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Becky and her son 1

... desire to make love to her son.

It started two years earlier, after Becky's son John graduated ... . Becky wasn't sure exactly when her view of her son started to change. It might have been an incident ... kept hidden in her underwear drawer. Now staring at her son's clearly outlined testicles and cock made... Continue»
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Becky and her son 2

... guessed she had a thing for her son.

"Yes and it has been going on for about a year. He said he ... that a son feels that way about his mother," she said as she put her hand on his thigh ... this, she thought. In her position she couldn't move so she let her son and Andrew do the work. The two... Continue»
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though he was very disappointed.

Archie was Edna's son, the only product of her only
marriage ... -husband to have custody
of her son Archie. She had a long way to go before she
could support the boy ... she'd been in real danger of getting the
hots for her own son!

"Archie," she said, "I haven't... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 7

... mouth and not her throat. Suddenly, her son began to spew like a fire hose, filling her mouth over ... and down rapidly.

Incredibly, the thrill of her son's sperm squirting into her mouth excited her again ... swallowed it all.

It was a night that both mother and son would remember forever.

Chapter 11

Over... Continue»
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Mom and her Son

... nana414 Mom And Her Son

All this happened a year ago. My name is Shalini and I am 46 and my ... son 26 now. It never is supposed to happen but it just happened. To be frank, I am a sex-craving ... men who would take care of my passion between my legs. All this continued till the day my son came... Continue»
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Her son

... to. Mommy needs lots of cock." He fucked her three more time that night.

Every night the son ... two frineds in to see her naked son. She went to her son and told him "Today you are going to fuck my ... milk. He usually would nurse her while they ate dinner.

As she was finished bathing her son she... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 8 Last

... begin to grow.

Sue's mind was awash in turmoil again. There was no doubt that she loved her son ... deny it any longer. She was in love with her own son. There was no going back so she decided ... of sex.

Sue kissed her son's neck and let him caress her buttocks. Then she whispered into his ear... Continue»
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Her son-her man

... created.She said to herself”My son is a big boy ! “ with a grin and pulled it into her hungry mouth ... not keep many secrets.
Mother was my first love. Her name is Paulina.She was the only woman around me ... her cute body come from when I was f******n years .I had a big crush on her. Mom was slim and very... Continue»
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A 3 some with s*s and her son

... to put all her energy into raising her son.

Megan never dated again after he left, which ... of years
ago to watch her house for her when she took her son
Todd to Disney and she had never ...
have a boyfriend. Megan's own son was fucking her. How
long has this been going on? I... Continue»
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Mom helps her son wake up

... Mom helps her son wake up

"Tom! Get up and get out of bed, now!" Janelle yelled.

"Mom ... having. She couldn't help herself as her hand touched her son's warm skin. Skin that covered ... the steely muscles she had been admiring ever since she realized her son had become a man. Knowing in her... Continue»
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A Mom's Intuition For the Survival of Her Son

... !

But at that moment, neither the young mother nor her son was thinking about any ... to a stop with a loud thud.
She could see great fear on her son’s face as he said, “Mom… what ... and take a look around… you stay here and don’t move around too much, ok?” Her young son just looked... Continue»
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... over at a picture of her deceased son and the tears began to gush forth from her eyes. A painful ... at first to be held while laying in bed with her son, but she was so emotionally bankrupt that she ... of it she could feel. Feeling her son’s penis at her back was very embarrassing and simultaneously... Continue»
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Anna and Her Son Brutus

... , yes , my loving young son fuck your mother. Fuck her with your manly hard cock. My moans filled ... son’s cock renewed the intense feeling of having a man’s cock in my special place.
Brutus leaned ... was in a time warp. I couldn’t speak and tears filled my eyes. The words my son just used were the words... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 2

... and realized the problem that her young date had. She had to restrain herself from looking back at her son ... to happen either. Again, she told herself that it was just innocent fun. After all, her son did need some ... ... you know, I... I... don't know how."

"Here," Sue said, bringing her lips to her son's.

His... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 5

... .

Sue had lost control. Her hips began to work up and down on her son's fingers and her head ... breasts swam in her son's juice. She could even smell it and hoped that no one else could. She knew ... for it. It was what her son needed right now she rationalized. It was their little secret.

They both grew... Continue»
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her gay son wanking

... my girlfriend left for work but i had the day of as i lay in bed i heard the sound of her son ali ... saying he was poppered watching porn i replied saying i liked the scenario of g/f son and catching him ... oh son im horny asking if i was good at wanking as he pushed the cover down rubbing under my balls... Continue»
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Sheila Seduced By Her Son

... that could have possibly done that- her son Yash!

As she fought to understand the whys of what her ... son had done, her shock and disgust turned to anger. Her son had masturbated into her panties, ‘How ... to handle that! She had found porno books under her son’s bed many a times. She had ignored it as sign... Continue»
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Patricia and her Son

... Patricia and her son (complete story)

Patricia Jackson looked at the clock on the kitchen wall ... , it was after
10.30 am, and her son, Andy had still not gotten out of bed, Patricia was
becoming ... increasingly concerned about her s*******n year old son's
laziness since he returned from college... Continue»
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A Mother and Her Son 6

... . However, at the moment, it felt right. She moaned submissively and let her son pound into her mouth ... eyes were opened wide as she stared at her son's quivering penis as she sat back on her haunches ... as she felt her son's juice continue to cover her face. She held her face out to the spray... Continue»
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Fucking the neighbor and her son

... to her son Adam. I'd always found Jenny unbelivably sexy, she was about 45, 5"10, with short wavy ... of an ass. Her son, Adam, was a 19 year old k**, but didn't look a day over 15, he has a skinny build ... . But it was no use,
"There you ar- OH MY GOD?!?!" She looked on in horror as her teenage son, on his knees, held... Continue»
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