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My Husband, My Daughter

... was done, it was successful, and they now had a
<ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>. She knew that phrase would not set well with ... than your husband becoming your <ddd>daughter</ddd>? Or
your son becoming (legally at least) your <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>?

I wish I could tell you what ... ... Continue»
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Daughter moves back home..

... <ddd>daughter</ddd> has recently moved back home with me and the wife, after splitting from her boyfriend, and brought our beautiful <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd> with her. I am 45, my wife is 39. our <ddd>daughter</ddd> is 22-our g.<ddd>daughter</ddd> is still just ... ... Continue»
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20 and 52 daughter and mother

... drink..ok i will.

on the wednesday her <ddd>daughter</ddd> came through as she said, but ... nice to,,

the following day the <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> must have slept over cos she greated ... that.

what to do i thought!! mam or <ddd>daughter</ddd>. i rang the <ddd>daughter</ddd> first and we met up ... ... Continue»
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Every day after school the wife
would go pick the <ddd>grand</ddd> k**s up
from primary school, bring them
home, feed them, do ... ... Continue»
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... "<ddd>GRAND</ddd> DADDY WANTS TO HAVE SOME PUSSY CUM FROM HIS HOT YOUNG LITTLE <ddd>GRAND</ddd> <ddd>DAUGHTER</ddd>". Nothing better than eating your <ddd>grand</ddd> ... soft cock. I wander if I could fuck my real <ddd>daughter</ddd>...HELL YES...IF I CAN FUCK MY <ddd>GRAND</ddd> <ddd>DAUGHTER</ddd> I KNOW I WOULD FUCK MY <ddd>DAUGHTER</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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sex sex

... day in my office imagining what the duo <ddd>grand</ddd> father and <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> were doing. Our purpose was in progress ... I understood Dadu had already started love-teasing his beautiful <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>!

I stealthily walked towards that room, silently knelt down ... ... Continue»
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My Widowed Daughter and Myself

... mouth. This was my <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s breast milk, meant for my <ddd>grand</ddd>-c***d. But, here I was - lustfully drinking my own <ddd>daughter</ddd>'s breast milk ! As I ... some for your <ddd>grand</ddd>-son. But please do not have sex with me "

Saying this, my <ddd>daughter</ddd> thrust her nipples ... ... Continue»
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The Late Dorothy

... and a bl**dy good figure. Pity I’m married to your <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>. I’d give you one.”


“Well I would. You are a ... I’m hungry.”

“You shouldn’t be. You and my little whore <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd> certainly went for it last night.”

“You heard us?” ... ... Continue»
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The Late Dorothy

... and a bl**dy good figure. Pity I’m married to your <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>. I’d give you one.”


“Well I would. You are a ... I’m hungry.”

“You shouldn’t be. You and my little whore <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd> certainly went for it last night.”

“You heard us?” ... ... Continue»
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Gangbanged by bus staff

... me. Her <ddd>grand</ddd> mother used to sl**p in a separate room. Since she was our <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> and very young too, her <ddd>grand</ddd> mother ... a strange experience after so many years, especially with my own <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd>. Raji pulled my dick in all directions arousing it ... ... Continue»
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Tom getting better

... arms to help relieve the tension.

“Hi, Grandad!”

Kelly, his <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd> strode into the room and put her school bag down ... say stop.

He wanted to say that she was his <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>

He said.

“Oh, Fuck! That is so good.”

Kelly grunted ... ... Continue»
Posted by samvimes 10 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 2540  |  
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Rural Love

... , I'll throw in. His names is
'Delta Dawn'. My <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> named him."

We continued to drive around and occasionally, ... got a big fanny!” I said smiling.

“Who would name their <ddd>daughter</ddd> Fannie?”

“I don't know, but that's what her name is.”

... ... Continue»
Posted by iamyourforever 5 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 8835  |  
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The Backpackers 1 – Lessons

... floor; “She’s totally nude and young enough to be our <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd>…” I felt their eyes burning on my naked skin as I slightly ... bathhouse perved on my swollen vagina and fondled their naked <ddd>daughter</ddd> between her legs.

It was just before 7pm as my ... ... Continue»
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my little holiday 1

... of a drinker. What I wasn't aware of is that my little <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd> had seen me and being curious decided to follow me ... if riding a horse. The super tight walls of my little <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>'s pussy were sending a sensation through my body like no other ... ... Continue»
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... on through his shorts and Jed's <ddd>daughter</ddd> Livvie who had blossomed into a beautiful ... and pointed his son towards his <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>.

"Suck it hard, lass," said the old ... Jed's spunk landing unceremoniously on his <ddd>grand</ddd>-<ddd>daughter</ddd>'s face was too much for him ... ... Continue»
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My Holiday in Australia to visit my f****y.

... her <ddd>daughter</ddd> who was 40 and her <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd>, they both looked much younger infact they looked like s****rs not <ddd>grand</ddd> mother, mum and <ddd>daughter</ddd> ... another day! I might even tell you what happened with her <ddd>daughter</ddd> and me. ... Continue»
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... my surprise her 19 year old <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> came in to view. Her smile ... screamed ...oh fuck fuck me. as her <ddd>grand</ddd> c***d watched.
She quietly stripped and layed ... this so bad in my life..
Her <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> said nana i want to try his ... ... Continue»
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Mother and daughter, party - fucking each other an

... . Paula, and her <ddd>daughter</ddd>, Lorraine. That made her feel better, after all if a mother was here with her <ddd>daughter</ddd>, well, then it ... like that before, honest.”
“Well do you want to, two <ddd>grand</ddd> a day, for a week.” Hans cut in.
She thought for a moment ... ... Continue»
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mom get pregnant by son

... smiling at me.

"No mom!" I said. "Her <ddd>daughter</ddd> brought him the lunch. So he ... When we were sitting for dinner, aunty's <ddd>daughter</ddd> came probably to spy on dad ... birth to her own <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd>. Dad acted as if he got a <ddd>grand</ddd> <ddd>daughter</ddd> and that made me happy. ... ... Continue»
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<ddd>Daughter</ddd> Replaces Wifebyspider007©
Characters: Hank and <ddd>daughter</ddd> Sissy, et al
Hank's wife dies in a car crash; <ddd>daughter</ddd> replaces her as Hank's slut ... set aside the fact that it might be wrong, the <ddd>grand</ddd> sexual sensation I was getting on my tits.

The ... ... Continue»
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