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Fun at the beach pt17

... the hot tub followed by my loving couple who were def in a higher state for this encounter, with the sexy fun at the beach in full view of anyone passing.

" This way " called Steve as i followed them through to the bathroom. the ... ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt17

Emi had flown to Los Angeles several days before Angel's whirlwind trip to Puerto Rico, so she was a little surprised when Angel called her to say she was making the trip. Emi felt a little left out but she realized that the job she was in LA for was very important to her career.

The job had been arranged by Marcela Whitman, one of the rich ladies she had met at the fashion show in Palm Beach. Mrs. Whitman had flexed her considerable muscle in the modeling world and gotten Emi hired to model for a spread that was going to appear in a big men's magazine. As one of the companies Mrs. Whitman owned was the biggest advertiser in the magazine, she had quite a bit of clout which they indulged by letting her "direct" occasional photo shoots.

For this particular shoot, Emi knew that Mrs. Whitman had hired her and a model from the west coast, a girl named Natasha Lee. Emi knew a little about Natasha because she had begun to appear in some of the ads that Mrs. Whitman had control over that Angel and Emi were now following closely.

Natasha was a very beautiful Korean girl who looked to be about 20 or 21. She had long black hair that fell to just above her rear end. For an asian girl, Natasha was very Rubenesque, that is she had very womanly curves but still had a slender waist and legs. Emi had admired what she had seen of Natasha so far, in fact, she thought that Natasha was almost as beautiful as Angel.

Emi arrived at the studio early so she could look around and get comfortable with whoever was going to be on the set. It helped her to relax when she knew the shoot was going to involve some nudity. She was pleased to see that Natasha was already there and seemed to be doing the same thing. She wanted to introduce herself, but she took a moment to look at the set they were shooting on today.

To say it was pretty odd would be an understatement. It looked like a camp for Vikings from 1000 years ago. There were big fake boulders, a campfire, bearskins, spears, and other props of the same vein all around. Emi shook her head and then headed towards Natasha to say hello.

"Hi. Your Natasha, right? I'm Emi and I guess we'll be working together today," she said.

"Hi Emi. It's great to meet you. I've seen some of your stuff in print. It's very nice," Natasha replied.

"I've seen yours too! The ad you did for Siesta Tequila was fantastic!" Emi told her.

"Thanks. That was actually my first big shoot. I was lucky it turned out as it did." Natasha said. "Listen, I worked one other time for this Whitman lady and it was a little weird. It was like she tried to keep feeling me up the whole time. Have you ever worked for her?"

Emi thought quickly about how to answer.

"Well, um, not sure how to say this other than plain and simple. Mrs. Whitman is a lesbian. It's a long story, but a friend of mine and I worked this gig in Palm Beach that she was involved with. It was rather interesting to say the least."

Natasha was shaking her head.

"Shoulda known. The way she kept touching me and saying that she needed to adjust my clothes or to put powder on my breasts. It was a little unnerving."

Unknown to the 2 girls, Mrs. Whitman was standing across the room watching them. She lusted for Natasha and her lust was particularly strong after Natasha had resisted her prior advances. So Mrs. Whitman came up with a plan, a plan to seduce Natasha so that she could get her hands on the asian beauty's incredible body. She was going to use Emi to do it for her, though Emi would be none the wiser. Her plan was to direct the shoot in such a way so that Emi's beauty and touch would seduce Natasha even as they were shooting.

She walked across the room to greet the girls.

"Emi! Natasha! How wonderful to see you. I'm so glad that I was able to hire 2 of my 3 favorite girls for this shoot." Turning to Emi, she said, "Emi how is your dear girlfriend Angel?"

Natasha looked at Emi slightly surprised, waiting to hear her answer.

"Um, she's just fine Mrs. Whitman. She's actually in Puerto Rico right now."

"Yes, yes, yes. Well, I have much to do and you girls need to get in wardrobe."

"Mrs. Whitman, exactly what are we doing today? This set looks kinda weird," Natasha said.

"Well, it's a fantasy theme like those paperback books from the 70's that had the girls in danger on the covers. You know, where a girl is chained while a Conan-type battles to save her. Except, there is no Conan today. You two are going to be fighting each other."

Emi spoke first, "Fighting?"

"Well, make believe anyway. Oh, and Emi, you're going to be the winner," the woman told them.

She stepped over close to Natasha and took her by the hands, pulling her to her and kissing her on the cheek.

"And to the victor go the spoils," she added as she raised a hand to stroke Natasha's face.

Mrs. Whitman then dashed away after she pointed at the wardrobe area for them. The two girls headed off to get dressed.

"Okay, weirdness is setting in yet again," Natasha said.

"Tasha, don't let it bother you. She's pretty harmless." Emi replied as they headed to wardrobe.

The two girls were quiet for a few minutes as the wardrobe staff fitted them with their "Conan" outfits. Both of them wore heavy leather bra's that had metal emblems attached. There were leather armbands and legbands. There were leather skirts, very short, and very cut up the sides. There was "warpaint" to put dashes of bright color on them. Finally, there were helmets that came down across the top of their faces. It was really quite fantastic.

Just before the girls went back to the set, Natasha approached Emi.

"Can I ask a question?"


"Um, before, when Mrs. Whitman was talking, she said you had a girlfriend."

Emi smiled at her.

"Well, yeah, I guess that's pretty true. I have a friend that you've probably heard of. Angel Enriquez. She and I are very, very close. It's something that just kinda happened to us. I can't explain it. But, it just happened."

"Angel Enriquez is your girlfriend? That's incredible! Her picture is everywhere! Magazines, calendars, everywhere. And she is your girlfriend? I never would have thought that she was......"

Natasha caught herself just before she said something stupid.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to....uh....I was just surprised

Emi took her hand, "It's okay. I don't mind you asking. I can see how that might have got your curiosity."

As Emi held the asian beauties hand, Natasha didn't move. In fact, she was looking at her hand in Emi's, almost fascinated by it. Emi put her other hand over Natasha's and gave it a squeeze. Natasha then looked up and the 2 girls smiled at each other. Their connection was broken by the Mrs. Whitman's voice.

"Okay, we are ready for our two stars on the set. Ladies, if you please."

Natasha tried to withdraw her hand, but Emi held it for another second causing Tasha to look her in the eye one more time. They smiled again before Emi let Tasha go and they walked onto the set.

"Now ladies, the two of you are great Viking warriors. You are in a fierce and lengthy battle. Your swords will clash. Your helmets will fall. Even your leather outfits will be damaged and torn. And finally, we will have a winner who will immediately enjoy the spoils of battle," Mrs. Whitman told them quite enthusiastically.

Natasha looked at her somewhat increduously while Emi was smiling. She could see where this was going.

"Very well then, let's begin. Photographer?" she said as she clapped her hands.

The photographer barked out directions to the assistants who handed swords to the 2 girls. They were positioned on the set and the "battle" began. The girls were directed through many shots using swords, knives, axes, and clubs. As they went, various dabs of makeup were added to make them look dirty or bl**dy. Parts of their outfits were either cut or damaged in some way as if each girl had been struck by a weapon. Finally, Mrs. Whitman stepped in.

"Now girls, the battle has been long and hard fought. But now it is time that one of you begins to lose," she said as she went to Natasha and put her arm around the girl's slender waist. "My dear Natasha, I'm afraid that you will be the loser today. Dear Emi will defeat you and she will then enjoy her reward. So, for the next several shots, you will be beaten down, you will fall, you will lose your weapons, and Emi will stand over your defeated body."

The shoot resumed as Emi "knocked" Natasha down once, twice, and a third time. Natasha lost her sword the third time she fell and Emi stood over her, pointing her sword at Natasha's heaving chest. She let the blade rub over the leather that barely covered Natasha's breasts as the asian girl watched. Mrs. Whitman smiled to herself as she watched her plan coming to fruition. She stepped in again to prompt things along.

"Okay, we are now to the climax of our little story. Natasha, please position yourself on the floor at Emi's feet. Emi, take a fistfull of Tasha's hair and pull her head back. Yes, that's it. Now, shake your fist in her face. Good. Now Natasha, hold up a hand as if you give in, that you surrender. Good. Now Emi, you must enjoy the fruits of your victory."

Emi wanted to hear Mrs. Whitman say it, so she asked a question.

"Exactly what do you want me to do?"

"Why, I want you to strip her of course. She is your prize. Just do it slowly so that we get all the pics we can."

Emi turned back to look at Natasha who had a nervous look on her face.

"Don't worry Tasha, it's all an act," Emi said reassuringly.

Emi moved around behind the asian beauty and crouched down. She wrapped her hands around the girl's waist and hugged her as she kissed Tasha's cheek. Tasha was doing a good job looking scared because that's exactly what she was feeling, but somehow, she was also excited. Emi was a very pretty girl and seemed very sweet. Natasha had taken an instant liking to her when they had met earlier. Now that they had worked their way through this shoot and now that she was going to be "helpless" in Emi's hands, she felt slightly aroused.

Emi held Tasha from behind for several shots as if she was capturing the beautiful warrior. She let her fingers play over the laces that held Tasha's leather top together. Tasha looked thoroughly frightened as she watched her captor untie the laces and slowly peel the leather bra back, letting her gorgeous breasts spill out. Emi held Tasha's shoulders back making her breasts jut out and up. Mrs. Whitman was loving every minute of it and the photographer was catching it all on film.

"Yes Emi, you can see your prize now. It is time to take it," Mrs. Whitman prompted.

Emi said nothing but let her hands rise up the bare waist of the asian girl until she gently cupped the girl's breasts from underneath. She lifted gently to feel the weight for a moment before she moved her hands over each breast and began to fondle her captive.

Tasha had her back against Emi's chest and her head down slightly as she watched her breasts being fondled. She couldn't help but to let a few small "ohs" slip from her as she felt Emi's soft but firm grip. She was still very nervous but the sight of beautiful Emi's hands on her was very arousing. Her eyes hardly blinked as she watched her breasts being massaged and fondled.

"That's very good Emi. Now, come around in front of Tasha. Push her back against that rock. Good. Now lift her arms up, there are manacles and chains to imprison her. One on each wrist. Now pull her head back, there is a leather strap that can go around her neck. Good, now she is helpless to you. Finish stripping her now, she is your prisoner, take her," the older woman said almost evilly.

Tasha was virtually in bondage now. Although the manacles were fake, they did effectively hold her arms out so that her movement was very limited. The strap around her throat didn't choke her, but held her head back so she was arched back over the rock. Her chest jutted outwards as a result. Her ripe breasts, and the rest of her body for that matter, had never been so defenseless before and the thought of being in such a submissive position was very exciting to her.

Emi stood in front of Tasha and looked at her beautiful captive. She had to admit to herself that the sight of her was pretty arousing. She had the strongest urge to just dive onto Tasha's body and take her. She had to remind herself that this was actually a photo shoot, not an orgy of some kind.

In the meantime, Mrs. Whitman had been shooing various people off the set until it was just her and the photographer left. The photographer was actually an employee of Mrs. Whitman's not of the magazine the shoot was for. This isn't normally the case, but for this special shoot, Mrs. Whitman had made sure that she had control of everything.

Mrs. Whitman started to wander slowly right to the edge of the set where Emi had begun to remove the rest of Tasha's outfit. She was unlacing the leather tie that held Tasha's skirt around her hips and pulling the skirt down the girl's slender legs. Tasha wiggled her hips to help the effort and also because she was excited. Neither girl realized that Mrs. Whitman was now on the set with them. She knelt down just behind Emi and began to whisper direction to her.

"Very good Emi. Your captive is now stripped before you. She is totally helpless. She cannot resist you. Her body is yours to control and to take. Yes, you like to touch her breasts don't you. And look at her face, she likes your hand on her. Listen to her, she is almost moaning as you touch her."

Emi and Tasha were looking right at each other as Emi aggressively fondled Tasha's breasts. They were both hearing the whispers of Mrs. Whitman and it had almost a hypnotic effect on them. Emi was feeling very dominant and Tasha was letting herself be dominated.

Emi let one of her hands glide down Tasha's stomach until it reached her belly button. Then, she slowly massaged her hand down lower until her fingers intertwined themselves into Tasha's pubic hair. Tasha twisted in her manacles as she felt Emi's fingers so close to her sex. Mrs. Whitman pushed her on.

"Yes Emi, you can almost touch what you want. You want her sex and she cannot stop you. She is your prisoner and you will take her," the woman commanded Emi.

Emi looked back up at Tasha's face as she let one arm go behind the girl's back to hold her. Her other hand moved lower through Tasha's pubic hair until her fingers lightly brushed over the tender petals of the girl's sex. Emi saw the arousal in Tasha's eyes as she let 2 fingers slowly push into the steaming girl. Slowly and gently they went in as Tasha slowly breathed in deeply. She felt an incredible surge as Emi's fingers penetrated her. She was so aroused by her submissive position and the fact that this beautiful girl was dominating her. Her eyes closed and she moaned openly as she relaxed and let Emi's fingers go all the way in.

Neither girl noticed that the photographer had stopped shooting now. In fact, he had left the room entirely and was in the hall guarding the door to keep everyone else out. It was now time for Mrs. Whitman to make her move. She gently took Emi's shoulders and pushed her away from Tasha's luscious body. Then, with Tasha's eyes still closed, she took over the ravishing of the captured asian beauty. Her arms wrapped around the girl as Emi had done and her fingers snaked into the girl's wet pussy to continue fucking her.

Tasha's eyes fluttered open briefly, closed, and then flew open again as she realized it was the older woman that was taking her now and not Emi. She was almost startled to realize that instead of the young, beautiful Emi, she was now in the iron grip of the 60 year old Mrs. Whitman. She looked down her body to see the woman's fingers plunging into her pussy. She tried to move herself but realized that the manacles and the neck strap were still holding her.

"Mrs. Whitman! What are you doing to me? What is happening?" Tasha breathed.

"Oh Tasha, I wanted you so badly, but you wouldn't let me have you," the woman whispered as she continued to ravish the beautiful girl. "I had to figure a way to seduce you. A way so that you would let another woman touch you. So, I set up this shoot With Emi, who had no idea what I was up to. But I knew that Emi did like being with girls, so I hired her to work with you. After that, nature took its course."

Tasha wiggled in her bindings as she watched the woman's fingers work into her pussy. She couldn't believe what was happening to her. She had never thought of having sex with another woman and now she had been seduced by the setting for the shoot and by this young latin girl so that Mrs. Whitman could take her. But her arousal was controlling her now and she settled back to let the woman take her.

Emi had moved around Tasha and was cuddling her face to the girl's breasts. She let her tongue snake out to tease one of Tasha's ripe nipples. Tasha squirmed as she felt this new stimulus. She looked down just in time to see Emi lower her mouth over a nipple and suck it in hard. Tasha's head dropped back as a bolt of electricity surged through her. The suckling of her breast was all it took to push her over the edge.

The shock that hit her was almost overwhelming as her body spasmed from a huge orgasm. Her head arched back and her body shook in Mrs. Whitman's arms as the orgasm rolled over her. Emi had to grab a tight hold so that she could keep her mouth on Tasha's breasts. The asian beauty rolled from side to side 5 or 6 times before the orgasm finally subsided.

Mrs. Whitman let Tasha go and eased herself back so that she could release the manacles and the neck strap. She pulled the girl slightly towards her so that she was able to lie flat on the floor. Then, she moved between Tasha's legs, pushing them far apart. Her hands wrapped under and around each shapely thigh as she eased her mouth down onto the girl's sex. Her tongue flitted out and teased over the girl's pussy causing Tasha to gasp for a breath. The woman did not tease the girl for long, but rammed her tongue deep into Tasha's saturated sex. Tasha's hands flew up as she grasped the woman's head and pushed her hard against her. The woman worked the girl furiously, her tongue shoving into her as hard as any cock ever could.

Tasha's head rolled from side to side, her black hair flying, as she felt another orgasm building in her. Emi had eased from suckling her and cuddled up to Tasha's shoulder so she could slide her arm under the girl and hug her close.

"That's it Tasha. Let it build up. You can feel her tongue in you can't you? She's licking you so good. You love to have your pussy taken don't you?" Emi whispered to her.

The prompting from Emi was all Tasha needed to cum again. She reared back and Emi held her tight as the orgasm rocked her even harder than the first. The darling asian girl could barely breathe as her body tried to survive the huge electrical shock she felt.

Mrs. Whitman finally eased off the girl and sat back to look at Tasha's taken body. The girl was stretched out, covered with the "battle" makeup from the shoot and now drenched in her own sweat from the sexual encounter she had just had. The old woman smiled to herself about how successful her plan had been and how she had ravished the asian model she had so desired. She sat for several minutes and stared at the spent girl. Judging by the way Tasha had cum, Mrs. Whitman knew that the girl would be back for more, that she would want more.

She dragged a hand across her mouth and then reached out to stroke the girl's leg.

"Okay ladies, fun's over. The magazine want's their studio back in 20 minutes. Better get yourselves cleaned up and out of here," she said as she picked herself up off the floor.

Emi, still nuzzling Tasha, whispered to her to wake her from her daze.... Continue»
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At the Beach (Voyeur, IR, Anal, Exhib)

"Hey dude, you wanna go to the beach today?" Balthazar Brown, better known as Beebee, asked on the phone.

It was a hot day and I was just sitting on my own, stark naked, wanking to a DVD Beebee gave me the other day. It was from his special selection with some hot, young teen action in HD quality. Beautiful, lithe, nimble boys and girls without a pubic hair in sight. I wondered how they had found so many young people for one movie. But then again, money is very persuasive. Probably more so for young people.

"Yeah, OK," I said without missing a stroke or any detail on the telly where one of the boys' cute boner alternated between another boy's tight, little bum and a girl's mouth.

"You don't sound too ... oh, fuck, you're beating your meat again, aren't you?" He laughed loudly. "You'd better save that for later," he continued. "It's always fun at the beach."

"Yeah, OK," I said again.

"Don't tell me, it's After School Orgy, isn't it?"


"But still, you'd better save yourself for later," he insisted. "I'll be over in five."


I just dropped the phone and watched one of the boys cum inside one of the girls while another boy came in the first boy's arse. Hot action, that.

Reluctantly, I let go of my cock and sauntered into the bedroom to get myself a pair of swimming trunks and a T-shirt. When I came back into the living room a few minutes later, a young, dark skinned guy in just a pair of diminutive swimming trunks showing a nice bulge was watching the DVD, mesmerised by the action.

"Oy!" I said as I had not seen him before.

He startled and turned round to face me, going from staring at the TV to staring at my half-hard cock instead.

"Oh, er, hi. You Geoffrey?"

"Indeed. And who the hell are you?"

"Oh, er, I'm Chokri, one of Tam's and Sam's boyfriends." He waved vaguely in the direction of the door. "Here to get you off to the beach in the car, and such."

A boyfriend of Beebee's daughters, Tamara and Samantha. "Right. Hi Chokri. Pleased to meet you." I pulled the T-shirt over my head and donned my swimming trunks. "Just give me a mo to find some sandals."

"OK," he said. "But you don't really need footwear at the beach." And sure enough, he didn't wear any footwear, just his slightly undersized, very tight swimming trunks.

"I guess you're right." I grabbed my man bag, tossed my mobile into it before dumping the whole thing into a canvas rucksack. I went into the bathroom to get a beach towel and some sun screen just to make sure I didn't get an overdose of UV rays later on — me being white and all.

In no time I had turned off the TV, locked up the house and followed Chokri to Beebee's car. It was brim full of people. The back seat was filled with three boys looking exactly like Chokri. Tam and Sam sat in the lap of two of them and Beebee was the one commanding the vehicle. Sam and Tam wore (if you could call it that) sheer, thin summer dresses they had pulled up to just under their armpits, revealing their hairless pussies and their firm breas1s — only, the breas1s were covered by the boys' hands. The boys wore skimpy, bulging swimming trunks, just like Chokri ... and Beebee, for that matter.

"Sit in," Beebee said and indicated towards the free front seat. "I hope you're OK with Chokri in the lap, it's only a short trip, you know."

"Yeah OK," I said and sat in next to him. "We'll probably survive."

Beebee lit up in a huge smile. "I'm sure you will."

I belted in and Chokri manoeuvred himself in on top, screwing his well-shaped bottom firmly down in my lap, so I could feel the heat of his bum through the thin layers of our trunks making my cock firm a bit, but not uncomfortably much. Seeing us seated, Beebee quickly pulled out and drove in the general direction of the beach. Shortly after we could hear some bustling in the back seat and the girls giggling.

Chokri turned his head to look back. "B1oody hell!" he exclaimed.

I turned my head too to see what he saw. "What the ...?" The girls had pulled their dresses completely off and were naked as day — and so were the boys. Tam and Sam were riding the boys they were sitting on and took turns in sucking the third boy off.

Beebee sneaked a peek at the backseat in the rear view mirror. "Fucking hell," he exclaimed. "You people better not soil my seat or you'll have to lick it clean!"

I got hard in an instant, and so did Chokri, if the expanding bulge in his trunks were to be believed.

"Hot, innit?" he said and slid his trunks down, letting his hard six inches out.

"Sure is," I replied. "But how in hell am I going to have any fun with you on top?"

"Is that sun screen?" Chokri asked seemingly completely unrelated as he pointed to the bottle at the top of my rucksack.

"Er, yes it is. Why?"

He managed to lift himself up a bit by holding on to the handle over the door. "Just lift your bum a bit."

I did and quite clumsily, he started to pull my swimming trunks down with one hand. When I realised what he was doing, I quickly gave him a hand and between us we managed to get them around my ankles.

"Oh shit!" Chokri said in a trembling voice when he saw my cock. "That's fucking big, man! Huge, it is."

He had no more than finished saying that when his free hand pulled the sun screen from the rucksack. He opened the tube with his teeth and swung his arm round his back and squirted a big dollop on top of my erection. He dropped the tube to the floor and started to rub the sun screen into my hard-on.

"Here goes," he whispered and slowly lowered himself on top of me again. He guided my erection to his bum and I could feel his tight sphincter slowly giving way. "Aaaah," he moaned as he slowly skewered himself on my erection. "Aw!" he groaned when my cock-head popped inside. "Fuckin' a!" he exclaimed when at last he was fully seated in my lap again, every single of my twelve-plus inches lodged inside him.

"That's the tightest arse ever," I moaned at the feeling of the warm and moist enclosure of his intestines.

"Hell's bells," Beebee cried when he heard me. "The little fuckers never let me do that!" He gave us a quick glance. "That'll have to change," he mumbled.

Then Chokri began to slowly ride my cock.

Beebee bent forward and reached towards the glove compartment while trying to keep his attention on the road at the same time. "Where the hell is it?" he muttered as he had opened the glove compartment and rummaged through it. "Ah yes, here." He pulled a digital camera out and managed to turn it on without quite coming off the road. He pointed it in our direction and snapped a few shots of Chokri and me. Chokri grabbed the camera from him and held it out towards the wind screen, lens pointing at us and clicked off a couple of selfies of him and me comfortably joined at my pelvis. He twisted round and shot a quick series of Sam riding one of his siblings.

Just as things were starting to get interesting, we arrived at the beach. A bit to my surprise (why I don't really understand now), they all just more or less stumbled out of the car, donning their scanty amount of clothes in public view of everyone in the parking lot. Not I, though. I had to don my swimming trunks before debarking, otherwise I would most certainly have fallen with them round my ankles.

"Just follow me, guys," Beebee said after locking the car. He was followed by the girls, each with two handsome guys on their arms and I made up the rear guard. Talking about rears, I quite enjoyed the view of six tight bums, one of which I had so recently buggered. (I couldn't quite watch Beebee's as he was in front of the young ones.)

Beebee led us up the beach about a quarter of a mile, until we reached a rocky outcrop that went out in the water and seemed to mark the end of the beach.

"End of the line," I said as we were almost at the outcrop.

"No, no," Beebee insisted. "Just you follow me."

Then I saw it: A young boy was climbing round the outcrop on a narrow ledge leading round the rock.

"Er, that seems a bit precarious," I said, seeing how the agile, little boy negotiated the rock.

"Well, if you fall off, I hope you can swim. It's quite deep right here, you see, but the rock goes down almost vertically right to the bottom, so even if you fall off there is little risk of hitting it."

"Oh, OK," I said, lacking a bit of enthusiasm. I had never had a head for heights.

One by one we followed Beebee, with me at the rear once again. I had put my rucksack on my back and kept my eyes glued to the ledge for fear of falling off. When we were about halfway round, I heard a loud scream: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" And like in slow motion, I watched Sam fall off the ledge and plunge down into the water. My mind was reeling: Sam had just plunged to her death. Shivering, I watched the spot where she had met her destiny. How the other people could be so calm, I simply couldn't understand.

"Keep going," Beebee said calmly. "The rest is a bit easier."

I was wondering why we kept going and were not going back to call for help but followed them all the same. In what seemed like an eternity, we reached the other side and climbed down one by one. Just as my foot touched the sand, somebody shouted "Boo!" and I almost had a heart attack.

It was Sam.

Her flimsy dress was drenched, which made it totally transparent and if only my heart had been beating, I could probably have enjoyed her beautiful, young assets.

"Hey, you look like shit, G." My name was Geoffrey, as you may remember, but my friends just called me G. "What's wrong?"

"Fuck," I said, quite relieved at realising she was actually very much alive. "I thought you were dead."

"Oh, poor you," she said and gave me a hug. "That tiny drop is nothing and it's in fact quite easy to swim around this outcrop." She held her drenched beach bag up. "But as you can see, it's not very practical to swim round it." She grabbed my hand. "Come, let's join the others."

I shook the gloomy feeling off and enjoyed being dragged by this young lady towards the others. They had put their towels down behind a small rock that more or less hid us from the few other people on this stretch of beach. Mostly very young people and all completely naked. When we had reached the bit behind the rock, we were out of sight of almost everyone else on the beach except for the young boy I had seen crawl round the outcrop earlier lying next to a girl about the same age as him. They were both on their backs, sunbathing with their eyes closed. The boys little pecker was twitching, not quite hard but not entirely soft either.

"Last one to get undressed is a loser," Tam teased as she pulled her thin dress over her head.

"Where? What? Er ..." I stuttered, not feeling quite in the loop.

Sam, the br*thers and Beebee had immediately pulled down their swimming costumes, which was a bit quicker than my undressing as I was the only one wearing a T-shirt as well as the swimming costume.

"G's a loser," Sam taunted while I was pulling my T-shirt off. She went in front of me and unceremoniously pulled my trunks down.

While this happened, I saw the boy and the girl from before were strolling in our general direction. They were almost identical except he had the cutest, little boner where she had a plump pair of labia. Beebee waved them closer and said, "Do you know how to use a video camera?"

"Yeah. Why?" the boy replied, giving his little hard-on a friendly tug while looking at Beebee's thick cock.

"Wanna earn a tenner?"

"Of course."

"That's the spirit." Beebee grabbed a compact, digital video recorder from a bag on the sand. "Here take this and start recording us. Please try to stay on the action."

"Yeah, OK." The boy looked into the bag. "You've got a digital camera too. My sis1er is a really good photographer. Do you want her to take some pics?"

"That'd be great," Beebee said and gave the camera to the girl. "I'm Beebee. What's your name."

"I'm Simon and that's Meg."

"Pleased to meet you."

In the meantime, one of the quadruplets whistled when he saw my half-hard cock. "Wow, that's the longest cock I've ever seen in real life."

"Fuck yes, Bash," his br*ther said. "It can actually touch his knee." He put a soft hand on my cock that quickly rose to full mast.

"How does it feel, Dan," another br*ther asked.

"Soft, hard and burning hot, Ame," Danish said while he kneeled in front of me. "I can't wait ..." I moaned from pleasure as he opened his mouth and slowly slid his warm tongue from my balls to my cock-head. "Mmmm, lovely pre-cum." He smacked his lips. "Yummy!" His br*thers and the girls started to surround me.

Simon had started recording and knelt next to us, legs slightly spread for stability and his cute, little boner prominently sticking out, curving nicely downwards.

Danish surprised me by kissing his way up my body until he reached my mouth and his hard cock was plying against mine. He grabbed my cock and slid the foreskin back, put his cut cockhead right up against mine, slid my foreskin over both our heads and started masturbating us while kissing me deeply. I had never tried docking before and loved the feeling.

"Oh fuck," Danish moaned. "I think I'm cumming soon!"

Sam had stuffed herself with a very long, thick, soft silicone dildo, half of which was buried in her pussy and the other half she held up with her hand as she positioned herself behind Danish.

Simon was recording everything just as Meg was clicking away from less than a yard away. I realised she was not quite as flat as her br*ther with her slightly budding breas1s and big, hard nipples.

"B1oody hell," Danish exclaimed when Sam pressed half the dildo up his tight arse. "Shit, I'm gonna cum right now." He shuddered and I could feel my foreskin ballooning with his hot sperm.

That felt really good.

When Danish pulled back, Ahmed was ready to lick us clean, all recorded in its colourful, vivid splendour by Simon. Megan was taking some seriously close close-ups of our cum-covered cocks and Ahmed's busy tongue.

So far I had buggered Chokri, docked Danish and had half a blowjob from Ahmed — what would be next?

I didn't have to wait long for that.

Bashaar gently pushed me down on one of the beach towels and straddled my legs, his erection sliding up along mine. He had a bottle of lube in his hand and squirted it generously on our hard cocks.

"You've got the most lovely cock," he moaned. "I just want to look at it and feel it on mine." He folded both his hands around our cocks to hold them together before he started to move his pelvis back and forth, using my cock and his hands as a substitute pussy.

Suddenly my face was in shadow. "I need some pictures of this," Megan said as she straddled my face. She did not quite sit on my face so I had a brilliant view of her hairless pussy with its plump labia and beautiful, moist pink opening. The way she squatted made it possible for me to see some way up her pussy and I was surprised to see that she did not have a hymen. "He's much bigger than Dad's," she whispered.

"Yeah, I know," Simon said from just behind her. "Longer and thicker."

She leaned forward and I could feel her little, firm breas1slets against my tummy. "This is good!" she exclaimed and clicked away. "You'll have to record it."

"I will," he said and suddenly I could feel his weight too as he was lying on top of his sis1er's back. He lowered his pelvis and his beautiful, hard cocklet came to rest right at her back entrance. His foreskin was slightly pulled back and the tip of his cockhead nestled dead centre at her tight anus.

"Shit, I think he's coming," Megan said as she suddenly moved back.

"Aw, you're breaking my cock," Simon cried when his cock started to bend because of her move. He immediately began to move back to but due to the inevitable reaction time, his cockhead managed to dilate her sphincter just enough that the cockhead disappeared from sight before he stood straight.

I could only feel the Bashaar's pulsating cock against mine and the hot sperm splashing all over my pelvis and lower tummy. I couldn't see it because of Megan, but I could see her little, dripping wet pussy and got to taste some sweet drops that fell on my lips.

Then she stood too. "Oh, great," she said. "I've got cum on my arm." She held it out and quickly licked it clean.

"Fuck, I love your cock," Bashaar said and started to lick me clean. "And I love the taste of my own sweet juice," he said with a wicked grin.

"Hah! As if your fucking sperm tastes different from ours," Danish said.

"But it..." Bashaar started.

"Fuck it does!"

Bashaar just laughed and quickly cleaned me up proper.

"Move away Bash," Tam said as she gave him a friendly push. "I'm on a mission to give this gentleman a well deserved release of his pent up supply of babymakers."

"Hey, I want some action too," Sam cried as she squatted above my head, slowly lowering her pussy to my mouth.

I couldn't see it but I could hear Megan clicking away with the camera.

"That seem to leave me no choice but taking action myself," Beebee said in his deep voice and just as Sam's wet pussy touched my nose, I could see Beebee's thick rod slowly dilating his daughter's puckered hole.

"Fuck, Dad, your bull-cock seems to pop my suffering arsehole. You're so fucking big, Stud!"

I traced my tongue across Beebee's cock on the outstroke and across Sam's pussy to her distended clit while I could feel Tam riding my love stick hard, not quite able to get all the way down on me due to my size. I could hear the girls kissing and Megan clicking away, otherwise my whole world consisted of Tam's hot pussy working my cock, Beebee's thick cock in Sam's bum and my tongue working Sam and Beebee.

"Come closer," Beebee called. "I wanna see your hands work those beautiful cocks ... Fuck yes, that's the way: Six guys and two girls ... You look great guys, in the hands of my little girls."

Tam had stopped her hard ride and sat down with my cock as far in as it could go. She slowly twisted back and forth, drilling her cervix against my cock-head. Slowly, really slowly, her cervix seemed to give way until suddenly she screamed as her bum hit my pelvis, my cock literally buried in her womb.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Tam cried as she slowly started to move up and down again, cautiously keeping my cock inside her womb all the time. "I just keep cumming! Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!!"

"I can't take it any more," Beebee moaned. "I'm going to dump my load in my darling daughter's shithole." I could see his balls contract and the muscles of his perineum contract in powerful spasms. "Aaaaannnnnnnngggggg!" he cried as he unloaded his sperm inside his daughter. "Those fucking girls are built to take my sperm." His sperm started frothing around his cock as it worked Sam's hole furiously and I had a hard time licking it up and keeping up with the gushing from Sam's pussy.

"Oh Dad, you're the best!" Sam cried as she came hard. "Your fucking thick dick in my arse makes me wet all over."

'Amen to that!' I thought, trying to lick her juices and Beebee's sperm up quickly enough to stop myself from drowning.

Then I felt splashes all over my body. The quadruplets had come as one, moaning and groaning while covering all of us in their hot boy-sperm. I was absolutely overwhelmed: Sam gushing her juices, Beebee flushing her with sperm, the boys spraying and the little ones recording it.

I came.

With a guttural groan my cock started pulsating, sending huge jets of hot sperm spraying Tam's fallopian tubes and filling her womb to overflow.

Next thing I remember is Beebee smacking my cheeks hard. I lay on my back staring up into the blue sky.

"Shit, I almost thought I had lost you there," Beebee said.

I shook my head groggily. "Why?"

"You went fucking limp," Tam cried in a shrill voice. "I could feel your cock pumping into me when you suddenly stopped and went totally limp."

"We almost thought you had died," Danish said.

"Uh-huh," Sam confirmed and wiped her eyes.

"Hell no," I said with a weak smile. "I'm not that easy to get rid of." I managed to sit up and felt the cracking of the dried sperm covering my body. "It was probably just a combination of the excitement earlier, a slight lack of oxygen from Sam's beautiful pussy in my face, the heat, the action and the fucking best cum of my life."

"Yeah," Tam said. "I'm still dripping like mad, so much sperm did you leave inside me."

Simon and his sis1er moved their stuff nearer to us and the rest of the day was not quite as vigorous as it had started but I still managed to fuck pussy, arse and/or mouth of each and everyone, including myself. Yup, I can quite easily suck myself off and love doing it, especially while watching so many beautiful people having uninhibited sex in front of me.

We were a tired lot when we said bye to the little ones and Meg and Simon made us promise to meet them again the following weekend.... Continue»
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Amanda Bynes Day at the Beach

It was one of those hot summers, in which long days of sun and heatdrove the

people towards the sea-shore. Amanda was one of them, seeking coolness in

the fresh salty wind that blew through her hair.

“Wow, this beach is crowded!”
Amanda said to her friend Janice, who had decided to come along

with her.

Actually, Janice was the neighbor’s daughter, but she and Amanda

had become very close, since Amanda had moved in at her new apartment last

year . She was thirteen years of age, three years younger than Amanda, but

somehow they always appeared to be on the same wavelength. In all sorts of

things…Janice shrugged and replied: “We should have expected this. It’s so

hot today!I don’t feel much anyway like just lying around all the time and

frying in the sun.” She smiled broadly as she said this, blinking at Amanda,

who giggled back.

Indeed, Janice was not the exact type for sun-bathing.

She had shiny red hair all the way down her back. It was matched by her fair

skin, which tended to get all freckled when exposed to the sun. Her eyes

were green and always smiling. Janice had a very petite figure, matching her

age, Amanda always thought.

That particular day Janice wore tight hot pants,

which emphasized her amazingly long and lean legs. Furthermore she wore beach

shoes and a t-shirt,through which Amanda could clearly see the nipples of

her bra-less, petite yet pert breasts.

Amanda wore a mini-dress that day, as

she also took pride in showing off her nice legs and slender posture. She

was quite petite, especially compared to Janice, they seemed the same age.

She had light brown hair which was also very long. She and Janice loved to

fix each other’s hair; as a matter of fact, that is how their friendship

started. Amanda had big, brown eyes and full lips and she made a somewhat

sensual impression. Not surprisingly, the girls made quite a lot of heads

turn, as they strolled over the boulevard, hand in hand.

“Well, if we wouldn’t have come so late, we could still have sun-bathed a bit,” Amanda

said, “but a walk along the sea-shore sounds fine to me too.”

“Hmmmm, how romantic,” Janice replied. “I just hope we can find some place less


Amanda looked at the crowd at the beach, which was dissolving as

the sun started to weaken its attack of tanning rays.

“I think it’ll be ok,” she answered smilingly, running her fingers tenderly through Janice’s full

red mane. At that moment they walked past an icecream-vendor. “Hey, do you

want some?” Amanda asked, pointing at the cart.

“Sure”, was Janice’s enthustastic answer, “chocolate and vanilla please!”

Amanda couldn’t help but grinning widely. As mature as Janice was in most things, she sometimes still

was a c***d.

“Two HUGE chocolate icecreams please”, Amanda ordered to the

boy behind the cart, fetching her purse.

“Sorry ‘Manda’, I only sell popsicles.”

Amanda looked up from her purse and showed a smile of

recognition. The boy behind the icecream-cart was Peter. She knew him from

high-school. He was about s*******n years old and had always drawn her

attention as he was so lively and friendly.

“Hello Pete!” she said. “What a surprise to see you here. What makes you run around with ice-cream at a

place like this?”

“Well, I need the extra money for my new car,” Peter

answered, as he handed over two large chocolate-popsicles to the girls,

peeking at them from under his cap, “but these are on the house.”

“Well, thank you,” Amanda replied. “May I introduce you to Janice? She’s a good

friend of mine.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Janice said and she stretched out her

hand. Peter took it carefully and made a bit of a shy impression.

Amanda smiled at him and said: “See, it may not seem so at first, but Janice and I

have a lot in common.”

She took her popsicle, wrapped the foil off it and opened her lips widely. Then she shoved the popsicle in her mouth as far as she could, sliding it back and forth. Janice giggled at first, then she

followed Amanda’s example. The two girls made a little game out of it who

could get the popsicle in the farthest. Amanda won, of course, as she had

the most experience with making room in her throat. Janice managed to get a

whole lot of the large thing between her lips as well, though.

Peter looked at it all, amazed at first, looking if there were no other customers

arriving, but grinning wider and wider all along. The little contest ended,

when the ice was almost fully melted by the heat of the two girls’ throats.

“Hmmmm, that was good,” Amanda said, blinking at Peter. “I’m sure you have

more to offer.”

Peter seemed to blush a bit, or was it the heat? Anyway,

Amanda decided to change the subject and asked: “How long do you have to

work every day?”

“Usually from afternoons till sunset,” Peter answered,

“though in the eveningsthings usually are not so busy. I move up and down

the boulevard a lot though.”

“You keep in shape very well then,” Janice

replied. Amanda looked at Peter’s body and nodded agreeingly.

“Well, here are some more customers. Work to do!” Peter said. “See you guys sometime.”

He smiled at the girls, who made place for the new group of people. They

waved him goodbye and continued their walk down to the beach.

Amanda and Janice decided to lie down in the evening-sun a while after all. They

changed into their bikinis, which were very skimpy indeed. Amanda enjoyed

this a lot, as she had the opportunity of smearing Janice’s body with

sun-block all over. She loved the feel of her young friend’s soft skin under

her fingers, as she spread the oil all over, kneeding her supple flesh.

Janice had a hard time not to moan too much, as she was very sensitive to

touch. Of course Amanda got her treat as well. Janice’s fingers were soft

and gentle and Amanda dozed off under her touch.

The sky was darkening more and more, when Amanda took Janice’s hand and walked with her towards the


“What a lovely evening,” Janice said, “it’s going to be a

beautiful red sunset.”

“No sunset can match the beauty of your red hair,”

Amanda answered, as she pulled Janice towards her and kissed her face


“Please don’t.” Janice pulled back a little, unwillingly, but still.

“There are people watching.”

Amanda looked over the beach. There were a few

people there, mostly other couples, waiting for the sunset. Nothing scary,

but she knew that Janice felt a little uncomfortable expressing her feelings

in public.

She took Janice by the hand and said: “Okay then, let’s go for a

little walk.”

After Amanda took some stuff with them, she and Janice

strolled along the sea-shore, holding hands all the way. As Janice began to

feel more comfortable, she pressed her body closer to Amanda’s. “Nobody is

watching us now, sweetie,” Amanda said, as she wrapped her arms around

Janice’s supple body.

Indeed, they appeared to have reached a more or less

secluded part of the beach. As Janice was somewhat smaller than Amanda, she

raised her head and softly pressed her lips on those of her lover. Amanda

ran her fingers through Janice’s hair, answering her kiss. She slowly slid

her tongue through Janice’s lips, getting aroused by the taste and feel of

Janice’s tongue playing with hers. Nobody could kiss so fine as Janice! She

surely was naturally gifted.

Amanda felt her desire increasing explosively,

when Janice wrapped her arms around her and pressed her breasts against her

body, rubbing her hardening nipples through the fabric of her bikini-top

against Amanda’s stomach. Amanda dropped her top and lowered herself a bit,

so their breasts met, Amanda’s titties against the little, but taunt tits of

her young friend. The feeling of their nipples rubbing together gave her a

tingling feeling in her stomach, all the way down to her crotch. She took

Janice in her arms and started to softly pull her down with her.

“No wait,” Janice mumbled. It took Amanda some seconds to regain her senses



“Well,” Janice said, “we could still be seen here.”

Amanda stood up, sighing deeply at first, but smiling at Janice again, as she started to

caress her hair.

“But I saw something where we could hide a bit,” Janice

continued and she pointed along the beach.

Amanda looked and saw an old, secluded boardwalk, which rose quite high over the beach.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea,” she said and she took Janice by the hand again.

“No wonder that there’s nobody at this place,” Janice said as she and Amanda arrived at the

old, wooden pillars. “It’s all stoney here.”

“Well, I’ll give you something soft to sit on,” Amanda replied.

She took a big towel out of her bag and spread it over the floor under the boardwalk, removing some bigger stones.

Then she sat down against one of the pillars. Janice took the hint and stood

over Amanda, softly running her hands through her hair. Amanda replied by

pulling her closer, nibbling Janice’s thighs as she caressed her butt and

back of her legs. Then she started to pull Janice lower, tucking her

g-string teasingly with her teeth. Janice lowered herself over Amanda,

sitting on her lap, so Amanda could wrap her arms around her. At that time,

the sun appeared under the boardwalk, spreading its red light over the

tender couple. Amanda, facing the sun, saw how the light gave Janice’s hair

a mysterious, bright glow.

“Oh Janice,” Amanda whispered, “you’re so beautiful.”

She wanted to say more, but her words got smothered by Janice’s

tender kisses. Amanda gave in fully, sucking her lover’s tongue in her

mouth, playing with it, tasting it. She started to undo Janice’s top and let

it slide off. Janice softly kissed Amanda in the neck, moaning softly, as

Amanda massaged her breasts gently, rolling the hardening nipples between

her fingers. Amanda felt the wetness between Janice’s legs increase,

especially as she began to rub her crotch against hers. This was a sign for

Amanda to slide Janice’s g-string off and to get rid of hers as well.

There was no pubic hair that could stand in the way. Amanda and Janice shaved each

other regularly, making a loving game out of it. Amanda let go of a deep

moan, when she felt Janice’s naked pussy slide over hers. She bent Janice

backwards a bit and ran her tongue over her little breasts, licking between

them, sucking the hard nipples as she rolled her tongue around them.

Janice answered by arching her back and spreading her legs even more, rubbing her

labes and clit f***efully over Amanda’s. Janice came. She moaned loudly as

large amounts of fluids gushed out of her pussy, running over Amanda’s

crotch. When Amanda felt her lover spasm, her own orgasm wasn’t far either.

“Ooooohhh.. baby… you’re so good…aaawww…”

She took hold of Janice

tightly, as that electrifying feeling took control over her body. She let

herself slide sideways from the pillar, taking Janice with her, so that she

straddled over her. Still aroused by her orgasm, Amanda turned around over

Janice’s body, straddling over her head as she spread Janice’s legs,

positioning for a sixty-nine. Janice lifted her head and began to circle her

tongue around Amanda’s pussy. Amanda first caressed Janice’s labes gently,

trying not to get too distracted by the wonderful things Janice was doing

between her legs. She shoved her fingers deeply in Janice’s vagina,

caressing her labes with the tip of her tongue. Janice moaned in exstacy,

stopping for a while. Amanda spread her legs wider, granting Janice more

access. But Janice didn’t need the hint. She shoved her tongue deeply

between Amanda’s labes, sucking her clit fiercly, causing huge amounts of

pussy-juices to flow over her face.As a result, Amanda attacked Janice’s

clit, giving it a blow-job as it grew bigger. Both girls orgasmed almost at

the same time. Their screams must have been heard at a long distance, but at

this moment, they couldn’t have cared less. They lied next to eachother on

the blanket under the boardwalk for a while, kissing the cum from

each other’s lips.

“I’m so lucky I’ve found you,” Amanda whispered in Janice’s

ear. As a reply, Janice squeezed her playfully.

“We’d better get dressed and get back again,” Amanda said. “It’s getting pretty dark already.”

So they put on their ordinary clothes and walked back along the shore again, enjoying

the last bits of red sky as they reached the public beach, which was still

not completely empty. When they walked up the boulevard, they saw Peter’s


“Hi there, Pete,” Amanda said. “You’re still at work? Sales must have

been pretty good.”

“Hey, you’re still here!” Peter replied, smiling happily

at the girls.

“Yeah, things have been pretty busy today,” he continued, “but

now my day is done!”

“That’s what YOU think,” Amanda said, blinking at him

seducively in an overly obvious way. “We still didn’t pay for our ice-cream.

I hate to have debts.” She and Janice exchanged meaningful looks and Janice

smiled broadly.

“Hey ladies, the ice was on the h…”Peter stopped, suddenly

knowing what was going on. He grinned widely,examining the girls with full

interest. Then he turned to his cart again.”I have to bring this thing back

to where it belongs,” he said.

“Well, we can come along with you,” Janice

answered. Peter nodded and so they went, Peter pulling the cart up the

boulevard with the two girls helping him out. They arrived at a shack, a

little walk away from the boulevard. Peter took a key and opened the


“This ice-hut belongs to my uncle,” he said. “Through him I got this

job, see.”

There was a huge refrigerator in the middle of the room. A door

lead to another room behind that. Peter stored the cart and let the girls

enter the back-room before him.There was an old sofa there. A naked

light-bulb was hanging from the ceiling. Peter switched it on and kicked off

his shoes.

“I know, it’s not a palace,” he said, “but do sit down.”

“It’s okay,” Amanda answered, “we have everything we want.”

She walked over to Peter and kissed him. He seemed a bit surprised at first, but then gave in

and kissed her back intensely. Janice stood behind him and started to place

little kisses in his neck.

“Hmmmm, you seem to be the timid type,” Amanda

said, as they had been kissing a while, without him doing much more. “But I

know just the thing for it.”

She kicked off her shoes and sat down on the

sofa, pulling Peter with her. Janice sat behind her and started to fondle

her dress, opening the back zipper,sliding the dress off her shoulders. Then

she placed kisses all over Amanda’sshoulders and neck. Amanda turned her

head to engage in a deep french kiss with Janice, who slid her hand between

Amanda’s legs.

She pulled up the skirt,allowing Peter a nice view on

Amanda’s bare pussy. Amanda also didn’t wear her bra, so Janice started to

fondle her breasts with her one hand, as she parted Amanda’s labes with the

other. She slid her fingers in, rubbing the swelling labes and clit softly.

Peter began to caress Amanda’s legs, moving his mouth towards her breasts.

He took her nipples between his lips, sucking them and tucking them lightly

with his teeth.

“See? I knew you’d come along,” Amanda moaned.

Janice stood up and sat down behind Peter, who continued slowly, but securely. Janice

also kicked off her shoes and then let her pants follow, along with her

t-shirt. She was the first to go naked, but Amanda soon followed, as Peter

hepled her to take off her dress.

“Your turn,” Janice whispered.

She helped Peter out of his t-shirt, mean while placing kisses all over his back. She

licked his ears, as she pressed her hardening nipples against his back,

wrapping her arms around him from behind. Peter moaned, as Amanda joined in

by licking his nipples and stomach. Janice slowly started to unzip his

jeans. Then Amanda took over and pulled the trousers off his legs. When he

was only sitting in his boxer shorts, Janice, still sitting behind him,

started to caress his breast and stomach, moving her hands down till she

slowly slid one of them inside his shorts. Peter gasped a bit, when she took

hold of his dick, pumping it slowly in her fine, little hand. His rod grew

fast and soon Janice could hardly wrap her fingers around it.

“Wow, he’s a big one,” she said.

“Really?” Amanda replied. “Let’s see.”

She slowly pulled Peter’s boxer shorts down, revealing an indeed large and thick stick. Peter

just smiled. The massage Janice gave to his dick seemed to be a good one,

though she had a bit trouble handling it. Still she kneaded the flesh up and

down, squeezing the head lightly, sometimes rolling his ballsthrough her


“That looks tasty,” Amanda smiled.

Janice understood and let go of

Peter’s dick, who sighed deeply. Amanda took his rod in her hands, giving it

the same kind of massage Janice did. She started to run her tongue up and

down the shaft, unleashing little moans from Peter. Janice turned Peter’s

head a bit and french kissed him deeply, as Amanda took each of his balls in

her mouth seperately, massaging them with her tongue. After that she licked

her way up his dick again. When she was up, she parted her lips, sliding the

tip of the head in. She pulled it out, just to form her lips over Peter’s

dick again, taking it deeper this time. She repeated the pattern, slowly

taking in more and more. After a while she paused a bit, jacking Peter’s

dick, using her spit for lube.

“Well? Like it?” she said.

It was needless to ask. Peter was grinning widely, obviously at the peak of his joy.

“Don’t you want to join in?” Amanda smilingly asked Janice, who was still sitting

behing Peter, caressing him.

“I have an idea,” Janice replied.

She stood up and went out of the room. Amanda and Peter heard some noises coming from the

other room, but didn’t think about it too long, as Amanda took his cock back

between her lips, taking him deeper still with each instroke. When Janice

returned, she appeared to have brought some plates with ice-cream on them.

“I just took some popsicles and mashed them,” she said.

Amanda didn’t answer.

She just had Peter’s dick in half-way down her throat. Janice walked over to

her, took some ice-cream and started smearing it over Peter’s balls and the

base of his dick.

“What the … ” Peter began, but he silenced as he felt the

sensation of two pair of lips on his dick.

Amanda bobbed her head up and

down, her lips tightly around his rod, as Janice began to lick the ice off

his balls. The sensation of cold and hot was overwhelming for Peter. This

became even more intense, as Amanda stopped for a while, letting Janice take

over. Janice took some ice-cream and smeared Peter’s dick in with it. Then

she took some in her mouth and slid her lips over Peter’s dick-head, taking

it in slowly. Peter moaned loudly, as he felt his rod slide through the cold

mass into Janice’s hot throat. Rather than bopping up and down, Janice just

swallowed Peter’s dick in more and more, letting him enter as deep as he


“Owwww, you naughty little girl,” Amanda said laughingly. “I know a

young girl like you just LOVES ice-cream. Now you beat me at the game after


Amanda crawled behind Janice, who was kneeling on the floor, and

wrapped her arms around her. She searched for Janice’s hairless pussy and

slid her fingers between her labes. Then she decided to lie down on the

floor, letting Janice straddle her face as she attacked her pussy with

fast-moving attacks of her tongue. Janice shuddered. Not only from Amanda’s

actions, but also because Peter’s dick started throbbing in her mouth.

He pushed it in almost fully, as his breathing got erratic. Short after that

Janice felt a warm stream of sperm being shot in her throat. She took out

his dick, which squirted one last shot of cum against her lips. Janice

licked it off and then let herself slide back at the caresses of Amanda, who

had wetted one finger with Janice’s richly flowing pussy-juices and shoved

it up her ass.

Peter looked at the girls engaging in their horny game. He

kissed Janice, who was leaning forward on the sofa to let Amanda’s tongue

and finger enter her deeper. Peter caressed Janice’s cute, lovely breasts,

kissing them. For a few seconds he just looked at her, while she squirmed

under his and Amanda’s tender caresses.

Such a young girl, but already so

sensual and ready for action. He almost couldn’t believe it. Peter felt like

he was in a dream. He slid off the sofa and decided to take care of Amanda’s

unattended pussy. He remembered the sensations of cold and wet he

experienced and took some of the ice-cream from the plate. He smeared it

gently between Amanda’s thighs and then softly licked it off again, closing

in on her pussy, which was already throbbing with anticipation. Then he took

some of the ice-cream and softly smeared it over Amanda’s labes. The

reaction was immediate: a shock went through Amanda’s body, as she let go of

a deep “oooahhhhmmmm…”

Obviosuly she couldn’t say more, as Janice was

pushing her pussy against her lips. Peter put some ice-cream on his tongue

and shoved it between Amanda’s swollen labes. He spread her pussy and

started to eat it out, causing Amanda to jerk her hips upward madly. It

didn’t take long before Peter noticed how the excitement of the girls rubbed

off on him as well. His dick was rising fast again.

After he had licked out

the last bit of ice-cream out of Amanda’s pussy, he straddled over her legs,

facing Janice’s back, which he began to caress up and down as he let his

dick close in on Amanda’s cunt. Amanda seemed to utter a smothered cry of

joy, when Peter slid his dick between her wet and waiting labes. He wrapped

one arm around Janice, kissing her where he could, while he started to

thrust his dick back and forth. Amanda came within seconds, as Peter also

stimulated her clit with his fingers. His dick slid back and forth in her

soaking wet pussy while he turned Janice’s head for a deep french kiss.

Obviously very aroused, Amanda shoved one more finger in Janice’s arse,

sliding both fingers back and forth f***efully. Peter saw it happen and he

also noticed, how excited Janice reacted to that treatment.

He bent over to her and asked: “Wouldn’t you like something real in there?”

Janice just replied by searching his lips and kissing him deeply.

Amanda took her fingers out of Janice’s arse and said: “Just be careful, Peter. She has

never done this for real before.”

Then she gently parted Janice’s cute,

well-formed butt-cheeks. Janice reacted by bending forward over the sofa

even more, sticking her butt backwards, so Peter could clearly see her pink,

little star. He hesitated though, as it all seemed so small to him. This was

a thirteen-year old girl! How could she ever take his dick up her


Janice seemed to read his thoughts as she said: “Don’t worry, Pete.

Amanda just stretched me back there and I know she will take good care of me

from the other side, as I’m sure you will too when you enter me there.

Besides, I am used to a little pain.”

“Okay darling,” Peter replied, as he

stopped his slow thrusting in Amanda’s pussy. He slid his dick out, which

was all wet from Amanda’s juices.

“See?” Janice said, as his dick closed in

on her arse. “Your dick is already lubed too….”

The last word ended in a

little squeal, as Peter pressed the head of his dick against her anus and

started to f***e it through. Janice’s arse opened up slowly. Peter stopped

a while with pushing his dick in, as Janice let go of a deep whining and

moaning, which definetely sounded like cries of pain to him. But Janice

urged him to go on. Amanda obviously did a good job between her legs,

mellowing the pain by sucking and licking Janice’s labes and clit. Peter

also caressed Janice’s breats and shoulders, kissing her in her neck, as he

continued to f***e his rod up her arse.

Finally, after some while,

Janice’s butt-hole opened up completely and swallowed the head of Peter’s

dick. Peter moaned loudly, loving the feeling of Janice’s anal muscles

massaging his hot rod. Janice shuddered and whimpered a bit, which Peter

actually began to find quite a turn-on. He pushed his dick some one or two

inches further up her arse.

“Oooohhh, you’re so tight,” he moaned in Janice’s

ear. Indeed, he never had felt such a a grip on his dick before.

“Fill me,” Janice whimpered, “don’t let go. Stretch me, fuck me there, deeper…

please… ”

As she said these words, Peter felt how her arse began to relax

and he slid some two inches further in. This girl was truly opening up to

him! It didn’t take Peter much more effort to push his dick in fully.

Unbelievable! This fragile girl had his huge dick all the way up her arse!

He bent backwards a bit and looked down as if he couldn’t believe it, but he

clearly saw his rod disappear in the tightness between Janice’s butt-cheeks,

which had been stretched enormously. He also saw Amanda’s beautiful body.

Amanda was still treating Janice’s pussy, causing Janice’s ass to squeeze

his dick.

Peter slowly pulled his dick back again, which caused a deep sigh

with Janice. When Peter was almost fully out, he f***ed his dick back in

again, much faster this time. Janice held on tight to the pillows on the

sofa and moaned. Peter began to repeat the pattern, sliding back and forth

in long strokes, gradually increasing speed. Peter had just slid his dick

fully up Janice’s ass again, as Janice came with a loud, whining scream. Her

anal muscles spasmed around Peter’s rod ecstatically. Through this Peter

reached his own orgasm in no-time. He almost blackened out, as he shot his

sperm up Janice’s arse. His dick slid out of the tight hole, so the last

shots of cum landed over Janice’s back and then over Amanda’s shoulders.

“Oh my…” Peter sighed as he rolled on the floor on his back.

As he looked at the girls, he saw that Janice was licking his cum off Amanda’s shoulders.

Amanda then held Janice tight to her, smearing the cum on her back all


“You were a good girl,” Amanda whispered in Janice’s ear. “A good girl.

I knew you could do it.”

Janice smiled happily at Amanda and then kissed

her. Amanda blinked at Peter and he could do nothing more but smile back and

nod agreeingly.

“Well, if you want to take a shower, there is one just

outside,” Peter said after a while.

The girls didn’t hesitate and decided to

wash off the sweat and cum off each other’s body. They also washed Peter all

over, paying special attention to his dick, which was a bit greasy from

having been all the way up Janice’s arse. Peter brought the girls home in

his car, receiving deep goodbye-kisses.

“Tomorrow, same time same place?” Peter asked, when the girls stepped out of the car.

“Who knows?” Amanda

answered and she blinked meaningfully.

She and Janice walked up the doorway hand in hand. They sure had a lot of explaining to do to Janice’s parents,

but hey, it sure had been worth it! What was wrong about forgetting the time

while having fun at the beach anyway?
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Girls At The Beach Threesome.

It started early Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend when I got up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. We were renting a beach house in the Outer Banks and I was really thirsty from the veggie pizza we had for dinner. I slipped out of bed and headed to the kitchen. I heard the living room TV on and assumed the two girls had come back late from their meet up with the boys they earlier teased at the beach, watched some TV and had left it on. I caught a glimpse of the TV from the space between the kitchen and living room and it looked like a Skinamax late night soft porn was playing.
girls from ""
I kept going past the kitchen to turn off the TV, caught sight of movement on the couch and stopped. I saw my girlfriend's eighteen-year-old daughter Maria, laying on her back, eyes closed, and her blonde friend Anna was on top of her, had pushed up Maria's top and was sucking Maria's firm, perky, B-cup tits. Maria was whispering quietly and making little "mmmm" sounds as Anna worked her mouth over those hard, perky nipples. Both girls were into it and I stayed rooted at the edge of the room watching Anna suck on Maria's perfectly firm tits. Anna also had a hand between the two of them and was rubbing herself or maybe Maria. It was pretty damn hot to see the two of them having a little girl-on-girl action. Maria had long, gel-manicured nails like her mom and was running them through Anna's blonde hair when suddenly Maria opened her eyes and focused them on me.

"Oh my god!" Maria said. And tried to push Anna off her.

"He's been here for a minute or more. Watching us. It's ok." Anna said and held Maria down and sucked on her nipple again.

"It's not ok. He's mom's boyfriend." Maria hissed.

"Shush girl. I'm sure he's seen two girls having fun before." Anna giggled and took a big slurp on Maria's nipple. "Let him perv us for a little bit. It makes me really wet. Lets give him a bit more of a show. Then he can go wake up your mom and give it to her good." Anna said lightly as she reached behind herself and tugged her green miniskirt hem up over her ass cheeks and bared her thong-covered, ultra firm and small teen ass before sliding further down Maria's body, pushing Maria's short skirt up and tugging her bright pink thong aside. I had seen both of them earlier today in revealing bikinis, but Anna's slim ass and sleek, cross-country trained legs looked even better with her platform wedges still on and that little skirt up around her waist.

"God no." Maria said as she struggled to push Anna off her, but Anna stayed put, used her wiry body like a wrestler, held Maria's hips down, pushed her head low and burrowed her tongue between Anna's thighs. Maria stopped struggling a few moments after, and spread her legs even wider, giving Anna full access. I slowly realized Anna must have known Maria would stop struggling and let her go down on her. I was quickly figuring out who called the shots between them and I wondered if Maria was like her mom.

Maria looked right at me. "You can't tell her." she said, meaning I couldn't tell her mom.

"He won't." Anna quipped. "Not if he wants to see this again." and Anna pulled her thong aside and spread her pussy open with her fingers for only me to see. Maria thought Anna meant them together, but I had the feeling that Anna meant that and her pink, juicy pussy that she spread wide open with her long, canary yellow nails and looked so damn good.

"Look, he's rock hard." Anna said and made sure Maria looked at my underwear bulge.

"Oh, you are terrible. Making me look at my mom's boyfriend's package." Maria said as she humped her hips against Anna's probing, caressing fingers.

"You said you thought he was hot." Anna divulged and then buried her tongue into Maria's shaved pussy.

"Oh my god!." and I knew Maria was embarrassed at this revelation and at the same time getting her clit slurped ny the sounds coming from Anna's mouth. I stepped a bit further into the room to get a better view and watched as Maria had her thighs pushed apart into a T shape by Anna's slim fingers and Anna face-dove into Maria's wet delight.

"Ohhh, god. You are so bad." Maria whispered as Anna licked and sucked. Anna seemed to know what Maria liked and I wondered how long the two of them had been doing this.

"Come closer." Anna urged.

"God no. He's already seen too much." Maria pleaded. "Go back to bed. Please?"

"Watch this Mr. G. She thrashes about when she cums." Anna said and patted the foot stool with her hand, an obvious invitation to move five feet closer and have a ringside seat. I crept closer and sat on the edge of the footstool and Anna quickly reached out with her left hand and gave my bulge a quick squeeze.

"He's big. Your mom's boyfriend has a nice-sized tool." Anna said.

"Anna, stop." Maria said and then started moaning as Anna pushed her fingers deep into Maria's snug little pussy and finger fucked her good.

"Listen, I'll grab his cock and suck it and ignore your needy little pussy right now if you don't stop complaining. I know you think he's hot. You told me so again on the beach today. So look at his damn cock." Anna hissed. "Show it to her, Mr. G. Show her the cock that her mom gets to suck." Anna said.

I knew I shouldn't, but I did. I took my hand and pulled my cock from the waistband of my boxer briefs and showed both girls my circumsized dick.

"Looks yummy Mr. G. Doesn't it Maria? She thinks you are hot, Mr. G. I do too, but Maria has a big, teenaged, heart-hurting crush on her Mom's boyfriend. Don't you Maria? She told me when she hears you fucking her mom, she wishes she was getting fucked by your tool."

Maria was still silent, Anna had her fingers buried inside Maria's pussy and Maria was close to cumming.

"Tell him. Or I'm going to suck your mom's boyfriend's cock. And he will cheat on your mom and fuck your friend's mouth and cum on my face while you watch." Anna said.

"Oh fuck. Yes. I have a crush on you." Maria said.

"Good girl. Now cum while he watches." Anna said and dove into Maria's pussy and spun the secret padlock dial code quickly and unlocked Maria's orgasm. Maria did shudder and shake and came like an earthquake. Anna whispered "shhhhh" to remind Maria to stay quiet and I watched Maria cum the exact same way that Maria's mom, Carmen came when I got her off like this. It was like a time machine, like watching a young Carmen cum from Anna's expert touch.

"Thanks Mr. G. Now you can go back to bed. Unless you want Maria to see me slobber all over that big cock and beg you to fuck me." Anna said with a smile.

"Tempting, but not tonight, Anna." I said.

"Ok Mr. G. I think Maria and I have seen enough of that yummy cock to pretend we are getting fucked by it for the rest of the weekend."

I reluctantly left them and slipped back into bed, completely forgetting my water. I got back up, got a sip of room temperature water from the bathroom sink and laid back down. I had disturbed Carmen, getting up and then down again and she rolled into my side and I slid my hand to her perfectly round, fake, 34DD tit and gave it a squeeze. Her hand ran down my stomach and found my cock already stiff.

"Someone had a good dream." She purred as she gently ran her fingers along the shaft and then caressed my balls gently with her long nails. "I hope I was part of your dream." She said as she softly kissed my neck with her pouty, soft lips.

"Can I help you get back to sl**p? I know you can't sl**p with this." She teased, using our little private joke that got her lips onto my cock so many nights..

"Yes baby. Help me sl**p." I said as I ran my fingers through her long, dark brown hair and felt her head go under the sheet and her lips make a kissing trail to the head of my cock. She took me in her mouth and I groaned and pushed down on the top of her head. She knew what I wanted, to be engulfed, and she took me deeper. After watching Anna and Maria, I needed Carmen's mouth down all the way. She took me deep then slowly withdrew her lips from it and kissed the tip lightly.

"Must have been a very dirty dream. Did you have a harem?" She teased and then swirled her tongue around the helmet and took the head back in her warm mouth. I heard and saw movement outside the bedroom door and saw the hallway light shadowed under the door. Someone or two someones were outside the door, listening.

"Fuck! Soooo good baby. Feels so good in your mouth." I said in a loud whisper.

Carmen paused and giggled, "baby, keep it down, don't wake the girls.".

"They are dead asl**p, I looked in on them." I sort of lied, and pushed on the back of her head, causing her lips to sink deep onto my shaft and her tongue to rub against the underside of my cock.

"Suck my big cock baby. You have such a sweet mouth." I said, hoping I was loud enough for the girls standing outside to hear.

"Fuck your girl's mouth, Papi. Fuck it with your big, strong cock" Carmen urged, slipping into her Latina slang as I grabbed hard onto her round, bolted-on tits that she was so proud to show off in skin-tight tops and little bikini triangles. squeezed them hard and tugged on her nipples as she bobbed deeply on my steel-hardened shaft.

"Love these big tits baby. You have perfect tits. Uhhhh." I said, tugging on her nipples harder as she washed her tongue back and forth along the underside of my cock and held the head of my cock deep within her mouth. I was close, but knowing the girls were just outside the door, I wanted to make it last and for them to hear who was the boss in the bedroom. I gripped a handful of her dark hair and tugged up on her head gently, watching and feeling her lips slide up the shaft of my cock. I held her head steady when her lips reached the corona and she tongued the head and sucked on the tip, repeatedly hollowing her cheeks and sucking hard on it. She had been a good cocksucker from the first time we hooked up. That was the night we first met after being introduced to each other at a charity event by Jenna, the charity chapter President. I was drawn to Carmen's sexy style and took her home that night. She admitted that first night that she had a bit of an 'oral fixation' as she put it while she was unzipping my pants and extracting my cock from my underwear.
girls from ""
She was even better at giving me blowjobs now that we had been together a while and she knew exactly what I liked most. I held onto her head and let her focus on the helmet of my cock because she was especially skilled at using her lips and tongue to love that sensitive end. An orally fixated girl was a perfect fit for me, a guy who thought that being sucked was hotter and more intimate than intercourse.

I I knew I would cum soon if I didn't take a pause and I also knew what might show the girls outside how easily Carmen agreed to my demands. I pulled her by the hair a bit more until the tip of my dick popped from her pouty lips. She grabbed the base and lightly slapped the tip against her cheek as she looked up.

"I wanna fuck my Carmen slut." I said, looking into her brown eyes. She nodded, still looking at me. "Did you bring some shoes?" I asked, knowing she always brought a couple pairs of platform pumps on any trip we took and had even worn one pair to the pizza restaurant we all went to for dinner.

It was nearly 2AM but Carmen was ready to play along. "Yes Papi. You want me to find them and wear them for you? So you can fuck your Carmen slut with her shoes on, don't you Papi?" she cooed. Besides her perfect tits, the next thing I noticed about Carmen when I first met her were the shoes she was standing in. They were silver pumps with enormously high stiletto heels and two and a half inch platform soles. I didn't know it at the time but it was her favorite look, big, skysc****r heels, usually with 1-3" platforms. I learned later that she wore them because she felt tall and sexy and hot in them. And her legs were her best natural feature and seemingly made just for wearing shoes like that. Her stems were long, lean and a light to medium brown color, depending on her level of tan. She wore platform pumps with the casual ease of a pole dancer and had just the right 'walk' for stiletto heels.

She scurried off the bed and dug into her suitcase and held up two pairs, I pointed at the brand new ones that just came from ShoeDazzle, plaid cloth covered pumps that looked like the Burberry plaid pattern but with predominantly red, with black and pink. Schoolgirl colors. She smiled as she set them down on the carpet, stepped into them and got back up on the bed and stuck her feet right at me.

"Can you buckle them, Papi?" She said with a mischievous grin as I took the delicate strap of the Mary-Jane detailing and buckled the thin strap over her forefoot and then did the same with the other. She turned around, kneeling on the bed, heels behind her, ass up, head down and put her hand between her legs and spread open her snug, wet pussy.

"Like it Papi? Like what you see? Show me how you fucked the girl in your dream. Fuck your high heeled slut. Give it all to me." She said as I moved behind her and rubbed the head of my cock through her soaking wet, waxed-smooth pussy.

"So smooth for you Papi. I got it waxed for the beach. Take it Papi. Make it yours." she cooed and I did, shoving it deep and knowing it would probably only go in halfway. She was so wet, but had a naturally small, tight hole and I always had to work her open before I could bottom out inside her warm, slick pussy.

"Oh Papi. Give it to your girl. Give it all. My new heels are on for you Papi. Do I look like a schoolgirl Papi? In my plaid fuck-me pumps? Fuck me Papi, don't slow down. Just fuck me hard and cum when you are ready. I wanna swallow you. Taste your treat. When you are close, finish in my mouth, Papi."

I was concentrating so hard that I couldn't talk, slamming it in and out of her warm, tight cunt.

That little talk of hers and everything else pretty much ended my control and I felt my balls tighten and I pulled out of her tight pussy and she turned around, grabbed the shaft and jerked the base while sucking hard on the tip and I pumped my load into her waiting mouth.

"Gonna cum, yes baby, uhhhh, uhhh, you are such a sexy fuck! Such a dirty little schoolgirl slut! Damn! Ugggg! Suck it baby! I babbled as I creamed into her mouth.

It was a good volley and then four or six more before I was spent and drained. I saw the shadows move away from the door as Carmen swallowed me after savoring my flavor. I washed up a bit and we fell asl**p quickly in each others arms.

I got up the next morning and left Carmen sl**ping in the master bedroom and tried to pretend I didn't see Anna and Maria last night or that they hadn't stood outside the bedroom door and hear me fuck Carmen's eager mouth and snug, spicy pussy.

Anna and Maria were both up, drinking coffee and looked up when I came in. Anna gave me a grin and a golf clap.

"Impressive Mr. G. Maria was so worked up she chewed my pussy raw after you finished with her mom. And I thought about sucking your big cock as she was licking my little clitty and my tight teen pussy." Anna said, stirring the pot further. We all heard Carmen flush the toilet and changed the subject before she came into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee.

Carmen kissed my cheek and said, "Good morning, Tiger." and I saw Anna raise an eyebrow and Maria keep her eyes looking down at the table. I slid my hand along her leg and then got up to take a shower.

After I toweled off and put on a bathing suit, Carmen went in for her shower. When I came out of the bedroom, Anna was the hallway wearing her bikini bathing suit also and peered into the bedroom.

"Those the shoes?" She said pointing at the plaid platforms Carmen wore last night that were laying near each other on the floor.

I nodded and watched her smirk. Schoolgirl slutty, Mr. G. Maria wants you bad now. After last night, she'll agree to anything you want her to do."

"Anna. No more. Last night was fun. But lets leave that alone. We all had our fun." I said.

"Sure, Mr. G. But I know you want this." She said as she tugged her small bottom up into her ass crack and grabbed her cheeks with both hands. "And you get it only after you fuck Maria with that yummy cock." She said quietly and then pulled her bottoms back in place. "And you can fuck that big cock up my ass Mr. G. I'd do anal with you." She admitted.

I heard the water turn off and headed out to the outside deck to gather towels and other beach items for the trek to the beach. Soon all four of us were packed up and walking to the beach together. Carmen looked luscious in a bright yellow bikini that was low on her hips and covered most of her fit, firm ass.

Maria was wearing the same brand of suit as Anna, both had tiny triangles in front that required lots of waxing. Anna's white bikini had a Brazilian scrunch back that showed off her ass while Maria was wearing a lime green suit with an American back style to her bottoms. Both of their asses were looking just about perfect, but Anna's suit coverage was a bit smaller and the scrunch back hugged her ass better. I tried not to stare at the two girls and so I stayed slightly ahead of them as we went to the beach.

Anna was determined to tease me, asking me to apply sunscreen to her back but I suggested Maria do it. Then she asked me if I would throw the frisbee with her and I did, allowing her to stretch for catches and bend over to pick up the dropped frisbee. Maria joined us, and then so did Carmen, her fake tits standing straight out from her chest and filling out and slightly overflowing the small, snug, flower print triangle top of her suit.

Anna smiled when she caught me staring right at her little ass, displayed in the bikini bottom and deliberately ran her hand over it, pretending to brush off sand. Carmen was in a great mood also and the four of us went into the ocean to cool off. Small waves hit us as we got out to almost waist level with the occasional bigger wave striking us a little off balance. Anna grabbed Maria and dunked her and the two of them hugged and I saw Maria look over at me as Carmen wrapped her hand around my waist and kissed my salty neck.

"Thanks for bringing all of us to the beach this week." Carmen said. "I want to give you a big reward tonight for being so nice." She said and kissed me again.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked, knowing Carmen usually knew that my favorite reward from her was usually some some sort of sex fantasy.

"Slave-girl. Your harem whore." She whispered in my ear. That made my cock jump. Carmen liked to play dress up more than other women I had dated. She confided to me one night that she was in her 30s, acting out her late teens. Carmen got pregnant and had Maria at a young age and then was a very responsible, slightly pudgy and boring single mom. Then when Maria turned 15, Carmen felt fat and had begun to workout. She bought the P90X program and had been one of those that went from flab to fabulous in six months. She said she lost more than 20 pounds the first 6 months and actually gained 5 pounds the second 90 days but that second five pounds was lean, strong muscle in her ass, core and legs. She lost so much weight that she told me she was flat and a saggy up top so she had implants put in to go with her tight, slim ass and perfect legs. After that she dated a jerk for about 18 months and then was pretty much single until we met, which Maria confirmed Carmen looked to be the older s****r of Maria with her slim, athletically trained body and was making up for lost time at age 36.

We had a fun day at the beach and didn't leave until 5PM. Somehow it seems easier to carry the stuff to the beach than it does to carry it back. I ended up carrying three beach chairs in one hand and a beach bag full of damp towels in the other. Carmen had little in her hands and Maria held her chair. Anna carried the frisbee and a bag of essentials like sunscreen and iPhones.
Anna and I showered in the two bathrooms first. I was drying off in my bedroom when Anna walked in, hair damp, tiny minidress on and asking me to tie up the halter back. She pulled her hair up and I tied the strings quickly and she turned around and kissed me full on the lips.

"Thanks Mr. G." she said as I tried to process that wet kiss and she then spied Carmem's shoes, strode over, tipped them upright and stepped into them.

"Will you buckle them for me?" She teased and when I glared at her and refused, she bent at the waist and buckled the thin strap over each forefoot and gave me an uninstructed view of her bare, perfect ass and cleft of pussy.

"Whoops? Did Anna give you a peek Mr. G?" she said as she brought her fingers to her mouth in mock surprise. "So sorry about that. I haven't decided which panties to wear for you tonight. These shoes fit perfect. I'm going to ask Carmem if I can rock them with my dress tonight. What do you think? The white and pink dress would sort of go with the heels.

"Don't." I warned.

"Don't worry, Carmen told me what she is wearing for you tonight. You are one lucky dude." She said. "I'll have to settle for wrapping these heels around Maria's neck instead of yours tonight."

I heard the water turn off in the bathroom and Anna walked to the closed bathroom door. Carmen, can I wear these plaid shoes? They go perfect with my dress."

"If they fit. And if you can walk in them." Carmen challenged.

"Thanks! They fit and I've been practicing." Anna said through the closed bathroom door.

"See ya!" Anna said with a smirk and walked out, shaking her ass as much as she could until she turned the corner.

Everyone got dressed and ready and when the three women emerged from the bedrooms they looked like models. Anna's blonde hair hung down in soft curls and she just had the white and pink mini and those ultra high Mary-Jane heels on with silver jewelry. Maria was in a bright blue stretch mini that was rouched on both sides and hugged her ass like paint. Maria paired it with a see-through white top that hung off her shoulders and d****d along her sides and a cobalt blue bra style top that was all sequins in the bust. She wore a pair of blue sequined pumps that I knew were Carmen's. Like all of Carmen's heels, these ones added 6" of height to Maria. Carmen was wearing a white vinyl/pleather minidress that had a choker collar, white mesh top that showed off the tops of her perfectly spherical tits and then the vinyl portion narrowed and the mesh went on either side of a 4" wide strip until the vinyl widened out at below her hip ones to wrap nearly around her ass like a shiny, white glove but with 3" mesh panels on each hip. The dress was backless but for three metal chains that tied it together and she accented the dress with giant silver hoop earrings and white suede booties with 6" spike heels and 2" platforms.

I was blown away and tried to concentrate on Carmen as we stood in the kitchen and all had a drink. Carmen and I knew Maria and her friends drank when they could, so we let Anna and Maria mix their own drinks and enjoy a few cocktails.
girls from ""
By the time we were ready to leave, the two girls had good buzzes going on by the way they were giggling. I drove and we went out to the center of the beach town and ate dinner at the nicest restaurant at the beach. The girls ordered steak and shrimp and Carmen and I shared a salad, lobster and filet minion. We were all happy and except for the male attention my companions got, it was a fun, uneventful night. We finished with coffee and shared dessert and finally paid the bill and headed home. The drinks Carmen had were making her a little horny and as we got up to leave, she whispered in my ear how she was going to be a good Harem princess for me. Anna looked at the two of us and whispered something to Maria.

As soon as we got into the house, Carmen took my hand, told the girls goodnight and led me to our bedroom. She had set up the room before I left with candles, scarf-like ties and a tableful of lotions and toys. She walked around the room and lit about thirty candles. I stood in the center of the room and watched.

When she finished, she came up to me and hugged me tight and planted a soft, wet kiss on my lips.

"I am yours to command. Your harem girl. You are my king and master, I will do as you say." she said with a big smile. "What is your first wish."

Pull the top of your dress down and show me your tits." I said and watched as she flashed a big smile and revealed her perfect tits and then grabbed them with both hands and rubbed them.

"Would you like to suck them or feel them, or have me rub them against my Master's cock? Or do you want to see more of your slave girl's body?"

"Kneel. Rub your face on my bulge." I said and she quickly dropped to her knees and caressed my bulge against her cheek.

The door to the bedroom opened and Anna looked right at me as she strolled in, holding Carmen's shoes in one hand.

"I have her shoes Mr. G." Anna said.

Carmen started to stand but Anna placed her hand on Carmen's shoulder. "Don't get up. Harem girl." Anna teased. Carmen looked up at me with big, brown eyes, a little ashamed that she had told Anna what was planned.

"Nice toys." Anna said, nodding at the nightstand and continuing to keep her hand on Carmen's shoulder.

"Where is Maria?" I asked.

"On the couch. Passed out. She's a lightweight." Anna said.

"Ok. Put the shoes down and go get her to bed." I said, using the same tone I had been using with Carmen.

"Then I can come back and watch?" Anna teased. "I'll bet she sucks it good."

"Go put Maria to bed." I said and pointed.

"Yes sir. Be good to him little slave girl." Anna said as she patted Carmen on the shoulder and quickly left.

"Oh my god. I can't believe that girl." Carmen said as she began to get up.

"Stay right where you are. You aren't going anywhere. You promised to be my slave." I said, she shook her head.

"But I have to check on..." Carmen protested.

"She will be fine." I told her. Anna will take care of her." I said, thinking back to the previous night. I caressed her cheek. "Unzip my pants, take it out." I said.

"But what if she..." Carmen started to say.

"She won't, and so what. She isn't naive. She knows we are having naughty, fun sex." I said as I slipped my thumb into her mouth and she sucked on it.

"That's my good little slave girl. Take it out, and slip it into your warm mouth." I told her as I caressed her hair and felt her long nails deftly unzipping and unbuttoning. She reached in and sprung my cock free and I waved it in front of her face.

"Suck it harem girl. Show your Master your special talent."

Carmen practically inhaled my big cock and I was feeling amazing. I rocked my hips forward and back and then saw the handle of the bedroom door turn. I grabbed Carmen's head with both hands.

Anna opened the door, stuck her head in. "I put her to bed Mr. G. God that's hot. Can I watch a little?" Anna asked. Carmen had her back to the door and was looking to, shaking her head, but I knew her well enough to tell she wasn't vehemently opposed, so I looked right down at her.

"You told me you would do anything slave. Are you breaking your word?" I asked quietly.

Carmen shook her head slightly. She might let this game continue.

"She wants to stay. I want you to show her how you suck my cock so perfectly." I said as I stroked her face. Is that ok? Will you show her how good you are at making your king happy?" I said and I could tell she was going to go along with it. She nodded and sucked on the head, hollowing her cheeks.

"Anna. If you want to stay, it's my rules. You don't listen, you are gone and we won't have you over to the house again. EVER. Am I clear?"

"Yes Mr. G. Clear. Carmen, you are so lucky. That thing is so perfect." Anna said as she pointed at my cock.

Carmen smiled and ran her tongue over the head as if to say, 'and it's mine'.

"Baby, give Anna some lessons on how to suck a perfect cock perfectly." I said and Carmen looked up at me and began to suck on the tip with her pouty mouth.

Anna stared at Carmen, then looked at me. "Cool, Mr. G. Must feel good." she remarked as she watched me reach down and play with Carmen's round tits.

"I'll bet that feels good. Doesn't it, harem slave. All blissed out and getting your big tits played with and your mouth filled. Fuck! Can I borrow a toy?" Anna asked and looked at me. I looked down at Carmen and she shrugged and nodded.

"Yes Anna. But if you take a toy, you are part of the harem." I said and both Anna and Carmen raised their eyebrows.

"Fuck Mr. G. Your harem? That's pretty kinky. And pretty hot." She said with a smirk as she grabbed a small vibe and looked it over. "I guess I'm in." She said and tugged up on her little dress and pulled it around her waist and spread her legs open.

"I gotta do it Mr. G. Watching Carmen suck you is driving me crazy. Plus she looks like she loves that thing. I would too. It's the nicest cock I've seen in person." Anna admitted and rubbed the vibe into her bare slit.

"Carmen, help Anna with your toy." I said and pulled Carmen up from the rug gently by a handful of her hair. I knew Anna had been with Maria and that Carmen had played with one girl before I met her and after she got her tits. Carmen looked at me funny but slid up to the bed and rubbed the small vibe against Anna and then turned it on and slid it back and forth between Anna's smooth, pink lips.

"Now turn your head." I said as I turned Carmen's face and slapped my cock against her lips. "So pretty, and such good girl.." I said as I fed the tip of my nicock back into Carmen's mouth and she started slurping the head and shaft eagerly as she watched Anna from the corner of her eye.

"That's a good girl. I see you watching Anna. Does her pussy look good to you?"

"Uh huh." Carmem admitted.

"I think she likes girls, a lot. I've seen that look before." Anna admitted and I thought she was going to talk about Carmen's daughter. Anna looked at me and somehow I got the message through to her that Carmen wasn't quite ready to hear that. Instead, she put her hand on Carmen's head and talked in her ear,

"Suck that big, thick cock. It looks so yummy. Suck it good for him, harem girl, slave, cock slut. Rub his balls for him too, while your toy buzzes my pussy. Are you going to share that big cock? Are you going to let the new girl get her lips around it? Or should I tongue his balls and help him cum while you take that nice cock down your throat?".

"Carmen, tell the new harem girl what to do.". I said.

"No Master. We are yours. You command her. I will do as you say." She said as she laid back and spread her pussy wide open with her fingers.

"Anna, lick Carmen's pussy for her like a good slave would." I said and Anna put her mouth to Carmen's brown pussy lips and licked her. I took the toy that was still in Anna's sweet, bare cunt and worked it in and out of her gently as I stretched her pink hole and got her squirming as she ate Carmen.

"Oh fuck!" Carmen said as Anna slurped Carmen's clit into her mouth. "She sucks pussy really well." Carmen admitted.

Anna paused a moment. "I fuck cock like a porn star too." She said and wiggled her ass at me as she went back to eating Carmen.

It was the start of a great can visit "" for the best porn :)
... Continue»
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a day at the beach

Rinoa, Squall, Selphie, Zell, Irvine and the pigtail girl whose name was Mima were still sitting around a table in the cafeteria talking, after they had eaten dinner. Rinoa proposed, “We’re laying over at Centra tomorrow for some reason, so let’s all go to the beach together.”

Squall diplomatically excused himself from the table claiming prior duties, but actually he didn’t want to admit to anyone he couldn’t swim.

Selphie excitedly answered, “That sounds like fun. I’ll go.”

“Me too!” chimed in Zell. Of course discovering Zell was going, Mima immediately acquiesced.

“Rinoa,” Irvine declared in a heavy voice, “That’s a bad idea. That beach is full of Fastitocalon-F.”

Fastitocalon-F were fish that swam in the sand of beaches. They were believed to be a distant member of the shark f****y. They were quick moving, deadly, enemies.

“Okay Irvine, then you come along and protect us,” countered Rinoa.

“I guess I’ll have to,” Irvine replied in a resigned voice.

Good! We’ll leave in the morning after breakfast,” Rinoa informed them.


Rinoa woke up early, excited about the proposed beach outing. She quickly dressed putting on her usual outfit over her yellow bikini, which consisted of a single wisp of material across her abundant breasts that barely covered her enormous nipples and a thong bottom. After doing her makeup and hair, she left to go search for Selphie.

Rinoa discovered Selphie, Zell, Mima and Irvine waiting for her at the front entrance. Selphie was wearing a traditional red bikini and Mima was wearing a simple one-piece white bathing suit and Zell was wearing red and blue baggy trunks. Irvine was dressed the same as usual, topped off by his long cattleman’s coat and cowboy hat. Rinoa also noticed he was carrying his weapon.

“Aw,” Selphie complained to Rinoa, “I thought you were going swimming. You’re wearing your clothes.”

Rinoa smiled mysteriously and teased, “We’ll see. Maybe I’ll change on the beach.”

“Hot damn!” thought Irvine.

“Let’s go” directed Irvine and trudged behind the four excited teenagers talking among themselves, as they left the Garden. Upon reaching the beach area at the Cape of Good Hope in Centra, Rinoa began to strip off her outfit displaying her yellow bikini with its extremely low cut top that barely covered her nipples, much less the rest of her rather abundant breasts, and the thong that left her entire rear exposed excepting her rectum and was cut straight down in front to just above her vagina, where she would ordinarily have had pubic hair visible, if Rinoa had not diligently kept the entire area waxed.

“Wow!” gasped Zell as his face flushed.

“Alright!” thought Irvine. “That girl knows how to fill out a bikini.”

Mima gushed, “What a beautiful suit, Rinoa. I wish I had the guts to wear something like that!”

Rinoa responded, “You have a perfect figure. I’d be happy to help you pick something out at the beach shop the next time we’re in Balamb.”

“Oh, no” protested Mima. “I’m too shy to ever wear anything like that.”

Rinoa shouted, “Let’s hit the water!” and ran laughing into the surf. As Irvine watched the four of them bobbing up and down in the ocean water, laughing and splashing each other he now wished he had worn his bathing suit, but he has been serious about the viciousness of the monsters on this beach. Someone had to be equipped with a weapon, if they should suddenly show up.

After about an hour in the water, the four happy, wet teenagers ran up the beach from the water, quickly laid their towels out to sit on and sat down. Suddenly three Fastitocalon-F rose up through the sand on the beach and began to launch a furious attack! Mima continued to sit on her beach towel, too stunned to move. Zell, Selphie and Rinoa jumped up from the beach. Rinoa was frantically looking around the beach hoping to discover something she could use as a weapon, while Zell assumed his traditional fighting stance.

Irvine leaped into action by blasting one of the Fastitocalon-F into oblivion with his Exeter. One of the two remaining Fastitocalon-F, in response to Irvine’s attack, glided forward faster than the eye could see and attacked Rinoa rending her flesh above her left nipple and tearing off her bikini top!

Rinoa cried out in pain and stumbled backwards, but managed to keep her footing on the soft sand, while unsuccessfully attempting to cover her ample breasts with her hands.

Irvine shot and killed the Fastitocalon-F that attacked Rinoa. The remaining fish darted forward and bit Rinoa twice at the apex of her thong slightly tearing her vagina and left with her thong in its mouth! Rinoa screamed out in pain and fell backwards on to the beach.

Zell sprang into action and quickly pummeled it to death with his fists. Quick as a flash, Irvine ran to Rinoa’s side and knelt down. Rinoa was moaning in pain, but attempting to cover her naked beauty from prying eyes with her hands. Irvine complained “I can’t cast any curagas on you, if you don’t move your hands, Rinoa.”

The pain outweighed Rinoa’s innate sense of modesty and she dropped her hands down by her sides. Irvine gazed upon one of the prettiest women he had ever seen – high firm breasts, a narrow waist, long perfectly sculpted legs and a luscious vagina that was completely exposed, due to Rinoa keeping her entire mons pubis waxed. Selphie suddenly appeared behind him and retorted, “Take a picture, Irvine. It’ll last longer.”

Rinoa, who had closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to witness Irvine casting curagas on her most private areas, suddenly felt something was amiss and opened them to see Zell, Selphie and Mima all standing around her staring down at her!

“Okay, this has gone too far,” Rinoa thought to herself. When Rinoa attempted to sit up, Selphie placed a hand on her shoulder and cautioned, “You need to stay still or you’re going to make your wounds bleed worse.”

“But I’m stark naked!” protested Rinoa.

“Yeah, I’ll say!” exclaimed Zell with a huge grin.

Suddenly Irvine, who had been crouching behind Selphie so Rinoa was unable to observe him, stood up completely nude sporting a full erection.

“Oh Great Hyne!” Rinoa cried out, “What’s going on here?!”

“Oh, I think you know,” Selphie retorted. “I think this is what you had in mind all the while wearing that sluttish thong that just barely covered your cunt!”

“No, no, it wasn’t” Rinoa denied.

Meanwhile Irvine had knelt down by Rinoa and said “I have just what you need for the pain and believe me when I say it – this won’t hurt a bit.”

Rinoa began to verbally protest and attempted to sit up quickly again.

“Selphie” Irvine ordered, “Hold her down.”

Selphie, moving quickly around behind Rinoa’s head, pressed down with her hands on Rinoa’s shoulders effectively pinning her to the beach. Irvine leaned over and cast several curagas onto Rinoa’s wounds in both of her wounded areas. Rinoa was immediately filled with the painkilling magic that also left her feeling as though she was slightly floating and with an incredible sense of well-being.

Having rendered Rinoa to the state of pliancy that he needed to begin his pursuit of pleasure, he swung his knees over her so he was straddling her with his seven-inch penis resting on her belly.

Because of her slightly d**gged state, Rinoa gazed bemusedly at his penis. Irvine bent down beginning to passionately kiss Rinoa forcing his tongue into her mouth and, reaching down with his left hand, he began to rub her wondrously large left nipple, which became instantly erect. Rinoa began to moan, but it was uncertain to the people watching closely if it was in protest or pleasure. Irvine inserted his middle finger of his right hand past her luxurious labia and began to manipulate her clitoris.

Zell, who was watching the entire operation closely and, was now sporting his own erection entrapped in his bathing trunks, spun around and, pulling Mima closely to him, began to passionately kiss her, while groping the outside of her bathing suit in her vaginal area.

He managed to push the fabric of her suit aside enough so he could insert his finger into her vagina. He began to move it inside of her, while she squirmed enough to pull back slightly from his mouth and protest, “Zell, we haven’t even held hands yet!”

“That’s a situation that’s gonna be quickly remedied,” Zell predicted while quickly removing his finger from her most private place. He placed both hands on the straps of her bathing suit and in one motion pulled her suit down her body to the beach rendering her stark naked!

Zell ordered “Pick your feet up” and Mima was so dazed at the recent sudden turn of events that she automatically complied. Zell removed the suit from her completely and flung it over on the beach. Standing up, he gazed upon her and murmured, “You are so beautiful.” Mima blushed furiously, not from being rendered denuded on a public beach, but instead from his compliment. Zell stood frozen for a moment just drinking in her beauty thinking back to the many nights in his lonely room he had attempted to satisfy himself with his hand to the fantasy of her naked and how that never lived up to this reality.

Reaching down, Zell dropped his trunks to the beach exposing his erection to the eyes of Mima, who gasped having never seen a totally naked man before, not even in pictures!

Meanwhile Irvine had ascertained from manipulating Rinoa’s clitoris that she had already become sexually aroused, because of the moisture her vagina was producing and decided the time had arrived for his big old hawg to get into action.

He removed his finger and replaced it with his seven-inch penis inserting it into her marvelous vagina being careful to not take any particles of beach sand with him on his journey. As he slid his seven-inch penis all the way up the beautiful young woman and began to move his hips with purposeful thrusts, Rinoa began to moan, “Yes, fuck me!” “Fuck me hard, Irvine!” And Rinoa began to buck more and more violently in time with Irvine’s more intense thrusting. Suddenly she could feel her orgasm building and felt as though she was preparing to ride a large ocean wave straight down.

Meanwhile Zell had not worried about such foreplay, but was already coupling with Mima on the beach. As he attempted to thrust harder and harder against her maidenhead, Mima rolled from side to side attempting to protest, but was unable to articulate herself due to the pain she was experiencing. Suddenly the pain subsided and pleasure began for her, as Zell finally penetrating her maidenhead with his emboldened member began thrusting all the way up inside of her.

Suddenly as Irvine had greatly increased his thrusting into Rinoa, she began to experience her orgasm as she felt the wave of cum come cascading through and out of her. Rinoa began screaming “Fuck me harder!”

In the meantime back at the Garden, Squall had finished his light regimen of duties and decided to wander out to the beach to discover how they were all doing. It just so happened he walked up on them undetected, just when Rinoa had begun her screaming.

“What the hell?” Squall first thought and then quickly discerning what was occurring, when he espied Selphie holding Rinoa down, he thought, “This looks like the time for some payback.”

As everyone was preoccupied with his or her own activity on the beach, no one noticed as Squall quickly stripped off all his apparel and, as he stepped over to Selphie, he was already equipped with an eight-inch erection, due to all the sexual stimulation he observed around him. He reached down quickly and picked the startled Selphie up and set her down in front of him. Before she could make a sound, he quickly removed her bikini rendering her as completely nude as all the other teenagers around her.

Squall quickly covered Selphie’s mouth with his to forestall any sound from emanating from her and picked her up again and laid her gently on the ground. He immediately inserted his eight-inch erection into her lavish appearing vagina and began to thrust with long vigorous strokes. He began to experience the beginnings of his orgasm after a minute or two, because he wasn’t interested in offering any pleasure to Selphie, but on the contrary was considering his actions to be something akin to **** as a payback for her involvement with the Irvine - Rinoa sexual coupling.

As Irvine began to shoot his load of hot sperm up inside of the Deiling City beauty, he shouted, “Here I go, Rinoa!” When Rinoa felt the flush of Irvine’s orgasm rushing inside of her, she was experiencing the third of her multiple orgasms and doing some inarticulate shrieking of her own.

Zell had just finished shooting his hot load of sperm up the beautiful pigtail girl, who hadn’t experienced an orgasm, but found the entire experience pleasurable enough, considering it was her first sexual experience. Zell withdrew his wilting erection, which was covered with sperm and virgin bl**d and flopped on the beach beside her.

When Squall felt his own orgasm building, he pulled his eight-inch penis out of Selphie and proceeded to shoot his own hot load of sperm all over Selphie’s beautiful face and hair shouting, “This is for Rinoa.” When he had finished, Selphie was literally awash with his massive load of cum almost completely covering her face and hair. Squall laid himself on top of Selphie for the moment feeling completely drained. Even though Selphie hadn’t achieved an orgasm, she had enjoyed the entire procedure, despite the overabundance of his orgasm which was still dripping down her face onto the beach, because she had always wanted an opportunity to view Squall’s massive penis close up, but assumed she never would because it was always up that bitch Rinoa.

At the sound of Squall’s voice, the other four people noticed he was present for the first time. Rinoa sat up quickly to complain to him and couldn’t believe her own eyes, when she saw him lying nude on top of Selphie. “What the fuck!” she shouted.

Squall spun his head around toward Rinoa and spoke to her, “Hey there.”

Rinoa immediately crawled over on her hands and knees to where Zell was laying and placed her mouth over Zell’s presently limp penis and began sucking. Feeling it harden immediately in her mouth, she felt totally vindicated and she had not even begun to fight back yet. Mima couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Had she just given up her virginity to the young man, who claimed she was beautiful and now that same young man was having his penis, which he had just had in her, slobbered on by that hussy Rinoa? She fully expected to see Zell throw Rinoa off him any second and when he didn’t she felt very disillusioned.

Rinoa worked her lips around Zell’s penis in a perfect oval noting that it was considerably narrower than Squall’s. “Kinda like a pencil” she thought with a giggle. She worked her mouth from the tip of his penis all the way to the base, because one thing Rinoa was extremely good at was the correct way to suck a young gentleman off. As she continued to suck on Zell’s member, she realized his orgasm was shortly going to occur and she began to slightly rub the edge of her teeth along the hardened stem, adding just the tiniest bit of pain into the erotic mixture. Zell began moaning louder and also began to facilitate his pleasure by thrusting up further into her mouth.

Squall was upset with Rinoa, not because she was presently servicing Zell’s penis with her mouth, but because she had totally missed the point of his recent behavior. He hadn’t thrust his eight-inch penis up Selphie’s vagina because he thought she was beautiful, although she certainly was, but because he wanted to wreak revenge in her for holding Rinoa down, while Irvine had his way with her.

Squall suddenly noticed Mima appeared completely shattered over Zell’s participation in Rinoa’s oral sex escapade and had tears flowing down her face. Squall felt deep pangs of sympathy for her and decided he would lend his support to alleviate her suffering.

Quickly kneeling down by Mima, who was now sitting beside the cavorting Zell and Rinoa, Squall spoke gently to her “A woman as beautiful as you should never be treated so shabbily.”

As Mima glanced gratefully into Squall’s face, he whispered “Zell’s not worthy of your love” and he began to very chastely kiss her mouth. After a few kisses, as Mima began to respond by slightly opening her mouth Squall saw his opportunity and quickly inserted his tongue into the young beauty’s mouth and began to explore the recesses therein. He continued to move very slowly and gently, because he was going to provide this young woman with the sexual experience of her life, causing Zell to resemble to her, hereafter, a pale imitation of the sex act.

Irvine, who was now standing, was watching the two sexual interactions happening around him with renewed interest, when he espied Selphie sitting up and appearing extremely sexually ungratified.

Irvine strode over to her and explained, “Little darling, you appear in need of some servicing by Mr. Big Hawg.”

Selphie offered Irvine a big smile and patted the inside of her upper left thigh inviting him to visit. Irvine dropped to his knees and, pushing Selphie gently down on to the beach, he lowered his head and began to tongue her libidinous labia. As Selphie groaned in appreciation of his behavior, he located her clitoris and began to manipulate it with his tongue.

Selphie invited, “Let’s start dancing, Irvine.”

Irvine ceased his activity with his tongue, and, leaning over her, he coupled with her joining his penis with the deep inside of her vagina causing Selphie to gasp. Irvine began to thrust deeply into the teenage beauty’s sexual kit with his seven-inch penis harder and harder over and over. Sensing that Selphie was approaching her orgasm, he allowed himself to gaze down at her beauty drinking in with his eyes her enormous but perfectly shaped breasts with their large nipples and the light brown pubic hair of her mons pubis, as he earlier had been purposely not gazing at her in hopes of prolonging his sexual interaction with her and allowing her to achieve orgasm before him.

Squall had progressed to gently tonguing Mima’s nipples, first the left one and then the right until they increased in size becoming erect, while he just grazed the tips of his fingers along her labia gently teasing it. Mima suddenly demanded passionately “I want you inside of me now!”

Always eager to comply with a beautiful woman’s request, Squall introduced his eight-inch penis into her lovely honey pie taking care to be extra gentle and then began to slowly but firmly thrust every millimeter of himself up her over and over. As he watched her face flush and felt her responding to him in a vigorous manner by lifting her pert behind off the sandy beach, he began to thrust harder and faster. Mima started moaning and then whispering in order to not be overheard “Fuck me, Squall. Fuck me hard.”

As Rinoa continued to suck on Zell’s sexual apparatus, she suddenly realized Zell was beginning to reach a successful conclusion to the operation. In anticipation of this occurrence, she began to pull her mouth off his erection, when suddenly Zell reached down and jammed her head back down on his throbbing love machine!

Zell proceeded to shoot his hot load of semen into the Deiling City beauty’s mouth, while continuing to press her head down on his sexual organ. As it trickled down Rinoa’s throat, she began to gag and cough thinking, “Gross! I don’t really like this guy and who knows what sort of diseases he might have.” It was now readily apparent to her that her revenge against Squall for making love to Selphie hadn’t worked out to her liking.

Squall continued to thrust hard and fast into the almost completely virginal sexual cavity of Mima, noting to his satisfaction that her vagina was incredibly tight and felt absolutely awesome to him. It felt nothing at all like Rinoa’s vagina, which he had stretched out beyond all recognition of her former tightness by his three to four times nightly sexual coupling with her. “I just might need to have this little beauty some more after today,” Squall thought.

Suddenly as Mima began to experience the first orgasm of her life, she began screaming, “Fuck me Squall! I think I love you!” Squall continued to thrust until Mima’s orgasm was completed and then he allowed himself to shoot his tremendous load of hot sperm up the virtuous vagina of Mima and as he was experiencing sensations he had never felt before he shouted “You’re so tight! You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

These remarks did not escape the attention of either Rinoa or Zell, who both immediately made plans of their own for future revenge against Mima and Squall.

Selphie’s orgasm began to cascade through her, as Irvine finally allowed himself to shoot his own load of semen up her beautiful vagina with both of them inarticulately shouting guttural a****listic sounds of satisfaction.

As soon as Zell had completed his orgasm, he released Rinoa’s head and lay back on the beach blearily watching his shrinking penis. Rinoa straightened up and quickly crawled on her hands and knees to where Irvine now lay on his back next to Selphie, who was doing the same.

Rinoa immediately crouched over the reclining Irvine and began in an attempt to resuscitate his now limp penis with her mouth. She resembled nothing else, but a robin attempting to pull a stubborn worm out of the ground.

“What the fuck are you doing, Rinoa?” Selphie asked angrily.

At the sound of Selphie’s voice, Zell shifted his gaze to the right and, espying the orally oriented Deiling City beauty busy with Irvine, he decided to turn his own attentions to the wantonly beautiful Selphie. Crawling to her quickly on his hands and knees, he inserted his now regenerated penis into her vigorous vagina, before she could make one sound or movement of protest!

As he firmly attached himself inside of her and began to thrust his seven-inch narrow penis up inside her, Selphie demanded angrily “What the fuck are you doing, Zell?”

At the sound of Zell’s name, Mima shifted her gaze to the right and, espying the philandering Zell plundering the beauty of Selphie, she began to weep softly with huge gobs of tears rolling down her face.

Squall’s sympathy was, once again, piqued by the plight of Mima and, whispering to her he would return shortly, he quickly stood and pulled on his trousers. He left in a dead sprint to the Garden and returned in a few short minutes holding something in his hand that caused Mima to gasp.

Pulling Mima to her feet, he attached the nine-inch dildo with the belt-like strap, he had been carrying, around Mima’s hips and fastened it tightly behind her back so it hung over her vagina. “Now you go fuck Zell like he fucked you!” Squall whispered in her ear.

As Zell was still laboring over the now completely bored Selphie, he did not initially notice when Mima crept behind him. He did notice a second later, when Mima knelt and inserted the nine-inch artificial penis straight up his virginal rectum!

When she began thrusting it back and forth inside of him, Zell let out with a bl**d-curdling scream. Selphie raised herself up enough by placing her hands on the beach and looking over Zell, who was still thrusting his penis up her vagina, to view the frenzied behavior of Mima thrusting the humongous dildo up Zell’s rectum and began laughing with delight.

Rinoa was still running her mouth up and down Irvine’s erected penis since, even though he was still an extremely young man, he had experienced two orgasms in a very short time and she was experiencing extreme difficulty in motivating him to experience another one.

Rinoa suddenly felt two strong hands grip her by the waist and when she turned her head and said “Squall?” she felt his eight-inch penis being inserted into her virginal rectum.

Rinoa began protesting “No, Squall! No!” as he began to thrust his eight-inch penis further into her rear. “Oh, Shiva!” he exclaimed, “It feels so tight!” As indeed the new uncharted territory caused Squall to feel as if the skin was being peeled back on his penis, when he continued to work it in and out of the Deiling City beauty’s rectum.

Irvine took the opportunity to insert his own penis up Rinoa’s opulent vagina, now that it had been suddenly liberated from Rinoa’s mouth. As Squall continued to thrust his eight-inch penis up Rinoa’s beautiful bottom and Irvine continued to thrust his seven-inch penis into her splendid vagina, Rinoa alternated between shouts of protest and moans of ecstasy until finally the shouts of protest ceased and screams of joy began as her orgasm washed out of her. Squall and Irvine both seized the opportunity to shoot their loads of hot sperm up in her respective body parts.

No one who was there that day can say for certain, but it did seem very odd, to say the least, that Zell, who was unable to achieve orgasm in fifteen minutes of thrusting his penis into the beautiful Selphie, suddenly began to experience his best orgasm ever after Mima had thrust the huge artificial penis up his rectum four times! And on top of that damning evidence, he shouted out while shooting his semen up Selphie’s impressive vagina “Stick me again!Right up the ass!”

Selphie gazed across the sexual battlefield on the beach littered with sated SeeDs and felt deeply ungratified, both emotionally and sexually. “This whole thing was that slut Rinoa’s fault and look at her over there lying, as if she were in heaven” Selphie thought ungraciously.

“Well, I’m going to do something about this!” she decided. Selphie stood up and whispered to Mima, who nodded and reaching behind herself she unfastened the strap she was still wearing around her waist and handed the dildo to Selphie. Selphie noticed Mima’s labia was still distended and she suddenly decided revenge on Rinoa could wait a few minutes, as she knelt in front of the pigtailed beauty who was standing in front of her and inserted her tongue into her fabulous vagina. As Mima began to squirm in an effort to escape Selphie’s probing tongue, Selphie gripped her tightly with both hands around her waist pulling her closer to her.

Irvine, who was lazing nearby, couldn’t believe his eyes and exclaimed, “Selphie! You go, girl!” This outburst naturally called everybody’s attention to the cavorting women. “Good Grief!” Rinoa spoke to Squall “What in the world is Selphie doing now?”

Squall grinned and explained, “I believe that’s known as cunt lapping.” Rinoa blushed to hear such crudity escape Squall’s mouth and she replied prissily “I’d rather you didn’t speak to me in that manner.”

“Oh you would, would you?” Squall answered and he leaned over and gripping his hand into the tightest fist possible he proceeded to insert it into the unsuspecting beauty’s unprepared vagina. “Squall!” she screamed in pain. Squall climbed on his knees never missing a thrust with his fist and stated, “This is what’s known as fist fucking.”

Anyone watching the couple at that particular moment would have accused Squall of wanton cruelty. Actually that wasn’t the case at all, as this was just a small portion of their nightly sexual games. Squall realized that he could insert a piano leg up Rinoa and sooner or later she would become sexually aroused and then succumb to a major orgasm. Sure enough, it took only a few strokes with his fist and Rinoa was already moaning in ecstasy.

Selphie began manipulating Mima’s clitoris with her tongue and the longer she did, the more tractable Mima became until finally Selphie was able to loosen her grip on her completely. Selphie reached up with her hands and began to rub Mima’s nipples feeling them rise in appreciation. Selphie then began to slightly pinch them, because she herself enjoyed that particular maneuver and was gratified to feel Mima’s impressive nipples become even more erect.

Suddenly as Rinoa began screaming in ecstasy from Squall’s continued thrusting with his fist up her superb vagina, Mima’s orgasm began washing into Selphie’s mouth. Selphie made it a point to drink every drop. Mima dropped gratefully to the sandy beach, while Squall removed his fist covered with the proof of her orgasm from the inside of Rinoa and held it up to her mouth. Rinoa licked his hand cleaned and then smiled to herself fully satisfied.

A moment or two later, Rinoa exclaimed to Selphie, who was still standing over Mima “What the hell, Selphie? You a lesbian now or what?”

Selphie’s rage rose up from an area deep inside of her psyche. She pulled Mima up to her feet with her right hand and, grasping the dildo with her left hand, she strode over to the reclining Rinoa dragging Mima along for the ride. Towering over Rinoa, she exclaimed, “This whole psychotic episode is your fault! Wearing that bikini that just barely covered your tits and cunt!”

As Rinoa began to protest, Selphie directed Mima to hold Rinoa down by the shoulders, which she quickly complied with. “Here we go again” Squall spoke aloud.

Rinoa was not allowing them to overpower her easily, as she was kicking her legs out in all directions attempting to buck Mima off her. Selphie sat down across Rinoa’s knees to forestall these attempts and carefully inserted the nine-inch dildo into the deep recesses of Rinoa’s mouth!

Selphie exclaimed, “You like to suck on men’s penises so much. You can suck on this!” Selphie began to thrust the artificial penis further into Rinoa’s mouth and said again “Suck on it, Rinoa!”

Rinoa began to swing her head violently from side to side in protest, so Selphie leaned over and pinched Rinoa’s nostrils shut cutting her air supply down to a trickle. Selphie instructed, “If you want to breath, begin sucking as if you mean it!”

Rinoa immediately realized the folly of her ways and began to imitate a superb rendition of a woman passionately offering oral sex to a man. The more Rinoa acted as if she were lovingly giving a man the sexual thrill of his life, the more she seemed to really be enjoying herself until finally unbelievably, she began to experience a major orgasm for the fascinated crowd of naked teenagers. As she lay moaning in ecstasy still sucking on the artificial penis, Selphie stood up removing the dildo and exclaimed, “I give up. You can do nothing to humiliate this woman. She just ends up enjoying it.”

A few minutes later when the others were attempting to locate their s**ttered apparel, Rinoa sat up and exclaimed, “That was really fun! Can we come to the beach again next Saturday?”

Squall shot the palm of his right hand up to his forehead in his familiar gesture and shook his head in disbelief.... Continue»
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Weekend of fun at black beach, nude beach

Weekend of fun at black beach, “nude beach”
Well it all started out Sunday morning (father’s day) in San Diego California beach. My wife and I were walking along the beach and the tide was high so there wasn’t much area to walk. We started to leave and my wife said lets go to black beach, we have been to Torrey pines above black beach before. They hang glide over the cliffs and it’s neat to sit and watch them for hours. Well when we got to Torrey pines we walked to the cliffs my wife just keep walking down the trail to the beach. It’s about 15 minute walk down to the beach and we both though the nude beach wasn’t where we were walking down too, we were thinking it was about a half mile walk along the beach. Well as soon as we got to the bottom we seen naked people so we guessed right away this was the nude beach. We started walking north and went past the volleyball net and found an open area and lay down our blanket and just set there looking around, well I was the wife was face down playing with her phone. She didn’t feel comfortable at all I think. I tried to get her to take off her top and she wouldn’t even try it, so I just rolled over and fell asl**p. When I woke up and turned over I seen she had her bra off and her shirt pulled all the way up and she was sunning her back. It was already getting red so I told her she should roll over and she did. She still had her shirt pulled over her boobs and I pulled my swim suit off and we laid there taking in the sun, it was perfect just a little wind and about 73deg. After a while we both had to pee so I put my swim suit on and she pulled her top down and we walked to the water and went for a swim. When we got back to our blanket it was cold being wet so I took my swim suit back off and my wife took her top off. I reached down and pulled her shorts off so now she and I were both naked. I think we both turned over a couple times and fell back asl**p. When we woke up and started looking around a lot of people had left but we now had a guy about ten feet behind us, I had never seen him before. My wife and I were on our stomachs talking when this guy came over and just said hi and asked us if we wanted something to drink. He said he had wine or beer so we took some white wine being it was hot. He started talking about how nice it was out here today all while his dick was hard and about a foot away from my wife’s face. I told him to get his stuff and being it over so we could keep talking. He did and laid his blanket right next to my wife. My wife was feeling weird about having another guy right there but we were talking about how cute she was. He was saying how cut her boobs were and she was setting up while I was rubbing her back. He asked if he could rub the other side and I told him sure and he did. He lay down and started rubbing her back then she started moaning and saying how good it felt. Her hand was inches from his hard dick I then see him grab her hand and put it on his dick and start rubbing it. There were people still around us and she just went with it. I was still rubbing her then she grabbed my dick and started rubbing me now too, wow this was hot and I could not believe she was doing this... My wife lay back down and we started sucking on each tit while she still jacked us off. I was rubbing the inside of her leg and running my fingers over and inside her pussy and the other guy was doing the same thing. The guy then asked her to roll on her side so he could stick his dick in (his words). She did and I couldn’t believe she did what he asked. He put a rubber on and starting fucking her lying on their side. Again she started moaning with pleasure as he went in and out of her pussy, it didn’t seem long and he shot his load soon after that. He pulled the rubber off and we just keep rubbing her and sucking on her boobs playing with her wet pussy. I looked around and seen two guys just looking at us. My wife rolled on her stomach and we rubbed her back, butt and pussy until he got hard again. He put another rubber on and crawled on to her butt and fucked her this way all while she’s moaning with pleasure. He shot his load and the two guys still standing there just looking, I though they may come over but that didn’t happen. We got his phone number and left for home. Every time I think about my wife getting fucked on the beach by another guy I get a hard on and have had sex every night sense. She thought I would be mad but I was happy to see her letting go and not be so uptight about sex, seeing her body take over was the best part. Great father’s day baby…
... Continue»
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I was born in 1962, I had an older b*****r and two younger b*****rs at the time the story begins. We were brought up in a small coastal town and from mid-February to mid-October my father worked away from home during the week, leaving every Sunday night to return sometime during the Friday. The remaining four months of the year he spent working from home. I only mention this as it was his work pattern that brought about the beginning to the story and formed subsequent events.

When I was t*n we spent the whole summer living at the beach, a quiet spot with plenty privacy and an abundance of space for all us k**s to run around in, play in the sand, climb the nearby trees, fish in the river and swim in the sea. Apart from me and my older b*****r who was s***nteen, there was also our two younger b*****rs aged e***t and f**e. The youngest might have been a pest if he’d prevented us older boys from enjoying our adventures but we were not alone, throughout the six weeks of the holiday there was a steady stream of cousins who visited and more often than not stayed with us for a week or two. One set, a boy of t*n and a girl of e***t, the other, a girl aged s***nteen, a boy of t*n and his s*x year old b*****r, they had a baby s****r who was just a year old and perfect for keeping the various parents and adults distracted allowing us freedom to roam.

My father had borrowed a small boat with oars and a small 2hp outboard motor which was light enough for us to lift and attach to the boat by ourselves, we were even able to drag the boat into the water by ourselves and as we were all strong swimmers and had life jackets we were given the freedom to take the boat out a short way to fish and swim from it, something that k**s these days would never be allowed to do by responsible parents. It was an exciting holiday, long days of sunshine, playing till it got dark and deep sl**p till dawn when we would rise early to start all over again. Some days would be spent building rafts, searching the shore for miles to collect flotsam and jetsam for the task, lengths of wood, old pallets, fishing twine and old lengths of rope washed up on the shoreline. One such length was utilised to make a swing from a tree that hung out over a deep pool in the river about three hundred yards away, the water was ice cold but we spent many hours swinging from that rope and bombing into the deep brown water, no wonder we never caught any of the small trout in the river, we scared them all away.

It was on a trip on the boat that things changed for me, we were heading up the coast a short way to a big sandy bay for a picnic for a change of scene. Several of us k**s were in the boat along with my mother who was rowing the boat out into deeper water before starting the outboard, she was more wary of any rocks we needed to pass through to reach open water than we were having never really used the boat when my father was not around, he would arrive on a Friday evening and leave on the Sunday afternoon to return home for a few hours sl**p before heading off for another week at sea. We would just start up the motor as soon as the boat was afloat and slowly make our way out past the rocks before increasing speed, my mother was more careful, and not very good at rowing which meant it was taking ages to make our way the 100 yards to open water. There was also the small matter of her attire, she was not dressed for rowing a boat, wearing a rather fetching but tight bikini, not that we knew it then but she was in the early stages of pregnancy, our baby s****r being born in the early months of the following year.

Everyone was leaning over the side of the boat looking down into the water, making a game of trying to spot crabs, starfish, jellyfish and fish of any sort at all, a few even had little fishing lines in hand in case they spotted a fish. My older b*****r was poised on the bow, the lookout for rocks, he also had a homemade spear gun in his hand like some harpooner on a whaling ship, we intended to use it when we reached the other beach, diving in mask and snorkel for flatfish. I was watching my mother struggle with the oars, sitting with her legs spread to brace herself as she made each stroke of the oars. There was plenty to watch, the thin straps of her top would slip off her shoulders with each stroke which meant that with the next she would be in danger of losing the top completely. This caused her to stop rowing long enough to sort her straps which would then slip back again with the next stroke, hence the reason it was taking ages for us to travel just a short distance. I didn’t know where to look, I was pretending to untangle my fishing line but I was watching to see if her top was going to slip off her breasts, why I didn’t know at the time, I was only t*n but I knew I wanted to see her breasts. I’d seen my aunt breastfeeding my little cousin and was amazed at her enormous breasts, I’ve no idea about cup sizes, they were just big, she was only about f**e foot two in height and this made them look even bigger, full of breast milk, I was fascinated, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them as she nursed my cousin, sadly my mother told me to run off and play and I didn’t get to watch for long, but it did make me want to see my own mothers titties.

My mother was looking straight ahead, half watching all the k**s, half watching to see where she was going, part of her, so I thought, was watching me as I slyly watched her. I kept my head down and as I did I noticed something else. I’d been so set on seeing one of her breasts pop out that I hadn’t looked elsewhere. Now I looked as her foot slipped as she struggled to row and keep her top on, when I looked at her foot my gaze continued up her slim leg ending at her crotch, her legs were spread and the bikini pants were tight, forming what I would learn in later life was called a “camel-toe”, the material digging into the crease between two clearly visible mounds, peaking out of each side I could make out wisps of hair, something that astounded me, I didn’t know that grown-ups had hair down there. I might have appeared naive but this was the early seventies, there was no such thing as porn available to the likes of us, I didn’t see my first nudie mag until I was t****e when I found one hidden under a bush on a lane near my home, a penthouse, which I took and hid to be pored over many times and wanked over any chance I got. Coupled with a copy of “The Happy Hooker” which I’d read by torchlight under the covers as my youngest b*****r slept, many a wank I had to the tales of Xavaria Hollander and her sexual exploits, I learned all I needed to know about sex from these pages.
I was engrossed in the sight of my mother’s pussy, her thigh muscles tensing with each pull of the oars was having a strange effect on my t*n year old cock. I’d been waking with a hard on for some months but had thought it just meant that I needed to pee but this was the first time I’d had one while I was awake, not the last by a long shot. The stop start rowing of my mother as she tried to keep her top in place was spoiling my fun, I could see that the heat of the day and the strain of the rowing was making my mother’s skin on her stomach glisten with beads of sweat, I’d watch as they’d trickle down over her belly until they reached the waistband of her bikini bottoms and disappeared from sight. It might have been this that was making my cock hard, it might have been the flexing of her muscles on her inner thighs, it may even have been her pussy mound, the material disappearing into the hidden lips where a small damp patch had gradually appeared. It didn’t matter, all I knew was that for some reason my cock was hard and was sticking straight out from my little swimsuit. For some reason I had an urge to touch myself, I had a stronger urge to touch my mother’s mound, not for any sexual reason other than the fact that it fascinated me, I knew I couldn’t do that, nor could I touch myself, any time any of us absentmindedly touched ourselves as c***dren do, we would be told “leave yourself alone!” by an adult, I was to find out why.

A curse from my mother made me look up, one side of her top had slipped down exposing one of her nipples, a large dark circle with a hard lump in the middle that adults called a nipple. I’d obviously seen them before while my mother breastfed my youngest b*****r but I would only have been s*x or so when she stopped so I had no recollection of the events. This was the first time I had been aware of them, having seen my aunt feed my baby cousin I knew what they were for, I had no idea they were for any other reason ? I must have been thinking about this as I absentmindedly touched my own nipple, my mother dropped the oars to pull her top back up and sort the straps for the umpteenth time, her voice brought me out of my daze. “What are you doing?” she hissed in a low voice obviously meant just for me, I looked up at her, pretending I had been in a world of my own. “Why are you touching your chest?” she continued, pointing at me, still keeping her voice low. I looked down at my hand, then at my nipple and shook my head, “I don’t know mum,” I replied, “I think a midge bit me.” A reasonable excuse, convincingly made, I scratched the nipple again innocently, forgetting that my t*n year old cock was sticking straight out of my speedos.

My mother gave me a quizzical look, her eyes I now know were fixed on my young hard on, I innocently thought at the time that she was looking at the fishing line in my hands which I had returned my own gaze to, intent on looking innocent as I tried to untangle the knots in the line. My mother muttered something I didn’t catch under her breath and returned to her rowing. I dare not lift my gaze for the next few minutes as I could feel her eyes boring into me, I hoped she took my flush of embarrassment as being the effects of the hot sun on my body rather than the hot son, strangely excited by the sight of his mother’s damp pussy. Although I couldn’t watch her vain struggle with her top it didn’t stop me looking at the place between her thighs which had my interest. After a while I felt it was safe to lift my head as I heard her mutter again, still struggling with her top, the top was winning, or rather her thirty four year old breasts were winning the battle, the weight of them swinging as she rowed making it impossible for the top to maintain her modesty. I had timed it perfectly, this time both straps had slipped from her shoulders on the same stroke.

As my mother pulled the oars back through the water, she expanded her chest against the current, both straps had slipped from her shoulders and were now down near her elbows, as she lifted the oars from the water and brought them through the air ready for the next stroke the tension of the bikini top relaxed and the material fell from her breasts. The oars dipped into the water and as she pulled them back towards her, expanding her chest, both breasts were free, for all the world to see, and the only one looking was me. I didn’t know where to look, oh I knew where I wanted to look, and I knew what to look at even if I still wasn’t sure why it was exciting to me. I didn’t stare, I just looked, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, making no sudden moves to shift my gaze or position, I may even have held my breath. My mother stared back at me, an angry look crossed her face, one I knew well, whether it was aimed at me, the top I did not yet know ?

A look of resignation crossed her face, she shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, looking straight at me. I returned her gaze, thinking that as long as I kept eye contact I couldn’t be accused of looking at her breasts, it seemed to work as she just let the top fall to her waist, picked up the oars and returned to her rowing. I tried to be as casual as possible thinking that I could prolong the view of those beautiful breasts, pale and white against the surrounding tanned body, with those big dark areola, a name I’d only learn years later, and her hard nipples. I secretly longed to kneel before her and suck on those nipples, the urge was almost overpowering. I tried to stay composed but my cock betrayed me, I only knew it was called a cock after seeing a bull on the farm near our house and hearing the farmer say that it had “A fine big cock on it!”

My discretion got the better of me after what seemed like an age but which had only been a few minutes, free from the struggle with her top my mother had made headway out beyond the rocks into open water. Glancing over the side of the boat I told my mother casually that I thought we were far enough out for her to start the outboard motor. “Thank god for that,” she replied, “My arms are aching with the strain, I expect your trunks will be relieved too?” she said with a little throaty laugh. I turned from where I had been staring into the water to look at her, she was staring straight back at me, arms spread open as she rested the large oars in the water. Her breasts were still in full view, not the biggest I’ve ever seen in the subsequent forty years but perfectly formed, I’ve yet to see bigger nipples, they looked even longer than they had been only a few minutes earlier. She held my gaze, before releasing her hand from one oar, then the other, massaging the biceps of both arms which caused her breasts to be pushed together inwards and outwards, making the nipples stand out even more.

“It’s a beautiful view don’t you think?” she was staring at my crotch now, before lifting her eyes to meet mine and then looking over her shoulder at the coastline behind her. “Yes it is mum, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” I spluttered in reply, turning to look back at her and beyond her to the shore and all the k**s sitting on the bow of the boat. Some movement made me return my gaze to my mother who was retrieving her bikini top, up till now she’d had her back to everyone else on the boat but once the motor was going she would have to turn round to face them. Seeing that I was watching she gave one nipple a little pinch, smiling at me as she squeezed her thighs together, closing her eyes for a second. If I could I would have cum in my trunks that very second, but my first ejaculation was still in the future, courtesy of another visitor to our holiday site that summer. The feeling in my cock was the most blissful thing I’d ever felt in my short lifetime, the shiver coursing through my body was plainly visible.

“You have a hard job on your hands, don’t you?” My mother’s voice brought me out of the daze I was in, and I noticed I had my hand on my hard cock, I quickly let go of the bulge in my trunks and looked back at my mother. “You are sitting in the captain’s seat, you’ll have to start the motor and steer, not too hard a job is it?” She was laughing now, enjoying my surprise and embarrassment, “What did you think I was meaning?” She innocently enquired, smiling at me while looking at my crotch for a second before returning my gaze. Rather than answer I swung around in my seat and reached for the string which needed pulling to get the motor running, frightened to stand up on in the boat my legs felt so weak. I put all my strength into pulling the string and managed to get the motor running at the second attempt, everyone cheered, knowing that we would soon be underway to the cove for a day of fishing, swimming and a picnic of tea and banana sandwiches. My mother was clapping her hands as I turned back to face her, the steering arm of the motor under my own arm, the throttle in my left hand. “Who is my big strong boy then?” she asked smiling back at me, her top now safely back in place but her legs still parted, the damp patch on the front was even bigger than it had been just seconds before. For a long time afterwards I thought my mother had accidently peed herself, I was t****een before I found out that my voyeurism had made her have an orgasm and that she had been even more turned on than I was during the whole episode.


The holiday passed without further opportunities to see my mother’s tits, try as I might I even failed to catch another glimpse of my aunt’s either. When it was time for her to feed my baby cousin she would retire inside one of our caravans and before the summer was out the baby was being fed by bottle much to my disgust, all my c***dren were bottle fed which also denied me from reliving the fantasy of that summer. By the time we reached the cove my cock had returned to its normal shrivelled state and I enjoyed the day with my cousins, since we had to make two trips to get everyone from our site to the cove I had volunteered to be helmsman in the hope that we would have some privacy during the return leg and perhaps my mother would remove her top again, it wasn’t to be, my mother stayed at the far end of the boat staring into the distance until we reached the shore and picked up the two aunts and the baby. I’d been enjoying being in command so much that I forgot to stop when we reached the rocks so that my mother would need to row, by the time I remembered I had navigated my way through the rocks and was close enough to the shore so that the adults need only wade out till the water was at their knees before boarding the boat. “Why didn’t you tell me you were so good at steering the boat?” my mother scolded me, “It would have saved me all that rowing earlier, but I suppose you were too busy enjoying the special view.” She ended with a sigh, again she squeezed her knees together although this time her hands were between her legs hidden from my view.

I spent the holiday trying to get a peek at my older female cousins, one was f***een, the other who visited for two weeks was f****een. She had nice little breasts and a pert bum, which looked really sexy in her bikini but even better in a one piece suit, the material covering her pussy was narrower and I would swim under water trying to get a look at it while we swam, I wanted to see if she had hair peeking out like my mother did! I had discovered the female form and I liked what I saw, I also liked what it did to me and the effect it had on my young cock. I even took to instigating bouts of playful wrestling with my female cousins so I could cop a feel of their little titties. This always made me hard and on more than one occasion my f****een year old cousin noticed and would grab my crotch when nobody was looking and rub me with her thumb, the second time it happened I inadvertently thrust my groin into her hand with a grunt which made her smile, she looked me in the eye and quickly kissed me on the nose before saying, “Let’s play hide and seek, I know a good place we can hide.” Being the oldest she quickly organised all the cousins for a game of hide and seek, telling them how far in either direction along the beach they could go to find a hiding place and also how far into the trees between the shore and the road high above we were allowed to hide.

I was not too keen on playing, I had been enjoying the play wrestling too much, I especially did not like it when she announced that since she had beat me at wrestling I should be the first person to do the finding while everyone else hid. The rules were simple, first one found was to do the seeking for the next game, I knew this would be easy as the younger ones wouldn’t be too hard to find, not being devious enough or quick enough to go too far in search of a hiding place. The only drawback was that everyone had to be found before a new game could be started, this I knew from experience could take an hour or more depending on where everyone hid, I knew that if I was hiding I would find a spot to hide, wait until an area had been searched and then move to hide there instead, claiming I had been there all along when I won the game by being last found. I wasn’t looking forward to my role in the game; that was until my older female cousin, Lucy, announced she would make sure I knew all the rules and came across to where I was standing, made a show of explaining the rules to me before whispering where her chosen hiding spot was going to be. It just so happened that it was a place I knew well, and was well outside where she had previously told everyone marked the borders of the area in which they were allowed to hide.

I was blindfolded and told to count to two hundred out loud, half of them took off before I had even started to count, Lucy being the last to leave. “Come straight to where I am going to hide, I’ve another game in mind,” she whispered in my ear, “doctors and nurses.” And with that I heard her take off, her feet running across the path until the sound faded and could no longer be heard. I counted out loud until I reached the required amount before removing my blindfold which was one of my mother’s dishcloths. I let it fall from my eyes till it hung around my neck and took off after my cousin, all thoughts of looking for the others ignored despite being able to hear giggles coming from under the caravan nearby.

I tried to skirt all the places where I thought the others might hide, hoping I didn’t accidently bump into any of them, I was intrigued by Lucy’s instructions and desperately wanted to find out what she meant by doctors and nurses. It took me a good ten minutes to reach the spot that Lucy had told me about, I knew there was a small cave in the rocks, its entrance hidden by bracken, you could walk past it and never see it unless you knew it was there. We had discovered it the very first time we visited this beach the previous year and had rarely ventured back to it since. We knew that others must have known about it as on our first visit that year we had found several candles and a large box of matches, we assumed it must have been the c***dren of a f****y who had lived in a caravan on that beach for the previous couple of years, four girls and two boys, ranging in age from s*x to s*xteen. One boy was f****een the other was s*x, we didn’t play with them and they kept out of our way on the beach, the girls were more sociable, especially the s*xteen and t****e year olds, but they mostly just chatted to my female cousins and my mother and aunts.
I reached the cave and for a minute thought that Lucy had been playing a trick on me, sending me off in the wrong direction so that she and everyone else had longer to hide and I would be made to look the fool when I couldn’t find them. A voice called my name softly from inside the cave, I knew it was Lucy from her English accent, she called again, “Is that you out there?” I answered in hushed tones that it was before carefully parting the bracken to reveal the entrance to the cave. The opening was quite low which was why it was hard to see, but once inside it was a good deal bigger and you could easily stand upright. I peered into the darkness trying to acclimatise my eyes, I could hear a scr****g noise which was followed by the sudden gleam of match light. In its glare I could see Lucy sitting on an upturned fish box, she was holding the match in one hand and a candle in the other. “Quick,” she whispered, “Get your arse in here in case any of the rest get the same idea.”

I bent my head to scramble into the cave until I could stand upright, by which time Lucy had lit the candle and was using it to look about to find out if any more were lying about. My eyes fell on a box of candles which had been squeezed into a large crack in the wall, pulling the box clear from its hiding place I opened the lid to discover that there was at least half a dozen brand new candles in the box. I handed one to Lucy who lit it and then using the melting wax from the first which she dripped onto a little ledge sat the new candle in place before reaching out for another. Soon Lucy had four candles lit and situated in various spots illuminating the cave which was even bigger than I’d first thought or imagined during any previous visit. Lucy was already scrambling about to see what else she could find, she found a second box and sat it on top of the one she’d been sitting on when I arrived.

Then she discovered a blue plastic oil drum which she placed facing the boxes before returning to sit on the boxes and indicating that I should make use of the drum. “Sit down Scott, the nurse will see you in a second.
I did as I was told, she was more than three years older than me, it wouldn’t be my s*xteenth birthday for another week and she was already into her e***teenth year, who was I to argue. She had said something about a game of doctors and nurses but I had no idea what she meant by this? Regardless of my ignorance I was excited, the memory of her hand on my cock had kept me hard during the time it had taken me to reach the cave, even if I didn’t know what I was to expect, perhaps she wanted to wrestle in private, how was I to know? I was still only t*n!

I sat on the drum facing Lucy, nervously looking about the cave, marvelling at the sheer size of it compared to the tiny entrance to the outside world, the bracken and ferns at the entrance blocked most of the daylight but the candles were enough to light up the part of the cave we were sitting in. Lucy leant towards me, hands on hips, her face no more than a foot from my own, “Do you want to tell the nurse about the little problem you’ve been having in your trunks today?” I didn’t notice her hand until I felt it clasp my cock and balls with a little squeeze, “Ah, I see you still have your problem, it must be very uncomfortable in there, why don’t you take those nasty trunks off so the nurse can inspect the problem area?” I still didn’t know what she was doing, all I knew was that she made my cock hard in the same way that my mother had on the boat, but I wasn’t prepared to argue so I stood up and dropped my trunks to my ankles. Lucy shuffled her bum to the edge of the boxes she was sitting on and reached out with both hands to grab my bare bum, pulling me even closer to her. My f**e inch cock was sticking straight out, no more than a few inches from Lucy’s face, “Very good,” she said, not taking her eyes off of my stiff cock. “ I think we need to examine this problem closer, it looks very painful, maybe nurse can do something about it?”

Lucy reached out and took my cock in her hand, slowly stroking the shaft before letting it go, “Sir seems to be having a problem with his prick, it is looking very hard and painful!” I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to answer or how I was supposed to answer? I’d never played this sort of game before. “Yes, no, yes, I mean no, I mean I don’t know, what was the question Lucy?” was my less than convincing reply. “In the consulting room, there is only Nurse, and Doctor, when I am the nurse you are the patient, and when it is my turn to be the patient, you will be doctor, there is no Lucy and no Scott, you must remember this for the future.” She seemed a bit stern and this seemed to be the kind of game that wasn’t much fun for the patient, especially if she was going to be making a fool of my predicament, I was beginning to wish I’d gone looking for the others and just left her here by herself.

Little did I know it was to be the best game ever, a prelude to the many delights of the female body, the male and female anatomy and all the pleasures that could be had between the two. I might have been reading the Happy Hooker in the future but I’d be thinking about Lucy, until she was replaced in my fantasies by my own mother.

Having set her ground rules Lucy tried again, this time she spat in her hand before returning it to my cock, the wet hand feeling cold in the dank confines of the cave. “Now sir,” she continued, “You seem to be suffering from what we in the medical world would call a stiffy.” Her hand was slowly stroking my shaft, which was responding to her touch by growing even harder than before. “ I think there is only one treatment that nurse can recommend for this problem, and that is something we nurses like to call a BJ.” She was confusing me again, I liked the touch of her hand on my cock, and I could tell my cock liked what her hand was doing to it, but a BJ? I had no idea what that could be. There was nothing for it but to play the game and see where it would lead, “Thank you nurse, this BJ feels very nice.” I replied, showing my complete ignorance, “I like it very much, don’t stop.” The last part more a plea than a request. “Don’t be silly,” Lucy laughed, her voice echoing around the cave.

“This is not the BJ, nurse is just giving you a wanking off, it will solve your problem but a blow job is even better.” More new words, her hand stroking my cock was her wanking me off, I’d remember that, but what was a blow job? I pictured her blowing on my cock which didn’t seem to be my idea of fun, images of a mother blowing raspberries on a baby’s belly sprang to mind. I cleared my throat before speaking, if only so that my voice didn’t sound too disappointed, “Ok then nurse, what is this blow thing all about then? Is it really better than wanking off?” She giggled again, stroking me even harder, running her thumb across the head of my cock as she pulled my foreskin back. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, this was a first, I’d heard about kissing girls, I’d seen grownups kiss, but I’d never been kissed like this before, she was running her tongue across my lips, trying to poke it into my mouth. I’d forgotten to breathe while she kissed me and it never occurred to breathe through my nose which was why I opened my mouth, not to return her kiss but to breathe, no matter, Lucy poked her tongue into my open mouth, past my teeth and found my own.

My first French kiss, which was what she later told me it was called, I thought the French must be a very peculiar race if this was how they all kissed? “You have to do the same as me,” Lucy said her mouth barely an inch from mine. I did as I was told and poked my tongue into her mouth, which caused her to place her free hand on the back of my neck, pulling me closer, mashing our lips and teeth together and her tongue finding my own the two swirling about in her mouth and then mine. I was beginning to like this, my cock was certainly liking this, perhaps this was the blow job that she’d been speaking about. We were a bit breathless after only a few minutes when Lucy broke away and looked me in the eyes again, “You are a great kisser sir but I think nurse needs to give you that blowjob now before anyone comes looking for us.” Now I was puzzled again, just when I thought I’d worked this BJ thing out I discover I’d been wrong again. I wasn’t kept in suspense for long though as Lucy placed her hand on my chest and pushed me back.

“Lean back a bit sir, give nurse some room.” I was sitting upright, Lucy/nurse, still had my cock in her hand, she reached out and grabbed the cloth which I still had around my neck and releasing my cock from her grasp spread it on the dirt floor of the cave before kneeling on it. I leant forward to see what she was doing but she pushed my head back again, looking up from her position in front of me, “give nurse some room sir, she needs to have space to work her magic.” I did as I was told and leant back, still trying to see what was happening, she had taken hold of my cock again, giving it a few long strokes before lowering her head towards it. This I thought was where she was going to blow on it, just as I first thought, how wrong could I have been. Firstly I felt what could only have been her tongue on the head of my cock, licking the dome as her hand drew my foreskin back, her thumb being drawn across the moistened head.

The feeling was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, but much more was to come, Lucy continued to lick my cock, stroking it at the same time, the touch of her thumb on the sensitive skin was out of this world, I would quite happily have settled for this, the sensation causing a funny knot in my groin. She wasn’t finished, she hadn’t even started.
I gasped out loud as I felt her lips slide down over the length of my cock, right to the root, her tongue flicking the shaft as she swallowed me into her throat, she gagged but held me there. If I’d had some experience I would have been flattered that she had gagged but I’d have been wrong, mine was the first cock she had ever sucked and had gone for broke at her first attempt so that even my f**e inches were just a bit too much for her. She took it a bit slower now, taking just the head and first inch into her mouth and sucking as hard as she could causing me to wince, we were both learning something new today, little did I know she’d only read about it in a book she had found under her parents bed a few weeks before her holiday. Still she persisted, taking note of my reactions, if I winced she would ease off on the pressure, taking a bit more of me into her mouth every few strokes, soon she was able to take my whole length without gagging, feeling a bit braver she tried using her tongue on the base of my shaft, stretching it to try and lick my balls without success, on the next attempt she made an attempt to help matters by taking my sac in her hand and feeding it into her mouth along with my cock. The pain was nearly unbearable yet felt exquisite at the same time, it took her several attempts but eventually she managed to stuff my balls in her mouth along with my whole cock, the first and only time anyone would ever try or succeed in doing this, I doubt any woman could have managed it with an adult unless she could unhinge her jaws, but my balls were still quite small and with a bit of willpower Lucy performed this miracle.

I was close to passing out from the mixture of pain and pleasure as Lucy sucked on my balls with my cock in her throat, it was too much for me, “please Luce, I mean nurse, that hurts,” with a plop and a sucking sound Lucy’s let my balls and then cock escape from her mouth. “Sorry sir,” she said, looking up at me as she wiped the slobber from her face with the back of her hand, “would you like me to stop?” It had been painful but I had been enjoying it right up until the end, “It was good to begin with but the last bit was just too painful, that’s all, I liked the rest of it, honestly.” I wanted her to suck me again, I had an idea that there was even better to come if only she tried again. “Ok sir, but we better be quick, I want my turn as patient and I still have to make you lose your load.” She was off again, sucking me back into her mouth leaving me puzzling over what she meant about losing my load? I hadn’t been carrying anything. I needn’t have worried, a few more minutes of the nurse/Lucy sucking me before a completely new sensation took over my whole body, I could feel my balls tightening in their sac, my stomach felt as if it was on a rollercoaster, I didn’t know whether I needed to pee or throw up, I did know one thing and that was that my cock felt even harder than before, Lucy noticed too.
She began to make muffled slurping sounds as my young cock grew in her mouth filling her inexperienced teenage throat, the sound of my scream from my very first orgasm echoed around the cave.

I was certain that I was peeing in her mouth, never before having experienced such a momentous event, my very first cumshots in a female mouth, it felt like a gallon, my head was spinning, my cock was throbbing, my balls had disappeared up inside my groin, I was soaked with sweat, my heart racing my breathing came quick and fast, I yelped again as Lucy released my cock from her mouth, sucking deeply on the head before letting it fall from her lips. “Did I hurt you?” she asked, looking up at me, her tongue coated with a milky liquid that I would later find out had been my cum. “No, no, no,” I told her, “that was great, suck the end of it again please, just a bit more, please.” I pleaded. She smiled up at me, happy that I had enjoyed her mouth on my cock, “Ok, just a little,” she replied, taking me back inside her mouth, sucking the mushroom head deeply, flicking the slit with her tongue, the feeling was amazing, so intense, all too quickly it subsided to be followed by what I knew was an urge to pee. “You better stop,” I told her, “if you don’t then I will pee in your mouth.” Her eyes looked up at me, reluctant to release me from her mouth, for a split second I thought I saw an idea cross her mind, did she want me to pee in her mouth? As quickly as it seemed to cross her mind it was gone and my cock fell from her lips, I never would find out how seriously she had considered the idea, I know one thing, it put me off the idea for life, despite having been requested to do just that more than once over the years.
My first ever blowjob, my first ever cumshot, and she’d swallowed, little was I to know that this was something that not every woman would do or enjoy, despite what your average porno or story would have you believe.

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Showing Off At The Beach (first time)

This is a true story. I was house-sitting for some friends who live near the beach in Langkawi in mid-September. I decided to go jogging one morning on the beach, which is only about a block from their house. So I walked over to the beach, and put my stuff down on one of the beach chairs in front of the high rise resort there. After jogging down the beach and back for about 35 minutes, I had worked up a pretty good sweat, so I decided to take a dip in the ocean. Figuring that I might want to do this, I had worn my swim trunks to go jogging. And when I wear my swim trunks, I always wear something underneath so I don't get chafed. This day I had worn white bikini briefs underneath. So I took off my socks and shoes, left them on the beach chair, and headed for the water. Being mid-September, it was still quite warm, so the water felt great! After being in the water for a while, I started to get pretty horny, and I reached down and felt that I had a big hard-on. My waist was beneath the surface of the water, so I pulled my trunks and briefs down and had a good time stroking my long cock in the water. A couple of times, I laid back and floated and enjoyed watching my cock rise out of the water.

And then I got a really fun idea. I knew that my tiny white bikinis would be completely see-through now that they were soaking wet. I thought it would be fun to come out of the water wearing nothing but my bikinis to show off my long cock. Now remember it was mid-September so there weren't many people at the beach. Just a couple of joggers, a few older folks laying on their beach chairs reading, and a mom and her small toddlers making their way down the beach away from me. I certainly couldn't do this while they were within sight. So I continued to play with myself while they headed away from me, and finally around the corner and out of sight. So this was my chance. I pulled my rock hard dick all the way over to the left so that it rested above my left thigh, barely able to fit beneath the material in my bikini shorts. I headed toward the beach, and as my waist came up above the water's surface, I looked down and sure enough, there was my long, luscious cock on display for all to see! I continued to emerge out of the water, taking note that I was right in front of the high rise resort there at the beach, with each room having a beachfront balcony. It was so awesome knowing that anyone on their balcony or looking out their window at that time could see how hard my bulging dick was. I slowly made my way back to my beach chair, taking plenty of time to show off. I was so horny that I was tempted to just whip it out right there and stroke it for everyone to see. But not wanting to run the risk of being arrested, I pulled my swim trunks and shirt back on, grabbed the rest of my stuff, and headed back to the house.

I was so eager to jerk off, I couldn't wait to get back to the house. When I got back there, I dropped everything quickly, and immediately headed to their pool in the backyard. As soon as I got there, sitting by the pool I ripped off my shirt and yanked off my swim suit, revealing my bulging cock in my totally see-through shorts. I slowly ran my hands down my belly, and felt all around my cock and my balls, as I started to moan and groan. I started to stroke my long shaft, and found myself getting even harder. I know I was saying out loud how awesome my long, hard dick looked! I finally couldn't take it anymore, so I pulled off my tiny shorts, and let all 7 inches of my manhood spring to life. I grabbed my cock and stroked it as hard as I could, sliding my pre-cum up and down and up and down on my long, hard shaft. I know I was moaning and groaning quite loudly by now, so I'm sure any neighbors or anyone on the nearby golf hole got quite a show. (Hey, I'm sure we'd all love seeing a guy stroke a rock hard 7" cock!) But I didn't care -- I was really going now. I finally couldn't hold back anymore. And with a big shout, I let forth the biggest load of cum I had shot in a long time, soaking my stomach. It was unbelievable! Even then, it took a while for my big member to die down, as I just lay there with it d****d across my leg. What an amazing day at the beach!
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At the beach just the other day…

At the beach just the other day…
of course its a true story (wink)

I was enjoying the sun and sand, watching some girls and swimming in the waves. A normal day at the beach, lots of eye candy but not really trying to get a nibble. Most of the cute girls there were young teens, often with their parents near by. The 20somthing crowd seems to go to the beach in the evening not the afternoon. Of course there is something to be said for youngish single mothers who can still wear a bikini with pride.

Anyhow, I took up sand castle building; it is actually kind of fun and makes a good conversation opener. Often a cute girl will show an interest in helping me play in the sand and this is an opportunity to sneak some very good peeks at her. More often a flock of k**s will try to help the castle building and end up making a mess of it. That is about the time I usually go for a swim.

The other day at the beach I ended up with a lovely young assistant named Bethanny. She was quite the little flirt. After she noticed me looking down her top she started making exaggerated posses and trying to get me to look more and more. Eventually we went for a little swim. When we got out into the water a bit away from the crowd, she pulled open her yellow bikini top and flashed me. Her nipples were surprisingly large for a girl her age. She giggled and we began to splash around. She tried to pull my shorts down, and grope me, so of course I tried to do like wise.

Eventually she asked me to come back to her trailer. I said; sure if you want more to happen. She whispered in my ear; I want you to fuck me. A lot of questions were in my mind, but I thought it best to smile and not say a thing. So we walked off the beach and into the trailer park. I just drive up for the day but lots of people set up camp for the season.

When we got to the trailer I was a bit disappointed to see a woman, Bethanny’s mom I guessed, putting away her beach stuff. So much for being alone, but I guess its better not to start than to be interrupted. “Hi mom, I brought home a friend.” She said cheerfully. As the woman turned to look me in the eye I was amazed at how much she looked like her daughter, a few more curves of course, but it was the mischievous sexy smile that really made me worried and excited.

When we got inside Bethanny’s mom said “I saw that you and my daughter were getting along very well. That’s fine, but if you want to do anything more with her, you have to include me too.” I looked at her, then looked over at my sexy lil beach bunny. “You may think Im a big pervert, but seeing my babygirl get fucked always makes me cum super hard, and then I will do anything to get your cock out of her and into me.” She explained, then flashed her tits just like her daughter had done early that day. “Mmmm yea you’re a pervert, but being normal is never as much fun as being naughty. So Id be happy to fuck your daughter and then you.” I answered.

Her mom did a little strip show for us before she went off to the shower, her nipples were even bigger than her daughters, and I was happy to see her pussy was clean shaven. Bethanny and I started fondling each other as soon at her mom was out of the small room. We kissed as I slid my hand under her bikini bottoms to rub her smooth little pussy and her hand wiggled up the leg of my short to grasp my throbbing cock. By the time her mom had come back, I had pulled Bethanny’s top off and I was sucking on her young breasts.

“Off you go” her mom said and the beach bunny hopped to the shower, pulling down her bikini bottoms and wiggling her naked white bum at us, before closing the door. We both smiled, then she got between my legs, offering me her big breasts as her hands caressed my cock. She was much more gentle and in less of a hurry than her daughter. By the time Bethanny came back, her mom had my cock in her mouth and was bobbing up and down.

Mommy slut sucked hard on my cock and wiggled her naked ass. Her daughter knew just what to do. She thrust two fingers up her mom’s wet cunt, and then slowly worked her thumb into her mom’s bum. I had been trying to hold back, but watching this was too much. I took a firm hold of her dirty blond hair and fucked her face hard and fast, until I was gushing cum into her throat.

“Time for my shower.” I said reluctantly. I walked to the tiny bathroom and stood in the door for a moment, watching daughter slut kiss mommy slut’s cum dripping mouth. I showered quickly then returned to find Bethanny on the table, her legs spread wide, her mom’s face pressed to her hairless young pussy. “Slurp, slurp LICK. Make her read for your dick.” Mommy slut said after noticing I was standing there watching.

By now my cock was getting hard again, but I have a rule; never fuck a girl until I have licked her first. So I got between Bethanny’s legs and started munching her little muffin. It was not long before I had the girl cumming, my toung dancing over her cit and between her young pussy lips. Although Bethanny gasped and moaned loudly, I could still hear the squishy sounds of her mom finger fucking her self right beside me as she watched me eat her daughter.

Then it was time, I stood up and aimed my hard cock at her wet open cunt. I took hold of her slender hips and pulled her to me. Bethanny bit her lower lip and squeezed both her own tits, as I f***ed my big cock into her slippery hole. She was nice and tight, but clearly no virgin. Bethanny let out a long gasp as I drive the last few inches of my cock into her. “Mommy, mommy” she whimpered “Its in me, his cock, its so big and its in my lil cunnie. Please mommy help.” It’s a good think I had already cum because her words were so hot and dirty they would have sent me over the edge if I had been fresh.

Mommy slut gave a grunt and shivered with her own small orgasm. She then leaned over and offered her daughter a breast to suck on. Bethanny hugged her mom’s naked body and sucked hard at the big nipple, at the same time her movements make her hips wiggle. I kept hold of her and fucked her for a few more minutes in this position, then moved one leg over so that I was thrusting into her lil cunt from a different angle.

I let daughter suck on her mom’s tits until mommy-slut came again, then I said “Stop being a baby, I know you are a big girl, a real slut who wants to take my cock hard and deep, so off this table and on all four, Im going to fuck you like you’re my lil bitch.” Both mother and daughter groaned in excitement at my words. Quickly Bethanny got on the floor and into the proper pose.

I pushed into her slippery little cunt from behind, although she was dripping wet she seemed even more tight than ever. Bethanny moaned and rocked her head from side to side “Its too big, your cocks too much for my lil pussy” I gave a few hard thrusts and got a real yelp of pain. If I pushed real hard I saw that my cock was more than she could take.

The trailer was full of gasping and slippery sounds for a few moments before mommy slut said “go ahead use my daughter as hard as you like, fuck her like she was your own babygirl, your own daughter slut.” Her words were so nasty and I was so horny, I just lost control. I grabbed Bethanny’s round lil tits and squeezed as I fucked her hard and fast. She gave several sharp yelps and tried to move away but I kep on hammering at her hot tight hole until I was squirting cum into her sexy young body.

“That was fantastic.” Mommy slut said between the shivers of her orgasm, “you really must think about fucking your own daughter a lot.” She purred. In answer I grabbed her and lay her down on the floor. “My dear woman you talk too much,” I laughed, then I helped Bethanny, who’s legs were still trembling, to sit on her mom’s face. My cock was still half hard, so I wanted to waist no time. I pulled mommy slut’s legs up and pushed them forward so I could drive right down into her wide open pink pussy.

My cock slid in easy, and soon I was humping away. Bethanny held her mom’s legs for a while, watching my cock grow stiffer and I fucked her mother. Eventually she reached down to pinch her mom’s big nipples. It was only then that I noticed her nipples were leaking milk. “You are a wonderful total naughty pervert.” I said as I humped mommy slut. Her answer was muffled by her daughters pussy still pressed to her lips.

I did not leave the beach until the next morning, very tired by very happy.... Continue»
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Summer at the beach

It was a stinking hot summer back in '94.
At home on summer vacation, we had a few relatives arriving ready for the big Christmas gathering we usually put on at our place.

The whole week went really well, lots of hugs and kisses, heaps of presents getting opened, partying, drinking (for the oldies anyway) and just a load of good ol' fashioned FUN!

Most of them moved on after Boxing day, heading back home, or venturing farther to continue their holiday. Aunt Sue however, decided to stay an extra week. :)
This I liked, as Aunt Sue was one of Mums relo's I did like. LOL A LOT!
Sue was 4 years Mums senior, making her a healthy looking 56 year old woman.
Mum was pretty hot herself, getting herself back in shape after Dad passed away, trying to encourage another never paid out for her though.

So, with a week of fun (?) still ahead of us, we decided to spend some of it at the local beach. Now, as an 18 year old (age set higher than actual), you might wonder why an 18 y.o. would choose to spend time at a beach with two old ladies??
Well, I like older women in general, and my Mum and Aunt Sue are really two strikingly HOT "older ladies". :)
I also happen to have a fetish for female body hair.
Mum has lots of it, she has never tried to hide things from me, and although she has never said, "hey, do you like my bush?", she has never minded me seeing her in her bra and undies.
Being brought up in an open f****y like this has paid off.
I have become somewhat of an exhibitionist as a result.
You see, I was gifted with a good size penis.....all 13inches of it. :)
When it's soft, it hangs at about 9inches, and is very uncomfortable encased in tight jocks. This has led me to only wear boxes around the house, preferring to free ball in jeans when I go out.

Mum has noticed my manhood hanging loose a few times, stealing glances when she can, but not wishing to be drawn into any thing sexual with a member of her own f****y. Let alone her son.....I'm sure she fantasises though....

I tried my best to keep it discreet with Aunt Sue around, but that didn't go so well either. I overheard their conversation one morning as I made my way to the kitchen for brekkie. Aunt Sue, "you didn't tell me young Timmy was a horse!".
Mum's reply was, "I'm sorry hun, I wanted to tell you before you noticed"...
"I really have no explanation, and NO idea where he got THAT from..."she trailed off.
I took a back step, not wanting to walk in straight on top of their conversation. I entered some 5 minuted later, appearing not to notice, or giving away that I had heard them.
"Morning Mum, morning Aunt Sue" I greeted them. Mum gave me a big hug and Aunt Sue followed. She gave me a good once over, running her eyes up and down my short figure, wondering how the heck I could have such a large tool for a small boy.

So, with breakfast out of the way, we packed lunch for a picnic at the beach.
Mum and Aunt Sue come out to the car just as I was finishing loading it up. They both had on open front shirts tied at the waist, and a sarong tied around their bottom half. They had obviously got into their bathers too, as I could see the straps around their necks. Bugger....I was hoping to see them change at the beach.
Me, well I had decided feeling uncomfortable for a few hours wouldn't hurt, so had put on a pair of budgie smugglers. You know the kind, the lifesaver undies.
And man, were they tight. Checking myself in the mirror I had to lay my slab across my lower abdomen, it reached far to the left and was quite prominent. My balls were another story. I had slid on some boxers to cover things up some.

We made the short trip to the beach without incident, arriving before it got too crowded. Picked a nice spot near some dunes for a little comfort.
The beach by the way, is "clothing optional".
Mum and I had been here often, and it's not uncommon to see people naked.
So, as we settle in, Mum and Aunt Sue laid out their beach towels while I erected the umbrella. Sue was first to strip off her sarong and top. Mum followed suit and before me I had two glorious bushy ladies. Heaven!...
I slid down my boxers exposing my bulging Speedos. Both women looked wide eyed but said nothing, just glancing sideways at each other.
With an hour of sun-soaking behind us, the beach had filled dramatically. People closest to us were no more than 3metres away. A good looking blond with her boyfriend. They were "clothes optional" and were displaying a great set of "silicon boobs", a neatly trimmed bush (Mohawk)and a nice dick. She had been fondling him for about 15 minutes, gently caressing his balls and stroking his slowly stiffening cock. Not caring that people are close by or even watching.
Luckily, Mum had drifted off into a deep sl**p, worn out from constant partying the week before. Under cover of the umbrella, she was safe from sunburn.
Soon, two guys walking the beach, passed by us and noticed the action next door. Their arousal was obvious as they come closer for a better look. Next thing, they both dropped their cocks out and started stroking, merely metres away. Another couple, followed by 3 more in a group, two males and a girl, all stopped to voyeur the action. Perverts! This was great. LOL.
The blond started to work it with vigour knowing she had drawn some attention, obviously not knew at this I thought.
My Aunt, well....Aunt Sue was enjoying it too. Propped on an elbow, she was massaging her pussy not caring that her nephew was right behind her. I checked Mum to make sure she was still sl**ping...She was, thank goodness.
Aunt Sue glanced over her shoulder and saw my swollen tool trying to break free.
It was already sticking out the top of my Speedos in an effort to relieve the strain. She said, "you should take care of that", giving me a wink.
I obliged, not even thinking what I was doing.....Sue's eyes lit up. Finally, she had seen what she had hoped for. 13inches of solid cock.
The guy getting the attention next door looked over and said, "sweet fuck!".
His blond bimbo looked too, and seeing mine, started stroking her boyfriend faster. He shot a nice load up his tummy which she rubbed in. The two guys blew their loads all over the blond and the other couple, along with the trio set off, probably to fuck each other senseless....
My Aunt had swung around to face me, just as she was climaxing, opening her swollen pussy, sending a gusher at me. He glorious hairy, wet hole, gave me something to aim at. A few more strokes and I blasted shot after shot at my Aunt. Aunt Sue relished in the excitement, shoving two fingers into her hairy cunt, making her squirt again. She was drenched, 20 ropes from me is enough to cover anyone. Several shots even made it to the blond which she enjoyed, still wiping off the cum from the other guys. She had a big smile.
Unbeknown to me or Aunt Sue, Mum had stirred as we were cumming, seeing the whole thing. I looked around and Mum had a hand down her bikini bottom, rubbing briskly. She said, "I want some of that when we get home!".

To be continued......... Continue»
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d***k at the Beach (a hot story from the internet

I have been married to my cute little wife for 7 years.
We were married right out of high school when we were
both 18. I played on the basketball team and she was one
of the girls in the dance group that danced at half
time. She is a little blonde, about 120 lbs, and very
cute with a great personality.

We were both each other's first and hit it off right
from the start. We dated for about six months before I
finally got in her pants. She was always a little
prudish until one night we went to a party at a friend's

We started drinking and this was when I found out how
quick it was for her to get d***k. Within an hour my
little prudish blonde was totally d***k and just about
ready to pass out. I also noticed something else about
her, when she was d***k, she did about whatever you
asked of her.

This was the night I STOLE her cherry. She didn't put of
much of a fight like she normally would and after the
party I took her home and we made love for the first

The next day she knew we had made love but didn't
remember a lot of other details about the night. I then
learned a great lesson, if I want my way, feed her
drinks. To make sure this was no fluke, about two weeks
later I took her out and kept feeding her beers all thru
the night. Sure enough, about 2 hours of beer drinking,
she was d***k as could be.

Again, she went along with everything I said and I again
took her to my house and had a great time with her.
Within six months, we were married and I didn't really
need to ply her with alcohol anymore. She was not big on
going out and drinking but every now and then she would.

It's now about 7 years later and my wife is still super
cute for being 25. She was down because tomorrow was her
birthday and she would be 26. She thought she was
getting old and it was making her feel very down. I said
lets go out shopping and buy you some fun clothes to
make you feel young again. We hoped in the car and
headed down to the mall.

While my wife was searching thru all the skirts, shirts,
tops and things, I went over to one of the bathing suit
stores that was geared for the young crowd. I looked
over all their bikinis and found exactly what I was
looking for. I was a tiny little string bikini. It
didn't hide a lot. It had a little triangle patch in the
front and everywhere else was just string. The strap up
the back was like shoe string. It tied on the sides with
string. The top was a little better with two larger
pieces of cloth held together with string.

I knew my wife wouldn't normally wear this but I went
ahead and bought it. It seems the smaller the suit, the
more it cost. This was over $50.00 for this little piece
of material.

I took the suit quickly out to the car and put it in the
trunk. Then I headed back in the mall and found my wife.
She had bought a nice little skirt and shirt outfit and
was ready to go home. I didn't tell her about the suit I
bought for her. For the next week I thought about how I
could get my wife to wear this suit. I was about to just
give it to her and see what her reaction would be.

Then the phone rang and it was her mother inviting us
out to an early breakfast Sunday morning. We were going
to go over to her house and have breakfast then come
back home. The last time we had a big breakfast at her
mother's house, my wife had come back a little tipsy
because her mom loved Mamosas. Champagne and orange
juice. This got me thinking. My plan was now about

On Saturday, I bought some extra champagne and orange
juice. I wanted to make sure there was plenty there for
Sunday. Then I packed up our beach gear and put it in
the car. On Sunday, we went over to her mom's house as
planned. Sure enough, she started serving Mamosas. I
took some too this time but every time my wife's glass
got low, I would pour some of mine into hers and then
refill mine.

I was hardly drinking any and my wife and her mom were
going thru the booze. Sure enough they ran out of
champagne so I went out to the car and brought in my
stash. They continued to make the drinks and they
finally severed breakfast. All during breakfast we kept
talking and I made sure my wife's glass was always full.
She mentioned it but I said what the heck, we have no
place to go today anyway. She agreed and kept on

We stayed for about another 2 hours after breakfast was
done. It was now around noon and my wife and mother in-
law were feeling no pain. In fact, my wife was wasted as
I hoped she would be.

We said goodbye and I told my mom-in-law I was taking
her daughter home for the rest of the day. She said that
was good. I did take her home but it was only for a few
minutes. We got home and I told my wife we were going to
head to the beach for the afternoon. She said she really
didn't feel like it, she just wanted to lay down. I told
her she could lay down at the beach and rest or sl**p. I
knew in her condition she would agree with about
anything so she said ok.

I went and got her new suit and helped her get
undressed. I had her lay on the bed naked and within a
minutes she was passed out. I put on her new bikini and
boy was it small. It barely covered her pussy. My wife
kept her pussy shaved except for a small little patch at
the top of her cunt. She did this mainly for me as I
liked look. After I got her suit on her, I quickly put
her little dress on that she always wore over her bikini
and then woke her up.

I helped my wife out to the car and she mentioned that
noticed that this was not her normal bikini. I told her
I had bought her a new one that would let her get more
sun and help tan her body better. She as of yet did not
know how small it really was. I told her she could check
it out when we got to the beach. She was asl**p within a
minute or two of sitting in the car seat.

I got to the beach and parked where I knew all the
younger (15 to 25) crowd liked to go. I got out, got our
blankets then went around and opened my wife's car door.
I woke her up and helped her out of the car. I took her
down and found a nice place just a little bit away from
all the people. Not much, about 100 or 200 feet from the
big crowd. I laid our blanket down, the sat my wife
down. I made a little pillow out of my shirt for her and
told her to lay down. I asked her to lay on her stomach
and I would put suntan lotion on her legs and back.

Within a couple minutes my wife was out cold again. She
still had her little short slip on dress that she always
uses to cover herself up until she gets down to the
beach. The good thing was this dress buttoned up the
side. Usually she would just pull it over her head, but
it was also made to unbutton down the side. I started to
unbutton the dress. When it was totally unbuttoned, I
pulled one side over, removed her arm from it, continued
to pull it around her and removed her other arm from it,
then I just slide it from under her.

She never really moved a muscle. And she didn't really
know what she had on under her dress. She never did
really look. Now with her dress off, all that showed on
her backside was a string disappearing into her butt
crack and a string across her back holding her top on.
She was really hot. I got a huge stiff erection just
looking at her. I got the baby oil and started rubbing
it in all over her back and legs. I also generously
rubbed the lotion into her ass cheeks. It was as if she
was her with no bottoms on.

After I got the lotion on her I got up and went down to
wash my hands off in the ocean water. When I looked back
up at her, it was if she was naked on the beach. The
little patch between her legs was hiding her cunt, but
that was about all that was hidden. I decided to splash
in the water and watch what would happen when people
went by.

Two girls and two young boys walked by and the boys
pointed right away to my wife. The girls just sort of
stared, but the boys changed their paths of walking so
they would walk closer to my wife. They didn't stop but
they kept their eyes on my wife as long as they could.

When they finally got about 200 feet away I walked back
to where my wife was. She was sound asl**p. Passed out
cold. I was so hard it was hurting. I got the bottle of
baby oil and decided to put another coat on my wife.
Where else could I rub my wife's butt in public and get
away with it.

While I was rubbing oil on my wife's cheeks, my fingers
slipped down lower and that's when I noticed the bathing
suit was somewhat adjustable. I could pull back on the
stings and the cloth material would come back and cover
a little more of her butt, or I could pull more on the
front strings on her bikini and the little patch
triangle would move forward.

Well the more I pulled on the front strings, the less it
covered of her bottom. As I continued to pull I could
start to see the bottom of her cunt where it met her
butt. I slowly continued to pull and to my surprise the
material kept going forward and now I could see my
wife's entire cunt slit. It looked like she didn't have
anything on at all. You could see the string going up
the crack of her ass, but it disappeared into her ass
and then to my surprise, has disappeared into her pussy
cunt crack.

I quit pulling on the front strings and sat back in
amazement. My wife was a good as totally nude on a
public beach. I took the oil bottle and generously
rubbed the oil all around my wife's cunt. It now glowed
of juices in the sun. I reached in the bag of beach
stuff I brought and pulled out the video camera. I
started filming right away. I had to get more so I got
up and walked down to the water and kept filming. It
looked exactly as if my wife was nude on the beach. You
could make out her cunt perfectly.

While I was filming, I was too busy to notice the boys
coming back up the beach again. This time there were
about six of them. The same two that had walked by
before but they had brought four of their buddies. I
wasn't sure what to do but my excitement got the better
of me and I stayed there at the water and kept filming.
The boys got closer and closer.

At first they must have thought she still was covered
with her bikini. Then one of them noticed, he pointed
and all the guys stopped. They just kept staring. Then
they made the decision to move closer. They walked up
behind her and just stared at her open and wet pussy.
They looked around and saw me filming but didn't say a
word. They just stood there and stared. Then one of the
sat down at the end of her feet and eyed her even

I kept filming and watching what would happen. The other
five were laughing and they too sat down at the end of
her feet. They would every now and then look back at me
but they mostly kept looking my wife's wife clean-shaven

Then it happened, on of the boys tapped my wife on the
leg to get her attention. This shocked me and I was
about to run up and ask them to leave. But he tapped on
her leg again and she didn't move. He looked back at me
then he slowly rubbed his hand from her ankles and
started sliding them up her leg. She didn't move, and
even worse, neither did I. I was in total excitement. I
know I should go tell the boys to leave but at the same
time the excitement of not knowing what would happen
kept me where I was.

I saw the boy shake my wife's leg a little but she
didn't move or say a word. I suppose he took this as a
go ahead. My wife was in the usual position, she was on
her stomach and her legs were spread about a 18 inches
apart. One of the boys reached down and lifted one of
her legs and pulled it further apart.

Then the boy that was sitting between her legs got the
ideal and he spread them both as far as they would go.
Now instead of looking like a person just sunbathing, my
wife's leg were three feet apart and it split her cunt
wide open.

Of course I was filming the whole thing. Then I saw one
of the boys hold something in front of his face. I
couldn't tell what it was but he kept holding it in
front of his face. Not until he had the other five boys
stand next to my naked wife and he put the object back
up to his face did I realize it was a camera. The boy
was taking nude pictures of my wife with all the other
boys in the picture.

I saw the boy walk to her side and take a couple
pictures of her face as she was laying there sl**ping. I
decided it was time to halt things so I turned off the
VCR camera and started walking out of the water. The
boys saw me and they all got up and started walking back
down the beach from where they had come from. I couldn't
believe what I had just done but boy what a rush.

My dick was as hard as it had been in many years. I got
back to where my wife was, put the camera back in the
bag, then got my wife back into a normal position. I got
her thong put back in place and then woke my wife up. It
took me about 5 minutes to get her up and her little
dress back on her. I helped her back to the car, then we
went home.

At home I helped my wife into bed, it was only around 4
pm. Then I went in the living room and put the tape in
the VCR player. After rewinding it I watched the tape,
which lasted about 10 minutes. It was sooooo hot to

I couldn't believe how bold the young boys were. After
watching the tape three or four times, I had to get some
relief so I walked into the bedroom where my cute little
wife was sl**ping. I pulled back the covers and looked
at my wife's freshly shaven pussy. I licked my lips and
slowly started licking the sweet, young crack of her

Within a minute her pussy was so wet it was leaving
puddles on the bed. I pulled my wife so her legs were
laying off the side of the bed. I pulled her legs over
my shoulders and while I was standing I slide my dick
into her. I was so hot, she was so hot, it hadn't felt
this good in a long time. I slid in and out about 20
times before I shot a load deep into her unprotected

Usually I would pull out or wear a rubber but there was
no way I was coming out of her this time. I only hope it
was a safe time of the month. After I finished I cleaned
her up and put her back into bed. I hid the tape because
I would NEVER want her to find it. Then I started
planning my next encounter.

After today I knew I had to have more. I wanted to try
something different next time but I didn't know where to
take her. I looked thru all the papers and checked out
many places that I could take her. I just wasn't sure
where she would fit in if she was passed out. Then it
hit me.

There was a great little country western bar where every
Saturday night they had live bands and the place would
be packed. At least 400 people would pack the place and
they had great little booths you could sit out.

I decided this would be my next adventure with her. I
now had to figure out the advanced plans. My mind
started racing and within an hour I had the whole night
planned. First, buy her a new outfit, very short, very
sexy. Then, new shoes to go with the outfit. Must be
very high heeled, very sexy.

Finally, how to get her d***k before I take her out. She
wouldn't wear the outfit I would pick if she wasn't
d***k before I got her dressed. This part I would have
to work on. Plus, she didn't like to drink very often so
I figure an adventure like this once a month would be
very reasonable. So this gave me about 30 days to buy
everything and set the next session up.

About a week had gone by and I had all the things
needed. I bought her a very short skirt, nice high heels
with about a 4-inch heel. Some black fishnets that were
very sheer. And I bought a pair of lacy black underwear.
What was special was the underwear had about 8 snaps on
them. When snapped together they looked like normal
underwear, but when you unsnapped the snaps, they split
wide open. It was like you weren't wearing any

This would be perfect as I could get my wife into them
without her thinking anything suspicious, then unsnap
then at the right time. I even went one Saturday night
to the western bar to check things out. Sure enough,
around 11pm things started to get wild and it would be
the perfect place to take. It had been about 2 weeks
since I had taken her to the beach and as I left to go
to work this morning, there was an envelope on my car
windshield. I opened it and dropped dead in my tracks.

There were about 5 pictures of my wife printer on
computer paper and it was from when she was at the
beach. A couple were shots of her face and the rest were
all shots from between her legs. Also, anytime one of
the guys were in the picture, his face was erased so you
couldn't see who it was. A note was also in the package.
It was about one full page long.

I started reading the note. It said how nice it was to
put a show on for them. They liked it so much they
wanted another one. They had one of the guys leave when
we did and he stayed way behind and followed us to our
home. Now they wanted a repeat or some of these photos
could end up in my wife's hand or even worse, on the
Internet for everyone to see.

They must have thought this out for a while because they
had everything planned to the smallest detail. Today was
Wednesday, on Sunday they wanted me to take my wife to
the beach again, in the same outfit, but to a different
location. They wanted me to take her about 4 miles
further down the beach.

We had been there before but the beach wasn't as nice
and not many people used that area. I was to have her
there by 2pm or the pictures would be mailed out. Also,
they wanted her to be in the same condition she was in
last time. They don't know what that was but they wanted
her to be in that condition. The last note said after I
laid her out on the towel, I was to walk down the beach
about 1 mile. I would still be able to barely see my
wife but it would take me a while to get back to her.

I turned the paper over and on the back was a map of
where they wanted my wife, and another warning. If she
is not there and you do not walk away down the beach, we
will send the pictures. If you do as we tell you, we
will leave all the pictures next to your wife as we

I was sick to my stomach. I drove awhile then called
into work and said I wouldn't be in today. I thought
about calling the police, but I would be in just as much
trouble with the wife if I did that. I thought about not
going but then what if they did post the pictures or
give copies to my wife and friends? Now I know what true
blackmail is, they have you and you know it.

I was going to have to do what they wanted. I had to
figure out how to get my wife to the beach where they
wanted. I stayed out most the day trying to figure out
what to do. When I got home I gave my mother in-law a
quick call and told her how much I enjoyed the breakfast
with her a couple weeks ago and we should do it again.
This time at our house.

She liked the idea and agreed to come over around 9am
this Sunday. I went and told my wife that her mom would
be over for breakfast Sunday and she was really happy
that I asked her. We went out on Saturday and bought
everything for the breakfast. I made sure we had A LOT
of champagne for their breakfast drinks.

When Sunday arrived I got my wife up around 7:30. While
she was cleaning up and getting ready I made the first
container of Mamosas. I made a jug full with them being
extra heavy on the Champaign side. I took myself and my
wife in a glass. She didn't think we should start so
early with mom her but I told her one glass wouldn't
kill her. She was slowly drinking her glass and doing
work around the house.

Every time she would set her glass down, I would pour
some of mine into hers. It was like she had a virtual
glass. It never got empty. By 9 am when her mom had
arrived I had managed to get about two tall full glasses
into my wife. I don't know if she knew it was more than
one glass but she never said anything. With her mom here
I poured them both glasses and they started to cook. Now
that my wife had company, she was drinking the glasses
much quicker.

Her mom would finish one, so my wife would finish hers,
and I would refill both of theirs. By the end of
breakfast, my mom and wife had drank down three glasses
each. These were not small glasses but the big tall
ones. That made about five for my wife and she was
starting to feel no pain. I knew about an hour from now
when it kicks in full, she would be wasted.

But I wanted to make sure so I pulled all three of us
one more round and said lets go into the living room and
chat. We chatted for about 30 minutes then her mom said
she had to get going. It was about 11:30 now and my wife
had only drank about 1/2 her glass.

After my mom left I got my wife's glass and told her to
finish it up so I can wash up the dishes. She didn't
want to finish it but I talked her into it and she drank
the rest down in two big gulps.

I told her go sit down in front of the TV and I will
clean up the kitchen. She liked that a lot and I watched
as she bumped into the wall trying to get out of the
kitchen. She was just about there. I washed up the
dishes taking my time to let the alcohol work. When I
did go into the living room, it was about 12:15 and sure
enough, my wife was passed out of the couch.

I ran upstairs, pulled out the hidden beach bag I had
packed last night, and brought down my wife's tiny
string bikini and her short beach dress. I went down and
shook on my wife's shoulders and after a few tries she
woke up. I told her we were going to the beach but she
didn't want to go. I let her know that if I could invite
her mom over and keep them company, clean the kitchen,
then should could at least go to the beach with me for
an hour.

I told her we would only stay about an hour then she
could come home if she wanted. You could tell she didn't
really want to go but she said ok. I told her to just
lay there and I would get her bikini and beach dress on.
She closed her eyes, laid her head back and I started
taking her clothes off.

When she was totally nude, I grabbed her little string
bikini, slipped on the bottoms then the top, then slide
her dress down over her. It was hard with her laying
down but I got the job done. Then I put everything into
the car, came back in, woke her up best I could and
helped her to the car.

It was about a 15-minute drive to the beach that they
wanted us to go to. I drove and my wife didn't open her
eyes once. When I turned into the beach area I noticed
no other cars there. I parked and before I got my wife
out, I walked to the beach's edge and looked around.
There was nobody here.

I grabbed the blanket, beach bag, etc. and carried them
down to the beach. I sat them as far back on the beach
as possible. Next I went back to the car, grabbed my
video camera out of the car, and placed it down away
from my car a little but up on the hilly side of the
beach. I put it in a bush and pointed it towards my
wife. I adjusted the camera and kept placing things
under it until I could zoom in on my wife and get a
really clear shot.

After I was satisfied with what was in the viewfinder, I
press the record key and walked away. I went back down
to where the blanket was and looked up to where the
camera was hidden. Unless you knew it was there, you
wouldn't be able to see it.

Next I went up and opened the car door on my wife's
side. She was still passed out. I had to shake her three
or four times and I told her we were at the beach. She
didn't seem to understand or care so I just helped her
out of the car and took her down to the blanket.

I looked at my watch, it was exactly 1 pm. After laying
my wife down, I looked around but I could see nobody.
This made me feel a little better as I thought maybe
they were just pulling a big joke on me. But I couldn't
chance not following their instructions. I laid my wife
down, took off her dress but I did not play with the
strings on her bikini.

They didn't say I had to do anything like that, so I
left her laying on her back, her feet together, and her
string bikini covering up everything so it looked
exactly like she was just sun bathing. I started walking
down the beach. There was only one way you could walk as
the other way was blocked off due to pipes running along
the beach.

After I walked about 5 minutes I saw another car pull up
on the beach and park next to mine. I slowly kept
walking and about 8 young boys got out of the car. They
stayed next to their car and looked down at my wife and
watched me. They must have stayed there for another 5
minutes. I was now about 10 minutes away from my wife. I
could still see her but not very well.

I watched the boys as they slowly walked down to my
wife. One boy stayed up top and pointed in my direction
for me to keep on walking. The one boy stayed up there
the whole time. I got about 20 minutes down the beach
and there was a small sign laying where I couldn't miss
it. It said, wait here five minutes, then return to your
wife. I did just that and when my five minutes were up,
I turned around and walked much quicker toward my wife.

It took me about 15 minutes to reach her. I had noticed
the boys leave after I was about 10 minutes away, so
when they pulled out, I ran at top speed to get to my
wife. To my surprise, when I got there, she was laying
exactly as I left her. If didn't look like she had been
moved. And there at her feet was a large envelope. I
opened it up and there were a lot of pictures and a
small note. Here's all the pictures like we promised.

That's all it said, nothing else. I went and sat down
next to my wife and slowly shook her arm. She didn't
awaken right away. It took about a minute then my wife
slowly responded. She was still very d***k. I asked her
if she was ready to go home and she said yes. I slipped
her dress on her, got her to the car then when and got
the blanket and everything else.

I couldn't wait to get the video camera. I ran over and
sure enough it was still there and recording. I turned
it off, put it in the trunk, and decided not to watch it
till I got my wife home.

After we got home, I put my wife in her bed, and without
even undressing her went to get the camera out of the
car. I closed the door to the bedroom so my wife
couldn't accidentally walk in on me. Then I got the tape
out of the video camera and put it in the VCR. I rewound
the tape and pressed play. I saw my wife laying there
alone on the blanket for about 5 minutes.

Then I saw the first of the young boys show up at her
side. Before long the tape show about 6 young boys
between the age of 13 and 20 at her side. Then what
happened next made my eyes pop out of my head! The
youngest of the boys, about 13, walked up to my wife and
shook her leg. My wife did not respond.

He did it twice more and still she didn't stir.

Next I saw one of the points and say something and the
next thing the young boy did was untie the bottoms the
wife was wearing. All they would have had to do was move
the material aside but this young boy unties one side
then the other side of my wife's string bikini bottoms.
Then he lowers the front side of the bikini down and so
now she is lying with no bottoms on.

Then I saw the boy pull on the bikini bottoms and next
thing you know he has them in his hands. My wife doesn't
stir and the young boy looks up to the other boys. They
something and next thing I saw was the boy playing with
my wife's cunt. For about a minute he is probing her and
playing there.

Then I got really scared. They young boy lowers his swim
bottoms and out sticks his little hard dick. He has no
hair that I can see and his little dick is only about
three to four inches long.

I watch as the other boys help him down between my
wife's legs and the next thing I see is this boy is
fucking my wife. My camera didn't have the greatest
angle on the event but I could tell he was fucking my
wife. I watched as he moved up and down on my wife. She
didn't stir even once.

Within about three minutes I saw the boys face contort
and the next thing I know he had stopped fucking her.
This young boy of 13 or so had just fucked my wife and
dumped a load of hot sperm deep in her cunt. I knew for
sure this was a bad time because my wife had just had
her period about three weeks ago.

I always used a rubber after the first week because we
didn't want c***dren for quite a while. As all this was
running thru my mind I was watching to see what happened
next. The oldest boy who looked to be about 20 moved the
young boy aside and he too dropped his trunks. I could
tell from even this far away he was no small boy. His
dick was hard and about 6 or 7 inches long.

He got between my wife's legs and the next thing I know
he too is fucking her. Then I notice something I had not
noticed before. One of the k**s also had a VCR camera
and he had been recording the entire scene. Including me
walking way down the beach and the young boy removing my
wife's suit. As if I wasn't already worried to death,
now I wondered what was going to become of the video.

This new boy fucking my wife must have had some
experience, because the next thing on the video is him
lifting my wife's legs over and behind his neck. Now he
is drilling in rather deeply and it only takes another
minutes for him to loose his load. I know all this baby
making sperm is being driven deep into my wife's cunt.
He stays on her another minute then another boy replaces

This boy is about 15 or 16 and he too fucks my wife. It
only takes him about three minutes. He pumps really fast
and is done in no time. For some reason the other three
boys do not try to take their turn with my wife. But,
three young studs have dumped their baby making come
into my wife's unprotected pussy. I know that their
sperm is probably as potent as they get.

I see one the boys get down and play with my wife's cunt
for about a minute. It looks like he puts something in
her pussy then the next thing I know they are putting
her thong bottoms back on. I then see them straighten
her back up like they first saw her and they left.

About ten minutes later I show up and that is when I
packed my wife up and took her home.

I turn off the tape and go into the bedroom where my
wife is sl**ping. I undo the ties on her bikini bottom
and pull the bottoms off of her. There is a string
coming out of her cunt.

I slowly spread her legs and pull on the string. I
couldn't believe it. They had put a tampon in my wife to
keep all the sperm in her. When I pulled it out, it came
out very very easy. Her cunt must have as slippery as it
has ever been. Remember, there were three sets of young
teenage loads inside my wife.

As the tampon slide from between my wife it was followed
by drip after drip of white cum. I thought it would
never stop flowing from out between my wife's legs. I
went and got a washcloth and cleaned her up the best I
could. Every time I thought she was clean, more come
would flush out her cunt lips. After about 30 minutes no
more white fluid was seeping from my wife's lips.

I undressed her completely and went in to check on her
about every 20 minutes. Each time I went in I would have
to clean a little more sperm off her cunt lips. If this
much can just leak out, how much was still inside her
and splashing her eggs with fresh sperm. There wasn't
much I could do except keep cleaning her off.

Hopefully she would sl**p for a while and give all that
sperm a time to drain out. I did stick a pillow under
her so that her pussy was point down. This helped the
sperm drain a little better from her cunt. ... Continue»
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Day at the Beach

Relaxing at the beach is always great, get alittle tan, calm and peaceful atmosphere. and the sound of waves brushing against the sand. a good way to relax to a weekend.

The sun was less then a a few hours into the sky as I layed there on my blanket. the morning had a slight chill but only slight from the sea water mist. it was a very inactive beach area because people rather go to florida or califorina to enjoy the beach more then mississippi or alabama. but in trade, it was probably one of the calmer beaches.

I shrugged; rolling over to lay on my stomach feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin. I could lay there all day if it wasnt for the fact of sunburn or heat exaustion.

a hour past by when I heard footsteps approach me, not bothering to really see who it was and not worried because I had no valuables on me, and my wallet was empty beyond my ID. it was a long silence as I remained unmoving. I could almost feel his presence as he croched down.

fingers touched my butt in a very slow delicate manner. being I diddnt feel like being m*****ed I turned looking at him. to his shock he fell back thinking I was asl**p.

"ohh a sorry, miss" he said in a very odd way.
I leaned on one arm turning to face him and had to smile "its ok, guys do it all~~ the time. but I'm male"
he looked a bit... lost for a moment. letting a minute of silence sink in.
"you sure?" he asked again.
"would you like to feel my package to find out"
he laughed half-heartedly "a no, sorry I believe you.. its just." he pointed at my chest. "you threw me off completely with your breast."
I groped one of my breast and fondled it alittle in front of him "yea I know~ there natural, not my fault my body wants to be girly." I stoped and looked at him.

he just stared at my body a bit.
he was confused if arroused. noticing his pants he had a woody poking out slightly. which I had to raise a eye brow at. the guy must of been in his late 50's and a bit well overweight from looking at his large handling belly. ...maybe 300-350 pounds or so with the only closes was some short pants that let his belly hang out. the guy was heavy looking by all standards. his hair a bit balding in the middle and greying on the sides. was hard to tell if he liked what he saw or was horrified to find out I was male.

I giggled.

"umm whats funny" he asked me.
"nothing its just I was expecting my sun bathing to go unnoticed" I layed back down crossing my arms as pillows as I looked at him. "you know~~~ if your gonna cop a feel could you at least put some sun tan lotion on my back. then I'll just pretend it never happened."
he hesitated a moment" a sorry but I have to go~" he said standing up.
"alrighty, have a fun fun afternoon sir" I shrugged closing my eyes.
he slowly started walking away, his steps in the sand growing duller with each step.

I sighed a bit taking a glace at him. I guess should wear a bikini top next time....ohh well.

I layed on my back and put a towel over my chest, the clouds had rolled in and I was beginning to worry if it might rain. but the extra shade was nice.

"hello again" a voice spoke
I looked over behind me as the guy from earlier stood there. "its a small world"
"well not really, I'm just heading back to my car, I just felt like walking several miles of beach. I'm just heading back to it now"
I fixed my hair a bit as the wind blew it in my face some. "well ok, you be safe then." holding my towel over my chest.
"well ummm..." he scratched his head. "about earlier"
"dont be embarressed. half the time guys or girls mistake me as female. dont take it to hard." being honest with him about it felt easier to say.

"can we walk a bit?" he spoke softly.
I smiled sitting up. "sure but could you carry the blanket, it gets heavy." I requested. he diddnt seem to mind much as I helped pack up what little I brought along.

As we walked along the beach, we talked. mostly about the weather in the beginning. but eventually he came around to tell me his name was robert. but eventually he came around to asking about..... at that moment he seemed more interested the more I explained my lifestyle and viewpoints of it. must of been a half hour of walking before we reached the pier where his car was parked.

the pier parking lot was mostly a quiet place with very few people that bothered to come during the day hours, more around night would fishers come to it. besides his red 2008 Chevrolet Malibu by its lonesome. when we reached it he looked at me a moment.

from the beginning we walked to the very end, he kept looking at me now and then, often staring me down. even now as I looked at him as he held my blanket I could stare he must be wanting to ask me something.
"robert is there something you wanna ask me? I dont really mind" he put the blanket on top of his car.
"you ever do things with guys?" he seemed nervous to ask.
"well, what you mean by things"
"ohh I have." I looked at his eyes. "does it bother you?" I asked in a polite tone. looking up at him since he was at least 6 inches taller then me.
"well" he stuttered alittle "would you... yaknow...." he tugged at his shorts some.
"we barely known eachother for a hour." I said. watching him scramble to pull his shorts back in place.
"a sorry, I ... thought I ask."
I reached forward and massaged his cock in his shorts. "I have the feeling your straight, but I'm sure your cock wont complain what hole it uses."
he leaned back "y-yea. its been a while" feeling his cock get stiff with each touch and his balls being corressed.I put a hand over his side and pulled the blanket at his feet, getting on my knee's on it and getting comfortable.

he looked around before tugging his shorts down. and I reached at them and pulled them to his ankles. his cock hung there half erected. it was uncut and rather swollen in size. wasnt I guess 4-5 inches, but was plently thick to make up for it. massaging his balls with one hand, and his cock the other. he just leaned back. his moans dulled in the breeze. wasnt long before he was stiff as a board in my hands.

I leaned up closer, peeling back his foreskin as I examined his penis. its been a long time since I've had a guy with a uncut dick. the smell of precum lingered around the foreskin and the overall cute as I played with the skin. as I closed my eyes and kissed the head of his cock. making out with it and rubbing my tounge between his pee hole.
I felt his hips push forward and his cock twitching erratically. I guess he never had a girl make out with his cock before. just as I wrapped my lips around his cock he put his hands on the back of my head and pushed it down my mouth. feeling his hot cum squirt several times.

I leaned back cuping my hand over my mouth letting the cum drip down. the thick heavy smell was a bit intoxicating at first. as I let it drop onto the cement. "th-thank you" he said in a huff holding his stomach up. I went back to his cock again but decided to put it down my mouth and suck on it before he got soft. massaging his sensitive cock with my tounge in my throat. he squirmed alittle. but after a while he was ready to go all over again.

I stopped and got up leaning over the car looking back at him as I pulled my bikini bottom with a finger. "give it a try" I wiggled my butt at him. he seemed a bit heated up in the moment, his hands gropped my butt all over, his cock sliding between my cheeks. "if you like, you can fill me up with your seeds" with those words all it took for him to push his cock inside of me. I bit my lip slightly to avoid letting out to loud of a moan.

the guy was generally bigger and his stomach laid on my lower back as he pushed closer and closer till I felt his balls rubbed against mind. one of his hands grabed my waist the other pushed my upper body flat against the car hood. he used his weight to trust at me, and each trust litterally rocked the car as I tried to get a hold of something. he was really rough about it. and it did hurt to feel crushed between him and the car. but I dont think he cared if I said anything or not, he just wanted to get off. but he diddnt cum as fast as last time.

each thrust felt stronger then the last that I almost wanted to cry a bit from lack of air being compressed so hard. suddenly he pulled me down on top of the blanket with his meat hook still deep inside of me. I diddnt squim untill I felt him put all his weight on my backside. felt like a sledgehammer was being pounded against my insides that I bit the blanket to keep quiet. I was powerless under him. he was surely three times my size and it was impossible to even push him off.

with a heavy last thrust he put all his weight on me, with the mix of pain and pleasure as his hot seeds rushed inside of me. he held me down firmly untill he finished his load. before just sitting on my butt with his cock still in my butt. "can I do it again?" he asked. I felt a bit numb from the waist down, but I nodded in compliance to his request. having alot of stamina for someone past his prime. I guess he liked guys more then he said he did.

he had got off a moment to turn me around. I felt him left my legs and I my body froze in realization of what he wanted to do. before I could react he grabed my ankles and pulled them to my ears his cock grinding back inside of me. I felt like I couldnt breath with all the weight over my lungs. he put a thumb in my mouth as I sucked it like a pacifier on occasion my teeth pinching at his thick knuckle.

it was relentless how strong he was and had me folded like a pretzel under him. his moans and groans were just open voice now. I was beginning to get a bit scared but at the same time. it was a rush thoughout my body that wanted more. he looked into my eyes and pulled me in and kissed me erotically with his tounge. which he would trust abusively as I moaned in his mouth. leaving me only to breath though my nose as he diddnt wanna unlock lips with me. when he cummed inside me again he hands squeezed my buttcheeks firmly. my back arched as I breathed hard and heavy as more of his seeds filled me more.

he pulled off as my body laid there with my ankles still next to my ears, my butt hanging in the air openly gaped. for a while he spanked my butt hole and played with it. but after a bit, he crawled over me he pulled my legs up from the ankles and laid me out. he squatted over my face and peeled back his fat ass my eyes went blank. "I wanna try this too"
before I could say anything and only enough time to close my eyes. he sat on my mouth and squished down upon my face with his huge ass. as my face was swallowed up between his cheeks he smothered down with his weight as I felt my lips pressed against his hole.

he diddnt move beyond wiggling his butt left and right. I knew if I diddnt play with his hole he wouldnt stop till i probably passed out. so I pushed my tounge inside of his hole, licking the edges of his rim.
i felt his thick hands roughly grab my cock and jerk it painfully. my yelp was all but muffled under his weight. His odor was rough to breath in as I continued.
I started squirming my hips as I felt myself cumming hard in his hands. wasnt for another few minutes he sat up only to sit down again. I started to feel light-headed from what little air he let me have. as it must of went on for another half hour. he continued to torture my dick and make me come again and again as he was on top of me.
when he finished he hovered over me again, but put his cock in mouth as I cleaned off his cum from his shaft and balls. I layed there a bit numb, some places more then others.

after a while of sitting next to me to make sure I was ok, he put something with my stuff and petted my cheek some and comforted me by cleaning me up and a bit apologizing for going alittle overboard. offering me a ride home. I accepted his offer, a bit to sore to really walk 15-30mins home on foot.

he seemed more open with guys after that point, but after he left and I got home and took a shower.... I crashed. my body hurt to much to do anything else.

I smiled a bit about it hugging my pillow.

I just turned a straight guy either gay or bi after that.... Continue»
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Exibitionist fun at the Beach.

I had just been for a swim in the sea, walking back to my things in the dunes, glistening in the sun it felt so good, being naked on this beach, the fine white sand and weather trap made this place much hotter than the rest of the bay.

The sand dunes backing up the beach made it suitable shelter from any sea breezes, i made my way up to the top via a small path, and through the pampas grass to a sheltered spot in amongst the dunes.

I reached my things and noticed a couple had arrived and parked up opposite me only twenty feet away.

He was charming and asked if i minded them being them being there in the small space, to which i smiled, there was no problem, it was something that often makes the day memorable, having unknown people sitting nearby.
He was slightly older than me at a guess, stocky hairy ,with a thick cock, his lady was of similar age slightly younger,slim with a fine pair of breasts, and a shaven Pussy, which looked delightful to say the least, as she had got her man to oil her up all over, to add to her already lovely tan.

I grabbed my towel to dry myself of the remaining few drops, then grabbing my sun lotion i started to rub myself down with both hands making sure i didnt miss anything, as my fair skin didnt fair well with the sun, although i had got a nice tan for me, maybe it was for the benefit of my new neighbors i thought to myself, affirming that i was an exibitionist, and it was a nude beach.

I glanced across to my audience who had by this time settled in laid back naked in the beautiful sunshine, we all had sunglasses on as it was very bright, and this meant that we could look at each other blatantly , whilst appearing to look else where.

They were both reading, he had a novel of some sort, and id noticed that his cock had grown to when he first arrived, with him reaching down to ajust himself , pulling his balls up to stop them sticking on his thighs no doubt, (Its a guy thing..! )

His wife had let her legs stray apart, engrossed in her book she didnt appear to be worried about me seeing her with her charms showing, her shiny quim looking vibrant with sun oil, her quim lips seemed more prominent than before, only an observation but this is the fun of having sexy folk around on a beach naked, the sun and atmosphere of the beach were working, as it does to everyone that goes there.
The short ferry trip across the entrance of the harbour changes everything, as the ferry chains clanked away, the juddering of the ferry as it pulled its way to the beach that so many believe is paradise in England .

I laid back thinking sexy thoughts about playing with this couple, as the sun beat down, my cock still under the effects of a viagra id taken the night before , as i felt my cock start to swell, in full view of my new freinds here in the dune, in our own private world, with odd passers by we were out of the view and sight of anybody, which i think they also knew, this made my cock swell even more.
Im shaven most of the time, and my cock was clearly showing off to anyone, which excited me greatly, knowing that i was visible to my next door neighbors.

I glanced across to the guy his cock had also swelled up , he was stroking his fingers pulling his foreskin up and then down a bit, whilst looking directly at mine, i was quite turned on as his behavior , watching him raise his left leg to hide his play from his wife, laid next to him.
His cock now at full mast, it was nice size, thick and quite big, as he pulled his foreskin up and down between his two fingers, pulling his foreskin down as far as it would go, then holding it there, making his helmet swell, his purple head shining in the sun with oil that he'd out on.

I glanced to his wife, she was deep into her book, but she was also running her finger up and down her venus, stopping at her clit then up and down again and again, in full view of me, my cock now had reached its limit, it was throbbing, i could watch them both as the sexy scenario between us all had reached the next level.

It seemed that they had been watching me, which caused them to get excited, they first saw me on the ferry and followed me up the beach to the nudist part, then sat on the front of the dunes as i went for my swim after the walk there.
This was getting horny, his wife had taken a liking to me, and requested to hubby that she wanted to share the day and see how it developed, he was seemingly a cuck husband that had to do as he was told, as we shared our new found exibitionist skills to each other, in a subtle way, but very out there, just not to a passer by that would stop and watch, changing the vibes.

His wife pushed his leg down that had hidden his throbbing cock, she asked him to show her what he was doing, and with that he started to pull his foreskin up and down slowly, aware that i was watching she told him to do it properly with his whole hand, the silence was audible, but slowly his hand wrapped around his thick shaft pulling his foreskin up and down, her fingers tracing along his inner thighs, exciting him more as he wanked his cock faster and faster in front of us watching him, his cock was changing colour , because of his hardness, i also noticed small amount of wetness his precum starting to rise.
his wife was now stroking her puffy quim lips that had swollen during all this happening, the shine as her pussy became more aroused than ever, i heard her wetness as her fingers slurped up and down, noting that one of her fingers disappeared , only to be raised to her lipsbefore slipping it into her mouth , sucking on it firmly enjoying her taste, whilst opening her legs for my view.
her wet quim was in full view, as she licked her fingers, he was still wanking his cock, but had stopped a few times, he must have been close, but under instructions not to cum, his cock was quite a b**st when excited, his wife knowing his cock was still stroking his thighs, with her finger tips, down to his cock then back up, his cock visibly about to explode, the knarly veins stood out, he was panting at the slightest touch.
I too had a rock hard erection, and had started to play with my cock allowing them to watch me, watching them.
this play went on for over an hour, stopping to let things slow down, have a drink and some food before playing again, reaching a new high as his wife started to rub her clit openly for us all to watch, he was up there, i was up there, and she rubbing like no tomorrow, he started to cum spurting his cum high in the air the globules sticking to his hairy cock , she watched me as my cock erupted sending cum flying everywhere all over me, her gasping as she came watching me cum, it was an explosion , between us all, which was so exciting here in the sun amongst the dunes.

It was developing alright......

... Continue»
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Day at the beach!

Merry (Short for Meredith) was a woman I worked with. She could have been a MILF except that she had no c***dren. In the summer she started hanging out with me at my apartment complexes pool. I never really got the impression that she "wanted" me, but we would banter. She had a nice tight body which she liked to show off in a string bikini. Her tits where probably C cup sized and fit her body very well. Her nipples were large, and often visible in her suit.

One day she suggested that we hit the beach over the weekend. It was only an 1 1/2 hour drive and the weather was supposed to be perfect. I was never really a beach person, but I had nothing better to do so I said I would go. She said that if I would drive she would pack a picnic lunch and everything else that we would need.

I picked her up early in the morning and we made it to the beach by 10 AM. It was early and there was no one on the beach, but Merry didn't want to be there, she said she knew a better beach, but it was a walk up the beach from where we were. So we walked along the water line for at least two miles until we reached a weather beaten sign. "This is it!" she said excitedly. I read the sign and noticed that at the bottom it said "Clothing Optional".
"Ummmm," I started to say, but when I looked at her she had taken her bikini top off and was in the process of removing her bottoms.
"Come on, I think you will like it, give it a shot."
"Ok, I am game."

We walked a bit father and up a big dune and then we saw that the nude part of the beach was a little more crowded than the other part. We staked out an area and set up our chairs and stuff.
Once that was done Merry looked at me and said, "Ok, you need to lose the bottoms or people will get uncomfortable."

"Opps, I forgot" and quickly removed my trucks. My cock was semi-flaccid and did me proud and Merry smiled and said "Nice"
I replied that she looked great herself. She handed me a tube of sunscreen and said, "Make sure you cover your dick really well, it has most likely never had much sun and you really do not want to burn that!" I liberally applied the sunscreen to my crotch which made her laugh because it appeared as if I came all over myself. She then said, "Don't rub it into you cock too much people will think you are jacking off.

After that we settled into a regular day at the beach. We read, swam in the ocean when we got hot, we ate lunch and then Merry suggested a walk to help settle our stomachs. We walked up the beach and on the return trip Merry grabbed my hand. About half way back to our chair I heard a voice calling to Merry.

Turned out that the voice belonged to another co-worker named Judy. we went over to her and I tried not to stare at her ass as Merry and her chatted. Turned out that Merry had recommended this beach to her, and it has become a favorite. "First time for you though right?" she said to me with a giggle looking at my bright white middle region. I listened to them gossip for a bit, and then told Merry I would see her back at our chairs. I swam a bit, then went to the chairs, read for a bit, then fell asl**p. I woke up around 4 and Merry said, "Well you ready to call it a day?" I asked to allow myself some time to wake up, I hit the water, which did the trick, when I got back she had everything packed up.

"You didn't put your suit on?"
"No" she said, "I like to walk to the sign, then just wear a towel to the car."
"That is a long walk with just a towel."
"I have had a couple of accidents, but no one really seems to mind!" she said with a laugh.
We got to the sign and I wrapped myself in a towel, and it was strange but nice feeling. I told her I liked the idea of wearing a skirt, she just laughed. We got to the car without any wardrobe malfunctions and got in. By now it was close to six. We went through a driver through and as we picked up the food Merry lifted my towel up and showed my cock to the girl at the pick up window. The girl laughed and turned red and we went on our way. I spent a few miles looking in the rear view mirror for a cop that never showed. Once we ate Merry took off her towel and moved over in the seat right next to me. I put my arm around her and she moved my hand to her right breast. Her nipples were rock hard and she gasped when I pinched her nipple a bit. She had one leg up on the seat and I moved my hand down to her shaved pussy. She was soaked.

"Judy couldn't get over what a nice cock you have, she was really jealous. I couldn't tell her that we haven't fucked, so I lied, but we are going to now, so it's not really a lie, is it.?"
"I really do not think so." I said.
She moved and took my cock into her mouth, just as the toll bridge came into view.
"Ummm, Merry I only have cash."
I don't care she said. So when we got close to the toll booth I threw a towel over her as best I could. The toll guy saw what was happening immediately, and said "Have a nice night!" Merry threw the towel off and gave him the OK sign with out removing her mouth from my cock.

We rolled out of the tollbooth and I blasted a load into her mouth. She wasn't really ready for it and choked a little and basically I got cum all over me and the steering wheel. We used the towel to clean that up and drove on. I finger fucked her the entire way from there and she came repeatedly. As we got closer to home I started for the exit to her place and she said "No, I told my b*****r I was going away for the weekend, so you have me until tomorrow night.

We pulled into my complex and wrapped ourselves up in towels again. Once we got upstairs I yanked her towel off and moved her to the couch. I bent her over the arm and entered her from behind. I fucked her hard for a few minutes, then I looked up and saw that my blinds were open and that my neighbor across the way was enjoying the show. I decided that this was some fun shit and just kept going. At some point Merry looked up and saw my neighbor, I was getting ready for her to freak out, but instead she said, "Lets give her a good show!"

She got onto the top of the couch and faced the rear and I walked behind the couch and fucked her that way for a while. Soon I felt the signs of an orgasm coming and I pulled out, she asked me to cum on her tits, and moved to make this easier. So I blasted my second load all over her tits and some got on her face. When I was done she turned towards the window, smiled and waved.

"I love showing off!" she said. And we did show off for the rest of the weekend. ... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt6

Angel had gotten a call from her agent about a modeling job in Palm Beach. Apparently, some rich lady was putting on a show for charity for the women in her club. The show was to be at the woman's house and was very private. Since the woman was rich, she had no problem paying Angel's usual price for several hours of work. In fact, her agent told her that the woman had asked for Angel to bring another model with her if she so desired. This made Angel happy because she did have a girl that she was mentoring and this kind of experience would be perfect for her.

As soon as Angel got off the phone, she called her friend Emi and asked her if she was interested in doing the show. Emi quickly agreed and the two made plans to drive to Palm Beach the next day.

Emi was a little younger than Angel, only 19, but she was almost as beautiful. Being from Brazil, Emi had dark auburn hair and olive skin. She was a little thinner than Angel but her breasts were full with small dark nipples. Angel had noticed her one day while walking around South Beach and had approached her. They became friends very quickly and Angel was helping Emi to get started in modeling.

On the night of the show in Palm Beach, Angel drove her Mustang to Emi's apartment and picked her up. The ride to Palm Beach was a good one and the traffic was light. Angel had stashed a small cooler of daiquiri's in the backseat so they both were feeling fine by the time they arrived to the estate where the show was to be held. Angel double checked the address to be sure then she rang the bell at the gate.

"This is the residence of Abigail Beecham. How can I help you?" came the reply.

"Hi, I'm Angel Enriquez and I'm here for the fashion show." Angel replied.

"Ah yes, Miss Enriquez, we've been expecting you. I shall open the gate for you. Please drive to the front of the house and there is a spot marked for you to park."

Angel and Emi looked at each other -- both impressed at this reception.

Angel guided the car up the winding driveway that was lined with the 20-foot tall hedges that are common in Palm Beach. Eventually, the hedge ended giving the 2 girls their first view of the Beecham house.

"Wow," they both said almost in unison.

The house was 4 stories tall and probably at least 75 years old. The front of the house was built with multi colored bricks and was covered with lush green vines. Angel saw a sign near the front door with her name and guided the car to park there. A doorman was waiting for them and quickly helped both of the lovely girls out of the car. He showed them to the door where a very young and very pretty maid let them in.

The maid led them through the foyer of the house, past an immense stair case, and down a hallway that went to the back of the house. She opened double doors to an immense room that was set up for the show. There were about 20 tables with 2 chairs each spread randomly. A small lighted fountain was in the center and on the far side was an entryway decorated with flowers.

"Miss Enriquez, if you please, you and your friend may wait here. Mrs. Beecham will join you momentarily." the maid said.

"Thank you," Angel replied.

The maid smiled and walked towards Angel. She took both of Angel's hands and leaned forward to kiss her on each cheek.

"You are very beautiful Miss Enriquez. I'm sure that Mrs Beecham is going to enjoy you very much." she said just before leaving the room.

Angel considered that for a moment as Emi looked at her slightly bewildered.

"What did she mean by that?" Emi asked.

But before Angel could answer, a woman walked into the room. She was about 65 years old and was wearing enough diamonds to finance a small country. Angel and Emi realized this must be Mrs. Beecham.

The woman spotted them and came straight over.

"You must be Angel. I am so delighted you have joined us this evening. I am Abigail Beecham," she said.

"Hello Mrs. Beecham. Yes I'm Angel Enriquez and this is my friend Emi. She is going to work with me tonight."

Mrs Beacham took a good look at Emi and stepped over to her. She took Emi's hand in one of her's and put the other hand around her back to pull her closer.

"I'm so happy to meet you Emi. I've actually heard a lot about you. I follow the modeling business in Miami very closely. I'm a major partner in 3 international modeling firms and I am always looking for new talent. I'm so glad that Angel has brought you with her tonight."

Angel thought to herself, "Beecham! I didn't recognize the name!! This is incredible. Emi and I can score some big professional points tonight."

"Now, let me show you to the dressing room and the clothes you will be wearing tonight," the woman said as she led them to a door on the far side of the room.

The woman showed them through the door into a spectacular room that was decorated with flowers and mirrors. The 2 girls were in awe as they looked around.

Mrs. Beecham had crossed the room and was opening 2 large cabinets. The girls walked up to see what she was doing. The girls watched as she maneuvered the doors and the sides of the cabinets so that they opened totally.

"Now girls, here you will find the clothes for this evening's show. I took the liberty to get both of your sizes and then had all these things brought in. Emi, your clothes are here. Angel, yours are over here."

The girls looked inside their respective cabinets. They both realized right away that there was nothing in them except lingerie. Very skimpy lingerie. Emi looked over at Angel and caught her eye. They exchanged a look that almost made Angel laugh.

"Is everything to your liking girls?" Mrs. Beecham asked.

"Oh yes, these are wonderful. Do you have any preferences as to what we should start with?" Angel replied.

"No, I will leave the choices totally to the two of you. There are more than enough outfits, pick out what you like and I'll be happy." Mrs. Beecham told them.

"Now I hear some guests arriving so I'll have to excuse myself. If you would like to peek at the guests, you can see through here."

Mrs. Beecham opened what appeared to be a small cabinet door. The girls saw that it was actually hiding a small window that looked into the large ballroom. Mrs. Beecham then left out the main door. Angel and Emi stepped closer and looked out. They were surprised to see that the room had filled quite quickly. The girls noticed something about the guests but Emi spoke first.

"Angel, all the guests are old ladies. I don't see anyone out there who is less than 60 years old."

"Yeah, I see that too." But Angel was noticing something else too.

"And we're going to model all this skimpy stuff for these little old ladies?" Emi said with disbelief.

"Emi, remember the little comment the maid said about Mrs Beecham enjoying us?" Angel asked.

"Yeah, that was kinda weird. What did she mean?"

"Well, I wasn't sure at first, but now I think I know. Look over there by the flower arrangement on the left."

Emi moved so she could look out the window in the direction Angel was pointing. It was kind of dark but she could make out the figure of the young maid that led them in. She was standing between 2 of the old ladies holding a tray with glasses of champagne. As Emi looked closer, she realized that one of the old ladies had her hand under the girl's skirt and was clearly massaging her rear end. The girl wasn't protesting at all. In fact, something about her posture and her slight movements seemed to indicate she was enjoying it.

Emi looked around the room. She saw that there were other maids now in the room and some of them were receiving the same treatment as the first maid.

Emi stepped back to look at Angel.

"Oh. This is interesting," Emi said. "Angel all these outfits are very skimpy lingerie and we're going to model for a room full of rich old lesbians? This is some interesting job we've got here."

"Emi, this is one of the things that sometimes happens in modeling and you have to just get through it. This Mrs Beecham, I've heard of her. She's a big power in the modeling world. She can help both of us in a big way. I've had to do some shows like this in the past. The ladies get there jollies by feeling up some young beautiful girls. It's no big deal."

Emi looked out the window again and was quiet for a minute. Then she turned back to Angel.

"Okay Angel, I guess I'm alright with it."

Angel smiled and hugged her.

"Great, now lets get dressed."

The two girls went to their cabinets and began to pull out various outfits. Angel selected a very long and sheer robe that had matching panties. She quickly began to peel off her t-shirt, jeans, and her own panties. She pulled the new panties over her smooth tanned legs. She brought the panties up to her hips and adjusted them. Emi watched as she realized this was the first time she had seen Angel naked. She found herself staring at Angel's perfect round ass and her golden breasts.

She startled when she realized that Angel had seen her staring.

"So Emi, I guess you're getting into the mood," she said as she slipped the robe over her shoulders. She adjusted it to barely cover her breasts and then went out the door.

Emi ran to the window and watched as Angel began to circulate the room. The old ladies instantly devoted their attention to Angel as she walked slowly around the room. And it was well that they did, because Angel was one of the most beautiful girls that any of them had ever seen. As she circulated through the room, the ladies marveled at her incredible honey blonde hair, her long smooth legs, and the beautiful curve of her breasts.

Emi marveled as well as she watched her friend. She finished putting on her outfit which was a dark green pair of panties with a matching silk top that was just barely long enough to cover her breasts. It looked great against her auburn hair. She walked to the door, took a deep breath, and went out into the room. She was surprised that the ladies who saw her started to clap.

Emi began to circulate the room as she had seen Angel do before her. As she passed each table, the old ladies were staring at her as they had stared at Angel. She noticed the jewelry they were wearing. There was some serious money in this room.

As she passed one table, she saw a thin lady beckoning her to come closer. The lady was smiling at her sweetly so Emi walked over.

"Aren't you a pretty girl. May I take a closer look at your outfit please?" the lady asked her

"Yes ma'am," Emi replied as she stepped closer.

The old lady reached up and began to feel the silk top. She rolled the material at the bottom edge between her fingers. Emi stood still and watched. The old woman reached up with both hands and began to smooth the material over Emi's shoulders. Her hands shook slightly as her fingers moved over the silk top.

Emi had looked up and was watching Angel on the other side of the room. She was standing close another guest who was also touching the outfit Angel was wearing. She watched as she saw the woman stroke her hand over the thin material. But the woman was doing more than that. She was stroking Angel through the outfit. Her hands were going up and down Angel's waist and across her midriff. She watched as the woman untied the small ribbon that held the robe together. She pushed it to each side and then moved her hands up to Angel's breasts.

As Emi was watching Angel, she had forgotten about the old lady right in front of her. Her attention quickly came back as she felt the woman's hands go under her top and cup her breasts. Emi turned her head quickly to look down at her chest. She felt a sudden spark of heat as she felt the woman pinch her nipples. Almost immediately, her nipples hardened under the shaky fingers of the old lady.

"Well, aren't you a sensitive one," the lady said as she continued to pinch and massage the girl's breasts.

Emi was looking down and watching with amazement. She had never had any kind of lesbian experience before and now this sweet little old lady was fondling her. She had to admit, it did feel good.

"That's enough for now my sweet. You'd better continue the show. There are other guests besides me," the lady said.

Emi nodded at her and began to walk the room again. Just three table later, another woman beckoned her over. This woman was much more aggressive than the last. She pulled Emi close so that one of her legs was between Emi's legs. Her hands quickly roamed up under the top and groped the girl's breasts. Emi had to put her hands on the woman's shoulders to steady herself. The woman was rough, but Emi found herself getting aroused. She even thought she could feel herself getting wet.

The woman put one hand around the teenager's back to hold her. Her other hand dropped down from the girl's breasts and slowly descended across Emi's flat stomach to the top edge of the panties. The woman's fingers slid lightly down the center of the fabric until her hand was between Emi's legs. Her fingers pushed on the fabric until the outline of Emi's sex could be seen.

Emi was looking at the woman and the woman looked up at her as she pushed her fingers more firmly against the girl's pussy. Emi was getting very aroused now as she felt the pressure teasing her. The woman's magical fingers moved slowly up and down no more than an inch or so, but it was enough to work Emi into a very aroused state. But just as she was hoping the woman would do more, she felt the fingers withdraw.

"Now, now you pretty little thing. Mustn't keep you all to myself. There are other guests you know," the woman said.

Emi was so aroused, it took a moment to get herself together and walk away. Angel had been keeping an eye on her and walked over to her.

"Hey, let's do a change," she said as she led Emi to the dressing room.

"Omigod Angel, I can't believe this," Emi said as soon as they were inside. "That last woman was rubbing my pussy and it felt so wonderful. But just when I wanted her to go further, she pulled away."

"Yeah I know. Same thing is happening to me," Angel replied.

Just at the moment, the young maid walked in.

"Excuse me Miss Enriquez, one of the guests has made a special request. Her name is Marcela Whitman and she is one of the richest people in Palm Beach. One of the outfits in your cabinet is marked with her name. She would like you to put it on and join her at her table. She is at the back center of the room. Her table is the one with red and yellow roses."

Angel stepped to the little window and looked out. She could see Mrs. Whitman sitting at the table with Mrs. Beecham. At the moment, Mrs. Whitman was happily feeling up one of the maids, a girl who looked no more than s*******n. Mrs. Whitman was one of these ladies who has a very stout upper body and fairly skinny legs -- the body shape that makes them look very manly. At the moment, she had her arm around the girl's back and her other hand clearly inside the girl's panties. The maid was struggling to stay standing as Mrs. Whitman was agressively fingering the girl.

Angel turned back to the maid as she continued, "One thing though Miss Enriquez, Mrs. Whitman likes to play out a little game when she is here. She likes to pretend that she is very aggressive and the her partner is somewhat....unwilling. I hope you understand what I mean."

"Well, this should be interesting," Angel said as she turned back to the cabinet to find the outfit the maid mentioned.

Sure enough, it was there and tagged with Mrs. Whitman's name. Angel pulled it out and held it up on the hanger. It was actually very stunning. The top was a small vest made from some kind of net-like material. However, it was covered with what appeared to be real diamonds. The matching g-string panties had diamonds stitched to the front.

"Angel, that must be worth thousands of dollars!" Emi said.

"I know, I know," Angel replied. "I've never seen anything like this."

Angel quickly pulled her outfit off and began to put the new one on. As she stood in front of the mirror, she could see that even with all the diamonds, her nipples and her pussy were clearly visible.

"Well, I guess I know what I'm in for," Angel laughed as she headed for the door.

Angel took her time getting over to Mrs. Whitman. She decided to do a little teasing herself. So, she navigated her way around the room, getting close enough so that an occasional guest could reach out and stroke her leg or her rear end. But no more than that. Emi was watching and almost laughing as she realized that Angel had turned the tables on the guests. After several minutes of walking through the room, it was clear that every woman was transfixed by this beautiful girl who was wearing diamonds.

Finally, after quite awhile, she walked over to the table where Mrs. Beecham and Mrs. Whitman were waiting for her.

"Mrs. Whitman, I would like to introduce the star of our show this evening, Miss Angel Enriquez," Mrs. Beecham said.

Mrs. Whitman rose from her chair and Angel found she had to look up a little to face her. The woman took Angel's hand as if she was going to kiss it, but instead pulled Angel closer and kissed her on the lips.

"It's so nice to meet you Angel. I've been very anxious to get to know you better," Mrs. Whitman said.

"Thank you maam. I wore the outfit you left for me. I have to say that I've never seen anything like it."

"Well Angel, I did have that specially made for you. In fact, I was wondering if you would like to keep it?"

Angel was a little taken aback. The outfit was worth thousands and thousand of dollars. There was something up with this.

"Why don't you join me in the next room which is Mrs. Beecham's private study. We can discuss the outfit and how it can be yours."

"Okay, I guess Emi will be okay here on her own." Angel replied.

"Oh yes, we'll take good care of darling Emi," Mrs. Beecham said.

Mrs. Whitman, still holding Angel's hand, led her to a hallway and then a door to a large dark room. She followed Angel inside then closed and locked the door. On the way, Mrs. Whitman asked Angel if the maid had told her of the little fantasy game that she wanted to play and if Angel was okay with it. Angel told her it was all okay.

"My dear Angel, you look absolutely divine in this outfit. It looks better on you than I ever dreamed."

"Thank you. I'm glad you are happy with it. It certainly is unique."

Angel was walking slowly around the room as the woman sat and watched her. She would stop occasionally and pose so that the woman was getting a good look at her incredible body. The diamonds looked on fire as they stood out from Angel's tanned, smooth skin. The woman was clearly getting aroused watching the beautiful girl.

"Angel, please come her to me," the woman told her.

Angel stood still for a moment and looked at the woman. A small smile came to her lips and then she walked to Mrs. Whitman's chair. The elderly woman looked up and down Angel's body as her hands reached out to girl's legs. Her fingers slid to the back of each thigh and pulled Angel closer. Angel let herself be guided so that she was directly in front of the woman, so close that she could feel the woman's breathe on her bare stomach.... Continue»
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A day at the beach.

I arrived at the beach as usual with swimming trunks and towel in hand. I grabbed a book and some mirrored sunglasses out of the center console of my car, locked it up, and headed for the beach. As soon as I get down to the nudist area I removed my trunks, folded them up in my towel, and enjoyed the light breeze licking at my body, cooling off the hot, soothing sun.

Everyone past the sign which read “Clothing Optional” was pretty much naked, and the beach looked a little crowded. Some people were playing volley ball, others were swimming, but most of them were just sunning themselves on shore. There was a nice shady area that ran along the side of a little offshoot of water. I looked for a decent place to kick it for a while, and parked myself in the shade near some bushes (almost as tall as trees) and tall grass. It’s beautiful there, the trees were whispering in the wind and the water was so inviting and blue. The sand was fine, mostly white and there were gorgeous women all over the place.

This particular spot was near a lot of foot traffic, where people have to pass to get to the beach or going back the other way to get to their cars. It seemed ideal.

I lay down on my side, purposefully letting my cock just hang out in front of everyone. All I can do is hope the guys ignore it and the girls don’t. The underside of the shaft remained the most exposed as the upper side gently rolled on my leg. The head is almost touching the sand but not quite, and my balls are, well they’re doing whatever balls do. Life is great, and being naked makes it better. It feels so free, so natural to be naked and relaxed.

I knew I was happy with the place I’d picked, but when 5 ladies in their mid-to-late 20’s decided to take a break from the sun and move to the shade about 12 feet away, kind of facing me, I was infinitely happier with it. I picked up my book, and grabbed my sunglasses and decided to try and stay there until they left. I wanted to keep my cock out in front of them as long as possible or at least long enough for all of them to glance at it a few times. My mind was reeling at the thought of being so exposed to them, but I had to keep it in check. Getting an erection at a nude beach is just bad form, so I tried to keep my cool.

While pretending to read my book, I studied their faces, and their smiles. I’ve never seen a smile on a woman I didn’t really like. I wonder what their personalities are like, and wonder what they do for work and fun. One of them is Asian, one is African-American, and two are Caucasian. The last one, I couldn’t really tell, she was dark skinned, had high cheek bones and dark brown eyes and dark hair. I thought maybe Italian? Either way she was beautiful. They all were, actually.

I turned a page in my book and kept my face toward it so I didn’t give away the fact that I wasn’t reading. It was then that I noticed there was a little patch of sunlight about 3” in front of my cock. It hit me that if I scooted forward just a little bit, my cock would be highlighted by the sun, and might have a better chance at getting seen. I slowly moved my hips forward and felt the warm sun as it hit my cock and balls. My plan worked, as almost immediately I saw one of them glance over at it. She smiled and whispered something to the other girls, nudging her head in my direction.

As their faces turned I felt a kind of elation that I’d been waiting for. Shivers went up my spine like millions of tiny cars speeding along on a thousand lane freeway. Finally, my cock had their attention, and the realization of this fact definitely had mine.

I could see them glancing at me, and it felt like I was showing them my most intimate self. The Asian girl quietly grabbed a cell phone from her bag, and I could see a tiny lens on the back. She seemed to buy the reading bit because she slyly pointed the camera in my direction, then showed the phone to her friends. They all looked and smiled, and talked quietly among themselves.

Then another girl (one of the Caucasians) grabbed her phone and did the same thing. I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe my luck!

After a little while I decided it was time to switch positions. As it got a bit later in the day little patch of sunlight was moving toward the girls and no longer illuminated my whole cock. I scooted forward a little to put my cock back in the sun, and this time bent one knee so it was sticking up, opening my legs a little more. With this I guess it became obvious I was doing, and they looked, took more pics, now without trying to conceal it, and talked some more.

Standing up, the woman whose heritage I couldn’t quite guess walked over to me. Her form was amazing, perfect legs, great tummy and soft skin. She said “Excuse me,” and knelt down. I put the book down and removed the sunglasses. I looked into her eyes and felt amazingly lucky to be talking with her. I wanted to say something but I was so shocked by the moment I couldn't make a sound.

She smiled at me and said “My name is Elizabeth. My friends and I were wondering if you might be, well, kind of an exhibitionist.” She said the last words kind of fast, like it was one single word “kindofanexhibitionist”.

At first I fought back the urge to deny it, but I could feel my face flushing and the words “kind of” caught me off guard. I was intensely curious why she asked me this question. “Yes,” I said, “I enjoy being naked. And if you don't mind my saying so, any man would be thankful to be nude like this in front of you and your friends.”

She smiled, grabbed a little handful of sand and started sprinkling it in the breeze. She adjusted her aim in such a way that the grains of sand began to fall gently on my cock and bounce off. I wasn’t sure exactly what this meant, but it got my cock very excited, and I felt it was starting to swell. I fought back the urge to let it, because I knew once I got hard after this much time I would remain so unless I relieved the pressure, and this wasn’t the place or time for that.

“You want to come over and sit by us?” she asked. Again I couldn't believe my luck! “Sure, I’d love to.” was all I could manage, trying not to sound overly enthusiastic. This was the kind of exposure I'd always dreamed of.

I gathered my things and followed her over to her friends. It was just a few steps away. I put my towel down in front of them and sat Indian style, trying to keep my cock where they could see it. They told me that they were all from out of town, and were just enjoying the sights when they decided to hit the beach and continue working on their tans. Elizabeth said that they’d rented a furnished condominium nearby for a couple weeks.

Then, after a short conversation about how nice this place was, she said “My friends and I are thinking about bringing you home with us. Angela (the Asian girl) is a photographer, and she’s been taking nude pics of us for a photo project. Now she says she thought what she needed was a male subject. She thought you might be interested by the way you were showing off your cock, do you think you could come over and pose for us?”

The thought left me reeling. Clearly I couldn’t refuse, even though I had planned on staying naked at the beach all day. Angela handed me a little card with their address scribbled on the back (in case I lost them in traffic on the way over), and we all packed up and headed to their house.

I wanted to stop by somewhere and jack off so I could maintain my composure when I got there, but there just wasn’t time, so again I tried to put it out of my mind. I slipped on my shorts, and headed with them to the parking lot, on my way to what I already knew would be the most erotic time I'd ever had.

(To be continued)

... Continue»
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Woman Roller Skates Naked at the Beach

Prelude: A forty year old woman with a sexy slender body likes to keep fit by roller skating regularly at the beach. One sunny warm day at the beach, she decides to live out her fantasy of skating naked in public. The beach is crowded with people and that makes her fantasy adventure even more exciting.

[Her story starts now.]

I have nothing planned for the day, so I decide to drive over to the beach and go roller skating. I take a quick shower then put on a little makeup and fashion my long blond hair into a pony tail. My dresser drawer is full of bikinis and it takes me a minute to decide which one to wear.

I am forty years old now and still look awesome in my thong bikinis, but I choose my modest black one with a matching skirt wrap that is more suitable for my age bracket.

I check myself in the mirror one more time and say to myself, "My goodness honey, for an older woman, you still beautiful enough that guys half your age are still hitting on you for a date. You should be proud of yourself for eating right and getting plenty of exercise."

Anyway, it takes me about thirty minutes to drive to the ocean. The parking lot is almost full, but I find a spot all the way down at the other end.

I like this particular beach because they have a very wide sidewalk that runs for over two miles and is great for roller skating. There is a sandy beach on one side and the other is lined with small cottages that are very close together because the real estate prices are outrageous.

There is a wood bench next to the sidewalk, so I decide to sit on it while I put on my pink cotton socks and roller skates. Suddenly, my fantasy about roller skating naked comes to the forefront of my mind. I sit on the bench for a few moments then say to myself, "You have been dreaming about roller skating naked at this beach for years and always found one excuse or another not to. How about today? What is your excuse this time?"

I immediately get to my feet and say out loud, "Today is the day!", then walk barefoot over to my Cadillac and enter the code to unlock the door. It takes me just a few seconds to strip naked then I slam the door shut and go back to the bench and put on my skates.

Within a just a couple of minutes I am roller skating down the sidewalk wearing nothing but my designer sunglasses and roller skates! I feel so alive with then warm sun shining down on my naked body and the cool ocean breeze caressing every inch of me! I am having the time of my life!

I pick up speed and begin swinging my arms back and forth while my large firm breasts gently sway back and forth. Once I get past the parking lot where the beach front properties are, I slow down and begin looking around to see if anybody notices me. To my surprise, I am not getting a lot of attention. I bet it is because my skin is so dark from laying out in the sun that my tan lines make me appear as if I am wearing a light colored bikini. How little do they know!

Pretty soon the sidewalk becomes quite crowded with people walking around, and there are a lot of other roller skaters. As I make my way slowly through the crowd a few guys on skates have caught up with me and they give me compliments about how beautiful I look naked. We have casual conversation while they snap pictures of me with their cell phone cameras.

After a couple of minutes I look back over my shoulder and see more than a dozen shirtless muscular young men skating behind me taking pictures of my naked white ass cheeks!

My dark brown nipples are normally hard all the time, but they have perked up even more and one of the guys notices. He says, "Lady, you have an awesome body and I love your tan lines!"

When I come up to an area that is not so crowded I stop and let the guys form a circle around me. Oh my gosh, there must be fifteen or twenty of them now! Why have I not done this before? I am loving the attention that I am getting and want to show my appreciation to them.

I interrupt their compliments and announce, "Hey guys, do you want to play a game with me?"

They all cheer for a moment, then I tell them, "Skate down the sidewalk and position yourselves along the edge at ten feet intervals. I will skate by you as fast as I can while you try to slap my ass. The guys that slap me without cheating will get a big hug and kiss from me."

The guys immediately put away their cell phones and I wait until they are all lined up. My gosh, there is a lot of them! Then line extends almost a whole block! I have second thoughts about doing this, but I skate away from them a short distance, then turn around and race towards them!

For the next minute all I can hear is, "Slap, slap, slap!"

When the last guy slaps me, I never look back and continue skating as fast as I can away from them!

It takes the guys a few moments to realize that I am getting away and they begin chasing after me! I love being a cock teasing bitch!

I know this area well since I come here all the time, so I make a right down the alley to the abandoned new home construction site. The house is all framed in and has a roof, but the banks foreclosed on it, and it is on the market. My husband and I thought about purchasing the home, but they still want more money than it is worth.

Anyway, just as I am ready to skate up the short driveway into the double wide garage I hear someone yell, "There she is!"

Within a couple of minutes I am standing in the middle of the garage completely naked with twenty or more handsome guys standing around me taking pictures. I am incredibly aroused, so I raise my arms up and say, "Does anybody want to touch me?"

Immediately the guys get closer to me and start touching every square inch of my body! Oh my, I have never had so many hands on me at one time! The feeling is awesome and is making me incredibly horny!

After a few minutes, I push their hands away from me and announce, "Who here is man enough to whip out his cock and start masturbating while looking at my naked body? The first guy that is ready to ejaculate can cum in my mouth, the rest of you have to shoot your load on my face and hair!"

Almost all the guys quickly pull out their cocks and start stroking them!

I instruct them to make the circle larger and get closer to the wall so I can skate around from one person to the next to help them get started. I spend a few moments with each guy jacking them off while I let them touch my naked body and tongue kiss me.

One of them is a short little young looking guy and his hard cock is pointing at an upwards angle. I am going to skate past him, but he grabs my arm and pulls me against him. His cock slides right between my legs then he quickly reaches down and guides himself inside me!

As he begins fucking me, I look into his eyes and say, "Listen honey, I didn't give anyone permission to fuck me, now let go of me."

He pleads with me, "Please lady, let me fuck you a little longer! I am almost ready to cum and it will be just a few more seconds!"

I say, "Well, since you are being polite to ask, then go ahead."

Seconds later he suddenly stops and I feel his cock pumping sperm inside me.

He says, "Thank you lady. That was my first time with a girl."

I look him in the eye and say, "You are joking of course."

He replies, "No, that was my first time and really want to thank you."

For some reason a tear trickles from the corner of my eye then I skate away from him to the next guy that needs me to help their cock become harder.

After a while, one of the guys says, "I am ready! I am going to be the first one! Please let me cum in your mouth!"

I skate to the middle of the garage, then get down on my knees. The guy immediately shoves his cock in my mouth and ejaculates. I swallow over and over again, then push him away from me and say, "Okay, you other bastards get over here and start ejaculating on me or the party is over!"

Just after I hand my sunglasses to the guy that ejaculated in my mouth, about three or four guys unleash a torrent of sperm that splashes all over my face! Another couple of guys do the same thing, and within a few minutes all of them have ejaculated on me, except for one.

The last guy is a very tall handsome black man with a huge monster cock!

He casually skates over to me and stops with his rock hard cock about an inch away from my mouth. I look up at him then open my mouth wide. The head of his cock pushes slowly past my front teeth and keeps sliding in until it starts going down my throat, then I start rocking back and forth on my knees.

After a couple of minutes the guy grabs my head with both of his big black hands and starts ramming his cock into me faster and faster!

Seconds later he suddenly stops and ejaculates. After a few moments pulls his cock out of me and a tremendous amount of sperm gushes out of my mouth.

Well, that was the last guy and what a mess I am!

My hair is completely soaked and sperm is dripping off my face and running down between my breasts! This is the most fun that I have ever had in my life!

I stand up and ask, "Is there anybody here that is a police officer?"

Two guys raise their hands, so I ask them if they would es-cort me back to my car. They volunteer and I make it back to my car without incident.

[Later that evening the telephone rings at the woman's house. It is the two police officers.]

Okay, I just got off the phone with them and they are coming over to collect their reward for making sure that I got back to my car safely.

I asked them in a sexy voice, "What would you handsome young men like me to give you for a reward? Coffee, tea, or me?"

They chose me, so I am going to take a quick shower before they get here.

Goodbye.... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt8

Angel drove on as Emi rested her head on her shoulder. Angel had put her right arm around Emi's shoulders and was holding her. She let her fingers run up and down the teenager's arm as she drove through the balmy nighttime air. She felt goosebumps on Emi's skin as the girl would would occasionally feel a chill.

"Are you cold baby?" Angel asked her.

"No, just feeling a little excited, that's all," she replied.

"Well, it's not much further, " Angel said.

Angel steered the car around a turn and up a ramp for the bridge over to South Beach. The car cruised easily up the bridge and down the other side where Angel turned to head for her friends condo. As she drove, she felt Emi's hand playing in her lap. The teenager was lightly massaging Angel's tummy, testing herself in a way for the night ahead. Angel new this would be a very new part of their relationship and she wanted the girl to be very comfortable.

The car made it's way through the usual nighttime traffic. Eventually Angel turned down a side road and stopped at a security gate a few blocks later. The guard took her pass card and used it to open the gate. Once the gate opened, he handed the card back to Angel and wished her a good evening. Emi lifted her head as they drove through the entrance and read the name on the sign.

"Ocean's Reef? We're going into the Ocean's Reef? Angel, that is the most exclusive condo on the beach!" Emi said.

"Yup, my friend is kind of a bigwig. Don't ask names though. Just enjoy it."

The car made it's way up the long driveway and entered a parking garage. Angel found the correct parking place and pulled in. The 2 lovely girls jumped out and collected all their things. The elevator was close by and 14 floors later, it opened right in front of Angel's friend's unit. She opened the door with a pass card and they went in. Angel picked up a remote control from a table just inside and began pointing around the room and pressing buttons. Softly glowing lamps began to pop on all around a huge and beautifully decorated room.

Emi stared with amazement as she took in the priceless furnishings, the walls covered with modern artwork, and the enormous set of glass doors on the far side that looked out over the Atlantic Ocean.

"Omigod Angel, this is the coolest place I have ever seen!" she said excitedly.

Angel smiled at her, "I know, and the best thing is, the owner is hardly ever here. I hang out here all the time."

Angel took Emi by the hand and led her across the main room to a hallway. Still clicking the remote, more lights came on in front of them as they made their way. Emi noticed that even a cd player came on and soft music started to play. Angel stopped at a doorway as the lights came on to let Emi look inside. The teenager almost gasped as she peeked in at the most incredible bedroom she had ever seen. The room was immense, easily as large as 10 or 11average bedrooms combined. At the center sat a large 4 poster bed that had a canopy made from silk. Surrounding the bed were seating areas with couches and chairs, a small bar, and a sunken jacuzzi on the far wall that had an ocean view.

Angel pointed to the Jacuzzi, "That's where we are headed. But lets go dump our stuff first."

Angel continued down the hallway to a door at the end. She opened it, turning on the lights remotely, and let Emi pass inside. It was another bedroom and Emi realized it was decorated just for Angel. She recognized Angel's style in everything she could see. Little touristy trinkets about South Beach, pictures of the beach, pictures of the art deco hotels, and a big beautiful bed covered with a deep purple silk quilt. The 2 girls dropped all their stuff on a chair in the corner.

"This is my home away from home. I've never brought anyone up here before. You're the first," Angel told her darling friend.

Still holding the girl's hand, she pulled her up close and hugged her. Emi let her face nuzzle against the sweet softness of Angel's neck. The two girls shared a moment of closeness as they stood there. After a minute or so, Angel let go of of Emi and turned for the door.

"Come on, let's hit the jacuzzi," Angel said as she began pulling her shirt over her head.

Both girls headed quickly back down the hall as their clothes were left in a trail behind them. Angel made it their first, but then stopped at the bar as Emi sat down on the edge of the jacuzzi. Angel set to work making a pitcher of daiquiris as Emi lowered herself into the warm water. She looked out the window at the moonlight glittering off the ocean water 14 floors below.

"Angel, thank you for bringing me here. This is fantastic. You're a really good friend to share this with me."

Angel smiled at the girl as she brought the pitcher of daiquiris and two glasses. Emi rose out of the water and the 2 girls sat on the edge of the bubbling water. Angel poured out their drinks and they lifted their glasses.

"To a long and wonderful and special friendship. A friendship that grows and grows and never dies. A friendship built from love," Angel said.

The 2 girls looked into each other's eyes for a second and then took a sip. They lowered themselves down into the water and got comfortable. Emi had settled into one of the seats and had shut her eyes. Angel was directly across from her and was staring at the beautiful teenager. It had been a long time since she had felt this close to another person. For awhile, Angel had thought that Emi would be the little s****r she never had, but now, her feelings were different. She wanted to touch this girl, she wanted to kiss her, she wanted to love her.

With Emi's eyes still closed and the water bubbling, Angel eased across the jacuzzi and took Emi's feet into her lap.

"Whatcha doing?" Emi asked her.

"Just thought you might like a little foot massage," she said as she began to knead Emi's feet.

Emi made a little purr of satisfaction and closed her eyes again. A small smile lay on her lips. Angel smiled at the girl simply because she was happy to be here with her.

Angel, using her soft hands, pressed and rubbed the girl's feet for a few minutes, but then began to massage the girl's lower legs. Emi kept her eyes closed and was enjoying the pampering. Soon she felt Angel's magical hands move further up her legs until her thighs were now Angel's target. As Angel's hands moved over and between her legs, Emi was feeling the spark of arousal she had felt earlier at the fashion show, an arousal that had gone unfulfilled.

"Angel, that feels so good, but it's getting me hot again."

Angel smiled at the girl and slid right alongside her. She put her hands up on each side of the girl's face as she leaned to her and kissed her tenderly. Emi was surprised for a second, but then kissed the beautiful Angel in return. She wrapped her arms around her friend and the 2 lovely girls shared a long and deep kiss.

When they broke, Angel told the younger girl to sit up on the side of the jacuzzi. Emi rose up and perched on the marble rim as Angel retrieved a small pillow that was nearby. She placed it at the edge and patted it so that Emi would lay her head down. Emi layed down flat on her back and Angel guided her so that she was fully stretched out and relaxed.

"Sweet girl, I want to make you feel good. I know that you have never been with a woman before, so I want your first time to be very special," Angel told her.

"Angel, I want that too. I want to be with you."

Angel leaned over and began to plant small kisses over the girl's face. She nibbled softly on the girl's full lips and let her tongue trace the outline of each. Emi was trying to lay still but the tender touch from Angel was so exciting to her.

Angel, who was still half in the jacuzzi, settled into a spot alongside the girl's arm. She let her chin rest on the girl's shoulder as she brought a hand up from the water. With just the tip of her fingernail, she began to trace the outline of the younger girl's nipple. Emi let a little gasp escape her lips as she felt this new attention. Her nipple quickly rose and hardened.

Angel smiled to herself as she moved her hand to Emi's other breast to repeat her little trick on the other nipple. Emi squirmed as the touch of her nipple seemed to make her pussy throb. She wanted to touch herself in the worst way, but she stayed still because she knew that Angel was going to do it -- eventually.

Angel could see the girl beginning to squirm from just the touch of her fingernail, so she let her whole hand settle onto a breast and began to fondle the girl. She would move her hand from one to the other as she held each breast and softly massaged the swollen flesh. Emi had her eyes closed as she felt the wonderful touch and warmthof Angel's hand on her breasts.

Emi turned her head in Angel's direction to say something, but just as she opened her mouth, Angel's lips covered her own and she felt Angel's tongue intertwine with hers. Angel kissed the girl passionately as her hand continued to fondle the teenager's breasts. Emi was almost out of breath when Angel lifted her mouth momentarily. She sucked a quick breath of air just as Angel covered her mouth again.

Emi was feeling intensely aroused now and was squirming and responding to every movement of Angel's hand on her breasts. Angel could see and feel the girl's arousal and could hear the little moans of pleasure that Emi was making.

She continued to kiss Emi deeply as her hand moved down Emi's taut stomach. Angel moved the palm of her hand in circles over the smooth tanned skin as Emi grew even more responsive. The younger girl, almost without thinking, would push her hips up as Angel's hand would pass just above her pussy. She wanted Angel to touch her, to pleasure her, to love her.

Emi rolled slightly and moved her hands to hold each side of Angel's face.

"Angel, please, I want you to take me. I want to love you. Please. Right now."

Angel put her hand to Emi's face and smiled.

"Sweet baby girl, I want you to. I've wanted you for a long time. But I wanted to be sure that you were okay."

The two girls shared a look of passion and then a small hug. Angel pulled away and rose out of the water. She helped Emi to her feet and led her to the large bed. She yanked the quilt down and the 2 girls, despite being soaking wet, slid under the covers.

Without any word and without hesitation, the two joined in a full embrace. Their arms held each other tightly as their legs intertwined. Feeling a small chill from getting out the warm water, Angel simply drew Emi to her that much harder.

Their bodies rolled back and forth in the bed as both girls became more and more passionate. Angel could feel her breasts pressed against Emi's and thought she could feel the younger girl's heart pounding. She could feel Emi's arms around her, one around the middle of her back, the other lower so that Emi's hand was caressing Angel's sweet rear end. Angel felt goose-bumps rise as Emi's fingernails passed lightly over her ass.

Angel pushed Emi over so that she was laying on top of the teenager. She began to ease herself down the girl's body letting her tongue trail down her neck, over her breasts, and down her stomach. Angel pushed Emi's legs apart as she settled at the end of the bed.

"Please Angel. Take me now. I want you to take me."

Angel let her hands wrap underneath Emi's ass and lifted her gently as she lowered her mouth to the young girl's pussy. She drew her tongue slowly over the girl's swollen lips which made Emi gasp as her back arched off the bed. Angel paused for a moment to let her relax, then drew her tongue over the girl's sex once again. Again, Emi responded intensely.

Angel took a firmer hold of her sweet girlfriend and then pushed her tongue into the girl's steaming wet pussy. Emi let out a long low moan as she felt herself being penetrated. She felt Angel's tongue pass between her lips and reach deep into her. She felt it move slowly in and then slightly retract, only to press back in.

Angel felt a warm sense of pleasure as she knew that Emi was feeling pleasure too. She had deep feelings for this sweet young girl and wanted her to feel all the pleasure that Angel could give.

Angel's touch was magic to the teenager. She felt Angel's gentle caress on her ass as Angel held her. She felt Angel's hair as it brushed the inside of her thighs. But most of all, she felt Angel's tongue as it slowly fucked her. She felt the wet pressure as it moved in and out of her steaming sex. Already so aroused from her earlier encounters with the rich old ladies, it did not take long for Emi to build up.

"Angel...Angel....I'm.....I'm.....," the girl moaned just before her body spasmed, hit hard by a huge orgasm.

Angel held on tightly as she felt sweet Emi ride the crest of her orgasm. The darling girl was gasping and moaning as her body shook and spasmed. Angel eased back slightly so she could look up to Emi's face. The girl's beautiful face, was now even more so because of the pleasure her body had just felt.

Angel climbed back up to lay alongside Emi. She reached up and brushed a few strands of hair out of the spent girl's face and then leaned over to kiss her. Angel cuddled down close to the girl so that her face was nuzzling Emi's neck. One arm reached out across Emi's breasts simply to hold her, as if she was a c***d's teddy bear.

Several minutes passed as Emi regained her senses. She was thinking about what had happened to her tonight. How she had been with Angel at the fashion show, how the guests had turned out to be lesbians, how they had touched her, fondled her, and teased her but did not make her cum. She thought of how Angel had brought her to this special place, how her friend had made her feel so warm and special and loved. She thought about how Angel had touched her so much differently from the way her previous boyfriends ever did. She knew that this was so much better.

Emi opened her eyes as she turned her head towards Angel.

"Angel, what you did to me, it was so wonderful. I've never felt like that before. It felt like every inch of my skin was tingling. The way you kissed me, for so long and holding me so tight. I've just never felt like that before."

Angel laughed softly as she stroked the girl's face.

"Sweet babygirl, I have to tell you something. When I first saw you back last May -- remember that? when I came up to you on the street? -- anyways, I did it because I thought you were so beautiful and could be a great model. But right away, as I started to get to know you, I found myself attracted to you. I wasn't sure what to do about it though. I didn't want to ruin our friendship in case you were totally not into being with other girls."

The two girls were looking into each other's eyes with soft passion as Angel continued.

"I guess the fashion show tonight was a kind of a blessing. I found out that you were open to being touched by another woman and that you liked it very much. You were so sweet when we got back into the car and you told me that you hadn't cum, I just knew that I had to bring you here so we could be together."

Emi's eyes welled up as she listened to Angel admit that she had had feelings for her all along. She buried her face against Angel's neck and cried softly. She just couldn't believe her good fortune, that this wonderful girl, this beautiful and smart and loving girl, had feelings for her. Emi let herself become very relaxed as she enjoyed the comfort of Angel's body.

Angel held Emi close as she found the remote on the bedside table. She clicked a button to turn off the jacuzzi and two more to turn off the lights. Then she pulled the quilt over their naked bodies. Emi lifted her head to kiss Angel and wished her sweet dreams and then the two girls settled in and drifted off to sl**p.... Continue»
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Fun at the beach pt11

As Angel rode in the backseat of the car with the 2 hi-powered attorneys, her mind drifted to thoughts about sweet Emi. She wondered how the teenager had done out in California. She wondered if everything had gone okay. Angel knew that the people out in California, especially L.A., could be very harsh sometimes. With Emi being so young and so new, she hoped that she had done okay.

"Miss Enriquez, is there someplace that we can drop you off?" one of the attornies asked her, breaking her from her thoughts.

"Um, just take me to the Ocean's Reef please," she replied.

The 2 attornies looked at each other. Ocean's Reef, they both thought, impressive. This girl must have some clout.

The car passed quickly through the city and over the familiar bridge to South Beach. It glided down the street leading to the exclusive condo and stopped at the gate. The driver rolled down the left rear window and Angel spoke to the guard.

"Hi Earl, had a bit of a problem yesterday. I don't have my passcard with me. Can you give me a temp card please."

The guard smiled big at her, she was one of their most popular residents, even if it was only part-time.

"Sure thing Angel, hold on a second," the guard replied.

He went back into the gatehouse for a few minutes and then came back out with a temp card. He used it to open the gate and then handed it to Angel.

"You have someone waiting for you upstairs Miss Angel, a very sweet young lady I must say. Met her for the first time yesterday. Very delightful she was, yes indeed."

Angel's million dollar smile flashed at him. It made her happy that other people saw Emi as she did. She motioned with her finger to come closer. He bent over to the window as Angel stretched out the window and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks Earl, you made my day," Angel whispered to him.

The car drove on up to the front door and a doorman ran down the steps and opened the door for Angel. She got out and went up the steps as the doorman ran in front of her to open the door of the building. Angel thanked him -- she was one of the few residents who actually did say thank you to him every time -- then she went inside and headed for the elevator.

She got off at the 14th floor and walked down the short hallway to the door. Her passcard let her enter quietly and she went inside. She looked around the main room and in the kitchen but did not see Emi. She walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms. Looking in the master bedroom, she saw the jacuzzi bubbling, but the teenager wasn't there.

She continued down the hallway to her bedroom door and as she pushed it openly quietly a smile came to her face. Emi was tucked into Angel's bed, sl**ping soundly. Angel stood in the doorway as she watched the darling girl sl**p for a few minutes. She was happy to be home and happier still to have Emi here waiting for her.

Almost as if she felt Angel watching her, Emi's eyes fluttered and then opened. She saw Angel standing there watching her and smiled at the older girl.

"Angel, you're here. I was just dreaming about you," she said.

"Dreaming about me? You'll have to tell me what happened."

Emi folded the covers back and patted the sheet with her hand.

"Why don't you join me and I'll show you."

Angel stepped to the side of the bed as she began to strip her clothes off. Emi rolled over and watched as the beautiful latin model removed her clothes. She felt a shot of warmth as Angel dropped her shirt on the floor. The skirt and panties followed right after and Emi took in the beauty of Angel. The two girls had only met 3 months ago, but in the last week, they had gotten so close that Emi could hardly believe it.

Angel slid into the bed next to Emi and the 2 girls quickly locked into an embrace. Angel pulled the covers back up as she felt the comfort of Emi's warm body pressed against her. In this sweet embrace, the two girls talked quietly as Angel wanted to know about Emi's job in L.A.

Emi told Angel all about it with great excitement. The shoot was for Metropolitan Magazine and might be used on the cover. They had shot with her for 2 full days and there had been this huge crew of people, all of them there for her. The girl was so excited and Angel was happy for her.

"Angel, I owe all this to you. It was you who plucked me off the street and got me into modeling. It has been you that has taken care of me and shown me the ropes. It was you that introduced me to Mrs. Beecham and got me the opportunity I have had this week."

Her hand went to Angel's face and stroked the lovely cheek as she continued.

"And it has been you that has shown me what it really feels like to be loved and cared about."

Angel almost was crying as she listened to Emi. She felt blessed to have Emi here with her because she felt the same way as Emi did.

The girls talked themselves out after half an hour or so and then they drifted off to sl**p. Their bodies stayed pressed together as each girl slept peacefully.

The 2 girls slept most of the day, only waking up just as the sun was going down. Angel collected 2 sodas for them out of the fridge and they sat on the balcony, watching the last of the beachgoers pack up their chairs and umbrellas to head home. Since they were so high and since each balcony had a privacy wall that separated it from the other balconies, the girls were able to sit out in just their panties.

Emi sat down in in an upright chair next to a small table while Angel went over to a chaise lounge that was next to the railing. Her slender body stretched out as she tossed her hair to one side and got comfortable. Emi watched her in admiration, still amazed that she was here with this girl who was just so beautiful and so kind and so thoughtful.

Emi let her eyes run up Angel's body, starting at the small feet with the toenails painted in purple, up the slender and flawless calves of each leg, up the smooth, tanned thighs, past the smoothly shaven pussy and the perfectly round rear end, across the flat stomach, up and over the perfect breasts, following the curve of her neck, until she finished at Angel's face. She stared at the girl's face for a moment and thought about how Angel had a perfect name. She did indeed have the face of an angel. So round, with big expressive eyes, a slender nose, and full pink lips. It was no wonder that people took an instant liking to her, all she had to do was flash a smile at you and how could anyone not be won over by her angelic face.

Emi realized that Angel was looking back at her.

"Whatcha thinking about babygirl?" Angel asked her.

"Thinking about you," she replied as she moved over to the chaise with Angel.

Angel made room on the big chair and the two cuddled together.

"I was thinking we could go out tonight. Maybe get some dinner and then hit some clubs," Angel suggested to her.

"I'm game. Where do you want to go?"

"There's a new italian restaurant down on 7th. Let's go there and then it's only a short walk to Mangoes."

"Oooh Mangoes!" Emi said. "I've been wanting to go there since I got here and never have."

"Really? Oh Emi, you're gonna love it. I'll have to get you up on a table to dance. It's a blast"

The two girls laid on the chair for another hour or so, watching the ocean, watching the birds fly by, and occasionally letting lips touch lips and tongues caress tongues. Both girls found themselves feeling that sweet warmth, but finally Angel jumped up out of the chair.

"Come on now girl. Save that for later, we're going out tonight," she laughed as she headed in to get dressed.

Emi jumped up and ran behind her watching Angel's perfect ass the whole time.

As they went through their clothes, Angel came up with a plan for what they would wear that night. She pulled out 2 pairs of nearly identical black satin, bell-bottom pants that she laid on the bed. She called them her hippy-chick pants. Then she found 2 pairs of clear and very high platform shoes. She stopped at that point and looked at Emi.

Emi looked at her quizzically, "Good so far. What about tops?"

Angel pulled out the two gift boxes from the Beecham party and took out the matching diamond bras. She placed them above the pants on the bed.

Emi's eyes beamed at the clothes.

"Holy christ Angel! You're gonna be turning some heads tonight!"

"Correction there babygirl.....WE are gonna be turning some heads."

Emi smiled at her. She thought Angel was so beautiful and it made her happy that Angel always treated her like she was just as beautiful. It just confirmed her feelings about Angel and her big heart.

The two girls began the ritual of getting bathed, powdered, primped, and dressed. A good 2 hours passed as the girls made themselves ready. Finally, they stood side by side at a big mirror in the corner of Angel's room. The sight was one to behold. Easily the most beautiful girl in the city, decked in ultra shiny satin pants topped off with a gorgeous diamond covered bra, her honey-blonde hair cascading down over her shoulders and framing her sweet face was standing next to an equally stunning young girl dressed identically with long dark auburn hair flowing down her back to just above the top edge of her pants.

The bank of recessed lights above them glimmered off the diamonds and made little rainbows all over the room. The rainbows danced around as the girls made any slight movement at all.

Finally declaring themselves ready, they grabbed their small purses and headed out the door. Angel led Emi onto the elevator and they descended to the lobby of Ocean's Reef. When the door opened and they stepped out, whatever was going on in the lobby virtually came to a stop as the 2 incredible girls garnered the attention of anyone -- man or woman -- in the room. They made their way quickly to the front door and the doorman asked if they wanted a cab.

"No, not tonight," she told him. "We're gonna walk and see the sights."

The doorman chuckled a bit to himself as he thought, "Ladies, you ARE the sights tonight."

The 2 girls crossed the street and headed down South Beach to the restaurant. As they walked, various people were running up to them and trying to invite them to parties or to dinner or back to their hotels. Angel took it all in stride and politely declined it all.

However, quite a few tourists came up to them and asked to take a picture with them. So the two girls laughed as they would pose with Sam and Gloria from Des Moines or Fred from Pittsburgh or whoever. The thought of these people going home and showing pictures of themselves with the 2 Miami beauties was a hoot.

After a 5 minute walk, the 2 girls arrived at the restuarant. Angel had called ahead and the maitre de was ready for them. He quickly showed them to an outdoor table, but one that was placed so that passersby could not approach them and interrupt their time.

"Angel, this place is fantastic," she said as she looked down at the imported china place setting and the real silver utensils. "And expensive too."

Just then the manager came up to them.

"Miss Enriquez, it is so good of you to join us at Flavio's this evening. We are always grateful when a celebrity comes in for dinner. And I see you have brought a very lovely friend with you. I must say that your outfits are truly stunning. I do hope that the male guests will be able to finish their dinners"

The girls laughed at his little joke as Angel thanked him for his welcome.

"By the way ladies, I am instructed by the owner that anything you order this evening is to be on the house. The owner wishes you to be friends of the restaurant and for you to join us often."

Emi looked at Angel in amazement, still learning about the good fortune that seems to follow Angel.

The girls ordered a variety of stuff from the menu, taking advantage of the restaurant's policy of serving large or small portions. The manager sent them a bottle of wine and soon, their table was filled with an italian feast. The girls didn't notice, but a small crowd had formed as people noticed the 2 spectacular girls and the feast they had spread before them

After they each sampled a little of everything they ordered, they both settled back and sipped at their wine as they watched the people go past. Angel was always fascinated by the people and she tried to guess where they were from.

As she sat there, she felt Emi scoot her chair up close. The teenager took advantage of the oversized tablecloth and put her hand underneath it and on Angel's lap. She quickly began to massage Angel's bare belly and even made an attempt to open the front of her satin pants.

"Emi, for god's sake girl, do you want to get us arrested?" Angel whispered to her.

"Arrested.....hmmmm....I hear that's not such a bad thing these days," she replied in a straight voice.

Angel realized Emi was making a joke about Angel's recent run-in with the law and she tried to swat the teenager with her napkin. Emi dodged it and laughed.

They finally finished their meals and called the manager over to the table to thank him. They left a generous tip on the table for the good service, then the girls stood and headed out. The restaurant came to a standstill as the 2 girls became visible to all the customers. The men were all looking at the girls with lust, while the women mostly looked on with envy but there were a few lustful looks too.

Emi was surprised to feel a couple hands on her legs and rear as they worked their way through the crowded restaurant. The girls made it to the entrance and back out on to the sidewalk. Angel led the way towards Mangoes, which wasn't to far away. In fact, in just a few minutes, Emi could see a large crowd on the sidewalk not to far in front of them.

The girls came up to the crowd and Angel realized it was just people hanging out in front trying to get a look inside. They looked for a way to squeeze through to the door, but it was too crowded. Angel drifted off to the side of the crowd as she fished her cell phone out of her purse. She dialed a number and waited as it rang.

"Hey. It's Angel. I'm outside with a friend. Can you come and get us?"

She hung up the phone and put it away.

"Hold on a sec, I called in the cavalry," she said to Emi.

Less than 30 seconds later, the crowd started to part and 4 huge bouncers appeared followed by a short and very expensively dressed man. Angel waved at him as she and Emi walked over.

"Hi Angel, it's simply delightful to see you as always," he said as he kissed her on each cheek. "And who is your exquisite little friend?"

"Eduardo, this is my very close friend Emi. And Emi, this is Eduardo, the manager of Mangoes. He'll be one of the few guys who will not hit on you tonight."

He saw Emi looking at Angel, not quite understanding Angel's comment.

"Dear Emi, Angel is once again showing her disappointment that I never fell in love with her. I've known her since we both were 8 years old and she has been trying to seduce me for 14 years."

Emi still wasn't quite following.

"I'm gay," he finally said.

Emi laughed and said, "oh."

"Well come on, the boys can't keep the commoners at bay forever," he said as he led them back through the path that the bouncers had made through the crowd.

Angel and Emi scurried behind him as they ran for the door. Emi was slightly surprised when a stray hand came out of the crowd and grabbed one of her breasts. But whoever it was suffered the consequence as one of the mountain-sized bouncers shot a hard fist back towards the owner of the hand. The hand quickly let go and Emi ran the rest of the way into the club.

As they passed through the door, Emi was instantly dazzled. The club was decorated like a Cuban nightclub of the 50's. The room itself was in 3 different levels, each level about 5 feet higher than the one below it. These little terraces were u-shaped and wrapped around a dance floor in the center. Large slow-moving fans were s**ttered across the high ceiling. Latin music was blasting at incredible volume and people were up and dancing and moving to the beat.

There was a pause in the music for a second and Emi saw 3 men dressed in island garb line up on the highest terrace and blew through conch shell horns.

"Mira," Angel shouted to her, "Watch this."

The music started again as about 20 scantily clad waitresses came pouring out of a doorway at the far end and out onto the dance floor. All were in island garb similar to the horn blowers. As the music played, the girls began a dance routine that was enticing to say the least. Around the room, the customers were whistling, cheering, and pounding on the tables as they tried to get the attention of the dancers.

The dancers began to spread around the room and going to individual tables. They each picked out a table and would yank some guy out of his chair and use it to get up on the table. Once all the girls were on a table, new music started and they launched into this wild gyrating routine. Arms and legs and hair were flying everywhere as the dancers somehow managed to dance on top of the tiny tables.

Emi was looking around at each girl and realized that every one of them was very, very pretty. Angel was watching her and slid up to her, wrapping her arms around the teenager from behind.

"Don't get any ideas babygirl," she said jokingly. "You're already taken."

Emi laughed and spun her head to kiss Angel on the cheek and they both laughed.

"However, it is kind of fun to play a bit when the opportunity arises. Take a look over there," Angel told her as she pointed to a table on the next terrace higher than theirs.

Emi looked over and saw a very pretty woman of about 40 years old. She was very nicely dressed and seemed to be alone. She was trying to be discreet, but Emi could tell that she was watching the 2 girls.

"Go over and talk to her Em, see what her deal is."

Emi sneaked another look and sure enough, the woman was looking at them again. Angel gave Emi a prod with her finger that got her up.

"Okay, okay, I'm going."

Emi walked the short distance over to the woman and stopped in front of her.

"I couldn't help but notice that you were watching my friend and I. Do we know you perhaps? Or is it that you would like to get to know us?"

The woman looked at her up and down, letting her eyes travel over the beautiful teenager's body. She especially took a good look at the girl's breasts that were so beautifully covered by the diamond bra.

"No, I don't know who you are miss. But yes, I would like to get to know you. Would you care to join me?"

The woman held her hand out at the chair next to her. Emi stepped around the small table and sat down in the chair. The tables were so small and the club so crowded, she found herself rubbing shoulders with the woman. The woman spun in her chair to face Emi and as she did, her legs brushed Emi's under the table. Emi's hands were on top of the table and the woman took one and held it, gently squeezing as she did.

"You are a very beautiful girl. What is your name? Obviously you are not American. Where are you from?"

"Emi, and I'm from Rio de Janeiro. Brazil."

"Mmmmm, yes. I see it now. The girls from Brazil are very pretty."

She looked past Emi for a second and pointed at Angel.

"Your friend, she is also quite beautiful. I assume the 2 of you are working this evening?"

Emi didn't understand at first, but then it came to her. The woman was thinking that Emi and Angel were prostitutes! Emi had to supress a laugh, but then, considering what she and Angel were wearing, she could see where the woman came up with that.

"Well maybe we are, you never can tell." Emi told her vaguely, trying to see where the conversation might lead.

"Well, I am looking for company this evening. I am here on business and came here from my hotel. If you are interested, perhaps you and your friend would like to join me."... Continue»
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