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Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 2

... "I'm gonna fuck you in the asshole little girl!" he hissed.

"You every been cornholed? ... She felt every inch of her skin, some inches felt a lot better than others.

... not having to worry about getting my clothes dirty or anything.

Our farm was ... ... Continue»
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Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 2

I didn't even notice when Tony let go of my wrists, but suddenly he was there between my legs. I just lay there helplessly, letting him do as he wanted, too exhausted by the ordeal with his father to offer any resistance.

He slid his cock up and down along the lips of my now cum covered cunt. He grinned nastily at me from between my legs and then grunted as he pushed forward, driving his meaty cock inside me, shooting it past my tired cunt lips and up into my belly.

His cock wasn't as big as his fathers, compared to that, though he was tight, there was little pain. He was far less patient than his father though. His cock started slicing in and out of me furiously. He stood straight at the edge of the table, his hands coming down and encircling my titties, squeezing and twisting them back and forth.

His mouth came down on one and sucked the nipple in past his lips. He bit down, making me yelp in pain. He grinned at me, his teeth around my nipple, then bit down again, grinding his teeth back and forth across the tiny piece of pink flesh.

I struggled weakly against him, as he laughed gleefully. I could see bl**d welling lightly from the cut in my nipple, then his lips cam down on it again and he sucked on my bl**d.

He moved back and pulled my legs up across his shoulders, pulling out of me. I felt his cock repositioning itself at the small crinkled entrance of my anus.

"I never did like sloppy seconds." he grinned. His slickened cock rammed against the hole, driving the head through and into my asshole. I cried out in pain against, but could do nothing as his cock penetrated deep into my asshole.

Like his dad, his hands slid around my hips and belly, yanking me against him as his cock sodomized me.

My legs bounced against his chest and shoulders as his fucking got more frenzied. His cock was pistoning in and out of my rectum faster and faster. My asshole felt like a power drill was whirring inside it.

"You like... ugh... this... uggh... bitch...!? Ungh... unnnnggh... You like... it... in... the ... asshole... you... dirty... fucking... Slut !?"

He grunted out the words in time to each fucking ass thrust as he hammered his prong down into me.

Fucking... you!! Fucking your asshole...! Fucking your assshoooole!!" he gasped.

"Give it to her, boy!" His dad shouted from above my head. His hands came down and grabbed my legs, pulling them up and back against my chest, pulling my ass cheeks up off the table as Tony's cock speared in and out.

"Yeah! Yeah! Fuck her ass boy! Fuck her so hard she'll never sit down again!" He held my ankles up on either side of my head as I groaned in pain, my back breaking under the strain. Tony gasped with the effort of ramming his hips back and forth against me.

"Wait a second!" he gasped. "Why should this little slut sit back while I do all the work!?"

"Let her go Pa." he said. He lifted me off the table, holding me against him, his cock still up my ass. He moved over and sat down in a nearby chair so I came down in his lap, my legs straddling his hips, hanging down on either side of the chair.

He grabbed my hair in both hands close to my head and stared into my face."All right you little whore!" he said, "I know you been fucking yourself with your dildos, so you can do the work here too. I want you to fuck up and down on me. Come on, legs go!"

His hands came around my waist and started lifting me up and down so his cock went up into my rectum and back out again. "Lets go bitch!" he cursed.

I moved my feet down flat on the floor and started wearily raising myself up and down on his cock. It was hard for me to let myself down each time, letting the cock stab up into my guts. I remembered the first time I'd done something like this, with the very same dildo that Tony had torn from my cunt earlier.

He grabbed my tits in his hand and twisted them viciously.

"Come on you slut, faster!" he cursed.

I cried out and started jerking myself up and down as fast as I could. His cock filled my anus each time, causing me terrible agony. His mouth came down on my titties, chewing, biting, and sucking.

Then he grabbed me by the waist again and started jerking me up and down with tremendous f***e, impaling me on his cock until his white sperm shot up into my asshole, bouncing off the reddened walls, flooding almost up into my intestine.

The Spinozzos weren't finished with me by a long shot. The old man wanted a fuck like that too. He sat down on another chair and I had to squat over him and lower my sore crotch onto his giant fuck pole.

I whimpered as the cock knob pushed up into my cunt tube once again. I slid downward, taking the entire length up inside me in one long, slow descent. The smooth soft skin of my thighs and ass was rasped and tickled by his scratchy hair covered legs and crotch.

He wasn't satisfied with my weak efforts though and soon his big beefy hands to raise and lower me. He pulled me against him, my tits mashing against his chest as his mouth devoured mine. His hands moved up and down my back, and caressed the smoothness of my buttocks.

He pushed me backward along his legs, his cock sliding out of me slowly, then he jerked me forward, ramming my belly into his, the giant cock moving deep inside me once more.

He did this repeatedly, moving me back and forth like that. His heavy veined cock rubbed harshly against the top of my slit, sawing across my clitty. To my shock and dismay, it was arousing me. I could feel girl juices flowing down between my legs, could almost see my breasts swelling.

He started bouncing me up and down, up and down, using his muscular arms to jerk me like a rag doll atop him. My weakness had caused me to fall forward against his chest, and the pumping was squashing and rubbing the sensitive, now almost hard nipples against his scratchy chest. His chest felt like it was covered in sandpaper.

The clammy, sweaty palms squashing my ass cheeks between them started to excite me, in spit of my wishes. As I approached the end of each upstroke, I caught myself eagerly anticipating the feeling of that fat fuck tool burying itself inside me again, and rubbing over my clit on its way in.

I pushed my chest tighter against his, to increase the friction on my hard little nipples and swelling tit orbs. My tender boobies squashed flat between his ribs and mine, bringing hot aching wonderful sensations of pleasure shooting through my torso.

He pulled me up again, higher than normal, so his cock came completely out, only the tip of the head resting between my now slick cuntlips. He held me there for several seconds as my body longed for his tool, then a groan of pleasure escaped my lips as he lowered me and my hot sucking box enveloped his cockhead and my fuck box slid slowly down over his prick until he was buried completely inside me again.

My head rested against his chest as a shudder swept through me. Then his hand in my hair jerked me back. I stared into his face through bleary dazed eyes, my mouth hanging open. "Like that kitten don't you?" he grinned.

He started jerking his groin up in sharp little jerk, making me throw my head back and gasp at the startling sensations of pleasure.

Just as my orgasm began to approach there was another jerk on my hair. My head was pulled way way back, so I was looking almost upside down at Tony, standing behind me.

"I told you I was gonna teach you to suck my cock slut, now here it is. Open your mouth!" he rasped.

I shook my head weakly, keeping my mouth tightly closed, then gasped as his dad humped upward again, jerking his cock inside me.

The pressure on my hair increased, bringing tears to my eyes, until I was f***ed to submit to his will. I opened my lips and his cockhead shoved into the gap. He f***ed his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

"Suck on it you slut!" he ordered.

"Come on! Suck!"

I was a novice at this and it took his father to show me what to do. I dazedly followed his instructions, running my tongue up and down the skin, rubbing it against the head lodged deep at the back of my mouth. Tony began thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth as his father began to hump up against me again.

He shoved his cock harder and harder against the back of my mouth as he fucked my face. Then with a start, I felt his bloated cockhead slip past my mouth and down into my tight throat.

I gagged and almost threw up as his cock filled my throat and began sliding up and down in the tight tube. Tony grunted in excitement as his balls slapped against my jaw and lower lip, and my throat muscles squashed his cock within them.

My fires began to build higher and higher and within a minute of the double skewering I burst into a wonderful, glorious orgasm. All the problems in my life, all the pain here, the embarrassment, the rage and anger, washed away in its soothing sensations of rightness and ecstatic pleasure.

Tony's dad started to suck on my left nipple as Tony's hand squeezed my right. They made a dizzying contrast; The gentle erotic suckling and chewing on one breast and the rough clutching and squeezing on the other.

I grunted helplessly around Tony's cock as his dad pummelled my guts with his massive organ. My mind reeled, spun into overload and then exploded in a brilliant multi-colored haze that blotted out all else.

I felt my nipples sucked and chewed, felt my breasts squeezed and twisted, felt my clitty mashed and beaten by the huge organ thrusting between my legs.

My legs swung around the chair, squeezing, trying to hump my crotch harder against the big cock as I came and came. I felt one of the hands on my ass begin to work its way into my little hole, still sore from my earlier sodomizing. It buried itself inside my ass and began thrusting in an out.

I felt it wiggling around inside me, rubbing against the back wall of my cunt so I felt it against the pressure of the full cock fucking my cunt. A second finger wiggled inside me, then a third. They stretched my asshole out, forcing the walls apart and moving inside me like live snakes.

My dazed mind soared and flew through shuddering orgasms. Huge waves of carnal eroticism and lewd sensations of ripping, searing pleasure swamped my brain as the pressure built up to an irresistible level and I burst into an enormous climax, a climax of climaxes that sent burning electricity tearing up and down my body.

My guts shook, my limbs flopped spasticly, and every nerve and sinew in my body trembled, twitched and shook. I thrashed and jerked, my body convulsed in powerful explosive jolts of climactic sexual energy.

I barely noticed when Tony came, gulping down his cum instinctively, swallowing every drop with ease. His dad humped up against me furiously. His powerful hands jerked me up and down and up and down, embedding his upthrust girlfucker in my poor little pussy hole.

I was almost fucked senseless by now, but not beyond the reach of my charged up body. My stunned mind spun and rippled again as I screamed into another orgasm. Only then did the old guy start grunting and spurt his jism up into my badly used cunt box. He collapsed back in the chair and I fell forward against him, my arms and head hanging over his shoulders and my exhausted body crushed to his as our sweat mingled.

Tony drove me home afterwards, but he made it clear that me and them were not finished. I would make several trips a week over to their house for several hours of raw fucking, and though I protested each time and tried to pretend to them and myself that it was entirely against my will, I masturbated to their memories every night.

One of those trips was to be more memorable than any others. It was also to be the last.

That morning I had been visiting in town. I was wearing a skintight pair of white jeans that cut my ass cheeks in two, framing each one to either side of the seam that cut down between them. The same seam cut up between my cuntlips, pushing them aside and making two little bulges in the crotch of the pants.

I wore a thin white sleeveless t-shirt over the jeans. The t- shirt only came down a few inches past my titties, leaving most of my belly bare. I didn't wear a bra and my little nipples would have been easily visible through the thin white shirt, even if they hadn't been poking through the material.

My hair shone gold in the bright sun as I walked down the sidewalk. I watched out of the corner of my eyes, surreptitiously watching the boys and men I passed as they gawked at me. I knew I was causing more than a few cocks to swell up and loved it.

My pussy was nicely warm and damp as I realized that every one of them was visualizing me naked. I knew they all had me in different positions, some had me sucking their cocks, some had me on my knees with them fucking me from behind, some were atop me, plunging their organs into my pussy as I screamed with pleasure. I wished I could read their minds so I could watch what they were doing to me.

Halfway down the street I passed the Sheriff. He glared at me through his sunglasses. "Hey Becky." he said.

"Yes, Sheriff?" I cooed. I stood in front of him, my hands behind me, chest thrusting out, and smiling prettily.

"Shouldn't you be in school?" he demanded.

"Oooh it's too hot for that Sheriff." I pouted.

"How you ever gonna learn anything if you don't go to school?" he enquired.

"I know lots sheriff." I grinned saucily, giving him a knowing smile.

The Sheriff was one of those born again Christians. I wondered what was going on in his mind. Was he mad because of the way I was dressed, or was he wishing he could stick his cock up my pretty little ass?

I wandered off, giving him a wave.

Then Tony roared up in his Camaro.

"Get in." he said shortly.

I debated for a second, wanting to do a little more cockteasing in town, but he glared at me and I sighed and jumped in. I could use a good fuck now anyway.

We had only just got started. I was still wearing my little t- shirt, and a pair of string bikini panties. Suddenly the door burst open and Sheriff's deputies rushed in. It didn't surprise me that the Spinozzos were involved in some crooked things, but I was upset that the deputies were rough with me too. They had a lot of experience with the Spinozzos and had little sympathies for anyone associated with them.

They didn't even give me time to get my pants on as they handcuffed us and led us out to the police car for the drive to the station.

As we were led into the little station I saw the Sheriff glaring at us, and me in particular.

"Throw them in the cells." he ordered as he eyed my near nakedness with distaste. "Put her in the back cell."

I don't know where the Spinozzos were put. I was led down a tight little hall and into a barren concrete room at the end. There was a small steel platform chained to a wall, with a thin little mattress on top with no covers. The deputy pushed me roughly into the room and slammed the bars shut behind me.

They ignored my claims of innocence, apparently on the basis that anyone who was with the Spinozzos and was dressed like a cheap slut, (the shirt and panties), must be no good.

I sat on the bunk and shivered for what seemed like hours before one of the deputies came and got me. He grimly refused to talk to me or listen to my protests as he led me back down the hall to a thick wood door at the other end.

He pushed me in there and closed the door on me. I turned and saw the Sheriff sitting on his desk lookin at me like I was some nasty bug or something. He was about forty I guess, and a tall and well built man. He wore a natty dark blue suit, and his hair was immaculately groomed and combed back.

I felt even more naked as he motioned me forward with a curt gesture. He looked me up and down as I stood there before him still shivering, both from the chill and fear.

"What have you got to say for yourself girl?" he demanded. I just looked at him fearfully.

"My boys find you half naked with those whop scum. You're u******e and should be at school." he snapped.

"Why aren't you?"

"I... I... uh didn't go today." I stammered.

"Don't tell me what I already know girl!" he glared. "What where you don half naked with them Spinozzos?"

"Nothing." I muttered, looking down at the floor. My arms were still handcuffed in front of me and I tried to position my hands so they were in front of my pussy. I knew the panties were so thin he could see my muff otherwise, and maybe my dark slit too.

His hand reached forward and gripped my thick blonde hair, pulling my head up.

"You're a dirty little girl! Do you know that!? You're an evil sinful girl!" he shouted. "Lying to your elders! Cheating on school! Parading your dirty sluttish body around in front of good Christian people!"

He shook my head and then threw me backwards.

"The problem with you girl is you weren't taught proper Christian behaviour by your parents. I always said spare the rod spoil the c***d... and you are a prime example of that, for sure, for sure!"

"What you need is a good whuping, thats what!" He grabbed my arm and shoved me roughly against his desk, undoing his belt and sliding it out of the loops of his pants.

"Bend over that desk girl, I'm gonna show you what sinning brings dirty little girls!" he said.

I looked at his belt in shock and disbelief. I had more than a passing acquaintance with belts from my father, who wasn't the kind to spare the rod and spoil the c***d, but he hadn't used one on me in years.

Instead of obeying him, I backed fearfully towards the door. He strode after me, grabbing me as I turned futilely to run.

"Let me alone! Don't you touch me!" I shouted as he dragged me back over to the desk. He ignored my protests, ranting about sinful disobedient c***dren. He pushed me down across the desk and held me there with one arm as he brought the belt up.

I was still struggling against his arm when the belt cracked down across my upthrust ass cheeks. The thin nylon panties didn't protect me at all as a shock of pain blasted through me.

I screamed as the belt cracked down on my ass again and again. I wriggled against his arm until he gripped my hair and pushed my face against the desktop. I yelled and cursed him, using all the foul language I had heard the farmworkers use over the years, mixing the curses with tears of anguish and yelps of pain.

"Let go of me you Jesus fucking bastard~~ Cocksucker! Asshole! Leave me alone you Goddamned sonofabitch!! He stopped the beating and let me up as he stepped back. I saw a look of shock on his face.

"BLASPHEMY!!" he screamed. His eyes bulged out and his face contorted in rage as he looked furiously at me.

"HOW DARE YOU!!!" he yelled.


He stomped back and forth as I cringed away from him.

"You will be cleansed of this evil!" he said. ""I will cleanse thee before thy death said Abraham!"

I didn't know what the hell he was talking about except that my cursing had sure made him crazy.

Before I knew what was happening he had grabbed a fistful of my hair and dragged me over to the side of the room. There was a big potted plant hanging by a chain overhead and he reached over to a lever on the wall and pulled it down.

The chain holding the plant slowly lowered it till the plant was just above my head. He took the plant off and set it on the floor then put the chain of my handcuffs over the hook and pushed the lever up.

I gasped as the chain pulled the hook slowly up toward the ceiling. The hook pulled my arms up with it till they were stretched way above my head. Soon I was hanging completely from the chain. I cried out in pain as the handcuffs bit into my wrists. I felt the weight of my legs dragging down on my torso and the weight of my whole body pulling at my wrist and shoulders.

"You shall be punished and therein cleansed." he said sternly. He moved around behind me and I looked over and saw a small knife in his hands. I gasped in fear, afraid he was going to cut me, but instead the knife cut the thin straps at my shoulders so my t-shirt slipped down around my hips.

He pulled my shirt down my body with my panties, leaving me completely nude. I gasped in embarrassment as his glaring eyes raked my naked rounded ass cheeks and the smooth white skin of my back.

"You pervert!" I screamed. "Let me go you dirty old man!"

The Sheriff moved around in front of me. Even though I was hanging off the ground a couple of inches he was still much taller, and looked down at me nastily. Then quite deliberately he pulled back his arm and punched me real hard in the stomach.

I gasped in shock and pain, the breath knocked out of my lungs. He looked at me with a terrible smile as I hung there gasping like a fish out of water.

"You will learn respect." he said.

"You will learn manners."

I could see his eyes bulging out of his sweating face as he took in my proudly upthrust boobies, and then slid down my belly and abdomen to my lightly furred pussy mound. He seemed to leer at the agony I was in. I hung there in misery, straining to get just a breath of air into my burning lungs.

He moved out of sight around behind me. Several seconds later I felt his hand slide slowly and gently down my back. He started at my neck and caressed the skin down along my backbone. He paused temporarily when it came to the soft round swelling of my buttocks, but resolutely slid down further.

I could feel a trail of wet perspiration left by his fat fingers as he slid right over my buttocks, squeezing them softly, softly, then he moved his hand between my buttocks and slid it right down the center of my ass crack, over my crinkled asshole, and then down between my legs to cup my pubic mound in his hot, slimy palm.

"This is the problem." he whispered. "This is the center of the problem right here. The tempter of mens souls..." he paused. " The spoiler of the righteous..." His hand rubbed my pussy mound lightly. I could feel the sweat oozing from his pores.

Suddenly he squeezed brutally on my mound, putting enormous pressure on the soft tender flesh. I cried out in pain, and swayed forward as he sprang back.

"NO!" he shouted. "You foul seducer! You tempt even me! You shall be curbed in your foul lust!"

He moved to the desk and pulled out a long thin object. At first I couldn't see what it was. I was still gasping from the sharp pain in my crotch. I tried to rub my thighs together to ease the pain, since I couldn't touch it with my hands.

He walked back over and I saw the thing he had grabbed was a riding crop like some of the richer people used on the ranches. My mind exploded in fear and disbelief.

"This was made for you seducer!" he gritted. "It will teach you the true faith."

I shook in confusion and terror as he talked, trying to understand him. The pain in my crotch was fading but the continued and steadily increasing pain in my arms, wrists, and shoulders was making it difficult to concentrate.

Then there was a whistling sound behind my back, like the kind you hear when you whirl a rope or stick through the air. A loud crack echoed through the room just as my back was slammed with tremendous f***e, knocking me forward.

My back lit up in agony. A terrible shock and burning pain lanced a trail across my shoulders and upper back. I screamed in shock and agony as he drew the whip back.

"So brings lust down." he chanted.

Again the crop whistled down, this time sideways across the middle of my back. My body jerked and twisted as i shrieked in pain. The crop left a fiery hot trail across my back, a trail that burned and burned.

"Oh God! Please Stop!" I shrieked.

"Though shalt truly know God when we are done!" He said.

The crop lashed down again and again. It ripped a trial of fire wherever it landed, that lingered long after. He alternated his strokes, sometimes he would whip up and down so the whip would score a vertical welt down my back, other times he would swing the whip in a sideways arc so it would crack down along a horizontal line.

I jumped and twisted and jerked in pain and terror, shrieking and yowling in agony and torment,. Lines of pain ripped up and down my back. Each stroke bringing a sudden shocking burst of new pain from outraged nerve endings, each adding to the background wall of building pain.

Then he swung the crop sideways and lashed down at my bouncing ass cheeks. My crotch jerked forward, and my legs flew wide, straining hopelessly to escape. Again, and again, and again the whip smacked down on my beautiful little ass. My pride and joy was bruised and cut. I knew how soft and warm the skin was, knew how good it looked naked or clothed.

Soon my whole ass burned like it was on fire. The cruel whip criss crossed my buttocks with lines of brutal pain until the agony drove me u*********s.

I woke only seconds later as the Sheriff waved foul smell salts under my nose.

"You don't go to sl**p on me girl! I aint finished with you." he snarled.

My head hung down, my sweaty hair hanging damply across my sweating face in a tangled mass. I looked down at my rounded breasts protruding from my thin ribcage. Sweat beaded out on them now, and all down the smooth white flatness of my belly and across my hips. I could feel drops sliding down into my light pussy hair.

The crop whistled through the air again and again. Now it brought only a shallow grunt from my lips. My senses were so overwhelmed by agony, my back already so afire, that the renewed lashes brought only short stabs of pain.

The sheriff seemed to realize this. He didn't like my just hanging there not responding properly to the blows. He stopped and moved around me. His hand gripped my sweat damp hair, yanking my head up. Angrily he pulled my head way back between my arms, thrusting my chest outward.

I whimpered at this new abuse, at the pain coming from my hair at his brutal pulling. My throat tightened and hurt from the pressure of being f***ed so far back. Then the crop cracked down across my right breast.

The thin leather landed with stunning f***e on the soft fleshy orb, the f***e of his blow mashed the whip deep into the center of my breast, parting the meat in two halves, and smashing against my ribs.

I shuddered in renewed agony from this outrageous attack. My head jerking against his grip on my hair. He slammed the whip down again, this time against both breasts, slashing down right across the pink nipples.

My legs kicked feebly against him and my mouth wailed its terror as he slashed and beat at my breasts with the crop until they were criss crossed by swollen red welts. He whipped them like a madman, striking first one, then the other, then both together, as my legs and hips twisted and flailed helplessly. Tears poured from my bleary eyes as the burning, shattering pain of my breasts mounted.

He let go of my hair and my head jerked upward and then forward, hanging down over my burning tit meat. I looked up dazedly and cold see drool and spit flying from his mouth as his bulging eyes stared down at my nakedness. He lowered his attack and slashed down at my belly again and again, seemingly intent to leave not a square inch of unmarked flesh on my body.

He stopped. I could hear his gasping breaths even over my own. I was hardly aware of what was happening any more. I saw without noting it, the Sheriff hanging a wide horizontal bar from the same hook as my arms.

I groaned as he lifted my leg up high, folding it up and back against my chest. I felt something slide around my ankle and hold it there. Then the same thing happened with my other leg, until I was hanging from both ankles and wrists, folded in two.

My ankles were then moved apart, and hooked to the ends of the bar, so they were wide open. I noted this, sort of, through a thick daze. I could see him as I looked out from between my legs, leering at me.

Then the crop came down in a terrible ark that seemed to move in slow motion. It tore through the damp cool air and landed smack in the middle of my gaping crotch, right along my slit!

My throat was raw with screaming already, but this blow brought a terrible wail of agony which I didn't even recognize as my own. It was a howling scream of a****l pain and suffering. The crop raised high, again as if in slow motion, then slashed down once more, in nearly the same place...

The sheriff seemed to take satisfaction from landing blows right against my slit, my clit, and my asshole. The pain was indescribably, agony in its purest, rawest, most terrible form.

My pussy and asshole felt like the skin was being ripped away and my insides were about to spew out any minute. I envisioned my intestines and cuntwalls dripping forth from bl**dy gashes.

The whip slashed down over and over, filling the room with a terrible meaty thwack each time. When he stopped it was only because I was u*********s, and even his smelling salts couldn't bring me to.

I don't know how long I was out, it wasn't long enough. When I woke, I was still hanging from the chain, but my legs had been let down again. The pain was a terrible background wall that obscured and misted all other senses.

I was awake for several minutes before my slit eyes focused and delivered to my brain the sight of the Sheriff standing transfixed before me, holding the crop by the thin end as he worked the long thick handle up and into my cunt. He thrust it in and out, over and over, spellbound by the sight.

When he noticed I was awake he jumped and started to yank it out, then thought better of ti. Instead he thrust it up into me brutally, bringing a fresh stab of pain from my body. Thats what you live for isn't it you little Whooooooore, isn't it!!?" he gasped. "You need it don't you!?"

He continued to work the smooth, sweat stained handle up and down in my cunt. He leaned forward slowly and ran his tongue out and across one bulging, sweating, scarred nipple. Ever so slowly he licked at the small tortured bud, hardened by outrageous buffeting. His lips fastened around it and he sucked softly.

Minutes went by as I hung there moaning with the pain. The sheriff continued to bend over me, licking and suckling on my breasts as he worked the handle of the crop in my cunt. His hands fumbled with his pants and then dropped them to the floor. His fully erect penis sprung up, pointing at me eagerly.

"Lord forgive this weak man for succumbing to temptation!!" he sobbed.

He grasped my body tightly against him, forcing his mouth down on mine. His hands raced over my body, squeezing, fondling, stroking. His tongue flicked over my teeth, and both his hands came down to my buttocks, squeezing and kneading the wounded flesh.

He pulled my legs apart and quickly thrust his cock up into my slit. His hands on my ass and inner thighs kept my legs up and spread as he fucked me like a maniac. His penis thrust furiously in and out of my gash. My damaged pussy mouth ached with the pain caused by his swollen meat rubbing over them.

I was a raw oozing ball of flesh, mindless, thoughtless. My body throbbed and pulsed with pain. My shoulders and wrists cried out in renewed agony as his brutal fucking jerked me back and froth.

My mind was virtually gone, but my body, its senses utterly confused and overwhelmed by the enormous tide of high intensity sensations, began responding to his r****g cock.

I grunted, small steady little grunts that coincided with his cocks deepest penetration, and the mashing of his pubic bone against my scarred clitty. My eyes were closed and my head hung backward as he gripped my ankles tightly and rutted into me.

Dimly, I felt his intruding fuck tool slashing back and forth inside me, cramming and bashing its way through my girlish cunt tunnel and up against my tender cervix.

I came. I know I did. My body shuddered and cunt juice poured through my fuck box just in time to meet his spraying jism as he screamed and clutched me tightly against him. He spilled his Godly seed inside my belly and then groaned and fell away.

As soon as he was finished he ran crying from the room. I hung there for a while before i fell u*********s again.

When I next woke I was back in My cell. I stayed there for almost two days, naked, my hands still cuffed, drinking only water and eating only bread, before they came and got me again. The deputy leered at me and slid his hands over my body. He cursed when I tried to pull away. He pulled a key out and unlocked my handcuffs, then pulled my hands behind me and relocked them.

He sat beside me on the little bunk, his hands moving over my belly and down between my legs, stroking and squeezing. His mouth sucked on my breasts, chewed on my nipples, while I whimpered helplessly. Then he sighed, and looked at his watch.

He got up, dragging me to my feet and pulling me out of the cell. He played with my titties and ass while we walked toward the office.

I was brought into the room again, and then left. The sheriff was all dressed up in his finest suit as I was led naked into the room. He looked at me with fury.

"You are evil incarnate woman!" he hissed.

"You are shameless... a WHORE!"

He went to his desk and sat down.

"Come over here girl." he ordered.

"Do you need another whipping or are you gonna obey me?"

I moved to the desk, where he motioned me around to his side. Once there he pulled me down to my knees, and unzipped his pants. His cock came out and he motioned to me with a smile. Wearily I bent forward and took the flaccid penis between my lips. I sucked and nibbled on it carefully, like I had learned at the Spinozzos.

His prong began hardening quickly. Soon he was moaning in pleasure as my head bobbed up and down on his pole. It filled my mouth completely, barely leaving room for my tongue to rub up and down on it. I concentrated my tonguing against the round, sensitive head, running it around the cock and dipping my tongue into the tiny pee hole.

My cheeks sucked in as I applied suction to his fat rod. His hands came down on my head, pushing my face tighter into his crotch, forcing the cock deeper into my mouth. Then the fat head passed the little gag thingy at the back of my mouth and pushed into my throat.

It was a strange feeling inside there. It filled my windpipe and gave off strange sensations as he started to fuck his cock up and into me with f***e. I guess to his cock, my throat was just another tight tunnel for it to use.

He started to mumble something under his breath as his moans increased. I was beginning to panic. Though he was fucking the cock in and out of my throat, it seldom got high enough to clear my windpipe for me to get some air. I had never experienced anything like this before. Even through my nose was clear, and I could breath through my mouth around his cock, my throat itself was simply blocked up, allowing no air to pass by the fat meaty plug.

My only previous experience with deep throating had been in the midst of an orgasm, and had been much less short lived than this. I tried desperately to drag myself away from him but his hands on my head were too powerful, and my hands were still tightly bound behind my back.

Luckily in a few more seconds he pulled out, holding his cock inches from me as it spurted and sprayed white cum juice into my face.

I took great gasping breaths of sweet cool air, and my body shuddered in relief.

After a few minutes for him to recuperate, he pushed me down again,. My lips slid down over his cock and I began sucking on the organ once more. In minutes he was hard again. He pulled me up by the hair and bent me forward across his desk. I felt his hard cock probing against my crotch, and seconds later he entered me.

He fucked into me for several minutes with furious rutting strokes, his wet rod siding in and out of my channel energetically. His hands came around under my chest and began squeezing and milking my tits. His hips crashed against my spread open groin as he thundered to another orgasm.

He let me go after a couple of days in the cell for the marks to disappear. My parents were furious with me. All they knew was that I had been arrested at a d**g sweep in some pushers home. I didn't tell them anything about what had happened to me because I was afraid of what the Sheriff would do if I did.

I told them that I had just gone to a classmates home for the afternoon and just happened to be there when the cops came.

My mom was sympathetic. She never seemed to get mad at anyone, being a very timid, shy kind of person. My Dad didn't believe me though. He yelled and lectured at me all the way home.

When we got there I was banished to my room. That was OK though, I was glad to finally be back in my room and safe from the Sheriff. My room seemed like heaven after that dank, dirty cell. The first thing I did was take a shower.

I let the hot water stream down around me for long minutes, soaping up and washing off several times to clean off all the accumulated sweat and grime.

To my surprise, none of the marks the crop had made were still really visible. There were a couple of very thin lines that you could see if you looked for them, but even they were fading and would soon be completely gone.

I lay on my bed leafing through some of my homework my teacher had sent over, and wondering idly, what I would do for cockmeat now that the Spinozzos were gone. I didn't really want to go back to the dogs. I had found that man cock was much much better.

Later that night, my Dad came through the door. He glared down at me and I braced for more lecturing. He lit into me, accusing me of using d**gs, then of selling them. He wouldn't believe my story.

Finally he jerked his open hand across his chest in the gesture he used to let everyone know. `thats it'

He grabbed my arm and yanked me to my feet, then started pulling his belt out of the pant loops.

My eyes widened in shock and dismay. After that horrible beating by the Sheriff, the last thing I'd thought of was that I'd get another one at home.

"Raise your skirt." he ordered, just like he used to do. I was angry and frustrated. I didn't deserve a whipping for what I did!

Well actually I did, but the sheriff had more than taken care of that. Besides my whippings, spankings really, were always through my pants, or at least panties if I was wearing a skirt. I was only wearing my little t-shirt nightie, with nothing underneath.

"I'm not wearing anything underneath!" I protested.

He eyed me nastily.

"I'm your father girl!" he shouted "You think you got something I ain't seen before!? Get down across the bed and raise it before I lose my temper with you!"

"But Daddeeee!" I wailed.

He reached down and grabbed the hem of my nightie and yanked it upward. In one quick motion he jerked it up all the way to my armpits and then over my head, then he turned me around and shoved me down across the bed.

I was face down over the bottom corner of my mattress, my ass was right on the corner and each of my spread legs hung over the mattress on one side of the corner. I pushed my face deep into the covers, mortified that my Dad was looking at my naked ass and pussy.

Swish... CRACK!

I gasped as the belt smacked down against my upturned as cheeks. It didn't hurt anything like the riding crop, but it still hurt like hell.

Swish... CRACK!

My buttocks tingled in shock and pain.

Swish... CRACK!

Swish... CRACK!

Swish... CRACK!

The pain exploded across my ass cheeks over and over as my father brought the belt down against the tender flesh. I was determined not to cry out, but soon I was sobbing and shining as the belt slammed my crotch down against the bed repeatedly. My fists were clenched tightly in the covers. I was sobbing uncontrollably and crying out with each new blow.

When it stopped, I crawled my way up the bed as he stood there at the foot breathing heavily.

"Maybe that'll teach you Becky." he gasped.

"I didn't do aaannyyythhiinnggg !!" I shrieked. I was still face down.

He grabbed my hair in his fist and yanked me around so I was on my back and partly upright. His face was inches away from mine.

"We searched your room after the sheriff told us about the d**gs girl!" he growled. "Want to know what we found?"

I gasped in shock and fear, trying to pull away from him. My arms coming up belatedly to cover my naked breast and groin. He twisted my head up and back by the hair. "What kind of girl are you anyway!?"

I don't even know what that stuff was! I found it!" I cried. He just looked at me.

I reddened and my voiced stuttered insensibly as I tried to come up with a believable lie for what I was doing with all those dildos and vibrators and stuff. What could I possibly say!?

I saw his eyes go off my face, sliding down to my breasts and their small pink nipples.

"I bet you've screwed half the boys at school, haven't you?" he whispered.

I shook my head frantically.

"You're a whore aren't you!?" he shouted.

"No! I haven't! I haven't!" I sobbed.

"You lying little slut!" he cursed. "The sheriff told us you were half naked when his deputies went into that place!"

I was kneeling on the bed, my feet beneath my buttocks. He jerked my head up and back, making my legs shoot out sideways automatically as they sought to relieve the weight and pain on my hair. His hand jammed into my crotch. His fingers dug into my slit, shoving my cuntlips aside and forcing their way inside me. He dug two long fingers up into my slithole as I jerked helplessly in his grasp.

"Wheres your cherry!? Huh!? Where is it!?" he cursed.

He pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed them against my face. "You sure ain't no God damned virgin, thats for sure!" He pushed me so I fell on my back, and then he stood up. He was eyeing my body and breathing heavily. "My sweet little girl." he gritted.

"Sweet little miss innocent, fucking every boy she can find and stuffing dildos up her hot little cunt when she can't find them!"

I cringed back, trying to yank the covers over my naked body. Then his hand whistled through the air and cracked against the side of my face. "You WHORE!" he yelled.

He jumped down on top of me, his heavy body crushing me into the mattress. His hands came down around my throat and tightened so I couldn't breath.


My hands were clawing at his fingers as they squeezed my throat. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out and my brain started to scream and blur. My eyes were starting to lose focus when he loosened his hold on my throat.

I could dimly hear him sobbing and cursing me through the roaring in my ears and brain. I was spread out under him, my arms sprawling above my head. Then I felt his trembling hands reaching down to my chest. His fingers rubbed hesitantly around my nipples. He reached down and undid his pants, pulling his cock out.

I didn't see any of this. My eyes were still kind of blurred and stared up at the ceiling. I was aware of what he was doing though. I felt his pants slide down and then the warmth and stickiness of his bare skin against my crotch. Something hard pushed insistently against my cuntal opening and then poked itself inside.

I heard my father grunt with pleasure as his cock sank down inside me. My cunt protested the dry, f***ed entrance, and the pain added to the dizziness I was feeling still. His mouth came down against mine and his lips mashed against me.

I didn't even make any attempt to resist or protest. I just lay there spreadeagled under him as he fucked in and out of me. The bed creaked and jerked back and forth as his body jerked up and down. His hands were all over me. They ran up and down my chest and bell, squeezing and twisting my breasts and nipples.

He was so much bigger than me he blotted out my whole view of the room. All I could see was his chest and shoulders rising and falling a few inches above my face. His hands came down and cupped my ass cheeks, jerking me up against him on each downstroke.

His chest hair rubbed against my face and my nose crinkled at the smell from his armpits only inches away. He grunted with each pump as his cock fucked up and down in my cunt slit.

Finally he gave a loud groan and squeezed my ass cheeks in his hands with an iron grip as his penis spewed forth his sperm. It gushed down into my belly, the same sperm that had made me, the same sperm that had gone into my mothers cunt long ago. I hardly realized it when he staggered to his feet and left.

I don't know what happened in my Dad's mind after that. He seemed to think of me differently afterwards. It wasn't something anybody else noticed, but I sure did. It was in the way he looked at me whenever we were in the room together, the way he acted, the suspicion when I went out.

At first that was all it was. He seemed to be ashamed of what he had done that night, and maybe was a little afraid of me telling my mom. It was about a week before he did anything but look. Then he started casually brushing by me when I was downstairs, his hands brushing my behind or breasts accidentally.

He started kissing me goodnight on the lips instead of on the forehead or cheek. When he kissed me, he put his arm around me and sometimes his hand would slide down lightly over my behind.

Then about ten days after, I was doing the laundry in the basement. My Dad had followed me downstairs. He wandered over with a pair of overalls in his hands.

"Oh you doing your stuff now?" he queried. "I was gonna do these."

"I'm finished. I'm just getting my stuff out of the washer now." I answered without turning around.

Then I felt his hand at the small of my back. I started, but didn't turn around. He rubbed my back lightly for a couple of seconds, and then moved his hand downward, slowly sliding it down over my buttocks and squeezing me. I pretended to ignore him, scooping my stuff out of the washer hurriedly. His hand rubbed my ass cheeks, then slid along to the crack between them and rubbed up and down between my cheeks.

His hand slid down and between my legs to rub my pussy through the jeans. I jerked around quickly, yanking his hand away.

"Daddy stop!" I demanded.

He just moved closer to me. He moved right up against me, backing me against the washer. His chest was inches from my face and he looked down at me with a yearning, hungry look on his face.

Then his mouth came down on mine and his hand moved around behind my head to hold it in place for his ravishing lips. His kiss was urgent, demanding. His right hand was roughly squeezing my breast as I fought for footing. His tongue shot past my lips. I could feel it rubbing insistently along my teeth and licking at my tongue.

My nails dug into his hand on my breast, trying to f***e it away. He jerked his hand away, then slapped me in the face.

"You little whore!" he shouted, examining the back of his hand.

"You think you're too good for me now is that it!?"

He grabbed my arm and turned me around, shoving me hard against the sink. His hand grabbed my neck and f***ed me to bend down so my face was in the sink and my ass stuck out behind.

His hands tore open my jeans, almost ripping them off me. My feet left the ground and the hard edge of the sink dug into my belly as he tore them off my legs. Then I felt his crotch pressing against mine as he undid his zipper. Seconds later I felt the head of his hard cock poking into my ass cheeks.

"Stop it! Stop it!" I cried.

"Shut up you slut!" he cursed.

He shoved my face further down into the sink so my head was under the soapy water the washer was pouring out.

I felt him spreading my legs with his other hand. His cock poked at the entrance to my fuck box. He rammed his prong inside me as I struggled to f***e my head up to breath. The pain was terrible, but almost a distraction to me in my fight for air.

His prick was all the way into me before he let my head up again. I choked and sputtered as I gulped in air. His hands ripped my shirt open, then tore my bra in half. His fingers fastened around my hanging breasts, squeezing them tightly.

"You keep your mouth shut you little twat or I'll fucking drown you! You hear?" he hissed.

His cock pounded furiously into my tight cunt hole. His hands opened and closed desperately around my meaty globes, squishing and twisting them. His hips slammed forward faster and faster, thrusting his cock in and out of me with powerful strokes.

My hips ground against the hard cement of the sink as he slammed me forward on each thrust. His cock ripped in and out of my slithole, rasping the soft skin like sandpaper. His mouth came down against my neck and bit deeply, bringing an uncontrollable cry of pain from my lips.

He shoved my head underwater again until I almost passed out from lack of air. Then he ripped my hair up, jerking my whole upper body up out of the sink and back against his chest. His fuck pole continued to thrust and skewer my slit, slamming me against the sink.

"Little whore!" he hissed. "Little sluthole. Probably fucking every guy in town ain't you, fuck... fuck... fuck! Oh you're so tight baby. You got a nice tight little twat here!" He was mumbling, rambling, and for the first time I noticed the booze on his breathe. "Unnngh... Unnggggggg... Yeahh... Yeahhhhh... Sooo Goooooood! Oh Jeeesusss!!" he cried.

He slammed his hips forward, embedding his prick deep inside my guts. He panted for breath, his hands coming down and squeezing my breasts absently. Then he pulled back, stumbling a little. He ran his hands back through his hair. I slid down to my knees, hugging my chest tightly. He looked at me, and started to say something, then turned and shambled away and up the stairs.
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Farm Girl Having Some Fun

Riding had always seemed to me to be a very erotic experience. The repeated thumping of the hard saddle against my crotch stimulated my clit and my imagination. With my legs spread wide apart across the thick body of Max, my stallion, I could close my eyes and imagine the hips of a gorgeous blonde adonis crashing into me.

I had a small, but really well developed body, which made grown men look twice and get that look on their face, the one that meant `Boy I'd like to Fuck her!'

I was only about five feet tall and kind of skinny, I thought, but my titties were a good size, and perfectly rounded. They were only a little too big for my small frame. They were the size that made men look real carefully at me, but not so large that they made me look really chesty. Right in the center of each round tit, was a tiny pink nipple, which got hard very very easily.

My ass was really good too. I had the kind of perfectly rounded and firm ass that only young girls had, and the men would all turn and watch when I walked down the sidewalk in town.

My face was not the kind you would find in the fashion magazines. It was cutesy pie sweet. The kind of face that made people maternal or paternal around me, thinking what a sweet innocent little thing I must be. When I wore my strawberry blonde hair in loose pigtails, people of all ages would smile sweetly at me when I looked at them. None of them would guess or even believe the kind of things that went on behind my wide blue eyes.

I was still technically a virgin then, but only because I was afraid that if I fucked anyone, the whole town would find out within hours. I satisfied my erotic desires by masturbation and daydreaming. I used a variety of tools to help me, including two big rubber dildos I had gotten from a mail order company.

The first time I tried to put one inside my tight little pussy hole, I almost fainted from the pain/pleasure. I had long since busted my cherry with my fingers and hair brushes and the like, but the dildo was thicker and longer than anything I had ever used before.

The day the first one arrived, my dad was out mending a fence half a mile away, and my mom was visiting friends in town. I took the package and rushed up to my room. Once inside I locked the door and ripped open the brown package to stare in awe at the huge rubber cock I held in my hands.

I tore off my clothes to stand naked with the dildo. My pussy was already starting to spurt juices as I slid the rubber all across my body, paying particular attention to my titties which were extremely sensitive.

It had a suction cup on the end which I stuck to the seat of a wooden chair. I straddled the chair backwards and lowered myself onto the dildo. My legs strained with the effort of holding my squatting body up. An electric shock seemed to shoot through me when my soft, moist cuntlips made contact with the rubbery head of the fake cock.

Slowly I shifted my groin backwards and forwards, bending my knees a little more each time. Slowly I worked the head of the dildo into my pussy hole, grunting with the effort, and suppressing the slight pain I felt as my pussy lips were pushed hard apart.

The first inch was the hardest. My virgin pussy lips spread and spread to accommodate its thickness. I crouched there for several minutes, my legs spread around the chair and my arms holding the back, as my pussy got used to the size of the rubber prick.

Again I lowered myself. The feeling of the big rubber cock inching its way up into my hole was mind blowing! I could feel the inside walls of my cuntslit being pushed aside as the cock f***ed a channel for itself inside me. When it was half way up me, I pulled back up, my knees straining. The soft rubber sucking my pussy outwards as it came out of me.

When only the first inch was inside, I slid back down, loving the erotic stimulation of the soft rubber sliding against my pussy walls. up and down I went, the dildo working its way deeper inside me with each passing minute. My knees and leg muscles were killing me, but I ignored them.

Faster and faster I pumped, trying to make the plunges as long and deep as possible. On one of the downward plunges my foot slid on the carpet and my crotch slapped down all the way to the chair seat. A startled yelp issued from my mouth as I fell and was impaled on the rigid rubber prong. I just sat there, my cunt lips and asshole squashed against the chair seat, the cock buried in my belly and my entire cunt pit burning with astonishment.

I realized I had the whole thing up inside me then. I felt stuffed and bloated by the monster fuck piece. Slowly I began to rub my crotch back and froth on the chair, delighting in the stimulation of my clit and the way the cock was jolted around inside me.

I rubbed my swollen breasts against the back of the chair, crushing my rock hard nipples against the hard wooden slats. One hand slid down over my belly and pushed my clit against the dildo as I wiggled my ass back and forth.

My other hand moved behind me and slid over my smooth ass cheeks, delighting and exciting me by how taut and stretched out they were.

I rose up, my pulpy wet cunt mound coming free from the chair, the hot rubber cock sliding out of my cunny. As the last inch of rubber cock came free, I felt my cunt tingle with a kind of hungry longing.

I squatted poised inches above the dildo for a few seconds. Then I lowered myself, groaning as I felt the moistened dildo head make contact with the soft sensitive entrance to my fuck hole. I lowered still, so the pressure mounted against my cunt.

Again the dildo pushed past my cunt entrance and slid up into me. I delighted in the feeling of being penetrated. I lowered myself, sliding back down the rigid pole of rubber, letting my cunt envelope the fuck tool until it's end mashed against the back wall of my cunt once again.

It hurt there. My cunt wasn't really deep enough for something that size. But it had f***ed it's way in a couple of minutes ago, and I was determined to swallow the whole thing again. I just let my legs go further and further apart, letting my body down despite the pain.

I winced as the cockhead pushed up into me, jamming against something up in my belly and then pushing it aside to enter me fully.

I rose again, feeling the rubber rasping across my clitty as it slid out of me. Once again I let it exit my fuck channel and then dropped down to let it penetrate me again, let it fuck up into the deepest part of my cunt hole.

I started to speed up, ignoring the screaming protests from my legs as lust and sexual excitement overwhelmed me. My belly was burning and twitching and fluttering as I started riding the dildo. I was jerking my groin up and down and up and down with a terrible, relentless speed that skewered my cunt on the long thick cock.

My room seemed to spin around me as I erupted in a tremendous series of orgasms. My head lolled back and I shuddered through them one by one. As if through a mist I felt drool coming out of the corner of my mouth and I heard the soft grunts and sighs I was making. My eyes seemed blinded as my body shook and twitched, still pumping mindlessly up and down until my legs simply wouldn't raise me anymore.

Finally I just collapsed forward against the chair back, my chest heaving as I tried to regain my breath.

Using the dildo like that certainly helped make my leg muscles strong, but it left me longing for the more realistic feeling I was certain I could get if the dildo would somehow move in and out of me without my assistance.

One day as I was out riding in the empty outer fields, the stimulation of the bouncing around on horseback started giving me erotic ideas. Daringly I took off my shirt top and bra. Riding around topless, my boobs were jiggled up and down by the slow trotting and my nipples rapidly hardened.

I knew suddenly that I had to go all the way. I stopped and slid off Max. I quickly pulled off my sneakers and pants and stuffed them into a saddlebag with my shirt. I jumped back onto Max's back, my wet pussy slapping down on the leather saddle.

I urged Max into a faster trot, and I began to bounce up and down on the saddle. I was not very big and straddling Max's back left my crotch incredibly wide open. My soft crotch and rounded ass cheeks made smacking noises as they slapped the tough leather with each downstride Max made.

I leaned forward as we trotted across the meadow, my hard little clit rubbing against the saddle, my ass cheeks wide and open so I could feel air blowing into my slightly spread asshole each time Max threw me into the air. Within minutes I shuddered through a massive orgasm as my crotch slapped and pounded against the saddle.

I did this several times before I got the bright idea of using the dildos to help my pleasure. I liked the feeling of being completely full and had used the dildos anally several times before. The idea I had was to stick them on the saddle and I would be bounced up and down on them by Max's bouncing gait. The problem was they wouldn't stick to the saddle.

I solved this by using crazy glue. Once out in the fields I dismounted and stripped naked, putting the shorts and halter I had worn into the saddlebags., I glued the dildos onto the middle of the saddle and then wandered around the fields for a few minutes while the glue set.

I rolled around in the tall grass, loving the feel of the stalks brushing against my tits and ass and cunt. I was so excited that I knelt there in the blowing grasses, watching the clouds blow by overhead, and rubbed my little cunny to orgasm.

Mounting Max was an awkward exercise with the two dildos occupying the saddle. I squatted in the saddle, lowering myself gingerly onto the upright phalluses. I knelt on top of Max, my legs drawn up under my ass cheeks, my crotch open wide, and the dildos already half way up me, shoving four inches deep into my pussy and asshole.

When at last I could feel the leather of the saddle against my crotch, I groaned aloud with pain and relief. The two of them together stretched me apart like I wouldn't have believed possible. I thought my belly must bulge outward with the fullness and was surprised that I couldn't feel either of them when I caressed my abdomen with my hand.

I could feel them rubbing together deep inside my guts, only a thin layer of skin holding them apart. Gasping, i urged Max into a slow walk. His first steps made me squeal and cry out in pain. My ass never left the saddle, but the movement made the cocks twist inside me, producing a variety of sensations, ranging from agony to ecstasy.

I desperately fought to minimize the movement inside me, pushing upward against the stirrups to lessen the pressure against the back of my slithole and asshole. The pain retreated and I began to wiggle around a little on the cocks.

Sensations began to build up in my body, and I rapidly approached an orgasm. Then it was upon me, and I allowed myself to drop back all the way to the saddle, throwing my orgasm into deeper and deeper waves of furious ecstatic pleasure.

I gasped for breath as the sensations rode over me. When the retreated, I swayed in the saddle with weakness. The mental stimulation of the situation, combined with the physical stimulation on my body from the cocks and the shaking of my tits by the horses bouncing, overawed my senses.

My legs, weakened by my orgasm, hardly supported me at all, and I bounced slightly on Max's back. The cocks thrust in and out of my holes in small but vicious stabs which quickly began dragging me upwards into another climax.

A part of my mind which still functioned on a thinking level, realized that there was nobody around now to hear the gasps and cries I had always had to suppress at home. As I tumbled forward into another shuddering orgasm, my mouth opened and I abandoned myself to glorious pleasure.

I squealed and grunted loudly, my body swaying back and forth, and my legs slapping against Max's sides as waves of fiery orgasmic lust ripped through my body.

Max however, took my slapping and bouncing legs as an order to speed up. As I shivered through my orgasm, he began trotting across the field. My weak kneed legs were unable to support me as his fait deepened and the cocks began to pound in and out of me in deeper and faster strokes.

I cried out in shocked pain as they slammed up into my guts. Max's gait would throw my shuddering body upwards as his back rose, and then he would drop away beneath me, yanking the cocks halfway down the length of my cuntslit and ass tube.

Then I would drop back down just as his back rose again. The cocks slammed deep into my guts with terrible f***e, hammering deep into my guts. The front cock sawed away at my clit as I was thrown around weakly on Max's back, and the orgasms began washing over me in a sharp, fast series of wrenching quakes.

My little holes were skewered repeatedly and my mind wallowed in the ecstatic feelings shivering up and down my spine. The pain was a distant thing, only serving to intensify the pleasure. I began losing all control of my body as I shook and trembled through orgasm after orgasm.

My head smashed forward and down against Max, further dazing me. First one, then the other foot slipped free of the stirrups, and I began bouncing freely on Max's back without any control at all.

My entire being was focused around the aching, squashing, mashing, pounding of the rubber cocks slamming in and out of my poor holes. My cit slapped down onto the saddle with each downward bounce and made me cry out as if punched.

The jouncing made Max uneasy and he began to lengthen his stride. I was thrown about helplessly on his back. Only the two rods embedded in my groin, and churning my guts into a pulpy mass, kept me from flying from the saddle.

My body was thrown up out of the saddle almost to the full length of the cocks, and then immediately slammed back down, my tits screamed with pleasure and pain each time my chest smashed forward onto Max's back or neck. They were bouncing up and down on my chest with wild abandon as Max ran across the field.

I was thrown forward and back and sideways, my arms and head flopping about with no guidance or control at all. My legs slapped against the side of the horse as I screamed in mindless sobbing pleasure. My tits were so swollen I thought they would explode.


We raced across the prairie like that, drool spilling out of my mouth, and dribbling down my chest and breasts as I flopped helplessly around on his back. I could hardly breath through the continuous orgasms and my vision began falling away into sparkling bright lights.

I don't know how long after I lost consciousness, that I was finally thrown from his back. Probably not long, or I wouldn't have survived. My cunt and asshole would have been torn apart.

When I woke up, I was lying on my back in the close cropped grass of the north pasture. My arms and legs were spread wide. It took me many minutes to groan and shudder my way back to life. The pain in my crotch helped me come back down to earth.

My cunt felt like I had just given birth, and my asshole was still partly open as the sphincter muscle had been so abused it hadn't yet fully recovered. My ass and thighs were smarting from the slapping they had taken against the leather saddle, and i rolled over onto my stomach to ease the pain.

I was extremely weakened by my experience and I began feeling increasingly hopeless. It was starting to get dark, and I was having difficulty even standing on my rubbery legs. When I finally managed to heave myself upright and take a few tentative steps, I noticed that I was walking instinctively bow legged.

Closing my legs brought tears of pain to my eyes. I didn't know how I was going to get back home without Max. I groaned again at the thought of him wandering back into the farmyard with those dildos glued upright on his saddles, and my clothes in his saddle bag.

Fortunately I only had to walk for about twenty minutes before I came across Max grazing on the short dry grass. I dressed and rode home with some difficulty. Riding was agony on my tender crotch and skin. I had to lay off the dildos for several days until my raw pussy flesh had healed somewhat.

My next wild experience occurred several weeks later. I was lying nude on my bed watching television and snacking on muffins. Tom, one of our dogs, was lying on the bed beside me watching every move the muffins made in their journey from the plate to my mouth. I tossed him pieces occasionally, and he would gulp them down and then slurp and lick all around the area the buttery muffin piece had landed.

Anyway, one of the pieces I had casually tossed, had failed to clear my thigh, and had fallen back onto my crotch, where Tom had quickly grabbed it before I could move it away.

I didn't pay much attention to this at first because of the TV program I was watching. Then Tom stuck his nose in my crotch, the way dogs do sometimes, and began licking around there for any trace of the buttery muffin that might be left behind.

The rasping trace of his tongue as it slipped just past my clitty shocked me and I pushed him away abruptly. But then I started thinking about how soft and nice his tongue had felt down there.

I placed another piece right over my cunt and made sure to rub some of it along my tight little slit. Tom gulped down the muffin and then like always, nosed around for more. He smelled the tracings on my pussy and began licking it up energetically. I gasped in delight and spread my legs wide as his tongue slid up and down my cunt slit, licking inside my pussy lips now and then.

This was fantastic, I thought! The house was empty and I had an idea. I jumped out of bed and went downstairs to the kitchen. I had an idea that I thought would work even better than the muffins. Tom loved jam more than anything else in the world.

I got the jar from the cupboard and ran back upstairs. Tom was still on the bed licking up the last of the muffins I had left him. I lay down and pulled my knees up to my chest, then began to spoon the jam into my cunthole. I pushed half a dozen spoonloads into my tight little cunt and then liberally applied it around the outside as Tom looked on interestedly.

Then I urged him over. He moved between my spread legs and sniffed lightly around my slit for a few seconds, then his long tongue came out and began to lick me. His tongue rasped over and over my bulging clit, sending waves of pleasure racing through my bl**d.

I sighed as his tongue slid into my cunny hole and began probing around for more jam. My body began writhing around on the bed as he drove me into a shattering climax with his licking.

His tongue went deep inside me, his nose rubbing against my clit continuously. I began humping up against his face as I built for another orgasm. My head shook back and forth and I pulled and squeezed my titties as I sailed through it.

As I was regaining my breath after coming down, I noticed Tom was humping against my bare leg as he licked. I think the smell of girl cum had excited him. I could feel his hard cock against the soft smooth skin of my knee, and a shock ran through me as I realized what else I might be able to get him to do.

I had seen him and the other dogs in the yard of course, along with the horses and cows. I knew how they did it, though I had never heard of them doing it with a person before.

I remembered how sometimes him and the other dogs would jump up on my or the other k**s back when we crawled on the floor. His cock was pretty big, but not as big as the dildos I had used, and I had no worries that it would fit if I could get him to fuck me.

I got up and then went down on my knees on the carpet, waving my ass in Toms face. Sure enough he loped over and began nosing around my slit hole again. Seconds later, he jumped up onto me. His paws came around my waist and i could feel his hard dick poking around against my crotch.

I reached back and grabbed it. Shock ran through me as I actually held the male organ in my hand. Then I fitted it against the opening of my slit and pushed back against him with my ass.

His cock slid deep inside me and he immediately began humping me. I groaned as it slid over my clit on each pump. He fucked me so hard and fast, I rocketed quickly into another orgasm. The idea of me getting fucked by a dog was so degenerate and perverted! I was intensely excited and stimulated even without his plunging, pistoning doggie cock.

I couldn'T believe how fast he was fucking me. His furry doggie body ground into my as and crotch furiously. I had seen porno movies of people doing it and the men never pumped near this fast. His cock was pistoning in and out of my little slithole with tremendously deep strokes. I began humping my ass back at him and this increased the f***e of the strokes even more.

My mind was spinning as I was fucked for the first time ever. I could feel Tom's prick slicing up and down my tight buttery cunt sheath, pumping and plunging inside me as he sought to spill his see. I couldn't support my weight any more, and my head and shoulders dropped to the carpet.

Tom continued to pump wildly into me. His pounding body smashed into my crotch, propelling me back and forth with each stroke, rubbing my face and titties against the carpet. The nails on his paws were rasping and scratching the skin of my belly as he locked himself tightly to me, and I felt his drool dribbling onto my shoulders and back as his hot breath blew around my hair.

I could feel this hard bulge in the middle of his cock, deep inside me. It was like there was a rock in the middle of his cock. The bulge seemed to be getting bigger as he went on and it began to hurt my cunt with its size. It felt like a baseball or something inside me, and spread my cunt canal wide apart as it churned its way up and down.

I was weak from several orgasms, but I raised myself up and tried to get him off me. I crawled forward across the room, but Tom was just dragged along with me by his tight leghold around my belly, and he kept humping the whole time.

I tried to get up, but I was too weak to rise with his hundred and some pounds of doggy weight on top of me. I tried and tried, managing to almost rise, before falling again. Then he growled and nipped me lightly on the neck, making me cry out in shock and sudden pain.

I fell back to my knees and he stopped growling. I saw a pair of paws besides me on the ground and looked up to see Jack, and beside him, Rex and King. They were the other three German Shepherds we kept around the farm. As Tom hammered away at my cunt, they nosed around me and humped against my sides and head. I could see from my position on the ground that they all had erect cocks hanging beneath them.

Tom intensified his hammering fuck, and then I felt a gush of hot juice shooting down into my guts as that big bulge in his cock exploded inside me. I realized Tom had just cum, had just sprayed a load of doggie sperm into my womb. The idea gave me a weird, twisted kind of thrill.

He rested atop me for a few seconds, his tongue lolling out of his mouth from the exertion, then he jumped off. I tried to get up then, but King immediately humped up on top of me, his front legs sliding around underneath my body and hooking around my belly.

He ignored my feeble protests and his hard cock began poking against my crotch. I tried to rise only to be nipped back into place by his sharp teeth. His cock found my warm wet slit and slid down into me. Again my crotch was pummelled by a hammering pounding body.

In spite of myself I began getting excited by the situation and the rubbing of his cock against my hardened little clit. I was practically being ****d by a fucking dog! I thought I must be the dirtiest, sluttiest girl in the world, and the idea filled me with carnal lust. I came twice before he finished and filled up my fuck hole with his doggy juice.

Jack came after him. His cock was longer than the others and seemed to crash into the end of my slithole on each downward thrust. When he finished REx too his place. All the while I shivered and shuddered, and trembled as I knelt beneath them.

Their pounding cocks were driving my spinning mind into blasting, blossoming orgasms that drove the thoughts from my head, that made me as much an a****l as they. My eyes were closed and my body jerked to their driving cock thrusts. I felt like a bitch in heat being serviced by the dogs of a pack.

My cunt was squeezing and clutching at Rex's fuck tool as I groaned and trembled. My body shook through yet another orgasm as Rex rutted against me, his spiky prick sliding up and down my little cunt tunnel and deep into the center of my soul.

As I knelt there in a semi-delirious state, Rex's poking cock came out and then rammed into my asshole by mistake. It was slightly open due to my position and loss of muscular control. His cock slid down into my asshole easily.

It came to me through a daze that I should get him out of there before his bulge built up like the others. I couldn't do anything though, and soon it would have been impossible to get him out of there without cutting off his cock, as his bulge sealed him into my clenching anus until the end.

He didn't seem to know the difference, or care for that matter, as his cock thrust in and out of my rectum. The other dogs had left and I gasped and moaned to myself there in the middle of the floor.

An occasional cry issued from my mouth as his thick round bulge smashed back and forth in my guts. I knew I would never be able to get that thing out of my little asshole as it was. I wondered how many girls had been sodomized by a dog anyway.

At last I felt the sloshing wetness in my asshole as his wad of spunky white jism gushed down into my belly. He dismounted and I crawled tiredly into the bathroom to wash off. Dog cum dribbled from my asshole and cuntslit as I walked

Screwing the dogs got to be a habit with me for a while. They fucked me good and I didn't have to worry about getting pregnant or catching anything worse than fleas. I also didn't have to worry about them blabbing to anyone in town or school about me.

After I clipped their nails, I didn't have to worry about getting scratched all over either. I didn't neglect my dildos during this time of course. I stuffed them up my cunt and asshole at every opportunity. Several times I pushed one deep inside my cunt and wore it to school. It would be f***ed part way out by my cunt muscles, not to mention gravity, but my panties kept it from falling out at my feet.

It would still protrude an inch or two, which made a fantastic time of sitting down. During boring lectures at school, I would raise my little bottom up a little off the chair, and then press back again, pushing it deeper into my cunt tube. Several times I brought myself to orgasm during class without anyone knowing.

One time though, as I was squirming around, trying to cum, Tony Spinozzo, the school creep, had his eyes glued on me. Tony was older than anyone else in my class, and was only there because he kept skipping class all the time and couldn't pass the tests. He only showed up when the social worker threatened to send him to reform school.

Anyway, while I was busy, Tony's boredom, combined with his dirty and suspicious mind, decided that I was a horny girl rubbing herself against the chair to get off. He didn't know the half of it.

After I had cum, I asked to be excused to go to the bathroom to clean myself off. I walked down the deserted hallway and went into the empty girls room. I cleaned myself off in the stall, and then slid the delicious dildo back up into my cunt. When I came out, there was Tony leaning against the wall, leering at me.

"What the hell are you doing in here Spinozzo?" I demanded.

"Hey take it easy baby." he grinned nastily. "I know what you were doing in class little girl." he sneered. My heart sipped a beat at the thought that he might actually know.

"Feeling horny in Prockman's class huh?" "I don't know what the hell you're talking about." I snapped, trying to jerk away from his arms which had encircled me.

"Leave me alone and get out of here!" I demanded, as his hands reached down and cupped my ass through my short skirt. My further words were muffled as his hand gripped my hair and f***ed my face towards his. His lips crushed mine, his tongue invading my mouth as I struggled angrily against him.

Then his hand slid under my skirt in back and slid down my ass crack to my furry mound. His eyes opened in surprise as he felt the tip of the protruding dildo. "What the hell is that?" he demanded. He pushed me against a sink and bent me forward, throwing up my skirt as I squirmed helplessly. Then he yanked my panties down and I heard him gasp in shock as the dildo pushed out a couple of more inches.

"Holy fucking shit!!" he yelled. "What a hot little slut!! Wait till everyone hears about this!"

My whole body reddened in humiliation as I felt his fingers on the dildo. I yelped and squirmed as he slid the dildo in and out of my fuck box. I struggled uselessly against him, tears coming to my eyes. Then he slapped the side of my head sharply. "Just shut up and do what I tell you, you little slut." he gritted. "You keep quiet and so will I."

With that the last of the dildo came free of my clutching cunt sheath, and he tossed it into the sink. Then I felt another object against my cunt slit. It was even bigger than the dildo, but seemed at the same time to be both harder and softer.

"You like cocks little girl?" he sneered. "I'll give you a real cock for your little cunt to hold onto!" Then he rammed his cock into me, cramming every inch of his male organ into my tiny slit with one mighty thrust. I gasped in pain as my slit went from empty to full in a second. His hands gripped my sides as he pumped his long cock into me from behind.

"Tight little bitch aren't you?!... Fuuckh... Fuuuckkk... Take it pussy... Take it up your fucking little cunt hole!... ughg... ughgh... you little SLUT!... Goooood... ughg... ughhg!

My face was mashed against the mirror in back of the sink, his hand on the back of my neck forcing me flat across the sink as he fucked into me with fast brutal strokes. My toes barely touched the floor and each time he fucked deep against me, my hips ground against the edge of the counter and my toes left the floor.

His hands ran up and down my sides and fastened around my hanging titties, squeezing them over and over through my thin blouse, like he was milking a cow. His balls slapped against my crotch and I could feel his pubic hair against mine as his bl**d filled slab of meat thrust in and out of my slick little box.

My beleaguered mind tried to cope with the outrage and humiliation of his brutal assault, at the same time as a flood of wondrous sexual passion seared through my belly at the realization that I was finally being FUCKED! "Fuuuckkhhh... Fuccccchhkkk... ughghhhhh!" he groaned. His hands came down to my thighs and he pulled them wide apart so his cock could go even deeper inside me. My feet left the floor and my entire weight came down on my hips mashing against the side of the sink, and my shoulders and face pressing into the mirror.

His cock was really skewering me now as my legs were held far apart for his furious rutting thrusts. His prong was ripping in and out of my pussy, rasping viciously across my clitty, sending jagged bolts of sexual heat up through my pulsing organs.

He grunted each time his cock rammed inside me. Then suddenly my eyes, staring dazedly at my own close reflection in the mirror, were blinded by a deep white light. It was like a tiny pinhole in the center of my vision, but soon expanded, blossoming outward like an explosion to fill my head with a hot throbbing pain.

At the same time my body shivered, and trembled. I could feel my tiny pink nipples almost sparkling with sheer carnal electricity. My breasts felt swollen to twice their normal size, and almost hurt with the need to be squeezed, mashed, and sucked.

I shuddered, and groaned low in my throat as I felt my lower body pulse and shake in the tortuous onslaught of burning orgasmic waves. My eyes rolled back in my head and my muscles locked as the orgasm rolled over me, crushing my mind and body in its all encompassing grasp.

Then suddenly I felt a flood of hot liquids bubbling down into my belly as Spinozzo jammed his cockpole into my furnace of a cunt and sprayed his seed into me.

"Oh Wow!" He groaned, as he pulled loose and did up his pants. He slapped me on the bare ass.

"Nice fuck, bitch!" he grinned. "I'll see you later.

I cleaned the stickiness out of my crotch and pulled my panties up. When I went back into class he was sitting there leering evilly at me.

After school, as I feared, he was waiting for me outside.

"Come on sweety, my cars waiting." he grinned.

"I'm not going anywhere with you, you bastard!" I gritted. He grabbed my arm and swung me around until his face was only inches away from mine.

"Look cunt, you walk around with a rubber cock up your twat because you like fucking. Now you and me are goin to my place and I'm gonna give you just what you been lookin' for, else I'm gonna call everyone over here and show em what you got in that purse of yours."

I started, and glanced guiltily at my purse. I had thought of dumping it somewhere, but couldn't. With that he led me over to a red Camaro parked against the wall and shoved me inside. The engine caught with a roar and we squealed out of the parking lot.

His hand rubbed up and down my bare leg as he grinned at me.

"When we get to my place, I'm gonna strip you down and fuck you till you scream for mercy baby!" he said.

"You ever sucked a cock before? A real cock?"

My face reddened and I shook my head.

"You're gonna find out today." I gasped as his hand slid up under my skirt to my panties. He squeezed my cunt through the thin material, then pushed his hand under them and shoved a long finger up my cunt.

I began trembling as we raced down the street, frightened of what he would do to me. But anything was better than having everyone find out what I had been doing with the dildo. It would have been less of a scandal if I'd gotten pregnant.

We turned off the road onto a narrow drive and pulled up in front of a ratty looking house. He flicked his tongue out at me.

"Ready to get fucked, cunt?"

I scrunched down in the seat looking away from him. "Answer me you whore!" he yelled in my face.

"Y...l yes." I squeaked.

He glared at me, then he grabbed my hair and jerked me around to face him."Yes what!"

"Y... yes I'm ready to be f... fucked... arghhh! Stop pulling my hair! That hurts!"

"Ha!" he laughed.

He jumped out of the car and came around to my side. He yanked me out and led me up to the front door. Just as we got there, it opened and an older man stood there glaring at Tony.

"What the fuck took you so long boy?" he demanded.

"Don't worry pa." Tony said "I got a good reason."

Relief started to rise in me, thinking I would escape Tony's clutches with his Dad here.

But then my breath caught with Tony's next words.

"I brought home a little cunt meat for us!"

The man looked at me, his face all scrunched up.

"This looks kinda underripe ta me." he said.

Tony laughed. He pulled the dildo out of my purse and held it up. "When I bent her over this afternoon she had this up her little cunt. She was jerking off right in class."

Tony's dad looked at me with renewed interest, as I closed my eyes in embarrassment. "She's a tight fit Pa, I tried her out today."

The man grinned and reached his hand up to my boob. He clutched his fingers around it and squeezed, bruising the tender flesh, until I cried out in pain.

"Take her inside afore someone sees her." he ordered.

Tony pushed me inside and he and his Dad came in after. It was a dark dirty little house, and I curled my lip as I looked around in disgust. Tony and his dad pushed me into the middle f the room and then stood back. "Take your clothes off honey." the man said, not unkindly.

I looked up at the two of them and shook my head, folding my arms over my chest as my face reddened further. Tony glared at me and started to move forward, but the old man held his arm.

"Look honey," he admonished, "You either take off that dress of yourn or me and Tony are gonna rip it off and then give you a little wuppin to teach you manners, then you kin walk home neked." I looked at the two of them, they were sweating and had hardons that bulged out the front of their pants.

"What's it gonna be honey?" the old man demanded.

Slowly my trembling fingers began to unbutton the front of my dress. It only had a few buttons down the front. When they were done, the whole dress would just slip down off me. The last button was opened and I looked up at them hesitantly.

"Come on cunt!" Tony yelled.

My eyes blurred with tears as I pulled the front aside and lowered the dress down. First past my rounded tit orbs, partially hidden behind my pink bikini bra, then down over my smooth flat belly, and finally over my rounded hips and dow past my thighs, dropping finally to the floor.

The two of them whistled as I stood there shivering, clad only in my underwear.

"She's small but all the parts are there all right!" the old man grinned. Tony licked his lips and nodded. "Yum Yum!" he said.

I realized that though he had fucked me earlier, Tony had never seen me, except for my upturned ass and cunt.

"The rest honey. We don't got all day."

I breathed shakily and fumbled with the catch of my bra, turning around to do so. Then Tony grabbed me from behind. His hands encircled my wrists, and yanked them up above my head as he whirled me around to face his father.

The old guy shook his head and stepped forward, his hands grabbing the material. Then he ripped the flimsy bra apart, so my round boobs sprang free. A second later my panties were sliding down my legs ad I was standing there naked. Behind me Tony smacked his lips, he held both my wrist in one hand above me while his other hand slid up my belly and cupped one tit, squeezing harshly.

"Nice huh Pa?" he said. He pushed against my back, shoving my chest outward as he pulled back on my wrists. My body bowed out toward the old man, whos eyes gleamed as they raced over my small white frame.

"Nice indeed." he said.

They put me on my back on a table. Tony went to one side and held my arms above me. His father stepped to the other, between my legs. He pulled me down till my ass was right on the edge.

"Move your legs apart honey." he ordered. I shakingly spread them wide.

"Wider!" he said.


The muscles and tendons in my groin strained and protested as he pulled my legs almost parallel with the table edge. I was split worse than when I did the split at ballet. I was spread out wide as the two of them slobbered over me, stroking, squeezing, fondling, and pinching me all over.

Tony held my wrists with one hand and ran the other over my tit mounds and belly. He took great delight in the smoothness and softness of my skin, and squeezed and pinched my upthrust titties and small pink nipples relentlessly. He seized one nipple between his thumb and forefinger and twisted and rolled it, pulling it upward, distending my tit flesh into a giant meaty cone.

His father slid his hands over my inner thighs and rubbed up and down my crotch, marvelling at the sparseness of the fleecy golden fur and the tightness of my little slit. His hands came under me and clutched my buttocks, pulling my lower body off the table. His thumb rubbed away at the entrance to my cunt, pushing down with more and more pressure until it was buried to the knuckle.

His mouth came down and his tongue slid up and down my slit, then burrowed away at the top, searching for my clitty. Tears started to slid down my cheeks as I trembled in fear, and worried what they would do to me. I was mortified at being so used, never having been naked in front of anyone else, except a doctor.

The old man stepped back and lowered me back to the table. He rapidly undressed. When he stood there naked, I tried to avert my face, but my eyes were held by a huge erect cock sprouting forth from beneath his fat belly. It was huge, bigger and fatter than the dildos I had used. Bigger even, I thought, than Tony's was, though I had never actually seen his.

"You like it honey?" he grinned. He stroked his cock with his hand and leered at me.

"It's gonna feel real good when I shove it inside your tight little fuck hole.". He leaned forward over me, his face inches from mine. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek, as his hand slid ever so lightly over the soft warm flesh of my upturned breast.

His hand slid down over my skin, leaving a tingle of heat in its trail. It moved over my belly and slid around in slow gentle circles, then downward, over my abdomen until his palm rubbed across my pubic mound and cupped me there, firmly but gently.

Then his finger stiffened. I thought he was going to push it inside me, but instead he slid it up along my slit, over my pussy hair, and onto my abdomen and belly. It stopped, about a foot above my cuntslit, and he grinned again.

"See there honey?" he pushed the tip of his finger into my belly, making a deep indentation in the flesh as it pressed inward.

"This... right here, is where my cock is going to go." he twisted his finger in my belly as his breathing increased.

My own breathing was getting heavier as well. I stared down at his finger as if mesmerized. Unbidden to my mind came the image of that mighty organ of his churning away inside me.

"Right up here inside your belly." he breathed. "I'm gonna fuck my cock up inside you so high, you won't be able to stand it."

I looked at the smooth flesh of my belly and it turned see- through. In my mind I imagined a wide window showing the inside of my belly, and there beneath the skin was his huge fuckwand, sliding back and forth inside me.

I blinked and it disappeared, replaced by his caressing fingers. Again he spoke, in an almost hypnotic voice. "Small, and tight you are. I'll ride you like no one else ever has little one." Then he kissed me, his tongue thrusting between lips parted in surprise.

He stepped back, and moved between my still parted legs. I watched his cock, my breath locked inside me, a he positioned the fat thing at the center of my crotch. I felt his cockhead touch me there. He ran it up and down my small slit several times.

Then the fat head, greased with his pre-cum, was pushing aside my cuntlips. I felt them pried apart, felt the entrance to my body opening wide, wider, wider still. I gasped in pain, my fingers digging into my palm as my pussy was f***ed open further than ever before.

I felt his thing going into me. It felt like a hard round ball right at the top of my cunt channel. My breath was coming in great heaving gasps as it f***ed its way deeper, moving two full inches, then three, then four. My eyes were wide and staring as I watched inch after inch of the fat ugly thing moving inside me, disappearing into the tiny slit between my legs.

I cried out as his fuck tool moved deeper into my body, five full inches it looked like,then six, seven, eight... My vaginal tunnel was f***ed to accommodate a cock wider than it was. My cunt tunnel bulged outward around his piercing organ, bulged aside into my intestines and colon, bulged wide, shoving aside other organs as it tried to hold the giant cock without tearing.

The elastic walls of my pussy gave under his relentless attack, moved wider still. I gritted my teeth, closing my eyes against the pain as he moved deeper still; nine inches, then ten. My eyes snapped open as I felt it touch the deepest part of my pussy.

I pulled my head off the table and stared downward, and cried in despair to see there was still cockmeat yet to come. Nothing had ever moved this deep inside me and he was going to go deeper still. My guts cramped and ached as he f***ed his meat further still, unwilling to accept that there was an end to my pussy.

A sob burst from my throat, and a short cry of pain. Tony's hand came down on my chin, pulling my head back against the table, holding me there. His father slammed his hips forward, thrusting his spear like cock against the back of my cunt.

My legs jerked up and aside, heels flopping and pounding on the table top. My back arched as I sought mindlessly to rise from the table. He grabbed my thighs, his fingers digging painfully hard into my flesh. He pushed my legs wider, then his hands slid around my waist. My waist was so tiny that his hands completely encircled me, fingers joined together at my back, his thumbs overlapped across my belly.

He slammed his hips forward again, jamming another full inch inside me. He was panting hard, but not as hard as I was. I writhed against their hold, my lower body screaming in pain as his humongous thing stabbed deep into my belly.

Then he gave a savage grunt. He jerked my body back against him. My ass and legs came up off the table as he jerked me against him. At the same time he hammered his hips forward, and drove the final inch of cockmeat into my tortured cunt tunnel.

My head twisted frantically from side to side and I screamed as his big cock mashed against something and then broke through. I could barely endure the pain. His cockhead must be up in my womb, up in my stomach itself, I thought.

"Oooooohhhhhh!" he groaned. "You got it now Honey! You got all of it! Thirteen inches of cock inside you little one!" His fat hairy belly came down on mine, crushing my stomach as he ground himself against me. He squeezed my belly, his hands now sweaty and leaving an oily trail behind.

"Fuck her Pa. Ram it up her hole!" Tony laughed.

The old man's pubic bone was against my crotch, his balls hanging down against my buttocks. He stayed there, his organ deep inside me. Hot... Throbbing... Alive.

"Holy FUCK she's tight!" he whispered.

His hands rubbed softly over my skin as he rested there, moving up over my breasts to my face, caressing my cheek.

He bent forward, his mouth coming down on my right nipple. His lips closed around it, soft, and wet. I felt him suckling me there, his tongue dancing lightly across my nipple. He rolled it in his mouth, rubbing it between his tongue and lips.

His hands came down under me, clutched my straining buttocks, squeezed tightly, lifted me upwards, holding my groin locked against his. He twisted me around in circles, working his hips back and forth, tearing a channel to pump his cock into.

His ugly face came down again, his mouth covering my gasping lips. He sucked and bit at my mouth, his tongue ramming inside. I felt his spittle and drool dripping into my mouth as he yanked my whole lower body up in sharp vicious jerks.

Then he thrust forward, yanking me against him so my body lurched downward on the table and his cock hammered against my guts. He slowly pulled back, tearing a few inches out of the hot vice like grip of my clutching fuck box.

He hammered himself forward again, smashing his hips into my crotch and buttocks, driving his hot spike up my belly once again. He ignored my pain filled cries, pulled slowly back again, inch by inch, until he was half out, then pounded forward.

He fucked me with longer and longer strokes, each one hard, brutal, irresistible. His cock pulled all the way out except the tip, and then drove back inside me until his balls slapped my ass and his rock hard girl-fucker was buried to the hilt inside me, the bl**d engorged head crammed high inside my belly like he'd promised.

The sounds of desperate fucking filled the small rom. My moaning and sobs, his grunts of enjoyment, the slurping of his fat meat thrusting and rutting in and out of my agonized cunt chamber, and his hips and belly cracking and slapping against the soft skin of my wide open crotch.

The inside of my cunt hole was sore and rubbed raw by his thrusting cock before he finally gasped and threw his head back.

"YESSSSSSSSSSS !!" he exulted.

I felt his come pouring down into my cunt and womb, racing deep into my guts as his hands on my hips lifted me off the table and ground my crotch harshly against his, before collapsing onto me.

He lay atop me for several moments as we both caught our breath, then he pushed himself up, pulled his cock out of my now gaping fuck tunnel. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, and gave a little laugh, then stumbled away from the table.
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Farm Girl Having Some Fun-End Chapter

I hung there for long minutes, mewling and sobbing in pain, making strange little sounds, and trying to somehow bring my cunt that last tiny bit of the way to an orgasm so I could have some relief from the burning, pulsing heat. 

My mother finally became annoyed enough about it to do something. A few seconds manipulation of my clitty would have shot me into orbit. Instead she brought out a thick leather belt. She stood before me, eyeing my desperate condition with a sneering look of satisfaction.

Then she brought the belt whirling down from overhead and smacking right into the center of my crotch. I screamed as the leather cracked painfully against my splayed out pussy. Pain and pleasure coursed through my veins. My legs and arms shook and my body was seized by shivering spasm of lust.

She stood still, waiting for me to recover, then reached the belt forward, letting it slide over my buttocks and down along my asshole and cuntslit.

"Want me to hit you again slut?" she taunted. "Want to feel this against your little clitty?"

My brain pounded with anxiety, fear, and desire. She trailed the belt alongside my slit, inches away.

"P... please." I whimpered.

"What was that sweety?" she smirked.

"P... p.. please. OH PLEASE!"

"You want me to whack your little pussy?"

I nodded my head helplessly.

"Say it... SAY IT!" she hissed.

"Hit me." I sobbed.

"Where baby? Where should I hit you?" she cooed.

"My pussy!" I pleaded. "Hit my pussy!"

"HOw hard sweety pie? I wouldn't want to hurt you." she trailed the belt up and down my mound ever so lightly. I winced as a ferocious surge of desire swept through me.

"H... H... Hhhhard!" I stuttered. "Hard H... HARD! HIT ME HARD !" I begged.

She leered mockingly at me and swung the belt down again. It cracked down against my pussy mound, impacting with a dull splat against my moist pussy slit. I screamed again and babbled incoherently.

"H... HHharrdddd! Hit m... me h... hard! Hit me... Hit me... Hit me..."

She swung the belt again, sending a flaring explosion of heat and pain through my crotch. She started to whip the belt down harder, and faster. The cracking whip smashed down, sending a flood of exquisite sensations roaring through my body. My burning cunt exploded in raging heat and crackling eruptions of electric shocks.

Cunt juice gushed down my fuck tunnel and out through my gaping cunt opening, coating my entire crotch with greasy girl cum. I screamed in ecstatic release, my mind reeling from the intense bursts of heat. Then she dropped the belt. My head was flopping dazedly from side to side.

I looked down and saw her place her fist against my cunt mouth. She leaned into my cunt as I watched dreamily, fascinated. My cuntmouth spread and stretched, opening wider and wider. Slowly her fist sank down into my fuck hole.

I groaned with the mind blowing feeling of utter fullness as she pushed her fist down inside me. I couldn't take my eyes off her hand as her fist slid down out of sight inside my crotch slit. I shivered all over as her wrist passed my cuntlips and still she continued pushing.

Her hard balled up fist pushed deeper and deeper. Finally, when her arm was buried halfway to her elbow, I felt a grating, grinding pain as her knuckles crushed up against my cervix. She and I both stared, enthraled at the sight of my pussy lips gripping her arm. Slowly she pulled it back until the fist was just inside my pussy, starting to stretch the lips again, then she rammed it forward again.

I erupted in frenzied driving cum, as she began fucking her fist in and out of my guts. I felt her hard knuckles rasping back and forth in my cunt tunnel. she slammed her fist around inside my belly, driving me to a screaming writhing, bundle of torn and paralysed nerves, and sending my mind spinning down an endless hole into senselessness as climax after climax shook my frame.

It was almost half an hour before I had recovered enough of my senses to become aware of the pain still shooting through my shoulders and arms. My mother laughed when she saw I had returned to the world. She tore a feather off a feather duster she was using and slid the end into my sopping drooling pussy slit.

I didn't know what she had in mind from that except maybe a silly taunting joke, until the air current sin the room started to blow the feather ever so lightly against my clit and clitty. My reddened aching cunt lips began twitching against the feather as its ticklish touch reached against them again and again.

In another hour I was back in the same shape as before the whipping. I groaned in renewed need as the feather licked against me. I shook my frame, trying to dislodge it, but couldn't. I was nearly out of my mind with desperate yearning lust.

My Father came into the living room and walked over to me. He looked surprised when he saw the feather in my cunt, but drew back and laughed loudly.

"Well, well. How do you feel cunt?" he inquired.

"Please Daddy! Please fuck me!" I begged.

"You don't sound sincere enough to me." he grinned.

"Oh GOD! PLleeeasseee please please DADDY! PLEASE FUCK ME !! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!!" I screamed.

He laughed to himself and then pulled his erection out of his pants. "Is this what you want little girl?" he leered. He put the tip of his cock less than an inch away from my cuntslit and I humped my ass up towards it. He pulled back with a laugh.

"PLEeaasssse!" I sobbed.

He seized his cock firmly and placed it against my gaping cunt hole, then with one brutal lunge, he drove his whole big fuckstick, balls deep in my cunt. My mind and body screamed in joyous release as my cunt box was stuffed full of pumping cockmeat. He grabbed my shoulders for leverage and slammed his whole body against me with furious pounding strokes.

My body was slammed and bruised against the wall as his big prick sawed in and out of my cunt. I came furiously. Lust and sex energy raced unrestrained through my twitching, trembling, jerking body. Blinding bursts of multi colored light exploded in my brain as my cunt was impaled by the savage fucking prong of my Father.

I howled and shrieked in joy and mindless ecstasy as cum after cum flooded through my body. Crackling electric shocks raced up and down my spine as my disoriented mind was staggered by repeated blows of furious intense pleasure.

Then I clenched my teeth against a last overwhelming explosion of cunt fire and gave a final whimper of pleasure as my mind gave up and slid into u*********sness.

After that, I was allowed to talk, and walk, and act like a human being again. I was still a sex toy for my parents use. Around the house, I seldom wore clothes unless they were the most immodest and shameless things imaginable.

One of the outfits my Dad got me was a tight pair of leather pants with no crotch or ass. My buttocks were squeezed out into a perfect circle by the tight leather, and my pussy was lewdly exposed and framed by the crotchless front.

My Dad shaved my pussy hair off so my slit was even more easy to see. The top of the outfit consisted of a tight leather bikini with holes where the nipples went so they stuck straight out. Sometimes he would stuff fat rubber cocks up my cunt or asshole and then clip a tight piece of leather down between my legs to pull brutally up between my pussy lips and hold them in place.

Sometimes he would simply tie me from head to foot in all kinds of bizarre positions and then just leave me for hours and hours. He fucked me at least five times every day.

Needless to say, all this was having a big effect on the way I acted around other people as well. I wore the tightest possible pants I could get into, pants so tight I had to jerk and yank on them for twenty minutes to get them closed. The tops I wore were so tight they hugged my bulging titties like cellophane, displaying my usually hard nipples for everyone to see. The skirts I wore barely covered my ass cheeks, and I never wore any panties.

If I was a cockteaser before, I was a real little slut now. The stares I received got more obvious and my own more blatant. I no longer cared about getting a reputation at school, and fucked every boy who wanted me, which was pretty near all.

I even came on to some of the cuter girls in my class, and some of the teachers.

One day alone, I screwed two male, and one female teachers, five boys and one girl from various classes, and of course my Dad. I was a real little nympho now. I needed sex like a d**g addict needed his fix.

One of the dates I had was with a guy named Jimmie Fox, a nerdy guy from my math class who got straight A's every year. I had already screwed almost every guy in my Math class. Jimmie was too shy to ask me out, so I asked him. He was kind of cute, even if he was really straightlaced.

He tended to wear his shirts buttoned up to the throat, even on the hottest days. He had nice blonde hair though, and a really nice ass.

We went to a movie where he almost had a heart attack after I slid my hand into his pants and grabbed his cock. I almost had to drag him to the Sunshine Motel on the edge of town. I got rooms for free there since I started screwing the manager.

Jimmie backed away from me when we were inside, and practicly fell onto the little sofa. His eyes were bulging as I looked down at him out of slitted eyes.

I slid into the chair on top of him. My legs straddled his body as I faced him. My hot round ass cheeks rubbed against his lap, where I could feel his erection already blooming. I didn't have any doubt he was a virgin. That didn't bother me though. I'd had dozens of virgins in the last couple of months.Teenagers our age seldom got the chance for a good fucking.

I slid my arms around his neck and leaned down slightly to kiss him. My mouth touched his gently, my lips sliding back and forth against his. My tongue snaked out and licked over his lips, and then darted inside, flicking over his teeth, feeling their sharpness.

I kissed harder, pushing my lips firmly against his. My tongue slid in between his slightly parted lips, moistening them, feeling the ridges and bumps, and the sharp tang of popcorn he'd had at the movie. My tongue touched his, touching, licking and sliding around against it.

I squirmed in his lap, my buttocks mashing down against his boner. I could feel its hardness through the paper thin, silky soft pants I was wearing. On dates I wore looser clothes, so I could get out of them fast, and boys could get their hands into them easier.

My hands were around him, sliding up and down along his shoulders, his neck, and over his head. My fingers slid through his hair as I turned and slid my face around against his. I mashed my tits between us as I pushed myself against him.

I moved my mouth against his neck, and licked and bit him softly. I moved my mouth lower, nibbling against the nape of his neck, then sucked fiercely on the skin. My hands undid the buttons on his shirt one by one, without him even noticing it. When I reached his pants, I pulled the shirt tails out and undid the final buttons, opening his shirt completely.

My mouth went down his chest, licking and kissing a soft wet trail. I lingered over each nipple, sucking them into my mouth, massaging them with my lips and tongue, and biting them gently.

My hands slid up and down the soft warm skin of his chest and stomach, squeezing and rubbing. I grabbed one of his hands and held it with my own, our fingers interlocking, then pulled it up against my boob and placed it flat against me.

His hand rested there as he stared dazedly at my chest. I put my hand on his and pushed against my boob, flattening it, squashing the fleshy meat out to the sides. I grabbed his other hand and put it on my other tit. He began to squeeze me slowly as I kind of sat back and smiled encouragingly.

I slid my fingers down and popped the buttons as he watched. His mouth was open and his eyes bulged with intense concentration as I opened my shirt and pulled it off. A little groan escaped his lips as he stared at my two proud tit mounds.

I grabbed his hands, which he'd allowed to fall off, and placed them on my now naked boobs. He squeezed them again, and I revelled in the soft warmth of his fingers around my orbs.

My titties began to swell with desire and my nipples hardened into two little pebbles. I pulled his face against my chest and he suckled softly, then with increasing f***e on my proud titty. His other hand squeezed harder on my other tit, squashing and kneading the meaty round orb.

His mouth was a wet, chewing vacuum cleaner as it sucked ferociously on my nipple, and roamed across my swollen flesh. I moaned and squirmed around in his lap more. His hands slid around my waist and hugged me to him as his face buried itself between my tits and licked and bit my chest.

He rubbed his face all over my chest and tits, biting and licking and chewing and sucking. I let him paw and lick on my tits for a few minutes, then pulled away. I licked a trail down the center of his chest, sliding back off him so I could lower my mouth down his belly and below.

I sat next to him on the couch, my hands sliding up and down his body. My hand popped the catch on his pants and then slid inside. I could feel the heat and sweat inside there immediately. My hand slid over and around his hot hard erection and squeezed softly.

I rubbed him as my mouth licked its way back up his chest and suckled on his nipples. He gasped and my hand was suddenly soaked in cum. I realized he had already climaxed. I unzipped him and slid his pants down over his hips.

He raised his ass up a little and I pulled his pants down and off his legs. His cock was semi flaccid, and coated in a thin layer of shiny sperm as I looked down at it. I vent over, licking down his stomach and abdomen and through his pubic hair. I licked out at the tip of his penis as I reached it. The taste of sperm was a huge aphrodisiac to me.

I slid my lips around his cockhead and worked my tongue all over it, licking and slurping up the cock juice. I fed more and more of his cock into my mouth and cleaned it off completely.

Within minutes it began hardening. I felt the cock stiffening and expanding in my mouth and backed off, giving it room to enlarge. I slid my mouth around it sideways, mouthing it like it was a flute. I bit gently and nuzzled at his balls. I raised my head and pulled at his legs, wanting them up on the couch.

He quickly obliged, his hardened cock bouncing as he moved over. He was now lying on the couch, his legs spread wide as I knelt between them. My head descended again, and I engulfed his cock with my mouth. I slid my lips down the entire length of the cock until the cockhead was in my throat and his balls were up against my lips.

He moaned and humped up reflexively. I slid my hands under him and cupped his soft buttocks, squeezing them in my fingers. My mouth bobbed up and down on his cock, soaking it in spit. Then he grabbed at my head and pushed me down all the way.

I felt his cock twitching and throbbing in my mouth, and he poured sperm down my gullet. I pulled upward, wanting the juice in my mouth so I could taste it better. My mouth continued to work on him.

My tongue sizzled as it danced up and down and around his cock.It made obscene sounds as I suckled on his softening cock. I pushed a finger against his asshole and plunged it inside to the knuckle. Jimmie gasped in astonishment and pleasure. His cock began to harden rapidly.

I raised my head and smiled at him. I got off the couch and stood in front of him posing provocatively. My hands slid down my sides to my pants and then around to my belly. I rubbed my belly slowly, then slid a hand to the catch of my pants and popped it open.

I slowly slid my hand down inside the front of my pants till it was against my cunt. I squeezed it gently and then began to rub up and down on my clitty. My eyes closed slightly and my body swayed as my hand slid up and down my pussy.

I pushed a finger inside my slit as I rubbed myself. Jimmie just sat there staring wide eyed, like a k** who'd just seen Santa Claus. My pants slid slowly down my legs, exposing my bald cunt and hand. There was another chair facing his and I backed up and slid into it.

I was practically lying on my back, my legs spread way wide over the arms of the sofa chair. My hand slid up and down my pussy slit. I buried another finger inside, and then a third. Jimmie gaped as I slid the three in and out slowly began to finger fuck myself.

My other hand rubbed over my boobs. I looked up at Jimmie and panted, giving him a desperate look. As if in a trance he rose and padded over to stand above me. I grunted and humped against my fingers as my first cum approached.

I threw back my head and moaned long and low, shoving my three fingers deep inside my pussy slot and squishing my tits between my arms and hand. My eyes closed as a dizzying array of multicolored lights blazed against my eyelids.

When I calmed a little I opened my eyes to see Jimmie still standing next to the chair, gawking down at me. I spread my arms wide in open invitation, and he fell forward against me. His hard cock stabbed into my belly as his mouth and hands raced desperately over my body.

I grabbed his rock hard cock in my hand and placed it against my moist cunt opening, then pushed my groin up. The feeling of his cockhead going inside me made JImmie cry in delight. He pushed his hips down and his cock slid softly into my sucking cunt sheath.

When he was buried in me, I threw my legs and arms around him, holding him tight as we kissed savagely. Then I began humping against him, squeezing him with my legs. He started pumping down, and his cock slid in and out of my fuck box.

His hands caressed my ass and squeezed my buttocks as I did the same to him. He pulled my groin up against him to meet his fierce thrusts. I whimpered as the buildup of sexual energy rose higher in my body, overwhelming my senses with its carnal sensuality and electric flickering shocks.

I came with a shuddering groan, burying my face into his neck as he pumped away at me. His balls slapped at my ass cheeks as he fucked away wildly. I came again. His lips chewed and bit on my titties, his hand squeezed and kneaded my ass cheeks. His finger slid into my asshole and wiggled around. I came again.

My cunt mound was a burning throbbing insatiable pit. My vice like tunnel crushed his prong, squeezing cum juices from it.

I pushed him off and scrambled around on the chair, kneeling on it and showing him my ass. He gave a low cry and thrust his cockrod up my pussy from behind. My legs slipped off the chair and I stood bent way over, my hands on the chair arms holding me up as Jimmie slammed his groin into my crotch.

His arms went around me and hugged me in a solid bear hug as he jammed his cock all the way up my pussy and spewed his cock juice inside my belly. I came again, and collapsed forward onto the chair.

Needless to say, I became sort of popular around school, at least with the boys. Most of the girls wouldn't be seen near me. It wasn't just that they thought I was a slut. I had also gotten around about how I swung both ways. I hadn't exactly made a secret about that.

Several girls had walked into the girl's room to find me and Amy Cooper locked in a passionate embrace. One of my hands was inside her panties and had pushed her skirt way up over her belly. It wasn't possible to deny anything about that incident,and I actually couldn't be bothered trying.

I kind of liked my slutty reputation. It made life interesting.

Amy, of course, was now in the same boat as me. She was a real shy girl, who was scared stiff of boys. She wore these long, sombre dresses around, and jumped whenever anybody spoke to her. If that somebody was a boy,she turned seven shades of red and stuttered in reply.

What the girls had seen in the bathroom was really just another of my come ons which the little ninny had been too timid to resist. She hadn't actually been doing anything but mumbling protests and trying to shove me away without making me mad.

Once it got all over the school that she was a dyke, nobody would talk to her, and the girls gave her nasty little looks and vicious comments whenever she passed them.

I felt sort of responsible for that, and tried to take her under my wing. One day I walked her home from school. It was a nice warm sunny day, and I detoured us through the Markham woods. I knew she didn't really want to be near me. She reddened up every time she saw me. I practically had to hold her arm as we walked, to stop her from fleeing.

Anyway I got to feeling horny as we walked along the old dirt road. Amy walked along with her head mostly pointed toward the ground, and she sure wasn't any conversationalist. My mind wandered, and with me, whenever my mind wanders, you can be sure there's something sexy there.

I got to sneaking little peeks at her as we walked, trying to figure out what she looked like under those old grannie clothes she wore.

She had a nice, heart shaped face, with dark, reddish hair that curled down over her shoulders. She was a bit skinny, but not as skinny as me.

We left the road to shortcut through a tall field of grass and the thought just hit me to have sex with Amy right then and there. I knew I was acting kind of like a bully. Amy was actually bigger, and a little older than me, but she was so shy and timid, a five year old could order her around.. I knew I could do what I wanted with her, and I wanted to eat her out, to see if I could make her cum.

My eyes narrowed and a wicked smile appeared on my face. If Amy had been looking at me she surely would have wondered...

Subtlety would be of no use whatsoever. I just stopped short, grabbed her arm, and pulled her against me face to face. Her head looked up from the ground, like a startled doe. She tried to back away, but my arms slid around her and pulled her tight.

My lips locked around hers as my hand grabbed a fistful of her hair and jammed our faces together. Amy's arms came up and folded protectively over her chest, as if she didn't know what else tod o with them. Her head tried to move away, her lips to break free.

I could see her wide desperate eyes staring at me as my other hand slid down her back and over her ass. My hand slid up her back, popping the buttons open as it went. Amy trembled and murmured little complaints and protests as my hands grabbed the two sides of the opened back and pulled them apart, yanking the dress down to her waist as her hand scrambled madly for it.

She was wearing a full slip underneath the old dress, and I grabbed the shoulder straps as she fumbled for her dress, pulling them apart and down so the top of the slip came down to her waist. She seemed to recoil in shock at having her breasts exposed.

She gasped in embarrassment and folded her arms in front of her boobs again. I took the opportunity to jerk the dress and slip, along with her panties down over her hips to her feet.

Amy was shivering and little tears of frustration and humiliation slid from her eyes. I hugged her against me, sliding my hands up and down her ass, squeezing her buttocks repeatedly. I slid a hand down the center of her ass crack, down past her anus and between her legs to cup her little furry cunt mound from behind.

I pulled her to the ground and lay atop her, kissing and sucking at her mouth, darting my tongue in and out past her lips. The poor girl didn't know what to do. Her hands batted feebly at me now and then and her mouth whimpered little pleas.

I licked a trail down her neck to her titties. She actually had nice little titties. They were small and cone shaped, with hard, pointy little nipples. I sucked at them as I squeezed and rubbed my hands over the tender flesh.

My mouth trailed down over her stomach, past her abdomen and through a thin little covering of reddish brown hair to reach her juicy pussy slit. I f***ed her legs apart and pushed my face into her crotch, digging my tongue into the slit, and sliding it up and down the length.

I squeezed and kneaded the flesh of her buttocks as she lay there sniffling helplessly. My mouth worked over her pussy, licking, sucking chewing, massaging. I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth like a cock. I bit gently on it, bringing a short cry of fear from her.

My tongue rasped back and forth over the little bud. Despite her fear it hardened rapidly. My tongue slid down and into her slit, and I pushed it as far inside as I could get it.

As I worked away on her, I gradually became aware of the growing taste of girljuice as her pussy reacted to my manipulation. Amy just kind of laid there in numbed shock. I wondered if she had ever even jerked off before.

I slid a single finger inside her tight slit, and felt her cunt tube squeeze half the bl**d out of the finger. Amy shivered, and her legs twitched briefly as I dug my finger deeper inside her. I felt her cherry inside and grinned to myself. I wished I had one of my dildos with me.

I started sliding the finger in and out of her, rubbing it against the clit with each stroke. My tongue continued to lick along the slit and flick up and down on her red little clitty. I felt her cunt twitching around my finger every time I touched that clitty.

I looked up the length of her body to find her face staring up at the sky. Her mouth gaped open and a look of astonishment was on her face. Her arms had flopped back onto the fence above her head and she now seemed u*********s of her nudity as a new and baffling series of sensations started to well up within her.

I grabbed her clit between two fingers and squeezed it tightly. She groaned and her hips rocked up against me. My fingers flew in and out of her fuck box. My tongue danced on her clitty and my teeth chattered as they nipped and chewed on her pussy lips.

Amy gulped and whimpered as her body reacted with surges of passionate heat. Her whole body seemed to tense up, and then she writhed back and forth helplessly on the grass as my mouth sucked glistening pussy juice out of her.

I stood up and quickly shed my clothes as she sprawled there gasping for breath. Her face looked amazed and confounded by the sensations that had swept through her. She looked up at me with disbelief as I stood naked over her. Then I settled down, squatting over her face.

"Lick me Amy," I ordered her. "Suck me off." I pushed my damp pussy against her face, rubbing my clitty against her nose. Her hands came up defensively, as if to push me off, but then jerked back as if burned when they encountered my soft ripe ass cheeks.

I reached back and grabbed one of her firm little tits, squeezing and twisting it ruthlessly. Amy cried out in pain and shock. "Suck me off you little bitch!" I ordered, rubbing myself over her face.

Her tongue came out and made a tentative lick over my pussy mound. I squeezed her tit again, and she licked harder. Soon she was licking desperately at my cunt slit. I squatted there, occasionally humping against her, now and then twisting on her titties when her enthusiasm waned.

I enjoyed being the one in charge for a change, enjoyed using her as I was used by my parents and others. I wiped my pussy back and forth against her face as the heat built higher in my pussy. I turned to face her feet and bent forward, putting my face against her pussy, and starting to lick and suck her again.

I was a much better cunt licker than her, I guess, or else she was just hotter. She really started creaming on me. I licked up what seemed like gallons of cunt juice that seeped and drooled past her pussy lips. Her mouth was working much faster against my own cunt mound now.

As her body began to jerk spasmodically against me, I felt her hands on my ass, pulling me down tighter. I jammed two fingers into her cunt and ****d them back and forth, banging against her cherry with each thrust. Amy's legs were jerking and flopping up and down with sharp little movements,m like fish out of water. I heard a muffled wailing against my cunt and figured she had come again.

We continued to eat each other there in the grass. It was a glorious, free feeling of natural lust. My cunt was raw and blinding sensations of ecstasy shot up into my belly and chest as I started to cum.

My fingers in her twat, rammed deeper and harder inside her and then suddenly her cherry popped and my fingers drove all the way inside her to the knuckles. Amy and I both cried out as we came simultaneously. Searing bolts of sexual shock ripped through my guts as I spewed my fuck water down into her face. My mouth slurped up her own juices as I felt her tongue racing up and down my cunt slit.

When we were done, I lay next to her on the grass, our arms around each other, occasionally stroking each others breasts or faces. Amy had in fact never jerked off at all, she'd been isolated, with no friends, and handn't even heard of such a thing. She turned out to be a reasonably nice girl, once you got her talking. Unfortunately, even then, she remained as timid as a fawn.

The next day I brought her home with me. We were hardly inside my room with the door closed when I pulled my clothes off and turned to her. She looked alarmed and drew back.

"What if your parents come up?" she breathed.

"They won't," I assured her. "Anyway I want you to try on some of my clothes.

I got naked and dressed her in a nice pair of white cords and a green shirt. She looked like a whole other person. I let her try on some of my sexy lingerie and she marvelled at the lacy bikinis and teddies.

"Your parents let you buy these?" she asked, doubtfully. She was wearing a thin, lacy black g-string and a bra that barely covered her nipples. I was naked. I laughed in response.

My father bought me most of this stuff." I assured her.

Her mouth opened in surprise, but I moved forward just then and kissed her passionately. She seemed to melt into my arms as I hugged her against me. My hands slid down her back and over her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly. She returned my kisses with surprising passion, and soon she was as naked as I, and we fell into my bed.

We each tongued each other to a cum, and I grabbed up my dildo from the nightstand drawer and started to push it inside her. She looked down at the rubber cock with astonishment in her face, and then hissed and threw her head back as I shoved it several inches deep into her twat.

I began sliding the cock in and out of her, pushing down harder with each stroke to push the cock deeper inside her cunt box. She moaned in pain and pleasure as her pussy hole was widened and lengthened. I jumped out of bed and strapped on a long black rubber cock. It was the one my Mom liked to use on me. It fit right over my own cunt and stuck out like a cock.

I jumped on top of her and pulled the other dildo out of her shining cunt mouth. I settled onto her body and pushed the end of the cock against her slit. I humped my body up and then slowly lowered it so the cock slid down inside her.

She groaned and squirmed against me as the cock went deeper and deeper. Our lips locked together and I started fucking her in earnest, grinding my fake cock down against her, twisting and jerking it sideways and up and down inside her.

My ass rose and fell as I fucked her little virgin twat with my rubber cock. Her legs were wide apart and her cunt humped up against me as she soared through a climax.

My Dad walked in just about then and watched with interest. Then he moved over and jerked me off her. He dropped his pants as Amy looked blearily up, her mind in a near stupor.

My Dad got on top of the girl and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders. In a second his cock was right against her cunt slit, and then he lunged forward and drove it all the way down into her belly with one furious stroke.

Amy cried out in pain as he rode her. As was usual with him, he showed little interest in anybodies pleasure but his own. He rutted and humped down into her like she was a mindless fuck a****l. He grabbed Amy's hips in his big hands and jerked the lightweight girl up and down against his cock.

I could see her cunt juices glistening along the entire length of his fat fuckmeat as he plunged the thing down her tight little tunnel repeatedly. Amy was making strangled gasps and moans as my Dad reamed her out. She whimpered in confusion and pain as my Dad skewered her near virgin pussy.

His fat prick ripped in and out of her little red twat furiously. He shoved her legs way back, so her ankles were up near her face, and started driving his shaft down her tube with long rapid thrusts. He held his body in the air, supported by his feet and hands, only his cock touching her as his hips pumped up and down.

Amy was practically bent in two as my Father rode her and crammed his fuck pole down into her guts. She gasped and grunted as she came, Her eyes closed and her arms jerked and flopped on the bed. Within seconds my Dad came too, pouring his gushing fuck juice down her tight little cunt tube.

He got up off her and pulled his pants up nonchalantly. "Nice little fuck," he said to me, as eh passed me and went out. Amy lay spreadeagled on the bed, astounded by what had just happened.

Before long Amy was hanging around with me all the time. She got to be like my shadow. I managed to get her to change the way she dressed so she was more like everybody else, but no matter what I said, she still remained timid and shy around almost everybody but me.

She never really got used to the group I ran with around school For the most part they were a pretty sleazy lot anyway. There was Jackie Price, Mark Mcguire, Paul Simmons, John Denton, and Phil Jeffries. The only girls were me, Jackie's s****r Susan, and now Amy.

Susan was known to be the biggest slut in school, aside from me that is. She had straight blonde hair, and huge fat tits. Her b*****r was an asshole who liked to bully smaller k**s, but he had a huge cock, so I put up with him. Mark and Phil had just returned to school from a juvenile detention center, they'd ****d a girl in the gym a few months ago.

During lunch and free periods, we would wander around the yard talking and smoking. The favourite game was touchy feely. The guys would see how much the girls would let them get away with right there with people all around.

I didn't care much. If one or another of them wanted to stick their hands down my pants or up my shirt, that didn't bother me. Susan would or wouldn't let them feel her up, depending on what kind of mood she was in.

Amy turned out to be a delight to them. It embarrassed the hell out of her even to have one of them touch her, let alone when anyone was nearby. Mark or Phil in particular, found it hilarious to wait until a group of k**s was passing nearby, and then stand behind her and throw their arms around her.

They would shove their faces into the nape of her neck and kiss and bite her there, while squeezing and mashing her titties openly so the k**s passing could hardly miss it. Amy would always try feebly to move away and stutter something inaudible.

One time while we were sitting on the front stairs of the school, Phil stuck his hand right down the front of Amy's pants and squeezed and rubbed her as everyone was going in and out. He kept at it for at least five minutes while goggle eyed boys and icy faced girls walked past.

Another time John managed to undo the ties on her halter and pull the whole thing off, leaving her topless right there in the schoolyard. She kind of sat there bewildered and embarrassed, her arms crossed in front of her, and her whole body turning red with embarrassment. Me and Susan had to chase him down and tear the halter away from him.

At lunch one day, me and Amy were sitting on a kind of ledge in the yard. It was a foot or so deep and had a steel fence running along the back of it. The guys were standing around talking an shooting the shit. Jackie moved over against Amy, pushing himself between her legs as they hung down.

The ledge was just the right height for him to kiss and fondle her without having to even bend over. The rest of us mostly ignored them as Jackie kind of pushed her legs apart and dry humped against her. His lips were sucking on her s as his tongue slid in and out of her mouth.

He pushed her legs further apart, and raised them up so her feet were on the ledge on either side of her. This started to create some interest, mainly because Amy was only wearing a dress with a short skirt, and nothing underneath.

That hadn't been her idea of course. Phil had wrestled her to the ground on the way to school and yanked them off. Him and Paul played catch with them which unfortunately ended in the panties falling in a pool of oily muck.

Amy had been walking around school like she had eggs in her shoes, afraid of a stay breeze or something. The only thing she had to worry about were the guys of course. They took every opportunity to grab at her skirt.

During a class change, paul had snuck up behind her and yanked her skirt up from behind so it was up above her waist. The hallway was crowed with k**s at the time and a lot of them had gotten a nice eyeful of her naked pussy and ass.

Now, as Jackie humped against her, the skirt was pushed u to her waist and covered nothing at all. Amy kept glancing around apprehensively, afraid someone other than us would see her wide open pussy and asshole. She wasn't even happy about us seeing it, she was always embarrassed about showing her self to anybody.

Jackie humped slowly against her, his hands slid up and down her thighs, and over her pussy. I saw him thrust a finger inside her, and Amy groaned and looked around again anxiously.

Jackie suddenly grabbed the edges of the dress, and pulled up hard. He pulled the whole loose dress up over the startled girl's chest and past her fumbling arms before she could react. Now she was naked except for a little white bra, and Jackie pulled that off next.

"Hey! Are you nuts man?" Mark hissed.

"You're gonna get us all expelled asshole!" Phil exclaimed.

"Just take it easy." he replied easily.

He pulled his cock out of his zipper and pushed the fat head up against Amy's pussy slit. Before she or anyone else could say or do anything, he had thrust his hot erection deep into her guts.

Amy was helpless to do anything about the sudden fucking. She was naked, and pushed up against the fence. She was too timid to even curse at him as he held her there and thrust himself in and out of her box. We all tried to pull closer together so nobody passing by would see them.

Unfortunately, there were k**s passing on the other side of the fence too, and it was pretty damned obvious to them what was happening. Jackie thrust his whole body against the naked girl as she sat, split open on the ledge. His body crushed her back into the fence, which gave and then bounced her forward again, accelerating his fucking.

His hands were on her legs, holding them up and apart as his cock rutted into her. amy hated this, but her body responded nevertheless. We could all see the heat rush to the surface of her body. her breasts swelled, and her nipples hardened as Jackie skewered her.

Her arms slid up above her head, her fingers latching through the fence and using it for support. Jackie ignored everyone and continued to thrust his cock in and out of the girl. She was practically hanging from the fence as his hands shoved her legs so far apart and up that he lifted her assn off the ledge.

Then she came and collapsed against him, her arms going around his shoulders and her face digging into his neck as his humping movements threw her back and forth with him, and his cock churned into her pussy slit.

He groaned and jabbed his cock deep into her belly, spewing his cum into her.

To top that off, he and the guys ran off with her dress. Susan thought that was a laugh riot and I had to hide the mortified girl in a bush until I could chase them down and get the thing back.

Of course my Dad continued to fuck me every single night. Sometimes I brought Susan and Amy over and he would fuck all of us, and watch us do each other. Susan loved that. He liked Amy most of all, because of how timid and obedient she was.

A couple of months after he'd first fucked her, he had her leave home and move in with us. Her parents didn't mind since they were poor and really crowded. I liked it too. My Dad took out most of his Sadistic sexual energy on Amy, leaving me relatively free of the beatings and such.

I felt a little guilty about it though, especially when My Dad put her out in the yard like he'd done to me. I wasn't allowed out there but I watched as my Dad tied her across a low fence post and led the dogs up behind her. They screwed her for hours.

Sometimes the guys would come by and watch. They got a real kick out of the way my Dad would fuck Amy so hard her teeth would chatter. We had a few orgies with them. My Mom liked those more than me. None of the guys was surprised that my Dad and Mom were fucking me. Susan and her b*****r fucked all the time after all.

Sometimes my Dad would give me or Amy to friends of his. Sometimes he'd use us to pay bills or pay off favours. That sucked, because his friends were usually ugly and gross. I hated fucking these dirty, ugly old guys.

One time me and Amy had to put on a show. My Dad and his friends all gathered around while we licked and sucked on each other. We did a sixty nine for them, and then we used dildos and vibrators on each other.

Of course all his friends had to fuck us both afterwards. I found out later he'd charged them for it. That made me mad, not because it made me a whore, but because I didn't get any. I figured if anyone was gonna get money from fucking me, it should be me.

I decided to make my own money then. I hung around the old guys in town and waved my ass at them. There were a lot of men more than ready to pay for the privilege of fucking my tender little cuntbox.

When I had enough money, I moved out. My Dad was furious, but I took off before he knew what was happening. He probably took it out on Amy. I didn't care. I was free of him and that lousy little town. I moved into a nice apartment in the city.

For me it's was the perfect life now. I fuck all day and half the night, and get paid a fortune for it. Some of the guys are gross, but I come every time anyway. What kind of job besides whoring would pay so much and let you cum twenty or thirty times a day?

Maybe someday I'll go back home in a limousine and see how My Dad and Mom and Amy are doing.

The End
... Continue»
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Having Some Fun (1/3)

Title: Having Some Fun
Rating: Hard NC17
Summary: Two lovers indulge in some new activities to spice up their sex life.
A/N: So superinspired after knowing what role she will play in "THIS MEANS WAR"
WARNING: BDSM, so it will be rough.

Jan and Laura walked into the room.

Jan was the only one who carried a suitcase, Laura was totally naked, but her boyfriend only had his chest exposed while wearing his black pants.

He pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

"You are absolutely sure about this?" he asked her.

"Yes, baby, anything for you." Laura replied as she kissed him.

Jan nodded with a grin.

"I want you to lean against that pillar over there... but not with your back, but with your front and your hands in front of you."
"Mmm," Laura licked her lips as she did as she was told.

Jan opened the suitcase and pulled out a pair of handcuffs.

He walked over to Laura and cuffed her hands.

A thrill of pleasure shuddered through Laura as she felt her breasts again the cold pillar.

"What are you going to do to me, Master?" she whispered, playing her role perfectly.

"You've been a bad girl, Laura." Jan said in the most Masterful voice he could.

He turned from her and walked back to his suitcase and produced a leather bondage whip.

"But I'm your bad girl." Laura told him, as if that would make things alright, make him rethink this.

"I know how you look at them. What you want to do to them when I am not around." Jan said as he walked back to her side, the leather bondage whip in his hand.

"Baby, please, I love you and only you..." Laura said as she started to struggle.

She could easily kick him in the groin, but they had been talking about this scenario for weeks now and they were finally acting it out.

"Please don't... Jan..." Laura whimpered.

"LIAR! And it's MASTER Jan! You got that, slave?!" Jan asked as he struck her ass cheek with the whip.

"AHH!!!" Laura cried out as she felt the whip hit her bare ass cheek.

"I'm sorry!" She cried out.

But he struck her other ass cheek as well.

"Baby, stop! Please!"

They had agreed on a safeword, but she hadn't spoken it.

"I can't help it! It's the effect I have! Please, make it stop! I'll do anything!" she cried, struggling against the cuffs.

"You'll do anything?" Jan asked her as he flogged her again.

"OW!!! Yes! Name it and I'll do it!"

Jan dropped the whip and rubbed his pants against her struck ass cheeks as he grabbed her breasts and squeezed.

"Anything huh?" he asked in a sharp voice.

"Yes," Laura whispered as tears slid down her cheeks.

"I thought you knew how much I loved you, how much I still love you, but you don't."

It was all part of the scenario they wanted to play out.

Of course he knew how much she loves him.

If it were the other way around and he was the one getting whipped, she would know how much he loves her.

He squeezed a nipple hard and tugged on it.

"Anything!" she cried out.

He let her go and she fell to the floor on her knees, her cuffed arms going down with her.

Jan stood in front of her, watching her cry.

"Laura." he spoke in that voice again.

Her head whipped up. "Yes, Master?" she whispered, her eyes holding him.

He got even closer, as much was possible because of the pillar.

The front of his pants were close to her face.

"You know what to do, slave." he whispered.

"I can't use my ha..." she started.

"THEN USE YOUR TEETH!" He shouted at her.

"Okay," she whispered softly.

She neared the zipper, her eyes looking up at him as her mouth wrapped around that fly and pulled it down.

He had told her that he wouldn't be wearing any briefs, so his cock plopped from the opening.

"Suck it. Take it into your mouth and give me a sucking, you naughty slut."

"Or what? Y...You'll spank me this time?"

He struck her cheek hard.

"And you say you love me? You're probably wanting all those other guys to treat you like this too, don't you? Maybe suck off one of those guy's dicks while his friend's dick plows inside your ass? Is that what you want?"

Tears coated her face as she wrapped her mouth around his long cock and started to suck.

Anything to please him.

She closed her eyes.

"Nuh-Uh. Keep them open."

When she didn't do that, he grabbed her chin and squeezed it like Morena Baccarin's Anna had done on that one episode of V's second season.


She opened them as she took him in deeper.

"Ahhh yeah, that's a good slave." Jan groaned, fighting against closing his eyes and taking in the pleasure of getting his cock sucked like this.

"A good slutty slave." Jan said as his hand caressed her hair... when he suddenly stepped forward and began to mouthfuck her.

Her eyes went wide, also something that they had agreed Laura would do.

"OH YES!!!" Jan groaned, slowing down with his thrusts until he wasn't moving again.

"Can you blame me for wanting to mouthfuck you, you dirty little slut?" Jan asked her, his hand still caressing her hair.

But Laura just continued to suck him off.

Her mouth increased its speed.

She wanted to be done with this, she was channeling the right emotions as they had agreed on, the right emotions for this role.

"Oh my beautiful fuck slave, I'm close... I'm going to blow your load inside you..." then he smirked.

"No wait... I've got something different planned for you." Jan said and without saying it he pulled out of her mouth.

"Master... why?" Laura whispered with a sob.

She watched how his hand gripped his cock and moved back and forth over that long cock of his.

One moment and he would reach his release... it could happen any second now.

"Oh yeah my dirty little slut... so close!!!" Jan groaned.

Then his cum shot forth and stained Laura's breasts and stomach as he cried out his release.

"It..." Laura bit her lip. "It feels so hot on my body, Master!"

Jan didn't say anything as he walked over to his suitcase where he got the keys to the handcuffs and uncuffed her arms.

She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend.

"Bastard," she whispered before she kissed him deeply.

"Now you get to use it all on me, baby." Jan whispered back as he kissed her back with tongue. "It was amazing." he added to that whisper.

He didn't care one bit that his body and pants were getting slick with his cum.

"Oh yes, and it won't be pretty for you. I will let you go through the pain you caused me." Laura said with a dark grin.

To Be Continued...... Continue»
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Having Some Fun (2/3)

Title: Having Some Fun
Rating: Hard NC17
Summary: Two lovers indulge in some new activities to spice up their sex life.
A/N: So superinspired after knowing what role she will play in "THIS MEANS WAR"
WARNING: BDSM, so it will be rough.

Jan nodded and slid out of his pants a few minutes later.

He wondered what Laura had planned for him.

Jan had licked off the cum on Laura's body, not even having been issued an order to do that.

He had just felt like it.

"You're going to be in so much pain when I am through with you... slave." Laura said as she rose from the ground and walked over to the suitcase.

She pulled out a bigger pair of handcuffs, ones that would hold Jan's muscles so they wouldn't break.

"On your knees, slave."

Jan nodded and did as he was told.

His back was struck with the whip he had whipped her with before, which made him cry out.

He hadn't even realized that she had picked it up from the floor.

"Cat got your tongue, slave?!" she yelled at him.

"No, Mistress." Jan told her.

"Look at me." she ordered.

He turned around and looked into her eyes.

He shook his head.

"No, Mistress. The cat did not get my tongue."

Laura smirked.

"Hands behind your back, slave."

Jan did as he was told.

He heard the snap of the cuffs click shut.

"Get up, slave." she whispered with a smirk.

He didn't get up.

She had whispered it deliberately.

Her hand smacked his muscled back. "I SAID GET UP SLAVE!"

She grabbed him by his hair and yanked him up.

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" Jan said right after.

Two quick slaps to his ass cheeks from the whip.

"It's not okay, slave. I see how they look at you. Sometimes you look back at them and I see that muscle in your pants grow. It feels me up with such jealousy that I want to hit something. That I want to hit you. Hit them to keep away from my property." Laura told him.

"I'm sorry, Mistress."

She walked around him in a circle until she stood face to face with him.

Laura raised an eyebrow and then smirked as she lashed out.... and whipped his cock!!
Jan let out a scream of pain.

"DID I GIVE YOU PERMISSION TO SPEAK?!" she yelled at him.

Pain lanced through his cock.

"No," he whimpered.

She whipped his stomach, which made him cry out again.

"Excuse me?!"

"No, Mistress Laura!"

Laura grinned. "That's better."

Then she got another idea.

She grabbed a thick bundle of rope from the suitcase and tied it around his legs, making the knots extra tight.

"Mistress, I'm sorry, I..."

"Silence! You've done it this time, slave. I have never hit your cock like that but you were simply asking for it. You dirty manslut!"

This time she grabbed his chin and squeezed.

She smirked at him and briefly kissed his lips.

He wanted to kiss back but got slapped in the face.

"Who owns you?"

"You do, Mistress."

"Who is the only one who is allowed to touch you?"

"You are, Mistress."

"Who's going to fuck you in the ass with a strapon?"

Jan gulped. "You are, Mistress."

She laughed.

"That's right."

Jan didn't move as he saw her walk back to the suitcase and produce said strapon.

He'd never been pegged before.

Fear laced through his body, making him want to run for it, but that wasn't what they had agreed on.

And then he said it.


Laura sharply turned her head after she had put on the strapon.

"Baby, that's not fair."

"It... It scares me."

"So? It scared me when you hit me, but did I say the safeword? No, I didn't."

"I know, but..."

Laura sighed. "Suck it up. Take it like a man. It'll be the only time, I promise."

Jan's gaze lingered on his sexy girlfriend.

"Okay." he nodded. "Just this once."

"Thanks, baby." Laura said as she neared him.

He tried not to look at the strapon.

"Turn around... slave." Laura ordered, this close to fall back in her normal role instead of dominatrix.

"As you wish, Mistress." Jan replied and turned around.

Laura slid the strapon inside his ass, her fingers in his mouth to stifle his cry as her other hand wrapped around his cock and began to stroke.

"Hmmm... your ass feels sooo good, slave." Laura groaned as she kissed the back of his neck while thrusting in and out of his ass, her hand going up and down his cock and in and out of his mouth.

"That'll teach YOU to look at another woman, you manslut!" Laura yelled as her hand that was in his mouth now slid into his stomach and left her mark there, which made Jan cry out in pain.

"Mistress, please... I won't, I swear I won't!"

Pounding after pouding of that strapon he felt in his ass, he felt every stroke of her hand on his cock... his cock!

The pain that coursed through his body when he felt that whip slash against his cock!

It had hurt so much!

"That's my good manslut." Laura said as she grabbed his head and turned it sideways so their lips could connect.

"Mistress Laura... please stop... it hurts..." he moaned against her mouth.

"No, you manslut, you will suck it and be a man for once!"

His eyes went wide.

The "for once" hurt him immensely, like a physical blow.

"AHHH!!" sounded two shouts the following moment.

Jan stained the wall with his cum as Jan felt his ass get filled with real life cum from the strapon.

Laura slid out of her lover's ass and took off the strapon first before she untied Jan.

"My God, that was... unbearable." Jan said as he wrapped his arms around Laura.

"I'm sorry, baby." Laura whispered as she cupped his face.

Jan kissed her lips.

"It's okay, I'm alive, you didn't whip or fuck me to death." Jan said as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Let's have some fun in the bedroom, okay?" Laura asked Jan after quite a while being in eachother's arms.

"Sure, let me just put everything back in the suitcase and then we can go." Jan said.

"I'll help." Laura offered.

"Thanks babe."

"Thank you for doing this with me." Laura said with a soft blush and smile.

"Next time, if there will ever be a next time, go easy on my cock, okay?" Jan asked her.

"Oh, poor baby." Laura said after she had shut the suitcase.

She got down on her knees and kissed his cock.

"Does it still hurt?" she asked looking up.

Jan smirked. "You know, babe, you look so cute right now, where's the photocamera?"

Laura laughed.

"I'll play nurse next time." she said with a grin.

"Having a physical exam with the doctor? Ohhh, that'll be great!" Jan said with a grin of his own.

Laura quickly unzipped the suitcase to take the handcuffs with her.

"Ready to go to our bedroom, handsome?" Laura asked.

"Always, my handsome babe."

To Be Continued in the final chapter...... Continue»
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Having Some Fun (3/3)

Title: Having Some Fun
Rating: NC17
Summary: Two lovers indulge in some new activities to spice up their sex life.
A/N: So superinspired after knowing what role she will play in THIS MEANS WAR.

Jan and Laura reached the bedroom, Jan having carried her like a husband crossing the threshold with his married wife to begin their wedding night.

He had perfectly seen the handcuffs.

He wondered which one would be cuffed this time.

Jan hadn't set Laura down for one second or she was already fumbling with the zipper of his black pants.

She pushed him down on the bed and tied him up.

"I knew it! You want to fuck me again like that, don't you?"

"Oh you muscular hunk of mine, do shut up." Laura said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

She took his hard cock in her mouth and began to deepthroat him.

"Ahh, baby, I take it back, I'm sorry." Jan groaned as he watched her work his cock like the pro that she was.

The thought of closing his eyes was there but he didn't do it.

He loved that bobbing head of hers.

Then she was looking at him again, very intently.

"Babe, why'd you stop?" he asked her.

"I bet you are wondering why you are cuffed to the bed, don't you, hunk of mine?" Laura asked as she massaged his muscular body.

"Yeah, well, it probably is because you want to have some more fun with me." Jan said with a grin.

She grinned back. "Among other things."

Laura slid closer to his body, then she lifted herself up, one hand firmly holding her boyfriend's cock.

Jan smirked.

He knew what she was doing.

"Babe, that's just so... ahh!!!"

Jan groaned the moment she slid herself over his cock.

"Bet you want to touch me now, don't you, hot stuff?" Laura asked with a grin as she began to move up and down his cock.

"But you don't get to." Laura continued to say.

"I love you babe." Jan grinned.

"I love you too, I'm sorry I whipped your most proud bodypart." Laura said, her eyes turning sad.

He rattled the cuffs.

"I forgive you, babe."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and continued to ride him, her eyes on him once more.

She opened her lips the moment Jan did and kissed him.

Kisses turned into passionate hot french kisses.

Her hands were around his muscular back, this time making sure her nails didn't dig into his skin.

"Oh baby!!" She cried out, moving harder on top of him.

"Cum with me, Laura my hot girlfriend."

"Right on your heels, Jan my hot boyfriend."

They cried out as they erupted in volcanic pleasure.

She moved to get the keys but remembered she had left them in the room.

"Ooops," she said with a grin.

"Guess you will have to stay like this until morning."

"At least we got some fun... and hey," Jan said, trying to rub himself against her tummy. "Maybe there's the start of a little one in there."

She looked at him, her eyes wide and a tear fell out.

"Really? You'd like that?"

"Of course, babe. Why wouldn't I like that?"

"Oh Jan!" She squealed as she wrapped her arms around him.

"Thank you." she whispered.

"Anything for you, babe." he whispered back as a tear slid down his face as well.

The End.... Continue»
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My wife, my daughter, my son, and myself may remain together forever. After a few brief swinging episodes, my wife and I decided that the range of our tastes could be encompassed within our little f****y. Why, we wondered, had we even becoming involved with other couples? Perhaps we wanted experience some variety, or maybe it was the thrill of doing something out of the ordinary. Those other couples might have been different, but they never pleased us as much as when we finally got together with our k**s.

Our k**s both like fucking us as much as we like to fuck them. Perhaps, I shouldn't make it sound so crude because it is more than just the sex; it is the close emotional bonds of our little f****y. We all became lovers when the k**s, first one and then the other, came of age.

I admit that Sarah, my loving wife, had agreed to open up our marriage when our k**s were in their early teens. I was a little surprised to find that Sarah's first lover was not another guy, but a foxy divorcee who lived a few houses away. Since Sarah had first proposed the new openness, I had not yet developed any new relationship. When I arrived home early one day, I caught them together. They graciously invited me to join them.

Annie, my daughter arrived at her eighteenth birthday first. It was a great birthday, and her mom bought her a whole bunch of female toys and taught her how to use them. The ladies opened these presents privately while I took my son to his early morning baseball game. As soon as we were gone, Sarah got out of bed and took a quick shower. Then she woke up Annie and invited her into our bedroom. When Annie arrived, Sarah was reclining on the bed naked, with all the toys, still wrapped in colorful paper, next to her. When Annie saw her mother naked on the bed, she removed her nightgown, sharing the sight of her lithe body with her mother. Both women felt the wetness grow in their pussies merely from the sight of the other's beautiful naked flesh.

"I thought you would like if I showed you how to use all of these special presents," Sarah said, "just the two of us girls alone together."

"What did you get me, mommy?" Annie asked excitedly. Her young eyes flickered over her mother's mature, sexy body with its flared hips, long slim legs, and firm round boobs.

"Come over here next to me and open them, baby," Sarah said. Annie, wiggling with her excitement now, quickly threw herself down on the big bed next to her naked mother. She picked up one, and then another gaily wrapped gift, shaking it or weighing it in her little hand.

"I thought I would receive my presents later, mommy!"

"Yes, sweet baby, but these are special presents for you now that you are a big girl, and you may open them now. You'll see why soon."

"You are so good, mommy." Annie started to pull the paper off one gift and gasped and blushed, seeing the writing on the inner package. "Mommy, a vibrator," she cried out. "I always wanted one of these. Thank you so much."

She continued to remove the pretty bows and colorful paper. Her skin became both damp and flushed from the excitement of the toys and her mother's closeness. Some packages contained batteries, others the toys themselves.

"Here, baby, let mommy help you put the batteries in these things."

Annie initiated the first kiss as they sat together on the bed and brushed their bare flesh against each other. Her lips touched her mother's, and soon mouths opened and tongues twisted into the other's mouth. Soon their bodies were entwined, with fingers and hands exploring the other's nakedness. Sarah pulled her daughter on top of herself. They kissed with their firm breasts pressed together. Annie lifted her head up.

"Mommy," she said, now confused, "we are two girls. Maybe we shouldn't get each other so stirred up."

"Don't worry, sweet baby, we have our little toys and each other to cool us off again. Let me show you how."

Annie smiled trustingly and let her head drop down, her lips again open to her mother's tongue. Soon her young body felt on fire with lust.

"Follow my lead, baby," Sarah said, and switched herself around so that her face was pressed right against her daughter's fuzzy triangle. She began to kiss her daughter's belly and thighs. In response, Annie moved her head to her mother's trimmed mound and began to plant her own little kisses. Sarah gently spread Annie's firm, young thighs and dragged her finger up the moist folds that were now peeping from between Annie's outer cunt lips.

Annie gasped at the subtle pleasure from that simple gesture. Soon her own fingers were touching her mother's secret places. Shortly, Annie realized that her mother's tongue and lips had replaced the fingers, and she, in turn, planted her first kiss on a woman's pussy. Looking at her mother's partly shaved snatch as she softly laved it with her tongue, Annie realized that her mother was fulfilling her promise. Soon mother-daughter rapport was so intense that their mouths and fingers i****tuously touched the other's flesh in harmony, tasting and stimulating on each other's pussies.

Sarah herself was enthralled with her young daughter's sweet cunt. She had her face pressed into Annie's mound so hard that her mouth and cheeks were coated with Annie's pussy secretions. Sarah's hands grabbed her daughter's firm ass cheeks as she drove her tongue deep into the virgin snatch. Then she slipped a finger into Annie's tight vagina and started massaging the inside of her love canal, promoting a rhythmic motion in Annie's pelvis.

Annie followed suit right behind Sarah and drove two fingers into her mother's cunt. She heard her mother gasp as her delicate fingers stroked the soft membranes. Soon however, Annie's loving caresses ended as her trembling body convulsed. It was then that she had an orgasm, and it was more intense than the few fingerings had given myself lying awake at night. Her pussy throbbed with these new sensations of delight, and her cunt clenched her mother's imbedded finger, even as Sarah continued stroking it in and out.

Annie resumed her own responsibilities as she came down from her climactic high. She drove Sarah to come shortly afterwards, having made a special effort to push her beloved mother over the edge. Annie felt her own fingers gripped within her mother's throbbing cunt as Sarah writhed in passion next to her daughter. Annie ran her tongue over her lips, tasting the sweet cuntal emissions from her mother's pussy.

They came up for air, panting and allowing some of the moisture to evaporate from their hot skin.

"Ohhhh... mommy, I never knew!" Annie sighed as she kissed again and again her mother's naked flesh. "That was so good!"

"It's only going to become better, baby. Your sex life is opening up before you now, and you will enjoy many pleasures."

"Oh fuck," Annie moaned. "It was so good, but so bad; I'm your naughty girl now, Mommy. I know that we aren't supposed to do such things, are we?"

"This is a private matter, and you needn't worry about it, baby. Did you like it?" Sarah moved around so that she was face to face with Annie.

"Yes, mommy, it was wonderful."

"Then enjoy the pleasure that we can give each other, but, of course, these pleasures are our secret. Do you understand?"

"Yes, mommy, but what about daddy, and... what about Davie?"

"Your father knows all about these things, and soon he well show you some other pleasures. As for your b*****r, David will be old enough soon to find out about our little f****y's secret delights. Until that time, mum's the word, okay, honey?"

"Yes, mommy."

"Now, baby, let mommy show you how to use your little toys before your father and b*****r get back from the game." Sarah reached out for a cute little vibrator lying on the bed.

"Ooooo, Mommmmmy!" Annie cried out in desperation several minutes later. "Fuck me with that dildo and make me come again!" The young girl writhed on the bed with a small dildo wedged into her virginal cunt and a vibrator buzzing across her clitoral hood. An entire world of pleasure, never before anticipated, was opening before her. Again Annie screamed, begging for the ecstacy of release, as her dear, loving mother teased and fucked her with her new birthday toys.

Sarah watched while Annie bucked her slim hips on the bed and observed with deep satisfaction as the young girl was convulsing whenever her mother stroked the vibrating smooth plastic across her daughter's mound. She leaned over Annie and sucked a perky nipple into her mouth. Again Annie yelled out her need for release. Sarah lewdly sucked even harder and rasped her tongue across the hardened nipple.

"Ohhh... Ohhhhhh god... OHHH! OHHH! OHHH! YESSSS!" Annie screamed as the second climax of the morning ripped through her. She froze briefly and them relaxed into the soft bedding. As soon as Annie was composed, Sarah led her into the shower where they cleaned up, giggling as they touched and kissed each other under the warm spray.

Over the next few weeks Annie, alone or with her mother, tested every birthday toy. Each day brought a new form of sexual pleasure. Sometimes, if they were alone, their sessions together were proceeded by a long, relaxing bubble bath. Months of being each other's lover flew by until a small question built up in Annie's mind.

"What about daddy?" she asked lying cuddled with her mother as they relaxed from another bout of pleasure.

"Soon, baby, soon," Sarah replied. "I explained that your pussy needed to be prepared for daddy. You didn't want him to just rip through your cherry, did you? ...Of course not, by now your hymen is probably mostly gone from playing with your little toys."

"I also worry about us, mommy. I really like to be with you, and, well, is seems strange to think of being with daddy." Annie was somewhat reluctant about being with her dad, though she loved him very much. She also could not bear the thought of not having her pussy eaten out almost every other night by her mother, or being able to kiss her mother's pussy.

Her mother was suddenly called away because of her own s****r's auto accident. Although Aunt Betty would recover, she needed some assistance for a few weeks, and Sarah willing took her turn, moving in with Betty and helping her convalesce at home.

Annie missed her mother, and missed her soft hands and lips on her body. Her dad picked her up at school in his new car, and noticed the glum expression on his daughter's face.

"Have a bad day at school, sweetie?" Bill asked.

"Not especially, I just miss mommmy." She moved next to her father, and he put his arm around her, giving her a soft squeeze. She felt a little thrill in her body when she felt his strong hands press her side.

"I do too, sweetie, so much," Bill sighed. He glanced down at the sexy legs protruding from his daughter's skirt, pulled far up her thighs when she had seated herself in the vehicle. He felt his neglected cock move. He kept his arm around his daughter's young body and stroked her softly with his fingers. Sarah had departed so suddenly that she had not updated her plan for Annie and her father to get together, and, as far as Bill knew, Sarah had not yet taken Annie to the doctor to get birth control pills.

Annie felt herself becoming warm as her father caressed her. A twinge of fear suddenly coursed through her as her doubts about having sex with her dad returned to her mind. She pulled away from him a small distance.

"What's up with you, Annie? You've been acting a bit strange the past few days. Tell me, honey, what's the problem?"

"I miss mommy so much, and I really need her," she said and looked over to watch the expression on her father's face.

He looked sad too and said, "I know, sweetie; I know."

"I don't know if you understand completely, daddy. Mommy and I have been lovers for months now. I'm so horny now, thinking about what we do together, how we touch each other. I almost can't stand it," Annie cried out with her voice rising, showing her desperate condition.

"I know that, sweetie, but do you think that it is any different with me. I need her too, honey," he said and looked over at his daughter. She had u*********sly pressed her hand against her breast. "If you are really horny," he suggested. "What about those little toys?"

"Daddy, plastic doesn't replace living flesh. I need to be touched, stroked, felt, kissed..." Annie's voice faded.

Maybe I should call Sarah tonight, Bill thought, and find out what I should do until she arrives home again. He looked again at his daughter, as his fingers began touching her breast through her blouse and bra. "Maybe, we can help each other a little, sweetie," he suggested. "We can do a few things to tide us over until your mother returns."

Annie glanced shyly at her father. "Do you want to fuck me?" she asked boldly, wondering what he would answer and knowing that her father had been waiting for weeks to drive his stiff cock into his daughter.

"Of course, but we don't need to do that, sweetie, just some touching and caressing to help each other feel better."

"Would you eat my pussy, if I asked, daddy?"

"I have been looking forward to eating you out for months, sweetie. I would be glad to do it right this minute." He had not seen his daughter entirely naked in years and had thoroughly enjoyed Sarah's descriptions of her own i****tuous sexual activities with Annie. Bill had achieved enormously rigid hardons whenever he listened to his wife's describing his daughter's body and what she had done to it.

"Then do it, daddy; help me and I'll help you!" Annie whined as the automobile slowly coasted into their driveway. "Let's go into the house and help each other right now, so we feel better."

They almost ran into the house. Davie was at baseball practice and would get a lift home in a few hours. Annie dropped her book bag in the vestibule and followed her father up the stairs into his bedroom, the same room where she had enjoyed many pleasures with her mother.

Without even closing the door, they began to undress each other, hastily dragging partially unfastened attire from the other's body. Annie could see the bulge in the front of her father's trousers, as she clumsily attempted to unfasten his belt. She could feel his hand reach across her shoulders and down her back to unfasten her bra. Finally, she had the pants undone and dragged them down along with his briefs. As she knelt on the floor helping her father step out of his clothing, his erection was inches from her face. Annie kept her eyes fastened this fleshy protuberance as she freed Bill from his pants and briefs.

"Suck me a little bit, sweetie," Bill directed. "Then I'll eat that sweet pussy that I have been hearing so much about." Immediately, Annie took the crown into her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. It twitched in her mouth, and she heard her father groan with the pleasure of it. She sucked more of his erection into her drooling mouth and daintily held the shaft between her thumb and one finger. The size of it filled her mouth so much she could barely swab it with her tongue, so she let it out and ran her tongue up and down the length of the shaft.

"Oh god, sweetie, that feels so good!" Bill whispered. "I love what you are doing to me; this is so wonderful."

"Mmmm... mmmm," Annie answered, her mouth stuffed again with dick.

"Oh man, oh man," Bill moaned after a few minutes. "You are going to have to stop now, Annie honey, or I'll come too soon. Let me eat that cunt now." He reached down and pulled his daughter up and then lifted and carried her over to the bed. Annie lay back and spread her legs, inviting her father to enjoy the sight of her wet pussy and urging him to give her the oral caresses she needed so much.

"Eat my pussy, daddy. I want to feel your mouth on me." She propped her head up on a pillow so she could see him better. She was admiring his muscular mature body as he positioned himself. As he lay down she let her legs d**** across his back, while opening her legs even wider. "Oh god, daddy," she whispered as she felt the first touch of his lips against her inner thighs.

As Bill lowered himself to his daughter's dripping twat, he savored the view of her downy cunt and its deep pink inner lips, now easily viewed as Annie spread her legs apart for him. Fighting back his own concupiscence, he teased his daughter, kissing and licking his way up the insides of her legs and then jumping right over her pussy with his lips to kiss her belly.

Although they were desperate for each other's body, as evidenced by how quickly their clothing had come off, now Bill f***ed himself to hold back in order to bring deep pleasure to his daughter, slowly building up her passion. They were naked together on the bed at last; that in itself was so deeply satisfying. Bill's cock, having been sucked briefly by Annie would soon find relief. First, he needed to fulfill her needs. Bill pushed her legs aside and slid up her body to taste her breasts for a several minutes.

Annie could feel her father's moist cock rubbing inside her thigh. She half expected him to violate his promise and shove his prick deep into her wet snatch, but found that she did not care. Let him fuck her if he wanted. She loved him, and, if he wanted to take her, he could have her. Instead, Bill slid back down to her pussy, kissing her all the way. Now his mouth was planted firmly on her hot labia, and his tongue swabbed deeply into her cleft. She, being used to her mother's feminine touch, was amazed by the strength of his vigorous cunnilingus.

"Oh, daddy, you really know how to eat a woman," she breathed. His answer was an even deeper probe of his tongue and increased pressure from his face against her twat. It felt as though he were trying to f***e his head up her vagina. She moaned, "Oh, daddy, oh yess... yesss." Her hands reached down to press his head against herself.

Bill was pleased that his daughter was responding so easily, having heard from Sarah about Annie's doubts about sex with her father. He pulled his tongue from her depths and began licking her up and down as he eased one, then two fingers into Annie's oozing cunt. His tongue touched her little clit as he felt her hips undulate against him. Now Annie began to lose control. As Bill licked, kissed and fingered, Annie's hips started to buck against his face. Using his one free hand, he reached up to twirl her pebble-hard nipples.

"Dadddddy... dadddddy... ohhh... daddy." Annie cried out. "Ohhhh... daddy... yes... yesssss... YESSSS!" She shoved her pelvis upwards, into her father's face, her entire body shaking with her orgasm. Somewhere in the distance she could feel his lips still touching, his tongue yet licking. A small aftershock made her body quiver once more. After a while, Annie knew that the moaning she was hearing was her own.

Annie emerged once again into the world, reviving from the i****tuous assault on her pussy by her father's energetic mouth. He was holding her in his strong arms; she was cradled against his nakedness. She loved him so much; he had kept his promise and brought her off with only his mouth and hands. She would need to repay the debt as soon as she gathered her wits.

Bill's cock had relaxed slightly as he focused on Annie's needs. He perceived her stirring in his arms. He looked at his daughter as she rose and glimpsed her smile lovingly at him. She leaned down and kissed his mouth, but before the kiss even developed, she was moving down his body. Her delicate hands urged him further over onto his back. Soon her mouth was again on his hardening penis, drawing it up to its full, proud height.

"The balls," he whispered hoarsely. "Do my balls too."

Annie let her lips slide down the length of Bill's shaft as she held the rigid cock to her face. She washed his swollen balls with her tongue and sucked each one into her mouth. Forming a stylus with her tongue she ran the point up and down the underside of her father's pulsating cock. She smiled at her father's groans and moans, knowing that she was doing a great job. She was thinking to herself as she saw this big pecker up close; could she fit this pole into her? She had to try

Annie got up and straddled Bill. Squatting on the firm mattress, she lowered her pelvis down until the crown was rubbing her cunt. It felt so good to have that hot fleshy rod touching her.

"What are you doing, sweetie?" Bill croaked out, amazed at what he was seeing, his naked daughter poised over his erection.

"Let me try to put it in me, daddy," she whispered. "I want to feel you inside me, only for a minute." She could feel her dad's raging hard-on pulse against her pussy as if it had a life of its own, and she could no longer wait for him to push it into her.

"Are you on the pill, baby?"

"I NEED to do this, daddy, but I'll be careful."

Bill gasped as Annie pushed his cockhead between her outer lips. "We have to be careful, sweetie, so that we don't make a baby doing this."

"Don't worry, daddy. I'm not on the pill yet, but I'll pull you out right away, just as soon as I can see if I can fit you in me." She pushed the head to her vaginal opening and allowed more weight to bear down onto her father. She added still more weight to the divine fulcrum. Annie was almost ready to give up when felt something loosen up in her cunt. The tip of her father's dick slid into her. She moaned and pushed again, and was delighted to feel his cock penetrate deep into her womb.

"Are you ok, honey," Bill asked.

"Daddy, you feel so good in me," she sighed. "Oh god, I wish I could fuck you right now, daddy!" She lifted herself up slightly and pushed down again. Her father was all the way in her.

"Oh man," he groaned. "You feel so good, sweetie, but be careful. You are stirring me up with that tight pussy, and I can feel myself..."

Annie rapidly lifted herself up and liberated his cock. She moved down between his legs and took his pecker, dripping with her own secretions, into her mouth and began to suck it in and out. Her hand gripped his shaft, and she pumped him in the same increasing rhythm as her pistoning head.

Bill cried out, "Sweetie, I'm coming now... I'm comming!" He let out a cry of passion as the first shot of his cream squirted into Annie's mouth. The young girl, culminating her first fellatio, attempted to swallow the thick cum as fast as her dad ejaculated, but was unable to complete her task. The gooey semen leaked past her lips, however tightly she had them wrapped about Bill's throbbing prick. As the torrent abated, she reached up with a finger and swabbed up the drops, pushing them between her lips as she suctioned away the last few drops emerging from her father's waning penis.

So when Sarah came home, she had already received a telephonic report from her happy daughter about the developing father-daughter relationship with Bill. Not wanting to deprive her husband and Annie further, Sarah made an appointment with the gynecologist. Within a week Annie had her little packet of pills discretely stored in her bureau.

"I want to watch both of you," Sarah said to Bill. "Why don't you take her somewhere in the house where I can see you do it."

"Why don't you just be there, look at us when we do it?" Bill asked.

"I don't want her to feel inhibited. We have been lovers for months now, and she might feel awkward with me brazenly looking on, but, if you do it so she thinks I am not around, then she will feel better about it."

"Daddy," Annie said as her dad reached up the loose legs of her shorts and stroked her pussy. "We are in the middle of the living room. What if mommy comes downstairs, and we are doing it?"

"So what, sweetie? Your mother knows that we have already enjoyed each other; if she sees us fucking, it won't be a big deal." He slipped a finger under the elastic of her shorts and stroked her cunt. Bill was not surprised to feel it already moist. With his other hand he eased her down on his lap.

Annie, once seated, repositioned herself on her daddy's lap so that her pussy was right over his hard cock. Turning her head, she locked her lips onto her father's and pushed her little tongue inside his mouth. Bill began to pull up her top, knowing that Annie now wore no bra around the house in order to facilitate her sexual contacts with both himself and Sarah. She was now eager to become their little love machine. Soon Bill's hand was cupping a soft breast, feeling the nipple harden under his palm. Annie's own little hands were deftly unbuttoning her father's shirt, rubbing his chest, and touching his own small, but hard nipples.

It did not take much effort to stir them up. Like rutting a****ls, father and daughter were ready within minutes of their intense foreplay.

"Get up, daddy; hurry! Get the rest of these clothes off!" Annie urged. With some reluctance, the couple paused their activity, rose up, and pulled off the loosened apparel. Bill sat down on the chair, and Annie approached him. She turned and sat on his lap, pulling her pussy lips wide apart to accommodate his cock. As she opened herself to her father, he sank his fleshy pole deep into her dripping snatch. Her daddy lifted his hips and filled his daughter with his prick. Annie closed her eyes and leaned back against his bare chest, moaning in delight as she felt her father's cock slide deep into her vagina.

"I love your cock inside of me," she whispered. Its thickness and length felt just so perfect inside her that Annie started to come soon after her father started fucking his little girl. "Oh, daddy... OH! OH! I'MMMM... COMMMINNGGG... NOW...OHHH... NOOOO!"

"You're so hot, Annie honey," Bill said between kisses while his hands ran up and down the front of his daughter's body. He could feel her juices run down the length of his cock, leaking even out of the tight seal of Annie's cunt, dripping down his prick and splattering onto his thighs.

Annie reached back and held his head to hers as Bill pistoned his pole in and out. Bill's thick pillar of flesh probed deep into her oozing pussy, pushing the young girl toward her another orgasm. Her slow pelvic undulations sped up and became desperate gyrations as Annie felt the deepest part of her pussy start to boil over. With one hand she reached down to rub her clit as she rode her father's dick and slammed her ass down onto his lap. She felt her father's hand fondling her boobs, pinching and twisting her rigid nipples. Their sweaty flesh rubbed together. Her fingers probed the top of her pussy. As much as she loved her mother's touch, Annie's fucking her own father was sensational. The little girl began screaming and calling out for more fucking as she rode up and down on Bill's love rod. Her mother's presence in the house appeared to be totally forgotten.

Daddy, this is the best... it's so wonderful... harder... I-I'm... commming... COMMINGG... OH YES! YeSSSSS!"

Bill felt his own orgasm explode. "Meee tooooo, sweetie... meeee... toooo... ohhhhh... Sweetie, you made me come so hard!" he groaned. "Daddy's coming inside of you, honey. Do you feel me? " He felt his cock spurting out his creamy semen deep inside Annie's tight pussy.

"DADDY! YES! YES! I can feel your penis throbbing in my pussy!" Annie screamed as Bill's cock pulsed repeatedly and poured every drop of his cum into Annie's pussy, flooding it until his jizm mixed with his daughter's sweet nectar and began leaking out of her snatch and down his cock. Annie felt yet another, but small, thrill run across he body.

Annie's mother was sitting quietly in a dining room shadow, watching this illicit display of carnality as she fingered her own cunt. Sarah observed proudly as her daughter experienced her first cock fucking. Bill had played their young daughter just right, giving his daughter a fine start to sexual intercourse. She realized that her husband had just filled his daughter's womb with a huge load of his fertile sperm. Fortunate planning by mommy prevented their i****tuous union from causing any unwanted pregnancy.

Months later it was David's birthday. Beginning a few weeks before, both Annie and Sarah began to attire themselves in rather flimsy, even slutty, clothing inside the house. There appeared to be more accidental displays of nudity in front of the frustrated boy. Every day he needed to spend more time relieving his stiff cock. Being a horny young male, he sought out these little encounters, always hoping to see more bare female flesh.

The contest between mother and daughter began in earnest right after the David's birthday party. With the little list of rules that they had agreed upon, both women sought to see which one would entice David to violate the fundamental taboo first. David had no chance to survive this relentless attack on two fronts, and, when Annie came into his room one evening, ostensibly to borrow his calculator, her b*****r could take it no longer. Annie was dressed in her flimsiest set of underwear: nearly transparent panties and a bra so slim that her areolas peeked over the top edge while her round, soft flesh pushed out underneath.

David moaned and then flew out of the bed, grabbed Annie, and pulled the little bra down. Her firm boobs bounced free, and David immediately leaned down to suck on one firm nipple. Annie had nowhere to go because his strong arms were wrapped around her. She also had not the slightest inclination to liberate herself. Instead she wiggled lewdly against her b*****r and was rewarded by having her panties pulled down too.

"Oh god, Davie, you mouth feels so good. Do the other one too."

"Hmmmmm..." he sighed and sucked harder, making her little pussy fill itself with the elixirs of love. Soon he switched to the other tit. Annie reached down and pulled her b*****r' shorts down. Dave's hot, stiff penis was wrapped in her soft hands as he licked and sucked is his s****r's tits.

"Let me go a second," Annie whispered. As soon as her b*****r's hands relaxed, she slid down and took his hard cock into her mouth.

"OH! MY! GOD!" he cried out softly at the pleasure of it.

Soon David was too far gone to stop, and Annie rose and led her b*****r back to his rumpled bed. She sprawled on top of the covers and pulled him down on top of her. "Fuck me, Davie. Don't worry; I'm safe."

Her b*****r, with his mind already under the control of his throbbing pecker, no longer cared now whether Annie was safe or not. He jumped between her legs and shoved his cock between her wet labia. Only half imbedded in his s****r's cunt, the boy shoved his hips forward again and groaned with pleasure as he felt himself sink into her belly.

"That's right, Davie, fuck you s****r; fuck me good," Annie urged.

"Unnggghhh," he groaned and began a frenzied humping and rutting, finally releasing two weeks of wanton displays and teasing. His hips pumped his prick deep into Annie's waiting twat. She wrapped her legs around him.

"Fuck me, sweet b*****r," she groaned feeling her own body respond to her b*****r's crude stroking.

"Unggh... UUUNNNGGGHHH!" he grunted, now completely out of control. His virgin cock throbbed and spurted his thick semen deep into Annie. She was working her own legs, pulling her pussy against her b*****r with wild abandon.

"OOOOO... ooooooo," David moaned as the last of his ejaculation died down to mere dribbling.

"Oh, yessssss!" Annie whispered in his ear as her own climax shook her little body, pinned under her muscular b*****r.

Later, David got himself together and cleaned up. He put on some fresh clothes and went down to the living room to find his parents and s****r.

"Mom, I have a confession to make," David said quietly after he entered the room, but Annie interrupted her b*****r.

"No, we all have a confession, Davie. Mom, dad, you already know that David and I are lovers. Davie, don't get mad, but I must tell you that mom and I and dad and I are also lovers.

"I guess I can't be mad," David said after he firmly blinked his eyes and shook his head. Where do I fit into all of this, and what do I do about sharing Annie? I want her so much now, just as much as you two want her as your lover. What are we going to do?"

Sarah winked at her daughter and began taking off her clothes right in front of Bill and Annie. Everyone stood and watched as she slowly peeled off each of the few garments that were concealing her charms. She undid her bra and her large breasts sagged down a little under their weight.

"You see, Dave, and you too, Annie," Sarah explained as she cupped her tits lasciviously in her palms, "When I was in college years ago, my room mate found some documents relating to f****y sex." She slid her fingers inside the elastic of her panties and slowly pushed them down her curvaceous thighs. "Ever since then, I wanted to try it, and your dad agreed with me." She ran her hands smoothly over her wide, feminine hips. The guy, I can't recall his name just now, who promoted f****y sex, got the idea when he visited the Oneida Community in New York many years ago." Sarah turned her body so that David and Annie could see her finely curved, but firm ass.

"They had f****y sex in that community?" David asked.

"No, honey, they had group marriages, but our visitor got the idea of f****y sex from his visit there. He didn't like the way the Oneida group was based on some crazy religious ideas." Sarah leaned back and ran her hands slowly across her belly, slightly protruding, down to the trimmed triangle of hair that marked her sex. "Now, David my sweet boy, I would like to feel your hard young body pressed against me. Do you think that you could bring yourself to help your loving mother?"

"Yes," Bill urged, "David, why don't you take mom upstairs to her bedroom and you can give each other some pleasure."

"And daddy and I will have some fun down here," Annie added.

David looked astonished for a minute, but soon laughed. Then we all laughed. I, the father, picked up my daughter, Annie, and my son David lifted up his mother, Sarah, carrying her to the bedroom. Annie and I slowly unfastened our clothing as we listened to David carry his mother up the stairs. It was on that day that we all that we became lovers, and the k**s learned to love mommy and daddy together, and the four of us have been lovers ever since. I have a worry though; I wonder if the k**s will finally break away and find their own mates, but if they do, they must find spouses that they can bring home, so we will all be together forever... Continue»
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Wife has some fun

Wife Has Some Fun

By desi_76

I reached home to find my wife packing for our trip, with her clothes all over the bed, and her footwear all over the floor. The trip was her high school reunion in Goa, at a 5 star resort right on the beach. She had been trying her best to look good and pack the right clothes. It was her first reunion, and my lovely wife was excited, as well as feeling anxious to make the right impression.

She looked up at me, her big brown eyes warm and sweet, and said, "Hi sweetheart! I still can't decide what to take for my school reunion party."

I smiled at her, and snatched a quick kiss. "I'm sure you will figure it out before we leave, but I'm around for suggestions," I replied, running my fingers affectionately down her back.

A little about my wife: Swati is 5'4" with lustrous brownish-black hair mid-way down her back. She has beautiful, large brown eyes, which, along with her dazzling smile, earn her many compliments. In preparation for the reunion, she'd joined the gym and gotten into shape; she was now a very sexy 34B- 28- 36! Swati has a beautiful body, the kind that looks hot in a bikini. I kept teasing her that she was going to be the best looking woman amongst all her friends. My wife was always popular in school, and had half the guys in her class interested in her, but for some reason she just chose not to get serious about any of them. Lucky for me! We met, fell in love, and have been happily married for the last 6 years.

As I sat back with the laptop, sipping coffee and checking my emails, I could see her slipping out of her jeans and tee to try on the clothes she wanted to pack. I started to think that this 4-night vacation would be the welcome break we needed. Coincidentally, one of my emails was from a very important client in Goa, with whom I'd been working on a big project. He proposed a meeting around the same time I was going to bethere with my wife. It would fit in my schedule, and, even better, half of the trip expenses would be covered by my company!

I gladly confirmed the meeting, and quickly mentioned it to Swati: "I will have to work for a couple of hours on one of the days"

"It's ok, as long as we get to spend most of the time together," she answered. Swati then proceeded to model for me all the clothes she was planning on wearing to the three events planned as part of the reunion.

The first event was the cocktail reception at the club on our first evening. She had selected a little black dress that was a couple of inches above her knees. She was so excited that she even planned the lingerie and accessories to go with it: a sexy, lacy, black thong and a transparent black bra that didn't leave anything to the imagination. I tried not to stare at her rosy nipples poking through the thin fabric. Silk stockings and strappy black sky-high heels completed an incredibly provocative picture.

For the next event, the pool party the following afternoon, she had two options: One was a one-piece swimsuit, again black, with a halter neck and a plunging neck line which gave a perfect view of her cleavage: sexy, yet classy, just like my wife! She also packed a plain black swimsuit, nothing fancy, just in case she felt uncomfortable wearing the more daring swimsuit. (She tucked in a skimpy bikini for my pleasure after the reunion.)

Swati decided on a short red and black skirt and a sexy red top for the final event of the reunion, a dinner and dancing party. It was a new top she'd purchased just for the reunion. I had not seen it until she twirled around in front of me, her little skirt flaring out and showing off her firm, creamy thighs, and the top revealing a generous glimpse of her lovely breasts. It looked a little too sexy, but she seemed confident of her choices and I didn't want to mess with that.

When she didn't show me any more lingerie, I asked "What about your essentials?"

With a gleam in her eyes and her lips curving into a seductive smile, she replied "I haven't decided yet. You keep asking me not to wear my panties. If I can't make up my mind, maybe I'll finally grant your wish!" This immediately gave me a hard on, and a feeling that we were really going to enjoy this little trip.

Finally the big day arrived, and we touched down in Goa. Swati was looking like a million bucks, just as planned, with a form-fitting spaghetti strap top tucked into her jeans and a wispy chiffon blouse over it flowing across her tanned shoulders. We were picked up by a limo and reached the hotel a short 20 minute drive later. As we stepped into the lobby, we found it buzzing with people. I asked her if her girlfriends had arrived, but she couldn't see them. Soon enough, though, she ran into a couple of guys from her school days. She introduced me to them, and I noticed a couple of them were "extra" happy to see her, giving her a tight hug which she returned as courtesy. I quickly forgot the names of the guys, but I remembered that one of them, who had arrived alone and wasn't married, kept checking out Swati. His expression gave away his obvious attraction to my wife. The second guy was divorced, while the third one said his wife was around somewhere. We quickly finished with the greetings and got ourselves checked in. Thanks to my frequent flyer miles we were upgraded to the executive suite, and as it turned out, her friends were all nearby on the same floor.

Once in the room she called her two best girlfriends. As it turned out, one of them fell sick and couldn't travel, but hoped to join us later. The second friend had to cancel her plans at the last minute. Swati was not very happy with this; it would mean that she would not have her best friends with her! She had so been looking forward to spending time with them, but would now be stuck with people she didn't really know very well. I tried my best to cheer her up, reminding her that I would be with her almost the whole time, and that the point of the reunion was to get reacquainted with old friends and to make new ones.

I needed to get to my project meeting, but promised Swati that I would return in time to join her for the party in the evening. She decided to catch a little nap so she would be fresh and rested for the big night. I encouraged her to go out and not just stay in the room since the party was well over 3 hours away. She pouted a little, disappointed by the absence of her friends. "I'll think about it," she sighed.

I sat in the car while the chauffeur drove me to my meeting. I felt bad for Swati, and decided that I would make this trip all about my sweet wife, insuring she enjoyed herself as much as possible. The thought made me smile as I considered the possibilities.

I reached my destination in about 90 minutes to find that my client was running late. He asked me to wait, and as I had little choice otherwise, I agreed. Wondering what Swati would be doing, and wanting to let her know about my delay, Icalled her.

"Hi Sweetie; what are you up to?" I asked, hoping the enthusiasm I put into my voice would cheer her up.

She replied that she was downstairs at the pool catching up with old friends. At least she wasn't sitting in the room getting bored or dwelling on her disappointment.

"Honey, I'm sorry to tell you this, but I am going to be a little late to the reception," I explained contritely, "My client is running late and the meeting hasn't even started yet."

It was too noisy in the background so she walked away and replied, "Awww, baby, how late will you be? I miss you already, and the party starts in an hour!"

"As soon as I'm done and on my way back, I will let you know," I answered, and added, to distract her from this second disappointment, "Who're you hanging out with?"

She explained that she'd come upon the guys we'd met in the lobby while she was out for a walk around the hotel grounds, and they'd all gathered at the pool to chat.

Now starting to be very curious, I asked her to remind me of their names.

"Abhishek and Gaurav," she reminded me.

To which I asked, "Which one is the single guy?"

She replied, "They both are! Remember, Abhishek got separated?"

Hmmmm... No, I hadn't remembered that. "Ok, I'll get going now. In how much time do you start getting ready?"

"We were just finishing up and heading back to our rooms," she answered, "Bye, Baby! Hurry back! Love You!"

As I hung up the phone, a part of me very much wanted to be there with my sexy wife, standing by her side, as these reunions can get out of hand at times. But my beautiful Swati was a very level headed girl and I was just happy that she wasn't bored or sad.

Swati and I had a very active sex life. We would find, shall I say, creative ways to keep things interesting. While waiting for my client to show up, my mind wandered to one of the fantasies we'd discussed regarding a reunion and my wife having some fun on the side. This was probably not the best thing for me to be thinking about while anticipating the start of a business meeting, but I couldn't help myself. I felt my cock stir as I considered what my lovely bride might do to occupy her time while I was delayed.

As minutes went by I waited patiently until finally I got a call from Swati: "Are you on your way yet? How much more time?"I could hear a hint of exasperation and maybe desperation in her familiar voice.

I could only reply that my meeting had not even started. She was a little upset that I would be so late, and her disappointment was evident.

I felt bad and said, "Don't wait for me! Why don't you go down and enjoy yourself? I will call you when my meeting wraps up and let you know what time I can join you at the party."

She said "Ok, but let me send you something that will help move things along quickly," and she sent me a picture over the phone she'd just taken of herself all dressed up. Man, did she look sexy!!! Now my disappointment matched hers.

I told her, "You look beautiful, sweetheart! Be on guard, Swati; all those guys are going to be hitting on you."

Turns out she was in a sporting mood: "You never know, if you are running too late, I might take up one of those offers you think I'm going to get!" We laughed it off and decided to stay in touch via SMS till I could get there.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, I was getting impatient and sent an SMS asking Swati what she was doing. After waiting for 5 minutes, I got a reply. "Just hanging out with a few people," my wife explained. "I don't know many of them well, but I have Abhishek and Gaurav for company. We are all getting a couple of drinks."

I replied quickly, "Enjoy! Hope to be there soon." However, I knew by that time that if I stayed for this meeting, I would not get back to her until after the party was to be over.

After another few minutes I got an SMS from Swati: "They have a dance competition here for couples; if it's ok with you, I'd like to find a partner and dance?"

I knew she loved to dance so I immediately gave her the go-ahead.

"Sure, go ahead! Just let me know which partner you pick," I said, feeling that she had now gotten over her girlfriends not being able to make it and was starting to have fun. Finally I got a call from the client, apologizing for the delay, and letting me know that the meeting would have to be rescheduled for tomorrow. As soon as I hung up the phone, I rushed back to the car and headed for the hotel, but I didn't SMS Swati, hoping to surprise her with my unexpected arrival.

As soon as I got in the car, I got another long SMS from Swati: "I am paired with Gaurav and we danced to a couple of songs together. It's so much fun, and we qualified for the finals! Gaurav's a good dancer."

I replied quickly, "Good to hear, wish you luck for the finals." The thought crossed my mind that she didn't even ask me how much longer I would be. Hmmmm, she must be having a REALLY good time....

Within 30 minutes I got another SMS from Swati. "We won the competition! It's all because of Gaurav; he's such an excellent dancer!" she gushed.

The occasion seemed to warrant an actual phone call instead of a message, so I hit her speed dial. "Hi Sweetheart!" I exclaimed when she answered. "Congratulations on your win! Wish I could be there. Are you having fun?"

"Yes!" she replied, "It's been fun, but I have already had two cosmos, so I hope you come soon. Sweetheart, I have been getting a lot of attention from Gaurav. He just told me that he had a major crush on me while in we were in school, and he has been complementing me all evening. I kind of like the attention, and he's a smart, good-looking guy."

"So what are you trying to say?" I asked her.

In a very seductive voice, she told me that he had been flirting with her the whole time, and she was enjoying it. She confessed that she was even flirting back, and that I'd better hurry back.

"I have just left and I should be there in 90 minutes. You can have some harmless fun," I teased, "Just try to keep your panties on! And keep me posted!" (I can't really say why I didn't tell her that I had already left, and would be arriving back at the hotel in 20 minutes).

She laughed, "Thanks sweetheart! Love you. I am going to dance some more. Bye!"

She clicked off without waiting for my response. My mind began racing with all the possibilities. What was my sexy wife feeling? Was she enjoying Gaurav's company so much? Exactly what kind of flirting was this guy engaging in with my wife? And what, precisely, did she mean that she was flirting back? Well, the lovely Swati didn't know it, but I would be there to get the answers to my questions sooner than she thought.

I got another SMS from Swati. "Gaurav just asked me for a slow dance. Not too many people around. Most of the friends have left," she explained. "SMS me when you're close. I am going to dance now and might not be able to reply for some time. Love You!" She signed off with x's and o's. I suppose I could take that as a good sign.

"Ok," I replied, with a smile on my face.

I hit send just as I pulled the car into the hotel parking lot. I decided to quickly make my way to the club without being noticed. I quietly slipped into a corner of the club. It was fairly crowded, but I could not see too many people from the reunion. The crowd was mostly just hotel guests and other couples. I looked around for Swati, and I found her slow dancing in a corner of the dance floor with Gaurav. found a suitable place to sit where I could see what was going on, but far enough for them not to notice.

I could now get a clear view of Swati and Gaurav dancing. They were dancing very close. He had one hand on her waist, and the other held her hand, her fingers curled around his. Her other hand rested on his shoulder. She appeared to be very comfortable dancing with him. He whispered something into my wife's ear, and I could see Swati smile and blush. My heart skipped a beat.

One song after another, they kept dancing without a break. I could see Gaurav's hand move from Swati's waist to the small of her back, and then lower down, to the top of her ass. I expected her to be uncomfortable, but she didn't seem to react. She kept on dancing, enjoying herself. If anything, she moved even closer into his embrace.

Swati now put both her hands around Gaurav's neck and her head on his chest. I could clearly see that Gaurav's hand was now running boldly over Swati's ass, massaging my wife's curvy butt. No sooner did this happen than I could see a big smile on Swati's face. I was quite aroused seeing my wife enjoy the touches of someone else. I decided to keep watching to see what might happen next. I could not believe that Swati would actually think of acting out one of our fantasies. I could feel my cock getting harder by the minute watching Swati dance with this man from her past.

Now Gaurav had both his hands around her waist, and Swati had both her hands around his neck. She looked up at him, into his eyes. He said something to her, and she again smiled and blushed. This time, he seized the opportunity, and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She immediately looked around to see if anyone they knew was around. Gaurav pacified her fears, and she was quickly at ease again. This might be getting interesting.

They finally broke away from the dance and went to sit at their table. I could see her then pick up her phone and type; I got as SMS from her immediately: "Having a lot of fun with Gaurav. He's great company. Slow dancing with him. He's so charming and good looking, and he's very interested in me. I am enjoying the attention; details later. SMS me when you are close."

I typed my reply with a grin on my face. "Glad you are having fun," I said, "I shall SMS you, just be sure to tell me all details later."

She immediately replied, "It's just harmless fun and I plan to keep it that way. Of course I will tell you everything!"

I watched them sit in a cozy table next to each other. Because of all the noise from the music, they would often lean close to each other's ears to be heard. Gaurav went to the bar and ordered another round of drinks. Swati was going to be tipsy!

She soon sent me another SMS "Sweetheart, Gaurav wants to go for a walk on the beach," she crooned, "If it's ok with you, may I go?"

I love it when Swati asks my permission. "If you want to go, go ahead," I answered with almost fatherly words, "Just don't go too far; stay close to the resort."

I immediately got a reply. "Thanks!" My wife had stopped asking me how much time I would take to get there, and I could see why. She was totally into Gaurav, enjoying every minute. He looked like a pretty suave guy, knowing how to make her melt as and when he wanted.

I watched the two of them sip on their drinks, talking to each other in close proximity. He would occasionally put his arm around her, pulling her close while talking into her ear. They were just looking into each other's eyes and talking, smiling, occasionally laughing. Then I saw Gaurav's hand move down between them. My guess was that his hand was resting on Swati's knee. This time her facial expression did change, and what a surprise it was to see. She got that smoky, sultry look I know so well, the one that silently screams, "TAKE ME!" My mind was racing, trying to anticipate what she would do. What would happen next, and what should I do next? To add to my dilemma, I had a raging hard on that would not die down!!

I could see that Gaurav's hand was moving a little between them. I was guessing he was caressing Swati's knees and thighs under the table. Suddenly, he leaned over and kissed Swati on her lips. To my surprise, she didn't pull away, but mildly responded to the kiss before they broke off. She immediately looked around guiltily to see if anyone was watching them. When she was sure the two of them were being happily ignored by the clientele, she, for the first time since we'd gotten together, kissed another man romantically. She leaned forward, and gave Gaurav a lingering kiss on his lips, closing her eyes for a moment before she pulled away.

The two of them again began talking in a very animated manner. By the looks of it, he would ask something and she would shake her head no. I couldn't make out what was being said, but I could see he was being very persuasive. This went on for a minute before he leaned in and kissed Swati again, on her lips. This time the kiss was a passionate one, which was eagerly returned by Swati. I could see Gaurav's other hand caressing the sides of Swati's dress to feel her breasts. She pulled back to catch her breath, and smiled a sweet, sexy smile at Gaurav.

I was certain now. My wife was into this guy and was genuinely attracted to him. I wondered if she would tell me everything I was seeing now. I was wondering when or if they would head to the beach. Most importantly, I was trying to figure out when I should tell her that I was about to arrive. I did nothing but watch the two of them. I tried not to, but couldn't help rubbing my cock through my pants a couple of times to enjoy my hard on.

I could again see Gaurav asking Swati for something. Again, she would shake her head to say no, but I noticed that his hand was one more between them, moving back and forth. I knew he was caressing her thighs and trying to reach further up between her legs, seeking her hot, wet core. The smile on Gaurav's face kept getting bigger and bigger until Swati moved to stop his hand from creeping any further up her skirt. Poor guy, he looked very disappointed.

What Swati did next was hugely unprecedented for her. I could see her move her hands down and wiggle around oddly in her seat. She was trying to look around to check if she was being watched. I couldn't believe it! She was actually trying to take off her thong! I could see the smile return to Gaurav's face. Finally Swati had the thong down her legs and around her ankles. She leaned forward gracefully to remove them completely. What was she planning to do with that thong?

Swati then proceeded to hand over the thong to Gaurav, right there in the middle of the club. I couldn't believe it!!! This was one of the naughty things I have always wanted her to do for me, and there she was, doing it for another man. Gaurav took the thong in his hand, sniffed it, kissed it a couple of times and then slipped it into his jacket pocket.

My wife Swati was now without her underwear. I could imagine her pussy being all wet with the flirting and the kissing and teasing. Gaurav then again proceeded to move his hands between Swati's legs and this time she didn't protest. I could see his hand move further up my wife's thigh until I was sure that other man had reached those sweet pussy lips. I could only imagine what he was doing, because all I could see was Swati's eyes close. She threw her head back and enjoyed whatever it was Gaurav was doing. This went on for a couple of minutes, with me imaging his fingers sliding into my wife's tight, hot pussy, stroking her closer and closer to an orgasm. I think we both enjoyed every bit of it. Then all of a sudden, she stopped Gaurav. He was again disappointed, getting a look on his face like a little boy whose favorite toy had just been taken away. Then the two of them again started talking intimately and smiling.

Swati then picked up her phone and started typing. I got an SMS saying, "Where are you? I'm so turned on and wet. Been a little naughty, honey, the naughty wife you wanted me to be. I'm still with Gaurav. When you arrive, SMS me, then go up to the room and wait for me."

It was the moment I was waiting for. Reluctantly I left the club, headed to my suite, and sent Swati an SMS. "I will be reaching the hotel in 5 minutes. Will SMS when I'm in the room. What are you doing with Gaurav that has you so wet? Still dancing?" I asked her innocently.

Swati replied hurriedly, "Will tell you all about it. When I SMS you again, come to the door of the suite and peep through the peephole."

I reached the suite not knowing what to expect next and when. I waited for 5 minutes before I sent an SMS telling my vixen wife I was in our suite waiting for her. I didn't get any reply for the next 15 minutes. I went onto the balcony of the suite, trying to keep my mind sane, but it was just too crazy. I was excited as hell, and couldn't wait to get my hands on Swati.

Finally, I saw Swati and Gaurav walk towards the building. It was quite late and so dark, I could barely make it out, but I thought I saw Gaurav's hand around Swati's slim waist. I stared at them, my wife and this other man, as they walked into the building together, until I couldn't see them anymore. Around the same time I got a SMS from Swati: "Come to the door now look through the peephole."

I sprinted to the door, and without making a noise, stood there with my eye glued to the peephole. In a couple of minutes, both Swati and Gaurav came into view. Apparently Gaurav was conveniently staying in the room opposite ours. They stood there together, and I could faintly hear them talking.

Swati positively purred, "Gaurav, thanks for the wonderful evening! It was so good to see you again. We may not have known much about each other in school, but we've certainly learned a lot tonight..." She smiled and blushed becomingly. The look on her face made my aching cock twitch.

Gaurav replied in a smoky voice, "It was an amazing evening, a dream come true for me, Swati, after lusting madly after you when we were teenagers! I wish it didn't have to end." They stood there, fingers entwined; gazing into each other's eyes, Gaurav finally spoke again. Raw sexual desire, mixed with anticipated disappointment, made his voice thick, "You sure you don't want to come in for a while?"

Swati replied almost coquettishly. "I would rather not; It's late. But, Guarav, I have enjoyed our evening." Then she added with a seductive tone, "So far." She gave him one of those smiles that still make my knees weak.

She began to turn away, but Gaurav tightened his hold on her fingers. "But, we are still on for tomorrow, right?" A devious smile played over his mouth as he said innocently, "You said your husband would be busy, and I would love to keep you company."

I was a little confused by that. Did I actually say that my meeting was moved to tomorrow, or is it what Swati wanted?

Swati then leaned forward and hugged Gaurav. He returned the hug, sliding his hands over her shoulders and down her back. After pulling back for a moment, their eyes locked and they leaned into each other again and allowed their lips to meet. The kiss started off slowly. Then they closed their eyes and sort of melted against one another, both of them enjoying the kiss. Gaurav gently kissed Swati's face, brushing his lips up her cheek and across her forehead, his hand smoothing back her hair. His mouth wandered back to hers, and as their lips met, this time she opened her mouth and invited Gaurav's tongue into her mouth. The two of them kissed passionately, sucking and nibbling on each other's lips and tongue, breathing hard. Their passionate embrace went on for several minutes, while I watched them through the peephole, trying to silence my own panting breath.

Gaurav broke from her mouth to drag kisses down my wife's neck. She was enjoying it, gasping and beginning to moan. She threw her head back to give him access to her vulnerable throat. I could see her pulse throbbing under her jaw; she was inches away from me, locked in a passionate embrace with another man and loving it. He trailed wet kisses all the way to the tops of her luscious breasts, the smooth mounds and seductive cleavage presented like gifts to his hungry mouth by her revealing dress. He lingered there, licking and kissing, while she teased his ears, nibbling the lobes and breathing hotly, revealing her arousal.

He finally licked his way back up her neck to have his turn teasing her ears, tonguing them and lightly biting the lobes. Then he was kissing her lips again. His hands cradled her head and he slid his fingers into her hair, holding her to him, taking charge. They were now looking into each other's eyes. He smiled devilishly, and stuck out his tongue, presenting it to Swati. She held his eyes in her lustful, naughty gaze as she took his tongue in her mouth and started to suck on it, sliding her mouth up and down in an imitation of the blowjob he was no doubt imagining. The kiss went on and on, becoming more passionate with every passing moment. Now their hands were all over each other, his hands cupping her ass and teasing her clit through her dress. She explored his ass as well, squeezing and stroking, then brazenly began fondling his raging hard-on through his slacks. When they heard the 'ding' of the elevator door and voices of late-night revelers approaching, they finally broke the kiss and pulled back from each other gasping and looking dazed.

Swati smiled mischievously and said with a wink, "Good night Gaurav, it has certainly been a memorable night. Hope to see you at breakfast tomorrow." Finally, Swati turned toward the door, swiped her key, and entered our room, leaving the bedazzled Gaurav in the hall.

I quickly moved out of the way to let Swati in. She closed the door quickly behind her, met my eyes, and smiled. There it was: that connection, deep and intimate, reminding me that our love for each other was secure, that in truth she was mine alone. She hugged me tight, almost clinging to me, shivering with excitement. She pulled back and proceeded to kiss me without saying a word. Our mouths locked together, as we made our way to the couch in the living area of the suite. My sweet wife pushed me back on to the couch, pressing my shoulders back and straddling me.

"Would you like to know what a naughty wife I have been today?" she purred. All I could do was smile and nod dumbly. Swati raised her dress to indicate she'd lost her thong. I could see her wet pussy dripping juices onto her inner thighs. The musky sweet scent of her made my raging cock grow even harder.

I could wait no longer. I practically ripped the dress of her, as she tore open my pants. Swati got on top of me, ready to ride my hard and throbbing cock. Her lips found mine and she kissed me desperately as I held my cock for her. I felt her heat before our bodies actually made contact, and squeezed my eyes closed in anticipation. Swati gasped as she lowered herself slowly onto my shaft. I'd never felt her so hot and wet!

It took all my self-control not to cum on that first long-awaited stroke. It lasted forever, as she so, so slowly impaled herself on her husband's cock. We both gasped at the intensity. When I felt my prick pushing against her cervix, she froze then rocked herself back and forth, keening a high-pitched, plaintive note of ecstasy. I was gasping, and let out one loud yell as we settled together, husband and wife.

Swati proceeded to tell me every small detail of her evening: How he flirted with her, and how she decided to flirt back. How she teased him and he seduced her. She confessed that she let him finger her pussy, right there in the lounge, and that she felt him up under the table and rubbed his prick. She told how she gave away her thong as a souvenir, although he wanted much more. And we made love throughout the night, the most intense, passionate sex we'd ever had. When we finally fell back side by side the sky outside our hotel window was tinged with the pink glow of dawn.

She smiled sl**pily, looking at me with that same mischief I'd seen hours earlier, and said in a sing-song voice, "Oh, sweetheart, I almost forgot. You need to be away during the day for that meeting, because I will be meeting with Gaurav for lunch!" I actually laughed out loud, as I scooped her into my arms. We fell asl**p tangled together in an exhausted heap, needing the next few hours to rest up for whatever was to come next.

Part 2 to be continued...

The next morning when I woke up I was alone in bed. I tried to open my eyes and look for Swati but couldn't see her around anywhere. I sat up in bed and I could then hear Swati at a distance, I looked out to the balcony of the suite and she was out there talking to someone over the phone.

I stretched my body out from the laziness and walked towards the balcony as her voice kept getting clearer and clearer, she was talking to someone over the phone. It took a couple of seconds for me to realize that she's had a bath and was all dressed up.

As I entered the balcony and started to speak, she turned back to me and shushed me indicating me to sit next to her. As I heard some of the conversation and I realized she was talking to Gaurav and he said something to make her smile and blush. The conversation went on for a couple of minutes in which all Swati said were words like yes, I would love to, really said with smiles, mixed with biting of her lips. She finally hung up the phone as she looked at me. She hugged me and gave me a good morning kiss and asked me if I slept well.

I said "Yes and apparently I overslept, where you have been?"

She replied, "I was up early and was hungry and since you were sl**ping I went down to get breakfast and I ran into Gaurav, so we had breakfast together."

She then proceeded to tell me how he kept talking about the previous evening and that he was hoping she would be there at breakfast. She said since there were others around she and Gaurav talked discreetly and mostly sent text messages to each other. She then asked me, "How do you want to plan today? Do you have a meeting?" I told her my meeting was scheduled but she can plan whatever she liked.

She smiled and said "Good, Gaurav invited me over for a day of site seeing. Is it ok if I go?"

I replied back "Sure you can, just be safe and stay in touch. I might be gone till the evening, but I am sure you will be entertained this way and when I am back we can do something." Swati hugged and thanked me.

I quickly started to get ready for my meeting went down to eat breakfast, when I returned to the room to bid Swati bye she was watching TV. She wasn't ready yet as there was still an hour for her to leave. We kissed and I said "Have fun, I want to know all about your day."

She smiled in return and said "of course, you will know all about it."

With this I left for my meeting. My driver and car were waiting for me as I sat in the car and was on my way thinking about what Swati would do now that she's started to explore a completely different side of herself, and most importantly started to enjoy it.

I texted Swati, "Let me know what you end up wearing." I got a quick reply, "I have decided on a short skirt, thong and a comfy bra and that red top you love so much" As I took a minute to picture her in what she just described I realized the red top was the deep neck sexy top, I quickly replied "Lucky Gaurav!!!" and she just replied with a smiley

A good 40 minutes passed I made work calls and just as I was about to enter my meeting I got a text from Swati "Listen, Gaurav surprised me with a spa treatment. I am going in there, phone won't be with me for some time, message when I get free"

I replied "Cool enjoy the massage."

The day passed though very quickly, before I knew it, it was already a couple of hours since Swati's last text. I kept wondering what she's up to just then I got a call from her. I excused myself and answered her call, "Hi Sweetheart! What's up?"

She answered "Hi! I am good. The spa time was excellent. I can't talk much right now because I am about to board a yacht. It belongs to one of Gaurav's friends and we are going for a ride and have been invited on the yacht"

I replied "Wow lucky you! Listen I am going to be free in 4 hours time and will head back to the hotel and wait for you, when will you be back?"

She replied, "Hard to say, since Gaurav has done all the planning, but will keep you updated. Love you!" and with that she hung up the phone and I went back to my meeting, wondering where this day will end and most importantly, how will it end?

My day was nearing end as I sat back in the car ready to return to the hotel. I glanced at my phone and still no message from Swati, even the messages I sent her were undelivered, I tried calling her cell phone which was not reachable.

I reached the hotel, there was no message from her. I got into the room, tried calling her again, her cell phone which was out of coverage area. I relaxed myself thinking she's still at sea, that would easily explain her being out of reach. I finally decided to shower to get my mind off thinking the possibilities.

As I stepped out of the shower and started the TV, my cell phone rang, so I rushed to answer it. It was Swati, and I felt relief. I answer, "Hi sweetheart! Where have you been? I have been trying to reach you all afternoon? You ok?"

She replied "I am so sorry sweetheart! I didn't realize about my phone being unavailable due to the yacht ride. I am ok, don't worry. I will call you back in sometime and update you with the plans. My phone is now going to be available, ok?" And she hung up.

I was a little surprised at the call, very curious in fact but at the same time I was happy that Swati was safe and sound. I poured myself a drink and started to relax.

In about an hour's time I got a call from Swati again, this time she had some time to talk to me. She said that her day has been very adventurous and that she has just sent me an email and that I should read it. It explains her day and has some pictures as well. She said she would be at the hotel by the time I finish reading it.

As was the case all day, I said ok since I couldn't do much and decided to check my email. I opened my email and it had an email from Swati, it was a longish email with 5 attachments and I started to read the email which read;

Hi sweetheart! I know you must be all surprised to expect this email but I had to email since I have been gone all day and you should know what I have been up to. Not sure if I can ever tell you everything face to face that's why I decided to email.

I met Gaurav in the lobby at the decided time, he rented a car and driver for the entire day and he asked to driver to drive us to the city. I asked him where we are going and he said to Goa's best spa. He is so charming; he kept giving me compliments throughout. While on the way there, we were sitting very close together on the seat and his arm was around me all the time and at times his hands brushed my knees, so it was all very exciting. He behaved like a perfect gentleman throughout and yet, I could feel dampness between my legs and I was sure that my things were wet.

When we arrived, we were taken to the massage room straight away, that's when I realized it was a couple's massage which was booked. I was very skeptical but Gaurav convinced me that it will not be odd and he will make sure I am comfortable. You know me, I don't pass up any opportunity of a relaxing massage, so we started to change. I went in first and took a quick clean up shower, put on those disposable panties, wrapped myself in a towel and stepped out. Gaurav was standing there wearing just the towel; he looked so yummy with his buff body. He looked at me said, "Can't wait to get started" and jumped into the shower and was out in 2 minutes flat. Soon the masseurs walked in. I have to tell you all this was feeling very erotic, especially since the person who was going to massage me was a man. You know we have talked about me getting a massage from another man but that never happened. An oriental woman was to massage Gaurav.

My masseur was professional, I lay on my stomach while he started to massage my body. All throughout the session I caught myself moaning to the pleasures his hands brought my body. I didn't even realize it when my towel was completely off as I was being massaged by this stranger.

I was in my disposable panties only while my back, legs, shoulders and ass were massaged. It was only when I was asked to turn over that I realized how naked I was and to tell you the truth, I didn't care because it felt so good. When I turned over the masseur put a warm towel over my eyes. I was topless as he continued to massage my shoulders and then he asked me if I would like to have my breasts massaged. You know it felt so good all I could do was nod.

By the time the masseur was done massaging my breasts, I think my panties were wetter because of the excitement and not because of all the oil. By the time he moved on to my legs I could sense my legs part wider to give him better access to my thighs.

He used the extra space as he massaged my thighs for what seemed liked ages, every second movement would touch some part of my panties and result in my pussy dripping further juices.

I bet my nicely waxed pussy would have been completely visible via my now completely wet and transparent panties but I didn't care. If it were just my masseur and me, I would have encouraged him to rub my pussy and make me cum.

Gaurav's massage got over first and he was asked to step in to the shower by the masseuse while my massage went on for another 10 minutes, where the masseur focused on my thighs and almost rubbed my pussy several times.

When my massage finally ended I sat up covered myself and thanked the masseur and he had this big smile on his face and said "No, Thank you". Then I realized, Gaurav is still in the shower. As I sat there waiting for him to get done, the masseuse walked in and asked me to hurry since the next session was about to begin soon and asked me to join my husband in the shower.

I had no choice. I walked in to the shower area wrapped in my towel. Gaurav was having a shower, his back was towards me. When I entered he did not get surprised.

In one swift motion he turned around and then made me turn around, slipped my towel off and pulled me under the shower. I was very excited at that time; just in those disposable panties I was almost naked with someone barely known to me, who wasn't you. He was however, still a gentleman. He asked me to wet my body and soap up while he was finishing.

I then proceeded to take off my panties and wet my body and started to soap myself up. He was finishing up and it was then I caught a glimpse of his body in all his nakedness, he had a nice big cock. It was big and it wasn't even completely hard. He caught me looking at it and then smiled and told me that he liked what he was looking at. All I could do was have a dumb smile on my face as he stepped out.

You could imagine all this was too much for me. While cleaning myself I kept thinking about Gaurav and his manhood. I didn't even realize when I started playing with myself thinking of the massage and Gaurav. Needless to say I had very hard orgasm. I am sure Gaurav must have known what I was up to.

After the spa, we sat back in the car. I thanked him for the wonderful experience and asked him, "What's next?"

He told me that we will be spending the afternoon on his friend's yacht and sailing to high seas and back. He said there would be around 7-8 people as it was a small party. I was very excited since it was my first yacht trip. When we boarded the yacht, it was the most luxurious thing I have ever seen, hot tub, sun beds, dining area, 2 bedrooms. He did one thing (for which he asked my permission, and it seemed harmless since I wasn't going to meet any of them again). He introduced me to all his friends as his girlfriend. His friend Arjun who owned the yacht started hitting on me as soon as we met. He was mostly joking with me and we were having fun. There were two other guys and one other couple, all in all 7 of us. There was music and dance, lots of alcohol needless to say since they were celebrating the other couples engagement .I had a couple of drinks, danced with Gaurav to some hip hop and some trance. I actually ended up dancing with every guy on the yacht. You would be happy to know all those guys hit on me.

Arjun especially, he was dancing very close and encouraging me to drink, honestly I loved all the attention. I didn't really stop anyone. Before things could get out of hand, Gaurav intervened and cut in and I started to dance with him again. Arjun then suggested that we hit the hot tub which I agreed to, only one problem, I didn't carry a swim suit since this was not anticipated.

No. No I didn't go skinny, there were a couple of swim suits available for us to use. I am very sure Arjun hid all the single piece swim suits so I had no choice but to wear a bikini. At the end it was just Gaurav, Arjun, 2 of their friends and me in the hot tub. I think the other couple was celebrating by themselves.

As I walked on to the deck in my white bikini, all eyes were on me and the boys were eagerly waiting for me to join them. I joined the boys, having Arjun join me on one side and his friend on the other.

The guys asked Gaurav how we met and he said the most outrageous lie. He said we met at some party where I was with my boyfriend and fell for his charming looks and the same night we ended up making out in the washroom and have been together ever since.

Such stories got all the boys asking for more and very soon they were urging Gaurav and me to kiss. I was in a fun mood and so high that I didn't need any more nudging. I moved over to Gaurav, put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was so shocked but returned the kiss. The kiss turned into a long and passionate one. I could hear the boys in the back ground go, "Wow!"

For the next 2 minutes I let go of any inhibitions and we kissed. Gaurav pulled me closer with our tongues seeking each other, his hands all over my body. We were making out, giving 3 other guys a good show. Finally when we pulled back, both of us were breathless. The guys were cheering us on asking for more.

I stepped out of the hot tub and sat with my feet in the hot tub. I noticed all the guys were staring at me, as it turns out that my white bikini had turned a little transparent coming in contact with water. I was already a little high and didn't see the point covering myself. My nipples were so hard due to the cool breeze on my wet body and the fact that I was exposing myself to these guys teasing them some more.

Arjun then suggested I take my top off to get a good tan and the other two guys agreed to the suggestion. However Gaurav stepped out of the hot tub put his arm around me asked me to accompany him inside, trying to be all protective.

Sweetheart, you can see some of the photos from the yacht attached with the email. I stopped reading and scrolled to the photos attached and opened them. The first photo was of Swati standing with Gaurav, his arm around her waist, both of them had glasses in their hand and were posing for the photo. The second photo was Swati dancing with I guessed to be Arjun, the photo was taken without their knowledge and had the guy's hand almost resting on Swati's ass and looked like Swati was enjoyed the dancing.

The third photo was a close up, think one of the guys clicked it in the hot tub, and it was Swati and Gaurav kissing while in the hot tub. I scrolled down to the fourth photo; it was a group photo of Swati and the boys in the hot tub. Finally I moved to the last photo, it was of Swati, where she was in her bra and thong down on all fours posing for the camera and smiling.

My mind was working over time now, since she didn't mention this event in any part of the email. I scrolled up to where I left the email and it read:

I know you must be wondering about the 5th photo, if you read the complete email it will all add up. You know how you used to keep urging me to do naughty stuff and tease and flirt, I have to tell you I did all of those things and you were right I enjoyed doing them.

Gaurav and I went into one of the bedrooms, we were still wet wrapped in our towels as I entered the room first followed by Gaurav. I don't know what came over me as soon as Gaurav closed the door behind us, I leaned in and kissed him on his lips and pushed him against the door and locked it. He kissed me back, our tongues playing with each other and quickly our towels were off. He had his hands on my ass rubbing and playing with my ass while my hands were around his neck pulling him closer.

He then turned and pushed me against the door and pulled back, he had so much lust in his eyes. He was breathing hard. I wanted him so bad; so I did it. I reached behind and undid by bikini top looking at him all the time, my hands were almost trembling. As I undid the top, he kneeled before me and in one quick motion pulled down my bikini bottom as I removed the top from over my head I stood there completely naked for him to see.

He told me how sexy I was and how lucky you were, where he then pushed me against the door and kissed on my neck, pulled my hair, his hands were cupping my breasts, teasing the nipples we kissed again. I then pulled him closer and guided him to my breasts, he licked and sucked them good and finally moved down further kissing my naked body down my stomach.

He then reached my cleanly waxed pussy. I can tell you it was already wet, he kissed it softly and I let the loudest moan ever. He used his tongue on my pussy like a magician; everything he did pushed me closer to a climax. He had become a toy in my hands as I pulled his hair and rubbed his face on my pussy as I reached orgasm for the first time. My entire body was trembling and the tingling sensations traveled all the way to my toes.

He then looked up and stood in front of me. I must have had a big smile on my face because he told me that I tasted so good and kissed me again. I could now sense that I was being poked against my stomach, so I looked down and smiled. I then turned him against the door and knelt in front of him. I could see his long and hard throbbing cock inside his swim suit. I slowly proceeded to pull it down and by the time I moved the swim suit down just a little his cock sprung up from inside and presented itself to me, inches from my face.

It was the biggest cock I have ever seen, well at least in real life. It must have been around 9 inches long as very thick as I held it in my hand, rubbing it a little. I thought it couldn't get bigger but it got a little bigger and harder. I had to taste it. I took my tongue as I tasted it and started licking the head and slowly took the hard cock in my mouth. I started moving my head on the long and hard cock, rubbing and playing with it as the same time. I enjoyed using my tongue on the cock. I could barely take half of it inside rubbing it with both my hands at times.

Gaurav then stopped me, made me stand up and whispered into my ears that we have at least 2 hours and he wants me to have the time of my life, to which I smiled in anticipation. He then picked me up and took me over to the bed and laid me on the bed softly.

Gaurav then got between my legs and guided his cock into my wanting, waiting, wet pussy nice and slow. Just know, he then fucked me bareback for a long time. I enjoyed it and spread my legs as wide as I could. It hurt a little as a first try to take his cock in me, but he was slow and gentle. He made me cum while he fucked me on top of me. He then kissed me all over, got me all excited again, this time I got on top of him and rode him long and hard till I came all over him again. My pussy juices were all over his stiff cock.

He then asked me to climb on his face and he started eating me out. Very soon I was so turned on that I wanted his hard cock in me again. I told him that I want to cum with his cock in me. He then made me get on all fours and he proceeded to doggy fuck me, and with every thrust I could feel the entire length of his cock brutally use my pussy. We fucked like this for some time and then without warning he inserted his finger in my ass. It felt so good, he made sure he was gentle and started fucking my ass with his finger at the same time as he fucked my pussy with his huge cock. I came so hard and this time he came with me, filling my pussy with his load of cum. With every thrust of his cock I could feel my pussy being filled with his thick cum. His cum started to ooze out of my pussy and run down along my inner thighs.

We both lay on the bed exhausted as I thought to myself that this is the hardest I have ever cum. I looked down and saw the unbelievable site of Gaurav's cock growing back to life. He smiled and said he was ready for me; this guy was a fuck machine.

I then saw the small couch kept in the room and held his hand and we sat on it. I then proceeded to mount him as he fucked me hard again. We fucked all over the couch in all possible positions. He made me cum two more times, once on the couch and the second against the wall. I was so tired that I barely had the strength to do anything. Finally, since he still had to cum again I made him sit on the couch as I knelt on the floor in front and started to suck on his cock, mostly since I wanted to again. I looked at his face and I could see him enjoy whatever I did. I could feel he was close and then he held me by my neck as I was sucking on him and started fucking my mouth with his cock wildly. He finally pulled out and came all over my breasts and face. I couldn't believe a guy could cum so much in a matter of hours.

We both lay on the couch side by side exhausted, then after a little nap I got up and showered. After I was already wearing my clothes, he woke up and asked if he could take a photo for memory. I was in my bra and thong and that is when he took the 5th photo. He kept it as a memory of the incredible day we spent together.

The captain announced that we were reaching the shore and Gaurav went into the shower to freshen up. We then left the yacht, but not before thanking his friend for a wonderful time.

I typed this entire email from the business centre of our hotel. I should be up in sometime. If you like, we could invite Gaurav to our suite for dinner. Or we could get ready and go down to the last party of my reunion, please decide by the time I see you next.

Just as I finished reading the suite door opened. It was my sexy wife looking at me and smiling. ... Continue»
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Couple Fun

I do not own this nor so i take credit for it i found this story on i hope you enjoy it as much as i do

George was tying his tie, getting ready for work, when he heard his wife Abbie shout out from their bathroom, "Don't forget, we're leaving tomorrow at noon with Dave and Crystal for the weekend."

He thought to himself, 'Oh shit, I already forgot!' Without missing a beat "No problem, dear, I've got it under control." 'Shit,' he thought, 'will have to tell Nancy my secretary to take care of things.'

She came out and gave him a kiss as she hugged him, looked at his face and said "You forgot, didn't you?" He smiled, after twenty years of being together, she knew him well.

She turned and went on out into the hallway, saying as she put on her earrings, "Don't worry, that’s why I called and talked to Nancy yesterday."

He smiled, thinking she's such a smart ass. He finished dressing and went on downstairs. Their daughter Michelle, age 18, was sitting at the table eating a bowl of cereal. She was built like her mother, vivid red hair, about an inch taller at five-five, and of course lighter, barely ninety pounds. He noticed her breasts were developing nicely, as had all the boys in the area from all the calls she gets. He ended up breaking down and got her own phone line. He kissed her on the top of her head, saying "Have fun at school." She muttered something, as he went on out the door to the garage, patting his wife’s ass on the way. She was leaving in about twenty minutes for her job as well.

Got to work with no problem. Entering his office, Nancy smiled and said "Ready for the weekend, George?"

He smiled, she knew he forgot as well. Damn women, they always know, don't they. "Yeah, it'll be fun. Glad we were invited. We um, won't be coming back until late Monday night, so I won't be in until sometime Tuesday morning." He went on into his office and went to work, or at least tried to. He was ahead of schedule on all his reports, nothing unusual there. Running his own accounting service, he found it paid to get things done ahead of time. He spent time on the phone, took Nancy out to lunch, and did some more work before leaving at four.

Once home, he finally settled down and thought about what was going on this weekend. He remembers now, Dave and Crystal won some sort of contest. The prize was a trip for four to a chalet in Gatlinburg, about five hours away from their home here in Cincinnati. Since they only have one c***d, a son named Keith that’s Michelle's age, they decided to invite them to go. This wasn't the first time they've gone off together. As a matter of fact, they've been doing a lot of things together the last seven or eight years.

They moved in two doors down from George and Abbie, back when the k**s were about three, and since their c***dren were the same age, well, they sort of did things together. Both Abbie and George were forty-four, while Dave and Crystal were six years younger at thirty-eight. All four of them were in relatively good shape, although none were knockouts in the looks department. George was probably about two inches taller than Dave's five-ten frame, and both weighed about the same at one-ninety.

As for the two wives, Crystal had long curly auburn hair, and she definitely wasn't cheated in the breast department. George thought many a time he would like to squeeze those melons, must be about a double-d. There was more than one occasion when Crystal rubbed them up against his body that he didn't want to just start grabbing them. His wife, on the other hand, was only about a small c at best. But he wasn't complaining, since she still was like a wildcat in bed. There's been more than one night recently that she fucked him dry, amazing even after all these years they've been married.

He also knew that Dave and Crystal still went at it hard and strong. When they went camping this summer, they shared a tent-camper for just the four of them. That was the trip that George finally got a good look at Crystal's boobs, quite by accident, he was sure. But on the second night, he was woken up by the rythmatic motion of them screwing on the other side of the camper. Of course, his wife woke as well, and soon they were going at it too. In the morning, the guys sort of k**ded each other about it, saying the usual male things, like "Thought it was a ride at Kings Island." He wondered what this weekend was going to be like.

Abbie came home at seven, another late day. He had dinner ready for her, Michelle already ate. Crystal called later that night, making sure everything was still a go. It turns out that Keith has a ballgame Saturday, so he couldn't go anyway. After Abbie hung up, and as George climbed into bed to reads some reports, Abbie said "George?"


"Do you think it's okay if Michelle and Keith spend the weekend together while we're gone?" George looked up from his paperwork, she continued, "Well I mean, they're at that age, you know."

George looked at her and said "They haven't been too close the last year or two, hormonal things, she's grown up faster than he has. And probably still is more mature. I think we can trust them." He went back to his report. She finished packing their bags, and climbed into bed next to him. He put down his papers and turned off the light, thinking, 'And if he knows what’s good for him, he'll be a gentleman' Better he doesn't say that to Abbie, though.

Work flew by the next morning, for the four hours he was there, anyhow. George got home just after eleven. Abbie about ten minutes later. Crystal came down at quarter to noon, saying that they're ready, and that Dave will pull the mini-van down in a few minutes. Soon he was pulling in the drive, and George took out their suitcase and placed it in the back. They climbed in, George in the front, with the wives in back, as they pulled out for their trip.

The conversation was the usual things, work, sports, politics, and so on, for the five hour drive. They ate at Knoxville, before getting to the exit at Sevierville. By seven, they were at the chalet after spending twenty-minutes at the rental office. Seems the office staff "lost" their registration. They ended up getting a smaller chalet, but with nicer facilities. George wondered what they meant by that.

They pulled out of the office, and after about twenty minutes of driving, and following a very bad map, Dave finally pulled up to an a-frame with the correct number on it. The wives went to the front door as George and Dave grabbed their suitcases. Walking towards the door, George noticed that they were rather high up above Gatlinburg. He remarked to Dave, "Nice view." Dave looked out from their advantage point and let out a whistle. Upon entering, George dropped their suitcase and took it all in.

When they pulled up, the d****s were drawn, even though they were off the main drive. The main room was about twenty by twenty, and on the far wall was a nice size fireplace. There were two couches and a TV. There were stairs going up to a loft on the left, and George could see from where he was standing, there was a bathroom up there. To his immediate left, was a kitchen/dining area. He saw the girls enter a doorway on the other side of the stairs, and heard Abbie go "Oh my god." He looked at Dave, and they both walked over towards the doorway the girls had entered.

Turning left and looking, both guys were impressed. The bedroom was to the left, but what the first noticed, was a room off to the right. It had a large spa sunken into the floor, completely filled, and a set of French doors leading out onto a balcony. Crystal was already out those doors, and checking out the sights. Abbie had gone to the left into the bedroom, just past the door leading into the master bath. George followed his wife, but stopped and checked the bath. It was enormous, had a walk-in shower that could hold about six people, he thought. He went on into the bedroom, and saw his wife opening a set of d****s on the right wall, revealing a two set of floor-to-ceiling windows with another set of French doors in between, leading out onto what was the same deck from the spa room, as Crystal appeared on the other side of the doors. Abbie opened them up and let her in, as Crystal said, "This place is beautiful, god, I wonder what the bigger place that we were suppose to get is like? We weren't suppose to get a spa...and look at the size of this bed!" George turned, not really noticing it at first, as Abbie and Crystal both had to use a set of steps provided to climb up onto a bed that must have measured eight feet by eight feet. The height off the floor came up to George's hips.

Damn, he thought, this thing is huge. Dave came in from the deck, his jaw dropped when he seen it, and he said "Man, did you see the view?" George nodded no, and he went out. They must have been about a thousand feet or more above Gatlinburg, and they could see all the way to Pigeon Forge. Since it just turned dark, the lights were on. Abbie and Crystal came up behind their respective husbands and each wrapped their arms around them. George was already wishing that it was just his wife and him here, and that they didn't have to share the chalet. But he resigned himself to having a good time anyway.

They piled back into the chalet, and Crystal said "Well, we might as well use the spa."

Abbie looked at her and said "But we didn't pack any swimsuits?"

"Well Abbie, nor did we. Guess we'll have to use it in the buff." Abbie looked at the husbands, George at Dave, both guys sort of shrugged their shoulders and started to peel off their shirts. Abbie still wasn't too sure of this, but as she watched her friend push her jeans down, she sighed, grabbed her top and pulled it off over her head, revealing her bra covered breasts.

George and Dave didn't wait around, probably because they were afraid that one wife or another would chicken out. They soon were completely nude, while their wives were still in their underwear. Dave and George headed for the spa, but as they passed the doorway into the living room, Dave said "Hold on. I seen something earlier that we all could use." He went off around the corner and on towards the kitchen. George went on into the spa room, and stepped down the stairs into it.

He was settled down, when his wife entered, totally nude, followed by Crystal. He had a hard time not staring at Crystal and her big breasts, as they entered the water. He enjoyed the view as both wives stepped down into the spa, their thighs parted, giving him a good view of their cunts as well. Just then, Dave came into the room ,as Abbie sat down next to her husband, and Crystal opposite her. He was carrying a ice bucket, which had a bottle of wine sticking out of it. He also had four wine glasses.

George said "Careful those don't break..."

Dave stopped him, saying, "They're plastic, seems they probably had that problem before."

He poured the wine into the glasses, as Abbie asked "Where did you get that?"

As Dave entered the spa, his meat hanging down in plain view, handing the girls each a glass, he said "I seen it on the table in the kitchen, the wine was in the fridge, as well as three more bottles."

Crystal took a sip, and proclaimed, “Good stuff, too."

Abbie took a sip of hers, as Dave handed George a glass, and she responded favorably as well, "Mmmm, this is good, and the spa feels darn good, too.

Soon the four were chattering away, forgetting they were all nude. It didn't take long before their glasses were empty, and another round was poured, as was another about twenty-minutes later. This drained the first bottle, and Dave went off to grab another. As he left, George caught his wife ogling Dave's hanging meat as he exited the spa. George smiled when Abbie realized she was caught, not only by him, but Crystal noticed as well. They all smiled and burst out laughing, the wine taking it's effect. Once Dave was back with the second bottle, another round was poured, and as Abbie sipped her latest glass full. She snuggled up to her husband, her hand roaming his thigh. He wrapped his left arm around her, his hand under the water, and he tweaked her tit. She giggled, and Crystal said with slurred speech "Hey you guys, I don't think that’s allowed."

Dave reached his arm around his wife and grabbed a handful of breast, saying "And why the fuck not?"

She blushed, as she turned and buried her face in his shoulder. Dave said "My wife is shy, she thinks her breasts aren't that good looking, what do you think, George?" George laughed, as Crystal playfully swatted her husbands hands away after he lifted her breast's out of the water.

"Well Dave, and Crystal, they look like a fine pair to me. Of course, I'm a man, I like most all breasts I see." He turned to his wife, who had a smile on her face, and he asked her "What you think, Abbie, does she have nice breasts or not?"

Abbie surprised her husband, by saying "They're big, wish I had some of them, after all," She stood up, holding her small breasts in her hands, "Mine are pretty small."

Crystal laughed, saying "Yeah, but at least you don't have to worry about them sagging to your knees."

"I don't see much sag in those pups yet, Crystal." George said, trying to give a compliment, in a strange way. They all laughed, and their conversation went back to more mundane things, such as work and the k**s. By the time the second bottle was empty, both wives were felling no pain, and both were about out of it.

Dave looked at George and asked "So who's getting the loft, and who's getting the back forty-acres in there?"

George was about to say that he and Abbie would take the smaller loft bed, but Crystal opened her eyes and said "Fuck it, that bed is big enough for all of us, and besides, we all know what sounds we make from screwing each other, and now we know what we look like bare-ass naked."

Abbie pried her eyes open, and looked at her friend, she just shrugged her shoulders, and smiled at her husband. As the two men helped their respective wives out of the spa to dry off, Abbie remarked, "Sure hope Michelle and Keith are getting along, and not fighting."

Crystal smiled and said "Yeah, that was a good idea, making them stay at your house, that way neither one can throw a party."

Oh, how they were sort of wrong. Meanwhile, back in Cincinnati, a few hours earlier. Keith came over about six, just as Michelle stepped out of the shower. Hearing the doorbell ring, she thought "Oh shit, he's here already." She had a rotten day, now she has to spend not only tonight, but the rest of the weekend with the guy from two doors down.

She wrapped her towel around her, then put on her robe, as she raced down the stairs. Wish her parents would have let her stay here alone. But they didn't trust her from having a party, nor did parents trust Keith. Although both k**s grew up together and went to the same school, they've taken a sort of dislike towards each other. They use to get along fine, but the last two years has been constant bickering. Almost like they're siblings. She figured that their parents must think that since they have not gotten along lately, that maybe they would make sure that neither would get into trouble.

Michelle opened the door, finding Keith on the other side. He didn't have a smile, and he just walked right past her and plopped on the couch. She thought, "Well, hello to you too, asshole." As she walked past him to go back upstairs to change, she said, without looking at him, "Theirs a twenty on the coffee-table, grab the phone and order us a pizza while I get some clothes on, I'll eat anything on mine, but anchovies."

She was up the stairs before he could say anything. He just sighed, thinking that he wished he didn't have to spend the weekend with that bitch. She's gotten so snobby lately. Keith was a good five inches taller than his father already, and about ten pounds heavier. But he is in great shape, thanks to wrestling in the winter, and track in the spring. He has already been on a few dates, and has even gotten as far as sticking his finger up Betty Jennings twat, as she sucked him off.

He dialed the pizza place, and placed an order. By the time Michelle returned downstairs, the delivery guy was there, and Keith was paying for the pizza. He closed the door and looked at Michelle. She was wearing a nightie, her red hair flowing down on her shoulders. Keith's testosterone level shot up, and he could feel his meat swell in his sweatpants. He cleared his throat, and carried the pizza into the dining room, telling Michelle, "Why don't you get us some plates, and I'll have a coke." She grumbled, thinking why didn't he get them while she was dressing, asshole. She also noticed the tent forming in his seats, and a smile came across her face, thinking, this could be fun, making him suffer.

As she went into the kitchen, she thought of her latest boyfriend, Mark Lanier. That guy had a nice schlong, and Michelle had already tasted it a few times. Mark has worked his fingers into her snatch as well, getting her off on the third time he tried that. She sure wished she had a bit bigger breasts, but as her mom told her, she inherited those from her side of the f****y. She carried the plates and a coke for him and one for her into the dining room. Keith grabbed one of the plates and piled half the pizza on it.

Grabbing his coke, he went off into the living room. He sat down on the couch, grabbed the remote, and flicked it onto a hockey game. Michelle took a few pieces, and sat at the table, drinking her coke and eating her pizza, wondering if dodo head had a real life. She was thinking of something to do, when the idea from earlier hit her again. Once done, she went into the laundry room and peeled off her panties and bra. She then grabbed the duster, and headed off into the dining room. She said to Keith, "Well, I've got to clean the house up, you go ahead and watch the game." He just grunted. She started in the dining room, dusting off the shelves. Keith heard her, and all too well. What she mean, clean the house? He had been over plenty of times before, and never seen it this clean, but he kept a straight face and went on watching the game.

When she entered the living room, he didn't even look at her, at least not directly. She bent over to pick up a magazine off the coffee table, giving him a clear shot down her nightie, letting him know that yes, she was stark naked under that thing. He didn't say a thing, just sort of looked around her at the TV.

She glanced up, and noticed his attention towards the television, and thought, damn, he didn't even fucking notice. What a bozo! She went to the side of the television, and dusted off the bookshelf, reaching high above her head. Although he was looking straight ahead, his eyes wandered to check out her latest pose. His cock was starting to swell again, luckily the sweatpants were loose so it didn't restrict his movement.

She turned and went on to the side of the room, wiping off a stand by the couch. Keith couldn't look that way, it would be too obvious, and he already figured out she was playing a game. From where she was standing, dusting away, she could look at him though. And she could see his hands cover his crotch. But she was surprised when she seen the size of the bulge in his sweats. Shit, she thought, his thingy is huge. Her boyfriend’s only about five inches, and he told her he was average. Now she was curious to see it.

In all the girl talk she has had with her friends, she had heard about cock size. Some guys have lot more than others. She also was told that five inches is not that big, but she didn't want to say anything to her current boyfriend, since he was the first to feel her up, and to get her off. As she stood there, she heard the phone ring in her bedroom, breaking her trance. She said, as she rushed for the stairs, "That’s mine in the bedroom."

Keith said "Okay" as he watched her trot by and up the stairs, causing her nightie to fly up, giving him a good view of her bare ass. He felt his cock throb, damn he would like some of that, too bad she'll never go for it.

Michelle grabbed the phone, and said "Hello?"

"Hi Michelle, it's me, Candy."

"Hi Hon, what you doing?" Michelle went and closed the door, not wanting Keith to hear their conversation.

"Not much, is Keith there still?"

She sighed "Yeah, unfortunately. I hate my parents for this."

"I don't blame you. This would have been a good weekend for a party with your parents gone. Not to mention giving Mark a chance to pop your cherry."

"Candy! Come on, I'm not sure if I want him to do that."

"Why not? He's got the equipment, doesn't he?"

She thought of Keith down on the couch "Well yeah, sort of."

"What you mean girl, sort of?"

She giggled, "He ain't all that big."

"You said you enjoyed the taste though."

"Yeah, and he does have good fingers, they found the right buttons.", she repiled with a girlish giggle.

"Then you gonna let him do it?"

"I...I...I don't know..."

"What's Keith doing?"

"He's down on the couch watching a hockey game, and trying to hide a big hardon."


"You heard me....I've been teasing the shit out of him."

"You better be big?"

"Well, not sure, I'm guessing about nine inches, is that big?"

There was silence on the other end. Candy asked "Are you sure?"

"Well yeah, his hands are long, and he couldn't cover it, it was sticking down his leg towards his knee."

"Oh my god, Michelle, if it's down the side of his leg, he probably ain't even hard all the way yet."

"Well, he is sort of holding it down."

Candy started laughing, Michelle felt hurt, and asked "What’s so funny?"

"Nothing dear, but if he has to hold it down, you might want to reconsider your idea about teasing him. I don't think you want him to attack you, that thing would split your twat in two."

"Oh...I didn't know." More giggling, and Michelle started giggling as well. She added "I bet I could get him real flustered."

"Michelle, you be careful, that could be dangerous."

"I'm a big girl, Candy."

"And so is he....maybe I should come over, sort of give you a hand. May prevent him from doing anything rash."

"Yeah right. I know you, Candy. You're such a slut, you would try seeing how big he is."

"Actually, sounds like he may be big enough for both if us."

An idea hit her, two pussies teasing him, not a bad idea. "Okay Candy, come on over."

"What? you serious?"

"Sure, maybe you're right."

"Gee Michelle, I don't know."

"Either put up or shut up."

"Listen, let me call you back in a bit."

The phone went dead. Michelle thought, what a bitch, all talk and no action. She placed the phone in the receiver and opened her door and headed downstairs. Keith was still on the couch, another can of coke in hand, or at least so she thought. She then realized that it was a can of her dads beer.

She went up to him, as he was watching TV, asking "What the fuck you doing, drinking my dads beer?" He looked at the can, then at her.

"Well, I guess I'm drinking it, why don't you go get one yourself." She trudged off towards the kitchen, knowing she had better not try taking it. Keith watched her leave in a huff, smiling. He knew that would get her goat. He went back watching the hockey game, as she went around the room, pretending to straighten things up. His pecker was twitching again, seeing her scantily clad body walking around. He tried hiding his erection, but it was no use.

Michelle went into the kitchen, grabbed a coke and came and sat down on the couch at the other end from him. She sat with her knees pulled up, letting her nightie ride up, just barely covering her bare ass. Keith caught site of it, and had a hell of a time controlling himself from smiling. Michelle asked "Who's winning?"

"The Maple Leafs, 4 to 2."

She decided to be cute "What inning?"

Keith knew better, so he decided to play along, he answered "Second, nobody on, and no outs."

Smart ass, thought Michelle. She noticed his thing was really making a tent now. The phone rang again in her room. She bounced up and went back upstairs.


"Michelle? Candy. Hey, I just talked to Kate Simmons, who is friends with Betty Jennings. She told her that he has one hell of a cock, but is rather inexperienced, and get this, she thinks he's still a virgin."

"So what?"

"Well, you might want to be careful....why don't I come over?"

She sighed, "Okay Candy, come on by, but make it look good."

Michelle went back downstairs. Keith had another beer, still watching the game. Michelle smiled at him, as he looked at her. She went into the kitchen, and found that that is his third. Damn, she may have some fun with him. Coming back into the living room, she sat down on the couch, and as he was watching the screen, she said "A friend of mine, Candy Stoll, is coming over, she's going to spend the night, is that okay?"

Keith kept watching the game, and said "Why should I care."

Keith was thinking, yeah, Candy, I know her, big tits, and a nice ass. On the track team and swimming team. Very nice legs. Damn, wonder if she'll put on a show as well. After about thirty minutes of silence, the doorbell rang, and Michelle flew up and answered it.

"Candy, glad you could make it." they walked past the couch and on towards the stairs. Michelle turned to Keith as they passed and said "Well, you know where everything is, go ahead and help yourself." He nodded okay, thinking there was something he would like to help himself to. Candy was disappointed when she seen his lap, although he did have a nice package, it was limp at the moment. When they got upstairs, they closed the door behind them.

"Shit Michelle, he ain't hard."

She laughed, "Well, I've been good since I talked to you. What did you bring to wear." There was a blank look on Candy's face, "Never mine, you can borrow one of my nightie‘s. I'll get one out while you get those clothes off." She turned as Candy pulled her sweater off and dropped her pants. She found one, but since she is five inches shorter than Candy, she knew it would only came down about six inches below her ass. She turned to Candy, seen she was in her bra and panties, and said "Go ahead and get those off, lets do this good." Candy smiled and reached behind her, unclasping her bra and pulling it off, letting her full 38d breasts fall forward. "Damn Candy, those will get him hard again in no time." Candy smiled and sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her panties down, revealing her blonde pussy. She grabbed the nightie from Michelle, and pulled it on, and stood up. She said "Ready for some fun?" Michelle said "Slow down, lets give him some time. Don't want him to become suspicious."

Downstairs, Keith drained the beer. He got up and went into the kitchen and pulled out another. Damn, this is a bummer. Two little bimbos that won't even give him the time of day, and he knows they're going to tease the hell out of him. He returned to the couch, and sat down, flipping through the channels, now that the game was over, he was trying to find something else to watch. When the girls finally came down the stairs, he definitely had something to see.

Back in Gatlinburg, Dave & Crystal, and George and Abbie had crawled into the bed. All were butt naked, and all were feeling no pain. Crystal looked up at the far wall, at what she thought was a big picture frame with the canvas just painted gray. As Dave handed her another glass of wine, she asked "Why would anyone paint a picture with just gray paint, and no features."

George, who was staring at her tits, looked up at what she was looking at, and started to chuckle. Abbie, not knowing what it was, said "What?"

Dave answered her, saying "That’s a television ladies. It's one of those flat screen jobs. I'm sure there's a remote around somewhere."

George looked to his right at the nightstand, and said "Here you go." He picked up a remote for the TV, pointed it at the TV and clicked the on button. The screen came alive, and he horridly turned down the sound.

Dave asked "See what you can find, George.", as he took a sip from his wine glass.

Abbie said "That may not be a good idea, he'll never stop anywhere long enough to see what’s on."

Crystal giggled, and said "Sounds like my Dave."

George ignored them both, as they continued talking, the two of them next to each other, their husbands at their sides. He found a ball game, and both girls in unison, said "No." He went by about three movies, all bl**d and guts type, another ball game, some infomercial shows, another gory movie, some network programming not worth watching, another ball game.

Dave said "Why not a ball game?"

Crystal said "Find a movie, something romantic."

Bad thing to say. Unaware to them, they were on a cable system that catered to adult viewing. After two more clicks, they were greeted to a porno. George said "Here you go."

And Dave replied "Yeah, that’s romantic."

As a blonde was getting her cunt frilled by some big black guy. George was expecting to hear his wife order him to change the channels, but instead, she said "Damn, look at the size of that cock. And I thought my George was big."

"It's even bigger than yours, Dave." Crystal added, causing Dave to blush.

The tits on the blonde were shaking wildly from the pounding her snatch was getting, and George said "She's got a healthy pair."

"Oh really." Said Abbie.

Shit, thought George, "But not as good as yours, dear." He lowered his mouth to her right breast and flicked his tongue over the exposed nipple.

"George, we're in bed with Dave and Crystal."

He brought his head up, and looked at the other couple, and then at his wife, "So, they can do what they want."

Dave laughed, and cupped his wife's big left breast, and stared sucking away.

"See, they're doing it too." He added as he parted her thighs and worked a finger in her slit, finding it already wet. Dave must have done the same thing, for Crystal's legs jumped when he placed his hand there.

"Oh shit, George, that feels good." Abbie said, as she watched the blonde now taking one in the ass and one in the cunt. She wondered how that would feel. Damn wine, making her think these naughty things. George moved his body down hers, kissing her tummy before coming to rest at her snatch. He was surprised how wet she was, and even more surprised when she kicked the covers off, revealing his eating habits to the other couple. But they were in a world of their own. Dave was on top of his wife in a sixty-nine already. His long, slim dick going in and out of her mouth.

Abbie pulled her husbands head up and said "Honey, lets do that, too." He smiled, as she crawled over him, taking his meat in her hands and started sucking away as she lowered her snatch to his waiting lips. She glanced over to Dave and Crystal, and noticed that although George was about double in thickness, Dave was a good three inches longer, at about ten inches in length. She was happily sucking away, as he worked her clit.

Crystal also was comparing the packages. She was happy her husband had a long tool, but was excited to see George had a shorter fat one. Both women started moaning at the same time, and it wasn't long before they both orgasmed, their screams muffled by the cocks in their mouths. The guys wanted to dip their wicks. So they got up, and Dave had Crystal on all fours, as George had Abbie on her back, with the girls laying inches from each other, Abbie's head just a few inches beyond Crystals rear, and Crystal the same with Abbie.

The guys were drilling away, and with the mirror above the headboard, they both could watch the porno. After about ten minutes of hard pussy pounding, sending the girls into orgasm as they watched each others cunt get royally fucked, the guys finally let loose with their loads, thrusting deep into their wives. They all collapsed forward into a heap, a tangle of arms and legs. All four, worn out by the activities and the consumption of too much wine, were soon fast asl**p. They even pulled the covers over themselves in their sl**p once they cooled down.

Back in Cincinnati, the girls came down the stairs, and Keith about died. It took a lot of self-control to keep his jaw from hitting his belly. Candy was now dressed the same as Michelle, and her nightie was even shorter. As they passed between him and the TV, they carried on some sort of conversation that he was totally ignoring. His meat jumped to attention, growing about an inch per second. His hands flew to his pants and covered the forming tent. Once the girls were in the kitchen, they had to stiffle a giggle, as Candy whispered "Wow, did you see his prick grow while we walked by?"

Michelle said "Shhh, he might hear you." She opened up the fridge, and pulled out three beers, handing one to Candy. "Come on, lets offer him one."

"Wait, what are we going to do?"

"Well, I figure we'll tease him until we get him d***k enough to pass out."

A smile came to Candy's face, "Then can we take a peak at it?"

"Candy!" She smiled, and said "Oh all right, god, you're such a slut." Candy followed Michelle out of the kitchen, each taking a swig of the beer. Neither one liked the taste, but both though to themselves that it was a good cover.

Michelle went over to Keith and said "Here, a peace offering," as she handed him a fresh one, "We want to make sure you don't tell on me for having Candy over."

Like he was going to do that. He knew better, but he killed the old one and crushed the can, and took the fresh one. Damn, he was feeling very lightheaded already. And why were they looking at him like that?

The two girls sat on the floor in front of him, not even pretending to show modesty as they did so. He was amazed when he got a glimpse of Candy's massive left tit. And even more so when she sat cross-legged, revealing a partial beaver shot. He pretended to watch TV, as he turned and switched off the lamp next to him, hoping this would enable him to be able to look some more, and also to hide his massive hard organ.

The girls smiled at each other, and Keith seen this. What are these two up to. Every ten minutes or so, one or the other would get up, and they weren't being very lady like either. He got a good view of both their naked genitals whenever they did so. His cock was starting to beg for relief. He also had to piss like a race horse, as the four or five beers he's drank so far were taking their toll.

He stood up and staggered towards the kitchen, and made it to the bathroom. He didn't bother closing the door, just flipped the lid up and waited for some of the swelling to go down so he could pee. As he was about there, he knew he heard someone come into the kitchen, followed by a gasp, but he didn't turn around. The piss started flowing out of his half-erect dick, a cock that was about six inches at this state. He sighed in relief, and once done, he gave it a good shake, as he heard whoever was watching leave the kitchen, after raiding the fridge.

The person in the kitchen was Michelle, she watched him pee, thinking oh my god, what a monster. He's bigger than her boyfriend when he's soft. When he was done, she grabbed some more beer and hurried back into the living room, and whispering to her friend, "You should see it, he was taking a pee with the door open, it hung down this far." She parted her hands to show her.

"Damn," said Candy, "I want to see it, too." Just then, Keith emerged from the dining room, he heard her comment, but feigned ignorance, as the girls playfully swatted each other.

Keith was thinking, so what does she want to see. When he picked up his beer, another fresh one, both girls looked at him and were all smiles. Shit, I wonder what would happen if I acted like I was asl**p. He smiled inside, and stretched out on the couch. The girls kept talking, giving him free shots, his pecker growing as he thought about drilling either one of their hot mouths, or better yet, their tight, young cunts.

Eventually, he played it right, closing his eyes, and breathing slowly. He heard Michelle speak, "I think he's out."

"Good, I want to see it."

"Hold on, what if he wakes up?"

"Who cares!" She said, as he heard both crawl over to his prone body on the couch. He felt fingers on his waistband. He grunted, thinking it would make it look like he was asl**p. The fingers froze in place. Another hand took his hands and pulled them off his lap. "Oh my god, Michelle, look at it."

"Lets see it when it's uncovered." Michelle said, not believing she said that. She was a bit scared, not sure if she wanted this to go any farther. He felt hands tugging his sweats down, two pair. It took about five minutes for them to slowly get his meat uncovered.

"Wow Candy, will you look at that. Have you ever seen one this big?"

She giggled, "No, at least not in flesh."

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"I've seen some porno’s, and this is still probably bigger than them. What you think, ten inches? maybe eleven?"

Michelle reached forward with her hand, and gently picked up the head of his sausage. "Definitely over ten, probably closer to eleven. And it feels so heavy."

"I bet that would stretch you out." She looked at her friend, slowly wrapping her small hand around the shaft, and giving a slight jerk, "What you doing, Michelle? He might wake up?"

"Come on Candy, you wanted to see it, I bet you would like to taste it as well."


Keith stirred, the feeling of Michele jerking his meat was a bit much, but he decided to keep his eyes closed, not wanting to stop the game. The girls froze at his movement, but both of them relaxed.

"Come on Candy, bet you can't suck him off. What’s the matter? Never had a mouthful of prick before?"

"Not that big, and I know I can't get it all in my mouth anyway."

Keith was thinking, so, she's sucked cock, hope to hell she sucks mine. He got his wish, as Candy said "Okay, let me have it." He felt Michelle hand his meat to her friend, and a very warm mouth cover the head of his prick.

"Come on Candy, you can take more of that." Michelle drooped her hand to her crotch, subconsciously, as she rubbed her bare pubic mound. Candy snorted, giving Michelle a glare, as she lowered her mouth even lower. Keith was in heaven. Here some blonde big-titted bimbo was sucking him off. He had a hard time keeping from reaching down and pulling her head onto his prick. Candy was swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, and he was starting to thrust his hips, while still pretending to sl**p. Michelle giggled, saying "I bet he's having one hell of a dream, Candy."

Candy placed a hand on his big balls and started massaging them gently. Keith let out a moan, enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth and tongue. She paused, making sure he was still asl**p, then continued. Her free hand worked down to her crotch, and she started fingering herself. Michelle seen what she was doing, and suddenly realized she was doing the same thing, without even knowing it. She sat up against the couch, watching her friend blow her neighbor and fingering her quim, as she did the same.

Candy felt his cock starting to throb, and knew he was close. She wasn't sure if she should take it in her mouth or not, but the answer was short coming, as Keith's cock exploded, sending a torrent of come into her mouth. She gagged and brought her hand from her crotch, grabbing his meat with both hands. Michelle noticed her finger was glistening from her wetness, as Candy tried hard to keep up with the flood in her mouth. Keith sent six bursts into her mouth, the last two causing some to leak out. She was thinking that he didn't taste all that bad, compared to other cocks she had had. Michelle forgot about her own clit, and leaned up to wipe the overflow from Candy's lips and chin, and taking her fingers into her mouth and licking them clean.

The two of them giggled as they looked at each other, Candy's mouth still full of his meat. Once she sensed he was done, she took it out of her mouth, causing Keith to moan. Michelle said "I think he liked that."

Candy smiled, and noticed as she was still jerking his meat, she said back "Why don't you try a taste, there still should be some more. Music to Keith's ears.

""Nah, I don't think so."

"Come on Michelle, I did it. Or do you want to bust your cherry on it."

"Candy! He's too big!"

"So what?! The bigger the better for your first time. That way the next one won't hurt so much."

She grabbed his schlong, it jumped to her touch. "Come on Michelle, go for it."

"You've already lost your cherry, haven’t you?"

"Yeah, to Bobby Price, the little shit."

"I knew it, no one believed him when he bragged about it."

"It wasn't much, he was in and came in about ten seconds."

Keith wanted to laugh, boy did he want to laugh. Michelle , while still slowly jerking his meat, said "I'll tell you what, you try him first, then if he fits you, I'll try him."

Candy looked at the prick, and at Michelle, "Okay, deal." She then looked around, "But first, lets get him on the floor, it'll be a hell of a lot easier that way."

"How we going to do that without waking him up?"

Candy laughed "Don't be silly, I just gave him one hell of a blowjob, if he ain't waking up from that, he won't wake up from us getting him to the floor." She looked at Keith’s face, thinking she saw him smile. She went by his face and said "Keith, come on honey, time for bed." She pulled his arm gently. Keith knew he better do a good job of acting, he mumbled something unintelligible, as she got him to sit up. She turned to Michelle and smiled, saying "I've watched my mom enough when she gets dad moving after he's had too much to drink. All men are alike." Keith started to lean forward, and Michelle was in front of him. He didn't stop, as his momentum carried him into her, with her ending on her back, her nightie pushed up above her waist, and him on top, his sweats down below his crotch, his hard cock pushing against her belly.

She squeaked out to Candy "Help get him off of me." Keith couldn't resist getting a handful of tit, and snuggling his face up to it. Michelle froze, as did Candy.

When he didn't move, Candy said "Okay, be still," She went to his ear and said "Come on Keith, roll over." She pushed on his shoulder, and he d***kenly did as was asked, ending up sprawled on his back, his meat pointing towards his chin. "Are you okay, Michelle?"

She sat up, and exhaled, "Yeah, guess so," she looked at his swollen pecker, "Doesn't look like I hurt him any." Both giggled, and Candy sat on the other side of him, grabbing his manhood.

"It's softened up a bit, why don't you go get some lubricant, while I get him good and hard again. Or do you want to try a taste?"

Michelle looked at her friend, "Lubricant?"

"Yes silly, that thing will need some help getting up either of our cunts."

"Oh, there’s some Vaseline in the upstairs medicine cabinet in the bathroom, you go get it, I want to see how he tastes."

Candy got up, smiling. Happy to see that she is interested in trying. Michelle reached for his pecker as Candy went off, and thought, well, here goes nothing. She had problems getting the head past her lips, his cock was so damn big. Once her jaw adjusted, she started swirling her tongue and bobbing her head. She felt his cock grow, expanding in her sweet, young mouth. After about two minutes, Candy was back down. She sat down next to them and said "Here, you've done a good job, lets put some of this on.

She handed her the jar of Vaseline, after scooping some into her hand. Michelle dipped her fingers into the jar, and applied a liberal amount to the cockhead, as she watched Candy stuff her lubricated fingers up her snatch.

"Will that help?"

"Fucking hope so."

Keith was breathing heavy, in anticipation of his first fuck. God, he couldn't believe this was happening to him. Candy straddled his hips, and raised hers. She said to Michelle, "Grab it while I steady myself, and guide it to my cunt." Michelle grabbed it, as Candy pulled her nightie off, revealing her nude form. She lowered her hips down, feeling the cockhead enter her vagina. A shot of pain went through her, she had only had intercourse three times, and this is by far the biggest cock she has ever had.

Michelle noticed her grimace, "You okay?"

"Yeah," she said, as she settled down another inch, "I'll be ...have to get use to it...oh god..." she felt a wave building inside of her. Shit, she only has three inches in, and already her body wants to orgasm. She arched her neck back, and moaned softly, as she slid her body down his love stick. When she bottomed out, a massive orgasm racked through her body. Michelle was worried she was hurting, but the smile on Candy's face told her otherwise. She realized what happened.

"Damn Candy, it feels that good?"

"Oh god Michelle, it feels wonderful, so fucking filling....oh god..." She started rising and falling slowly, and gyrating her hips. Keith felt like his pecker was in a vise, she was so tight. He was hoping he lasts to try Michelle, he so much wants to bust her cherry. He felt her cunt spasm again, as another orgasm hit, she moaned even louder. Michelle was impressed. Candy sat up, and started balling her own breasts, as she started riding with abandon. Since Keith had already came in her mouth, he wasn't near ready to come again. He did mumble something, but the girls were transfixed, Candy doing her riding, and Michelle watching that big cock disappear and reappear from her friends tight cunt.

Candy screamed out once more, then collapsed forward, panting heavily. Her hips were still involuntarily bucking on Keith’s shaft, making him feel rather good. Michelle grabbed her arm, and said "Are you okay, Candy?"

"I think I went to heaven." She pushed her self up with her hands. Keith moved his hands down to her hips and moaned. She had a puzzled look on her face, and then a smile. "Damn, he must be dreaming of doing it."

Michelle giggled, "That, or he's so out of it, he doesn't know it's happening for real."

Keith kept his smile to himself, letting them think he doesn't know what’s going on. "Come on Candy, I think I want to try it."

Candy turned her head, and leaned over and kissed her friend on the forehead. "Candy! What was that for?"

"For letting me come over." She moaned as she raised her hips up, leaving just the head planted firmly in her twat. She moaned even louder when she dropped down, smashing her cunt down onto his thighs. He let out a grunt. The girls froze, but then Michelle said "Come on, I think I can take it."

"Well, I'm not sure, not sure I want to share."

"You bitch, why should you have all the fun?"

"Hey, you didn't want to a little while ago."

"Well, I..." She looked at where Keith’s body joined Candy's, " I do now. Now come on, let me try."

She raised her ass up high, let out a sigh, letting his cock fall out of her cunt, making a popping sound when it vacated it's warm cave. "Okay, but you better put on more Vaseline on him, and a shit load in you."

Michelle smiled as she dipped her fingers back into the jar of Vaseline, and stuffed them up her cunt. Candy took some and re-greased his pole. Keith let out another moan. Michelle straddled his hips, and raised her ass. Candy took his meat in her hands and had Michelle lower her cunt until the head was at the door of her womanhood.

"Okay, Michelle, just lower down a bit." She did as she was told, and she felt the head of his dick enter her, sliding in rather easily so far. Her cunt felt like it was already full, and she only had a inch in her. "Here, you balance yourself, I'll make it feel better." With that, Candy took her fingers and started massaging her friends clit. Michelle's eyes flew open, not expecting her friend to do such a thing.

"Candy, what you doing?"

"You'll need some help, this will make it feel better as you go down." She continued her finger work, and Keith was wishing he could open his eyes and watch. "Whenever you're ready, go ahead and take more of it."

Michelle dropped another two inches, causing her to exhale from the stretching of her pussy walls. She felt the tip stop at her hymen, and said "It's stopped."

Candy giggled, "Well, you are a virgin, go ahead and raise up, then drop down and break it." Candy's fingers were making her feel damn good, as she raised her hips and dropped down, sending his prick through her hymen and a sharp pain through her body, causing her to scream out. She felt Candy kissing her on the cheek, and whispered into her ear, "There, the pain will go away in a second. Congratulations, you're no longer a virgin."

She relaxed, her pussy slid down a few more inches, until she was sitting on his lap. She never felt so full, and with her friends fingers, she was almost ready to have an orgasm. She started moving her hips like she seen Candy do it, and soon she was moaning in ecstasy, as she felt her pussy spasm and clamp down on his prick. Keith was beside himself. He had already been given a great blowjob, had one girl ride him to her own pleasure, and now had just taken another girls cherry. He was trying to think what to do next.

After about five minutes of Michelle riding his cock, sending her into another orgasm, he reached up and grabbed her breasts, giving them a good squeeze. Michele, who had her eyes closed, said "Oh Candy, that feels so good how you squeeze them."

Candy looked down at Keith’s face, to see his eyes open. "Um...Michelle honey, those aren't my hands."

Michelle opened her eyes and looked down at Keith’s smiling face, his eyes half-open. She didn't care, she was enjoying the ride. And now she was happy to know that a great ride lived a few doors down. She closed her eyes and went back to riding. Candy giggled, put her face over Keith's, and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Well, I don't know how long you been awake, but now that you are," She swung her leg over his head, and gently lowered her sweet cunt to his face, "You might as well do some work."

He moaned in appreciation, as his tongue darted around her pussy. This was the first pussy he ever ate, and she helped him along by moving her cunt to where she wanted him to lick. The two girls hugged each other, kissing and massaging their breasts. Candy started squirming more, as she soon had an orgasm, flooding Keith's face with her juices. Michelle was also in the throes of another powerful come, as she was moaning loudly, too. Keith felt his pecker throb, and the rush of his sperm up his shaft. He felt her cunt grip his cock and milk his second load deep up her cunt, sending her into another orgasm.

Both girls rolled off of him, and he propped himself up on his elbow, his cock deflating a bit from this round. He wanted to taste Michelle's red snatch, so he crawled over between her thighs and started licking away. Michelle moaned, and opened her thighs more, as he worked a finger, then two, up her tight snatch. He could feel his gobs of come, as they were being pushed put by her muscle spasms.

Candy moved down and took his deflated cock in her mouth. He was still about five inches, she thought that he was bigger soft than most guys hard. After about twenty minutes of slurping, Candy got Keith hard, and Michelle got a few more orgasms. Candy released his prick, and crawled up his body, whispering in his ear, "Do me doggie style, while I sixty-nine with Michelle."

Keith about died. He couldn't believe his ears. He sat up, and Candy replaced his lips on Michelle’s sweet snatch with her own tongue. He went up Michelle's body, kissing and massaging her small, full breasts. His hands stayed on her lovely young tits, as she placed his lips on hers, and f***ed his tongue into her mouth. She tasted her own juices on his lips and tongue, and then realized that someone else was taking care of her cunt. She moaned though, not wanting her friend to stop what she was doing.

He broke the kiss, as Candy pushed his head away form Michelle's face. Without removing her mouth from her slit, she swung around, and had her sopping wet bush over her friends waiting mouth. Michelle opened her eyes, seen what was above her, and grabbed her friends hips and lowered her down to her waiting mouth.

Keith sat back in awe. Here were two girls going lesbo, and he was hard as a rock. Both girls were making moaning sounds, as he got up behind Candy's upturned ass, and with one hand on her ass, he used the other to guide his pole up into the friendly confines of her tight hot box. He started fucking her gently and slowly, but even that was causing her to grunt, as his meat stretched her out again. But she wasn't arguing, as she loved the feeling of it plowing her cunt as her friend licked her twat.

Keith liked the feeling of Michelle's tongue as it licked his dick while he fucked. Both girls were primed for another gut wrenching orgasm, and soon Keith felt Candy and heard Michelle, as both came at the same time. Keith picked up the pace, sending her tits bouncing wildly under her. Michelle reached for them and started squeezing them hard, and pinching her nipples.

He could feel a load forming in his balls, as he increased the speed. Candy was crying out, saying "Fuck me hard, damn you, fill me with your jisz." He didn't need anymore encouragement, as he grunted and made one final thrust, sending his load deep inside of her and her off into another orgasm. Both of them collapsed, on top of poor Michelle, who just had an orgasm by watching the action inches from her face.

Michelle was the first to speak, all worn out, she said "Why don't we go to my room, the bed is big enough for the three of us." They all smiled, as they helped each other up, and then up the stairs they went, piling into her bedroom and crawling under the covers, a girl on each side. Soon, all three were asl**p, exhausted from the evenings activities, with Keith hoping for some more in the morning.

The sun rose early in the Smokies, but there wasn't a creature stirring in the chalet the two couples were sharing until late in the morning. The view of the bed wasn't much, an arm sticking out there, a foot over there, but it was obvious that there was more than two people under those blankets. The TV never was shut off. Another porno was on, but the sound was off.

Abbie was the first to wake, and the sight she saw! Her face was about a foot from Dave's cock, and being a man and it was morning, it was at full attention. She looked at it for a bit, getting up the nerve to touch another mans prick. With a smile, she slowly reached for it, grasping the head in her hands. She tugged gently, and it throbbed in her hands. She wasn't too sure what to do next, Dave let out a low moan, as she massaged it.

She softly crawled over to it, as she felt her husband, his head down by her feet, roll away in his sl**p. She took the head into her mouth, getting a taste of his meat with the juices of her friend still on it. Last night was a haze, she remembers drinking lots, and her and George making love next to Dave and Crystal while they did the same. She didn't think it went beyond that, but wasn't sure. Dave, who was on his side, moaned and rolled onto his back, pulling her with him. She felt his hand come to the back of her head, as she started sucking away on his long shaft.

George and Crystal both woke up when Dave rolled over, and looked at each other, their faces about two feet away. They heard the slurping noise, and they lifted the covers to see the back of Abbie's head, buried in Dave's crotch. George was stunned, here his wife was sucking on a cock that wasn't his. But he was stunned even more when Crystal leaned over and gave him a kiss. They exchanged tongues, as their hands worked over each others bodies. George found her big breasts, kneading them gently. Her hand was on his thick cock, jerking him at a slow pace. They broke their kiss, and soon were in a sixty-nine, with George on top. He was giving her clit a good licking, as she was to his dick.

Dave was finally awake, and he looked at the two in a heated sixty-nine. He then noticed that the woman had big breasts, just like his wife. Then it dawned on him, but who was sucking his schlong so damn good? He raised the covers, and seen the red hair. Oh shit, Abbie. She lifted her face up, and smiled as best she could with a mouth full of his cock. She released it from her mouth, and said "Shhh, you might wake them." She went back to sucking him, as he dropped his head and chuckled. She hadn't noticed the other two were going at it, yet. He reached down and started playing with one of her small breasts, finding the feel of them rather nice.

She knew something was up, when she heard Crystal moaning, pretty loud with a dick in her mouth. She turned her head, and saw Crystals body, with another body on top of her. Didn't take her long to figure out what was up. She felt the cock in her mouth throb hard, and soon she was greeted with a mouth full of come. She heard the familiar grunting of her husband, signaling he was filling Crystals mouth with his load. Abbie swallowed, keeping up with his spurts. Once she got the last drop, she pulled his dick from her mouth. She then crawled up on to of him, reached down between her legs and guided his meat into her hungry cunt. He reached up and kissed her on the lips, as he grabbed her small breasts, twisting her hard nipples.

She moaned softly, as he started thrusting up into her with his long shaft, and as she moved her hips. She looked over at her husband and Crystal. He was up and had her legs pushed up, her knees at the side of her breasts, as he plunged his thick member deep into her waiting hot pussy.

The sounds of sex was making them all even hotter, as they were riding each other hard and fast. All were breaking a sweat, as they approached their respective climax. Both women went first, crying out in passion at the same time. Their pussy's clamping down on their vaginal invaders, sending the men into orgasms, as they grunted loudly as they came, sending spurt after spurt into the pussy's they were servicing.

All four were exhausted after the morning sexual antics. Abbie raised her head, and looked at Crystal, and said "Good morning, have a good ride?"

Crystal smiled back, and said "Oh yes, it was a pleasant journey." She stretched her arms above her head, as George took a nipple in his mouth and sucked on it gently.

Dave did the same to Abbie, causing a slight moan to escape from her lips. She said "I don't know why, but I seen that prick of his right there when I woke up, and I just had to have a taste."

The other three chuckled, as George said "That’s okay dear, we all had to try a bit of tasting this morning." They all laughed, and started rolling around in the big bed. Eventually, the girls were between the two men, with Dave next to Abbie and George next to Crystal. The guys playfully rubbed the girls bodies with their hands, exploring each set of tits and cunts, as the girls took turns fondling the genitals of the guys.

Dave looked over to his wife, and asked "You get jealous?"

She blushed, "At first, but then George and I started in, and well...."

George said "Same was nice, but I still prefer my wife."

"Thank you, dear," replied Abbie, a smile coming to her face, "Although I enjoyed trying a new cock on, I much prefer the one I'm more use too."

Crystal thought for a moment, and said "I think it's best that we remember who we're married to, that this is okay, but not to hurt our relationship with our spouse."

"I agree" said Dave, as he worked two fingers into Abbie's sopping wet cunt, "Even though we're having sex with another person other than our spouse, it's not like we're making love. It's more for the pleasure."

George lifted Crystal's leg, and squeezed his cock back into her hot box again, saying "Yeah, and I'm ready for some more pleasure." The wives laughed, as Dave did the same with Abbie. Soon, the guys were pounding away again, as they each were sucking on the nipple closest to them, with they're other hand across to their respective wife, grabbing the free breast. Each wife had their fingers in their crotch, fingering their clit, as they were all working to another orgasm. Abbie came first, her cunt clasping on Dave's tool, followed by George, who again flooded Crystal's cunt. The feeling of his spurting monster sent her over the edge, just as her husband drained another load deep in Abbie.

They all rested for awhile, before Abbie decided it was time to get up. She said "You know, I think we should go shopping, Crystal." She sat up, Dave's spent cock plopping out of her well oiled cunt. She grabbed his dick, and added, "Besides, we can leave the guys here, maybe they'll get rested up for some more fun this evening." Crystal and Abbie jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, leaving Dave and George alone in the sack, finally noticing the porno on TV.

Dave reached for the remote, and said "Guess we won't need that for awhile." Both laughed, as they climbed out of bed, heading for the spa. They stepped down in, as they heard the shower turn on in the bathroom. Both women climbed in together, the shower being so big and all. They helped clean each other off, then once done, dried off together. Exiting the bathroom, they looked at the guys, who were relaxing in the spa.

Crystal asked "You guys going to come with us? You'll need to get something to eat eventually."

Dave started to say something, but Abbie seen the look on his face, and cut him short, saying "Besides pussy."

The guys looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Each knew they couldn't complain, not after this morning and how well the ladies took care of them. They got out of the spa, and got dressed, and soon, all four were heading down the mountain and towards town.

Up the road a bit in Cincinnati, it was late morning. Keith was having a dream about how he was having sex with two girls. But it wasn't a dream, as he thought of that as he woke up, in between Candy, on his left, and Michelle on his right. All three were as naked as the day they were born. His dick was rock hard, making a tent in the covers, as both girls were snuggled up against him, their firm young breasts pressed up against his bare flesh. He happened to look up at the clock, and when he seen the time, he said "Oh shit."

He sat up quick, waking up both girls, who cried out "What is it?"

"I'm going to be late for practice, it starts in thirty minutes, and I don't even have a car."

Candy said "Get dressed, I'll drive you," She jumped out of bed, looked around and looked at Michelle, asking "Where are my clothes?" Michelle had a blank look on her face, as she watched the swinging manhood of Keith as he rushed out of the room.

"Um, I don't know, why don't you see if he would like to work out here instead?"

Candy smiled, and exited the room. Five minutes later, Candy returned, pulling Keith by his saliva-coated rock hard cock. "It took some doing, but I convinced him that we could give him a better workout than any wrestling coach can give." Keith jumped back in bed, followed by Candy, as they pulled the covers over their heads, and the fun began again.

Candy got on his monster cock first, as Michelle sat her wet and horny cunt on his face. He found that he enjoyed eating pussy, and soon had his tongue exploring every inch of her wonderful box. She really moaned when he tongued her asshole. Candy was bobbing up and down on his meat, enjoying every inch of it, as she was panting and sweating up a storm, while her fingers were playing with the hooded man. It didn't take long for all three to crash into orgasmic bliss, as the two teenage beauties came on top of him, followed by him thrusting a huge load deep inside of Candy. When she climbed off his tool, globs of come were draining out of her slit. Michelle crawled over and stared cleaning her friends cunt with her tongue, sucking the sperm out of her hole.

Keith was still hard, and seeing Michelle's sweet upturned bum, he got up behind her and shoved his massive pussy-splitter all the way in, driving Michelle forward into the snatch of Candy. He reached around to play with a breast, as his other hand rested on her ass cheek. As he was plugging away, he gently inserted his thumb into her anus. She raised her head and squealed, saying "Oh you, Keith...oh fuck..." Candy, her eyes glazed from the tonguing she was receiving, was curious to know what brought that on. Michelle buried her head back into Candy's snatch, and continued her carpet munching. Michelle responded to the cock in her cunt and the thumb up her ass by having the biggest orgasm in her thus far short sex life. She came so hard, that she passed out from the intense pleasure. The feeling of this orgasm caused Keith to blow another load, sending a torrent of come deep into his neighbors tight womb.

He fell off to the side, temporarily spent. Candy pulled the limp body of her friend up into her arms, and kissed her lovingly, saying to Keith "God you're good, I should have tried you a long time ago."

Keith just smiled and laid his head back, this sure beats wrestling practice. He must have nodded off, as the next thing he knew, both girls were taking turns trying to suck new life back into his ailing pecker. After about ten minutes of sucking, the girls couldn't decide who's turn it was to ride him. He solved the problem, by saying "Why don't you two just share it." They smiled, and Michelle went to sucking his head, as Candy nibbled at his shaft and balls. Watching these two working on him got him off in about ten minutes, as he filled Michelle's warm mouth to overflowing. Candy stepped in, by taking the final two blasts, after one hit Michelle on her cheek after she pulled off of his dick. The girls giggled, as they wiped up the excess come, and licked each others fingers. Then they kissed, a hot passion ant French kiss.

Keith was definitaly spent. He leaned back, and soon he was in never-never land, snoring away. The girls realized they fucked him ragged, but knew he would be back one-hundred percent after a good rest.

They got up, took a shower together, and left a note for Keith, telling him that they were going shopping. That they would be back about five, in time to make supper. Keith was sound asl**p, resting his tired pecker. About noon, the phone next to the bed rang, he picked it up and said "Hello." He thought "Oh shit, this is her own line. A male voice on the other end asked " Michelle there?" He answered "No, she went shopping with Candy." There was a click, as the caller hung up.

Great, he knew that that was her boyfriend, Mark. He's probably wondering why he answered her phone. Oh well, at least he got her cherry. He crawled out of bed, and looked around, trying to find his clothes. No where in sight, he headed out the bedroom door and down the stairs. He went into the kitchen, still nude, opened the fridge and grabbed some leftover pizza. He found Michelle's note and read it, good, he can go back to bed. He had a feeling he may need his energy for tonight.

After scarfing down the pizza and a coke, he suddenly realized his head was pounding, too much beer last night. He scrounged around in the bathroom and found some aspirin, and downed three. Soon, he was back in her bed, and sound asl**p, as he thoughtlessly stroked his cock to the thought of doing the girls some more.

Out at the mall, the girls were shopping for hours. It was their third mall, and they already bought some new outfits. Candy looked at her watch, and said "It's four-thirty Michelle, we better hurry up in here." The mall they were in was the one closest to their home, and naturally they ran into some friends. They heard a female voice shout out "Hey Michelle, Candy, what you guys doing?"

They turned and found Cindy Mathers, and Jenny Smith approaching. Michelle was thinking great, the two biggest mouths this side of the Ohio. Would like for Keith to stuff his sausage in them to shut them up. They greeted each other politely, and then Cindy smiled and asked "So tell me Michelle, who answered your phone sl**pily this morning."

Michelle about died, then, keeping a straight face, said "Why, who was calling?"

Jenny answered, "Seems your boyfriend Mark called, and that Keith k** answered it, he was a bit pissed that he was in your room, wondering what he was doing in there."

"I would say he was answering the phone, since we weren't there, you dumbass." Candy retorted.

"If that dumbass is pissed because a houseguest answered my phone, then he ain't my boyfriend anymore." Said Michelle, thinking this will make breaking up easier. The two set of girls split up, with Michelle fuming. "That’s all I need, this to get around the school."

"Well, maybe we can play with it." said Candy

"How?" she thought for a moment, adding "Wait a minute, I'm not too keen on your ideas right now, I'm still a bit sore from that cock."

"They walked down the mall, talking, "Yeah, but what if we weren't the only ones that tried him on for size tonight.?"

Michelle said "No fucking way am I going to share, besides with you of course. And I don't want him worn out. We've all tomorrow and Monday to screw ourselves silly before our parents get home."

"Come on, what’s another girl or two." she started walking "And I know just a few things to make sure ol' Keith will keep going and going."

Michelle stared at her friend, and asked "What you got in mind?"

Candy turned to her as they picked up their pace, "You just leave that to me, we don't have much time." They entered a novelty store, "There's something I need to buy here, and then we need to stop by my house on the way home, you got your cell phone?"

"Sure, hold on." Michelle dug through her purse, pulling out her phone. Candy went to the adult section and soon said "Aha, here we go, this will help." Michelle looked at the little box, on it was a picture of a ring.

"My god, Candy, won't that hurt him?" She said, after she realized what the ring was for.

"Not sure, that’s why we need to stop by my house." They went and paid for the item, and exited the store, Candy asked for the phone and dialed up a number, and soon she was in conversation, "Amy? Hi there, this is Candy....What?...yes, I know, she's with me now, guess the whole school knows, huh?....well, maybe because he has the biggest cock you have ever seen....what you mean I'm full of shit?....tell you what, you want to see for yourself, or are you just full of shit yourself....yeah, tonight...hey, why don't you call some of the other girls, maybe they might want to see it,, I don't want the whole school to know, keep it with people we can trust....okay, you will?....great" they exited the mall an were heading towards the car, "Yeah, be at Michelle's about eight....see ya there! Oh! Call before you come over, let me know who all is going to be there...bye."

She turned to Michelle, "There, wasn't that easy?"

Michelle shook her head, "You're crazy", she then asked "But what we need at your place?"

An evil smile came on her face, "Something from my dad's medicine chest. Oh, and do you have any rope at home?"

Another look of bewilderment, "Why yes, somewhere I'm sure."

"Good" They pulled out of the mall, two women on a mission.

Dave and George were walking down the main drag of Gatlinburg. Their wives were in some store somewhere, they just didn't know which one. They were to meet them at four in front of the Ferris wheel. That was when Dave seen the flyer. It wasn't any flyer, this one had a word that caught his eye. He picked it up, and read it, and smiled. He handed it to George, who read it, and smiled, saying "You must be joking."

"Why not?" replied Dave.

"Well, this morning was one thing, I'm not too sure about this."

"Come on, we'll give it to our wives, and if they go for it, we'll try it, okay?"

"Yeah, if Abbie doesn't kill me first."

They found the girls, or should say, the girls found them. Neither said a word about the flyer, as they went into a restaurant and sat down for dinner. The girls were telling their husband all the neat things they've found, and that maybe they would go back to buy them later. Then Abbie asked George "What did you guys find?"

George about choked on his food, and Dave burst out laughing. The girls looked at the men and then at each other, Crystal said "Okay dumbass, what's the joke."

Dave said "No joke, just something we found while walking." He pulled out the flyer and handed it to Crystal. She read it, and her face went blank. Abbie looked over her shoulder, and turned to the guys "You can't be serious, George."

George turned to Dave, "I told you, now we went and ruined a good thing here, you dumbass."

"Come on George, it was worth a shot, and besides, it's not like they're going to cut us off."

The rest of the dinner was silence. Neither wife would even look at the guys. Finally, the men paid the bill, and e****ted the women outside, "Well, what you wanting to go back to buy?" George asked his wife, as he took her hand in his.

She squeezed his hand tightly, and said "You two go on over to the bar there, we'll be along shortly." They smiled as the two men walked over towards the bar.

As they turned, Crystal said "They haven't a clue, do they?"

Abbie broke up giggling, saying "No, they're scared big time, when should we let them in on it?"

They entered a gift shop, and Crystal answered, "Hold on, lets get those things first, then we'll talk out in the van."

Crystal got the things she wanted, as did Abbie, and they soon were talking and laughing on their way to their vehicle. They opened the hatch, put the things they bought away, then climbed into the side door. Once inside, Crystal said "Okay, read it again."

Abbie pulled a flyer out of her purse, just like the one that the guys had found earlier. She read it to her friend "The Smokey Mountain Swing and Social Club, Gatlinburg & Sevierville's top adult entertainment for Couples, Couples with open minds(and bodies) always welcome. Meets every Saturday night for fun and games at a private location, for information, call xxx-xxxx."

Crystal pulls out her cell phone, "Let me see that number." Abbie put it in front of her face, and she entered it into her phone, she put it up to her ear and waited briefly, "Hello?...Yes, I'm calling because we found one of your fliers here in town.....actually, there are four of us, two, we've never swung before, but my friend and I are interested in doing it for our husbands....what?...okay, our names are Dave & Crystal and Abbie & George, we're staying in one of the chalet' eight pm....twenty-five dollars per couple...and condoms are provided, I take it they're, no problem, I'm happy they are, this being our first time and all, makes this a bit easier....I understand...okay, let me write that down..." She pulled a pen out of her purse, and started writing down directions. After five minutes, she was done. "What was, not sure, let me ask my friend," she turned to Abbie, "You have any questions for them?"

Abbie thought briefly, then said "Yeah, how many couples will be there, and how many single's?"

Crystal spoke into the phone "Did you hear that?....uh-huh, okay, she said probably about thirty couples, and about ten to twenty singles, most of them being male."

"Wow, that’s a lot of people." replied Abbie, she added "Will there be snacks and drinks?"

Crystal smiled and said "Full service bar, and a small buffet of finger food."

"Good, lets do it."

"We'll be there sometime this evening...huh?...okay, thanks for telling us. See you later."


"Her name is Donna, and she said that they generally close up about midnight."

"Okay, then lets do it."

They got out of the van, and headed for the bar they sent their husbands to. Crystal asked "How we going to tell our husbands?"

"Lets not, I'll drive us, we'll say they've had too much to drink. Besides, after reading the directions, it's in the same area as our chalet." Crystal said, as they made their way into the bar. They found their husbands, both with an empty beer in front of them, and another one in their hands. They sided up to the bar, each next to their mate. Crystal said "You guys ready?

Dave answered her, "Just about, let us finish this round." The bartender came by, and both women shook their heads no. No one spoke, and once the guys were done with their beer, they started to get off of their respective stool. Crystal played it perfectly, sort of tripping her husband, "Whoooh there much have you had to drink?"

"Aw, just three or four." Replied her husband.

"Well, looks like I'm driving then, we don't need any dui's down here in briar land." He started to protest, but she shut him up when she said "Watch it, bub, you're already in hot water, or have you forgotten that."

Dave mumbled something, as they strolled out the door, heading to the parking lot. The guys piled recklessly into the back of the minivan, as Abbie got in the front and Crystal behind the wheel. There was silence as they drove out of the lot, heading up the main drag of Gatlinburg. They made the first three turns as if they were going to their chalet, then Crystal made a left, instead of going straight. Dave didn't say anything, thinking that he'll show that bitch, let her get lost. George started to say something, but Dave stopped him, putting his finger to his lip. George smiled, thinking the same thing as Dave.

Then she made another turn, and another. George and Dave were smiling, but for all the wrong reasons, two more turns, going up a steep incline, they came up to the top of the ridge, and at the third driveway, they turned into it. When they did, the guys smiles turned to faces of bewilderment. Both were thinking, where the fuck they taking us?

After parking in a small lot with about thirty other cars, Crystal turned off the ignition, and both girls turned around and said "We're here?"

George and Dave looked at each other, and George asked "That’s nice, but where exactly the fuck are we?"

"Yeah, I don't think they moved the chalet we were staying in." added Dave.

Abbie smiled, saying "We've a confession to make."

Crystal continued, "Yeah, seems we found a similar flier before you guys did, we didn't think you would find one too."

Both guys started cracking up, the girls asked "What’s so funny?"

"Aw shit, we thought you two were going to cut our marbles off." Replied Dave.

"Better hope not," said Crystal, as she opened her door, "You'll need them tonight." She looked at her watch, "It's eight-ten, the party already started, lets go."

They all piled out, and headed towards the building. It was huge from the outside, both guys were wondering what was inside. As the approached, they found signs directing them towards a door on the side of the garage, to a side door. Entering, they found it empty, save for a table with a scantly clad blonde with very big breasts. George let out a low whistle. She seen them when they came in, and said "Like what you see, big boy?"

He blushed, and Abbie nudged him in the ribs. Crystal spoke, "Hi, we're Dave, Crystal, George and Abbie, I called earlier about tonight's get together."

The blonde smiled and stood up, "Oh yes, I'm Donna, you talked to me, welcome to our bit of paradise." She picked up four sheets of paper, and handed one to each, saying "These are the rules, and when you're done reading, you may sign here, and I will need to see some ID." The two couples read the paper, and both guys were ready to sign right away.

They took out their wallets, showing their drivers license, Donna looked at them, saying "Oh, Cincinnati, I grew up in Dayton."

Really?" said Dave, "Crystal is from there as well, where did you go to school?"

She said "Alter, class of 83." Crystal stuck out her hand, saying "West Carrollton, '84."

They shook, and Donna said "Okay, lets get going, this is really all the intro we give. The next room is a changing room. Just strip down in there. There are lockers for storing valuables, the pay type, only a quarter. Any questions?" No one said anything, "Okay, make yourself right at home. The food and bar are in the room after you leave the changing room. There is a table with towels as you enter the next room, please grab one and sit on it at all times. You all have fun, and remember, no means no, although I don't think you'll have to worry about that."

They went through the next door, finding a twelve by ten room, with lockers on one wall, and a long bench. There was a bathroom on the other side, and both girls decided they needed to pee. The guys stripped right away, and were bare-ass by the time the girls came back out. The girls started removing their clothing, handing it to their husbands so they could put it into the locker.

Dave looked at his wife, who looked a bit nervous, "Ready?"

She inhaled a deep breath, and said "Lets go for it, we came this far."

They exited through the door, entering a large room with couches all over. A table had towels on it, and each took one as they went by. There were about a dozen people sitting on the couches, some talking, some making out. Dave pointed out a sign that said the place closed at midnight. George said "Looks like we better get in as much fun as we can."

Crystal answered, "Or take back to our place some entertainment." Abbie giggled, as she eyed a young man, about twenty-four, sitting on the couch, stroking a nice size piece of meat. She thought, what the hell, I'm here, as she walked over, picked up a condom and handed it to him. He rolled it over and down his cock, and she straddled him, taking him up her tight cunt.

Dave felt a hand on his shoulder and turned, finding a brunette smiling, with nice tits, pulling him down onto the couch. Soon the were making out on the couch, their hands exploring each others bodies. George and Crystal looked at each other, and she shrugged her shoulders, as she dropped to her knees and swallowed George's hard cock, making loud slurping noises as she sucked. He pulled her over to another couch and sat, enjoying the view. Dave now had the brunette on all fours, and a rubber on, drilling her cunt from behind while reaching under her and playing with her hanging tits. A thin guy came up behind Crystal and asked to screw her, she just nodded, as he tehn puled on a condom and entered her upturned ass. George grabbed her head in his hands and started fucking her face in time with the one in her twat.

They all were getting into it, and the room was full of the sound of sex. Probably about ten other pairings and threesomes, and they all came about the same time. When they extricated themselves from each other, they all just sat around, waiting for it to start over again.

Crystal joined Abbie on a couch, both girls cunts wet from their own juices, and the two husbands on another. George said "Well, lets go look around, if anyone sees something they want to get into...."

The girls smiled, as Abbie retorted "Or let get into us!" They all laughed, as George and Dave got up and headed for the stairs, to check the rooms up there. Abbie looked at the door, and said "Oh my." Crystal turned and looked a that she was looking at. In walked about a dozen young men, all well built, and all with very nice equipment. They were soon followed by another dozen, as well as about four college coeds, each rather good looking.

Crystal said "Looks like fresh meat." As she stood and approached a few of them that had moved closer towards them. In seconds, her and Abbie were on the floor, each with a cock in their cunt and one in their mouth. When the men emptied their loads in their rubbers, Abbie suggested they find a room, and they went on upstairs, followed by about six of the guys.

They found George and Dave in one room, double-fucking a blonde, George on bottom and Dave on top, his cock in the blondes ass. Abbie said "There's our husbands, lets try the next room, and that looked like fun."

They all piled into the next room, and soon the two wives had a cock in each hole, having one orgasm after another. George and Dave meanwhile, had finished with the blonde, and moved on to another room, where they took in a young red-head who was taking one cock after another in her well-oiled twat. They just smiled and got inline, ready for their turn.

Back in Cincinnati, Keith was waking up again. He couldn't move his hands or feet. Shit, he thought, what happened? Did he fuck himself to death. As his senses came back, he remembered the girls having a dinner ready for him, and making sure he drank his beer. He looked over at the clock, it read nine-pm. Damn, he's been asl**p for four hours at least, and what’s that strange feeling on his cock? He couldn't see under the covers to tell, but he knew he had the mother of all woodies, yet something felt strange. Why would the girls tie him up? Are they into something kinky? Hell, if only they would have asked!

Downstairs, Michelle and Candy were talking to a group of girls. There were six of them. Amy was a short brunette with a small waist and small tits. Sally was rather tall, thin and about a b-cup. Cheryl was a bit heavy, probably about thirty pounds over weight, but her breasts were huge. She was also a first cousin to Candy, and a year younger. Mary was a well built redhead, hair redder than Michelle's, and breasts a bit bigger too. She was as tall as Sally, and just a bit heavier, with muscular legs. Bobbie was the shortest and the youngest, only fifth teen and not weighing in much over seventy-pounds. She hardly had a chest, and she had long blonde hair. The last girl was Pam, a racially mixed girl with ample breasts and a butt that was a bit on the big side, but a very thin waist, which made it look bigger.

Candy looked at them and said "Okay, what have you guys heard so far?"

Sally spoke, saying "Well, we heard that Michelle got lucky with that geek neighbor of hers, what’s his name? Keith Andrews?"

This pissed Michelle off, which was surprising, considering she thought the same thing before last night. "Hey, he may be a geek, but he's got the biggest damn prick you bitches have ever had." The six girls dropped their jaws, so it was true. Michelle realized what she said, thought oh well, and added "A better cock on any guys you go with."

Amy responded "Just how big is it? And does he know how to use it?"

"Oh, he can use it all right, he used it all night last night on both of us. "Candy replied, shocking the girls even more.

Pam said "Well my Joe is seven inches, and there's no way that that geek could be any bigger than that."

"What you say we put you on the spot?" Said Candy.

"What you mean?" she replied.

"If he's bigger than seven inches, you all have to ride him at least once." was Candy's answer. This shocked the girls again. She added "His dick is good enough to get you off, which is more than you can say about the inept abilities of your boyfriends. Hell, I should know, I've fucked most of them."

The girls were even more shocked when Amy said "You're on, but aren't you forgetting one thing?"

Candy smiled, and said "Before we go any further, is this a deal?"

The girls looked at each other, and Pam said "It has to be at least nine inches to win."

Candy whispered into Michelle's ear, saying nothing, just getting the girls going, "Okay," she said "Nine inches it is."

Cheryl shouted out, "Wait a minute, cousin, how are we going to find out?"

Michelle stood up, and said "Easy, follow us up the stairs."

"He's upstairs? Right now?" a few said .

Candy smiled and said "Come on, or are you girls chicken shit."

They hesitantly got up, and followed the girls up the steps towards the bedroom of Michelle. Her room was the second door on the left, across the hall was her parents room. She stood in her parents doorway, and said "Okay girls, enter my room."

Keith watched the girls enter the room, and his cock twitched under the covers. It hurt a bit as well, he was wondering what was going on, his wrists and ankles were handcuffed to the bed. He noticed a pill bottle next to the bed, and wondered what that was. Once the girls were in side the room, all standing at the side of the bed, Candy and Michelle went to the foot of the bed.

Michelle asked "You girls ready to pay up?"

Pam smirked, and then her face went white as Michelle quickly pulled the blanket off of Keith. His meat was laying on his stomach, and it had to be at least ten inches long. Amy said "Oh myyyyy goooood" real softly, and a few of the other girls uttered similar responses.

Michelle climbed onto the bed, grabbed his meat, and swallowed his cock, as Candy asked "Okay, who's first?"

Keith looked at his favorite cocksucker, and saw what was causing him the discomfort. The girls placed a cockring around the base of his shaft, it was pressing into his skin.

Pam asked "What is that for?"

"That’s to keep him from coming, sort of protection." replied Candy, as she added "Come on, who's paying up first. Pam? You've a big mouth, why don't you go first."

Pam glared at Candy, as the others said "Yeah, you made the bet and got us into this. She shrugged her shoulders, stripped off her clothes, and climbed onto the bed, straddling her hips over his groin. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, letting Michelle guide his cock to her opening. She slowly lowered down, taking the large purple head past her cunt lips. She moaned as it stretched her out, as she said "Oh god, he's so fucking big!"

She got use to his size, and Keith held still. Watching the girl's dark skin come down and engulf his meat was a dream come true. After about ten minutes, she was down all the way, and she took in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. Keith could feel her pussy walls rippling, and knew she was excited. He could see her moisture dripping out her cunt, as she rested.

Cheryl asked "Are you all right, Pam?"

She turned and smiled, saying "Oh god, yeah." She started moving her hips back and forth, and a slight up and down motion. Keith started thrusting his hips as well. As she was riding his meat, Candy asked "Anyone want to try his tongue?"

Cheryl quickly said "I do." As she quickly stripped and climbed onto the bed. She mounted her fat pussy on his lips, before he could say anything. Not that he had a choice, he decided already to just lay there and enjoy what they do to him. Soon she was squirming on his tongue, as he was licking her real good. Pam was about there, and announced her orgasm with a loud scream. Michelle was hoping her snoopy neighbor doesn't call the cops on that one.

As Pam relaxed, Candy said "Okay Cheryl, as soon as Pam vacates his monster meat, it's your turn. You others get naked, and get in line, his face is available."

The other four girls stripped down, and Pam slowly pulled off his cock, rolling off to the edge. Her pussy never felt this good before. She looked at his meat and took it in her hands, giving the head a kiss. Keith twitched it, making her smile.

Cheryl straddled his cock, as Bobbie got on Keith’s face. He was in heaven now, what a sweet tasting pussy, not that Cheryl’s wasn't bad either. Cheryl felt a mini-orgasm hit, but she was in anticipation of his meat. Michelle wondered why she was so nervous, until she lowered down on his cock. She sank about two inches, then stopped. She sucked in her breath, and dropped down, forcing his meat up her virgin pussy.

When Michelle seen the bl**d, her face went blank, as she pointed it out to Candy. Candy said "Oh Cheryl, I'm so sorry cousin." Cheryl was sitting there, her pussy filled to bursting. Candy came up from behind and reached her arms around her, kneading her cousins breasts. "I didn't know you were a virgin, honey. If I did, I wouldn't have let you taken such a big cock."

Michelle added "Don't worry Cheryl, I was a virgin until last night, as well."

Cheryl and the others looked at her, as she blushed. She added, "Here," She placed her fingers in Cheryl’s slit, rubbing her clit. "This will help." Cheryl closed her eyes, as the two girls rubbed the parts that needed rubbed. Soon she was bucking her hips, and shortly after that, she had her first major orgasm in her young life. Bobbie was coming at the same time, and the sound in the room was getting the girls all excited.

Cheryl climbed off, sniffling. Candy took her in her arms and they left the room. Bobbie was next to ride, and it was a sight watching her tiny body taking such a big cock. She somehow managed to do it, getting all the way down, as Amy was riding his more than eager face.

In Michelle’s parents room, Candy comforted her cousin, saying "It's okay, if you want to go home now, you can."

Cheryl looked in her eyes, and replied "I wanted to be like you, cousin."

Candy smiled, saying "You are, you enjoyed it. But since this is your first time, maybe you should go on home, then come back tomorrow, that way you only have to share him with me and Michelle."

Cheryl sniffled back a tear, and smiled, "Will he let me?"

Candy laughed, "Well, he won't be tied up at the time, but I'm sure he will."

The two kissed, and Cheryl said "Thank you for helping." As she squeezed her cousins ass as they got up and went back into the other room.

Candy said "Cheryl's going on home for a bit, she might be back later." As she squeezed her cousin's shoulder. Bobbie and Amy didn't hear a word they were saying, as they both came hard. Cheryl put her clothes on, and turned and left, just as Amy took the cock in one fast drop, and Mary went for a tongue ride.

Lisa Summers was sitting on the couch when her daughter Cheryl, her only c***d, came walking through the door of their house. They lived four blocks from Michelle, not far from where Candy lives. Candy is her b*****rs daughter. She considered her a wild girl, and was sort of surprised she asked her cousin to come over tonight. Lisa asked, "You're home early, you okay."

Cheryl smiled, leaned over the couch and kissed her mother on the cheek, saying, "Yes mom, just got tired, going to take a shower, I might go back over later."

Lisa's mind clicked. That ain't right. She usually doesn't get along with her cousin, or her friends. The only reason she went tonight was because Cheryl ran into them at the mall, as they were leaving. She always worries about her only c***d. Her father, the d***ken fat ass, left years ago, and it had been rough raising her without a father. Although Lisa is about a size four, poor Cheryl inherited her fathers looks. He was good looking for a big man, but big woman on the other hand.

The smell, Cheryl had an odor about her, can't quite place it, she thought. It wasn't alcohol, or pot, thank god on both counts. She sure wish she would make some friends. Then it hit her, sex. She smelled like sex! It's been a long time since she had anything between her own thighs, so it took a while to recognize the scent. But, she wanted to be sure.

She stood up, having an idea. She walked to the bathroom, and heard her daughter in the shower. She entered, saying, "I'm going to do a load of laundry, so I'll take your dirty clothes." She said.

Cheryl responded "Okay mom." as she washed her body, her now non-virgin body. Her fingers went to her pussy, feeling her pussy lips. She was surprised they didn't feel sore. As her fingers found her clit, a funny feeling swept through her. God, she thought, that did feel so fucking good, maybe I will go back in an hour. She was wondering if he would do her again, and eat her pussy once more. That would be so nice.

Lisa took the clothes down the basement, and searched through them for her panties. She held them up in the light, and her suspicions were confirmed, as she seen the bl**d stains and a big wet spot. Now what, she thought. She was thankful that a year ago she started secretly giving her daughter birth control pills, telling her they were vitamins. That damn Candy, she bet she was behind this.

She put the clothes in the wash, and went on back upstairs. She sat on the couch, waiting for Cheryl to come out of the shower, wondering how to approach her about this. It sure was taking her a long time in there, then she chuckled, knowing damn well what was getting squeaky clean. Shit, she does it herself, the shower is the best place for playing with the man in the boat.

After about ten more minutes, and a great orgasm for Cheryl, the water turned off. Cheryl grabbed a towel and dried herself off, then wrapped it around herself. She exited the bathroom, and heard her mother call her name.

"Coming" she said chuckling at the inside joke.

She came in and saw the serious expression on her mothers face. Her own smile disappeared, and she knew that something was wrong. "Sit down, dear." She instructed, "Next to me." Cheryl, only clad in a towel, did as she was told.

"Yes mother?"

"Honey, I think we need to talk." her mother said.

Cheryl was getting white, "Okay mom, about what?"

"Oh, a few things, maybe about the weather, your social life, how you lost your virginity tonight."

She got teary eyed, and buried her face in her moms shoulder, saying "I'm sorry mom, but I was just trying to fit in."

Now this puzzled Lisa, fit in? Fit in how? "That’s okay dear, every woman goes through this eventually. I'm just making sure that you're okay." She pushed her daughter away, and said "Now, who was it, and how did it happen."

"Um, well," she stammered, "It was Keith, a neighbor of Michelle, and just sort of happened." She started crying again, Lisa was wondering what to do, and the more she thought about it, the madder she got. She was pissed that someone would take advantage of her daughter, a girl with not much self-esteem, even though she had been trying to get her to do better.

Finally, she stood up and said "Get dressed." Cheryl looked up at her, and Lisa repeated it again, "Go on, hurry up and get dressed." Cheryl got up and went running to her room, wondering what her mother was going to do. She grabbed some clothes and put them on and came back out in the living room. Lisa had her jacket on, and had hers in her hands, she tossed it the Cheryl, and said "Come on, I'm going to kick some ass for causing you harm."

Cheryl was shocked, and scared. As they went out the door, Lisa grabbed her hand, half pulling her the four blocks to Michelle's house, as Cheryl pointed it out. There were a few cars in the drive, one being Candy's, which Lisa recognized, and two others. They were at the front door, and Lisa found it unlocked, just as a van pulled up to the curb. Lisa glared at them, and asked her daughter, "Who's that?"

Cheryl turned and looked, and said "I think that’s Michelle's boyfriend, or use to be." she giggled when she said the last part. Lisa wondered, what she mean by use to be? She reached in her purse, and said "Here's the cell phone, if they come up towards you, dial 911. I'm going on inside."

Cheryl wanted to stop her mother, but it was too late. She quietly and quickly went on inside, locking the door behind her, leaving her daughter alone on the front step. The front room was empty, and she was wondering where everyone was. Surely someone should be down here, she thought. She heard laughter and a commotion coming up the stairs, and she sneaked on up. The house was dark, as the sun had already set, as she got to the top of the stairs, she heard a girls voice shout out, "Come on Amy, you're almost out of time." More giggling. They must be playing some sort of game. When she stuck her head around the corner, she about gasped out loud. There was Amy Jones, riding the biggest cock she had ever seen, and six girls were sitting on the floor watching the action, all nude and all with their backs to the door. She also saw the handcuffs on the young boys wrists and ankles, as he said "Come on girls, let me loose so I can show you how I can really screw you."

She saw one of the girls, damn, it was Candy her niece, lean onto the bed, kissing him on the lips, saying "No way Keith, we like a captive audience." The other girls cheered, as Lisa backed away from the door. She heard another say, "Come on Keith, hang in there, you took all seven of us while tied down so far, and we have more games to play, if Amy will ever get her fuckin rocks off." Another voice, "Yeah Amy, the key to this game is for the fastest come, not the longest, we all want a turn."

A loud scream of pleasure came from the bedroom, Lisa giggled, thinking it looked like Amy finally got there. She snuck back down the stairs, making sure she wasn't seen. At the front door, she exited the house, Cheryl was standing there. Lisa had a big smile on her face.

She looked at her daughter, and asked "Cheryl dear, was he tied down when he took your cherry?"

Cheryl looked at her feet, and barley muttered "Yes mommy."

Lisa chuckled, and brought her hands to her face, thinking, damn, my daughter lost her virginity by helping gang **** some young stud with what must be the biggest cock in the county. She looked up towards the curb, and noticed the van still there, but empty. She turned to her daughter, and asked "Where's the boys at from the van?"

"Um, they went around back."

Just then, a police car came to a stop at the curb. Oh shit, more trouble, she thought. She turned to her daughter, saying "I'm not mad at you, go inside and tell the others that some boys are around back, and the cops are at the front door, I want everyone in the living room fully dressed in five minutes." She opened the door, and said "Now go!"

The officer exited the squad car and approached the house. She recognized him, Barry Smith, knew him for years, lucky day, she hoped. "Hi Barry, glad you're here."

Barry looked shocked, seeing who it was, and said "We got a call from a neighbor of someone around back, know anything about it?"

The boys from the van, she thought, "Well, the girls are having a sl**pover, including my daughter, I suspect some of the boyfriends are trying to get inside. It would help matters if you e****t them off the property."

He smiled, and went around back. She heard some shouting to "Stop, police!" Some more shouting, and two boys came flying around the corner, heading for the van. But no Barry. The boys climbed in, and it was rather comical, when they realized the driver wasn't with them. Lisa ran to the door and said "I know you Pete, you stay right there, don't you dare move." She recognized him, and his face went white.

Soon, Barry was coming from around back, with Mark Lanier, he had Marks arm twisted behind him, as they made their way to the squad car. He had him up against it, and said "You know, you smell like beer, son, how much you had to drink."

Mark said "Fuck you, asshole, my dad's going to have your badge."

Barry laughed, and said "Yeah, right after he bails you out for voyeurism and u******e drinking, is that your vehicle? I'm sure that nice lady there witnessed you driving it in your condition."

"I'll sue your ass, man." Mark shouted.

Barry chuckled, and said as he was placing him in the squad car, "Say that again, young man, I want to make sure that the video camera got it." He pointed to the camera mounted on the dash. He then went to the van, and opened the door, saying "Okay, you two, you want to come with me?"

The two boys sheepishly exited the van, just as a big Cadillac pulled up. A man stepped out and approached the officer, and Lisa heard Mark shout out "Give him hell, dad." After Barry placed the other two in the back of the squad car, the boys father and Barry went to the front of the vehicle. There was some pointing and talking, all by Barry. The man asked a few questions, and got some answers, then shook the officers hand. Lisa could see Mark in the squad car, his mouth hanging open, as his father walked back to his car and drove off.

Barry approached Lisa and Lisa asked "Any trouble?" Barry laughed, "No, luckily I know his father, helped him out of a jam a while back. We'll be leaving now, he said he'll have someone come and tow the van back to his place." He turned and started walking, then turned his head, and said "Hey, come here and watch this." She caught up to him, as he opened his door and peered into the backseat, looking at Mark, he said "Your dad said for you to have a nice night downtown, young man." Mark started kicking the back of the front seat, as Barry closed the door.

He smiled and said "Seems he told me that the girls inside were being bothered by some weirdo, and he was afraid for the well being of his girlfriend."

She started laughing, and he looked puzzled, she said "Barry, I would tell you, but you wouldn't believe me." Just then the front door opened, and Cheryl came running out. She whispered into her mothers ear something, and Lisa said to Barry "Officer, there seems to be a problem, I hope you are professional enough to keep this quiet, though."

Now he was really puzzled. He asked "Will this take long?"

She stopped, looked at the house, and said "It might."

He replied "Hold on, I have to get these three to the station." He radioed in for back-up, and as they waited, she sent Cheryl into the house. She also explained to him about what had happened tonight, before he arrived. He had a hell of a time keeping a straight face, and now the kicker is, is what Cheryl whispered in her mothers ear. Candy lost the key to the handcuffs.

Once finished with the story, he said "Well, no use telling the boys in the squad car what happened." As two more squad cars pull up. Barry talked briefly, saying he wants to interview some of the girls inside with the assistance of Lisa, and took the boys out of his car and sent them downtown in the other two cars. As they pulled away, he turned to Lisa, and said "Well, lets go see what we can do."

They entered the house, finding all eight girls fully dressed and sitting silently, not even looking up at them. Lisa said "I don't even know where to start, girls. No one leaves until I say so, is that understood?" They all mumbled in the affirmative, as they walked up the stairs to the bedroom.

Keith couldn't believe his eyes when the older woman and a cop entered the room. He thought he was dead meat, until the officer started snickering. He stopped snickering when Lisa yanked the blanket off of him, exposing his large swollen member. Lisa saw the cock ring, and said "SHIT!" She turned around, yelling "CANDY, Michelle, get your fuckin cunts up here right now!"

She heard running, and in a flash, Candy & Michelle were by her side. She also noticed the pill bottle on the nightstand. She turned to the two of them, and said "Alright, the poor guy is in misery, remove the cock ring before we take off the cuffs."

She had a feeling what was going to happen, and when the girls sheepishly climbed onto the bed, they slowly removed the ring. Keith’s cock, free at last, exploded, sending a geyser of come, nailing both girls in the face, Michelle got some in her eyes, and complained, “Owww! That stings!" Lisa had a hard time to keep from laughing, while Barry was snickering a bit louder.

Keith said "Hey come on, this is embarrassing."

Barry comforted him by saying, "Shit son, you should be proud. Not often you get to nail a bunch of teen pussy. And you're not even going to get in trouble for it." Barry moved towards the headboard, taking out a tool off his belt. "Damn, they'll never believe me at the station, even if I did tell them." He undid the wrist cuffs, and Keith started rubbing them, as they were quite sore for spending hours in one position. He then did the ankle cuffs.

Lisa turned to Cady again, and asked "What's in the pill bottle?" as she pointed to the night stand.

She looked to her feet, and said "My dads viagra."

More snickering from Barry, "And how many did you give him?"

"Um, the bottle said one for two hours, so we gave him two."

"At once?" When she nodded yes, she said "Oh my god." Barry let out a whistle.

Michelle asked "Is that bad?"

"He'll be hard for a week." replied Barry.

"I'll talk more about that later." she said to the girls.

Lisa said "Thank you Barry, I really appreciate this."

He smiled, saying "It's nothing, glad to be of some help."

Lisa said to Keith, "Go on and shower up, I have to have a talk with the girls." She turned to Michelle and Candy, "You two, get downstairs, now." They moved quickly.

Lisa smiled at Barry, and he smiled back, as they slowly followed after them. "I'm sure I can handle things now, just a quick talk, then I'll be going home."

At the bottom of the stairs, in front of the girls, he said "Well, if you need anymore help, feel free to call."

She said "Sure, maybe I’ll see you around, and tell you how this all finished."

He grinned, and shook his head, as he exited the home. She waved as he got in his car, and drove off. She was smiling when she closed the door, but it soon disappeared when she was facing eight young ladies.

"Okay you little sluts, I don't even want to know who started this, or why. Do you realize how much trouble you girls can get into by doing this? What will your parents say about this when they find out. Damn it Candy, your father will kick your ass to tomorrow for pulling another stupid stunt."

Candy looked at her feet, and said "I'm sorry Aunt Lisa, we were just having some fun."

"Yeah," said Michelle, "We all wanted to try out his big cock."

Lisa thought, and so would I, but she said "That’s no reason to tie a guy down, what if one of you get pregnant? Are you all on the pill?"

There were a few shocked expressions, from Pam, Mary and Amy. Lisa looked at them, seeing their shock, "I didn't think so. You dumb asses could even be charged with ****, do you realize this? The poor guy is embarrassed out of his mind, and not to mention three of your boyfriends are now on their way to jail."

"Ex-boyfriends." Said Michelle.

Lisa glared at her. "Come on Aunt Lisa, give us a break. I mean, wouldn't you like to try it?"

Little bitch, knows how to push my buttons. She sat down, and thought for a moment. "I want all but Michelle, Candy and Cheryl to leave this house this instant."

Silently, the other five girls got up and grabbed their things and left the house. Once they left the property, Lisa looked around the living room, seeing it was a hell of a mess. She turned to the remaining three girls, and said "I want this house spotless, and I want it done now." The girls sat there until she raised her voice and said "MOVE IT, LADIES!!"

They jumped up, each picking up the empty soda and beer cans, and straightening things up. Lisa decided to go check on Keith. She found him, back in Michelle's bedroom, laying on the bed. He was still a mess. She came over and said "Hey honey, are you okay?"

Keith opened his eyes. God, what a woman. Lisa was a doll for her age, he muttered "I'm a bit weak, couldn't stand in the shower."

She went to the door, and hollered down, "Michelle, I want a large pan of hot water, a washcloth, and some soap." Michelle appeared at the bottom of the stairs." She continued, "Make it anti-biotic. And get moving."

She turned to Keith and went back to his side. He had the blanket covering him, but the monster cock of his was making a tent. She sort of giggled, since she's a nurse, she's use to seeing male private parts, but it's been a long time since she seen one like this. It has also been a long time since she gave a sponge bath, since she was in training about eighteen years ago to be precise, registered nurses don't give sponge baths.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and Michelle entered, bringing what she asked for. Lisa pointed to the nightstand and said "Set it there, and go get a towel." As Michelle left, she took the blanket and removed it, leaving Keith totally uncovered. Michelle returned, and stood in the doorway, staring at his still hard meat. Lisa said "Give me the towel and close the door. I want this house spotless in less than two hours. I'll be giving him a sponge bath, as he's too weak to take a shower, thanks to you fucking little cunts."

Michelle closed the door and went downstairs, trying not to cry. She was upset that she caused any harm to her new toy. Shit, she thought, she really is in love with him isn't she. The girls went back to cleaning, after she told them what Lisa was doing, each wishing they were doing the sponge bath.

Back in the room, Lisa placed the towel over his exposed crotch, saying, "Here, we'll work on that last." She noticed his cock twitch. She started by doing his feet and legs, working towards his groin. He was having a hell of a time, watching her small body as she bathed his, it was almost too much for his young mind to take.

Once done with his legs, she had him sit up and she did his back, then worked on his chest, face and neck. Lisa was also amazed, Keith had a nice body, well-built and very muscular, how could he be considered a geek? And his prick, well hell, that there is a prize. She felt a twinge in her pussy. Damn! Her inside is giving her some distress. She started washing his belly, gently pushing the towel down to his pubic hair. Of course, she didn't have to push to far to expose the purple head of his large cock.

My god, she said to herself, that would stretch the shit out of me. She gently removed the towel and had him roll onto his side, washing his ass. He wasn't too sure about this, but he tried to relax. It did feel good though, having this woman washing his body, sort of erotic in a way. Done with his ass, he rolled back over, his meat slapping his belly. She had a smile on her face, which he seen. This made him happy, at least she liked the view.

She washed his groin, and gently rubbed his testicles, causing him to moan involuntarily. She chuckled, knowing that he probably really enjoyed that. Done with his balls, she grabbed his meat and pointed it at the ceiling, and started to gently wash his shaft. She was amazed how big it was, her hand couldn't even wrap around it. As she gripped the shaft just below the head, he groaned, and his ass tightened, as he shot a load of thick come up into the air. It was followed by three more bursts, as he bucked his hips, all landing on his belly.

Lisa was amazed, she didn't mean to get him off, but she was smiling inside. I guess he likes me, she thought. She released his meat from her grip, and took the washcloth and wiped up the fresh load, looking into his eyes and smiling.

He said "Thank you, Mrs. Summers." as he smiled.

She reached back to his prick, and leaned up and gave him a kiss, saying "Oh Keith, if you were only about twenty years older."

She suddenly realized her pussy was on fire, and she had the urge to quench it. This is stupid, she thought, she's definitely old enough to be his mother, but here she was stroking his cock, even after she cleaned it, something she shouldn't be doing. It's been ten years since that loser of a husband left her and Cheryl, and a year before that since the bastard even fucked her, and even then it wasn't all that good.

Her mind was racing, as he leaned up and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately. She returned the kiss with fervor, as they rolled onto the bed embracing each other. She broke their embrace and stood up at the edge of the bed. Keith was heartbroken, until she grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it off over her head, revealing a nice set of breasts, as large as her daughters. She reached behind her and unhooked the clasp of her bra, and pulled it off, letting her big boobs fall free. She then took the top of her sweatpants and lowered them, along with her panties, and stepped out of them.

Keith about came again right there, here's a older, good looking woman, bare ass naked, ready to have sex with him. She got on the bed, and faced his feet, her ass on his chest. She took his cock in her hands and stuffed it in her mouth. She could only get a few inches in, he was so fucking thick. Keith grabbed her well-rounded ass and started squeezing it, and reached around her hips and found her button, rubbing it between her fingers. She was so fucking hot and wet, she thought she was going to explode, and she did, with her mouth on his dick, she had one of the most intense orgasm she had in her life.

Once it subsided, she turned her head and said "I need some of this cock of yours, boy." As she crawled on down, facing his feet, and rose her body up. She reached between her legs and grabbed his meat, taking it to her cunt lips. She moaned as she sank her cunt down slowly on it. It was so filling, as she leaned back, telling him to "Hold me up, Keith, I need my hands."

He did, bracing her up, his hands placed on her back, as she leaned back, slowly riding his cock. He was first startled by the feeling, her cunt was milking his meat as if it were a hand. The other girls didn't feel like this, unless they were coming, and Mrs. Summers wasn't coming, yet. At least not from what he could tell.

Lisa had a hand on a breast, and the other on her clit, just rubbing away, she was about to explode again, and when she did, she had a hell of a time to keep from screaming out. Now she knew why that other girl screamed, it felt so fucking good, that’s why. She was bouncing up and down on his cock at a fast pace, not noticing how much noise they were making.

That was too bad, because down stairs, Candy just got down with the vacuum. She was wrapping the cord, when she heard it, a rather low sounding squeaking sound. She looked over to Michelle, who was putting things away in the dining room, and they smiled at each other. They knew where that sound was coming from. Hell, they've been making that sound since last night. Cheryl was oblivious, standing in the kitchen, doing dishes.

Michele said out loud "Sounds like we've mice."

Candy giggled, saying "Yeah one big one, but I think a older experienced pussy is taking care of it."

Cheryl looked at them, puzzled, and said "But your cat is in here on the..." her face showed she figured out what they were talking about. She wasn't totally stupid,"..oh shit, moms getting it on."

The other two started laughing, and soon so was Cheryl. Michelle put her fingers to her lips and motioned for them to follow her, as she headed for the stairs. She then stopped, went back to the sweeper and plugged it back in, turning it on, she returned to the foot of the stairs. The other two smiled, spying with the cover of sound, how thoughtful. At her bedroom, Michelle gently opened the door, hoping Cheryl’s mother wasn't looking. They knew Keith wouldn't care. All three girls gasped, as they saw Lisa, facing the foot of the bed, her head thrown back, as she was riding his cock like a rodeo rider. Cheryl thought all she needed were a set of spurs, even though she was facing the wrong way. The girls giggled, as they heard Keith starting to grunt, and fill a load into her waiting pussy. The feeling of his pulsing pecker was too much, and Lisa was sent into another orgasm, as she moaned and writhed on his meat, her big boobies bouncing all over the place.

She leaned forward, and opened her eyes. Well shit, she's got company. The three girls were smiling, and Candy started clapping, with Cheryl and Michelle joining in. She looked at them and smiled, she's been caught, red-handed. Her hair was a mess, but her pussy did feel a lot better. She said to the girls "Is the house clean?"

Michelle smiled and said "Cleaner than this bedroom is now."

Ohhh, she deserved that. She rose up, letting his meat fall from her cunt. She looked and was amazed to see he was still hard, all ten plus inches of him. His sperm was slowly draining out of her cunt and down her thigh, as she grabbed a towel and wiped herself. She said to the girls, "These bed clothes are dirty, the bed needs stripped. Why don't you three girls take Keith into your parents room, Michelle, I think you all will be more comfortable there."

The three girls smiled, and she added "I don't want a word of this to be spoken, I also don't want anyone else over until your parents get back...when are they getting back and where are they."

Michelle smiled, saying "They're coming home Monday, they're with his parents in Gatlinburg."

"Okay," said Lisa, "No visitors, and let this poor k** rest for a few hours before you start fucking his brains out again. I'll bring over some clothes for you tomorrow, Cheryl. And I'll get some for you two, Candy."

"Thank you, mom," replied her daughter, as she eyed Keith’s waiting meat, as she couldn't wait to ride it again.

"Yeah, thanks Aunt Lisa." replied her niece.

Lisa looked at the clock, almost eleven-thirty. She sighed, and she grabbed her clothes, putting them on. Keith was remaining silent, but he did thank her for the best fuck he's had so far this weekend.

She was dressed and ready to go, as she went downstairs with the girls following. Before she left, she turned and said "Remember, silence is the best thing. You also should be treating him a bit better. I think making sure he is well fed as well as well fucked should do the trick." She kissed her daughter, and started to leave, then asked "Who called the police?"

The girls were shocked, obviously none of them. "Well", said Michelle, "If it wasn't us or you, it was probably that nosy neighbor, old Mrs. Stuart."

Yes, she remembered seeing her looking around the curtains. "Probably so, I'll go over and thank her, she'll also be good in making sure no more shenanigans happen."

She walked out the door and down the walk. Yep, sure enough, the lady next door was peaking around the d****s. She smiled and went to her house, when she seen Lisa approach, she went away from the curtains. Lisa approached the door and knocked, when no on answered, she said out loud "Ms Stuart? It's me, Mrs. Summers."

The door opened, and a lady of about sixty answered the door. Lisa noticed she was in pretty good looking for her age, as she said "Hi, my daughter and niece are staying next door with Michelle and Keith? And I want to thank you for calling the police, that was a big help."

The older lady smiled, she was afraid that she would be screaming at her. “No problem, I seen them going around to the back of the house, and I wasn't sure what they were doing back there."

Lisa didn't want to go into details, as she said "Yeah, they wanted to party, but thanks again for helping." She took a piece of paper from her purse, and wrote down her number, handing it to her, "Here, here's my number, call me if you see anybody try to visit, they'll be here until Monday."

They shook hands and Lisa left, heading on back to her place in the dark. Luckily her part of town wasn't too bad, she felt safe. About a block from her house, a car pulled up, and she suddenly got cold. Shit, not some weird asshole, she hoped.

Instead, a familiar voice, "Hello Lisa, you need a ride?"

She turned and saw Barry, driving his own car. "Why yes, I'll feel safer." She went around and got in, and before he pulled away from the curb, she asked "What are you doing back here?"

He smiled at her, saying "Oh, I'm off duty, but I wanted to swing by and make sure no one else joined in the party."

She smiled as they drove off, she giving him directions to her house. She found out he wasn't married, been divorced for awhile. That feeling came back to her twat. Damn, she wondered if he would. Of course he would! He's a man! They pulled into the driveway, and he put in in park, she started to get out, then turned to him, and asked "You've probably had a rough day, you want a beer?"

He smiled, turning off the engine, saying "Can't put down an offer like that."

George found Dave at the bar. The clock read eleven-thirty. He took a seat next to his friend, and said "Well, having fun yet?"

Dave smiled, and said "Oh yeah, my cock is resting for a minute though, find anything good?"

George was in heaven. He just got done fucking a very young college coed. He told his friend about it, and soon they were off together hunting for her. Both men talked as the went from room to room, seems they've each had about eight women in the last three hours. They found their wives, still going strong with some young college boys.

Dave said "They're still going strong, think they'll want to take them back with us?'

"Possibly, we'll ask after we find that blonde." replied George.

It didn't take them long, as they found her, just as she got two older guys off, one in her mouth and one in her twat. As they entered the room, she looked up and smiled at George, and said "Oh, you brought a friend."

They laughed, as they watched the two older guys get up and leave. Soon they had her on her back, Dave screwing her tight, young twat, and George filling her mouth with their sheathed cocks. Both were thinking that they would like to do her with out protection, and as they were drilling her, George asked Dave, "Well, what you think?"

He laughed, and said "Oh well, I wouldn't mind taking her along, but would she like to go?" He looked down to her face, mouth full of cock, as he asked her, "How would you like to go with us and our wives?" She nodded her head yes, as she went on sucking George's cock vigorously. Both guys high-fived each other, as they continued their assault. George was the first to come, filling his rubber with his spunk. Then Dave, as his pulsating big dick drove her over the brink, her wonderful young hard body writhing in heat.

They pulled out, no one else had come into the room, so they helped her to her feet and said "Come with us, oh yeah, what’s your name?"

She giggled, saying it was April. The two men told her theirs, as they went down the hall, going into the room where they last seen their wives. Both were covered with sweat, as they were again getting both lower holes filled. Crystal looked up, recognized her husband, his arm around a young blonde, cupping her big breast. She smiled, and said "Hi lover, find something you like?"

Dave replied "Yeah babe, George and I thought we would take this one back with us, if that's okay with you girls."

"Yeah, and you girls can bring along some of your friends." he added. Abbie looked up, smiling, "Okay, we want all of these guys to come along, I want them all again at least once more tonight."

Crystal looked at her, smiling "Damn girl, you going to wear it off."

The others laughed, just as the cocks in the two girls exploded. George looked round, there were eight young men in the room, he recognized them from the group that came in after them. The girls got up, limp cocks falling out of their well-used holes, as they made their way downstairs and into the shower area. Washing up was a chore, as a lot of touching and feeling was taking place. It was also quite crowded, as a lot of others were starting to leave, since it was about closing time.

As they were leaving, George asked the blonde if she knew of places to do this in Cincinnati. She smiled as she opened a desk drawer and handed him a pamphlet, which had a listing of all clubs in the mid-west, as she explained they belong to a national swing organization. He thanked her, taking the literature with him. He wasn't sure if his wife would go for it once they got home, but it was worth a try.

The two couples, and the blonde, piled into Dave's mini-van, and the other eight boys in another van. They followed them to their chalet, and all rushed in. Soon, the place was filled with the sound of fucking and sucking. George and Dave took the blonde upstairs in the loft, and proceeded to fuck her ass and cunt, not bothering with rubbers. Hell, they didn't bring any anyway.

Abbie had four guys in the hot tub, sucking on two, as the other two had a dick in her ass and cunt. Crystal was on all fours on the king size bed, on top of one cock, another behind her drilling her ass, and another in front of her fucking her face. The fourth was standing by, feeling her hanging breasts and ready for the next available hole.

The thirteen horny people fucked and sucked literally all night, with the boys all leaving about five-thirty, all eight staggering out the door towards the van. Crystal and Abbie sprawled out on the king-size bed, covered with sweat and come. George, April and Dave were there as well, with April sandwiched between them. They slept until eleven, when Abbie felt her pussy getting cleaned. She was surprised to see a blonde head between her thighs, as she saw Dave and George snoring away on either side of her, and Crystal on the other side of George. She grabbed the blondes head, and sighed. She sure wasn't going to stop. April, now knowing she was awake, swung her body around, and lowered her well-fucked cunt to Abbie's lips. Abbie wasn't too sure about this, but she soon was licking twat like a pro, and soon both were thrashing on the bed, coming hard and waking the others.

George woke, saw what was going on, and instinctively reached for his cock, finding it was rock hard. He got up behind April and shoved his meat into her ass, as he looked down at his smiling wife. She winked and continued licking the young girls clit. Dave crawled over and mounted his wife's body, shoving his cock into her waiting cunt. He noticed that even though she had lots of sex last night, she was still rather tight, amazing, he thought. They all came together, rested for a bit, until the girls decided to lick each others gooey pussies, getting the two men hard again. They repeated their performance, this time Dave drilling April, as Crystal licked her twat, and George doing his sweet wife.

They went on for three hours, until the phone rang. Dave didn't want to answer it, but George said "Go ahead, we need a break, and besides, I'm getting hungry for something other than fur-burger."

The others laughed, as Dave picked up the phone.

"Hello," he answered." Yes....what?...but we had it until tomorrow..." the hearts of the others sank..." You can't be fucking serious...yeah, I know it was free, but....oh, all right, you got us, we're checking out."

The others looked at him, as he said what they already guessed, "They said they need the chalet tonight for a paying guest, we have to be out in an hour."

Crystal got up, saying "Damn bastards, wait until I get home and talk to that guy that ran this fucking contest," as she trotted off to the bathroom, followed by both Abbie and April. The guys heard the shower turn on, and they went around picking up their clothes, getting things ready to be packed up.

The girls didn't take long, and soon the guys went in, taking a shower together. It was a bit awkward, but they though, hell, they already fucked each others wives as well as a bunch of other women, what’s the problem?

Once done, the exited and found the girls dressed and packing, with April sitting on the couch. George asked her "Well, looks like we need to take you somewhere, where are you staying?"

She looked up, and replied "I'm a student at Eastern Kentucky, I came with five other girls, but I don't know where they are at. I suspect that they're at the motel in town."

Dave heard the conversation, as did Abbie, and both came over, with Abbie saying "No problem, we'll take you into town, and if they're gone, we'll drop you off in Richmond, isn't that where the university is?"

The young girl smiled, saying "Why yes it is, and thank you, although I hope they hadn't left yet."

They packed up the van, and soon were heading to the office. Dave and George went in, gave them grief, and then they left. In town, they found the motel that April was staying at, but no girls, they had checked out thirty minutes ago, they waited for her, and were worried about her, but they left without her. Crystal comforted her, and said "Don't worry, we're going right by there, and besides, the trip could be fun."

The others laughed, knowing what that meant. Since they didn't have to be home before tomorrow night, they took the old US highway, and as Dave drove, the other four had fun in the back. Good thing the mini van had blinds, as the first thing was George was fucking April on her lap, with her facing away, and his wife licking her quim. After he dumped his load in her, Crystal and Abbie took turns sucking it out as she sat there. For the next six hours, and a few driver changes, they fucked and sucked all the way to Richmond, Kentucky. When they finally got there, about nine at night, she invited them into her apartment to spend the night, but they declined. They did give her their phone number and address, as they wanted her to join them again. All four were well worn and happy as they pulled onto the interstate, heading for home. Not a word was spoken the rest of the trip.

Much earlier, Lisa was waking up herself, surprised to find a warm body in bed beside her. She smiled, remembering that who it was, Barry, and who she had earlier. Although his cock was much smaller, only about seven compared to Keith’s' monster, he knew how to use it, as well as his tongue and fingers. He got her off countless times, and she took at least three loads of his spunk in her cunt, adding to what Keith deposited, and she sucked him off just before they crashed. She told him about riding the boys cock, that seemed to excite him greatly.

She turned to read her clock, shit. it's past noon. She rolled over, reached down and found his hard cock, she smiled as she swung a leg over his body, and inserted it into her snatch. He murmured his contentment, and slowly opened his eyes. He couldn't believe his luck, getting such a fine piece of ass. He lifted his head up, taking a nipple in his mouth, sucking gently.

This sent shivers down her spine, god he's good, she thought. She gently rolled her hips, milking his cock, as she said "It's after noon, do you have to work today?"

He stopped his nipple assault to reply "No, not until tomorrow."

She smiled, as he latched back onto her nipple, "Good, nor do I." She felt her pussy buzzing with the approaching orgasm, as she said "And Cheryl won't be back until after school tomorrow....ohhhhhhh shiiiit."

She was slamming her cunt down hard, as he grabbed her hips and started thrusting up into her twat. He stiffened, as he shot a load into her waiting pussy, as she screamed out from the pleasure of another orgasm.

After they recovered, she got up and went out the door, pulling his shirt over her head, just barely covering her ass, she said "I'll make breakfast, Barry. I'm sure you're hungry as I am." She went out the door smiling. In the kitchen, she put on some bacon and coffee, as she got some eggs out. When they were about done, she hollered, "Breakfast is ready." And she sat down to eat her share, just as he came in, wearing nothing but a smile, and sporting a hardon. She looked up and smiled, saying "I'll take care of that when we're done eating."

He smiled at her, a big smile, knowing she'll back those word up with action. They ate quickly, with her beating him. She looked up, and ducked under the table, crawling over to him, and taking his cock in her mouth as he ate his breakfast. He moaned as his dick was gingerly sucked on by the horny woman under the table. She was swirling her tongue around his meat, and nibbling at his balls as well, she could see them shrink as she knew she would soon get a mouthful of come. She put her mouth back over his cockhead, and jerked his shaft, and was rewarded with a mouthful of come, as he grunted, spewing four or five blasts into the back of her hungry mouth.

He leaned back, and looked down at her face, her lips stilled glued to his cock, as she sucked the last strands out of his hole. He smiled, and said "I'm done with breakfast, why don't you sit your ass up here, and I'll have dessert, now that you had a blast of protein."

He pushed his chair away from the table, and the plates away, as she climbed up onto his lap, kissing him. She then stood and sat on the edge of the table, and lifted her thin lovely legs, resting them on his shoulders. He buried his face in her twat, and was licking away, sending a shudder through her body. God, she was loving this, was wishing it wouldn't end. She felt the orgasm coming, building in tempo, until she squeezed her thighs together against his head, glazing his face with her come.

As her delight subsided, he took her legs off his shoulders and stood up, still holding onto her knees. He pushed them forward to her breasts, and entered her cunt with his throbbing manhood. She moaned at the penetration, as he started fucking her with long powerful strokes. They both could feel her pussy spasms, as she had minor flashes of orgasm. The heat in her twat was building, and she was dying for him to drench it with another load. He pulled her legs to his side, and reached down with his arms and picked her up, impaled on his rod. She felt like it was going through her in this position, with all her weight on her cunt, supported by his cock. She started bucking her hips as he carried her towards the living room, she was wanting a come, but just wasn't there yet.

In the living room, he sat on the couch, his hands working up under his shirt that she was wearing, massaging her breasts. She had her feet on the couch, squatting on his lap, rising and falling in quick motion on his dick. Soon, her wish came true, as they both came together, her nails digging into his flesh on his shoulders, as he emptied a load up inside her, sending each into orgasmic bliss.

He fell back against the back of the couch, and she collapsed into him, both breathing heavily, and both very much spent. They found each others mouths, and kissed heatedly for awhile, until he stood up, her still impaled on his pecker, and carried her back to the bedroom, where it all started. He laid down with her on top of him, and soon they were both asl**p again, planning to wake up shortly and do it again. She looked at the clock, one-thirty, she’ll have to take Cheryl some clothes, eventually.

Over at Michelle's, the three girls were just waking up, even though it was one-thirty in the afternoon, they had a rough night, and so had Keith. Poor Keith, he was able to keep up, but it really took a lot out of him. All four were in Michelle’s parents bed, and Keith was still sound asl**p. Cheryl laid there thinking, what a fucking night. She took his cock three times from two until about five. Michelle and Candy did it twice each. Every time, it was a long, slow fuck. And the girls helped each other out, using their fingers and tongues on each other as they were getting royally screwed by Keith's monster cock.

She sat up, still bare-ass naked, as was the others. Michelle was next to her, on her left, then it was Keith, then Candy on the edge on the other side. Michelle smiled at her, and said "Good morning, feel a bit horny?"

Cheryl smiled, saying "Yeah, a bit." She raised the covers, looking at Keith's limp cock. It was about five inches long when limp, bigger than Michelle's ex-boyfriend, according to Michelle. "But I think we better let him rest for awhile. And besides, I'm hungry."

Candy was awake, listening to them, and she rolled over and said "Yeah, me too, lets get up and eat, let him sl**p."

The three girls bounced out of bed, not even bothering to put any clothes on. Keith heard them, but feigned sl**p. His pecker was sore, and Cheryl was right, it needed rest, for at least a while anyway. He was thinking about the three of them. All three were great so far, considering Michelle and Cheryl were both virgins. He loved the feeling of their young tight pussies. He chuckled, as he thought of the taste of them, too. Each one tasted different, none were bad, even Cheryl, for how big she is, that surprised him. As he was thinking about eating her again, his cock twitched. Oops, he thought, I better get some rest, better think about something else. He slowly drifted off to sl**p.

Downstairs, the girls were making breakfast, for them as well as Keith. Lisa was right, they better treat him well. As they got things ready, Cheryl said "God, I wish I wasn't so fat, I would love to have a man like him take care of my needs in bed."

Candy laughed, "Come on cousin, I didn't see him slow down any when he was taking care of your needs earlier this morning."

"Yeah," chimed Michelle, "Considering he ate you twice and fucked your cunt three times, one more in each category than he did us."

They all laughed, but Cheryl said "I guess, men will fuck anything, won't they." More laughter from all three, as the joked around. Cheryl spoke again, "Well, I could stand to loose some pounds, that’s the truth. I'm about fifty pounds overweight."

The girls looked at her funny, as she said "Okay, maybe sixty, but sixty-five at the most."

Candy hugged her cousin, saying "That’s okay, honey." She kissed her on the cheek, "Look at me, I could stand to loose a few pounds myself." She picked up some toast with some jelly on it, saying "Too much stuff like this, and no exercise."

Michelle's face brightened, saying "Hey Cheryl, I got an idea...or a suggestion, rather."

Cheryl perked up, and said "Okay, what, and don't say just cut off my leg."

They chuckled, and Michelle said "No, not that, but what about setting a goal with rewards?"

Candy looked at her, "What do you mean?"

"Simple, here's my plan." The girls listened as she said, "What you need is a plan to loose the weight. Now, my mother, who is always dieting, says the main problem is no reward factor. But I think we have one, here in the house." She pointed upstairs, and Candy caught on quickly, it took a bit longer for Cheryl.

"Ohhh," said Cheryl, "Use Keith as my reward...not a bad thought."

"Yeah," Candy spoke up, "Loose a few pounds a week, and every two weeks you do, you get Keith for a night."

She thought about it, "But how will I tell my mother?"

"Remember last night?" answered her cousin, "I don't think Aunt Lisa will bitch too much."

"More like getting bitchy if you don't let her sample him as well." said Michelle.

The three of them laughed, just as breakfast was ready. They ate theirs, and discussed the idea. Cheryl liked it, but was worried that Keith wouldn't. The problem was solved, when they took him his breakfast and told him about it. He smiled and agreed to it. Of course, he was thinking maybe he could get into Mrs. Summers pants again.

After feeding Keith, they went back to the living room and watched TV until four, when the phone rang, it being Lisa. She was on her way over with some clothes for Cheryl. Twenty minutes later, Lisa showed up, with Barry driving her. The girls were surprised to see her get out of a strange car, carrying a duffle bag, and come to the door. When she knocked, Cheryl went and answered it, asking "Who is that?"

Her mother smiled, kissing her on the cheek, "Oh, that’s Barry, the policeman from last night. He picked me up and drove me home after seeing me walking home after I left here." She was smiling a radiant smile, and all three girls knew she got fucked, and good. She went on, "Here are some clothes, I'll be going now, is Keith sl**ping?"

Michelle chuckled, "Yeah, why, ain’t the policeman enough?"

Lisa smiled and stuck out her tongue. And then said "Yes he is, there's something to say about experience. I just wanted to make sure you didn't fuck him to death." She turned back to her daughter, and said "Um, if you come home, you might want to call first."

"Mother!" she replied. All got a kick out of that. "Oh mom, I've something to tell you."

Lisa wanted to get out of there and back to Barry, but she wanted to show concern for her daughter, as she said "Okay, what is it, Hon?"

Cheryl and the other two told her about her plan to loose weight, and Lisa smiled, maybe this is good, giving her something to shoot for. She agreed with them, telling them they'll have to make arrangements on their own. She kissed and hugged all three, and exited the house, getting back in the car with her new lover. They drove on back to her house, where they spent the next four hours, fucking and sucking each other silly.

Dave was crossing the Ohio River when he looked at the clock, ten-thirty, they made good time, considering they ate at Georgetown. George was awake, but the girls were asl**p in the back. In twenty minutes, they were home, as they pulled into the driveway of Dave & Crystal. They could see the light on in the living room of George & Abbie's house, as the two men woke up the girls. With tomorrow being a school holiday, they weren't concerned about the k**s being up late, besides, both are seniors this year.

Dave said to George, "Lets just leave the bags in the car, we'll unpack tomorrow. I'm sure we all could use some sl**p."

Crystal, rubbing her eyes and trying to wake herself up, said "You got that fucking right." She looked down towards her friends house, and said "What are we going to tell the k**s?"

"Not a thing, we can still do it and not let on. There are motels around, you know." She looked down to her driveway, seeing a car in it.

George seen it, too, and said "She better not have that Mark what's-his-name over!"

"Relax, honey," Said Abbie, "That’s Candy's car. Not surprised really, she probably got bored with just Keith there. You know how girls are?"

She took his hand and started walking down the sidewalk. Crystal said "Wait for us, we might as well round up Keith." she laughed.

The two coupled walked down the sidewalk, and up the drive. George seen their neighbor peeking out from behind the blinds. He chuckled, saying "Looks like our neighborhood watch leader, Mrs. Stuart is on the ball." Abbie elbowed him in the ribs, as they came to the door. It was locked, and instead of knocking, they couldn't see anyone in the living room through the curtains, George took out his key and unlocked the door.

Entering the house, George sensed something was up. The lights were on, but music was coming from upstairs. He wasn't sure what the feeling was, but he motioned to the others to keep quiet. They went up the stairs, George in the lead. The music, soft music, not heavy rock, which her daughter loves, was coming from their master bedroom. Michelle's door was open, but lights out. Their bedroom door was mostly closed, and a soft light emanated from underneath it. All four gathered at the door, and the unmistakable sound of sex was coming from the other side. George was turning three shades of red, and Dave whispered in his ear, "If it's my son, you have my permission to kill him."

This made him chuckle, even though he was quite pissed, as was Abbie and Crystal. Dave grabbed his arm, and pulled him to Michelle's room. The two women followed. Inside, they whispered amongst themselves, Dave first, "Okay, they're fucking, we just better handle this calmly."

George said "Calmly?! My daughter is getting fucked in there." Just then, they heard laughter, and a girls voice said "Good job Cheryl, you kept it all in your mouth." George had a puzzled look on his face, and looked at his wife. She knew the voice, that was Candy, but Cheryl? She thinks that is a cousin to Candy, lives a few blocks away.

Another voice, it was Michelle's, "Come on Keith, give Candy all eleven inches up her cunt, she wants it again, then I'm next."

All four of them died, as then they heard Michelle say, "Gee Cheryl, he sure likes to eat your pussy."

An unfamiliar voice, obviously Cheryl, spoke, "Oh god, and he's gotten good too, even better than last night."

Dave smiled, and said "Well, I'm proud."

Crystal pinched him, as George chuckled, saying "God I wish I had a son instead of a girl."

Abbie said "Um dear, if our daughter was a boy, you wouldn't want him having sex with Keith, now would you?"

"Good point." He thought for a minutes, then heard the door from their bedroom open. They ducked into the shadow of their daughters room, and watched the well-shaped ass of Michelle trot down stairs, and then come running back, with a can of whipped cream. Abbie went, "Oh no, not on my bed, that'll make a hell of a mess."

Before she could be stopped, she went barging into the master bedroom, with the other three close behind. The looks on the teens were priceless, sort of like the deer in the headlights look. Cheryl was facing the foot of the bed, sitting on Keith’s face, while Candy was facing the other way, rubbing her cousins tits and riding the biggest damn cock any of them had ever seen. It definitely made Dave proud. Michelle was licking whipped cream off of Keith’s chest, her face covered with it, as Abbie said "What the fuck is going on here."

It only took a second for all four young lovers to be off the bed and the girls hiding behind Keith, his massive dong hanging down between his legs. Abbie looked at Candy and Cheryl, saying "You two, get dressed and wait downstairs, I'll be calling your parents once I'm done with these two, if they're still alive."

Candy & her cousin ran out of the room and towards Michelle's, where their clothes are. Abbie turned to her husband, saying "Go keep an eye on them."

Crystal said to Dave, "You go too." Abbie was impressed with the meat on her friends son, but she just caught him with her daughter. Too bad he wasn't along on the trip this weekend. "Sit down, you two. Now!"

Keith grabbed a blanket, wrapped himself and Michelle in it, and sat on the edge of the bed. Nice touch, thought Abbie, showing concern, at least he ain't stupid. "Obviously, I have figured out what is going on here, a regular fuck-fest."

"I'm sorry mom." said her daughter, Keith didn't say a word, Crystal noticed this, her son always was quiet and shy, and wondered how he got into their pants in the first place. And she was sure that Michelle had a boyfriend, as did Candy.

Abbie sat on the bed, Crystal joining them, and calmly said "You two want to tell me how this all started?"

In forty minutes, Michelle spilled her guts, sobbing and telling everything, including the handcuffs, police call, Mrs. Summers, the first night how they took advantage of Keith. Crystal and Abbie were both amazed, and rather amused. Abbie knew Mrs. Lisa Summers, her ex-husband George liked checking her out every chance he had. This might work out well. Crystal didn't know her, but from the smile on her friends face, she was sure she soon would. When she was done, she got up and hugged her mother, saying she was sorry, Keith did the same thing to his mother, his cock now shriveled up to only four inches.

Abbie said "Okay, you two stay here, we'll be right back."

The two adult women went downstairs, and approached Candy and Cheryl. George and Dave were watching television, there had been no spoken words, and definitely no eye contact between them and the girls. Both decided it would be best to let the wives handle this, and then if needed, they would be there.

Crystal spoke to both of them first, "Okay ladies, seems Michelle and Keith had a hell of a story to tell us, all about seduction, bondage, a police call with arrests," this perked up the guys ears ",and other stuff too numerous to mention."

Abbie continued, as she picked up the portable phone, "I'm calling your mother Cheryl, you and Candy will be going over there for the night." The girls heads dropped. Although Candy was sort of happy, at least she wasn't calling her d***ken father and mother. "Hello? Mrs. Summers?...Yes, I'm sorry to bother you this late at night, but this is Abbie, I'm Michelle's mom....Well, we're home, now...yes arrived about twenty minutes ago....oh yes, it was quite a surprise.....hah-hah, no, no problem, k**s will be k**s, but I am sending Cheryl and Candy over to your home, is that a problem?.....oh good, say, would you like to come over for lunch tomorrow?...oh, about two would be fine....okay, very well, they'll be leaving in a few minutes." She hung up the phone. Turned to the girls, and said "Okay you two, go on to Lisa's house for the night." As they stood up, she added, "And come on back tomorrow when she comes over for lunch." They had surprised looks on their faces. So did George and Dave. Crystal didn't, she suddenly knew how Abbie thinks.

The two young girls left, and once they were out the door, Abbie & Crystal told them the story of the weekend. Once done, Dave went "Whew, and I thought we were rather hedonistic this weekend."

George said with a laugh "And if we weren't kicked out of the chalet, we would still be doing it."

The others laughed, agreeing. "But they're too young," Said Crystal, "They don't know what’s right, they're only eighteen, for Christ’s sake."

"April is nineteen." replied Abbie.

There was silence for awhile, and then Dave asked "Now what?"

"Lets tell them the truth about our weekend." said George.

Crystal and Abbie were shocked, and Crystal said "Are you out of your fucking mind, George?"

Abbie added "Maybe not, they're both eighteen."

More silence, and Abbie said "And it is our daughter after all."

Dave looked at his wife, he knows his son has been classified as a nerd, that always sort of bothered him. But if his son turns out to be the class stud....well. He said "Lets do it."

Abbie smiled, saying "Okay, tomorrow at lunch. Lisa Summers will be here, along with the girls Candy and Cheryl, we might as well involve them as well."

Crystal then asked "What about Keith & Michelle?"

Abbie said "Oh shit, we left them wrapped in a blanket, bare ass naked," she looked at her watch, it was about midnight. She sighed, and said "Let them have at it, our bed is a mess anyway and I'm too fuckin tired to clean it up." George and Dave smiled.

"You two can sl**p in Keith’s room at our house." said Crystal.

Abbie smiled, and she said "Okay, let me go tell the two of them." She went on upstairs, followed by Crystal.

They entered the master bedroom, and found Keith & Michelle just as they left them, wrapped in a blanket, sitting on the bed. Michelle had a worried look on her face, like she was expecting the death penalty. Crystal and Abbie looked at their two c***dren, and smiled, as Abbie said "We've been thinking, we've been unfair to both of you."

Crystal picked up on that, "Yeah, Michelle, your mom & dad are going to sl**p over at our place tonight, so you two can have some time to yourself and think about the situation."

"You two can also clean my fucking bed up, since it's a mess. I don't even want to see what your bed looks like, young lady." Abbie said.

Michelle blushed, trying to hide her face in Keith’s shoulder. He was relieved too, but why the go ahead to literally keep on screwing Michelle? Both mothers came over and kissed their respective c***dren on the forehead, before leaving the room. They heard them go down the stairs, and saw the lights go out, and then the sound of the front door open and then close.

Each were afraid to move, Keith wondered out loud "I wonder what the catch is?"

Michelle giggled, and said "I think it's me, you big dummy." She kissed him on the lips, and grabbed his meat, thinking that this was great, as she didn't have to share this prize meat. Keith still wasn't sure, as he got up and checked the house out. From the dark living room, he peaked out the bay window down the street. He saw his parents and Michelle's enter his home. Damn, they weren't k**ding. He ran back upstairs and was on top of Michelle in a second, trying to bury his tool in her waiting pussy.

She giggled, saying "I take it the coast is clear, huh?"

He smiled, as he got into a nice pace, screwing the girl's tight, young pussy. They went at it for two hours, before both finally crashed.

Over at his house, Crystal showed them to Keith’s room, and as they entered, she gave each a kiss. George and Abbie looked at each other, then at Crystal, and at Dave as he was coming down the hall. Dave looked at them, and asked "What's up?"

Crystal & Abbie smiled at each other, as Abbie gave her husbands hand to Crystal, kissed her husband on the cheek, and went over to Dave, taking his hand and pulling him into his bedroom, closing the door behind them. George and Crystal went into her sons room, and in seconds, they were fucking hard and fast. They all could hear each other, and Dave & Abbie were making like rabbits as well. Abbie was glad she tried this, she's starting to like it. It only took one round to get all four exhausted sex-nuts asl**p, as it had been a hard day.

The next morning, Michelle woke up early, very early. The sun was just coming up. The clock on her parents dresser said seven-forty. She rolled over onto Keith, and whispered "Keith, hey Keith."

He responded by grabbing her ass, pulling her against his hard cock. She giggled, pushing his hands away, as they moved up her body to her breasts, "No big boy, come on, we've work to do."

He moaned, but she was persistent, as she said "Come on, they let us do it last night, I'm sure they'll let us do it again sometime."

That made him smile, as he opened his eyes, to see her stripping the pillow cases off. She pulled the blankets off, leaving him cold and bare. He rolled over, and stepped out of bed, rubbing his eyes. She wasn't waiting for him, as she was taking the sheets off as well. She said to him, "Go get the bedclothes off my bed, I'll do them as well." He mumbled something about how fuckin early it was, as he stumbled out the room and over to hers.

She carried the soiled linens down to the basement, and placed them in the washer. Soon he was down too, and she placed them in there as well. As she was bending over, he came up from behind and reached around her, giving her a hug, his hard cock pressed firmly against her bare ass. She gave in, as she turned around.

"Okay big boy, you won't lay off until you get some, won't you." She jumped up onto the washer, reached behind her and turned it on, as he grabbed her hips and gently entered her cunt. She wrapped her arms about his neck, and enjoyed the ride. She felt an orgasm building, and it got there just as the first spin cycle hit. He responded by pumping what seemed like a gallon of come into her tight twat.

She pushed him away, and his meat fell from her cunt, a drip of come leaking out, down her right thigh. She smiled, saying "That should take care of you for awhile, now lets go make the beds." She headed for the stairs, as she said over her shoulder, "And no more sex until at least this afternoon?"

He protested, as they went up the stairs, "But what if they say we can't anymore?" As they walked through the living room, she said to him, "We're both eighteen, Keith, we can pretty do what we want as long as it's not under their roof."

"Oh, like we can do it at other places?" he answered.

She smiled, thinking he isn't as dumb as he seems, after all. "Come on," she opened a linen closet, and handed him some sheets, "These are for my bed, go make it. I'll make my parents. Then we'll go to your house and see what’s up."

They were done in minutes, and they took a shower together before dressing. Keith wanted to fuck her in the shower, but she resisted. After drying and dressing, they went out the front door and two doors down to his house. It didn't look like anyone was up yet, so he unlocked his door with his keys, and they entered the home. They walked down the hall and he said "My room is there, you wake your parents, and I'll wake mine."

Now this would have been a good idea, if the parents wouldn't have switched spouses when they went to bed. There was shocked looks in each room after they shook who they thought was their mother, and each k** made a hasty retreat from the bedrooms they had entered. They looked at each other with surprised looks on their faces, as they heard their parents mumbling and rummaging around, getting their clothes on. Keith & Michelle burst out laughing, as they rushed into each others arms, laughing so hard they fell to the floor.

George came out first from Keith’s room, followed by his mother, as he said "God damn it, don't you two believe in knocking?"

Dave & Abbie soon followed from the other room, as Michelle said "Um, remember last night? I guess it runs in the f****y." She continued laughing, as did Keith. Soon the four parents were laughing too, as they realized explaining things just got easier. For the next hour, the four adults told their two c***dren about the weekend. Both c***dren were shocked and yet excited about what they said. Keith had a hell of a woody from thinking about a scene like they described at the swing party. He was hoping Michelle would let him do that. Thinking about it, she should, she already allows him to screw her friends.

At noon, Crystal said "Well, we all better get over to your house, guys, Lisa should be arriving in an hour."

They filed out of the house, and went down the two doors to the other one. Passing Mrs. Stuarts, Abbie said "Oh, hold on, I want to thank her." Crystal joined her, as the two men and the young couple went on inside their home.

After about twenty minutes, the two women returned, smiling. George looked at them, and said "What’s up with the crazy neighbor?"

Crystal smiled, saying "Oh, she's okay. I think she is lonely, may need some companionship."

Dave responded "Well all right!"

Abbie smiled, saying "Not yours big boy, or George's either."

The two men looked at each other, and said "Oh, alright, we think we know what you mean."

Dave said "Does this mean an all-girl review?"

"Guess so, big boy." replied his wife.

They all got a kick out of that. The six of them chatted, and some jokes were made, some making Keith & Michelle blush. The three women went on into the kitchen, figuring out what to present for lunch. It didn't take long for them to tell Dave & George to get the grill going.

Over at the Summers house, Lisa was getting ready to go. The girls were busy dressing, as Lisa thought about the happenings of this weekend. First, her daughter lost her cherry, Lisa had to "rescue" her daughter and her friends from a police call, resulting in the arrest of Michelle's now ex-boyfriend. She was wondering what repercussions were going to come out of that. Then there was the policeman, what a man. He finally left this morning, over thirty hours of wonderfully pure unadulterated sex. She was smiling to herself over that, her pussy felt sore from it all, but she felt satisfied for now, or until he gets back tomorrow.

When he told her this morning about the apartment he lived in in Sharonville, she told him to pack his things and move in with her. When he said he has a son that’s eighteen also, she just shrugged, saying that will keep Cheryl busy, and Candy too, no doubt. Oh yes, Cheryl and Candy. They came home late last night, after Michelle's & Keith’s' parents arrived back a day early. Quite unexpectedly, too. The phone call from Abbie was brief, and yet rather interesting. They all are to go over for lunch at one, ninety-minutes from now.

She sighed, hoping they wouldn't be mad at her, seems that Michelle spilled the beans, so to speak. She could get into a lot of trouble, and so could Barry. She was kind of worried, but if there was a mad parent, she thought she would know by now, and why would they invite us over?

She got dressed, and exited her room. Candy and Cheryl were on the couch, sitting watching the TV. She said to Candy "Have you called your parents, yet?"

"Yeah," she sighed, her fuckin parents, "They were too hung over to talk for long."

That’s another problem, though Lisa. Her b*****r has a good job, decent, anyway. Makes enough money, yet they blow it on booze. Her father is still pissed about that situation. Won't even talk to Joe, hasn't for about a year now. And to make matters worse, they totally ignore their only c***d. Lisa has been keeping an eye on her for how long? Six years? Seven? Dad bought her the car, god knows Joe wouldn't. She doesn't even think he knows she has one. She asked her dad last week if he thought she should have Cheryl move in with her, dad couldn't handle her, that’s for sure. She would be ruling the roost in short order. At least here she can be somewhat controlled.

The more she though about it, the more it pissed her off. She went into the kitchen, and grabbed a soda, taking a sip. Both girls noticed her nervousness, and Candy said to her aunt, "Come on Aunt Lisa, I'm sure everything will be all right."

Lisa smiled, so young, and so naive. She definitely needed more guidance. Maybe Barry moving in will help. And now an interest in Keith, at least she's learned to share. That caused her to giggle.

The two girls looked at her puzzled, and she smiled at them, then went to the phone. She picked it up and dialed a number, and waited for it to answer. The girls got real attentive, when she said "Hello Joe, this is Lisa....huh? Well I'm sorry for calling so early b*****r, but I need to ask you something....well, I was thinking, Candy spends most of her time over here, and her and Cheryl have become like s****rs, they were wondering if she can move in with, no rent, she don't have to pay for rent, and she can get a part time job, so she can help pay for groceries....well, tonight would be fine, we're going to meet some friends for lunch....okay, see you later this evening."

Candy & Cheryl looked at each other and hugged, and then stood up, hugging Lisa. Candy was crying, saying "Oh Aunt Lisa, I don't know what to say."

She brushed the tears away, and said "Don't say anything, you've been a great help around here. Now come on and lets get going over to Michelle's."

They all headed out the door, as she also told them that Barry was moving in, with his son. Both girls thought that this could only get better. They found out this morning that they liked Barry, and if his son is anything like him, they would have a blast. And hopefully, they still had access to Keith, if Michelle's dad hasn't killed him yet.

The drive over was silent, and as well as the walk up the drive to the front door, after Lisa parked it on the street. Lisa was very nervous, afraid they would call her all sort of names for letting the girls have sex with Keith. As she was getting ready to knock, the door opened, and it was Michelle. She smiled and said "Welcome, you all come on in, we're just about ready for lunch."

The three of them entered, and Lisa and the girls were shown to the couch, as Michelle said "Dad and Keith's dad Dave are out back cooking burgers on the grill, mom and Crystal are in the kitchen getting a salad done, if you want to join them Mrs. Summers?" She was looking at Lisa.

"Oh, Okay," Lisa said, as she got up, "I'll go see if I can give a hand." She walked towards the kitchen, and the three young girls watched as she went.

Then Candy turned to her friend, and said "Well, are you grounded for life?"

Michelle laughed, saying "Not hardly, as a matter of fact, my parents went over and slept at Keith’s, and Keith & I stayed in my parents room." Candy & Cheryl’s jaws dropped in astonishment.

"You mean they let you guys sl**p together?" said Cheryl.

"Well, we got some sl**p, yes." She chuckled, and her friends giggled, too. And then she said "And that’s not all."

The two cousins asked "What? There's more?"

"Shh," she looked towards the kitchen, "Keep your voice down, and don't go blabbing." She definitely got the girls attention. She looked at both of them, as she said "When Keith & I got up this morning, we cleaned up the two bedrooms, and since we were up so early, we went on over to his house to wake up our parents."

"So, big deal." said Candy.

Michelle laughed, and continued, "It is a big deal when we found our parents weren't sl**ping with they're own spouses."

Candy said "So, maybe they were mad at each other and they wanted to sl**p apart."

"Um, Candy honey," said her cousin, "I don't think her parents, or Keith’s, were sl**ping alone."

"Well," said Candy, "She just said that her..." it hit her, "ohmygod, you don't mean..." Michelle burst out laughing, nodding her head, "they swapped mates?" Candy sat back in the couch, "Wow, I would never have thought..."

Michelle said "And that’s not all, they went to a swing club in Gatlinburg, said they had a great time."

Candy let out a low whistle, and asked "How many people were there?"

Michelle blushed, and said "I asked mom, she doesn't know, only said she had so many men she lost count after about two dozen." She smiled, "And get this, lot of them were college guys!"

This got their interest, and Cheryl asked "Did she give you more details?"

She shook her head no, and said "She only said that she might tell me at another time, but..." she looked towards the kitchen again, Candy noticed her nervousness, "Dad got some info on clubs here in the Cincinnati area, seems they may check them out, and if they like them, they'll take Keith and I along."

Candy turned to her cousin Cheryl, and asked "What you think, s*s? Would you like to go swinging?"

The thought had Cheryl excited. She already found she liked sex, and even more, the possibilities were endless. She smiled, saying, "Hell, I would give it a shot, but what about my mother?"

Michelle replied "That’s being brought up right now, why you think I sent her into the kitchen with my mother and Keith’s mom?"

The three girls giggled. In the kitchen, though, Lisa was in shock. Abbie and Crystal told them about their activities, and Lisa just couldn't believe it. She first thought that they were worse than perverts, as they just came out and said that they swing. Then they told her all about their weekend, and it shocked her that she liked the sound of it. They also told her about what they heard about her and Keith, as well as the policeman. She was thanked for covering for the girls, and pitching in as she saw fit. They weren't mad that she let the girls have sex with Keith.

"Well," said Abbie, "What you think? Are we too weird?"

Lisa sat down on a chair, and said "Wow!" she looked up at the two women, and said "I would have never thought, that you all..."

Crystal giggled, and said "We told you, it was all spur of the moment." She giggled, "Sort of like Saturday night when you climbed on top of my son."

She smiled, yeah, they had her there, and oh did it feel good. She wouldn't even mind taking it again, if the chance presents itself, which she is sure it will. Hell, she told Barry about Cheryl's new diet plan, and he said to go for it! She looked at them and asked "Okay, I can accept this, no big deal, but why you telling me all this?"

Abbie looked at her friend Crystal, and smiled, and turned to Lisa, "A few reasons, Lisa. First, you already are involved. After all, you allowed the three girls to have wanton sex with Keith, which I'm sure all parties are appreciative of you for." Some giggling from both Crystal and Lisa. "Another, we want to be open to you about it, so you don't hear it second hand, god forbid it even gets out, and don't want your daughter to associate with Michelle and Keith."

Lisa held up her hand to stop her, and said "That’s not a problem, after all, I'm using Keith’s meat to help my daughter to loose weight, as you well know."

There was more giggling, and Abbie said "There is one more thing," she paused, and her face got sort of serious, "We would like you to become involved."

Wow, she thought, this really floored her. They want her to join them for sexual hi-jinks! Her mouth was open, letting in flies, just as the back door opened, George and Dave were bringing in the hamburgers.

George yelled out "Meat's ready!" and continued on into the dining room, where things were sitting, ready to be eaten. Keith soon came through the door, and followed the men, and Lisa followed him with her eyes.

Crystal said "Um, Lisa, that's not the meat that’s ready."

They all laughed, and Lisa said "I'll think about it, give me a few days."

They hugged and went on into the dining room, grabbing buns and meat and salad. Dave went to the fridge and pulled out beer and soda for all. They talked about many things, including the weekend, causing some to blush when their names were mentioned. It was brought up about Barry moving in with Lisa and Cheryl, then that Candy was moving in as well.

About five, the get together was winding down, and Lisa said her good-bye, and hugged both Abbie and Crystal, whispering to them, "Let me talk to Barry." She left the girls there, after telling them to be home by nine. Who knows what they will be getting into, she thought, as she drove the four blocks home.

Barry arrived at Lisa's house late the next day, with his son in tow. He looked like a much younger version of Barry, with the same strong build. Candy & Cheryl e****ted him to his new bedroom, and he was definitely checking out the breasts on both girls, which Lisa noticed, causing her to smile. Barry said "Maybe this isn't a good idea, there might be some hormones racing around."

She reached down, and squeezed his package, saying "I got some hormones racing as well, big boy."

They kissed, and broke apart, as the three teens returned into the living room. Lisa looked at Cheryl & Candy, and said "Well girls, help him unpack, and then we'll eat." She pulled Barry towards the kitchen, and finished up the pot roast. She put it in the crackpot before heading to work this morning, so it was about ready. All she had to do was get some veggies ready. She asked Barry what ones he and his son, named Joe, liked best. He told her corn or any bean is fine. She smiled and got a can of each out, saying he's a growing boy, he could probably eat both.

As she was stirring at the stove, he came up behind her and reached around her and hugged her, cupping her tits in his hands. She sighed, as he kissed her neck. He then asked "How did the lunch go yesterday?"

She smiled, saying, "Well, it was interesting."

"They weren't pissed at you, then!?" he asked.

"No, not hardly," she giggled in response.

He pulled his head back, in puzzlement, and said "What’s so funny?"

She stopped stirring, and turned around, facing him, putting her arms up on his broad shoulders, and on her tip-toes, kissed him on the chin. She then said "They're swingers." And she turned around.

Talk about coming out of nowhere! His turn to be shocked. "Oh my." was his only words, as he went back to hugging her and nibbling on her neck. He did this as she stirred the food, then said "So, I take it they're going to let Keith take care of Candy & Cheryl's itch."

She smiled, and said "Yes, unless they find they're new house guest to be entertaining." He about lost it, not in anger, but in laughter. She added, "But knowing those two, they'll do both."

He laughed a bit more, and said "As long as they don't use handcuffs, don't think Joe would go for that."

She smiled, and asked "You don't mind?"

"Nah," he thought for a second, and said "At least I'll know where he's getting it from."

"That’s good, because he's probably getting that right now." She felt his hands sliding down her waist to her crotch, rubbing her pubic mound through her jeans.

The thought of his son getting it right now was getting him hot, and then she said something else, "Oh yeah, there is one more thing."

He was astonished, "There's more?"

She turned around and faced him, saying, "Well, yes, there is. The parents of Keith & Michelle want to know if we're interested in playing."

"Playing? Playing what?" He looked at her, as she gave him a rather strange look, one that looked as if he was rather dense, then it hit him, "Oh, playing...shit, I've never thought I would ever get the chance..."

She smiled, and replied "I take that as a yes."

He leaned down and kissed her on her lips. "Yes, it's a yes, as long as I have your hot tight box, I'm happy."

She giggled, feeling like a school girl again, a very horny school girl. She smiled, as she said "Come on, help me get dinner on the table." They kissed again, and she showed him where the plates were, and the silver ware, as she got the food and set it on the kitchen table. She called out to the teens, "Cheryl, Candy, Joe, dinner!"

As the adults sat, and dished out some food for themselves, the teens took awhile to make an appearance. Cheryl and Candy appeared first, with big old grins on their faces, followed by Joe, who looked rather sheepish. Lisa passed him the meat, and asked "Did the girls show you all the comforts of the house?"

His face blushed, and the girls giggled, and he stammered out "Um, yes Mrs. Summers." He took some food and passed it on, as the girls were snickering.

"Don't call me Mrs. Summers, Joe, my name is Lisa. We go by first name basis around here, okay?" she told him.

He smiled, and looked at his father. He winked at him, and he started eating. Lisa wasn't sure what the two girls had done, but she could only imagine. They ate and talked, seems Joe was a senior at another school, but he had a car. Their driveway wasn't that big for four cars, this may be a problem. Good thing Cheryl doesn't drive.

The evening was spent with the two cousins cleaning the table, with help from Joe, as Lisa and Barry settled onto the couch, watching the television. They heard laughter and carrying on from the kitchen, and smiled, happy to see they're makeshift f****y was starting to work out.

Barry pulled her closer to him, and they snuggled in each others arms. Some Eastwood movie was on, and they watched it, with the teenagers eventually joining them, laying next to each other on the floor, off to the side of the couch. Lisa could see some touching and feeling, mutually done, she might add, as the five of them watched the movie. About ten, she told them to get to bed, since they have classes tomorrow. She got up to follow the girls into their room, and after asking them, she discovered she was right, they did make an advance. The two of them combined to give him a welcome blowjob. She laughed, and told them to don't do anything tonight, to wait until the weekend.

She returned to her new lover, and they turned the television off and made their way to bed, where they fucked like rabbits for two solid hours. He got her off a few times, with tongue and prick, making her a happy camper. After the last round, as they drifted off to sl**p, he asked if the girls did his son. She replied it was a welcome blowjob, and he chuckled, and wondered out loud when he would get his. She kissed him, telling him to hold on, the weekend was fastly approaching.

The weekend did come, and there was already fun planned for it. It also happened to be the first cold weekend of the fall season, as the temps dropped into the thirties, a bit cold for this time of year. But on Thursday evening, Abbie and Crystal got together with Lisa, and made plans for a get together at the home of Abbie and George. All of the c***dren were to party at the home of Dave & Crystal. This way, they could keep an eye on them. The party was to start on Friday evening, and end Sunday. Plenty of liquid refreshments were to be had, as well as good food.

Friday night opened with Lisa and Barry arriving at about seven, Dave and Crystal were already there. A drink was in everyone’s hands in short order, as they talked for a bit. After an hour, and another round of alcohol, Abbie made a big container of margarita's for the girls, George brought out a board game that he picked up at an adult novelty store. It was sort of like truth or dare, and within an hour, all bodies were bare, and the action was heating up. The couples paired off, Lisa with George, Abbie with Dave, and Crystal with Barry, and soon the living room was filled with the sounds of sex.

After everyone had reached orgasm, and were resting for the next round, Abbie popped a porno into the vcr to help the guys recover a bit faster. It worked, and soon the guys had the girls on all fours. But instead of just staying with one wife, they alternated, trying each girl for a few strokes, debating which was the tightest, or the wettest, or the pinkest, or anything else they could come up with.

The women were enjoying this as well, getting to feel each cock as it entered and re-entered their slippery cunts. They even started getting into it, debating which cock felt the best, and which performed well, and so on. There were no announced winners, obviously. For the guys weren't stupid, they weren't about to make one woman above the rest. After that, it was a free-for all, as they moved to the master bedroom, all six people on the bed, touching, sucking, licking, fucking and squeezing each other until the early morning hours.

Two doors down, the parents offspring were going at it as well. No alcohol, but plenty of good old fashion sex. Joe was broken in right away, as all three girls jumped him and fucked him silly as Keith watched. After they were done with him, they let him rest as they turned their attention to Keith. Joe was impressed with his size, it dwarfed his seven inch pecker, but the girls told him not to let it bother him, he had the right tool for what they wanted. The young men had plenty of stamina and drive, and they both came in each girl twice before they all crashed on the living room floor at about five in the morning.

On Saturday, morning found that the couples had migrated with their spouses to separate bedrooms. No one woke before noon, and when they did, there was a round of morning sex, with Dave & Crystal doing it first, making enough noise to wake the others in the house, and the other two couples joining in.

Once everyone was up and out of bed, it was decided the dress code was casual, meaning no clothing. This led to impromptu sexcapades, as when a man would get a hardon, the closest woman would ride it, and it wasn't necessarily his significant other. About six, the k**s came over, and as soon as they entered and seen the adults nude, they stripped down.

It was decided that the parents couldn't do their own c***dren, but they could do the others. In other words, a full scale orgy broke out after dinner. This made the night before look like a Sunday church gathering. The older men got a kick out of watching the older women doing Joe and Keith. Especially while they had their cocks buried in the younger pussy. Crystal was kind of disappointed, as she only had one young cock to fulfill her, but Abbie told her that maybe they can get more for another time.

Needless to say, it was a bang-up good time. By Sunday afternoon, people were literally having to limp out of the house to go home. They all crashed when they got to their own beds. The next week, Cheryl started working out with Keith at the gym, and by Wednesday, Michelle and Candy had joined her, and Joe too, even though he went to a different school. They were the talk of the campus, but no one wanted to mess with them. Michelle's ex boyfriend confronted Keith, and Keith took him on in the gym, pounding the shit out of him. The wrestling coach watched the match with glee.

Another thing happened that week, Abbie and Crystal went and visited their neighbor, Mrs. Stuart. They took over a freshly made pie, and knocked on the door. Mrs. Stuart answered it suspiciously, but let them in. She really didn't say much, but both women were impressed when they found she was fifty-nine, she hardly looked fifty. Although her hair was gray, her body was firm, thin waist, and a nice bust, a bit smaller than Crystal, and strong legs. She mentioned she seen a lot of activity over at their houses lately, causing the two women to snicker like schoolgirls. She told them to call her Linda, and that she had an idea what they were doing, and that she didn't mind. As they were leaving, Crystal noticed the lights flickering. She asked and Linda said that she's been having problems with the wiring. Crystal told her that she would send Dave over one night this week, as he's a master electrician. Abbie said she would send George as well, since Dave might need a hand in case it's a big job. Linda smiled, and thanked them.

When Dave got home that night, Crystal told him about Linda and the problem with the lights. Dave groaned, saying that her house is older than theirs, it probably needed rewired, since he had already had to redo their own. He told his wife to go back over tomorrow, and tell Linda that it would take at least three weekends with him and Keith, and possibly George, to get it done. The cost would be about three-thousand in labor, and another grand in material.

The next day, Crystal and Abbie went back over, and Linda welcomed them both in. Crystal told her what Dave said, and Linda said fine, and wanted to know how much to pay him. Crystal told her about two grand, and she readily agreed. They went on talking, found out that Linda was once married, and widowed. Her husband had been dead for twenty-two years, when she was thirty-seven. That he was forty years older than her, and they were married for ten years before he died. Turns out he was a lawyer, and was a widow at the time they got married. He had five k**s, and except for the oldest one, a son, and also a lawyer, none of the others would accept her into the f****y. She didn't say, but she may have lived a rather shady life before marrying Mr. Stuart.

He left her plenty of money, she hadn't the need to work since his death. As a matter of fact, she was thinking of getting ready to move, buy a place in Florida, maybe. Abbie asked how she stayed in such great shape. Linda smiled and showed the two of them a room set up with exercise equipment. She told them that she worked out every day here in her own home. There were free weights, a riding bike, stair-master, a bow flex, and a small universal weight machine. The two of them were impressed, and Linda told them that if they wanted to work out, to come on over.

Before the girls left, Linda, with a wicked smile, she asked if there were other ways to pay them. Abbie snickered, and Crystal answered that yes, if she wanted to pay in other forms, she can. But she wasn't sure if the materials and all the labor would be covered that way.

They told her that it couldn't be started until the first weekend in December, so she agreed to it. Neither Crystal and Abbie told their hubbies about the sex part. There wasn't much action the next three weeks, as the boys had wrestling practice every Saturday, and pretty much worn out by the time they got through. Plus George had accounts to get done before the holidays, and Dave had a few big projects he wanted to finish before he tackles Mrs. Stuart's.

On the Wednesday after thanksgiving, he finally was caught up, as was George, and he told Crystal to tell Linda that he would start the job that weekend. Keith was getting use to practice, and he could help after the meets, which was usually done by two. All through these last four weeks, Abbie and Crystal had been going over to their neighbor and working out, with Lisa joining them when her schedule allowed. They were really opening up, at it didn't take long for them to spill the beans about all the activities they had been doing. Linda made it a point to mention that she wouldn't mind joining, as she had been lonely long enough. Crystal told her to go ahead and join in the fun, as the guys wouldn't mind. The girls decided to keep this from their husbands, so they were in for a surprise when they went over the first weekend.

George came over to Dave's house that Saturday morning, early. He was to help carry the tools and material needed over to Linda's. When they were ready, they walked next door and knocked.

Linda answered the door, and the guys mouths dropped to the floor. She was standing there with a cut-off top, just barely covering her firm hard breasts, and a pair of bikini shorts, so tight her pussy lips were bulging out. She asked them to come on in, and to get started, as she was working out in the other room.

The guys went into the utility room, and as Dave looked over his shoulder, to make sure she was out of earshot, he softly told his friend "Man, did you see those tits?"

George whistled, as Dave took the electric panel door off, "Yeah, and that pussy, it's just dying to be fucked."

Both men giggled, as Dave accessed the electrical situation. It was an old fuse box, good thing he bought a 200-amp breaker box. He started to work, and gave George some tools, and told him to go start pulling outlets in the living room, dining room and the kitchen. Both men worked non-stop. It took Dave an hour to get the new panel in and the main line rewired. He kept the power off at a minimum, about ten minutes, as he installed the new box. George got all the plates off, and the outlets and switches pulled out, as well as the overhead lights.

By noon, Dave was in the attic, running wire down to George, who was pulling it down. Things were going real smooth, and Dave was happy. Luckily this house was built well for re-wiring purposes, no hang-ups in the walls to make it a bitch. They had the kitchen and dining room done, and started working on the living room, when Linda came into it, and asked "You guys ready for lunch?"

Without looking up, George hollered up to Dave, "She wants to know if you're ready for lunch?"

He hollered down yes, and when George turned around, he about died. She was wearing a bathrobe, and nothing else, as she just got out of the shower. She sauntered into the kitchen, and pulled out some meat and got the bread out, and made sandwiches, as George waited for Dave to come down from the attic. When he got there, George motioned towards Linda, and this caused Dave to smile. Both men took a seat at the table, and she brought the sandwiches over to them, along with a beer for each, on a tray.

She said "Here's your lunch, guys."

They each took a sandwich, as she took a seat across from them. They ate them quickly, had another, and washed it down with the beer. Once done, they both leaned back in their chairs, and George asked "That was good, what's for dessert?" He was just joking, but she got up, untied her robe with a smile, and let it fall to the floor.

George went, "Oh man, look at that."

Dave responded "Yeah, I think I'll like dessert."

She came around the table, and in-between the two men, their hands quickly went to her body, feeling her nice round tits and her ass and bald pussy. George took a nipple in his mouth, as Dave fingered her slit. She moaned as he penetrated her pussy, something that hasn't been done by another man in quite a long time. She sat her ass on the edge of the table in front of Dave and said "Oh god, eat me, please eat me." As she laid back on the table, propping her legs on his shoulders. His face went right into her twat, suckling on her clit, and shoving two fingers up her love-hole.

George got up and dropped his trousers, and went to her head, which was on the other side of the table. He rubbed his rapidly growing meat on her lips, and she opened them, her eyes still closed. He was surprised when she swallowed his whole schlong, as he felt it slide down her throat. She obviously knew how to suck cock, and she hadn't forgot how, either. A climax shook her body, as Dave was working her clit with his tongue, her moans and cries of passion muffled by the meat in her mouth. As her orgasm subsided, she whimpered as Dave left her cunt and stood up. His dick wanted a taste of this old cunt, and he had a feeling it would feel very tight.

He dropped his pants to his knees, grabbed his dick and guided it to her slit, rubbing it up and down. She whimpered some more at this, and tried pushing her hips into him, wanting her cunt filled with his meat.

He grabbed a hip, and pushed forward, entering her slick and very tight, hot cunt. He was right, it was very tight. He grabbed the back of her thighs and lifted her legs, driving his meat into her so that his balls banged on the edge of the table. George was watching Dave's cock disappear and reappear in and out of her tight box, her inner pussy walls being pulled out as he pulled out. Her hips were bucking, and soon Dave felt her pussy constrict around his shaft, as she had another orgasm. This put George over the edge, as he sent a load down her throat and into her tummy. Dave was soon to follow, as he sent one in from the opposite direction.

Both guys pulled out, still hard, and stood there, looking at her older well-built body. Dave said "They sure don't build them like this anymore!" with a laugh.

George chuckled, saying "Yep, very good condition at this end, how was yours?"

"Oh, pretty damn good, real smooth and very nice texture," Dave laughed, as he finished with "It fit like a glove."

Both men laughed, as Linda sat up, her face flushed, as she said "Well, you guys want to help me down, we can take this into my bedroom where it would be more comfortable."

With dicks still pointing towards the ceiling, they followed the gray-haired beauty down the hall towards her bedroom. She had a large bed, and as they entered, she jumped on it, on all fours, wiggling her cute little ass in the air as an invitation.

George smiled, saying "My turn." As he climbed onto the bed and behind her upturned ass. He guided his meat to her cunt and shoved it in, making her moan in pleasure, as she felt the whole length glide on in.

The guys were not surprised when she purred and said "Oh yeah, your wives said you two had nice cocks, glad they allowed me the opportunity to sample them."

The two men smiled at each other, as Dave went to her head and offered his dick for a suck. She hungrily sucked it in, taking him to the balls, his shaft easily going down her throat.

They fucked her for about ninety minutes, before Dave said they had better get some more things done. They left her laying on her bed, temporarily sated, as they went and found their clothes and went back to work. She didn't come out while they finished the living room and started on the bathroom.

They got one bedroom done when Keith showed up. He knocked, and his father let him in. Keith could tell from the smile on the faces on his dad and George that they had a good time. Dave just pointed to the bedroom where Linda was still laying, and told him to have fun for an hour.

Keith went down the hall, and stood in the doorway, as Dave and George watched from the other room. She must have seen him, as she said "Oh, hello there, you must be Keith"

He smiled and waved, and said "Hello there. "He entered the room, and after a few seconds, they heard a "Oh my goooood.....I've never seen..." followed by silence. As they worked, they soon heard the bedsprings bouncing, and Linda moaning, as Keith was fucking her tight cunt, reaching areas that never had been touched before. It wasn't long before she was crying out in joy, as one orgasm after another raked through her body. George & Dave just chuckled, as they pulled wire and worked on the job.

Keith finally came out an hour later, with a big smile on his face. He soon joined the two older men in work, and in no time, they had half the house done, way ahead of schedule. Dave decided they had done enough work, so he sent Keith on home, and him and George walked on back to the master bedroom, where they found Linda on her belly, with just a sheet over her. She raised her head, and turned and looked at them, a big smile on her face.

"Oh boys, you guys have done a wonderful job so far, do you want a check for the days work?" She rolled over and stretched, the sheet ending up being pulled down below her breasts. Both guys felt their dicks twitch, as their eyes took in her nude upper body.

Dave answered her, "Um, well Linda, you can wait until we're through. Seems it's going faster than I thought, so we'll probably take a good chunk out of it. We'll be back tomorrow to finish the bedrooms and the utility room."

She smiled, and said "Well, why don't you two come on over here and join me. I'm sure you could both use something for the long walk home."

Both men chuckled, as they undid their pants and took them off, then joined her in the bed. Dave laid down next to her, and she swung a leg over his body and quickly mounted his cock. Dave reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart, revealing her little brown hole.

"Come on George, I think she might like it." He said while nodding towards her back door. Linda wasn't sure what he meant, until she felt a finger of George exploring her asshole.

"Ohhh, George, that feels good...ugh...yes...please fuck my ass, baby..." she begged, as she was rocking on both George’s finger and Dave's cock.

George removed his finger and placed his dick at her anus, and pressed in gently, she gasped at first at the sudden pain, but then the pain went away, and she started pushing back against him, causing more of his meat to sink into her ass. Once he was all the way in, the two men started drilling her two holes, causing her to shake and shudder, as one orgasm after another swept through her body.

After about ten minutes, they somehow managed to roll over, with Linda sitting on George's cock, up her ass, his hands on the middle of her back holding her up, and Dave between her thighs, his hands holding her by the ankles, as he fucked her twat. She was lost in her own little world, and she blacked out once from the joy of it all. The guys didn't stop, as Dave continued to pound away. Finally, George grunted, as his cock filled her bowels, followed by Dave, who with one final plunge, emptied his load deep inside of her. They all collapsed in a heap, just as they heard clapping coming from the hall.

There was their two wives, Abbie and Crystal, with not a stitch on, and when the guys seen them, they rushed the bed, pushing Dave off and his dick out of Linda's cunt. She moaned at the loss of it, and again as she was rolled off of George, his meat falling out of her asshole with a plopping noise.

The two wives got Linda on her side, and started cleaning her cunt and asshole with their tongues, making Linda squirm with delight. The husbands softening cocks got hard, and soon they were in each others wives, plowing their cunts as the girls licked Linda clean.

The guys grunted and buried their cocks into the wives, as they emptied their sperm deep inside. They pulled out and collapsed, a bit worn. Linda was having another orgasm ,as the girls finished her off. As she recovered, the girls crawled up and started exchanging kisses with each other and Linda.

Linda smiled at her new lovers, and asked Crystal "Where's that boy of yours? God he's got a monster cock!"

Abbie laughed, and Crystal smiled, saying, "Yea, he does, even bigger than his dad, wish he wasn't my son, I would love to try it." They laughed and kissed, and she said "Oh, he's with Cheryl, she lost some more weight, believe she's lost thirty-seven pounds in the last five weeks, Keith is her bi-weekly reward."

Linda smiled, "Some reward." Abbie sucked on her stiff nipple, causing her to moan, "And where's your daughter at?"

George answered for his wife, "Over at Lisa Summers place, Lisa and Barry are both working this weekend, so Michelle and Candy are entertaining Joe, Barry's son."

Linda whistled softly, "You guys are a real set of hedonists, aren't you?"

"You complaining?" asked Abbie, as she lifted her mouth off of the older women’s tit.

"Hell no, I think I've found something I like." she replied. They all laughed, and started in again, with the guys soon joining in. They fucked and sucked until about midnight, by then both George and Dave were about shot. Sunday they slept in and rested. The following week, they repeated the performance, as they finished off Linda's wiring, and had Keith help again once he was done with practice. He eventually left, leaving the three older people to their own desires, with Abbie and Crystal joining them again.

On the following week, while seated in his office, George was looking at his practice. He was given a list by Nancy of those that wanted his services. He hated to turn down the extra work, but with just him doing the work, and Nancy being his secretary, he just couldn't handle it all.

That was on Tuesday. When he got home that night, he was met at the door by Crystal, she had a big smile on her face. He looked at her, and said "Okay, what’s up?"

"Well, Crystal & I got a phone call today." said Abbie.

He sat on the couch, grabbing the evening newspaper, and saying "And?"

"It was April." He had to think, then he remembered the girl from Gatlinburg, he lowered the paper, and smiled. "She and a bunch of her friends want to come up this weekend to visit."

George said "Okay, how many? And I take it will be an interesting visit?"

"Yes it should," she smiled, and continued, "It seems she told a few of her swinging friends about us, and they expressed interest in coming up for a visit. About twenty, only April and one other will be female."

"Whew, nice odds. Are you sure about this?" said her husband.

"Crystal, Linda & Lisa and I already agreed. The two college girls can be entertained by you, Dave, Barry, Joe and Keith, while us seven girls will take on the eighteen guys." Abbie was smiling, and George laughed.

"Okay, sounds like fun to me. If Barry and Dave go for it, I will too. I'm sure Keith and Joe will." He returned to his paper, "Eighteen of them, that’s almost three to one."

She knelt down in front of him, and undid his zipper, and fished out his meat, finding it almost hard. "Looks like you like the idea of a couple of coeds, yourself." He chuckled, as she started sucking away, she took her mouth off his meat to ask, "How was your day? And Nancy? How's she doing?"

George dropped the paper, watching his wife suck on his knob. She had gotten better the last few months of doing this, probably from watching Crystal, he thought. "Well, I've been thinking, maybe I need to hire another accountant, I have lots of potential clients, but only one of me."

She raised her head, removing his meat, as she slowly jerked his cock, and asked "You think I could help in the office?"

He thought about it, and said "Oh, probably as a clerk, Nancy would need some help as well." He moaned as her warm mouth soon engulfed his cock again. "I could even use two. At least during tax time, and keep one full-time."

He grunted as she finished him off, his blast of come hitting the back of his throat. Michelle and Candy came in, smiled at the two of them, and went on up to Michelle’s room, carrying their school books. Something caught George's eye as they went by. Abbie looked at him, and said "What?"

"Oh, just thinking," he turned to his wife, looking at her face, "Just saw Candy carrying up some school books on mathematics, and business, I was wondering if she would like a job."

Abbie looked at him, smiled and said "Let me call Lisa, but what you want her for?"

George chuckled, "I've a few ideas, really," Abbie slapped his bare thigh, mockingly, "But I wouldn't mind using her as sort of a trainee, I guess Michelle could work too. They are both seniors."

Abbie got up and went to the phone. She picked it up and headed for the back bathroom, dialing a number. George sat there and couldn't hear what his wife was saying, but knew it might be of some help.

A few minutes later, she returned, and said "Just talked to Lisa, she said that she is taking Accounting classes this semester and next. Been doing pretty good. Currently she's working at a fast food place, not getting paid that much."

George mulled it over, asked "What is not much?"

"Six-fifty an hour." replied Abbie. She smiled, and said "You know, having those two might help in getting even more clients."

George smiled, and said "Let me talk to them."

He got up and headed up the stairs. The bedroom door was only partially open, and he knocked, he heard Michelle say come on in, and he did. Both girls were sitting on the bed, topless, reading some English class books. "Hi girls, can I talk for you two for a moment?"

They looked at each other, and Michelle said "Sure dad, what’s up?" Michelle was afraid she had done something wrong, her dad normally doesn't come into her room, unless she screwed up. And with them now all having a open relationship, she couldn't think what the problem could be. Abbie appeared in the doorway behind him, as he took a seat at her desk.

"Well, how are you girls grades?" asked George.

They looked at each other, as Michelle answered "Oh, I've been keeping about a B+ average, my math and social studies scores have kept me up." She looked at Candy.

Candy replied, "I've got a low A in most of my classes, having a bit of a problem in English."

"Good," said George, "I'm glad to hear it." He cleared his throat, "Um, well, you see, I'm going to do some changing at work." Both girls looked at him funny, wondering why the fuck he's telling them this. "The thing is, I need a full-time accountant at least, I'm not sure where I'll get one, yet. But, I could use some part-time help, sort of a training position." Neither girl had a clue, and it showed on their faces. He blurted it out, "After the first of the year, I would like both of you to work a few evenings per week, and possibly Saturday mornings, how many hours you get at where you work, Candy?"

Candy was stunned, a new job, and in accounting, a field she is interested in, "Um, about twenty."

He made some calculations quickly in his head "Okay, I'll tell you what, I'll pay you each a salary of two-hundred a week, for a maximum of twenty-five hours. How's that sound?"

Candy did some calculating of her own, and a smile came across her face, "Sure thing George, I would love that."

Michelle piped in, "Oh daddy, that would be great."

Both girls got up and came over and gave him a hug and a kiss. He got up smiling, as Abbie added, "Okay you two, there is one condition," they both sat back down on the bed, as Abbie said "You two better not neglect on your schooling, and no goofing off at work. I will be there, too. I'll be helping Nancy in her office duties." Both girls said they promised to do a good job, and the couple left the room.

Once back downstairs, George said "Now I'll have to tell Nancy, but I still need a full-time accountant!"

"Don't worry, you'll find one, after all, there are always college graduates wanting entry-level jobs."

He smiled, and went back to his paper. He stopped and asked "What about Cheryl? She won't feel put out, will she?"

"Cheryl is only a junior, no, no worry there. I'm sure Lisa will take care of that. Speaking of which, I’ll call her back."

The next day, instead of George telling Nancy, Abbie did it, by taking her out to lunch. She told him not to tell her a thing, she wanted to do it. They left at noon, and George expected them back at one. At four he suddenly broke away from work, and realized they hadn't gotten back yet. By five he was really getting worried, and was about to go looking for them, when they entered his two-room office, both laughing and smiling. They said their good-byes, and Abbie kissed her husband on the lips, as she left.

Once she was out of the office, George said "I guess I can't get mad, since you were with my wife."

Nancy smiled, and said "Yeah, I wasn’t worried."

He chuckled, and went back into his office, with her following on his heels. He asked her, "Well, what do you think of the plans?"

She took a seat on the other side of the desk, and said "I like them, I've been thinking for awhile we could use the help, at least for me for filing. I'll love having Abbie around." George thought so would he, and he smiled a big smile, "I just hope you don't get worn out," he looked at her rather puzzled, as she got up and came around the desk, sitting on the edge of it between him and the desk, and raising her legs, "I mean, you might have your hands full here taking care of two women, not to mention all those at home." His face showed his shock, not only from what she said, but also from his view up her skirt, and her lack of panties. Sounds to him that Abbie literally told her everything.

She leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips, their tongues exploring each others mouths. She broke it, and leaned back, her hands on the desk behind her, as she said "Yeah, Abbie said you got a great tongue, she suggested I find out how good it is before this weekend."

George didn't need anymore encouragement. He buried his face in her bush, a sweet smelling cunt, and started lapping at her already flowing juices. She started telling him that Abbie told her all about what's been going on at the home front, and she was more or less asked to join in, along with her two nineteen year-old twin sons. She soon stopped talking, as George shoved a finger up her hot cunt, as she moaned in passion. Her hips started bucking on the desk, meeting his tongue and his probing fingers. She finally screamed out, wailing that she was coming. George was thinking, what a screamer.

As her orgasm subsided, he stood up and unbuckled his pants, pushed them to his knees with his shorts, letting her see his meat, as it pointed toward the ceiling. She licked her red lips, and he grabbed her knees, parting her thighs a bit more. She took his throbbing cock into her left hand and guided it to her waiting hole. He pushed in and couldn't believe how tight it was. His hands worked up under her blouse, pushed her bra up off her breasts, and started massaging them, as he pumped her twat. She wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands on his shoulders, and was fucking him back. Soon she was stiffening up, as another round of joy swept her body, just as he gave a final thrust, burying his cock inside of her, and blasting load after load of his hot jism into her.

He hugged her tight to his body, and pulled her with him as he sat down in his chair, she still impaled on his throbbing monster, her legs spread out over the arm rests. They kissed hotly, and soon her hips were bucking once again. His cock was still hard, and he was thrusting up into her, as she came like a rocket. She settled down, climbed off his lap, and removed the skirt, he turned her around and bent her over his desk, and plowed into her sopping wet cunt from behind. He pushed her blouse up to her armpits, and snacked a hand underneath, massaging her engorged clit. He could feel another load boiling in his balls, as she was pushing back into him.

As she came again, he blasted another load into her, god was she hot. But this one seemed to do the trick, as she finally calmed down, her face resting on the desk. He picked her up around the waist, and pulled her back onto his lap in the chair. He nibbled on her neck, and said "Looks like you'll fit right in."

She laughed, "Yes, I think so."

They got up, put their clothes back on and went back to work. George told her his plans, and asked her to get in touch with those on the contact list, seeing who still wants their services. They hugged and kissed, before they went back to work, sexually satisfied.

When George got home, Abbie met him at the door, with a smile on her face. She looked at George, who looked a bit sheepish, as she asked "Was she good?"

He chuckled, not knowing where to take this, he kissed her and said "Not nearly as good as you, babe."

As he went by towards the stairs, she swatted his ass, telling him, "It'll be interesting when I start work there, you'll have three women there to screw."

As he was going up the steps, he asked over his shoulder, "Three? Oh yeah, I forgot about Candy."

They went into their bedroom, where they screwed each other silly, Abbie especially liking the taste of his cock after it was in a new pussy. George noticed some cum leaking out of her cunt first thing once she got undressed, and after they had a good fuck, he asked her, "Whose cum was in your pussy this afternoon?"

She smiled, as she propped up on an elbow, "Oh, that’s Keith's, he was over doing Michelle, I hopped on for a quick ride." She leaned over and kissed him, asking "You don't mind, do you?"

"Heh-heh, hell no, you girls are going to wear that boy out, though."

Friday night arrived, and everyone was at George & Abbie's house, waiting for April and her friends. Nancy and her two twin boys, Matt and Mark were there, and the two boys were already upstairs getting to know Candy, Michelle and Cheryl. Keith & Joe were up there with them, as well.

At eight, two vans pulled up, and a large group got out, heading up the steps. George opened the door and welcomed them all in. April hugged them, as George counted heads, nineteen males, and April was the lone female. She seen him counting, and the puzzled look on her face, and she explained, "My girlfriend couldn't make it, sorry, she had to go to a funeral in Atlanta."

Abbie said "That’s too bad, I'm sure we can still have a blast with out her."

Everyone piled into the living room, all thirty-five people, twenty-six males and nine females. After they were all seated on the floor, and such, George and Dave got up and got their attention. George spoke first, "Welcome everyone, um, we're sort of new at this, throwing a swing party and all. Just for starters, to help you all get to know each other, our wives, Abbie, Crystal and Lisa have set up a table with food in this house and the one next door. Lots of cold cuts, salads, crackers, cheese and other fine eats, plus soft drinks. Sorry, but no alcohol."

A groan from the groups of college k**s, causing Dave to say "For you guys from Kentucky, I would like it to be known that one of our men here in attendance," He pointed to Barry, "Is an off-duty policeman, he's here for pleasure, but he won't think twice about knocking some heads, nor will I or George." A few murmurs, but no complaints.

Dave said "Okay, now, we've figured on our wives, Linda and our daughters to go to the house next door, with Barry, and s*******n of you college guys. April and Nancy will stay here with the rest of us guys. We'll draw straws to see who goes and who stays, unless we have some volunteers." He looked around, and four hands shot up, he pointed at two of them, saying, "Very well, only need two of you, why don't you and you plan on staying." He pointed at two guys, and they said "Yes sir."

"Okay," Said George, "Lets start by all the guys standing up, and getting out of their clothes," A bit of hesitation at first, but as soon as George, Barry and Dave started stripping, the other men did likewise. The girls were hooting and hollering. Abbie was checking things out, as the pants were coming off. She saw mainly cocks of the average six inch length, and a few above average. One of the three black guys was sporting a nice size one, and he was acting a bit cocky, but he wasn't near as big as Keith. As a matter of fact, when he seen Keith’s' meat, his jaw dropped, probably upset that some white boy was bigger.

Once the men were nude, George said "Okay guys, take a seat, it's the ladies turn." The men were rather vocal, as the nine females stripped out of their clothes. The girls turned around, showing off their assets, and the guys cheered even more. George stood up, and said "Okay, now we all know what we all look like, please help yourself to the food at the table, and enjoy the evening. After we're done eating, Abbie and Crystal will take their group next door. Remember, condoms are mandatory. We will all meet back here in the morning, if you or any one is still able to stand." Laughter, and everyone hit the food tables at once.

There was much conversation, and the music was put on softly. A few of the guys were rubbing the younger girls bodies, but no sex yet. April came up to George, and said "Thank you for letting me stay here, it'll be different getting boned by you guys."

George and Dave smiled, reminiscing about the last time they had her. Dave said "You've seen my son?" He pointed at Keith, and she smiled.

"Yes I did, he's even bigger than the old man. As a matter of fact, the biggest pecker I've seen, and I've seen hundreds." she said with a smile.

They continued their conversation, talking about other things as well. Seems one of the guys that’s staying with George & Dave's group is graduating this semester and is an accountant major. George had him pointed out, and his mind started racing. Damn, this might be easier than he thought.

About thirty minutes went by, and Abbie hollered out, "Okay, all those going with us next door, put on your clothes, we'll be going out the back door in groups of four, we don't want the neighbors talking, now, do we?"

Dave thought, we sure don't. Instead of waiting to see them all off, George, Dave, Keith and Joe, along with the two college guys, named Steve and Simon, literally carried the naked April and Nancy up the stairs to the master bedroom. They deposited both women on the bed, and jumped on. George and Steve were each feasting on one of April's breasts, as Joe was between her thighs, licking her twat clean, making her writhe in pleasure. While Nancy was sitting on Keith’s face, and Dave and Simon were sucking her breasts and rubbing her body all over, her head thrown back, surrendering to their whims.

As they were beginning their fun, George announced "Lets see who can come in each hole first." The other five men laughed and said it was a great idea, but the girls weren't too sure, when they stared down at Keith’s big bone. For the next five hours, the guys did just that, taking turns at each hole. Both girls usually had at least one cock stuck in an orifice, if not more than one. They lost count how many times they came, as the guys would get aroused whenever they heard the girls scream out in another orgasm.

Joe was the first to hit all six holes, at about two-am. Followed closely by George and Steve. Dave got into April's well-used ass at about two-thirty, to finish off his double-hat trick. And Simon filled Nancy's mouth to make his complete tour. Keith finally got his cock up Nancy's tight ass at three, pumping his load deep into her bowels. She knew she would have problems walking after that big cock got done with her ass. But she still managed to have a nice come as he did it, much to her delight.

After that, the guys would get hard and do whatever was available, sometimes a guy or two would nod off on the floor, and both girls did too, not that it stopped the guys. As the sun was rising, the action was about dead, as both women were laying on come covered sheets, April with Keith’s cock stuck up her cunt, and Nancy on top of George, his pole stuck snuggly in her twat. Everyone was out like a light.

Next door at Linda's, the girls decided to play a game of their own, who could get the most cocks to unload in them before three. With nineteen young and virile males in the house, they figured they would all have a good chance of getting plenty. Each woman took a wastebasket, and set it down where they were having sex, and dumped the used condoms into it, as they knew that would be the easiest way to keep track.

Things were hot and fast for about three hours. No problems, except for that cocky black k**. Crystal and Abbie were getting pissed off at his attitude, and finally, when he made a nasty comment about Cheryl, that did it. Crystal took four guys aside, including the two other black guys, and had them grab him and tie him down to a chair. They then tipped it backwards, his head about crotch high, and the girls now had a pussy cleaner. Each one went over and squatted on his face, making him either eat or suffocate. He was screaming out obscenities, and calling his friends names. His friends were tired of his shit, and about midnight, they untied him, handed him his clothes, and kicked him out the door, telling him to walk back to Kentucky. Turns out he didn't get far, as he was soon picked up by Cincinnati's finest, and hauled downtown.

At three, the girls, all tired from taking so many cocks, started counting the used rubbers. After the count was in, Candy was the winner with forty-three, followed by Abbie's forty-one, Linda at thirty-seven and Cheryl at thirty-six, while Michelle, Linda and Crystal had thirty-four, thirty-three and thirty-one respectively.

After that, they had a short break, and started again, fucking the guys to sl**p. By sun-up, only Linda and Crystal were still awake, each riding the twins of Nancy. After that, all were sound asl**p.

Saturday was the same, as was the evening and all night, except all the action was moved to the home of George and Abbie. There was fucking and sucking going on the whole time, somebody somewhere was having sex in the house from about noon on. George did talk to the college accounting major, named Steve, and hired him on the spot. The young k** had a few other offers, but as he was doing his new boss's wife, he knew this was going to be a better deal.

By Sunday afternoon, when it was time for the college k**s to leave, all those in attendance could honestly say they were thoroughly fucked. Everyone took showers before they left, to wash off the two days of come and sweat. The three couples and Linda decided this was a good weekend, and were hoping for more similar adventures. But then, that will be more stories at another time.

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White Neighbor Slaves pt 1

My wife and me had been married for 30 years. I retired at 43 my wife was
45. She was still a very attractive woman, 5' 3" tall 130 lbs. She she
walked every day around the neighborhood block. She recently changed her
hair style to what she called a short nape and it was attractive on her. As
for me I had gotten a bit chubby over the years but nothing drastic. My
wife , Carol kept trying to get to exercise more but I felt the yard work
kept me in good enough shape. The only regret we had was not having
c***dren. Some people called that a blessing.

Three months ago the new neighbors moved in next door. They were a black
f****y with two sons. Ben Weller was his name, he worked in security which
was fitting. He was over 6' tall and built like a boxer. I had to admit to
myself secretly, I had the odd fantasy of seeing him naked. His wife was
very attractive woman also, worked for the state. Thad and Jake were their
sons. Thad was fifteen and Jake was s*******n. They took after their father
because they were both big. In fact Jake was almost as tall as his father.

It is safe to say my wife and me are quite passive people. We tend not to
rock the boat we were more submissive that aggressive. I guess that's why I
always felt intimidated by Ben when he came over to borrow something from
my garage. He made feel subordinate to him. I didn't mind that he borrowed
things because he always returned them. Either him or one of his sons. Then
one day I needed the hedge clippers I had loaned to Ben.

I went next door and found Ben in his garage tinkering with his truck. He
didn't have any shirt on I couldn't help notice how muscular his upper body
was. His black skin tone seemed to accent his muscles more. "What's up,
John?" "Oh, nothing, Ben. Just needed to use the hedge trimmer this
morning." "Sounds like a pretty lame excuse to me." I was caught off
guard. "I, I don't understand what you mean." Ben walked over and closed
down the garage door.

"I've seen you look at me. You're thinking what my big black cock looks
like." I shook my head and swallowed. "NO. No, Please Ben. I assure
you. Nothing like that ever occurred to me!" "You and your wife don't have
sex much anymore if at all. Except for a hand job she might give you." I
didn't want to admit it but he was just about right. Carol and I had sex
once in a couple of months. That didn't go all that well.

"Please. Ben. Can I get the hedge trimmer and I'll leave you alone." "I'll
give you more than the trimmed." Ben stepped around from his truck, glaring
down at me. "Get down on your knees!" "Please, please Ben," I was stopped
short. He put his large hands on my shoulders and f***ed me down. Somehow,
I was not afraid of what was going to happen next. Ben unzipped his pants,
he was not wearing shorts. His huge erection plopped out in front of me.

"Open your mouth," he ordered. "Get your mouth over the head and suck it!"
The head was circumcised and very thick. It was like putting a large
cucumber in my mouth. I couldn't believe I was doing this to him. "Com'on
get some more in your mouth. Suck it!" I don't how long I was sucking his
penis when suddenly he pulled it out of my mouth. He began stroking it and
his semen shot all over my face. There was so much I thought it would never
stop. "Next time I'll make you swallow it!"

He grabbed my arms and pulled me to my feet. His hands quickly unfastened
my pants and yanked them down to my ankles. "Just as I thought. You got
some wood there." He was right. I did have an erection. Put your hands
behind your back. Stand there while I milk this white thing." I never had
a man ever fondle my penis before. It was humiliating standing there
allowing him to masturbate me. I would only admit to my self that I
completely enjoyed it.

It took only about a minute, I was so aroused feeling his large hand
yanking on my penis. The ejaculation felt better than I had in a long long
time. "Put you pants back on," Ben ordered, as he reached for the
trimmer. "Here. Have a good time. As much as I tried to get the images of
that morning out of my mind, I couldn't. Every time I thought about it my
penis would swell up. I had no idea what the consequences would be from
that day.

Two days later, when I returned from the post office, I found a note on the
kitchen table. It was from Carol who said she had gone next door to help
Helen, Ben's wife. I didn't remember her saying anything about Helen or
going there before. I met Jake and Thad in the driveway shooting a
basketball through the hoop. "I just came over to see if Carol was here."

Jake and Thad smiled, "Yeah, she's inside with mom and dad. The back door
is open." It was good thing I didn't have heart trouble. I stopped
immediately in my tracks. Carol was down on her knees in front of Ben. His
large dick was sliding in and out of her mouth. Her arms were bound behind
her back and she was completely naked! "Surprised, John?" Helen asked. I
had not noticed but she was sitting at the table with a robe on.

I still didn't answer because I found it hard to believe what I was seeing.
Ben smiled at me. "She likes black cock just as well as you do, John"
"Yeah," Helen added. "We're just breaking your wife in. That's all." She
took a drink of her coffee. "I heard you did some cock sucking the other
day in the garage. How'd you like it?" I was trying to think of something
to say when Ben all of a sudden ejaculated in Carol's mouth.

The semen dribbled from her lips, down her chin and the side of her face
and eventually on the floor. My penis snapped to the quickest erection I
had ever had. It was the most arousing thing I ever seen. I had never been
big on porn like many men so I was a bit of a prude about these things. Ben
wiped the semen from Carol's face and rubbed it over her tits. Her hard
nipples were standing straight out. Ben untied Carol's hands, Helen tossed
her clothes to her.

"Better put these on so your hubby can take you back home." I never said a
word not because I was angry but because I was to humiliated to speak.
Carol got dressed and we went home. It was some time before I spoke up.
"Would you like to tell me what that was all about over there?" Carol
would not look me in the eyes instead she hung her head. "I was f***ed to
do what you saw. Helen got me over there on another pretense. I had no idea
that was going to happen. Please believe me."

It was almost like she read my mind because I thought about the garage from
a few days earlier. Carol suddenly lifted her head. "What did Helen mean
about cock sucking in the garage?" Now it was my turn. I took a deep
breath. "It, it was nothing. I had an encounter with Ben in the garage a
few days ago." "What kind of encounter?"

"When I went over to get the trimmer." I could feel the humiliation all
over my body. "He, he f***ed me to suck his cock." "And you never said
anything about it?" I starred at her. "Were you going to say anything
about today?" It appeared we were both at a standoff. I had my humiliation
and Carol had hers. "let's just let it go and get on with our lives."

Two days later was Saturday, Ben called me over to his house. I was a bit
apprehensive to say the least. Thad and Jake were there. "Get on your
knees, John." I was completely intimidated by Ben and both his sons. I
quickly knelt down. Jake held my arms behind my back while Thad tied them
up. I thought maybe this time it would be Jake or Thad. They made me stand
at which time they removed my pants and underwear.

Ben led me down the hall to the bedroom. Helen was laying on the bed naked.
The first thing I noticed, like all men I suppose, were her tits. They were
big and so were her nipples. "Can't let my husband have all the fun with
you two," she said smiling big. "When was the last time you licked pussy?"
She asked. "I, I, I don't know. Or remember." I stuttered. She
laughed. "Then you in for a treat!"

Helen opened her legs and gave me a perfect view of her black pussy. I
though about resisting but I knew it would do no good. Helen grabbed my
head and pulled me into her wet crotch. "Get your tongue in there. Slide it
all over me!" She was moaning and groaning as she rubbed my face back and
forth in her pussy. "There! Right there!" She shouted. "Keep your tongue
rubbing over my clit!" A minute later she screamed and rubbed my face up
and down her pussy, Groaning and screaming several more times.

I felt like my face had taken a hot shower. She pushed me away then she lay
back on the bed moaning some more. "You did pretty good, John," Ben smiled
, bringing a damp towel to wipe my face off with. "I thing my wife likes
your face in her pussy." Ben stood me up. "I see my wife's pussy makes
your cock hard too." I was beginning to associate humiliation with my

Ben led me back to the living room. He untied my arms. "Since you're half
naked. You might as well go all the way. Take your shirt off." Ben retied
my arms. "You ever heard of bdsm?" I nodded, "yes, I don't live under a
rock. It's some sort of weird kinky sex thing." "Yeah, it is. But more
people love it than you think."

Ben pulled out a ball gag and dangled it in front of me. "Ever seen one of
these?" "Yes. They use it in kinky sex." Ben laughed, "open your mouth."
I did and he inserted the red ball in my mouth. Next he fastened the strap
around my neck to hold it in place." He led me over to a mirror. "See how
good you look in that? We better take you next door and show Carol."

My heart skipped a beat when he said that. My god that was the last thing I
wanted. However, I was bound and gagged and I had no say in the matter. I
realized how helpless I was at that moment. Ben had total control over
me. He could do whatever he liked. Anyone could for that matter. Completely
naked, Ben led me out the back door into the yard. Thank god we went
through the back gate so nobody could see me. He led me in the house and
sat me down in a chair. I looked around but didn't see Carol anywhere.

Ben looked down at me. "Looking for the little woman? Bring her in, Jake."
Carol had a leather collar around her neck and was led into the room by
Jake with a leash attached to the collar. She also was buck naked, arms
tied behind her back. Thad walked in behind Carol. "You got a pretty hot
looking wife there, John. But I think she's becoming addicted to black

"Kneel!" Jake ordered. Carol obeyed immediately, dropping to her
knees. Jake removed his pants and stroked his large black cock before
shoving it into Carol's mouth. Carol gagged a few times. I watched while
Jake pumped his teenage cock in and out of Carol's mouth. His big testicles
swung back and forth occasionally striking Carol on the chin. Abruptly Jake
groaned and thrust his hips forward.

After a few seconds I could see the sperm rolling from Carol's
lips. Quickly Jake and Thad changed places. Thad slipped his black dick
into Carol's mouth and began humping. I had no control on my emotions as
everyone could see. Aroused by everything that was taking place, my dick
was standing straight up. "Makes you really hot! Watching your wife suck
big black cocks."

As much as I didn't want to admit it, he was right. It did arouse me
completely. The image of Carol's mouth dripping semen and her tits bouncing
back and forth. It did make me hard! Again I saw the sperm dripping from
her lips and down her chin and onto her chest. Jake and Thad pulled Carol
to her feet then turned her around in front of me. Jake slid his hand
between her thighs and into her pussy. "Yeah, this bitch is wet and wild."

Jake brought Carol over to me and made her kneel. He shoved her head down,
"now, suck your husband's cock." It was probably 20 years since my dick
was in her mouth. Those days we use to make love at lot. The slurping
sounds she made aroused me even more. I closed my eyes, groaned out loud
and the sensation shot through my body like a bolt of lighting. Her mouth
was full my sperm for the first time in years.

Ben pulled Carol to her feet and bent her over the arm of the sofa. I could
see the wet crack of her pussy peeking through her ass cheeks. Ben dropped
his pants and rubbed his thick black dick up and down Carol's ass crack.
"Now, I'm gonna fill your pussy with a real cock!" Carol moaned loudly as
Ben slid his hard dick into her. Carol was groaning and the room was filled
with the sound of Ben's thighs smacking against Carol's ass.

Suddenly she screamed, "OH MY GOD! OH, oh, oh god!" "This black cock is
not ready yet, bitch!" carol groaned and screamed again while Ben rammed
his large dick in and out of her pussy. It must have another minute before
Ben had his orgasm and pulled away. I could see Carol's pussy dripping
Ben's semen down her thighs and on the sofa arm. She was still catching her

The door opened and I saw Helen walk in. She was dressed a bit
strange. Thigh high boots and black leather dress with a matching leather
bra. "What you boys doing over here?" She asked. "Just having some fun,"
Ben replied. Helen looked over at Carol. "That bitch is a mess. You boys
go give he a bath and get her cleaned up."

Jake and Thad pulled Carol to her feet and led he out of the room. Helen
turned back to me. "This works out just fine," She smiled. "Me and Ben got
you to play with. And the boys got your wife to play with. Works out just
fine." Ben yanked me up from the chair as Helen walked around me. "You
ever had your white ass spanked? I bet you did when you were a boy." I
couldn't answer her because of the gag in my mouth.

"Well let's just bend you over that sofa arm." Ben f***ed me over the arm
just like they had done Carol. Now my ass was sticking up in the air.
Helen placed her hand on the ass. "Let's see if we can put a little color
in that white ass of yours." The next thing I heard was a loud whack and a
stinging sensation on my ass cheeks. There were four more whacks and the
stinging in my ass was turning to a burning sensation.

During the whacks from the leather belt, Helen would stop and then slap me
with her hand and pinch my ass with her fingers. Then follow it up with
another few whacks from the belt. Needless to say, it was a painful on my
tender ass cheeks. "I think this bitch has had enough ass whipp'in." Helen
reached between my legs and grabbed me by the balls. "You remember how much
that ass whipp'in hurts. You step out of line and I'll whip your white ass
twice as long. You hear me?"

I quickly nodded my head yes. My ass was still on fire and I didn't want
any more. Ben grabbed my arms and yanked me to my feet. Helen stepped up
to me. "Spread your legs! Wide open!" She picked up a couple of small
metal clamps which she clamped onto my nipples. I felt more discomfort as
she tightened them down. She picked something else up from the table.

"This is my favorite riding crop. I like to use it on white mans cocks."
She teased my cock and balls with the crop, rubbing it all around my
genitals. The constant pain I was feeling in my nipples was having an
effect on my penis. It was making it hard as a rock. Helen began by tapping
my glans with the crop then lower to my testicles. I responded with sudden
jerking and grunting which made her happy.

My dick was sore from being slapped so much with the crop as was my scrotum
and inner thighs. Ben and Helen found it amusing how hard my red penis
was. Helen grabbed it and began masturbating me there in the living room. I
briefly wondered where Carol was and what she was doing. Then Suddenly, my
aching testicles began to spill out my semen into Helen's hand.

They soon decided they had enough fun for one night so they untied me and
returned to their home. Shortly after Carol came in and went straight to
the bedroom. The next morning I didn't wake until ten. I heard Carol in
the kitchen so I threw on a robe and went in to see what she was doing. She
was wearing her flower apron, just and apron and nothing else.

I smiled at her, "I don't think I ever saw you just wear an apron." "Jake
told me stay naked when I was in the house. Just in case a man would like
to use me."

I could see the outline of her nipples poking against the front of the
apron. I stared at her bars ass sticking out the back of the apron. She was
right I would love to use her right there!

As the weeks went by, Carol and I got use to being used as sexual slaves to
Ben and his f****y. It was certainly unlike anything we had ever
experienced before in our dull middle class lives. I actually had to get a
prescription for some of those sexual enhancing d**gs to keep my dick hard
and preforming. As for Carol, she was doing just fine.

Carol was mostly used by Ben, Thad and Jake. Helen was not really into
women all that much. As for me, I was used by just about everyone. Helen
loved having a white man as her sexual slave as did Ben and the boys. One
afternoon I was working in the garage, sorting boxes when Thad, Jake and
two of their friends walked in.

When they closed the garage door I knew what they had in mind.

"This is the white bitch I was telling you about," said Jake.

His two friends smiled and nodded their heads. "You right! He does look a
lot like Mr. Farley."

Thad came over, grabbed my nipples through my shirt and pinched
them. "Mr. Farley is one of our white teachers at school. A real prick!"

Jake laughed, "yeah. If we had him here right now, we'd fuck his ass hard!"

"Since we don't," continued Thad. "You'll have to do!"

The boys quickly surrounded me, tying my hands behind my back, stripping me
then bending me over the wooden bench I had in the garage. The rest was
pretty much self explanatory. When they finished, I had sperm dripping from
all my holes. I was quickly beginning to dislike this Mr. Farley.

However, Carol got used by the boys a lot more than me. Every day when the
Jake and Thad came home from school they stopped by our house first for
some "black cock service" as they called it. Carol had to be ready every
day Monday through Friday three-thirty in the afternoon. They would strip
her then make her suck their cocks until they were almost ready to
ejaculate. Sometimes they would bend her over and fill whatever hole the
felt like.

It always amazed me how much sexual drive teenage boys have. They would
conclude their "black cock service" by four o'clock. Sometimes they would
be back at five for another. Then back again at seven and sometimes
nine. Also amazing was the fact they always had ample loads of sperm to
eject. I was not exempt from "black cock service" I had to suck them off
just as many times as Carol.

One Saturday morning I was called over by Helen. "Strip!" She barked, and I
complied to her command. I knew it was time for the bondage gear to come
out. Chest harness, arms fastened behind my back, cock and ball harness and
ball gag for my mouth. The finishing touch was the two nipple clamps and a
black leather studded collar buckled around my neck.

"That's good," she smiled. "Now, you look like a white man slave."

I didn't know it at the time but Helen was having a few of her friends
over. Three more black women arrived after about an hour. I was downstairs
standing naked in the center of the playroom. The women strolled around me,
poking, pinching, fondling, prodding and slapping whatever they felt
like. One of the women grabbed my balls and yanked.

"You like eat'in black pussy?"

I quickly nodded my head, not wanting her to pull my balls any tighter.

"That's good! We got a lot of black pussy for you to eat," they all

They began by giving me a good hard spanking which left my ass burning
red. They removed the gag, made me kneel on the floor and lean
backwards. For about the next hour my face and mouth was covered with black
pussy. I didn't think is was possible but my tongue was actually sore from
all the licking.

Of course they had some other fun with me. They fastened another gag on me
they called a penis gag. There was a small cock head that went into my
mouth while on the other end was a larger rubber dildo. They took turns
making me face fuck them with the dildo. The high lite for me however, was
getting sucked off by one of the women. I was pulled around the house by my
cock and balls then masturbated by one of the women.

Several days later, Thad and Jake took me for a ride to another house but I
don't know where. I was stripped, made to lay face down on a bed with my
arms and legs tied to the rails. I was fucked by about eight men, at least
that was how many cocks I remember going in my ass. I later found out Jake
and Thad told some boys that I was Mr. Farley and for a price they could
fuck me in the ass. I guess that's when I officially became their male

Jake and Thad would always dress me in a suit, white shirt and tie which
they acquired from the local thrift store. My hands were bound, I was
gagged and blindfolded. They allowed the boys to come in and strip me. By
that I mean they ripped my clothes off and then fuck me one by one. The
blindfold always stayed on so I never saw who any of the boys were. The gag
was removed however, so they could stick their cock's in my mouth whenever
they wanted.

Sometimes the boys were a little rough. My ass got spanked quite a bit. I
think they felt like they were punishing Mr. Farley instead of me. My
nipples were pinched and twisted until they were painfully sore. They were
not so gentle to my poor cock and balls either. They spanked, slapped and
harshly yanked them until I finally ejaculated. My genitals was always a
source of amusement for them.

They liked to see my various reactions to having them pulled, twisted,
pinched, tied, squeezed and slapped. It was another one of those most
humiliating things I had to endure. I know it sounds absurdly kinky but
playing the role of Mr. Farley was the most sexually exciting thing I had
ever done. Jake and Thad could see that, so they turned it into a regular
weekly thing.

There was the time Carol got a little more stimulation than she wanted. Ben
and Thad had just fucked her on the kitchen table in front of me. I was
tied to a chair, naked of course with no way to hide my stiff cock. They
tied Carol to a chair across from me and gagged her mouth. They stuck a
large vibrator between her legs with the head against her clit. Then they
tied her legs together so the vibrator would be held securely in place.

They turned it on and sat back to watch the fun. Carol could go a long time
without an orgasm during normal sex. Sometime she don't even have
one. However, the vibrator is a different story. She could orgasm quite
quickly with that throbbing beat against pussy. I saw her head go back as
the first orgasm overpowered her. Her whole body shook and her tits bounced
uncontrollably up and down. She was trying to scream but the gag kept her
cries muffled.

With the vibrator still locked between her legs and pounding her pussy, the
next one came. She shook again and her tits heaved up and down again. My
cock was dripping by now as I watched her. Thad came over to her and
started pinching and twisting her large nipples. Her hips were rocking in
rhythm with the vibrator while her tits bounced along in rhythm also. It
was the first time I really saw her exhausted.

Thad came over to me stroking his hard black cock. "Open your mouth,
bitch!" He ordered, sliding his cock down my throat. Shortly after, he
emptied his load in my mouth. Ben didn't want to be left out. He rammed his
black cock down my throat next and humped away until my mouth was full of
his semen.

I know it might be hard to understand but Carol and I actually enjoyed
being slaves to Ben and his f****y. A whole new world opened up to us. I
enjoyed being dominated by them just as much as Carol did. I liked playing
Mr. Farley. Carol enjoyed being spanked not only on the ass but the tits,
it really made her hot. She loved it when the boys made her wear just a
halter top and a short pleated skirt.

One day Thad and Jake decided to take Carol along on the day I was going to
play Mr. Farley. They thought she should watch as her husband be used and
abused by a half dozen other black boys. I was bound, gagged and
blindfolded as usual, completely dressed in suit, shirt and tie. It almost
always began with me sucking someones cock. Later, I was stripped of my
clothing, spanked and fucked among other things. They did enjoy forcing me
to ejaculate. The felt it was appropriate humiliation for Mr. Farley.

The following week, Ben and Helen hosted a party at their house and both
Carol and I were invited. As the white slave neighbors, of course. Carol
and I were not allowed to wear any clothes. we were to remain naked except
for the leather collar around out necks. We were to be the servants and the
entertainment for all the guests. We served drinks and snacks and had to
allow the guests to fondle whatever they liked.

During the course of evening, I was taken to the guest room several times
by both male and female guests. The male guests either fucked me or f***ed
me to suck their cocks. The female guests preferred to have their pussies
licked and sucked. I was also taken into the guest bathroom twice. Once by
a man that fucked me on the floor and once by an attractive black
woman. She made me stand there with my legs open while she sucked my
cock. Then she slapped my face.

"You better not ever tell anyone what happened in here. You hear me?"

As for Carol, I noticed her being led down the hall to the guest room a few
times also. One time she was outside on the patio, kneeling in front of
this tall black man. He had hold of her hair while shoving his hard black
cock in and out of her mouth. I also noticed her tits were a little
red. Another time I saw her in the living room by the sofa on her knees,
sucking another mans cock. Her face was covered with semen. The party was a
smash, Carol and I were the high-lite and we were requested to attend every
party from then on.... Continue»
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A naive girl at Borisovo's pond. Chapter 1

A naive girl at Borisovo's pond.

Chapter 1. Getting acquainted.

This year hot spring days came early in Moscow and everybody was happy to leave cold temperatures in the past. It brought a surge of activity to the city and it was clearly seen. Malls were filled with shoppers, looking for goods. Beaches were filled with teenagers ditching schools on the prowl for fun.

There was Borisovo’s pond in Orekhovo-Borisovo, the southern district of Moscow. That was the place where high school k**s liked hanging out.

It was just the kind of a day that made k**s skip classes and hang out at that region's only beach – Borisovo’s pond. The pond was an enormous pool with a beach. By noon, it was crowded with hormone-loaded teenagers, getting high and looking to hook up. You could hardly see there anybody older than those who were eighteen.

Mike and Serge were exceptions, as they were the most of their lives. They were both successful in their careers, had a lot of money but they hung out at that beach whenever they could.

On this particular day at one o'clock a brand-new sports car appeared there. Two guys in their mid-twenties, Serge and Mike, were in it. They were very cool, but rough guys.

Serge was over 6" tall, with short cut hair and a rippled abs. A tribal tattoo of black curved lines encircled his right forearm. He liked clubbing, which he could afford, because he worked as a top manager of some famous international company that his father owned.

Mike's appearance was much the same as Serge’s. Japanese hieroglyphs were tattooed on his back. He worked as a Surgeon General’s assistant and therefore the man had an unlimited access to any kind of d**gs he wanted. He often took advantage of his position. Mike and Serge had been best friends since they had been c***dren.

To make the story short, they both were about the same height, weight and age. On top of that, they were handsome but rough, well-muscled men who were rich enough to get anything or anyone they wanted. Their motto in life was "You can get anything you want with enough money; if it can't be bought, then it’s not worth having.”

The car pulled up to the curb at the spot they liked to park in. At that very moment other cars drove away to allow these men to park there. Mike and Serge were famous for their roughness and nobody wanted to mess with them. They were ones of the most dangerous persons on the block.

As they parked, everybody was staring at their car, especially teen girls who went crazy from seeing slick cars and who liked famous persons.

Mike got out of the car and enjoyed the attention he had been paid. He knew that he could get any girl who wanted. Smiling, the man stood tall and thought how good the day would be. Then Mike got bottles of strong drinks out of a cooler. He opened them as Serge spread a wide blanket.

These men were being watched by girls who wanted to be a part of their company and those who wanted to have a drink but little had the girls known that some drinks had been already spiked to use them for wasting stupid cunts.

The day went by, Mike and Serge just had a good time: they switched among sunbathing, swimming and drinking. All the way they checked out all the chicks that passed by and the men discussed them.

Their place of camping was perfect because every gal who wanted to swim had to walk past them to get back to the beach. Girls liked swinging their asses before these grown-ups’ eyes. Mike and Serge noticed every gal and thought about having some fun with one of them. They were sure that these high school girls looked forward to being invited.

The guys weren’t already sober when they saw a real knockout who had been wandering around them for a while. The men’s d***k imagination gave them a dirty thoughts and the horny guys decided to try their luck with her.

They checked her out. The girl was about 5 feet tall. Her bikini hardly covered her body and the girl’s ripe perky tits with protruding nipples under the material attracted much attention. Her body was very slim and her tiny, tight ass asked to be touched. On top of that, her red hair fell to the slender shoulders framing her doll’s face and her starring eyes gave anybody a desire to hug this angel.

Serge and Mike had hard-on from just watching this beauty. It was much for them and they weren’t in the condition to conceal their emotions. The men just wolf-whistled at her over and over again.

The redhead always hated any vulgar behavior but she was a bit stoned from some weed she had been recently smoking. Besides, she had a rush on these older guys and the girl was eager to hang out with them because they were really great hunks.

A blanket with her stuff on it was nearby and the redhead decided to put all the things together and walk home. She thought that these guys considered her too immature for them. It made her sad very much and she started gathering her stuff together.

The redhead was in the middle of doing it, when she heard, “Hey cutie! Join us!”

It made the redhead happy but the girl knew how to act. She just pretended that she didn’t hear them. The redhead was trying to look like she was exhausted and planned to leave the beach.

When she passed them, Serge tried his luck again and asked in a very friendly tone, "Hiya girl!"

Smiling, the redhead replied, "Hi guys! Like every single girl here, I couldn’t but notice you’re looking hot. I like you so much, guys!”

The girl was so happy that these older guys invited her in that her mouth ran with her mind in neutral. The redhead never acted like that but she hoped that flattery was the only way to get closer to them and she really wanted it in her current mood.

"Thank ‘you’!" Mike said. "You are so fucking hot that it got us high and hard if you're old enough to get the point of what I am meaning!"

The redhead was shocked by his vulgar manner of speaking. She looked at him and Mike sat on the blanket, grinning. Perhaps, it was the girl’s imagination but she thought she saw the devilish fires in his shining eyes. The redhead knew that he was excited because every guy looked at her in that condition.

The girl’s eyes instinctively slid down his body. To begin with, she looked at his well-rippled chest, then to his six-pack stomach and finally down to his swimming trunks. His cock was clearly outlined by the tight material.

As the girl’s eyes slid down his friend’s body, Serge stared at the girl. He knew by his own experience that she wasn't going to leave. Every young girl liked to be with older guys and it was a rare case when she could be without her immature classmates.

When the redhead’s eyes stopped at Mike’s crotch for a while, Serge understood that the girl was interested in adult games, not only in talking. The idea of that just gave his cock some stirs.

The redhead believed that the guys didn’t notice how long her eyes were at the crotch’s area because any sort of dirty thoughts could occur to them. She had just never seen a big piece of hard meat like that before!

"Do you like what you see, sweet face?" came out of the blue.

"Very much, guys. Very much!" she would have never said it if she was sober.

"I'm sure Mike's about cum in his trunks just watching you. What about joining us?" Serge shot out another question.

"Sure thing!" the girl simply replied in spite of that very dirty comment.

"It should be noted that you are the first girl who attracted us much and if you are not a blond you can add two plus two!" Some hint was heard in his voice.

"Of course, I am not stupid and I have the whole day free!" the redhead immediately became talkative. "Yeah, I'm so thirsty!"

The girl tried to sound dirty like the guys did. The guys definitely liked her manner of speaking because they smiled when they heard about her need for something to swallow. Hearing that the redhead wanted to drink, Mike knew that it was his time to lead the process of tempting.

"Maybe you wanna have a gulp of something stronger than Coke, sexy?" he friendly blinked at the girl.

"Do you really wanna give some of your booze to a nice, naive girl who is u******e like me?" the redhead asked, flirting openly with the older guys who had already known she was on the hook.

"Are you a p*****n? You look too fucking sluttish to be like that, you fucking bitch! Your cunt is practically hanging out of your bikini. Get your fuckin' virgin butt outta here, cuz we only party with chicks who can suck a cock at least!" Mike screamed in anger at her.

The words were so dirty and the man spoke to the girl like she was a crack-whore. Mike was older than her and the redhead considered that he had the right to speak like that to those who were younger than him. Somehow, Mike’s words made her upset so much that and she was ready to cry. The redhead wanted to party with them and she had to do something and do it fast or she would have to leave home.

Collecting herself, the girl pouted and said, "Hey, guys! Although I'm young, it doesn't mean I don’t like big cocks of older guys like you!” The redhead made a pause and added, “Maybe you'll even get some cocksucking if you act properly to me, okay?"

Mike and Serge glanced at each other, their strategy worked well again.

"May I stay with you and party?" the girl smiled.

Then the guys figured out that the girl was young but she had a slut within her fragile body. They just needed play well to discover it. It went without saying that this naive school girl could be turned into a submissive fucktoy.

As they thought of it, there was an awkward silence and the redhead guessed that she had fucked up her chance.

Serge suddenly exclaimed in his usual friendly manner, "Well, here I'm staring at your sexy body and I think you have the right to be by my side!"

Those words immediately made her happy and she thanked God that HE gave her another chance. The girl stopped paying attention to their foul language, believing that it was due to their d***ken condition and excitement.

"Remember,” Serge warned, “Act with us like a grown-up; otherwise you can go fuck yourself. Is that clear, cunt?"

At first Serge thought it was too rude to talk that way but after the redhead nodded, the man understood it worked perfectly on this juicing little twat.

"Yep! You know, you're such cool guys and I like it so much!" she was in heaven with happiness and began relaxing, being between two great hunks.

"Okay! What's our little cunt's name?" Mike asked, searching for a spiked beer to pump up this bimbo.

At that time she towered above them and slowly pulled her tight white T-shirt over the head. It looked so erotically and the girl was an expert at teasing males. Little by little her bikini-covered tits were on a display. They looked so firm and perky that every man wanted to squeeze them. Then, in the same manner, the redhead pulled down her tight cut-off shorts, revealing her creamy thighs. Here she was.

"I'm Kate,” she said. “And by the way, I dislike being called a cunt! Slut is prettier to hear. Okay? I hate it! Some of the boys in school call a girl a cunt. They think they can treat girls like cum dumps. Slut is prettier to the ear. Okay?"

Kate knew that she was skating on thin ice with her request but she looked at the men in turn through the piggy eyes as if asking to remember her please.

"Okay! I'm Serge and this is my best friend Mike; we have been friends since we were k**s. And you are right, baby. Since you are both a slut and a cunt like 2 in 1," he did a pause and the girl stared at him expectedly. "How about putting your sexy little ass up against my fucking rock-hard, leaking prick to warm me up?"

Their dirty talking had no limits but Kate thought it was some kind of a joke. She took off her shorts completely and stayed in her bikini only. The girl wanted to tease the guys more and she was about to turn her ass to them. As Kate was turning around, she glanced down at Serge’s trunks. The tent in his trunks looks huge like in Mike’s.

Kate’s ass faced the guys and they gave her dirty comments. The girl never liked these words but now she felt her pussy getting wet.

Then Kate teasingly knelt down between the older guys on the carpet. Serge was behind her back and she did an eye contact with Mike. It didn’t take much time before the girl was on all fours. She knew how to tease: the girl spread her knees wider and arched her back. Kate’s bikini left no much to the imagination.

Swaying her ass, the naive girl asked, "Great ass, isn't it?"

It was too much for Serge and he put his strong hands on Kate’s firm ass cheeks. He squeezed them and the girl didn’t protest at all. Serge took it as a signal and spread the cheeks. Serge was too excited and he couldn’t wait any longer. He boldly pressed the thumbs of his hands into her tight holes through the bikini bottom. The right thumb was f***ed into her asshole and the left one was pushed into her pussy.

Kate didn’t expect it at all and her tease had never gone too far.

"Hey, hey, hey! Guys! Don't be so fast!" the redhead panicked but she didn’t change the position.

Excited, Serge murmured, "I’m sure as hell that the bitch is ripe and ready to have her fuck holes rammed!"

It looked like he didn’t pay attention to what Kate had said and Serge kept on playing with her privates. His left thumb slid along her pussy cleft. The girl moaned and Serge felt the material getting wet under his touch. All her pussy was dripping wet. The bikini bottom hardly covered her pussy but the guy could see her ass hole that was covered with a thin string. Serge rubbed the puckered pink asshole with the right thumb.

Serge did it so skillfully that Kate went wild. Her hips bucked back in the rhythm of his movements. The girl didn’t conceal her emotions and she moaned loudly. It was the first time for her when she went wild but the redhead had to stop it until it was out of control.

Gasping, Kate said, “I need to get to know you better before you do something like that!"

The girl smiled like an absolute fool and the guys knew that she would let them do whatever they wanted. The redhead was high with excitement.

Serge knew that he had to cool off a bit if he didn’t want to come in his trunks and he said, “Okay.”

Kate tried to catch her breath and she laid on the right side. There was Serge behind her who tried to catch his breath too.

The three of them struck up a conversation. It went on in a friendly way and the redhead’s guard was down. She was too naive to guess that they were up to and Kate didn't notice that Mike opened a spiked bottle beer for her.

When she stretched out her hand for the beer, Mike told her, grinning, "This bottle has its own cost - kissing."

Smiling, the girl said, “Okay.”

Mike moved closer to Kate and the teenager put her lips on his. It was so thrilling for her to kiss the guy who was much older than her pussy was tingling again. The redhead relaxed and the tongue of Mike slid inside her tiny mouth. She thought it would be some sort of a romantic kiss but she was mistaken.

Mike’s tongue immediately went deep inside her mouth like they were long-termed lovers. He didn’t waste time and their tongues started struggling. The kiss was dirty and much saliva dripped down from Mike’s tongue on Kate’s but the redhead didn’t stop him. They kept on kissing and slurping sounds were heard by Serge. He wanted his piece of the cake.

The guy put his hands on her slim body and her body felt relaxed. Kate was having a good time. Serge’s hands slid above to her tits. It didn’t take much time for them to be under the bikini top. The breasts were ripe and perky for her age. The nipples got hard with excitement. Serge mauled the girl’s tits and she didn’t try to stop him although the redhead had never let anybody do it before.

This threesome was hot and nobody wanted to stop it. Mike was the one who broke the kiss and he glanced at the girl. Her look was blurred with excitement and the spiked drink, her lips were wet with their mixed saliva and Serge was nibbling her ear with his hands squeezing her teen breasts.

Little by little, Kate came to herself after that hot making-out and she began wiping the mixed saliva off her face. Serge who had been caressing her ear and neck was felt so good that she didn’t try to free herself from his arms. The redhead knew that she wouldn’t be able to move his hands off her breasts and she didn’t want to do it at all. She just let them be.

Smiling, the excited girl said, “Thanks, Mikey-boy. Did I deserve that beer?”

Mike opened his mouth to reply, but Serge was the first to speak, "He told you to kiss, but he has never told you to kiss him on the lips!"

The dirty meaning of his words occurred to Kate and she protested, "Oh no, guys! I hardly know you and you've kissed and felt me up already!"

Despite of her words, the pussy was slippery and the nipples were hard. The bikini top was crumpled over the ripe breasts and Mike could clearly see the swollen teen nipples. Serge’s hands had never stopped twisting them and it gave the girl much pleasure. She didn’t want him to stop it.

Mike went berserk and burst out , "It means that you are a fucking cock-teaser. We did warn you. Get the fuck outta here! We like to be with mature chicks!"

Serge followed the game. He got his hands off her perky tits and slapped her ass hard with his open palm. The gesture was clear: they both wanted her “to get lost”.

Kate was ready to cry like a baby. It was so funny with those older guys and she had messed it up again. It was all her fault. Yes, they were vulgar but it was their nature and the redhead could get along with it. There was nothing else that she wanted more in the world than to party with Mike and Serge.

So she collected all her self-confidence together, bit her upper lip and, looking down, answered in a playful tone, believing it was her last stand, "What about stroking your cocks later and maybe more after that, huh?"

"Mike, I see our Kate is good enough for us after all! Give her the drink and I guess she'll pay for it later, because I just adore her tight ass with its nice deep crack!" Serge complemented her.

Serge didn’t play on the shy side. As a matter-of-factly, the guy just grabbed her curvy hips and pulled her tight ass to his crotch. He knew that Kate would never do anything to stop him at that moment.

She was glad that they bought into this and she was ready for anything now. The redhead even felt Serge’s erect cock pressing against her ass crack. Kate was afraid to move and just let it be.

Their make-out lasted for half an hour. At first, the redhead, deep inside, had protested it but then her inhibitions disappeared that boldness and she began enjoying it. She liked the way Serge’s cock, Serge’s huge cock, slid along the ass crack and Kate’s pussy got dripping wet. On top of that, Mike was watching them and it excited the girl a lot. But it didn’t last long and he joined the party. Mike started wet-kissing her in a moment. All in all, there was a hot threesome: the girl was sandwiched between the studs. One kissed her as another pawned her breasts and rubbed his crotch against the girl’s ass.

But it wasn’t enough for Mike and he asked the excited redhead, "By the way, Kate, where do you live?"
"I live not too far from here,” she replied, gasping with excitement. “At Jasenevaja Street.”

"Ah, the street where the poor people live,” Serge tried to humiliate the girl more. “I’m sure as hell the way the poor make for a living! Am I right, whore?"

It drove him crazy and the guy grabbed Kate’s hips roughly. Serge started rubbing his crotch against her ass and it could be got from a distance like some lovers were having a wild sex. All that made the girl feel like a real prostitute but she liked the feeling of the guy’s hard-on. She was a natural-born cock-teaser.

Serge’s words and her high condition made her to be talkative, "I AM NOT A WHORE! The only form of sex I have had was oral because I'm too young for anything else as you know, but I do play with my pussy from time to time with a tiny, handy dildo. I'm a ninth grader now. I've only sucked two cocks in my life and nobody knows about it. I don’t want to be considered a slut!"

"Okay, slut, let's go swimming! I need to cool off!" Mike exclaimed.

Serge understood the hint and he took his hands off her tits. Kate’s face was flushed already, her vision was blurred and she followed Mike’s command like she didn't hear the names they called her.

Their hot bodies plunged into the pond’s warm waters and they cooled off a bit. The three of them went further and further until Kate could reach the bottom only with her toes.

"Guys, I won't go any further! I can't swim!" the girl confessed.

The guys understood that it was high time for realizing their plan. Grinning, they surrounded her like a pack of hungry wolves.

The redhead guessed that Mike and Serge were going back to the beach where they would continue their adult games but the guys had made up something else. At that very moment Kate felt the guys' hands all over her body.

"Guys, I understand you like my body and to be honest I like it too, but I can hardly reach the bottom! It's too uncomfortable!" saying it, she was afraid of their reaction.

"You know, chick, it's high time to give us all you had promised!" Mike said, grinning.

With those words he put his lips on hers and his tongue slid deep inside her mouth without any obstacle. Kate just embraced his neck with her arms and she was having the time of her life. Mike broke their kisses from time to time with his tongue licking her face. On the verge of his excitement, his strong hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her slim frame tightly against his muscled body.

It went on for a while and Mike somehow managed to move the bikini bottom aside, revealing the girl’s privates and Kate didn’t notice it but she began protesting as she felt her young pussy and asshole getting probed.

"Mike, stop it!” the redhead desperately said. “Okay, I'll jerk both of you..."

"And blow us! Promise that you’ll suck our dicks or you are going to swim back to shore bare-assed. I'm sure the guys on the beach would appreciate this, throwing big boners watching your dripping pussy as you walk out of the water! And then your entire block will call you a slut. The end of the story! Comprende?" Serge, who was behind her, asked smiling at her and pulled her hair back, "Maybe you should just be drowned here! Many people get drown from being d***k!"

"I promise guys! I'll do whatever you want!" the idea struck her that her cock-teasing had never led her into a deepshit of a situation like that.

At that moment Kate felt their fingers touching her pussy. The guys didn’t waste time. Their finger tips spread the swollen cunt lips and found the clit.

The redhead’s arms were still around Mike’s neck and he could clearly hear her moans of pleasure. It was obvious that she was having the time of her life. She enjoyed it as the guys released their hard cocks from their trunks.

Kate had never felt so good and she couldn’t conceal her emotions. Her body was tightly pressed against Mike’s muscled body as Serge rubbed her clit. It was too much for the redhead and she began kissing Mike passionately. Her hot breath burned them both and their tongue danced around each other in a full throttle.

In the middle of it, Kate felt her arms were f***ed off Mike’s neck and she had to break the kiss. The girl was puzzled until she got the feel of the guys’ hard cocks in her hands. Kate knew that the time had come.

Although she had already given head several times to her previous boyfriends but they were her age. These guys were much older than her and their cocks seemed gigantic. Kate held their hard meats in her hands and she liked the way they pulsated. It didn’t matter whatever she wanted, Kate would have to satisfy them.

The redhead slowly started stroking them and the guys decided that everything was going as planned. Serge kept on playing with the girl’s clit and Mike got back to her pouty lips. The three of them was busy satisfying each other.

Kate heard Mike’s breath become heavy and she got that he was on the verge of orgasm. It meant that she wouldn’t have to give him a blowjob. In any case, their cocks were too huge for her tiny mouth. The redhead increased the tempo but Serge stopped her. Kate thought that something went wrong and became scared. She remembered that she was threatened to be drown. The girl broke the kiss and turned her face to Serge.

The guy’s eyes were full of lust when he said, "Let's get out, bitch!"

"But... but have I done wrong?" she almost sobbed.

"No,” he said, trying to console Kate. “I think it’s time to go to my place and become friends with our hard-ons… more closely. I want to see you in action or you have decided to break your promise?"

His tone was harsh and she knew that there was no way out. Was it her fault? Of course, it was! Her teasing tactics brought Serge and Mike to the current condition and Kate would have to do anything to stay alive. The redhead just had no choice.

On the other hand, Serge and Mike understood that Kate was a submissive girl and she would do anything to please. Their threats were just a lever and nothing more. The girl wanted some adventures and she got them.

The three of them walked back to the beach in anticipation of what was coming. On their way back, the guys fixed their trunks in the proper place. Kate fixed her bikini top over the tits and her bikini bottom over the bulging pussy and the ass hole.

Finally they came up to the blanket and Mike ordered, "Show us how sexy you can be when you get your things together. Fold the blanket and put all the things in the basket!"

After hearing that, Kate became happier. There was nothing obscene in the command and the girl could tease the guys again. Trying to show her best curves, the redhead knelt down as slowly and erotically as she could in front of the basket and she was about to pack the basket but Mike’s voice stopped her.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?” he asked. “Do you call that sexy?"

The girl knew that guys liked naughty girls and she tried to be like that. Kate just didn’t understand why she followed these two guys’ orders but she was eager to fulfill every single command. So in a slow motion, she got on all fours like a pet. Flushed, Kate arched her back so much that her inviting ass looked pushed out. It went without saying what reaction followed.

“A nice view, I’d say. What do you think, Serge?" Mike asked in a loud voice.

His voice sounded so loud that Kate got afraid of being heard by her classmates who were at the sands. Thank God, they were blocked from outsiders' sight with the guys' fancy car and nobody could see whatever she was doing. Kate knew that she had to be fast and the girl began picking up the stuff to put it in the basket.

In the middle of it, the redhead felt some kicks on her legs but they were easy and painless. It was Serge who did it so that the girl would spread her slim legs wider in that position. Kate was smart enough and she did it immediately. The redhead was on all fours with her knees at twice her shoulders' width and her ass up in the air.

"Yeah man, she looks even prettier in such a position. Just like some porn actress!" Serge exclaimed and gave his best friend a high five.

"You know a sure way to make it look hot!" Mike said in a very excited tone.

Kate kept on picking up the stuff and she was happy that they complemented on her frame. They were just doing a dirty talk and the girl relaxed, although the redhead knew that the older guys were going to have some fun with her really soon. And she was damn right!

In anticipation, one of the guys slapped her tight ass. The hit stung so much but Kate was sure as hell that much more was coming.

In the blink of an eye, the redhead felt the wet crotch of her bikini bottom being pulled aside and it revealed her private area in a moment. Then somebody’s palm touched the moist pussy slit of hers and it gave the girl some thrills. It didn’t take much time before a finger slid inside. Kate let out a moan of pleasure as the finger kept on sawing in and out of her hot spot. She was just out of her mind.

The teenager thought that it was good but then another finger was added. That was awesome! Her limbs trembled and the redhead rolled her eyes back into her head with pleasure. u*********sly the girl’s body began moving back and forth.

Kate had been excited long and those fingers became slippery with her love juice soon. There was innocence no more: the girl’s body moves were boldly, her gasps and moans were clearly heard.

Mike liked that show and he said, “I like how her pussy grips my fingers!"

"Then try her backdoor!" Serge exclaimed, being in a perfect mood.

The redhead didn’t know what Serge meant but his words sounded dangerous anyway.

Kate felt the second finger slowly leave her wet pussy as the first one continued rubbing up, but suddenly she felt the missing finger trying her tight brown puckered ass hole. The redhead didn't pay attention to it until it slowly entered to the knuckle. The schoolgirl wanted to ask him to get the finger out, because she felt so full and she had never had anything in her butt, but she didn't want to ruin the moment.

All of a sudden, she heard Mike's voice whispering in her ear, "Baby, do you like it?"

"Mmmmm... Mmmmm..." it was all she could mutter in her current situation.

"It's kinda being double penetrated, but having cocks instead of fingers is far better!" Mike kept on whispering, but she didn't follow his words.

Kate was so interested in Mike's fingers, bringing her to a climax so fast that she didn't notice how a passing girl stopped, shocked by the sight and started talking to Serge.

"Honey, whose is that nice ass?" the blonde asked.

"Just another slut my friend and I have been hooking up with. You girls just can't pass up our cocks!"

"You are so funny!" the girl said, punching his shoulder playfully.

Serge was very glad that they hooked up another beautiful girl. He was filled with excitement and put his arm around her waist. The girl immediately noticed it but she didn't remove his palm that slipped on her left hip. She liked those older guys’ attention very much. On top of that, the sight of the girl who had been finger-fucking so boldly in both orifices was making her hot.

Serge knew that he could try his luck with that newcomer. The guy turned that blonde and pressed her slim body against his muscular chest.

“Cutie, who are you?” he asked in a very friendly tone.

The blonde wasn’t so stupid not to know what was coming. She laced his neck with her hands. Her pouty lips touched his and the girl sucked in his lower one.

It was too much for Serge. His left hand slid down and squeezed her ass cheek as the right one moved to her bikini-covered breast and tenderly cupped it.

Although the girl’s boyfriend was thug-like but he never treated her so boldly like that stranger. However, she felt her toes curling with excitement. u*********sly, her tongue darted into the guy’s mouth. The blonde wasn’t shy and their tongues wrestled inside their mouths. The waves of pleasure filled the girl with every passing moment as Serge continued touching up her slim lust-filled body.

In no time the guy’s palm pulled aside the material that covered her breast, revealing her teen boob with a hard nipple on it. Serge couldn’t resist the temptation. He lowered his head and took the nipple in his mouth. It gave the girl some good vibrations and he could hear her moans. The guy was sure as hell that the blonde liked it very much. The moans became louder and she held his head by hair.

When Serge released the nipple from his mouth, it was red and hard. The girl wanted him to continue and tried to hint him about it. Her lips touched his neck gently and the tongue started licking it, leaving a wide wet trail behind itself.

"My name is Natty,” the girl said. “As you can see, I’m not worse than your so-called slut.” The girl motioned to Kate who was getting her portion of pleasure from the other guy. “You know, you are truly handsome!"

"Like you are, gorgeous! My name is Serge, my friend is Mike and that filthy slut is Kate," with those words he smiled at Natty.

"How could my stupid schoolmates be at classes!" the blonde exclaimed.

"Sweetie, where do you study?" Serge decided to be talkative.

“Oh, I study at school №581 and I’m in the 11th grade!” Natty said with pride.

"Hey Kate, what's your school and your grade?" Serge was really interested if those sluts studied in the same school or not, although it was obvious that their ages were different.

"Mmmmm..." Kate let out a long moan in excitement and tried to reply, "School №581, the 9th grade."

She tried to keep her voice steady but it trembled with excitement. The redhead turned her head to look at Serge. When she saw the blonde girl next to him, she froze and got pale, notwithstanding she was flushed with lust. The blonde girl and the redhead knew each other pretty well. Natty was a real bully at the school and she beat the shit of Kate too many times. What would happen if Natty loosed her tongue and show her supremacy in front of those guys? Or tell anybody about that encounter?”

"Wow Serge, I know her! I beat that filthy cock-teaser now and then at school but I can understand you guys, she is a nice piece of ass!" saying that Natty squeezed Serge's cock through the trunks very tightly.

Then she moved to Mike and motioned him to get out of her way. He knew that something hot was coming and he obediently moved aside.

Natty got on all fours and slapped soundly Kate's ass, "Nice ass, you dumb bitch!" The bully shouted at her and Kate knew that she was in the shitload of a situation. "Pull the fucking material aside and began frigging your fucking asshole and cunt. Now!" she shouted at her again and Kate was in a hurry to pull her panty aside. She knew that the bully could make her life miserable. "Hey Serge, don't stand there like a fucking maggot and get us on the cell phone!"

The hunk thought it was a good idea and started recording as he watched Kate masturbating. Her pussy was dripping wet and the girl’s finger easily slid in and out of it but the redhead was an anal virgin. Her finger hardly entered her tight ass hole and it was clearly seen.

Mike wanted to join too. As he was walking around Kate, he threw his trunks off, revealing his big cock. Serge, the cameraman, managed to witness the frightened look on the redhead’s face when Mike sat in front of her face. It was obvious that Kate silently begged him for understanding. But Mike was too excited to stop. The guy just pulled her head to his bulky dickhead.

Suddenly Natty’s voice brought Kate to reality, "Hey, you stupid bitch! Your holes are tight now! Why?" With those words the bully slapping her ass again, but the poor girl was silent. "Answer me when you are asked, you miserable bitch!"

Kate was very scared of being beaten hard and just didn't know what to answer. She had to make up some excuse and do it swiftly.

"I'm sorry!" it was the only thing she could make up.

"Very lame excuse!" Natty continued.

"I'm too young for sex and my parents think that I shouldn’t have sex until I finish the school at least. Thus, I didn't allow the guys do it with me," Kate tried to reason with her.

“Ok,” the bully said. "I'll see to it because your talents wait to be revealed!"

Those words scared Kate to death and she knew that her life at school could be even worse.

Natty could see through the arch between Kate’s legs that Mike pulled Kate's head to his cock. She wanted to spice it up and ordered the redhead, "Spread your ass cheeks with your hands and don't remove them. Not a fucking sound! You know that misbehavior will not be accepted!"

Kate understood that obedience was good for her. She just had no choice. The girl stretched out her hands behind the back and put them on her supple ass cheeks. Then she spread them apart. The redhead was on display like a porn star.

“Hey Serge, come here and look at the nice tight holes waiting to sink into with your cock!" Natty said smiling at Serge.

"Nice view, baby but I promised not to fuck her... not today!" Serge was a man of a promise indeed.

Kate heard his words and they calmed her down. She considered them teasing not anything more but she was mistaken. Serge’s words let Natty down because she wanted to see the girl who she had constantly beating getting impaled on their cocks. The bully knew that the guys needed a chance. So she got down to licking the redhead’s tight pussy. When her tongue slid inside, Natty felt Kate’s pussy walls tightened and her legs trembled.

Unlike the bully, Mike didn’t want to f***e the girl too much. He knew that she just needed time and Kate was surely a fast learner. Mike and Serge wanted to keep her for coming sessions.

To begin with, Mike let Kate lick his dickhead. He understood that his cock was too big for her tiny mouth to swallow even the half of it.

Kate was grateful for not making her deep-throat that monstrous cock. Her agile tongue swirled around the huge head of Mike’s cock. The girl felt it twitching now and then. As soon as some pre-cum had appeared on the piss-hole, the redhead’s tongue immediately licked it away. In no time the whole dickhead glistened with her saliva.

Although the girl despised the bully but she could help confessing herself that she was good at licking the pussy. It gave her real warm sensations of pleasure. Kate’s pussy was dripping wet and she couldn’t resist the temptation.

She was forbidden to remove her hands from the ass cheeks. Thus, she let her head rest on Mike's left thigh. Her eyes were rolled back into the head with pleasure and her tongue automatically slid up and down the guy’s shaft. She didn’t take much time his whole 12 incher was covered in her saliva richly. Now and then Kate’s mouth touched his hairy ballsac. The redhead was so excited that she tried to suck in his balls in turn as she felt her ass hole being intruded upon by a finger.

It was the bully who tried to stick her finger into Kate’s ass hole. It hardly entered and she started sawing in and out of it slowly, letting the girl get used to this sensation. Little by little Kate’s rectum stretched with it and Natty began ramming the teen ass hole. The sight of it was driving the bully crazy and she wanted to fist-fuck the girl like she saw it in some german porn flick. Natty just didn’t know that it was impossible to do with a virgin. The blonde tried to add another finger but there were no room enough for two fingers in Kate’s ass. The second finger couldn’t be squeezed inside it.

"Relax your ass!" Kate heard Natty's order.

The girl was scared and she knew that she should do whatever she was told. Kate did her best. The girl caught her breath and she thought she was going to be ripped apart. There were tears on her eyes and several minutes of torture lasted forever.

Soon Kate felt her ass hole getting stretched by two thin fingers of the blonde model. The infernal pain in the ass was overtaken with pleasure. Kate had been on her way to climax due to the circular moves of Natty's experienced tongue.

The bully was so into it that she didn’t notice what Serge had been doing.

All that time Serge had been watching the hot scene of his friend and two sexy teen sluts. Like in a trance, he took off his trunks and just stroked his cock. Biting his lower lip with pleasure, the guy came up to the bully from behind. Without giving it a second thought, Serge pressed his huge cock against the entrance of Natty’s pussy.

The bully started immediately protesting, moving her mouth from Kate's hot, squirting pussy, "Don't even think of sticking your big cock into my small love box! I have a boyfriend and I love him so much! There’s a slut not me if you wanna fuck!"

"What about giving head to me?" Serge asked playfully.

"Okay. Take us to your place and you'll get it, because there are too many eyes and my boyfriend can find out about us," Natty explained.

"With pleasure!" a devilish flame appeared in Serge's eyes.

He slapped Natty’s ass with his cock, leaving a wet trail of pre-cum on it. Grinning, he stood up and pulled his trunks up to the waist. Everybody was lust-charged. Mike and Natty stood up too.

The bully slapped Kate’s tight ass hard and said, "Guys, load your shit in your groovy car and I'll be back in a minute."

Kate was happy that her humiliation had finally finished. The only thing she had to do was to suck those guys’ cocks as she promised. It was wrong but the redhead was eager to take them in her mouth. Only that bitching bully Natty could ruin all fun.

When they all were ready to roll out of there, Kate and Mike were in the backseat and Natty was in the passenger's seat that was not near Kate and it made her happy. When they were all in, they started out.

After some time of driving a slight smile appeared on Natty’s face.

"Serge, which way would you like to have it in your car? Anything is available," asked Natty.

Even here, in the car, the bully couldn’t forget about Kate.

“Oh, girl. Give her a break, ok?” Serge said, irritatedly. But then the guy added, “Kate, take off your top. We’d like to see your perky tits during driving. And yes, move your bikini bottom to one side between your legs so we can look at your pussy."

Kate was both thrilled and scared with his proposal. She was afraid that somebody who knew her would recognize her in the naked form, because they were near her block. The redhead slowly undid her top with trembling hands and put it in the seat. Instinctively, Kate immediately crossed her hands over her tits.

"No fucking way, babe. We want to see those pretty rosy nipples." Mike voted.

Kate knew what was good for her and followed his command. She lowered her hands, revealing her tits that bounced during their driving.

Mike held his breath and his cock gave a twitch when the redhead pulled aside her bikini bottom. Her pussy looked wet with her love juice running out of the hole. Although that situation was terrible but Kate was excited and her torturers could see it.

The girl tried to enjoy it but the bully brought her to reality, suggesting, "Now slut, you’re so shy and useless. Show what you can do with your mouth on this bottle!"

The bully’s ideas became dirtier and the guys surely appreciated them. Serge was in a hurry to pass her a longneck. The neck of this bottle was half of the bottle's length.

Natty took the longneck. She brought the bottle to her lips and licked the upper lip very slowly and erotically. The bully smiled at Serge and he was absolutely sure that the show would be hot.

"Serge, what do you think is longer our dicks or this bottle's neck?" Mike asked, squeezing the ninth grader's left tit hard.

As the guys were laughing out loud at the joke, Kate felt that there was a wet spot on the seat under her ass. She was one hot little cunt and she was easy to excite. If the girl had only knew what was coming.

The bully passed the bottle to Mike. The older guy shoved his hand into his trunk and got his hard-on out. The head of his cock had already glistened with pre-cum. He brought the longneck to it. Smiling, Mike rubbed the bottle lip across his sensuous dripping dickhead. Then he handed the bottle over to her.

Kate took it with her trembling hands and she knew that they all considered her a filthy teen slut. There was no way out. The redhead brought the longneck to her pouty lips. The girl slowly took the end of the neck into her mouth and sucked it in a little. She tried not to think about anything and just closed her eyes. Kate was enjoying the sensation.

She imagined that everyone adored her body. In a moment she felt Mike’s lips on her chest. He did an awesome suction on her nipples, making them hard. Kate was so into it that she didn’t notice how his fingers touched the vulva. The truth was, they didn’t touched it, his fingers wet deep inside the slit. Although his fingers were thick, her pussy was so wet that several fingers entered inside easily.

It didn’t take much time for her to let out loud moans. Her mouth tried to swallow the longneck deeper, her bosom was heaving and her cervix bucked against the guy’s slippery fingers. Slurping sounds of finger-fucking the teenager filled the air. When the redhead almost reached an orgasm the car pulled to a stop.

"No, don't stop. Make me cum, Mikey!" Kate begged when Mike moved away from her body.

"Only if you stick my thick leaking dick in your tight little teen cunt, bitch!" he fucked around.

"No fucking way!" Kate murmured, gasping from her nice sensations.

"Okay, then let's go inside and have our cocks sucked, and you'd better cum only from cock-sucking!" Mike stated.

Kate looked at Natty and saw the cell in her hands. She was pretty sure that the bully filmed the whole trip from the shore of the pond. The redhead wanted to ask her to delete the footage but there was no doubt about falling it on the deaf ear.

Natty grabbed Kate’s top and got out of the car. So did the guys. The redhead just couldn’t believe that she had to get out bare-breasted. The girl fixed her bikini bottom properly and a wet spot immediately appeared around her pussy slit. All her thighs were wet with her love juices. Kate crossed her hands over her tits and got outside.

The guys waited for her to get out. When the redhead caught up with them, the four of them was headed for Serge’s apartment. Kate was surprised that Natty was so silent all the way home.

The apartment was enormous and decorated in modern-style. It was a three-roomed condo with huge, bright rooms. Every room had a plasma panel on a wall, heated floors and the lower lights went from the floor up the walls.

They took of their shoes in the hall and bare-foot, they moved out to the sitting-room. There they settled on a sofa. Mike went to the kitchen and brought several cans of Coca-cola Light, because the guys could see that the redhead was on the edge and she could fall asl**p if she had any more spiked drinks.

"Hey Katey!" Mike said in his usual friendly voice. "What about shooting some adult flick of yours for own private use only to see which sluttish limits of depravity a naughty teen cock-teaser like you will go to?” Then the guy looked sternly in the bully’s eyes, “You Natty… no talk about anything or I assure you we can be really dangerous!"

Kate thought it over and she knew that it would be an easy way or a hard one. She preferred the easy way. The redhead liked that the bully was shown that she was just a usual piece of shit not a superior boss as Natty always thought to herself.

"Yeah, stud! I'm a real slut for you! Come on, guys!" Kate sounded pretty wild.

It was obvious that it wasn’t their first homemade shooting. Serge got a tripod with a digital camera on it out of a closet and set it up two meters from the sofa.

"You're gonna be a director now, Natty," the guy said matter-of-factly.

The bully felt like a shit and she had to say something, "Ready, steady, go!"

Mike the announcer said, "Katey-girl, we’re gonna make this footage for your dad to jerk off to. He’d like watching what a filthy slut his teen daughter has become.” The guy grinned and continued, “I’m sure as hell that your dad will beat his fuckmeat until his big balls bounce on the couch as he watches his own fuckslut of a daughter. I am sure your daddy has wanted to fuck your cunt and ass and mouth for years! He probably jerks off in your breakfast cereal and you eat his cum all the time. He probably comes into your room when you are asl**p at night and rubs his drooling dick all over your pretty face and those young pouty lips. Now, your daddy will have his own masturbation video of his little cumdump of a daughter."

Of course, all those words of obscenity sounded teasing to Kate and she didn’t take them seriously but the girl was mistaken. She would be in a deep shit if somebody who she knew saw that footage.

The teenager felt like a real high-class movie star and she started. Kate did her best to show her sexual pouty lips. Her agile tongue licked her lips vulgarly, making them look wet as she had her perky tits squeezed together in her hands.

The girl looked at the camera with her bedroom eyes, "Hello mommy and daddy! You are gonna watch the first video of your sluttish and really d***k daughter!"

After saying it, Kate lay on the back and pulled her slim legs up to the ceiling. Then the teenager raised her ass a bit and her bikini bottom slid up her long, lovely legs erotically. When the bikini bottom left her legs, Kate slowly spread’em and put her feet on the sofa. The camera zoomed in on her revealed pussy that was clean-shaven. It was clearly seen that it was wet.

"Daddy, this is my cunt and it belongs to you. You fucked mommy in the cunt to make me, so my cunt belongs to you too."

As she lay on her back with the spread legs, her pussy was like on display. Even the pussy lips opened a bit. Then the girl slowly turned and got on all fours. The redhead arched her back erotically and spread her legs so wide that her swollen pussy and tender ass hole were seen perfectly. Usually Kate didn’t talk dirty but she knew that it was driving males crazy and she kept on.

"These older guys were so nice to offer me their dicks, and they even promised to pay me $5 per a blowjob! Isn't that nice? You always taught me to follow the orders of older people and show respect!"

While Kate was talking, she couldn’t resist the temptation and her finger touched her hot pussy. It was too much for her and it slid inside. It took only one dip for it to become all slippery. The redhead was like a bitch in heat. Like in a trance, Kate’s finger sawed in and out of the pussy, making slurping sounds of sex. The more she played with the pussy, the heavier her breath became.

"Now my dear mum and dad, I'm a cum-dump for their cocks, and they are gonna give them to me! Right here! Can you see deep into my cunt?" The girl played her role.

The camera lens almost f***ed themselves into that teen pussy. She pushed her hips in and out and it looked like she rubbed her steaming pussy against the camera. She was a fucking piece of white trash and a jailbait.

Serge knew that it was high time to join her on the sofa and he stepped into the camera's focus. He was like real Apollo. The tall, broad-shouldered guy sat on the sofa and his legs were spread wide. His cock was hard as a rock. His trunks were around his ankles.

Kate turned around and slid on the floor, looking straight into the camera lens. Then she crawled to Serge slowly until she ended between his muscular wide-spread legs. The girl stared at the massive cock, throbbing and swaying. It was 12" long and very wide in girth.

Kate looked like a pet and waited for a command to serve her master. The shaft was covered in outstanding veins and the foreskin was peeled back. The whole dickhead was red and pre-cum bubbled from the wide piss-hole. His huge sagging balls swung over the edge of the couch.

Kate knew it was time and she reached out her hand to encircle the fat dick but Serge slapped her hand away, "Only use your mouth."

The redhead didn’t want to confess it but she liked to do what she was told. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. In a moment her agile tongue was cleaning up the head of the cock. Kate could feel the thickness of globs of cum. She tried to swallow as much cock as she could but the girl hardly managed to swallow the huge dickhead.

Serge could feel it and he pulled his prick back out again. He understood that it was her first big cock. So the guy decided not to f***e the teenager. Serge gently rubbed his prick across her pouty lips and then allowed her to suck on the head. Natty was good at shooting and the camera caught all of this.

"See what a beautiful big dick he has, Mom and Dad?" excitingly Kate sang.

As she got used to the big cock in her mouth, Mike moved into the picture. The guy checked her pussy and it was dripping wet. He drove his middle finger to the buckle into her cunt easily. Mike started sawing his finger in and out. The girl was so excited that she moaned loud. If the head of the cock didn’t smother her moans, there would be neighbours asking, “What’s going on here?”

Mike was surprised that the girl didn’t have the hymen and he said, "Serge, this fucking slut has fucked us up! She ain't a virgin, ‘cuz my entire finger is up her cunt! But don't you worry, it's still really, really tight since the boyish dicks that fucked her must have been smaller than my finger."

After hearing what Mike had said and thinking there was going be a hardcore footage with this young girl, Natty tried to follow the action perfectly with those expensive lens of the camera.

"Mike, we promised not to screw her, so let's be men of our word and as she said, we only pay for blowjobs,” Serge said but then he added, “By the way, try her asshole. This slut probably uses her shit chute to pleasure the school boys!"

Kate considered their dialogues some sort of performance and acting. The redhead didn't take their abusive phrases close to the heart and got into action more and more.

Mike pulled his slippery finger out of the pussy and pushed it slowly into her asshole, "Wow! Her ass is even tighter than her cunt. Don’t you worry! Soon they both will be pretty loose. Come on now bitch, suck on my dick now!"

Mike did a motion for her to turn around and Serge pulled his spit-covered prickmeat out of her slurping mouth, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Kate was really crazy now and sucked on Mike's cock wildly like there was no tomorrow. She just couldn't get enough cock into her mouth. None of her boyfriends had such a great size. The girl gagged and spit ran down her chin but still she tried to swallow more and more fuckmeat. She was a natural cock-craved nympho: one taste of cock-slop and they are forever hooked on dick. One has to have it every day.

Serge watched them and instinctively stroked his dick. He had never seen a girl so much interested in that stuff. The guy couldn’t bear it anymore and he ordered, "Mike, get your hot fucker outta her nasty mouth, cuz it's gonna be full of my cum! Bitch, when I cum you'll show me your tongue covered with my jizm!"

Serge grabbed the redhead by hair and turned her around rapidly. Mike’s hard cock popped out of her mouth and slapped against his abs, leaving the wet spot of pre-cum mixed with saliva on it. Her mouth was still open and Serge was fast enough to stick his cock inside the gaping hole. Mike could see that Kate was not happy now as his friend, grunting as an a****l, rammed his hose into her mouth.

He did it just in time. As soon as the redhead’s lips had closed around the cock’s throbbing shaft, spurts of hot cum flooded her mouth. Kate tried her best to swallow all that baby-making cum but she wasn’t fast enough. There was too much cum and soon Serge’s cock was swimming in its own cum.

Natty could see that hot scene through the camera lens. It was clearly seen how Serge’s wasted cock slid out of the teenager’s mouth and thick streams of his cum poured out of the abused mouth. Some of it ran down her chin and upon her perky tits. The teen slut looked pretty cute that way.

Serge grabbed her jaws and made her open the mouth. “Your daddy will surely like it!”

With those words he put his wasted cock into the cum-bath of her mouth. The girl was smart enough and began doing the tongue job. Kate’s mouth swirled around that monstrous cock, licking off all globs of cum.

Natty was excellent at shooting every single detail. Even she who had a regular boyfriend, and they were pretty naughty couple, didn’t do such twisted things. The bully did the close-up of Kate swallowing all that river of cum and she even licked her lips away as if saying, “Yummy!”

"Guys, you were really, really right, I'm a dirty slut! Mikey, please cum on my teen tits!" she asked.

It wasn’t too much for Mike and he had been on the verge of an orgasm for a long time to bear it any longer. He stepped up to Kate. His figure towered above the teen slut as he blasted. The spurts of cum shot out of his prick and stained her heaving perky tits.

Kate knelt in front of Mike and squeezed together her tits as more and more cum landed on them. It looked like a real hardcore footage on the film and it was in HD.

Grunting, Mike tried to speak, "Oh baby, if anything, we know how to contact you. We’ll in touch for further meetings if we need them."

Kate didn’t take a notice. Her mind was spinning from spiked drinks and too many things happened to her today. She just nodded and began collecting her stuff.

Although Serge and Mike could be really bad-asses, they knew that they couldn’t throw those girls out. They should be driven home.

It took pains to put Kate in the backseat and Natty sat next to her. Her place wasn’t far and they reached it really fast.

It was a special day for Natty and she had another dirty idea, "You should do one last thing. You'll put your T-shirt on your wet slimy cum-covered tits and when you are at home you'll go straight to bed without taking a bath and sl**p till morning. You will sl**p in this T-shirt and your bikini bottom only and do not forget tomorrow you have to go to school! I want you to wear this T-shirt to school. Also do not take a bath, so you will have your cum-covered tits in school and think of your new friends all day. This will make your pussy drip all day. Wear the bikini bottoms to school under your skirt. Pussy juice will run down your legs all day."

With these words, Natty helped Kate put on the T-shirt. Then the bully picked up a permanent marker. She wrote "High school" in small letters and under that phrase she did "SLUT" in thick letters on her heaving boobs. Kate was really wasted and couldn’t get what was being written on her chest. After Natty had finally finished labeling her, Kate stretched out her hand, picked up her bikini bottom and put them on too. The bikini top was nowhere to be found in the car. The redhead didn't want to look for it too much, because her only dream was to get away from those disgusting people.

"Hey Serge, do you have any scissors in your car?" Natty asked him with excitement.

Knowing that the bully was very adventurous, the guy prayed that they were. Finally he had found them and handled them over to her. The older guys waited in anticipation what was on Natty’s mind. The bully took the scissors and cut off the bottom of Kate’s T-shirt. So her belly-button was uncovered when she wore it. The pink of her nipples showed through the tight material.

Kate couldn’t imagine how hot and teasing and sluttish she looked now. She was sure that it was one-night stand and all that nightmare would stay behind.

It took many pains to get off. The girl struggled up to her bedroom and threw herself on the bed. Her nipples felt like they were ready to explode. Her clit itched and her pussy was dripping wet.

It was a strange day, it changed her life and thank God her f****y was away as she entered the apartment. How would she explain her appearance to them? She fell asl**p like a log. The next day she would begin her new life.
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My mistress Chris was sitting with her hair dresser friend Jackie and I had brought them some wine and standing naked in front of them.
Jackie said come over here and let me see the damage she has done to to your cock.
She grasped it so my circumcised gland bulged saying it feels nice and hard and the gland is a bit bruised but not too bad. I feel like having some fun with it.
Chris said you get carried away and never know when to stop. leave it for another week and you can have your fun then.
Jackie said you are no fun as she slapped my cock hard and dug her nails in my shaft and then let go.
Jackie got up and said come on there is work to do on your hair and Chris followed her in to the bed room.
Chris sat on her stool in front of the mirror and Jackie stood behind her brushing her hair saying how do you want it .
Chris said same as before with the pleat at the back and curls on top.
Jackie said I wont bother with the rollers today so I will give it a good spray then rat the hell out of it.
Chris said yes give it a real good ratting as he will have to comb it out next week and I know that makes him horny.
Jackie lifted the hair and sprayed it as it fell so it all got a light spray.
She then started at the front taking a small section and combing it up then turning the comb to hold the end of the tress lifting it straight up tight.
She then got her fine metal comb and starting at the base rapidly back combed the tight hair gradually working up to the end and repeated this several times until the tress stood up on its own.
She repeated this to all the head of hair and after about half an hour Chris lovely thick dark hair was a mound of frizz on top of her head.
She then very skilfully combed this frizz in to a big pleat at the back with big curls on top finishing with a lot of spray.
Chris and Jackie had been chatting and giggling but now Chris said to me I can see this has been a turn on for you so lets have some fun.
Jackie said to me what makes you so horny over hair. I said I have a fetish for long hair and now for big hair and would love to push my shaft through a big teased hair do.
Jackie laughed and said not now as mine has just been done , but next week you can try it on my hair unless Chris has other plans.
Chris said not likely I don't want a load of spunk in my hair,unless I plug his cock and giggled.
Jackie said I could do with a good orgasm as she lay on the bed and Chris said to me Ok you do all the work giving me her big vibrating dildo.
I sucked Jackies clit and played with her nipples then put the dildo on her clit and pushed it hard in to her crotch and soon she was breathing heavily and had a loud orgasm saying more, so I continued and she soon had another orgasm saying my I needed that.
Chris then said to me come on lie on your back with your legs over the end as usual and then she tied me down with my legs wide apart.
Jackie came over with a small bottle and a eye dropper saying to Chris can I start.
She grasped my hard shaft and pushed the dropper in to my pee slit then pressed the rubber bulb.
I felt a cold liquid go down and then a painful stinging feeling right down in to my crotch.
Jackie smiled saying that was a drop of spirit just to warm you up as she used her long nails to press in to my urethra and flick back and forth painfully.
She then lubed a long shiny rod and pushed it down in to my urethra pushing the sting further down in to my crotch and then worked the rod up and down as she looked me in the eyes saying this is just some fun to get you going.
She then tied my balls up so they were bulging and started to hit them with the edge of a hard ruler lightly then harder and harder.
The pain became too much and I cried out please stop, but she looked me in the eyes saying but I have only just started and wont stop until they are swollen and bruised.
I was out of my mind but she just kept on and on and then Chris said ok that is enough .
Jackie said just a few more as she hit very hard and then stopped.
She then put some clamps with chains on to my nipples and squeezed them so I cried out in pain, she then pulled them off and repeated the whole several times.
She then sat on my stomach with her back to me so my shaft was close to her crotch. She pinched my pee slit closed with her nails then dug her nails in to my urethra and started to masturbate my shaft.
It was so painful especially as the sting was made worse but she kept going and soon I felt my spunk build up and shoot to immediately start a pumping spasm which went on and on gradually subsiding leaving a sharp pain in my groin.
Jackie then let out my spunk and said that was a good start look at all the spunk he has let out, I bet it would have shot across the room.
Chris came over and said you should have let out in to the glass and make him drink it, you know I hate spunk and will always stop it.
Jackie got up and Chris started to feel her clit and they went to the other bed and left me tied down.
Soon Jackie had another orgasm then it was Chris'turn and she had a lovely slow orgasm.
They then went to the lounge and I could hear giggling and Chris came to me and put her mouth to mine passing me some wine saying you have been good today.
Next Sunday I have decided to let Jackie have some fun as she let me up saying now go and have a shower.

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step daddy's girl

Hi let me fill you in on few things, my mum Katy had me at a young age I’m Sophie I’m now 18 and my step- dad George joined us and got married but sadly my parents split when I was 10 mum wanted to have fun and dad caught her having it so to speak, dad moved out but I got to see him every day as he used to pick me up for school and up from school and take me back to his place, for tea had me all week end every 2 weeks and a Saturday or Sunday my choice.

Mum got a new fella Paddy I didn’t like him always looking at me funny when I was 15 I moved in with my dad, mum was ok and I was happy as I saw dad 7 days a week , he was rather a cool dad, didn’t mind me having my music on and my room was my space I was responsible for it and I loved it that way, I moved out of mum’s as her fella was trying to get a peek at my tits I was rather gifted in that department and he was always accidentally bumping into me and coping a feel, he even tried touching my pussy one day. I was now 16 and had a boyfriend Jack he was real Mmmmmmm opps sorry Lol. He got on well with dad as both were into footy and supported the same team; personally I think Jack liked the team for the sake of impressing dad.

Jack and I were in my room having a kiss and a cuddle, Jack was a great kissed and made me rather wet below, I wanted him to finger me but was to scared in case I couldn’t be quiet when I cum, Jack run his hand over my tits making my nipples hard as I whispered to him un do my bra and play with them, Jack didn’t need asking twice and had my bra undone in seconds. Lifting up my jumper Jack played with my nipples making me sigh, I could feel Jack’s cock hard as hell in his trousers rubbing the front of his trousers I un zipped the fly and out shot a lump in his boxers, after a bit of fiddling about I got his dick out and started to rub it.
I looked down seeing a nice hard cock with a purple colour like head I rubbed it slowly as I felt it pulse, Jack slipped his hand up my skirt onto my very wet panties, I gasped as he touched it, my pussy hair was soaking wet, I rubbed Jack’s cock a bit harder as he lay back all of a sudden he groaned and he shot his cum it poured over my hand as I rubbed it until it was all out, cleaning up I lay back so jack could play with my tits, he rubbed them slowly lowering his head he sucked my nipple softly, again I gasped it felt fantastic, he sucked it softly flicking it with his tongue, I sighed with pleaser and felt funny inside, Jack slipped his hand up my skirt onto my panties and rubbed my pussy, I was groaning louder and louder I grabbed a pillow pulling it over my face.

Opening my legs wider Jack slipped his fingers under the leg of my panties and into my wet pussy I screamed through the pillow thank god it was muffled, Jack slipped his fingers in and out hard, I shook had a huge orgasm, Jack slipped his fingers out as I breathed heavily, covering up I kissed Jack “did you really like that Sophie” “did I ever I been wanting you to do that but didn’t want to f***e you, why? did you like me wanking your cock you cum a fair bit” Jack nodded his head smiling, “it’s a nice size too” we got cleared up and said bye to Jack and sat in the living room with dad.
“He a nice lad Sophie what was you up to in your bedroom” “oh the usual dad listening to music chatting” “Kissing cuddling” dad said I blushed “yer just a bit” smiling and laughing “well just be careful hunny and don’t let him do stuff you’re not ready for” “I know dad I won’t” “look Sophie he a guy and will want you but never give him anything unless you’re totally ready and always take precautions” I could feel myself going red was I going to get the bird’s and the bee’s chat I hoped not dad was cool but talking about sex with your father, was a total no, no.

“I know dad I’m ok I’m still a virgin” laughing I got up and said I was going to bed. The following morning I decided as it was Saturday I was going to have a lay in I heard dad moving about and lay in the bed thinking of Jack, I couldn’t hear dad so decided to go for a shower, opening the door I saw dad in the shower with a huge hard on and he was wanking it like mad, I slammed the door and went back in my room, I sat on the bed with the image of how big my dad’s cock was I mean, it was massive I had never seen one that big. I heard dad go into his bedroom quickly and shut the door, I went had a shower and then get dressed. Coming down stairs there was a awkward silence between the 2 of us, I looked at dad in a different light, had not had a girlfriend in years, he must get frustrated, “sorry dad I walked in on you” “sorry you saw what I was doing” we laughed hugged but my mind was consumed with how big and thick dad’s cock was.

Over the next few months I was unable to get the image of dad’s weapon out of my head, even with playing with Jack’s cock I imagined it was dads, it was driving me crazy I did try to spy on him but to no success, until one evening I was in my room hearing dad go into his I crept out and, sneaked along the hall way, bending down I peeked through the key hole and watched, dad got undressed as he turned his limp cock hung down, it was a beautiful sight to see any women would be proud to have that in them, he started to rub it making it hard, within moments it stood rigid, and a lot bigger.

I could feel my pussy getting wet with what I could see putting my hand down my panties I started to rub, dad now lay on the bed and was wanking like mad I could hear him groaning as I watched the cock head disappear under the fore skin then re appear, my nipples where solid Omg I was about to cum and wanted to see what happened, I stopped as if I had cum he would of heard me. I carried on watching as he rubbed his huge cock all of a sudden he groaned gave his cock one last rub and out shot a huge stream of cum, it shot everywhere huge streams dad carried on rubbing more and more cum bubbled out like a volcano.

I rushed back to my room pulled my panties down lay on the bed and finger fucked my pussy hard I was dripping wet as I arched my back and cum twice, omg I was so fucking turned on by what I had seen, cum shooting from a huge cock I could feel my nipples getting harder and harder getting naked I lay back down playing with my naked body until I cum again. That late evening we sat in the living room I had still got this image of dad wanking his log and shooting that thick cream into the air. I got chatting to my best mate Candy her mum had split from her dad and she was feeling lonely.
The following day I phoned Candy again saying we should get her mum and my dad on a blind date, Candy agreed even if it was for a bit of company, I told Candy I had spied on my dad wanking and how big his cock was, Candy called me a perv and laughed like mad, we made arrangements for a blind date and hung up. That evening I said to dad she was hoping he would take me to the movies with her mate Candy, dad agreed and got up going upstairs, I phoned Candy telling her all was set after hanging up I went into my room and chilled for a while, later on I went and had a shower and decided to shave my pussy as a surprise for Jack, it felt funny shaving but as I did it I was getting turned on feeling my slit I finished off and lent against the shower wall opening my legs, and started to rub my clit, groaning like mad I didn’t hear dad and he came in, he stood staring at me as my fingers slipped in and out of my pussy, “you know that is a real turn on Sophie” I stopped and looked in horror as I saw dad looking at my naked body.

He walked closer as I tried to cover up, “ your body is amazing baby I hadn’t realised you had grown into a beautiful women, I looked down and saw a huge lump in dads trousers pulling the shower door open he started to get undressed “what are you going to do to me” “your see” pulling down his shorts and out sprung his weapon, I gasped at seeing it up close so much bigger that before I licked my lips as he stood behind me and rubbed my back the hot water splashing down on us he moved his hand to my front cupping my tits and playing with my nipples, I groaned and had a orgasm, I reached round and grabbed his cock my hand wouldn’t even go round it properly not like Jacks, I started to rub it as dad groaned, he lowered his hand onto my pussy slowly rubbing it in a circular motion. I turned round dropping to my knees and started to suck his cock. He groaned placing his hand on my head I had seen films of women giving head so I had a fair idea, dad’s balls where big hung down, fondling them softly, he groaned.

He helped me up and kissed me it seemed weird, kissing your dad but in real he wasn’t playing with my tits he made me groan, he lifted me up as my legs wrapped around his waist, lowering me onto his cock, I could feel my pussy lips start to spread, lowering me onto it slowly it seemed for ever before I was totally impaled, moving slowly up and down it felt un real I groaned loudly as I felt his cock deep inside me, I know I was cheating on Jack but this was just lust wanting his huge cock deep in my pussy, I moved faster and faster as I built up a huge feeling all of a sudden I shook, screamed ,shouted as waves of orgasms ripped through my body, it felt like my head was going to explode, dad lifted me off and started to wank his cock telling me to bend over, I felt his warm cum splash onto my bum.

The day after as we left for the cinema I said to dad could we pick up Candy he nodded his head smiled and carried on, as we arrived at Candy’s I went in and knocked on the door as it opened out came Candy and her mum Pam. Getting in the car, dad said hi as he feasted his eyes on Pam chatting all the way to the cinema we got our tickets, and sat in our seats watching the film I turned my head to see ad and Pam kissing running their hands over each other, only when I coughed, did they brake for air. Smiling we watched the rest of the film and left, Candy suggested we get a take away and go back to their place and have a few drinks, we agreed as the following day was Saturday and no one had to be at work, we arrived at Pam’s and sat eating, drinking and having a laugh, all was getting slightly d***k and Candy and I went to bed.

Sharing the same bed on many occasions we lay chatting for ages “Candy have you ever slept with a women” “yer you stupid bitch I am now” laughing as she said it “no I mean had sex with one” “no but had always wondered what it would be like why have you?” “no but had wondered how it would feel” turning over I kissed Candy softly on the mouth, she reacted with a long lingering kiss running her hand over my breasts making my nipples go rock hard, I gasped as she broke the kiss. Sliding down the bed Candy got in between my legs and started to lick my pussy, it felt amazing her soft tongue worked my clit until I felt it throbbing I groaned and fondled my tits. Candy’s tongue slowly run up and down my pussy making me gasp, “oh god finger my pussy babe” as Candy slipped 2 fingers deep in my pussy as I arched my back and cum.

Coming back up the bed Candy reached into her bedside locker pulling out a cute vibrator, turning it on it buzzed softly she slipped it into her pussy working it on her clit as I watched in amazement as it slipped in and out of her wet slit. I run my hand onto her pussy so smooth with a little tuff of hair on top of her opening “help me Sophie take hold and fuck me with this” I nodded my head and gently gripped her vibrator, it felt funny as this pleasure stick slipped in and out of her pussy, Candy groaned as she arched her back, I stared at her beautiful shaped pussy and her body I lowered my head and sucked on her ripe hard nipples, gasping like mad she groaned louder and louder before she sighed and had a orgasm, I pulled the vibrator out it shone in her juices and turned it off, cuddling up close we drifted off to sl**p. After about a hour I was woken to some real loud moaning and groaning I woke Candy so she could hear it as well dad and Pam had made it to bed, all we could hear was Pam shouting for more and the head board banging like mad, all of a sudden Pam shouted she was Cumming as she screamed and dad groaned loudly, Candy said “OMG is he that good Jesus have never heard a orgasm like that”, all of a sudden the head board started again as Pam moaned begging for dad’s huge cock to split her tight cunt Candy looked in amazement at how my dad had fucked her mum making her cum and then fuck her even harder, it felt like he was trying to fuck her into our room.

We tried to sl**p but the two fucked for most of the early morning before it all went quiet, later that morning Candy and I went downstairs to see Candy’s mum walking slowly around the kitchen we sniggered at Pam. “Are you ok mum” Candy said “do I look it” Pam laughed “your dad Sophie is a a****l and very randy a****l” I blushed at what she said “is he big mum” Candy asked “well I can’t close my legs my pussy is to swollen he is huge” we all laughed loudly as dad appeared on the scene. “What you laughing at” “nothing George just a little private joke” “oh ok well come on Sophie we need to go home do some stuff” Pam said “why don’t you come back later and stay over I’ll cook”!
“Dad agreed and we left not saying much on the way home, when we got in I shot upstairs and got some stuff sorted for the sl**p over and got changed, as I pulled down my panties I remembered what Candy, had been doing the night before, making myself feel horny I laid on the bed and started to rub my pussy, feeling very wet I pushed 2 fingers deep in rubbing my G spot, my body jerked with pleasure, as I shook and moaned Cumming hard. Relaxing after I got dressed and went downstairs, dad was busy sorting some stuff before we went, getting in the car we drove back to Candy’s as Candy and I went upstairs and went to her bedroom to listen to some music.

Dad and Pam where downstairs chatting well that’s what we had thought, coming out of Candy’s room all we could hear is moaning and sighing, slowly going downstairs we could see Pam bent over the table and dad fucking her hard, Candy gasped as she saw Dad’s huge cock sliding in and out of her mum’s pussy “omg your dads cock is massive Mmmmmmm” as Candy started to rub her pussy under her skirt, I pushed my hand on to hers helping her finger herself, she was soaking wet her juices felt sticky, as Candy started to breath heavy hearing Pam moan louder saying she was Cumming all of a sudden dad rammed his cock deep in Pam gripping her hips he unloaded into her pussy, making Pam cum as well, Candy sighed with pleasure as she pulled her fingers out of her pussy, and watching dad slip out of Pam seeing his limp cock hang down.

We made it known we was coming down the stairs as the other 2 scrambled around getting sorted, Dad decided we should stay another day if it was ok with Pam she agreed and we all relaxed. That night when Candy and I got to bed we started to kiss and fondle each other I started to rub Candy’s clit, making her moan her juices started to flow from her beautiful pussy opening her legs it made it easier to rub her clit harder and faster, I could feel myself getting wet as Candy and I kissed all of a sudden Candy groaned arched her back and cum, pulling my fingers clear I sucked them tasting her juices, it was a amazing taste only tasting my own before, this was rather erotic.

Laying in bed we could hear Dad and Pam having it off they didn’t give a toss if we heard them as I heard dad groaning and begging Pam to suck it harder, Candy and I giggled at what was being said, we decided to spy on them if we could getting out of bed we crept along the hallway to see if we could see what the 2 where up to peeping through the key hole I could see Pam sucking dad’s cock slowly sucking the full length I told Candy to take a look, she put her eye to the hole and gasped “omg” she whispered she sucking the full length “I know” whispering so they didn’t hear us “how big is he Sophie” “well I would say about 12” and thick I mean my fingers didn’t go around the shaft opps” Candy looked up saying “you what; you have wrapped your fingers around his cock” Sophie nodded “and fucked him as well” “Omg Sophie you filthy bitch you actually fucked your step dad” Yep and to be honest it was amazing”.

“You never told me any of this” going back to our room we chatted about it “well come on tell me” “well it wasn’t planned it just happened I even giving him a bj and he come in my mouth his cock is fantastic, jack is nice and even fucked him but George is well you can’t describe it except huge”.
The silence was broken by Pam begging for more cock as the headboard started to bang against the wall harder and harder “OH FUCK ME WITH THAT COCK RAM IT IN MY PUSSY YOU BASTERED FUCK YOUR SLUT O YES, YES, YES I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG AHHHHHHHHHH” as Pam screamed out loud, and then silence, the rest of the night was quiet as Candy and I was woken up to Dad and Pam fucking again, Pam was moaning and begging for her pussy to be filled full of cock before she groaned again Cumming a few times. After a while we went down stairs to find George and pan chatting “sl**p well girls” Pam said to Candy “yer mum we did; did you mum or was George up all night”? Pam blushed bright red “mum you weren’t quiet” “sorry girls I couldn’t help it”. Dad smiled as Pam said she would take the girls shopping Candy said she had to study but if Sophie wanted to go it was fine, Sophie asked her dad and all agreed, waving the two off George and Candy say having coffee.

“Your very pretty Candy I remember you when you used to come to the house, you sure have grown up”, “hmmmmm well how about you and I having some fun then George, how would you like to make me scream like you make my mum, Sophie said you have a huge cock” opening her top George saw 2 beautifully rounded breasts with nice hard pink nipples, getting up George undid his trousers pulling out a huge lump of limp cock, “fucking hell” Candy shouted “opps sorry that is massive you’re going to destroy my pussy” reaching out and wrapping her fingers around it she started to rub it softly, sucking the head to keep it wet. Leading Candy over to the sofa George sat her down and pulled her bottoms down and panties, kneeling he lowered his head and started to lick her pussy, “Mmmmm oh that feels good Mmmmmm oh yes make me wetter” as George played with her clit and making her sigh.

His cock now was hard, thick and throbbing as he sucked her nipples whilst rubbing her clit, Candy’s pussy was puffed and slightly open George grabbed his cock and slowly guided it into Candy’s pussy, making her gasp “oh god it is massive oh please more please I beg you, fuck me hard make me cum, oh please daddy fuck me” pushing a bit more his cock slowly disappeared into Candy’s young hole, sucking on her nipples George made Candy cum as she wanted the full length in her, re adjusting it finally slipped all the way in his balls nestled against her cute bum, Candy wrapped her legs around his waist as George started to move slowly, Candy could feel her lips stretch with every thrust George made.

“Mmmm oh god this is amazing I feel I’m being split in 2” as she smiled at George “please daddy fuck your baby harder” as George started to fuck Candy harder and harder, George pulled out and told Candy to get on her knees, before George guided his cock back into her pussy, grabbing her hips George started to fuck Candy hard her tits swayed with every thrust He cupped her tits and rolled her nipples in between his finger and thumb as he felt her juices running out of her pussy, spanking her ass Candy screeched with pleasure George spanked Candy more making her ass cheek’s glow a bright pinky red “oh god I’m Cumming fuck me harder oh god yes, fuck me yes yes yesssssssssssss” Candy screamed as huge orgasm ripped through her young body, George fucked her harder as his cock twitched and exploded deep in Candy’s pussy over filling it with a huge load , slowly pulling out his cock he could see the white foamy cum seeping from Candy’s pussy.

“Omg that was awesome” Candy gasped slowly standing up and getting sorted she kissed George passionately, as he run his hands over her tits her nipples went rock solid as she gasped, “well Candy how would you fancy more later, your mum and Sophie are not going to be home until later, I’ll see you in a while, smiling Candy went upstairs and George went about his business, about 3 hours had past and George had finished his work, walking upstairs he knocked on Candy’s door and walked in, “oh hi about time or I was going to have to start without you, you better come here and let me sort that monster out” walking over Candy sat on the edge of the bed, standing in front of Candy she pulled his zip down and reached in pulling out his cock “Jesus that is some cock, never had one like that until today, rubbing it slowly she sucked it softly, undoing her top and removing it she played with her nipples.

George’s cock now was hard, his balls hung down still nice and soft Candy started to fondle them, sucking his cock deep into her mouth George groaned as more and more of his cock slipped down her throat, pulling his cock out Candy rubbed it hard before George pushed Cady back and ripped her panties clean off and pushed his face into her pussy and licked it vigoursly, until her lips parted slightly, George guided his cock into her pussy and then started to fuck her hard, Candy’s tits bounced up and down “OMG bang me harder” his balls slapped her ass making her groan, driving his cock deep into her sweet slit, Candy begged more and more shouting, she was Cumming begging for George to drive his rod deeper and deeper, Candy gripped George’s ass digging her nails into his buttocks, her pussy muscles tightened around his cock, before she groaned and shook as George blew another huge load, collapsing on top of her then rolling off Candy sat up and sucked his cock dry.

Pam and Sophie returned that evening asking if we had a good day “oh yes mum we sure have had a lovely day George has kept me entertained all day” “oh yer in what way” Pam laughed as she said it “oh the usual mum chatting getting to know each other better” my heart was pounding at how Candy was acting, telling me her pussy was gagging for more cock, and how her pussy was so wet and open, just right for slipping 3 fingers in and having a good fingering. That night George and Pam where fucking as usual, making Pam scream louder than ever, it turned Candy and Sophie as they licked each other’s pussy having some great fun Candy, confessed to Sophie she George had fucked twice in the afternoon and had to agree with Sophie his cock was amazing.
George and Pam got married and we all set up home in a bigger new place, George fucked Candy on some occasions I even walked in on them a few times and shared the fun, Pam was always on the end of a real good fucking at one stage she passed out during a huge orgasm and had some fun with George and a friend with benefit’s
The end................................................
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Strip Club fun for an Empty Nest couple!!!

Ladies especially, let me know if you enjoy this. It gets me off, so let me know if I do the same for you!!!

Married 23 years, things get … old. At one time my wife, Tina and I had fireworks and spontaneity. At one time we looked forward to the night and we experimented. We looked for ideas, we read things, ordered things and we made the opportunities to make a sex life for the two of us exciting.
I vaguely remember those days. Vaguely.
Now we go to bed to watch the news, maybe watch a monologue and sl**p. Excitement is finding a new restaurant we both like or seeing that we have lost five pounds. Sex is something that we laugh and make snide comments about in jest.
In fact, over the past years, it has become a big joke between Tina and me. Every time we drive past the Cabaret Club, I chide her about stopping in and having some fun. She always looks at me and says something like, “I have your fun, right here!” and she runs a hand across one of her B cup breasts and I play along and…. Yeah, we have grown boring and stale. Problem is neither of us had a clue how to change it.
We are empty nesters. Our youngest moved out a couple of months ago, and we each decided that we needed to make a concerted effort to rekindle the flame and we have ramped it up a bit. But remember, it did not take much to raise the measurements. We had been having sexual contact only once a week (sometimes it was just one or the other of us bringing the other off manually since the other was too tired). So we instituted naked Thursdays, where once we ate dinner, the clothes came off for the rest of the evening. I bought her a new vibrator. We even had sex more frequently and did it in rooms other than our bedroom… at least they were small steps in the right direction.
It was a little stunning therefore that when I made a comment about a 20 something young woman at the restaurant bar with about four inches of cleavage showing that my wife was licking her lips when I glanced over at her. She said, “I wondered when you would notice.” It was not so much the comment that stopped me in my tracks as much as the way she said it. She had been watching the woman first, and not because she thought that I might like to see her, but because she was checking out the rack too!!!
Maybe I should have let it go, but I didn’t. I asked,”So do you find that erotic?” She turned and looked me square in the eyes and said, “It was just an observation. I like to look. Nothing more… Nothing” I ordered another round of drinks and she asked me, “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to suck a cock?” I about dropped my drink!!
I looked over at her and she was not looking at me. She was looking back at the table where the big breasted woman was sitting with three other professional looking women. The lady exuded sexuality. As I watched her, she started to laugh and raised long, slender fingers to her painted red lips. She was hot, but what had made my wife ask such a crazy question? “I can honestly say that that is one sex act I have never considered.” I finally answered, as I turned back to her. “Why do ask?” Finally, she took another sip of her drink and looked at me and simply said, “Just doing a sanity check.” Then she changed the subject and I was left scratching my head.
Ten minutes later, we were seated at a table a few feet from the ladies that we had noticed earlier and when I started to take the seat so I could watch them Tina had already grabbed the back of the chair and said she would like to sit in it. I shrugged and took the other seat.
While I looked at the menu, she kept looking across at the next table and licking her lips. There was no doubt about it, she had a real appetite and it was not for anything in the menu. Tina had d***k a couple of more powerful mixed drinks and usually she was a single beer an evening if not a diet coke woman. She had not eaten any lunch, so I knew that part of what was happening was she was getting d***k, but I was fascinated by the fact that she mesmerized by another woman.
We ordered, ate the meal and talked about a lot of different things but with every lull in conversation her eyes would wander over to the other table. It was not unheard of for Tina to reach under a table and rest her hand on my knee or my thigh, but on this evening, it was almost after she took each bite, her hand was moving up toward my crotch. Our server, a young college k** named Stan, about shit himself when he came to drop off the check, because Tina was rubbing me vigorously and when he realized what she was doing, he looked at her and she opened her mouth in a perfect circle and pushed out the side of her cheek with her tongue!!! I thought I was going to die laughing.
As we went out to the car, she was all over me, and my only regret was not having remembered what order she had drank the drinks, because they definitely had her hot and ready!! I figured the time to strike was now, so I pulled out and started heading toward the house, when I jokingly said, “Hey, the Cabaret Club is right up here….” I then chuckled just like I had probably a hundred times before and to my shock she said, “Why not? Let’s go see some tits!!!”
I nearly wrecked the car. Literally, I was in the right hand lane and the Cabaret Club was less than half a block up on the left side of the road, but there was no way I was going to drive past the place!! 30 seconds later I was guiding the car into a parking space and turning off the engine. I was going to ask Tina if she was really up for this, but when I looked over, I saw her taking her bra off inside her shirt. Once she pulled it out, she then whipped it over my head and then pulled my face toward her breasts that now were free and easy inside her blouse. “Just remember, you get to suck and come home with these tits, no matter what you think you see in there!”
After about five minutes, we finally opened the doors and headed in. I do not see how people come into places like this during daylight hours. It was so dark just inside, that I almost did not see the guy in the cage to the right of the door until he said, “That will be ten dollars for you sir, your woman gets in free.” I reached into my wallet handed the man a ten and turned to see that my wife had already stepped through the zig zag walls that hid the interior of the building from the entrance.
I stayed there in the corner of the shadows and watched her. Even in bright day light, she looked good for 43 and in the shadows with only dim lights to occasionally play over her features, her figure was the most outstanding feature, and she looked like a girl half her age from that perspective. I was not the only person who thought so, because a huge mountain of a man moved out of the shadows and though the pounding music covered what he said, I could tell he was more than happy to direct her to a couple of tables down near the front.
She laughed at something he said and put her hands on his forearms and then leaned her body into his arm, which brought a leering smile at her. He offered her an arm and led her down through the maze of tables occupied by a smattering of men and a few couples to table just feet from the stage, where a man in a purple short was telling a series of dirty jokes.
As I followed my wife and her e****t, my eyes adjusted and I saw ladies moving through the tables, each with pasties covering their nipples and g-strings. There was a redhead near where my wife was going who had to have had DD tits and though they were huge, they still had lift, like a young Christie Canyon, for those of you who remember her!! My dick was instantly hard and I thought to myself that even if no woman even came out on the stage, just looking at the waitresses was going to be good enough for me!
My wife laughed and sat down on a chair next to the stage and I stepped up to the other side of the huge bouncer and he turned and gave me a wink and said, “Enjoy, I know I sure as hell would.” He turned and walked back to his post near the door and I turned at just the right moment to almost get a face full of ‘Christie’ as she came up to offer to get us some food and non-alcoholic drinks (How stupid is it to have a state say you can have adult entertainment but no adult beverages there?). We ordered some cheesy fries and she got a diet and I ordered a coffee, just as the emcee introduced Aimee.
The hard rock music started low and could be felt almost more than heard. A tiny woman with heavy makeup, dressed in biker leathers appeared. She stood near the back of the stage, moving and giving peaks at what was beneath, but very little flesh was seen. Her short cropped blonde hair gave her a boyish look, but the shape of the hips and the swell of even her small tits beneath the white cropped top left no doubt about her sex. Then after a couple of minutes she dove on her belly straight down the middle of the stage and sat up and faced the group of guys on the other side of the stage.
I was a little disappointed then suddenly ‘Christie’ returned with our drinks and I was inches from having a face full of her breasts!! She laughed at the look on my face and then turned to give my wife her drink. My wife motioned with a finger for ‘Christie’ to lean a little closer and they said something to each other. I could have cared less. There was a nearly naked ass, just scant inches from my face. I thought why not, and let my hand drop off the table to the inside of her calf. Her flesh was so soft smooth and warm. She wiggled her ass a little for me and I decided to go for it and I bent and kissed her velvety smooth ass!!
She immediately stood upright and turned and looked at me and wagged a finger in my face as if to admonish a little boy, but the smile on her face let me know that many a man before me had done far worse and while she could not allow it, she was not offended by my advances either. I saw just past her, my wife motioning toward the stage and I turned just as the tiny blond on the stage rolled over on all fours to allow the guys on the other side, what I can only imagine was an incredible view of her snatch and ass. I, on the other hand, was looking past the pimple pocked face to a nice set of small breasts swinging just a couple of feet from me. She had dark, hard nipples that were sticking out like diamond on the top of her soft, solid breasts. She winked at me and blew me a kiss, whirled around and the song ended.
I looked over at Tina and noticed that she was looking around the room. I followed her gaze and noticed that her eyes were moving from nearly naked big breasted servers to the hands of some of the women sitting along the upper tables. Hands of some of the women were plainly rubbing cocks of the men that they were with. She moved closer to me as another song started and she said, “That guy up there by the yellow light has a huge cock!” I followed her gaze and saw a dark haired woman dressed in white Capri pants sitting with a man up, almost hidden from the floor. She had his cock out and was giving him a hand job beneath the table as they kissed passionately and his hands played across her full breasts.
Tina moved her chair more toward me, and her fingers walked along the inside seam of my pants. My balls were tight up against me, but not out of range for her as her fingernails scratched over the rough fabric. Her hard nipples were threatening to poke through the white fabric of her shirt which now was unbuttoned well below her breasts.
Suddenly the lights on the stage came up full and two women, a brunette and a dirty dyed blonde, each with gorgeous C cup tits appeared and began kissing passionately. A couple of guys from the corner of the room brought a bench out and put it on the stage right in front of my wife and the girls on stage began to make their way to the bench. It almost seemed as if they were lovers, completely oblivious of the men calling out to them from the audience and the lights and music that played over their bodies. By the time that the shorter of the two sat down on the bench, she had already opened the shirt of the other and was eagerly sucking the huge nipples that reacted so nicely for her.
I looked over at Tina, and I almost thought I should lean over to her and remind her to breath. She was mesmerized by Sapphic love being played out before her and when the taller woman grabbed hold of the seated one’s face and howled. My wife immediately dropped her other hand to her own lap and I could tell she was vigorously rubbing her clit.
I put my arm around her and moved my hand to her breasts and started to play with her nipples and she began moaning. The two on the stage were now naked and kissing everything on the other like there was no tomorrow (I learned later they could not touch each other below the waist, but nearly everything else was fair play). It was hot and the guys in the room were definitely growing rowdy and restless! Just at the point that I was concerned the whole room might explode, the lights went dark and the girls exited the stage, while the crowd exploded in whistles and yellss of all kinds.
Tina turned to say something to me just as ‘Christie’ leaned down between us and said, “We are all set, if you two would follow me.” My wife immediately pushed her chair back and followed her toward a side door. I got up and started to follow these two women. I was clueless, but I figured it had something to do with what they had talked about earlier. ‘Christie’ led us through a door into a dark hallway and into the second door on the right.
She seated us on the chairs to the left of the door and once I closed the door, she said, “Rules are simple. The girls cannot touch either of you and you cannot touch them, but there isn’t anyone here to stop what you two do with each other. Understood?” We nodded, though I still was not certain what was going on. She smiled at me and said, “Enjoy” and she knocked on a door, it opened and she walked out after which a woman who looked to be in her 30’s with a long blonde hair pulled back and woven into a pony tail that went most of the way down her back.
She waited for the door to close, then turned her back to us to look at the door. When she turned back around she revealed a full-figured body. She had huge tits that were pressed to look even larger by a corset. Her legs were in loose fitting leather pants. She looked at both of us and walked over toward us, and said simply. “Screw what that little goodie too shoes bitch just told you. “ With that she grabbed the top of her corset cups and pulled them down so the huge pillows of soft woman flesh rolled over the black material. “Suck my tits and maybe we can all cum to some sort of agreement.”
I looked over at Tina, but she seemed totally under this woman’s spell and she moved forward in her seat and reached for the breast closest to her. I watched in complete awe as my wife’s lips parted and her moist tongue flicked out before she sucked in the flat nipple on the huge breast. When it next appeared, it was puckered and well on its way to becoming over an inch long. It shone in the dim light with my wife’s spit.
I felt the big woman reach to the back of my head and she guided my face to her huge flesh and like my wife before me, I sucked her flesh in hungrily. She had smeared her flesh with a strawberry flavored liquor and the effect was intoxicating. I felt my wife moving her hand to my zipper and within a few seconds my cock sprang forward like it was a pent up spring and she took it in her well practiced hands and began working the precum from the tip down the shaft of my cock.
My hand moved behind the woman’s leg to her ass and I felt her reach for it within a moment or two and I thought that I was in trouble, only to feel her raise it to her mouth and she coated my index finger with her spit. Once it was thoroughly coated, she moved my hand behind her once again and placed the tip of my finger against her asshole!! I looked up into her lust-filled eyes and she nodded at me with a faraway glassy look in her eyes. I did not need any other encouragement and within seconds she was pushing back onto my finger’s first knuckle.
This, combined with my wife stroking my cock, had me rushing headlong toward an orgasm like I had not had in years. I raised my other hand with the intent of rubbing our third’s clit and was stunned to find my wife already had fingers deep inside her and was rubbing her stiff sensitive nub with the flat of her thumb in a manner that was quickly sending the woman over the edge!! So I dropped my hand between my wife’s thighs and found her panties no barrier to my fingers, as I moved the soaked cotton to the side and began frigging her!!
Within a few minutes and all too soon, I felt my cock start to spasm and I shot wad after wad up at the woman standing in front of me. That seemed to be the magic signal because immediately, she buried my face and my wife’s into her breasts as she roared with an earth shaking orgasm. My wife released my cock and began ramming her cunt hard with a hand covered with my cum and before the big woman released us, she was beginning to feel the first wave of her own orgasm crashing over her!!!
The woman released our heads, and leaned against the wall as she fought to gain back a livable breath and heartbeat. Tina and I kissed passionately and we were only vaguely aware of the woman moving to the door she had entered through, reaching into the dark recess and returning a moment with two towels. We broke our embrace and my wife stood up and my wife laid her arms around the other woman and began kissing the woman tenderly.
I wiped down the lower parts of each woman and then myself and we all pulled up our clothes. Tina gave the woman several bills and they kissed again and the lady said, “When you come back again, be certain to ask for Satin. The next one like this will be on the house!”
We thanked her and exited the other door, certain it would not be long before we visited the Cabaret Club again.
... Continue»
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Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is

Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is my Prince

My daddy stood there staring at me with a grin on his face and his cock in hand. I put my electric toothbrush on my bed side table, grabbed my blanket over my naked body and sat up. We both looked at each other and didn't say a word. Finally I cleared my throat.

“Umm...H-Hi Daddy...” I was bright red and I looked down. Next thing I knew he walked into my room and sat down on my bed. I looked back at him. “ were you watching me...” I was so embarrassed to be having thoughts about my father licking my privates and rubbing myself while thinking of that. He moved closer and put his arm around me.

“Well darling. I heard some noise from outside my office door and heard footsteps running up the stairs. When I walked out of my study I caught you briefly walking to your room and shutting you door slightly. I was worried that you might of saw me...having some fun and when I walked to your room I heard your toothbrush going and you making moaning sounds. When I looked I saw you were masturbating. I couldn't help but masturbate too.” I was still bright red and all of a sudden I started crying. My daddy hugged me closer. “Honey, why are you crying?”

“Because I was having nasty thoughts about you and you caught me playing with myself. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed!.” I put my head in my hands and cried. My dad started petting my hair and made shushing sounds.

“Oh princess, it's okay! I actually am glad you have these thought about me.” I looked at him confused.

“What do you mean daddy?” A couple more tears fell but he wiped them away.

“Well...I sometimes have those thoughts about you too. A lot of Daddy's have those thoughts about their daughters. It means that their daughters are beautiful, smart, and have a great body.” I was slightly shocked but a little flattered. I gave him a semi smile.

“You think I'm pretty daddy?” I asked all hopeful.

“Hun, I think your gorgeous.” My dad and I looked at each other for a moment. I then realized how handsome my dad really was. He was thirty-six and still had luscious brown hair. His blue eyes sparkled and his smiled was as bright as the sun. My dad did something that shocked me. He leaned in and kissed me. I wasn't sure what to do so I just went along with it. Soon I was lying on my back and my daddy was over top of me. My hands went to his hair and I began running my hands through. He hands started wandering. They started in my hair then went down to my neck, then my shoulders. He then lightly f***ed his tongue into my mouth and we played with each others tongues for a bit. Our breathing became heavier and more stagger and soon our kissing had become deeper. My dad's hands wandered to my covered chest and he began pulling the blanket down. I stopped him and broke the kiss.

“What's wrong princess?” He asked concerned and out of breath. I looked away shy.

“I...uh...never have gone this far with a guy daddy...I don't know what to do...” He started chucking. “What? What's so funny?” He smiled and kissed my nose.

“Well that's what I'm here for silly. I'm going to help you. If you want.” My heart skipped a beat and I got really excited.

“Really? You will!?” He laughed and kissed my forehead.

“Of course I will. Now lets get started. First princess I want you to remove your blanket.” I was about to uncover my whole body at once when he stopped me. “No honey, slowly, tease me.” I slowly started removing my blanket from my chest. Once my chest was removed my dad made a small gasp and moan. “Mmm they're lovely babe.” I kept removing my blanket till I was totally uncovered. My dad scanned my body. “God you're fucking beautiful.” I gasped

“Daddy! You swore!” I said shocked. He smiled again.

“Well Hun, when you have sex and are with another man, you need to know they correct language. Such as your privates is your pussy, mine is my cock, when having intercourse you call it fucking, and your chest are your boobs or preferably tits. Understand sweetheart?” I nodded my head. “Excellent. Now Hun, I want you to relax and learn about what a guy can do to you. First I'm going to kiss you down your body to your tits, then I'm gonna suck on your nipples.”

“Why daddy?” I asked.

“Oh, you'll see.” He smirked. He started kissing me again then he moved to my ear. He licked, sucked and bit it for a bit which felt wonderful. He slowly started kissing down my neck, then my upper chest, then he finally got to my tits. “Ready darling?” I nodded and he smiled. “Good, now remember, just relax.” He stuck his tongue out and lightly flicked my nipple. I let out a gasp.

“Wow...that felt good!” I said

“It gets better.” He did that a couple more times then went to my left tit. He did that three times then took my nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it. I arched my back and started moaning.

“Mmm daddy, don't stop, it feels so good!.” He didn't answer me, he kept sucking. He moved to my right breast and started sucking that nipple and pinched my left one. I kept arching my back and moaned. He then started biting my my nipple and that really got me going.

“Oh god daddy! Don't stop! Please!” He started biting harder and I let out a scream of pleasure. I felt like I would explode. Then he stopped. “No daddy! Don't!!!” He didn't answer me again. He continued to travel down my body and left a trail of kisses all the way down. He finally got to my pussy. “Daddy? What are you going to do down there?”

“Well sweetheart, I'm going to taste you” He lowered his head.

“Wha-” Before I could finished what he began licking my outer pussy. I let out a little squeal. He then opened my pussy lips and began licking all around the edges. I kept squirming and moaning. “Mmm daddy! That's amazing! Don't stop!” He then started flicking my clit and that got my hips bucking, He took my clit in his mouth and started sucking it. That drove me over the edge.

“Oh! Oh daddy! Fuck! Daddy! That's so good! Oh god! Something's happening daddy, I...I'm...EEEEEEEEEEEE!” I let out a scream and had another orgasm all over my dads face. The liquid went all over his face and he tried to lap up as much as possible. He kept sucking my clit and I went into another orgasm, and then another. I thrashed about on my bed and bucked my hips. I couldn't stop moaning or cumming. Finally I calmed down. I was all sweaty and my bedsheets were ruined. I looked down at my dad, all out of breath.

“Dad...What was that?” I asked.

“That my dear was an multiple orgasm.” He smiled and licked his lips.

“What came out of me? Was it pee?” I asked confused. He started laughing

“No no, it was cum honey, well women cum. Not too many people can squirt that much. I'm very proud of you.” He started kissing me again and I could taste my juice on his lips. It actually tasted quite good. I broke the kiss and looked at him. “You okay princess?” he asked. I nodded and smiled

“Absolutely! Thanks daddy! You truly are my prince...But....” I looked down at his crotch. “What about you?” I smiled.

“What about me?” he smiled back.

“You need helping too!” He laughed and kissed me again.

“Why don't we clean up and then you can help me out, If your good at helping me, I may show you something else.” I sat up excitedly making my tits bounce.

“Really!?” I said. He laughed and nodded.

“Uh huh, but lets have a shower first.” I jumped out of bed and daddy smacked my ass. I laughed and ran to the bathroom. I couldn't wait to help out my daddy. My prince!
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Being a shemale's toy can be fun

Joliet called and asked if I would be interested in having some fun...I thought about the last time and how pissed off she got. I hesitated long enough for Joliet to whimper in the phone 'I promise to make up for my last theatrics, no bondage and I will reward you very handsomely if you attend to my needs this week end.'

Sensing desperation, I gave my demands 'reward me up front in large bills in an envelop that I will address and drop into the post office before we do any thing, you will give me your car keys before we enter any building, and I have the last word as to what I will and want do!' To my surprise Joliet agreed to all my demands and the day before Joliet showed up at the burger joint and passed me the envelop and said 'I want disappoint you this time...'

After I left work I looked into the envelop, there were twenty very large bills that turned out to be authentic. I wasted no time in addressing the letter to myself at my grandma's house and calling her to look out for my letter and save it for me. I knew she would not open anything addressed to me if she knew I was expecting it.

Friday evening came and I was waiting at the burger joint. Joliet arrived with another lady boy in the passenger seat, she got into the back seat and stretched her long shapely legs across the seat. Joliet introduced us 'David meet Shelia, Shelia meet my very special boy toy David.

I looked back over the seat and caught a glimpse of Shelia's huge magnificent semi-erect cock and began to tremble from anticipation. I don't think that I had seen such a beautiful erect shemale cock before. My eyes meet Shelia's, her eyes were something like hazel and deep, skin was a sunburst yellow with hair down to her breast and well toned muscular upper body, she sighed 'such a handsome young boy for you to have.'

We arrived at a home out in the country side, Joliet exited the car and tossed the keys to me. Shelia looked some what perplexed as she exited the back seat, taking time to grip my cock through my jeans.

We entered the home which was decorated very nicely and with a flip of a switch, the walls came alive with ceiling to floor monitors. A twist of an knob and the screen went to quads showing not only network television but also close circuit feed.

Joliet stroked my neck very seductively explaining to Shelia that she owed me a special night out with the girls. Without another word Joliet dropped to her knees and fished out my cock and began to suck on it very sensuously. Before I could protest I was moaning and groaning as Joliet very experience administered her oral manipulations to my man hood.

Shelia stood and watched for awhile before she started to stroke her hugely thick cock. Shelia walked over and placed one of her hands on the back of my head and began to kiss me passionately about the lips and mouth. Joliet continued to administer her oral manipulations to my cock and to Shelia's also.

Shelia suggested 'let's get comfortable and shed all these clothes and retire to the bed room.' With no words spoken we all undressed and walked nakedly to the bed room. Joliet crawled up on the bed and raised her butt into the air, Shelia tossed me a tube of lubricant and said 'make sure that you apply enough.'

I spread the lube into Joliet's butt crack and to he quivering anal opening, poking a finger or two into the orifice causing Joliet to shriek in surprise. Shelia looked at me and said 'mount the bitch before she comes by her self.'

I quickly knelt between Joliet's feet and guided my stiff cock into her anal opening. Joliet moaned in ecstasy as my harden cock slipped past her outer anal sphincter muscle ring. I gripped her hips and pushed the rest of my cock balls deep into her inviting rectum.

After a few strokes Joliet collapsed to the mattress and clutched at the corners of the sheet. Shelia moved swiftly between my legs and in a movement that can only be defined as swift, squirted some lube into my butt crack and guided her stiff ten inch long and three inch thick cock into my unexpecting butt hole.

I squealed in pain as Shelia plunged deep inside my anus, pushing me deeper into Joliet's butt. I was sandwiched between the two lady-boys as they both bucked against each other. Joliet reached back and grasped my head in her hands as Shelia held onto my shoulders.

For the next twenty minutes Shelia grind her massive shemale cock into my butt as I grind my rigid cock into Joliet's anal opening. The three of us moaning and groaning as the passion grew high. Shelia reached her climax first flooding my butt hole with her man fluids, Joliet shot her load of man juice onto the sheet beneath us.

Before I could let go of my load Shelia with drew from my tender butt hole and pulled me from Joliets anus. She flipped me to my back and lifted my legs and began to suck vigorously on my penile glans. Joliet knelt over my head directing her limp cock into my mouth.

Shelia must to have knew I was close to flooding her mouth with my substance, she pulled from my cock causing a wet sucking sound to reverberate around the room. Shelia raised my heels higher and plunged her rigidly erect lady boy cock into my still gaping anal opening and plowed into my anal opening out mercy.

Around the cock head of Joliet's penis I begged for mercy only to her Shelia cry out 'I'm gonna fuck this ass like there is no tomorrow.' Shelia bounced in and out of my butt like a line backer till she shot her load, Joliet quickly took up her place and grind deep into my flooded butt and causing wet squishing sounds, fucked my bottom as Shelia held my feet over my head.

Joliet gripped my shoulders and buried her head into the hollow of my neck and fucked my butt till she bust her load of sunk into my bowels. Shelia released my legs as Joliet pulled from my butt. Adjusting my legs so that I was now on my knees with my butt stuck up into the air Shelia reentered my well lubed ass hole and fucked me with abandonment till she bust another load deep into my anal orifice.

Exhausted we crumbled down into a heap of withering flesh, Joliet maneuvered her self so that my head was in her crotch and feed her semi limp cock into Shelia's and my mouth and we both sucked greedily at her cock till she shot her load across our face.... Continue»
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Ditchers Have Some Fun

(this is my first story, any critisicm is welcomed)

Ditchers Have Some Fun

It was a warm sunny day and I was currently heading to school holding the hand of my very cute girlfriend, Cindy. It was our senior year, we had many things in common, one of those being that we shared a birthday, we had both just turned 18 last weekend, and we wanted to do something special but never got around to it. "Hey Cindy, remember on our birthay we were supposed to do something special?"

"Yeah? Why do you ask?" She asked blushing a little and held his hand tighter. They were both virgins and the farthest they had gone with eachother had been fondeling.

"I was wondering, instead of going to school, why dont we go have some fun? I know the perfect place where we can be alone." I told her with a smile.

She blushed when I asked her that but she nodded. "S-sure, why not"

I smiled when I heard this and I pulled her a little closer. "Why dont we head back to my place? My parents are gone and we would be alone all day"

She smiled back at me. "I'd like that baby."

I smiled again and pulled at her leading her back in the direction of my house. "We can do all sorts of stuff, watch TV, play some games, or just have some fun of our own making." I grinned at her as I told her the last part.

She blushed again. "W-what kind of f-fun?"

"The good kind babe." We walk to the door of my house and I open the door for us. "So, what should we do babe? Like I told you, we can do anything you want."

She blushed as she looked at me with lustfull eyes. "C-can you fuck me babe?"

I smiled at the words and took her into my arms and kissed her on the lips deeply.

She kissed back and stuck her tongue in my mouth and started swirling it around my tongue.

I broke the kiss and started to slowly strip her clothes off. "Lets get rid of these pesky clothes."

She blushed and smiled as she was stripped naked then did the same to me. "I dont think youll need these clothes baby. Not now atleast." She bit her bottom lip as my cock came into view after I was stripped. She layed me down on the couch and straddled me. She then slammed herself down onto my cock taking both our virginities in one blow.

I smiled up at her. "How does it feel babe?" I put my hands on her hips and start grinding her against me.

She smiled down at me and started bouncing on my cock. "I-it feels g-good babe. It does h-hurt a little though."

I smile up at her. "Then take it slow babe."

(If youve read this far then I'm sorry, but this is where it ends, again, I'm sorry, but I'm out of ideas, but this is my first story, and im open to critique :) )... Continue»
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(2) A stranger joins us for some fun (cuckold, bis

Continued form A stranger joins us for some fun (cuckold, bisexual)- read that first please and don't forget to comment.

So there we are, first night at our holiday villa at this amazing resort. We're horny, we're fucking and we have a couple of young italian men walking into our bedroom...

We both slowed down as the boys walked in, Jane put her finger over her lips and said "shhhh" to them them pointed them to the two arm chairs that were by the bed, they quietly sat down without diverting their hungry gaze off my wife's penetrated pussy. As they took out their rather big cocks I swear I could smell them, I could feel Jane approaching an orgasm and her pulsating pussy brought me over the edge and I pumped her full of my cum, I came so hard my balls ached. Jane skilfully repositioned to sit on my face in a 69 position, she fed me my own cum and I lapped and sucked it out of her gaping pussy as she cleaned my cock with her gentle mouth.
She then sat up, still on my face enjoying the tongueing I was giving her, with her buttocks on my eyes I didn't know what she did but I heard commotion in the room, so I figured she invited the italians in. Jane got off my face and sat on the edge of the bed and the boys stood in front of her with their hands on their hips pushing their erections towards my wife who took them in her mouth one after another just for a couple of seconds just to turn around and kiss me passionately to share the flavour of young cock with me, "I'll need some help" she whispered.

Jane returned to sucking them both off and I kneeled on the bed right behind her and kissed her bulging cheek, then moved towards her lips and kissed the entering cock, she pulled it out kissed me and inserted it back between our lips. We kissed and liked it for a while while the other guy was wanking right by his friend. Jane lowered her head to lick the balls as I sucked on the sensitive and smooth head of my first cock in my life,after a minute she turned to take care of the other penis and left me there sucking off a big dose of precum I squeezed out of this amazing cock, I used the silky fluid to lube my throat as I took him all in. I've deepthoated big dildos before with Jane and I knew how to relax my neck and take him really deep until my nose was in his pubes and his balls were under my chin. He placed his hand behind my head and held it there while pushing his cock even deeper. I lost track of time as I focused at keeping his cock on the edge of cumming, I have no idea what Jane was up to for all the time I was sucking him but when I finally looked up I saw her getting on her hands and knees on the bed and presenting her beautiful behind to the sexy itallian.

I crawled between her legs and licked her pussy just as he entered her, the other guy must've went around to be sucked by my wife as his friend pumped her from behind and I licked her juicy pussy with balls on my forehead. The smell was incredible, the scent of my cum mixed with her juices and strangers balls was intoxicating. Once in a while he'd pull out and present his cummy penis for me to suck clean. I've lost count if the times she came but enjoyed every squirt of her love juices.

I kept loosing the sense of time as the next thing I remember was when my wife sat on the guy facing him inserting his amazing cock in her now loose pussy and the other italian stood over his mate and Jane took him in her mouth. I turned on my belly and shoved my face into her ass, I licked her ass hungrily as she was riding, occasionally I took the balls that were slapping against my chin in my mouth and massaged them with my free hand, when suddenly I felt him tensing up and Jane speeding up. He came loudly and his pulsating balls were pumping a healthy dose of cum deep in my wife's welcoming pussy, Jane came too and his cock slipped out. He must've deposited his load quite deep as I couldn't see the cum dripping out at first so I took a second to clean his penis. His cum tasted different to mine. I then turned on my back with my head between his legs and Jane lowered her gaping pussy right on my lips, a big dollop of cum dripped out and I tasted it briefly before sucking more out of her pussy. I think I brought her to another orgasm as her as she squirmed on my face for few seconds, but then she came down to kiss me and passed a huge load of fresh cum in my mouth, we cum kissed for few minutes and when I looked up around the room the boys were gone, all that was left was my sweaty, used wife, a smell of cum in the room and my now again ready hard on....

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Donkey-loving girl


Denise Chapman found a seat at the rear of the bus, in the very back row. She was thankful that the bus wouldn't be crowded. Only about thirty k**s would be making the trip to the state fair, and this huge old bus had room for twice that many. Most of the k**s were already crowded together in the seats in the front and the middle of the bus. With luck, she'd have the back of the bus all to herself and the trip down to the state fair would be pleasant instead of an ordeal. She'd brought along a half-dozen new teen-romance novels to read. She hoped to get lost in a good story and completely block out this trip she'd been f***ed to take by her parents.

"You need to socialize more," her mother was always saying. "It's not normal for a girl your age to spend all her time with her nose in a book or doing her chores. You need to meet some boys, to go out on dates, have some fun."

It did no good to tell her mother that she enjoyed doing her chores, that more than anything she enjoyed reading her romance novels, that she much preferred the boys in her books to the flesh-and-bl**d boys she went to school with. The boys in her novels were all so chivalrous, so non-threatening. The boys at school, on the other hand, were crude and dirty-minded. The flesh-and-bl**d boys had only one thing on their minds -- how to take advantage of a girl every chance they got. And real boys all carried that hard weapon between their legs, that masculine appendage that gave Denise the shivers even to think about. She didn't dare mention to her mother that she was scared to death of boys, and her mother wouldn't listen to her excuses.

So now she was f***ed to go on this darned old trip to the state fair with a bunch of Young Farmers Club k**s she didn't know. For her own good, according to her mother.

Her twin b*****r Tim was up front somewhere, gabbing with some new boyfriend he'd made a few minutes ago. All the other k**s had paired up, mostly boys with boys and girls with girls, although a few boys and girls had taken seats together and already looked ready to start necking. The boys and girls were all eyeing each other, and Denise knew that by the time the bus arrived at the state fair grounds sometime early tomorrow morning every girl except herself would be paired up with some boy with a tented crotch. And God only knew what would happen in the barns at the state fair, where all the k**s would be spending their nights, sl**ping with the a****ls, and probably acting like a bunch of a****ls.

"And where do you think you're taking that mutt, young lady?" said the bus driver, his voice booming through the bus and silencing all the k**s.

Denise looked up front, along with all the other k**s. A blonde girl wearing skin-tight shorts and a bikini halter had just entered the bus, leading a large black dog by its leash. Denise recognized the dog as a black Labrador and even from the back here she could tell it was a male.

The girl tugged on her long blonde hair, some of which fell over the front of her shoulders and onto her half-naked tits. Her tit-cups hardly captured more than her cherries.

"I'm bringing him along," the girl said. "Isn't it all right if I bring him along? I didn't think it would cause any problem." She spoke in a pouting tone, puckering her lips. She balanced on one bare foot, rubbing the toes of her other bare foot up and down her tanned calf.

"I'm not supposed to let any a****ls on this bus," the driver said. He was a fat, middle-aged man in a gray uniform, and he was sweating heavily in the summer heat.

The blonde girl leaned over, petting her dog on the head. Her tits bulged as they dangled and nearly escaped from their tiny cups. "But he's such a good dog. You won't even know he's here."

The driver gawked at the girl's tits as if he were hypnotized by them. "Well, I don't know..."

"Please, sir, he won't be any trouble at all."

The girl leaned close then, as if she were going to kiss the driver. Instead, she whispered something into his ear.

The driver flushed, streams of sweat running down his chubby cheeks. "Go on," he said. "But you'll have to keep him at the back of the bus. And we aren't making any pit-stops for him. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," the blonde said, smiling as she began to lead the dog up the aisle. "He won't be a bit of trouble sir."

The boys nearly fell out of their seats to get a closer look at the half-naked blonde as she paraded up the aisle, her tits wobbling.

Denise almost panicked. For a moment she had the urge to jump out the window. The blonde was coming straight toward her. She sat there frozen and helpless, however, as the blonde sat down right next to her.

"The old pig," the blonde muttered under her breath for Denise's benefit. "Sit, Romeo," she said to the dog, and the Lab obediently planted its black haunches on the floor.

The driver yanked the door lever and the bus door sealed itself with a sucking noise. He started the bus. Without bothering to turn around toward the k**s, he started shouting. "Now listen here, ladies and gentlemen, and listen good. It's four o'clock now, and I'm supposed to deliver you to the state fair before midnight. That means we're gonna be making just two stops, one at seven and one at ten. If you've gotta go, you just hold it -- it won't kill you."

Several k**s snickered.

"And I don't want any trouble," the driver continued. "You don't give me any trouble and I don't give you any trouble. I'm not being paid to be a chaperon or a baby-sitter. My only job is to get you k**s down to the state fair. So just don't hassle me and you and me won't have any problems."

A few k**s shouted: "All right!" Several other k**s applauded. The driver rammed his shift lever into gear and the bus roared as it started forward. As the bus gathered speed, the k**s began talking faster and louder among themselves and soon the bus sounded like a school lunchroom inside.

The blonde turned to Denise. "I'm Peggy, what's your name?"

Denise told her.

"Sexy name," the blonde said. "And this handsome boy is Romeo." She stroked the dog's head.

"Nice dog," Denise said. She felt tight and uneasy.

"You don't know how nice," Peggy said, giving Denise a suggestive expression. "I mean, Romeo's a real special boy."

Denise smiled, almost giggled, mostly out of nervousness. She had no idea what Peggy was hinting at, nor did she want to know. She picked up her book from the seat beside her and opened it.

"What's that?" Peggy said.

Denise showed her the cover of the book.

"Please Let Me In," Peggy said, reading the title. "Hmm, sounds pretty interesting. So, you like dirty books. Well, so do I."

"It's not a dirty book," Denise snapped. "It's a romance. There's nothing dirty in it."

Peggy looked stunned for a moment. "A romance, huh? That's one of those books where all the good stuff happens between the lines. It's all there, but you just have to use your imagination a little more to find it."

"I'd like to read it now, if you don't mind," Denise said, and she shoved her nose into her book.

Her eyes traveled along the lines of print, she turned the pages, but nothing her eyes saw registered in her mind. She wasn't reading, just going through the motions of reading. How could she read with Peggy just about sitting in her lap and with that big hound gazing up at her with those moony eyes? She was uncomfortably hot, too. All the windows were open and the wind whirled through the bus, but it was a hot, humid wind that failed to cool her off.

"Christ, it's hot," Peggy said, as if reading Denise's thoughts. "My skin is sticking to the seat. What I wouldn't give for a nice cool stream to go skinny-dipping in right now. Do you like to go skinny-dipping, Denise?"

"No," Denise said, offended that Peggy had suggested such a thing.

"I do," Peggy said. "We've got a nice private stream on our farm. Me and Romeo go up there just about every day during the summer. A lot of the neighbor boys come up there, too. Sometimes it gets pretty wild."

Denise didn't say anything. She didn't know for sure what Peggy meant by wild, but she imagined the big-titted blonde dipping down into the stream, as a dozen red-faced farm boys watched her.

"Hey Denise, give me a few of those candy bars you brought along."

Denise looked up to see her twin b*****r looking down at her. She was a little shocked to see that Tim had taken off his shirt and shoes. All he wore now was a pair of threadbare jeans that fit him like a tight skin. His sun-bleached yellow hair resembled the tousled mane of a lion. His eyes moved away from her and roved up and down Peggy's obscenely clad body.

Denise shot her hand down into her overnight bag and pulled out three or four candy bars, which she thrust up at Tim. "Here."

The boy reached for them without looking, wrapping his fingers around them as he ogled the blonde. "Thanks," he muttered.

As he stumbled barefoot down the aisle to join his new friends, he glanced over his shoulder a few times -- at Peggy.

"Cute," Peggy said, watching him. She turned to Denise. "Is his equipment pretty nice?"

Denise felt herself flush. "I don't know what you're talking about. He's my b*****r -- my twin b*****r. I don't know what you're talking about."

Peggy grinned. "Lucky you. Your b*****r, huh?"

Denise sighed with exasperation and buried her face in her book, trying to block out everything around her. She couldn't read, though. She was too riled up. The trip was ruined. Peggy would not leave her alone. The heat was unbearable. She could smell the dog, along with the scent of sweaty teenagers.

She peered over the seat ahead of her. She couldn't see too many of the other k**s, but she was certain that she was the only person on the bus besides the driver who remained decently dressed. The boys she could see all had their shirts off, the same as Tim. Most of the girls wore the scantiest shorts and had rolled their T-shirts up under their tits to make their bellies and backs bare. Every girl and boy she could see were barefooted. They were all sweating, and the bus smelled like a high-school locker room.

"He had a nice bulge," Peggy said, as if to herself. "I bet he's really hung. I'd love to see him without his pants on. All girls should be so lucky to have a twin b*****r like that."

Denise refused to acknowledge that she'd even heard Peggy. Her heart was pounding and she felt as if she would suffocate, trapped between Peggy and the wall of the bus. The worst part of it all was that Peggy seemed to be able to see into the deepest, darkest parts of Denise's mind. The truth was, Denise knew what Peggy was talking about. The truth was, Tim was hung like a horse. Denise spied on him every chance she got, watched him piss in the barn yard, watched him sneak out behind the shed and jack off, followed him and his girlfriends into the woods and watched from secret hiding places as he fucked them.

Tim terrified her. That huge cock he wielded between his legs horrified her. How could any girl endure the torture of being fucked by that big cock? And yet, as much as Denise was terrified, she was fascinated, she was excited, she was in love. All the boys in the romance novels she read had Tim's face, Tim's body. She envied every girl Tim had ever fucked.

"Wanna change places?" Peggy said. "So I can sit next to the window for a while?"

Denise agreed, thankful to be out of her corner at last.

Peggy slid Denise's overnight bag out of the way on the floor and pressed her back into the corner, leaving one bare foot on the floor and plopping the other one up on the seat. The wind coming in the window grabbed her hair and pulled it out the window where it flew in the breeze like gold streamers.

Denise moved away until she was sitting in the center of the long rear seat of the bus and could look straight down the aisle. She pushed her overnight bag out of the way and allowed the black Lab to move into the space between her and Peggy. Peggy had her legs spread, and the dog sniffed the crotch of her shorts.

"I can't take much more of this heat," Peggy said. "I'm about ready to strip completely." She reached under her tits and shoved her fingers up under the cups. She pushed up, and the tit-cups slipped off, letting her large tits fall out and jiggle. The string halter hung around her neck like a necklace.

Denise couldn't believe it. She just stared at Peggy's naked tits. The cherries were very large and full of erect bumps. The nipples stood up like fingertips.

"Don't worry," Peggy said, grinning mischievously. "Nobody can see me here behind the seat. If anybody starts coming back here, let me know, huh? Except for maybe your b*****r. I wouldn't mind giving him an eyeful."

Denise was speechless. She watched with increasing disbelief as Peggy unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and lifted her ass and legs to slide them off. Peggy wasn't even wearing panties. She dropped the shorts on the seat and settled back down with a sigh, spreading her legs so the her left foot rested on the floor and her right foot on the bus seat. She had a very hairy blonde pussy that opened slightly as she spread her legs, revealing the wet pink meat between the furry lips of her cunt.

"Oh, that feels good," Peggy mumbled, curling her toes sensuously. Then she reached between her legs and pulled open her cunt, dug her fingers into the spongy cunt flesh and hauled open the hairy pussy flaps to reveal her worm-like clit and her seething fuck-chamber.

"Peggy, oh God!" Denise muttered, so shocked she couldn't think of another word. She watched a few trickles of clear fluid leak from Peggy's fuckhole and dribble onto the black vinyl bus seat.

The black Lab let out a small whimper and lapped up the cunt juice from the seat. Then he sniffed Peggy's open crotch as if it were the best thing he'd ever smelled. Even Denise could smell Peggy's cunt now -- that pungent, musky female scent she'd smelled so many times coming from between her own legs, that smell that always managed to permeate her own panties after she'd worn them only a few hours.

"Make love to me, Romeo," Peggy moaned. "Lick me, lover boy."

Her toes curled as the dog mashed his wet muzzle to her open pussy as if he wanted to fuck her with his snout. As he started to lick, growling quietly, Peggy lifted her bare ass off the seat, thrusting her pussy at him, her eyes rolling d***kenly as she fed him her dripping cunt.

Denise was sure she must be dreaming. At any moment she thought she'd be waking up from this nightmare bus trip and this unbelievable scene before her. Her subconscious mind was surely causing all this. Over the years she'd had dirty fantasies about getting her own pussy licked by an a****l, especially by a dog, but she'd buried them deep in her subconscious, ashamed of herself completely. Now these suppressed memories were surfacing.

"Oh, Romeo, you lick so good!" Peggy breathed, rotating her loins as she rubbed her open pussy against the dog's fat, slithering tongue.

Cunt juice dripped from Peggy's crotch, splattering on the black vinyl seat. The smell of pussy was becoming stronger, and Denise began to feel a little dizzy, almost high on the aroma.

I've never smelled anything in a dream before, Denise realized, and she looked down the aisle, beginning to believe this wasn't a dream at all. In the seats closest to the back, girls and boys were necking. French kissing. The boys had their hands on the girls' cunts, on their tits, and the girls were squirming as if trying to get away. By leaning forward, Denise could see that one girl had her hand inside a boy's pants and was jerking it as the boy kissed her and played with her tits under her T-shirt. Most of the boys seated with boys and the girls seated with girls had stopped gabbing with each other and were watching the boys and girls who were making out, shouting dirty comments and poking fun. The bus driver focused straight ahead on the road, ignoring the k**s completely.

Denise almost jumped as someone stroked her hand. It was Peggy's hot toes.

"Play with my foot," Peggy whispered. "Lean over and suck on my toes. It drives me crazy." She gasped as the dog lapped up and down her cunt slit.

Denise just stared in shock, unable to believe any of this. Despite the very real smell of cunt in the air, this had to be a dream. It just had to!

"Come on you little bitch," Peggy hissed. "Suck my toes!" She clawed at Denise's forearm with her toenails.

Denise didn't know why she did it. Maybe because she was scared out of her mind. Maybe because she was so weak with shock that she would have obeyed anybody's orders, performing like a zombie. Whatever it was, she slid as close to Peggy as she could. Peggy raised her leg, pulling her knee toward her voluptuous tits. Denise took hold of Peggy's naked foot and started to lick and suck the blonde's wiggling toes.

"Oh baby, yessss!" Peggy hissed. "Oh God, this feels good. Lick me, eat me, suck me!" Peggy sounded as if she'd lost her mind.

Denise thought she'd pass out. The scent of cunt down here was suffocating. And she could smell the dog, too. The dog kept growling quietly and grunting as he licked. His tongue slurped obscenely. He sounded as if he'd never be able to get enough of the taste of Peggy's seething cunt.

"Oh God, I feel tingles all the way up in my asshole!" Peggy moaned. "My cunt's gonna melt. Oh shit, this is great! Keep sucking my toes, bitch. It makes the feeling that much better."

Denise drooled all over Peggy's foot. Peggy's toes tasted salty. The scent of hot cunt excited Denise. She'd never really smelled a girl's cunt from so close before. In the locker room at school there was always that faint aroma of cunt in the air, the mingled cunt-scents of all the girls, but it was nothing like this steaming scent pouring out of Peggy's excited pussy. The smell almost made Denise want to take a taste of Peggy's cunt.

"I'm getting close," Peggy whispered. "Oh I wish it would last, but I wanna come, too. I need that feeling. Oh God, do I need that feeling!"

Denise slithered her tongue between Peggy's toes, chewed on Peggy's bare foot. She was beginning to enjoy doing this. She didn't want to have to stop. And she knew what Peggy was talking about when she said she wanted to get that feeling. She loved that feeling herself, loved to jack herself off until her toes curled with that raw, melting sensation of orgasm. One of her darkest secrets was that she liked to jack off, that she jacked off six times a day sometimes. She couldn't get through her romance novels without jacking off at least once every chapter, sometimes twice. Always when the handsome, chivalrous boy brushed his lips against the heroine's flushed cheek in one of those novels, Denise would manage to bring off her young cunt in seconds.

A slick pool was forming on the seat under Peggy's wiggling ass, and Peggy rubbed her ass in it, sliding on the seat.

"I'm so hot!" Peggy breathed. "I'm so fucking hot! Oh, I wanna come!"

Denise watched the dog's tongue slither into Peggy's gaping fuck-cavern like a snake sliding into its hole. Peggy's pussy appeared to open up more and more as the dog licked her, and her gaping pussy quivered and contracted, sucking at the dog's tongue from time to time.

I wish that were me, Denise thought. I wish that was me sitting there getting my pussy licked by that big dog. Oh God, that must feel good!

She sucked hard on Peggy's sexy toes, inhaled the scent of Peggy's cunt, watched the dog's tongue fuck in and out of Peggy's seething cunt. And she realized that her own cunt was on fire, was throbbing maddeningly, that her panties had pulled up like a gag between her swollen pussy-lips and the material was working up and down in her cunt slit and against her clit as she rhythmically squeezed her legs together. Her loins whirled inside with hot tingles and she moaned out loud.

Peggy was humping, driving her crotch against the dog's muzzle, fucking herself on his slithering tongue. Her toes curled in Denise's mouth.

"Suck my toes!" Peggy moaned. "Lick my pussy! Oh God, I'm gonna come!"

She came with a final explosion of hot cunt juice, which ran out of her pussy and dribbled onto the bus seat. Her body jerked rhythmically and she gasped with each spasm. Her toes clutched madly, nearly tearing the inside of Denise's mouth.

Denise bit hard at the spasming girl's hot toes. She clamped her own legs together so hard that her thigh muscles almost cramped. An itchy tension mushroomed inside her own pussy, her toes tingled in her shoes, and she started to writhe with orgasm, nearly blacking out as the hot sensations surged through her cunt.

It feels so good, Denise thought. It just feels so good! This was the first orgasm she'd ever experienced while doing anything with another person, and there was something hotter and more intense about it, something more satisfying than any other orgasm she had ever felt.

She squirmed on the bus seat, working her legs against each other, sucking on Peggy's toes, nearly passing out as the sensations pulsed through her loins and her brain. She slid her hand down, rubbing it in the warm fuck-slime that had run out of Peggy's cunt, and she couldn't help sniffing it. Then she spit Peggy's toes out and tasted Peggy's slick cunt juice.

The pussy juice was tart and sweet. It tasted like the fluid that came from her own cunt. She'd never produced so much of it though. Maybe if she got licked off by a dog, she would. She lowered her lips to the seat and lapped up the cunt juice until the dog started lapping it up, too. Then she sat up, suddenly horrified by what she'd been doing. It was as if she'd temporarily lost her mind.

As she straightened herself, she realized that she'd glimpsed something, something she had to get a look again. She leaned to the side again slightly, peeking under the dog's black-furred abdomen. His prick was standing up out of its sheath -- red and wet and quivering. What shocked her was not that the dog had a hard-on, but the size of the Lab's cock. His cock looked to be five inches long, maybe six -- the size Tim's had been a few years back, before it had surged in size like a growing cornstalk. She'd never seen a dog with such a thick and long cock.

"Hung like a horse, isn't he?" Peggy said, sitting up straighter. "When a girl's got a hung dog around, she doesn't always have to go chasing after the boys to keep her satisfied." She gave Denise a dirty grin as she played with her own tits.

Denise shook her head, unable to believe Peggy, unable to believe the size of the dog's cock, unable to believe what she, herself, had just done. She looked up front.

A girl was leaning out into the aisle, her eyes rolled back, her hair dangling toward the floor. A boy was clutching her, his hand down her pants and pumping as he apparently fucked his finger inside her cunt. More boys and girls had paired up now and were sharing seats. Half the k**s were engaged in necking or kissing or groping, Denise expected at any moment to see a boy rip off a girl's shorts, pull out his stiff cock, and ram it up her cunt right there in front of everybody. Things were getting out of hand, but the bus driver just stared straight ahead, driving them down the highway.

"You look a little lost," Peggy said. "Like this is your first trip to the state fair or something."

"It is," Denise mumbled.

"Lucky girl," Peggy said. "It's always best the first time. Ain't that right, Romeo?" She stroked the Lab's head.

Denise watched in stunned silence as Peggy caught the dog's cock between her bare toes and started to jack him off.


The dog's long tongue dangled as he panted, dripping spit on the seat between Peggy's spread legs. Peggy no longer leaned back in the corner, but sat facing directly forward, her feet on the floor, one foot under the dog's lower belly so she could stimulate his slippery cock with her toes -- the same sexy toes Denise had been sucking on only a few minutes ago. The dog let out a low growl, and he started to hump, fucking his cock between Peggy's toes. Giggling, Peggy moved her other bare foot under the dog, catching his cock between her feet and letting him fuck between them.

Denise didn't know how to react. She was appalled by what Peggy was doing, and yet she couldn't take her eyes away from the dog-cock fucking between Peggy's feet. A clear fluid leaked from the dog's cock, getting Peggy's feet slippery. Denise noticed a musky, a****l aroma in the air now, apparently coming from the Lab's excited cock.

Peggy stroked the dog's head. "You beautiful sexy boy you. You just can't get enough of rubbing that hot prick of yours against something, can you?"

The dog let out a little whimper, lapping at Peggy's tits, then sniffing some more at her cunt.

"Isn't he a doll?" Peggy said, glancing at Denise. "You wouldn't believe how hot his prick is. God, the feel of it between my feet drives me crazy! Oh, I wanna fuck!"

Peggy suddenly slumped in her seat, kicking her legs up in the air and spreading them wide. She braced her bare feet up on the back of the seat in front of her.

"Take me, Romeo," she moaned. "Oh God, fuck me!"

The dog rose up, prick flexing crazily, and grabbed Peggy around the waist, sinking his claws into her smooth flesh for a good hold. He humped at the air as he moved close to Peggy's crotch, jabbing at her pussy mound until his pointed prick found the entrance to her fuck hole and sank into her cunt, disappearing between her blonde-furred pussy-lips like a red snake.

Peggy writhed, her eyes rolling crazily. "Oh Romeo, oh God, yes!"

She stroked her hands down the dog's sleek black flanks, down his lower back, caressing him with trembling fingers as he fucked her. Her toes clutched at the back of the seat against which she'd braced her feet, getting the black vinyl of the seat slimy with lube from the dog's cock.

Denise could hardly breath. She was scared out of her mind. What if the other k**s came back here and found out what was going on? Within seconds the entire bus would know. Denise would never live the embarrassment down. How could Peggy do such a thing?

The dog fucked faster, dripping dog-spit all over Peggy's wobbling tits. His prick fucked in and out, a red blur between Peggy's swollen cunt-lips. A rapid squishing noise came from Peggy's cunt as the dog pistoned his prick inside it.

Peggy reached over and grabbed Denise's hand, squeezing it fiercely. "God, I can hardly stand it!" Peggy's eyes looked glazed, d**gged. "Oh Denise, the feeling, it's incredible!"

This isn't happening, Denise kept repeating in her mind. This can't be happening. She winced as Peggy squeezed her hand even tighter, and she knew for certain that this was happening.

God, this was embarrassing! Even though Peggy was the one performing this filthy act with the dog, Denise felt her own face burning with shame. The shame came from deep inside Denise, from the part of her mind where she hid her deepest secrets. How many times had Denise imagined getting fucked by a dog? How many times had she jerked off, pretending that the finger in her cunt was the prick of a dog -- or of some other a****l? Too many times to remember. And there slumped Peggy, naked and panting, legs up in the air and spread, acting out Denise's deepest, darkest fantasies.

"Oh God, I'm coming," Peggy whispered, and she nearly crushed the bones in Denise's hand as she squirmed with orgasm, her cunt clutching madly around the dog's pistoning cock. "Oh Denise, it feels so good, oh yesss!"

Denise squeezed Peggy's hand in return, sympathetic to the other girl's pained pleasure.

As Peggy's spasms continued, she clutched the fucking Lab between her thighs, slowing his humping. The dog whimpered, trying to fuck faster. Peggy jerked a few last times and pushed the dog away from her, forcing him to pull out.

"Sorry, boy," she mumbled.

The dog whimpered, humping at the air, his prick red and dripping.

"Poor boy," Peggy said. She glanced at Denise. "Help him out, huh?" She started to pull on Denise's hand.

"Hey wait," Denise said, but it was too late.

Denise suddenly found herself being jerked hard toward Peggy. She fell on her side in Peggy's lap, felt the warmth of Peggy's large tits as they pressed down on her cheek. Her head rested in Peggy's lap. The scent of Peggy's cunt made her dizzy and weak instantly.

"Blow him," Peggy said. "He loves blow-jobs."

Denise stifled a cry as the dog's hot cock rammed against her lips and cheeks, drooling cock-slime on her. As much as she was horrified by what was happening, as much as she wanted to fight and break free, she dreaded even more the rest of the k**s discovering her back here like this.

"Open up," Peggy said. "Think of it as a candy cane." She pinched Denise's cheek until Denise was f***ed to open her mouth.

The big dog-prick slid into Denise's mouth, searing her lips and tongue, jabbing at her tonsils and making her gag, oozing fuck-lube down her throat.

"Suck him!" Peggy hissed. "Suck him off!"

The dog's cock tasted salty and bitter, musky and bestial. Denise tried not to swallow the hot fluid leaking out of it, or the slick fluids she was being f***ed to suck off the dog's prick. She was tasting not only the dog's cock, the dog's fuck-lube, but the juices from Peggy's cunt. Only moments ago this quivering cock had been fucking between the spasming lips of Peggy's pussy. And now Denise had that dog cock in her mouth -- tasting it, eating it, sucking on it.

Denise couldn't quite believe it. Even though the dog's sizzling prick pistoned between her lips, making them tingle and itch, even though it rubbed more tingles into her tongue and the inside of her mouth, even though his prick jabbed her tonsils and made her gag -- Denise kept telling herself that this wasn't happening, that this couldn't be happening.

"Use your tongue," Peggy said. "Lick it just like you'd lick a boy's cock. Romeo loves it, just like the boys love it. Come on, baby, suck that stud off." She pushed on Denise's head, jerked on it, forcing Denise's mouth to work up and down on the dog's cock.

Denise's eyes ran tears. Snot ran from her nose. The smell of dog-cock and cunt made her feel d**gged. Her brains were being shaken loose as Peggy jerked on her head.

"Suck it!" Peggy hissed. "Suck that cock!"

The dog's cock flexed, quivered, seemed to get hotter and hotter, harder and harder. Denise feared the bone-hard fuck rod would split open, that its veins would burst and spurt hot bl**d into her mouth. The bottom side of the dog-cock kept rubbing heat and sensation into Denise's tongue and tingles streamed down her throat. Her entire mouth seemed to be pulsating, her lips swelling, getting tighter and hotter. She realized suddenly that she was sucking, sucking like a baby sucking its bottle. It was almost a reflex. She tried to stop sucking and she couldn't. As the dog's cock fucked in and out, her lips munched around it, her tongue flapped.

"That's it." Peggy said. "Make him feel real good and he'll give you his jizz. It's a real treat, girl -- sweet as syrup fresh from the boiler. Come on, baby, suck him off, make him come."

The dog fucked her mouth faster, growling, whimpering. One of his hot paws was braced on Denise's neck, his claws digging in. For some strange reason, Denise enjoyed the feel of his paw on her neck. She made a tight ring of her lips, starting to enjoy the feel of his cock fucking her mouth, starting to enjoy even the taste and smell of it.

"Come on, boy, give her your jizz," Peggy said. "Squirt it right down her throat."

Denise closed her eyes, sucking, munching, aware of an intense throbbing in her cunt. She tried to visualize cum spurting from the dog's cock and down her throat. She had seen dogs spurt jism before, had secretly watched Tim and some of his buddies jerk off dogs while laughing hilariously. She'd seen that grayish-white dog-cum spurt in long sticky strands -- and she'd always wondered what dog-cum smelled like, what it felt like, what it tasted like. But she'd never had the guts to try to find out.

The dog let out a moaning yelp. His prick swelled, growing longer and fatter, turning harder than steel. As his cock swelled it began to vibrate. Then the dog-cock flexed hard and suddenly Denise's throat was flooded with steaming cum. She started to choke on the bitter dog-cum, her head filled with the peppery scent of jizz.

"Swallow it!" Peggy said. "Don't waste it. Swallow it!" She spoke in whispers, but her tone was commanding.

The dog fucked his cock in and out, squirting more and more slimy jizz into Denise's mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the stuff. It was either swallow it or choke to death on cum. The dog kept whimpering, kept humping, kept shooting stream after stream of hot fuck-slime -- and Denise glugged it down, sucked it down. At first the alkaline taste, the slimy feel -- like swallowing hot oysters -- made Denise think she was going to vomit. Then, suddenly, she was liking the taste, the texture. Suddenly she was hungry for more dog-cum, and she sucked vigorously, slurping down the hot jism as fast as the dog shot it. She drained the dog before she'd had half enough, and she sucked hungrily on his wilting cock as he whimpered as if in pain. As his cock escaped her mouth, her lips smacked together and she moaned.

"You little bitch!" Peggy said, pushing Denise away, forcing her to sit up. "You almost chewed my dog's cock off." She petted the Lab's head. "There, there, boy, feeling better now?" She peeked under him at his wilted cock.

Denise watched with her as the dog's cock slid back in its sheath like a retreating eel.

"I guess you didn't hurt it any," Peggy said, giving Denise a disturbed glance. "It still seems to work. If I'd have thought you were gonna try to bite it off, I wouldn't have let you suck it, bitch."

"Let me?" Denise said, outraged. "You f***ed me to do it!"

"Oh, go read one of your dirty books," Peggy said. She slid back in the corner of the seat, resting her head against the window frame and letting the wind blow her hair. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes and appeared to fall asl**p almost immediately. She had her right foot up in the bus seat and her left one on the floor. Her dog lay on the floor with his muzzle resting on her foot, sl**ping like his mistress.

Peggy's blonde cunt-bush stared Denise in the face, its lips pulled apart slightly and revealing the pink wet cunt meat between them. Denise took off her shoes and socks. For a moment she played with a fantasy of fucking her toe up inside the bitch's crotch and watching her squirm awake. It was a sadistic and wicked fantasy that Denise felt slightly ashamed of.

The sound of a girl gasping pulled Denise out of her own thoughts and made her look down the aisle. She couldn't see the girl making the noise. All she could see was the girl's bare foot, toes clutching at the air and quivering. The girl's foot shivered and she continued to gasp for several seconds before she sighed loudly and her foot went limp. Almost every boy on the bus was standing up in their seat and trying to get a look at the girl who'd been making all the noise. A few boys jeered. Others laughed. The relative silence that had filled the bus as the girl had spasmed and cried out her pleasure gave way once again to gabbing and laughter.

Denise thanked God that she and Peggy were at the back of the bus, that their shameful carrying on had neither been heard nor spotted. The k**s up front were too busy necking and watching each other neck to bother with two girls and a dog far back in the bus. Denise opened "Please Let Me In" and tried to read. She couldn't absorb a word of the book into her mind. Her thoughts whirled through her head.


The sun was heading toward the western horizon and sending brilliant rays through the open windows on the right side of the bus. Sitting in the middle of the long back seat, Denise found herself sweating miserably while Peggy, still naked and asl**p, leaned up against the left side window, shaded and fanned.

Denise thought about moving further up front, taking an empty seat on the left side of the bus, but she was afraid that if she moved she might draw attention to herself. Already some of the boys up front had spotted her and looked ready to pounce. She was sure that the only reason that they hadn't come back here was because they knew Peggy and the dog were sitting back here with her, and most boys were afraid to confront two girls at once. Boys were always so sure of themselves when they could get a girl alone, but two girls together scared them off. Denise knew without a doubt that the moment she took a seat by herself, the boys who hadn't already paired up with girls would be fighting among themselves to be the first to get at her.

She fidgeted, pretending to read, not daring to look down the aisle anymore. She didn't want to catch some boy's eye and have him think she was encouraging him. The grunts and gasps and dirty giggles continued as the k**s made out. As much as Denise hated crowds and noise, she felt nervous each time the noise died down. It was when things got relatively quiet that she was sure one or several boys were staring at her.

They were all a****ls -- boys. They were worse than a****ls. She really wished they'd all just disappear so she wouldn't have to deal with them anymore, so her mother would stop nagging her to go out with them. She could live without them -- she really could. She couldn't understand how other girls could stand being pawed all the time, threatened with those monstrous weapons boys carried between their legs. The cock of Peggy's black Lab was like a little finger compared to some of the cocks Denise had seen jutting from the loins of boys. Tim's cock looked big enough to use for a baseball bat. His was the biggest cock Denise had ever seen. The cocks of the other farm boys she'd seen -- Tim's friends -- had been smaller, sure, but they were still too big. Denise couldn't imagine getting fucked by those boys. If she didn't bleed to death, the pain would kill her. She was sure of it.

She remembered so many days in the woods, hiding breathlessly behind bushes and watching Tim and his friends fucking their pricks into the cunts of girls they'd dragged up there. She'd watched the girls squirm and squeal, whimper and moan, and she'd never quite figured out whether the girls were feeling pleasure or excruciating pain or both. Most of the girls begged for more, clawing the boy's back and growling: "Fuck me, fuck me!" But that didn't prove they were feeling pleasure. They might have been so delirious, so out of their minds from being tortured that they didn't know what they were saying anymore. Girls at school talked about how great it was to get fucked, but they didn't convince Denise. It just didn't make sense. How could anything that looked so cruel, so brutal, bring pleasure?

The bus growled with changing tones as the driver shifted gears. They were entering a small town.

"We'll be stopping at the Burger King here," the driver shouted without looking back. "Get yourselves decent if you want to get off and piss or eat something. It's about seven now, right about on schedule. I'll let you get off here and take the bus to get fueled up. We leave in half an hour. Anybody who's not on the bus when we leave is out of luck. I ain't waiting for anybody. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir!" shouted the boys in unison, then they whooped. Other k**s bellowed laughter. The bus driver ignored them.

A moment later they pulled into the Burger King parking lot.

Peggy woke up. "What's happening?"

Denise told her, keeping her voice as cold as possible.

"Shit!" Peggy said. She grabbed her shorts and slipped them on. Then she hooked her halter cups back over her tits.

k**s were piling out of the bus, resembling a pack of half-naked savages. Denise dreaded joining them. She envisioned a half-dozen boys surrounding her at a table as she tried to eat a hamburger.

"Well, aren't you getting off?" Peggy said.

"I'd rather stay on the bus and read," Denise said.

"You're flaky." Peggy slid over, pushing up out of her seat and stretching in the aisle. Romeo got up and stretched with her.

"Damn, I'm hungry," Peggy said. "I suppose I'll have to miss supper for the old pig."

Denise had no idea what Peggy was talking about. The aroma of hamburgers and fries wafted through the open windows and made Denise's mouth water. "Forget your money or something?" she asked Peggy.

Peggy gave her a cold look. "I've got money, I just don't have time. I've got business to take care of. That big boar of a bus driver didn't let Romeo aboard for free. I had to bribe the old goat, and now I've gotta pay off on that bribe."

Denise still didn't understand.

The fat bus driver stepped back into the bus, glanced up the aisle, giving Peggy a lecherous once-over, then plopped down into his seat with a grunt and sealed shut the bus door. A few moments later, he was driving them away.

They didn't go to any gas station. Instead, the driver took them to a wooded park at the edge of town and pulled the bus onto a secluded road among the trees. He glanced toward the back of the bus as he shut off the motor.

"Come on, farm-girl, let's you and me take a little walk."

Peggy slipped the leash back on her dog.

"Uh-uh, girl," said the driver. "The mutt stays aboard. Your girlfriend there can take care of him."

Denise suddenly found herself holding the leash as Peggy shoved it into her hand.

"Take good care of him," Peggy said. "I won't be long." She turned away and wiggled down the aisle, leaving the scent of hot cunt behind her.

The driver put his fat arm around Peggy's back and e****ted her off the bus. Denise watched through the window as the two of them disappeared into the trees. The bus driver was shoving his hand down into Peggy's shorts and feeling her bare ass.

Denise didn't have time to fret about what was going on between Peggy and the bus driver, because the moment they passed out of sight, Romeo started whimpering and straining at his leash. Denise tried to hold him back, but he just about pulled her out of the seat.

He must want to piss bad, Denise decided, so she got up and had to trot down the aisle after him to keep from being dragged.

Off the bus, Denise winced as she made her way over the ground, bruising her bare feet on hidden pebbles in the grass. She yanked hard on the dog's leash a few times to f***e him to slow down. He lifted his hind leg at the first tree he came to and let loose a hot yellow stream of piss. He sniffed around, pissed on another tree, sniffed some more, pissed again, then began dragging Denise into the bushes.

"Come on," she said, trying to sound f***eful. "Back to the bus. Come on!"

The dog wouldn't obey. He dragged her deeper into the trees and bushes. Denise was about to let go of the leash when she and the dog burst into a clearing. The dog started growling.

"Jesus Christ!" snapped the bus driver. He stood there with his pants down around his ankles, his big stiff cock stuffed into Peggy's mouth as she kneeled in front of him without a stitch on.

Peggy choked on the man's cock, then jerked her head back, letting his cock go. "Romeo, stay!" she shouted, spit leaking down her chin. "Now sit!"

The dog growled, then whimpered and sat down.

"I'm sorry," Denise said, never so embarrassed in her life. "He dragged me out here. I couldn't hold him."

"Sure you couldn't," Peggy said sarcastically.

"Quit jawing and start sucking," the bus driver said.

Peggy waved his cock in the air and lapped at it as if it were an ice cream cone, her pink tongue licking around and around the shiny purple head of his prick.

The man moaned, closing his eyes. "Yeah, lick that thing!"

Peggy worked the skin up and down on the man's cock, slipped the foreskin up and down over the cock-knob. "Look at this," she said, glancing at Denise. "Uncut. You don't see many of these around. Sexy, ain't it, the way the skin slips up and down."

Denise had never seen anything like it. She'd heard Tim and his friends talk about certain boys being uncut and wondering if it felt any different to have an uncut cock, but she'd never quite known what they were talking about. She knew that uncut meant uncircumcised, but she wasn't quite sure what uncircumcised meant either. The boys always talked about the extra skin. Well, that bus driver certainly had extra skin on his cock, enough to slide up almost over the big round cock-knob. Denise dropped the dog's leash and wandered closer, intrigued.

The bus driver grinned wickedly. "So, you'd like to get in on the action, too. Never knew a farm girl yet who was shy about sex. Take off your clothes, girl. Let's see that sexy little body of yours."

Denise froze. She wanted to turn and run, but she didn't have the strength. What had she gotten herself into?

"Come on, girl, I wanna see your tits." The bus driver looked her up and down. "Sexy bitch. Christ, take your clothes off before I rip 'em off you." His arm shoot out and the tips of his fingers hooked the neck of Denise's blouse.

"Don't tear my clothes," Denise squeaked. Her finger fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

The bus driver grinned, letting go. "That's it, strip 'em all off, you gorgeous little cunt. Shit, the guys will never believe this. Two girls together, naked and on their knees, worshipping my old dog. Two farm girls yet. Shit!"

Denise dropped the blouse, feeling herself blush.

"Take the jeans off next," the driver said. "Oh fuck, look at them smooth young legs. Shit! Yeah, mighty pretty!"

"Please," Denise squeaked, trembling all over, wearing nothing now but her panties and bra.

"Mmm, mmm!" Peggy sounded as if she were cooing as she munched on the man's big cock. She kept sucking on the cockhead, kept wiggling her tongue up under the foreskin.

The bus driver pushed her head away. "Slow down, bitch. You're gonna make me blow before I want to. You and your girlfriend here are gonna have to share the cream. I only got time to feed you one round." He looked back at Denise, licking his lips as if he wanted to devour her. "All right now, first the bra, then the panties. Come on, bitch, strip!"

Denise closed her eyes, her hands shaking as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She got the snap open and lowered her arms. The bra slid off her tits, drifting to the ground.

"Christ, ain't they sexy!" The man smacked his lips. "Bigger than I thought, and they tilt up so nice with those big pink cherries. Now let's see your cunt and ass."

Denise's heart was pounding. Her throat was so dry she could hardly swallow. As she leaned over, her tits dangling as she slid her panties down her legs, she felt a powerful throbbing in her cunt, as if her heart had slipped down between her legs. As she stepped out of the panties, she smelled her own cunt and realized she was dripping between the legs, that the inner sides of her thighs were slippery as if with hot melted butter.

"Straighten up," the driver said. "Oh yeah! Fuck yes! Now turn around and show me your ass. That's it. Now bend over a little and shove your butt up in the air. Oh Christ, now wiggle it."

Denise felt absolutely wretched. She also felt absolutely wicked, dirty. She realized that she could run away if she really had to, that there was nothing keeping her here except her own weakness -- and maybe her own lust.

"Goddamn, I've gotta taste that ass, sweet stuff." He pushed Peggy away and fell to his hands and knees.

Run now! A voice in Denise's mind screamed. Run!

The man's sweaty hands clamped around Denise's hips. He spread her asscheeks and started to lick between them.

Denise found herself panting. She gasped as the man licked up and down her ass-crack as if she had honey trickling down it.

"Shit, what a tasty little bitch!" the driver mumbled. He chewed on her asscheeks as if he wanted to devour them. "Down on your hands and knees. I wanna do your cunt, too."

Denise dropped down. She felt her tits hanging heavily as they swelled. Her pussy-lips felt like inflated balloons, tight with hot bl**d and fuck-tension. She turned her ass up, shoving her cunt in the man's face. The pussy juice dribbled down her legs. Suddenly, she was so excited she could hardly breath.

"Mmm, what a pussy," the man growled, his teeth gnawing on her cunt slabs, tugging on her silky cunt hairs. "Beautiful!" He f***ed the hairy pussy flaps apart, opening her cunt up. "Mmmmmmm!" His lips mashed to her open fuckhole and he sucked, eating her hot cuntmeat, eating her pussy juices.

Denise saw stars. She thought he was going to suck her insides out. As he fucked his tongue up her cunt, she felt a stream of tingling fire shoot through her cunt. As his tongue twirled, her cunt started to contract. Suddenly there were spasms gnawing through her loins.

"Uh, uh, uh!" she gasped. "Oh, oh God!" Her eyes rolled back as her pussy exploded. She was aware of her toes curling, of her nipples throbbing.

The man slurped like a pig at a through, lapping up her pussy juices as they dribbled from her clutching cunthole. He gnawed on her throbbing pussy slabs, kissed and licked her ass, lapping up the sweet cunt cream running down her legs. Never in her life had she leaked so much cunt juice when she came. Her cunt oozed pussy cream as if she had a cock inside her shooting cum out of her. As her orgasm subsided, she felt embarrassed.

"Now you," the bus driver muttered as if d***k. "Come on bitch, I wanna lick you, too." He tugged at Peggy until she'd assumed a hands and knees position next to Denise.

"Lick my ass, you old pig," snarled Peggy. "Go on, suck it out." She arched her back, turning up her ass and wiggling it in the driver's face.

Denise expected the driver to kick Peggy in the ass instead of licking her there. But the driver seemed either to ignore or not to hear what Peggy had said. He shoved apart her asscheeks and started to lick, munching at her shithole as if it were a succulent fruit.

"Mmm, teenaged bitch! Teenaged farm girl!" he muttered as he sucked Peggy's ass, breathing as if he were going to suffer a heart attack.

"Oooh, yeah, shove your tongue up my pussy," Peggy sighed. "Lick it all out. Oh, fuck!" She glanced over at Denise, who was still on her hands and knees, still recovering from her orgasm and watching over her shoulder as the driver sucked Peggy's ass. Peggy shoved her middle finger at Denise's mouth. "Here's some honey for you, bitch." She shoved her finger between Denise's lips.

Denise frowned at the tart flavor. The aroma of cunt opened her nostrils. Peggy had apparently been finger-fucking herself with that finger as she'd watched the driver eat Denise's ass and cunt. Denise sucked the finger clean without another thought. She didn't know why she did it. Possibly because she knew it would do no good to resist Peggy. Possibly because she wanted to. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste of Peggy's cunt.

"Oh shit, oh fuck!" Peggy squirmed as the driver started sucking on her cunt. "Oh Christ, that man knows how to eat pussy!" She rubbed her ass in the man's face, churned her loins as if she were fucking a cock. "What a fat wet tongue! Oh, eat me!"

Denise watched the driver over her shoulder. He looked as if he wanted to drive his head up Peggy's cunt, or up her asshole. He was wheezing from the exertion of his wild sucking and licking. He kept growling like a dog.

Denise remembered Romeo. She looked over to see the black Lab sitting on his haunches, quivering all over with tension as if he were going to spring at any second. His huge red prick stood up out of it's sheath, throbbing, leaking pre-cum like clear frosting. His black balls were swollen and appeared to roll in their sack. He was panting, whimpering. For just a moment, Denise felt the nearly irresistible desire to crawl to the dog like an a****l and go for his cock like a calf going for a cow's tit. For just a moment, she wanted to suck off that big dog again. She might have done it, too, if Peggy hadn't started whining and jerking.

Denise snapped her head the other way, watching Peggy squirm with orgasm. The blonde's eyes became glazed slits. She looked as if she would die from the sensations.

"I'm coming!" Peggy moaned. "Ooohhhh, I'm coming!"

Denise didn't know why she did it, since she hated Peggy so, but she reached over and stroked Peggy's head and back until the blonde had made it through her orgasm.

The driver struggled to his feet, wheezing, panting, gripping his cock as if he would break it off. Sweat ran down his face in streams. He looked as if he had a high fever or was very d***k. His mouth and chin dripped pussy-cum. Blonde cunt hairs were plastered to them.

"Okay, bitches, your turn. Come on, do me quick!"

Peggy got up on her knees, going for the repulsive man's cock as if she were actually hungry for it.

"You, too!" said the driver, giving Denise such a glare that she was up on her knees beside Peggy like Jack popping out of his box. "That's it. You both lick it now. You both get me off."

The man's cock looked enormous to Denise, much larger close up. The foreskin was pulled back off the cock head. Pre-cum dribbled from the open pisshole like tears. The smell of sweaty balls and cock nearly knocked Denise out. She thought she would faint. The smell both repulsed and attracted her.

"Lick it," the man said, his hands on his hips, his huge fucker pointing at the sky. "Come on, girls, lick!"

Peggy was grinning, gazing up at the man as her tongue flicked up and down his veiny prickshaft, around and around his purple cock-knob. She giggled like a naughty little girl, cooing as she licked, nibbling and munching, even kissing the man's balls.

Denise didn't know what to do except imitate Peggy. She'd never sucked a man's cock before. She couldn't believe she was doing it now. As Peggy sucked on the man's balls, Denise took the prick-knob into her mouth and munched on it.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!" The man shoved his cock in deeper, leaking fuck-lube down Denise's throat. "Suck it, bitch, suck that cock!"

The taste of cock excited Denise. It was a salty, cheesy taste, a dirty taste and yet an exciting one. She licked under the prick-knob as she sucked, munching with her lips, wishing she could swallow this hot slap of cock meat.

"Oh fuck, you're good!" the man sighed. "All you farm girls oughta turn professional. You got mouths like calves."

"Let me suck it," Peggy said. "Don't hog it."

Denise reluctantly let the man's cock go and watched Peggy swallow half of it. Her mouth was watering. She could still feel that big tasty rod of cockmeat throbbing in her mouth. It was like a big salty salami, and she wanted more of it. She started nipping at the man's lower prickshaft with her lips. She felt arteries flutter against her tongue, felt vibrations surge through the cockshaft. She licked the man's sweaty balls.

"Both of you suck it now," the man moaned. "Both at once. Quick!"

Peggy let his cock slip out of her mouth. She fastened her spongy lips around the right side of the man's cock and started to rub her mouth up and down his fat prickshaft. Denise imitated her, gluing her own mouth to the left side of the big cock and biting it with her lips. Her lips met Peggy's. Their noses almost touched as they rubbed their dripping mouths up and down the man's stiff fucker. It was as if they were kissing, with the man's cock between their mouths. They slid up and down faster and faster, their mingled spit dripping, the man's cock swelling even more.

"Ahhhh!" the driver moaned. "Eat my jizz!" He grabbed his cock, pumping it fiercely as his pisshole gaped and the cum gushed out. "Yeahhhhhh!"

The cum erupted like fireworks, splashing all over the faces of both girls. The girls held their mouths open and took hot slimy gobs of cum down their throats. Denise giggled as the molten cum pelted her cheeks and nose and lips. The wads of man-cum tasted thicker and sweeter than the cum of the black Lab. She f***ed Peggy aside and got her mouth over the flared prickhead, taking hot spurts of cum against her tonsils. The driver let go of his cock and allowed her to suck it. She munched on the cockhead, milked the cockshaft with her hand, sucked out every tasty drop she could get as the big fucker pulsated with its last orgasmic thrills and began to soften.

The driver pushed her away. "That's enough. Now you two lick the fuck-juice off each other. Go on, now, lick."

Denise giggled with embarrassment as she licked the wads of cum off Peggy's face. Then she closed her eyes and allowed Peggy to lick off her own face. Some cum had splashed on Denise's tits, and Denise gasped as Peggy licked it off and gave her left nipple a lip-smacking suck.

"Jesus Christ!" The driver squatted, then yanked up his boxer shorts and pants as he straightened up. "We're running way behind. No time for you two to get dressed. Grab your clothes and get dressed in the bus." He was already charging into the bushes and back to the bus.

Denise grabbed her clothes. Peggy grabbed her own clothes and Romeo's leash. As they stumbled back to the bus, scratching their skin on branches, treading on sharp stones, Denise felt so naked and wicked that she laughed out loud. For the first time in her life, she felt like a naughty, naughty girl.


All the k**s were fucking. Denise was sure of it. Every girl except her was coupled with a boy. Every girl except her had a cock up her cunt now or would shortly have a cock inside her. It was too dark in the bus to see anything clearly. Denise could see dark shapes moving in front of her.

At least three girls crouched on their hands and knees in the aisle as three boys fucked them from behind like stud dogs mounted on bitches. In the seats, heads moved up and down as girls fucked up and down on stiff cocks. The bus reeked of cock and balls, of sweat and cunt. The sounds that filled the dark bus were no longer those of grabbing and joking, but of serious fucking -- grunts, moans, gasps, whimpers.

Earlier, the driver had ordered all the windows shut, and now the bus felt humid and stuffy inside. The driver ignored what was going on behind him, steering the bus on into the night. He'd turned on a small radio and was listening to a baseball game, possibly to take his attention away from all the fucking going on behind him.

"Oh Darla, you're so hot!" a boy whispered loud enough for Denise to hear him. "I love your tits and ass, and, you're so fucking smooth! Mmn, fuck!"

Denise squinted, trying to get a look at the boy. She was sure he was one of those in the aisle, one of those boys fucking his cock in and out of a girl and making his lower belly clap against her ass.

"I'm coming!" a girl whimpered. "Ohhh, I'm coming!"

Denise listened to the girl gasping, and she envied her. Denise wished she had the guts to fuck with a boy, wished she could feel what that girl was feeling. There was no question in Denise's mind now that the feeling was pleasure, pleasure more intense than any she'd ever felt. She'd never been so close to other people fucking before. In the woods, she only dared spy from a safe distance. Now she was close, and although she couldn't see anything clearly, she could feel the electricity in the air, could hear the k**s expressing pleasure as if whispering straight into her ear, could smell their excitement like a dog.

She felt left out, abandoned -- not that it was anybody's fault but her own. She'd been hiding back here in the corner the whole trip. Any boys who'd tried to get her attention she'd completely ignored. Any boys who'd been interested in her had probably forgotten her by now. They were too busy fucking their stiff cocks inside wet, receptive cunts to even remember she was alive. It served her right. She was getting now exactly what she'd asked for, exactly what she'd prayed for -- to be left alone.

She felt hot. She felt miserable. She felt like jumping out of her skin and right through the roof of the bus. The bus smelled like a barn with all those naked, sweating teenagers fucking away like a****ls on a breeding farm. Denise thought she would suffocate on the scent. All that moaning and gasping, all that grunting, all those squishing noises and that obscene sound of flesh sliding against flesh were staring to drive her crazy. She almost covered her ears to block it out.

"Uhhhh, ahhhh!" a boy grunted.

"Shoot it!" a girl whispered. "Fill me up!"

Denise chewed her lip. She wanted to tell them to shut up, wanted to scream that they were all driving her crazy. She was furious with the bus driver for allowing this to happen. Little by little the k**s had tested the driver, getting more and more daring behind his back to see whether he'd continue to ignore them. He did. Now the k**s didn't care anymore. They'd lost all self control here in the dark of the bus.

"Damn it!" Denise whispered to herself, and she unbuttoned her blouse, almost ripping off the buttons.

If she had to suffocate back here, she was at least going to get comfortable. She stuffed her blouse into her overnight bag and felt a slight chill as the air caressed her completely naked tits. After the incident in the woods, she hadn't bothered to put her bra or panties back on. She pulled off her tight jeans and felt the cool vinyl of the seat against her bare ass. As she stuffed her jeans into her overnight bag, Romeo lifted his head from his paws and sat up.

Denise had almost forgotten the dog. When Peggy had gone up front to talk to some boy, she'd all but ordered Denise to baby-sit for the dog. Denise had fought the Lab's efforts to follow his mistress for nearly half an hour before Romeo had settled down. For the last few hours, the dog had lain on the floor next to Denise as if dead, ignoring the commotion in the bus, apparently resigned to the fact that Peggy had abandoned him and that he couldn't be part of the wild goings-on.

Romeo moved up to sniff at Denise's tits. Denise shivered as the hot breath of the dog caressed her nipples. His tongue came out and he started to lick, and Denise gasped out loud.

"Romeo," she whispered. "Stop!"

She did nothing to stop him, though. Delicious thrills streamed through her tits. Her cunt did quivering contractions. She raised her arms so the dog could lick not only her tits, but her armpits as well. This was more than she could stand. She had to push the dog away before she squealed out loud.

"Romeo, oh God, stop it!"

The dog licked her hands. He tried to push his snout between her legs. Denise was drooling cunt juice and the seat was getting buttery-slick under her ass.

The dog growled, trying to lick between her legs, and she feared he'd bite her if she kept fighting him. She moved further into the corner, slipping her ass off the spot she'd been sitting on. The dog immediately lapped up the slick pussy juice on the seat. Then he started to lick her legs.

Now what? Denise was starting to panic. He had her smack against the corner of the bus. Her only escape was out the window. As he licked her flesh, she had the feeling she was the dog's living prey. He tried to push his snout under her ass, his tongue slithering like a snake.

There was only on thing to do -- let him have his way.

Denise raised her ass, turning it toward the panting dog so he could lick it. He growled as he burrowed his wet snout between her asscheeks. His tongue licked up and down her ass-crack and all over her ass. Denise's heart hammered, and she started to breath faster. Her hand moved almost mechanically, gripping her asscheek and pulling it so the dog could lick her shithole.

"Oh, Romeo!" she breathed, tingles flooding her asshole as the dog probed it with the tip of his tongue. "Oh God, lick me!"

She loved getting her ass licked. She'd found that out a few hours ago in the park as she'd crouched like an a****l to let the bus driver suck out her asshole and cunt. As the dog's tongue slithered up and down her ass-crack, as it tried to work its way into her shithole, Denise wished she could open herself up and let the dog fuck his tongue straight up her ass. She slid off the seat -- slowly, so as not to spook the dog -- and she crouched on the floor between the seats, shoving her ass up high, arching her back so her cunt would move into licking range for the dog.

Romeo growled, lapping her pussy wildly, his long tongue flapping up and down her cunt slit. Leaning her head against the vibrating wall of the bus for support, she reached behind her ass with both her hands and pulled apart her cunt-lips. The hot juice was dribbling out of her pussy like melted butter. The dog whimpered as he licked. Denise felt warm cunt juice trickling down her legs. Her open crotch sizzled, her cunthole throbbing as if it wanted to suck the dog's tongue inside her.

It happened so fast that Denise had no time to even try to escape. Romeo rose up on his hind legs and mounted her, gripping her ass with his big paws, digging in with his claws, fucking his stiff dog-prick straight up her open cunt and searing the itching walls of her raw pussy. Her cunt contracted, gripping his cock and trying to pull it in deeper. Denise arched back and whined.

She couldn't believe it! She was being fucked! And it didn't hurt. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She could feel her cunt squeezing hard, as if it never wanted to release the dog-prick. Her loins swelled with a tension, with a feeling that made her want to put her nose up in the air and howl.

She braced her hands on the floor, wiggling her ass in crazy circles as the dog started fucking his stiff cock in and out of her pussy. As the hot cock slid inside her, streams of tingling fire saturated her fuck-cavern. She felt the sensations in her asshole and throughout her loins. The tips of her toes and fingers tingled, as did her nipples. She'd never in her life felt so good, all over, all at once.

The dog drooled on her back, panting as he fucked his cock inside her. She felt his furry loins pounding her bare ass and she churned her ass against his belly, unable to get enough of the feel of his fur. His claws sank deeper into her flesh and the pain she felt only increased her excitement. Her pleasure had a certain amount of pain mixed up with it. The dog's cock kept stabbing in and out of her cunt like a hot knife, jabbing spots in her cunt that made her writhe from the almost painful intensity of the sensation.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Ohhh, fuck me!" Now she knew why the other girls screamed those word while they were being fucked. The feeling of a hot cock plunging in her cunt drove her nearly insane with pleasure, and yet she couldn't get enough of the feeling. She growled, grinding her ass, pounding her ass against the dog's humping loins. "Screw meeeee!"

The dog's cock flexed hard inside her, making her squeal. Suddenly he was whining. Suddenly Denise felt streams of sizzling dog-cum spurting deep into her cunt.

She didn't know how to react. She tightened her cunt rhythmically, milking the dog's cock as it flexed and quivered and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her. She could feel the molten spurts drilling the depths of her fuckhole. She gasped with each explosion, grinding her tightened cunt around and around the dog's jerking cock.

"Shoot it," she whispered, craning her neck and looking over her shoulder.

She could see the hulking form of the black Lab as he humped at her ass, pumping his cum into her. In the glow from passing headlights the dog's eyes took on a greenish-blue glow of their own, as if he had a light bulb in his skull. The sight of the dog frightened Denise. He looked like a monster, riding her, fucking his hot prick into her again and again, shooting her pussy full of scalding canine cum.

"Goddamn!" came a low mumble. "Shit!"

For a moment Denise's heart stopped. For a moment she thought the dog was talking. Then she spotted another dark shape moving up next to the dog, a taller shape, a shape with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

"So this is what you've been doing hiding back here all this time," the boy said. "Goddamn!"

Denise couldn't make out the boy's features. All she could see was the outline of him. He was a tall boy with a good physique, probably one of the boys who had been trying to flirt with her earlier. She was helpless to say anything or do anything. She was trapped, caught, completely at his mercy.

"Down you horny bastard," the boy said to the dog, and he pulled the Lab off Denise by the collar.

Romeo growled, but the boy ordered him to behave, and the dog put up no resistance as the boy fastened his leash to the seat on the other side of the bus.

Denise was so stunned that she watched all this over her shoulder, still holding the position Romeo had fucked her in. She could feel his warm dog-cum starting to ooze from her open fuckhole. She realized her vulnerability too late. The boy dropped down behind her and fucked his stiff cock into her cunt.

"Stop!" she gasped, sensing a tremendous pain and pressure in her cunt. The boy's cock was much thicker and longer than the cock of the dog, and it hurt her as he tried to fuck his prick all the way in.

"Tight baby," the boy whispered, and he thrust.

Denise almost shot through the ceiling of the bus. An explosion of pain went off in her cunt as another explosion of white light went off in her brain. She'd felt something tear in her cunt, had felt it pop like a breaking rubber band. The boy's cock filled her pussy. His hard lower belly collided with her ass.

"I love you," the boy moaned, hunching over her and biting her shoulders and neck. "I'm crazy about you. Christ, what a cunt! What hot soft skin! Yeah!" He straightened up and started to fuck.

Denise thought she was going to die. Her cunt felt raw inside, felt as if it were burning up and bleeding. She had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming as the boy rammed his big fucker in and out of her. She couldn't believe anything could feel so hard and hot -- and so big. She knew it couldn't be true, but it felt as if the boy's prick was as big as a baseball bat.

"Please," she whined. "Go slower. Don't hurt me."

The boy either didn't hear her or heard her and ignored her, because he started fucking her even harder, driving his red-hot fuck-spike deep into her pussy, slamming his rock-hard abdomen against her ass so hard that she felt the vibrations in her skull.

"I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I laid eyes on you," the boy muttered. "And now I've got you. You're all mine. You're the cutest chick on the bus." He dug his fingers into her asscheeks, gripping her at the hips and jerking her back and forth on his stabbing prick.

Denise felt numb -- numb with shock, numb with fear. The pain had passed. At least, she didn't feel it anymore. She kept taking deep breaths as the boy's cock fucked in and out of her, and that helped relieve the tremendous pressure she felt in her loins. She closed her eyes, trying to block out everything, letting the boy use her body as he wanted, trying to relax and just get through this ordeal.

"Your skin feels like hot silk," the boy muttered.

He ran his hands all over her back, up and down her flanks. He reached forward under her and started caressing her tits. His fucking had slowed. He fucked her with an easier, less frantic rhythm now, his prick making squishy noises as it plunged in her cream-filled fuckhole.

Denise shuddered as the boy played with her tits. As he squeezed her tits and ran his fingers over her cherry-bumps and gently twisted on her nipples, Denise's entire body prickled with electrical sensations. He jiggled her hanging tits, rubbed them in circles against her chest. She sighed, starting to melt under him. Her cunt relaxed, then started to squeeze rhythmically as his cock fucked in and out. She wasn't consciously controlling her cunt muscles -- they were working by themselves, responding reflexively to the rubbing and probing of the boy's cock inside her. The numbness faded away and suddenly her loins were filled with a throbbing pleasure. Suddenly her cunt itched with lust, unable to get enough of the flesh-to-flesh friction from the boy's cock. She started to wiggle her ass, to churn it against the boy's hard abdomen as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy.

"That's it," he whispered. "Wiggle it, you little bitch. Oh yeah! I'm gonna fuck you forever."

Denise realized she was whining. Little whimpering moans bubbled from her throat. She had to control herself, had to keep her voice down even though she wanted to let go and whine like an a****l. Now she knew why girls carried on so when the were getting fucked. The feeling of the boy's cock plunging in and out of her cunt made her want to squeal and beg for more.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Screw me good! Oh yes, screw me good! Harder, deeper! Come on, come on!"

She jerked her ass back, slamming it against the boy's belly, fucking her throbbing cunt onto his sliding cock. She was coupled with him. His prick was inside her. She could hardly believe it. And the pleasure was almost more than she could stand.

The boy kept grunting, fucking his cock harder, faster. He gripped her at the waist again, just as the dog had done, and used his strength to jerk and twist her as if she were a toy doll. His cock fucked in and out, swelling even larger inside her, turning even harder. She envisioned his cock ballooning until her loins exploded from the pressure.

"Are you gonna come?" the boy asked. "You better come quick, because I'm going to. I can't hold it much more." He fucked fast and rhythmically, making his cock twist and wiggle as he plunged it. Each time he fucked in, he ground his hot lower belly against her bare ass and moaned.

Denise didn't want this feeling to ever end, and yet she knew it couldn't last. They were both too hot. Her loins burned with mounting tension and sensation. She felt an explosion coming, and suddenly she wanted it more than anything.

"Fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Yeah, yeahhhh!" The boy drove his cock with quick, frenzied fuck-thrusts. "Let's come," he moaned. "I can't hold it."

Denise felt his cock turn to red-hot steel inside her. The vibrations shaking his cock passed into her cuntmeat like hundreds of electrical tingles. Her cunt gripped his cock hard, sucking like a huge wet mouth. A shudder gripped the boy's cock and his cum shot into her pussy.

"Baby!" he moaned, falling on top of her and whimpering into her ear. "Fuck you!" He jerked against her, pumping his cum-load up her pussy, licking and drooling all over her neck and shoulders. "Take my cream, girl, take it all!"

Denise shivered with chills, then melted with hot-flashes. Her tits swelled, feeling as if they would burst. Her ass and loins felt like a pleasure-filled balloon. As the boy's hot jism spurted into her cunt, her loins contracted fiercely, then went into explosive spasms. She felt the sensations up her spine and down her legs. Her tits felt as if they were being sucked on.

She cooed, almost laughing, tingling all over with a pleasure she prayed would never end. She wished she could die feeling like this, and the sensations made her feel as if she would die. She felt herself melting together with the boy, felt their flesh fusing and becoming one. His cock kept flexing and his jism kept squirting into her pussy, and she just wanted to die with his cock inside her, with him giving her his jism, with the two of them melted together and feeling a pleasure like no other pleasure on earth.

"Here's our last stop," bellowed the bus driver. "We've got fifteen minutes here. Next stop, the state fair."

A frantic commotion began in the bus as all the k**s stopped making out and tried to pull on some form of clothing before the bus rolled to a stop. Denise groaned with disappointment as her boy slipped his cock out of her cunt and joined the other k**s.


The last leg of the trip passed quickly. The last stop was a gas station, which allowed the k**s nothing more than a quick piss and a drink of water. Peggy took Romeo off the bus and he managed to piss on almost every bus tire before she brought him back on board. Her blouse half open, her jizz-filled cunt leaking into the crotch of her jeans, Denise stood in line in front of the girls restroom, waiting for a chance to use the toilet. Her bladder was bursting. As she waited her turn, she wondered which of the boys had fucked her. Since all the k**s had come from different Young Farmers Club in the northern section of the state, Denise didn't know any of them except her own b*****r. All she knew for certain was that Tim hadn't fucked her.

Back on the bus, the k**s stayed dressed. It was as if they were all worn out. A lot of them fell asl**p as the bus hummed down the highway those final miles to the state fair. Peggy sat in the back with Romeo and a boy. Peggy and the boy kissed and necked while Romeo watched them. Peggy eventually got down on her knees and gave the boy a blow-job while Romeo whimpered. Denise watched all this from a few seats down the aisle, envious of Peggy and her boldness. Denise salivated as Peggy bobbed her head and munched on the boy's big fuck-tool. As the boy squirmed, grunting, shooting his cum down Peggy's throat, Denise could almost taste the sweet alkaline jism.

Denise wanted more cock. Now that she'd had a taste, she wanted more. As the bus prowled through the night, hauling a load of k**s to the state fair, Denise strained her eyes to get a look at any boys within view. The light from passing cars occasionally showed her a boy's features and she wondered about him, wondered if he was the boy who had fucked her, wondered how big his cock was and what it looked like, wondered what his cock tasted like, or what it would feel like in her cunt. She squeezed her legs together, working her jizz-slick cunt-lips together until she came. Then she did it again.

By the time the bus arrive at the state fair, she'd managed to squeeze off four orgasms. The orgasms were pleasant, but they were nothing like what she'd felt while fucking cock or getting her pussy licked. As she fetched her overnight bag and followed the other k**s off the bus, she realized that she'd never be fully satisfied with finger-fucking again. From now on, only a cock would satisfy her, or at least a wet tongue.

The rides on the midway had just been shut down. Their lights still sent a multicolored glow into the smoky sky, but the rides stood motionless. People were leaving the fairgrounds in droves. Over half the fairgoers were teenagers, most of them dressed in the same scanty clothing as the k**s in Denise's group -- boys, shirtless, girls in tight shorts, many of the k**s barefooted. As Denise kept close to her group, following them to the barns that would be their dormitory for the next several days, she kept eyeing the passing boys. They all had cock-bulged in their jeans, some of them quite large. A few boys had obvious hard-ons as girls clung to them. Denise couldn't take her eyes off the boys she was passing. Boys had never looked so good to her before. She found herself drooling.

Her group had a barn all to themselves. It was a large barn, with stalls for the a****ls and open areas. Denise scanned the barn as she entered, noticing the variety of a****ls -- horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, pigs, goats. The man who was leading them and showing them to their new living quarters took one look at Romeo and scowled.

"We can't have dogs in here," he said. He was a big muscular farmer with a sunburned face and neck. "Dogs will spook the a****ls, maybe go after them."

"Not this dog," Peggy said. "He's as gentle as a lamb." She led Romeo up to the man, wiggling her ass and tossing her blonde head to get her hair behind her shoulders. Her tits bulged from their cups and the farmer's eyes bulged, too.

"Well..." he said, glancing at the dog, then back at Peggy's tits. "Well..."

"He's a good dog," Peggy said, "And besides..." Then she whispered into the man's ear.

Despite his sunburn, the man's face flushed unmistakably. "Well, all right," he said. "Yeah, I suppose he's all right. But if he causes any trouble, you'll have to keep him some other place."

"He won't," Peggy said. "On my honor." She crossed her bulging tits with her fingers. The farmer swallowed. Then he f***ed his eyes away from Peggy and stared over the tops of the k**s' heads as he explained briefly what they were here for. They were to take care of the a****ls in this barn for the next week, watering them and feeding them and cleaning up after them. They would sl**p in empty stalls and take their meals in a mess hall together with all the YF members on the grounds. There were six stock barns, each being tended by a group of Young Farmers from other sections of the state. Next week a new group would relieve them in this barn. Each group of k**s would be judged for their work, and at the end of the fair, prizes would be awarded to the top three groups. The competition was tough. They'd have to work like the devil if they expected to win a prize. He gave Peggy a quick glance before leaving the barn and closing the large wood door behind him.

The k**s all looked at each other, grinning. Free at last, their faces said. The barn was all theirs. Even Denise felt a sense of elation. For the next several days she wouldn't have to listen to her harping mother. And for the first time in her life, she felt excited about being with a group of other k**s. She suddenly felt very free, very wicked, and her cunt tightened, tingling and itchy.

The k**s started claiming stalls for themselves. There were just enough empty stalls to go around to bed two k**s each. Most of the boys grabbed their newfound girlfriends and hauled them in, pushing them down in the straw and falling on them. The girls giggled, wrapping their young bodies around the boys and squirming against them. Denise wandered into a stall and sat down, hoping some boy -- any boy -- would crawl in with her. In the stall across from her, a boy and girl were wrestling, pulling each other's clothes off in the process. Their bare feet were grubby from going shoeless, and they sounded like a pair of mating a****ls as their fuck-organs coupled, the boy sliding his hard prick up the girl's cunt as she lay under him. As the boy fucked, the girl wrapped her arms and legs around him, moaning and gasping.

Denise salivated as she watched. Her cunt throbbed. She felt the wicked urge to crawl over there with the fucking couple and to lick the boy's swinging balls. She wished she could taste the boy's cock as it fucked in and out of the girl's juicy cunt. Her own cunt had swollen, its puffy lips throbbing around the crotch-seam of her tight jeans. Her toes prickled. She was excited. She wanted to fuck.

"Hey, Denise, take care of this dog for me like a good girl, huh?" Peggy led Romeo into the stall and tossed Denise the leash. "I've got a date, some business I've gotta take care of outside. I'm sure you understand."

Denise would have told Peggy to go find herself another baby-sitter for her damned old dog while she went out and blew that farmer -- or whatever Peggy had whispered to him that she'd do -- except that Denise spotted the Lab's hard-on twitching under his furry abdomen. She grabbed the Lab's leash.

"Oh, go on," Denise said. "But don't expect me to take care of him all the time. He's your dog, not mine." Peggy was watching the couple across the way fuck. "Look at that buck ram! I hope that old farmer's got as much energy." She glanced at Denise. "See you later. Don't wait up for me."

The moment Peggy had wiggled out of sight, Denise started taking off her clothes. The barn still had the heat of the day and all of the a****ls. She knew she'd be sl**ping nude tonight, unless she wanted to sweat. The main reason she took off her clothes, however, was not because she was sweating, but because she was unbearably horny. She wanted to squirm naked in the straw like the couple across the way. She was sure all the other k**s had stripped by now, some of them trying to sl**p, but most of them making out and fucking with abandon. She could hear grunting and moaning coming from all over the barn. Some of the a****ls were getting riled up and adding to the noise. She knew there was little chance of getting any sl**p in this place, what with all the noise and the lights, which would remain on all night. She didn't care, though.

The Lab sat on his haunches, watching the couple across the way. He kept whimpering, panting as if he wanted to get in on the action. His prick stood up against his black fur like a shiny red snake, fuck-lube leaking out and running down the cockshaft like sap. The dog-prick twitched and wiggled and Denise felt excitement wriggle through her loins as she watched it. Naked, gooey and steaming between her legs, she crawled toward the dog on her belly. Romeo watched her approach, and his prick started to quiver along with his whole body. Denise shoved her head under his belly and went down on his hot cock, swallowing it to the cock-sheath.

The dog started to whimper, fucking his cock between her lips, jabbing its hot tip against her tonsils. Warm fuck-lube ran down Denise's throat and she swallowed it greedily, sucking, licking, smacking her lips and munching. The b**sty smell of the dog turned her on. She enjoyed the flavor of dog-cock.

She was aware that anybody might see her sucking the dog's cock, but she didn't care. In fact, she almost hoped that some boy would catch her and do to her what the boy on the bus had done to her. She needed to feel a hot prick up her cunt again. She squirmed in the straw on her belly, her head buried between the dog's legs, her hot lips moving up and down around his stiff cock, her cunt on fire and the cunt cream and jism oozing out of her pussy.

"Denise? Christ, Denise, it is you! Jesus Christ!!"

Denise closed her eyes, a wave of shame making her go limp. She didn't need to look over her shoulder to know the owner of that voice. She'd know that voice if she were to hear it among a million others. It was Tim's voice, the voice of her twin b*****r.

"Shit," he said. "Blowing a dog! Christ! I've seen other chicks do it, but I never thought I'd see you do it. I didn't even think you knew what a cock was."

Denise felt like curling up and disappearing. It hadn't occurred to her that Tim might catch her performing this filthy act. She knew she'd never be able to face him again. She started to pull her mouth off the dog's cock. She would run away into the night and never be seen again.

"Keep sucking it," Tim said. "You look so sexy sucking that mutt's prick. Don't stop now. Suck him off. It turns me on."

Denise thought she must be hearing things, but she let the dog's cock fuck down her throat again. "Yeah, suck it real good," Tim said. He'd crouched down behind her and was petting her ass. "Suck that dog's cock while I suck your pretty ass and cunt. I never thought in a million years that I'd get to taste your pussy. Goddamn!"

He pulled her ass up until she was positioned on her elbows and knees with her ass sticking up in the air. He spread her asscheeks and cunt with his hands and started to lick.

"Oh, Denise, oh God, what an ass, what a pussy! Juicy! Mmm, mmmm!" Tim panted as he lapped. He glued his lips to her asshole, kissing it, sucking on her ass. Then he moved down to her cunt, fucking his tongue inside it, licking her out, eating her.

Denise let out little squeaking, squealing noises. Her ass shuddered as her twin b*****r sucked it. Her pussy throbbed, burning up, aching with need. She sucked on the dog's prick so hard that Romeo whimpered. Tim rose up and rubbed his cockknob up and down Denise's cunt slit. He shoved his prick against her cunthole and pushed. As his enormous cock stuffed her, he groaned as if in pain.

Denise's eyes nearly popped out. It felt as if an arm was being stuffed up her pussy. Tim's cock was so big, so long and thick, and so hard! As his cock fucked into her pussy to the balls, she felt a tremendous pressure in her loins. She thought her pelvis would split in half. She didn't care, though, because the sensation of having her cunt stretched like this sent shivers up and down her spine.

"Tim!" she gasped, her mouth full of throbbing dog-cock. "Fuck me, Timmy!"

"Denise," Tim moaned, working his cock inside her pussy. "My own s****r! Oh, Denise!" He caressed her ass as he fucked her cunt.

Denise thought she would faint with pleasure. The other boy's cock had been almost too exciting to bear, but Tim's cock drove her even crazier. She rubbed her ass against Tim's flat belly. Her ass prickled with excitement. She felt the fuck-tension building in her cunt.

Tim pulled his cock out of her pussy.

"Please," she moaned. "Don't stop. Please, fuck me!" She choked on her words as Romeo rammed his dog-cock at her tonsils. The black Lab groaned with impatient lust, fucking his sizzling prick between her lips.

"I'll fuck you," Tim said. "Don't worry." He rubbed his dripping cock up and down her ass-crack, lubricating it with slime from her cunt -- with dog-cum and boy-spunk and her cuntal juices. Then he started twisting his prick-knob against her ass pucker.

He was going to fuck her up the asshole, the way he'd fucked the other girls up the asshole out in the woods.

"Don't hurt me," she mumbled, munching on Romeo's stiff prick.

"Open up, s*s," Tim said. "This is my favorite hole." His prickhead slipped inside her asshole like a greasy meatball. Once his cockknob was in, the rest of his cock followed easily, fucking to the hilt up her asshole as if greased with butter.

The stretch made Denise shiver, made her grow faint. The excruciating pain she expected to feel, however, never came. She felt her b*****r's big hot fuck-rod starting to move in her asshole and she found herself cooing with pleasure. It felt different from having his cock fuck her cunt, but the fuck-sensation was just as good. She churned her bare ass against her b*****r's hard abdomen, fucking his big cock with her sucking asshole. The excitement of getting fucked in the ass by her handsome twin b*****r made Denise suck on the dog's cock as if she wanted to swallow it.

The dog whimpered and so did her b*****r.

"Fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck me, fuck me!"

"Oh, yeahhh!" Tim moaned. "Hot ass!" He fucked his prick in and out, keeping Denise's asscheeks spread wide apart with his big farm-boy hands.

She felt his heavy balls flapping against her cunt. Each time his cock fucked in, she felt tingles flood her asshole and cunt. Her tits swelled, saturated with pleasure. She screwed her ass in frenzied circles, trying to tease the jism from her b*****r's cock with her tight asshole. At the same time, she bobbed her head, slipping her tight lips up and down the dog's slimy prick, wanting to taste his salty cum.

"Man, do I like to fuck ass!" Tim mumbled. "Especially my own s****r's ass. Damn, I don't believe I'm doing this!" He fucked quicker, driving his fat fucker straight up into Denise's ass guts, stabbing in deep again and again. A squishing noise began in Denise's asshole as Tim's fucking cock got it juicier and hotter.

Denise would scream if she didn't come soon. Her tits ached from their swelling. Every cell of her nude body tingled as if electrified. She gnawed on Romeo's dog-prick, torturing it with her tongue and lips. Spit ran from her sucking mouth and bathed the a****l's hot black balls.

Suddenly, Romeo was coming. He whined as his prick began flexing in Denise's mouth and squirted salty dog-cum down her throat. Denise gurgled as the hot jism flooded her gullet. She smacked her lips, sucked, munched, moaned with excitement.

"Suck it out!" Tim hissed. "Eat that dog-cum! Oh yeah, what a hot bitch s****r I got! I'm gonna cream your asshole, baby, just you get ready!" He moaned to himself as he fucked his cock in and out faster, driving himself toward climax. "Yeahhh, yeahhhh!"

Denise felt absolutely d***k with excitement. The strong aroma of dog-jism filled her head. She slurped and sucked the hot slime down, milking the dog's fat balls. At the same time, she twisted and wiggled her hot ass, fucking her b*****r's prick, waiting to feel his hot cum-load gush up her asshole.

"Come!" she gurgled. "Come, oh come!"

They came together. As Tim's cock ballooned inside her, hardening like steel and vibrating as orgasm gripped it, her asshole exploded inside with a pleasure such as she had never felt before. Tim's sizzling cum burst into her guts and her asshole went into spasms, nearly sucking the head off her b*****r's shuddering cock.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" her b*****r moaned. "Awww, yeahhh!" He bucked against her ass as he pumped his cum up her asshole, his hard lower belly smacking her vibrating ass again and again and again. "Take it!"

I want it, she thought, her body racked with pleasure. I want it all! Just pump it out.

She helped him pump his cum out by grinding her ass against his belly. Her asshole contracted repeatedly, sucking, massaging.

Tim jerked against her ass until he'd fucked out every drop. Then he eased his cock out of her and collapsed in the straw by her side.

"Man, you're the hottest!" he mumbled. "You're the best. Goddamn... My own s****r!"

Denise spit out Romeo's cock. The dog let out a groan and lay down, resting his jaws on his front paws. Denise lowered herself to the straw and scooted up against her b*****r. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing his half-hard prick against her ass. His legs wrapped around her. He sighed in her ear and his breath gave her goose bumps. A minute later, he was sound asl**p.

Denise lay there, caught in her twin b*****r's embrace, trapped between him and the big black Lab. She felt very secure. She closed her eyes, listening to the sounds in the barn. k**s all over were fucking like a****ls. The a****ls themselves were restless and noisy. She heard the boy in the stall across the way tell his girlfriend that he wanted to eat her ass.

The last sound Denise heard before she joined her b*****r in sl**p was the girl across the way telling her boyfriend to shove his tongue in deep.


She woke up with a start, and so apparently did Tim. He pushed her away and jumped up. Denise jumped up, too. Tim ran out of the stall, but before Denise could follow him, she had to make sure Romeo was tied up and couldn't run away from the stall. It sounded as if a wild party was going on in the barn. k**s laughed and whooped and shouted crazy things. Denise felt a little anxious as she left the stall and stumbled naked down the central corridor of the barn, but her anxiety was less than her curiosity. Besides, she felt the need to stay close to her b*****r now.

Tim had joined the group of k**s at the open center of the barn. All of the k**s stood there naked, the shorter ones standing on tiptoe so they could see past the shoulders and heads of the k**s in front of them. Most of the boys displayed hard cocks, which they rubbed against the girl closest to them as they watched the action they had gathered around to see. As Denise moved in among them, trying to find Tim, two boys grabbed her and started rubbing their hot cocks against her hips and asscheeks. Denise felt vulnerable and started shaking. She didn't try to get away, however, her vulnerability excited her.

The k**s were shouting, laughing giddily, urging on the three girls in the center of the ring formed by the crowd. The three naked girls stood on their knees, each girl under the belly of a snorting stallion. Apparently, the three horses had been led from their stalls to the center of the barn so the three girls could suck and jack them off. Denise learned shortly that the girls were competing with each other, each trying to bring off her stallion first. The girls used their lips and tongues, and hands and arms, even their tits to stimulate the three enormous horse-cocks.

Denise flushed from head to toe, seeing one of her secret fantasies being played out as if on a stage in front of all these screaming k**s. She'd imagined doing such things to stallions. She'd never seen bigger cocks on any a****l, except maybe donkeys. Horse-cocks had always fascinated her. They'd never scared her as much as boy-cocks, though -- even though they were much larger -- because she'd never heard of a horse trying to fuck a girl. A few times, she'd come close to doing what these girls were doing now, but she'd always chickened out at the last moment.

The three girls worked with determination, their faces flushed. The three huge horse-cocks jumped and quivered in their hands as they tried to make the a****ls shoot. Fuck-lube oozed from the gaping pissholes on the excited horse-cocks and the girls licked it up like honey, as fast as it bubbled out.

"Would you like to do that?" one of the boys hanging onto Denise asked her. "I bet you would. All you chicks are crazy about horses 'cause they bring you off when you're riding 'em."

Denise flushed even more. How did he know that? It seemed all her deepest, darkest secrets were fast becoming common knowledge. How could some boy she'd never met know that she got off while riding horses, that the rubbing of her cunt against the horse's back as she rode them, squeezing his muscular body between her legs was enough to bring her off again and again during a single ride?

"You ever suck off a horse?" the boy growled in her ear, making her shiver. "You like to eat horse-jizz?"

He worked his cock up and down against her ass. His arm wrapped around her and he squeezed her tits. As he embraced her, the other boy moved aside.

Denise's hand moved as if by itself and caught the hard cock of the boy who was moving away. She squeezed his cock, and he smiled at her. The boy embracing her slipped his cock between her lube-slick thighs and started to work it between them, thigh-fucking her. She trembled in the one boy's embrace and slowly jacked of the other boy, all the while trying to watch the three girls jack off the three stallions.

The horses were getting more and more restless. One of them tried to rear up, but a boy grabbed his bridle and calmed him.

"This one's getting close," the boy said.

"Come on, boy," cooed the young girl jerking off the horse who'd just reared up. "Come on, baby, give it to me. You can do it, boy, you can do it." Her tone was seductive, teasing. Her hands played up and down the horse-cock as if she were fingering a gigantic flute. She fastened her mouth to the huge, flaring prick-knob, licking it all over. The cock-knob was so big that she couldn't get it in her mouth.

The horse started snorting. His loins quivered and thrust, and the girl fought to hold onto his cock. He tried to rear up, but the boys holding his bridle wouldn't let him.

"Come on, baby, come on!" gibbered the girl frantically. "Oh, shoot it!" She rubbed her hot cheeks against his prickhead as she jerked her hands up and down. She kept licking, kept sucking, kept kissing the horse-cock.

The stallion whinnied, thrusting powerfully. His flanks shuddered and his eyes appeared glassy as his jism erupted in powerful streams and splashed over the girl's face and tits.

The k**s cheered as the stallion creamed all over the naked girl, who was doing her best to catch his hot horse-cum in her open mouth. Her hands slipped up and down his bucking, cum-spurting cock. She moaned, sucking down his cum, bathing in it.

The other two stallions seemed to catch the orgasmic frenzy of the first one, because they suddenly snorted in unison, exploding their profuse cum-loads all over the other two girls. The pungent scent of horse-jism filled the air.

"Oh wow, look at that!" mumbled the boy who was fucking Denise between the legs. The spurting of the stallions all over the girls had excited him and he was ramming his cock back and forth between Denise's slippery thighs.

Denise could feel the boy's big cock swelling and hardening, and she squirmed in his arms, turned on by the heat and slippery feel of his cock. At the same time, she jerked her hand faster and faster up and down the cock of the other boy, using the same motion she'd watched her b*****r Tim use so many times when she'd spied on his jerking off. She'd never jerked off a boy before, but she already felt herself an expert at it.

The three girls under the stallions writhed, their faces and tits slimy with horse-cum. They licked the big jizz-oozing horse-cocks, expressions of wild pleasure on their faces as they worked their thighs together in their excitement. It took only seconds before one of the girls started jerking with orgasm. Within a few more seconds, all three of them were squirming as the spasms gnawed through their cunts and they sucked the last thick wads of jism from the pissholes of three grunting stallions.

"Sexy!" moaned the boy thigh-fucking Denise. "Oh God, I never saw nothing so sexy in my life!" He pumped his cock between Denise's legs as it swelled hugely, its veins bulging. Suddenly, his cock flexed hard and he started fucking out his jism as he crushed Denise in his arms.

Denise wriggled, gibbering with excitement. "Shoot it," she muttered. "Squirt it!" She caught handfuls of hot jism as it spurted between her clamped thighs. The feel of the boy's hot cock fucking and squirting between her thighs made her want to squeal.

The boy she was jerking off was thrusting his loins, fucking his cock in her hand. She could feel his cock hardening, its veins bloated and resembling blue snakes on his prickshaft. She slapped some of the one boy's hot cum onto the other boy's cock so she could grease his prick and make it slide more easily in her hand. As she worked the slippery cum over the cock in her hand, the boy she was jerking off exploded.

"Ohhhhhh, mannnnn!" he moaned, writhing.

His eyes rolled back as he pumped his cock in Denise's hand and spurted his jism against her belly. As he continued to come, he fell against her, rubbing against her and hugging her from the front as the other boy hugged her and thigh-fucked her from behind.

The jism poured from the two boys as one cock flexed between Denise's legs and the other cock against her belly, creaming her soft skin. Denise was surrounded by hot male flesh. Her skin prickled. Her loins tightened. She squirmed between the two spasming youths, moaning with excitement. She spotted the three girls who had jerked off the horses as they lapped the sticky horse-cum off each other like cats licking one another. Denise's excitement reached a peak and exploded. She let go, writhing with orgasm as the two grunting boys crushed her between their sweaty bodies.

The boys let her go at last and she slid to her knees, dizzy and weak. She had jism running down her legs and belly. And all around her, boys and girls were pawing at each other. A girl nearby was on her knees, sucking the cocks of two boys simultaneously. Another girl was on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind by a grunting farm boy. The scent of sweaty teenaged bodies, jism and cunt were stronger now than the smell of the a****ls. Denise saw three boys led the three drained stallions back to their stalls.

"Don't waste it," a girl said, dropping down next to Denise. The girl was giggling as if d***k. She crouched down like a dog and started to lick the cum off Denise's belly.

Denise was stunned. She kneeled there, watching the girl lick her abdomen. She moaned softly as the girl licked upward and sucked on her nipples.

"Move your legs apart," the girl said. "Mmm, look at all this sweet jizz!"

Denise watched the girl's head move up and down as the girl slurped the sticky cum off her legs. Suddenly, the girl slid up, wrapping her arms around Denise and pressing their big tits together. She kissed Denise before Denise knew what was happening.

"You're cute," the girl said. "Why don't you and me find someplace cozy and have some fun?"

"I-I don't know," Denise said uncertainly.

"Come on," the girl said. She'd stood up and was trying to pull Denise up. "You'll really like it."

Denise let go and allowed herself to be led. The girl pulled her by the hand down the central corridor of the barn, past the stall where Romeo was tied up, whimpering and trying to break loose from his leash. Denise wondered where Peggy was at this hour, then had visions of the blonde munching on that farmer's big prick, or of Peggy squealing and kicking her legs as the farmer fucked her.

"Here's a nice quiet place," the girl said. She pulled Denise into an empty stall at the far end of the barn. She fell on her back in the straw and pulled Denise down on top of her. "Kiss me."

Denise hesitated. This seemed pretty weird to her. Here she lay, her tits pressed to another girl's tits, her cunt pressed to another girl's cunt. The girl squirmed up against her. Rubbing their flesh together.

"Kiss me, you cute little bitch." The girl puckered her lips, trying to press them to Denise's lips. "Kiss me."

Their lips brushed together and Denise felt an itchy thrill in her own lips. Her cunt tightened, throbbing with an itch of its own. She felt the girl's hard nipples pressing into her tits like hot fingertips. The girl's silky hands roved up and down Denise's back, the fingernails lightly scratching.

Denise closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the other girl's mouth. They sighed in unison as they kissed. The girl's mouth opened and Denise opened her own mouth. Their tongues slipped into each other's mouth. Denise felt fuck-thrills pulsating in her loins. She started to hump against the girl.

"Mmm, feels so good!" cooed the girl, grinding up against Denise. "You're a hot bitch, ain't ya?"

They rolled in the straw, rubbing their smooth bodies together. Denise loved the feel of the girl's silky hot flesh, loved the feel of their swelling tits mashed together.

"Let's do a scissors," the girl said. "I love to get off that way."

"A what?" Denise asked.

"You've never done a scissors?" the girl said incredulously. "Come on, tell me another one!" She pushed Denise away.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Denise said.

The girl grinned. "Well, maybe you don't. If you've never done a scissors, girl, you're in for a treat. Just lay back and spread your legs a little."

Denise relaxed in the straw, her tits heaving with excitement. The other girl lay down next to Denise, her head at Denise's feet. She spread her legs.

"Roll on your side," the girl said. As Denise did so, the girl put her right leg between Denise's legs, then slid her right foot along Denise's ass and back. The girl wiggled up, straddling Denise's crotch until her right foot wiggled in Denise's hair in back and her left foot rested in Denise's face. The girl's hot crotch pressed directly against Denise's crotch, their two steaming bottoms joined. The girl started licking Denise's foot, at the same time grinding her wet cunt against Denise's throbbing fuckhole.

Denise moaned, her cunt on fire. She was so turned on that she started licking the girl's toes, even though the girl's foot was filthy from going barefoot on the bus and in the barn. She'd never imagined she could feel so good, rubbing cunts with another girl.

"Your pussy is so hot," the girl cooed. "And so are your toes." She reached between her legs and spread her cunt wide open. "Pull apart your cunt-lips, too. I wanna feel your hot cuntmeat against mine."

Denise reached down and hauled her pussy-lips wide apart. As she pressed her raw, dripping crotch to the other girl's, her loins swam with thrills.

"Mmm, you're all gooey with cum," the girl breathed. "That's hot. The cum's just leaking out of you. You've been fucking boys, you naughty girl."

And a dog too, Denise thought, grinding her hot crotch against the girl's as dog cum and boy-spunk oozed from her pulsating pussy and made the other girl's spread cunt sticky, too.

They moaned as they worked their cunts together. The aroma of jism and cunt filled the air in the stall. Their sopping-wet cunts made liquid noises as they ground against each other.

"I've got jizz in me too," the girl said. "Except it's up my asshole. I love getting my ass fucked best, and the boys are crazy about doing it. Never met a boy who didn't wanna squirt his jizz up my asshole."

Denise thought of Tim's big cock fucking in her own asshole and she groaned with excitement. "I like it, too," she said. "My asshole's full of cock cream."

"Oh, you hot bitch!" the girl said. "Let's get off. I'm so fucking hot I can't stand it anymore." She started sucking on Denise's dirty toes as if they were small cocks. She churned her loins, grinding her sizzling cuntmeat against Denise's pussy.

Denise felt thrills coursing through her feet and legs as the girl munched on her toes. She'd never known her toes were so sensitive. Her loins throbbed, her pussy sucking the other girl's pussy. She sucked the girl's toes, getting more turned on by the moment.

"Mmmm," the girl cooed. "Hot bitch! Juicy cunt! Sexy toes! Ohh, it feels so good!"

The girl expressed Denise's feeling perfectly. Denise moaned, grinding her loins faster, and gnawing on the other girl's toes. Their cunts drooled, and it was as if hot oil had been poured between their joined cunts.

"Come!" the girl moaned. "Come with me! Oh, God!"

Denise felt herself melting. The fuck-itch surged in her crotch and fingers of orgasm wriggled through her loins.

"Coming!" she moaned, nearly gnawing the girl's toes off in her frenzy of pleasure.

"Me, too!" whined the girl. "Ohhh, Goddddd!" Her toes clutched and her toenails nearly cut Denise's lips. She grunted as she ground her spasming pussy against Denise's.

"Mmmmmm!" Denise moaned, flashes of light going off behind her eyeballs. "Oh, Goddd!"

They churned their contracting pussies against each other until they'd squeezed out their pleasure. When they fell apart, the girl started giggling, and so did Denise. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because she felt a sense of wild freedom.

"What's the biggest cock you ever played with?" the girl asked.

"My b*****r's," Denise said, then she felt ashamed of admitting such a thing.

"I don't mean just on a boy," the girl said, apparently unfazed by Denise's admission of i****t. "I mean, what's the biggest cock -- any cock? I mean, like an a****l or something."

"His was the biggest," Denise said. "And it's a really big one."

"A lot of boys have big ones," the girl said. "But some a****ls have pricks that make the biggest boy-pricks look like teenie weenies. Ever play with a donkey cock?" The girl grinned wickedly.

"No," Denise said. "And I don't think I care to."

"Sure, you do," said the girl. "Donkeys are wild."


"Wouldn't you like to fuck it?" The girl was caressing the donkey's enormous cock, licking her lips as she admired the big fucker.

Denise swallowed, both frightened and fascinated. "I don't think so," she said. "It would kill me."

"No it wouldn't. You'd be surprised how much cock your pussy can take."

"I don't know," Denise said.

She was remembering how afraid she'd been of boy-cocks, especially of Tim's. She'd never dreamed she'd be able to fuck a boy without screaming in pain. She'd even been afraid of being stabbed to death by a big thick boy-cock. Well, now she'd been fucked by two of them -- and Tim had shoved his big boner up her asshole -- and she'd not only lived, but she'd felt pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. Maybe the girl was right about the donkey's cock.

"Touch it," the girl said. "Feel how hard and hot it is."

Denise's heart thumped as she gingerly fingered the donkey's huge hard-on. Her fingers tingled as she touched it. She giggled, excitement rushing through her body and making her bolder. "It is hot," she said.

"Isn't it, though!" the girl said. "Let's make it come. Let's give this big boy a suck-job."

They both giggled. Denise was sure her own face was flushed as deeply as the other girl's face. The sex-flush showed not only in the girl's face but down over her shoulders and tits.

They were on their knees in the straw, sitting on their heels under the quivering flanks of the donkey. The donkey they were playing with stood there quietly, only his throbbing cock and the quivering flesh of his flanks betraying his excitement. A donkey in the next stall was watching them, his own cock stiff. The donkey kept snorting and shifting his hooves.

The two girls began licking the donkey's cock. They both held onto his prick, caressing it as they licked. Denise reached up and felt the a****l's enormous balls, squeezing them and scratching them. The donkey snorted, thrusting.

"He's getting worked up, isn't he?" the girl said. "Look, he's leaking." She stuck out her tongue, milking the donkey-cock with two hands and catching a strand of silvery fuck-lube as it oozed from the a****l's pisshole.

"What does it taste like?" Denise asked.

"Just like a boy's," the girl said. "Only stronger." She offered the cock to Denise as she milked it again.

Denise felt the heat of the prick-knob on her lips as she opened up and let the fuck-lube drip on her extended tongue. As she swallowed the gooey prick-sap, a wave of dizziness passed through her head, as if the fuck-lube were a strong liquor. Hungry for more, she sucked on the end of the donkey's cock, rimming his pisshole with her nimble tongue. The donkey brayed, driving his prickhead into her mouth. His cock shuddered, and Denise choked as hot donkey-cum exploded against her tonsils.

"Christ!" the girl said. "What did you do to him?" She was jerking on the a****l's cum-spurting cock as he pumped out his load.

Denise kept choking. The donkey's cockhead was stuffed in her mouth like a fist, and it swelled enormously as he came. She couldn't get her mouth off his cock, nor could she stop the a****l from shooting. She swallowed cum frantically, glugging down the donkey's steaming fuck-load, but she couldn't swallow fast enough. The cum gushed into her mouth and throat, stream after stream of it. The pungent taste and aroma made her head swim. Cum bubbled out of her mouth, running down her neck and onto her tits. Denise feared she'd choke to death.

"Oh, hot!" the other girl gibbered. "Wow!"

She lapped up the cum on Denise's tits, sucking and slurping it from Denise's skin. Her tongue lapped up Denise's neck, then licked Denise's lips, catching the creamy donkey-cum as it bubbled from Denise's hugely stretched mouth.

The donkey snorted one last time, and his cock started to soften. The moment his prickhead had deflated enough, Denise pulled her mouth off it. The other girl immediately grabbed the donkey's cock, milking it, sucking out the cum from the long floppy prick. Denise sat back, catching her breath, trying to clear her head.

"What did you do to make him come so fast?" the other girl asked.

"I pushed my tongue in his pisshole," Denise said, wiping the sticky donkey-cum off her mouth and chin. The alkaline aroma was still making her light-headed.

"Thanks for telling me," the girl said. "Now whenever I want a drink of hot cock cream, I'll know how to get one quick." She glanced over in the next stall. "Looks like we've got another customer to take care of."

Denise followed the girl into the stall where the other donkey was waiting. The two of them crawled on their hands and knees like a pair of a****ls, their swollen tits dangling and swinging, their asses up in the air. Denise noticed pussy juice leaking from the girl's cunt and trickling down her legs, and she was excited by the sight. As they crawled under the new donkey, Denise couldn't help taking a taste of the girl's pussy.

The girl squealed. "Oh, you dirty little bitch! Mmmm, lick me, eat up my pussy!" She wiggled her ass in Denise's face, rubbing her hairy crotch in Denise's mouth.

Denise compared the juices dribbling from the girl's cunt to a sweet wine. She mashed her face to the girl's crotch, inhaling the fragrance, gnawing and sucking on the wet cuntmeat. She lapped up and down the girl's fuck-furrow, then licked up the pussy juices that had run down her thighs.

"Oh, wowww! Now do my asshole. Clean it out." The girl wiggled her naked ass so wildly that Denise had to grab her ass so she could eat it. "That's it, shove your tongue right up my shithole. Ain't it tasty, girl?"

Denise moaned, enjoying the musky flavor of the girl's asshole. The girl's shitter sucked as Denise twisted her tongue inside it. Denise tasted jizz, too, the spunk from one or more farm boys, and she sucked, trying to vacuum it out of the squirming girl.

"Look at the lezzies," a boy said. "Sucking ass and pussy."

Denise snapped her head up. Two sweaty farm boys with big hard-ons were grinning down at her and the girl. Denise felt herself flush so hotly that her eyes watered and got blurry.

"We're not lezzies," the girl said. "We'll show you." She crawled out from under the donkey and slid up the legs of one of the boys, licking his big brown balls.

The other boy eyed Denise. "What about you, farm girl?"

Denise giggled, embarrassed but excited. She followed the other girl's example, slithering up the boy's muscular legs until she was kneeling in front of him and sucking on his balls. She buried her face between the boy's legs, d***k on the scent of sweaty balls.

The boy let her lick his crotch, then pushed her head away and turned around. He bent forward slightly, arching his back and turning up his ass like a girl wanting to be fucked. His dirty hands spread his asscheeks wide, showing Denise his sweaty ass-cleft and his twitching brown asshole.

"Lick my asshole, lezzie. Suck it out." The boy wiggled his ass.

Denise would have done it even if she hadn't been ordered to. This was another sexual delicacy she'd never sampled before. She lapped up and down the length of the boy's ass-crack, then probed his tight pucker. His ass pucker was moist and tasty. As she fucked it with her tongue, the boy moaned. She shoved her tongue in deep and licked him out. Next to her, the other girl was doing the same thing to the other boy.

After a minute, the boy pushed Denise away. "That's enough. You're gonna make me blow my nuts if you keep that up, and I wanna save it."

"Me too," the other boy said.

Both boys turned around, showing the two girls their raging hard-ons.

"Mmmmn, I wanna eat some cock!" the girl said, going for one boy's cock.

"Me, too," Denise said, going for the cock of the other boy. She was literally drooling.

The boys pushed them away.

"We wanna see you lezzies do it with that donkey," said the other boy.

The girl glanced at Denise. "Come on, let's give them a show. Only this time I get to suck out the donkey's jizz."

"We don't want you to blow him," the boy said. "We want you to fuck him."

Denise's first impulse was to run, but when the other girl just giggled, Denise did too. The other girl had no fear. So why should she?

"I get to go first," the girl said, the tone of her voice challenging Denise. She crawled under the donkey, then got to her feet under him, staying bent over and pressing her back up against the a****l's belly.

The donkey's stiff cock flexed up between her legs.

"Well, come on," the girl said, shooting Denise a glance. "I can't handle this alone."

Denise didn't know what the girl expected of her, but she crawled under the donkey at the girl's side.

"You have to guide his cock," the girl said. "He'll never get it in me otherwise. Lift his cock up and help him shove it in me." The girl was trembling, her voice starting to sound shaky. Pussy cream was running down her legs like hot sap. "And you guys keep him down. I don't want him rearing up on me."

The boys giggled, but moved into the stall, one boy standing on each side of the a****l's head. Their pricks were pointed at the ceiling of the barn and looked ready to split out of their skins.

"Okay," the girl said, her voice really shaking now. "I'm ready. Shove it in me! Oh God, quick!"

The donkey seemed to know what was happening, because he started to snort. His prick flexed and wiggled so hard that Denise had a hard time holding onto it. This donkey had a slightly larger prick than the other one -- as long as Denise's arm and just as thick. Fuck-lube oozed out of his pisshole and Denise caught the slippery stuff, rubbing it on the head and shaft of the jerking cock. The donkey brayed as Denise greased his colossal cock.

"Oh God, shove it in me!" the girl groaned. She'd reached behind herself and was holding her cunt wide open. The fuck juices were running out of her pussy like syrup.

Denise aimed the donkey's cock at the girl's open cunt and the donkey thrust. His prickhead ground against the girl's crotch, fucking inside. It disappeared inside her like a purple fist.

The girl stiffened, gasping. "It's so fucking big! Oh God, shit!"

"Fuck her!" one of the boys shouted at the donkey.

The b**st thrust again, this time ramming about eight more inches of his cock up the girl's crotch.

"Ohhhh, Goddd!" The girl writhed as if she'd been impaled on a spear.

The donkey started to hump, fucking his huge prick in and out of the gasping farm girl.

"Look at that stud pound pussy!" one of the boys said in a voice full of awe and admiration. The other boy laughed wildly.

Denise sat back on her heels, watching the incredible sight at close range. The girl's pussy-lips were stretched to near tearing around the donkey's baseball-bat cock. As the huge cock fucked in and out, the girl's toes clawed the straw. Hot pussy juice continued to trickle down her legs.

"Uhhhh, uhhh, uhhhhh!" the girl groaned, squirming as if she were being tortured. As she gasped from the donkey's fuck-thrusts, she played with her own tits.

The two boys had stopped giggling. Their faces were red and they were massaging their big boy-cocks with pumping hands.

The girl jerked suddenly as if she'd been shot. Her eyes rolled back to white slits and she whined, her body shuddering. "I'm coming, ohhhhhh!"

She writhed, looking completely delirious, gasping repeatedly as the donkey cock fucked her spasming cunt. After several seconds, she fell forward and collapsed in the straw.

The donkey brayed, his cock banging up and down against his abdomen, fuck-lube and pussy juice dripping from it.

"You bitch!" one of the boys said, kicking at the girl. "You didn't give him a chance to come."

The other boy pushed at the girl with his bare foot. "Get back up and fuck him!"

"I can't," the girl said. "Leave me alone." Then she sighed, pillowing her head on the straw as if she were going to take a nap.

The boys nudged her with their feet, but she only sighed, ignoring them.

The donkey was getting more and more riled. He kept braying and snorting, thrusting at the air, shifting his hooves. His cock slapped his abdomen again and again.

"You fuck him!" one of the boys said to Denise.

"I-I can't," Denise said, suddenly feeling very weak, almost sick. "It's... it's too big."

"If she can fuck it, you can fuck it," the boy said, moving toward her. "A girl's cunt is like rubber -- it'll stretch big enough to take an elephant's cock if it has to." He pulled Denise by the hand. "Get up and bend over. You'll love it, just like she did."

The donkey's cock banged Denise as she was pulled to her feet. His prick was so hot, so hard. She feared his cock, and yet it excited her. "Bend over," the boy said. "Turn up your ass and show me your cunt. Wow!" The boy, kneeling now, reached up as Denise bent over, and he slipped a few fingers inside her cunt. "Juicy bitch! Oh, wow!"

Denise's heart pounded. She pressed her back to the heaving abdomen of the restless, lusting donkey. It seemed that the more scared she felt, the more excited she became. The hot juice was dribbling from her pussy and down her legs, and the boy started licking it up.

"Christ, don't eat her now!" the other boy said. "Slide that donkey prick in her before he shoots all over her ass."

"Spread your flaps," the kneeling boy said shakily. "Open up that hot fuckhole."

Shivering, whimpering with terror and terrible excitement, Denise reached behind herself and tugged open her cunt-flaps. The hot juice ran out of her pussy like water.

The boy lifted the donkey's bucking cock into position and the b**st fucked it up Denise's cunt.

She thought that long cock was going to come out her mouth. She thought her loins had exploded. She whined, writhing and gasping, out of her mind with frantic shock. It was as if an arm had been rammed up her pussy. She was sure that at least a foot of donkey-cock had been rammed up her cunt. What was surprising was that she felt little pain. The stretch made her mouth gape and her body tense, but the unbearable pain she'd expected to feel wasn't there.

"Oh, wow!" the kneeling boy said. "Sexy! Fuck that cunt, you dumb old a****l!"

"Come here and help me hold him," the other boy said, struggling with the donkey as it fucked its cock in and out. "He wants to rear. I can't hold him alone."

The other boy jumped up to hold the snorting a****l's head. Denise saw the two huge boy-cocks jutting up at her, saw grubby hands pumping them. The sight of the two boys jacking off fed her lust. As the donkey-cock fucked in and out of her, she gritted her teeth and rotated her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned, her entire body prickling with fuck-tension. The feeling was driving her out of her mind.

"Fuck that cock, you hot girl," muttered one of the boys.

"How's it feel?" said the other boy. "Bet it feels real good, don't it?"

Denise realized that tears were running down her burning cheeks. She was so hot that she was melting. She rubbed her back against the a****l's furry belly, gasping as he rammed his giant fucker into her again and again. Her loins were going to burst from the tension. The fuck-feeling saturated not only her loins, but her legs, her belly, her tits -- even her fingertips.

"Fuck meeeee!" she whined. "Ohhhh, fuck meeeee!"

"Goddamn!" the boys said in unison, breathing heavily as they tried to hold the donkey down and simultaneously pounded their lube-bubbling cock.

Denise swore that the cocks of the two boys had grown inches longer, inches thicker -- that they were starting to resemble donkey-cocks.

The donkey brayed repeatedly, thrusting with a quick rhythm, fucking Denise's cunt as if it were the cunt of a female donkey. Denise knew that she was going to lose her mind if this went on much longer. Her nipples and toes tingled as if they were being stabbed with millions of microscopic needles. She was going to come any time now.

The cocks of the two boys were so stiff that their cock skin had pulled back tautly. Their purple prickheads looked as if they would pop off their cockshafts at any moment. Their pissholes looked big enough to insert fingertips in. Denise wanted their cum.

She reached out, grabbing the cockhead of one of the farm boys. "Let me suck it! Oh God, please let me!"

"Shit!" The boy stepped forward, and he rammed his cock into Denise's mouth. The moment she tasted his sweaty prick-knob, his cum exploded against her tonsils. "Awwww shit!"

Denise sucked in a frenzy, glugging down the boy's thick hot cum, munching on his prickhead and swallowing as much of his prickshaft as she could. His cum streamed down her gullet as his prick quivered and contracted in her mouth.

"Hold this fucking donkey!" the other boy gasped. "Come on, damn it!"

The spent boy staggered back to grab the head of the lust-incensed donkey. The other boy lunged forward, ramming his cock at Denise's mouth just as it erupted its molten fuck-cream.

"Ahhhhhhh!" the coming boy moaned, jerking himself off into Denise's mouth. "Eat it!"

Denise cooed, slurping and sucking, munching prickhead and swallowing salty cock cream. He came too fast for her to swallow all his jism, and much of it ran down over his knuckles. Before he could step back to assist his companion in holding the frenzied donkey, Denise managed to suck the thick cream off his dirty knuckles.

The donkey exploded into her pussy. It was like taking a load of buckshot up her cunt. The donkey-cum gushed into her like lava exploding from a volcano. She cried out in shock, then shuddered from head to toe as her loins went into spasms.

The boys were muttering excitedly as they tried to hold the thrusting donkey, who kept trying to rear up as he pumped out his cum-load. The b**st brayed with each explosion of his cum, thrusting fiercely, fucking his spurting prick deep into Denise's clutching cunt. The wild cries of the donkey expressed her own feelings perfectly. Her toes clawed at the concrete underneath the straw as her entire body shook with spasms of pure pleasure -- pleasure so intense that it verged on pain.

"Fuck meeeee!" Denise whined, jerking with spasms, gasping as the donkey-cum burst into her. "Ohhhh, fuck meeeee!" She felt completely delirious, completely out of her mind.

She fell away from the donkey at last, collapsing on top of the naked girl in the straw before her. She could feel her cunt gaping wide open for several seconds before it began to close up. The girl under her uttered a few cuss words, but didn't try to push Denise off. So Denise lay on top of her, trying to catch her breath, trying to get back her senses.

"Wow!" one of the boys said. "That was hot!"

"You're telling me!" the other boy said. "I'm still hard as a rock, and I already came about six times today. I'm ready to go again."

"So am I," said the other boy.

Denise was too exhausted to protest as one of the boys mounted her and fucked his randy prick up her cunt. She lay on top of the other girl, letting the boys rut at her from behind like a****ls. Their pricks squished in her cum-filled cunt, and the fact that she was filled with donkey-cum seemed to excite them. The first boy came into her pussy and rolled off.

The second boy fucked her cunt for a minute or two, then pulled out his cum greased cock and slipped it up her asshole. Denise enjoyed the feeling of the slick cock up her ass. When the boy came a minute later, she was just starting to get horny again. She wiggled her ass around his flexing prick, then moaned as he slipped it out of her and collapsed next to his sl**ping companion.

Horny, but completely exhausted, Denise rolled off the other girl and fell asl**p as her head hit the straw. She slept as she'd never before.

During the night, she woke up to the other girl's screaming and cursing. She smelled piss and her mind cleared enough to realize that the donkey had decided to take a piss, and that he was pissing all over the other girl. She heard the boys laugh sl**pily. The piss-drenched girl crawled out of the stall, and Denise fell asl**p again. When she awoke the next morning, alone in the stall with the only donkey, she wondered if she had dreamed everything that had happened last night.


Her first day at the fair convinced her that she hadn't dreamed anything, that everything that had happened on the bus trip down and in the barn last night, was as real as the nipples on her tits. The state fair, more than anything else, was a place for free and uninhibited sex. The grounds were completely unchaperoned. Boys and girls french kissed on the midway, shoving hands down each other's pants and groping cocks and cunts. As Denise wandered around with her group, almost every boy she saw flirted with her, and she knew that every one of them would fuck her if she gave them the chance. She felt like part of her Young Farmers group now, and she enjoyed being with the other k**s.

After breakfast in the mess hall, where Denise's group dined with the other YF groups at the fair, they spent the morning shoveling manure and feeding the a****ls. By noon the barn looked neat and clean. Fairgoers and judges wandered in and out of the open barn, so the k**s were on their best behavior -- perfect little ladies and gentlemen, clean-living, hard-working farm k**s. As Denise swept the center aisle of the barn clean, she smiled to herself, wondering what all these judges and fairgoers would think if they'd have walked into the barn last night, after hours.

The k**s wandered around the fair in the afternoon, leaving just a few of the group behind to baby-sit the a****ls. During the course of the afternoon, Denise became more and more bold, daring to look boys in the eye as she passed them on the midway. When they gave her the once-over, their eyes lingering on her tits and on her bare legs and feet, Denise felt a rush of excitement in her loins. For the first time in her life, she was eating up the attention being given her by the boys. They all wanted her -- wanted to fuck her -- and that thrilled her.

It was late afternoon when she couldn't stand waiting anymore. She needed a quick fuck, and she was going to get it. As her group had wandered the midway, she'd seen some of them slip away from time to time, only to return to the group later, red faced and smirking with satisfaction. There was no secret about where they'd gone and what they'd done. They'd sneaked off behind the midway game joints for some quick sex.

"How was she?" Denise had heard boys ask their returning buddies more than once. "She sucked like a calf," was one answer to the question. "Tight but slippery," was another.

Watching her companions slip away, hearing their comments when they returned to the group, Denise started to feel as if she really were missing out. So, her pussy throbbing like her heart, she caught the eye of a cute, shy-looking boy near the Ferris wheel, and she approached him.

"Hi," she said.

The k** blushed, mumbling a "hi" in return.

Her anxiety lessened as she realized that she was in control. The k** looked sheepish and embarrassed, his brown eyes were nearly hiding behind a thick brown forelock. He was a skinny boy in jeans and running shoes. His shirt was stuffed in his back pocket.

She stroked his tanned chest, grinning at him, and he started to shake, as if he might faint. She licked her lips.

"Come on, let's go for a walk," she said.

"Sure," the boy mumbled. "I mean, all right, sure."

She took him by the hand and led him to the area of game tents where she'd seen k**s from her group go. His hand was sweating as she led him between two tents and out behind them.

Off the midway, the fair grounds in this area were thick with camping tents and house trailers. Denise wasn't sure where to take the boy. They surely couldn't just pull down their pants and start fucking. There were people wandering around back here. Denise led the boy aimlessly for a minute before a tent nearby popped open and Peggy crawled out, followed by a shirtless young man with tattoos on his arms.

Peggy took one look at Denise and the boy and she smirked. "It's all yours, babe. Nobody's home." She eyed Denise's boy like a tigress appraising potential prey. "Cute, but too skinny for my tastes. Have fun with him, bitch." She laughed, walking away with the tattooed young man, her hand massaging his bare lower back, then sliding into his jeans to rub his ass. She mumbled something to the young man, and he laughed.

"Who's she?" the boy asked Denise.

"Just a dumb girl I know," Denise said. "Come on." She dropped down and crawled into the tent, the boy right behind her.

It was a fairly large tent, with a screen window to let in air and light. Once inside, it would have been possible to stand up in the tent, but Denise had no need to.

"It stinks in here," the boy said.

Haven't you ever smelled cunt? Denise thought, because that was what the air smelled like. Not only that, the floor of the tent was wet with fuck-juices.

"Take off your pants and shoes," Denise said, ignoring the boy's comment. Sitting, she took off her T-shirt and jeans, which were all she was wearing.

The boy breathed like a bellows, his hands shaky as he undressed. He wore neither socks nor underwear, so he stripped completely almost before Denise had. His cock, seven inches long and straight as an arrow, throbbed against his shiny brown belly, pointing straight up.

Denise grabbed his prick, the excitement racing through her. "Cute," she mumbled.

The boy stroked her tits. "They're big. Can I suck 'em?" He didn't wait for Denise to answer, but leaned over and started munching on Denise's nipples.

Denise's cunt did flip-flops as the boy sucked her tits. The hot juice started running out of her pussy and pooling on the vinyl floor of the tent. She felt the boy's cock swelling in her hand, growing even harder. She let go of it for fear that he'd shoot off -- fast, like that donkey last night.

"That's enough," she said, pushing the boy away. "Don't bite 'em off, huh?"

The boy sat up, panting as if he'd just run a race. His face was flushed, and he was sweating. "Sorry, it's just that I never sucked a girl's tits before."

"Did you ever fuck a girl before?"

The boy shook his head sheepishly. "Nope," he said, as if embarrassed.

Denise felt a surge of excitement and elation. The boy was a virgin, just like she'd been yesterday. It thrilled her to realize that she was going to initiate him. She felt like a pro at sex, as if she'd been fucking all her life. She wondered what the boy's reaction would be if she told him that she'd fucked a donkey last night.

"Lay down on your back," she said. "I'll ride you." She tried to sound experienced even though she'd never ridden a boy before. She'd seen girls do it in the woods, though, and on the bus and in the barn last night. She was dying to try it, herself.

The boy stretched out on his back, pillowing his head in his clasped hands as if he were about to receive a massage. His chest rose and fell rapidly. His prickhead pecked at his navel, leaking fuck-lube into it.

"Just relax," Denise said seductively. She was shaking just as hard as the boy was, but she fought to control herself. She wanted to give him the impression that she'd done this hundreds of times.

"You're cute," she said. "And I'm gonna fuck you."

The boy's prick flexed up, standing rigid as a tent pole before flopping back down. He moaned, his entire body reddening with a sex flush.

"Take it easy," Denise said, rubbing her fingertips over his hot lips. Then she leaned over and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He was shaking like a leaf.

Denise giggled. She licked his nose. She nuzzled down and sucked his small brown nipples. He groaned. She sniffed his armpits and licked the sweat off them. The scent of him made her high.

"Oh, God!" the boy gasped, his nostrils flaring as if he were breathing steam from them. He was quivering from head to toe, and Denise feared he would lose control and grab her.

She didn't want that. She wanted to remain in control of things -- the way Peggy did.

"Calm down," she said, although her voice sounded anything but calm.

She moved quickly, straddling the boy's loins as she faced him. As she kneeled over him, she reached between her legs and lifted his bone-hard cock until it pointed at her dripping cunt like a seven-inch peg. His cock was vibrating, bubbling fuck-lube as it pulsed.

The boy watched her with wide eyes. His breathing was frantic.

Denise smiled at him as she lowered her cunt to his cock. His prickhead nestled between her wet cunt-lips and she sank down on his cock, letting it fuck up her pussy until she was squashing his balls with her bare ass.

The boy arched up, squirming, his eyes glazed and rolling. "It feels so good!" he moaned. "So fluffy and wet and hot!"

"Your prick feels good inside me," Denise said. "Wiggle it, huh? Oh, that feels good!" She rose up on the boy's wiggling prick, then fucked back down on it.

They both groaned, their fuck-meat coupled and throbbing. The boy jerked his ass, ramming his cock up into her with rapid, short fuck-strokes.

"Don't move," Denise said. "I wanna ride you. You just lie still."

The boy settled down, groaning, his chest heaving.

"That's it," Denise said, raising up on his cock, then sinking back down. She fucked up, then fucked down. Up. Down. Up. Down. She fucked rhythmically, gradually increasing her speed until she was fairly bouncing her ass against the boy's swollen balls.

"Ohhhhh, wowwwww!" The boy squirmed deliriously, his prick twisting in Denise's fucking cunt. He reached up and started squeezing her tits.

She reached down and pinched his hard little nipples. "Do you like that?" she asked.

"Yeah," he moaned.

She bounced her ass, her cunt fucking up and down the boy's rigid cock. As she fucked him, his cock seemed to grow inside her, getting longer and thicker, swelling harder. She loved the heat of his fucker, loved the feel of his naked cockmeat rubbing inside her nerve-rich cunt. The fuck-juice kept leaking from her contracting pussy, and the boy's balls were drenched with her slick juices. She reached back and down, squeezing and rubbing and rolling his balls as she continued to ride his cock.

"Ohhhh, you hot girl!" the boy moaned. "I love you, I love you!" He twisted on her nipples until she thought she'd scream.

"Come on, stud," she said, "give me your cream! Shoot it in me, baby! Come on, do it!"

Her loins felt so swollen and tight that she knew she'd be coming any moment now, and she wanted to feel him squirt his cream into her before she did. She fucked up and down, keeping her cunt tight as she rode him faster and faster.

He let go of her tits, watching them flop up and down. His prick hardened like steel inside her pussy, vibrating, his eyes rolled back.

"Oh God, shoot it!" Denise moaned, fucking down hard, trying to skin the boy's prick. "Cream me!"

The boy arched up, writhing deliriously. His mouth gaped and a low growl erupted from his throat. His body shuddered as his prick flexed and exploded its cum.

"Awwwwww!" he moaned. "Oooooh!" He writhed as if a spear had been rammed up his ass, his eyes glazed over and showing only white. His body jerked repeatedly as stream after stream of his sizzling cum squirted into Denise's hungry cunt.

Denise loved him. She wanted to marry him and live with him forever. And all they would do was fuck -- fuck and feel like this. And he would shoot her full of his hot cum endlessly. She fucked down on his wriggling, flexing prick and her cunt exploded with spasms.

"Eeeeeh!" she whimpered. "Oh baby, feels so good!" She felt hot sensations not only in her loins but in the tips of her curling toes.

The boy humped upward, ramming his cock up her pussy and pumping his jism into her until his cock began to soften. Suddenly, he burst into laughter, stunning Denise so that she jerked up off his cock even though the last spasms of orgasm were still nibbling through her cunt.

"Jesus, what's wrong?" she said.

"Nothing," the boy gasped, catching his breath. "I just get ticklish all over after I shoot. Your cunt felt like it would bite my prick off. It tickled."

"Funny," Denise said, half sarcastically. She grabbed her pants.

"Hey, what're you doing?" the boy said.

"Getting dressed," Denise said.

"Don't," the boy said. "Let me do something first. It's something I always wanted to do, but never had the chance."


"Lie back," the boy said. "I'll show you. Yeah, now spread your legs. Oh, wow!" He plunged his face between Denise's legs and started to eat her pussy.

Denise relaxed, sighing, watching the boy's brown head bob, listening to him slurp as he chewed her cunt and sucked the warm fuck-cream out of her. She let him eat as much as he wanted, almost falling asl**p in the late afternoon heat as she listened to the hum of the fair in the background. She came twice before the boy sat back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Did I do it good?" he asked.

"Real good," Denise said, feeling good as he grinned.

She left him where she'd picked him up -- next to the Ferris wheel -- then wandered around the midway almost a half hour before she found her group again.

"How was he?" Peggy asked.

"Cute," Denise said. "And hot." She smiled, feeling like a full-fledged girl now, like Peggy's equal, like one of the gang of fun-loving teenagers that prowled the fairgrounds in search of excitement and pleasure.

The k**s ate supper in the mess hall, all of them tanned and sweaty from a hot afternoon on the midway. As Denise ate, she relived her meeting with the boy and her hot time with him in the tent.

It had been quite a day. A very real day. The fair wasn't any dream. The boy wasn't any dream. The bus ride down and the wild time in the barn last night surely hadn't been dreams. This was living! She realized that the world of her romance novels offered only a shadowy approximation of real life, and she looked forward to the real night ahead.

Maybe I'll get to jack off a horse tonight, she mused, licking some mustard off the end of her hot dog. The mustard was tart, making her wince. Horse-cum is surely sweeter, she thought. And hot in a different way.


It was nearly midnight, and yet Denise felt as wide awake as if it were noon. She saw little chance of getting much sl**p tonight, except for a few catnaps. In fact, she foresaw getting little sl**p on any night until she left the fair. She realized that she'd be taking lots of naps afternoons and evenings if she was going to make it through the week without falling asl**p on her feet. Strangely, the effects of a night with little sl**p and a day of hard work and excitement hadn't hit her yet. She was surprised at how good she felt, how full of energy. Her eyes were wide open. She didn't want to miss anything that was going on.

The big wood doors of the barn had been closed and bolted. The k**s had shed what scanty clothing they'd been wearing. Every girl was walking around with bouncing tits, every boy with a wagging hard-on. The open area at the center of the barn had become an arena, a place where the k**s gathered around to watch the action take place. They'd spread yellow straw on the concrete floor to form a cushiony bed. The girls had all discovered Romeo.

The big black Labrador was presently the center of attention. A dozen naked girls had gathered around him at the center of the circle, and they were cooing over him as if he were a movie star. Their hands stroked his sleek black fur, moving over his head and down his back. Their hands reached under him to caress and squeeze his stiff dog-prick. The a****l panted wildly, sniffing the tits of the crouching girls, trying to sniff their cunts.

"It's so big," a girl said, milking the dog's rampant cock. "Oooh, I've never seen one so big on a dog."

The girls muttered among themselves, all agreeing that Romeo had the largest dog-cock any of them had ever seen.

"He's always had a whopper," Peggy announced, hanging onto some boy who was fucking a finger in and out of her cunt. "Even when he was a puppy. You should have seen him then, a little dog running around with that big red boner."

A girl suddenly crouched down and started sucking Romeo's cock. The dog started whimpering and thrusting.

"Hey, don't hog it!" another girl complained. "Let me taste it."

The first girl let go of Romeo's cock reluctantly, sitting back and licking her lips as another girl nibbled the dog-cock with a hungry mouth. One by one, the girls took turns sucking Romeo's cock, crouching down like calves, their naked asses waving in the air, their tits hanging. It seemed that every time Romeo came close to shooting, the girl sucking him would let go, allowing the horny dog to cool his prick before a new set of hot lips wrapped around it.

"Let's see some fucking," a boy said, and all the boys started demanding that the girls fuck the dog.

The girls lined up on their hands and knees, a few more girls, who had been just spectators until now, joining them. Denise licked her lips at the sight of fifteen or so naked girl-asses all waving in the air side by side, all of them turned up so the cunts of the girls would be positioned for fucking. Juice trickled from the lust-swollen cunts of most of the girls, leaking down their legs like syrup, and Denise felt like licking all those tasty asses and cunts, tasting them all. The boys were all muttering and licking their lips, too. Romeo, however, was the lucky one. Those asses and cunts were for him. The dog whimpered, prancing back and forth as he sniffed the asses and crotches of the girls. He lapped up the juices coming from their cunts, going from one girl to another. Suddenly, he rose up on his hind legs, mounting one of the girls and fucking his stiff prick up her cunt.

The onlookers cheered.

Romeo clung to the girl, digging his claws into her waist as he fucked his dog prick in her juicy cunt. The girl squealed, squirming.

"Don't let him come 'til he's fucked 'em all," a boy said.

"Yeah, let's don't," said another, who stepped up behind the rutting dog and pulled him off the girl.

Romeo growled, his loins humping, his shiny prick thrusting at the air. The boy walked him on hind legs to the next girl over. The a****l wrapped his paws around her waist and rammed his prick up her cunt. The new girl gasped, going crazy as the dog cock fucked in and out of her sucking pussy. Within seconds, she was coming. The boy pulled Romeo off her before her spasming cunt sucked the dog's cock to orgasm. Romeo missed the next girl's cunt and f***ed his bone-stiff cock up her asshole.

The new girl moaned, her eyes rolling. "Oh baby, fuck my ass! Oh, that feels so sexy!"

The boys laughed, watching the girl wiggle as the dog fucked her asshole. Just when the dog started whimpering as if he would come, he was pulled away from the girl, his prick yanked out of her asshole. The girl groaned, her asshole open and quivering for several seconds before closing up.

"Goddamn!" a boy said, and he dropped down in back of the girl who'd just been ass-fucked by the dog and fucked his hard prick up her shitter. Both he and the girl moaned with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Romeo started rutting at another girl.

They kept the dog in a state of maddening excitement, always pulling him off a girl when it appeared he would shoot. By the time he was on his last five girls, he was whimpering nonstop, as if he were being whipped. One by one, boys had been dropping down behind the girls the dog had just fucked and had stuffed their rampant pricks up the girl's assholes or cunts. Now, a dozen girls and boys were coupled, the girls on their hands and knees like bitches, the boys fucking them like stud dogs. As Romeo mounted the last girl in line, the boy who had been tending the dog let go, allowing the dog to fuck freely. The boy mounted the girl Romeo had last fucked.

Denise watched with fascination and increasing excitement. She'd never seen so much fucking taking place all at once. She squirmed in a boy's arms as he fucked his prick up her cunt from behind. For a moment, she thought of suggesting that she get down on her hands and knees like the other girls, but then she decided it was more fun just standing up and watching as she got fucked.

"Ain't it hot?" the farm boy growled in her ear, and Denise sighed in agreement. The boy's cock moved inside her and she rubbed her back and ass against his muscles.

The k**s all looked delirious, the girls gasping as hot cocks reamed out their cunts or assholes, the boys grunting as they fucked. A chorus of rapid squishing sounds filled the air as big cocks plunged in hot-sucking female fuckholes. The girl who was squirming most wildly was the girl Romeo was fucking. She looked as if she were d***k, her eyes rolling, her body jerking and gyrating as the dog-cock twisted and plunged in her squeezing pussy.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" a boy moaned. He chewed his lip and closed his eyes and his body shook and he pumped his cum up his bitch's hot asshole. "Mmmmm, yeah!"

The boy's orgasm set off the girl's and she gasped, pounding her naked ass against his contracting abdomen as she writhed with pleasure. As the couple squirmed and moaned with mutual ecstasy, the other couples reached their climaxes and started writhing. Within seconds, Romeo went into spasms, howling as he fucked his hot cum up the pussy of his human bitch.

"Cream that bitch!" growled the boy fucking Denise. "Oh, shit, shoot her full of it! Make her have puppies." His sliding prick swelled inside Denise and started to shoot cum. He clung to her, fucking hard as he poured his steaming cum-load up her cunt.

Denise's head was spinning. It was hard to take in all that was happening. All the boys were pumping jism into the girls, the girls were gasping with climaxes, and Romeo was howling as he fucked out his dog-cum. At the same time, Denise felt a big cock pulsing inside her and spitting spurts of jism into her pussy. It was too much. Denise closed her eyes to make her head stop spinning.

The boy pulled his cock out of her and Denise immediately sat down, her eyes closed, her cunt swollen with pleasant throbbing lust. She opened her eyes again, watching the boys uncouple from the girls. Romeo got down off his human bitch, and Peggy caught him and led him away.

A boy walked up to Denise, grinning down at her. "I hear you fucked a donkey last night," he said.

Suddenly boys were surrounding her. One of the boys was her b*****r Tim, and he was grinning down at her with all the rest. Denise didn't know what to say. She smiled up at them, giggling with nervousness. She might have panicked, but the sight of all their throbbing cocks, most of them shiny with cunt juice, acted like a d**g on her. She felt excited, super-horny, and her lust gave her strength. She was nervous, but not afraid. And only yesterday, the sight of one hard boy-cock would have made her tremble with fear and run away. Now, she couldn't get enough of the sight of the boys or their cocks. She salivated and swallowed, tempted to start sucking their cocks one at a time -- until she'd sucked them all off and had d***k their tasty spunk.

The boys reached down, helping her to her feet. Hard cocks rubbed against her from all sides. The smell of male sweat, the feel of hard muscles against her made her weak. The boys had to hold her up to keep her from collapsing. She heard hoof beats, slightly muffled on the straw instead of bare concrete. The boys pushed her forward until she came face to face with a large golden stallion.

"Any girl who can fuck a donkey can fuck a horse," a boy said. "Let's see you do it, farm girl."

Denise realized she was the center of attention now. All the boys and girls had formed a circle around her, most of them hanging on each other as they watched with smirking red faces.

Tim stepped up to Denise and whispered in her ear: "You can do it."

He rubbed his cock against her ass and bit her on the neck. Denise gave his cock a squeeze.

"I'll hold onto him," Tim said. "Make sure he doesn't get too wild. You fuck him. I used to have dreams about you fucking horses." Denise couldn't believe what she was hearing Tim say. How could her own b*****r have had such fantasies about her? All these years, she hadn't really known him, and he hadn't really known her. She'd hid behind her books too much, had hid inside herself. If only she'd known! If only she hadn't been so foolishly afraid! She'd missed a lot of fun, a lot of pleasure. She turned and embraced her b*****r. They kissed, Tim's fat tongue sliding into her mouth. The k**s whooped and snickered and cheered as she made out with her own b*****r in front of them. Tim's huge cock throbbed against her belly.

Tim broke their kiss. His face was red and he was panting. "Fuck the horse now," he said. "I wanna see you do it."

Then she moved under the horse, bending over and presenting the stallion her ass like an excited filly. The horse's cock flexed like a big naked arm, whooping her between the legs. She grabbed the huge cock, squeezing it between her legs as she caressed the cock-knob with her fingers and rimmed the open pisshole with a fingertip. His fuck-lube was oozing out and she tasted it. The stallion snorted, thrusting.

"Help her," Tim said.

And immediately two girls got down on their knees, one on each side of Denise. The girls giggled and squealed as the horse cock jerked in their hands. Denise arched her back, turning up her ass and presenting the horse her cunt as the two girls guided the big fucker into place.

The stallion thrust. Denise gasped, her breath nearly knocked out of her. The stallion's cock fucked into her cunt, at least a foot of it buried inside her. Denise braced herself and gritted her teeth. She felt no pain, only a fantastic stretch that made her eyes nearly pop out. She was thankful that her cunt had been freshly greased with slippery boy-cum.

"Look at that!" a boy said. "He's really fucking her! Damn!"

I'll show you a thing or two, farm boy, she thought. She slowly began to rotate her ass as the snorting stallion rammed her cunt again, then again.

"Oh, wow!" a boy said, frantically jerking off as he watched the stallion fuck Denise's pussy.

Denise's head was swimming, but she realized that all the boys, including Tim, were jerking off as they watched her fucking the horse. Her excitement soared as she wiggled her ass wildly. She was getting juicier inside and the fuck-paste was oozing from her cock-stuffed cunt and trickling down her legs. The two girls at her sides started lapping up the combination cum and pussy-cream, their hot tongues moving up her legs and increasing her excitement. Other girls crouched down to caress her and lick her. Girls started sucking on her tits. Girls chewed on her toes. A finger fucked into Denise's asshole.

The stallion pawed the ground, snorting, driving his loins. As he became more excited, he tried to rear up, and Tim called for assistance to hold the bucking a****l down so he wouldn't end up trampling the girls. The stallion's cock plunged, the flared cockhead fucking into the depths of Denise's pussy, its hardness making Denise frantic with pleasure.

The boys were all muttering, jerking themselves off. The girls were cooing and gibbering, licking and feeling Denise, finger-fucking themselves. One girl pistoned her hot finger in Denise's asshole. The stallion fucked his cock in and out, and Denise became one with it. She imagined herself a huge, pleasure-saturated cock. She couldn't stand it much longer. She knew she was going to explode.

The stallion whinnied, thrusting wildly, snorting fiercely. He whinnied again and his cock flexed so hard that Denise felt herself lifted momentarily off the ground. As his cum erupted into her, she thought her head was going to blow off. She gasped as the shots of horse-cum gushed into the depths of her cunt. As the stallion whinnied again, Denise whined and reached her climax. Her body shuddered as if the stallion's ramming cock were an electrical prod pumping rhythmic electrical charges into her body.

"Ohhhhhh, wowww!" A boy started shooting, his cum splashing against Denise and the other girls.

Another boy cried out and exploded. It was a chain reaction. Boys all around Denise stumbled close and pumped out their cum, drenching the naked flesh of the writhing girls.

Denise felt hot cum hitting her from all sides, and she whined: "Yesss, ohhhh, yesss!"

"Horse-cum!" a girls muttered, lapping up the sticky juices leaking from Denise's cock-filled cunt. "Mmmmmn!"

A commotion started as all the girls tried to get a taste. Some of the girls were whimpering, squirming with orgasm as they licked.

Denise felt the horse-cock contracting inside her, felt the horse-jism streaming into her cunt. Her pussy clutched wildly, saturated with fuck-sensations, with uncontrolled spasms. Every cell of her body pulsed with orgasm. Her mouth gaped as she sighed in ecstasy.

Tim stepped up and stuffed his cock in her mouth. "Take it, s****r." He moaned with pleasure as his cum burst against Denise's tonsils. "Oh, eat it!"

Denise gulped down her b*****r's cum, smacking her tingling lips around his big flexing prick. She would never be able to get enough of his cock, of his cum. She would never be able to get enough of any cock. She realized that now.

As the horse-cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, Denise moaned. She sucked Tim's softening cock, trying to milk it of every tasty droplet of cum. Girls went wild over her open pussy, all of them wanting to suck the horse-cum out of her cunt. Denise thought she'd be eaten alive. She collapsed forward in the straw, letting the other girls eat her stretched, cummy cunt.

And the night's only beginning, Denise thought. And our stay at the fair has a long way to go. What's going to happen next?

She couldn't wait to find out.... Continue»
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