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Fucktoy Janet used. 2


... you can, fucktoy." Her eyes flew to his at his use of that word.
All the words he used for her, all ... 't--"
"Do it, fucktoy."
"I don't want to," Pamela said.
"I know. Do it."
"No," she said. "I won't."
Brad just waited.
She used all the ... ... Continue»
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Moments in Time from My Life: Chapter 2 No Boys Al

... other and even used a vibrator Janet had taken from her mom. Janet even tried some ... to my now exposed hairy pussy. Janet used her hands to part my pussy as ... Janet ran her hand up to the waist on them and then stuck her hand down the front of them. Janet used ... ... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy (sissy fucktoy for

... didn't stop when his head reached my
throat. Instead, he used brute f***e to ram his cock further, choking me.
I heard ... on the nigger and spic totem fuckpole, a white sissy pussyboy fucktoy – just another piece of white fuckmeat for niggers to humiliate ... ... Continue»
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Janet & Debbie Have a Black Gangbang

... Debbie raised up and quickly mounted Janet, never taking her mouth off from Janet's pussy. Janet buried her head between Debbie' ... ! Debbie ask him to stop and let her asshole get used to it

Debbie was sure that the guys giant cock ... ... Continue»
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Janet and Silva

... drawing Janet’s attention, 'my name is Silva.'
'Oh, right, yeah,' Janet said, still stumbling on her words, 'I'm Janet.'
'Nice to meet you Janet.' ... when it came to a stop, she licked her lips, and used her hands to wipe whatever remained into her mouth. ... ... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter V

... Janet now.

“You're used to getting your own way aren't you”


“Mmmm, indeed. I know exactly what you mean.”, Janet ... . Mistress Janet, I....I lo...I love you”, Angela sighed into Janet's mouth.

“Shhh....shh my slave”, Janet whispered ... ... Continue»
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Janet & John on Holiday Part 3

... breast nubbins and directing the shower-head straight up Janet's pussy.

Janet remembered panting hard, while Kit and Ellie's fingers ... from Jasmine.

Now Steff was watching her Butterfly being used to deflower a ‘tween’; was it consensual?
“Can you play ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 3

... Missy's bikini top.
Janet had to tell John to stop drooling.

Janet loved to watch ... god; I've never seen a real one. Have you used it much?”
“No, it’s brand new. ... to watch ch1ldren having sex, so stroked Janet’s pussy.
Missy often made love with her ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 1

... to lick the willie.
"Can you do that John?" asked Janet.
Janet and John discovered that Fluffy was a boy cat, not a girl ... his white sticky sperm all over Janet's face.
Janet and John were making love.

Much later Janet and John learnt how to make ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 2

... up in the pool.
Daddy likes to hold Janet's wet bottom.
Janet can feel the bulge in Daddy's swimming trunks.

... ".

At this point Daddy's penis erupted, narrowly missing Janet's moist vagina.

Janet was singing "Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross" ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John - Book 4

... Janet a little kiss on the forehead.

"Lower" demanded Janet.
Missy gave Janet a little kiss on the nose.

"Lower" asked Janet.
Missy gave Janet ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John On Holiday Part 2

... push it back in.

It looks rather large; Janet cannot wait.

Janet would love to have one in her bottom ... willie into Janet's bottom.

Kit applied some strawberry-flavoured lubricant between Janet's cheeks.

John slipped in easily; then Janet froze – ... ... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter III

... Kingsley!”, Angela stated emphatically meeting Janet's eyes coldly.

“Cc..certainly Miss Kingsley.”, Janet replied as her visage flushed ... . Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss Kingsley”

Janet, look at me”

Janet's green eyes met the softened beautiful ... ... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter IV

... are you ok?”

“I'm fine. Uncle Baz?”, she addressed Janet bemusedly.

Janet just smiled innocently and shrugged her shoulders.

“Come ... the taxi driver

“Glebe.”, Janet answered.

Angela allowed herself to be led by Janet with mixed emotions. The ... ... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession - Chapter VI

... so nice against Angela's warm cheeks.

“My god Janet...I mean Mistress Janet, you're driving me positively wild”

“It's ok ... each other's beautiful pussies, their cries of joy increasing. Janet then removed Angela's other foot from the remaining Louboutin ... ... Continue»
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Janet and John On Holiday

... were fucking now.

Back in their chalet John asked Janet to suck him.

Janet replied "Of course, little br0ther, but only ... (perhaps that was an orgasm).

Janet prayed that Ellie would treat her gently.

Janet reluctantly pulled John’s head out of ... ... Continue»
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... so they ducked into a small office that appeared to unoccupied. Janet was fantisizing the whole time they were walking about having ... hard cock as deep as he could into Janet's hot tight cunt and exploded. Janet could feel his cock pulsating and the ... ... Continue»
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Ik en Janet

... steeds naast mijn tong tegen aar clitje te laten belanden.
Janet begon steeeds harder te kreunen en riep ja, ja neefje ... alles!
Ik spuugde een flinke klodder over mijn staalharde pik. Janet pakte mijn stevige grote ballen vast en terwijl ze dit ... ... Continue»
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Janet's Obsession

... As the intercom buzzer to her modest little apartment buzzed, Janet's heart raced. Rushing over she picked up the ... a padded parcel and a clipboard.


“Hi, package for a Miss Janet Finch”, the courier mouthed into the intercom.

“Come in, ... ... Continue»
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First time my wife Janet cheated on me.

... had an orgasm after about three strokes. I don't doubt this, Janet has always been a horny gal, and is multi-orgasmic.

Terry ... couch.

All of this while I was taking a nap.

Check out Janet's pics in my profile. Please leave a comment. My ID is ... ... Continue»
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