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First time with hubby and a stranger

First time with hubby and a stranger

... My First Time With My Hubby And A Stranger
Hubby kept telling me how sexy it would be to watch me ... upset that he didn't give me much warning, or even time to get ready for him.

Hubby said ... a stranger, wearing just a pair of panties. Hubby took my hand and lead me over to the couch and stood me... Continue»
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I cum riding a train with a stranger

... touched in my intimate parts by a stranger. A stranger with big rough hand. His fingers moving inches ... .

I'm feeling like a slut. How can I let this stranger get away with this. The pleasure is just ... imagination. I'm not wearing a bra either. My silk skirt is short and flirty. A small breeze... Continue»
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With a Boy and a Girl with a Huh

... mit mir zu tanzen. "the story of us, it always starts the same, with a boy and a girl and a huh and a ... , mich eingeschlossen, singt leise den Liedtext mit. "let's have some fun this beat is sick. i wanna take a ... just bust that stick, i wanna take a ride on your disco stick." Langsam beginnt sie aufreizend... Continue»
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The first time with hubby

... The first time with hubby
I was in camp in the desert was a couple speak with me
always had... Continue»
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Our first time with a stranger

... a finger inside her. This time she not only pushed back but also opened her legs wider. She was so wet I ... lips. She pushed back again but this time harder and with obvious movement. Seconds later she ... of a complete stranger with his cock only inches from her face! The closest we ever came to this were... Continue»
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My first time with a stranger

... had sex with a stranger for the very first time. She was lying on the beach when I looked in her ... time, I was so hot for that Entire Day and I all I thought about was her pussy and What I wanted to do ... had in my life and there was a white creamy liquid on my cock the entire time.
We Finished and she... Continue»
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My first time in front of a total stranger...

... , my first time in front of a total stranger...she was not to be my last. I still had time to go back ... the girls would react seeing me cum for the first time. I knew it would be the first time ... that they would see a guy cum, and it was my first time cumming in front of someone. I had 3 neighbors that I... Continue»
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First time hubby let his friends use me

... time in ten years for someone other than my husband to see my pussy. It was great a first one, then two ... , then all three men were staring right at my bare pussy. Hubby was turned on big time, and oddly ... a little.

For the first time I looked at all the guys and they were all looking at me. Looking... Continue»
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First Time with a Stranger

... It was sometime around 1995, and I had just broken up with my first girlfriend. I'm almost 19 ... on the door, intending to just hand him the jacket. He answered the door wearing a t-shirt and some ... , and talked about... I don't even remember. Two bowls go by and every time he gets up and sits back... Continue»
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My first time cucking the hubby The wife's

... knew it was wrong ( I didnt know hubby's fantacy at the time) He wanted to fuck me but i had to turn ... My hubby came out and told me a fantacy of his about 6 months ago. He wants me to be with other men ... . He likes it when Im slutty. My first thought was 2fold. 1= "Yay!!" And 2 = "wait....whats he... Continue»
Posted by fistncider 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  
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first time hubby shared me with another guy! (plz

... me open, and started fucking me non stop for about an hour. the whole time he fucked me, my hubby ... open again, and took his turn on me. the whole time hubby fucked me, he swallowed all of Dannys cum out ... hubby always liked it when i flashed him around the house and let him take pictures. but one day he... Continue»
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Black cock friend, first time, hubby gone!

... has a wonderful smile and he's funny. Hubby texts me about this time and asked me what's up. I say ... I'm fine and that bear and I are having a good time. Hubby asked me not to drive d***k please. I ... this anyway for hubby all the time. And guys have always loved this. The mix of their juices and mine... Continue»
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prima intalnire cu un necunoscut ( first time with

... ......... nu io vazusem inca .......
Ajuns in camera a venit sa lipit de spatele meu mia pus mainile pe ... placea maxim

ma intoarce se uita la mine ma vazut ca sunt mai timid"A" ma pupa pe frunte si imi ... am tras pantalonii jos si exact cum se vedea a iesit .................era MARE si perfect de... Continue»
Posted by Travestit 1 year ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Shemales  |  
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Black cock friend, first time, hubby gone! 2

... this many times in the past with many older men only to regret it very soon thereafter. Bear ... is younger and I felt as though I could dictate the events more easily. He calls me ma'am half the time ... know that the hubby is in on my little caper. I won't say he's fully on board but he's always been... Continue»
Posted by soflo2012 3 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Hubby eats creampie for first time, wifey has expl

... in each others arms, she told me that was the best orgasm she has had in some time. Maybe she... Continue»
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Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... through time and space. The landed on a planet with seven moons, on a rocky mountain of jewels rock ... eyes and nose. He was a black man with medium dark skin that got darker the more he flew due to being ... ” The owner Said a bit shocked

He flew Firebug up and toward the police. He put him with the... Continue»
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I Satisfied A Married Lady

... name is Kavita and I am teacher in a PVT school.

Ok. And what your hubby do
She said, he ... working and living in abroad.
I asked, why u go with your hubby
She said, I love to live here and my ... hubby come for twice in a year
I said, ok,
And our conversation is going

And the car... Continue»
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Two Young Girls - Two Older men Part 2.

... felt strange with a man in the back seat as old as my father and he was going to fuck me. They didn’t ... time. I have only done it a few times since and only with one of the boys after that. He is 14 ... i*****l and we want you to know we are taking a big risk doing it with you. We just want to be sure... Continue»
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... with them over her dress for quite a long time then I pulled her and placed my lips on hers. Anitha had ... had a long kiss
and I came on top of her kissing and at the same time playing with her boobs. Anitha ... done yet. My pussy still wants a cock and I tried having sex with my hubby but he crashed before I... Continue»
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Extraits du Baiser Moi

... my ankles apart and plunged this spiked cock at my cunt several times before it sunk inside with a ... she traces the letters tattooed into her pubes with a finger "B", "a", "i", "s", "e", 'r" and lower ... recognition.
Before fainting I remember pressing the panic button under the desk, and some long time later a... Continue»
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