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Fucktoy Janet used 3

Crushing Cousins Part 8

... was also listening to their conversation, as Janet squeezed my balls making me wince and every so ... often.
Janet whined, "I don't know if I should fuck him, he likes that and I really like ... on him he can't get me off and I can do what I like to him". Janet asked, "Any road up... Continue»
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The Bar Pick-Up, Chapter 3 and Last

... The Bar Pick-Up Chapter 3, and Last….

Readers are encouraged to read the previous chapters, so ... nose-to-nose. When Lawrence entered me, he used his hand to guide his shaft, the head full and thick ... to invite Lawrence to our room, and I would willingly take him to bed with me. To be his fucktoy... Continue»
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The Choir Director Pt 3

... The Choir Director Pt 3
The next day Janet and I were having coffee , my husband was gone playing ... golf with his buddy's and my k**s were playing in the back yard. So I asked Janet how do you feel ... after last night? Janet said that her pussy was a little sore from the big cock of Joshua... Continue»
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The first day of your slut life...

... and slowly now,she was fucking his ass with 4 fingers...Petros get used to them almost immediately,so Eva ... she discovered...
After a 3 minutes,Eva returned holding on her hands something that scared Petros ... :
-On your knees slut,bend over!It's time to eat my cock like a good fucktoy you are..Like a proper slut... Continue»
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... from the freezer and returned to the table to begin eating it.

3:23 PM

Janet, Karen’s 13 year ... right or the peeds douches wouldn’t have sent him down to us.”
“What was up with his mother?”
“Oh ... of…er-hrm, well not something I’d do without your consent. But one of us really needs to stay in here... Continue»
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Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22

... I suppose so.
Then the woman using her name said Jacinda have you ever had your bare bottom ... for use of library gym swimming pool or extra study.

Jacinda was glowing now she had become ... used to the routine ,the accommodation was nothing short of luxurious and private,
the food... Continue»
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The Twin's Revenge

... cock. I looked down to see her huge breast rub against my legs. She had almost all 9 3/4inches ... ?" said Laci "Yeah! He came on to us." said Traci. "He's gay, your teacher likes men." said Mrs ... . She should be here in about an hour. Can we all just get along?" said Mrs Levi. "Janet! Your... Continue»
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The Teen next door

... they had noticed my depression
since Janet had taken a new job 8 states away and had used that
as a good ... me what you
used to do to Janet that made her sound so happy. I used to hear
you guys at night ... reason to end our almost-3-year relationship. I
climbed the pool ladder and slid into the water... Continue»
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... s****r, Anne, and I had never been that close until about 5 years before that winter. She was 3 ... bitterness between us as she no doubt resented me having a room of my own and when I left home ... and doubly incontinent when she did eventually come home. Both of us started to spend as much time... Continue»
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Janet had waited till past ten to creep out of bed in the dark and make her way to her ... , it was used for making simulated human bodies by law enf***ement CSI types for testing bullets ... and an exacto-knife on hand for removing it. Using the knife, she cut herself a hole about the middle... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Wife

... k**s to catch the latest Disney release. Janet ran them next store, and joined us downstairs a few ... ," Mark answered.

Janet added, "That's too bad you've got to go. Let us know what you need from us. Now ... disaster, but his wife Janet's latest friend had seemed like she might actually work out. She was very... Continue»
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Hide and Go Fuck

... minutes later she ran down to go use her computer. She was sitting to the left of the TV as she got ... .

"Night! I got my big purple vibrator that twice the size of you Bill. I heard Janet at the office say ... cunt lips. She moved her pussy open and used her free hand to play with her big labia in the mirror... Continue»
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Private Campground (bi-sexual gangbang)

... become a willing fucktoy.

Besides as there were six of them and only 2 of us, and now Julie had ... ...I am your SEX SLAVE FUCKTOY, I want you to use me like a piece of worthless FUCKMEAT ... . Sometimes these
scenarios will involve fantasies of her being taken by 3 or more "strangers"
at once... Continue»
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An Unintended Seduction (pt 3)

... use Janet's room on the first floor - she is the one with all the high heels."

"Oh yes, that would ... of times. To my surprise there was no awkwardness between us and Donna seemed genuinely pleased to see ... don't you go and do your homework so that David and I can chat without you fussing around us... Continue»
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Making of

... the
next 3 days John used the ATM card and withdrew the maximum allowed
per day from his accounts and now ... with the other doctors, Dr. Price and
her nurse Janet used one of the hospital's OB-GYN rooms and performed ... Vicky,
"What would he tell them, that he was stripped and beaten by us girls?
Who would believe... Continue»
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Stories I like: My wife's BBW Grandma

... Janet staring at us. We disentangled as quickly as we could. Eunice pulled the blankets up to cover ... . We have a 3 bedroom home. Planning to have k**s but we don't have any as of yet. So we invited her ... to come live with us. So she moved over 2,000 miles to come live with us in CA. I had never met... Continue»
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Special institution for naughty girls 18 to 22 Cha

... .

They knocked and entered the room.

Looking up the woman using her first name viewed her from ... correction you may want to look at me or wardress Hanna talk direct to ether of us to express your remorse ... Martha. I know normal administrations last about 3 hours,
A full six to 7 hours oh thank you I... Continue»
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Bad Teacher Ch. 03

... Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age.

Chapter 3: Ryan talks Carmen ... . A scandal would cause so much heartache for all of us. But what will I do if I'm pregnant?"

We ... , but always use a condom."

"Great, then you could blame your pregnancy on a failing contraceptive... Continue»
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Apartment Complex Video Club

... )

3. If you move away, you got to keep your tape but you were not to show it to anyone else ... was the only one that had the owners of it doing a scene on it. It was the tape he used to show ... was Janet, Bill's wife. Janet was a redhead in her early forties with a full figure and large breasts. Bill... Continue»
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... birthday I would host a gang bang using her and making a couple of bucks besides a nut sack draining ... blowjob. Every teenaged boy has a woody in the morning, and I used mom’s mouth, pussy and ass ... to suck and fuck us all for the whole evening. The cost for a night of total ball draining sex... Continue»
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