter what would occur in his future life, this moment should never ever be forgotten and so it was indelibly placed in a special braincell of his brain's hard drive.
“Let's get ready for lunch mi vida, and I just want you to think about this until we can talk more later OK, my prince?”

The boys dressed casually meeting their hosts in the garden, the table set for four.
Sean looked around and saw meticulously manicured lawns with small gardens and in the distance a tall brick wall that separated them from their neighbors on this 12 acre estate. There were wooden bridges that crossed the enormous pool almost creating a Venice, yet much cleaner and no pigeons.
As the handsome young doctor gave instructions to one of the gardeners, Sean asked Juan Carlos, “Doctor, how many people do you have working here” Then he felt embarrassed thinking that it was rude to ask such questions, so he blushed.

“No, my young friend, it is fine to ask. We have two live in helpers that are really like f****y, five others assist us full time and two part time assistants on weekend when the others are off. We also adopted two boys from Nicaragua after the earth quake and they are both in boarding school in Switzerland. So this modest home has quite a few residents.”

Sean smiled, thinking “modest home?”

“I hope you k**s had a great night last night.” Juan Carlos addressing his old friend Antonio.
“One could say that.” The big man responded with a deep laugh. Again Sean blushed and covered his face with one of the white linen napkins.

“Sean, mi querido amigo, you will never hear this from Antonio because he is way too modest. But he is a direct descendent of a famous and some say infamous Spanish Marquis: Inigo Lopez de Mendoza, Marquis of Santillana. As the oldest son of the oldest son he follows his progenitor in the title. If we were not in the United States which disavows European titles as a Republic, that big and handsome young man would have direct access to the King of Spain and be in a diplomatic post now.” Now it was Antonio's turn to blush, but he hid it well.
“Yes, that and two dollars gets me on the bus.”

“Don't put that down, as I have told you at least one hundred times. This may be a Republic, and I am a Republican, to the chagrin of most of our gay friends, but I became one at Yale when I rebelled against my Marxist professors. If, God forbid, we become an independent country, those titles would be legally restored.

Throughout their leisurely lunch of two hours, Sean admired the lawyer and the doctor's pleasant banter
disagreeing on almost everything including politics, but their love and commitment was both obvious and deeply moving. Juan Carlos, one of the most respected lawyers on the Island, speaking Ex Cathedra, declared something to be so, in his authoritarian voice which caused judges not to question his pronouncements on law; his partner willing to be excommunicated took the exact opposite position and usually won. This was all very amusing. But more importantly it displayed to Sean how two men could live together as a couple and be so normal and natural. He had not been exposed to this type of relationship before and this is why of the many places Antonio could have taken him, he chose this place.

After lunch, the two went back to their room and Sean said: “You know Antonio, I feel bad for poor William. He may be a manipulative bitch, but he is my friend and I feel a bit guilty. Here I am with the love of my life having a great time and there the fat bastard is alone in our room.
“So call him, after we settle back down in bed.”

Both boys stripped and after taking lube and greasing his ass and his partner's big dark pole, Sean moved his ass back being filled again in what was now becoming a great way to relax, impaled in your own bed.

“Hi. How are you Willie?” Sean asked cheerfully.
“I am having a fabulous time, darling!” William elongating fabulous in his queenly way.
“Are you and that skinny spic having a good time?”
“That is so nice, girl, where does that hibaro live, a shanty shack?” William was so pleased with himself that he didn't have to pay for sex this time and for once he was being luckier than his cute roommate of whom he was secretly jealous.

Sean responded: “Yes, but its more important to have love on this trip rather than being elegant.”

“I hope you have indoor plumbing. Ha ha ha! “ William was being nasty having no idea.

“Of course I am not alone, silly, am I Roger?” Miller placed his cell phone between him and Norris.
“No, you are not, Daddy Bear.” Roger's voice sounded soft, as if he was ten years younger. Which would still be older than the Big Bear.

“I am so happy for you Bhuda Bear” Sean said, smiling broadly.
“Roger only lives a few hours away and we plan on becoming lovers. I think I found the right guy this time. I am so glad that muscular Spic left. All he had was a big dick, nothing else to offer. I could never settle down with a dirty Rican whore.”
Antonio, who could hear the conversation just held his breath and squeezed his boy and smiled at the rude insult.
“Princess, I ... Continue»
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Just in Case

Please read the introduction. It may matter to you.
__________________________________________________ _


This is not a stroke story.
It's an emotionally painful romance.
The only sex that approaches explicit is phone sex.
The non-explicit sex is remembered and includes sibling i****t with love and father-teen daughter ****.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________
This story was written before Sisboomba shared her story on the story forum. It's close enough to her story that I asked and recieved her permission to share it.
__________________________________________________ _________________________________


How I Found Hope:

My life was lonely but safe. The safe was important to me. Especially with women.
I was only window shopping Tuesday morning when I saw it. I'd been single for a long time and intended to stay that way.
The ad on the bulletin board outside the co-op read:
SWF seeks housemate. Must be
patient & kind and willing to be a
father figure for my daughters & son.
Everything else is negotiable.
Leave a message @ xxx-xxxx
My first reaction was a sad chuckle. Single mothers with k**s are at a serious disadvantage. Not many guys are looking for an instant f****y. I sure as hell wasn't.
My second reaction was to notice every mom with k**s in the co-op. Her ad left me hoping that each one of them had a patient and kind man in their lives. Anyway, it was when I was leaving the co-op that the insanity hit me like a stroke. (Maybe it was a stroke, most of my brain definitely stopped functioning and I'm still not sure how much I've recovered.) So I wrote down her phone number. Just in case.
About five hours later, there was no doubt that I was losing it. I left her this message:
I saw your ad for a housemate. I'm
pretty sure that at fifty I'm older
than you have in mind. Unless you're
just looking for a decent man to
become a small part of your f****y
life. My number's xxx-xxxx. Just in
I was calling myself a fool and an idiot and fervently hoping that she wouldn't call when I logged onto XNXX that evening. I was looking for a sexy romance, they're so much less trouble to read than a real one is to live. Believe me, I know.
I was most of the way through an exellent story ("ELLEN") and deeply immersed in it when the phone rang. My "Hello" was answered by an unfamiliar woman's voice. I suddenly and completely forgot the story.
"Hi, are you the man that answered my ad for a housemate today?"
"I left a message but I didn't really expect you to call, I thought..."
"That you're too old? You're older than I had in mind but when you said 'Just in case.' it made me hesitate. So I replayed your message and thought about it. You sound like a good and caring person and if you're offering to be our friend, the k**s and I can use all the friends we can get. My...our lives have pretty much been hell for way too long. My name's Hope....Are you still there?"
God but she talked a lot.
"I'm still here. My name's Don and I've been lonely too long. Every since the ex left, I've pretty much kept to myself. I have to admit that being friends sounds a lot less scary than being housemates."
I still don't know why I opened up so instantly and completely. Maybe because she sounded like a fighter with a good heart. Maybe saying they'd been through hell had something to do with it. Or maybe it was just the result of my suspected stroke. Now it was my turn, "Hope, are you still there?"
"I was just trying to think. I need to tell you a little bit about our troubles. Kind of a warning. We've got some emotional issues. Two men got in serious trouble. I've been telling myself that the worst is over but the scars are pretty deep. I'm still trying to pick up the pieces. Hello?"
"Sorry, you shook loose a few memories. I've got some issues too. I'm not so good at trusting. When the ex left, I kind of fell apart. Pretty bad. What I miss most is being needed. I've just been taking up space for an awful long time now."
Then she started laughing. Hysterically. I was thinking about hanging up when she started squeaking out "I'm sorry" over and over. It took her at least a minute before she could talk. I didn't say a word.
"I'm so sorry. I wasn't laughing at you. It was just that when you said that you miss being needed, I thought that we are just about as needy as you can get and still have hope..."
She was so quiet that it took me a few moments to realize that she was very softly crying.
"Please don't cry. I know I'm not what you..."
"Thank you. I thought you'd hung up when I couldn't stop laughing. It only occured to me when I said 'hope.' My own name's become a curse. It's gotten so hard to even think about hope, let alone feel it. If you really want to be needed, you're talking to the right person."
"It'd feel good to feel needed again. It sounds like we're both walking wounded. Maybe we can understand and encourage each other a little."
"That sounds good. Thanks Don. God, it's getting late already. Would it be okay to call you again tomorrow night?"
"I can't think of anything I'd like better." And I really couldn't. It made me feel kind of pitiful.
"Thanks. I like how you said that. I'll talk to you then."
So we said our goodnights and hung up.
Wow. I felt almost like I was in love. It was like I was her dad. If she hooked up with a loser for a housemate, I'd want to kill him. If she found a good one, I still might want to kill him. And I didn't even know how old her k**s were.
As I sat there and thought about Hope, it seemed kind of odd that she'd be surprised at how late it was. We'd only talked for about five minutes. Then it dawned on me that it was probably because I wasn't going to hear from her again. I was sort of relieved. It'd hurt a lot when the ex left and it still did, even after all these years. I didn't know if I was hoping that she'd call or hoping she that wouldn't call.

Her First "Hard Thing:"

By Wednesday night I'd convinced myself that she wouldn't call and that I'd be better off if she didn't. I reasoned that my life wouldn't get all shook up and stressful. I could stay relaxed and safe. The word "unfulfilled" stayed completely out of my mind. I didn't answer the phone until the third ring and my voice might've wavered a little when I said, "Hello."
"Thank you for answering. I didn't think you would. I was so sure that I almost didn't call. I know that you need to know at least the basics of our troubles. I'm hoping that we can mostly talk about easier things for a while and get to my hard things a little at a time. It isn't easy for me to talk about the hard things. I get pretty nervous and it always makes me talk too much. I'm trying to relax but it's not easy right now....Don?" She didn't sound nervous, she sounded terrified.
"It's okay, I think I understand. If it'll help, try to pretend that I'm holding you and gently stroking your hair."
She was quiet for a little while and then said, "Thank you, that was nice." After another long pause she went on, "The k**s and I are sort of alone in the world. I'm 32 and we just moved here last year. My parents are out of the picture and it's pretty much just me and them."
"How old are they?"
"Lisa's 17, Christine's 15, and the twins, Sarah & Peter are 13."
"I guess I can understand why it's so hard, single with four..."
"No, that's not it. The k**s and I have problems but they're good k**s and they take care of me nearly as much as I take care of them. Can you take a turn talking for a little while now? Please?"
"Sure, my story's pretty simple. After the ex left, my son moved away, and I'm not very good at keeping in touch. I've got a few good friends that I see from time to time when they need a hand. I get a small disability pension and my needs are modest. I probably shouldn't say this but I grow a little pot too."
She laughed again but this time it was a gentle relaxed laugh. It made me glad that I'd mentioned the pot.
"You don't sound like a pot grower." Another pause, then she really surprised me, "I kind of need to ask. Can you tell me about yourself...sexually?"
It was one of those rare moments when the perfect thing to say just fell out of my mouth.
"I'm pretty self-sufficient."
It took her a little while to respond but I was proud of my answer and just waited.
"That's more reassuring to me than you can imagine." Another pause, pretty long this time. "Lisa's dad ****d me."
As gently as I could I said, "I'm really sorry."
In a strangled rush she said, "I'll call again tomorrow." And she turned off her phone before I could even open my mouth.
I was beginning to understand why she said she'd gone through hell for way too long. I'd also figured out that I was hooked and wanted to talk to her again. Like I'd told her, I needed to be needed. And she needed a friend.


Trust gets Shattered:

I felt really good Thursday, full of anticipation. Until she didn't call.

Shared pain:

Friday I went to the co-op again. Mostly to look at her housemate ad. It was gone. For the second time I thought she probably was too. By the time I went to bed I was sure that she was gone and that made it my turn to quietly cry. I couldn't stop. My eyes leaked until I thought they'd never stop. The pillow was wringing wet when the phone rang. I only answered it to wish her well as we said goodbye. I could barely croak when I tried to say "Hello."
She sounded even worse than I felt.
"Thank you for answering." A tiny sniff. "I'm sorry I couldn't call last night. I tried to but I just couldn't. I started thinking about the hard things. Don, do you think you could talk about holding me and touching my hair again? Please?" Then she started to really cry.
My heart melted. She was in worse shape than than I'd realized. "I can try. Do you have a pillow or something to hug?"
Another sniff, "I've been hugging my 'Scruffy Bear' for over an hour."
"Okay, scoot over a little so I can sit beside you. Now lay your head on my shoulder. Tell me if I'm squeezing your shoulder too tight. Your hair is so soft. Your cheek is so smooth. You can put your arms around me if you want to. It's alright. I won't leave you. I'll be here as long as you need me to. Your hair smells so good. You feel warm and nice. I could hold you like this forever. I want to hold you like this forever. God you feel good." I went on for quite a while before she finally managed to settle down and relax.
"Thank you. You'll can't possibly know how good you make me feel when you do that. I do pretty well during the day. It's at night, after the k**s are in bed, that I get lonesome and afraid. I get so scared that I have to curl up and close my eyes and just hide inside my head. I just lose control when I think about the hard things at night."
She lost it again and I gave her another long distance hug, comforting her and gently smoothing her hair back and telling her that I wanted to hold her like that forever. I was starting to get better at giving phone hugs and I knew how much she needed them. God, it felt good to feel needed again. She didn't know it but the phone hugs were as important to me as they were to her. Then she ruined it.
She said, "Thank you. I really am a lot better during the day, pretty close to normal I think. I could even meet you somewhere during the day. If you want to."
It caught me completely off guard.
"Don, are you there?"
"Yeah." I barely got any sound out, I didn't know if she even heard me.
"What happened? Was it something I said?"
"Sort of. It kind of caught me by surprise." I could barely talk.
She figured it out before I could explain myself.
"It's okay Don. I don't need to meet you. All I really need is to talk to you and let you talk to me like you're holding me. So I can pretend I'm okay and not afraid and not alone. I really don't need to meet you, at least not any time soon. Please talk to me." She was really sounding desperate and I had to try to explain myself.
"I'll be okay. I'm okay. It was just a shock. I didn't even realize it but now I'm not sure I'm ready to meet you." She'd started to quietly cry again.
"Can you tell me why?"
"I've got this picture of you in my mind and it's perfect. You're not so pretty that I'm afraid you'll leave me. And not so plain that I'll want to leave. And I'm not sure there's anything in between. If you're attractive, I won't be able to trust you. Do you understand?"
"It crushed you when your wife left you."
"Yeah. More than I realized. Until just now. A lot more. It's kind of a shock."
"You really care about me don't you?" It was barely louder than a whisper.
"Yeah. More than I want to. More than I should. I think that's why meeting you scares the hell out of me."
"Can I call you again tomorrow night?"
"I'll be miserable if you don't."
"Don, sometimes you say exactly what I need to hear. I've been thinking. If it's okay with you I'd like to try to tell you a secret instead of saying goodnight."
"Does that mean I should say goodnight now?"
"Yes, if you're ready, I think I am."
"I miss you already. Goodnight."
"My dad ****d me, he's Lisa's dad too." Then she was gone again. And I couldn't have talked anytime soon anyway.

About Hope:

I was still upset Saturday morning. I thought she probably was too. I was pretty sure that she'd call but I didn't know when. I sure didn't expect it to be in the middle of the day.
"This is a nice surprise, I didn't expect you to call until tonight."
"I was just hoping to talk a little during the day. When I'm not such a mess. I wanted to show you that I really am better during the day. Can you talk for a little while?"
"I can talk for as long as you want, but I've got to warn you, I'm just as screwed up during the day as I am at night."
"It's okay, I just called to talk a little, that's all I'll ever really need."
"Hope, can I ask you a question? It's kind of important to me."
It was a few seconds before she answered, "I can't talk about some things. Not even during the day."
"You weren't really looking for a housemate when you put your ad on the bulletin board were you?"
I started to panic when she hesitated again.
"I told myself I was. But you're right, inside I knew better. I'm not even ready for a real boyfriend. I just needed to find someone that could care about me. And the k**s."
After a few moments she went on, "I only got two other calls before yours. They were both looking for bedmates. I took the ad down Wednesday morning."
"I'm glad. Do you feel okay talking about what's going on in your lives right now?"
"There are still some things happening that hurt. But they're getting settled and slowly moving into our past."
"If it's okay to ask, how are you doing financially?"
"I'm pretty self-sufficient."
If my mouth had been full, I would have sprayed it all over. I think I giggled.
"That's about a perfect answer. Exactly what I hoped to hear and a payback too."
"Aren't you going to ask me how I make a living and take care of the k**s too?"
"I was wondering."
"Brace yourself, this may be a little shocking."
"I get a little c***d support, I sell stuff on the internet, and I work as a surrogate mother."
She was right, I was shocked.
"Are you working now?"
"I'm almost seven months along....and I'm getting a substantial bonus for twins.....are you okay with that?"
"I'm okay with it but I've got to tell you that it turns me on. Are you okay with that?"
Now she took a turn giggling.
"Aren't you going to ask me what I sell on the internet?"
"The surrogate mother business kind of distracted me. What do you sell?"
"Breast milk."
I was nearly speechless. The term "pregnant pause" exploded in my head. I wasn't far from another explosion about three feet below that one. "You've got my attention now, Mr. Happy's waking up too."
She giggled again, "I was pretty sure that if pregnant got to you then breast milk would too...Don, I'm not frigid, I just can't trust men, at least not anytime soon. If you want to touch yourself, it would turn me on too."
"Hope, this is going to be over way too quick for you."
"All I need is for you to talk, sort of like when you hold me at night."
So I told her exactly what I was doing until I made my mess. Then I started telling her what I'd be doing for her, if I was with her. It didn't take her very long to get just a little noisy. When she quieted down, I gave her a long, slow phone hug, this time with kisses. Then she ruined it again.
Very quietly she said, "I love you."
It felt exactly like the day before. And she figured it out in about three seconds.
In exactly the same quiet voice, "I really wish I hadn't said that."
"I love you too." It was all I could do to f***e the words out. They scared me shitless.
"Thank you" Then she laughed. "I've got a mess to clean up. Can I call you again tonight? It means a lot to me."
"I missed you when you didn't."
There was a little pause and then in a rush, like before, she said, "Dad's still in prison and I'm still glad."
And she was gone again. I just hoped that it was her last secret.

When the phone rang Saturday night, I'd been thinking a lot.
"I'm laying on my bed naked and my breast pump just broke. What should I do?"
I was so screwed and I knew it instantly. My head was full of mixed up feelings and there was no way I could be what she needed right now. So I did what I'm good at. I bent over and stuck my foot in my mouth, right up to the knee.
"Hope, I need to talk a little first."
After a long pause it was my turn to say: "I really wish I hadn't said that."
After a heart stopping moment she started laughing. And I started to breath again.
"I think I can meet you if you can be patient and help me work up to it....If you still want to. I've sort of got a plan."
"Okay, I lied. The breast pump is fine, let me hook it up and I'll call you right back."
"Thanks, bye."

Fifteen long minutes later the phone rang.
"I got what I deserved for lying. The damned breast pump really is broken now. Can you tell me about your plan?"
"If you can tell me what you look like I think it will help."
"I can try but it might make it easier if you can tell me what you want me to look like."
"Mostly, I just hope you're kind of average. And you aren't real heavy." I almost said "Oh shit" out loud. If she thought she was even a little overweight, I'd really stepped in it.
"I'll start with the worst. My chest is about normal for a woman that's been lactating for fifteen years. They're big. And I'm about as heavy as the average woman that's seven months pregnant with twins. Otherwise, I'm not really fat or skinny, so I think that's good. I'm a little short so my breasts look bigger than they are. I've thought about getting them reduced and I still might. I think you could call me pretty average if I do. I've got brown hair and brown eyes.
"The thing about me that's screwed up is the me that's inside. I'm not k**ding. I may never be able to be alone with a man. I get panic attacks. I think I'll get better, but I'm not yet. That's why the phone is such a big deal to me. Could you give me a really good hug now? I need it bad. I feel like a cow. A really scared cow."
So I did. I told her how I had a thing for pregnant women. And how much I loved big breasts. I told her how good it felt to hold her and comfort her. I took a long time doing it. Then I asked her to give me a hug back and she made me feel safe and loved, and it was wonderful. After a while she reminded me that she was still naked and that her breasts were leaking something awful. Next she told me to do what she was doing. She started by unbuckling my belt. One slow step at a time she undressed me then laid down on the bed beside me. Then she said it was my turn. I picked up her left breast using both hands and did my best to replace the broken breast pump with my lips. When she giggled I gently reminded her that this was important to me and I not only enjoyed it but wanted to do it to make her more comfortable. Her lips were my lips and their touch on her breast was full of love and tenderness. As we took turns talking softly it slowly led to each of us having another mess to clean up. It was quite a while after we'd made our messes when I said goodnight as lovingly as I could. In her usual rush of words she said, "My twin b*****r's name is Chris and we fell in love. And he's Christine's dad." Then she was gone. And I instantly missed her again.


About Me:

It was raining when I woke up Sunday morning. Hope called just before noon. The first thing she said was, "Now it's your turn to tell me what you look like. I just hope you look as kind and gentle as you sound."
"Okay, I'm fifty and I look like it. I've spent a lot of years in the sun. I used to work hard and was in pretty good shape then. For the last ten years I've had to slack off. I'm pretty average now, in every way I can think of except maybe height. I'm 5'9" and weigh about 175. I've got light brown hair and hazel eyes. I don't think I look scary or threatening or anything. Does that tell you what you wanted to know?"
"I told you that my breasts are big."
It took me a couple seconds but I finally figured it out.
"Just barely seven inches on a good day when I was about sixteen....And I told you how I feel about the size of your breasts."
When she finally stopped laughing she said, "That's my favorite size." And started laughing again, just as hard.
When she'd settled down she said, "I'm really sorry that I can't get naked right now and do what we did last night again." After a little pause she went on, "Have you thought any more about meeting somewhere eventually?"
I answered very quietly, "I think I'd like to exchange some pictures if that's alright. Can you send one with your k**s too?"
She said, "I was hoping you'd want to see what the k**s look like. All the pictures are about 6 mos. old. They're already in an envelope with a note, all I need is your address."
We exchanged addresses and she asked me if she could call me that night. She lived less than ten miles away, just outside of town.
I told her I loved her and that I'd miss her until she called.
She was quiet for so long that I started to panic again. Then she choked out: "Chris was killed by a d***k driver just before Christine was born. I died with him." And she was gone again.
I'd never heard so much pain in my life.

After her last words earlier, I didn't really expect her to call again Sunday night. My "Hello" was a quiet one.
She asked me to hug her forever and I did my best for what seemed like hours. Eventually she said very softly, "Thank you. I love you. I'll call you tomorrow night." And that was all. She'd quietly cried the whole time.


I mailed her two pictures Monday morning and spent a very unpleasant three hours with my ther****t in the afternoon. Five minutes after we got started he canceled his other two afternoon appointments. He basically tried to make it into one long suicide prevention session. He warned me that two people with serious issues very seldom produced a happy or well adjusted couple. I knew he was right and I hated him for it. He told me that a woman that had bore c***dren both by her father and a b*****r was not likely to ever recover emotionally. Even if she hadn't been ****d. I hated him even more.
I told him what had happened to me when she offered to meet me. He told me that he didn't think that I was ready for a serious relationship. That just made me feel pathetic. He told me that if he hadn't been my ther****t for so long he wouldn't be giving me his personal cell phone number. In case I had a crisis. I just sat there while he wrote it down on a business card and handed it to me. That was when I started to wonder if Hope might be better off without me. I was holding his card in my hand, staring at it blankly when he asked me what the relationship between Hope and her dad was like now. Before I could say anything the word THEr****t on his card came into focus and morphed into: THE r****t. That was when I realized he really was right and I asked him if he could help me make ending it as easy as possible on Hope. He had several suggestions and the last hour of the session went slightly better.
I left scared shitless and stayed that way. In spite of my ther****t's best advice I had no idea what I was going to say when Hope called.
She sounded seriously stressed when she finally called that night. I'm sure I did too, I sure as hell was. I was amazed that she was so quiet, she usually talked a lot when something was bothering her. I finally told her that I saw a counselor every Monday. (There was no way that I was going to say THE r****t to her.) She was quiet for too long then said that she saw a counselor every Monday too. She said that every once in a while it made her feel a little better. I asked her if it helped her with the hard things and instantly regreted it. She said, "Not really." and started quietly crying. I started to panic when she didn't want to be held. I asked her if they'd talked about me. She said, "Yes, did you talk about me?" I told her that we did. We were both quiet for a little while then she softly asked, "Did your counselor say that we shouldn't try to get together too?"
That was when I suddenly realized that we both might never get another chance to not die alone. And both of our counselors could go fuck themselves.
So I lied. "Yeah, just before I stood up and quietly told him that he had room in his schedule for a new client at 1:00 next Monday." Then I held my breath and prayed like never before to a god that I didn't really believe in.
I nearly passed out before she said, "When I fired mine I didn't do it quietly." I still think she was lying too.
Then I told her that I loved her and she did the same for me.

After a minute I had to say, "I'm still scared to death about seeing your pictures and meeting you."
"I wish I could tell you that I feel safe enough to be alone with you soon. I can only say I'm doing the best that I can." She sounded both afraid and quietly determined.
"The thought of trusting anyone to never leave me just terrifies me. If it's humanly possible, I'll learn to trust again."
"Thank you for trying so hard. If we make it as far as a chance to be alone together, I want you to know that I'll be trying just as hard."
I really meant it when I said "Thank you." Then I had to ask, "Is there any chance that I'll get your pictures in tomorrow's mail? The waiting is killing me."
"You might, I mailed them in town early yesterday morning." She was quiet for a few seconds and then added, "I can't seem to get my new breast pump to work right. Can you think of anything I could try?"
At least we both used towels to catch our messes. We talked about nothing for a little while and then she told me that she had something important to say. She paused and then she said: "Don't interrupt me until I'm done....I got the k**s together earlier today. I told them about you. I told them about your fear. I told them that I thought that we were both falling in love. I told them that you knew that I can't be alone with a man. I told them that I had hope for you and I. I told them that I was scared, bad. Don, I wrote all these things down so I wouldn't forget to tell them something important. Then I asked them how they felt about you and I trying to get together. They all took turns talking and when they were done each one of them had said their own version of: 'I'll walk on hot coals for you if it will help.' Then we all held each other while I cried....I'm done now."
I was kind of stunned and I couldn't think of anything to say so I just said, "Thank you."
Then she very quietly said, "I love you...goodnight." And was gone. I was so in love and so scared. And I still didn't even know what she looked like.

The Second Tuesday
Photos Arrive:

Tuesday morning I called my shrink and made my lie into the truth. He never had done much more than make me feel a little better for a while anyway. Then all my clocks stopped as I tried to forget that I was waiting for the mail. It wasn't going to be pretty if I had to wait another day. There aren't many things worse than waiting for something that you're scared to death of. I couldn't stop thinking that Hope might be my last chance. It was about two hours before my mail was due when the phone rang.
The first thing she said was, "You look as gentle and caring as you sound. The k**s think so too. Did your mail come yet?"
I was my normal (for the last week) basket case self. I just told her that I was really scared.
She said "Please listen to me carefully. I love you and I look average except for my breasts. If things work out, I'll even get them reduced for you if you need me to. If I'm too pretty for you, I can change that. If I'm not pretty enough for you I can change that too, at least some. If I can find a way to marry you, I will. I love you and I know that with my troubles, you might be my last chance."
I said that yesterday I'd finally realized that she might be my last chance too.
She asked me if I would call her when my mail arrived.
I told her I would and we said our goodbyes.

The mail was late but it finally came. Before I collapsed from the stress. Barely.
Her handwriting was beautiful. She was lovely, and her breasts were at least as big as she'd described. Thinking that most men would think they were too big made me feel a little better.
Looking at the photos of her k**s, I could only think that she must be very proud of them. All four had her brown hair and eyes and could only be called good looking. I'd be able to remember one name. When I was a k** I'd have said that Lisa sure was a pretty hippie girl. And had big boobies too. I wondered how Hope had explained to Lisa that her dad was her grandfather too. Lisa was already "Lovely Lisa" to me and I hoped that she didn't have a boyfriend with dreadlocks.

I finally realized that Hope was probably just as stressed out waiting for me to call as I had just been. When she answered the phone, I could barely hear her as she asked, "What do you think of us?" I said, "If I didn't already know you, you'd be too pretty for me. But when you said that I might be your last chance, it helped me a lot. I think I'm ready to meet you. And your breasts look awesome."
"I was afraid that you wouldn't find me attractive. I expected my breasts to be a problem for you. They are, even for most men that claim to like big ones. I know, I'm nervous and I'm talking too much. I'm just so relieved that you're okay with my breasts. They make me think I look like a freak. I did my best to prepare for the worst.
"I think I understand how hard it is for you to trust a woman not to leave you again. And at the same time need to share a love. I don't think it's a lot different from how I feel about trusting a man to be alone with me. And it's reassuring to think that you understand my trust problems too. I feel like all the past misery in our lives has prepared us for each other. I'm going to help you trust me by learning to trust you. And I hope that you can help me be brave enough to spend our nights alone together. Someday. While we wear each other out in the best possible ways. If you can help me trust you, I promise you, I'll never let you fall asl**p unsatisfied. I'm so relieved that you're ready to meet me. We've only known each other for a week but, oh you know what I mean, I'm going to shut up and listen. Right now." And she did but I was guessing that she had to jam a sock in her mouth to do it.
Man, she was as wound up and worried as I was just plain worried.
Suddenly it dawned on me that I was being an idiot...again. "Sweetheart, can you go to your bedroom and lock the door?"
"I'm already alone in my bedroom and the door's already locked too. I have your pictures propped up on the night stand and my pussy is leaking worse than my breasts. I cheated. I started getting ready as soon as you said that you think you're ready to meet me. I couldn't help myself. If you're not quick, I'm going to make my mess without you."
"I'm hurrying." Fortunately I'd been busy since the word "idiot" had popped into my addled mind. Finally I was able to say, "I'm ready and waiting for your instructions."
She just started gasping and groaning and I was f***ed to act on my own inititiatve. As soon as she'd settled down, she started telling me what she was doing with her breasts and how heavy they felt and how much they were leaking and how good they felt when she sucked on her own nipples and pretended it was me sucking on them and.." And I was done. After I'd settled down a little, she asked, "Was it good for you too?" And then burst into a giggling fit.
After we'd laid there and talked about nothing for a while she said, "That damned dog, he chewed up the tubing on my brand new breast pump. What am I going to do? I'm leaking something terrible already." From the tone of her voice, I suspected the breast pump tubing might not be all that bad off.
So I asked, "Do you have a feather?" She didn't. "Can you cut a thin strip off of a sheet of paper that we can call a feather?" She could and she did. "Close your eyes, I'm there with you now and I'm using the feather tickling my way down your belly. I'm using my other hand to lift your breast to my mouth and nibbling and licking it just a little. I'm settling down and enjoying your perfect nipple. The feather's tickling its way down one inner thigh and up the other, you're trying to hold still but the tickling's forcing you to spread your legs as you're trying to get away from it. With my fingertips I'm starting to slowly explore your wet and slippery softness. Damn, I'm starting to have trouble..concentrating...because you're drive me..crazy...your turn to drive..." and then I shut up. After a few seconds she released her nipple with a wet little "pop" and took the wheel. It took another few minutes before she crashed the car and left us both piled up in a wet mess. God I love women drivers.
We finally decided to meet the next day at noon at The Pantry for a cup of coffee. I told her that I'd be wearing a green John Deere baseball cap. She said she'd be wearing a large bra and a matching belly.
Then she started what had become our goodnight ritual, "Are you ready to say goodnight?"
I braced myself and said, "I love you and I miss you already."
She said, "My ex husband was a kind and gentle lover until we were married." And then she was gone.

The Second Wednesday
We meet:

She was already there when I arrived a half an hour early. Two words came into my mind when our eyes met and I got my first glimpse of her tentative smile: Vulnerable and Hopeful. Her smile made me feel protective and a little safer. I managed to say: "You look nice."
She looked down at the table and quietly said, "Thank you for coming." After I sat down, and without looking up, she added, "If I never can get well enough to be alone with you, do you think you could still love me? Please think about it before you answer. I need to know if I can hope." Then she just looked afraid and kept looking down while wet spots started appearing on the table.
I hadn't felt so safe since my marriage ended. I picked up my napkin, put it on the table by her hand and said, "It's already way too late for me to ever stop loving you. Even if I never see you again, I'll still love you until I take my last breath. Or longer."
She wiped her eyes and face and still not looking up, she said, "I didn't think it would be this hard. I mostly do pretty well during the day. I just didn't think I'd ever have another chance to be in love again. I'm scared to death."
"In the years since my divorce, there were two different women that I could've and should've married. Both times I just thought that they weren't quite right for me. Since I've gotten to know you, I've come to realize that I just wasn't able to trust either of them to never leave me. When I realized that I could trust you to stay with me forever, I decided to do everything I could to spend the rest of my life with you."
"I really need a hug. Can you sit beside me and hold me? Sort of like when we're on the phone? I just need some comfort and reassurance. I'll be okay here where we're not alone."
She scooted over in the booth for me and we hugged exactly like we'd done on the phone. Except that now I was really with her and added drying her tears to my routine. It was the first time that I actually touched her and she flinched when I did. It was tiny but I couldn't miss it. Then she put her arms around me and buried her head in my chest with her right breast pressed against my side. If it was much bigger, it'd have been too big even for me. I wanted terribly to sooth her fear, but I was suddenly getting very distracted. Her breast squeezing against me and her pregnant belly were more than I could ignore. My crotch was way past tight and Mr. Happy wasn't very happy.
I was starting to feel guilty because I couldn't stay focused on the hug that I was trying to give her when she started softly giggling. She looked up at me and said, "I believe you now. Large breasts and a pregnant belly obviously don't turn you off." And she giggled again and gently pressed her hand against my bulge. Then she pulled away from me and said, "You look like you need to make a little more room for Mr. Happy."
I took her advice and was much relieved. When I looked up, she looked like a different person, she was wearing a slight smile and looked almost relaxed. I couldn't help asking, "What?" After hesitating for a moment, she said, "It's been several years since I last wanted a man to find me sexy. And now that it suddenly matters again, I can't tell you how good it feels to see you get interested."
"Any time I can help you feel better is a good time for me. I'm beginning to understand how bad some of the things in your past were. Between that, talking on the phone, and meeting you, I'm starting to feel a lot safer. Safer than I've felt in years. I just needed to say thank you for that. You could make me feel even better if you'd let me buy you lunch next time. Soon."
She hesitated, then said, "Would Friday be okay with you?" We agreed on the same time and place.
Then I had to say: "You can say no and it'll be fine if you do, but I need you to listen to all that I've got to say before you answer." She just looked at me and waited. "I'd like for us to start seeing a counselor together." Her eyes instantly looked wary but she didn't say anything. "We're both out of practice at being with someone. I know I could use some pointers on how to think both before I talk, and again after I listen. We might decide it's a waste of time, but if you feel able and willing, I'd like to try it, at least once. What do you think?"
She just sat there and looked at me for at least twenty seconds. Then she very slowly and carefully said, "It has to be a woman. And I have to talk to her alone first. And it might not be easy for us to find one that I'm okay with. I can only promise to try." Then she waited.
It was my turn to be careful, "Thank you. That means a lot to me. When my ex left, she refused to go to a counselor with me. I'm still glad she's gone, but I'll always wonder if counseling would have changed anything. Would you like to find one that you feel okay with or do you want me to call around?"
She said it might be best for her to look for one if I didn't mind. I knew she was right and I didn't mind at all.
It was nice that she sounded reluctant when she said that she had to go. Outside she looked nervous and told me that it was important to her that I always hug her very gently. She emphasized the word "always." So I was especially gentle and completely surprised when after a few moments of holding me, she ran her hands up and down my back and then tried to squeeze me in half. Her belly and breasts would have gotten my attention even if she hadn't looked so nice. After "accidently" brushing her hand across Mr. Happy's not too tiny bulge, she gave me a little mischievous smile and a quick peck on the cheek. I think she would have ran to her Ferrari if she hadn't been pregnant. Okay, it was a red Honda Civic, but compared to my pickup, it looked like a Ferrari.
I walked over to my pickup but changed my mind and went back inside. I had a cup of decaf while I calmed down enough to drive semi-safely. I realized that I wasn't as done being afraid as I'd thought. While we were talking together in the restaurant, she'd made me feel safe. As soon as she was gone, so was the safe feeling. She was too pretty and I was still full of fear. I hated my ex wife for the way she left me.

Wednesday night
Phone Sex:

The first thing she said when I answered the phone Wednesday night was, "Are you doing okay?"
I told her that after she'd driven away I was surprised to find myself a little afraid. I was bending the truth pretty far, the word "little" didn't apply at all. Then I told her I thought she looked nice (again) and asked her how she was feeling.
She sounded like she really meant it when she said, "Relieved. You have know idea how scary it is for a woman to go on a first date feeling like a cow. When your little bulge started to grow during our first real hug, it was like I could finally breath again. I got afraid again when we were sort of alone saying goodbye outside too. The more patient and understanding you can be, the better I'll feel.
"I left messages for five female counselors this afternoon. Four called me back and two of them sounded nice. One even had a cancellation appointment available at 2:00 on Friday. If that'll work for you, I'll confirm it in the morning. What do you think?"
She was really on a roll. Even I could figure out that she needed a little reassurance. "That sounds good to me. Thanks. Are you in your bedroom alone?"
"Yes. And I've got my broken breast pump in here with me. The store was out of breast pump tubing."
I loved it when she told obvious lies. "I've got a confession to make too. I wasn't going to tell you but I'm a little nervous about sex. I'm not as young as I used to be and way out of practice. So I got some Viagra, the really strong ones, you know, just in case."
"I love how you' thoughtful...Is there anything want to tell me?"
"Yeah...I got a really bad...headache...this I a hurry...and I...didn't...turn on...the bathroom light... and wasn't...paying attention...when I..."
" many....did you....take?"
" you....sure you're.....okay?"
"It's...pretty hard...but it...only hurts...a little." I'll give her credit, she didn't make a lot of noise.
"So, were you able to jury rig your breast pump and use it?"
"I thought you were with me!" Oops. I was in the shit now.
"I mean't to be. I just couldn't quite keep up."
"I'm sorry." She was quietly crying again.
"I'm still here." She was hurting but she was tough too.
"Can I give you a hug? I still need to be needed."
"Thank you. I'm scooting over for you. I need you to hold me."
Eventually, her breathing got slow and steady and I quietly asked her if she was still awake before I hung up.
I was so in love and so horny as I looked at her picture. And remembered her breast squeezed against my side. It didn't take me long.

Thursday Night
Hard Things:

She started with: "I'm pretty stressed about tomorrow."
"I hope this helps: I love you...that won't change if tomorrow's a disappointment...I'm not leaving, unless you push me away."
"Thank you. If I like Karen as much as I hope to, I want to talk about my hard things."
"Please don't push yourself."
"I have to push myself. It's my only hope. All I've ever done is deny, run away, and hide. It hasn't helped."
"I didn't know it until last week but that all applies to me too. Can I offer you a hug?"
The hug turned into phone sex, another hug, sex again, and another long hug before we finally fell asl**p. Her breasts fit my best fantasies perfectly. She was a woman that I'd be happy to die for.

Noon Friday

It was 12:45 when I sat down and looked up to see her breasts, I mean face, coming through the door. Neither of us were smiling.
"If you give up on me after we see Karen, I'll understand and never hold it against you."
She had my attention. Her voice was completely emotionless.
"Lisa's waiting in the car, in case I need help getting home."
"Can we invite her in?"
"She said she'd rather give us our privacy. She brought a book."
We tried to talk about the weather. The news. Nothing helped. It was awful. It took forever to get to 1:30. She asked me to wait a few minutes before I followed her in at Karen's office.

Friday Afternoon

Lisa drove her and I followed and waited until she'd been inside a little while. Karen's office had a little lobby but no receptionist. Just a sign on the inner door that said: "In Session: Do not Disturb." It was a half hour before Karen came out and said, "She's ready Don, come on in."
Hope only looked at me one single time in Karen's office that day. She was quietly wipeing her eyes as Karen explained to me, "We have all afternoon, longer if we need it. Hope has some things to say that are going to be traumatic. She insists that you hear them too. So do I. This is going to be painful and you'll want to comfort her. You can't comfort her today. She'll be reliving terrible things that men have done to her and she said that you would understand why you couldn't comfort her. Do you?"
I was wiping tears too as I said, "Yes."
"Good. I expect to hold her and comfort her as much as I can while she struggles through this. Are you okay with that?"
"I'll appreciate all the comfort that you can give her."
"Good. Hope, I've counseled couples for a lot of years and my first impressions are pretty reliable. I think you have found one of the very few men that can help you. If he could make this easy for you he would. I'm sorry to have to say this but no one can do that. Go ahead and start when you're ready and stop any time you need to."
"Okay." She sat still for a little bit and changed. She looked the same but she wasn't. It wasn't natural. "My twin b*****r Chris has always loved me and tried to protect me. I'll love him just as much, forever.

Her Dad:

"Dad....was d***k that night....when he ****d me the last time. Chris heard him. He called the cops. Dad went to jail. He hasn't looked at me since that night. Not even at the trial. Where he told everybody that I'd teased him since I was a little girl. He said awful things that were lies. And never looked at me. He said that I'd tried to get him to do it to me since my boobs started to grow. He said that I was the one that attacked him that night because he was too d***k to keep me away. He never looked at me once.
"Chris told them what he heard when Dad was doing it to me. Chris looked at me, he loves me. I was going to tell everybody that Chris was lying and that I did what Dad said I did. I didn't want Dad to stay in jail, we needed Dad to pay the bills. But the lawyer was real tricky. He tricked me into telling the truth. About what Dad did to me. I hate him. He made me feel like a little girl. I was a woman and he made me feel like a little girl. I knew I was a woman because I knew Lisa was growing in my belly. Everyone did by then.
"Mom hated me for Dad going to jail and for my Lisa. She tried to keep it secret from me but I could tell. The only one that loves me is Chris. And Lisa after she was born. Dad doesn't love me anymore. He won't even look at me. I'm glad he's in jail now."
"You're being very brave Hope. Don, are you proud of her?"
"I'm very proud of her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me." I meant it.
"Okay Hope, tell me about Chris, when you're ready."
Hope looked down at her hands as she hugged her belly. "The first time Dad ****d me was two weeks after I turned thirteen. He told me he would make Chris have a terrible accident if I ever told anyone. He was always careful to do it at the right time of the month. Until that night when he got d***k. I never told anybody about all the other times. Not even Chris." I'd never wanted to hold her more than I wanted to right then. Not ever.
You know how the most absurd things just pop into your head at the strangest times? It occured to me that the 32 year old woman that I loved looked like a pregnant six year old with big tits. Being held by her mom while she cried inconsolably. That was also when I realized that finding Karen to help us was a miracle.
It took about two forevers before Hope had recovered enough for Karen to go back to her old overstuffed chair.

Her twin b*****r Chris:

"Chris loves me. He's always loved me. Even when all the hard things happened. He pretended he's Lisa's Daddy because she didn't have one. He pretended we were married when I was lonely. He always cuddled me and loved me and made me feel like a real wife and mom. He was the only one that really loved me. Everything that Dad did bad, Chris did good. We've always loved each other and we still love each other.
"After Lisa was born, he even showed me how what Dad did to me could be really special if it was gentle and we loved each other. We made Chrissy the right way. With love. Mom hated me even more when she found out I had our Chrissy growing in my belly. She tried to keep it secret and I tried to pretend I couldn't tell but we both really knew. I'll always love mom because she worked so hard and tried to keep loving me, even after the bad things. But Chris always loved me. And after she found out Crissy was growing in me, she pretended that she didn't know he snuck in and cuddled me every night. All night. Chris loved me and mom tried to. Then two weeks before Crissy was born, Chris didn't come home. Mom said I could still talk to him in my dreams. She said he was was in a car wreck and had to leave. She told me he still loves me but I already knew that. He still does, even now. I want him back. And in my bed with me at night. Just like it used to be. I was safe then.
"I know he's gone. But he won't really die until I do."
Then Karen had to hold her while she cried again. For just as long. These were her Hard Things. That day was the hardest day of my life. Sitting there and not being able to hold her. Or even pretend to hold her while she listened to me talk to her on the phone.
"Hope honey, Don loves you now, just like Chris did."
"Don's trying to love me. Chris still does." Hope had forgotten that I was even in the room or it would have hurt even worse. She was in her nightmare past. I thanked God that Karen was there with her.
"I've never loved anyone as much as Chris and I love each other. Not even my husband. He can rot in hell too."

Her ex, Bill:

"Tell me about your husband. How did you meet him?
"He worked at the pharmacy. He was nice to me, he always asked me how I was doing. I was on a lot of meds after Chris left." She almost broke down completely again. She proved how tough she is that afternoon. "He noticed every time my meds got cut back as I started to get a little better. Part of why I tried to get better was just to make him smile. Mostly I tried so hard because Lisa and Crissy needed me to get better.
"It was right after Chrissy's first birthday when he asked me to marry him. We had a really good counselor then too. But I never told them about Dad, I mean what he was doing to me before the night he got so d***k. I was afraid it'd scare Bill off. I didn't tell them that Chris and I always slept together either. I was so lonely and I was starting to love him too. We got married three months later. It was my fault. I didn't know it would happen and I couldn't stop it. I called him Chris when I was half asl**p. Not just once. And even sometimes when he made me cum really hard. Bill was a really good lover. He knew how to wear me out so I could sl**p. I just couldn't stop calling him Chris sometimes. I can't blame him. I know how I'd have felt if he'd been calling me Susan or something." She'd started to sound like an old answering machine as soon as she started talking about her ex. No feelings as all.
"At first he just tried harder. He never said it but he finally gave up just before the twins were born. How could I blame him? I was sl**ping in his bed, pregnant with his babies, and calling him another man's name. I couldn't stop myself. It just turned into another nightmare for both of us. He tried so hard. It was just like when mom didn't want to hate me. After Dad went to prison. He just couldn't help it.
"I was still breast feeding the twins when he started to lose control sometimes and get mean. He was always sorry afterwards. He knew I was doing the best I could. We should have gotten a divorce. But I was too afraid of being alone and he knew how much I needed him. So we stayed together and it just got worse.
"It didn't help when he got laid off and had to go to work for his b*****r landscaping. It was mostly just mowing lawns. It wasn't enough money. That was when I started selling breast milk. We could still barely afford to eat but it was enough to get us by. It was also one of the things that led to me becoming a surrogate mother."
Then she slowly started to talk like a normal, reasonably happy person for the first time that day.
"I love having a baby growing inside me. And my body's good at it. Bill was attracted to pregnant women too. But four k**s was a big enough f****y for both of us and he'd gotten fixed. So when I met another woman online that sold breast milk and had been a surrogate mother, we got to be friends, and she convinced me that I might like it. Bill and I talked about it and we decided to try it. I loved it and he tolerated it and we spread the money out over the three years that I've made my schedule.
"I'm getting older now though and these two babies are going to have to be the last ones I'm able to give to another couple. It's making them the most precious ones since Sarah and Peter. It always kills me to say goodbye to them. This time's going to be even worse. A lot worse." And that was the end of her sounding okay for the day.
She paused and Karen told her how brave and strong she was being. Then she said, "Tell us about your last hard thing when you're ready. We're not in any hurry."
"Two years ago Lisa got pregnant. She was fifteen at the time and she refused to name the father. She has a beautiful little boy. Then six months ago she got pregnant again. Bill is the father of both of them. She's been through exactly the same thing that happened to me. Except she didn't have a twin b*****r to protect her. And so in three months, she will be the mother of two boys, both concieved while she was being ****d by her step dad. His condoms didn't work any better than my dad's rhythm method in the end. This time she named him and two weeks ago he was sentenced. We won't have to worry about my dad or Bill again."
Then she looked up at Karen and said, "I've only got one more thing to say."
Karen looked at her and very slowly and quietly said, "You will never have to suffer this much in this room with me again."
Then Hope turned her whole body toward me and looked me in the eyes and said, "What do you think of me now?"
"I love you desperately." She flinched like I'd slaped her, closed her eyes, and curled up into a ball. Her whole body shook as she sobbed almost silently. Suddenly Karen was holding her and stroking her hair and telling her how brave and good she was. And looking right at me and shaking her head "No" just barely enough to nail my shoes to the floor. I hated her for being right. I loved her for comforting Hope.


The next thing I remember clearly was looking up at Karen as she said, "Lisa's driving Hope home. She'll be able to function when she wakes up tomorrow morning. Don't get up, we need to talk for a few minutes before you go. For your sake."
She went over to the loveseat where Hope had spent the afternoon, sat down, and started asking me questions.
"You'd light your body on fire and burn in hell forever if it would help her wouldn't you?"
I could only nod.
"You understand that the odds of you two being able to help each other aren't very good don't you?"
Another nod. She hesitated for a minute, then asked, "Why are you trying anyway?"
"I don't have a choice."
"How long ago did your ex wife leave you?"
It took me a minute to figure it out. "Twenty-three years."
"Would it be accurate to say that you never remarried because in those twenty-three years you did not meet a woman that actually needed you?"
I nodded again.
"When did you figure that out?"
"Last week."
"That was when you realized how badly your ex wife had hurt you wasn't it?"
"You both understand that you are almost certainly each other's last chance don't you?"
"Do you have any questions for me?"
"What make's you think Hope and I have a chance?"
She took at least a full minute before she said, "You're both desperate. You're both severely wounded. You both have good values. And you're both in love. Real love, not just infatuation or sexually attraction."
"When do you want to see us again?"
"I understand you both have fairly flexible schedules. I expect to work with each of you separately but always with the other present. It took me a while to convince Hope that it'll be best this way. Will Monday at 4:00 work for you?"
"I'll be here."
"One other thing, I don't take insurance. I expect you to pay me the lesser of what you think I've been worth or what you can easily afford. For as long as you're together and consider yourselves happy. I always have more income than I need and I donate the excess to the most worthy charities that I'm aware of. They do especially well around Christmas and Valentine's Day."
"Why so different?"
"It pays an average of about $300K a year and motivates both me and my clients. I also provide stamped, pre addressed envelopes and couldn't care less if you send cash, checks, or a note with a credit card number and an amount written on it. The only payment I've ever been disapointed by was a plain wedding band and a tiny note with three words: 'Paid in Full.' Whatever happens, please don't do that to me."
"Thank you, Monday at 4:00?"
"I'll see you both then."

Saturday Morning

I fixed breakfast and tried to relax while I waited for Hope to call Saturday morning. I didn't have to wait long. The phone rang at 9:00.
"Do you still love me?"
"More than ever. Are you okay?"
"I don't think so." She sounded a little shaky.
"I'm not feeling my best either."
"How do you feel about Chris and I?" Now she sounded a lot shaky.
"Chris can use my body to love you any time you need him to. I'll change my name if it will help you."
She hesitated and I panicked. Then she started laughing hysterically. This time I didn't think about hanging up. It made my morning when she trusted me enough to just let her laughing die out slowly.
After she took her time composing herself, she said, "You're willing to change your name for me. And I'm willing to change my breasts for you." Then she had an attack of the giggles and I felt so good that it almost hurt.
Then she said, "Yesterday while you waited, I told Karen my five minute version if my hard things. The whole rest of the time we talked about you. She wanted to know how we met, if we'd slept together, all sorts of things. But what seemed to be the most important to her was how long it has been since your ex wife left and what your love life has been like since then. I told her you said you were pretty self-sufficient and that I thought that you've been single for at least ten years. She said that those were all good signs and the only real deal breaker she was worried about was whether or not you realized how emotionally crippled you are. Then she said if she had to guess, she would guess that you were worse off inside than I was. Don, is that possible?"
"Can you tell me about it?"
"I've never been really loved. You and Chris really loved each other. I've been in love, two times. No one has ever truly loved me. Not ever. Until you."
"I'm so sorry."
"This last 10 days has been one realization after another. You're not just almost certainly my last chance to be really loved, you're the only chance that I've ever had. I didn't even know that no one had ever really loved me. I'm just now starting to learn what real love is. You're teaching me." Now it was my turn to try to cry so quietly that she wouldn't hear me. I'd never felt so sorry for myself in my whole life. I hadn't even realized what I'd missed for every single pitiful day of my pathetic life.
"Don, sweatheart, sit down where there's room for me beside you. Lean down against me and lay your head on my shoulder. Thank you for shaving this morning, I'm reaching one arm around your back and cradling your head against me with my other arm. I'm just holding you and rocking you the tiniest bit. I love you Don. I need you terribly. If you'll let me, I'll love you until hell freezes over. Until the moment I die....." She went on and on. I don't know how long. It was until after I fell asl**p.
When I woke up it was noon and my neck was so stiff that I couldn't turn my head to the left. I had a cup of coffee and a sandwich and called my only Hope for the second time in my life. I said, "Thank you for loving me."
She said, "Your welcome. Thank you for needing my love. Even with Chris, all I ever really knew was how bad I needed his love. You're teaching me how good it feels to be needed. Really needed."... Continue»
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Bad Day in Jail

Andrea gagged as Vicki pushed her pussy against her face. "Suck me if you want to breathe." Vicki said above her as she mashed her pussy against Andrea's struggling face.

Andrea had been sent to this prison after being sentenced to 5 years for killing her abusive husband. When he had hit her the last time, she had slammed a knife into his chest, right through his heart.

Andrea had married Mark Sinclair when she was 18, now 10 years later she is being smothered by another woman who wants her to suck on her. Not exactly how she pictured her new life. At 5í8î and 130lbs, Andrea had always considered herself an independent woman. She thought she would be able to defend herself if the need ever arose.

She had barely been pushed into the cell by the female guard and the door slammed shut when she was thrown roughly onto her back on the bottom bunk. She had moved to get up, but had the breath knocked out of her when her roommate suddenly sat down on her chest. "Ooooooffff...Get off of me." She screamed punching at the naked woman above her.

Vicki Mitchell smiled as she tightened her heavy legs around her new cellmate's chest. "Uh uh...I haven't had my pussy licked in over two weeks. I'm horny as hell and you're gonna take care of it for me."

"Like hell I..." Andrea's words were cut off as Vicki shoved her pussy into the other woman's face. She gripped her hair, holding her tight against her as she mashed her pussy into Andrea's mouth. "Oh yea, Eat my pussy bitch." She growled rubbing Andrea's face all over her snatch.

Vicki had always been a big girl. 5í9î and full figured. All her life she had men groping her. When she turned 18, her s****rs' lover ****d her and she turned lesbian.

Now she was spending the next 20 years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. At every parole hearing, she swore up and down that her stepfather was dead when she found him but no one believed her. Over the past 5 years that she had been in prison, she had been four different women's bitches until one day she rebelled and turned the baddest bitch in the prison into her love slave.

Unfortunately, Mitzy had been transferred to another maximum-security prison 2 weeks ago and Vicki still missed her. She had been lying on her bed, fingering her pussy and thinking about Mitzy's tongue sliding in her tight little hole when she saw her new cellmate thrown in with her.

It hadn't taken long to decide that this one was going to be her bitch.

Andrea breathed heavily through her nose as Vicki rubbed her pussy against her face. Dipping out her tongue, she ran it over her lips. "Mmmmmmm... Not bad," she thought to herself, as she tasted the other woman's juices.

Reaching up, she pulled Vicki's hand out of her hair while she lifted her eyes to Vicki's. "Quit trying to suffocate me and I'll suck your pussy." She said when Vicki lifted up a bit.

Vicki smiled at her while she ran her fingers through Andrea's reddish brown hair. "Suck me good and maybe I'll return the favor." Vicki purred pushing her pussy back over Andrea's face, but not pushing down on her this time.

Andrea looked up into Vicki's eyes for a minute then lowered them to the woman's pussy. Reaching up with her hands, she spread Vicki's lower lips apart then darted out her tongue, running it lightly over Vicki's clit. "Ohhhhh...Yea...That's nice." Vicki moaned trying to f***e herself to stay still and not suffocate Andrea.

She ran her hand behind her, reaching into the waistband of the pants of Andrea's prison outfit. As Andrea ran her tongue over her clit, Vicki moved her fingers into Andrea's pants. Andrea stiffened for a minute when she felt Vicki's hand move inside her panties, then moaned when the other woman touched her clit lightly.

"Like that do you?" Vicki purred as she wiggled her butt, trying to get Andrea back to eating her.

"Oh yea..." Andrea moaned as she felt Vicki's finger brushing lightly repeatedly over her clit. She lifted her hips towards the other woman's probing finger while she buried her face in the snatch before her. She took Vicki's clit between her lips, sucking hard on it while she brushed her finger over Vicki's slit.

"Agh...Fuck...So good." Vicki moaned mashing Andrea's clit with her finger as she rode her pussy over Andrea's face. When she felt Andrea slide a finger into her sopping pussy, she cried out. "Oh finger me..." She begged pressing harder against Andrea's face as she let her roaming fingers move down to Andrea's slit.

Andrea moaned loudly against Vicki's snatch when she felt Vicki's finger penetrate her. She went to town on Vicki's pussy wanting to make the other woman cum so maybe she would return the favor.

Andrea sucked hard at Vicki's clit, whipping her tongue over it and grazing the tender flesh with her teeth as she slammed two fingers in and out of Vicki's wet hole. "Oh god...Eat me..." Vicki screamed slamming her own hand in and out of Andrea's pussy as she slammed her pussy hard against Andrea's sucking mouth. "I'm gonna cum." She screamed when she felt Andrea bite gently at her clit.

For some reason that she couldn't understand, Andrea wanted to taste Vicki's juices. The woman was coating her moving fingers but it wasn't enough. Pulling her lips off Vicki's clit, she pulled her fingers from the other woman's hole. "No...don't stop. I'm so close." Vicki begged humping hard against Andrea.

Andrea wanted to tell her not to worry, but just when she opened her mouth, Vicki pressed forward hard, driving her slit directly over Andrea's mouth. Not thinking about what she was doing, Andrea pointed her tongue then drove it deep into Vicki's body. She tongue fucked the other woman and heard Vicki's cries of delight.

"Fuck...Yes...Tongue fuck me." She cried humping hard against Andrea's face.

Andrea pressed her hips up against Vicki. The other woman was so lost in her own pleasure that she had her fingers buried deep in Andrea's pussy but wasn't moving them.

Vicki got the message and started slamming her fingers ferociously in and out of Andrea's hot snatch even as she rode Andrea's darting tongue. "Eat meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." She screamed as she suddenly came in Andrea's mouth.

Andrea was surprised at first when her mouth was suddenly flooded but she just drank up Vicki's juices then dug her tongue in for more.

Vicki finally moved off of Andrea to sit on the bed beside her while she tried to catch her breath. "Damn...That was fantastic." She panted smiling at Andrea.

Andrea licked her lips. "Yea...You taste good to. You gonna return the favor? I'm horny as hell."

Vicki smiled at her. Leaning forward she kissed Andrea softly on the lips. "You be my bitch, I'll be yours?"

When Andrea felt Vicki lowering her pants and panties, she smiled at Vicki. "That sounds good to me."

For the next two hours the cell was full of the two women screaming in pleasure as they brought each other to climax more then once.

As each of them lay in their own beds that night after lights out, they both had the same thought running through their minds.

Maybe today wasn't such a bad day at the jail after all.... Continue»
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Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 15)

Chapter 15

Mr. Dodds pulled out of his pocket a small vial, and opening it,
dropped several large pink and blue capsules onto his palm. "I hope
you enjoy this my love," he muttered under his breath, "it was a deal
of trouble getting these."

He opened each capsule and poured the contents into the funnel at the
end of Mandy's stomach-tube. This done, he picked up the plastic
pitcher he had brought downstairs. He poured the thick liquid into the

"Carnation's best, my love, bon appetite!," he said, though he knew she
could hear nothing. As he poured, he watched the figure stuck immobile
upon the slab, her stomach moving visibly.

"She's full now, I'll bet," he muttered.

Setting the half empty pitcher in the corner, he removed the tube from
its connection on the mask, and headed for the sprayer.

The equipment that Mr. Dodds wheeled over to Mandy's motionless side
appeared to be a common paint sprayer, and was, except for minor
modifications to the spray-gun. It was a contractor type, with one
hose to the air compressor, and one that dipped into the paint bucket.
In this case, however, the label on the five gallon bucket read:

ACME 1 Part Latex Molding Compound
--> ask for it by name <--

After listening to Mandy's breathing and looking over various fittings
once more, he went to work. He turned on the compressor and donned a
filtered respirator to protect himself from the spray. Soon, a smooth
coating of latex rubber began to build up on the statuesque female form
stuck to the slab. It covered everything: the blindfold, the mouth
fitting and the seams of her suit, with a glossy black shine.

When he had a smooth coat applied, he waited several minutes for the
volatile carrier to evaporate. He knelt down, running his hands over
the now-dry coating. It was a perfect coating of rubber, smooth and
flexible, and it partially glazed over all the little seams and
imperfections, creating a seamless glossy covering. The chest of his
sculpture rose and fell as the living woman inside breathed slowly and
deeply, at the insistence of the respirator whirring in the corner. He
stepped back and began the next coat.

In her rubber confinement, Mandy was slowly cooling off from the
exercise of coming downstairs. She was amazed at how rigidly Mr. Dodds
had managed to fasten her down. She decided that he must have actually
glued her suit to something. He definitely gets to buy me a few new
suits, she told herself.

After a while, she felt a pressure building in her stomach. He must be
feeding me something, she thought. This is silly- why couldn't he have
fed it to me before I suited up. Unless... unless it's something he
thinks I wouldn't normally eat, but that's dumb- he's seen me eat raw
oysters, what could be worse than that? Ugh, I don't want to think
about that, I have too colorful an imagination.

Then she remembered the over-size enema tube and plug.

Shit! she thought, what if he's planning on leaving me in this thing
for... god, how long COULD he leave me in here? He didn't catheterize
me- I hope he knows what he's doing... damn, what if I have to piss?

The tube in her gullet soon became warm, and her stomach protested
slightly as it became full. I really hope it's nothing nasty, she
thought, god knows what he's thought of this time. Whatever it was, it
kept coming, and soon her stomach was becoming uncomfortably full.

By the time the flow into her stomach had stopped, she felt positively
bloated, as if she had overindulged at Thanksgiving dinner.

Presently, she felt a slight chill through the suit. Perhaps he was
washing her, she thought. A little later, she felt it again, but not
as strongly. She noticed, after a while, that her confinement seemed
slightly stiffer. She couldn't move much, but she could flex her
stomach muscles, and wriggle a little, so she did, the slimy oil inside
her suit squelching past her crotch as she did so.

She shuddered as the little warts inside the breast cups stimulated her

She was certain now. Her suit was definitely much stiffer. She could
feel some resistance to her breathing, but the mask and breathe-through
gag pumped air steadily, filling her lungs and emptying them, so she
had no anxiety about being able to breathe.

Nonetheless, a little thrill ran through her, as she wondered what
Dodds could be doing. She had no idea how long he would leave her in
this helpless condition, but she was certain he wouldn't let her get
bored. All she could do was wait. She felt a little wave of internal
heat run through her.

Damn, but she was horny.

Mr. Dodds was delighted to find the latex coatings drying faster than
he had expected. He was up to the fourth coat now, and Mandy's form
was now a permanent part of the rubber-covered slab, joining with it
smoothly where she lay upon it. The thick layer of rubber made a
smooth, continuous armor coating over her suit. When the fifth coat
was applied, he shut off the compresser, pushing the equipment back
into the corner.

Once more he checked Mandy's breathing, and briefly grabbed her crotch
and squeezed gently. A very faint moan issued from within the rubber
sculpture. He left the room.

For quite a while, the room was quiet, except for the even pumping of
the respirator, and the sighing of air through the hoses.

Then Mr. Dodds returned, leading in the bewildered pair of "Flora" and
"Jason", though neither could say now for certain who was which.

When the slab with the strange woman-shape came into view, they both
stopped and stared. A long, waist-high table of glossy black material
supported a female statue made from the same ebon substance. Her form
was exquisite, if of unlikely proportions. Huge conical breasts jutted
up from the supine figure, and an oversized mons bulged between her

The sculpture's form flowed smoothly into the table, showing no seam or
sign of fastening.

The table was obviously designed to tilt, being supported by an axle at
the center, and having a single rod-shaped support attached under it,
which disappeared into a large box on the floor. Small wires ran from
the tip of each breast, and from her large mound, to another, smaller,
box on the floor.

The effect was literally that of an avant-garde sculpture, something
from a modern art museum perhaps, except that they KNEW someone was

"Well, my pretty pair, what do you think? In case you're wondering,
there really is someone inside that. It would make a fine piece of
art, don't you think? They could put it on permanent display at the
Museum of Modern Art in New York. The person inside is quite alright,
however, and is probably having a hard time keeping calm, as I've taken
certain steps to ensure a very distracting, yet... pleasurable, stay."

Flora and Jason looked on in amazement, wondering anew just who was in
the other's costume, and which of them had the misfortune (or was it
fortune?) to be entombed within the solid rubber statue. By this time,
they'd gotten the idea that Mr. Dodds, however kinky, had no desire to
cause them harm, and besides, they could both see the breathing hoses
connected to an expensive looking hospital respirator, although only
the real Flora knew with certainty what it was. Each of them secretly
wished that it was they who were trapped in the close confines of the
sculpture, and wondered what "steps" Dodds had taken to make it
"pleasurable" for the sculptee.

"Enough gawking," announced Dodds, as he clipped "Flora's" armbinder to
a wall-hook. "Jason, please get up here." He was standing next to a
large hospital-style table with a thin mattress on it, which he patted,
as he looked pointedly at Flora.

After Flora did as she was told, Dodds proceeded to fasten "Jasons"
harness to the rails of the bed, metal clips attaching to the d-rings
on her harness. Since there were straps with d-rings every few inches
on her torso, arms and legs, even her head, it took some time before
"Jason" was firmly anchored to the bed.

Mr. Dodds also attached leather straps between "Jasons" legs, and
between her arms and body. When these were tightened, she was held
rigidly in place.

He released a catch, and the table tilted forward, providing her with a
splendid view of the rest of the proceedings. With the gag filling her
mouth, "Jason" was hardly in a position to complain. She wondered what
Mr. Dodds had in mind for the chromed dildo fixed firmly over her
mouth. She imagined Mandy using something like it on her, and became
instantly wet with desire.

While "Jason" squirmed, Mr. Dodds led "Flora" to a small platform with
a long rod sticking up from it. Small metal clamps on the platform
mated with his boots at heel and toe, fastening them rigidly to the
floor. A turn of a thumbscrew allowed the telescoping core of the rod
to reach up to "Flora's" ass. The threaded end was snaked through the
hole in the girdle, and mated neatly with the socket in the dildo.
With a few turns of Dodd's wrist, the rod was secure. With the rigid
steel boots immovable, the rod now impaling his bottom, and the stiff
corset clamping his waist, "Flora" found it quite impossible to move,
other than with a slight bend at the hips.

"There!" remarked Mr. Dodds, "I think we are ready for the Grand
Exhibit. I wanted you to be in a receptive frame of mind for this, to
better appreciate what you are seeing. Flora, you ought to find this
especially interesting, in light of your recent ordeal on Mandy's
clever little treadmill.

"The person under those layers of rubber is, of course, my occasional
slave and lover, Mandy. What you must understand is that Mandy has
been my slave for quite a few more years than you and she have been
together. She has undergone tests of physical endurance that you
cannot even imagine. This will be one of the more enjoyable ones.
Perhaps I should explain what I have done.

"The sculpture you see before you is composed of a layer of rubber
about a quarter-inch thick. It completely covers the thick latex suit
Mandy has on under it. It also bonds her body quite immovably to the
platform beneath her. The suit has been heavily modified. It is not
very tight, and I've lubricated it inside with about three liters of
silicone oil, allowing her to move slightly with effort, or if for
example, we were to tilt the table. Heh.

"The suit has little rubber warts lining the breast cups and the crotch
area. I'm sure you're both aware how sensitive Mandy's nipples are."

At this, "Jason" squirmed still more within her tight bondage.

"In addition," continued Mr. Dodds, "there's a thick dildo in her
lovely little quim, and a large enema plug up her rear. The helmet is
equipped with an inflated surgical breathing mask, a gag, padded eyes,
and padded ears. In addition, her ears are stuffed with foam
ear-plugs, so that she is completely isolated from sound. The
breathing hose is connected to this respirator apparatus so that we may
regulate what and how much she breathes.

"She can see, hear, and smell nothing whatsoever. She can feel only a
slight friction if she wriggles within the confines of the suit. She
has been in this state for several hours, so by now she will be just a
little wonky from sensory deprivation. I'll now supply her with enough
stimulation to more than make up for it, however."

So saying, he walked over and flipped the switch on the box below the
table. Immediately, it began to hum, and the arm coming out of it
began to push and pull, tilting the table slowly back and forth,
through an arc of almost ninety degrees.

Mr. Dodds continued his speech. "I want you both to imagine what sort
of strong mind it takes to endure the sort of sexual intensity I intend
to treat her to. Flora, you can probably best appreciate what she will
experience, but I assure you, this will be quite a bit more thorough an
treatment than you received. Here is another detail of her situation.

"I'm sure you've both noticed the somewhat exaggerated shape of her
breasts and crotch-mound. These are small but powerful vibrators which
have been molded into the suit with her, one over each breast and one
at the crotch. They are plugged into THIS." He pointed to the control
box. "Let's give her a small sample, shall we?"

Here he reached down and flicked the switch on the other small box on
the floor. A small pilot lamp glowed. They could hear no change over
the humming from the motor on the floor, nor could they see any
movement in the strange shape on the slab, other than the rhythmic
tilting of the platform, but each gave a small shudder as they imagined
the feelings that had to be coursing through Mandy's helpless body
inside. After a long minute or two, Mr. Dodds turned everything off.


Mandy panicked a little as she felt herself tipping, afraid she was
about to be dropped on her head, but whatever was moving her, soon
swung back the other way, and her lubricated body slid down towards her
feet. In a way, this was worse, as the fiendish accessories of the
rubber suit mindlessly made love to her body.

As her weight slid down, the rippled dildo gently f***ed its way into
her vagina, filling her delightfully. Since she was swimming in
slippery silicone oil, she was powerless to prevent this, even if she
had wanted to.

Then too, the little rubber warts lining the breast cups and crotch
area teased her nipples and fondled her clitoris. She felt the heat
rushing to her privates and her pulse throbbing in her head. She
moaned with delight.

Then she was swaying back, slithering tightly into the head and
shoulders of her rubber prison, the bumps and rods reversing their
sensuous motion.

She realized that for some reason, she was becoming increasingly

aroused, more sexually aware than she could remember ever having been.
Her attention had narrowed to include just her skin, her breasts, and
her crotch. He must have d**gged me again, she thought... something
special, although my head feels clear. She tried to think of other
things, but all that came to mind was a collage of previous sessions,
other bizarre treatments she had received at Mr. Dodds hands.

Her thoughts drifted back to her early days with him, when he had first
begun her training. He had made her put on his first gift to her- a
custom made, elegant rubber evening dress, and had taken her out to the
latest trendy dinner theatre. Despite the sexual feeling the dress
gave her, or perhaps because of it, she had been a little embarrassed,
an emotion she was not used to feeling. Perhaps it was because he had
insisted she remain naked beneath the dress. During dinner he had
kicked off a shoe and masturbated her with his toes beneath the
concealing table cloth. She had only barely managed to conceal her
climax from the other patrons and the ever-attendant waiter.

Suddenly a new sensation snapped her back to the present.

Powerful vibrations were coursing through her chest and crotch. Her
pelvis involuntarily tried to arch upwards to meet a non-existent
lover, and her nipples swelled still further within their cups. Her
breasts felt as if they had little motors inside them, the vibrations
were so strong.

As her slave Flora had often wondered in the past, so now did Mandy:
"How much more of this am I going to have to take?" She tried again to
let her mind wander, but her situation now was entirely too
distracting. She let herself go with the motions, and it was with
great relief that she felt her first orgasm building. Almost
immediately the vibrations, the rocking motions ceased.

She screamed into the mask, cursing silently, wondering how Dodds could
have known. She was blind with lust now, wanting anything, anything at
all to satisfy her. She tensed in her rigid rubber prison, trying to
rub against her suit, to mack up and down a bit on the rods filling
her, but to no avail.

Flora and Jason, even Mr. Dodds, could see nothing of this, and
although Mr. Dodds had a very good idea how excited a state his slave
was in, his frustrating her imminent climax for the second time that
day had been pure luck. He smiled, reviewing in his mind what he had
in store for his slaves. He walked to the respiration equipment and
reached for a valve on one of the tanks.

"And now, the piece de resistance..." He put on his best "lecturing"
smile. "Maybe I'm getting jaded in my old age, but I'm just not
satisfied any more with simple mechanical stimulation. True, rubber
and leather and bondage are wonderful things, but I've been
experimenting with new ideas.

"Tonight, Mandy will experience the culmination of two years of
investigation. In the past, Mandy's sensuality, her desperate sexual
and fetish needs have been her strength... she could turn any of my
torments to her own pleasure. But never before have I tampered
directly with her mind as well as with her body.

"Tonight, rather than discomfort, she will undergo the most intense
sexual stimulation of her life. Everything else she has felt this
weekend will pale by comparison.

"If she survives with her mind intact, she will have proved herself to
be the finest slave in my experience, as well as a stern mistress."

"I've a few other touches as well. Half way through my preparations
for this little show, it occurred to me that it would be a waste not to
use her rotating bondage board for something, so I tied her enema bag
to it.

Set to a slow speed, it will alternately empty and fill her bowels,
rather quickly, as the wheel rotates 'round.

He turned the valve under his hand, then turned the other. No obvious
changes occurred, and only Dodds could know what reactions might be
occurring inside the rubber sculpture.

"Let me explain what I have just done", he continued. "This tank is
full of nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. The other is filled with pure
oxygen. Automatic timers will switch between the two, alternately
clearing her head and making her higher than a kite, every ten

"The nitrous mixture is set thin enough so that she will merely feel
giddy and euphoric, rather than too drowsy. I've done this in the past
with several other slaves with great success. It seems to calm them
down in between climaxes, allowing them to recover just slightly. But
today, I intend to outdo myself. We all know that Mandy is very much
multi-orgasmic. Now I intend to see just how many climaxes she can

"But wait, there's more, there's more!" Dodds actually giggled, while
barely managing to not quite sound like a television commercial. He
was really enjoying himself.

"Several months ago, a friend of mine in the medical field heard of a
new anti-depressant d**g being tested in Canada. It's called
Chlomipramine. It worked, more or less, but patients on whom it was
being tested began to complain of excessive sex drive, and spontaneous
orgasms. It would seem the Canadians have stumbled across the world's
first true aphrodesiac. I have tried it myself, and when taken in
quantity, it's effects are startling.

"Oh, it's a bit of a stimulant, although it's quite harmless really,
but as a side effect, it makes one so randy, so impossibly horny,
everything else takes a back seat until you get satisfaction. When I
first tried it on a slave with whom I was out driving, she nearly
caused a wreck, she was so desperate!

"Mandy was given a largish dose about an hour ago. Its effects will
last about eight hours.

"Naturally, we'll try to keep Mandy satisfied, although I rather
suspect that will be difficult. Hmm. Well. Let us begin. First the

He flicked a switch, and once again, the table began to tilt back and

"Now, the vibrators," as he set the other toggle, "and the gas." He
flipped another switch on the respirator equipment. "And finally, her

He twisted a dimmer switch on the wall, and the bondage wheel began to
rotate slowly, gradually raising the enema bag.

They all stood transfixed for a moment, no one moving, (though two of
them would have been hard pressed to move in any case) as they looked
on in awe, even Mr. Dodds himself, at what he had done.

A bizarre female form, apparently wrought of polished ebony, grew out
of a solid slab that swung back and forth through almost ninety
degrees. It was a female sculpture, although the artist was obviously
obsessed with sex, for the breasts and mons veneris were exaggerated,
huge rounded things, with small wire leads trailing from them.
Certainly, the artist could be considered avant garde, as the tubing
leading to the sculpture's mouth was hardly standard on the as-issued
female body. Then too, how did one explain the shifting of shape
within, as the table tilted, something sliding around inside...

Mandy grunted in surprise as her world began to sway again, and sighed
with relief as she began to slide back and forth, the fiendish fingers
and warts, now old friends, massaging her clitoris and nipples. The
dildo slid firmly home, filling her, then slid out again as she tilted
the other way.

Suddenly, the vibrations began again, seemingly from inside her breasts
and crotch. She shouted with joy as incredible thrills spasmed through
her body. She was sure now, in some small corner of her mind, that she
had been d**gged, that this was more than her normal response, but her
body screamed, "WHO CARES?" and she gave in completely.

As if the fat dildo inside her weren't enough, she now felt a cool
pressure building in her belly. The enema rushed into her, and she was
grateful that she'd had so little to eat in the last twenty-four
hours. She didn't relish the idea of cramps. The water filled her
belly, and in combination with her already full stomach, made her feel
completely swollen and bloated. When the table swung down again, the
crowding inside her made the dildo feel as if it were ten times
larger. She felt stuffed, like a living sausage skin.

After a few more cycles of her dark and unstable world, she felt the
enema rushing out again.

She hardly noticed when the smell of her air changed subtlely, but
gradually she calmed down, although she was still out of her mind with

She felt happy, unreasonably happy, and at peace, although she
certainly wasn't satisfied yet. She cheerfully macked up and down on
the rod, not knowing or caring where she was, or what was happening to
her. Eventually, again unnoticed, the air changed its flavor again,
and her head began to clear, so that although she knew precisely what
sort of situation she was in, she also felt more insistant that she get
some satisfaction. The effects of the little rubber warts and
vibrations became more noticeable, and she lost herself again in wave
after wave of sexual spending and release.

We may as well leave her now, as the rest is more or less the same, for
hours on end.

Mr. Dodds turned to his other two guests. "Well folks, that's that for
a few hours, we shan't see much more than this. Why don't we leave her
to her pleasures, and see if we can't find something else to amuse us
for awhile."

He began to unfasten the straps holding "Jason" to the hospital

To Be Continued...
Geri Continue»
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Watching April, April In The Park

My name is Barry Snow, and as you probably already know my wife April is a total nymphomaniac. She just can’t get enough different cocks, and she is always on the look out for a new one. I have no problem with her little hobby, and in fact I have been her number one source of encouragement for 33 years.

Well, in case you don’t know my wife is 52, a little on the plump side with a big round ass and a pair of fat DD tits, the red nipples of which ride nice and high and they’re like a couple of Ticonderoga My First Pencil erasers. She has cool gray eyes and corn-silk blonde hair that’s soft and luscious and still is showing no signs of going gray. Her legs are nice, chunky at the thighs, with strong calves that are good for…

Well, you know.


Her skin is the softest, and during the winter months she’s milky white, but during the summer she’s golden dusty all over because she lays out on the upper deck outside of our bedroom in the nude to get a tan all over. Her body is perfect, and she doesn’t have a single mark on her. She keeps her tight, yet well used, pussy clean shaved a majority of the time, but will sometimes let it grow out for weeks or a month or two.

In short, April is perfect. At least she is by my standards. Sometimes it’s like I found a goddess instead of a person to marry. I feel like I am the luckiest man on earth, and her feeling to me is mutual because she tells me she must be the luckiest woman in the world too.

Early on we decided that we didn’t want any k**s. My c***dhood was a little screwed up, so I never thought I would be any good as a parent. April told me not long after we met that having k**s was something she never thought of. I guess that’s another reason we’re so good together, our feelings and interest are never too far off from each other. Besides I can’t imagine that our sex lives would be as adventurous or interesting if we had k**s. We know a lot of swappers and swingers our age, people we met in the early years we were together and others we have chatted to online, and they have k**s and stay cool for a while, then cut loose after the k**s are out of the house. I suppose it’s good if it works for them, but I can not imagine April slowing down for anything.

Over the past few years I have really gotten into voyeurism, watching her in secret when she is with a guy. April knows I am there, and sets up situations where I can watch, but the men she is with never even know I am around. At least as far as I know none of them have figured it out yet, which kind of adds to the thrill. I suppose the watching while hidden is just a progression in a way, because I’ve always liked to sit back and watch her take it and then join in on the fun later. Now when I watch an unsuspecting guy fucking my wife it makes me feel a lot hotter than it ever did when the guy knew I was there in the same room.

Just the other day one of those opportunities for me to watch in secret presented itself. Sometimes I know that April is actively seeking someone, and sometimes it comes as a surprise because something has suddenly fallen into her lap.

The other day was one of those, coming a little unexpected, because it was Friday afternoon, and we were going to visit Randy for the weekend. (In case you don’t know yet Randy is the guy just across the state line that we hooked up with over the internet. Not the greatest looking guy, but he has a nice cock and is a versatile bi as well as being a fun person to be around. First thing on Saturday mornings usually me and him wake up and start of with a little 69ing.)

Okay, anyway…

It was Friday afternoon and Chip, my business partner, had come in to take over at the store. I figured that since he was early and things were slow, since there was still a few weeks of school, that I would go ahead and call it a day. I thought I could head home and get a little action with April before we left to meet Randy for a little something to eat before our weekend action began.

I was just out the door, when as luck would have it, my phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my pocket as I gave Chip a shrug and a wave. I looked at the screen and saw it was a text from April.

u leave erly 2day??!!

I smiled to myself and quickly texted back that I had just walked out the door, before heading around back to our van. Yes, it seemed we both were in luck, but I didn’t know how lucky yet.

The phone buzzed again in my hand as I fished out my keys. I looked down at the screen.

cum 2 park

I of course wrote back.


I couldn’t help but smile, feeling my cock stir at her response.

u no y!!!! ;)

Well of course that could mean only one thing. April had found someone she felt was more than willing and able.

usual spot?


I grinned, jerking the door open and quickly jumping into the driver’s seat of the van. The usual spot as we called it was a place in the woods that bordered on the far end of the park where a series of trails began that had plenty of places to hide out and be unnoticed.

Yes, of course, we’ve used that spot before.

u there now?

going 2 go long way

I put the key in the ignition. If she was going the long way she meant I would probably have enough time to stop at the house and grab a camera.

where u now?

just leaving house
him p p
told him u coming home
so haf 2 leve

As I looked at the message, turning over the engine, my cock fully hardened and throbbed. If they were at the house it meant that she had already been doing stuff with him.

what u do??!!

he play titties
rub tru undies ;)

God damn, I couldn’t wait to get there. I sent her one last text before putting the van in reverse to back out of my parking space.

give me nuff time

;) ok
hot thing

I pulled out of the back lot of the store and made the two mile drive to our house on the lake in record time, although careful to stop at the single red light in between the store and the house. I pulled to a stop in front of the front door and got out, leaving the engine running and slipping my house key off the key ring. My cock, though not a huge monster, was making a painful tent in my pants that I’m sure would have been obvious to anyone else had there been anyone else around to see. I opened the door and went straight upstairs to get our newest digital camera, which I feel is about the best Christmas present I’ve ever gotten.

As I got to the top of the stairs I saw that April had left me a message. There was a pair of silky gray panties hanging on the doorknob of our bedroom that had not been there when I had went to work that morning. It just fueled my excitement to see them. They were a sign that she had left them behind and was wearing none. I paused and took them off the doorknob, the crotch was nice and damp. Putting them to my nose I took a deep breath, they reeked of her heady musk and juice with a slight hint of urine smell.

I made sure not to savor the moment too long. If I got too wrapped up then I would miss my opportunity to watch April, and her as yet unseen cock giver. I tossed her panties on the bed and then went to the dresser and grabbed the camera she had gotten us for Christmas this time around. This camera is the best one ever. It has a big screen on it and all you have to do is tap it to take a picture, as well as the best telescopic zoom I‘ve ever seen. The pictures themselves are perfect without a flash, even if the light is fairly bad, and when it snaps a picture the screen freezes a second but it doesn’t make a sound like a lot of digital cameras do. So it’s perfect for getting those action shots when you don’t want to be noticed, which is just perfect for what I use it for.

I took the camera and went back down to get in the van. The park is on the far side of the lake from our house, and when you drive a little past it there is a road that goes to a small parking lot in the middle of nowhere, which is a parking lot for the hiking trails. Since summer had not quite gotten started I knew, just as April did, that there would probably be no one on any of the trails.

I got out after parking and quickly took off down the trail that would lead to the little clearing that my wife and I had discovered years before. Over the past 20 or so years we have lived at the lake house we have made sure that particular clearing has seen plenty of action. It started off as a place we decided to be naughty one day. Then as time passed we brought some like minded friends to share our find. And after that it became a place where April would occasionally lure a stranger for some new cock test driving.

I was just in luck, because when I got to the little clearing it was still empty. I quickly found a spot near the end, which was actually supposed to be a border with the park. There is a hedge wall there that has been forgotten and become a little neglected, and over the years other bushes and shrubs have taken up root nearby so the view is actually obscured on both sides from anyone looking toward it from the park. I found what I thought would be a good enough place and squatted down, looking through a space in the hedge’s braches that gave a good view of the little clearing.

It wasn’t too long before I heard the sound of leaves being crunched and footsteps coming down the trail, accompanied by voices. I couldn’t make out what was being said, but I could tell from the tone of the female voice that April was coming. I shifted as I crouched to get a better view.

Sure enough, my wife stepped into the clearing, her new “friend” in tow. Later on she told me that his name was Doug and that he had been in the park doing sketches. He had asked her to model for him if she didn’t mind, and of course you know she wouldn’t refuse. The park was fairy empty and they had gotten a little flirty, so she had invited him to the house and they had ended up splitting a six pack of Smithwick’s. And of course the beers had helped him loosen up enough for some heavy petting. And that would of course lead them to the clearing off from the park to pet some more since “I was coming home”.

(Wink, wink!)

Anyway, I watched from my spot, not really able to hear what they were saying. My wife kind of walked around the small space as the guy that was with her talked and motioned with a hand holding a sketchbook. He didn’t look all that bad. He was a little taller than her five foot six, with curly brown hair and a goatee that was trimmed around the mouth and dipped at least to his Adam’s apple. I guess he did kind of look like an artist. He had on black jeans and a pale blue turtle neck that were definitely out of season since it was already getting sticky outside. He looked like he was probably around 34 or 35, which later on I found out was April’s opinion as well.

I turned my attention more to her as she batted her eyes and gave him the please fuck me young stud smile. She was wearing a sleeveless orange shirt that was cut low enough to reveal the frilly cups of her gray bra, the companion piece to the panties she had left on the doorknob. She was also wearing a tight denim skirt, that her ample ass was threatening to eventually burst, that stopped a couple of inches above her knees. Across her right arm she had a checked picnic blanket, and I noticed that she was not wearing her glasses. (A couple of signs that she was just planning to fuck.)

He said something and looked around a little unsure. April just shook her hand and gave a casual looking hearty laugh. She later told me he was a little nervous about getting caught, her being married, and he didn’t want me to suddenly just happen to show up.

(Wink, wink.)

Oh, if he only knew.

My wife just showed him that she wasn’t bothered or nervous about being caught. She walked around, looking for what she though was a good spot, which actually ended up being a perfect spot as it gave me a direct view of the action that was going to take place. Once she had decided she began unfolding the picnic blanket and spreading it out.

April bent slightly and she was facing away from both me and the guy she was with. With that bend the round cheeks of her ass were plainly visible. I could tell she had the blanket spread out neatly enough, but she bent further to give a good view of her ass and pussy for no other reason than just to show if off.

I glanced to her new guy friend and saw that his gaze was pretty much fixed on her. I shifted my weight a little, because my knees were getting a little sore. Then I looked through the hole in the hedge to continue watching them, waiting for the action to begin. My cock beat with a hard throb to let me know that it was ready for a little action too.

April made a show of pulling down her skirt and straightening the hem. Then she sat down on the blanket. They talked back and forth. Then she laid herself out slightly to one side, keeping herself pushed up a bit on her palms. Her friend squatted down where he was standing, pretty much in the same position as I was, and then flipped open his book.

The guy was a pretty fast drawer. I guess guys that sketch scenes and people usually are. It took maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and I didn’t even complaint under my breath to myself, because I knew that whatever was coming would be worth the wait. Whenever he was done he slipped his pencil into the top of his sketchbook and stood up. He walked over to April and turned the book to her, leaning down slightly. My wife smiled and nodded, apparently pleased with what she saw.

I shifted in my spot behind the hedge. Then I turned on the camera because I was sure it was not going to be much longer. Quickly checking I made sure all the settings were right. Then I shifted my weight again, trying to get more comfortable.

April was giving him a big smile. She laughed loud enough for me to hear. Then she shifted on the blanket, leaning back and moving her legs to raise her knees up. Once she had them up far enough she parted her thighs to give him, and me, a good look at her pussy. It has been one of those times that she hasn’t shaved in about a month. April at the moment still has the nice bush of short golden curls she was showing off on that Friday.

Her sketch artist friend took a nervous look around as he talked to her. I am sure he told her that he was feeling like they were being watched, and I know that she was telling him that he was just being paranoid. I know she probably told him that it was not quite summer, that school was still in and there was really no one around the lake or the park.

As I watched he stepped closer. April then repositioned herself again, getting up on her knees. She grabbed the front of his pants and unzipped them. Then she undid the button as he took another look around the area. Feeling everything was clear and they weren’t going to be bothered he dropped his sketchbook beside her on the blanket, and then helped her fish out his cock. My wife’s new artist friend was pretty well gifted. Even from the distance I was he looked at least to be eight inches and nice and thick, cock and big balls clean shaved in opposition to my wife’s current hairiness.

I took the camera and balanced it on my leg as I worked to undo my pants in the squatting position I was in. It took a second to get my belt undone and to open my fly all the way just as his was. Taking camera back in hand I worked them down to mid thigh. Then I reached into the flap at the front of my briefs and teased the shaft of my cock out up to the balls.

I love to stroke my cock while I watch my wife messing with another guy. The first few times I could not help myself. Watching in secret was so exciting that I would always blow my wad before the other guy was finished with her. But since it’s been a couple of years now I am better about holding back and giving April a second helping of sperm after she and her erstwhile lover part ways.

April rose up on her knees and kissed the fat head of her artist friend’s cock. She would bat the top of it with her tongue and then run her lips over the head. She would give a few more kisses and then run her tongue around the underside of the head. I think I have mentioned that cock sucking is a secondary sport to April. If she wants to and whoever is with her is so inclined she can and will do it all day long.

It seemed to be doing the job for her friend, because he was leaning back a little and making a goofy face. As I watched I took my free hand and gave my own neglected cock a few strokes, quietly moaning to myself. Then I let go and raised the camera with both hands to snap off a few good pictures of her sucking his cock.

April always seems to know how to make the right kind of tension with someone when I am the secret audience. Usually she comes up with an excuse to make it a quickie. With the first guy she told him I had run down to the grocery store to pick up things and was coming right back. With another guy she said that I was just out on the lake fishing and would be back at any time. And with yet another guy she told him they had less than an hour because she was expecting her cousin to come over.

I think it works out the best that way. With it having to be a quickie it puts the sense of urgency on the other guy. He knows he has to hurry or risk getting caught, just as much as I have to keep quiet as I watch or I risk getting caught.

April had already told him that she was expecting me home soon, and that was why they had to leave the house. I already knew that she had probably given him a further deadline as well. I knew that it was not a very short one, but I was also fairly sure that she had probably told him the had just a couple of hours before she was not missed at home since we had weekend plans.

I shifted slightly as my wife let his cock slide out of her mouth. I took another picture as it came out, its smooth surfaced slickened with April’s spit, and a string of it, probably thickened by his precum linking from the head to the corner of her mouth for a moment. She had a delighted smile on her face as she looked up at him, so I was fairly certain that she had tasted a bit of his cream.

I have to say I was a little envious. I am usually content to suck long and thin cocks, but occasionally, when April gets a nice big one, I love to suck on them too if the guy is open to it. At that moment I wished I could taste his cum too. I lowered my camera and grabbed my cock again, stroking it slowly as I watched.

April’s artist friend got out of his shoes and then dropped his pants the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. The whole time my wife was looking hungrily and lovingly at him, and that just made my own bl**d rush as I stroked my hard cock a little faster. His cock was nice and hard as well, standing straight out and pointing toward my wife’s nose.

Letting go of my cock I repositioned myself and got the camera into a ready position. The artist stepped around behind April and lowered himself down to kneel behind her. He kissed her cheek and her neck. Then she leaned back and they kissed open mouthed, swapping spit and tongues. My cock was pulsing, throbbing painfully as I watched.

When they finished mouth kissing he went back to kissing and sucking on her neck. April closed her eyes and leaned into him, leaning back. After a moment they both slowly sank back, laying down and spooning with April resting on top of him, slightly rubbing her ass against his crotch and cock.

I took a hand off the camera again and gave myself a few more good strokes, taking hard breaths. Looking out through the space in the hedge I could see him raising his knees up on either side of her. April maneuvered her own legs and reached down as he reached around her and cupped her tits. He kneaded April’s titties, pulling the neck of her shirt open as he did so to expose more of her bra covered tits. While he was doing this my wife worked herself up a little, grabbing the hem of her denim skirt. Working her hips she worked it up to her waist, showing off her legs and exposing her golden curls and the slit that parted them.

I sighed to myself, taking a tighter hold on my cock. He moved one hand down as he pushed the cups of her bra up and over until he was finally able to make most of her left tit pop out from under. The nipple jutted straight up at the sky, looking painfully hard. With his other hand he reached down and pulled the bottom of her shirt up slightly. Once he had it up over her belly he put his hand against it and rubbed, slightly pressing down.

April reached down as she raised herself up a little. She grabbed his cock and guided it to her slit. She rubbed it against her hungry pussy hole as she raised herself up and down slightly. Then she worked the head inside, and after a moment squatted down to slowly take every inch inside.

Letting go of my own cock I steadied the camera and took a picture as soon as she had him buried to the balls inside her. It wasn’t too long before they were both working and grinding against each other. They had a good pace and I took several shots of his cock slipping back from her pussy only to be driven home as he thrust up and she squatted back down.

Finally I heard a clear, “Oh, that’s it, sweetheart.”

It was followed closely by an, “Um, yeah.”

It was hard for me to keep my hand off my cock at this point, but I wanted to be at the ready so that I would not miss any good shots. I squatted with my pants nearly to my knees with my shaft exposed through my briefs shaded by the trees and hidden by the bushes.

April and her younger lover were working faster, and his cock just seemed to pound and pound into her as it split her pussy open, widening the part in her curls. Even without the zoom on the camera I could see that the shaft was extremely wet with her pussy juice. It made me wish that we were all together and aware of each other so that I could lick her off of him each time his cock pulled back out of her.

I saw April’s face twist as she let out a sharp breath. There was no mistaking the look of pleasure she had at that moment, and I knew it wasn’t going to be too much longer before she went off. It was a look I had seen plenty of times, both face to face and as an observer in close quarters as well as from hidden places. My wife closed her eyes, her face looking like she was panting as she drove herself down on her lover’s cock even harder.

“Nayh, yeah,” she suddenly cried out, very loudly in the silence. “I’m gonna cum, sweetheart. I’m gonna cum right now!”

I raised the camera and took a picture of her ecstasy twisted face as she rode his cock, driving herself down harder as he returned the favor by pounding into her harder. Now I could hear the steady beat of their bodies as they slapped together. My eyes focused on his balls as they bounced up and beat against the bottom of her pussy each time he thrust up.

“Mmmmmm, yeah!,” my wife suddenly cried. “Oh, yeah, oh, yeah. OH, yeah! OH, YEAH!”

Her getting vocal was enough to drive her artist lover over the edge too. He squirmed under her and let out a large groan as he continued to pound her pussy from beneath her.

Taking a ragged breath myself I steadied the camera and took several more pictures. Concentrating on other stuff had kept me from getting off before April and the guy she is with comes.

After a few minutes their cries died down as they slowed their pace. As it got quiet I nearly pissed myself as a bunch of crows suddenly cried out in protest at the noise they had been making. The sudden caws of the birds had scared the two of them as well, because April slid off his cock, his white sticky cum coating the sides and he rolled out from under her and jumped to his feet. As they realized that it was birds they looked to one another and laughed loudly.

I shifted my position again as April sat up and then rose up on her knees once more. I took more pictures as she leaned her head to him and started licking his smeared cum off his cock. My own little neglected boner was throbbing again, and I was slightly envious wishing I could be the one doing some of the clean up duties.

Once she was done she straightened herself up and began to gather up the blanket as he got his pants and shoes back on. They talked for a moment, then stepped to each other and kissed, April’s hand going down and massaging his cock through his jeans. When they separated he picked his sketchbook where she had placed it on the ground as she folded the blanket. Opening it he tore out a page and handed it to her.

After that I watched as they made their way across the clearing and back to the trail. They paused as April pointed off in the direction they had came and said something. He nodded. Then they embraced and kissed again, long and deep. My exposed cock was throbbing, and glancing down I would see a single drop of precum was glistening in the slit. I looked back up as they broke their embrace and noticed that her artist lover was going back the way they had come from as April turned to go further up the path.

I gave them a few minutes to move along before I got myself together. I turned off the camera and put it in my shirt pocket. Then I ran a fingertip into my piss slit to get that lonely little drop of precum. I sucked it off my finger, wishing there was more. Then I stood up, aching from being crouched and squatting down for so long, and pulled my pants up. I stretched for a minute. Then I walked out to cross the clearing and headed back up the trail to return to the trailhead parking lot.

Once I got to the parking lot I went straight to the side door of the van and opened it. My wife had let the seats down and was laying on her belly on the floorboard and smiling. She had quickly undressed, and as I looked in on her she arched her back to raise up slightly and reveal her tits and hard red nipples. Between her hands she had the piece of sketch paper that her younger lover had given her in parting. She pushed it to me with a smile on her face. “I think it’s a pretty good likeness.”

I took the paper and looked at it. On it April was sketched perfectly, in the same pose as she had been on the picnic blanket in the clearing. Although the artist had taken poetic license and sketched my wife nude. I noted he must have a great feel for his subjects because he had gotten her nipples perfect without seeing them for too long beforehand.

“Yes, very good,” I agreed.

My wife took the sketch back from me and sat it aside. Then she smiled broadly and mischievously at me before rolling over onto her back and opening her knees. Once her thighs were apart the fat lips of her pussy were revealed, her young lover’s sperm still oozing a little from between engorged labial lips. April giggled. “You don’t want to wait until tonight do you?”

I climbed into the back of the van, quickly shutting the door behind me. As soon as it was closed my wife’s hands were working the buttons of my shirt as I undid my belt and then opened my pants to get them down. Once I was as naked as she was we shared a kiss. Then I got between her legs and buried my cock straight home, having no problem getting into her open and sperm lubricated hole.

I put my hands on her waist and started thrusting into her as she raised her ankles up and trailed them down my sides to reach my waist. I love to feel of her pussy after someone else has used it and filled it with a load. It’s not like the feel of just a super wet pussy. It’s stickier and has a slightly slimy feel that’s deliciously hot and raunchy.

It didn’t take but a few minutes of pumping before we were both ready to go. As I’ve said before she has the uncanny ability to be orgasmic according to the situation, and I know she didn’t mind a second quickie since we still had our weekend at Randy’s ahead of us. I was hot and sweating, and the inside of our van felt like it was steaming.

“God, yes, darling,” April sighed. “I’m going to cum again.”

I didn’t hold back once I felt her shiver and shudder under me. I picked up my pace, pounding her harder just before I blasted a hot and gooey load inside on top of the one her young lover had already put there. When my climax reached it’s end I let myself relax slightly on top of her, our mutually sweaty bodies sticking together.

“Hot thing,” she whispered after she stopped panting and was breathing normally.


April made a purring giggle in her throat. Then she looked to me with a wide and mischievous smile. “You want to lick that double cream pie all gone?”

It was a question she knew I would not even bother to answer verbally.

My wife opened her legs widely as I moved down and buried my face into her steamy and musky pussy. Her not being shaved made the smell that much more intense. She reeked of sex and sexual juices, and I was more than happy to start licking it all up. She shifted under me, moaning and gasping as I licked her clean, savoring every little bit of my own cum as well as that of her young lover. Once I was done I gave her an added finale to the afternoon activities, sucking and torturing her clit with my tongue until she came again.

I think this experience is one of the best ones we’ve had at the park, especially since I have started watching her in secret. At the moment we have the sketch Doug made of her, as well as the picture of her with the string of spit/precum from his cock to her mouth stuck in the edge of her dresser mirror. Neither of us is sure if he will ever come back to the park to do any sketching, but we both agree we would like him to sketch her again if he does.

After we got home from the park we showered and played a little bit more. Then we got our stuff ready and went to meet Randy for dinner at a little local restaurant in the town he lives in. Once we got to his place we had a really good time.

The first thing that April wanted to do as soon as we got to the bedroom…

Oh, anyway. I think I’ll save that story for another time.

THE END... Continue»
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Fucked Landlord's Daughter-In-Law On Diwali

My landlord is a retired colonel and has after his retirement he has built a huge home that anyone would rather call an apartment. More because of his two sons out of whom none was living in India. The younger was already working there but the elder had recently moved abroad. So as his wife could not get Visa and also the winters were approaching so her movement was postponed until a good time might come.

Meanwhile she used to teach music and dance to young girls while living in Pune and she was herself a very bright lady. She was young and aged only 26 or 27 years. She was beautiful too. When I saw her for the first time it was then only that I had got flattered to her white face, smooth skin, red lips and every other asset that a woman possesses.

Diwali vacations had started and my roommate as I already knew was in a hurry to leave for home but as I was not as home sick like him so I decided to stay back. I had decided to utilize this time to study hard as the final year of engineering was in progress and I had to maintain a good set of grades here too.

My landlord uncle and aunty as well are both a very good natured people and I really respected them and they too in return did always care for me. They always kept asking me if I needed something and they never bothered me for rent. Moreover when they came to know that even my mess was closed due to Diwali vacation then they readily told me to come and have meals at their place.

My roommate left one morning and after an hour later I saw that bhabhi had come, so I thought that never mind if one has left then another friend has come. Bhabhi was a real fun loving lady and she had a very friendly terms with me already. She came to me and in one line she asked me why didn't I go home and decided to stay back? To that I answered that if I went home then who would stay here to entertain her. She giggled and went upstairs. While moving she mentioned again to have lunch upstairs.

Two days passed and I went to see bhabhi whenever I got time from studies and she always made me stay with her and asked for any help to which I readily assisted. Uncle and aunty mostly used to keep visiting their relatives and companions in the same town and I had to stay with bhabhi entertaining her and not let her feel lonely without her hubby.

Now only two days were remaining for Diwali and this was high time I cleaned my house. I was alone so had loads of stuff to clean myself e.g. the beer bottles, the waste cigarette packets and all those items which were nor cleaned for months now. I was worried but suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was bhabhi on for my rescue.

As I have already told that my landlord is a real nice person so he had sent bhabhi to assist me clean the house. I was glad that at least now I can remove all this waste in half the time. Most of the things were garbaged and dumped but at once bhabhi's eyes fell on a packet of condoms. She began asking where did this come from. And I had explanation about that. We engineers have a different idea of celebrating birthdays where we inflate condoms instead of balloons and they were the left overs. Bhabhi was convinced but kept those condoms with her only and never gave them back to me.

So far I had been frank enough with her so I didn't hesitate asking her that what would she do with these when bhaisahab was away. She only laughed at this question but never answered. I began to think that there is something fishy and as her hubby is away then she was for sure trying to seduce me. Although I was not sure whether my assumption was totally correct, but still there is always a chance.

From that moment I saw a change in bhabhi's attitude towards me. So far I felt that she used to play with me but there was a distance maintained between both of us but from that incident she urged to stay closer to me and also at times pressed against my body parts whenever she got a chance. I enjoyed in these conditions more than ever but at the same time I maintained distance from my side so that uncle or aunty may not get a clue or I would be shot dead by colonel uncle right in my ass.

Bhabhi gradually began asking me questions about my personal life which most of the time involved matters of my love life. I was not shy in front of her so I told her that I am in a relation with a girl who also happens to be a classmate of mine. I didn't understand why was she interested in asking me all these stupid questions why doesn't she talk to me straight forward about what she wanted from me? But women always have something running in their mind which they share with men only when the right time comes.

Our conversations now prolonged and with time bhabhi was getting bolder with me. And with these changes in bhabhi's behavior I became pretty sure that her intentions towards me were becoming lusty. I wanted nothing more than a sex craved lady ready to drag me to bed and was more ready than I was. I was on cloud nine and minute after minute kept figuring out that how are we supposed to make out.

Although uncle and aunty kept visiting relatives but these were Diwali days so they had to stay at home and decorate their residence. They decorated my house as well. Bhabhi in return asked me to drive her to the market and a beauty parlour so that she could get some good makeover for the Diwali. I knew that she was doing all this for me this time and was looking forward to make love to her as soon as possible.

We returned from the market 3 hours later and until then I had not made a single move towards her, although both of clearly knew each other's intentions and we talked on these matters only with smiles or eye signals.

The mere thought of making out with this beautiful lady made me horny and I went to jerk my tool off as many times I was alone thinking about bhabhi. The only problem was that how are we going to get a chance.

Later that night after having dinner, bhabhi asked me to take a walk with her around the colony. I had to agree, and we went out. At times she held my hands to show how cold the climate was getting night after night, but I simply said the weather was romantic and a perfect time for couples to make love. She laughed and brushed my hair with her fingers and told me if I were with my girlfriend then what would I do. I said she would not allow me to even kiss her let alone the matter of sex. She pitied my condition but told me there is always a chance and I should not lose heart. Why would I lose heart if I had a bhabhi ready to help me with that was all I could say for then and after a minute's pause she told me to return home as it was getting later in night and she was feeling tired after all the day's work.

As soon as we entered the stair case there was a power cut and was totally dark everywhere. As there was no moon also at all so I decided to take advantage of the time. But bhabhi was much sharper as I had anticipated. Before I could grab her she caught hold of my neck and dragged my head towards her face. In no time we were kissing each other and that was the first kiss of my life. I was new to it but bhabhi had experience and she let her tongue into my mouth and kept circling and exploring it inside all over. At a point I began to suffocate and it was then that I heard the door handle of uncle's flat turn.

I retreated two steps and bhabhi leapt forward and before uncle could bring out his torchlight we were well in distance from each other and discussing about the plans of tomorrow. She told me that the Lakshmi puja was to be held in the evening and she might need my help in the kitchen.

Uncle went inside showing us the way in the light of the torch and bhabhi followed him. I slapped her butt from behind knowing that no one would know that......and then I realized that how soft her buttock was that it did not produce even a slight sound when I hit her.

Now the anxiety inside me was getting over and over, the level had grown such that I saw bhabhi come in my dream and seducing me but however I was being helpless in dragging hold of her due to some reason. This dream was broken with a call on my cell in the morning at 5:30. It was from bhabhi. She told me to come online as she had to show mw something. Reluctantly I woke up to switch on my laptop and we met each other on Skype. I asked her about what was she willing to show me so early in the morning.

At my surprise she very boldly remover her top and there I could see she was wearing nothing underneath. Oh what a way to wake me up. I thanked her and told to remove the remaining clothes to which she let out her tongue only to tease. But what she did just now was enough to make my day. She told me she was not going to show me anything more and I will have to wait as a part of punishment for I had spanked her ass last night.

I laughed and asked for apology but she was rigid. Soon we had to go offline as she had to do household works and prepare breakfast for everybody. And I went straight to the bathroom to masturbate. Later I had a much awaited movie to release so I went to see it with a few other friends and came back in the afternoon. Went to see if bhabhi was in need of me. She asked where had I been to which I told the truth.

We had lunch together as she too was waiting for me only so that we could eat together. She knew that I hated to eat alone. After lunch I went to take rest and to make some more plans in my mind about have to have this dream lady onto the bed. But I could not really figure out any fool proof plan. On the other side bhabhi was playing cool as if she was well visioned of what to do.

As the evening grew dark I lighted the candles all over and worshipped Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. But it was hard to focus. So I fed up and went straight upstairs to uncle's home and found that they were about to call me for the arty, I joined them and after having all the Prasad bhabhi called me in the kitchen to help her. As soon as I entered the kitchen she planted a kiss on my cheek to tell me she loved me and I was looking good in traditional kurta. I too praised her as she too was looking like a damn beauty in her red sari which she had bought just yesterday. In the due course she told me that she had bought this sari only for me as she also somehow managed to know that red clothes used to turn me on.

After some time she briefed me with a plan, that uncle and aunty will be leaving for their relative's place to attend the opening of a new automobile showroom and will be returning after midnight for the real puja of goddess Lakshmi takes place at midnight in most of the places. I was very pleased to know all this and within half an hour uncle and aunty left us alone telling us to take care of each other and have dinner by ourselves for they will be returning late. We promised to TAKE CARE of each other by all means.

As I shut the door at their back I jumped to embrace bhabhi but she was cunning and planned to tease me first. But I was also as sharp as a predator and held her arm in no time and dragged her to myself and f***efully planted a deep kiss on her lips.

She initially kept her face moving left and right to not let me kiss her properly and to tease me but very soon she too got carried away in the stream and was also deeply involved with me alike. This kissing kept on going for the next few minutes and then she asked me to move further. As if I was waiting for the same thing to be said by her I began moving my fingers on her body here and there. She was only busy moaning all this time and now I took my finger slowly to her blouse strings behind her and untied the knots in one go.

Now it was only the red coloured bra that was within my palm and bhabhi's bare breasts. Soon I removed it. And now with one hand I was pressing one of them and with my lips I was sucking another.
Bhabhi was standing there speechless and was only moving her fingers here and there in my hair. Now I felt to explore more so I left the breast and then started circling my finger around her navel. Her skin felt so smooth that I just can't say whether it was silk or her skin. Bhabhi told me to keep pressing her boobs so now both my hands cupped and kneaded her boobs and I began licking her navel.

And then I could not stop myself from removing the remaining clothes on her body. She too removes all my clothes except my underwear. My fully erect tool was eager to come outside but bhabhi told me to let it spend some more time in prison, meanwhile you lubricate my hole. Without delay I began fingering her pussy and she started uttering loud moans now. Friends if it were not Diwali then it was certain that some neighbor around would have heard, but her voice was buried under the loud thunder of crackers outside.

I kept on fingering and fingering until she had an orgasm. She let it out all in such a f***e that it might have shot around tree feet or so. She spilled a lot and a lot was also spilled on my kurta thrown nearby. I worried that the stains would not be removed now but even happier that now I have made a woman shoot cum and that too in the real life. Earlier I had seen these things in only porn movies.

So bhabhi was shivering and I quickly grabbed her into my tight embrace. She now asked me to remove my underwear to which I said she should do it herself. Very quickly she did so and was pleased to see the erection that was so arousing for her.

She made me clear at that time that she hated oral sex and also disliked anal. So if wished to continue I had to follow her rules and not ask for any other hole than her cunt. I thought at least I have one. Earlier I have not even got any of them in my whole life. I took no time in saying yes. She then took me with her to the bedroom. I followed her as if she was the locomotive and I was the train. Bound to go wherever the engine took me.

Bhabhi lay on the bed and asked me to take the missionary position right on her top. I obeyed. Then she took out the condom from beneath the mattress and now I realized why she did not give that back to me yesterday. However I got to wear it for the first time in life so I was lost in these feelings only and as the time was passing I went to have more and more hardon. Bhabhi got hold of my penis and guide it to the door of the hole. But now it was my turn to tease her. I did not insert it then, instead I kept it rubbing and rubbing on her clitoris.

This was giving her immense pleasure and she was loudly moaning, and her moaning was turning me on and on. At last she said what do you think you are trying to have standing at the entrance??? Come on son of a bitch, hurry up, fuck me. I was surprised to hear this. At least a well-spoken lady like bhabhi would never speak that way.

But this aroused the manhood in me and I thrust the whole length of my dick directly into her whole. I pushed it so brutally that bhabhi shouted another few abuses at me. And then I realized that I have inserted very badly. It had even hurt me but soon I recovered from pain and told bhabhi that I am doing this for first time so you guide me how to do this and place the dick in the right position so that it gives pleasure to either of us.
Bhabhi held my penis and guided it inside her hole and now I started making back and forth motion. Slowly first and then increasing the speed. Then again slow and while being slow I was pushing the length more and more inside. Bhabhi was also having immense pleasure alike me. She kept her eyes closed and uttering my name and moaning. Asking me to increase the pace at times.

She was really an expert and while guiding me through all this she took the best out of me and gave me a useful technique of how to stay longer. But however after half an hour I shot my loads. This was the first time that I shot cum in any woman's pussy otherwise millions of my unborn c***dren have been gifted to the drains.

Bhabhi was probably not so satisfied with this single fuck and she asked me to have one more round back to back. I was panting like a dog and also tired moreover the little junior refused to wake up at that very instant. I told bhabhi that it will take at least 15 minutes for it to rise again. Then bhabhi told me then at least we should have dinner and will begin the next round after that. I agreed because I also needed to recover some energy before I fucked her again. She was a difficult horse to ride now I realized and now feeling inferiority that I could not even please a woman.

However we ate naked and I made bhabhi sit on my lap, and while eating she fed me most of the sweets with her lips only and did not let me use my hand to touch any of the food. She was such an expert that I must say I will not find any other woman ever again in my life.

Now that we had light dinner for a tummy full is not good for sexercise I have heard. But the sweet items had put on great energy in myself and that I was looking at her bare breasts continuously it kept me arousing and arousing. This time around we started on the couch in the living room itself. But bhabhi demanded woman on top while I was insisting for doggy. She won anyways, and I had to sl**p under her. She was very light to lift and while she guide the tool again into her hole and began movement I began to stare at the two delicious fruits hanging from her and shaking right above my face.

I raised my hand to touch them. Feel them. Take out their juices and ultimately munch them. I did that all. Bhabhi was also lost in some other world, she could not keep her eyed open, such was the pleasure reaching to her mind. She kept moaning loudly and louder went the pitch as time spent. She had to be stopped somehow so I started the liplock, but soon she removed the lock and told me not to disturb and let her focus on what is giving her this out of the world pleasure. And then her muscles contracted as I could feel it and she let out her cum with a louder moan. I knew that this time around I have made it. I thanked my tool to give bhabhi such immense pleasure and then bhabhi told that she wanted to get fucked from behind now.

I made her sit like a dog then and rubbed the clitoris before inserting again. But as it was very wet the penis almost slipped inside. Yet her hole was tight enough to give a right grip to my tool and also it was very well lubricated to nicely let the motion take place.

Now I got hold of bhabhi's hair and started the action as if I were riding a horse in derby. The movement was very fast and the penis was touching the extreme end of the vagina. This was again making bhabhi scream loud. I really thanked god that it was Diwali otherwise this lady would have certainly made my ass blown off by colonel's bullet.

I thought and kept pumping. And I now felt that this time I have stayed for more than an hour, but still I wanted to stay more and more so I stopped for I second. Bhabhi did not like me to take any halt in ride and as a result she again abused me. Roughlier this time and now it agitated me. I pulled her hair more mercilessly and pounded her cunt more fastly this time and as a result she again started shooting juices and within a few seconds she stopped shooting her cum I also let my load out and this was the time I realized that I hadn't put condom for the second round.

However I saw signs of satisfaction on bhabhi's face and she was happy she had made a man out of me now. I was no more a virgin. She cuddled me in her arms and told me that she loved her husband but it was her sexual needs that had made her do so. She told me that she was not sure if she would like to do it again with me or not, but after looking at my hung up face she agreed to have sex with me whenever we found a good chance.

I was happy to hear this and we took deep kisses to end up the session. Clean up the mess we had done and after we finished cleaning I reminded bhabhi of not having any condom put on for the second round. She looked worried for a while but then she told she will take pills if she feels necessary. As it was not a safe time for her to get pregnant.

After staying for two more days with her in laws bhabhi went back to Pune and now calls me to only tell me that she misses me. I also miss her because the first time in life is always cherished and the first person whom you do with is always very special....... Continue»
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One Time In Tijuana

It has been one year since I got deported from California, and since then I have been living in Tijuana. During this past year I have had so many experiences that I will never forget, especially one experience that I’m having right now. It all happened to me just last week. It began on November 18 around noon time when I was going to meet a guy outside a movie theater in a location called Zona Rio.

After waiting for half an hour, I knew this guy was never going to show up on my blind date, so I decided to cruise around. Oh man, all over the place they were hot Mexicans walking around or just cruising with friends.

When I decided to drive back to my house in my old car, I saw this fine pelon (I later found out his name was Raul). He was around 5’9”, light skinned, with tattoos, smooth chest, and with one little earring under his bottom lip. He was wearing blue basketball shorts and a white tank top. He was walking along the street when I stopped my car next to the road to ask him for directions. When I grabbed his attention, he approached the truck, and he gave me that mean look that tells you right away he doesn’t trust anyone. I asked him directions on how to get back to “Rosarito por la libre” (this is the old avenue where we don’t pay toll road).

When he was giving me directions on how to get back, I was checking out his bulge, and I could see over the short that he had a big thick dick.
After getting directions, I asked him what was he doing and he replied that he was on his way to McDonalds to buy some food for him and his girlfriend who was waiting for inside the movie theater. I asked him if I gave him my phone number if he would call me later on to talk and kick it. He replied, “Simon ese” (of course homie), and he told me his name was Raul.

All this happened on Saturday, and by Tuesday evening Raul called me around 6pm. He told me that he wanted to kick it, so we agreed on meeting. I was going to pick him up at this super market store. I got to the store and I was waiting for him for atleast 10-15 minutes when I saw him getting off the taxi. After talking with him for a couple of minutes outside my car, we decided to back to my house and kick it. Once we got into my house I asked him if he wanted to see any movies, and he told me put some pornos. Without delaying more, I put on a porn and with minutes Raul was hard as a rock. When I saw that he was hard, I asked him if I can see his dick, and he told me, “Porque lo quieres ver, cuando lo puedes mamar?” (Why do you want to see it, when you can suck it?)

I quickly got on my knees, sucking this big brown uncut dick. His thick was fucking thick with a lot of foreskin. I sucked his pito good and fast,enjoying how hard and hot it was, and playing with those big gangster balls. It didn’t take long time before he busted a big load into my mouth. He moaned load and held onto my head as his cock spurted all its cum out. I sure sucked the cock until the last drop. After this Raul took a quick shower, and I drove back him near his house. Before he got out of the car, Raul told me he was going to call
me back later.

Two days later, Raul called me and asked me if I wanted to kick it but he was going to bring along Daniel, one of his homies. To be honest I wasvery disappointed when he mentioned that his homie was coming along. But the disappointment didn’t last long time. When I met Daniel, I was pleasantly surprised, excited and a little horny. . Daniel is 6’1”, light skinned, bald, 100% gangster, with tattoos and the name of his barrio (gang) on his back written in big script letter. Later that night I also found out he has an amazing beautiful uncut dick. His dick was even bigger than Raul’s dick. So, to make a long story short, this fucker was a fine ass pelon. When we were in my car, driving back to my place, Raul and Daniel started talking shit about
the experiences they had while they were in prison….how their cell would suck their dicks in the middle of the night.

When we got to my house, the first thing I did without asking them was to put on a porno. I did not know that my dream was about to come true of sucking two gangsters at the same time. While they were watching their straight porno movie, I was sitting by my deck looking at the BiLatinMen web site. Then Raul asks me if I can suck his dick while he watches the porn. Then Daniel told Raul
that whatever happened there stayed there, and thatthey both knew that this was going to happen because that was one of the reasons they came to kick it.
After getting from them a green light and reconfirming this, I sucked Raul and Daniel’s cocks. While I was sucking Raul, I was jacking off Daniel. After sucking Raul for 10 minutes, I felt a sweet warmcum running down my “garganta” (throat). Raul busted a nut without saying anything (that little fucker). After he came, he told me that he needed to go intothe restroom to clean himself. So I was alone with Daniel, sucking his big cock and playingwith those huge low hanging nuts. Daniel told me that he was not going to bust a nut because he didn’t want the cum to get it all over him. Right away I asked him to do it, and I promised him that he was not going to get any cum on his clothes.
By then Raul was back in the room, and he was looking at us. Then Daniel told Raul to just wait a minute because he was almost ready to cum. Before I expected it, he came inside my mouth, and I sucked until the last drop.
After this Daniel stood up in front of me and was teasing me, asking me if I still wanted the last drops coming out of his cock. Daniel’s pants and boxers were down around his knees, and he was grabbing his cock with his hand and swinging it all over in front of me.

We joked around for a couple of minutes. Then I drove them back to they neighborhood. They told me they were coming back on Saturday. Since then I have sucked Raul and Daniel 2 times inthis past week. I’m glad that my fantasy
is still alive and hopefully it lasts for a long time. Now Daniel is the one that calls me all the time, and the one that takes the initiative. ... Continue»
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I was a MALE prison WHORE

I was traveling to Mexico with my parents and after several days of laying out on

the beach, etc. I was getting tired of hanging out with them so I sneeked out of

the resort and even though I was u******e, grabbed a taxi cab and went into

this little town. I was trying to score some weed that I could sneak back into the

resort and use after my parents had turned in for the night.
I asked the taxi driver where I might get some and he took me to the shitty

looking little bar out on a dirt road. I went inside to meet with the guy he told me

about but when I met the guy, I heard the taxi drive away without me and the guy

pulled a gun on me and told me to give him all my money! I was freaked out and

did as he asked and they kicked me out the door. The next thing I knew, a police

car drove up and ordered me to get in their car. I realized then that I had been

set up and I was really afraid by now of what was going to happen to me. I was

e****ted to the local jail and tossed in a large room with dozens of Mexicans and

no one spoke any english at all.
Later that day, my parents showed up to try and bond me out but the police said

I had to see a judge first and that it would be almost a week till that happened.

My mom started crying, etc. so they told me that they would be back in one

week. Dad gave me a little money and they left. I really wanted to cry but knew it

would make me look weak in front of the other inmates so I kept my tears to

myself and was returned to my cell block.
That night rolled around and I was laying on this filthy little mattress and suddenly

felt someone standing over me. I opened my eyes and saw several older guys

staring down at me and they said something in Spanish and thats when one of

them grabbed me and there was little I could do about it. He was a lot bigger than

me and so were the other guys and they all spun me over on my stomach and

pulled my jeans and underwear down around my ankles. The lifted me up and

made me lay over on the bed with my knee's on the floor. I knew something bad

was going to happen and I braced for the worst and YES, the worst happened. I

felt one of them stick a wet finger in my butt and then a second finger. Another

guy placed his hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream and then I felt a hard

cock getting shoved in my teenage asshole. It hurt horribly and I thought I would

pass out for a second. The guy kept pumping me and grunting and I felt him

tense up and shoot his load inside of me. I thought that would be the end of it but

NO, another man started fucking me and then a third and fourth guy. I had tears

running down my face and I could feel cum pouring from my ass and running

down my legs! They all left me sitting there with a very sore ass and ruined

pants. I gathered myself together and laid back down on my mat.
The next day was uneventful except for the miserable food and that night, I was

afraid that I was going to get fucked again. I laid there kinda waiting to see what

would happen and for some reason, I was actually looking forward to it. Finally,

several guys came up to me and told me to turn over, I did as asked and several

of them used my ass and fucked me for about half an hour or so, I was then told

to get on my knee's and 5 or 6 guys used my mouth and made me swallow their

loads. It was the first time I had ever had a mans cock in my mouth and as they

would cum, I would gag over and over but managed to keep the cum down and I

didn't puke.
For several nights, I was used this way and I suppose I was now the cell blocks

boy whore. I wouldn't even resist by now and when they came up to me at night,

I would just pull my pants off and let them do their thing. I was kinda getting into it

actually and finally, the day came where I was released on bail that my parents

put up. We left the country and came back to the USA! I was happy as hell but I

did miss my nightly fuck and blow jobs though.
After a few weeks at home, I decided to go out to this gay bookstore. I walked in

the room and toward the back was a series of glory holes next to the mens

room. I went inside and just as I had hoped, several cocks came through the

holes and I sucked off each and every one of them. I few times I would pull my

pants down and back my ass onto the biggest cock there and let him blow his

warm load deep inside of my young hole!
I did this for several nights and I finally found a group of guys that I had been

searching for. I met a guy at the same bookstore that had a group of men that

loved fucking young boys like me. I joined the group and I am now officially their

boy whore! They use me like a slut and cum dump and I think I have finally

become what the Mexicans turned me into..a TOTAL cum slut that will allow men

to use me in any way they want!

... Continue»
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In Prison and know how to take a BBC

I was in my cell that afternoon, showing a friend of mine some hot nude photos. They are some really good fuck shots, with this one black dude who had just fucked this white chick. His load was still running out of her spread open pussy. He was getting hard look at the pixs and I was getting hard looking at his cock in his pants. He looked at me and tells me, "Don't just stand there, come here and take care of it". Not one to disappoint I drop to my knees and start going to town. I'm licking his Big Black Cock and circling my tongue around the head. He tells one of his other two buddies, "You know what to do." So in my mind he's getting one of them to keep point so we don't get caught. With my mind no longer worried about getting caught, I pull my sweats down so the guy left in the room can have his way with my ass. Within seconds he's fingering my hole. He's doing this for about 2 minutes.

At this point I need him to fuck me already.. I turn back to tell him and I see him and not 1 but 4 other black guys. All of them have their cocks out. With the exception of the one in front of me, only I had a monstrous cock. Not as big as my friend with the "arm" size, but very close. Not knowing what to say. I just turn back around and focus on what's in front of me. Then I feel someone enter me slowly. I can feel my asshole stretching to accommodate this cock, the pause till I relax and then starts pushing forward. I feel his stomach up against me so I know his is all the way in. I'm too busy sucking the cock in front that all I can do is moan. I lift my head, look back and tell him to just fuck me, just do it.

Once he starts I put this cock back in my mouth. Within second he tells me he's cumming. I start sucking harder and he explodes in my mouth. There's so much cum spewing out that I can't swallow it all. So I let it build up in my mouth, and then swallow it all. No soon as I do it, I hear the guy behind me say he's going to cum. I clench my ass muscles to drain his cock and what does he do - he pulls out and comes all over my back. With two that have already cummed I have 4 more plus the guy at the door. He's the one with the curved cock. Next up is Mr. Big Stuff. The guy on the bed gets up and then 2 sit next to each other with their cocks in hand. With no hesitation I start going back and forth. Stroking the cock that isn't in my mouth and going back and forth Mr. Big Stuff is at my back door and he's stretching my open even more. He doesn't even wait. He just rams his cock in me and sends a sharp pain up my ass. I felt like I needed to pee. After what felt like eternity. It starts feeling good.

He has his hands on my waist and all you here is my ass smacking with each thrust. Now I'm feeling like a pig. I stop sucking 2 cocks in front and spread my butt cheeks. I look back and tell him, jess that's it. Fuck me HARD! Give me that Big Black Cock. Oh Yeah!

I look in front and tell them as soon as he's done both of you are next. One gets up and the other one starts fucking my face. Minutes later I can feel him cumming in my mouth. There wasn't much, but it tasted sweet. Seconds later the BBC fucking me stops deep in me and I can feel his warmth spilling out. I rotate my ass and just squeeze. The guy who moved from the front told me to lie flat on my stomach on the bunk. He mounted me with ease and 3 minutes later delivered his lad. Then the guy at the door came in and said he wanted it like before. I straddled him and tell the other guy to get behind me and put his cock in me too. After a few minutes we all get in rhythm and it's on. With 2 cocks in my ass, I am on FIRE!

I'm thrashing my head around and my long black hair is everywhere. I'm dripping in sweat. Simultaneously they tell me they're going to cum. I squat down on the cock under me while the other thrust in me and just feel both cocks twitching deep in me. When I look up the guys are gone and only the 2 BBCs are there. I climb off and just lay on my back. Then those 2 leave and it's just me and 2 BBC's By now I'm exhausted. I look at the clock and an hour and a half as gone by. Without even saying anything. I grab my legs and pull my knees to my chest. Right away I got a BBC at my entrance. I rest my legs on his shoulders and he's taking his time. I can feel every inch.

I finally touch myself as I'm looking down I can see this thick black cock sliding in and out of me. I cum right then, and just rub it all over my stomach. as I'm doing this Mr. Big Stuff puts his cock on my face. I look up and put the tip in my mouth. Just as I begin sucking on it I feel the cock in me start to cum. When he pulls out some of his cum comes out. He tells the other guy to hurry so he can clean up. The other guy tells me to stand up. I do just that and he pushed me against the wall and takes me from behind. like before he starts to pound me. He's fucking me hard. By now I'm so stretched out it doesn't even hurt. I'm meeting him thrust for thrust till I can't anymore. Then I just stand there and take it.

Finally 20 minutes later he pushed all the way in and cums. He leans forward and whispers in my ear, " the guys don't know, but I go both ways too". Come see me later when they go to the Gym and be on the hush hush. I get my sweats and get dressed. I go to the showers so I can shower before lockdown and as I'm walking down the tier the guys that are out notice I'm walking funny except me. I get in the shower and hear a familiar voice. It's the white guy with the "arm" cock. He said he saw me taking on those 4 black dudes, and even though he couldn't mess with them he would love to lick my hole after count. I said okay and I would take a nap first. When I got up I went to his cell and his celly was there. I tell him I'll come back later and his celly said come in.

So I go in and he gets off his bunk. Before I could say anything he kisses me with tongue and wow. The door closes and he stops, looks at me and tells me to sand still. He gets behind me, pulls my sweats down and starts tongue fucking my asshole. I look at this celly and he gets down in front of me and starts sucking my cock!!! Not only did I not know his celly played, but him sucking my cock felt just as good as my ass being ate. I mean he's really into it. I finally tell him I'm going to cum and he cups his and collects my cum. he takes his pants off and Oh, My God... He's just as big as his "arm" celly. He starts stroking his cock with my cum. He tells his celly to move out of the way; gets behind me and tells me to lean forward on the desk. After all the cock I've had I just lean forward. I look at the mirror I looked in before and saw my asshole. It was wet with spit and I saw his tip right before it went in. He took his time and used long strokes. It felt great!! I was like watching a porn movie except live. He asked me if it hurt and I said no it did not. It really felt good. He tells me "Yeah you love big cocks huh" That's it take this cock. I tell him "Yeah give it to me", fuck me, fuck my ass good. Oh Yeah, yeah, yeah, fuck!!!

I'm watching his cock slide in and out and then with a final thrust he cums in me. He's shaking from his orgasm. When he stops he pulls out and his celly starts on me. Only his moving fast. Then he stops and sits down. He tells me to ride him. I grab his cock and guide it in. I sit all the way down and I can feel him in my stomach. I start to ride him and I have my hands on his chest and I rock up and down, back and forth. Then I spin around with him in me and start again. Now he's got a view of his cock going in and out of my ass. He starts slapping my ass and next thing I know he pulls me down and pumps me full of his cum. I get u and cum falls out of my gaping hole. As I get dressed I kiss both of there cocks and tell them I'll be back soon.

So for the last week I've been sore. I will tell you about the next time soon as I know there will be many more next times. Right now I will just take a long hot shower and rest.
... Continue»
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