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Gay Euro Trip, Part Two

Gay Euro Trip, Part Two

... seeing the sites and sucking the cocks. The following is a steamy account of my adventure.

Part 2 ... help thinking about my night of wild gay sex in Paris. I couldn't wait to get to Berlin and find ... the best gay clubs of Germany. I was feeling frisky and in the mood to really have a good time.

I... Continue»
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Gay Euro Trip, Part One

... seeing the sites and sucking the cocks. The following is a steamy account of my adventure.

Part ... just arrived from the states earlier that morning and other than buying some gay french porn ... was visible through my pants. I didn't care. I looked up the closest gay bar in my gay europe handbook... Continue»
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Gay Euro Trip, Part Three

... euro hunks, I was craving more meat in my mouth. I knew of a gay bathhouse that was having ... I arrived in Dublin on the day of Halloween ready to get wild. The previous 3 nights of my trip, I... Continue»
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Like a gentlemen, Jack opened the door and led me ... naked pussy but lingered there only a second or two before moving back to my breasts…. Angel slipped ... turned shuffled my legs making my thighs part and displayed for a few long seconds and went back... Continue»
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The Business Trip - Part Two

... Continued from Part One

I really was lost ... finished my coffee. Placing her suitcase on the bed I opened it up and hung two business suits ... in the closet. As I removed the last it revealed some very expensive lingerie, several panties, two bras... Continue»
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James: Gay Sugar Daddy, Part Two

... James:
Gay Sugar Daddy
Part Two

I got home from work and was so horny from sucking James until ... , it wasn't long before my fantasies would become a very intense reality.

Two weeks later... Continue»
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My True Gay Experiences - Part Two

... been with a couple of guys. He talked about how he was totally gay and how he had a boyfriend who ... nice stroking his hard but fleshy cock he suggested we watch some porn.

The gay porn he put ... not remember it feeling that good in years. But it was very short lived, like two seconds, saying he... Continue»
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Delilah and the Deep Blue Sea. (Part One.)

... .


(Part two in this story to appear soon. Your comments would be welcome.)

... was tripping out on acid when somebody told me that Sullivan County had declared a state of emergency ... with the two hundred and fifty micrograms of acid I’d taken and the Grateful Dead tracks we were playing... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - contracted pornstar

... !!!!

Contract Girl

The Euro star thundered into the channel tunnel. The internal lights flashed ... the carrying, but he couldn’t come with her, he had his own work, this wasn’t a day’s booking, not even two ... of her. It guaranteed work for the next two years. Sukky would be paid a salary, and well paid... Continue»
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Their Valentine Surprises

... ;In for a Euro, in for a Pound,’ was her feeling.

She knew what she was doing was pretty crazy ... into a huge smile, she saw his jaw literally drop.

“Oh…my…God! Gay!?! How did you ... for my Valentine’s Day present.”

“Oh, shit, Gay, I didn’t know&hellip... Continue»
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PART ONE...Having fun with a good friend on public

... for every part of our wild reckless trip. Please read on and every one better leave a comment Naughty ... was with one of my Bff/Bf/boy toy Alex, we were on a casual trip/adventure to L.A for the day. Well me ... . Next time you see he looks at you thru his him flash him, I agreed and we waited. a min or two had... Continue»
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The Trip to Chicago

... of the two stores that I have been working at. He said the other investors are very impressed with me ... to do, he's shown me one of his two homes. The one he has shown me is in Florida, A beautiful ranch ... that they are part of that club and they love to fuck on the plane when they can. The four of us laughed and said... Continue»
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College life 23

... tonight, Dad."

"Hmmm... Matthew, I still don't know what to think of my son being

I knew ... this long for it to be brought up. "Dad,
the biggest question is do you accept that I am gay?"

"I ... , I was a complete fool for what
I did. I missed so much in your life. Can I try to be a small part... Continue»
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College life 3

... heard, I do

"It's fine with me," Corey said. "What did they expect from two available
gay ... ," I stated since it was part of our previous deal.

"I think half the floor is going," Kris said ... .

"I know you love that shit," I smiled and said sarcastically. The sad part
was it was the truth... Continue»
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College life 30

... Friday, I did feel better after feeling awful for two days. Corey was with
me and had been nothing ... with the ski

"Who knows," Scott replied, shrugging his shoulders without much pep in his ... and get you some real lovin' from
some hot chick around here and not that gay shit."

"Damn right I... Continue»
Posted by ab8715 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Group Sex  |  
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... My parents in Iowa went to London for two weeks and sent for me on 9/26/13 to see the Minnesota ... -dressed man two stools to my left, who asked me right after I ordered if I was from America, which I ... the underground was easy, two stops and change lines, two stops and walk a block and I’m at Harrods... Continue»
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College life spring semester 18

... the fucking gay show is now over and done with," Bryson
said. "See ya later." The two left and headed out ... said.

"Dude, please tell us right now you aren't going to be a fucking gay slut
on the trip ... was maybe two bucks but none of us were rich
enough to make it big stakes.

"Corey, when you... Continue»
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Indiscretion's wages

... staff sergeant Tyler and I could go undetected, in spite of his insistence that the two parts of our ... for soldiers who turned out to be gay -and- no, daddy never did tell me who the other men were. I always found ... parts of the whole machine.

That being considered, there was no way that the relationship between... Continue»
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Power Trip - Chapter 3

... time. Two fags, unashamed of how gay they are, humping and grinding their bodies together. Would ... more times. She wanted him to sit in front of his computer and watch gay porn, which she had previously ... gay than straight? Does eating semen automatically make someone gay?

“Colin,” Veronica suddenly... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part XII - Exploration

... .
Katie walked past him on her way back upstairs, clutching two chilled colas to her chest. “Good ... !” Petra grumbled at Katie as she entered the bedroom. “What took you so long, did you have to trip ... , and not because of the picture that had come up on the screen. The picture was of two women kissing... Continue»
Posted by WriterJim 1 year ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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