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Fun at the beach pt2

Fun at the beach pt2

... that just opened up here on <ddd>the</ddd> corner. I'm told it's <ddd>the</ddd> hottest shop on <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>. Wanna check it out?" Jim ... was now on hands and knees <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> edge of <ddd>the</ddd> immense bed. Lita kept <ddd>the</ddd> pressure on <ddd>the</ddd> tortured girl's cunt with her ... ... Continue»
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At the Beach (Voyeur, IR, Anal, Exhib)

... You'd better save that for later," he continued. "It's always <ddd>fun</ddd> <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>."

"Yeah, OK," I said again.

"Don't tell me, it's ... <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>. A bit to my surprise (why I don't really understand now), they all just more or less stumbled out of <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Amanda Bynes Day at the Beach

... some place less


Amanda looked <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> crowd <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>, which was dissolving as

<ddd>the</ddd> sun started to weaken its attack of ... sure had been worth it! What was wrong about forgetting <ddd>the</ddd> time

while having <ddd>fun</ddd> <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> anyway?
... Continue»
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Girls At The Beach Threesome.

... <ddd>at</ddd> age 36.

We had a <ddd>fun</ddd> day <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> and didn't leave until 5PM. Somehow it seems easier to carry <ddd>the</ddd> stuff to <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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a day at the beach

... a perfect figure. I’d be happy to help you pick something out <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> shop <ddd>the</ddd> next time we’re in Balamb.”

“Oh, no” ... and exclaimed, “That was really <ddd>fun</ddd>! Can we come to <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> again next Saturday?”

Squall shot <ddd>the</ddd> palm of his right hand ... ... Continue»
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At the beach just the other day…

... about <ddd>the</ddd> time I usually go for a swim.

<ddd>The</ddd> other day <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> I ended up with a lovely young assistant named Bethanny. She was quite <ddd>the</ddd> little ... rsquo;re a pervert, but being normal is never as much <ddd>fun</ddd> as being naughty. So Id be happy to fuck your ... ... Continue»
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Weekend of fun at black beach, nude beach

... of <ddd>fun</ddd> <ddd>at</ddd> black <ddd>beach</ddd>, “nude <ddd>beach</ddd>”
Well it all started out Sunday morning (father’s day) in San Diego California <ddd>beach</ddd>. My wife ... walking down <ddd>the</ddd> trail to <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>. It’s about 15 minute walk down to <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> and we both though <ddd>the</ddd> nude <ddd>beach</ddd> wasn’t where ... ... Continue»
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... brought about <ddd>the</ddd> beginning to <ddd>the</ddd> story and formed subsequent events.

When I was t*n we spent <ddd>the</ddd> whole summer living <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>, a quiet spot ... in place was spoiling my <ddd>fun</ddd>, I could see that <ddd>the</ddd> heat of <ddd>the</ddd> day and <ddd>the</ddd> strain of <ddd>the</ddd> rowing was making ... ... Continue»
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Summer at the beach

... <ddd>fun</ddd> (?) still ahead of us, we decided to spend some of it <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> local <ddd>beach</ddd> ... <ddd>the</ddd> way, we packed lunch for a picnic <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>.
Mum and Aunt Sue come out to <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Day at the Beach

... <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> is always great, get alittle tan, calm and peaceful atmosphere. and <ddd>the</ddd> sound of waves brushing against <ddd>the</ddd> sand. a ...
"alrighty, have a <ddd>fun</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> afternoon sir" I shrugged closing my eyes.
he slowly started walking away, his steps in <ddd>the</ddd> sand ... ... Continue»
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Day at the beach!

... off.

After that we settled into a regular day <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>. We read, swam in <ddd>the</ddd> ocean when we got hot, we ate lunch ... my neighbor across <ddd>the</ddd> way was enjoying <ddd>the</ddd> show. I decided that this was some <ddd>fun</ddd> shit and just kept going. <ddd>At</ddd> some point Merry ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt6

... Palm <ddd>Beach</ddd>. Apparently, some rich lady was putting on a show for charity for <ddd>the</ddd> women in her club. <ddd>The</ddd> show was to be <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> ... on <ddd>the</ddd> fabric until <ddd>the</ddd> outline of Emi's sex could be seen.

Emi was looking <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> woman and <ddd>the</ddd> woman looked up <ddd>at</ddd> her ... ... Continue»
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A day at the beach.

... do for work and <ddd>fun</ddd>. One of them is Asian, one is African-American, and two are Caucasian. <ddd>The</ddd> last one, I couldn ... <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> all day. Angela handed me a little card with their address scribbled on <ddd>the</ddd> back (in case I lost them in traffic on <ddd>the</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Woman Roller Skates Naked at the Beach

... skating regularly <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>. One sunny warm day <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>, she decides to live out her fantasy of skating naked in public. <ddd>The</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> is ... my face and running down between my breasts! This is <ddd>the</ddd> most <ddd>fun</ddd> that I have ever had in my life!

I stand ... ... Continue»
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" Might as well make it <ddd>fun</ddd>." she grins. I grab her and kiss her again taking time <ddd>the</ddd> feel her perfect breast and ... a small moan.

<ddd>The</ddd> rest of our time <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> was relatively uneventful, just sunbathing. We decided to hike back up to <ddd>the</ddd> car, and ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt8

... South <ddd>Beach</ddd>, pictures of <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>, pictures of <ddd>the</ddd> art deco hotels, and a big beautiful bed covered with a deep purple silk quilt. <ddd>The</ddd> ... Emi lowered herself into <ddd>the</ddd> warm water. She looked out <ddd>the</ddd> window <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> moonlight glittering off <ddd>the</ddd> ocean water 14 ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt11

... <ddd>the</ddd> city and over <ddd>the</ddd> familiar bridge to South <ddd>Beach</ddd>. It glided down <ddd>the</ddd> street leading to <ddd>the</ddd> exclusive condo and stopped <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> gate. <ddd>The</ddd> ... laughed.

"However, it is kind of <ddd>fun</ddd> to play a bit when <ddd>the</ddd> opportunity arises. Take a look over there," ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt17

... of <ddd>the</ddd> rich ladies she had met <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> fashion show in Palm <ddd>Beach</ddd>. Mrs. Whitman had flexed her considerable muscle in <ddd>the</ddd> modeling ... then reached out to stroke <ddd>the</ddd> girl's leg.

"Okay ladies, <ddd>fun</ddd>'s over. <ddd>The</ddd> magazine want's their studio ... ... Continue»
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Bitch at the beach

... him we were missing a <ddd>beach</ddd> party. He insisted I should go down with our friends as well.

<ddd>At</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd> there were barely fifty ... was a nice <ddd>fun</ddd> Ana, have a good night."

He then made his way up in <ddd>the</ddd> darkness leaving me there.

For <ddd>the</ddd> remaining ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt7

... look over <ddd>the</ddd> maid's shoulder <ddd>at</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>the</ddd> beautiful model. She smiled as she took in <ddd>the</ddd> sight of Angel lying on <ddd>the</ddd> table ... me use his condo on <ddd>the</ddd> <ddd>beach</ddd>. Why don't we spend <ddd>the</ddd> night there?"

Emi looked <ddd>at</ddd> Angel for a second. She knew ... ... Continue»
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