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First Story: Just Another House Party

First Story: Just Another House Party

... This is the first of many stories I have to share. I figured I might as well submit them since ... made up.

First, an introduction: I am now a 23 year old female from Canada, but in this story I ... had sourced out a house party going on that evening and she insisted on bringing me to. She promised... Continue»
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First Party House Visit

... a party house or an on-premise club she was always reluctant to the idea. Because of her reluctance ... her resistance and she agreed to check out a party-house with me but made it clear this was my idea ... would be open to making a return trip there something.
I learned of a party house located about... Continue»
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Our First House Party

... Well it was not exactly our first swinger party experience so let me explain. We had been invited ... by a friend to a “house party”. He did indicate that it was going to be a swinger’s party and thought ... . Again my wife and I just watched what was going on and had our own little party in a room flowing... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

... This is another first time story as told to me by a friend. It happened about twenty years ago ... came home we had to cool it. We would go over to Lili's house to fuck. Lili ended up being just ... as horny as Shelly. The best part of this whole thing me was that I could just stop in to Lili's house... Continue»
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Another story about my friend from my very first s

... from another guys house.
This happened a couple of months after we first fucked, she called me ... A while ago I posted pics and a story about a girl I knew and fucked. While I took those pics down ... , I kept the story up. As I said in that one, she was a huge slut and loved sucking dick (which she... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

... , it is just pretty hard now." Debbie got this dreamy look in her eyes "I remember my first time, I did ... This true story was sent to me by David in Texas. Please keep sending your stories to me ... . They kept their house, yard and everything immaculate. Always had new top of the line cars... Continue»
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Another First Time Story

... they have a huge holiday party at their office building. This was the first time I got to go as my parents ... bla. My cock got hard again I just started pumping her some more and then filled her with another ... I was just into my middle teen years. My dad was big shot at this company and every year... Continue»
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True Stories: Our First Swinger Party

... made plans to attend the next party.

When we showed up at the house, we were greeted warmly ... from the guys at the party. She was clearly the most attractive woman in the house, and I was proud ... to look for other swingers in our area. Our first swinging experience was at a resort that caters... Continue»
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First time with another guy, Another true story Pt

... I was very, very young as a matter of fact, I wasn't even a teen yet. I got my first blow job from ... was licking and sucking her tits. I never did cum, I guess I was too young. I told that story to build ... cousin and asked if he would ever do anything with another guy. He said I don't know would you? I said... Continue»
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My First teen experience (STORY BASED ON OUR PARTY

... I opened the door to her, she stood there in front of me with her boyfriend, “is this the house ... with the party?” she enquired, “yes” I replied as she brushed by I couldn’t help but think how young ... was there with my wife and another couple. We had invited several other swingers with the intention... Continue»
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... a flat with two gay friends of mine.

One Saturday night my two friends threw a party and as both ... sexes and all persuasions. About three hours into the evening the party was in full swing ... departed, leaving just the few of us who were staying the night at the flat. A smoochy record... Continue»
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my first time with another guy..true story

... was a virgin. Seems the girl was a tease and just played mind games with him.

After a while we ... just watched and played with our cocks. I asked him if he had any vasaline to use as lube and he ran ... over and put the first 3 inches of his cock in his mouth. I was amazed and told him he did... Continue»
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First Time (This is just an old story I found the

... mouth against his, to have our bodies pressed against one another. His eyes stared into mine; I ... my lips in anticipation.
I took a step towards the bed, then another, then another, until my knees ... and fisting it gently at first, then a little rougher. I couldn't take it anymore. I broke... Continue»
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First Time Stories : Just One Look

... and turning for hours, but I just couldn't fall asl**p! At around 2 in the morning, I realized ... when I go swimming for exercise were in the wash, and I just had a few bikinis that were clean. I ... .

After I had just about reached them, the guy in the green and black finally found his voice. "Well, we... Continue»
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... , and still more rooms. At the back of the house was another huge room, the music was even louder here, I ... clothes.”
“But I might not want to work for you,” I told him.
“But you will Beatrice, you will.”

And I did, but that is another story………………… ... .

The party was in full swing when I arrived, I took the glass which was offered to me, sipped... Continue»
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Fantasy story- How we finally met, parts 1-4.

... “How we finally met”

A/N: The story below is the first section of what will probably continue ... to the party in them!”

With that, she began to undress me: first the jacket, than my tank-top, my ... it more enjoyable as a quick read: the full story may have the length of a complete novella.

I wrote... Continue»
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When I became an amateur porn actress, I didn'

I signed up with a third-party website to be a cam model. It works like this: you have a webcam ... quite adept at stripping slowly. The guys mostly just wanted straightforward tits and ass; I ... back and forth through the house as I worked on the living-room sofa. I'd wave at him over the top... Continue»
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Threads: The Island 2

... off.

"You guys want to meet up tonight at a party we're going to? It'll be around midnight ... partying by then," He grinned. "Where about?"

"Meet us in Club Boca. Know where ... inflatable, watching as they got out the water. Jessica was the first out, a thin blonde with a black one... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #7

... running back to her room and just drinking from the faucet, but figured that her oversized t-shirt ... .

"Did you need something, Sam?"

"I... uh, just wanted to get something to drink or maybe to eat ... ."

"Go figure, I was thinking the same thing. Got some leftover party food in here and some drinks... Continue»
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The Anniversary Week - Tuesday

... The following story is an original work of fiction.

I awoke feeling refreshed and excited ... made sure to shower earlier.

Just before I got into the shower, a knock came from the bathroom door ... about it, you'll just owe me something later!" she said, and I could practically feel her smirk... Continue»
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