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Gay Toga Party

the toga party

... b*****r and his wife on such a wonderful <ddd>party</ddd>, and how well the theme of the <ddd>toga</ddd> <ddd>party</ddd> had gone down, especially as all the ... -cum reflected off the red bulbous head.
Maureen danced with <ddd>gay</ddd> abandon, laughing as she twisted and twirled, her long auburn ... ... Continue»
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Gay Toga Party

... , I looked down and I realised that my robe was in fact a <ddd>Toga</ddd>. A glance either side confirmed that my servants were also wearing ... and balls. After a few minutes of this, they lifted my <ddd>Toga</ddd> and poured oil onto my buttocks and arse. Strong fingers ... ... Continue»
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the night of the toga party

... and fruit, especially g****s, and dressed in the spirit of the <ddd>toga</ddd> <ddd>party</ddd>.
It was Roberts and Belinda’s 25th wedding anniversary. As they ... Belinda handed us a glass of wine and informed us the <ddd>party</ddd> was well under way and to mingle, it was a f****y affair ... ... Continue»
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First anal and first gay sex party

... about 20 when I went to my first <ddd>gay</ddd> sex <ddd>party</ddd>. Harry was a friend of my boss (the one that gave ... and expected to suck the cock everyone at the <ddd>party</ddd>. It may be four, it may be f******n men there, ... hit and welcome to John's any time he has a sex <ddd>party</ddd>. ... Continue»
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Gay Group Fetish Party

The local public <ddd>gay</ddd> fetish <ddd>party</ddd> started up a few years ago – it’s held once a month in the lower level of a <ddd>gay</ddd> sex/cruising ... it’s really hot.

I haven’t been so often to the public <ddd>party</ddd> since then – mostly private parties with groups of guys – but ... ... Continue»
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The Slut Wife Chronicle

... studying ancient Rome, we decided on a good old <ddd>toga</ddd> <ddd>party</ddd>. Everyone's been to a <ddd>toga</ddd> <ddd>party</ddd> haven't they?"
I just shrugged and nodded for ... to leave Goolamein. That wasn't a nude wives <ddd>party</ddd>, it was a blackmail <ddd>party</ddd>. That pile of images and the video turned ... ... Continue»
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Party Favor(s)

... more people than just band members, and the <ddd>party</ddd> was spilling out of our <ddd>party</ddd> house onto the lawn. I could feel eyes ... , 'Prove it, he said, and stood up and lifted his <ddd>toga</ddd> exposing his rampant member in the moonlight.

Both Thumper and ... ... Continue»
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This is a brief account of my sexual history

... feet. I was a virgin when we met and it was at a <ddd>toga</ddd> <ddd>party</ddd> a few days before my 19th birthday that he poped my ... again and he lifted my head and began pulling my <ddd>toga</ddd> off until I was in my bra and pants, kneeling on ... ... Continue»
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The Bikers Party

... and various escapades had occurred since the first <ddd>Toga</ddd> Mazola do. He had a hard core of ... kisses. Sweety said ‘you coming to the <ddd>party</ddd> tonight’, Mal said ‘try and stop me’. ... a better ratio. Jo was always up for a <ddd>party</ddd> and Jane, Jill, Shirley and Debbie were ... ... Continue»
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Party Favors

... for a small favour. They were going to a <ddd>party</ddd> on Friday night. A women-only <ddd>party</ddd>, but could he be an angel and pick ... reverie. "I don't know why you assumed that I'm <ddd>gay</ddd> but as well as not being <ddd>gay</ddd>, neither am I a r****t. I don't take unwilling women."

... ... Continue»
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Cast party

... talking much since he started dating Lucy, a wild and spirited <ddd>party</ddd> girl who had surprised everyone by finally staying with one ... the whole scene was definitely arousing. The scene certainly had a <ddd>gay</ddd> tinge to it, but I found myself not caring. I had never ... ... Continue»
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Party Slut 3

... this is still feeling really weird, like really <ddd>gay</ddd>," Ed stammered, "It's not like a joke now ... me who had enjoyed this strange crossdressing <ddd>party</ddd> orgy, each and every one of ... of just what it was the whole <ddd>party</ddd> were watching on the TV screen. I heard a ... ... Continue»
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Tightie Whitie Party

... to toss us
out on our <ddd>gay</ddd> butts. He was willing to ignore ... of them
at a previous <ddd>party</ddd> of Roger's. It'd been an ordinary cocktail <ddd>party</ddd> (men
only, as ...

"What time you want me there?" I conceded.

"<ddd>Party</ddd> starts at 9 p.m., condoms, wine, and beer ... ... Continue»
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I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 3

... rockin' keg <ddd>party</ddd>, where my older b*****r treated me better than he ...

'No, shit, man, but—'

‘and if it's that '<ddd>gay</ddd>' thing you're still worried about, c'mon! Give me ... him. And I didn't. He invited me to the <ddd>party</ddd>; he never did that before. He treated me ... ... Continue»
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BRAT MOG NAJBOLJEG d**gA 1. deo, Gay porno priča

... .
O, i ja sam mu se divio i obožavao ga! Daleko od <ddd>toga</ddd> kao Marko, bratski naravno, i ?edno. Moje divljenje prema njegovom 30 ... ... Continue»
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My First Gay Experience With My Friend

... and a celebration. As the <ddd>party</ddd> started to flow, so did the alcohol. The <ddd>party</ddd> went well ... man. I'm not <ddd>gay</ddd>, as I have a girlfriend of six years who was present at the <ddd>party</ddd> in question. ... knowing. So, that was my first <ddd>gay</ddd> experience. I hope you all enjoyed ... ... Continue»
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Straight guy at a gay party

... out.A lot of the banter was about sex.<ddd>Gay</ddd> sex.They often teased me,or pinched my ... in.
So when they were talking about a house <ddd>party</ddd> in Frans on Sunday night , I asked if I ... There was a crowd of about twenty at the <ddd>party</ddd>,and I was surprised to find it was ... ... Continue»
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Sex Party

... he was a member of a local club for <ddd>gay</ddd> and bisexual men who get together once a ... if I were interesed in coming to this <ddd>party</ddd> he'd put my name on a guest list. I ... which seemed to be a strange night for a sex <ddd>party</ddd>, but I decided to give it a go anyway. I ... ... Continue»
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The 30 Minute Gangbang

... was well d***k and stoned that night. It was at a university <ddd>toga</ddd> <ddd>party</ddd> on Cook's Hill when at three in the morning Peter ... ... Continue»
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my teen arse fucked by my older boss (gay)

... mum and my younger b*****r and my mum doesn't know I am <ddd>gay</ddd> .


A while after I left school I started college , I enrolled on a ... - errr I've done stuff with a 21 year old once at a <ddd>party</ddd>

Ben - so what did you get up to then ? He ... ... Continue»
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