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Friday Afternoon

Friday afternoon

... /SON Stories: 5. Friday Afternoon 1-12 - [1/1]
From: (Sookan)
Date: 1997/04/10****t

Friday Afternoon

Part 1

Bobby sat ... ... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon Part 2

... the
pictures of herself!

On Wednesday following that fateful Friday afternoon, Norma had
become so horny that she was almost ... the first opportunity. The
phone call from Jake this Friday afternoon telling her there was
an emergency meeting this weekend ... ... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon

Subject: Friday Afternoon Complete
From: Clue Master <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 15:15:08 -0500

STORY: Friday Afternoon
Part ... ... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon Part 5

... mother had been so exhausted that they slept until late afternoon. Norma
was the first up and made them a beautiful ...

Two weeks had passed without incident or opportunity until, on
Friday afternoon Norma got home from work and got a phone call from ... ... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon part 3

Part 3
The Phone Call

Friday afternoon rolled around again: one week to the day following
the ... sorry that we haven't had a chance to talk since
last Friday. It's my fault. I've wanted so badly to discuss
with ... ... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon Part 7

... . She had gone
shopping and didn't return home until late afternoon, just in time
to make dinner. And he had a date ...
for the annual week-long convention is Las Vegas on Friday, Norma's
plans were finalized. In fact, she was almost ecstatic ... ... Continue»
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Afternoon Study

... Why is it that all my friends can relax on a Friday while I’m stuck inside my tutor’s house studying? I know that I ... in my studies. Which after three months, I sat inside on a Friday afternoon studying about the Russian Revolution.

“Well let’s look at ... ... Continue»
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Friday Afternoon Part 6

... 're feeling, especially after what you said
happened just this afternoon. You must really be uptight. What I want
you to do ... .

When the two weeks had rolled by and it was Friday again there didn't
look like a thing they could do. Bobby ... ... Continue»
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Friday afternoon in the office

It was a quiet Friday in the office, I was dozing and dreaming of the weekend ... the temptation of my work colleague, who as per a typical Friday had come in wearing jeans and a loose fitting top.

She ... ... Continue»
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Pumped Friday Afternoon Delight

... looking for me.

Meanwhile, I had gotten home at around 2 that afternoon and planned a kinky little start to our weekend. First on ... I squeeze every last drop inside her. She ends our little afternoon tryst with a nice warm cream pie oozing all over my ... ... Continue»
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... he
finished work at lunchtime. The office closed down
every Friday afternoon.

'Dad?' Amanda asked 'would you like to have me ... round at Jack and asks in a deep voice 'good
afternoon Jack, good afternoon miss' he indicates to
Amanda, 'Is this my ... ... Continue»
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Power Line

... Dad's video camera, extra tape and
battery's plus charger.

Saturday afternoon Jason ask his uncle to give his head a good shave ... action by you.

Doug & Harvey showed up 3:30 pm on Friday afternoon and meet with George,
firstly he took them to payroll ... ... Continue»
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My s****r, And Her Friends

... if I'm not mistaken, we'll be home alone again on a Friday afternoon.

The ride home is a little awkward. I'm wondering if we ... trouble clearing my head from what went down yesterday afternoon (Friday). As you may recall, my s****r, Vickie, handcuffed me to ... ... Continue»
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My neighbour and her teenage daughter (4)

... I post the final part in 3 days time (it is Friday afternoon in Australia as I write this). I will enjoy a break before ... spent the afternoon together tidying up and completing some odd jobs leftover from the weekend.

Tuesday afternoon came round and ... ... Continue»
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Our Fantasies by Durango Dan

... tomorrow afternoon is fine, no
problem, okay, good-bye," I said.

"Who was that and what's going on tomorrow afternoon?"
Jill ... making. We
both whispered our love to each other.

Friday afternoon finally arrived and I rushed home from
work with an ... ... Continue»
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The Best Fuck in the Month of September....

... , Kayla told me she would be available from Friday afternoon, until Sunday afternoon. She would have to take care of one ... from Kayla over the course of the weekend.

From Friday afternoon, “Everything good. Dean seems like a nice guy. And for ... ... Continue»
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Bob and Becky

... do it again this afternoon." She said.

"Becky!" I said in surprise. "You wanked and squirted this afternoon?"

"Yeah, after ... saying it was a great idea. Sheryl is coming on Friday afternoon, around 6 PM." Becky said this all with a smile.

I hugged ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday My Secret Garden Women’s Sexual

honest), so sometimes while I am whiling away an afternoon
jerking off, I think about some really fantastic black guy ... assorted
"Fuck me’s." …
by Martin Shepard, M.D.,
author of The Games ... ... Continue»
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A Tale of Forbidden Love

... it found it's way back inside me... we fucked all afternoon.

That evening, David and I eventually collapsed outside in my ...

Friday came, and before I knew it, I was face to face with Sandra. We met at her plush office late that Friday afternoon, and ... ... Continue»
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Mary A Desired Older Woman

... bubbles. Her mind was still going over Bert's words that afternoon, and how she had felt with her little flash of ... left totally frustrated again, and her thoughts went back to Friday afternoon and.....and.....oh God, no, no, put all those thoughts ... ... Continue»
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