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... <ddd>start</ddd> Phase One of my plan. Oh, and if <ddd>you</ddd> think spending $110 is expensive -- ask yourself, "Is it really, considering <ddd>what</ddd> ... middle finger threatened to sink inside her.

"<ddd>You</ddd> better be willing to <ddd>Finish</ddd> <ddd>What</ddd> <ddd>You</ddd> Started," mom growled as she raised her ... ... Continue»
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bl**dy BBWs

... behavior.
“<ddd>What</ddd> the fuck is your problem, <ddd>you</ddd> tubby bitch? <ddd>You</ddd> better be ready to <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>start</ddd>!” Ashleigh said as she advanced towards Donna. One of the group stopped her, “Not here, <ddd>you</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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A Lion in Wolves Clothing

... his flustered s****r

“I wanted <ddd>you</ddd> to stop at the beginning. <ddd>You</ddd> should <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>start</ddd>.” Cersei said behind gritted teeth as the last of her would be climax dialled down.

“So I should <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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When you want to be alone...

... why don’t <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> started?’

‘<ddd>What</ddd> do <ddd>you</ddd> mean?’ Asked Lorna.

‘Why don’t <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>finish</ddd> getting yourself ... again. I tried not to <ddd>start</ddd>, but I knew how good <ddd>you</ddd> were making yourself feel, <ddd>you</ddd> looked so nice ... ... Continue»
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My First Time (Not what you think...or is it?)

... (Not <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> think...or is it?)

Hi everyone it's me again, Exakta66. I have another confession to make. I know <ddd>you</ddd>' ... chat with <ddd>you</ddd>.

Exakta66: I usually <ddd>finish</ddd> a story in the same day once I <ddd>start</ddd>.

Exakta66: And thanks, nice to chat with <ddd>you</ddd> as ... ... Continue»
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The Cleaning Lady - yes, she is a lady :)

... slowly squeezing some bl**d into it.

- Hey, <ddd>you</ddd> know <ddd>you</ddd>'ll have to <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>start</ddd>?
- I will, don't <ddd>you</ddd> worry, but do not let your ... for me!
- I never did that before!
- Then is high time <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>start</ddd>!

She takes them up to her mouth and licks ... ... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 19 Jeanne's Wild Night - Jeanne�

"I'll say <ddd>you</ddd> did!" exclaimed Domonique. "Taking the initiative like that, and then being able to <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> <ddd>start</ddd> is <ddd>what</ddd> we all like to see here on the Island."
"Now <ddd>you</ddd>'re finally learning <ddd>what</ddd> it means ... ... Continue»
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13th July 1985 - can you remember what you were do

... <ddd>you</ddd> remember <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> were doing that day, I can, it and ... <ddd>start</ddd> to roll down my cheeks. Gina turned to Helen who was reading the magazine article, "we'll <ddd>what</ddd> ... I just hoped it would fade come September and the <ddd>start</ddd> of school again. Then they made me strip ... ... Continue»
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You're free now. Do what you want!

... me telling me, "that's it."

I <ddd>start</ddd> trying to suck his cock, but I don't get far. I <ddd>start</ddd> to gag. Jason chuckles a little. Lacey ... . He says, "<ddd>you</ddd>'re free now. Do <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> want." He leans over again and I let him kiss me. We <ddd>start</ddd> making out and ... ... Continue»
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Control Over What I Wanted

... . Our pussies were both wet, a common reaction even when <ddd>you</ddd>’re asl**p.

I pressed my lips against hers opening them ... would wake up and see <ddd>what</ddd> I was doing to her. “I said don’t stop there! <ddd>You</ddd> little cunt! <ddd>Finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd>’ve already started!” She ... ... Continue»
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Beware what you ask for

... as a leather garter-belt and a cutaway leather bra.

"Do <ddd>you</ddd> like <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> see, nasty boy?" she crooned to him. He nodded and ... where it showed above his hands.

Carl came awake with a <ddd>start</ddd> and stared up at her. She could almost hear his ... ... Continue»
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Be Careful for What You Ask pt1

... the cover of the book and whispered '<ddd>what</ddd> would <ddd>you</ddd> do if your cock was that big ... in a soft voice 'let's see if <ddd>you</ddd> can handle <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> saw on the book cover.' With ... down now, let's see if <ddd>you</ddd> can handle this.'
I stuttered '<ddd>what</ddd> is it <ddd>you</ddd> want me to do,' ... ... Continue»
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Tell me what you like

... know <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> think about your favorite videos. Please share a link with me with one of your favorites and tell me <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> like about it.

Don't just say, "She is so hot", or "Nice Tits". Tell me <ddd>what</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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What You Really Want

... <ddd>you</ddd>... as he rolls <ddd>you</ddd> over effortlessly, bunching up the furs, wedging them beneath your hips.
"I know <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Gotta use what you've got...

... <ddd>you</ddd> ever...’ he said ‘...If <ddd>you</ddd> ever go near that dirty cunt again.....’

‘Please,oh please...<ddd>What</ddd>? Please tell me <ddd>what</ddd>....’

‘...<ddd>You</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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I'll write more if you like what you read! ha

... I gotta stop. Leaving <ddd>you</ddd> in limbo as now I wonder <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> think of me?
Here is the beginning of <ddd>what</ddd> could become more, soon ... enough requests I'll continue another day! So have pleasant day <ddd>you</ddd> guys and let me know <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> think!
Thanks xoxox ... Continue»
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Be Careful What You Ask For

Be Careful <ddd>What</ddd> <ddd>You</ddd> Ask For

Even before we were married, my husband ... before was working the machine. Obviously, the new guy knew <ddd>what</ddd> had happened when I dropped the film off because I could see ... ... Continue»
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Did you like what you saw?

... a sultry voice, "Did <ddd>you</ddd> like <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> saw?"

Mike replied with enthusiasm, "Yes, I did!"

Terry's wife then said, "Well, <ddd>you</ddd> can get more ... will be at work."

Mike said with a smile, "I'll see <ddd>you</ddd> then."

The next afternoon Mike went over, they had ... ... Continue»
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How I Became a Chastized Cuckold

... <ddd>start</ddd>
teasing <ddd>you</ddd> today. <ddd>You</ddd> can expect allot more of this as I do my best to keep
<ddd>you</ddd> sexually frustrated. Is that <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> want? Do <ddd>you</ddd> ... don't want <ddd>you</ddd> touching your little dick while I allow
<ddd>you</ddd> to have some alone time. But first let's <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... !"

"<ddd>You</ddd> too, daddy, don't <ddd>you</ddd> want to <ddd>finish</ddd> <ddd>what</ddd> <ddd>you</ddd>'re doing?" she asked, ignoring her mother. "Maybe because I'm dressed <ddd>you</ddd>'re ... him. "If <ddd>you</ddd> like <ddd>you</ddd> can <ddd>start</ddd> sl**ping with your mother and I."

"Oh, daddy, thank <ddd>you</ddd>, thank <ddd>you</ddd>," she cried, ... ... Continue»
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