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Fornicating with my English Teacher

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My English Teacher

One day my English Teacher, called me aside after class one day. “I’d like you to come around to my house this afternoon, after school Dave,” she told me, “to go over your setwork. I can see you are battling with Shakespeare, and don’t fully understand Hamlet. I’ll go over it with you. I’ll see you there at about four, okay?” I agreed, and continued with my school day. After school, I went home, changed into jeans and a t-shirt, and set off to her house, which was only a few blocks away. I got there at four o’clock sharp and rang the doorbell. She answered the door, wearing the same brown trousers and white blouse that she had worn at school that day. “Come in, come in Dave,” she said, “You didn’t tell anyone you were coming here, did you?”

“No, I didn’t,” I replied as she closed the door quickly behind me.

“Good,” she said, “some people might not think it appropriate. you visiting me in my home like this. Well, come through to the lounge.” She led the way through to the lounge, and as I followed her I noticed, through her blouse, that she was not wearing a bra like she had been earlier. She sat down on her brown sofa, with her arms behind her head, causing her large chest to push out even more than it did already. With her white blouse stretched over her braless chest, I could see her round nipples through the thin material. “Anything wrong Dave?” she asked me quizzically, noting my eyes fixed on her chest.

“No, nothing's wrong,” I replied, my mouth getting dry as I pulled out my books, “I have my books here so we can get started.”

“Screw the books, and screw Shakespeare too Dave,” Miss Williams said smiling, “I wanted you here, because I want you to screw me. Michelle Lee told me what you two got up to during your extra maths lesson, and I want some of that too. Are you surprised, we teachers actually do talk amongst each other. She told me how you screwed her good and proper. Please drop the Miss Williams too, my name is Jenny. Do you want to screw me?”

“I’d love to Miss, I’ve always thought you are very sexy, “I stammered, not believing my luck, “I just never thought this could possibly happen to me a second time.” I would have been a fool to say no, Miss Williams was in her early thirties with a neat trim figure, and abnormally large boobs for a woman her size. She was also a lot prettier than Michelle Lee.

“Good,” Jenny said, as she unbuttoned her blouse, throwing it across the room as she discarded it, “Do you like my tits Dave, do they turn you on?”

“I love your tits Miss,” I quickly replied, “you are one of the teachers I fantasize about the most. I’ve always thought you were one of the sexiest members of staff, with the biggest firmest tits.”

Jenny smiled, “Well, get over here, and get my pants off then Dave, we haven’t got all afternoon.” I sat down on the sofa next to her, and undid her pants, slowly unzipping them, already feeling the heat emanating from her pussy. I quickly removed her pants too, surprised to see that she wore old-fashioned lace panties underneath. “Suck my tits Dave,” Jenny commanded, “I know you are dying to, so here is your opportunity.” I leaned over her, taking her right boob into my mouth, sucking it gently as I ran my tongue around her soft little nipple. “Mmmm,” she murmured, running her fingers through my hair, “I’m so horny Dave. I’ve been thinking of nothing else since Michelle told me about you.” I alternated my mouth from one tit to the other, sucking intently on her lovely large firm tits. “Take your shirt off,” Jenny told me, and I quickly unbuttoned my shirt, removed it, and dropped it on the floor.

“Mmm, such a manly chest,” Jenny sighed, running her fingers across my chest and through my sparse chest hair. “You have no idea,” she continued, “how difficult it is for us female teachers, being around all you young studs all day at school. It drives me crazy, I just want to rip your uniforms off most of you, and fuck you silly, but I could lose my job if I’m found out. Since you’ve already crossed that line with Michelle, I figure you are safer than any of the others, so you are the lucky one that is going to get to fuck me. Now, get my underwear off, and eat my pussy.”

I quickly removed her underwear, noting that she kept her pussy hair trimmed quite short. Jenny spread her legs for me, “There,” she sighed, “eat my horny pussy Dave, eat teacher’s horny pussy.”

I kneeled on the floor in front of her, between her spread legs, and began to rub a finger up and down her wet slit, separating her pussy lips. Jenny was watching me intently as I inspected her pussy. “Eat me dammit,” she moaned, “eat my pussy.” I dropped my mouth onto her pussy and began running my tongue up and down the folds of her pussy, tasting the sweet nectar leaking from her pussy. Jenny moaned as she felt my tongue make contact with her pussy, urging me on. I probed at her pussy with my tongue, lapping the tip of it across her lips. I moved my mouth up through the folds of her pussy until I could feel her hard little nubbin of her clit. Jenny gasped as my tongue made contact with her clit, lifting her hips upwards and pushing her pussy towards my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her clit, causing her to groan each time my tongue brushed over it. “Aaaaw shit Dave, stop teasing me,” she groaned, “suck my pussy.” I pulled my head back, and watched carefully as I inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy, before dropping my mouth back onto her clit and began to suck it, running my tongue over her erect clit as I pushed my finger into her pussy. Jenny moaned with satisfaction, lifting her hips up and pushing her pussy against my finger and mouth. “Mmmm yes,” she moaned, “like that, eat my pussy like that Dave.” I fastened my mouth over her clit while I began to move my finger in and out of her pussy, drilling it slowly in and out of her pussy. Jenny was clearly loving every bit of attention I was giving her pussy, moaning and groaning with pleasure as I sucked her clit. I pulled my finger from her pussy, lifted my mouth from her clit, and sucked my finger into my mouth, making sure that she saw me sucking her pussy juices off my finger. I dropped my head back down between her legs and covered her pussy with my mouth, probing into her pussy with my tongue. Jenny moaned with pleasure as she felt my tongue probing into her pussy. “Mmm yes,” she moaned, “you’ll be my star pupil if you eat my pussy like that Dave.” I moved my tongue deeper into her pussy, licking her delicious pussy juices out of her pussy, drilling my tongue in and out of her pussy. Jenny was squirming with pleasure now, humping her pussy up against my mouth, her breath shortening as her pleasure heightened from my licking of her pussy. I could sense that she was close to cumming when suddenly she pulled herself up, with incredible self-control, and said to me, “As much as I love you licking my pussy Dave, I need a taste of that lovely big cock of yours that I have heard so much about. Wouldn’t you like your English teacher to suck your big cock for you?”

“Why yes…” I started, standing up in front of her, “I’d love that Miss… Jenny.”

Jenny smiled up at me and undid my jeans, rubbing her hand against my stiff cock through the fabric. As she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down, she wrapped her hand around my stiff shaft and stroked it as she looked down at it admiringly. “Wow, what an amazing, incredible, remarkable, marvellous, astounding cock,” she murmured, using all the superlatives that she could think of, “ you have an enormous, huge, massive cock for a schoolboy Dave. I can’t wait to wrap my lips around your mammoth cock.” Saying this she sat up and sunk her mouth immediately down onto my cock, sucking just the head of my cock between her lips as she sealed them around the shaft of my cock. I could feel her sucking intently on the rounded head of my cock, her tongue probing at the slit in the head of my cock, licking at my pre-cum leaking out of my cock. I heard her moan with pleasure as she tasted my cum, and then felt her moving her mouth further down my cock, my cock moving inexorably further into her mouth. She began to move her mouth steadily up and down my shaft, sucking hard as she struggled to take it all inside her mouth. Jenny pulled her mouth of my stiff pole, giving it a spirited lick looked up at me and said, “Maybe you should sit down Dave. Do you think you will be able to remain standing without your legs giving way from the pleasures I am about to give you?” Besides, if you are sitting down, you can just relax and surrender yourself to the pleasure of watching your teacher suck your wonderful cock. I must say, I cannot wait to feel this lovely big cock of yours thrusting into my starving pussy.”

I did what I was told and sat down on her couch, leaning back, presenting my stiff cock, waving in the air to Jenny. Jenny lay down on her side on the couch next to me, moving her mouth over my cock once again, before voraciously dipping her mouth down onto my cock. She was right, she could suck my cock better like this, and I could watch my cock moving in and out of her avidly sucking mouth. Jenny took my cock slowly into her wide-open mouth, sucking it slowly into her mouth as she lowered her head down onto my cock. I watched as she moved a hand down between her spread legs and began rubbing her own pussy as she sucked my cock. I was in no position to help her as I could not reach in this position, but I could reach one of her lovely big tits, so I cupped her tit in my hand and began squeezing it and rubbing the soft smooth flesh of her tit in my hand. I could feel her hard little nipple beneath my fingers as I played with her tits. Jenny, in the meantime, was moving her mouth steadily down my stiff shaft taking my cock deeper and deeper into her sucking mouth. I could feel my cock pushing against the back of her throat as she pushed her mouth down onto my cock. She began to plunge her mouth up and down on my cock, my cock banging against the back of her throat as she did so. “That’s it Jenny,” I groaned, “suck my cock like that. Take my cock all the way inside your mouth.”

Jenny, in response, began to move her mouth faster up and down my stiff shaft, sucking hungrily on my huge cock. I noticed that she was rubbing her pussy vigorously too as she sucked on my cock, pushing a finger or two into her wet cunt. I began thrusting upwards with my hips, pushing my cock up into her mouth as it plunged down onto my cock. Jenny was sucking hard on my cock, her lips sealed tightly around the immense thickness of my cock. I could feel that I was going to cum soon, and I wanted to splatter my teachers tonsils with my cum before fucking her. She picked up the rhythm of my upward thrusts, and began to time the movement of her mouth down my cock to my rhythm. I watched her head plunging down onto my cock before cumming, and then without warning erupted inside her mouth. Jenny pushed her mouth down onto my cock as she felt my cumming, her throat closing tightly around my cock as I shot my cum into her mouth. I exploded, burst after burst of cum shot into her mouth, but she did not pull away, instead she ground her mouth harder down onto my shooting cock. Eventually, after I had finished cumming, Jenny slowly pulled her mouth off my cock, and I noticed that some of my cum was running down her chin, and looked up at me. “Mmm, that was delicious Dave, you came so much too,” she said smiling, “but I hope you have more for me. I still want you to fuck me, I want to feel this lovely big cock inside my pussy.”

“Don’t worry about that Jenny,” I assured her, “I have every intention of fucking you. I just wanted to see my English teacher drinking my cum like you just did, I didn’t know librarians were such good cocksuckers,” I added, alluding to her secondary function at the school. “See my cock is still hard as a rock, and ready to fuck you,” I told her, rubbing my still erect cock against her cheek.

“Ah yes,” she said, giggling like a schoolgirl, “I’d almost forgotten. A typical teenage boy, walking around with a permanent hard-on. Ah, the joys of youth. Well, what are you waiting for, fuck me,” she continued, lying down on her back her legs spread. I moved so that I was positioned between her spread legs, positioning my cock at the entrance to her wet cunt. I watched Jenny’s face as I slowly pushed my cock into her waiting pussy. Her face registered surprise at first as she felt her pussy stretching open to accommodate my cock, and then satisfaction as she felt my big cock moving steadily into her wet pussy. “Mmmm,” she groaned with pleasure as I slowly filled her pussy with my cock, “that feels good Dave. Fuck me with your big cock!” I began to thrust slowly in and out of her tight pussy, eliciting more groans from her as she felt my cock travelling in and out of her cunt. I reached up and cupped her large firm tits in my hands, squeezing them tightly.

“One day I’m going to fuck your big tits Jenny,” I told her, “I’m going to slide my cock between your big tits and fuck them, and when I cum, I’m going to shoot my cum all over your face. I’ll cover your face with my cum.”

Jenny smiled up at me, and licked her lips expectantly. She didn’t say anything, she didn’t need to, her response told me all that I needed to know. She wanted me to do that, she wanted to feel my cum splattered over her face. She wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me harder against her as I thrust into her pussy. “Oooh yes, fuck me Dave,” Jenny groaned, “fill me up, and fuck me with your big cock!” I fucked steadily into her pussy, causing her to moan with pleasure each time my cock moved into her. Jenny’s legs were locked behind my back, pulling me towards her, urging me to thrust deeper into her. Her body trembled with pleasure each time my cock moved into her, and she lifted her hips and ground her pussy against me as I drove my cock into her.

“I can fuck you like this all day now Jenny,” I warned her, “now that I’ve cum once already. My cock will stay hard like this, and I’ll fuck you for ages before I cum again. You’ll be begging me to stop eventually.”

“Mmmm. Oh no I won’t,” Jenny moaned, “I love feeling your big hard cock inside of me like this Dave, but I want to get on top of you and ride your cock. I want you to lie back and watch me fuck you, and let me do all the work.”

“Okay,” I said, slowly withdrawing my glistening cock from her wet pussy, and sitting back down on the couch. Jenny got up and came and knelt astride my legs, slowly lowering her pussy down onto my erect cock.

“Mmmm, this is even better,” she groaned, as she slid her pussy down onto my cock, “I can feel you even harder and further inside of me this way.” Jenny began to undulate her hips, riding her pussy down over my cock as she pushed herself still lower down onto my cock. I could feel my cock tightly sheathed inside her pussy as she began to ride me. She leaned back, supporting her body with her arms against my legs, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she rode my cock. “Grab hold of my boobs,” she moaned, “squeeze my big tits as I fuck you Dave, squeeze them hard.” I did not need to be told twice, I lifted my hands and cupped each of her large firm tits in my hands, feeling their heavy firmness, and squeezed them. Jenny moaned as she felt me squeezing her tits and I felt her pussy tighten more around my cock. She was rocking back and forth now, my cock firmly embedded inside her tight cunt, grinding her pussy down onto my cock. “Harder, harder,” she moaned, “squeeze them harder.” I dug my fingers into her firm tits, watching as the flesh turned white around my fingers as I dug them into her. Jenny groaned again as she felt my fingers biting into her soft tits, her pussy tightening around my cock. She rocked back and forth faster now, grinding her pussy against my cock, rubbing her clit against my groin as she moved, my cock sliding in and out of her clasping pussy. As I had warned her, I was not going to cum quickly now, and she could fuck her pussy onto my cock to her hearts content. “Yeah Jenny,” I moaned, “fuck me, fuck my big cock.” Jenny looked down at me and smiled as she tightened her pussy muscles around my cock, her hips moving back and forth as she fucked her pussy onto my cock. Her body was trembling now, from pleasure and exertion as she fucked me, and I realised that she would cum soon. I squeezed her tits again, encouraging her to cum. She moaned, and pushed down with her pussy onto my cock, sliding my cock deep into her. Her hips were a blur now as she rode my cock, her body shaking with pleasure, her breathing becoming ragged as she approached her orgasm. I took her nipples between my fingers and began to tug at them, pinching and pulling them, and this is what sent her over the top. Jenny cried out as she came, pushing her pussy down onto my cock, forcing me deeper and deeper into her as she ground her cunt down onto me, her body shuddering in ecstasy as my cock filled her clenching pussy. “AAAAAAAH,” she cried, her body shaking uncontrollably, “I’M CUMMMMING!!!” She rode my cock steadily, savouring every movement of my cock inside her clenching pussy as she came, her movements causing long deep thrusts of my cock into her pussy. She eventually slowed down her movements as exhaustion and an overdose of sensations overcame her, and that was when I squeezed her tits hard once again. “Don’t stop now bitch,” I told her, “I warned you. Now you are going to carry on fucking me like this until I cum too.”

Jenny lifted her pussy off my cock, shifting backwards slightly until the head of my cock was pushing against her asshole. “I’m going to take your big cock inside my ass now Dave,” she said, looking down at me smiling, “I just know you will not be able to last long with that big fat cock of yours inside my tight ass, and you’ll soon be creaming inside my ass.” And saying that, she lowered her ass down onto my cock, crying out as my big cock skewered her ass. “Aaah yes, fuck my ass,” she cried out, “and squeeze my tits hard as you fuck my ass.” Jenny was bearing down on me with her ass, my cock sliding into the tight velvety sheath of her asshole. She began to wriggle her ass down onto my cock, crying out as my cock penetrated further and further into her ass. I could feel my entire cock being tightly squeezed, from the tip to the base of my cock, by her tight anal sheath as she pushed down onto me. “My god,” she cried out, “I’ve never felt so full of cock before in my life Dave. This feels wonderful, my entire being feels like it is full of your cock.”

“This feels good,” I agreed, “even better than when I fucked Michelle’s ass. You’re even tighter, and you’re doing the fucking.”

“You mean…” Jenny moaned.

“Yes,” I grunted, “I fucked her ass too, although I introduced her to the pleasures of ass-fucking.”

“She never told me that,” Jenny smiled, “although I’m not surprised. I’m going to fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before Dave,” she promised, “hold on tight, for the fucking of your life.”

Jenny began to rotate her hips as she screwed her ass down further onto my cock, until my entire cock was firmly embedded inside her ass. She held her body motionless on top of me as I felt her ass muscles begin to contract around my cock. It felt like dozens of little fingers were gripping and stroking my cock as she massaged my cock with her ass. I groaned with pleasure, acknowledging the delightful sensations she was giving me. Jenny smiled down at me, and began to rock forward, allowing my cock to move down through the tight sheath of her ass, before rocking back, pushing my cock back down into the depths of her tight ass. Her ass felt incredible, gripping my cock so tightly as she moved up and down on it, and I knew that she was right; it would take long before I would be shooting my cum into her bowels. I gripped her tits in my hands, squeezing them tight, as I had realised that she liked me to inflict a little pain on her, and the pain in her tits might distract her from the pain my huge cock was causing inside her ass. Jenny moaned, and began to bounce her ass up and down on my cock, faster and faster she moved her ass down onto my cock. “Oh yes,” she cried out, “hurt me Dave, hurt my tits. Cum inside of me, I want to feel your cum shooting inside my ass.” I pinched her one nipple painfully, and felt her ass grip me tighter as she winced with pain. I took my one hand off her bouncing tits, drew it back and slapped her tit hard, my fingers stinging as they made contact with the soft flesh of her tit. I could only imagine the pain I inflicted on her as my hard hand hit her soft flesh. Jenny groaned with pleasure, but continued screwing her ass down onto my cock, my cock pummelling the depths of her ass. I grabbed her large swinging tits again, holding on tightly as she moved her ass around on my cock. “Oh Dave, cum for me baby,” Jenny groaned, “flood my ass with your lovely cum.” She pushed down with her ass until my cock could move no further into her, and then began to move barely perceptively up and down on my cock, using her ass muscles to massage my cock. “Mmmm,” we both moaned in unison, enjoying the sensations we were both experiencing. I could feel my cock begin to expand inside her ass, and she must have felt it too, because she pushed down hard onto my cock, forcing my cock as deep as it could go inside of her, as my cum began to erupt from my cock. Her ass began to grip my cock tighter and tighter, damming my cum up inside my cock until finally it broke through the tight grip and flooded into her ass. “Aaaaah,” we groaned together, her in satisfaction and me in release as we felt my cum flowing into her ass. Jenny began to move her ass slowly up and down on my cock, my cum acting as a lubricant now as she massaged my cock with her ass. “Mmmm yes,” she groaned, “your cock and cum feel so good inside my ass Dave. I love it!! I wish we could stay like this forever!” She slowly rocked back and forth on my cock, allowing my cock to mix my cum around inside her ass, savouring every moment of it.

Eventually, as my cock wilted inside her ass, Jenny lifted herself off my cock allowing it to pop out of her tight ass, and knelt at my feet. She quickly popped my softening cock inside her mouth and began to suck it clean. “I can’t have you going home with a dirty cock now, can I?” she murmured as she took it out of her mouth momentarily, before plunging her mouth back down onto my exhausted cock. Once she had completed her task, she looked up at me and smiled. “I bet you never thought your boring old English teacher would be such a cock-slut, did you Dave?” she asked, “I’ve had this lovely big cock of yours inside of me in just about every way possible, inside my pussy, my ass and my mouth more than once; and I loved every minute of it. if you continue screwing me like this on a regular basis, you will pass English with no problems, but you cannot tell anyone else about our little arrangement.”

“I won’t, I promise,” I told her, “but I had better be going, my mother will be expecting my home soon for supper.” I got up and got dressed while Jenny watched me, lying naked on the couch, rubbing her pussy.

The following day at school, I was walking behind her in the corridor, and noticed that she was walking a little funny. Jenny was oblivious to me behind her, and I enjoyed watching her, imagining her naked body beneath the very staid clothes that she was wearing. “Are you alright Miss?” I asked, leaning forward in case someone heard me. She turned around and looked at me and smiled. “I’m just a little sore from my workout yesterday Dave,” she replied, smiling and winking at me, “but I am okay thanks.”... Continue»
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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher Part 2

Please read part 1 which is the same title without the Part 2 attached to it before you read this please ;)

Mr. Milks and I have had sex for the past two weeks. I would usually meet him in his Music room and we would make love in all sorts of ways there, but the reason he was in the Library the first time is because he was filling in for my b*o's library teacher who was sick. Mr. Milks (first name is Tyler) didn't teach any music classes that day so he was free to take over.
I'm in high school, but my b*o goes to the elementary school Mr. Milks works at so I was going to come and visit and at the right time, he felt the need for my body too. I had no idea he felt ANYTHING for me, but when we were kissing for the first time, he told me that the first time he saw me when he was just starting to work there when I was in mid Grade 6, he thought I was beautiful. Mr. Milks is 24 and I am 14, but he looks like a simple horny average 17 year old teenager so it's okay if anyone sees us kissing or anything in public places, as long as his wife isn't around. Don't worry, he's not cheating or anything because him and his wife have been growing apart for a while now and they both have already signed devorce papers, so he's all mine now. He says that he's all mine to any liking. I like that idea ;)
Today, the summer has started on a beating hot, sunny Friday. I stand on the inside gates of the P.N.E. Mr. Milks are going here today, and were going to have endless fun. I've already paid for my tickets and Tyler already told me to buy tickets because he was going to be ten or twenty minutes late, and I was fine with that. I hold my tickets in my hand and my white Iphone in my other and I glance at the time. It's 12:34 and I've been waiting here for fifteen minutes. Today, I'm wearing a Ulla Dress (thin straps, gorgeous frills along the neckline, thin around the waist and up to the high thighs), with a pair of Sidi sky blue sandals and Guess Diva glasses. My long golden straight hair is put into a loose braid at my side tied with a little flower at the end. From what people describe me by, (NOT BRAGGING AT ALL LOL) I'm sexy, beautiful, kind, funny, have a soft tanned fair skin, and bright caramel hazel eyes. I step forward a few steps to look around the carnival. It has a lot of roller coasters and prize winning games.
Suddenly, I feel two warm arms wrap around my waist and I lift my head, smiling. I don't look behind me though.
"Hello gorgeous." He says, kissing my neck softly.
"Hmm, I'm not quite convinced your the man I'm waiting for..." I say, chin lifted high and I can feel him grin and he spins me around so that no one can see us and his warm fingers find the surface of my pussy under my dress that are under my panties. I breathe in and smile.
"Convinced." I say and I spin around, pressing my lips against his. Our lips mingle around for a few moments, until we both step back and he scans me.
"Aren't you looking sexy today." He smiles and I push him on the arm gently and he takes my hand. Today, Mr. Milsk wears a light grey t- shirt with white shorts and some runners. Some say that might be a weird style, but he is the most hottest man alive on earth to me. He has great abs and muscles, a hot smile and a huge cock too. We hold hands while walking down the pavement ground filled with crowds and games. I look around at all the roller coasters, ferris wheels, haunted house, prize winning games and more. It's a lot to take in because there is just thousands of people here. There is a band somewhere around because loud music plays through the speakers.
First, Mr. Milks and I go on a few roller coasters. There was one that got me really dizzy but his kisses made them go away and we had lots of fun on those. The bumper cars were personally his favorite because he's a boss at those and I couldn't handle turning the wheel because the cars are really stubborn and don't turn the way you want them to, haha. We head to the prize winning games and Mr. Milks wins me a few stuffed a****ls and almost wins the motorcycle by 1 point less. A few d***k guys around here grabbed for my ass and tits but Mr. Milks didn't allow their foolishness and protected me the whole way through.
We now standing beside a cotton candy stand, holding each other and kiss. One of his hands rest on my waist and the other behind my head and I wrap my arms around his lower back. We got a few whistles but I really didn't care. I was pretty glad that Mr. Milks looked a lot younger than he did because if he didn't, people would be getting weird ideas about us.
As our tongues press against each others and move around continuesly, my back rests against the stand and our thighs and bodies press against each others.
"Do you think... I could um.... give you..." I say against his lips, glance around quickly to make sure no one is looking and my left hand finds the hard bump in his shorts and he nods. Our lips part and I take his hand and we both walk around, looking for a dark place.
"Now, what's a dark, long place where we could have some fun..." I say to myself, already knowing the answer but I want to hear him say it for fun.
"A haunted house?" He grins at me and I make a check mark in the air giving him the gesture that he is correct and we turn a right through the crowd and walk straight to the popular 'Haunted House of the Devils". We wait in the line for almost twenty minutes, but I couldn't care because for what we were about to do, I could wait hours. When we finally get to the front of the line, the boy who works there glances at me and Mr. Milks and I, me with my arm around his waist and him with his arm around my shoulder.
"How old are you two?" He asks and my face gets red with anger.
"How bout' you let us through the door, fuck nut." I snap at him and he puts his hands up in surrender and allows us through and I say, "thanks."
"Nice one." Mr. Milks smiles down at me and I wink at him. Glad to know I'm nice, funny and kind! I rarely ever swear, but I just got angry so I had to let it out. We walk through the door of the haunted house and only 2 torches on the sides of the walls lights the path to the begining pathway. I clutch onto Tyler's hand and I can hear him chuckle. I look around and I spot a couple ahead of us walking. I sigh with releif, it's pretty good knowing your not in the front expecting crazy shit to happen.
After about five minutes of walking through the haunted house, we're on the second floor and I'm desprate to find a place for us to hide, because I'm getting super wet and I'm needing his cock. I finally spot a place when we turn the corner. It's a little exit door but before you open the door, to the ride is a large indent in the wall with black streamers and black d****s covering it. I wouldn't have noticed but I took three seconds to really see it and I nod to Mr. Milks and he leads the sway. We quickly jump out of the way before the couple far behind us can see us move out of the way and my heart beats fast with excitement. I open the d****s quietly and there is suprisingly no equipment or anything back here. Just a small room that is about 4 by 4 meters long. Pretty large for a haunted house and some BJ work. We walk to the far corner of the room incase someone decides to take the exit door and thinks that they hear us and looks in. But the shadow of the walls is covering us.
I can still see Mr. Milks because there is a torch in the hall we came in that is beside the exit sign. He wraps his arms around me and we start to make out, long. As my mouth moves against his, I know that he wants to feel my body, so I pull down the straps and slip out of my dress to reveal my matching pink lace bra and panties. He grins and swings me around and pushes me against the wall and I breathe out happily. Our lips meet again fast and his hands reach up my bra to find my breasts and I smile against his mouth and his fingers rub my hard nipples and one of my hands is behind is head so I reach my other hand down to unzip his shorts and I feel his boxers. He moans out and I rub it with my warm palm strongly and they I yank his shorts down and he stands in his boxes and grey t- shirt. I grab his shoulders and swing him around and push him against the wall and he chuckles quietly and I squat down, rubbing the hard cock under her boxers.
"Damn girl, you're pretty good." He whispers quietly and I then yank down his boxers, revealing his 6"3 cock that is in a hard boner. I place it in my hands and I stark to jerk it off while placing my tongue around the soft tip. I lick around and around and then I run my tongue along the sides. He moans out and gets the back of my head gentle and brings my head forward and I slide his cock into my mouth. I give him a BJ by running my soft lips and and down his lubricated cock and I lick every inch of it. He'd been helping me fit it all into my pussy and into my mouth for the past week and when I finally did, it felt amazing in both places, especially for him. He thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth, giving me some help and I take it out of my mouth, spit on his cock and start to jerk off again. I lick the tip a bunch of times and I look up to Mr. Milks' face and its pure pleasure and happiness.
"I'm... gunna..." He says quietly and I nod, leaning back and I hold my breasts right in front of his cock. He groans out, squeezes, and a warm liquid gooey cum load sprays onto my breasts. I smile and come closer, place his cock between my breasts and give him a tittie fuck that gets him hard again.
"Please... let me rest for a second... I might... cum... again..." He says and I grin, rubbing his cock faster and harder between my breasts.
"Let it out. Go ahead." I say to him. I feel his cock get hard again and he lets out ANOTHER huge load of cum onto my breasts and neckline. I take a deep breath out, lay onto the ground with a gentle thud and pant. He goes onto his knees and lays beside me and we lay there, panting together. He helps me clean up the liquid on my body and I get back into my dress.
"I have another idea." I say and he nods. We walk out of the d****s quietly and take the exit door to our right. Bright sunlight shines on our faces, blinding us for almost a full minute and we walk down the long metal stair case. I hold his hand in mine and over the past week or two, he's been pretty suprised how well I've gotten with the BJ thing. We walk down the crowd and when I spot what I wanted, I smile.
"Nice choice." He says and I grin. We walk a little faster toward the short line so we don't have to wait so long. The Ferris Wheel has those little things that you sit in, except this one is different. Instead of a bench where you sit, it almost looks like a small room. It had a bench on both ends, a meter or two of width and you can easily stand in it. It was bigger than I thought. After a few minutes, we get to the front and the girl who works there asks us,
"Couple or group?"
"Couple please." Tyler says and she nods. She is dressed in a tight white tank top and red shorts. Almost looks like a lifeguard.
"You can take... that empty one over there." She points out and we spot the purple carriage and we walk over and he opens the door for me. I nod in thank you and we both step in. When the girl sees were fastened in, she lets other people in and soon all the carriages are set and the Ferris Wheel starts rising. Mr. Milks smiles at me.
"Soon enough the thing will stop and when it does, we'll get down to business." I smile back, rubbing his hard bump and he nods. We wait three minutes and the Ferris Wheel stops and were second to the top, well hidden and perfect. I grin and unfasten the bar and then undress myself till I know have my bra on. Tyler had already gotten himself undressed to only his t- shirt on.
"Oh no you don't, I wanna see them abs and such." I grin, taking his shirt off and I toss it across the carriage and I lay down onto the cold metal but our body heat is starting to warm is up a bit. He lays about me, and this reminds me to the time when we first made love and he was laying above me, making love to me. I smile and he rubs his lubricated cock against my clit and I breathe out, not caring how loud I am anymore.
"Oh, don't tease me..." I whimper and bit my lip and he slower lowers his hips, inserting his penis into my pussy. After all the times we'd had sex, nothing hurts anymore, only the pleasure is what replaces it. I breathe out, cling to his body and he thrusts his hips back and forth, fast. He's been waiting hours for this and so was I, so we're not fooling around anymore. He kisses my neck softly as he fucks me and I rest my chin on his strong shoulder. I look down to watch his hard cock slide in and out of my tight pussy.
"Fuck... you're really amazing..." He says under his breath and I smile. I starts to thrust faster and when I get a bit uncomfortable with this position, He picks me up and he sits down on the bench and pushes the bar up so it's not in our way. I sit on his hips and grind my body against his and start to move up and down, up and down and he leans back, moaning aloud. I can tell that our carriage is moving quite a bit so I wouldn't be surprised if someone knew what we were doing. I remove my bra and toss it away and I realize that it flies out the window!
"Shit!" I say and he notices and starts to laugh.
"It's okay."
"No, its not. My nips are gunna be hard and stuff. People will notice."
"Let them. It shows how beautiful and fun you are." He grins and plants a kiss against my lips and I kiss him back as his hard cock throbs in my pussy.
I now have all fours on the ground and he fucks me from behind in the doggie position. I breath out and feel his balls slap against my pussy as he fucks me and I look back at him and see he's enjoying this very much. He holds both of my hips in his hands and slaps my ass.
"God, I can't quite get enough of you. You're pussy is realy tight, Em." He says in pleasure.
"Good. Because after this, down the road is a beach, were going there next." I grin at him and his face lights up in excitement. He starts to go faster and I face back the way I was, staring at the bench ahead of me and then I notice something. The carrage above us can see me. The couple watches us and I give them a little wave and they start to smile, laugh kindly and wave back. I smile and Mr. Milks flips me around to fuck me as he faces me. I lay on the ground, back into our first position but it doesn't bother me anymore. His cock slides out and it takes two seconds to get fully out of my since its so hard and long and then he starts to jerk off. I wave his hands away and take his wet cock in my hands and I start to jerk him off myself. Then, I put it into my mouth and I can feel his penis start to pump, and he lets out the biggest load I've ever, ever ate. It takes me a bunch of swallows to get down, and I'm so tired that I lay back on the ground.
"Sorry, that was big." He says and I shake my head and wave it off.
"It's fine. I enjoyed it." I smile and he lays beside me. I pant deeply and he notices this.
"I didn't go too hard, did I?" He asks and I turn toward him fast.
"No! Don't ever say that. You were perfect, I'm just worried..." I say and I trail off.
"No, go ahead. Tell me." He says gently and strokes my face with his hands. I look straight into his bright trusting eyes. I think to myself. I can't believe I have such a guy like him to myself.
"I'm just worried that I'm not good enough for you. Me being young and-"
"Em," He says so strong and firm that it surprises me. He cups my face in his hands. "Don't ever say that to me again. Do you hear me? I haven't loved a girl like I love you ever in my life. You make me so happy, I can't express it in sex, love or anything. Your the one for me. No one else. There's only one thing left to say, and I will understand either answer. Do you want me?" He asks and I stare at him in astonishement.
"What kind offa question is that? Of course I want you." I say and he brings his head forward and we lay there, kissing each other and holding each other. He's the one I want, there is no doubt about that.

Part 3 will be coming up soon. But it will have a different title. It will be called "Sex With My Music Teacher On The Beach". There will be no Part 3 attached so I will be giving my Part 2 And Part 1 attachments onto it to go check those out first. Thank you so much for reading everyone ;)... Continue»
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Ms. Ganelle

In my last story “Fornicating with my English Teacher” I explained how my relationship with Ms. Ganelle started.

Following our first sexual encounter, Ms. Ganelle couldn’t keep her hands off of me. When the class would go to the auditorium for assemblies, she’d make sure she sat next to me. As soon as the lights would dim, her hand would find its way into my pants where she would stroke my penis. She had such a firm grip on me that it would take just the sensation of her grabbing the veins along the sides to make it stiffen like a rock. If there was enough distraction, she’d cover her mouth, and let some saliva get on her hand and then reach back down to proceed to jerk me.

In empty classrooms, I’d get full service blow jobs. On multiple occasions, she’d jerk me completely off and swallow my ejaculates as per my demands. Cumming on her stereotypical “English teacher” eyeglasses was a turn on, but I much preferred the sensation of the head of my penis being surrounded by her gums, teeth and warm saliva. She closed her eyes and made “mmmm” sounds signaling her love of the taste of my semen. She was such a complete turn on, I had to struggle not to f***e her head down on my penis and make her gag. With my large hands entangled in her hair forcing her head to bob up and down, faster and faster, it took every ounce of self control not to penetrate her windpipe and pump sperm into her lungs.

It was the sneakiness of these acts that turned her on most of all. Whenever we got the chance, we’d go to the English office for more privacy. The routine was almost always the same. We’d walk in, lock the door, and make our way to the chairs or desk. The moment the door was locked and our belongings were placed down, my hands would find their way to her buttocks and my tongue into the back of her throat. The feeling of her underwear through her thin dresses was an immense aphrodisiac – something I normally (and legally) wouldn’t have been privy to. My young penis, was always ready to plunge into a vagina regardless the age. As long as it was wet, soft, clean and smelling vaguely of fragrance.

I definitely knew what I was doing and I definitely knew that there could be consequences if we were ever caught. I’d be treated like a “victim” and she’d lose her job and possibly do some jail time. I never saw myself as a “victim” because I wanted to the sensations of sex with her probably as much or more as she wanted to have the sensation of sex with me. After all, how could I be the victim? I was taller than her, stronger than her, more aggressive than her and at any time could have made it stop. I never told anyone what was happening – not mom, nor dad, nor friends nor acquaintances and if I had the chance to do it all over again I would.

I’d hike up Ms. Ganelle’s skirt and pull her cotton panties to the side before slipping my penis in that creamy, pussy of hers. I preferred to pull them sideways – not off – just in case we had to quickly cover up the fornication. She could simply pull her skirt down, take her seat and we’d pretend to be reading or working on conference notes. Fortunately it never came to actually having to hide since the main English offices attracted more traffic than her smaller office -which was a storage room turned into a mini-office for privacy when meeting parents. When Ms. Ganelle faced me, she’d wrap her leg around me and I’d lean her against the wall – whilst standing up – and constantly pump her vagina with vicious thrusts until I bursted hot semen inside her. There was a constant demon of sorts that possessed my sexual attitude. Pump her hard, pump her fast and pump her quietly. The room had thick cement walls, but moaning aloud might be heard through or under the locked wooden door. I had to sometimes clasp my hand around her mouth to keep her from giving our position away. Sometimes, my own ejaculations were so violent I had to tell her : “kiss me quick, I’m cumming hard” just so my male grunting wouldn’t give us away. I would actually “roar” into her mouth as my sperm cells entered between those warm thick thighs. The pressure building up in my dick was so great that if I tried to get her to get down and take the cumshot orally, the pulses of semen would shoot past her face and hit the wall – sometimes leaving beads of cum in her hair and glasses. Have you ever tried to clean dried semen off of eyeglasses? It dries quickly and leaves crust-like stains you need windex/glass cleaner to remove. I could never make up my mind whether or not I wanted to spray my ejaculate on her panties and stain them, or if I’d penetrate as deeply inside her as possible for a messy creampie. Decisions…decisions.

Four things were for certain: as much as Ms. Ganelle enjoyed me playing boyfriend, our relationship was starting to get out of control. The viciousness of our quick sex acts were starting to leave tell-tale signs. For example: her underwear were all torn up. Apparently bras were expensive to replace and constantly pulling her breasts out of them to manhandle was damaging the wire frames. Her panties were constantly stained with my semen and she remarked how much she needed to wash her clothes since I kept cumming inside her. There was also the smell of sex in the air after I’d finished jamming her up. We had to start leaving the window open to make it go away. Eventually she got a plug-in room freshener.

Some of my friends asked me why I never hung out with them in the courtyard and why I was always being tutored when I was already averaging a 90 in English. I had to start making up complete bullshit: “we are looking through college books”. “I’m getting help with my portfolio”.

Back then I didn’t have a car (nor did she) and we both took the public bus in the same direction from school. I worked after school, so Ms. Ganelle would wait for me and leave work after my work day was over – when she could. This was when some suspicion started. I had a shift manager named Keisha – and that’s her real name because at this point it doesn’t matter (this was over 10 years ago). Keisha was about the same age as Ms. Ganelle. Keisha figured out that I was having some sort of inappropriate relation with Ms. Ganelle and she suggested I tell my parents about it if something was going on. I told her that “we were just friends” and it wasn’t a problem. However, what was a problem was that sometimes we’d ride the bus, sitting in the back and Ms. Ganelle would want to hold my hand – in public. That’s when the weight of the situation hit me. I was young and she’s my teacher. This could be a problem. Surely I can’t maintain a lasting relationship with her right? If people find out, there’d be big problems. I didn’t want to, but I had to let Ms. Ganelle know that we couldn’t hold hands in public because someone – especially someone from the school might notice. Instead of holding hands, we were f***ed to basically pretend we didn’t know each other.

We’d still sit next to each other on the bus, but we’d sit behind the wheel chair lift, out of the bus driver’s sight and she’d still spit in her hand and stroke my penis. If there was no one else in the back of the bus, she’d lean over, cover her head with her jacket and suck the head of my penis until I spunked in her face. Cumming in public took me fewer than 4 minutes the way Ms. Ganelle gobbled me up. She had to stimulate me as quickly as possible and I had to keep my mouth shut or else I’d grunt aloud with pleasure. Even without her lips, she was so good at jerking me off using just her spit soaked palm, I could never hold back for more than a few minutes. Once, there was no one back there and she jerked me off hard enough to make a glob of cum shoot from my penis to the next bench. We laughed about it and she quickly put her face down to lick and swallow me clean.

I started lying to my f****y about my work hours to give them the impression I was working later than usual on the weekdays I was secretly at Ms. Ganelle’s apartment with my dick inside her. Back then, no one really had cellphones – unless they were rich – so it was difficult to check up on me. So long as I was getting good grades, my parents didn’t bother me much and figured I was being “more responsible”.

I’d walk Ms. Ganelle to her apartment, carrying her books. Every now and then I’d see her neighbors and just say hello in a passing manner. If a student frequented a teacher’s apartment as much as I did this day in age, it would draw immediate attention due to the programming by the media frenzy that loves reporting the dirty news for ratings. We made a pact to simply tell anyone who asked that Ms. Ganelle was “helping me prepare my college portfolio”. All the students had a college portfolio to go along with our entrance paperwork, but only my “portfolio” required me to actually spend hours at Ms. Ganelle’s apartment!!!

On those nights where she couldn’t resist seeing me, we’d enter her apartment and I’d sit down to relax while she got herself more comfortable. She’d strip down to her shredded underwear and sometimes take a shower. On more than one occasion, I’d strip down too and follow her into the shower. We definitely got messier than clean in the short run. I’d take the bar of soap and start lathering her breasts and vagina. She’d turn towards me, wrap her arms around me and tongue kiss me while my hands firmly grasped her hips and my pinky made its way near her ass hole. I was never into anal sex, but I’m sure if I’d wanted it, she’d let me do it. Because I was so much bigger than her opening, her vagina was sufficiently tight enough for my enjoyment. The soapy suds made her breasts even more sensational and appealing to my eyes as I watched the lather run down her dark areolas. I couldn’t help sucking them as if I was being breast fed. She preferred I suck the right breast, to which she’d tilt her head back and f***e my head. She loved it when I was rough with them. The harder I sucked and squeezed – the more she loved me.

My penis would get hard fast when I fondled her in the shower. I usually proceeded to turn her back to me and enter her from behind. I specifically loved standing up in the shower and pounding her because both she and I seemed to have orgasms fast that way. She’d moan and groan letting me know how well I was doing and each little noise or shudder she’d let out only made my thrusting more malicious and the grip on her more deliberately firm. I had complete control over her body due to my superior strength and she was completely restrained as I f***ed more and more of my semen into her. Without her birth control, surely she’d have been impregnated. After a shower session, we’d both rinse the evidence of sperm off and then retire to her bed where I was so exhausted I’d have to take micro naps. I’d reach my arm around her and pass out into a dreamless c*** for a good hour or two – wake up, grab my things and leave for the bus to take me the rest of the way home.

Other times we’d have our “study sessions” without the help of the shower. We’d either copulate on her sofa chair or her bed. I preferred the bed because it was so much easier to have sex on the mattress than the chair. I enjoyed experimenting with positions. Every now and then I’d want to doggystyle her so I could pull her close to me whilst squeezing her breasts, fingering her lightly hairy pubic mound and thrusting in her cunt. Missionary was a great joy too. She’d spread her legs to accept me, I’d slip my penis in and I’d pump into her. The viciousness of my thrusting during the missionary position was a little too much for her for some reason. Her head pressed deeper into the pillow and she couldn’t concentrate on me despite I’d try to stare her in the eyes. Her hands would always leave my body and grab the pillow or the bed sheets as I pounded her vulva deeper into the mattress. When her hands returned to my body, shed rub against my stomach in a manner which felt like she was trying to push me away and out. I wouldn’t let her. I POUNDED HARDER. And would whisper into her ear very improper things:

“don’t push me away cause it’s gonna make me fuck that pussy even more”

“close your fuckin’ mouth and just take it”

“You know you love it…You can’t get away from this dick… I’m gonna’ fuck you into this mattress”

“I love you so much, I’m gonna cum for you”

Whatever came to mind, I’d just say. Ms. Ganelle couldn’t get enough of me and she’d coax my ejaculations with her frantic reply’s.

“oh my god you feel so fuckin’ good”.

“ don’t fuck me too good cause I don’t want my neighbors to hear us”.

“oh please, oh please, oh my God, oh my God, I can’t take it, it’s so fucking stiff”.

By the time I’d cum inside her, the bed sheets had been sucked so far up her butt that she had to literally yank them back out again. The sheets were soaked with sweat and greasy beads of semen could be seen staining them.

Friday’s were especially nice. Sometimes she’d wait for me and we’d go see a movie at the nearby theater. To ensure no one noticed us together, she’d get the tickets, hand one to me and we’d enter separately – only to sit with each other inside the theater. We’d spend most of the film fondling each other. I preferred not to get blown in the theater only so I could save my energy for the inevitable visit to her apartment where I could take out my aggression on her whole body. The sounds of her orgasms from me manhandling her hips and penetrating her writhing vaginal hole were often more exciting than simply receiving a blow job. Although either would suffice.

Ms. Ganelle’s bed didn’t squeak too much, but the rhythmic motion of my thrusting caused the headboard to bang against the wall with a frequency anyone on the opposite side of the wall would only connect with sexual activity. Coupled with the knowledge that she’s in here with a male student, and the conclusion would be obvious. “She’s fucking her student!” Therefore, our “love-making” got even more secretive, and quiet, which caused my aggression to be displayed even more aggressively. Sometimes I’d squeeze her ankles and other times I’d press her arms or legs down so she couldn’t move whilst I inseminated her. Later still, the sex got so rough I’d either have to deep kiss her or wrap my hands around her throat/mouth to keep her orgasmic moans muffled. From the moment I inserted my penis, the franticness of the sex usually was over in just 8 to 10 minutes.

The thoughts in my mind as I continued my penetrations of Ms. Ganelle were purely mechanical: “I’m going to fuck you out and there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do about it”. Clearly, I was no “male victim” of this “female teacher”. My feelings of admiration for her deepened despite my using her vagina like a pin cushion. What made me happiest was that she loved every single inch of me and that when she’d mention that I was “the best lover she’d ever had” (to this day), I could believe her. Our attraction became a****listic and the moistness of her insides was a signal that I was doing something right.

My relationship with Ms. Ganelle continues to this day at a respectable distance. She and I are Facebook friends and she doesn’t live far away. The attraction between us has dissipated now that she is almost 40, has married (a man her age) and has conceived. I constantly spy on her Facebook page, send her messages, like her comments/posts and say little things to remind her of all the time we shared together.

We’ve even remarked on the luck we had that we never got caught doing things which have landed so many female teachers in jail. She’s thanked me for keeping our secret and I’ve thanked her for the good times.

... Continue»
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My English Teacher

One day at school, I must have been about in the final year of school. I walked into my English class and saw this amazing beautiful woman sitting at the teachers desk. Not my regular english teacher. Apparantly he had an accident and this was a supply teacher.

She sat there, she was about 35-36, with short brown hair, gorgeous body and dressed like an old school librarian. Cream coloured wooly jumper, long brown skirt, brown tights and a pair of short heeled shoes.

I sat down and luckily it was when we could see under the desks with no partition to block our views. I sat there in awe of her and her beauty. Over the next few weeks she wore various outfits but always long skirts DAMMIT!

Then one day we were told to go to the library and have our lesson there as we'd be talking about the books we'd be taking for our exams. I sat down and waited for the teacher to come.

She walked in, another long skirt and sat at one of the tables opposite me. As she sat down I saw the skirt had a split down the middle. Fantastic. The skirt rode up and opened slightly, I saw the deep brown colour of her tights gusset. Instant hardon for me, nearly came in my pants to be honest. The next hour was spent gazing at her legs in various poses, crossed, outstretched, open slightly etc and most of the time her adjusting her skirt to cover her pantyhosed legs. I couldn't stand up as my cock was straining so hard.

After school had finished I had to see her. She was also a drama teacher and was in the basement getting props ready for a play. I stood in the doorway and watched her bend over picking things up and moving them all over the hall. As she was walking her split skirt opened and closed and I could take in all the magnificence of her nylon clad legs. Again instant hardon.

I stroked my cock through my trousers while I watched her for about 15 minutes through the crack in the door. Always on the lookout for anybody to come down the stairs to catch me wanking to a teacher.

For a long time I'd worn tights to school when I had the chance, obviously not on PE day for obvious reasons. But this day I was wearing a pair of my mums tan sheer tights, I'd never worn pants on these days. I could feel my cock rubbing against the feel of the nylon. I was ready to cum. Harder than I'd ever cum. The feeling of orgasm was washing over me.

Then the door to the hall opened .....

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she asked me.

"I I I I I" what could I say

"I think we need to have a talk" she stated and led me to a chair.

I sat down and she closed the door, as she waled over to me I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. She sat down and crossed her legs, again I noticed her tights and the swish noise they made as they rubbed together when she crossed her legs.

"You've been watching me" she said "I've noticed you keep looking at my legs and I've noticed what effect they have on you"

I was a teenage boy, I was embarrassed and scared that my parents would find out what I was doing. Not only that but my friends at school.

She uncrossed her legs allowing the split in her skirt to open and I could see the gusset of the tights and she was wearing no panties. Another hardon was coming but I tried to stop it and think of other things and the trouble I was in.

"Do you like looking at my legs and trying to look up my skirt?" she asked in a matter-of-fact way.

"Y-y-yes" I answered shakily, she knew it so why deny it.

She stood up and undid the buttons to her skirt to the waist. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was nervous and scared.

"I can see that you like my legs" she noticed my cock was straing in my trousers.

"Do you like my tights" she asked "Yes" I answered.

"Touch my legs" it was more of a command rather than a request.

I shakily touched her legs and could feel the nylon rubbing on her legs.

"Move your hands higher" she said

I ran my hands up and down her legs forever or what felt forever. I could and nearly came in my trousers right then and there.

She moaned and made slight groans and noises as I continued to do this. She sat back down and ran her hands over my erection in my trousers. She started to undo my zip and belt but I stopped her.

"N-no-no, I can't" I said, scared she'd find my secret.

"If you don't I'll have to tell someone" she said ...

She undid my belt and zip and started to pull down my trousers, the tip of my erection starting to peek over the top of my trousers. She pulled down my trousers so fast and hard ....

"What are you wearing" she said " A proper little pervert aren't you, wearing tights under your trousers"

I went bright red and started to try to dress myself.

"Did I say you could go?" she asked

"No" I answered

"Then sit down" She said

She took my cock which was so hard and big in her hand and started to stroke it through the nylon. I was in heaven. I could not believe this was happeneing to me.

She stroked her thumb around the tip of my cock as there was pre-cum coming through my tights. In one swift movement she gripped my cock hard and then moved her head into my lap. She took my erection into her mouth and sucked and licked my cock, moaning and groaning as she did this. She started to rub her legs and pussy through her own tights and I could see a wet patch appear on the dark brown gusset of her own tights.

"Rub my pussy" she demanded "Rub it hard"

"I pressed my fingers into her wet hot pussy and pushed the nylon in further.

"Like this?" I asked nervously. I pushed my fingers in hard and fast, deeper and deeper, she started to shake.

"Yes-yes-yessssss" she shouted as she came all over my fingers and staining her pantyhose.

"Now suck it all up" she said as she removed my fingers and pushed them into my mouth. I'd tasted cum before, my own infact as whenever I came I'd always liked the taste. But this womans juice was sweet and musky and I knew I wanted more.

She rammed my head into her lap. "Lick me, suck all my pussy juice off my tights" I licked and sucked her pussy through the tights until I could take no more. I started to pull her tights down.

"No" she stated. "Not yet"

She ripped a hole in her pantyhose just big enough for something hard and long to penetrate her inner-sanctum.

She lay back on one of the tables and opened her legs. "Now fuck me you little pervert"

I walked over and pulled my tights down my cock was at last free. I pushed my penis into her tight hole as she guided it in. It felt wonderful, glorious, everything I knew it would be. My 1st time. I pushed in hard and she let out a moan. I started to move in and out with her hands on my bum to help me with the rythym. After what seemed only a few short minutes pushing in and out of that sweetness I started to shake and was ready to cum. She felt this and pushed me away.

"Come over my legs" she gasped "Come over these tights you keep looking at"

I needed no more encouragenment. I came hard and long, my cum shooting out and covering her legs with my sticky goo. She started to rub my cum into her legs and said "You'd better clean yourself up" She threw me a pack of tissues from her bag. As I rubbed myself clean, she took the tissues and put them into her bag.

"These are for you" she handed me the pantyhose she had been wearing, I hadn't even noticed her take them off, Fuck.

She stood there all prim and proper looking at me.

"Wear these to school on friday" she demanded.

I took the tights and could feel them damp and hot. I rolled them up and put them into my pocket.

FRIDAY is another story ........
... Continue»
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My english teacher was the first one to teach me h

A year before I graduated, we got a new teacher for my english class, who got there straight from university. Her name was Mrs. Cordo. She looked quite non-teacheresque, with nice clothes, decent make-up and a gorgeous haircut. Her light brunette hair fell in gigantic waves around her sweet and somehow regal-looking face. I don't know how it stayed like that all day long.

At the time I was pretty unruly and loud-mouthed in class, but since I was also pretty good at english she let me do my thing. All she ever did was give me those looks, which made me shut up right away. Back then, I didn't quite know what to make of them, but today I'm sure she had the hots for me.

Also at the time we had a school outing every year, and because I hated PE in general and thought hiking was stupid, I tried to somehow get away from that. So right after we started I slowly fell back and when we got into the forest, I looked for a secluded spot and acted like I had to go suddenly.

There, I waited until everyone else passed me. The weather was nice, it got quiet and somehow everything was so peaceful and intimate that I started playing with myself. Even back then I liked wearing dresses and skirts with nothing underneath.

So I sat behind a tree in a little depression on the ground and masturbated, and when I was finished, I heard a noise from behind a different tree. I looked around and saw how something moved there. Startled, I tried to sneak away quietly and watch from behind a shrubbery what was going on.

I couldn't believe my eyes. There's Mrs. Cordo with a hand in her open jeans, her eyes closed and the other hand underneath her sweatshirt. Maybe I was too surprised, or too excited, or too hasty, but I lost my footing and fell with a loud rustling into the shrub.

When I got back up again, she looked at me surprised and stammered something like: "Uh, hello... hello Anna. I... I didn't notice you and w-w-w-wanted just... only..."

I just mumbled something like: "That's alright, I was doing... it... myself..." She smiled shyly and I didn't quite know what to do. I felt stupid standing around like this and asked: "So, are you finished?" while trying to avoid staring at her open pants. She looked at me clueless.

"I mean, did you... come?" She blushed. "Oh, uh, no, I mean, I did, I just wanted to... go for little girls." She stuttered while trying to avoid looking at me. I was speechless for a moment and must've got even paler than I usually am. "Oh!" I finally said, "well, I'll... wait for you then," and went a little bit sideways without looking.

She acted like she tried to pee, but I couldn't hear anything. After a while I asked: "Is it not working?" - "No," she sighed and got back up. "I can't when I feel watched."

We walked on in quiet, but she was visibly nervous. Maybe she was afraid that I saw her. After a while she couldn't stand it anymore and asked: "So, what was it you meant earlier?" I acted clueless: "When earlier?" - "Well, you thought about something else when you saw me, I think."

Now it was my turn to stammer: "No, well. I dunno. I don't remember, I just saw..." - 'Great Anna, just great,' I thought to myself, 'now she knows you saw SOMETHING' - "...saw you standing there," I finished the sentence.

"I see," she said. Now I was insecure and nervous and wanted to know how much she noticed of me. "And you?" I asked. She looked at me surprised and again with that special look. "Well Anna, I think I saw the same."

We both stopped in our tracks. I remember her caressing my hair and me getting wet between the legs all of a sudden, which felt cold against my thighs in the cool forest air. "And did you come?" she asked. I didn't know how to answer and just nodded. She smiled. "I didn't, sadly."

"Do you... I mean... uh, dunno, finish it?" I asked shyly. She smiled again. Instead of an answer she asked me: "Do you want to watch me some more?" I nodded again.

She looked around and headed for a clearing a good distance from the forest path we were on, which stood hidden behind high bushes and a few trees. There she looked for a nice, warm, sunlit spot and opened her pants again. She pushed them down in front of me along with her panties and the first thing I noticed was her trimmed pubic hair.

Until that time I didn't see many women naked, and all of them were much older than me and shaved only a little or not at all. Mrs. Cordo however had her bush nicely cut and brought in shape; not so short that it looked naked, but short enough for her hair to lay nicely around her slit. She squatted down and slowly opened her thighs, gently stroking them inwards.

She closed her eyes again and started rubbing her clit. I stared at her and my hand wandered by itself under my dress and to my pussy. She opened her eyes and saw how I stood in front of her, my skirt hitched up and playing with my twat. She seemed to enjoy the view. "Come here," she said. I came closer and she took my hand and pulled me directly in front of herself.

I had to spread my legs across hers to get there and my pussy was already slightly spread so she inserted her index finger just very casually into me. It slid all the way in immediately and I felt it deep inside me, exploring my vagina. An incredible feeling came over me and I think I came already in that moment, just in a different way.

She began sucking my clit with her lips while her finger slid in and out of me. Finally she took another finger and filled my pussy up with them, crooking them inside slightly upward, which felt unbelievably good, and I suddenly got more wet than ever before. Ashamed, I tried to hold it in, but to no avail. She pressed her thumb on my clit and rubbed it hard against my pelvis, while her fingers fucked me.

I came. I came so strongly my legs gave in and I almost fell on top of her. The world around me was blurry and when I could see again she knelt above me and looked worried. I must've seemed happy, because she smiled when I opened my eyes. Instinctly I reached for her breasts and massaged them. I could feel her nipples through the sweat shirt, big and hard.

I pushed up her shirt and noticed she didn't wear any bra, her tits were dangling above mine and looked much bigger than I imagined them. "You like my breasts?" she asked. I didn't say anything and just caressed them. "Take them into your mouth," she begged and rubbed them across my face.

I started licking her nipples. They tasted salty, like skin, but somewhat sweet as well, and smelled fantastic. I began sucking them, which she liked a lot and got increasingly more daring, inciting me: "Yes, suck my tits, girlie." This, in turn, excited me as well, and I learned since then that dirty talk is my main turn on.

She must've noticed the same, because she finally asked: "You want to lick my cunt too?" And before I could answer she had already straddled my head. Her pussy smelled strongly of woman, and of her own, fantastic body. I touched it with one finger and was surprised at how soft and warm and wet it was.

I raised my head and touched her labia with my tongue. Not knowing how to do it "right" I started just to lick everything I could see. Her pussy tasted even saltier and stronger than her tits, and her pubic hair tickled my tongue. I tried to get inside her with the tip of my tongue but didn't get very far. Afraid to disappoint her, I took my fingers instead and pushed them gently down her hole. She moaned loudly: "Yessss. Pound me."

I did as ordered and pounded my fingers hard inside her. Only then I noticed how large her twat was. While I was already filled with her two fingers, my own two fingers didn't even feel any resistance. So I took a third along and fucked her further. "Yes, just like that!" she moaned and moved her body rhythmically along with my thrusts. "Fuck me like a woman!"

I was unsure what she meant. "How, like a woman?" I asked. "More!" she said, so I squeezed my pinkie up her hungry hole as well and pushed them all in up to the knuckles. This drove her crazy. "Yes! Give it to my cunt, you dirty piece of shit," she hissed. The word "cunt" turned me on even more, and I started pounding her mercilessly.

That's when I noticed her inserting a finger into her "other" hole, seemingly hooking it in. It was the first time that I saw something like that and I was torn between disgust, curiousity, horniness and a feeling of needing that myself.

Her pussy was stretched wide now and all red and slippery, her slime ran down my hand when I suddenly had an idea that turned me on so bad I couldn't help myself but trying it out. I pulled the slimy hand out of her and licked it a little, just to taste her juice, then inserted two of the gooey fingers into my own cunt and fucked myself.

The idea of her juices mingling with mine excited me to no end. I began licking her again, so I wouldn't neglect her, wilder and more daring than before. My tongue accidentally touched her anus and she tasted very differently there. Nuttily, spicy, but not bad. Finally, I inserted the other two fingers into my own ass.

They were slippery, and I was so exited that they went in straight away, and the feeling that spread inside me was incredible. I fucked myself, I sucked on her, she fucked herself and seemed to have gone off completely. "You little horny twat. Suck my juices out of my cunt, you fuck slut."

I bit her clit, just to show her who's the fuck slut. "You dirty pig," I answered. "You watch me and wank yourself, you horny bitch." I pulled her clit with my teeth. I didn't care if she hurt or not, I wanted to show her that her little horny twat could stand up to her.

To my surprise she came, and stronger than I thought possible. A gush erupted from her pussy and hit me straight in the face. Parts of it landed in my mouth, the rest covered my nose, eyes and hair. At first I thought she peed on me, and the thought of it made me so shocked and excited at the same time, that I came as well. The liquid tasted too much of pussy though, which left me wondering.

Exhausted she sank to the ground next to me. She reached for my juice-covered hand and smeared it on her tits before licking it clean. I watched her excited and curious. She was just a few years older than me, but she taught me more on that day than I learned in english the whole year.... Continue»
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Me and My English Teacher

I was sixteen when this all happened and it was my first experience, I’ve a BJ by a girlfriend before but I never had sex before and when I was f******n she dumped me. I never truly recovered from her break up for she was my first true love. I then let my life just do downhill from there and stopped caring or trying to get another girlfriend.
Well to get to the actual story as I said I’m sixteen and in high school it was the last period of the day the class was English with Ms Jones. Ms Jones a young woman age 26 she was tall with long sexy legs that she showed off by wearing short skirts and tight stockings. She had long curly long brown hair with a perfect fat ass.
I had fantasies about her often but of course I never acted upon them, she was an older teacher and I was just a k**. So like a good little boy I kept all my sexual energy locked up until I was alone. The fact that she talked to me after school and tried to help me only made me even more sexually attracted to her.
When the bell rang nearly all the k**s ran out of the room eager to get out of school and hang out with friends I was still packing my overstuffed backpack. As I did Ms Jones went and shut and locked the door, I looked up at her questioningly. “I was wondering if you could stay after class and talk to me about your grade?” She asked.
“Sure,” I responded though I didn’t really want to since my grades where really bad because I didn’t do any home work.
She sat on top of the desk next to me crossing her legs and fidgeting with her skirt; I couldn’t help but stare at her long beautiful legs. I had to f***e myself to look up in her eyes I only felt more lust for her when I did seeing her eyes sparkle down at me it was like looking into her soul.
“So I couldn’t help but notice the status of your grades. Do you know where it’s at?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Well it’s an F and that means you are not passing my class and you need English to graduate.”
“Yea I know.”
“The end of the quarter is coming up soon you know?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Well do you have any sort of plan of getting your grade up so you can pass?”
I shrugged with no answer to give her, she sighed.
“I know you got the brains and the talent to pass you just need to apply yourself too your work………..”
“I’m sorry I…… well I don’t know what to say.”
“You got the brains and the talent you just need to find the right incentive to get your grade up.”
I just nodded still not sure on what to say.
“Well we still need to get your grade up for this quarter, so are you ready to do what you need to do to get that grade?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Good now just do one project for me and we can get that grade up.”
“What would you like me to do?”
“Well…….” She smiled and lifted her dress up and put her right leg on top off my desk showing her sexy black panties.
“What……. What are you doing?”
“Showing your incentive to keep your grades up, I need you to know what you can get if you work hard.”
I was dumbstruck and couldn’t even respond back, so I just watched as she used her hand to rub her panties. My cock was rock hard creating a huge bulge in my pants.
“Have you ever had sex with a woman before hun?”
“Good! I can be your first.”
She moved her panties revealing her wt juicy pussy.
“Come here sweaty,” she coed seductively. I did as she asked and with her free hand she guided me too her lips, we kissed passionately are tongues went in and out of each other’s mouths. I began kissing her neck and gradually went down until I meet her shirt. With lustful haste I took it off nearly ripping it in two, her bra meet the same fate as I eagerly took a look at her hot tits. There they were laid bare for me to see with nipples already hard. With both my hands I held and played lovingly with them grasping her nipples between my fingers. I loved the feel of them and I started kissing and sucking them both, I know she enjoyed this as soft little moans of pleasure escaped her lips. After awhile of sucking and playing with her tits I had to taste her first I had to please her. I went down on my knees going face to face to her wet pussy; she still had a hand rubbing her cliterous then moved.
“Lick their first,” she told me indicating where her hand was and I did eagerly licking shucking and even pinching her cliterous slightly with my teeth.
“Oh yea!” She screamed “Right there, oh perfect just right there?”
My chin was soaked in her juice so I decided it was time to eat out her pussy and make her really cum for me.
“Please don’t stop it felt so good. Oh god please lick me!” she pleaded with fear when I stopped licking her clit, I smiled and took my tongue down just a little and entered her wet juicy pussy that tasted so good! Her body shacked in pleasure as my eager tongue went in.
“FUCK! Oh Fuck Yes!” she screamed in pleasure. With my tongue I fucked her switching paces on how fast I would do it. Whenever I slowed downed my tongue would linger in her licking and wiggling all about like a fish out of water. I loved listening to her screams of pleasure, it only made me work harder.
“Oh FUCK! I’m going to cum!” she screamed. I went as fast as I could to get her to cum so I could taste that lovely juice. As I worked harder so did she losing control of her body she began humping my face sometimes crushing my nose but I didn’t care I was to lost in the sexual thrill of making her cum. Then her whole body went rigged as she let out one final cry. I was meet by a wave of her juice and I took it in my mouth savoring it. Her whole body started shacking violently as her orgasm passed and with a mouthful of her juice I kissed and made her drink her on cum.
“Oh god yea!” she breathed out heavily after more passionate kissing. “So do you want to put that big cock in me now?”
Without even responding I took my pants and boxers off and kicked them to the side, my cock was still rock hard ready to go in. I started to enter her wet warm pussy and we both gave out a moan of pleasure as I did. I gradually increased my speed and went faster and faster as my cock penetrated deep in her hole.
“Oh god yea!” She screamed.
“OOOHHH Ms Jones, OOOHHH Ms Jones……….” I repeated over and over in pleasure. After a good couple minutes I yell out “Shit I’m cumming!”
Without a moment hesitation she pulled out of me went on her knees and engulfed my dick with her mouth. She Sucked and licked away eager to taste my cum, and it didn’t take long until I exploded my hot cum into her mouth.”Oh Yes!” I screamed. So much came she began choking on it and had to open her mouth to let some of it out. The rest she swallowed down wiping cum from her body with her finger and licking it back into her mouth.
“See wasn’t that nice?”
“Oh, god yea Ms Jones!”
“Good! Now keep your grades up and we can do this all you’d like.”
“Oh, I will Ms Jones!”
She squeezed my dick forcing up the last drops of cum to come out then licked me off smiling up at me as she did.

The next quarter I nearly got all A’s in all my classes.
... Continue»
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My Favorite Teacher Part 2 Secret

Ms. Peters got up of the ground. I saw that drops of my cum were falling from her pussy to the ground or running down her legs while she walked toward her desk. She got some wet wipes out of her purse and cleaned herself up. There was this awkward silence combined with the smell of her juices in the room. I stood up too and got my clothes back on. Ms. Peters was already fully dressed when i was done.
"We have to watch out. The janitors must been cleaning the hallway already.", she said in a serious tone.
I did not know what to say. I stared at the woman that i just fucked a few minutes ago. She grabbed her purse and opened the door. We walked like ninjas through the hallway and expected noises. The janitors must have been on the other side of the school so we quickly got out and walked to her black Toyota. We didn't speak in the car. She stopped the car a block away from my street. I wanted to get out but she said: "This has to be our secret! You're not gonna tell this to your friends if you want this affair to keep on going!"
"Got it."
"Uhm Thomas would please stay a moment."
"Yeah sure.", i replied without knowing what she wanted.

She moved in for a kiss. I felt her tongue playing with mine while her hand softly rubbed my cock through my jeans. My cock became harder.
"You served me a lot today. I realized that i didn't gave your cock enough attention.",she said with the seductive tone i already heard today.
She opened her blouse. I just noticed she didn't wear her bra. She unzipped my pants and pull them together with my boxers down. My cock was already hard. With an horny look in her eyes she moved down and put my cock between her tits. She pressed them together with her hands and moved up and down with her upper body. My English teacher gave me a tit wank. I could see my tip moving out of her cleavage and getting back in. She licked it like it was ice-cream when it popped out. I twisted her nipples and within a few moments they got harder. Soft moans escaped Ms. Peters mouth. She wanked me even harder. Suddenly she stopped.

She moved further down with her upper body. Her tongue licked now my whole cock. It went all the way up and down. I wondered when she would take my cock in her mouth. She sucked now my balls while her hand was wanking my cock. I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling. She moved up and took my tip into her mouth. My tip must have been covered wit her saliva. Her tongue licked my tip while she kept on moving up and down with her head on my tip while her hand was still jerking me. She took her hand away and massaged my balls while going deeper and deeper managing to lick every part of my shaft. My tip now hit her throat but she didn't gag. I felt pressure building in my balls. She must have felt it too,because she sucked me harder. I grabbed her head and move it as deep as possible while my orgasm was building. Then i hit her throat again and exploded inside her with a loud moaning. It wasn't a huge load because of our session in the classroom. She moved her head up, swallowed my load and said with a smile on her face:"That was your reward for today's after school session. I kissed her and inserted a finger in her pussy. I knew that she didn't wear her panties. Her pussy started getting wet. I broke the kiss and let her suck my finger.

I put my pants on and opened the car door when she tapped my shoulder.
"I need your number.", she said while giving me her phone. I quickly saved my number in her phone, gave it back and closed the door. I walked towards my house and saw her car passing me and driving away.

I entered my home, quickly ate supper and moved upstairs to take shower. When i was done i just wanted to sl**p. I got a text from an unknown number. It was a pic of someone fingering her pussy. Underneath the pic was written.
" i m so horny need to meet you again
"meet me tomorrow at 6pm at dan's motel"
Then i fell asl**p and had a night full of wet dreams about Ms. Peters.

The next day of school was different. I was more confident than i have ever been before. The time was flying by. Till the bell rang for the end of the day. It was Friday afternoon. I quickly moved home. I told my mom that i would sl**p at a friends home. I arrived at Dan's motel and waited for Ms. Peters. A cab arrived and she moved out of it. She was wearing a long coat, her black boots, sunglasses, and a base-cap. No one would have recognized her. She came towards me, gave me a kiss and said:"Good choice to meet here. No one would think of one of us here and we won't be disturbed."

She rented the room and quickly moved up to our room. She took coat off. She was only wearing a purple bra and a matching g-string. She took the cap and the sunglasses off. Now she took her bra and panties of and was only standing in her boots in front of me.
"Well Thomas, i want to try something i have never done before. It's your choice but we won't do anal."
"Uhm...." I looked around trying to find something when i finally saw a glass-door that led onto the balcony.
"Have you ever done it in public.", i asked hopefully.
"No!",she said aroused.
"Well you can put your cap and sunglasses back on so that no one would recognize you."
"Sounds like a plan. Get naked and join me." She opened the door and moved outside. I quickly stripped of my clothes and followed her. She leaned back at the railing exposing her tits. My cock started to grow.

"What do you want me to do?",she asked with a smile.
"Suck me!",i gasped
She moved toward me, got down on her knees and starting to like my tip. She moved further down and licked my complete shaft. She was doing it for a few minutes and moved down to suck my balls while jerking me. She took my tip into her mouth and passionately sucked and licked it. When she took her hand away i saw my chance coming. I grabbed her head and moved my cock in and out of her mouth. I caught her by surprise but she seemed to love it. My tip always hit her throat when i moved in but there was no gaping. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked horny at me.

"Bend over the railing and stick your ass out!"
She followed my order and exposed her holes to me. Her pussy was already wet so i just guided my cock inside of her. A soft moan escaped her mouth. I decided to torture her so i didn't pump her. I started by squeezing those huge tits.
"What are you doing?", she asked.
I squeezed them harder. Her nipples became hard.
"Why aren't you fucking me?"
I twisted her nipples.
"I want you to fuck me now!", she gasped desperately.
"Beg for it!"
"Please fuck me!" Her pussy moistened even more. I twisted her nipples harder.
"Please i need your cock!", she whispered.
"Say it louder!" I pulled her nipples. She was catching her breath.
"Please i need your cock!"
"PLEASE I NEED YOUR COCK!", she screamed. I heard the sound of some opened doors.

I moved my hip back and slammed my cock deep into her pussy. She screamed from ecstasy while her pussy got tighter and her juices flooded inside of her. I pumped through her orgasm. She tried to catch her breath. I moved my hands onto her butt squeezing it while pumping her even harder.
"OH GOD DON'T STOP" People were watching us as i fucked her pussy. Some of them recorded it with their cellphones. It seemed like we caught the whole motel's attention.

I started to spank her ass with my left hand.
To of my right hand's fingers where in her anus. I felt some resistance from her muscles and pushed my fingers gently deeper. The resistance broke and i fingered her anus with 2 fingers, slapped her ass and fucked her brains out.
She screamed even more. She enjoyed the triple stimulation. Her pussy again became tighter. She came a second time. I pulled my fingers out her anus and my cock out of her pussy.

It was covered with her cum. She tried to catch her breath. Some of the crowd disappeared back into their rooms believing it was over. Ms. Peters realized that i was still hard.
"What next?",she gasped.
"Get on your knees!" She obeyed.
"Clean me up!" She deepthroated my cock again and sucked all of her juices of.
"I want to tit-fuck you!"
I moved my cock between her tits. She pressed them together with her hands. I started slowly and increased the speed. We both moaned. My cock went up and down in her cleavage and she licked the tip of it.

I felt the pressure building again. I fucked her tits harder and pulled my cock out. I stroked my cock till my load shot out of it to land on her waiting boobs. Shots of white liquid were following each other and covered her tits even more. Every shot made me moaning. After i was done we both moved back into our room, collapsed on the bed and fell asl**p.


... Continue»
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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher

This is all the character is speaking, not me ;)

Hey. So I'm Emily. I just finished Grade 8, currently going into Grade 9 but it's late June and my younger b*****r is still going to school for the next 2 weeks. I went to his Elementary school throughout Pre-school to the end of Grade 7. They don't have a preschool anymore, so it just starts at kindergarten.
I have soft long blonde hair that reaches the end of my back, bright hazel caramel eyes, and I don't want to brag and all, but my parents are the EXACT FULLY opposite of what you call "Poor." You get the idea. My b*****r who is 10 years old (I am 14 years old) has a very good school. Nice teachers too. But there is this one specific teacher that gets me going ever time I see him.
Mr. Milks. Yeah, I know his name sounds silly, but its cute! He is in his early twenties, the best body ever, abs, fine built muscles, and his hair is brown chestnut color. Damn, he is just sexy. He was my music teacher throughout Grade 6 and 7 and I took band just to see him more, but also because I'm a flute player. And YES, we used to laugh, smile at each other, but I definetly don't think that he thought I was hot or cute. I'd had BUNCH of boyfriends back then and I've been told I have a fine body and a sexy smile, but I think Mr. Milks found out and thought different of me. I didn't really care.
Mr. Milks just got engaged when I was mid- year of Grade 7 and when I heard, I wasn't sad or anything. I can't control his life obviosuly, and people, PLEASE DONT think I'm some kind of p**o or anything, I'm just a young girl who has a crush, we've all been there. Anyway, today I'm wearing a Vintage Rose Bustier top that has my smooth fair large breasts popping out clearly, Cadance TNA yoga pants that are jet black and gives a nice sight of my curve ass, and lastly a pair of Guess beach babe Sandal Wedges. We lived in California so it was normally hot outside, everyday. I also wore a beautiful charm bracelet my best friend made me in the begining of the year.
I run my well filed nails through my long bright sun blonde hair and walk down the sidewalk toward the school. School for my b*****r ended fifteen or twenty minutes ago, but I know that most teachers stay behind to clean and set up class for the next day. I press my soft pink lips together and get super excited to walk into the school.
"Emmy, Emmy!" I hear and I look to my left and my little b*****r comes running up to me. I smile and embrace him.
"Hey buddy! What's up?" I ask and go onto my knees because I'm quite taller than him (not that I'm a tall freak, my b*****r just is shorter than most Grade 5 k**s).
"I made you something," He says and swings his black backpack over his shoulder and starts opening his full bag. He has sandy brown hair, bright blue eyes and a good tan. He's just naturally tanned for some reason, people say its part of my ma's f****y and I'm super (happy) jealous of that. He brings out a little house made of marshmallows and candy canes. "here it is." He smiles and I take it in my hands.
"Wow! This must of took a while, didn't it?" I ask, showing my excitement and happiness. He nods. "As soon as I get home, I will put this on my dresser by the window. But for now, I have to go talk to my teacher when I was your age." I smile and mess up his hair and he laughs and nods, taking the house getting the idea I can't carry it around.
"Thank you so much. Mummie and Daddie are in the parking lot. Look for the big white truck, okay?" I kiss his forehead and he nods, and runs off. I get back up, brush off my pants so there isn't a grass mark and look straight at the front door. I can see a couple of my teachers walking down the halls but I don't spot Mr. Milks. I tale a deep breathe and walk toward the door. Walking toward the door, I open it and look around the halls calmly.
"Emily! So glad to see you again!" Says a familiar teachers voice and I turn around and see my second best teacher (Mr. Milks was me best, haha) who is Mrs. Harmel. I smile and walk up, embracing her. She carries heavy boxes.
"Need help with those Mrs. H?" I ask and a bright releiving smile flashes her face.
"That would be just wonderful. Thank you." She says and I take a couple of the boxes from her tired arms into mine and I know exactly where her classroom is (I had her class for 2 years). As I'm walking down the hall, I turn my head slowly and carefully, trying not to make it clear I was looking for someone and if Mrs. Harmel asked and I answered "Mr. Milks", she would think I was a little weird. Well, not really. Suddenly, when I look right into the big library, I see him. My legs stop for a slight second but I continue on, looking through the many library windows while walking and Mrs. Harmel walks ahead to open her door with the key and I stop. He stands at the library desk, talking to a few adults with their k**s and they all start laughing. I smile. Good ol' Mr. Milks. He wears a white polo and brown summer shorts. Wearing his polo, you can see his strong tan muscles. My mouth starts to water. I glance down and you can just see the bump of his hard cock in his shorts.
Don't get me wrong, I've never had sex but I know all about that chiz about blow jobs, orgy's and shit. A bunch of boys in the begining of school were actually begging me to give them a BJ. I said yes to a few, but that was it.
"Over here, dear." Mrs. Harmel smiles her most friendliest smile, waving me on and I spin around, walking toward her.
"Sorry. Something caught my eye." I say quickly and she nods. I walk into her classroom and follow her to the big table with other boxes but they're a bit different. I set the boxes down.
"I can't thank you enough, you just saved me fifteen minutes of hauling boxes." Mrs. Harmel laughs and I smile.
"It was my pleasure." I say and she nods and I embrace her once more before I leave the classroom. Before I go straight for the library, I just glance quickly in the mirror and he is still there. I run down the hall to the bathrooms and I walk into the girls. Standing in the mirror, I fix my breasts. Back in Grade 6 and 7 I had small ones, but they seemed to grow A LOT faster and A LOT larger this year so I'm hoping this will have some affect on Mr. Milks. I fix my hair, running my fingers through the strands until there is no knots and my hair looks soft and clean (which it is), and then I stand to my side, looking at my body from side- view. My ass is pretty curved, looks sexy and my stomach is flat and strong. I smile to myself and walk out of the bathrooms to the library.
"You're beautiful and pretty. Don't doubt that. He will love you. But... there is a slight chance of him not really caring with him being marries and all... but don't think like that! He will at least talk to you." I say with the quietest voice to myself and look down the halls once more to make sure there was no one who had just heard me. I also saw that most of the teachers were out of their classes, so the school was pretty empty having only a few teachers left. I grip the handle of the library and twist it. The door opens easily and I slip in and none of them notice me. I walk slowly toward them, hands behind my back nervously and I glance at all the new bookshelves. I start to wonder where our library teacher, Ms. Crame is. The adults start laughing again.
A couple sees me and nods to Mr. Milks.
"Well, it was great talking to you guys. Thank you enforming me. It's gonna me great seing you next year." Mr. Milks says and I feel butterflies rise to my stomach just hearing his friendly firm voice. He messes up the little girls hair only a little bit and she giggles. As all of the couples are walking past me and its just my music teacher standing there, reading some files, he turns and sees me. A smile rises to his face and for a slight second he looks down at my breasts but looks quickly back at my eyes.
"Emily! It's great to see you." He says and I can feel my cheeks flush but I take a deep breathe.
"Yeah, same," I say and walk straight up to him. Be strong Em, don't let the butterflies bother you, go straight for it... "I just came by saying hey to my favorite teachers." I grin and Mr. Milks tilts his head and laughs.
"Well, I'm glad to here that I'm on your list, you were quite the good student." That hits me like a boulder. Was that all I was to him, a student? I can feel sadness rising to my face and he clearly notices it. He walks over to a table and sits down on it, rising one leg to the chair and reasts his chin on the palm of his hand. He pats the space beside him and I walk over, hopping up onto the table and my breasts jiggle and he notices.
"So, hows high school?" He asks. I shrug.
"Pretty good. Lots more classes. And douche bags." I say and he smiles again, chuckling.
"Yeah, there would be." He says and I look straight at him when I say this by accident.
"Yup." And his faces changes a bit and I can see that he thinks I meant him when I really, really didn't. I open my mouth less than a second later and go to correct myself but he waves it off.
"Don't worry, I know what you meant." He says and I nod.
"Sorry." I put my head down and stare at the ground. Then he does something that I don't expect. He puts his hands on my shoulders and gives them a squeeze.
"Don't be." He replies and when I turn to look right in his eyes, his face is only 2 inches from mine and I just sit there, staring into his beautiful eyes. We sit there for at least ten seconds, staring at each other and I think to myself, screw this. And I think he did to because we both move at the same time and reach each other's lips. His press against mine and we sit there, kissing each other. His warm soft lips move against mine with his tongue in my mouth (sound gross yes but trust me, it's great XD) and I shut my eyes. After about a minute of making out, I feel us moving apart and I jump back, staring at him. His mouth is open and it seems that I was the only one who pulled away and his mouth is left open from the kiss.
"I'm sorry." I say and I feel embarassment rising to my face and I cover it and my face flushes red.
"I- er- uh..." He stammers and when I look at him, he has confusment and a little bit of dissapointment on his face, and the dissapointment isn't from knowing that he's married and he just kissed a 14 year old hot girl (haha, had to put that in there), but it's from me pulling away. When he finally shuts and opens his mouth to speak, I just stare right at him. I'm facing him now and his eyes lower to my breasts again but he looks away and cups his face in his hands.
"Emily, I don't know what to say." He says softly and I take his shoulder with my hand.
"Don't then." I answer and he sits back up, takes a deep breathe and before I know it, he moves forward. I gasp when his lips press against mine again and my hands raise to rests against the curve between his shoulders and neck. His right hand moves to the back of my head and we sit there, holding each other and make out. The smell of his cologne hits my nose and I moan for a second when we kiss and it seems he doesn't want to stop either because I start to lean back and soon enough I'm lying on the table and he's bent over me. I nip gently at his lips and he smiles and we kiss more. My warm lips against his feels like the best thing in the world and it feel amazing.
That is the only word that can come to my mind right now. I not wrap my arms around his strong back and tilt my back up so his hands can reach under.
"I can't believe I'm doing this." He says against my lips and I giggle.
"How long." I say.
"How long have you liked me." I say and we stop kissing. He breaks the kiss but still holds me in his arms and I stare right at him, waiting for a true answer.
"I- well, the first time I saw you while walking down the hall and you said hi to me, you were actually the first one to talk to me in the school and I just thought you were beautiful, Em," He says and this melts my heart and his left hand runs down my face to my head, "I can still remember you in your black blouse and jeans. I've always likes you Em, but I was an engaged man and I didn't know what to do." He says and I smile. I don't want to say anything that will chance his mind, so I bring his head back to mine and we kiss again.
We just lay like this for a few minutes and then he sits up and I sit on his lap, facing him. My pussy in my pants rests against his hard strong lump in his pants and I cup his hands in my face and kiss him again. He moans softly and when I open his eyes and his eyes are closed, he looks like a teenager. A young teacher that has a crush like me, looking sixteen or so. I smile and shut my eyes and kiss him again. Our lips, tongues, hands move against each others and when my hand finds his, I lace our fingers together.
Suddenly we hear the other door on the other side of the library open and we break apart faster than lightning and we just sit there, looking at each other. Where the door is on the other side of the library, there's a hall that the person has to walk through so we have about thirty seconds to think of something. His hair is a little messy so I clean it him with my warm palm and he smiles. The table that we sit on is covered around with chairs so he glances down.
"They're going to think it's weird that I'm sitting here with a gorgeous girl like you, you should hide." He says and I nod, giving him a quick kiss and I climb under the table and when I bend over to to crawl down, Mr. Milks hits my ass gently and a giggle escapes from my mouth and I sit under the table with his legs over the edge covering me. He grabs the files that were beside him and starts to read.
"Hello Tyler." A few people say to Mr. Milks as they walk in.
They all hold files.
This must me a meeting, I think. Shit. I grab my I phone that rests in the side of my Yoga Pants and quickly but quietly text my mom that I'm going to be late home and not to answer back. She doesn't answer but the little mark on the side of the message tells me that she got it. I turn my phone onto silent and suddenly all the people start to sit at the table that I'm under. I don't breath fast or anything. I just sit there, cross legged. The table is quite large though, so I have a few feet on every side of me to move around. As Mr. Milks and the other people are talking, I hear Mr. Milks writing down something but the other adults are talking so they don't notice. I see Mr. Milks hand slip down and he holds down the note. I take it and read.

I'm sorry you have to just sit there. I will try to make things with them go quickly. Just hold on for a little longer and find something to do :)

I smile and and slim the note into the bra under my Rose Bustier top and I look around at all the people. I think for a few moments, having the choice whether to play a game on my phone or do something else that would hopefully please
Mr. Milks. I slowly and quietly crawl over and when I think that someone heard me and I spin my head around, they move their chair to look under and Mr. Milks quickly says, "I don't think this pen works, can I use yours please?" and the person who had moved their chair stops and I can hear them handing him another pen and he moves his chair back in. I ALMOST breath out in releif, but I stop myself and breath quietly. I sit on my knees right in front of Mr. Milks' slightly opened legs and I grab his knees, bringing them apart. I can hear him talking with two other people and Music Instruments that they can use for an upcoming recidle and he stutters when he feels me moving his knees apart but he corrects himself and continues to talk.
"The k**s would just love that. I was thinking, because their concert is at Morcoside Mall..." He says and I reach my shaking palm out and grab the front of his shorts gently and rub his hard area and he almost yelps out. "We will- (yelp)...- need student drivers." He stops and a few other adults pause for a moment and Mr. Milks hand flies down when they aren't looking and he grabs my wrist. I shake it off and slowly unzip his shorts quiet enough so no one can hear and I stare at the huge, large lump in his shorts.
"No, Em. Please..." He whispers when a few adults laugh and speak to each other and I smile.
"Do you really want me to stop?" I whisper quietly back and he doesn't answer when I stroke his hard cock that wants to burst out from his boxers. I tap the tip and the meeting continues, talking about instruments and stuff. I kind of block out what they're saying when I stare at his boxers. When I stare for a few seconds and do nothing, he can't hold it back. He grabs my hand and rubs it against the hard lump and moans out and I can hear a few weird sounds from the adults and Mr. Milks clears his throat and starts speaking to them again. I grip the top of his black boxers and open it a bit. I reach in slowly, feel his hard warm cock and bring it out and I can feel Mr. Milks slump back in pleasure.
When a few of the adults discuss about how great it was to see Mr. Milks and they were about to leave, Tyler (Mr. Milks' first name) starts talking about something else and this brings their attention and they continue to talk. This means he doesn't want this to end yet.
Mr. Milks' 6' 3 cock is huge and the biggest penis I've ever seen. I stroke it in my hands, bring my lips to its tip and flick my tongue out. Mr. Milks isn't speaking right now but the other adults are very loudly, so this gives him a break to moan out quietly. I run my tongue along its sides and hold his cock with one hand and play around with his balls with the other hand. When his cock is almost all wet from me lubricating it, I plunge it into my throat and start to give him a BJ. The feeling of my hugest crushes warm cock being in my mouth and he is even happy and being pleasured of it brings so much happiness to me. I can't express it enough but when I clearly know he's enjoying this, he becomes so hard its difficult to fit all of his cock into my mouth. I take it out and suckle on the tip and bring my tongue to the throbbing and soft top of his cock and lick around it vigorously. Mr. Milks almost jumps when I do this and his hand reaches down to hold the back of my head and he brings my head down and I continue the BJ.
His hands gently move through my hair as he talks and he sits back up so he doesn't look tired or anything. Just then I feel his cock start to pump. He's about to erect. Mr. Milks stops talking and leans forward to listen to what the people on the other side of the table are saying and he almost chokes out and I feel the warm yummy liquid enter my mouth and I take his cock out to swallow it all down. It takes me five swallows to eat all of it.
"Well, I'm glad we covered that and now we don't have to worry about it next week. It was nice talking to you Tyler." A man says and stands up to shake Tyler's hand and I quickly put his cock back into his boxers and zip up his shorts and Mr. Milks stands up and shakes the mans hand and everyone elses. I lay down onto the ground and just lie there, licking my lips and I stick a finger into my mouth, watching Mr. Milks walk them out. As I'm lying down. I sigh happily and hear Mr. Milks walk around and I hear him lock the two doors of the library and put up a sign that says "closed". I shut my eyes, smiling to myself and lay there. I hear him move a chair and lay down beside me, staring at me.
"Em," He says.
"Hmm?" I say back and don't open my eyes, I turn toward him and wrap both my arms around him and the front of my body pushes against his and I rest my head on his chest.
"That was dangerous. If one of them saw you, I would have been fired for sexual activity with one of my students." He says.
"Yes but I'm not a student here, am I?" I grin and I look up and him and he has a stern sexy look on his face. "But yes, I'm sorry. Did you enjoy it?"
"Emily, I haven't felt that good in my life. My wife isn't into that kind of stuff. But yeah, thanks." He plants a long, loving kiss onto my lips and he wraps his strong muscle arms around my shoulders. We lay there again, in each others arms and I rub my hands on the much harder now cock in his pants and he moans out, tilting his head back.
"Wait, I have a better place to do this." He says quickly.
"Oh, so now you're in the mood?" I smile devilish and he chuckles, nodding and takes my hand. We crawl out from under the table to a door by his desk. He takes out his keys and I hum, looking around to make sure no one is watching us through the mirrors. I hear him open the door and inside of the large room is a large couch, a huge table in the center of the room, a few lamps and some chairs. I smile and I walk in, holding me hands behind my back and he shuts the door. He closes the blinds in the two long windows around the room and pushes all the pillows off the couch and the papers on the table. I walk to the couch, lay down in the corner and watch the most hottest, sexiest, well built with the best cock in the world teacher get the room ready, just for me.
"Mr. Milks?" I ask and he smiles to the sound of his name. "Have you done this with anyone else?"
"No," He says and then turns toward me with the room is ready for our use. I reach down and grab my phone, check the time which is 4: 13 p.m. and I glance back at him, setting my phone onto the ground and I slide it under the couch so it won't bother us. He walks toward me slowly and puts a knee on the couch and bends over me, our lips meeting again. I arch my back and he slides onto the couch with me and we make out longingly. I've always wanted this moment to come, I just didn't actually think it would happen. Just think of it... having your biggest crush kissing you on the couch even though he is taken. Haha.
I feel his warm palm slide up my shirt and I reach down, grabbing my shirt and I pull it off, throwing it across the room and he stares at my breasts.
"May I?" He says and I smile in response. He starts kissing them gently and I lean my head back and feel his warm him not only explore my lips but now my body. I unclip my bra and he slowly takes it off, seeing that my nipples are big and hard. He presses his lips against them and I moan in complete pleasure. Holds both of my breasts in his hands now, kissing them and suckling on them and I rub my shaking palm through his hair and I think to myself.
"I have an idea." I say and he grins at me, knowing that he's thinking the same thing. I notice he has his shirt off and that shows his hard abs and muscles and my mouth waters. His body is larger than mine, but not in the larger way as in fat, larger as in tall and more built. But if he turned around, you would think he was like s*******n or something around there. I bring my palm up and it rests against his chest and I can feel his heart beating fast. I smile and push him back and he lands on the couch and just lays there, smiling back at me. He helps me pull off his jeans and boxers until he is fully naked and I take my pants for more flexibility. I holds both of my breasts a little shy but he brings me closer to him and the look on his face is full with trust and compassion so I let go of my tits and give them in full sight to Tyler and I bend over to his cock and give his cock a few kisses and licks along the sides before I place it between my breasts. He then thrusts his hips up and down so that his cock slides between my breasts and he moans out in pleasure and every time the tip of his cock reaches my mouth, I lick the top and he when he starts to slow down of so much pleasure and weakness, I let go of my tits and then I grab his cock and start stroking it. I place it into my mouth and give him another BJ and he deep throats his cock into my mouth firmly but gently.
When he feels as if he's had enough (not exactly enough, but he knows that I want some contibutation in this), he comes toward me and picks me up and I wrap my legs around his body. He carries me, holding my body smushed against his, (and I'm now only wearing my panties) until we reach the table and he lays me down gently, holding his hand behind my head until I rest it onto the table. He climbs onto the table, bends over and starts rubbing his finger against my pussy. I gasp and I stick a finger into my mouth to suck on while he rubs the delicate super wet spot and he starts to pull down my panties and I arch my back to make it easier for him.
He then licks his pointer finger and rubs my pussy and it then slides in because it's so wet and he looks at me and I nod that it's okay. He starts to slide his finger in and out of my pussy and I moan out.
"Jesus, that's amazing..." I say and lead my head back and moan out in pleasure and longing. The feeling of his strong warm finger inside of my tight pussy makes me want him even more and he slides in another finger as if on cue and I grab my tits and start squeezing them together and moan. I look down at him and he's smiling up at me and when I see that he's so hard to the point of his cock sticking straight into the air, I say,
"Can I have you now?" When I say this he smiles gently and takes his fingers out, pulls my body closer to his and his cock rests at the tip of my pussy. He bends down so that his hands rest beside mine on the table and we stare into each other's eyes. "Mr. Milks... it's my first time..."
"I'll be gentle." He nods and I smile. "Could you... kiss me while you do it? It will take the pain away." I say and he bends down and our lips meet. His tongue migles against mine as I feel his hips lower and when it starts to insert into my body, I gasp out and Mr. Milks' kisses takes the gasping away and soon enough, half of his cock is in my pussy, then a third... and then all of it.
"Oh maw god." I breath out and he moans out.
"Damn, your tight." He smiles and I giggle. He starts to thrust his hips slowly and I look down to watch his huge cock slide in and out of my warm sopping pussy. I wrap my arms around his back and I stare straight into his eyes.
"I love you." I say and I don't hesitate or anything when I say this.
"As I love you." He says back and he sits up, not taking out his cock while doing this and he holds my back and easily brings me up with him and my breasts rest against his hard chest and I start to move up and down, up and down on his hips and he grinds against me which makes me scream out in pleasure. Every time I scream, he either covers it with a kiss or plants a finger in my mouth. As I bounce on him, I can feel his balls move against my clit and I lean my head back as he suckles on my nipples. He kisses them in ways that makes me want to die in pleasure and I hold the back of his head and run my fingers through his hair. He takes me to a position where I'm on all fours and he takes me from behind. He thrusts his hips and holds my hips with one hand and then holds my breast with the other. I plant my palms firmly on the table and lean my head down. I turn back to him and he plants a soft, warm kiss against my lips and I smile.
"Can we do this tomorrow?" I ask and he smiles back at me.
"We can do this as much as you want." He says back to me and thrusts harder this time and I breath out heavily and he takes out his cock and I spin around, lay down and he starts to jerk off and breathes heavily. I smile, waiting for his moment and when his cock starts to pump and the liquid sprays all over me, I hope my mouth and it lands into my mouth and my body. I lick my lips and I lay down on the table with him and I rest on my arm, facing him. He watching me while I rub my pussy.
"I love you."
"As I love you."

Part 2 MIGHT be coming up. It will have the same title except a "Part 2" on the end. Hope you enjoyed ;)... Continue»
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Detention with my teacher and 2 of the sexiest gir

I was in 7th grade computer class and was fucking around pissing off the teacher, let me descrive her real fast 33 years old, 5'7'' 121 pounds blonde hair to her shoulders, 38 c tits and an ass to die for. Anyway back to what I was saying, I ended up getting detention man was I pissed who would have thought just becasue I pinched her ass she would give me detention?

Well I arrived for dention at the end of the day. I walked to her classroom and knocked on the door she came to the door and opened it saying "Come on get in here your detention is for an hour"

I walked into the classroom and seen I wasnt alone there were two girls who had detention as well, 2 girls I had wanted to fuck since the 5th grade. Janet who was 14 but had 44 dd tits and long flowing golden brown hair. Then there was Amanda (later on would be my wife) she was 15 at the time with 36 c tits. So I walked in and said "this is bullshit an hour detention for what I did"

"Your lucky we each got an hour for 2 weeks" Janet said. "I have never had detention what will we be doing?" said Amanda

"Well your going to be doing what ever I say, I'm sick of you little punks thinking you can act like assholes and get away with it" Mrs. Divan was saying as I heard a lock on the door. Not knowing what that was for but would find out later.

She walked over and stopped by our desk and dropped an encyclapedia on each of our desks. "Start at page one and copy till I tell you to stop."

We started writeing our pages out and I got up to sharpen my pencil, the sharpener was on mrs. divan's desk, I walked over to her desk and she yells "What do you think your doing getting up with out permission?"

"I had to sharpen my pencil so I could do your stupid detention shit you want done." as I looked down her shirt at her massive heaving tits.

"Watch your mouth" she said

As I walked away I said "Fucking bitch probably aint getting none, thats why she's so bitchy"

"Excuse me, what did you say?" Mrs Divan asked as Janet and Amanda laughed "You two think this is funny huh? well do you?"

"Yeah actually it is" Janet said

She stands up and walks over to me and says "So you think i'm not getting any huh? Let me tell you little boy your not man enough to handle this" as she ran her fingers along the side of her tits.

"Yeah right I would make you forget all about your limp noodle husband" I said which brought more laughs from the girls

"Well maybe we should make this detention a little more interesting then" as she sat on my desk facing me.

I didnt know what to do up until now I was always just mouth no one had ever called me on anything. She slowly starts to lift her skirt up showing me her gorgeous tanned thighs. "Well are you just gonna sit there or are you actually gonna put your money where your mouth is?" She asked

I started to stammer like i said I was never called out before and was actually scared shitless here i am with my sexy teacher sitting on my desk slowly raising her skirt up and the 2 girls I have always wanted to fuck sitting there stareing t me. She raises her skirt up to her waist where i can now see her black lacy panties and man did my cock get rock hard, I mean it was standing up so hard you could hang the school flag from it.

She looks over at the girls who are just stareing at us and says "Well since you 2 felt the need to laugh you can get over here and watch" "NOW" she raised her voice to them.

They jumped up and started to walk over slowly somewhat scared and nervous. "Over here " Mrs. diavan said pointing to either side of me.

She grabs the back of my head and pulls my face down into her pussy, God was I shakeing nervous. I tried to fight a litttle bit but to no prevail as she pulled my head in further with a little more f***e. "you two get over there and close the window blinds" She said

The girls went over and closed all the window blinds and she yelled "Back over here now" "So little boy you gonna show me what im missing out on ?" Mrs divan said

She hit that nerve on the back of my head and my mouth jumped open and my tongue darted out "There you go little boy just like that" She said

I started licking slowly not really knowing what to do as i had never been with a girl before shit I was only 14.

"Stand up" she yelled at me

Girls take his pants off NOW" she said

Janet slowly reached for my button as Amanda reached for my zipper kind of a little scared as to what Mrs. Divan would do if they said no. They slowly lowered my pants and my rock hard cock was makeing the biggest tent in my underwear ever.

"those too " she said

And they slowly pulled my underwear down I take it they had never seen a real cock up close before as there mouths dropped open.

"Well well well what a nice looking cock you got there" she said

Now sit back donw and get to work on my under privalaged pussy" Mrs. Divan said

I sat back down and she pulled my head in and I started licking her pussy slowly and eagerly at the same time. She started to moan a little and said "okay ladies get those clothes off now"

They looked at each other with looks of shock on there faces as Mrs. Divan slowly pulled her top off revealing her matching black lacy bra with little red roses over her nipples.

The girls slowly started to take there clothes off while looking at each other and Mrs. D

"In front of him are you serious" they asked in unison

"Yes and now besides you have seen that hard tool he has why not let him see what you got to, I mean your going to be doing more than just standing there anyway " she said

They slowly took off there clothes "Bras and panties too" she said

"Oh my God Really?" they asked

"YES AND NOW" she said

They slowly reached around behind them and undid there bras and let them fall tho the floor and slowly slid there panties down.

"she pulled my head away from her pussy and said "look at those bodies, what do you think" She asked

"There gorgeous"I said

So now the girls are totally naked and she pulls my head back down into her pussy and im eating like crazy.

"Do you girls ever play with yourselves" She asked

"Um...a few times" Janet said

"NO WAY "said Amanda

"I dont believe you" Said Mrs. D

"Start rubbing those tits and pusies now" She said

Janet reached down with her left hand and started to rub her pussy.

"NO NO NO, rub each others bodies" Mrs. D said

"No I will not do that you can do what ever you want but im not touching some other girl" Amanda said

"Yeah me either" said Janet

"Oh yes you will or your parents will be getting a call from me telling them how i found you two in the locker room fucking around to which is why you got detention " She said

But thats not what happened" They both said

"I'm the teacher who they gonna believe me or you" She said

They looked at each other and slowly raised there hands to one anothers bodies Janets hands went straight to Amandas tits and vice versa. They slowly started rubbing each others little boobies

"Thats it girls, rub those titties dont forget those pretty little virgin pussies either" she said

"Oh God that feels so good keep eating my pussy baby keep it up give me what i need." She said

I was now sucking on her clit while rubbing my tongue back and foth over her little nub.

"Remember what I said girls no matter what I tell you to do" She said

"What do you mean" Janet asked

"Get over here now" she said

They slowly walked over to Mrs. D one on either side of her as I looked up I could see Mrs D had taken her bra off to reveal her gorgeous tits hanging there for the takeing.

"Now Janet over here and Amanda over here" pointing to either side of her body. "Start licking my prety tits now suck them lick them drink from my breasts" She said

"NO FUCKING WAY" Amanda said

Mrs. D reached up and grabed her hair and pulled face down into her right ti and said "Start sucking or I make that little phone call to mommy and daddy"

Janet leaned down not wanting her hair pulled oviously and started to lick her left nipple and slowly close her mouth over it with a slight sucking sound. Amanda started to suck on her other tit as Mrs. D let up on the hair pulling a little bit.

"Thats eat you three now isnt this funner than the writeing?" she asked

"Yes Mrs D was all i could mutter

"Yes ma'am" the girls gurgled with there mouths full of tits

She started rubbing there heads while they sucked her tits then slowly pulled them off one at a time and started kissing them full on the lips. Janets mouth f***ed open by Mrs D's tongue and Mrs D was now rubbing her Janet's pussy. She pulls Amanda up and starts kissing her too.

"Start kissing my neck Amanda" she said

"Janet get down there and suck on his cock" She said

"You want me to do what " she asked

"Get down under the desk and start sucking that nice big prick of his" She said

"But Mrs. D I can't do that" she said

"Okay let me get the phone as she grabbed Janet by the hair and pulled her backwards.

"Okay okay im sorry please stop pulling my hair" Janet said

Amanda was sucking on Mrs. d's neck and I was now being told to inset a couple of fingers into her pussy while i ate her out.

Janet slowly got under the desk and was a little teary eyed she grabbed my hard cock with her hand and started to pump up and down "God why do i have to do this" SHe said

"NOW" Mrs D said "If she aint sucking you let me now"She told me

Janet slowly slides my cock into her mouth and starts sucking up and down God did it feel great. I looked up and Mrs. D was now humping at my fingers and face while she had Amanda's nipple in her mouth now, and was rubbing her pussy with her free hand.

Janet was sucking me like crazy to be honest I think she was starting to enjoy it. I let out a moan or two. "Does that feel good Mrs. D asked

"Yes ma'am it feels great" I said

Well then I think you'll definately like what were gonna do next" she said

She stands up and says okay girls stand up and come here. They stood up and she made them start kissing each other while she stood there watching. She leans down and starts to rub my cock. "Man it is really big and nice isnt it" she said

"Yes ma'am
was all i was able to studder. I mean here I am with my sexy teacher totally naked strokeing me off after i just ate her out and two of the sexiest girls in school were makeing out in front of me.

"Okay girls lets put these two desks together make it four desks so we have enough room" Mrs d said

"enough room for what? and why doesnt he have to help? Amanda asked

"He is gonna need all his strength for what i got in mind" She said

They get the desks together and Mrs. D tells them to lay down on the desks faceing each other. They lay down and she says " I never said stop kissing did i?

She pulls me up to my feet and sits me on the desk and she sits in my chair "You ready for this little boy?" she asked me

"Ready for wha...." I stammered as she lowered her head to my cock and started sucking me off.

"Oh Holy shit that feels amazing" I said

Better than Janet" she asked

I looked over and the girls were still kissing and now touching each other. "Okay girls now lay where your mouths are aligned with each others little pussies, this is called sixty nine'"she said

The girls got into position and she said "now start licking each others little pussies"

They looked up at Mrs D with a look of horror on there faces. "Now I promise you will like it she said while strokeing my hard cock

"Does that feel good baby" she asked me

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS is alll i could say as she slowly slid her mouth back down on my hard cock. I looked over to see Amanda start licking Janet's pussy. Janet started to moan almost instantly as she slid her face into Amanda's crotch and started licking her sweet little pussy.

"I think im gonna cum" I yelled to mrs. D

"Go ahead baby cum in my mouth she said before putting my back in

I started cuming hard and fast and she swallowed every drop of my cum. The girls not ever haveing an orgasms that wasnt given to themselves by there own hands started cumming fast and hard as well.

Mrs. d stood up and walked over to the girls "Now isnt that nice" she asked

"They started to cum down from there orgasms and said yes.

"Well Amanda, Janet has allready sucked his cock why dont you try it out" She said

"Mrs. d i dont want to do that please i will do anything else but please not that.' She said

"Oh hunny your gonna do that and then some" she said

As she pulled me over to them by my cock which was allready getting hard again lol like i said i was only 14 i could cum a dozen times and get it right back up.

She grabs Amanda's head and pulls it cloer to my cock she reaches down and starts rubbing Amanda's bare ass as she pushes her mouth on to my cock. "Grab either side of her head" Mrs D said as she put my hands on Amanda's head

"There no grab ahold and pump in an dout of that pretty little mouth" She said

So I grabbed Amanda's head and started to pump my cock in and out of her mouth, she started to gag at first but loosened up after a few minutes and started sucking me nice and slow. I looked over to Mrs. D who was rubbing her own pussy and had Janet sitting up on the desk sucking on her tits.

"I think I want to taste that little pussy Janet. Mrs. d said

No fighting this time Janet spread her legs and started to slide back on the desk.

No not like that" said Mrs. d

She pulls Janet up to her feet and lays down on the desk herself. "Now sit that pretty pussy on my face" She said

Janet climbs up on the desk and sits on Mrs. D's face and She starts licking her pussy fast and hard. "Now you can see what its like to have a real women et your pussy baby."she said

Amanda was now fingering her own pussy while i plowed her mouth for what seemed like an hour or more but it was only about 10 minutes. Janet was haveing a major orgasm and started moaning Mrs. d pushed her head down into her own pussy and said "eat me you little bitch, eat that grown up pussy"

She lowered her head into Mrs D's pussy and started eating while having her own orgasm. After a brief 5 minute cool down Mrs. D said now its time for the real fun to begin.

She gets up on all fours on the table and says "Amanda get back her behind me and eat my pussy from the back, Janet lay down on your back and suck my hanging tits and He is gonna fuck you for the first time"

"Mrs D what if i get pregnant" She asked

"Not my problem she said.

I got up on the table and slid my hard cock in her pussy a little tough at first since she was a virgin. Janet started to cry out but Mrs. D just shoved her tits in her mouth and said "It will only hurt for a minute baby"

I slid all the way in and felt her cherry pop "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Janet cried.

"Yes eat my pussy Amanda lick that sweet tasty pussy you little cunt." Mrs D said Move up and down lick my ass too baby"

I could now see from where i was with my hard cock buried in Janet's tight pussy who was laying on her back and sucking Mrs D's hanging tits and Amanda was eating Mrs. d out form behind and was fingering her own pussy. Mrs d came down from another orgasm and said
"Okay Amanda get ready" as she stood up and turned around and sat her pussy on Janet's face
"Start licking baby, lick my pussy like i licked yours, make me cum so much" Mrs d said

She sat down on Janet's face and janet started licking her sweet tasty pussy while Mrs. D said "Get up her and bend over Amanda, I'm gonna eat that little pussy till you cant take it any more"

Amanda gets up on the table on all fours and backs her pussy up into mrs d's face and she just dives right into her pussy with out warning a few minutes in amanda has now colapsed down with her ass in the air while mrs d eats her out. Janet is bucking her hips back up at me and screaming for more, more, more,

"Oh God I'm cumming, I'm Cummmmmmmmmmmmmming" Janet screamed as I started fucking her harder and harder. I leaned down and started licking Mrs. D's asshole while Janet is eating her pussy

"Oh my God thats good big boy" She said and I lost it I started cumming in Janet's pussy.

"I can feel your cum, I can feel you cumming in me" Janet yelled. "Oh God no you cant cum in me" SHe screamed

I was to far gona now and just kept shooting cum after cum after cum up her tight little snatch.

I slowed down my pumps as I was spent.

Amanda had collapsed and was breathing like she just ran a hundred miles from her orgasm

Mrs. D was rolled over on her back and was rubbing her tits cumming down from her cum

Janet was laying there starting to cry. "You came in me what if I get pregnant" She said as Mrs d sat up and planted a kiss on her lips.

"Dont worry Janet by the time this detention is done he will have came in all of us enough times to make sure we are all pregnant." She said

"WHAT" Amanda screamed

Part 2 coming soon IF I GET ENOUGH COMMENTS THAT IS... Continue»
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Sex with my college teacher

Many years had passed since I had joined my college. I was studying engineering and aimed to be a marine engineer. Many years before, when I had joined the collage I was a very timid person and never used to come near girls but the years of collage experience had made me a very bold person. My favorite hobby was to flirt with the girls of my collage. God had even gifted me with good looks so I rarely used to get slapped. I had done sex with lot of my college girls and was really bored with them. I wanted some change. Fortunately, a new teacher had joined our school and she was indeed quite sexy. I at first thought her to be one of my juniors, so as usual I tried to flirt on her too!!! Quite unexpected to me I really was slapped very hard. To my luck she did not complain about me to the principal. Soon I realized that she was our math teacher. I at first could hardly believe as she looked so young.

After all these happenings I went back home. The next day she came to our class for the math lecture. She was really very sexy. She really had very massive boobs and still unmarried. I for the whole lecture imagined her to be nude on my bed waiting for me to fuck her. Suddenly the school bell rang and it was recess time. Everyone went out of the classroom and she too was about to go. I then quickly went to her and apologized for my bad behavior to her the day before. I then said to her that she looked so young that I thought her to be a newly admitted junior. At those quotes of mine she giggled and forgave me. She then told me that she was only thirty one.

She then smiled and left the classroom. She thought that I had now changed but I had other plans in my mind. The next day was a Sunday so we had a collage holiday. I just as usual was roaming on the streets when by coincident I found my math teacher roaming around shops too. Then suddenly an idea flashed into my mind. I bought some flowers from a nearby shop and taking them jumped in front of her. I then presented them to her saying "To my beautiful teacher". She was startled but she did not slap me this time but thanked me instead. She must be in a very jolly mood that day. She then revealed to me that today was her birthday. I then happily wished her.

She was so happy that she even invited me on her birthday party. I happily agreed. She then gave me her home address and phone number. When i asked her name she laughingly said that her name was Jessica. She then parted with me and continued her shopping. I then thought of buying a pack of chocolates for her as a birthday present. I then reached her home in the evening right at the time she had told me. When I rang the bell she gladly opened the door and let me in. When i saw her i was amazed. She was wearing a very thin dress which could merely cover her big round boobs. Through her dress i could clearly see her perfect curves. I had expected some relatives of her there but to my surprise no relative was there. When I inquired to her about she said that their car had broken down so they were going to be late. I had become very excited when I realized that only she and I were in the house.

There were so many naughty things going through my mind that I suddenly got a boner. I tried to hide it with the box of chocolates but when she saw the box she thanked me and kissed me on my cheek while snatching the box from me. Due to her kiss my cock had become even more harder than before . I then quickly tried to hide it with my hand and to my good luck she had not seen it as she went to the kitchen to keep the chocolates in the freezer. I then asked where her birthday cake was. she then told me that she had kept it in the bedroom. She then asked me whether I wanted to see the cake. I agreed. She then took me to her bedroom. I then looked around in hope to see the birthday cake but to my surprise there was no cake in the room. When I turned back to ask Jessica i saw her locking the room door. She then gently pushed me over the bed and then laughingly said that today was no birthday of hers.

She then gently came towards my pant zipper and tried to open it. I then crawled a little back. Seeing this she told me that she knew I liked her body. She then mischievously said that she too wanted to have some fun. Saying this she unzipped my pants and took out my thick big nine inch cock. She was amazed at first to see such a big cock but then she started licking it. I felt so nice that I asked her to suck it. She then like an obedient bitch started sucking the top portion of my cock. Then after some time she made it halfway and soon she was gagging my cock deep into her throat. She sucked it so nicely that I felt as if I was in heaven. For continuous twenty minutes she was gagging my cock while I moaned with pleasure. After another twenty minutes of constant sucking I shot out my big load of cum in her mouth. She drank all my cum and was still sucking. I then took hold of her from her waist and put herself over me.

Then I removed her skirt and panties and slid my cock in her tight pussy. As soon as I did that she started moaning with pleasure. I became very excited on hearing her scream and then started banging her vigorously. She made so sexy voices that I could not stop getting wild. When I banged her pussy with my cock the cock slapped it so hard that the whole room was engulfed by those sounds. She moaned and screamed while I drove my cock deep inside her. To fuck her more harder, I laid her on the bed and slammed her pussy while I kept my both hands on her big boobs to maintain grip. When I did this she screamed so loudly that I doubted that the neighbors might hear it. But still I did not care about it and continued to bang her. Soon she had her orgasm and I too shot my blast of cum in her her pussy soon after her orgasm. I was very exhausted by that time but she still pleaded me to fuck her ass.

In my while life i had never fucked a girl for so much time. It was midnight till now. I then drank some energy drinks from her fridge and then slid my cock into her ass. She again started to moan. I was really very exhausted but I was determined to give her a most pleasurable night. I then continuously fucked her in the ass while she lay on the bed like a deer facing her ass towards me. I now felt as if she was mine and I could whatever I wanted to do with her. I then made a tight grip on her boobs and banged her ass with all my strength. After a long time I shot out my third blast of hot cum which shot deep inside her ass.

I then laid on the bed while my cock pointing to the sky. She then came towards me and we had a passionate kiss for a long time. After that she serviced me my sucking my cock again till I shot out my last thin load of cum all over her face. Doing this she quickly wiped her face and after taking a contraceptive pill she fell over the bed in my arms. She then said "You are really a very good student, if you have any problems from now on, you are welcome at my home. "Saying this she fell asl**p in my arms. The next morning we woke up late at eleven. I then quickly wore my clothes and left Jessica's home after saying bye to her.

The next day the same old college life begun but with a change. I had now become studious boy and I paid attention to all subjects, especially math. I always had a doubt in the sums so I always used to go to Jessica's home to clarify my doubts as well as to have some fun.... Continue»
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My amazing time with my pakistani teacher

Hello my name is Tom.

This is the story of how i had fucked my pakistani teacher. So here it goes I have this very hot Pakistani Teacher with frim tits and a firm ass. Her bra size if 34f. She just had came back from vacation. As i went to her house 2 hours early so we can "talk". Hopefully thinking that somehow we will have sex. As i went to her house it was unlocked and there was a sign saying come in. As I came in i hear her masturbating in her bathroom with a vibrator saying,"Oh Tom! Oh Yah Tom!" Fuck My Pusy Hard Tom!" As I then raced downstairs so she wouldnt know that I was in her house. She came in a very transparent lingere. Then she said , "Oh Tom! You are here" . We dont have our session for another two hours. I said i wanted to come to talk to her about her trip as i try to hide my boner. She noticed i was sitting uncomftrable. She said why dont you sit straight then she realized she was in her lingere and she said you must like this as she then took off her bra. She then said, "I've had dream of having sex with you for a long time now my dream will be a fantasy. I didnt resist we went to her bedroom. She then took of her thong. She said i want you inside me!. Then she unbuttoned my pants and she said mouth fuck me now! As i gag her she was loving every minute of it. Then we did 69 for 20 minutes as i demolished her pussy. Then went onto her bed and fucked so hard we had broke her bed frame. Then i sucked her tits so hard she satrted to cry in joy and this was the story of how i had sex with my teacher. ... Continue»
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My first time with my biology teacher

It has great memories you know when I was at school it was a different era back in the seventies flared trousers kipper ties and wide collers and a teacher called mrs thurston, she was my biology teacher age about 35 about 5ft 6 and legs to die for , I was in 5th form at the time so every female was a conquest waiting to happen but of course most of them don't they are things you dream about , and this dream was about to become a reality. She would come over to my desk in her top with just a hint of cleavage and bend over me to look at my work whist I study her cleavage ,she he'd lovely breasts must be about 36c or there abouts . I sure she knew she seemed to stand for ages there and when I looked at her she gave a knowing smile , but it was always in the class with all the other pupils , I had to come up with a plan to get her on her own. This is what I did, I told her I was playing sports that afternoon and could I pick up my text books at the end of the day, she of course she would look forward to it ( not as much as me I bet) I played my sports had a terrible game if truth be known probably because I was in a state of permanent arousal had to be careful and not let it show in my socks . Any finally it finished I rushed over still in my shirt and shorts there she was sitting in the ste stock room behind the desk the desk had an open front and you could see her legs just slightly parted , my heart was racing my penis was stiffening I was feeling a little awkward, suppose I was wrong I might be making a fool of myself, she said have a look for your text books down there Ive been having a sort out , they were in front of her desk on the floor, I was in heaven I knelt down and I had an unobstructive view right up her skirt .there was gently movement of her legs so I got glimpses of her bulging pussy , I was down there an age just looking up there when she said have you found what your looking for , and with that she gently parted her legs a little more my penis was now standing to attension I jumped up without realising and she had the broadest grin there I was standing in front of my teacher with the biggest hardon imaginable , she said I think you've found it and with that she stood up approached me and kissed me her tongue probing the back of the throat , my penis was now straining to pop out over my shorts , she started to unbutton her top and her breasts popped into view, she grabbed hol of my penis and started gently stroking it we slipped our clothes off and he'd ourselves close together for what seemed an age then she knelt down and took my penis and started to lick the end of it , that was it I lurched forward and with one trust she took the whole of it into her mouth , I couldn't hold it anymore and I said I'm cumming and she gargled not yet she then spread herself on the table with her legs apart her pussy was so inviting i was in such a rush to mount her I didn't even put my tongue down there I slid my penis into her vagina it was so slippery and wet I pushed harder and harder and I had a shattering orgasm I seemed to be pumping my seed into her for ages . She got up and said this must be our secret and no-one must know and no-one has until now......... Continue»
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Naughty fun with my school teacher

I had always had a thing for one of the teachers at school, she was the sports teacher around 26 years old and have an amazing body, she was 5'11 all tight and toned perfect bum and pert 34C tits all the boys loved seeing her when she would do training with the girls in tennis or volly ball, I would watch her even chance I could and would get so turned on I would sneek away so I could have a wank, I was only 15 so I was horny as fuck but we only did sports twice a week so I would think about her wanking over and over at the thought of being with her.

We were all in the gym and she was giving the girls training on how to do the high jump, I watched as she would bend and flex showing them how to land after the jump, my cock was starting to twitch and we were just about to start running which I knew was not a good idea so I asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet, he said ok and to hurry back, I headed off and went into the girls locker room and saw the teachers bag, I looked through it and found a pair off her panties I almost shot my load right there, they were satin french knickers and the thought of her tight little bum in these drove me wild, I had my shorts down and cock out as fast as I could, wrapping them round my cock as I started to wank, I new what I was going to do I wanted to cum all over them and put them back to she what would happen, I was so turned on that I knew I wouldn't last long and moaned out as I shot my load all over them covering them in my hot spunk.

Seems like your having fun and I spun round and there she was standing there watching me with my cock still hard and her panties covered in my spunk, I thought im dead there was no way out of this, she just smiled and came over to me and took her panties and started to lick me cum off them, I just stood there not sure if this was happening, "care to join me in the shower then" she said I just nodded, she got undress and told me to do the same, the sight of her naked made my cock throb and then she was sucking me off, the site of her on here knees her lips sliding up and down my cock was like heaven, my hand was in here hair and I started to fuck her mouth, she moaned and went fasted taking me deep then moving almost off then going deep again it was to much and I moaned out pulling my cock out and unloading my spunk all over her pretty face, she smiled and started to lick it of softly moaning as she does it, "time for some fun it the shower I think" she said and headed off, "you joining me then" she asked again I just nodded and followed.

Watching the water go over her tight tanned body the way she caressed her tits and pussy I knew what I wanted next "bend over so I can fuck you" I said, she smiled "so you do talk after all" she bent over like I said and seeing that pert bum and she pussy I just rammed my cock in as hard as I could, she moaned out and I started to fuck her, she was so tight wet and warm I was in heaven, my very first fuck and it was with this goddess, I played with her tits as I pounded away at her dripping pussy, each thrust making her moan out more and more, I fucked her as hard and fast as I could until she screamed out and shouted "im cumming, im cumming" I felt her pussy tighten as she did and I thrust my cock as deep as I could and exploded filling her pussy with my hot spunk.

I stayed there for a moment both of us breathing heavy, "well I think we will be doing that again you horny fucked" she said smiling at me I just smiled back,"know get cleaned up and head back to class" she said I smiled again and headed back thinking about when we would be having more fun together.... Continue»
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BJ & Sex With My Music Teacher On The Beach

Hi guys so let me start with a HUGE apology for not posting this a while ago, I totally made a version of it that was pretty great but it deleted when my computer ran out of battery (chord must of unplugged), so without further due, here is the part 3 that I've gotten many many messages of starting it on :) Plus this is the girl I had in mind for Emily except imagine her a little younger

Mr. Milks (Tyler) has changed my mind in ways I couldn't of imagined- both my mind and body. He's been making me feel like the greatest person in the world lately and I never wanted him to leave me. Every night I would dream about him and there were other nights where I was with him, us making love at his house mostly. My parents or b*****r haven't suspected a thing, obviously my b*****r hasn't since he's pretty young and my parents couldn't really give a crap since they are always so twisted around work.
So today was a Friday and Mr. Milks and I were planning on going to the beach. It was perfected because the sun was shining an unbelievably hot temperature and the sky had no clouds in it, being a perfect matte blue. My friend drove me here because Mr. Milks said he had to go pick some stuff up and that he would meet me here.
The beach we were going to was absolutely huge and was always busy. There were concession stands, smoothie and alcohol bars, and the most beautiful water you would ever see in your life, being a bright turquoise blue. It has been almost a year since Mr. Milks and I have hooked up so I'm 15 now, almost 16. Some people would say its bad that a fifteen year old and a teacher is really bad to be doing, but he is actually a pretty young teacher and looks around 18, as I've said before, so there was no problem with it.
My friend drops me off near the entrance of the local busy beach and I can already hear the pumping bass of the music coming from the inside of the gates. A lot of people have already lined up outside of the gates in crowds so I knew it was going to be a hazard to get to the front. Okay... how would I do this? Mr. Milks (I preferred to call him that most of the time because weirdly it sounded better... maybe I should start calling him by his first name) would get here shortly and it wouldn't be a problem for him to make it to the front so I had to do this quickly.
I walk across the street toward the crowd with my beach bag over my shoulder. I'm dressed in a baby pink romper that has a nice frill outline near the breast area, a pair of white VANS and some white Alexander McQueen sunglasses. My bright blond long slightly wavy hair is let down casually and my nails are done in perfect manicures. As I reach the crowd, I can tell that its going to be a good day because there a lot of really hot guys around here. I might be with Mr. Milks and I wouldn't cheat on him, but there were a lot of hot guys around here that I would do any day. Lets use that built guy over there for example. He was with a few of his buddies and he has a dark shade of brown hair, perfect biceps and is wearing a black and gray tank top shirt with shorts.
That is the definition of hot. Everyone is smiling and laughing because its a nice day and as I'm approaching the crowd, I notice a bunch of guys are looking over at me and smiling. I smile back gently and notice a really cute guy beside the other guy i was mentioning before. He looked like he could tumble someone in seconds but also looked really friendly. Time to use that blond goddess magic.
Taking a deep breathe and passing politely by some girls, the guy who was smiling at me before turns when his buddies gesture to me and I smile brightly at them all.
"Hey there." He says, his voice being low yet sexy.
"Hi. I was wondering if you fellas could do me a favor." I stand near them closely so no one else hears and they all look at each other and nod slowly. There had to be at least six of them, and they all looked utterly hot, but my heart was on Mr. Milks.
"What can we do for you?" One of them says.
"So, I'm supposed to meet my friend inside the gates in a few minutes, except that there are so many people here and I'm afraid I won't meet her in time. Think you guys can get me over there really quickly?" I point to the entrance gates where there had to be at least a thousand people and in less than a second, they all smile.
"Hell we can." The tallest one says giving me a wink and I giggle, biting my lip and he reaches down, lifting me in the air and I inhale, laughing gently and in five seconds, they are all holding me in the air like I'm at a rock concert. I had to admit, this was over- doing it but if it got me over there, along with them, the hell with it- I was going to enjoy this. People turn, laughing at the scene, but laughing in a good way and the six boys under me start to head through the crowd, people willingly moving out of the way.
I can't help but laugh and cover my eyes slightly as we head to the front because this is horribly funny and I can actually almost see over the gates. Pumping my fist into the air and laughing, the hot guys under me are also laughing and grinning like fools and I flirtatiously pat their heads.
Once we get to the front of the gates, they help me down and I brush off my romper and smile at all of them.
"Omigod guys, thank you so much. That was really fun." I laugh gently and they all fist pump each other, saying it was there pleasure and that I was really hot.
"So, do you have a guy?" The tallest one asks, stepping a little closer to me, leaning on the gates and I bite my lip, blinking up at him.
"Yes I do, and I warn you honey, if he's around here and sees you flirting with me, he'll munch your ass off." I tap his nose and he goes a little red but smiles like a goof and I wink at all of them and head toward the silver gates. That was easy I had to admit. Brushing my hair behind my smooth tanned shoulders, I'm just behind a few people from the entrance of the gate, I breathe in the fresh water from the ocean and listen to the exciting music.
"Next." I hear someone say and I stop zoning out and walk into the pay booth and see a women looking at me kindly for the payment. I had her a twenty and tell her to keep the change and she gives me a wristband thing. Placing it on my wrist, I walk through the gates where a few cute body guards are and they smile at me kindly as I walk through and I smile, walking onto the beach and I look around at all the people. This had to be the biggest beach I've ever seen in my life. I've been here a hundred times, but I can't believe how busy it was today.
Thousands of people were playing on the beach, soccer, volleyball, football, and most people were soaking in the sun on their towels and such. Then there were people in the water swimming around on floaties or playing sports in the water. I should probably find a spot for Mr. Milks and I- thats when I see him.
Mr. Milks. He's walking across the beach toward me, looking like the sexiest thing in the world. Holy. Jesus. I couldn't get enough of him right now. His light brown hair was slightly messy, his abs looking like pure heaven and his biceps looked a little bigger than the last time I saw him. Must of been working out. He wears just a pair of white and blue swim shorts and his pecks were shiny and perfect- hell I was dieing just standing here like an idiot.
Even though he was wearing those sexy black glasses, I could tell his eyes were in complete energy because his smile was perfect, his teeth shining a pearly white and when he reaches me, the first thing he does is wrap his arms around me.
I hug him back, smiling against his warm smooth chest.
"You couldn't look any more hotter today Emily." He says against the top of my head, giving me a kiss on my forehead and when I look up to say he looks completely like a fucking god, his lips go on mine and I kiss him back. Our lips move in synchronized movements, our lips and tongues entwining constantly. We both rest or foreheads together at the same time and I giggle.
"I'm surprised someone hasn't snatched you up yet." I smile and he lets out a laugh that could kill an army. He wraps an arm around my shoulder and I wrap mine around his waist and we make our way across the beach. I can tell our destination is in one of the bets places, right near the water in the middle of the beach because I can see his back and shirt that he wore last week. As I set my bag down, he sits down, leaning back and I take in a good look at all of him. He has obviously gotten hotter every day this week because every time I see him, I want to make love to him and kiss him. He smiles, watching me and I get down into my bikini. Stripping off my romper, I stand in a light pink halter top bikini that rounds my breasts perfectly (I'm a C cup) and my curved hips stand out perfectly. Mr. Milks' eyes are on me like a hawk, wanting to catch its prey and it seduces me completely about how he sits, his arms behind him and his legs spread out.
"Amazing." He exhales like he couldn't breathe for a second and I bend over, reaching into my beach bag and pull out the sunscreen.
"Need me to do this?" I say to him and a huge grin rises to his face and I motion for him to lay on his stomach and he does, laying down on his towel and I set mine down and he rests his hands under his chin and I stand over him and then lower myself so I'm sitting on his lower back and a low chuckle sends a vibration through his body, sending me crazy. The sun shines on our bodies making him look like a light bronze god and my long smooth tan legs lay on either side of him. Setting some sunscreen into my palm, I rub it onto his strong back and slowly move my hands around and I feel him shifting underneath me, eager to play with me.
I know I'm sending him mad when I massage some sunscreen onto his shoulders and when he's done, I pat his butt and he laughs, shifting over so that he's sitting on his bottom and I'm sitting on his lap facing him. Our lips are inches apart and he's smiling up at me. The music energizes everyone around us, putting everyone in a great mood and I run a hand down the front of his stomach.
"Time to put sunscreen on you." He says seductively and I smile. I move over so I'm beside him and I lay on my stomach with the top of my hands under my chin and I feel his hands already putting sunscreen on my back and massaging around. Now I know what he felt because his hands on my body is pure amazing and I so badly want his hands to be on different parts on me. As if he could read my mind, I feel his hands move lower to my hips and now he's putting sunscreen there and then I feel his hands on the skin where my bikini doesn't cover my ass and he's putting sunscreen there, just to tease me and I let out a giggle.
"Feel good?" He asks me and I nod my head, feeling his hands run down the back of my legs. I don't ever burn under the sun, so there was really no point in putting sunscreen on me, but I would never miss this. I would risk all the sunscreen in the world just to have this feeling every time I went to the beach.
"Lets have some fun in the water." Mr. Milks says after he's made my body feel like its been touched by a sex god and I turn onto my back and see he's extending a hand for me. I take his hand which is warm and smooth and he hoists me onto my feet easily and then hold my hand as we walk down the beach toward the sand. The hot sand tickles my toes and makes me smile uncontrollably and I notice around here there are a lot of guys who are scanning me and winking at me like crazy. I keep my eyes off them though to keep them hanging and it seems Tyler (HA used his name :) ) has sensed their eyes on me because he walks in front of me for a moment.
"Hop on my back spider monkey." He says chuckling and I laugh, jumping up and clinging to his shoulders and his arms support my legs as I wrap my legs around his hips. Then he starts running and I laugh out loud, feeling the fresh air hit me and he makes his way toward the water with me on his back and right before we hit the water, I hear him laugh and the water hits my feet, then my legs and then my hips. He walks farther into the water and in a swift movement, he swings me around his body so he's holding me like a bride and his grin mesmerizes me.
His face is completely flawless and I can't believe I have this guy all to myself. To claim my prize, I lift my head to kiss him and he kisses me back. The water engulfs us, making its way higher up my body as he kisses me more and more as we get deeper into the water. I nibble at his lip gently, wanting him in me since we haven't had sex in over two weeks and I sense he feels the same way because he cups my ass, squeezing me gently, a moan escaping my lips and I go into his arms more comfortably so that I'm wrapping my legs around his hips. the upbeat music makes my veins bump and my nerves tingle and soon enough the water is up to our necks.
Playing with him, I unravel in his arms and sink into the water so he can't find me and I open my eyes in the water, objects around me blurry but I know where Tyler is because I can see the white and blue of his shorts. I can hear him laughing above the water and see that he's making his way closer to me. Swimming backwards, he's now swimming faster, making me smile and he catches my foot, pulling me toward him and I rise my head out of the water, my blond wet hair falling over my shoulders and he grins down at me.
"Its gonna take a lot more than that to escape me, princess." He smiles, tickling my ribs and a loud laugh bursts from my lips and I squirm around. He knows I'm uncontrollably ticklish there, shame on him for knowing my weakness ;)
"No- no- too ticklish-" I laugh swatting his hands under the water from my ribs and he laughs with me, pulling me closer and closer. When we are both panting from laughter, with our faces centimeters apart, I feel his eyes on me and I look up at him smiling.
"Someone's hard." I whisper up at him, cupping him and I notice the parting of his lips as if he wants me too much and I wink at him, unzipping his shorts.
"Are you sure?" He asks glancing around at all the people around us and I giggle, nodding at him.
"I'm pretty sure a lot more people are doing this." I bite my lip, smiling at him and he just chuckles, then nods and helps me unzip his shorts and I push the bottom of my bikini to the side and feel his shaft rest on the opening of my pussy and then he pushes inside, making me inhale and I hold my breath as he pushes his large load into my body. I cling to his shoulders, letting the tingling sparking sensation build up inside me and as soon as he starts thrusting his hips, I let the small pants escape my mouth and he holds my waist, thrusting harder into me. For every thrust sends a powerful tight feeling and Mr. Milks' breathe on my shoulder turns me on even more.
"I've missed this." He says, his voice a little lower, making it all the more pleasuring and I smile, kissing his neck and kissing him up his jawline and around his neck. Thrusting into me even faster, I feel climax reaching me and I pant out harder now, noticing eyes on us but I just smile at them. I couldn't care less if people were watching us, this was feeling too amazing to even consider stopping and Tyler's finger rubs and teases my clit, making me gasp out and lean back so I can see his face. His tongue sticked out slightly between his pearly white teeth looks utterly adorable and as he looks as my face, he gives me a big smile and I feel climax hitting me.
"Fuck- I'm gonna-" I choke out, tightening myself so that he reaches climax too and he pulls out of me, spasming in the water and I go a little limp in his arms. I lean forward, resting my cheek on his shoulder and I know he's smiling, because he chuckles as if that was great.
"Trust me honey, we aren't done yet. Let's get to the changing rooms." Energy fills me when he says this and with a smile, he pulls up his shorts and we make our way back to the beach.

I hope you guys enjoyed that and I'm sorry if that was short, but I wanted to make sure people were still interested in this story and I promise that if people are, I will make the next part longer. Please comment if you want me to go on! :)

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Rubbing my teacher's pussy with my foot under

Back during school in my Senior Year (Year), I had parent-teacher interviews at my school. Anyways, I was there waiting for the student before me to finish up with my psychology teacher (Alias: Mrs. San) but as I was waiting, I looked over at her and she was wearing a nice and beautiful short red dress. As I was staring at her, I noticed her legs were spread open a bit so I looked and as I was looking, I didn't only just see the sexy as thighs, I saw her nice clean shaved brown pussy. I continuously stared at her pussy for about 2 and a half minutes straight.

When my mother and I were there sitting with Mrs. San, they were discussing about my education and stuff. So while those two were talking, I slowly took my shoe off quietly and then started to rub my right foot on her thighs. She jumped a little bit then I winked at her. Instead of resisting, she opened her legs out more so I went deeper inside and rubbed on her pussy. She had one hand on the desk and the other pushing my big toe deeper into her cunt. I noticed she wanted to just squeal, scream and have that orgasm feeling but she had to hold it inside. I could see her rubbing her tits for a few seconds.

After the interview was over, she wanted me to 'talk' to her in private so I told my mum to go home, I could walk back home. Mrs. San and I decided to go to her private office after my mum left. Before we even closed the door, we started going at it. I picked her up which kissing her and threw her up onto the desk where I would open up her dress and eat, rub and lick the juices out of her beautiful pussy. She started moaning out loud, whispering to me "god Brodie, I can truly see why you're my favourite student. Wow, you are amazing." After a few minutes, she needed to suck off my cock which was feeling the hardest ever. She sucked, rubbed, licked, choked and gagged on my cock.

The moment I said "wow miss, you have given me the best blowy ever", she sat up, pushed me onto her chair and sat on top of my cock. Most of the time, she was kissing me and moaning at the same time while sitting on top of me. As she bounced up and down, I rubbed my face into her big jiggling tits and spanking her ass cheeks.

For a while, we kept fucking in different positions such as missionary, doggy style, girl on top, facesitting, 69, etc. As I was in the doggy style, I told her I was about to cum. I asked "can i cum in your pussy baby?" She replied "nah, don't cum in me. Cum all over these tests papers." I immediately pulled out my cock and came all over these test papers for her other classes. She thought it was over but I laid down on the floor and told her to sit on my face.

She sat on my face, moving a bit to slide her pussy up and down on my tongue and teeth. About 10 minutes later, she was starting to cum. What made her closer was the vibration of my mouth onto her pussy, she felt like there was a vibrator in my mouth. She came all over my mouth then I kissed her afterwards. Then we gave each other our emails, phone numbers and home addresses so we can meet up again and do it all over. :D P.s. she promised to give me an A or A+ for my exam and she did.
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With a relieved sigh, I put aside the last of the freshman essays, happy to finally be done with them. I glanced at the clock on the wall and was pleased to see that it was six-thirty. Just thirty more minutes to go. It was Parent-Teacher Conference night and although initially, I had had a slew of parents pass through, the last hour or so, things had been slow. I had put the time to good use and was looking forward to a long weekend without having to grade any papers.

"Mister Hamill?" I looked up and saw a woman's head peeking around the doorway. "Have you got a minute?" She looked vaguely familiar as she stepped into the room. Early forties, with dark brown hair, and a pert nose, she was a little on the plump side...maybe ten pounds if that, but it fit her well, filling her out in all the right places. Her black jeans fit her snugly and her black blouse was unbuttoned just enough to advertise that she had a spectacular pair of breasts. She was wearing three inch heels and knew how to walk in them...something that I think is becoming rarer as the years pass.

I stood up and gestured to the computer chair I had placed by my desk. "Absolutely, please have a seat." I was about to ask her who she was when I realized she was being followed by another person and I smiled and realized why she looked familiar. "You're Kelsey's mother?" I asked.

The young lady who followed her in was Kelsey Page, one of my Senior Honors English students. There was a great resemblance between the two in their faces...especially the slope of the noses and the tiny clefts in their chins and their dark, almost black eyes. The resemblance more or less ended with their faces. Kelsey was taller than her mother with a lean, shapely body...the kind that makes a fifty year old man remember his youth with more than a touch of wistfulness.

"Yes, I am," the woman replied, extending her hand which I shook...her skin warm and soft to the touch. "I'm Michelle Page."

"I'm very pleased to meet you," I replied. She took the offered seat while Kelsey slipped lithely into a student desk-chair combination and offered me that typical mortified gesture that I've seen a thousand times over the years when I've encountered my students and their parents together.

I reached out and flipped open my grade book, not really needing to check on Kelsey's grade, she was one of my best students and in the running for Valedictorian. "Let's see," I began, pretending to scan her grades. I looked up and smiled at her mother. "No problems here. Kelsey's one of my best students...she's maintaining a ninety-nine average and may be the finest essay writer I've had in the last twenty-five years. You should be proud. You've raised a fine young woman."

Both mother and daughter glowed with pleasure at my words and I could see that my student's beauty had been passed down from her mother. "Thank you," Michelle replied, glancing back to smile at her daughter. "She loves your class and you're her favorite teacher."

Kelsey blushed at her mother's words, no doubt a little embarrassed and to be honest, I felt a little heat in my face as well. The young woman grinned at me, the tip of her tongue peeking out the way it did when she was pleased by something...the act somehow evoking feelings deep within me...feelings of arousal that I have no doubt that every middle-aged male teacher gets when he's around such sexy and nubile young girls. I should probably have felt more guilt for my lecherous thoughts, but...hey, she was eighteen, so my guilt wasn't too bad.

"Well, Kelsey's a joy to work with and it's been my experience that that's the work of her parents. You and your husband get all the credit."

Now it was Michelle Page's turn to blush and throwing her daughter a sidelong glance, she said, "Well, actually, I guess I'll take all the credit. Kelsey's daddy walked out on us ten years ago." She rolled her eyes and gave her shoulders a little shrug as if to say, "What are you going to do?"

"Sorry," I murmured. Then I sat up straighter and said, "Then my hat is off to you, Ms. Page. You've done a spectacular job raising Kelsey."

Again, she glowed with pleasure and for a moment, there was an awkward silence before she began asking questions about the Honor's Final and wanting my opinion about Kelsey's university choices. We talked for several minutes before the conversation ended again with an awkward silence.

Michelle started to stand up, but stopped and laughed as she said, "Oh, I understand we were both at the same ACDC concert when we were young!"

Kelsey laughed and then I did too, feeling my face heat up again. I recalled one day earlier in the Fall, regaling my students with the story of how the guitarist Angus Young had showered me with sweat (along with everyone else), when he'd been carried around the arena by roadies during the Black & Blue tour. "Really?" I replied. "Did your parents bring you to the concert? You were what...five or six?" Inwardly, I winced, realizing how what I'd said sounded like a corny pick-up line. Still, that had been 1980 and I'd been nineteen.

Michelle put her hand to her mouth and giggled and said, "No...I was um, f******n." She glanced at her daughter again and then said in an embarrassed tone. "I snuck out of the house." She turned back to her daughter and said in a mocking tone as she playfully shook her finger at Kelsey, "You didn't hear that, young lady."

Kelsey rolled her eyes as only a teenager can do and said, "God, I didn't already know you were a wild c***d." The young woman turned to me and said, "You should see her rock concert T-shirt collection, Mister Hamill...she has a dresser drawer full of them. I think she was at every rock concert that came through Indianapolis!"

I grinned and began an exchange with her mother as we each offered up various bands from the early 1980s, nodding and laughing as we recalled each one. "REO – 1981?" "Yep...Van Halen – '83?" "Oh yeah, and in '88! Judas Priest in 82?" At one point we both looked at each other and said, "Ozzy...Crazy Train!" at the same time.

I shook my head. "Great shows all and some crazy days." Sighing, I said, "I wish I still had some of those concert shirts, but I pretty much wore them out."

Michelle nodded and replied, "I know, I still have most of mine, but a lot of them you can practically see right through."

I sorta gawped at her comment, suddenly envisioning her wearing a nearly worn through T-shirt with those magnificent breasts. I felt my cock twitch a little at the thought. Kelsey giggled, "Jeez, Mom!" while realization of what she said dawned on her mother's face.

With her face turning bright red, Michelle started to speak, but was interrupted by the principal's voice coming over the intercom, announcing that "It is now Seven o'clock and our Parent-Teacher conference is now concluded. I'd like to wish students, their families and all our teachers a wonderful three day weekend."

The announcement gave Kelsey's mother a moment to recover and she stood up and said, "Well, we should let you go home. I'm sure you've had a long day. Thank you for your time." She paused and grinned as she added, "And thanks for the stroll down memory lane."

I offered her my hand which she shook as I replied, "Definitely my pleasure, Ms. Page. You two have a wonderful weekend." I looked to her daughter, looking lovely in a short, flared skirt that showed off her long, toned legs. "See you on Monday, Kelsey."

Mother and daughter retreated to the door where Michelle stopped and turned back, an odd, almost nervous look on her face. "I don't know if you've heard, but do you know who's playing at the Barclay Club tomorrow night?" The Barclay was an old nightclub fixture in downtown Indianapolis that often featured old, once famous bands still out there grinding out their music in small venues.

When I shook my head, she said, "Kansas, remember them?"

I smiled at the memory of some of their songs..."Carry On, My Wayward Son" and "Point of No Return" and especially, "Dust in the Wind." I hadn't heard most of them in a long time. "Really? I might have to check that out."

Michelle smiled at me and nodded as she said, "Well, maybe I'll see you there." She shot me the briefest of winks and putting her arm through her daughter's arm, strolled out, leaving me wondering if I had just been flirted with.

I replayed the whole meeting with Kelsey and her mother in my head as I packed up my briefcase and headed for my car. I still couldn't make up my mind if she had been flirting with me or not. The truth was, I was out of practice. I was twelve years still recovering from a bitter divorce from my first wife who'd been unfaithful and a credit card addict to boot. I had avoided women in general – in part out of anger and in part because I had been close to broke as I struggled to pay off debts she'd accrued. By the time I had regained my footing financially, I'd pretty much grown out of the habit of interacting with women outside of work.

I still appreciated the opposite sex and had had a few brief relationships, but mostly the last few years, I'd satisfied my needs with my hand while fantasizing about various students and fellow female teachers. And yes, more than once, I had masturbated thinking about Kelsey with her long legs and full, pert breasts that jutted out so entrancingly against her T-shirts and blouses.

I slept in the next day, savoring the rare Friday off, waking up and feeling horny, remembering vaguely that I had had a series of dirty dreams. I spent most of the day taking care of various errands around the house...laundry, dishes, the bathroom...all the things that a bachelor tends to let slide.

As the afternoon grew long, I kept thinking back to Michelle Page and that wink and all the naughty thoughts her obviously innocent words had produced and as it grew dark in the early Fall evening, I found myself searching for a place to park in the Barclay's parking lot, having showered and shaved, wearing blue jeans and a Colts jersey. After squeezing my little Ford Mustang into a tight spot, I paid admission and walked into the loud nightclub. Kansas had just started its set and I was pleased to see that they could still do "Point of No Return" right.

They were performing on a stage at the bottom of a circular amphitheater, surrounded by bleacher seats and small tables where people who were mostly my age or even a little older were moving to the music. Part of me was wondering if we'd still be rocking out when we were all using walkers. Part of me knew that answer was a resounding, "Fuck yes!" I found an open spot at a bar that looked over and down the stage, giving me a reasonably good view of the dimly lit club. People were dancing here and there...mostly at the bottom of the amphitheater. I looked for Michelle as I scanned the room, not seeing anyone I knew.

The music was better than I would have hoped for and by the time I was working on my second beer, I was over any disappointment at not seeing Michelle. My nostalgia for my youth grew as I became more relaxed and then expanded as the unmistakable and sweet aroma of marijuana wafted by. I had to laugh a little. I hadn't toked reefer in nearly twenty years.

I had turned in my seat to order another beer when I felt a hand drop on my shoulder and heard someone holler, "Mister Hamill! Hi!" I turned and found myself looking at Kelsey Page, looking gorgeous and sexy in tight blue jeans and a black bustier top that lifted her young breasts up for display, baring almost the top half of her firm globes. She was waving a beer bottle in one hand and was sporting a silly grin. "Mom has almost given up on you!" She pointed down below into the amphitheater out of my line of sight and said, "Come down and join us."

My teacher instincts kicked in as I quashed the raw lust I suddenly felt for this lovely teenager and I tried to eye her beer bottle with a disapproving stare. Kelsey followed my gaze down to the bottle in her hand and giggled before she caught me off guard, stepping up close and leaning her body into mine as she whispered into my ear, "Don't bust me, Mister Hamill. Mom got me in!" I felt my cock jerk with excitement and my stomach flipped-flopped as I felt her lips brush my ear as she spoke.

I was still in shock when she moved back and took my hand and with a jerk of her head, sending her dark, red streaked hair swirling, said, "C'mon. Mom is going to be thrilled to see you!" I was helpless to refuse, not that I wanted to and so I found myself being led down into the amphitheater, Kelsey deftly weaving through the crowd of mostly middle-aged folks like myself.

We stopped so abruptly at a small square table that I bumped into Kelsey from behind, her firm butt feeling marvelous as it collided with my front, an erection threatening to emerge. She glanced over her shoulder at me in surprise and then giggled as she turned around and tapped a woman sitting with her back to us on the shoulder. Over the din of one of Kansas' later tunes, she shouted, "Mom, check out who I found!"

Michelle turned and saw me standing there, a slightly uncomfortable grin on my face and she jumped up and threw her arms around me and gave me a quick hug, surprising me a little with her overt familiarity...not that I actually minded as I felt her large breasts rubbing against my chest. "Mister Hamill, you came after all!" she shouted as she let me go and took a step back with a silly grin beaming on her face.

Her eyes were a little unfocused and a quick glance at the table confirmed some empty bottles, so I reckoned she was a few ahead of me. Part of my mind chided me for focusing so damned much on how much beer was being d***k and reorganized my thinking, aided by Michelle bouncing a little on her feet and gesturing to her chest as she crowed, "Ta-Da! From my priceless collection!"

Like her daughter, Michelle was wearing tight fitting blue jeans, but with an old black concert shirt that was nearly faded to gray. Tattered and peeled print told me that it was from a Styx concert, but what drew my attention to it was that even in the dimly lit room, I could tell how worn out and threadbare it was. Bought for someone who had been more slender in 1982 or 1983, it was stretched more than skin tight across her considerable chest, leaving no doubt that she was braless, her nipples standing erect like proud, stubby soldiers on duty against the tattered material. Here and there were small rips and separations and I sensed that under better light, I would be able to see brief, tantalizing glimpses of her bare flesh.

I felt my cock responding to the very lovely and womanly visage before me, growing larger by the second while I grinned stupidly at her and tried to think of something to say, finally settling for, "Hi! You look great!"

Kansas had started up one of their last hits, "Play the Game" and Michelle was moving to the music as she moved towards me again and pulled me towards the table. "Come have a seat with me. Do you need another beer, Mister Hamill?" She grinned at her daughter who was looking at us both with amusement. "Kelsey, think you can get us both another beer, hon?"

I nodded and said, "I'd love one, but please call me John."

Kelsey laughed and said, "Beers coming right up, Mom...John." She paused and her forehead wrinkled as she seemed to consider something. She shook her head, her mahogany and red tresses falling over her face before she brushed them back. "Nope, I can't do that. You're Mister Hamill to me." She waved goodbye and moved upwards into the crowd as Michelle pulled me into a seat and slid her chair close to mine.

"Well, I like the sound of your name. suits you." She reached out and put her hand on mine. "I was hoping you'd show up tonight. I really enjoyed meeting you at the parent-teacher conference and doing that trip down memory lane."

"I enjoyed it too," I hollered over the music. I was kind of glad that in the dim light of the club, she couldn't see me blushing from my awkwardness. "I'd hoped I would run into you tonight." I paused and then added, "I was surprised to see Kelsey with you though," immediately regretting having said it – hating those moments when the responsible teacher came out in me. I had no business judging other parents decisions.

Michelle didn't seem to mind, sticking her tongue out at me and saying, "No big deal...she's eighteen and at least I know where she's at, right? Better she have a few beers with me than out running the road with some eighteen year old pile of male hormones with his attention on her tits rather than the road."

She laughed as my jaw dropped open in surprise at her frank comments. She finished off the beer in front of her and said, "I know, I know. I'll never be parent of the year, but hell...we were k**s too once, right and when we were eighteen, you could at least drink beer – at least that pissy 3.2 swill."

I laughed and recalled the days before the drinking age was kicked up to twenty-one. "Sorry, I've no right to sound judgmental and besides, you've already got my vote for parent of the year. She's a great k**!"

Michelle beamed with pride and nodding her head, replied, "Thank you." She let out a long sigh. "But, she's not a k** anymore...I've got a young woman on my hands now. I thought I worried about her when she was five."

She squeezed my hand and I rolled mine over so we could intertwine our fingers and lock them together. Her flesh felt almost arousing warmth that seemed to flow and spread into my body. Looking into her eyes, I saw something wild and restless there and my cock pulsed in my jeans in response. Nearly dry-mouthed, I said, "I'm not worried about her. She has a great mother who raised her right."

Michelle beamed at me again and squeezed my hand tight. Then she shook her head back and forth and said, "Listen to us. There's rock music booming and we're acting like a couple of square old farts. We're at a rock concert, we need to be grooving to the music – dancing and kissing and getting down!" She jumped to her feet, her barely contained breasts bouncing happily as she held out her hand and said, "Dance with me, John!"

Feeling awkward and shy, I nevertheless stood up and took her free hand and we not so well because I hadn't done it in so long, but also because Kansas's music wasn't exactly great for dancing and in part because I was very distracted by this buxom beauty that I scarcely knew, but who seemed to very interested in me. I tried to match her shimmying movements, nearly awestruck by her graceful and sexy moves, but mostly I worked at not falling over my own feet.

Kansas suddenly transitioned from a fast moving rocker to the more lyrical and slower Dust in the Wind and Michelle followed suit, transition from a body quaking dynamo to moving into me, her arms going around my neck as she pressed her body into mine, her breasts flattening out against my damp Colts shirt while we moved to the music...not exactly slow dancing, but slow enough that I could keep pace with her...not that I wanted to allow her to move away. It had been a long time, but suddenly I found my arms full of a luscious...voluptuous woman and I most definitely liked it.

My head was swimming a little as I hadn't been with someone that moved this fast...flirted this furiously for many, many years. This combined with her reckless attitude with her daughter created a nagging voice in the back of my head that said I was heading for trouble. That voice was greatly muted as she slowly ground her body against me, her breasts dragging against my chest so that I could feel her hardened nipples.

Michelle stared up at me, capturing me with those dark eyes of hers...drawing me in so that I could get a sense of her face with that cute nose and those thick, luscious lips and then she smiled at me, the tip of her tongue peeking out just as her daughter's did when she was pleased about something or had been praised in class. I felt my cock twitch in my pants, pressed against her stomach and wondered if she could feel it throbbing, betraying my aroused state.

"This is nice," she said, raising her voice just enough to be heard. "I'm not moving too fast for you, am I?"

I wasn't sure if she was talking about the speed of our dancing or her actions as a whole, but in the end, I was fine with both and said, "Nope. I'm having a fine time, Michelle!"

She looked pleased and purred back, ", we've got as far as the dancing. Would you think I'm being forward if I asked for a kiss?"

That surprised me a little, but I shook my head and said, "I'd love to kiss you, but you should know, I'm a little out of practice and might not get it right."

Michelle giggled and replied, "Not a problem...I'm a firm believer in practicing something until you get it right...that's why Kelsey is such a good student, she practices until she has things down perfect."

Her comments, especially bringing her daughter into it, was sort of shocking, but also titillating and I tried to respond at her level of teasing by saying, "Sounds good to me, especially if I have a good teacher helping me."

She grinned at me and licking her full lips, answered, "Oh honey, I will rock your world. I felt her breasts dragging upwards on my chest and her stomach sliding up along my cock filled jeans as she rose up on tip-toe and pressed her lips against mine. I expected a chaste kiss at least initially, but her mouth was open from the get-go, and in surprise, I opened my mouth in response to the furious assault from her tongue which quickly found my own and I found myself kissing her with more passion than I had possessed in a long time.

As Michelle and I dueled wet tongues, my hands on their own, somehow found their own way from her waist to her hips and I cupped and squeezed her butt cheeks as she worked herself against me. I could feel the bl**d pounded in my head as she finally slipped her tongue from my mouth and with our lips almost meeting, said to me, "Nothing wrong with your kissing, get an 'A+' but just to be sure...let's keep practicing."

We resumed kissing, our tongues coming together in lewd fashion before our lips touched, enjoying the feel and taste of each other. Pulling herself against me tighter, Michelle drew one leg up along mine and then curled it around my left leg, grinding her crotch against my thigh. Even though the club was warm and humid, it seemed to me as if her crotch was hot. I quivered with sudden hunger for this woman that I barely knew and kissed her harder and more fervently, drawing an approving and muted moan from her. We both had our eyes open, staring at each other, recognizing our lust mirrored in the other's image.

The song faded away and was followed by applause and we still slowly danced and kissed, not really conscious of the rest of the world until I heard some fellow with a deep bass voice bellow, "Get a room, you horndogs!"

Michelle giggled into my mouth and we both broke the kiss, both of us gasping for air as we let each other go and took a step back to look at each other with a lot of desire and a little wonder at the sudden development of physical attraction. I suddenly realized the lights had come up a little and indeed, Michelle's T-shirt was so threadbare that her breasts were nearly completely exposed – in places the fabric just barely holding together and I struggled to not focus solely on them which she noticed with a wicked grin on her face. A voice announced from speakers overhead that Kansas was taking a break and would return in half an hour for a second set.

I stepped up to Michelle and said, "That, that was wonderful."

She took my hand and drew it to her face and said, "Yes, it was," before kissing the back of my hand. She then guided me back to our table where we found Kelsey sitting, watching us with a grin that looked as evil as her mother's.

She blinked her eyes in a poor imitation of blithe innocence and said, "Well, I guess you two aren't having any problems getting acquainted."

We slipped into chairs opposite the young girl and Michelle giggled again and said, "Well, sweetie, I always told you I was a wild c***d!"

Kelsey rolled her eyes with mock exasperation and said, "Yeah, but it's different when you actually see your mother in action!" She slid two bottles of beer over to us. "It looks like you both could use something to cool off."

Michelle and I looked at each other and broke out laughing like embarrassed teenagers caught necking and then clinked our bottles together before we each took a sip.

Kelsey studied us both, a grin on her face before she turned to me and said, "I don't know if Mom told you, Mister Hamill, but she's developed a crush on you."

"Really?" I said even as her mother told her to behave.

Michelle's daughter nodded and went on, saying, "Oh yeah. I kept coming home and telling her how cool your class was and how cool you were, how good looking." I felt my skin begin to burn again as the teenager looked coyly at me and added, "And then I showed Mom your picture in last year's yearbook and she fell head over heels for you!"

Michelle took a sip of her beer and said in a serious tone. "I said he was sexy hot, Kelsey...not that I fell in love with him." She reached out with her free hand to grasp my hand again. "Not that falling for him would be all that hard to do." She ran a fingernail over the top of my hand, smiling coyly at me.

"Maybe you should cool your jets a little, Mom," Kelsey said smugly. "You might scare him away."

I stepped into the conversation and said, "Well, things might be moving a little fast, but I'm not planning to run away."

Kelsey's mom smiled at me, still gently scratching my hand with her fingernail and replied, "That's good, John. I hope that this night is just getting started."

We looked at each other for a long time silently...maybe too long because Kelsey said again in that tone of exasperation that only teenagers can muster, "God...go ahead and kiss each other again. I know you're dying too!"

Michelle watched me expectantly and suddenly, I didn't want to disappoint her. I scooted my chair a little closer and leaned into her, sliding my arm around her waist and pulling her to me. We kissed again, Michelle's mouth open and welcoming as our lips met. As before, we both kept our eyes open as we kissed – our tongues already moving together with familiar intimacy. Once in a while, I could see her quickly glance over at Kelsey and my eyes would follow to see the teenager looking at us with great interest and maybe even a little bit of envy, her tongue peeking out to worry at her lips.

When the kiss ended, I ran my tongue over my lips, savoring every bit of Michelle's taste and then gave Kelsey an awkward and embarrassed grin. She gave me that evil grin that she must have inherited from her mother and said, "What's wrong, Mister Hamill?"

I started to reply, then hesitated. How to put all my emotions into words? Here I was, basically making out with a woman I barely knew, but who I already was dying to get into her pants, kissing her in front of her daughter who happened to be in one of my classes and was herself dressed somewhere between sexy and slutty and who was responsible in part for the throbbing erection in my jeans, along with her lusty mother.

Finally, I managed to stammer, "I, um...well, I don't think I've ever French-kissed one of my student's mother least not in front of her."

Kelsey shrugged, making her large, youthful breasts bounce a little in that bustier outfit of hers and said, "It doesn't bother me. You both seemed to be enjoying yourselves. I reckon you must be a good kisser."

"Oh yeah, he is that!" murmured Michelle.

Kelsey shrugged again, her smile seeming to hint that she knew what her movements made her breasts do and that she enjoyed showing them off to me. "I'm happy for you guys. I love my Mom and all I want is to see her happy and I think you're a great guy. If you two hook up, I'll be thrilled." She glanced at her mother and shot her a sly wink.

Michelle scooted a little closer to me so that her leg was pressing against mine. She dropped her hand on my upper leg as she said, "Don't be shy around Kelsey. We've never kept secrets from each other...after all that we've been through, we're too close to do that." She smiled at her daughter, the love that she had for her clearly evident and said, "She knows exactly how horny her mother can get and has never judged me." Her hand stroked up and down my upper thigh, coming dangerously close to the bulge of my erect cock as she added, "And she knows that I'll never judge her."

On the stage, the members of Kansas were again beginning to gather and after staring at them for a moment, Michelle said, "I'm glad we came here tonight, but we've heard most of their hits. How about we get out of here and get something to eat? Maybe someplace quieter where we can talk?"

"Sounds great to me," I replied. "Kelsey?" I asked, looking her way.

She shrugged again, I think for my benefit so I could see her fine, pert breasts bounce yet again and said, "I think I've had enough of the classics for one night. I want a cheeseburger!"

I told them I knew just the place and we weaved our way through the crowd, Michelle holding hands with both of us. I felt like a proud, preening peacock as I led them out, seeing many of the men there eyeing mother and daughter with interest and looking at me in envy or in confusion as to how some average, middle-aged guy had wound up with two gorgeous women.

Michelle asked me to drive as I had only had a couple of beers while she had gotten several bottles ahead while waiting for me to show up. I had no problem with that and led them back to my one vanity possession – a '68 Mustang Fastback. It had been one of the few things I'd walked away from my divorce with...back then, being little more than a shell. Much of my time since had been spent restoring my Mustang.

Both ladies were very impressed with my metallic blue Ford, although Kelsey fussed a little as she clambered into the back seat. "Wow, this is really cramped," she muttered as she bent over and wiggled her way different points offering a premium view of her tight, blue-jean clad ass and then as she pulled herself in, appeared to almost have her firm breasts fall out of her bustier.

I felt my face burning as I looked up from the view of her breasts on display to see her mother watching me with amusement while she told Kelsey, "Don't complain to me about how tight it is in the back – I think you were conceived in the back of a Mustang just like this...only it was painted green."

I held the door open for Michelle and she got in after pausing to give me a quick, but very wet kiss. As I climbed in and fired the engine up, Michelle scooted over as close to me as she could in her bucket seat and said, "You know, some people say when a guy owns a car like this, he must be compensating for something else." She glanced back at her daughter who was hovering close to us on the edge of the back seat and in full view of Kelsey, reached over and ran her hand over the bulge in my jeans, assessing the size of my erection. Giggling, she turned and looked back at Kelsey and said, "Nope...not compensating for anything here!" Then, in a slightly softy and huskier voice, she said, "Very nice, John!"

My ears were singing as the bl**d pounded in my head, my face feeling like it was on fire as I tried to get my mind around the fact that a student's mother had just blatantly groped me in front of her daughter. I tried to laugh it off and leered at Michelle and admonished her jokingly to, "Behave now, I don't need any more distractions than you two ladies while I'm driving."

Both ladies giggled at my comments as I moved through the eastern side of Indianapolis until we reached a well known burger joint, its rundown appearance being no indication of the quality of the food. Soon, we were chowing down on the best burgers in town as we talked. I discovered that Michelle was a Nurse-practitioner in an ER in a local hospital and had been married once...divorcing Kelsey's father after he abandoned them when Kelsey was seven years old. She had been working as a secretary for an insurance agency, but went back to school for her medical degree while working and raising Kelsey.

"Wow...that had to be hard and the fact that you obviously did a fantastic job raising her says a lot." I looked at Kelsey who was sitting next to her mother across the booth from me, the two of them a vision of youthful and mature sensual beauty. "You must be proud of your Mom."

Mother and daughter eyed each other, smiling affectionately at each other and then Kelsey replied, "She's the greatest! I'm glad things were the way they were. It just made us closer!"

Michelle glowed with love and motherly pride. She leaned over and kissed her daughter on the corner of her mouth and said, "We did it together...just the two of us. I love her more than anything!"

Kelsey blushed and shivered a bit and reached out and squeezed her mother's hand. "I love you, Mom," she murmured and leaned in and kissed her mother back, a little more fully on the lips than the previous kiss." Both were blushing a little now and I felt a little flushed. I hoped my face didn't reflect how erotic my view was...the two sexily dressed women kissing was turning me on and somehow, knowing that they were mother and daughter made it even hotter.

Kelsey recovered first and looking at me speculatively, said, "But maybe...maybe Mom might find room for someone else in her life, Mister Hamill. You interested?"

It was Michelle's turn to be embarrassed. "Kelsey! And you're always complaining about how I lack subtlety!"

I laughed and said, "That's okay. I'll be honest...this evening has been like a wild roller coaster ride and my head is spinning, but..." I reached out and took Michelle's other hand in mine. "I like roller coasters and I'm having the time of my life."

Michelle's eyes went a little wide and her face softened a little with a joyful expression and she sighed, "Oh, John...that's so sweet! She stood up as best she could in the booth and leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, her tongue slipping into mine for a rousing kiss.

Between the background chatter in the diner and the wet noise of our kiss, I almost missed the soft, muted sound of tattered, worn cotton splitting and might have not even registered the noise if Kelsey hadn't said in a laughing voice, "Mom, I think you've had a wardrobe malfunction!"

Michelle broke the kiss, moving back to sit down as she looked down at the front of her T-shirt and made a funny "Eek!" sound as she and I both saw that her worn material of her shirt had split in a long line of maybe five inches where her left nipple had been nearly poking through the deteriorating fabric to reveal her swollen nipple – a dark nickel sized nub that was a half inch long as well as a sizable portion of her left breast. My aching cock let go with a sudden spurt of precum as it throbbed hungrily at the sudden appearance of a magnificent breast.

"Oops," I murmured, both sorry and pleased that I wasn't carrying a jacket to offer her some cover.

"Damn...and I liked this shirt. It was one of my favorites!" muttered Michelle as she tried to pull the torn cloth back together, but only proceeded to make it worse as the tear widened. "Damn!" she repeated and then looked up at me with a silly grin as she clapped her hand over her exposed breast and said, "I guess maybe you should run us home before I get arrested for indecent exposure!"

I glanced around and saw that a few other customers had noticed what had happened and were staring with great interest. "I doubt anyone is going to complain, Michelle," I said with a teasing tone, maybe happy to have someone else besides me feeling off-balance. "But, maybe we should get going."

I tossed down money for the food and tip and then led the ladies out, Michelle with a hand on my shoulder and another around my waist as she pressed herself against my back to minimize her lack of coverage. Glancing back, I saw she had an embarrassed but also proud expression on her face, acknowledging the winks and whistles of her new admirers in the diner.

Once we were back in my car and moving back across town, Michelle relaxed and dropped her hand away from her breast, leaving it exposed in the flickering light as we passed under street lights and by brightly lit business signs. That proved to be a distraction as I kept glancing over to admire the sloping curve of her breast and her swollen and delectable looking nipple.

At some point, I think I might have swerved slightly and she leaned close and said, "Pay attention to the road, sweetheart," even as she added an additional distraction by again dropping her hand into my lap and slowly rubbing my jean covered cock. From the back seat came amused giggling from Kelsey that did nothing to assuage the arousal I was feeling.

Finally, we arrived at their home – maybe a mile from my own small house. Michelle and Kelsey lived in a late nineteen twenties Craftsman style house that was well kept up with beds of now burgeoning flowers, responding to the unseasonably warm weather this early in the Spring.

Under the illumination of a bright streetlight, I could see that the rip in Michelle's T-shirt had widened and her entire breast, a lovely and meaty gourd-shaped tit was exposed. She turned in her seat to face me, unashamedly showing off her magnificent breast. "I think I speak for Kelsey when I say we've had a lovely time, John." Michelle murmured, her voice a little hoarse.

"It's been my pleasure, Michelle. I hope we can...see each other again...soon." I watched as her pleasure at my words seemed to make her nipple swell even more.

Michelle glanced back at her daughter in the backseat and from the edge of my vision, I sensed movement in my rearview mirror. Michelle licked her lips and said, "Would you like to come in, John?"

My heart was pounding with excitement, but I was trying to not go overboard and ruin the moment. " is getting late and I don't want to keep y'all up."

Michelle leaned in and with the one hand still resting on the bulge in my jeans, she reached out and turned off the motor and handed me the keys. In a voice that was low, but dripping with excitement, she said, "John, I want you to come in." She looked back at her daughter. "Kelsey doesn't mind in the least, do you, darling?"

"Nope!" came Kelsey's quick reply. "You two have been having a wonderful night...I don't see the point in stopping now." She was in shadow, but I knew that she was smiling – that her pleased, tongue peeking grin was on her face.

I reached out and stroked Michelle's face and replied, "Okay...let's go in!"

I climbed out and flipped up the seat for Kelsey and still complaining about the tight quarters back there, she wormed her way out, stumbling as she emerged to fall against me. I caught her, but suddenly found myself with my arms full of luscious, young woman. Kelsey pressed herself against me as she regained her balance and I was helpless and unable to resist looking down to see her breasts ready to spill out of her bustier...her aureoles now visible above the black fabric of her top.

She glanced down and then looked at me slyly as she murmured, "Whoops...sorry about that." She moved past me, her breasts dragging across my chest as she headed up the walk, digging house keys out of her tight jeans.

Still watching her, I came around and opened the door for Michelle, offering her a hand out of the car. Standing on the sidewalk, she put her arms around my neck and kissed me, unmindful about her exposed breast. When we finally untangled our tongues, she silently took my hand and led me up the walkway to her house. Kelsey had already gone ahead and up the steps to the concrete and stone porch and had unlocked their door and went in.

Michelle gave me a quick tour of the, bathroom, utility room, dining room and a surprisingly large living room and by the time we'd settled on the couch, Kelsey reappeared, carrying two more beers and a coke, handing off the beers to us as we settled on a large, overstuffed couch while she slipped into a large Lazy-Boy chair and kicked it back, her breasts again hinting at the possibility of falling out as she inclined backwards and grabbed a remote on a small table beside her.

Michelle kicked off her boots and curled up beside me, keeping the old concert shirt on, unashamed in the least of having a breast hanging out in the well lit room, brushing against my arm. She wrapped one arm through mine while the other rested again on my lap, slowly and visibly and slowly rubbing my erect cock in front of her daughter. That was both disconcerting and strangely exciting at the same time. Kelsey would glance over at us, smile at the spectacle of her mother cuddling intimately with her English teacher and then return her attention to the television.

We all barely spoke for the next hour as we watched reruns of a popular comedy – as well known for being sexually crude as it was for being funny – Kelsey giggling at the sexual innuendos while Michelle and I divided our time between watching and kissing. By the time it was over, Michelle had somehow gone from being curled up on my right side to sitting in my lap, her blue jean covered ass feeling sweet on my erection which once in a while she would wiggle around on.

I lost track of what I was doing sometimes during our making out – my hand wandering up to Michelle's bare tit as our tongues dueled while we kissed, cupping her heavy breast. Then Kelsey would giggle at something on the television or maybe at the spectacle that her mother and I were being and I would let my hand drop away. I would glance over at my teenage student guiltily and sometimes she met my gaze with a smile or a faintly interested expression and other times she was focused on the television, laughing or taking a sip of her soda.

Finally, she sat up in her recliner and clicked the television off with her remote. "I'm going to bed," she announced. She marched up to us, Michelle sitting comfortably on my lap and said, "I'm glad you two are hitting it off. You are my two most favorite people in the world!" Kelsey leaned down and kissed her mother on the lips, the two of them making their lips smack loudly as they did so. The young woman started to straighten up, but then hesitated and turned to me and bussed me on the corner of my mouth. "Goodnight, Mom," she said softly. "Goodnight, Mister Hamill."

She started to rise up again, but looked down at my hand which had retreated from her mother's breast and frowned. Then she grabbed my hand and placed it back atop her mother's exposed breast. "You don't have to hide the fact that Mom let you get to second base already, Mister Hamill," she said smugly. "I am totally cool with this." She patted my hand atop her mother's fleshy tit and said, "There...that's better!"

Kelsey then stood up and headed for the stairs. She turned and blew us a kiss. "Goodnight, Mom. I love you!" She climbed the first two steps and turned again and blew us another kiss and said, "I think I could love you too, Mister Hamill. Goodnight!" Before I could say a word, the teenaged girl was scooting up the stairs, breasts bouncing in her bustier, leaving her mother and I alone.

I looked down at my hand, fingers dug in slightly in Michelle's meaty breast. "Wow, she's really something, isn't she?"

Michelle stroked my face and replied, "You have no idea...she surprises me everyday." She kissed me again, gently and quickly, and looking down at my hand on her breast, added, "But enough about my sweet, sexy daughter, Mister Hamill. Would a certain teacher like to show a certain parent some special attention?"

"It would be my pleasure...the school system encourages a strong parent-teacher relationship," I replied before kissing her as my hand squeezed and caressed her exposed breast. As our tongued danced and probed, I enjoyed making Michelle shiver as I teased her swollen nipple with my hand, lightly sc****d her rubbery button with my palm. Without breaking the kiss, Michelle shifted around till she was sitting on top of me, straddling me as her thighs pressed into my legs from each side, gently rocking atop my jean clad erection.

I broke the kiss suddenly to duck my head down and took her swollen nipple between my lips, making Michelle moan as I sucked and used my tongue on the throbbing nub. As I nursed at her large tit, my hand was sliding over her other breast, squeezing it through the threadbare cotton of her T-shirt. I let her nipple slip from my lip as I heard a soft, ripping sound and realized that I had snagged a small hole and torn it open wider with an exploring finger.

Michelle was breathing hard and staring at me with dark, hooded eyes. "Sorry about that," I murmured, glancing down just long enough to confirm the tear, a three inch gash that revealed the upper swell of her still partly covered breast.

"Shirt's toast, anyway," Michelle hissed. "Go ahead and finish it. Tear my shirt off me."

Her offer of this pseudo-violent act sent a wave of arousal through me and with a snarl, I hooked my fingers into the ragged holes of her shirt and tore it wide open, completely exposing her lovely breasts. A couple more jerks and the shirt fell off her arms in tatters to fall on the floor while the woman in my lap moaned, her heavy breasts, like beautiful, heavy gourds heaving with excitement.

Michelle nearly growled as she placed her hands on my cheeks and pulled my face to her for a quick, wet kiss and then guided me down to her breasts, allowing me to nuzzle her fleshy tits, moaning happily as I licked and kissed my way over her meaty breasts, nuzzling and sucking at her thick, long nipples that I could feel throbbing with excitement as I rolled my tongue around and over them.

We were kissing again, juicy, messy kisses as our tongues writhed feverishly around each other in between slathering licks at each others lips. As we kissed, Michelle's hands worked furiously at my belt buckle, undoing the button on my jeans before she slid a little backwards on my legs and yanked my zipped down. I groaned as I felt her hand, warm and soft reach into my fly and into my shorts, searching for my erect cock.

Michelle broke the kiss and was suddenly on her knees, hands tearing my sneakers from my feet and then with the expertise that only a mother possesses, tugged my jeans down and off, flinging them and my shorts away as she triumphantly seized my freed penis in her hand. "Oh God, you are so big, John!" she moaned as she wrapped her long, slender fingers around my shaft and slowly stroked it. She moved in and blew warm air across my throbbing cock head. Michelle looked up at me wickedly and said, "You've been hard all night. Did I give you this erection or did Kelsey make you hard?"

This was a dangerous question, but I suddenly found myself not wanting to ever lie to this woman and I told her the truth, "It was both of you! I've never met a mother and daughter who were so sexy and hot!"

Michelle grinned, obviously pleased for my answer...because of my honesty or for some unknown perverse reason of her own, I hadn't a clue. "God, John. I am going to fuck your brains out," she panted. "But first..." Michelle leaned forward, her mouth opening wide and expertly wrapped her lips around the head of my penis and took me in her mouth, her tongue dancing wildly over my tumescent flesh.

"Oh my God!" I moaned as I felt Michelle take more of me into her mouth, swallowing inch after inch of my erection with practiced ease. My hands found their way into her dark hair, twisting her long tresses and tensing to keep her mouth on my cock. Michelle began to bob her head back and forth, moderating her pace in response to pressure from my guiding hands. Her dark eyes were fixed on my face, monitoring my expressions as she learned my most sensitive spots as her tongue rolled over the swollen glans. This woman knew what she was doing and she knew what she wanted.

After a couple of minutes of her sweet mouth on my hard dick, Michelle let me slip from her lips, the air seeming incredibly cold to my penis after residing in her hot mouth. Michelle smoothly rose to her feet, taking my hand and urging me up as she said, "I want you in my bed now...your cock in my pussy in my, John!"

I found myself being led to the stairs, Michelle shifting her hold on me from my hand to my cock even as I asked in a stuttering voice. "Are...are you sure? I mean, what about Kelsey...should we...with her in the house?" Inwardly, I cursed that teacher mentality of mine, wanting to shut it up, but seemingly unable to do so.

Michelle began to guide me up the steps, slowly taking them one by one walking backwards as she said, "Kelsey won't mind, John. Hell, she'll probably be fingering herself as we fuck, hearing us." Her evil grin grew as she added, "And she will hear us, John. This cock is going to make me're going to make me scream, teacher man and you know it!"

I was speechless, stunned and aroused by her lewd and frank words. Just when I thought I might reply, Michelle suddenly sat down on the stairs about halfway up and said, "I have to suck this beautiful cock again." She guided me to her lips and began sucking my dick loudly, making wet slurping noise. My head was spinning as I suddenly wondered what Kelsey would make of this scene being played out on the stairs of her home – her mother naked from the waist up, sucking the very erect cock of her teacher who was naked from the waist down.

The thought of the teenage girl seeing her mother and me in such a carnal spectacle nearly made me lose control and I had to withdraw from Michelle's mouth. "I am about to explode," I gasped, Michelle's knowing grin telling me I didn't have to explain why.

She rose to her feet again, wrapping fingers around my saliva coated cock and said, "I wouldn't mind, honey. I expect to taste your sweet spunk soon enough, but maybe there are other places I'd like to have you cum in first." Her frank and lewd words nearly made me cum in her hands, but somehow I held off. Maybe it had been the beers, I'd had earlier...I was always a little slower to cum after a few drinks.

Michelle led me down a hallway, a grandfather clock ticking calmly as we passed by. A door was shut, but I heard music playing lowly and again my cock flirted with cumming as I realized that we were passing Kelsey's bedroom. We stopped at the next door down and Michelle swung the door open and led me inside. All around the room were several candles, lit and flickering and Michelle stared at them in mute surprise. There was no need to flip on the lights as the shimmering candlelight provided us with more than adequate light and lent the room a more intimate and romantic feel.

Shaking her head, her voice, filled with emotion, Michelle said softly, "That k**...she never ceases to amaze me!"

I looked around and nodded at the candles resting on a shelf, high above the bed, the smell of jasmine thick in the air. "Kelsey did this? She knew you and I would be coming up here?"

Michelle nodded and replied, "That girl is such a romantic and I guess she wanted to do something special for us." She grinned wolfishly at me and slipped her arms around me and said, "Well, let us not disappoint her, teacher man!" We kissed again, her right hand sliding under my shirt to caress my chest while her left hand slowly stroked my slick cock." Then Michelle was tugging my shirt over my head and flinging it carelessly away, pressing her mouth to my chest to lick at my pebbled nipples while I fumbled with the buttons to her jeans, finally feeling them part so I could slip my hand into her pants, moaning as I found no panties, but instead slipped fingers through trimmed bush hair and then into slick, wet flesh, her labia parting around my fingers.

I spun Michelle around and pulled her tight against me, her blue jean covered ass, feeling rough against my aroused cock as I nibbled at her neck and shoulders while I continued to rub her aroused pussy. Amidst her sighs of pleasure, I slowly kissed my way down her back until I reached her jeans and then I slowly tugged them down, revealing her full, round butt cheeks which I kissed as I worked her jeans down until she could step out of them.

I flung them after my abandoned shirt and steered her around to face me and slowly I kissed my way up her legs, circling around her pussy, smelling its strong, rich aroma as I ran my lips and tongue up her thigh and over her low stomach and then back down the other thigh, making her gasp with anticipation that finally evolved into a lusty moan as I pressed my face against her pussy. Aroma became sweet flavor as I slipped my tongue between her slick lips and drove deep inside, scooping up her juices and drinking them like ambrosia from heaven.

Michelle's fingers slipped through my hair as she pressed my face more firmly against her mound, moaning, "So sweet, damned sweet." I lapped up her juices, growing hungrier for her with each swipe of my tongue as I explored her soft folds – my tongue slithering over and around her labia, discovering her fat clitoris, fully emerged from its hood. I teased Michelle as I circled the thick nub, not letting my tongue touch it until she was shaking with pleasure and need. As I rolled my tongue over her clitoris, I slid my hands up the back of her legs to cup the swell of her buttocks, anticipating her suddenly going weak as my tongue collaborated with her clitoris to make her explode with ecstatic pleasure"

A howl of pure pleasure emerged from Michelle's lips as her fingers tightened on my head to echo around the room and beyond. I became a little more enthusiastic as pussy cream gushed heavily onto my face and I felt pleasure at giving Michelle pleasure and growing arousal as I wondered what Kelsey's reaction to hearing her mother cry out with sexual delight.

"Fu-fuck me, John." Michelle wailed as she tried to stagger back, breaking free of my grip, leaving me to scramble to my feet, her juices dripping from my chin. She backed into the bed and fell back, trembling as she scrambled backwards, moving up onto the bed with her heels kicking. She spread her legs wide, her labia parting to reveal the glistening pink flesh within. "Fuck me, John!" she moaned holding out her arms to me. "Fuck me, please, teacher man!"

I moved with the desires and energy of a man half my age, wanting this woman as I hadn't wanted a woman since I was a horny teenager anxious to get laid for the first time. I bounded up onto the bed and was between Michelle's widespread legs almost before I was conscious of it. I eased myself on top of her, feeling her wetness against my shaft and her pillow like breasts spreading with my sudden weight. Michelle drew her legs up along my thighs, rolling her hips to move into a better position.

We kissed, simultaneously pressing our lips together as her pussy lips kissed and opened for the swollen head of my cock. Michelle's eyes widened as I moved into her, inducing her to moan into my mouth as her pussy, wet and tight, yielded to my throbbing manhood, wrapping me in her fiery, slick flesh as I realized I hadn't felt this hard...this long and thick, in years. Sweet pleasure blossomed in our joined loins and we both cried out in ecstasy as we came together as if we'd been lovers all of our adult lives.

Michelle rolled her hips and then shifted just so and I found myself completely inside her pulsating, wet cunt, her legs coming up to wrap around my lower back, pulling me against her as if she never wanted to let me go. Her fingers slipped through my hair and then slowly clawed down my back as I throbbed inside her, not moving as we both savored being so intimately joined together.

Our kiss ended, Michelle nibbling at my lower lip before letting it end. "You feel...oh, Michelle, you feel so right," I breathed hoarsely.

I felt her tremble beneath me as her pussy seemed to clasp me even more tightly as she gasped, "You are so perfect for me. I love your cock, John." She kissed me again and said, "I love how you make me feel."

We stared into each other's eyes for a long minute and then I slowly began moving atop her, withdrawing my throbbing cock from her pussy as I whispered, "It's just the beginning, I will make you feel even better. I withdrew maybe halfway, amazed at how cool the warm air of the bedroom was after being enveloped in her hot pussy and then thrust back in, drawing a loud cry from her. Again and again, I worked my cock back and forth, fucking her as my head spun with happiness and pleasure.

In twelve years with my had never felt this right. No woman in my life felt as natural and perfect as Michelle did underneath, becoming even sweeter as she began to move in time with me, rolling and thrusting her hips upwards to meet my cock, clasping it tightly as I slid in and out of her heavenly pussy. Perhaps she had been aroused as much as I had been, but almost too soon, I sensed her impending orgasm as she began to moan and cry and as I fucked her faster and harder, her wails became screams of passion and delight and I had no doubt that if her daughter was awake, she could hear us and if she had been asl**p, we were definitely waking her up...maybe waking up the entire neighborhood.

The feel of her tight, hot pussy and the way she cried out with pleasure, combined with the knowledge that Kelsey had to be listening to us in the next room to suddenly send me over the edge despite my best efforts to control myself. "Oh, Michelle! Love, I'm gonna cum!" I sobbed as I sank my cock deep inside her, feeling my entire body begin to clench as my sperm boiled over and exploded from my cock to bathe her womb in hot semen.

Michelle slipped over the edge as well as her legs fell away and she drew them up so she could push upwards against my cock, her leg muscles straining as her feet, flat on the mattress, pushed upwards. Her fingernails clawed at my already scratched back as she screamed, "Yes, Yes, Yes!" over and over again.

Too soon I had shot my load, filling her pussy with the cum of a long overdue orgasm. It was lovely and yet disappointing as I had wanted to last longer...for her and for had been that good...closer to perfection than I had ever known. As we both settled down, I looked into Michelle's lovely eyes and murmured, "'s been a while."

Michelle looked at me incredulously and replied, "Nothing to apologize for, lover. That was fantastic. I'm amazed you lasted as long as you did the way I've been loving on you tonight."

Her words made me beam with pleasure and I murmured, "Thank you, Michelle."

I rose up to withdraw and move off her – feeling my now semi-erect cock reducing down, but Michelle raised her trembling legs and wrapped them around me and rasped, "Lover, you're not going anyway." When I raised a questioning eyebrow, she added, "Just rest lover and when your recover, I want you to fuck my brains out!"

I kissed her, glowing with pleasure at her confidence in me. "I hope I'm up to it, Michelle," I replied. "But, I'm fifty-one. It might be a while."

Michelle smiled back, licking my lower lip when our kissed ended. "I have faith, John and you might as well stay right here." I felt her muscles contract around my semi-erect penis. "Besides, you feel just fine inside me."

We kissed for a few moments and then grinning evilly, Michelle said in a teasing voice. "So, what do you think Kelsey made of that?"

I shook my head, still barely able to conceive of how wantonly naughty this woman was. "My head is spinning, Michelle. I feel like you and Kelsey have cast some sort of spell on me."

Michelle giggled and replied, "Whatever do you mean?"

I kissed her again, suddenly aware that I could actually taste her pussy on her own lips, suddenly recalling how my face had been dripping with her juices when I climbed atop her a few wonderful moments before. "I've never met anyone like you. I've never been around a mother and daughter who act like free and..."

"Nasty?" offered Michelle.

"Yes!" I blurted out. "I've been a teacher for nearly thirty years and I never even dreamed of being in this situation...hanging out with a student in a bar God, she put my hand on your breast. She watched you rubbing me in the car and downstairs."

Michelle nodded and said in an amused voice. "Wicked, aren't we?" She ran a hand along my arm. "I know that most folks would say that wrong, the way I'm so open with my daughter, but..." She looked into my eyes and said, "I'd decided a long time ago, I wasn't going to be a hypocrite about sex with my daughter. I was a wild c***d and I loved sex when I was her age and when I was married to her father."

She frowned and said, "After Kelsey's birth, he turned into a tight-assed prude and we fought about how we would raise Kelsey and ultimately, rather than live with such a slutty-minded woman as me, he left." She eyed me with some concern. "After my divorce, I wasn't celibate. I never fucked any of my guys in front of my little girl, but I never shied away from her questions about why Mommy was making so much noise the night before. I raised her to believe that sex is precious, something to be shared with others, preferably with someone they loved or at least cared about.

"Since she turned eighteen back in June, we've been a lot closer than even before." Michelle smiled at me...the mysterious smile of the Mona Lisa. "We're closer than most mothers and daughters and I love that we can have that honest a relationship...that we can share as much as we do. She an adult...a lovely, mature young woman and I treat her like that." I felt my cock twitch, partly from the erotically charged timbre in her voice and partly her frank honesty.

Michelle kissed me again and said, "We share our lives on a very intimate level. That's why I felt like I knew you even before we finally met. Kelsey would come and share your stories and your wisdom...not just academics, but your outlook on life." She smiled lovingly at me and said, "She said that you reminded her of me...and I comprehended that. Everyday after hearing her stories about you, I felt more and more like you were my soul mate that I simply hadn't met yet."

I felt her cunt muscles, recovered now fully from her orgasm, begin to vigorously massage my awakening cock as she continued, "Yesterday evening, when we finally met, I just wanted to get on my knees and suck your cock so badly." She grinned and winked at me and said, "When I told Kelsey that, she said that she'd wished I had...that she'd really have enjoyed watching that."

"Omigod," I moaned as I felt my cock once again swelling. Michelle sighed too as I began to fill her again.

"I told her that if you showed up at the show tonight, there was no way I was going to go home without you and that before this night was through, one way or another, you and I were going to fuck like horny monkeys."

"Thank you," I whispered and then I kissed her again, reveling in the sensation of suddenly being fully erect inside this incredible woman again.

"No, thank you," Michelle moaned. "For being so accepting of my naughty nature and not being scared off by Kelsey and me." As I slowly began to pump my cock into her again, making her face screw up with absolute pleasure, "You know, John, when I told Kelsey what I was definitely going to do to you, she said she'd love to see that too." She kissed me and whispered in my ear as I began to speed up my thrusts, "Wouldn't that be wicked, Teacher man? Wouldn't it be wicked to fuck while your hot, sexy student – my daughter, watched us?" Michelle arched her back in pleasure as I suddenly and furiously began to fuck her...excited more than I could have imagined ever being by her naughty words.

We slowly fell into a mad, furious fuck as her last words were moaned into my ears, "Wouldn't it be wicked if it wasn't enough for her...wouldn't it be wicked if she fucked you too!" Michelle wrapped her arms and legs around me, holding on tight as I fucked her like a man gone insane...images of her daughter lying beneath me intermixing with the real thing, reducing me to a rutting b**st that was fucking its mate.

Our bodies grew slick with sweat as we fucked furiously, Michelle's pussy a molten cauldron sucking at my painfully erect penis. Our tongues wrestled and fought amidst our ravenous, sloppy kisses which paused only when Michelle caught an orgasmic wave and had to scream her ecstasy to the world, her body bucking and writhing in a near religious fit of carnal pleasure.

I fucked her until I could scarcely breathe and then Michelle summoned the will to roll us over and ride me like a fuck-crazed cowgirl. I had never been with a woman who took such pure joy from the act of lovemaking – her face screwed up into a picture of ecstatic joy as she bounced up and down on my cock, her heavy tits bouncing and rolling as she moved up and down and back and forth, her pussy like a wet, velvet vise, milking my cock for its hot seed.

A leering smile broke out on Michelle's face as another orgasm overtook her as she rode me, making her croon with pleasure as she sat with my entire cock deep inside her while her body shimmied and quivered, her muscles locking into place. I could feel her hot juices flooding over my cock, bathing it in the product of her climax. Her eyes glazed over and then closed as her croon became a shrill scream and she broke her paralysis, fingers running over her breasts and then upwards over her cheeks and then plunging through her hair before she raised her arms like a supplicant screaming praises to heaven. Her eyes opened and she looked down at me with burning desire and sobbed loudly, "I love your cock!"

Michelle then slumped as if she were a puppet with her strings cut and I again seized the moment, rolling us over again, my arms supporting me as I again began to fuck this gorgeous, uninhibited woman as she moaned beneath me. Her legs were now splayed out wide, opening her pussy up to me as I strained to go deeper than ever, thrusting into her with powerful strokes that made her breasts roll and made her grunt happily each time I buried my cock inside her.

Gradually, I slowed down and lowered myself on her once more...the mad lust sated for the moment and we made love more than we fucked...slow and sweet with each thrust drawn out and making Michelle moan with delight. We kissed and babbled as we made delicious love to each other, hands stroking each others faces while our tongues courted each other.

Meaningless babble slowly evolved into words and at some point we began whispering and moaning, "I love you," to each other and instinctively knew that they were more than just words in the heat of passion. There was honest emotion behind them, we could see it in each others eyes and feel it as we touched. Laugh if you will, doubt if you will, but somewhere amidst the sweet and nasty fucking, our souls had joined, recognizing that it was destiny. On a primal level, I realized that I truly loved this woman – knowing almost nothing about her, I truly did love her and I could see it in her face that she was caught up in the wonder of it too – confused, maybe by the intensity of the sudden revelation of her sudden awareness of her love for me, but accepting it.

Lovemaking built up until lust resumed control and our need to achieve that last overwhelming climax took control and we rolled about on the bed, sometimes she was on top, other times I was, but we were relentless and demanding, our bodies slamming together loudly, both of us moaning and crying as pleasure built and built until finally, I had her pinned to the mattress and was hammering my cock into her when she screamed out, "I love you, John!" and began to orgasm, her tightly clenching cunt muscles sending me over the edge of my long awaited climax and like a b**st claiming his mate, I gave a loud, triumphant roar and plunged deep one last time and began to cum – shooting hot semen into her womb.

I came so hard it almost hurt, so powerful were the jets of sperm ejaculating from my cock. As my orgasm begin to wane, I eased myself down and rolled us over, kissing Michelle and telling her, "I love you too."

Tears rolled down her cheeks and fell onto my face and I could taste her salty tears and felt my heart swell for this unsuspecting love that I felt for her. We kissed until we both began to yawn and then in the flickering candlelight of the room, my cock still wedged into her pussy, we both fell asl**p...for myself, the most restful and peaceful sl**p I had known in many years.


I awoke to find myself in a tangle of blankets and limbs. I could smell coffee and bacon. Something soft and wonderful nuzzled my chest and I looked down to see Michelle Page sl**ping, a blissful smile on her face as her lips brushed my chest...her arm d****d across my upper abdomen tightening its grip slightly. We were both naked and cuddling, turned into each other slightly, our legs intertwined, her thigh atop mine and her moist mound and trimmed bush feeling delightful and slightly ticklish and her breasts, pillow-like and soft against my stomach.

I looked around as much as I could without disturbing awakening her, marveling over how much my world had changed in the last twenty-four hours. When I looked at Michelle, emotions swelled inside me that I had assumed were long dead. Memories of our passionate lovemaking flitted through my mind, making my cock twitch slightly. It ached with that sweet pain that only comes from the best kind of sex.

My eyes came to rest on my pants and shirt neatly folded and d****d over the arm of a small, overstuffed chair in a corner. Something seemed out of kilter there and then it hit me. Michelle had pulled my pants off downstairs and we'd proceeded to her bedroom with me naked from the waist down. I didn't recall her getting up in the middle of the night and tidying things up. For that matter, all the candles that had still been burning when we'd fallen asl**p were now out...many of them nowhere near close to being burned out.

My heart began to beat faster as I realized that Michelle's daughter, my student, Kelsey had to have been the one to bring up my pants and had taken the time to retrieve my shirt as well and had snuffed out the candles. I glanced down. We were naked and my cock was nestling against Michelle's stomach, not visible unless you got right up over us. Maybe she hadn't peeked, but memories of her open, flirty ways from last night made me wonder. As her teacher, despite her being eighteen, I had crossed some boundaries that were supposed to be sacrosanct. To my surprise, I didn't really care.

Michelle stirred against me and she opened her eyes to see me smiling down at her. "G'morning," she mumbled, rubbing sl**p out of her eyes. "You're still here," she said in such a way that made me comprehend that it pleased her.

"Right where I want to be forever," I replied. "With you in my arms." Michelle purred at my words and scooted upwards to give me a kiss, her meaty breasts dragging over my chest – her thick nipples scr****g along in a delicious sort of way. Her tongue greeted mine as our hands roamed over each other – my fingers stroking and squeezing her heavy breasts while she took my still mostly limp cock in her fingers and carefully massaged it.

"At it again? You guys need to pace yourselves!" Neither of us had any idea that Kelsey had entered the room until she spoke and we broke our kiss amidst gasps and giggles as we turned to say good morning to Michelle's daughter.

"Good mor..." I began, but stopped mid-word as I lost my ability to speak. Kelsey stood at the foot of the bed, holding a tray with eggs, bacon, toast and coffee. My mind faintly registered that, but was overwhelmed by her appearance. Kelsey's long, dark, red streaked hair was bed-tousled which was incredibly erotic all on its own, but it was the sheer red baby-doll negligee she was wearing that robbed me of my words. The sexy-slutty outfit she had worn the night before paled before this nightie that revealed the eighteen year old's luscious, nubile body.

The negligee hugged Kelsey's upper arms, leaving her shoulders bare and her visible breasts were full, upright melons capped with puffy areoles that were bright pink and allowed her darker nipples to more fully stand out against the gauzy, see-through material. Her stomach was flat with a cute, almost oval shaped belly button that drew one's eye downward to the lacy hem of the negligee did nothing to conceal her smooth, hairless mound. Her upper thighs and legs were fully exposed, athletic and shapely.

"Anyone least for food?" she said teasingly as she walked around and leaned over me to place the tray carefully between her mother and me. Her breasts swung freely, brushing my stomach as she moved in and then out. My cock twitched and showed signs of life, but not nearly as well as I would have expected.

She leaned back in and kissed me chastely on the lips and then walked around and did the same with her mother. "Good morning, Kelsey," I finally managed to squeak out, not quite believing that that two days ago at about this time, I had been discoursing about Hamlet with this young lady and her classmates.

As her mother said good morning, Kelsey climbed up onto the bed, kneeling at our feet, looking at us expectantly. I kept shifting my gaze from mother to daughter, Michelle slightly amused at my look of awed amazement and Kelsey seeming almost oblivious that she was offering her Senior English teacher such a brilliant view of her magnificent young breasts and tantalizing glimpses of her bald cunny between her legs. Sounding slightly exasperated, she waved her hands about and said, "Well,'ll need to keep your strength up if you keep carrying on the way you were last night."

Michelle giggled and took a sip of coffee before saying, "I guess we were a little loud last night, huh?"

Kelsey rolled her eyes and said, "I'm surprised the neighbors haven't been calling and complaining." Turning her attention to me, she batted her eyes flirtatiously and said with a teasing quality to her voice. "I suppose we have you to blame for that, Mister Hamill. I've heard Mom and her fellas making whoopee up her many times over the years, but no one has ever made her scream like that."

I felt my face burn and I was at a loss for words for a moment, stalling by drinking a bit of coffee before I decided to be teasing and honest at the same time and replied, "It was my pleasure," which made Kelsey laugh and blush simultaneously.

Michelle swallowed a mouthful of bacon and eggs and dropped her hand under the covers, forcing them down so Kelsey could see her mother wrap her fingers around my still sl**ping penis as she said, "No, it was our pleasure...again and again in fact."

Kelsey smiled and said, "I'm happy for you guys. I knew you'd be perfect for each other." She licked her lips as she watched her mother try to masturbate my cock back to life. "So, I guess you're planning a day of hot, wild sex, huh?"

Michelle purred approvingly at the idea, but with more than a little concern, I joked, "I'm not sure. I think your mother broke it last night...or at least wore it out temporarily." I shrugged at Michelle's sudden frown and said, "Sorry, honey. Not as young as I used to be."

Kelsey's mother snorted laughter and said, "That's not a problem, John. I've got a solution right here." She sat up and then leaned over and opened a drawer in the bedside table. She brought out a small prescription bottle and said, "Being a nurse-practitioner has its perks." She opened it up and shook out a small yellow pill. "After last night, I'm sure I know the answer, but to make heart problems?"

I slowly shook my head and replied. "No was stolen last night by a beautiful, sexy MILF."

Michelle's face beamed with pleasure at my words and she said, "You English teachers...such smooth talkers. This will help with keeping, aroused. They last longer than the little blue pills too. Take it now, John. I have a sneaking suspicion you're going to need it soon."

I quickly swallowed her magic pill and washed it down with another sip of coffee and then a long, lingering kiss from Michelle while her daughter watched us with both interest and envy in her face. We finished eating and Kelsey scooped up the tray and eased herself out of the bed, offering me several long glimpses of her bald pussy, labia beginning to blossom, betraying her own arousal. "I'm going to grab a shower," she said. "Y'all call me if you need anything." She glanced down at her mother's hand gently stroking my still dormant cock and said, "Don't kill him, Mom. I think he's a keeper."

Mother and daughter exchanged a long, meaningful glance and Michelle gave her daughter a slight nod and said, "Yes, he is...a good man and a wonderful lover."

Kelsey blushed a little more and then left the room, her mother and I watched her practically naked ass, heart-shaped, tight and firm, swaying out the door.

When she left, Michelle turned to me and said, "Guess you feeling pretty mindblown, aren't you, John?"

I nodded and said, "That would be putting it mildly, but even though some of it is weird, I'm fine with it." I ran my fingers through her hair and then down to stroke her cheek. "This is real I feel about you. This isn't just lust. I'm in love with you. This isn't ever going to end. We're in this for the long run."

Michelle smiled and took my hand and brought it to her lips, kissing my palm. "Absolutely, darling. I've kissed enough frogs in my life to recognize my prince when I kiss him...and fuck him." She leaned in and kissed me. When she drew back, she continued, "John Hamill, I think I fell in love with you before that parent teacher conference was over. She touched her breast and then put her palm against my chest. It's like I found the missing piece of my heart and I'm whole now."

I nodded and said, "I know...since we met, all the pain and loneliness in my life has melted away and I know that I've finally found my soul mate. I love you, Michelle...with all my heart."

Michelle leaned into me and she said softly, tears brimming in her eyes. "I love you too, baby!" We kissed again, softly, slowly, tasting each other, savoring each other, even as we caressed each other. Michelle's fingers gently stroked my cock, trying to revive it, both of us impatient for the medicine to kick in.

We kissed for a sweet eternity and then held each other. Finally, Michelle said, "You do understand you're getting a package deal? If you want me, you have to want Kelsey too."

I nodded and said, "Absolutely. She's a wonderful young woman. I can't imagine having you in my life without her. She's f****y." I laughed. "And you don't seem to mind if she is um...somewhat distracting at times."

Michelle looked at me slyly and said, "Oh yes, my little minx is definitely distracting, but that's not what I said." She cupped my face between her hands and stared me right in the eye. "John, if you want to love me, you have to want to love Kelsey too."

I felt my heart begin to pound and my face burned as I tried to make sense of her words – to understand what she seemed to be implying. "Michelle, what are you saying?" I asked, my mouth going dry as I spoke.

"Mom's saying, Mister Hamill, that if you and she are going to be lovers, then you and I are going to be lovers too."

I turned to see Kelsey leaning against the doorjamb. The eighteen year old was stark naked, her skin flushed red from a hot shower and her dark hair, wet and hanging straight down over her shoulders after having been combed out. Her ripe body, no longer hidden by even diaphanous material was glorious in its youth and beauty.

She slowly padded into the room, completely unashamed of her nakedness and said softly, "Mom and I share everything, Mister Hamill and just like her, I really want you." She reached the bed and again climbed up to kneel at our feet – her nudity making an incredible impact on me...inspiring a sort of awe to have such a beauty so close. "Mom always told me that I should only offer my virginity to a man who deserved a man I could love and who would love me back."

Kelsey reached out with her left hand and stroked my ankle. "You're a good man, Mister Hamill. Mom loves you – I can see it in her face, so I reckon I love you too." She grinned and said, "I think I've loved you since the first day of class when you said, 'Good morning, class, I'm Mister Hamill'."

I was stunned although I maybe I shouldn't have been...the signs had been there since last night. I had flashes of understanding how immoral this was by society's standards but when I looked at Michelle for guidance, she looked at both me and her daughter with such love that I knew that somehow this was right...right for her, for her daughter and for me...that somehow, this was the right thing for all of us.

"Kelsey is offering you maybe the greatest gift a young lady can give, John," Michelle said softly. "If I didn't know you were the right man...that you wouldn't love her as she deserves, none of this...not last night, not us...none of it would be happening. We love you, John. Please tell me you'll love us back."

Not to sound unmanly, but I nearly wept at that moment. Not only were mother and daughter naked physically, but I realized that they had bared their hearts and souls to me, exposing themselves to me emotionally as well. It took courage and love and all of it was for me. I wasn't sure I deserved such love, but with a voice raspy with emotion, I replied. "I do love you both." I sat up and offered my hand to Kelsey. "You do me more honor than I will ever deserve, but if you truly want me, I'll be your first lover."

She grinned and scooted up the bed so that she could kiss me and I discovered that all my lusty fantasies of kissing this young woman paled with having her actually slide her tongue into my mouth, her hands on my shoulders as she leaned into me, her breasts pressing against my chest so firmly that I could feel the excited beat of her heart and feel her rapid pulse through her throbbing nipples. As Kelsey and I kissed, Michelle continued to massage my cock and it was showing signs of recovery now...not erect, but slowly swelling.

When the kiss ended, Kelsey sat back on her haunches and looked down at my still not erect cock in her mother's hand. With a slight pout, she looked at Michelle and said, "Mom, please tell me you haven't worn him out!"

Michelle giggled and shook her head no. "John's getting there, baby and once he's hard again...he'll stay hard for a long time." She glanced at me and added, "And I think all he needs is a little inspiration and I think I know what will do it. Come here and give your mother a little sexy kiss. I think your teacher will like that!"

Grinning, Kelsey climbed into her mother's lap and as I watched nearly thunderstruck, mother and daughter began to kiss...not a sweet, chaste kiss between mother and c***d, but a lusty, open mouth kiss, their tongues joining with practiced ease that told me that they had done this before and often. I watched Michelle and her daughter kiss like lovers, often pulling their lips back just enough to allow me to watch their tongues curl and slide along each other, each of them obviously enjoying the experience.

The kiss seemed to go on and on, so lovely and erotic, I didn't really want to see it ever end. Michelle palmed one of Kelsey's firm, upright breasts and fondled it for a long moment before slowly sliding her hand down her daughter's waist until she slid it between Kelsey's legs, the young teenager spreading them to reveal her lovely, flowered pussy – labia slick and glistening with her arousal. Kelsey's mother slid fingers over and between her daughter's labia, making her moan softly as they kissed. When they finally broke the kiss, some minutes later, Kelsey was quivering with the need to orgasm, Michelle's fingers coated thickly with her c***d's pussy cream.

Michelle turned and smiled wickedly at me, bringing a finger to my mouth and rubbing Kelsey's wetness on them. I licked at her finger and then my lips, reveling in the fresh, sweet taste of her daughter's pussy. Then, Michelle moved her hand down to my crotch, smearing the rest of her daughter's juices over the head of my erect cock that was so hard, it ached.

Kelsey stared down at my hard, long penis with some fascination, that sweet smile with the tip of her tongue sticking out, on her face as she studied my erection. She was breathing heavily, both from her mother's lusty attentions and with arousal and anticipation at what was about to happen.

"Mister Hamill, will you please fuck me now," she said in a voice that was scarcely more than a whisper.

I offered her my hand and when she took it, I pulled her into my lap and kissed her again, another wet, passionate kiss that saw our tongues dueling, the taste of her mother evident. Kelsey shivered as she squirmed in my lap, leaning against my erection that slid up the crack of her tight ass, her pelvis instinctively hunching against it, even though I kept my hands on her waist and kept her from rising high enough to drop and impale herself on it.

My hands roamed over Kelsey's soft yet athletic body...the toned muscles of a cheerleader enhancing her natural curvaceous form. I cupped her breasts which were at least a cup size smaller than her mother's meaty tits, but still big and firm on their own, not yet succumbing to the f***es of gravity. Her wetness slid against my lower stomach, making it slippery as she hunched and ground herself into me.

Michelle rose up and climbed behind her daughter, her hands joining mine to caress the teenager's body, lifting her long mane of hair up so she could nuzzle the nape of her neck and then kiss her shoulders – hands playing with her breasts and then sliding down to cup and knead her tight ass cheeks before slipping fingers between her thighs to fondle Kelsey's pussy from behind, making her all the wetter.

Michelle and I combined lips and hands to reduce her daughter to a near whimpering mound of aroused flesh that hovered on the edge of orgasm from touch alone. Finally, Kelsey broke our kiss and sobbed, "Please, Mom...Mister Hamill...I want to get fucked RIGHT NOW!"

Still caressing her and showering her with kisses, we eased Kelsey off my lap and onto her back, both of us taking turns kissing her passionately, at one point all three of us kissing with fluttering, dancing tongues. Running my hands gently over her arms and chest, I began to kiss my way down the young girl's body, part of me in complete and utter awe that I was kissing the near flawless skin of a teenaged girl who'd only days before had been just a pretty student in my classroom. I slowly ran the flat of my tongue over the swollen nipple of her left breast, making her sigh, "Mister Hamill, that feels so good!"

I kissed the rubbery nub and looked up at her and said, "I think you can call me John, now."

Michelle kissed her then as I continued to kiss my way down her body and as I teased her belly button with my tongue, she called out to me and said, " still doesn't feel right. You're Mister Hamill." I looked up at her and saw her smiling devilishly at me as she continued, "Besides, it sounds...feels more naughty knowing I'm fucking my English teacher!"

I groaned at her naughty words, having to admit she was absolutely right. I continued to trail my tongue downwards, my heart pounding in my chest as I paused just above her mound, seeing it in all its glistening, blossomed glory, her scent thick and powerful and filling me with an age old instinctive desire to take this young creature. I kissed my way further down and as I swiped my tongue across her pussy lips, I heard Kelsey cry out, "Oh yes! Mom, he feels wonderful!"

I shifted around until I was kneeling between Kelsey's now widespread legs, running my hands along her soft, yet firm thighs, kissing them lightly as again I brought my mouth to her sex and slowly run my tongue along the sopping wet flesh between her labia, loving how fresh and delicious she tasted. I gave her a long, loving lap that ended in her squealing with pleasure as my tongue rolled over her clitoris, a long narrow penis-like nub that had emerged from its hooded cover.

I licked her again the same way, the sound of her orgasmic cries both pleasing and arousing, her pussy getting wetter with each long lick, my lips and chin becoming smeared with her creams as I delved into her sweet cunt. After a dozen long, lazy licks, Kelsey's moans getting louder with every stroke of my tongue, she gave out a loud shriek as my tongue rolled slowly over her clitoris, her body suddenly convulsing and as I started to begin another lick, pussy juices showered my face as she began to cum.

I rose up to find her mother moving to me. Michelle kissed me, slathering her tongue over my face to taste her daughter's juices and then sharing them with me as her tongue made its way into my mouth. She broke the kiss and said in a breathless voice, "Kelsey will never be more ready, darling. Do it now, fuck my girl...make it good for her!"

I kissed Michelle again and turned my attention to her daughter. Kelsey's orgasm was ending, her body still quivering from the explosion of ecstatic pleasure and her eyes wide with the erotic sensations still coursing through her body. As I climbed between her legs, her mother moved up to kiss her, slipping an arm around her shoulders.

Kelsey kissed her mother eagerly, almost sucking at her lips as if it were a comforting breast to be nursed at, but as I eased atop her, broke the kiss and turned her attention back to me. She shivered with anticipation as my cock slid up along the furrow of her cunt, licking her lips – desire battling with fear in her eyes.

"Are you sure, Kelsey?" I said more calmly than I felt. "Are you ready to take that last step into womanhood?"

Kelsey looked at me, glanced at her mother and then at me again, nodding quickly as she gasped, "Oh yes....please, Mister Hamill. Fuck me – take my cherry now!"

I nodded and reached down, placing the head of my cock between her slick lips and worked it up and down, marveling at how wet and hot she felt. With the echoes of her orgasm still lingering, my cock rubbing her labia and pressing inside her just a little, rejuvenated the last remnants of her orgasm and she sobbed as a spasm of carnal pleasure struck her. "Now!" urged Michelle in a whisper even as I said, "Kiss her, Michelle!"

As her mother moved to kiss her, I thrust hard into Kelsey's virginal cunt, tearing her hymen with a short, vicious move. The teenaged girl's body jerked and convulsed as she screamed her pain and hopefully pleasure, into her mother's lips – her fingers clawing at the sheets as her legs kicked, drew back and kicked again. She was tight as only a virgin can be tight and her cunt muscles tightened reflexively around my cock, literally trapping my cock a third of the way inside her. I halted, hating that I was hurting her, but hoping she would relax enough to allow the pain to make room for pleasure as well.

Long moments ticked by as tears ran down her face and she writhed under the onslaught of these new sensations. Finally, I begin to minutely rock back and forth, her pussy finally releasing enough from spasm to allow me to gently plunge forward again. As she twisted and rolled her hips in response to my cock and the loss of her cherry, I suddenly slid another few inches that sent another paroxysm of pain and pleasure through her and her whole body seemed to convulse and breaking the kiss, she cried out, "IT HURTS! M-MISTER HAM-MILL, Y-YOU'RE SO BIG...DIDN'T KNOW IT WOULD HURT SO BIG!"

I halted again, now over two thirds of the way in and as her mother stroked her body soothingly, I leaned in and kissed the tears off her cheeks. "It gets better, sweetie," I murmured before I moved to kiss her lips, her tongue emerging to greet me, seeking comfort in the touch of my lips. We kissed deeply and I could feel her body relax somewhat beneath me and then I felt her move her legs wider apart until she was nearly spread-eagled – an image of her at a pep-rally sliding to the gym floor doing nearly mind-boggling splits. As she spread her legs, she squealed against my lips as I pressed on and sank the rest of my throbbing shaft into her tight pussy, feeling her slick, molten hot pussy flesh spasm around my cock.

I ended the kiss, raising my head as she flung back her head and sobbed, "Oh god, it hurts, Mom! M-m-mister Hamill is so big...I feel so fu-fucking f-full!"

Michelle's face appeared next to mine. "You took all of me, Kelsey," I said proudly. "My cock is buried inside you!"

"And it's a big cock, baby," murmured Michelle, leaning in to kiss her daughter's cheek "It's a woman's prize cock for sure...the kind a woman dreams of having inside her!" She stroked her daughter's sweaty face and said, "I know it hurts now, Kelsey, but I promise you, it will feel better soon...very soon!"

Kelsey's eyes focused and unfocused as she gazed blankly back and forth at both of us. "I already feels good, but it hurts too!"

Michelle stroked Kelsey's face, her face bright with lusty, motherly love. "I know, baby, I know. It will be alright. Momma loves you." Michelle glanced at me and moved to give me a kiss before she whispered into Kelsey's ear, "John...Mister Hamill loves you too."

Patiently, I waited, my hard cock buried deep inside Kelsey's hot, tight pussy, her cunt muscles like a silky vice wrapped around my member, massaging and kissing the swollen head and fluttering around my shaft. Finally, I felt her relax a little and then very slowly, I withdrew, making her again claw the sheets and moan as I slid my shaft out of her only to pause when only the crown of my cock remained inside her. "Here it comes again, Kelsey," I sighed as I slowly and steadily sank my aching, erect rod into her again, savoring the tight slickness of her pussy that clasped at me as I moved inside her.

Kelsey sobbed out again as my cock invaded her cunt, spreading her wider as I ploughed her deflowered flesh. There was a hint more pleasure in her cries as I again sank all the way into her, my wiry pubic hair scratching and tickling her hairless flesh. Again, I waited until the worst of the pain eased and then repeated the thrust and repeated it again. With each long movement, there seemed to be less pain and more pleasure in her voice and she responded more to her mother's and my kisses.

I rose up on my arms and glanced down at our joined bodies, feeling a wave of pleasure and something more primal as I saw my cock worm its way free from Kelsey's body – my shaft streaked with virginal bl**d and pussy juices. I was astounded at my self control because I had a great urge to give her my seed, the primal urge to breed burning within me. I wasn't sure if it was because of the medicine that Michelle had given me or the fact she had fucked me so well and completely not that many hours ago or perhaps a combination of both. I didn't really care – I was lost in the pleasure of fucking this beautiful eighteen year old and the desire to make it a pleasurable experience for Kelsey.

Michelle kept busy, murmuring encouragement and endearments to her daughter one moment and then heaping lewd praise on me the next and alternating her kisses between us, long delicious kisses that aroused me even more and soothed and aroused Kelsey. Gradually, I built up to a steady rhythm, Kelsey grunting with each thrust as I would bottom out in her womb and then sighing as I slid back out.

The clouds of pain in Kelsey's eyes began to clear and the enormity of what we were doing combined with her growing pleasure grew inside her as she began to respond to my movements. A sudden cry of "Ohhhh, yesssss!" coincided with her first upward thrust of her pelvis to meet my thrusts and the room seemed to echo with the wet, loud slap of our flesh slamming together.

I felt the teenage girl's legs begin to shift, trying at first to rise and wrap around my back, but it proved to be too much for her and they slumped back down as she moaned from the pain and pleasure...more pleasure than pain. A minute later, as I continued to thrust steadily into her tight pussy, Kelsey brought her legs up again and slid them behind the backs of my thighs, intertwining our legs, their movement urging me to fuck her harder and more quickly.

"That's it, baby," cooed Michelle encouragingly. "Feels good, doesn't it? Take his cock, his cock, love John like he deserves." She rose up and kissed me. "You're wonderful, John...I love how you're fucking my little girl and I love you!"

As each wonderful moment passed, Kelsey's pleasure increased and her pain, while never disappearing, receded into the background, muted by her constantly growing feels of sexual ecstasy. Before long, cries of pain and discomfort were replaced by moans of carnal pleasure and she was fucking me back, becoming more and more an active participant to her own first fucking.

I leaned in and kissed Kelsey, her kissing me back effusively, her arms suddenly circling my neck as she pulled her knees back to open herself up to me even more. "Fuck me, hard, Mister Hamill. Make me cum...make me cum really, really big!"

I tried to obey her command to the best of my ability, leaning in and fucking her with hard, quick thrusts, feeling Michelle's hand on my buttocks, helping me as I sank my cock into her daughter again and again. Kelsey began to yelp with pleasure with each stroke, her hot juices bathing my cock as we began to furiously fuck and then Kelsey's body stiffened as if she had received a powerful electric shock, her pussy tightening around my erection as I buried it to the hilt and she began to wail, "OHGODOHGODOHFUCKINGGOD! I'M CUMMMMMING! FUCK MEEEE, TEACHER, FUCK MEEEE HARD. CUMMMMING, OHHH GOD, MOM, CUMMMINGGG!" Her words failed her and she settled for passionate screams of orgasm until her voice went hoarse as I rode out most of her orgasm and began to fuck her again, her pleasure so intense that it rode that razor's edge between pleasure and pain again.

With her pussy muscles clamping down around my cock and as I watched Kelsey writhe beneath as ecstatic joy overloaded her nervous system, the sheer power of the erotic moment began to overwhelm me and the need to cum was suddenly urgent and unyielding. I looked over at Michelle for guidance and she saw my dilemma in my eyes and said, "Yes, baby. Cum in my daughter. She's on the pill...she's ready. Deny her nothing. I want my Kelsey to know the joy of feeling a man's seed inside her!"

I looked down at Kelsey, her body shaking with a storm of sensation and emotion, her eyes wild and excited and she nodded, her lips moving with no words coming out. I stroked my cock in and out of her tight, fiery pussy a couple of more times and then felt the dam bursting and I plunged deep inside her, making her yelp and then I was cumming, ejaculating my hot semen inside her womb.

Kelsey cried out, her eyes going wide with wonder at this new sensation and I hoped that perhaps my thick seed would feel like a healing balm to her newly violated flesh...something she would savor and welcome again and again. "Ohhh, sweet – so lovely!" I moaned as my body convulsed in a powerful climax! I felt her body respond, this newest development reviving her orgasm as she stiffened again, her body instinctively thrusting upwards against mine, seeking to take my cock deeper in an primal desire to mate and conceive. We clung together as we rode out our orgasm, our mouths seeking each other out eagerly to kiss, tongues seeking to join as our loins were joined.

Michelle was there with us, showering us with kisses and caresses. I glimpsed her face and saw tears of joy and pride streaming down her face as she whispered endearments to us both. My climax was finally expended, the last few spurts of my semen signaling an end, even as Kelsey's pussy continued to milk and massage my cock. Her orgasm faded too, little aftershocks surprising her each time one of us moved.

Finally, reluctantly, I knew it was time and with the little sadness that accompanies the moment, I slowly withdrew my now semi-erect cock from her pussy, her flesh clasping at my shaft, selfishly wanting to keep me inside her. A strong post-orgasm spasm of pleasure swept over Kelsey as I slipped from her, drawing one last moan from her lips as I gingerly moved off her and fell to her left so that she was now bracketed by her mother and I.

Michelle leaned in to kiss her daughter, whispering, "How is my little girl? Did you enjoy your first cock, before pressing her lips to Kelsey's lips while her hands knowingly caressed her body, playing with her c***d's breasts to keeping the embers of Kelsey's orgasmic pleasure alive.

Kelsey nodded, a big smile on her tear-streaked face as she replied after their kiss had ended, "Wonderful, scary...painful." She turned to me and smiled before continuing. "Everything I thought it would be and more. Thank you, Mister Hamill!" She pursed her lips and I moved in to kiss her, savoring her tongue dancing with mine.

We both sensed her mother shifting on the bed and looked up to see Michelle kneeling between Kelsey's widespread legs. She was staring at her daughter's pussy, labia spread wide, the sheets wet with a spattering of bl**d and Kelsey's juices, my semen slowly leaking from her cunt – flecked with bl**d and mingled with Kelsey's cunt cream. "Lot of cum here, isn't there?"

Just when I didn't think I could be shocked again, Michelle flabbergasted me by diving in and running her tongue over her daughter's freshly deflowered pussy, making Kelsey moan and then rising back up with her lips and chins smeared with our leavings, a long thread of semen dripping from her lips to splatter against her heavy breasts. She laughed at my stunned look, rubbing her fingers in the gob of my seed on her tits and rubbing them into her flesh like lotion. "Mom's just full of naughty surprises, isn't she?" said Kelsey in a quavering voice, near breathless from her mother's surprise move.

"Not the first time I've licked my baby's pussy, is it, Kelsey?" Michelle said teasingly, running her tongue over the smeared juices on her face. "Momma caught Kelsey and Dina being naughty during a sl**pover on her eighteenth birthday and afterwards, we had a long heart to heart."

Kelsey moaned and answered, "Yes, we did and then Mom taught me how to really lick pussy and we've been all the closer ever since." She shivered and said, "We really got honest about our hopes and dreams and then we knew we were still missing something that would make us complete." She reached out and touched my cheek. "Then you came along, Mister Hamill and I just knew you were it." She shivered a little as her mother caressed her inner thigh. "And I was right!" She moaned again as Michelle slipped two fingers into her pussy and gently stirred them around and pulled them out covered in our juices, her virginal bl**d flecking it with red.

Michelle brought her fingers up to her mouth and never taking her eyes off me, sucked them clean. "This is truly what we are, John," she said softly, holding me in her gaze. "We want you to share that with be our lover...friend, husband, father." She flicked her tongue out to clean a little spot of sperm she'd missed. "Have we turned you off, John? Have we freaked you out or can you accept u?."

I had to struggle to control my breathing and was silent for a moment, feeling my head spin with so many emotions. Finally, I managed to say, "Michelle, I told you this morning I loved you and Kelsey too. Nothing has changed. I'm as red-bl**ded a male as ever lived and the thought of you two together is so exciting..." I stopped speaking as I looked down and then returned my gaze to Michelle. "I'm not turned off at all. Instead, based on the evidence, I'm turned on like never before!"

Both women looked down at my cock that had made an astounding recovery. I was achingly hard, Kelsey's juices mingling with my sperm amidst specks of bl**d covered my cock. Kelsey and I both gasped as Michelle quickly shifted from between her daughter's legs to pushing my legs apart so she could kneel between them, carefully taking my erection in hand.

Michelle glanced at Kelsey and smiled and then shifted her gaze to me as she lowered her head to my hard penis. With a look of proud defiance that had almost, sacred echoes with in it, she extended her tongue and slowly lapped up the mingled juices of her daughter and myself, along with Kelsey's virginal bl**d. It didn't repel me, but spoke to that part of me that was primal, almost evoking racial memories of such an act as divinely inspired from ancient times.

Then I was in Michelle's mouth, her tongue a wild dervish, cleaning my cock as she sucked me enthusiastically. I shuddered from the intense pleasure she was producing from my sensitive cock throbbing ecstatically. Kelsey's mother sucked me with vigor that hinted she was willing to do it all day, but after several minutes of her delicious mouth, I desired to pleasure her as well and I pushed her head back and then pulled her up to me and kissed her, tasting myself and Kelsey on her lips.

Then I took her by the shoulders and turned her around, kissing and biting her neck and shoulders as I did, until she was again between her daughter's widespread legs. Michelle moaned as she realized I had taken charge of the situation and guided her down, bringing her face to nuzzle Kelsey's wide open and cum-filled cunt again.

As Michelle began lapping her c***d's pussy, I climbed behind her, my hands kneading and spreading her full ass cheeks, exposing her puckered asshole and below, her pussy, wet – labia swollen and spread. I brushed my cock up and down her slit, bringing an approving and muffled moan from the mother with her mouth full of pussy.

Kelsey was again clawing at the sheets as Michelle's tongue swept over her tender, sensitive flesh, her nipples swelling to the point of bursting as pleasure took her in its grasp again. I felt Michelle's labia clasping at the head of my cock hungrily and I couldn't restrain myself anymore, plunging into her to the hilt with one sure, fierce thrust. She gave a shrill cry of delight as she pushed back against me while continuing her oral assault on Kelsey. Michelle's pussy was a fiery mass of satiny flesh squeezing at my cock as I withdrew and then plunged forward again.

On impulse, I reached down and slipped my middle finger into her cunt alongside my erection, getting it slick with her juices and then as she murmured at this unexpected move, I withdrew it and pressed it against her asshole. Michelle squealed in surprise at my probing digit, raising her head to look over her shoulder at me, looking fetching with her mouth frosted with sperm and pussy juice.

"My nasty teacher man," she gasped, licking a dollop of sperm up from her lower lip.

"Do you mind?" I said, thrilled to have surprised my wicked lover for a change.

Michelle rolled her hips in response, taking more of my cock in her hot pussy and somehow impaling her ass on my finger in the process, her sphincter sucking my finger up to the first knuckle. "I am yours, heart and soul," she gasped. She wriggled again and my finger disappeared another knuckle deep inside her. "You can do anything you want with me, John," she moaned before winking at me and then diving back between Kelsey's thighs again.

The bedroom began to feel like a sauna as the three of us continued...mother licking daughter in a display of i****tuous devotion while I fucked the mother like a man possessed, thrilling with each cry of pleasure my cock and my finger, now embedded completely in her furnace hot asshole, brought her. Our voices filled the room, moans and sighs of pleasure echoing loudly to build into a crescendo of orgasmic joy as Kelsey writhed under the sweet torture of her mother's tongue and Michelle gamely met my thrusts eagerly, taking me deep within her as her muffled moans and my grunts intermingled with her daughter's cries.

When I finally reached climax, Michelle had experienced two orgasms already and was kissing Kelsey with her cum coated lips, taking me along with her with her pussy firmly wrapped around my cock. As I emptied another load of steaming semen into her pussy, Michelle came a third time, raising her head and crying out with sheer carnal pleasure as streamers of Kelsey's juices and my seed were strung from her lips to her daughter's.

The three of us collapsed into a gasping, sweaty pile of exhausted, but very satisfied flesh, satiated for the moment and rejoicing that it could all begin again in a moment's notice. I found myself with a gorgeous woman on each side of me, both curling up with me, kissing my face and chest as their hands stroked my body gently. I was still semi-erect and I wondered what the hell kind of pill Michelle had given me and hoped that there was an endless supply.

When I could finally speak, I kissed Kelsey and then Michelle and looked into the older woman's eyes and said, "I know this might be rushing things, but is it too early to propose marriage?"

Michelle laughed, but Kelsey squealed and climbed atop me and kissed me all over my face before saying, "Mister Hamill, on behalf of us both, we accept!" We all laughed, but I knew there was truth behind the words. If I married Michelle, I was in a great sense, marrying her daughter as well. I knew it would be a different world...a different way of life that I had ever known, but I felt renewed with all the dark and gloomy years since my divorce melting away and removing a great burden of emotional baggage from my shoulders.

Things were very different from that day on. Very quickly, my co-workers at school noticed a new spring in my step and when word spread that Michelle Page and I were an item, there were many approving nods and words passed my way. Little did they know that in moving into the Page home, I wasn't the only one sharing Michelle's bed.

I was also thankful that Kelsey was in my last class of the day. Even when she wasn't deliberately teasing me with her short skirts and low cut tops, just the loving smiles she gave me, always with the tip of that sweet tongue sticking out, were enough to make me hard. Kelsey and I would have many after school sessions with my classroom door locked and her bent over my desk or spread-eagled on top of it while I fucked her with the erections she would inspire. Other days, we would have to pull off into a secluded park on the way to or from school, so she could suck my cock, her hungry for my semen and me starving to feel her mouth making love to me.

Somehow, there was enough of me to meet the demands of both women. Partly that was because of the magic little pills that Michelle also provided, in part it was because of the love I had for both that seemed to always let me rise to the occasion. It was the least I could do after all the love both mother and daughter brought into my life.

A week after Michelle and I watched Kelsey cross the stage and pick up her diploma (along with a huge scholarship to Yale), the three of us stood on a cliff overlooking the Pacific on one of the Hawaiian Islands, a gray-haired, besotted preacher by the name of Hemingway leading all three of us through marriage vows and the exchanging of three identical rings made of three intertwining bands of gold and pronouncing us man and wives in the sight of God forever and ever.

True, in the eyes of the law, only Michelle and I are joined together in holy wedlock, but in our hearts, all three of us know the truth. I need only to look into Michelle's or Kelsey's eyes to see the love dwelling there for me and each day I strive to be worthy of the two most wonderful women in the world.

Our love grows stronger everyday, despite Kelsey's extended absences as she attends school. She plans to be a chemist and several companies in Indianapolis are already vying for her services when she finishes at Yale. Her extended absences make her visits home and summer breaks that much sweeter. Michelle and I encourage her to explore her world, to take lovers when she wishes, but while she does, she always tells us that the experiences pale next to the love we all three share in our marriage bed.

We count the days until she is with us permanently again and our love is perfect in its combination of the three of us. We are happy. Oh, one thing has changed. Kelsey no longer calls me Mister Hamill – since the day we took our vows, she calls me Daddy.

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Puppetmaster's Revenge [w/ my old HS Teacher]

"So you only went to Springfield Community College?"

That question was what resonated loudest from my latest failed job interview. I thought it was going smoothly up until that moment. And from there it went downhill, just like the other dozen or so interviews I had gone to this past month. It seemed like a pretentious thing to hold against someone, but I was aiming high in my career while lacking the prestigious university degree on my resume. I would settle for even the small respectable state college as my alma mater.

Yes I was bitter, but looking back at the changing point of my life, I would not have punished myself that severely for simply being a teenager. Prior to my high school graduation, I had built up a respectable school record as I applied to several respectable universities. That was all undermined with one high school expulsion, which in turn, had colleges retract their scholarship offers and acceptances.

At the root of that reprimand was a teacher named Elsa Torrini. Ms. Torrini was an unwed high school English teacher with the personality of a gargoyle. The students found her to be rather stiff, boring and excessively strict, centered solely on the lesson of the day and that lesson alone. We didn't know much about her other than her harsh grading tendencies, refusal to compromise with tardiness of any kind and the complete unwillingness to converse with a student. I also found it quite paradoxical that a middle aged Italian woman with a strong vestigial accent was our English teacher, correcting every bit of our grammar and spelling of our essays with thick red marker that leaked from one side of the page to the other. We could not even speak casually with each other during her class. There was no slang or casual talk to be spoken in Ms. Torrini's classroom.

The one redeeming quality of Ms. Torrini was unanimous among the male student body. She was hot. Unbelievably scalding hot. She embodied the exotic look of a Mediterranean supermodel. Despite being in her early 40s, she had the skin and face of someone in their late 20s. She had curly dark brown hair that seemed to frizz and bunch either in heat or when she was yelling at another student. Her figure was immaculate, with long legs that ran till tomorrow, hips and rear end stolen from a rap video vixen and a round busty chest that she constantly tried to hide behind bras one or two sizes too small or with skin tight sweaters and vests. Ironically, she became more attractive to us boys when she was yelling and correcting us. Something about her fierce nature just sent tremors down our spines.

And this physical attraction was where I got in trouble. One afternoon, a couple of my friends and I were loitering by the school steps. School had long been dismissed, and it was far too hot to do anything of exertion. We lounged and talked, as teenage boys do, and the conversation eventually transitioned into the lust filled discussion of how incredible Ms. Torrini looked with a sweat drenched button down shirt that day. We rambled on and on about how great it would be if she wasn't such a prude ogre. We physically acted out our imaginary hump sessions in the event we ever got our hands on Ms. Torrini. We even discussed in detail where we'd have angry sex with her all over the school's campus. Little did we know, Ms. Torrini and another teacher were in the classroom whose windows were adjacent to our location. They heard everything.

In a completely uncompromising meeting with Ms. Torrini and our principal, we faced some harsh scrutiny and verbal backlash. While our principal was sympathetic to our hormonal behavior, Ms. Torrini refused to show any mercy. She threatened not just us, but the school with sexual harassment lawsuit after lawsuit to the brink where our principal had no choice but to crack down on us. Given that I was the most buoyant and crude in our overheard discussions, I received the harshest punishment. I was immediately expelled from school, ruining my college opportunities that were only a few months away.

And here I am today, scr****g what little job I could in this rinky dink town instead of the admirable positions in actual functioning cities. It was worth bragging to be a businessman in this district years ago, but this so-called "downtown" had long been forsaken. Imagine building the foundation for a bustling metropolis, only to abandon it and let it be filled with the less than desirable. Ill.egal businesses thrived here, and what few honest businesses were left, like the one where I was currently employed, struggled to make ends meet.

I guess when integrity is lost, communities surrendered to their lowest instincts. Sex sold here. It seemed like the former ritzy public venues and palatial department stores had to be used for something when the rich ran away from town and the despondent moved back in. Four star hotels turned into brothels, theaters built for award winning musicals and plays began airing cheap adult films and the once-manicured park now featured giant weeds that would barely guise paid public sex acts.

Murray's Tavern was one example. As a former 5-star restaurant situated at the ground floor of a commercial building that took up an entire city block, it was turned into your cliched dingy pub with an impressive gloryhole emporium to the rear of the tavern. Murray's Tavern provided some minor escape from our town's burdens. It was a few blocks from my office building, and became a popular fixture for our downtrodden residents to receive blowjobs from some unattractive and desperate women. But I just could never really appreciate the anonymity of the working girls in the next stall.

It was actually my boss, believe it or not, that informed me of a new forbidden "development" that was taking place across from Murray's Tavern. I struggled to recollect as to what was across from the tavern. All I could remember was the massive former headquarters of the city's police department.

"That's the one," he confirmed. "It's geared for those who like to watch instead of touch."

Confused by his cryptic explanations, I also remembered the state of the building by passing by it just this morning.

"The entire ground floor was still vacant though. The windows remain boarded up and the front is one huge graffiti mural. I passed by there just this morning."

"That's just the ground floor," he asserted. "That actually helps keep the illusion. Once you pay, the real action is on the fourth floor. Completely...umm... completely refurbished if you will. You can be the puppetmaster of the show."

My boss was smiling from ear to ear as if he was currently experiencing what he had there. His explanations still didn't register with me. Regardless, my curiosity was sparked more than my arousal, and I decided I'd check out the place after work.

I made my way to the old police headquarters. The old corner entry was completely boarded up with tarnished plywood. There was no way to enter there. I walked along the front facade along the main avenue to only see the same. The huge storefront windows were boarded up with giant barricades in order to restrict access. I decided I'd turn the corner, and headed down the smaller street. I had never been this far off the main road as it became exponentially dangerous this way. Alas, the building revealed no entry along the side. In one final attempt to appease my boss's recommendations, I walked down the service alley behind the old police station. This was clearly where police cars and trucks operated away from the main street, transporting their arrests away from public view. However, there still was no entry, just another long row of boarded windows.

I walked halfway into the alley until a recessed entry finally came into view. I approached it, however it was nothing but a fire exit. It was a solid metal door scribbled from top to bottom with marker ink and spray paint with no window or opening. There was no door handle to pull it outwards, but rather two open screw holes that showed where the latch would have gone. I was ready to turn and leave when the otherwise unassuming exit sign grabbed my attention. It was actually lit with its ubiquitous red light animating the EXIT text. It seemed as if there was some pulse inside for the electrical sign to still be functional. With that lone breadcrumb, I knocked firmly on the metal door, hearing the metallic clanks echo across the alley way.

I didn't actually expect a response, but the door swung open immediately. Peering out was a well built figure who gazed at me with some intimidation. He stuck his head further out the doorway, looking to the left and right of the alley way.

"Are you alone?" he asked.

I paused a moment, still surprised that I had actually come across an individual in this building. Finally, I nodded to confirm that I was indeed alone. He paused himself, almost unsure of the stranger before him before signaling for me to come in. As I stepped in, he reached out behind me to close the heavy metal door, looping the latch and lock to secure it. He then walked away from me through a dim lit corridor toward an old cargo elevator. He looked back, puzzled as to why I was not following him. I took his cue, and walked toward the elevator with him.

Before entering, he gestured by rubbing the fingers of his right hand together to signal that he must be paid prior to riding the elevator. I fumbled with what money I had in my wallet, grabbing every bill I could. Sensing my uncertainty of how much to pay, he grabbed the entire amount of crumpled bills in my hand with no objection from myself. I preferred not to have my arms broken by this man. He sorted through the money, took what was necessary and respectfully returned to me what was not needed. I finally entered the elevator. He swung the metal latticed doors, and pressed the button to the fourth floor.

As we ascended, I could faintly see each floor we passed through the latticed elevator doors. The second floor was probably the old office of the police station with tables flipped over and partition walls marred with holes and fire burns. The third floor was even in worse condition from visible water damages, with giant puddles creating potholes in the level's concrete floor slab. Its must of decaying matter wreaked, and every surface seemed brown and tinged from waste water runoff. Just what kind of place had I gotten myself into? What kind of irony would it be to be mugged or killed in a former police station? I was still oblivious as to what kind of institution this was and what it offered.

My rising anxiety subsided as we reached the fourth floor. Clean carpeted floors extended across the hallway and the walls glistened from fresh coats of paint. While dim in setting, the lighting fixtures were still brand new, probably installed no more than a month ago. It really looked more like a theater than a police station. As my security guide opened the latticed elevator doors, I stepped out only to hear the doors close behind me. Before he could reach the button to descend back down, I naively shot him a question.

"Wait! Ummm where am I?" I sheepishly inquired.

He gave a short chuckle before responding. "You're in the former interrogation cells of the police station. This place was the main holding center for every suspect and witness in the entire city. This entire floor is lined with both interrogation and suspect lineup rooms."

"I'm sorry, but," I persisted. I still wasn't clear as to how this pertained to me.

Now annoyed with my ignorant questions, he responded, "One-way glass. You can see in, they can't see out. Not to mention their intercom system. Isn't it an obvious conversion for what we do here? Just walk down the hall, make a left and enjoy the shows."

I was just about ask him what exactly do they do here, but he had already pressed the button to descend in the elevator. I thought back to the cryptic stories of my boss, and it slowly began to make some sense. I made my way down the corridor and took a left as instrcuted, only to be in front of another deep hall. This stretch of the corridor had no light of its own, but rather all illumination came from adjacent windows to other rooms. I walked toward this ambient lighting until I came within sight of the first exhibition room. I cautiously inched my way toward the edge of the glass window to get my first peep.

The room behind the glass was as bare and cold as when it was first built to intimidate the crooked. Its walls were still the dark gray painted concrete block texture bottomed off with a bare concrete floor. There was nothing else to furnish the room except for the single mattress on the center of the room that supported the couple inside.

Inside the room was an elder man with a petite young woman, probably not even in her 20s yet. She was on all fours bent over in front of him as he pumped into her furiously from behind. Her slender frame seemed overpowered by the larger man as she was violently thrown forward with every thrust only to be pulled back to his cock. Her hair was in disarray and the skin of her ass cheeks had grown crimson with irritation as the man continued to pound on her from behind. I could hear everything from inside, as if it were emitted from a telephone speaker, complete with some side static.


I was startled by the command that came from my side of the window. I was so taken by the show in the other room that I had never even noticed the figure who loitered by the right side of the viewing glass.

"SPANK HER AGAIN!" he commanded by pressing the button and speaking directly into the room's intercom. I turned my attention back to the show to see if the request had been accepted as the man continued to slap the left cheek of the woman as he thrusted in and out. Overcome by the sharp strikes to her rear, the woman lowered her face from sight into the mattress.

"Pull her hair back."

The man inside the room fulfilled another command by forcibly pulling her hair back to the point where her face perfectly mirrored the window in front of her, displaying every minute expression of hers to us watching. By then, her moans had grown to full blown wails of pleasure that audibly carried on to our side of the window as she continued to get fucked from behind.

"How do you like the show?"

That question was aimed at me from the nefarious figure orchestrating the show. I faced him feeling a strong degree of trepidation, but surprisingly, he continued with cordial and casual banter.

"It's quite the show, isn't it?" he continued. "They have to do everything you say. You have complete control. It's like you're the puppetmaster."

That analogy rung in my ears. My boss's precise description was pieced together in one swift realization. I had to learn more as I interjected with question after question as to how this function operated, careful not to interrupt his view of what was occurring in the other room.

"Who are these people?" I asked.

"Some are couples. Some are Johns with their working girls. Some are just strangers, swinging or cuckolding. Some want to be here. Some have to be here," he responded, his eyes never diverting from the show as I continued to inquire.

"It's pretty simple. You pick a window. You can see them, but they can't see you. You can hear them, but they can't hear you unless you want them to," he clarified while pointing to the small intercom speaker with a lone red button to the right of the window. "Press the button to speak, then enjoy. They have to do whatever you say. They better do what you say. The better the show, the more that come."

Comfortable with what I had learned, I decided to leave the man alone to his window. We exchanged friendly goodbyes, and I made my way deeper down the hall. I passed by two empty rooms before arriving at another one that was occupied. Inside was an older couple, already deep into their fucking with the woman pinned against the wall with her legs dangling in the air. It seemed as if they had completely ignored the lone mattress in the middle of the room. I decided this was not the show for me and continued onward.

After a few more turns I came across a group of men huddled around another window. This room they were peering into had a couch instead with two women voraciously kissing and rubbing each other. Two men took turns reciting commands into the intercom while the other three stood back to watch. Interesting, but this show was far too crowded, and I decided to move on again.

I must have passed 4 or 5 other couples' shows, spending no more than a minute watching each. While I appreciated these women's sexual prowess, none had the attractive quality that reeled me in. I was running out of windows to view and the further I explored in the building, the darker the halls seemed to get. I finally ran into what I figured to be the terminal point, coming across double doors at the end of the winding halls. Rather than double back and walk the distance of the labyrinthine corridor, I decided to press through hoping that I could find a shortcut back to the cargo elevator. After entering the double doors and a few more left and right turns, I was surprised to come across one more stretch of dark hallway that had an isolated bright flash that was indicative of an occupied sexroom. I clearly had this stretch of the building all too myself so I approached this window hoping for one last opportunity to enjoy a show.

At last, I found a room with a woman who interested me. Her back was to me as she faced her partner in the room, but I could see her hour glass figure perfectly sculpted from behind. I couldn't help but to notice her bare ass, plump but tight, forming a perfect upside down heart. She was wearing a black corset that left little to the imagination, latched to her fishnet stockings via a garter belt with no underwear or shoes. Her dark curly hair puffed out and extended just past her olive skin shoulders.

The hulking man across from her was masked, wearing a cloak that covered his brow and nose. He was an overweight individual, probably well into his 50s with disheveled grey hair and a poorly-groomed beard. From what little I could see though his masquerade, there was a certain look of malice in his eyes as he stood naked before her. He was still flaccid, but the length and girth of his soft cock was still remarkable as it dangled below. I pressed my hands and face to the glass, further examining the scene before me. This room was even more barren than the others. No mattress, no couch, no table or chair. Just two individuals encased in a shabby desolate gray cell.

I figured this would be the show I'd try to orchestrate. I approached the intercom, pressed the button and brought my mouth to the speaker. Nervously, I pondered my first command.


That was all I could muster in a whisper among my state of timidity. However, the man in the room clearly heard my request as he assertively signaled to the ground that the woman kneel before him. She complied, and he wasted no time in stepping in front of her to place his cock in her mouth. She had not stroked him with her lips more than twice before he had placed his hand on the back of her head in domineering fashion as he forcibly slammed her mouth on his hardening rod.

I watched the back of her head bob back and forth, faintly hearing the gargling sound as she labored with each descent on his cock. While on her knees, she placed her hands on his thighs. I could see from the flexing of her toned back and shoulders that she was pushing back against the man to try and alleviate her throatfucking, but she was no match to the brute will of the gargantuan man. I hadn't even noticed that I was rubbing myself through my pants, my dick fully erect and pleading to be freed from the restraints of my trousers. After one look around to confirm I was indeed alone, I let myself out. I began stroking my bare member in the open as I mimicked the back of the woman's bobbing head with my own hand.

With no other command given within the span of the first 10 minutes, the man took the initiative on his own, this time using both hands on the back of her head to propel her head onto his cock. He altered tempos from jackhammer speeds of facefucking to temptingly slow, drawn out motions with occasional pauses in deepthroat with the woman gagging as he restrained her lips around the base of his cock. I could have erupted myself as I simulated the scene with my own hand. In order to maximize my experience, I called in my next command.

"Fuck her."

Maybe unoriginal, but it was short and sweet. I left it to the masked man to fill in the blanks for his performance. He released the woman from his hold, and ordered her to rise. As she rose from her kneel, I noticed the small puddle of saliva that had pooled under her knees. That was some great deepthroating. Once the woman was to her feet, the masked man pushed the woman backward until her back pressed against the window in front of me. There, he fondled and sucked on her bare chest, which were further perked up by her black corset. The woman moaned as her hands pressed against the glass, leaving a distinguished imprint.

When the man had finished with her chest, he firmly grabbed her by the arm and forcibly turned her around and pressed her against the glass for my first full frontal view of her. My attention was instantly drawn below. She flashed a thin landing strip of curly pubic her on her snatch, completely exhibited below her garter belt. Moving my eyes upward, her breasts were extravagant mounds, filling the width of her chest even as they pressed firmly against the window. And then there was her face...

Her face that was all too recognizable. The face that I had grown to love and hate while in high school. The face that had the same exact amount of subtle makeup as if she were lecturing in one of her classes. I stepped up the glass window until I was nearly pressed up against it myself just to confirm.

It was Ms. Elsa Torrini...

Her face was separated from mine by a mere half inch of plate glass when the masked man pushed her cheek up against the window as he inserted his shaft into her cunt. Her jaw dropped from the sensation of her slit being penetrated. I brought my face directly in front of hers as she moaned and whimpered while being pounded from behind. Unbelievable. I was looking eye to eye, as clear as day, with my old teacher, and yet she could not see me from her side of the wall.

A million and one thoughts ran through my mind. None more conflicting than the emotions of both pleasure and contempt. I then asked myself, "why did these have to be exclusive from one another?" I could use both in my favor instead. Moving from my direct gaze into Ms. Torrini's face, I walked back to the intercom.

"Harder.... Harder, please."

I still struggled to instruct anything more than two words, but my abbreviated directives are followed beautifully as the masked man's thrusts gained velocity and authority as he rammed my old English teacher against the glass. Her deep breath of exasperation fogged the mirror in front of her as she began to scream from the stretching of her pussy's lips. I moved back in front of her, placing my left hand on the glass where her breasts were pressed against, my right hand back to stroking my own rod.

The sight of a former classroom tyrant turned into a common fucktoy made my cock throb and leak out precum. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her moans growing as her cheek continued to thud against the window with every thrust. Yet, I wanted to punish her more.

"Harder," I commanded into the speaker, this time with more agency in my voice.

The masked man accepted my challenge, grasping a large clump of her hair and yanking it back until the overwhelmed expression on her face was directed up toward the ceiling. He slowed down his thrusts, but tried to power through her pelvis as if he tried to fuck her right through the glass. Ms. Torrini began to slide down the glass, probably from her failing knees and quivering legs. The man acquiesces, but not before untying and removing her corset, forcing her to lie in the middle of the cold abrasive concrete floor with her bare back.

It just hit me. I needed to record this. I broke out my phone, and quickly flipped through to my aps and began recording. I had the perfect view of Ms. Torrini lying on her back with her legs spread wide, wearing nothing but her garter belt and fishnet stockings. Her snatch looked perfect, with full lips covering a tiny slit. Her clit had been fully engorged from just being fucked. Her pubic hair was carefully manicured. The masked stranger then kneeled before her, grabbing her by the ankles to further separate her legs for easier entry. He slid his cock back inside, slow at first, then abruptly in one emphatic thrust of his waist.

"Cristo santo!" yelled Ms. Torrini from the brutal penetration of the man. So much for an English lesson.

The man resumed his pace from before, throwing the heavy weight of his body into her pelvis in controlled but powerful slams. Her voluminous breasts continuously bounced up and down from inertia. I looked back at what I was capturing on my phone, visibly seeing Ms. Torrini's tan complexion turning flush and red as she bit her lower lip to prevent her self from screaming. Her legs, still spread wide, became restless, alternating between flailing in the air to wrapping around the robust waistline of the man plunging into her cunt. Her toes curled into themselves, dragging along his backside. Her hands had reached out in an attempt to clutch something, only to curl into nothing as she dug her nails into the concrete slab. Finally, she gave in, moaning loudly like the whore she was.

It was beautiful. But I wanted more.

"Put it in... Put it in her ass," I demanded, my tone gaining some conviction.

The two stopped what they were doing to exhibit two very different reactions. The man looked back with an obvious grin on his face. He was satisfied with the request. Ms. Torrini stared back aimlessly at the window, uncertain as to where her spectator was, but visibly perturbed by my desire. She had no say in the matter as her masked partner ran his hands under her lower back to forcibly flip her over on the hard floor surface. He assertively shifted her legs upward until her ass was up and her face and hands were pressed down into the pavement.

"Put it in!" I repeated in haste.

With one hand steady with the camera phone, my other darted back to my dick to begin rubbing again. I watched with glee as the man in the other room rested the tip of his cock's head at the entry point of her tight hole. He tried pressing it in on its own, but it's unable to break through. He was too large. Using his right hand, he was finally able to slowly insert the head. Ms. Torrini turns her head to the right to conceal her distress, showing me only the back of her frizzy brown hair. The man continues on, slowly slipping each veiny surface of his rod into her rear, inch by inch.

When his shaft seemingly reached its limit inside her, he pulled it out only to push his schlong even deeper than the previous insertion. Finally content with how deep he could go, he began pumping into her asshole. The quality of my camera phone was able to catch the rim of her anus stretch with every drive inside her. My other hand remained on my cock, simulating the reaming of her asshole.

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr," she growled and mumbled, incapable of emitting discernible words.

"Fuck her hard. Fuck her harder," I commanded. I was growing comfortable with my control. I had her right where I wanted her.

The man continued to slide in and out of her asshole with a consistent rhythm. Each pound generated a discernible slapping noise that pleased me. Fluids dripped down the inner thighs of my former teacher as her ass was fucked again and again.

"Make her suck it. Make her suck you."

The man pulls Ms. Torrini back up to her knees, dangling his cock in front of her face. He put his hand back behind her head to direct her mouth. She engulfed his rod with zeal as his mass stretched her lips wide. The slurping noises echoed from the speaker to my right.

"Taste it. Taste your own ass," I demanded. These were my first commands directed to my old teacher.

My words didn't deter her as she hungrily enveloped his cock with her mouth, drooling along the length of him every time her bottom lip reached his sac. My own cock in hand was beginning to twitch from the show.

"Stand her back up in front of the mirror. Put it back in her ass."

What I commanded, they obeyed as she was bent over in front of the window, her face directly across from me and my phone's camera. I reveled as her face cringed from discomfort as her ass was penetrated once more. And then the ass pounding resumed.

"Where is it? Where is his cock?" I interviewed.

"In my... In my... In my... E 'nel mio culo!" she labored through, finally responding in her foreign tongue.

"In English!" I demanded from her, no different than how she used speak to us in her English class.

"It's in my ass!" she shouted, fully preoccupied by the splitting of her rectum.

"Why?" I questioned rhetorically. There was no response as she whimpered sharply with every pound into her ass cheeks. By then, the sounds of the man's swinging ball sac slapping her slit was audible even without the use of the speaker.

"Why is it in your ass?! Because you are a whore!" I announced, now fully consumed by my megalomania. "Say it!"

"Because.. I.. am... a whore!" she recited reluctantly.

"Yes, you're a whore! Say it again."

"I'm a whore!"

"You're a whore!"

"I'm a whore!"

"You're a whore just like your old students had thought!"

Her eyes opened in the midst of her orgasm, squinting across the window. I had situated myself directly across her face to where it seemed as if she was staring at me right in the eyes. She knew her voyeur was a student of hers. She knew that her identity was no longer anonymous. She knew that she was nothing but a toy in my sweet game of revenge. I was proud that she knew.

I continued orchestrating the rest of the session. I told the man to go harder. He did. I told him to pick her up and pound her ass with her legs raised in the air. He did. I told her to suck him off again. She did. I told him to gag her with his rod. He did. Back and forth, move after move, position after position until I myself was ready to explode.

"Cum in her mouth!" My penultimate declaration.

He removed his cock from her ass for the last time, inserting it right in her mouth. He jerked himself off as she flicked her tongue from side to side along the underside of his dick. Finally he erupted inside her, splashing thick white fluid from the corners of her mouth and down her chin as it overflowed from within. The man convulsed as he drained his load inside Ms. Torrini's mouth. Once he had finished, he left the room via a backdoor on the other end. But now it was my turn.

"Ms. Torrini, look directly in the window!" I commanded using her real name out loud. While remaining on her knees, she scuttled over and faced me from behind the plate glass. "Open your mouth." She dropped her chin to display the large collection of semen that had flooded her gums. I began to jack my cock directly in front of her face. It wasn't long until the sight of her pretty face and mouth left ajar before my own dick had me exploding. I ejaculated stream after stream of cum that spilled over the very glass that saved her from what would otherwise have been a massive sticky facial. I was heavily panting from my own orgasm when I muttered into the intercom my final command.


She did.

I hit stop on my video recording, and began to clothe myself as Ms. Torrini licked her lips and chin clean in the other room. Staring at her gorgeous face, I paused to enjoy what had just occurred. She then rose from her kneeling posture in front of the window, and jogged out of the room via the same exit her partner had taken in the rear of the room.

Not only did I see the saboteur of my career get what she had coming to her, I had it all in video that I could wield at any point in time. I casually made my way toward the exit, hoping to return home and review my recording. Retracing my steps, I made a left then a right and then a left until I suffered a painful confrontation.


I was blindsided by a bone jarring tackle from the security figure from the elevator. It wasn't long until my arm was twisted behind me as he literally used it as a human leash to walk me wherever he pleased. He pushed me forward. Then left. Then right. Then a few more lefts until I was far from the public corridors. From there I was thrown through a door into an all too familiar cell-like room, a wall-sized reflection of myself staring right back at me. Before the door could close, the woman I had intended to exploit casually strolled in behind me, still nude with exception of the stockings and garter belt.

"I knew it was you," she asserted, a stone-cold stare in her eyes. "I knew it was you, and I know what you want to do."

My lone exit was sealed off behind her. Like the many witnesses and criminals who used this room before, I was being grilled by my interviewee. I was left with one option in this barren gray cell: confrontation. Defiantly, I faced her not intending to hand over my video evidence.

"You bitch... You slut... You goddamn hypocrite," I berated. I continued with my rant, "You do know that you had me kicked out of school. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't be stuck in this hell hole of a town I am now."

"You can't honestly still be mad at that, can you? If you weren't still here, then you would never have just caught that live show of ours," she countered with a sly look in her face. She was right though. Still, I remained defiant.

"Regardless, you're going down. I have enough on you to completely ruin your career. You ain't getting this video back from me."

"Ain't is not allowed in this classroom, young man!" Her stern voice sent tremors down my spine like it had back in the days of high school. Boy o boy, was she so hot when she was mad. I caught myself from falling into nostalgia.

"...." I kept my mouth shut, still using my poker face. Sensing my unwavering stance, she softened her approach.

"Well, then we'll just have to work something out," she said calmly. She walked toward me, hips seductively swaying from side to side as she approached. Upon reaching me, she clasped my belt buckle with both hands before descending to her knees. She displayed a devious but eager look in her face as she yanked my trousers down, releasing my member before her face. I didn't stop her. I couldn't. I wouldn't. She held my cock up firmly in her hand, looked at me straight in the eyes and smiled. As she licked her lips as if to savor the moment before our impending rendezvous, I heard a familiar static crackle fill the room.

"Suck him," demanded the anonymous voice from the speaker. "I'll be your puppetmaster for this show."

-by cornball

The precursor or tangential storyline on Murray's Tavern can be read here: Continue»
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The English Teacher


“kavita? Come in.”
kavita’s head snapped up at the sound of Mr. khan, the senior English teacher’s, voice. She had been leaning outside his door in the chilly winter air for a good twenty minutes after school; only ten minutes ago she caught Allison Tapping leaving for home and asked to borrow her black felt coat and purple scarf for the rest of the day.
“I’ll bring it back tomorrow,” she had promised.
Allison had removed her coat and scarf and handed it to kavita with a pitying smile. “Detention?”
“I don’t know about that yet, Als.” kavita wrapped the borrowed articles of clothing around her slim body and headed back for the English building. Mr. khan’s door had been locked.
As she waited she had fumed at the weatherman, whom her father lovingly called a “customary moron”, because he had told her and three thousand other viewers yet another nasty lie: that the day would be a perfect eighty five degrees. So that morning, despite what common sense told her, she had pulled on a metallic turquoise d****d tank top and dark wash mini skirt. It was not eighty five degrees, she thought to herself as she tugged on her skirt, trying to pull it lower so that it would provide more protection from the cold; try ten degrees lower.
Mr. khan, still waiting by the door, sighed, a facial gesture that made him look older than his twenty four years. “kavita, you and I both want to get on home, so I’ll make this quick.” He held the door open for her as she shuffled inside, her head bowed. His dark blue eyes followed her as she walked; her black four inch heels clicked on the cement and became muted on the carpeted floor of the classroom. It was supposed to be shortened day, kavita knew, and Vogue had ruined it for her. She could see the ripped remnants of the magazine in the recycling bin.
“I’m sorry, Mr. khan,” she said as Mr. khan closed the door behind her. “I didn’t mean to be offensive or rude during class. Shakespeare just isn’t my thing.”
Mr. khan did not sit down. “You surprised me kavita. I didn’t think that I would catch you of all people readinga magazine behind your textbook. You did so well with Voltaire last semester, why not Shakespeare? It’s a much easier read, in my opinion.”
“Candide was fun,” she replied with a grimace. “Midsummer’s Night Dream?—not so much.” She pulled on her skirt more, uncomfortable with the way Mr. khan was staring disapprovingly at her bare legs.
Or was he checking her out?
The thought made her smirk; that meant no detention for her—not that she would mind…. Mr. khan seemed to be the type that never took risks, but he, with his perfect blue eyes and chiseled features, was much too hot to pass up. What was it feel like to press herself against him? His skin was warm, a nice change from the outside weather. He watched her more than necessary as she tested her theory out and leaned onto one hip and released her tight grip on her coat, allowing it to fall open and reveal her low scoop necked tank top and short miniskirt.
“How old are you, kavita?” he asked her.
“Eighteen, Mr. khan,” she answered. She watched his expression with wide green eyes and allowed herself to pout a little. “Am I getting detention?”
He nodded, and her suspicions were confirmed as his eyes slowly drifted to her breasts and cleavage, barely contained within a too small bra that she had picked out that morning to give herself more cleavage. When she smiled, his eyes moved back to her face.
It was that sudden realization that allowed for her to be brazen. She started to remove her coat slowly, and looked up at Mr. khan through long lashes. Suddenly she was glad she had chosen to wear what she had worn; it had been for a daylight party at Jack Porter’s house, but who knew it would work in her favor?Carefully she lay Allison’s coat down on one of the desks, bending over that Mr. khan could see her arch her back ever so slightly. Her miniskirt puckered, revealing long, slim tanned legs accentuated by her patent leather pumps.
“kavita,” Mr. khan said, almost warningly. She smiled and allowed her mouth to relax; her nude colored lip glossed lips framed her teeth. Very carefully she lifted herself onto one of the desks and crossed her legs seductively.
“I’m really sorry, Mr. khan.” She leaned forward and ran her fingers through her blond hair as if in defeat. Remembering her d****d tank top, she leaned forward, allowing her Stanford graduated English teacher a look down her tank top and lace bra. “I won’t do it again.”
He came closer, his disheveled black brown hair falling into his denim blue eyes. “You’d better not.” kavita could see he determination in his eyes, but she was determined to have her way, making sure that he saw her run her eyes visibly downward toward his fly. When she cocked her eyebrow he breathed in sharply, his lips forming a thin line as she moaned audibly at the apparent bulge in his jeans. But she knew he could not take his eyes off her. She smiled and slid off the desk, closing the space between them. Her peaked breasts grazed his chest as she pressed against him, feeling his hardness against her thighs.
Mr. khan let out a suppressed groan of pleasure.
Tossing her hair to release a drift of her perfume, kavita ground her hips against his and whispered his first name when he grabbed her waist to keep her from moving away. Pressing an imprint of her open lips against his white shirt, she asked, “Why don’t we play, Mr. khan?”
His mouth landed on hers almost immediately as they locked eyes; his hands slid onto the small of her back, smashing her hips against his erection to ease himself of his torture. Laughing under his desperate kisses, kavita ran her fingers through his soft hair and let him take her. His mouth opened hers and she could feel his rough stubble against her flawless skin; the abrasion, plus his calloused and firm hands, felt like burns on her skin and sent warm tingles down to her toes. Grabbing his collar, she pulled him closer so that could unbutton his shirt and get at the skin she craved, touch the muscles that she knew lay beneath his ironed white shirt. Meanwhile, his hands dove under her tank top, slowly inching their way up to her bra.
“Stop,” she said, and pushed him away. Mr. khan’s eyes went from wild to a conscious calm, but kavita had no intention of depriving herself. She grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it over her head, throwing the garment to the ground as she spun around and walked slowly, showing off her ass in her tight black miniskirt, to the door and locked it. Then she turned around, giving her teacher a full view of her breasts, mounds of soft milky white flesh cupped in a size C lace bra. Knowing that her teacher stared, she slid a hand into her right bra cup and moaned, her eyelashes fluttering. Mr. khan had his hands on her in two long strides.
His warm hands squeezed her breasts over their protective fabric as kavita ripped off his shirt and grabbed at his tanned muscular chest and arms, spearing her palms on his hot nipples. She let out hot gasp as sudden exhilaration overtook her; he had finally worked off her bra and pushed her hard against the wall, licking the curve of her left breast until her reached her nipple. Then he held his lips there, knowing full well that her body strained and squirmed for him. She was panting, saying his name, pushing his mouth closer to her body until it finally opened and enveloped her nipple in hot, arousing warmth.
She had only run her hands down the length of his strong arms when Mr. khan started to rip off her skirt, grabbing her ass and kissing her as if he didn’t which to do first. She smiled into his kiss and moaned as he thrust his erect cock against her, the friction of the classroom’s brick wall at her back. He was moaning into her right breast now and thrusting; she worked at his belt, ripping the leather puncture in her haste to loosen them. Taking her right hand she moved past his ripped abs and down to his navel, where she proceeded to thrum her cold fingertips where the hair started to lighten. She could feel his cock harden even more, and with short breath, she worked off his jeans until they stood against the wall in nothing but heels, panties, and boxers.
His kissed her neck and breasts before thrusting against her again. Scooping one strong arm under her, he carried her to his wide desk, dropping pencil sharpeners and papers to the floor in the process. She lay naked on the table, breathing hard and flushed, her rock hard nipples moving up and down as she panted. “You’re so damn hot, kavita,” he said, and came up between her legs and leaned over her; she could feel him, large and insistent, throbbing at her entrance. He groaned and bucked, but his boxers were still in the way…
Mr. khan closed his mouth over hers, his tongue making its way inside her mouth as his hand grabbed at her full breast. Arching with pleasure, she moaned and dragged him even closer, bucking as he slowly slid his finger up past her panties and inside her.
Her body lifted off the desk as his finger rubbed against her clit; she sucked in air and moaned, using her trembling fingers to take off her teacher’s boxers and kick them away with her heels. He helped her and they threw the last of their undergarments away onto the floor; kavita saw his manhood thick and erect, ready. She already wet, and she grabbed his hard seven inch cock in her hand and started to give him a hand job, rubbing her hand up and down his hard thick shaft. “It’s not going to fit,” she told him and moaned as her teacher inserted his finger into her pussy again.
His mouth traveled down her breasts and past her belly button. “You’re wet enough.” His tongue flicked inside of her and tasted her.
She writhed at his touch, his fingers sliding up her thighs as he came back up and rammed his tongue into her mouth. Just that had started to make her climax…. “Just give it to me, Mr. khan—”
He panted into her mouth, his cock getting harder and harder. “Beg me, Miss Kavita.”
She laughed and moaned at the same time; her body bucked and squirmed. “Please—”
He pulled his finger back and closed his mouth over her nipple and bit down. She squirmed, and pushed his head down more; he spread her legs until they almost hurt….
“If you ever read Vogue in my class again, kavita, I’ll—” And then he pushed the tip of his massive thick cock into her—she moaned so loud—and then f***ed himself inside her. “You’re so tight, baby!” She screamed in ecstasy, panting as she tried to maintain consciousness while watching him fuck her.
“You’ll what?” she whispered, and cried out his name when his started thrust rhythmically. She pulled herself up to a sitting position and wrapped her legs around his waist, needing to grab more of him, to touch something. One of his hands was on her ass as he fucked her; his hands pushed her even closer and she rode him hard, meeting his rhythm, her nails digging red streaks into his back. “You’ll what, Mr. khan?”
His eyes met hers. “I’ll—” She used one hand and f***ed his mouth to her nipple so that he could not say any more, his warm mouth pressed firmly against her soft breast. She ran a cold hand down his abdomen, touching the ripples in his stomach as he ground against her. He shuddered at her so-close touch.
Panting at his neck, she made her fingers travel back upwards and feel the smooth muscles in his back with her hands. She couldn’t stand it anymore; she dug her nails into his skin and voiced her needs.
“Fuck me harder, Mr. khan,” she whispered into his ear breathlessly and moved her leg for deeper penetration. “Come on Mr. khan, fuck me harder!”
He groaned as his thrusts became harder and harder and faster and faster; she held on to his muscular shoulders and cried out with pleasure; it felt so good. Better than anything—
“kavita!” he moaned, his back arching for full penetration. The friction was so intense she had trembled; she felt her climax coming as he stroked in and out of her body over and over. Her black heels bobbed up and down along with her big breasts as he fucked her harder and harder; it was an explosion of pleasure and pain at the same time when he finally came deep inside of her. The tight pressure was fantastic as she screamed with satisfaction; he pumped faster and faster and they both came together, their groans of bliss seeping from their interlocked lips.
Mr. khan ground his hips against kavita’s as she climbed off him, her heels meeting the floor for the first time in a while. She rubbed her breasts against his chest and continued to grind her pussy against his limp cock. “Bad girl,” he said, saying her name over and over as he grabbed her ass and smashed her against him.
Parting her lips just a little, she kissed his sore lips. He came against her belly and moved his hand from her ass to one of her swollen breasts and squeezed. Smiling, she pulled away to tease him, bending over ninety degrees so that she could stroke his member with a painted nail. Watching her stooped like that and stroking his cock, he started to stiffen again. She rubbed a hand against his upper thigh, teasing him and loving the effect she made on her teacher.
“I think I might just have to dump my boyfriend for you, Mr. khan,” she told him, arching her back so that she stood with her ass perfectly taut.
Mr. khan grabbed her roughly and thrust her tongue inside of her mouth, pulling back just enough to mutter, “Detention for you, Miss Kavita. Tomorrow after school at three.”
She laughed and closed the space between them, feeling her teacher’s cock harden again as she thrust her hips toward his. “Aww, Mr. khan. What a shame.”
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The English Teacher 2


It was three thirty in the afternoon as Kavita kapoor crossed the courtyard and walked through the Math building towards her English class. Her senior advanced prep English teacher Mr. khan wasn’t expecting her this time, but she ventured that he would appreciate her handing in her research paper early. Especially if it had been on Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
Still late winter, the frosty blue sky churned wisps of white clouds as she eyed her outfit with an inward smile; she wore dark blue ruffled blouse and black pencil skirt with gold laced up gladiator sandals. She adjusted her solid black satin bra so her cleavage peeked out from the opening at her neckline and applied more of her trademark nude lip gloss as she headed up the stairs.
ameen, quarterback of the high school football team, was coming down the steps as she made her way up; he wolf-whistled as she passed him. “Hey Kavita,” he said suggestively, and when she stopped dead in her tracks, he smiled the crooked smile that made all the girls at Lincoln High swoon.
But Kavita had never swooned at the sight of him, though she did identify that ameen, with his dark gray eyes, muscular physique, and dark blond messy hair, was quite the catch.
She ran a tongue over her perfect teeth and smiled back. Placing her hand on the stair rail, she turned to ameen and stepped up one more step so that her shaped thighs were in full view. His eyes went straight to where she wanted them to. Dropping her purse on the ground, she sauntered up to him and moved close enough so that her lips were just level to his. “ameen,” she said as he breathed in sharply, “my bra strap is digging into my shoulder. Could you—” She started to undo the next three buttons on her blouse so that she could press her naked bra against his chest; she breathed deep to that her breasts pressed tight against the cups.
“Course,” he told her, trying to remain equally calm as she moved her hands down his waist and behind. His hand ran up her back, reaching into the collar of her blouse to adjust her strap. “Looser?”
She laughed and slid her hands past his beltless jeans and into his boxers. Pulling him in so that his erect penis smashed against the vee of her legs, she said, “Yes, please. I don’t know why I pulled it so tight—”
He bit her ear and whispered, “Baby, your tits are huge.” Then he let go of her bra strap and moved his hands in the direction of her breast. Immediately she retracted her hands and pushed him away roughly so that he fell backward onto the step.
“Not in public.” Then she smiled and crossed one leg over his head so that she could cameenb the stairs. He looked up at her black lace panties and moaned. Looking down her nose, she replied, “That’s all you get, baby.” And then she buttoned her blouse just up over her bra and picked up her bag, making her way up the stairs in a way that made her hips sway sexily.
“That girl….” She heard ameen swear under his breath, “Damn­—”
--- --- ---
Mr. khan’s room door was wide open. Kavita could see him sitting with his head in his hands at the oak desk where they had sex twice one week ago. She walked up to the door and knocked, the hollow sound reverberating through the open air. Lincoln High, the only open-air school in the district, was empty—students usually headed straight home or out to the Java Hut to hang out when the last bell rang.
He looked up, his blue eyes piercingly dark. Mr. khan, graduated from Stanford with a degree in law, was the highlight of every advanced prep senior girl’s day. The “hottest” teacher on campus, Mr. khan’s front row desks were always filled with girls in the shortest of skirts and the lowest cut camisole. Boys would sit up front too, but for a different reason: to get next to the girls.
“Kavita?” Mr. khan sounded wary as he eyed her. She wasn’t in an ass baring miniskirt like last week, but she rocked her outfit anyway, her tight black pencil skirt hugging to the right curves and flaunting her long legs.
With a short glance to her usual seat against the far wall—it was the farthest seat from Mr. khan in the classroom—Kavita reached into her bag and pulled out her f******n page long paper on Hamlet and handed it over.“For the final, Mr. khan. Surprise, surprise: I did it on Hamlet.”
He took it with disbelief. “It’s a little bit early, Kavita. It’s not due for another week.” He skimmed the first line and set it down on his desk.
“I know. But hey, I thought I might as well get it done early.” She shrugged and sat down, this time around, behind one of the desks. Mr. khan shot her another confused look, which she waved away with another careless shrug. “You look tired, Mr. khan. Anything wrong?”
He snorted, but she could sense a hint of bitterness in his expression. “Go home, Kavita. I’m married.”
Kavita stood up, leaving her purse on the table. “Wow, right to the point. You weren’t feeling so guilty the second time, Mr. khan. I didn’t even have to seduce you on Friday.”
She frowned and cut in. “Then why’d you give in to me? First time around, fine—my fault. But what about Friday?”
It was tense silence that followed her question. A hot flush of color flamed his cheeks as Mr. khan scowled and looked away. “I think my wife’s cheating on me.” Standing before him, green eyes curious, she asked him how he knew. “I found a condom, Kavita, in the bathroom. It didn’t belong to me, and it was used.”
“How long?”
“Two months ago.”
“Who is it?”
“I don’t know.” He sighed. “My neighbor? Her co-worker?”
“Both.” When Mr. khan’s eyes threw daggers, Kavita laughed. “I’m only k**ding, Mr. khan.”
Her teacher ran a hand through his hair. “Look Kavita, you’re my student. I can’t have sex with you. Especially unprotected sex. It’s not right.”
Rolling her eyes, she leaned against the table. “Do you have k**s?”
“Do you love her?”
For a moment, Mr. khan was stunned by the question. It took him a moment to ponder, but then, very carefully, he answered, “No, not anymore. I haven’t for a while.”
She took a pencil from his pen cup and pinned up her curled blond locks with it. “Then I don’t care.” She came around to his right and leaned over onto the desk, messing up his stacks of papers that needed to be graded. Her breasts were in apparent view to the teacher and her ass in apparent view to anyone who passed by the door.
Mr. khan’s eyes flickered from her breasts, to her legs, and then to the open door. “Kavita—”
“You can kick me out, Mr. khan,” she said, her soft mouth relaxing. “Or you can go close and lock that door.”
He stared at her in another moment of disbelief. What was it about Kavita that was so intoxicating? Was it her perfect breasts, her tight ass? He had wondered why in his class she always sat at the back of the room; but she participated in class—in fact, she was one of the most brilliant students he had ever met. But there were moments when she would be studying Shakespeare with her head against the wall, book raised up to eye level, and a pencil in between her candy coated lips and he would become hard for her. Sometimes she wouldn’t even listen to lecture, but would thumb wrestle with James Hart, the track team captain. She would stifle a laugh and he would lose his place in lecture, the jealousy against a hormonal high school boy running tight through his veins.
And then she would show up in his classroom with a paper one week early and seduce him while he protested that the act was against his better judgment….
Suddenly the wind blowing through the door was too cold. While his student’s green eyes watched him, he got up from his hard wooden seat and went to close the door. The heavy yellow door clicked shut.
“Sit down,” she said, standing as she pointed a nude colored nail at his chair. “I’m going to fuck you, Mr. khan.” She started to unbutton her blouse, revealing breasts that were nearly popping out of their black satin restraints.
“Again?” He allowed himself to join in her tease. The sight of her breasts made his mouth water, but she wasn’t done undressing. She maintained a distance from him, removing laces of her gladiator sandals slowly as to emphasize and boast her perfect body. Then, without removing her skirt, she pulled off her panties.
She smirked at his question and picked up her essay. “I’m going to fuck you, Mr. khan. You’re going to read the thesis in my paper.”
He became hard at the thought. As she handed him a red pen, she made him sit still as she stripped him of his clothes. Off came his tie, ironed blue shirt, and dark wash jeans.
“You’re taking the boxers off yourself,” she told him. His erect penis was an obvious sign that he wanted her, but the speed that his boxers were removed by the owner was an even bigger sign. “Go on, Mr. khan. Read.”
He skimmed the first line of her paper as she straddled him and removed her bra. Placing a cold hand on his cock, she started held it straight up, her breasts bobbing in front of his face. He wanted to relieve himself of the torture and grab her, but f***ed his eyes to read on. “Good intro,” he told her truthfully.
“Not too much?”
He shuddered when the tip of his cock started to penetrate. “I fail to see how you’re going your tie thesis together, though.” He fixed a grammar mistake on her paper with his pen.
“Oh.” And then she came down on him. It was an immediate feeling of arousal as she positioned herself; he couldn’t help himself—one of his hands went into the waistband of her skirt as she shuddered with pleasure.
“Right here—I don’t know what you mean by”—he let out intense groan of satisfaction as she rode him—“…this…” Once he had recovered, he turned her attention to a line in her third paragraph.
She shook her head, pressing a pert breast against him and driving his senses wild. “I expand on it later; just keep reading. You’ll understand it.”
He read on. “Right, I see now….” Failing to keep up with her request for him to stay out of her dominance, Mr. khan started to thrust upward, and Kavita had to grab his muscular shoulder to keep up.
“Mr. khan,” she said softly, and he looked at her. She lifted up the hem of her skirt and allowed him to watch while she ground against him. He let out a hot of breath air, kissed her mouth roughly, and turned back to the paper. She rocked harder.
“This paragraph is really good here—”
She tore the paper away from him and threw it on the ground, drawing his attention to her. He thought it was a funny move—it wasn’t as if his attention had ever left her. “Fuck the paper,” she said, frustrated, “—read it later. I want you to fuck me right now, Mr. khan. Fuck me hard and focus.”
“Are you sure?” he teased.
She rolled her eyes and smashed her mouth against his. That did it for him—drove him off the edge. His naked ass slapped against the hard wooded seat as he thrust deeper into her. She moved her leg so that he could penetrate better, and gasped when he took charge, grabbed her ass and f***ed her deeper. It was a gyration of two bodies moving in perfect rhythm; Mr. khan focused his attention on giving her pleasure and making her breasts bounce with each thrust. It was an exhilarating ride as her earth shattering orgasm shook him; she moaned so loud that the neighboring teachers, if they were working after hours, would have heard clearly.
She sealed her mouth over his and started to grind again. He was panting from the work, but he somehow could never get enough of her. Grabbing her left breast and squeezing it, he raised his right hand to her head and increased the pressure of their kiss. She was laughing, as she always seemed to be during sex, and responded by slipping a tongue inside his mouth.
“Are you angry with your wife?” she asked between his kisses.
He shrugged, and went down to wrap his mouth around her big breasts.
She watched him as she rocked again, saying only, “Revenge is sweet, Mr. khan.” And then, when he made no answer, she pulled away from him and reached into the pocket of his dropped jeans and retrieved his cell phone.
“Kavita—” She laughed as she thrust her hips against his. His thoughts were shaken as he groaned with pleasure, but there was still enough consciousness in him to ask, “What are you trying to do?”
“I’m going to let your wife hear your heart beat while you make love to me,” she told him, and before he could stop her, she pressed the “dial” button on his cell phone with one painted nail.
He heard the ring tone once, and then twice, and then three times. Kavita had started to pick up speed. A loud moan escaped from his lips just he heard his wife’s familiar voice.
“Hello? saleem?”
Kavita gently wrapped her lips around his, silencing his objections. He deepened the kiss and groaned into her mouth, but he was gentle enough to allow her to retract her lips and whisper, “Don’t say a word.”
She pointed to the mouthpeice of the cell phone and winked.
The burst of pleasure hit him before he realized she had started to ride him faster and faster, her hips grinding against his in a circular motion; she pressed the microphone against his chest, right up against his wildly thundering heart. She smashed her breasts against him and he grabbed at her anywhere he could, loving the raking feeling of her erect nipples against his bare chest. She panted at his ear as he thrust harder and harder for their cameenax….
“saleem? Are you there?” He heard aisha say his name again, followed by a query directed at herself but voiced aloud: “What’s that weird thumping sound? saleem? Hello?”
Kavita pressed the red button and hung up. She bit his ear and he shuddered; his erection strained inside of her. He never wanted it to stop.
She smashed her hands against his nipples and then moved them to his back, pleading in his ear: "pump harder." He could feel the indentations of her nails into his skin.
“Say my name,” he told her.
Smiling at his lips, she whispered his name a way that made him shudder and come inside of her. “Hey there, saleem.”


Kavita kapoor stepped out of the girl’s restroom, tugging on the black dress that was a little too short to be within her high school’s dress code. Receiving after-school detention seemed to be her forte as much as avoiding it was, but this time there was no escape. No way was she going to attempt to flirt with Principal Dover and his white hair and wrinkly skin. But at least Liam was going to be there. In trouble for kissing! What had this world come to? Well, according to the principal who caught them, “too much skin on skin” was what it had come to.
She headed down the hall, measuring her fingertips against the length of her dress with a critical eye. In the restroom she had considered rolling down the neckline of her dress and tucking it beneath her lace bra to lengthen the hemline, but gave up on that idea because it probably would show “too much cleavage”, which was undoubtedly as school rule too.
As she walked she could hear the familiar cough of a certain English teacher, and she diverted her route so that she might bump into him. She was able to find him quickly enough; he was leaning against the school’s brick mural, eyes fiercely focused as he stared at a single piece of paper.
The hall was empty, so with a small smile to herself, she slipped alongside him, ducked into the space between the paper and his chest, and kissed him on the mouth. His eyes widened at the sight of her, and flinched as she ran her hands along his chest. She was about to say her usual, “Hey Mr. khan,” but he only deepened her initial kiss, and drew her forward when she tried to pull away.
She could feel the intensity of his dark blue eyes on her, and suddenly she knew that she had been wrong to bother him. His fingers clutched the fabric of her dress around her waistline and she couldn’t break free. Lips already feeling bruised, she closed her eyes and kissed him back, reaching her fingers into his hair as she f***ed their stances around 180 degrees so that her back was against the wall instead. He pressed up against her, one palm against the wall and the other cupping her face. She could feel a familiar bulge against the vee of her legs, straining.
Since she had known him, she knew that would never make the first move, so she unbuckled his belt and proceeded to unzip his pants as his kisses became more violent. His cock was hot and alert, but Mr. khan did nothing to appease it. So with pursed lips, she curled her right leg onto his hip and lifted herself onto him with the help of the wall. He groaned into her ear, but suddenly became very aware of what was happening and tried to draw back.
“No,” she said quietly, and pulled his face back to hers. “It’s okay. Just breathe, Mr. khan. Just breathe.” She sealed his lips against hers, silencing him as she gripped him internally and moaned.
For a few seconds his actions seemed rough and desperate, and she took it with curious calm, even though her dress and skin sc****d roughly against the brick wall. Threads came loose from the fabric weave, but she held him, eyes closed, breath coming in short and tight bursts. He was no longer kissing her, but his head was tucked in the crook of her neck, air moving hot and heavy despite the coming chill of a late afternoon. She cupped the back of his head and gripped the arm of his shirt, her moans quiet and controlled. The paper he had been holding was left on the ground, abandoned but probably not forgotten. She glimpses several words, and then looked away.
She could feel his stomach muscles slamming against hers, and her chest burdened with the weight of his body smashing unguarded against hers. Usually he would prop his weight up and away for her, but this time was different, and each trade for his pleasure came with a strange mix of bodily pain.
Finally he stopped, just completely froze inside of her, and then pulled out. Looking at her disheveled figure, he reached forward to pull her dress down. He rearranged her bra so that it covered her painfully aware pink nipples, and then smoothed down her hair. He shook his head, eyes still as intense as ever, as she pulled him back down for one final kiss. She didn’t smile.
“A divorce?” she asked, and didn’t wait for confirmation. “It’s okay, Mr. khan. Breathe. Just breathe.”
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