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Finally Alexis and I meet

Finally Alexis and I meet

... I hang the do not disturb sign on the door and lock it. We undress each other and I see straight ... away that your nipples are erect and my cock is standing to attention. I start by binding your tits ... like the last photo you sent me and pull the twist ties really tight. I love how it makes your nipples... Continue»
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Finally I meet my b*****r.

... day, I just wondered how you were, how things are going with ‘her’, if I could meet up with you ... could meet you and we could go for a walk.”

“That sounds great, do you know which school I go ... I suppose there are at least three types of i****t that immediately spring to mind. The first... Continue»
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8 Days Chapter 1

... .

Although Jenna and I had been friends long before I met Lacey, my
girlfriend had always treated her ... of looking at the
world. I had never met a girl quite like her before, and I assumed I
never would again ... going?” she asked.

“I have no idea,” I replied truthfully as I gave myself a final look
before... Continue»
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Fucking Amanda

that I have never met, or even seen a picture of. To tell you the truth, until
six hours ago, I had ... . After checking in and
making the phone call to the gentlemen I am to meet with this afternoon, I ...
called Tracy to try and book my entertainment for the evening with Alexis.

“Oh Gary, I am so... Continue»
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A night in town for a threesome

... , and I felt miserable. I looked incessantly on the phone, and finally, at 21.30 the first text came ... Betty had planned to meet with a guy there, and I figured that she would go home with him before long ... thinking about the threesome, and how to bring it up, and finally, when I started to talk, he... Continue»
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Panty Club

... appears with Alexis and Uri. Much to my delight, the boys wander away and mingle. I am going to have Sandi ... secrecy, to pay the annual membership fee and always to attend in uniform. This final rule ... .

For me, I always comply and looking around the bar at the P Club, one can spot a number of members... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl pt.4: Teen Sluts

... Alexis had left for school already this morning. I got up and took a shower reliving the night before ... nude! I saw Heather and Alexis, they saw me and smiled. Everywhere I looked was a naked butt ... and pounded my member deep into her wet tight flower. I looked out the window and Alexis staring... Continue»
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slave yoni

... . After the third meeting I was just too curious and told Alexis I was going home and she should lock ... to his wife. That was a pretty good deal since I got along fine with Alexis and she was more ... and went to the office. I had three meetings that day and had only prepared for one thinking I could do... Continue»
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... you will see narrative in her own words.

Alexis and I had been married for 2 years. We had met ... .


It was barely two months when I took Alexis to the ranch to meet my parents ... was mainly centered on their personalities so I could be prepared to meet them. Alexis stated her father... Continue»
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Daddys Girl Chapters 1-4

... after all I was her Dad and she my sweet young beautiful Shelley. I finally fell asl**p.

The next ... to me. Her and I laughing as we roll around on the couch tickling and playing. Then our eyes meet ... but don't you be any trouble so your father can meet with his clients." Mom says sternly.
"Oh I wont... Continue»
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To much time apart

... , trimming, plucking.... i was finally ready. I was never much for sexy underwear so i just put ... was to come i knew i was in trouble, i feared his cock would be massive.

Finally he returned home ... with it "Alexis go help her!", i started to yell back but quickly stopped, lowered my head and said... Continue»
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Finding a Daddy at College

... ."

The next day Chris came up to Alexis, "Hey, can I borrow you?"

Alexis was an absolute fox. Her ... .

The two girls finally stopped, and Chris looked around, "I wonder what they're thinking now?" Everyone ... them how much they loved them.

Saturday came and Chris had arranged to meet Alexis... Continue»
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A Day at the Beach

... with this lovely evening!"

Ok, she thought. He's got a sense of humor. Giving in she replied "I'm Alexis. I ... ." Sensing that each had given some ground they actually smiled at each other.

Alexis finally really ... . Alexis closed her eyes and allowed herself to slip into a quick nap.

The man who stood over... Continue»
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Totally Chesty - Chapter 03

... oversee the guys. I am Micki and this is my friend and colleague Charlene”
“Nice to meet you two ... resulted on a final plan for the rundown bar Victor and Chris bought. The first thing to do was to get ... , but when the things finally fell into its respective places, the bar was pretty much done and set. It... Continue»
Posted by Victor2K 2 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Lesbian Sex, Mature  |  

A night time workout

... it up. When I finish my set I sit up and introduce myself. His name is Alexi. We begin some small ... and pretend to tie my shoe. Alexi is a bit taken back by my flexibility and before I stand up and shoot back ... a glance and tell him I will just have to pick it up. I stand up slowly and walk away. Alexi’s... Continue»
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8 Days

... after a fair bit of convincing on my part.

Although Jenna and I had been friends long before I met ... insightful way of looking at the world. I had never met a girl quite like her before, and I assumed I ... ," I replied truthfully as I gave myself a final look before flipping off the light. "It's supposed... Continue»
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A Special Autograph

... a reddish brown, poking out so far that I could hang my hat on them. Alexis had a black box in her ... pillows, while Mary and Alexis guided me down. I landed on Trudy with a thud slightly knocking ... behind."

With Trudy's command, Mary and Alexis, or as I like to call them still to this day... Continue»
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A Perfect Day of Golf

... & Alexis became close friends, meeting regularly for lunch, workouts, girls night out parties, you ... , Alexis was the winner by one stroke.

"Okay honey, pay up." I said as I removed the lens cap ... , and finally Alexis very quickly removed her top and then her bra. Her eyes were darting around wildly... Continue»
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Crossdressing - Teen fantasy with Panties to Cock

... felt good somehow. I wondered if I had wet myself. I just didn’t understand. Finally, at a Scout ... my driver’s license, the world of dating opened up to me. My first “love” was a girl that I met ... it up and look inside, particularly if I knew the owner of the clothes was a cute girl. Finally, I did... Continue»
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Hate Fuck

... and anyone who saw me
questioned why I was with her. There was something about Alexis though ... out, changed condoms, and I flipped
her over onto her stomach and admired the ass before me. Alexis ...

I told myself that I wouldn't. I promised myself that I was done with
her. This bitch... Continue»
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