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Generations 2: Her Mom

Generations 2: Her Mom

... Chapter 2: Mom
I was waiting for my girlfriend who was working on the school play. When I ... knocked on the door, her mom answered.

“Oh hi Jimi, she’s not here yet. I think ... on. I could not keep my clothes on because of heat that her body.

My girlfriend’s mom... Continue»
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indian mom and her 2 sons

... touching me. The blanket was not very large, it was meant for max 2 people. Mom noticed it and urged both ... on mom's thighs. She didnt react. This gave me the urge and I grabbed her soft waist. Oh it felt like ... planted a deep kiss on her lips! Mom loved the kiss and they both were locked in a smooch! She... Continue»
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Mom and her boys (part 2)

... . "We're sorry mom, please don't get mad." Jackie ran her fingers trough her hair while sighing. Her ... on their mom's perky mature breasts. She lied back down on her back and handed the sunscreen to Alex. He ... tongue." Alex stopped sucking her breasts and looked at his mom in shock. "MOM!!! He licked you down... Continue»
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Mom Agrees To Help her Son pt 2

... :"Well earlier before we went to the beach mom promised she would let me have sex with her ... , and on the way home we went to a store, bought a condom and mom let me fuck her in the back seat, that's why ... enjoy it" Jason:"I don't know, she seemed like she was enjoying it, mom even let me feel her tits while... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... in a hushed angry tone, scooping up his daughter once more. "You can't just yell at her like ... ."

Tori wanted to fire back and stand up to Freddie, especially as nice as Beck had been to her ... …" Sam said as sardonically as possible, waving her finger in a feigned celebration while rolling her... Continue»
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Dearest Friend part 2.

... and leaned over her. Using his hands to caress, tongue and lips to kiss and generally just give a whole lot ... were attracted to her. She could charm anyone. And charmed they were, from farmers to executives ... and scanning the room he found a small number of the party had arrived early and had reserved 2 sets... Continue»
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... not done. She threw a tantrum , called his mother. In general, learned about it my mom . It's like a wise ... daughter, Anna . In general, they are a lot of things from those that have not got into the container ... , we left in bales , and there were her things - all sorts , from shorts to coats and jackets... Continue»
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... straps. A wide, maybe 2-3 inches, strap was around her neck. It had many steel rings fastened ... lived in Spain, in a town named Cartagena. Near by, her father had a beach house on the Mediterranean ... tied her wrists together, then tied her elbows. Next I tied one end of a section to a overhead beam. I... Continue»
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... and curled 2 fingers into her hungry hole and started jiggling the tiny hood of her clit with his tongue ... liked her laugh it reminded him of his mom. Full of life and sexy. He was thinking about his mom while ... , and her in general made him grip his duffel-bag and drive it f***efully against his pulsing... Continue»
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Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 3

... belt, red 2 ½ inch heels and a tight, red, short-sleeved sweater. And the red in her clothes ... at how AMAZING her little bum looked with her wearing those tight white shorts and those 2 ½ inch ... . Even her feet looked sexy in those 2 ½ inch red spike heels. Man!

“Are you still... Continue»
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A Boring Summer Holiday - Day 3 - Friday Night

... decided not to complain. During an ad break, Jo turned to her mother, “Mom, will I show you what I ... bought today?” Her mom nodded. With that Jo Stood up and undid her robe, under the robe she ... .” Her Mom half nodded her approval on the purchases, and as the TV programme restarted, Jo sat back... Continue»
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Time marches on.

... in Miami, pretty hard to miss it. It's about 2 city blocks around, and 4 floors. As of last week ... , but they must be looked after by their owners. I had the pleasent surprise of waking up to a 2 month old ... and in college for automotive engineering, had left her door open. Her doors handle was changed... Continue»
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Timestop Day 3

... as her boobs were indeed overflowing the top of her very generic-looking white bra. Unable to resist ... not write this story

Day 3 – Friday

Warren was fucking Ms. Burkhart. It was in her empty classroom ... , her hands were on the board, he was thrusting into her from behind, both were moaning in pleasure... Continue»
Posted by themessenger 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Masturbation, Sex Humor  |  
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You Know I Can See You, Right? 1

... !""To be honest though," I told her, "I really prefer calling you 'Mom'.""You see? You are so naughty. I do ... 2 years later. My mother has always considered me "her baby", as the youngest of 3 k**s. When my ... support for endless years, so he simply gave her a huge sum and was done with it. Mom was very bright... Continue»
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Aishas Exercise pt3

... !"

Aisha sucked her father's knob for about 2 minutes, feeling it throb and noticing that her ... , Aisha."

"Aisha shouted back from inside her room, "Okay mom, have a good time."

"I ... "Sit here... yes that's right. Now let me place my thigh on your shoulder."

Her father stood... Continue»
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Christmas Part 2

... dangling from her shoulders. Her hand stopped its general movement; just her fingers softly tickled ... ://

Chapter 2

We were waiting to board our plane when I ... .

“Hope we get through.” I heard my Mom say to my father.

“Yeah, Atlanta’s lookin’ kinda... Continue»
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virgin s****r begin

... and generally fooling around when my s****r climbs her way up my body to try and dunk me. She seems ... to run her hand up and down my back and my side.

" Well, you know I told mom I was going ... on my s****r for about two months watching her change her clothes through her bedroom window. I never... Continue»
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Smoke Dreams

... while my mom, dad and s****r were out. Aunt Donna was my favorite. She was young, in her early 30s ... , always lipstick-painted look of her lips—coupled with the way her mouth was generally set—spelled ... would depend upon how I felt at that particular moment.

One play was based on a general concept... Continue»
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... Introduction:
A lonely mom that becomes obsessed with curiosity and her son
This one’s a little ... the generations from his great, great, great grandfather, Jeremiah Washburn. He always made me laugh. I would tell ... '.
It was easy to see that “The Washburn Curse” was going to skip a generation. From what I thought I saw... Continue»
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Neecy Cakes, 3rd Generation Porn Star

... Generation 3X video. The intro on the video was a compilation of my mom and grandma’s professional ... and men still ogled her in public and my mom never looked better. She had been off of d**gs ... and after a short while, his dick was at attention once more. I lubed it up generously with astroglide... Continue»
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