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First trip to a brothel, she loved me loooooong ti

First trip to a brothel, she loved me loooooong ti

... to speed up moving backwards and forwards, her massive tits were hitting my face, i grabbed them and started sucking her nipples. She loved ... ... Continue»
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A trip to the beach.....

... to feel her. "Do you like it?" she cooed.He was still a little stunned,so she kissed him,lightly at first ... gently,and caress her tits.Jade later told me that she loved that,riding down the road,wtih 3 ... we all anticpated,so watch for "Part 2" of a "Trip to the ... ... Continue»
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My trip to Mistress Cindy’s House – Pa

... trip to the wife and explained a bit about the ‘customers’ we were going to visit. She seemed to be fine with it all. She ... to go, talk to you later.’ She hung up the phone and told me that Mistress Cindy loved the picture she sent and told me to ... ... Continue»
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Trip To New York City

... first. It was our first trip to the US and we were both looking forward to it, although she ... to the bar before getting something to eat, I wanted her horny when we ,bumped into Sly. We unpacked and then showered together, I loved ... ... Continue»
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What Happens in Vegas ( A trip to Vegas changed hi

... trip ever.

The craziness started the first night after dinner at Paris with one of my sales reps. He had to ... loved the humiliation and degradation of it. Terri finished and Jessica took his place.

''Lick my cunt slave!'' She demanded as she ... ... Continue»
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My trip to NC and the cousins house.

... to stick it in, and she stopped me. Finished me on the outside first, I went back to the grinding. She soon was cringing and holding me ... ... Continue»
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First time in Bangkok

... that I was really sorry that happened to her and she replied with a smile, “what? I loved it!” (Will this madness never end?) ... both take me to the airport. I get back home and am thoroughly exhausted.

My first trip to BKK kind of fucked me up a little ... ... Continue»
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First trip to Vegas, first bbc's4us, first pu

... to take a trip to Vegas and spend some alone time together.. We started off with dinner, then went to ... first guy comes over to me, gets on the bed in front of me and begins stroking his dick in front of me ... ... Continue»
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A Trip to the Beach

... first for her. The way she held herself was nervous, yet attentive, trying to memorise every action. I allowed more of her cock to ... our trip to the beach.

‘Here you go,’ I said as I offered one to her. She took it graciously, giving me a ... ... Continue»
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she make me

... look in her face. She was hungry and I was on the menu. She started to kiss me, first teasing me with her tongue then ... . I’m sure the neighbors referred to us as the odd couple, but I didn’t care. I loved Becky and she loved me. That’s all that mattered. ... ... Continue»
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First trip to Mexico

... to the ruins (Tulum) in Mexico. The first night we got to Cancun late. Sandy and I headed to ... legs behind me and pulled me in. I could ... trip. Since this Sandy and I don’t wear clothes around each other. We pleased each other most of the summer. She is off to ... ... Continue»
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My trip to France

... she tough me anything she knew (especially sex terms). I agreed and after one final hug and kiss, I went home to get ready for my trip to ... .
She started to lick the head of my cock, soon starting to suck it very fast. I could tell that I wasnt the first ... ... Continue»
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... to kiss her lips, and she welcomes me with open mouth, sliding her tongue deep into my mouth, she grabs my neck and takes me ... inside to scoop out my pussy juices.. as I do, she opens her mouth, ready to taste me, after, she grabs my legs and pulls me down ... ... Continue»
Posted by goodwifebad4black 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 903  |  
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She Made Me Eat My Own Cum

... she told me to swallow what would be my first of many loads.

Next she told me to take another chunk of cum and to ... she explained that she was going to slowly milk a fresh load for me to add to the delight in my mouth. She said she loved that method she ... ... Continue»
Posted by redz245 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  Views: 1069  |  
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Threesome she loved!!!

... on her

lips.She told us to stand up and grabed both of

our cocks to suck them together She took his

first then took ... she loved it....I still watch this video.

the sight of her along with her pure enjoyment

out of him gets me off to this ... ... Continue»
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Our first trip to a nudist beach!

... sub, the next time she feels the urge to suck a strangers cock, she must ask first - no matter how horny she is or how carried ... . He began to touch me again between the legs and naturally it didn’t take long for me to agree for him to eat me. I was so ... ... Continue»
Posted by dominthehills 3 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 1044  |  

My first trip to the porn store

... to meet me there. On this trip, I only wanted the DVD and toys, so I just went alone.

So here I am, nervously walking up to ... cock in me. He gives me a minute to adjust to the giant pole in my ass and then begins to fuck me. Slowly at first, then ... ... Continue»
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... We had decided to take a trip to Vegas and spend some alone time together.. We started off with dinner, then went to hit the ... 2 fingers into me and i let out a gasp as I lean back.. he starts fucking me with his fingers.. slow at first.. then he goes ... ... Continue»
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She tricked me & am I glad

" Good. First lets go remove that nasty body hair." She stands and guides me by my little cock to the bathroom. She has me stand in ... she was doing. She was having me eat her old mans cum out of her. god so humiliating. I don't know why, but I loved it. She ... ... Continue»
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my first trip to the spa

... of the horny people here. This story is about my first visit to a men’s spa/bath house.
It was a relatively warm night ... slut. He showed me his prize and he swallowed it down. I’m not sure if the first 2 guys said something to others but the ... ... Continue»
Posted by fantasyguy1973 5 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 3512  |  
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