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Flashing on vacation

Flashing on vacation

... have fun. <ddd>On</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> we went to a French island in the Caribbean. You can read about how I became VERY comfortable <ddd>on</ddd> the beach ... was looking at. It is fun to think that <ddd>on</ddd> any beach <ddd>on</ddd> the island women are topless but something about seeing ... ... Continue»
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it happened on vacation and continued at home 3 (


it happened <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> (and continued at home) pt 10.

(I'm not altogether sure I'm in the loop <ddd>on</ddd> things and I ... <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>......... and continued at home.

I just laid thinking that you never know what the future holds, and a huge smile grew <ddd>on</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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It Happened on Vacation and Continued at Home ( I

... happened <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> and continued at home.

Chapter 1.

While in the car <ddd>on</ddd> the way to the mountains for our f****y <ddd>vacation</ddd> my thoughts ... cool.
It was still summer <ddd>vacation</ddd> and with school out and parents working my mind was <ddd>on</ddd> going to her house and ... ... Continue»
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It happened on vacation and continued at home 2 (


it happened <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> (and continued at home) pt 7

(How long can this go <ddd>on</ddd>. How ... huge smile <ddd>on</ddd> my face......................................................

it happened <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> (and continued at home) pt 8

(There is a lot going <ddd>on</ddd> in ... ... Continue»
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Mom on vacation

... <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>

After graduation, my four ex-classmates and I decided to go <ddd>on</ddd> a <ddd>vacation</ddd>.
At the last minute one guy refused to go ... happened! Starting today, my Mom was <ddd>on</ddd> period. Fucking my mother was over. The <ddd>vacation</ddd> was ruined, but the feeling of ... ... Continue»
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Going on Vacation

... them with everyone here...

It was 2002 and I was <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m a Canadian but I love my ... uncontrollably. I haven’t gone back to Phoenix since that <ddd>vacation</ddd>. I don’t know if I would survive a week like ... ... Continue»
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Chapter 3: Becky Goes On Vacation



Becky Goes <ddd>On</ddd> <ddd>Vacation</ddd>

This is a sequel to "My Roommate Takes ... ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

... <ddd>on</ddd>. I lit up another cig and smoked it as the sun dried his jizz <ddd>on</ddd> my cheeks and in my hair. I was <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> ... and before long I was buzzed and <ddd>flashing</ddd> them for cell phone pics. ... taking them <ddd>on</ddd> publicly and letting them film me.

I had gone <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... our <ddd>vacation</ddd> this past summer and
what happened <ddd>on</ddd> it.
My f****y is so poor that I couldn't remember us ever going <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> ... time getting him to come <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> even though it was
already paid for and nonrefundable, and his <ddd>vacation</ddd> time is paid, ... ... Continue»
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A nude vacation in France

... wife is Michelle."

"Pleased to meet you. I'm all alone <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>, it's nice to have someone to talk to," I said. ...

"Hey girls, isn't the guy a hunk? He's an American <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>," Michelle said embarrassing me.

"Oui," they responded in unison

... ... Continue»
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Exhibitionist fun, Jamaican vacation

... is about how my exhibitionism started while <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> in Jamaica.

My wife and took a <ddd>vacation</ddd> to an adults only all-inclusive ... I should tell you that my wife only drinks while <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> and we don’t <ddd>vacation</ddd> all that often. Over the next hour I made ... ... Continue»
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What a vacation

... . My wife told me maybe this year <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> we would be able to fulfill a fantasy ... other, so we decided while we were <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> we would catch up with our love making ... laid side by side <ddd>on</ddd> the floor feeling great. Sue said well baby our <ddd>vacation</ddd> and our ... ... Continue»
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Rita's vacation

... <ddd>vacation</ddd> for both if us (I'm an only c***d) and felt really bad about it. So he offered my aunt to go <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> ... <ddd>vacation</ddd>, I loved it.

The reason why these pics remind me of Rita is that one day I decided to go walk <ddd>on</ddd> ... your <ddd>vacation</ddd>?" the woman asks. ... ... Continue»
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Another Caribbean vacation A friendly story

... Caribbean <ddd>vacation</ddd>.

It seems whenever I take my wife, Anne, <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> to the Caribbean island that we enjoy, she always ... “Hey, Mon”. One smiled. “How you all doing? You here <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>?” They seemed friendly, obviously locals, and not hostile in ... ... Continue»
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Vacation, what Could go Wrong? part 2

... words or phrases that described 'what they wanted to do <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>' and so far things like 'get a tan', 'go snorkeling', and ... COCK as her choice for things she wanted to do <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>. He couldn't believe she was being so forward. Besides, why ... ... Continue»
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Vacation Mistake

... myself finally got a <ddd>vacation</ddd>
away from the k**s when a f****y member agreed to sit
for a week. We had missed out <ddd>on</ddd> a honeymoon and the ... didn't make sense I had brought a lot of money to
spend <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> so I should be able to get out. "Is
my wife ... ... Continue»
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Summer vacation

... 15, My parents, b*****r and I went <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> to a lake in Kentucky. A coworker of my father had a cottage <ddd>on</ddd> the lake and he let ... my leg. I found my b*****r then, jacking off, watching us.
That <ddd>vacation</ddd> is one I will never forget. We were to stay at ... ... Continue»
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Taking My Whore Of A Wife On Vacation

... Joe didn't mind and Joe said this is your <ddd>vacation</ddd> to and I want you to enjoy it just ... must really turn her <ddd>on</ddd> because she had another big screaming orgasm. She said it was a <ddd>vacation</ddd> she would ... 2 guys at once. They truly would never forget this <ddd>vacation</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Vacation Vixen

... <ddd>on</ddd> Ron once a year, and to be honest, he deserves it. It’s when we’re <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd>, ... above average. It gave me a taste for <ddd>vacation</ddd> sex and that is how I began to ... other me to emerge. She’s a bad girl, the <ddd>vacation</ddd> vixen,but she’s not doing anyone any harm ... ... Continue»
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White Neighbor Slaves - The Vacation

... boys boys came over to our

"We're going <ddd>on</ddd> <ddd>vacation</ddd> for a week. We always rent a cabin in the
mountains. Helen ... front, slapping my
cock and balls.

The last day of <ddd>vacation</ddd> couldn't have come too soon for me. That morning
Dillon ... ... Continue»
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