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... our friends walked over and looked at the
skirt. These were friends who we partied with, but not
part of our Best Friends group, but great friends
anyway. They all ... ... Continue»
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Mom & Lots of Friends

This story involving my Mom is true having begun many months ago. I'm writing only because I have no one else to share it with, and with the holidays at last here, I have the time to write it down. All the names are real, although I've made up some dialog to enhance the story only because I don't remember exactly every word that was said in each situation. As bizarre as this sounds, if it wasn't for my friends, I would never have fucked my Mom. Let me explain.

At the time, I was an eighteen year-old college male, in-between my freshman and sophomore years. I go away to school although it's only twenty miles from my house. I come home on weekends and one weekend after last fall semester, my Dad angrily told me that he and Mom were getting divorced. She confirmed it and, of course, both blamed the other. The only hint that I got as to why was when Mom said that the love they had was gone, and that the reason my Dad was angry was because he was going to have to pay alimony, and he refused to move out of "his" house. My Mom didn't fight it though, and when I went back to school she had her things moved to a nice apartment that she found about ten minutes away. What I didn't know at the time was that she asked my friends to move her out.

I had several close friends at the time, and two of them, Rick and Ron, moved my Mom. She had already asked Ron to help because he drives a truck. Not having a job, she moved midweek, while my Dad was at work and so not to bother me on the weekends. Unlike me, my friends go to a local community college and could lend an afternoon. What I later learned was that Mom got turned on watching my friends lifting and lugging and working their muscles for her, and since she hadn't had sex literally in months, she thought of rewarding them. She told them she could pay them that evening after she went to the bank if they didn't have classes. They said okay and that evening my friends went over to Mom's new apartment where she offered money and a bonus: pussy.

My Mom's an attractive, well-built blond, and at forty-three, she is still something to look at. Both Rick and Ron fucked my Mom for over two hours that night, and she never had it so good as I soon learned why. Afterwards she made them an offer: she didn't want to remarry anytime soon, and she felt that dating would be difficult with a still angry ex-husband, and she didn't want to make me uncomfortable. So Mom and my friends worked out times for them to come over during the week, when they weren't in school and when I wasn't around. (I still live at home with my Dad but on weekends drop by Mom's as well.) Around once a week at night, my friends would go over to my Mom's place for a few hours and fuck her silly, and she loved it.

It was around spring break that I started to notice changes in her. She had already gotten a part time job to supplement the alimony so she could enjoy life a little more; she cut her hair shorter but it was quite sexy; and she also started wearing more provocative clothes that showed off her fine body, such as skirts, which she never wore. The most leg I ever saw from her was a skirt an inch above the knee. One Sunday I went over to her apartment when she was getting ready to go out shopping and she was wearing a skirt halfway up her creamy white thighs. She said I could stay at her place while she went out and I was floored by her attire. At first I felt strange looking her over but quickly realized she was hot. My Dad knew nothing of the change in Mom, and since most of her friends were really my Dad's friends' wives, they didn't know what was going on either. My Mom has only one close friend: Carol, an old college friend who lives five hundred miles away.

The moment of truth took place a couple of weeks later before finals, during that lull in the school year when it's almost over but not quite. It was a Friday night and I had nothing better to do. I drove home instead of my usual Saturday morning. At home I called both Rick and Ron but their Moms said they weren't home. I tried another friend, Dave, and he was out, too. I then decided to drive to my Mom's to say hi. When I parked out front of her building I noticed Rick's car. "What the hell?" I thought. I rang Mom's doorbell but no one answered. She had already made the mistake of giving me a key so I let myself in. Closing the door I heard noises coming from Mom's bedroom. As I got closer I could hear grunts and groans that were not of pain but pleasure. I also heard some guy say "Oh, fuck yeah!" I realized that sex was taking place in Mom's room and I thought I knew with whom. When I poked my head around the corner to take a peek my eyes bulged and my mouth dropped. There was Rick alright, and Ron, and Dave and all three were fucking my Mom at the same time! She was on all fours on her bed with Dave's cock fucking her mouth, Ron beneath her with his cock buried in her cunt, and Rick behind her pounding his cock up her ass. I heard Mom's muffled moans and cries as she had her head buried in Dave's crotch while he stood over her fucking her face with his long cock. I couldn't really make out Ron beneath her, although I knew it was him, sliding his thick dick into her pussy. Speaking of thick, Rick had the biggest and thickest dick of the three of them and I was amazed that Mom could take that thing, as it split her asshole wide open, all the while he grunted and groaned as he pound his cock into her.

I then slowly backed away and left the apartment. I didn't want to get caught watching them all go at it. By the time I got home I was in a daze. I also noticed I had my own huge erection. I quickly went to my bathroom to jerk off. Instead of incensed I was jealous, and realized what I guess I'd always known but my Mom never revealed: that she was a hot, sexy woman that could turn on any guy, including three eighteen year-olds. If my Dad knew what was going on just a few miles away he would have had a heart attack!

I avoided my friends that weekend, and they didn't go out of their way to find me either. I nervously went to see Mom a couple of days later and she could tell I wasn't all there. She kept asking me what was wrong. It took awhile but I eventually asked, "How long have you been fucking my friends?" Her mouth fell, her eyes bulged, and she turned as white as a ghost.

"How did you know about that?" she managed to ask. I told he I'd dropped by Friday night. She was silent so I again asked how long she'd been fucking my friends. Since they were my friends, and she was my own mother, I felt I had a right to know. She grew angry. "I don't have to explain my sex life to you," she said.

She then managed to tell me about my parents not too good marriage; that my Dad had an affair years ago with a client and Mom found out; that the love hadn't been in their marriage in years and that she was waiting for me to go off to college before divorcing him.

"But why are you fucking my friends?" I defiantly asked again.

That's when Mom told me about asking them to help her move out while I was away at school. She swore she never intended for sex to happen but got turned on by them that day and decided to go for it. She said she hadn't had sex in months and really needed it.

"But that was months ago," I said.

She then paused and said "Yes, I know." She then took a deep breath and told me what made her tick; not as a Mom but as a woman. It turned out that my friends had what she needed: stamina and bigger cocks and that my Dad had always been too small. She needed young lovers to keep up with her needs; that she loved being "filled with cock," from two guys at a time; that she had been fucking both Rick and Ron regularly, and it was Ron's idea to invite Dave in so they could give her a triple penetration. My Mom said she loved that most of all.

I was getting rather upset hearing it all and then she shocked me by saying "Look I can fuck anyone I want. This is my house. If I want your friends to come over I'm going to invite them."

There was some silence between us and then she turned to me and said "Are you jealous?" I was shocked at first by the question but I knew the answer and so did she. Mom continued prodding.

"Does it turn you on knowing that I fucked all your friends? I know than young men often have mom-fantasies. Do you?" She then looked down at my crotch and said "My God, you're hard!" With that a mischievous look came to her face. Mom then unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly, but when she got hold of my cock, I shot my load.

"Oh, God," Mom laughed. I was so embarrassed. Then she took her hand off of my cock, brought it to her mouth and began licking off my cum.

"Mommy's boy tastes good," she said licking my jism off her fingers. I quickly got hard again and Mom took off my pants to inspect my cock. She licked her lips and said "You'll do."

She then knelt down and took my cock into her warm mouth. I sat back on the couch with a shit-eating grin as Mom bobbed her head up and down, coating my prick with her saliva and my left over sperm. Then Mom stood up to remove her clothes and asked me if I liked what I saw. She played with her nipples which were really hard and then her wet pussy. She then turned around to show me her asscheeks. To complete the picture, while flashing her buttcheeks to me, she said "You know what your friends like about me the most?" She then put her hands on her cheeks and spread them real wide giving me my first ever glimpse of her puckered asshole.

"What do you think?" she asked looking back at me. "Do you know how many times I've let your friends fuck me in the ass? They love it!"

I was breathing heavily and my fist was flying up and down my rock-hard prick, as my eyes were totally fixed on her asshole just two feet away.

"I took all three up my ass on Friday night," she said as if to torture me. "They fucked my ass three times! How do you like the fact that your own Mom took three different cocks up her ass? Do you think I'm a slut? How many mom's would do that?"

Then she bent over farther and spread her asscheeks as wide as they could go, allowing her asshole to open up for my bulging eyes and bulging prick.

"Your Mom's a slut!" she said wiggling her ass in my face. "Do you like this?" she asked. "I'm a whore! Do you want to fuck me like your friends did? Do you want to fuck my ass, too?"

I'd finally had enough. I got up, grabbed her, and threw her on the couch. I then got on top of her and shoved my cock up into her steaming cunt. As I banged away Mom was moaning and urging me on to fuck her good. She started crying out and I fucked her even harder knowing I was making her cum. After a few more hard thrusts I let loose, shooting my load up into her cunt. When I pulled out of her I was still hard and slick with our combined juices. Seeing this, Mom looked up at me and whispered "Wanna fuck my ass?"

She quickly got on all fours on the couch and I got behind her to ease my slick cock up her back hole. I went in pretty easily and was soon fucking her ass good and hard.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried. "Fuck Mommy's ass! Cum in my ass!"

I fucked harder and faster, my balls slapping against her clit. All the while, Mom squealed, encouraging me on. She wasn't k**ding me earlier. Mom really loved anal. After several dozen strokes I announced that I was cumming and Mom cried out for me to fill her ass with my cum. I then shot my third load of the day, this one deep up her bowels. When I pulled out of her I collapsed on the couch and let my soiled, sagging cock fall on my thigh. Mom caught her breath and laid down next to me.

"That was nice," she said, stroking my thigh.

"I'll say," I replied. After a few minutes Mom spoke up.

"Is this okay with you?" she asked. "Having had sex with your Mom? Do you feel awkward?"

"No, this is great," I replied. "Can we do it again?"

"On weekends, when you're home" she replied. That was fine with me.

However, before leaving her apartment that afternoon, Mom told me the facts of life.

"You know, your friends still come over when I want them to." There was a pause. I didn't know what to say. Apparently fucking me wasn't going to be good enough.

"Look, honey, I have my needs. I want you to be with me but everything I told you earlier was true. Even if they weren't your friends, if I want them to come over I'm going to invite them."

I knew I couldn't tell her what to do with her life and simply said "I know."

"Maybe I'll reward you someday," she said with a sly little smile.

"How?" I asked.

"I'll think of something," she replied. She then kissed me goodnight.

Preparing for finals was hard since my mind was not on my school work. All I could do was think about my hot Mom and the fact that she was also fucking my friends. It made me feel, jealous, resentful, and turned on all at the same time. It's been weird ever since. When I got home for the summer, I saw less of my friends as it was too difficult. They had no idea about me and Mom either, and I can't stop them because Mom won't allow it. She's going to keep fucking them no matter what I do. I certainly don't love her any less. Instead I spent more time with my new girlfriend, who likes the fact that I want to be with her more than my friends. If she only knew why, or about me and Mom.

Last summer I went driving by Mom's apartment almost every night trying to catch a glimpse of whose car might be out front. Part of me was jealous but the other part was turned on at what my Mom was doing in there. Since my parents divorce, Mom has discovered a side of her that has long been suppressed; that of the hot, horny woman who finally enjoys sex. One Sunday in July I was over at her place and while she was taking a shower I went looking through some of her clothes and things and found a nearly empty tube of anal lube that had been brand new when I was there the weekend before. It turned me on knowing that Mom was getting fucked in her ass that much. I usually fuck her ass at least once when we get together, but depending on how many of my friends are over, Mom will usually get fucked at least three times when they fuck her. Seeing how empty the tub was, it seemed either my friends were doing double duty on my Mom's asshole, or she let a whole group of guys fuck her up the ass. Knowing Mom, that's always possible! When we fuck, Mom acts slutty and she really does put out, but I'm sure she puts out more for my friends. It's probably because their cocks are bigger than mine and big dicks really make her go off like a rocket. That plus the fact that she's really into several cocks at once. She loves having all her holes plugged at the same time. It makes her feel like a total slut.

About a month later it got rather explosive because that was the weekend her friend Carol flew in for a visit. Carol is an attractive brunette in her early forties, married with three k**s of her own. When Mom told me that Carol was arriving the next weekend I got excited because I thought she was going to join us but Mom said no, that we had to take the weekend off. She said that Carol had no idea about our i****tuous relationship.

"You didn't tell her about Rick, Ron, and Dave, did you?" I asked.

"Yes," my Mom replied. "That's why she's flying in; to pay me a visit and I have already worked it out with your friends to come over Saturday night."

Mom said that when they were talking on the phone a couple of months before, Carol asked if Mom was dating yet.

"Better!" she replied, and proceeded to tell her friend of her new found sex life. Carol was stunned that Mom was fucking "k**s" as she called my friends, but when Mom gave details and measurements of those k**s, Carol got turned on. That's when Mom invited her to join in if she ever paid a visit.

"Carol's never cheated before, either," Mom said. "This will be a real coming out for her."

"What about me?" I asked. Mom said that the next time Carol pays a visit she'll try to work out something.

"Look, I can't tell her I'm fucking my own son, " she said. "Your friends were hard enough for her to handle."

"Well, obviously she's handling it okay," I said reminding her of Carol's impending arrival.

"That's because she's horny as hell," Mom replied. "Her sex life stinks.

Paul (her husband) would never suspect anything because Carol's told him I'm alone and lonely. He doesn't know what's going on with me. He'd never think her capable of what she's going to do on Saturday."

I was annoyed at being left out but had to accept it. So that weekend I had to stay away and my Mom made me swear I would not use my key to spy on her. I swore, sort of. My Mom picked Carol up at the airport late that morning with the fun to begin around eight in the evening. I had a date but told my girlfriend I would be over after nine; after I paid my Mom a visit. I didn't spy exactly but rather snooped. At nine I drove by and sure enough Rick's car was out front. I went up to the apartment but only to listen by the door. I heard nothing from the living room. I assumed that they had already retired to the bedroom. I then went to my girlfriend's.

I called Mom Sunday night after Carol had already flown back home.

"Can I come over?" I asked.

"No. I'm tired," Mom said, "I just got home a little while ago."

I asked if Carol's "coming out" was a success.

"Very successful!" Mom triumphed. "She got it good."

"Was she nervous?" I asked.

"Very," Mom replied. "She was nervous all day and especially when the doorbell rang with your friends."

"Ex-friends," I replied.

My Mom let out a sigh and said "Honey, that's your problem. You know the rules. Anyway, yes, Carol got what she needed."

"What did she wear?" I asked.

"She didn't know what to wear. She really doesn't have anything too provocative at home since she and Paul don't go out that much and my clothes are too small for her. She only had her overnight bag so all she could think of bringing was a tight tee shirt and a pair of cutoffs. Her shorts were short but only mid-thigh. I know what your friends like, and before putting them on I cut them up even higher."

"How high up?" I asked, starting to get turned on.

"All the way up to her cheeks. Up to the back pockets."

"Damn, she must have looked good," I said.

"She did. She didn't think she had the legs for it but Carol's still pretty hot," Mom said.

Although tired, Mom told me enough of the details of Carol's coming out party. Actually she watched my Mom do all the work at first, teasing the guys, stripping for them, and getting them out of their clothes, while Carol just sat on a chair, eyes bulging, watching their cocks get hard. Then Mom walked to the couch where the guys all sat and dropped to her knees to alternate sucking their cocks. Then she stopped and told them to go over to Carol and offer her their cocks. I could just picture them all crowding around her, thrusting their cocks in her face. Carol laughed nervously as she took them in hand, one at a time, and started sucking. Mom said that Carol was really tentative at first but was soon moaning around each different cock in her mouth.

"Sounds like she really needed it bad," I said. Mom said yes.

Then they undressed her, picked her up, placed her on the couch and alternated sucking her nipples and pussy, getting her ready for what was to come. Then they all retired to the bedroom where one-by-one they fucked her.

"Did she take them all at the same time?" I asked.

"Yes, I made sure of that," Mom replied.

"Who fucked her where," I asked, by now stroking my cock.

"I don't remember," Mom said. "They each took turns fucking her cunt, and in-between while one of them was fucking her, I would suck one while the other fucked me. Then they all did her at the same time. Later on they all took turns fucking her in the ass. They alternated about a minute per guy so they must have fucked her ass for twenty minutes before cumming."

"Did she like getting it in the ass?" I asked.

"Yes, more than she was willing to admit because I know she was cumming when they were fucking her, so she's pretty sensitive to anal just like me. But she was sure sore today! She'd never had so much anal sex before and with cocks that big. When they finally finished with her, Carol's asshole just sat there wide open with cum oozing out of it. The hole wouldn't close!

It looked like she'd had a cucumber shoved up her butt for a half-hour. The guys examined it, too. They loved it. Carol just laid face down, enjoying the sensation before her asshole closed. She then curled up in a ball exhausted. That was the end of it."

My Mom said she had a present for me the next time I came over and I finally begged her to tell me what it was: Carol's panties, which Mom confis**ted from her, and some pictures she took of Carol in her tight tee shirt and skimpy cutoffs. Carol wouldn't allow anything sexual to be photographed. I've been jerking off to the photos ever since. As to the next time Carol will be in town, I don't know. My Mom got her to admit her darkest fantasies, though. Carol confessed that while she enjoyed fucking with those boys, as she called them, she always gets turned on whenever she fantasizes about getting gangbanged by a bunch of well hung black guys. My Mom encouraged her to go for it but Carol wouldn't know where to begin. Mom told her that maybe on a future visit they could work out something. Mom then said she would like to try out a group of black guys herself.

As for my ever fucking Carol, I don't know, and I don't like being left out, but for now I have to be content with just fucking my girlfreind and my Mom. That's worth it I promise you. Being home for the holidays, I'm spending more time with Mom and we've acted like two long-lost lovers; especially since my ex-friends are too busy with their families. This weekend I'm going to fuck Mom's ass as much as possible. I love filling her with my yule log!

Well, that's what's going on. I'm even hard right now from typing this up. I'll have to jerk off to Carol's pictures again which is a pleasure. My Mom has no idea that I'm writing this, and I don't know what the future holds in store, but I sure love the present. My Dad knows nothing about all that's going on with me, Mom and my ex-friends. When I go over to her place, he thinks I'm just being a good son. He just doesn't know how good!... Continue»
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The New Playmate's Friends

The New Playmate's Friends

by MaxSebastian


The young schoolboy lay back in the bath, entirely relaxed. The hot, steaming water enveloped his firm, slender yet muscular frame, the white foam making little islands of his knees, his slumbering penis and his head as he lay back, closed his eyes and breathed deeply.

Jonathan could still feel a tingling running through his body from the morning’s encounter with Lucy, the daughter of his father’s new fiancée. It was the first day of the Christmas Vacation – his last ever Christmas vacation while at school – and his father and his father’s soon-to-be-bride Emma were at work, leaving the two young teenagers at home.

At almost the earliest opportunity that day, the tender young redhead had slipped into his bed and after having her wicked way with him, she had announced that some of her school friends would be coming around to sample his delights.

Lying in that bath, he wondered what would happen that day. His feelings were confused: he was very excited at the prospect of spending the day fooling around with a few schoolgirls, but the apparent ease at which Lucy would share him had surprised him a little. Didn’t she want him just for herself? If not, why not? Wasn’t he good enough?

What was he feeling? Did he love Lucy? To think that she might not love him did hurt him slightly deep down: it made him feel empty inside. But was it really love he felt? He had never really had a girlfriend before, so he couldn’t determine the limits where lust became love.

He breathed in the humid air of the bathroom, which smelled of the peach bath foam he had in his bathwater. Perhaps it would be less complicated if he and Lucy didn’t love each other. They could be like b*****r and s****r, except with a little more spark between them.

He tried not to worry about it, and went about washing himself, cleaning off the sweat and other emissions from the morning’s exertions.

“Jonny,” Lucy popped her head around the bathroom door just as he was getting out of the bath, and she got a real eyeful, “they’re here!”

“Oh,” he said, pulling a large red towel in front of him.

“They’re sitting downstairs waiting for you,” she said, a glimmer of fire in her eyes as she slipped into the bathroom and put one of her little hands around his damp genitals. “Mmm…nice and clean…” After her shower, Lucy had changed into a pair of tight blue jeans and a white t-shirt that clung to her girlish figure revealing every curve.

“I’ll just put on a few clothes,” he said, before kissing her offered lips.

“Why don’t you just come down like this,” she said with an impish grin. “It’ll save time.”

He stepped away from her and fastened the towel around his stirring loins. “No, I think I’ll feel more comfortable in front of strangers if I have a few things to cover me.”

“Suit yourself,” she said, kissing him again. “We’ll be waiting for you – a row of little wet pussies for you to check out.”

At that, Jonathan felt his manhood blossom into full rigidity under the towel. When Lucy went back downstairs, he quickly went to his room to find some clothes.


When Jonathan came down the stairs, he felt as though he were descending onto a stage to present an Oscar – all eyes were on him, and he felt more than a little nervous. Four girls including Lucy: all of a similar size to the young redhead and all obviously from her school class. Other than Lucy, there were two blondes and a black haired girl. One of the blondes had very long hair in a long ponytail that dropped down her back. The dark-haired girl and the other blonde had bells of hair that dropped to their shoulders.

All three girls were very pretty, and Jonathan found it a little hard to believe that Lucy wanted him to fool around with them. They seemed to be looking at him appreciatively, so he felt a little confidence return.

“Ah, there you are, Jonny,” Lucy said as he came down to them. “Allow me to introduce Penny, Anna and Francesca.”

“Hi,” said Jonathan, and all three girls smiled at him nervously.

“Oh, and there’s beer in the refrigerator.”

Jonny smiled – thank the Lord for liberal convenience store owners and fake IDs.

He looked at Lucy’s three friends sitting on the couch. Penny was the dark haired girl. She was dressed in a faded red t-shirt with yellow lettering proclaiming some kind of Caribbean resort she must have visited long ago, and a very small pair of denim hot pants, which showed a whole load of smooth coltish legs. She had jet black eyes that gave her sweet face a devilish wickedness along with her nervous smile, as well as quite a serious look.

Penny seemed to be younger than Lucy – in fact all three of them seemed much younger than the ginger schoolgirl, but Jonathan knew they were all friends, so the apparent age difference was probably more than the real. Girls developed at different speeds – he knew that from biology lessons.

Anna was the blonde with shorter hair. She was easily the most confident, she looked at Jonathan with obvious lust in her expression, and seemed to be trying to catch his eye by crossing her tanned legs to let her short turquoise skirt ride up and give him a glimpse of her little black panties beneath. Jonathan kept his eyes on hers when he looked at her, still wanting to give a good impression.

He did flick his gaze briefly down to her chest, however, which was fuller than those of Anna’s school friends. Trapped snugly beneath a white tank top that left her navel and nicely flat stomach exposed, her breasts had a nice roundness to them, the kind of pert abundance that made him want to hold them and touch them, to feel their warmth and softness.

Anna loved every minute of his attention, and thrust her chest out to ensnare his gaze. Yet Jonathan turned to look at the third girl, Francesca. Out of all of them there – possibly even Lucy included, little Francesca was the prettiest and the most enticing to him. She was very petite, but the volume of her blonde hair seemed to compensate as it flowed down her back in a long ponytail. She was a shy one, and as he looked at her, she nervously grasped the end of her ponytail and began to fiddle with it.

Francesca had the most delectable face Jonathan had ever seen. Sharp, like a cat, she had quite high cheekbones, a small button nose and similarly diminutive mouth that was so tender and pink, that he longed to kiss her. But it was her large blue eyes that got him hooked – they seemed to burn into his very soul until they bashfully dropped to her lap. Like all of the others, she was wearing no shoes – the girls had obviously made themselves comfortable while waiting for him, what with the beers as well.

“How are we going to do this?” Jonathan asked Lucy, his whole body trembling with nerves as though he had to get up in front of his entire school and give a speech.

“The plan’s quite simple,” said the young redhead, smiling wickedly, “we have all day to do whatever we want to with you.”

“Okay,” he said, “but before any of that, we have to close all the curtains in the house and double-bolt all the doors – don’t want anyone peeking or accidentally coming in.”

“Right, come on girls, you heard him!” Anna said, up like a flash, obviously unable to wait for the fun to begin.

The four girls scampered around the house pulling down blinds and drawing curtains on both floors, and the snap of the bolts was heard as the front and back doors and the French windows were locked. As they did so, they all grabbed beers from the kitchen and started drinking.

Jonathan wandered around making sure everywhere was closed off to the outside. As he did so, he watched the girls – Anna, the brash blonde flaunting her figure as much as possible; Penny with her smouldering good looks who walked up behind him and patted his behind cheekily, her serious expression cracking into a sweet grin as she raised her eyebrows in mischievous reference to what they’d be doing together some time soon; Lucy, who had an air of confidence about her that came from having already had her wicked way with him, a fact which had gone into her apparent role as group leader; and finally sweet little Francesca, who shied away from his gaze and blushed at his attention, her curves hidden beneath fairly baggy clothing.

He acted calmly, taking deep breaths as he strolled around the two floors of the house, but deep inside, his heart was fluttering like the wings of a butterfly: he felt as though it was Christmas morning. He grabbed his own beer before heading back to the living room, but noticed that the four girls had already got through a number of cans: there were empties in the bin. Jonathan thought it would be best if he didn’t drink too much – his friends had told a number of funny stories about guys they knew getting ‘brewer’s droop’, and it was something Jonny could do without in front of four giggly schoolgirls.

“All set!” Anna called, and the four girls all returned to the living room armchair and couch.

Jonathan sank down in the armchair next to Lucy and opposite the couch that supported her three friends. He’d never been in the company of so many girls of his own age group before, and it was slightly intimidating.

“So,” he said, his voice portraying complete composure, “what do you want me to do?”

Lucy was the first to speak, though it seemed as though Anna was going to try and put in a word first. The blonde deferred to the redhead, however, showing where the power in this group lay. Lucy lived here, it was Lucy’s choice to share the son of her mother’s new fiancé with her school friends and it was Lucy who already had the key to Jonathan’s sexuality: so Lucy was very much in charge.

“Okay,” she said, as though she were Solomon passing judgement, “here’s how it’s going to work…” all eyes were on her as she announced: “we’re all going to take turns. When it is your turn, you can ask anyone here a question – any question – and they have to answer. Then you can tell someone to do something – and they have to do it. Got it?”

Lucy looked around the group: the three other girls and Jonathan quietly nodded. Jonathan felt his heart quiver again at the realisation that most of them would probably be demanding he do something or other.

“Okay,” said the young redhead, “a couple of ground rules: you can tell someone to take off an article of clothing, but not all of them – each article is one demand – and you can’t tell anyone to take off something that is obstructed by another piece of clothing. You cannot tell someone to do anything with you – it has to be something on either themselves or someone else. Oh, and finally, you can either ask a question first or make your demand before you ask your question – it’s up to you. Everyone understand?”

They all nodded, and Jonathan felt an involuntary shiver shoot down his spine.

“Right,” said Lucy, “then we’ll start to my left: Penny.”


Penny smiled at Jonathan, then took a quick glance around the group, her dark eyes seeking out her friends and their expectant faces all looking back at her.

“My question is to Jonny,” she said, looking straight at him with clear lust in her eyes. The other girls also focussed on him. He felt himself flush, his face burning as they looked at him and the raven-haired schoolgirl asked him: “do you masturbate?”

There was a quiet giggle from Anna, seemingly as much from the sudden bluntness of her friend’s question than from the possibility that Jonathan would touch himself. Jonathan looked around the room, trying not to blush too obviously. Hell, there was no point being shy in this situation.

“Yes,” he replied simply. He knew for a fact that Lucy masturbated – he had caught her touching herself when she had crept into his room. So where was the shame in the fact that he relieved himself every now and then?

The girls all smiled at each other and giggled, and Penny asked: “how often?”

“No, no, no…” Lucy wagged her finger at her friend, “you only get one question – that’s the rule.”

“Oh, but he hardly said anything,” the black-haired girl whined.

“Then you’ll have to ask a more leading question next time, won’t you? Go on, make your demand.”

Penny pouted and folded her arms. “Take off your shirt, Jonny,” she said, and sat back against the back of the couch.

Jonathan unbuttoned his shirt slowly, feeling their eyes on him every bit of the way, then pulled it off and dropped it behind him. Anna let out a quiet wolf whistle, and the others let out little noises of admiration or excitement. He felt the cool breeze on his bare shoulders and wished he had put on more clothes. With four of them against him, he’d be naked before the end of the round. He was a little annoyed that he hadn’t even put on socks – that was two items he was down by already.

Anna’s turn. The blonde took a swig of beer, then leaned forwards, perching her behind on the edge of the couch. “I want Jonny to kiss Penny on the lips,” she said, surprising everyone a little, even though it was a logical question for someone as bouncey as Anna to ask. “Go on, cheer her up after you disappointed her,” Anna grinned and sat back, showing him more than a little of her black underwear under that short skirt.

Jonny swallowed a mouthful of beer before getting up, a burst of adrenaline swamping his bl**dstream. He looked briefly at Lucy, who raised her eyebrows in a silent order for him to comply with Anna’s demand, and he nodded and sank down to his knees in front of the little dark-haired beauty. He looked her straight in the eye, fire burning between their stares, and leaned forwards towards her mouth. She met him halfway, leaning into him, and their soft lips met, Jonny’s hands reaching gently behind her head to pull her to his kiss. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it was a good start. Penny had a sweet fragrance, and was so very warm against him. It was a shame to break up, but as Lucy and Anna whooped at the first intimate moment, it wasn’t time for lingering yet.

“My question,” Anna reminded them as Jonny returned to his seat and Penny looked at him with wonder in her eyes.

“Go on,” Lucy said, acting out her role as umpire.

“Jonny,” the blonde gave him a fiendish grin that made him dread what was coming, “how would you feel if I told you all four of us are on the pill now just so we can fool around with you?”

Lucy and Penny chuckled as Jonathan looked at them all, his eyes wide in surprise. Looking over at Francesca, the petite blonde was flushed quite scarlet, which was as good a confirmation that Anna spoke the truth that he needed. What a day this was going to be.

“Go on,” said Lucy sipping from her can, “answer the question.”

How did he feel? His penis was immensely hard – he was glad to be wearing jeans that covered it up a little. “Uh…” he said and Anna and Penny looked at each other and giggled. “Uh…excited…I guess…”

Francesca’s turn: the shy blonde fiddled with the end of her ponytail, her eyes nervously flicking up to glance at Lucy or Jonny as she thought out what she was going to do. She blushed again, and said, “I want to ask Lucy whether she’s ever had an orgasm.”

Francesca’s voice was quiet, soft and a clear soprano, she sounded a little like a mouse might if it could talk. Jonathan found her completely bewitching, but as she sat back, hoping that everyone’s attention would now switch to Lucy, she seemed a little horrified that Jonny was still looking at her.

“Of course,” said Lucy, and much to Francesca’s relief, everyone looked at her and laughed and the attention was very much on the redhead. “Jonny’s given me absolutely loads,” the host of the occasion smiled at Jonathan as the girls all cheered and giggled. “Frannie, make your demand,” she reminded her shy friend.

“Okay,” Francesca said, “I want Anna to take off her skirt – she’s obviously dying to show Jonny her underwear already.”

The girls all shrieked with laughter except Anna, who for once seemed a little taken aback. “Hey,” she said, “you can’t do that…”

Francesca was quietly smirking at her bold friend. Jonny couldn’t help but laugh – the shy blonde certainly had a sharp edge of wit in her. Anna feigned timidity as she stood up and slipped her short skirt down her thighs and over her knees to reveal her black cotton panties that were fairly plain and simple, but nevertheless made Jonny’s heart rate soar.

The blonde sat back down and crossed her legs to attempt to regain a little dignity, but she was obviously loving every moment of showing off her undoubtedly fine figure, as Jonathan could tell from meeting her gaze.

“Jonny, your go,” Lucy announced.

“Oh,” he said, for some reason having assumed he would be left out of having turns, to be an object for the girls to use. “Oh, right…uh…I’ll ask…uh…Penny…how many people have you ever slept with?” he flushed a little again, and was a little irritated with himself that he did. That would do no good if he kept doing it.

“You’ll be my second, hopefully,” the intelligent dark-haired girl beamed as her friends chuckled. Jonathan felt an explosion of heat within his stomach. It really was going to happen. These girls all really wanted to use him completely – it was unbelievable.

He took a deep breath and tried to deal with his intense feelings. “Okay,” he said, “I want Lucy to take her top off.” He felt safest asking Lucy to do something, and no one objected. The young redhead peeled off her t-shirt to reveal that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

Was this all part of her plan? It certainly seemed to break the icy atmosphere in there as she casually tossed her t-shirt over her shoulder and did nothing to conceal the soft swells of her breasts nor the stiff little pink peaks.

Jonathan felt his cock pressing against his unforgiving jeans as the daughter of his father’s new fiancée smiled at him and relaxed back in her chair, her sweet teenage cleavage fully on show.

“My turn,” said the topless redhead as though she were about to start some kind of Machiavellian conspiracy. “I want to know if the thought of making love to Jonny makes Frannie wet between her legs.”

The room fell silent after a horrified gasp from Francesca. Jonathan felt his ears burn – Lucy must have picked up some kind of body language between the shy blonde and himself and was now stirring away. He looked at the redhead and gave her a mock grimace, which she responded to with a quiet wink, as though telling him that she could read him like a book.

“Go on Frannie,” Anna nudged her friend, “answer.”

The blonde looked straight down at the beer can she clutched, hiding away from the watching eyes.

“Come on Frannie,” Lucy said softly, trying to pull her friend out of her shell, “we’re all in this together now. None of this goes beyond the walls of this house: no one else’ll know about it.”

The blonde looked up at Lucy and nodded quietly. “Okay,” she said, “I’ll answer.”

Jonathan gulped, and put his hands together over his mouth as a kind of protective measure. Why did he feel this way about this sweet little blonde? It was more than how he had felt about Lucy, it actually altered his metabolism just to look at her. He reached down, picked up his nearly empty beer can and finished it off.

Francesca took a deep breath, holding her knees together as though she were a nun at a Chippendales show, and said: “yes, it does make me wet between my legs to imagine making love to Jonny. Very wet.”


Francesca looked at Jonny and blushed again, deeper than before, and there was a slight uncertainty to her expression as though she was wondering if she had gone too far. This time, however, though she covered her mouth with her hand nervously, she stuck her ground and didn’t shy away from his eyes. Jonny smiled at her, and she smiled back, melting his insides.

“Now I want to find out what Jonny thought of that,” Lucy said. “Jonny, take off your jeans.”

“Oh come on,” Jonny protested, “you girls are all ganging up on me.”

“Get ‘em off!” Penny and Anna cried, clapping their hands to urge him on.

Jonny frowned. Neither Penny nor Francesca had even removed a single thing, but he would shortly be almost completely naked and unable to hide anything. He had no choice but to give in, however, as the noise of the girls got louder and louder.

“Okay,” he said, “but I’m going to get another beer first.”

“Get us all one while you’re at it,” Anna called as he ventured back into the kitchen.

As he returned with an armful of cans, he smiled – the alcohol was already warming his insides, and it was apparent that the girls were beginning to get a little tipsy – they had been drinking while he had finished off his bath and put on his clothes. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad stripping in front of them.

He distributed the beers all around, then opened his own can and took a swig of the fiery liquid. Not having really d***k much before, it was making him a little light-headed. He resolved that that would be his last can. He didn’t want to spoil his reputation.

“Go on, then,” Penny told him, hiding her lustful grin with her beer can.

Jonathan put his beer down and then prepared to remove his jeans in front of the four girls. Just as he flicked his top button, Lucy said: “Are you thinking about how wet Frannie is at the thought of making love to you, Jonny dearest?”

“Lucy!” Francesca threw a cushion at her redhead friend.

Jonny frowned, unable to keep the image out of his mind. The girls screamed with delight as his underwear was revealed and so was the extent of his erection – substantially pronounced under the skin tight grey lycra of his Calvin Klein briefs.

“Looks like you’re on to a winner there, Frannie,” Penny grinned.

“Yeah,” Anna agreed, “and Frannie’s not the only one wet at the thought of her making love to him.”

Jonny looked down to find a small dark spot in his underwear at the end of his erection. Damn it. He looked down at the shy blonde, and she smiled at him, seemingly pretty happy at his apparent response to her confession. For a moment he froze there, then he dropped his jeans over the back of his armchair and sank back down into it to attempt to regain some kind of decorum, his hard penis snug again between his thighs.

“My turn!” Penny announced. “My question is to Jonny.”

Jonny groaned, “what a surprise.”

“Don’t be cheeky,” Lucy smiled at him. “Go on, Pen.”

“Jonny, what do you think about when you’re masturbating?”

“Sounds like Penny’s obsessed with masturbation!” Anna cried out, and Penny hit her with a cushion.

Jonny managed not to blush this time. He was getting a little more confident all the time now. After a swig of beer, he said: “well, sometimes I think about girls I see on the street, sometimes I think about actresses from television or the movies…I imagine what I’d do with them if I had the chance, what they might do with me…”

“Mmm…you know, I can picture you doing it,” Penny smiled, the beer seeming to take affect in her slightly rosy cheeks. “Okay, now I want Jonny to take off Anna’s panties.”

“Hey!” Anna shot an angry look at Penny, “that’s not fair!”

“Oh it totally is,” Penny replied, beaming with sadistic pleasure.

“She’s right,” Lucy passed judgement. “Stand up, Anna, go to it, Jonny.”

Jonny sat up on the edge of his seat as the unusually quiet blonde stood up. His penis was really straining in his underwear, but for once all eyes were not on his erection. Anna turned away from him, presenting her smooth, partially covered behind to his eyes. She seemed to be giving dirty looks to Penny for putting her there.

“Turn to face him,” Lucy told her.

“Why should I?”

“Because I’m the umpire,” Lucy smiled authoritatively, “and if you don’t, you miss a go.”

“Fascist,” Anna accused the cherry haired host, but nevertheless complied. She turned around and Jonny had a superb view of her black cotton covered crotch that was just inches from his face. He could smell her perfume, and possibly something a little more personal.

“Go ahead, Jonny.”

He looked up at the blonde in front of him, and she didn’t seem quite as comfortable as she had been earlier. She took a huge swig from her beer can and then waited for him to remove her underwear, for once not meeting his gaze.

“I’ll get you, Penny. It’s my turn next, you know.”

Jonny reached his hands up and placed them on her hips, then hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and slowly drew them down her body, revealing her flat, smooth abdomen down to the puff of blonde hair on her curvaceous mound and right between her legs, a glimpse of her pink slit that he might get closer to later. He caught a faint whiff of her pussy aroma as he drew the underwear down her hot skin, which made his erection quiver within his briefs.

Anna quickly stepped out of her panties – giving him more of a view of her pussy lips, which glistened slightly, letting slip her excitement – and then rapidly retreated, placing her hands in her lap to hide herself.

“Your turn Anna,” Lucy said, and got a little flicker of anger from Anna, too. But it wasn’t at all serious and everyone knew it.

“Okay,” Anna looked at Penny, the flames of revenge in her eyes. “Penny, have you ever had anal sex?”

Penny threw her hands to her face and gasped, “you said you’d never tell anyone!”

“No secrets here, Pen,” Anna nudged her, smirking at her friend.

“You have to answer,” Lucy reminded her.

Penny looked at them, blushing deep crimson. “Yes,” she nodded, not looking at anyone. “I tried it once with Billy Faraday. But he had a really small penis.” She laughed with the other girls at that, and her self-esteem was returned.

“Take off your t-shirt,” Anna said, and Penny did so, pulling the red cotton item over her head and throwing it down on the floor to the side. She had nice little breasts, tucked into a white lacy bra, and she folded her arms in front of her to hide them.

“Frannie,” said Lucy and the buck was passed.

“I want to know,” the young blonde seemed suddenly less shy than before – as though, perhaps, the alcohol had kicked into her system as it was beginning to do so in all of them, “how many girls Jonny has been with except Lucy.” She looked at him with an earnest expression, seeking an answer not to shame him, but to find out about him.

“None,” Jonny returned the pretty girl’s gaze, “Lucy was the first.”

Francesca smiled at him, that expression that seemed to ignite fires all around his body.

“What do you want done, Frannie?” Lucy asked, breaking the pause.

Francesca leaned forwards, grinning at her friends. “I want Anna to take off Jonny’s underpants – with her teeth.”


The girls cheered as though he were a stripper at a hen party, and Jonny knew for a fact that it wasn’t worth complaining – he’d have to do it anyway. He stood up, and felt his penis soften within his underwear – he was nervous, despite the beer he’d d***k. Anna slumped down to her knees in front of him, grinning at her friends. For her, the alcohol was going far. As she knelt in front of him, he could see the top of her pubic hair, and it made his erection stir once again.

Anna looked up at his face and winked at him as her school friends giggled at the scene. Jonny looked at Lucy, who blew him a kiss, then Francesca, who offered a wry grin and unashamedly ran her eyes all over his trim body.

He could do nothing but place his hands on his waist and allow Anna to grip the elastic of his briefs with her teeth. He felt her hot breath on his stomach as she pulled down his underwear. As she pulled it up over the tip of his penis, her soft cheek rubbed gently against his engorged manhood causing irresistible sensations to run through his body. He wanted to pull her to him, but that was not permitted.

Using just her teeth, Anna could not pull down his underwear in just one tug as he had been able to remove hers. It was not as simple as that: she had to pull down different parts of his elastic to ensure that it came down, so she had to move her head all over his crotch to get the briefs up over his hard cock and over his hips. As she did so, she rubbed her face all over his genitals and even got some of his pre-come on her cheek and forehead.

She got a very close up view of his equipment, of course, but Jonny could also see down her top and also a little of her pussy as she moved back and forth to pull down his underpants.

The three others got a great show, and were cackling at Anna’s ungraceful method of stripping him. As the blonde pulled his underwear down his thighs, they had a completely free view of his shaft, which was full of bl**d and quivering with desire on top of his scrotal sac, the soft light brown hair framing the base. Lucy smiled at him when he glanced her way, Penny was obviously admiring his package and Francesca had put her hands over her mouth and nose in apparent amazement. She looked as though she’d never even seen a naked guy before.

Red-faced and flustered, Anna withdrew to her place on the couch. “What did I ever do to you?” she asked Francesca as she wiped the pre-come from her face with Jonny’s underwear. She forgot her own nudity below her waist briefly, allowing her legs to fall open when she relaxed back on the couch so that Jonny had a stunning view of her tender folds, which were already slightly wet. Then she realised the free show she was giving him and like him, she placed her hands over her crotch, flashing him a smile to say that she had seen him more closely than he had seen her.

“Jonny,” said Lucy.

“Okay,” said Jonny, rubbing his hands together gleefully. “So what’s it to be?”

He looked around: Lucy in just a pair of socks, jeans and whatever else she had underneath, Penny with a white lacy bra and blue denim shorts hiding her panties, Anna with her white tank top over a bra, and nothing else bar the socks that all the girls had on and finally Francesca, who had somehow escaped with all her clothes on – baggy white chinos and loose pale blue blouse.

Jonathan wanted to get Francesca to take something off – badly wanted to, in fact. But he found a frog in his throat when he tried, and also found himself blushing. Why was he blushing still? He hadn’t blushed when Anna had removed his briefs with her teeth – it was just when he had to talk one on one with Francesca that he choked up.

Instead, he told Penny to remove her shorts, which she did quickly and efficiently, not complaining, just standing, slipping them off, then sitting back down. She was clever – she knew that if she just did it pronto, without whining, it would be over and forgotten. Underneath her denim shorts, she had very high-cut white lace panties – Jonny would have said thongs if he’d been able to see behind her. He knew he’d like to see more of those. Maybe next time.

“What’s your question?” Lucy asked.

“Oh, yeah,” he said. “Uh…Penny: which part of your body do you like to touch most when you masturbate?”

“Ha!” Anna laughed at her raven-haired friend.

“Between my legs,” Penny replied.

“More specifically?” he asked.

“No, no,” Lucy said, “it was a valid answer.” Jonny sank back, disappointed, as the redhead excitedly perched on the edge of her chair, saying: “my turn, my turn!”

“Wait, I need to go pee,” Penny stood up.

“So do I,” Anna admitted.

“Okay, we’ll have a little break,” said Lucy, “I guess I could do with it, too.”

Jonny was glad he hadn’t d***k as much beer as the others: he could stay exactly where he was, without exposing himself any more. No doubt the next few hours would call for a fair bit of exposing, but for now he was glad to be sitting where he was. The only trouble was that he was now alone with Francesca, and f***ed to make conversation. It wasn’t often he had to sit alone and naked opposite a girl he really had a crush on. He felt suddenly very awkward.

He did get a good glimpse of Anna, however, as she passed him to head up to the bathroom – and also Penny, who was wearing thongs after all, giving him a nice view of her pert behind.

“Aren’t you a little cold?” it was Francesca who broke the silence.

“A little,” he admitted.

“You’ll have to be careful of shrinkage,” she giggled.

“How did you get away without stripping?” Jonathan asked, changing the subject.

“Nobody asked,” she smiled, and the ice between them seemed to have melted.

“Well you won’t last much longer,” he smiled back at her.

“You only have one turn a round – you won’t be able to strip me very quickly.”

“The others’ll notice how well you’re doing.”

“You looking forward to that?” she pushed out her chest and wiggled her hips, seeming to have grown a whole load of confidence – no doubt inspired by the number of beer cans she had emptied.

He was picking up a little confidence of his own, “isn’t it obvious?” he said, briefly lifting his hands to show her the fully extended pillar of strength between his legs.

“Mmm…” she said, as though she had been presented with a wonderfully sweet Italian pistachio ice cream. “I wish I could tell you to do a few things to me,” she said, her speech slurring very slightly, “but it’s against the rules…”

“Well, perhaps another day,” he said provocatively.

“Is that a promise?” she asked.

“Of course,” he said, “we have all vacation to do whatever we want to…”

“I can’t wait,” she said, clapping her hands together. “I’m going to get another beer – want one?” she hopped up and skipped towards the kitchen.

“No thanks,” he said, enjoying the plateau of lubricated sobriety that he had reached. He noticed that though she had fairly loose clothing, her chinos were fairly tight around her behind: wrapping around her curves. His eyes locked there: she was stunning, there was no denying it.

Anna returned then, holding her hands over her pubic mound but still giving him a healthy glimpse of her cute behind. Jonathan found it very difficult to conceal his erection while sitting there: it was just too large to just keep under his hands and he had to push it down between his thighs. He slightly envied Anna, who had it fairly easy, but it was getting to the stage where the girls were beginning to get d***k, so he wasn’t so shy about showing them.

“Hope you two haven’t been breaking any rules while we’ve been away,” Anna said, and caught a beer that Francesca threw her before she sat back on the couch.

“’Course not,” he said as Penny and Lucy came from the kitchen with their own fresh beers.

“My turn,” Lucy announced as they sat down and the company was reformed. “My question: Anna, have you ever put a foreign object inside you to get off with?”

Anna laughed this time, as did everyone else: it was getting to that d***ken stage where dignity was no longer the primary imperative. Jonny felt he might want another beer, too, but he didn’t particularly want to get up in this state.

“I tried it with a banana once,” she said, “it wasn’t very good – the end was all hard-edged and nasty.”

Lucy laughed especially hard, but then turned to Francesca. “You’ve gotten away with a fair amount tonight, haven’t you Frannie?”

“Huh?” the petite blonde knew what was coming, and her face dropped.

“Go on,” said Lucy, “take off your chinos.”

Francesca sighed and stood up, unfastening her fly button and drawing down the zip. She looked briefly at Jonathan, who winked at her knowing that what he had predicted was coming true, then pushed her chinos down her thighs and over her knees. Underneath, Jonathan caught sight of her underwear before she rapidly withdrew back to the couch: she had a pair of soft white cotton panties with tiny pale pink strawberries forming a pattern. She had an exquisite v-shaped mound, and before she sat down, he noticed a small patch of moisture soaked through the thin material.

Now it was Penny’s turn, and she quickly told Francesca to remove her blouse.

“Hey!” the young blonde exclaimed, “is this some kind of conspiracy? Have you guys teamed up against me?”

“Maybe,” Penny grinned, “you have got off lightly so far.”

Francesca pouted, but began unfastening the buttons of her blouse. Taking it off, she was f***ed to push out her chest as she drew it over her shoulders and threw it behind her. She had sweet, firm little breasts snuggling in a soft cotton bra that matched her panties. They could see her hardened little nipples pushing against the material. Nervously, she fiddled with the end of her golden ponytail once again, silently wishing that Jonathan wouldn’t look at her quite so much.

“What’s your question, Pen?” Lucy asked.

“Uh…can we have some food sometime soon? I’m starving.” They all chuckled, the tension of a possible killer question being entirely dispelled.

Lucy looked at her watch, “well, I suppose I could rustle up some nibbles. You guys continue on without me.”

The ginger haired topless teen got up and ventured into the kitchen.

“Okay,” said Penny, rubbing her hands together.

“Hey, you’ve had your question, Penny,” Anna pointed out, “my go now.”

“That is so unfair!” the raven-haired beauty exclaimed.

“That’s the way it goes.” The short-haired blonde grinned. “Okay, while Lucy’s away, I want to ask Jonny: what was best and worst about Lucy in bed?”

The other girls laughed at the question, peering at Jonny as gossip Queens desperate for scandal.

Jonny shrugged, “I haven’t had anyone to compare her with,” he said.

“No excuse,” Penny said. “Tell us.”

“Well…worst, I’d say…well, the fact that her mother is engaged to be married to my father, so we can’t go out with each other.” He looked at them, and they all seemed impressed at his diplomatic answer.

“And the best?” Francesca asked – she seemed pleased when Jonny mentioned that he couldn’t go out with Lucy.

“The best…hmm…” he decided to up the pace of the proceedings, a wicked smile growing on his lips. “Well, the best thing about Lucy in bed is…” The girls were concentrating on his lips avidly. “The best thing for me, anyway, was going down between her legs and tasting her.”

Three loud gasps were all that greeted Lucy as she came back into the room carrying a tray full of various foods.

“What gives?” she asked, placing the tray that was stuffed with fruits, chips, nachos and things on the coffee table beside the couch.

“Jonny was telling us what the best and worst thing was about you in bed,” Penny told her.

“And?” Lucy prompted.

“Not your turn,” the black haired girl wagged her finger at the redhead.

“My demand still,” Anna reminded them, and they all waited for her to decide. “Okay,” she said, “I’ve got one. I want Jonny to rub his face between Frannie’s legs for a full minute.”


“Hey!” Francesca shrieked, holding her knees together tightly. The three other girls shared conspiratorial glances.

“Go on Jonny,” Lucy told him, and he sank down on his knees in front of the timid blonde.

He laid his hands on her firm little thighs, and looked her straight in the eye, the corner of his mouth curling up in a smile. She peered down at him, smirking to show him that she could see his hard penis staring up at her. Jonny knelt up, placing his hot erection between her knees – everyone had had enough surreptitious glances of it already, there was no point hiding it any more, and he knew from Lucy’s comments that he definitely had nothing to be ashamed of – the effect of it touching Francesca’s bare knees was electric: the surprise made her suddenly open her legs, much to the amusement of her friends.

“It can’t be that bad, Fran,” Anna said as Jonny took advantage of the breech in the shy blonde’s defences and lowered to her thighs, touching his cheek against her hot flesh.

“I have a timer,” Lucy announced, “I’ll start it as soon as you begin Jonny – but don’t stop, or I’ll stop the clock.”

“Fine,” Jonathan said, and looked up at Frannie’s face, smiling at her horrified expression.

“I’ll tell you when to stop,” Lucy said.

He had such a wonderful view. Her skin was so perfect, soft and flawless, her aroma tantalising his very soul: a mix of her perfume, which was a completely exquisite vanilla scent like the most expensive ice cream, and the muskiness that came from his proximity to her damp panties. Her soaking cotton covered mound was right there in front of his face, so close he could see the individual threads that made up the material. A few golden pubic hairs strayed out from the edge of her underwear, and when she shifted down to give him more access to perform his mission, her panties accidentally shifted to reveal a few more straggling wisps.

Jonny hooked his arms under her thighs so that her legs dangled over his shoulders. Then he moved to place his mouth on her softly moist underwear. He felt Francesca flinch at the contact – had she ever had someone else touch her there before? He somehow suspected that she hadn’t. He felt the raw heat of her pussy through the thin material, and the sodden material against his skin.

Her aroma was intense: the strong musk of her arousal laced with her sweet vanilla, a heady mix that made him want to bury his face in her and lap up her juices. His hands found their way to her cute behind, gripping her gently yet firmly to aid himself in pressing his face down on her wet panties. He began to rub his lips up and down the depression in her underwear where the heat and moisture was strongest, that valley that betrayed her tender young pussy.

As he did so, he had no concept of time, just the sound of her deep breathing and soft moans as he grazed his mouth along her cotton covered slit and up her mound, brushing over her most intimate region. Unknown to his audience, he allowed the tip of his tongue out and was able sample her delectable flavour. She flinched as she felt his hot mouth and tongue caressing her through that thin cotton, and her moaning became considerable. But it was not to last. There was a tap on his head, and he broke away from his ministering to the sweet little blonde’s needs.

“That’s a minute,” Lucy told him, and he was f***ed to sit back in his armchair.

Francesca stayed still, her legs still wide apart, displaying her wet cotton-clad crotch to all concerned, still getting her breath back. Jonathan couldn’t help but look: she was beautiful, and he wanted more. He could smell her still, her juices cold on his skin as they evaporated. He licked his lips and tasted her salty spice. She opened her eyes and lifted her head from the back of the couch and looked straight into his eyes, a hungry fire in her stare.

“Your turn, lover boy,” Anna said, with a little envy in her tone.

“Well…” he said, not wanting to make Francesca do anything because he was still a little embarrassed at how strongly he felt about her, “I think Lucy shouldn’t be wearing those jeans.”

Lucy frowned, but stood up and did her thing, whipping down the tight Levis and rapidly stepping out of them to reveal yellow cotton thongs underneath, nicely clinging to her mound.

“Question?” Anna demanded.

“I want to know,” Jonathan asked, “if Anna’s ever had sex with more than one person at a time.”

“Why me?” Anna looked outraged. “Just because I’m not particularly quiet, doesn’t make me the group slut you know.”

“Well? Have you?” Jonathan asked.

“Not yet,” she gave a cheekily provocative grin to him.

The five of them were now tucking into the food as they continued, helping themselves to the fine feast Lucy had prepared. The redhead told Anna to remove her white top – bringing her substantial cleavage out into the open, bound only in a black cotton bra that accentuated her luxurious shape. Lucy’s question was to Francesca, asking whether she had enjoyed feeling Jonathan’s face between her legs. She had flushed deep crimson before gently nodding her affirmation.

Penny revelled in making Anna remove her bra so that the brash blonde was now completely nude bar a small pair of white ankle socks. Jonathan found his eyes drawn to her stiff pink nipples, imagining plunging into them – but was then asked if he’d ever considered fooling around with another guy.

“No,” he said earnestly, “I’ve never really thought about it – too busy thinking about women.”

The girls giggled, and it was the naked Anna’s turn. Naturally, off came Penny’s panties – but out of revenge, Jonathan again had to remove them for her – this time with his teeth. He got a good glimpse of her jet-black hair covered mound, and as he endeavoured to remove the garment, he even got a taste of her tender slit, sweeping his mouth down her glistening pink folds. Not quite as nice as Francesca, he decided – but that could have possibly been purely psychological.

The girls then took another toilet break after Anna asked Jonathan if Lucy swallowed when she went down on him, and he had replied in the affirmative. This time, Jonny was left on his own as all the females vanished upstairs, and he found a nice little bowl of strawberries to attack.

The girls all eventually returned, Lucy in her sexy yellow thongs, Penny with her white lacy bra and two hands covering her crotch, Anna with only a pair of socks, who had given up trying to hide herself by now and Francesca, with her full underwear set.

It was the petite blonde’s turn. “I want Penny to put Jonny’s penis into her mouth for a full minute,” Francesca demanded, raising the stakes once again. Lucy and Anna cackled like witches at Halloween, and Penny at first gasped and put her hands over her mouth in surprise. But then she shrugged and went for it: dropped down on her hands and knees to crawl over to Jonathan’s seat.

The other girls all gathered round to make sure she didn’t cheat, and they saw that Jonathan’s penis was only semi-erect after the break. Penny stooped down and with one hand, peeled back his foreskin and placed the glistening purple bell of his cock in her mouth. The other three schoolgirls laughed and cheered at their friend, and it wasn’t long before Jonathan’s cock was fully engorged inside her mouth. He closed his eyes to fully savour the feeling of her hot mouth around the end of his penis, and had to fight the urge to move within her – but the pretty black-haired girl was played it by the book, not moving an inch, just resting his cock within her cheeks, her tongue languishing against its underside.

“That’s a minute,” said Lucy, and they all sat back down again. “Question, Fran?”

“What did it taste like, Penny?” Francesca asked, her face blushing a little.

“Mmm…” said Penny, “hard to describe. Soft, I think – I know that sounds dumb, but it tastes soft, like unsalted butter, but also creamy and with a little edge of…something…I don’t know…devilish. You’ll love it, Frannie.”

The petite blonde blushed a very deep crimson and took a large swig of beer. Jonathan’s turn: he asked whether Anna had ever masturbated in front of anyone before, which she shook her head at, and then, to move things on a little in the nudity department, he told Lucy to take off her panties. Lucy did so, exposing her cute little cherry curls and cheekily tossed her underwear to Jonathan.

“Add to your collection,” she said, and he replied with a smile. For her turn, she told Francesca to remove her bra – which she did, and Jonathan got his first view of her beautiful little breasts, which may have been small, but had great definition and poise, and was peaked by the most tender, pink, kissable nipples. Lucy asked the topless blonde how far she had ever gone with a guy and poor little Francesca blushed a little again and was f***ed to confess that she hadn’t really ever gone as far with anyone as she had with Jonathan that day: kissing him and allowing him to rub his face in her crotch.

“But we haven’t even started yet,” Lucy chuckled, and Francesca smiled at Jonathan and the rest, clearly slightly embarrassed, hiding one of her nipples with her long golden ponytail that dropped down to her lap.

Penny’s turn, and she said: “Jonny, take off Frannie’s underwear – you know the drill.”

Francesca groaned, but since she was the only one there now with any panties on, she knew it was coming. Jonathan sank down beneath her again and repeated his trick – he was becoming an expert at using his mouth to remove panties – but since it was Francesca, he was much slower and more tender with his removal, and made sure that when he pulled the front of her underwear down, he pressed his head against her so that his face ran down through her golden pussy hair, letting his lips and tongue pass through her succulent pink labia. She tasted magnificent, and he breathed in her wonderful aroma while he was at it. A brief moan escaped her lips as he finally allowed the garment to fall to her ankles, but it was heard by only herself and Jonathan.

Eventually, he returned to his seat, but before dropping Francesca’s little panties to the floor on his pile of the schoolgirls’ underwear, he pressed them quickly to his nose, inhaling her exhilarating scent once again, drawing in her syrupy vanilla fragrance and that underlying muskiness. Lucy was the only one watching him as he did so, and she gave him a wink to show him she’d seen and knew what he was thinking.

Penny’s question was to ask Jonathan if he’d ever tried to perform oral sex on himself. He had laughed with the girls, asking them which male of the species hadn’t? Before the noise died down again, he had said that after one attempt, he knew it wasn’t going to happen and had never tried further. Anna made Penny remove her bra so that they were all now without any clothes – save for the ankle socks that the girls wore.

Jonathan felt a slight twinge in his bladder, and excused himself after answering Anna’s question in the negative as to whether he had ever had anal sex with Lucy. He slipped up the stairs to the bathroom and took a leak, thinking all the time of the amazing situation he was in. Downstairs were four naked schoolgirls, all edging towards getting him to do everything with them.

He cleaned himself up and quietly went out onto the landing, crouching to spy between the banisters at the nude teens in the living room below. He watched them for a little while as they carried on without him. He couldn’t hear their questions, but could see what they were doing. As he watched them, he couldn’t help stroking his hardening penis. He found his gaze increasingly fixed on the petite, pretty blonde, Francesca. She really was stunning. Even when Lucy had to spend a full minute fondling Anna’s substantial breasts, Jonathan was looking at the puff of gold between little Frannie’s tender white thighs.

He had to stop himself before he went over the edge after he watched Francesca doing a handstand, flashing her little mound in the air for all to see. He managed to calm down a little while the girls just nattered and tucked into the various tasty foods.

Eventually, he descended the stairs again, an act that made it impossible to hide his erection. The girls cheered as he came down, and he found that it was in the middle of Francesca’s turn, and the little blonde was about to tell someone to do something.

“Okay, here’s what I want,” she said, her mousy voice quiet again as though she was plotting something. “I want Jonny to take ten of the plumpest strawberries in that bowl there,” they all looked at her closely: especially Jonathan, who just knew she’d take them all up another level. She seemed quite an imaginative, provocative girl – and that was something that really stoked up the embers within him. “I want him to take some nice juicy strawberries…and one by one, dip them in Anna’s vagina, then eat them.”


A surprised silence descended on the group. Jonathan looked at Anna, who had drawn her knees up under her chin: inadvertently showing off her pussy in her defensive act.

“I’m going to get you, Frannie,” Anna said to her fellow blonde.

“You have nearly a whole round to wait before then,” Francesca elbowed her and laughed.

“Come on, then,” Penny and Lucy were loving every minute of Anna’s humiliation. Penny picked up the bowl of strawberries and offered them to Jonathan.

“You know, it’s going to get a lot worse than this,” Lucy told them.

“We’re going to need some more beers,” Francesca got up and rushed out into the kitchen, her little pussy and then cute behind drawing Jonathan’s eye as she went.

As Jonathan settled down on his haunches in front of Anna’s knees, accepting the bowl of fruit from Penny, the petite blonde returned with an armful of fresh, chilled beer cans that she then proceeded to hand out to everyone. Anna popped her can open and took a huge swig, then leaned forward to put it down before accepting the inevitable, and opening her legs.

Framed in darkish blonde hair, her pink labia were closed up, though undoubtedly moist. Jonathan looked up at her face, and she seemed trapped in two minds: she was still very excited and obviously loved playing this unorthodox game, but though she was ordinarily a very forward extrovert, she was still unsure about both displaying herself and performing sexual acts in public. Still, they all had to face that from now on – especially Jonathan, who being the only guy there, would be called on to do more than anyone else. He found he was no longer worried – they’d all seen his cock now, countless times, and thanks to Lucy, he had enough underlying sexual confidence to know that he wouldn’t make a fool of himself.

Jonathan leaned forward, resting the weight of his upper body by gently placing his arms on Anna’s thighs. The blonde had folded her arms over her breasts, but looked over them down her body to what he was doing. Close up, the air was full of the scent of her arousal, and when he placed two finger either side of her slit to part her labia, he found a hot stickiness to her velvety flesh that announced that she was very turned on.

As he gently opened her pink petals with one hand, he took a bl**d red strawberry with the other, then pressed it into the hollow between Anna’s slippery labia. He heard his audience quietly giggle, and Anna flinched slightly at the contact with the fruit. Jonathan coated the strawberry in Anna’s juices, then popped it into his mouth, biting it away from its green stalk. The first thing he tasted was Anna’s emission, slick on the surface of the fruit. It was slightly salty and tangy, but when he crushed the fruit in his teeth, the strawberry flavour dominated.

He repeated the trick with the ordered ten strawberries, dipping them into her pussy to give each one a glossy coat of her juices. As he ate, the girls watched his face, curious as to his reaction to the taste. It was unseen to them, then, that while biting into his second fruit, he dipped a finger into her vagina, coated it with her juices, then for the rest of his strawberry extravaganza, he pressed it down on her clitoris: making it look as though he were only putting his hand there to hold open her pussy.

Anna clearly liked what he was doing, and gave him a slight smile as he looked at her during his third fruit.

Eventually, though, it was over, and Francesca wasted her question asking him if he had enjoyed it.

So it was Jonathan’s turn again. He was getting a little more confidence about talking to Francesca, so he managed to ask her what turned her on most.

“At the moment?” she asked, her voice slightly slurred from the alcohol, “You, Jonny.”

The other girls all giggled, and Jonathan felt his ears burn. He glanced at Francesca, who blew him a d***ken kiss, then decided to divert attention away from his blush by making a demand. He said: “I want Penny to put that banana inside her vagina as far as it’ll go.”

Shrieks of laughter, especially from Anna.

Penny picked up the fruit from the coffee table and opened her legs as Anna just had. Penny’s pussy was nestled in a thick wedge of black hair, but her labia were smaller than Anna’s, and already open, her pinkness inside glistening and pale in contrast to the surrounding hair. Penny looked at Anna and said, “well if you can do it, Anna, there’s no reason why I can’t!”

Anna smiled, knowing it was a fair cop: she had admitted to doing the same in the real world. They all watched the raven-haired girl place the long, yellow banana to her pussy, then very slowly, fraction by fraction, she pushed it into her, moving it in circles to get it coated in her lubrication as it went in. Eventually, it stopped, with an inch or two protruding.

“There we go,” said Penny.

Jonathan couldn’t help but stare – it was quite a sight seeing Penny’s little pussy stretched around the phallic shaped fruit.

“My demand, my demand,” Lucy said quickly as Penny withdrew the fruit from her vagina, “I want Jonny to lick off the banana.”

Jonathan groaned, but shrugged and leaned forward to take the slippery yellow fruit from Penny. He sat back on the edge of his chair and darted his tongue over the banana.

“My question,” said Lucy when he put it down, “who tastes better – Penny or Anna?”

“Well,” he replied diplomatically, “I didn’t get to taste an awful lot of Anna – the strawberries were too strongly flavoured. So from that I’d have to say Penny.”

“Thanks Jonny,” Penny winked at him and nudged Anna at her winning another battle. Anna flashed back a ‘you may have won the battle but you haven’t won the war’ kind of look. “I think it’s time Lucy did something,” the raven-haired girl said.

“What do you want me to do?” Lucy asked.

“Get some Nutella,” Penny said, “and spread it all over Jonny’s penis, then lick it off.”

Lucy had to go back into the kitchen to find a knife and the Nutella, but in no time the little redhead was kneeling down between her mother’s new fiancé’s son, picking up his hard penis in one hand and spreading it with thick chocolate spread with the other. The other girls whooped and cheered as she started licking Jonathan’s erection. She licked the bottom two-thirds of his cock clean from the base upwards, and he couldn’t help moaning quietly and closing his eyes as he leaned backwards. Then, suddenly, he felt the tip of his penis engulfed in her hot mouth, and opened his eyes to find her bobbing up and down on his rigid shaft, her tongue swirling around his penis as she sucked up the chocolate, much to the other girls’ delight.

Jonathan was worried he might go over the edge, but Anna stopped in time, the chocolate finished. She placed the Nutella on the coffee table with the other food, and sat back down in her armchair, her face flushed from the activity and smiling at the others.

“What’s your question?” Lucy asked Penny. “I want to ask Jonny if he has any friends from school as sexy as he is.”

“Well, Jonny?” Lucy prompted him.

“I don’t know if they’re sexy,” he protested.

“Well I think you should invite someone else along as well, next time,” said Penny, “then there’d be more cock to go round.”

“Pen, you’re a closet minx!” Lucy laughed. “Anna’s turn.”

“Okay,” said Anna, “this one might take a little time.” They all looked closely at her as she looked at Francesca, revenge in her eye. “I want Jonny to take Frannie up to the bathroom and shave her pussy.”


“You’re k**ding!” Francesca cried out.

“No I’m not,” Anna smiled, “I can demand anything, and you have to do it.”

“But – “ Francesca said, but she knew it was useless.

Jonathan stood up, ready to go, his penis at half-mast and quivering in anticipation of what he would be doing. Francesca groaned, but stood up and took his hand.

“Don’t do it too quickly,” Lucy told Jonathan as he passed her, “take your time, Jonny. It’ll hurt her if you go too fast.”

He nodded, and led the petite blonde by her hand to the stairs.

“We’ll inspect you afterwards,” Anna called as they climbed towards the landing, “make sure you’ve done it properly.”

He followed her into the bathroom, then closed the door. It was Francesca who locked it. Locked in a tiny bathroom with the most gorgeous creature he had ever met, not a stitch on either of them. Jonathan’s cock leapt to full strength.

“How are we going to do this?” she asked, facing away from him, towards the bath. Her voice sounded sad, showing that she was clearly worried by the prospect of what could happen to her.

Jonathan moved behind her, touching his cheek to hers over her shoulder, reaching round her to hug her tight and press his hard shaft against her soft flesh. “Don’t worry,” he said into her ear in little more than a whisper, “we’ll sort something out.”

She closed her eyes and pulled his arms up so that his hands held her soft, firm little breasts. He coaxed her nipples in his fingers and thumbs and kissed her cheek, breathing in her irresistible fragrance of sweet white chocolate.

“Is it going to hurt?” she asked, in between little moans from Jonathan’s treatment.

“No,” he said, and broke away from her to lean over the bath and put in the plug before turning on the taps. “If you soak it for a while, it’ll be easier to do,” he said.

She nodded and he stood up and held her again, this time looking into her eyes and running his fingers behind her head, pulling her to his mouth. They kissed, and he felt her hands slip down his back to his behind, pressing him close to her body so that his hot erection pressed into her stomach.

He broke away from her, slightly breathless from the passion between them. “I’ll need you to lie down first,” he said, “so I can cut off some of the longer hair with some scissors – it’ll make it easier.”

“Okay,” she said.

“Wait, I’ll get you some towels to lie on.” He turned and went to a nearby cupboard, which he opened to find it stuffed with clean towels. “There we go,” he said, pulling out an armful.

“Jonny, I’m worried,” she said, as she laid out one towel all over the floor and then dumped a heap of others to form a pillow.

“Don’t be,” he said as she lay down on the floor and he checked the bath water level. “If we do it right, you’ll hardly feel a thing,”

She bent her knees upwards and spread her legs, and he got his first full view of her beautiful naked pussy. Jonathan found a pair of sharp nail scissors in the cabinet above the sink, and knelt down between her legs, ready to use it. “Now, try not to make any sudden movements,” he warned her.

She nodded, and he began to snip away at her golden down. As he did so, he breathed in her wonderful fragrance of vanilla and arousal, and he ran his other hand over her hot flesh to steady himself. She was truly beautiful, right down to her tender pink petals glistening in the light. She didn’t have too much hair between her legs anyhow, so it didn’t take long to snip it away leaving just spiky tufts over her mound and either side of her labia. It looked slightly odd, but he knew she was going to be exquisite when it was all done.

“Okay,” he said, “that wasn’t too bad, eh?”

“I suppose not,” she smiled at him, that uncertainty still in her eyes.

“Time to soak it for a while,” he said, moving away so she could get up and climb into the bath.

“You know,” she said, as he turned off the flowing water and tested it for temperature, “no one’s even seen me like this before – let alone…touched me…”

“Temperature’s fine,” he said, and she lowered herself down into the tub.

“Are you going to come in here with me?” she invited him.

“Uh…oh…okay,” he didn’t need to be asked again, climbing over to sit behind her in the bath: a tight, snug fit but so sexy to have her sitting between his legs like that. He put his strong arms around her and began to softly kiss the back of her neck as his fingers slowly swept up to enclose her firm young breasts, flicking her tender nipples with his fingers.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered into her ear and her lips curled into a warm smile.

She let out a quiet moan as he coaxed her breasts with his hands while nibbling on her ear lobe. The end of her golden ponytail tickled his erection, so he pushed it to the side. He felt better than he ever had before: d**gged by her sweet vanilla perfume, addicted to her velvet skin, dependent on her warmth and the pure chemicals between them.

“Come on,” he said, “we better get going or they’ll think something’s up.”

He climbed out of the bath and she followed, closing the lid of the toilet so that she could sit on it. Jonathan pulled a can of shaving cream out from the cupboard next to the sink as well as a few new safety razors. He looked up at her and smiled reassuringly. She returned the smile and began to actually relax as he coated her nether regions in white foam, gently spreading it with his fingers.

“We’ll have to wait a moment,” he said, “so the hairs soften a bit.”

“Okay,” she said, and her noticed a slight tremble in her body.


“A little. I guess I’ve sobered up.”

“Hmm, and lucky for you: so have I.”

“You know when we get down there again, the girls will have been drinking even more?” there was a hint of a warning in her eyes.

“Probably,” he agreed.

“And that means it’s going to get seriously dirty,” she giggled.

“Definitely.” He stroked her breasts and nipples gently as he waited there between her legs.



“You think…after this…we could…you know…get together?” there seemed to be real fear in her expression.

Jonathan smiled, “I’d love to.”

She grinned, “you know, I’ve never even had a boyfriend before? Not a proper one.”

“Well I’ve never really had a proper girlfriend before – just Lucy, and she’s…well…almost f****y, I suppose,” he said, “but are you going to be all right with me fooling around with your friends down there?”

She ran the fingers of one hand through his hair, “they’ve been waiting for this for weeks,” she said. “Besides, they’re my friends…and anyway, I’d quite like them to know what I’m going to have as my first boyfriend.” She giggled, her eyes looking down at him with unconcealed adoration. “We just won’t start going out until after today.”

“Okay,” he grinned, “it’s time…”

Francesca was surprised just how gentle he was as he swept the razor over her most personal area. He only shaved any particular patch twice: once with the grain to remove the majority of the hair and once against the grain, which he said would give her the closest shave. Every now and then he would rinse off the blade in the warm water of the bath, and twice he got new razors so that he was using the sharpest possible blade.

And the feel of his warm fingers all over her pussy was divine as he checked he was not missing any areas and guarded her sensitive slit from any accidental wandering of the blade.

Finally, all done, she got back into the bath and allowed him to cover her in soap and wash the whole area.

She finally stepped out and there wasn’t any hair at all that wasn’t sprouting from her scalp. She looked absolutely spectacular. Before the two of them unlocked the door, however, and headed downstairs to the whistles and catcalls of the d***ken girls, Jonathan rubbed moisturiser all over the sensitive region he had just shaved. Francesca just adored the delicate attention he was giving to her, and when she went downstairs holding his hand, she felt that the odd hairlessness between her legs was becoming more than a little wet and sticky.

“Show us, then,” Anna said, “show us you didn’t cheat.”

“How was it, Frannie?” Lucy asked as the giggling eventually subsided and the petite blonde took her seat opposite Jonathan.

“Fine,” she said, and opened her legs to allow them to inspect her.

“Jonny was like an expert.”

“Hmm,” Anna capitulated, leaning over to inspect her school friend’s smooth pussy “no hairs there – very well, well done Jonny.”

“Now it’s my turn,” Francesca declared.

“Uh…by the way,” Lucy said, “we’ve decided to do away with the official questions: we want to speed things up a little. So just make a demand, Fran.”

“Okay,” the blonde nodded. “I want Penny to masturbate in front of us for a full minute.”

Penny, Anna and Lucy were quite badly affected by the drink, so Penny seemed fully happy to spend a minute with her legs open before them, running her hands down over her breasts to languish between her thighs, writhing and squirming for that full minute. She was beginning to pant as she rubbed her palm against her vulva, slowly starting to gyrate her hips. At one point it almost seemed as though she didn’t know they were in the same room as her.

Watching her fingers dancing with her pussy lips and tangoing with her little clit, framed by her dark bush, Jonathan’s penis was rock hard between his legs. It was an odd experience being there with four naked schoolgirls – especially with one of them touching herself so explicitly in front of them - and in his increasingly sober state, it was becoming even more surreal.

Next up was his turn, and he simply asked Penny to continue masturbating – but this time using the banana she had earlier slid inside herself. It wasn’t long before the raven-haired beauty was screaming out the first orgasm of the day, her slender body shuddering through the climax.

Then it was Lucy’s turn, and she told Anna to sit on Jonathan’s face for a full minute. He looked at Francesca, and she smiled at him impishly. He slid to the floor and lay down as the extrovert blonde stood up over him. When she lifted one leg and stood directly over him, he had a view right up her legs to her vagina, and as she knelt down over his head, he found himself breathing in her intimate scent, which got stronger and stronger with her glistening folds getting closer and closer to his mouth.

She gasped as his tongue first came into gentle contact with her swollen little bud, swirling around the tiny pink button in a circular motion that sent shockwaves through her body. She pressed herself down so that her oozing sex was all over the lower half of his face. She shifted her position slightly and his tongue darted in between her pussy lips. He was rewarded with the sudden intense tangy flavour of her arousal.

She gyrated her hips as he lapped at her hot juices, teasing her clitoris with his nose as his tongue delved into the depths of her sensuality. But then prematurely it seemed, time was called and there was to be no peak for the blonde schoolgirl.

Penny’s turn next: “Now,” she said, “I want Jonny to go down on Fran for a minute and then tell us if we girls really would get more oral sex from our boyfriends if we shaved our pussies.”

It was as though a bonfire had just been lit inside him: this was what he’d been waiting for. Looking at Francesca, it seemed that she had been waiting for it, too. She looked thrilled at the prospect. He got up and knelt between her legs as her school friends looked on.

Slowly, he lowered his head between her legs and inhaled her scent. So incredibly sweet and intoxicating: it drove him wild. He kissed her soft inner thighs, then ran his mouth up to her hairless mound to get his first real taste of her succulent little pussy. She was delicious, so tangy and fresh. He ran his tongue all over her soft labia, flicking her clit, and darting into her vagina.

Yet in what seemed like no time at all, Lucy announced that the minute was up. Slightly disappointed, Jonathan was f***ed to sit back down in his armchair. As he did so, he wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and then licked his hand to take up the rest of her tantalising juices.

“So aren’t you gonna answer the question?” Penny asked him.


“Tell us if we girls really would get more oral sex from our boyfriends if we shaved our pussies.”

“Well,” he thought about it for a moment. It certainly had been a more pleasurable experience for him not to get hairs in his mouth during the process, and it had meant no interruptions for removing hairs from his mouth. “Yes,” he said earnestly, “I think you probably would get more oral sex if you had no hair to get in the way.”

“Okay,” said Anna, “my turn. Now I know for a fact that Frannie here has never even had an orgasm before. So I want Jonny to give her the first one. Right now.” There were gasps all round, especially, it seemed, from Francesca. “You can do it however you like,” Anna said, “but if she doesn’t come, you don’t stop.”


Once again, Jonathan knelt down before the petite blonde, gently parting her knees to gain admittance to that beautiful pussy. He smiled up at her, and she returned the emotion, and then spread her legs fully. He leaned in, reaching under her legs to pull her crotch towards him for easier access. He began kissing all round her exquisite mound, revelling in the smoothness, the heat and that syrupy white chocolate scent.

Then his tongue was once more between her labia, lapping up her nectar as it squeezed into her flesh. Much to the delight of her friends, Francesca let out a clear moan, sighing at the irresistible sensations flowing through her body as he began to focus on her little burning clitoris.

His fingers reached her tender pink slit that was already so very wet, and two fingers slipped inside her young, hot vagina, seeking out her inner topography, finding her most sensitive point and kneading it gently to spur on her heavy breathing and soft moans.

It all became a little much for her then, since she hadn’t experienced anything like it before, and the pent up need that had been building up throughout the day was suddenly released in an enormous burst of energy. Her moans became more like desperate yelps and her legs visibly trembled as she was overcome with the colossal power of her first climax. She pulled Jonathan’s head into her to squeeze out the feelings, and his tongue took up her oily emissions, the teenager not wanting to lose any of that wonderful ambrosia.

“Oh my God,” said the little blonde, releasing Jonathan, “that was so incredible.”

Jonathan felt warmth flood through his bl**dstream knowing how he had made her feel. He quickly cleaned up her pussy with his mouth – an easy thing to do with no hair getting in the way.

“Oh shit,” said Lucy, “I think I hear Mom’s car.”


“Okay,” Lucy took charge, “everyone grab your clothes and beer cans and head upstairs.”

They all scooped up their abandoned clothing – Jonathan taking the small pile of female underwear he had kept – as well as any traces that they had been drinking and rushed upstairs. The girls all went into Lucy’s room, but Jonathan thought it would look more innocent if he was in his own room. He stashed his collection of the schoolgirls’ intimates under his bed – they could go commando with no harm done.

He was just slipping his t-shirt on again when he heard the front door open and close, and Emma called for them.

He left his room at almost the exact time as Lucy – though all her friends stayed put – and they went down to greet her mother, explaining that they had drawn all the blinds to watch a scary movie.

“Your friends all okay?” Emma asked her daughter as she took off her coat and hung it up on one of the pegs by the front door.

“Fine,” she replied, “we’ve had a great day.”

“You had a good day too, Jonny?” Emma asked him.

“I have thanks,” he said.

“You’ll have to invite your friends round some time, Jonny.”

“Yes,” Lucy gave him an expression that added a hidden sexual meaning to her mother’s suggestion, “you will, Jonny.”

“Your friends staying for supper, Lucy?” her mother asked her.

“Is it okay if they sl**p over tonight?” the young redhead asked.

“Of course,” Emma smiled, “we’ll just call their parents to let them know.”

The other girls came down then, as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened that day. They all sat watching television for a while as Emma rushed around the house getting various things done. Anna, who was wearing her turquoise skirt, mischievously flashed Jonny a few times, flicking up the pleated garment to show him her golden bush and pink labia. But the mood was very obviously muted now Emma was back. It wasn’t long before Jonathan’s father returned home and they all had a light supper.

“We’re going upstairs,” Lucy said after their food had settled a little. The girls all got up and headed for the stairs. “You coming, Jonny?” she asked, and he nodded and followed.

“Don’t stay up too late,” Emma called after them, “it may be the vacation, but it’s not healthy to stay up late.”

“We won’t,” Lucy replied, as the rest of them filed into her room. “I think we’re going to the Mall tomorrow, so we’re going to get some early sl**p.”

“Good,” said Emma, and it was clear from her look that she didn’t want anyone to come down and disturb her fooling around with Jonathan’s dad.

Up in Lucy’s room, the girls all sat on her bed and Jonathan sat in the chair next to her computer. They all seemed to have sobered up and looked a little uncertain as to what they should do. Lucy wasn’t at all uncertain. She stood next to the door and suddenly, her hand went to the light switch and the room went completely dark. There was a little surprised reaction form the others, but Lucy didn’t turn the lights back on.

“Okay,” her voice came out of the darkness, “the light stays off. I’ve locked my door, so we’re safe from interruption. With no light coming under the doorway, mom will think we’re all asl**p anyway. Everyone has to take off all their clothes, right now. Then Jonny has to lie on his back on my bed. The rest of us will manoeuvre around each other to take advantage of him. Sounds like a good game?”

They all murmured excitedly. Jonathan was suddenly nervous again. But the darkness seemed to put him at ease, and as he heard the others pulling off clothing, he stood up and followed suit. There wasn’t a lot of room in there, and as he made his way to the bed, he knocked into a few soft, female bodies in various states of undress, and they chirruped at the contact with his nudity.

“Jonny, you ready?” Lucy asked as he made himself comfortable, full outstretched on the bed.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” he said.

The first thing he felt were hands: four pairs of hands, sweeping over his body, mapping out his topography, sounding out where he lay. Then two pairs of fumbling hands closed around his hard penis and cupped his balls gently. Another pair of hands grasped his head, and suddenly he was locked in a passionate kiss with who he knew to be Francesca: he could smell her exquisite vanilla perfume as she kissed him. The two girls that were fooling around with his genitals were now using their hot mouths. He felt them sit astride his feet, wedging his toes in their wet little pussies. He did his best to move his toes inside their heated, moist vaginas, but they were soon gyrating their hips to take control. He felt a smouldering mouth engulf the tip of his penis and moaned as he kissed Francesca. The other girl down there was licking around the base of his erection and taking his sac into her mouth.

But where was the other girl? As he was wondering this, he ran his left hand through Francesca’s hair, then down underneath her to find her velvety breasts. As he began to massage them, flicking her nipple between his fingers and thumb, he felt someone take hold of his right hand. A hot female body sat on the bed up against his chest, putting his right hand between her legs. In a moment, his fingers were seeking out her moisture, and using it to coat her clitoris and her tender labia.

“Touch my pussy,” Francesca whispered to him as she broke off for a moment. He found that in the position she was in, he could reach down with his left hand and replicate what he was doing with his right hand on the petite blonde as she kissed him.

“Let me taste you,” he said to her as they came up for air once again.

“Right now?” she whispered.

“Right now.”

He felt her climb onto his chest, her legs either side of him, then she delicately touched down to press her hot, hairless pussy to his lips. He opened his mouth and she flinched at the contact of his tongue on her dripping vagina. She was so wet – and he could instantly tell that she was the wettest of the four schoolgirls currently using him as a communal sex toy. Her juices were all over her smooth vulva, and dripping down his cheeks as she rocked herself against him, holding his head like a rodeo rider held the saddle of a leaping horse.

All four teenagers were moaning as they used him, but as Jonathan attacked Francesca’s pussy with his lips and tongue, her moans became very loud. She was urged to quiet down by her school friends, which she somehow managed.

Jonathan was in heaven, with one girl using his hand almost to masturbate with, two girls grinding their pussies onto his toes while seeming to take it in turns to bob up and down on his cock. Francesca came with a powerful shudder as her emissions flowed into his mouth. He loved her flavour, her scent: it drove him wild.

Francesca moved off after a while, and he heard her talking to the girl at his right, which turned out to be Penny. The raven-haired girl lifted his hand out of her lap, and Francesca took her place. Penny climbed onto his chest and leaned down to his head.

“Make me come just like that, Jonny,” she whispered into his ear, then moved up to mount her own pussy at his lips.

Penny’s pussy was not quite as wet as Francesca’s had been with to begin with, but soon made up for lost ground. Her pussy was framed by hair, which Jonathan had to avoid getting in his mouth, but nevertheless he loved it. Her fragrance was muskier than Francesca’s: pleasant, but stronger, with just a little flowery perfume to sweeten it. Her flavour wasn’t quite as delicate as the petite blonde, either, much more tangy and salty.

He really had to control himself to keep from coming into whoever’s mouth was currently around his hard erection, but he didn’t find it too difficult. Then the two girls on his legs moved. One of them moved round to his left hand, and mirrored the position Francesca had taken up on his right, picking up his left hand to place it between her legs.

The other girl, who he assumed to be Lucy since he thought she would be the one to have the confidence to do it first, moved up and slid his rock hard erection slowly into her slick pussy. As Penny ground her wet vagina onto his mouth, Lucy took up a rhythm on his cock and the other two used his hands to manipulate their own genitals. Things couldn’t get better than this: four schoolgirls all over him.

After a long while, Penny built up to a colossal climax, pressing her clit against his nose as his tongue penetrated her burning pussy, brushing her bush against him as she went over the top, pressing his head into her as she shuddered on top of him.

And so it went for a long while, the girls rotating around taking turns at his hands, on his face and on his erection, and it went on for a long, long while. Yet Francesca avoided his penis: she moved from his hand to his face several times that night, but only the three other schoolgirls ended up sitting on his hard cock. He could always tell where the sweet little blonde was, because she was the only one with a completely smooth pussy, and he was slightly disappointed that she wasn’t following her friends’ leads. Nevertheless, it was an amazing time: orgasms firing off so frequently it seemed like a sexual firework display in that dark bedroom.

Jonathan was only human, of course, and no tantric master, so several times that night he found himself exploding inside heated tightness, releasing his hot come inside one or other of the three teenage vaginas. But when he did so and the girls moved round again, whoever it was that was posted at his crotch used her mouth to slowly bring him back up to hardness.

At last, with all four bodies bathed in perspiration and a cocktail of four schoolgirls’ pussy juices and a schoolboy’s creamy semen, Jonathan came inside Anna’s little pussy, and though he came hard and powerfully, almost nothing seeped out of his penis. He was completely spent. Anna came with him that time: it had been going on so long that it had become easy to send the girls over for another orgasm. Francesca was on top of his mouth, and she came as well when Jonathan gently sucked her clit. The other two also sensed the finality of the moment, and used his fingers to send themselves to their final peaks too.

And five bodies collapsed on that bed, in a heap of satisfied exhaustion.


Some minutes later, Jonathan made his way back to his room, creeping along the hallway to avoid being seen by his father or Emma. On the landing, a quick glance through the banisters down to the living room made it clear that neither would have noticed what was going on upstairs. They were in passionate embrace on the couch.

Jonathan slowly got ready for bed after a very quick shower, and climbed into bed – without bothering to put any clothes on – with the day’s events burned into his mind. What a day.

So powerful were the thoughts going through his mind, however, that Jonathan found he couldn’t get to sl**p. His energy seemed to return, and as he thought about what had happened, he found his penis swelling once again. He felt slightly annoyed: if the rest of the vacation turned out like the bit he’d already been through, he was going to need as much sl**p as he could get.

He tossed and turned for what seemed like ages, hearing Emma and his father head off to bed, and still could not get to sl**p.

He was beginning to get a little annoyed, but then he heard the handle on his bedroom door turning. The door slowly edged open, and someone slipped inside. In the vague light from the streetlamps outside coming through his curtains, he could see who it was.

“Jonny, you awake?” the petite blonde, Francesca whispered.

“Yes,” he replied in a similar whisper.

“Do you mind if I…if I…”

“Not at all,” he pulled the covers back to invite her into his bed. She climbed in and the air around him was filled with her sublime vanilla scent. She ran her hands all over him in the darkness and was a little surprised at his nakedness. She herself was wearing a long soft cotton nightshirt.

He ran his hands through her hair. She had let it down now, releasing it from its ponytail, and he adored the silkiness of it in his fingers. They kissed for a long while, like lovers reunited after a long break. He pressed his hard penis between her legs and she circled her hips to rub herself against it.

“Jonny,” she said softly, “I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything,” he said, “I’d do anything for you, Frannie.”

“I…I couldn’t do it in there…not in front of all of them. I just couldn’t…”

“I understand,” he said reassuringly, stroking her cheek gently, “don’t worry – no one will think any less of you. I certainly don’t.”

“But I did want to…I just…didn’t feel it was the right place.”

“Of course,” he kissed her gently.

“But,” she said, “we can do it now if you like. I want it to be you, Jonny, you are so amazing and…and I’ve never felt this way about anyone before…Jonny…will you take my virginity?”

To Be Continued…... Continue»
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Running a train on my friends slutty mom.

I was tipsy. I had just turned 20 and 2 days later it was my buddy's birthday. To celebrate his mom went and spent $400 on booze and we had a party. My friend was a lightweight and passed out early. After that the party got rowdy. His mom came downstairs and did shots with us and played beer pong. I was playing against her and she was talking shit saying I couldn't make the last cup. I asked her what I would get if I got it in the cup and she winked at me and licked her finger. My cock got hard. I made the shot and won beer pong. She told me to come upstairs to get more vodka for the party. I followed her to their pantry and she grabbed me and undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She whipped out my cock and started to lick the tip then the shaft Man her mouth was good. Then she took the whole thing in her mouth. Oh my god it was good. The thought of getting head from my friends mom while he was passed out and 10 other people could catch us turned me on. I got to the point I was ready to cum and she swallowed my load. It was the first time that happened and it was hot. We zipped up and went back down to everyone in the basement. Music was playing and everyone was having a good time. One of the girls I knew from high school was getting fingered on the futon from my friends cousin. My friends mom told her to take it upstairs and she did. The guy who was fingering and another dude followed. After two hours of talking and drinking most of the guests were passed out or getting there. All that was left was me, my friends mom, my friend Mac and my friend Chris. We were playing never have I ever. Chris said " never have I ever had a 3 some" Mac drank. My friends mom laughed and said " you poor thing" an snickered. My friends mom's turn was next. "Never have I ever cheated on my spouse". We weren't married so we didn't drink but she drank her whole cup. Chris got up to go to the bathroom and Mac got a phone call. Just me and my friends mom again. This time she was really horny. She pulled me over and started kissing me. And I was feeling up her tits. They were amazing. Huge nipples and all natural. I can remember being little and staring at them. I start to take off her shirt and bra and suck on her tits. She undoes my pants again and my hard dick is out. I undo her pants too and pull down her zebra print thong. Her clit was pierced. It was hot. I started to go down on her and we were 69ing when Chris came back Into the room. At first he was like woah sorry. And went to leave when my fiends mom called him over to where we were. She undid his pants and told him to relax. At this point I was super horny and she told my her pussy was ready for my cock. I spit on my cock and slid it in. Oh my god it was amazing. For a woman in her 40s it was surprisingly tight. I started slow at fort and built up speed. All the while Chris was getting his cock sucked. I pumped and pumped her and Chris said he wanted her pussy too. My friends mom said I had to cum first then it would be his turn. Finally I came inside that sweet pussy and Chris and I switched spots. He slid his cock into our friends mom and I got head again. She said his cock was small and couldn't feel it and she bent down more so I was laying I. My back as she sucked me off and he fucked her and I felt her tits and she sucked me off. 2 more times I came in her mouth. Each time she swallowed my load. I wasn't used to that as most girls in Utah don't do that at that age. Chris was finally close to cumming and our friends mom told him to pull out. He did an shot on the floor. She asked me if I was ready to fuck her again as Mac walked back into the room. Without hesitation he walks over and knelt down and stuck his tounge in our friends moms pussy. She let out a moan. I asked him how my cum taste and he told me to shut up and laughed. Then our friends mom said she wanted my cock. Me and Mac switched spots. She undid his pants and started sucking. I slid my cock in her pussy again. Then after about 10 minutes we switched positions. She sat on my cock and Chris and Mac stood In front of her an she sucked them off. I came inside that sweet pussy and she moaned and screamed loud. One of the other girls from the party came down and she got told my my friends mom to suck Chris's cock because it was "the perfect size for a baby slut" and Mac and I switched spots he fucked her pussy and I fucked her face. I looked over and the girl was going to town on Chris's cock and her pants were down an she was dripping wet. I snickered and made a comment telling Chris to hit that. My friends mom then said something I thought was crazy. She told me to fuck her ass while Mac fucked her pussy and she said she's been dying to get dp'd who was I to say no to this. I spit on my cock again and pushed the tip in her ass. I thought it was going to be tough but her ass was surprisingly loose I slid in and started fucking her ass and Mac was fucking her pussy. I'll never forget how amazing her as felt. I was close to cumming so she told me to slow down. At that exact moment her son, the birthday boy came downstairs and was awake. He stared at the girl getting fucked my Chris them realized his mom was getting dp'd he screamed what the fuck and tried to get us to stop. His mom told him to shut up she wanted real cock and his dad Wasn't man enough. She made him sit there and watch what a real man can do Mac and I both shot our loads almost at the same time. I've never heard a woman moan so loud. She was in pure heaven. We pulled out and we kissed both of us. By this point Chris and his girl were done fucking and he was sitting on the floor rubbing one out after watching the sex show. Our friends mom put on her clothes and her son started yelling at her she slapped him and told him to shut the fuck up. The next week his dad, who was away on business for the party moved out. And he filed for divorce. My fiends mom and I continued to fuck for 3 years until she moved to California. I've never had a woman that amazing and I crave that pussy all the time. ... Continue»
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My best friends mom and her friends

Once I had to stay at my best friends house for two weeks
because my parents were away
I really like my friends mom she has a nice big ass big hanging tits and beautiful feet
just like her 3 friends who come there almost everyday
on the Wednesday of the first week I said I am not feeling so good so I don't want to go to school so my friend went alone
the truth was I wanted to wank in some of his mothers used panties she had gone to bed again
and was sl**ping the door to her room was open so I went into her room and smelled on her feet while squishing my cock in my pants it got hard very quick so I went back to my room and undressed myself completally
then again I went into her room just standing there wanking
then I lifted up the blanket slowly and careful but only so I could see her big ass she wore panties I smelled her ass
it was a very nice smell I stood up and kneeled on her bed a bit then I took my cock and rubbed it on her panties I layed down side ways lifting her legs a bit just so I could put my penis between them after that I wet to her face and put my cocks
to her lips wich felt very nice and then her alarm clock went off I reacted fast and turned it off put slapped my dick in her face by accident she woke up but I had enough time to get out the roo
I went into the bath room to finish I heard the door bell ring and the voices of her three friends I wanted to run up to my room before they went to the living room to eat brakfast because I had to go through the living room
to get to my room I went out the bath ran into the living room just as they came in the other door all four looked at me I though my friends mom was going to be very very angry a few seconds of silence than she said come her young man they sat down on the couch I went over to the couch she said lay down on the floor I did so she said roll to were our feet are I did so again
they lifted up ther feet a d then put them on me her friends still all wore higheels and all four wore dresses don't move your real punishment will come later she said then she put her feet on my face
they started eating and drinking as if I was t there then one of her friends said Ill go and use the bathroom my friends mom said ok I saw how my friends mom told the other lady something but I could hear what because she wispered then the other lady went to the bathroom and five minutes later came back as she came
back my friends mom said sit up I did so and the other lady lifted her dress to show her ass now whipe off her ass my friends mom said i said what you heard me she said the lady gave me a few paper towels and I started whiping her ass they all stood up and then I bad to lay on the couch then my friends mom still in her dress sat down on my face the lady who had been In the bath room sat on my chest still with her naked ass and on other lady with dress on sat on my un erect cock so that it was looking out at the front while it got hard a d one sat on my
legs a few minutes later the lady who sat on my now erect cock stoot up and undressed her self fully so did all the others than she took my cock and started licking it then I had to go on the floor and stand like a dog the lady came under me and sucked my cock again then my friends mom came to my face opened her ass wide and put my face between her cheeks I stuck my toungue out and then felt how one other woman started licking my ass I felt how the fourth one sucked on my balls

If you liked this tell me and I will finish this story off
at least ten people need to tell me though

... Continue»
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wife fucked by my friends

This story relates way back to 1996 when I got married to Rittu who was a beautiful girl and within four years of constant fucking with her she blossomed into a ripe lady in fig of 36 34 38.We used to experiment in all kind of sexual positins and even she used to take all my cum in her mouth.
Berfore my marriage I had two dear friends named Happy and Raminder.We used to drink fuck whores together in my flat but after my marriage to rittu this all stopped and I was not in touch with them.Sometimes I used to get call from them but I avoided them as both were heavy d***kars and after drinking they must have some prostitute to fuck.
Once while I was shopping with rittu I met Happy and Raminder and both of them greeted us and they were constantly looking at my wife while chatting with me.I knew both of them were looking wickedly at my wifes body.I introduced them to rittu and told her that they r my old friends.Rittu was very surprised that she never met them before although she knew my other friends.She herself invited them to come to our house without even knowing that they have come into my flat hundred of times bringing all types of whores to fuck them.
We left the market and went home and in night rittu started discussing about my friends.She asked whether my friends were married or not and I truthfully told her that both of them r cheap d***kards and after drinking daily they would require some girl or lady to for fucking.Rittu was very astonished to hear from me such kind of words for my friends as she found both of them from good f****y.We had great sex that night maybe rittu was fantzing about them and she had theree orgasms that night.
Next day we forget about our friends and we came to our old routine but after few months we were getting quite bored and I told rittu we should now have a baby but rittu did not agreed to it as she wanted to enjoy her freedom.She then asked me to invite my old friends for dinner but I was aganst it as I would have to serve them drinks and maybe some whore after they got d***k.Rittu told me not to worry as they would be decent in front of her.I knew something fishy was going on as I did not expect this kind of reply from her.
Next day I gave a call to them and invited them for dinner around 8 pm..Rittu was wearing a black saree with her navel exposed and she was looking damm gorgeous with tight bra as her boobs wanted to ozze out of her tight blouse.As the doorbell rang I opened the door and there were my two old friends standing.We greeted each other and and I told them to have a seat.As soon as they saw rittu they greeted her with warm smile and even presented a gift to her.
Both happy and raminder were wearing suits and were looking quite decent.I went to the barrom to offer them dinks but they refused but sinceI to told them for oldtimes sake they accepted my offer and soon we all three were having dinks on the rocks while rittu was busy preparing snacks for our drinks.I knew both of them were heavy d***kards as within one stroke they would finish off their drinks but rather they were having their drinks very slowly and often they would request me to finish off my drinks.Evem rittu while serving me snacks told me gulp off my drinks quickly.I knew something was going fishy goimg on and then soon after having few drinks I pretented to be d***k and dozed off to sl**p.
Soon reminder came to check that really have I gone to sl**p as tried to shove me off here and there but since I was acting well they realy thought that I was d***k and gone off to sl**p.since my eyes were closed and soon I started hearing loud voices of happy and reminder and cheering their glasse together as they were pouring drinks after drinks for themselves.I was feeling pity for rittu as I thought I was unneccesiry suspecting on her.I thought that now I should I get up and as was about to get up I heard rittu also laughing with them.The lights of the drawing room was now in dim mode and as I slightly opened my eyes I saw rittu sitting in between raminder and happy and having drinks togther.I even saw in beteen ramiinder kissing rittu aand happy squeezing my wifes boobs.I knew that my friends have set me up but I didn’t knew rittu would also be a party to this..
I wanted to getup and slapped all of them but my curiosty got over me as I wanted to see how rittu would fuck thes guys as I knew they had monster cocks.
Raminder now got up and put on some music and then asked rittu for dance.Rittu got up and both of them first kissed each other and then started dancing together.Raminder was now squeezing my wifes boobs and rittu was taking hold raminders cock Happy too came and started rubbing my wifes belly from behind.
Both Raminder and happy were very delighted to se such a luspicious ripe body in front of them.Raminder then said something in happys ear and happy then picked rittu in his arms and stated climbing upstairs to my bedroom while raminderr was taking out whisky bottles from barroom to take it to bedroom.Happy then made rittu lie on the bed and started kissing her vigoursly and then raminder came inside the bedroom and little later I strated peeping towards my bedroom to see whats going on.
Raminder now came to rittu and caught her hair and then started slapping her and then happy came towards her and tore off her saree.She was now in petticoat and blouse and then raminder told rittu to open her mouth and he started to make her drink the whole whisky bottle.I don’t know what was happening but I kept on looking on and soon rittu was now quite d***k and then reminder tore off her blouse and petticoat and she was exposed to black bra and panty
Happy now came toward rittu and started fondling her tits inside rittus bra and raminder was licking the thighs of rittu reaching towards her pussy.
I suppose rittu was liking it rough as I had always touched her gently and she was feeling good falling prey to the d***kards.
Rittu now ordered both of them to take off their clothes and soon my buddies were totally naked in front of my wife and two huge dicks were dangling in front of my wifes face.
Rittu now started spitting on both the cocks and then taking taking in her both hands she strted stroking it vigoursly and then squaring around the cocks tops she started sucking their cocks taking deep inside her mouth.Rittu started rubbing tips of cocks together and taking in her mouth togther.Her mouth became wide open with 2 cocks.
Raminder now made rittu stand up and started kissing her and she was sucking reminder tounge taking his saliva in her mouth while happy was licking rittu thighs and then inching towards her pussy he tored off her panty with his mouth and her shaved pussy was totally exposed.Raminder now started fingering her pussy while happy was licking her pussy with his tounge
.Raminder now unhooked my wife bra and started biting her tits and soon happy also came and started licking her nipples as if both buddies wanted to drink milk from my wifes boobs while rittu was stroking their hard cocks with her hands.
Raminder made turned rittu against the wall and started stroking his cock between the cracks of her ass and then happy came and started pouring bodyoil on rittus body and now her whole body was shining with oil.
Rittu now snatched oil fron happy and sarted pouring oil on raminder and happy and now both my friends were dripped in bodyoilwith my wife.Soon rittu now made them lie on the bed and started giving a slippery massage on their bodies and both their cocks were now fully erect wile rittu was slipping on their bodies.
Rittu now came in between ther bodies and raminder and happy started giving sandwichmassage to rittu.Botth the cocks were eager to tear my wife chut and soon rittu told both of them to lie down and she came on top of them.Rittu first came on top of raminder and taking his cock by her hand started stroking the top of his cock with her chut lips.
Raminder cock was fully erect and soon rittu stared slipping his cock in her chut lips but she was finding it difficult to take that huge cock in her chut but then happy applied some more oil on her chut and raminder with one stroke inserted his dick in my wife chut and my rittu screamed in pain as if she was taking the cock for first time in her chut.Now rittus chut and raminderr cock adusted in rhythm with each other and raminder started stroking hard while happy was inserting his finger in my wifes ass.
Now happy told raminderto take his dick out and he started insering his cock in my wifes chut.Rittus chut happily accepcted happys lund and he started pumpimg her hard.
Raminder was now applying oil on my wife ass and to make it wider he inserted 2 fingers in her ass and rittu told reminder to fuck her virgin ass.
Raminder then insterted the top of his cock in my wife ass and and harder and harder he teared my wifes ass and soon both of them were double penetrating my wife.Rittu now were fucking both of them harder and harder and soon both of withdrew their cocks and and changed thir respective positions.
Rittu now were giving a good fuck to both my friends and I kept looking on while I was also stroking my cock.Now rittu told raminder that she would take both their cocks togther in her pussy and then making raminder and happy lie opposite each other and their cock together she inserted both the cocks in her chut and my wat a scence of a professional whore it was she pumped both the cocks together and then both happy and raminderr came together loading their sperms in my wife chut.
Alll three of them became dead tried and dozed off to sl**p and while I went to bar and started drinking again and mastubarted thrice andd then even I dozed off to sl**p and in the morning when I got up I heard voices from bathroom and I saw happy was lying on the bed while raminder and rittu were fucking each other in the bathroom...
I got dressed up and went out off the house all the way thinking that rittu now would be fucked whole day and in the evening when I came home I saw rittu dressed in nighty and she could not make eye to eye contact with me and she could not even walk properly as whole night and day she was fucked in her chut and ass.
I then shouted at her angrily and told that I know everything what she did last night and she also screamed at me and told that raminder has told her about my past activites and she is ready to leave the house and rather become reminders whore
.I caught hold off rittu and stated kissing her and even she responded and we had a great sex all night
Rittu now gave me a proposal the she would like to become a prostitute and make money and I accepted her proposal and now she would visit different 5 star hotels and get fucked by her clients for whole night and raminder me and happy would drink and fuck other prostitutes in my flat and we also used to fuck rittu all together if no other prostitute was available or she would make available other prostitutes for us.
... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

So I've been masturbating ever since I can remember. I thought I was a sex freak, but it turns out it wasn't all that abnormal. This story takes place in the later 80's. I was living at home with my mom (ugh) and s****r Vickie. Of course, Vickie is hot. I wouldn't be writing about her if she was a skank. But she's not the real story, you'll see. It's going to be a slow beginning, but give it a shot...

I've just turned 18 years old. Dad moved out years ago, mom has let herself go to hell. She works at a doctor's office as an office manager, but usually only works till 3 pm so she can be home for us k**s. Whoopee. My s****r, Vickie, is 21 and we both attend the State College up the road a few miles. The rich k**s all went to the "University of XXXX" but we had to go here. It's kind of a drive-in college, some k**s are in dorms, but not us. It's pretty much like high school, meaning that it sucks.

My high school career was uneventful. I was geeky, gawky, bad skin, and painfully shy. Oh, and throw in skinny and short, also. I went to my senior prom, with an actual girl, but didn't even get to second base.

This past summer, I grew 4 inches (in height) and my muscles started filling in. My skin is mostly clear, but I'm still dreadfully shy. I'm very nice and respectful of women, and that's gotten me nowhere.

So Vickie and I have similar class schedules, we usually carpool to school except on Fridays. She has a late class and I get out early. I should mention my guy friends went to the university, sometimes Vickie's friends and I hang a little, but not very often.

So it's Friday. I like Fridays. I have the house to myself, it's about the only time. I just bought my first adult magazine called 'Velvet' which I'm dying to check out.

Remember, this is the 80's and we weren't rich. No internet yet. No VCR. No porn. No cell-phones. Jack-off material consists of Cosmopolitan magazines, Sears catalogs (full figured bra department) etc. So, not much.

My routine, since school started, is to go into my s****rs room, get naked, spread out my stuff, and then hump her bed like crazy. You see, her bed spread is some kind of fabric that is very soft and silky smooth. It feels fantastic on my cock. I pile up a few pillows under my chest (I pretend they are big tits) and when I'm ready to cum, I roll over and shoot my sperm all over my chest and stomach. I usually will grab one of her bras or bathing suits, too. I like to run my cock in the bra cups, imagining my cock touching tits... and yes, Vickie is a double-D so there's a lot of cup.

I'm always very careful, I put things away perfectly, don't make a mess or a wrinkle, nobody is the wiser.

So there I am, humping her satiny smooth spread, occasionally rubbing Vickie's D-cup bikini top on my cock, frantically turning the pages of the 'Velvet' magazine and some lesbians. Jesus it's a good day. No imagining what tits look like, I'm seeing some right here! I try to think what my s****r's tits look like.

That feeling starts up, from far away, it's getting closer and closer. Yep, it's time to turn over. Time to shoot my red-hot sperm all over my chest. To tell the truth, I have to be careful or it will hit my face or go onto the floor (yes, it's happened before).

I roll over, grab my cock in her bikini top, give two hard strokes, and here cums my beautiful orgasm...

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??!!!!" yells Vickie.

Holy shit! She's home early!! Oh Fuck!!!

"Uh, um..." I stammer as cum shoots out of my cock, I'm scrambling to get away, but cum is shooting out. It hits my face, goes on the bed... Vickie's hollering something at me and gets hit with a spurt...

I truly want to die of embarrassment. Yeah I know, you tough guys would be all over it ... "oh I'd fuck her right there". Well, I'm a sensitive guy, and this is my s****r, and this really embarrasses the shit out of me.

I run into my room and try to shut the door. Vickie is right there calling "Filthy pervert" and stuff and throws the magazine at me. She wants to know more about this.

"I was just... I was..."

"I know what you were "just" doing. Don't do it in my fucking room! And what are you doing with my bathing suit? You fucking pervert!"

She yells at me some more, I don't know what about. Slamming the door, she stomps off yelling "Wait till mom comes home." Mom, Jesus. She will make my life a living hell if she hears about this. Christ, I'm already dead.

Later, Mom is making dinner. Vickie knocks on the door and says to come set the table, my job that week. I tell her I'm not coming, I don't feel well. She says I better, or else. Plus, it's meatloaf. For all of Mom's faults, she makes a killer meatloaf.

I drag myself out to the kitchen, make nice with mom, and start setting the table. Vickie hip-checks me into the cabinets. Mom asks if i'm alright. Yeah, just tripped. She is prattling on about her stupid day at work. Vickie is behind Mom as Mom is at the stove. Mom, can't see her. Vickie makes the international sign for jacking off, thumb and fingers in a circle, stroking up and down, and points to Mom. She's hinting that I jack off to Mom.

I make this exaggerated face, like i'm disgusted, which I am. That's fucking gross. Hey, you may be into that, fine, I don't care. But if you saw her, you wouldn't be into MY Mom, either!

Anyway, Vickie nods her head at me, like "yes you do". She holds her hands in front of her, like she's holding enormous boobs, points to me like I want Mom's boobs. I shake my head, No!! Vickie then makes a peace-sign, puts it up to her mouth, and sticks her tongue in, like I'm "Eating at the Y" and points at Mom, as if that's what I want to do. I VIOLENTLY shake my head no. I'm also about dying as I'm trying not to laugh. Mom keeps talking while Vickie repeats a few of these motions, all the while mouthing the word 'Pervert" to me.

"Hey Mom", Vickie says. "Guess what I caught David doing today?"

Gulp. the fun just left the building.

"Oh, what was that, dear?"

"I came home early from school", Vickie continued. "And I found Davey boy in my room!"

Oh Jesus I'm so dead.

"He had completely vacuumed my room!"

What? I'm not dead! She didn't rat me out!

Later that night, she was getting ready to go out with her friends, Vanessa and Michele. We share a bathroom, it's called a "Jack and Jill" bathroom. The bathroom has two doors, one to each of our bedrooms. Vickie's in there and calls to me.

"Come here." I saunter in to the bathroom where she's fixing her hair. She looks awesome...

"Stay out of my stuff. And my room. Seriously. Or we will have a problem. Now get out."

Ok, fine.

Sunday night, we all went to our rooms after watching TV. I pull out my magazine and start humping my own sheets. They aren't satin, but they will do the trick. I guess I bump the headboard a little, which makes a rattle.

The phone rings. In our house, we have three extensions: Kitchen, Mom's room, and my room. Vickie has a separate line in her room.

I holler to Mom, "I GOT IT."


"Hey pervert."

It's my fucking s****r, calling me from her private line.

She continues, "What are you doing in there? I'm hearing noises through the wall..."

"Um, just reading my biology book"

"Yeah, right. Biology. Is it, uh, Lesbian biology?"

"No... it's um, plants, ya know. Stamens and pistils and stuff..."

"Right. So, pervert, you like looking at naked girls."

"Uh, well, I am a guy..." What the hell? We don't talk about stuff like this!!

"I'm guessing that since you had my bikini top wrapped around your cock, maybe you were thinking about something or someone in particular?"

I flushed with shame. I kept quiet.

"Were you thinking about my tits?"

I'm staying quiet.

"You were, weren't you. You were thinking about my big tits."


"Answer me... now!"

"... yes. Yes, I was thinking of what your big tits looked like... Sorry."

"Fucking pervert. Are you hard now? Answer me, don't fuck around"


"Stroke it."

"Whu... what?"

"You heard me, stroke your cock. Now."

"oh... ok..."

"Or maybe you should fuck your bed, like you were doing on my bed. Do that. Fuck your bed. Make some noise."

I start humping the bed, making the headboard hit the wall. I'm breathing heavily into the phone.

"Good boy. You like big tits, don't you... Big soft tits. Mmmm... I have big tits. They are double-D, you know."

"yes... I know..." I manage to grunt out. christ here comes the feeling

"Tell me. Do you want to see my tits? My soft tits... with hard nipples..."

Humping the bed... the build up is coming

"Tell me! Do you want to see my tits or not?"

"Jesus Vickie! Yes! Yes I want to see your tits!" And with that, I just barely rolled over in time to not cum in my own bed. Groaning, I shot spurt after spurt of steaming cum all over my stomach and chest.

"Good boy. Now don't move. Do NOT fucking move."

She hung up the phone. What the fuck?

The bathroom door clicks and opens. Vickie comes into my room with a box of kleenex for me.

"Wipe up your nasty self." She watches as I use seven or eight kleenexes to wipe the cum from everywhere, including the phone I was still holding. I didn't hide my cock or anything, which was a big step for me. i squeezed it from the base up, getting out the last drops. It didn't really go soft, either, as Vickie was in her hot-weather nightie.

That thing was fucking sheer. I stared at her barely concealed tits.

"That's enough. go to bed, pervert."


So we went to school on Monday as usual, never mentioning a word about anything. I jacked off like clockwork, three times a day. Sometimes I would rattle the headboard, Vickie would bang on the wall. I can NOT stop thinking about her talking to me about her tits, and standing there in her nightie.

Friday comes along. Driving home from college, I have mixed emotions. I'll be alone, which is good, but I can't go in Vickie's room. I have a feeling she will know If I've been in there. She'll set a thread trap or find a pubic hair or something...

I get home, Mom's at work (she works later on Friday's), and Vickie's home!

"Thought you had Economics Lab this afternoon?"

"Nah, professor was sick."

"Hmmm." I said.

"Yeah," she said. "Hmmm."

Awkward silence.

"Tell you what," she says. "Go to your room and put on your gym shorts."

I went to my room, wondering what the hell this meant.

"Come into my room when you're done", she hollers.

I amble in a minute later wearing my shorts and a t-shirt.

"You don't listen very well. I said gym shorts. Take that shirt off."

"Fine, jeez..."

I notice she has something in her hand, something chrome, metallic. It looks heavy.

"Lay down on the bed, your head on this pillow", she indicates.


"Left arm up to the headboard. Don't move."


Swiftly, deftly, she takes the metal from her hands. She clamps a handcuff on my left wrist. I yank my hand down, away from her.

"What the hell, Vickie? Handcuffs?"

"Shut up now. Just go with it."

Reluctantly, i let her cuff my left hand to the brass rail of the bed.

"Comfy?", she asks.

I nod in the affirmative. My left arm is resting on pillows, it's not bad, I guess. My right hand is free...

"Locked in?"

I pull on the cuff. It digs into my wrist a little. But I'm chained in, I can't get out.

"Alrighty then", she says. "Since you are such a pervert, but otherwise a good guy, I figure I should help you with your problem. Now then, take off your shorts."

I don't move for a moment. So she tells me again, firmer this time.

"Take them off, or you'll be very, very sorry"

Well I don't want to be sorry, sure enough. With my free right hand, I struggle out of the shorts. Have to do some gyrations, but they are off.

I'm naked on the bed. In front of my s****r.

"You know, your cock isn't half bad... for an asshole, that is."

"Uh... thanks?"

"Get it hard. Now. Stroke it. You're going to jerk off for me."

"Vickie, look, I'm sorry about the other day..."

"Stroke it now!" She grabs my hand and puts it on my cock! I start stroking it.

I stroke it for a bit... Nothing happens. I'm too nervous. I look at her with, I guess, a pathetic face.

"Oh... alright. Look all you want."

Vickie stands up, thrusting her chest out. She's got a hot blouse on. Reaching behind her, she un-does the buttons and takes it off. Now, she's standing in front of me in her designer jeans and black bra.

Something happens in my groin.

"Not so nervous now, are you?" She smiles at me.

Her cleavage is gorgeous. Bending over towards me, she pulls on her bra, showing more cleavage to me.

I'm fully fucking hard now, slowly stroking. Some pre-cum has arrived at the tip of my cock. I work it into my hand that is clamped down so very tight on my dick. Vickie continues to rub her bra-covered tits.

Staring into my eyes, she reaches behind her back... and unclasps her bra. I can barely breathe.

Vickie leans forward a bit, the straps falling from her shoulders. Cupping her breasts, the bra falls slightly away from her. But I can't see anything yet. She turns her back to me and throws the bra at me. I still haven't seen her tits yet.

"Use it," she commands. "Soil it."

As if I have no will of my own, I take her bra and fully sniff it... mmmmmmm... and then I rub my cock into the cups, streaking the inside of her bra with my pre-cum.

"Good boy", she says. "Now you're going to get just one minute. I suggest you make the most of it... Go!"

And with that, Vickie turns around and gives me a total and complete view of her spectacular tits. Double-Ds, as I've said before. She cups them, squeezes them, tit flesh spills out between her fingers. She mashes them, manipulates them, bounces them... holy fuck...

Tweaking her nipples, she reminds me... "15 seconds."

I'm stroking my cock so hard, my hand has a death grip on the bra cup surrounding my cock. Vickie takes her left tit in both hands... raises it to her face...

"Cum now for me..." she whispers.

Vickie extends her tongue and touches her nipple with it.

I just go fucking nuts. I didn't know that could happen! I'm convinced my orgasm may actually make it to the Guiness Book. Cum is flying all over me, her bra, the wall. long ropes of cum streak out from my cock. Jesus Christ it feels so good... exquisite. OMFG, as we say today.

"Look what you did to my bra," she sighs. It's a friggin mess, of course, cum in the one cup, cum on the outside of the other.

Vickie take the bra from my hands, giving me the 'tsk tsk' sound.

"Sorry..." I manage, surprised because for a while I couldn't even speak.

Vickie takes the bra and the semi clean cup and, get this, wipes it INTO the cum on my abdomen. Then, she puts the bra up to her tits!

"Mmm, warm... good boy." She clasps the bra back together.

"Going to hang out tonight with the girls, maybe I'll give them a whiff of you."

I don't know what to fucking say. She's wearing a bra with my cum in it's cups. My cum is on her tits. I know, you already figured that out. I just like saying it. My cum on her tits...

"Mom will be home soon", says Vick. "Get out of here and don't bother me anymore, creep."

She tosses me the handcuff key and walks to the bathroom.

Stunned, I wipe up with Kleenex. I go back to my room and try to figure this out. Vickie gives me pleasure, but she also seems to want to humiliate me to some extent. I'm feeling a little un-manly, like I'm just her toy. But then, so-fucking-what. This is a great day!!


It's next Friday. Things are normal between Vickie and me (Vickie and I?). Normal in the sense that we don't talk about what happened last Friday. Not a hint. I whack off all the time, with Vickie's tits front and center in my imagination. She bangs on the wall sometimes at night when she hears me masturbating. That just makes me do it more.

At the college, she catches up with me and says she needs a ride home with me. Usually she goes with one of her friends, but that friend, Vanessa, isn't here today and Vickie has no choice but to miss class in order to have a ride home.

So, if I'm not mistaken, we'll be home alone again on a Friday afternoon.

The ride home is a little awkward. I'm wondering if we're going to do anything or what. Vickie is just reading her Econ book.

"What are you doing this afternoon?" she asks out of the blue.

"Uh... no plans... why?"

"Don't you have some friends to hang with or something?"

"No, my buds went to school in the city, you know..."

"Well, why don't you get a girlfriend or something?"

Where's Vickie going with this? Sounds like she wants me to move along or something.

"Well, those things take time. I don't have anyone right now, you know that..."

She sighs.

Getting out of the car at home, she stops for a few moments. Then she tells me to be in her room in 30 minutes, exactly. And to bring my new Def Leppard record. And to not wear any fucking clothes. I just nod.

A long thirty minutes goes by.

I knock and enter her room. Vickie isn't there. There's a note on the bed with the handcuffs, it reads:

"Play Pour some sugar on me.

Play it loud.

Cuff your left hand to the bed.

Don't fuck this up."

Pour Some Sugar on Me, an awesome tune from Def Leppard. I guess she wants it on! this might be fun...

I crank it up good and loud, then quickly jump on her bed and clamp my left hand in. The song starts with an intro, and then the drums kick in strong.

In time with the drums entrance, Vickie pops out of the bathroom door wearing this freaky black leather teddy kind of a thing, g-string, high heels, leather wrist cuffs with metal studs, and finally, a leather choker collar also with studs.

Her hair is done up in full 80's 'Big Hair' mode. And she's got some outrageous Rocker chick makeup on.

Anyways, she comes flying into the bedroom, dancing around in perfect time with the music. She reminds me of the movie 'Flashdance' with all her crazy and sexy moves. Very soon, she yanks open her teddy, letting her tits spill out. As she gyrates around the room, her tits bounce and sway and drive me fucking crazy.

Finally, we're getting to the chorus, the "Pour some sugar on me" part. She kicks off her shoes and gets on the bed, and stands right over me. Her feet are like at my sides. I take my hand off my cock and start to feel her left calf. She glares at me and shakes her head 'no'. I re-grab my cock and she continues to gyrate above me.

What an awesome sight, her tits swaying above me... she leans forward against the wall, like she's being arrested or something. Those beautiful tits are in full hang mode. I'm stroking and stroking. I think I may need a bl**d transfusion because there's none left in my main body, it's all in my cock.

She lowers herself down onto me, her tits just out of reach of my face. She pushes my forehead back down into the pillows and laughs. Now she's sitting on my chest, straddling me. Her pussy is hiding in the G-string, but it's literally inches from me. i can smell her.

I try to move my arm to grab her ass, but it's clamped down by her leg. I can only grab my dick. So I keep stroking, but this can't go on for very long.

The chorus comes around again. Vickie yells over the music, "Cum now. Do it"

Then, she sings aloud with the chorus, "Pour some sugar on me" as she cups her breasts for me. She pulls them to her face and frantically licks her nipples, back and forth to each one... She repeats the chorus with the band a few more times.

I arch my back as my orgasm hits me full f***e. Huge spurt after huge spurt hits Vickie's back and ass cheeks. I jerk again with cum spasms, Vickie almost falls tits first into my face, but catches herself, dammit.
"Stay..." she commands. She gets up and turns the music down, then comes back and straddles me like she was before. She grinds her ass and cunt into my stomach and chest, grinding into the huge amount of my cum.

"Vickie..." I start. "I want to touch..."

"No!" she cuts me off. "You can't touch me. That's wrong and perverted!"

I'm surprised by the vehement rejection. I mean, she's grinding her cunt into my cum and chest, but I can't touch her. Oh well... my whole arm is locked in by her leg so I can't move it anyway.

Vickie then slides a hand into her G-string.

"Women need to masturbate, too, ya know... But I can't let you touch me... God I'm so wet... you can't... touch... me... " Vickie's panting now as she works her fingers into her cunt. I'm still hard, and am stroking again.

"This is so Wrong... so... wrong... " she whispers. "It's all wrong... your cum is on my ass. It's even here... on my pussy..." She continues to frig herself. I'm stroking, too, goddammit.

"And your cum was on my tits last week... mmm... my tits..." she grabs her left tit and pulls it up to her face...

"Look... I can suck my own tit... see?... mmmm... mmm...." Vickie makes smacking noises as she sucks hard on her nipple. i can't stand it anymore.

"I'm cumming again," I announce.

"Oh let me see!" She rises up on her haunches, her left hand supporting her while her right hand keeps fingering her cunt. She looks back between her hanging breasts, between her sweating thighs at my cock as it shoots almost as much sperm as it did five minutes ago.

"Yes!" she cries. "Yes... cum for me again..."

Vickie's own orgasm wracks her body. She momentarily forgets her purpose (that of me not touching her) and sags somewhat, then collapses on top of me. Her tits MASH into my face! I was watching the one closest to me the whole time, so when it came closer I was ready. I tilt my head back somewhat and open my mouth as she crumbles from her cum.

Her nipple, her beautiful, erect, left nipple, landed right in my mouth. Followed momentarily, of course, by the rest of her tit squishing into my face.

I sucked as hard as I could on her fucking tit. Jesus, the softness, the firmness, i was in heaven. My right hand, no longer pinned by her legs, reaches up and I grab her sperm-covered ass cheek and squeeze hard. Unfortunately, it takes much longer to write about this than it actually happened. In truth, I sucked for maybe three seconds until she snapped back to her senses.

"NO!" she yelled and rolled off to my right. I reached out with my free hand to try and stop her, but the handcuffs limit my reach and she runs to the bathroom.

A full 15 minutes goes by. I've cum twice and my cock is kind of tired. It's just looking at me as if to say "no more!", but I'm still thinking about all what happened and it stays semi-hard.

Vickie comes out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around her. The shower is on, she's waiting for it to warm up. She's been crying, I think. She rummages through her underwear drawer and gets some bits out. Goes to her closet and picks out a blouse and tight skirt.

Just before she goes back to the bathroom for her shower, she tosses me the handcuff keys.

"David... this is it. No more. okay?" Without waiting for me to answer, she shuts the door firmly.

I let myself out of the cuffs and her room.

This is the most awesome experience of my life! And yet, Vickie seems sad, so I'm also confused... maybe she's right, we shouldn't do this anymore...
I'm having a lot of trouble clearing my head from what went down yesterday afternoon (Friday). As you may recall, my s****r, Vickie, handcuffed me to her brass rail bed (for the second time in two weeks) and danced topless for me. I jacked off, twice, and she came once while sitting on my chest.

Then, for reasons unknown, she got seemingly angry and told me this will never happen again. Yeah, I know, 'mixed signals from a woman, who would've thought that'. Right?

I got my mouth on her tit for a couple seconds. But those were glorious seconds indeed. Today, Vickie is gone off with her girlfriends somewhere. I've got my college studies to do but am having a HELL of a time concentrating. I've jacked off three times and it's not even noon yet. Still, I can't think about Accounting 101 for more than a few minutes before I drift away in my mind to yesterday. It's a struggle.

Vickie is distant to me all week. Not mean, just not very engaging. I guess it was too much to expect for this to continue. It ain't right, after all.

Fridays, as you may recall, used to be my only alone time in the house. Except for brief store runs,Mom's home all the time on weekends. But then for two Fridays in a row, Vickie and I had some wild jackoff sessions.

Now today, Friday, I drive home from school by myself. Not sure where Vickie is going to be this afternoon. She says we're all done. I'll just whack a few times in my room, I guess. Fuck, this is pissing me off. She got me all revved up and leaves me high and dry.

Slamming my books on the kitchen table, I stomp into my room. At least I've got one porno mag to help me out.

But wait... there's a note on my bed!

"The girls and I are swimming at Aunt Betty's.

You should take a look, like you used to

with your binoculars in the tree.

(signed) V"

Like I used to? She knew about that? Aunt Betty lives next door, but she isn't our Aunt. She's the aunt of Michele, one of Vickie's best friends. Vanessa is her other best friend. When she says 'The girls' she means them. They've been a trio since forever.

My binoculars are there on my desk, I know I didn't leave them there! Hmmm, thanks s*s. I change into my gym shorts and a T-shirt. It's the end of September, but in our state it is still plenty hot.

I go out to the corner of our yard and try and climb the big oak there. It's not easy, I'm trying to be quiet and stealthy and not shake the tree so they'll notice. The girls have their radio playing, though, and they are about 30 yards away.

I find a spot in the tree where I can sit and, I hope, not be seen but still see them. I train my binoculars on my targets... bingo!

Vanessa. She's a little short, maybe 5-2 or so. Her f****y is from the Basque region of Spain. Those women tend to be stacked like brick shithouses, and passionate. Vanessa is no exception. She has humongous tits. H-cups. I didn't know this at the time, but I know this now. Anyway, H-cups. Go on the internet and look up some chick with H tits and you'll see what I'm talking about. She's the kind of girl that brings out the wolf in every man. Even gays. She's a bit thick of body, but man is she nice. Somewhat darker skin, black hair, nice teeth, pretty girl. Oh, and real big tits. Did I say that already?

Michele. To be honest, I've always had a crush on Michele. She's just so sweet, and kind, and her face is so beautiful... and her body fucking rocks, too. She's similar to my s****r except an inch or two taller. Brunette. The absolute best ass you've ever seen. Hardly anybody can not look at her as she goes by. And yet, she's always been so nice to me, but not in a patronizing way, she's genuinely sweet. Ahhh Michele...

The girls are splashing around in the pool, talking, laughing, etc. Finally, they get out. Ok man! They go to their lounge chairs and lay on their stomachs, all dripping wet. Please God...

And yes! After a couple moments, each girl reaches back and undoes her bikini top so they don't get a white line on their back. They are still on their stomachs, though. Sideage. It's like cleavage, only from the side. This is nice. This is what i used to see growing up.

They lay there for a few minutes, drying in the sun. Eventually, my s****r Vickie (remember, she has double-Ds) rises up off her lounge chair! Man, her tits look great in the binocs. She looks around for something... ah... the baby oil. Got to maximize the tan! The two girls laying down have their heads towards Aunt Betty's house. And I swear, Vickie looked over at my tree and gave a tiny wave. She knows I'm watching.

She undoes the top of the baby oil and goes to pour it on Vanessa's back. Instead of a tiny squirt of oil, it gushes out all over Vanessa! A couple screams and laughs, and Vickie is trying to clean it off of Vanessa. VAnessa has risen up on her elbows. Her tits are so fucking big, I'm not even close to seeing her nipple, though.

Vickie rubs the oil all over Vanessa's back, and even on her sides, and then EVEN on her side of her tits! Jesus christ! Vanessa doesn't even bat an eye. I can see Vanessa spread her legs a bit so Vickie can rub some oil into her legs. Vickie seems to spend a fair amount of time on Vanessa's inside thighs... That gets Vanessa to move! She extends her arms, rising up completely... Score one for me! I see nipple!! fucking huge areolas, too. Sweet! Vanessa settles back down on her chest on the lounge. Damn.

But Vickie seems to have a problem. There's still way too much oil on Vanessa's back. So she lays her body down right on top of Vanessa! She slips and slide in the oil, greasing up her entire front. My hard cock is now at the bursting point. It might just cum all by itself and never stop...

Vickie returns to her own chair and sits normally in it, facing the sun. She finishes the oiling job, making extra sure her tits are covered. She looks at my tree and smiles as she smashes her oiled-up tits together. She tweaks her nipples, getting them hard.

The music stops, the casette tape needs to be turned over but none of them want to do it. Michele wants someone to oil her back, but Vickie explains that all the oil is still spilled on Vanessa's back. Michele gives Vickie a fake mean look, then gets up off her lounge chair.

I'm dying in my tree. Here's Michele, completely topless, walking around like nothing! Her tits are just fantastic. The best ones I've ever seen! Well, not just at this point, but In my entire life. Instead of grinding onto Vanessa's back to get some baby oil, she's a bit more dainty about it. She kneels beside Vanessa and just leans her tits onto Vanessa's back. Yes, she's dipping her hot tits into steamy hot baby oil from a smoking girls naked back. Vanessa, I never knew you could be like this! She rubs the oil all over her front. She spends some time on her tits, but nothing like my slutty s****r did.

About ten minutes goes by. I'm just scoping out Michele's tits, which are true beauties. I go back and forth to Vickie's tits, and watch Vanessa's enormous side tits, also. I can't quite hear the conversations, but the two friends are looking at Vickie as she's telling some story. Once, she made the jack-off gesture. No, she wouldn't be telling them... would she? No... She dates lots of guys, she's certainly telling some story about some guy.

Then Vickie stands up and stretches her golden body. She's glistening in the sun. My erection is trying to climb over the fence, I tell it to sit tight, I'll jack you off in a few minutes. Vickie goes in the house. A couple minutes later I can hear her holler out "Hey, help me with the sandwiches." Reluctantly, Vanessa and Michele rise from their lounges. Now I get to see Vanessa's huge tits completely as she stands up and tries to get her bikini top on. She has some trouble getting it on over her big tits. Christ, they are monsters! They go inside to make the sandwiches.

Now I'm in a quandary. Are they done? Are they going to come back out? Should I just rub one out now and shoot cum all over the grass and the rose bushes? Why don't I have a camera with a zoom lens? I should really take up photography as a hobby...

"Whatcha doing up there, pervert?" asks Vickie. My darling s****r has done it again. They ran around the front and came in through the side gate without me hearing them. Caught me in the act. Only this time, she's not alone. Vanessa and Michele are with her.

They are all standing there with their hands on their hips, like they want an explanation. I'm completely red-faced, totally ashamed of my cock which I didn't realize was out of my shorts.

"Get down here, now!" Vickie commands. God she is such a bitch sometimes.

I mumble something about a biology project for school, afraid to look at Vanessa or Michele. Especially not Michele. She will think I'm some kind of low-life retard now.

"Come inside, buster!" Vickie grabs my arm and hauls me inside the house. I don't know what else to do.

"Ok," she whispers to me. "Just go with me on this. Trust me like you have before, you'll like this."

Ok, good. so there's a plan. I'm sure it involves embarrassing me somehow, though.

We go in her room. "Undress and lay on the bed. Both hands over your head this time." And she cuffs both my wrists through the brass rail. I can't get out at all. I'm very nervous, but also excited... my cock is hard...

Vickie calls out, "Ok girls! Come on in!"

And in walks Vanessa and Michele. They both gasp and utter some 'holy shits' and 'oh my gods' as they see me naked and handcuffed to the bed.

"I told you he was a pervert! I think it's only fair that you get a good look at him, since he got such a good look at you."

Vanessa is completely intrigued. She comes right over to the bed. "So uh... can I touch him?"

"Of course!" exclaims Vickie. "Although... he is naked. It's only fair that you show something if you're going to touch him. In fact, we should all at least take our tops off." Vickie yanks her top off, exposing her shiny tits.

Michele started to protest, saying that it's humiliating to me. Thank you, Michele. However she was quickly cut off by Vickie.

Vanessa lifted her bikini top up, exposing her huge-ass knockers. She grabbed my cock. Pre-cum came out of the tip instantly, dribbling on her fingers.

Vanessa took her sticky fingers and rubbed it into her right nipple.

"You want a taste?" she asked.

"Stop it, you're embarrassing him!" cried Michele. Damn right I'm embarrassed. But, at the same time, I almost got to suck on a huge tit...

"Maybe some other time, then" says Vanessa as she coerces her gigantic floppers back into her suit.

Vickie, having taken her top off a minute ago, looked at Michele and said, "Well, we're waiting!"

"Sorry sweetie, I'm not having any more part of this. You should let him go" And Michele left the room. My hero. My honey.

"Alright alright", says Vickie. "You girls go back to the pool and I'll catch up with you in a minute."

After they leave, my s****r turns to me and says, "Are you alright? I just wanted you to see the girls a little bit. Please don't be mad."

"I'm not mad. A little embarrassed. Plus I'm fucking dying to cum and I can't even jerk off!" I'm truly dying of blue balls.

Smirking, Vickie says "Spread your legs, Davey boy." She crawls onto the bed, comes up between my legs.

She then drags her fucking hanging tits onto my cock. Her rigid nipples sc**** my fucking dick and the main vein. Vickie sets her nipple right on the sweet spot of my cock.

Vickie looks me in the eye, and lowers her tits onto my thighs. She props herself up on her elbows. She works her tits around my cock. Her still oily tits. god they are so hot.

"My tits are going to jack you off... is that ok sweetie? Mmmm... such a good boy today... getting naked for my friends... seeing their tits... now you've got my tits wrapped around your cock... look at my nipples... I'm squeezing them for you... feel that titflesh on your cock.... yesssss... up and down... "

Do I have to say that I'm completely losing my mind right now? A glorious titfuck from my s****r...

"You sucked them the other day... just for a moment... after you did that I sucked them later... almost all night... sucking my own tits... Maybe you can suck them again..."

I lost it. Convulsions took me, I came and came and came, and came some more. Vickie took most of it on the underside of her chin, the cum splashing back onto her gorgeous fucking big tits. She giggled and laughed as I roared with pleasure.

She rises up off me, and proceeds to lick my cum off her tits. Sweet Jesus and Mary and everybody else...

She crawls up on me and puts her tits in my face.

"Suck Them", she says. "And rise your right leg up some. yeah, right there..."

I draw her nipple into my mouth. My s****rs nipple. I suck as much as I can, trying to get her whole tit in my mouth, which is impossible, of course. I can taste remnants of my cum, baby oil, her body sweat... ambrosia, baby. I m***** her hard nipple. Sucking for all I'm worth.

As I suck on her tit, she alternates them back and forth, motorboating me, and she humps my leg. I can feel her hot wetness on my right thigh as she violently humps my leg.

In 30 seconds, she cums. I can feel her body tremble as the spasms wrack her. Hot pussy juices coat my leg as she continues to slide up and down my thigh... Unfortunately she gets off me. I'm still handcuffed, of course, and can't stop her. She goes down and licks my thigh, the one with her cunt juices on it.

"Mmmm... you should taste this..."

"I would", I protest. "If you'd let me out!"

She dips a hand into her pussy for a moment. She withdraws it, her fingers coated with sticky stuff. She eyeballs me, and puts her sticky fingers to my lips, running them all around my mouth. I'm trying to suck on them, but she avoids that. Vickie gives me a gentle slap on my face.

"Naughty boy! You shouldn't be thinking of your s****r this way..."

Laughing, she dips her hand into her pussy again. Then she smears it all over my face.

"Say goodbye to the girls", she says, indicating her tits.

"Bye girls", I say. "I'll miss you both, deeply!"

Vickie puts her bikini back on, and covers up with a bathrobe, too. Carefully, she comes to unlock my cuffs. She knows she's on a bit of thin ice here. My cock is still rock hard, if she unlocks me I might just grab her...

She reaches across, and manages to unlock one of my bracelets. With lightning speed, she jumps away and jets out of the room.

I pick up the key and unlock the other bracelet. With nothing better to do, I wipe my face with my hand, scooping up some of her pussy juices that she laid on me. I firmly grip my cock, now sticky with her cunt juice. I furiously jack off, right in her bed. My mind is so full of sexual thoughts I can't think straight. Part of me wants revenge for the teasing, the not letting me touch. Part of me is exhilarated by what what has happened, too. Seeing Vanessa's humongous tits. Sucking Vickie's tits. Seeing Michele topless... Michele...

I had planned on opening Vickie's underwear drawer and cumming on all of her bras. Instead, I roll on my stomach and hump her satiny bedspread until I cum freestyle all over her bed. Passive/Aggressive behavior. I know that now, didn't know it then. I knew it was a pussy move though. Not something a man would do. I still had some growing up to do.


Mid-terms this week. Oddball schedules. Cramming sessions. But no sexual cramming, just book cramming. I'm trying to get my shit together. Even with all of this going on, I'm curious what's going to happen on Friday. The last few Fridays have been very interesting, to say the least. I still jack off 3-4 times a day. Do I even have to say that? You can just assume that unless stated otherwise.

Vickie and I are getting along famously. She's helping me with my finance course-work. Thankfully, she wears sweatshirts and no makeup. We don't talk about things like me tittyfucking her, or handcuffs, or anything. I slap her ass once in a while, she doesn't mind.

But something tells me not to push it. Is it her, or is it just me being a wimp?

Thursday night, Mom informs us that she's taking Friday off! Time for her annual Spring Cleaning! Never mind that it's fall and the leaves are changing.

Friday I have no classes because of mid-terms, but have to be up early to help mom in the garage. That goes til lunchtime. Vickie has been on the phone with one of her friends for the past hour. I'm pissed off because she's getting out of the nasty work and goofing off on the phone. Meanwhile I'm stuck with Mom and get to hear about the stupid nurses at her stupid office.

"Davey!" I hate it when Vickie calls me that. Sounds diminutive. "Want to make some money today?"

"Yeah sure", I reply. "Doing what?"

"Some yard work, over at the Aramendia's. If that's okay with you, Mom. They want to pay him $20 for the afternoon. I'll help you with the hall closet, Mom."

The Aramendia's. As in, Vanessa Aramendia. Vanessa of the H-cup.

Mom says it's fine, just be home for dinner.

I get our lawnmower and stuff it in the trunk of the Buick and drive the 4 blocks over to Vanessa's house.

Mrs. Aramendia meets me at the door. Now, we didn't have the term MILF in those days. But we should've. Mrs. A had even bigger tits than her daughter. And such pretty skin. Anyway, she proceeds to give me the instructions; mow the lawn, trim this hedge, leave those flowers alone etc. etc. Their boy, Danny, was weekending with their divorced Dad on a camping trip. I say hello to Vanessa, who's inside doing some chores.

Mowing the lawn. I actually like doing this. It's the****utic. The loud noise drowns out everything, you try and make the cuts straight, repetitive motions... it's soothing. After almost an hour, Im nearly finished with the lawn. Mrs. A flags me down.

"David, I have to run into town and cover the real estate office this afternoon. Now, do me a favor? Vanessa is on restriction. She's mouthed off to me just too many times. See that she doesn't leave the house?"

Yeah, no problem, I'll keep an eye on her.

Starting to trim the hedge now. I take off my shirt. I check myself out a little. I can actually see some improvement in my arms, some definition. That weight bench and bar is working! I do smell pretty fierce, though.

I head to the backyard to finish the job back there. Still haven't seen Vanessa since I said hi earlier. I have this fantasy about her waiting for me in the backyard. But, nothing.

Finally, I'm raking up the last of the leaves and putting them in the bin. Vanessa comes out the back door with a tray of something, i can't quite see. She waves me over. The sun is still out and it's quite warm. She's wearing a tube top and short-shorts. Jesus fucking hell.

She's brought out two cold bottles of Sam Adams and some potato chips and ranch dip. Still sweating, I drain half the beer in one series of gulps.

I burp an enormous belch, we both laugh. "Sorry! But thanks, that beer is so good right now."

We sit and chat about nothing for a few minutes, munching on the chips. Then she gets all semi-serious.

"David, we have some unfinished business."

I give her the 'whatchoo talking bout willis' look.

"Last week, after the pool. I wanted you to suck my tits. But Michele and then your s****r kicked me out of the room. I don't know what you and Vickie did after that, but I know it was something. That's not right. It was my time."

"Well..." I stammer. I'm so eloquent sometimes. "We uh... I mean Vickie and I didn't do any..."
"Bullshit!" responds Vanessa, cutting me off. "I smelled cum on her when she came back out. Now I want some of that." And she stood up, her tits towering over me.

I stood up too. With only a moment's hesitation, I grabbed her tube top and yanked it down. Her bountiful breasts sprang out. I stared for a few moments... transfixed...

"Uh... um... may I... touch..." Stammering again... Jesus Christ I have no balls whatsoever...

"Oh for heaven's sake" cried Vanessa. She grabbed my head and pulled my face right into her tits. Unlike with my s****r, though, my hands were free this time!

I turned into an octopus. Hands everywhere, all over her tits. Squeezing, kneading, testing, hefting. And i kissed and sucked and licked as much as I possibly could.

"Okay okay!" laughed Vanessa. "You can't do it all at once, let's go inside."

Hand in hand, we walked into her house and back to her bedroom.

"You gonna keep your jeans on, Tiger?" she asked. She wriggled out of her shorts. No underwear, of course. She has a rather abundant forest between her legs. Basque chicks.

"One rule. You can't fuck me. We... can't fuck."

I looked at her. "Well, we could actually, I mean I could..."

"I will kick you in the balls if you try it. I promise you that. Don't fuck me."

"Umm... ok... but why not?"

"Because I will kick you in the balls, that's why not." She reached between my legs and grabbed my ball sac. She squeezed ever so slightly. "You understand me, David?"

"Yeah yeah, I won't fuck you. Jeez..."

"Okay then." Vanessa laid down on her bed. Her tits splayed out to her sides. "Go get 'em, Tiger."

I pounced on the bed. A hand on each enormous tit, I played with them, pushed them around, squeezed them, tested their flexibility, pulled on her nipples. The whole time Vanessa is just going "yes, yes" or "more more". I pushed them up to her face. Her enormous jugs actually surround her face, framing it.

"Can you suck your own nipples?"

"Of course, love to! Help me do it, though." I grab a tit and position it to her mouth. Her soft lips envelop her hard nipple.

Now might be a good time to discuss her nipples. These motherfuckers rise almost an inch off the tit surface. They were surrounded by nearly saucer size aereolas. These had lots of micro-bumps on them. I spent a LOT of time with these tits that day.

"Switch", she called out. I moved the other one up to her and she gulped it down for me. By the way, this became my favorite turn-on of all time; a woman sucking her own breasts. Don't get me wrong, smaller breasts are fine. I've had many of them throughout my life and they're all wonderful. Some things are just... well different strokes and all that.

Vanessa released the slobbery nipple, then raised her eyebrows and said, "Want some?"

I bent down and slowly circled her nipple with my tongue, swirling around in Vanessa's saliva. She stuck her tongue out and when our tongues met, sparks flew. Giggling, we had a tongue fight over her nipple, kind of a 'king of the hill' thing.

I won the Battle of the Right Nipple, as it came to be called by historians. But I cheated. I clamped down with my teeth (she squeals loudly when I do that) and manhandled it away from Vanessa's hungry mouth and pulls it down her chest. Ah, I love the smell of sweaty tits in the afternoon. Smells like... victory.

Taking a slight break to relax my jaw, I ask Vanessa, "Why does your mother have you on restriction? Have you been bad?"

"What did you and Vickie do after we left your room, huh?"

"Oh ho! Not fair! I asked you first" And I pinch her nipple. I think I'm squeezing fairly hard.

"Is that all you've got?" ,she taunts.

I squeeze harder.

"Not telling."

I squeeze as hard as I can. I'm squeezing her nipple like a motherfucker.

"Yawn." she says.

Pissed now, I bite her tit. I just dive in and bite the fucker.

"Yow!!" She cries. "Okay okay!" and she rubs her nipple, trying to soothe it.

"Well?" I ask. And I grab her other monster tit and threaten to bite it also.

"Ok! I went into Mom's room this morning to ask her about today, what we're gonna do and stuff. Well, she was on her bed, masturbating with a dildo."

Holy shit, Mrs A likes the dildos! I start sucking on Vanessa's previously unbitten nipple. I put a little teeth on it, threatening her.

"I didn't say anything", Vanessa continues. "I just stood there quietly and watched her."

I have to ask. "Was she naked?"

"Yes, of course. She um... she likes to suck on her own tits like I do."

Christ I am really liking this story. The hot mom goes wild and gets caught.

I bite down on her nipple slightly, giving her more encouragement.

"So she cums. She's being real quiet, ya know. But she shakes and quivers a lot, arches her back and stuff. It's a good hard orgasm. Then she pulls out the dildo and shoves it into her mouth."

As I'm sucking her tit, my right hand moves down through the Black Forest. I find it very damp and moist in there. My fingers sink into her velvet folds of skin...

"Ooh... nice... thank you... So right when she's licking her cum off the top part of the dildo, I say something like 'Wow mom, I thought I was a total slut!' I was just k**ding, but she didn't take it very well and yelled and screamed and sent me to my room. I was there until you came today after lunch."

"You're such a pervert!" I tell her, jamming two fingers up her cunt. Why won't she let me fuck this cunt?

"Ok, your turn. What did you and vickie do after we left the room?"

"Well... I don't respond to pain like you do. Pleasure works better on me..."

Vanessa jumps up and pushes me back on the bed. she lays across my legs, her tits pressed into my thighs. She grabs my cock in her hand. Pre-cum is flowing out of the tip of my granite cock. She strokes a couple times. "Start talking."

"Well, I was very aroused by watching you girls at the pool. And then having your tits in my face..."

I stop talking. She strokes me some more and says "Go on."


Vanessa looks at me, then looks down at my cock. She tongues the main vein, starting from the base and works her way up to the tip. She's pushing a bow-wave of pre-cum. It pours onto my stomach. She slurps it up and swallows it. Grabbing my cock and raising it up a bit she licks the tip of my cock before engulfing it in her wet mouth.

She looks me in the eye. Releases my cock from her mouth. "Continue."

I can't fucking think for a moment. This is my first blow job, with my s****r's best friend with enormous tits, and I have to talk about a weird encounter with my own big-titted s****r?

Vanessa stops blowing me and looks at me.

"Well... we uh... Vickie came back in the room and jumped on top of me."

Vanessa starts going down on my cock, further this time.

"Her tits were all oily, you know. From when she rubbed them on your body." God that was a sight to see! I loved that part...

Vanessa is rhythmically going up and down my entire shaft of cock...

"She wrapped her tits around my cock. And she titfucked me until I came."

Vanessa released my cock again.

"Tell me, tell me about the cum."

"I shot so many loads of cum. Most went on her chin and dripped back down onto her tits and my cock. Vickie rubbed the cum on her tits, and sucked some of it in her mouth. Then she put her tits in my face."

Vanessa has me very close now. Recounting the story to her has got me hot, and her fucking mouth and tongue are killing me with pleasure.

"I loved it," I continue. "But I was a little disappointed. I wanted to cum in her mouth..."

Vanessa raised off my cock for a quick second.

"Cum in mine."

She clamped back down on my cock, more voracious than ever. Her mouth felt like a hot steam pressure cooker on my aching cock. She pressed her lips tighter around my shaft, I could fell her press her tongue more against me...

I exploded in her mouth. Great fucking gushes of cum charged through my penis and emptied into her mouth. Again, Again, and some more... again...

Vanessa never once opened her mouth, or allowed any to seep out. She swallowed it all down. She licks my cock up, cleaning it of all cum.

I am lost in never-never land. I'm emotionally and physically drained. And my cum reservoir is drained, also. I'm just muttering "oh my god" and am not sure where I even am. Panting and sweating, I just lay there like a rag doll.

Vanessa snuggles up and kisses me on the lips. Gently, tenderly, warmly. I can taste a little cum in there but so fucking what.

"Did you like that?" Vanessa whispers.

I nod my head and whisper "yes... yes... yes..."

"Just rest a little."

I actually fall asl**p for about 20 minutes. The yardwork, the beer, the awesome blowjob just knocked me out.

Unfortunately, the phone rings. It's Vickie, my s****r, wondering when I'm coming home.

"He's resting right now," I hear Vanessa respond. "Yep... very tired... Yes he did a lot of work... no he's not quite finished... I need another chore done... yeah that one... Yeah within an hour." she hangs up the phone.

"Hey big boy, they want you back at the ranch soon, wake up."

I'm somewhat rested, feeling a little perky, even.

"What else do you want to do before you go home?"

"Um... no fucking, right?"


"Can I... should I lick your pussy?"

"Nope, can't do that either. Ball kick."

Well fuck me! I've got a fucking playground here but half of it's closed!

"Damn you're pissing me off, woman!" And I lightly slap her tit closest to me.

I'm amazed at the response to that little tit slap.

"Ooooo..." moans Vanessa, sharply intaking a breath and arching her back.

What the fuck? She liked that little slap. And the fake anger. Maybe let's do that again.

"Yeah" ... little tit slap... "I'm kinda pissed at you" ... little slap on the other tit...

"Won't let me fuck you" slightly harder slap "Won't let me lick you" ... even firmer slap... these are making a nice little noise, too. Her fucking tits jiggle like crazy with each slap. She likes it rough, the little minx. I totally wing it, trying to be a tough guy.

"Stand up," I command. I grab her by the hair and roughly push her back against the wall. I squeeze her mouth in my hands.

"Yeah you swallowed my cum down. But you won't fuck me, will you."

"No fucking," but her eyes are glistening with passion, and fear. She's loving this.

I step it up a notch. As she's standing up, I slap her tits so that I hit both tits in one slap.

She whimpers a bit.

Slap.... whimper... Slap... whimper... Slap... she's almost crying now, head down, looking at the floor, sniffling a little.

I lift her head up, I tilt my head towards her, a questioning look on my face.

"Don't... don't stop... " SLAP on her tits "don't stop... I've been bad today..."

Tears leak out of her eyes. She stares at me. Defiant.

"And you still can't fuck me."

"You BITCH!" I holler and throw her back down on the bed, face down. I haul off and spank her ass so fucking hard. Red marks immediately appear on her ass cheeks as they suffer under my un-ending attack. I'm not mad at her, but some of my anger at Vickie is apparently rising to the surface.

I slow down the spanking. She doesn't know when the next one is coming. Each spank produces more crying. I lift her up by her stomach, so she's on her knees sticking her ass up in the air. Her cunt glistens in the light. I spank her cunt.

SLAP! ... she screams...

SLAP! ... she screams again...

SLAP! ... she moans...

I grab her pussy... sinking three fingers deep into her cunt... she moans as I multi-finger fuck her vagina.

I push her so that she rolls onto her back. Her cheeks streaked with tears. I roughly spread her legs and return my hand to her wet and sloppy fucking pussy. The webbing of my hand and my thumb happen to be massaging her clit. (I didn't know this was important at the time, just got lucky.)

I lean down and kiss Vanessa gently. She passionately responds, gripping my hand with her thighs, humping my poor defenseless hand. Her tongue flies into my mouth and we frantically french kiss.

"David" she whispers. "David... thank you... i needed this... make me cum... don't stop..."

I rise off her and with my right hand still fucking her, I slap her tits some more. She crosses her arms under her tits, framing them, cradling them for me.

"You Cock-tease!"


SLAP! on her fucking tits

"You watched your Mom!"



"You want to suck her tits!"



"You want to eat your mom's cunt!"



"Yes you do! Say it!"






Vanessa just about breaks my wrist as she jerks with her orgasm. She screams "FUCK FUCK" over and over as she trembles and shakes with the cumming waves. My hand feels like it's in a boiling vat of lava. I slap her tits a little more, which seems to send her over the edge again.

Finally, I pull my hand out of her cunt. It's so fucking wet and juicy... I climb on top of Vanessa's tits and jerk off quickly, it only takes a few strokes.

Vanessa gratefully opens her mouth and takes all my cum in her mouth. She swallows hungrily, then sucks my cock some more to get all of it out. She still has tears in her eyes. Maybe I went to far.

"uh..." I begin. "Sorry about the spanking... you alright?"

"Fine fine! I'm crying because this was the most amazing experience i've ever had! And we didn't even fuck!"

"We still could" I say as I start spreading her legs.

"No no! Vickie told..." she stops talking.

"Vickie told you what?"

"She just said i couldn't, that's all. My mom's going to be home any minute, you've gotta go."

Vickie told her she couldn't fuck me. So Vickie decides who I can fuck and who I can't? What kind of game is this? I'm just a pawn in some kind of shit...

"Yeah, well..." I rub my pussy-juice coated hand in her face. And I slap her pretty hard. "Thanks for everything."

I get up to leave and start dressing.

"Wait, don't go away mad! This was fantastic! You are fantastic! You are so much more than you even know! Dear God you're a better lover than the 112 guys I've had so far!!"

Well, she got me with that one.

"Ok Nessa," I say. "I'm sorry to take it out on you. Your cock-sucking is fabulous, and I really enjoyed you. I'm just mad at Vickie, i guess."

She kisses me, gently, lovingly, and presses her body against in a wonder-hug.

"Don't be so hard on her. She wants what's best for you. Without her... um... 'help'... do you think you'd have gotten two blowjobs today? Spanked a pretty girls tits? Think about it..."

I kiss her with all the passion I've got. Gently caressing her face... gently slipping my tongue between her lips...

"I'm sorry, Nessie."

We break off.

"See you soon, I hope."

"Oh, you will sweetie," she replies. "You will."

As I'm getting my implements of yard destruction into my car, Vanessa's Mom drives in the driveway. Shoot man, we had 7 minutes to spare. Not even close.

"Hey Mrs. 'A'!"

"I'm so glad I caught you," she exclaims as she gets out of her car. "I wanted to pay you your $20. And I see you did a great job... did Vanessa go anywhere?"

"No ma'am. She's right here. Say... is that a new dress? You look fabulous!"

"Oh!" she cries. She's flustered. I've flustered a 40 year old woman... "Matter of fact, it is new! It's not too flashy is it?" She poses slightly.

Her dress looks fantastic, it accentuates her massive tits even more than before!

"Mrs. A," I start. "You look great in that. It really shows off your... figure... very nicely"

Mrs. A actually blushes as I continue to stare at her. I don't know what's come over me, I usually can't muster up the courage to even look adults in the eye, let alone openly leer at hot adult ladies.

"Well... yes... I agree!" she laughs. She fumbles in her purse.

"Ok... um... Davey... here's your twenty, but wait... here's another twenty for doing such fine work!"

I bypass the twenties and go straight in for the hug.

"Mrs. A! You didn't have to do that!"

I give her a bear hug, and pick her up off her feet. Despite her H+ tits, she only weighs about 110 or so. I spin her around quickly and set her back down.

"Oh!" she exclaims, trying to fix her hair and such. "Well... yes... thank you, I mean... well I'm going inside now..."

I stuff the twenties in my pocket. I see Nessa in the window, she's seen and heard all this. She gives me the big thumbs up and ducks back behind the curtains.

I drive home. It's been a good day. A very good day. i don't even hate Vickie right now. Whatever she's doing, it's working.
---Friday, after the titslapping and cocksucking adventures at Vanessa's house.

I guess I drove home from Vanessa's house. I might've floated. The afternoon seems like a dream... I m*****ed Vanessa's gigantic tits, came in her mouth... twice! And spanked her pretty fucking good. And not just a regular ass spanking, I spanked and slapped her tits, and she loved it!

She wouldn't let me fuck her, or lick her pussy, either. I could have f***ed the issue, but she did threaten to kick my balls. These instructions not to fuck me came from Vickie, my s****r.

I don't know what to think about her right now. I mean, yeah, she's apparently trying to make a man out of me, which I appreciate, but she's also doing this dominant thing on me and I'm not liking it so much.

When I got home, Mom made me dinner, I showered and went back up to the college to hang with a couple guys from my accounting class in their dorm room . We're just barely friends, but it's better than hanging with Mom. Vickie was out on a date.

The dorm was pretty cool, wish I was setup like that. Well, maybe. I mean you have a lot of freedom, but you also have a roommate who may or may not be a douchebag. Anyway, we hung with a few gals, too. One gal, Cheryl, was showing a bit of interest in me, but Chad (my new buddy) was interested in her so I distanced myself from her. b*o's before ho's and all that. Only, we didn't say this back then. Plus, she seemed really excited about accounting. I fucking hate accounting but I have to take it. Who gets excited about accounting?

I got home pretty late. Vickie was home but her door was locked. Yes, I checked. But she forgot to lock the door from our adjoining bathroom. I tiptoed in... I could hear her lightly snoring and could smell the booze and cigarettes on her. Form the glow of her clock radio, I could see about half a boob peeking from her flannel pajamas. She was sl**ping hard on her back.

You've all seen 'a****l House', right? Pinto is looking at the passed out chick, and an angel and devil appear on each shoulder, each with conflicting advice as to his next course of action. I had a similar experience for a few moments, but then a third guy showed up; we'll call him the Flim-Flam man. Flim was like, yeah, you could jump her bones and get it over with. But wouldn't it be much better to do something to pay her back for all the humiliation she's caused me? Do something with some style? Do it when she's sober so she'll remember it forever? I asked Flim what the plan he was, he said he was working on it. Alright, no Grand Scheme tonight then.

But, I couldn't just walk away. I had a semi going and it seemed like a good time to at least leave her a message of 'hey, you don't know what's coming next'.

I reached over and carefully unbuttoned another button, then another. Her breathing didn't change. I unbuttoned the last one, and gently opened her flannel top, exposing her breasts. God damn they were nice. And I sucked them last week. Yes I did, sucked them good. And she jacked my cock off with them, with her beautiful tits... and she likes to suck them, too... and so does Vanessa... Nessa and I had a tongue fight on her big fucking nipples... the nipples that I slapped and spanked and squeezed and bit and sucked hard and kissed gently... and I saw Michele's gorgeous tits, too... and Nessa's hairy cunt...and I made Nessa cum so hard she cried some tears of joy... what a freaky bitch, that Vanessa... and she watches her mom suck dildos with her mom's cunt juices on it... and I f***ed her to say she wanted to eat out her mom...

Jesus fucking Christ... I leaned on the bed and shot load after load of hot cum on my s****r's tits... three shots... four shots... stroke stroke fucking faster... five shots... any more? Nah, just drips on her sheets...

That will be something nice for her to wake up to!


I woke up Saturday around 11:00. Didn't hear anything in the house. Rolled on my stomach and humped the sheets for a few moments, thinking of Vanessa watching her naked mom masturbate... rolled on my back and came all on my chest and stomach. Ahhh...

Vickie was still asl**p... too bad! I wanted to catch her reaction to the dried cum on her tits and jammies.

Even though we just had mid-terms, the year ain't over and we have this big, stupid biology project due at the end of the year. I gotta go to the campus library and use some of the reference books, no Interwebz back in '87!

I go to the second floor of the library where all the reference books are. There's almost nobody in the library. Most people are taking the weekend off after the Mid-terms, it seems. Coming up the stairs, I see a gal wave to me.

She's got dark, shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail... but a few of the front strands are hanging down, framing her luscious face. The face of an Angel. The face of one of my s****r's best friends, Michele.

In my s****r's latest little torment/game, she had me handcuffed to the bed, naked with an erection, and brought in Vanessa and Michele to tease me. My embarrassment was supreme. However, Michele could see this and pretty much put an end to it and got everyone out. The fact that Vickie came back and titfucked my cock was nice (ok, it was fucking awesome!), but still, embarrassment stings.

I muster up some courage and saunter over.

"David!" she whispers. "What are you doing here? Trying to graduate early?"

"Ha, yeah definitely," I whisper back. "Got that freshman bio project, ya know? Need to tun in the next progress item..."

"Ah yes, Professor Digby's famous project. How long will you be here?"

"I dunno... couple hours at least, I guess..."

"Good, me too. Um..." She was thinking hard about something. "I need to concentrate and so do you, but come talk to me when you're done, okay? It's uh... it's important... to me..."

"Yeah, sure. I'm gonna go spread my shit, uh, stuff over in the science section. See ya..."

Now what was that all about? What important stuff does she have to talk to me about?

I struggle to concentrate and study my shit. I'm supposed to be making notecards in order to write my big paper. I thought I would get 30-40 done today. After 2 hours, I've got 5. I cannot fucking concentrate.

I gather up my books and papers and shuffle over to Michele to see what's so important. It's quiet in the library, of course, but the nearest person is about 100 feet away. She invites me to sit down; she's on the end of the table so I sit 90 degrees to her on the side.

"David," she begins, her voice barely above a whisper. "I just wanted to make sure you're doing okay, and to tell you that I am really, Really sorry about the other day in Vickie's room."

I blush. God I hate it when that happens but I can't help it.

"Apology accepted. Thanks." And I start to get back up.

"No, wait!" she whispers.

"Look," I say, raising my voice. "I know she's got you all in on some grand plan..."

"Shhhhhhhh!!!" The obnoxious mouse girl 100 feet away is pissed.

"I know", I begin again, whispering. "Vickie's got you guys all teasing me..."

"No," protests Michele. "It's not like that. Vickie does want you to... grow up to be a man... we all want to help you, David... Vanessa and I love Vickie like a s****r and she, Vick, adores you..."

"She adores me so much she has to tease and embarrass me, and set me up with Vanessa but puts out strict rules on what I can and can't do. That's bullshit. That's not love, or kindness, it's just her being a bitch and I'm not taking it anymore."

Michele bows her head. "I don't agree with her methods. I thought we could just talk with you, tell you some stuff, give you help with girls and how to talk with them. You're such a great guy but you are so painfully shy... correction... you WERE so shy... you don't seem so shy any more."

"Yeah, well that's because I'm pissed. I'm not some plaything..."

"No of course you aren't. The issue is... Vickie is the most sexual person I've ever met, or heard about, or read about. So she has great intentions, but the she struggles with this... this sex-devil inside her. She has taught Vanessa and I so much about sex... but she doesn't know that much about life. That's kind of my area, so I'm trying to help her come to terms with this."

"Sex-Devil?" I ask. What the fuck?

"Well that's what we call it. She just gets overwhelmed with sex thoughts and, well sometimes there's no stopping her. The thing is, you seem to have a similar sex drive, but you've been repressed so long you don't know how to let it out. It's mostly your mom's fault, and Vickie's too. Since you were young, you grew up with kind of bitchy chicks. You learned to only respect women, you never learned that your own wants and needs are important. You don't have to subordinate your feelings for a woman's sake. Or for society's sake. But you're making great strides... I talked to Vanessa last night..."

I couldn't help but grin at that. Vanessa. Mmmmmm. Vanessa... "She told you... everything?"

Michele looked around the room, nobody was paying attention to us. She lightly slapped her own tits a couple times and whispered "more... more..." She grinned.

"So, basically, David, I mean... holy shit!"

"Shhhhhh!" hushed the brainiac.

"Shhh yourself!!" I replied.

"So... you're not, like, disgusted or anything about me?"

"Gosh no," replied Michele. "I'm impressed as hell!"

"I haven't spoken to Vickie about that yet, she was passed out when I got home."

"I don't think she knows. Vanessa went with her mom to visit their Gran."

"Wonder what she'll say. You know, Vickie wouldn't let Vanessa fuck me. Oh shit, I mean, um, make love..."

"You can say anything you want David, I'm very far from being a prude! But... Vickie wants to be your first...

"But she keeps telling me it's wrong, then she handcuffs me... jacks me off... and calls me pervert..."

"Yeah, I know... like I said, I don't really agree with her methods. But look at the results. You're walking tall, you've got confidence in your step, you're talking to me for, like, the first time ever and you are looking me in the eye. You never, ever did that before."

"I know. I feel really good about myself. But I want this humiliation shit to stop. I've been afraid to stop it, though, because... because...well..."

"Go ahead, say what you need to say, David."

"Alright fine. Because I feel like a fucking sex monster and I need to... I need to get fucked. And I've watched... I've watched Vickie for so long and I... I really want to fuck her and make her cum a million times... and she's jacking me off now and that's fantastic and I don't want it to end..."

Michele put her hand on mine.

"David, she loves you. I don't mean romantically. I mean she has deep love for you that will never go away. There's almost nothing you could do to make her stop loving you. She's your s****r. You feel the same way about her. That's fine!"

"Thank you, Michele. I've needed to talk about this. But there's nobody who could even begin to understand..."

"I know, David. I know."

"In spite of all her good intentions, I still want to get back at her. Some way good. I uh... I jacked off on her in her sl**p last night. But that's not exactly revenge."

Michele giggled. "No, not exactly! I'll tell you a secret, though. My dad's a cop, you know. He's got handcuffs in the house. Vickie didn't want to use those cuffs. She and I went to the magician's shop downtown to buy those handcuffs she uses on you..."

"Huh? you mean..."

"Yeah. They are trick handcuffs. There's a button on there to press and they release."

Very interesting...

"Say, uh, Michele... do you think I could borrow a set of your REAL handcuffs?"

"No problem at all, sweetie. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yeah, turnabout is fair play! I'll talk her into cuffing her with her handcuffs that she thinks are trick, but they'll be real ones, instead. Then... holy shit..." My mind filled with dark thoughts.

"Ok, Michele. Will you help me with one last thing?"

"Sure! Anything!"

"I think... I think I kind of understand how to... fuck. I've been practicing for years, ya know? But... um... I want to... I want to lick her and make her cum. And I want it to be great and I don't want to fumble around and mess up..."

"David, you are such a good guy. I would love to give you some tips... um... you mean now?"

"Yeah, if you don't mind. Vickie's going down soon, and I want to be ready."

"Ok. Um eating pussy. Well, every woman and every situation is different, of course. It's not like a cock where you just rub it and cum flies out. But a good way is to start slow... Don't just dive headlong into her puss and start chomping. Assuming you've done other foreplay, start with her stomach. You can trail your tongue downwards... slowly... get closer... then divert at the last moment and go down one of her thighs. Then switch over to her other thigh and go back up. One thing I like, is to look me in the eye once in awhile while you're doing this. That lets me know that you're into this. And it's very sexy.

"So back to the pelvis... you know, mix it up a bit, kiss her here, there, so she doesn't know where you're going, exactly. The teasing is part of the build-up. But then, you're there. Some guys make the mistake of diving for the clitoris and just beating it up. For a great orgasm, you've got to involve the whole pussy."

"Ok," I interrupted. "And the clitoris is, where, exactly?"

"It's up in the folds... um... I can't really show you here... oh! Duh! We're in a library!"

We get up and she leads me to the section with the medical books. We find Gray's Anatomy. Nobody can see us back here in the racks, we're further away from the studying bitch. We flip through the pages... there it is. The vagina, in all of it's clinical glory. Great diagrams. Michele sets the book on a shelf at the end of the rack.

"So, here it is. Except, your s****r shaves her pubic hair."

"Uh, really? Why? And uh, how do you know?"

"I just know. I told you, she's brought Vanessa's and my own sexuality up several notches...

"Anyway. This shows it all closed up, that's pretty much how it looks normally. Start here at the bottom, and lick slowly... slowly up... don't press to hard, you're just licking the outside right now..."

"Don't I want to stick my tongue in there?"

"Patience, young man! It's not about your enjoyment, it's about hers. This is all about her.

"Keep licking up to the top. See this area? the clitoris is under this bit of skin. So you're just licking the outside for now. Do this a few times, whatever you feel. 3 times. 10 times. Mix it up. Lick up and then lick back down. Then, finally, press harder with tongue, right down here, just up from the base. Separate her pussy lips. The heat you will feel from this is incredible."

I looked at Michele with a sideways glance. She's done this before. She's eaten pussy. Most likely, she's eaten Vickie's pussy.

"'Scuse me for a second," I tell her. I reach into my pants and adjust my raging cock. It's getting hard, but it's pointed downhill. That won't work for me. It's also a bit juicy with some pre-cum on it. I pull out my hand, which has some pre-cum on my palm. Michele sees it. I lick it up. "Ok, sorry, all better." I move closer and am now pressing against Michele a little as I try and investigate the diagrams of cunts. My hand just naturally rested on her hip. Right on her pantline. She turned slightly, then went back to the book. My thumb and forefinger are now resting on her bare skin, beneath her sweater.

"So, um. Holy shit. I mean, uh... now, she'll be getting pretty warmed up. You'll be tasting her juices. Have you... did you get to taste?" I slide my hand up her back a little. her skin is so soft and warm...

"Yeah. Vickie put her fingers on my lips with her juices. And I got some of Vanessa's too. It was kind of weird, but interesting, too."

"Well, you'll be drenched in it. And, this is the moment of truth. She'll know if you don't like it or are grossed out by it. And there won't be any cumming if you pull back and say 'How was that?' Stay in there. Tough it out. It's an acquired taste. You'll learn to like it. You'll learn to love it. Then you'll crave it."

"I'm already craving it..."

"Yeah, I can see that... So now... just go exploring in there. Push your tongue in as far as you can go. Get your hands involved, too. Spread her legs, spread her lips. Work your way up here..."

"The mysterious clit."

"Right. the magic button. The man in the boat. Sometimes direct contact with it can be fantastic, sometimes it an actually hurt the gal. You'll have to see. It's okay if it hurts her for a moment, just change tactics. It's not the end of the world. Lick around the top, lick all the skin... everywhere... the exploring is the fun part. Take your time." My hand has now slid down to her ass. I'm cupping her goddamn ass cheeks. My cock is pressing against her thigh as as she stands slightly in front me, pointing to the pussies in the book.

"At some point, though, you need to get down to work. Um... what works with me... is... oh god I didn't think I would do this!" She blushes to a beet red.

"So you get the idea, David... I'll see you..."

"Whoa no!"

From across the room, I get "SHHHHHuuush"-ed again.

I push Michele's back against the stacks of books. My hands are around her waist.

"Finish it. What works for you."

I lean into her, my cock pressing right against her crotch.

"If you take... two fingers..."

"Yes... two fingers..." I plant the tiniest of kisses on her neck. Working my way all around.

"Right... um massage the pussy with them..."

"You mean, massage your pussy, right? Not the pussy. We're talking about what works for you." I continue to kiss her neck. Her breathing quickens

"yes..." she whispers. "My pussy... coat your fingers with her juices. I mean, my juices. Slide up inside me... fuck me with your fingers... at the same time, you're still licking me up a little higher, around my clitoris and... oh god David..." she moans as my cock-filled jeans press hard into her crotch and rub up and down.

"Keep going, Michele. Tell me how to eat your cunt," She's actually panting a little bit.

"Um... haha!... so yeah... get a rhythm going, but you can speed it up and slow it down, too. And don't forget to look up at me once in a while."

I pull away from her a little bit, and I look directly into her eyes.

"Yes... like that..."

I keep staring into her eyes. My hand slides down... inside her sweatpants... and panties... and I find a very hot and very wet spot. I massage the lips. "Keep going..."

"David... don't... um... I don't mean that... just..."

"Keep talking, tell me how to make you cum."

"Um... you can shout out some things yourself while you're doing this, let me know you're enjoying this... mash your tongue onto my clit... and kind of pulse it in time with your hand strokes... keep doing that... keep doing that... yes... David!"

"SSSSHHHHHH!" from the peanut gallery. God these people should read a book or something.

I plant my lips full on her mouth so she'll quiet down. My middle finger is up her pussy hole a little bit, (Hey, her pants and panties are still on. We're in a library for crying out loud! Keep it down!) and my palm is pressing into her clitoris. I'm rubbing firmly, creating a rhythm, pulsing on her clit...
"I want to eat you up." I kiss her more.

She's melting, I have to help hold her up with my other arm.

"I'm going to fuck my s****r, first, Michele" I shove my tongue in her mouth and grip her pussy hard and shake it.

"Then I'm coming for you." I try and cram all four fingers into her pussy. They all make it in.

Michele makes this indescribably lovely face.

"I'm coming to fuck you, Michele."

She stiffens, sharply intakes a breath, grimaces, then release her breath in little explosive gasps. She's desperately trying not to scream. It sort of works. My fingers are soaked with her cum. She's trembling, and buries her head on my shoulder and chest for a moment. She comes back to life and kisses me, passionately, then sweetly and gently.

"I think," she begins, whispering. "I think you're going to do just fine, David. Fuck Vickie. Please. Fuck her good and hard. Then keep your promise. Come and get me..."

We smile for a few moments.

"Hey, what about you? Here let me do something..."

"No," I stop her. "I need all that for Vickie. She's going to get exploded upon!"

I follow her to her house and pick up the cuffs, the real ones. Her folks are there and I just act like I'm picking up a book for my s****r.

"Go get her," she whispers in my ear as she gives me a hug. "Show her who's boss."

- - -

Sunday, I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out when I can launch a surprise attack on Vickie. My balls are so blue they are actually singing the blues... She had a date last night again. I fell asl**p. Mom's around all effing day. Guess I'll have to wait until Friday and tell her she can't go to class or something...

Whatever. I'm working on my Bio project again. We've had dinner. Mom and Vickie are having wine in the f****y room. Of course, Mom won't let me have any because it's i*****l. Bitch. They seem to be into their second bottle already. They should just shut up so I can concentrate on this stupid shit.

'Root pressure'. Who gives a fuck about root pressure? Then they tell me it's not even a viable theory. So, they're teaching me theories that don't mean shit. I do NOT understand college... At least it's quiet out there in the house. Time passes.

My bedroom door flies open. It's Vickie. She's got her cordless phone, tucked against her chest so the person on the other end can't here her talking to me.

"Come here! Quick. You've gotta hear this!"

Ok, whatever.

She sits down on the bed and points for me to sit next to her. She talks into the phone, then tilts it between both our ears so I can hear the other person.

"Ok, Ness, sorry. Had to take a quick dump. So, start from the beginning? I'm listening now."

"Well, he's cutting the grass and shit, and he looks good. I swear he's gotten taller since school started. So I wait till he's all done so Mom doesn't get suspicious. Then I go outside..."

"What were you wearing?" Interrupts Vick.

"That tube top, you know, the purple one? And those white shorts."

"And panties?"

"Vickie, who do you think you're talking to? OF course not!" They both laugh. "So I forget what we said exactly. But I teased him a little, and he yanked my top down!"

Vickie looks at me, kind of that "oh really?" look.

"Go on", she says to Vanessa.

"Then, get this, he ASKS me if he can touch them. He's so-o-o-o adorable!" Vanessa laughs. "But then, oh I don't know what happened, I mean, he attacked my tits. He really loves tits. I mean really. He may have a problem or something... I'm k**ding! So then we start talking dirty. i don't know how he knew this... did you tell him about Mom? Somehow he knew."

"I've never said a word about that dream to anyone, not even Michele."

"Well, then he's some kind of psychic or something. Wait, I'm ahead of myself. So first he talks about you tittyfucking him. He really liked that. So I sucked him while he told me that..."

"Sucked him? His cock?"

"His beautiful cock. What is it? 8 inches?"

"No, it's only 7."

Shit. My secret is out. I can't believe she just told everyone that. I don't have a giant cock. But it is bigger than 3 billion Chinese and Asian's cocks, so there. It's probably bigger than yours, too, so shut up.

"He told me he wanted you to suck him off. Since you didn't, I did. and Vickie?"


"That boy cums a lot!"

Vickie indicates she wants to lay down on the bed. We re-arrange ourselves so we can both here. She's also giving me the 'thumbs-up', showing that she likes what I did with Vanessa.

"Yeah I know, I've seen it. I've tasted it, too." She elbows me in the ribs.

"Yeah you tasted it, I ATE him all up... God damnit... Vickie. There's more to the story but I have to do something now... you know..."

"No," said Vickie. "I don't know. say it."

"Fuck you bitch!" Vanessa said, laughing. "I have to touch, you know, christ, you taught me!" I rise up and look at Vickie. She's taught Vanessa how to masturbate? Cool! Vickie just shrugs and gives a me a 'who, me?' look.

"God I had to wear a bra all weekend at Gran's house. Feels good to get it off... let the girls breathe... yes...mmm..."

A few moments go by. We hear some squeaking noises. Some suckling noises.

"Vanessa?... stop sucking your tits and talk to me! What happened next?"

"Oh, right. Sorry. So somehow he found about my mom. Next thing I know, he's slapping my tits!" Vickie gives me this look like 'what the hell?' My turn to just shrug.

I'm kinda getting a hard-on.

"And he's slapping them hard! And Vickie... it felt sooooo good. So-o-o-o good." We can hear some slapping sounds in the phone.

"It's not the same when I do it myself."

"It never is", replies Vick.

"Ain't that the truth. He's slapping me all around and I got so fucking hot and horny. Then he grabbed my cunt and slapped my tits and made me spill the beans about Mom.

"He made me... he made me admit..."

She was having trouble breathing.

"I admitted that I watched Mom masturbate... and that I watched her lick her dildo after she was done... and he slapped my tits more and I couldn't refuse... I told him I wanted to eat Mom's pussy."

"You do want to eat her pussy, don't you?"

"Yes... Vickie... yes..." we can just hear her panting.

"I can't hear anything, Vanessa."

Next thing we hear all kinds of juicy, slurpy noises. I unzip my pants and take out my cock. Vickie raises her eyebrows and smiles at me, but she shakes her head 'no'.


"Yeah... yes..."

"Say it, honey..."

"oh FUCK I want to eat her cunt! and I want her to eat mine!!"

Vanessa apparently drops the phone and we hear slapping noises, and noises of Vanessa cumming, hard. I stand up, my hard cock sticking out. I tell Vickie to tun on the speaker phone. She laughs quietly, "I didn't know there was one!" Now we can hear Nessa just fine.

"Vickie... sorry sweetie... had to be done, though. But I'm not done talking about David."

I open Vickie's underwear drawer. She shakes her head, then turns away so she can't see me.

"I sucked his cock again. He came in my mouth twice, Vickie! I swallowed it all, too..."

I went 'Pssst' and Vickie turned to see me. I had two bras hanging from their straps on my upright cock. She smiled and tried to wave me away.

"Vickie, you can't do this anymore. You have to let me fuck him! Please! I'm begging you!"

I found the trick handcuffs in her drawer. I piled on several more bras onto my cock, then hung the bracelets on there, too.


Vickie looked back at me. I could tell she was excited by this, but she furiously shook her head 'no' and pointed to Mom's room.

I put everything back in the drawer, including her trick handcuffs.

Vanessa continued talking about me fucking her, and then talking about her mom and me in the driveway.

I left the room and I checked on Mom. She was passed out on her bed. I put a blanket over her.

"Mmmm... Mike? is that you?" Mike was my deadbeat dad's name. We haven't seen him in over ten years.

There's a wineglass that's still full on her night stand.

"Yeah, it's me. Drink your water sweetie..." I held the wine glass to her lips, she drank about half of it.

"Thanks babe... maybe we can fuck in the morning..."

Well that killed my hard-on. My mom the fucking fat slob, the fucking d***kard. Yeah, let's fuck. The Horror!

I went to my room, got the real handcuffs, then eased back into Vickie's room.

Vanessa was droning on about how she wants to fuck me, her mom wants to fuck me, she wants to eat her mom etc... I think she had been hitting the wine, too.

I went back to the underwear drawer. I made it look like i was getting out the trick handcuffs, when in fact I pulled the real ones out. I jangled them in Vickie's direction. She again shook her head, no!

I pointed to mom's room, then mimed her drinking and passing out. Vickie raised an eyebrow at me.

I walked over to her bed and reached for her left hand. I cuffed it. Vickie smiled and raised both eyebrows, twice.

I raised her hand over her head, by the brass railing of her headboard. She still held the phone in her right hand, though we were listening to it on speakerphone. I took the phone and placed it right at her cleavage. It was only a few inches away so she could still talk and hear fine. I pulled her right arm up to match her left. I ran the cuffs behind the rail, then back around and cuffed her right wrist. She was in good. Handcuffed to the bed. Shackled. For real. And she didn't know it.

I took off all my clothes, slowly. I dropped my boxers right in her face.

I picked up the phone and interrupted Vanessa, who was still going on about being in love with me and maybe she could fuck me...

"Vanessa, Hey! Vanessa! It's David."

"David? Oh god. I want to thank you so much for Friday and was wondering if we..."

"Vanessa, Vickie has to go now. Bye." Click.

I threw my boxers on the ground, and stood up on the bed, towering over Vickie.

"You... are not going to tie me up anymore. We are going to fuck, and suck, probably for the rest of our lives, but we aren't going to do it that way anymore."

"David," she began. "I was conflicted, I didn't want to impose myself on you. If I tied you up, it wasn't your fault, you know what I mean? I'm wicked, you aren't, I didn't want you to..."

This wasn't exactly my plan. Okay, I didn't have a plan at all. I was just winging it.

I drop down, and lay naked body on top of her. She's still dressed in jeans and a blouse. Her tits are sticking up pretty nicely so she's got a bra on, too.

"David, let me go, please. We can talk, or whatever you want to do..."

"It's too late for that, sweetheart."

I thought of ripping her pants off and half-r****g her. I thought of smacking her like I did Vanessa. Instead, I kissed her. We had never kissed before. We have tittyfucked, and played around, but never kissed.

Her lips tasted good. She was hesitant, at first. I slid my hands behind her head and neck, cradling her. I stroked her cheek with my thumb as I slowly parted her lips with my tongue. She let out an "mmm..." as I began exploring her mouth, and found her tongue. Her whole body relaxed, she wrapped her legs around mine. We kissed for several minutes. Not moments. Minutes. Hungrily, hard, gentle, teasing, giggling, dreaming.

I break the kiss, and the embrace. I get up and sit on her pelvic area, my cock pointing skywards while pre-jizz oozes out of the tip. I crawl up to her, so she can see this fat cock coming towards her face. I stop with it an inch above her face. I stroke from the base, bring out the pre-cum so it drips onto her forehead, her cheeks, her lips.

"David, undo me, and I can..."


I take my cock, and slap her on the cheek with it. Again, and again. I rose up and maneuver around her face, continuously slapping her face with my cock. Vickie didn't shy away from this. She loved it.

"You want to suck this, don't you."

"Yes Davey!"

"Call me 'Davey' again and I'll buttfuck you with a baseball bat." She sat there, stunned and wild-eyed while I smacked her lips with my hard cock some more.

"Tell me how much you want it."

"Dave... David... I want your cock so much. I've dreamed about it. Please. may I kiss it?"

That's more like it. "Yes, you may."

I place it on her lips. She begins kissing it, tonguing my cock. I press deeper, my cock enters her mouth. Her hot and wet fucking mouth.

I can't push down much further, though. My cock goes up, her throat goes down. Problem. I prop her head up with some pillows... yes, that's a better angle now...

"If you let me out I could mmmpphmphmmphm..." She tends to stop talking with a dick in her mouth. I'm fucking her mouth pretty fucking now.

Even with her limited mobility, she sucked my cock pretty fucking good. I pulled out and dragged my balls in her face. She licked them, and sucked them gently into her mouth. Jesus, THAT never occurred to me! But it felt fantastic...

I move back down to where I'm sitting atop her pelvis. Her tits want to come out. I know they do. Vickie is wearing this light pink button-up blouse. I gently undo the first button. Vickie smiles at me. I grasp more of her blouse in each hand... and RIP it apart! Buttons flying, fabric tearing. I don't get it in one shot, so I go down more and rip her shirt again until all the buttons are gone.

Vickie lays there, her chest heaving up and down with anxiety and passion.

"Back in a minute." I tell her. Her bra, of course, won't come off because her arms are cuffed up at the headboard. I go get my big camping knife.

A voice in my head says to go check on Mom. Seems like a bad idea. I tiptoe in her room, naked and holding a knife... She's still asl**p. Good. For a moment, I think of dropping my cock in her mouth. Nah... she'd probably clamp down on it and cause permanent damage.

As I'm walking down the hall back to Vickie's room, I can hear her struggling with the cuffs. I walk in, smirking, go to her dresser and pull out the magic handcuffs.

"Looking for these?"

I turn and face her. She sees the knife and goes bug-eyed.

"Don't scream... don't scream..."

I sit on her pelvis again. i slide the shiny knife blade against he soft, pale skin. Up to her left bra strap. I tilt the big blade 90 degrees so it's pointing up. I lift up... higher... higher... the blade digs into the strap... SNAP! on her skin as the now cut straps return to their unstretched length. I repeat the move on her right bra strap... stretching it up until the knife slices through the material.

"Don't move a muscle." I instruct Vickie.

I bring the knife down to her stomach, pointing to her breasts. Sliding the tip up ever so gently... under the fabric of her 36DD bra... I have to use my other hand to pull up the bra... her tits are squishing together... the knife blade now fully under the middle of the bra...

"Lift... and separate!"

Her tits spring back to her chest, Vickie breathes again. I lean across her and stick the knife into her nightstand.

"That's a twenty dollar bra, you know..."

I smirk... "Not any more!"

I yank out the remnants of her cut up bra. She still has her shirt on, just wide open.

Greedily, I attack her tits with the same ferocity that I m*****ed Vanessa's a couple days ago. I'm not slapping them, just kneading them... sucking them... kissing them... Vickie pulls on her restraints as I push the two nipples together and lick and almost suck them both... I do love tits... I grab her left tit and push it to Vickie's face, offering her a snack.... she greedily chomps on her nipple, drawing it completely into her mouth... god... damn... it...

I start kissing below her breasts... down to her taut belly... oh shit... her pants are still on.

I undo the button and zipper and shuck them off. She has some silky little pink panties on.

"Vick... I have to..." I reach over and grab the knife, I slip the cold blade against her skin, she shudders. I cut the panties on her left side by her hip. I pull the panties away from her mound. Vickie is watching the process intently. I slice through the crotch of her panties. I pull them out from under now, and sniff them deeply.

"Mmmmm... somebody's excited!"

"It's me. Oh my fucking god I'm excited! David will you hurry up and fuck me?!?" Huh... she's begging. I like begging. I also like denying.

"Let me go and I'll..." I stuff the panties into her mouth. She looks pissed.

"You gonna be quiet now?" She nods. I remove the panties. I slam the knife into the night stand again. I leave the panties right at her neck so she can smell them.

I go back to kissing around her pant line. I've settled in between her legs. Thinking back on Michele's advice, I tease Vickie by going right alongside her clean-shaven pussy and keep going down her left leg... I look her in the eye... she's silently pleading with me to dive in... I switch to her other leg and gently lick and caress her thighs... she squirms... I arrive back near her pussy... the scent is strong with this one.

Ever so lightly, I place my tongue right at the base of her cunt and slowly... slowly bring it up. I can feel the heat coming from her core. I'm tasting her cunt juices that have sneaked out already. I get to the top... grazing over her hooded clit...

"Oooooh David... my b*****r... my lover..."

I start at the bottom again, more juice now. I'm trying to go slow, but jesus it's hard. At the top, this time, I do a slow return back down her lips. It's easier going up, of course, the tongue is built that way. I do that for another minute or so, just going up and down but not penetrating.

Then I apply more tongue pressure and her lips separate. Jesus, I thought it was hot before, but now that my tongue is a half inch inside it's even hotter. The slight taste of pussy juice is replaced by an assault on my tongue. Female juice, mmmm-mmmm-good. Moving up slightly, it gets even fucking hotter as I cross over her actual cunt hole. Vickie is just mewling and twisting... then she clamps her thighs against my head and pushes her cunt into my face as hard as she can. Fuck, gotta watch that move! A fellow could suffocate down here! I spread her legs slightly so I can move my head some more.

My hands wrap around her thighs and ass, and come over to pull her lips apart.

"Your pussy is beautiful, Vickie."

"Yes..." She can't really form sentences, it seems.

I thrust my tongue deep into her vagina, as far as I can. I can feel the juices on my tongue and I withdraw a little so I can swallow. Tangy. I go to town on her pussy, licking faster, licking everywhere... on impulse I suck on her pussy lips... to my surprise lots of lip and cunt comes into my mouth... I use a tiny bit of teeth as it slides back out...

"Oh fuck... oh shit... David... David... fuck..."

I pull my hand from around her leg and I gently thrust my index finer inside... it goes in so easy I'm not sure she notices. Two fingers... she notices that!... I plant my face on her clit and alternate between licking and kissing and sucking... all while thrusting two fingers back and forth... three... moving faster, much faster... fuck let's get them all in there! Four fingers and the tip of my thumb are ramming in and out of my s****r's cunt!

Vickie can't stand it anymore... I can feel her orgasm building... I pull my hand out and rise up off her cunt.

"You know what Vick? Maybe you're right. Maybe i****t is bad... this doesn't seem right..."

She moans at me. "Please! God! please go on!" She looks like she's going to cry. I make one of those mean faces that a b*****r makes to his s****r, and dive back in.

In ten seconds, she fucking cums. And I mean cums. I can barely hang on as she bucks against me. I decide it's a good time to slap her tit with my left hand, while she's cumming... SLAP... SLAP... more faceplant on her clit... SLAP on her tits...
"AAAUGGHH!" she screams!

Christ! That would wake the dead! I leap up and clamp my right hand, my cunt-juice covered right hand, over her mouth so she'll shut up. She's a fucking a****l now, she's trying to hump my leg as her orgasm subsides... spent... she collapses back down... her shiny cunt glistening in the light.

I bend down and kiss her on the the lips. My whole face is damp with her pussy juice. She laps at my cheeks, humming the whole time.

We kiss more... deeply... I slide my hips between her legs... my fucking rock of Gibraltar cock just about falls into her pussy. She's so open and wet, I'm already inside an inch or so. I wanted this to be a little more dramatic, but what the fuck.

I push forward.

I have to clamp my hand over her mouth again as my cock sinks into her pussy. Up to the fucking hilt. The feeling is... amazing... practically indescribable joy... I start slowly thrusting inside her steaming hot hole. Pulling 95% of the way out, then slamming it back home. Again, and again.

Thank you God... although I'm sure this doesn't meet your approval... but I'm finally fucking my s****r... I wrap my arms around her as hers are still restrained by the handcuffs on the headboard. I grab her ass and pull myself deeper into her. Her ass crack is wet with her pussy's desire... I easily slip a finger up her into her ass... she kisses me hard...

"David... I love you... cum in me... cum in me... now or whenever... just cum in me..."

We kiss more. My mind has traveled to some other level. Maybe it's just all the pleasure circuits lit up, but I feel like Vickie and I are connected in time and space... it's totally amazing... I feel she is... with me...

I can't stand it... I cum... and cum... and cum... My s****r giggles and laughs and moans as my hot fucking cum fills her pussy... spasm... spasm... spasm...her hot cunt grips my cock as she cums too.... my hot sperm shooting deep into her body... she's taking all of my cum...

I collapse on top of her. The Astral Plane has left and I slowly return to earth. Vickie and I are kissing lightly. I stop to reach over and get the handcuff key. I undo one wrist and fall back down, rolling onto my back as she unlocks the other one herself.

Almost immediately, she goes down and sucks on my cock. She wants that fucking cock and all of our juices in her mouth. She rises up on her knees and puts her hand under her cunt. We both watch as the spermy mixture of man-cum and girl-cum drips into her hand. She pulls her hand up and replaces it with her other. She licks and slurps our cum up, completely swallowing it. A little bit is in her other hand, she rubs it on her nipples, and presents them to me for licking. I gladly suck them both clean.

Knock-Knock. "Vickie? Is everything all right in there?" Jesus it's Mom!

I roll onto the side of the bed away from the door. Vickie gets up and tries to wrap some bedding around her and meets Mom as she's opening the door.

"What's going on? I heard something, and where's Davey?"

"Mom..." starts Vickie. "I was having... some alone time... you know? And I think David went to Mike's house or something..." her voice trailed off.

"Okay, well come help me finish this wine off. And don't be such a tramp."

"Um... sure... in a couple minutes, ok?"

She closes AND LOCKS the door. Note to everyone. Next time you fuck a f****y member, maybe you should lock the door if you don't want every one to know.

Vickie strides back to me as I emerge from the hidden side of the bed. She drops the sheets and we hug passionately.

"I love you, Vickie." I say. "Like a s****r."

"Love you like a b*****r, David."

"And... um... thank you... for everything, I mean. All this..."

"David, I'm just so happy we are where we are right now. Look, Mom's waiting. See you in the morning, Ok? Come into the bathroom and I'll suck you off before I brush my teeth..."

We kiss and she departs.
-- To be continued --
... Continue»
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My friends come over for dinner and my girlfriend

Quick background info for those who haven't read any of my other stories.
I'm bi and submissive by nature. My submissive side was always a secret until I started to experiment with my girlfriend of 3 years, Sue, which led her to becoming the dominant person in our day to day lives and later led her to cuckolding me and I also had a few experiences with guys as well.
Now that the background info is out of the way we can start with the story.

This story happened a few days ago. I woke up and looked out the window and I was pleased to see that after a week of rainy and cold weather, it was finally a sunny and beautiful warm day! I decided to take advantage of the weather and I invited my friends over for a BBQ. Since it was a last minute invitation, only 3 of my friends were able to come over "Steve, Paul, and Bill" even my girlfriend "Sue" told me that she is busy but she will try to make it. I ran to the store and picked up some stuff and started to set everything up in the backyard. The guys showed up a bit late "about 4 pm" but we still had enough time so we sat outside and enjoyed a few beers while I grilled some burgers. The sun started to set, so we all went back in the house and sat in the living room and continued our random conversations. Sue came home and said hi to everyone then went to our bedroom to take a quick shower.
By this point, all the guys have had a few beers and were getting a bit buzzed and, not surprisingly, the conversation turned to girls and sex.
As we all talked, each of us telling a story about a girl in our past or what our likes and dislikes were... I received a text from Sue.

Sue: I'm liking your conversation!
Me: Lol! I didn't think you could hear us in there
Sue: I could hear you guys just fine! It's kind of turning me on!
Me: haha! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!
Sue: I'm having a blast... I'm starting to think that I should join you guys and maybe we would have more than just a conversation! What do you think?
Me: That sounds like fun!
Sue: How should we get things started?
Me: I don't know! Be direct if you need to, I don't care!

I wasn't thinking about sex earlier when I invited my friends, but I was definitely getting excited now!
I always enjoy it when Sue cuckolds me, especially when she does it with friends who don't know about our lifestyle! I enjoy the buildup and their surprised looks when they learn that they can have their way with my girlfriend.
Sue walked out and sat next to me, the guys continued the conversation while she sat and listened and waited for an opportunity to join in. Soon enough, She joined in and replied to Paul.

Paul: I think it's really sexy when girls wear fancy lingerie, especially with stockings! But for some reason most girls only dress up on the outside but just wear regular underwear!
Sue: That's not true! I love lingerie and I have quite a collection! Do you want to see
Paul: Sure!
Sue: I'll be right back.

Sue went into our bedroom then came out 2-3 minutes later. The guys were speechless when they saw Sue! She walked out wearing sexy black and red panties and bra with a garter belt and stockings. I loved seeing how they looked at her as she slowly walked to the center of the room then she spun around to give them a full view. I was getting so turned on!

Sue: So? What do you think?
Paul: I though you were going to bring something out to show me! I didn't expect you to put it on!
Sue: I think you guys would appreciate the outfit more if you saw it on.

The guys stared quietly and she looked like she was definitely enjoying their attention!

Sue: I think I'm should spend the rest of the night dressed like this! Just to tease you guys for a little!
Paul: I don't mind if you don't mind me staring!

Sue laughed then grabbed a chair and placed it in the center of the room and sat right in front of us to give the guys a good view!
We all talked a bit more, the guys tried to act normal, but they were all generally quiet since they were too busy staring at her.
I was rock hard! I loved how daring and forward she was!

Sue: so Paul, is this the kind of underwear you were talking about? Or is it not fancy enough for your taste?
Paul: huh? Are you k**ding? You look hot as hell!
She laughed.
Sue: yea? So this is turning you on?
Paul didn't reply and looked at me. I just looked back at him and smiled.
Bill: this isn't fair! You look like you are having too much fun teasing and tormenting us!
Sue: I wasn't trying to tease you guys! But since you already think that I am, then I might as well go ahead and be a tease!

She stood up and reached behind her back... She unhooked her bra and smiled as she dropped it and exposed her breasts! She looked at them while squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples then she laughed and covered her breasts with her hands and sat down.

Sue: Should I stop being a tease and get dressed?
Bill: If your boyfriend wasn't here then I would have asked you to keep going!
Sue: he didn't stop me so far so don't worry about him!
He looked at me and I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders.
Paul: Then I guess you should keep going until he stops you!
Sue: No... Now that I think of it, I'm the only one who's undressed! In you guys want to see my breasts again then I want you all to take your pants off!

They looked at each other then slowly and reluctantly they unbuttoned their pants and took them off. They were all already hard! Steve and Bill had average cocks, about 7 inches or so, but Paul was surprisingly hung! He was about 10-11 inches and super thick!
Sue stood up and exposed her breasts and started to touch them and pull her nipples seductively. She looked at their stiff cocks as they enjoyed the show she was putting on for them.
She looked at Paul and smiled then walked towards him. She leaned closer and grabbed his hand and placed it on her breast then reached out and held his gigantic cock. He was so thick that she couldn't wrap her fingers all the way around it!
She stroked his cock and he felt her breasts for a few seconds then suddenly stopped and moved her hand away from his cock.

Paul: Things are getting out of hand! I can't do this! Your boyfriend is sitting right in front of us!
Sue: I understand you don't want to upset your friend by doing anything with his girlfriend right?
Paul: Basically

Sue stood up and walked over to me. She pulled me hard by the collar of my shirt and I stood up then she f***ed me to my knees. I was so excited! My favorite part of being her cuckold is when she humiliates me in front of the guys and she was being extra aggressive with me so I knew that she was going to be extra humiliating!
She walked back to Paul pulling me with her as I crawled on my hands and knees next to her. She sat next to Paul and I stayed on my knees in front of them. I looked around my friends shocked faces!

Sue: Take your clothes off.

I started to take my clothes off so that now all my friends can see how hard I am!
Sue played with my cock using her foot. She grabbed Paul's cock and started to stroke it again, Paul didn't stop her this time.
She raised her foot to my face and I started to kiss and suck her toes.

Sue: You see how big his cock is? Would you be mad if you saw it slide inside me?
Me: Not at all!
Sue: Really?!? What about your other friends? Would you be upset if they fucked them too?
Me: Whatever makes you happy!
Sue: Prove it! I want you to be the one to take my panties off for them!

I pulled her panties off as my friends were watching and stroking their cocks. She pulled me closer and f***ed my face between her legs and I immediately started licking her wet pussy. She moaned and thrusted her hips and stroked Paul's huge cock. She pushed my head back and made me stand up then handed me her panties.

Sue: Put them on!

I wore her panties and looked around as my friends were still in disbelief!
Sue got up and walked to the bedroom as I followed. We got in the room and she looked back at me with a smile.

Sue: I'm sure you're enjoying being humiliated like this in front of your friends!
Me: I'm having a blast!
Sue: Yea? Well I want you to walk back out there in those panties and invite them to the bedroom.

I walked out and the guys were still sitting with their pants down and their cocks out.

Steve: What the fuck? Are you high or are you guys playing some kind of joke or something?
Me: no why?
Steve: you're seriously ok with what just happened? You're ok with all of us watch your girlfriend naked?
Me: Absolutely! I actually came back out to invite you guys to the bedroom and fuck her! If any of you are interested?

Without replying, they all got up and followed me to the bedroom leaving their clothes behind. They stood next to each other at the foot of the bed. Sue crawled out of the bed and took a dildo and lube out of her night stand then walked over to us with a smile.
She pulled me closer and bent me over, pressing my face against the bed with my ass facing them.

Sue: I want to show you guys something.

She slapped my ass and pulled the panties down.
She lubed the dildo then put a generous amount of lube on my asshole. She rubbed the lube around my ass and slid two fingers in my ass spreading the lubricant as deep as her fingers could go.
She slowly started to slide the dildo into my ass. It hurt as it stretched my asshole since it was too thick for me! But by the time the whole dildo was inside me, the pain quickly went away and I began to enjoy myself! She gradually picked up the pace sliding the dildo in and out, the faster she moved the louder I moaned! As shoved the dildo in and out I was moving forward and back which caused my cock to rub against the bed.

Sue: are you enjoying this? Tell me, do you want me to stop or keep going?
Me: Don't stop! Keep going! It feels so fucking good!
Sue: your friends are right behind you! Aren't you ashamed to admit that you like having a dildo up your ass?

Once she said that, I just gave out one more loud long moan as I started to cum!
I stood up and the dildo slid out of my ass. Sue was looking at them smiling.

Me: oh my god that felt so good!
Sue: well now it's their turn.

Sue made me sit on the bed then walked up to them and got on her knees. She held Paul and Steve's cocks and started suck Bills then started to alternate between sucking the three. She sucked their cocks for about 5 minutes or so before Paul pulled her to her feet and pushed her to the bed next to me. She sat with her legs spread and he walked up to her. He held his massive cock to position it against her pussy then her started to push.

Sue: oh my god! It hurts but feels so good!
Paul: should I keep going?
Sue: yes slide it all the way!

With one slow continuous push, Paul slid his whole cock in! She moaned loudly then wrapped her legs around him to hold him in place and keep his cock inside her. After a while of her being deep inside, Paul started to slowly move sliding his massive cock all the way out then back in. Steve and Bill were watching and stroking their cocks.

Me: you guys don't need to stand there! Get on the bed sit down!

They got in bed behind me and Sue. I gestured to them to come closer and they did so that they were now right behind Sue. I held Steve's hand and placed it on Sues breast so that now he was hugging her from behind and bill did the same.

Me: what do you think? Great tits right?
Steve: they are!

He kissed her neck and ears while Paul pounded her pussy making her moan so loudly she was practically screaming!
I noticed that Steve was jacking off as he touched her body, waiting for his turn.
Sue was moaning as Paul started to get rough and fucked her harder! She came twice already by now!

Sue: it's so good! Oh my god babe you should invite more over more often!
Paul: I'm about to cum!
Sue: cum inside! I want to feel your cum fill me up!

Paul held her tight and shoved his cock all the way, as he started to cum inside her! Sue came for the third time while Paul was still filling her with his cum! He finished and sat next to her trying to catch his breath. Sue leaned over and licked his cock clean then sucked the cum that was still in his cock.
Sue laid down on the bed between Steve and Bill and alternated between kissing the two of them while they touched all over her body.

Sue: come here babe... I need a quick clean up

I crawled up the bed between her legs and I started to eat her cream pie. I licked all of Paul's cum that was dripping out, and there was a lot of it!
Sue pushed me off her when I was done then got on top of Bill. I was at the foot of the bed so I had a perfect view of his cock as she lowered herself and took it in her pussy. His cock slid right in her pussy, now that it was just stretched out by Paul's freakish cock!
She started moving up and down on his cock and I watched for a little but then I noticed that Steve was jacking off!

Me: Steve, don't jack off! Fuck her ass! She can take two at a time!
Steve: really? I never fucked a girl in the ass before!
Me: well she loves it! And I promise that you will too!

I got up, grabbed the lube, and started to prepare her ass for Steve while she was still riding bill. I moved over and placed some lube in my hand then started applying it to Steve's cock! He didn't stop me so I took my time and stroked it slowly as I added more lube.

Me: You're going to love fucking her ass! It's so tight!
Steve: Are you having fun preparing my cock for your girlfriends ass?
Me: I'm loving it! Next time you come over, I should blow you before you fuck her!

He got up and got behind her, she stopped moving to give him a chance. He pushed and his cock started to slide in which made Sue moan loudly! Sue started moving again on bills cock in her pussy, while Steve thrusted from behind in her ass!
She took both their cocks while I was stroking my cock and watching.
She took them both for another 15 minutes before Steve filled her ass with cum. She continued to ride bills cock while Steve's cum was dripping out of her ass! Steve laid at the foot of the bed to relax and soon enough, bill started to cum in her pussy. She stayed still on Bills cock as he filled her pussy with cum.
Once they were done, Sue went to take a shower while Steve and Bill relaxed on the bed. I walked out to the living room to check on Paul.

Me: are you ok?
Paul: ya it was just getting crowded in there

I sat next to him on the couch.

Paul: so what happened today, is this a one time thing?
Me: no you can come over whenever! I'm sure I couldn't stop you even if I wanted to! She's going to want that monster cock of yours again.
Paul: Haha! Well I might have another go in a little bit if she's up for it.
Me: Can I touch it?
Paul: what? My dick?
Me: ya
Paul: why not! I guess we already crossed all the lines as it is today.

I held his flaccid, but still huge, cock. It was so thick and heavy!
I felt up and down the length of his cock, he didn't seem to mind, so I slowly stroked it while he watched TV.
He started to get hard, he looked at me and I smiled.

I got on my knees and looked at him, he didn't say anything so I started to suck his cock.

Paul: oh that feels good!
Me: ya? Will this make you hard? I want you to get hard and fuck my girlfriend again!
Paul: oh ill fuck her so good!

I took my time sucking his cock till he was nice and hard! He let me suck his cock a while longer, then he got up and walked to the room.
Sue just got out of the shower and was naked, drying herself off while she chatted with the guys. Paul pulled her outside and sat her on the couch. I got between her legs and started to lick her pussy to get her wet.

Sue: really? Again?
Paul: blame your cocksucking boyfriend! He sucked my cock till I was ready to go again!

Sue looked down at me, I looked back up and smiled while eating her pussy. She let me keep licking while she started making out with Paul.
Once she was wet and moaning I got up and sat on the other couch, Paul got on top of her and spread her legs and started pounding with his full weight fucking her harder than before. I jacked off while watching them, I came twice before Paul was done with her. He filled her pussy yet again. She just laid there, sweating, trying to catch her breath, her legs spread wide open with cum dripping out of her pussy.

The guys left soon after. Paul came back the next day but that's another story ;)... Continue»
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Gangbang Mom with Friends

My name is suneeth and I am a 15 year old guy studying in the final year
of school in hyderabad, India. During the summer season it is sweltering hot
and sweaty inside the house as we don’t have air conditioning. Hence I go
up to the terrace to study under the light next to the stairwell.

We live in a 4 storied apartment building and the terrace is shared by 36 other
apartments. We have about 24 such apartments in our area. There are lots
of young students in college and schools in our area and many come up to the
terrace to study, workout or simply for fresh air, as we are all in the same
income group and hence our living conditions are similar.

My Mom works in the Government school and has a steady 9-5 job and hence will
help me in my studies as she has a Masters degree. We have our own nook up
in the terrace which is hidden from others and we have a concrete bench to sit
under a light. There are some water tanks which hide us from the
neighbouring apartments and hence we can study in peace.

As this is a very important year in school and I have to take the
competitive exams for engineering admissions at the end of this
academic year, my Mom and I take my studies seriously and she gets information
from the internet and her other friends at work whose sons have scored well
in competitive exams.

My Mom avaniis 34 years old as she got married at 18(as is normal here in
India) and I was born within a year. For me she was MOM and hence I thought
she was like every other Mom's except that I noticed that grownup men would
behave like imbeciles in front of her and would smile widely if she just
looked in their direction. I guess she is pretty but for 15 yr old boy women are
just women and Moms are just Moms. My older friends always talked about
girls but I didn’t see what the fuss is about.

My house always had visitors and my friend as well as the older boys in
our area were all my friends and visited me often and let me hang out with
them even though I was a few years younger. I had a lot of friends
especially among the older teens of 18 or 19 who were in University doing
Engineering and Medicine. My Mom also encouraged me to make friends with
these boys and asked me to learn from them so that I will also get admission
with a scholarship in some good Engineering college.

My Dad was abroad in Dubai and my Mom stayed back because of her teacherjob
and for my education. I am the only c***d hence my parents wanted the best for
me. One night as usual we were studying on the terrace and we went down to
our apartment and had our supper and were back on the terrace even though
it was late at night and people had gone to bed (in this city people go to bed
by 930 or 10pm). My Mom was reading a magazine and I was busy studying
when we heard footsteps and saw that it was Arun. He was an 18 yr old
engineering student who was my friend and was well built as he went to the
gym to workout.

My Mom liked Arun as he was a studious and nice guy. He had a
skipping rope and started skipping and after 5 mins my Mom got up and
took the rope from him and started skipping as fast as he did. We were
impressed and my Mom said,” what did think about me? I was an athlete in
University". She then sat down on the bench and folded her legs. She was wearing a skirt and loose T-shirt. Arun then told my Mom that he can do a one hand push up 10 times and started doing them in front of her. He was looking up at my Mom all the time and took his time and did the push-ups slowly. He then came and sat
next to her.

I then got up and said that I can also do push-ups and started doing
normal ones in front of them. When I looked up I was stunned to see that I
could see my Mom's panties clearly as she had folded her legs and her skirt
was parted fully. I then realized why Arun was excited when doing his
push-ups. He looked at me and smiled and winked at me. My Mom was not
aware that her skirt was parted and she was fully exposed. She got up saying
that it was late and she was going to bed and Arun can help me with my
studies-which he readily agreed.When she left we both watched her leave and
for the first time I saw my Mom as a woman and noticed her sexy ass.
I realized that I had a hard-on and Arun also noticed that.

He immediately
commented that My Mom was hot and asked me if I saw her panty.
I told him that she was my Mom and we should not be speaking about her
in this way. He then pointed to my hard-on and smiled and left.
When I saw the look of lust in Arun's eyes for my Mom, I realized that
my Mom was really sexy. Arun was a popular guy among the girls as he was
handsome, tall and well built. He had a beautiful girlfriend but he
never looked at her the way he looked at my Mom.

That made my Mom all the
more desirable. From that day onwards I started masturbating thinking about
my Mom and tried at every opportunity to see more of her body.

My birthday was about a month after my friend Arun and I had seen my
Mom's panty when she accidentally exposed herself to us (read part1). After
that we had many of my friends(Tarun,Vijay,his b*****r Ajay,Karthik and
Sanjay) joining us on the terrace late at night and we all had push-up contests
and every one of my friends got glimpses of my Mom's panties as she
continued to wear her skirt fold her legs and sit on the bench.

She was unaware
that she was giving us a clear view of her crotch. When we guys met anywhere the only topic was about my sexy Mom and I also started getting into this and we
all now wanted to see more. The guys all discussed and analysed every part
of her body and included me in their friendly bawdy talks. From there it
graduated to fantasies about fucking her though all of us knew that it was
impossible. Once the guys knew that like them I also had the hots for my Mom,
they treated me as one of them and we watched many porno movies with the
theme being young guys with older women.

So when my Mom asked me to invite all my friends for my B'day party, I
invited this gang of older guys also. The b'day party was the usual tame
affair with cutting the cake and playing stupid games.

My Mom was pleasantly
surprised when my older friends helped her throughout the party and she was
laughing and joking with them. They in turn were hanging on to every word
she said and my Mom was flattered that these bright young Medical and
Engineering students found her interesting.

She did not notice that they
were getting nice glimpses of her body as she was wearing a saree well
below her navel and her blouse was held with strings with large open spaces
at the back. Her tits were big and her cleavage visible as the blouse was low
cut and the saree kept falling of her shoulder.

When all the young guests had
left and only my 6 older friends were remaining, my Mom sat down on the sofa
and stretched her legs saying that she was tired. My friend all gathered around her
and Arun asked her boldly if she had any beer for them as all the young k**s had left
and they were all adults left. My Mom looked at him strictly and said that they were
too young to drink beer. Sanjay laughed and told her," Aunty we all drink even hot drinks
at parties with our girlfriends and when we go to the disco. And the other
night Ajay puked on his girlfriend after having one too many." Ajay
immediately jumped on Sanjay and they started a friendly wrestling match on the carpet.

Arun immediately fell at my mother’s feet in Hindi filmy style and pleaded with her for
just one beer each and offered to massage her feet for her in return.
So saying her sat in front of her and caught her feet and placed it
on his lap and started massaging her feet.

My Mom laughed and tried to pull
her feet away but he held on tight and kept massaging it. She stopped
struggling and laughed at him and said that she does not drink beer and as
her husband is also abroad there is no beer at home. I immediately got up
and went near her and whispered in her ear that Dad had a stock of some
brandy bottles in his cupboard.

My Mom looked at me and at Arun and all the pleading smiling faces around
her and said,"Ok guys. I have some Brandy and you will all get only one
small drink each after which we will call it a day.ok?" The guys all started
pleading for a large drink if it was going to be just one and my Mom got up
and went to her bedroom to fetch the Brandy.

Everybody started jumping around and making noise and I went over to
the stereo and turned up the volume and we all started dancing and jumping
around. My Mom returned with a tray full of glasses and a full bottle of St
Remy's French Napoleon Brandy.

Arun offered to pour the drinks but my Mom
playfully slapped his hand away. She then poured 6 drinks and mixed Pepsi
with them and handed it to the guys. She handed me a glass with only Pepsi.
Arun immediately asked her where is her drink and she replied that she
rarely drank and that too only with her husband around as she got d***k
easily with just a couple of drinks. He said that is not fair if the hostess
does not join them and it is not polite.

All the guys started pleading with
her and I too joined in and she gave me a long look and laughed and
said,"Ok guys just one drink or else you guys have to carry me to my room."
She then poured herself a small drink and filled the glass with Pepsi. She
had a sip and then got up saying that she will get her photo album for the
guys to see.

When she left the room Arun got up and took the Brandy bottle
and poured some into my glass and also poured a stiff one in my Mom's glass.
He winked at me and said,"Let’s get your Mom d***k.Ok".
When my Mom returned with the photo album she found us sitting like
innocent boys and asked us to sit next to her to see the album.

there was a shoving match to determine who sat next to her and in the end
she was squashed in between 2 guys on either side on the sofa and two guys
standing right behind her sofa. Arun and Karthik were the lucky guys right next
to her with their thighs pressed against her.

I playfully jumped onto her lap
and turned and hugged her tightly and kissed her on her cheek and proudly
smiled and winked at Arun. My Mom was laughing and tried to push me away and
I was in heaven as I could feel her whole body against me and got a hard-on

I playfully kept hugging her and said that I was the b’day baby
and hence could sit on her lap. She hugged me tightly and said," My b’day
baby- you are very heavy and my legs are paining." I got up pretending to
sulk and sat at her feet and finished my drink. I was getting pretty high as
I was not used to drinking any liquor. Even the guys had just bluffed my Mom
and in fact none of them had any hard liquor and had only beer very rarely.
My Mom started showing us her College photos and as she was an athlete we
gat to see her in her shorts and tight tops etc.

She was extremely beautiful
and all the guys remarked that she was like Aishwarya the Miss world.
My Mom smiled and said modestly that she was not beautiful and that she was
getting fat. At that everybody said that she was just perfect and Mom blushed
and sipped her drink.Within 15 mins we had all finished our drinks and had seen all the
photos. My Mom then asked us what we should do. The guys immediately said lets
play a game. Actually they thought that she would now chase them away as it was
getting late. My Mom asked what game and they said lets play spin the
bottle. She said," Ok guys- I will change into something comfortable and you
can get the game ready and tell me the rules." So saying she got up and left
the room.Arun immediately whispered that another 2 drinks and she will be d***k.
So saying he poured her another stiff drink and filled the glass with Pepsi. We
all started making small slips of paper with the instructions and there was
a lot of laughing and shouting as all of us were a bit high.

When my Mom returned we saw that she was wearing a loose nighty with a
round neck and we were disappointed that we could not see any cleavage. We
expected her to be in her skirts and tight tops.

Arun handed her drink and she did not refuse. They asked her if they can
have a small drink and she immediately said," Ok guys, only one more
small drink for you guys. I don’t want you puking on my carpet." Tarun started
pouring the drinks and by the time he had poured 5 drinks the bottle got
over. We all turned and looked at Mom and she looked at us and said,"Ok. I
will get another bottle but only for one small drink for the last glass."
Saying this she went off to her bedroom and got another bottle of Brandy and
said that this was the last bottle and we have to keep it back for Rahul's

We all took our drinks and I had a Pepsi refill and we sat on the carpet in
a circle. This time everybody wanted to sit in front of my Mom and my
Mom looked at us all strangely and asked if nobody wanted to sit next to her. In
the end Ajay and I sat next to her as we were the youngest and Vijay was
lucky to sit in front of Mom. She folded her legs and sat but this time
nothing could be seen and we all started teasing Vijay and throwing some
chips and popcorn and whatever we got hold off. My Mom did not understand
what the commotion was all about.

She then asked us what the rules were.
We all explained that when the empty brandy bottle stopped spinning and pointed
towards a person, that person should pull a slip out of the cap full of slips and do
what was on the slip. She then clapped her hands and said,” that’s simple".
Arun then said," Aunty- there is a penalty for not doing what was on the
slip.” She looked at him smilingly and he said that the person will get
spanked on the bare bottom 5 times by a person of the opposite sex. Arun
added," Also I am the referee and my word is final”.

By this time my Mom had
finished her second drink and was quite high and squealed out loudly saying
that in that case she will get to spank all the guys as she was the only woman.
Arun quietly refilled her glass and handed it to her. She took it again
quietly and said,"I'm having a great time with you guys so I will have one last drink.

Arun then sat and spun the bottle which pointed towards Mom. The cap was
handed to her and she pulled out a slip which said -Kiss the person sitting
next to you on the lips for a whole minute.

She immediately turned and kissed me on the cheeks. When we protested she
said that she agreed to play with them as she thought that it was an
innocent game where you had to sign a song or something. Everybody told her
we are all adults and we don’t want to play silly c***dish games.

She then
inquired if the other slips also were of an adult nature and we all laughed
and said "YES". She then protested saying that she was a married old woman
who can’t play such games with k**s. Again everybody said that she was not
old and was only a few years older than Tarun who was oldest guy at 21. She
then turned to me and said,"Rahul beta (son), you are also in this with
these guys? What if your Papa (dad) came to know about this?"

I said," Its ok Mama-nobody will tell anyone and this will be our secret."
She then took a long sip of her drink and held her hand out palm up and
said." Beta promise, you will not tell your Papa (dad) about this." I
placed my hand on her hand and said,"I promise Mama".

She immediately turned towards me and held my face in her hand and
moved her lips towards mine. There was pin drop silence in the room and she
slowly gave me a kiss on my lips. I held her head and returned the kiss and
slowly parted her lips with my tongue and french kissed her.

She tried to pull
away but I held on and she relaxed and kissed back. Somebody pulled us apart
saying that the minute was over.Everybody started clapping and told Mom that
she was a sport and she also started smiling and finished her drink and asked
Arun to fill all the glasses and also give me a drink. The guys got busy and filled
up all the glasses and we all said cheers and had a big sip.

Now all the guys knew
that we were in for an exciting time with my Mom but were not sure how far she
will go.Arun again spun the bottle and it again pointed towards Mom. She squealed
and said that is not fair and it is someone else’s turn. But Arun the
referee said that it was just luck that it pointed towards her and maybe the
bottle liked her better as she was sexy. We all looked quickly at him for
his boldness which of course came from the liquor.

My Mom immediately got up and ran away to her bedroom saying that we were cheating and she did not want to play this game. We all ran behind her to catch her and sanjay who was the oldest guy there caught her and held her around her waist. All of us caught my Mom and she kept struggling playfully.

We knew she was d***k as she was not protesting and kept giggling like a school girl. While struggling we all fell on the King sized bed and pinned her down. I immediately jumped on her and sat on her back while the guys held her hands and legs. Arun said that my Mom deserves a spanking now as per the rules of the game and as we were 7 guys we all would spank her once.

My Mom started struggling and tried to get up. I turned around and sat on her back facing her bum. I immediately gave her a slap on her buttocks. As I was d***k also I did no realize the f***e that I used and she yelped in pain. Mom stopped laughing and then all the guys one by one gave her a nice solid slap on her beautiful buttocks. We let her loose and she got up and silently went to the bathroom rubbing her buttocks

We were all silent as we thought that my Mom was angry with us for spanking her bottoms so hard. We went to the front Hall and sat down and waited for her. we all finished our drinks thinking the evening was over when my Mom came back smiling and said" Ok guys lets continue playing." "Are you Ok Mom?"

I asked
"I'm fine."she said and hugged me."I'm having fun".Arun again spun the bottle and it again pointed towards her. This time Mom did not make a fuss and she knew by now that Arun could control the speed of the bottle and that everytime she will be the victim.She leaned forward and picked a slip from the cap and read it.
"You will be asked one question by all the players and you should answer truthfully. The referree will decide at the end if it is the truth and will decide the punishment if it is a lie.""Who will start first?" she asked.

Arun said," I will go first"."When did you first kiss a guy?"My Mom looked at me and the others and smiled and said,"On my wedding night."Karthik then asked,"When did you first touch a guy? Aunty ,You know what I mean.""Yes.You mean when did I touch a cock?On my wedding night."We were stunned at her using the word "cock" so casually that Sanjay immediately asked her,"Aunty when did you first get fucked?"

"I got fucked for the first time on my wedding night."my Mom answered.Now we knew that the game had gone to a higher level with the use of words like "cock" and "fuck"."When did you first suck a cock" asked Vijay"Never"answered Mom.
I aksed her," Mom have you had any relations with anybody other than Dad?"
She answered,"No, except I kissed you today."
Ajay who was sitting next to my Mom asked her,"Do you shave?"
My Mom smiled at him and said,"yes I shave my legs."

"No.No." he cried out. "Aunty I mean down there," he said pointing at her crotch.
We all looked at where he was pointing and Mom was embarrased at 7 guys looking at her crotch and one of them her own son.She looked down at the ground and shyly nodded her head up and down and then added that,"its been a few weeks since"
Ajay persisted and asked,"So, now you have hair there."
She answered softly,"Yes". Then she turned and looked at me and held my hand and softly whispered in my ear," Beta(son), you will not tell your Papa(dad).No?. I nodded my head and she asked,"Are you enjoying your b'day party?.

I answered that it was the best party I ever had and she whispered that it was not over yet and squeezed my hand. In the meantime the guys had removed some slips that seemed too tame now as the game was moving to a higher level and now everybody were expecting more than when we started playing. Arun added some more slips and then spun the bottle. As usual it stopped and it was pointing towards Mom. She reached for the cap and picked a slip and gave it to me to read. The slip read "Kiss all the guys one by one for 2 mins each".

My Mom just closed her eyes and was resigned to whatever was happening and she was also now fully d***k. Though I had a hardon I felt bad for her and asked her if we should stop the game. The guys all looked at us and she did not reply but reached out for me and pulled me towards her and started kissing me.

The momentum pushed her backwards and she lay flat on the carpet and I was lying half on her kissing her. I slowly reached for her left breast and gently squeezed on it and she did not object. She stopped kissing me and then moved my head to her breast and reached out to Ajay who was sitting on her left and he started kissing her. Now we were 2 guys on her either side, one kissing her mouth and the other playing with her breast.

When she finished kissing Ajay she moved his head to her other breast and reached for Karthik who was now sitting right behind her head. He bent forward and kissed her and in the meantime I felt adventorous and had moved my hand to her crotch. Her legs tightened at first in a reflex action and I gently parted them and placed my hand on her cunt and rubbed it. She did not object but slowly spread her legs. Seeing this Arun lifted the nighty slowly and moved it above her waist and her panty was exposed to us. I immediately started playing with her cunt and Arun removed her nighty completely leaving Mom lying on the carpet only in her bra and panty surrounded by 7 horny young guys, one of whom was her own son.

Quickly her bra was removed by Karthik and Sanjay was tugging at her panty now to remove it. I held my breath and expected Mom to object to this but she lifted her buttocks off the ground and assisted Sanjay in his task and she was lying fully naked with her eyes closed.

For a moment all of us just looked in awe at the beautiful naked women lying in front of us and we knew that the best was yet to come. I quickly removed my clothes as I wanted to be the first to fuck my mother and I did not feel ashamed or shy that my cock will be definitely smaller than the other guys. I quickly lay in between my Mom's spread legs which had a number of hands on her cunt and a few fingers inside also. I kissed her and whispered in her ear," Mom ".

She opened her eyes to see her son lying naked in between her legs and looked deep in my eyes. She wishpered back,"Is this what you want?". I nodded and she gave a small nod and closed her eyes and my cock was nudging at the fingers on her cunt which were then removed to give my cock free entry into her wet cunt. I entered her gently and was surprised to find that her cunt was very tight.

I realized that she hadnt been fucked for a long time and also she had had only one c***d. There was complete silence and all the guys were watching this i****t fucking right before their eyes. I started banging into her and came within a few seconds shooting my sperms deep into her. That is when it hit me that there was a possibility of us making her pregnant today.

Also it hit me that my Mom who had never had any other man in her life was in a gangbang with 7 guys, one being her son.
I was shoved off Mom and Arun got in between her and in one smooth motion shoved his huge cock into her well lubricated cock. Now my Mom had many hands on her body and Arun banged away at her for a few minutes when everybody kept scolding him for taking such a long time.

Everybody wanted to have a fuck as soon as possible. Arun groaned loudly and shot his cum deep into her and rolled off. His place was immediately taken by Sanjay who had the biggest cock of all and it was at least 8" long and very thick.

My Mom groaned when he entered her and opened her eyes wide to see whose cock was so big and she spread and raised her legs wide to accomodate him.

She then wrapped her legs around his waist and the sight was so vulgar and exciting. I started getting a hardon seeing this so I placed my cock in her hand as she squeezed it to pulled me towards her mouth. She know it was me. She opened her mouth and I put my cock in her mouth and she started sucking it.

seeing this the guys got all excited and once I came in her mouth Arun took my place and shoved his limp cock in her mouth which sucked at it and he got erect.
This became the norm that after fucking her cunt, the cock would be placed in Mom's mouth and sucked hard again.

We all had another round fucking and cummimg in her cunt and her whole cunt and face was a mess with cum all over.
My beautiful decent Mom was turned into a slut by her own son and his friends

The next morning I woke up with a hangover and a throbbing head. It suddenly hit me that I had fucked my Mom the previous night. I went to the medicine cabinet and took a Saridon for my headache and after brushing my teeth I went to my Mom's room. I now remembered I was fully d***k last night and had puked in the bathroom and had been carried to my bedroom. I don't know what had happened after that.
I slowly opened my Mom's room and went in. She was still fast asl**p with a light bedsheet covering her body. I went and lay down next to her and she turned towards me and hugged me and smiled. I hugged her back and looked into her eyes and knew that things were fine and my Mom was not pissed off at me. I slowly moved my face closer and she did not resist when I kissed her. Instead she parted her lips and french kissed me. She pushed away the bedsheet and I saw that she was fully naked. I immediately sat up and felt her body all over. She turned over contentedly and I ran my hand over her butt and massaged her beautiful butt. I knew that now we were lovers and I could have her body whenever I wanted. I slowly ran my hand in between her legs and she immediatelt parted her legs. I got undressed and lay on top of her and kissed her neck and cheeks. She had her eyes closed so I parted her legs with my knees and slid my hardon inbetween her butt cheeks. She was wet down there and I could slip my cock easily into her cunt from behind and I started fucking her. I whispered in her ears that from now on I will be fucking her when ever I want and she just nodded her head with her eyes still closed. I kept fucking her and came in her cunt and then lay still on top of her. We lay like that for quite a while and then I rolled over besides her and hugged her. She wrapped her legs on my body and both mother and son slept like that for a while.
The doorbell rang and I quickly rushed to my room and my Mom grabbed her Nighty and went to the door to let our maid in. I quickly had a shower and got dressed for school and came to the dining table for my breakfast. My Mom was in the bathroom and I quickly finished my breakfast and left for school. Before leaving I tapped on my Mom's bathroom door and she peeked out and I gave her a kiss on her lips and told her I would meet her in the evening.

After my Son had fucked me in the morning and left for school I had a nice long bath and recollected all that had happened last night. I was still in a daze and the sudden turn of events. I knew that now my life had completely changed and would be totally different. I was a bit aprehensive but I was also thrilled that I got fucked after such a long time and that too by 7 guys including my son. Till yesterday I was a decent lonely woman without any sex and overnight I was a slut who had been fucked by her own son and all his friends-at least most of them.
I had a nice breakfast and contemplating on what to do when the phone rang and it was Arun who wanted to come over. I said Ok and within 2 minutes he was at my doorstep. As soon as I let him in he started hugging me and I took him to my bedroom and without any small talk he had me naked and on my back. He quickly got undressed and got inbetween my spread legs and without any foreplay started fucking me. He banged me violently and came in me and got up and went to the bathroom for a wash. I lay on my back naked with his cum flowing out of my cunt and knew that from now on this is going to be my routine with 7 guys coming and fucking me whenever they wanted. I smiled thinking that at this age I had 7 young studs at my beck and call to service me.What more could any woman ask for.
Arun left immediately saying that he will be back in the afternoon along with Sanjay, Tarun and Karthik.He also said that the b*****rs Vijay and Ajay will be coming within 20 mins and he left. I told Arun that my door will be just shut and to tell the others to just walk in.I decided to lay where I was till the b*****rs came as I was feeling lethargic after all the fucking I had received.20 minutes late the b*****rs came and without any preliminaries got undressed and joined me in bed. I just laid back and let them enjoy my body and they sucked my breasts and fucked me one after the other and left.
I suddenly realized that I need to visit a doctor and get a loop (IUD) for contraception as I definitely get pregnant with all the young potent sperms being pumped into me. It was some how thrilling to know that I could even be impregnated by my own son. I decide to carry on fucking for some time without any contraception and would enjoy the thrill for the time being.
In the afternoon the 4 guys came over and I was in bed getting nicely fucked when the b*****rs also came and joined us and a little later we were all joined by my son who was eager to fuck me again.

This time all the guys just sat around us and commented that it was so sexy to see a mother a son fucking. I asked then if they fantasized about fucking their mothers and all of them said "Yes".

Anyway the afternoon session continued till evening and then I became all motherly again and strictly told them that they cannot slack off on the studies for fucking me. I said that from now on they will get their books and all of them will study for three hours and only then will they get one fuck each. Only during the weekend will they get unlimited fucking.
They all laughed and said it was a deal and also assured me that it is their responsiblity to see that my Son gets admission in the best Engineering college.... Continue»
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My b*****r-in-Law and His Friends

As I had mentioned in my previous story Just For a Friend's Promotion, I had started off with my b*****r-in-law a few weeks after marriage.

A quick brief.
This guy is amazingly handsome.
He is 34 yrs old, same age as my husband. Extremely fit. A bachelor and a womanizer. He is simply amazing.
He and I had started flirting the 1st time we met at my wedding reception.
We flirted when my hubby was not around.
His name is Vipin.

Then I met him a couple of times for dinner with my husband.
We exchanged phone numbers and we started smsing each other pretty frequently.
Things went very flirtatious between us, so much so that when my hubby used to be asl**p, I used to get out of the bedroom to talk to him for a couple of minutes.
We used to flirt a lot.

Once while talking at night and I was about to cut the phone, he kissed me over the phone.
That's the time, I realised that he wants me too as much I want him.
I didn't respond to the kiss but the number of phone calls and smses increased.

We went out for dinner and lunches also, but when my husband was out of the country. Nothing happened as such except lots of flirting.
He guided me also about where to go in Delhi and where not.

I helped him buy a camera also from Jakarta. He got it imported through one of my friends and it saved him lots of money.
He used to come to our house in late evenings for dinner or drinks. My husband, I and he used to chat for hours over drinks.
Sometimes, when my husband used to be fixing drinks and all, he and I used to flirt but carefully.
Like, he blew a kiss towards me, or I winking at him or I smsing him that he is looking so hot.

While serving drinks or anything, if my cleavage got exposed, he used to slyly point it out without my husband getting to know.
And I used to bend over further and show more cleavage to him. hahaha!!!
Sometimes, he used to look at my legs and smile and pretend to look under the skirt. It used to happen if I was wearing short skirts.
And I sometimes, very carefully, lift my skirt to expose more legs, thighs and panties.
And sometimes, I used to stare at his pants with lust in my eyes and then laugh.
Once, my husband was not in India. That was exactly after 3 weeks of our marriage.

I was home alone as Pan, a lover, had just left in afternoon and he could not come over in the evening.
I had started off with Pan immediately after my honeymoon. He used to study in the same university as me in Japan and was the only guy I knew in India. Anyway, it was just this that my husband had travelled out immediately after our honeymoon and Pan was at my house and things went out of control.

Anyway, I was in the shower when Vipin called.
As soon as I came out of the shower, I noticed a missed call.
So I wore a dress which is very cute small dress. And I don't wear anything inside.
And I called him back.
I could make out he was driving. He asked
"Hey babes. Why didn't you pick up the phone earlier?"
I said
"Sorry. I was having a shower."
He said
"Ooooh!! The thought of you having a shower drives me crazy."
I laughed and said flirtingly
"Really, darl? What goes on in your mind?"

He said
"Hmmm...the thought of water dripping on your body, you totally naked under the shower....your body...."
And he laughed.
I said
"Wow!! Nice thoughts and they are turning me on now."

He said
"I am already turned on."
Then I joked
"Is it nice to get turned on at your b*****r¡¦s wife?"
He said
"When the b*****r¡¦s wife is so amazingly beautiful and sexy, then it¡¦s okay."
It carried on for some time. We kept on flirting shamelessly.

Then he said that he has got the camera and he was generally going around the city clicking pictures.
I also said I would like to see the camera also which took so long to come. It¡¦s a really high end camera.
He said
"OKay. Am close. Am coming over."
I said okay.
I thought whether I should wear anything else. But a weird thought came and I stayed in that dress only.
But I combed my hair and all.
Then I sent off my servants for the night.
The security guard called and said Mr. Vipin is there. I told him to send him to the lounge on the 1st floor. The ground floor of the house is too formal for f****y. ļ
I welcomed him.

He flirted and said that I look amazingly hot.
I gave him compliments too.
Then he showed me his camera. It was really nice.
We sat together near each other. He didn't know that I was not wearing anything inside. ;-)
I asked him what he wants to drink or eat. He wanted a drink.
So, I made a drink for him and served him.
I saw him staring at my cleavage as I bent down. And it was a lot. The dress was loose and I was not wearing anything inside.
He said
"Oooh! Wow!!"

I laughed and I covered my neckline and we carried on flirting and chatting.
In between, I heard my phone ring. It was lying on charge in another room.
So, I rushed their and it was my husband calling up from Vietnam.
I talked to him briefly and I didn't mention that Vipin was at home.
We generally chatted for some time.

While I was talking to my husband , Vipin came into the room and started clicking pics of me.
I smiled and I posed.
He blew kisses towards me. I did the same while talking to my husband. HAHA!!
From where he clicked my pics, he could see my cleavage and my legs. I didn't mind it.
In fact I was so turned on. I just wanted to fuck him so badly.
I kept down the phone and smiled at him. And he clicked my pic.

He sat down opposite me. I smiled and asked him why is he clicking pics of me.
He said he wished he had his camera ready when I served him the drink.
He was hinting at the cleavage that he saw.
Then I smiled and I said
"Now click my pic".
I got up and bent down in front of him....and then he clicked.
He clicked and he said WOW!!!
I asked seductively....
"Want more?
And I posed and lifted my leg to the couch.
You can very well imagine what happened later.

Now, Vipin and I have been bonking like crazy since then. I now live in Jakarta, but whenever we meet, its pure unadulterated sex and lust.
In Delhi no matter what, he made it a point to come home to me every single day.
There was a time when I got really serious about fucking him. I used to be desperate to fuck with him or to give him a blow.
And he also was crazy about me and my body.
No matter what, he used to make it a point to come home to me every single day. Otherwise, he used to make me to go to his office and we fuck in his cabin.
Or his house.
Or he called me to any of his friend¡¦s houses and we used to go to a room and we humped like crazy.
I even met him in a mall and had sex with him in the car itself.
It had gone way deep.

There were times when he called me just for a blow job especially when I was having my periods.
He said that he has to ejaculate inside me at least once a day¡K.either in my pussy or mouth.
I liked it. I loved it.
I have been going and getting naked in front of him every day. Even if I had sex with others, I still used to meet him somehow to have sex with him too.
Having him fuck me like a mad man was an addiction.
Normally I like soft and gentle loving sex. My hubby gave me that. But with his b*****r it was dirty and filthy sex.
I used to love it when he treated me like his mistress or sometimes like a slut also.
I loved it. I still do. Whenever he visits us in Jakarta, he bonks me like a whore....and I am helpless when I see his dick.
In India, If he asked to meet me, I used to agree immediately.

If I didn't, then he threatened me. In fact I liked this f***eful nature.
He also showers me with love and caring and all.
But he treats me like a whore also.
He has even gone to the extent of making me fuck with some of his friends also.
That was when I was too desperate for him and I went out with him as his partner in one of his official trips.
He had to go to Goa on an urgent trip. He was staying in my house and my hubby was out of town. So, he took me along.
And we behaved like a married couple. And there he organized for 2 of his friends to see me fucking with him and then fuck with them too.
Initially I had refused, but he threatened me that he will show my nude pictures to my husband. And I agreed and I Loved it.

He made me fuck with some of his colleagues there.
Then sometimes, he used to call his friends over while I am in his house.
When I went to his house, I used to spend almost 9 hours there. And I am naked all through.
He has called his friends over and f***ed me to fuck with them.
I have loved it.

In fact, a couple of times when I was in his house, after having sex with him, I asked him to call his friends myself.
I, myself, asked him to call his friends to fuck me.
He calls 2 or 3 guys. And I do it with all of them
I have done unthinkable things with him.

One that I remember very clearly is this.
One fine day....7:00am, I woke up with my usual....I was all naked.
My hubby, like some of my previous lovers, loves to wake up with a blow.
So, I started feeling his dick and he had a wonderful morning hard on.
I sucked and licked it lovingly and he was moaning all through and feeling my body.
I made him cum in my mouth and I swallowed some and the rest I took it out on a tissue.

Then I made coffee for him and myself and woke him up properly.
We sat on the terrace and had coffee.
Then preparing breakfast and all. I was naked all through. My hubby loves to see me roam around naked in the house. :-)
Morning time, the servants have strict instructions not to come to our floor.
And then finally I had a shower with him.
In the shower, we had sex. Mind blowing sex.
Then he got ready and went to work.
I immediately called up Vipin and he asked me to come over to spend the day with him.
I got dressed....a front open, one piece short dress.....and I didn't wear any undergarments.
The neck line also is very deep. :-)
I went to the local shops to buy a few things and then drove to Vipin's house.

I have the keys to his apartment, so I don't need to ring the bell.
I went in and I had opened my dress from the front to expose my breasts.
I found that there is some other guy sitting there in his underwear.
I have met him before.
In fact, I have had sex with him once his house only.
I tried to cover my boobs, but it was too late. He already had seen a lot.
I asked him where was Vipin.
He said that Vipin had to go to his office for a bit and I am here to give you company.
I sat down and called up Vipin and asked him what the hell is going on.

He apologized and said that there was an emergency at work.
He also asked me laughingly that i can do whatever I want with his friend.
I told him to shut up and i hung up.
Then I talked to the guy for a bit. My breasts were still exposed. I made no efforts to cover them.
Then he went out and brought some coffee for both of us.
We had it and we were generally started chatting and he was sitting next to me and constantly staring at my tits.
I was switching around the tv remote and i found that a movie in the paused mode in the dvd player. It was a porn movie.
I resumed it and we watched it while having coffee.

After sometime, he started feeling my bare thighs. I pushed his hand away.
He again did it and moved towards my pussy and touched it. I pushed his hand away again.
After sometime, he touched my exposed breasts. I let him. I smiled and continued watching the porn movie.
He really started squeezing my tits and I paid no attention to him and I continued watching the movie.
Then he opened the rest of the buttons and he took my dress off. I helped him.
Thats it.

I grabbed him and he grabbed me and he bonked me like a mad man.
I sucked his dick, he licked my pussy, then we humped like crazy.
He came some in my pussy and then I grabbed his dick and made him cum some more in my mouth and he also made me dirty.
I had his cum on my face, neck and tits.
We kept on lying like that for some time.
Then my husband's b*****r came.
He laughed on seeing us lying naked and on seeing cum all over me.
We chatted for some time.
While chatting he prompted me and I agreed and i picked up some cum from my tits and licked it. hahahaha!!!
Then the friend got dressed and went.
Then I and Vipin had shower and then we went to the bedroom and had sex.
It was beautiful. We made love.
I made him ejaculate all in my pussy and then I licked and sucked his dick clean and he slept.
I also lied down for some time.

Then I logged on yahoo and chatted with some guys for a while.
When Vipin woke up, he told me about the plan to go for a movie with his 2 friends.
I wanted to have sex that time, but he said later and I wore the same dress and we went out.
We picked up his friends. I knew one of them only.
I had sex with him in my house a couple of times.
Then we reached the movie hall in NOIDA. Vipin's friends had booked the premier lounge. and I sat between Vipin and the guy I knew, his name is Rohit. The other guy was sitting next to Vipin.
While the lights were still on in the theatre, Vipin had put his hand inside my dress and was squeezing my breasts.
Rohit was seeing all this and we were holding hands.
I knew what I wanted. I wanted to blow Vipin as usual in the movie theatre and I wanted to have sex with the other 2 later.
Rohit and I started kissing passionately. I loved it and I started going wet.

Vipin and the other guy saw it and were teasing me. I didn't bother and I continued kissing the guy while Vipin had his hands inside my shirt.
He went ahead and opened the buttons of my dress. :-)
Then the movie started and I concentrated on Vipin.
I took his dick out and I gave him a blow and I swallowed all of it.
While I was giving him a blow, Rohit had started fingering me.
It was just wonderful.
And the guy next to Vipin was constantly looking at me sucking Vipin's cock.
When he could not see because of darkness, he used his phone light to see me sucking Vipin's dick lovingly.
I winked at him and smiled at him. :-)

After I was through with Vipin, Rohit opened his jeans and i bent over the other side and I started sucking him. I asked Vipin to finger me.
He didn't.
But I continued sucking that guy. Then I felt Vipin squeezing my hips and slowly inserting the finger inside my wet pussy.
I looked back and saw the other guy doing it. Vipin and him had changed seats.
I laughed and I continued sucking that guy's dick.
But I didn't complete it.
They insisted on having sex. And I also wanted it.
So we left.
Vipin stayed back and watched the movie and I went down to the basement car park with the 2 guys. In fact, we rushed.
In Vipin's car, I took off all my clothes and I asked the guy I knew, Rohit, to fuck me.
But he wanted a blow only.

So, I asked the other guy and he said yes, but not here.
We got out of the car and the guys took out the back seat and put in on the ground outside the car.
I was scared but I was sooooo excited. The fear of getting caught is amazing.
The new guy lied down on the seat and opened his pants. I saw his dick and i was in love. hahahah!!!
I sucked, kissed and licked amazingly.
Rohit commented on the situation.
A public basement parking.
A girl, all naked sucking a man's dick while another guy standing and waiting his turn.
We all laughed and I continued loving that dick.
Then I sat on his dick and I took it inside and I rode him.
I asked Rohit to come closer and I started sucking him.
I came like a thousand times. It was amazing.

The guy who I was riding came inside my pussy and I immediately left the Rohit's dick and I sucked and licked his. I made him cum more.
Then I got back and made Rohit cum.
And he did what many guys love to do.
Cum all over me.
I just lied down on the seat and Rohit shagged on me.
Then, I got a huge shock. The guy who was already done started peeing on me. I silently shouted and I tried to avoid it...but couldn't.
Both the guys laughed and then Rohit also peed on me.
I just could not do anything....I just lied down there and accepted the guys peeing all over my face and tits.
And there was huge amounts of cum on my face too.
Then I took tissues and I wiped myself clean and but I could not wear that dress as I was wet.
The guys called Vipin.

He left the movie and came down. And saw me and laughed.
I said I can't do anything till I wipe all the pee.
Vipin suddenly took my dress and started wiping the pee from my body.
I said what the hell am I gonna wear now. All of them said nothing.
We all got into the car and left. Vipin was driving and I was sitting at the back....all naked between the 2 guys.
They were constantly fondling my tits.

Then we reached Vipin's home, I kissed every guy bye. Passionately. And every guy felt my body.
Then I very carefully got into my car and covered my tits from top with a cushion.
It was so dangerous driving back home like that.

And it was even more dangerous getting out of the car and reaching my house.
When I reached my house the security guards and servants were shocked to see my come out naked. But I paid them heavy tips to keep their mouths shut.
My faithful servants cleaned the car and I cleaned myself and got ready for my hubby to return from work.
... Continue»
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My Best Friends s****r

One year, back when I was still in college, my friend invited me to fly to Orange County for a summer, we had become great friends and he wanted me to meet his f****y and friends. I was 23 and a few years older then him, having worked for three years before applying for school and I had never been to the west coast so I was super excited about it even though my friends f****y were born again christians, his father produced shows for CBN, so from stories, and pictures I knew their house was pretty epic. I had seen pictures of his mother and his younger s****r, I loved busting balls telling him the dirty things I would do to them. He was a good sport and would usually just laugh it off. Then he usually would remind me of their Christian Life Style and say how proud he was for his s****r, she had vowed to not have sex until she married and was pretty devoted to the church.

His parents picked us up from the airport and were extremly friendly and funny. When we arrived at his house, (more like palace) they called his s****r down to introduce us, she was hot but seemed very shy. During dinner I tried making conversation but she gave short disinterested answers and then excused herself to go to her friends house. That night I woke up around 3am and after being lost for 15 minutes found a bathroom. I finished taking a piss and got some on the seat forgetting to lift it, I had just finished wiping the seat and i was at the sink to wash my hands when i felt a hand quick, smoth and silently cup my balls and another reach around and slip inside my sweats grabbing my cock. Then a voice whispered don't make a noise or I will tell them you tried to **** me. In a sort of shock I slowly turned around. My mouth dropped as I realised it was Kev's little s****r Holly. I knew she was yet to turn 18 so technically still i*****l to be with. Seeing that she was naked gave me an instant errection. She ordered me to my knees.

"Do exactly as i say and no one will know i not only agreed, but this was my idea." "I shook my head and whispered "ok" not wanting to be accused of ****, and curious to hear what she wanted. She explained how she had been strictly following her promise but her friends had been giving in and telling her all about it. She was having more frequent sexual urges and even tried masturbating for her first time a month ago and was becoming hooked. She wasn't interested in any of the boys in school enough to give it up to them, plus didn't want to become part of the gossip in class as the rest of the girls had. That night she had been reading erotic stories on-line and one story she read gave her this idea. If I didn't say anything to anyone about this and did as she said, then she would use me as her sex educator. I would have to do the things she was curious about. "Why me." "Because you're cute and since you are older I imagine you are kind of experienced, i've heard stories about you from my b*****r and he always talks about your way with women. Plus you are stuck in our house and i'm sure wouldn't want to piss off my f****y. I took the liberty of inviting some church friends to spend the summer and they arrive this weekend, so tomorrow i'll suggest we clean out the upstairs of yhe garage, it used to be a guest room but now is just storage. It's seperate from the house and practicaly an apartment. It has a fridge, microwave, sink and bathroom with a tub." "What about your b*****r?" "He didn't know my friends were coming and since I am preaching to them for conversion, I can't go take care of my Nana like I was supposed to. I will suggest he go for the first week and we can figure it out from there."

"So if you are in agreement,I think it's time for you to eat my pussy." What could I do? so i ate it like she was mana from heaven. Her pussy tasted so fresh, clean, and nice. Not wanting to make to much noise she snuck me to the entertainment room downstairs and two stories away from the bedrooms. I threw her down onto the couch, kneeled to the floor and continued eating her until she came. She burried her head in a pillow so no one could hear her moans. She told me to stand up and let her watch me jack off. I stood up and took out my cock. I asked her to spit in my hand and showed her how I stroke my cock. It wasn't going to last to long as the excitement had my cock raging hard. I told her to watch out because I was about to cum. She was grinning ear to ear as her mouth hung open a bit. "Do it, I want to see." Fuck it, she asked for it, I said to myself. I stroked back all the way to my balls and held it for a second allowing the pressure to build. Aimed it at her open mouth and let it fly. It was a direct shot into her mouth and then as she laughingly moved her head, I hit her chin, cheek, forehead, breasts and belly. "Wow, that was so hot." She said laughing. "Tastes pretty good as well, a lot better then most of my friends make it out to be." She remarked as she scooped some from her chin and sucked it off her finger. "We better clean up and get back to bed," she said' "next time I want it straight from the source though." "That would be my pleasure." I said. "I bet it would she laughed as she scooped more into her mouth.

She went back to being distant around me but also was working to set her plan in motion. Kev appologized to me for having to leave. I said it would give me time to catch up on some reading and maybe some hiking. "You could always help my s****r out with her bible study group." he joked. "Sounds fun and all but I think I will pass." I, not wanting to seem to anxious replied. His mom had just came into the room with bedding and overhearing said. "Well myabe you could at least help her practice her sermons, she can come recite them to you and practice memorizing them. How about an hour or two after supper? Who knows maybe you might learn a thing or two." "If she needs the help, then sure, why not, it is the least i can do for your hospitality." Kev made faces at me and when his mom walked out, laughed out loud and teased me about being stuck everynight listening to the bible. I mocked disappointment even as my cock twitched and my mind raced at how perfect things were falling into place for us.

We began our bible studies that night and to my disappointment, nothing more went on then bible study. Kev left that friday as her friends arrived, she spent all her time with them that first weekend, barely uttering a word to me. I was totally confused. Maybe she decided against it, maybe it was a joke. I was becoming so horny, I just had to get laid.

I went for a walk to a cafe, ordered a soda and sat down. All of a sudden this REALLY REALLY hot woman sits down beside me. "You must be the new cute guy in town visiting for the summer, i've been hearing about." Blushing, I said, "Ummm...I guess so, my name is John, I've been staying with the Bakers, I go to college with Kevin. Who's been talking?" "In a town like this everyone talks, so why are you alone?" I explained the story in the non detailed kind of way. She asked if I wanted to see something cool at the beach." Why not." She said her name was Julie, that her f****y was out of town until tomorrow and asked if I could help her carry this thing she found over to her house. When we got down to the beach, she guided me over to a hidden cove. It was getting dark and i could see a duffel bag hidden in the brush in a smallish kind of cave opening. She asked me to grab one side and she would grab the other. It was heavey and I could tell it was filled with several things. "What is it?" I asked. She told me that I would see when we got it to her place. "Do you have a girlfriend John?"She questioned. "I have a few girls i date but no one steady, just enjoying college life and playing the field." "I heard your a little ladies man" she kept asking me personal questions and as we were talking all of a sudden the subject somehow rolls over to sex.
We soon arrived at her house. She opened her garage and after we entered and the door was closing, she said that she taught religious classes at the church school. The bag contained all of the pornographic videos, books, letters and magazines confis**ted in and around the school grounds in the ten years she has worked there. A week prior someone snuck in after school and stole the bag. That evening with no one around she decided to go for a walk when she happened upon it, she was about to call a friend when she saw me and seeing that I looked lonely sat down to talk. "And here we are,." "What are you going to do with it?" "Tell the k**s that we had the cops fingerprint it and know who the person is but will give them until the end of the week to turn themselves in and be suspended or we will turn the matter over to the police and they will be arrested for breaking and entering." "For Real." "Of course not, but we have a feeling the person will turn themselves in." "Isn't that lying?" I joked. "Maybe I should be punished to then, what do you think?" She winked at me. For being such a help, how about you pick out a few things from here and keep them. I bet a ladies man such as yourself living in a house of christians, in a town of christians, must be feeling lonely and frustrated." I turned beet red and hesitated a bit to long. "Well if your to shy I guess I will pick them for you." she teased. She unzipped the bag and it was mindnumbing, the amount of porn inside. She began reading me the titles and showing me the pictures. "Hmmm can't judge a book by its cover, so why don't you pick a few and I'll fix us up some dinner and a couple of glasses filled with the bl**d of christ and we could preview a few, that should help, ok." Where am I, I thought, can this get any more bizarre. Fuck it instead of feeling uncomfortable why not reverse the rolls and pick out the nastiest ones and she how she reacts.
When I entered the living room, she was wearing a bathing suite top and pink sweat shorts. "Hope you don't mind that I slipped into something a bit more comfy." "Not at all" i said as my cock rose immediatley to attention. "I guess not" she giggled staring at the outline in my shorts. "I can see why the ladies like you" she cooed "Wht did you choose then big boy?" Taking the vids, she read. "Cum Hungry Cougars, Milf Hunter, Gangbanged Wives, real Mother son i****t videos, Slut wife training, Womans b**st friend2 dog day afternoon and finally Cum Slut Wives First Time Gloryholes." "Overcoming your shyness I see. Well let's start at the beginning then Cum Hungry Cougars. So how old are you Johnny?" "23" "perfect" im pretty sure is what she said. She asked me if I've ever been with an experiensd woman or i guess cougar they say? "I was with a few 27 year olds when I was a teen I told her." She had me tell her the story as we watched the video, it was about 2 women who were bored with their marriage and went on a girls only weekend vacation, they were playing a game to see who could blow the most different guys by the end of the weekend. I told her about my neighbors love for giving oral and she told me she used to enjoy it but her husband was never really into it, and sometimes she missed giving them. She asked if I enjoyed getting them. "Hell yeah, all day every day." I said kind of immaturely. She asked if I'd like to receive one now from her.""Seriously, SURE, I would love to! So she gets on her knees and procedes to give me head with passion, I could tell she was getting off as much as i was. It was one of the best blowjobs ever. She was definatly experiensed! She bobbed her head up and down and sucked really hard. I told her when I was soon close to cumming. She just moaned and worked faster and faster and faster until she took the first shot in her mouth. I just about screamed my head off with pleasure.

For the finish she removed her warm mouth and let me watch as she swallowed my cum. "Yumm all gone." "That was fun, I'll tell you what, fuck me with that nice cock of your's and I promise to suck your cock to completion at least once everyday that you are in town on vacation, deal." I must have truly found heaven.

She put on the next video and then removed all of her clothes. Whew, smoking. I thought she was hot outside in clothes, she kind of resembled Kev's s****r but older! We watched some more of the movie and then seeing my cock standing on its own she climbed on top of me and rubbed my dick on her smooth pussy.Seeing a pearl of spunk bubble up she licked it off and then she slipped her pussy down on it and shoving my stiff hard andfully erect dick inside her sweet hot pussy. OHHHH, IT FEEEELLSSS SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!! I tossed her down and grabbed her by the hair as I started to slowly thrust for her depths. I would rotate speeds, and hold her head up to the screen, so she could see the sluts swallowing strangers semen just as she had and would continue while I was around. Finally I pulled out and blew a thick creamy load over her face and hair. Opening her mouth she grabbed my cock and squeezed out as much spunk as she could. "We aint done yet my boy." She sucked me throughout the night or had me jack loads into her hungry mouth as we watched each video. Around 6am we showered and before bringing me home she sucked me hard once again. Needing to fuck i f***efully pushed her head into the wall as i agressivly plowed her tight pussy. She started making lots of noise by this time. I loved it so i started to go even harder. She let out a very loud series of squeels and began to shutter as i continued pumping harder and faster until she let out a wimper. "Please stop, I can't take it much longer. I love it but you will ruin me, your driving me crazy. Once more she softly moaned plz, stop. I will need it always if you continue. hearing her words sent me wild, Suddenly i blew my load deep inside her and left her in a heap in the corner of the room as I put my clothes back on. She dropped me off before anyone had gotten up for the day at Kevs.

When I opened the door to my room and to my surprise ran into Holly and her friends seeing if i wanted to go get breakfast. I was starved but still smelled of sex. "Sure just give me a minute to change." "Where did you stay last night." "Went to the beach and fell asl**p." "Cool, so where did my aunt find you?" "Who?" "My Aunt Julie, the person who dropped you off this morning." "Oh, uh she saw me this morning when she was taking a walk on the beach, she said I better leave before a cop sees me. She asked were I was staying and I said here, she said she knew of the place and gave me a ride." She looked at my eyes for an uncomfortable moment and said. "Wow, you got lucky, didn't you?" "No, what do you mean." "I mean lucky that my aunt found you and not a cop, why so jumpy?" "Still sl**py I guess." "Well hurry up and lets go get some food, you must be starved." Then grabbing my cock, she said, "Seeing as though you aquired some porn, I want to watch you jack off to it tonight during bible study, leave the door unlocked and be naked on your couch already watching one of these movies." gulping I said "Your wish is my command."

That evening as I heard a car pull out of the driveway I undressed and put on the gloryhole video. I couldn't wait to teach her how to suck cock. Hearing the door open expecting to see Holly walk in and to my very embarassing surprise it was Holly's friend Michelle. "Hey Holly had to go to church for an unexpected pta meeting. She asked me to come keep you company until she returned." Seeing my Cock and the action on the T.V. she remarked. "Thank you Holly! Well what do we have going on over there." She said as she looked at the video. I could feel my face turn ruby red as my cock followed suit. "Unfortunetley we can't fuck but i for one am a huge fan of mutual masturbation, so if you don't mind I am going to remove these annoying pants. Mind giving me a hand."I couldn't get them down fast enough. Oh yes she was ready her pussy emanated lust. Hertongue was in my mouth before I could say a thing and her hands were rubbing my hard erect cock thank god I had already applied some lube. She said we only have an hour or so till Holly will be done. Then she grabbed my hand and said I should do for her what she was doing for me. We watched the video and she was such the perfect chick to watch a porn with, very vocal, saying what turned her on and what not. What she would like to try, how she wished it was her on screen. She even asked me questions and seemed generally interested in my responses. Just before Holly was expected home she begged me to cum in her mouth, i happily obliged. She continued to stroke me until Holly came through the door. "Sorry about that, hope Michelle wasn't a bother."

I said not a problem she can keep me company anytime you want her to. Perhaps but now I'm so ready to cum. So let's start this over for now and let lesson one begin. She sat naked down beside me and told Michelle that she will call her when she's finished with me. She said she would be ok with her keeping me company on day's when her parents are at work and when she also leaves for obligations that may arise. What a night, i couldn't believe how quickly Holly adapted her throat to deepthroating my cock. She practiced that night and for the next three as well.

That Thursday after her parents went to work, she said she had some errands to run and told me I should go keep Michelle company. But she wanted me to film it. Slipping into her room, i startled her, she was to scared to mess around in the house, in case someone came home.
I said lets go to my room Michelle said ok but this time I want to fuck you on your bed. What could a man with a hard cock say to such a horny lady's request?

Michelle is 5'8" maybe 110# soaking wet, a former stripper, I just found out, and a clean shaved pussy and a nice tight ass that hasn't had a penis inside either in 2 years. "So Holly tells me she will no longer be a virgin come Thursday" "If that's her wish, but how about we just focus on this moment." We where both naked by the time we hit the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and knelt beside her head as she knew just what to do and started to suck me off as i rubbed her pussy that was already soaking wet. We got ourselves into a 69 position as we voraciously went at it. I told her she better stop unless she wanted to get a large mouthful of my cum. She said thats what she always wants. As you would expect, thats just the thing I needed to hear.These born again bitches sure do love to swallow cum, I happily continued supplying. Just as we were about to fuck, my phone rang, it was Julie begging me to come over now, she had the place to herself for the next three hours. "Ineed to shower first." I told her. "Not enough time, I will be there in 5 minutes to pick you up." Well I guess i should give her a little gift then, i said to myuself as i slid my cock in and out of Michelles cunt quickly, letting loose a quick cum before throwing on pants and heading to Julies car. "Til next time" I yelled to Michelle who was laying on my bed with cum leaking from her used vagina.

I no longer think I know, I must have died and went to heaven ! Julie was in dressed in a skirt and a loose top. Sliding over she told me to drive. I said whatever makes her happy, she pulled my cock out and went right to work sucking on it, "Who was the lucky lady" She questioned but continued on sucking Michelle's juices off of me. She tastes good but I bet she wouldn't suck your cock knowingly with the scent of another pussy that it just pulled out of.
"Michelle, i wouldn't bet against it?" I said smiling. She laughed and said I couldn't drop enough loads for this deprived town of female sex fiends, could I? As again she locked those soft lips back on my cock and I felt that snaking tongue licking my balls. I pulled her to me and began to grind my already hard cock against her pussy. She pulled away and said meet you in the bedroom as she slipped off into the other room. I raced to the bedroom leaving my clothes behind as I chased her down the hall. Laying naked on the bed she looked ravishing as I entered. her body looked scrumptous wearing a white lace half bra that her pink dime size hard nipples were exposed in and white homemade crotchless pantyhose and 3" white pumps. I was speechless as i reached out to rub her nylons and brush across her pussy. She twitched to the touch of my fingers findeling her pussy. "I've never been so turned on before." She said. I laughed and said "see this rock hard cock, that should tell you about my feelings as well." I sat on the side of her bed and pleaded for her to walk around and model for me, like a good slut would. She willingly obliged and gave me a sexy walk until she returned back in front of me and said I want you to enter me. Now. Please fuck me. I grabbed her and turning her around mad her bend over. caressing her building up the tension my hands moved to her ass and rubbed her inner thighs enticing her to spread her legs wider.

"What a sweet and juicy ass Julie. Think it can take my cock up it. "I told you I would do what ever you wanted me to do." Her fingers moved to her pussy as she rubbed her lips slowly up and down, moaning and rolling her hips as i looked on. I could feel how wet she was already, as her pussy juice leaked on my leg. Grabbing her I set her down on my hard cock as we both let out moans. She road me like I was a wild stallion pumping my cock with intent, slipping it in and out of her as I tried to hold the moment in mmy minds eye. she stuck her tongue into my mouth and placed my hand onto one of her small hard nipples. I was pushing hard up on her and we where both going at it seeing who would break first. I could hear the wetness of her cunt sqishing around my shaft, her nectar was rolling and poolingdown around my sack. Just as I began to cum, I heard clapping, looking at the doorway, Holly was watching. "Hi Aunt Julie, mom asked me to drop some paperwork off for you, seeing that the door was open a bit, I let myself in. Hope you don't mind." Julie tried to say something, but I just lifted her off of me and told Holly to get over here and lick my cock clean of her Aunts juices. Now Julie was in even more of a shock, what a site that was seeing her niece on her knees licking her juices off of my hard cock. Oh how I have jacked off fantasying of this kind of scenario and now it was happening. I had Julie ride me once again and Holly go back down and lick me clean but this time I shot my load in her mouth as she swallowed it all and sucked me till i was drained without loosing a drop.

We all fucked and sucked for 2 more hours. First time in a long long time I was able to cum 3 times like that" Julie said. I never did fuck her ass that day but eventually did further down the road.

to be continued......... Continue»
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Friends for everything

Hello friends my name is Aman 24 from Delhi. We are a wealthy punjabi f****y living in a posh locality in Delhi. My father is a trader and exporter so has to travel a lot to china and other countries and sometimes the f****y gets to go too.

To come to the point, the ladies namely Gulneet my mom 42 and my s****r Honey 21 are sexy vixens who turn heads wherever they go. They are modern, broadminded, sexy social butterflies’ possessing great beauty and amazing bodies mainly due to regular gym and mostly genetics.

It doesn't bother me when men stare at their bodies or flirt with them but in fact makes me proud to be the son of a superhot mom and s****r. The great part is they put on an amazing show at home or outside with their scanty dressing when dad wasn't around.

Once I walked in on my mom while she was changing. She just had on a pink panty that was thin at the sides and covered only half of her ass cheeks. I stared at her body for a long time before she noticed me and threw her towel at me and told me to get out.

I was so hard that I masturbated 3 time that night. Her figure is 36 with a double D cup with small pink nipples on nice firm breasts 26 at the waist and 38 at the ass. She is a 5'6 tall sexy curvy woman with a flat stomach and a booty luscious ass and heavy soft milky thighs.

She was a horny woman and I was certain she had a few discreet affairs as my father could not keep up with her sexual calls and was mostly away. That was 3 year ago when I flirt saw her naked and that’s the maximum I had seen until the following story.

She wore sexy traditional salwar kurti's at occasions and saree rarely but mostly modern dresses and gowns cut sexily at elite social events and normally tight jeans with t shirts, shirts and low cut tops that showed her cleavage.

She also owned some seductively sexy miniskirts, shorts and mini dresses. Don't get me started on her lingerie collections. My s****r honey although I had seen her naked growing up but now she had filled out nicely. She was 34 c at the breasts 24 waist and 36 hips.

She lost her virginity at her first year in college and had plenty of sex since then. She was open to me about it as we were close both Honey and mummy knew they were sexy women and dressed to accentuate their sexy curvy figures.

It all began when I started doing MBA at a local college. I made many friends but the ones that stuck were Mohit, 28, 5'8, Anand 24, 5'10 and Varun 27, 5'7. They were hostellers and after a few days I invited them home and then they became regulars.

The first time they met my mom they were amazed and told her she looks more like my s****r than a mother in fact if one was to guess how old she was it would be in her early thirties. All of them told me how hot she was, calling her the perfect milf.

I said I know guys and told them to easy down as she was my Mom. Anyway they became usual at home and couldn't keep their eyes of my hot mother and sexy s****r. My moms nigh ties were sexy ones which stop at her upper mid thighs and were made of thin material that underneath which she was braless most of the times.

My s****rs too but she wore shorts at times. My friend had boners in their pants whenever my mom or s****r was sitting with us in their nighties. Then at night all four of us got off watching porn. But you know how women are they sense things and my mom and s****r knew they were being watched by lusty eyes and at times they saw the boners they caused.

Varun had 8 inch cock Anand 7 and Mohit a massive 9.5 inches. My mom saw his boner once and smiled to her thinking no one was noticing her and since then had started dressing more scanty and gave him extra attention hence forth putting on a show for us meanwhile.

She wore sexy dresses and was braless mostly. Some days she flashed herself to us accidently when she wore her nighties without panties. My friends got so desperate that they asked my permission to make a move on my mom and my s****r.

I was totally horny at that stage so I told them to go ahead if they could manage as I could get to see my sexy mother and hot s****r in action totally naked and wild if my friends could succeed. We made a plan that since Mohit was a womanizer, it was him that should try, and then the rest of them could make a move.

Also as Varun was more attracted to my s****r as well as close since they shared similar tastes in movies, music and other stuff he could try seducing my sexy s****r Honey Mohit started flirting with mom and to our relief my mom responded and flirted back equally as she was already like a friend to us it wasn't that hard.

Mohit would comment on how ravishing she looked and she would respond by smiling and thanking him. They became close soon and sat next to each other mostly and Mohit moved on to touching her breasts and groping a feel of her ass. The first two times he did were short contacts as he didn't get any reaction from Mom.

The third time he felt her ass they were alone and my mom was wearing a skin tight jeans and v neck t-shirt showing a lot of deep cleavage of her round breasts. Mom caught his hand and spoke. Mom: what are you doing Mohit?

Mohit a bit taken aback: nothing aunty might have accidently touched. Mom: oh come on, you was feeling my ass. Do you like to touch me Mohit? Mohit: Yes Aunty, you are so hot that I couldn't resist. Mom: This is wrong Mohit, you are my son’s friend.

I am doomed if he or anyone finds out. Mohit: I know Aunty but it is only wrong if someone finds out, and I promise to keep it to myself with that he put her hand on his massive 9.7 inch cock. My mom held it from over his pants and sighed and sheepishly said: oh it’s so big. I have never seen anything like this.

But promise me nobody on earth finds out about us Mohit. Mohit said don't worry aunty and my mom couldn't resist and they hugged and eventually started kissing passionately. I was watching from the side hidden as Mohit held my sexy mom their tongues exploring deep into their mouths

And had a massive boner seeing their wild kiss, but was somewhat jealous of her being in that position with Mohit, so I fixed my dicking my pants so that my boner wasn't visible and made walking noises to break them up from their lusty clothes before I entered.

My mom looked flushed but hid it well and it looked like nothing had happened. Mohit turned and had a big beaming smile on his face and bone in his pants. He walked towards the living room while I towards the kitchen. I grabbed a coke from the fridge and looked at mom and said: its getting hot huh.

How are you doing mom? She said looking at me: Never been better beta. I moved towards her and hugged her, feeling her sexy body against mine and said: Mom you are the best. Thank you for everything. My mom replied: Thank you beta.

I met Mohit in my room later and we high fived each other as I told him I saw everything. He said: damn man your mom is horny right now, I have got to take her tonight. I told him he could give it a try but with me in the house she would not go all the way

And it would not be enjoyable for him too if she wouldn't open up to him. She had to feel safe so that she can open up and put on a nice show. That night we all had dinner and were all sitting in the living room and watching a movie on HBO while my mom cleared up the kitchen and went to bathe and get ready for bed.

After sometime I asked Varun, sitting next to me, to start flirting with my s****r Honey. Honey looked ravishing as she had returned from a night out with her girls and was wearing a black gleaming party dress. She looked hot as her breast were held by a v neck cut dress that stopped below her breasts leaving two pocket to hold the breasts.

After the v line there was a white patch until 3 inches down her dress and then the dress turned into a frilled skirt that covered just her panties. She was a little d***k from her night with her friends. Varun placed himself beside her and I nodded to Mohit and Anand to leave for my room and let Varun make his move.

Varun asked her how her night had been. She replied it was fun and they got chatting. Meanwhile Mohit and Anand left excusing themselves for the night. I was sitting across them and saw that Varun was sitting very close to my s*s.

I admired her sexy legs and breast as she sat there like a sexy vixen. I heard Varun tell her that she looked very sexy in the dress. She playfully hit him and said thanks. I took the queue too and left them alone winking at Varun, signalling him to go all the way.

I reached my room after checking if my mom’s room lights were off and told the guys my s****r was in the mood and there was going to be some action tonight and we went to spy on what Varun and Honey were up to. We were watching hidden into the living room from the corridor that led to the stairs to my room.

They were laughing and talking and Varuns hand was on her shoulders. He slowly moved it over her right breast while his arm was still on her shoulder. Varun: oh Honey you are so sexy. Honey laughing: you are cute too Varun, I would do you any day if my b*o didn't mind.

Varun: your b*o doesn't need to know and they started kissing wildly as they hugged each other’s bodies. Varun dropped her dress to the floor, as she stood and there she was only in her black panties. He removed his clothes as Honey turned to see if there was anyone around and was relieved.

I noticed her firm mango like breasts that had small round pink nipples just like Moms. She looked like a tender Barbie doll as she stood waiting to be ravished by my friend Varun. He pulled her towards himself as he stood naked with his 8 inch cock.

They kissed briefly and my s****r went down on him sucking his long shaft and balls saying that it was the biggest she had ever seen. She knew what she was doing as Varuns expression shouted pleasure as he caressed her silky hair with his hands. Mohit said: dude your s****r is good at this man. I told him she had experience.

She sucked him for 5 minutes, then he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist with her pussy grinding against his pole dripping of her saliva. He sucked her soft breasts and circled his tongue around her erect nipples and sucked. Then they were lip locked with a passionate smooch.

We had our erect dicks in our hands by now and I looked at Mohits dick and saw for the first time how big he was. He smiled at me as though reassuring me that he would ravish my mum with it soon and I smiled back. Varun and Honey were on the sofa now

And it seemed Honey had a problem with the size of his penis as this was the largest she had come so far, but Varun reassured her and as she was on top of him he gently placed his 8 inch cock outside the walls of her tight vagina and slowly started penetrating.

My s****r moaned softly as he slowly went in and out and they kissed again. She told him to be gentle as he was big enough to cause pain. He kept it gentle and my s****r let out moans that were a mix of ecstasy and pain.

They kissed like lovers and fucked gently for 3 to 4 minutes when Varun couldn't hold himself and started humping her harder and harder and she moaned louder and louder. He was now wildly humping her lifting his ass of the sofa to thrust deeper into Honeys cunts as she forgot where she was

And moaned in painful pleasure and her moans were filling the silent house. They fucked for 5 mins and my s****r had her first orgasm as she shivered and let

out sexy moans of pleasure but Varun wasn't done yet. He kept pounding her Anand suddenly said guys hide
We lay flat on the walls of the corridor and he explained that my mom whose room was on the other end of the living room in a U position on the opposite end from us was awake and also watching Varun and Honey. Me and Mohit sly peaked and and saw my sexy mom in a black nightie to her mid thighs.

She was also watching the action as Varun pounded his back to her and my s****r riding him moaning, her front in Moms direction. They fucked for 3 more minutes and me and Mohit saw my mom lift her nighty and put her right hand inside her pink panty to her pussy and pleasure herself

And her left hand on her breasts rubbing her nipples Mohit whispered to me, I am going to pound that horny bitch soon. I told him to be patient. Varun fucked my sexy s****r honey for two more minutes and came penetrating deep inside her and letting his hot juice deep in her cunt flow, joining him my s****r came too

And they again kissed like lovers as both their juices flowed onto each other. Just then we saw Mom walking in on them and stood facing them. Varun saw her as he was engaged in kissing honey he immediately let her go and stood up. My s****r also saw Mom and attempted to cover herself.

At least she let them finish whispered Mohit. Mom noticing his cock: What are you two doing? In an angry tone.Varun totally nude and scared I'm sorry Aunty Honey: Oh mom, how long have you been watching? Feeling a little asham. Mom: You in spite of being Amans friend, are doing all this?

How dare you and she lectured them both. Varun: Aunty I promise Aman will never findout and this won't happen again. Honey: yes ma this will never. Mom: Yes, Aman should never find out about you two and I don't care if you two like each other as long as what you two do never leaves this house and no one finds out.

Honey I hope you are on birth control? Honey: Yes Ma, thank you. Mom: And please don't have sex in the living room, moaning like that. You are lucky your b*****r did not catch you. Then she walked off and we guys too left for our room. Varun and Honey kissed and dressed and he left her in her room opposite mine on the first floor and joined us.

Varun entered my room like a victorious warrior and we all congratulated him. We were happy that our plans were shaping up even better than we imagined. My mom was clearly okay with Varun and Honey so I laid out the next plan. I told the boys that the next day we would spend with the ladies, take them to a movie

And then drinking at a pub and then Anand and me would excuse ourselves saying we have to attended a friends engagement in Agra and would spend the night there and then Mohit and Varun would take my Mom and s****r home and there we would be spying on them as Mohit would fuck my mother for the first time

And Varun would pleasure my s****r again as me and Anand would watch them. The next day was a Saturday and we boys woke up at noon. My mom had woken up early as she had to attend a social event of friends. Honey was in the living room still in her nighty watching something on the TV.

She looked sexy in her cream silk nighty that stopped at her upper mid thighs exposing her milky thighs. She told me that Mom was out and would be back by 2:30 pm. So I told her that we boys were planning to see a movie at 3 and asked her if she wanted to join us.

She said she would be ready by then. Later when Varun went downstairs they made out while they were alone. Mom reached at 2:30 by then we all were dressed and she asked us why we all were all dressed up. Mohit told her that we all were going for a movie

He eyed her exposed skin through her mid thigh length loose mini dress that exposed half of her beautiful bust and complete cleavage. She agreed to join us, smiling at Mohit as he winked at her. Honey was wearing tight mini Lenin shorts and a tight v neck top and looked sizzling hot in the movie thither.

I had bought last row tickets and Mom sat at the end with Mohit next to her and then varun and Honey and then Anand and me. At the end of the movie Mohit looked excited as he told me he got to finger my mom and smooch her a few times and that she was in a horny mood today.

Honey and Varun were less lucky but managed some play. Once in the car, I asked everyone what they wanted to do. All the boys said they felt like drinking and told me to take them to a pub. Mohit asked Mom and mom said she too felt like a drink.

I had the perfect place in head that was less crowded and had a dancing floor. We reached there and we ordered beer for the boys and vodka for the girls. We were talking normally and after 2 rounds everyone was at ease. Varun and Honey were seated next to each other and underneath the table Varun was definitely doing something to her as she was giggling naughty.

Mom and Mohit was sitting beside each other too and Mohit openly flirted with mom. Mohit: Aunty you are looking so hot today in this mini dress. Mom: Well aren't you a sweet boy, Thank you, and call me Gulneet since we are more like friends now smiling seductively.

After a few more rounds, Mohit asked mom for a dance. Mom was shy at first but agreed and asked Varun and Honey to join in also as there was no one else dancing. Both the vixens were on the dance floor soon, in their sexy dresses.

Mohit and Mom had their bodies together face to face, hands around each others bodies as they swayed to the beat, her big tits rubbing against his hard chest, their groins rubbing and Honey had her ass in Varun crotch as they moved. Mohit moved his hands over Moms ass and at one instance raised her dress and exposed her panty covered ass to me

And I smiled at him Varun let his hands explore Honeys belly to boobs as they danced. Then they changed positions as Mom grinded her sexy ass on Mohits now erect penis. Mohit had raised her loose dress from behind and her panty clad ass was directly rubbing his crotch.

They were really having fun as I watched my sexy Mom and s****r scantily dressed, dirty dancing with my friends. I was about to come in my pants watching the action. Anand said to me that my Mom was sexier than my s****r.

He continued that my mom had a body like Jenifer love Hewitt while my s****r more like Ashley Judds. I laughed at his observation. After sometime the couples came back to the table and had more drinks. I informed everyone that me and Anand had to leave soon. Mom said they should head home soon too.

Other men in the pub oggled at my mom and s*s throughout. We had our last round after which the couples left in one car and Anand and me in the other. We reached home first and placed ourselves in our chosen hiding spot and waited for the sexy couples to arrive and the wild night to begin.

Ten minute later our Skoda pulled up on our drive way. Mohit was driving and mom sitting next to him. Varun and Honey were in the back seat where they couldn't keep their hands off each other. My mom opened the house and the rest followed.

I could make out that all of them were pretty d***k. Varun and Honey placed themselves on the couch in the livingroom and French kissed each other with Varuns hands exploring her sexy body. My mom looked at them and I could make out she was turned on. She looked at Mohit and taunting

Varun and Honey told him about the previous night. I could hear what was being spoken as we watched from the window in the garden. Honey looked at mom and said: Oh come on Mom, big deal you caught us.

Anyways Varun is so handsome I bet even you couldn't resist. She said smiling at Varun. Mom: You are d***k Honey. Okay I'll get the dinner ready meanwhile I don't want things ending up like last night here. Take it to your room later Honey okay. Honey: okay ma, and placed herself on Varun laps and lips on his lips.

Mohit already had a hard on as he watched Honey getting raunchy with Varun. Mom: Mohit will you help me set the dinner up? She asked Mohit with a naughty smile. With that he followed her to the kitchen. Me and Anand moved ourselves and placed ourselves outside the kitchen window.

Once inside Mohit hugged her from behind as my Mom froze. He squeezed her sexy breasts whilst kissing her behind her neck and on the sides. My mom slowly moved her ass against him to pleasure his cock. Then she slowly turned and they lip locked each other in a passionate kiss.

They kissed for a long time like long lost lovers just reunited. Then Mohit kissed the front of her neck and started giving her a love bite on her lower neck while my mom said: Oh Mohit, we have a long night ahead of us lets have dinner and I promise you a hell of a night later.

Mohit caused a deep red love bite on my mother’s neck and then they separated laying the dinner out. They called Varun and Honey and them four had a pleasant dinner. After dinner all four sat on the couch and were watching TV. Honey was sitting on Varun as he playfully kissed her back and neck and she massaged his boner.

Mohit and mom sat close to each other but mom removed his hands and rejected his advances as she wasn't comfortable with being like that in front of her daughter. Soon Varun slid his hands inside Honeys shorts and panties and started fingering and rubbing her, she let out a soft moan and my mom and Mohit both looked at her.

Mohit was rubbing his cock watching Honey and mom saw him. Mom: Hey hey guys? You are getting dirty on my sofas. Get a room if you are that horny. Hearing that my s****r stood up and pulled Varun up, whose dick seemed like to burst out of from his pants.

Varun bent down and picked Honey in his arms and they said good night to mom and Mohit as he carried her upstairs to have wild sex with her. Now my Mom and Mohit were alone in the living room. Mohit couldn't help himself and he moved towards mom and kissed her pushing her body down on the sofa with his.

Mohit unleashed himself upon my sexy tender mom wildly kissing her, lifting her dress with his lower body grinding against hers, he kissed her neck as I watched my living room turn into a b grade movie scene. My mom was enjoying and responded to his kisses but suddenly stopped and stopping him too and sat up.

She said sexily: You know Mohit that’s the problem with your generation. You rush through things without self control and miss the good parts life has to offer. So let’s take it slow. She now placed herself on top of him, with both her legs on either side of his hips as he lay inclined

And placed small kisses on his chest and moved upwards on his neck and finally his lips and they French kissed, while mom grinded her pussy on his dick as he pushed upwards. She slowly moved backwards while kissing and Mohit moved forward with her but she pushed him back on the sofa with her left hand breaking their kiss and she finally stood up.

She said: I'll show you how its done boy. I'll give you a night to remember. She turned to the stereo and put on a nice hip hop number as Anand and me watched with our dicks in our hands ozzing with pre cum. Just then we heard painful moans from upstairs of my s****r screaming with pleasure.

Mohit and mom heard it too and my mom laughed looking at him. She said: You boys are really well hung. I saw Varuns dick yesterday and oh my god it was one of the biggest I have ever seen. No wonder he had her screaming so bad and she said laughing as she bent down and opened Mohits pants and underwear

And pulled them off exposing Mohits monster cock and she looked at it and said: oh my god, I am going to faint just looking at that. Mohit jokingly: why? How big is Uncles? Mom bent down and and held his penis admiring it and runing her hands up and down its length and said; He is very small according to you only 6 inches and thin.

He has never really satisfied me. She went back and started dancing seductively to the hip hop song, swaying her sexy hips and giggling her breast that was bouncing to freedom. Mohit stood up to grab her but she pushed him back saying no touching yet.

Mom danced sexily for a few minutes and then removed her one piece cream mini dress and was now only in her lingerie and high heels. Mohit pleasured himself watching her. Mom was wearing a tiny black and purple mesh cheeks panty and matching bra.

Her ass cheeks were totally exposed and as she danced her bra worked hard to contain her full breasts. Her undergarments were tiny and she looked over sexy. Then slowly she undid her bra and we saw her most gorgeous breasts. You can only imagine how turned on I was seeing my sexy mom in just tiny panties, stripping and seducing my friend.

Then she went and gave him a lap dance, seductively rubbing herself on his now naked body. She rubbed her breast on his face then chest, then on his dick. Holding his dick between her breasts and rubbed the soft globes up and down his dick. Then she placed her behind on his front with her back on his chest and ass between his cock.

Mohit had his hands on her breasts now, pulling and pinching the nipples. He turned her around and started sucking them wildly. After being satisfied with her breasts he made her stand and tore her panties from the side and pulled it off her body. Now my mom was completely nude and her vagina was completely waxed and smooth.

She might have got a Brazilian this morning, I said to Anand and added, she was prepared for tonight. Mohit started to lick my mom’s pussy and tongue fucked her saying she was really tight. My mom moaned softly. He eat her out for 7 minutes until my mom’s legs trembled with her first orgasm accompanied with moans and noise.

I thought I would never hear from my mom after she recovered, she said: Fuck me Mohit now Mom placed herself on top of Mohit and as he put his dick at the entrance of her vagina and started to penetrate her, he couldn't as mom pulled away, sensing it would pain. She said: wait. I'll be back soon

And ran butt naked to the kitchen and came back with a bottle of olive oil. She rubbed it on her stomach and pussy and rubbed her hands on his dick and started ridding him slowly as now Mohit went in only up to half his length. He slowly humped into her vagina making it slowly get used to the size.

My mom’s moaning got louder and louder as the pain gripped her. Mohit tried kissing her to keep her from screaming. She got to a point where she was asking Mohit to stop but Mohit held onto her firmly and fucked her harder. She screamed in pain and pleasure. Mohit and mom fucked wildly.

After 10 minutes of hard ramming my mom let out a loud sexy moan as her body shivered with another orgasm. Mohit kissed her subsiding the moans and they were lip locked. Mohit kept ramming her harder and increased the pace bouncing my mom in the air with each stroke and now my sexy mom met his humps wildly moving her hips.

After another 10 minutes they both came, as now Mohit too moaned in ecstasy as he emptied his semen deep inside my mom’s vaginal walls. They kissed like lovers with my mom on top of him, untill his cock grew soft in her slippery vagina. Anand and I had cum plenty of times by now watching my sexy mom get boned like a virgin by our friend when they broke their kiss

Mohit said: Thank you Gulneet. That was incredible. Mom looking deep into his eyes, with a smile on her lips: That was some of the best sex I have ever had, so Thank you Mohit. Hope you have more? They kissed again and Mohit lifted her in his arms and into her bedroom. Me and Anand slowly tiptoed into my room and the whole night we heard screams of my mother and s****r at various intervals as my friends took them to their sex peeks to be continued.

... Continue»
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My Friends And My Mom

I have never been the same these last few months. My names Mathew, I'm 14 years old and I have a secret to tell. It all started when my I hit puberty; I could already see it coming. I was gay; and that's all there was to it. I would hide it reasonably well and I made some pretty regular friends over the course of my first and second year of high school.

Two of these friends were 'Corey' and 'Charlie'. Corey was a 16-year-old dark skinned Latino boy, thin, toned in muscle and handsome. Charlie on the other hand was 11 ears old and was white as they come; he had a young cold face with intense eyes. They both wore baggy clothes and wore their caps backwards; taking their skateboard everywhere they go. They were complete thugs at heart. They were also the most popular boys of their grade. The age difference between the two didn't really bother me. Their chemistry instantaneously made me think that they were b*****rs, even though they clearly weren't. I had many great times with them, we usually had the 11 year
old, Charlies house all to ourselves for days on end, having massive sl**povers, because his parents were
always on business.

I would never have a sl**p over at my house, because of my mother. She was a young busty, blonde woman. She was 32 and had given birth to 4 k**s, me being the oldest.
This made her breasts and her butt very big and round, making her the perfect prey for thugs like Corey and Charlie, let alone all the boys in school. My two b*****rs and my s****r w ent to live with their dads, but my dad didn't want anything to do with me. I always wondered what it would be like to have a father. Both Corey and Charlie together had been introduced to my mother very early in our relationship, they cockily and bashfully introduced themselves seductively, taking hold of her hand and kissing it, ignoring me completely. She would giggle at them and say "such gentlemen". I was so jealous!

Anyway, whenever I slept over Charlies, we usually downloaded porn and connected it to the wide screen TV and watched. They did it because they were horny boys wanting to perve on some booty, while I, did it for the sheer satisfaction of masturbating by their side. The porn usually involved a lot of emphasis on large humongous asses, shaking and jiggling and bouncing to rap music on the movies soundtrack. I watched in pleasure as Corey and Charlie nodded each other in approval, licking their lips to the gigantic round flesh dancing in the movie in front of them. My mom has a big gigantic ass, I thought. Damn, they want my moms butt so bad. I thought further; it was giving me a harsh boner. I watched Corey and Charlie grab at their own crotches. The hot, fat ass girl in the movie was giving a really young guy (barely 18) a lap-dance. "Daaaammmn!!" Corey bellowed "Now that! Is one big fat ass!" "Damn right!" 11-year-old Charlie said confidently, already flopping his dick out and tugging at it "Almost as big and fat as Matty's moms ass" Both boys giggled.

I could of cum right there. But I held it in, said "Shut up," like a normal k** and tugged my dick along with them. The three of us fell silent and intense as we looked at this fat booty girl on the screen tease us my spreading her big butt cheeks. I watched in fascination as this 18-year-old guy was rubbing his cock between this girls fat ass cheeks and moaning as he rubbed it against her pink asshole. The guy's curiosity with 'ass' or 'booty' turned me on immensely. "Damn man im going to cum!" 16-year-old Corey bellowed out, he jerked his dick harder, making a really strained face and sprayed white cream all over his cock.

"Yeeeeaahh! Yeeeeaaah!" 11-year-old Charlie yelled out as he pounded his hairless dick "That fat ass is mine!" he said aggressively.

Charlie was sweating, he grunted more and started bucking his little hips, making aggressive growling noises like an a****l cub and cummed with what he had. This k** was always the aggressive type, I thought as I pulled faster into my own orgasm.

I was actually thinking about my mom giving Charlie a lap dance, using the movie as an outline to my imagination. I thought about my 32-year-old mother, bare ass naked,
sitting her heavy ass on 11-year-old Charlies tiny lap. Charlie would confidently grasp her fat cheeks and rub his hard cock up and down her thick ass crack. My mommy
would squeal and surrender her ass to this sexually promiscuous boy. Charlie would be laughing both to the immense pleasure he would be feeling and to the manly
power he had in this situation. I cummed all over myself and squealed. The fantasy was over. Corey and Charlie laughed playfully, making a comment on how funny I looked

If they only knew.

After about ten minutes of calming down; the three of us laid down on the floor and was smoking a joint each. "Hey Matty b*o," Corey said between puffs, "We have been to
Charlies house heaps, and we h ave been to mine a few times. Why don't we ever go to yours to sl**p over?"

"My parents aren't always out on business like your parents, my mom is always home." I would reply "And you're saying that's a bad thing?" Charlie snickered. Corey laughed softly as well.

They knew full well why I wouldn't let them sl**p over; they would try to fuck my mom for sure. Though I desired it, I wasn't sure I was ready for it. I acted like any
respecting 13 year old boy would. I would disguise my desires very well, even to myself. Corey and Charlie had already been making flirtatious remarks to my mother over the last year since I knew them. The first time they met my mother, after they kissed her hands playfully, seducing her with their eyes. My mother instantaneously
knew that they wanted her body; I could see it in her eyes, watching her thick upper legs slightly quiver. I wanted to get going to Corey's house, and quickly. But
all three of them insisted that we stick around and get to know each other better. I rolled my eyes and said ok.

My mom grabbed Charlie by the hand and led him into the house. Corey and I were following behind. I watched as Charlie starred and smiled goofily at my mother's big
wiggling bum wrapped tightly by her blue jeans, as she led him by the hand to the living room couches. Charlie looked back at Corey and I with a blush and a cheeky
smile. Corey smiled back and gave Charlie thumbs up. I tried to ignore their sly comments all together.

My mother kindly placed 11 year old Charlie on the couch and got on her knees to take off his shoes. She only wanted this tough little sk8r boy to be comfortable as a king in her house. Charlie looked at her thick cleavage devilishly; her breasts were gigantic too. She looked over at 16-year-old Corey and beckoned him to make himself comfortable on the chair next to Charlie. Corey cockily nodded and sat on that chair as my mom took off his shoes and socks as well. I made myself to the side couch and sat watching both in lust and humiliation.

"Do you boys want anything to eat?" Monica said as she stood up and moved towards the kitchen.

"Only your ass," Charlie said under his breath.

"No thanks mom!" I said instantly loud and clear. "We got plenty to eat at Corey's,"

"Oh ok well would you boys like anything to drink?"

"Just the milk from your jugs," Corey said while coughing

"No mom! We got to go!"

I lead my friends up the stairs and into my room to pack a some pyjamas and shorts. Corey instantly closed the door behind us. They instantly ranted to me.

"Wow, man! Matty, your mom is fucking hot!" Corey said

"Yeah man!" Charlie added, " Did you see the way she walked, damn! We should have made her serve us food and drinks like she offered! Fuck going to Corey's house,
lets stay here!"

"No guys," I said, "My house is boring and my mom spends her time mostly in bed watching TV anyway," So the three of us prepared to leave. We walked down the stairs and saw a surprising sight. My mom was on the ground on all fours, doing aerobics exercises, imitating a bunch of young ladies on the television. I tried to pull my friends out the door but they silently protested and violently resisted until I let go. They both walked forward, leaning on the frame of the living room entrance
and watched her exercise on the floor.

Both 11-year-old Charlie and 16-year-old Corey perved lustfully as my mom did leg stretches, expanding and contracting the shape of her fat ass, her large boobs
drooped with the hard gravity she trained against. Both boys tilted their heads and watched as she cocked her thick upper legs; the fabric strained against her fat ass
crack and defined its self around her voluptuous waist. They both starred wide-eyed with their mouths open as she quivered and whined so femininely to the hard physical
work on her motherly body.

I eventually got them out the door. They ranted and raved about how hot she was and were asking me to do weird favours.

"Hey matty, would you ever record her nude for us?"

"You ever seen her play with herself in bed?"

"Do you jerk off over her?"

"Fuck! I would is she were my mom!" Little 11-year-old Charlie said " I would be looking at her ass in the shower all the time!"

"No! I don't jerk over her!" I said sounding angry now.

"Chill out b*o, don't get all worked cuz your momma has one of the best bomb crack booties I ever seen," Charlie said

"Fuck ill say," Said Corey "Did you see the way her tight pants wrapped around her thick crack as she squatted for that exercise move? Oh, my, God."

Both of them got a little too excited and started fidgeting with their crotches so their dicks didn't look ridiculous in their pants.

Anyway, it's 10 months later and back to present time. My friends and I finished having that conversation after jacking off to the porno and smoking a joint. I agreed to let them sl**p over on Saturday next week for the first time ever. What was I
thinking? Maybe I want this to happen.

"Alright, maybe just once," I said mellowing out "But you can't make any passes at my mom,"

With that they instantly complained in unison. "Oh come on, just a few passes!" Corey said

"Yeah, we just wanna see how she reacts." Charlie added. "Oh all right, but I don't want to catch you guys doing anything to her!"

The day finally arrived and Corey and Charlie were more than excited. My mom had given her best hospitality to the both of them and served them food as they relaxed on
the living room couches. She made them both sandwiches and they watched her big ass wiggle as she walked off to fetch them more food. Over the course of the day, they
talked behind my back about my mom, of course I'd know what they talking about. They were laughing and making sex noises between them and they would say my moms name
and be like 'Oh come here suck my cock' and whatever.

For the most part it was an alright sl**p over. We went to my room for a couple of hours and watched some 'Thug Porn' (what I secretly called porn that involved big
bootied hoes! Just the type that thugs loved). Later on my mom asked my friends and I to help her work on the garden together. But it was weird, my mom called Corey to the side gate of the house where she was working.

He was inside for a while. I couldn't make out what was going on because of the mass amount of branches blocking my vision. After a long time he came out with a smile, his tanned handsome faced had a shade of red and he looked like he had run a marathon. He avoided me a bit and was whispering secretly to the 11 year old Charlie.
When Charlie got the idea of what Corey had told him, they both laughed and giggled.

"What's so funny?" I asked them. They both just said "nothing, just this thing that happened in school today", and both continued their work.

As time went by we finished the garden work and everyone had a refreshing beverage inside the kitchen.

My friends and I were told to go to the shop, so I went with them and left my mom home alone. We were heading to the shops to pick up some bread for my mom. However I saw my good friend who I haven't seen for 2 years. He asked me to go to the mall with him and the others to catch up on good times. So I asked, and rather stupidly I might
add, that 'Corey' and 'Charlie' drop the bread off at my mom's and to tell her I'd be back in an hour or so. "Yeah sure no problem," they said. I noticed as they turned
around they both giggled, I could only imagine why.

They both went to my house, though I was in the mall, I couldn't recall what they done next. I had fun talking and having fun with my old friend but the thought of what
they were probably doing to my mom was giving me the butterflies. So I eventually said goodbye and got home a little early to see if my gut was telling me the truth.
Are they fucking my mom?

I got into the house as I had a key to myself. As soon as I shut the door behind me slowly I heard a loud gasp as if someone had just finished a 100-meter sprint. I slowly walked upstairs towards where the sound was coming from and it was getting louder and louder. I finally got upstairs and opened my mom's bedroom door just slightly to get a peek. I saw my friends undressed, DAMN, and my mom was on all fours still with her top on but her skirt was completely off and was whispering stuff to them, like all sorts of lustful shit!

I had managed to see Charlie's camera phone on the other side of the room on the bedroom draws facing the bed with a flashing red light meaning its recording! So my mission was clear! Get that fucking phone and see what my thug friends were up to! I was so pissed at my friend then! I couldn't believe they'd do this; and my mom let them!!!

Moments later, I heard them talking about how I would be back from the mall. My mom said it would be best if they both get dressed in case I came back. This kick started
my first plan of action. I walked to the front door, opened and slammed it to surprise them. I could hear them rustle and quickly get their clothes on as I walked back up the stairs pretending I just came back from the mall. Mom, Charlie and Corey all walked out into the hallway and greeted me as if nothing had happened. My plan had
worked and Charlie forgot his camera phone still on the bedroom draws. I took Charlies phone into my room but it was too risky watching it on the spot, I decided to send the digital video to my computer and watch it when they both leave the next morning.

Charlie eventually realised that his phone was missing and raced up the stairway to find it. I had already placed it back where he left it on my mom's bedroom draws and he grabbed It. Judging from his expression I knew he was thinking that he had got away with doing that stuff without me knowing. All night they joked about my mom and
laughed behind my back about me, but I knew, and it turned me on big time. They even had the ordasity to say my moms name in front of me while we were watching porn
and cumming

"Oh Joyce! Oh Joyce!!"

The following morning had arrived and Corey and Charlie headed home around midday, laughing and giving each other a high-five as they strolled off into the distance with
my mom waving to them, blushing. I rolled my eyes to the bitter irony of my knowledge and the lustful activity that awaited in my room. I walked in and moved to my computer straight away to start the digital video.

With a double click, the video started and I watched as Corey and Charlie sat beside my mother with their arms around her.

"Do you want us mommy?" 11-year old Charlie said to my mom.

"Yes!" my mother said to the thug boys "I've wanted you to fuck me for so long,"
I was watching and "oh my god," I couldn't believe it!

The video consisted of 16-year-old Corey and 11-year-old Charlie both fucking my mom in turns! It started off with some foreplay, Corey got my mom to suck his big Latin
cock whilst the Charlie was aggressively telling her to strip her top off and was sucking her big boobs!

They flipped her over on her bed doggie style, on all fours and toggled down her skirt and tight pink underwear revealing her big fleshy butt to the camera. Both of them smiled to the camera and spread her big ass cheeks apart, showing off her tight pink asshole. Corey and Charlie laughed as they bounced her butt cheeks with their hands. Both of them attempted to nuzzle and rest their chins against her left and right butt cheeks as they tried to tongue her asshole. She squealed and squealed in
pleasure, as both of them tasted her cherry soup flavoured butt.

"Mmmm, just like cherry flavoured candy" little 11-year-old Charlie said. My mom giggled and pushed her fat candy ass back against his little mouth. Charlie took advantage of this opportunity and shoved his face into my moms crack excitedly and sucked against her hole hard. She did the same for Corey straight after. This seemed to be getting them very hot, me included as I tugged away watching it all play out to me as if it were a very vivid memory.

Both Corey and Charlie decided to cut the foreplay and start fucking some momma. Charlie got behind my moms ass and mounted her, getting ready for the fuck of his 11-
year-old life. He slid his little cock up and down her fat ass crack to keep himself turned on. 16-year-old Corey sneered and grabbed my mom by the hair and guided it to his thick brown cock. They both pushed against her at both ends and penetrated her. Charlie pushed and pounded against my mom's ass and Corey sat back as she sucked away.

I masturbated as I watched my mom getting spit roasted by my two best friends. She squealed between their young bodies. They both moaned "Mommy! Mommy!" together and
they humped and made strained pleasurable faces. Then they switched places, 16-year-old Corey porked his thick Latino dick and banged her from behind whilst she sucked
and worshiped 11 year olds Charlie's dick and balls! She was being such a fucking slut!

Now days, I play ignorant whenever Charlie and Corey come over. In fact I make up so many situations where I leave my mom alone with them. I set up my own secret cameras to record them whenever they fuck and put them as files on my computer. Also, I didn't delete the first video from Corey's phone and the digital footage managed
to make its way around the school. Corey and Charlie were considered champions and everyone laughed at me behind my back, if they only knew I knew. Over the course of the last few months all the boys in school have fucked my mom up the ass and I seemed none the wiser.

Just the footage of my all my peers stripping naked and expressing their boyish heterosexuality as they fucked my milf of a mother made me the most sexually satisfied boy for my age.

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Granny FUCKED by her Grand son and Friends

My name is Priscilla and I am a friend of Felicia. This is a true story and Felicia

said you folks might like to read about it.

I was almost 63 and still in good shape and very active sexually. I love sex and I

am also a member of several swinger sites. I'm also a nudist and I stay naked

whenever I can.

One weekend I was leaving to go spend a few day at a local nudist resort here

in Florida called Paradise Lakes. I have been going there for years and I know

about every body there that fucks..LOL. This weekend, I really had no plans

other than just laying out naked, drinking and maybe meeting someone I haven't

already fucked before. It was mid July and already hot as hell so after I got

naked, I laid out my towel, grabbed a beer from the poolside bar and got in the

swimming pool to cool off.

I had a few conversations with some of the guys and girls there and the day was

pretty much normal. The crowd started getting large and as more and more

people came in, the pool got more and more crowded. I figured this was great

because for sure, I would find a couple of guys and even another couple to play

with that night.

Late afternoon rolled around and when I looked across the pool deck, I was

shocked to see my grand son and two other boys walking around. They were of

course naked but I had never seen my boy naked much less him see me. I tried

to avoid him but after about two hours, I felt someone tap me on the shoulder

and I turned around only to find myself face to face with him and his two friends.

I was stark naked, a little d***k and kinda freaked out a little too. He told me that

he had no idea that I was a nudist and that it was his and his friends first time

ever being naked in public before. I explained that I had only been there a few

times before (I lied my ass off) and that I enjoyed the place and I hoped he would

like it too. I did notice his two friends and they WERE hot as hell and for that

matter, so is my grand son. He did tell me not to tell his mom, my daughter, as

that she might freak out if she knew he was there and he didn't know she already

knew I was a nudist..LOL

I told him to enjoy himself and I went over to my chair to lay out some more. The

three of them headed off in another direction and I assumed he would find

something to do and then they would all go home but I was dead wrong about

that for sure.

That night, they held a dance in the clubhouse where everyone dances naked,

drinks and has all sorts of fun. I was sitting with a couple I had met, hoping that

maybe they would invite me up to their room for some fun. I danced a few songs

and even played with the guys cock under the table but everything changed

when I saw my boy again. He still had his two friends with him and they were

speaking with a few couples that I knew very well and had fucked many, many

times before. I saw him point to me and they nodded about something, I was

now dying to know just what they were saying too.

I decided to walk over there and make sure no one told him how I have fucked

half the members there! The three couples he and his friends were talking to said

hello and we all hugged, etc., They told me that the young guys they were talking

with had asked about me but apparently, my boy didn't bring up the fact that I

was his grand mother. By now, he was at the bar ordering drinks along with his

friends. I had a seat at the booth with everyone and now we had a group of me

and 3 couples. As the drinks flowed, they all asked me if I would like to join them

in the party house they had rented for the weekend there at the resort. I knew

what that meant and that was "wanna come over and fuck"...LOL I was ready

and willing and couldn't wait to have a few cocks stuck in me and even lick some

pussy too.

I followed them up the road to their place and once inside, they mixed some

drinks. put on some music and the party started! I was sucking this guys cock on

the sofa while his wife licked my pussy. Some of the others were either on the

bed in the bedroom or on their knee's sucking cock..LOL It was a typical nudist

resort swingers party! After about 30 minutes and a few loads of cum, the

doorbell rang and the guy that rented the place said he had invited a few others

to come over and join us! I was willing as was everyone else so I just stayed

where I was at that time (in one of the beds with my legs apart and a guy fucking

me) and enjoying it all. After a couple of minutes, the guy had me get on my

stomach so he and another guy there could fuck me doggie style. I did as asked

and I was getting fucked so hard I thought I would bust but I loved every minute

of it.

The first guy came in me and pulled out and I felt the other guy enter me. He was

huge and his cock felt like it would burst through my belly is was so big! I moaned

a lot and when he came, I felt his cum gush everywhere and fill my pussy to the

brim! He pulled out and I rolled over, only to discover to my horror and shock that

I had just been fucked by my own grandson! I hadn't even seen his face and had

been getting gang banged all night anyway. He was also stunned and I grabbed

his hand and led him into the bathroom. He didn't know what to say except that

he had no idea it was me and since the room was so dark, he didn't ever

assume I would be there. I told him it was ok but that we couldn't tell anyone

about our relationship. People would NOT understand nor would they believe us!

I went back into the living room where a bunch of people were fucking, etc., so I

figured the damage was done. I would just keep my mouth shut and let sl**ping

dogs be..LOL.

I found another guy and he took me to one of the bedrooms and we joined

another couple on the bed and starting fucking, etc., I looked up while I had a

cock in my mouth and there stood my boys two pals, watching me. I acted like I hadn't

seen them but they for sure saw me. While the guy I was sucking straddled my

face, I felt someone start fingering my wet pussy and it was one of his friends. I

just let him do it, thinking that maybe he didn't remember me and when the guy got

off my face, this young k** got between my legs and fucked the crap outta me!

He was really large and he fucked as good as anyone I had ever done. He

popped a load in me and then crawled up toward my face. He stuck his cream

covered cock in my mouth and I sucked him clean, sucking out the last drop

and he got up and left the room.

Later that night, I saw my boy fucking several women and his friends were all

sticking their cocks into any hole that would allow them. I went back to the

upstairs bedroom and his other pal followed me inside. He asked if I would like to

hook up with him so I told him sure, let him fuck me and I actually enjoyed doing

it too! Finally he finished and got up and left the room. I laid there a few minutes

in the darkened room when I saw my boy enter. He was kinda sweaty from

fucking and he sat next to me on the bed. What he did next shocked me though.

He reached over and placed his hand on my thigh, just above my knee, and I

could tell by the way he was rubbing my leg that he wanted to fuck me again.

At first, I started to brush his hand away but instead, I took his hand and placed

it on my pussy. I felt his finger push inside and swirl around. I asked him if he

was sure about this since the last time, we were uncomfortable about it but he

explained that what was done was done and that no one there except his friends

knew about us.

I just leaned back on my elbows and opened my legs for him. He pushed his

huge cock in me and it felt so good but filthy at the same time! He started slowly

but was soon fucking me so hard the bed shook! He came all inside of me and

as he was pulling out, asked if his friends could do me one more time! I agreed

and the 4 of us had a mini orgy right there in the bed!

They left after that and after I had cleaned up, I also left and met another guy at

the hot tub who I fucked before going to bed. Now when I see my grand son, I

can't help but think of what a nasty filthy thing we had done but DAMN I sure

enjoyed it!
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Friends with benefits

I’ve been single for about six months now, and had been invited over to Jay and Maria’s for dinner. I was looking forward to getting out of my flat. Jay is one of my best friends – we have known each other since we were five years old. Jay is my age, average height, and has close-cropped hair as he started going bald a few years ago. He is fairly fit though, and keeps in shape running and cycling. His wife Maria went to our high school, and seems to wear the pants in the relationship. Adventurous, outgoing and optimistic are words that I would not usually use to describe her.

I arrived over at 3pm for a few drinks. I like to ease into the evening hence the early start. Maria opened the door wearing a light summer dress with some curves that whispered “braless” and an unusual mischievous smile. “Hey sexy” she greeted me, and took my bottles of wine. The greeting was very out of the ordinary, but I was in a good mood and replied back with a simple “easy tiger!” and kissed her hello on the cheek. Either my aim was bad though, or she turned toward me, because the corners of our lips met briefly.

I went inside, said hi to Jay and accepted a beer that he offered to me from the refrigerator. We then went outside and took a seat at the outside table, enclosed in a private courtyard surrounded by trees and flowers, and relatively high fences.

Drinks started flowing, and the usual reminiscing took place. I was in a good mood, as I find that my moods often match those of people around me. And the conversation was fun and lively, as opposed to the usual “did you see that programme on TV the other night” that I usually get when I visit them. Not only was the conversation light and joking, but it also kept moving to sex. At first, jokingly one of them would raise the subject or ask a question, usually followed by an inference and a sly, now slightly intoxicated smile from Maria.

At one point Maria went to get some more drinks, and Jay asked how many sexual partners I’ve had. “I don’t know if you realise, but both Maria and I were virgins when we met” he explained, “and you’re a single guy who’s done a lot of travelling” etc. I answered with what I consider to be a modest sum. Jay wanted to know more though. I started to recount a couple of different escapades I’d had, and was talking about the weekend where I had sex with a 19 year old on the Friday night, and a 47 year old on the Saturday night.

Jay was showing great interest in my story, which I must admit was quite good, and for the record they were both great but I enjoyed the 47 year old better as she knew what she wanted! At that point Maria walked back in, with some beers, and wine for herself. She spilt a bit of her wine, and it looked like the wine was having a desired affect. Jay put his hand on her leg and lifted her skirt playfully up to her thigh, and said “Paul is filling me in on some sexy adventures he has had.”

“Oooh, that sounds fun,” Maria replied and seductively winked at me. “Would you be able to fill both of us in?”

I know I wasn’t imagining that, though I was unsure exactly of the meaning. However, I realised I had a very hard erection, and made certain that my legs were under the table and my bulge out of sight.

I talked a bit more, and the drink kept flowing. The talk then turned to fantasies. I confessed to the usual two-girl fantasy, admitting that it had almost happened, but not quite. This wasn’t one of my mildest fantasies though, but I thought it was an easy out to get the attention away from me.

Now, I thought this couple was, in the nicest way possible, very boring. But when Jay admitted that his fantasy was to watch two people having sex, my perceptions began to change. “Do you enjoy watching people, Paul?” Maria asked? “Sure.” I replied. “My DVD collection would testify to that.”

“Do you enjoy watching people kiss?” She said.
”Yes, I find that incredibly erotic”. She lent over and kissed Jay slowly and passionately. One of her shoulder straps slid down, and I noticed Jay’s hand working itself further up her thigh. “Well, that’s pretty hot” I said, as my erection returned suddenly.

They kissed for at least a couple of minutes, during which I was torn between excusing myself and jerking off, or joining in. Finally they stopped, and I realised Maria’s skirt was showing a glimpse of her hairless (another surprise!) mound from where Jay had been, now obviously, fingering her. The combination of the alcohol and the show had me hot and horny.

Maria left to get another drink, and as she went inside I joked with Jay. “Boy, she’s enjoying the wine! Is she ok?” “Yeah” he said. “Actually Paul, please forget I ever said this if you don’t like it, but this isn’t an accident. We have been talking a lot recently about fantasies, and we figure that we have been married long enough to comfortably bring some to life.”

Jay continued, saying that strangely, and possibly a sign of their closeness, that they shared a fantasy of another guy fucking Maria, while Jay watched. As I was very close to both of them, and had known them both for over 20 years, they felt comfortable with inviting me to help them out. My cock was aching in my jeans, as he asked if I would like to “…fuck my wife”.

On cue, Maria’s arms wrapped around me from behind, and she whispered into my ear “I want you to fuck me” as she unbuttoned my fly and took out my throbbing cock. I’m only an average size, but it was the hardest I had ever felt it. I looked at Jay who had a glazed look of love, lust and passion in his eyes. He met my look, winked, and said, “Go for it, friend”.

I slid Maria around and sat her on my hard cock. She pulled her should straps down exposing her lovely firm C cup breasts that she normally keeps so prudishly covered. Her areolas were large, much larger than I expected, and I slowly lowered my head and took a nipple in my mouth. I continued to suck and nibble for a minute or two, during which time Maria was grinding her ass on my hot cock. I swapped my mouth to her other beautiful breast and found this nipple was as hard as diamond. I had only paid that one a little attention when she stood up and dropped her dress slowly to the deck. I was lying back in the chair with my flag at full mast, and admired her shapely but firm (and hairless) body.

I glanced over at Jay, and was immediately both surprised and turned on. He had his cock out and was stroking it slowly. But that wasn’t what surprised me. What surprised me was that his cock was huge! Not so much in length, probably about 7.5 inches, but it was thick, much thicker than mine. Thoughts flashed through my mind, but were replaced by Maria’s blonde hair descending towards my crotch, followed by her warm wet mouth lapping at the swollen head of my cock. I let out a groan as she slid my whole cock into her salivating mouth, and slowly took it out again, letting it slap against her cheek as she smiled wickedly up at me.

She slowly inched my aching cock back into her mouth, and rhythmically started to suck my entire attention into the single purple point located at the end of my dick. My friend Jay had obviously been explaining a few guy things to her, because she started a slow-slow-slow-fast-fast-fast-fast-fast-slow-slow rhythm that had me moaning like a grieving widow. Before I knew it this temptress had me on the edge. “I’m going to come if you don’t stop” I said, suddenly aware that I was about to shoot my load in my best friends’ wife’s mouth. Maria didn’t stop, and I looked at Jay who simply nodded and said, “Please do…”

With that my orgasm hit with the speed of a freight train. My head went back in ecstasy and my hand rested on Maria’s blonde hair. What normally would have surprised me was that she didn’t miss a beat and continued to milk my throbbing cock until I laid my head back in a combination of ecstasy and exhaustion. I could feel my cock go limp as she slid her mouth off, stood up, and leaned over to Jay. I watched as she gave him a juicy passionate french kiss, and I thought I saw a slight swallowing motion from my best friend as I pictured him receiving my semen from his wife’s mouth. This thought immediately partially revived my erection as Maria kissed Jay again, whispered something in his ear then moved back to me to say, “We haven’t finished yet!”

She took me by the arm and led me inside where I shed what remaining clothes I had. Jay followed and also took his jeans and shirt off, and I briefly admired his physique. A couple more sessions in the gym and he would have a nice six-pack going. Maria pushed me back onto the bed and once again took me into her mouth until I was hard. “I told you I wanted you to fuck me,” she whispered huskily, as she positioned herself over me, and slowly lowered herself so that my cock was sucked into her moist, hairless pussy. She fucked me like that for a few minutes, both of us groaning and grinding, until she rolled over, keeping me inside and resulting on me being on top in the missionary position.

I was completely engrossed in the task in hand as Maria put her index finger to her lips and removed it, smiled, half sat up, and simultaneously said “I hope you like this” and placed her wet finger on my virgin asshole. I have had chicks do this to me before, so this just turned my on even more. Maria saw this and slowly worked her way into my hot ass. Once again I glanced at Jay, who was massaging his thick rod, staring at his wife’s finger in my anal passage.

Maria once again took control as she slid out from underneath me, instructing me to lie on my stomach. She kissed my passionately on the lips and started kissing her way down my back. I could guess what was coming, and even though I didn’t think it was possible, I got even more turned on. I had never been rimmed before, though I had done it to a couple of girlfriends. Maria slid her fiery tongue between my cheeks, and circled my hole slowly. Occasionally she would dip her tongue into my hot arse, and then resume rimming. I raised my hips so she could grab my cock and jerk me off at the same time. I was in heaven as she stopped rimming me and concentrated on massaging my cock. She resumed moments later, and once again I lay with my eyes closed enjoying the fact that my best friends blonde wife had her tongue in my ass and her hand around my dick.

“Mmmm, you like that don’t you” I heard Maria say as I lay there with a smile on my face. I could tell she was talking to her husband.

“Mmmm, Mmm” was the muffled reply….. Wait a minute, I could still feel a tongue up my arse as Maria said those words, and it took a half a minute to come to the conclusion. It’s a good time to say that I have had more than a few fantasies about guys, including visiting a few bisexual porn sites and stuff, but when I registered what was going on I furiously tried to work out whether I should get up and be angry or what. I was definitely confused as Maria moved up and kissed my on the mouth, all the while a tongue was still up my ass.

“Sorry honey, we weren’t entirely truthful. We should have told you that our fantasy is to have a threesome with a good-looking guy. You look like your enjoying it…”

We kissed again, and I felt four hands roll me gently over. As Maria kissed me, I felt Jay’s warm hot mouth envelope my hard prick. I let out a loud groan, and moved my hips up so that my cock was buried in his mouth. He began to move up and down on my member, and I could not believe that my best friend was giving me the best head that I could remember. I hesitantly started to move my hips in and out so that I was face fucking my friend, and pretty soon we had a rhythm going that was about to send me over the edge. Both Jay and his wife realised this, and he moved up the bed next to us.

He kissed Maria, then she kissed me, and then he kissed her and me. His breath tasted different to any girl I have kissed – not offensive, but musky, manly. I closed my eyes and kissed back; to have them both pull away. Moments later I felt a pressure against my lips, as my best friend who I had known for twenty-five years was offering me his cock. And I gladly opened my mouth as wide as I could and received his thick manhood.

His circumcised head was huge and I had to spread my jaws wide to fit it into my waiting mouth. I first gave it a few licks, and held it to my face, taking time to appreciate the fact that I was not only in the process of giving my first blow job, but that I was giving it to my best friend. I had often fantasised about man-man sex, and thought it would be just sex, but I experienced an intimate feeling knowing that the man I had grown up with had his cock in my mouth whilst his woman watched on.

I continued to suck his enormous prick, taking time to lick its shaft, and suck his clean shaven balls. I rolled him on his back and really took control. I didn’t want to use the half arsed attempt of sucking and jerking with my hand as I had so often experienced from other women, so I did my best to use my mouth as much as I could. And I enjoyed every second of it.

I had my tonsils removed when I was five, and I heard that helps, and my first ever time sucking a cock, I managed to deep throat. He moaned deliciously as I took his entire length in my mouth and used my throat to fuck his engorged head. It was like I was giving head to myself – he was responding just as I would have, and before too long I could tell that he was almost ready to shoot his load. I stopped deep throating but picked up the pace, aware that I was about to taste another guy’s jism for the first time, and I was gagging for it. Suddenly I felt his back stiffen, and his thrusts became shorter and faster.

“I’m coming….I’m coming” he moaned, as his sack emptied it’s load into my mouth. One, two, three, four, five times he shot a load into my mouth, following which his once hard cock started to deflate. I happily swallowed every last drop of his salty delicious semen, happily at one with the situation, and aware that my friend had just gifted me his sexual being.

We lay there for a few moments, savouring the situation, his cock hardening slowly in my mouth. A hand then tugged me out of my trance. Maria kissed her husband with a slow deliberate erotic kiss, and whispered “I love you honey, that was beautiful” then said to me “now fuck me till I come!”.

Well, that put the pressure on, but I could hardly say no. She lay on the bed and I positioned myself with my knees on the floor. The bed was just the right height, and I slid into her hot moist hole. She groaned in delight as I started pumping her slippery pussy, my mind still reeling from the recent hot experience of swallowing my friends cum. I reached up and kneaded her firm breast with my hand, just as I felt a cool wet liquid trickle over my tight sphincter.

My friends voice whispered over my shoulder “I hope you like this” as his wife, impaled with my cock looked him in the eye with wanton lust. I stopped thrusting in disbelief as I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole, and slowly slide inside thanks to the generous amounts of lube he had applied. Not only had I swallowed my best friends cum, and fucked his wife, but now he was about to fuck me up the arse while I had my dick in his life partner.

I groaned and relaxed as much as possible as he slowly eased his fat cock in and out, each time reaching a new record for how much cock my arse has swallowed. Never have I felt such a combination of pleasure and pain, as his thick cock threatened to tear me apart but at the same time making me feel as never before. I was completely still until Jay was half way in, then suddenly with the next stroke he slid completely up to the hilt, and buried himself completely in my arse. All three of us froze, the realisation of the situation dawning upon us. Maria, with her husbands best friend buried in her pussy, Jay with his cock stuck up his friends arse, and me, joining these two, inside my friend’s beautiful wife, and with my friend’s thick cock buried deep inside me.

As one we moved, our faces touching and kissing, hands all over each other. I felt the most privileged person on the planet to be in between two beautiful people who are so in love. My hard cock sliding in and out of Maria’s hot pussy, with my mate Jay’s huge dick lodged in my willing ass. I could feel his balls slapping into mine, and I made sure that I matched his strokes so our balls touched as much as possible. The pace began to pick up, amid a muttering of “uuh, that’s amazing”, “I love you”, “we should have, uggh, done, uggh this, uggh years, uggh ago” and “ooh my god”. I could feel the familiar pressure beginning to build up in my balls, though it seemed magnified by one thousand times with my friends rod exerting pressure from the inside.

I was the first to come. I blame that on the fact that I was receiving double the pleasure. I yelled I was coming as my head snapped back, and I shot what I reckon is the biggest load I have ever shot. As my head was back, Jay lent over and french kissed me, his tongue swirling inside my mouth, sending another pulse of cum shooting out of my still hard cock. Maria seeing her husband passionately kissing me then lost control, and could feel her orgasm shaking me from the depths of her hot cum filled pussy.

I lay there on top of Maria, our eyes locked in that post-orgasm daze, as I felt the length of her husband slide in and out of my incredibly sensitive arse. My mouth hung open as I both wished for his release and wished for the pleasure to continue forever. His manly hands gripped my hips tight as he groaned “I’m…coming……”, and his body went rigid and his strokes became urgent.

Suddenly I felt his thick cock swell even more, if that were possible, then a sweet hot sensation gushed into my bowels as he released his load into me. Girls have often said that it’s not just the physical sensation during sex that they like, and for once I have understood what they mean. My friend had just released his seed into me, and I now contained a part of him. I loved it.

We lay there for a minute, then eased out of each other, kissed and cuddled and fell asl**p. I awoke early, nervous that things might be a bit different, so got dressed and went home. Before I left, I stole a quick kiss of Maria and Jay. Still asl**p, Maria whispered, “See you later”, and Jay just smiled.

I walked to my car slightly sore, but trying to think of an excuse for another drink with my beautiful best friend and his loving wife.

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Friends and Lovers

Tracy Robinson had a hard and fast rule: Do NOT, under any circumstances, never, ever, ever fool around with a married man. She’d been married and cheated on and she remembered all too well the pain it caused her. In her mind there was no valid, justifiable reason to date someone who she knew was going to be a liar from the very beginning; she had enough respect for herself to not date someone else’s man. Because she was bisexual, the same theory applied to women as well. Women were slightly different in that she rarely, if ever, had a married woman trying to seduce her. Most women weren’t after illicit sex and extramarital liaisons with random other women so while Tracy felt morally righteous and superior for saying on principle that she never messed around with a married woman, the instances of her being tempted by a married woman were almost non-existent.

Tracy was the kind of woman who felt comfortable adhering to rules. She’d served in the military for 20 years and was now enjoying her life pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist. In many ways, it was the exact opposite of the strict, rigid life she’d had in The Army. She could stand in front of a canvas for hours, sometimes forgetting to eat, on only two or three hours of sl**p a night, and paint to her heart’s content. Several local galleries were showing her work and while the sales were few and far between, they were enough to keep her motivated to continue her passion. Her military pension paid the bills so she was comfortable and happy. Single life wasn’t necessarily to her liking but she wasn’t so desperate to be in relationship that she would jump at the first man who showed her attention either. Her 40th birthday was coming up, she was relatively content in life, and didn’t really have a care in the world.

When they say that life has a way of knocking you off your feet, sometimes that can be literal. In her garden pulling weeds one day, Tracy made a wrong move and ended up face up in amongst her gardenias unable to move. If it hadn’t been for her trusty letter carrier happening along, she might have been there for hours. After a very brief stint in the local hospital, she ended up in the VA for rehabilitation and physical therapy. She’d injured her back in the military years before and it had a habit of acting up every once in a while, but after a few days rest, it might literally be years before another flare up. If her bl**d sugar hadn’t been so out of control, she would have been released with the usual, “Take care, don’t over-exert yourself, take two pain killers and call me in the morning,” shtick. The combination of the medicine and the fact that she hadn’t been eating well were causing her glucose levels to go up and down like a yo-yo, sometimes spiking to dangerous levels. They released her but with orders for a nurse to come visit her home for follow up visits and make sure she was getting insulin when and if she needed it and monitor her progress. Say what you want about the military, and disregarding the times when they occasionally drop the ball, their care for their own is beyond compare.

Itching to get back to her canvases and ready to assume more responsibility for her health, Tracy started eating well and doing all the exercises they suggested she do for slowly strengthening her back muscles the minute she got home. If there was a regimen to be performed, Tracy could do it. She didn’t want or need a nurse coming to check on her; she wanted to paint. Twice a week, whether she wanted it or not, a nurse was to come to check on her until the doctor released her. The first day Karen showed up, Tracy tried her best to be polite but it was more than apparent that she was frustrated and anxious about someone taking care of her. Karen was respectful of the retired Major, even calling her Ma’am. She was warm, gracious, and a highly competent nurse as well. Tracy insisted, “Do not call me Ma’am. I’m not in the military anymore.” The two ladies had a rapport immediately. While she could have been in and out in twenty minutes, Karen stayed for almost an hour, getting to know her new patient and asking all sorts of questions to ensure that she was getting the best care possible and that her recovery was imminent. Karen was very personable, meaning she liked getting to know her patients in order to provide them with the absolute best care. She felt like it was her responsibility to extend herself to her patients, to be a friend to them.

Karen was, for all intents and purposes . . . well . . . not exactly the complete physical opposite of Tracy, but there were some significant differences. Other than the obvious difference in race, Tracy being Black and Karen being white; Tracy was taller than average, Karen was of average height. They both had similar builds but Karen had recently given birth and was nursing and the owner of very large, very sensitive breasts. They were both very attractive women who didn’t feel a need to flaunt it and downplayed their attractiveness out of sensibility and practicality. The two women hit it off immediately and seemed to become friends from essentially day one. There was that connection, that intangible bond you get sometimes when you meet someone and you feel as if you’ve known them forever. Or, at the very least, that you can open up to them in ways you can’t with others. Karen hadn’t even been coming two full weeks when Tracy started looking forward to her visits. They would break up the monotony of her day, provide her company, and she enjoyed sharing her artwork with Karen.

One day, Karen stopped by on a day she wasn’t scheduled to visit. She said she just wanted to check up on Tracy. The visit lasted almost two hours and the women talked about life, love, and everything else under the sun. It was that day that Tracy realized that the chemistry she shared with Karen was more than platonic. It was that night that Tracy allowed herself to have her very first fantasy about Karen. She lay in bed, tossing and turning, fantasizing about her new friend. Her hormones raged and her body ached to explore a more physical, sensual connection with the woman who had mandatory access to her home two times a week. Because she had been compelled to keep her sexuality secret and hidden in the military, Tracy had been accustomed to not opening up to anyone but potential lovers about her preferences. The newly emerging artist in Tracy was different. It was almost as if the minute she picked up a paint brush, she became committed to telling the truth, with her art and with her heart.

“Hey friend, come on in,” Tracy said as she opened the door widely to greet Karen on her next scheduled visit. This time, rather than her hands and clothes being covered in paint, she was wearing a teal colored blouse and jeans that would be what she’d wear on a casual date with a man. She watched for Karen’s reaction carefully as she undid the buttons on her shirt to reveal a black lace push up bra as she listened to her heart. Tracy rested her right hand on Karen’s thigh as she pricked the finger on her left hand to test her bl**d sugar. Still no response. Karen seemed to be oblivious to any sexual tension and went about her business professionally and reported that she would in fact be telling the doctor that Tracy was cleared for release.

Visibly saddened, Tracy sighed and said, “I’m going to miss you, friend. It’s been great getting to know you over this short period of time.”

“Oh, I can still stop by and see you,” Karen responded. “I have other patients in the area and I would be more than happy to stop by and check on you every once in a while.” She added, “You know, my life is so routine, so predictable. I’ve been married to the same man for fifteen years, we’ve been in a relationship since high school; I’ve been in the military for more than a decade. I’m a mom and a wife and a nurse. You’re an artist. I admire what you’re doing. It’s so, you know, different. I think what you’re doing is fascinating and I love your work and I just think you’re a really interesting, really nice person.” It wasn’t exactly what Tracy wanted to hear but it felt nice regardless and she knew Karen was being sincere. The last things she wanted to do was alienate her new friend so they hugged goodbye with promises of seeing one another again.

Before the week was out, Karen called and asked if it was okay if she stopped by. Tracy was elated. She grabbed a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers and set out a little tray. “I finished with all my patients early today and I just didn’t feel like going home yet,” Karen blurted out the second she walked in. “My s****r-in-law is watching the baby and my older two have practice after school. I just needed a little adult time, I hope you don’t mind.”

Mind? Was she crazy? Tracy was elated. Karen graciously accepted the offer of the chilled Pinot Grigio at 3:00 in the afternoon and nibbled on the smoked gouda and crackers. Nestled comfortably on her sofa, the two women continued to open up to one another in ways that far exceeded most burgeoning friendships. They were both revealing personal information about each other, about their sex lives, love lives, fears, dreams, frustrations, things that usually come after knowing someone a long time. As the proverbial clock struck 5, Karen had to leave and her car was barely out the driveway before Tracy had her vibrator out and was frantically stimulating her already aroused pussy.

In the following weeks, the unscripted visits became more frequent, with Karen sometimes stopping by on her lunch breaks, after seeing all her patients, and even on her days off. The beauty of their conversations was that they were deep, raw, and honest, not at all superficial. Tracy didn’t want to seem obvious, so some days she would offer herbal tea or juice, others nothing at all, and occasionally, when she thought she might get Karen to loosen up a bit more, she offered some form of alcohol, you know, all under the guise of being a gracious hostess. Her nights were tortured and sweaty, fantasizing about making love to her new friend, terrified she might lose her if she revealed her lust but aroused beyond belief by the connection.

Eventually, Tracy knew it was time to reveal her true feelings. She decided she would do it with a painting. Inspired, the piece came to life and she invited her friend to her studio to reveal it. “It’s not finished,” she mumbled, terrified about being rejected as an artist and a friend. As Karen stared at the canvas, she could clearly make out two women who could not be confused for anyone other than herself and Tracy in a very intimate, semi-nude embrace.

“Oh my! Is that who I think it is?” Tracy nodded, too scared to say anything at that moment. “I’m flattered,” Karen said, trying to be careful not to hurt her friend’s feelings. “You know . . . I’m not attracted to you like that, right? I just want to be friends.”

Tracy felt a sense of relief almost. It wasn’t as if she wanted Karen to rip her clothes off and for them to fuck in the middle of the floor, it was more like she just needed her friend to see all of her, to know her truth, to not hide any parts of herself anymore. She felt free. She mumbled something about the chemistry and the connection they shared and apologized in ten different ways for making Karen uncomfortable and asked if they could just remain friends. For all of her infatuation, Tracy knew that Karen was married and she wasn’t about to break that rule, even if the attraction was mutual.

The dynamics of the relationship did change after that. Karen was more hesitant to come by, not because she didn’t like Tracy any more but because she felt awkward. Tracy was gracious but offered no alcohol on their brief visits. Their conversations were more tentative and reserved for a few weeks. Before long, water found its own level and everything was back to being comfortable, with the small exception of the fact that they two didn’t mention the sexual attraction thing. It didn’t need to be mentioned. There was a growing sexual tension between the two women. They would sit closer together on the sofa, touch more. A bright lamp in the corner of the room would eventually become replaced by the soft glow of candlelight. Their hugs goodbye lasted longer and it was more than evident that Karen was beginning to trust Tracy in ways she never thought possible.

“What’s it like,” Karen asked one day as she stared at her cup of tea, assuming Tracy would know immediately what she was talking about.

Tracy did understand. The rapport they had built together was based on a certain level of non-verbal communication. “You mean being with another woman?” Karen nodded. “Well, it can be the most tender, gentle, sensual experience you’ve ever had, in a way that no man could ever touch you, kiss you or satisfy you. It can be just as intense and frenzied as fucking a man. Mostly, for me, the difference is there is no end objective. You know when you’re with a man that everything he does is with one goal in mind, to get to the fucking. With a woman, there is no such agenda; it’s all about the journey, not the destination. I’ve made love to a woman for eight hours once and my only goal was to get her to the very edge of orgasm and then stop over and over and over again. At the end of six hours, she was screaming for me to . . . ” Tracy stopped in mid sentence. Karen was breathing heavy, visibly aroused, and her shirt showed signs of her breasts leaking. She leaned in close and tilted Karen’s face towards hers, their lips virtually close enough for a kiss, making intense eye contact. “Are you okay?”

“You know, I told John about . . . you know . . . about . . . well, I told him about the painting and everything. We aren’t prudes by any means, we experiment like any other couple, watch porn, whatever we can to keep our sex life from being boring. It’s just that you do get in a rut after you’ve been married a while, the same thing no matter how hard you try. He got really turned on when I told him. In fact, our sex life has been really great ever since I shared with him about . . . it, I mean us, I mean . . . you know what I mean. It’s just that, I keep wondering what it would be like to . . . you know . . . well, I’m sure you know. The last thing I want to do is lead you on and I don’t want to lose our friendship but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’ve been thinking about what it would be like.” Karen was blushing and embarrassed but intimate enough with her friend to open up honestly.

Tracy reached out and held her friend’s hand. “I’ll answer any questions you have and I won’t stop being your friend. I won’t do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. I promise. I have a policy; I don’t fool around with anyone who is married so we are pretty safe to talk about anything. It will go no further than that. If you want to talk about sex with me and go home and fuck your husband like crazy, that is just fine with me.”

They both laughed and hugged but the sexual tension was so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife. Karen gathered her things and bolted out there like lightning. Over the next few months, their relationship took on a new dynamic. Karen flirted, tempted, and teased and Tracy was holding fast to her rule about not fooling around with a married woman. Karen started forsaking her other friends, friends she’s known since high school, to come spend time Tracy. She loved the feeling of freedom she got the very minute she walked through the door, the ability to tell the truth that she didn’t have with her other friends. She loved the sexual tension and she had begun being more discriminate about the things she shared with her husband, not wanting him to know exactly how turned on she was getting sharing time with another woman. Karen knew that for all Tracy’s integrity, she would never cross the line, so she felt nothing about teasing her friend, making not so subtle suggestions and then running out the door to the safety of her husband and married life.

One night, a little after one in the morning, Karen, audibly upset, called Tracy and said, “Sorry to wake you, but John and I had a really bad fight, do you mind if I crash at your place? I just can’t stand the thought of sl**ping next to him right now. I need to get out of the house and I . . . well, I just want to come there to be honest.” Tracy extended an offer for her friend to stay with her and said she would leave a key under the mat and the guest room ready for her whenever she got there. Karen was already on her way.

Within a half hour, she was in Tracy’s driveway and the key was under the mat as promised. She quietly let herself in and peeked in the guest room with towels on the end of the bed and a cute little gift basket of toiletries on the dresser. Tentatively, she walked past the guest room to Tracy’s master bedroom. Curiosity had gotten the best of her and she had to find out what it was like in real life. She was desperate to know what it was like to make love to another woman. She tiptoed in and folded her clothes in a neat pile as she undressed completely. Tracy lay sl**ping quietly. She pulled back the covers and crawled in bed, snuggling her body against the warmth of her friend’s brown body.

Tracy awoke immediately, still groggy but very sure that there was a naked body next to hers. “Karen, what are you doing? Don’t do this. Please.”

Tracy’s words were silenced with a kiss. Karen placed her lips against Tracy’s and they shared an intimate, tender kiss, like only two women can share. Again, Tracy protested. “Karen, I’m not strong enough to withstand this kind of pressure. What about John?”

“I need this. I want this! You want it too. Please, don’t make me go. Make love to me. Fuck me. Do whatever you want to me but don’t make me go.” The words choked up in her throat as the tears came. She couldn’t leave, she wouldn’t leave. This wasn’t just about some random fuck with a stranger to get off. This wasn’t a cheap thrill. This was a woman she loved as a friend, cared about, shared with, and to whom she was strangely attracted. She wanted to experience the thing that she had tried to deny for months. There was no denying that her clit would throb and her pussy would get moist when she was with Tracy, when they were sitting back talking, at times not even about sex. There was no denying that when she was having sex with her husband, she was thinking about what it would feel like to have a woman’s mouth on her, licking her, tasting her, eating her, about how different it would feel.

She didn’t have time to think too much about the ramifications of her actions. Tracy rolled over and positioned herself over Karen. Their legs intertwined. Karen reached up and pulled the t-shirt from Tracy’s sl**py frame and tossed it to the floor. She felt sexy and wanted in the moment.

“Are you sure you want this, want me?”

Feeling more confident than she’d felt in a very long time, she reached up and placed her mouth on Tracy’s. Their lips gently parted and their tongues found each other’s. Electricity shot through Karen’s body. Almost immediately, her pussy began to throb and pulse, getting wetter than she’d remembered in a very long time. A sound escaped her lips, one of pleasure and arousal. Tracy kissed her back and their kiss because more passionate but still very, extraordinarily sensual. Tracy kissed her way down Karen’s neck, tasting her skin, pressing her lips to the erotic hot spots Karen had almost forgotten she had. Her body responded. She was writhing, twisting, panting and incredibly turned on. She’d imagined what it would be like to be with a woman but in her wildest imagination she had never thought that it would feel so excruciatingly erotic. By the time Tracy’s lips got to her collar bone, sounds were escaping her lips that sounded strange to her own ears.

In the darkness of her bedroom, in the middle of the night, Tracy put aside all her misgivings about engaging in an affair with a married person and gave in to her desires. Before her was a sensual woman, a needy woman who deserved to be made love to and pleasured like she’d never experienced previously. The woman beneath her was a friend, a person she knew inside and out, a woman she had craved sexually for months. She took her time and prepared to pleasure and seduce Karen until she begged her to stop.

If she had been given the opportunity to prepare, she would have had various toys and things like honey, ice cubes, satin sheets, a blindfold, and maybe even a hot all-girl movie ready. With nothing but her hands and mouth, she set to work. Unsure of how to handle the lactation thing, she decided to proceed slowly and let Karen decide how and where she should go. With that decision, she decided to lick everywhere but her nipples. Methodically, she kissed, licked, and erotically nibbled her way from Karen’s collarbone to her belly button and back again, not missing a spot in between.

Every nerve ending in Karen’s body felt alive with excitement. She was tense and aroused and nervous all at the same time. She didn’t know what to do with her hands so she gripped the sheets tightly and held on for dear life. Tracy took Karen’s hands and placed them on her hips. Even in the darkness of night, she could see the contrast in skin tone, feel the softness of a woman’s flesh. Her hands began to roam, gently caressing Tracy’s curves. Tracy responded, “Mmmmm, that feels so nice. Don’t stop. Oh, yeah, feel my tits.” Karen froze momentarily and then took a deep breath and did just that. The weight, the fullness, the feeling of those hard, dark nipples in her hands was sensory overload. Something deep inside her, something instinctual made her want those nipples in her mouth. Without saying a word, Tracy knew and lowered her tits to her waiting mouth.

Karen took to making love to a woman like a duck takes to water. She licked and kissed and softly sucked like she wanted to be sucked. She did it the way she knew deep in her gut would feel pleasurable. In that moment she understood what people meant when they said that only another woman knows how to pleasure a woman. Tracy was moaning, rubbing her pussy against Karen’s thigh. It was slippery and hot and distracting. “Oh, Tracy, this is driving me crazy. Fuck me.”

Tracy responded with a smile. She turned Karen over and proceeded to kiss her way down her back, her thighs, all over her ass, her tongue leaving a wet trail down her spine. Karen had had enough of the tease and wanted more. Tracy grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees, causing Karen to gasp for air. She gently parted the soft, pink folds of flesh that enveloped all that made Karen a woman and stared. Almost imperceptibly, she took her finger and gently caressed Karen’s clit. In that moment Karen was 100% sure John had never touched her so softly, never found her spot so intentionally. She arched her back and let out a hiss. Her breathing was short, raspy. The sensation didn’t last long as Tracy’s fingertips explored further, softly touching and caressing her soaking wet pussy. The next sensation she felt was that of hot breath on her inner thighs, her ass, her pussy. It was as if Tracy was making love to her pussy with her eyes, not even touching it, just looking at it, examining it in a way no one had ever done before. Karen was chanting, “Eat me . . . lick me . . . fuck me . . . FUCK ME . . .”

Reaching between her legs, Karen started to rub her own pussy but Tracy moved her hand away. She replaced her fingertip with her tongue and began to lick softly. Karen’s words now were incoherent, she was speaking the language of supreme ecstasy. From her clit to her asshole and back again, Tracy tasted every inch of Karen’s wet slit. She sucked where she was supposed to, licked in just the right spots. And just when Karen didn’t think she could take any more teasing, Tracy took her fingers and pushed them inside Karen’s dripping wet pussy. They probed and pushed all the right spots. That was enough to send her over the edge but Tracy had other plans. Flipping her over, holding her legs back, Tracy started licking her again. This time her focus was solely on her clit, she was going to bring her to orgasm with the flicking motion of her tongue. Karen grabbed Tracy’s head and held it close as she sputtered profanities and practically screamed how good it felt.

Just as Karen was about to reach her special moment, Tracy stopped. She climbed up Karen’s body and kissed her again, letting her taste her own juices. Karen sucked her tongue feverishly. She felt out of control. She was caressing Tracy’s body now, begging for release. She felt uninhibited, unrestrained by the fears and apprehensions she previously possessed. Then, there, it was about feeling good, nothing more, nothing less. She held up her tits to her friend. “Here, suck them.” It was a symbolic gesture, symbolizing a closeness and a bond that the two friends shared. It was representative of giving her sexuality to a woman in a way that most would never share.

Tracy needed no further encouragement and lowered her mouth to the hardened nipples. Softly, she sucked. It wasn’t about her pleasure, it was about the intimacy, connection, and passion between the two friends. As her mouth filled with the sweet, warm liquid, she heard Karen’s gentle moans. Her own pussy was flowing freely now as her friend humped her thigh against her mound. She slid her fingers inside Karen again, this time, intending to give her an earth-shattering orgasm. At this point, Karen was so wet, the entire room was filled with the sounds of her being finger fucked.

Both women were moaning, groaning, chanting, cursing. At the last minute, Tracy slid her body around and placed her pussy against Karen’s. It was soft and wet and unlike anything Karen had ever felt before. They fucked each other. They rubbed their clits against one another, pink against pink, holding on to each other for dear life until they both felt the waves of impending pleasure overtake them.

Karen slid out of bed in the early morning hours. She needed to get home to the k**s before they started moving around. She softly kissed Tracy goodbye and whispered that she would call her later that afternoon. Tracy’s heart dropped. She felt terrible about breaking her own rule. Karen comforted her as best she could under the circumstances, assured her that their friendship was important and she was unwilling to let it go. Tracy wasn’t sure exactly what the future held for their friendship but she willing to face the consequences, come what may.

Copyright 2011 AfroerotiK All Rights Reserved
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my Friends and I fuck mom

my Friends and I fuck mom

I was 14 when I entered high school and had two good friends, Dennis
and Jerry. Dennis was a bookworm and worked at a local supermarket.
He was our source of our "girlie" magazines. Jerry was taller,
athletic and more extroverted. He was the source of our "true sex
stories." In total, we were three horney friends who thought
a lot about pussy, but were not getting much.

My friends didn't come to my house much, but every once in awhile
they would come over to do homework and/or bullshit. Mom would usually
serve cokes and chips, but mostly ignore them. As I mentioned in
an earlier story, my Mom usually wore a halter top and shorts when it
was hot and in the desert it was hot thru mid-October at least. She
also liked to lay out in the sun in the back yard, sometimes removing
her top when she thought she was alone (or with my Dad). I know
because sometimes I would arrive home and see her without her knowing
it. As I said before she was a little chubby, but had great tits
with pinkish brown nipples that turned brown in the summer as she became
more tanned. Well on with my story.

One day late in September, we had only a 1/2 day of school and I invited
Dennis and Jerry home. When we got home, Mom had obviously forgoten
about the 1/2 day and was laying out in the backyard topless and with
only a pair of small nylon panties. They didn't have thongs in those
days but they were small and transparent enough to allow you to see
a dark patch of pussy hair. I had never seen her lay out that way
before, but who knows, maybe Dad had come home for "lunch." Mom had
not heard us come in and did not know that three sets of eyes were focused
on her. We looked for a few more seconds, but didn't want to get caught
so we quickly went into my room. Dennis and Jerry didn't know what
to say, so I broke the ice and said "She looks great, doesn't she."
They agreed, but mostly remained silent. Then I said "She is a really
great fuck!" They were shocked, but that broke the ice. They wanted
to know how I knew that and I related story about the past summer
when I had fucked my mother three times. That opened a torrent of
questions: How did it feel? Was she really asl**p? Was I going to
fuck her again? The answers were: great, I don't know for sure, and yes
I hope so. By now all three of us were horney, so we decided to carefully
return to the living room for another peek.

She was still in the same position, then I noticed a teltale sign, an
empty wine glass on the table next to her. "Maybe she is passed out."
I said, "let's go look." We walked outside and she didn't stir. By
now my cock was hard and I'm sure that theirs were too. I walked over
to her, bent down and touched a tit, nothing. Put both my hands on her
tits, still nothing. Rubbed then some, a little sigh. Dennis and Jerry
were ten feet or so away looking. I turned to them and said "I'm going to
fuck her!" Let go of her tits, moved my hands down, grabbed her panties
and slowly pulled them off. She seemed to slightly lift up her ass while
I was removing them, but no other movement. I moved her down slightly so
pussy was near the end of the chaise lounge. I carefully spread her legs
so Dennis and Jerry would get a good look. Then I got undressed,
knelt down at the end of lounge and slowly rubbed my cock on her pussy.
I looked over and Dennis was just looking, but Jerry had his cock out and
was rubbing it. Slowly I pushed, my mom pushed back and I entered her wet
hole. I motioned to my friends to come closer for a better look,
they did and were now standing either side of her. By now I was stroking
in and out and my mom was responding. I bent down to kiss her nipples and

then she opened her eyes and said "Don't your friends want to join you?"
Before I could say anything Jerry said "Yea!" and began undressing.
looked at me, I nodded yes and he also began undressing. By now my mind
in a spin, here I was pumping on my mom and my two best friends were
getting ready to fuck her. Next thing I knew, Jerry was bending over her
sucking on a tit. She was humping me really hard and moaning loudly. I
Thrust as deep as I could and came, as I did I felt her cunt tighten
around my cock as she came too!!

She laid back and rested a minute, then took hold of Jerry's cock and put
it in her mouth. I was surprised and envious since she had never sucked
my cock. By now Dennis was standing by with a huge erection and looking.
I pulled my semi-soft cock out of mom and got up. Immediately Dennis
got on his knees and shoved his cock all the way into my mom's pussy
in one long stroke. (I later learned that she had been his "first
And there I was, watching my two best friends getting fucked and sucked by
my mom. I was getting hard again when my mom motioned me to come and
her. I did and she reached out and grabbed my cock and began to suck it
while stroking Jerry's, then she would suck Jerry's and stroke mine. All
the while Dennis was thrusting his large cock into her pussy. It didn't
take very long before Jerry was spurting cum into mom's mouth, followed
Dennis shooting into her pussy, followed by me just spraying her face
and tits in general. After we were all spent, mom looked up and said "I
bet you boys are hungry, let's go inside and I'll fix up something to
eat."... Continue»
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My friends fucks my wife

Since high school, I have three best buddies which are all married now, but we are still in touch and every now and then we met up with our wives and sometimes just the four of us. My wife was my high school girlfriend so my best buddies knew her ever since and comfortable with her.
It was my b-day when three of my 3 best buddies and I were the only people left in our house with my wife. My wife, started to clean up the mess and the four of us is still drinking up at the living room. After a few minutes, my wife had finished cleaning up the mess. I have noticed one of my friend, Jerry, who has a big crush on my wife since high school, was staring like a mad man at my wife who is wearing a blunging blouse that is almost see-thru that shows great part of her cleavage. Alcohol also plays a great part in making my friend horny. Jerry started making nasty comments on my wife that at first makes me a little irritated but afterwards makes me feel excited. He tells the group that I am so lucky to have a wife with such a huge tits that he wish to suck, that he also fantasized on having my wife suck his cock. Those comments brings out laughter among us and make my other friends, Dick and Bert to have comments too. we also talked about the time when we had a swimming party, my wife wears a very skimpy bikini then, though she is conservative but because she is comfortable with my friends she wears it that time. They said that when my wife walked her tits wiggled like a watermelon ready to explode and that her pubic hair is peeking out of the bikini.
They also remember the time when we sl**p altogether in one room with my wife as the only girl in the room, when me and my wife were asl**p, the three of them removed the blanket and stared at the boobs of my wife. Our conversation continues with fantasizing with my wife when suddenly my wife approached us and ask permission to leave us for her to rest. I gave her a sweet goodnight kiss and gave a remark "Take a shower first honey, so after we drink I will do you good". She smiled naughtily and bit her finger like teasing us. The guys also make a remarks like "wash it thoroughly so when we eat those its clean" and "Don't lock the door so we can see you in your nighties". She just smiled and walk directly to the bathroom. Afterwards, I've noticed Jerry heading towards the bathroom too, and it takes time but Jerry is still not returning. I followed Jerry and saw him holding his dick and jacking off while watching my wife took shower, the bathroom door was not completely closed so you can clearly saw whoever is taking a bath. When Jerry noticed me he apologized and said he is about to take a pee but was stopped seeing the door of the comfort room is open and my wife is taking a bath, I feel so excited that time seeing my friend jerking off seeing my wife taking a shower. We both get back to the living room together quietly, after a few silent, I didn't know why but I ask Jerry if she wants to fuck my wife. All of my three buddies were shocked hearing that from me, I was also surprised for asking that, then a long silent surrounds the room.
After a few minutes, my wife gets out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapping her nude body, all in the room eye's popped up, even me seeing my wife that sexy with her fair complexion and milky white skin and sexy legs and thighs. She goes directly to our bedroom and so quickly she returned to the living room wearing only her silky thin white nightwear, that you can almost see through her naked body without any bra and just a red bikini panties on. We are all in shocked seeing her like that considering she is shy and very conservative. She breaks the silence by asking us if we still have beers and offers to cook some "pulutan" for us. We all agree and she cooked for us, my three buddies couldn't help but looking at her from time to time. Her nighties was so thin than she almost looked naked with her nipples erecting like a solid rock drawing too much attention. After cooking she sat besides me on the couch with my three buddies at the other side staring at her body, she ask me to massage her shoulder so I did, she even let the string of her nighties down upto the middle of her arms. I can see my three friends are having a hard ons because they adjusted their dicks to its proper place of erection. My wife also noticed it and naughtily asked them "hey guys are you having a hard on?", laughter follows and my wife relaxingly sits on my lap without noticing that her night dress was up to her tummy and her red panty was directly seen by my three friends across the room. Jerry was so horny and d***k that time so he boldly ask my wife to sit on his lap, we are all surprised when my wife without hesitation sat on his lap. Jerry starts to caress her shoulder down to her waist and then to her thigh, my wife seems to like it and we heard a soft moan from her. My two friends, Bert and Dick got braver with the moan and started to touch her thighs too as high as almost touching her pubic hair. The room was too hot to handle that time because I feel my wife was so horny and she is whore at that moment, that excites me more watching my friends touching my wife. Jerry, Dick and Bert are now caressing not only her thigh but her butt, her breast and her whole body which made my wife so horny. The guys started kissing my wife on her neck, thigh and even in her lips as I watched across the room. They started groping her, squeezing her tits and butt and slowly removing her panty and started licking her pussy and nipples. They also removed their pants and f***ed her to suck their dicks at the same time. My wife was horny that she sucks their cocks so hard that she almost threw up because of the large cocks she is sucking. My wife was so hot that her pussy was so wet when Jerry started inserting his huge cock inside her pussy, she moans so loud and cried out so loud with "Ohhh Shittt" "Fuck meeee" "Shitttttt" "My Godddd". I was jerking watching my wife being fucked by my friend. Then Jerry moves faster and faster the he withdrew his cock and spray his cum in my wife's face, but before they could wipe it, Bert inserted his dick inside my wife's pussy and fucks her hard while Dick fuckes her mouth. Bert change her position and put her ass on top in a doggie position, he fucks her so hard that my wife screams so loud. Then Bert sprayed his cum on my wife's butthole. Then it was Dict's turn to fuck my wife, he ripped off my wife's thin nighties like r****g her, he slapped her face and slapped her butt so hard that it leaves his hand mark on my wife's butt. He fucks her doggie style too whille slapping her butt alternately, when he is about to cum, he pulled my wife's hair and directs her face in his cock, he f***ed his cock into my wife's mouth and unload all of his cum inside my wife's mouth. He pinched my wife's nose and f***ed her to swallow all his cum.
My wife was exhausted so as me, I have cummed right before Dick cum inside her mouth.
She lay down on the couch but the three are still groping her, squeezing her tits and butt, fingering her pussy and touching her body.
After that evening, my wife can not look directly to my friends' wives whenever we have a get together. My friends are begging me to do it again but my wife was not yet ready to do such thing again....
but who knows, maybe I will have another story to share..
this is a true story and not a fantasy....... Continue»
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Staying With Friends

Me and my wife were out in town with friends. It was absolutely chucking it down. At the end of the night my friend suggested we walk to his place for a few more drinks then taxi from there.
He only lived two minutes from town so we agreed. Even in the short trip to his we got soaked to the bones. He got us towels and poured us a vodka. We had a few more drinks and watched the music channel.

It was 3.25 am now so we told my friends we better get off. I got up to put my jacket on when my friend suggested we stay over. We didn't really want to taxi home in wet clothes so we decided to stay. My friends girl brought us a dressing gown each so we nipped to the bathroom and changed.

After a few more drinks my friends girlfriend said she was calling it a night as she was shattered. We said night then carried on drinking. I've always suspected my mate had a crush on my wife and could tell by his mannerisms this was true.
He sat to the side of her knowing that the gown had fallen open revealing her tits. She was quite d***k now so she didn't realise.
I didn't mind though and didn't tell her because I love exposing her. We chatted away getting more and more plastered at the same time. My friend kept going to check on his girl, as he did I kissed my wife opened her gown and gave her clit a few quick licks before he returned.

I had a rock hard dick now which was getting difficult to hide. My friend new we were up to something I could see it on his face. I got more and more daring taking more risks when he went to get us drinks. My wife was falling a sl**p now which gave me more opertunity to play. The next time he went upstairs I fingered her with her legs spread wide and left her dressing gown wide open, then I went upstairs to the toilet.

I stayed up there and listened for him going down. I sat in the toilet for five minutes giving him time to take in the views.
I returned downstairs to him handing me another drink with a huge smile on his face. He said she was showing all her bits so I covered her up. I said cheers but it didn't matter were all friends. He looked at me and grinned.

We carried on drinking and then he said I've seen your girl naked, do you want to see mine. I said too right thinking he meant in the flesh. He chucked his phone to me and said look in pictures under us. I opened this folder to see his girlfriend with a cucumber in her hole. Then another using a dildo. Each photo got more filthy. Fisting pissing and some fairly big objects.
I never new she was so filthy. He beckoned for his phone back like he didn't want me to stray so I past it back and told him I thought she was quiet. He said far from it she'll do anything.

The way he asked for his phone back intrigued me. So when he went upstairs again I grabbed it and quickly thumbed through it looking for the albums. Bingo album called random, I couldn't believe what I saw. My friend had taken pictures of my wife his dick and balls on her face and the next one she had her legs spread wide pussy and tits all hanging. I quickly bumped all his pictures to my phone even his girl. Then deleted my wife off his, Then put his phone back.

I felt a little betrayed by his actions but aroused at the same time. I didn't say anything about this to him but said I need to go to sl**p. I shook my wife and dragged her off to bed. She was part awake now so I told her what he'd done and showed her the phone. I thought she'd hit the roof but she just said cheeky bastard and laughed. We both got a little horny talking about this and decided to use our friends naughtiness to our advantage.

They stayed on the top floor we were on the floor below next to the bathroom. We waited until we heard him coming down then my wife removed the covers and began playing with herself and making loud moaning sounds. I laid at the side of her pretending to be asl**p but watching the door. He didn't even go in the toilet he knelt down and peeped round the door. I stiffened at the naughtiness, feeling the bed rock as my wife fingered herself in front of another man. She turned to the door and said why don't you just come in you little perv. He moved back away from the door shitting himself then plucked up the courage to come back in. She covered up and he sat on the end of the bed. She said does your girlfriend know you take advantage of your d***k friends and spy on them in bed. He panicked a bit then answered no. I turned over and sat up. He looked at me expecting something bad, I just grinned. My wife said well you've seen me so I want to see you.
He asked what she meant and she said take your gown off. He said no way, to which she replied if you don't I'll show your girl the pics you took. He stood up and removed his gown and dropped it to the floor. He only had a little cock it was about three inch long with all the pubes shaved of around it. He had a beer gut and a saggy body. He stood there naked at the end of the bed embarrassed and humiliated.

My wife pulled the covers off her again and said did you like what you've seen anyway. He stuttered a bit, and she said you obviously did as his cock sprang to life. His small cock grew to about five inch now but was fat at the bottom then narrowed towards the end with a bulbous head with no foreskin.

She said would you like to lick this rubbing her pussy with her fingers. He moved nearer too her and she grabbed hold of his arse pulling his little man into her mouth. I started needing her tits as she swallowed his hole rod. He pulled her head into him and he thrust his groin into her face.She pushed him away and said to me fuck me and the perv can lick my clit. I quickly jumped up with my cock pointing out like a branch, manoeuvred my wife on top and slid my fat seven
inch cock into her sopping wet hole.

My friends face was a picture when he saw my fat rod. He knelt between her thighs and started licking away, my wife responded gripping his head with her legs. It was a very awkward position and as I pumped her my dick fell out now and then hitting my mate in the face. He grabbed it guided it back in then licked away again making my wife's pussy tense round my rod. She exploded in to orgasm trying her best not to scream out then shuddered to limpness on top of me . Her body jolted a few times as he flicked her pulsating clit teasingly. I was desperate to cum now so I whispered in her ear, I'm gonna fuck your arse now slut. I pulled my cock out and rubbed the juices from her clit onto her arsehole.

She told my friend to guide my cock in which he did. I eased it in very slowly until her bum hole popped and allowed it in, what a feeling. She grabbed his head and said I want you in my pussy. He dived up on top of her and shoved his dick in and began ramming away. This was too much for me as his cock rubbed her pussy walls onto my cock forcing my cum to blast out. I couldn't hold the pressure back any longer. It was intense but felt great as my cock pumped into her bum, staying hard because her hole was so tight. It's hard to thrust when your underneath because of body weight on top. my friend made up for this though because his little cock hit the g-spot perfectly. She gasped and moaned again her body writhing between us. She started to cum again but didn't hold the screams back this time. This triggered my mate into orgasm as he pumped and pumped into my wife dumping every last bit of semen into her. We all flopped onto the bed, giggling like c***dren. My wife in between like a well fucked whore. We chatted for a few minutes then my friend shot back upstairs to his bed.

My wife told me she'd definitely want to fuck him again because his cock was perfectly shaped and sized
To hit all the right places inside her. She said he made made her cum harder and more intense then she'd ever cum before. Since this we've let them stay at ours four times, two of the times we did a full wife swap. That's a story for another day though
... Continue»
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First time hubby let his friends use me

As I said it was my husband’s birthday and we had gone out to dinner with four of his friends. It was a very nice dinner at a steak house in town. I had two glasses of wine which is my limit, after that I am totally d***k. All the wives accept for me where out of town, so I was the only girl out with five guys.

After dinner my husband invited his friends over for some pool and a few beers. All the guys gladly accepted the invitation. When we got home I got the guys there beer and they started playing pool. I was in the kitchen making them some snacks and could hear them talking. The TV was on and a girl in an ad must have caught their attention. There were some remarks about her being hot, nice tits, and a great ass. You know guys being guys. Then I heard one of them say “Bill your wife has a hot body”, and all the others agreed. Bill my husband said thanks and they went on chatting about other things. I will admit to a little tingle in my pussy when I heard the comment about me.

A little history before I continue on. Bill and I have been married for ten years. In the ten years that we have been married never has there been discussion of me with other men. Bill has never told me that he had a desire to see me with other men. He has never mentioned it as being a fantasy of his. As close as we ever got to such a thing was me flashing other men.

This started a few years back in a dinner club. We were out having dinner one evening and Bill had gone to the restroom. When he returned, he said I want you to spread your legs apart. We were sitting in chairs that where higher than the ones at the bar. I was not wearing panties and Bill knew it. I looked in front of me and knew what he wanted. There were a group of men sitting at pussy level right in front of me. At first I said no, I could see the disappointment in his face. I thought for a bit, he had never made many sexual demands on me and if he wanted this OK. And so I did. I opened up my legs for the first time in ten years for someone other than my husband to see my pussy. It was great a first one, then two, then all three men were staring right at my bare pussy. Hubby was turned on big time, and oddly enough I found that I was too.

Any way back to the story. I was in and out of the kitchen serving snacks to the guys. I would stop every now and then to watch the pool game. I had noticed the guys staring at me a little more than usually. Caught them looking at my ass and my titties. I enjoyed it, but it was no big deal. I wrote it off to the conversation they had had earlier.
I was getting tired and bored and had decided to go to bed. I delivered on more round of beer and said my good nights. Then right in front of all the guys my hubby says “the guys all think you are hot”. I blushed and looked at them all and said thank you. They were all looking at me and I was a little embarrassed. Then Bill said “undress right here I want the guys to see just how hot you are”

I could feel my face turn beat red, I could not believe what I had just heard. Bill walks over to me, all the guys staring at me and say’s “please babes I really want you to undress for the guys” I was speechless, embarrassed, surprised, and shocked. And maybe a hint of excited. When I regained my composure or should I say when I came to, everyone was standing around me. I looked at Bill and asked “What did you say”. Bill comes over pits his arms around me, looks me in the eyes and softly says “please dear I want to show you off to my friends”. I look at him deciding wither I should slap him and run out of the room or just stand here and cry. I had a million thoughts racing through my brain. What is this all about? Does he really want me nude in front of all his friends? Will he stop me if I start and just say he was k**ding? Is this for real? The wine had long ago worn off, so I know I was hearing what he was saying.
Then my thoughts shifted to. Will these guys like what they see? Hey I am 35 three k**s and two of these guys are in there twenties. I am in good shape, I work out three times a week, but my titties all real and they are small and they sag a little. Will they like me? Will they think I am a slut? Will my husband think I am a slut?

I looked at Bill and softly said is really something you want me to do? Are you going to let them touch me? Do you still love me? Will you still love me if I do this? He said “No touching unless you want them to and yes please do this for me” He squeezed me and said “yes I love you and always will” He let me go and kind of pushed me out from him a little.

For the first time I looked at all the guys and they were all looking at me. Looking at here crotches I tell they were all hard and wanted me to undress. Very embarrassed I slide my skirt off and let it fall to the floor. I was not planning on giving a show when I got dressed, so just had French cut panties on. As my skirt slide of Bill said “spin around dear” And so I did with all the guys saying yes Bill she has a very nice ass. Ok honey now the top please, Bill said. I unbuttoned my blouse and was slide it off my shoulders when one of the guys took it the rest of the way off. His hand had touched my shoulder when he did and it felt kind of nice.

I stood there in front of five men with just my bra and panties on. Bill says “spin around some more for the guys” As I spoon around; I was thinking this is not so bad. I wear less than this at the swimming pool. I was getting comfortable with this whole deal and liking the attention I was getting. The guys were being nice, although excited and I loved their comments. “Yeah Bill she is hot” one said,” Nice ass Bill” another said.” Awesome little titties” said another.” Super abs” someone said. (This is when I first learned I love to show off my body to other men).
I was just getting to like this when one of the guys says “Hay Bill have her take bra off”. I had forgotten I was to undress. Bill say’s” you heard him dear” I looked at Bill and was going to protest. Then I felt a hand unsnap my bra. I instinctively close my arms to my chest to catch my bra and cover my tits. The guys where way excited now, I lowered my arms and let my bra fall to the ground.

And there I was in my panties and nothing else on in front of five men. I closed my eyes, I was again embarrassed. I put my hands to my side and stood there. The guys all went wild. Oh yes awesome tits, nice nipples, lucky guy Bill to play with those. I was enjoying their comments and relaxing a little. Then I heard one guy say “dam I wish my wife had tits like hers” and then “me also”. I opened my eyes I knew all their wives and wanted to see who was saying that. This in a woman kind of way turned me on a little. There were lots of other remarks, and I was once again feeling easy. John, one of the twenty year olds says “ Look at how hard her nipples are” this is when I released that my body was all turned on regardless of what my mind was saying. I do not know how long I was standing there and only just became aware that once again I was spinning around so all could get a good look at my titties. Look said Jeff her panties are all wet, she is enjoying this as much as we are. I looked at Bill, hoping he would not be mad about this. He looked at me like a proud father. “are you enjoying this dear” I softly whispered back that yes I was. Then off with your panties and show the men your best parts.

This time it took no encouraging, I just slide them off. And here I should totally naked in front of all these men. I freely spun around as I listen to all the guys talking about my pussy, ass and titties. And I was loving it. They were all so kind with their remarks. I just spun around and around, basking in their attention. Lost in my own world for a little while.
Then Bill took me by the hand and led me over to the pool table. They others followed never taking their eyes off of me. They all quickly cleared the balls off the table as Bill helped me on to the table. As I lay there, Bill spread my legs wide open. The guys where gathered around all staring at my now wet little pussy. As I lay there I was thinking wow I would have never guessed in a hundred years this is the way the evening would go. I looked around at all the men, their eyes fixed on either my titties or my pussy. “Wow Bill your wife is awesome”.” Yes Bill that is the best looking pussy I have ever seen”. “Yes Bill she must be an awesome fuck”.” Would love to feel those titties and hard nipples”.” And I just want to rub those awesome pussy lips”. Again I was in my own little world, just enjoying the fact that five men where all standing around me, wanting me. As I lay there it dawned on me, they had keep their word. Accept for helping me with my clothes, no one had touched me. Just then I feel a hand on my pussy, startled I looked down to see that is was Bill’s hand. He rubbed my lips to the excitement of all, and then spread my lips open for the guys to see. The guys once again went crazy, all saying “oh Bill can we play with it”. “Can I rub it” “Can I play with her tits” “Can I suck her nipples” can I lick her pussy”………………. I lay there; listening to them, thinking there is no way Bill will let them touch me. Then I heard a whisper in my ear, in an excited voice,”dear do you want them to touch you” Bill I said are you sure you want that.” Only if you do” Wow let me think about this I said. “OK guys let’s have a beer and give her some time” I heard Bill say. Just lay there dear so the guys can look at you while they have a beer. I lay there spread out as the guys went to the bar for another beer. Laying there with my eyes closed, a million thoughts running through my head. Will Bill really let them touch me! Will Bill think less of me if I say yes! What dose touch include! Do I have to touch them in front of Bill! Surely he won’t let them put there cocks in me! Have I let this go too far already! Eyes closed, lost in thought, I had not paid any attention to what the guys where saying or doing. I was just about to get up when I listened to their conversation.

“Bill you are so lucky to have a wife that takes good care of herself” “Just look at how hot her body is” Bill you are lucky to be sl**ping with that each night” “I really would love to feel her pussy” “ I want to finger those hard little nipples” and on and on, and the more they said the wetter my pussy got. Well maybe just a little touching. And then Tom, who’s wife I cannot stand says” Dam I wish my wife looked half as good as yours Bill, she is awesome” That was the magic words, in a catty kind of way. I thought to myself, I would love to be talking to his wife knowing he had been looking at and touching me. I called for Bill to come over to me. “Bill is this what you want from me, will you still love me if all these men touch me” “Dear I will always love you” then he kissed me and said do not do this if you do not want to. I said I just want to make you happy. OK Bill, when I say stop that means you all stop and I am done, do you understand. Yes he said. With that he tells the others to come on over. I opened my eyes and was I surprised, five naked men, including my husband where all standing around me. They had all undressed as I lay there with my eyes closed. What is this I said? They all said in together” will fair is fair”. Ok give me a minute guy. I got up on my elbows and looked at five naked men, with stiff hard cocks standing around me. For the last ten years Bill’s cock is the only one I have seen. Now I lay here surrounded by hard cocks. All but two where about the same as my Bill’s. One of the twenty year olds had a large cock, uncut. I had never been with a uncut cock. Evan in collage I did not mess around much, so up till now I did not have much experience. I thought to myself glad they are only touching and he was not going to be stuffing that big thing into me. The other one was smaller than Bill’s. I lay back down, very much turned on form the thought that I could get all these men turned on.

I lay there not knowing what to expect. I heard Bill say” remember guys I told you the other day she likes it soft at first” At that I could feel hands all over me. Two on each leg softly rubbing up and down my legs. Two on each breast very softly rubbing my very hard nipples. And one is rubbing my pussy lips very gently. I was so turned on; it was so relaxing and exciting. I felt a finger slide into my wet pussy, thought about saying that is going too far then decided not, it felt so good. I said to myself that is Bill’s finger, Bill would not let this guys finger my pussy. Then I felt a pair of lips on each nipple as their hands gently squeezed my tits. Oh this was feeling good. Two men licking and sucking on each breast and Bill’s fingers sliding in and out of my pussy, and two more men rubbing my inner thighs. Heaven! Then two things came to me at once. Bill was whispering in my ear” are you enjoying yourself”. I set of hands had quit rubbing my right leg, but the fingers where still going in and out of my pussy, rubbing my swollen clit, and then back in. Those weren’t Bills fingers make my pussy feel so good. And at the same time Bill’s earlier words sunk in to my mind. ” remember guys I told you the other day she likes it soft at first”

“Told you the other day she likes it soft at first” Bill had set this whole thing up. He had planned it. I fill for it. If the guys had not been doing such a good job on my nipples and pussy, I would have been pissed. What should I do? I thought to myself. If he wants to watch his buddies use me well here comes the show, I decided. The show I had decided on was far less than where this would end. I had planed that, OK they and play with my pussy and lick and suck on my nipples, and I was going to play with Tom’s cock only because I disliked his wife so much. It would be nice as I talked to her to now I had stroked her hubby’s cock, catty, but sounded good.
The fingers inside my wet pussy where replaced with another set, fatter longer ones. As this went in and out I felt another hand rubbing my stiff little clit. These guys were good. I had not realized it but I was thrusting my pussy into their fingers. If they did not stop, I would be cumming soon. I had not planned on that. Just when I thought my body was going to forsake me and cum in front of all these guys, Bill who unbeknownst to me had left the room walks in. Hay guys look at what I have. I looked up to see Bill standing there with two of my dildos. I felt myself turn instantly red has he no shame, is there not any modesty left in him. Now all this men will know that I use sex toys. I should have said stop right then and gotten up. But the guys where all excited and yelling “Awesome Bill let’s see you use them on her”. Bill had brought in two of my favorite toys. One of them a silicone rubber life like cock. It felt and looked like a real cock. It was about the size of Bill’s cock. The other toy was a small vibrator I like to use on my clit. With all the excitement of the guys, I thought alright Bill and use these on my pussy and give the guys a real show. I was lying in the middle of our pool table. Someone says we need to slide her to the edge. I slide toward the edge of the table but the rail kept me from going all the way to the edge. Dan says “I know what to do” I heard the patio slider open and Dan returns with a cushion off one of the lounge chairs. The other four pick me up as Dan slides the cushion under me. Jeff grabs two bar stools for my feet and I slide to the edge of the table.
Bill got on his knees between my spread open legs. At first he used the small vibrator and slides it up and down my wet lips. He handed to Tom and told him to use it on my clit. Tom was good, and soon my embarrassment had faded away to excitement. As Tom gently rubbed my clit with the small vibrator, Bill parts my lips with the cock shaped dildo. He is very slowly sliding it in and out of my pussy. Once again the guys are all excited and commenting on the action. “Wow that looks awesome” “God her pussy is gorgeous” “Look how wet her pussy is” “Dam wish that were my cock” “Look are her awesome lips dragging out when the cock comes out, like they don’t want to let go of it”

I was lost in my own world. Tom and Bill where making my pussy feel so good, and I could hear the others talk about how good my pussy looked when it was getting fucked. How much they wanted to replace the toy with their own cocks. The show off in me was loving all this. And Bill was doing an awesome job with the rubber cock, stuffing it all the way in and slowly pulling it out. When it was out he would rub my lips up and down with it. Tom was rubbing my clit, I wanted to cum. Again I found myself thrusting my pussy into the toys. I thought the guys must be loving this show. Then the hands returned to my breasts, two per breast. Then the lips where again sucking on my nipples. God this was feeling good. I was feeling great, my pussy, clit, breasts, and nipples all being simulated at one time. The guys were all being very gentle and soft. I thought to myself this is awesome, hubby is showing me off to his friends, and I was showing myself off to four other men. It was not like I was a slut and was fucking them and sucking on their cocks. It was more like going to the salon and instead of having one massager I had five, and they were working on my must sensitive parts. Life was good. I was enjoying the moment and keep thinking how I must look. Naked on my back legs spread wide open on our pool table, five men standing around me. Husband sliding a dildo into my pussy while his friends are licking and sucking on my nipples and another messaging my clit with one of my toys. I never thought in my wildest fantasies of these happening. I awoke from my dream like state to the guys changing places. I looked up and Tom was now on my left breast and Jeff took over the little vibrator on my clit. Bill was still sliding the cock shaped dildo in and out on my very wet pussy. Dan was busy sucking on my rock hard nipple on my right side. Now was my chance, I glanced to my right and left, Tom was the one with the big cock it turns out, and Dan the small cock.

I was going to get my chance to play with Tom’s cock. I thought for a minute, dam I cannot grab Tom’s big cock and not Dan’s smaller one, it may offend Dan. Ok what the hell I reached out and grabbed both of their cocks. I as I slowly started to stroke both of their cocks, there was an uproar of excitement. I had not touched another man’s cock in twelve years, now I had one in each hand. “Hey Bill look at your wife go after those cocks”. Tom and Dan where just moaning as they sucked on my nipples and I squeezed there cocks in my hand. Mike, who had just been softly rubbing my legs and stomach said” dam all she needs now is a cock in her pussy and one in her mouth” And I thought like that will ever happen! I was lost in space to say, all my senses going insane. I could feel that Dan’s cock was throbbing in my hand. Wow I’m getting this guy off I can’t believe it, a cock in my hand, not my hubby’s and it is getting ready to shoot its load out. As I was thinking this Tom straitened up and came all over my right breast. He may have a smaller cock, but his load was huge. It more than covered my breast and half my stomach. Again the guys all yelled with Dan backed away after shooting his awesome load, and what I thought was Mike took his place. He was rubbing the Dan’s all over my breast, making it very slippery. He squeezed and pulled on my nipple cover in cum. Then he started licking and sucking my cum covered nipple. That pushed oddly enough even closer to a climax, one man cleaning up another’s cum off my tittie. Now I can feel Tom monster cock throbbing in my left hand. Wow I thought I have gotten two different cocks off in one night. Tom then straitened up and unloaded his big cock all over my right breast. Oh it felt good, nice and warm. A big cock and a big load. Again the guys went crazy. Bill’s cock shaped dildo was at a steady pace in my pussy now. I had two cock loads of cum on my titties and a vibrator on my clit. And “Mike” licking and sucking on my right breast and know Jeff rubbing Dan’s cum all over my left. I thought to myself, wait till I see Dan’s bitch wife again, just the thought of her hubby cumming all over my titties will make me happy.
I was relishing my catty thoughts about Tom’s wife, which is probably what momentarily cleared my mine form its state of ecstasy. As I was finally come to I noticed a few things that I had not noticed before. I opened my eyes to see that it was not Mike licking and sucking on my right breast, it was Bill. And at the same time I noticed the Mikes balls hitting my ass, I hear mike say “ God dammmm this is the nicest pussy I have ever fuck, you guys need to try this” and At the same time Bill whisper’s in my ear” liking a different cock”. Just then I also realize Mike has his cock buried to his balls in my pussy and is holding it. It’s not vibrating it is throbbing, dam he is going to cum inside me. Then a flash “I cannot believe Bill is letting this guy fuck me” “Is he really going to let this guy pump his cum into me”. Then I felt it, he was cumming deep inside my pussy. I could feel it; I could feel another man cumming inside me. All these guys are watching another man cum inside me. He just keep cumming, seemed like forever. I feel it inside me, and then I could feel it oozing past his cock and down my ass. He had came so much he over filled my pussy. Bill and Jeff where still squeezing my tittes, as Mike was filling my pussy. And I was ashamed to say it felt good. “did Bill know he was fucking me, pumping his cock into Bill’s private pussy” “Did Bill know he was going to cum inside me” To many thoughts, to many emotions. Mark slowly started to pull his cock out of me. Once again the guys were going nuts knowing Mark had just pumped my pussy full of his cum. Then I heard Bill say “You are so pretty when you are getting fucked”

The fact that Bill knew Mike was fucking me, and was watching the whole thing oddly enough was a relief. And as Bill, Jeff, Dan, and Tom watched I came for the first time. Mike had pulled out and was steeping back when I squirted him down from his neck to his ankles with my cum. When I cum I squirt allot. Bill must not have told the guy’s this. I am sure the neighbors heard this uproar of amazement and approval. As I lay there spent from all the stimulation and emotions, I could hear the guys carrying on. And talking taking a break I was going to soon discover. I figured we were done; Bill had gotten want he wanted. He watched two men cover my titties with cum. He watched them all play with me. He got to see my pussy pumped full of Mike’s cum. They had all gotten off except Bill and he will fuck me when his buddies all leave. Their conversation was just now entering my ears; I had been lost in my thought. “Dam Bill your wife is the best” “That pussy of hers besides looking great is the tightest I ever fucked” “ I love her tits, awesome hard nipples” “Did you see me cum on her tits” “ Did you see me cum on her tits, my load was bigger” “That was the best hand job I have ever had” “Your one lucky guy Bill” At the same time I felt someone between my legs I heard “Jeff say now it is my turn” I had forgotten about Jeff.
Jeff started rubbing the head of his cock on to my lips. Oh is Bill going to let Jeff fuck me too. God have I turned into the neighborhood slut. While after I cum the first time my pussy becomes ultra sensitive and Jeff’s cock rubbing my lips felt very good. I was thinking well I let this go this far and if Bill was not going to stop him neither was I. Just as that thought crossed my mind I could feel the head of his cock parting my lips. With all the cum in my pussy he slide in with no problem. He then pulled it out and started slapping my clit with his cock. Wow Bill had never done that to me, it felt good. Then he slides it in again pumped in deep a few times. Then back out more slapping my clit with it. Yes this felt very good. He was doing this as all the other men, and my husband watched. “that’s it Jeff slap her with that cock” “Dam Jeff watch her lips there the same as with the dildo they do not want to let go” Then Jeff yells back at them” Mike you are right this is the tightest, nicest, warmest pussy I have ever put my cock into” “If my wife’s pussy was half that good I would not be over her fucking Bills wife, Mike said.

After twenty minutes of Jeff pumping my pussy and slapping my clit with his cock, I wanted to cum again. Jeff slides his cock deep into me and I can feel it again, his cock was throbbing hard. Oh God he is going to cum in me too. Just as I thought this he pulls it out and shots by far the biggest load of the night all over my pussy and stomach. It was a massive load of sperm covering all of my pussy. It felt so good on my lips that my pussy exploded again, this time squirting all over Jeff. Yet another uproar from the four other men watching all this, including my husband.
Again I just lay there limp and exhausted, foolishly thinking I was done. All had had me in some way but Bill. Never being with so many men I did not know what to expect. It wasn’t that I was dumb I had just never done this before. How was I to know that Dan, Tom, and Mike where just taking a brake and that watch Jeff as he pumped my pussy and slapped my clit around with his cock and me cumming again was all it took to get them aroused again. When I opened my eyes I was once again surrounded by men with stiff hard cocks. The soft rubbing of my body had started again. Mike was on my left breast, Tom on my right breast, Bill rubbing my inner thighs, Dan rubbing my legs, and Jeff who Had just creamed my pussy like it has never been done before was having a beer and watching the others. I closed my eyes as it was all starting to feel so good again. This time there was no fear, embarrassment, or shame. I was over it and was enjoying myself. Mike and Tom where doing an awesome job on my titties, squeezing, pulling and licking my nipples. I could feel Bill rubbing the cum of two men all over my pussy. Dan’s hands where now rubbing my inner thighs. It all felt so good. It was just then I felt a tongue licking my soaked pussy. Softly at first I could feel it spreading my lips apart, felt good. But who would be licking my used pussy, I had the cum of one man inside me, and the cum of another all over my pussy. Strange as it sounds the Idea that someone was licking my pussy clean after it had been used twice by two different men turned me on even more. Even if it hadn’t it still felt awesome, not only where they licking the outside clean they where sucking Mikes cum out of my pussy.

When the licking and sucking stopped, I could feel some movement between my legs. One man had licked and sucked me clean so another would have a clean pussy to fuck. Oh my God as soon as I felt the head on my lips I knew it was Dan’s cock getting ready to enter me. It was a monster cock and I could feel all the other guys stop what they were doing. They all wanted to see if my little pussy could swallow this big cock. As Dan stood between my legs all was quiet, no licking on my titties sounds, no rubbing on me nothing. All were watching and waiting to see if this monster cock was going to fit. Dan parted my lips with his enormous head. He held it there for a while with just a slight bit of pressure. I thought to myself it wasn’t going to fit and I was going to let the guys down, strange thought. Dan started rubbing my clit as he keep pressure on my pussy with his cock. It felt good as he rubbed my clit I thought of his bitch wife, and if she can take this I surely can. After rubbing my clit for what seemed like a long time I could feel Dan’s cock start to sink into my pussy. It did not hurt there was just allot of pressure. After the big head had cleared my open it slides right in. He stopped backed up then forward again, he continued this until his balls were up against my ass. The guys all yelled in excite mint. I heard Mike say “there will be no keeping her home now Bill”. Dan’s big cock after it had stretched my pussy out felt good slowly sliding in and out of me. He was good, knew he had a big cock and if he did not go slowly it would have hurt me and the game would have been over. He took his time slowly stuffing that big cock in and slowly pulling it out. He had already came once on my titties and I knew he was going to last a while. Dan stayed at this slow pace never thrusting hard or fast. I could feel every vain in his cock as my lips stretched around this awesome big cock. I opened my eyes to see Bill watching as Dan’s cock slowly pumped in and out of my pussy, he looked proud in a way. Knowing Bill was watching another man’s big cock fuck me I came at the thought my body shook as this big cock just continued to pump as juice from my pussy had to find its way around this cock to get out. My cum sprayed all over Dan. With all this Dan never missed a stroke just keep on pumping me. As I thought Bill had to love watching me cum all over Dan’s monster cock as it pumped in to his pussy. I do not know how long Dan fucked my stretched out little pussy, but it felt like hours. Even when he let go with his big load, deeper inside my pussy than I ever have had a load, he never changed pace. His load was big and with no way out because his cock was such a tight fit, I felt enormous pressure deep inside me. It felt good and I came again on this awesome cock. As he pulled his cock out of me it created a vacuum and felt like my pussy was going to go inside out. Dan’s, Mikes, and Jeff’s cum were running out of my pussy like a river.

Dan’s cock had hardly cleared my lips, when Bill rushed over and started rubbing all the cum all over my pussy. Then I discovered who was licking all the cum up, it was my hubby Bill. He had his head between my legs and was licking my lips clean. As I thought this to be very strange it did feel good. No sooner was he done cleaning me than Tom was between my legs. I thought I will never feel that small cock after Dan’s monster had just pumped me full of his cum. I was wrong as Tom too knew what he had to work with. He slides his cock just inside my pussy, holding onto it with his hands he rubbed all over the inside of my pussy walls. He would pull it out and push it hard against my clit and rub it all around. As he continued this method I was soon ready to cum for him. He and I came at just the same time, me squirting all over his cock, and him spray his load all over my pussy. Now I lay there exhausted limp used up, thinking to myself dam girl you have gotten four men off twice in one night. Patting myself on the back, thinking I was done I was wrong. Mike who was on my titties let go and decided he wanted another go at my pussy. He was like a rock; guess he had enjoyed my tits. He just stuffed it in and pounded away like a mad man. They other men cheering him on. He was the first one to pump my pussy full of cum and he was the first one to pound me hard. This was a good thing because with as hard as he was going my pussy had already been fucked four times and I needed the hard pounding just to feel him. It worked for both of us I came and he pumped another big load into my used up pussy. As I had finished cumming for the God knows how many times tonight I caught Jeff out of the corner of my eye. He was the only one that had only come once. He walks over to the pool table and jumps up with me. He was rock hard again. He sit on my chest facing me put’s his cock up to my lips and says suck on this for me………….please. I opened my mouth, just happy he did not want to fuck my used up pussy again. I put his cock into my mouth, I could taste his cum, Mikes cum, and my cum on his cock. All the other men had grabbed a beer and where standing around watching me suck on Jeff’s cock. I decided this would be the grand finally, and I put on a good show. I licked and sucked his cock like I had never before. I licked down his shaft, and sucked in his balls. As I sucked on hid throbbing head I squeezed and pulled lightly on his balls. I took his cock in all the way to his balls. As I continued I could hear the others talking. “Wow look at that girl go” “Dam Bill she can really suck on cock” “I wish my wife could suck on my cock that way” “I just wished my wife would suck my cock” Jeff came hard and I swallowed all he could pump out. I opened my mouth so the others could see his cum going into my mouth.

To my surprise Dan, Tom, and Mike where all hard again. I was being to think this night would never end. It seems that my little show had them all wanting their cocks sucked too. They all grabbed a corner of the cushion and lifted it and me to the floor. I got up and onto my knees. They were all in a line facing me; Bill got on his knees behind me and grabbed my titties from behind. As he gently squeezed my tits and pulled and twisted my nipples, I could feel his shift hard cock against my back. He loved all this, and although I was going to yell at him later for presetting this whole thing up, I loved it too. With Bill on my tits Dan was the first cock in line. As I grabbed his big cock I knew Bill was watching every detail. I was going to enjoy sucking on this cock, just another thing to think about over coffee as I sit across from his bitch wife. As I pulled him closer to me by his cock he says my wife won’t suck on my cock. I have to say that made my day, and I did a better job on his cock than I had done on Jeff’s. Even though he lasted a very long time when he was pumping my pussy full of cum and this being his third time in no night to get off, he came quickly in my mouth. And for his third time it was allot of cum, but I sucked it all down. Bill must have been excited about this because he was really squeezing my nipples hard. Next was Mike and as I sucked his cock I rubbed his ass hole right in front of Bill. I had never done this for him. I reached down and got some cum off of my chest some I had missed from Dan’s big load. As I sucked Mikes cock deep into my mouth I slide my finger into his ass. He came almost instantly. He backed up just as he started and squirted his load all over my tittties, and Bill’s hands. I love cum on my tits and Bill went to work rubbing it all over my tits. Jeff asked Bill to move out of the way which he did, and Jeff got under me. I guess he just had a blow job and decided he wants to sink his cock back into my pussy again. I could not believe he was hard again. As I sit down on his cock, cum was still running out of my pussy and his cock was covered in cum before he even got it in. His Cock was about the same size as Bill’s and felt good as I slide my very wet pussy up and down on it. I was sitting with my ass towards his face, his legs spread just enough that Tom could stand in front of me. I took Tom’s cock into my mouth licking and sucking it and his balls. Several thoughts came to me, as all the guys stood around watching the three of us. “My God I am having to men at the same time, one in my pussy and one in my mouth another first” “What a picture the is” “These guys must think I am a real slut” “I hope they do not think I do this kind of stuff all the time” “what would their wives think looking at this scene” I could see Bill standing off to my left he still had that proud father look.” Will Bill still love me” “Will he treat me differently now”.

The thoughts faded away as I could feel myself getting ready to cum again. Jeff was going nuts under me slamming his cock deep into my pussy and Tom’s cock was throbbing in my mouth. As if we had rehearsed it we all three came at the same time. Tom pulled out of my mouth just as be started to pump his load into me, backed up a foot and came all over my titties. Going from one tit to the other, like he was using a garden hose on the lawn. At the same time below me Jeff had stopped his feverous pumping, his back was arched as he held his throbbing cock as deep in me as he could. As his cock started to pump its load into my pussy, my pussy started pumping its load all over his cock, and his legs, and his stomach, I was surprised I had that much cum left in me. But getting two men off at the same time I am sure had a lot to do with it. The others all cheered as we came, as if their team just scored.
As I lay cum covered on the lounge chair cushion, exhausted and used up the men all got cleaned up and dressed. All came over and thanked me and gave me a kiss before leaving. Bill saw all his buddies out as I lay there exhausted covered in cum and cum still running out of my pussy. Dan, Tom, Mike and Jeff all said good night and how much fun they had had and left. As I sit there I remembered Bill had not come yet and he was hornier than I have ever seen him. “Bill”, I said in a stern voice “did you set this up before hand with these guys” He said no I did not I only thought of it when they were saying how hot you where tonight. Then what was the deal with “remember I told you guys the other day she likes it slow at first” comment about? He explained that they were talking about their wives the other day and what they liked. As it turns out you are the only wife that sucks on cocks and the only wife that could get four guys off in one night. And not only did you get four guys off in one night you got them off three times in one night. I was very proud of you dear you where awesome. All those cocks fucking you, all those times, your little pussy taking all of Dan’s big cock, and then to suck them all off, what a lady. Bill I have to ask what was the deal with you licking up all there cum? Did you think I would let my friends pump there cum into you if I was willing to do the same thing? I love you!
Bill are you going to fuck me now, he was still hard as a rock. He picked me up from the floor and carried me over to the pool table. He bent me over the pool table and grabbed my ass. He spread my checks taking some of the cum still running out of my pussy he lubes up my ass with it. We have never done anal sex before, what was he doing. Bill what are you doing “Did you think I was going to use one of those used up holes on my Birthday. I thought to myself this is a night for allot of first’s, and with that I could feel his cock pressing against my ass hole. As his cock penetrated my ass Bill says “and if you can get them off three times you can get me off the same. What a night, I had managed f******n loads of cum. Yes Bill only managed to pump my tight little ass full twice before collapsing from exhaust.

The next morning I woke up late about ten I think. Bill was still out on the floor in the pool room lying next to the lounge chair cushion. The cushion was a destroyed covered in what seemed like gallons of cum. I will have to throw that out I thought or maybe I can turn it over. The place is a mess I will clean up after I shower. My whole body looked like the cushion and I was sticky everywhere. I felt sore all over my legs where stiff from having them spread out for so long. My pussy not only was a sticky mess with cum still running out of it, it too was sore. My cum covered nipples were a little raw and my jaw was stiff, I was a mess. After my shower as I stood in front of the mirror combing my hair I took a long look at myself and broke out in tears. What the hell did, I do last night, I thought. My mind flooded with thoughts and questions. “Did I really let all those men touch me” “Did Bill really let all those men touch me” “Did they really pump my pussy full of cum” “I sucked all their cocks and swallowed their cum” “What do they think of me” “Will they all still like me” “Will Bill leave me” “Will they tell everyone” “Will they try to get me when Bill is not around” “Dam I really screwed up this time” I was full of guilt, shame and embarrassment, and I needed to talk to Bill before the k**s came home from grandma’s.

I throw on a rub and went into the kitchen; Bill was up and had made us some coffee. He handed me a cup and said good morning dear. He could tell that I had been crying and came over and sit beside me and put his arms around me. “What is wrong dear you have been crying” he said. I busted out in tears and it took me a few minutes before I could speak. “Bill what have I done” and I began to tell him about all my guilt, shame, and embarrassment. I spilled my guts out to Bill in about five minutes with all my questions and concerns. “Will those guys still respect me, will they tell all their friends that Bill’s wife is a slut, Will they be over here when you are not at home trying to fuck me, Do they have STD, etc.etc.etc. When I was do with a long list I finally asked the important questions.

“Bill Do you still love me?” “Are you going to leave me” “Do you still respect me” “Am I a slut in your eyes” “Did you enjoy last night” and “Bill why would you ever want to watch other men use me like that” “Did you know they were going to cum in me” “Did you want them to””Did you enjoy watching them pumping their cum into my pussy, mouth, and all over my titties”? Bill took a sip of his coffee looked me in the eye and said” did you have a good time last night yes or no” I started to say that I was afraid that, and Bill cut me off. “Yes or no”. I said yes I did as I looked at the ground. “Did anyone hurt you” “NO “I said. “ Good I am glad you enjoyed it” he said. “Dan, Jeff, Mike, and Tom all called while you were in the shower and they all said it was the best sex they had ever had” and he went on ”They all said that is the first time they were able to cum three times in one night”. I looked up and said “I am glad they all had a good time, did you enjoy yourself?” Baby I have never loved you as much as I love you now. Put your mind at ease none have STD. They will never mention this to anyone and they will never hit on you.
I am very much in love with you and very proud of you. I look at you like an awesome sports car. I have wanted to show you off sense we have been married. You have an awesome body, great tits, beautiful tight pussy, and you are rock hard. You are the very best at sex, the best fuck, best hand job, best blow job, and after last night the best anal fuck. Until last night it was if I owned the best sports car in the world, but it was in a create in the garage. No one could see it, no one could use it, and I could not show it off. Now I have shown it off and my buddies love it. And I loved showing it off. And I would like to do it again if you will let me?
How could I say no? We have had several more adventures sense then. Sometimes more men, sometimes less men. He never includes the same men twice. Dan, Jeff, Tom, and Mike come to the house all the time. They never mention that night. They treat me the same as they always did before that night. I do see a little smile on their faces as they play pool from the end of the table that they had me on. I feel a little superior to their wives when they are over. And when Dan’s bitch of a wife is over for a swim I have her always sit on the same cushion. I just hope she never turns it over someday.

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