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First Sissy Fuck Part 3

Sissy discovers (Part 3)

... part 3 of an original story


After dinner fun

After the drive ... as they watch the parent fuck slides down his arm absentmindedly. Brad is breathing hard. Sissy is breathing ... droopy. The parents are fucking

Sissy leans into whisper into Brads ear “This is crazy – look... Continue»
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First Sissy Fuck Part 3

... '

I sit on the edge of the bed and she stands in front of me with her sissy cock level with my ... was surprised at how big it was to see it properly for the first time. I always thought that it looked nice ... first her tongue as far as it would go and then her finger, stroking around and around. Then she... Continue»
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First Sissy Fuck part 1

... I am in a hotel room and there is a knock at the door. I open it to let in a sissy girl in heels ... to fuck you! You know that?' I say.
She looks up at me and nods whilst maintaining a rhythm on my ... over it.
The picture of this sissy girl in heels and stockings, bare assed and stretched over... Continue»
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My First Time ;) part 3

... .

But the experiences I had with him were things I will NEVER forget, we
He was my first fuck ... messing with all the buttons fingers at my pussy playing making me all wet then he makes me part my ... want you to stop doing it please never stop “
With that he moved my hand to the vibrator “Now fuck... Continue»
Posted by horny_79 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo  |  
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My First MILF - Part 3

... the continuity of the story, I strongly urge that you read Part 1 before reading this submission …

My First ... MILF
Part 3

Brenda twisted in my arms until our lips found each other again and we started kissing ... . You’re about to get fucked. I’m going to be the first woman to spread her legs for you. I want you... Continue»
Posted by rustyduck 8 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  

Making of My Sissy (Part 3)

... One day I was home to see, first hand, how my sissy's day progressed. The day went as I thought ... . I invited them to the house to see and hear

from my sissy first hand.

I called mishel ... at the door.

My sissy never went near the door. I watched as the bell rang. Again my sissy never even... Continue»
Posted by sissymishel 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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A totally fucked up f****y. Part 3.

... A totally fucked up f****y.
Part 3.
Mum finally got up and asked if she could take a shower ... and my body subsiding from its orgasm I still managed to say, “Not if I fuck you up first you piece ... . The other part of last night was being watched by you Julie. It was the first time I have ever done... Continue»
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Sissies New Years Surprise – Part 3 –

... Chapter 3

The Decision

Sissy got out of bed at her usual time and went about her morning ... later Mistress appeared with 3 uniforms in her hand.

“Done sissy?”

“Just a moment Mistress ... . “ As sissy went to the center of the room Mistress started holding up 3 uniforms for sissy to see... Continue»
Posted by JSissy206 7 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Shemales  |  
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First Night With My s****r (Part 3)

... ***Part 3 and final one to the series...I think I should point out that this, as the others ... a long sigh, then loosened up.

"Oh god that was so good....holy fuck that was so good" She said to me ... on me and we kissed until I went soft. I told her I loved how she talked to me when we were fucking... Continue»
Posted by BadRonald 5 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo  |  
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Taking Sugar Lips For The First Time Parts 3, 4 an

... Master, I love her so. Please enjoy parts 3, 4 and 5 which is our first experience in our Master/slave ... relationship.

Love you Sugar Lips!

Part 3

I want you to feel something inside of you ... of your mouth before you can say anything and fuck your mouth with it, I want you to make it nice... Continue»
Posted by margiehank 10 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  

My First Day as a Hooker or a Busted Date Part 3

... "So what did you have in mind?" I said in my best sultry voice while turning part way around. My ... we first met. The compliments of my looks and that I had nice lips for kissing things as well as both ... .

All I could mutter was "What the fuck?" as Zack pushed me down to be face to face... Continue»
Posted by LeslieStone 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Group Sex, Shemales  |  
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b*****r and s****r Fuck Mum Part 3

... b*****r and s****r fuck Mum, Part 3
Please read parts 1 & 2 first from my blog to follow ... a woman for the first time and let her fuck me as hard as she wanted. Then the two men fucked both my ... as she told her about her first group sex she had with her father and some friends. She said... Continue»
Posted by royby 5 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Lesbian Sex, Taboo  |  
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... him to keep fucking. At first, the momentary pain of having her asshole so rudely violated was almost ... , his balls aching from being called on one more time after all the fucking he had done tonight ... ****r and I don't want to hurt you. You're still a virgin and it's supposed to hurt girls the first... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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... came or whether she just had one continuous orgasm but I know that we will do it again.

Continued in OUR FIRST TIME - PART 3 - a friend joins us ... it in, she intructed me. I could feel the head of my cock parting her wet flaps and penetrate her about 2 ... first orgasm with a cock in her exploded. I felt her finger nails dig deep into my back but didn't feel... Continue»
Posted by hotRobertXX 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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First bi experiences - Part 3

... will fuck a man in the ass for the first time?"
"Yep, I guess so"
"Well I'd kinda like to see ... I started visiting Mick pretty regularly after that first time I went 'all the way' with him.
I ... discovered that the sensation of being fucked was something I enjoyed very much. I bought myself... Continue»
Posted by dlcalguy 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  
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my first cock part 3

... , and they only cost 3 pounds so I go looking for some slutty clothes. I find a nice short skirt ... pulled down, look at the slut in her stockings my b*****r said, who’s first I asked.
John lay ... the bitch dog I am....he rams his cock in my cunt and fucks me hard within minutes he’s... Continue»
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Sissy slut training ends with 3 BBC's part on

... From The first time I met mistress X I knew she was the one .She knows what I'm thinking sexually ... going to tell you about our first meeting because that will give you an idea as to how this very ... and instantly we both wanted the exact same thing from one another .She wanted a sissy boy to dress up... Continue»
Posted by foxxiroxxi 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Interracial Sex  |  
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My Sissy son,by his dad and lover. Part 3

... Guess it's about time i started Part 3.

So,here i am the next morning,standing naked in front ... toes,put my hand behind her head,and fuck her mouth! She sucks harder,moves her head faster ... was surprised,not of my lust for her,but that i was so fast! She whimpered as i fucked her,i... Continue»
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Young girlfriend fucks old geezer part 3

... know Bill has seen the tape and since I am going to fuck him tomorrow night anyway, I don’t care what ... indifferently. Bill’s eyes devoured her as she laid there on display for him. At first they had ... arrived. We spent the better part of the day getting ready. We were both super horny but somehow... Continue»
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she tried black first part 3

... previously on she tried black 1st part 2:

He thrust into her, and she nearly orgasmed ... with a cry, "Oh god! Just fuck me, Derren!"

The difference this time she knew his cock was bare ... . The first time all she felt was pressure and stretching, the smooth surface slid easily and without much... Continue»
Posted by musclecock 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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