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Filming our first honeymoon night.....

Filming our first honeymoon night.....

... our fantasies. Rahul always fantasized his first honeymoon night to be filmed. He always wished ... of our first night. Will you please mind doing this work for us...? Rahul suddenly said.
I was taken ... pleasure for me to film your first night, if Vanita has no objection." Ravi said.
" Vanita loves me... Continue»
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first honeymoon night

... fantasized his first honeymoon night to be filmed. He always wished to film it and preserve ... , what it is...!"
" Ravi, I have always fantasized filming of our first night. Will you please mind ... about his long time fantasy.
"Oh, it would be great pleasure for me to film your first night... Continue»
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Our First Night

... that we were together. Because our families did know we were a couple we got a lot of alone time ... speed; hitting me hard and fast. Our groans of pleasure mixed and we both came together. He filled ... . We were both loving every minute of it and tried to make it last as long as possible but finally our... Continue»
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Our first night

... you in bed while you were but that first night was just how I remember you from as far back as I ... to telling you many times, but I promised I would not say a word. Can you believe our baby girl ... be lying. I was falling asl**p at night picturing her in bed with you and I wanted it so much to be me... Continue»
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Our first night

... about what I was going to say to my wife when she came in for the night. I was hurt, I was angry; I ... her. A big part of me was excited at what had happened inside my wife. In our ten years together I ... for almost five minutes and it was apparent that their good night kiss had become heated. I... Continue»
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Fuck My Arabian Slut Wife. Chapter III

... ready for what Nes and I called our second honeymoon!

“Aziz I want you to promise me that you ... !!!

Chapter III

Five more days to go before our trip to the US! Nescafe was very excited ... curious and anxious about what was coming next and most of all what our American friends were preparing... Continue»
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Wild For Horses

... without a leader. All through that
first night the boy heard the wild stallion's piercing cries ... as he
lived through his first night of captivity. In the morning, no one
could get near the wild ... dollar prize as the First
Lady Lawyer of the Year. So our vacation is all paid for. We're... Continue»
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a s o n is a best husband

... forward to our honeymoon night...?

Your loving son and husband will make it extra special ... husband during the first few years of our marriage. When his surgeon’s career began to make heavy ... me with his reply.

“Mom, I want our first fuck session to be really special. Why not wait... Continue»
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My Cousin Sofia

... pussy first. After all, eating her pussy was
what I'd dreamed of doing for years.' Damn, Dave, I ... and chewed, first one, then
the other, hot mound of flesh.

"Oh, Dave, that feels so good ... to the first
knuckle when she came again, her muscles contracting as
if to nip off my tongue... Continue»
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Marriage Night

... and after having half glass I gave to aunty. Aunty was
shying as if this is her first night going ... hugging
pressing and kissing.

Then Aunty told that on their first night uncle didn't fucked her ... decided to celebrate a swag raat. Aunty went for
shopping for our swag raat I too had took nice... Continue»
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mom and son go doctor part 1

... Diane and Brian Adams married young. Soon after their honeymoon Brian got a promotion ... don't know...I've heard from k**s at school talking about it."

"Have you ever seen a porno film ... was flummoxed. "But this is crazy! Who are we gonna find who's willing to have sex with our son? When... Continue»
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Making My Mother Pregnant

... , encouraged by the little things I did for her. I began imagining what our first time would be like ... listening to her melodic voice...

Our trip began as mother didn't sl**p at all the night before ... at an upscale beachside restaurant on our third night there. I wanted to treat her to a night out on the beach... Continue»
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Mom and son go to doctor part 1

... Diane and Brian Adams married young. Soon after their honeymoon Brian got a promotion ... film, honey?"

Jimmy put his head down.

"Yeah I have mom."

"Well there's nothing wrong ... . Brian was flummoxed. "But this is crazy! Who are we gonna find who's willing to have sex with our son... Continue»
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... the first to admit she was not a saint, but if she had been informed that evening of just what she ... , there is to be a dress code for our little rendezvous. You are to wear that red halter top and mini ... to complete intercourse with them. He wanted his first experience to be memorable and somehow none... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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second place

... expect you to bring us a
full tube of our house, tomorrow night at 8. We'll be expecting ... .

"Well! Looks like we have our first penalty! Good move!"
Danielle complimented. "Where shall we do ... Terri
for good, as she graduated first in her high school class, with Danielle
second... Continue»
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A Wedding Day to Remember Ch. 03

... and over half of our guests were staying the night there in the same hotel. They wanted 30 minutes ... , and I bet if you offer to pay for our room, it would cheer him up. The room cost us $105 a night ... mildly, I mean, preparing myself for my husband on our wedding night. I have lain in bed so many nights... Continue»
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stepson becomes mom's sissy

... wants to be first?"

Late that night, Mark lay wide-awake in the Barbie sl**ping bag assigned to him ... feeling inadequate and angry.

Mark’s problems with Catherine had started the first time they had met ... did. The pictures were just precious. Yes, I’ve seen them. Your dad asked me to get some film... Continue»
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Marriage Bonding

... ."

It was that conversation which led to our first date that following Saturday night. We seemed to hit it off rather well ... first attempt to speak I got choked. I couldn't believe my Aunt had revealed our f****y secret, so ... want it to be said that you were very close by when our first born was conceived." Judy said... Continue»
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Guy fucks mother

... a fuck at that time. Last night we fucked till mid-night for 2 or three times. So that first I liked ... beer, I took all her clothes like a husband does in the honeymoon night. She took off my clothes. Both ... one of them is my own mom. Before 5-6 years, in our society, most houses had no bathroom inside... Continue»
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Showing off Susan

liked the films where young amateur girls would take on several guys
at once in a gangbang. The few ... bondage films he had seen really
were exciting as a helpless young lady would be tied naked ... in
humiliating positions while men abused her.

In the film, the girl would squirm and beg for mercy... Continue»
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