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Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 2

Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 3

... "I'm gonna fuck you in the asshole little <ddd>girl</ddd>!" he hissed.

"You every been cornholed? Ever ... She felt every inch of her skin, <ddd>some</ddd> inches felt a lot better than others.

" ... , not <ddd>having</ddd> to worry about getting my clothes dirty or anything.

Our <ddd>farm</ddd> was ... ... Continue»
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Farm Girl Having Some Fun Pt 2

... they all had me in different positions, <ddd>some</ddd> had me sucking their cocks, <ddd>some</ddd> had me on my knees with them ... wearing anything underneath!" I protested.

He eyed me nastily.

"I'm your father <ddd>girl</ddd>!" he shouted "You think you got something I ain't seen ... ... Continue»
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Farm Girl Having Some Fun

... to get dark, and I was <ddd>having</ddd> difficulty even standing on my rubbery ... I dressed and rode home with <ddd>some</ddd> difficulty. Riding was agony ... we kept around the <ddd>farm</ddd>. As Tom hammered away at ... dog! I thought I must be the dirtiest, sluttiest <ddd>girl</ddd> in the world, and ... ... Continue»
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Farm Girl Having Some Fun-End Chapter

... , and <ddd>some</ddd> of the teachers.

One day alone, I screwed two male, and one female teachers, five boys and one <ddd>girl</ddd> from various ... to her waist. She seemed to recoil in shock at <ddd>having</ddd> her breasts exposed.

She gasped in embarrassment and folded her ... ... Continue»
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Having Some Fun (1/3)

... <ddd>Having</ddd> <ddd>Some</ddd> <ddd>Fun</ddd>
Rating: Hard NC17
Summary: Two lovers indulge in <ddd>some</ddd> new activities to spice up their sex life.
A/N: So ... suitcase and produced a leather bondage whip.

"But I'm your bad <ddd>girl</ddd>." Laura told him, as if that would make things ... ... Continue»
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Having Some Fun (2/3)

... : <ddd>Having</ddd> <ddd>Some</ddd> <ddd>Fun</ddd>
Rating: Hard NC17
Summary: Two lovers indulge in <ddd>some</ddd> new activities to spice up their sex life.
A/N: So superinspired ... as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Let's have <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> in the bedroom, okay?" Laura asked Jan after quite a ... ... Continue»
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Having Some Fun (3/3)

... : <ddd>Having</ddd> <ddd>Some</ddd> <ddd>Fun</ddd>
Rating: NC17
Summary: Two lovers indulge in <ddd>some</ddd> new activities to spice up their sex life.
A/N: So superinspired ... to stay like this until morning."

"At least we got <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd>... and hey," Jan said, trying to rub himself against her ... ... Continue»
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... father started fucking his little <ddd>girl</ddd>. "Oh, daddy... OH! OH! I'MMMM... COMMMINNGGG... ... against her b*****r and was rewarded by <ddd>having</ddd> her panties pulled down too.

"Oh ... each other <ddd>some</ddd> pleasure."

"And daddy and I will have <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> down here," Annie ... ... Continue»
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Wife has some fun

... at times. But my beautiful Swati was a very level headed <ddd>girl</ddd> and I was just happy that she wasn't bored or sad ... of the fantasies we'd discussed regarding a reunion and my wife <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> on the side. This was probably not the best thing ... ... Continue»
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Couple Fun

... her feet, and said "I'm sorry Aunt Lisa, we were just <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd>."

"Yeah," said Michelle, "We all wanted to try out ... box, I'm happy."

She giggled, feeling like a school <ddd>girl</ddd> again, a very horny school <ddd>girl</ddd>. She smiled, as she said "Come on, ... ... Continue»
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White Neighbor Slaves pt 1

... enough shape. The only regret we had was not <ddd>having</ddd>
c***dren. <ddd>Some</ddd> people called that a blessing.

Three months ago the ... bra. "What you boys doing over here?" She asked. "Just <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd>,"
Ben replied. Helen looked over at Carol. "That bitch ... ... Continue»
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A naive girl at Borisovo's pond. Chapter 1

... ’ eyes. Mike and Serge noticed every gal and thought about <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> with one of them. They were sure that these high ... talk and the <ddd>girl</ddd> relaxed, although the redhead knew that the older guys were going to have <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> with her really soon ... ... Continue»
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... gland is a bit bruised but not too bad. I feel like <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> with it.
Chris said you get carried away and never ... mine passing me <ddd>some</ddd> wine saying you have been good today.
Next Sunday I have decided to let Jackie have <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> as she ... ... Continue»
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Sibling fun

My s****r has a nice nap after <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> and it leads to much more <ddd>fun</ddd> for the two of us. (mf-teens, cpls, youths ... over to suck one of my nipples. I'd never thought of <ddd>having</ddd> a <ddd>girl</ddd> suck on my nipples, I'd always wanted to suck theirs instead ... ... Continue»
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step daddy's girl

... sure have grown up”, “hmmmmm well how about you and I <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> then George, how would you like to make me scream ... turned Candy and Sophie as they licked each other’s pussy <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> great <ddd>fun</ddd> Candy, confessed to Sophie she George had fucked twice ... ... Continue»
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Strip Club fun for an Empty Nest couple!!!

... her about stopping in and <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd>. She always looks at me and says something like, “I have your <ddd>fun</ddd>, right here!” and she ... figure was the most outstanding feature, and she looked like a <ddd>girl</ddd> half her age from that perspective. I was not the only ... ... Continue»
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Daddy's Special Little Girl Part 2- Daddy is

Daddy's Special Little <ddd>Girl</ddd> Part 2- Daddy is my Prince

My daddy stood there staring ... door slightly. I was worried that you might of saw me...<ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> and when I walked to your room I heard your toothbrush going ... ... Continue»
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Being a shemale's toy can be fun

... Joliet called and asked if I would be interested in <ddd>having</ddd> <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd>...I thought about the last time and how pissed off she ... in a movement that can only be defined as swift, squirted <ddd>some</ddd> lube into my butt crack and guided her stiff ten ... ... Continue»
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Ditchers Have Some Fun

... do all sorts of stuff, watch TV, play <ddd>some</ddd> games, or just have <ddd>some</ddd> <ddd>fun</ddd> of our own making." I grinned at her as I told her the last part.

She blushed again. "W-what kind of f-<ddd>fun</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Jessica's farm adventures pt6:"True Cow

... own without wearing any panties. I put on a <ddd>farm</ddd> <ddd>girl</ddd>, flannel blouse and walked over to Sally. ... I hear the truck leave we can start <ddd>having</ddd> real <ddd>fun</ddd>." Sally smiled at me and then ... after <ddd>having</ddd> all that sex, even if she was a human. 

Sally moaned loud <ddd>some</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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