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Nick and the s****rs; part one

... <ddd>nick</ddd> was a teenager, mom would come to his room <ddd>and</ddd> get naked <ddd>and</ddd> strip him <ddd>and</ddd> let him suck her tits as she played <ddd>and</ddd> ... <ddd>for</ddd> him <ddd>and</ddd> he filled it twice with his warm cum. <ddd>Nick</ddd> loved to fuck <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Bob and Lisa's Story

... although a year older that <ddd>Lisa</ddd>, was still a virgin when he <ddd>and</ddd>
<ddd>Lisa</ddd> experienced sex <ddd>for</ddd> the first time. <ddd>Lisa</ddd> had had some ... fact that they were getting undresses <ddd>and</ddd>
ready <ddd>for</ddd> the water. Tasha <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>Lisa</ddd> watched the show <ddd>and</ddd> when both men were
in ... ... Continue»
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... to anything or worth trying <ddd>for</ddd> at the moment. <ddd>Lisa</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> her dad had always been pretty honest <ddd>and</ddd> open with each other because ... <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>Lisa</ddd> got good <ddd>and</ddd> into it. <ddd>Lisa</ddd> could feel her self starting to get a little turned on. She looked over at her dad <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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At last, Up North, and Lisa loses her knickers

... about them in my story about myself <ddd>and</ddd> my mother, in the sauna, something Karol <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>Lisa</ddd> knew about, so both girls were ... <ddd>Lisa</ddd> had 5 men in with her, drinking <ddd>and</ddd> smoking, <ddd>and</ddd> yes you guessed it, cavorting.
03:30 in the morning, snowing heavily <ddd>and</ddd> minus ... ... Continue»
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katie and lisa

... 7 <ddd>and</ddd> me <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>Lisa</ddd> made ourselves
a drink <ddd>and</ddd> went up to our room. We sat on the beds
beside each other <ddd>and</ddd> talked <ddd>for</ddd> a while, about this
<ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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My husband and his b*****r

... <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> prepared, but her s****r came <ddd>and</ddd> sat next to her s****r on the bed in the bedroom <ddd>and</ddd> sat with them, exchanging talk <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Falling for Emily and her Daughter. part one

... <ddd>and</ddd> a bottle of Sparkling White wine,those I got <ddd>for</ddd> Emily. I put together an assorted case of sodas <ddd>and</ddd> some sweet tea <ddd>for</ddd> Terry <ddd>and</ddd> ... thank you enough,Tory. <ddd>For</ddd> everything. The food,all of the help <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>for</ddd> taking care of this place <ddd>for</ddd> the last year!" ... ... Continue»
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Fuck Toy for Master and Mistress

... plunging inside me. His f***e pushes me harder into Beth's arse <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>for</ddd> a moment I cannot breath. As Master pumps my ass, my tongue ... ground into her crotch.

Mark releases my head. I come up <ddd>for</ddd> air <ddd>and</ddd> even as I am panting in my breath, I am kissing ... ... Continue»
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She asked for help and gave me something else

... comes down <ddd>and</ddd> notices the bugle in my shorts <ddd>and</ddd> brushes up against it. I hang what she needs <ddd>and</ddd> talk <ddd>for</ddd> a few <ddd>and</ddd> we ... waiting <ddd>for</ddd> this <ddd>for</ddd> a while. I become all loose <ddd>and</ddd> excited we have chatted about playing like this before <ddd>and</ddd> the time is here <ddd>for</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Buddy's Mom & Nick

... a work event that Rick <ddd>and</ddd> Karen happened to show up <ddd>for</ddd>. <ddd>Nick</ddd> needed no introduction this time around <ddd>and</ddd> everyone had a good ... <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> to get boned up <ddd>and</ddd> Karen was a pro a sucking dick (I should know, ha). She took time to lick his balls <ddd>and</ddd> shaft <ddd>and</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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When wishes come true

... his eyes fell on the room that was meant solely <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> Alicia, but would tonight be witness to his friend screwing ... whole thing was more <ddd>for</ddd> her now than it was <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> his fantasy.

Suddenly Eric broke the kiss <ddd>and</ddd> with a look of utter ... ... Continue»
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Survivor: The Outback Orgy (fiction)

... waited eagerly <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd>’s cum to pour out all over them. <ddd>And</ddd> boy did it ever. <ddd>Nick</ddd> had more than enough reserves, <ddd>and</ddd> as he ... same position as she had <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> offered her ass to Colby. Glancing down, Colby saw a stream of <ddd>Nick</ddd>’s fresh cum trickling down ... ... Continue»
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Policeman's Boy 3

... <ddd>and</ddd> returned with beers <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> Ross.

* * *

Dinner had been over <ddd>for</ddd> a while when <ddd>Nick</ddd> said "I'm feeling horny again."

"Colin, go over <ddd>and</ddd> suck <ddd>Nick</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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A Boy and Girl Story (mf, teens, trans, rom, cons)

... old. I've always known I was meant to be a girl, <ddd>Nick</ddd>, <ddd>and</ddd> my parents have always supported me that way. I've ... up on her elbows <ddd>and</ddd> watched him move to suckle her breasts again <ddd>for</ddd> a moment...<ddd>and</ddd> then move lower. "<ddd>Nick</ddd>," she gasped ... ... Continue»
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Threesome with Husband and Wife

... knew a little about them <ddd>and</ddd> like wise with me.
It was <ddd>Nick</ddd>’s turn <ddd>for</ddd> the round <ddd>and</ddd> Jane excused herself <ddd>for</ddd> the toilet at ... cock soft <ddd>and</ddd> limp <ddd>and</ddd> her pussy open <ddd>and</ddd> running with our cum.
Jane reached <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd>’s cock again
“Fuck me <ddd>Nick</ddd>”
I watched as ... ... Continue»
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Gramp and the Marine CD: Visit One

<ddd>Nick</ddd> puts his thong on <ddd>and</ddd> then adds the stockings.
I take the tube of lipstick <ddd>and</ddd> open it. I motion <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> to come <ddd>and</ddd> ... , enlivened, <ddd>and</ddd> satisfied.
<ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> I discuss his things which he decides to leave with me. We bid our adieus, <ddd>and</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> is ... ... Continue»
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Nick's Roast

... don't" he begged her.

She laughed, "relax <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> enjoy the experience. After all ... seven. She did this again <ddd>and</ddd> again <ddd>for</ddd> each c***d. He saw a little ... <ddd>Nick</ddd>." She sliced a slice <ddd>for</ddd> herself off his upper left arm <ddd>and</ddd> one of his ribs. "Don't worry <ddd>Nick</ddd> ... ... Continue»
Posted by fisterguy 2 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Taboo  |  Views: 607  |  

Watching Porn Flicks with My s****r and Her Friend

... <ddd>for</ddd> me. I broke free from my s****r's lips,

<ddd>Nick</ddd>: I'm close to coming.

Katie: Linda's ready <ddd>Nick</ddd>, go <ddd>for</ddd> it.

I looked forward <ddd>and</ddd> ... earlier <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> we talked about Nicole fucking you but she wasn't keen <ddd>and</ddd> thought it disgusting <ddd>and</ddd> thought you ... ... Continue»
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Becoming Nick's girl

... Everything is tightly packed <ddd>and</ddd> the pressure moves the fluid around.

So much <ddd>for</ddd> <ddd>Nick</ddd> being concerned "Is it ... proved painful trying, impossible <ddd>and</ddd> we got caught. That's <ddd>for</ddd> another story.

As I stated earlier, <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> Gus look like b***** ... ... Continue»
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Watching Porn with My s****rr and Her Friend

... <ddd>for</ddd> me. I broke free from my s****r's lips,

<ddd>Nick</ddd>: I'm close to coming.

Katie: Linda's ready <ddd>Nick</ddd>, go <ddd>for</ddd> it.

I looked forward <ddd>and</ddd> ... earlier <ddd>Nick</ddd> <ddd>and</ddd> we talked about Nicole fucking you but she wasn't keen <ddd>and</ddd> thought it disgusting <ddd>and</ddd> thought you ... ... Continue»
Posted by savita009 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 7154  |  
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