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Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 2)

Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 2)

... Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter
(chapter two)

“Get up on all fours.” my shadow growls, “Put your ... .

You can’t be thinking of getting it up there, you’re far too big for that, you’ll kill me, you’ll ... pound me so hard and yet I still find the energy to push back at you getting everything you have... Continue»
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Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 3)

... Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter
(chapter three)

On shaking legs, you raise one finger, we stop ... fucked, he won’t give up until he’s plundering that too, but if I say no, then he’s going to want ... , I wonder if I can get him hard enough for another fuck, maybe he has another load inside those... Continue»
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Far Too Hot & Getting Hotter (Chapter 1)

... this was a natural mishap or the result of far too much wanking (is there such a thing as watching a real man wank ... anyone be quiet when they cum?

It’s nearly over. Please keep it going. No don’t – far too ... “This is ridiculous, how can the weather possibly be this hot”?

“Here I am, not even wearing... Continue»
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Far Too Hot And Getting Hotter (chapter 4)

... Far Too Hot
(chapter four)

Kevin is making me so hot, the relentless slapping of his balls ... , you’ll have me cumming far too soon.”

“Sorry my darling, I just couldn’t help it, your cock feels just ... of this.”

I was ready, I had taken enough time getting him ready too, one quick, sharp jab should do... Continue»
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Chapter 4 Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral Love

... Chapter 4
Hot Flashes and Hotter Oral Love

I must have had a tremendous hormonal rush because ... would want to offend or get caught
looking too closely at his wife. He emanated a certain threat which ... if you really liked but I wouldn't allow you to get out of bed for
two days."

"I asked... Continue»
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Please Her Bos Chapter 1 & 2

... get home this afternoon. I’m getting off 2 hours early today to cook dinner. Make sure you get ... . It was getting dark outside too.

After the first taste Peter made a comment that her cooking was so good ... .

Chapter 2

Keith kept watching as Michelle slowly worked her way down on her knees in front... Continue»
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The Video Store (Chapters 1, 2 & 3)

... .

"Your s****r sounds really hot." Alex spoke as he washed the glass in his hand. "How did it make you ... and get a movie or two.

"Sounds great" Lea says, walking up behind Alex and placing her hands around ... on the back of the neck and gently
blows hot breath behind his ear. Her hands slip from his waist... Continue»
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My life - Chapter 1 & 2

... or hearing from each other ever again.


Having ... FIRST TIMES


This Friday night had started off no different ... too much recreational money, money I would happily drink away for him. I threw the beer down my throat... Continue»
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The Video Store (Chapters 1, 2 & 3)

... really hot." Alex spoke as he washed the glass in his hand. "How did it make you feel?"

"Kind ... ?" Lea asked Alex. He suggests to Lea that they head out to the video store and get a movie or two ... of the neck and gently
blows hot breath behind his ear. Her hands slip from his waist and move... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 2: Katie's Anal Exp

... My Hot Wife Katie - Chapter 2
Katie’s Anal Experience

I came home early from work the day ... the k**s to bed I thought it was too late to have sex," Katie stammered. "I was going to get dressed ... to come home. I couldn't get a hold of her, which wasn't unusual as she's an executive at a major... Continue»
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Milking Time B2 Chapter 2 Ebony & Jordan Part

... Chapter 2: Ebony & Jordan Part 1

Jordan stopped by briefly at her quarters to change ... of the shemale amazons too.
Jordan had tried not to stare at Ebony, as she went through the workout ... , and they'll get what Jordan's about to get, and then some."
Ebony folded her muscular arms across... Continue»
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Hot Retreat with my Nephew Part 2 (Even hotter)

... and incredibly hot mistake…or do we give in to our desires and continue in secret, as my b*****r would ... of it all was much too great to ignore, so I knew that as long as we were in each other’s company at all ... recuperated for a few hours, my nephew wanted to walk in the woods to get some air. We were on vacation... Continue»
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A Visit to the Club Chapter 2 & 3

... them. “Mmmm that feels so good, still nice and wet too. Come on Steve, get out of those wet clothes ... I would welcome any constructive criticism.


Chapter Two
Steve looked at his ... phone again and read the text from Trish.
At the club, where are you lover? When you get here come... Continue»
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Life on our farm

... on the property I kind of doubted we would be disturbed. We were both hotter than a 2 dollar pistol when we hit ... lips. At one point Jerry slid out a little too far and on his way back in he missed and he pushed ... remember writing ended up being a chapter a day that I wrote..
This is one of those stories... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff

... feel his erection through his jeans. He told me how hot I was, and I told him he was too. I told him ... bra that seemed to be far too small for her impressive round firm breasts. She didn’t say anything ... , and walked off, leaving Hilary confused, and wanting.


“Did you tell him about us?” Hailey... Continue»
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Fit and Tanned - Get's Fucked by Dan! Chapte

... Fit and Tanned - Get’s Fucked by Dan! Chapter 1: The Prequel

I absolutely love some ... will only get you so far when you are giving your opponents a 60-80 lb weight advantage. So by my senior ... ass, plus Cindy sometimes joining me in pleasing Stephanie, things just kept getting hotter. Cindy... Continue»
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Spring Break

... . Burying my cock into my mothers tight, wet pussy.

Chapter 2: Scotch and Scrabble

I spent the rest ...
Spring Break

Chapter 1: The Videos
It all began the spring of my first year in college ... break. I was pissed that my friends would be getting so much action, while I sat at home and played... Continue»
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What does it mean

... arousal, to make sure you don’t hold your breath, or to cool down whenever you get too close ... all, the wetter and more slippery all the parts get, the hotter the amorous rite gets. Tristan ... recommend spending a little money to get a high quality water-based lubricant.

angry dragon - n... Continue»
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House of Dark Pleasure

... and over.

Chapter 2

"So she's the secretary," said Mabel Williams to the chauffeur.

He ... ... he said I was too loose--that he didn't get the same
kick outa--outa screwin' my pussy any more ... that!"

"You get a thrill at your anus, too?"

"You mean in my bottom?"

"Yes," he said.

"Ohh... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

... can get in on it too!"

Both of the nubile teens smiled, picturing the hot scene in their minds ... as tears came to her eyes.

It had been far too long since she had felt the touch of a man ... at this. Somehow I seemed to be getting more and more comfortable. What a far cry this was from the debacle... Continue»
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