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First Time at the Campus

My first time at the vid arcade, and things got a

... hopefully for you too)

It was not my first time at the video arcade. I was drawn to the nasty quality of these places. They felt ... . I would guess he was about 30, close to my age at the time. I thought nothing of it and went into a booth and closed ... ... Continue»
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First Time at the Campus

... lured back to his room... only, I couldn't work that out at the time! I mumbled something about being horny and wanting to see some ... I explained to him that I was a virgin and this was my first time with a guy, and I didn't have a clue what I was doing. ... ... Continue»
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First time at a swinging club

... very welcome. As it was our first time at the club, he gave us a quick tour, explaining the layout.

The bar area was obviously in front ... felt was right as first timers.

After about half an hour everyone else was just still sitting at the bar so we ... ... Continue»
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First Time in the Park

... anything at first. Then I asked again and this time his eyes moved from my open uniform to my eyes and told me the dog ... in parks and other outdoor areas. I hope you liked my first time in the park. It is one of many other times I would ... ... Continue»
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My first time at a Gloryhole and my first experien

... me so hard I almost screamed out loud. The guy whispered, "I take it this is your first time at a glory hole." I said yes and told ... him that I didn't mean to stare at him through the hole. He ... ... Continue»
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First time at the gloryhole.

... money so as not to draw the ire of the clerk and thereby ruin my good time.
The more I sucked and worked on ... so looking forward to the first experience of taking a hot load and swallowing it.
I stared down at the precious semen on the floor and then ... ... Continue»
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First Time At The Gloryhole

... bit sweaty, and I wasted no time getting them into my mouth, one ball at a time and enjoying the sweaty flavour of them! I still ... gagged me a bit I heard him groan and felt the first spurt hit the back of my throat, I regained my composure quickly and ... ... Continue»
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First time at the hole

... worth of tokens to feed the machine. I had been here many times but this was her first time. as we walked in she ... and she let out one helluva scream at the same time I heard him groan! both cumming at the same time! that was so erotic I damn near ... ... Continue»
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first time at the theater!

... so. Remember I have to be discreet so my first time I caught a cab there. The ladies at the frontdesk were very polite and it cost ten ... ! The master walked up to me with his fist balled up looking really mean I thought he was going to hit me at first ... ... Continue»
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Liz Licked At The Club

... out a fantasy of bringing another woman off. This was her first time at the club. My wife's juices made Nicole's face shiny and wet ... . I pulled on my wife's nipples as she came for the first time. I let go of her hair and pulled my cock out ... ... Continue»
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My first time cheating

... young. My logic was off.

Sarah spent a semester away from campus. She studied abroad in England. She was a little jealous, ... was staring at her again. I hadn’t known many black girls. My town was mostly white. That winter was the first real time that I ... ... Continue»
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First time with the Russian

... the high school era to add new people at that point--it also hurt that I only was on campus ... wife-beater, light jeans and sneakers. The first thing I said to her was that she ... whether I had a big dick or not at the time. She started to suck it slowly, but ... ... Continue»
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First Time Cruising the Bike Path

... not too far from campus. They were describing the bike path that ran along the river just a little past the apartment building complex and ... arrive at the big reveal. This older man was quicker than I was and to prove it my shorts fell around my ankles first ... ... Continue»
Posted by jaywoolf 10 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Mature  |  Views: 3238  |  
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The Professor 1- My Fanasy Come True

... to say in shape. We ran into each other all the time at the campus gym. We would always greet one another as we passed ... was a thigh workout that she did. I couldn’t bench at the same time because my mind was so drawn to watching her firm ... ... Continue»
Posted by defhendrix34 5 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  Views: 1268  |  
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My first time

... and as her mouth descended upon them I discovered for the first time how the pleasures which I had given her a few minutes before ... no time at all before I was shuddering and trembling in the throes of my second orgasm, which was even stronger than the first. ... ... Continue»
Posted by dian0223 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 6181  |  
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The Caning at the Cafe du Concorde.

... numbers varied from time to time who worked at the Cabaret Chat Noir a little way outside of the village. These young ... placed the cane against the flesh of Yvette’s bottom to measure the first stroke, watching Yvette flinch at the cool touch of the cane ... ... Continue»
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My First Time

... took their pleasure under my tongue ..

But it was the first time, I was amazed and impressed, my penis was still ... This was my first time and how first time!

During the rest of the summer I spent at least a dozen of the afternoon with Mireille ... ... Continue»
Posted by CinquantNERF 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 3370  |  
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First Time With My Cousin

... my mother. I was sixteen at the time and about a week earlier I had sex with my dad for the first time so it was only natural ... watching me (or at least hopefully would be) fuck my cousin for the first time from the very same window I first watched her and my ... ... Continue»
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My first time watching wife do a black gangbang

... much of an insatiable sex machine she is was also the first time I realized how much she likes black guys. I knew her Ex ... inch black dick of this stranger into her pussy for the second time. At first, Nick pushed his cock in slowly. A piece of meat ... ... Continue»
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The Cockold Life

... that had already been there. It smelt just like that first time at the video shop. I fucked her good and she couldn't get enough ... enough to stick my tongue into her butt. She flinched the first time and then settled down as I tongue fucked her with my ... ... Continue»
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